Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1856 Page 2
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u Tuktk Sl> par Owta tM operailoas war* at Wfc mr mooey. Mid #? V ?#*,?**, *1 M*. fur As sceonol Tbr P*>nr par Oeoie guaranteed war# ?urn?at for naonvy twt tor the mouM. Ik* .Alter tarf tins oo*nIiiM*d: frriTlu F >?r sa<t-a kf psr *m? ior account. 7 ? X aud ^; lbs Tttrae per ?rsla for account MH; ^ulta New Deferred for no eHBt. 44 ud tiiijf ; ppanmb '--em dcalos, b'i, and Daua T*o ard-a-Haii per Ceoty. r3\ (From the London I'utt <Oty Aikoie) Oot'it.) The wMixtr via of gold from the titak hart a* recoct) ?tKM) ?od ibe relations lutx^ung bvl?Ni ivi Gu*: kbit' French gov* rum* oia being supposed lobe Uhm ?srdtai than bereUuore, bare gt *e? a c >o*i totable degree at flalneea to the market lor p thins aec .rtttes to day It la ?Bdoubtedly true that the French *ov,'rom<'Qt ha? noa ?tarred tt n*ci ranry to appral to ihc good tenar >f En^ll b mm to mudentte tbe lot* in which tome portlooa of the Ca have been pleased to coil met t upou ibe acts of government, but It by uo means follows in at fee harmony or a?lVc? previously existing between toe two nations ta to be dUturbod on tbe ground that aerlaio newspapers htve commented opou tbn acts of Ike gorerutnent established ib t rance. On lh? contrary, ? hTortbln augury la to be drawn fiom tbe faot that \ powerful government oond<soeoda to appeal to tne aenae at propriety and of non-interference in tie attain of in tarsal arfminlatrnt on of its neighbors ; thereby acknow ledge g ibe exwle-ace o" the atl-M' mniuur between tbe two Guunlrtts, aad tbe earnest desire to maiatain it. do kr aa tfie r*Biwmor4 li ounoernod, but little eOect can ka traced In the mate of ton ma ket for pubic securities ta cay but the renewed aoatmctloo ol? gold from ibe ?tab of England lor ? xport bar certainly dooe something te obslpale the ootdtir tir ro^e n?-#r.? entertained last vr??k. ari beoce ibe uecliu.t In Ibe value of th# public knfn' Coeaol* for ouney bave oeen dealt In at 92% X \ and and, for tbe acoount, at 9i% % XX; the ?nal quomut n hung V '"lU> for muttey and lima. BKOWM, SHIPLEY AND 00.'8 CTKCCT.AK. Lirawwi, Oct. tt, 18M. Cotton baa been lultt tbe la?<t two days, at prkseaallgbt b ta. tavor of buyi rs, ibe aalea being 14,000 balea, with ^600 lo ep*rol*tors. Tbe c? ru mar Vet ui dnll at tbe above quotation*. KK'HAHDbON, 8FZMCE AKD CO.'s CIOCULAR. lovaarouL, not. i860. Ike traiu trade baa rulod Cull ?ince Krlday, but at lo day ? market there *t? an la proved dt niaud lor wbeat, wb cb. bowtver. waacbccktd by the aivaiioe in iMrioe geseiaMy a?k?rd Tbia buyera were unwllUnK to pay, anu Ibe bofta?Fft waa ouly m<xJurat<s, a; Id to :M. per bu?utl aver tbii ptlcea o' Friday on prime wbeaK. Kiour waa a ?tow me, at rather Waaler rat?a. ludian cora?Veltow aad o-ijt'U a Utile e*cMr aat aaldtt trid ng; wbit?, In vary liir'i d r< iue?t and fd |^r qua*Wr cieaper We %ueie wb' ai?Red. 8* i;rt lo'J* 3c ; wbiuv Va I'd U. 10b. M. ptr 70 lba f lour?Philadelphia and Baltimore. <)2a. M t>> 3Ht>. Ud.; exlra U*imi, 3.-1* to 3Ta. od p?r bt>l Indian ro?D? Mixed and vtilo^r, td ; wblte, 84a. to 94a *td. p< i 4*?> iba Baxi ? \ reducnon in pr'c? tu led to a alight Increase at ouf!u?u?, but tbo artcie laitlii very doll, and uuet aMcuit to reil. tuku *J?o very slow; much rodoced rates are accepted by aoue hoi trt. ?"Mock entire!; la dealers' hands, and jncea ?at any. Luro la without ceacge; tlie nimiaal value is 74s., but tttre la orly toe nwt ruling imiutry. Tau> w m good rHquest. *04 advancing. 67a. may be taafco :or 3ot ber?' Aatocianod. OuTi fr ?Oa -alori.i* tbe mark*t w49 very 9rm. knd Bates Wore 10 u o ba e*.' Y >st?rlav and to *} , however, trade 'ja* beet) ratter qu-et. and prices ?"? s.lgbtiy taster. 1u Ma: ebcvtrr trade la rtea-iy. without ??ai. Uiuu'iiig Oj Ivana, 8 16-1 rm , Muoile anil uplands, ?Jkd per lb THE YtOHY LATEST. [rrim me London News Otty Article.] City, Tuesday Evening, Oot. 28, 1858. Ike variation* In the funds t > day were not of striking Tbe market closed tbe tamo as yesterday. The ?t failure of Messrs. Fox, Sanderson k Co tended It ?rejad><-e lbs market. Tbo supply of mouej la the dmnooot market to-oay wai rather more liberal, but It Is ahH aoticcd teal n at'y holders of money are slow to 'end as araal at a period of monetary d stnrbance. There will gistaoly be an tacroaaed demand for mcaey In Ute Stuck CMk*nge prsdias 'he fortnightly settlement In shares tad tn lortrgs rtocks, which Is aotr aboat to commence. [Fr Jm ibe Times City Article ] Cm. Tu sdsy Krenlng, Oot 28. Tbe Fnc ;*h fnnds opened th!t morning at k forUldf rsactio.i of one eigb'h. and Aere were au>*eq>i<-Miy leva r*i Buetua.mns. After regular bojrs there was s siigbt fcerease in firmbMS The d?snaid for money In the Exchange waa not particularly heavy, bat ill that we* odered l?Pc I oil employment at from 6>{ to ? r ?aat Tbe flaal in >tatn na of tbe Throe per Cents c f* ib-orae this evening were t7f. I c for moor * ' ind Mf. toe for the areount?ahowing a pw ** af surcsases for lnveitm-nu, aad i irther ' _ ?? recovery of arar'y % per e?-at Th-re waa a#a" . ? aa iluBM oi wkhorawaia of gotd from the Rat> tb*- pinvate letters from Pans V * Kagland to *y lag aai jjersous wno ta-e ^ ^ fcfcrmed reiu rata the r ^ *"*? We? IsrtaiKbt there ha. ? ">at during the past m the ,peo.e ?r ty ? * WBd"ncjr to ,ecOTery ?* katfe <<f Franao. >'rom I lam burg It k ata<< d thai . Ail pre?tre m tbe discount market has krtber m . m?mr "be rat* b?tng now seven par oeat. ^#!?KTIS?M*T8 ^5f?f KiT EVEE! lllT. x . . - .. ? 8PKC1AI. XOT1CK8. /^H.bUlS'tlOMtK nr n?KilH-TH? tliVTkTI<itn. ItK Vy e,nt'} ai i'ola'ed a ('??laimiirloBer of ll?eda 'or the t'lty aad Coun'S ot V'w ^ <-ra jt w.lin* u> r? an lu f?vi?r of mmi aer^o leetren* Ot tMiidj ? tb? "fflre Ad ireaa J I' d , bo* ita roat toe. (IT tag real name terma aadal1rs<a. Or?lCK or TUB miRf) aVKHfl R vtl.kOaD COM paii7. roreee of Kaa. euty ?ue? and Third arenim.? Aa el ?*tl<w? f'sr thirieax direr?ur* ot if TnH %?eaue Ratlrnwl Oew>pai\ will be b?Ut at lhec Woe ?n ?eii.eo'a?. tb? tab Aai ar Snrrii her rtext The po a will be ?t>ea fhaa U M 10 If I ?a? \erk. Oel a l*t? By order SAML. B ISAAC*. Sseretary. P~ Ai'ino Man. rrKam mr f-om-A.-nr.*- wtw totk 8nT>*h?rl l^aC.?At a meeting ot tbe dtrecvm at -a* FartAe Mail ?*u m.alup ' otnpur. held tbw day a diet ?ana of ?fte?n r>*r cent a u r ecia'ec ont at tbe arorns of tb* ?BO>pasj. caiaele to the >t. ab ider* on and aAer tbe yfe hi rkKtibkic torntAN, rrnu,m*. orrciaL >orick.-piA*o?i? lodor ?co. im. t o. Mil |r. ?Ih> mem>~er* are rn^ieaiad lo .neet a'iHe Jer ?ei < ttv ?? r?y Mram Jiia aide 1 Tne*da? eveatns No* 11, at ;t. a a'ac*. ia order to riar M tianiee lol?e .fsr?ey ? Itp. t!H is t'. CUM'Ift. Mecrenry. bill MUX W .tk!?KV'il.KM fOtlTT WII.L CKT.K 'hrir ihiriy I'M* aiin"e. ?ar? on Tl.'iralaj. No?em 11 ?' 'h- fit' a??embiy K>khi? ttroadway. T1 1 v -1 in ? no*. *C. -'H ITT*'I rL?fO-K4 noMWKJMM THU DAT ?pfj, I I'lMil I< 1 a ae'ittefnen at wm M and 4 .1 7 ??<! 1 aclock bo .' keeplriK aa u?a?' Private ?aat'aetlon ill*" j Oi 1 < h? U. Irl/Ll) mill KJ B'J<) ??j ,|-?1??>AJIT WHin,tii-MR f?Ol.t?A* a?? *'1 hr nitvai Cl'"e inta'e 1ft-"inl?n aed ir*'"a all ? ?B" ?r> m*irtng ma ??? rverv h*n4 *? ib?: any lady ar 1 men m?> wr ta rajt'iy fur boara wnhaut tbe I'aat nuaoe. ^ I (I - WRITTMO. tuimt ^ I " apih'i ei ?? th'? n-e'ni i?ran-'i ??r?ttiu!i ir-ry a-* %t *? vet <r.g h* n? f aat e?*i? %?>:a at r2 H?w.'rv, ("?r? '<r ?t >iw| b.H ?a "a "ti^al, Itronk yo. Lad'a wining < '>a>?< ? 8. ii< auusMry. a??ply %*r y. $1 A_- Tin Mi I'lH -ltl I,all*. l.*r?i.Y aK*IVRr>. , wtabea ' lat^alo a >i'4at<a'i t< anvernaaa a a tarn-;/ a ?be v a h 1bee rt??* -d a *he ilr-t anr e*y a* hoai* v>4 k e b? l *ai i'?'a ?? ?la ta ik<< <-ay Hiie U ranii^nt ia ?a b *b Kre>- b iaat'iae as ? 'b?ti in tb? ?<<?< W1C1 ,u raea t-wethee ?? h ???? i\"? Parta. in, 338 tlh ave , alaliag abars an iweenew eaty be bail. b tHI'llf'tp A"?n vrKfT!!?r? ^??r altlVlLl II nr be ms e.sM yaaraat M 'Had way. tea r"?o??d ?? Ibe a -? Ktoe and e?#gaai rwHM? Xa Ml brae-t??? Mndeeu ar? d?ll? reeat??| >V> riagit:y ?aad for ibe nmria* an-im qr?e vavv favneabie anaa t'l ?THi? Hr.iM AbTIi.g OMXMjL M8 <DU ttl r tinaoviv |??|iMaa 1 ta iSiasai -Wrti:n? aritbme ie ^?^bee^mg and ib* i?mw .??ai-n'iai? l? atiraeea ia ia-'''.ui'jla ? e *>? u-istitMibw a?>'riWoa in an ei iiadMmis and siiow ratr naanuer f ara-a amder-t a tr t?i ibe U<Bd* lisia, Oet. 17. 1 sad J Sir tnMer'eaebee hontke*f)in<t-art br ^e< nr Ihr laarssr ^?e a ?a-e<i au- g maeMna at b> eaaa'ins b?> ta reaam ar-eri ?r.? ^<?nt>rebea4 ?bat be ? -t * . { or alv>at to Ui f be aeVenee a V1 4ow with r e?rn>?a oe-.pi.-.ntT, tae rnlea we pia.n tvm |>r?ben? h e and 'ite^etne ai.d ilia abate m t 1'ieW %'Srt hy eaamt lea. ao itnl ?ni par ? >n of vtanAi e*t>arl ?M way tMHWeetaaMtth* iiaae, aad *?e al-*e ia 'tarave' aoyaei aeenaMS briweaar *^ei:), rara.t or'?? aae|i bk awn or ka raapmyer'a henta >a a ??? 'aetao mariree. gJ?*FJ?fTI AHf ?*? K*? !?._M Ikto RRIMU SO ?#1 ^ ?roaitwsy iea?a??.bed V j 1 -onM,,,,. a t^,.biag ?Jie ?hree iMi'iagM ?alt"l a f"?a anl He-tm a*wt ;>a-?e1 beg -ve intn'i, eiao,iia*ia a llaa ibe bur* 0* ta k??>e l-e lefange, Mr LiklM h LaJK'i' Alib.-???Nalftf B ??p H Mi^g A I I *1 ' Have r? ?'pe- rtl .be ??<r one aeef a' e?n?v?t r ? , eeraa Ira al nxiraea a'tle" l'l*aM? fo- >..??"-u a?? r i wel>M<a l >e-lug ' lata' fv (en .ainm ty M. Huhw k?. I x ' to"a plaea kigbtb street |waTbrrrio* -imii.t lpcp?<'?M4 ??r f.Ati* r,(tR?.r. I ibe ? i?t k Kttg'tab br?#?ebea wtI ba rt'-a ar ????[?? iekial ee j.elrw- Ca eil* M't ? rV or it mk vn tn e? ,?>* 4 -ie '?erne Tbe hasi Me-ei^a 0*es. asdrraa A. Ie t? llwa*d Si Spanish i.ARcir aaR-pit<ir oorri* ifflL COM ?? a tb# nib b!?t a new ei?n tn ?epaniah ar bat TiMdeoee iM K'gb'b Si 10, a,'/enlag u?e Ker-aauie Utrary Sp*ar w 1 t?rort'?K.-TrfR srbkrMf(?? rs ofg? <ng wt- -e? e<aae?a f tr tbew'irb iri"r?'?wi ar Rna S ?n 1 :4SPrn*1wav He wt. aiea p. epare tn >>e|v an ra^'itba Ut'iMt who a ill gi la <''iba. -*.e*rag<ia kr. (Jslla* Ro s ?trait ?ay _ j. (torik. ?A' ARTS,D.? A TOCMI I.APY ITfSHRA tM RM MIR Birat ae ai y nr re.t-tea leaaber <?* Kncl-ah. r re neb aa I ? a?.e ? 01. 1 ImSs'be e?rtre ^barge n( a a uall e*boul Ct I an ae sd.lreea for one w?es. teaeber, SI .UOi ar , OfW bo lae aaat af Vih svenae rtnwirin n. R?j2"ifurK2i 'i'srs.*?-"??< VUTVSw s^LT11 ? I^'s^uUr*"i^kad ta JasMsf thee?y , OfteR. oil* ga-"w I fl ramaSni OR. t .abrleating 00. IIXOTIITV\T*;n r ?? ITPI. t >B A>THJLkkh hPRBalW His * 1N?J-1** V* ALL dbooh f?4Ber A SPECIAL H0U" Ti c rhea- eat ad land*?". Ji"1 S^t'VtaeJTtoJ uU er A toeauuful Llu^^co^ *???*> f?? ^ HOW 11ADT: I 0r L0O?i? ? 1UXB1-N4TED CLAMIC9. -ItHaNTlULFJfili;' . - ,?MitGiTisn; sto** or mit rntuovy family. * " ,i cumiw mt??. l-UnuSHAH# S?Ot*. i S2?e\t. AI?? ...? mo,t. ???** b?* b' tt.0547SK'V;'t ? .i.-aez-vli i, ?? p ?<w h? Ihe ?ul?oi Bus <?>??? ?aV1"' , Wakeiuld wh'ch ?rts r.p'eaen'ivivee of the chtrniiui, c's-ia pi licttoua '<> wtvrh u,e mue- w>U !>?? devoted. tbeu?< veiael v.. ee in oriliriKin b'.a to ' han'C,-??. it. !? i l.reviotia Iseues :b. happy uu <?a 01 lieautrtui though** aid | nh"! w'h ?' ?? "?J ^ enbj.ct, pnrby of plan rraee tuitboa ?m) in ex?e.itwii .an-eil it to be not (inly rent reed *? "'be m-'"1 adm Iranle of ?*' I hank?*lv Dk- or l?*.nu- Mor.e* " and *lvun li 'a 'iut uw P'*-' n Am ll e- ature " but -m-b in. I" U>" ;inlif?? , IVM.-h r? m?lif\ lb- he'lefthat "> It* l>rne?iit pnn.iara 1 | attractive fotm. u will secure a ww1# una butting circulation, accrpube at all teaeons U) .11 fseesot '?eder*. aodUieve v moon of th. mlo.l b? tb? Injieootej of tta DamMv*. ta qu^ol and * I'll .'eBned ? baracters, it* natural incident?, aud lu treniiU spirit. _______ ??-? U/^HANHCUIBR."?MA KB WAT FOE TU* 1/ Thanksgiving ruiWey. From the boau-o Evenit g Tran?crti t '? It s appearance ut this mom<-t t Is mat opwrtuM. T?J laic la **11 ciincf.i'J and execute* with tngenaliy ?plrlt and ruih to nature. Ihe character. art) well opened, the no < rnis p&liirsl, anc the spirit of the wlnle highly genial. ??r Ml \NTlf'l E?B "?TBB OOVKBNOR8 OF ALL TilE jiuu, nil! read It. b<xa?u?e ihey haveearneauy recoin met ded Ilian^si^K l.ay , Kr.ur 'he New \ork Pa'lv Tinea. " I?? ?ucc??p t* already a fact In our lilrru'nr?. W?o ttcWr" i* "ieof those olmpie and interesting *fc_K'^ like .he " Vlear ?i Wakefte'd" i>?d At-hokkes . ! toi " win their way 'o Ibe reiadrr'a bo.iri itn?J lwelltbire it is full I sunahlne-a hearty and n-uu-i book. ' ../111 i^l'l' li|.VK "?yol N(i WILL RRAO IT, I V l ?cause 01 the bea?tt*iu love aKiiy of "Kl ridg and from the Spirit of Tie Timea. iNp* Y.r't). ? Otvet ? tm.'e filirm-t Herman in l'? .It* mv 1 -ncie* I 111 corn Hon-rue U1 He li!e ....rf *ivln pr, , i ol a ?'//J h.n U the f w p??e? UnH'bln*. but I e I'cm ?ntlm , nac eraUon: the hoinorou* nawaneth gh toned, and al h< <fi#r;,r:ers cut IP lold relief J _______ ?? a MliiNIICI KKK."?Pttl.lTTt'lAN3 W(T.T. Ri?Al> IT V to iw.tbo 'l"'-r <-...-ited and for the love <4 coun try wbieb M brea>b?? ?I /">Ita.VTK'1.1 Ki."?a TBAir^fOiVma STORV. ' t Ptirker'a lou'n^l (Mew \ orlu. .*lt? e#erv? - h place hy thra side of HawdA*' and the ?leaf of ?T>,tef'e'd * " ??i IUaMK'i ?.KR "-FaIIII-H^ OK K&MIL1B8 WILL r. ncj tl u,r the take ot tu deiighttu'. piclu-i's oi d)in a tc'? >u y From the New York Tribune "A? a ?if! ho. k lor the approaching l>?Uval g?ti?on 0 >1 Yarkt edem c?n be more apuroprta'ts? ttllln^. a* it coca, a unique puree in American Im'ratur.-.J1 r^lIANTtt LKF.K "- MIR HANTS WILL READ IT, y ti ?' i !> and . nioy Iht- cbarac^ rof William Feabody, the nacr ban' _ From the I>ai'y Advertiaer (Hoaton). ?It well reserve* ? ,ce on eve y centre ut le." rr^ -HAKIICLKKK."?BRiNO IN THIS PUMPKIN PI/, V B-ip^y' > l ow tL.? >'ew York OoU'ier and Enquirer. ?? .i, *iUi fa.thlul delineation and is pi rvif'iMi with a ik.T?V i f the l ie o.n Lave traveUed oier the booc fv - .hr .i h brigtit irn.ige- will bare rtten again ^ . Vi , n -"iUki"- * "1 "??.?"<) to a, orm r li of the w ork bv brii**"1? pn' 'h"' 'hinleitino t ^^^it Mv^ ?dre^beUU-^| " with ane, il.uat a . ive run by I>a-le? M d ^HaNi ICLt RR."?FafHIoBARLB ygOPLt Vy read it on at'jount of Mr Tllltiiy CuTTlKk sn 1 Li-^ faahici able wo'tcr. I iotu the ??'outh.-rn L.lerarv Oa*et'^. ? H'barticleer. a lb>?t k-? >ttiy story of the Pealodv r* m It ' ha* won he puluc h-art both by the fr llcitv of Ita ?nb ;eri?nd the graee, wit aud goomea? Uiaj iayeu In luex >.u tvon " - *l r-HANTirLFER "-OF 1II? PE\BOPY FAMILY* ? A il ?e- gelt c lolk- ?111 read It and 1'aU in love withjo viil apt ruitrn^uill From tlf >ew Tork OoffimerciAl Adverliwr. ? ) is ? *bori ??'or? but U cont^ixis ^rujehtruo ofctiMMIfcQa ki'? uniO?* '<?r n m* *rii^rp ^bave founded volurorn uuou. ^USrmr^-PieK MEN WILL BEAiJ XT, T0 '-'^^.ewqswssi "?>tf the literary merit an t 5e ?MfW Itcpreasion of the w'yrx t awtie it io lavor." <iriR>\1 IC R."?THE PBABODTS WllJa BEAD IT, C jtarn 'bat an ?.r^?ble family thev beloBg ? From the .New \ork fcven'ng Port. "A charming pictaxo cf life and character. ^ .4/-.I1 imtu 1 YY R ?U. PERRONS IN VINE HEALTH C wp' re.d iv.?p4 hcaveu Uiai Uwy ar- In go*l rate to erjoy a gf?"d looV ' From th- New Orl?MnPW*yon?. I W?Mat uid enteiUlumg reading, aa ?aned an . *plcy ?? a mince pie ' ?r?HANTIOL*KB -MOPPET IN HEB OLOB T ' OI^ V) p en -.-111 ree-i II. ami a imirc the chv?eler?f the *K<?d i atriarrb ?bo bowahia ".t peace and good will toward* ,1 the wot j ^ Vork Wal! 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The b<*ik ia not e0heiner*l. being MTW we perceive a.-o^p-M amoi.? the aterllng light Uerature of "the Mat*? H A NTH LEEB ' -BE ACTITTLLT ILU'STB 4TBD. I) rwidren ? til read U. Waie of the amuamg m uin.-r ,l which Uie -lltt'e I'olkm" are nu. in h?<1 From Toe *ew Y'ort hwnday Tlmem. ?'harm'! g fori wbie'i jieopt* of ai1 iree mav read on Tbai 1 vug any otberi tiay. an.i be all the heiier f* ha* r.? done, n the plot 1* rraj?>" wrh Just enough of Intrteacy o hi ep Ihe <hi it ? qui vivo .nd the moral of the a or* la thai of pea^e *:,d gS<jd will every where *?/ 111 A N I iri.aER ?O.KRUT KEN WI .L BK\D It| \ ar.d erjet very much h" arval Tharkagiving aormoa | deinerad la th-.i.t'? coui.tiy^rhnreh l^rom *Iw N V Hw?" -MWn*l. ?lite tu rwp?*** an ******* pralur?.in-M pnf*lf ? | j p?ft| iinjVin |?? <>r ? ro? n hr?-?>m ? Uutir?4oo* w%l*i adnin It ? on l?i do JWdH to tlmlkahniill ?i/ Ml\NTl< I 1 :* -WIDOW* WILL RKAD IT, AND 1/ atmpa'b./e i<e>.piy with M?r*?rei lu her sorrow4. 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'I.I.W, , Impwter ?# wau*ea ae< jeweirt wV, eaa> ?n.| re?At'.. |l Wan atrwe* aee.au4 t vw near Be-mrfaray* TYIIC MfUTAK^. ,K|I. ?riAltllM*! AI L HHIIH hi-> r-?*ttu?*fi> r*'|Vtfai '*%!**f . 4 - - , . - k ? ? .T VI H i l? - , ? o "'iinn*! I hy ^ ^ !*?, *0frf4?rT. VRfXK'1 or T'fM OOtfM f t itton I m ??H , furtr. ?*r Ii. th* JVt ; L o r.of^fc Bf or*irr. , Jaee ? Hn?a* A RoHRRf* iWl BfCDBlTtM. LiTCRlTUHC. ArriJtTo.N'H ILLUSTRATED railway ABB Btkam N aviuarioB aviPB, for to tub rvMua. At the request of varou* President* and Superiiit?odeBi? of ratlwa;. oonipsule* we have delayed ifce Ueu of our ?> tea |.er uun.her ol Ihe Guide Is order thai the changes wbtoh go lDiu efleet 01 the 3d of this Booth might be loowporamd W e could have published the Guide ot the 1st of the month by simply publishing abstract* of departure* but wo pre lerred <o welt until wo oou'd give full and compete Una tables of the following mads, In which important changes are irade ? Ki le Hallway. Cleveland A Toledo Railway. New tnrk < rotml Railway. t'hicago alloc and St. Louia liuci-on River Railway. Railway l'ajW in Kaliwav. Michigan Central Railway. New Haven Hallway. Michigan Southern Railway. >ew Haven Hertford and Neujraluck Hallway. hpiii.gticld Railway. Morwieb and Woreeeter Rail llualoa * V ore eater Railway. war W nern Hai ?ay Providence and Worcester Great Wtowiu Railway (Ca- Railway. naria) Petersburg Railway. Cleveland and Erie Hallway. Naw Naves and Hew London Chicago and Rock laltand Rail- Railway way. Cincinnati. Hamilton A Day Michigan Central Railway. ton Hallway. Mehiie iiflii til l j Hallway. Tng'thar with important cbangea on over on a h'indre.l reed* that have taken place since th? laaue of the October number of the Outde or novnnt *cmbbb. 1. Map of the Ni.nhern porUon of the Cntted SUtea and 1 2. Map of the Pou'hern portion of the Cniwd Ktatea. J. Map ol the New England vi*tea 4 fiver sixty maim nt the principalmllwwa 'hrougbout the United Hutcsana I'ansdae 6. Hallway* and tielr progress Illiatt Med. 6 liiography of D. C. M'lOaJlum, suoeruiien.lont of the Erie Railroad with portrait 7 Notes bv the Way; or, America by R*ver a&d Rail Con tlnued. K. Incident* of Travel: tortile -<ket<"liea?How to make N!a guia Kalla ti?<-ml a* well aa beautiful-Ten m'notea in a ?u perin'erdent'* nlbce? Ruontzg oil' tbe track, Ac. 9 lur e* to diverging route*. IV. ln<*tx to nearly one thousand of tbo principal town* villages ape. tith a upon tne railways throughout the I'nitwl Stales and t'aiaiiis II j-ai ing of Hie v:udous it?-tiners and steamboats, to and from various ports of the I nited -taut* and Europe. 12. A gazetteer ol the L'nlteil Sta'os III >e? unit* 'u' les tnctttdinii changes to November S 14 A commercial reside' of th? prlurlpal hours and Arm* In New York K. ston Philadelphia. liutla'o, An Ac "aroes ol the principal Mi-tneas hoists w|il he added fr^tn month ti n-oi ib which addukn slone will render tbe Gu>de inva'uaMe to the h'taiiies* as well n* theira*el)*ut eotnmi' ity. Portaits of 'he principal rai'way men, l?*eib?i- with raoeh vslnal ie inlormauon. will be given in each number of ih ) Guide Price only 26 cent*. For sale bv all the bookseltura perlodieal dealer* and news men su.l upou all th*t railway cart 'hro i^huui the United tuiteu aiid Cacaana. a. APPIXTON A CO , rub Ishera. 3<6 and 14H iiroadway, Hew Vork. . T1MR TO LAUGH. A. Ju?< out. T \NKF.E NOTIONS, COR DKCEM3ER, Contalnipg fu? m?ugh to mak* even a tii^arroiNTSo camjioatc cki!>, Aud to ret a ifCKT .isrt?asT roB roLincai. uo.tona Into a cachtoalor.r r< dvuIsmds <|VSB ONE HV.NPRKO 0' MIC CUTS f mhelllab i'? pa^e- aid the reanluit Dtafer compri^'.ni; the v?ry ease ore of jocularity will fi"n ;he fctst pain liillug ipt < ilic that human get Ins ever ooorncted lUJt iANKKn. NuriON8 It M* THE r.RBAT COMIC MaCiAttvg OP aMBRtfA. The current Lucnber complete* the ofth volume, and Ihi books are Vow op?n for fubacrlpt'o-a for 1867 Hubscr Iption price gl 24 per annum. Smgle num'icis, 13H trot*, ttr sale everywhere. T W STRONG Pubhaber. Ko 9-t >a?sau ktreats N. Y. DINPlfORR'B AMKR1CAN KAIlRuaD AM) rTEtM NAVIO\TT0X OCIDK, Skcf.d {ditiou torS "v-fnoef, Ini-ortsnt cli?An'aTI han f&Jf. J Ki e Dlurmore v? - pple nn m thr 'I rihiinA, . DIN MOKE A ?:?> vRe ?>reni^ntraet. Ha: li a: ha i auaibaiUi Ob my Sides t Hnid g>? or I'll eipiode 1 Jn"t Mt^os* o'dun a f Isn t thai ^tini^ ^ fm fellow, though ! . ..T,t*"B'* Hour* roK ToB ! A whrlr race of | a'pone that's the 'adiea' page. Wan't ^ when tbey it> and more than two bun 1. i.'f T-etures boa ides?ail f >r siioen-e 1 oilydog ?b> 1 *out off 'In the above high preaaore ?u'bad > ot a c^py of tbe \ ANKKK NO I H INS n>iUD*T PICTORIAL, karlv this morning, which ta Issued as usual In tim- to put every body in a good burner for EBJOTI9U TUB R0MD1TA, and enable tbem to commence th? year with such a jo"<lr good Isuyb ss will ktt p them on amiling terms with themselvea to the end of It , . It is a mil mo'h ?beet, containing ovr three httaared comle f ol the richest kind boetdot the greatest variety of ti e tall'tt yokes wit hamor and spicy edibirial matter to be found in at y ? m Ur sheet In tl.e world Price 6'i cents per copy Out this morcing. | t or tale ^ all news agents OODWORTHH DsMTHU ti'lDCVTgl HaoaOWaf New VokS bO .3 MooImtim PMI f. d-ie?da(* and -taiuKays drmfety I T. W. STRubG."Publisher. ? Nassau urittt- Vork. The great railway oride IS OCT ArPLRTON'S ILLtJSTKAThD JUILWaT OTTIDR, tor bovembar. CO?TS> re. >1 plfoa a Railway Guide contains America by River and apple'on's Railway Guide eoatali* eomlc skerchea. Ten MU'O'ei* in a huper nu-udent's t?U:oe 4c at ple'on's hallway tauide i-ontatM a Biograph? of D. C. McCaJium >.aq , Hu^erlnica l'-at of toe r.rie Railroad with poi trab. A) p eioD'al'lustrst'-d Railway \n l Steam Navigation Guide Is the t>nW*e of t>uldea and ahott d be ta the ooasesslon of ever* m?n woman and cli'io in tbe Catted S'atesand J An ad as Ariplelon s Guide is for SMe by Uie general agent*. ItuHH A rOUbHV. IU8 Nsmbu street. THE I1XCS1 RATV.UHV D -tOI**TH 10 ENCYCLOPEDIA; A t oroplete Hys'.em of Hylrnpatby a d Hyg'ene. By K I T Trail M D. O-je larg-vol wnh n-arly l OOn pagea. Iiloa u-suo with !*?l eiigrmvug* Pete- S3 M B? KOWi** * WbLL*. *?? 'Iroalway, New Fork ife moat compVebei'Mve and pnpua' work ? et pubiiahed on waercure. <>f ail the punlieaitoua which have auamed such a aloe t-opnlarity, a* issuo-l by Fo?>?A Wells, nooe are n^we adapted to general ti'illty than this rich, Aimprehen ?l*e and wall arnafsd Hrieyelope.Ua. a'fl CaSHIEPS AMD BANK n.ERKS Just pabbshed by D aPI'LKTu.% A CO., 5hi and >>roa<tway. > V.. 1 Hh TuiORT AND PRACTICR OP BANK BOOKK KKPIJtO ani? Jul nt bT'k.-k accocttts KietrplMed and elncblated is a complete aet of haak ac couiit tHjoha. printed In colors, with an nrigtaal diagram to abuw the ralailon the dlflereat boofea bear to each other, Ac Hy C C. Maksii Accountant. 1 vol. large 4to . Wl pagee Price $4 ?Irettlant deeerlrttve of this work win be fo-warded to any ??Vires* or. tb? work W'l be remitted per mall free, oo re reipt of tbe price. A Vreas D aPPLRTUR A CO , MS Hrcadaav. M. Y. MIHK AX AJIU 40 PIaNO?OH1HH 111 BK aolalt IMUKD! ATET.Y-ON i) sceoart cf the death of the prvo iiVir rhaabtv*new IhMi omenta will b# sold a'Coat u* e'e-" the eats'e, > very ?ne ? arratited foe oee year lb .ae w sblng to pun has-* will do we'l to rail at th* mstiufae'nrv, N <s. 7t 71 and 7ft e.aMTwen IV aveor da reel near l.ejtng oi ?rei tie ll?a itlful A\ OCU*? ro*? a ??4 piat oa for t'V> do , w th c*-ve.| legs serpentina botlia a snd fit. shed in 'he |>-st s'vle for g'JII avery Insfu ntei? est be fully tested and 11 not a* represent Ih* atone? I ?M ?ew tor* a*k*oo H WRH tinaaij "as*e* oe Tn**ds . ? aad Frxiav* <nrrtilars vrwia^in# tana amir* be. aa) So bad at ? Ithw er the *ra< ? ia<ea \ 1FD A WlMHItiKk > GORMRh OP kMM AJT0 >M (1 aau atr?et*. O Aim sraet, aecoort ttroe rone Nn J I'rlvale paii ea anJ OOl-Oeet -*???>.,? si'k>.<.led erl't lorV srtta s on nveeiliir te ma Dry goet?. jewelry, m "an, ?e taken la eachaoge 'or tnnsie :>?** ?t r\U?AR'M 1MMI Nil A \ 11 4 ' HOWKAT *? \t < tn-ap leasoes tl ?er imntli >,t "| ti ui.lav id'! ibo-> d*y a b*? A'lmluai ee. 16 -*? ta laoiea free I IAN! IMI i? IHH L AT 44 fs.* <T rill ST,7 | | I a?t w H'^.e<l?sv ?Mr CM vRRi srn'S Classes a e ncs n| ea Inc'h ? aeaaon P-'M ? o?n -<?'t tnsn e at air tla> I <s M?n?.e^l?' snd?au'dav ? 11 o ei- <-g n -oo. aod .1), af *r I aw ri l(* 1PSI r laCie* aw# n.aaier? Motita.v a ire>? ?? oa ta I e>eln*t*ely tor psret ts a* d P'iptit <.V.:u?ara eotiaUinnr 'erwo. Ae., can be tldatned aa a*ov*. 1 | kAPI'IMO ? MORA Ski Tl.a???a? HRiKIKK-N aCa |/d?n < BM ? "O" ? street.-a ae s etaes f ir ad <-a aagK I atvel I a III <* mr. elice or. I lies ?*! at 1 * M A a -a ^>a* i (or geatlenieii, mi I uoadst ai " ', P M a w, a ne ? i?e? *, hlWlr"ti '*tel?sl?*lsV rw. Ae>lr?sda? at Si, P. M aU th> r?ehmo?hi* dance* taught la an- ?nu>se -y icwtrA nl^HAMCING ,<Hlti>L.-M'l.l R VE/.IIf' I 'lel.eirg |ae*^emy 21 Moeard atrial I'lvsei meet ?i I lieWl, P M. v d ft oc?? k ahi' eneqg Air praoUce tS'siid aolrae dsr.sai.ts every Sa urday evening p; A??<r<>HTp>, pi r^t qr ?litt-pi * vim c%N in I a' a bargain oreaab *'ai a sec ,vl 1 Sl?i nf JaMKs Van HIPEH, i;h W.Kawter ,l-?e\ ue*r Pleeokar. PleNGK AND VIM DEONs ?TB? (")*a"K wtrgkr wraiern urpro- M pianos and n ??lo'leot s a") to to tefo m.i> at ".T' Krr?e?aj f'h? "i -ent .ad rent allnweOT parrbaae J fo aa e -it noftttbty psv ni-nts srr*oad kkOd piano* f nt M> *o *1411 meioOeo S i'"Hi $4i In tl A Itanns tim-O ai-d re| alrsd aossbee hnisJ at.d moved ?' Irseltoeao* asie'? |.inii* ?*>iL'b* Nr w \org ? v k> gsimt, 'rekieiwa S* so ong tb* ' ery herf. we are enalnee In s, eak of tfieae I* ?irun.ents w tb iteir oegree itf caibd* i>ea f otn t.ansmai ? owlertge " hel' ei-e?|ef,- u ? ,. ,M ! ,r*l ?? .. ? . .u r " III ilia. ^H?Nt,lPa tlP <* kSV f s Mil.IIP - Mr FRI1 bkMllXH p ofe-w?v of 1aa-mg late of Hi martwav "?e??to s n<r nee hla Sang> r' -'tsldewea to M -tleerler "r*1 t, where a."1 ?vw.evin' aM.o* wt'l b* ?>?!' aiel< attended to rllK PI A BO?f HK ORbATr^n fMPHOVK?NMT IB J ? I Pim.llPH'A w>orosee eir'nla1 seals pia.wi|a?M 'Srehmio* Hjl Hms*?a? nfiposre ini?ts,) t-vatr* Sast biinry 1 weais elah'k aires' and Ninth arenne i V W1SK* AMU I.IdlOHM. A' nif icf hh>.*ti?'N ?'i hh a n nrr.4, ni,%t l?k*rW r)nm |f?fi *b* rr? %n.| wn.? ?<y*tcn I ^i,?4 ir*#h rum Mo!l%nd afIn i oki ?*? h w^fUmyn to i/>q ? T'l por??.p I?t.l r"..? -h elMftif V* If I! ' tK* I (tiihj. Mil I llAtfftMlil't, 4,1 HpootiMi nrwi, cimm- if | Hmi,?aC P*tHACt-A N?W 4*0 ffGHM iMlCAL s .. a .ml-o pro.iie-. a imod h-aaly ?uri>so*<ng eveer >thar

p|.| .ralK,, '**? bss a* vet h. en (4-d In 'ae* m?r eli.m e-a#n.e af r?io, gin Inab and "%?rhf wnM?i: afi 'e I * v li cherry au > raapne. rt b'and'ea, p.,et Nadntra so' -Iter" j a i-ee. "ase'.'lal n la of 'em ai, .area ler. ler^sB. -nl and *i?ie..reen raiemeia's arid h me.I* 4c.. ftr ?aie b> Dr L ft bl" H rw a Nukk h* Maiden >aM.? PAIB*T?rt'K i|,?, Of ( HDPtnuol M AUfl I .rd?Ts ligb?'t -nfcw ale old aMonale 1 n reel hatsess aweatiaa B aad n 'HE AMBBieiflT . niTtpn at,p r.'Wrd In M heeling Ta ved ogWd a* e-i rW b> anr " 'HfiOffH fag ssmr n^x\rrr,rrrr: ? ? ^ h*'f ? 4#.,f VKtfM M rMM fA_ tJ ^ M" *-? V 5^ ftuS W'Tam 1 t reel TENA.1T9JIEOISTBH I^RODKE TO LEAS* AND PaHT OR ALL T.?* ut the family K*1B< fcioittA. AildreAe C. C u, uer?<u A HODhB IN HXTTRTH STREET TO LW. A firii?itd 4oc?o4 iv6iiu i?A very ddUib 6 hinek ta.rTbw?-k .>? ? .??x,?a a^ lr.m k o? T fe OM a'*'RcRNICJUT, on the premlac*, any day tb?- mouth, until let. ?? ~~1 lick THKKK BTOKY AND RAKKMENT UOO'llE, A with all the modura ?if3*?nJi i-nm* ?*?>" ? "?w-81<" aRIKi xn Broadway. _ a ramp PBaNCK ? A NlfELY FURNWHH# BW?'' A vtll be rented U? a r.'apectable funlly. ?P?" jj[( "SSSSLm '& "pro-. mitl HSKi bT'?'d?o? .quar. Foetal. fortwod'ye UueirepUooable reference required. EIOHTn AVENUE t-TORB TO LET - ? E ^B.T,^??tl.^ Hfil'tJPS TO RENT IN BROOKL1N.?'TWO HitjME* 00 ibe IUU premiere. itNo Vi Front aU-eet.? m4 ta,"e ..unci with ?<x>d unlebed ^ax-Dt ?:id ^b colliu".'*tn _i_, _PT1 .n<4 .aii vi'aUt on ihfl "m* pr#oilAM< Too owo will He on ih? preisliM from9 A. M to U M . _K*JP?lu|fl!' will be shown by ai>pUratlon ut the middle brick hou??. Part of a hovs* to ijst-nq. a o> amp wtf ? three b'ocke of Broadway, 1 haH*>mci t back room on wcond 0-w iied fren. ajti: b?4roo , with |M ttitureii and Proton water Pnaaeaaton lin.a-d.<ite. . P?FT OK nOt>R 16? 1.A0RWS STRRRT, TO LET - Conalat p* of the aeoond floor abedirom In'he u'Ue And ihe privilege of kitchen. toaemaJI fen eel fam If. None b i' very renuceUble parti'* with good reference nee. apply The bouee 1? located wiihln ball a block of Uooeton etree . rem $30 per month Apply on the preaaia-i. tTTADT POWRR AKD LIOOT ROOMS IR YHi 15 New Haves Depot Bulldtof, oorner o/ ^ ? eta one eqUAre from Broadway Inquire <**. Bk.* N R* 1 pr?mtaee Heated by ei*Am ptoee CTRaM POWRR.?TO LET. TUB BROOND AMD THIRD ^ floor* vttk vte*na pow?r, ta b*u*?? 446 44* \V*t*r N'ree?. ki.e.n Market and PUe .i-e..? Tb? room, ay ?? I I ??? l,n*d from f'oni %ni r ?%r toHAblA f?r may'total <*\n r :n.?bire work, Uttee. drtlUiiK. Ac.. Ac. Apply eo tb" lpr?n?,i**'? ? TO I.KT-RF.!?T< flO AVI> $4 A MONTH.?THB TW.l 1 rloor* cf the hrf* b?u?e *? kilanOc ? ?? I rnrliljn. Apply to JOHN WAaNKR. at 41i N. U. t*n'lr?j h >us? to leatie'ua May. T^J LET ? TUB NKW K1VR RTOBV MaRHl?K FRON1 Pf ore. No IM Chanben. ? ? lylv ortwi ea 10 and U o clock io?. B HttvlllMdi*. ? jnhnrtiert. ? no xet-apartment* iro, 1CL^"X 1 ??e?t t'r?t floir, tar?< rMUia RftiiT, W ?**' .?on. and bert.of.rn I?9 ''hrlntop^. r mree'. MmL 94 u*^n te CtiJar btor?. R?.at, Ui. Apply w t/ w 1/k.AN, ?owery. 'po L>T-1Hfc. L*RGli CVHSLR -i^l.^K-Vr M< '? <jT I Vt imam *Ld 41 Cedar at MiitA-ie for ah?!, "i'blrit or dry (too4? buainesa ; alio loi^a to iet- in'iuirc ? 21 liberty at., up statre. TO LRT?8BOOND ^TORY?TWO ROOMS, FOLBf-Si I doora, two b. drooma aod iloeela, "Kb bao* liwwt' pai tr t ai.j cloaev of No. 15 Bflthune atreet Inquire en Ck 9r?>?? Cr??o.?Br<?dWaT.w;LLMM ao^AJ,D n n IVT-A ORRAT STAND, FOR THE ORO^KRV 7 iboeorclohlnfbnalneM; ibe itore ariti clltf, No .W k"o9 opooriunlty mr ? ouaineM min. Reo' t S tenant Ipply ImaedUleiy to O. ANviETlNn <6i K^gbth avenue. O LET?A VERY DSflRABLR COTTAftB EOCSR. n> ' ,,,v' ba,?ee<. Third and r ftorth mmim., eo?t?l" -- '?? fafe yaroVfaculUeawood for *eu!n? ao-r "oi^ R^rtlflB Apply it ?? Gifc .tab alreet, in tt ^a#^ment, or on the prtiolwi. ^ ,nA LET?A THBF.B STORY BRI'-^K HOrSE IN FIFTY 1 Ikifl atreei, between f ourth aud t lUi ?venu?a, No^ ? the bU>rlt 1 ocation dcalrabK aud reot low to a good tcn*a 1 tgnlreofOapt. WM. M. NEW, bouae >0- 4. ?pO 1.ET-A DBs^K IN * NINE O'"0*;JIE? 1 U?bted and beat9d. Rent mvierate Aep.y at M H< man au eet. up ?tAir?. ~jm ^TM) LET?OFFICE^ AND LOFTS IN T? '; BCM. 1 nee* pArt of Weil wee'- Apply to r. W. HA-.r.x., a nector>t>eet fno LET?THE FIRfT FLOOR AND THREE ROOX' ,k? tk rd iccttk^r with b?rk bMCiDCQt, iBod'-'Q ^Vn-ikU^V^?.?cL ln<iulre cf A. RAT MO SI 61 CbaibAm atreet. <PO*"lkt-thb *F.?X)ND AND tWRD ? ".ilK; t ??*;s TO LKT-IMMBLIAT* P0W??0N, XcOTTAOJ I ouUaltr furnlabed, on 1 ork a?enu?;, I Rftot. h?At^ ?lar.d Kent ISO until Ibe 10 U ol AprU I?qwr? a l/? ? ?ur areet. 1 <) 1 KT-TO TWO OR TnR?.E FERS>'lN<. WITHOI'r I children, tbree room* on ibe Prat floor .if the dweinn* No P.? Kaat 1 wenty third street. Keot?1?) per anonm m-loding gM. Poo-?a?lo'i immediately. Appl' on the oreml<?-a ro I.RT FOR A RERTaORaNT?THF BAf^MENt ANnl F l>r?f Jlnln* room In ibe Uaton .Hal] Honae, WW#; -rorme and Elm ?tr-eti, near the rv.road >poc Alan fur i. if bed rooma to reapertable tam.ltea and amgle f^llwn?. The marble stobe, corker or broadwav and -irand a>re? to let or ieaj* ? 'liO feet on (iran.i street App.f to B- WOOD, r Jom 17, HB* anC Leather Bank. TO LET OB LEAAF^-IN THR MaW "aRBUBTILP 1 li.c 405 Broadway weet aide below CaaaJ atreeL tb ?leeant ?alea room ot &:? aec-nvi floor a& by 100. wltb er wvh ,o' rcma abota ? a b*audfo)ft^w window npontb. "rei floe* 1 heae rocma are all well U?btod a?d bA?e beer, -wntly pAlnted and flMed tip to ?be ne? manner aaA ?t rery Jeafrab-iT fowiiMini ?iore on the promlaee. or of 0. B. POTTER. 496 IIroadway. HOT'."IK "4, HOOMRt WAMTKP. A HOC?R~IN THIS i'ITY TR Ol A BfKiNFS^ A rtrtet In Brooklru la wan--d in ai. hantfe for a de?lM hie eowMr* pT Miert?. itnprore.1 and unincumbered. u??' -f n?h Brooklyn L I . anPable fnr ae faruen ,c Addrraa '. A. B .>? '?* ' ?' P.'?t ^ ^ ' I CALVARY CHCRi-H?BBV dr. HaWK8^.-OK? tf \\J ibe J#War?M'4 p^wii wan** 1 to r*n ar M<a<Lt ? ?'e preierred. Addre?a A. B. bo* ,1S * ->at Itleo. IHM Tfimn-nv T.F ??F FR.1N ? TO B YEAR*, r aim prtTliepe of pu-chA? n?. wK% far f*??lnt AtrfH AC l 'r t ?B >. oat )..? cheAp, i Lanjaor, bol !??>, He*al.l fir one we#*, LM HNIi?1IU> IIOI'hE WaNTBD-JIT \ "AMtLT ITOK r ib? winter, reu' bM l/?eaoee' MA o*r 122f'oi-?^Ai!l? par I nl..n ?qi|.?rc prefeii ed AdJreaa boi Wa 1 aal .jflii,... iib foil pariV ila'a. HM-R WaJmKD-OF W.irr.H THB RENT WILL P.? taken to o med ot part of a hou?e, f .' A vra,I. hi?thly re r^ en?l)).. farol'y Pe? refer nr* ?lven a? ti cteraoMe ? a^? SiiT, end 1.1'inrt financuJ i K'dluou Allreae Ij I., ????. i?r?* l'os? cflte*'. __ * HOT** WANTRD-pniTARLR ? )R A FIRST CL\J b^irdtnr Wh?m w th mo**** mproy?n>?m% I ..n low ? ?r** fttr#*. ?n * nw*Km ?m# ?w?. ImmraUl* . iy?ip?nrf Jww A Hno r W*rd Pro*!**? Fott oOoq, ijt ihf?n wui ro^tlte ' . n??'dim tiU'Diloii ^ Bornoi.n n RtTTCWB WARTTO -TI-: St" ?f jih? r wf?he* 'O i'npfh*** AvftO* $?"?*? wwih of Qi A frrefnre -?f a n e^lan q-salP^ An, fwnlW V i'i' k Lr tip Foua?ke?nir? r?n ?ln.| a rAali cuai nter >>y AJdr?ieA'n? a .? m Hambln. llwaM >Bee il T B ^T'lRK FTXIi'frka WA?TBD-L'PRIOBT *ROCOPB i er c?eea. ?I.?:?'nf, ?Unt>nard?, Ar tad tew gtrlnr ???r p ioj asd i mral pitce, FUtu>ea, eai e ?: Mr. Po!cy, ? "W'ry TO RRTTBIN-J rRI'OtJlaTH.?WaNTRD A F3RST " a? m<->le' n retail rr'it n'ore w' h .1 * Ur# jv.hed. in ilfWWiM |.?t 4? for <a*b. Addreaa rki-iu v:/, boi ^,1.T? ew York P?' eWce Jl* ANTF D- TO Pl RiUMR A *MtL* ROtTSB ANI? ?* V>? In ih'? ?slly or WlMamaVi't; will cartl2ne?h a aree on h"t?4 nr .l i> ort*a?? 4 dr?a f. 8. Jera'.l oBi<-? \E; ARTKD-Two rooms or HB?'(?i?r> fux>b. and ? pr'*iv?p of kpch'ti fnrni?hed ft nnfumiaVat. aullaMe ? ra?w>all *?mlly I" teep binar adrtr^a* KUUlog term* ? tilrb mut be i?Aaooabl*, T?- art Herald ofice. II?APT*II TO RBNT-ONfll. MtY FRIT TrK FIR"T fnor at a fan! hoa*e fnrnlnhe'1 er nnfurnlah^-t t>veUi r wl'b iwn ' eflrootn*. on tr *?id ?r 'bird fl ?: I KMMIon ne.?r ? a?hm(ton or I nion ? i>iar??. au ! u?? of ii'rVn iixllai^ma Pi Addr ??, ?iat.nq ternn, % A , Herald oBk-r. vl- ANTFD-PT A SMaLI, FaM LY. A ?MaLL 30l'SR. or part of a houa<- wtih an <tber amall faini y, in a re ? ?tab'e n? jhi orbo.?l viol aide he w>-en Twelfln and Tbir ? irh'b m<oia Addrear hoi IR l?> ral l altm w ANT?D-7Mt??M ILL M'iliBlrftOr DCMPtNO Tabs; alao of freinbt para Addrr?a ber l.'Wt ?t offlr". ItOTKLH. U'L HUTN RrrtRO DR OrtNR'.-THTT " been ee'Ablialwd fn- the antvtArametit 'A ?Vari*.a^ tre ?M| l? Bf .?lA?d t '"n^a Ami e?n-yial ? of Am--team h< may w?b to pee> ihr wlcter to R4 o iW aad Neatria.' m.nie 1 h? '<?? n .if On ??a I* ii'.iu>.l .n 'h? Mulrond .e* d 'nm Ha?ai?a to Mataoiaa. .tee :> e , ildl^an: from thai?i. e "?? andtaetb* a'r.tiUr. imleo:?:;. fci !,a >? al ill if b* ? p oirned frwn 'Ne iv*-iti ? ?urri ehnwera aiilek ?-o?- nr eatpnaD) 0?'"'l? Vre eq 'ie no-*Her-, onut ba ? Am- of Mil* r-inm ?* lor'bend *omb?^t 4wmt a I*a4.i? ?>? north of 'lotn^e, "lu? jft 'ni H e *ir] b?e*tein vv 1 ?w?n'? the r'vnh^a'. ?n did a la-?ai l*e *? m<lee ?? Tpr "or will nee ererj ~i"a < n V# p??nr "o >r ?ti lA'Vie of ?Wlai ?e ?^r^ nb'e a* ^ -?abl? Tlnn <M h*T? 0 e Vran'afe 4 ?o ir ca?* of ai'k-.e a, o' 't> ?* ?fpt if an IB" <tip?n?|riAn wbowl!' re>lrt?tn ?He honw t 'r-.'t rape. Vtiee ?n ibe '*?< vmant of"ie .i-mwaKtib i* ? .Mt^and teoplei' Mtaw *AMn? a(,WOH?(.L? n*T?N4-TH? R'lTMl. HR Li:/, R0. n -jrifT^i eireet will b* e;ieti#d a vif '1-it?tili?' tir lira 11FTI ALBT '? ib? %eent,t?#?.Wloi? #' k^r frleala and ? r pnbltr. The bnlld'r.i ?? eomti .iflne aril wall ?*e"ln?ad ??lef ?? at? frt'*br ' "n,e pa'ro* ai'?? *r- i'u ee ???rf , ^.fnm In la?i| e e r~-* *? "? ^?MITIIPORlAN ?<IC?R. mo>|i*iV F'lR TB 4 VHI,. er-' fa m 11 lee and f?.iu-f?i?n. K o ?.n r \nv-%t D Heaied by ateam 'bri"??.i-it. Mi|>-KY RuPMa * " PWmWTRT. " , a .-1 e > - DR B O Dt?RKIN I'lNAT. WRAR | ' Veilck Wire?eld nomeer ITS n?w 4? laruee aMen ut. 0 h'a '**1 ??'< e?pert?nre dally ope'Mfcme ? 1 f. v n? 1 ai 1 lerwil-ea btn nj?bln| ifenV pr?T8Bllni All aia, /TfvfltoXhflM* fOA 8ALI. ??? TO f<>U0n WOBTH OK ?OOI> CITY STOCKS PAY V?) 1?* a Woesome d'vldend, for a*)*, or would be ?x ? Ksa*e<i (or mod lteuora or staple merai.UKi.itO. Apply to ha^IbON Cannon, ?o hum tllin -FOB BALE, THE ONE WALK INTEREST OK ?PI"Wt a cash bualseas long sataliliaued, tnd paving from ?JU 10 ffO per week A,ply to A. ROdi.NSON k I/O., 336 Krntilvti. room No 14 ftqun ?**>b sale, an old established bcsi ifiiWvt Dm. paying $2ft per wNk above all eipeuses; can eaa > be doubled, rare chance, owner la to leavs the city apply at 67 Fnltou street, second floor, rootu No. 2, or 11? Clumbers irei, tfllrd ttoor, room No. i *<X.n <nu BOY A SNUU BK8TAURAMT, or the I^UU twit corner In tfel* city, yielding tSO per week pre fit |f In offered this week on accommodating tar ma. the pro prietor having b Balnea* la Ihe country. Anely at W? Broad way room 14 CROMWELL k OO. Aiitii ONLY.?FOR 8aLE ONE OK THE OLDEST JrrUU established confectionary, oyrter aad dm log aa loose oa the Eighth avenue, now doing aflne bnalneas aud la ogt red for leaa thau half Ita value, Bold In consequence of a dealb In the family ; muat be eold thla week. Apply at No. V Eighth aveme, or at MM Broadway. ' WM. 11. KE1.LOOO k 00. Ayf Ci\ -FOR SALE. A WELL KNOWN FPBLIO JftJU. bouse atuatod at the JunoUou of several sUee'e, aad the headquarter* of one of the political partita. Apply te N DA V1W A CO., 336 Broadway, room 18. ]>enn -FBED STORE FOR HALE. HORSE, WAGON, ipOU", fcaroesa. a'etgh fixtures, good will, Ac., lease tnree jeers to run from laat May, now doing ? business of 8 (40 a vrar, 3U boraea on premlsee Satlafactory reaaops ireo for celling Apply to KKLiVOQ k CO , 3'M Uro?dway of 294 l)ela?oey diet-l -bakery for sale, of kixteen rbls. fU\" per wetk In a bu&nnaa thoroughfare: iior*ku4 tornely flttod up Sold tn consequence of having ether busl am WU1 be void a bargain. Apply to HOW -ih Jt CO, 84 Naanan atreet | IQ/tA -FOR SALE, A SPI.KNDfD HOTEL, DININO fUv'N and drinking saloon Mutated In the most him ' ? s* part ef West street. In the vicinity of the ateamboat and ruliroad depots. Apply at Dot Broadway. WILLIAM H KKLLOOG&rO. <1 llftll ~A WKST STREET LIQUOR STORK F<)R 1 TJ.WWu. sale; the location unaur passed In the clt,, the Kioie beirg altua'ed on a corner in the first ward. A* ply to | N. 1) \ Vlh A f'O , 3.13 Broadway, room U. cnn ?* DB8IRABLE HOO.-E AND LOT, IN I VliUU"? Brooklyn, for sate, auftable for any bnaine^. Tf rats moderate Apply at No. 7 Worth street. <tilQfMi-rORf?AL*-A FIRST CLASS FaVCVUOODS ?PIO*7" Store lo rated on olc of the beat bustne.-ui a*e rnea tn ibe city Sold on accoiu.t of a'cknes*. Terina ea?". A|.ply to HA MsON CA XM)N. Ml Nassaa street. 11| || | WILL PCR^II ASK ONE UK THE BR?T family graOMJ stores op town; location uu surpassed on a leading aveune Neighborhood unej'-eiitiou able Apply early to M.tDlSOM CAVNoN, bo Naaiau strs't i>9 enn ?fur sale or ex^hanoe for reu, estate flntnlasi najer arid window mIivI store, on a leading avenue, and, one of the best corner *uu M ti the cl'y. Apply toamediatemety to C. <J. TII'JSlPSON. 'ii .Vsmj u street. . ???? rnA CASH W1I.L PftRCH.\8E ONE HALF 1^1 jZa.'UI) lerest In a lamber manuf?ct(tr<ng b'i.?ltieKS airesly <*to>Usb?d tn this city, th'it will net*; mjii po? _ve?r. Part'u'a/s Jurui^ed by calling on UOffBi ? CO., -Vo M Nassau i tree'. ' An Cl"?n CASH Wri,L BCT Ot'T THE LB \SE AVT1 | 5pO,C'*?tl furphu j vf ^ litrgi; ?m1 welt^furRUhed fry >;<1 ?>g house It- one offte teai locators *a ,h* -t7 ani ?o,u< a irat rate bnelutne, the preaeot owner hiving other b'is w 1 euM>ot attend to It addresa K. If. C. Herald ollloe. Ag'-un ard br?.*er? need not app'y 4 roR b*le-a Rustaukakr, oyster ?r*X??Jvnand dining saloon, in th'1 very whir .ool ..f boeit eoe. down town doing perhaps the largest b<isloes>< la the eity. Ita advantages are tinsnrnaased by any esutbiiah uent on the ??ontineni Apply at No jyo Hyosieay, rx>m 9 4-Q IIIWl -FOR BALE. A FOt'R STORT RKICK 0 Ul/U. hens- and lot 170 West Thirty seventh ?tre"'. near ElsLth avenne. It has all the modem improvemei.u is new and In perfect order App'y at 172 West Thirty ae/entk street, er to ELW ARD D. J a MRS, 26 Nassau street 4111 ~KOR SA, K AN E.JMaNT BROWN f iw.tHM/, stone front boose, fjur svjries and base ment. wt-st aide of Ninth avenue No. 266. near Twenty seventh street, splendid s'ore and parlors; all late Im-jrore n ent#;agrcet bargain for cash. Apply aa abo\e l. a'ely. 1 Pi flfll 1 ?'OB BALE A HR.-T CLAHS HOUSE Jp ItJ.V*"" '? on Albion pUee. near the Bow-try a-jl Rroadway and Fourth street, amy $1* '?* d cash required *>a 1st ce at t> pel cent on four years. App'y Immediately to tj. THOMPSON. 86 Nassau itrert. A RARE CHANCK-TEN YEARS' LEA;** 1\I) fix tures of a tin* t'aaa fairlly grocery Ml l^uor store up ?ow?. In ore of 'jie boat neighborb'xsls in the city. Th?i s-o-i is Ltted up tn good style, and romplttte with scales, we gkts *a., a 11?, good order. A'so. one horse one wagiai, twe set* barney, Jc. Inquire of IiDRY KA k IIYDE, on barge rtara foot o' Vesay street. New York. AflRNTLKMAN Wrril A LARUE CAPITAL, LY!NO Idle is nr. pared lo Uveattgate the afl.ilrs of any busl ieas Uiely to'ail In IlewYnrk :lty or any part of the l'n^>n, and tf be fli da that all that is required to restore It to healthv aril. vU> ts mote) be will adran'-e what In neeemarv provided hat It can be made profitable lo htm 'o do an; or. if failure b* nev ta >le. he will eo operate so aa to make the fail aa light as noaaible? perhaps at en piotltable. Address C. Forbes sioaa, SowYerknty. A SPLENDID CORNKR Llyl'OR STORE FOft JM.E Mtuated in a? eieeUrnt location to make monev ni? doit g a splet.did f ustoeaa. and must positively be sold this week, fetch what It will. at 304 Broadway. WILLIAM H. kellOtjq k CO. A ORE AT RAROA1N -LOTS SOxlut) feet. AT FORD bam Westchvster couaty, 12 miiee from iho city. Pr.ce frrm >160 to|;S6 Onlr one fifth ea>h required Houses atvl lots at Yonkers on kwg crsdIL QKOR'iE WAI.TRR, No 2f'J Broadway, ofllce 26. Farm for sali-lyinu wmux eight miles of Madison, the Capitol of Wisconsin and centre of rail .-o#d .vimmupieaiion in tkeHtat*. .Ml acres of choice land in scree ab ler cultivation, four dwellings, orchard, Ac For trap wl'h full description, ea'1 at E 1/JrTV office, 71 Naeeau Slreetoren X M K.t.Nol HK, I'd flr iada.y. For sale.-one mortoaoe or v.oon, five do. of S.10M) two do of $s.V). two do of El FI'S. trnrt tagea on Improved property In thia cut w.trth double the amount Apply tn E. HaNFORD. No. ft Beekman struct POR HALR-A TnREE STORY AND ATTIC BRI'K bouse, with all the modern tmprovementa, altuated at No. 3 Warren place Also a M of land, eorrer or Fourh aveoue sd Ktghtv fourth atreet. and a lot of k-uwbuld furmt'tre Apply to R MOWaRD 13 Naeaau Baiik. F IOR *\LE-THK MODERN FOCI STORY HOCSE It J g- Kset ^I'eentb street, containing rhande lee*, bv.h. g is flxmres ihm.urhoat, Ac , Ac , newly .painted; $2 "uy re qntred balance on montage. Apply on the premlsea CsTiR salE-OXE FIVE HTORY DOL'BLE BRICK r bouse and loi, 'n a good location and In g<*?l order Prfe titrro Ketits for ???. Only II 600 reuulrwd dawu. balaaoa im mortgage. Inquire of ?. WOOD, 6flSl*tiioo a^eet, trjm , io? T. M. F*OR HAI.B-AN TNIERE^T IN A FIB1T CT.A1* COW mlssmn stiifed, ta Washington market, now dr>mg a-t ?* eel ert buainesa for fanber particuUrs apply at stands No* 7 aud ? W aabiogUn market, W'*t street aWe. ViR SALI-A FULL SC1T OF NATIONAL Ot ?1 bform tcp v tr B. H. BALDWIA, No. 4H C^^r l>.t.-.t str?et corner of'Ireenw wb. FORBtLK-A WPO'.EH?LE AND RETATL T.ti<C ?R store, ore nf the beat alanda ta ibe Slxtk wai'L Inquire at 71 Rot I st ee1 L OR SALR-A POKIER nOl'KR, DKfUftARLY LO r rated frnotiBg the Hudson Rl?er Railroad 4*pot; will be Bob* cheap, ent tow t or further p iroculars in |ij re on ?be | retrilaes. lb West Broadway, corner of Rev!.' Mieet L'tlR SAI.k?A VKRY KI' KI.I.ENT HRTCK HOCSE IN 4 rowip^e order, w Ith all the moil?rn tmpiorements, * ' uplel h? the omaer ine udlng the cane's, otleViths and chandei era In a f eslrablo Be'glil/orboo.1, west oi Broadway fcems R eeeber street, terma *asy prssssalin mtaMiaM'.v. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, SI7 Bi wlway^ PUR SA1-E-THR FIHE FAST SAILING fD'HOOR. r erCOKNKLlA built at Rrandyw lae. Del . *6 A A V7 I )ts regiater let f'h 77 2 10 feet breadth V 3 10 feel depth A fe?' She is in first rate order newly painted. Ac., aod wall tnan', la tberevghly bt>M bolted and treerailed, and laaMme-l with e .poet Ui"s If ant sold atpri ale sale before the I.Vh ine!, she wlTl be disposed of atautUoa. App.y to JOHN L. Ol'CK LET. 31 t roBt street FOR SALE.?A RARE rTHNrE-TBE BTOi'K AND flitures ,or seaaraisi o' the e?aU nery an I paper SI. ? 2WI Bodaov s'reet. with a large bark room, will Se sold very less A good place for tuoai any buainaaa. Apply to J. H. TOCBO, from < to ?. PJB. For salb-teb new bcbrtaivtial brown st/me boooaa on Vie sorllt stds of TMrty first street, he ISISS Madlsea ard Fonrtk avennse three mur lee high stoop baee-eent under cellar wtth mrdem Impro' ?menta each 2i ?set ft laches by ?< t*H: lots W feet > tochea deep. first el*e? B?lghborhood '-Be hsJf Ixsad and asortfsgf*. laqaiTB ss 11 Wal1 street, mam '0 FOR fAl.Fe-A FIRWI CLSRH FaMILT GROCRRT store doing a go<*l business, will be said fee half -is vaJte lo s cash customer, the store tat In aa ?seellent for bneh ess F?r particulars Ac., spply to RN. tlu<rl son^lreet Irwti Mn?r. M | A WD, H >'s? bob FVOR SALK t BEsP Ff?R CASH, SRVRRAL NEW I l,ou-'s Joel finishing. Willi all the nioloir i*B?eni?ii <: w'n?e e id ehesti for ea?h Apply a' efll?e??w r.ulM mas IAS Weak thirty sixth sireet, tIgbth avs S W. t.ltoan, agent. L'tlR ' tl.K OR KXi:*HaNOK-A FARM OF UDACRFS C with bottse bsm orchard Ac ; qiiartar "t\ mderrom s'lrcsd -*ep i* sMvtn mlloa *otn SarUoira Springs, no i ,. ns Mst ee r n It. Apply to ihe caonel t sol tympany, II WU 'st sUset. F_son SALR OK TO \ ET-THR NEW THRFB STORT I w rtcs bo use N o 117 Esst 1 welf'Jt s-reet, between M?rtd snd Third avenues. In oer'eet order throughout wlA *l '.lie mwlent l?t.<ov.?enta ?or terms apply on Ibe rr*mtor? betweer.Ue houts of # M>d 10 A M and laud 4 F M. nntn list FA OK AO MS OF A FCPKRIOR 4R (y fiefs* of ex deep gold lea'. For sale by H. WILSON, I | Wll'tsm street. I t OI FRV FOR SAlJt tBF TWO VKRY Wt AT MOI.RRN I \ blown front houses known aa Noa 101 aed 1MSeenod ? el Wtl Iswssnr*. one minute's wslk frcm Feck silo frrrr, vert evne"ent location Price $4 RUI each, no money re , sad Unit will be given to eooil and reaixwislble parties < "*? KIBPSOX BRflTHRRS. I# Reaver street T aMsRTINE FUCK. TWENTY NINTH STREET. I j lion?e for sale, new and b>?t h'iute> in the bloek Hand melv turritshed throughout Sold witlior without fueBltu e snd st a bargain pp aeoonat of bttslnesa revivals. 1>. S. n iilT, t! Wall street. __ ? htiVi-11'N SHIRK K"R sal.F THE M?\ ERTI-F.R I bssioon.U'h l,u??pees t.1 attend to end wtshss tn dispose f ? e store trnA 'be 'rsde er.fw erte.| wRh It It doea a bu?e ?s~ of f-ent ?'*?m to *4<*i per *Ve* and can be Incresiae l to Ji?s' for paitt.tlars la-i'ilre of the ndvemer. TA Obrmlne _ iXH'* *W\Y farm for SALE.?FOR SaI-R at l? peeksway a flrtt vers neae the .wsn with a Ane vie - .fit ? i pslstn* of about 100 aerne ot meadi's andimt^rl, a et| fmlotfse, bar^. ottth'iitdinfs, Apply lo r. R WO.SlN"i "? U WOWL MA LBS. SKLIINO OIFTO 4 LUHIC TUB OONCHKV TWk* if a iHaerv "?!? and iWk W the s^w l^t ?2JL^ CT'lVK KTORK FOB SaLE?THR 1.K/VSK STOCK rnni a t> and Dilutes of ih- ol<l fklubUshod stove more' ?-.!!" < 'anal street n>*r ''Union Msrket. Inquire on the ? ?? premise*. Tin. *prm;bireb wisbks to s*ll iiik p*km near Whl'e uak shade New (<an urn, ? 'oo?.. omety aarea of gno<t land w. |l watered good fences, building* Ac. wL. are two dwellings The farm Is well adapted fordlvislon Ifrmttuji. tTZAL HPdTED. riiO FABLERS -FOR SALE OHltAP, A LARGEQUAN A tit) of fine Un.e for Disking manure. HM)K()K 0. BlBNE, A3 Harrison straat. TO DBCOOISTS?THO.SE IN WANT OK A OOOD I store ami bu>lnes<<. may heur of a good opportunity to purchase a store on easy 'ernis which averages $9U a week. Address James Buchanan, box 118 Herald office. fpO MKCHANICS.-WaNTBD TO SELL, THE HALF 1N l Ureal in a inanulietiirlng business well eau.iliano.1, wth an IncreHKtLg e<eb business one of the present pro prietors brim cexape i nclnsively in aiiothnr bus ocas i* bilged in n il out Boos * ot tire concern are open tior lnipeo lion to show the value of tie bualneaa. Adl/eas Mechanic, box 128 Herald office. rIK Bl'SINEKS op THE NORTH AMERICAN BEAl? and Pe- aonal Kstale and Ixmu Company 'a office for m)i-t o very a"couiu>oda'ing terms. yieltMug $28 to $7t per week ptoliL Full particular* give* at 289 Broadway, room U. VA1H FOB SALIC CHE * P ?THREE VATS HOLDING from lour to sli hundred gallons each, lined with zloc all i ?w. Inquire at IW 1 uaue street 31 financial. -WE LOAK THR HIGHEST fiUsT^ ? On diumond? waiches, Jeweler?, Ac i On pianos ?dks. <lrv goods, m-gar*. .to. Full vulue paid lor pawnbroker's tickets. Central Loan Office, <!2 Broadway, mar C?n?l *!.-eot Al TOMn.OtWTO l OaN?ON DIAMONDS WATCHER, AO, ?P1 Jewelry s?|:?rs dr> goods silks, Ae.. Ao ' he Unbelt nnce paid for pawnbroker's 'lokots. MACDl FP A K UK A O, SW Broadway, corner of Walker. 4>1 -ANY AMOINT TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, V ' ? v.?:tb?s Je?e ry mlv?, and all kinds of personal pro perty, or oougbi tor cash Pawnbrokers' tickets boiighL LATCHES A CO.. Ml Nunaau street, room Na. 7. llrnt floor. <f>*l -T?r? NEW LOAN OFFICE.?Ca?II ABVANCEH, ?Pa.. from f.'i lo (AW, to suit applicants, on diamonds, wmcbra j? ? elry plimos tc . tm eloiha, dry good*, silks, Ac., or bought for c??b ?t M N?<nu slrn t, room No. I. N. 8 ? Storks bot d? nx'r'g.igea, ,vc , uegoMatei. Alro. cash on S' garii and goods in b<?id J. 11 RAftKINORR. 4?9-T"F aDVABII-EB WISHES to FIND A >T geo eel hnsines- >oiiDg ni*n who can inreat this amnuLt where it run be 'bowii to lie perfectly aifx and bono rable yle'dlng large orcllts. Address Arts, Herald olli e wnh real nioit for particulars BBOaDWaV -money advanced to ant OOt aniouut, diauands watches lewclry, planoa, dry ?oooa srgarx, and wen de?cripiion ot valuable property ot bought lor cavb eto ?? bond* mttea, mortiracea. 4c.. aez* Haled Watches snrt ;ewe'ry for s?le K til a > KK, rooms Nm 1 and 2 second story. Ann bboadwat.-rkal est at* and loan of 111 toe ? M< nry .liberally advanced an personal proper tv of all descriptions or boucht for cash. Real (Mtaie bought srd sol* with despaicb. on moderate terms. Stocks bonds SUJ DO'CI negntisted UiMiacss ronlldeDUal. UvlfT A CO.. roan No. 1." It. ii ?? i ? f^fWiil^0 >"?" "N UNIN0CMBER1D CITY II r property woi lb donble the ameuut. Apply to OAo. s HI' HOB, Uouse Agent, 19?>? AUcn street, from7to 9 A. M and S to 7 P. M. ?17 mill t0 t'oan os diamondb, WATCHBB, >pj I - UUV' jrwe)ry *>-gars dry good?. and an kinds or |.er?onal propcrtj or bough' lor caah Bosincns contidenUaL At 35 Jetn ?uec; rumer o' Nassau, second floor, room S. J. F. NOMUftr. t-ril ill III 1? LOAN. ON WATCBM DIAMOND^ JoIM'Hw jrnr.rv, segnr*. drv roods, and all kinds ? p-rtonal pmfftj oi hough: and sold tor caah Notea, bonds, ?nongsges st'irss Aa . ii?gnli>-ted IOJ Najiao street, eomer nt < nn ?. coin i),vr, n?tn> Nos lard 2>V THOBF^ON A ts > . broker), and oomsaiisiod meiehanla. I -LOAN OFFICE. LICENSED BT TH? tiovej nor if the Stat* and the Maror and ?? I tb? cltj of New tork Money lent at legiir?^s. m> gold silver waicbes, oiamoada, Jewelry, dry Ac. A AbuUbVI. Pearl street corner of Roee. J--7 IklkA 1U LOaN ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS; I Jewehf. he or bought for cash, by JO Sr'F?l B. InAaC, ll"< b?mberi> slree! (baaem>*nt office; from 9 till A Hosir ee* firtimpt an-! confldential. N. B ? No bul d-sk trso?*rt?d on bat lrda.i a. NtfW TOK K '/vu*E?BEh 1 IMA?IIIVI DEN D?THK I'resid'tit ard Meeetors of she Bowery Bank have da t-iared a dividend ot i?i per o?ut, payable on and after No> /< niber l.l The transfer baoks will be cloved until tbe 9th? laclustvi. Per order P <i. 11K ADFOBI), Csakler. /-|FFir* r?p THR THiRD AVENCE RAILROAD " " CrinipaiiT a riier of Slit* fir?t street and Third av? r J? - 1 be Board of htrec oes have declared a 1'iart.irly dlvi dei.d of two (t per sent pavah'e on tbe 13th last., at the olBoe o' tbe com.ary Tbe 'rai sfer books will be ctosedjutal tAat. datu HaNUKL B. ISAACS, SecrMtfy. Sl? To??, Not 6 1HM. rMKRCHANTfi AND OThEHS.-PABTItS Ha VINO bills, nu'ee or otbe transferable paper of Walter Plaids, merchant and real irate, at Aspinwall, Istbmusof Psi tiM New ilrnaada ran And a purchaser for said 'paper, it ?f vi-ntv live per rent on lie 'aee, bv applying to J. B. LVOWB Ht rhselee Mote' A Spin wall. New Oraasla $25o.(tfi(i ?ljuniriion '.flffncil - f tb? CdPAHTVEBSHIP NOTHEN. innn t? w*i-pabtnkr wanieo-.v obntlr J ^t'H man ?o| urchaae one halfof a ?afe, ( leaaant and l Irbly respectable trav>-Uiau bn-lnese reaity to go South, wblch will pay a net profit of SWi per week. wltiKiatnak Full security given. Call on WhKELEB A CO, Broad *?J Alien -WANTED A PABTNFB IN A CASH BCSI W^uU, ness paving well to take the place of ona r<> tiring An act'v*. gentlemsnlv man required. None other need apply Call at 610 HWwav room No 2, up atalra. *U||A TO Bit.-WANTED. A PABTNKR WITH fOUU thlssmounl U a genteel, light wall established fcuslaesa paying $3u.<M0 per aunum. la which one uiird lute rest will be given. Apply to a. TKoWFJt A CO., 109 Hroed way, room A _J ^ inn ?FARTNFB WANTED. IN A MaNCFACITR ?TttUaF* lag bovlneee nt several years' sianding. wUh about t.aiO regu'ar cuatoinera No Hag as the busiaoaa Is doce strl .-tly for ca-h. Proa BSOOBto BS uud can be nsaAo yesrly. N. I'AVW A <HJ.. *36 Broadway, room IA ? 1 * PARTNER IN A PLIA ?Pl.v'U\/. sent, genteel tiQslneas; B8 oun can be realized per annual; no risk whatever, as a first bond and mmgage on dtv prjperly wt'l he given to secure tbe Investment. Pleaao. call on CBOPT A CO . U Ptne ?t , basement (W.n -A PaRT.VFR WANTED. IN A DOW.T i^Uit!" IU. town restaurant i? tbe centre ot StuNnOM cmaunitt. where lh? dining si loot, and btr lake in orer ? US per day. A|ipiy a' 229 Broadway, mom 21. fcinnnn-'ARTNEIl WANTED, WITH Tim vi Vivw". amount of capital. In an old established lager bier brewery. Address N. B Bennerd, Herald office. &14W1 nnrt utkrprise -pabtnbr wlvUt"'"" waned vWB K UUMi ll, (00 in cash, is an engraving gift rn'erprlae A smart business man pre ferred. < an res It tr tfo per rent on the inn siment. For par ticulars address Kngraver Herald office Ciopabpkk-iiif y IO ? A voi no hanokhomk mesr.s wish* to cont ert himself with MDr morcanttle <n nn''al hustn- ss altaadj esublhdMil. Aildresaboi T. II. Vl.Pberald office. n!?.OLnif>N OF COPARTNERSHIP ?THB copabt nersM| herenfure eiietl- g between the s ihseribors auder I Ihe liti ot Brirb A Co. is this dav dusal i sd by Mtasl torn sen'. Kllberpsriy will sign in liquidation >?w V?am. Vavvibnr l liM 8TBI'HRN nBTSH. SMITH J. KtSTMAH. <>partner*kip ? e?>m J Kastasaa has ihta day formed s. : ipariner?hi|i wl h Jehn ft I.lnd aod will rtMCiatM (ha prp rtetnn 1 u?l> ? ?s under the -Irm of Fsoman A Lloyd at Nob. *0 I l ? Mi .? ' ? reet XivTjM. K' ?n>yrl IHM. Caaa. KtSlMAN A LIX)TD, Or?"i mission Mernhaau, aad Deaiera ia Provisions Nae ai sad 42 Brood street. New Tork. ->? - IKTVJS j ? Jons 0 Itovn i ^ Kb svrp'e ire.tns we pnrpoee at all timea to hare aa h? .4 V 'Ae selection of 'he trade in kits to suit |i i nhssis s. aa am ple st ick ef penvtsVms emb'aring pork boef lard, tallow, grease smuled riekled arc ry salt mesta, bama. sMs% ?boulders Ae We reai eetftoirs soltctt tbe ooe'lnaanaa of Uio fhvors of rurold fr'.enda and paletma aad the pstronafo of tho ?rade genera1'* *11 sM, ping orders reeelvsA by Ml wflj r?eeive particular aOemtlea. and will be eioeutod at the lowest markst rates DIWOI.nTIOE of PARTNEBMIIP -the copabt I.ersblp hereUKova ettstltig between the subscribers tsa Aer tbe Arm o| W Tan lifklOo Is this dar dleeoVed by TniitnsI consent. 1 he Mi-lncsa of tha lira will tie sett'ed by Wn loi Kick WM. TKNETtTK. >?w Toss, Njt. A I'M. A. B. HAUBMAN. I Partner w?nt*d-active or silbnt. with | twsn'y or 'orti thousand dollars, in a (esiesI who'es/ile sr.1 retail mso'ilao'irtng hustaem well ealobllahed. Address Psrsereraa-e Irlbuoe office. N. T. Partner want>d-wiih a capital or from #.\ iw to Bg.nii to lake an < qnal I ntarea' in an'old eetab. llsbr I manufacturing baett >? in the city of aew v nek Nea? nt artrc psls will be treated with I neieepM.mabla rele ei.ees given and re (i.lrad tddrcse 1) K , hoi I.JtlM, p.?t ? ffice, Hew York. PABTNV.B WaNfED?WITH Bl fW AT COMMAND. T<> | ,oln In a Jib1 |r g ai d rvMinfarturlng business that baa 1 een esuhl Alted fur the Is - ten years Thie Is a good chance. Call on Mr KIEaHNs It; tAiaiobers stri e; N V. qio hardwarkmer - wanted a partner with 1 S caah captisl it .tn'bree to Ave tbouaand a.d'ara, to join s praclMel ma< ' ici i ? r s ready eatahhahedl of tin ind ir<n ? sies who is well A e-1 acquainted with every Ixswirb of tho r.ii bardaaie business a fair opportunity Is now offered to sn etderi rising msn ddreas Mruiifaoturer.lffertilii sAae, Wltb real name, nam g ? here ar Intervlow can be had. fl ANTHl-A P A R t NhR, IB A RK Si, H?'TaTR AOPN fv cy Stid letelliie- CO oBlce License i*tcn ,iu' and offi to fnrnl?hed ?n>o .r with a small eanMa' will >'n i this a eerr de?|t ah'? in'es'nuni ?ro'yloBRMAR PR\-KR, JVPMrd aveatte, Aon 10 la 5 o'clock V> morrow niMJinmi. ~ * rrliard table and fixti res sub ? ? n n.1ern stvle. nesriv new will beso d foe two thln|s'li? Cnet tur lh? owner Is obliged lo dispose of it lir.iiiedlAieiv ? sn be ?een by applying it tfl Honerr, UnUABDS-A tlM.tAHD BOOM To LET ANI> three tehles toe sal- Rmn K) by AO ft ot. Anpir at l? ?Asntte?1ree? Hfftnkivri 1,1 Billiard iabi.fw-thb ii'bw rt'ier hab ojb hand a ?p ere id aas inrt ent, varlotao slfee with a I thw tales' imtM screen's I wo second hood tables or sslo ebesp A lso. Tmabp of ev?ff ' *? AawsWaal '-vto ur aw> A Deckar. ^?n? i>p<"!? ?? m? r \ mles-witH VAMWOOTTT 0 *??? ij??? "WAdgbt HMn -teaand superior to all othara; BT i* '1"" "*n *n* in the aNr; C?oir -. i W 1 iiijt t'ttti 1 is sfejnj taMaalbr a9a