Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1856 Page 2
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? itk?jy * k bit for the state DefMW*t In Baa* wf Bumr will am he jttorvd the pen It I?, m coiapb mcat 10 Virginia, m she ?u me lily MlmMotti ? l<* fcanaii-a ?ominet>an, aad la ike tawr 9M? ? ?? 4?rav Mr Uneter, nowcver, will not, MM aeoei* Itx honor, in iukhco :e hmaetf and the interest* ol toe Hi?e. <iov?rnor Wiee will (o to Knglaad Ui a fur or wbtoh will satisfy his c*uma, for you sul rocof ??; that b? *w the first ui) rr<*aicn of all the towiiag ihatnptoii* ot Puchanaa a the bouth Bat firs?* t* to iim? a tkblaet appointmeat?that's mlVd "M contest will .ben bo between Pnulknsr at be War Department and Bocoik ?if tbe "-avy, or perhaps Judge Wagon will return from Hart) and Fauikner bo aent tbither. Faulkner has r?n dared laaertous aaU .'aiibful tervlce as Chairman of the ?emocmtie ComltM la ih? city, la a man of groat wealth, and ban a right to expect something handaome fcwm Mr. Bu. t anaa. Booock 'J his son in law, baa rerned justly greet popularity In Congreaii aa Caairmao e? Uie Committee on Naval A Cain, jjtd la omlnently rutted for I ho Navy department, and betides, tb? fa of the Virginia democracy for promotion, and hia obancca are considered promwng :n March it. Bat Buchanan loves that ^>od old tun H -in.' of Pars, aad wi 1 nerve him first over aoy other Virginian, mi J Maeca aignlAes that be ts ure<l of fashionable lite aader the reign of tbe third Napoleon, and. *ujio to hack la tbe Navy Department, be will bo appointed rhirU?Cobb of Ue jrgm is certain ol tbe Treasury. and tt ?hss presides at the ??e Department roujey will be At taraey t'lasrsl Bright or Indiana won't take the In terior, aa be prelera a re ekouou to the Senate by tb? present demo-ran Legislature of his State, do of EV.. delL ol Louisiana. If RicharJion, ol Illinois, had a U' ii? saere petlab of appearanoe, would swear lean aa# . tees Isbanno. hw 'hence for the Interior woeld be Wi^ Bat he lacks refinement of manners, and will ? ^ r tt d ?et. Husk, of Teias, is preferred tor I*ostmar M (i tal, but will not vacate hie seat n tbe Senate ' or ^ ?oral !fe for lour years' service .n that iabo- (ou4 <[||||L|[ stent. I be \ortli will have Tour and tbe 3eu!/, ,hpM clhre/e, to I learn. Mere anon. three oabn.ei WAWttMir ?s, N?w. 14, If,66. W?rk for yen: iatwn?racif^ Aai roul Bill- 1%- U*Ly. By ttfcicl MM ?oC u/i L<ut Seui0 r^~.\f,a Sk- tttf (Jrr fen, iNMeama and D**r*.? CmSM ^ fin1? #t/K-?ervy ?/ :As -if ny and Awsj'?inut! ?far rant S'V-mt?0?ui-( u/' u?CUtAnita Laud CI*i<*S ?ymdWiUL-aiicn Lao?PuUu: H FramU?K.aer aad Hvtvr Bidl?Mqru St, timers?Central ^nv Mean ?tnw, 4c., <?c. Tbe sscond Bcst'so or the Thirty fourth Co&gress la mow m near ts spen;ng?Monday, Is. December? thai a Melot of the utuisJoeJ basin ?m ol the list assxios, to be dMysssd of it the coming sssaon, will be both opportune nod instructive. Tbe measure of moat importance mil interest to tbe Man jj thai conn np at tbe next iess>on, ?$, par ezed fina*. ths scheme of betiding one or mora railroads to tbe fwio. There are ioma three or more propostUooH psadiag, reported at last ???ton, aa to tbe maaoer to which thia railroad ought to be built. That which re mBvm moat (aver, because it make* tbe largeat appro prtstloas, a the one wh!sh donates aecu?aa of tbe pabhn .lands swallowing, perhaps, tome hundred msl Hw sf acre*? to the compan.ea undertaking the hMliliig of Um three principal tinea, and to those other ssMpac'ee which may extend branch !lnea to toy or Umbo. '?sera will be, ig there has beaa, t-emendojs eroru made by Lhe nobe army of lobby agents to get tha ?mm through. It was a matter or ooncsaon m.k and hadlnnf n, at the close ol the last ssaaion, that any pe.-aon mhe coukI lafioenca the rote of even ens member in Mvor of this magn.flccn: scheme of plunder would enti Oe hisMelf to a grant of 30,000 acres And, tn view or this splendid reward, it was almost a miracle that the MU did not pass at the last session. The suMner in whtch It was reported and rsisrred to the Committee or the Whole on the 9Mte of tbe I'moa, is a remarkable ??laare ot bow successlally, nailer given cir umstauma, scheming and chicanery can be carr.ed on ta the Hoase et Repreaentativea. The t anoue bills otiered aa tae subject tn the ear'y part af the session h%d been referred to a Speoal Committee on the Pacific Kuiroal. Tbe tnsMs having been fr.usrel away in the discus stec or the Kaaiss fiestton, tbe alspasttloa of the various esotectad election easea, kc . the last week arrived w;th ?m th<s Special Committee having had a cbaaoe u< mats any report The only way then n which the sub ject eould have been reguiarly pot up and dtsoosed of waa by movisg to suspend the rules ?<> as to report the Ml. and thia naotiM reared a vote of two-tt:rda to be smooessful. Tt wss tried and it :ailed. The Committee sa Itrbhc . una was tae committee whose ropora were isgiilsilf a order, aad bslore the rail cosld reach Iks Special (committee on the Pacific Balirsad the 1 sssifin would have expired In tfc.s cocd.tloi of affairs a par lasssatsry o?pL cia' was reaorud to Tan Coat ?Mice on PMUe lands, with Mr. henry Banneu, oT New York, nt?U asaa, was .i.duced to report m aa amend msm m a Ittte reals rai'raad bill referred u> thorn, a d 'I (er tne comipk-'os of the Pacific Kaliroad. Ike old Mat' roue members resisted this attempt as ct leriy at variance wtthall tbe ruiss and prsoedMia or tho Hoiwe, hut Mr. ^ pee leer ?ian ruled it to oe tn order aaoch ta the tnrpme of mt who knew th*t thit /eotlfmati had ysiasd a reputaciea for nia knoe.edge of partiamen ?ary law, and ler the genera; mpartallty ef his dsciatons Jm apaeal. bswever. wa? t*?re, aad I believe Uie I ipsat iiri oecAion was reverted, and tSe.-e wis aa sad of Iks Phcfic liauread Ml], thercft re. rosaee opafain with the rotatag smius, aad a? Ur fijobanac. hr. ?' i smnat smd Mr. nilmore nave ta^i is more or eaa direct term* s^b Bad tbe'rapproval o: tbe joncy of building t, i'.la ata'r aeasumptioa I*m h will bare a sssjomy of the mossber* of bath booses a Its lavor. :' the bill Is l-> bo pasaed, 1st ha booed that tt will be ialr aad juit te iU concept,o?, aad MS eas of thoas schemes .n wnirh tha people of tbe tailed Hates ars obted and ptun ? red lor tbe beaoi toieorpota Suaa. meaisers of JoagroM aad miss be re sf the lobby. The |<4aa form Dated ny lhe majority o: thet om-n ttae. jr alisaat:ng hnadradr e' miiooaa e: srres of the inbhc do asnia, a ertataty ope* >? Wuit charge , aad to.- my oaa part i baheT* taat tbe niiaor.iy report of Mr W?o<l, >a arhlch a direct iaeuaa e of tuada tram the aa'iona1 trta JsMsaaa*. t? a much a ore'e cheap anl Beret er It may be eoe In certaia? thattfce rastic ha-lrood prr?0l will be tha aversbadaw eg cruu; i of the next eeia on We will probably have two ne? r>atee Intro lured into the I a lea beiere tae taangaia'.ioa of Mr Bachanaa A Mil la ada it i'rag on wa> .utroducad iart >ea ja, bat was aMaaadon, as well oc. account of the vtbar axaittag Mflcs that abaorbej thr altMtioe of Coafrees, as be rwaM ta de.egiate, Araefa> laaa ? t aot, far poht s rsMrss, nhnse le preM it. While it .o lis terr tor a. rapn< ty tae |rn< r?l gnreramei.1 ?? a>l the expou?ee of tbe government, opening roads, are na* public bn>l<'.er*, hr . and therefore u I* am always the interest ol a ?ea> oommanity to assame a Mats sovereignty ??entraJ Laoe .? sot alone In that Idea. The delegate from Miaoeaot* Mr Kioe. a tanron the same pc!l-y. M naeswa baa aaw a population wition won u aottUa hi r to two members of ? onrree*. oaade< her two <*estor?. and ;et rather tban aapruM with the aatroa.rrg a>dii tie geaorai goverament tn dstray tag ali tbe exprseesof 'be fe-ntory. she prefers to coo lest berael! wrth a da.t-cate is too H?n of 1 .spreeeat Mass, wso bis sat evsa a rota in tbe MgMstfM of the country. Bos Mlna<ent* ciaaot oarry on that |iar aor Jaer?' H?r dei?rati'>a ww notitsd .?st ssssMa, by Ma ? "aauiM ua TtrrtlMlM. ust they wtisld Ml veco?m<bd My more appr? pna? oa? far bar aad M she Ms m riosre but to form her ^jaie ?MMM sad appiy t?r admae<na lato IM I'aiM. It tsdonbtfm. however. wnetLer ?be w. I not try ta btulf off Coagrees inr aa<Mb?r ?< ??i'?o Bat. iiemdM Oregna aad M noee->ta there *s sm" an ether 1 emtory wImm ca m foe adanaston aa a (Hale h to rme ep '? tbe rrmiig eass.ea That h the Territory of rmb, which appl're for aim ?* on under tho mm of lbs Mile at Oeasret Her Aate roostliut.on was termed last ?MLSMr. aad stm fbrw.' rde<t to Waeb nrtoo toward r.e a?ar of the sesaum h" polt r*aaoos bowarer, n wm ast p-is ruled, mt an, 1 aelieve, My nppptlMb'm made, althooga a propor:t aa was lsiro> cad la ibe Hoaae by way of ratting oC the saiste rram linker iadutgeane< ia lhe patriarchal iMltti foa of potygaay. Tbat qaeattoa anvi kwm <,aMo a mi el, ??cr-og aad taiarsMisf sab.est af dabsM la osMsetiM wits the aimmaita of Me mm of lansrat. mm the mw csasMMMM Is sat oa tbe molter. aad I da net eoe Mw uaisr the ?aw rsiabiaaed pnnriilesol c auar ?"veraigotv. Cos greM cm IM? aay extra MWiai ?c r.aar* ai a p-irely aortal 'ssSltauoo, or or My perei stty ia bi'tn nr pranitre It is <>*ta a kastty poms, m MMisr ta what light it m?y be vMwed aad I do sat cm bew in falrosaa, f >arrsM mm menace is the am't??. Th# na y candttlon wbleb IM aeasiit itiea imposes n? t'.e admasvos e( s new Baste a that ibe bate a rep?.v iwai, iorm rf goversmast aad tba> oaadtUM tho Wants ahsaree. Tbe aoly way I see to e? oofv froM the diM'Tima and to avoid tbe diegrer? of biv as patygamtc. Mssa a ihe r?a * '-y the formation sf her ^ew laalaad haslgraa'. Aid docay. so mod Mosygamwm M?a Dsaaest. m i for linbsr draarMe of ? border nhmi" to art f?w oane s coaeert wso the TiakM sad osaaMrbai*?e tbe Mamoaist isBosaces The se?t mnilsr sf fcasraei wh#rh|. le oospyinest teat m si 'Jssshsm la the settlement of u?- ksmsk s?*s UM; but Mrw they om taaaaca to 'hi tbat oaten wnn a the space sf three senates, which they wsrs -oah'e U Mg>s to do ia arbt. m wtmre that. I mn teU 1 deal be l?>ve tbat mui-b will M Iom o tMt way until s .?r tne aenguratlM ft a vary dMbtfel tan, whstbarMf m'jm wir be bso m Campbell's votumimns bill ta reaK*lat tae Urf la visw of tha taadaacv of tha i*e<stivers mind, as >od tooled ai Mr Rheit s letter to Covers or gQama. o Mouth Cartdtsa, pob.^eMd tbe other day ia tbe Hmaln, it wdl probaoly be derated a usalaM wsste M ttate to Usker with tbst snbioct until afkor ths la oiolment of RccMae" sr.J the nppo-.ntmeat af ? CsMnst In wh<oh Bnutt. a latsrbsw ? H predominate The ^outb waati n tax fi r? Isoeti ta the lawsst posMbte aoa-e. aa<1 if it do net get tt, that too may be mile aa a? .nee tor mrsnoes of diooolimea Ho, probably * imp hall s bill, on whrh be oridM biaoeit so much, will be laid no the their There are two other l ills of must pub'r Importanre which. I Is te be hoiad vaill he disposed of m early ae rOST'hle?1 w.eao M-. 1* ilkaee s bill ta lacresMtbSSt I rteaey sf ths army, ?nd Mr ?.mb s ta m .reaM the \ eWetsecy of lbs ravy There wss no obaace < t gstlnc . at en Mr of three meat res Mt tamiM. KaaiM aad IM oiactlM swal owsd np ervrythisg else Mrs Isf ro?< ag ssearurM. Tba MMte nal fully bat: of tho sew oa in , eW.Aoibay dabaMn on lhe sctiM of the .Vara] , nrwrd. hot formulated no prasttca' msMisre la re?wd to H That matter also rsmaiM opee fbr scbos sad a- ?tmei" Mr Cshb, o" Alabama got pa rsry bk^, staple, 'a- I recent losfertag Mil last SMiton a referee'? to the ksd ] ?# iit? om ample aad isaooeai ioo? er m it man, bs raald not s?iss?'hww get i< throogh It wm to alloa ^par ' rhasrra af pcbiM hnM, by sac aa sad otbsratM. ts par therrCor s Md warraata, the soma ta ba takes a- i-.? .1 M it par sera, fbs prattoal am of the w eo*'?? e wm ofrasrM to Msks mad wamata warth that ' is a wan knows ?brt that ihssa Mad wsreartsa?a w sr*e sa ohjsct ef sper-.'st'oa. Md that tbap BOB rb e? j ?? ? 11^ fcavcp car'?hi:?*. ?? r*?-**?e# Ium w toy laad vwruat aow e tkf cute of iwh ( ? l?CDJUor? * it,OoC 000 teres. Tboy n?r &?eo uougfat it u i*fra|t of My M?r W cuui por wt Weil, ti> oweMvilMUi)] 05 per acre, or 60 ?*r oeul, r ' yon kit* these a^oealatws the nrj n-oe proi* ** *0.126.000 Nevrrtheiee*, 1 ilo not moan vo <aj U1 ' Cobb anted usder sueh laCuesoe when bo repar MUT. bill Irom the OoasuuUec on 1'ubrtc '?indu, but ?? '?* i? dcee k*'k rery >?*? ? oper?l?o? ? '* *?? *?*?"? ? ? very ?mall ma.?>iy, and "U! I* > again lie Ooart of Claims ?M |B ?"*"???? Congress uy a bill reported by Mr. J' ?*? ^ *tn? 11 ?u I>mi?J without mncv ,?tS2? bniurmg (be Home that it was free that it would Vend to rsheTS Co?r j wwii *11 objections troublesome breaches or bust? #W"??^0*U ditties to persons havlag Our inrut. no Court baa pro* ??*??? u?e gorenB uLlure. lUdec.Wm.aro m aoiaim, * report, wb- ** ^!li-hiL Jll.P.TI^! JSI before Uj# Committee *EJT ?r adverse, (<>? toe nine Influences ? ????loracUoo, sad of coarse and lobby agenta '*** Ka*e the House lolitdi naae Then the Com?'' m moob *"?<?>???, are still operative. Hooie to act ar *mlo report to Hie Ucroae, and the amoved t1 m * 3?*? ?? K did before the Court wa* P'rutor djlr * ** m this bill ha. oaiy Imposed Ho haa r ?/* "?* tnrtber d)l],cuit<ee upon the claimant, jnder tr -? *^<*1 farther to p*?t through than ho bid ?*, " '?V'V 11 the'reforo with groat unanl r.n w>' " to b? disposed or. A bill to make aa oti' hand df position o( the Calirornt* la? J claims wan reported laat eeaaton ;rom the Committee an the iodiciary. It involve; property to the amount oi tona ol-BlllkKi of dollars and a groat procure wan pat on to aurry it throof h. It limply dire-tg the Attoraey i.ene ra to take each legal acuon m regard to Uiem .m to allow then %11 to bo governed by the deoi-<oo of tb? Marlpooa ? in'm. L:keCobb'a bttl, it looks very -imphi and iano c?5t but It coverts quite a aioo sohamo. It is bit pend toy It it the Attorney ' ener .l la dulog oi hi.: oao aooortl ?what thm bill wou'q have ordered him to do??pt that ... atSwed at luat aeteion to be a bnngltng and absurd ^-^nent, and a tolll lor the repeal of the law coniU a the Court wee atroduced, out aot passed oa It is " be bow .1-c hw own aiocret'oo in the matter, wntie tbe terai of the bill were imperative. Whitney's iieiurali.atMn bill own Into the world still born, inl elands no c-h&noe of galvanization. It May Hand on U>e calendar of unfinished bimluetg aa a memen. to ot the mushroom party of which it tu a weak eaut lauoQ. -We will probably hare aome Instructive and interest iog devlopeanents made by the Special Committee ef in vertigat'on aa to alleged fi at da committed in the er action and management of public buildings. This oomauttee la beaded by Mr Ball, of Ohio, who appeara to labor nnder a like monomaaia, and to be subject to the same sort ot ?niluce< oa which alVeeted Mr Stanton, ef Kentucky, in tho prev.jna fV?gr.*sa. There are around Washington a lot of won; be arcnltccta. builders and contractors, whose only ,rol?v!onal b ualnesa tsema to be that of earwlgpng numbers, and startling them with reports prejudicial to the honor. Integrity and capacity of Oapt. Melga, the so \ eminent ^lperiniendeot o( the extension of the capitol. I bave no persona! knowledge ol tie < iplain, but I would ?lake my reputation, from what I have seeu ot the buildings, and from what 1 know uf those tricksters who are tlreUts In thf tr abortive persecution of hire, that be la an honorable, trustworthy and tlHclent I ex pec!, there ore, that Mr. Ball and his car wigging rneniia will make a contemptible Bzz.eti their Investigating buai oess. f>-J!l we may get out of it some devnlopemeais akin to thoae made tn connection with the comailni>ner ahipoi repaurs and auppitea in New York o:ty. We will bare any n'umser ot river and harbor Improve ment a op this ne\t ?eaiK>p, a* there are eoough *up lorters of that policy tn both hoi.aes to OTeartde ibe I're aldtnt'a veto, nibh ten mi'bcnt ot dollars wiil probably be appropi istrd Id that way. There will aJao be eflorts made to procare contract irom (ingress for the Vanderbllt lice of steamrrs to 8w than pton. the Banten lite to Glnskatadt, in hotstein-, and a new une to Geuou and the Mediterranean porta. IV re will probably bo a ttrong efori made to rev oie tae or<Wr giving notice to the Collins line of the diminution of the bountr, ! are that the Washington correapondent or one of the Siew York papers speaks of the pro baste anal ndjunlmenl of the Central American qaesttan under President herce'n a Imln.alration. ( had ?bought that that question waa alreaey aettisd. In fact. unleaa I am very much rtie tak< n, tho text of tho treaty waa published a week or two ago in the Hskai.d, with all tbe ureal uchnicaiittea and f >rmaiitias And yet lb ji erudite ?-orreapobdent gravely a aurts tbe readers of ioj paper with which bo i-i cjunccted, ttut tbe terms of tbe ar langemem wil! not be iua In k aowo before tbe appear ance ot th. I'rendenCa next annual m??a<e .Sleepy >s d v di al ?why not read Ibe Hi"*u>v Aa to Mr Dallas' ?o moi't talked Of diplomacy m tbe nutler, be uad nearly aa title in do Willi U aa a letter earner haa wub ibecoo tenia ot l<is bag. He neiely delivered the I'leiiagea b* bad received and < onllned himself t<> h a instruciiona. To all nteatr and purpiaea tho Central American i|U?ation .i ?ett'.ed. except thai th? treaty haa to he submitted to the Senate for rat.noat on. l.try the '.'lrtgoio^ r inn tig rkrteh of tbe bur nets pending before Concree-', yon will perceive that the sea <B b>os fair to he an liter -sting and cimin^ one. I m*y tave omitted rel?rence to tine m nor quest an* to l>e uiapoaed of, but 1 be ieve ali th a important ineaaures are glanced at. I'M*- Revolution tu Serthrni Mevtio. HI K MONTKKCY COURCarOSMCNCB. SloTTKi av, Mexico, Ust 13, 1H&0. r ^i ?'$ <>t :!?' MiurrectUnjrj! ?0. -ujnO nt <>/\ I'D. stNt-'D?/* ?,<*/?! Ai'iick i/n Can"rtyr?h- -tttnUun ? ??: of ik* ?'/ L*>t T'o.r?Patrvtitm of J*i-lmrri. Tbe imcee from Tamaul:paa. alter tue.r hurried r?troa' horn 'iter, bave i-onrentra'nd lbe!r whole force at Camago, where they have determined to the fhte of a hos tile encounter with the foroea irosa tbls state. Ihe town of ilianueva, on tbe weat bank of the San .loan nver. wan eccnpted by ?-ovtrnor Vidaurn ou the Mb nit., and os the v?th a irs waa oiiesed oa the osesay who guard tbe croeatrgK of the river which are not fordable. The o'.d town o' < amargo. he'd by the enemy, la aome tbiea uarlere <.f a mile below, on the opposite Sidr of Uie rlrer. Halts were bein< construct*! In order in forre s passage, wbea a gnneial asaaalt would be given, If the <nes?r as they say, attempt to hold the town. The otferr forres ' rotr this Rate In the tatrrior e* Ta maul'.pan bad ma* with paitlal sccresssa tn tae afcirmtahea had w ih the rsemy, and warm work ta anticipated la 1 that aectiea of the t oon 117 aa Governor Garza had at last ? 'eft Tam nine with a strong force ia order to protect the 1 ap lal of Victor* Ordeia have beea aent tor theloroas ? iitrn this Safe ta advance aad attack tbe capital. The towa of Han t^r.oa had aeroeded the pun of V 'la I grand, which refuses to recofsle* <iar*a aa Governor of ! lamatilpas aad t'omonferi aa 1'rssidsa. substitute of Met- I no The town of he d an etactlon. aad gars its vote to | (ton Albino toper, of Ma*amoro<. tor Governor, to roe J oeed Gaiaa. whoee uacendltlonal removal la exacted by i.overnor \'idaurri. ftir t.avitg caused the civil atnfa now on the frontier. Afier th* oot'ipat'on of Mier th' tanTof latt year, aa pub!i?ha<l by Governor Vldasrn. is ?aforced, with an *d ) ?jitixna deduction <tf twenty per rent, it ta evan more liberal than tbe f.aball* tarll wnirh received vary 1 grnera v-efnatKin is rommer ia! cuclea Aa ordor pub iwbe< by the Treearr.-r of this !?' ale :slt>rma mercbante 1 nnd otters that an goods ? . introduced tbroofh the line'd the Rx Grande aad net comply ag w ib the new'y estabilancd erder of tbitgs. aball be coa.lvcaUrd aa con trahand The goveiam'at force* tliat bad *l-an e<l fron the la ter.or a* far a* !*an Lui* 'o'c rrma n aiationed tner- 1 aad it n aow kno*u thai Preaid?ni Comoafort ?,? willing to arraage ma'ter* im.i an . w ft Ommr * 1 aurr w.. < will tatea to no terms bat *uch as will nnder a" c'.r am 1 tlan<?>?.? eerure the lateieati of Uus 1-ontier The !*ree> > C*nt'? wlreww ?ra are al a lose w Wat lo do with a man ? whoee po<icy is ia diiert oppoattlsn to that e? every maa , who evir i gured in lUxtco ai a revol< t onar/ . | gr u i raaan com>*?t>nd, nn<r.h ie?a appre> ate. bow he ran oe J poor and ia debt, wkan he <~o?il have smml a prlaca.y? fortune wlthoat the very least responsibility. The fhei is 1 hat they can a either bribe, cej?;e nor buliy t n aa 1 there ever wne a patns* bars a Wei 100 tarn pet not a the actaal f.ovetncr oi ^uevo mm aau Coahu.ia. fton ? ut'ago 1 ' la rr. I )? f n.ountebanlo sad leai prats In Met <0 would oa.y let him alon' be would he o. aom? WlM to this unhappy aad dietrarled an atry. Thia runaatic aM oandaomo uty Is 'tnproving v?ry meah and ail foraagaara ga and < ?ae aa |rae j as 1: Wf were trave.i.a; in your owa happy country Aeetlirr Helen sf Trey. [groin toe Troy Timaa. Nov. 1} j .-<4ne twelve moatna ata a, a j o<iag maa. a aaechao! , wall kBcwi to a large aumhar at our i?? lera m thiacttr, d sear mi aad la tr> H IIM the >1 I >orado !*Ute He tall befcihd him a .'ourr aad beautiful ?;!e. and as an > ceat bnae a bom aix mootna of aga <?o hat arrival In Califira a. th* young maa wm en gaged aa a 000a gar* of a -an 1 rvnr^aco boose altera am ate, at a very liberal aalary H<> p*i?jwr~d wa... aa . the mveatattat of a awll wb nii he ha. takra wttb b ra to tbs GMdea Mate, 7,elded alar e aad -nnat rtmuae mtlre per crataga The hopes watch a d 'sad him to p-<n 1 rem hc?e aau fhaai'.y, arare m?re thaa reads* I He wrote home oftes to bis ar"fe Hit letter* were ' > .ibel is the k sdert tone, ad invariably eociaae , -er* - Un ?a ll.a 4 ws* n I r'? l a H.i " ISCO 1 July lest, aad in it h? inferrot 1 his wife Uiat he ?Mu 1 eoob return to his native place for brief r.sil, and r-t lueeaed ber to wake her prepara ma far a remoi-st to Cabana. la ruttiwiant of hi* promise, the buab 'nd name boms ea a eteam?r. which reasbed >ew Vora oa Friday last He tended at New Vorh in the alteraooa. Impatient o; the 0"ura which kevt b'm 'row tbear-ns of bis w f" he left eis oatgago in v>-w Voet and wtu aotbfng save bis valtee ta hai.'i, toriK ;a*<*ts on ibe alltraoon ua.n on the Haitron H ? ?r r? ??> a wh <h reached bars lata at nlgl.t B* hnr?-wi 10 bi? home The doir waa locked, i?<i ina ws down dark ll?sro<,<d again aad again, hat tbsr* was to ra?ponae. At laat. presamtag that h.s wife alight he on a view to tbe hint al hts mstaer in West Troy tie 1 o ri??d ? raa 1 wra * paretts met btna arora is eorrow man in nv H < trat iwiulrv was lor h * wl'e Kor a time r?e aerai ??d ao an wer. bit at length a bay Informed him that h?< *,r? bad proved tsNbMH and recreant duriag hi* ai<M>i. > t ? evigag^i m aa llllott aawar'w th * r??l m*? ?mpl07a<l as a ? ?rk n a dry geods MOOT 'a Albany , thn* her gulit hnv ag be eonte nviderif and oot"r ona ab?> ?1.1* parsata?hnn for bidden ber rrors np their UirashdnM, that, but a day or two previous to b?a arr-val, ?h? had goae off oa the cars tor the Hart wttb the young maa. for a tlm*' the ho bard refused to credit the ranrtnl !?.??, i>at latairy r?r* aded him It we- too trne H * "? lian'rvidf awv enconrayed the advanoea ot the adu terer. snd fsvor'd t m r r .rt Tb? meaaa which he bad I lorn a t.a-l wa te.i ? -oa him and on wedn.aday nh? had len tte eltf w ui him for the Her babe waa 'alt la charge * a lamily la Peuth Troy, wha agratd is provtds tor It tor a mgalar wtaaly 1 Rmh law Mm Mmt and his rbild ns their way lo Me# ) ovk aitr. Ir.? y w'll Inave tor QaBtomielhte week I,,., Ih? I r?, ?d hnahaad and lath?r ? h ? fr. 1. f,.a eat't. ar eeeev *T? n to rrtbra. Wh?ther tbe ntia? w.flt baa retarned fyasa Ih? wen" ent tr 'reel t*"t wboahel' predict tba a1-? 1 in l h?r rewM rse wl ?r the fhta1 rsaoli Sf bar flier* r^gc 'III 1 ll aS'r|l'?Ktl'Wf TDE FEE LUG IT TBS SOUTH. Virginia Scape her Fuager at the New York Spoiiuneo. THE REVIVAL OF THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE. The Not Yet Over in Kunias, Ac., Ac?, Ac. Tlie Politicians of Hew York andthf Patro nage <,fihc AdalaldnUon. , From iho Ruhroond (Va.) Unqairer, Not. 12 ] Amort; the f?tlsfe< tory circumstances of Buchanan'a election, we reckon the iVtthet ha succeeds wiibom the suppcri of New York. the politicians of the l.'mpire Slate bate not thought tt poeslble that the operations of government could continue without their assistance The coo r* it m taken out of them; and we are tied of it Since they discover that the Iteaident can be elected ageu.eC Uieir will Iperbapa they nay not betray ao much oi arrcganoe and importunity in their clamor for place. Ai the threshold or hia administration, Mr. Pierce was embarrassed by the r^uabbies or the New York politi cians; and that early ompitoatioo baa been the causo ul a.l h:n ?ubectiue.nt trouble and dieappotntmsnt. So doubt he regrets that atter tho s?ieotton of Secre tary or i*tate, he Jui noi slam .'us door of the Tr'rsury in the fme of the ratvtiomn and fmveiotts horde of ipeili "i.-n />um the SluXe of Pigu l'<jrk. If he bad only avoided the claah anl conflict of the -tiellc. what an infinity of vexation would he have avert td: Hut this policy waa impracticable under the clrcum .'tancer, and Mr. lleroe bad no alternate bat to make the most of a cruel ne:easity. We repeal now. what we maintained at the time, thai Mr. llerce distributed the patronage ol New York on a correct principle and with pure Intention, and that bit policy failed of snooees, Elm ply because it watt not within the compsas oi human wisdom to suggest a mode of apportionment which would have appealed the hunger and soothed the jealousies of the innumerable aspirants lor place, which the Empire State precipitated upon Washington in the spring o,* 1863. Fortune ia more propitious to Mr. Bochauan. New York did nothing for him: and it ia not incumbent cpon bim to do anything lor New York If there be within the State (as undoubtedly there ia) anythlag of pablio virtue and political wisdom which he would enlist ta the service of the coontry, he may seloct tho man in contempt of the claims of the politician*. Ij he vw Id hare a Mara/ to prelide oner the foreign rela turn of the gortmm'nl, or a .Seymour to rtprtten' 1.1 interetii <Jbroa*>, or DLJcmion, or Wood, or Hix, or any olhtr able and worthy citizen, to serve it in torn- other function, he may attain his otrjeil without the. hazard cf per 'tonal embarrass rant. But Mr Buchanan must have It understood in the beginning of his administration?per hat* >t would be well to proclaim In bta inaugural ad dress?that be recognizes uo sort oi obligation to the po liticians of New York, that whet they get they will re oeive out of mere iavor, and that their broila and wranglea are ne?*r to be obtruded upon the ornaoMaUona of tho Cabinet. If Mr liuchaaan will adopt thia prompt and peremptory policy be will save hlmaelf a world of vexation, and tb* country an inflnlty of acandalOQs dis putation It * as th? wise Baying oi the wisest of women, that "an ungov< t cable beast should be stinted in lie pro vender." Mr. Buchanan mar profit of the leaaoa, and by ajndicioua parsimony in the dispensation of patron age, may reduce even the politicians of New York to something lik Uecency and decorum In the pursuit of spoils. The Southern Cause In Kansas?The End Sot Yet. IFrom the New Orleans Delta, Men. Kavia' organ,) Nor. 7.] The at'.dreaa of the Executive Committee nf Ksnaaa Ter rttory to the people of tbe South will be found in another column. It la brief, bnt la fail of suggestion, and peril neut to the times. Tbe Southern public should give tt heed, and show their appreciation by deeds aa wellaa by worda. It rays truly tbat tho contest is not ended in Kanras. Th' ttmjtorary triumph of the Southern cauje in the eit.titn of Geve. cl Whitfidd at ? ileU-jate hat not cn*l"i tt; Tivrth,- rr/?'bii?i nf Lane' I army of ??thrieLrtnor the defeat of :he bUvk rejiMican raniukdefor Pre sent by tin till! ft 'he teeth of the deirncrwic party. In spile of Mil thete, tt. riu'. it ml jet, and u.ll ru ' be <KUe the Xnrth is the if fuHU'.i' Uin. Ko tos U stUi an open Jield far ' f?o?!.!->?n) never takes a step backward. It la e**ea ttaiiy aggresme, and muni on and on, at tr poesetaed by all toe devi ? at once, until :t goea out la blood or meeta aad <iuaiii and falls before a might it r force and more reaohit* ?pii it. It !a leaf to rea.<ob, regardle** of jaitlce, loseasiole to pity. tbe l.>gtcof auperior power, tbe per suasion of a stronger ?l)l, oan only bring It to a pause in lta toad career. Yield It one ineb, and it will demand a ratio like the tigor, let It taste but oae drop ot Its ric tin's blood, and it will hoal for the whole carcaaa. From the begins tog, the South haa beau try tig to satisfy lta . ipidity with instalments, to appeaae tt* appetlta Willi an ocrattonal taitc or blood Strange delusion U ihtak that It would not grow by what it fed on. Ipioi lata jicrlod the south waa ffgbtmg ber battle under tliat most fatal duadvaitage. thu ? ant ol a savini: tiib.of n sett tod conviction lounde?i upon sound logic mi jnit pi.jnples Uer conceaaiou* io irgun-.ent were q.nte a* large a* l?er connei lona oi'territory, and woold have rcetiltcii u nevitablc rutntoberca.;ae 11 she bad not changed b*r attitude frani tliatoi an apolonatlc de'aaae to uDl:mch air ic.lanee ?nd a preparation to make effective by carrying the war .mo Africa if neoeeaary. JCxper.enee baa mftkiently hUowu that the latter waa ibe only life policy and ibe instinct .?f common een*eteachee tMt we must Tinutcato the existence, perpetuation aad extcuaiou of alarerv upon vnncipli. or ;;tve up tbe eon teat. The institution be Cefended In lta integrity. or not at ail If It ? right and }?*t, and wlioteaome, It ahouid be maintained, perpetuated and extended aad no man. North or t*outb. aad no party o? party ? repreaan tauve or bave*uiy rlgbtto aay nay.- T\tMort, Kam tin ikouiJ riu It up; c it v** -f :ke moa cvtytU at the ux 'at' Raided om fuol llure. lu: u uiu dm U ?m?i fil' tt>' othtr u taOitf fi mlj in i! tint. A glaai e at the map rhow* lta geographical value and la portent e. Mimnder Kansas. and #a muat prepare to give up M atoml. Free lolllim ?,11 eat into bar territory frtm three side* at once Uka a cancer, and fleally dough art ai.d be kwt The disease woutc tbeu extend III canieroua fr.nge ovar the not them 1?orders or Arkansas. tbe Indian tarn ory and Tesaa an I through New Mexico, extending to tbe Mtxl tan frontier. wo> ..1 at aat. sjanted by tbe abolition pohev of (.net Britain in the Wen Indian, entirely aurround oe. aud wee oa to rhooae between aalf JeatructUu and the agoni*** ol a alow t catfc. Tbe Nuitb cannot ,/aore Kaaaaa and be true to banelf and ber < ortiay. The non inn rvtntion doctrixe mar do ae a j?rty expedient, but tt will not aave u*. Caaainty la not only deepieeit by fanuh-ita?It invitee attach Bla< k republican*?n wiil continue u> norer over our bor den like a murky < ou I; It ia atenl, no: altk or Jown. that can d.rp'i a<ra t ol iU I xhtaiug and render It harmlm* Or II may ?>e coin pared to a pha?tom:ll we lly from it In (error. It growe up to tbe (klaa but If we approach It hold y, It vaB'abci frt'Bi the ai|ht, Tbe laitb of the .-?jutb tn lx? rlnniiibant. m *t be active an-1 militant; with faitti In tentll. fanh In her canae. ant raitb In her deatiny, buttling can lelcat her?be. faith will ba aynonyao-i* with late. Kanaa^ a ill ten II ?be ha*e ihia kin J oflann ibe ia:th wf.lch iu?jiirts Att f.i?<?o Stringfellow, Whit geld and Tllsa or only the faith ot w?rd? and phrue< and tbe to.tmn hoab> gg?ry or aiere T>latrorma Will she prove c<ta. ia ia?- teat? t.H the SvnJttf%ptvjfii <uw?<*. \% III Ibe Mtlean Slave Tra?le he llrvlrrd 1 From tho 1 <iultvlUe < <J ) l?emnc,-ai. Nov. 11 | Tb> N?* "i c?k IlrKAOt givce iti reader* a column and a ha 1 on tie >?ve trade. Tbe ?dit>r begins n)w toaug fem tbe d'Sicaltiti 01 re?t*iag it It i agttnft Ibe op; aionr ot tbe world, and against tresuee ana beai tea. it la eg a (.si the iniarrst ot slaveholder*, wbo now have the m"iK>i*o y tl proimrty in eia?ea. and Ui>n i want coap* ulion m (be mar si He (hmk-t, ?(>oa ' je whole, the trade will n'<t be revived. The freedom snr.ekera ba\e foreteiJ that tbe trade would ?>e rav!ve<i, and aaaured mar aslnded roborts that It wai tbe ih.ef object to be ga??l bv tbe elect.oo of B haaaii sad now It ig aecrt ear u> -how why the prophecy ia ?<n futflllad it wax .nteaded to revive the ?.?<?? trade: of courae It tin and now the iemocratir party ? ?aeteaalul, ant lue ttalcded ?u!i:iu .t wit .fit with fear aad tre-j?Miaz to tti? 'oretold re-ult It u benevoieat ia tbe editor o' the Bktaw to re'ieve tbe terror of tbe a'.apietona wbo have bei n scared .nta abolition ranka by audamoua haa, pe red out from tbe pr- as. belched forth iroa tbe atump and bowled Iroai a proem ted pu)p>t They are alanaed with tbe frtghtf >1 'mgbear. aad It ia very refreahlng to them *> be se? .red by one of the ihi?i abrn aera. that, a'ter al! tbe slave trade may aot be revived, to difUci.ltiea that did aot o> onr lo tbe !a Ittfut before We we dttpoaed. Uowever, to trigliloa tbe 1'ooM to deal... and get rid oi tb?m. there are too nany a ihi? cxiintry. aid l wo id'be a eervlce te tbe re^ ot to arsire them into incurable flta We say, t'iea, I at lb* dlOictiltie* 'n tbe aray of revlvlan tlse t.sve trade are aot a* formidable as tbe au: ? weuld mt'.e o<.t The *taveboiders would, o( course, op ;>os* It, b< u*? it i* opposed to Iheir interest but tb?> trredom ?hr)*k?r*< m ea- ly be bought over to toe ata ? re. We uon t know a braAcb ot trade that oiler* (uub a ?t?aii<'t f?re*orb laat proilia a- the slave trade aal aa terpr.stag !reea-?ui alin> *er? ibe very men >. ho iove lira dinee, aad would .the to eagage a tt Tuey ran prea and ;>.a> agi a<t .t, and 'ail at I e s.nfu) 8*>U> iri ti e Sunday ioreaoon, an I meet at ti hi >a tuelr counting ronton sb i eub?i rlbe vto k la I'l'i-ll i?*t fi??J aga bst Madiroa aad the war .a day time, and fltt'- l wt ?nnmr al night *?t,ior i/tbo >lau:o m mi-tak*? i he ? '-ipiiosf* that (be reed .a slir, ?.kers will mane - K-a a torn*' *b'e opposition, on U?e 'Otrary. tbe edrf?f liioi Mlf. u?1 h.-frrod f-ree ey, wuuid take a venture, and pv net 'he pro earle, aad It wou i enabi* then ti I-??e ? till I io*d?i ,'ineils lor freedom M'n who have <>ed at *<v ba I rate, an* eob ? rfbed tn-wey l<? ? tppori treaeor. are very liable to temptauoa. We have ao laitb in them W? I ere they ?miM take a hand ui the slave lr?ie, au t h>g gt* with King tiahotney lor one of bis robbed*, if th*y could th'rehy r^jeai bis U* ??ty out of a sbilt ag Besides nen ar? always an> tioua to . ?r?fy tbeir own pre Iw-uoas. and b'tire the ehrtekers will ilk* In eee Uio wave k*?la e*tab ?bed, that they m*y be prophet" in reputation They ear, teli toe taitbrnl that, after ail. H la the o?iy way to ntao tbe i*u\iUi to briag down tbe valtie of aegroea. snd suppy mrre *oidlar- ftr ibe geaeral laaurrwtloa Uey it?end to bring abont that tbe Nortb snll be an r obed by tbe trade, sod tbe Poatb Impoverished that it is pro)ier to en ploy sn' h annn la a holy rau**. aiet as tt waa proper to preach itarpe s rtlte* n t^ad of tbe * b,e ea<i del ige Kansas la bloo<l for the sake of freedom It is troe that the world's opinion aad treaties are slightly in ti.e wa?; bat what *1 taatr taglaad is tbe great as iirnai 'rintoia abr aker aad she iraoea in a?l ap p entwea. aad thua nbipe ibe d-l roaad the smmp: and, ta ibe meaa line, preaeh. s and pray*, and prostata sgaiast siatut tr.aa who ho it siavo*. 'H Ki n?, *o man ot *eaae will br'.ng in a bill to revive

tbe *lsv# ir?de-. b'H be can brief la a bill to supprea* It, aad *?r other purpose*. Tb* nasa* ntght latae a tan* peat, but the tbiag cader another nan a woold do neef.bas haa a hair horror ordi ,akiag lienor that r*igar and stainl prarllr* h"! ha raa dt*e.?ir?* elw, neatly an ina ner ta * Pnb'edan - haapfa f pea ??.* wb?m. wa ?ri?*r 1 'f tb* tbtrg <* >ot rt|M ttu lie, aid tb* di(t gtuu'*? Bu,W H??ux wM ,"nSS^ '< tbst would bo the mata ?>??<?? *?? nrtis and the pulpit, *** ? I??4 >0 ^along, Uid there ir? iome people w *? woo* ttfwWMjlewe Ute pr*? oI negroes, an* * ^ uk? a TA iSThmIub, Ihsa, look out, rjf*t mwrum lootota. There ij no telling what fMtto^ may do. I*t uTist op a Btcret political party,*^ tbe il?M trade la to go tor It, and notiin^ Mi; than, with the aid of the freedom shriekers and an ingenious teUI, ?or? rUectoally to suppress th? ?!?'/? trade, tba work will be done. l?t all the taitWul tremble 00, ui be wort* Beared than ever WkattlMfOiitlwn Commercial Convention Itas to do. (rrtnn the Charleston (a C.) Mercury^ | Nuthla* m reeeat events releases ua from the binding obUiittoD ot taking care of oar future. We havnelectna a I "rodent ia wboee good faith and good feeMywe may place eattre oonBdence; but we have ?'?<**<* under cfroumatancee that, more than ** 1 thing which baa occurred previouafy, warn uitlMtthe people 9 (Ae/vor.A and the Suuik are t**> iiaCumt. In Una sasemblage, there fore. snd ta aay assemblage representing the Southern people la their oowmerciaJ, iaduatrtaJ, or P?btloaJcb?r ieur; we are compelled to take iato consideration thia kodlng fact, that we are a (action cf the confederacy proscribed, denounced, and la a fixed minority. Wo ?tend forever at (be bar, wttli Northern hostility M our udge and jury, In every queatlon of right that coaaee up before tbe oootaderate legislature. Reoent events show that we have ?o hope in a growing sense of justice on the part of the majority, and that, we can only trust to the trowing Dece?sity (or a union and strict understanding on thonnrt of the minority. Tbla gathering of Southern men animated, aa we must suppose, by a common senti meet of patrioliam, and a common desire to promote toe ?nuty and prosperity or their section, may hava it in Iw power to add much to the impulse of Southern foaling, and tbe advancement of Southern intewiti. W0 ?o?; tbat South Carolina will be reprssenudt? tbla Ooaven Hon by a body of men who will not only be true Ut her own particular Interests, but who will carry into that aascmbtagea spirit of large and generoua patriotism, locking to the advantage of the whole country 1 eprssen ted. and not tearing to laeo the moat perilous question) that menace as from without. Another Secession Organ at the South. irrom the Charleston (8. C.) Mercury, Nov 1*1 The last number of this sterling journal (the HuatnTtUe Democrat) announces the retirement M_ttn veteraa edi tor Mr. Woodson, who established H, and has conducted it, with (Istlnguiebed ability, for tblny three years. The l><"mocra'. has been one of the moat 000slatent, able and lalibful organa or Southern opinion; and, la Mr. Woodson, wa feel as IT we were saying farewell to an old and honored friend. _ . . .. Mr. J. Withers Clay suoceeds Mr. Woodson ^ toco* trol and management of the D-vuxrat. Mr. Clay la the son ol Hon C. C. Cay, the former Governor anu United States Siuator of Alabama, and the y??Xt auL The the present distinguished Sei^U)r t>om thatSUto. The ?train la excellent, and we cannot doubt, flrom the ev decco of blood, that Mr. CUy will make the De>Mcr<ti?11 tbat a Southern Journal should be. If any ?iBuraDce of this were wanting, 11 would be supplied In the follow In* extract from his editorial addreaa:? I am a Slate right* democrat. Under mv view of onr federal system, the general government la but the crea ture of the States, which are co equal sOTere wliea, and the creature cannot, in the very nature 01 things, be equal to the creators; and hence, axoept so far aa the federal constitution expreaaly cchtors1 sovereign powers on the general government, the sovereignty of each SUie ia supreme within Its own borders. If, therefore, the general government should exercise powers not granted, to the injury of a State, or tending u> degrade ber Iroas eqtaiity with her sister Slates, tt would be Ue rlgbl aad the duty of that Mate, in the langosge of the Georgia platform, "to resist, even to a disruption of every Ue tbat blaJa her to the Vn.on " My motto, tberefow, Is "hquality for the iouth In the Unioa, or independence out of it." Form of a Southern Confederacy. [Prom the Charleston (S. C.) Mercury, Nov. 11 ] The Baltimore Jwrtoan, in an article written juat be fore the Presidential election, and which we may, Were tore, consider as having something of the mere P?rUaan feel loir of carrying a point at the moment, maitos our artinie under Ibis head the subject or indignant and even acrimonious comment. Tbe American, however, In its party zeal makes us, very unjustly, the expejent of the democratic side in tbe '-residential contest. We are not so. in any party sense. ir we are attached t > the demo cratic party it ? simply that we agree wtth tbem in lead leg principles; but we own no fealty and acknowledge s alletisnee to any party whatever. And we hold tb?m aa little bound snd aa HttVe responsible for our declara tloan as we hold onraelvea bound by thalra. So mnch '"?uTtSegreat mistake of the Baltimore ^.l'rican la In I lopjiusmg tbat ihe forecast of a Southern Cosfederacy Is 1 the creed peculiarly of tbe democraUc party of the South I ? . <"V, .'</ae "J <?>' 'earn, the letted!* 1 i'J <J the thirUing vun of the South, that vnUU f>me Hitant con it dn-itedtovtilt, pacraUy and defimtalf, "?? i*u4 fce_ We,n the tr? if (tMit, a tertian i* totntabU a** dii'"OU. rbls is the conclu?ion which has been forced upou sll men's mlnda by a conourreocs of events; snd we have been compelled to contem plate ibe immediate necessity of it in the probability that a renetsde adventurer lroin tbe Sonth, on the sole uaahkaHea e( his declared hostility to our social inter r?ts would be elected President of the Called States We have escaped tbii result, but not by tbe aid of Maryland The city 01 Baltimore, and tbe influence of tbe Baltimore tmil did ibsir uimoet to plunge tbla confederacy loto a position in which sectional division and boatility ootid bs\s been Its normal condition. We are "?t re sooiisible lor tbe mlKiakee or the city of Bal .mere, or the Sttfj of Maryland They may have thought they ware ss \ irt the I sloa ia * otug tor Mr Fillmore, butupoji ?what 1 round, ws are absolutely at a loaa to Imagine. 1 tb?y had tucceeded In throwing tbe elecnoa Into tbe Ucu>e 01 P.epreeenlatjvea, (and they could not have hoped for anythlajr more ) what bad they a right to ax r?c< Did not t^ii 1 ongress alsct a ManacbussWa aboli tienwt 'ot its prr^tdioK oti?cer - Had tbey a nght to anp pr?e that it would elect any other than a free sotler for President- Tbe oaly coaelnsioa, therefore. la, that tbe a Amn !> aa is dMnrbad at tbe expreaslon of aay opinions whiob tend to tbe disenlhralmenl of the South fiom its present peaitlua. tt a are not disturbed, however, by thane expreeatona We know that Baltimore Is a kind of middle ground. That many of ber traders are, like the cow boys of the Involution, going back aad forth between the hostile camps sad makJig gain out ot both. But U doea not prevent the camps from being hoatlls ; it dosa a ot prevent tbe bristle at armor la onpealag array; U d<*t ??x. ?n thorl. pr- ent Oe AerfAaiiJ the Sou*. 1nm beinj twonatumt. ibe cow i?eys may keep np tke supplns ties but they have no power to recoacile their content of nrinciDiSS, aad no power to make permanent penoe be tween them. >\e, thcralore, maks light of all the elo oueni flndignalion of the Baltimore inapsrs about our disunion principles, aad tbeli horror of the csneeqnencet ot tbem. e take disun on aa a thing tbat has been forced upon us W. wsre willing to endare the Union when we knew It wsa a joks and a burden. We ware willing to endure It wbea we knew that we paid for it aad anpported it. When It la made the means of perpetual intuit, encroach meat and tyranny : when it is aasumsd that It can be ?ted aa a power to nop our growth, to degrade our peo nie aad, inally. to destroy onr sxlnl laatttutioae, It is dlrncuH to conoei e or a Southern man wtth a aatura so debased hat ng once lasted llosrty. and felt tte sense of benor, that would aot reeiet If wc resist, therefore, it is simply bciauae there is ao othsr resource .aft to us. A D* light fill Aerial Trip by Day ami JVlg'il Mart II ilk Etyri larnl. ? rorn tbe Philadelphia l4d|er, Not. 13.) Mr 1 < odard med* a balloon ascension on K afterwn. lacing with blm Mruri Wm. Via <M*a. Ea rn,a KlU, K WtJioa and T. M. Coleman The ba.iooo *a? a.low#J to leave <<? ra >m?a at a few tnnute* pvi tiirfe ? cicck, tod la coaae!) ueoce of the atlllae** <i( toe aimoepiieir. U huag for arljr a hair bom over Ue dir. U. ng a uorib< aateriy direction. The i>:."?engen bad not oely a n liU.lccnt vtew of Philadelphia. but Ui* eye took IB Norr'Jii >*: . the mountain* near tuenor. Trenin* aad all tbe mall town* within Uxse places. The ba< w a ,>uicd ovar the Delaware at Via* nreet. aad took a direrti ? toward* Petty * Island, but before rsacb .n? that peat, It WM wafted over (oojx r'a l'oi?i. aod tbea dov u tbe ft?r ualil nearly opposite Smith ? itianl Another ci.neat of air be-e look tae voyager* and me Ha Iooa wa- walled acroax Jersey toward* Moreatown, before reaching ? b b Mr i.odard gave hi* pM*engera an ?f par at at, to ?bow bow no would eecnr* b ? balloon ,n rate of a ?torin Ho wa* approaching a Uoary oak f?re*t, aad when BMrly oree It. dew ended very rajndi* until the baaket was entangled amoag tae upper ?Jib*. At ih. time *( 'be deeoeat there appraroi to be but Utti* wind, bat a* *oon a* tae baaket <an?e in cmta<-t w.tb tbe irnM, tbe air appeared to be i?it* ireab, aad tbe car waa draggjd or nearly a iniaclrod yard*, breaking aad beading u>e n ab* <>? ??ath n wb le the paMoagore were rroorbed down in tbe baaket, to keep their beads out of harm * way. Mr ?oda-l iiot having Mid anything ef hi* Intention to abow tliia "tper.meat, his compaa.oas were of tbe opinion that the bai/ooa bad bur*tod, or the ga* bad r^odeaeod *o rapid y that It lould aot carry tbe load, but the discharge <>; a lew pounds of ballast aauaed I be ballooa to mmr al^n taptoiy to tbe height of about ft.OOO feet W'brn oear tbe Iowa of Kellowtbip, tome nine m .e* from I"hW*<l* I'hla, Mr. God?nl lost hi* carpetbag. It bar ?rig lalim t-> tbe ground. As *ooa a* be di*cor?rad thl*. be mm* lately opened tbe valve, aad tbe balloon do toeaded wtb ruuoh eaooia U>? beidaf Mr Amm Koberto where tt r<ma>ned until a man waa teat bank for tb? I net pnrpeff. While here, a amber o' prople collected, aad nrttatioM were quite aimerc*.* for the party to (top aad take erpper bat the *hade*of evrnlng comln? on, tbe voyager* were deaiiou* of ad vane-ng aad enjoying a Hue by >tiilgbt. Alter asceading graeefBUy a ? eerad t me. tbe bali>oa waa wafiel iiowly to ward* Moor"?towa, at which plaoo a glorioua *uo Ht view waa had. A* the *boob begaa to cait It* w.very ray* over the earth, mixed wtb tb* laat bet ? of the *v.n. thnaflect wa* <txr<*diBgly One The iw wn then took a more eaaterly course affi paused over the town of l oaabortoo, ?*ch ?treet of which aad i be etream near tbe town betag iltetlnctly shown ta the mortii ghi?the balloon ra tine !U huge ahadow in the water and up>>a the ground, a long distance ,o adraane. The pa?? ag of the shadow over tbe eartn abowed to the paeaenger* tne peed with which they were travelling. ,\i 1 uiabertor, and maa* other poinu on the root*, tbe balloon wa* allowed to deecend near enough to the earth ta alHrw tb* paaeaKon to convene with thoee oenealb tbrw, and iMalre diataaco*. \c; several good formers extended iavitatloM to.iupper, *tatlne that It wm then ready. Alter en oyiag the mooal ght ride until nearly eight, and the ballast betag atari? onaamed, the rold mndrMtag the gaa so ra^dly, making tt neooe**ary. Mr. i.'jdard ? eiecte.l a ield at>?"t three aliee rrttm Mount Htrtlf fbr hla dea-ant, wh^oh wm efte. led m a very geatw. manner the property on which R lighted belonging to Mr. *m. A .(?haoon.te whom the party were indebted Mr the bnm M get4>ag ta Mount Holly Tbe distance travnlM* la ? straight course wm enm* Mfhtenn mVm, bwt (t eonM"iue*ee a# the ?v<?e currents the aotaai nt? tamro waa afcoot thirty. T*e t>me urnigM wm a litua |rt> a-rr re HLWS FBOX HA VARA. Antral or (he Empire City. lie imumLip LmpUaC.:y, capt j. P. 6rlfflB( trrv?. Orleans Z. r?To M- > cro*ed Southwest 1'ase at 6 k P m lhe ?me day, ami "rived at Havana ?tasnM <? ^e Sti, Sh? coaled ud landed her passengers tor Havana tram Tarred the California mails and Pinter. for California to the steamship Granada, and left lor New Tort at ?un m the tame day. Nothing oT special Inter eat t* noted at Havana, and no foreign men of war were la Uie barber at the time of tit? arrival of the Kmptre City. Ob Um> morning of the Wth Inst,, while running along the Florida shore, aaw a bark aahoro on Pickle reef, sur rounded by wreckers, masta and sails standing; seemed t? have recently gone on; made her name out Glower. Onr Havana Correspondence. LU a, Not 8,1860. BoUls in liaeana?Project to Build One on the American Plan?A Spy in i\e Catnp?Visit of a Mexican Paul if War to the Pert?TKe Way Domestic Sum it Learned in Havana,?Projected Ilailroads to Mariana and Guana I bacom?Attevift at Murder and Piracy on Board a Cni Ud .Statel Fessel Some years ago, when a former Count do VllJanueva , was " lntcndente General" of Cuba, there arrived here a i French artist of some considerable renown, named Wruay. He painted the magnificent picture now in the j Templet* d? Colon, of "The First Mass" alter the landing | of Columbus, which picture is really one or the few things worthy of the visiter '? attention in this city, and which so very few of the large numbers who annually come to this island seo?aa the "Temple" is only opened to the pub lic on St. Cristobal's day, the lfltb of this present month of November. In addition to this picture. Monsieur Ver may also decorated with his pencil the grand altar at the (Mthcdrai, and performed some other works of art of mi ?or Importance; but all or which excited such genera) sdmlratlon that an extensive and valuable plat ol land, Immediately n the rear of the "TealroTacon," was pre sented to the artist by the "Intondente General" as a public testimony of the high estimation In which the creations ol his pencil were held. This plat of land has descended to the sons of the artist Vermay, one of these gentlemen is, I believe, well known In your city. They hsve, unfortunately, I know not by J *fc*t means, become indebted to the governmert of this island, :md this piece ol land, whlcti was presented to their lather la testimony of his jrreat merit, has been re cently sold at auction to defray the debt doe to tbo gov eminent. I understand the land was "knocked dawn" to a Spaniard Tor 1160,0C0. The Messieurs Vermay, It Is stated, were not satisfied with Ills sale, declaring that a higher "bid" was made for the land, and they accordingly set tli<j;r lawyer to work; the matter waa brcugut before the Real Audleocta, (the Supreme Court or tba Island) and by its judgment the sale already made la declared null and void, and the property Is again shortly to be 'brought to the hammer " .r o7Ni^vUl,.UtCd ""I: * C" Un odobrated hotel keep. L ? or nrther wtB> anx>or.s to become the pnrchsaer of the land, with the view ol erecting thereon a hotel, to be kept upon the American plan The ctn to U,M purp0^- there do & little doubt that such a speculation would prove highly remunerative, la connection with this subject! lilay notice that we have two new hotels opened this fail lhe I , *? '?ng and favorably known to visit I "? Jo this oily from the Cnlted Statea; toe second ctlied the 'Gardner House," to be kept by a gentleman named Gardner, with whom I am not acquainted, but la whose Should Uh? ordinary nuST ber of visitors trom the I nlted btatee come to us Lhe ore sent season, there cannot be any doubt as to thoen^re succets or both tbeae new houses. l ,Zni b?r, It was oobc plained that the hotel accommodation waa insuflicient for our visitors. auoo waa The news o' the dismissal or O'Donnell and of hi* place being filled by Narvasz, received here en the ad l.h.ii,?. (by 018 'est sailing brig Mary Kd eabeih, has created bui 'little surprise, the public mind being apparently prepared for some such change. The general impre awn here appears to be that we shall soon doubUuL 6 Uf "am"u,ton?7-" But all is yet On the 3d Inst., the Mexican screw steam sloop-of-war Democrat a came lata this harbor. She came from Ooai WhM 'b?rt ol ooal, one or our harbor boats to go out and tow her into this bar , It H rurmtrcd *he bis come here to see what preoara Una sre being made for the threatened d?c?tTw? | Mexico. Howsver, I "reckon" the Spaniards are rather rm.Mtl,U> 10 Peimit any knowledge to be obtained which could in any manner tend to the defeat ol the threateaed invasion ai Mexico. Jf President Ccmociort a Sam York correspondent will pe>ru*e your Busuld eareitdly, he may re y n,.ou receiving the earliest intimatcn that may be bi .n.T0, irom >our correspondent, t^e' of ?he slightest movements that may uks niaca w* *1th a generous emu.atis., it ta l?pos?lb)e that any matter of the slightest tnte t vl cib cicftjw us. Wi are a'.k? <tiv bt (Ut on the aui !* M ,,D *, K *,0' ""l,ter etcape one or us ;ha other ts certsin to be In'ormed ot It, so much so that 1* has be coma a common phrase amongst all the educated here, -if wo waat to know the ?ewi rf MrWrTI *? ?uat gat a copy of the Nam Tot* H?. ?, b*T? me*n* of Osdlag aat everything. I need searoa.y add bow pleased we are M "a^e la our presence, no sus plcion being entartalnad by u e party makiar it tiat he F!?~ * compliment uowlttagly to one or the other of those very corresponded. w A daring burglary was committed at tba tatter end of !**'V*k Mtt# segar manufactory ot the celebrated J . oirtaids the walla. The ractory was enter ed In the alghi, aad twenty e.gtu bales of first class wrappers, which coat ?7,0M. taken away The rST b*r'r ?ust hava bate coma tted by toae nraa ?e. ^r,.Wltb lb* rr*n,1*e?. as these twaaty eight bales of tobacco were placed In a corner of the store bouse by themselves, a large quantity, soma three or lour hundred balsa, beisg pis. sd before them, several .* partis have^ tXn TJ??! sumeient evidence to Insure cosvx-ttoa has not a> 'vet 1 understsnd. been obtained. TobaceTis rather aiticla to Idesti'y, aad ir the marks an the bales bare been removed, the very same tob^J^rt ft^i ly be repscked aad oMered for sale to the party from i>0BI 'i stolen without his being swars oTHmfast tv "to h'^f bM bo*" #btol*c?1 fro? tbs "first author! 7 lo bot)1. & fallWMY to 'MiI'IMI !f WhU'b wlii-a im dislsnt three short lesgnee hence. It is alio in coniem {J1*1'""' j bmr< 10 bal1' a railway round the bead ol this harbor to i.uauabacoa This latter, I should iasgiae wi.J scarcely prove a profitable speculation We haVi ,trr* w tar unr, <Kh*r "? "?'? a choice or convey a?cr?railway or coach?to (/uaaabacoa We hsve bad oor first "sorther ? for the <-eaanii i> has invigorated us all woederfuUv, but sepeciallv sum saiosgsi ... u were aotsn.bled io X T tVto summer As . Milesian Irx^d or minT. am to wy " ^ weather at present is elegjT' ?. ,0r s*w Orleans one of the erew lhe Fsther flurr will be seat a prifonor, cliarrod with br,b* ^ ,00k w U^aS a ?o o the design of taking poeecaeion of the vessel R?V4?A, Not 8, me TV ff'cml >n of an Amuri ai 1 eutl?Charp$ oj /*w?cy?2V Xt ? AmericmOsmni? The Crept?llallh of flaw**. <tc.. dc. We are aa yet with oat ujr :ficial announcement of tbe laataimeat or the I ou.a Napoleon M.tuatry under Ute lead ot Narvacs but the raport baa rat our olfi. ahold art in commotion, for fear that thalr patr <>tiam tad Utair "OTer lalthfui' 11 Hcca will l>e loot to tbe country?aad ?apecially to Cuba, * bore they (attoa upon tha (potla. The Amerioaa bark Octavia, Mitchell, of Portland boo ad irom MaUnaae to Boaton, wtth a cargo of t i*r, was Kit oa Froaah raaf. coaat of Florida, on tha Mb laetant? veaie! a total loaa. aome imall part of tha oar ft; will be aared, wtth alight damage; lower etowago loot Tha newt o* your electlona doea not aatlafy ua tor oar loaaea at Madrid, and we are aat aa aeaattlve to tbe probable raaalta u we wore a few rtajra a.ace. The Km pire City, tbia morning, brine* oa nothing definite to flg ure upon, ahd we are compelled to wait tbe laaue by tbe (junker City, do# the lith. Cae of tbe crew of the acbooaor rather Bnrr. Rvrleoa, of New Orleaae, ha* been ordered to tbe t ailed Ptatae by the Coa?ol. for trial na charge* of having endeavored to excite Inanbordiaatioo on board of the reeeel, aad having altered tbe aartag couraea durlag the voyage tor the par po?ea of r'ecting btt pj-atleai purpoae?making the roy ago twenty ?evrn day* fey bla aeoret direraioM of tbe ve?iel rom ber conrae, *Mi the eapta'n waa aot oa dttk. Be will bo aeat by U>a tt earner Philadelphia to New (irlfanx, in iron*. Tbo Cnlted futon Oeneul. Ooi Blythe, aeeme already at bit eaec in the ortire, aa much eo aa if he bad boea long aocvttoraed to tbe bnaiaeee, and giving to all olaaaoa having bt>alneee there perfoot aallelhr too 1 ha*e adrltod yon fey prenout note of tbo departure or the brig of war Babaaoro. for ectioa upon the affaire of tbe [? republic TheSpaalah policy there la do termio'd, bat may be modtted poe*ibty by tbo mw ?latatry. < iir ?ugar buelaee* haa boea aollre; wtth tboartioa of one or two large fei-yen upon tbe aiart<*, who are taking foil advantage of tbe preooat rate* of cinhenge to fbroo good bargaiai Into their pocketa, having the metallic rrtdy. 160.CC" bo*W oa hand Kvchamo, New York and soriheui clttaa. ? to 10 dtaoooat: Iandon, t>j to 3 premium Caitod Mate* gold, 8 to 10 dlaoooat, large and amail pcreela; diver at-9 dtarmtni. for 60 aad 85 cent piece*: diwaa aad half ttmaa at par Kenoan dollar*. 1 pnmium I-relght, *Hgbtly improved, boiee to tbo t'aiiMi Sta'ea, $1: bbda. ofeugar. W; hbde of aolaaaee, 110 galleaa, 91 60 to $2 par hhd. To Knrope, nothing doing. Tbe health or Havana la a* good aa tt caa be. Tbe weather h?* heen bad for a long tune Our r.rope are five woeka lata for the oeaaon, and with more ralaa n Febmary ana March tbo crop wvil come out light, for want of t me to makn tbo barveat We have no dit turbiai mater ai bare, beyoad dreaam of Walker. CWIML W*LK?'t RlH RPTTIJeO AOKVT lit K** ?u* ?A letter from OM Of the iroo State prtMfora M j* nompto* eayo that Ool. THie, the bolder ruffian leader, wM haa charge of them, aad *ho a drumming ap r? e.ralta tor WaiMr.' haa altered tap me bla liberty and a free paavage, to (wo '*?. Waller n N cangi,a.? ? <n?urto?% Trial In JVinct. BIGAMY?MAiJUAflE COUTHACTBD AT NEW TOM AN JMViDSHT?TOBTHlNHMBKr OP THK MCISION. ITianrlated !'rcm ibe Par i VJoMtUoi onnsi, Oct. ??), Tor the N*w i ok* tittun J The Oeadarmes brought op before tM :iry a woman, still yoang, and whose dresH, though ( .a n, was. quite becoming Her features were interesting,end * f,0# display of beeuUftt black. curls added much ko tior Appsnrenoe. To the usjsI ?iuepton? the answered ihat fcer tea.dec name wss T.oee Margaret Pouligny, her name by marrieg' Chnteiaai, her age 31 year*; she ?h horn ht Paris, ?u ?? seamstress, and lived at Belle wile, Kue des Tree St. <??r ?Alt, No. 4. The Jndfe then wormed the prisoner that the wan ae cased of the crime of bigamy. At the order ol the cour> the indictment was then read to her by the effioer, Hon steur Dnchene. The following are the words of the indtctmect ? Margaret Mary Zoe Pouligny, who n u ma-ried on ifce JUth of Nov, u,ber, 1*61, toMr neeited i ha>:u>u, ran away froui ber hu^baud'K on the 16tii of >ep'.cinb f, At her departure ?h? took away property beloogiog to ber husband, in I'ouimon with hera>li'and wi <util lor ie?an, tu the Vmiiffi suue?. In Teias ?b.- became the tni? re.i-a K ono Peter Claris tev, and told liini thai the hiiabaud "be hiid icl in Prance was a man doomed to esrtain death t><>m his groi-a haoil of drunken nei<a. In her view. ht? death ?h au <??rta;n iba: ?ho alreiuiv looked upon herself w a widow. Afterward*, ou the 4lh ol Mari-h, Ibid, Mr. ChrUtey married the naid n man at New York. The marriage waa aoleuiuiied aceoriisg to the form? required by ibe lawH of America. But the prisoner upeedily )?'gan to diagram tho new name ?be bad unlawfully acquired bv her dissolute conduit. She war (iute mi unfaithful to bpr Hoeond husband at she bad been to 1 er Urst, and at the end of three months ran away from Tnm too carrying oil his linen with her Proceeding to lh<! city ol Houston, in f6M?, fclie gave bereelf up m 14" mo t disgrace ful prostitution, and finally left thu place, being prtgoant at the time of her departure. Cn ihe24ih of January. li-BI having gone kaek to France, phe was delivered ol' a child, at Neullly, shortly after ber re turn. and she had the assurance to re? ster ibm child by the uame of Peaired t'bateiaiu, the name of her lawful busband. In the m'-at.time Mr. Chstelaiu. ber husband, knew nothing about his wife nor what had becotn* of ber unit) tne 26th or June, l-i-'i, about which time he received a lever from Ame rica, wriuen by the ?."-ond husband, Mr Ohrie>y, .nforroinic htm of ther mai rlace wph himself, (Mr Chnsiey,, and of her aubsc'i tent disorderly conduct in America. The Indictment having been rend, documentary evi dence ot the marnago with Chris ley wss produced in court. Mrs. Coateiam, however, poe tivey dented the alleged mai risge. and said she had been for a short time the mistress ot christey, but no marriage had ever lakec place between them. She insisted upon it thai the oer titlcate of marriage, together with the sesi and signature of the local author Hies, all of them legalized, being certl Bed by the French Vloe Consul at calveetcn, were ail the fabrication of Chr.'atey. or il not were ail procured to be dono by biro, wboee desire for revenge ait:nst her wat, ?o great that he bad pursued her in this nay to franoe. The prisoner wa.s then subjested to tho 'olk>wing In terrogatory :? The Judge?Is your name Margaret Marin Zoe Tou llgny ? A. Yea, Mr. Judge J. Did you marry in France one If.CfcaleialnT A. Vee ?ir. J. Was it not very soon after jot r marriage that you lett your husband and went to Texae' A. Yen, Mr. Jntfge. J. lid yon not there get married to Mr Cbristey, after living with him some time as his mistress t A. It's false ; there was no marriage. The Judge?But here we have regular and duly authen ticated documents which show that you contracted the second marriage. Here is what the documents state:? ??8uts or T?ia.-<, Hakhis Cocstv, ss. Ihe Justice ot tee I'eaco to th: Mic!ster of the iioepei sends grcettng:? You sre authoibed by these presects to cclte In tho bands of mstrtmony John Teter Chnstey with >joo Maria Ckatelain, and make a return of the said marriage to the Clerk of the C: cult Court wlth.n i.rty davs iron the date hereof, hgned. BaKM, C!h. a C." On the back ol' the above la endorsed the foitowisg re turn :? 1 certify that on the 4th March, 1863,1 ce<*trated the rites or marriage between the w.thln ment'ened parties . In conformity with the annexed authority, at the house o) Sebastian Raul, In the city of New York. Sgned, X. B. RKEVE9 The accuatd?All of that is false, and baa been fabricat ed by Cbriatey, who pursues me here, even In 1-ranee, to revenge himself, because I left bim. I The lady might well say the above documents were forgeries 11 they are such aa the rreach newt paper has ajven them aa we have translated them, j?Von or Tk. ^ dgs?It appears from thtae oR cisi documents that yon contracted a lawful marriage with Oiratey in Texas. Prtaoner?It Is altogether falae. Judge? But bow, ilen, do you expla'n the existence or Ihe above official document? It shows that you took the tret vcce-asry steps for jour marrsge in Texas, and that yon went to New York to have the marrtare con cluded. Prisoner?No, Mr. Judge; 1 contracted ao marriage whatever with Cbristey. Judge?How so r Do yen msan to say that yoe did not go lo Texas, and were married there by a prbbc oflloer Prieooer?No, Mr. Judge; I declare I did not. I only lived with this man, to my great mlsfortcne. and then only one month. 1 aasure you that 1 contracted ae ssar rtage with him. Judge?So, then, wonsn, you positively dec.are that on the 4th of March, >8*3 you were not married by the ) net ice of the Peace of liarria county, Texaa v Prisoner, sharply?No; at that time 1 was at a distance f?om Texas; I was In New Orlonns Judge?So, then, you say that there wsa no marriage between jou and Chrtatcy at New York? Pneoner?No, Mr. Judge; becauee 1 waa, at tba time mentioned, In New Orleana. The lYosrcuttng Attorney?Well, If suck be the ease, he prisoner sets up an oM? for her defoe*. ) require bat this allegation of here be put oa record hy the Clark. Jadge?Well, tb?n, prisoner, yon declare that on Ihe ? h of March. 1*63, you were not at New York, bat a* >ew Orleans 1 Prisoner?Yes, Mr. Judge. Prosecuting Attorney?Where did yon lire, la New Or 1 ansr Prisoner?In the Kue de Cocde, New ? .rleana. Proseeetin* Attoeney?At whose house? Prisoner?In a furnished lodging house, the asan who owned the bouse waa a drsr. Ililli, I waa well kaown at Nsw Orleans, which may be aecerlafsed on la quiry. Questios? By what name did you go ? Pneoner? Hy my own and my huahaad'a?Mre. Chate lata. Master Carnhy. legal defender of the prisoner, then ad drsssed the Court, and said?I beg the donrt to permit me to state certain conclusions I have arrived at. which am of a nature to jsstify a oontisnance of this caae Ull the aest session ot ths court. I have Lad several >eng coa lersnoes wbb the prteoaer, la which I earnest'y tried lo persuade her to confess her thnlt, if she te renlly guilty But I found with her n firmness in bsr denial ??!<* : con Id sot triumph ever. Ae laaista apon it that she never lived la New York, and waa only there traasleatlv on her way to Texsa. It will he necessary, therefore, u> refer this matter to the Trench Consul at New York, tor a knowledge oi the facu. and to aak his opinion sa to Ute geautaeness of lbs documents whk h art prod seed agniaa" lbs prlaoasr. I hare glvsa ths womna lo onderstend the double daagsr sbs runs tn ease she is reauy guilty, and that ber Imprisonment will be greeny j ro ooced. Mhc neverthelee persists in ber denial, and sader each air cumetances It ta my duty to require a coeCeuaace, la or der that It may be established tn a legal ? saner en eeHlcb side ihe truth is to be lonnd. Ths Court hereupon, after deliberation, had determine, to grant a continuance of the caae nstil its neat see siaa. . Non o> thi T**5M*ro* ?Hal ft court of juatice ceukl be *o deceived by tinh aa *b*urd dor, meat a* that wb'cb ?u prtect>ied l>rl?re tt, nil) ucu mi.cb lur^r**-' oo lb a ?vdf of the water. Aleo the eetjo abiag Igaoraao* of American gr-cgrapby ia Um learned city of Parti, U(> wm| learned Judge* aod lawyer*, will ctm oo Ittlk aatoetehmeat How cotiM tbey bare boea made to be Miltb*t ? party tobe n.tron to New mrk, wool 1 grot go to laiaa to obtain a lieraae We are glad to be kbit to *f for Um boaor of in.r courta, that *<>cb a Iom war of dotag legal bntine**, aod recotvtag ei 'dwace to a omc where tbe hb?rty wd character ol a pertoo ta M ateke. poi.ld not be met witb la aay co rt of (be Catted flutee. from llalao to Oregoa. Tbe ?r*tem or oar commoa law Bctlce bapptly tfoee not admit ot tb? mixture of law aa-' Ivtdual UtacrrtioD. aa appear* to prevail ta tbe Preach coarta. If ovr court?" were to grant 'ont a aaren at tt>* eetreaty and repreeentatioea or a prtaoeer'* ro. anal, nc prirooer could erer be brought to trial, an-? f? fhw deace a* waa bare produced waa admHia? ta our courta, no innocent pernon eat Id ever eecape. Tb<a caaa ta ta teraatiag aa illoatrat re of rreach legal prac 'ca. Thf Writ Ihdln A ritr AT IINOSTON, JAMAICA?-NMtRO FRKKOO* AMI Dfct'AT OF WEALTB. Kitrart (bom a private letter reraned by tba tfoo law. i Ob tbe mora lag of Uie 27U) of October we "topped at Ktagatoa, Jam.. aad rrmaiaed aatll tea o'alork P M , giving of time to vtatt l bat cartooa dilapidated tow a. Slece tbe emanclpettoa bu*Be*e baa beaa almort ebaa doard by tbe wbttea aad eotne of tbe flaaat pfaataMofta aod ' Mate* In tbe world are left wnboul tale to be ooeu pted by wonbleaa manumitted black* Aa city look* like a place ibat bad beea beared aad aar.ked. aod wa? e tbe baod* of tbe >Of>rit or tbe beetegtag ?'oy Nearly all of tbe wealthy aad tatet ttf*at rlaatta ha to Ml aod parted wltb tbetr property for a teotlt or tta value, aod to many rate* abandonod It oa aeoovnt of the roodoet oTtbr free regroe*. wbo?e note w* upotion ever ttooe ba? baeo buekttartag tnl fruita taat grew oa tbe vacated tati Tba arrival or toe ?teamer crowded tbe wbota town, aad stay tbouraad* or blorkt lined the broken aad araatb Hag wbareea to wltneaa our retool. Aa eooe aa we lead rd crowd* of fro it render* offered tbe aaoat delMooa orange*, banana*. \c, la odd look lag book eta liar?tbe standard price for everything?one dime. We aat can tlonely or tbewi thro, but numbera were dcroored no aeea la the Mala room* thu Bight. Deelalon Ke*pertln|{ Homily Land to RtwaUr Moldlera I'll inairr or tnlirr^t. I WA?mtniox, "id. J*t,lHMI. | 1 harr rarefully ?xamtaed the qiieatton iaro'eed la the appeal ol J. Y. I'ryaat (rota tbe deotatoo of tbe Commm * inoer of I'enaiooa upon the rlaiaM or Micbaei Hetator tnd Jtinea Dempaey, Penr., ot Uie l alted Ktatee army, fr r bonaty land for **rrtoe? la tbe Roeae Wrer Wor, ac called, and upoo tbe like claimi of William fi'Brtoo aad .>?me*T*mpeey, Jr., for tbefr aerrtoe* ta tbe " War. aad "Naraio aad Apoohl Wor/' rr*p*etirefy m called, aod having ooeaidered tbe *owe lo cooaeoMott with the repot t ol that officer thereon, or tbe 1Mb last , am or tbe opinion that a liberal ooaatrncttoe tboold be glren to the act. The fact, aet Merely the name, ahoold govern the dectaloo. The queoHoo 'n ay jodgateat, la. were tbeae men actually engaged la what waa really ? wart By referring to tbe bonaty land lowe and the eft rtoaa am<ndmeau thereto. It will be peireitred ttat CM rreee toteodod , to provide for all caeaa whore Ifte e?r C m?t*Dcee act nail y oeaetltuted what mtgbtwflfe are priety bo ttyM war, la whtcb ii'e waa mmtaeofly impelled. There la not that cioee aaa ogy NMweaft tbe peaatoo aad boeaty lead law* wbicb wwaid aa%?y anbe the derl*?ea apoa the ifirmer preeedeote la fHH to the prlar ptea wb<cb tbonld govera tbe letter, oo reeota la be nfiratr* a the report K K'OJII' AND, "ecrctarr