Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1856 Page 7
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETEBY DAY. A. MAIsffiB AT ACfrTIOS. J >S1>K<;KKH. AlTUTIONBK* ? I'KRBMPTORY sale of *U0 acre* of 'and In sul'lvau courty. N Y. ? A, J BI.KkkKH A <;0 will sell at auetiou, on Tuitrltr. 1>? onr.hsi 2 at 13 o'clock nl ilir Exchange 9(10 ao'OS ?I l?nd, a s ?h(iT< In to'* to suit onrcbiMers fnis property la sPuaiMieo iha Nine rstfos'1 ,i"oui iwo Uoura from tie city wall wsisred, and in Die midst of good koUlemenU. One half ?f the pn>rbaM money n?n re-naln on bond ml noriKH". hint the sale ?* wall worth the attention o' all dtwhr.ius of nio snni g good hem- ? ai a mmi'w. Koe full dtssnrlpll'm* of the gropertr apply at the oflloe of the suc'l >netir, Ho 7 Broad ?t ANTBONY J Ui.KKi'KKK, AUCTIONKBB ? PAH rl ton rale of W lota and Buret on Ninth avenue aid Ninety fprnh Ninety Kdth. Ninetv sti'b, Ninety seventh and Ninety elghth streets AN I HUN Y I. Bf.hKCK Kb. wlll*?il on Thura day, Nov .27. at I Si o'elock at the M-rohauU' Exchange, the above valuable prooervy. coniprisng about 60 lo's ?ud gores ou ibe east and weal ildes of tic Ninth avenue between Nioety fonttb and Ninety nuliih streeti the balance being located on ihestrieis. This I* tn? ilr*t extensive awls of the season, anil la well worth the attention of purchaser* being an unusual opportunity for lucrative investment. 60 per cent ran remain . _ en bond and mortgage for it year*. For map* an<< further P particulars apply to the r stioneer, No 7 Broad street. UfTIOK NOTION. 1 IMFOKTA NT to THK TB AOS AND OTHERS. sAML'KL OSGOOD A CO., Auctioneer, inform the trvle and ethers interested that they will sell positively to the high eat bidder, Th.a day, Saturday, November A at 10>* o'clock, A. M , at their nere, 81 Nasaau street, eyery artieln of lurnlture, Ac., whleh haa been oyer thirty days in our store, And upon which we have advanced Among the assortment will lie found three rosewood parlor ewtts revered In green plush one In blue and gold satin bro catel two In hair eioth, two In green and gold broca'-el, sov enU eiteneion tablea, marble top centre tab'ea, rosewood ?itrble top withstands, two ro?ewood and Or e mahogany se eretary bookcases, sevn maliogsu* bedsteads. sofa bed steads feather beds mlrrois, seventy gilt frame oil paintings, is., Ac. N. B.? Those Interested will please take notVe of the above sale. 1 he goods will be on view and catalogues ready this afternoon. SAMUEL QdUOOD A CO., A ucllniiecrs. 8( Nassau street Auction noticf ? wuene ?. franklin, aco H Uoneer ? Hy KKaNKLIN, I'KTKI A CO.? On Saturday ?uirn'iig at N ! a o'clock, at ' lore ><6 Nassau street sale of oxten we Flock of caninet n.ade turn'ture otitlstlng of anil* of fur ? ture for parlors, chambers, dining rooms, libraries. Ac , and a general assortment of every n'b*r arUcle In the line; also si* rosewood and mahogAny pianofortes, piano stools, superior oil sdntiogs gll' frauie Krt nch p'ate mer classes and mirrors, slock* silver plated ware Frein b rnii.a and oia'swaro cut lery, fanny goods Ac., the whole of w hlrh will f osltlvely be sold to pay advance?. I>es'-rtp'ive c:ttal?igu#s on morning of tale, k B. ? ;)oods carefully packou for shipment at a reason able charge. ? Auctiom noticf? vr. oonnnTr. auctionkkr. will sell this day, at 10X o'clock, at -7 Centre Ktreet, a laige ru'lec'on of bona- ho'd furniture, extensi,io table?, ward robes, wrlt'ng defks. office fables, feather beds, bcilitiAds, stock, mirrors, oil cloUia. stove*, Ac ACCIION NOTICE? J. BOQARr. ATJCTIONBRR? BY 8. B04?kt.-' Ifcto day. at lu o'tkek, at No. 318 Oreen wtch street, u.< r'g;-ge >a'c ni'ures of a crockery store, cjuo ters, sbelvlnga. lixtnrt-ti of a 'lore, Ac. Wit, I.IK TUuMt'SU -V, Attorney for Mortgagee. AmrrinN salb-uknby hiiehbk, adctiovker Constable's sale of dry goods, hosiery, Ac , on Monday, tti* ?.fh day of November at 10 A M , ut No. 302 Second street, cooaistirg oi uinulin* callijos delaines, flannels, ging hanjh, ladies' cloaks, sbawls Ac., Ac.; abo hosiery of every ii eerlptinn. CHRIS, f. Kl,IC.S'('K, Constable. AIICTIDM NOTICB? TIIOH. BBLL AOCTIONBhR ? BY BK1.1, A BUSH.? This day. at 10), o'clock. In the sale room . I- ?urtb William sir et. will be sold a large and valu able ari-oiiment of good ftirntture and housekeeping articles, table lnen. Ac.; also eight new style Iron bedskada. Sofia and iH-fa beds twenty lo>ktng gltssrs pic<ares, paln'lngs. one jewellers' table, second hmd pianoforte. Ac. At I l)i o'clock, twntrnnk* o? drv goods, clo'h nc lot of jewelry, two valutble guns, five splendid waichrs. pl:tte<l ware .tc Monday? Kx k'eslve rale i f dry ftoods ck.'Saa?, hosiery, millinery and fancy artlsies. ArniON NOTICE -LAFOK RALE OK KINB OOLT) a> d duniond jewelry and watche*. A. CRIsT AL IB, aoe-ionetr, T\ Howerv *111 offer for sale on Monday, 24 h, at !?')??' clock the largest stock of dlaa?on1 jewelry olfered this tear eomwi lug brooches earrings, rings, necklaces and brai elati. set smile at-d in clusters; diamond, emerald and pearl set* all of which are made up bv the best artista of the day; together wiih gold, ailver huntlr g and open face levers, made by Refokell, Keesley anl 'otinaoo and other celebrated makers leploe anchor and verge watcnea, also a large lo*. of geld pins, rings, earnngs, gusrd fob and vest chains, plated waie, Ac . Ac. B) order of Z. HEKNSTKIN, Pawnbroker. I^DWaBD Sl'HBNCK. ACCTIONKBR ? ELBHANT U span of boraea. carriage and harnetk ? KixVaRD ht BKNt'K A CO. will ?sell at anctlon. this day. 2M lost, at 1 o'clock, a supe-b span of hay h>raea. A ami 7 years old, warranWd In ever? way. lri hands high, stylish dnrtrsand Aeronghlv broken to all harness, also an elegant four seate-1 pba-isu sbifm g top made u> order toe past spring by Brew ster A Co , a Isn a beautiful double harn-aa made U> order by Irainor. They may be seen at anv time until sold at Wilson's Mael-, sto >7 lentbktreek. Also, at same time, several new seed * agom>. EIWARIi frOHKNCK, AUCTION KER-BY BOWARD PlHkNCK A CO.? Tills day, at in>i o cloak, at their asiesroom 5J Nv,?n street, magnificent dlainonqs, watches and jfcwe'ry, romp ising snperb cluster and single stone div sirim rtcga, pins, brooch- a esrrlncs. studs. Ac ; elegant IH tar at i om IjMn'ine end open rased double timekeepers, duple*, palen< ai d d' uu-bed levers, by the mo-dreleharaind makers; l alu* e, musRtc nnd enamelled a<-ts of pins and earrings, pins, bracelet*, eainnga, stous seal rings told vest, fo} and guard sbsu, s, Ac., Ae. ?'X1RA AUCTION PaLKOF A OREaT varikty of j ?w and seed! d band furniture, oil paintings, mirrors, gold ,'ewelry, pianofortes, carpeting, silver pencils, gold pens, furs 'fancy gooda, Ar , at 79 Nassau street by TUN In MOR Hhi L. Auctioneer. Hits i^aiuiday) moi uii;g, 10 o'elock. all tha above kinds of artte es, lu large and rvh vsrlety. which must he soid ill s morning N. H ?lies, notion would be ini possible > lamination previouus to sale Is re luestod. Oadins stp-nd as well ss gentlemen hbnald any arocle not prove saliafactory, not repaired so take the aajne. Foouton, AUCTIONKRR -labo* ?tock of ?* ? rood hand and new eaiiluet furniture, llu eoltsge bed steads carpets, oi cloth, French plate mirrors chain. Ac.. Ae F. COLTuN will tell, thl- d?y, -*atu rd 1 Nov. 22, at 10H o clock, at the aucion ri> m,a .'9 Bsekmsii and W Ann strict ih? enure stork of an upbo rtercr and deaier, iiielading about to hair rrst n s?ee *i leather beds lull cottage and gothle bedsteads several Urge spring msttcnsaes. Iron bed rteaos. Ac. A'so a very large a?eortuient of new furniture, to pay advances eomi r.? t g reveral so as and sofa bed steads divans >ind coin-lies. Toui.ges aed lonng? bedsteads malw'gaav dressirg btireans lets a lets In dama'k and brora tel. ii. ar bl" u?p furniture bookc.??.-i and ?ecret?ry. centre, ?ard and ath< r ta>> es, oak and bl?ek walnut dimng anil exten etrm tables earned top r Tiers, caroeis anl oil c'oths. ssvertl larpe French plale and oval mirrors, oil paintings, two ma boganv vianoforti s together with a larg# aasor' 'nan' of ~*-,j sac- r.H hand furniture from a family Also, several odea rtes> s. In One order N B.? The stock Is largo, and will offor if . I cements to the trade as wall aa to all other* and 'goods mi st be rtnoved immediately after tfce sale. No postpone t on my scconnt. GO. MORTON, ACCTIONWB WILL BELL, THIS DAY, . at 2 o'clock, at 113 "-ixth sveaae, haadooos gold Jewelry, tutnitare, bedding, one horse and < Hll. LEKHX. AUCTION EKR.?HT. H. H. LKKDH k . CO . at 12 o'clock. In frost eg store a Naeaau sfoet, a tia'r er potty*; ore gray, the other bay; eeren years old, I.V, kands high, warranted sound and kind Id every respect, styl ish rnd ,n excellent pair of family aeaeva Will be sold ent reasrve. Also, at 13 o'clock, an Invoice of jewelry, to close A eoceera. 1| B. LKM'N AUCTIONm* ? BT 11. H. I.KEIM A II, i o , ?atufdsjr Nov \tl at ioi, o'isincA, al tin' sa'esroom, !ci Na?raii g'scef, n">us?h' Id furtiuure rcmovrsl from ;i kouae nr '?>w t for iimiri I, rr of "a'?. ri, iiatlng of carved pw?wr?sl SU 'kin rr m?on ii'n?n, do lu haircloth: do maroon and green b-imrl. do bl"e snd wklti' mah igany bureaus. ?vil-iii e? marble to), een'-r tjb'e i lir 'stends mack walnut s iri'ri hes >>nk arm ri-e s>'at cbslrs, splendid pier and m In tel fclmaes oil rob hslr husk and straw ms'tresse* fea'ber ?.-<<s I,, i?te a Hid cut ws nlfl'-e nsbles. nhsl a, desk* Ac. tf'i. r? and be'rnom '-rfv-kerv,', ?i>d In.'ri'n csrpe'a. snd a gepstal S"0, "ment of knehen furniture, with which the ?ale w il r?n ni?"ce f SAAt'N A Iff AMR. an??TH?NrltK, **11 MttNK.Y I^?A* J. olbee no'tb tet comer of aid lip r uee si ree's, o?ta bit lie,. ,!.? 1 1 fly se.ts > Mil adel 'hia ?t'OO ?toil to loan, in la-ge ite si" II sni'inida on dia'r.n^ds sll> sr p'aie. wai bsa. k *r rv u.eerh .? <???* a <1 gooi|? at es sy r d scrlptlM. f,ir anv ?e?? ib of line ?g>e*d upoo. All hn?'nsae 'ranasetion* striev iy ern d?- !? I Oo-s?? caa be sent bv erpresa. and advance k reikk'sif ? warded ? "harnett at tbe lowest market rafe siMntt l? t NAIHkNt, north east corner of rhlrd and Korie e t'reet, Fbi adelphia J- MOsf kRTY. ArCTlf)*FKR -WII L- SRIX, THIS . da< sf ln>, ? Vlo?k at I" t i Watha-n apiare, a irenerai nWkfts est of new at d second hard furntt'ire fenh?rbeda, eai els irrrors sleeks oi lotka, glass ware and fancy gsois. I ur i aiiir liters s? e the f tin. Mlidl j'iiTI *1 ' TIi> Mi>f?|i; m;f i U." or ? hu -e-b'-'d inrpi'ure i n Monday. 24th ti?at , st ln<^ sVlfe?,.l eing ib? io-.icn s of the four awry lmu*e in 1* ew 1 wi niy ? Igh h street, six doors from rtoventb avenue rom; r sn? r> rew .?<t narlor sulla in bnicade and bkir eloih; rtseweoo centre tabi>-s. np'eirt three ply and Ingrain car pet*. ler and oval tr.lrrom reeceood e? cretare and txiokcsee. rnee wood end Miaboganv s--fas. te e a tete. parlor. rv-? ing aat eae) that's enrta na. o | paln'lngs, parlor , ,r*an uta,*' I . 'i? i ? ,lc I'banibers? Foa -wio i and -w itiogany bed st ads. nti.rble (op bureaua and waahstanda foi'et aat > b?lr. straw and wool mat'rerae*. feather l.sda, blanks'* quilts, Ac.; oak dining exit na on 'able, oak and maplerh.iirs. Kngltah oil fie h s'de' nard*. haa ?and. witn a lugs aaa runen' of ehina, erockeiy ii "d glass war*, euuoty. plated ware, kitchen ut?n siia Ac bale peremptory. K. .IRNNIXOS, IB, Attorney for Mortgagee. M" oBTo*nn fai f'of" HO.BI. rrRMITUR* ON satuHay, Nov 2i si lot* o'e'oek, at S4S Fufion street, ??>nrkfvn by erKD A CoIjK. e< i klstlng of sofaa, ehaira, hum, e. bed- ea^s er.aweileo rh mm >er, a targe nu?n'i bill half msttreegss rjU ?ta, blankets sod sheets f.nie pier gl ir?ea Tti ?e s tot e? errmkert Hi u-aels Itig-iln caepata c^lra gla??wafe. ?ti silver v's,#"d eaatera, a lot Of segar a anil rmeinsa k'n b< n furnl ure *f l>AW?V*OK*HM MAIK OF MNWM k?fl> WOMRN'fl I woisr r.o!', - g Met' kFF'lR* .1 WAltlKRS wp| sail e. Moeday ? c?t t He corner of Ca.harlt.e and Meney streeia, a la. ge snd super It ir 1*4 ot ov#r?,ts'a. nan's Vrsia cloak*, dresses at a* Is feather beds. I isnk-is, quilts. An , Ac., by erdt r of knUtusp iTf b I ea|.' -tHfc Ya 'IIT 4K\d|*f1 WITH I a'l ber sails, tackle ancb tr ,|e , will be sold a' the f, wit of I'cy street at ISosKie* st aonn on Wedne?dky next, the ?>;th ti.??et Ut the h'uhe.t Iddd'-e and wittiou' reserve She can N reen mul 'ae dav of a* e it the boat ground of Mr. >!hat foot, foot of War'eit ?'reel, Jeraes fit*. W >.1,1,1 a ?>< in a ? 4 RrKk, %'ietisneer. Com- r of l?ey and tlreenwirh s'r*ets i" iiKi.iwKit, AinniiiVKKR^^v i.Ftvirr, or t I.Ik"Kk A OH.? Hew auettnn and cnnmUaion h-tiiae >o S77 and STt Beoadwav. eor erol tvh'fc a'rae- ? |b>aday ftatiirda' ? Nov. 23 at Intf o'clock t .M la ge sale of lewelry, t vystal Falece fapcv g< ols, si v er pla'e I wire bronr?stid ormolu doek*, Freneti bronres paid-r maebs portfo Itiw, writing desks, r?isewoo1 work btifea, j?sr?i caskets, floe > rencK china decora'ed va*es, motto ouns iiens lamps, clicks; tea dfnner sttd <n let wore . Pnrlan marble busts sta tuette' it roups, v**e? msn'el mnameuts, arttr| -s in rletu, s'a'usrv. pier, trantel ova1 m'rme*; rv ?? ml p ,int|i r< aod pa.' el's also an entire ln?olcc ?f rich tl'rer piated nre h great vsrlctv, consisting id ?stvers. e ke b*>ke'a. tea anrl cof fee urn* gobie'*. pl rh rs; also icn acta of heavy ?? bewd snd engraved 'en service, eons's'tng oftaapo'.. sugar, ceem, bowl and w ater po? Al* " *? I' o >1 -?**t , ff lots of ricl' dinttw nd end go'd Jor eti y, of ?" enea, Koiltsh 'wi-? and Anterlcsc insnufai n o 'be ent'/e ?'ock of a llroadwav re taller dcc'it.m* b'? ness The sa'alojne c insist t n< the ti*,i*l iwi'lnmi' of ea'ches pins btooshes esrrlng* nnge? r'i'5% ?b u e s bracelets, cbarma otrsra glaaaes, nrnla'ure e t -a, mrct and rnld pene )?, ea?es and nena, ,*i alao at .In i-i.s-t, a laeje fiitnic" t,t French pastel la oil nainli'igs. ?lit fi-ama m'iro'*. eti."*v1rgs Ar Mxieen rlinof'ct. a of the beat n.sfcer* snll be oj ered curing 'he ?ale alati a' 1','f o'clock p M aeatalegoe of mls"a,l*'.e'wia bo-ska, stt (n-'e-v. blank books, *e an, tin:* ?b Ci -sill befo ind -crer.| n'd and va insbls erlt'lon* el i| e ontv *ert|iti| res anil scarce works on ?, i ieslae'nsl blslory ehnreh unvernme t ? i rftpiiil. VtlTi'fl. aTi TIO^BF-B, fTliRF !*') MIPICRI I s'r, et -bberlffsss e r f itrt stvs's ,?oo: ?e,s ?h ,'ing? Ac., est M-tdsv. Nov. 'Ii kl ft a M tt 'In' ??l*?m.,tn nonalatlng ?f diy goods, won'lens, blanket*, sbes'tnja 40 ?e JAi. 1; IVll.l.E f, Sheriff IALE8 AT AlWIO*. THOH. VBITCH, aCCTIOUBBK. Morn Mo 16 ttjrucc street. Uneatable'* sale <>f groeertd*. .to ? Ibis day (Sa'urday), at 10 A M Water alicel, consisting of ageueral aic-?ruueui of gioceriea. M. ."HANLKx, J It , ('ooaiable. Aim, sain* day. Sheriff's iulc of a lagei bieraaloon at II A. V at M5 Broad w?y, basement, th?. lanles, chair- . aetteea. fixture* tn A. B HOI, I, INS, joepuly Sheriff. Also, name Hj&y. At 11 A. M , at flrt Hudson it reel, rnortgige sale of horse, milk wagon, barnesx s'elgha, b?lla, Ac., Ac., Ao. THG8. VBIT'H. AUCTIOHEKH. HTOBR NO. 16 Sl'RUCtC ?tree). - Mortgage Hale of priming material* Ae . on Hon day, >n\rnhtr 24 at 10 a. M , at No 41 Ai n Meet. up siaira, consisting of pearl, minion. bourgeois ami job type, compos ing, siliks, tules, galleys, fixtures, Ao., Ao. William t. hoii>, auctioneer. ? horhks, cir risges, sleighs. harness robes, blm kets, Ac., the o roper ty rf a gentleman returning to hurope W. V. BOY U will ?efl, on t-atuiilsy, Nov 92. at 12 M . In front of (be Mechanics' and Trader*' Excharge. No. 31 Pine street. near the i natom llottte two brown carriage homes, 7 years old and 17 hands high, long tails, of spleudid style and action, perfectly sound and kind in all tarneaa: also one nearly new carriage, made to order by one of our best city makers; on* new double sleigh; set of double harneas. of blgh cost and finish; also superior blankets, belts Ac A11 to be bold with out reserse for raah. The property will be on the (round In front of the Exchange one hour previous to sale XJU 8. MELLOR. AUCTIONKRK. ? PIANOFORTES, vY ? furs, sleigh robes, 4c., at auctlao.? By W. H. MFLLOH. this day (^atardav), November 21, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom, Nos 13 and 16 Park row, renrictlng of twelve new and second hand rosewood and ma hogany pianofortes ol exoellent tone and finish, and fully war ranted by the makers. Can be examined previous to sale, the whole el which will be positively sold wltfunt reserve to pay advsnces. Catalogue* on the morning of sale. W8 MKLLOB. AUCTIONEER.? BY W. 8. HELLO B ? ? This day, Nov. 22. at 1U)? o'clock at the sales rooms, 13 snd 15 Park row, opposite the Astor House pe remptory sale of the entire stock of cabinet furniture, oil paintings. French plate minors, five rosewood pianofortes, tubl/i linen, counterpanes, silver plated ware, Ao On hand, and to be sold positively without reserve, to pay advances, vlx.:? Ten solid lose wood parlor suits covered in rich broca tel; plash and haircloth suits to match; twelve cottage ena melled chamber suits, richly decorated rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak chamber furniture tn great variety; ward robes. bookcases, etegeres, sideboards, music stands, soHd oak dining room furniture, ex'enalon dining tables, chairs, lounge bid? covered In reps and fancy delaine*, cane seat cottage chairs, Inutigi s sofa bedsteads pure hair mattresses, eaev, 1 urkisb and plain rockers parlor chairs In great vaele ty, with a large assortment of plain furniture carpets, looking ? 'lasses Ac Alto 100 nil paintings, tn rich gilt frames; thirty MM elate pier and mantel mirrors. French china vaais, lea ware, coffee urns, cut ware Ac , worthy the atteu tion ol the trade and others Catalogues irsu 'd on morning of tale (ioods can be packed for (hipping on the premises WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL 8ELE, THT3 onor'.'ne at 10^ o'clock, at 464, formerly IS7 C inal ttr< et, alJ the trenteel parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture of a family leaving the city; a good assortment for families commencing housekeeping; also, boxes family so >p; also. two baskets Urlasick champagne wine; also about 200 yards of silk and velvet plush, suitable for milliners' use; show case, Ac., Ac. UltV MMUM, 4 Mh IOH AND GENUINE FURB At twenty Ave per eent below present value, at BULPIN'S, Stil Broadway. A II IMMENSE STOCK OF FURS, A Purchased previous to the present great advance, ne sale at BULPIN'8, 9bl Broadway. Ladies buying furs Should first examine oor stock, and compare prices. BULPiN, 361 Broadway. UffllAN 8ABLB CAPES, Tippets, boas and culls, at BULPIN'8, 361 Breadway. Royal ebmine capes. Tippets, mufh and cutis. At BULPIN'S, 361 Breadway R R H B B ULPIN'S STOCK OF FURS L For ladles, y oaac ladles, and misses, ef every size. BULPIN, 361 Broad wi BULPIN'S STOCK OF FURS, Qenutne, rleh and handsomely manufactured. BULPIN, 361 Broadway. B B E Beautifcl rets of mink Far thirty tve dellars; tippet and euflk BULPIN'S, Ml Broadway. T?K IPSPk RETS OF MINK HA mar i Bread way. X> For Uft y and Sfty-Ave dollars; ttppet, ngf At B CLPINU, 3d BlAUTirn. SETS OF STONE MARTEN, On sale this week, atK per cent below present BULPIN'S, atl Broi UD80N BAY SABI.E CAPES. Tippets, muffs and enflk, AtBPLPlWS, 361 Broadway. SPLENDID MINK CAPES. TWO HUNDRED ARE FURNISHED FOB THIS WFEK'S RaI.ES, All purchased previous to the advance. Prices lew. BULPIN, 361 Broadway Beautiful oh inch ill a capbs. Tippets, boas and cuflk, AtBULPlN'a. 361 Broadway. Handsome fitch capes. Tippets, mads and cutlk, At BULPIN'S, 361 Broadw^. STONE MARTIN CAPES, Tippet*, mufls and cuflk, At BULPIN'S, 361 Broaewmy. BULPIN'S STOCK OF FUBS, All purchased early, at twenty Bve per eent below pre -ent prices BULPIN, 361 Broedway. I'LPIN'S STOCK OFIKUIIS, One hundred thoussad dollars worth, an sale this week. BL'LPIN, 361 Broadway. BCLPIN'S STOCK OF FURS, The largest, cheapest, and by far richest, stock In tht city. .BULPIN, 361 Broadway. ULPIN'S STOCK OF FUBS, All guaranteed in quuLitv, at IS per eent below | Pf>C*"'BCLPIJ, 361 Broadway. ULPIN'S f?TO?'K OF FUBS, Made by Parisian workmen, at 25 per eent below pv? ?ent value BfUIN. 861 Broadway. I.KC.ANT MINK ("APES AT BK.HTT, SIMETT ASD On SVNnSBD BOLLAJM, 2ft par cent below present vain*. At BULPIN'S. 361 Broadway. Euro A NT SABLE OA PES, Of Hsdsun Bay and Russian sable. IB per cent kllsw present value. At BULPIN'S, 361 I" BBAUTITUL SETS OF EBMINE, Booirkt befrireth* advance, on sale at H per eeat below present value, at BULPIN'S, 2>1 Bread way. ^?vakae, si Broadway. B BAUTIFUI. HWS OF CHINCHILLA, On sale this w**k, at 26 per cent below present value, at BULPIN'S, 361 Broadway. ?<URS OF ALL NATIONS. The largest beat and cheapeo* stack In the dty, at BULPIS'O, 3tll Broadway. Ft B f or AI A NATIONS All purchased before Uie advance, at 29 per rrat belo' present value, at BULPIN'S .VII Broadway. B ULPIN'S WIMTBB ITLOa R < Elegant black valve**, at thirty eight doIHra, At HULPl.Tn, Ml Broadway B ULPIN'S WINTER CLOAKS. Huper* black velvets, at forty dollar*. Al oULPlN'S. ?1 Broadway. B UI.PIN-N WINTER CLOAKS Spleadid black cloth dreulars. at flR and IX at B( IJ'IN'ft, 361 Mreedway, B B r BULPIN'S WIRTEB tXOAKS (lament at sorpaaalng beauty will be open this at BULPIN'S, 3?l Bread rLOAKS, WRAPPERS AND C IBCULABS. A large assnrtaient of aew and fashionable stytea, la flae beaver, elothe sad velvets, at very low price* B. S. imjA, W and M Ck amber* street ay stsira. (1HKAP CLOAKS. J 1 be large and rirh assortment nf rtoAKi Are now selling at half price at J. HECK A OOH. No 36} Broadway FM'MS At HHOLMaI.R PBIfKS -MtD/M R HaR Hl*h? retnrsed frrsa R.fope wl'h a large assorta-ut of ttch f?rs, which will be offered at grc?t bargains M al'AM B. H a RRIS A SON |T 1 HmM w a t f FMS'S La DIES' AND. CHILDREN'S OUTFITflNil \I ra/aar. A13 hrnadway. Wishes' anti b?.ys' ready made rliShing. Aii eitenstv sssortmeut ol the above named articles will be opened en Mntids^ the 17th Instant, consisting of dresae t. lamas, patefs wslk-rg co a*. N?y?' orerr.ials, blouse*, < ark ties dr>??<s Ae Ae of e> erv qualltv and priee Al*o 2?si ladles travelling ekiaks from |3 #>l to t7 SO, <K> percent lessihan their actual value. ils.MN a Sarsar SI3 liroadw ir JM.I'K A CO. HO .W tROtOWAV. ? Are now selling pfl their large s>n?k of SIKt.l.a AM* SHlN'llg SHAWLS at ?*t.r tee citrr rate*. IAMFfc- "OOfH ? tll'TT A PFRiHA CORi> I* NOW J sdnt-ti-d 'or hidlrs' skins In preie'snce u> anr other arJ cie. V h< '!# laic and ret? I !>? b*Mt'kL t'. Hl-.flt?P, sole mstinfactnrer In the I'ntted sutrs Iffl Broadway. T ADIES? MOOIIK'* NKW PTYI.E 1j Mesi sprteg boop iklrta A re now mods snd Sir <aie st OltkER'S, 1AS9 Rrnidwsr. TMawn Ta enty teiefi ih snd Twetity eign'h stree's. IV 'i tlwse skirls ? lei t v csn sli In ?s ?m*i| a S| ace as she cli" < SI il t>-e brr !'? are wsrr-nted r,ot to bte ik or gel out of sin, /. U!l KS AT ** AND Ss -l.E BOrTILMKR BROTNK?"( O bsre reduced a great varle'y of rii lt si'ks to the above |>in?*. A toss Wool plaids at 4s ? Canal st end t7 Howard st, 11HE Lano?>t OUSfoe kst*bii*binei<< la the United "?*!*? F DERBY OOWPAPT O* No 12 Part Rlem 1 atin-e and Import*** Seewive par Weaseeee a d salHet veeaels. tbrrxigtout Sir s?*'i>n,*-ery d ? iraMe *<ivsM) for ganUemea af PEHtMiHAL. AIOPTION.-aNY *K*iHCOTaHLK PARTY WlriHlNO lu a')orttt frniAM ir lant of Auitfriun |i?r*!niuct). iu?y h. .r o( UL?, by ad Jiessing a lino to A. a., ilroadw-.y Pixt office. AEOPTION.-A PRETTY BLACK KVKD MALI IW tim' a few davaoM of French whaia pu'ents aie h.nh deed. wt>l he given 10 any lady who would be nle ve.'l to adort It as hi r owu. Address, lor one week, Physician, Poet Otlll e. It MRS. O. OK H. WHO WAS IN T*YLORM HALOOB some w?ek> linen, anil spoke nf iwo voting ladle* sleters, ? ho form, riv reieded wuli Ii., will ,?d,li ea? a note to the se<i Hi- ii mi ikr *UI cuilrr t frui hviir Addreis A.M. CaKL, Bro.nlws) poet office. IK 111 IS SHOULD MKKTTHK KYK CP KDWARD JOB i dsn let h ii, eome to the t.trar^ R?w. when* h? win Ho i bin bruker Waller Jornaii, who w mid b? ulul to ut bun. Any information respecting him would be gratefully received INFORMATION WANTED -OF JAN? PETERS, WHO I lelt. lukt January, INfiA, Patrick.iroft, Manchester, Kii* l?nd Should this met t her rye or any one who knows h?r whereabouts wll ?*f?r a favor liv dropping a few lima to her ?i .ileus nether at 133 Cherry itreeL BIB. J. T. Of HARRISON (TRKBT, BROOKLYN, Jjl wll) And letters for turn In the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Bullitlo and Chicago Post offices, and a reply la requested. U1|WWTII1I" IS INFORMED THAT A LETTBB M can be found addressed il. (a) O. , Jiadlaon 9'iiwre Post office 1 UK OICNBBAL. PERSONAL.- BD. M. HAS NOT BEST OPP TBK LET ters and requests J. T. to telegraph where an explana tion? why not? caa be lent ta fctrtcteot secrecy la and will be Sheen ed. rpHR 0?NTLEMaN WHO PICKBD DP THE BULL ON * the corner of Bioadway and Twentytlrst strset will pleaee leave It at the door of the Union Club llouae, corner of Twen ty tint street and Ptflh avenue. $5 $.r>0 REWAHD8. * O REWARD.?L<W*"oN THE AKTKBNOON OF THB J,) 20th tnat. In going along Fifteenth street te the P'^*1 Senue, a d along Kifih avenue u> Madjsou park park to 1 wertv eighth street, a mail chased (told pin- Th finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 33 Bast T wenty eight si reel. REWARD -LOUT, ON WEDNESDAY MOBBING. Nov. 19, in the vicinity of KulUin market, a '"aJlhU'ik and Uin dog wlih white spot an the breast answers to the name of Jerry The above reward will be paid upon return ing him to 20.! Front street ? r HKW aKD -LOST. ON THB 11TH INST A SMALL if O bla-k anil tan dog; answers to the n%m?ofCuirl> . Any person who brings the above to the tea store, 72 r>ne street, will receive the above reward a ,, mrwARD? LOST ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, S>6 ne^e ApoUoSimir? hair bracelet, with three let 8 ^D oo W etofp Whoever will return the ume, at 94 Norfolk itreet, will receive the above reward. RKWaKU.-I BREASTPIN LOST; ON THAN 18 ? giving day, between Twen y third and BoadnMets. either to Broadway or Filth avenue. It haa a I'rJ pa littd on dark blue etamel. Thi Above r?7ar?,,T^tim given which I* m"re than us real worth, upon Its return to 115 Wist Twtn'y-third street. __________ af, J It bRWaRIV-LOST. ON BROADWAY, BKTWEEN ?10 l'ark place and Trinity ehureh, a fold Swiss wat 'h, go'd dial The Ai der wUl receive the *hov? SR."" ii av<ng It wltli Mr Bro*ne, watchmaker, at Heaars. Ball, Black * Oo.'s. 247 Broadway. A1 A REWARD -STOLEN PBOM PIBB M B AST RIVER $10 on the e\ enlng of the 20th November, a Whitehall hoat eighteen feet long, with afelee keel, bine gunwale^aiid green bottom, llesh colored sea's, blue bottom boarde Who Jver will return said l>oat or give Information where she may be found wUl .ecolve Ihg m Pwl ^ RKWARD.-LOST, OH TDBKDAY BVBNINO, THB $20 llth list., while passing from Waahlngton street. Brooklyn, to Sievena' hotel, corner of Morris street and Broad wav a small package, wrapped up In browc ins a stock book and a number of Invoices. ? no nse to anv one but the owner, l homaa L. White. Supposed to have been lei t in the carriage that conveyed the owner from the Jerry to the hottl The above reward will be paid by leaving the package at the store at lewis * Blood M Nassau street. RKWARD ?MARY DEVKREADX, WHO LEFT New York on the 20th of last June in the t Jranlte Man- fo? Hartford < onn , but Is s<ipj *ed to have l?n<1el a' Sav brook since which time nothing has been heard of her sbilstall, ? lib ilark skin, light eves and hair: she had on a dark dress. Iilaek nuitiillla, wbite straw ha', wlih brown an l u. kite iitikid ribbon age 4ft Any one who can g've informa t?,? ?, ui whether she is living or dead shall receive the above rew"rd, b, calling at Mrs. fomsel s, 36 Hester street, Wew York. Newark, papers pleast^eopy. RKWARD -LOST, ABOUT A MONTH SINCE, a small white rtog. with s lleh' j el'ow spot on her back. As the owners are very anxious lo recover her th.-v g1v e the following particulars:? f he was twelve yean old, hta fo?t her tlsil hss small ears, and anawers to the name of Lily. Whoever wUl bring her to 100 West re' reive the above reward, and no unesJons will be asked. Acn/l REWARD? NOTES ANB BTOCB LOBT OB S,)Ul) stolen.? The following promissory netes were lost S ie s" scnbS, on the lSth o? ftovember. to*., I. the city 0,1*' Vote' of Nh^bkigo St. Paul end Poed txxLm RsUmad Conmany made by ( barles Butler, Treasurer, aMl J. W. _Cur ner'"cyre.arv. tor >U> 000. dated March lO.Ws. W-|leal the oflire ot the t'ompany. No. 12 Wall street, en IhelOUt March. 1K67, with lntereat at i per cent per annum. a?4 in dorsed b> William B. Ogden. William Jarvls, James W. Hick ok apd Charles Butler. Note No 96 #??,??<!? 2 Note dated Port Henry. N. Y , April 16 1866, mace hy l-ee, Sherman A Wither bees, payable U> the order o seih K Foster, at the Market Hank. Troy, 24 months after date, laid sote Is hot Indorsed. . Koi* dated Jene 27 lbM? for fTDO. made by H W. Oatlln, psvable at the Bar* of Burlinirton Vt- ? to 7 monihsatter date. U> Uie order of Henry P. Hlcfcok. sjd by hta Indorsed. 4 Hot* dated Went port, York, AWiiW 11, li64? J?r r.?3 and mm* cxM by WUl?a? ?S?rda. MiBble in the order of ii. A. LoveUnd and M. 'wo yean sfier date, at the t'oenwierctal Hank Btirllnf ton. \ t., With In terest and Indorsed by ?*d l?velan.l snd Foyr. lx?t also st the same time and place, the loUowln( oertltl ^"deitfl' irti lor leu shares of stock of the Chicago, St. Psul aad louddii Rallrota fompany, lo the subacriber, No. ' J** < V riUVa'tV Sf ?t}?LrM of stock of the Central Ohio Railroad Oompany. to the snhscrtber, to 1H66. NumMerand precise dale unsnown . , . . . ... ? 1 t'ertitlcate tor twenty four shares ?f sto-k of the Mercao llle Bank Piatt ?hni|r. lo Ihe subscriber, 1*6?. B umber and ' ' r ' n'rri 'hereby Vautinn all persons fW>m receivlnger negotl ailtg the said notea. or either or anyol them or the ?sMrer Uticatea of sto- k. or either or any of them, aa payment of the The'a'ovTrewud will be paid for the return of said notes ard rertlnrates to the subscriber, at the l-?^?rl? ^"yficR0* T nVw Yo??, Nov H.M66. ' d> mfl RKWARD? THB PRBMISBH OP TUB HOB JOUU fribtr* at 22 Brcid flr^t havtnn %aea borgia rtooaly eoterfdoo <rfWedw?d?f, tie l^th iwt., and aesSfisif UOBT AND POITW. /COLLAR LOsT-? RKWARD.-LOST, ON THAJJK.^ 1 ' giving day. In passing throu*l? Thompson eti?e^ Waah U nw ' i a* u, Vhtiteenth street ? lace . olW. The above re waid w ill be paid on leaviug It At Ifl tltecne street. Don lost" -m rrward.-a yodmo black and tan U rrler bitch. b?-llf an d 'an aO'l a MMl) *|xrt or Uo Uttrr each e>e. fh.?rt ram. an*#era u? t?^ nam# of Katf , l** aU??f reward will be paid on returnuiil b?r \o?6 WfMt WtOii legion p ace FtJl'NO? 114 BBOADWAT. A small ENaMKLLK.'i sold watch with chain afached 1 he tinder being ? po?r vimng man. eiO"-ie to be llberaUy rewarded. Call at SH Mat i on sti-set. Mrs Bnywod L^OI NI' ? BkTWKKN TIIK 2STH *NU MtrH OCTOBER f a gtlt bound gre* chamois purse e..nt*lnl .: aixieliarBe ahlch ihe owner can have by applying lottos*. ; Ncitb Maolson muare L^oRT-BEIWrUB Mrt BBOADWAT AMD METBOFOLI tan Hotel, ou M-nxIsy evening a patent drawings tr<. <i patent efliee. B<lward -Jiarenci -hepard. Is valuable only M the owrer the floder will eot let a fhssvr and be sinta' ? r>'? srded by rtrtumlng ItlJJ'iltn A. t^elllna, Metropotl'a I llrAel. It it-T? ON IHE AriRRMOO* O* WEDBM^DAY. I9rii I ii, nt Id 'tee thr^e o'fktck Harleen earn, between N?f lo | SI d Morrlesatn. a 's bm? morose# yortemononie. so., ts'miig sooie sixty ??oltors in bill- and gold. A , imwtMdsibrr papers l>ear!ng the owner ? "*me A Mr reward will be given for the above. S. W. nKAR.4, 1A Oreenwieh idreeu T OUT -A OOLDI OCBBT. CONTtlNINO THB DAODRK L reotvp<?ot a gentle man and hia wife, yesiecday afternoon .elhe V irinlty of fi Wwsy. howerv. oroneoftheeroas streets leai^g tbf r. to The Under will be lilmrallv rewardel oore ion Ing It at the railroad otioe. 173 Hroadway, corner of Oar lai d' s'feet. T Of T? ON THB J0TH. A SMALL BLACB MOBOQi'tl MR ] j motandnm booh. ??tainl?g no-ea and papers worth is-s to arT Mil tliejawner 1 he Under wiU be rtherall^ fwwardel by leaving 'he above at 6 ^aroal or O Hfrdeell. on Wo. 40 fblrd Avenae Ratlroal, tot* ?the depot - T t*T-OB WKHNMDAY RYRNIBO, BMrwhitf ft J i ?? nlv severth sir. et. Fourth avenue and the Ht. Nn ti?? is. a but ch 'it kesa twortT wblch l^long o t"huhh s peten. lock am person re'iirnlng tlfni to Duherty s No Broad street, will be suitably re? arded. T DM? H P. BBABD^T, A NATIVE 0r0K?MtfT. ft j teanofsge. was la?t seen on nigh* Wovemn ' In rrnnei ot Briwoe and I :h?ystie streets. A liberal re war . | aei t i .nch n.fonna'bin as wim lead lo the .lisjn^ r" his pi esse! whrreabouls o* fate Address Otto I Koehler (ft era hem s*?eei I f ohT-A hot, A Bt >l.T FOt'BTEBM YBABB OP A'l \j I v the name of Edward Kennedy, was hired out I l>> lUSISIII wIBiii i In ? * ? ' Wednesday w. ? a, d rm ai' i ?" ut.iij 1 hur-dav week Info -mailo'i id h in re received by Body l-aobe, Yandewster sireet. T NOV ? ? A m A t T. ei'OTCrt TBRRIEB D HI \j sisweis to the name of PlneSer. whoever return* the ? smc to Tft I if'h avenue will ne liberally regarded. OTOI.RN KRt.M A HDV* TO 'KKT? OB O n ornii'g. a b ... t rrnche purw. ?rlnge,l wiln white bea and coi-'a't Ii c abo,.i Sit, >ti mot e . I he ih'ei is weHflBBj the ti.onej M lie w ill re'nrti Hie purse Ibtoush the P'>s' ofli to J is hob s? n. I* M All street; eTHAYFC FRi M TBB RKMDENCB OP R W llilW* C si Hlverdale \t"stehesiereiun'y on or about 'he l.vh Octnber aimsildark hroan p?>nv mare snv one rdo* Ins I er ss al'ovs, or to W ||. Klelghi, ot Ton Iters, WUl receiv, s suiislde reward and ihe thanks of the ntraer A NT>D? AN OWNKR FOB TWO BR'iWtHOR j< * I'h 'org 'alls brought f r< m on board 'he Isasc Ne>,* Inn. roits gna<l lo H H Wlnt nw till called for fhey w... , bit at s'ohie. 1A4 W ishlngtnn street, tine of the h ,rae* I p'lnd of o?e ev If not owned betore the i4 h they wll, b? io,d to pay expenses WATCHKK, JRWRI HV, M;. C CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS, BQl Al. IB BBILI.lANOt J to Bie real, and ai prices within the rsnoh of all. r'ne. B? tntMl rings, fft to ?? earvngs l? to 6W>. 'H-rsiees ?tnda. t rae*l?ts, Ac OaH and soe. L ?t Broadway riOMPfi^ITTON ABD OfiT D cvttfwi TWT. OTA BP \j fob. isdte? eha'eiates s?-a.H sfl to change color, w ihe monev rn?r?e?! Prices -?hl hv mail to any par ?f the tailed *t?-iss ? ho e*<l? d-a'ee- s-'Tmb- 4. Is. A J J aOOBS, ?U7 Prosdwny. X JTW YOB* AMD LiVKBPOUL UNITED 8TAT1C8 MAIL steamships for Uverpooi.?'i he Uuttea titatee iuI ?wi ship BaUII'. Jo J. Oatnstock commando/, win depart >?llb B>? United stales malls for Kurnpe. positively on -alurday November 22 ?l 12 M , from k?r berth, fool of Oaual *r?et. 1 La MMuwi of Uus 'iIm have h>roml *iw tight balk beads. Far freight or |??M? having aaetiualled Kufvin mod eom'urt, aup:? to KDff ARD K CO'-LINH M Wall street PH(beD(i<<m ere requested tn bo on board at 11 4 M all let' era Ki?at pass through the Post nlfte*. any others wlB be raKrtrd 1h? rate of IrclyM tram Ltve/psul to Maw fork is reduced ta 14 par ton tmiurnneal <uiti) further notice. tfOB LONDON.-- SalLSTO MORROW. TUB SPLENDID r clipper ahlp J R K hK1.BR alan a sbt* for Mverpool sail* lo-dey. Tare In either ship:? Second cabin, ftfl) steerage, tl?, and found. Apply to THOd C. ROCHE, H3 South street. hoi muMLrau, . ^ 19* November. CRy ?? Waahtagkro nh December. Otjr of Mmsbsster 18th do. . _ . wo* ururoob tyy of gyahswsr Nth Novamb**. ORy <* Barnnara 5d Doeembw.

rmwi to. fiSiitt SSSSti JSU ^HHaHawnrmi, and fband In provision*. Frwn Philadelphia *50 I From l.tvsrpoof BOO m Thes* stessaer* are oo?trmrtad wtthTmproved water tight Par Use wlahtug to brine rrat their friends can obtain eertlA oaU* of passage and draft* no Liverpool ta ibju of ?1 eter Una and upward* Apply to JOHN 0. DALE. ax eat. IT Walnut street Philadelphia, ar BABBL A OORT1H. *77 Broadway, Mew York. Black ball link fob livbrpool-bailb at la M. to da). Nor 21, ibe clipper packet able OKKAf W hint' hBN. Capt Furtie . Fare, second cxbio. (J>. steerage. IIM; including cooked i revisions. Apply en board, pier23B?st river, or to J ACO f WILSON, 108 South atreet. F'OB LlVKRPOOL.-DREtDNOUOHT LINK? TUB world w de known cHppershlp DKK AD.NOUUII r, Cup'. Stiuuels, will poiitlve'y sail on WrdntS'bty, Ufiih November, ?i < rid eabl?i t.'lt nee rage ilM and found with provisions. This celebrated shlj ia ncled lorirat'iie the fastest t'tn? on ?* cm d Appiv on hoard, pier B North elver, or to DBMARKrfT A JCNK6, <0 Fouth street and 36 Old slip. NOTICE -FIBBT PACKET POB LIVERPOOL? THB celebrated packet aalp CONSTELLATION Capt Mol lerler, aalla thia day, at 12 o'clock For passage In cabin, se cond rabin and itei-race, apply on board, pier 46 K K.,orto T A P8COTT A CO., bouts street. VH)R fOUTB AMPTON AND BAVRB-THS UNITED JF States mall ateamer ARAUO D. I.lnaa eoamander, will leave (or H??re, toochlng at Sonthiunptoa to land the maMa and paaseDH?n. on Saturday, December 13, at 12 o'clock, from ber pier, Mo 37 Mcrth river, foot of Beaver atreet. Kuit unln 9190 ; Second cabin 75 This chip baa five water tight compartments, enaloalng the rrgiuea so that Iti the (;vent of aolilston or stranding the water could not reach tbrm, :md he pumps betrg free te wnrk the a?"l'?tv of the vessel and paaaengers must be secured. No fretitht will be taken after Thur>d.iv, December 11 For freljtbt or p?s?a?e apply to MOBTIMBB UVJNOSTON, aftect, M Broadway. ?JV'OB BKBMRM, VIA BOBTBaMPTON.? THK UNII'ED r fetates mall steatrshlp W?8H INllTUN, K. nn mindi r will sal) tor Hvemen, touching at vtitihamplnu u> i.knd matli< and pasoengers for fcnglaud and Fr.inne. on Saturday, Nov at U o'clock, M., from pier 37 North rlv?? Price of pacMge from New \ork to ^ou'hamu'on or H.-nineu ? In tint cabin m?tn saloon SI.'W. in tirat cabin, lower aal.wm, 110; In Kfcoiri cul.ln, trt) An exoerieaced surgeon attached to earb urmirr >pe" le di'ltrered In Havre or Uirvdon No par cels r.r-iveo on the day of sailing. All lctter< mu"t pa<M iliMiuth the Post < iflice For frelghtor paaaage apply to C. 11. Mi, Agi nt, 11 ^outh Wilktm street. StMaM ttKTWBBM MBV TOBK AMD OLASOOW.? Kf>! N tiLKOH, 2,8011 'ou, William Cnmmlng, oonimaod er; N> W YdBK, 2,160 toas. Robert Craig, commander; Oi/AHiiiW, l.Mtltons J oh a Doncan. oomniaod*v. (he (llaa now ard New York Steamship l><nipany Intend sailing their acd powerful steamers from New York to Olaagow dl rert, a-fol'ows:? fcdlnlMirgh, Katnrdav, 16th Mavember. at 12 ri'ckvk. noon. New York. Saturday. 20th November, at 12 o'cl? >rk, ni?n; Glasgow, Satnrdav , <th Deoeinber, at U o clock, r coo. ?in* or riMioi first rinse, $78; third rlasa lound with oooked provlatona, f,m > n i xperlenoed surgeon attached to each steamer For frelghtor pavsageappiy to J Oil* M \ HYMOM 17 Hn>adway, NfB Y or w CUT M or Hold only received lor passage IiHIR NkW HUIKANS AND fl A V A N A ? TB K UNIIR.D V Hatrs mail ?teanihhi|> hl.AC'K WaRkIOR J. W. Smlib, rnirm?mlrr. will romn.ence receiving t'retKht on Woodat No\ H. ami will sail on ihursday. li '' 1 rorn tin to. if boliluKHi street. North river, at in M. >o bl <af lading eianed after the ?h p has utile. livirumton t; O' ..isa oo.t ? I'*; k ulane. ptAI-lPOBNIA.? NOT1CK TI1R i'E AMhR TKXAS \J will aall on Saturday, N v . 22. at 3 o'eloek P. M.. from he foo? of Ninth street. K i Mt river, instead of thejMtb lnat. , a? advert ??ed. CUaKLEB MOl" N A 9<JM8, No. 2 Bowling Oreen. SrTfOB A CO "8 l>I?P\Ton LINE FOR BAN FBAM claco? Salbng regularly and pnattiveiy on or before the day advertlaed. Clipper of Ihurartav, Dec. 6. the splendid Al eltpper shin JOHN MILTON, Hardin*, master, in receiving be r < argn at pier 1(1 Ra't ri\er, and will po*itJ?*lv "all aa above Shippers * ill plea?e send tn th- lr M ? of lading for signature as aoon as their engagements are oompleteMi, bear ing In mind thst the vessels of in is line take no freight after their advertised da v, and In vo ease have been or will be de tained. SUTTON A CO., 63 South street, cor. Wall. FPOB CALIFORNIA -NEW TOBK AND HAM FRAM elnce steamship line, via N Icaragna ? Miertest route by 7011 tailes ? Oreat reduction of prices.? Ths new and splendid tSZAB. Qjro tou bnrden.) wlir sail (rum pier foot of Ninth street, ICart river, lor Han Juan de Nicaragua on Hatueday, Mov. 21, at 3 o'eloek P. M., to connect with the steamer ORIZABA, from Ban Juan <*el Snr, on the Pacific, for San Frunctaeo. Passengers ? ill find this the hnalthiest an. I cheapest route. Fifty pounds baggage allowed each paasengei ? tea cents per pound on cjteess katrs or riMAoa raos new Tom*. TO ?A* V H AWCtatN). TO SAM JUAt DSL xoara. (It eluding Iathmus Transit ) V it si eabtn $175 First cabin 976 Hset nd cabin 1)6 Se ord cabin IKI Meemgr 76 eteerage 26 For irelgbt or passage apply to tn AR1.ES MO BO AN A H>INB, No 2 HowUng Oreen. FH)R SAVANNAH AND FLO rt I da-cmited states Mai! IJtie? The strxmthlp aI'UUBTa, Capt. Tkoiaaa I j on will leave on Katordaf. Nav. 21, from rler Ne. 4 Nerth river at .1 o'< lork P. M Hluis of lading signed on beard. Per frrlghtor pssssce apply to P. I.. MIlClill.L, 13 Hreadway. Ibtough tlrketalrom New Vor* to J ackaoevUle, 931 . to PHatka, f.Vt Mesmers fmm FlonUa ennneel at Savanaaih elth the steamers ln?n New Y ork on Taeed^ys aad Saturdays. LMJP NOBFOI K AMD RICHMOND.? THE ONITED r htaies mall steamship J a MEhTOWN, Capt Parrish. wid leave ir.r the above plsoes on ^aturday, the 2H Inst., at 3 e clock P. M., fiotn pier 13 North river. She will arrive at Nnrf llr on ? uitday afen ooo, and at Richmond ne Monday mort lt *. Passengers lor the Snath will pnx-eed without de lay by the crvat mail ltn- tn Charleston. Augusta. Savannah. A?l Travellers ?l'l llbd ibis 'be cheapest, oleaaant^st ana n eat ex pedhloaa route PHMH and fare tn<-luiting state r.<-m to Norfolk t* Peters?>erg er Richmond, OH), steerage ha ft rice Apply to LUDLaM * Pl.KASANm, No. 32 M men way a Lift BALM PIOBKKH LINK, KN1' AllLlHHBI) LHM. t\ Oairjr i g tlie t'erted Sia'es mails railing regnlsiiy en the da> advertised on Katurday Dea. 1 foil or net 'nlL No fr> Igbi reeetved after Friday, Dee. 1 1 be uneqaaJle* aad nob* ahpper ahlp ANNA BIMBalX. teas regteier RenonU master ta tow reretvteg her eargr at pier No 0 Raai river, aad eV pealttvely sail as above For freight or pases go atu'lr on Soand irlki B. W CaMKHoN Bo 6 Howttag grasa '?tght MUs inr sale aad eash advMiemnaa" made oa consign nients tVeielgnees la AastraUa. Vi pars WukJUiaon. Brother* k On. A I HTM ALIA IMDEPRNnRNT LIMB? FIB1T 9KTP Ibe beautiful A 1 slipper ship ARIHL will be de suairhed for Melboorae positively on the V?th of Noemaher ??he (sn aonm.m'?t?le a few paeseegers In ilrat r.ase stv'e, For Height or pseesge applv en beard, at ptee No 17 ria/A river, or lo (iOODMVk, ARK.BLL A KLLloT, SB Pearl eireet. L'tiB CAPE TOW*. t'APR OF <M>OD HOPE ANDCAL T eutta -fbe beanttful A I el'pper ship OEM OF THE . H> .. N * III be dsapairhed on the Mh of November for the *l.o?? ports For freight or passage apply to UOOOKV*. ytBKkLL A ELLIOTT. M Pearl street. l^CB HAVANA AND MOBILB.-THR DlirRD 4T4TR0 r Mail stesmrr t^UAK hR t.tfT, It. W -hnfeidt e ? minm e. r. atll 1-ave for the above oeets oa Monday Sth Deeera bett at 1 J o'clock neoe. fW.m n'er So. 41 N ?th river. For reiki or paaaane apply to SMI I H A PATRICK, 61 Wall fOM CHARI.ENTON, B C -T!1E NtJPBRIOB HIDE r a heel steam ?hln *T ?TB < >F tlk'lR'l I * ?'apta 1 (iarvln will sail from Phila?1eit hia for t'barie^oa. mi Aam i'h. Km sesber 21, at W o'eloek a M t'abin u -se**e, *rh very superior stateroom ac'trntrnlallotis. 0J> siee-age Is 1 be Hlate of <?eo'gta will sail xgaln aa above o, -tauHit I Deeember 0. The h eys'.u e State sail* for r-avau.iah ou Sat nrday. Nov ?. IlkkllJI t MtRTIN A teota. PhUaoe>pbla MSI >ortb W u?-ves ANTROLtKlV, I WONDER ThH i?IP hi OlHl. -iF V ,l| o I A kaow ail ths evre's ot few past srd mtme Ifa the snewle.lge of wblch may aave yoa ye?e? of a.vrow ?-v1 rvr lna t fall >e r*>a?olt the ab ive sasis' pamsl't t'h.rse Ml teM*. 7 lie Ulna, v has a'so or hand ? ?eeret wh eh will etiahis say lady or ges'>emao to a la or oMe n the adk>etM.oe of th? e* I ouesie set < barge elira )i; Third a. "una betweea Bt,h ? and Nine evnib atreele. k N Ain*<ilX)OI? TnAT BEAT^THB WORLD. AND Ive lb. esa"S dolstra reward la aTered to any perena ? bo .-as serves* bet tn giving aorreet stsietasuts m past reaeel and tntnr* evssivs ,<antr olarly absent frtends. ' sasea ?w stills Ae dbe also gtves Inshy nusabe s ahe yir n ?ny person that has *v?t netted mi cfv she M alio leak! IV reel >.erea All peranee who are eflHeted wMh ooasampttoa rcwiplrJat, tcrefnla rheamstlem nr say other itnge^M . , s -rniM. Well te sail aid sea his is.mnerfiii aM *iu. al Sired ladv aed roe eiE not ge s way tMoatisf-ed < R- Madame 'UFFTON Is no hambag Calf aed saUeTv i.irealve* Rasidenes Ne IM Orehsrd sa est list wow ' irstoa and F tea toe V ffONIKHTNO TO ALL.? MADAME MORROW CLAIMS (I to be the moot wonderfrt' asi/oiogtor the world or that Us* ever been kaswa aa I am the seventh daughter of the < verib daughter ? bo wae a'so a gre^i astrologiat I bav* a ataraj ??t to tell past present and fnturs events of iif? | ... vtoi.itVil th.-u.sads luring mv tea* ale In Riirnpe T ?i|| ie'l abether <ou are marrte.l or tingle and h . Ifi'i s ?ou a>e lo he m>rr1ed at d how none And will show "vi the i ket ess of jonr fetnre htwhaad and srtti etear you to l>e I ?peedily married. nt m* rlrnoalai bM i will also show ?n.l T Will lei1 so true sll Ihe ?neerns ol lifc that yna nannot |.elp heirs a?*nlsbed No ( harge If not aatlaAed '""all sooo or yen will not get the rhanee nenftaiea not admitted. 7# on* me r reel, near * ol iimbta ed. and vast will enjoy the greatest ha -oImss I bllM s*? gotel l-tel ibroogh voee whole Ve. ?r the Ilk "ess of atisadi fria,*ls and relaKns ?0 tme Oil Ibe conoerM Of life thai yon e*nnot <nlsbcd No i hsrge If not aatiaAed OMlIMn I get the rheee* tietiAxnee not adraltte.1 7<| near t'ohimbta MADAKB P*BW*TN? RNTTTRWIi TMAMBI he a ill tell the nanse -J h" -*-ad ?n1 al*u"aii inms f>f bar vWtare trt Brrwary bsgtragi Peer* a~i m /3LAIRV0TAN<T?"- MBN. BBVMOI7B, I Id BPBIMO V' strsat a few doors west of Rreadway, the eat 1r til rrrifloal st.d business rlalrvnryaat ta Aeierk* AO 3 ssasee dtsrovsred and cured. If eerahle nnerrtas lelvtoe aa hnetnes. aoaeet Meed*, A* , and sattefa. Hon mfil\a2I. ? an charge mad*. m AimnEiCTirw. VTIBLO'B GARDEN i.\ l>oors open a< 6>i; to eommenc* at 7)^. Tickets SO cenu SATURDAY tvCDMU, Nov. tL |N6*>. BTXOhOkftT HIlL OK 1 HK ^EvoN. TUB VOM KBH1. VtVtU, MILE KOt-KKT AND THE BALLET POMUNY, YOUNG HKNOLb B, M. MaK/KITI. In lour entertainmenta. EVOLUTION* ON I'll K TIDHT BOPB. SOl.DIhK ?1>B LO VIC. lobar a Francois NK.W kkSTIVAL DaNS a.NTK. Ml.l.h ROBJlKT Hixl .be Ballet Company. I'ONUO. Potko. Ik i" ape K. Maneitl "I Jit- Wonderful Have In every evening. In rebearral, two grand novelties. WJ aLLACK'B TI1KATBK ?? and last night of the preset.! scries of perloruiiiucex of WK WsLLaCK, prevtoup U> hi* depaiinr- on his t uulhetn tour, on which oc melon be w HI, by general desire, repeat his celebrated cba< racter of SHYLOCK, In frhakspere'a it i?at plav of Tills MERCHANT OF VKNKT? Also, for the lirst lb"? in three ytara, Mr. Wallaclc will aua tain but org.nal character of MCK DABHaLL, In the petite comedy of MY AUNT. The entertainment* efinrludiD* with the capital fare? of Til K WITCH OK wl NDKBHKItK. Mr. Walcot, Mr. Dyott, Mr. Phllllpe, Mr. Sothern. Mr. Hol land Hrs. Ho<y. Mra Vernon. Mlas Uannoti, Mra. Allen aod other lavorite artiata will at pear In the bc.veral pieces. On Monday? MB. .1 oMKrl aNDKBBON and MIRS AON KB Kl-BWOETHY will muke their tirat appearance In an original romantic play, la four acta, entitled. CLOUD AND SUNSHINE; Or, Loti'I llVIMI, 1AUBA KKHMf'C THKATKB, J GiU Broadway, beak Hototo* M t** Laura K e< ne Hole Mr. H fall Stag* Manageg M' Ihomaa I'aker.... Mnatcal Director Doors open at ti>, o'clock; the performance will onmmanoo with the Overture at 7 o'e.ock. Ill IS FVKNING NOVKMBKK 22, AB von LI KB IT. Anden* Ml?r Juila Gould I Jacques. llr. O K. Dlcklnarn ( r ni <Jo Mr. Geo. Jordan | Touchstone. . Mr. Wheatleigh Rosalind Mia* Laura Keena lo conclude with the petite comedy, in one act, entitled LAD' KB B&WaRE. Col Yaraeour... Mr Burnett | Lady Beuiuchamp Mra.G rattan Admlfaion:? Dree* Circle and Parquette.. oocenw; Balcony Peal*, 7f' cent*; Family Circle, 25 centr; Orches'ra fetal)*, $1 curl ; PHvate Boxes, till. Box office open from 8 till 4 o'clock. ACADKMY OF MT'BIO, Fourteenth street Seventh night of IRE LA GRANGE OPERA TROUPE. Monday Evkhinc, Not. 24, Yerdi'a grand opera, 1L TBOVATOBE. Madame DE LA GRANGE, Mias ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, Signorl BBIGNOLI. AMODIO, and GA8PARONI. In the principal rmee. Mai Maretzek Conductor Admission gi i Becond Cimje Ml eenta Secured aeate. .Ml oenta extra I Amphitheatre ? eenta Beats may be secured at the Aeademj , or at Hall A Bon's, No. 239 Broadway Doors or en at 7 ^ ; Opera commences at 8 o'clock. BARNUM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM -7 0M THUMB'S farewell benelit and beyond all dispute hi* very last ap nraratice m Amertow. a* he now embarks for Europe and r?j turnir g will quit public lite lor ever Saturday, Nov. Zi, VS66, afternoon at 2 o'clock, anc alao In the evening at 7 o'clock, will be preaented, for positively the laattlme the wonderfully poru ar drana, already witne-eed by flfij thousand pcooie, li R KI) with Uen. TOM TLl'MH as lom Tit. One of the great tnakea has swallowed eight live pigs and three rab Its arother lartie snake Is npected dailv to feed. The HaPFY ?amily, LIVING SKKLKTON, DWaMF lady, Ar . all to be seen. Admittance 28 cents; children under ten I'-'j, cents BUCKLEY'S SERF. NAD Kits, NEW HALL, 6*6 BROAD way. Bat Urdu y evenlDK, Nor. 2\ last night of DHKD, on, THE ntsa AL IWAKP. Preceding which. NEGXO MIWHTBFLHT On Monday ever mg, Nov. 24 a itrand new bnrles<iue on TDK XOHKMIaN UIBL. Commence at 7), o'clock. Tickeu 26 cenU; orchestra sea a SO cents. Thalbkrg's con<;ebts. hECOMl BKHIW. ELENA D'aNOBI. 1 he ptihlie a>e reepeotfully Informed that, owiau to Mr. Klblo'a kind exertkne. the t'encerts of M Thaihe.rg wil< bave lobe laltrruiilea n erelj for a few days, and will be resumed en T llll- CM At IYKNINO NOV 2J, MhrntlK KTOHTI1 (X)N< FRT will he given. r ard er rn* MAKioanirr. Ir arrouncii.f il e continuance of Mr Thalberg's concert*, the u mar ine" permlte ltaeif to allude In a few werda to the serlee >???? e. rc'nded. Altbonghco eflort h<*a been apared to five every aa'lafar lion to l he public both <u the selection <n the beat available talent and In <be care bestowed upon the general arrangemeata or Mr Ibalberg's concerts, yet no Idea could be entertained of the magnitude oi the aucceaa that baa attended them fhia I very aucctsa it duces an increase of ihoae etrnrui, w th a view lo impart every poaMble eclat to the second aertea. It kaa, titer elore. been determined to xlve to Mr. Thalberg'a ealar lalnmente. which have prevlontly partaken of the charac ter of musical eo'rees that form n alcn will justly euiitla them i to the appellation of GRAND CONCERTS, the drst of wbtcfc will take place on Thursday, Nov. 27. A1 MBI.O'B KALOON. I To this effect an sr-angement has been entered into wtlh MiIiaAKLKMA D'AHGBI, Cantatrlee di Camera to the Km uen t of Anetrta, , one of the very few gr.-at European voeallata who have not yet been heard lo Una country, and who will on this occasion I oiikt Her Firkt ArenARAHt-n id Ambrica. A GRAND <>l? HBBTBA baa aieo been engaged, which will enable M. ThaLBRHG to play, for the first Uma la America, HkklHnVkNt oRaND tUNCERTO IN E FLAT, with lull orchestral eeeonpauliaenia In so dmag tha niphUy aipenaea will be iouSled; bat Mr. 1 halberg. Itelleg the ohligaitoa be haa tnanrred and deairo<ta of expressing bM sense ol the parsooal favor with whiuh bo baa been reeeh?*d, knows ?f na other method of dotnc ao th?A by adding to the muatoal attractions of hia concerts, while the prices r? main >a bHore. 1 hia du>? once auxmipllahed there yet remains another obU gallon which la fa> atd. as lar as possible, in developing tha taete for ni ualc In the younger porttoti of Ui? community . For this purpoee MR TRALBERG haa decided upon kI*1li a n mher of GkaTl nols MORNINO CONCERTS for (he publfc- acboola trusting that ibe example may be fol lowed by all of ble brother artH>ia who uiay rieti thia eountry, as the heat mrana of oonductag to the cultivation of one of the principal aria. MR TIULNERG acknowledge*, at the same time the liberality with which MR WILLIAM NIBU) haa rflered lo assist turn In thl? object, by placing at hia dla posal the entire roi.un ee M his ax least i e pi ? nusex a?h iio aa all the at ranitrmenta are completed notice will be given of MR THAI. AERO'* F1BBT PC BUG M.IIOOL CtlNCERT. TllALBKWtl'A KlttllTTI CORCERT, f'ltsi a|<|>earauee of hl.kNA D'ABtiltl, Tttusi-I'tv. Nov T,, The sale of seals will comiiienee on T m sday, Nov. 25, onus a or the sais < in T n? ?dsv ? ill he sate the f I Ml rc?erved seals. On W."ln> *da> and Ihuiaday the II, and remalrlng fl SO retried sea's I'p Town licxc Ofllce . C. Breuslrg, "o 701 Hroadway. Down town osire Van ftorde.u A King. 4) Wall street I OCk Oil lj For I he Ureal RATinaAl. ABtRICA" historical rAtnTinc* of the K \RI Y FILURIM AND hKV (H.l'TIOMAKT F ATI! ERR. tri.KI? Kit H ? RDT'B r GREaT MAGARa gallery. And collectuni of * ANDIN ? VIaN PaINiIHGR. Fintxeeaat Instituta. W Broadway. . ?above faJ'ery Mia berlnit more than one buttdr*1 oti paintings, collected snd eteeuted by Mr Ke*d Rk'hardt srotn UeVhee and ?tn lies taken fresn nalnte will be opened to the American t ubll on at i ar r sainrday Nov tt 1 he Niagara Oallery eotdalos a ninnaroue variety of view* of IJw .Nisiara Fallsand vielnltv reoreeeixlng U,e meet -ai Lsie end l>- aul'ful sc. i rry of that wmdeifnl work of a'urn v^a taerxllnar i?n painttna* e jui ris^ a com.-trehiMlve col Ucii 'n of e? edtah an 4 lisnoh bintlsrapee. |iromln?nt cae' lea, and other rare errhttectural building* aoaoogM which will be fonn" th- fsnioea < tonhnrir a, tie Pnc??. of ?lmi*ei'-n Mi tent-- eeaane ticketa good up to May I. W67. ?l. open from M A. M. to M P. M. PRVEMBRR ~ XV The ?4th November, Btui > grand oiK'ert At the I abernaele. The unrtvalied (ut'artoL. G. W Bradford. Prefeaeor ?rhn*T<*. The unrtvalied Herman gnttarM, Mgaor Hint, from Italy, Profersur A. ^esigwlek. Master ('barlaa >edgwiek, _ . I'aaurpassed peri arm ere On the i-oreertlne -n'? eight years of age Master An'cnlo Nltti eeif taught gunarlat, Only twelve yeai* of ere perfortas on aa lneWument ma>l>' br h tn?e f. *>?e I .iter Rial, Only ten rears of age. This will be one the rt *a est tree's Ever oflfcri d '?> lh* New York peblto la ot.e eveniof ? eomte baHsde. I opa .ar snaga. i c . *c . *e Beonre U"k?tx aarlv. To he had at all 'h? *??h onable music etorwe in Hew lurk and itrookijn Door* op. n ai fit, maiete at 7W At'ADbMl or M CSin TO IRT-ONTHROFF NIGHT* ol ibe orer* lot en?'e?r?a l"e?nrea .te a-">ni-o..U i ton to-- lour thousand perwma. Prlee. per mglit, Kkvi. lajlud <ng lis bU , BALL 3RA??N. Ibe prlee f.?r ba'l nlgb'a b?? '?eea reduced to $71*1 Inelud'ng tJl tie prv legee of the bara *<uper rnnma and ei,>afc r.xira?. 'os ether With the Ik 1 Una and flooring. Apnlv 'o N H. ? WtiLfK. of the kxeeulive t!on,mliten. Mo 9 South aCfeet. I /'O A Mr^rim VAIf RTINR '~~ \JI lb Ma HngbaM' delineations of ehametee, Interst < r?> d with hie lel'mr ioke? and lula at the Unea i Perhsm's tiifi 1 teheto admit. Academy Hal., <HS ttr?<ad<vay. 1 a^wrldob F "7i a'ixert *97 BKnAMWaT riira I r magnlfii^-nt eot'eetton nf ps utlnge and ataluari M open fr^m H o cock a M UIMiio>'oekP M It nn aealsiaa its wsrts of two hundred ef the ftneet wiwksof art eveepat *p<m exhililtloa Rtngle nlm a.oti. 24 nents. season tlckeie MIceelA Academt n t(4 m hiiiiUiVaV -dr vilrntine. SAtnnnat Rvgm<m, Nn\ 21. tan I'osHItpIv th<- last apoewr ica nf lb" Dr In nis langbab e <$n 'ne -tt ?is At'm'esioi. Ib cent* ('"tum'-nciiif ai 7 1 , oV^eh. N . JJ ferlam's Gift 1 Id "te *nmtt fotr persons. ftoi?D W FBIC ARTIST REQITTRKH IMMEDIATE . ly. ht s rV?nonstble nutneger Addt ae T. fl., City H i i ? ...... . . iTkRiiTVTh'it etS^mm pehwam otrr ti< k fts for i I *a e, a? Hfj cents each, would he e?"baaged for jewelry, ' ciothlpg, c. A line a<ldrease.l lo George P. Alloa, box 140 lleiald i Mce. will n eel with attention MIBH FaRNV MORABT WILL I.RAVR THI* <tpt !.* a lonrllr .'tigb ftie West and <**ntb eommencint at De<r<'it lec. n her I * U cnmir uei'-aitong on h<t?neas to be addreend tn ber agoni. P. Ashley, at 0. T r?r*loe's, DramUlc Agetit t hambsra street. N?w tdrk or no* 1414 P??t oflee. nulk PL* TB PIjAJK THR KTANDaRJ) AND Ml X pm drama, and all enW pu' liebad piayn, for sale bv ? FRRNCIL 1*1 * aseao street, Now York prtoe Ilk mL snob ten frrlli M. A aew pVa* anhlMhai araet. OrsspMe UaM eeat by mail, A*K iMMMIWfiT*. hROrfifUM S BoWfcKV 1 flK % 1 KH. /?i M <?? tod \jrcb*> u-mtt iu* gMW . . ? ..... ?... y I'dU* I Vix '? 1 < Private bum. < Spirit Kv?j?ifc<; ffov ? ' Nf 1* Y ?? H !\ BY \i ? T Ok, I lift. ? ti(. CK aSO ICS WII.TIM. K**)itkrr?tuDf lh?k Kf.j ....*lr J.I; %!.*"? ??' ? Mr . F hum <>uM?riHur^ Kor?j. ...... ... II r. tirooy . i *?r?. F^MbtjBtotie llawn Mum Kii??*?w i ? Ma Kale. ji. Uread rw A* l)?n> . .ty alli.?. Kroei-aur ?oa a Ci )? ? ? >e? i'.a de 1 rou by M- M Vfctm.Vi,. _ , .. IU4 Via. SaDie PlullOgVtl Popular Peng... yr o. 1 u cotrlutli- wlh ?' *ok hhkppabe. Jack Kheppwti ilifH 'In,..) V??s ??ie New ? Mr KowihdI 1 rf nclwid Vr i* d Jonathan Wl'd nr. Conr* 1 i.:l . Abe MenUx.... Mi Whlung | ihaae* DarrtMl. . . *r. Imm.u Mr.. Wend . Mr ? Hteld bdgeworib He*. <tu> i.t /?!(?> ' Vrod .. vt??i if TUtn?* < BDRTON'rf NKW THEATRE. BROADWAY. The l?* historical ud spaetacul dP drama, GENfcYlKYB; as, thb hiigh or fiuoi, harts ft made a hk?i triumphant auoceae, will bo repeated ThU KvEJIIHC. B.TtTHDAT, thk hkw mv tKAVTirvv s causer ip of ib. xno.t peculiar and original c? rtracUoo. dcpictiar >' ? actual p ace. of me moat celtbnM evente in It* (iNtmuli HeveJ utkn. Tba oM Boulevard. of Paris by nigh'. I>c open Pavilion at.d Harden grounds of DliaMr, wllh a triple action gn'ug on through tba aceae. Cou't V??d of ibe Temple Prima, _ with canteen, auhierrsoetin peerage, walla af tba IkrtrMa. A limy ?nh U r Popueie Set/ore of Aftibary, Ac. TL. Brtoiulinnai v 1 1 (buna!, with ila Iroo Chair. belli nee of ih? Vlcttma to the liutUadaa. Hie I<rv Arch of the bridge of NoCre llama, * ttti a view of P?rln in the distance. 1 he t'rvpt ol '?? Conciergerie; or. t'oedemned Ol' of ih. Doomeif. Tbe Place da la ReiohtUcn, with tbe rltleg ef tbe peon e. and the On.'rnctloa of a Barricade. A Conflict hi tbe Mreeta rf Palia? The arrival Of iMBWMh Cart wiib thi- V ictuna? The Troops fraiermiae whh Iks People, and cloae The Raton or Tumi. The dramatic talent employed In thla piece haa MTV kM equalled in an; theatre at home or abroad. Ml*. A Revert/on as... . Arteatlae, the Oo4daaaef Imm Mrs. K. Darei port aa IMM Mr K Davenport a< Mauriee ' ? *J Mr. Burton aa Kuaminondas Dolahella. the Rapper aai MlMV. the taker the Patriot and the Plabwotaaa. Mr. C. Fisher as Dlnaer, tba Oeaaptraler And Mr. D. Houn leaolt as Lortn, tba Gaartaaaa Aided by the whole of thla eitoaalre aoupaDj, aad a larf* bedy af anilliarie a Tbe piece Is represented la six Tableaux. Alee. Ibe capital ballet. La MAJA DB REVILLA, la wbiab M'lle I>oct u.rre the popular danaeoae. will appear. Curtain Vtsrs a' 7 ^-eat. seeared la ad ranee. CI1AMB&B8 HTBhET THBATBB, (Late Hurtoa's). Manager Mr. M. IMr Pi ice. ? Dreea Urate and ParqaaMa, M teala; (Mai Or al* 1IK ean la; On hi atra Bmea. M cents: PririM tS> R*tckd.t Ktemnu Nor. 23. LA Tul B 1>B MBMl.B. Burldan Mr Kdd* > Martaret Miss C. Logaa BTOKM BM'ur.T. SAILOR OP PBaNCE. St. Cyr Mr. Jchaata* AMP HATV'&E AMD PHILOtOPHT. B ROADWAY Y ABTETIM8, fl BBOADWAT. mis waaa. The JuTenlle* m their best piece, HLACK EYnn rtOBAlf. Entertainment cc oc. tiding with a .barge ef tares each ?(? f hose who bare mi sean the children In the calibrated aaa tlcal drama ef HI.ACK BYHD SUMaW. ahouM lalmi 1Mb opportunity . as U will not be performed agate bytkea thla mb at (H o'; to ?man at 7X ?'a Tickets G' W 1BO CMBlflTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, Ui Broadway, below Uraad street. Denrr Wood Bnatasas Manager lieo. Christy StM* Manager ? ' BKOBO M1N8TBKUT. Ooodndlag with, on Saturday, last this ?a?on-WKFPO, THE BBNH101JI MONKEY. Ttcheta, X eenta. To commenee at T)? o'clock. ALLACK'S TKKATBK. K.tTKA APVCBTI?MK!IT. SaitKiiAT. Nov. Zi, BKKKK1T MR. Wallace and LAST APPKARAN -E. t* l,ls departure for t'harlestoc, At. Mr. W alloc h anil act 8HYLOOE and DICE DaBHALL. Grand kxeibhion At thb CaiiMi, fl? Broadway, (foraaarij Buckley s), Ihla evening? DONETTTt! ExTaioaniNABT PinrouiKH Of his laaraad MBNERYH, 1>0?M AND GOATS, It drou*;ic fi acUoIm. Circns Peats, Roi e lianetng, le lc MAGICAL 1Li<LM1Mat?6 DltJBOLYENOfP, with the wonderful aaemt ol 1HB DOG, JOHN BULL, sarroaaded w Hh fireworks. Open every STeslag at 7 o'eloek: commencing at 8. Adwiwon. to cents, children, half prtec. Beset vad ?eats .......Wc?f All APTEBNO0N PER PORMANCB On Saturday . at 8. WALLACE'S THEATKK ? Mr jaMKS aNDBMHOM, the aatabrated will appear al Iliia 'beatre on Monday. Nev K r by Mus ?GNRr ICI>Wt)BTHY, whe will bar* rnakTg bar bretapp?aran?e before a Now lark * hvh ocean, or ? rli be uradacad tbe now. !? Ik teal ordinarily tucceiwf.l play, called CLol'l) aND HCNKBIlfZ, e*. Iovs'* Havrnoa. Coont Henri Dnrala Jiasa JLulwssa Duebeea of Nairn. Agree BWwenhy. Supported by tbe entire >treaglb ef tbe tuaUy sitapwl edged taiei lad company auacbid to liu. cubH bateai, aided by V* adjunct, af new mneie. ssenary and dreaaaai "''f BABNUM** MT-S1UM.-C. W. CLdBCM B^M||ZT Monday, bov M. 1M4. afleraaon ??<f miteC -tIw great play c^CaMILIA, with other antarid^|iB^>. , GRAND CLOaiNO NIOHTH OP LADi?H* <1 BEAT PAIB, At Oystal Palace, Ph iPi T Ann Kattwdat. Not. 21 A'S 2Z BY DODWORTH rt CBLKitH aTRD BAND, on back avai* tea Alee, a graad eikibiUea af Klrliig'l rat aail PaNOBaMIC MlHKOKot the UKK<*TtOS aNDDBLCUB, _ __ t uf Imrflt of iki Pair Offr. at 11 o dock M. eadb day. and aC poallively Aim*??ti S coa. RarJnctval. for ne at 11 o dock ? ^ el*., on Saluiday evening. 9 cenat. DR. T ALPNTINP.'h I ART AI'PB ABAWC^ AI i/J Bree lway, Aeadeia. NaB, Th'a SaturtJ**) c\ enlag No reset Si it t Alio i hi' la.t r>hance to use y?ur P. i ham (lUl 'iickMeat ureeent. AH it te.ion tt, cent*. I on mtn~irg at 7>, o'elo k. SH?KPPKHK1 DP AM 411(7 AMOfrtATTOlT -t,*Tir?H ami (einlenc wlahlog iojon>ble hMhi ?^d beat sneeta lion of ike kind in ibe etty, will d? aredte band in ih?lr iuim de . unmediaiely la tbn unu.agoi, Tu ji>4 liioaoway. room No. 17. H. Y AI JSNOOUBT, h^ge Maaager. WTH <t)N' JUT -TllfO. P.l-PHLD'S CLA??(?A^ ' aolree. i|f? f i a< of Ui* w<co?h ?"won. oa I unite i ?e? 7h ai liodwan.. a Arad*m. ?i ? M H "ratarril i.-t Mr Bwb. HoOniae wlllaaeiKtMr liKtl M&FEMi 4 uiarleita party, r ea .a, ail billa. - t BlTCBCOt K'rt 1'RFF OCiNCBBT YO0 CAN SEAR l\ th. beat e*egtn? .no jatr la the jnvtel aonf, tnta atar day) evai li p abet* will be Kmrid **ier< e n>pany. at (be fountain t nop iu,i i;2 i anal Wre?t. betwten doW and buret e'h ai??? la t uk?e ai * e cinch. APTB* JIM'H tB?AT KtiR niB I II ILJIHIN ?DO | en-lda iba iii.ric eand l? deH?ht the Jn.aaltea ? Pb b*e eoatic and enrprtwng ,."m? ?I, g? at c ?r>.i, .nd ftn y hnaui.'ul i i.?t >|ug new. Tbte atiati em, a' S ae-l 'hi. eteaiaf at R h* mcmacr, .M0 Rroa.' wa?, U?BH>rl) H nklev a) PKHl AM> MPT TICK EPS Are riee'ied at iV- laitnl'ahle eatartalaaiant I f tit baaso oim l r. v ti.mriN r. at aeadeaiy HaiL PoeoiM-ly the lae? right /? -iaii*>ioa 11 ceaM. TUP AlBICaL - A PkRMi* ??P BOt f4?l(IN. MIANN at d caneMcraMe etpeale^ce. wlabee to aaitei lite a man ' ag* merit. AdarcMtRwau. llemM office M HDN'AI. PR WaTHt.N n NaT* WoRK? TtfB C?n?B AN]( I'ure a cineplet. praam aj irvaUae oe ^arnstellS ? n l pr-ii a' .rr ajha allun . tth ieca deemte telaoed br ? it.ttiee-v iw-n, ?>e?? or odi.r ransaa la aWtlk UL * ann ellee*. of ih a ln-MI.i i. aiahtdi Whether a i?h t?e tr-*> meet ae* fn'lt etplam.*! i la.irataii hT naaeei#t|Mpairal plate. M lrtwi.,,, wKh ? earpl?ieal or gaePIPWteare dlei e.?a P ice II To hi bad nt tb' aalhar .ten ? ? "*iat"|i?'l ronMot tiattj at U Walker saraeL ? few*wITw2 Of adaaj " Dr i.armoni ? Paris and u>nduh ?bdhar aevM?r and Marriage tlntda -Twaalteth ndltlea S3 pagee Kn e'eHrotn-ed tiln.iraaiooe. eWnh il fl if I ? C eavarl aed rea e<*:ea, an^ show, the attpeevtrlty af Iba aatbor's Pane and t?M xeauweert of anteoatM ??? imi.e^te twiea. gt-et *C lie ? aree all aach <*au>s at RJ Memae atteet etitner of f?p?iag <?f?p^?a Nt Nl bniae llntpf Tr~m fl ' M. ttL !? P M p*w<4tiae.nd Or Len.eol M iba af, ^'C. ed. ? oaerVr dee Kiate I aie l>ay Bank ?* - iM tmtimmg, ns "coHPirrT n~~iri *? ?rBErr may riT^* etibed privat'b an dl?e.?ee Ibe T'cOwn of qiiecli-rr s?n ea l t? I in, with ceneJatv ot being honorably treated ^h> le C 1 fip'mi 'mm tbe (few York "sin ewj la hte Ob Wafcli' i*?MHtTi iiVlR'? PBiPKD W TUB NB plaa n t a of ven. real mWlrtnM t<Mf hirt ro pitr.. to b* kaeea '"fn?'?wibnBlr*r?, and to r*M Or ? a?d ?? tbe grr..<rti b?i eneter of ibe day |ir Wa d berehr oft?rea'?. ef t'im<lr>aav nhtatdaa who after a maw dtttitwvltA'Km ean eor- priva'a illwaaea with ,inl ft.'ia, eeien V ee?? at d ae be can. Ila . I h.r.Het'et^B orcein i |ti one lar. 1 hoee who doubt tAla s-aett'o. al oil -1 call and be will o?r. tkaai wMboat rbaj sa. I etrt'W'bea a lie "lie b?eo Keen II, gatiag fir waeia and noo'ba drli bloc ia<ia<cu. c-nnotinla which deairw* tha a'f'b ai b aidawelmat g poiannoiia piiia that undermine Um H al hi C*"|1-* on Pr W,Kn trm "r?7fl!! h- ma a* Jee Ibe ( 'e^iirea of Me; atv< i..l ihat Rtebaed la *e M f^aal Mreat, Ihra* p n "Pbs t to it a. iTTto"t p W., PwndAT eteepLd #M tlonevm et near WnoaMr. Ol iv v N?< 1 fHfRD AYPfrR. *E*B BMP I' Wi'bateei. M.e< laltat In dleeaaee ot" tbe ron-ratfee aad ' Hnan negaea A ???">cafm prac-iee of ataet vaaea aaeklaa r r gn *th r io goa-aate. a enra Dr Qateiby s mnadbly ptBs rt>r 1%^W i pHIVaTP r^Nl rt,T?T|ON~? DB W*T?ON fTAd POR I a lerj ?erie. , ei*. ooi^neH Ma v >M>,n to illaaia?aa af a tette'ti elaaa In win b be bee treats ee< leaa tbaa tweaty i|n naapd ea*ea wiibnal ar m.t?p>-e of fwtaee Tb. rtHMatea ate ml'd ae'1 ibeee i- n ? Int' rrnption to boalnegi or ekaMge of ?Hat. Lr *eun?. la Hi ?ota-in' atteida ne? frmt T la vba mtdn'r g omii a at , i?k a. hi- iw anteMronmsand f^tidatK*. .'>* alter atraa' ? few d ??? ?. Waa' ,f I'-nailwar ~ gnltlpg rootna art acperia WW. w" r<?r*erly Purfewtioi r i lamia .tin ^iwva, ?,lsr ) Ike Loak Hoapiia ?