Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1856 Page 3
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TOTMMTS KEMEWEB KTEKf BAT. HALES AT JktVTIOH. [ JtKKT H. NICOLA Y, AlTC'l iONKBB, WILL 8KLT this liny. November it, at US, o'ulaok, at Ike Marohanta' haiige. lor account of whom u m?y ooacarn? DO ferra HtuU' ajid Kichtn a BR 1st murt. 7 per cent bds. ?' La CitMm' and M waukie KH. l?t inort. 8 par coat bds. *) 1 lacka'a ami West'a HH lai mort. 7 par c?ut bds. W Ureal Western (ID.) KB. 1st mortgage lOpuroeat bonds. ?< 'levetand a.iJ Pittsburg K K. 2d murt. 7 par cant bunds. ?) Be., l^acaa'aand We?t n B?. 2d mort. 7 par oeat bda. 1*) Eaton aad Hamilton Railroad 7 per oentlionda. iiw Delaware, Lackawana and Western Railroad Co.. ?SU American |Kxpress Company {J? Jnioa India Xubber Comuany Pacitiic Mail Stesmshlp Company Vf' 'txtk .Avenue Railroad Company Prismatic Turning Company "J bt. Nicholas Firelnsuranre Company ~ North American Fire Insurance Company Wiiyvesaut Fire Insurance Company Itarkei Fiie Insurance Company w*J Pacific Fire Insurance Company ?? Bxceistor Fire Insurance Company 50 Mechanics' Bsna of Williamsburg 80 St Nicholas Bank...... ?'*} ilcrcuaats' Exchange Bank 50 r*adi'Moeu'a isonk sland uHy Buk 25 /trtisaus' Bant 100 ?rtiiB of sale?10 per cent this day, and the butane re 1 o'clock to tnoirow The aecraad on all ttt ? Is will be charged to Uie purtsbaa-r. Next regular s de on m.itY ^ovtlilll'tr ST> .\LBKBT H. NlOOLAY, Auc'inieer and Banker, No. 4 Broad (treat. r?T/i?N SALK-HENBY DREIIBB. AUCTIONEER. Cooslable'a sals ot dry Roods, hosiery. Ac , on Monday, tub day of November, at lo A. M . at H?. 302 deoond et eutwisbug of muslhu call son. delaines. flannels, >;ing is. ladies cloaka, Shaw's. Ac., Ac also hosiery of every ;npii?u. OHBls. F. K IJtNCK. Constable. UfTTON NOT1I K.-J BOO ART. AU0TIONKKB.?BY 8. BOO ART -On MonJav Nov. 24. at li o'olock, at ihi ticn room* corner of Fraukfnrt and William*!*?mortgage -|jr?v ?!D'fui of household furniture mah iganj a-tete. aofaf.. rs.-d tables, chairs, mahogany bureaus, ?, ? >? ' chairs, mahogany rocker, centre tables, mahogany kttauds. cottage bedsteads. cottage suits, hat s'-ind, hair irest* ? pillows, bolsters, 4ou yards Brussels and ingrain >e<t. I1*" > whi:e woollen blanket* engravings, looking ?'ua tea nets, plated vara, spring mattresses, cook atnlotlioe store* J0Hi( W PUVFRINDYKW, Attorney forMortgagee. CqfUOK NOTION ?SAMUEL OSGOOD A CO., AUC tjliiner, mill sell on Tuesday, at IS o'olock lo fiont of rsM'e Ml Ns??ai: street one |>air of very fine carriage tea. li*, hands high, br'sht bays, switch tails sound and 1 bsiogic and double hartiess: Doth are Tei? line saddle ?es tod very slyllsh dr.vars, lirlug the property of an in d girtlemaa having no farther use for ibem;orwlilba 1 at private sale. Oaat, eight months bidqh, tjcrioN rotioR-THoe. bki.l. auctionkrb-by l?r t. * Rr">H - This day, at 1034 o'clock, In the aales ns. will ba sold, by r nne of a mortgage seven solas &^ofc Ueo? h ne>v ?.vie Iron bedateads. dentist's table, old o. and other article: also, ltd botiles line old brandv, li*. prhUi"J and rum. 10 ilemijubos London llo< :, old cig-iac brandy. N) bow* two ?ne guna. two boxea elrr. ?uJ oue valuable gold huntini,' full j?welled lever teli md rbfitu. ueniar lnthi* salaarooms an entire valuable stork of Hen atut dry gtods superior clothing, genu' lurnhhlxig goods, Icrj, Ac. P?iixu.arsui time. _____ U'flON 8AI.K?WI1X BK BOLD, ON TUESDAY, J Aov. 25, at iok o'clock A. M., at No. 19 Court street. >ok f u, b> w. V aLBURTUS, uuctloneer, Hie fo'iowlng lcl?. bv virtue of a<-veral moriga?es and adva ices made: jr pr.or suites, co?ered in satin broeata], hair cloth and nfc.cur new aad one second haod pian?fori>*; one enamel chauber suue, mshoxany bedsteada, hair mat.ra-sacs, bu us.1 arlor and dining room chairs; on* mahogaav secretary I huetu. roaewood centre l4bU'?, mahogany sofas: one ivy ulvcr plated tea net', coat C66, together with a large lot ieoai'1 hand furniture. UCTION NOTICB.?CROTKltR Y, 0LAS8 AND CHIN A. -Bv J. 8. H. BARTLIWT, Auctioneer. Tuesday. Ho nbe- VS at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, trom the sheUas, kud* w ?., blue and common w are. kIap-s ware. chin;i. iar;, Btitarula ware, Ao. cale pojluve, rain or shine. L'CTIOK NOTICK.?J. BOOART, AUCTIONKKB ? ly S ,.<<ni \RT llii* day, fcondsv 21th, at 11 o'clock, at MO 572 WaMiington slieet, constable's sale, coal yar l, I si' *>v virus ot an exre.dtio .about 200 loos of coal, MS carls, harness, desks iron a-ile. dxtures, Ae. LOCI* H. VULTKB, QOMUbto. i. TCITLE. AUCTIONEER, WILT. 8EM, ON HO* ?a*. *i 12 o'clix k, at 31 Crosby street, twenty horses, )?? all pttnowi. Also new and second hand wagsns, jiiosu i dou'de barret* Ac^ T TM, BAZAAB, Si CROSBY STRKKT, WILL BR . Slid ..u Monday, at auction, at IS o'clock tw.-D'y horses, lata fot all '.> .ki:irss purposes. Also uew an.l second ?.I 'Ui >ae? '.iart.cs* At JOHN H. Q ATFIELD. Proprietor. LIKKUTKaOO. aUCTIONKF.R.?A. BRAOO A CO. riii . ?. j'ic.ion. ;>q rueaoay. Nov. ?j. a' 10'a A. M , iMBaK-si oom. ?S < or'ia^dt street. '/?' case" boots, shoes, gala Ac.. coniprusliig a gooa and desirable stock, suitable thr m t'e: U %tr. R. CRISTAI.AR, A0CTIONKFR Z! BOWKRV?WILL _? V . on Tueaday. 2K..1 .u*t., at 10> . o'el.M k, a U-g?rior.Jc urcc -? aoo li'inon. con,.?img of Soii-ui lte. Maii-U, aud lie.,and _'!ii I'maica m. i tlru/. ram, * 1' ot.'fi < '.i v l> ?*, 11> i. e, li, r s, II* *u? a^garn, Ar , Ac. \;u TOR S SALF ok kk " R^TaTK, -tub fir^t '.*>*, m.* ?ue br.'?B a-uu. Uo'i*.-, Id Kv Tweo./ ?ul wrert, S3 feet I itchea front and n'*r, h?r 3M l>?t mJM cicfp. built it. the beat luaan* r *i d h it *11 ibo too u mpK'.i'mi'nU PoH*"Mlr n can lie I tad Imtnr-diati-lT. Ilithrr |i irUcalan Airily Ui .iAMC'Kl. h. Wtiir.lRY, i7 ?i alrtret U. AAI ON, A JCTIOKliKR, WII.L 8K1.L TrUS ? o*? ?? s*.i ? **t ;0o> nok at the )??clrr *tor? N , litf mnj-r. ,uit tin ? w! ime jfold v> *icLet and jewelry un fa ??!<?? i ng w .tranvd wait !>? . and ewelry for II .w:i oer .1. to ?..? 1 will .io well to *Ucod. Sale bj caU u?. ? i eter\ to I'i'tii. *?>? S . tVt .i A 'TtOVKRR?RROUI.AR *a - ... ri..i iii .li y .x.M-1*. laocv g.> 1.1s, m*dii uii turn, ifc. . ?.i . ii ? u .a ftuniehlng *n?1i in *? ort?J ??!>??* ?r >' ?. i :.."ni|r te ft* MIUtl.LK J'.<* ?t.K> >i ^ Alii , . Iti-ir ?>.le?roi nr.. RZoedar atrect, on Tliur* ,f>oi k. .? ' i. M .will I.I aald '? Iota to *ult I'ltjr and m y tit* , i < at*.of ucs i cad on tunrouig of ..ale. M H?.r ?.<><? > A! ' TMjN! vr - - r PK.RTOP. HISTO* trace lim.mrp. *t aiKtiou, today, at lO.'i 0 clock. ai 441 "?'? > ? " ?' .'lowai.l "r.-ct i'm:>r*-iuK i .n^.uiL'y ctrvni Mood fffrf >. rlxwi m and renin tables, aolld ro*4i H m ' cnah ,:*ny par or mi.'t. in i?rioit? covering*; lna>k 1. ' ?'*?> e V-I?| :i Hi.(nr.- U;>laa. b<-!?< -a l?. fiureaiia, tl<- io4e r. anmtiip*. mn*lr (tanda. ? haim, rork *r -I|'? j naiMta. wttbo it regard to we?th?r. and Itwortliv t.'ie^i'.<? of buyrs. ** every lot Dual uaaolj. t*R\ B TiKRTH. itR AUCTIOWKKR. WILL HJ-XL. on ?<i i la i ,N,it 2t .it W>, .> at Ku. ; Pin." tt a ,ik . ? o- bi.uei. Hour, fhmaa te.ta, cotleea, m, IH Hn? lt.-1 aoapa, ratvll ??. blue in*. r*rom, ?"rmi elll, >'? If Mariiia ?nl o'hei'te(ir? Hale uoat hdi 1 r?a?- e.1 l? ea? adraneia Tenna >*ab *wvn i.xkdo ArrriOMKKR ? awklvrk-ksalk ?>?..?* ?Tl *t*liotirr\ -HKNRY II. LRKIM i ('(? I* I <? *UI t. ?! ? 'In :r na:-.?ri?'i t 23 N*a.-?ii a'reet, be fa Cetar f Itnf t?. (in Tueaday, Rot. I"., at 'I r M a I .-.- tarortment ?f ia"<t*nl and votuUr . em ii?r..i| ??>rk? tn the deparunentaof hwu>ryi bio ?'if .a e.- ae:en -r and art c uai.-a aa I mn.el ' ? eoua (*!u.-e, Mil general aaan-tment of atapl* and fan^y ate rr mrl.I tudt cap letter, not* b*th, bill rap and lafal PN'e ? o' 111.' beat m.ikiirt plain and f*m-v em eln|>ra. inaaafnl.i |.ena pen at d porket cutlery nt the beat Amen mtmitari, rrra. Ar Thla aale la wall worthy tlie aiutattoa I of ronaumeia and of ihe trnde. Catalogue* lurnWiad tfca gooda oo uhlbttlnu at a Waaaan >ijaet. lie RATI' \H. AUCTIOITKRR, ARD MORCT f/)AW ?lid in .lit- .at C.I nar ot Third and Hproee cre<-ta. a^a h?< 'or btrty yetra < 1-hHadalohta. -?tUli tKW u? loan, ta l? <>' atnoonla, on dlamonda. allrer plate, watrbea. Mr j tnere hand tee and (nod* at erarr deaaripttoo. Ihr any Itii nf t me a#raa<1 upoo. All ouauwaa iraaaactiAQa atrtet ioNti- Ii*al Oiw.'i* I an be aent br eipr'aa, and adraarr* lediatair forwarded Itaui* a* lbe loweat market raw reaa tn.t a? NaIIIAK.i, hoiUmaai tornar of TUrd and aia attw, rfaiadalpkta. .1 WALDROR, Att:TI0RKRR-CtOflCKRT AfD ?**t fi "n ie ahel?e?, tn tote tn aoK dealera, Ky ?RT U ? A> No tiL.'KTty a'rert. on Tin-aila?. Mo* ? Ji-Lcral aaaortment of beat wblta granite an,1 div* *?-?? Alan ?la?? ware in a*ery Tartty. On a thi i at 10 o'cnjrk. will be nilared a large aaairt ? .H t? i, ? pUmanl Bolieiutaa gla>?i r . ?? lor b? ho i4rtva. ROKI ?RTt. AU<TT<>AKKR, W1IX KRLU THM ' itar a tii .or'.iwk at 173 ? Itatbun *i|oara. a terra aa " "" ' ? - " 1 hand I'.ruiire. ? t p??a. fea'licr k g t??are, mlirora. i lock, fancy gootU, At >.FfM i, ?.MiM A li TiriNK'-R -TrFPDAT ARD W e:-11 - lay sn, a and at 10 o clook M each *1 tb? Cvi 'ral na'ea ri? .m?, corner of Wlllo 4hby and -r fArr, ? Rtnoklyn - I arte ?ale* of rtrh fara na BC ? MM aaaortment n< erery article la the line TiBe? and ?? T-. bo*?. foa mnir*. gi-n a r'"> ?a, collar, i, caua Ar Anlonib- aarne dtya, at 7 oviork ta tbe mg an e idwt co, of fancy fonda, comprtalrur mar in t a fiav'e ata.nattea, rVb carved vaaea. card repair era aa otna ewel raaea, mud centre lahlea. U/'aa. Ac i Waiar IwWfat, fro?a Itaiv. Atao ricb ?Uyer pia >?l?t ael'a i later, Ta. forkm rupa. waiter*. A' . and a t? ? nonaa A> Ladi** mi l geni|aui?a ai? tnaitad a i i e< -n ic the good a on Mondar earning. Htf.R TARI.R8, CH AMP AliN'K, Ac." AT *> n m morrow at Day a'jeet corner of i;r?aa *1 V><. o clock, enrfrad eypirt* wa^on gnwrj ,httn eat I ot.or* *<-g*ra, tobaoco. **nfl, |dpea, *,*o an ta' o! *a?n tei hardware, (mrerlea. Ac h W. A. OA: rr.R. A aat ton ear. | rrs.tnmr ACtTlORSBR -RORTOArtRhAlitor d fnrnllnre, op ibia day (Mondaa 4 Ig :hc mure eoptept* ot tb?' tonr atary bona ia ? .g'i'h *<reai. alt door* from Hatpin, aren't* m wag i ,?>, ! parlor aiiUa in brocade and balr elotb: * -> ' ?b#.w l*pi-ytry tbii.1'III* and inyrtia mi itar >:>d oral rrlrrnra roaewood a?rretary and txioknaae ? '-ilati.j ma <any aofbe te>t a late parlor, rorklag ?aai rh.'a curtain* oij oalTing* parlor migS ??li ?u Ar Chamber*?Rnaewavl and mahifany bad' k M'rhla ftp bureau* and waabatamfa. toilet ??. hair *?? I woo, in*ttre*aaa. fe.atlier bed* blankaUi qnllt*, Ac,: ?iiiMf ?ttenahni labia, oak *ad maple eh*ira Kngl ^h nil ' a lr'-,a?d*. hat etand wttbaUrfe a*aonmeat of nbtna. laty *<* glaa* wue eutlary. plated w?re, kUche* 1,1^ H- .sate fmpwry. k. jrknirmTjb., h Attorney tor MoctgagM.^ *h}r* WRfORT wrr.L ?rLr.*iT"AtTCTIOM. "orI ?Mnr..t*T >OT JS at lloe-wk A M . at *n "Btiraene I R \ be tm la and m*eb*nery ? an aale mtn tf* or, ? -ig of teolargaaiU. lathe*, co?t9m eaab: two lark"! ie h?t t" tncl and nntirlabrd a> ?a. malleahle lr>.n ma ia ?! wkr? A< owe blacltainiih'* brlkie. In,, a f- i ia 'Ctbtrat of blaciramttb * loola dale n ^uir*' ? ?: ?a)e mmm WMItP"KKP.R RAl.r. fir FfRK OOLD Tin* diain 1 i iawelry and w*^hr, A. K. f'R r >T t L IR wcet ? H twarr. will o(Rir for ?*le thla day. 24 h at rci. . k ike largrnt Itnck nf dhMMmd jewelry oflerad ihia eotnurtaing broocKe*. rarrlnga, ring*, necklaoei and l?it? *C- ? ?ng'c and In cluno r#, diamond. rmeraH and *ei? a I of which are made up 'iy the beat art lata of the toge'he witijoM ailrer huaUng and open fan* lever* by "^aokell. Reca'ey and ^ohnaow aad nther eclebrau-d e*. I..ptne. anchor and rarg- -Mcbe*, also a l*rga lot nf P'"? 'in?*, earring* guard fob aad real cbalm. plat*.I Ac Ac Ry order of 7. HKRRWTKTR. Pawi roker. WJt"AOK tRJI8ALR of WIKTRR rf/mrTXfl THM AT -M t AFFR A V A WAI TURN will *all. today, at 10 tkl eontat of C.thertne and Henry wraeu a I*i4a aad lot <rfo*?rro*tg pant*. re*|*, cloak*. dre?e?.^law|.. ?aet*,'"* ,ier be<la, blank'ta inlltv(?few trareil agtrnnka. ? - rtl.y the attention of dealara . flV order of KodmL C HOCOHTOR. ACfTIojt RRa^S* BGrfolTd wt en'li, a-* trurka. lee.-a. A? , o* Wrda?Iiar JtV,. "'?/?* ?? U 'lnjom? ?tr*~ c.-irnar of Af.uta e. fall*, eaat hooka rrnwha-a ohataa Ar oomn "Vn, rcaotrt. f.?- rannngm, Ike ^erMa.. *od m?vtr,^ f+> Al*o. |g ear* uneyp<red laaa* cd Ma II and tt ?'C?-| with blinding* 'her-on Term* ea*h men. ??'- bf <W*t 91 ARlf I.AfOROR. ZttSnrnT* alLRfl AT AUOTIO*. THO.-l. TKITC*, AUCTIONEER, STORK 16 bPKl/CK street. -Cou*tab> s sale of groeerleg, liquors Ac , M Monday. Nov !M, IW. at lli o'clock A- M , at 876 Ifater ?treei, * liuge a??i?tmeat of groceries. liquors, itoad cub, Ac. M. .Sll A.M,Kf, Comtsbltt. TllO.-t- VKITCH, AUCTIONEER, STORK 16 8PBU0E street.?Sheriff's and mortgagee's sale of 1>ooU, shoes, ladlea' gaiters, Ac., oa Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1.V16. at It/ o'clock, A. M . at 21} Bleecker street, oor.sist!ng of a large aaaortumnt of boots, alioes, ladies 'stent, aiiupers, rubbera. patent lea ther booU. Ac. JOHN T. STUWART. Deputy Hherlff. TUOH. VK1TCH, AUUTIOMiaR, STORK NO. 16 SPRUCE atr?et?bhertli ?saWol dry goods. woohens, sheetings. Ac., on Monday, Nov 'Si at 11 A M , at tbe salesroom, oooautiug ?f dry goods, woollens, blankets, sheetings. Ac . Ao. J AS. V. WILLKT, Sheriff. THOS. VJtlTCH, AUCTIONEER, STOKE NO. 16 SPRUCE street -Mnrtgsi'eaale of printing materiaia, Ac . on Mon day, Aovembtr 24 at 10 A. M , at No. 44 Ava atreet. up stairs, consisting of pi'tn, inuiiou. bourgeois and job type, compos ing stones, sticks, rules, galleya, Uxture*. Ac., Ac. VALUABLE STOCK O* OABINKT FURNITURE, AC , will be Hold tfaia morning, at o'c'.oek. by TUNIS MORKKJ.i. auctioneer, at hi* spacious sales room. No. 79 Nassau atreet, to p?v advancea, time of limitation expired; strangers served wiih good packing; roualwta hi j<?.it as fol low#:?New an : second hand carpeting, rose wool pianoforte, suit of rosewood parlor furniture covered in rich satin brocatel, rosewood bokcases and secretaries tete-s-tete* eaay, rocking and other chairs, coutre, aide. Ac. table*. etegeres, tea kind* of bedsteads, tweity solas, extension dining tables, twenty dozen chair*, lounges. Ac., becsteads, hair anil spring mattresses, oil paintimjs, mirrors, wardrobe*, deaits, table spoous, i uicv clocks, Koods Benars. N. B.?All the above artlc -e.s can be eiamlned early this morning at the above aa1, s room*, whera a regular auction sale la conduoted, guaranteeing to the pub lie entire satisfaction. Halea effected at dwellings, shops, stores, Ac , in Uie best maimer. WILLIAM N I.EWIS AUCriONEKR.-AUCTION tAl.S ot splendid bar lixtures, horse, llg' wattou, cart, har ness, Regars, Ac?W N l.EWIS Jt SO.< will sell b t auction, ou Momfav, Nov. 24 at 11 o'clock A. M., on the p reintsen S'.!7 Eighth avenue, between Thirty eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, splendid marble top bar counter, one msrb'e top oyster stand, one st:"tHe board having 'ieeu used but i fow time#, (he bars having lountalri, at each eo<l, glass tiuures back ot bur. also, about 90.(110 aet{.i-a tumblers, decanters, picture*, 4c , Ac. Terms oi sain rash; guoiS to be icniot e ! oa day of sale. By order of assignee. WR MKLLOB, AUCTiONKiiR-HY W. K. MKl.LOR. . OaA'hureday. Nov. 'SI, at 10l, o'clock a; the furniture wveroomsot Mr James B ? ook. ti'/l liroadway. near itond street, of the eutire ("'-hf.i and uniiulshf-d aiock, all ot whirh ha* been ma>1e toorde of well deaaooed matei iala, ai'4 warranted to ataud the text ot furnace beat, and mode ex pre-s'y for privatf; aaJe in iirmidway, viz solid ro*ew<M>d, ebony. os?, satinwooil, walnut aed nutliogAnv parlor, rham ber, diawlng 100m. dining, book and library" furniture, oon I slating ot elegailt rosewood suits, carved and tuiished in tbe moat elaborate uiauner. rosewood aruiobs, ctegeres, table* of all kinds cabinet*, bookcases *ecietarles &<? , 4c. A partial He>crlption of the stock, which smouots to SI ' 0(10. will be riven In a few d*.i s The stock u aow utranged tor exhibi tion. Ladles ui.d gexitlemi-n are luvitod to view It. W8. MBLLOK. ACOTIONKER ?PIANOFORTE'', ? tuis, sleigh robes. Ac., a; aueUan.?By W. 8 MKLLOit, ou luesday. November 21, at 12 o'clock, at the aaiearoem. Noa. 13 and 19 I'.vk row, "eus'st ing of twelve new and second hand rosewood and in* ho?anv pianofortes of excellent lone and lintah. and fully war ranted br tb? makers Can be examined previous to sale, the whole HI which will ho positively ar.ld without reserve to pay advancea. Catalogues on tin- moruing of aaV. WS. MKU.OB, AOCTJONKKR.?BY W. S. MELLOR . Turtdav, Nnv. 23, at lOt, o clock. M the aales rooma, 13 and 13 Park nw, opposite the Aator liouae pe, r-mptory sale of tbe entire atook of cabinet furniture, oil ??aiming*, French plate minors, 12 rosewood ptanof>>rlea, tabl? itnen, eounkwpaaes, silver plated ware, A On V nd, and to l>e sold poaiuvrly without reserve, to l)..y advancea, tlx.:?Tea solid rosewood parlor suits, covered In rich bt-ooa tej; plaab and liaucklUi auits to match, twelve cottage ena melled chamber suits, richly decorated roaewood, mahdeauy, walnut and oak chamber furniture, In great variety. want robes, bookcases, etecerea, sideboards, music sUud*. solid oak dining room furniture, extension dining tables, chairs, kmngo bedi, covered In rep and fancy d'lames, cane seat oottage chairs, lounges sofa bedsteads pure hair matt reuses, eaay, Turkish and ;>lain rockers, parlor chain* In great varie tv, with a large assortment of plain furniture carpets, looking glasics. Ac Also. 100 oil pslntinga, in rich j*tlc frames; thir-.y French p.'ate pier und mantel mirrors. French china vaaes, tea ware, ?oliee urns, cut Klasn ware. Ac , worthy the atten tion o! the t-sde sod others OatMloffucs Issued on morning of aaie. Goods can be packed for shipping on the premiaea. WA CaKTKB. AUCTIONEER.?L.'.FT IN THE ? stable 164 Washlngten atieec oue bay mare l?elotiging to Michael Hog in. 11 not taken a^ar, and expeuses paid, ?iij be fold a auct oaon 7 nesday, -N'ovembar 'JS, at 12 o'clock, at ST Ley street, oo?n<r of Greenwich. iarsTRUenow. 0>9 AND * Mi.-WRITING. FULL COUT.fiB: ROOK I'ij keeping, *U?; tiaie rjiliniitc I at !* V i > h ? acadrmica, I'll Bowery. V V., SO Fulton aireet Brooklyn. Open every d ty and evening. Mr. faine ia the bent teacuer ia tiila city.? towell True Reformer. (?in?BOOK KKF.PING, WRlTIMi ARITHMETIC. yXl'Mi. Dol)>car, t>" Broadway, keep* thoKrarat < ?omraor e!al Acmdemy ia >e? loi. and bring ably aMtfatcd by an ac auuipliahed practical Book keeper guarantee* t? <|iialify a'uftent* Tor gem-rax or upcctal b ulnars* in a auperlor and yractloa. manner. One (10 scat fur Hook keeping vacant.. A graduate of haryard collnk. enuaord la loach,ng i* iMtoral ui rtHlllM oar or two pupil* to fl' for aollef*, retrronoe* uneicepUooablc. K<irimni or far ther lnfortnktim. addreM K s t>., ca;v U 11 W. Mrgcui. k*q., Ku-hkDl Lan ling ?e? Vork BOOKKEEPING, WRXWJfO, 4c.-B F. FOSTIR, Au thor of ' Pout la Kntry K oc ?? ? . uul tM p'-vuiaa" ftiirlta. teechee br^kkaepijii: wriung And aailiaiciic at .*.H? Broadway Apylatoo'a Hull ting, upon aoiiml elementary prtn 8l, lf t" Uie eoiirt. aaclvialoa of too roolcru twelve ' ?a ebarlaiaury Pro* oaetua. Ac , un application. BOOKKKilMNi.Ac-NKW XTUdKNTH AitK UECBIV. i J day and evenmf tor practical tuition In b lokkeepliig, arithmetic ana a ruing, ?t KKN V[l.I.K'K rl->gan' room*. ml H rood way: aepar 'e inxruction it given to each, an! a thotongb know le imparted to all. French uhooam and literati-re -*?. soku BKKtllKRkaa reaumedhia dutie*. tHHMof coovara-itioa lor lailiea. ? laaae* hit begtanerv Private I -anona Apply, or adiii easai the rrole?aor'? raudence, No. t.U M&illaou avs uue, iii-ar Thirty aeootid street rmESf fl l.A NQl/'AtiE.?MONBIE1'K AND VADIUM r 1>L' BOH ha?i ra opened thetr mornu.^ and afternoon eon variational cotiraa* fur ladiea Claaeae for brgtonera Prt vat* l?w?./i ruing claaaee fw ganUauaa by M. Dabea. Mo. 1>, I, Union place. Eighth ?tr?*L French i.anouaof..? a Parisian, qrvdcate of the Ctuverauy of f la. will mbiiii nee a claat In rrtnu on Wrdne?dav ne?i, at lol ?'.-"?'it utrret Mr hi* particular method puuila will be taught the beat I'aruan pro nunciation. and in tha uioat lapid nuuinar. Term'tn p .? onarter. In adrnure pAVKN!?WOOn AND ABTtiRIA.-'EUPOSS IM OIL X* *nd pa?tri palutlog?A .'ady. who liaa atu iu-U In Paria, br lag a riaaa la :ha abo\a tonality, wtabra for private pii|iUa; r" * rel? ri-neea, iarininaderale A?ar?t* European, eare of aon, t*i lboa<t?ay. THE WINTER TEEM OF M ADAMEBER'tlER'H FRENCH afnglith. and Hpan^h and day school for y<ung lailiea. Mo l.v; M idt>?>T! ateuue. near ThtrLf araood atrari, coauit'oci-a N?Tea?b-i 36. Ctreulara at tlx- taatmiUun Om mliu*" a'Urbed. Alao priraia .i-<-oaa in French and muaa to marrtad and aintrla laJie? by tha moat eoatpataat profaaaora. REWARDS. $10 AO KKWARD.-l.OHT, FROM 14ft EtOHTH ATENHE, **?> on Hal iirday. the ad Inat., a lauu- robin. Tha nbnr* reward w.ll l<? paid for hia rrt>m Apply at Uoekwood'i aBbrotype gallery, 146 Klgih aveniie. AQ EEWARD - I.OBT, BETWEEN 10 AMD 11 %kj o'clock F M . on the 19lb Movember, bntwean Fulton atr^et and tb? City Hall nark, a porketbook, with an accrptad bill of rioaaag* ami moe money. Tha Under will raoetva 9H reward arid I he mnm y la tha pnrkrtaook. Addmaa J. R. Loper. <M Laanard ? treat, and no?)ur?knaa will ba aakad *1 H REWARD?f.OUT, IM ACARR1 \OE OM FR1DAT 9a" Mtfht I.I griiai; troan HMMlM atraat to Twnali aevanth air ret. a black oprra elaaa and oaaa Tba abova raward will br paid by leanai it at 7.' Mat Twealy ?e?enth atrcat. or 10 Hroad aireet. KKWASD.-LOET ONTTHF 2ld INSTANT. EITHER tn nobokm ne Haw tork. adianx nd biaaaipm. single ?tone, the fiader wiL rr< cirr the above reward and ihaaka of the owner by tba name to FRANK WKBB. No Ti>-ma? at, M. V ton R1 WARP -L<1ST. ON HATVRDAT AFTRRNOON, Vu'' S*v n. IHK Irom the Florence llotal. 4UQ Broad way. a ?maU black and 'an terrier aluL aar? cropped, bad <? a red leather collar with tha name of J siewart, Howard ?Uiri Whoever ri-tnma aaid alut to the Florenca Hotel, will rrert? a the above rawat d tinn RFWARD.?LOST, ON FR1DAT EVENTNO, AT tl.e Academvof Muaw, a goM aaich aad chain. Nn fil<T4. Jnrgen n maker. Aot prraoa ftixlin* It aad ra tumint tt to R. F.htavti.a tff So-ilh rtraet, will racalve tba above reward, and ro qurationa aakad. REWARD.?TUE PRRMIHES OF THE HOB ?wrVV arr|bai? at 71 Broad atj-rat. Innnu bewta btirgla rtnnaly ealei?dnn thr nig hi of Wrdn.-adav ihr pith taat, aad robbad of lar* gaotla and embromertra u> U,r amount o? ral ihnteand dullara ih ? above reward will ba paid far tbada troilMat ihaUUftiaaainl tba imnverf ol the goorta I.INI'ER A KIlfCHIJvT LOUT AND imiN). T fWT.-? REWaPT -on thcr*;>at mornino. Xj between Jeraey i;?y and Klghia avena> . a ladt'a hair bracelet, with mmia'tirr and letter* R W engraved on claap. Thr above reward wii: br paid u left at 47 baray atraat 10KT-A OOI.D R'NQ. MARKED " F. D.' -THE FINIV j rr a ill be liberally rewarded by leavina H at 2jn Front treat, N.T. M. w. WalL IOt?T -IN tm TWENTT-Et'OMD ETREFT. NEAR J Heventh or ? ghtb a?rnnea, a atone laartra i k-toHne a liberal reward wilfbr givrn whea returned at IK We? rwen ty aec.ind aireet. betwrea eittb and Seventh avenuea. STR A\ ' P FR<iM Till' REEfDRNCR OF R W. HOWES, at Klverdale, WraUheatrr county, on or al<ant the iMi nf Ortahv r, a aroall dark nrown prry marr Any one return lag her aa ihovr. i?t?W, B. hiel??t. of Tonkara, WW reraiva a tunable reward and tha 'lianka ot the owaer. rtr ANTBD-A N OWNER FOR TWO BROWN llllRAM, f T with long taifaa hrouebt from on board lh? laaac In*. V>?. nonaignao io It H. Wmalow llli called fbr Tb?y were left at atatile If,4 Waahlnftoa (treat. One of the boraoa U Mind of oee aye If not awaad bafora tha 24th they will ba aold to par eipenaea THE TVRP. XHtNION COCRBK. L I.?TROTTINO?ON MONDAT, Nik 24. at halfpa?i two o'clock a match foril ffW, mile and leprat notlcr a,.ddle. IWoodrulTa b. g. Pat. W. Tea body'a b. g. Trua John. BHAW ft WHITE, Proprlatora ~ IIOTK.liS. C^HOWDBR PARTY THIS DAT AT THE NEW ERTAB ? ird hotel aalled the (loll/er Hotel aeaonri avenue b* Iwiwa Forty third and Forty fourth air rata Alan, rafTrah tncotaof aU klndaal all hour*. lodging and boardla(. AR O EN METER (formerly Btrloknan a barkaapar) ft B. BPCEI.ANDH ROTRI.. 4??, 411 414 AND 41? BROAD | way, New Tort, laie New Haaan Ho-.a* ??? and a/W thta dale price of tranaleait hoard will Sa tl gn per day. Ftaa a-i't* c4 rtvwna lor fawlltee ami Wag la giUwt NfW > r>?? Nov 31 KM . " ,.====. ANFUTKN^IIf. A?aOETNFNT OF THR TARTOHR j\ gtailea of a<^hia, at tax than their mark - vaitiA laeaa* p'irohaaera. Caah ail ancad oa aaaara of Ha -ana. dj> W*?!'f 11 tli*?an MDttfacturii. O. CUUfl, 17 (mwlwhr. UTWIATVEB, Afibik, j.rawk from ran old koman r?l Beluarlua will upe?r la the lln* weekof December, by GF.ORG K fOWUKfa MORRISON. 44 A MD TI1K TRAMP Or MY STEED, BO HWIKT AND JX. St; ong. Id dearer Uan Ume and sweeter Uiui aoog " To horsemt-u, farmer* wd allotaers Interest.^ 111 livjraes ? Morgan horsea, the origin. history aul character utica of this rem?i kable Amertean breed ol boiaei, tracing Uu pedigree from the engliial Justin Morgan through the moat notdd ut hi* progeny down to the present tune. HiuU for breertiug au.t geaerai use and* management of Humes, wun directioni fi>r UainlnK thera lor exhibition at agncuiluial la.-a, with *> por traitaor dlaUiiguiebed horses, b> I). C. Ltnale], MUldlebury, Vt This in a most latere ting and valuah 1$ work.mod oo per son can read the table of contents without purchasing the book. 1 vol. 12mo. Price *1, sent by mail to any address on receipt price, bjr C. M. SAXTON A CO.. 1W Fulton atreet, S. Y. The book op the aqb Will be published to morrow! IUtCOLl.KCTlONB OF A. LIFETIME, OR, Mex a.vb Thikcs I have been in Foaora am? Ameuica. B? H. O. Goopiueii. the veritable Peter Parley, author of The History of AU Natlou.-<. Ac. Ac. It two large rimo roltunea, 1,1(5 pages Aboriginal eagrmlugs including aa accurals su'el portrait ol the author. Price $S. RKCOLLhCTIONS OF A LIFKTIMK Embraces- the prominent public events of tin last half centu ry; both at home .iud abroad: a complete autobiography of the .'her-Us ".arlv days, ecucation and literary career, and ansa ant of original, curious and \alutble puraoual i not - dent, anecdote and description seldom if ever met wiih in a ?ingle work 'l be New Yolk Times Ihtig speaks of the work and Its au thor:? In all the world there has been no other individual who baa published b? man) volumes, or doue as murh in the capacity of ar. author to govern the character and Intelligence of Uie living age As " 1'eter Parley," be la renowned ou all the continents. But Ms best title to an enduring reputation will be found in these personal memories the most natural, genial and coter'ain't.g that have appeved In this country sine* Franklin's. Mr Goodrich b&a almoat a daguenrean mlimle n'as of agreeable descriptiou, and everybody who has been familiar with the eouri'ry life of New England do ring tbo (list baifof thiscen'urv will rocrjgulzo the singular tldolny of hia delioe ?tl(iDH On this subject, Indeed, bis works wlllalwaya be held In the hlgb?s' estimation by competent erltlos. Sim ple. earnest genuine. F.vert appreciative render will per ceive at a g anco that the serious or guy experience of Con necticut, of " the central flowery kingdom" of Yankeednm, Is <liHPlayed In it just an It la, or at> U waa hi-foiw railroad* led ao generally to the destruction of our local characteristics. The r.u'.lineH of Ut? career, as publisher, author, legislator, travclei, Consul of the United States at Paiia, Ac are pretty well known. His personal qualities and tbo clrcuiiucanoos In which he has been placed, have made lum acquainted with a great number of the lendirg men of his time, both abroad and at home, and his Intelllfp-nt observation nml skill In portrait, tire. enabled him u> Introduce Lhem to us u? such a man ner that we feel almost us familiar with their presence and kiyoavnoracfe* as ue Is himself Bit anecdotes are tr~?h and excellently told, acd hia reuiitiiicences of American literature and art?buc'i as he alone could Rl'.e us?are sympathetic, lti trusting, and uidieloutlv Britten. MIU.FK ' TON A MULLIGAN, Publishers, 2." Park row, Ne\ t, and 107 Beuesee street, Auburn. TO THE COUNTRY PRV.SK.?COONTR'S NEWSPAPERS will please lake notice that tbe propnalUon to ropy the a<l vertlsrmenLs oocmeiirmg "A tare rha/ne." or Great In duci-meuta to agenis,''is herebv withdrawn th1* day, Nov. 24, 1W?. K. WALKER, Publisher. 114 Foitoo sL, N. Y. aiumctu. HE LIVERPOOL ANI? FUU.4DEI.P0rA BTEAMBBIF (Company's splendid and powerful slearaahipa. CITY OF BaI.TTMORK, Z46\ ioat. Cant. Robt belt?k; CITY or WASHINGTON, 2 SdO toaa, Capt. Wea. WyKe; CITY OF MANCRKaffER, 2.W9 tona, Capt P. a Petite, KANGAROO, 1,974 tana, Capt &. Ewtag. are intended to Mit? ritoH rmuiMMu. Kangaroo IStk Hormnbm. CHjot Waahlngton 4th Dmembav. OHy of Mancheatar Ihth do. raosr uviaroou OEy of Ma^cheetar 19th Novetrber. Otty of l>alUtnore 3d Dooeokar. Kangaroo ....17th do. E/rr or ri.ui6i rsov hew tout. Saloon. fcW, 163, and $66, according to atateroaM. A limited rnimbar of tblnl claai paaaengera will be Mm from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, aad i'onad In ptowMam. From Philadelphia t3l) | From Llverr-ooT. M Tlx se ate ao .era are conatructod wUh^improved water ttgM eompartasents. and each veeoel annrise aa ezperieaoedmar gcau Purrtea wiabinir to brlna crit their friends can obtain eerlifl sat-s of paaaage and drafts on Liverpool la enma of 41 atar Ung and upwvtis Apply to JOHN C^PALr.. agent. 17 Walnut street Pblladatphta, er BAH EL A CoRTlB. 177 ilioadwsj. New Yowl. STFAM TO LIVERPOOL FOR WO.-TBE SPLENDID new Iron ?teamahip CITY OF WASHINGTON.Capt%ln W vile, having nuule the pa* irom Liverpool in I'i dsvs 4r hours will sail on the 4th of December Fare fro'ii New Yortc in c.?l in. 4ini, tib and $bb, steerage kilt). Apply 10 SaBKL A <;ORTlS, 177 Broai way. PriOR LIVKKPOOL.-DRE A DROUGHT MNK--THR ' world wide known c-lpr'orahi;> DHRADNOUOKT, Oapt. t-'umuela, will pidiiively tail on Wcdnealay, *>h November. ' tond cal'in ?Jii hiaarafe *W anrt found with prtWMeua, 1. celaltraied "in j Is ncvad lor raakini; the bHtltl; ip? ou ??i c< i d A|(l; on beard, pier 6 North river, ur to DISK ARIM* A jC'NKm. 40 l-oath hitct-t aixl 36 QUI wlip. TVtiR LIVKBPOOU-THK BLACK BALLLINF. PAdKKT i aliip U1:Ral WRBTEhM aaila Mo .day. November 24. I'?r.> uetwl cabin, IUO, aiaernite, $IK including cooked pre M> uA I'or pinnae apply to J ACOB WU.nON, lut South ?TE. U NOIlif:-FIRST PACKRT FOR MVKRPOOI.-THK celebrated puckn ahip CoNSTKLI.aTION C.tpt Mal Icrier, itli thia day. it 12 o'clook For p?aaaKf- in c*bin. ae cord mint and aloei-age, apply on boiu d. pier li K. H , or to TAPBCoTT A CO., H6 front* etre<*t. riMRHT PAOKBT rMRITILT, FOR LIVERPOOL aRD ? louden?Tte f^orita Mir packet aliip CbUTtlCH ha* apl< -i?ti<I laleroom aocotrimndat.on* llm ?! pier It Ram mar. a.rd the nr.* clipper alim W A k KFI M.D, for Load.>o. lieth parkeu ?IU ?*il Nov 28 Far* ?nml cabin. #JU; atrer*n<\ H8 Apply lj C. A. IKK RICK, 67 Souili aircci. IlOB BUKMFR, VIA SOBTHAMIM'ON.?THK UNiTR? iu.ii ?Uemna'iip WAStil.VOTOnf, B.<'??ft?tlyc"in uawicr. wlU aall tor llrcmen, Umcbiug at feouilntmpton lo laud tr*Ja and paaeeafera far Kngland aud franc, on Halurday. Nor. :y at 12 o'clock, M., iron, pier :(7 North rirrr. Crlno ef Parnate, fimn Now York to Kiu'-luunptoa or lira moo:?la iltkI cabin main axloon, Sli). in tlratrabui. lower aalnou. ltd; it: aeeotd cabin, fCU. An < iper.'eocod aui L-run attarhod to each atr Mnrr. NpW-ic delivered In Havre or l<ondou Id par or la received on tlie da j of nailing. AU letteri miM paaa thriAuli the Pn?* Office For freight or paeMge apply to O. B. 8.1 hO, Agt nt, llj-outh William alrctl. SpOR HOLTH.' mpton and havrb-thk cnitbo 1 fi'iUcemail elaamer AP.AWO. D. Ltnea eownaadar, win leave b>r Havre, uiucbmi; at Soniiaaip on to land vbe otaita ?nd p?nrne*rt, on Saturday, ltarrmbor 1.1 <112 o oioafc, frr.m tier rirr. Ho 37 North rirrr. foot of Bcacb atran. Fur'>al> 9IK tierond rabla TS TV? Nbip U?a fire walrr tiflit <> mparUnonta, rngloain< tba rn(f1i?r?. ?" In tba rrrnt ol aolllaion or utrai.illn* tlir vaMr could not retail U>ein, aad 'ki> pnmpa brio* fr*r lo w.jtk lh> antrtv of tba rrr*ri and ruvmm nuat ba Meumt. Na ?.U ba taken aflnr Tbi.r?da?. i>oc<'mbrr li Far frai?bt a ou>ic apply to HoRTUIKB LIVINO^TOM, acrns 53 Broadway. STJC\M BKTWIUJI MB'W TORX A.VD OLAAOOff. I'DINitt'KwiI, 2.201) ODa, William Cummloji. roairaand Kt. NRW TURK, 2.1M tou, Robert Craig, oimmaodta-i nr.AftdOvV, l.SKi Uiok .lotia Unoean. roinniaadar. The <>taa Raw an t Raw Tork Kti-aaiablp ?$oinpaay taland Milttw U? Brw and r -warfol ataamara irotn Nr? York to Olaacow dl ract, aafb 1>???? Kdinburfli, satcrdar, l?Ui Nirrmbar, ai M o'clock, no n. Mow York. Saturday, Wtb Nnrcmbtr, at If o'ciook. nona; Olaagow, Hatui<4aj, CUi Daeawbw, at U 0 rU.ik, Boon. KtTM or PAfiAoa. Pirit ? laaa, VT5. third rlaaa. lonnd wfli eookad prnit^aaa, R. An e!j>arlaO'ad itrfon au*?-bad to each ?ta?rnar For ght or paaraaaapply to JOHR RAC8IMOR. 17 Broadway, Raw York city Dill or (old only rerairad for paaaage. For oapr t<>wr. cat* of oood hofr andoai< cutia -Ibe beaaUfid A 1 oilpper ehlp OKM OP THM OCKAR will ba drepatrhed on the "Mih of Notamher fur aa above por'a. For frrtrbt tw paaaaga apply to UOOURVB, ABKtx! A KIA.IOTT. HB Pearl ejwaL Al ITRAIJA- -OOODRVK. ARKFJJ. A *I.UQTB I? dapri.drai Una Tba clippar ?bi>> ARIFt. will ba da Kit lird rtw M< bomna, oo Haturilay. tba 2;ith of RaramHar. a clipper "bill 'Irav Faa bar. for Bvdnnr, will ba daepalak ad oei aa earlr day. For l.a.'inca of (rr>?bt or paaoay. appir al tba ofl'^a. W Pearl utrart Auvtraija PTARRCR LTRR, RRTaRIJBBRD 1MB Carrytcf tba l'eite?l Maire malla ^alttn* ra*iilarlj 1 Ml ar not far IViinisrAuZMSKr K#imcii. dumI'T. la BOW reraiTlr* bar ear?o at plar No 9 Real rirm, mA wfl poaitiraiy aall aaabnta. For fraifbi or paaaa?a apply <? board.'orRo R W. CAilKRUR. Ro S Bowttaf grata, itfk: Mile *>r eaia and aaali adrwrnnnio ra*da "arai^Ma Miwta. (ooalgnrae la Aeetralie, Mean. Wllklaaoa, BiiAeea A Co. OOTfoR * ro* DWPATOH U^R FOR MAR PR KM n ewoo- Hauling regularly bod poaMiraiy oa or bap>r? tba day arfrertiead CI ( per ai Tburadar, l?ac. it, the eplaa.ud Al clipper ?bM lOhN MIl.TtIN, Hardlnt raaaCrr, a recelrtng her ' arga et pier In Raat rlrar, bad win poM*lraiy aall aa above Miippa,twill plaaea *and In tfcrlr htlue or lading for eifna' ra *e eoon l( their WMMMb era comnletad, baar Ifg la mind tbet the veaaat* of una Una take no Iralaht efta? tbalr i*ad Jar, nfid In no ea*e bare bf'lor win be da tamed. TCTTOR A CO . 61 Boutb elreat. cor. WeR. FOR KPW rtMLRARH ard hat*ra ?thk dmtro Kitiee mail ateameblp Bl.a' h WARRIOR. J. W rtmtd^ eoatmander, will eommanca reeeivtng freight on Monday, Nov rd. eml Will eail on Thtiredar, Ror XT. i>-ota the tint at Roi'lnaon ?'reel. Nottb river, it 10o'clock A. M. Ro bill*of i?^i?.. elgnad aftai the sbip haa eailed. LIVIHURTOR. CROCmaOR A CO, Ro. It Park slaea. Fr?OR IIA VARA ARD Rt>?M,H.-THK 0RITKD NT AT Hi 1 Mail ?taamer gl'AKKR (JITT, R. W shufeldi, eotnmaa dir. will leara ibr Ibe ilxnre porteoa Moti'lay, Hih I'ei 1 l<art, at IS o - lork norm, frrin piar No. It. R->rtb rlvar. Par freight or paeaage apply to^MlTll A PAtuKTK. <1 Wi etiaec For. PAVARRAH ARD FI^BIDA-rRlTPO STATWI Meil Ueo-nia ?t^iaehlp Pt.ORlDA, Capt. R R. Wood bull, will leara on Wadnaedaj. Rer. 'M, fr>-m pior Ro. 4 North livar. at 1 oMork P. M Wile of ladlnit aigned nn board Far rreightor p*??age epply to H. I.. RirCHIiJ.. 13 Broadway. Through t.rhetefrotn Xaa Tort loJackarnvlllr, RH, to Pllaika, $&.! Pie?mare Ir-nn Florida "omart at Savannah with tba aiaamata ln?n New ^ork on Tnaedaye and rtatnrdaya fWP. NORI ni,K, PFTRRDRUno AND RICH WORD - ' Ike United M?te? n<all ?'e?mehlp ROAVOKR. Captain Mltinar, la now landtag at plrr 1.1 North river for the atwra i^rie, und will leare at 1 o'clock on Nalurday \fternmn The Writi.'wday'e Mtinier at thia line le dlarnntln<i"d (he the pt enant. bnt one will ba deapatebad ihr tba above porta erary Saturday. 1.1'DI.AM A I'I.KAKaNTi, Broadway. ,. m . i ?*? -a - ? z RIT.MARD*. larly on the day advartlaad. oa lUtarday. I>aa. fall. No fral?Ll raoaived aAar FrlBay, Baa. A ..-uo^^lad akd noble eUpper -hip -DIM,!\RP*TARTJM FOR FAI.R OR TO t.RT -TWO AJ lacond band (ablaa, alio for aale rour boraaa and fcvir aaermd hand 1i(bt wagona, and one faed wagon. All vary cbeaa. Apply at 13R Ainoa etrwwt. TUP, OA MR OP RII.I.I A RDf>?TTS THVORT ARDPRAO Mce, with numerooa dlagrane, by Mtchaal I'lieian, price 91. Raat poalaga free oa raeetpt of nrlea. O < ORl0)R A COU.RNDRR. billiard table makare. &) Ann atreet. TW* BAM. RRAROM. r? NFW TORR TOtTRO MP,N'8 ROM AR CATHOI.IO Renevoli nt Aaeoriatlnn ?Ike Committee of Arrange mania beg leave lo Inf-rm the public tbat tba fourth annual ball M the R. *. T. Rf R. C. B. A. will ba given al Nlhlo'e on Rearua'ton night Tnraday. tba ?*b inai TMketa ran be oh tained Pf Ml Qntnlaa, en FiiRaa aira*. ?. |. Mnlmoaer e?r nar of centra and l eopard ?re*ta; v MfKenaa 16.1 Fniton etraa*: John P. Fenlly, *1); Whitehall etroai. aad g?the door pa iha evening <d the ball. ? R 1. MPL%OOFIT, chairmaa. Jotari OMPm, Nwttet y. AAfUSEMttKTS. ALLACKM THKaTEB ??>w> MKNING, KOVKMBKK. 7i Mr ?1aM! Ji aNI)KI(M>N, C'ltit celebrated Uu^edUJi,/ And m<m akors KW^oKiar, (From the urlnoipal Loryduu theatres I T h ? mtniUfii^Dt Lave nueh |iUuurc lu auoounccig ft li mited tngageuiefci W illi Mr. JKHWH AiYTUCkSOW. Ike celebrated U?j?Ji?u u<l Mm* AUfcKh Kl.'-Worth v from the prlncips; Louthu Ihuuei who will bare tuc honor

01 ins* ing tier first appearance h< tore * New * or* audience, tiki* (Monday) evening. on which uoasiou will b? lutru (lured ac original and romantic play, written by Mr. J>me? AoderMHi. entitled CLOUU ANO KUWMIINE; uic. Lovr'M kitiahub Supported by tie justly acknowteilged laiented ooinoaiiy at lack* d lo I lie eht?i.u?limnil, embracing Uuj following c?' ? Tbe I>itk?- de AiebeltHu.... Mr, Reynold* The <X?nr>t Konuelecille Mr. 0 m?? art Tbe Maiqtii* Maicnlv Mr. So'hern Hie Che wilier l.nsiyiisn Mr. O. H. Lew. BRMfcf iV^NUlH j Twin brother*.Mr. J AMRs ANDKRbON llsvid Ltsuc, i* htd.cbnmu, steward to the Du chess) Mr. Dyntt. Anionic Mr Oliver Pruneoia Mr. .fetlriea. t nvoy from tbe king Mr 0*ei. Ooitfller Mr. Harrison. IKaKa, yllurbtaof Nairnet... Mm AOM'8 KI.SWOftfUY, (Her first HObc'inuice u this i nuutry ) C<uinle?s Utinoia. (Mother 10 llcnri aud Kdgan.Mr*. Sylveeter. CleuiniMt fa fa/murs wife) Miystianuou Huntsmen, eouititirs, Ao., Ac.. bv tar eompaoy. Thr i.i fiit-a src l.iid in and nesr l'sna, and will .nirodute ?rrsaUlea ah apartment In (be psliiee of the Duchess of Nairne - A ?lew m ar ib<- palace - tfoudotr of me liuehoesot flalnie?Tha ball [mhb, lilted up lor a giaad feie ? iirtitauy?Anclenlclta te?'i aud park g<tes?I 'bateau of lbs lluaheet?Hall lu the cha-'eaJt, ioimea.ii g the baiiauei chamber?An autluue labor* lory?Interior of ibe palace oi V 'rsatlloa?Tbc illuminated gardinaof ll)? palace?etott:?s aud fountains, Ac 1'ioduced with every regard to accuracy In scen-Ty, dreises, de<-otatlous, Ac. Die t lay ban istely been performed In Lon<loa with grout success, nod received the universal encomiums ut the prens, ss Will be seen from the fo'W'WIn ' "itiaets h AiiohAi. STANB*i!i>.~n I,. tagi-mcM ol Mi .Jaiiici Au di rOT ban litvu eiirnnil/ i by Uic production <>* .? new romvi tic drains in I'oor hcit . itb I "t'lotid aiuleiuunuuie. or l^>ve A k< vt-ui r " DIuiik i' .>1 Mairne. Uie voting widow of a hcoich nuke. >0 di< I lu e\ile. tanned bv bia attachment In lb<- btuartf. re-. cm ia MarsciUes "tier beauty aud her art' draw round her a crowd of gay branch galiaata. on whom she e>ercl?es lu'r laaoiuaiion in a tone of spint and coquetry ? win nlng hearts ntilr lo cant tham away and mock them Hhe bait <>Db anient nilniirer. l^lgar liunoU, who seuda b'.a mother to plead lor hiii' with theprouc beauty, and to declare thai rejnc t inn will t e a t>edt< in.e of death While the mother in ur?uig tbe win's nu!t a letter arilves from I he lover, informing the ditch ?ka thai l c 1h about to leave frauce torever. driven away by her cru.-lty. am! asking her if une rufuses bin last ippea> to bid him aiJteu tr nm a cm t*ln bai ony Sberom'uina; iheueapair youth abiiota hini'elt. and lie la bore e dead into tbe man lliun cmnii'tt a conspiracy smongal ihe mob ot dtsappm.. c?l eulUirs to ruin the reputation ol tin dnc'ucfia, but abe ia pro tected by ore Puvid a scotch Highlander, who baa fol lowed ibe Ini tuoi s ol her Loiband and by '-eruilu Henri iM.nois. who appears ou the sceue after the dr.iUi of Kdgar, whoae twii. brother he ip raid 10 be The dtn-hew who ?chimed F.ilfar. scilWmi) In the presence of Heart, and is driven by the violotce of her love to proffer him her h ind. I hen we have Ibe lirnt part of "loco's revenge ' iar Henri rcpruaches ber wiih lb" death (f hia brother, and UIobb her trom bun Thedmhc** beromcx b'laibla and u pi-oiant, and alter'he mscblnatic' the < onapirlng auiiora have been nUerly de ten ten al i imed upagatn bv the dcclaraUonlh?t llenri and Kdgar are one and the name person, and Ihe drama come* to a happy coorluaion. Ibo loregolng outline of iht plot la erougb le ?how tliat it afford* ample fo? the display of bialnonie power, and Mr. Anderson as the hero, and Mas Kl?'?orthy us the bi-mlne, rose lo tbe full beUrht of the oppor tunity. 'I hey were ably supported b? Ui" othsr members of the company-, and the play Vail a triumphant success. Mr. Aoderion and Visa kisworthy were twice called at the end of the 'bird act. and again at ibe rlraft, to t eeeivc the plaudits o> sn euthtmjudjc audience.?The limes, Oct. '?>. The play abounds v. ilh ationg s luatioaa, rendered still Stronger by the manly forre of Mr. Anderson, who plays both Ihe brothers, and tbe uoinamv dignity of Miss Kisworthy, who is the v rouged dtnhess. Their fortunes may be followe<l without ku.v cot. itt.rai ling a-n'.iute, t and a s'ory thrilliog iu its chaiac'.rr rewarda the attention oi the listener.?Weekly 1 Inies. ticl. 18. The play of ' cloud and Punshine ' !s written by Mr. Andrr sou. and ia lonstructrd In inch s style as in stww Uiai hu ei l>erie?.(? as .in actor has been of e*?en!lal ae? vice <o him in cuittvatii u the requirem?-nUi of an ai thor. The language U highly drmnalic, whilst the atory i* t'evcloprd with mm h skill slid a perfict kuowledge ol ibe arts and mysteries ot st?ge ellect. There are situations that demand an unusual amount ofhiatrlonn power iu the lepieseolaiion of Ihe principal cha racters und ibis important i?qutalie waa amply displayed by Mr. Audenou and .Vis* Ms worthy.?Daily News, Oct. ?1 Mr. .lairfa Anderson's new and oi.giual plav, In blank vcise, entitled t'loud snd Sunshine or Love's rtevenge." has pioiec a great suco>ss?nw of the ls-1 atii.ugholds ot ihe le(l school of?''tng Mr. anderaon had before been kisjvvn aa a w riler. througn veraWins of Schiller's "Bob bera " ' .-chain*I ' Ac . lc , and bis roiisitruiuato Knowledge oft-laprofcvion andcnlut iUedmmd, have prwiueeuan elegant play, likely lo riyal ' 'Ihe I-ady of l.yona ' an 1 ' liigotnai'* lu pu /Mlariiy. >nt a one i? Mr. Annei -.on i ?bo played the hero" is tbe success of "Clncd and Sunshine" to be attributed bat al^otn Mia* Agnc? KlsworDiy. our young, Keaoal'ul. and ac complish'i' "' .igedti noe wbor'.acte<l tfc" heroine with the dig niiy and high breeding so soteasary iu Uie part wi the l>u ihns-< of Jistrn". Ihe iniai' ? n snene ?ns worthy of the play, aad rtani|ieil It with a^'cnulne sticceis.? i. cni.- g Hun. OiocDa AMI Pcnmuib ? Mr. Jitiifn Amleraon, Ui? author o( tii' play. bai t ?km the puliltc :t little by *urpn?? la )m new rule h> h uranut l*i Tlir- Hui-oru* t* an ?xti?mely agr'-euliie one. and U <? meet. 1? construct. d with a knowledge or practi cal efleUe which nN>?? how c'oanly he lia? ?tinned Uie an of which h< .* (*o akiltulaproloaaor 1h* pitxe, ctowdci with atr.kiujt r t ia:uwir ia ;.u ci' cjl. nt apetnmen ol a good acting plar.TTho ItiU-reH nevrr tlaga . ea*<r curiosity U kept alive tiirougbout; the character* tn highly contraate.1 ; th i principal iiertonafc. a aie drawn with vi^or ium! elearneaa. The iglc <f tl.e IhrkM wm moat eileotlveljr nahlMt hy Ki,.? (.lawnrtliy, who iMMaeaace *11 the quAMflculioM caeca <u>. to the itMelofwafll oi ti,? oppoalte elemeiita Indkvttl under 'lie title ' CloinU and Huntune " The part t? mil ritren.eiy ardnona one in limit 'acre dcuiinli on th power* tit the acireaa murd whom, aa the centre figure, th < whoi* act ten revolve* Miaa Rlaworthydtaplayed -yiaaiilei aM ability n portraying the variety ?l .-in 4100a inc.dentaJ to tlie uliaracier. and h.-r ?n? ruy auilerr t on duninuUm to the cioa*. Mr. Ander>n,i piattMl thi'two brvchcra and pre muted ui tu ? |)er(?>iTD*ncc a remaiknble comnn.ation ot' nlgt. trat;* fore ard deep awl luMnnd paihoa. The ngotiic* nf a lover wh? kites ?yi.Jiia' hope lnv ? ickiom beet no to'ichingiy realized opon lite .v'.ore , aid If would bare been diflicuu to nomprn bend the nature 01 U.e minuii who could have rcaiated the Bmon. appeal* of ? tiw" ao bintfl* laden ana ie*ra if we ?d ni l i.noeii thi.' her woutided pride ha I froeen up her blood, and turned ber lien ? tee. The duel with the M areola wm a picture *cen? ot *tni> ing etliKt , and the linal iutetrtew. ia wh cli llcari le?rt? the tmlbic *ecrct of bin I -th, and reeelvta the juI rrpalac from hia rilatreaa, ? aa played with grti-. inter. ty.?Literary Cur lie. 1 je e?et tiooaof Mr. Ar lcreon are vigorona and ar title. Bla r- nd<a' at the red at the tht-u aet commanded 1 he moat aytn^a tbeuc eMeciion. ami iuaurod hiui a call before the curtain aad KB cotbui, aano eiprcaamn of 'popular tipptoval. The great (art ol the drama la tint of the Prrl.ea*. who waa luiperaoo atcd In a highly eMcieflt re. inn r by Mlaa iftvn Rlawortiiy, and we are pie*a?d to reeort >h? aucoeaa of tiua triuy utcel let.t pUj ?Dally Telegraph. Oct n. The new play of "('loud and SunahliM." writ ten by Mr. .Tame* Andrraoti, belongs to the aune eiaea of drainaa aa "The I?dr 1 f *,vona 'Monoy," ete , etr., and ia indeed of ? hixbly mora! tendency 1 he theme or wtiUment of returning goud for evil, of forgiTroeaato Mr enemlea. It naturally marked out, and the lnt. M at tnrreaeea with each art. Mr. And) raou w aa donblv the hern of the rvettlnc and played in hla uaoal daehlrg ait la the parta (twin hrotberai o< Kdgar and Henri Uvaoia: whlltt the lYuobm nf Nairae, the b'mtne, waa eon tided to Mlaa Agnea Klaworthy, who remlniled ua rery much of Mra. Ckariea Kean (when Mlaa Klien Tree) in ker irapar Mxia'lnn ol that nuaieaa In Sbe'idaa Know lea' pUy of "1<or? " Mim ? KW.Mthr a Iarwr alncc vhe nppeared *1 the M Jam**' and Nadior'a Vt Hi> h i? horn an iininton upted aerleaofauo ce?a?a?Muaieal World. "f.tovo AmTRuwftHTirr* will be prodnead lor the iirat time In thia eotiai y tliia (Mrnday) evening, followed by a popular farce. /"1 W BBAnrOBn.Remmber I'mf A. Sedgwick, Herr Khnepf, 1 hta llvetiiBf MaM-Cha HMgwtck. SiKtier litpl. At the tabernacle, Sycara ofaga, Antonia B in. American, Cnrivalled perform tierman and era luitan profeaaoee On the roniattma; Of the guitar. Ml.<* l<u? r Hial, 10 near* of age Mia* Hannah Harnett, graduate of tha InaUtute for 0>e HlimL will -log aeyetT^ot her delightful eanga at ftgaor IIINI'S grand roticeyt It la erenlag. The lovers ot art will tod native ulenl of a hiah rrter to riiat In Uila city. T cketa SO reau. to be had at ail ot the fashionable tnuaie atorea ia thw rltr and llroeklya, aad at the door i n Ibe evening of performance Door* open at *H. cooia.euee at 7K VAN OkCKW.r.N H Great automaton clartnae* ulayer Now on exhibition ? Chin*.* Rruoi*i.?. Bet* fee At. JfleJ.elaa and Metropolitan Hotela, < omme' cmg dally at in a M , t - ait inning during the Da. And orentng Until 10 P. M. Advr ntat 3 eente r r HO 1 O LOOK AKi K.NHIoN.?MOJfS A. J. MUKAT VT ail ii^ve ? erand t<allnen aaeeneitHi in hta new balloon, called ihn .St # Wi.r'd, on Tueaday, Nov 2S, froe* .leaei-aoa Oartw, o'Twenty third Mrrat and Fli*. arenue. Ad' mi"a 1.1 't lu rrnta. ehildn n hair price. N Hhould iha weathrr r.. t p?rmtt 'he aarcnakm wtll take pl.?ce on the M lowing ilny .-ee ptoi.ratrnnc ot the day. ^etaotia wiakmg ki take pa>aage can do an hy applying to Mona. MtlR tT. at lie corner i>n ev>trQ and IVarl atreeta. Monroe Hall. nOPF. <'HAPBL.-TII?: IT KMC ARK RJtsPFVTKlTLI.T iDtlird to Httend a courae of shakapearian rewlmin. by ^t^f. Howa, before the evening elaaa ol tVMumMa t'olleee. T- caday. Nov a, P. M . King Lear; Tueeday, l?ec. 2, " >? P. M . wbakapere and Ifce ooeta l ueadav. I?e.- 9,7T M , M' enlet; TaeaOaV, L'ee. la. 7>a P- M. Merehanl ot Ventoe; Toe ?day, i>?c B, 1% P. M.. eeteaMaaa fm?t tmericaa poet?. T . krt* for the'.. ur*e admittiag lady ami gentleman . W W, ?I- tie admlaeVm, Ml cent*. *1 t.?a FANNT MORAMT WH4, J.tAVR T11W rtTT J?I (or a tour tferottgh the Weat and Couth, c,mi?"n li'it at Detroit fleecniher t AU Onmni'iBioatWme 0*1 ?.ualn?aa to he addreaeed to ber agent. H Aahley. atd. T. Taraloe'a, Dramatic Agen* t bamhera atreet. Naw Tork. or bo? i.4l? foet o?ee Q1TH COWOKRT.-THBO. RtRPMjrt fLASfIf'AT. ?W eotree the flrat ot the aeventh aeaeon, on Tueaday. Pov. a. at Dodworth'a Aaailarnv Mia* M. H, Brtttnerd taod Mr. Rieh. Hoflman willaaaiat Mr.TTTRO. PIUPKLD'H quartette party, "ce ?m*il blfla. PLAT*. PLATS, PLdflL- YHR IfTAJfOARO AND Ml* norwrama. and a/l puniMie.1 ptaya, ?* aale kfl FKRNCB. in Maeeaa atraet, Row lorMi pi tee nw ?*mm eeatfc. tea for $1: bound rolanee. M. A new play pnhttaked ever^weefc. OMtpMa HaM Ml kr MM '%M.f' WMh ro AOADWMT or *L?IC TT> f.Pf-ONTHROrr WIflffTN nf the opera, for emeerla. leranrea, Ae Aecomeinda tion for four tlmaMid peraon*. Prlee, per night, taOD, laeln 1 BALL KR \<?ON The pr'ce for hall nigh'a ha? been reduced to fTOrt Including ?U the prlrllegca ol the bare, nipper rooms aad oloak rooma, together wt'h the lighting *nd flooring. Apply to *. H. ^VOIFK, I'flhf Kiecuttvr (iommliter, Ro 9 South atreet IjiRANKLIN MTTORDM. 1Z ORARD RTWRT, ONI 1 door Item Broad war ?Two peiformancoa every day, oovrirenc ng at 3 in lb* afternoon and at 7 In (he evening. Madame Watton a teoujieof Mo-lel Arttatea (twenty aeran in nn?iber) will appear id a aelectloa of living picturoa, with other entertainnienllt. ?e?rn?ber, at S ia the ai'eruoon and 7 It the etetiir|. /iharlkt whitj'B oprra nonw. ? bowtrt. I; IHaRLLT WJBITR will appear la thirteen dilterent eharacrra. Hector, rapt. *Hia. Ramaei Jehneon Fat . ?t"tr Hooea, lohn Pee body Ida daiilT. Hicham iff.. %. Me la bar rarhag Black Moae, Pnt, Nidtey, Dick teaea and tweoi wn Ham A Mo Mr. hhaw, the eovnte voealtat. WR rtRH, THP.ATRU! kL WIO M.tKFR, FRAN*. . lin atreei. ocooait* 1a?l?r a aa'oon. three doora ft-ota Broadway ?lg? 'eel im Mre i.? prlra'* partlea and fancy (?veae batle. Comitrv th?airteala anpnlled eSort mittce. WWilni *?<!?<? rtath-M Pi?|T wtga N" AMTTntBIWICNT^. liliO'H OaBDFN _ ('mora open at SJ ,. f> ootume'ic# atTV. - J? (Mi Moatur Krimib, Nov. 34, IMS. fYMEM-K COMB1N A'HON or TALENT THE WOhliEBCl'l. BATKLS. MI LK ROBERT, TUK BAUJCT COMPANT, M. MARZEIlf, YOUNG HFNOLAB. ALEUMANN. l'ONGO TO NIGHT. Vol'Ho Joaepli Marzettl KaTKV THE VIVAN'DIERR. Unity ... Mile Thereat Robert EVOLDHON8 ON TUK TIGHT ROKK. Voui.g h- og'.rr. a U-haiana, a nod V. Ctoiaruii. The Wonderful Ravela every evening. Weluwdajr?First appear nee of the g real eat livia* coca.c dancer, V.. LEON KflEIN'tSA. t'lrxt aiicearanre in New York in eight - pith of MILK. MONU'L.UMR tha' nliht Ht thin ctikbu.-UiwrQ'. u! ilie gorgeoui apectiele, entitled ESMIRaLDA. i'todmed w'th new aceaery, coatumea, ficeaaortea, 4c., 4c. I iibt niKUi oi Jerome * new i, eoLUed w du Tourtor V I can Kvpimma in two character*. WAIXACKD TMP.ATKH "??? < pen at 6k. awnasM it 7 ENOAGEMEBT FOR 1 Li^tlTF.l) 1'KRIOM with the leiebiated traAeduJi MH laSlKS ANDERSON 111.1I MihS aUsy.rt RiBWQRTUy, (I'crfiwl apoeajaate in AmarioA.) wh'i will appear xj iyorrow u,gbt, Mo.itay hov 'U. la aa nu tareiy new ?nd lomanuti liar, 10 tour acta, en'rled CLOUD AM 1 80N&HIJMC. Ob, I .ova's Kevemc*. Produced wlUi new acenery, coatumea and appololmeata. liV" U? LUNOIb? 1Twl" brotheia, J VS. J AS ANDERSON l)i a N A, L)ucb.-?.i 'ot >'i.rao?MiN.S A ON KB ElBWORTUY M. Pjott i>r. FoUmra, Mr. bed. Mr. Mailt, Mr KeraoMa, Mm uain:.>n M1? m h os.,?r ,vi . 4c . uliu it the cast. To cotu ,uae VN Ith the I?rre of DO;.E or% 11OTH SIDES In whirl. Mr. Mihotl. m sun Mra. Rofheru will *''1 ueailay? MR ANDERSON ami MISS aONEK tX^VWATHT will app<ar id an orgiual plar. TAURA SKENE'S TkE.vTBR. J 6_'? iiauiiiwir, MtiB B'<tmn>K araaat MIai I ai.ra Keoue Ko'e Lnaao* and Wi??r?a Mr. II Hal! **age Mau&gtt, JUr. Iliomaa Haxer Mw?? i'u- rta> Doorn open at 6S o'clock; 'he perf irniaoce will ootniiMBca with Uih overtoie at 7 iO?s. It U reapertfuUv a?.nonuce-l tliat 'bin new t?mp)o nt tke drama. ilrHiuiieJ and ItitiK exprcHat) tor M,m I.^ura K?<tia bi. Vr Jobii St. Trrvble. ttie ci>letir?t?d a>> bi?rt, a*.>tat?d by Mr. O J fe.cbarJ. ntu-r a week'a <rl ii bai 'x-en lound t? poaaehK iircoimtle i|iia!lM<-? of'lie heal char.-rler, and to be ronatmrted lur Ui>-coiuf.iri unn'-njOjirenl ot every m.diiar, ruakiug ibia i.i-w theat'e the nioiii eiegaat tautihahineut m the rouniry. EUft n'(tht of an nrur'nal local corned v. la th'ee act*, wrlttea exprvulv tor ib'aibea'^e by Kit. u. f. W111 1 at auUwr Ot "My Wue ? Muror," rnuib '1 YOCNO NEW VOCE. mopccai) *1111 m?t h, riiKi a>i> \reot^T??.Nra. t .N MOMiaV RVKMSt# NOVr.XHKK *4. will be prc?em< d for ill" in 'l time an origuit; hx-al comedy, tu Ibj, e 111 ta toiioded ai."n .11 -menta in tv^l uv. cailei VOuMi NEW VORK Sei-ue-Baratoga a id New Vork 1 use?Aiikum and feptem lier, IV<<> I emu krrcan Mr Ten per cent pater iau>Uia?, a retired merrbaat, addicted tn cot* fthaviag; kite flying. %<.xtocn to re cieteut tnia ungraielul rwublic In tjo-igrraa. at Iltctrc! with a taut and fashionable wlfo Mr. Burnett Mr. Adolphua Waohisftioo 1?n per ceo, a?aof Uiafv tber, the foregolug. wHu ted to biiliaida iiraudy and water, and the ooroa ite ballet.. Mr. Geo. Jordan Mr. Airy Kioto. A. H . aodlet^a to rumaaclng. vol Itarl) cal.ed biowwit. outing niched for having ne attalra of bia own. and paying the rni^t pro.'ouid aitnni ?>n to thoaeot other people; ?x poUuciau, ex diplrn atmu ex muaical agent, ex jour.ia,tai, ex aitiat Mr T. B. Johiuim Mr. NeefhamOrawl addicted to Bible Socletiea reli gioua unnl coariea. t'brti-tiaa aaauclaliooa Oxford piayrrbook and two per mui per auxith. with ore e> e in Wall alreet ?ud Ue othtr on Grace t'liimh Mr. DieklaHQ Mr. iHutgallr. Editor of the I'ali j >coiT!ier, addicted to b*i tug iitt>lraaant thtnua m the wrong place Mr ?' WheatMtgh Bi^po- I't'.rtcl SUibblnnl a noble Roman originally I fr< m Oaiwav arm tenwatthe Iiaiiaa Opera, ad o.ctM to tl to) per miuith Mr. Lin^haoi Mrc. 'teu per cent addxled U> tnulouabie aiKtety and tout |i.irtle* a v eak . Mra H. I* GralUu Mis* Kr?f leu per ceut dangbierof Uie foregilng. a llower. jii?*.cut <>t! from ilia Unith, at ^fimglor lo at'inte, ai?dieti-l to driving tiree m uuie boraea, alicgry cobbler* the German an itkilibiiini M'.?a l.iur 1 Ke joe I K..-? t er'iIU 8a?tu finn Bo?!oi., HaMAcbuaeu*. iugn iv lntelleetital. addicted w> Ita pb Waiuo Km trior, I P'oftHM).- AgKKall aatrniiominal observation#, co air aectiuim .<;id primer.- Urm?Uon? Misi 'oaephin'- Mannera I Jane, a dimieatir llnu, Willi>mi the yruu-iy rowprlh-t * V.'W of the ; ? i??. and park at ft" Unltad m*i?? Hotel, >-?ri?i'iga spr'jgi a lennot bo tae lu > ork c*y. the ednoi ial iuumi of the r?co:i hi . je greeu room 01 ib? Ac?< my ol >iu?ic 1 be Or-fceati^ w!!! pe-*nrm 1?rlt?s the eiepini' ? Ntw overinri. "tue Souinaln.' ai;" lao'Jirt* ou a 'hena fiotn "I'arlaiii*," p? rtortnea on the eboe new nuvlrllle ou tivorlte a,r< fom ' Lucruila Borg'a, ' grand ae.eouou troaa theokeraiil ' I Puiitaui " Condticter Mr Iboa Baker lo cuut'Uide w th ibe petnn corned,?. in one Ml, entitled t.Al/IEi BEW AttK. Colonel Vavaaour Mr. rlurneU *lr t'liarlea VaTaaoar. h * ne?>tie? Mr Ltngb?'n Matilda wife u> Mir t hailea Mt?> .toai-pui'ie "ra l>ady ... Mra U F Graitaa t>rae> I'eabo<!y. . Mra W H. Siniih (O: the It iitoii tbeaue her second appearance.) Ma'tre de Baliai il Oedrat Mai'ri -ae i,r Mme C'eelaJ Adiirtaaon;?Ureat tlreie PartueUe Iwmiu iia c my Eeata, "acetiU. FaniHi t irrle 25 ceni?: Oreheatr* fltaUa, (I eaeii: frivate ttoxea. |t< and th- Box igtlcd opea irma 4 Ull 4 O'elurk. Ireaaitrer. .Mr. W, VT. tiray IU11 U, okkrcprr Mr. P. N. r .rtia id AOADEMT or MUKIC, Kourtoaatk KevenUi night of IIIR l,A (IRAWOK OPFRA TROtTPR. MonriT Kv?mm., Nov. 24, T (>rdi'? trend opera, II- TROVATore Mada** DR I.A UKaROR. Mi*a adki.atdk Pitiu.irs, KgMTl URION0LI. amodio, Ut U ART ABORT, Is the pnactpai KM lUi Marcttefc Coaduotor Adm!??;o6 ft I fieoond CirM HtNU Mactued MM*. AO cent* eiVra J Amuktlkealra tooetit* beat* may be iNind X the Aotitu), or at Hall A ta'i, No. tS9 Bra* 'ar. Door* oyn u 7'?; Opera nunm il I ?'?look. T) ABNl'M'S AMKHICAR JfCflfX'M?FIRST TIMR ITER* D Ot lb.- ?r< at plav ?>f ( AWH.K. or |M of ? Q^mOu, with entirely ???'? *'?ner? aodacaat i>iirp*a*iii? allproa d?*ol. Monday Rot. U I'YSti. Benefit of Mr. C. W. tSarmv Ike popular aud able dtreru.r of atnuaetneata. ToM flll'MH fur IhialJ&e only, Id i ampl'tartd to Mi t'lrkf Thl? after noun hih! r\ruiai, at V; o'ckirfc P. M., aud aiao *l ? P. M.. ti>* thri.ii.jjr and deeply aftccttn* play, to 9 act*, of CAM [U K or the >ate of ?C ovarii*. Aianaad. CI. W. Clarke to. FrtTnlo, Mr Uadaway. Camilla, Mln Beatatrar: M?.l BahUlard, Mr* Fr?nie 1M ra*t ot the rlMraotor* bj the rut of the r >tnj>?nr. Od? ot the preat anakae ka* nwallowe.l eight tlv* i>i<? and i> r*hblU| another large anaka la eipetied dail* ?o food. HATPY FAMILY, lilVINO HKK1.KTOIL IIWiU' . *DV, *<?.. all to bo tern. Admittance m c*oB, ahlldiaa under tea IV , cent* B Ut KliRT'fl BKKERADEr.H, RF.W IlAU.. 0-ti BROAD* way. Rrrar Kir.nt mm Wk?*. A new btirleantia on tha opera of THE RUUKMIA* U1RU In three art* and all the principal wnM ArliD# Kit* C Hlfftrt Thaddatt* .0 8 Rni-klry > loreaiMM R- H Hurki-y t'otint Arttblm W. Fet*<?al Mr. Haaqula ?nd tka real of tba Aitmlred cuakpany In pr<4u a< ?t character* I'reaedtftf which, kfr.RO MIRflTRRUIT Oon marcc at TV. o'clock. Tick eta JS oen'.?; orctaatra an'i *><eaia TllAl.BKRO.-4 OOJIfKRT-4. Sraia* n.K.S A I)'A >ORI. Th? pukim ara r*ap?*U"i'l!y Informal that, to Mr. R btn'? kind tii rOnni Qtr i oor^rui of M Ttiaibarg wiU kata to tx mttri tip'?-d mar* l* tor a tow da** an t will karrwimrda* tHUMt*! kVKNi>0 MOV. *, When ti>a KlOII /lt < Ofci>ftT will baflrao. < ?m> or tub aA?MtaaMrr. la anaouariim tba rnnunuaorr of Mr Thalbrrn'* rowoart*. IV Mat??(MM prrtiilta luwil to aiiato Im a tow word* to tMa ? rrtr*ju*i ornruilrd a iiiMntb mi rtinf b*i bora ap?rad to a*arr ?vWv I ton In tii? Bublir iwrji in >ba wilerUmi at tka baat arallabM talrnt at id III tba mr* bawowrd iiikwi Utagau??*larranca>Baata M Mr Ihalbars ? cuocru, yet ao l-tf* iotinl be *a'?rUtii?4 of tbr nagaMnda <? ha <wwm that ha* stteodad them Turn rtty eiifiii* ladn T? an inctaai of thoM rflorU wtUi a Tlaw to Imparl vwtty poaalbl* arlat to tba aamod aariaa. It baa, tb?>rfora. beaa detrrmlnaa to lit! to Mr. Th*jk?-rf 'f nwt. i Uinturn'i, whtrh harf prorloaMT uartakrn of the ekarao tar of nxiairal ?otraaa, Uia?l >rta wUtek wUlJaaUy autet.e Uiata ta tka appetottna of ORARD OORtTKRTB, Ut* Irtf <>f vklck will lake placr oil Tuti'Dtt, Nov. 37. AT tnp S HAL??<)R. To thle effart an'i In Ml tltlnn lo tba t-alent an(ace<t. An ar rnoi'iii' m haa b*an <>ntar* I in'o with MaDaM* KI.UNA IVAHORt. r*o<akrtra dt t 'diDara to the Kuow T of Anat'la naa of the rtfllW ?raat liwylal rnr?ltata wfco ha*w tiok yat ben. beard iu tlun eouiMry. and wfco will ou tkia occaaton make Ilea fia?T Arrt?*?*i k t?> Aatmei. A ? -H t>li OR?lHlMTR k baa alaa baati anK**ad. wbtrb ?Ut anaMa kTiAijiM to play, tor tba Aral Mate la Atnrrtaa, R|t?m<tVlcR> hRaKp tftRrRRTO tR R FI^T, wMb full atrbaatral arc?in|>Mttmaaia la eodoirg tha nlpht'y at;'a?t??? will I>a diablad fcn? Mr. TbaRtart l?.aHa? tiie ohluraHnti ha h?? Mntrnl npd daatmna of eit fr?ain* bia ear?a & tha pa??ottal tof* with which ha haa baati n?e?red. Iww? of no otfcar ?t't^od of ilmnf an th?n bj ?!?** u> tba mtial>'*l atlrarUoaa of bta coararta, while tha pr?.. i to?ln aa batora. ^ duty onra ar. < nnnlahcd thar? rat raauiaa aaothar ohlf t^t on. whlrb I* to aid. a. (ar aa po.?<hla, H davaloptni tha +\, r* ni'taic to ilia yoomar porUoti of tka cotanuuiry. For ?to' 'T"? MR THAT.RRRO hMt llkawlai' da?ldad tt?on a rltyr a nt'tnbar of (jRATCm-I N MORMTMO ? OR( K?T? for the pibM-- arbr?.l? 'rtiatlnji thai tha a tarn pi* may ba tol lowed by all of hla t>rotiwrart?ta who mat ?iatt tk^ eounlrv, aa tba baal m -aa* of eoMlnrtac to U?a etil-iraumi of ooa of the principal art,. TttAI.RCTO ackncwladfea. at tha aarae t ma, tkaJkbacaJlty with whiak MR W!I,|.tAM RTRI.O haa rfTarad to a**t# Itttn la thl* Ofcjcr*. by plar nf at kta dla poaa) tba an'trr raaottrtfa of hi* e?lrn? ?a pramleaa Aaaoon ?* all tha art*:i?*iaaata *r* oraapMAad aottoe all ba e1**" ?* MR. THAI.RITT'fJ R yitprr rvBUV mmooi. coRfpcRT. thaLrvho s iioifTM rowrKRT, rtmt appaaranca of RI.RMA D'AMORI, TMtia?o?*. R<>a "!t Tka ?a> of *a?u wiB c mi *a* aa TneaJay, not. X. otipaa nrtnaaata OsTitawlay wmhaaoidikaWWraeeraedeeat. Oa Wi-dnr aday and Thttrartay tka H, and raaaalalnf ?| 90 raaarrad afata, ? Tp Towa Ticket Otoaa . C Rry ?lr>. Wo 701 Rcoa-I way |Jiwn 1??o omrm. Taa Rordao A K M Wall atreat nRUOFTRO AOOTRffOM AT TffK FRAfWf.m *T7 irn a Mb #> . mm ,4 M*Ml a??ff And *VRnt?M L> a^rtVT>.-tora;"y?r*..??- '** IV' * ?'? w'r v act ?Ha*? tMe M?to< Aitwaa ark tnktoL A?r?i9KHK.irT?. nut Uaia Kelgmtfc* BBOUUUaM S BOWEBY TdFATRK. rUM4 H I ???!!?? JVxo Olrote aod Orcteata* iMk ....Mtmts >0CM---- .Smala | PB m< 8?U?r US ?*mM fnttii IUm. Fi,e itMan M.WIUI Not. 34, THE DICE or DKaTU, _ _ <>*, Tm? HPlCTmAL Avbhukr. l"oe?* Wtnter, a (ji'iiuaji stuaeut Mr. J. Z. McDaaoaM: Fntt Bpieaelb tr, ku adreutuxer .Mr. Ftoo* Mephi-iophilaa. tudiacrtliable Mr OmrM CM* Han* I retio, aoi much of ? conjuror Mr i?ulS Baroo MenwUz, to old beau . ..Mr IIiIIim if1'"* '.*m Kate kalsMH* lbeieza Mu? t Daahan The OnfceMra. dlrec-.d by Mr. 0. l)oi*orth, will |Mtm a choice ae.eoion or pidcei. oraod Pa* d? Dem...oy Mile*. EnieittMt and AaaiaHMrtfO* VotDic I'u de Trui* b> Mr. It. YaWt. Mua&klaao aud Mia* NbUo Partiogv>u. To ?occlude with MiVT YORK BY OAS LIOHT; OR, Tl.r t'OUCKk A.N'0 Ult> VICTIM. Featheriitone Hawk. E*q Mr. J. K MeDoamub Vt. Fkukt Cfuttrtibiirm Hore... Mr. Broughaaa Mr*. F'tiin r.ione Hu?. k Mbw Fanny IkoMa ai abelia Mim Kate BCKTONS NEW THEATRE. BROADWAY. Monday aid lueajay tuo etoetU-ot uieeea, GENEVIEVE, MR THE BRICK Or TERROR. Rod the capita! fare-- of TO I'AKf NTS AND GCARDIANfl. Artemi-*- ai.J Boo Nettie*. Mim Ai;nee KoherWon, . aud lo' i ) lion. Mr Diott Bo'.iTH ttali i>oiiuer. Mr. U Ki.<>wr. C.enevlev ?. f .at tuuc. M:a U Howard. Maurlcu l.audrf. turn Unit* Mr Morton DoJabella <u.d Wad'Ji'ove Mr. Bimoo. '1tie e\!r?oroiiiary scenery in the piece of OtiMftlTt I 'he loudest applause and lie deepest Interest Cllfd l>v ih<- various original situations. Ou Wednesday?A oew musical tauT piece, with now aoa ncry entitled Bl.t i4 HM.I.iv iu which Mim a. lUotOaaa. Mi.? t'olb Mjuaoai:. Mr. llu.tim, Sc., wiU aiiptar. ( Ol.tMI'.KKfi fitBBKl THEaTBB, \j il ate Burton's). Manager .. Mr EL M4r I'noM -Orou <1rel? nod PsraufUn it mk: H?nwd <>?. a!o U)koeaU. 0>-'>:?"ir* to re at* **r<ra?? Vona, tt MOMD?r kTViHG J*or. at. Orao'l ramal of I'Al K . Or The Chiiwi^ or I.omr. Hi K f'ddy iB (treat loubi- character'. f AUI. JOhES. I.orgTrm CoQin Mr. SkUf MCBOBanV* WIKK. Oartouch Mr. Johaataa CtKO CUBIH'l I A WO'lU H r Mts.-iTrsLu, Ui Itroadway. he'jw Oraod street nenri W-jOd UuMna Of j rbr-.hty ... huge Maa*g9* arm nur itihiii. NKOR0 MINSTRELSY. with. TUw week, aa eutuclj or c..i*. piece. fjunJed aa fa< titled THE OLD CLOCK, OK. HERE slIK GOES THERE Ml,. OOK* Jo*4mji Scat eaji Goo. iiakeiA. 'a ceuU. To ooaimeaoe u o'abMa. Broadway TARrETjE-, r; bhoadw \y - 'iliajuvenile oi tii".llni.4 in t- - iiett alec<4 a.1 tha Hl.Al'tv K\H> >.1'SaN, ( ouriuii'QE wtta chau^e ut' larre nach eveii up ?hohavf n?t ne?-n iU?t.hildren in Black Rj?d abnu J euioraoe the :ireaeiAt orportcoity, ai ifcla U tM week. I>?oisopea at G.Vj o'clock; ooumence UTSo'cleck V6 c< nta. GBAND KXhIBlTIOf AT THE IHIMKI Bclt, 639 BtoadWft/, (Cora.eriy Uutkiay"#, Ihia eveniug? DONETTT* EtTRiOROis.ik t FsKrovMifOM Of hi? liaraot MW.vrr.Tn, D(Kr.-i AMD GOATS, In dramatic c- e itaeiea ClrCM Feat*. Rop? iianeicc. M . A. m .(.k ai. iio.ominatk^ innHOLncttoai, with the w?nderi;il a?-?nt ot HIE DOG, JOHN BOLU ?urrooad^d with fln*works Open e*erjr etcoioj aiTo'ekick; cemmeuekif M?. ?'lnii? iin 2ft ceun ehildrei.. half onoc. iUae.'Ted .tt AN APTKBNOON PERFORMANCE <Ja f ataMar. at S. BKACTtFrt,. MAONtririarT. %x.i. kxolaim _ the> rrr we Moviel Artirtea at th" i'rankUo Mu??iiaa, V Oratd H'eet, o :.ifir ri??^r lbe entire trn-(|Maf twenty neve i bi<iiea appear every aiteraoon ant evening ta cut qrctiao with u'Jier ong ujal ?'ii'.vrta.uBkeuU. OoouuaaaaM ^uuda ?. CIONOR DONBTTI, WITH 1118 CKIQCTR KXBIB(TIO?L C will r<o ?iniu our city ?U tii.- week, and hi? aulmala wl l>etlorui everr^iga' aau ou .? Uui-v,a> alier.iu<>?. ai the <HA in'?e jti Udinn* M.I 'r wJ *j. At both eth',mi:oas laald*. turda} the hall wa ciowicl VEBD BirMARDTR C.HT ^T NIAOAR* OAI.Ijnr, r an I co'Mvtioti o.' ht>L<tll?Tiu pa otiu? ,'a'!y ones ai ihe MujM ?ant HiRti.uVe. Cf.< Bwtiawa* RM 1) A. M. to II 1'. M. ACn.j.s.i u 'i'i c iU. hcavM. t'eteta $1. T?&MTY MHB-M Y?>r WANT TCMHM J |;ii la ai i magnltireat lorii.i i Mixneik, ti?U .he V > aoki* Mum'ubi 17! OranJ ?treet. ir theattarnooa *:S or *t 7. jad voii will be ikhly repait rou-<ei u pi turt-. by tha Mouei Aittotea, With o'.her*airmeu'? AN AFTERNOON FERJOhVaNCE AT 3 O'CLOCK AT the Frarkilu Mttaoum. IT* Oraud alreet fjr th * itooMi n <xJatiao ol ?tr*efe?*. w!if? "he fit 11: jupe of Mivii* A.vmtm v> i . |ierfuiu'. ?'t?i 'h ? ffMtl op.'i'a U >upe rouiic stuciac, AiabRtt a, BthlcpcM ccoa.i'riaiUaB. ^ H.?Ow door fraa ItMalwty. Aftommab* HARP ?0IREBc. Will cotumenre mm Tuaaday !)?<'? mher ) aa tit ted by di>tiamifb<'d art'au < Thf modki, iRTuni ruroui kvkp.t a-'tkr no. n ana Ljtfit ... tSr Franklto U'^'iioi li" iirauid itroa*. >oorif.'B '.ratriful plrtnrra thin aftrnaaa auJ rr.'auif. Twrnlv ni-vni voui.u l.iiiu-a will app.'nJ TU m?at '-'??VP<I rutrrtalrmrn' ta thr rliy Iaaaxu. a ?t ? and at (^URH -rEAl*Kl.Il? MV'Bt UK 1ST 1IUX9 .'TRUL ) ioiii auraooan avrryaftrrooon ajid ?'???nin to tlm grato a a'lty tll< II of all adiBirajm <>f '?ra.ity *aa U?- tia? art*. Ma o?n>? Warum'a tra-ipr of Mo !? rtmalatlt g at'.wra^f ttiru jouux 'a.;.ra a;ip< %r a* h | 'rformaaor. muKAiiu ai, M>T!rr -miukhkuionbo takm 1 till* tm-tood of lulorui.BC 'Up vanoiu managara la Maa I I Midi !?!.?!? a <a>. he liu k tthIt > .tu tbr arrvtrea of Kra. Dt \ i ii/oii kil l hitnarll tmai Mr Bttlja'i Drw Ui-alrr, tad to i w>w prrpajxito n m a ?'?' ? f '?n ?"?"imm I (lirlr ?i iaagr?r.p?ta Ui Mt Vwk mar liavr ur^o-birO. >i<W.vRl> L. l>A.VKNrOU. 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