Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. 'VJ. :'V . ?? # WHOLE NO. 7387. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THAMX8GIVIHG DAT. Thia to Thanksgiving day. The Gorman of the fol towing *mm have ay thair proolaaattaaa appointed thia day to be railglouaiy observed u a day ot thank tgivlm ?ad prayer:? New York, Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, Obi*. Mliaiastppi, ssr Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey. Kentucky, Pennsylvania, South Oaretma, Florida. Georgia, _togtthsr with Warblogton city and Mlnnoiota aad Ne braaka Territories In eoneeqaenqe of the tallnre of Got. Wlee, of Virginia, to appoint a day Of pablio thank'gl vlng, tbe Mayors of Alexandria and Farm villa bare issued pro olamaUoos, setting apart thu day to be observed as such. In Delaware tbe day was obssrred or tbe Oth Instant, and la Teuootsee, Masjaobusotts, Rhode Island and Var moot it will be ooWbntte I on the 77th. TDK CBLHBRATIOM IN TH OTTT. Thankrgiving day will be observed h? tbe usual manner tn this city. There will bo religions servlosi la the va ffloug churches belwsuii the boors of 11 A. M. and IP. M., aad business will,ata geaeral thlag, bo suspended throughout the aM* July altornoon extra perttrmsnees will take plane Urthe tomk tbeatrea, the payiculars Of which will bo flmnd la our advertising oolumaa. The following la the official notice:? Msvok's Oretca, Naw Tons, Nov. IS, 18M. Acknowledging oiff depeu on Almighty God, and duly aenalble tbut u? Ills mercy we are indebted for continued peace, prosperity and general public health, while other com fnunttiee, less favored, ba e been aorely affllced wlih peati leiioe and devastation, we are now nailed upon to return thanks to the Author of onr being, tbe Prelector of our livet, and the IMapenacr of all the blessings we enjoy. With three senttmen's, and In pursuance of custom aad of tbe proclamation of hit Ksce'leccy Myron H. Clark, Governor of the State of New York, recomn.- nding that Thursday, the a Kb day ol November, Inst., be jet anide as a day ot pralae, than kg giving and prajer, I call upon the oeople of this city to ob serve that day a* nuch with h11i1u? retpect and aolemmty Given under my hanl and twal of the Mayoralty, the day day aad year aforesaid. FKKNaNOO WOOD, Mayor. Tbe o(Beers ol the Coitom House have Issued the follow Bg Notick.?Cus'om House. New York, Nov. 18, lfW6.?Thlt office will be open on 't'hapkaRlv ing dav. Thursday. 20th ln?t., from 8 to 10 o'clock in tbe morning, for tbe eutra ice and clear ance of versel* only. HF.MaX J RF.DI IEI.n. Collector. JOHN OOCHRANK Surveyor. JOHN ROilF.KN IIKOdHKAD, Naval Officer. The law courts, banks and public offices generally, will ttlco ba dosed to day. The groat atkss of our citizens will no doubt i>Uy at home and enjoy their Thanksgiving din ner, bat there will ba plenty of attractions In the streets, In the wty of Inrfst companies, to draw the young people out. Tbe mlUtary bands and hotels in the vicinity of the city will reip a r;ch harvest Among the fcatnres of the day will be celebrations of the charitable Roclaliet, which, It Is to be hoped, will cot be lorgottcu In Ui'.s fosti e reason. There will be a dona 4tion visit for the benefit ot tbo "Home for tbe Friendless," an institution that bus fed, sheltered and variously pro vided for over 7,0C ?? persons, but has now become too coaiWncted to meet tbe demand* for admission. It also claims to have found laster parents and guarciant for 2.000 children. Tbts institution U situated at No. 32 East Thirtieth street, and the public are Invited to be present between the hours of . a:i<l 9 P. M. The ladles' Home Mission at the Five Points, la also oat In an appeal to the put. Ho for aid and sympathy. There will be ringing aad other exercises during the afternoon, aad at t P M , the chilcren will partake of a Thsakaglv tng dinner. TBKNEgarrxxo in Brooklyn. Tbe following Is the proclimation by the Mayor of Brooklyn: ? jt iron's Omen, Bbookltw, Nov. IT, IMS. To ths CiTirt.NS or hj?ooai.T.N:? In acroidance with a loag established usage, the Cloverno nf our Htal< ba? nnpomied 1 huraday next, the 20th mat , a< a day of Tbauk?g|viJig io A'mighty Uod for the blessing* we hare received at liui baud* diriug tbe )>aat year. Seed time and harrcnt have again come an 1 goue, ie^viug oar garner* tilled w ith ad niainir.r of oio'-n, aud it'* meet that, aa a nation we should rtnCi-i thuik?i<> tbe Ulver of all good for the abundance with whir'i he bus i nrlcbed u?. Hut ahile tor this and numberless other bleaaing* we have In conmo'i w ith our ?Wc nation abundant catue for thauk fuineaa. yet in an i-apecial ma .u?r should we make thin day aa occasion of tt rvent ursfetnde to tb" Almighty for the algn it delivcrapewreci-ive'l at hit baii.1t. the petulance that walkela In a ark two* end the dest-uctioa 'b.u waateth at nouu day h? fe h*ea upon our border*, threatening ut with detolatlon and dealh. aad although lor maay who have heeu Ita victim* li?>e tbe iunirirr< voae abou' the aireeta, yet, at a oummuany, bute we been meKifaAr ayorad and pr ?er vod L?' na then one and aiiTnialjA Ibe nay spooNled a* the ne eatlon for th ? annu?l thti k?givln|. a <Wy Of <?|.eclal aolemi.i ty ana aae-ednc.a let im la* said*- our usual emidnyni'tn s snd, In our necnutanied p'^ceaof worship, render mtrav>! bumble and )?s?riy <b rkt to our Heavenly Father for ail hi. bleaairra, aud eaoscia!)* ItT our nioat uiereiful premrvulon ar. let u? l>e. racn him 10 eoatl .ue to ut hit loving kind ? a that not onlv our !*r. l ?.hall ve? gl.-e her tnrren'e to H i glory and our . ouifu.t hui ai?'i that ibe hleamngH of hea'ih. pn<a parity and :-e*.ce shall s*tll be VOWctwafcd to ut snd onr whole country. OKoKtiK IlAl.U. Muflr. Annexed rre cxtrac's from the various executive pro clamaUooa ? HF.W YORK. bt nis Bxrsitsarr nwiy h. < i.ahk, (Kivaiuioa of thb wtats ok eaw V IKK. The year 'hnl l? now drawing to a eloae bsa been fall of the nieicie* 01 our Heaven r V\ her. The Providence tnst dia Eenura fie enn: loon bie-a ngs of li e h?t not wltbholden Ita ountiea lh/ >ugbout the border* of our great aud pro per ona Maw man hs* b"eu .ireterved tn the enjoyment of lit>- and feeal'h. A plan'?-on? harveat hi* been gathered tn, while f>e?uienee ha* only looked upon n* and departed. N>-\er ha* labor reeehrd reward" m ire chcring, no fear of famine, no apptebetiiilon of indu*?ral djtne*s or commercial panic, no dread oi Impending roctal calami'y mingle* with onr j?v. Kvery dei i.rtn.cut of honorable human culture ha* ad\an<-ed. 1 be arte that adorn a republican e'aie hwe not laaguiabed Iheloveol freedom baa burned wl'h a brighter tl*me our political rights have reu.alned ante in the rare of an eulighten ?d and order luring people, the pusllc morals have noi de getieiaied: and religion n.>* not tsJled to cSeer u? b| her ooo aolaiion*. to warn u? bv her eolemu admoBit.ons. and to in spire lis by her eternal bopea. . . , In view of till* wonderful dl*plavof tlis good nee* of tlod, nothing c*n he more api roprlate than a solemn act of thank* giving by the whole people. 1 do, thereiore. ana in puniuanee of e*tal>ll*hed enstom. set apart and appoint Ihurwlay, the twentirtb day of Noveniber ne?t to lieobserved througnou'the Htaie as a day of public Ihsnkagivieg and prdee. And I respectfully request sll the people uf thin Stato to ahutain on that day from their umial avo ea'ion* to aaaemiilo nc<^>edlng to the.r religiou* custom*, a* d ghe tba'ik* to AiinlgiWy Ood the giver of all good. I^t ns Im pi. re him to ainile upon uur fo'nre, to make u* worthy of His bounties, an I to protect ind pl?-r?et?ov Institution* whl-h enable ma.i to gl^rtfy Hod and do Ills 'Wl'l upon eurih. Let w, e??eetallv th*uk Him that tb? great privilege of the Amerean etitven. 'ae nntrammclled etprasalan of opinio' . tbe defence of truib and ju?ti?e. end the denunrUtlon of error and oppraes on, Is *.tl' our* A nd while we nrav for forstve nee* of owr sins, as ettii?n* of tbe Mate ami Riitijeeta of ISe Divine government, let a* roeeecrati oureeivee anew on H it da) to a reliiit><na I fe, which negleet* no private or public o!> ligation ot. earth while h cen'.ne* in lbs grace of God fir the holts of at Immortal life in heaven. In witnese w hereof. I have herennto *igne.i mv name and afliied lb< privy aeai ot the State at the city of Albany, thia tweet? f rut day of Oeto>-er. In the ye*r of onr I/'rd one tl^?u aai d eight hundred and tlTy sit MVKOK H. CLARK. Hy the Oovrnaor, Gao. K Until. I'riva'e Secretary. BWOWI. st * mai ltu i-aica Wh. rras, H Is con>idar?l right and nrooer that ws should jfratefully acknowledge the g>iodneaa of God dleplaired In the par serration of onr Uvea, our elvll and rellg'ou* liberUe*, and ?ur republiraa innbtuUtut*. and for ^erj Me?alng. yn?0?ml aad apir.'.oal. which We enjoy; and whereas, tbe profeo'lon of tbe bta.c from insurrection and Intewio* ooctimoUon. and tbe ettirena ftom peatilenre and plsgne. equally demand a re tarn of Uiauks to Htm wbose will baa wrought thia protec tion MAIMS. ST aaft'KL ivgits In eceordsnce with a ren-rated uaage, asiabllshed In the first aotUemeat of Ibe ?wn(r?. b* oar vlriwiwe and pi ma ait ctttor* aid auii*'inantiy continued by their .le*eendmu I do, with IM advice ai.d ceuaent of the <V)ursll, anp iiat Thar* day. the twentieth day of 5ov amber neit, at a day of thank* aivlnu hi d p*ilMs An4 rfCftiniB?,nd lo th# pwpl^ of tkn HitUt VI a?aeml<l" on that da> In their ntnal places of nnlihc wor tblp and rrlurn their tl'.cerc and ittiletgaad thanks lo SI mtgl.te Gid for the Innumersble laror* snd hleaaingt which II."ha# t^aa wed upon th?m. not only diuiag the psat year. but tor the whole period of Ih^lr riWenC". l et as trank Him for Hla or n?tan< hanevotcnoe snd lovlni{ kit tor a hoonter>n? haivest and rich increase of B ?eks sn.l herd* making glad the heart* of the labo.wr and butbtad man thei ro rautlpeeUlenee or a.uding disasae In aay nan ana! degree :,aa deprived us of our frienda snd relative* bnt a pure ?aS tnvlgors'tng atni'wphere ha* hrnngW to as nenltu Mid atrei gth; that ba bps festered the <-*rtoO* |*ur.uita of In duati y. a< d that the earih. the ? r and the ten hat e yielded t ? mrn ihe tnnnta which He h.i* Impoasd npoa them I im thjuik P'.m ?b%t ???r w?uofi*i OMMRlwru tne roti'?a% |on rf out free ln*iltu?l-m? sad tbe rich legacy of onr Cither*, ba*thn* fa,- been preserved to ns. th*' tbe American peopl ? hate be* n endowed wKh a practical ability whtcb b** enable I th> m to found a great snd powerful republic holding s hlg ' rst.k awocg the nation* ot 'be, and that although at time* our political iabrtr baa experienced he rnde and violent ahoi kt of conflicting oplrlooa renaon haa never fitted to rc nin e lit twav ovar foilv and prejudice, and pence and quiet lutTe uiiif rm'y folhiecd the dfepcat riciteinent I^t na i"?ise the Ijord, beianee he "It mereiinl and gra ?loua aMin to linger, snd plent.-mia la merry," and becmiw bis gixtdt r a to us I* imnieaenrable and boundleaa He is Wuiv one Msker snd Fs her. snd we th" wgrk of Ills hsnd*. ?ed Ills <i"o?*ndeot cblldren. af haoad to yield lo Him a readr aad Wllltii ? obedience, a warm and filial tlTectlon. that w'e may p> "piote our own happiness snd fulfil the purpose* of "TCet'oe pra'lta nitn for redemption from *ln. and thst Hahai opened a wsv by which every creature ma* enjoy a liappv end glorious Immortrllty la an eternal World, where virtue nnd goodness will ba protected, and wkikedne** deprlveil of jKirwhile we offer fo Him the homage of grateful hearta foe th? tbandsncf He ha* given to ne may we not be unmindful that etwry man i* onr bmiber snd has a claim upmi our eym pathie*. and that we *hould be active lo relieve the wants of the poor snd the anflcrfngs of the r.lfllcted. CONNECTICUT. ar t aiiram. Whereas, we are constantly ai.monlshed thsl all events are controlled by a wlee and merciful Beisg, lo whoao f?r?r we nra tadebted for everv blasting. Sad whose benevolence It wver msrifest, even in nt* m'*' afUlctive dleoenastiona ? 11MTe therefore thonsht proper to appoint, and do hereby appoint Thursday the Juth day of November neit to beob ?erved throughout thts State ai a day oT public thtnk'glvlng, pra'as sad prsver. snd 1 irn'te sll the people of fhl* #tutr Pi naat m' e on that day wfh their pastora and spirit nal teach ert at their ration* i lsc-a oC worablp, snd wilb alnci S ind devoid ?Section' to preecrt tbfir uni'ed snd hnmhlo tlianka lo Alm'eMv God fir all the l^?M'mable hountiis of Wfftl, a* a rstlo'i eta State r id aa te.lfrldnal* we have been t e 'e par leheit- frtr general IiOslth, fur the abundanc ? >? btc'i bat re ??tW the verted WHi/ of people, for Ike continued blee* lug! of prict. for the proeoerHy of oar religion*. literary and beaevoleat Institution* ana. above aft, Av the inspiring hopes or a glof too* aed happy IMwlalHi to to eUaimed through laitb atd obedience to the wUl of His Hon and Savior and Juoge ond at the nae tkne to euoptioeAr Him to guide and pro loot ihe Prei>i Jbt of the WWM Melee and all other* lo au thority. ibx it- ,r ml*te may be to enlightened aa to uuder aiaed the it - Hi .able rektM** ever ntbsiatlag between public jiutftcx aod tt?e prx merit/ of aai-<>na, to guard them and lite whole people from internal discords and diaaeualoai, to uiiiie them more and more la (be bouil* of unloa and fraternal af renl'oo; to break 'he rod of (he oppreaaor and to extend and perpetuate the liles?iog* of education liberty, free govern meet and pure rettgtoa to Ike ottanaaat enda of the earth, fit MAKPRHIBg. rt salts mrm-Aty The season of the year baa retained, crowned with lta abundant k lories, when It haa toeen customary for the Kiecu tHe of the Mate lo appoint auM day lo be aet apart Croaa the ordinal) and Industrial coeoefti* at life, to be aenoualy ob nerved fa rtuderlng thaoka lo Ike kupreme Buler of the uni verse for ihr renewed rnanj relation* of hia klndae** to ua all, and L'P superintending ewe aod protection 1 herefore, la Ike dtarbargc cf a pleaalng aad customary duty, to full accordance with the general sentiment and wtsae* of tne people, and for Ike purpose of all uniting In tacriblng in 8 suitable manner due pcaiee lo our Creator and Benefactor, for the innumerable favors and bleaaiogs he haa ao bountifully l hia dependent creatures. ? t-Tj-jr- *kn tweatT seventh day ?f wHk IpMbfi and gieatful hearta, in our rsklp aqf by our donn-atlc Oreeldte, Hin du people m thia statu, to praise and mr nnuir ? nttce ore crowned the rear with Osmt out wilh plenty; the . onr herders: we dwell In ?Idee the tribute of prayer and ?.11?-T - .It 1 acceptable to find ? ? ' ***? trfSr Updnga we owe unfeigned thaakfulnaaa Pellnwhelre of 'he gntMof life, rejoicing together la the pes llc and private un-rcTes wlilrh surround u?, tenants in oommon otthe ines'imakle boon ofaeercnc and regulated liberty It bfcomta us aa a Christian neopleto pour our praia * out to flow'r' graciou* Lord, from whom aloue nil blessings In obedience to these obvious dictates of a religious nature in Hcoordrnce with the gracious lesson* of God'* holy word In compliance with an nonored usage I hereby rec >m mend 'bat. Iburaday. the aOth day of November, be aet apart, throughout Una Suite, ax a day of public prayer and tbanka C.v'nj, to alodghty Ood for the fruit* of the earth, and all the oil er blessing of Ills merciful Providence, and I call upon the people of the State, laying aHide ilieir cu*tomarv occupa tions tn.?tarmb)?, with one accord, in Ui**tr reapeetire houwa of worship lootttr up uni ei pra>eraand praiaea to Uio God of heaven and <arth who has b?cs*ed u* with auch b twines, aod to beseech Htm thai we may all have grace to prevent ourselves to Him in righteouaDea* and holiness, a living sari lice, well pleaslcg !n His sight. PENNSYLVANIA. nv JAM ICS pollock. A public acknowledgment of the goodnee* of Almighty God, and of our cooatant dependence upon hia Providence, is emi nently becoming a free and enlightened people As the "Giterof every Rood and perfect gift He haa crowned tbepaet' ear with Ills goodness, and cana?d our pa'hs to drop ?i h la'ness " imr free InMltutiona. our righta aod privileges, civil and relltloiis have been continued aod preserved, science ar.d art with the greiit inte-ent* of education, morali ty and religion have beeu encouraged and advanced; Indus try, In all it# departments, his been honored and rewarded, and the general condition of the people Improved ?>ur commonwealth b?* been greath bless?d. The ravages ol diaease and deailt- of famine and pesiUeoce?have not been permitted io rome near us; nrr have me horrors or war dls tii*l>e<< the neiK-eiui qnlst of our honiea The e^Hh haa yield ed her Increase and richly rewarded the labor of the huaband man abundant prosperity wlUi ?nil|in? pienlv and thn bless ings 0fb"alh ha-e been nun Ackno vledglnir with gratitude tin ae bless) gs of a kind Providenre, let us "enter Into His g?U!s with thanksgiving and Into Ilia courts wilh praise, be tbaiiktnl unto llim and bleas His name." Iieeply Impressed with the importance and propriety of this duty ard in accordance with he wishes of manyg'iod citizetia 1, James Pollock Governor of the Common wealth of Pennsyl van>a dohtrehy recommeud Ihuraday. the 'JOtii day of Ho Vemner najt sa_a day of general ih mkaglvhig and prairie tlirougbont UtiKjState ADd earoefkil? impion* ths people that febn'atmuff from all worldly biiaineHs and purautUf oil that day' the> ut He In ottering \haukn to Almi?hty God 'or III* past pWpcfsand mercy and humbly beaeecli Him for a cootluu arcc ol ll'a blcisuga. WISCOHBIK. bt foLW HAciirmn. A year of general peace and prosperity Is drawing to a clese. During this ptrlod our soung Mate has at?aduv ad vai red in her rapid career lovarda wealth aod geeatnew. Her resources have received an ampler developemi ot. Kew aver.uea t.f trade and in:ere',mniunicaiiona have been opened and a freih imneiua giveu lo all deparment>of ioduHrv. 1 abo? In all its legl'imate aiihces ef exercise hta been bon i tlfully rewarded A K?oeroua harveat has flllel the land with plenty, while health and happlneas have prevailed wilhla cur N rd?ra In the enjoyment of Ibeee tempo-al bleaalng< we abould not he unmtneful of the gracious giver of all good p'fls Ihfr n anifo'd exhibitions of whose favor and guardian caie meet us on ever* hand, and 'thai we may eipreas oer grttituie for thene bourties. 1 h?-reb.v appoint Thuradny, tha aith day cl N< vctnber ueit. to be obaerved as a day of public thanksgiving and praise tlirovighou' the State. OHIO. irr a r. i uahi. Kefiiininp c. that f av, from the ordinary avocations of life, lr t> V-ep tbr f<a#t wl'h Jayfu' hearta Assembling In otr I rr>t er'ive olKreetgpubllr worship orgathoiing around our ! c'ornef-'.f si nra >; us devoutIr acknowledge iiod as tee gra , < ? I.* a-tlwr ?? every blesirfag snd every beoeAt. Let us | giatefi.liy tlii,nk Him. ??specially, lor our |iro?|iertiy a-jd fur I i in S't . It. our li siliutli'ui of ii'iitainu iiMglon and C..*-ny ? or the prr^Ioe?aof o?r a|r<<'Uli>ire and of our w a ijt 'he It . rromsr of cvmrnw. for ihe prese-v Oion o' t leaith. lor Li'mes endeared bv sweet Nmllf agn Lo :<s: for the men-tea m redemption and toe the hi net of iatwrttlli} Aioiing Ihe divine wtadom by wbt*n eur | fatiien were m t- . d tn estalillahtng th-- foutiostto-a of un|le4 ? irpire li Nfth Amt^riea upon the ao'Kl bssta nf civil md rel (hH.aftee ? and the divine gonduoan by w*ieb the inslltu I I'ons of 3<>??' i,niei t whu-li ihef (ntiadi-d have been iranaai t ted to ? i children, lei ub give thanka fos m.essv gusrde.1 by law a d le* led by uulna. Ooufeeslfig huinblv uur im vr?tih a>r* o: 'beee ineati a?ble l.eeedta. let tie Inrveotivln toki "tir fioh"rln Heaven to coeUnui- them geaclnnsiy tn us lid tf ?.nr ; '?ii-rity forevar. ftior let us lorgst In reMS.-ings or swp" eki orva our leliow men >eaa hapoy lb%a ou'raelves of i t r . ' .,111 ince lei ua give liberally lo *boee who need nor let i s tall lo preaecf before the throne of lodnPe Justice one [ si. re-e rt, .ft* ft,, thr aawnlall of tvranuy, for the deliver ar. ? rf tveopf r k?"<1 for the enfranchuetnent ' f the enslaved, S' fcr Hi i s\ Mi?btoent even where of human rights et"l .1 - gr ven inents iiivigorated by enjoymenu and asplra i.ora li>e Lt.,. we shall return, it may be hoped lotheordi i ar? porsui ? ol nle with hearts more than ever engaged to li e ? r' ? of every private and every onoitc duty, and morethu" ?ver d?vo:ed to the adraneetnent of Ihe beat ia'.e res ? ol ovr -iat*. l ur eonntry and otir race XICHIOAN. in KI.^itLBy H HI.Vi.HAK In eer'otmiti- O a Tell eatabjabed custom. I. Kinsley 8. Plogbaiu. U?.v< ? <jr of the hta'e of Michigan havn thought proper l< i.| |itiQt. std do by theae preaenta appoint. Ihura ca., the 1 werMeth day of lloi ember next, aa a day of public !ha:.kngivtrg aud i rayer 1 ies;i ctfullv n c inmeod thai the day be set anart and ob lervet, i>j ihe go d people of thta stale, aod that they asaem Ida lo il,? Ir respective plaeee ol publio worship, and unite ie a public ilemonslratloii ol gratitude lo A insight) (lod for the ontny siauni nil-salt gs will h have been vouiilisaled lo us Ultring tin- pus! tear. I.e.t us iLittk Him for our civil ami religions, aid social aii .l Uuuiest.c eii,uyimiiia. let us eipreae our gram tide for pro pltleii* seasons In which thr earth baa yi tided her locresan. nil On a'M-ra <>'the husbandman bare he-n well rewarded; that a n'enttftil snpoiyoffood haa been stored up for man and b'-sst ai >1 bat destitution and want are sterrely known In our 'and. >et us be 'hankrul that ihe ravages of dlaewe have been SV?r'?d snd thai the year haa been diatlngti'sbed for the health sc happiness and riroaoerll > of our people. Let ua nek- Owtecge our ohligaiioiis loakin.i Provldenci> w!l is r .at our lot In a land blrased wnfc Ins'ituiinna of (OTeiiitnei.i which have b|therloaecn-ed to us our Hrbts end uLei-ties? meuiuliotie widrh enalde tbr people |ieaceably to cci reel ant defeetaor abuses In the admtniefrattoa ot ths go venunetii, etthont resort to vioieneeor bioodshel nr -evolu ,|en snc ? us hi-iobly snd reverently pra? that our h-arta us; ' e dseul) tmpreeeeil with a sens.- of oer obligation* to Htn> *rr ibeee rieb lileeebwe and that they may be mntlneed to ns snd too- - posterity for ever?that we mav he tuoerrved imui pis' and from war. aod from clt U iiimmitloii, (bat true anl t'aeful knowledge mav onnll iue tobedillused end Ifektcur pi ] 'e n.ay ever he dlatingulehnd for tbelr hatred atd rtjei i n or the wrong and their lose and pr actice of the | right. _ potrrn cuouka. HV JAM KM H ADA MM. i V 'e-?as .'I' the doty of every people In acknowledge their ?lrpei,<l? on Aim ghty God, to esorws* tbsir gratitude for M meic?r. and devoutly Implore Hia hiesaieg tortbefu Nixe. Ibeeefore. I J am "a U. Adams. Coventor of tbe State of sou-h Caro'tna, do, in conformity with tbe established 'Sag* i of I hia Mate, appoint the twentieth day of Voveiaber ti.Htant to be observed aa a day of thanksgiving humiliation and prayef snd Invite and exhort our cltl/ena of all denoml nai'cns to assemble at thetr respective plaeea of worship to oltf.- rp heir devotlooe lo Almighty God, tbe giver of all pood. ??o?ai a. BT liven'im v. J, >n >.*>*. tn ci .torwlty with a custom se-ctioned hy the pletvof all ?ges and eiyo ned by ihe grwai Us tilve- of the llelveree and re?p<* ing 10 the suggestion, which seeks bv pri-nrl ig conceit of a> lion among the s.xecwMves of the eexenil States tikFT'ra n *1 " ' ti'T f0r ">*oks?ivlag ibrougboni 1, hi rath-1 f Johnson, Oorernor o? Georgia, do hnrnbr !*? slatste Ih- isdei. the twentieth day of tie* ureeeet month, as a day Of Ibaalaglvag eod Mippli. stlon, and reoomme'id the people throughout the Mate on that day to suspend tb?lr nsi ol bus -tes? and the various religious denominations to aee?mh.e m their leapecttv. plaeea of worship, ami engage in neriieeaot detothm stiiiable to the occasion. ua a* a tieople sckt ow edge with gratitude Mie maoilold merclee of God let im liana him fur our eiemptton irom war pivl lence and f in me for our naimosl end social n'esalngs hir tl.e proeperlii which smiles on our beloved country. Ke n?m berlng our s?-incomings, and reprnileg of our sine let im irapmre lilvine forglveneee l*i it* prav fhr the banlskme-it of sectional annniisiUes a'd strilea for the pewvelenee of po Idiosl fratemu> and jnstiee. for deep dsviitlon and fidelity io Ihe ledernl i nslltutkm. which Is l?>- b<md of one union fur heavtnly wisdom to guide our rulers; for Uie eipulstnn of ?s|iirltnrlwiiVedne**fii high nieces." and for the establish mtm ol that "rghttnussesa which eieltetb a nation " MINNWIITt. *T W. A. (iORMA*. In confotmitv to the soggesttone of many wise and patriot! ? cliizeaaid Uie I'nlled Sia es that a day, uniform thronahou ail the M, tee and I errltortee of the I'nion be flie l upnu as a day of thanksgiving to God for his manifold blessings ? I Willis A. ilortnan. Govern * of the Territory ol Minneeo la. tlo leanest sil persore to keep and obeerve Ihursdai Ihe Xith day of Koieml er. for sneh purpose and ell persona are requested lo abstain Irom their usual occupation* mi tbat dav, ai.d manlleat in some fit way their obligation lo tbe Grew Ruler of the Cnivetse for hi* gimdeeas to u* a* a people. In dividually and collectively. WARHrNOTON CfTT. rt w p. MAaet PRe, mavor. Wliercas, by a joint resolution passed by the City Councils ?nd anprov e?l thte dey. It i* declar?d that " with grat<-ful heerts wr recognise the merclee of a kind and overrulteg Pro vldenco, from whom we have received all the bleaamg* of life, and the Mayor te reqneaied to appoint e day by pmclatna tlnn. recon>merdlng tq all the inhabitants of Uit* city to refrain from tbetr nsnsl oectMMtlons and devote It to thankegivlng and praise to Almighty God, as an evidence of tbe rlty a greH tude, bow. therefore, I renueet the Inhabltante nf tbe dtv of Washington teeet apart I huraday. the twcnUeth day of Wo ventber nevt as a day of thankagfrleg and praise in Almighty God lor the nlesaings af health and prosperity wh.rb he baa so bountifully bestowed npim our people. A letter from Parts say*:?ft la ertteetly desirable thai It gbonld be keowe whether the French government complain* of fair and sertou* criticism of He diplomacy, of dlsqnliltlon* net altogether flattaHng as to the political sad finsne?e' *tete and proepocts of the country, or of fromly igfiprohtble *tor es, written only to ral*c a laugd. POSTSCRIPT. THURSDAY?FOUR O'CLOCK A. M. THREE DATS LITER FROM EURO PI* ARRIVAL OF THE NIAGARA AT HALIFAX. Lord Palmerston on tho English Diipsti with the United State*. The DMfrenet between England an# France. DECLINE IN COTTON?BREADSTUFF'S DULL. CONSOLS, 92 7-S a 98, &c., Ac., 4c. Hajjtax, Not. SO, UN. ?? royal nul! sMamahip Niagara, Capt Ryrta, Uverpaol oe tie *<t?n.(/on of Satarday, Nor. 8, arrl horo at wWDlyW Tbe atenmjr Anglo Sxxoa, from Uaahac, arrived out K Liverpool at 61'. If. en the 6th mat. Tbo Canard *team<iblp Persia, from Now York, trrifM at Liverpool at 7 P M oo Frtdav, tbo 7th, hor puiift being called uina days and eavea bourn, mean time. Tbe Niagara j*Bred Nov. 8, at 6 SO P. M., tbo Unitod 8ta'?a mall tUauer Ericsson, rlx mile* from Liverpool. On Nov. 0, at 11:80 A. M , exchanged signals with tbe ? hip Caravan, oil Wateriord There 'a Utile important news by this arrival. Additional symptoms bad manifested themselves or a close union between France, Russia and Prussia. It would appear that France supports tbe unconditional ad mission or Russia and Pruaaia to tho socoad European Coherence, while England Is said to oppose the admission or tbe former and Austria or the latter. Tn atlas or commerce between Russia and France, and railway treaties between Russia and Prussia were in pre paration. Neapolitan aHairs continues without change. Tbere had nothing or Interest been re:etved from Spain. GREAT BRITAIN. Ix>id Palmerston had delivered an address on Educa tion, before a large assembl), In Free Trade Hall, at Man cheater. Be also made two spoechea in deleace ot bis foreign policy. An address bad been presented to him by the Presi dent of tbe Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, In which tbe following pa-sage occurred:? It would cot be doing justice to the commercial com mutlty or Liverpool were u0 mention made of that ques tion which nuuat deeply ailt-cts It?the late difficulties or threatened < 'flt-reace between this country and tbe Osl t?d H.aUs. There is. my Lord, bat one expreaalon or fet-llag aib'Dg ns sa to the manner In whioh your Lord cb;p am trr Majesty's advisers disposed of that, which at one I me threatened to be a question that mlfbt In volvc in a desperate contest witti America. Wo feel, by Hie kcIc in which your Lordship and her Majesty 's edviseis settled tbat questlou you not only consulted tbo dignity ot this eouttry, but in spirit aad In tact sa'isfied aw the ibU reels coec.rned M* Lord, lor tnat we feel dreply Indebted to your Lordship and to her Maicsty'a government. To this l?rd Palmerston roplled with considerable Em barrassment or manner, aa follows ? I was sure, gentlemen, that tbe policy Which we re cently adopter) in our differences with the Unite I States murt meet with your ap-robatUt] We (Wt that while ' n the cue band it was neceasary to maiattia mm dignity ot tbe country, that It wan iUo ncaeaary to show tbat < ven tbe raiamitlea of war with a aefghhorlnp raoe would be encountered, tr (beta ?M ? neoeMlty for It upon ad. quale ground*. frit that while It WM rrceesery to show tain we ought la waive ail a?a?r ' m l F*riy ri-uniderations? (tat We oeght not Su iaa? a Ivnntagr of circumstance* ?li!ih roirtu, perhaps, havs iWftliWMi t.fce exprrselon ot atigry feelings?tbat It w*i more d'gtillied to look at what we beitev.d to h-s tbe 'riendly fcwlng* of tne treat roa?s ot the pawl* ?4 the letted P'etea. lather tban tn take too much notix of clr cumstarcre m a asrrowe* sphere that might perhaps have justified feelings of Irrretton The result his tally *or*?i eui, I think. the wisdom of that courae. I an sura <hut in proportion as your prr?p?rttv insrewee. and in proportion as your enterprise Is developed, in the same proportion we mat look to cementing permanently those ties of frit ndsblp and good will which exist aad ought to he perpetuated between tbe people on the two shoi as of the itt'anun I In l,ord l'ainrerst<>n's speech at Maacheetor be used tbe fallow leg expression, whtohhas been the subject or much remark ? I hope the peace will be lasting; bnt it* endurance will depend on the fidelity w>?b wblcn Its conditions are ful filled. if tbat pow<r which provoktd hostility faithfully carried ont the treaty, t:.en no doobt peace would long be preserved. On Thursday evening, the Cth last, tha Directors or the Bank of England bald a protracted sitting, la the ooarse or which tbey deliberately considered tha expediency of maklcg a further change In the rataa of discount, with a view to arrast the continued outlaw of gold to the ooa linent. Tbe wllhdiawal of a considerable amount during tbe last fow days, and tbe certainty that tha deoaad must contlnus unless It ba interrupted by large arrivals rrom Australia, are understood to bava engage! the at tention of th? board, and tha reaolutloa not to make any change for the present was arrived at by a majority of oaly one. Tbe condition of the Bank of France had shown no Im provement. Admiral Dundaa was still at Malta at last advicsa which are t ? October 3 . Gape of Good H<>pe advloaa, of ()cu>b:r 3, say that rsara of a Kaffir war are pasalng aire.. Tbe Brit;?h government alvertlses, at Lloyd's, for a bin ta convey seme hundreds of emigranta to Nera ?rr,lie, It being the Intention to grant free passagea to lahrrer* an I their famll'ea to that oolony. FRANCE. Rumors continue or a probable modliisailoa la tbe Ministry It Is said that M. da Perslgay'a visit to the Em pcror is connected with thane rumors Toe Rmperor continues the ravels at Complegae, where Lis third and Isst batch of greats have mat arrived in aludisg the Mlnlaters of Kuans. Sweden aad Holland, and Var'hals Pelllsiar aad Raraguay D'H.tilers These protracted country entertainment* give fleece to the Parisians, and amoag tbe placards surreptitiously posted on tbe wells, are some headed U R-n ftamm Tbe eveat of the week la a eoml offclal editorial la the OeiWufiimnri on tha ueatlon at ts*ne between tbe French aad Kngllah goverameata. This article speaks plainly and says:?The preface ot the naval eqnadron of hng'and la the Black Saa. aad of the Auatrians la the lYIndpalltlea, are beacefarlh oaly aa arbitrary aa I vto leat means of preveatlsg a eolation of tbo dlffereace which Reeela haa been the Orsi to propose In otferlng to submit tbe question to it* natural jadge* Is It desired to ha ? rrcourae to ar?s Is war again dsslredT I toes tbe Kogliah Ministry llch I > ent.-r agate upon boat dues without f ranee?no I certainly to assure the execution of the treaty of Paris, hot Imprudently to rend R la pieces la th? lee? ? ; the world, with tha abject of satisfying an amb lion tbat bad base forth* moment diegnteed. We repeat, It now depaads upon tha Oabtaeti of London aad Tlenna to put an end to the pending disputes, aad to termiast . the aaxistlee to which tha preeeat sltaatloa gives riae let the coneent to the re aaaembi ag at the Plaalpot*a tier lea ha glvea without maktag arbitrary and laaluKsl ble exeluslveaess a condition?exciuatoas whi.ib woald completely change tha charaoter aad he an addltl >sa breach of the treatlee. let a* add, ibat if a peeoeTa *o lutioa la deairad, this Is the only propoeal for that pnrpoee tbat can be decently made. H baa been rumored for some days baok la Paris, that tha I reach fleet waa about to pro< aad to tbe Meek tfee

This, however, la not certain Tbe fleet may parhapt leave Touloa, hat It la not probable that It will go far. Shonkl It go to tha Bteck Pea, it la difficult to suppose tbat It* object could he c.o operation with the British s>|nedroa The celebrated painter Paul de Itocbe Is deaa. He wee flfty-alne years of a*e. SPAIN. A plan of flnaace will ba laid before the Council of Ministers without daisy. Nothing aa yet la decided ea to the creation of a Mia ?? try of Ooloalea. The Sbfwaa, a Ministerial paper, decrees the Anglo. French alliance, and recr mmenda tha alliaeee of B,.ain with North ?C thai the <lf irate bee received by the govern b . Home represented that the negotiations tonut to be entered into with the Holy See would be conducted 1a a trie i d y bplrlt b. the latter. The lev of the preee, requiring ? heavy deposit w ?urety money from editor*, is re established. A meeting or political notabilities had been held tn the fcOMe or General Prim for the parpoee of reorganising ffce progressist party. The reeult Is not yet known. J ITALY. Regarding the Neapolitan difflcuttle* we hare nothing ?lore definite than the following front the Parts Patri*:? Tbe Neapolitan difference, If we may believe the reports 'Mbltehed by the Belgian journals, are on the polut of ?tiering on a belter phase, ?ad although the King of Na ples has. It is said ordered bis representatives ta Fraioe stud England to demand their passports as soon as they 'ebould be Informed of the return of tne Baron Oremer aid M. Pelrle, tt is thought that an arrangement will be aorae to through the fneitily Inw rfereooe of the Rusnlan "Minister at Naples We 'ball soon kno* what we may 1 expect on this at bject, for a manifesto from the Neapoli tan government to every oay rxpected. and If that doou ment should not be of a conciliatory character, it la pro bable that the Neapolitan envoys will take their pass ports. According to the recent agreement with the Pope, the AustriacB are withdrawing their troops rrom several of the towns la the fa pal Legal ons which they have for [ some time past occupied. At the same time they are ' making preparations lor an overwhelming display of military force In Lombardy and on Ue frontier. The ports evacuated are immec lately reoccupied by Papal f #wiss regiments. Bologna and Aneooa are now the only points held by the Austrlans. AUSTRIA. The concession by Franuta Joseph or the EMtern Rail road is published tn addition to the Lines already con ceded. The company may construct the line rrom Mohacs to Tlmfkirchen. Tbe while line most be com pleted within ten years, Tbe government guarantees five par cent. TheCommtmlon on the navigation or the Danube Is about to re assemble at Vienna. Turkey will send a rep reaeotative. GERMANY. The declaration or ihecommittee of the Germanic Diet, appointed to consider of the affair or Kenfchatel, amounts to this:?Tbe committee recommend the Diet to recog nise tbe right to tho Principality as conferred on the King of Prussia by the treaties of 1811 and tbe proticolol London In 1862. Nothing la determined concerning the modifications which that right has undergone since 1815, in consequence or the successive proceedings of the Prus sian government, particularly in 1830 and in 18iS. Ibis can only be decided by a Coi^rees. PRUSSIA. Letters ?ay that the relations between Fraaoe and Prussia are becoming closer, there being talk or but two poilcles, that of France, Rx-na and i'riuat* against Eng land and Austria Such talk, however, Is of little value. It Is also said that a new treaty or oommeroe is settled between Russia and Prussia, w>th a view to international railway communication. Private statements say that Prussia agrees with Franoe and Russia tu requiring that the Aajtrisas shall evacuate the Oanub'Mi principalities and the English fleet leave the Black Sea. RUSSIA. The conoesf-lon or tbe Russian railways to tbe credit naobllller was signed October 28. Tbe company under takes the construction of 3 800 versts of railway in four ' riule??First, from M. Petersburge to War taw, repaying te the government tbe ilgbty million franca whteb the COO versts already constructed have cost and undertake* to complete the line, secondly, rrom Moscow to Theodo ra, 1,US verste, thirdly, from Mrscow to Novogrode, ato versts; and focrthly, from Koorsk to the port of i,e bex These lines most be completed tn ten yean, a ad tbe Russian government guarantee! tve per oeat. Oat third of the ah are* will be allotted to Bnasia. The shana inH not be quoted < n the Paris Bnnrae ?? 'me company is iwo bund red and seventy uillioa silver lotMn By a Irterfrom Vienna, In the Cologne OmetU, ws learn something abcut ti e diplomatic correspondence whioh resulted from tbe Intention of Rattla to erect new fortifications on the Finish coast In tbe Bolhnian Gulf. Wo are told that this matter has come to an amtoable un derfctan<ttng aa far as the rtlatlona or the French govern ?eat to Ru?>la ere concerned; but the Bruii-h govern c ?i.t, it ta 'aid. Ml I malnt ins ttat in those lortlllcatiooa tber* ta an invasion oi the artle'e of tbe treaty of p?ace by whlrh the erectIon of formication* on the Aiand Is'xnda I" Interdicted. Count Moray is represented aa having declared to Prince i<<rtactaKo!l, ri reply to a direct queation, that trance bad no objection t* tn* erec titn cl ihe proreed fortreaaee. Tte Rmperor A exai. ? baa iMrr a 'et'er to fleae rai Li-der* granting him iraveoi abaence for a year. Oa* txpreasion m I h?a attracted auenilcn The Kmperor rays*?1 Appreciate* jour tlllclent service*, I bop* that II circum>tai ce* givr n<? o< caaion to recall you to em pioymert beiore theesptiatiot ot tbe period named, yon will cobm to resume jo ir duties with tbe real and aia crity wnich have ever atguahxed your military career." TUBBY. Tbe new Turkiah Ministry la reported u follows ? Grand Vlsier, Reeobid Pssba; Minister of War, Omar Paafca; Minister of Marine, Rlra Pasha: Minister of Fl nance, BafleMe I ash* In ttia meantime Feud l'aaba will hold the Portiolio of Foreign Afhlrs until All Puba, to whom it ban been oiiered, contents to accept it. The French aa well aa the English government is favo rable to Ibe abovt Ministry. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. LONDON MONEY MAHKKT There bad bee a no material change tn the lemacd for rates fbr money. Consols had fl ecu a led somewhat and closed at a K1, for money, aid a 08 for ac coont. The bulllou in thi Back of Knglaad bad dtcrtaaed duriag the week ?41,000. AMKH1C AN SKCI KITIBa. The markei was qntet and steady, and the previon* quotations are continued. LlTKmi'OOL COTTON MARKET. The market was quiet asd exhibited a rather drooping tendency, with aome Irregularity in price*. Tbe Brokers' Circular calls tbe lower qeatittrs oeeetcbtb of a peany lower aad the ml: dllrg aad (air qua iUaa oneelitoaath lower oa tb? week, wltb n i toady market at tbe eloae Tbe sale* of the week were natrtete^ to 10, .eO bale*, of which Ibe speculator* t. ok /.MO a?d exporter* 3,100 Tbenaleacn Friday were about 8,000 bales, including l,tC0 on speculation end n?r export Tbe following are tbe aothoriard quotation* ? Fair Or! seas. 7'jd , ml Idling, fl\d ; fair Mobilea, 7 J* d.; middling. 8 It i?d . fair I'p lands. 7)?d.. middling, efcd The atnok on k*ed wa* e* 11mated at 41*,870 bale*, ef which 8*8.800 were Amerl oaa. maj?chr?tkr markktr. Trade tn Manchester waa dull, aad buyer* were de manding a reductiaa. livrarooL rrkadrtvffb makkkt. Tbe market for breadstuff* generally bad been quiet. Mr. Draper's circular oalls wheat inactive, aad 'id. lower. Flour dull aad quiet, wan aali|bl decline on the Inrertor qualities, say about 6d. per bbl. Cora wliaott lasintial cb*ege M?*sr?. Richer 4 son Rpenoe \ Oo qnote a* fol lows ?Red wheat, 8e 04 a Hi Id. wb>te wbeet, ?*. 8d. a ICa. Id,, cVnetag dull, especially for white Wester* renal flour. 80s a 38a : Da timore asd Phllari <1pb'a, .tls fwi a :.8a ?d . Ohio, 83e. a 87s.: Caaa-llaa, .Its. a 87s , with a dull tone at the chat; mixed common. 33s., yel low, 88a, a 33s Od.; white, 3se., closing inactire. i.iv**root, prottrion mARxrr. Messrs K.chardaoa, dpenc* A Co. report beer very dnil, with holder* pressing on the market. I'rtme Bell ing nt 70s. a UAe. Pork?Utile teqalry, aad prieea wiak. Prime mees, 85s. a 78a. Bwmn?-tale* unim portant, at pr*vtou* rate* lard very dull, and quota tioes nominal, at 74a. on the apot. Tallow <jul*ter, and la. lower. Sale* at 68a. a 87a. tlVBRPOOt. PROntTCl MARKKT. Tbe Broker's Circular quote* coramoe roetn slow of vale, bnt price* unaltered Hue rcaia **litng at 10*. a 10a. Rpirlta ot turpentine? Bualnaaa I mi ted at previous rates?aay Ms. a 31a. American tar?etaie* uulmportani Aahea eteady at Ms. a ?? lor pc?a, aad t?a. a 80e lor pearla Philadelphia ?i*e>-rtiro* ba.-k slightly cheaper? sale* at 13s. a lis 8d r<*'more bark I la a Ita. 8d. Unseed and flah oil*?^n . .alee at prerloua rale* pali* oil slightly dearer?*aiee at ?44 6a. a ?48 tea , oil re oil eacier, but quotatlone unchanged Dye woods?A limit ed buafaees at prevloua ratee Baltpetre 'i-mer Sugar active, at aa advance ot 8d. Molaaeet Arm, and 8d dear er Tea rather iiutater?aalaa at a b^d. Ooffoe An average buaineaa without <|uotaabl* change. Rice tk ady, with a rather better leellag In the market. LONf>ON MARKKT^. Mea*v* Baring, Broibern A Co. sey?*tigar ttlfTer, bnt not i|sntably htgb*r. Ot0m ootet. Rin? without change bnt tending npwarda. Iron on let. Wetca bars quoted at ?7 I* a ?7 10*. and rail* ?7 88 T ? firmer, common birrk. 11**., aad bolder* 'lenuadiog aa advance Breadetnlie quiet, and witaoet eiaaatiai ?(?,,?? gmur, :>4s a 89a ; red wheat, 88a. a 7* . wbitr, 70*. * 7fla. hatrk MARtrr. I Dtirlrg the week sndini on the 4ih Intt inclusive, the cotton market hsd boen steady, with limited sale* New Orleans, tree ordtnaires, qu'tod at 109f. H-eadstufl* dull and tending downwsrds t'rovlct'Wd dull, but prices un changed. tiugar stiller, but quotations unchanged. Cof fee quiet. The Latmt MorktU. Lit kupuul, Saturday, Nov. 8?2 P M lathe ootton market to day there baa been ? rather better feeling, but without any change in quotation*. The aaits loot up about 8,000 a 10,000 bales. Broadstuils at Frio ay's rat eg. PAS8ENGER8 PERSTEAMER NIAGARA. Mr Martin and child, Mr Thompson and lady, Miaa Tltomp aon, Mi** Kanny Ore) Miaa frippe Mr rhompaon lady and infant, Mra iiec'-ur and Min. Mr.-, Durntng, Mini Milne*. Mr Brown and lady, Miaa Kantreve aud t?o children, Mr Ham mer and lady. Mm Purfieas, Mr a Cpliam, Mcaara Cluntt, Chaae, Kenyon M.rrla, franker, LuIiuk Bailey, Tudd. Full. Wood, ltecunlan. tirey, Kate lane Ogilcuy, White, Middieton. Hall burton. Kernaauei Brown Junes, Palmer Decattra. Vlvau co. K I)? an, McCroanan, Bain. Waierley, Sheppard, Michaad, Mo'ne, bmlth, Fisher, Ilowe, Wirgman, Mlna Bam and Mia* Buahley. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Arrived frrra Ne? York -Nov 7. McOay, and Bern Adams, at Liverpool: 4th, Courant and UarrW iiouhe, In the (Hyde; ftth Covenant, do; 7tli. Fidelia, and North American, at Llv erpooV Arrived trom ftavannali Nor 6, Falcon, at Liverpool. Arrived from New Orieaua N <v 6, Oroondalea, at Porta moulh. hailed for New York Nov 6. John O Boyd, and K Z, from Liverpool; ti B l.amar, Irom Uruvcaend; 4th, Catharine, from Antwerp Hailed lor Boeton Oct 24, Union, from Messina; Nov 4, <"jn atantiue, from Liverpool. Hailed for Savannah Kov S, Lion, from Peterhead. Hailed lor City Point t>ov 6. Fanny from Liverpool. bailed for New Orleans Nov C, Exchange, from Dea1; 6th, European, from Liverpool. Tbe ship Celia went ashore at Dover and will be a total w reck. 1 he George Keel, from Cronatadt for New Tork, atranded off khone Nov 1. 1 he crew were aaved. The American PropoelUona to the Pads i?hfticnce. [From the I .on Jon Snipping (J azette of Nov. 4 ] It will be renumbered that Uio Uoiud States govern ment expressed ita readiness to adopt the declaration if the Parts Conference as to privateering and the neutral Hag, on condition that an addendum was attached to it, to tbe effect "that the privatn property of the sabjeots or citizens of a belligerent on tbe high seas should ba us em( ted lrom seizure by the publi > armed vessels of lha other belligerent, except it be contraband." The reasons given bj the americau Cabinet lor nMh to entertain tbe l*aris propositions without this amendment woie, that It the United Stales consented to tbe suppression of privateering tbey would deprive t he tn? elves of one of their greateat means of deieuoe and aggression In a time of war, and to leave themselves exposed to unfair ad van tagea on the part of those maritime powars whose policy It wss to keep up large navies in the time of peaoe. Tbe United Htatea therefore claims, as tbe condition of their concerning to tbe propositions, that private property on tbe bigb seas, no matter to whom belonging when notcottraband, whaU be unmolested; and it i* tn'.x that tnc hunpeau powers have now to der'da upan We are glad to Hod. lrom a notice of motion to be disc listed at the next meeting of the Chain'ter of Com? eroe at Liver pool, that this demand on the part of the United States is about to be publicly canvassed. War Is bad enough under any | bane or any cinmmstanoen. but ev< n war It self would bettrippec of many of tts cruelties If the pro perty ot innocent parties were reipcctod and the peaceful claims of commerce recognised by the contending parties. The notion to which we refer la as follows ? That this ''hamber, having In view the Interest* of oom meree, accords li* hearty approval to the declaration of the Paris Congress, April IS, lrJi, concerning marl tune war, vis.:? 1. Privateering Is and remains abollahrd. 2. 1 be neutral Hag covers enemy 's goods, except contra band of w ar. S. Neutral grofl*. except contraband of war, are not liable to capirne anuer enemy 's tlmr. 4. KlocSadi in o, .It la u<> binding muat be effective: that la. maintained by a force aufflcieut really to prevent acceaa t > the loaat of ilie enemy 1 bat it also approves the ao liUeaal proposition which the goveinuifcet of the United Mates hs* mate the enndtuoa of its adherence to the declaration oi the Paria t'oni'-esa, vix ? '1 hat the private pioperw ot the kubjecla or ctuxeoa of a b'-l' llg? rent ea the high sea* >.liall be e\na,iu-d from aeiiure by put'lk' aimed vetaeU ot the other belligerent, except It be cunirabwmL lilt FVrnrlt Preaa on Knglarwl. An V.B|ttabinn in Paris is oivog pro if that tite Krtrib pteai is h? crlpaMe us the Kngiir.b, urn as da of a moDitl d irom the , The Cautlr tU F'un< r attributes the present anaottiod it>u ot Kurope the tinaacial difficulties of France, and la fact, all eslsting ct Lis. to tne pernicious tnuenco <W hog la*i?1. 11 sayi? The ore doc I of Fofland star* the reaBa'-lon of tbe Crl trran war, aflords a subjsct of l reflection to the ??*!'?, mmd ?? to l?*p?i?lkU lluM IW***, im mm if lb I* ondact, (an rvTrmm Irons casting a Oitlar Slaaceat the past Hot Id ua Ant riamtxie the present. How OR ibat Knropa tfoaa cm rsK?? at tMa day tbat p?r fret ?"< urlty, tbat oocfi.trace In tye futon, wbica shmld n?r? followed ibe conclusion of a p- BBB procured by tbr mutloralloa of I rr.nco and tbe rcei;oat'on of Kunsiaf Tbia is caused alotir by hdN| Ml entered tho Dog. pre*i off-aria without attempting to disguise bar dn.a t UnatioB. and waa, ro to ray c- mpellod Of the nnaut Btuao will of the routine nta' nation* She, th.-ref'ire, la lakag part | the i*1 in ? .l t.i spread tbc i.-???<?? of war and ol revolution If w? are at tbia day u> a tluaa ctal rxtela which threat! aa every fartaao, if tbe sprisgs of tra.le arc rusiy li the sorial .listener la ttioeo clrrum.-tsrres proceed from tha preclpltato rooli !en<-e ol tbr public in tbo con lu: lou cf poa'r Put h > ? .-ould It b?vc bicn ia.aiir.'d tbat Uo laMMi of a Congress would lave b??ru openly violated by two ar tbe coa raot .? l i'* it- Tha fault nl our merchant* and cap.ubite baa b'en to tis<-e trurtrd K"*laod If topto?< without eontrad'ctlon thai If f> gland bad not silrrod op tbr tmbeis of tbe ccnllagraL >u wnlsb rarsgod Italy ta 1848, If ? be I ad not supported A ustria la tM Indadaita occupation by that Tower ol the Iiaauotao prortacaa. ta order to be justified lu aor.opylng tbe Black .-tea with Iter own vessels, Europe wiuld at tats day oojoy profound peac*. Thus, ono t ation has arrseted tbe der?l<>pemaal of vn;ven?al ci\ilixation, an<1 obstructs tbe expansion of wealth and Ibe wnfkrr of thr working claasea. i tor A'afnaoJe, wbaa" s? a aim of axtatsooe weuld appear to be to abooe knglaad and to malign ber gov era meat, contains the rnilowing ebaraotensuc news OU ltd tjutU<m nue<tiCB ? We dinar Irom thr opinion* of tha Om?fi(i4fv?inrf oa only on? point. Our contemporary appears surprised at Uu pr?t?i> loatof Austria and o' Knglami, wbion It oonj bate, while wo are only anrprlainl that they bare broa advanced so soon. We ba/l certainly aot beltrvod that Biattrrs would proceed no rapidly, rhore Is ina a dla p ay of clum-meaa on tbr part of the Cabinets of Vienna ana Loaaaa la ibua unvrllim: their secret plana, aad *? rerogniaa la Una roaduct the tarbuleneo of I-or I Pa'mor aton rather than the bab tual t?sspor:?auon of the aUtaa mrn of Atutrla But wo bstd nrvar dsstiad that tbe idea of Kngland waa to ( >>taia pnssoesloa of the Itlark ttaa. aad 10 i atabliah hrraelffbrrr oa the rutaa ot tfee Koaalan navy. It was evca eleorcr to our rye- tbat the doxire of sabstl. tntlag lit' HMM In the Prianpa iitee for ti..t of K i?*ia wsa the Mtaaprlag of (tie resolution* of Aaatrta Wbaa we saw pearo coaomdod oa tha oi>a ilt nas which taa cur iam nevn'e were laid dowa by praaoe, we dM aot ba licve tbat iluse project* ware abaadoaed nnt we repoat tbat we bad in asprcte4 to thea broorht to light la 10 abort a spare. Three mien Joss are clear eaougri to day. kaglaad, wm o^aly regroueo sight montha ago tbat tbe war tad aot lasted Mag eanaab to desaaad a l*>n in ibo B ark s MM| n ??i* Minor, mteo u t? rrinaln at least la tbat sea. the nontralliy of whiob dooa not satisfy bar. Austria, sgala, to aot cootaatad with tbo free csvlgailon of Ibe Itaaubo Tbe inteotloas of tbe two Pswrra cannot ba mtolntor preted But what to Ibo attMade of tbo Portor Amid tbe roa trad trt tons of Ibo Vienna aad Parts ton male tbo qnaetion admits of no eaay soluti >n, aad, notwiutstaad tng the rapidity of tbe mrans ot oomiBUBldaito*, soma days will probably pass bstars wo b?oooss aoqiuaiated with Ha lalaatloaa But wera eves tbe [Kvaa to giro way btfore tha proteaalona of England and Austria, It would not follow, la oar ortntoa, tbat frarcs to ooaipoitod to arqalesoe ta then Ibo late war was aot waged la ardor to aab' "tatr tbo laflaeaoo of Austria and Kaglaad for that <H .uasla. Hboold Turkey fall so low a* to S'ibmtt to this nnable occupation, this ap??iea of dieffnia?<1 dia m?m>"-"iern. at the wment whea her inio,?nn l.-err has been pin. od under tbr guarantee of all Knropo, we ahonld be tbo more Instilled la protesting. In tbe name of thoss principles tor which w* have lavished so much hio >d aad trrsaura f ranco oemsnds In the lilack Moa nor in the ?rtrclpalltiea. Bnt tt does not follow that ber dia interssud i?Hcy la to he turned against ber rr>r the ad vsr.tsge of others. Tht? appears to the optalon of go vrrnment and wo are happy to agree with H on tbia point. With res pen k? Ibo Imaab'an Provisres, It to ao rrseary, la order to proceed to a atmly of the aow orgaal ratton which baa baaa prnwtoad tboas. that their terr.tory he rompleietp avarcatod by the Auatrtaa troopa This ao rirsity wss proclaimed by tbe whole world si I months ago and wire Prance aioae to demand tbo rvecaatioa t? d iy wr have no doubt tbat sba would obtain It " Tbo Cnim syaapatbiaea witb tbo Tarki%h goverataent n the lollowlng terms ? While tha claims of this nnfortnaa?e govern meat ap pear lo attract very little attoatloa, thr pressure of tbo tmhassles redoubles It to a struggle of latlooaoe. wttoh nnrtrrmmrs tho Ministry, aad Irads to raaigaatioas All Pasba aad Fuad Rlleedt, being ssoaaoed. oiler to reatga, and only recall their restgt)allocs oa raosKriag a Mtor of approral froai tbo Haltan Redsrhtd Pasha agitates under a wall kaowa influence and with a spirit of bearado Oaiar I'aaba bsctwaaa tho favorite oaadtdat" of Knglaad, and aspirea ta tbo ftsraaklorat. from which iiwued tbe or drr that srnt bias lata a speriea of oallo Bach, in a word, t to the atato of natters which, grave ooonrb In lt?elf, promlre to giro ttoo to fktarocoapiloatioaa, front tbo faea of tbe unity of opinion whloh reigns between Ksgland aad Anatiia oa moot of the Raatara qnastloae In tho i midst of those somewhat sospMooa reconciliations what beoomea of Kraace ? By a singular oootraat, It appears tbat oa all the qneotloao la which she waa of the aamn optaloa as Kaglaad at tho tormtaatloa of tha OMcraas. she now dinofa. Tho latasorftoto srw oatloc, lbs union of Moldavia sad Wallachla, term to day a wib)aa? of dlaaoa Moa. Mow, N to aot rraaoa that baa Ciaagad, aad o?r ta' bIt thto coaaMoration should load bor to re 1 aot. For our part wo aro not snrprtood at praBsat areata, and bora for some time past entertained oar MapM jbb, wbnb we bape that taatond will not oaaflrm. Tha (iamtt* <l?JVownr, ambitions of r( rail lag tbc aeiea trtnlty of the two hmraala which wa have qaotod ah wo, iBdniget la the foltowiag darta| lll?ht - tt is aot improbable that all tbo clamor ratosd by Kng land In tbo Neapolitan quaatlon was latoadol to a arm Austria oa arccnat of her Ilallaa | aad *b load her to iBrliae towards Oreat Britain. Th??, hath ma aacrs aad KdadioBB hara heca employed by oar neigiv bora in obtaining an alliance which baa, morwrdf, been ever on# of t>e expecteata of their policy aad a tmdeur ol their atateameo. Reply of the C?r to the Pulmertion Indictment. Tb? A< rd or latent date replica aa follow* to the decla ration tbat (be Anatrtaaa will oontintie to occupy the Principalities, and the fcngltah squadron remain ta the Black Pea, until RiiMia shall bate completely (u.Hlled ait tb- condition* of tbe treaty o' Pari*:? We cannot avoid mentioning a fact which, la our opinio*, la a moat Important ore. Russia la the object of an aooa ?at ion from the cabinet of Iioado?, and probably atao from tbat of Vienna, which In thia queaMon (Oea kaad la hand with Airland And on what doaa toe acouaatloa beat It cannot be tbe atlair or Bolgrad, for Art. 20 of the treaty ol Part* in on that bead. It oaa therefore only tw ite question ol the lalo of Serpenta. Itot the daolaratloue of tbe cabinet of Ht Pnteraburg bare been ao clear and categorical on tni aabject or that lalet ttval It would bo really au mauit to our reader** to recur to theaa. We may ncyertbelie remark that thla cabinet haa repeated to aatlety that that lalet could never beiorae tha subject ot any dispute, alnce Russia bad always had poaaeaaloo of H without the altgbteat objection oa the part of turkey, alnce It could never become a strategical point of any taa portance. and Its only value to Raaala waa the*, lying oa tbe road to Odessa, M aervad to keep up a iwbt bouse which waa indispensable to tbe numerous veaaela going to tbat port. Russia besides has declared, aad lila laa prin cipal point 01 toe whclaatliir, tbat ahe referred Use questloa to the tongreaa ol Paria. Since, therefore, Kusstaooly aaat ber six soioiera there beoauae lorelgnera bad coaato take poasaaatoa ol a lighthouse which belonged to ber, waa It not wore natural, auppoalag both parttaa to be aaimated with iqualfy oonciliatory leelinga, tbat tbinga should bo allowed lo remain In tteUu rju? until the deotaioa of tho Congreaa, tbe authority or wbkob, when oane admitted by all for tbe settlement o( queetiona aris ng out or tto late war, could not be disputed l1 What, bo water, ?* wo now see? ftarct ly baa Ruaala declared that aba wtU ac cept in good faith the decision tbat may be aome to ta common by all, than Kngland aad Austria refine to sub mil to that decision, aad, by ao doing, deny the compe tence ol the Congress. in otter worda, tke ooblasts of London and Vietua, for reaaooa wulch we will not at pre tact examine, arrogato to tbeaaaeivet tbe right of 4a ctdlng by themselves question* which properly belong to all tbe Power* that signed tbe treaty of Parti, aad in wbion they are, aurictty ipeaking, boJj Judges aad parttaa. Tbe United Statci and the State Data. Noitrtihaiat.dinK the uadoubtot existence of aa Ameri can Lutu to Mr Consul Amaa on the buojbjI of the Slate cuta. the Hanovtrtan government seema diapoaad to pat a good face on it. The official Jlannoctrtche XackndsLa* publtabea the following article.? "We arc enabled to atato oa authority worthy ol credit, tbat np t< the prtaont moment no common~caWoo baa been a ado to tna (jovernaaenttnany way ooodrmatory or tbe atalcm> nt made by diilereal aewapapara, tbat the United states of North Ameriaa hate manifested a deitre to oppose la luture the further pay moat of the Htada dues. We are in a position to add, tor the becetti of oar mora timorous reader*, and to allay any approhenal>iaa on thi-aubject that there it every rcaion u> wait wttb the most periect calmness to sue li tha quesuooa said to b? proponniied to tbo United stales Consul at Hamburg, will be followed up by aay further atopa, tba more ao. aa with reference to tbe legal right of levy tag these dtillaa, ai guarantied by the Congraaa of Vie oaa, and further confirmed by U>* treaty of 1B?4, aigaed at Oretdan no one in the loaat acquaint d wttb public law can doubt lor a moment tbat bis Maj&ty'a govern moat la it nanaatoM ol sutliiient m?an* Vrt>* aola to repel any arrogant demands aad uniounced pretensions, from what ever quarter they may bo made." t'aaalcg by tbe bombast in the latter part of tba aruole above, Banovor could not have done woeae than take bar a land on tba two treaties mentioned la the drat plaaa tbe act of tba Coogreaa of Vienna?unhappily too loaf a (. ead letter?exptcaaly atlpulale* tbe free navigation of at the rivera of Germany; aacondly, the treaty of Uraadaa waa signud only by the river bordering Stataa of tba Kibe, aad "coua<qquently cannot no binding oa tba Other ? Okutriea; beaidt a which ita object waa merely to ragulato tbe manner ta which they bound lhamaaivea to fleece tha navigation cn tLe Kibe, and tba abare whlcb oach ahoald rtceivo, in utter dl? regard of ail tbo atlpulatloaa Of tha tnaty or Vtarua; and thirdly, tbe treaty of Dreaaaa baa reference merely to the dutiea to bo levied aa tba Uppar Kibe?that ta. from the apol where It baeoaaoa nartf aata dewn to Uambcrg, and haa nothing to do with tbe Htaia iiu>a which Hunover ojxaaionai'y, and ta auti ber owa parpoaea, aa convenience r?qu;rea, atlecta to call a aaa outy, aad yet rather anomalously raiaaa It ou ablpa paai lng ritaae, wblcn, aa >our readera are aware, It Uvo aatlea tiom Ur\.uabanacn, which latter la half way up tba I ba trom Cuxhavrn to Hamburg. Omr WuMnfton CorMipMiiMiw. W iauiMtrii'?, Ker- II, IBM. '?jm> '?<?' !? Mrrrt*? Whaf Mr UutkHt waB 41 tn Aw Jnfizi?7 Ktjxjrt? fray (Ac Aw j Ike Km Grmoda Story? Who it U> tte 1ftat , /tern California. Among the inMiT rccemmendattoaeWbteh the IliiMt cemiog annual report of .Secretary tiutbrtv will coiWi will be one that will IcangLrate * nrw policy oa tbe part of the federal gorernmecl with reapect to Me ptbM torki, a (J re ting one ot tbe mom Important producing la tereata of the oountry, which u destined 10 leere He iaa pre?? upon tbe rmu/e of tbe republic It U that pf e? piuylag Iron aa a aulmtitute for wood, brtch an l etoae la the i oa?tination of our pabllo buiidinga aad vaaaela. at which the government are coaataatiy building every year to a raat extant ta all parti o< tun 1'uioe room ie t- or?- in ta NMMMMM tlian ramV tLe ere of um> ceaoai obaerv?-r of public asialra aad Impeoretnaabi. It l? ktown Uiat tbla weenre baa hern atroagly urged by intelligent Ina tuaauiw tuiora, North an 1 -i'utb. durteg tbe laet two yoar?, and by the noooaipllabed auectlBc em glacer at tbe l?-a?l of tbe Ru/eau of Ouaatrnetioa at the T'raaar; l"?>i>%rtmrat AUualoa waa una In to tbla tea pror*m< ot ta tbe laot aan.iai report of tbe Hecratary, a*4 the ma nit wa* the aut ho relation of Mr liutane tn lactate tM* ian|>r rlatt 'mprnTenx-nt of tho poop.e id tbe pa bile architecture of tbe couatry, bf tbe ercoOoa ora modal lire pruoi Iran buildup m one el our aoothaaelera ????, which waa duly a<unrueed for, and tbe contract for WhHh ta te be awarded ilnrlujt thn cnoMBg weva. It ? raid by competent jn?|?e that the plan of owMMa| tbla ediflce muet ap?*dil]r revelutlaaiae the whole auMie bulMlng of tbe country, and ihua o|x>n a naw market te Ua Iron manufacturer* of tba United itatea It tx been a favorite protest with Mr. (itubrle and tba ad aa la la tratiun, aad aa a tnraaure of rcoeoroy la tba pablM e? p< odnurea. and of enconrafnairnt to tba great material intereeta of the ooaatry, perhapa eacoad in Importaac* la none other that baa ever been adopted by tae aatlaaal ganwaat II Una r>ottcy la tally earned out?aad there la ao doaM It will be?tbe great Ima latereat ?Ui ao loader lear tba Irgialattoa of noegraee, la taktag tbe .loty OB of Ire* tar tbe demaad for that material which aucb a ?oriawt would prodene would be all tba protecuoa tbe I roe mm weald rr^ctre. luring Uir late canteen tor Preeldeat, tba Iroa m?a at Pennsylvania aad Now Jerney, at leaat rnaar ol theaa, uricd the operative* to rote f-r Mr buc.baaaa At tba Traaitoa Iroa Worla, ia New Jeraey, Mr. Healt addreeaarf tbe warkara. eftunuraUajr tbe frx oea of tba pinad adminwtrauoa la endearortag to adopt tftlt new p<illry, and urged kn am lo go tor Mr Buonaaaa. Helta* nailer hia tweaty eight aaadred rntera Wm wee mm ra?e at May other work* Hitherto tbeee aea bare goae tor prnteetlea by Mgb tariff laderd, tbe aaey tot K'atraota with tbe troa men tor the aapply of Irea tor puhlle balMiage, amooatlag la tba aggrenta ta ae??I MHMt arr.riuaU lo a v?ry anbalantiaT rrot?etk>n of 1Mb ia-inatry, an-< here won tbe heart* of tbe Iron nee. The report le preawtore aad without toundattea that the i'rertdeat baa oauaed to be tabai'lted to tba gnrera neat of New (iraaada % formal i maeattlon tor tbe oeeMa to the I'ntted Mat?e of tauntnpal noatrol erar tbe PaaeaM railroad route, the cttlea of Aeptowall aad Itaaaaa, aad ? atrip of territory ihrocgh wblcb tbe read reae Tbe ad miaMrattoa I am authorised to aay, bare bad tbe eab ; rt ol thf III mcultln* at Panama undw roaaldaratioa tor ?one time, aad aa yet bare ranae to no tletermlaailne, bat that aa adj ittmeat <if tbe dlfBrnltlee will he mate without any violation of treaty obllgaUoea, or girtag lnet cauee of o^nee or )?atoeey to other aauooa, there mtmm ao doubt oa the pan of tbe adatunatrattea. But bow la ? to he done or la what manner aaoompbebed, area tba adovr.iatmtloa de not kaaw. That it can aecmte ia tba way which certain ccrreapoudeita bare anggreted. aa nc? here tor a aoartit heberee. Tbe adminiatraiina *re fti My aware of tbe emharra?ement* aader whleb tbny are labortag. to the proper eettlrtaeot of thte euhtert, aad of the ;<eople with wbirt they hare to deal, aad the laalmmy of other aeltoue leal we aboald eierdae a protectorate orer a territory where w? bare an right, ead wblab would ha a Tioletixr or ear treaty ob.ige'iea. ae we bar* agreed aet to Hake aneih erqawuca. Tbe ealy thing. I am peraaaded to be lie re, met oar |oiera about wit! 4a maad er Mb to tbe nettieatent of thta tmbrogPe. win ha ?imply permleeton to rterciee orar tie roate and Ite f? mtoae a police jnrtedirtion rofflctaat toeecaretbe dree aad property of Amencaa cttiaeee. I * ttera re? ired here by laet teamera Irea CaMtorato, ft*? Mr. Orrwiao. Mate that everything wae qaiat, aad that there ha<i been co clatnrbaaoe ef aay ktod, aad tbat be did not anticipate any. latere rreotrod here by lart Call lor nlan*. atate that flwtn'a chance* of returned to the 1 nlied Htatra Deaate Iroaa tbat mate ara very poor indeed?tbat noae of tbe etd anger? ataad aay chance, aad that tbe probabimiea were that entae aaw mea, entire* dtosonaocted with the torrapt nliaaaa, will rri>r"aeai that toata tor tbe aeil few yearn THOwta aad Broderlck Internet*, It appeare, bare naaltaoed, aad they will both be arerthrowa. Ia*. It, MM. Witt aad gacAawaw ranjU Befli iad Pba AyartowM. It M belter ad bare tbat Ooreraor Wtaa will leelet m tbe rtrtaal abaadeataeat by Mr. Bnabaann ef hie PbcMto Ratlread poaltion. .teffereoa Darin, oa tbe other haad. fat ore not ealy Me priaciple hot he policy M weeM oenataly be oatortaeata tor tbeee geatieama to bteeaw cneiueed ta tbelr. poHMeal poattma aa early, ft win ba retaewbered that at tbe time tbe Manrntary made bto oeta brated Pbltodetpbto epeeeh, tbe dameereMo leadere la Viraiaia took ground agatoet klm. _ lie revert ef tba Saor^ary tbe Tieeaeiy will boa rery aitraded aad mtaota aae, aad toe aMnet peper era* leaned treat the Treasury Depeftmeat The tarllf wll I ooactitute tbe leading ibatnre la tt, aad will lay dewa tba plat form oa tbat <neetloe tor the tan four yeare. Mr. Oatbrto will aado'iBt^lT reoommend a more fraeral and liberal rlrer and harbor iiapme-^ til r??tf ktpWwHf In regard te tbr great lag at.