Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1856 Page 5
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tbbbrms of lbs nallMers. It la ibe teat card of poor FWw, and the teat trump of Jefferson DavW, abort of ? faster all? of way. ??uu wUl aaa um k te a knavish ?tanof work.'* M la satiafactonly ascertained, that wbtlarer Um ad akttntion la oontempiattag relative to Paaaan an! Aaytowail, ao ono can upeak apon the subject aa to aay precise Una of action which It propoeee to take, sxospt that |ki rights of oar ctUienii Individually, and the in taraata of our government, will bo vigorously enforced and protectad by moans promising to bo mora direct and ?Solent then thote heretofore employed. The subject baa proved embarrassing to ttM administration, and baa occupied a large share of executive deliberation. General Joha H. Eaton, formerly prominent in politi cal circles, died tbla morning, aged M yearn. Tbe Commissioner ol Light Houses baa awarded to a sMlzen otlfi w Bedford tbe contract for 85.000 gallons ef tbe beat oil at an average of one dollar and a half per ?alio*. Commander Davie, superintended of tbe Nautical Al manack. having been ordered to tbe Pacflc, tbe prepa ration of that work has been transferred to Uie Bureau ?r Ordnance and Hydrography. The Wreck of tbe Steamnklp l e Lyotinals. Bosvos, Not. IT, 1M6. Messrs. E. ft E. Poiium A Co , 82 Broad street:? vessel In contact wltb the Lyonuals was the new bark Adriatic, Durham, from Belfast, lie., for Savannah. Saw tbe steamer's lights twenty minutes before tbe ?beck. Capt D. and seconi mate were on deck at tbe Mme; supposed the steamer stood on her oo arse, and waa net aware of tbe damtgs done to tbe Lyoonaie. The bark baa anstalned bat Uttle damage, except loss of bead gear; aba arrived at Glrooester yesterday (1Mb.) Tbla Infor mation comes (torn one of tbe sailors of Um Adriatic. Kb ether particulars. JOHN T SMITH, Merchant*' Exchange. 8bpt. Durham, of the bark Adrtette, it appears arrived at Cnonoeeter on tbe 4th inst, and maile his report of iho beMston to a Belfast paper, in which it waa only d'.e bbvered tbla morning. Mr. G. H. Rogers, of Gloucester, went on board the bark Adriatic at Gloucester, and bas just given us the fol lowing report, from tbe first and second mates or Uie bark>? The bark Adriatic, Durham, from Belfast for -'a vaanab, wltb loss of bowsprit and other damage, hav Jig bees in contact on Sunday night, Um 2d lnit., at 10 P. M. wltb a steamship, (no doubt the Lyonnais) off tbe South Shea), bearing W. N. W. about 80 miles?weather star %fct bnt hasy, and wind W. 8. W., the bark heading N. W. on the wind; tbe steamer steering E. N. R; saw bar fifteen or twenty minutes before the oollislcn, and endeavored to tack the ship; and while the topsaite were Aakbtg she struck the steamer abaft, nailed, and re quested the steamer to lay to, but her light* disappeared to twenty minutes. They must have seen tbe bark 'rvm tbe steamer, aa tbey blew a bora. llewa from Mexico. B?mMoaa, Nov. 17, 1609. New Orleans papers of Tuesday ol test wee* ar-i at band. Tbey contain later dates from Tampiro, contra SUctmg tbe report that General Canales had gon? over to TMaurrl, but no other news of importance. Ceavlcilen or Prisoners In Kansas. 6T Locw, Nov. 17, 1869. ?ur advices from K .nsas are to the 10th instant. 'Aft Saturday twenty prisoners were taken at Biakory Point sad found guilt) of manrlaaghter. Tbey were sentenced lo Ire years' imprisonment at bard labor Terrible Fire at Three Rivers. M 'UTiUvL, Nov 17, 1866. Um Are at Tbiee R.vers broke out at 4 o'clock, oo Sat urday morning. A boui-e on Nutro Dame street was die bovered to be on tire at t!:at bour, and those who were in it bad barely time toepcap^ w ti their lives. The wind blow felg from the north, the Pre '-aught the houses on the op posite side, and pprea t with ftariul rapidity, and consum Od three sides of the Mock?in all, about flfty buildings Vto estimated value or the property dretroyed <s ?100,000. A beat one half ol tbe business portion of tho town has been la^d In ashes. As usual, the scarcity or water tend Od to tbw result. For upwards of half an hour not a barter could be foend to draw water flroin the river, which is is tfce Immcii.!.!* vicinity. The Came* sp-ead With fearful rap.oty till tbey were laterally exhausted bom want of sustenance, and burned everything nnUl toey reached tbe river. A Party of Ami rlcana Atlackea by Camonchc Indiana. Nmw < uleajm, Sot. 17, 1869. A party ot fonr Americana, con'iaung of David Nichols, late merchant of New York; Dr. P B. Cabell, of DanrUIa, Virginia, and Messrs. Chttar and Kennedy, of ft. Louis, ware reontly \ and attacked by a party of ?tauen Caroancbe India*. about ocu"hundred and Olty ?Mm nor Ji of /acaiecaa, Heaioo Dr. Cabel 1 *u killed. Rm reiaajDder of Um part/ escaped without injury. ?Uportrd Failure of tlic I.aiuaater Bank Cenlradltted. Piiilai>blpuu, Not. IT, ISM. Burner* have been current here to day to the effect thai the Iaacarter Bank of thai city bad failed. We bare a Maapa.. '.b r>om our correspondent at lanoaater, dated ?la evening, who stale* thai there baa been a heary run ?pun the b?nk to day, but that It discharged all iia ebil (attona promptly, and la understood to be ah e to meet al paaalbia demandx of ila creditors. Mr. Beacbaton, tba tar mar Pieatdaat. having r reigned, A. Herr Smith, Eif., waa unaalmoualy alacted bla suoceaaor. Robbery of Use City Bank of tluebec. Qtanic, Not. 17, itifl. tba City Ruk waa rotbai last n'gb*., but fortunately It aaaialnsit only 14 060. Tba ealraoce waa efleeted by the sale Burning of Use Propeller B. X<. Webb. Demon, Not. 17, IfcW. Tbe propeller B L. Webb waa deatr< yad by Ore la Whbkey Bay, Lake -'inerlcr. on the of the 1 *b mat. Bba had a full tugo, ..nd waa boqad to Morgnetle. flbe waa a aaw re?ael, and thte w..? ber first trip. Sfce eost HO.000. and waa Imurad for 910,000 So Uvss were noTeasrnta of Gov. Wlar. Baj.tiikwb, Not. 17, 1854. Baa. Henry A. Wise arrived id tba city laat Bight from Mrhaaoad. Be left affaia at t o'clock tb e morning. It la presumed be la on a Tlstt to Mr Bucbanan. JLoaaaf the Huarnrr White Mlnff. CltCiawiTi, Not. 1", 1886. Tbe steamer White Blufl, with a full oarro fur Naah TBIa, struck a snaf yeaterday, near KIsIbk H m. thirty, ?vc miles below (inc roau, aad sunk opposite that town. Ftre at HlHtnsport, Ohio QMiasm, Nor. IT, 1858. The distillery of Purr la k '.ouiU, ??( csport, Ohio, with tbe slock of oom asd whiskey, wa? burn: dowa on Bktarday. JLcaa abom 126,000. issnred for SIS,000 Markets. rniLADtLraia stock boarp. PaiiArstrH *, Not. IT. 1156 Works arm ?'annsylvasla .Vs. M: Read nr Ka imarf, 40s : Im| lslaad Ka 'road, IS; Morris ' anal. 11;,. Pec*, sy .ieria Fladroad, 44 ,v Ca?auviii?, Not. IS, 1*48 Cotton? Sales to day 1,400 bale*, at aa<-naor*a prices (H4air?nt?j?, Nor. 17, ItM Orttaa_aaies to day too balaa. We bars to cbaaga ta re par*, jt proaa Alrast, Not. IT, ISM. Wbeat?Ha^aa SL30? toabela Chicago spr ' g, at SI SI. Cara??a!ee i.COO t. iab*M, at ft-,a Barley. SI S6^' a ?1 St lor lour rawed Mates 16,00g bo?ti?le lists. 47c. a 4te. for Male, aoi SOr for 'relght tor Ctuoago Bale* 30,0> 0 bnafeal*. Oawano, Not 17?7 P. M. Wbeat firm, aad A better ripply *alea 10.000 buateia at SI 47 a SI '1 tor ordinary ta eh?while Canadian, aad *1 3 for Caaadlaa oJub Vary ll'tle aora offering Canal Ire'ghta to New York a trite k>wer t our. 44c wbeat. Ho lake tn.pans? 1,too hhl?. Oour, 140,381 Wabew wheal, t.aae bushel* barley aad 4 4<JC buabe'r rye. Canal einorta? '<,S*t bhls B*ar. 4,M0 buafeela wbaat, and 4,Mi bcsbela com B? r*Atn, Not. 17?7 P. K. naurdall. Hales. 700 bMs at M a t< "it for grod to eit'B wvtoaria, te Jf> a M S7 fbr cboioe and a>t*a ?%io Wbeat lower Sa'ee 3A.0C0 boahals. at il 14 a ? t l*s for Chirac spring. SI 40 Ibr White Michigan, aad ?1 42 tor do Cbaadlan. Cora lower Salsa, 44.U00 bush e>. at 67e a M? , rlorint taeida Oata *<*? a 4Ie. Bye tOr a the. Bariey tl It fer < aoadlaa Canal freigbia lo New York II?c a 'Ac for wheal Receipt* ta tba forty etabl brurt ap ta nona to day, 10,781 barrels (tear, 41t br?hfi? wbeat, 110,330 do com, and 18,414 do rya Canal espcrit la tame time, 1 TUT barrels Coar. 10,436 basheia wi eat, 27.S12 do cam, and 7.340 do. oata. T**ATme I>n Nmrr ? At Burtoa'a tbeairt "GeaariCTe," aa "btslorlca; spectacular dmna. ' (abalerer that is!) >raa produced laat night fbr the -'.rat t me here. It was artgtttally done at tbe Adelpbi, I>ondon, eotae rears ago, aad M taken from a nore! by Dumas, yrt Tbare 14 a great deal of dlaloeae?ne mach, perhaps?a food many preuy dreeaaa. rcme exoellant anting by Rarton, Mr. aad Mm. I. I Iareaport, C. Pubar sad Mlaa ignee Robert eon, aad noma altaailoaa which m.*M be eCectlra werr tbey an to moeb elaborated a* to fat'goe ike at?d!eo??. Tbe plat la eo well known ae to make is aaaiyals super Oticas. Tbe plsy was well reoeirad, but needs tbe ka/e aadly. Tt-e house was crowded. Mr. Wallace- piaj t d Aaa Ce aar d* Basaaa lo a erowdetd fionse. Tac pertcr. ?? - ia a? plcturerqne ae of y?re We D'^?e no one who admire* really fnad vllng will fc get that tka 1* Mr. Wallvit's i*?t week At Ute Cham here street theasf Mr Kddy proaacod a new draaia, "The eiorm !*e<re? ' arfupfe'd from a porakr toral'rtle by Mr. Robert Joki> ttoa *be play Is ln<en?ely melodrairtlle. and particu larly uaufcral It was wad anted by Fddy. .Tobnwo.i. Kd ward x and Ibe M *e'* Infae Tbe !**? atfued aotre?ect are ahrtera of M ea Rim l?(is. toe famous >.? fiis-ix, Tber are pretty g!rl? vni rery afe.asi# arllH. At lie Academy of Mu.c "1 'Mf ie do Nord" wi- g for ths ' laat time ta a flee houee 4'. Sriscbarn'r I? ?r?ry tb?rs i ?M a Gaa boats to *c? ibe aaw l? aMramt "Phi 1 and Uie Bowery," aad a t'treaO of ? Ma batb " Tbe otber ??auea wsrc roll, ttf IN w>ek omgnercod f'o mm/. MUmOlW AFT AXES. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. Tba President Uuo 0. Barter, Biq., la fee chair. TH? BAUS Bin in BMiDWiT AMD OUR1I RUR. A petition to take up the rails in Canal street, between Broadway ud Centre street. In which it la stated that the New Haven Railroad Company have their depot in Canal street, near Broadway, and that part of Canal street ly ing between Broadway aad Centre street la rendered un fit for any kind of business In oonseqnenoe of the street being nearly aU the tine blocked up by the ear* and boms belonging to the company. Referred to the Com mittee on Railroads. tot pcbuo mabutb. Alderman Tvuuh offered a resolution that the Commis sioners of the Sinking Fund are authorised to lease, at public auction, for market much of the ground gained from the forth river, between Dey and Vesey streets, and outap of West street, for a period of ten years, to the blgffenl bidder, with adequate security, and on condition that the lessees will construct a mar ket house at their own cost. Referred to Committee on Mar kets. ilUGID OOmtTTJOW I* TUB DWA nTJflDTr OF R?r.?lKfj AND STPPIIW AMD BIT1WA0 0* PTBUC BCU.DI-NGH. Alderman Tcckkk called up the report ol tbe commit tee respecting the offices of the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies and the Superintendent of Public Buildings, which was made a speoisi order for this evening i The document (already published} was being read, when Alderman Beaux* moved that the further reading be suspended, and the report together with the minority report, which be *aw was very lengthy, be printed, and made a special order for the second Monday la January. The reading of the minority report (from Alderman MiComkky) was called for and oommenctd, On motion of Alderman flmuo< the reading wm sus pended. The following Is the resolution appended to the report Ronolved, That nothing baa been -bo*n in the oflk-ial con duct of the r<imn?i?fiorer of Reralrg And Supplies and the Buperintenrfent of Kepairs of Public Buildings, calling for scilou on the part of thin i'o.iril, and that die ?'omnuftee be ditmbarg' d from further consideration of the matter referred totteni Alderman TVckeb hoped that both repcrta wonld be acted upon without postponement. It was an Important mater, and there abouid bono dolay in turning ttiose men out if It was ft>und that they should not continue in office. Il? fcao no ill feeing against either of the gen t ? men Alluded tein tbn majority report; but be believed t!ia tb<> !*ct? slated in Uia'. report thu rot uimty th-; ,m nortty report Such facta as are there detailed cannot t>e overcomu He did not believe that these men wou! 1 re sign. but be wanted the Board to not honestly. Alderman Ftlmkr sa.a it was not u party movem(nt; ana it the perscna cbarged were Know N'othJufs be wonld vote to have toe testimony printed with the re potts. Aloerman McOomktv objected to the evidence being (Tinted with the repcris. Aldetman IrcvKK repeatM that he hat no reeling ?flint tboi-e men, and tliat d' kis father or brother wus in the tsme position be would have tr.ado the sazae ro port and he thought (00 copies of the report and tbo evi dence taken before the committee should be printed. Alderman Vookh.s wanted to havo an opportunity of voting on this matter; he understood it better than h.s s.icoesror could from nis koowl'-dge of the ia^ts, and he was Desirous of teeing whether theso men are deserving of being visited with the obartes that are broufnt against them. Bo was astonished to see eleven men In this Board anxiouts to put this thing over nntil January; be would move ior an earlier day?the second Monday In December. He hoped the reporters note the r ames o' every member that voted tor and against the postponement of the subject to January next Alderman Drakb said that every man ought to vote ac cording to hli own opinion of the merits of the case, with out (tar of fce'.ug published; he would vote as he deemed St. scd he would not D? swayed by the fear of being published Alderman TrnvXR said that if the matter was postponed to the first Monday in January the whole case wonld be cushioned. AMsiaaa ??? I MM that a order to stop unneces sary debste he would accept the motion to posipone until the tecond Monday in December. Alderman Mojo.ham bad no confidence in the majority report or Iho source from whUh it came, and he moved that the labjset he put-tponea to 0 e second UsMBf -i January. The Alderman ol the Ktgblh WArd (tucker), Lad made charges against a committee to whlih he be longed and be tad no confidence in? Tbe Pn-rnnrr called Alderman Moneghan to order; he was not speaking to tbe subjcct Aid<rman Ic ksh hoped tbe gentl. man would he allowed to proceed. He was saiislird if they were willing to let th.s matter go over tlil the second Monday in January ; he bad no reelings ac-unst thaso rr<n. but he cared not if bo was assassinated be fore be left tbe bail, be wonld vote as he thought best for the inter? sts of tne city. Ha knew UAtagrcat deal of inCueBce? outside influence?had been uxorc^ed, but the people would Cad, sooner or later, that be was tbeir best friend, and they wonld honor him for the stand he had made against this corruption. Alderman rrucn defended the correctness of the ma jority rrjiort, to which ha n.ime was atUcbed Yet they might post pore the matter until the day of judgment if they liksd Be had no friend to aerve nor no enemy to j>j ore, but he was sorry to aee tbe oourse the Boar 1 wera Inclined to take in postponing the question, because ho believed that this Board would do Mr. -*)lah and llr. Irving as much justice as the Board that will all here af ter the 1st of January: be believed this Board would com pare favorably with that which Ih to succeed it Stave lb j off to night, and the resolt will be that the District Attorney will bave the matter In band, and these men be lab and Irsing) will be brought before the Grand ury ai d indicted What position will the Board of Al dermen be to then1 Tu-so are serious charges against these gen lemen. and they have a right to be beard, aad you are bat injuring their characters, If they are honest mia, if you attempt to slave ?fl ihm investigation. Djc'I let us ktep them with a sword hanging over their beads. Vs'k my words?!f you put ttl? matter ofr not l. January, y on will but give t me fbr their being condemned in the public mind. A'derman Movaoua withdrew his motion to postpone t U the January session. Alderman Cla.nct said that be was in fsvor of post ponlng the subject to the -ecocii Monday in January, ani re was sorry to see b s frwnls from the Nineteenth and Fo irteenth wards withdraw their motions, ffs was sorry, too. to see tbe party spirit with *b,. n this thine was urged, and it was witn a desire to Mast the onsMar Alien of these reports U> men who come n* re r.t.bjissed by leellas or party prr,od,ce, usat they m^ht decide on them lie was scrprieed, too, to bear tbe timet that tbemattsr would be Ukeo before ihe Gratd Jury. That a memt-er of tt.t ms ority com ml. tee, botAose ne w?? defeated, should lake we papers bsUre the Grand Jury, waa torpr titg to Mm. X .Vrn.fcfi >< vr* worrectod Aid -m*B CUacy; h? did t r* ?ay ?? aocid take the matter before tbe >4 rail Jut-, bat that it might be brought there. Aider kiwi Ciavnr did lot ?<an to nj tbM Alderman Puimer wor.'d bim?Alf do to, but, aa a member of ibe cti?K'.tt< e. to tn.gbt be '.netr-meutal 1b having the mat Ur brov^bt there. He (Alderman C'mc.) ) alluJedtoUe ?tuc? of thf |irm od public m?B; be hwl reen abuaad by the prrti ?i*o* be brli1 public office. but he cared not for thai. He regarded tbe pr??a ?hw *t *u right, bat wbee it vmi b? Uctpaed It, and m a public dui be regarded I an.l reap, rted It j iat aa it *M worthy of rciptcl He alluded to the Indlclaeata wbl.h ha t b?? n brought agaUiat carieo m- o b; prrjudlce, and (al t that tbej bad fallen to tbe groped fur want of erldeoca to tuppon 'be charges. He eupported tbe mo.loo to lay the matter over. Tbe Aldermen of the lights tad Sit Ucfilh ward* would then, aa thejr wouK no* bave BO opportunity U> irpreaa tbelr view* on the aubj- ct. aUlermao Tt - an *aM that they should put toe wr<>ag wbrre .11 ta. V the majority commit** bare rep rtad wioat, let tbrse geoti*m?n go free, bat he, f >r om . wan Bot at raid to meet the (,uaeL >a. Tbeea tneu hare not de Bicd U.e > fcar?e* made if tinai tbem. Bad be thoo^-bi it ?boul<* root ap before the present Boa'd for lavealga Uoa. Ha rtp.. '.aud tbe Me* that It wa- a political move aga'cst thoaepart'a*. !t wan t t ajrb U,iog A termaa Bik:i? laid that '.a ma?lag the imtlon to poKtpi ae the matter, tol l January, he bad bo ;d*a of BTooleg the re*poaa.btl!ty ef a cur it upon It. aad be rai a'Jlitr to to accept tbe amcadmeat to postpone it to lb a a<cesd Mtsday .n Dicen.ber. He bad nowtah to deJge Ibe ? ucetloc, bot waa wlltiag to m*e'. t. It waa perfectly '.mmairrlBl to blm which way it went A'dtrmati a* d the' the Aldermao of the Four teecth had to r.ght to aay be wov'd vote aga.aat tae r?pon teaa'.f* c' the tcuroe from wtrb emanated Tbe cktlrmta oi tbe romm'ttr* (alderman Tucker) waa the m?w rncx untior.a member M the b>*rd, aad tf erery on-- arnjsd thai Hoard waa m buceet aal oanactaBtioai aa AldeiK'B Tu Iter theto would be bo ne*d tor a charier There la a? man wbo oe>d aharg ? him with Iflag. aad I meet few ? od thai a ifbt Tbe motva lo ;<o?tp< n? t* the eeoood Mooc ay la Taaa ary waa pet. aad rerrW by a rHo of 10 to 9. Ayea? Aldrrmen Orrw.r. It-a'y. (^ai cay. OrilT.ifee. .-teera, . ec<aoa, 'Mi'"? |ibar.. H r r, Udoak^r aad Urak* Nay??Hrtmtra foi. Tuntr, Voorbla, Brlgga, tea Pre , atdeat, falmer, Ely. Yarlaa A:<ler*.*n C:-** ?t aak*d tba ' re?'.>ri If Ibat rapari. i b? aow a^'rd t'po*. ?u aot r?al;y ,n the ptfteralm of i waDerk ef tbe Pc*r<V ant tacuid aot ba giTra up by t m to aay j?r?oa to- at )? t jrpo?i Tte p*a "tt a??*wered '.a (lie ar.rmat ve Aldrrmaa K: .?Vea. but we ba?e ordored Mo copla* to be pr>aw>d Alter dtoro'lig n? acim.- other matleri, the P .ird ad jr i raod ta Wedaaaday at tWe o'c'ock I ~r BO\RD OF COUNCILMEN. Tt ? Hoard mat iaat ewutag?4be rraa.deat, B, f. | i'>ar?B?y, fcaq , la tha Chair. A number of ttalatportaat | pttititna ware receded rsir^ mJtT The to'towlsg m? mortal waa reoeired from the Unloa 1 renj rmapan> ? | To *** ffpi>i>*jiet.t tnr, Vtroa, m Auntens inoOoa er* ?irr f.r mr,or T*? Toaa J he t '.m F?rry 'Vimpany, of Hrooklya, beg leave to re i rre> m 1bat thu compear ran the ferry from (Kntveraetir Ztf*' I?*W Vnrk.lo Brtdjre afreet, Broo*!y''- prlorlo the 13Ut r*f -tMdember )a?% IB wldeti da* ibe leaea of wild ferry ea I t tr?f, urd they bave continued the ferry from that dajr to tba 1 pr?eent at 'he requeft ot ynur bowormble body, aa yotir asenta. Ike ??]e nf ?a' ' t-rry tin* haea advertJeed In p<ir?uanre of tha atr< niled h?rter nf the city of New Turk, and the aame w* t.f?r?d at aur? o?i the l*h io*t., when nr> perann hid for the *em >. Thla frrry haa been rnn hr tin Cnton Company for nearlt 'hr?e r?a??, at a loea of from f 10.1*0 to 116,11*) per an nun*, without e>ier(inii for deprrc ulon of boatr. racke. Ae 1 hi- oomrarr alao hae rin Uie ferry fr<>m Rtoatrek atreei ??. Brldre airee' dnrlmt iha ?ama lltte, ata mneh gpe*t?r lea* at a I am frr?n gv:v?w to W? '**> P?w atnutn, ebupjfe for deprwrlattrm. Thl? ler?7 i*nne?er, la th.- opinion of ynurme iiw lBbeH bemedeaael'f xp.Ktaialng f'?rry. It la * diagonal ferrr, ?efoae the ire- it of two othor ferrle*, rende in? k more or leee dangerous by aoiUMaM at all tioiea, and In time of fojt tea dan?eroua to be run with ?efetv to paeaetner*. Thla frrry la ao areata bur'hen that tii? <'o?nr>a?y rannot CHHlnur tl wtPhoin a further *draoee^kt?? (ia nil the ferrlea. The < <ber ferrle* la Ute vie nity can enl^d i all Ue b?iatneiw Bow done on tbe Ho?eeve|t ferrr 1 he ikeivernenr fei ry j? of e^netderable haportaaoe lo both el'lea, and BipertaUy to Uie eity of Hew Vork, aa a farilitv la the lane r.ia>aof eaiplojeea la ihe Nary Tard re*>dln* In'tha c.t? of w York fb?e ferry < annot he ma-'e aaelf auatalnlng tony, bnt M eaa he run d' >e? evaenaaard moreeffirlener, provided the whole allpat 'he f.wrt fW flouraenenr atrret la appropriated to ferry purpiae* fx 'liat we laiidmaa e ar be eonatrneted, then on* float ran -rake a* many trtja per hour or day aa two boata now ear- w th one landing. The vntew Ferry fompary propnee that. Iftb* forporaUoa ?# tw Idfl *a wpwrlw U whv'e of fh^uatw nip iflr . be aooMruetod jo UuU kw their bona from the IPCS k^/2S2S5 IB**'** ??* bycomlSZ]"'7- ** Sf^SfcSfeH ^JskssjE^* ?? City HaJl. J> Mi*t,T0 to BackouM'8 plan for the fo,^! ,naU,,lD* P*P*I? from tfce Bawd of Alder men were ?. "? ???>?<>??: adopted. enlt %T#nuo aBd oU,or were .nl*rl"n'( i*?oIu?1cd8 were received and panned to their I tvfr. commt??1oner be requested to r? Vw&ir&+*? -* !? ter m W'E^n2Th.?ab2i Vro%: ^iS^JKSSlJSStr?40* - EXTENSION OF THE EIGHTH AVENUE BAIL ROAD. The Committee on RaUmd* of the Board of Council ? ;M,?t,,l,#r. Chairman, met on Monday aOaraoon, tt%&E?3l<tt5issts ^raESKSKF F??, Ami .treet to nf^ni. thttr?t. go8^,'tto^l,M " my* Kvmok C-ok(t**i\c the St*amkhip Amuinc-lt I lh?t r?Hrtd " U,< !0W" r*rt 0f-,h? clt' '?? evening Adr ^t. .T,^ entUd Uppw,ed *? "? *???*5 I | atk,, whJe the engineer* were teiUnc the qua<1tte* or T^e.mTT*, ? *Ctu* !3r ,nok * her ?*k foot or Twe fth .treet. In order 10 a?certain the truth la regard to the matter we despatched one of our reporter* to the Noreltj work., where he leaned that them^Jp! fBtirely false ud without any foundation whatever. The Adr.atio wh .afeJy moored at her wharf, and had we were informed, undc-fone no trial by the engineer. ekest " ~ ? ?mSsSkSs a all the teau had been .ecured, and yeeterdai many partle. were disappointed in *ecurlnf the place* they dwired. The programme selected for the osewioa combed *ome of M. Tbalberg s be.toompo.,tlo?,and? ant.foru..rrMfc me?U, which we need not say were Diared all the im? and brilliancy which dlattafabb hla e*. execution. Be ?u ably aopported by Madame Cora d? Wijot* and Hgnor both of w'ho^ed^ '/ >a appjaoae of the even'ef Mncort - """-need for U.M even \ b'?' a*'00D- present eerie, ef ooooert. c,o?? ? th this week, and no one should m?* the oppor lonity of hearief the gnai?tt planet in the world. ... N*v*l Iiitelllcnnre. J0 ? Maury has been detached fw?m ik. EVEi"" <"?*??? as."*Rsrufiz .nd ?5?,M ^ofcUly, , a fire. 8,nPo.ln<r U^a, {??? 'or c;.l not at Anipajr mu. h attention to 9 ^ w" lnrr?aa?l .JuilTni. of ih? 71? ... ? ',,1.U"' bjr of tbe ' f"r?om? fuel to pm on tie Are' and found 'ooked ; sto-is&ss ???all out, and briwmatatjt'anaadMonJ (umUle a*"?ft!? ^ wltku',t *>f in reply to many urarnt ?ollriijuikT. tiat ; be would BOt i?5e no Tre f.S aood. ' At Mprlnatield m?i rfiu ? Tor bn had >? to fca?bt'r a few ? M i^Td aod^hi^Sr? h".1"1"*"''d ful ei)<fe?vor?, we maiiue,! Li >irr .1.7^^ ?t2^Tl 10 """"??lu'n.eof ^?w2nt?^^?Zj!rr- wh,cb. ami from Il.irUord to ^umionl ? i?fL?"poo went out, ?lle*. no eflort *u m?dr by auv o?"jantr two panj to r?urw It, DrB?C mo, &"of tk,00n" ihc of ib^ ptmi'iiffrTfl fr> [ham u fr^Qncnt worfl their cWt u d , for the car beMn to .how ^ '^ ""P* ^ the ronrtuctor ha\ mg b?^n ojiff.-d in ihivjf. i , V""01'0" ?< that h. roulrtn t help^ "C . ^ *e "II. reached New York .t T.l f *".??"? op M.*day rncru nf, mp^r.Tu, b.ihh 'aUKk on rou*h:> UlMii>t<-d with in., l . ? "rwutrUi, and iho ??P?r 4,b allow. * pi^S^TS - * ? "?> eoW. and then toirave' '* ?^;ly pertrt-d u w SS?* ^LDw* I*"va 0,8 p,,b hVfoSil'VZ*1" W?!?. Mr ?nd Mm (? t V.,^ ,1*11' ? <J-or?? M. xlrania P. >ti?W?r P r ti irn>ot^ V0, " "*' r?nn I an,a Philadelphia J q ' w ,.?k1? \ J"* ''-**? *' *. W.I Baa, WalertvwST Naa;ucket; Joaeph Bo AlUopp'* Kaat India FALR AI.K. *OTW*. The fol'owlr.g are the ott.y boMM .n thu ctty where the above relebratod ale I* to be had on draught ? I. I ilmmiro B>a?cr atid Willuun street*. | Reilly No* M and SS I'ine atrret. I A*U r llouee Hotel "midway hiiiberiaiio'a Jfo. IX Tine atreet. Rvarett Hon** Hotel t'nlon ?t|'i*r*. laylor'a rale n.... Broadway. hiimi'i Hot:??, tale Delmonl cos. Hroadway. .I?bn kerf* t n<ter Mrtropolltao, Broadway. i firnj. tloary The Ofli'-e ilouaton street | P?hro<k'? opposite NIMo?a,MSBroadw'y. McFyle .Plmoe street. Oeorge W. Brown Water atr??t. I Mcminn nt IKuae Cnion wuire. Mend im * Neit to K\|<rea* office. Wall st. Waehiegton HoteJ ...... ..,.B. ?lingQreen R. uB'i* H<ckman atre-t, fatten'* Hotel ''or. Hurray and dreenwlch st*. Mukle'*.. '"or Fine and Water atr?eL stliae) a, Wa.iky Broadaayand K.mrth aire^t. B?i)l a. (lid War ...... I..?pcnanl street Vhe'ji K?-4ik i or. Cedar street ? William. And In Brooklyn? lh?ii?? r*?nt. .Main "treet. Tirtnjey, C*y Tlute L'berty atr-^et Mi >mi.<e .to. "9 Main street ARi'ltl R k Kit DA LI.. Sot- \jraqtfr r th- I'attrd ->ut?a. Wo. > Kinth William atre-t. I.lqnor Importation* ? Haiccara Croat ttaurj ? derived from the Custom Hon**, tb?t in* 'm|x?rtntioo of Ixmdon enrdlel (in I* increasing at the | rate oi ooa hundred per rent per annum. The liollatd im , aettott an a-* aa rap.lty (Wreaamg Thia would aeein In speeh very highly In '?vor at ike *ttperiorUy of the Bni.m). i artk la. ?ktudar A'l*s Bt< HOI r*..t <H? Ann HOI MOD. rin porta. W?. I M. InM 1N4 IfcM. J Holland SVS ?4*? 6 4? 7,44* ptpea. | hrtai.d . 10 6 1? 21 30 hhda. A* t er r< turns from Custom Hone* to Ike Department at ! Waafcmgtoa. ___ _ Plana, at Circa* Bargains.?A lurje taert i meat of a<-w end second ha'd pt??o*. an* neismt. at I greatly reduced rrW?, at J. A C. Ki.S? l!...t'f, W Broad way, op)**!!* the Broadway 'Aeatte. I*nrtr?Myp?? far fine whltllng. antlllng And lieanittnl. Let the artist take your meaaut* at i? Broadway. A Tt?anka?lvUiu Prraent?Let ewerjr Hnr band who la deatrt >oa nf presenting a betaUfal, aa well aa rrwtoruhle tn km wife, rail en BaWTA <wn?r of i en*I and Wecairr trreel*. anil select from hi? ?tip?rb aanri mem of f'ire a haa<lo tae ?ai, which h? can pmeur* at a rerr rewixMf rh*tir? He h*? an Immenee r?rletT, both th 'inality anil prtr". which we namnd to the aUantion or hua band*. *? eeihe*rta and wlree Kimball'* Portrait* nC the Praple^l.MO taken 'l*llr. tf Miir ?kyM*hta and thirty Ire artiat*. flaJ lery, J4T BroMlway. A t-4 Onft or Mlipenny Hatlyot; pea, from lit* ?Cheapest oa tko (lobe, ky ma*l<- prtn-eai Factory, U" Broadway. Wklte'a |3 Hat, rail Myto^lM Faltixi ?treet, b<tween Broadway an*! ffaaaan atreet. Kara, Fnra. Knv* -Knm'i far* are aow ready: al./? l t? fan bat* and cap*. No. H2 Broa<tw*y, earner of FtiHOh. It la Worth Rewembenan?That at Drnan noi.n A PH'CH U, IS) Vultia alreet ike Onent aanorlmeat of fall and wlater clothing can be had at tke lowest*. K.legant Wrddliij Cards, Knwrlopea, die., at EVRaDF.I.Ij'S, W2 Broadway, eornar ot l?tian<' street eatabliohed 1*40. Ilualneaa Meala, with Preaaea for Mamplng rarda, pnptr and *ii?elop"B, very cornaalent. RVKRitKLL R, Broadway, rortter of Dttane at eec M ablleh. d 1*40 Another Brcal Viiamph for Gnrney? Three m< dal* awarded to J fJI RRKT, 149 Brordwar, at the liee Fair of the American ItHrtPtite. far photographic produe tiom. to wit - A gold medal for thi> beef unretoiiehed photo t'raj a. A gold medal Tor the beat ookwe-l ph?togra*h*. la ot!. (W* ?l* > on ranrao*. A broa/e medal Par the beet photo praj'ha, eolored In paetel. Call aivt eiannno the premium pte. tnrea at lil? FV-'ographte r*Jaee f'f Aft 140 Broadway oortier Af l^onar.l ?tieet H. B.?Bo connection with am other e* tabllatmeut IBM Par roll am An- Oenfa Wear, J ant ro> Mired hi T PBP A BCt'TT'A 1>V Bread way. ??4 Mow Mew ?rk. Olnctaaall aad Mm Fr?I? Hill, Inimitable Ofkr ?/lUlr tnd Whir ken. at No. 1 Barclay street. Hair dye, four shillings a bo*. b'?ck or brown. Frualp*nnl>An Eternal Ptrfaaie ftroem the Hoi; City. GKO. R. 1NOEM A CO., 399 Broadway. Crlatadora'i Hair Djrttwl leu* and octane articles Both for sale, and the dye pri vately applied at No. 6 Astor House. Batrhcl*r<i Hair Dye, Win and Tostpeea. The beat la the world., sold and applied at No. S3 Broadway. Holloway'a Pills?The finest Family Medl elne and are recommended to all who suffer from diseases of the liver and kUjoqacD, m lbey never fail to cure theee FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Mojtiuy, Not. IT?4 P. U The tendency of prtcee thle morning waa downward lrom the opening to taecloee of the board, notwithstand ing the extensive transactions. The bulls find it up hll work to ? attain prices at preaent potnta, to say nothing about an advance. The market la fairly overran with ?lock. A good deal of caab stock came la upon the re cent decline, and more has come in on the recent ad vance. Prices have been carried up oa time contracts, and when they begin to mature speculators must real ize. Then we shall have half a dozen sellers to one buy er, and then we shall see another low dip of the market

At the drat board, to day, Virginia 6's fell off % per cent; Pennsylvania Coal, )?: la Croeae and Milwaukie, X; Pa nama, ,\f; Illinois Central Railroad, Cleveland and Toledo, >?'. Erie advanocd % per cent, Reading, 1\. Alter the adjournment of the board, the following sales ot sticks and bonds were made at aucUoa, by A. H. Nl colay $i,COO City of P&ducah, Ky., O's, lot a ided 60 | 2 CCO New York wed Erie RR. 7'e. do 96 20 r bares St. Nicholas laa Co 01 30 Fulton Fire Ins Co 100 10 Knickerbocker life ins Co 60 66 Tradesmen's Bank 122^ 60 Grocers' Bank 106 ?0 Chatham Bank 74 At the second board the market generally waa lower. Nicaragua Transit aold at 3 per cent. The tfo of thlscon cern la gradually wearing away, and all there is to ahow for the lmmeaae amount of money expended la a few old hulks of steamships. The rate of this company Is highly suggestive, and those who are purchsalng railroad stocks to the full extent of their private meant and public loans should paase a moment when their eye reata on the 3 per ornt for Nicaragua, and aee it there are not many other stocks la the same list destined to a similar result Cumberland told at 1?>?, which la a decline of % per cent; Erie fell off ; New York Central, S; Reading, ),; Illinois Central, Harlem advanood % per cent Michi gan southern closed at 81K per oeat After the board lower pricea ruled, and the market oloaed heavy. Tne | bank statement la all the bulla could daeire, but there Is 1 no suataining power In the market. There Is no outside response, and the supply of stock in the atreet is dally ln crtaslng, Instead of diminishing. The Aasiataat Treasurer reports to-day ss follows ? Itrcnfti. Payment*. Balance. Monday.. 1236,000 40 $*09.213 24 911,811,066 09 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 13th and 14th inst, were ai fallows Texas debt warrants 913,030 62 For the redemption of stock it,Ml 37 For the Treaaurv Depaitmcit 28,232 60 For customs 116,198 40 For the Interior Department 41,066 63 War warrants recei red and entered 308,608 42 War repay warrants received and entered.... 41,968 20 From Mlaoellaneoua sources 4,601 S6 From customs 38,666 9b From lauds 8,tf*9 69 Repayment on account of the Navy 23,068 76 The aaaexed statement exhibits the aversge dally movement in the basking department of the banks of this dty during the week preceding Saturday morning, Nov. 16,1866 ? Nsw Yoax Cm Banks Loam. Spetie Oir<iU'n Drpotiu New York ....93,290 982 9424,782 9284.689 92,914,670 Manhattan .... 4,688,600 466,884 338,789 3203,3C3 Merchants'.... 8,088.871 1,044.140 261,410 3,968,7<V* Mechanic'.... 3.680 301 6C.1090 362,717 3,036,716 I'D to* 2,204,177 366,643 188,941 3,266,147 America 4,(88,668 760,718 40.80k 4,365,772 Pbenix 8,119,492 320.708 112,077 2,098,29'* CWy 1,C49,T39 128,6*4 36 749 1,281,982 North River... 1.068,731 60.616 178.692 798.310 Tradesmen's... 1,488,411 146.482 3.12.819 832,181 Fulton 1,466,(97 132,666 123.987 1,188,7(7 Chcmical 1.982 980 413,7H8 241,964 1,279,7*2 Merchants' Esc 2.849.760 118.887 108.796 1,610,001 National 1.894.783 3(ti ?S6 207,797 1,183 434 Butchers' 1,309 664 187.014 10ft,1M 780,097 Mechanics A Tr 7t3.C67 6 : 140 138 6*2 911,64* Greenwich .... 780.0(1 2. 424 60.479 6H8.417 leather 2 006.663 192,787 -86.618 1,846,547 Seventh Ward. 1 236 216 13-i 619 871.843 718,300 state 3.388.163 467.136 687 882 9.(40,901 Am. Fxcbange. .4,971,(94 728 917 29\714 6,468,98? I Association 1,131 886 61,234 228,984 870.447 Commerce 10,(66,678 1,382 618 a,o?6 7,032,960 Bowery *61,279 68.187 172,160 8*7,364 Rroadway 1,432 .6" 126 673 220,083 1.309,792 Ocean 1,630,814 100,137 174.219 1,1:11,391 Mercantile 2. >48.108 168,797 1 03,7(7 1,602,780 Pec'tlc 942,3.8 eft.2?2 118,120 664.863 Republic' S,>00 n66 656,402 1(5,622 3,860,694 Chatham 809,97 1 21,1*7 126,411 346 394 Pec pie S' 8C8.842 81.098 129,600 590 621 North American.1.667.084 lie,380 81,978 1,304.73?? Hanover 1,308.610 71.022 119.824 799.093 lrvlsg 747,386 34,696 186,106 556.09H Metropolian....4 9(7 :'6H 919.313 217,303 4,'*00,244 Clt fieas' Tit. Ml 86,800 2"3,396 626,678 Grow re' 822,6^2 60.762 8r.M2 689,792 Sanaa u 1.316 86 4*2 116.381 978,429 East River 4W8..48 87.1S6 07.922 419,299 Market 1,612,466 107.184 169,??? 1,021,782 St. 6<<0,616 88,118 94.819 479,063 Shoe, 3,02 ,(43 349,478 104,613 3,795.732 t orn Kxrhaege..1,666,703 170.M6 19.(34 1,9*0.881 Continental 2,?68,070 267,064 78,'ltl 2,449,694 Commonwealth. ,1,277,(HA 103,202 01,39.1 1,316,220 Oriental 983 399 H,n|8 120.804 3*0,661 Marine 911100 76,146 96,860 891,496 At antic (20.290 66.010 06,441 431.286 Importers and r. 1,686 231 172,791 196,136 1,268,200 I'ark 2,816,18s 111,416 1 89,987 1,648,123 la land City 390,013 22.391 97,330 191,106 llty I>ock 48* 400 21,022 120.879 135,394 N. Y kxi nsngv 20',.616 10,861 14M92 199,700 (full's Bead 3f 4. V* 14,917 110.688 219.818 N. Y. County.... 3*0,26 2 11,879 93,846 213,202 Chlisaa' 193,867 99,797 74,764 808 177 Total 10J.6U 46t 13,26 1 737 *,96?.?77 *7,*30.000 12.000,000 Cteortsp to Norf mb?r 10 1*9,346 /46 " 17 171,(73,103 RalUC** " 10 7,144,044 ?? ?? 17 0,184,703 The Ian rrlurw, co?r*rcd with the** of the prertow w??k, exhibit (be tMlowtnj ramuoaa Id tbe ?gjrrif*tM ? Increase la lotr.* ud dlnconoU 91,044,911 lncreo?o in *pmt? 727 117 lircreoee In circulation *?,744 'orreaee tn deposits, nontaally 80S.070 li.rrfai.e In d*po?;t?, actually t,004.443 Ik* HWI< niiMMl ozkiblta * ooaparwoa of ib? taatlaf 'JeptrUMaU *r tbo bub of urn city rw ntwiI Not ft, 'ft#.. W.8M.07* 11^?J20* *,?71,606 77jTT>70 Nr? 10. '**.. *3,4*4,300 10,**6,69* *,064,406 76.74t.t0ft N*r. it, mow,wo t.mi.ko 71.234.341 | N<rr ?*,'W.. 01,31*.*** 7,77*,667 74.474,1*4 Dm. 1, '44.. ?3.63?,*31 11,137.134 7,941.4*4 70.047.044 I r*W. 4, M.140.4OC U.444.KM 7,941.741 71.040 110 044. 14, '14.. 03.900,03* 11.4*4. >71 7,T?1.0t3 79,430.417 ' Dec. ?. '44.. 94 .1*4.487 U,0ftft,*6* 7,774,443 77,341.004 I DM. M, '44.. 44.114 000 10,749 [<99 7,441,040 80.484,437 I Jan 4, '66.. **,963.1*0 11.4:7. .?? 1.901 #44 4S.4S4.H4t 1 ;m u, **.. m 14*.tm 11,r: 711 :,mm T7.M1.4** ; Jon. 14, '44.. *.??;.Ml \Z ,'00 7 443.704 **,8*2.89* ' ;u. 48, '66?.<t-.33i 14,71^.040 7,404.444 78.014,31* fob ft, '40.. *7,474.411 U,*40,431 7,033,*37 *3,384.041 rob ?.'?* . ?1 ? l.V-W-W* 7 41*.1W 4-J.434.1M f?b 14. '*4.. ?'.?ni 414 14 974.7*0 7,003.441 *8.066 044 Feb U. '*9. <00.746 447 14,4*4.474 7.4*4,844 *7,440 47* Marnbl, *44 1 n V. 33* 1* 940 49* 7,7M.**t *8.804.*77 M'?b *, '64.. IftJ.O.'*.*** ?6.:7*,*44 7,8*1,17* *8.744 8** M'rbl*. '64..K4 . :i9a.434 7,94*,14* *4,831,17* M 'rb .3. 'M.. lOl.fc.1"! 47* .4.300,664 7.413,691 84.100.3*1 ?VD34. 44..104 746..HI7 14,314,Ml 7,04.1*8.1 84,144 844 *?<t 6. '68..104 l*V ' * 1 *.*41,4*4 9,347,40* *1.008 40* AO<"ll*. '*4. 10- *?<! U* 13.434,904 *,3?1,??? *1.041,0T* loritl*. ,**..l* "? 13,(44.1** -Ki,*r 00 876, ,37 Apr au*. '*4.105 ^4 *94 U 10X867 *,444, l*g 10.82-, *40 U*/ J, '64 .1 ?*. iS ltl ia.W0.W7 *,716,184 *3,818.00] M>r 1*. 'K loA' j [94 IS,317.*46 *,663.4** 90 474 34* Mar 17. 'M 1U-.'nr. H3* 13.704,641 *,4s8 1M *4,7*0,41* Hot *4. **? ?<W,W7 747 14.M0.9S* 4.R34.00T 47,0*4.8*4 May *1, '*4.. 1*3.4*1.*7* 14,031,340 *,940.1*1 44,776,81* JmMO T, 'M..l?? 474.Ml 16,144.1*0 9,480,*** 00,80*.24* Jim 14 ?*?.. 1*4.164,441 17,414,44* 8,440 78* 01.40**44 Jnn* 31, '*#. .10*.4**,*0* 17,471,*** *.*75,003 Bl.71ft.MT Jont*,'M..m.*r *** 17,069,6*7 8,360,340 *>,fl*.M* Joljr ft, 'ftft .?0ft,?r.*ft3 l4,**0.a*8 *.?W7,471100,140.4*0 July 13, '**.. 100,744 049 1?,7*H,4*4 *.40ft,760 06,663.400 JalT 10, 'M..ll*.47ft.444 1* 494,1*1 8. <48.248 *4.03X16* ,'oty *4, *4. 111..146.6** 1P.0-.8.848 0 484,34ft 09;.96? M0 An| *. 'ft* .113 *51 M3 !4.334,3*8 *,446 043 03,ft47.'?'7 AM ?'**.. Ill 108,-33 13.S70.4O3 ?,67?.76? 03, *26 37* iM. 1*.'6ft.. 111.400 ,6* 13,80*.47* 4,6*4.400 02,01* tt? At ab,'6ft..lM.l?8 00ft 13.P14.783 *.694,41ft 00 137M8 A?*.ft*.'?ft..l0ft.* 13.04ft.3*6 ft.64*,74* *7.77* 34* Sept. *,'6*.. 100,648.804 18 <*>6,404 R AM 91* 40,344 404 Prpt. 1*.'**.. 10*.670,774 1'1,2*1,3*7 *,741.064 44.O44 074 Pept. 90,1W..100,716,4.16 *,740,?*.* <*l 68.1 866 H?pt *7,'66.. 104.003,3f.-. 10,47< 330 rf.6?6 1<W I14ASTM rttft. 4. 'ft*..!*? *Bl7T07 11.016 1 44 S.*30.?34 ** 730 *04 flrt. 11,'64. 1*7,147 .109 10.**3.7*1 *,744,0*0 86 078 114 fun. if'M..i*ft.n*.so? 10*47.01* 8,**7 417 *8 ooxaM Out. *.'*6, 1*4,166,4*3 10.6*0.706 * 64*.*03 *3 446 16* No*. I,'ft4.. 160.1*3,00* 11 467 87* *.**4 *66 S*;***.**! H?T ?.??*..101 60*.*** 11.616 490 * 046 731 *6.*I7 4*1 13.JM.7f7 *,***,077 *7,/.?,W* ?? actual depastls in the talk at the close of serosal WSliS, k*M kM M MlOWf A?r. ? Ac%m1 deposits la beak $69,022,?W4 dag. $0? " " " 07,606.018 Bept. a? ?? ?? " 67,288.592 hpi 18? ?? " " #6,0*9,412 Bept. 20? ?? " " 66,866,422 ??pt. n? ** " ?? s$,66i,m Oct 4? " ? " 62,062,644 oot n? ?? ?? " 6o,m,a? Oct. IS? U ?? ? 60,304,668 Oct t|| M ? ? 6" n80,457 Not. 1 '? " " ^ ,084,116 Nov. ft? ?? " ? 66,988,387 Not. 16? M " M 68,942,050 this cipacikm in discount* Is contrary to general ex pectation, ud ta doubtltss based upon a sullen Inereaae la depotsttj The specie reserve mows an iacrease Of about three quarters of a million of dollars. The re ceipts frem California or lirteen hundred thousand dol lar* and large payments from the Sub-Treasury led us t? suppose tic aggregate specie reserve would have been much larger. Toe Fulton to-dayfor Havre, carried out nearly ball a million, aad the Canard steamer from Breton for Liverpool, on Wednesday, will take out as much more. Is lbs money market eases up specie deposits will In crease, and another contraction la Inevitable. Large pay ments abroad have been pot off by the soarclty of money, aad as sson as there Is the least letup, Um Importers wll eommeaos remitting. The steamship Pulton, from this port for Havana to day, oarrled oat $462,802 in specie. The Texas, from San Juan, brought $127,061 67 la specie. The eirouiar of Da Ooppet & Co. prepared for transmis sion abrsad, glvee the following review of the bond and stock market:? Stat* Stock*.?Virginia O's being soarce, have been done in sums of some importance, closing at 1per cent advance. Missouri and Tenneesee 6's have also been active, the former at >? per cent advance, and the latter without any material olunga In price. City and County Bonis.? Some Bourbon county 6's have been bought for American account at fully sus tained prices. We know of no other transaction* worth mentioning. Railroad Bonds wore moderately active. The principal business has been in Illinois Central Constr actions, at ,??: in New York Central 7'i, at )'t per cent rise, and in Ne<v York Centra) 6's, at X per oent decline; and In Hudsoa River Third Mortgage, without 'Important variation. At private sale a limited amount of Galena and Chicago first mortgage was done, at a rise of IX per oent Railroad Share* have been extremely active, aecom pan led by some sudden ovulations, but showing a de cided advance on the prices of last week, as appears from the ansexed table of dally quotations:?The most active have been Erie, at an advance of IX; Beading, or 4Ji; Cleveland and Toledo, of 2; New York Central, of 2X; Michigan Southern or 2X, and Panama of 4X per cent. The following have been dealt in to a lesi extent. Illinois Central at }A rise. Galena aad Chicago at 8\, Cleveland and Pittsburg at 2, Chicago and Back Island at 2, Michi gan Central at 3, and Milwaukie and Mississippi at 2 per oent advance. Money leas stringent for short loans, at 7 per oent. There is some improvement la the rates for paper. We quote from 9 a IS per oent for first class. Stock Kxdtange. J1o.nd.4T, Not. 17,1$M. $3,000 Virginia 6's... 94 100 shs Bead. BR.I60 SIX 2,000 do 93X 100 do blO 8tX 8,000 Tenn S'e S's'90 91X 6C0 do 82 3,000 NYCRRSBs. SI 600 do S10 SI 3,000 Erte RR 1st mg 102 400 do blO 82 X 2,000 Harlem 2d mg 73 1860 do so 82>* 10,000 IllinoisC'lbds. 90X 60o do s3 Hi', 10,0?j0 da. *90 'K) >4 200 do bCO 82V 1.000 III F b wtp.sOO 87X *00 do >10 82 X 1,000 GoebcnB be.. 83X 400 do b3 82 X 11,000 T'ieH&A2dmt 73 600 do boo 9i% 20 shs Com'h Baak. 100 S0C0 do sflO 82 28 Park Bank 99 100 do 81 lOMerExBk 104.'; 100 do *3 81J,' SOMeohBank 116 100 do b60 82'? 10OhloL?T CO... 92 100 Harlem RR...*0O UX uO Canton Co 22 100 do b60 10 1C Del & Hud Canal. 126 100 do bSO 10 260 Pean Coal Oo.... 90 200 Mich On ER..S40 90 >4 260 do s90 !?? 200 do 90>; 16 La C& Mil RR... 82 176 do 96'. 10 do SIX 200 do b60 B7? 26 do b60 82 >4 100 M 8&N la RR.b20 87 V 260 do btiO 82 400 do slO 87', 330 N Y Cen KK .87X 200 do c 87 ft 00 do b0O 88 X 200 do K7 )i 200 do SlO 87 X ISO do 130 87X 1000 do s0O 87J4 10 Panama RR ?6 W 280 do b30 88', 100 do. 95 4 MO do b30 88>? 300 Illinois Cen RR..C 110 160 do b3 88 100 do b.VO 110 100 do bb 88 ICO <lo b?0 118 1800 Erie RKotid 02 100 do 80 IIj t 600 do e <52 160 OaltCbic RR.b60 110 iOO do 02 X 120 do 11S 100 do b30 62>? 800 Clev&Tel RR s0O 72 200 do boO 02X 300 So ?;;0 7] 5*0 do b?0 02 X 1420 do 72 .'CO do bOO 62',' 500 do bOO 72)4 60 do b46 0#X 200 do s60 71K HO do ?60 t\Ji 200 <l? btw 72 -00 do b3 t2 246 Chic^K 1 KB... s3 Hi <00 do b60 62 >4' 260 do b60 "5\ 200 do f.10 6174 60 '<0 b0O 85 , iCO do....:. 820 6174 100 do ,b3 ?6 200 do slO 6174 100 do 94^ 800 dc 6174 >00 do k30 94V 10 Reading RR...... 8lx loo so btw v6 2C0 do ?f0 81 V 140 Milw* Miss KR.. 77 ICO do 100 SIX HKCOND BOARD. 93 COO Erie P.R be'76. 91 100 liicRwd'.tiiRKriO 81'; OlHl H'<l K id mg, 86 100 do 83 it 0 *b? Gantoo Coboo 22 U 100 do aio 81 Jg 100 Cun C?*l Co lhs 20? do bio 83 100 Me Trail* Co.... 3 3C0 do 81*,' 26NYOc?RR 87J< 300 10 b0O ^2'4 60 do b7 97ft 60 Harlrra RK 16% 100Er?RR 61J, i Mich Cen KR .. ?e\' too do ha ?i;t loo do t?.,o v; 160 do *10 ?l% 7C0Ot*T<>1 RR bOO U>, SO do *3 ei?i 100 Mil ft Mia* KR. .. 77 1(0 do b30 II lliOlllCon KK 116H 60 Del A Had C Co.. 126),' CITY COMMERCIAL KKPOHr. Momdat, Wot. 17.?0 P. M. A*nr*.~ Pale* of 50 bbl*. pot* were made 7Vc l?*?AD*Ttrr* Flour.?1 he market wax Unarj and ?a'ca nt; toMlM?f ikMlMW ftT<099bbl*. cloning HI a decline of about 5o per bbl. The Irauaactlons warn made at about the lollowin/4 quotation*. I'oD'iDon to I'iM'd flat* 9(1 35 a ft 60 (Jomnion '? gi od Michigan A 35 a 0 45 KltruhU'e A 66 a 0 Hi I'ommt n lo ?' od Ohio 0 '6 a <i 50 Riltk Ob In. 0 70 a 7 ? How hern mmd to irood brand* .. 7 25 a 7 50 " fancy wml extra 7 S a 8 25 Canadian aupertinr and extra 0 66 a 7 73 Choice eiira (iwtnlum, Richmond City KU1* and SI. tout* ft (10 a M 25 IImail and aallego*. ?.t 26 a 9 5? The market lr>r Canadian rand?'m ateady, with mi>lr rate nalea at the above inouuinne Southern hraoda wrre eaaier. eith *alr* at about t40 a 7uu bbla. at about the pt+ea g)rm shore. Rye Hour w?* In medi-rate demand. With unall *alii of tine ami *ui>ortioe at 93 50 a $6 00. < om m -al vra* be?r> at f?, 33,', a Kt ,V> (or Joraey. and 93 37K a $3 91 tor Hraudy nine wheal was firtni r by 9c. a .V. per lituhel, and wae active at the decline, and the ?ate? reached In the neighborhood of It 0 two huabel*. Including Chl<?go?prlo* aI 91 .16. Mllwaokie ??Jul' at |l 39 at >1 41. Weatem red at 01 50 a >1 57. Houthern do. at fl 56 a 91 IK lor white Mte*ourl. and 91 ? a 91 W for arhite Caua dlan. with on ar?o reported at 91 **. A oonalderable pnr tlcn >if the rale* * ere made ror export, Corn The reeelpU were limited and sale* light, being eoMlned to about a 26,<XKl bushel*, Including Weifeni railed at 0#r. a7"c , and Southern jellowaltlc llje?4?al?* of 1 ,l?0 buahela of Mouth era wer* made at *4e. Oata?The market wae tinner, with ?aie* of Mate at 4"e. a 4Mb. nad Chicago at 49B. a Ale. Com. ?75 tona otCaonal, *old at 91? 25 Corrgit.?falea of i.UOll hug* of Rio were madeallOr a "V ? i.iitot ? Th.' market *?? -I 'tte ateady, with more doing, the a?lr? haiitia rc?> hfrl about 3 (11) bale*. Funifiwr* rontlnued atlfl with cnga*rmet>t? of no, rem a 70. '?<! huahel* gralu to Uverponl, at 9^1 a lud. In hulh and bag*, with ?oir? %W:V in the 'orenooe. In ahlp a bag?, at llttirt. About 2,i??i a 3.W4) bbl*. flour, at 2a. ?? , an I anowi Wa Mil hi lee of Conpreced and unoitnpraaai dcouoo'ai 5 3Jd. a 3 Ikt. ii'wng at 3 Ifd lor both kktd* 1 o l.otidon. abont jn.KHi a 311. limbiuhal* of grain were engaged al lid all^d., *n.'2,i<?i? 3,000 bbl?. fnut at 3*. 3d. To llarra rat.'* were uoehankeil. I o CalUomi.i thi y ranged Iron 2T.c to.%ic per foot tnewmre m< Lt KttvtT ?Piivk* of rt)?ina in fir?( h*t.d* *? !? heM at^SKi for I'uncli ai d 9437}* for lajera, wbb li checked I! ir ? The murk." ?aa aleaa) , Willi *al?* of 600 * 6U0 bale*, al (!.c ? "Dc. per ItiO lb* 11 r? werr atendy, at 9e. a lie , with aale* of 3d a 40 bah*. f,t?t ?Pi<kland ?u itea.!y, at ?7e. for roMBon and at 91 16 for Irmp Mm i???.- ? "ale* of let hM?. P.irto Rio war* made at 64c , ?tid5idi. ( u?atnuaejvadnat 52e. l? 4TA?. Hiot>?* ?fair* of ",t*i hh'a. crmUl turpentine were ma ?? at 93 Mi 360 bbl*. ?pirlt* do , at 46<' .-*ah t'ommon mnn w*?<i"i?*(*(9' S-VjC. I'w0?imo"4? ? Pork-Tbe market w*a hearir and rlnaad at lower !*???. The aaltta embrared $|K 50 a 918 76, chlely al (be Irairte flgure. while prtme wa* *1 $|T 10 Hale* of 6f? dr*?*eit hoc* wer*- m*d- at ?)*??. "nd the ??ta? prtc.- ? a? ? ? M ' wa* ?'eady witli anle* of 160 a bk!a . ine ndlng cowMrT prime al |?> a 97. rue* do. at ? rrred I I3*i more Heef f? Ml a I" 5*1, *ttd 9I'160 for new and repa- ked, #e*'ern in.iM at W a 911 U<t u'd. and 9' 4 for new ChU ago B-. f l,? n* e-re In demand II lfc a 20c., en* meate were dull. H?<nn * a* quiet erd iiiebaiiiied I/*' d wae doll ?|ih -ale* r* about I>? a 1,6 l>bl* *t IlUa 12?^e. H utter wa* utn, and In gnod de maud for Mete a> Sic a iUO.. and Ohio a( I?e * >|r. for g,*ai ?o prime Chee** w*? at He. * InWa. Hkal Kht*t?;.?M* R. II l.itdlow-llnnae and h* Vn. .19 Llherty -tri eL 23?0I, 9l4.a? Hr A. J Hlwrk?r t ('n - Hon"- and lot No 17 Chetn atreei, 1.1 901) Kt< ? w?e htaty and low-r, *uh aaliw of about 2i* caalta for etport ?l 93 k" }f a tl X1*. Frirr*? About ? l.ale* ni etnt e* were m>ld at 11 ',c . 4 mo*. Mi;ia< -'lbe market wa* ouit* *t.a>li. it.ih timiieil ael ?*. w hirh ? ere conined to ah on .'in. a.iMi hhda I'uba mu?f>r*<lo. al with'a 'he rargenf <V a ItV , and a ? nail liX of Porto Kte.i a' 10'-,e. and (On b<.?e* Jlo, u at ff .c. Wifttn ?P*|e? of 7I?) |.hl* \ memn'n at 31 c., nlibgtnft!: lot* reported at Sl)(e. B rare art* RADTK (JAtLKRV. _ J?o. Broadway Tm?m Pni>To?iR*rn*, Fmlfheil in mc/rotinl and waf r enlor e.|tial lo mlna ure*. The? arr ? *p?elal v approcrlate a* gin* lor ibe appronahlng hcl'l*T?. onrnno. Family poriral". worb* of art etaltie* and engrarlnga, or dagu'rreoiY?"' copied by the pbo4< grai>h with perf-el tidelRy. Any reonlred nom' er? picture* may be made from a tingle *?t'tg. P< r?cn? nt" w. rk* of art will (Ind lie eho*oprapb H g'?a( ?errtce In reproducing 'hem. Tie 1 nr re at gallerr and 0t>e*t collceton In Mew York, ry ajiggft imiTttHIHTg REMEWED EFI17 ill. nacaiXAH sovt. pDHTAIN MATERIALS AMD WINDOW 8HaI>B* AT V< w holt sale?KELT Y A FEBOUhON. W1 Broadway, aad b* Heade street, have a f snd choice Mock of brocslele, ?uii> delaines, worsted a- a, lace nod muelln curtains, coraleaa, Cimpi, Ac., whu offered at the lowest prtces Window shades.-Our hi i window shades la the Urge* in New York. end our supsrior manulaeiur'.iig facilities en able ue to offer theee foods at lrss than other houses We in vite the attention of close buyers. CltV FAILURE-DRY OOODB.-RINSKN A DINOBR'8 slock. We are now offering great bni gains In dreea silks. ' such as are rarely found. W B. BOND. 106 and 110 Sttith avenue. FANCY ARTICLK8 AND TOYS KOR UIFTH AND PRE enle?The moat choice selection juai received from Europe, at II. 8. Rogers' extensive bazaar, 49u Broadway. These goods have been selected by Mr. Hon era U> person, and oom prise every variety of Jet bracelets ami ornaments, papier mac lie desks, jewel cases, workboxes, ladies' reUealea. tra ve.'llrg bags, Ac., with the most extensive variety of articled in chiiia. glass, bronze, terra coita, parlan ware, Ac. ; also every article for the toilet, ootnbs, briuLos, perfumery, Ac., sll Imported, and sold at prima lower than ever before offer ed la this market. H. 8. ROOKRK. 499 Broadway. OYBBCOATfl, Overeoala, Overooata, Overeoala. Overcoats, Oveiaaata. Overooata, Overeoata, Overeoala, ovsreeais. At EVANH' ?snmiT* OLOTBINO WAREHOUSE. M and 68 FULTON STREET, Between Oold A Cliff sta. Fine black cloth surtouts and Raglans fig Petersham overcoats t |i to >12 Ribbed beaversurtouts ^ fig Lion skin overcoats fB Super beaver overcoats tig Splendid pilot overcoats fig Black anr fancy velvet vesta $2 to 88 Rich moire antique vests $3 Fashionable cloth frock coals fg to fM Cassimere business coau la w te fig Ac., Ac., Ac.. Ac., Ac., Ac.. Ac.. Ac.. Ac., ac., Me., Ac OPBAINS.-BADWAY'S BELIEF, APPLIED TO THE O sprained limb or strained muscle or tendon, will remove all soreness and restore the Injured parts to their natural strength in ten or dfuen minute*. BADWAY A CO., 162 Fulton street. New York. R. R. remedies sold by merchants, druggists and storekeep ers everywhere. THOrSANDH NOW U8E THE TOKAI WITH BBBEFI cial results. Unlike tobacco, the s&llva Is swallowed, doing away with the disgusting and injurious habit of spit tli g. An excellent substitute. Put uu In foil, and retailed at saloons, segsr and drug storea Wholesale, tu Broadway. IVKOFEil ADVEETU TNFOEMATIOMFOR AMERICAN TBAYBLLBRB OOIB? to Bttrepa.- TH| BMT H0T1Lfc Hotel Henries Par*. Hotel dea Itallena Do. Hotel dea Princes Do. Hotel da Rusele, kept by H. Young Badeu Bad Hotel de l'Angleterre Framtfort. Hotel Feder Turin. Hetel Feder Oeaoa. Betel de 1'Europe Florence. Hotel de VUle (to be opened t n Augast) Florence. Hotel de 1'Btoile d'Or Boon en the Rhtae. HOTKl_S~BUT NOT OOOD OBBB. All the hotels In Loivloo are bad. Hotel de Rlvoli Farts. Hotel da Bade Do. Hoteulee Trots Xo? Basle, Bwluerlaad. Ami many ether a, which will be given hereafter. TAMES MABKWELL, 8PBCIAL WINE MERCHANT TO O her Majesty queea Victoria, tatearopnetor of fbhoteon'a. Long's, the <J ration and the London Hotels, and the North aad Booth American Coffee House, begs to Inform bis AacrMa Bstrons and friends visiting England that J M. la now one ol >e largest wine merchants at the Weet End of Lontfon having oeliars ander J. M.% various private houses In Albeaaarie street aad the neighborhood. Pablie ogtce for general afea sies and the Wine aad spirit business. No. 40. enrner of Htaierd and Albemarle streets, Piccadilly. London. Reference aad bankers. Sir ( isuds^eott, Bart. A Ouaapany. Ma. 1 OavendM quare, Londea. 2AMES MABEWBLL, LATE PROPRIETOR OP IBBOT san's. Long's, the Uraftoa and the Loudua Hotels, and the rth end Boulh American I'oflVs Heuse. begstAtaform Ms American friendivtehln* l?ndm that J. M. Is sUU Inter salad In hotels In Ma neighborhood, and has also several private fwr audwM Vondas always te let, In apartments or enttrely, In thM the very beat part of London. H. B.? All appUoatloas la ba made met or by latter to James Markwsll. general nMes, tsr a tteMMdABeuitodreda PlndHr. la*hl Birth. KrTBDFOgp ? At No. 1*8 Wseblngtoc street, Hoboken, N. J., on Saturday, Not. 16,pin. Tuuaaa Raumroio, of a nd. Wsiiladi Dwvik?PHTxra ?On Monday evtnlng, Nor. 10, by the lUv liar diner Pprtng l'lumley, Mr. J an lie Wiub Dwtbk m Mm Aan Pbtvv?, ail ot this city. Nmon?Ox.i.i.vs ?In Brooklyn oa Ruoday eraalng. Nov 10. by tbe Rev. Mr. Oree&loar, Mr Gaoaag H Noxon to MU* Emu WkKJBT CoGtiiNg, both of Brooklyn. DM. THOMton ?On Bonisy ercnlng, Nor. 16, of typhus fever, Dr. Joas tuoaun*, of Hobokon. N. J., i|td 91 JIM. His friends, and those of his br ahe rs. Willl*m, David, Jstaes and Alt xander, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, thin afternoon, at three o'clock, ftom the re slderce or tbe family. No. 4t Wort Fifteenth street, with out farther ;nvi.iiw u. Nbttlit<iii?.?On Sunday morntrg, No*. 16, Jaxb, widow of John NetUetots. in lb* Mih year of her axe. Tbe friends of tbe ramily are respectfully inn ted to at toad tbe funeral, tbu afternoon, at ball past one o'clock, Irrm No. SO Cl'fl sueel. N'miui ? Oo Sunday, Nor. 86, of poeomonla ty pboides, lira Bit"> Nwham, aged 14 yean, rebut of tbe late Ianiel Needfcam, of Sardinia, N Y. lbi* Irtenda of tbe family are innled to attend the fune ral, ficm tbe rerldt-nco ?>f her aor, Ells* P. Needham, No. lit r art Nineteenth rtrett, thte a'lernnon, at a arter to one o'clock. Hoes ?On Sunday evening, Nor 16, at Biaa o'clock, Ki'zjihih Roer, ag?d 82 year* and 12 days. Tbe friends and relatives are reapectfuUy Invited le at tend the funeral, tbia a'teraooa, at om o'clock, frees the rcfWcnce of her ton In law, IJaniel Kollhaaa. So. Wi Rudaon street. Her H matas will be taksa to Greenwood Cemetery for interment Mini.-Ol Friday, Nor. 14, John Surra His friends and r-latlrea are rtqueated to at teed the 'cneral, from No. 16)$ Houston street, to morrow after noon. at two o'cltck Fins.?On Mtnday, Nor. 17, Hvbt C. Fiau>, in the 84 ih year of tin age His rrlerds and acqualntaacss are respectfully tarited to attend the taaeral, fftm hla late residence, No. 91 Jsmsa street, this afternoon, at ons o'clock, Allah ?On Sunday srenlng Nor. 16, of consumption, Wimjam Aius, sged 40 years, a natlre of dootland. lee relatlrea and meads of the Canity, Oortathiai Chapter No. 149. K A. M.. By)van Urore Lodge No. 976, F. and A. M , and Cobnta Lodge No. 117, I. O. of 0. F., ate respeetfall) Invited to attead tbe funeral, from kle late reHtlence, No. 89 Wooeter street, to ssotrow after aoon, at balf past oce o'clock. Interment hi Greenwood Cam* ? Oa Monday, Nor. 17, Ri> hasp Viuains Cmtxe. la tbe 81st year ef his age. His friends aad arquatntanoea are reepootfully turned to attend the funeral, (torn hlj late restdenae, Ne. 190 ft t Bread way, this afteracon. at two o'clock. Albany papers please copy Gals ?on Monday, Nor. 17, ti>wi? A. Gals, oaly chid of Anton snd Kl'7.a Gale, aged 4 yeaia, B months aad 17 days. Tbe Order of I. L Hoow Social Intoa. aad tbe (Visa da of tbe family are nonet respectfully Inrited to sttrod the funeral, this alteraooa. at tec o'clock, from the rastdsaoe of bis perea's, No 13? seventh aveaue. Jcsar ?'m Sunday, Nor. 16, Hjmbt Cturm, oaly ahtld of Henry F. and Mary Aan Jones, afed 2 years, 8 moatha sad It days. tae relatives and friends of the Dually are reapeetfWly tamed to sitend the raaeral, from Ne. 77 BuUlraa street, thie afternoon, at half past ooeo'oieek. Wnnnu ?urn Friday, Nor. 14 o< ooosumpOoa, Mas to* Obtab, son of James aad Naacy Wtutmore, aged M years 6 months and 19 days. Rtsgbamtoe papers please copy. Joass-ln Brooklyn, oo Sunday, Nor. 16, Ham? B, Jmss ayed 60 years. H<s friends, snd those of the family, are i mrisifsili invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from hts late realdaace, la Atlantic areaaa, aear Hampden street. Wniaoir? On Brnday Nor 16, at the reeldeaoe of his parents, No. 1(7 Gold street, Brooklyn, Willu*, yoaag est ton of William aad Margaret * ifcon, aged two years, 10 norths aad 1C i*ajs. BaMa ? On Itorday, Nor 16, of puin>oeery aoasump I Hon, Mrs. Mast Basvj. aged 62 years aad 9 saoatha I The relstives aad riieada of the fheufy, aad tfcaaa ot i her wss. James and George Baata, are reepsotfully In I vited to attend the funrnU. fremt the risldsaoe of hor soe. George Rsata. No 2" *cntrell str?st, Booth Brooklyn Mncroa ?os Wordsv, Ner 17. at her raotdseaa, No IIP Water street, Brooklya, Mr*. Bmnuti liinoi, wits at W'llism Mintoa Tbe fcnerafwlll fake place to asorr?w aftamoeo, at half psst tbrre or lor k All her friends aad I are resprrifsily lorned w attend Kt *sn -At Cyprras Hills. I 1 , after a L_ A'X Wtn? Wife of Havld Roetsll, aged 84 yuan. Tie friesdl of Ibe fawily are larlted to attoad the Mas ral, from her late residsaoe, at Oypraaa Hills, tkls after st?a. at oae o'oNok. Atoaa.?At Centrerllle, Btatea Islaad. on Bnaday, War 16, after a abort Ulneea Haitsab M., win of OnBMi aa A1 den. snd dauyhtsr of Haothy Bog art, Mad 94 tm. t mr titb aad 19 days. Tbe frtea/s of the fhmlly are tarited to attsad tbefu aeral, this sit.rof on, st one o elotk, I rem the raatdsaoc of her rather 1 rw-suron ? At New Rorhetlla, oo 9atsrday, Nsr. It, I bavub USAJTCB*. (*ao|Bter ef RufUa rnrkwasd. la the 19th year of her age. TV relallres and rrfecds of the family are tarited la at tend the funeral, at New Roefcetle, that anemone, at two o'rloek. Oars leare Caaal street depot at It M., rla New Harea Bailroad Baiowc* ? At White Plalao. Weafchsster ooaattr, N. T., oa lri<iay. Nsr. 14, MAaa lAutrnt, Esq , aged M years, H months and i days HAi Kine ?On Mondsy, Nor. 17, sf eoa| Inrgs. Hsssv Haiikibs, aged 49 years, 6 days tie friends and arqnelataaese sf the family, tke Mas hers ot Msrah l^tigs No. 196, Qossas Oseaty Ladfa No *14, F. aad A M . aad llaraaoey lodge No. M, 1. O. Sf O F , are res|xrtruily Invited to sttsad the fUaeral, fraas hla late reside nee. In Middle Village, L. I., to marrow after noon, at three a'oloab. Middle Village etaasa leare 8m ?u set :?rr) at U aad I a'aiatfc,