Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 16, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 16, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. vhlOLE NO. T383 SUNDAY MORNING, KJ> 1856. FRICB TWO CENTS. THE LATE TERRIBLE DISASTER AT SEA. Fnrthfr Particulars in Reference to the French Steamship Lyonnain. Statement of Uic ftceond Officer ?f the Skip btftre the Co ululate Cettral. DESCKIfTION OF THE 8TEAME2 An Expedition in Search of the Missing Boats, in t k js n 11, DETAILS) Av-I iilC; &0. '^T?w *u# early Jimir yoatp.-'fa/ w? had a dot pa of spj ?ot.l reporters hunlln^ up e\ t*y pwticilar In relation to ?tlto l*le ,'farfu) tri.fH>y, no r, **tar id Qianr reap<cU u> 'b? lot* ?t the III luted A rot'C. We are enabled the tcoriarg to pl^ca be lure the puU*to o^pieus Information wilt to the catastrophe, a Ml tt Nrntl errota in -oMeti'al t'. all <lr?t rt j>orts ol i uofa occurrence*. Woyeaterday conuidered tbit <np'ain Devanlx tad tn tcclicioujty guilt, d the Ljonnala; but elioumslaooe* which have slnco totno to our Vuo*le')((n prove th*t he not omy stayed by lib rhip as long as n My poraitiiel, but tj*t be aleo displayed a wo'tJerlui amount of coolnem> unt de termination Id tb< eutlre L tory of marine (itaafCcr* we hare not met with a brighter lo-d-noe of moral courage ?ttui be dl?piaye-d 'ioui beitobtzig to end, or more par. toot discipline animating and controlling all ou board. "Wbatwc b'to repeat i* amply prove* ny the uU'eiuent of the wwsa illle^r of the ship, Mr. Lngaiorre, be lore the French Oou*rlate In this city "ESt ItlJTIOK OK T1IK 8TB1MI3U The Lyonnata was one of stx iron eo?cw ateatorhlos, built during the put ani present yearn by Mr John Laird, of Uverpool, f?>r Messra. Gtutbler, Krere* et Cie Koch ship Ji couttmc'eo wtto water tl^ht cotripartmnata, ard b'll't tn tbo strongest manuer. according to the rega titionnol iho Lugiieh jodrd of trade, anl each i? well fitted and (oucd ii every respect The Lyonntla wai buncoed. law ?(?ring, ami bad mule two voyages to Rio Jor.bim previous to her trip to New York. She had throe ot/mpKitoKiit*, '<nd two of these seem tn have tocen broken in the collision. the unknown nh.p stritlug tier r.o as to that result THE riiXHOWN HHIT. The *hl|> rainv ep<& the aieaner nearly at rig'it anglas, veil, according to the state meat made to oue of or.r reporter* hy Mr. Luguierre, the eMpjwr'? anchor (for atich seetr.p to hare been the b did ot'the Mrarjer.) wblcb bung over the bowa, broke a bele Into the uleaicer's side of an e'ongated dtamoad rb?po, chK>* to the vaierllne, Captain 3. 8t>arp, of the ?Uamalip Vigo statCM that aneh be ng the ease, the clip per tnut; havo goce down In a few minutes, for ttbj vrocld rect '.*c great, r damage even that tte Lyoonala. It it very eviJoct no watch 01 took ?ut was kept en board the viMtl which U the ori/in of the duaator, nor ?aa we ira.-n that eb.i (howed any light whatever. It ap pears that nhe left h-r !gore hi at", oa the dork of the ?termer, ro t' at It will oo ?a?y to learn her aamo. TL.a dgure it a blaca dragon with gilt mane, rod ?yes, large dUteoutxl mouth, with dart :a it. ttkipowm in wlU pkaae t*ko Lotlce fBAWOBTUlMKBB OI' TW* LTOtfKAIJ. Accordto,; to th< rale ot this compaav, the Lyounaia was thoro ug'jly examined and put la oompleta order be tbre being a?nt te aea. The ageat ef tae oompaiy Mr. Peirter, lafertna u< that he lust acveral mamberi of bt? iMBUy on the Arctic, and thu c >rc umataaea baa ever place prompted b'.m to give the utneat a'tention to preparing too different rosaeu lor tbe<r voyages. Uapt. Devanla Met a letter to tha agents by tha pilot, ipaahtaf la htg terms ?r iftn rood order ef hla sMp aid bar iagl?w aad be had no doubt, under favorable elreum ?taacea. ahe would make from tbirMaa to four teen kbots aa boor, for the benefit of tboa > trlrbleg to 'orm a rorrect eetiuate of the strength and autidily or the ahlpa of this I Jne, we oall attention to thi atmrnev Vigo, C aptain O. sharp, now lying at plor 8T A'orth ? .vrr. S'io a as built by Mr lAird, the > ontractor of the Lyras: la, and mcnl as t u vessel ic many re sperla. he \tgo leaves for Ha ? ou Tacsdiy text at reoc, atd *!'t probably have Ibe pamful duty of tMng the Oral to commuatcaie to Um, Kreuch public Ibe loss of (be I .yonn alv'u f? t-rancB or thi stnnroKM. The Mi-'t. I'otMer, agent ? or ihe line, have chartered ibe?eft?or of the Cturloeton route, and ?1U dropairk txr Una morning on ? tea daya orutM in search of Ibe wr??k and miralng boat*. The aecoud mat* of the l.voc.aaiJ. uil ftlao an oflioor of the steamer Vigo, neoompftu. (he Marion for the parfoae o( dire, ung the aaarrh aa Brae aa poeelble to the preclee spot where the ooiUaioc occurred. The Marion haa bean wetl luruUhod villi crerr necessity far the aurrlmra, la caeo they ahotild lie nut a ah Wo tblftlt, howe\er, they will ha to tom ptekctl it are ibis. II will be |*r?ciT*<! from the statement of Mr. L1 ;ulerr?s Ifcal more than ample timo ??? giren to construct lha raft In a soiJd nod subs'auUal manner, add thai It and It j Tartoua lioata wera well pri*isione<! aad prortdad with Mnwn'i, eacejA Iba boat it Down to b ???cd under Iba oommi.ud of lha sotond o(floor We hare, therefore, the ulmoat ronBdeooe la ereatnaliy bearing trom tbrm, and tha rnrtnus officers of lha ootn pauy shore u> U.i* belief with ouraelree the orricmn of thr ltonkair. Captain lv\aoli stuids deservedly high la tbo Fren.h ?arise aa a man of aonal judgment aad eiperteoco. We l?at aatlabr J rmea the report of Mr. kagulerre u.a? ha, aa well aa hia officers and craw, maintained tha moit per leet discipline cm board daring tbe try lug rlrcuaiKanoea I? whit h they ware plaotd. Mr. Lugclerre, the aocaa ' m ?wcg "*w. ap pares tiy 2% years of age, an ' * t? r*.rlapcfl? i ?< tite frank, gentlemanly seller u- kw ??r,o?l U tint Irene* navy at Domamnu <wnd he b?y tepe' ? at thr Ittfcr place, be wan engaged in * *.? J better) 09 M?nce. New thai be has . bared In ft ahi; ?r.?-r .e aar- '? oatjr wftftta to participate la ia earths a .* to m.der h'? ctala toftie of light seeing compete ' he b a atrangrr tc ftar l- proved by tla d??<-14 to r?t r Im mediately to tha ?*oe o( the diaaater, and he aa* :red 1*1 CDnenl >eeierU?y, ? ? mod net, unar-anmiag meaner, mat from lot to tail be felt certain of being ftnveJ, ana laughed heartily ftt the ertr?">rdlnary demoenrat. as of delight displayed by hla eomntuloaa when they round ghemselree *ft> on hoard tbe K.tao. rrannKNT to tbf. frkvch com?cl. The Marqola da Motif bo ion, If hla capacity of Cctirul UeneraJ of France, baa reoatted a Mi report er the loaa ?f the f.yooala treai Mr. I.ugnlorre. We frel a plearuro to r? trra ag M. <'e Montbo on oar thank* for tho aa MMnnce rendered na daring thi whole of jeeteiday by himnelf ft ad the geatlemea la b.? oflicc. ttxrowr or us. i.rot ?btokp omen or rmt ntimcR HTrmr.R itowiik, cftrrAift t>tir*rLX comiAKitnt. ak mime tKroitc rac friocii con nvt. t* Tfl m crrr. In tha year 18*?, on 'be 1Mb day of November, befhr? ?W, De M<nti,uioe, Coartl C-meral of Fnuma m United Water Of AmerVft, oflVer of the imperial Order of tbe legion ?f lloww, ?ml?l?l by Mr, Uw* Bo?g, Ch?accllor nt tbe Conettiale (.ererai, appcareJ Mr. Lu?nHrre,? :oml Men tenant of the Fresoh tleamahlp 1 ymnaa, boht at Urtrpool in INd, and bow belonging to the Praneo American Compftftf. * the toaaage of 1,0:0, flUo.1 oat Com Hftrre by the be nee of Bftrire k Moriane, aa.f om ?anded by Mr. Deraftli. Attor bef g dofy ewora, deponont declared that aalj ship baring been duly cleared at the Ooetom Botiee of Mew Terk, and the at tbir Conaalatc (Jeaeral. tailed for Mar re on tke i.oth of (Xlobnr, at '4 P. M. and got out to eea ftbout dark AMar qoltUng tbe pilot, at? P. Mwe ?mde good way, and nl noon the ftllowlng day (Sunday) were 1M mllee from New York, with fine weather, food breere, aad ftYerftrln* ton knota the hoar. About 11 P. M . the nlgbt d?rk, tho ab'p ran Ming ftteren knoti, nnder ??li and ateam, and dlapmylng t.ghte aocordlnc to rog llftllon, the man ?e tbe b?keot MM "A -hip to *Urboard, beftrtftg down on ne wider Ml ??ill" Tbe whl?Ue wh'cb had bMn put on board ftt New Vork. ?#?! wbt(k be ksftrd ten ouiea oil, ww immediately sounded. rhu holm ru put'liwl a-^ort on U*e inttaet; bat ae .'erthoUsi, ? Hree m ?..tod vettnl struck Uso J.yinnais euro?s the companion w*T, snolc'si ip?. The bowsprit ot tho ship li-oku with the cm corSloL, and htove in tbo aide of our vessel fro-* the romixoitouway as far as the shrouds, uertoisly damaging U e two .? nrboard boa a, one of thorn an Kcglten lif?i>eat. Tut cvllihir n broke away (be Iron piston of the coal baa k< ri irtt'ng in tbe water. We continued on our, oonrtte duller about ten winCtos; but the water almost tbi:nodl dtily oxtibgoished Lie tires. Ttio unknown ret 4, to fearing away from uh, loft on tbe deck e( the Lyouiuis pert ot brr tigurebead, representing 1 blask dragou, with gii? mate, rid eyua, opt 11 mouth, with gilt dart 'a it. Atlue rorn.eiilol collision, Oapuun lk: vault rushed to (ho wheel; tb? liict lieul'nant. Mr liustavo Msitbieu, watonhis mt:h, w.d d*potnit was at In., pj#t on deok As ho mas ine tin int.- Mopped, Mr. Glgooui, the chief onglneer, cams option* beiuw and declared thai wator ?ui poit tag iu *t i'i? rial hookers and tbo ship was tlukiof. rttepiimp ?'?? Immediately act going, but Hotting dndent choU-'d tip tiit val?f--, and they b<c?tn<? melons Wo then had recount 10 liuckeli u<d forme 1 a chain, whilst pirt ol 'he nrw and hrtDC ot toe piss<*>gere went Mo* to ubllt tho cargo from starboard to port, bat as the wt er 00a .'iru^d to rise, tho csptaia ordered t bo cargo to bo t<:ro*n overboard During tbla time > '?ine of tbe pasrebgors? pit them two old ana oa.?uiu??a fa 1 ot tho 0J1 ,ors ard b number of sailor* were busy counting tbo t l io ot 1 t.e ?i ip with a largo studding fail, whilst the c.'ptu'jrs irum U.f Inside were endeavonog to stop the I- ?k with niAitr<bt< s, q uits, Ac. The opening iu toe stJo of the eMp wm< at ihc water line, aal appeared to bp two feol >i|<>are Our fcTrrt.oos wore all of uo avail, at tho bo* ?ks growing rough and we were unibio to careou tno sicsmtr. At boucb over a do? n jiatt cure* and Hlmvlu* ? rilclcc wote propj>cU against the ho e, it boctuu<> impos sible to wUhstaiid tne prossuro e( water. We otm necced fetiratbinc tbo ship outsldn with Urge avnlng, wMen reemtri to stop tt-e hak for a time. Daring all ibis the baling never ctused, but as we found ?t>p w:.t?r tucrfnsed rapidly, the conviction wis lorccd tipou us that a record bote existed b. tbe water lino, Notwithstanding throwing over oard tbeosrgo, aud the continued hading out, the ship wan tlnkiug rapidly by the st?rn. Two Urge casks were then i>ed to X:aU the watt r, the captain and officers lond ia? a helping hanu with the tackle, for a moment ws thought tbe water ?ai doerew-iug, but U soon over p> wered us. Tbe bsltug bus bu- tod frm 8 A. It., to o P. M , and the mu4 were exhausted with laltgue. Tt c captain then lowered tbo boats and embarked tho [?p*crgers and crew. In order to bo prepared for the worst, a rait had been built dnrtftg tbe day, of top masts, Hoars, eabln doors, boards, chlcaeu ooops, Jko , ho , and 00 it were placed two barrels of wine, two punchoona of water, and var.'ms klnde of eatable*, sufficient to last the tiflj persons placed upon it, at least a month In the first cuiter were some twenty flTe persons, among*t whom wire tbe first and Hecond engiuoors, tbe steward, his ae pbtw. nil be cnblB servants (ten lo number); this bwat w ps urdtr ;heoomm:uid of the obict offloor, Mr. R<iussell. TL is boat bad on board comiass, charts, obronomcters, a intact, and provisions for two weeks, with oompioto set r'm w 1 a 1 is A second bo it, sane else of tbe former, took oil twenty-Cve persons; 1 be had the same aonouat o) food, nautical lusirumet ts and new sails as the tint cotter, and was under the coaimand of tho two r<a enplane A lil<> boa:, contaie'ng about tweity per sons, snd hav'ng, like the other, a complete sot of sails, frovtston.1- a/Ml kstrumofitc, was piaood under the orders ot Mr. Ir.blrt, third UcQU-r.ant. Another Ule boat, eon tantng eighteen porsooa, with provtsi ?s for two wecl.s, was placet under the command of eepenent. The v? rlou- bo*te. once egalppod, w?ro kept dnrtng tho night in the teigbborhood o( the wreck, tbe Captain rem Using 00 board the latter with the Urn Ueateaaot, foar petty cfivccrs, stewardess, and Meters GUI In aad Bonostao, tbe L< otor and Career. Two yawls, wWeh mi(ht each bold six pus on , were moored to Urn wrack. Daring tho night Um Hie boat commanded by Mr Oabiot, which had b< en damaged at the moment of the crlKstoa, was carried by the waves against Uss nut, aad trnmaduUdly sank; those In her w?rc reaenrd by the rait At T o'einak A. V., ? Tim day. the 44k taat. the Cap tain, perceiving that the skip could no longer float, and was likriv to slak every memeat, ordered those cn board to embaik in the yawls; i.e. himself, was the laat to qalt tbo ship. Before tbe officers teak to the boats under tbctr respective ovmtnands, tbe Captain called them into the deck bou.>e of the steamer, an 4 pointed oat to tbem en the chart the spot la which they war?, and esplained to tbem the direction they most follow. In order to r*ach tbe nearest land. At S o'clock A.M., the three boats made headway towards northwest In company. Oh quilting the wreck, the captain was sera with his men In one ynwl, and trat officer with pur ?er la the other, mar the talw The cipt*ia doctarol Us .rtaction of remaining by the wrcek until Km l.yoaasis tank. Tbersft wsa moored to the hull with ft tan fathom linKr, and a nu etooc ready wtta u iu t.? cut tooit vh' B she soak. The tbpec boats ke;t company uatll 6 I*. M? whan a th.ok foi; ret 'a, ud deponeat being to laeward of the other two. io?t right of tlicm. He pat about to r?jata tbctn, bat not (lading them, ha continued hit oor.rae to waris ta? northwest, without ? ompaai or Instruments. At9I\ M. wlad oemmenced blowing fro* berth, and nurltig tluee lollnwlug daya lie raa before tha wind, It blowing a (rale. l'aasli g over the hanks two moo wore ft o/.en to death; one ?? fireman, the etbor a paseeuger about slit? /wars ol age, came unknown. Threw the bodies overboard. The survlrora, deponent Included, !<uQarc<l l?orr.i>l/1/oa cold, snow anl hail Calling Inoea ssutly, whilst Uto sea breakup over thorn had spoiled near / all their bread and pro* t.otu nib ?At a T M. ssw a achoooer ta windward, hut tha state ol tha sea would not a!i.?w \s to roaoh bar. Tlk.?Ucavjr swell, temp<?-?uoua sea. bet rather mods ralls,*. Ha I Utile rest daring the day. Kretlag, aoslai. 8 th? I arty In the mom lag saw a three maatod reseat about Sts stll<a off. i Blind towards bar, but taking no o.tko of Um signal* is* la b/ as, rUe kept o? her course towards the aorta We toUowrd la the same dirertJoa natil (th?Munday.?About ? A. N. saw a sail near borlrm. "?w?d tosrards her. bst a broe.'e epringiac op, aad thi lupj,ot-s 'a tho atw dreotlea aa mraalTea, ws could ?vol rwt o?r. U wsa at this t me that deponent saw iaaattnr n' as ft* port ride, bearing iowa towards them. Alto' '?isra ' fattgvo ud tard rowing, we reaped Mr. a : I j ' hw j Villi, bark FTlaa, sf Breasea. Uspt. MriVir * t '?? Oo-n Be.Umore to I;rsas*a.. The i'?t w t<<K s a.' an board aad sismtf haprf 'a ?W o? a!' ib* can. aadatuntloa required under tho clr t tttJSiM jcs. Our beat, ?fth ail (I ? oataiaed, was boisvod <>n boar J. IWpoarat assorta that with tha courage and rnergr dlarlayei! by his man. Ui< y onaid bar* kept the ?oa n the'r boat Itour days lenger which fact lev!* him strong*/ to bel.ere that the other boats *Iti also be Ticked n|?, Hta?At 7 A.M. the tenant on which they arera spoke auetaer, of tae sen., asm*, from Har.l> .ig, i^ag o New Tort with l.'<0 t.ermss em.graj is. Tb Capta'a, la a most klndljr macaar, ft>r ?h.? Ji be aaanot be Via highly praised. and r*fard!o?? of b?a great atmbar o l<aa ?eD(?rs. consented to take tbo*a oi as oa Hoard who 'Isslred to r Aura to New York. All availed themsolvaa of this ofler, with tho e.soeptijo of Mr. Acb-<dell, (late Iiri'tah V:ccCoeval), aid b i wl* who preferred g .ng to UT' man. Alter tour dais' sail the bark Dim lanicd rs at New York, the 14th Not., at ? P. U. Ifooi ont req oats tbat due ialormat on may be giro a to tha |a*"mmant of bia M.-iiest jr the Kaparor, ea<i rrn Ing the nablo m?duei of tho Oap*ala of the Oanta .rg bark K.ise. as well as ol b s ofi'.iers, towar ls ?Icpm ia and his shipsrreeke'1 c >mpan.ooa dudng tha tim-i thsf ware on boaril b*a rasari. At d li.rtaor, .lepoaant gires thetoliow'.ag list of ar sons who land* 'i wita him in New York ? rMsnaaas, Mine Flora flnlotnoa bkll'e. Krneauaa Ballet llr. Ikimingo. c* i* l.ugalerra, smoad offloer; ?V>upea<i, aramaa, I^eafbox. third enulneer. delfbllla, "towani Jambert, baker: l'olrrsau. lmbUc, Joata, Neator, anrt two < *b< r?, namra unknown, (irrme.i Hare ,'otiows the usual prota?t. Nlwrnt Lettrra. TO TBK CD I TO K OF TH* l??W TO*K HKRtl.l'. bra Ynas, Iir. 14, IW?1 A moat t*e I'st ef letters pnhlwho I today, as r tain )rg nn<-*: od r..r in our Peat tmiro are t?o >u> of ?>^sll k Robtnson, and 1 H. K'ai?*ll At Ci.wlin ?howid m dimVwl W Boavoa. U w. Tu* C>r?ld(?(ui Klw<l??. Tbfc MJfV'LAK IKK KUMTOfcilb VuTa Ari FAB il ASUEKTAIMKB. l'*4 t_oyuLm tha O+jfral Vote. *?N<m , 1WU? nwwK ?K4mm Jottaecfctm*. 34,870 S.471 M,H0 - ? ? Jkliforul* ? ? - 4 _ _ JIM 0,166 ? ? U ? _ teaiM* 21,000 ? ? to _ _ Iowa ? ? 6.1X10 ~ ? 4 Ulkt; 20.1*9 2 i32 34,8*1 ?. ? 0 AwM<!tiutuM4 34.630 10,74.1 HI,HI ~ ? 18 41cn>*m ? ? 17,8'-b ? ? ? V Hunpoi.lre. 83 667 414 38, IN ? ? #? Maw Ji.r-By- <7,4(2 14,001 28.6TO T ? ? ? Mow York... .184,76# 124 276 27f. It* ? ~ 86 -talc. ? _ lft.Oftf _ _ M ftOMylraata. *30,6?XI 02,2550 l?7,f48 ft ? ? SUiodc hiaaO.. 6.t80 ? 67t 11.447 ? ? * 4 fwiwtl 0,104 l,3v? 26 318 ? ? I Vtoooutn .... ? ? 14,000 ? ? 0 foUl 626,086 267,966 7*4,M0 Ot ~00 114 treaioiit't plurality tnfVer MplM 146,108 01 5U*? auuci. J*uchMMti.t'-Mmuft.fttmom. 0woH./W-&1 U*b?ma ir? i?0o ? ?. V ? ? Vrkaosa* tt.oor. ? ? 4 ? ? )ai?w?re 8,003 6,176 S06 ? ? ? 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Tha olartioa parent oa ?aioty at Valraolea, aad a large tot* waa polled. Roturaa from but few ponta la ibo ttlau bad braa rucatrrd. m nmt Otr< uio, Not. It, IMA Tbe III ao r I "g alaterr- ataada aa foliow?;?Senate? Jmoocrate, 13, repubUeanJ, 12. Houae? Domecrau, 37; opposition, >. coaitstlag of 33 repobl'eana aad ft Amur. i <ma- Prta.mii# otbear, l.irot < or Wood, republican. AdrfrtM to (Jia RrpubtlraiM of Ohio. [K?om Ui? Onto .i >urnai No*. 11.1 Two year* ngo the people or the l'nit?d Statee were aurpilsed and a*t?randed by tbe announceawut tliat t oogit-oa bad paaaed a law repealing tha time-honored Mta?>nri prohibition, by which slavery waa forever ex elude. 1 from all oar territory north of 3d ? k 30 ir .ti. Hy the Kanaas and Nebraska b'lJ, the nxx t uboaxlonn of tbe proaimery viewa of John C. I'alhoun aero vtoaaby recognized and incorpo NM inU) | law ..f the !aniL The oti repeated np| uiona of Jelforaon, embodied in the Ordinance of 17*7, and acted upon by bin at rariotiN period* of hia admiuiatratton. on the power of < ongreaaorcr the autycct of slavery is tbe Territories, were iir ncrcd, and the doctrine waa boldly aonnonced that the lonrftttjiUon denied to Congn??a tho power to prohibit thla institution in the Territories. Tbe W ? land opinions of a'l our eminent public men. tne uniform Motion of CeogTth-i in the cterciae of thia right, and the repeated decision* of tho Supreme Court of tho United Mate* were repudiated, and tlie entire line of policy for flarerv extension, as advocated by tbe UMMM school, waa adopted und proclaimed aa 'he futnie policy of the country. Thia thance on ao vitally inijiortatit a qoenlon aa i otiidied ami alaimcd the tfceuen of the non-alave ho, States. Without rrgard to old party ?-*o ciationa, the po<?ple i^sembled to coo?ult upon tho cotirac of action to be pttraiied to check and reli ike this arroftntit and atartlltMt p- licy. Hitherto ?lar?ry had heeti regarded aa ?e?'1ional aa an institution de l? upon r tate lefi-lation for exitdtuce ami ' <?tiuance within Rtat<> limit*, aad nlearty aub)ect to ex< In/on by Cotifrrsa tram national t- rritoricn. Kiretlom had heretoioie l??en rerarded M aitl?mal. to^enre and perpetuate which the constitution had been formed anil adoftced by the American people. These fnndanirntal principles upon wlilch our rot rrnaient had been formed and !ulmlni<twed, could not tie rcHnqiil-hed wttliout a proteat and a *tni? {?A l<?a Mrte? of altveh< lding atgregions upon mjc rinbta and lntenata of Ireemsn and free Htatea had already well nigh exhausted jwipnlar forbear ance, when this crowning wrong called tbe repnbli can party into exiatenre. Patrl^tii'. IHiorty lnrlng ew^n, from aU the existing j?olitica! organiaaa tiina, moved hy a com mm impulse, united for the defence of liberty ami tbe overthrow of the nla*e power. Their delegates met in national convention, at Philadetphia, on the 17th .Inne. i&Vfl, and adapted the following grent principle* a* the jdat form ' f th? tr pohtbal faith:? Keeotred, Thai tba tnatnti raoce ? ritM)|'T K'lptaa fif'? im raieil n th? t<er'?rai.<>a of tadc|^?a?ao? aad < mo 'M?l In ths 'wi< m\ ronmti t'oa, a taaeatial ui it< p* aartai > t of ?>nr r?r' ieM ?i i<kh \nllh'?t?i> leirfai rc*.? liilon, tar r'tt ia rt Mm t M?a aad ia<- I o'sa oi ?.!?? ?lir ?*>iH bs pr^asr^sd tfaaettcd, Saat aim yaf jj?w >*taan 4 tu be a at** write! l-oi* Uim ^1 mtJll alWfkftOte T\?b%H t? Ifotwty ?o* k* D^?1 *L^? * # utnc tbd tbat the prraAr}* object end nut**** ??>??? * "j1 ?U? l#*?rI'^ivewiai mf were to x??uru W ? ' perrroi *?M*u il?' cutuuvt) iuMr4iGllou; 4 >r r* pa?>i??i lalLari ?,hc-u luuji Lati auoti^bad <*???? OMR nMMf ?Hamitar , orttaMM* It* I to ptjTHOB au(v*4 b<j flfjflvD? M W" liberty or urMtrlr Wil110'*t ? l* CtHS or law. it twxume* our <?Wj tn ar?talala Qfh? #?ro*UI *? *f the coa*um,^B #g?iL?t an attorn jrt<< to vtoiat* it. lurtafl iuof iehicx merfcry m amy Territory of tue m*< biaua, uy poBinr- lv<4latfen> uraUiMW"# Hivonmi:?n i, me,, id uud we tLauy too ttfhnruy of CanrreM of u Tsrmwtai U>eut*turu, ?fa?> ictffcvUaai or At; aeaC/CutliOD pi inniMd ala, V. gire ieg?l exiiusan* to t>uvryteavy ! ntiory of iba Uuitod *uuot walla 1ms pit lent c n'lituiwB at *11 he meiutnioed llakoivcd, Tint tbe cmult-nuoa ooalbr* opou Oongr^a. W rtfgu po?<* oftr mo tar-none* W the Uuivod S *??! fcT <Ji> ir poftTi mi lI bit 1 tbM In toe cxergtM of ill) power U U Duib lie ityiji and th> datfKpuafrtuaw pro 1 bibitlB 'te r. r.itn-leaino; .'t*iB rcUoi or mrfcori* ??po- i lrc?B>' alv1 Klui bi v i itwoiveu. lust *" invito the nffl'l't'na a?JM o?nriU?n o( u.t a of ull purlin bo?p.r?r >iiik-rtug fri*n m to atuer m^Ui, id ! up;?/rt ot Uie |irtncrv>l<M hereto drOlared. ?od tx-lie* it ft itus fcptrlt oTour uUans A* *?'ll *> "" c}?r(liutou of our country, gtrtrtMU-e? liaorty o> aam tciroce, ami ot rigtts umoutf riUxeni, wa oysve ad legislation impairing heir ?ecurt'.y. With the above sentiments inscribe* upon our banners, we en ired ujjou the I'retrfdteHttnl campaign I in support of uauoi.a) candida>?s pledged t? in it a iaiu thtm Disctmiiog ?L euuuglinjt alUaui-es, mid r?lyiig upon tae justice of our u tune, we have a a- 1 I taL it to tiie people >1 Ohio fur their ?-A(iy>ft vVe Have fought Um- politics! Imi-Je ot 165U, wad victory hs*-cio? i?d/**tr oflbrrs. Cbio hrt* a-raiu vxul fo< Ike ; rot rttr*hne p?oclui";e1 to the oeoplc of the Union- i bi t stern devotion to tae grc*t principles ?i freedom which JtUtiPdn "ittiuped upon tiieoruiaauce of 17-i7, aid wbit ii Lah made nur State ?hat. it u> today, the p: vt'e hiid iiua*t of ficemen through>m% the w orld. While we exult and ptcr? in trls verdi i oi our people, it is with pioiouiid regret we announce the ten*! ot otir osiidulste for the Preddency. and the elecicp or JanitM iiucluuian, a loan who has pro clsitmd biuself the iepreseut?t<ve and einb xiiurt>ut of the slavery ex'ensiou policy of the Oalh jUj b ;h nl- | Wedeplcre the dirieiou& and di*:<etiK<ous among ttio e in other Stated who claim t > be inth us in our oujtai- | tii'ti to slavery extension, who repudiate the political f gtbUpeabhl ot -outh Carolina, bi-C who oppose, with | us, iLe (jungn which have been heajted upoa the litesettlersrn Kaunas l>> ibe bo.(lor ruffiami of *i? bmri,natit<?<)r*? and sustained by the administra tion at Washington. Througu these division* h?ve we failed. 9Uid |>oster.ty wi 1 hold ts a afcict aad frsrtul aocounUlitlity the nen who, by their acts, bare brought this calamity npon the country. Mo n an in his senses donots that a vast majority of the people of therfh* Stales agiee with um on the abstract tenets of our policy It has been the

cunning scheme of oar opponents to foster and en courage our oflbieticds on minor pofuu, aad thus secure the tiiumphof their dat ling promts. Too wcc^Mrtrfty hsve toev accomplished their purpose. If i wc hu.v Hot for a mevneut lost faith in the ex < eHettce of out principles, and we cannot doujt that in the end they will reoetvu the sancUon of the A ruei icsu people. llepuhiicaus of, as your Central Committee, at the ?w*e of tfcia campaign we desire to address a lew words to you as t ? our future course. The re puMican |Miif is now fully orgauized In evorv fiee hiat?,r?ii in teveial of the flave Btutea of the Ifui >n. tiic great slavt holding adstocracy, wielding at plfttsere the eu'icc p</litic*l power of fifteen i HtaUe. against i*? allies in the free states, mislead- ! ing the pcop'e to the pmpagaodiaui of slavery in trie abused nume of democracy; against the waole j influence and patronage of a coirnpt natioual ad- ! Duiniatratiou; ogaiast the concentrated activities of tlieCathobc clinrcb, deceived into the lieltef that i the religion of its members was in danger from re l*ubticaii amcudncy, or wiilia^ly len iiu< lttelf to the niUblishment of political despotism; agaiunt these oomMned powers uud iutloencev never wg?in to he combined?this youthful i>ut mighty party has just mace a g&ll?nt fl^ht, and if oot Hu x-^Hftii, luut deserved success. It Una curried the most in Ulligent, eulerprining and populous Mates of tlte Union. It lias enrolled uucer iU banner Maine, htw llumpshire, Vermout, Utsnacht sens. lUxdt Isia.iO, Conneelicut, New York, Ohio Michigan, Wisconsin and iowa. It his in it-* ranks an artnv of freemen wno knov, their rights aad the p-inciples upon which our govern meat is founded. and who caanot be draws from their udnx ioj and tietence. H has a future. It Droscribis no man mi ?coaant of birth, religion or former polidewl <M'h wekwewte tie nmlte a* weenie wiUinft to unite lor the muiotenaoeotM right against wrong, of ftced >m against slavery, of democratic iepuUicanuim against ariHtocratic despotism. The 1-Jiive power, now exalted into predominance by vio lenee deeejition. and friud, will control the ad uin islratii n of Buchanan as it has controlled the admin , Lsttation of Picrce. Towns', particular ol^octs its aciiviiKs will be directed it is uot po>xit>le t> fore tell. Whether it will demtud tUu orgaai/a<ion of 1 new slave States in Kaiu?s and other territories, or tlie MMMMM of the area of slavery by the acquisition of additional slave territory, or the increase and eonaolldatiau of its dominion in the exlJting States through the decisions of slaveholding and pro sltveiy Judges, or, seeking all these objects at om e, and exerting all its cner-^vt, will endeavor to establish its gl<>omy supremacy upi n the ruins of Htste smerwignt> ' and |H>pula< rights, cannot now be foreseen. One thing, however. Is certain. Every tiespotism is agcrowuve, and the ?St.-pot.-m of the nave i<o?rer la no exception W Uic . uni\eraal ru!e. The price of liberty lit eternal vigi lance. Kvery ag^ruMion of xlivi ry unwt be met at the t)>rfh<4u una sternly repellea- Nor must the repabli< Hi ?, my wnit far nrw aggregations. It mailt redrew vU> old. It must insist u|ma ttie ns-JtorAtmn of freedom to Kanwm and upon the exdusioo of hit very from every territory. Slavery Ml be drlTen back Into the *iave Htate*. Against the arrogant pret< i -ion tiiat slavery exists n hercver not prohibited by State law, must be o(v posed the true doctrine of the constitution timt slavery cannot exmt except whore nauetionod by law. 'Iho Ml fiklM m tS? fMHRkl government must fm felt on the Hide of freedom everywhere. ltesUting resolutely the extension or i the area ol slavery, the republican party should ?e?k, through all jnst and honorable the | extension of the area of freedom by the enlargement of utir national boundaries and the introduction into the Union of new free State*. In one word, the re- 1 pnMican party should aim to accomplish a glorious j and peaceful political revolution through tho sni#tt tuti? n in the udministrmion of our national g >ve.n- ; men*, of the will of the people for the will of the ?dareholdere. | We invoke the aid of the people of Ohio In thin gnat work of nrogn-ss and reform. Wo call upon i our nptiMican friends to ?tand by their principle*, 1 to maintain their orpant/.aiion?<, und to be ever ready to act in concert with their rei'uNttan brethren in I i ther'Note* in defence of the tight* and intercut* i f the irecmrn of the nation. Our party ha* a po*i t.o'i, a power. t? moral f re*, a hold upon the eon ?ci. me* ?nd judgment erf intelligent and patriotic me.i, that renik n* It formidable to tyrant* and the r>r"l?*w>cJi*U ot slavery,and i-oontitntc- it the gr*n J bulwark of freedom, free territory. free labor, audall the bkwsing* of free institution*. Ohio has a proud pre-eminence aa a republican State. The eyes of free men everywhere aro turned to her with hope and confidence. J,#>t there be no faltering, wo wavering ? in onr rank*; let there ??e no compromise of princi ple, bnt a steady, resolute <l< termination to stand by , our Cause until the nation ?hall be redeemed W*. Psorao*, Jn . Chai man Rep: St. f'eotnU Committee. M . T. P xycon. Secretary. miliary Dattrn. Tl?- T%tr4 ttr>g ade Now York RMS WtlHis will drtll at I umi'toa jam, en Wc?)n#*Jey alUreeoa. l*l> latitat. 1 The SsWnth Ke^mrrt appears la the sew fkiiftie nap for (!>? first dais: It Is tektdecd after the >ae wora by Um uavee or the f rrocb araiy, dWerleg oa!y la eotne. n? .Teokfa ! ^h? <;aard, i iptaia Tnotmas Kelkiy, ao t'wrsaieil by *"?eiton 's '?*r l f'f<(*,ci>4e<t to tbe B? Wvie * ataena, Mi v>,0o??lay last, tor teigei prmctV? TTi-?f i "mber<4 t'orty two m??k<ts. Twenty prlree were dis iiib tcJ'.a- of*t tr? b *t ?h< '/. Ti>- r'ltapnnj woaad i p tbe , is m tfce oay by a ball in the Tl.<i I ourtb Ward Maskewars. c*pt. .toha llieias. wee tS the RJrtr Uo -se, Ita'leav, with u nj are mnaiiet ', ar loTpai h by^beltoa i ban I. mar?ns4 w?it TIh" i'?? >tfr Ward roHeA, ( ap*?tn r>ireb?l, p<iredad to ] > .rikir s lay. oa Thursday, wb^re tk^v ?ho? for orer i ^-iiss, sad enjoyed an csoriisat day's spon ffe drill and ma rh of Uue < orps are 19" well known to ? ced npvllttae. Naiine t'oHrWirnrral Trrm. kmn Ik* J'?d*fs McOtnhy, Tho*?|ie<>n awl usvmti. S..v In ? .Urfhf t.t. I "rig - tl? oa rrieted tr>?m?al 'n( im> rt $80t> sk.erdet?l to hontiin. no o??ate either party. Ilurrit m. ?> ??T<-d|[n?ent nmrmed with eot". Ilkiii^l'(s?. /ifclcrd ?New trl*l nrdsred, coats to abiio tbo ? rent. r.U.rrmi J0- '*ea.?JnCpmtn' ? i,'-?e;t w h r>?is tsHK'Thrvj"tl-lf-*?\?w tr^l graat*l wita nests, i.v'eea tbe eeneeats wiUt ti ten day* to re tWK the ?nigme'tt tc 51W 1?. AtftX * OaTyeater.?led^wiet atVao<t w ih emwt. Ci. v gs-; 0 Bern'. < t S m Ua n 11 IM ta Cknj r*n. j ?.'udgwiest aKnMd tMth eoats. fln r ^ f>mwMr ?Met <m Is <l im ?? tie ..f.jHal graat i a-, w!^- cl i ^'t* IVtdoart Cbaltea<*?l ?*efc?n ttaatfu ' *J -si g???ie'l. w"!l <VHI| I 4a?< is. ?aaai-j asoSw. Si v V'orft Flrr tV|i?rtn?mf CONVB>TIOM OK THU liOAHC ?'* hMMNKtH*, l*OK# MNN ??D Jf'ISTAfcT ?OJ<KMMS"^K*MMkl? OK SUL**' I*0 )?NUl>8Kii.S. A OoDvootiau ut ite ?* tijioofrg, Vsrfaxm and A,\imUlU kon-meu iwemb ea it t'j-acSea'* Halt tort erntoff it *??ht o clorfc, iofltxi purpo. emdeCUb^ ?P?* tf* or cooctD tu>( th? rin Uepari*?t?ii*oa? ibr fc^uitV7*- TLr oou reation w*? org*wacd ?>? ?)>* fflvlittg 8a.W*?i Hurham, .1 r , PrtniJeat, and <ten> 8fc>M Sw.v-taff. V'Ct mow of tb? dthgMet were then mM by U>r Socr?l4.'y, ?nd the mlnuiea ?r (be prmrlnaa ro?eV log reaC The t^X^to/7 moo siat'tl liut uiero OJd town M oj^Dt^i < lyiruh *?! tlMt tM no OOnvtulK'V aad bad im> l> gm> powt>? to jeotde apt* tue maaiior of elttrUng trgtte<r?, h-racae tbu? AasuumJ Kofeew at iti* **? c* ui|?li<ni b*? a >f&t ia it To WabMcta the legally of couofutKiii. d? rtad tba (filowlng tetier irvm ihit t\M bie.a-ji corpomfi" b Oruii*el l.iw Ui.i unm-wT, Crtv ?? Nwr Yogs, OSen Cf ten < irtoaM 10 tar t(0'p?>r?ii?B . k# lil i liloil<?|lrtri, No*. |i Isftv (Spu'.li meii ? In t.plv Ui .u.|uiry whether the &??. Ml J mi UH'I I'f be 8r? eompaulra are made hy <a? uo-u'.er. of the onovei M. n - la with the po vei ?i> <?? ?t>u*h Burt provide 'fU'ilHiicrm for totding an I coudtw l.ti ; ih- . loo t ons in Ilie I irp i ep?il meat. I have tti? hi or bi re<>W that they are. '.hi- mdmam* of July 16 etpre??l) mike* tbo iphipi'iut tori int o iBeuiter* of mat. oouv-uUjn Hee rc Vino on'li.HI cea <ll 1M5 !>. 1(12, f 6 i kill uu no wc that that ?>r?tii aiji n hn. p\er been r?pea cd or ino.iuie.l. Mf, Mc'l'eu* cl an ? luboU '*? it la til? (nti ptKtMo of die Km ro'uing i?tk* 1 irp lifpnr in ?' madr Hi 'M>V .1 ud*p Koul ikeeiie U w it fnri-0 and It <o liH reeetrt rwHip'o* et hp oeru.iraito'i'<r*traa cp- I itilsl ?he*e nil > e i ? rra?Hiab<e 4?w>l thai it ua?v a valtt ai.ti aubaieil .g orahaa. ioe of the eor(.o>auoa. M V. K WU.iH'XOK. Aioid'Ant Uorporstloa CoanoaL To John I.ynea and nibei h. Tb? uii-j i ity retori toe ooa.m ttie acpoinle l al the luf t ro? iMiijt to tfcctde upon the manuer ot eooduoti f the eliotHi lor ttigii.e<r0 *M ibi.ii presented sal roaiw lol.. ws ? TO TliK KMilNKKHS, FOKEMF.lT, ANT ASSISTANT FOH? MKN OF TIIK flHE JKl'AnTKK' T (ipiit'm i'ii : 'i he committee appointed at your last sessi ? t<? ti-le In o consideration CMtani '-*ao mmna 'ht-u o u rwl re. litha oa i-haiRi? in Ike nirihod ot eouductim: Kii? i (p^art iMdl eleciona for eig ntH-in would easpeetful'y reixiit. ihut bavin* guru it ?? xub^poi referred t > itara a full and lair c D'lderatlM] th-J have io roiorvlti tavjr of (hi- principle <if tail el<-c" *t<d accordingly mi'wuii. the fo :o? n . r<*nlnttnra. v hMi bn?" hi-w dr*fi< <1 ?nh a \*t?wlo <-i?urp *11 am-ppoiluuity of Totini* without any uoueounaar) K?m of (tele Vt ur om.iniiiep propon (o pmvuin for al"c p.lprtioa tiolla, thetrhy givio/ the in?i.pcio a In p-ich diurio' i?mj>lp nuie? 1 IIM U- '? hhj* mnr I'cura o rpppivo Hip yuipw . and m? thiirp will bp tii irori' i.ian tin v linm red vhiph r?4 at any nue poll.pvp rv *otpt will h&vn uiup'e iel?nre tn ttv"?it h.., ballot wilhnut > li;? aiii nypd by the jret*ure of a crowd m waiting for a SUp i urpovo. It ltd a bevn dectcpd adTi?abl<< to givo to Um> Cbkif Bn ginroi ilit- pownr of tun-rung ibo uiaurcun n tad uunjuK il?i p'Ki? hi Ii pulla are to be held, bwHna prutitl IiiR ihM thp iur-ppctors ?h?ll be s?orn taithfullf to ppr form iIip tlu>Ua of the oltice lo wbu b Uiry a'c appomMid, \ourciKsui p?, ta view of the amoip up jfinuulty that hat. tMca tillotdpil tor a full tfikc ia?ioa >>f the rlia or drueiita of tlif I oli a>f pm. and ton publicity 'hat haa bceu ft vna lit vi.rioua opii ioiiK on ihp "Ubji'Ct. do not Imrp ppopoai- to ent?r into any it? ) > remarks at lo 'he uunatiou befoie thrm. Ai au plpctkpi m now ui ar at band ior all ?u|;iup t iu Uir HarlM thuiii t yout (omu.ntP? Utlieve Jih> ? trial of'he xvatc.n otf tipkaJply tTiadi' wutout any iVtrtmi-nt to the Intorents of the d^?iirtai< nt. If it ? mil well in tni* in>t?i.i'p ?n the und'f nniiPii ba?P un doubt thai it will, tt rx.n then In a.iiply at ti'inptnd at a'l faluro eMInu: and. If the reverse hiio iM bp Um; ra?o. lin n tlii- hoard will have auBcUMt lewoo to rrtur* io iIip nirtnod rov. piirauol. Mo uierotior of too Orpartmoat can hi:I'll} lia .e auy ot'.iP l:(r. tn divine <hp i ew plan a fair tpa\ pafiocially ?hrn no iveubar latercat In Involved, aa u the caw wt h h' pIic i'hi to ??ic olf uc<t nonUi Vol'i' rommittrp therc'ore, submit and ask for the adop Uun of the following r?iKii (Trow*. Resolved, That at all t>.ec>totw tor chief or aai-tataut engi ??nerv heW nfitr th'a dab- there nhail bp nine poila at wlitnli the rotii f; i/i' H.opr* ?? ibc l*pparimp?t ab?!| UppoWt thor bal lota: one poll tor aura IliriiiPii as are at aotied to o upa iips lica'ed UKih uf Seven,) tuat suph. am lor the tirai iIlHtii t M'uth o frmtj flrai Mri'tt, ?>op for U'eaeond diHrtrt aouth rfrt'M niv tin i airaet, andoupfor ?ai li of Hie oilier live dta tr^tt* in ire itj inmh ot I wpntT-apriMio treet. He?il?i-d. ""lial Hie Chief Hnginoer In-, and hepeby It, cm powereil to pplti t the placeu ;?? wnl-h the a?i 1 polla are to be beM, and a<eoto appoint tU-i p Ituapecie h for each i-oll tlii paid Inwectm to be artual nipmbers of coBspanlea looate i in the <iu-trict lor which tbe> are ari oiuU 1. an I one of c trh three to bo uaired as i liftltj. in at ihe Uine of hi? appnint inept. Hie val I lnap*ctora sli.!! be appoiatod ai. Icaat te idaya P'i'\iuiia to the eU'Ciion. uad ?ball each au'np-r*bo a" oaxli ir uil rn atiou btfnrc ibc Ifa^or. titat bp wtll wi.l and ialthiully d intii rt;p the dut.i t.ol tlio U? whl h be la apiwi.tHd l.i aJnd, 1 bv the Chief S octoeer be and he hereby is, dl r. rKd'o orocnie and furnWh to rach ot tke t'hairmeii of the lr>ppi'Uaa, M Ica^! thri e days prtviooa lo anv election I a* ?'.itet or A' atilai.l Kr,"tue?th aonrrMt ttat of the Hie va' wiu(i b'tiiini U.I.' Inti' t>p. n atn 'ie.1 >o co?ipani?e located lath1*ot tarb ot u.i r*>ppcttvn Chairmen, for th" ?npp?of ihr p n.i.nths preredhlg ap'd pi sMasi logMker with the number ot ihe ooaapani Ia ?h.ehewhof aaul flrt-eaea is aiiuehed, ard the i unit or of the badpe by which be ia di-'iu gu'sbed. tacb<f the >al<l flretneo, ou prcwotin* hi< ii'?t? be 1 paper Hies, aim!! DO refiiil-ed to pththit hia la.igp and ui alatc thp irittiber of IIip pi n pan . to which he ia attiolied. and UfKfi tlio loaoe'-tors t.einc raiiaUed that he ia legally enlJUod m vote .it t te i I.'C oo.Rin naliol auall bn uei?< a tp.' ta a sealed box. lu h bo. shall uot be opeiuitt wiJ-iu Ike boors set apar tor el? c- >cs. He orr-'O Ttju Ui? laTeefra ?? eerti _gf Ctie iHWrteta nbi ie Sawi. i* pba'l l?ei ?e*? tne hwors r* 12 V. Mbd 9 V M rp< cite the Vo'.k of .'u eiurn legally entitled to vote, and a; '? I I'. M on the -aid t'ay the mimi lnp|i?-ctor? a hall declire the jx.ltsrWwd ai,i> ai.a.l iberciipen pp'a-eed to r.invaa.'i'(>e votea <-i?t, wknh r .uvaaa sba.; net be ad.K>?rred or aii" .l until Ike wko a of Ike ro4(.? ca?t shell h.?\e been nafa<ml the val.l c uivaa-i-hall be puhllr and fii- reeub thereof aiiall be l ubkoly aiisoui ced 1<> iho rlmtrno n of aaU Ii i|.ec?ir? ai ihe tiBieof ItaCflfepl. tli? W ithrn twonly four bourn alter tbe .' mpielion ot ?n'd r.'.nvaaH iIip- aid Inaoectr.ra ah ill tiwkc a U up return thtn of to the Clitci" Kngtneer of tha Upe Itepart inent, and a rop ihercia ba.l a ao lie dttiialted with the I hatrtum Karb of U>e at!d Cbilniien of the Inapeators of tl .? various (i^tricia shall mrot in Ilia ofllee of the t hie' Kuki Mer. a; ?uch ;.n e within lure* da;i .ifter the ronipleuon ot ho canvas* In the - i!<i d.atrlct.-, as the Chiof Riutiin er may dealanate, anu >hall thereofoo pmemHl lo add up Uie voiea i sa?Toe eacU peT.n.n ar?l deetaro Ui the t.kief I'ngineer, over their rpspnilve ni?ra-urc~.'lio name or nauip" of the person or persr* s so ehoeen bv tne tlremen to net aa t'uiei or .taa'at >n> Ki gUipera, to the end that Ihe Chiet Knr 'ieer may make a return tbpr*. <t to tl.p t .imiuon t'unvil aa n- jUirr 1 by tko city otu.natM'ta. JOHN l.?NKM. NOAH FAjinHAIL KDWaftPP MUKUl.4, JOHN A. Silt fit. The tillowtw* KfnoiitT reprt wae aleo pr??enk?J ? lUtnutT op THK MINOIUTT OOMMITTH*. Thr tnn er?(j-nrti, cm* of the eominhiee ?i>i>. 'nnsl at a mwi tOi; cf >1* I'l tUKTi (orrm?Mi uv< aneWa'it fijrriit'n of tSe VrTi \..|k lire l.rp.rtmr'iV held ll-h nt *t.siu. u> wb'ra ?a? (i ltnM Ibr :ir"?ra;>ai mag ivaoi'ttinaa. would nM rv*perifu11]r report thai be tuii talt> i'iun;:^l and hi .10 Ibr nutK-et tbr in!) aodearrlul ? maidei-iUon dtt- to ibe i?l orient right at anlTiwto of own imetalier of In* I ire 1W? |>artint<nt. *n : W unable u> ??* or them aa any im frmrnient ?n the ptfWH miMul coiului ua* our I lection*, ha: uiwi. r lb.- prreont -rjulauooa :>r eompaatee ?i the r lecea of n.ectTf of aald rotnpan?, uw.'er tlieir own ottteor* hiuI in I inhki i>t Itolr ova MbbciA *e hare an houoet i xpi. 'Html ot rai'h ci mi'itiiy, ?n<I rarh IIMIir run ami ?I'm ? ipako In* own e lectin Ui Hut pea* tlieee re?iliitkiij?, nt ti ?hni will b<- U10 INW The Now Vork Klre lie |.artnu nt wUI lie looked upon aa a 11 liietKutwii (Iliad wi b mr'ttpUut *(vl rowdnlam, and lib-lead ol mh ti>in<lred lIhI tv. only lira 1 Uunn of mo.-ttn(| of llreu>eu to rui their ioe?, yotl Mill h*-r lour place In ibln great rlij, tilled with MttUni fr'n.dn of aarb oaotlniMlr, and U.< romm ? lurtice wl 1 be that all Irl'-no.a ol thr IH-puruneut Will bn nlarrnied, at d lb'- prile and trauat of ynor ctty wUi bare de 1 11 I' d. fan* bote r>a,,i.'rna, it>4 vol)'- trntr dlntrl. U will I luown a* 1 Ian ? of riot, nwH'B nrd perliapa bV?xt?ii*l would bo x*td 'n tha a*? ?f pn*r?a* tf a project ?hoi.iil If oiiai ?d >?? ibis e-iy u. return k> ibe >ld mode of nard ctecUoae. 1 be MM tmuld l>? kmked njMW a* marineaa. ?r.d iho wtinlnttli m behalf ?J htnuw.l ami brother tiiemea, 1. ?*-nud ii'.-r Je vk it ail el<-'j ua atouiil be 11m It.-ieit In ?'<ar? tin 'bam Ony. thai en. h oudbiati- and renuu bur* 1 air ?>iaf. Tlwie la no aapart hi tie' revile Hot.* but ?ba' will na<ia? U?l?ta a*"', rtwtimioo. aa.1 i? tae -tdanwu' ot ihe uiklertitnnd !? in Inr bever ?tid ntore ?lae in tke haw Tort rir- Depart irnt t.i a^ liere U> lUw> rnatoma wfiu-b tia\ <? -t *it tto?- t.vt of ; ilil.e xpleH'ti. nnd M the kunr tiaie m-ure to oaoh tuembcr hl? rich! of an b. fi?Mrt in.I pur" aiei-thm. In i lew ot 'ha?r iarta 0*' wailanjj* ?11a oomprTlad u? report advrrae to to the a4i ptlon of loa reaoiMiima. til of wb? h la r -i eru'nll. mill"I It. VAIL. Sr V?.n*. N<i?>-nabtr IV 1? lfcBiod ????'.< tiT ther?^Mimf ofihc r*T*>rt?. ? do tea r*fw?to< up, '?:ie?l up?a Uv ' tia riiiaa, and d tlii' ti .or. t'ot?/<werahi? c.Tcii 'taeui folk wod: rr'r? of urder rrtr?;S)M<l, whuo Iwo or ihroi- ilolrfaiea I rrin <1 11 a l tbo chair at lb? um time TV? a -opt ? of ll?? rci<w? warr mo tod ??<* ?orr.aund tatf a tio.ep t rei-t wfcl> Mr. A. 0 .Mor^k ohtalrla* tbo J >or mm.'' that iho fo'.low.Br re-ol-Jtmca abr.Wl ti(?r?wde to I'm r* i?nn i > the * ? R. n.he*. Tb?i it all blllliai fir CMar <* Axeta-tnt l'n*i rrura beid alter il.a<?ete ihiu the ball"- behl In ca-h ' "inpa i|'a ''"tween "ie kauranf 1 and Id oo the rton mi'iea at a ?d for Mich e.eoUMk. Ri w ivrd. Ib^i tbo i-a!'\rna<*raci r(*nr"r,T b? ?arte I } Vh- fori ip:?u an.l eerretatjr of rack ? mrpaiiv 'imter oath. b? h? I. ri'''t rot'nt> ot'be ??*e? aa ? at l.y the Bfblt > of nrh r'lpipacy wbo wtrt rfal jr entUed to a rote ?t lid flection. aa<l W r.itth member dew?K hie nn balW. ??1 no ottier. and ib a the elect. ?n be l.rH a?>r..r<li:m to tho r lie* ?J ? ofOr-t h> tho mmKHIW of 'na'fteara, ri-Bteo .nJ aMu t 'ireiuen. and ai tbe time moHSML K?eol?"4, That Uie ?e*tirna of *ad eiartlon ahall be returne.1 nifler *e?; to Ilia t hief l.n .tu??r w tkla rwer.ij lour huora 'tcr iaid r eotti.n baf> Ukc* p. w*. KoM>ivOd. IhM thr> Ikm I of ^nt;in(*ra ah-11 rppolot thff. par "rn. wlmahil! op.n '?I<1 rrtnrr,*. anil rani ? w the ume, ? b <A eanvaa ?|.*i b" pn'-hc. aad m m)?i arlacrd by . ill Ho*i Iff Ml..-n.?T?. mm wake a trno over their ir?pa<iiva i-lm.'. in of a.klrt inte. to Ihe t id ika U?" < hiei 1-i*:r.eet Iiiaf mKkr i return tt?r<? t> th.* C ni nrm ('oom .;. 1* f ^'i red by the ally rirdtoaacr, aaid rttttb. to h?awor?Ui ' r wJ't Irepn tor* lhe?o rrowwoua wero M?con?- d ajr'd a >rea r-miumoti, a't*r which Jir. J ?nn J^oc* obw ua-1 the ;ltxw, *.-id ,n i.ror of the aajonif repo/u On tbtrnghl tUat t'.ec j toe* for holl a* iba po?:? wor.< ?cillc ?? 'h*i jot ?rcr h-iv. hnmire , ptrHMWHh fui*? t?y>.tn at nr? poll, r.ii bit: there wa* n<i ,'arjfur ?f dr aktr f *n 1 m*d ,uc. a< hchotxraal c4 tAcr pro>e 'T?i woiud hotp hen from II Tho tMr?t?4B of S Uo*a C-napaJi* loiiowed, mill apoka afatrii Ifi" ntaj'-nty fafort, <w dM aKii ?'r ati?t Mil ward 'r , who . .maid, .a! ulna pllin* dt* tru-ta woakl hot Iwi ?nlflrlci't;,,h!** tfcoro wouid aot 001/ b? threo lioiid'i-'t tr*?en f> ?oW ai. aoli. flro uaica w many outairk?r* who wi?M to lliere , n rf*?w .book dow? aad hriak sp tho y*!?,) for i>l??*ooi>ertB* fmr poae? Mr. Ctfl* Mlftiil, ?pr?klnit MM*** *to r ajontr rer*"i l')'' ** t ir?a h*. oter l?*c? T'#l*t<. ? or '* ?>' maJ? BhJertho old anl if U. < roinrB* wrr*< aitffalky tie forrwin ?t?J frrrrauuy. U.^y wou' t iliW to *tt?rto tf ii'i in 1 tB? p?ltlii? diefrbita 1 The ,ne?' ?? hetnre 1 to h"'jre w*? ih?? cal'eil tor, t >'. 1 to? ntolnUMt tout e?rr<? m am.'Bileicr.l ?o U.Mh re porta of 1h* .op.m.uia. Altewp"" were ma te %? lay tue . whole ahjeotc* ?he ?ihie. Hi?l The 1 ootavi'W nu llie Bd#f4 <? ?* ?*?? reroim ,m. wh< >1 ' itoTottewtiwct mm? ?f >11*"" for Or ?r? Iv i,Mm-i 1 p erly the M< ? ?? >??? now atl l haa !o*< hrton was thee ta*rB r>?? ?td ?t,?ip?e<i, Mi mk* itir tlw ie enf . *asa.??f.fc?m t*c Pre-i 'eet th,? atau-d tt at ir iff* frcarv ?<?? to ra,?t.11? le('?> t"e ett?it'ca \ LnAtTkr ItoOaa* ala.n t.* rr*in au I prtaMat. W u^. I r >r,<n' "!*??** 'Ac ?-;a .U I (KM (K'jVitr'M t tn-i JH" j I*Mra Kcmc'h Mew TkMln. IT*Ue 10* ihtMm us titnated oa the e*?i ?t?? of lMMt> #KV Ee*ri' midway b?(*>rea Hoantoa *ad ?mif ?trtOk. Tt)l Nonage exteodu oti r two M?uj 0*o M ?ate. entrance uaif ooouptea oca Tao Canada *? i%rMtway, ,l PPoried on Uori&uuha coittguao, Is u InJttt) litfM wv* and eomewbat prepat* Mm bebo**- rot ??a ch*"ac<?r of the interior. Oa >>?l^ the pa> rv'too, ? rerj elegit an.ecbamjor U outarM), nratulid by ? dc,?tt U*i in diameter nl t?Nt) bifh rhla d jiim cnniaina (UIbkI glut, and f rom the e?nV? of . * doprola a cbaud?her lighting the iridlal i" t dreaaclrole and parqnetta. The ataircaae ia m)( io proportion*, ana eiegaai la Im structure. ipwxv tbat codU bo apared ha* btw |ltui to this awckuubt/, 'or * ?paetooa and loftjr an truoa is a ?acft deaired ?fi*?wro in ptaeea of asauM BDM f. Tbe effect which aafri* the 1?* Br?? entering the kiou#t U lo4 ao favc/iOto m on te?rtof II. Tola li io tie dmiivMmi lor by ibwdipthof the ?'** 41 ?* ?* dree* olr ale, ?b>eb U Hui'.mrly arranged *? la WaliaeW'as ttrere la ooMwijue-utly s? oaa ideri ?bla ?nl* Iowa U? Mate. beieie a lull new" of IUo hou* ca k( obtained. Tt ?t/n ftccre <>f (wrfcot twncry la di actoead--acuiptaitt becce and Biking bteucsag :? Iiatb.Mkiou* uolm. A fejov ?Bd warmth s?em to perrade aid temper tbe at m'*k%ort) This la due to tha uiaeagemt.Mti'f I he cdor u*g??* toil, net low iota 31 la the bulling, tog a toeae af e.iieyaaeui, Ota roa?'? at the efacuwt in at a ten t? explain lo bin Theee Uwa aI color are weH uaae.maood bjr t^tficor (;nt*.oint tte fresco txiic. of the ocia'u.jament, tar ?lirre ni?wr'.|w?o lata depn la. ?it bt," been Tbe U) nfbivct ? tftoti mrrrtui 'ho utieLUou l.-tbe gur pcou? oeiHK|> Nothing Mre U-satr or oruu- ou ha 'aeginetl; ilia briwtW'nl eawfiti tc nerve for u t.blend ta Mu. CM a Vhe r.'C -arrona ?f ihe csllttg. anoariiad m by Hignorr (' UUItitctci aud ? i V>rigj\, roprcaouia xloru Ud itu *ri re*', fight rtcM'ly eery ad poiee, to the orLire th*M< la am uptkoeci a kind of <lrafa ty. ornamented * tt> right Ogurai umt^maiK; or traced v. rtnid). muxio um ih- naacr I'o a ca?o which ooafaag 'be lowpr i art J" tbn Irapery err atiaottc: tablet*, blar ing embu nit ccTTe*\*ia&Tt>n lo ihe l?iM*a la tba oi ib? coiling ih j ,'mall er. i jo la, or.iutncif.P't wivb i ojen work, which eervoanl?o aa ? vjustlator, thli cuji In i ny tbi< e irot ic hrtgbt front the Hour >f Um boaaa the online o> the - proereuium are two groupa tmbltuit lit ic us to. uoi In the ceuWd- t? lion, cor>amidk a boat of tihakapere, stippn-tad an 0'tber ?1c by rao,e The panelling ot l*i? caUlac la ta oarred jtpyi r mmche aoroft work. gilt. The circuntXb rtwae I* deep, hear 17 gilt, and tilled U> viia BpaaMi orua??H>|h aud pecdent jewel work. Toe aftr* walla, a* a>ro iba < (? o< tba veHooa tiara, ara ptooHad la aab di ed M?or*. tu d the rout 01 toe box.ea a t.-.oed with ptok natin aad rebeved with whit< ai>d gold ban I'.mdtag Tfa* praacealam la a tituaaph of art. L ml with Mm a'age in 4 private b ?i om wttoar atda, and Knaaaiiatel^ onr i? Um prfDoipal bye. Tba autre la rMvahtMr a fee a richly moulded pM^ra raaae. Two c > ja?al ftnaala Ognrtm bearing torcbea, and racing tba auolihoe, anal aeatiM-l at tbia bos, whUat oa the atlar sld> a atmlia# li^ure being the ttage Theaa Bgvirw are graatM It po?tere, atd do credit to ibr bmk eller, Mr. 1'uaaM: Uey are In ; ajner mar At, and the largeef Crtr** of thai natortal in Um ononiry. Higner up. to the 1I11 t ptliaha box, rnpfKirtcd by six CorinWuan onlumai rc<tlag oa bracket^, ibtrecolumna carry a aaaat<We o a la Mature oa ablet' in retted tbe Ooddeta of l.l*?eny. This roc it exoat ieat laMle la nearly area feet In height, will: -aMeM 10 one bain, and tjxsar and Phrygian cap In the athart 1 ho be?da down toearda the audience IB a aympclfctatng ai d afltaMObai* manner. Immedlatei) in the rear of Iba g'ddcer, ettrla tne arch of th?* prwcenium. Kvtry part of the hnuae la well acea from tte net ll^bta. Th' N being but two fern, the hail lo ik? rosaaar ih?n otherwise, ana the general ??<*>< u 1 mprove 1. km itir oTaltoa uuet bare be dtrd which U quite a ncvaltf U onr city, U>Mb aa we am of tlrtt claaa houtea In ItaM of tba ?eoou<>, or fknlly otrcle. la a p nmean te btlcoar, al lob add* much to the apoearanc* of the adtlie, and wtk, do eottbi, brrotna iBMediataly popular with Miaa Knaaa'a virltere. Tbe arrai Ketueota lor lighting are novel?aoratty In tact baa been ruuning at Utia eaiaailtbaaeat eear rince the foand*tlona were laid. Ne coooeatralloa ?? light u to be lound, but aixty alnfla bursar braakala run along e&rh tier, ami thus a general iilamlaa iion la produixd, arxS ahade In any part avoided. Underneath the varkwia gellefea chHna?liera are haa^. A commodU oa drawing ro?n> tor lad aa la louad oa taa oreaa circle tier, and oa the oppoailo etde at the hoaae In a ataiiiar arraagea>ent (or thrae l<?da af the creation waa ure Itmaie aoeMy; every required coareoieace la ab lacbcd to ibe?-r two rooaaa Tba (BLitral coloring of tbe houae la white and gold aad to carry there oolete throughout, tba covering* of tha aento are In potd. colored wub eilk ilawaak, aad tha dra pery ot tbe private boxea la af the aaaae otdared aathn. Ne raefe ror? eoae a bail Ca? be k>?ai la ear city. or aaa better Brfafwed (tor tbe Hgbt Kreaeh drawing r??a a taa 1 dy, in whieb KI*aKetaeaad herr-natpasvaoexM Whaa Ulled, the parqueoe will teat I.C1X1 penoaa, tod each af the tiara 760, eo thai S,M0 indlriJuiUa aaa Had ooaalart aMe accommodation. Theatage to Bfty two feet (a depth front prweoeaia* te rear walla, rroai the Boor or atagc 10 orrtiag, la ifty>aaa feat. Iha glvaa Iba poarer 10 toieta fall drop Iweaty Ovo feat la aeptb, out of eight. Acetber ne ratty M ? door leading off tha alage to Um hoaae ae aa ta avoul tbe cttueaity of raUiag oa draarlng natda the curtain when aa actor la called oat. la 1 trior aeeaco thla la aa admirable Improvement oa tha eld faehtoewi "tormaatora.'' Thegrwea room-It ot aat l"e preporttoaa and only U roe atap* from tha prompter^ l os, and MIfhK> own draaetog room opr-na Dram it Iha luatea' drew in# rooma are abor* the au^n, aad tba (aat tirmen't unorrnea'h, well reaUiated. Heated aad "repiala with all the moorrn unproveuana." Tha maelaiaaa I tva crery conrraienco ft r tbe'.r own aepeetal aaa. A large rotm la entered '.mm the oreheatra by two lni% aud a tecond 1 notn la awarded them ftrat. in the which M eecure their Inatrui a depth of Iwlive tort under tho ru?c, Uu clrtaf a gwad icoititkU apare fnr ujr naderjri uad |i-?or*e<lin*a The property room* aro roevi nlect to the etaffa, aad ?II ertieJce aa -oeo aa dona with can I ui mediately ka banded ft leto ibraa. A larje rooai outage the build tag ti appropriated for ll.c eoeaery. ao that, la MdHlea M u<-h*rraa?e|t the stage of all artMee ao* repaired dartoj tit* perfbra<aaee, tka iiaairer af Are u tocalcalabiy laa frard. fit kave Uttla fjam to r?hr to ta wardrobe, mar painting and carpenter a bit I bo min atteattoo to errry detail them. Two cuiraaoaa to tbo Mifi are foiled la Craafey r'rvt?ooe tor the peiffe-mers. Ibe oth.?r Tor lite adaW moo of propertlM aneaery, Kr Tbo caiirn bonding la oooatrticW ta tbe moot aubataa 11*1 maanar. Um walla brine M iochoe thi *, aad bM* with cement, which drtaa but slowly. Ware U oat <M tbia fart the bonne wi did hare bc?o opaaoil a forUighO *KO. The c M, eicluelre of ground, la 900,060. rfca following la the lilt ol (caUaaiea unpaged aa tha work Arrblteet, bo lder aad proprietor, J. M. Trltable. Kaq Iron work V -.nrlaw* Iroa Wadaa. ?latter and rtixx-e A. J. Harrey ? ?a Howard /t Oa ('proletary Kokey. ?>? mo work < .ui'itda; Carved work ilaflt Modeller l'laamaa. H eae painter* Almy aad Ha? The drop aa > actrarialaa are patated by N. k B (Mr*, after tba deatgM of Ailegri. Mack praiaa la d?w< a? tbe grot nU aupervtaor at the varmM dopartMoata. Mr K;idei|. It 'a Uta tnteatlon of the aanarwei to opaa tba b.. ww ?<> ihe'pabik- Nit Toaaday Bight, when aae of Mafe r|4>re'a rotaei ea will be glrer. Oor ctaiaeaa will i bate tba onportualty of Jndgtnr of the theatre thaoaul ?a. era Miai Keeee will therefor* opes wttfe the play 4 ? A* Too like U/* Cwaair'a Infant. *at?i 11 T?Ujica at rn* H*vt> or a H ht/uto.?Oh?> r?r Perry beld aa laiueet at tho ooraar of Reade aad C itn h ttrecia, upoa the body of a woman Anne 1 w ho riled from iejur're tafilefad by her hoaliand, Keating The leoeared, tt appeared waa beatoa by bar f.<tti<aa?i oa tba iitfe alt, oa wbtcb <meaekie rba i aoeleod atvarai a*T*r?kfckaja tbe bead aad atomaob it i Mid waa mrimtr a: tba Uaa <4 tba Mwcit, aad la Maaaqacaoa of tbe maRraataaeet oa tbe past of bar butbaad, tba AIM waa tr<?matir?'y bora The fatLer of it* if?*wel waa pr<?eat at bar <*aatb. *td teetlfie-l that the w ami laat word* wtr??" My b?rt<an<l dm twa ?*.< canoe of an." Tbe aocaaad had boan in ibe b%h t o abn?fni: hi- wMb '-^aetaatfy. aad aa tBaor eooaeloaa beat bar la a orwai n aaaer. The ary in tiile rw?? n?<lert^ ? rnrdtat of * twatb vjy tajarlM reiftrr i Irvai rko'nja KMtlag. ber h'ttl-aad. ?n tbe ?*tli or "eteber. 1H64 ?? I yea Um> rea dttlaa or the rerllei. Keatla. wm ooaiiaiHed to Ibe TiaN br (ori-Mr lerrjr. to await the ariiea of tKr ?, mad Jary Tbe lecraood wm 3 yeara o* *?e. aad wm bora la l*?land jR'nii Ix??ax?t ?Tbe ' *?t eaaaal '.ne^mw a' Iba Irvtat ' terary l alea wm held oa laat Frtdap ma u at 0V. CMf>ia'? obureb a Br.*dwrgr. Tba ocswdoa . -Jed lofUl er a larfe aodlonee. inetadtac a a<"aber af fiehtaaeb* ?ad poetty youat ladMa. Uodworih'a baad iiiralahc i tka wu?ie Tbo oral we of tba tral^wm Meeare .lolia A. Footer, lurid Crawlaad, 8o<? W. Kw t? TMt, Ctiae T Hadfera. Wm D. Joaea, J. r. [tnaaldeoa, .lobrj J. .lean aad Lowm Pewnh Tbo oaoreieet. Hip r. ml thlaf, were era^Hable aad au'io <tp lo the aeer^o of a aiUar MrrnraaaoM <r??1d. parrapa. Dare be?n bettor H tba ia?*beta hwd |ltn the aodfc nre an eaterapora debate laateed of m ii.#ay wntian raraya, whirh ara aewaoarty rather tedi ?m. The moot mt?c?-?hle producticaa of tbo otmioi wsra the rraaldeafa adJraM. Mr. Mttirtcraat a dtorowrM oa joltthwl part lea, aad Mr Beach'a "lltt," a ^>noaa, wbkh le?t ceofatoed rouio rarr pretty ataoaM t* tba e-e? r'aea wrat ofl witb tnuoa r 1at, m tbo %'rdit aco wm aay it 11 bet oritiMl, and very good aatared. CRAPTtTSD Ifll'^HlPMWK?.4 UOHJ?i of N"o*j| (Hhrvra aaeeiablM at tee Moral Arwtfi-o.y oo tbe 'Ml , nr the prrpnee af et^otiaia# tbe elaea of fra<iaaM Mil lf l i'?nra oi liM. Tar board la ootanowri ?< tbe f Inwiaa oU.cra - Captaii a 'obo Kadrt flenry A A<laaM v m. M Oloadf, utd <t9Bno4?fli V C lufac IttNil 1