Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7384. MtfRNING EDITION-MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, '856. P1UCE TWO CENTS. \ IMPORTANT FROM NICARAGUA ARRIVAL OF THE TEXAS. The Battles of Massaya and Granada. Additional Particulars of Walker's Victories. Attack* on tbe American Minister's House by (Itialamalians and San Sabadorians. SPEECH OF GENERAL WALKER. Schism of the New York Cuban Junta and Gen. Walker. Arrival of (be Rev Ultaragnan Sinister to (he United States* STRENGTH OF WALKER'S POSITION. Special Despatches to the New Tork Herald, ?fee., &c., 4c. The steamship Texas, Capt. Tho?. Forbes, arrived yes ?torday morning from San Juan del Norte, via Key West She experienced heavy northerly gales since leaving Cape Florida. The T. brings the passengers and specie which left San Sranrlsco Oct. 20 by the steamship Sierra Nevada. Oct. Xfi, tbe Sierra Nevada met tho steamship Orizaba, from Pan Juan del Bur for San Francisco, Cape St. Lucas bear ing northwest 10 milts distant; on the next day met the mall steamer Sonora, from Panama. The following Is the spcclo list ot the Texas ? Charles Morgan 9101,104 83 <3. H. Wlnee & Co 24,817 2? ?C. Duraad 1,5*9 60 Total $127,061 fi7 Among the passengers by the Texas are Don Fermin Ferrer, formerly Provlalotal President of the repabilo of Nicaragua and Secretary of Hacienda and Public Credit, dcw Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States; the Boa. J. H Wheeler, United Stales Minister to Nicaragua, who returns oa account of hta health; Col. J. W. Fabens, bearer of despatches; Col. B. F. Anderson, N. A., and. Col. G. B. H?r, N. A. Our thanks are due to Parser Hatch, of the Texas, aad Wlnee ft Oo's express Use, for our depatohes, late pa pers and news. Tbe transit through Nicaragua was Bade without any detention, the boats being In excellent oondltlon, and the river St. Juan much higher than at any Unas during the The Texaa brings Granada news to November 1. Every thing was quiet since the battlee. General Walker was a waiting the arrival of the recruits from the United States before marching upon Massaya aad Leo*. In the mean time Gee. lleniilngsen, who superseded Gen. Gotcourta, has been very sctlve In drilling his brigade with the mountain howitzers and mortars, which arrived after he battles of October 12 and IS, aad instructing the men la the use ot the Mlnie rifle. Many of the soldiers hat al ready attained great profloteEcy. Walker's army consists of about 9,000 fighting msa, including tbe reorbt reinforce menu under Colonel J squees They are In high spirits and extremely anxious for another engagement with the enemy The brutal and unprovoked murder of unarmed Atncrloan citizens at Granada on the 12tb ujt. created the itrongeet feeling of Indignation throughout tho Nlcaraguaa army, aad they are all eager tor revenge. It was expected that Walker would fight a decisive bat ik- about Die 8th or ICth teat., unless the eaemy retreat ed loo rapidly before him. The steamer La Vergen arrived at Granada oa the 80th alt trass Ubeldo, In Choetales, with a full freight of eot toa, corn aad Hoe. Everything was quiet la that depart meat. Tho sec oca te from the mlaes were vary faro- a ble. Another rloh silver vela has been opened, aad ex tensive copper mines have been discovered la the neigh borhood el Boaco. It Is announced that a topographical aad geological sur vey of the mate la to be made. Prof. James T. Bodge, or New York, has been appointed Stale Surveyor aad Geologist Major Heenlngsea. who aided General Walks' so effec tually at Maasaya In commanding the artillery, Is well kaow* to many teadlnf citizens in New York. Be is a distinguished BilUsh officer, aad served with much credit ta Spain, where be stood, as aid de-camp, by the sids of General Zutnalacartgul when he was killed. Mr. B. ar rived tn the 1'alled States with Koisuth, waa aa abls de mocratic writer, and proved himself a learned aad ae oompllaMfi gent email. Be was much thought of by many of our statesmen la Waehlsgtoa. No doubt the fallaat M?j <r will be fouad very efflcieat la Ceatral Ame rican warfare. Oar Special tMptUbM fr I fee Rut *f War. OUR ORANADA CORRESPONDENCE GAAIUDA, IXX 14 1456 j JtOTI.MrHTB OF THK ALLIKP rOHCTCB?OI'ATRMaLA ' AND BAN SALVADOR? 3 KhBRAl. WALKER MAHOHBB UPON MAMiTA- IM Aliri* IN TBB 8TBUKB i? 1 ATTACK AT NIOBT BT THK KXKMT? BATTLE UP MA1KATA. TW bootUe relation* eitat'ng between Nloarafua aad Ute MJhwI (or?mmfi,u bare praaeated, continually, ? fhmlMltig Mpcct tine* the raah tnraaton Bad humiliating Oxodua of tko Cotto R cu ?rm; The abdlcatfta and flight ot PraaideBt Rlraa tended to tipirtU tba diaorder of tbe country, Bad to Brum tt wit* violent drll aad foltca: ?.u;ttona Tba aawarraatAbla treachery of the cPcrrriba govern meet aad a majority of tbe a.tuir? ? oi Stale, and tba capture aad execaUan of Hala ik , tba maalrreplrtt of tba treaaoaable faetioatata, vera ?ar.h prr-oi" of crime aad retribution aa could tnt fell to pro r ok a tba mutual aatmoetty of tba betrayer aad tba betrayed, and lBbp?re aa eafcar tabulation (Or retaliatory reoompenae. Tba Nlcamguaa traitors, with character wuc 1nfratiti.dK. arraying themaelree against their American allies aad benefactor*. wosed tba ? y mpathy aad HbiUa ttal all of tba neighboring States of Caatral America, Vtlb tba perfidious deslga of expelling from the co'iatry - Uioaa wbom their a< -aattiaa required, ao laaa thaa tbatr feoapttallty bad welc Bad. . ' Tea malcontents and cnnaplratora anrceeded la effecting mi otfenaire and dsfen*t?o league with Ouataaala aad Saa flalaador aad a contribution of furcas wai levied from oarb or tboaa fttawa to unite la wiglng aa eTte>mtaeting war afaiaattboABaflcaaalB Nicaragua. Tbat tba despotic ?o?ernmentnf Carrara abould hare affiliated wltb tba pro ject or opposing tba growth aad proa parity of liberal laati tntiooa l? cempatlbla wltb all Ha antecedent history, but tbat Saa HalTBdor, tba caotre o' Ilh"ra1i*m, tba IIrat al way* la arory Baaaara of (antral American reform, Aad yiars ago ambition* of sanetlng tta toelnnea aad Moot It; log Its fbaa wltb tba (raat republic of tba North, abosld oo operata IB a war ao wbollr eppnatte, aad repuguaat to all IH former aaptratioaa. It wtraage aad Inexplicable Tba fart, bowarar, ?<Mi, aad flea Hi trad or, uniting With Uuatama'a, Its haradltary foe, baa precipitated a war wltb Uia patriot party of Nicaragua, rta haradltary friend* aad alUaa. Tba segotlatloas of tba Rlraa oohsplracy (actio* maun ?d IB tip (broad tery of a ihouaand troopa (rota Ouaia mala aad four bnndrsd from fan Halrador, to which wm added tlx hundred from I<oon, tbo headquarter* of the conspirators, and a few bandrad legitimist* or Cbam ?aortotaa froai tba dlfferoat towns aad haclendaa of Ntca ragna Tba whole number of tba allied (orea amountad to abost two thouaand flra hundred nan, all of whom vara concentrated la Leon, to Beet tba exigency of aa ?Mark npoa that plaoa by Hanaral Walker, ft waa erl deatiy tba intention of tba en a my ta entrench tbemselrsB ?rwtlj wlthta tba barrtoadaa of that ctly, under tba con rtc.tloh Hat the UirBioaUon at tba aaa Bon of rata would invite tbttbar the mareh Of tba American force. Matadlea, bowarar, of a fhtal bb fun, broke out W?H UM loratf# troo,*, ud bo tiara * WM tho W" O! the affliction to wtaloh the soidlurs were exposed ihat they were compelled to evacuate Leon *nd P'?*od to tbe more inland ud hea thy atmosphere or Maaagua. Affliction followed thorn to their rotr?*t at Managua, and they were eonatrained to abandon that po rtion, and appropriate quarters at Maasaya, an Indian town about twelve miles from tirana .a. When the eoo my evaluated tbe former plaee, llauaya was t'arrlsoaed ly an American force of three bandred men, under the command of Lieut. Col. Mcintosh. Oen. Walker reooir lug Information or the abandonment by tbe enemy of Managua, and of their march towards Mosraya, ordered the command of Lieut. Col. Mcintosh to interpose no oh itacle lo tbe entrance ol the hostile troops into that gar rwon bu' to relinquish It and tail back Immediate,> upon Granada. Tbi* order was promptly obeyed, and the ens try were soon safely entrenched within the formications ot Masgaya. The Joy Inspired by the slaughter of a few Americans at ' ' f "*n Jacinto, and tbe exultation felt at the e<?y achievement of marching unopposed to tha very thr .bold ci ihe army they aspired to exterminate. Siled then, wltn who and extravagant dream* of tns weakoe>s 01 Waifcer anc iheir own Invincibility Rumor gave our riiio> to li e eouvicion that they were Intrepid ?cough 10 upon Granada and seek 10 drive (he whole Aaarl ciulorcc fiom lUiurest sanctuary. It was not tmpro p?ib- that I be infatuation una madnoes or the foe might t mpt ibem to nasty tho dlUlcult experiment. The armv a (>iana.ia wen not only prepared, but eager to encoan lei a contingency so consonant wlib their hope* aod am ri'ilou, ai d ihey liktened with snilous Impatienne for the gun that tknuld rev<al the oroiimtyof the In vadcrs. Mlrtakm indication of their approach at ilmss i t gui ed the corvirtion of their tc?- 'Hty, and tbe exuita t< u ihe toi tluence and euthugiafiu dirplayea bj tbe Anreritars ?i re gratifylrg presages of tie triumph thev kiiiirtpsted. and the tamo they were anublilous to realize Uie enemy, however, were not so blindly lasaoo as to ftifb upon tho ceruln deslructlcn in wbloh so rash a n ove?ent would have Involved them. They were oon Uni with ibe cautious and Use perilous task of esiayinc 'lit diminution of supplies to Granada Iron) the usual tourc?a fr< m ?bicb they were obtaii ed, an - is tho pro *<cuticn of ih s endeavor, were guiliy of atrocities sicken lu* io ihe bt-ari acd revolting to o rery sense or humanity whose hcanty income through life wai aerlvod iri m Fup(l>isg the market of Unuiada with the triliiog quantities ot plantains, com and eggs, which toey lacked, with p. r?ev? ring patience, for mllea, uaon their I eadr and backs, were captured by tbe soulless wretches mi }ia?*a>a, and mane lo expiate the ofienoe ot furnishing supplies to Uie Aourloans by being shot?Inhumanly ravegcly murdered on the public plaza, amid the rt haid ahou s of a brutal snidery. By suoh practices U* i i.0" *1Ued *rmy 01 conspirators deliidca ibem'elves with the vain ooovtotloo that thr ainiv ol Walker waa to be starved Into a ? or render or tbf evacuation of Granada. Tho miserable d p. s of tbelr < wn imbecility acted as though oceans wero I id par sabas though rivns and lakes wore not firmed for *?vif?tl"n?as though ve?sel- were incapable of float ing upon their surface, and turnl'hing the paope they bated with tbe necessaries Ihey wosld Inhibit. Tho ia < Vtaiioo of Walker wst aroused, and the armysriu isti.iziu in the 1< cling of resentment thai suoh aoU of bru'slity were catenated to awaken B? determined ao Joi ger to wait the tardj action of tbe epemy, or lo allow the Ifioieaseacy of the xaaoa to prolong the pari td of a- live oj? ra Ions, but to prosecute at once and wilb vlfor the war io which ho wat- Invited and which he weloomed with alacrity. The command of G'n. Bortsby, which wa.-- garrLonod at Kan Jrge, near Rivaa, In the Meridional Depart ment. was crdced to Granada, ant pre para ions were Imiuntly In progm* for opening tho cam paign. At noon, on the lith last, everything wax in reaiMEeK" for the march, and after a review by Uen ? Walk, r of tbe troops upon the plaza, the order wa? given and the obiile body or tho army congregated at the Jal teba, ti e rendezvous oftbe first Hide Hal aUon. where they wi ?e again reviewed preparatory to the advanoo upoa Mnsesja. Toe marching column formed a body of eight h tidre<i men. c mmanded In person by Geo. Walker a"XlH*r!e<t by G n Uornsby, the socond commanding Officer or the Mcarsguan amy. The Commander la Chief wss sup ort. f by Lis staff, composed of Oohi. Kewea aad Iain*, fapis Pineda and Maboa, and Lieut Gist, and a b <iy goa>d of iwentv or thirty mouuted Cubans. Son. I'D'da Wetter of War; Grn Carrasroaa MinlsWr of Baci'iina. <*?l Tbompsoii, Adjutant Genoral. aad Col. Naiztuer, Inrpertor General, also formed a part of the ?.die ?>t Gen Walter. Tbe battalloea, of which there were lour?two of riftee aod two of mr*atry?.were offl oered tbe firwt R-ttra by Ootoael Handera, ike leoooa f> Ctolos< I Allen; the First laTkatry oy Ool. Mark ham sod thi- "ecr.nd Infantry by Lieut Col Molntosa. las' artillery, at d two onus pan lee of rangers, aad owe or sap per* and miners, made tip the rema oner of the armi ? the artillery under the ill-ectlon of Capt SwarU the raegeo ui der c miii-nd or Msjor Waters, aad thesaptors a: i irireif i fEi ered hy Capt Hekse The rangers oooa I led the a> and extremo rear of th^ line Of march Th- I-Wt nifl<s w re next is advance, and wore Imroedl at'K tol'owed by Gen. Walker, ble riaff and body guard. Tlie N-cond Rtfles precrfloj >he artillery and ammun tlon. which were closeiy followed and supported by the first snrt Hfceno Infartrjr. The National Hand, coder the leadership of Mr Adklaa eucoted a tt rtlllng ana inspiriting sir, alter which, at the word o' ion m*nd the galiatt little arkiy moved hrrtly for sard In anvlou* psrsull or a foe whoso air'HCiou?ne.ii an J barbarity bad provokad among tb m a tpltit aad emuiallon of retributive reseat mmt. Tbe intent severe rains bad rendered lbs roads m'vv aad Ike travel waa exoeeoiagiy difBouli, but tho soldi*rs daahed upLeeaiegly along, with aa alavity I WMcb or?>baeowe?i the ?|>pr?ai:litng triumph TT?o n? tTf n? wire slightly overcait, and showers o( ra n threstened to imped* the progress of the array; oat tto tuurh wss m no wise lsterrupiad ky tae uatoward ap pesi snccs T<me and circumstances tavorod the axpo o>t-cn and the * toady column a< vaaeed with cheerful r?gcla?lty Ibe ri.uie waa chiefly id rough a lor el tract of country, with occasions! elevations aad doproMlooa wctib were in'nffleieat to retard the progress of the soger aipirans for fame. Tbe road waa narrow and bodged oa either side hy a dense undergrowth, little leas iatuoaa trable man a Mexicaa cbapparal. Bare aad there were oir?r1sg? or open nraceoot grooad which formerly had erj* nerreo ibe provideai oare of the hushando.a but were ne w reglected aad abandoned to ne nsarped by tho raik veg< tation which spring* op ao magically and luxu riantly in the region or the tropics These placet wero well adapted for smbuscadsa, aad a coasunt vigilaaoa ctideaeed the suspicious possibility of a oovort enemy *tth'P a few mi'ea from Msss**a,oa tho left of tho road sdvaticlrg from Graoada, was aa opam om'nsaso, sor tr.oui. vd by sn unpreteadmf hut. wblib commanded for some ciataaca a favorable view of tbe marching army and m'gfu, with a earn no, supported by a hundred cue a have cealed terrible havoc la our raaks. It Is a piano r< gtrded by the native traveller with dread, as the snsns ' of seversl midalsht asaarsinatlons Hik imagihailoo is ve?l? t? Wlm ? ?l?l?n of horrors and wild trettulooa ap m h urn lor tn 1 proclpilate ifood he [Miw the tmagtrou* I or* niy The ?t>< mi, either unMrtMl or not appreeiet ln| t^e advantage or tbe poeitioa allowed li to remain ai'm d led and no obeucle rrveaied iteell to lb* advance of tb? army. The aon *h jo*t retiring a* ihe rear of Ire cote? v pe**rd ihr favorable pl?ce of ainbuaa, and It* r dlrf Nam* riwted with a weird *pb?rior upon tb. tutinlu of lb? die last bill*, giving oicouragtag pr< nit?e of tbe favorable ?*pe?t of the morrow lie tuad became more elevated and *u freer f" n the rrtardlnf dlfflealilee of mad aad water Tbr nn? ?aa nearly at It* Ml. and ti e dimmer llj-lii of that iitmiiary began to mipply tbe place of tbe rapidly rami bin; day The eohtlera. uofatlgued. and 'bixytdun animated with tt>* hope of ?rl| vwttory, a nrch. d rKadily on inward* tbo goal ef their aepuauoaa. At nine o'rierk the order to halt waa aanoouced aa ladi cation* revealed (bat wa were within the limit* o' Max raja, aad la de*t:eble proilmty *o the foe, to a boa* me L?re* onr army bad thua far veatored to raapoad Aa it waa ant ooaftirmable to the btaa or loleettoa of On We ier to rommaaoa the aneeaNM eight. the trnopn ?t re ?***gt>ed to appropriate elation*, aad bodies of aaa t.M-i* *t>u*bly dtapoard to provide :<gata I the coatlaiea cr* ?.f rmpTirr and noeturaal attack toy the enemy (te an ? tevatloa to tbe left of tbe real, within two haa< dred janii of the osier plera ef Maeey* la a yard fmet ir | at- laotan hut. aad (Waked oa the aoiitb by h grove of plefliatne ?.an Whiter ?nd aufl Sued tnrtr enr*apa>ai tir tbe big lit The army encircle* him it proper ft'Mairee, and after they hal quietly ai ranged thine* l*<* lor repoaa, the f>n?ral *preed hi* lain r<r>h?r r?*t upon tbe ground. and with aoo.b?r provision tor bai ?omt .rt than that art irded, re-iined np?a I'., not ?c mrfch lor tbe Wowing of reet and sleep aa the qn e*n?e o* tt ought A raw bmr and blanket were tbe luiurVn* ?rtrmaiOtfe'ioM of the writer, ahared eqoaiiy heteeen two Other member* of tBe General'i atafl A V?ry abort mrrullxio If prepare them tor oae. and In almoet aa brief a period tbe *uN?criber 10 tnaae page* waa <ai <yiag tbe rem'on* of ?balmy kleep," aaonawaou* aad unheed tag of tbr protlma a enemy and the enrlroelo* peril. Prarrety. however. bad I maimed the taaptraitoa of atom her in the roothiag tofl irnce of pteaeaat dream* when I wa* *u idenly netted to my leet by Ihe rapid diachargee Ot flrrarm* in toe direction ot our encampment Bail* wtrrrd overhead with a tnnalr Tfy dlflerent from that which la adapted to root be tbe oarage breaat. or al'ay ft ri tbe apprrhen*IOM of the rtTittaa t. Hurriedly aeta lag nB? an J revolver, I Jumped U> the aid* of the (Jenerai, who lay reclining upon hi*elbow caln, anmovedaad dla pa*?ioo*i* a* tbongh war waa a ftgmeat of the brata. and lha rneaa* a myth?a pb ax torn an idle lllaakm of tha la* glraticr Ptrectlag Major Water* to aaeerUla the oaure aad prohthle eitent of th? flrtag. ha maintained the reoihtaa of an icicle, while all arnaad waa tamalt and antlety A *oldler a few yard* distant waa wounded la Ibe leg, and bo Met* *ang a menamng mom aronod tha ?pot where tbe General recliaed. hot ha praaerved a atot cal. immovable, frigidity-a aeemlbgly waatoa and craal Indifference II wm the eoolaeaa. however, of a veteran rovmaader?tha indlffcrenoe of a man who knew hi* enemy and deeptaad hta power Tha alarm proceeded from a bodr of thaeaemy'*caral'y. who had bean patrolling tha environ* of tha oily, aad hal discovered tbe advaooe elation of oar troop*. A brink Are for a few mtnntea terminated tha eagagemeat. with little lojnry en either alda, aad qnlet waa eqaaUy reatorad in the rank* of the bealeger aad baategad. The rw malhder of the night wa? nndlatnrbed by aay hortlle 4e mcn*tratlon until *n boar before day, wbaa the enemy lha *econd time poared a faw volley* la tha direction of oar enrampmentt, which war* tfala ?abead?d by fiea Walker. He waa determined to tak* hta own time aad adhere ta hie own plaa oi operauaaa, racardioae -if the p?raeve?ing pmvocation* of tha tmemj. rindlou that General Walker wai tneiorabla la malatalalag the *e rln*toa and non ?rrletame of hi* army, tha lalmical da ir.onetratton-' wt rv again *n?p <a<lr?t, aad ? oalra reated apr-r the rant;* of ttie belllgnrf *ta. hour for determined auioa, howtrw, wm n^ dly approaching, Wl tbe order for preparation was <f?. J trtbuied among the officers of butauest By dayla'l/1 tbe irm; was Id .<*d*.-ss for battlx, u< thi roun> or the drum signalled iff ?V> enemy the ni-ntori ut the American column. A few horntmoa. oroenedm* from the little or outer plaza of uw .tosrn, koown at hebsatlan, ascended an emiboafes In the ro*d watch ex )<cnea them to the view of our Uoopg, wnen' the order was given to disperse them with iTahall frm, om efl!* J owliiters Caputs Schwartz Immediately disoharre* ? b< mb In their midst with so gratifying ua eifejt m to tlloil a restrsliilsss shout ot exultation from the th^ewta.* 7h'?*d bor,,'nl*B 0,d with the ? wtrtness of me Bwme that were posit sued of devHa th? unaccountable exploalon among them IssJnd 10 thttr frightened and bewlldend 'tnartnsuons like id*, lonating bolt fn.m heaven and thellT^r? t? si? o tut ir adveotu-ous exploration* wu frantically and In Palpitate. The bowtzer ooumandid bJ .kPl ?*? rsptoly a-ivanord to the sumoaW o the deserted < mioenre, whence a shell wit dropped tat lb! u ?l0e PUz* s* Sebastian The explosion o Ue petard had scarcely resounded upon tbe ear. whw 8 to obedience to ortiera, ruahed with ex Jilting about Into tn piama vatated by the terrifying ^f'8. ,<;"OW6d ?!??"'* hy tbe entire body of ins at my. Cspt Tbomas Uoltn. with hli company, tod the sdvarce of the Impetuous charge and reaching th < t>ml to wbtcb be wan directed, planted the Nfsaraguaa _*f- *?*?*< which the army oonoentratod, aad raised wild whoop of deitght tnut onold not tail to hare (alien 'bem> with intimidating power. The that surrounded the pltza ware locos U ccntly urtrnar-ed ard a pinn.iaouo us ruah was made Or n.? /?' ?Mutuary of tba dhurcl aad Iff? tL, ,ort'ar*l'"M wnlch protested the Grand , *? stronghold of tbe enemy wai dlataut ?bout eight lunnrwt yarn, and tbe main body or ths < : posing force wm congregated In and around that for If' ?*nir? ^ oh?*'n possession of that plsxa would be to etjoy the surety ot Irtumpb Tbe two howitzer., managed respectively by - mpt .-teh ? arts end Lieut. Far ?D'. *an to play moat btaull'uliy and with dtnw roua *ncet upon that ponton of the towo; but aftsr a lew dis chargee only, one ot the carriage* became broken and dis ordered from the Impetus of its own rewound, whton ro rationed a loan or several bnura in completing the neces sary reparation. In tbe meantime the sa opera and iiitLMi, under Onpt. H? nn. were required to ?pen a way to tbe Brand Plaza by making breaoooa la the adooe ? alia which intervened b?t ?een the t wo arm lee They ; were supported by Oapt. Dolan with hisoompany; and tbe rapidity ot the progress with which they advanoed evinced the Orm determit atiou with wnicb they orolocated their endenvorg. Several blooKa in this manner won traveraed betore the enemy oecame aware ot the daDeer oua proximity of tbe Ameilcab rillea. surtied no less at the boldness than the inatdlounnei* o( tbe plan oT attack, tbey opened wit a evident alarm a sharp and oni? nutting llie. Our troops, securely solel led by walls and buildings, escaped injury from their reckless dlscbarcea. ana retaliated, with severe recompense, upon tnelr dis concerted adversaries. Kor more than an hour Captain ltotan maintained bis position without low, and dealt dtstruction in the ranks of tbe en?m?. He was then n inturced by the howitzer, in charge of Captain Schwartz, sod br other companies or the Ktrst RlB-a. oommando2 respectively by Captains Leonard. O'Began, Kwbanks .trnnstece and others, and under the immediate direction ot Colonel Handera and ljeutrnant Cole net Austin. Tbe Suppers prosecuted their work with vigor, and sue reeded in teacbtng. despite a constantly retarding flrs. within a square or block or the oovetrd point of deatUMt Hon. Here tbe howitzer was planted, whicb, from lu tavorable prox mliy to the fos, was merciless In its wide t! weep or destruction, its laundering report. Mlowed by a terrlfio atscbarge or rifles, anu tbe exulting y?U of t?o hundred voices, mast have besn rearlul rouals to the tcrrorstrioken soul* ->( the rapitly dimin ishing toe While trgsged in oomkattiog asaiost such formidable advantages the disheartened enemy were flanked in another direction by a body of trooos under Cot. Allen and Meat Col. Mclntoah, directed in per*?" br (.en Horerby, which contriouted to the banc and contusion visible In the opposing ranks. The oom panka ot Captains I>reux sad Green poured into them a galling tire, and were improving th- ir posiuon when ths command of Geo. Hornsby was on ered to fail back uooa the 1'iazs W t+ebastlan Tbe bowltier, bowsver, suiT ported by the Klrst Uittes under Col Sanders, kept ti i continuous fining for several hoari>, with astonkihtng sac About noon ths enemy suddenly oeaasd their >na lance in that quarter, and remained hidden witnln their tatfeacbB?nta A body ot thetr lancers and lnfastrr moved out ot ths eart end or the Grand i'laxa and mads an (flort to hank us on the aide of the city by'whlrh oor ? iKybao entered. Tbe mo recced was promptly ds trc.ed by (ur tooutii g partiss, and ths rangers under iisj. Waters Wert despatched to inUrcept their pratrM. st.d, if posklble, ent oil ikw rt treat 1st* ths r? tug# or tbctr tottiAcnuoos. At Us rwgm aaliopad down the toad to engage In act-on the aspirants for Uaak li c honors, the? were < htersd by ths anthosi^itlc shoots ix tbe loner remaining la th* P.azaSt Sebastian. Soaroe ly bad they tm-rged irom sight when a quick src ?es?loo evldtnce of tbe warm reospitoo wttb Stich the rangers wire we oon.od Ths rapidity an tsrnestneth with sbich the tiring wat maintained evl dtiicsd the Outermmal^n with wuicf ths eostasi on etlhs aide was disputed. The Seoond Rltlna. underiCol. Alls* srd Major Caroee, were promptly ordered to tie relief o the rangsra. and a few minotss only suffloed to enable tbem to reach the eoene of conflict, and sigas'lss ths om rieucj of their unerring rifles. A lew detormlnsd round dmpersse the enemy, who lied ooniussdiy in evary di tectton, let king refuge is ths dense and soarsely pens trabie taEdrrgrowtl: that surronnded the thMtrSoraotloa Two ol th.- rangers otly were slightly woun Isd busldsi ?tiich our uoopo escaped without Injury, and with ths gratify leg qomclousntss or having Inflicted a severs rstrl buikm uprn the toe. Tbe return ot the sally lrg fbrces to the plaza was grated with mother shout, which watscbosd with flerce dellgh; by tho advancing bodies or Mr trooos ths vlcliiity or the Grand Plaza, aad ssat a thrill of ter'or to the dismaysd initiates of the besl?r>d garrison. The pr MUoo of the enemy was extremely crllical. The whole booy of tbe First Rifles, and the bosliaer under Lieutenant Fairer wets ordered to tbe ? upport ot the first howl ter, <.nect<d by Captain Schwartz, anu a pan ot ths baitallonr ol Col Allen and Lieu anani ColoselWclatoab wsrs rt stored to the flanking posnios from which they had bet n withdiswn In ths earlier part or ths day. a galling Ore, Irom two directions so promate to ths enemy, aroueed them to a desperate resistance, and a vigorous settoa was sustained by the two armiM until Lear)) snnstt. Tbe mud moot bed caantst of ths adver sary responded to the thundering tones oT titkr howitzers. ?co the vetoes of tar rides were o boed by tie rrimris o:? inimical musketry So oanuonsly Mid systs n.aurally did our troops prescrrs Utoir sheltsr behind di fences impugnable to tbe stacks ol their assallanw li st ibs day was tonsumsd with tbe loss on y of live msa and tw ic? test lumber wounded. Tbe Minnie snd the MM* s4ipt i ides, in tbi hands ol our inlrepia sharp shooters did terrtbie exicotioi.. but the sbells thrown Irom ths bills rtssof Hcbwaitz snd Farren exceeded la their deatruc ti't cspsrttlts the most rnthasisetic antidpauoDs loroted ..I tbetr t lilt let r> Tl,e bltort of little less than two bun Iliad alalb aaturated the retreaU of lbs eoemv. an 1 their wounded disputed with the lortunaie for Uu uk.oit; ll*U lortrrtut [Ale te the afternoon the ftltgnrd ond dtakearteaed ? amy i i,aj.?nde?; tectr futllt demneiraitoaaof raa< nttnoat. ana tee loan euddtaly itUM ti>to te* quietude which or dtaarl J hallowa tb* da) ol rrat. lb* ??il*ace oi Um Am?riou totdto ? waa dlKrrt>ul>le throng ?> toe rain, aad taery prarea ion lakia to antk.l|>aie aa?i torttfj ag aiaat te* Utacbai y o appearand - Tb* LB* ?u favorable. tio, (or provtd ng the ?.itiaa?t*d tio >pt ?1(0 suitable refraah mania, ?al pieparlnt thrai for ihr ami-1 pal d fettgaea of tl.caght 0>* OomaiMir/ I>epertu< nt, ucler the oyrrtn n (if < o.goel Ilali. n?d b*wa ootamendably rfV eat I'urtng U* day, aad everything aaaeat al to rno trbutcto the Bern tr a ot t&e army waa abua<!anUy i iii pile .1 Liberal ncBMn ol Ii.pvm an 1 h ?<* wore buwhercd, Urge quaatltlea of cheen* faratabed, i birka ts, rf it*. |oilli m, n.w, b> ana, aad o'her antritloaa cctblia |ri>t ili d In grant) leg plenty. Theaa war* bona t;fo"y I* ?trfbt tcd anv>ng the roldiera, who re ahed witb ... rc? ear- 'art.mi tha It \ ol'.ntary I nopliai jr of the Mm ,?}* pop< laUOB. Iha 'juarur* of <;*a Walk*r war* lor*tad at aa Inter mar ornate* betwoea tea liana i* HebaaUaa aad lb* ( raid I'laaa, on |b* eaal aid* of tM prlari|.*l rarest unit >t>( that* Incalttle* ll wa* ?hr luddenly ava "?at*d rati . < i.ce o' iobik )??!". who** euprrlority 'X war Jljr oir wa* iuf-rh nil/ revealed In tb* aip.lenaeef tbi n afmti with wbu h ba bad enrrounde.l rtim?i If ta rut po*t of b'? canon leal dlanl i?i. Tba tacilltlaa tot pro rifl, r j a rattalaclory nraal war* mora tbaa eqaal to tb* ?'!??Bi-l.a&d Uf at-r rnmMatii'ii* for rcpoee war* aot I it, :.r?Ml> Inviting A (omptnnni r p*at wat acrord 111) prepared ami dlapoaad of wltb an appreciative r* nan that woaid donlueaa bat* ebaered tee bootable ?ami of cur prtaativ boat If " rlrcnm?taaoa* ever wblck ha bad no control " bad aoi caaetrained kia *udd*? aad .i roailt rtl o nappaaranro froai tea w?ioomln* pramla**. Wa for?tx r >h' diaoourU") la lb* *? joy meal ? tb* faron h<- abati' t ? Vb?a n (M ram?, tb* paaM and qvM wbtrh fbr aior* baa an hm>r bail ralfaad Ilk* tea M>litad* of a dtaarted rl'jr wa* undiiinib* il and tba prmp^!l afforded ter pro mia* of a aigbl of rafraabln* rapoa* Tba moon, bow a?ar, ab< ne ranplaadaatl/ upoa tba IbaaLr* ol war, aad mate d tb* raaawaJ of Baajtolnatj aaptratioa* but tea *a rrf<r? of tba adacrwry w*r* atbaoated. aad tbatr bop* pitiably ? UN rblad Tfc?y paraororad la Mkibttteg a da t? rmmauoa to fronnd Ubair artaa for tea nlfbl. aad woo tea happier aoaplrVr* of a lack tar anarla* for fiilfltllaf tba I proaitte of thraaleaad ratribattea Tb* prvdlgal uaa of tb* *b*ll dnrlng the daf had I aft tea t owttiara wite an ln*ofJ1c>apy of amnaiitea f*rtb? prna* riiHon ol tea lotenrtod operation* of lb* morrow, la order te provide a|alnnt lb* poaalMllty or ooaMagwacr *?' nbtnitlrg teat < aaentlal braneh of Ik* ordnaaoa *teraa, (.aa Walkrr d? tar mired te aaad a umall fbroa back te Oranada, with Inrtroc.tloiw to ratnra te kfaaaaya with tb* rrinlaite aopply hefnr* marnlof. Tbt* delicate aad reanonalble mt??ioa waa aatmatad to Oal Wilier andOapt. Haminla, of th* Qnartermaater department?OdI lalaa, one of lit* alda of 0*oaral Walkar. Major Rofera, ?ab daiafat* of Hacienda, aad aa addlttoaal fbro* of flftem or twenty ran far* Tb*y itarted boob after atfbtfall. aad fortunately not baaing baaa p*ro*lred br any of the ptrkata of tea enemy, made rapid profriaa In th* dlrac tton of lhatr definition. Tb?y had pi ndaaited about half Uia rU*lance 10 Srasada when their attention waa dlrMted to IM report* of ran bob wbtob appeared to team to ema tiBle ftom that city Admlttlnf, however tea p^aaiblllty of delii*ion. end th* very great probability thai th* e??Bd* were IndlcattT* oaly of te* revival of batlilltlea at Maaaaya teey conttnn*d te proeecnt* their Jooroay.wite the view of arrompltahlng their mtaatOB. natil they rearhed within the dirtaare of a litUa mere than a mile of Anion la, Whan t hwmna too pMltive to douM th" >*

tatrnce of a flerrely c nteatad acttoa al that plane Ha) Rn?r?? <n company w'th three other*, propnaad to re t' t. ' ?aya aa t romrn inloate their c.inrict n? lo ? nil or, while Oriloaeli F'leber, fa'ne, and tb* ra k ?be fnrr.., abonld reconnoitre and pr ia 1 t j*. moTimenta of tea ancmy prillag tka ooantermareb of our army. Tb!s arrangement ?>?*? irg Ii.tb otBfteoted to, ila) Rogers, nbwl noon of night, Mticceeded to re-erlerieg without Inter ruption the city 01 Maaeaya. unci found It, m wh?s l>e lelt. reptert v in vnt>roiM<d qtrtelude. Makmff hi* way i.-oattHliaieh Waikor's i|nart?rs, the information *?* speedily remmunioav (I, and promptly tit order fM rialTitrated atiiw^ ihn elllcerb of balialtona to abandon tbolr respective poets nd concentrate their commands on tbe Plaza 8t iMbs'lisa The army responded with <M tutnrutia tie promptitude to tbe order of fbe Gen 'r?l, an?i de?tv> tbe wearytug march to tfaaaaya, and tbe UllgulDtr srwnn thaf Mowed, tbe (oldtera exhibited the almost alacrity la tho proa poet of re engaging the enemy at (Jrtnada The mm and offioora thai far had nobly performed tlisir duty, and were worthy to rank In gallantry with tb<- soldier* of any army In Christendom The Klrst Rltlen, under U/?. Handera and Lieut. Col. Austin, were thrown more noaspicuous^r into action, and never aid a batta'ton curiam with greater triumph the exportation* torm< d of lu ellloltnry. the tame eagerness and am bition to Illustrate valor by chivaJrio deeds pervaded tbe entire army, and nothing but an opportunity wm wanllrg to ni|:t>ali?e Ita heroism and add to ita fame. The b?tt)e of Maeeaya waa woo lit a fraction oi ot r foroe, and the achievement waa worthy of the gallant spirit* who accomplished It?worthy of the man who projected tbe enterprise?and worthy of the eauae which gave origin Vu the necessity and Inspli ation to the endeavor. Granada, Oct. 16, 1868. COrNTVKMARCH ITFON Of AN ADA? TflK AUVANOB tiCARP VIBBB OPON?A GOOD POBI flOM?OH ABU!: IMTO TBI PLAZA? BATTLI OFGBANADA, ETC. Tbe Plaza oi Kt bebaatlan waa thronged with spirits flu*bed with tbe Joy of triumph. There were Ouay pm parat'.ona for proaecnUng tho work of vletory so auspl ciooaly began. The wounded were oomfiirtably provided (or, through tbe energetic and efficient action ot the Quartermaster'! Department and the vigilant and kindly ministration of the Medical 8ud in this oonnec ica It would not be Improper to add that the entire corps of surgeons connooled with the army were nnremlttlcg, during the oondlct of two days, in their kindnesa and attention* to those whose mlafor tones appealed fbr relief. Wherever their servicas were essential they were to be found, whether in tbe heat and turmoil of the conflict or la tbe refuge of the afflicted. The zeal acd devotion with which they prosecuted their dutlee blinded them to the contingencies of peril and exposed them to the dangers It was essential they should avoid. At ardent la chivaliio Impulse* a* they were persevering In piofcaalonal ambition, they did not disdain the field oi contention, and the fearleaanea* with which some of them essayed their efficiency wm Illustrated in the afflicting casualties they encountered. Among the wounded are enumerated On. Callahan, McUlhonny and Scott, of the army corps of physicians, who divided with their comrades [in misfortune tbe aUantlons of their lot kier brethren o' the stair. There were none so seriously disabled as to require convejanc* other than on horseback, and some were spirited enoogh to forego even that aooommcdatioa, ani venture the fktlgue ot the march on foot. The mcon was high In the heavi ns, and ?h~ne with such resplendent light as to throw a mysterious fasolna tioa upon the scene. Tbe theatre which so recently re veaied (ha resentfol Uaahot of human passion was now undisturbed by any sign of anger or oosteatloa. Tho places wblct were ohicured by tbe smoke of battle had become isdiant with silver light, and tranquil as the dreamless sleep o< infancy Tbe ohuroh in the centra of tbe Grand Plaza, that sanotuartad the antagonistic army, ai>d whose shrine waa desecrated by the murderous of ferings of implacabie enmity, looked heavenward n 1th an aspect as calm and guiltless as though sin and sbame hat not vie tale 1 its sacrcdness, nor tbe uahoiy priest* of a sanguinary creaa officiated with Imptaty at Its altars. Ho ca'rely and solemnly old the silvery moon encircle w*tb iia radiance the whole of tbe surroundlsg scene, thit It could senreely be credited that war. with desolating am bltioa, so lately bad reigned and triumphed with merd Ui? Ssnnity. At three o'clock In the morning the army was la readi ness for motion, and wltuont disturbing the sleeping dsai 7i n* of Massaya, or provoking from the enemy a vaiadlo lory demonstration, tho ooustermarch was ordered and the clt} evacuated. Tbe ramarkafcta quiet and unseat! netted condition of Maeeaya created the oonvtoMon that the enemy had made good their retreat ia the direction of I-eon, or bad lakrn one of the ramsrous roads insding in Granada. The latter suspicion wss il earned boots proba ble for rev era! rsnaoae. rhe eseaay daring the sfteraooa of th? fight, for some cause unknown to as. demonstrated their Joy by the rtsglng or bells, and by ? boats lad toe tive or reanttsstsd enthusiasm. It now became evident that tfcey had received latelllgence of the attack upon t.raaada. and flattering lafomiatlon of the spirit and soc cers with which the aesaslt was prosecuted. The posses ion oT that city was the niwntni t*mvm of their ajf Irallont, and to that end Choir ulmoet endeavors wars pereevertngty directed. To their Idea tiraaadn was lbs citadel of safety, and to regain that from Walker would be to overwhelm hua with defeat aad immortalue then selves with victory # It waa extremely probable, therefore, that, booysd with the iwpirttiac knowledge of the sntcr prieirg adventure oT a portion of their army, and animated with the heller that thetr oo operation wan only wanting to plana success tsyond a contingency, they bad evacuated ihetr fctrtliloallous In Maeeaya aai taken up the line of march to the oapttal. There waa little doubt Is the army of Walker but thai tho whole Inlmloal fores waa beisi oonasntrntod la Graanda, and that a das. per a is engagement would laevliably aasus before w* could re cntsr that city. By rnqusst of the uommaader In Chlsf, Major Rogers and tbe writer on.ted themselves with Ool. HkerrlU aad a few mounted volunteers, to form an advaact gnard, M lowed by tho llrst Infantry, under Col. Markham, to maka oar way through the enemy a picket, If poaaiblo, aod fain poaaraaloa of tba mala pitaa It tu at ?'?l r? oi? a> plated. ?b*a wltbia a few milea oI the city, to da %ialc f> ?tn the mam route, aad. deetrthiag a circle, eater a* from Lake Nicaragua. Capta'o Haodla i, a aaUro, ac corrjaalad aa aa a guide bat aa reaching tbe trail that we wera to loikrw, an order waa received from the Ove rt! to cpoo Ue dlrcct roUe, aad adraaoa to the Jaltaba. The marcb bad baaa eoatinaad aa til nearly aaarlaa, aad do report of artilk ry baring rtarbed th" brar'ig of lha adraaca guard, tbe llralleat apjr? beMiowa were (alt tor the aafaty of tboee wbo wera rrnalatai la garrtaew Lew than three honored par k*i, ottizeej laclu<;?d, octet) tot ad tbe daflaaoa at Qraaa da, aad tbe Bomber if the aaaailaata ta ail probability three ft foar tine* exceeded that rtreagtb. Tbe inlet at the capital aaaptatonaly Indicated tbe captara of the ally, aad the probable dratrootioc of Its A moricaa ta bahtta?to Tbe reaaraable feare which thte cirenaMtaaaa err) tad bad tbe a Seat of eallreaing tbe maroh aad aggra relief iha aatmoatty of oar army. The aaa, however, bad roaroelj riaea whea aonadt of daap aad algal toast In port wara beard ta the dirrrtioa of <; reseda, aad tba apprehctaloOT wbloh bed become aa paiafkJ ware gratl ;:agly allayed. Tbe reporta of caoaoo. followed b7 tba ta|.td diKhaifa of drear a*, ware coaeloalve proafb of the energetic rralataaca with which tba aaemy wai met, ant* tbe gallantry with whteb tbe cttlaeua bad aaatalaf d the feebly protected garriaoa OoaSdanea aow took tba placa af apprebeoatoa, aad pra area piaW elaatlel ty ta tba moreaaaata af tba army At tba dtt tance af a mita from tba eft? we aaw fioatlag ire m tbe flagataff la tba caaua of tbe plana tba proud ea riga of N'oereguaii natiowahty aad btrt tor tba prababla pi nxlmtty of the eoeoav a Itaaa, a about weald hare mat tbe welkia that would bare reacbal tbe eara aad oarrtad exattattoa ta the bearia of tba gal In at aptrtta wbo bad aaved nfrom trailing taglotlouely In tba dnet The advaaoad (Hard morel forward with cheatfulnaaa, and rapidly approtimated the coaBaea or tba capital t nre-ortnaf that they wera lacaotioaaly taareaalag their dletasoela advance of tbe fl rat Infer try, they brought il.omeelvee la a poalttaa of Imminent peril by nemlag ab rupty upon tba |*eket force of tba aaeaay, nnaetauag nf not leaa tbaa two buadrcd aad fifty mew, aapportad by a hraaa ftror ponadar. Thla bariy waa am orar ifty yarda dial mat wbea ftrrt peroatred by aa, aad tba prompt a aaa with which we were tainted with a vollay af mnaketry left ua an dee aa mlrarprehaaaloa aa to tba ?l nulaa warmth of aar ? rcptim. The advance m?m bera of tba gaard, h? t tba great diaparHy of anmhera, after flrfag tt>< a plaoaa, wheeled their hnraea and haatraed to fhll back anna the tnfbatry; hot being aa nafnrtaaata aa to bare a hovae that waa not latlaatdatad by tbe exphwma Of gunpowder, aad oooatttutlonaily <t? inclined la e*p?dtt one mo-remeata, the laooaatdarwla animal, lav lied by Ma tardlaeaa a aarond aahitaUoa, which tfaulted la laavlag ma aa Inrohurtary pedeatrian Not ccntent with tbe n^eaerooa adraataga of damaaatlag ma. lhay ?e?med to baaalder tba! ? ran waa asoaadtngly Inapproptiate la ay poeaeaaVm. aad by avail directed aim, oat ef mat forty or fifty aimnitaaeonn etperlmeata, a bail itrnek tba barrat of my rtfla aad foroad it fTota n graap. My rernlaar remained aad aa 1 waa dteeagM Ing It from my aide, aimply aa a matter of lab rerr moe j, bad with to aiallcimia intent?o**uia'y not?a hnllet whlaUad la InanHlBg proximity la my brad from a quarter which fa (floated that Mm riret Infantry were a4Tarr*ng Into actloa It M or.'. rarlly a conroiatior ta one ta tbe boar af astvni'ty ' to rttojuj that b? la backed b> hu frlenua, Out thle mm m proof Mid demonstration of frtendiUlp that, however *r c ?Al, excluded the propriety or e?U congratulation. The tj, i iii (roct though wtla, waa unremitttug, and oataaltioa wel t> cot altogethii impouiole, and urn danger la iba it ar waxed liertxr, ana waa lar more aortoua than Uiat Bt'tabi * *l>lg| excited the nervous ReoelblnUei of tbe bet ? of Meiico. Ava.hug mya?lfor the advantage of a *>eiid o ' tt"3 road, wtLcU -tfiordal *t leant tba irotecuon of cone* a W'*nt. I proitreted my tell on the frouod, mer.urm from otoe tatlon, on acoouut or the tail ft rug wbiob In tervened hi Vbe opposing ar uiea, aad tbua occupy tag an islai ?*dlate poattion between the belllgerenta, awalied. aa q il'tly Mclreumftarceu favored, the revela tion o tvi Din. Tbt< enemy not bavtng aeon ttae extent of our lorcc, and i>olle?irg K to be only a reooanmtertnf party, ttiaruauy advanced to th< attack, and actually if proaelei within t vn or tute<a pacta of my graM grows ?anciuiry, m>u tj?, "ulated their diabolioai "carajot" with a v?>n tl. vt w as anything bat tranquilliz ing u> the nrrvoua fyitom At Una critical juncture, however, tbe KL*i? lufuatry, wl.h a lavage wtoop, bounded Ini o ?Uht, un4 the half naked yellcw o? vi s retreated *8 tbe refuse ol their eannoa. it u>ay be well uraglued I Vat thU rotrogrado movement waa cot regarded by one per ?o* at kat, with teauoeaaabla opposition- The ad v-*nce onr tr>0(w roacuei me from n.y critical position, an i ?' Richard was himself again." Bavii g rt-trtafei; bohtnd Uu'lr cannon, the enemy re Dtwtd a vigorous Qr<', u.autfrHiL?ii a ui'tormittaSin to dis* pine our prof recti wiih an wstleble leroriijr. The main body of our irmy was rloro upon the heoln of Ool. Mark barn's buttal.?* and tbe wb<*!e pushed forward with ad vinturcuii ?a<bii*ia?Di. A (tijchtxi b&Uie between the eo? m; and our aJvutCf processed for several ml antes with ii?el neat ami no < oeplita opinion vh formed uf tbe i pirit an' nettle of the opposing force The eager res o. th -resr pair Ijn ot ourar.wy revealed ktae.'f la an indtccrifelnai* :*u*b to the advance, where *battatfone and c mpaces alike weretbrourc in'o ineitri cable ocKfueton, ano men lought on luJuiiinal ro-pmatnlitloa. Tae inimi cal tour pounder k???cd ttorcaly on our front, and threat enea to retard onr progrota. Tho .iWauo thunder ot IM report, slgnsl'ng a discharge of canister in onr ranks, lolloaed hj a huavy volley ot musktity an I a volume of blinding smoke, diove back our ud ranee, and for a mo ment it seemed tiut tbe riool! would provo disheartening ut.d injurious. lueut. Col. Actln. witti teirt In bis oyee, natd to me, "Colonel, tbe Flrnt Kittel are rolusing to tight?what in Ooa'i name abail I dot"' Tbe words veero scarcely uttered, however, when tne b?ys, true to the Inspiration ot Indomitable hearti, rallied, and lo'an Instant the raom>D was in ibetr possession, and tne enemy Hying through tbo bnsbe* with the startled sw'jtaees of strlckou deer. '1 be *r> au* portion ot Ibe Kirst Infantry maintained tbilr advanced position under Colonel Markham and Mv jor Raymond, two as gallant and meritorious oliloers a* tbe army can bnatt. It waa now necessary to prosecute tbe charge irom the Jatteba to the P aza, a distance of more than six hundred yada.butCol Maiktu.n, wbo isol a delkate frame, and having made tbe caarsb t-om Massaya on foot, wai physt ctlly ina' equate to the task, magnammoaitv accorded to Col Sanders tbe privilege of leading his men In tbe re quisite venture. Calling on the Klrst infantry to follow him, tbe gallant Banners. closely followed by Lieutenant immcan. Company C. First Rifles, daibed forward at the bead of his own and Marhbam's battalions, and In a few minutes entered in triumph the plaza, to tbe great relief ol the little garrison that .or t??nty hourt baa sustained Itself sgainst a greatty outnumbering foe The enemy were lu possession at tbe ?rhue city, with tbe exception of tbe buildings on tbe east side and eoutbweet corner of tbe plan These buildings comprlied the hospital, the guard bo ue, the I'arocnlal church and the ordnance ware be use Too entrance of our troops into the plsza was ? ucoeeded by a fl-rre and vigorous engagement, especially from tbe east side along the ctrtets running at right angles with the lako, and from tbe rortb-ast and toutbeaet corners In tbe vicinity of Gen. Walker1* quarters aid tbe restaurant known as tbe Walker Utu?e. The buildings In tfcoxe directions were thronged with the enemy, ana werj strongly barricaded. Tbe heroes! ootUltct was waged between the guard bouse and bocpTM, utagor.a'ly < ppo,t\e the reautnoc of the An.ertesa Mlnlner, and at tbe quarters or the Cotiitnvad cr-Ui-Cblcl Tbo enemy la that direction were completely ? in anil the mo-1 di.-perate r??tl lance could scarcely ln.-u>e the probability of esctpe. A Bine ponnder under tbe direction of Capt Swingle, an artille rist of excellent qnaliti-aUof, w?< brooght into service In thai quaiter, and Kith enisling rapidity the barricaded rtoftfc and window* were ?>?e|it away, ud tbe terri fied and dcfcti0el<:? advor-ary were exposed to tne gieedy aim of our rittc*. Kor coolaeo* and Oaring rour.^.i ill played at this thaatro 01 action, tliere are rrnio who Ooserve higher praL-ie tban Cols. Hktrritt anl Vsttmer, Hool. au4 Capt. Kwicgle and Lieut. Furren of the Anliiety in leas khan an hour alter Ux eatranac or Gen Walker with bis army into the plaia, tbe enemy were totally route: and traa qu'ifty resu '?d ln'<> ivory part or the city. It was tho 1Mb of lH.toHer, the anniversary of tne Hist tsktrg of Oahada?and tae maimer and rest'It of it: calrbration losmrM feelings of joy and triumph ro tee* l-tensr than were demonstrated by the fortunaso taettc* of the or final achiovemtnl. The sitsii tor ae'eral weeks ban '>?ao tutrencbed at Masasyn, but tn cc>i.sequetico of stckaesa among toe uunf* wliieh bad put u <l them from Loon and Macaqua, aid continue' win . wi .' \tetieut, e.iarly one hail of the ri-roe wai trsn?'orr? d a i?w days t-ofoM tbo marrh upon Ibtssya to ilse salubrtcus locality of th* ne*|bbor ing town of ixrlomo ^maU recruiting parties war* also daunted ard atai'cncd at the various ssrr madtng pueblo* When I was ascertain^: at Ma* say a that t*ie xmerlcas art?y waa ibraup*>i within Its borders, W-*. lieilneo. the eoo . : t u tho dan dalva-oran es, and General In-e.Met o ttu anted army, despat n?d a teas center to IHrtomo, wi'.h tsatrnotmaa to (;?n Zavala, the Guatamaian e-matacde* .n charge of that station, la hjstrn to Ma??i>><?, tud i.ttSK.kGo*. Walker In the rear. (Joosidetttig the pc?i>ioa of the respective arruisa, the piaa was asagaotou* one. wad, IT pursued, would donM leas bave em airnskeo t'.e operations of <wr army ; but staiuliateo.s ' .e rectpt of the Instructions Irom tlen. mtJ'iflic- reached Gen. /avala, Itom (.ranada. that father bad advanced upon Maaaaya, and that the tap *. waa left wboUy unprotected It waa coalidi nt'y ali "nn1 that the city waa *ottr*ly abandoned, sl ept by the enfeebled teaanu of the hospital and tbe lew corse* who war* detalle-. far their attendance. bermUg tbe pneaawai at Granada to be peramoont in to every other cMaidarauon, t-<neral 7*va!a n leh.oeu to uuiobey the oruer n; the Gaaaral In Chi"i. anl wti^ hie lorre of nine haedral na*a aeeompush an schte.^.tmi la cvmpariaon with wutan a MR'pie victory at Ibssoava Would be utterly lanlgmAuant Prtmatod by tin areb>uooa impulse or Mgoaiiaiog hta isme by over*beik.ieg Walker with irrecoverable defeat, sad putting an e^a ?l osee to th* war, he ordered Iha mar oh to tlratada, tlUd with enrapturing visions of auo cm, It waa Hoailay, and the capital slept Ihe dr.amlese sleep of oonildeitcc and security. If pen liaoea a fugitive apprehension'OtatarMMi the careless imaglnntloa. lb* holy calm which seen ad <o rest Ilk* a canopy upou the city, d sal paled lb i \ssrant aiKplcUm anl lulled tb' fancy with southing hope At no-.n the heaveaa ware oreroast and terrenta of ra n i.oo?*d the atreeta and avanuea cootlnu oualy for more Uian an boar. Coder each cir-imsianrsa to bave dreamt I If dancer aovlu hare seemed lha acan it v nf sautioi Tbe wtu atton of tbe enemy waa rag seed a* Mm**?*, and I waa ?<aicoit I ibtl tiraaada wimld iflara htm k oirmtoa Hoi tba pelting thower bed Kwtil< i?f'"tfu Im *1 iMMb, wbN from dlfleroal oMWM Ik* tm c ? 4ra waa eeoutod, mo a p?>m|g cuoaa ru?b ? i k.blteiiia *u mult far the dr"Vo<ee ? hub lonliin) the Plan. I be otutiaa were pretloaely orjaeiaetl lp<o o?a>e*uiee, aad rolnatorfly pieced at toe <*lepueal Of IfeC BIlMW) authority. lotted With U>* Ml dicry remaning la i irrtruD. thay formed m t tractive luroe of mure u>aa l?r> kindred men Tt?r wort va rk>ui>lj dtauibatad M u<? rnurt a. the buaptial. the icua'd boute. aai ortfaaaec depct TM iobn Hd ohlkfrea, wbo IM with terrur autckea wIMmm Into ihe plena, were aJI WIMpHi MMtt U>e '"o* -< Umj Amertraa Miabtor, aad a gaarti urtollod to pro*? I the eacradaeaa of ikat raaetuary frvm iLrauon. Tbr raaaoa* were dta irtheted u< nucb a o.aa?rr aa to fortify toe plaoee moat MtaMTf to b? riel-nded iplMl aaianlt. Tba aafety of Itw urOMKr b j'idiai ix ini ifprM a* of the moal rlMU ia|inin iK. aa ngburn aad a an pounder contrikntod to t*o protects of tlial ieuuity. A a tea poaader waa ate ii?nad to fruat?rf tor gnard boo.? -, aad at tba boephai a *u pavader u>r<*vi>..l kfkiaat beetle intraaioa. The ac>rt heart corner of the ptoaa, from the greater tmbtntoary of >M protoctioa, larttod the tar. ,t?1m uaatra... o af U>a aaealiant*. bat btfbre the piata roaid ba iM'iiad tba intention of the enemy waa ??>?? ?er?d. ar ibo nine pounder from tba guard heuee, Vboar tbr n.kt^i Meat of f aptaia Hardy and Im liiaoaiii '"roar.,,, waa rua forward to tatoroapt aad ditpafe their rtgb? of pragraaa. Tba aigniOnar.t report of thai d'MrvrttT* vapoa rlg^eiled to lb* garrtaoa U?e r prr Kail taik< r aboiitoJ U> auonaealon from tba dlllereal potato of r.efi uce. toll tike oateaa ot parti apoa tbr. ekriaktaf tenia of Uw aodaa?>de tovadera fkay w??a drlra* from the prre*. ettoo of the r taal porpaa>. aad iaakla? tba circuit af a nara I* a tortkerl/Mira. tloa, aftempfad to fnrea a paaaa?e kloe* the raato leadlaf bj taa koapftal. hare ike) aaro mtt by Oaptola (twtaffa with hu all prouder aad a paiikat lluia t*nm, uaiar the dtrertioa if M?tor OHIail A akarp ftr? Oaai Oaot. t*wte|k'?faa, aad a ^Ijma dlackarpa of rfSaa from Major ? Kail'r comiaaad ehockad tbe advance ot tba ?ueia> aad parccptibly dlacncartod their movemeaW. To add to their f? U?ra?aa?eot, the caaaoa which taay bai brought to fbtb aid waa d<a mono tad by oar (U pt>' ad?r i0d tha aritllatlal ta aommaod waa ktUad. tha aaaiay, drtrra bank from two paaHtoan. now etr ctrd araaud 1a ika d r-ctioa of tba laka aad Mount Baobo. aad or>*m?n?ad a fterae attack apoo tba aaatora aad loolbern ?Maa of Iba ptnaa. Tba awallintt on tba ?aal ware la tha rrar of tba F'aroohtal churtk. the <,u*rd boa * aad HnapNal, aad wara wtthia raaga ot aaarlj tba wkoia itaa of aar farrtoaa. Tka oaataat ia that dlraoUoa became warm aad raaafato; aa par tail/ la tba rrar of tba ftaard boata did tl* ?army aaaoma t?a rharaotor of <lra nerattaa. aad #?b? with tba flirnai af daa l ifr. Oa oar aid*, the conflict waa MJiaatfy r at a tola "d by a thro* dlrarted by Oaptolaa Hckaraflil aad Lawta, aided by Oapt fwia*la, wka kad w thdrawa hia goa rroas tba buapWal aad tran^hrrad Ha afflctaacr ta tha paardbooaa. Baaikaball*, oaarartad lato band grraadOT wara aiaa aatptojad wfth fratifyiof afTest. Too mack pralaa raanot ha awarded ta tbaaptritod attoan aad braro a>ea wka aaataiaad thraaaafraa ao gal Ian ll y ar.d (wMaaafklly afataat a/ fbraa ?o grMUr taaartor Oapt. WIHtlaa, at tba hoaaitol, aad rapt KeUr, of Maato Rnaa notmletr. from bit pkoe la tba towar of tba charok. dan all aad tbaaaalraa by groat iMaw la their reapactlra paal loaa. At tha ardaaaaa depot tbare I waa a fbraa of a?at forty awn. coMaadart by Oapt. OtlHa, aader tba aapartor diracMoa af Oof Jonaa, the Pa* ma*tor tfeaeraf Namerooa etfbria wara mada to charge rapoa that moat important of all dafaanaa at the garrtaaa, bat Uie torr'fytag fhaadara wf tha a gh I teen aawg<ir.Mtotrad ky tha akarp craek aad dartrue I tire eflrrt of the mtratr rl?a. c.harbad tha praanmptlau-af I tha lavadara, aad h*M tt?n igpobiy at bay ik "J100. <* are tntiik 1 ui f '* *"**?* deration, V **" llon KmiUo fuomJ? I ? ^i0"* 0?"*' ?ccoanerU*. w'to toe armi i^' V0**1*8* ?* Praia la. botlj, maini^ neu U.pa3elvii',,r ? J!? ' ? as ? wnh exempt T ??""?. anu ?ru wori^rV^? UO,<1 Place euioytcm. To specify any ?""><uo? .o ?Mjr7ho ?.. daawvleg, .a5 "T* ??pec!al admiration. would ?wn idvuJjou, .nr1~* **?*>-Xt*io ue#Jv l?y and Bob!e ho!?al.pftM Wootaoy Teller, a aam W of the city, ourtJP??E * cape the reward or pafcUo *PProbatloo Wto a d?tl??' wioa that seemed U? aa*>iu?n of martyrdom, I**?* himself t oot uurijr autf fuarleaaly to Deriu iw l"erJU(>'e arwl u leed be pa.?ed tbrwtrk w?ib7?tL n01 wlth01>t "* 0IVl*e ? ?overe and pauiSl oUler ??<?UW.", to*, of l0dir1duJbo!T ??.l h !m"mt ?ho cltiimi ui.<i ttttacKst of the amv *^I6 40 6 coaflicfc ilfoe vViue or eiannio Thi0",!!^16 nuu? wUft the r ??*ti*t>of violory. ' vigilance warn ken* up by tbe rtrrL.m lu?bLu^#lre 5? <tcmc3?i rations of boailie dbj' Mi?^?tf!! 55?* 1116 enrity, Tfiey a railed tbtm. b> a?a'L^.t J**?* MQ at tbedwnuew to pro?t bit?oi> more con/eniul urn* toe hazardsoI???" ""J ?"al" <* ?W ?'e the orSZ!^ -'~y^ ."' but toe <hm leBtaiaa borUo-22 Wlf 1 If* ^e?A?od-and thetirv were ?'i'mim! i kham^rrwor.uintHBlat ?)orv ^^.;y ;~no,"? w^ioo muS -?2?*+??** mZSZ ?r ssssr ansa jie 5W~jm;bs? ;;>r,^B *-T ^ ?h.. pMfed evorytHaa that was i?JSIr la'u rf fuiled oi ii>oir r jutuav txircauH auu cb!vri^rr^^t rl removal iS ??? the?wTZ'tuibi^zr^z "u rrrr^ a>l ?ppr0?r,?? b, It* ?^Tr;??n4mZ7Z: sayg a.^^yy'Swa.'S natural abUIUca UM|*" b' aM MrUtahT,?' " 0rBl*g *d'T*i?bed them of Ue ??? ,,l4:,, and the aocearttr?.*! L "n.TV?v*f!e.rh ' >he, exPvrl?'Ut o? momh' adjacent bui)din?B, and^om b.rX^JIf 7 o*wub?|^ ^i,3^ !ator w3?M ~ arm> gave a dillt rent comulexiu-i? i? ik> i ..1?? ^ termu^^ W a^pa.tou.l,^ bu??a,J! ^ " Tte beld ol conflict folloirhis the mMki. .? ^ ?,,? prtaenud a tlcke.icg ViwuLi* ^TH\*r on'Z fld??, r?^br^ ^?WbSL'E VSfSJSfSSf -^'^"-"V??r5?ic23 aSsCatewtfl^sSnsS5 tbe>ardj, on the *UceU, every where the * vtaleid' the m#?rrf!*",ed ?" "?mo "bjeMtSii^J SXTu,. -smissr; arS t? ^1U fhMtl.De-w Of deaola^on aad bOwTrSi hL v^ i? iliiBf thai vraa nubbin ^?^okfn bed?tfac9(i, iuut.ute<l Ublm fr?rt?^ ' rhail|l|'i|t1'** hun,w> bodu*. Mattered around0la* Lawurj omJU*Urpo<l "* case. n. retributive aacnOoee The righti 0r pn^te rr^ L were every where violated, ana rrom the P^icSTdSS to the LuKbieat aoidler and ciUscn ~ "tor,^7h0'e p??^ ^S,l^MlTi; tnip of tk( detpoiler. Dearly, bowaver vu Scixw""s^ Mot that they lobbed and ptllagaa tK...>i^.?? ^. * P??Uol?M their Irlead. *Jd '?f'^T00*.'. ^h?? hi' ?k.CW?orre. toe?..W M ^b^^222 i) * rarer aaa far uior? raaoaatlblat V*U ir? Mtead wufc ttt^Tt bioL the blood nf non-re, i.uat *??rleaae who ?n , M elr faith In the lavio able nanstlty of the Imaneaa ^ ifct.rbana* are crlKKoai.1 with the vttal 5& ?rnEumwHf ??? and alarm <ccw on.d b " tKenv ,'u^d IVH? P'***"*?? ,n tt.n.4 of Johii H LawieM. Proud irf iL brni*Lce a? an Amrrlciui cuirco I'roud of uu hjt.tnbta.ened.b, powerani Iry. lie acorned lo 4MrM|| tho lnte*rttv.?r h . mm by an i,Mr, fluht, SZ1 proapt;if'?? by pur?u tR naieiy ID ? Iwaceaiment flj Oad |o m ton^n?wSm2ET^i roTaifd no higher vln. irallon rf hi* ? L?2?S5 bt ,,,flbr',ht ?5*^h&.VZ ??' "??r rearH*for"b'm.,'iruTe"co^h"^?" - en.a?ed It .a. a fatal demeion ,o? ^.u ofal^ neaa nlt:ren*hlp wm ln*ad?4 artih eiultlm maiiJli?^ Jw^b^aLtrtT dr^"d b? r^?l^ uan^ ' W uroiien atrocltv 111* crime was 10 have 1,-lT^ r/^ir'r>d-?Jswa-s h'<-"*"?? raabletn?u!i crooiwmdi*, a'?IT asek^St5Si^E2H5 TSZSSSTi i '* T*1*- too, dlo the appeal* of the Rev I ! ..r',r",".fk" ,;Pr>n <M*oi?r bearte of the reh devils who beld ibega la boaneee. Keuher ?b?i- m o^av^lTl"? <mM nf 80014 "taT toe muntor ' '??? X??l or retard the eipi.ior, aarrinre n>c> 1 jjjftj"; "PO" the laial MWM, y*i .trlmrtn. wV S blof.i ?f I aw leoa, and mingle with bla I ha warm ? - ?l their own larerated fc.a-la . oufT*"*? f'?r. Kll rlcllaM to th? aame fell aptrlt of ImnUr w dafbiIms ifl?w?L hirt teii*n ? / toe,, ..r ri .|mr. ^ ' *<?< -J !> ?rTh?t rh'00"" ^ "' f"' a t aii.nall^Io Hi "* DO*,?? ?" " rever^ao. To " r ^oiJ ? I? a and tcr^gnnrnma It u? a --- ? ?nintloa edia atatraliee bet la lb* *rral Aaerloaa kiin IbM Uirot * * .ta MUilni lapaleea. uH lb* awon* (Mtt rim 111 IMt M?it WtlB to TlBO'aeU llM HU?Ml fUM Tb* eon ?rrtaal of Col rMpr IM p*ty la <J'M?ade rip?<i Fiftnw ar'?*brr ?in?? in ralatioa in tbeir aafHy No ilif DO* r nK?llof tbam bait boa a raoairad ? do* tit* HfitiUoB villi Mai Ro??ra, ami It aa? ?*M?M that iht j wnb pwiit of ik? ww Una rmnf daacriptK* Naariy Iw ?aya alapaart froa the ttnr of thr ra ntn Mo Iba capital ane aethinr laar T*e*d to diaaipak- lb* ebadew of eaoariaaary which hnof n-rrr lha fortUB<? ol lha pnriloaa r ? po-Mtino Al >**ftb tha a(>pftra*er M oaa al the ftitj laajarad a aoaaalary caaatettor al th* iwini; of u>a mm of 11 wee ?"? p? led, bowrrrr la lha aiawnaaaW that lha party bad baia attached by a aaparter tor**, aaaaa hUW aad iba "?bar- ia?i aad ?ca>>arad la aartaaa din rtnae tbra if a Ifea ? ward* Tbay atifbl poa#?" it iiwwJ 1a raaahaf Onu<a4e, M tba pahehl m?<a w?r? lain ra, to ibatr rhaooaa al I r. *???alton I otiuar faaor** I baa throat* tba dlM ruliwa by wbirh IItry ?an far r naded. aad dia'ljr, <we by with a fa* aaMpiiaa*, Iba taaiii lad ea1 ?at dee Inf party ?ar* r*ator*d 10 tba rafacaaf lha **1**1 Tara vara killad, aad Oniaaat lataa. a (5abaa, aad ail u caaa rai Walkar, aad tara latbatoa r*a(*ra. inaMh Klnap aad Oaoiya Tewaaaa-i, wire lahan prwneara Tba p?ivaliaaa an.! fata oaa eeitared by UK?a whoaaaafad wbila travira H>? uah antra wlida, aad tba parlW May ??conourrd ta ibalr path lan rotitudae, fr* to tbatr anflfar.air* tnalr pa tw era aad foatlbeda tba virtue of barcaa and lha cbana at romaaea Tba raapaifm la a<r? fairly oaaaad, aad Iba raaall hHhrrta lafin (lonoualy for tba trioaipb af Walker. Na?ar did a *aa by ui.ioatiabia pern rireaee an tar ab rarlaa of tba mm dteeoeref laf aatara, by ua araarytag r yi'anoa, ata?pi*ee aobrtly aad paraoaaJ harowa as ?*ral ad. aatitla himaaif mora la tba edalretwe of Mi eed lb* eaaeolatmaa of ?at*ry 4ya. la thabrifbt laslnoa of taMiiaa ?Hh which tbta baa rawerae* Me deavrrag ?1 ?? tbara i? eo aaob wordee Mi" flutniM, Oct n, ltM. *OTBMit?rra or Tin niunw- m**m* at mamata Ann ObAWAPA?TTCTOPIIW Of Olb. WAI.I?a'b nMK>r>?ATTAcm* or rai onATac alarm an? hap nALrADOMAira on rat ahbnai nrKinmli ?orra a*b Atmiri* rr.AO? HAmaiBOtra Mrinat or AMmtcAK cmsBm?imrAimnai or cou. wmmi.KK rv\ wAPnrwoTow cttt?rMwwr cow i)itton or ArrAimn m kioajiaotta, arc., rrc. Tary ana?paotadly Iba wall tar tba C'aHad Hlalda, ablah tor aararal daya baa baaa adrartlaad la IdbTa aa Mar day aaxt, 1st pmteo, will otaaa M 4 a'olook imp after nooa, learlag MbHtwtar three bean ta ee?ptale ay mi 1 eapaala?e te tw dede. Wban 1 laet wrote yea, ea the M teat, tba deaeeeraHp tbreea, by erdar of Oaa Walker, bad ettwebt Maawya, aad ware warebfi tor tMe My. they arrived tba aaeea day, Jell id the Wiaaa wee teeriaf for Oraytava, wUh the paeeMflere tor New Terfe. IatnadieMy after lha aeerty, aa ti aappieed, their ?a?re torpa A tow daya inbeeqiiaaUy twa baMIe* belweea the been la (broae ea. parrad, tor aa eeeeaat ef wWeb Iaaell ayeetr ef thee*, etel aad wart efllelal reperte aa pabdehed te m IHmm ftmm, the er?ee ef the yerewwl; ihoe|?. trwm my ?wa t?eiaeeal iheirieW, I thin* the ra porta af toe battJa ef Oraaada, la many re epeele, laeeearata. I wee ayeeif aateead In that battle for twenty ivo beam theegh oo? aipoeed to aay gr??