Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW * WHOLE MO. 738G. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION?WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. POUR DAYS LATER * ROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE fiTf OP WASHINGTON Ar PHILADELPHIA. NEWS UNIMPORTANT. JstufT and Provisions Dull. COHSOLh, 93 7-8 ? JW, &>C., Ac.. to. sM screw steamship Ci y of Washington arrived at Ftdladclpbla yesterday &f t-ru.on .^hc brings Liverpool dal'H to ihe Mb Inst. The Niagara arrived at Liverpool on the evening or the 3d last. The steamer Anglo Susob, from Quebec, arrived at Liverpool ob the Mb of November. The West India mall steamer Parana bad arrived with owe million acd a ball of dollar* The Liverpool cotton market had boot) dull, and prices were a trifle lower. Th? **i#i or throe days wort? ?nIf 18,000 bale*. BriadstuMs alio w< re very dull, and prioes had a downward tendency The London money market ?ui unchanged. Consols closed on the 4th at 9'ij, a W. Private letters irotn ParU do not Indicate oar decided change In financial matter* Alt sough the condition of the Hank la improved, there is u i return to confidence The three per centa are quoted oo the Bourse at 00 lor money and oof. 66c. for account*, showing a dec'lne of j Lord PalmmtouN i?.tlictinent Ai<aln?t H [l'rom the London Wtiru ng Pist, Nov 3 ] One could have hoped thai *,io i new Czxr tad the return of i?ace, a change wuwd huvo come over the Mrtt of P.tuslan dliioraacy. kud mat. taught by d 1m as lor, (Ze Lmpei or Alexander wtuld have aupuarod a sadder and a wiser sovereign Hut ad<ersi;y, U appears, is without its -'sweet usee1' l?r or Imperial heads. The elder Bourbout, we l.n?.?r, ' learned colling and for (nt nothing;'' and it mu.*. be ?aid or tbo Houne of Ho manoff, tout thoaon, win tue o>-u?"Jt of in. rovod expe rience, la no wiser as a ?? v. i ?tgo ir he be any better a< ? mac, tban his Imperial ntpsc, v'.cnoiss. A check, however, *n? given to the aggressions of Russia by the treaty ttg:.<.d b-'t ?oeu Kuglaad u?d France in 1S64, and u >w t at ociag to tLo e lect cf that treaty, the schemes or I'eter an I hit sccconors, tor the possesion acd capture id ?:oa-ta-t-.U'ijle, aro t*iw.irt* ed, the tactics of tlia Ruartau CaOUet have complete y chaiigtd. Well aware that t "a* only by tbe nnlca or Ktiglnnd add franee Constnoiiuopie ?v?s saved, tbe chief -object or Russia now la to so# umrint tot wet n tbe two .irtat Western Powers, ai d .u i? s#v*r u aliUnce watoh stands is the way ot tuture tugrtcaiua. To achlovo tais urssdcbject no expenditure ol fiaud, of trea hcrj, of tying, (>f cajolery, of money, or of tfi -tiiavellbm, will be spared Millions and mil >o < or silver roablos have been.[and will be. oxptrde.' in every '.carter ol I- trope, and in seme quarters oat of Europe?to wit, America and Africa cor will a drat or a '?* nt lalluro deter a cabinet which peculates so largely on tbe credulity and SovJidnets of roankiud Thero hare Ute.i for months, and aro now, tores oi sc ret Russian agists at work in all the courts of Gerataay, in Spain at Naples. In Sardiui* la Turkey, tn cho Don.I Ion 1 riDclpa iti< s, m dieece, in Ame rica, and in l.ypt, a&no'iu< :< g >h?t the al ienee t>el.*ec-n u'"r*Lce a;.d nglund <m d -?< iviug, li oot actoai'.y dis ?olred. uDd obscurely hint bg iu?t lie nnnalurai urioq most I've r>iace to a more i>erte it understanoing between i>ancsucd Russia. In Paris, and throuehnut '>???, P. ns au agents, male and female. 1'iom Ma 'ame ae L?-v<-n dovtuwards, purnoe n d!9errst species ol Uct' n, Jn?re tuey are .ustrucie.! U Knituate 26ubts '.M u It lily and lov altv of l .ngtand jr4?;>rcach agalnvt Eogii'b cumdity anA MfdUtacss, and jfcat restless mereaotii* aiMt n *o near shin w HraUUtin. In Ecgiand, on tne cuu'.-ary ant tner* nrr many la London, MaoulieeU'r aod Ireland?declaim ngmnst the llckieneta and ?-? ti iy o< Franco, endeavor t > revive the ancient ati'l tlaiiw*- mania, and see^. to re Irr;!. ?ti aai ?nt rt/a-ry and Iks oitlnct old anil t.'al.i r*L spirit. ? There are th ee or four sections of secret aft six, vptss and m-'U. Ki'd at w>rk, appnouuy w.ti ?lswe a.togaijer dtiHrent; oat yit tbe object cf each issction. ar or the h?adt tb?; guide each swhIoo, its ocly t# cause r -t distrust an ? J-aioua/ and ultia?telv a cool utss tetweeu two po??-r* uow u?ppil> tn urm al..anc<? MiglaL ; i.nd franco. To (...roni wuo bavo oot stuaied Rusvinc history, or wtuM tn- sveret diplom.-.cyj of ol Russia, tbe tbing we a liide to ?i ?v seem laoretiole, or ?ven jmf<><wlble; bst to vuo?o ?b<> are aware Uat l'.usr i forced an i.lira monarchic i jtedorooce la ^piiuattb? *erv ntooisal tbe was npcuiy exciting a dem >erat.c re volt la ( rteo* the {lollcy uow ;>u ? set will appoar !n at - cordance wtb tho uaulurus aud events (roiu IS2Jto in: a. Tbougli defeated In threo batt'ee, l!iml? (till le claree fQ? m tot vanqui.-.t ad, ud till I adlinre* to her fadditBal ay ?tcm of future aggraDciftemi-Bt. Io :ho irrcr?? ol tbw bom-rer, dnai;.<n be tween France and Kcaiand it ?n Inrltpcnaablo pre JBtkary No effort ItirB, ?e rtpwl, W'..l be tit uatr ed to eercr ? anion whinb ti an lapodlmoBt to Rua ?tea aucccea. Raeate, to ach: v? h- r emit, will out ecru t^Bto cr. ate coolurtin or diwonient eithir in Ircaor or formci. In franco tne will uobeeliahogly tn*ko ac of Carl'*!*, Cr.'finl>(r, republican*, touia.itl.or ere.l*, to tubietve berpjrpoeea. and In i ng'.a. 1 Of IB lrthad ?h< Will fldr-aa WtCll W Ul *|ual leadl ae*a to rharUta or to rc|>?atera. Kaii.nj.- iu doos'-et: 1 tntng-ioa (? e.iber of three c viHred Oountr (?*, there rem tint on the cards tbe fame of exct tng d'lcoMcat o the H<m?h oomniee it India, luierMB. ?>f In t'gj pt where tbti inoro.-m of France and t.egtao'i are Fa)>i<?r?<l to bo at Ta>l?i:oa, ani tbe M il mare des perate i. mody of e ;oU n d< mocatic. revolution in Ceo trai Northern Inly itmultapooqaly wttl. abtcluti m Ui tho k ogt'om ol tbu run Sicilian and Spain. An/ one of lh?*e ohiocu may be alia raided neparatoly. <>r ill of thnn corjolnt/y, If the vcbtmo of aliuuitlng the Wrticrr Itinera cannot be oth?rwliie a<'?oai()!Mli?xl. Prot>abl." ctrU'B prvjnifa ory mewurue alao hare boen ?reT(GL,.l/ arrarged Vor io?t*uoe, M. Uiuieatcil ant Die atrnte at tbe Tore bare been loubtleaa iBSlrcrtcd to ao? i'tf os'na brt-xcob ih- KBatlab and frcwlj Ami>a? Ndoni, whtmt General ?*w Uottfrg. a' Turin M. Ko koachtne. at Nap'ee.and M II nkmicf, at Madrid. lure ;mr?urd a nke ionr?? if on*ortby cbicue. Amtiet ?o ?o *any itcentlTca i > .< j*''*"1 toman.. IftfWKNI to I nuaiiB<*riHtaBdlB|r airl a nipt are, It won. I b . a*loo.<hlB(, almcet m racnkm* lookm< at the w>akuoa? and lnlaHt blitt* aan aeM io\ ( or men. If IVieeia wa* not la earn" one it^ar-f h roroeeetit; fit we hare Orm fklth In tbe ?Mon of tbe p?o,iio "? I n.iaed nnd ?ran'*, wboee In 9fr\u le?i cl?ve wo thronfi the M?rlnaeoiiaa pulcy of the Caar a id l,l? ta^lK t au<l attoaram tua dtTlLoa, are aware of tbeir daag' ra. It; eoo-a It miy be ibr?i<bi tb it we ba*e dealt mibir bar??iy wi:li tba Ca?r and a a Cab>iai Hat the nondoct ol Ru??i>? ie rafareno* to tUe l<tn ol n-.-.U. Wi Kllia. to iavuu1. to Kara, asi to tba rroa'iev ot ikwaarabta, haa been a<* rcJIublc acd In raforw's to the Boaaara btaa fronuee, io dMbw*!, ihat no ( entitle*! ti ure nne any\ rv er wt -kodnaaa r>t a Poaer ?ai.i- of ao artlag Kuta'a l.aa on only relnaari to paiffr* aoiai Of U"i artleiee ?.f tin Treaty <f farta. tbe lak o' whkrfc H arrrcalT >et dr?, bni fca? rvaairely at em;ted to wr rglO ont in ether* of i?.eir. Uut tbt4 c ratty aii an*crnpalo<ja fowrr w'll rail K> prod' by her oaa wron*, and m?y find to ber coat W v a < *B?'eaip(a to ? <*?? dia aloa on <wr*a ^tfUnd atrt Kranr* will ^nljroe'ee tat m>re Crroiy lo nolle mrUlaid natloaa agalnat fai nbcad, fraad aai dlpiomatic trxVery. THE MBAPOLITAN TROTJUi n. Th Nr v ?r|tn aiUir r.-n %or v? '?&.rr* '"be r"-???loi| jrri c r and KigiUb AmbiM?()?ra bare Krnl in! w*r ^llee, abd a abip or two Iron tbe t!?t * ..I araaiitnaly ftait to ere thata'i t>e? 04 q ilc y. T?e NeMeiuar,Min'ote' b*l ml i?n PaHa, nd 'inhiM < a* II ha atetdM to r?ma!n. 1"e *aai? writer ratnaikji Mat ad-ent of iU bcbti t'aaia et-tra* a fltinwter B't I' V ba ial ?c<ed by ?e?l*n ir irt<?r TN 1\mf' Par acorra?p< nd.>it wrliea a Mo.ilay a*?> 'f t i? at M U. enter ad arr fr> m Nat le*. A (!a?pa;?h fro* \alon ?ha Naa/ol.iai aq'tadrna loea 1 <4 ftir, nnaert lelaar i U tatlrf on boar4 pr >tiaioia tad i B>u mitiana M war fw Hi iiooc a. THE BLACK TROITDTiE Tbe Itrtt'rh ?ot Ij> V'toma'nli Cbe It'aik Ken until R?*?ta fu'Sla bar *b tntloe*. tba flreat fiftata, Aaurta aud Tu' <ey o'alra i? bo n- mi (Kited in tbta po k:/: thai tbxee >hr*a I'ore;* art maV.o ?tr?nii 'i? rfor?!< to witiil'* w \'a(irlann fro<a O ^netuci w'th RuMla, acd tbat i'.u*iia In taaklaf cq ial ?n<Mrte U- rerurr M ? alt-an- e tbe !>???? cirrenpon ant wrltea, on t? 0 ffl?t alt, tb*? Ifer tal! enr? of Hu??la la tbe Dannblan Hrtnrtpalltlaa In 'tanuwd torn day ?o da?. and tbe Ruaaian I'ibmiI H.>n. ral waa a**ln mauler of ?be xHoation at ' rr a. Tba earn * arftft ?ay* that Beglan-f t? <i>t!M ae bi-i'boiI to tb? j#r> paaetl r.ait, r-B?e aa Anttna. Ado 'ral 1 yona has fo mally aotlfed tho PnaHan Mln'oi tar that he will remain wttt hU Ueet la the Hiark Sea. 4 Vienna deepatrh of tbn d ln?tant ataUw "lat on the *3d f*rto?>er tba Porta, tngxther with Knglaa 1 and Aaa tfta, bad aattl*)1 tbat t^a o* iip?t'"n of the Riaok Sea, Da ontdaa I'frrloret ahool l be proloagad. Tta B'lt .af' aquadroa at tba tola of Serpenta bad beon mmnn. FRANCE. Conot Ktasalefl wootd prnooed to Comr^eyno on Tiet 4*y to dellrar to Ibo Kaiparor an aQtograpb letter from tba car. A good deal of dtecnatant la prevailing In tbe mannfbe tartag dutrieta of frame, owing to ai>prohea?toaa of ?m awretai reform, erea without tbe immediate agenoy of Iwe'iHW. The l*ia<a (Parle) eorreapondent aaya that tbe tariff qaaattoa la Ukely to add to the d'tlVmlti at of the In perKtl K'rnmeat, aart the manafaeturcra e^preaa Iboir dlaaat r?,oa, a?d afl rm that the Kmpemir initiated the po ? i<!tlre ayetrm. for whteh th?y ?ote<! tor biaa lor tbe I'rty *d -ney aa well aa the empire Torn waa talUBg. hat there wwitd be ao nn-tnl dlT^r IH3 nnUi oe*l jw I Qrop ?n ?ow?. At ivulen, Hot deanx nod Marseilles the average price was maintained ut the latest <!ate? The Homing Herald (Parts) correspond eat >tat?s that commercial aocoon ? kgr** to admitting a greiter abun dance or money, bud the not taint} tbat no mrnef crisis la to be irared to oujch inability m tn'et engagements. In the I'aris corn market bule was done during the put ween Louis Napoleon eoritnuoe at Cimplegne, where be has bad lergtbtned Uterviews with Baron Humner, Austrian P eiiipotentiary Tbe Morning Pott corr<nr>on out writes, 04 Monday evenirg, that Mr. Pw? bad arrival 'rom Napld*, and would leave on Tuesday Tor l/nxton. I.O'd Granville waa id Paris, and would vt?lt Complegne. The Neapolitan Mtolrter bad cot led Pari* Tbe tunda show wmr flatnoss, an 1 cloved quiet at scarcely one eighth per rwtit b -low tbo*? of yesterday. II ts satiBfao'or> to wtnesg tbe stability with which tbe trade ot tbe country bear" the presture of the enor mous rates of rtixcourtnnw nurrett Id tbe discount market. A good demand tor Money at full rates, but no pressure. HPAIN. Spanish affair* are al*'> unt hanged, but the accounts of be (lability o) tbe Narvatz goverameit are comnwlo orv. Ihe stateaient that! pain Is organizing a war In Hayti Is omrmed. T! e Madrid Gnzt;r-, nt Nov. 3, publisher the decree es tablishing the law of 1H44 as regards tho press. GERMANY. A committee of tho U< rmanio Diet have reported la favor o'. Prussia's claims npon Neufohntal, but England Has offered, in comunction with France, to arbitrate in the matter. Tbe Free Trade Association, of Hamburg, have voted In ?avor of taking steps to abolish the Hanoverian Stade dues. The balanco sheet of the Austrian Ilank for October eUo? i further improvements. TURKEY. The change In the urkish Ministry is confirmed; Rrdscbid Panba is now Vizier. The Bessar&blaa frontier tnrvej bas been ".owplete't. The 0ay dxrd tor investing the Sultan with tho Gvter waa that on wbtch Rednhltf < aslia entered on his luac tioui as Grand Vizier. PERSIA. Ao ultimatum bai be o st ut by Knglan.l to Per; a. The (?hub p. rusti In k Is refusal, and tho British expedition sgseost htm wax about to ??il Advices from Coottsniiunple of the 23d *t\'e that the irtimatum lrom hngiai.d has boon forwarded to tho Shah o' Persia. Tte Persian army was proceeding with the siege or H -rat, it was lortifyinit Ihe onvirons, of which It bad rblaii ed poecesvioc, arter n&vicg d-'tcated the AUgbans, six thousand of k'.'jbo bad eurnnlertd. GREECE. The exportation of corn pronlbitod from Greece until tho l'2tb of July next. financial and commercial LONDON Mt/NKY MAKKKT. I.o.ndo.i, Nor. 3?Evening. Ad active d<<mar.d for money has again prey tiled, but U.erei almost a g on <?ra! expectation that wo havo now Men ibe worst. At a!) events, less pressure Is antld j*tci after Ihe 4tb, wMcb is to morrow. At the same I'tne. tome onlavorab'e rumors art- la Creulntlon, lfce accounts from l'aris this morning are, as far as re gards monetary and coo merciai allairs, written la a more etie 'rfnl tone: but there seems to be moro uneasiness crested by adverse po'ittcaf rumors. Among other sUte meets, U la said thai the purchase* of gold already made by the Bank of France bare brought up the stock or | biul'on in tbate?tab)isbment to very nearly tbe amount i at which it stood wbeo me laot icturn was published. In the Vuu market tc day very little businoss was dono, ami the tendency wi dowtwnrds. Th'.-snecio arrtvan reported to day amount to about jtSiO.tOo '1 here bav? been to withdrawals from tbe ! Bank. Tbe I'ol ow ug nre tho particulars ot the export of void and silver to India and China by the packet which leaves tkuthampton tomorrow ? Gmi. . BUiftt To Alexandria ?12.610 ? | l embay - ?U9,U0 l Ccjicn l.'jw ? J.'sdrs? ?,300 I Calcutta.... ? 160,000 I enang ? 1,000 kit 21,4M> 24,U30 Canton 4?,?70 ? Bong Kong ? 118,054 fcnanghae ? 07,602 Total gold Total Export ?6Cl,0i(i l.nglleb aecurit'ea bare bwn lum ao l ira> rovlo/, and 11 tdnrn Of tuny bu ooen rmaoi *bcd upon tic cloting pricee of Kriday. The improvement wan esuaed partly by the cUf i&g ot a number of proTiou* uporatlona for a fall by nnrwixi pure iarue for mon?y by the pub I ioJ loiumo MM by MaMMtVO INNMMI i for the I * fttnbir account f'onaoia wbicti closed on > riJay at S'i to %, c|?ncd Qriii at 94 ?{ to 11, for raoaey tea the f.Ji November and they gruually improved virt ?! they touched W> >? buyera. line price, howorer, wa? not long tt>u!Di?.rtd. for almoat #? mx>d as il had boon *11 ilo <1 a r o.. i,ou ? '-I in, wh < I. Dot arr?ted u,> to ten Cloee. Toe l"vHo!h?'ai price waa 03X to If, but afler ragrl v hour* the dcUhtej: tendency oonttnued, at.d the nvket Pnmly leit off a< ?J te Rank nock. 214, 2l3>j; lte dactd. 91 % 03. 9ijf. 'Ji>i 94; Ne*r Hirec per < ?nta, ? %; Thirty Yearn' anaottta* exptriof 1MI, (le.OCO.tXb Inen), i'' . India bonds, la. lo 4a crein. i.ttflcquet btlia, par te 3t pre an. Exchequer bond? (1 %.!?), M \; do (1*60). 90',. Ibe cioeteg price of coo-mia for the 4th IJcoetaber, the new account, waa W>* to Lovnos, Not. 4?Kveclng So ?*ar as la ye< known the oommerclal payment* of the 4th have gctn> MI well Cooeota for miwey cloaed at W'( a l?R, aad lor ao xront. Gva 93. E*chan/e*? Amrtcr ditm, three mourn*, 11 toll lit ditto *hor?. It 14 a U 1ft: Antt.-rp, throe m miM, 4ft :'.0 a 'ik ah; Kraiik fi?1 tbii'omotttm,ll'".t'B llfl.H Hmburg, ihree roontha, 1. e% a 18 7,?4, I'aria, three montha, 46 ur* a 3ft 74H>o*, Not. 6, 1IM. The ntii'f city arttclQ anvi ? the 'ugllab luti'H have bwu ire* buoyant today bu* the market atlil bit a fa vorable apr**ranc Tli j final qoeMhm* of the S per ttttf on the ffciurto tbla evening were '>0 ? nta fur mo ffj, atid (8 (tor S6 ccl:? for acooont?lU .iwlng a decline (1 aboat ,l4 i>c. cout Private lcttera from l'am do not 1t'l: ate any dadoed c'.aog" lathe . looey tiiar*e?, and although the |4?m> on of i ho lUn* 11 rr?o?o in aoppiaed ? eave nightly .mproved, there la an yet aca/^iy ten uercy to a r> tr n nf (caeral ronll 'tiioc. BiCnARtMtOff, ?n -oc VXD CO.'S CThCITf.klt. I.K-anpoji., Mot. 4, 1*44 Oitt a?The d<?nand ,or oottui ban beec ti n eit, anl th > markut T>rydnli th1<i w?*k, bit lo the at-?eno* ot a. y ft??b Jlrc^ptr^1 to to.I, p?T" ? are oalT I ltd. par l ?. brer Ha'.o o: thu thrie d*>a, 1-l.pOO ba'??. ? .telf, ii-nrday. l,0?0, ?un<l?y, Mion arrived; Moida/, . '90 today. ~>urn4f av, J 'if u *%.?*, moiudinf 1000 "0 :?j? f> atk4! lOd 1,000 'or lr> Mancbe*t*T thrro ta Tcr> Itttlo do if, bet ttock be to k '*?'<, prtee* are aindy. :'n ? i??ii iw.? fln^o ftlday there bu Heea little aat SDat.on la the arain tra<le ai to tar e narlfrt th-. e waa oo'y a n.oderale bnalaeM dona In nrtue red wr.'<at<, ?t at ort a.n prx"* of rtlday. white waa tu *? r NnlM deineed, and pno t thn turn la Umt of t ?jer-. >i cr wa' eTC dinfiy *'?w, and to ?B*t aalenliwtr rawa wo.Ud haTe to he tak<n. In l'an . >rn wany^ter <iay In rw rcqcet, ted i rmifht ac vItwxi of M. per f.MW; io c'aj bowere-, "iere waa Tery t-tie ii?ialry, ?oil pric?<th?^?orn ranter Vn r?1?\.hcal la. M. a ?>? :a : white, <>? flit a I0? ?d porTOIbt fmr?Phi >au*i| bta acd BaUiBnr^, .la M. a 13a. ?vi ; ?xi r?* ? rilo, :.f>e. a ;i7a. per barrel, frd'ao own t.i ??.?, l?3t. a #?? fld.; yei'ow. !t.ta ed a i 4*.j wbltn Ma <M. a: le per -M r>a. P/?i a so rr>m coot"tirt o>(; -ct>xl, and moat d, ilooit to ?ell IV> <n? ic U n reUi! t' former n'er. lard In ttry i n.ited detnind; T4a jitM lor an n'l lota lnrM?ii, bat pre ?trod Jowr.w irU. Tallow qutet; Buxbrra Aaa?/Cia Unt. tta 61 a i*a. tni|'oi tout Rnltnff ne <?? nvirnallle t outcncta. prrwmr concr?cuu-vrr. ft ftrrc 0"n. Jodfe Clerk*. Not. It ? X*ieo V. m. H>1 I Pxk ii<> ltd M?*it /.'acrn ?Tbla action waa bronj b -ec-oTor dam rgee aliened to haTe been rx*talae<l by (t t4, KalrrMld It Ob , hy reetoe ot tie refusal of the honae <f PoUoik ft (to., of nuaitalpbla, to tike claTea caaeo of China alUt iriorU-d, aa *ta alleged. <* their aooount. The defend* arta canlei" ma. n? * ,y cont/aet. and th a nreaeatai the ivlnctpal laare >n the .-ana*; and their ro\ U?a?ra. rn'lcium and <.nr ? g, naade a notioa fbr a n-m ault, ?m the fmtd that no contract had boon pro*rd The .Indpe baTleg examirvl tho oorrrtponderi m be two-n the ?wo houaie la which tb?c >n!r?c? waa aflORed t?> ex at, raid tb-t waa leariy of op'nloo ?.<t tha Ktnda ot the pa tl^e b*d aeirer eom't *ether, w thoot wbtcb no iontrar.t oovld hate been ma io, th*t o? the 1Mb MMrh tviiocv ft "o . propefny tha 'key ahotitd import cle\en r*?ea of < 'ilo ? alua lor them, I'tTlr.* a ''o acrlptioa of the k'n I, q'tall'jr, and clor of the *eo.ta, ?*od li*i?f opoo a propowd matimnn r^toe of ?t# or nta. bet addiag th no rate were they to be charted mire than the mar lot prloe of the ronda at the ttmo they ehouM be dellrered Oe the day fMlowtaf fatrcblM w 0?. replied, oh|?jtla? to the terma, and profoatng that Pollock * Co ahonld oith ?r pay ?T H oonte In any eTent, or pay Ui? market imoe of the yooda when ttrj were dell .erod, aad alao add lay that thay had aeat oa the order The next day Tolloek n Co. replied to thia, refoaltig the terma laat prtpoaed, and aatd that ftlrchild A Co moat nee their judgment aa to whether they WW Id countermand the order whtoh had bean aent. The .fudge remarked that It had been a&ld that Pollock A Co. ahould haTe repllad to the aoveral let teraoff. Co aekl-.g 'hem to deride npon What terma tl eT would Wn > tooda; trot he thought their anewer to the new f>?m? of ftMrohiM ft Co wae *offlrtertly doft niic and expllr t. Tt ?y had ffuoH tho ofTer of Fa^htld h Oo a*)d aat-ir a eotater prep-witlon, whtob they I, '??r 1 t ai rri-# i waa < rtd^nt thai no rootraot had h<'e u.ade, aad the wn^tatut a. .at be diam-aawt, With 9MU. The DlMtttr to tbr Lywiuiult, ADDITIONAL PAHTHlULAK* ? THE CAHK OK TUK XSKX ADMATIU?THK STATKMKN1 OP CAPT. DChHAM ? THE UNPWOTUNATK PAttbJSMItKU, HTC., BTO. (From the BofU>D Journal, Nov. IT J We learn trom the Merchant*' Kxanange books that the vessel Id contact with tre French steamer Le ly"cua;?, on the night ol the Vd mat., wm tind >ut>iedlv the ne# berlt Adriatic, t^api Durham, of and from Beira-t, tUlne, (or ^avuii ah, which arnvwi at Gloucester on the 4ib mat., only two nays a ter the collision , but from some unknown cause no repot t of her collision with the steaaer ou made public on her arrival. Capt Uurham, however, a lew day* einno nuic the following report to a Bellas paper. Tbi* arctunt states that be Was run Into ti!#bt of the 3d hy an unknown steamer The liark put up MsfcN to attract attention. but the ste.uner rim': steadily on s'4iklrg tho bark forward cvrylof *wij bow sprit and f. rwaj d bulwarks aid doing other d*m?ge. The steamer patted on without rendering an/ mfaislauco A genti< man wbo rvm<l< g at Gloucester reported at the Excbante Newt Room, this morning, that he Uad a c ?n verratlon with one ol me crew attached to tee barlr, and that (rem him he ed the folio* log facts:?The lea m?i states that Capt. Uurham and second uvuti were on deck *t (be t:me, ai d taw the t-teamor's lights twenty minutes betbre the c >lllsion. The steamer was seuo a few mrut'g after the shook, but the persons onboard the hark were not aware ol the damago done, acd sup loosed ib' h easier stood on ber course. 1'be barlr r?m*ius at G oumuIt repairing damages. More the above was In type we havo obtained the lol lowlfg acrouDt of the dt?aiter, furnished by tbe first and second trau? ol the bark They report "having been ;n contact. en Sunday night, 3d instant, at 10 P M., with a suamsblp, the South Shoal bearing w N W about 00 mil's, wc*1 her starlight but hazy, wind W. 1. W., the I.ails if N W on the wid, the steamer steering ) N f iiw the steamer flltoeo or twenty minutes be lore tie m. listen; endeavored to tack slip, ai.d while tha u<psa!!s were shaking, fcli uck tbe steamer at>alt. B tiled her, and requested tbe aleamer to l?y by, but ber tlfhta ul*appe?ren in twepty n*i*iutos. Thy must haveseeathe bark from be steamer as tbey blew a born " A correspond^ t ?t i< uceater furnisbes th? following, which glvte the captain's , erston of tbe o master? 0M?FCasrs8, Nov. 17. IMmJ. To Tn* Editor ov Tun Bo?ton Joubiui.:? The report of the lo?s of tUe French steamer I.yon"aU In fiaturda) 'a papers. stales that ihn\e?wl which raninu ber probably wik with all on board This to undoubtedly not the ease the hark Adriatic Captain l*u>hain. of and trotn I eli'ust for Savannah, r.rrn ?d al tMs port on Tuesday, 4th in stant. in dia'r as baMn* been in contact with a steamer, ini bud her bow hadly stove H e captaiu repotu that on Sun day n Rht. la ii stunt, he was off Nantucket, In a thtc* fou, wlieD lie discovered a uteimer shout a quarter of a mile dl* laid, eemirg towards b m and from her course judi-ed that ?he wou'd p?sa under his stern In the excitement of the mo ment tbe lijh' on beard ihe bark sot put out and by the tim? it whs re-lighted he feurd that thesteamer hadehao^ed ber cottrfe atu ? ?h coming directly t iwin'b the hark and would Strike hT n'vnn amlai-hl^a lie Iromeliately ordered ihn j iielm to be put dowD which cntised her to strike the steamer, j as re'hetight neur ihr paddle bor The *t< anier kept on an he kupc ed wlihont sU<pplnrte in'iutretbe damage, and ma j H'mi>(.t !nuredia|p'v out el ?.(jht in thei'iir Fromthe^efaeta, the ! Arln:mc In undoubtedly tbe i essel which atruek ill" l<ronnaui. I he hark l.aii ber bowsprit ripped up, end her mem and tuauy of bet h> ?d, tlmhers broken. She is a new vessel, and wna 1 < n her first voysjjo in ballast, the is still !a port, uot h <\ing cotnplc'ed ber repairs KF.l'oK I KK. [fiom the Uc*ton Tr.inscript, \ov. 17.] It It a a n?ular colot ldetco it.ta Mr. AluertSr.mnor. just wrecked In tic 111 fated Freocb steamer 1 vennals, had a broiber wbo wai !i<H by hbipwreok a lew years elcoe, wi b tbe Com te>s O it soil. And Mrs also hsu a fl-ter, (Mrs Ball.) whf>, with hor husband, waa laM la tbe paoktt ?hii> Horn*, bound from NVw Voik to CoarleH ton, aereral ytara ago This dtt>aat?r led to an amicable law suit. She was wealthy, belug a daughter of tba lata Walter Obacuisg, ? merehant of this city. By tl>e codo Nspoleen. it a provided that In any si .d c^t ir-tropue a jotiugcbild shall be presumed to die before .ts parente, und a wile betore tbe hm-band bnt it was lu cvidenoc- that Mrs Bali had bet u heard to call wildly i-jon ber husband, ?bo made no repiy thus creating a prooabilitv thst bo V>< rtsbeii first. Mr. GMwou was a ijranduou ?f the lite Bsmoel IJammoBd. i'u-b tyoipsihy to felt la this com iLumty for the relative*, wbo are suffering such an ?g'Li/.:oy suspense a^ to the fate of those near to tbctn. Mr. Punocr. Dkmed above. Is a brother of lion Charles Sumi er, and has resided tor some years at Newport. K I. lie is a gcnt'rnjaa 0> wealth and stand>ot;, and p,.nakos of the tasies and accoapltobments of his kiudred. Tbe Troy Timn annonnce* its belief that Mr. Augustus Vrci ileb, well known m Pre eaaor o<~ Frecch in tbe Troy i t'ralc Seminary, waa ani<.r.g tbe passengere who were l.*t in the wrccL or tbe I.y >nm.s. Tbe Tima says ? lie tailed from New vori. on tUo 1st, In tho Fltnvb itrUBet' lie Lyonnato. i>l the nelanchoiy wreck oi which our re*d4tR alreaty advifwl. Ilia name tees not appt ar in the list or pfywns rjgeuod to the sreotd toaii*; ^Da^ anl ;!?e botTufSut c Tticlaalob ttiat be was in that ol tbe captain's, which ban never bed ' beard iiom, and In a 1 piobabihty went down wlih all oi I ?-ard. Mr Fro iich was a native of Iranca. He had rtii.led In tldao iy about Cve >ea'S. lit w<s a graJuate ol the I'nlvcrslly of Franco u mat of thorough ediWit t on and rare intelligence Bis lino social qualities hxl vcu b,m an extended circle of friends. 1'uring tbe lit ter part of Oetdber Mr 1 "?ici! received a tetter from his tattrr, in 1 ranee, enjoining him to return bomo as ?Kin as pne-ible, us it was b.s last den re to see his son once mora before he flnlshnt hi? earthly pi|gr<tBage. In Obr xt ce to this parental Injunction, Mr. l-r<i> :ch crneed ur but sdairs hero and set out at oac? to revisit hit na lt\e land. The K jv John B Cor.jne. wbo war a pastca<(*r oa'l the X.yonnai4, is well ktiown Id this city. Ho was tbe IrtLcb misatrnary employed br the tleuiodtst Missionary Society lor a time tn N'aw Vork. and snoae qutbtly in Dttrolt. where be succeeded the Kev. Tboiaaa Otrier. Bo goln^ to \ islt bis rwUMires in France. We are rcqneeud to say that tbe statement In some of the papers tlat among tbe paasesgers In tbe l.yoonala were T G. Oil*on and wife, Is lecorrect la two partimi lars. The erntiftLsa r"^m<l to is Mr. Joba Gardiner Gibson, of Boston, and is soiuariled. BTATf.MSXT 01 TBx' CAPTAIN Oi TO* BARE ADRI ATIC. Bo?rm\, Not. II, 1W6. Tbo captain of the baik Adriatic publishes the follow lag atatcment ? On Sunday night. Not. 8. before 11 o'clock, the berk ?leering by tbo wind, heading W. N. W., ducorerel ? at* amor about thr?e or four points on tbo weather bow, ?uppered to be sieerlag K. N. E. Tbe nl/ht waa star llrbt, but ba y. Should thick wo raw the light tweaty n iii tea or more befcre w>' ?trnc)(. Tbe steamar on toned on bur ronrao, which would oerry her by our ?Urn, If not ?ltored, but njoa n caring us <be *udJ?nly changed lirr r ?nrre, which rendered u rVUnion Inovita b'e. We then endeavored to aarc oureelvrs by tVkHJf, but It no.i too lite, ana In k fesr minutes we aoro afoul, ?tnk rp th< iHoir abaft tin wh< jlkouae, carrylaz ? ?a i/ our Jlbbocos, boviprtt, a/.-l r?pflrg up toe tcp<u' runt for era* tie, am". itartlc? tbr wi.oio ttarbwd Sow fft m lb? Jet'* frrmr, an 1 ti.e wo'k! i-iid lorward. We tu? n I ailed ibx rteaoior and rcaoeattti ibem not to leave m bnt received no soower. Wo ttien kept away ht^.-ro tin wrmd, to prevrat losirg our maet?, and to arc- rtain tor (XtMt of o?<r dnsacc. few iho ?.tea'ner'r lights airut iimr pot. la oa our lee n->w. and kept In view t>n or n'tera mi??ite?, aatil I'M. n the .t.?'?iio,e ettt<<< eli>g that ab? bad rcorlrod but IIMIi damage, and Ok'i caet sued on bor coais*. We aeci.rod our maaUt, aa 1 rep wred the tfaicajr-, aa wrl. Jt peggtble, and thou ? 'tap. <f our ccurre for die Btrwi fx t, and arrlvai aA ??< u *? ter Nir 4, \t 1) T. M , and reported mv tail to tb j Ciu-i'-m Hot'ui and to too rra .-?* room, it* lull C* tj-uara. It-- a.? > went w tn ro^aM to the weather aiag f<>A.y t? (.atirei/ in wire it, aa it waa iw?i ?ht with a alight baM la tie ataKiepLerc. J. J. PIRN A*. TO TBR EPITOB HP TUB BKttALfV Ti 'a a curieaa fas' that Harare Muntoo 1 Ruder, ship hTtkcrs. el tji? cttv, >-er" the peril'* wt<o chartered ard art t out IV bar I Kilre ter Q'airiai, from Haltlaare, aaJ w<. ? a'so tbe coaaigsoee of tbe aaTod bark r.i ne, boned Iroir liaMl-urt* to New York. Tbe lira; H>ewti u>m KaPb'td by C?pt. N rdoaholt. wbn wae ti' flrwt to rrtcne thr beat *r t the pei ?ora la it, coonnaado 1 by tb J eaeo?i ( oi'.ear of tbe 111 (a^d ateaoier f.youoaia. in I tr ?t?j theaa witt tbe (rraV-at k a<to*?a. and pa hmiacif to monk tretb ? to tranaftr th-in to th? otfcrr or the aw , K^iau, to erltif ia?o V ork. rr.o 'rten no' rapt. N order hot, amt of thn Bremen bark ^ I ??. ttprtir<l (rrprlre yeatrrtfay ?i ?'ie feet i nt WBMl rm it tbonld kit* tveo gtre* to the lUai'iu-* lll*e and b?r oflk-er*? whtcb waa near the and of ter voy?,:r~?"l ?o'tUe to the ft rmen b*rk F1M, wheh wa4bor,ad lor IM Mp ard n'll HMM a-ron ?od%tlwa aa.1 Kilt *ippli?i fflired f >r ?r> iriany pa '?<??,?ra <>n a iocr voyage H.ny lOMiiler that tkle K >ea 'teeorvra m-?t'.?a. an<i tbe aotnjo of t>e J'reoeb gorerajaeot? tf ajy ? r.fch'. to be given?equally with K * So L TO T1IR KTtTOV OP TVR Iir.l.lI.D. "<%?Mr. !>miih'B Kacr aoa Mr Rogert. tr t* toylg P?iuiP, leoTf no 10 At but tbat H wae tie Adriatic whtcb no m?.i tbo l.youaie. The or,teen of Oapt. purbam atat" t that It *a* atari ?bt bat ha?y; that tbe * od waa if. * W. and t wir att? hradteg A. w. that teey raw ?b? at earn r .n to tw< nty mlnrtea before they dm her, aa that Capt. I nrham iii fcUgMff an deo? Tue ?fcaoM r waa not omy r -rn. hat her whiailo waa aiaa heenl Now, Mr. Rrtitor. I do eot Intent to <^aeettoa ?;?p? f>ciit>aii'e aeroMnahtp: bat I woold ask him why he dt.l not pat btr vreael ahnM aoonor' Why try It whor It ?a? eTtdrnily too lata' Wby no? throw the topaatia at'erk to fb?"h the b?rk'? b?artway wbllat abe hart ata- r agi' eraj on berT Wbr watt till a r,olilaion became ana viduabie, and il.rn order the helm to lie pot dowar The of'>e<ire Inlormoil Mr. I'-'UtT* that thatr tnpaaila were ?bakint wbea tb -v vtrork the Mramer. It ia wall kaown thai vr hi'e a ahlp la la a tar a ahe la fnrgtaf ahead: bad her toperta been thnwn ahaok aba woaid aot kara had headway on her. lat, aa yon say, let us hearfr-Kn (apt. Durhaa. fUB* ?BK-r.

Poll, r Iaf?lllgra?*. Auaara Ttivtut SnrvRior Paonarr.?Seem liar r'rksea * Plapp, paper dealers, or Beekaiaa street, ware ar'ested at the instance of Frank Laalta, of ?esU?'? oa obarga of having illegally store.I about t ?IS 000 worth of woo,I cata. steel engrarad piat % asu ate, he . Ua property of the comptalnaat. Mr/loaia alVe|ea that the defeadaata employ <y| aome men to re move the above property :ro? bks house la Broad wry, ' between P-rty sernnth aad Forty eighth strorts. fae arcnrr l were brought hetara Jnrtlee Warme a', tbe Fourth T atriet roller f' nrt, wbera they wore hod to ball *o appear when called ipn to aarwer. Tbe did catty, it arreare, grows nrt of aome mercantile irtisao |i??? u i? vto ut? aevagar aad lite K?uae4, I 8 nlh Carolina In the R?Tol?Uon< | LlCTUBt: BY W. GiUIO. K HUMS, Of buOT H CAHO LUi. The lecture season has commenced. w Glim we S1rnm?, the t enl writer, aocompllabrd echMa' anil for tius o ato, of Njuth Carotins, delivered tbe first lootur# cfbia course, la tfceobiireaof Otvtne UrttT, (I>r. Con pla'a,) oo Br. adway, bnwe. n Spring and Prtnce it reel*, last evening, to a very Intelligent and select aulieaoe Tbiscont?eof leotiirtsUd lhrered by Mr bimma to ac eorcance with an Invitr.loc extent?l to him by Veasr# liancrofi Bi > uni and t rr gtaUomen of thlatty.a'J la nom:i ally bo'ore tbn Young Hen's Lector# A*?.x:ia Moii. Gwlig to tbe unusual n lid bar, and peculiar e*cei lence of the other planus of atlracdon laat even tg. and to some extent, per bops, to tbe ht?n price of the ticket*, there wti not so large aa attentat ;e as tbe abt.ty of the speaker ought to bave collected A little after eight o'clock. Mr C' an ^okie forward aad aac-?ua;ng to tbe putptt, was introduced ?o tbe audience by lir. Pockbau In p->r?oi he is a tall, well formed man, bu a rail ?? ?by fiOe, high, broad forehead, repealing to wrards the cpp< r j an of It hie bead Is Urge, well set lor ward balr short and light colored, carrage is Urm ?Tan ner bold, rather p?rpoe-e--sing Hit style of del'very was\rrj lapid and foroible. The sub act of tbe lecture ws- "Stub Carolina in tbe Revolution." HMdiag the rtinnu .jript tn bu basd, b? read ?1 b great fluency, tad was imtmod to with marked attention. Tbe spirit of tbe lecture * a- strongly *oothern For eighty jeers, eaid he, the people of South Carolina have reputed securely in tbe ftutb tbai tbe tame. honor and distil cttun oi their ancestors was above reproach, toal they bad now no dead or fear ol comparing their deed.i with lbo#o of any otter port >>j at taw oountry Toey thou phi tfiet xluf had gtvea tone of the most disOgutoh cd mm wJitee name* time upon the annals }( lb not tiou. end mat not rung whatever could lake from them tbe honor and fame of those that sre pwt Bit butory, it womr seem rn-ut now be changed, toe old cttrouici#* must be Ignored by partitana or new creed* Ye?, there hsve been those who ba>-e sail thai our fMbers were, faitoleas to their country, traitors in the cabinet and towards In tbe tt#l-i. tncae are ?ptcllltailoi,* drown by a Senator from liatsachi: setts in a Congriia asuembled for national l?ti*iatlon They werf poured forth with a (icri-e cengee mm . -f ly to grau'y uoth'ng but a bast-party ant r ? Wuat*.* b's arstrtions wire true or cot tru?, Uu-r.v. .1 foul# Carolina wu usjost. ignoble and grt. 1- . . r. Was It ti ueMl 10, hew is it that rtouth C*r > .u t 1.1:. #o lr.suy honoiablu name# on the rational rtCu> J*. tw?:nes thbt arc Mfognl #d ss the brUfhteet in tbo nation t -lo * in it Ibat sbo be# tcqu'red a military aod civil ulstiuotion f How w It ibat It bis been left, to tbe pror'-ut day, to n-ake o'?coverles .n the pest to ber c jibt uor olu (ternal ol*grac? V Is it n't '.rie tb?t we ha' u Marion, a bump ier, ai d tusny #f Uis very greatest i>.4slaia nn tioccd in tbu (Uvoluifem? !1 Carolina vt- as ?ao h averted to bav? been, irshe tm4 tot bcr great mcu, b r patriot#, aid 11 she was not among the Orst to rcst?t the paront ccuntt), tnen, verily, there ?as no Revo.niton; our w ho e butory U an lavraUon. But snppoae tnc-secbargM to be out ue?suppti-t* too ?am? malignity that .o?-a lae arrsult upon S nih Os'oiintshonlii hare aaJcodl t.* tbe Lsmes ct our (btbeis?what, then tboult be too alone lobtorinsi )>. rti fl wbo bi.gbtod tb< oamns ol i.itu? of tbe bk?i brtUIaot liga'a in biacountry's 'iiMory? 1 am not RO.ig to rertc* any ol <be miat;>a'>le poi tic* of the Usy. I kbbw no subjet wb?chl? ?o unwnrtby to draw louh my attention; II ia outxsjeed blstory that I wculd dofend. Tne blow w 41 struck at v e dtad aid tnc livtag; the past, pre k< ct and future sre r.bied by It one "I t ie honors gained by blrx d at d tcirs tie other* of the pric c a-i'l veneration lor that toior wtiV b leaes tb* m ever 10 dr feud It aith rtal, 10 tear troro their tree b-arts Ui^ir loving Tulib In the vlrtce of thi?r a\r?r, t? to flay the very h' pe? ?f a p-ropk-il is to ttrff 't 1 > m of their a ability Wnai miiKt be the tuaiWe m l> < ?.?rlt wble.h should strive to accvmt iisb sucb an 0' 1' - v*. a tbe eebia.taoMui.uua or it perij that Justlfl a ?<? ?' ? so proiant anrf bitteit It will be p< rm.vo io a ? 01 ,> lib Carolina 10 asseit ber bl.-tory ud every Jt'ft oitu ma*nar rnous boleg will uot only ju?lily it. but win rejoiec if I tbali do to eltbauc ceaa. None but the bareet souls will trkg up touae ptrta of a pcplb'a b.akry thai are Ume-.uiolr, Uiat are r.r.t eoble. There will be a t'me of fti'lug 10 tne history of every p*opie. pf every natiot. Wnai nation la free rrcm a blot or has net had a ilshracrcMt tpt-n tl.? huiory by aomc ibvau, seilah snd ignoole cil <a? H it btcauso of our Aiuold, aba.; we ??*?.' tne He oM'o*} In tbe c*ae ol r suet ae inri. ?? it net I'ne duty ot sU'eamsii to take lor an en tiu-iy tu grrat sad , <artlons t people do as a whole, and to rel.-r to their weakness ant enfortunau dojda with iwrrc w. and not with eiultatiou. {So. tj Csroi'at arkscMy to I e tried t<y tha at<ndar'i that is availed t> I every otbei Mate. It Is aiiegtd thaitho pabliusomosa o' I routti (Wroitna were signally t/l<profortlunate to ber I stnngtb snd puliation, but let us seo bow 11 was: ia 1*7# Ifce I opuiaiien ef South Carotin* was O^.COt, and tt ass tcsiiered over a torewt cou? try, 40,000 t'lusre ii i?r. t?iibtarollna ?crni>bed 'uring tbs Revo in. en soldict#. Masti.cL^eu* b*. a jopu lain n of : iW),i to soula. elo?eiy MtM, and lurniibeii b*.O*j0 m?n It must not lie understood lutt I mean n ruber case that so larire a numt>er of nu.n w. re einploved by eltber Puts; I rt.ian the number t; persons wlojc'-rd tbe army, &>r wan;, Of tbese men .iJtbea It I tvlor snd fi'tved tviee m it The psysMlN ?! M?e?a t huni'.' wav oovprbed wlikiri an a.oa of lO.tAM miles, wl a tl.?t ol fouih Can 1 ma ?v-rv ?! ei. . per aoB* a-"i "*remll?. snd were bor. j-m?our u< .1 iy all nst'.v bom e'.tlrens, w ulie nhst of South Carolina w?^ eetr;?< t< d Ivrgrty If fo?elgners, ol <<rrscns woo b*-l t been I It e f .ntv for ten } mn. They were settled liitlo vi;-#is. or# determent twin* entirely Irish, ai other *.? trb, a third t erman a fourth lUiahab j The Krcnt.b ar,J Irish ?arae?ily sub d to U^e lievo . lofien ; (he <eri.-b and roost of tbe Germans wsr* 1 legiim st W ben Wm. Drayton urgci an Macmblyof (irimses to e?pni?# the rot olul.'w, they drew forth a {ninea aril said, '? There is King George, and w# aro for Im ?td the money." These ar#ibe ixcta?an lact.o t ail the*# obvaelae, fbr foolb Osroltna Ij do anj'iittigat all la tbe Ktw i Jtloo. I th<nk ia to bo wondered at Iney were not op|<w#d, like tt.cjr were ji New Kutiaai; she bad aiwa>? b?ec a favonte pro\inco cf t reat Bri tain. Hue had bo cnrmeic*. to nr.snuf*cturve, to be 1# op|>sulioo to t>r jea'eus ol England'* till siio wa< of too first Stale* in 'lie l'm<<n to r&bel. jSIjo did nut wait lo judfe the t neequencea, or lor larger and more piwerful Btatoa to take tb# l#ad, b'it waa the terood (a tat 0#M- | lier t.iitlv# born farinrr* and meebanleji wer# itit on?? wbe c<ime forward In this movement and sacoicded lu tbicwit g tbe power of tlo- HUlu In the scale of tin llevo? iuti' . UM lb .re'oro 1 i laaa Hotith Carolina Urst n tbo K?v<diil!<>ti. bccaitfe aho ba>l so man/ lateral'ett';mio# <nd lraiu>rr to ovc roome. Ph# <te(':utod an F.agUsu fl?<Jt in tbarltstoc bay loon arte* tne batt'.o of Bunker HHl, wt.'n Kngknni h&<: never boon ?ter?utd on ibe tea; at ? built the largest sblp of th? Revolution. Ih??pi*ker went ir:nui#fy Inbi Uxt bltt xry of aaverai lw?tcBU of th# d#vo:?tion, part:t<tiariy tnc ot t of F.iticdie. wb?? ttarlerten waa beuleg ?d by Br?v?M. Jn I'M ipg bit NVM Mid laudleg bte p?oi??a f pMl| and forealfhl. In eloHpj hit lecto.e ?ie lalbar npo ?? 1 fbr th# wnrth wllb whvtft be dafended hi# t . -is", but lha his b#wriw?sia it. aad be jou d aj' M d#fliM W bMMTMdl?#ol MlWI>C_^_J Ahulmuir of th? MctlxnlUt Nlwianw| ?MlnCj'* Ite tht-ty ae^rttlb anDivcnary <A the MutSosary 9o cHf uf I be NelMulit rpjoopd church wu mcmiiokI ?1ibb ecuai/ In >n? York, rrookt/a ul Newark, on Bnadar fcat/ krMM ww? praaeb*4 la til gboct wh<, M* o l'r?t!o*il w^a tMea ap la aid *f tha aor-tety. Ja ter 11* ?lartunar/ rucettaga were b?'d ta Ihe Mufno a, tie HabbaUt ?e V>ola of three cbatebee awiin la oar. H> mti ??r* M'ected for ik<i oocaelM, an J wt MA jlar wa* furot Ped wHta a prrgrumme, ted addr ?mi wtra Mf?r*4 by mialrtera and ley woo. A pnblk: nu^tiag wm b<ld tB U.0 fareysh atroot M. B. ouu.-uh on tfiu lay exea'.r*, whim IM a.Irtn *aod by Bob bp ffmpoon, Dr. Trimble, of <*10, and the Re*. Mr. tfcouk. T1.0 let .or gMtiemM a&ade a rrry eflbotlre ?p?-?fi, BtalntalMae thai | wraith, natloeallty, literate** a&4 comrr-ero??'hoar migfctv at? nceie of power?oj?!4 -*adcr a le tWo akl la 1*0*10 o? tti* aeereaa ?r I be ?:?/ ? eery cc'nrprlae. Th? Una. aan.T-rmar> meeting wm iieid laet eroiiiat la the t reea ?tre? t raarrh, lllahop VCMj^h praaMinc. Rwjr erasable rpaoe of the oapai.loM <d One waa oornptad l>y a bidbijr t??pei tabte aeuteace After 4< roMt.nai *\?rr,+t+ by I.T t*a??r the Vr?rti?nt Intr* 1* ed Rev. Aiirti r.Mk ?>**, o. I *ubarg. aa tbe IrM apeeker. H? aafct be repr?a#nt?l to? yonag m.-a of M?cb<*'t?tn, aa>: la bia addrnaa be wcrJd attempt to uovottpe I tbe ;mi -riaace at n#oro fully entlftlag their eaergtaa aod I lalevui la aa rrt?rprt?o wb?.-b be regarded m Uie liia of ilk) ea-irrb aad the bopu ? tbe w? rid Thla wae pre rtrtornt y a yo ag mer e ago. aad youth. tiling 1 y improved, wm capable of incJfn?l.*Mag relghty r<* suite He proceeded to imprcae apua the young n?i of ibo ehtircb the reepoaelbilUy devolving upon them to ae atet la tbe prom ilgatloa of tbe gnepei la iieaihen lutde. Alter which, tbe cbotr aeig a pteoe ot aiueic aelw4e-l 1 jr theaaiaeiM. l>r ticCtranv-x next addreeaed the andlence. Ha tatd that wbll* the eleqeeat youne ?*n who preceded hi in wm apeakiB|,ba of a baactlfni paeaare In cntdr'. <?e '? Icat ilia the p-erofatlre of f??iu>,aa4taniae aW-?e. to oarry i->n?*rd from ronth Into maahood, ami frr m maaheoa to old age, the rreafeaeaa of tbe jrnntbl ll fee1 rfr ud th? 'ire of tbe yoniblal tboofbi. ?' Tboy had the tnoaiory of tbr'- aged brroea lo elorf In aa well M Die grand arhli retaeeta aad peraereiiaf 'Wee of Cbrto tlan warrtort to imitate. He I nind for tbe tiae wbea the aptrn of tie aged ma IM, who ronate<t not ill 1 dear 10 t m, rotlinl be n*gbt be matrnmenbil la aanng nen, akonM arteate tho Cbtirrb of (lirtM They rerer wmtl.i be bereft ot bope while tbey bad (h<th In the verda: "I air with yon atways-eren nato the end nf the worl!." Tbe H'lrlt of the aturlonarr work, eaid the epeaker, wonla be round In the ?7th Pealm? : fk>d be mer^fal un to at md blrae na; that tby way any be kaown 00 twrtii aad thy eartng gra<* amr ng all nationa ' H uman lifr ia d'KUlfled When anting - nder thin prlaelple, Md every iphera 01 labor hail emallaar* aad glory wbea ooaeeora let to Ood. He waa pro id ot tbe wont wnifh the Ira h'tadrr l |o?e anee'oeertea were aoenaplMbiaf a tbll tmr gr?at and akirtowe reprhHr. The enantry waa imt, la bta epta'oa, te ha tared by political arh?talng, oooked up ooae^rtatTm. or tbe "reftwming" ot the d?/, bo* by the le*vea*?tr ef tbe C*iorr.h "t ?he l.ori | jlM ja. Md Vuhl * m ouMKmvjr work 9( Uo ^'aitvd Htatea Tbe rorereari gentleman In conclusion, i rged it ? headers to support tbe missionary enterprise both at boojc ud atrind At tbe conclusion of Hutiop Jane's address aoo'iec-ion was taken up m beh^if of tho society. when tbe aud.ence iru llaii!?atvl w'tb tbe benediction. Hi) Intclll^tni^. Oniinr Fair m ui Csi'Tai. Pjuicx?7hi Indies by whom uw grett fa> ha* been Isatfurat*' ?>( no Crystal Pa'aoe, and by whom It baa b<> : n ? > etsalully conducted a.iio 1./ commence a. U a u.-? 1 he> ping it opt u one ua> longer tbae wm aw t rti .tu Bounced. that ererj one ?*y bare an opportune/ >> pa> tc < tt a villi and tf contributing to tbe table chart/ , fir wi ich it ?m e?tfcoMrbed It baa certainly been tbe m<*t 'ucc*ssful enterprise o' the rind tbat baa ere' been g?t cp m iblg ctt>, ati'l It is out fluently expected tbat It will rial ;? ovci tairty thousand i ollara towards tbe bvilolng of the new boreal f*r the " inters of Obanty At one tab'e alone, we were itiforntert uy a arty wh? atuuiMolt and wbo in c?mrv?n with tie otbur larttee ba? <i?-vote I t'W wbo'e u?f to the 'air since Its > leninc, that three b< nrred dollars were r<oe red during a stogie ovenirg. It is et-tim'ied tbat the number -* visiters txus an fart) <>*i<e1e<l twenty-Are ?ho-isiBd, ant we ha va no doubt that the nrmovr w<ll bf ncrrn'bd to forty tboa Skod. Al* detonlruticii* hate iii tact contributed to its support. Tm. WrtTiTE* \m> na Dun.?New YcrV '.s at present suilerlug under a severe ooid snap the ttrst w. havo had this tevoii, accompanied by ti boisterous r.rj, in itself moat un;,U.anat, but rtndtreU doubly so b> tbe Luce rlODdh of dust coxttank./ wmr.mgorer thectryets and blUCing tbe ??><?? of tbe pert- > win us Tre city might be endurable were it not taat the street cl*<u>e "a hare failed to do tb?lr dut?, aad there ta pii-oty of looae duat !(r tbe wind to u t up>>n in tbe jrrei4 tbo roue b farm Uiu 1* a ernouH nuwauce uot oui> to u>?. pndeatnaHi, oat to tbe storekeeper*, wno cupiik.n that tbeir goods are not a Utile d*o?aged by U.ia iMMf torrent In tbe Bo wrery, where a ?cw?r baa ooe, xoently t^jilt, tat- work-nun Lave failed to jlear away the dirt, and oousequently mo attt*' U all but umur i . rhe people are sick of comiiialtlu# oi u ? author:ur?. aod so they are omi-tlled to grl* aud b?*i taclr pr.?t.: e.ii* to the hope taut a anow or rain aw<rm ?li> at once .may tbe dm? and tliotr IrrttAtloa. It is to be boped that to a weather will not last In iir. Thi (** t) CnAMnw S>rait?t Sat"? B?k Paovamn has btei rold ?o Win;^jr II. Cary, wbo parpoeea to eroot two tirartore* w tb wbilo n.%r >ie Iwnu, on tbe cite. Tne lot, wblofc l? arij kci froat t-y one buadnxi aiul lUty foot UL'tp, ooat ?T6,00t>. N*w CHtiRm w rim Arnri ?The coogregation for isorly worsbipp rg Ui the oil b.-'ck church, in Nu>taa ?trect. bate already o?a.iuf on a UutidjiK a new cbrrcb edifice in Uttb a? one, corner of Thirty leTenth atreet. Tbe lot ^ one hood') 1 frvt jl tbe evioir and one bun dred and flity fe -t on To:rt* seveuth nr*M The plana bare noi yet been adoptirl, b'-t it i? to be of brtclt wth a loft) etceple. as.i wtil nr dcub; be an u.-na'nont to that part of tbe city. The fit (?' tfc: charrh will be mar $M> WO. Dr *s^ru.f will rcta'a the paa.oral charge of tbe congrega'ina CVA<au?T :?? Wan?For tome time naat, tbe Children's Aid Society, and the t&iaaioflary m Ub!i: haoent at tho O.e Polats bare been bocjlng an the vagrant children tbeir meat a would alto* totb* Wuawra OtatfK, where they sra appri nUrod to farmcra, and will no doubt grow hotn t a-.d melui mraiVn cfsocl ty?a cuBkumnation tiua wouU be n>ore tbon doubtiul were tbey to rf sutis la tbe e:ty, ?tpoerii to tbe tempationa tbat boact tbe poor anj idle Iv'cstbe pr???nt rear it j eatimatrd I! \t 1.200 children have hiv?a aert t> tbe Wi-rt, rniter tbe avapree of tbe rba.-ltahtc Inrt! ntinns aboTS m ui.onmi, and nrti year, should tbo cha??able coat -tbute auf> t'on'iy, psrh-ps double that number wi'l ffti* a Lm* tn the ^eat Yes tetca> allertiooB aoue fortj five cbilrt?*n *crc aert off l.-j tUoOenttai liatlro?<J, under the charge o' H? Tracy. A '(w of them a t N>ur d If r ? r but tbe de^ttnauon of il>e tna ority I* I>e?ro!t. Mic^igaa. Qoib ?e "s were repruacnt d, while the agra ?erf aonrcea all an<l s'ytoec y?ars. The cb Mren *<?rt briefly *?'>lres*" by the ec rwaiyof Uie Aid Socicty. M" Brace, at Cttntoi n*ll, wtere tho cbililren joto< X it a sonj of which the tollow ;ag *eraa? ia a'ric-rrcn ? We're a jouibfui b?n<l. and tvi? ia taml Tii i< icing we go to U i naiijjji land. Kr ta tie wactead woe poor clllCrsaWaoir. from Uc t ice i< the ctt; afar we go. rr^autt Tbsi, ko! biys, lie ' totLe t* tomes ?t go Tfct'S'j comfort and bealtb wh?r,> mate, wutltb, Id the Wtst Is tbo 'au"i "I ple&ty Ht gb, bo : let It rala or saow, to the Wcatera bora* we want to go. Then, on ' boye, oo tow aril \ the f'limg eun, Vjivre Lie Biwiaau: ac: in *rooy toe r *ma U> Lave won ; Wfcore the t>atb I* broad to wcrk an 1 <?d. And iti angel c Ood thai! pi ut too nn-l toorna Ki lo dav aaothtr dctAQbnett ol chidren .a to be oont off by tbO b,?C Vo,?ta JIlkklOD. bcuil A k?ut or o A*auo.i* Mk ? am-ca' if ru ? 11i? (nrkrt ?htp SouthaniptoB, of GrtewoWa Now Yori and Ix-afioa Uao c( jarket*, tons oo Hrelfbt yeeter.lay oao t>! Mr?ar? K Doe \Co. I Ur;c ,it prrwi ft* LMfd'l fmthri Jcwme ?'e ''.aderetaad thai tb'e ta the arroad prut:: ?r pr< ?? roae'e 'or I cm/I'm ouraaix by the rnl*rp'* n? urn- rrterred U> aod .carr'.ed by Una Uao 1 no of aalllr; paokcta. 1'iKi In Muii Pimm ? AboU 8 o'clock oo Tuaailty niaht a lira broke oot in tna loir l atory of ,<. tenement build.Kg No. 166 M<4< eireat. tw tbe room orcepted by Gtor,^ Helae, t oot aad shoeaakcr. The Are orlj'nated from Uio expiae.oa at a eaaaj-haae laap 1 lie tlretnaa were oroxnr U> at Us pr lalaee. an J toon astiagn lanrd the Mre Mr. Heine <*t; melee nia J ima at about I ;oo, bo lanuraoce. tav feaUdiaf U owned by Mr. Jaooi, Wolf eoeteia; It la daaasge.1 about 110, aatl luiiy laenrcd. Tar I art Awn* 9. Norwood was bulled oa gwatfay leal, l?om Pr McEiroy* rhc h, la r>nrt<eoih etrc-t, wl.h appropriate religlone cercaontee. Mr. Vor wood, at tA> t ton of bla death, wee euppowed to bo the oldeat native of New York city ttrtaf. lie wa* bora ta 1770, aad wea ron??ijfni'y elably tn year* in affe atibo lime of hla dentil, wl.lcb oerurrtM on le?t Irl lav, at hla retidenoe la rot.rf-oBti) etroet Hla fa'her f'lTOa la the Atnorlcea arnsy dorr* tun R< vol ttlotuery war, and wm an irmeto at roe t'.ac of the oti at far baiM privm. Mr Norwood w.'at Into bualoeea la 1791 aad v ? one ol lfe? ortfinntare of the itc^nd i,ne <A paekot ubipa bewoca ihn port aad Havrn lie retired from tnetneae in 1*30. Si k*?i. HcnooiJi ?Tho e>aa'.aaU a of tho Noma) acboo'a i.ader Ibe ooairol ef tfeo Board of Fdurvloa waa outoioeasad oa Moa<' tjr, at o'clock P. M., at 0?a ball, i ooraer of OraoJ oo 1 .In atroita, aad will onatiauo nati: Doo inb?r 1?. I>aoe Nfnai *obo?iia are rotnpowd of the under tearl ore ta tt?- p> Uilr ?, hoo:.? ? a > de . o'e their aper* tin" to pcrfpcttar ino,oa**vea la tbctr eO<<c%uon, to ori"ert-??w br'nr Bttrd for m?i -art ac the yviaa er-ter tbnr oba'fo. e"oo<?e ? lb a K-ho i' haa t>eeo -nry |n> t, Mu It t?ar?r"ltod e npr >U( t'* cite ?-room with ?<o?l>a\ '??*ton T*H lu . n| la U.e slD;>ocI pr?ftiaaita? ef the f >? itmu-m ? Jo'h? Fmalr Knrrwl PrVok" Vrt't-y, !Ti?r. 17. neaa O. nb ?t <' .vb Seetteei. Nrv. l\ Qan 0,UMNli Tb r?<:%.. Wrv. SI, ?"??? D, ln?N??ctiot. MmUi, Not. ?k ? I *e Mb ???*?*? ? Uf?>W.. ."g*. It. Oaw e'h, s.Tiliir 1b"r?d?/. B??v ZT.CImw ?' "d a*-t^n ??>??ii?, Hff.l.r'mP v.ifi.ltoo Tuo?'a?,Por I, t!iaa? <\ Hi f*e<v tl*n. Ibi? ?'<j ftrc. 4 ?'a* IV hi ?^?'?i-e. I>?; ?, i lr?'t, J, ?#?'<..(. faredef, e, ''1 a? P. tat flueiofc TWreJay. fw I' 1m* U+> irn mai *c.i.*U|r, ???, u To bo -ooit (-? ?* <U| uztJ eea pKra*. (V? red fornv ?* noo.--Tbur?Jey. ? o. 1*. I.vbk0? ?o 4 pom r< 'aun raurta ?Heaae aot*>la ba*e not erf. a very fa r eeoeeaa ? t?ci Ui y bate iw<a opeaed, a?<1 lie colore J pet-pto aitow a -ot aaeatabU aplrtt la eedf??er'c|tc> tnpr*va4t>*meolTte. Tbo eron U>>, tckool m Onr aa atrer', No. I la to a r*ry orxna ia?1ai ro?4 tloa. Tho .??ale kpertratit, 'ia >r e: arc ef Mi*a Tor .pV.ioa end twr aaaleUata, iter <at>r slny p ip"l?, rtf* I ?ton W M voare ??f aa\ a !>n*l whi i*a jiat ?rc?T?'i<"l 1,1 kar*i to oa-i load inc. epelraf and 't.ruilp are tie rr?a' hte * +* e. f nalljf at iaad< d t*. inttM'tle. r*T*pby V bw?rf are tat en )n (be h'r" ??<^aee far tr* o MfartewM W a larger ait'tM,aa<>e bea It Hail u ar 1 tbe ar ace a<? ?f the p. pin U over ib My yeeiw hevr a. of e attr: i"Bg are ov?r ?0 llr Wado iHjO prttiyal o V a aclM?i *ad bla tw? a?ew?ieta. Pmaeai lnlrlll|?nre> Tk> i rxevirat baa t. 'ialTy reao*oleod firii ppea?n barg aa roatal of Thmo Oanaauit tor ihe hw? of wu or at Id aad Territory of Mlaataola, aad Kra*t (VI A?|el redt aa Coaaal of Wortoraban ft* the Aataa of Mkao art aad llliaala, to reaMe at H. Lome. Rea. Hartand, U. R. A.. acootapanVt! oy fell aid arftv od at ft latala, aaya tba RffnUimn of the 1 Ab tael. a day or two a lace, fro* New Meitoo. Ifea tDriuoo of that Torntory are, wa leara, ooaaparatlrely qetet, aad bafta to have a proper appreciat ion of tho atrenfth of oar am tary laroa. f'.ea. (iariaad baa b#ea eo(ated a artiva aer vice o tba m'tftiry department of Kew Me*v? ftw man thao thr?f y are, aad haa dooo much towarda hrtaifiag lite Indiana ? > a proper raepo I fbr the whltee. He la oa hla way to the Fact ARRIVAL* *t the Bai'tbaontan Nonae? Rot ,Hhn n <>eu<:h and faail !v, Por1**oa J. H Bra"k?n *lineeo?a hen. Jaooh Itroom PbtlartViphle W. A. Je^eon. hlbeoJi Koaaro H< ^aea.l>ciild and t'foppr. Indiana; f. R. I-oahwoeil, Hrldfepot^ t\j Bon. J. R F trwelt B.won; '?ra? <?"? ?'"* ke? Waehlngion. H. W. Qearj, felihaMll M. W. Rber wood. Rnflal". rr.? I iverno'' In ?htT> A???Hoao Tnt^n?Pr <"oorx>r an I lady. * ?e * rowan, Mr A l? owea, MleaC Bieakiej. Mian A J Kn?hl fM. i>- m l.'T?rrA0t. In ?h'p Oeo 'T -Hbat?Oawt Aadreae. lata naetrr ol ahlp feliatla*, mcTAwrrRW. p?. p,w, in ??eftnehip vn . B lAtrenoot. Nar*r Ror n?4 ?r? l'Kotoa, *t? * \'?**i*dr^M- Po la Cbat/-l!e and rX*rVf?ew? Thofop-wi. H * Rolf, Knff rra-wK VrrtlrtK - Pe To.,o?, *?<*? Ue, * iaa Maria li Ilia ii??ee^b>. ff??k?HMi?? H Irt*/, !>????? Thra(r?-0|M<n<og Nlfkl. The Initial performance m tee new theatre racaattT ?reeled am Broadway, sear Houston street, lor Miss Loan* K ease, took place last ereutaf. Lei* before the doons were opeied a detue crowd beset tbe entrances to the t>< tee, and when the ?: ticket! commenced tMn ? nr as nnrrecedented rush 9o freat ?u the crew* fb?t rcverai hosdnil Mokata ware a old b y sjx-rulatosw m dim! e trie* tc timid individual* "V.o wert alraU ei Mm curb *r?aad the paytag Place* Before tae caruda k*m- the (Jo or tickets w?a stopped There wore the* ?wo t>tc'!#a?<! two fcuiidrtKi a?<l lw?ii> peceeae .? the baure, and the receipts ?u"imtad to nine tot n*1 red an-1 lull) dollar* With such a trenundoos outilde preaeure our tftm? tee of tfc-j tnHire aid the performance /era nece ly curaory, ^ad our report must be taker ram no.'u It I* a uye.. erf a ho^ao, with every thin* a-oat H *e the mnet exquisite taste The aieS lecture cow Mini ligM ne?t sod beauty ir'th itrength and soll hty, which Is Ik* true secret of the art. Tno . U > pr+eni, an mttrrMi s* one* fay atu joyons aad fie light, both on the stagwaM In ftont of the hooae, c rationed so as to br'.af "it the flneet cffrcts. Wc bov- biroady g'veo a detail*! 4aw loo ol th* theatre, an-' therefore cao say no i than that aU the promlsea of the arch bad h:.? t&iistar.u in eve/ department haw been ft'lilted beyond our expectations Tbe public Trice wm unanimous In praise of the haaae. Fancy a sp'cadtd saloon <1 jcora^i In white na.l gold, asst aaiber sat\n, and adoiiied with r?chtrch< appo rit nea*h tilled with an audleni* eio^e entuuslasm w^MwUnr ably ut'ove the beWtr.* petnt, at j you may hare a* idea ol the scene at l^ara Koeno'e Iheafe last night. A." a theatre the bouse eeema entirely successful. Iki lite of sigH Li perfect?the auditorium la spacious aaa w? il veitilated?-aad the smai set volute ou Ue stafeaaa be beard per'ectly In tbe remotest cornerd of the < lirhment. The performance commenced at ?<.ven o clock, with i overtnre, Introducing the nntfc nal aire. Mr Baker, the ckfj d'orcktstrt, ass received with cUeara when bo assumed the buton 'Ihe excellence ot his ?*? cieestra proved thai the applause of tbe public was M m'.solacod. The curtain?aa artstu an I i ea'it.fu! aifhlr. In imitation ol brocade dtajx a with crimson ;r a|:e-WM Iben raised, airplay-tag tbe whole company on tbe staffs, w.ta M>s Ke*ce- a the centre, supported on one aid* by Mr. il. Hail, her slag e man ffer. ta<l on the other by Mr G? rg-> Jordan, fcer leae ng a>: or. Th? audience roM as rnw and fare choer un cheer for the dirxireea sat the numbers of comply. Ihe '? fctar --ptegtaa Banner" waa then sung by tb* whole conpmsjr aTtrr which Misi K?oe tame SorwarX >hc *v r?-elv*J w'th enthusfai uc chearj. a-d af.orctccd iho ac '..euoe m fo.lOWX ? I *T * *50 < cvthwaarr I Itnaw k. owMk-pTtLiBW*.'I*4IUK* P**0*1 *'Jri-m, ?m; anittt vT lt'.hl! P^?' blM ar?? ;lkt Btatcusiu It jut i ??r I hll .k fc"1 ,6* **?*"' *heu. n?c<r .leoihm rTT?i. hoeor of addnr .? ij .oe, Uje r,1raiM wm ira-e by mjrelf at<.; conirnsy i&at n h-i\,a* ?----? Itoilld bfl OTDITCIr^ll tkfre i! w\? r rti ik. ' ,hW 1 ?0UM bc "rlvf0 t'?* au S.r ?V im u 11 tte?in- ??"?* o? X7^r pi Vrn?* %U "t v< tajwtkrfl <11 id h%re dm iJ -v'-sr<w<!r0 ?u? tthumuH d , '?n en that b.dfc tkr^ I *?* ? fair hoot-i i. u? or oaa dnrteV .1 J V t"- ' *** " ??<?? of encbOTiaaee Juris? tlie drat jt%- Tt.1. I ** verbal!/ wmEm 2* the MT.? t mn wr,t> ? ,f , ?""r'-TWa '* CO uomTI ^TJ2 bit b tkk |? a < t'-*t ia rcqu'rd Yjo Laro aM nnVth' D' )lJ **T* *atoad tti<* uWactjr of mr thoafcw *" Jteproparty a* V*i?( tt ana l a* nl^aej \TtST oet re tbe notice o4 v?ur ntemwo V> r'<,aia a, tocnw lor VN, raM una of rw Xtmt ? TUto \ c%3 VtSST f'?TutTrr'Wi# ^ through wbkrti th? ttrtft lnttf* V*ra ra' ""*?* "cr~p V?Z C<?Z ?'}i. ? *?? for the U? rt tul'M tM vrttltt izz&Htz5r? * ?*or Id thai hour of a?r?M?t M d?T^ Mr ?ctr?na]rftM T" pnt'rP*,*lBXeit /PBv wboTTSi rno- V ?? ?, >?TlCaa c ban** !ar, no? on/r la Ac i '' ""'"i tut IM ?? reroa'te n< u< heart-oar who. from I, .arrWd<vl V .h fl^r lrA fo ?? br" ?r ^'r iuh h .25 i.Bd toutrtry, tin* artraa ?o ,hp pr.-) l . m,a?>o^^ jno ol AurrU%'t Or t .? ? Vi Chrr*hWb0' ? !b" h"^ '^ tr4 i'???* 10 ?'?? **ylD?. " * ?'?? r irar* I w I build j?w a re In ijno, ?.f i^r, ? Irer r roitnct - wtui; our company." f1>a<*'<?ad'r b?^i ii' wT^n?b.*dk,Dj 'ih<> m Us wh.ctt We beta a.k) cot to b:m b/ richer parUaato !? a.?rt an rn m?T?T 7 hM ^ Uli,<y1 b'*^1 *? 1 da), lo uoal ia ma SLET?P '?>* **J pr.r*te pom?^ (Z? E i Loudfiir tluatre bl" bo<?. n?*mk b/ ttar usd*r my j-uir ijuu>hn, aad I aba J rad??eV*I tefclbjJJLb.. nitoa?a of my , r.u -J.'.T fc r^ad7A, r^a? rcns friend* lo V* futun which la before mr ,'(SaLJ*k *' ^ of Ul'>,,, - atM jrmxlB.wa ?ui r **C0to? mor# wurU^ " ff.eoc.^p mi S2r n^l l2f *y (,xwl l0?.' ooeUa?i? Vrmtr tn nn^' n'^ Erat-' ,?cu. I *?**o dono aU la ap v wt* '"W. a tb* r? poUt.? n wLirh vn S* ^ ,lw *r"** f?T?* w.ui aui? n la ik< "'? fMtli|loii, Ba"jmort aad fti ? rlmy? my Kf:o>a.M. w.,e rrr^rod, ibe ratooiiimS ?? .1' ???> nisbt after mabt, t. oi.L? .ho acxIoom aaiim !Jh' '? Wh)1h ' ???? b0? raooS T?,fc 2! tT"* Wf ''"??owed upre ca br ibo? warm bearM rlt?/?ta. we are all itdebiNl l^yoa/ue newer ? ?!2T I J?k* ptea." irr to ad^ .he Z2T lb? N*w Vart proea, but to tcou> H um < i-a?Hsd, fhr a ^loLtaaeu'ia a.ul lypMni innn^ ?? UiTT/Jhl*5,r?l,"'*t<<' wU'' 01 r eeiorpriaa la*' ana ana. ( diJ rot | ubliely aokaowlvd^e bow mwb I o*?d in tk^ rectlrimn; bui! truat Ih^y will beliove that tbe.r mT bare t0^ 11 ^ore^'L'uSS. ? v a ^ of diily ?rprr<MuU o / km plau?* ) Aad now, befi re we retire i? prnnare r- - ?" " , comer*, fgr whom I aakan fiiootiraaiac ??? - - - ?. ?^i nr.- . wbo nave t.cbly fojBued^ZS prr-m^r lo abare ?) (chf?-r>)_U:?r hAM fol oae-i m? it *y *aa(1rlr??, ani are bere to i/.hi hw ?Sava 40 ffl"m^0 ?"r *coi.d Naw Toei S7??ri7. . Try ?*,M *T>, H-*lra, ,-rmit me ua . k " ^ ,r',,, *" 10 ^ J "? uI"*.* (A? j cr^*J taak,. wb.ob alia!I n^Jw be o8. n,1ed hr roar??a?aa or mirarl'* aty' ir???T k. yc r Tia.m, ta.p,^ %T >BBf to r e*"?T li' WH) ? wt?W? he aa?TTfi l ?. lt" *d'-xry Mam ^ D-tteet'd tbat ??rr|> can achieva. *< a K(t at> reii. ,<?t amid 1on? piat 1 ta. aa 1 the < fail- Mr. Tlla bin iaa an?rwiria <al el oat uid aaM ? "rw tbaaktry tba yahlic (hr tbeir aiadaaaa U Mm *?w aat 'n fbrmor bmea. TNprMMIatta of -am Tan f !t? Un ibro oam """**1 The play waa cart a* roilowa ? ' fxij#. i' Wtrajraa Jtdaro........ Mr Unr^M rk--??.-?'r i??r-er uri .Mr m iu)M Am i*3.. Vl'l Jmll ftOjld T( u ilMHoi <? tfr 'air i. Mr. ?. k Inck'u^m a'^T/. MrZSM r# <a J. A. miih fi r'na ?r I'jmrif J5,r.^ *? Hv,ooft W Iim?n....;;?tr wTSS V?.* "L.t1!,VB MMaiatnalwiS . ' ? -i?? f'* IfacHae (Vila.t . Mtl Mr*. ^mm| Oriaaeo. Mr ?;?> j >rdaB . yj, . w ,.nTZ M/a. u. i TV ? waa . ti*?d.naiy wall f wf irmtd U.ron<^OT<. *? "? aa *pa>-e ihr a otrtlcal aaaly ? bet tba v?ta WM til ?ood, Ui thai rf MMf Km-m. Mr. Je* t,rf Mr a Wlira.-iHh aad Mr. Uoraaii partk-alarly es The. f**1"7 M1 *'^0 "?????? arwa ai ,aMte and f ra u? boaa. prm.1* |W ofat tM tona*. Tha lw l' JwU m-u> waa weO dear, ac I ea? ? Ifc# Nd?? m M At 110 rft.J nr pl?T ?'l be f-rc'ral .-l^?? <?re ?IM b???ra t ie omtv to OCCI re tha appiaoaa af the vraae Aether Mhw Meet ha# taJ a d*e aoarli ravhar ??w and ft?.?in i c-alt If alia d ap'ay tbroa ts?m ??aana tba ao.e rai*. la. I ul MMnto wtiaihtv* marked her ?r?l aft..?, there ??a ha no d..a n that har aflhrfa w H re.%ja I rr?at'y to Um plar^rr* of tka tmb?a Ml ac pfflt of beraelf. tn uarrr. a rim Owi?m mok place i?at er?a ac. at HTblo a J^Jaoa. Md tb? hall wm aa lall aa a^r aad ?* rtMl'* MWM u fbroe tppiaima 'ram b'i ridh Miltrrrw, alhaM osnaod la nvb danoaeI; attune Tha ?Wh oMwet la aoaaacoed ihr Tburalay, whea oar ??. :*W? P?Mla?, OoHariaJb. baa raiaate-crd, ami will Maw wtth Tbaiberg tha /Waaia IVom "Norma" oa tw > ?M< P?mm. The aata r>f uokem will nomaanoa l? day. araw?a? Mala aTimr oolgmnt obm pale m to fhrofa mmetafly ?ymg tha fM?M tMa AeoapiaM IM af tha ae^ataa adhr, I JimS ?** ^ ?? * *ba head df tha Kitortal | tiiwm froai Fatat Pau Down SraiM?Omear Bma bald m 1 ?tha body of a man naaaad PMHok afh. wh??M ooncuaaloa of the brala, nredooad by ??HM *?a? ?taim at hta raaidaaoa, ?M ftaeaath aeaaoa. VmOmv Aord-wtal daatb " DMHKMMpMltf t^Ml wm a nil 11 af lrataad. Tw* R?am?? Oirat irtoArimr. ft hi mH tha* 10a pr raw ? OMW^Orel were ilafr a4 of th> I* ana* title rot Mi, by tbeaew ^watuwti'wial praelt m ?wo<H' c that way ikonU uow bv? to rw? uA with to <h** * (Mb