Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1856 Page 1
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4 THE NEW YORK HERALD. * , ' WHOLE NO. 7382. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ANOTHER AWFUL CALAMITY. TERRIBLE DISASTER AT SEA. -Loss of the French Steamer Lc Xyoimais. Over One Hum' imI Lives Lost. ONi,T FIVE PA -HKNGEHS RESCUED. Ifceir Suffering* ai ira Heath of Two ?f llielr number?Irrival at thk Port - Full Paitiiuiarii, 4c., Ac Ao. It I* our painful duty to record this morning another errlbic calamity at sea Tbe ease tn baud la not unlike that of tbe m fated Arctic The iron screw steamstii,) I*; l.yonnais, Captain I*j 1 alx, ?a.Ie>l iron this porl, on ^turuay, Nov. 1, for Havre, w.t^ tlie fcllowirg n?ii d passengers.? Mrs. France* C. frammoi, . 0 <4ibsoa, Mrs. Cora A. Dammcr, Mr. Soheler and lad; M. Soionioa. Mr. 'Ata I.uts, Mw. fctrorg, C U^angr tad, Mr. Bailey and lady, E lie Montigny, Phillip GajVe'ml. Mr. Traburoa, J. F. Baaaford. lady, chil- Mr. Acollo, drenae-i servant, Latireut Martin and, Doa Viaccate, t:. Ravoit, itiaa Comas, H. v. J >ba R Coc^no, I*>n ?,na<i de I'late lady Aoi) t*s(iportas, and, A Liuette, 1 lei ma a B. ber and. lady, 11** Ijettraugc, Albert Siiwaer, lady,daugb ? / Protein, and servant, MMe fcroestlnc Bclleit. ?thirty a Me cabin paae< ??nd tnere woro on board, ollicers. crew, cryinecrs, tlreaien and ?iterate psasea^ers, near on?? hundred and titty souk;. She aiso bail twenty tbom uU uullurs in spooio on ireigbj. On th* ~ight of Mundav. the M in-.?.? tue n sh( bein.-j very dark?Nantuckot bearing N.N.ff., and distant 00 m e? the ship *?< n.u ;ut.i by an unknown vessel. Noth ug more *a* e??n of ibe unknown vessel, and It 'is probable tba: ahe went 1ywn immediately. Not ac w ti: Le Lyonnau ?be remained with her after part fu'l of rater and h r b?# high out of the water. AU bands na.J by tbe wreek unlit me next day, when it was a and aeU. The ship was provided witu su. ooata. ?mij one of which was a lue b->at. Xbat boat only iuu been heard iron. (to the of Monday, aiier it was resolved to abandon :be wreck, a rait ??? jooalructe 1, and aboot Jorty parseaa, including na sungers, (probably the ?rtoerag' t a nearer ) too reioga upon it. It U the opln'oa o the second ottlcer that this raft could not have Uveil through the ru-^h weather tba' -w.ceotled tbis day?i.iat it m?ut btve oeen broken to i'/??*, and j that ai.' the person on board wore lost. There is room for bop* mat omc iricnaiy sail might hare reread there. In isaotker boat wa-, tbn cowoifcLder with one of the passpog-w This boat was irall provttfed with i>rorl - ions. ?y>wpajsei, 4c. It me tue lotemion Of the captam Cepuii lor Moulauk 1'ottt, luu boat has not yet bwn Laard 'rum. Mutter bo?t contained the se^md mate, lag tlcre, the necoud iig.L?6i\ i uslcur, several of tbe crcvand pan ocgern. TLis is tb? only butt board f'om so far. The .at, thjn, !s: saved : ixuseo; nii. 'og a^d pr^babir io t one hi:nfi-cd and thirty W c hn*<? ro account of the o>her Are boats, aid thr Mft, save ".tU Is given ?b >ro. Th<- !o... v. ng do-., lis In r?lau >n to Uto ? aved are g% thvred from the eeoul mate Tbe bMl Itfl iti hlpoa the morning of M ndnj*, the |ftro?J. Tusrn naf a heavy gale blowing, and the Captain ft? ft'TOd to abaidoo the thlp. i'hc wu thon, sid whtc XL. I*juler# la t ^ * h?r, wiih her ter H ' ?e'.ownak i (,e, hu il.c. ho* high Out oi Witter. On Tae day bt ?c ! t-lght of the oilie' boat . The xocoaJ mate' boat roctaiued eighteeu per cn . The weather wsj v?ry roi'jh, and the htpir^vj voyagers ru' ere?! |er rbly. The/ encountered several wvere -uosr ktcrmf and mere bsrte. water Thry had clsret wine, bread ?n<i pre ervfd meat?. Tbey were beaten about ixdny, ntll th aiiernooo cf tbe uinth. (iununy,> and :?0 o; u.?;r c mbcr (passengers) died daring tbls ter rtbie inter.-aS. Cm Sunday their eyes were glad lenrd by the sght o* a .'riendly sail, wbir.n proved to be the tue 3 en b*rk rise, Captain Nxrdenboiott, on board o ?whirl) veese. they wort Immediately taken and made a* oomfortn^te is ponsible. Their Cmbn were frozen, aud n:together Jk-.y were In a terrible condition. On the aeit day, In tetttuoe 40 deg.' (1 m o. \ . longi] tude Oi fle; 40 min, the Lliao spoke the iUn-burg tiarkl'ise Cepta n Neilson, bound for New York. The itremen bark was short of water, and Capta'n Ne'ison '.n aurtisisty conseatcl to glvn thone saved froru tho boat ft passage to New York. Thny all av* lei thora> itves of ins eOer except two of tbe passengers, Mr. Vbaier nnd wtfo, who remained on U*ra the firemen t>erk. leading to do to Bremen. Tho tlambarg bark (wrived net ovonisg. having on board fmrteen of the ship a ot<3(any of toe Lyonnais. HiHU OI' TBI SATED. NMMM Mr. -ob.-ier and wile, M. I'omi. gr. >1ora to omej. Mile r.rneet<nt ll&iiett. Mr. frt'.ler and wife remaliitd on the Bromen bartc. Tbe ftb?r* arr'.\ed inre on u? Camt urg bar.. CMW. lagu.ere ?eosd mau, Pienrwmc, team?r Useto'.i.secovdengineer, Joat, " flutvnean;. seaman IVnsnci, ?? NeaU'r. ? Thlllage, " [?onbie, ?' Lnnburt, '? l oos in " Two oI this boat's crtw died tn tbe brnt, which re-lnced Lhelr nnmbcr to stfteen. all or whom arc thus auoounte.1 ?. The st.nsrlcgs of thens nnforti natos may be imagined. At prener.1 they are lik-ly t, r, cover, bot their IIntba ?tf? Ooren aai swollen Tbe suffered t-rr bly, but ore op w .th the fortitude lor wbteh tbe eet >j so emi sntly d?t? sniahed la tl>e pr?eenoe of rsal lancer. Tbe Est ' e b' tb tbe ve* eM Is at preeent nor^finln, ?and theev r?e I the captain of t.e I.yannsln seems to aarr i?ei i n id'iinos H* r p<>?<lion. when a' a . one I, -nron.d IMS to Indicate Umt she wai Ugbt for ear 1, and under such circt'mstftLces wa? salcr than bad b >als ma lieaTy em The f yornals was V "oii'hampton Knglaud. and ^iteodod lor the fouth Amc an trftde. m>e was tem pormrUy | laeri or th? rr? f '?oco lino iMm tbl* |?-rl Vo Bnvre, o* wh*b 1 dw urd at I K. mund I'oirrbr are tbe ?feats Wa have Uroa atated tbe simple Ibcts of tble terrtMa ealamity Aa tbe rroord standa, the narrative It heart rendiag We fcnve hcp< ?. howevor, that as tbe boats ware direatty tn the track of bnndreda of ve*aet? la ward ?aod octward bcin<*, mo'erf tbe paasengorv rr ay h tve beea reatued. Wa bars ao heart tor further oommeul khla morning. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. At tea o'clock laat ntrbt ??.iwpiVbM ? np*, tt re porter dowa to the H?m:.or< bark Kltae, at anchor at lb' gear* tin* Broond, ir ? rewured lb* Mllewm* KTATIK1 HT OF KB. LAnriaRF, SKCOlfl) MATE fir LV. LTOKKAJS. We left New York oa ffcuwday, Not. 1, at if o'clock. All wont on pleasantly notil It o clock on Tocaday nig bl, Nov. 4, CI allien to the north war 1 of Uie light on Nan Incket Khoala, when, iu*1 Immediately after the pa*?na grra aad many of the rrtw bad retired. I caring the watch na deck, a three naeted veasel wu obterrcd hearing ?>owa upon ua. We did ail la oer power toavoM a oollmlrn with her by ? tnging oar belte aad blowing the (team whittle to warn her af ocr Tlctnlty. bnt htfnro we ooald head ofl *hn ?truck ns atal'lehipa, tearing oot an ontir* ?i?*ee of the plata Iroa. The water r?ai>?*l in with greet force, aad | a tbovtb erary effort waajnadc to atop the bote, by piaf fing It wHh mattreeaae, nnlNa, pillow*, ko? It w?* rttece fercd lb?t the water wm ra'ntn* open a* eery rarMly. fUU as how bad torulf ?>epe?4 m U? Ore* la me furcace* ?ir? qtiercaed The atearn pump* bavng pre vious y btcomo ebo _d with owl, war* of little serv toe ia tredng tue thip. All an board were seized with panic, and :t vtn wft'j d'.C'.culty tbat the- captain < ould calm the lean o' tie patteu-ers, and induce the crew to bale Hie sh p. lie i.tally aucceeusd In irvtc-r'.Dg th4 crew toge ther, aad w It n the aid oi1 the passengers. who formed in baling i*itles, rigged a cable Id the hold, and by this D i aoj wm able to reach the water The puttcnge/s and crew worked heroically, until worn out, a.j(1 I.iiIIl . the ?a?er gali In* on tUeoi rapidly, at an early ho'ir the following uiotu ny (Monday) they com rr.tared ?c.trueliag a raft and by 4 o clock PH., U was finished. At thie time the veesel wei Binding rapidly. By 5 o'elcck five boaia (the ship's con.plemer.t) were launch ed and qoiilviy ailed with petstLgert. Tne captain give direction lo those in tht bjais to jitter to the north nurd. The boats, however, were unprovided with compares, and b?dly provfioined, lie water in the ship having sp<'l>d; the bread and otLer iirovlsljns could not be ob tained from ibe storeroom on aco >uiit of the storm. Hird Iv Qu i two e>Tthe boat- left the steamship than they went down, sad those wuo note on leard endeavored to reach the rait, w bich was crowded with about Cfly pertont. Waoy, la thrlr eilorts to preserve their lives in this doath struggle, &ask to rise nu more Of the forty-liyo or 9!ty l/titL.,8 id those boats, at least two thirds wore drowned. 1 hid protocoled some little distance toward these unlor sunau si erera, and my boat tried to reach tliem, bit lot having an/ oars o> even any thing that would -uveas a paddle, I w?. obliged to leave them to their late, .\ |Lt coming on, I lost night of the other two boaU and the raft, liy the dim r-ght tiie night aMorded 1 saw the tletc.ship tome distance ok', but gradually lost sight offcer. I ielt the captain on board t ie vessel, and us to nts late I have no knowledge, a ewr jf the crew re mained by him. I forget to mint on that the vessel that came ;u colli sion * tl> u? although apparent y uninjured, made no * ort to render us ata'.tiance or even to B6c?rt&.n wnat it ury we >usta;ncd, but ste< red away. Little do 1 know, boweve.', but she, too, has sunk into tho depths or the mighty deep, aid all on board perished. On Tuerdaj naming the wiather bc^an toshoir unfa vorable etgi. , and at midday it commenced hnowing, hailing ard ruinltg violently. Judge ol our piuabia con dition .a an epea boat, leaking at the rate of eight barrel l?er h. or, keeping us continually baling. Wo suiitred severely, ti n sterna inert asm* :n violence, and next iay daw ped upon us no better oil the day before. Our ctaaty supply ol, con.-iaied only?! pre serve were grcatlv li'min'sbed. We ha t no water and it wu pitiable to hear the erics cf my poor comparing, tl.ey wtro such aa wouiu uituc the stouteat heart iioall. The re*t osy our so3eriiips were augmented by the t' the storm, which pc-ited upon ua pltlosaly. I'm day will be long rcmem>ered by those in lac l?eat. To do ;he af'-ny o' an old gentleman of tl ty year* struggling witb diatb in Its most harrowing asptci we fail to rcal.te the iceno. He died before n ebtUll. Many began to tb r.k that they would soou fol lew him to aterii.iy. Imriig the night a to ?ruin iind my found it dliiouit to keep our companions alive. By *t of :inich e.- trtion, lio??vc-r, ue "accc<*ied. .Several, ho* vtr, iiiCl td:Dg myseil, wero severe y froatbltten. Mo aere now entirely out oi provisions, starvation star's_ rs *n our laces. Wanto1" watc-r compelled us to drli '?< tea water, but tb ? of course only increased our thirst Wo now made up our minds that wo were Indeed lost. It Is im|w?sibie to ooscribc our iiigbtful condition; no water, lood, clothea Tro/en tu our backs, fee t wet and frv eii, and Ktrenetb eshansted with hal rg the boat. Sat. rdajr taomlBg we d'.tcn.rrtd a eatl. oh 1 how glad w ute our ti?*ru it this atght but manj of my poor com fan ona were too belpleea to see even ibla e jming seccor. On i aklng ttgnai U> her by the ratting of hands and a UanO.oichier, ahe bore down lor us. t!hc proved to be the bark Klise, Captain Nerdrnboiott from Ualtlmore for Uretutn, who took ua on board and in tho kindest man ner did all in hia power lo al'cvlate our au.tarings and noado ut as comfortable as he emild under the dr i matancea. We continued to to:'or severely from the effect* of our privations and exposure. Capt. Nordeabo lott 1 innd It iLconvenient toaccstnmodato so large a nam bcr, and wished to tranaler ua to some veaael bound to the I'nited Mates He signalized an American ship, sup peta l to be bound to some eastern port, but ha paid no attention to the signal. On Monday morning iaat. tiientocen two days on board the bark, we apoke the l'ambcrg bark Fuse, faptun Nellson, bo nd from Ham berg for New York, who eent a boat alongside. ' t pon Uarise of cur misfortunes, and aacerta'mag oar wiab to prceeed to Nee. York, be kindly olerei ut a pas Tdge le bis *t ?>el. All l>nl two ol as went on boar J his lu'spitablt ahlp. wb< re we cxperieuoed the utmost kind ne?< at his bands, and tbnt of the ranetigers md crew. Mr ecbc'.er and la<iy desiited to proceed to i-remen in the b:?? k. thence to their destiauiou Wo i aanot g ve too much praise to ( apt. Neilaen fbr | h - tuawM treatment of ua. Mr. Iwmlnego, a passenger, an Itai in, is ao much frost bitten that bis life Is despaired of. Mora Sc'lon u. and M ils Ertestino iiellvtl were severe ly in urc<i i>y the eo'd, bnt are rtcoTcred. 'IT)- crew aro progressing as well as can bo eipertrd. t;f the iate of those on the raft and In the two boats, to cether with that of ibeciptain and thofewof tbeerew i ems !r g on tho ship, I know nothing, but I termite that tb best/ wire picked up by some paaaing veaee!. 1 co o <t tniak the raft coeld have i oalad la the heavy tfa taat rolled the Ore night, and I'm afraid that all on | bor./d ai nt ijoan with her. IHiatrnl Utlrri. J\m%- t.oano* Esq.:? l>sfits?'Tie ruggeetk.aa e Mr. Walter B. luck, ia rt'ert v t u> the nnseent letters aad tils I. ng aad ardooaa terr ors on ' rtmifo'the riarrentilecommi-.nity, entitle him to Some rest ard. either from tho ("1.amber of t ooimem. la tfc? various eit'es meet beiicfltted by bis gratuitous labors. | or a srbstsrtial ark.iowledgment from tho 'ederal I gororaaent itaeif Mr. IV k iron Id ma' * a oapltal I Jtt I o aster aad shoo Id the eitlrens of i'h'ladelpbla take the I t atter in bend, ha might be placel ia that pna t.oa without any difficulty whatever. Mr. Hck is a hVhly edneatad and mm* estimable rent ?n,%n, aad has bad as carl ty eoo fh to see aad de ptore the diarrepaarles of tiie "nrul iVpartmerit His I desire is to be of sere ce to thoaa w no may be tncon i vealene-d by the rare"e?wre<? * any partir tar !*n?t msster. be w well kno?n as a great no^ervar. and pas rf??es. pcrbsps, the flneet memory of any mas la h? rtMU, or ant ?hor, roaran<iinty. *e? tnerofore' lio|ie I tUt he may he frrsiahed will' diracUirlea of all the | prirnpal e,itl"a, If not by the t eneral I'net tiflioa at I Wash'rgtoo. at l?*at tbrough tho ifbarallty ol the mer | riiaate Ihtti'selisa e ? 11 J" Inlrlllpiirr. Jitnm Vai k An*.?What t'ncx u> iw rVi?ra with Tunrt?Tba jlan ct ?<ndla? TtRiart chitdrea to the cimm? try to I* taUn ear? of by 'ariftor, :* Mill contianed by 0 tr charitable iaatltntlonr. arl lb* beat rami ? bare en ????Hi Pear ill bindrod barn been ?ont to ilia* Wrmi * roe Jar, nary latt. of thoae tafcen from Raa dal** )> apd The ChlMrea'a Aid *ont?ty baa raranUy rocirtgned flHy pwr rh'ldwi to Iho Beat, and the rire I'd Lt' Iiv?*? of leduiitry and LaQlck' Minenn arr -u??g<?l la a aimilar food work rtirra l? no qiiceiton b.n that [ thin In ?o <*oill<Bt we ot (rp*lr* ot the?e rhtli'ren Tl>*y aro U?e offlprlr ? < jv ?o?i d-unkrn pir*?t?, and from ihdr ratna irn i??c iw'-raaliem and criminal" r?< n 'tc Tb" j ?' . ? at it.r BmtI <>t 1 MMl abow* i>.at if.nrModa of children are frow oj up la tbl? 1 iiy * ifhout any arrt ofeduca Ion aad of coura? liable to al' lie Itmptoitoo* H it hmt Irnoran. a aad poverty. An i>r*an ?cd rflort abotild be ma le to Iran-pUnl all the ua caud tor children In ,lMa i ,ty to Ibe Want There, at ipart, tboy will be enanpel ed to work, and will ft ? "tin *ort of education. Many of tiein will b?roi?? ueelal membtra ot society, wberraa tboy caw ar? ita dJegrace. hnprrnir Cnnrt?Uprrtal Term* Uolore Hon Judffn I'eabo ly. the park pink capk. Nor. 14 ~rs* I'riirtsrti, Sr qf tk* I'ari Bank rl. h. D. fV-f-rtefa?The motion of pfaintilT* to a mead by in I oloding new parties In tba eompla.nt wa? granted. Before Ron. tndgft Kooeerelt. Nor. 14._7k# Priitbrti if, , nf t.Ht Par\ Bank t?. *?? brrt /HkU, Jamm rortrr, /,. D. /VrdrrtoH ami "tten. ?It le ordered thai the I'nttod Wate* rro t Comnacy of the e'ty of New York, be and tb?y are hereby appointed reealrer' oi all ttia real an1 per onal property of Ibe >!? fendant, Itoherl [an*, Ineludtaf all the property whleh area taetwin# In the aa>i(etn?nt eternted by ibe defend ant, ltotaert Darte, to the defendant, L. J>. KredariflkH, at tbe td day of f)etober law, and it <a OirUter orderad (nat Ibe reoeirer do Immediately .take p? <wakm of the ae p'rred property aad tTal ma 'efee lanta daHror pn- ?ee U>oe U?r?*f to Ibe rorelfor wth b beny to defnedant* to rrf*r to v?v(iar|a Uik. <x iar t>a aiutlaiib* aa toa| ma/ ba p\V*vk Charity Fair At (bp Cry?t?l Palate. PIAASaNT BlKN^d IK A Phi.iSA>T fL*Cf?HOW TBE LAIlIKi OOAXHIK VIS ITKKo, ANJ) THE UidCLTS TUERTOK The ladle*' fair got up La aid of the fundi of the good Biters ot Chart/ to enable them te enlarge their sphere' ol usefulness, bu been now lour or live days In progress, and bu attract ed large concouraee to the Crystal 1'alace, where 11 U held. It li organized with ability, and its details are carried oat with excellent iaite. The female member! of many ol our most distinguished and faslonable families are engaged In the enterprise, either as ladles, managers, or m extemporized venders of lottery tickets. nick necks, jewelry, books, dolia, confectionery, plated ware, gold watches, night cane furred slippers, morning dresses, colored engravings, saints' grottos, segars, Bibles and other books, and all the uncatalogneabie articles that usually enter Into the composition of a ladies' ba zaar. Apart from the objects of the enterprise, which li to enable the Slaters to lncreaae their hospital accommoda tions?aa object that most commend itself to the benevo lent feelings of all who can appreciate self devotion and seir-eacrifloe for the good of the race?the baxtar ii la itself a place of much interest and curiosity. It opens at norn and closes at ten o'clock V. M., and daring that In terval It Is one of the most fascinating places into which one, with some ioo-e dollars la his pocket, can saunter, the spacious lower floor of the Palace is occupied with the (a blee belonging t<> the various Boman Catholic churches of the city. Each church has Its own space allotted to It, some of them having three or four tablee lor the exhtbt tion of tbe articles on sale, or to be disposed of by raiHi. Over the taL 'es is elllxed the name of the church, and it Is a batter of no small rivalry amoag the ladles attend ing aa to wht -b table und which church shall foot up tbe largest bills ol tale in the evening. last evening tone ot them realized $100, some $160 and some still more, and as tbe existence of the fair and its object be come bttier known we presume and oope that tney wlU be able to loot up even larger receipts than these. There are less than twenty four churches repre sented at the fair, and each ot them his on the average three tables or Hands These, in turn, have two, three or more young ladies attached to them in the capacity of ialeeworuen, lottery venders and '?drummers" for cus tom?;.' no Bin;, use r. commercial phrau <?and the busi ness to dor e !n a very amusing and oil band style. Ton <ntcr tbe rail, nnU as you are looking around at the ob jects or art, yov. And J oursc*.'s-uddealy supped in jour jrogress by hall a do -en pretty young ladies. One wishes you to take a chance la a lottery or raille for a sil ver tea art?tie. ft* a dollar?cbaocet> unlimited Another presiei upon yoar attention the facilities open t? an en terpi lig p<.'son to b'comti pcmaeisor of a mid watch, by mtiely subscribing your name and paying two dol '<ars. Ar.otiier will be t.rxppy to afford you a chance ol liav cg a copy of llaydack'a family Bible, in like manner A fourth morni you that a group or one or more of the Apostles is to be ra'Hed for, *q<1 iuvltes you to try your lock, A tilth bu a beautiful doll which she IX qi!!w dO Mrous that yon stall l.ave an opportunity of bringing home with you; and tuc half dozenth, probably the pret tiest of the ilx, will offer you chances bt gold pencil cases, cameo brooches, writing dtbki, automate, locking horses, pri* dir.?, or some other article of which you must r?rtuinly be in need. And i' you escape from tbose half dorm of postulant fair ones withoi.t having invested two or itree dollar*, you must be one of the sternest hearted and stingiest of individual*, or olse have no mo ney In your purse? a '.Heltons which we hope lew ol the visiters will be laboring under. Assuming, then, tt-at thoss who visit the Crystal Paiaoe an- exempt from these two deplorable ills, atingl ness ai.d poverty, and ihtt each has accordingly lent his car to the demands and flatteries of tboM> peraiment dam sels, and recorded his name and adlress oe their re spetUve ra..lo books and paid the fees, which are|o en title him <o be the lucky witmor of the tea set, Or the B.Me, or tbe waub, or the l?aoti, or tho pru-duM, or the uoll or an Apostle, or Pope, or Bishop Hughe*, or some thing else be paas<s onward lehcitaUng bimnclf at laving done bo pood a thing at so cheap a rata, aad thinking perhaps tiuit bo way now pursuo the * even tenor of bu way" uuolel~rb?d and unperplexed by any more lrr?> -alible demands on bis pure* Vain illusion ! Be saun ters aiotg for a lew pac< s. till, attracted by booae ooe or other o! the wau> attractive ornaments on a-.d about the tables, he npiir-<aohea one quite demurely, liavtng before his eyis the dangors through which be has just passed, and hcplrg thai by proper management of tus oounte i uir e he may escape f.rthor at la. k* and taxation but be soon Onoa out that be has asnaped from one set ot fblr tormentors only to fall Into tbe bands of others no leas pertinacious In vain does be strive to joke them oft or to get rid ot tbem with a pleasant resnark aad a laugh. Tb?y will joke and laugh as well ss bisaaelf, bat Uiey wll da more. Tbe/ will make him cult tribute, through them to the Lcbtc charity in wboee cause they have enlisted Tbey, too. have to dispose of watches, and tea aets. and ?liver bread bask eta, ant'to; a, and cnlorcd engravings, and marble grouse, and bronze clocks, and nuillnery, md quilts, and aLpptra, aad pious books, and baby j tings, Rare jewels, w ate lea, casksta, Br tana a ware, good oil for hair, IVr.tmery In basnets . fUh goods la pilee. of modera atylas, lark colored braids or treseea, Neat parasols and pretty dolla, In atik and satin dreases. And yoi caaaot be aliownt t ? part Iron the m without 11 it p* mmmm Ol loot of mow- tndt?t>?-D?alilc artl -lee, or taking one or more cbeneei in the raffle by which they Of to be euipceed of Ah tou go 01. from utile to tabic tbo ??awe scene la re peated?itic dliicrenae only b?tng la toe artretoea aad i oeetbly before you Bake Oalf tbc circuit of tbe palace ) on fled tbat ) our r?nda are uearly exhauatcd, that tou co take do more collar or two dollar prlxee, and tbat la order U bo able to pay your oar biro bo me too will Late to lltmit yoir further venturee to atipeonr dak* (be I cryiojj tabic-, huntemen to lull panoplv ami dotli oa a nnall rcale, or to the three ocal operation, which inae nttlr '>oya and girl* tell you yon may make by "grab | , ( * wbmtlie nuralur wlunh fW<W?? ri,'ii?t> ' U.n |>r ??? that yon wla Tboo you hare to rna tbo f entitle! ol tbe other rariou* garrlaoie of ladwe that I e In welt to cut on your ret'eat It Ml In vain that you pl? ad t xbauatlon of fosdo, or exhibit ymir empty pocV ftior portemogaaie if you 4o not petronl7.e <*oh or tbcm (be wi I be oCendfel with yon. and will even to Tar for ret ibo oommr n eeane view of tbe f| Motion aa to offer to rre you credit. Tbat, however, la tbo laat utege, and * ben li comae to tbat, the aooner you ateer your way to the h'xib avenue car* tbe bolter claim you will have to bv e< eatdered a rook of me. But even. If la thte pleaaent circuit of tba be !%tr. you 4o < ib? *1 your caah to band. what matter r Be oon noted wlib tbo aaeuraaco that *? He Hat givetb t? the poor leadetb to tbo lord" Hue ft au m rcetment of load* it lar better in tbe ead. aad will brine you more proflt ttui a hundred ttmee It* anient .?on Id if you had gone among tbe bulla aad >?oar*of Wall atreet, aad 'aid It oat la tlie purcneee of tbo a<?t approved etocka, And aotoaly win tt do good t) yoamelf in making your heart lighter aad your Ron'oteaoe more aattaflcd but II OMiy dotnmienla fi r good to your kiadred aad your rare. by eaabltag ihoee good m metering angeie, well eel i*d ? ? ritatera of Chanty,'" to attend to relive tbe neceaettiae of tbe etc* and the frl< udleai. In that eeaoe, If la ao other, will your rWt lo Ui lad tea fair be pleas aaL, aad nan to wttrh you ran lock back with real aattafai ?)<?. We bope that as it* open r g and progreea ao far have been eutweeafbl, eo it will In tbe daya during wMoh tt la yet to nennea be rutted by all einaaee of oar dtlxaae. aad that they will contribute with an opea head and fencrone heart 10 ibe ad van cent rat o< tbn g?od aad boly object atrtrea after bj the Utanre ol Oa/ity Tbe mere payment of the mlBiieeioa fee la of a' ad ranter* to tbc ladiea It roea lo the ownera of tbe ralare Tbe agreement, bow. f ter, b. ing tbat when taenvrtpie ?\cee<l a oerte.o apeM> fled annt, tbe aurp'ie goce In tbe treaeiry of the fair. I#l a-' person. I herein re, who la attracte 1 lo ibei'alane t.i iuo np h a foekela and forttfjr bUaeelf w th tbe ea rn ranee that be aa already done enough Ibe tit* ranae net lei htm tnvett liberally la tbe Ibe y ?toc-a of the fbtr, aarurcd that whether be drawa a ' aek or a prtee be ha* made a good lav eat meat. Strong owce-te by i c d worth't famoii* band add to tbe aurartton of tbo rcrne; and altogether Ibcie i* m more plea>ant plane of rrcreatioa a<>w open In Ibe ntty than the Chryatal Palace. I? not ncgieol rtatttar tb- rair once at leaat Oa Thuraday our tt recta were ea tlreaed by a grand tern oat of the 7Mb r.nglm< nt ol ibe New York Htate Ktfietiempaoy. mnatertof over "troag. Tbe oo<aai<m wMch ce led out thst ga'laat row pan y waa oae which 'oea credit lo them They marched with oolour# >ring an 1 mnnlfl plaj lag to graro by their preoonee t he ladiea rair at the Cryttal I'.ibre. It waa a apleadld aad highly i'V.itmg tpeciacle wbkh waa evhlbuid on the arrival of the r-mipaav at tbe gate of the i*alaoe Tbe via It bad beea aa Urinated, aad there waa In lonaaqweaoe. a grca rrowd In wnneae tbe dlapiay Ambbiahop H< rbe* aad Ibe ladiea of ibe fair came oat to meet the gallant com ? pany on tbeir at rival. The r.-up free.nlo-l by the Eay and rHctarefjue raMHM of the military, witfc the mi -a and oiber*. gave a lively aapeiit to the ecene Ibe brave toblier* apcal e<<me time In rUwlnf tbe namemaa curwteKlee of the fair, and prolonged their atay until Italf II ten. yorm'.ng in mii.tary order, oa their dnpartare tbry tbea mart-bed Irom tbe palace to the reetdooot of Coinael MoCaao, la Twenty lirat ttrent, aad|g<ve their v allant Ook.rW a^tarchtag ?alute, on the oncaa.on of hi* ro'ent retain din a rkUt to Europe. Here the eoeae wee highly f tareetlag Ool. MnCnnn came ont and ad dteaaod tbe company, thanking them Mr tbe boaor doae him Tbe niuoera of tbe ooapany aad otbern were after w ?rde entertained by tbe Onloael, aad tbo day roaoluded pleeoingly to all la a featlreand aoolal reunion. We are glad to perceive that tbe public appreciate Ihbt Icaerrlng eaterprtre, and we bare no doubt from tbe tm tr< naecrowda whlob nan tbo Palace every day tbat tt will, aa It ought to bo, tbe moat profitable eiblblttoa ever got up Ut thin dty fbr neb a purpoee. Orer fliWa tbon rard perooaa bare netted it already, and aitboagb appeo b'r.tioBa were at first entertained Uiat the baftdln< waa too largo, tbo oaly difficulty now la tbat it la not largo Ofcottgb (in Tbnreday erenlnf Arrhblabop Hughe* wee a-noeg Ife rlaltera, aad dwirlbnted about fire hundred do.lare among tbe >iMfereat tableo. Oa the aaase day a note ac c m|>ati"il by a bet e(net, wa* eent to one of the dtr?r?r?we re. Tbe note coetaleed Ave one hundred dollar bille, bet the doner, with true aaovteataolo ia nbartty, ettber forgot crwonl'inot pot hie tiyrature tn It. V there are aey r ere rvek a?T "ro?* elrer? we batrg bo doubt |hj Mleo woe Id Itki. to bear tiuai tbtm. The Presidential Rt>ult< THE POPCLAB A.S* SLEcrOUAL TOTS A3 FAB A3 AaOKSTAIVKB. The fotmhr Ttu EMerej Vou Veto. ? ? flee , 1850. , rff*. llM.-> OlM., Mnrnt FV?mo?<. Aug*. ?n./V'( Ooaaecttout... 84,870 2,?T2 42,492 ? ? 0 Oalltornla _ _ _ 4 _ _ BHdou fi.fu, _ _ xi _ _ tadiaaa 21,000 ? _ u ? ? i?*? - - *,000 ? - 4

Halne... .... Iim 1.642 27.8T0 ? ? 8 tUasaehuactU U.&8<; 19,740 107,441 ? ? 18 HtobiKM ~ ? 17 3H ? 0 N Baraprhlre. 8?MT 414 38,158 ? ? 0 Saw Jersey.. 47,258 28.121 28 600 T ? ? ??w York... 191,01*6 122,109 271,306 ? ? 86 Obto ? ? 16,000 ? ? 28 Peeasylranla. 280,000 61,'.'JO 147,118 *7 ? ? Mode Inland.. 0 640 1,67 ? 11.407 ? ? 4 Vermont 0,104 1,300 26,813 ? ? ? Wlsooasln .... ? ? 14,000 ? ? I ToUl 018,8 "8 264 329 781,866 ~02 00 114 Fremont's plurality to free Stales. 112,47 > 62 moot Hmu*. &t* ru?nan.rilh>?r> Frmaml Jhuk.rta.nrH. Alabama...... 10 000 ? ? 0 ? ? irkaonaa 0,000 ? 4 ? ? Delaware 8,'JOt 0,176 30(5 a ? ? florid a 6< 0 a ? ? Jeurgia 61,162 38.S03 ? 10 ? ? (entuoky 47.4^7 119 13 ? ? CiOiiltfana 2.040 ? Q ? ? Haryland 2H,4*> 36 SSI 214 ? 8 ? tftostaslppt... lt,y>,0 ? ? T ? ? ibaourl... lO.OCO ? 6* 9 ? ? ?forth Carolina 6,000 fouth Carolina No popular vote. 8 ? ? tiiOUMM .... 49 247 I j. i:<| ? 12 ? ? fexaa 10,000 _ ? 4 ? _ 'Irflala 06.64 9 41 6C?J 111 16 ? ? Total 200,474 200,000 928 "IS 8 ~~00 IwMbu'iphnr'y in ilaTa Htateo.98,414 104 THS KLSCTOKAL VOTK. Ifotembir, 1M2. November, I860 Ploroe 264 Bacha&an 174 loot* 42 Framoot 114 Fillmore..,. S Florae's majority is 1862 212 Bnnhanas's majority in i860 61 ILLINOIS. Sj'ri.ugkikj, 111., Not. 14,1HSS The m^ior'iy for Miller, republican, for State Treasu'er, will be orer 16,000. The Fillmore men generally tow for him. PENNSYLVANIA. PmLADiu-HU, Nor. 14, 1860. The returns from all ttu counties in the State arc In, and Ue vote stands as follow*:? Burbaaan 230.600 Flislot F emout 47,447 Kutini Fin-ore 56.891 Straij ht Fiiim^re 20,338 Sir* ?ht litrn'St 101 Cierrtt Smith 18 B chand's majority oyer fusion, '.7,101, and over ?U, tot. NET JTRSEY. CcwnHn. tMmorc. Frmcml. Buchaw C?i?M?y 497 177 812 Cumberland 1,2.11 042 1,6'. 4 Atlantic 160 43H 1,648 Malem 1,510 482 1,700 Gloucester 1,?S0 ?a'? BS? Camden 2,0*8 817 l,7t>? Ocean 304 Stf2 600 Itur iBKtoc 1,544 8,149 .">,082 Moumonth. l,8.t> 1,000 3lfl Mi roer... J 0 54 2.154 2*57 Mldrtleaex l,9f* J10 2 498 8<>mer?et 7th. 1,296 1,*40 Hunterdon 1.100 1,654 3 4M Morrto 096 2 310 O.OtS K??*x 4 8S8 4,"00 *.844 Hudnon 1 412 1,704 2,677 Bergen 707 4.".0 l,f.4ii Fa*?i'-.... M>4 1.422 l.t IH Musex 31 1.601 8,f5l Warren 440 1,606 2,877 Tout!.... ; .94,114 80,28* 47.810 Whole nomtx r 01 Totes pol'.ad Tor electors, IOC, 163. Bochacaa over Iromont, 19:81; over Fllimore. 23 b90 Frsasoal <>ver FlUaaore, 4.115. Fremont and Fuimorc over lluchonan, 4.633. OFFICIAL VOTI OF DEL A WARS. Ommtim. bwhanan, t'rrmont. Pillmr*' Kent 2,088 ? 1,41 Nrnix I,.'?44 ? 2,02 NOW Castle 3,678 300 S.7V* Total 8,005 300 6,276 Buchanan orer Fillmore 1..30 The Selections and HeaulU. Tin Aci.asujkTs Votk u Nsw You.?As the oflldal vote ccmes la the aggregate footings of our table run np. They stand thus to day ? Fremont 271,396 R'jcbanan 19i,we lillmoro 122,109 ToUl TOM 681,080 Fremont oyer Buchanan ?0,2^9 Frewont orer f ll'niore U ' 199 Buchanan over F'tilmore 98,1*7 Ibgorti/ Ifilui nucbuu 202,408 Ascmrn CiiiHR?The Cincinnati Enquirer, a leading Buchanan organ, has constructed lb* folio viae Cabinet ? Srcretary of State, Hersohsl V. Johnston: Secretary of Trensury, Daniel 8. Dickinson; Secretary of War, John A. (jo If an; Secretary of Navy, Jamee A. Bkyanl; Secretary of Interior, Joeeph A. Wright; Poetmnster General, Bnnja ?la F. Hallett. Attorney (ieaeral, John W. Stereneon. Tb? OrncuL Von or Pssrjrai vAsu.?Tbe telegraph re ports that in fifty llva coun'.tss heard from officially la ronnaylranla, Buchanan haa 119,614 rotas. Tbo total oppoaltloa rote la 21(1,012. Thta loares Mr. Buchanan la a minority upon the popular vole, aa fbr U beard from, of 2,498. Of the opposition rote, Fremont haa 137,702; Fillmore entire, 71.310. Fremont a majority over Fill trore i* 60,392?the itralght Fillmore rote being -,510, and the fualoa Fillmore rote 5" 770. The fusion Htlmore rote beat* the atral|bt 27,230, or la 1,090 more than double the itralght rota. Ttia New Vos k A-vi ?imr ? The Assembly aunda, un less unexpec ted changes are dcrsloped by the canvass, democrats 30, Americana 8, tad republicans 83. with oaa district la Orange rounty to bear from. Mitrai oi Co?< am.?The eecond aeeaion of tba U> rty fmirth Ooagreaa wtJ common? two weeka from n?it M rrtay, aad oloee oa 34 of March Isitarrurr ir Tars.?The Cincinnati JB*iu>rtr, which is seonad oaly to Sari Msdary la lea Hag the deatcrratlc forces of < >hio. aaya oae of the happy features which will characterise Mr. Bncl.anaa'8 a lmiotatraticn will be tba abarnos ot all cnacusicg aad intriguing tor the soceenslnn, and there will be ao fhroritsn, so kitchen cabinets, aad so underhand acbamlng to employ the patroaage or the governmaat for selfish abjects. Jeff, nans aad Forney will hare sooethiag to say abort that Fr*?"*T rt ras Bt atb i*r >nM?The official rote of '?bio county, Virginia. stanta ? Bu banan. 1.038; Fillmore,>'<, Fremont. 10b. Thnerictal rote of Cawpbdll i riaty, Kentucky, (in which Is Newport) si tba lata election, was ss follows ? Btifhasan, l,V10; Fillmore, '<>08, V>e tBost, lit. Fremont also rsoetrsd 63 rote* in h-aakltn c.mtaly, Mlfpourt, aad orer 400 ta the r'ty of i armors. Four poraoas voted foe Fremont st Parcel "s store pra ctxwt, la Loadoa county. Vs. Fremont rsccirssTtOO town la Dataware. MosaOoMW Orr?Obi. Fremont's detsat a. cars ft hsre made bim ersa mora popular than as was prsrous to tba election. ()a all stdse he is ipokon of ia torms of nnbona led admiration, aad airsady It seems a find fax* that be H to be theraadidatc of tho people ia 18*0. Here ? an extract from the CBClaaatl OmttU* Whstevar may be the onrreat of p->Ntica, Cot. Fremont has, In the recent contest, gained laerofe which ao mere notary oauld baro giren. He baa proved himself p??wa tert ot the tnoet eminent via ttl?* <?1 a man aad a hero. igasd by the moat maMefoas Ilea, be baa not stopped to nor wee them Atsalled Is tbo psraons ot bt? mother, wlfs aad obtidrm. In torru* wbb b are <m:j *r;-thNMttft lb* vne snd criminal, be has borne H like a aiartyr, and rrrik-d not again Amldat a atorm of flemo eseonlta be baa rosvtiaea aim, aor anna departed from ths dlgaftr .rf b'a poaliton and the deportment of a gentleman The p*-?a#e of Ue Rocky Mountains, amidst the sanws of wia ter. i roved him capable of oonrag* tn danger aad of for titude m sut'eilng, but his passage tlrongh ths Presiden tial ?lectloa prates bim that rata character?a moral hern. WhUe s thame. whmh ran never be washed 'rat, adheres to his sssailantt. he eassrgBO Irom the ooa iiot wiser m rood' t, brighter In ratowa. Ws were not in favor af Fremoat's nomination, bnt If H appealed an er ror then the event has proved it right. Nobly h?e ha suntalned tba oanssoomm tted to frls trust, which haa been ?uiiied by oo a< i of hie, but Is now stronger aad brighter ihaa ever It a now osriain that no other man onald have aitmsed the same amount ot fnmlw sympathy, and to him hsa been paid the highest eompnmrat ever hastowed by this nation oa oae or bte age. At forty lira oaly. While yet yoaag, be has barely sscapod *a election to tna rroaideooy, For htm It la glory snooth A Tarsaia Vrrrrvo fob Faaaoirr ? Among those whs os?t thslr votss for Fremont at the election la (?astan tla, Oswego oousty, New York, was uidsoa Bentiey, aa aged aarrlrof of tha BartMntioa. Ha Is the fotbee or thirteen llvlBg children?ths ancestor of gt gennratlons, a Tim baring la all twa hondrad aad twenty" fonr son Is who dwttM from btn? l? direct Una. Be yvitetfated ta the most important bill lea o our great struggle for lib erty? rt led for Waahlngtn u4 lias cm! a bahot at every I*rcatdeat[v elect on ?t^ce He U one hundred and u years o' ago. 8iii: Coaroin?Bucuanat: has ? ma.orltyln buta sta ple county of Mlchp-aa 4. r, Wayne, wberi fee nas 860 I over fremoGt Taa Batnuua Wa->hihk.>s Ra-siK'-rw?Tbe tbr?u broUiort Waabburno are re-e.icted to the Hoiaa of he preeentati7ea. Uratl. from MaUie, Eiiba B., from Ii!l 1 no a; and Cadaalader C., froaa Wisconsin?all repub 1 cans. Fsncosr :* Tvtvro.s, Ngw .Tv??t ?'TVio repub1.cant of Trenton held a meeting or Die 11th nataat. and paaaed | a resolution uiu'moD-it nctn n\ung t reason! and Dayvon ftr the campaign of 18(0. B. (iuajjt Cocbty.?Freaaonl'i xaa.ority u Bacbaoac oounty. Iowa was *>8. New Hj?ih"-h.ri Poii-nct' ?Ex Mayer Fmyttae. of Maa chetUtr. is uiked of a< the regular republican American candidate tor Gorernor in New tlampsture Mayor lVtKxI a ml Mayor Vaut. rjfIT OF ftll'Hli'll VAUX, MaYOft OP t'hlL Al'M. t'HIA. TO WKW YORE?HIb KKCKPI'lOM BY MltTOK WOOD?hfcVIKW OF THt fOUCK FOSCfc IX TUK l'ABX. Klchard Van*, E?o., Mayer o! Pb'ladelpfcla, is now on a ria l to this city, and ta flopping at th; St. Ntcbolaa Bolt, whe.*e be will retrain during his- st?y n town. Mayor Wood, hearing of hl? arrival Is the city, and desirous or e tending to htm the courtesies dne to hla high position at Mayor or the se old city In the Tnloa, lavited Mr. \ tux to visit the City Hall, to see the lions at that pi act. and also to witness tho review ol a detach ment of tbe New York police, In thn Park. Accordingly, jeetcrcay. at I P. M , 'Jr. Vaur mado his apvearance at the Major e office, accompauled by Charles W. C&rrigan, Register of WUls in thu Probate Court of Philadelphia Major Wood welcome ! him br1?"yiothe city, to which Mr. Vau. responded in Utting t.r, t ileal while a Joiacho, at' f the -.oiho force had ancm blttf at the Arsenal, and were irarcheU to the Park lo be revwwed. The detachment cons stwl of tba following ? Ti ird ward Captain Hopkins C8 men I i).Uh war.i police, Captain lurjbull CO men ioarteenih ward Capltin Kiss. ' 80 men riiieeo.ti ward police, tafu-j ixik- U; men * Total. 110 m?n Tbe detatchniest were under the charge ol Sergeant Ma ;orWlna?s "u their arilTft.'in lb ? I'srk accompauted by Doiworth'n lull baud, tney wore draa i up in front or tbe < ity Hall ror the aspect on of the two Mayors. At flrst it was proposed they should drill i'llh muskets, bnt as Mr. VaiiTWi-bid to s?e tbe c'.ub dru a- i>e'u. a greater no reity to has, h^ wsbea were compiled with, and tho po lio- marched, wheeled aad co::ntf rmarch'' In a rcmart abl> ifbclrnt m?. atr The ap.ncsa Uie police dig iliyed In their drill called out considerable eniauilasm in the lav# crowd that had usaembled an I t??-m -d toj oaaa tbo l'hi'adelyh'aM greatly, who bid tevw wltne.s.?d any th,2g like II before. ' if?er tbe <r?'.l the sereral police oaptaias vere cailei up and iutro 'ud to Major Vau by Major Wood. The performance !n the FarVc cloeeJ by the drill of the Eigbin ward po.tce,'ixder Captain Tr-ahull. T'jI? aai aiso p oaoniced cry cred'taoie, and showed that tbe police ire aa fait wttb the nui as thay are wita the club, and couia to a very ferm Ub'e forco 1" ukar any riot should brta out lb .1 wci'id jaMlfy a rcaort to thr m sket to proairrr the property cf the city. Allor ibe para'Ic tho vtr""'* v ir" ii.j-en to the t??' er Cor's roetj* ard shown all the n ual I ma? tbe ('Over norr of tbe State of N w York, tb~ Ma/crs of the c ty or Ni w Vork, Washington's wri'.icg d, sit &c , &c.-ati ol wtiich Mayor Wcod poiliteil ont to liis #uest asd de acrib?d lor bis ediocvion. the ta ijcr s oil ", about wiiit b roasldcrable enrtosttj ixist* o-iu de tbe cuy, wm Lett insptc'.ed. A;r Vai n eiTre^e-? blnive f rer7 mt:rh plea:w>: with what he haw. but me re espee ally with tee exoel sot drill of tbo New *?rk police it will b<* a ooi'li a tor bite wbctt'ei- ibe Phi'i-de pbiaas m'shi tot benollt their Cttv Vj adopt tg a police syst< m nnvlo' to curs. Mr. Van* iH'TacH.a return to rhlialc'i tta. l*ollcc InlelllKtiM-r, A PRzeoaor" Yctm-Ax Aran 1k?i>> 'r.?Theodore Clark, a yoi th aben 17 ycirt ?? are. was taken into castody yericrday by oXrer j-fcae^le. of the Nineteenth ward poller, on charge or obUlsing two s Ik il pesos, valued at >160, by mean of .else pretences aid fraudn Icat representation!', wb'i h would make tbe most arrant k-ava blush to the re.-y eyebrows. Theodore, it ap pears, on the morning oT the Sttb ol .Vptembcr la?t. by aome irrans O' other, learred that the porter in the Mo?e of Mr De'der, N'o 7^1 l:roafl?v, about irooe.Hiing to tbe rcaiJctc'.* of a i, n the ' .1 t part of C?r city, wuh two rateable s.ik drtsaos. Tuo do<lgcr, leern'.ag the wbereabouu or the young lady's dweilu g, hastened to the spot beiore the porw-r, and when in- latl r ar rived at the doorstep-, he wai ab aed .a tbe moat bare need manner lor not brli sin,; the pa kage sooner. "I was gotag dowa to the autre myivlL re tcrated tbe hopeful yuutli. ?' l ul you ha\o juM saved roe that troob'e Here, rtre mo the parcel and u? m' re prompt for the Mnre.'' Tbe porter, teeltng abashed, nandcl the bundle orer to t .aiN, wtuiout ev> a snspectUig 1 lor a moment thai be was b< ug "u. en la and done forIn the most app ored style, '?lad to teoa|e Iron tbo abuse ol the yonng r?-e*l, be hurried back on his ouruey lo the lore, * hen at the eorncr ol tbe nc\l street, be aoctdsola'ly I'- ked ba< s, and lo b; surpM e saw the young mm, who per ?coated the ijomeeiic to bo! 11/, diss. j<ear ar. n? 1 tbe i oppi-Hite corner with tue bundle o.' dresses uctcr his arm the t? ea then occurred lo him Oial be had boon '?-bily deceired, and alt< r a .ew u orri' sis tn"dliat!on be wa tuoogly ol tbe 0| 'Ci?n thai be ha I got hlmsed Into a pretty scrapo?that. In fact. h< bad I* a I?|>o?m1 upon in the moat tmre ta?-' d manner by the very urch n who abnttxi him like a pit * >-.iket a ,?w momenta prerlu i ly. The porter u ed his k ua to iiieutmoel, a lib a view of cap turmr tho rascal, but Tliecdoro was In bolter running condition, and ?o.?n out l atum ".I his p?r?uor. Keturnini; to tbe <tors ol bis emi 'oyer, Ibe porter rolaled tho man nor o v* lii? h ho bad h < i, in ited, and n tho eKirne of h i atory boa|?d aualhena^ of tho i .oat compli n ontary e.barwter u|K<n t!ie bead of the "dodder'' who uad placod him ta s eh an awkird pent-, n Tbe police wrro f r ir mul ar ina nted w'th the iranrartioa, wurn i.cer rJiai gle, rom tb^deec'ip lion ii| tbe oi'oodci com luded Hint The due was the j' "? man ro.,u :rd, wiwmi) a* ih ? latlor was well ? i.own lo ladmre >??;? ? aa.iy hi such uaughly pra < ?s ? lo o. .cor, .n i" "r la:i"0 wim tli < belie', kopt his a r ubor eja oprn lor Mr. Clara, hut itid aoi nic-eed tn <' m pi acroee li m uctd yet-u-r lay, anon be prorjpi'y arr? Med mm. lm s< arching Ute ac< ,-ioJ, pawn tickets inr tl.i itcatical r ? "? r we? ( .? ml n h i imwuo . i. stowing etidai liy Uiat ibo |o.icc?Bae wa< no< far .ray in his conjectures. Tb> oUoro, on be ng brot-gbl fa< e lo face witb tho |?ri> r bo had so sbahln'y tr?<*?< !. wa# al otce idealised as tbe satiny fe'.iow > im nth of Heptom 1.- o?,, iy. T>.? p' f n?r ? i br'ii'fbl to the M?e>n I iHetrift Police Court, where he was committed for eo am eal on. Tto?-od?ro k*s aa e dfrbroUxrls tho State pr ?o?. who will ao doubt be rrj,. jed to see him a the n?r or <?( an euiikx ao lantig at the marble palaoe of blng Ping. Hi t'(T Row si r t^ o*s re Hi* ft. pr?i Araw a ll?. ?"*n Cass.?Samuel Wo bacit and Nathan Siven wore aTrwto-l by of?-rt'? B nr.ett Clark, of Ibe N alb war#pol:oe, ot ??lispie.loB of baring l '.ou mpileaietl la isoking tbe poeketn of Mr. .Tamos !? Ab 'TSOO, of No 74> ?><??Wicb street, w* lie be was rldlag in imr of tbe F'gblb arraoe raiiroa'. r rs. Mr. Anderson aayt thai tbe aroaaad eat ere oa . tch Ode of htm dorlug the tisse. aa h i inpprv*, a wsilot, containing tlM, arae . straoVsi from h's poo'^et, Te - sccnaed dea'.ed the charge preferred a . wet io??i, an I resoo^rtraUd ftroog'y agsL'st I heir licarc?r?Uon. !n the pwaietwlnn or the prteoners were nraed two porta* mornaies oontaialag ?VU They w?re also la po*aeaa!oa or two valuable gold walr.hea ? I on ton man iivtnr*. Xlior* ?as notl .ng vd n U-? p<is r ol the piiaouora that een'.d is'.ar wa> eenoroi iho'n w'th ibe rnbNry p?rt>e tra'od npoo Mr \nder->o?. II !s euppoao-t by tn# police ttal tbe poeketboi'k was paraed to a third pay, who made good his escape ere tbe complainant wss Aars of lb? opera!?on. Tba n-isooem wero oomoi'tted Porter, airfnation by Jaatlne Vlaadreas/of tba Jefleraaa Market Poll?'' Cw rt. t fiabub or B>o*wr 4<u? -* ? i ?A w.>maa named Margaral Wolfe waa taker nw? rmHf, on cm Hiatal of her hnrfoaol, Mlc.haol I laboeOr, who cbtrgai ,?r with '? r?mf. IB bBYlif. M !?? alleg?*, mar r tod Una while b?r nrat buabaad. I re<!#itck *o,i?, waa *iire aot 'laelroretd from bar It la Mil Ibat Marjraret hating been d<e*rt*d by ber buabaad, who west to PI. UmM as I th'ffl ?arr1?<t Ham. ib? *neca>*det1 n tmiiu tba a">rtlnnt of Mr liahoofer a ad brnama hta wtw, aa though *ba waa a widow. The oartlflaat* of the priamo*'* murr'aff, dated April 12, 1 ff.X with ber Oral hunhaad, ?a> pro*, red la court aa etldenre acamtt her. .lank* Wood committed the woman fjr enamlnattoa Atl*iKi Brar.nBT.?Tame* Kaoetery wm arrlalad bf officer loo ml*, of the Cietanib ward poltoe, oa chart* ot bailajr burftlartoualj- entered ihe more of rblllpfborl '?n. No. 119 Lowi.? (l eal, ami ataailof therefrom aDoirt worib of old oopr >f and braan The oflle >r nanf M the prt'oaar comiag out Of tb* boneo wth th*bv*jr oa Ma buck. The prlaooer, who waa anik> a youth, waa cotnmittwt for examination oa U>? above nharg* by Jaa tl.v Wood, of tba Kaaev Market I'olloa Court Narai hitflllRTm'f. Tba t tilted Watea trlgatea Onaat'tutton and ()oog r*aa, and the ataatn fVlgata Hnaqw haaaa, ware at tfpe, itn M altlno Tha 1 altcd -tatea Heap <* war nfcc Adaraa m*l??i from Haoo'am lor Tahiti oa the lllh of (Vvptember pnpertnr t aarl Rotor* H?a. Jaof" Mftweaa. Vmtttmu r* c^rmtl i?* K I tort*. *"? ? Motto* la aiacherg i attachment diaia-l w u>" it ?wta. 14!T?KE$TINi; FROM HASulNGTOff, Tbr IkMt ttie New Regime, the He* Cabinet, the French rrbotm la Sf* lirl, , *C., toy Our tVcuhtngton (om<p*ndeiHic.*, Nov. 10, 18M. T/if f \ue of (At French I'nxmni in A<w York?IV Pe culiar Hardinj of the French and American Ocftet H the Trrafj, ?fc., <?~. Whether Oarpentler sad b - ^soclat^?fugitlvas ttw J.irij aj.. rs; aimed l.ythe 1rc-orb government Croat ouifc?j>e>r c t.ut> b"0| the l'.otlous a;>"ropr:atioa at l,e(X>,01C rraac* railroad fund In their keeping?ar? subject to ektranillon stems to dopes'! upon thecoeitrw r ?I 'be ,!i ocxI 1 l- ;leM to U.e treaty betwson Ik* Ln.ted f tstis aad Frtace, i.atei Nor ember 9, 1843. Tfc* ca e prese.tU u very singular feature, arbing 0nt of ike very , n,Dtor raot that in the additional articl^-w it M rear oj tagK-h oa. *r?arb, in the eighth ???r (Jon!gu Tree tigs) o. the i-cbUc Mat.itm at Lure, prt*. td by Mttie * Brown, Ho,tcn?th.-re extsu not only ? de-crepancy ut the phraseoiegy,,but wLat must appear m many to be &n amblgtity, if not a eoutradition, in iu pr*. rteiou. The copy in English provides that those gouty of in France certain roSberios and bur^lartw, fiea the ''correspondingcrime* included under the Krone* law ,u tae words vl i/uah!tt chute, shall do ri?|K'C'iv*tr i> nChl u?>' , Tb' ?* P'alj enough, and were there m lrenoh copy of the artuio the case ol (Jar pen tier moult n,t .?hi*r ?'OLgh' U(1 cluar ?-'"la*i him; for the robb?rr dar thb'i rf n?h , ""l* ; ,ID"0l bt*?J' crimmZ dar the Trench law. But in tL? French copy of tn? ar*. I W?I!m 1101 #PI>0,U'' Ml1 ,he robbery aud kw glary i.< cr.bed must be?the robbery?attended wish ?oroe and violence, and tntimldlaUon, and the burglar* ,mr mmit-cc in th. night, and with forcible ?arw T' ft atyc ffrarti,m mi rvalnde. ii i! 7' ?.b0U*? UrP*n,!l T PU'Hy ot vol ?nuHtJlt crime. in fh * kV r 110 13 gulit* U> J cr ai? danoniCSl a,,.." fw ccb ropy ?',he *rt <le If be is B0t, then than* arises the q?i"<iion:?i? be hubiect to extra ction or Mtf I inc me to the opinion that he la, tor the rt-aton Mr r "bJec'-ng hltu to t. acco'lliif to tt.e i .. Ltb?Aro*t7' wnlch 1 lMke to ba the i oblatory uiion our govemmtnt wn*n it han a du? perform un.i.?r It. Ana 11 uje Kretch governmMilTaw. rti-onta CWrvnUer to be charged with i?( onolirti crJZl he c?met within the prevtaion of tl>e treaty. It iTSIl porta .it to bear 'n mtid that boih copl -?French kigl fo?o: the "additiotia. artlcie" are ? ??? bewg u u an. lauon of the other. ' Wa?bixctos, Sot. 13, 1M#. Mr. Ncr?J?I,-,'~&r. Miit.'r.? Vr. ?>' ; mtn~T tnM? m Mtrxlinf?IHtxri sr. A' -rwu../ ,?T\- Kiruu V iffm. cfc., <t:. " Tt?e r In regard to Mr. Ma-cy't g-.|ngt<) rortaMi amount to nc-h rg will hardly flfc-ra-to aroe|4? mbordxite position in tic diplomat c reiaUons of tka country har!) g been at th' head of a; airs hcretofarw. Bt t.des, he prides himself, sal just y, rpoa h* suc-eae la the D? iiartmtnt ol Stau. lia has ach.ered a high tw*. tion tn Kurope, and la regarded by th? great sat a ? a ss the lead'sg mind cr the ajc. To descend fram thu blgh ik'tltude a<id go to London as a ci.n>?tor <ia4?r a* ructions, would be to destroy b a ^eraonal tioaum amor; stw -raon No, the old irctsnn will retire laa? private life, W th all Uj dt t-otlon to wtlst, be never bets fc.tLsslf, a th .gb enjoy ng the loa&es and game, others. So in hj poUi cat li> Ho iy~c? roLtkw?emp? claOy d p.oc. ary where be can pWy his own * una. Ba J* ,'*<1 * *>?'' Mtle P??y with Olarendoo and tto r -roch N. jjiter aaU 'oor Cramtitoo, and has won all the tr rka, and at Urt divided the honors Hr. !>c\t.i soa is gs'oing grouno da'.ly, as the '-iim o|*.??t u e rankaac Lie of ta^ "ao'u" la acw ow aac. d'.MtrnunrU. ' Tb. re is a proapeet ol a brrac* in U < bapp" umjy m Maryiaad. Tbo arotra laot < ns in iUltimore oily are a.rea^y U- combat The "in*'' baring bees reotnO^ against Mr. Bo< haraa, the " outa" .trmaad their exs7 ?t0B . In Kentooky tt? same ct cord bettoa to proMM 'lasl'. Throughout tbo . onth ?oornl.y the ?k't, >rdar ol things la being ratabliare>l, the reru ar old t'aa >aSM hartag ihinca their own way. An c ii or i will be nutde at 'he next sraiion to a4a^k Kansas, either Iree or slave. Mr. Bochanan (* sat res ika uomer oc 's*us ae*tied. :f poaa.ble, winter, as he fan It *11! give bun troi'bln. It will Dot be Mniued m t Slave -tale?that is certain from the organisation et tka Bouse It m.'iy be made the "consideration ' ru?*t?r? among fonihern members, a rote for its admlas'oa ma 1 ree Htate betag the guarantee of oiiioe. It thji o ? recte.1 V.r UnchaLM) w i throw the .e?tmn orrr If possible, as a concession to Northern sort mint to win the cioutb through Cuba. WjtaUMHH, Not. 13, IBM. SiKemmff Uu SpoGi Reyi^i%cant?PLirt to Oet Hti 0 Fremtmt f * 'he lirmrfu qf Srv.ini, toso Hsa'.' WaM m^ Lone<r?T\t UqaHon?Lhull'i Mcn< - - * Aewie?8(Ji PoiUtciaru </ A m l\*>k in !Kc u r' tl WheaOam Atmotfhert and :he OJhct li >.d rt. Watson Hcbb, together with a nctrber of leadl^ f pnblicaus, bare bo. a be/c within Uo Uat fsw Oayn, their presence at tha time has considerable and pecahmr significance. W obh. as it i? well known, cspeotally la (Mi latitude, ts deepgr interested m various stkemua ixtftew Congress, aoma ol them cf Immense magnitude, such, tag Instance, aa the Pact Be railroad, rcfindiu* the Outf ?a railroad iron?the latter involving two or three ?inlaw of dollars; patent txlens.on oaaee? i.oodyear a, Day's and llaywood'a?ilcOormk-V's reaper and the pianlaf machine?all of whloh, lays the Chevalier, it being the last chance or the .republican esse they will be In a sat minority after the 4th March next, must be put thrash during the short session. Tbero are other scheme* la which the Chevalier a erraged?eome of them rear small? wLicb ho hopee to get through, ana of whtcai 1 will metition more hereafter. The Cbevalier thr.-w ont a ttnt while here to one of Ms frleade wl^tch his Irieo i nas very 'ras crietlg laaaj' i^aa.111 aihts ? inat he, the! he\?i ?r. ma .reward mat afi.-* <4 ibs knowing ?.ae^. n?-n ' tf it enm be doae, W?r * wjrremont Met ted lo tbe Henaie from New ^ aad S that n.eaue got Fremont out ot ute way. aa thatMwnrd ra* benomtr aied tor the I reatiaar/ ta IMo "cCeward W'll cii wail aav Wwirer-. i alttwH w tb great reluctaoo* thai be (Hewwrd) s ihra tb d u> tha nosainauun of r resaont at tbc . a coavei.Maau That fr?a oat is the oal) formidable tompmor af ?wm< w* tewwklee^ IM?' T?" ? ? nice plot, h?a ? I..?*2[ 1!:??*? j" "" srerediieil fpaaiah mm V ?o Ibl- gotreramest, aad who aome time sla<w rw I" , -** p4y*- ,w,8? ?? ? el'segn a b ? owe torrnm w> it, Informed the l>ealdrat yiaier U/ that ka raajtm ^ ? accepsed. He will lea- e fcerr oa fridmwli Ibis week f'W New York, aad w II pr oead theace by Mw flrst steaa er urkarope A aow M t slater will net bw arr^'nt^i. 1 uouemand until > ?oa sale returns u. fnata. In ioa meant.'ma tbe flrst Hscrwmry of lantloa MsgoHoa, will sot as Charge il'Aiibl *ea. I i.dley Mann a now here h isi?jr enraged la ha new ach? me at (stab le! lag a weekly troe si?amsblp farrr line between the Ckmapcakft Bs> am* Mtiiord Haven, la m Irt keil upon here ss a mere ?t?w>aary thins?aa fir-.m tllA IttaHM^K.Iltw ?? UI.L aa . f. . pr.e tbo practicability ef whtcb It -ill WUm Mm mm arss *.: ? - uu ? i? " - 5 ? BBi&b*** iW thi! loft poHtmUn* from Nrw Yak There a a good deal of wire-working got** on jnet at ns? ?eat assent; oertala Parties who are holding Ibt otlloaa. a a suppneeil by knowing onea this! these sentiemaa ma laylsg the ropes, nad firing thing* no that they will MM E os aa one: they have got to go. Mr BoeMwa las rtetermired already whm be will do Komtloa. esae wMb^kh* ??0t ptimefftm t requaat pilgrimages bars Men mad* nam ua oMp. since the elecaea, by ofltoe holders lo 1Vs 1. ?ja! rarahl*, I understand, tbe part aa Mre come bask wtM * f** ?? ?h^r ear. I met a gentleama yesterday wtw holds a IU and very lucrati ve oHoo la this city wM last returned from Wheatland, aad ha fMa looked aa laM aa U e moral aw. Many of tkeee men ar* relrla* mm foniey, but they ar* relying upon a broken r**?l. Wmv?< mi (,'nrr. Nov. 18, IMfl. Wha it fx hi (V r?Hm I"f Kmmm f??M tn a /V* ?r ? Sim" 8u?u WK? mrr to g? 1m At How UMU Mr. Hoohaaao t* eteotetf, I ??? by ??r pa per (Wfctfh 1 ?uboertb* to, bit not Its prlaciptea) thai ?opn?otion? or* proiiBo HtRkM policy aa<t cabtaaC 1 4* not twm ioy prcnltar powor of dimmf tba rntnro, b?k cpoa ooanitiog Mr BnobaMa'* aatwdenla, 1 ihmk 1 mm fbn?ti*4<m bta (tcw*i ronroa, anrt can i nonir who will cert* u y ahara wttb b.oi tho adm i ttnn of tb? got?*r?irMit. t iirV?la <-< forw>oMo Kum, 1 b>o?r tbM Mr Bnc will rot tfwd tba iwflwfaca of bio posiikm to oatabltaa or firoblMt olivary I* Kiuh. n? h?o no ctpnmhi bta ?off W'hto cna month, to my tnrw\e<lgr nt? atll to tfca p*opk>'? of tb? TrrrHM;. ???<inA--He Will ranocnteo tba f>r**?ai t?a?rK?MMO* ranunemit. md all othr* "?w* wlnab ru%r ?? won it wh" h *ra aot la ooafiiet wtUi Um ?-o*?ttt' ?ioa at t*? Or'tcdi-tata*. Now. ao to Ma 0?btr??*. nrm?ti* will ikx na' n-onw* ??? ?i?f awa*t *?trHa? ultra o0tt*H*o* t? aar ? t?* w>it^ oj-'^nt of *%a ?t?* Ha ? etataaatl? aoooikx ratiro, and tataado W MM mm ae-lKr* a on't Sc< oU-Uto C*? ?r Orrt"r Tjustj V-<