Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1856 Page 2
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InfcIllftMt from Khim. tCfir IN TliE TKit?lTUHY?JI'MM UMOMfTI ON TUB BtKU-iPftAKJIIiCI or TBI OOl'KT KOOlt? Sill or LKLAWA1UI LAM?8?LTNCil LAW, RO. [Cbi rtapondence ol U?e St. Uiuls LKmcorak j Uttui'i, K T. Not 6, 1864. Tbe work ol arreting tree state moo goe? b-avely oa; feardly a .lay |uu?. a bat ?h*t fret riuUr men are irrttkd, charged with murder, arton. horae stealing wad various fiber c.i Unrs aaienat l? to the <Utihieon code. the latt time 1 km in Uoompt >u 1 went Into the court room. Jidge 1 eocmpM sot on th< bench wltn a pipe tu kite anocth, end behind him mi % pitcher o( somotning wbH-h eridentiy attract**! bis attention ajout u munb u the ca?ea be ?u to decide. But as be did not oiler to ?reel, 1 oouiu ao. tell wtM it ?u The member* or tae her were pro-slavery, wlih onn exception, as were also Ike grand ied tr .Terse jurten. Tbe oouit room is about ?even by nine, end wkta Ue Jury oamn m tbe audience wu reqiu'-uu to go oat. 11 v> a* a rain" day ted tbe Mod about three inches ttlck on tbe Door, and for a healthy man to take one look wti about on >u^a or a thorn ugh emetic The Btreels were t) led wita young Ceorgiass and Sooth Caroiiniana, wbo are pretty mood all Deputy United St it ton Uaraha'B. Wheu ou<> g?u ? bard ?p," all he has to do w to apply tor a Deputy VUrahalahip, ?ad then he la aure or a pretty good salary, If he is ex pert at arreting " aootluouieta." Tbey might be termed ? kind tf gubernatorial excrescence; but 1 cannot bkmo (hen lor wanting to Uto, and unless tbey can make money Wt er f a Cape tod Yum oo would starve to death, they ?ariainly would be ftvoad to leave Lecoaiptoo. la tact, like whole town is tapper!*d by g>'Terumout. Gov. Gtary baa lately returned from tbe southern part ?; the lerrito-y, where be went with United 4tatea dra (?one to UiAperee kome guerilla parties. but tbey were not go he loend. Probably it waa owing to tbe ftovoruor having a ?? Presidential candiJatn to carry on hi* shoul der*." Now it a nil. it B to be hoped that ne can more -with a little more aitruio**, and pot a slop to tne murder ing aid root>>ng in that part of tbe Territory. Scarce y kad be got out ol tbe vtcin ty ol Ossawacomie be.ore tbe roilmcb oooimiuced piondeiing and pillaging tbe few reuauiiny tree 8 ate settlers, at Ottawa creek he ar rested live freu Mate men, but rtrange aa It may seem, has tot, op to this time, foucd one ?f their oppeuecta wbo Is not " honorable and b'gh minded,*' Geary, In bis prt Tate oonveraatuon, talks luir. but bis otllcial acts snow him to be all un the right side ol tbe goose.Hi is an oguttM??aj b " be did not come here to oe mails a sero," and occasionally moiiigos u the I'haraahraae that " be is ao longer Jobn W. Geary, out tbe Governor oi Kansas." In my opinion, he is aoout as near wbat a governor ought fee be ae a Broadway dkkdy t? like a Ho man sooator. Tbe IVeebtaie m n gen< rally are dtapoaod to give Geary nil the credit toat be deserves, aiid somo ot to^ra m"re. Tbe editor of tie He, aid of /' W.?sa. in the U.t issue, vomarks that " le.u r writers lor eastern journals are very severe cn Govertor Geary." la speaking oi tbe mu dcr oi Builumglie oaja?" The Governor rushed on, half crazy with augrr, stepped tbe entire f.>rce?, anil learned tDat tae outr-ige was Dot eoiiraed by tae oilicer, boa was d case of tte oaaest murder " Now, doea tie above aiaiemcnt prove any tumgr U It reamnabie to sap pose lor a mcmcni that tno cdi:er wouid uphold tbe norJer< r of poor Bull .m to G iTeroor <>eary. Two or Iftree days ?uh?(queiit to the muroer ot BdUiiin I saw three men wbo bud i ttice m Governor Kel 's army thut marcibed to 1'raik u on tbe Uth ol September, in ?peakmol tbe ahooting of Bbft'um, they said it was un doubtedly done to avenge tbe aoatb of one of their men who was killed a. Frankim. fbc man killed at franklin wan a tpy, v. ho undertook to go into tae town in advance ?I tbe amy sail was uken pri" nt r, and tried to shoot his captor, but not tuci e: ing, was alo- himself. Be lurtner saas that tbn u-jvernor ordered them dts feonoed ouuide ol ue Teriitory. If ne did it w?s not dene. Thty aewarakd ai Krack'ui and went In guerilla parties In every direction, plundering and burning bo usee as they went. )>or several days men came riding in'.o Uawrcbce for help, reiaune the atrocious oatrsget oum mttted by tbe ol'bauaed territorial mlliua. A >arge dl vlston i-??od up tbe tialifornla road to Lecomptoo and were miuteied into Ualted States service, and are now g Bar Jug the prisoners taken at Hickory I'otnt at night iho borizoa was tllumi'ed by tbe burning bouses, and fioT tieary raw it with eyes. I oaauot justify Ml acts on tbat occasion ii Mr. Brown oan. He was told, Md ihcuid have known himself, the dreadful ooaute %oeacrs ol i lahandiLg such men In tbe Territory. Got. tieary *s oour?e in Kaiitas haa boen one sided, and I chal lenge any one lo p-ove to the contrary. But what could we expect Irom tbe appointees ot Pierce' According to ptaUeerpb oal reaaooing, 1 be'ieve, a "stream la said Mrr to lisejibOTe its lountain." Whiter has fairly cjtnme need; tbe soli wiilch^u bee a deaecra <d by the footpads of Pierce and bw satellites la now ooverad with ?now, and unieas relief reaches thoee who bave bad their property <-ncllscat?l by tbe "tarri tonal Mlliua" soon, unheard ot a uttering will bo the re tmk. PALM or THK I'EL 4 WAHK LANDS I>" EAN8A8. On ibe 17th or th * motiUt a wry loixirlut sale of "idi uutcs pure in kan-as. It consuls oi iuIi belong to ike Uiaware Indians, ui selJ by the United oi ih? m, no rcn<Jlt;oo ot their receiving tbe pro j of the sale Theee Una* are probably toe mint to tuiu. ami (be oofnpeuuoi for -hem wtll be very great Tbe pr- p riy J than deea ibed The portion to be first otler?d coot urn of aboal twelve tawtMlifs, I) icg upon the Missouri river, and north of Mm Delaware reserve, so called. It extend* from the rtver went to, at-<l laciuding, the 19<h raa*e and from At reserve norm to. and including, tbe seveath tier of ?awnehlps, in all, aboat 300,000 aorss, or say, deducting what may beoor.ped. a?0,000 acre.-. On theae landa nre located the seUi?J town of Leaves worth, of about S.M0 inhabitants, and Delaware C.ty, ot 300 inhabitants both opon uk Mis* curl river also. toe ?mailer town* o ?hrdvtue, InltavUle and Jacksonville. Th>? tract comprises sotae of Uo beet land la Ike T.-r ???ry *cr sgrlcu-ural purpoeea. It u watered oy the Mak and the titranger croeu, with their branches The rtrsema are timbered and Ibe prairie well alapted to Tfcs Missouri rtver la navlfable at this point for ?toe months in the year, tor Ike largeet stssathoau and fee proximity of tkeee i*ac- to ike river greatly rnkaooee toUM dtala or MUeourl, dirroUy opposite land, do mere *eW?Mr, le valoed .t tke preeeot ume at from twenty OP forty 4.?iti;? per acre, tnder any rlmtimitaiima of anlltmi "* "*** B1U"? "?? rapidly in value, fcgood aa oppcrmcitr tor ,?,"?*??? '? Wmtmm lead. to not Ukety eeoa acaia to eeenr. Mo pre etnpcoa rifhia have been, or eaa be aoqulred tor these truet landa, and tke isle la te take ptoaa wttk aal reatrve tor cash, at fort Laaveawortk Three landa have all been rained by eommiseloMrt, Mi tke ?atnation la io be tke mini an in price. H varies toaat ?1 26 per acre to ?10? averaging about It 77. Tbe Maefca ia tke etttea vary la ralaatua from $6 to *10, and ?naprtoe from aim to tea Ma. Tke title to ibeee lands will be dorHad directly from (fee government of tke United Kiln, LTNC? LAV r* KAVSA^. [from tke tft Urns Re|mbikna, Nor. 14.] A gmtemaa from the Southern part of irmaai tafbrme aa tkat one of tboae acta ?ot ut usual 10 all tbe new Terrl tartoa ef tke Wsat. reoeaUy oerurred en Pottawatomie eraek. m Kaasaa Territory Yartoas robberies had bona eemmMed ia that region the people tarned eat and np prebended two pertoaa who ware hallowed to be ooa tut III robbing a peacaaske eltlaen, named Brlacoe nHsf all his property, and the widow (lornett ot II HI ?, a berir, and all her property Afier doe exami ?atosa, they were bong with Ike ropes taksa from tke aecks oi tke animals stolea by them. One of tke aaee thua hanged by virtue of lynch law, Is supposed to nave borne Ike name ef Partridge, and ksa beea qaiie a ooa ?mssiea akarnater la tkat Territory. Tbe asms of tke stker wag not known. ITsas men. It Is snld. ware hsagsd tor rpbberv otkw crlgn p?*?atta?i by tkem, and MHlVy pcitttea!oooaiJerattoa <a?eraor Oeary akanld. if prartbie, rertare toe people af Ma tomtliern sectma of tke TsrrNory tram tke maran 4mm wno Infest it and * ho keep tke peapta la perpetual tsrrer by tkeir outragea. TUAL or ST ATI PBIMmUS. iOorreepunaenae e( the HI Loum l>?mo*rat I Iji?aaM?, Kansas. Nev I. iW At tke swaeat ??HrttaiWn of kis Kxoelleaay, (Jov '.eary Jndge I iwimplr con?eate.l to oall a special term of i tor tke trial of tke mea who were arreatad at Hjeaory Patot oa Ike lllk of grptember last. Tbe overt eoarraed. The Grand Jnry, oompoaed ?a Mof tke bosI a tra p*oslav?ry men entered upen ^Baafcarge ef the labor* impoaed opoa tk?m and. as a ?attar of oairsa. notno?ea?ed ladtrtlof erary free State ? Mat waa IdsaMled in aay way with tbe rjaeat d.m I engaged la Ike attack opoa Ibe fort a ry ratal ware all tadictad tor ?? mnrder to tie first ?agras '' Maa> other* were indtewd Tor ether offwrsi. and tke Marskals of tke Territory ware all anppled wttk ma Isr Ike arrest of difl<>rent persons, and the/ were ?sat oat oa a gvaad boat, ha-, ag tke t sited ^vatea troop? la aid fem >a making arrests. Sosm have slnoe been takea and oen1a*d to tke l?<?tmptoa prteoa boaea, w- re they ars now awanti g trtato, while tk? Marshals are nd tag ap sad down Ike soaatry flndlag mbers t. serve Iketr wtMa ijoa While tka hat s^m gntng aa ao pro elavery m?n has beea arreeted It w said ' tor "fleet oal) I thai aev-eai ot ttos pro slavery leaters have been tadi< ted. and tiat aa attempt wtll be made to bnag them t? r Jitloe With a aaa aided pro slavery e^srt, and Marshal* very < .\eefU ta gaaH taa MWM af Ike stoea sWgsreay, a Oraad la rj waa sabpo nsad, c- mpoeed ?* pro svery mea and Mm petit Piters were aiembers rf t&s same party In a dtolrtrt wbi r* loar Sitka of tbe r"eldest* are free Piste sees, sot oae wss oal let upoa w> sit at a Jury mas Tbe ?msfcal wee id ge into a owm??aiiy wn?r* there were alert> sloe free Htete ssea and oae slavery man m.l be wan Id be sure to call up>-r> the one ma-, in art on the jary la iba way be bes b- en snroemful in ??tttor a jo ry proaoeaoed reoad oa tke gonee by toe ' law anl or aer" parly, as they style ih?mealvsB. However, Marital tKicaldaoa made a mlstakr sa gat sae free Piste man among hie jary men He w* nhali'Sfed however, by the naunsel tor tbe prosei;uttoa, a*d tke mlstase enrr rted Tbe trial oammeaerd Toar men, ledlotod tor ' as eaoNatd batfry with ntoat Io bill." were arraigned baton Ibe Coart Tbe examiaauon oi witaaea s was gene ikroogb with sad the rage left with taa jary, sad me mea were acquitted a Mr Baoiter waa thm triad tor tke same sflenee end rmrK-ted by the jary. Tbe .lodge ?ent<s"<d him te ?? eit years imprtnosowatto *e peahentiary " tto Thursday firebar 90. the following aamed pereooa ware vra<?t>ed before ike Court far trial ea aa to ilet meat 'or mnrder la the Srvt -legree Jemea R York. Row art Vnek. .febn f. King. Beer re It Nelf. Thomes J. Bowers, rtarld I'atrtcti, Jestus ?, Kstoksm. Jesse F Pyle Jawe Omly, Adam totwee F1 ? ward R. f alley, I?vid Potter, Too mas l/raaon, William Heller, Obiter Rar Tkeee were Isdteted tor being engaged la tke attar It opea Hinkr ry oa tku 14th o .September, and ibe mirder of Cbarlra O. Meehall, who was shot oa that adn>tog tbe light by a ball that, in tbe words of the rtment, "oanaad a wound npnn the peraoa of the saM ftosrln fl Itewball, flfipea inrbea i-mg sit lne,h?e de?p and oeatorb wida.'' aI wb?c.b woead he la sa?poaed la have died Tke eaemieattoa af tka witaeasm com-seeo-d the fol "wiag geaileases spp-arieg tor Ike govarn meat - 'bae Trover, m Kick span, torssarly ef Keatuokv; INtaM M (irover. dUln; O i. Jdfcaaon, of I/*?veaw wth my formerly oi Oasvgth; Oal. toaaes, Attorm-y teaersl af tbe T^r iltaff. Far the 4ef-slaata appeared Marens J. Pa<ro?t, Teaveewertk City, tormeriy af Itoytoa. Oklo: WVi'?n Itogkaas. reeaaily from MaaeleM, Ohio; W P Uah, of AM****, termer'v ot KiMoeky i I 3?a<', -?crm ?b, formerly of Kentucky; and Georfe P. ' utmaa, Leo wp to, fee marly of LouWtasa. Hwn Unh and Pn<?am ?<"? both '? '?? de.eiww of the fort at Hl< lory Poiat whan ihe stuck fU made b> Ool Harvey. They are both, aaofclso Mr, Read, pro t.avery Iwd, m bo (jcnerouaiy cuoaei-taa to appear lor lh? oeitae.e The witnesaee were ??urn. tscl i?<?i tied to the fact of an u't&rk having been made upon Hickory Pout and that ( harler O NewbaJl *as killed on mat day They v re not able to Identify Uie prisoners at the bar aa m.. u> bersoi Harvey's |arty Only oue Wttneaa swore tb?i " one ol the prisoner* (Jam. e B. York) was Inere on that 1 tccarion The delem'* alter wards introduced evidenoe proving that Mr. York waa at Grasshopper Falis at Ike iiuie at U>e attack upon the lort, and coua. .juenUy oouij rot have been there to hare taken part in the engage ment. It was alao established that the p'sons la the f rtdis charged the tint gun, ana comm> u;-u tbe ttgbv. baviu.; a black tie* waving vertbema' th time. The ow i tit ion Introduced no evidence to eatabliah the ftact of Mr. Newbali being shot by the enemy, or that he died of bia wounds. Tbe exam motion of wttneaaea concluded on th* alternoon ci Saturday lart. Tbe jodge read bit marge, which he Mid waa Incom plete, not having sufficient ?tine to prepare it. Special in (tractions *<r<; submitted in writing by the diurnal on either side, and after being modified by the Oourt were g.vcn to Uit jury. Dr. Cbarits (irover then made his argument In behalf of tbe prosecution. reading what ha alleged were aaalo iroua cafes from tne books, and endoavorel to eatabluth the guilt ol the prisoners at the bar of tuurder in the first degree. Ho waa followed by Mr. Johnaon, who made a tlamlnr, red hot border ruffian speech, addressed to the defend anis; cesounclng them 10 tic measured terms, declaring Ibat every one ot them ought to be banged. He wan followed by Mr. O. S. tirover, in an argumeit of considerable ability in the maio, but he allowed him tclf to wander Irom hia subject and discuss the merita o itu cotBtilutl >n. tbe Territorial laws, ibo memory of our Kevoiutlonary fathers, and tbe " l*w and .>r ler" party ol Kaon as. A eensiderabio portion of hia apeecb waa of a perrocai character denouncing the prisoners and their friends in tbe States for bating slavery. tie concluded and Mr. I'utman made tbo opening arjju mcnt in be bad of the defence, reviewing the evidence in troduced by the proMcutloa. Be wss followed by Mr Read, In a speech of conside rable rorce, making a clear and conviccirg statement of tho caae. After htm came Mr. Iamb, who mate a powerful ap peal to the jury, and u moat rigid tnvettigation into tbe evtdecce iiitro.' uoed by tbe progeou'ton and ihi conclu liens and arguments of the opposing co-insel. A'ter be Lad concluded. the court adjourned until Mon day morning at which time ilr Stephen* addressed tbe j-:ry in an able and eloquent manner, briefly reviewing tbe" i vidence, and tbe conclusions of the attorneys for the prosecution, referring to the law to eetabllah hia conclu Eiosf, mamfo>tlt>g great legal ability. He waa followed by Mr Par>ott, eenlor counsel for the dclendants, wbo made tbe closing argumant la the'r be half. It was an ahie effort and rcUects credit upon the duting<ii?bed author. tioloLe 1 Isaacs then closed for tbe government, avoid ing tne errors made by his colleagues, of indulging in person*! remarks towards tbe prisoners at tbe bar. He confined blm.seif to bis subject After be had concluded bin remarks, tbe Ju>'ge gave bis charge to tbe jury, and ttey retired, and euer an absence of on hour and a ha) returned with a verdict of "not guilty." Bight of the prist tiers wero then released, and tbe rest remanded back to prl?oo, to await trial on other charges round against them, and thus terminated the first trial far mur der in Kansas. here la a difference in the opinions and feelings of tb4 pto slavery men. .some of them are ultra, and wtsb u p- ah.matters to tbe extreme: they will cot be satisfied with.^j thing short of tbe conviction and death of all the Iraa.-tate men sow in priaoo. Other? are more gene rous; the? w.ifch slavery tstabiished bore, but they waat it Uf nc In a tfi*ct manner, without much eiciteiuen;?are ailUrj: the fr?- 8tate men shall live, provided they will ka\\* the Territory. During the wee* Marshal kain haa been in town two or, w*a a wr.t for the arrest ot Capt Walter, tbe commander of Gov. Geary's militia. Walker refused to go to I'compton at thw time. Katn returned to L? comptoa and leturnod a day or two ilnce wttb some I'aiied 8Utoa Lroopa, bet Walker was not found, the Marshal ihreaitna to bring a sufficient farce to secure ha arrest, and it is understood tbat Out. ntus and hia two com Cnies is the loree to he uae-1 lor snob a purpose If beo-imea re with Col. Titus and bis mea, there will certainly be a fight between them and Walker's men, which will be the commencement of another war. Captain Wood, of the I'mted Mates army, who baa been stationed bare for ae verai weeks, haa moved his camp into the immediate vicinity ot Captain Walker a. What his object is la doing so is pot yet kcown Tbe election la now over, and perhaps 'he pro slavery party are desiroaa o( bavisg a war, for the purpoae of exterminating tbe free State men, anJ the attempted ar rest of Captaa Walker l> the eicuae. P. 8 ? Information has been received In this city that a free Stale man, reading on Ottawa creek, we shot at and nearly murdered on Saturday laut, while on his way to Westpott. Mo. Ho was near liu.l creek when attacked, robbed, and left for dead, by a party ot tieorglaae, wh j have been prowling about in the Southern portion of Koncaa lor seme lime. At la?t accounts the unfortunate man waa juat alive. He was found on tbe road by aome ravtiers oa their way to Missouri, aad oared for by them. Where Is Governor Goary tbat he don't drive these marauders out ot Kansas? if tt waa the free State men committing tbeee ceprelations, be would have them all arrrated or Kaniaa loll ot sokUera. Bat his Exoelianoy ravots ths other *arty. MR. BUCHANAN AND THE SOUTHERN DISUNIONISTS. Procrawme of Jefllrreon Darts for the Rtw A dual i titration mid the Campaign of IN90. tmb*. Central America, Mcxleo, Ttbuun Up* (Ml the Weil Indies, <fcc., ?*c., Ac, m rmi-nDWTIAL ELBCTION IX lHflO?TBI rOUCT or THE feOCTH. iFrem lb* New Orleans Delta, con idea Ilk or gin of Jsf. leraon Harts ] The Preaideatlal contest of ISM is ended. ud that of IMObaajoat commenced. The struggle for the Ireei dsocT 1a O'er, ui Jaasee Buchanan Is sleatsd. bat tbs issues involved to lbs r on lest are not yet settled. Tbsee ere yet la the woasb at ike rotors, sad what the nest four years may brteg forth, w most era* to see, bopvag for um best while we ahoaid be forsarawd against the wont _ 11m resistant altitude ef the Sooth, combined with the dinalaa of the oppoaltloo. led lo the result we hare wH. scased But the coifoiwc in Ms ranks now, it Is likely, will be loecceded by a barooetoea orgaaisauaa la 1??0. Mr. r.Umore Is hid on the shelf FtndoM be* served the purpose of la; 'ivg a bread bwhdtt hr a party, the eiMallei character of which Is lo be aggiaaalve. and Its object lo ooatrel the ooaatry aad subject the Month to the despotism sf a iwnora! majority. A?Ur having Ihut served bia purpose, we doubt that be will be a?aJa put forward, bat think a oew man from the -?uin wUl be re quires, (for Ute course of free eotiism Is fontbward,) and Houaton, of Texas, or Both, ef Virginia, may be taken up to avoid the charge of extremo sectioaahsm. Tbe democrat e party. In p* eeslon of the government for eight year* censeeotivtly, will be open to all the dis M TWaxes of being la power. Mr. Buchanan will have lu tare iftmoerats oet of offloe to pal democrats la. IAs appoU.lir.ent, tnacbery, amotuoa, aad the natural tea. deacy of the prool# to thoee a yw# wUl wor* it. I very ralamily. trom tbe failure of the rnrn crop to an embarraseoteet la the moaev market. wtU be laid lo Ifce admlsisiraioe. U? edmuum cf Aenai mln tM I hvs m?e>* to U artrd on tke Smtk vuill karn At OMNNMr m mAirA Itu tele M'?am OMldiMhd nh, tmu fimi wtJ'Cir. tA'U mm frinuin nf ilanry tea/ the miildlt grnumtL on a*>A <Ae mayarvy 4 Mr. /nmensni **yjAwhn at txt Am A Uj/rtnl k> ?a?S. Sit ?eiu >ed Aai if wiU be difficult, if nut if~f ami I', to bhmg Afoams into tAu f nvm a< a tlnne .Htmu .xAe u*U/?H lAck Us d/iy Jfr. flu^Aonon ivnu a 6UI tr tAat '/ d. v/ evr j<usnI, *uparty >tiU tie Jied and burial & (A> A?nA loere Is bat ace oflret to this comdltloe of thing*, anl that Is M mm tbe with so atrorg in bar malarial pro grees, ta her do own lie rtlorms. la her ajeUI ooavtcuoaa, is b. r political altitude, a* to keep the Norm la cheat by tbe ireiy ar>uB>?nta wmch ri aaaln lo be need agamat free soil?leer aad In West U Mr. Buchanan rely upon old exploded opedleaie for soccaaa; If be devote hi arte if to a la bono as do aothlag policy, coarertlag tee Ior-*v rterarinx Lt especially Into aa u.isseaee Ortomlo cat km tnice, be wUi siyaally leu aad bad his adoiinistra ilea, at tae ead of four fare, s-iak lower tkaa did ever (Hvaasnet aaaad. Tbe oouaWy, too, wlU M la a nut* <4 lermeot rig s'agcaiioe gruwiog weaker and aickiisr dai ly. iron, re/rt-saioe uf enemy a-.<l bcaitby expaanvsaaaa, aad ?tamed all over wuh pottdcal and social piagae spoO> e.'re hideous ibsn bow. Bat a Mr. Bueeeoan turn his hack ea t*oe< expvdienw, If he refuse to abdlnate hW m!s ? we as a ?>r?ldeut of the I'nltod Sutea at lh? jintjlure sad direct Ue eae'glee if ths foverameat where the Os t< sd letter? the beet '.srumert be ever signed?pouta, lo wit. towards Ibe tropica, towards Com, Nicaragua aad Meiwo, be will ssttoetd He will etaed where IVres dlt n im, only re a Utile brooder ground and uoler a mire de t>ee P edge but It M to be bvpod that be will not bury tb< fiailurai oa wbieu be w is sleeted Is the most ai) tier.oos reoesa of tbe ctrc.imiocnU<w otilie, sadcawer Ibe a schoolboy before tbe ferule of aom* ii one a Ha t> lb ?nuu Am efertwm lo tht i/ tk* 3<mH, s? a l? ;>? a'am'' cf reuMnee eAvA ?Ae ??u t? giaatOf biaiMMM. It* Jmuid <*?< tAaf focf <eeU in mini Me ?|J< tea boMsr end m. Is emery aumly filing of a tl???, V A"rp" ? nnd dir-'^ard tAe '*ii<>i/t?? W tin j-lw Th-n f Sim i"? ef ti tAe iftur a*-, tpim of Uk 'At'ful pViti Ifi Attn i"4 u tvr tnierttu in <Mba. ic^icA bg rv V' cf r?fra)'*v , / |*J, wyU ntn-MUg, tS'mbl U nun. U tim f'fyy tto/fcerin jVioarayae <in4 f<yrmial ftinmJi end /" <n'A if^et i |'m JMnoii W Aim jA*>' lAe prttl fr'asJibf't nniie At ha:n4 >j bung Imt t<> u?, by ?anirmfl <Ae arsm a Wnf y u..riu rt ncrou AnJt f'Am'U, It! b>a? "o lleee ?.bm,:* tail car langb ti arorn ths subtle potley of ?*eward, the rbetonoal raving of Simaer, aa* be outsm me*aoes ot their follower*. Noi s'oer m the - 'utb would b-i Bnd approval fWr sacb a cruree Ine aaqo eiiwa ol S4i e terrl?o*y, ey cs>aqnm or si.iiexatlon, would ind neeriy as maoj sopporf^a wvowed or si lea t. ia Heu.a. New Yurr aal rbilade). abia so ia New (irieaa* Tb<re woiid be s bo*1 ir im the abollUfi'UM aad free negr.jos of coarse. Hat Ibe sreet issms euch a polie.y would bring up would i* t fi"ni as face lo face with hJiglui'l and ^l?B. n Tb> ^poc'Uiaa woald be boto down by if>a' oa ?ne'ai *plrtt whn^?l?ai? a?a>s Ibe nstxical heart ?!i? oefYortol wiili ?t er aatM.aa. f" eojuo^i'-n if < f rr> j*nui a?a< France, mmld ner tpiu A* M ?1 it i'rri^A<n it. f*' r^neraivm nf ','tntrrU. Awi' Vi >1 ?al*rr In <ufwec? L'niitd vmM "W< * 'V- mfkut' 'mcKfipotv-n e/ tKe WrM /mil's MH |A' wjommt finr nrfroum etiaiAu^td bf t? mmM T? ? uot> - r o a M<T" to Oalifornla are sfok and tlrel 1 eld >esH<*. T'ey wsnt aoatethiag new, bold and ex p- r n've 'h'y eait a pol*-y la leaping with steam, rail r<* is aad irlegratba. Taey waat oew laadan aeo e aae a?w td.a^ The sew poflcy mnst oo?? from -i i,ir,?trii-t be siinaiiied by ike ladepaBoenl preaa, it ? i-noer* in Ooegr-es a>?at be oaen so eeated aad t. ? d >a lb* heart or bcarW of tbe r**itber? people aa l? -ii r aad our approval, evaa It leadiag aa against eatab IMm4 prejudlcee utd party |Mdi. We fear* UM men for tbt i-oivrgeocy We will have John A. (juilinan, of HieeWmpfi, id tdn tlonae ?od Jenersno Devte, of ?fcr eaieo galiai t M*ie, in the Swale. They are both m (X pno ciple. retarong Bdetl'y to ooble ea"a Infinitely mor? ho nonbie und glonooa than igeoble luoceu rbey ere iu orfii to tbe battle heerceaa, botb dvto aud military, and id (MM* or war tbectouih will eiweya know where to Bod i b? m. Tht-y bare no mean pa?t at tbtlr banks, but they ar? B? n of tbe future, loo. aad to levi'tog u>e great quM tioc wtitcb mutt be aaet tooner or later, tbey will tare ro? pic none pats to man. Tbai qaestloa la tDU, to wit: W*-*th??r Pnioa nhall be Northern and aeetlon*!?to vk> k n, t^-.i.oicilon In Irrwe or ilonihorn .anil Tbe Presidential Election. TBI POrULUk AM* ILSOTObAL V0T1 AS FAB AS ABOUT AINU. Tkt /'amOur T%* MUXcrml VoU YaU. MM. , r-JTcm., 18M awra.JFWwt Atofc.>W.JV'l M,m California ? ? Ottnoto 101,361 80,464 70,088 17,tOO 6,063 874 34.191 8,063 Me?nbnwHi 88,630 19,740 Michigan ? ? *. Hampabtre. 8S.M7 New Jeraey.. 47,413 (lew Tork... .194.908 Otbo 86,948 taaajrlTtutla. SS0.600 82,220 147,848 Kbode laland.. 6-080 1,078 11.407 Vermont 9,974 1,809 27,601 WtMOOU .... ? ? 14,000 Total 901,041 816,880 l,f 33,426 M 00 114 rwmont'a plurality In free Htatea 131,380 .. is Stmt StmiM. BucKcme*. nOmcn. jy?wO. Am*. JOLJl-'i 41aba?a 10 000 ? ? f ? - irkanaee 6,000 ? ? 4 ? ? Delaware 8,008 6,171 800 8 ? - nortda 1,6(0 ? ? S ? - akwgte 66,f.'8 4', 893 ? 10 ? - Keetooky 47,427 43,830 481 IS ? - Unualaaa 3,000 ? ? 4 ? ? Mary land 89,016 47,463 381 ? 8 - Mlaelaelppt.... 10,000 ? ? 7 ? ? KlMoart 30,606 38,843 M 0 ? - North Carolina 43 636 811,417 ? 10 ? - featlt Carolina No popular vole. 8 ? ? fenneeeee.... 43 347 89,438 ? 13 ? - fezaa 10,000 ? - 4 - - flrglnla 84,823 66,360 SCO It ? - Total 393,178 393,393 1,416 "HI 8 * Bochanan'aplnr'y la aleve Htatea..99,886 .......... lOt TDK EX9VLT IN THE UNION. Oppoaltlon rote and piuraliUee 1,661 111 Bocbatian'a vote and pluralities 1,388,223 Majority againat Buobanan ia tbe Union. 348,34;? The aggregata vote thus fur known Is 2,944,756. In 18#2 it waa a,102,890. It will probably reaob 3,460,000 Mnlb66. THE TOTl OF UK* TORS. J Cnintiet. Fremont. Buckanan. KUmore. Albany 6,010 Allegl>a<>y 6,439 Biotme 4 297 Cattaraugus 6,166 Oayvga 7,136 Cbaouuqtte 7,037 fc'n.murg 2,604 Cbenaiigo 6,483 Clinton 2,666 Columbia 3,SIS Cortltnd 3,606 Delaware 4,807 putcbers .. 6,612 Krie 6,701 En? 2.904 1,469 Fulton..... 2,693 Keneae* 3,613 Gretne.... 2,164 Hamilton 149 nerkmar 6,074 lefltraon 8,249 hiigt 7.7M In* 3,124 Li*>n*Hnn.. 8,697 Madison 6 312 Hot roe 7,684 Montgomery 3,076 New York. 17 368 Niagara 3,906 Oneida 11,162 Onondaga 16.071 Ontario 4,661 Orange 4,274 Orleans 3.016 Oawrgo 6,246 6,873 i'ttum 962 (jorena 1,886 Renaaelaar 6,168 Ricbnoad 786 Kockland 60S St Lawrence 9, *88 4 624 KJwnectady 1,714 2,876 fcbuyler 2,642 Htnca 1.163 7,270 Suffolk 2,893 PaliWan 1,690 Ttoga 3,831 Tompkioa 4,019 t'inter 2.M2 Warren 2,202 WatntngtoB 6,174 Wayne Wetlcb eater Wyoming Yataa ! 7,761 1,437 2,106 1.773 1,818 1,847 1,789 2,697 2,129 3,090 1,181 2,107 4,039 7,637 1,173 1,400 1,374 1,434 2,844 260 1,649 3,499 13,831 1,114 1,662 1,991 4683 1,493 41,414 1,964 9,396 4,227 1,642 3,949 1.062 3,683 3,696 1,009 2,394 4,419 1,660 1,629 1,960 2,447 797 2,837 991 1,926 3,217 2,045 1,688 2,164 1,489 4,090 1,009 1.932 1,999 4,600 1,911 *19 194,709 Total 276,365 Fren not orer Buchanan Ire mot i ever Fillmore TBI TOTl OF MARTLAMD. [Official ] 5,301 790 791 978 1J924 2,017 790 1,066 1,307 1,981 928 2,009 2,013 8,623 999 1,246 1,934 1,107 1,633 117 1,230 1,068 8,934 418 1,979 966 3,970 1,T13 19,999 1,986 1,912 1.724 2,189 2,172 1,426 1,176 1,229 479 1,6>3 4,449 947 997 1,582 2,691 1,218 1,630 461 1,296 2,034 1,990 2,037 436 1,470 4,794 786 1,949 1,460 a,i4i 671 361 124/66 . 70,947 .130,999 Civrntu*. Dtm. Allegaor 2.248 Awe Aruadal 927 Baitlmora city 9,682 Baltimore county 5,165 Cklrart 359 Caroline 748 ChrnU 2,009 f?eU 1,949 char lee to.... 768 Porebaatar 979 Kr*0?rtck 5,304 Harford 1,405 Howard 63.'. Kent 510 Mont* emery 1,129 rrtnc* George'a 998 Qnr> n Alm'i 741 hODMMt 1.821 9t Mary' 1.062 Talbe* 919 Waabington 1,670 Wrrcaatar . M* Tola) :?,U8 FSUmort. Am. 1,933 1,9 ~ 19,900 3,604 401 931 1646 1,954 491 1,292 5,711 2,074 990 803 1.209 981 904 1,693 247 749 1711 l,2!?t 47.462 rui9Mr?'9 HJJ portfil ? Dticily il I%66.,.. AW htsoftl notlrcd ib Ui? wh>kt 8Ul? 211 rotw. Flraa I* R?w Y?rk. Fm m Firrr nnrm ?rar ?fcbout six oclock on tosdey ck(ht a flrc ?m dteoovered ta a cioeet k Ui | tack rooB oa Um Brat Door Ma two rtork fruM boons I Is my elf fctb atreet, aw Third aranoe, owned aid oc

copied by George Koeiet. The flri waa aooa extlnf ilafc od. Prmrr* M bolMUag about WO, aad lo fornltare aad weartag apparel about BM. taaared lor >0M m btfid lag, aad BIOC oa furaMre, ta tbe Bowary laaorance OMa P*?f Fma v Ttrrr Fararm j?raarr ? Between twelve and aaa o'clock oa Monday aftoraooo, a Bra vaa dlaootrered la tbo alt* of a lawU oaa atory boUdiag, naoocopted, ta nny MTaatb atreet, corner of lit areaae, owned by J B Marry. Th* flr-tacn were nana at Uia praaalee*, but owtag to the difficulty of obUlr.lag a aoppty of water, the roofb of 1*9 bulldinga were pretty monb destroyed Mforc U?e (Ire war . s<ta*a ?l od. Tbe bmldtage art ta land toe B3fo, la Uta Republic Iaaoraaae Ooaapaay. Iw roage about BUO. Oa tbe Mb ol Juaa laat. theee ?*xnr bnlidlnga war* *et oa r.ra It t? e^v'ent that tarn- one la det?nntn?l In html been <>o. I <n <ui adjotatng M tbere is a targe frame ut'ccnpied, owaad by Itr. J. W. Hcfmldt Tbe r- (Mimf are feerlol that thta building wUl be tbe next object t >r the xoendiary, catena It la aooa ocdbpted. Nf*i fro In Temptre. Tb- acboorer'K* I Vox, Ctfdaln Pbiaa. amrad here laat light i?n? Tumi lei, with a aiaUl mo-iut of apecie. Ry thi* ami ai ?e hare rnr>aired (Ilea ol R Thmauh pr-n to u?e li ta nil only Tbc? of crmrte iiriag no later 'Btet: y n ? from tbe rtiy of Mexloo thaa what wa bara pr _ A report bad hcen rnrreat at Tamptoo that on Can* lea ha" cone *-"r ???? VManrr*. ftat la waa oertradMlag. It *? em* thai whrti ?nfaur?t took poaaetainn of Mler, Ca kim a ae cot off fT"? the main tK**y of flo* (Jarza'a lore*, b- t hi? aerrrtary aabeequaaUy reached Ouaim ?t'h c.'kf 'br* froai tbe Ooeral. announcing that be b *>'d ?oon *o jMa the main body hlmeelf }re<hrta in tli*- rtrrr <kMM* bad prevented tba arrrat 1 tbe nr?r da? mat rroaa ttaa I-ola Poto*i. Tbo Red N w li" !??? trip took dowa fTota bara *44 rl !r?. hetrr van ot a rnntrart betwaaa tba goraraawnt ?rd be feoaae '? Oarola * Oirtlnt. We nutce tb*t Kl TimA*t%yr.n enataine the ccaraa of fVea dee* Owm tort In rotation lo tbo church pro party.? Aru Orleona Pit*****, K.m. 11. New T*airr oi? nr. Rio GBAfbR FitONrrta? ?? ? ??d ta a letter oi tba 4al*e?ton Not*' cofraapoaleat in rtf >b? loilowinR parttcolara of tba aaw tart ft e.. abb?btd by Oea VMaorrl oa tba Rio Oraada. It M of tin i?? t to < ur > ?n and tba retaa marcbuib, aaitagad ta trava wttb U at ?eotl?a of Mexico, aad U H bacoataa per n> natwlll no donbt flri rlaa to aa active comaieroe * . b 'hi* cty ? after tee oceupaiioa of Mler by tba aray t a N t'li.tbe Vtdaonl ta> iff of laat year waa pot ta >f. with a farther d?duetio* of twenty per ooot. oa *? ,anja?"f 4- Ira eatabli bed by that tariff Tblt ta* r I' a?fn won mcdorata than the oaa ooaaioaly aaUad lb i . bt lne tar fl wbleb In the commercial ctrolaa ra ori>e-j rery |[cr?ral aooeptattoa Ail (ooda oomla( lain i a rr atry tbroafh tba llaa of Uia Rio flraada, ainat ir ,? a lib lt? pro*Ut^na. olherwlae tbay will ba liable I to eontacattin. An or ter to that afflnt ta p^bbabed by i tbe i. aaenrer of tbie state under order* from tbe tiorar ) ?vr ai d commtBder 11 ekM ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED BTKRT DAT. B HOTICLS. ROOKS' CLD fT\R HOTEL, I 04 ?ud m> l.t?penard -treel. IhtNk "HI VINO 1UV. We'll king one ham lor the ?'d . , keuiucky home. For the ot Kentucky home. Par awav Fine rhit'lrace Pff raufd iikI UUcil ou the ' blu?r** of Kcotuck ' to l? followed with apple dumpling* ard (tIuoi I uCdirn On iTWuy ibe old r?c (?u anu atiuir els cocked, Kcutmky.tjle, i umpkte p??^d ^rboa whiaef. AH the w ay I run Mancbeste KKbAtii &11V Kltl'IWKHUOW'1'8. _ /\N DBMANDE-l'NR BONNE PR VNO MSB. POITR \ ' un enlant d'un an H'a ?r?aaer i. M Ouest iBmi rue, Mi rcredi et Vendierfi dellilbeure. UNK JIl'NK UOMM!< M >RIE AOtLH ANH HABITUK au trava I di'siie ee i.lace dans uu magadu cotniue nor Irtir, Ae. Pout, ant fnurnir dencelen'es ?ecointn?nTlaUou. Parlant Aeglais Pian^sis, allemaud B'adresaer 101 Walker street, chair bre 17 MISCKLX.AMEODH. uTaocidebts? ?uhbd by burbibo fluid are AUi*uvu/M">v??v?? 7 7. entirely prevented 11 you on* the put. ut India ruboej dmdlasap. Cannot br. .kk burster aipWalr them, and oaii'iJ Oil when lighted avUXHl'PST k MOT? KunlMUM< m v,.Ha>. oi NKkt Wow Vnfk c A d-jn SU ~-~ S9 Pulton street Haw \ orb. 1HEAT AS TUE CHEAPEST, GOOD AS THE BEST. J Bock candy best style; limn i rope, Jmune pa'te. Plain and fancy candies. T. O. noDGKINS, manufacturer 1M Greenwich street, between I'ortlandt and Liberty. UR SLMOIIT'S ?El!ltTABI.KCOMPOUND-FOR CO* rum pi Ion bronchi Ua. catarrh, cough* colda. boosing ?ruth and cougbc cf all k.nds (ending to consumption. sori throat, n*it iiia, paiu In the sid? b??k and chest. For the ul i ve direares it surpasses any other medleme, andenlv wan'< a trial lo ?rnire It* use. It i* warranted i certain oure in Hie most stubborn cases. Oflice, wholesale and retell, SO Power?, W. V. CI OLD MEDAL AWARDED TO t W r. SHAW'S Patent GAB HEATING STOVES, Ou Cooamu Moru, and Gas Vdkbs LawW. . Invented and patented hv W V Shew, who haa seenmd six American and one Ei gilah letter* patent on Oieaa stoves and 1 be ti-s* premium and onJy gold medal ever awarded ol gas stove* by the Mansixluiaetto Charitable Mechanic Aaso ? ialkm. _ __ OAS ?K)V?*. The only traeprtnciple, ?hi r< by all unpleasant and talari otis odors sre avoid. <1 for renting d.nit.g rooms, offices cbarobe-s fath room* parlors o? library by which an onU narv rir.ed room may be made wa^m in from four to tea txa euU;? in the ooldeat ?^*son. may bo *?en lu operation at CKO. L. CaNNUN'ri, tn6 Uroalway. (1 AS FITTING AV\) FIXT"RE^ AT ORBATLY RK T duecd prices; alterations and repairs attended to; pipe nut in,. pH'ars, portahie burners, nhades, Ac, on haud oi made to Older, at the lowest rates. A.TRaINOR. Oao Jitter, Eighth strottand Fourth avenue. EAT, BEAT.?OOIlEJf'B PATEBT ORATE D.VMPEB put In any grate savea S3 p?r cent ta eoal, gains Wpei -t nt keal In ihe room Expense trilling Call and me U l* operation, at L. * J. JACOBS'. 4t/I Broadway. Have you seen those cork and double soi.e boots, at $&, at JONES, 10 Ann itreet. Also the $3 So and $i business boots? KANSAB LANDS-THE TKDHTBES FOB THE Pi;? chaae ot lat ds In the Territory of Kansas, will receive subrcripUonf. In irust to apply them lo tee purchase of the liclaw are indiai.a' 1 rust Lantls. ai d to the purchase of outer anos in Kansas Mares in the general fund $IU0. beano? interest, and receivable in purch?e of lands of the Trusu "or rubicripilon or for speotai investments, or lor lunber in foi matk>n. apply to ibe Treasurer, JOSEPH LYMAN, at No. 3 Winter street, Boston. .. AMOS A LAWRENCE, 1 WM. DUDLEY PICKMAN,/Truiteea. BOBRRT H. BTORER, ) IADIFS. IF YOU LOOSE YOVR 11A1R DON'T WAIT J until it is too late, but conju.t OBANDJEAN, 34 Church street. ?? SIOWCB, STOVES, STOCKS.?W. A H. VAN NuTBrt, 1? Canal street, uear Vaiick (new Bo. AM). We havs ? large assortment of the laiest pattern^of fratea anJ fenders fcjtrhen rsngea, summer ranges and stores for sale, on rea ?ona?>i? terms Orates, ranges and stoves rtned and repaired ttoves put up ai.d pipe urasteed for sama. Boap.Moa^Kr ?Ale. ta the bloc* or aia*. STAMMERING. Ac ?PEBIf ABEBTI.Y CHRED BY DR. JONES, on sclent!he principles without pain or menta. tnllnrnie; general!; in from one to two hours. He la so sur? of being able to cure ail casea that he requires no pay nnu) he is snocesaiul OOlce roams t;i Broadway, B. Y., eppomu the Metropolltam STAMMERINO, AND ALI? IMPEDIMENTS Of SPEECH tadical y snd permanently cured bv Dr. Bennett, for o*i? dollar. He will send Jones', aa * ell as his awn aever tailing remedy, by which all impeol-nents of speech can be cured la oi.e h?ur, so that his patient --an talk an* right off. with out e.ther slutieringor s'ammerlng He never fai's, and has radically cured thoee who have been had a'ammerers for more than Vtt yesrs More than 100() certlfloatesof cures HQ l>aseeoat the Doctor 's cftice. Enclose $1 and th.' remedy will be forwarded bj return mail. Address Dr. R. E BEN NATT, Etngslon, 5. Y. rnIE PBKglliENTIAL CAMPAIGN IS OVER. AND J same of the cardalates are bealen, but Itolton k Taler's caloric furnaces ar>d J P. Hayer s ranges are suii before the people and rav*>t be heaien Persons wanting good Asrna<'e? and ranges wtll flnd It u> their advautage to call at our warn rooms. t0< Broadway, and examine fortbemaalveabefore pur basing elsewhere. OBO. L CABBOB. Agent. -? 1 VERY SUPERIOR CANDIES. Of every kind. Largest aaaoriment la Bsw York At lowest marketjxioe, by BTRWABT k BOSSING. Wholesale confneuonera, 410 Pearl street TTTILLMER a ROGERS. FTATIOWERS, n NASSAU ff street New York, hare the argest awortment of latter and note napera, envelopes, ink and inkstanda, and 1 articles ol stationery sf anv retell store in the Qtg. DKKTUiTKt, OB i.f.VETT'S NEW AM' IMPROVED ATMOSPHERIC presauie plate* for arutieul teeth rsmarkable for their incrrsM'^lkpines* in postioii pow?rot masticatt.m. and In e**rv ?1Hpper nr to the ordinary suction pUtea. are wall sdspU'tlflrihe continuous gum. Jl is reaily worth the atten Uon of those seat m* or re-mirlng aruucial tosth to examine ihe improvement be1?we going elaewhere Teeth removed br thebenumuig ptoceas snd every improvement of the day. rn. I.EVETT dentist, U Waveriey place, near itroalway. e* t..biished l-V. H MBDtCAl*. dfl liAH FORFEIT ID AND RO (TJAKOR VWI-MB.' H,UUU rtt?4.-Lr. Ill RTRR ciirea whm Ihe tn?l orwnt of nfher physician* ud ail other rraMdtea AuL His rr*4 drop I* yaur only raliaa-.a for a thorough cure In cerlalr, itluur* Mo. 3 Itlrlalon alr.-at the only plan* m*m well known for tba ?MJ m?ry extraordinary nir? It ku parfmm ?d without diet or hindrance from buatnaaa, wh?B >11 other remedlea only driva the dl?r In the blond, tl onla Thir arc urea Ihe patient from recoodarv aliMti and la Lha only remedy 00 earth that does K. Trr nil othera and ara. Beware Of a handbill stating I>r Honi.rhae removed Ills a villa bTHM deception. Toe man that <mirrerfelM a good madlcioa k worse than a thief. Mr dkal bcok and advice gratia. DR WARP* CRFOP.trRATKM FRIKKD M TIIR re Iilfra orrrurre^) ined , itios, .. r,d b?: raijiilres 'o brkuwii'n ??? with uiuvaiaa1 approl.aion. awl la (tamp IT Ward aa tb? greatest N tn tV'or of the d-ry Dr W <rd licraby oflei? a rrw .ird ot ?i.uniui my phytii'ian who, ufVr a proper demon*) ration, Can < ur prisate dis?asoa wUheijual It uniform celerity, c.iaa, v?i?t> md clisapoeaa as be ean Those wIki doabt abo'i d oill ari l be will cura lham wllfco 11 chwge. Hi member, a.I se who, h*ro been tinge m.: .lo west* and month*. drinkl-i;* . i n,rounds wh ? ?ti oy Lie ?t?roarh and i,ol-?i*>ii? ixlhi that ?line lie?aMtHat|M. Ih?t by rail ng O-I Dr Ward you nut in a few bonrano>>7 the )? ea- u.ea of lite arvl feel thai " Bi"'iard l- httnselt ?gaiu. ' I'rlee >1 ? >fti?e M Otoat street, one d. <>r east of Hiobdwa/. l.ABMORT 8 r * KM ARD tAfMOOR MRDICAL A?* ?rr and Uar-a<> 0'itde Twaotlrth edition, 414 pafea, K*l etertrwtrprd I" isiralVma. ejo?h. 91. Itfireaihs advensad rrniMttae. and *!>????? ? uoerwriry of the aatbur i Par.* and 1 oadim rraiaaut of rmMatona. Isnpnfanay, afrto '.orea, lilee*., km lie rtirra all a ,rh d? aaeea atSlMercsii ?treei. corner of Horiag oepa*i?M. Nl"-betas Tlo?e!. from l< A. M. nil V P. M We Ihr larwiot to Dm af ntriad.?' oorrHr daa "'ata Com. f'aj Book. r<ie?te Zoitung, A?. _____________ Dr. roBRrrr. i? dcark -tukkt, mat br oot? ??ifrd prtvaiely * .li*. un Tb* rtrllma of qnarkcri son call rti him with tb? wnairn at ba njr honorably traalnJ ~ It C. ? dipkana irem to-- Raw York Dwrarailf la hU ?ff'-e. h?. CtMH'KH Kti 14 Ci ARB <TKK.B1, MAT BB OOh ?Tilled pn I aUMj ?># d*?aaaa. Tha vtattmit of miarlaM uMmm aan oall irt h'i>' wtth lAaaartalntrof botn> nit?S ?4?ad. CWiaa Ml'riW N B Ro taa IUI?nr?ld. D1 Dr. Rii rH"* ornoit HorR*. ? to ii a. *.. ? to i ? P. M . Sunday aioepwid, bal ilmtavqw at.. Bear Wno?-?r, DHBR. WHTWiHK RhW ROMN- 'THI CAV*r. aRD t ura a onmplaf* prtftuai trnatwa on ayermaiorit*H? and prrmatur* MliaiMitlrm, w!*li W?-al daM'iie, Indimnj by early tndiarreu?in, ?<nee? or n?ji?r ?aaaaa. In whWh the nature Mtd eferia of lh?a lnaVw? * nu'vly. to??<ber with theti?ah menl. are fully eiprfalrred, (ilrrau-a'-vl b? niimarnuii anatnatral plat?? and drawiaita. w? b a am>pi*wi?n< on (enlio urinary diaeaaa*. Pile* #1 Tn hat of th? aoihor, who may b? enwrnlted roeftdetrtaUj. %t B Wa)k?r awaol, a faw door* weal of Broadway Da. OrlMHT, R? X THIRH ATWtTI, RRARBRT en.b a>ra*i-?t*pe.-iall?t lr. di . m?? of thejmierallr* and ? irmarr or*ana A ?ure?w?? il pr?. iwr of m?ny y?am aaablea [)r. c^almby to gaarante ? a rare if r Qnlmbr'a monthly pttia fur Mfa. 1JRIVATR OONfCITATION-HH WAT?OR ItAH FOR WL a k>rf aerlea of year* r .n?n 1 i^ al"-Dllna to itlaea<w<a a rr-rtaln rlae* In whl< h he hi.? le*? than twenty 'bouaand caar? wlthwit an inate i"o of failure The remertte* ar' mild, and there I" no n* . hii?ii>Hia or rh?n*o of dial. Dr. Wataon la In rr>o?*ar.t a'tendauee. from 7 In the moraine until ? at nl?ht a. hi?or ianInng rooms and r. ?td?nre U, Walker etreat, a few drki.-a wen of Hroadwtr. Tha roa anlliac rooma araaatiara'e WM W ATkdR, R. D , . Formerly Hti feon lo the l/oeh lloapiU . IJlCORDR fRACTIfR-Dl'. MARMORR MAT BR JV mnaolted oonflilenllally on aay ItoporUnl rJaaa of mala dtra. at hla rooina. Bl? Broadway, oirpo^te tha ?t Nl-holaa. T>r M to an e* pnpll of Dra.? art oohan and Mau. of thla city, atd Rleord. of Parta tWnliat.ona In Rngllab or French, pr rwaaally or b) lettar, la tul I and from 4 lo * dally. v r n. if a chord, v. n. IH'fl WHf'R IT MAT t'flR AHV -HATTlWtl HRBB A I great ?nfterer for yr?/* trrf^ a <?<?eaae which qndctrmin pom* whole ay?te? ?ad ba>lr.? hrrn Impoaed upon by <ioneka until my who^,l.o?ly ?? mi ared with aorea, my noaa aad throat dreadfoll^Hlerrated, my bonea and jolnla awollen ?nd patnfnl, 1 tbenantrrwd tlwt * Ity Moapital. whara I waa #u mon'ba I felt triad aereral eminent phyelclaoa. none of whom conld rnre me. wnen 1 waa recommend*! In Or. hrlae UB atr?e , Thl? centlciaatt cared Me la nil a ee>a. I will with pleeanra mpar' full narUnjIara try eall K| %txT boarding houae, 148 ? aaal alreet, (la Walker Itoeet,) >,rl.f?n RoUat.dHulbarrf fJre.da. wiuiH'iR OIB^OR, Flnmbar. If B - Dr Heine ean refer to bnndreda of similar caaga to ir m,4 rrrpertahle eH're-a Hla 'reatrn'Trt Mr aemfula, fur !.e? rf the <*in bonea and/dnla ha warranla tabaano c??tnl In eaary rare 1 hose who by IndlacreMoo H?re con trx' tej ft and dartre tha at'endaiK-a of regular phral o|an, w iiaaaeairc?td?al of ?xp?nK and rtfferlng ky ?p pi> in* 'ft Dr. lipiRK. WW uu, ?17^ -WR X?UI TOVKGiR MANUFACTJItERK rJ ? VJ? tr IhH ?l ont ? ti Ihfl business, I'/Vt, leas* >rri Bxlurw ti? * n'-g-r ?'"fe Other builacu 11 ute caflS'1 of niiij. Isqureal 139 Hmh avenue. ??R0<! WTORR FOB SVLR-A OR" AT SA.''? TZi'JVf. ritiee be'ng dele mined to sell at onoe. lUll no . rn'e Business ttftoen yi-iru evthlishad Iu| loc*ll'>i *<**! doing *0 to $36perw?jek. Apply U> UO^elS x Co., M Nassau street. d>QRJ| CABH-S100 DIVIDED MOVTHI.Y WITH T f K rem foe a iirst c'a*? b ikery h >rs?, waK<m round i.f customers I nklr? nl^apiljt. nood oveu at ra nicely lit vel up large w ndow, wiih gas %e. Apply on the premise# f7J| Greenwich itreet, corner of Bans street. gnn shares ok the stock or tub kcwrh 0UU Ma< ufartiirlng Company Heaver, I'eonsylv n ia, tor Bile cheap. by SIMPSON BKO'i lltCRS, 19 B*ave.r aire.' d>q/w\ Win. HU* THK LEAS* AND KIXTURRS OK JOUU mi old established wood and coil yard constating of i (h ie scales s'able, fences, ?c-eens, 4c. Yaru a'l pl.tiiked luur low, USxiiiO each Anpiy on the premise* Pura*n street, near Joia emeu, South Krooklyn I'o.iseattion immedi ately. __ A J I?n ONLY -TOR HALE ONE OF" TUB OLDEST ?]pT.UU established rrmfeet'onerr. oyster and dtain^ ?a loon, on the Kuilitli av.oue now doin? a good bu?iii??<. Tim bar pay* the expenses. and It Is now offered tor less than hili' Its va.ue told in oonscrjaem e of adeuhiuthe family^ with a seven j ear s Apply on the pretn'aes. Tt Eighth ave nue, or 314 Hn?id way of m. It. Rullogg.t Co. a?,j rn ?faed storf korsale?homb, wagon, harness. sleigh, fixture* %c ; lease of nei'ly thr e years; now doing year, 30homes In ibe a lev. Sans, factory ren.-on given for selling out Apply to KELLOGG X CO., 3M Broadway, or 294 Delancey street ' ?K POBLIC HOUSE HANDSOMELY FITTED iPiJU, up, at tie junction Of two of the urmcv. tfi > ini'gbfarea in the el'y. a good readine rootn, and basement that would be suitable for lager bier. Apply at 334 Broad tray, room 18, to N. DaVIS A CO. d>rnn -FOR SM.F., A FIRST CLASS KEEO BT0RR. JjtJU''. centrally located, in a fine nelghi>o;-h yjd; tour yi ,ira' lease, at low rent, now doing a goad h'i'ine-s; fliturmt eomp'f te; vill be sold a bargain. App.y to O.iN.NO.S AIM , 80 >aa?an street. dtKfkA WILL PnRtJHAPK ONE OF THE FIIfETT pa' orimns ever enhibited on this rontm' ill. (Vxt originally $A,(*K?. hold only In couseiiuence of death,- Th? above la a chance seldom oirered. Apply to OaNaON A CO., tO Nassau so-eet. ?A FERFUMERT and OCNRRAIj FANCY ?T I v"i bufliie**. in onnoeeUoa with M extensive piUint medielne tra<le well eHtablisbed, or a partner would be takcin, as ibe present proprietor goes to Kurcoe N. UaVIS A CO , 333 Broadway, room 18. ^Qnn -FOR SALE, A BUTCHER HUOF, WITH AN iTi'VMl, extensive aaiutag" bovine-*, doing a Ira'loof SlUf) per Minnili and >HUil>]lfbed for the last t?*u vearn, vvi'Jigool irebonse and everj thing complete. Apply to N. DA Vis A CO., S35 Broadway, room lrt. J>1 nnn -oroceby in wiu.i ambrcbo for *PL.U\J\Jt sale, a great I'argaln as It must be fold, with Wine and wngon Terms liberal, Kent modera'e. Baal neaa well eatoblisheil and excellent localioa. Apply to HOW ESACCjStNassau strceU nc/m ?a milling bcsiness for s ale, with .OUU. regular steady work secured a id about S7il ?r week net proiit made; will be aold a,hiTi;am, havuigother usini ss. Apply to UOWK8 A CO, 81 Nassau sti ee.t. ?.1 nnn -A FINR f ARM FOR SAJ.EOF ISO ACRF.^. half cultivated, balance valuable timber; buildings adequate and In good order, aa lathe farm fences. Ac., very theaip. fart ran lie. Apply to UoffE-i A CO., 6t Na.cau street. nnn -CONFKCHONBRT AND LADIES' 8 V ipu.UUU. loon for sale, moat deatrably located.swell es tahhthed. profitable, handsomely titled and furniahed Part real estate will be taken. Cash business; net oroiits $3,OOU a year. Apply to IIOWES A CO.. Md .Vaasau atrceu <&K nnn -HOTEL FOR sale- LOCATION ITN.-5CR ?JPU* \J\I\J. pna?e 1 in New York, being In the imra-ili.ite vicinliy of several lines ot steamers, a ferrv and nia'ln"; hmg lease on favorable terms to responsible p.irt.en. Apply at. 33.> Broadway, room 1.-, to N. Da\ IS A CO. 9(1 *inn -FOR SALE. OR TRADE. \ GOOD THREE \J . siorv briek house and lo-. In few York; will take in part a small farm, between Peekskill and Crotou Kails. Address Hunter, boi 'J03 Herald ofllco d>Q nnn ?DINING SALOON for KALE, NKIR <Tf7.Ul'l/. Wall street and Post ofDce. Bes> location la the citv, Hrst ctasa custom; well and long est ibllshed and a chance (infrequently ollcred. Apply to HOWiU A. CO., 81 Nassau street. in nnn ACRES OF GOOD FARMING i< VNDH 1U.UUU for sale in Iowa, wh'ch will he sold nh?ap for Cash or mercliandiao Call at the odice ol' ... L. Dott RANCK, 83 Liberty sired. Ifcon nnn -*or sale or ExcnANOE, somr la!liable propertyon the Itighth avenue Including two corners; no money required Irorn responsible parUea. Apply to M. CANNON, 80 Niwaau atreet. A FIRST MORTGAGE OF 91,600 ON IMPROVED PRO perti in Newark, New Jersey which rents for t '* 0. wll! be exchanged for dry goods or clothing. Address Merchant, lleraid MM. A RARE CHANCE?A GROCERY AND LIQCOR store to be ?okl, together wi'h sto< k, liltnres and taree compact looms sttarhed to the store It will be aold on re.t Konabie terms as Ike proprietor is going far West is situ tied In twelfth street. No. 2b2, between avenue* a and II, rei.i small. $7 per Month. Call and see the premises. A CHARMING COUNTRY BEAT. COMMANDING A view of New York b iy and ocean, thirty two a res of fine land, good bui dings grafted frnit in great variety, three cjws, wo horses, Implements, ,tc. Price (l.tMl BHCNDkKD a CO , 15 Nassau street. Brunswick citt, oeorgia?second semi an nnal sale of building lots.?The proprietors of lU? city of Brunswick hereby give notice that a peremptory sale of .%W eligible buildIbg lota will take place, by public auction at the Oglethorpe Hotel, in said city, on Thursday, Nov. 27. at 9 o'clock A. M. Sale positive to the highest bidder. Terms, to per cent rash oa the day of sale, balaoae In annual payments of 10 per < eat, secured. witA Interest, on the propwty. Wa? rantee deeds given; title perfect. The cort and city ot Bruns wick hold out commercial and maritime advantages superior lo those possessed by any other south of the Cbaaapeafce Bay. The climate Is healthy at all seasons. At the last saastoa of Congrssa the House of Bepmscntalivas passsd a bUl provt ding for Ike establishment nf a naval do pot in the harbor of Brunswick. The bill rsscbod the Senate on on* ct Ike last days of tho session, sod too late for action; it was made the special order of the day for tke seoons Monday la Deoeaber next The Hrnoswlek and Florida Railroad Is now transpoet log rregcht at d passensers from Bruns etck lo 'he Katllta river The work Is In steady progress westward?ths whole Use be ing under contract to Thswws villa, and the nee to the Florida line. Further parti, ularm may be bad at the offlee of the com pany, Ho 4 Wall strew. New York or of Ool CharlseL. Bcklattrr, Chief Engineer B A F R R . Brans wick Geonla. H. G. WHEELRB, lecretary P C. S. Tu Book and stattokrry stork for balk, ok ac count of the death of the proprietor.?Tho ?lock, III turea. leaaa, Ac., uf (he More Fo. 6 Chatham aquaea. extending through the block to Ho 10 Catherine nirvat, will be aokd on vary advaotageoue i-rmi for caah or real mum la New Tar* city, to ekioc the aetata of the late J oho Rioter. Hook binpfrt kor sai.e ?thk stock akd fix turea of the bindery 39 tVr.tre au-eet, la oooecqunaoe of the proprietor fotnf law other btutlneaa. Trrma May, foi eaah. laqutre on Uio prcmlaoa, er at IQH KlJrldtfn atreet. OKRTRAL PARK.?KOR BALK. TWO LOTS ON PIfTT ninth atreet, 100 feet weal of fifth avenue, opi>?aHe m*ln amy? <0 Ilia pyfc. Alan three Iota on eaw< aide of Tenth avenur, conx r of Nlnety-aeventh alrert, ten lota on aouth aide Mnetreereoth street, oeit to rorner of fenth avenue- one Mm on muthweet corner of Wloety aevetih atreet and Klerenth avenue, aad oae Jot on norlbwrnt corner of Kinetr eteth atre?t nod Rlevrnth if?a?. Apply to KOMI KO C. CHaK1.K\ 13S Pearl atreet. Drco ^ork for sai,e-a rare chance.?a I- adlng ?U>r?, In * large thoroughfare of Hrooklja, on arcount at Id health of the proprietor. Addreaa 11. M., Hera id office. DIftrai.KRT.?FOR SAI.K, A ORAt.V MSTtLI.RRT, aew. and la perfec or?ler wm In >>iier,.tlon or et<-li?n<c.l for other property. Apply tolloMKK M'JAIUN. JJLKt TROTYI'F!1- KOR BALK -A RARE CHANCR ?i)K !i celli ,-tora of eolua and m< lala H. H No.*3 Wal* ar atrret baa a large i-ollecttnn of th'-ae Mettattone, Ac fw aale. m?d?l?of every deaenptton duplicated In the mo-t per ftctaod aaiafartorv manner, c deaeripuou of old war repUwed ?? aa to l>? equal to near, Hirer or l.raaa wnlrhr* pt?ied with told hlectrntvplag. e'ectto mlrer *a1 rol l t>l%t lag taught upau reaaonable '? naa A partner with a amall ? aallal wanted Apply at Ko. 3 Walker atrret *. H BLACK. rRKm RF FOR SALE AND HOtSR TO LRT.KO 23 Willonghbv atree\ near Olty llalL Brooklyn. Three alary aad baaenaent bt ich honee. Rent MIO. For halk?a stkam ikoikk, five horhf. power. one of Ree>l'a |ialent chronometer, patamted WHS Can be ?aen tn rnnnln* order, e* ery day.'Ul Rot. M. Inquire at 176 houtb second afreet, Wiluam I urc. L. I. For salk-thr kkw. sitbctaktial rrowr atone knnaaa. on 0>? amih aMa of Thirty Oral atreet, be tween Madleon aad Fourth avenue*. throe atorlee high atone, tfcrnnl on4?r eellar, with modem hnproremeou. each XI laete Inchea by AO Net. Ma IS fafl ? Inchaa deep; flrat elae? aeichNwhnod: half boad - ~ 1 || taqntra at 11 Wall am I et, mmr JO FOR fiAl F?TWO SEdAR STORW. urTCATID IK A good bualneae pari at the ettj. eeUMlalied all T*ara a?o. mnal he aold aoon aril aauafhetory roaatm arlll he g'ven. IB qalrt at 1W Centra atreet, FOR Ml*-i HOTTFR aki> LOT. CORRRR OF trf-wi* not" swinlon atraeta. Thla property la rented well, ano W will' be aold reasonable Kor pamcilan nvi'ilre at MaRK LRTY'S. Xl WllUaia luel froaa t to S o'akiok. For saij^-thr stth k ari? fixttrfa of a far tf thread and oeedle etore. okl eetahlMhed and fattna e l it the heat biiair eaa part of the K'glilh avenue, wtll be eo'd to k ra?h ruatomer on the ?oat aioderate tnrma Apply at No 29 Grand atreef. For salr-a porter norsR ik wrst street, doltu At) eacellen'. buaiaeaa WU1 be aold rhean. aa the area est proprietor It.tenl" lan South. For paruculani apply lo WniK i VIOKl.lCP, W9 Weatatra^t For sai.r-okkat karoain.-thr stock, fix turea. Ae . of an oyater and Hijuor aaloon, 1 <c*W<l on one of the t eat thoroughfare* In tha rlty, and now dolne a thiivln* bu?ir,e??. will he aold cheap for >aab Apdreaa or apply lo Mr l*n\lih. Ko 1? CoeoUea ellp, corner of Front alreet, up alalfa. For hair-a four story housr akd lot, mo Twelfth atreet, ne^?venue A; Wff?l cat r?miin on n>" rtsa*? lor five veara. Inuulre of IIIOIIaB HOMaiIK AK, 4*1 Thlrtl aver.oe. J OR SALK-THR SCHOORRR WILLIAMS, AHOITT **> tona ra?later, light draft <4 walar, now Ijln* on fho wata at Hurlfaie. Aatorla. Will be aold very low lorloae -he ron err. Apply InJOH T. MARTIN, de ^otllh atreat, Rew Tori L OR RALR. A BAROAIlf-A PRUIl STORK. IK A p larRe % illa*e, acar the city, now doing a food buMneaa. Ri pi very low. A rhaeee for a man wia?a amail ra?|taj. k ,t fnnher imrtleulara InquRa at Ko. 3 Prlnee atreet, aetr the B< wery. W. T. Ij OR SAI.K- R1RF.TT THRER OROSS OF fTwR, roK r mon and drawln* lead peaeila, exeeeolncly cheap A rare < hane<- fhr ahipplnR or trade Apply at ?9 Weal Meveath all ret, between Fifth and Sluh avenuea "(L OR SAl-R-TIIR FIITVKWi OF KTfiR* 240 RRoTD f way. ronaMtlr# n? drawera. ptllar? wlt| looKn. glaeaee, ?Irdow tramfa, Ac Far partlenlara apply to S. H. feyaer ?r hrnalwav eornerof Hroone. a?ia#M hAI.R?1HK POOP WI1L AKt> FixTTR -* r of * If "**? ?,'n ealabl'ahment, well loaa ad aad doing a gord I'uMnaai; haa been eetahllthad for the I a* ?i j Teat a Apply at tha f aaip ffhadea, aouthwaM corner M Waeh ngu n and R**?eu Mmta, Brooklyn. voa DAUB. Fob bale?thk lakukst and most beaucuui# import e1 Nswfnundl nd dog tn the city, til white fu-ept black fiend. 14 mnuihi old; a super Wr watcher. I'riej t 10J. Address Wu'cbtdl, beiaid >Uli;e. Fob sale-a qbooeky, long established, on ope of ib* most deslrab e C'r nera in the eastern eectkm Of lb to city; rent very low; a large business m?y he done on wid pieml es Satisfactory reasons will be given forael'ing; or if more desirable a suitable person will he taken uouv ner. wiib ? espltsl of $Ti?) or $1,000- Inquire of A. C. ?AI. LMTON, 14 WUiet ?treat, For pale?thr i.fask. rtock and fixtoiuw or an o'd established porter house; one of the beat loatliua tn West street. row doing a goo I busuess. For partkuUra, apply to PKFt'RHKST At CO., 1-9 South street. Fob hai.e-a very excellent brick housi, in complete order wiih ail the modern Imnrovements, occu pied by tbe owner lnclii<*ti>e the carpets, oilcloth and chande llerH tn a desirable neighborhood, ? eat of Broadway, below Bleeeker street. Terms easy possession Immediately. Ap ply to B. W. RICHARDS, .01 Broadway, Fob bale?the stock and fixtures of a gro cery and liquor more now doing a kooJ cash business. M nft b? aold on account of a apllt in partners. Apply at Al avenue A. For bale?an oli> established bhatino *w hair dressing saloon. lb" otilt reason far Si'llini wner wishes to go to California. Apply at *Hc Hotel, Broadway, near Houston ??., to Captain , For bale?the stock, fixtobes and good will of leed store No 2 Seventh avenue. Inquire of WM. D. IIA101HT, an the premises. For bale?an elegant stone front house, four stories "'.'5 Nlnih avenue ?'i?l si.te. near Twenty feventh street. In firstraie order finished with all late Improve ment*; vaults front and rear; a handsome store and parlor*. Hum been let for II,OS per year. Apply aa abovat one a. IjlOB SALE-AN KI.EGANT ROSEWOOD PABLOB 1 ?i>it conflating of oi,e wfa. two fete a-ie'es, two large armchairs and four alulle l buck ? hairs made In the moat lashlouable style, covered in muslin. Will be disposed of at a grcM bargain. Apply at ,W Third svenue, shop in the rear >|10R BALE, CHEAI'-TIIAT BEAC'TIFUL FIR8T 0LAS3 brown stone four story basemen' bouse Ho. 25 Kant Ibirty llrst stre' t. fecond door east of Madison avenue, cou >a nine all the modei ii improvements; the most desirable loca Bcn In the cltv: about ooe balf of the money may remain ou bond and mortgage. Inquire of JOHN C. HauKS, on Uui premises For sale very cheap?a blo*p of bixtytoms, a small farm au1 ifs1 o in notes st a short dite, or will bo e?rjtspted for anv kind of merchandise suiuhle to go Went. Addri sa Sloop, Herahl oflice. rn BM.E OR EXCHaNOE-A GOOD TENANT FOU* *U>rv briek house, on Ainth s'reet. New York It will bo disposed of at a great barjruo, as the owtiee live* out of the Sta'e For partienlars apply to B 811 ACK ELTON, No. 7 Heek man street uinltr Wataail Bank. C^lROCKBY BTOKK FOR ??Af,E?LOCATED ON THB T west side of the city, doing a sale bun*nut1*, and well ea iabli.-hed. Apply to 11 h. t-KXI IS Proker, ii South street. House for sale-lam a rttns pi.ack, (TW&NTY ulu'h street )?New nnd heat home in the block, hand eome'y fntniahi d throughout: sold with or without the furni ture, and at a bargain, on account of buslneaa removals. L. S. scorr, V Wall atreet. HOC8F8 ON MURRAY 11ILL, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.. ?Just bDisbed and tor *al?\ Son. 42 and 46 West 'I whniy ?lMe, between Flfh and SUtb avenues. They are tir?t class houM'S with brown stone front*, ttnd built in th ' ve.ry best m?Dni r tl rouchont. Will b'sold at a reasonable price, atxl on aeeommodatlng erms a per?on is nu the pro t erty to show them, at aa) time, and to inform aa to pMoa, tertns, Ac. Important to svectlatobb.?$000?fob bale, Ibe one half of a llrbt ctsh sperulatlon, seldom equalled. On receipt of one stamp I will send the particulates Addreaa M. !>.. Uerald otllce. N. B a great humbug, b Jt important reali'y. Lots fob .sale?on east thirty-fourth street. between Third and Lexington avenue*. 2&il00; S2,1*10 ran ri pi ,.n on mortgage; will be sold cheap if applied for lm] niedmeiy. THOMAS MO?*.OHaN, 471 IbUrd avenue, corner ot Thirty fourth street. n.LERH AND FUll'R DRAI.ERH READ THI8.?FOB rale or eirbange. a first class tlourlng and (list mill, rontainirg four run of a'one. propelled by water aad steam, situated to the centre of one of the moat enterprising village* hi Central Mew York aril w ithln all rods of a railroad, to offer* ed for sale at much less ihaa it Is worth; one halt of purrhsim money must he paid in cash, and remainder secured t>7 mort gsge on premia<^, or gxxl property taken In payment. For particulars address A. C. IIKBROW, Uemaen Post odlee. Ourlda county, N Y , or Inquire between the hours ot 9 ana II A M ot R. JON KM, >o 43 Front street. N. Y Atoo ou of the beat farms In the State of New York, ronlalnlng 2It ncr? s f u sale. P'iee $ln.ixju. For partiouiam ln.|Uire ofB. JtiftaS, No. 43 Front street. MANUF \CTURING?WITH TEN HOBBE WATE* power, near 'be city would make a desirable arrange ment with a competent person, and afford Important fa:tliuea to a perton with a profitable established bu-dnem. HOWE* A CO.. Hi Nassau stroet. VJT.W YORK HERALD FOR BALE.-A FILE OF TH 18 i\ paper, for the laat five years, can be had at the cost. In quire at No. 9 Old slip, rear ofllce, on the ground Ouor. Neat cottage fob bai.b-no. 13 wkst thibtt third street, newly papered and painted. Walla fres> coed. (>as and Cruton v, at or in the bouse If not sold within a tew days will be et to a sma.'l family. Apply to WM. KO BINBON No. 9 0klship. PAINT factory for BALE-CUWR TO FUI.ton ferry, Brooklyn With steam engine and mills In com pute ore'er sod ready for use. Olienp and ou ae 'immola ting terms. Apply to LKaCH A PRIICHaIU), 37 <Jhaml>era street. KARE CHANCE FOB orot'EKfl-FOR K*LE. A RE tall grocery stora, situated In ona of the main nveuues; oeaiton good, nelghlKKbood equal to any In l^e nilj, with a ood run of cuatomera. The owner wishes io lUaooae of Ik* ime on account of HI health. Any one wishing to purchase wul answer L., box IXi Herald oflice, staling where an lnter tew may be had. No eomniUsion ag*nta need apply. QFIXINO OFF CHEAP. TO CLOSE THE C0NCBBN.? ki Maehinery, tools sod sioeA of tAe screw bo't factory XX Tsretith street, sear avenue C. Ijahea, screwing. driBiag, wubir punchlrg. bolt and rivet making mach-nes, Otck a press, Ryder s lorginv inacldne. a superior press for punch ing and cutting bar tror, smith tools, anvils. V-iea, tana, dies, bolts, waahers. rivets, Ac., Ac. JOHN CaMKB'IN, Assignee of V. H. For. SALOON FOR RALE?NEATLT FITTED UP, AN* doing a good business, the stock and ti it ares wt'l be soM separately or together; a good opportunity for a My; re aft low; apply at the Hiawatha talaoa, 31 Carmine street, near Bleecker. M SAFK FOR HALS CHBAP.-A NRW MFDICR ?I7.R aafe, made by one of lti?? beet manuf icturera. for aala at a bargata. Apply to WR RQIURWON, Bo. ? Old allp. rmam DmroowTH-A stork. spr.EVDini.Y rrrricD up. In the nioet complete n Leaner, and In tha beet location tor a Drat rlM builtiw, la ottering for aal*. Price ft 300. Brtabliaben upward* of 20 year*- a branch of ike huatneea quite Independent ol the ?u>re. can aloaa raatt/e *il?W Mr ua*. aapiy to SYLMuSTBR IIOMDIX)#, Rau.. Moot* fue piace, Brooklyn. B. V. rmm papkh makers -a sixty two inch ctun der machine, of approve ! make and aerrr baring beea ueed. for eel* low br HRaRaN A O'CONNOR, paper deal ara, No ft Burling allp. VARIETY RTORB. COMIIIRINO OINTI.RMNK 'g PUR. nlnhlna gooda, Ao.?for tali), the leaea, ntty k and 111 turaa, with dwelllrg apa/tnudl tor a (mall f tmiljr, at a Tery low rent; Ike location la (ta a*d uow doing a moat capital bualncna. The moat eatfafalhry reaaooa for disponing of tbla rood bunlaeae will be ftrea. Addraaa Varlelj wore, Haraid THX TT'RK. n/^KNTRIvnXK POl'RdR. I t. TROTT1NO -THURH V J day Norember 10, at S o . lack P. ? .?Puree and rtaka , mix hrau beat 3 In ft to ? a.noa. Owner namea cA. g. , owner name* rk. |. tilp, owner name* b, m. La/lr Hmwn owner name* b m Haraloaa Mail; ewner name* blk. g. tleogranhy. Nedaadl.ady Rrown go in mv.1 wag wis, JOE I. CON Hi. IN, Proprietor. CRNTRKVIM.I COI'IUB. L. I.-ORBAT Ml f.K RA?'*_ light inuli-a In the Held ? IhurxlaT. November j) a! SU o clock P I., puree tfO nllle beat*, beat S la A carrying catch wei?h a. free (or all mule*. The following mule* are en'errd ? Rr. 1). A name* Kaanern Jack: Mr. ft W. namea ka>T IHd Mr J C namea Jim Track, Rr. 1. T. J namea Jeaiiy; Mr O. W nam? lli^'lnftle; Rr J. C. name* Flre aaay. Mr W B. name* riagdad. Rr T, J. namea Tom Tit. T?o dollar* of the pnra? will go to the eecond beat mule In the leal beat af 'ha race. JORL CONKI.1N, Pruprtatar. UNTON COtTRWB L t.-TBOTTIRO -ON TfTrB*D?T. ?Sot an at half past two o'clock, a match for tl O0lt, mtla beata beat three la ifra, la harneea H. Woodruff nans'* *p. g, J a*. Whelpley name* b . g It raule borough "HAW A WHITK, I roprtMora. WINK* AMD LI^COHll. CHOICE SKLRCTION OK BRtNIHRR. CH\M pei ne, cla'et, i><?rt therry and Madeira wine* Se.,t?d> and Utah whiakcy, Jamaica ram. Holland gte fchledam ?i-bnapp* nM Ronongaliela and Hour boo whtakeja Ac ; Loo don and Dublin porler. and hootch alee, for aale at I'N [1RR HIM. A R MTARMlN S. No. 4 W Hrooaaatreei. corner of Ooaby GLaBBT WINB-TN CAACT, IN BOND, JC<*T RKCKIV ed per ehlp Jehoaaee, from Bordeaui Oaa be aoM la hood, leaa the duty, or dnir paM, or ehlppad In band aa re quired. <IRP*oR BK< 'THRRlt, lit Bearer (treat. FBBNr? BRANPIRB-IW HALT PIPRt, QCARTKRR acd nctare caeka, J net landing aad for ?ale' run the raw Del or from I nlted Htatea bonded warehouaea, by 4IRPAOIV HHI'THBRW, IP Bearer atreat. GRAT A BTALBY, BBOWN WTOtnr, POBTBR AND alehrawera, 2t*outb Hith ?tree'. Philadelphia THofl. POTD. agent trrder* rece|re<t at Jl.t PaMna mreat. and Htidtott *ueet. New York; elan a good *npply of X (lira old Rorongahela whlakay on hand. IRISH MALT WHIfiKKV?IB PI'NOHBONR POWBR A *on'a celebrated Pnblia mall. ?lao |0p<inebcon? WW a tVirk whlakey, being Mve lot lot e?|*ctcd thla aeaaon. lor aa'c frota Vnlted Ptate* bonded More*, by V H.AI). CaNHMaN, No. 0> Bearer atreet JOHN J. RTAKf, .TO and .W Broadway, orrgK? ron ??t.a. Fine old wlnea. Ale* and Pnrtcra Madeira, l^>ndoa XXX brown atouU Marry, Huineaa' Aa. 2a Part, Phlladel'a da- 4o Reuterne, Mulr A flooa' !*co*ch ale. tlarat, Teaaeata' do OHreofl, Yonntera" da. IJ-l'ienrr". Falhlrk'a do. Ilnck Alaofioa' Paat India al# Old braadlee. flcoieh and Irlah whl?kay, Jamaica rum, Ho|. land gtn and Mononiiahela wbiakef. Alee, rotier and cha?pa?ne cider, put np for export an<t country trade. RIM.MRIM. RIM.IARO TARLRR.-TTIR Rl'BHCRlRKR RAN 09 kaad a aplendid aaanrtment, rartona Raaa. with hi tha Meat Imp'oremanta Two aaarmd hand tablaa or Ml* chear Alan, irtmml?(r? of arary deaerlrttoa L. t)RORRR. Wl Ann atraet. lata OrlRlh A Meeker. nTM.IARP ROOM-TUB ROOM, m FOTTBTH AV9 mte, orer Pktak'a market, formerly kept br the late O. Parmella, ha* been refitted, and la now opened. Tha palfo wage of the nubile la anllclted^ ___ Jm HP. OARROP BTM.I ARf?B?ITS TH^ORT AWI> PR AO Uc?. with nnmeraiie dlar'?m* > r Mlehael fheian. tf " ?ant po?ta?r free on receipt of prlac. OM-ONNOR A OOtXINDBR, btillartl UkMf wtT' * Ara ?tre t