Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1856 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS OORDOM SBinBtt, IfDfTOK AND PBOrKIETOB, ?prn: *. w. coriheb or mahhau and rrLTO* stu. TKKMS tn?h m> ?h?w?. gHE DaJL t 1/E KaLD. 2 -lUt p*r n>py, tl P" imm, r/ii' WKKKL r HtK iLD ,?ry &u*,.t*y, at ' \ iwu - <r W 15 ;"?"???, 'A? 'Uilitiu, M p r annum 'o mm , fr I vy Urn: Hrtiuu i, u? <6 (v any forty/ |A' CuiUmtnl, vOLI'ST.iR i < OR KESHO.VDE.VCK, wumining import V ? ?, -i. ifU/nmi luif f* tr t r oj tkr woriit?'x kr tu-v ;/ui.t rvr. #jf urn F?BB1?B 1'i'iinr iipikk ua 1* ' it >?t' P?uCK.H?i< TO SBaL A1X LtlTIIU AM) fat'S iy~ ??*T r* NO NOTICE fuA'ii of ai.'inifiniiu* coiiiMuiiiaUioiu. IFr Jo Hvt r*ft.rtt Ikit't irjr. tnl Jim PKIXTI&Q BjufiUett leicK iiaifiM, rA?i)wM iimlJa ptmik. iilVCfi TISKMESTS rwnVfld ?MPy Jay. T*lua? XXI *o 3-46 Alii 3&lr;.ir III MUStluW IkVK.NlJtU. trU^.Mf OK MUSIC. Ko'ir'?wnUI ?L -lliUJI OrliU % I'UOVlltlBE. WiatAVfl Q \RDEf, Hroulwar?TICUT Rora fBaTS? Kll<< PON??t>. WWVHT T ~:kTHK. io?erj -Tii DicB or DBATB? VfcW 1 > k( 11 UULllillt. tl hi. v S saw 1 UK A IRK. Hr??dw?y. opposite Bwl wrrf -Ok UK IBB Hlllil or Tiuot?To I'aBBjrts imi CI ?AU vCVS 1HKATRE, Urtnlwi}.-Cvovus abb 8v? ? tUSl?1>? sos rior.l HOBS. UI ?A kf.ENE'* TU?\TRB, 624 Hroadwsy-'Seoso Mxw 1 0t?*?t. U'14.3 dltWAUK ?? VMBKRS STBERT TlMAtRB, (late BanoB'?).-*ATB ? r?? : Jo**s?WirB. RARNVH'S A*T*RICAN MUSEUM, Sreartwiy.-Af;?r ?MB-'.UH lUlBB?' ABliLB HVenlB4?CaBILLS. UhiaDWAI VARlETIBfc, 472 Broadway.?Black Eybo ttmfA* - Loab or a Lovbk #R<>. CBAIITT t W(ii)l)h JII.VSTRRLg. 444 Braa?l w*.'? Kru oriA* PBHrouBij?c*a?Tub ciu? Clou* Ifi'K'KT'S t~RR?ADICKS, Jh6 Broadway?Ethioias ?rr<u?-3(".ii .J ti'HL. cm.NE^E HALL, M9 Broadw?r?WosptKrct. Turns, BA. ?* 1K>?ST1 ???? *tl>KSVS. ?AlierttOOB BUd Brcauitf ?rw twik, ?und*y, \<ivri?lMr -43, l?36. Tbe S?W?. The NiJgara'a mail* bring ns some interesting tefts in connection with the hitch which wa* said to fcave Uk^n place in the enh~nte cvrduilr between Ireland aui France. It would appear that Ru.>*Un sttue^ce is ngain ou the wane At tbe French court, ?nd that the :tueBi?n ageLta in Farw, both male ani Inn , e, are iu .)erpuir. What givw wme color to ?be<<e -?taume.'ta m the fact that Loid Cowley w the ofilj miuirter wto has been inviteJ lor the wbtle period of the court's sojourn at Cotnpiegne, An?i that ht ia daily closeted witn the Emptier, hi order to manife-t hm displeasure at the conduct o u?~ Trnut and other leading London jour ials. Louis liatxileon lately <ent lor the Paris corre-ponden of Morriiig Pest, and congratulated him upon tne Mcuracy and cons ientjoufness of his stitemants. ^notber thing ?hich inark> ttc new direction In wki't the polit'cai vane is tarmag, is the circam stance tnit on the CovMtUutmnmt pub'i-ihing some severe stric'uiei on the onuduct of Eugland and Ai^t'ia in r-gard to the continued occupation of the ktack aea and '.be Principali ies. me Moniitur c ae ?at n 9 day or two alt. r wards with a disclaimer of ?fce -anliments pat forth in the article. It is now M,d til 4t>?? the tlUourcg' of the Emjieror. and not fcte . wn inclination-, wtiich b%d deposed him to Rs'eu too t'reely to the bi tndirumen's o? Russia. The cotton market was active yesterday, witb s.. s ?f atx.ut 4.'!'h) bales; the mxiket closing firm, the piivat* advices received ^y the Nl? ?onude: dq iite a- -at!.->fa ?ory and ae ia*ora>?le a< the uiegraphic renorta. The ll or market wsj ew.*r for comm .n grade- wt-ile eatra brands w. re iu>cbuig< <1, a i4 H??e-i niotlerate. Wheat w*4 tlri.r, Bud qui e a tive: wane Western and Caia l an sj.d Bt *1 6i> a II 70: red winter Western at flS-'j II 5C all 5"; ?prmg do , II 3o a II 3??, and JI.l watkie ?t ?1 10 a f 1 42. Corn wwscarce, and price. linrer: Weet?m uiixci wi? fold at 72;.. and fr>j? *to." reid at 74* ot'-ern p-Uow told at 74:. a 7.ic. A ca^; of rew N'o-th Carolina white irn, the first ?i a Uttle out of order, was said, as re w>,"d by 'be, at 61c. Pork wai In mo derate demand at 117 7i. -ugar- were -teauy. with ?nJi 111 'alt*. , WM V1**- Freight were *?.? active, aud rather easier to Eupllah porta Tli^ ?te im-hip Texa? left this p-rt yesterday for S?.b 'u>n. Nic- ^he took out between four and ?.e kb&. *d pawng* ***** of wb'm were re? n'ts enlifttd In New York and P&i'idel Bhm i' hi said, for Gen. Walkrr. The Texas is at bin 1-0 at (.h^rwitine, deUin^d bj thv tiile. S?ie win iMve eaily this morning. She will be Inrnl^ d wnli files of the Hrkald of thie morning l?y Mr. Rt.pan, boatman at quarantine. The CVUins rwaaiship Baluo left this port at no in yesterday for Liverpool, wuh . igbty-one pasiengent Bnd 't/Ur hundred thous ind dollart in tre.isure. ^nator IiouglM and lady. w.Ui a bridal party, ar med in 'his eity laet evening, and are at tb? St. SicLOlni Hote'. The charge of di?l?on*-y and trea:bery ma-l" by Mi P-uidolph agai-. t Gen. Goicouria caused the Ufer to Mtd to Mr. TUnd lpn resU-rdty morning a v<*i tal challenge to mort-il c 'tnUat, wlii.o Ran * lph refu-eO to re elve. an 1 retired his tomuoii ??ii o '? be male in wrtting. Gen. Goiouria iaa Md ?t?ly ?;n; a written ?halienge. whl h was pr??ptly a. cepted. We are Informed that arrange ni? n*? hate ii>*en made fr?r ahrwole ?waUug between *!.? parties ?u Mondav m .mine. 1'ates (loot Vera Crua to the llth isA wtnte t"a - Uf aieamer Gaerrer i hid returned to that por fn.m her -earch for be I*emocraU. which is no* at Ha an* fW?ely watched by theS[iani?h men^>- war at that pwrt. The Gwerrero had ha-i an en/47* ?ent wih tue Wnn' rata, but got the worst of the nM.f, and wsa compelled to put Into Caupea-y for repairs, rbe news fn.m Mexl-o is substantially the same as that received via Havana. We U.;s mornioc *n unosually .nterestmg truer 'rom C?Uforn?a. which may be regards! as a tot denesd He^r-ptioo nf tb<- past an I oresent coo 4 ?? n of th?t grett ^tate. i?d wulch c ?ntains abwit all thr i? ready worth knowing in relation to IV Tbe wtH? r augurs a grand dest.ny for it in the fn ?are. _ , % sari casualty o- cared y?*terday at Hudson ?ty N.J.. at ah?ft So. 2 on tbe tunnel which Is tetrg rooBtrur'ed for the N*w York and Erie Rail road Compaay. by which three men were killed aad two dangerously wounded. See partkoiara in another roluwin. A dwtiesaing aanaitv occurred yesterday morn ir.g at 'he fire 43?J Pearl ?treet. Thf nrem ses were Me?pi<-d by Mews. O Sul?-an A Fay, dealer. In ^rt*ng ?r. Theh* salesman, Mr. Hays, and b:? fvni'y "?n-i?*ing of tonr children. re*l<le.l in thehso^. Mr. H?ys -e'ted three of bis children and attempted toe- ?pe by the roof, an I snp^jo- 1 that the elie-t i tmy s;?o'it -^venUen years of age wou'd be able to follow. Whei on the roof Mr. Hfcys h?ard his son cali h.m, and rwplleJ to hlJ i ries, but wae unaWe to get to him on account of the drn>e and suffv *Uag ?mo??. His remains were Vik? e lrO!t? the -win*, and an inquest held at the Fourth wa-d "tatir.n hw se. The Tammsuy h >ciety met last n eh* in tlie old Wigwam and milated wM thirty-Bve ww mem berth The chair of the Grand Ssebem ?>etng ? ant on accouut of th- deWk of l/irensto R. Sh? |i.i-d, anelectioii wa-na4.and Daniel E. Delevan wai r ' ,i+a m> fill that poai ion tor tbe rf*t of the year. Ti e test of the business pertormel was routine wl af re yubUc- interest. in th? (>eirt at Ke????? yesterday the rotwjsel of f snarl Jacksoo,' agent, moved that he ^ 4 r^ MtfT a?he had IH-4 a WU o' sts * tH V! Tie TEOtton to hall WM dewred rm the gron<i4 lliat*he evi'i**' o P*?"" "? ctetr as o ^e ihe ewrel-a of tMa dlsnwti.wary is.wer. Colon"' wr*e Msrrnad?kc Reeees. iftaa JoLn W. Mc Alpine, who wae charged with obtain ing moaey under false pretences, *m discharged. This ia the gentleman who represented himaelf as an agent of the British srovernmaat, and endeavored to effect a contract for eight hundred thousand dollars worth of rtflee. The counsel of Andrew Williams, who was convicted of poisoning his wife some two yean ago, moved thai the prisoner be discharged. The District Attorney stated that the pri soner had been convicted on the teatimony ot one person only, who waa a lodger in the howse, and tbat the jury hesitated a long time before bringing in a verdict of guilty, and at the same time recom mended bim to mercy. The Recorder said that he would look into the case, and give his opinion during the week. The Grand Jury, in their presentment yesterday to the Court, state that they have had un der consideration an unusually large number of serious and Important cases. They have given much attention to the late election frauds and riots, and state that in one ot the districts thrre was ;? n " txcese of more than two hundred ballots over the nutncs entered on the poll book, and that the poll clerk was repeatedly requested by one of the inspectors to make fictitious entries on the poll book, approximating in numbers to the excess of ballots." The Grand Jury found a number of indictments uffainHl Inspectors of Election for not rendering their retornB according to law. The trial of Lewis Baker, for the murder of Poole, will take place on Monday at Newburg, Orange county. Judge Teabody, of the Supreme Court of this i .ty.will preside. The City Inspector reports 395 deaths for the past week, being the same flgarea as those for the week previous. The following is a comparison of the number of deaths for the past two weeks:? Men. Wifnsii. O.rlt. Jb/cii *rtk eoittB^ Nov. 15... .*8 fi 16o 116 396 #ec? eati'.nr Nov 2!i. ...70 76 1 44 1-8 3<?6 A nioug the principal causes of death during the past week were the following:? ?ffrA rndt^g Wtek ending JMttasei. .Vnr. 16. Sor. ti. >.Bfun>v*toB 60 fci JbO'i'ra 3 4 .siont (iniaoti1*) SI 19 iharrbtm. 4 I ?ywcm> 4 4 DeWlit* (tatemiie) 7 3 ot tfie bowels 4 8 *e<arict .'ever 8? 34 (?MkF 7 S Kirvna) (iBffcnUle) 26 28 The following is a classification of the diseases and the total numoer of deaths caused by each disease during the two weeks :? AV*> 16. MtB, '2i (rats and serves.. 68 64 >D rn'.iTC 07KUI 6 Eimrt ?au bMvl TCMClC 9 8 throat, &c 110 12) JW 1 4 fill,. i*c. tod eruptive fevers 43 ?* ?t Ubom n.d premature b r'h.... 42 41 Honiiu t, bowels sod other d ^eeUve organ* 67 79 Ceoe^uii- ??*( %cd general fever* is 2'j CbIcbowd 1 2 Total 3i>o 8JS I he nuinner of deaths compared with the corres ponding weeks of 1854 and 1855 was as follows: - WtekatdUBK Nov. is, ih&4 36# *?ell eo Itflf Nov. 17, 1866 307 Week endlnr Nov. 16. 1856. .366 Week encicg Nov. 22, l'<66 835 Tb<> nativity table gives 2 natives of British Ame rica. 12 of England, 3 of France, 17 of Germany, 77 of Ireland. 2 of Scotland, 1 of South America, 1 of Sweden. 270 or the United States, 1 of WeM Indies, 1 of Wales, and 1 unknown. Tbe Captain of the British bark Perthshire, winch arrived at Favannah from the Cljde on the 19th inst., report* ?h..t on the 2Jth October, on the south east crast of Ireland, Tw-ker Ught bearing N.E. distant about forty mile?, pasted the wreck of a ship. an1 tok off a Spatiiih sailor, wfc-) suited that Lis ves-'l was lound from Liverpool to New York, and t>?at ube was run into by a large ship, suppos 4 to ie a New York packet. All on board, some six ?een -ouis, are believed to have perished. The bark Genesee, from Antwerp to this city, with 178 Germsn emigrants on board, and an as swted cargo, went ashore in Little Egg Ilarb jr on Thur^da} morning, huvinc mistaken the Egg Har bor Light for that of Fire Island. Sbe will be got off in a ihcrt time, should the weather j)rove fa voraole. The -hip Snow Squall, from this port to San Francis o, was competed to put into Montevideo on tbe 4th of September, in distress. She had lost s-ali-, tjpmasts, jibboom, and sprung her bowsprit. t it Late ^llsklon of Govrrnor W'l* to X\ ha ullaix!??A <.nod Time t'omlng. Fi'.m a highly indignaut dis:laim*r in Forney a Fei<".'yhat.f'n, it epi?*ar? that the report that Wise. Douglas, and Slidell had been t>g-:ibi-r at Wheatland, "is a wretched fabricatioa ot the Philadelphia Tim**for we are assured that '? neither Mr. Slidell nor Mr. Douglas has vi.-it*d Mr. Duchauan since his election." It thus aj ? p?ai- that Mr. Wise had this !ate important minion of h> nil to himwjf; and from ober sources it further appear** that he came in the evnilng and left in the morning; Urn* ho had two objects in view?first, to look aft jr tb-2 spoils in behalf of the Richmond Junta: and secondly, to fl'k to be graciously excused from any serrke in tbe Cabinet of Mr. Buchanan. We arc al?? informed that the flri-t object in volv-tl a suggestion or two to Mr. Buchanan in reference to bis Kansas policy ; for it w-eaw thit th- Virginia fire-ea'ing Governor, and the little knot of disunion orpanirers a: Richmond, of which be is the bead and Mas tr I'ryor tLt<* tail, have become a little scary since the election concerning thr admission of Kansas a? a -lave State, and an increase in tbe pricft ot nittgi ra. Upon this subject, and upon the subject of the claims of the Richmond Junta to tbe spoils, aiid a voice or two in th* ki'ch' n. all report* agree in the following intelligence?that Mr. Wi?e returned t.> Virginia by the first do?n tiain. at least slightly disgusted with the re mits of his expedition. No doubt the second appliration of the terrible Knight of tbe Old Do minion- tbat is. to be excused from any service In the Cabinet of Mr D icbanan?will be cheerfully granted. It i? donb'tul, however, whether this niHgnnnimous withdrawal by Mr. Wis? of bis clsiins will be of H iy s<.'rvlce to Mr. Bucbaiun: for with Wise out of th* way. the conflicting prete ntions and cliques of such lesser lights as S? r.ator Hunter, Senator Mason and ex (tovenvir Floyd will com" into tbe ring, and there will be a c<H??e<|n< nt fermentation in the'? sw^at-house" of fhe Richmond Junta without a p?"allel since the " removal of tbe deposit*" or the establish n^nt of tbs Sttb-T; ? asnry. In a general w ny, we suspect that it will be an act of charity t?> prepare the Richmond Junta lor a wb?>le chapter of disappointment*, comprebertd iiig ib?- policy of tbe new administration, for- ign and ttonv stlc. tbe management of the Kitchen Cabinet, the disp? nsa'ion of the spoils, the recon struction of the party, and the price of niggers. This modem d>mocraiic Junta of Richmond, of which Mr. Wise is the bead and Ma-ter frynr the '?il, df*erv?s a parsing notioe. It Is tbe rump or the stump of Fntb< r Ritchie's old Junta; and the difference between the old Junta and the new Is just the diffrBCBce lietween the old Charter <>ak at Hartford and the weak and sickly sprouts that hare ?prung up around tbe stump of the fallen tr?Rut the impti'lence of tW? mcslern Junta niakes np for all defW-lenHe? of dignity, solidity, or staMlitj. It aspires, not only to tbe control I of the shar- of the spoils accruing to Vir ginia. but has already undertaken to dictate to Mr Riwtwman his privilege* and limitation* in the di?tribn!ion of the spoils in New Yoik. The party here, '? like an ungovernable beast," in to be ? stinted of ite provender," and If a sop in the flesh pots of the Treasury be aocorded to Dix, Dickinson. Seymour or John Van Buren. it must be taken as an act of charity, add not as the re ward due to a faithful, servant or a regular eoro muuicont of the church. It may be that the late mission to Whea'laud of Governor Wise embraced a general policy of starving the contumacious Northern democracy into submission, in addition to the bestowmeDt of the lion's share of the plunder upon the happy family of the Richmond " sweat-house.'' In this view, the very short stay of the bellicomj Virginia salamander at Wheatland, and the concurrent re ports from all sides, that he left the shrine of hi pilgrimage somewhat disturbed in his spirit of devotion, afford us a pleasing indication or two ot a good time coming. From these signs, the augury may be a good one that the democratic j?arty is not to be reduced to a reckless sectional horde of nigger-driving disuuienists and vagranr tilibustere, and that the prospect is not the best in he world for an increase in the price of nigger* under Mi. Buchanan's administration, to flv-3 thousand, three thousand, or even two thonsand doll u-s a head. We shall have rare sport when i he ball opens. The Religion* Prena In Politics. We have had occasion to say more than once that interference in political contests appeare to be bejond the proper province of a religiom aewej.apvr. The peculiar elements entering into the late contest for the Presidency imparted to tha; canvass an exceptional character, and may in home measure justify a departure from the rule in this instance. It was perhaps a Christian as well as a political duty to denounce the scenes which bad token place In Kansas, and to forewarn the people against the interruption ot our peace tut relations with the world. But, no^v, on a calaer view of the circumstances, we feel satisfied that a repetition of the course pursued during September and October by the religion* would be fraught witn dangerous consequences: and we trust that it may be the last occasion on which the clergy shall mix in our political strifes. In the fir-t place, they can do ro good. Frocn a pretty thorough study or the net results of th> flections. *e feel justified in saying that the alli ance of the religious newspapers and the pulpit generally rather weakened than strengthened Fremont. Nor is this wholly unnatural. Cler gymen are uotorio:isly unsafe guides in worldly matters; they are men of slender worldly experience, habits of abstract thought, and peihnps a very imperfect acquaintar.ce witti the bad side of human nature. No oti? would thiiik of consulting his parson abou. a busiceni operation. The mame reason would deter a voter from taking his minister's <uhice about a PresidfcDt. Again, the people of this country have, as a general rule, a lively hor roi of pru stly despotism, Par's of New England have groaned under a theocratic government from tL>- settlement to the present day : the p o ple know it, ami hate the thought, lu aom plac. s. they go against their preacders merely in order to prove their independence. In others, where the theocracy ha* been long since over thrown. the people are so afraid of its restora tion. or oi the Dame of such a thing, thai the' ar guments of the minister on secular matters al most always defeat his side. Altogether, thouK>i the clergy appear to huvc weight when they drop :nto the streum and follow public opinion, it i? quite doubtlul whether they can ever move the public mind in any independent secuiar direc tion: and when, as in this case, they are aided bv their peculiar presres. and go into a contest with warmth and bigotry, they are almost certain to strengthen their antagonists. It has long been tfie settled opinion ot many of the best Christians of this country tha: the mo-t loimidab!e enemy against which religion has to contend is the religions prc-% Nor can any ol-* wh? has made a business of reading the journal clawed und? r this head dispute the sour<i(ie<* of the basis on which this opinion rests. The ba*-^ and meanest qualities of human nature?db- j born-sty. bigotry, intolerance cant and falsehood? leoeive their nu'st complete illustration, in this country, in the columns of the religious pr< *? It haidly ever happen* that any of the** jour nals coll atteution to a noble Instance of self demotion, or unteilishties*. or charity, or courage tinder trials, or heroic integrity, or any other manly virtue. The types they point out for imi tation are merchant* who. ha\ing made a t'n* t?De. gave $10,000 to the sect of which the jr.inal is aa organ; Wall street oi>erators who. ur.der the infim-cce of a sermon f e?im ?? * noted di v ne," Lat o^d a thousand dollai bill ;o the tw xto;.; y< ung ladies who worked gowns and bands for tl.e lie wend Cnam Cheese ; congregations which raised mooey enough to send their pm-on to tuiope; wealthy men who build cburch< . j and rsv subscriptions to support idle joutha i to called mir-ii.iaiy station*, Ac. Ac, A M.r gl'd with these stirring riutauvea of virtue, are mean pettjfogging attacks on other sects. The Catholic Mxen at the> Protestant; the eriui pelical groans errer the high churchman ; the Methodist sighs at the Congregatiooalist; th?> Pi.sbyterian snarls at the Baptist: the Episcopa ban wviKs them all. Week after week thee? pious editors rehash their contemptible cavils at ? h other? sometime* openly, but oflener in an underhand sneaking way. in such a shape as an emot-..nal letter from a p>ous cl"rgyman who has hren sent to Mount Lebanon tor a tendency to brnnebitis. Now, how does the public view these journal*? lb w < :in th>y be view<d ?*ve a* a nuisance? 1 bey tot only earn contempt for themselves, but th< y produce a ireneral feeling of at lea*t inu.f f? r< nc? for r? ligion. at d they confirm the i^eat ma-. the thinking people of the country, in the determination 'o k- p clear of it They suts alone 1/ the weakness of women and children. Th< re is another reason why no political *ide sh<nld hereafter desire these joumala as allien. With the single exception of the Protectant I f ifC't-al and the Reman Catholic churches. e?ety religious sret in this country i* di-unionist in character. All the Protestant churches have t<eep ijilit by the slavery question. It is i <as->n sble to expect that their influence will be ' .vr??d to induce the whole country to follow the ir f xumple. Ibe ce nte st i? over now, and there is no u-o returning upen it. But let us have no clerical influence in politics. Loan Pai ur.RSTo*'* Hrrr.t urn.?1The speeches e>f Lord I'almerston, which we give <l-ewbere. thtnw semte additional light ujion the state of the relations between England. France and ({inula. In the fit*t place , it is apparent that the treaty ( stipulations are >.ot. being fulfilled by Rns?ia to the ralisfrcfien of the Allies. |j()rd Pal:ner?ton quietly says that the duration of the peace de pends upon the courae pursued by Russia; 1M plying that if the Czar persist# in his attempts to construe the treaty in hi? own way, or, aa the English call it, to evade hie obligations, war will foe declared afresh. It may be presumed that the Emperor of the Russias will not bring this con tingency upon bis head, at all events, until his railways are built. The menace at Manchester will be enough. With regard to France lx)rd Palmerston says little-, thai little complimentary, lie speaks ia bigh terms of the French alliance, and alludes to no probable cause of rupture between the two countries. But meanwhile, on organ ol the French government?the Coruktutionnel?has an article soundly rating the Times axid the brituJi people, and intimating that Lord Palmerstons niiuisiry did not possess the confidence of the British people. On reading this the editor of tbe Times waited to see bow the imperial master would notice the insolence of his menial." He did notice it. in a short paragraph in the MonUeur, which denied that it bad over been authorized by the government, and tried, rather awkwardly, to f-roooih over the trouble between the two countries. With this semi-apology, the haughty Time." declares itself satisfied, and proceeds to glorify the alliance, mingling, however, with it* sweet, some few drops of bitter for his Imperial Majesty. It seems quite likely that this little tift may have the effect of strengthening the alliance, in stead of weakening it. The longer the twc> nations remain at peace and in alliance tbe closer are kuit together their honds oe union?c uier cial. financial, social and literary. During the old Napoleonic wars there were no steamer ply ing to France, no railroads carrying pas sengers from Loudon to Pans iu a day. no tel - graph wires tying tbe nations tognher at tfc bottom of the sea, but little international trade (Bordeaux was the great French seaport in those days.) slight relations in a social and lite rary point ot view, and comparatively very liw.e intercourse. Now. ali thi? i^ so chauged i.bat would necessarily require new and far greater causcs than tbe old ones to provoke a war. "W hat causes exist? A New Excitement ton rut: Rkliqmhw

Yi'oiiui - Some time ago a portion of the Lou don press went into convulsions upon the per lormance of a new opera by Verdi, called " La. Tiaviata." (The Lost), which was originally produced in IuJy. and made a f-uteo. Mile Piccolomini. laving been engaged by Lumley. lor her Majesty's theatre, it was determined to escape comparative criticism, by giving her in entirely fresh rile; and that ol Violotta, in " La Traviata." was chosen. In order thai, the tone of the affair may be fully understood, we ap pend a rtnimi of tbe plot:? ibe ubieUo 1* a verdon of tbe younger Duma*' ' la liawie aus < is wb; B ?o eirik n* elToc. ?it? ptMOHd al toe n, aue Ou Yautitville, by the Cou 01 fcad.n.e Docbe The lBcideuu? are m?J ?aai?, tbonga tbelr < fieet It weakepfd by tbe ba.lueae ol it. ltnittB dia'ogur, and ibe <i< Belt m not made b ' lao au dit,<l ol Vtiui'i munc. Vloieita, tu? berolau, w a young p?non of wrote antecedent no intimation to ?!*??, ate belrrga to a data which to m.ldir inUmitad by tb? term "Trawaia, traiiilaUst .n wo*Vo. " tbe lotl ore " pt'c* open* wan a jo>oua aupper g ven l?y It it 'ad j lo a ;?ny ot her leaia e frenda atd tier art ti'tt r?. of wbiiu a yomg ireLtleinar, Alfred 'ieroaoot by to one A'ired <a tirlou?ly tmit'-tn wth ber, ant hir ??*??. on excttea !n bcr a riirr?.*t*?n<2 n< reeling, to ml* h (aa tbe ?ar?) ?bo haa hitherto been a twang or, ant. which owns b- r cj ea to bcr beartUtt course o{ Ufc ?(. ?, ju tlno ibe ptlr living quietly, and happy la < *cu elbtr. id a country hooae ne*r i'arto; bui the lover .a a prei to iban>e ami rtmorre, wi.t>n he buds that b.? ml" ?r. ?? ba* bon c*-i> nu ?.t! bcr ?aluabl*? to tapport ?ae oeedtlBM of tbc.r menoyr. ViotetU, n Allrefl ? a?iaaoe, !? ciivi* a ?j?it i'roiii *o old gentleman, who atcouncca t.weil ?? t? falter, and pa n?? tho ram i? bringing om ber lo?er, atd ibe argoiab upon hi* by tbe i)e be to >a(!ii g wnb ber ltofi iy moved, *be pramtoc* to pert f'cin .tlfred tor*rer, and taaUniiy w Pa to, ? avrg hm, wbo thltliB himaelf ft>rsaae? tor anoumr o??r c^erwbe ?ed'aed raga. Tb<-ne*i toane it in tfc? buutf of llrtil*. rlom. ore of \ lolet A f tVioudi of ber own kUirp. Ttere to a gay pwrty aaJ Ailr?l and Violet to mret as gu?M?. Violetta, fnllkiJiiig ber jroatoe to Ltr kiver'a faiber. al.'etU to receive U? a-Ujafiiu ?. ai oib* r tavaitor; and, when Alfred rai>roaJhe? ber wlia inflde t?y, dtc^arei witb an effort that IM lovfla bit r.val. A v'ultiit hccdc AUttU ouuife* \ iclctta, le? g<? tbe otbor. Tne poor girl ta carrief a?ay fa.M.a*, ?bo tLe tariy br?a?* op .n confcaioa. Tbe oaUMri r ?? w tbat tbe ealerlueaie Violelta il ea c.f a b'Oken heart? a alow and tad prorata, wblcb eocaftaa all the third ast Ti e ic? ne to in tbe dyltg girl't bedchamber. *ba i? at tb. ? xtrfiiiny of wmknttt, but ?u?taitie4 l?y A laUc r on a.lied't latter baa announced to ber tbat, unable to rui't ber t?>neringe aid nabia behavior, be will brtog b e tan tgain to ber feet, at rng b the father and aos at ddeoly arrive; but it * too lata: lo tbe ageny of joy ?he ?*j?tr?? ta btr ICTer'e arma Tbe story has been u?<d in English n b ?orr? of the incidentr softined. The censor. b >vever, rtfu-rd to allow the English vendon of the play to be done in England. The opera, however, was represrntrd ten or twelve times, and tbe fuiyof Exeter Hall was aroused to the high< | pitch. The Loudon Timet led ibe crusade, and declared tbat no modest woman should venture lo the Opera while it was being represented. Alter the London season. M'Ue Piccolomini went to Dublin, where the thunders of tbe church wtre launched upon her bead. The Reverend Mr. M'Ut'fth. a Roman Cailiolic priest, wrote to tbe Lord Lieutenant of Ir< land imploring him to ?top the opera; but the Lord Lieutenant did not think tbat the regulation of prime donne came within the lir.c of bis official duties, and did not Interfere. At the same rim'; tfcat Father MTIugh waa j.itcbiDg into Piccolomini. " La Traviata was being represented at Moscow, much to the edification of the spiritual bead of tbe Greek Church, who was a regular attendant at the opera house on every night when it wa? sun?. Well, we are to have, it is said, this naughty opera at the Acad* my of Moaia next week, and me may expect a grand moral thI religion* ?ni rtde against it. Now tbat the election excite ment la over, both tbe pr? ss and the public are panning for a new /wrorv, aid this gives them a tpleouid chance. Tbe religious newspapers will have 5n the new opera, a subject which should call out their very itrongest doses o? (Ire ar 1 taiiDst<*e. N^hing ?hnrt of con-ignln? the en tire opera company, /trine demt, teuors, l?assos, baritones, conductors, ballet girls, choristcrs agsots, cashins ard employ.s of nil sort/, to tbe U we?t d' pths ol the lower ragionswill an?wer All the old and young liulics in the 1*1 f>h a* ond elsi-where, will lie agitated by eiiMtoUi Indignation in various deg ? ;tc 'OTiling to a;1*, buttkej will undoubtedly g?i10see if. for wo man. as well ss man. Is prone to evil as tbe sparks flv upwaid, and has a fecret Jon^ng for improp' i ibints. We ?xprct fon ething ?tror,g fiom the Church rvm <i?i 'bis subject. Tbe (%urtkmm been T? iy sev< te ?i|>on organists wbo introduce pro fane vacations and lirtervene negro airs in tha psalm tnnes: al?n. it ba? thundered Its wratn 1 upon tbe young ladies who flirt. e*t peanuts, ! jf uxirh ?poles, read novels, go to sleep and other tare misbehave themselves In the choir. That i Mlf,j. rtls about worn ont, and the Churchman will douMWs welcome this ovportunity to r?>ad 1 , BC?| )i won to the pen ? m ftmaba of th> jt<r?ratioa. The 0?.<*r?w, too. can take?>>f nun tanieal tbrk and inveigh loudly a ain?t tje -l,o< king drsrent In puhli' Morals si r? tbe PiN g,im? lar d'd a? Plymouth. It s a plemiul opportnt. ty, gentlemen. Pitch 1 In. THE LATEST R E W S. 91 MAGNETIC AM PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Hew* Ami Bciioo. a*irmujB, n0v xi, ISM. New Orleans paper* of Kunday lut are at band, by the arrival tar* of tbe mall aa late aa due. They oontaln Ve ra Crus date* of tbe lltb Inst., brought by tbe steamship Calhoun; but tbe new* la subataaUaliy the same aa that already received by the way ol Havana. 11)? rebellion at Puebla bad been entirely anppreaaed, and 400 prisoners sent to Mexloo. Tbe iteamer Guerrero, sent In search of the Democra ta, bad returned to Vera Crus- She encountered the Ue mocrata, and engaged ber, but In tbe oontest receive! ao much damage that she wan obliged to put back to Cam peachy lor repairs. From VfeajUtlugtOfi. Wasbuiotos, Not. 22, ISM. Tbe Richmond Enquirer baa an editorial article of some significance, Is view of Gov Wise's recent vis1! to Wtieat land. It la quite moderate in Its tone, and objects to tbe course of the Charleston Marcuiy and New Orleans DtUa as bkely to Uuow difficulties la Mr. Buchanan's way, by prescribing for him a policy, which in the nature of things, be cannot undertake. A Ship Hon Down at Sea. Run* cms Not. 22, 1656. Capt. Robertson, of tbe British bark Perthshire, arrived at Havsnnah, reports pasting, oil'the coast of Ireland, the wreck of a ship which had boen rnn down by a large verse), supposed to be one of the New York pockett Oapt. B. took off the wreck * Spanish sailor, but be could I've no Information aa to the name of the ship. All the rett oftheciew perished. Boaton Mayoralty. Bosro.s, Not. 22, 186*. A largely attended meeting of the "Cliireas" Commit tee last evening nominated Mayor Rico for re election. Mr. Rice bas also received toe nomination of tbe Suiiolk Whig Committee, and tbat of the republicans. Market*. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. PH1LAUKLPHIA, Nov. 22, 18M. .Stocks bravy. Pennsylvania S's. 8.1; Reading Kafiroad, 40:s ; ivnnny Ivanl* Railroad, 40 )4 ; Long is lan a Kali road, 12)4; Morris Canal, l i%. CbaRLETQH, NaT. 21, 1868. Crttoo?Sale*, 1.8C0 bales, without change m prloes. The loner qualities ol rice ha so declined %c. Bckf.uo.Nov. 22?1 P. M. Flour couticues dull and quiet. Wheat lower; sales, 0(0 bushels, at $1 10 a $1 U, and SI 88>i for white lUln'i'S Corn : iwer; sales, 18,000 bushel*, at 62c. Oats lirm ttales, 4,C00 bushels, at 40c. Canal Ireights?No thing doing. Receipts large. Wn Hack's Theatre?Benefit of Mr. Wallaek. This veteran aotor closed an engagement of thirty nights, last evening, and for his farewell had a cram need bocse. Mr. Wailack played Shy lock, in the "Mer chant of Venice," a character in which he ha* no lupe rior, and indeed t o equal, in our opinion, and Dick Dasb aliin "My Aunt." The audience throughout displayed Its appreciation of Mr. Wailack's eflorta by tbe mort en tbuiltstic plaudit*. At tbe end of tbe Qrst piece, Mr. Wailack was called be fore tbe curtain and made a pleasant speech, first apolo giz'ng for making any speech at all. Be paid a oompli ment to tbe present lessee, (Mr Stuart), which was loud ly sf plauded by the bou*e, and made the usual acknow ledgment of 1 basks In his usual graceful style. Mr. Wailack la about to leave New York for a tour In the Southern cities; and our readers la that aeotloa will be glad to know that they can once more have a* oppor tunity ef enjoying his artistic creationa. No actor on tbe .\merican stage plays so masy puis and playa*4h*m so well u Mr. Wailack. We shall be glad to chronicle bis irai ;earance on hie own b>iard*. and ta tbe meantime we ecmm<nd him to the kind offices of tbe theatre goers In the cities to which be dtrecti hi* step*. The Turf. CHION COrRBE, L. L-?THOTTING AND RACTNG. On Thanksgiving I*ay, one of those time honored piece-; of sport, a mul* race, for a purse ot S60, S10 to go to the second best in tbe last heat ol tbe race, came ofl over tbe Oentreviile Course. There were *t[bt mule* in tbe Held, ol which only four started. Tho race was won by a mule railed Eastern Jack, alVr Ore cloaely contested heats Tbe ten dollars w? won by a clack mule Without a name. Tbe rider of Eastern Jack ooaltl not force hi* mule abend of tbe other*; but after the aeoond beat a darkey rode blm, and be won tbe three Ian beatn A mule named Tom Tit created tbe most fun. Before the start, a man hit him with a whip, because he bolted into the stand, wbt n be let both heel* by right merrily, kicking a gentle man in tbe leg. On tbe first beet bo was bsatcn a quarter or a mile; be ran into the ditch, and wbeo hi* rt<l*r got blm out be bolted Into tbe stand, and could not Be brought to tbe score until the aecoad beat, whrn be ?tatted ofl, ran a hundred yards, turned back and ran into the barroom, under the stand kicking, tumping and rrattrring all those* bo were imbibing at the time. In this beat ta#tern Jack bolted and ran tor tbe gate, to gtt 0"t. Let I.* inj tbe boiaeiM in which he waa then en ("yd, bnt aas atojjk J, and a darkey mounted oo blm, wb<> rod* htm during tb? heat. Tbe othrr mule* ran like race bom*. Those who were oat to wltnew the great btl'.'ay rpert were much amused with what they saw. ard tenfbed at tbe antic* of tbe mule* until their side* *> tr d. This race drew a large crowd of apectntors. In tbe 'sst brat tie mute Tom Tit kicked a darkey In tbe bea<l and knocked him acns*ie**. lb* following 1* a M.inn ,.ry :? Tr t rsi'at . Not. 20.?rarse SM, all* beat*, best three In five catcli weight*. 1. Mr. li A ?sn.ed Eis'.irn Jack 3 4 111 It. owner raTcd black irole t S t 3 2 8 Mr. S. Worth named Katydid I 1 S '4 S 4. Mr. S. O tame* fem tit 4 S drawn. Time. 2 34? a 4o?2 3v<?a 47?2 to. .sfely slter thr r*. e, a trot for a pttrse aad stake ol MOO mil* beat*, beat three In fivo, to wagons, tamer! between br. m lady Brvwn, (rormorly Lady Jenkins) '(h g Ned; eh g. Kip: and br. m Saratoga Ma d. wtdeb was won by lady Brown after lire Tory i o?ely contested hats Foitunakiy lor lady Bruws. there was no instance in the race, as tbe a*lt? of tbe wegto to which sh>- vat attached br^se in tbe third beat, watch rut b?r cens'deiabiy bebino the distance poet. Ned won thatb<at The following H a summary:? 1NBMT Nov. 20 -l irse and swe.:i?tat** MOO, mil* hi ma, best thr<e in five, to vagno*. outer lamed br. m. lady BruWU 12 4 11 fiecer can ed ch. / Rip 2 1 2 3 2 ' ?ae? nawed cb. g. Ned 8 4 1 * S Osur nam*d b. m Sarainfa Ma'd 4 8 S dr. Time, 2 52-?2 *4?4 60?2 52?2 5.1 rsio* i ocr.'-g, L. i.?frowho. Twrit hay. N< v. 2K, troUiug match tor S&OO, mile beat*, b?-ei t^?#e in Ot*. 1b haroe*e. II W fed?t.:f tamed ?p g Wo'rerin*.... ReoeiTei forfeit. Jsc Wheipky named b g Braltlrhnrowgb.i'aid forfe t Day ? For the i'reoeed* of the gate*, mile beats, beet three tn (It*, in barn"??, H. Wrrrfrnfl named so g WnlTertae 2 1 1 1 Ja.;. Wfclpej nant'd h g Hr4ttleboe?/nrb..... 1221 Time, 2:44?2 48 - 2 44- 2 4*!,'. S>?r* Dat ?Match SM0. mile heats, la haraeea. R. named gray gelding 2 11 Mr. Bne(laud nam?t eorre geldtag 1 I 2 Tbe ::*>< of tie Drat boat was t fc.t The time of tha rtber beat* ?a* not take*, darkness *et t* br for* tey were comm'rce 1. Obltnsry. TTlt T>?ATn or HIJt. MARIA BAXTB1I, Po ?oon alter tbat of her Mater, Mia* Anna Jay, both occurring wttttn a few days of each other, Is * ooinoldeeoe not eaurely unetpectad by their friend i. They bad loag llred togrtber; tbelr Intimacies aad affections had grosrn up tcgethei Iram their ( hiidheod. both war* many years I* delicaW beaitb. hoth actuated by tbe name religion ? motWrs ssd both harr?t"alously actlr* tn th* tmrr>rm e of tbeir re igioas dot lee They were "In rely i* tbelr lives, and in their death t??y were sot dlTlded/' Paxvsi abtwoi v was oe* of wb*t war* termed tbe original friends ot Get. Jacksoa. When Mr. Van Rtrrn, tb* 4'bany dr^MS. and tbe party esder their cootrol, saw lb lackten's rt'tng popularity the tln-? o'safe ororetent wn in oanger, and opposed bim wit i all tbelr tailaeno*, Mr. flwsrtwout rsme out Itr tbe b?'r*, and f<>r * time almost s.txd alone. 1b? tlrst Jacksoa electoral ticket e?er got ?p In this State and voted for. waa selected, brosgbt forward and mado prominent by Mr fwanwom atid two c'ber gert'rmen "iclustTely, ee? a rosld'-nt of A *e*y, and the idher of WMMkri this ticket, through their eJertioss, reretTed twenty four or flee vote* in ths Hoars o' Ass?inbl> . the Electoral College not tben being rh'sen by the people. Geo. Jackso* remembered his fr!?sd, Mr P, for this ant ol early dcTotlon. Mr. 1. always denied tbat ?be d'lalcatiens wtth which be was rbarg^d t.< old Jostly be laid to bis account UK A Til OP MFH. HKNRT ?. PRR85lt. (Trcm tl>? t*alwaf (Iretao-t) Vmoioator, Ner. 4 ) Died, on Tuesday evening last, at Mojode (laatle, in th* Mtii y.^sr of h?'r age. Asn? reflet of 'be late Henry a. Pares*, ?sq . of tnis town The deceased l*dy, who bad hren a member of a dtatlnratsneri family In the ennntf of ( . rb, was endeared, oiirtng her prwtracted llf*. by ber irany Yirtees snd amiable e.harartnr, to the wide clrcl*of a"ae,b?d friends and r> latlse* of the Influential and re Sf ? i tafde famtly w.tb wbtch she was allied. Up to the latest m<ment ofsmstene* she retained tbe unclouded prrsetr-on of ber narileet. and that vlsadty and elastic tl eertuineae ot'liepeettlon which ren<i*red her the life and seul of th% domestic circle Tboe Iit*4 and died, foil oi years snd lienors, tt.i* estimable lady, wtth Christian ? o^eamt foftitnde? lor rlie wa< i>v?r aa t:istin?umhed for <i ? r?ti and terror of her raiistous nonactions aa by i r>pi ? cbable blamflessness of ber llf*. faVsl Intelligence. f'.'/two* ? the Onegre** fs oo the roes* 0t Atriea t??e fvmsteltatKm is in tbe levttat. tbe ((i rhsnca S< Pfrri* to sail for Marseille*. a*l he tbrre R*v 10, t* remain n tbat n?igbl.orhood*ntli l\i c.trter, elen thsrqtiadrob wIHgo lato winter qoa-ters a- Oeeca 1 . ? Strlrai ArfWenl at Um Tm?| mt tw VtW Ywk Md Kite Bdliwrf, TBflKK MIM KILLkD A?D TWO MXN HIIIWOHIII \ INJUBB9. A Md oasualtty occurrod yesterday la tbe any of Hii ?00, N. J., at rhaii No. 2. on the tunael whlab la Mae' constructed for the Now York aad Erie Railroad kf the' long Tork romp say. The abaft la a baa about seventy Ht? dorp, sunk in tba reck lo tta bot tom or the itacel. Tba hois M about twenty feet In width. There ti a hoisting anwratcm aied, of which tho motive power la a steam ongfte, fbr hoisting the fr?? d>. cu of rock, by means of a tub, whlcb1 la raised and luamrd by a rope. la thla tab' lie men employed In the shert go up and dowa. At noon yesterday, ?? tw<- men were coming ott of tba abaft in tbia tub, ibe rope parled at a splice, jaatta they reached the ruriace, anil tboy were precipitated to the bottom. Three of them were killed, and two ware badly Injured. 1 Patrick Daly, aged 74, was instantly killed. Be waa a aire I* man. Martin Burke, killed Instantly, aged about 01 years. Be is frost I.imrrick or Galway, Ireland, where ke baa a wife and tour children. ? Robert Riley died In a few mloutea after beng taken out. Be waa about 33 years of age. Be leavte a wife and child residing near the spot whera tba accident oo i urred. Patrick MoNlcbol, a man about 3$ yaara of age, * badly injured. Be lie* In the bouao of Charles McNlebot, the foreman of the mm employed ia that abaft, is Bud ion. Bla rtgbt leg ia broken, and he la otherwise badly hurt. Pater Daynla waa brought to tho New York Hoe pita1 on Saturday afternoon. Bts right leg la broken, and he la badly bruWd. Be Is Ilk* ly to reoover. Ton men bad just previously been bolated at onoe by the t tme apparatus. Ffrea In Rew York. MKLAXCH0I.T FIMK IX PEARL 8TBB1T?A TOCNfl MAM bUhMT TO UKaTII?WONDERFUL K8CAPB 0? MR. Barn AND TllKEK OP BIS CBILDRIN?FWO BPILBlNtiS DB8TR0YB1). At halt past tb -<e o'clock yeaterday mornltg a Ore broke out in the rear part of the premiaee No. 438 Pearl atreet, near Mac* Iron street, occupied by O'Saillvan M Fay, dealers in paper hang'nga. The alarm aooa brought the aid of the firemen, but tbe flames spread so rapidly that before the application of water the whole of the In terior ot tbe building wa? in tiamee, and guaklng oat la large volumes from tho second aad third story windows. Mr. Patrick Bays, saleemrn lor tbe above firm, oocupied apartments on tbe tnird flror for himself aad four children, ta a youngest be'ng about five years and the okeet seven - teen years Mr. Bays, when be awoke, findinghimaelf al most lofiocaled by ma^te, bis first Impulee waa to aeek the roof for means ot oacaoe, and, without being able to take with him bla clothing, he seised hold of hia three youngest boys, and got th< m to the roof, believing that hla oldest boy would be ablo to lake care of himaelf, s?d foUow. Tba father, when on tbe roof, beard his poor b?y call oat, "Father! father! Uh, fa>ber ! where are year" The father replied, '? I'm here, my boy, oome atoag," but alaa ! the unfortunate boy did not make hia appearaace. The father endeavored to get back to where he beard the boy'a voice but be waa unable to enter for the dense and auflocating smoke wbicb poured furiously from tie scut tle. No more waa beard fn m tbe boy, and aa no one haa seen him slaoe, It is evident he hae been bet in tba burning edifice. Mr. Bays became almost fraatlc, aad ?toed in lraat of the burning promisee, calling out la the mart heartrending trees for bla son to oome fsrtb out of the ilsmee. The <bree surviving children wire aent to tbe Fourth wsrd station hour e. Several run ore were circulated about this in'ortunate boy Una was that be turf been conveyed jo the SUtM ward nation h <ose with a broken leg; another waa that ha bad been lent to the hospital; but all anoh rtmora were found to have allien merely to allay the grtei for awhile of tbe diraonselate >atber. The Same a toon extended to the adjoining building, No. 484 Pearl flree t These premises have been onooeapied lor seme months pant, but recently used by Ifr. Kinsman lor temporary storage of furniture. Mr. H. W Klngsaan*s tbe large brick More No. 48*. Btrs the fire did not j*ne'rate. O'Sull'.van & Fay ha\e an insuraaoaof between $20,000 and $21,0(0 on tL? ir stork, part in the following Inso rsnce companies:- -?u.a of New York, 94.000 ; Howard, *3 CC0 ; New York Suitable, $4,000; Jefferson, $4,000. Tbsir loss may be ? nimatd at abost $>$,000. Mr. Hay* b?s an in?i racc< ot $400 on hla hsaaabetd of fccia la Re Atlaatic losurance Company. Erary article was destroyed, including ail tbelr wearing apparel. They bad but barely time 10 escape ta their algat ilotfaee, and ?a it was, one poor child lost bis lite. The balldtag No 43b was totally deetroyel, we wera usable to l?arn the Lame ot tbe owner. Tne building No 434 tx longed to John Trlee. It waa totally cestro.eo I/ea aboi^t $4,(00? fully nsured. B W Kirgman owned and occupied buililng No. 408 ? aafurnlure stir< He |. rs on slXok will be about ? k.PtO, damaged by water, ihere Is aa ataaraaoa at St,6(0 on tbe furnHure lo tbe lollowteg tompaoisa ? Ful'on $V,600, Brooklyn $2.0b0. Excelsior $2100, St. Marks $3,400 Pbt mi $.4,(40, Piremea'a $3(00, Rutgers tb,(00, RetkBtn $2,COO, ac.i Hamilton $3,0?0. Mr. Kingman a so bad some furnttare on atorage la building Mo. 434. part of which waa daetroyd; laaa about i too, no Inruranrw Adam* * Hpercer o nr opted Nr 48$ aa a carpet ware bo hie. They bava aurtained about $3,00 oaiaage by Ore atd water; Insured lor |?.(00 as rollawa?Firenaea'a, 92,600; Clintoa $i (KM); Repubtlo, $2 600. Ibe baixivg is owned by E Cauldwell. It la damaged abrult6<0. snd fully la>ured Tba r mains of tbe hoy John B?*? ba?e beea takea from tbe roles, std an Inquert held at the Fourth ward Ml < f ?ts'ion boose by OMW t'oaaary. fbe body waa tonal la tbe bed b .rned to a crlap. Ft RTllJR PARTlCfLiKfl OP TBI PIR] IN 80CTH BTEMT. The fire waa aupposed eatmgulahod la be two upper lefte, between ten and eleven o'c ock, aad be firamao all left, eirepi a tew mas with a watch Use, bat about twelve o'clock tb- fire broke out egata, ad before the fames wsre extinguished the two bullilaga. No. $8 ' Coentlea slip at d No. 28 South atreet, ware totally | destroyed. The stock ol about t,t00 barreia of Hour, | which waa aaved tram th? detourlag etmcnta at tbe first fire, waa ir.urely conaraied, Tba following are the tamea of the owtera and oeoa peata and the Insurances ? No. ft Poutb sf-et and No Tt Ooeatki slip, fourth i'.oor, recti pic il By Wm A Crolluj, aalltBkker; property total y destroyed lose estimated at $6,041, insured fbr $3.COO io tbe New York .t>nv No 23 Mouth street aad No. 2* Coentlea alip, occupied by W T. Bernck, fluer dealer; total loaa of about lis,(,co, insured tor $ 6,000. aa follota^flremaa'B $13 ((0 and Cora Fx< bsi.gc $2,OOC. Tbonpa<>e k Hoi ler bad a ibtpping oflioi on tbe aecoad foor; loss snout $2?n, ao in>araaoe. No. 13 "oath atreet, first floor, liquor Wore, kept by Frederick (meat loan reumaiod at a boat $aOO; ineared for $2,K0, la tbe Merrbani*' Invuraaoe Ccaapaay. No. 2 >)t. urst Dons, Imjuot a to re, kept bt T. Oreve, loaa est'iea ed at aboui ri. lasurad lor $1^00 in tbe New Amatsrnaai lnsurai>ne (xmpany. ? NO; 30. Crwattrs slip, rblladelph'a packet Of&ea, kept by Jaa. Band, loaa about $.V0. oo insuraace No 1$ Coi nttes sitp. Tallow k Jackaaa, commMalaa merrbants lues aboot $?rn ro tnsnraam. Ne 28 ICoearir s ?hp. J. H * K F Iawa, ship obaadle ry loss si rot $\r<M>. by water, iaaarad fbr $4,000 la tbe Atlantic Insoraane Compaay. Tho bulldlaaa So 38 Poetb rtrrtt aad No 18 Coentlea slip, wera owned biK B Hrrrlck. loaa eslmated at about $12,0(0. Insured for $9,100 la the New Tsrk Xqnlteble. Fi?k im Pbibsty nirt fti aar?About 11 o'clock on Friday t 'gbt a two story frame dwelllag bouea in I'avsaty first street, B<ar Broedway, was riscovered aa lira. Tba fia>lly bsd barely time to irake tbelr eeeeao before the whole dwel irg wss enveloped la flaasea. The pi usees were o< raplei' by Robert H?rrtng. who loot all bla rural tore. Tbe buiMii g waa owaed by Mr Haraao, and aa derstood to be lasurad. The particulate we were unabls to leara. Pine ? V'-T>arr ?Tbe pnuttoe of pi I lag ay lumbar ta a great height on the wharvea la Want atreet bee become a aa.saroe, and frequently sad amlleata take place. Owe of this kind took plsee yeaterday moraiag. MB a laborer waa on up of oee of tbe piles of beard, oome thirty ta forty ' reel b'yli tbey |ave way, sad ta bla flail be bad hie leg badly brokra, aad bis arm fractured. Be waa taken t: tbe bosp.tai la a carriage, aa tba^mltcerUtion h- .?? bava ao pi ?per coaveyaacea lo oarry lajured psiaoae with mm and sarety. Clly Intel line we. Pj?'?<ur Amrtwy ? Mr. Henry Yerage, of Ne. 219 Willis* atreet, bad oes of bla legs ve y badly cruabed b-/ stag rue over la the Bowery, near Bouetoa slraet, bf one of Ibe train of cars r f the Harlem Railroad, about atx r clock last eienlnr. tcoordleg to the beat laforamtkm we noeld obtain, it appears Mr Yerage ran ecreaa br track for tbe pnrpiee of getting oa board oae of the bird avsaue ear* golrg down, Joel ?? one of tne half p^s retrain frrm the cttv was going up; he waa c?a ? i?rtiy knocked down bv the '?adera, and the toerard wbseii of tbe cars passed over oae or bla legs Tm waa rrmv> yrd to tbe Peve'hteeaih ward atattoa hoaae, a her a rr Pbebher" attrnflee him. sf!?r which be was rea&oved IO Bellev hosi ts The unlortueate individual stated 'bat he htairelt waa to b'seie ler the aocideat. Tas?i?t Der*sr?e ?The following named coaspeetag I tarred the Ham?tJ> office recently Tbe M t. I tad PrewHig Guard#, Capt. Wm. Klgeey. pumbertsg (bout 60 mntketa, went on an excursion to Astoria t n Thnrai'sy ti e 'ioth Inst. The nee mlMtery aj? tenrenreor Ibis company end the style In whton they have turned oat are deserving oT special not Ire tho Croly (iuards paraded mo muskets on their sa nual excursion to Flashing, and starcben'ta aatyls thai d credit on the name they bore They ?hot far one hundred prises, and altogether they were a good sit or fellows Edward f rnnrmer J.lgh 10sards, Captain T fPBr'?a, pa raded 80 muakets, aad shot for elghtetn valuable prlaaa at HfMtokee frofgist Ouards captain W R Wildes, paraded H moskefe, and shot lor flUyooe valnable prince at Jame/1 l/?eg Island Tbey were a fine set of drilled ?e?,*i merr hed with alt the graoe of soldiers. MaHkl Breaila Ouardi, Captain .lames J. Bear). parad ed 40 m??kela, aad ahol for ten valbable prt/ea at the Turtle Ray lionss rnrrm'ngs Ouard, Copts In Teed, paraded 40 m-isksta. aad ???* thirty aae prlaaa e*W?efewwk*B .