Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1856 Page 6
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IDfERTISEIFUT* RFHETO ETIKT HT. A WWtBtfM W A ?Tl!l>u?lMAlJC?. Tn**rxrrhMM rnrMiaf oiel A aituauontaa prtvm family unur u4i n?Btrrim*ul ud *w?r, nilflrf*?n<1? ? or bualnees. food rriMf*? Pteeee nail for two dftja No ?43 6Uj i uue. b? lworn 15U ?ud Mth Arrets. RWPBOVABLB TOUNO GIRL WTHHK8 A BIT OA uoa u rook, vukfr and iroaer; good otty nhrMM (l eu. rifas pall tor ura days at ;? Wim MUi tf?i. A mm RKSPCCTABLI TOCNO WK1J?H WOM VW WMH?S A ait.iatno u otuunlorruaid aa<l waltreaa or to do general housework; reference tf reqni.-o4. Can be seeu for two days at H Market ally. A^rn RKNPKOTAJtLK YOCNd ENGLISH WOMAN wtahee a a*natoon to watt on aa elderly la-ty and do i>lala sewing, or to do light chamber work and plain saw lac Can be aoeo far two days at d06 3d t?enua, between 41m and *a ?u . RPhPKOTABLK PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A ?\ ??i ai.oa aa chunKef maid and seamsU-eaa. PI aae call, ?? two day*, at lib Wfat ZTth ac ABBfcPBCTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general honneworfc In a small private tauilly; haa ^ood oily reference from her last place : haa no objcetion ?o lake care of ohl>dren : can be ?e-o tor two day* at IL'4 WM ] h at , between Ttt> and ?th avenue* ARKSPBCTAilLK OIBL WANTS A SITUATION, AS ctinmbenuaul and waiat in tin waah ng and iroain* or cfulaj waller, good reference. Plea* cail at 101 (Cast Xiad trcet. ARE.-PBTTAjGJI YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ab.o aa roamhirmiid and waiter. Haa livad aerea veira IU a respectable private t'nn'.iy u this city, and la tally competed! to discharge her duties. Pleaac call at her present ?-mpiovera, 34 Weal -3th au, betweon Uroadway and 60> ateaue. AltHWCTABLB OEKM&y GIRL. PROTESTANT, ?'tl?e? a fctinaii?n in a re?pp':table vme-icnn t itntly aa chambermaid. Please e* I jet No. ft Frnt at., apatajt, to Mr. H I Ho?e for three days. A?*spictart,k young woman w VNTS a SITU A. tio a* aeaimiiresit and ch unberma.d; understands cu; Uu*a?d tiit'ng ladies' and cht! lreu's dre?<es and all kinds of family sewins Hood referent. Vldr-ss Seamstress, 60S Wh ST., near Suth at. in the candy store. tor two daya. A^m nVKTAHJ OTRL WISHES A S'TU ATION As Wkit.caa i,r elMunhermaid ind to do line washing ??l iron ngt Is a booI plain newer; haa lived ihree year* in a situ alum. the neat of cut retarftsKe. Pl.-sse call at 35 23d ?t . be tween le-ttngton .nd .Id avm , tirst tloor frout room, can be ?era for t vro aays. A RKSPFCTABLK YOCNG GIHL WANTS A SITt/A -1* tto<' aa 'ai.iulreHti. would he w.llinc <o ?o io the i-ounlrr Good c.ty ;efereoce giren. Inquire at S- tandatust., up athit. hmt floor. ARK-M-KCTaRIJ? rOfN? WOM t N WI-HKS A SITP atiou s> uurae ind neamatreaa. ' ui cut and lit children's drevaea. o< <nn do .'tjtbl ch*raO?rwork. Jjn boat of city rtf< r>-nee ( mi he aet-n tor two daya at Zi'Z 7th aienue, between 2Mh ard ,y..'tl at. ARffJPrcrAKI K WOMAN WUHKS A SITUATION ax o<"se and a.-amair??i: 'indersianls dressmaklair u id ran lal r rare oi a babv from Ita birth. A-iply at 30S *:?/:?? bet i at AB?1'KCTABL1 WOMAN WI.sIIBSTOTAKI Wash lug xi ber own residence: is j. tr? rate washer and ironer t'?<i well recommended fall at 39 W *1 Iru.i at.. bet*reo5tb and 6th ava, unit Uoor, irou. room, o er the store ASITI'AIION WAWTKD?RY AN KNGLISH PBOTK< lant cook. Haa no oi^estHin lo a boaidlng honae. won d go a abort diatam e in the ciun'ry. Hood city refcreui js. KminLre at No 30 Osssevoort, nea.- Hti lson st. APITJIA VTON W t NT*D - BY A BKSPEOT ABLE YOTTNO womaa. as oenk. first rate wsaaer and irooee. or to do tioitaework ta a am ail 'ami.}, coal refe'encas Inquire at No. 10S Vest 16U> St., between 6th and 7th avea., third tloor, roat rroni AhtTt'AlION WAVTKn-r.T A YOCNG M OM AN, tS na> ry eo?- go<id bread; would aeaiat in 'ha waehisg and iroturt; good ci y rcttreiice. In jut-e at M* Housioo U, AnTrvTioN* wantjcp-by an rx per tunc rn ?!r?> rlaaa ((ok hea' et' city reference. Inquire at 341 fib aeeoue two doors from Zlst ?t intheatore. a t<rrp atiov wanted?by a protectant woman. j\ as cood plain rook, w utha*r and rouer _??>?! relerencec Car be -era tor two daya. II not euxafed. at No 134 Binaoclh at., ia the tear. A A MTTATTOK WAN-RD-AS t'HAMUERMAID OB ?f\ M *m?...-r?a: iinderatands lialrire?airi<; ;iod line winding would wall on a lady or grown rhildroo can cut and :ii !?.lie , or.i L idrrn > dreaaea. Can l>? * t*n fi*r u.-n day* at *'> Ka>l ?!d ?C, b?? M 3d aod Letiogiou art. neat < Ity reiereure Actuation wanted?ut a resi*kct.v3lb r1- an rli;iic"x i rr.awl ,\o 1 to Ukr of ebJdrra, or a* clam bertr*il Ii.l1 wai^r. Plea*- ?;%!! at IT > 'ourt al. Broo Ivn. a sm-vTION WARTRD-BY A PROTK3TA.NT WO man. ?a oaA. who thoroughly in.i-rit.ajil- rooting tu all i?a .r.i-w he? Haa lived fo* tevora1 yeiara wi'h aoine of Ci? Bi?' repee-abt'- taml'ine in tJ?? euv, >nl c m produce the iaett of rrlrXfict. 0*1 at 16? Prmre at., room 11. A SITtJATTON WAMTRP? BY A RKSPKOT A B' .K -1 yo?'ug woman, ai i hvnhermaid or or i? vtlltag od<* gene'il bouaework m a nul! family. 'he beatof ri*y 'elarreee from her Liat place. Can be aoea on Monday, at iVl ;th eve.. 3d floor. AHIICATION WART KP?BY A RKSPRC T * Bt.K wontaa to do ehamerrwarlr. or to take a-u* of children, or WTMiid Co the houaee'nrh of a ana. gen e?| i*miiy. can give the beat o? c ity reference, !'!? aa- call .?t .! ??o!d gu, Brook Ivn li'at floor, front roxn A SITUATION WjhNTKD--8Y A RRkPPrTAMLF OIRI. ai rank. waaber aad lrr>n?r- good et?r refdreara fn quire a IS', heveatlt ar , be'.*eao Jti.h aod iTtb at.; dan '? ?era toi ; ?* da/a, aaaood Coor. AStTl >TIOR WANTED BY A YOUXO OtRL. AS roai?'<rr?nald and launder**, or would do waiting, hree inui' reter?nrr from her laat D a<v? F*Vaae call at 36 Fta lk,rleeoth *' : can be aeen inr two day*, ta the r?ar 4 MTUATIO . WaNTRP-BY A TOT'NO FRRNfTO wo. ma i. lo take rare of child-en and do araahing tad boa ii??. w ? ti<ai M wer <}<?>d rof?r* ar??. Inoulre a" With ar ? be<?r.- i - aa.l ttth au . between the ooura of'? and 12. AHtTTTATTO!* WANTED?RT A HR4PECTART.I wruar aa rook, and to a?*lat In the waahtng <?ood e ?v refeienn a produced. Apply at Mo. 8 9th at., ataj the Bowrry. AMTTiTIOK WANTKD-BY A RK3t'B< TABt.X kmmcMa aromao. aa ho i??ke<-rw or goo 1 nook, ran giro rood nt) refi rencc*. In^uu-e ai So " Praokbn at Uaa be ar**a far two day a. AmtJATlOW WARTBD-BY A YOrNO WOHAR. AS nn. waaker aad troaer rood re(hranee. App J far t?o day* at Heory ac, Brooklyn. srrrATtow wawtkiv-by a rk*pjc<ta blk ^ ?. roung ? omaa. to do Uia ho'iwwot k of a mnall fam ly, ur W?< j aa rhanil.?rwor<: and waati j>t Mood refdrataee. .?? ??'* at U- l.ah at., between 3d >nd ?tb araouea. A SITI ATTOW WANTRIV-BY A r.KSFRtTABLK WO J\ n '-n. aa good rook and to aaa at is th)' waahlnd aod :rao ii.g. I>ar<nbikrr t>ty aud aoun rr releroorea. lu^.ura at Itt Real JB>I< at . betwraa 7ih and Kth arenuea AUTWATIOR WaRTRO-BY a YOt'RO WOMAN. AS teamat/raa fan nl and <1t ladiaa and rhlMrea'a dreag ea an i jdr-atanda all klixta of fanUiy aewtog. Oood otty e? Irreige. ( an be ?een at her praaeoi employer a, JO Ut Mark'a plaee, till auwl A HIT Al ION W ikNTRD?BY A YOCWO WOMAN. TO do hce.aewort ta a ratal lamuy. "f t > do ebambework ai.ll ar?a" id 'he waahtng and j-onma. Mood ref'-reooo. tf |.|y at .k t Atlaauc at, Beooklya. k KlTtJATlOB WA*TRI>- BY A YOU?li1 WOM?N, TO J\ dti p'ain moking ? a (o<4 waaher aaid imner. tjood ra feieare gt*?o. Apply at la Boerua aL, Brooklyn. Oan b? ??. a lor twodaya. AMTVATION WANTRD-BY a M1DDI.R AOKD RRf? Itaa worn*" aa hoiwakeeper. where -ha an hare l?er rhi<d. f> yearaot age, wtth her laqutra al 641 Watar *L Saat ?>t ea<ere%ee? gtrra A.ftmJATlOR WARTRP-BY A CRRMAR OTRI. TO da g?*e-ii hooa^worfc in aa Amerl-aa faouly Apply at Ml lleiaMi at., between Huflolk and 'Tibton Kta. AMTTATIOR WARTRP-BY AN AMBRirAN OIRL. ladr general hon-ewnr* in a wnall family ??ond eity reirtifti gKn iuirt al No. Ham.. on at., :td tloor front Ah SITTaYTOR WaNTRD -BT A PROTRST ART YOOjra wnmaa aa a pi ifwa < k thnro.icblr und/-rat*o'1?h?r rY i-ae a it a g'/d baktr. 'innd r frrenea Apply to No. 133 Kaat llth ?t , third Boor, traat room ?sTTtJATU N WASTKO?BY A ?? man. aa rood, ake tbarmi.rhlr ond*'<a?nd? her bown^aa lis all i a braneiea la a Terr rtr<-|;??ii t?r--??! and btw iit liakee. haa good rttr refereaee. ' aM lor two daya *? It RM at , bd tween Madia?? ??4 SMh ?W. A^m CTf At!OK WAimfr~RY A BK-PKCTABI.R W'? ir aa aa tal wha u- dara'aada her boataeaa in ail Ma hiaarhaaa Ovod eny ref.-i aa aa. la iuire at Na. 3S Waat l^hal A^m Yf4JRO I. APT WHO POR BKYRSAI. YRARS H 4-i baemgaiaiaaaa inooeof 'h> 're unaihwt m Parta aad rwRa Hj'lhg?d wrttea the (term.n laagaag' flo-auy, la dm row* af iaking a anrillar ?it ialton ta aa Aiaerirag famt y. Pteaee addr?a? T M. f arina. Rt Broad at. TfipRi* wtTTCH oiRi. wants a ?iti ^tiom ??? a rMMdtohM telly adSiai aa ehaaberatald or wait" ? ?lae a gMd j laia aewer. < >aa be aaeti tor two, daya. at M Til ary m . jtrooaira. d rjty r?irra?v? glraa. it regiUred. TORRO WOMAN. LATRLT I.ANORP FROM 1.-OT ? laad. want* a ?t'it 10a ta a private taaily. She ia a 4rtt rate waaber ao-i iroe-r ?be aa* been la the beet r*nai!.?a I'laaee rail at 111 Mulbarry atraet. ia the amrr. TWNfl WOMAB WHO MAR l/OST HKR PfRoT baiit, wtahe* a rhi'd to wet nnraa at her r'tddeaea AM Waal ??i dt , b?t? eea Rh aad 1r1> ara. Poc or a ref?reo?. flrem. I A TOITRO WOMAR WTkHKk TO OBTAIN A STTCA A Una. aa miraery govetwaa or la travel with a ladv. A fan,I 1 grnng In So rope prefaer-l The ad'efiaer la well ed U'ated, a good ?Mam treaa and '?an g ? .atKiartory refer gnae Adareaa A. T O.. <J Rao" flat at. A niontf RirwrT4BT?r marrifr woman, a iiwdn af f iTralnn waato a MtnaMon m wat ntraa. with a breaal of rntlk ?va weefea t?M. *erv healthy Apply to jr*. riywa. I4H WaahMMfMl dL. froltMl I. A rROTRKTART TOTJRO WOMAN, ARKRtCAN, WITH JV ?|r reeeaaw?'"(1aiiCTi.? wldbea a alt'tat'on aa enok, ehtm in?Id it fir* nf-II ir i ?rnl' f?if*T Apply at >?fclrt Hewen' Rataa. Bo 1 Aator PVaee, oorarr of Br mdway a PROTRSTART AMRR1CAR WOMAR WIMMRH TO A aiia W ad a booae or aee u< cktMraa, or lend on an la ?val'd or wooM atak' heiai >f u?eful In any reayanuale war. 0?v referaaddd glvtw AAdregi F41aa, (drone week, Hera.J ???a. ?A LAPT f/R A YTRO ma cm, WI?MK? TO PBO J\ . a for her two ?omaa a tow rdarno. ?~t a a Srat r ?ta rooc, aad Apply at It Waal Mth . Mooo coor. WA? km j\ f't'in tn a -upoetabte gftvaaf JM?- ?"**' "* r*^. geoee f'ota laat glaeei <4S?MSSM #r wro d^fl al Mo f JWi ??. RMMttya. * ? ~ * * ? m ~ A Jvtfr ar-rrvF. rktih'TARtR.H^i ?i- ?i>*?aa?>aed4wdlMMa?%<rW'"W>a a ? .. ?-.*?? i .r r.hae teovatha ?WtMSR/IBay?^0 ?*' ? aa"jZaea -to <BTif l? W*tft*r R!at e. ?rnnn?M WAjrreD?fkmajues. A ? WOUlia i'^OThbTANT ??. MA& WANTS A SITU A tfeuu aa fig*-daw e?Mi. 'iBUfi ?>' unit her bu>iw?'r.c rmi?h. / such a* "tartM, Ac Bet: ofcitj rerer?a<e Call at W1 Bleecker at.. forty mji. AN BOMtBT i 1*1 WANTs A SITUATION IK A PRI vrffiui i i? la waofcinr and i-oning. or so wait ?tt k table. or to do <-* uuiMfrwort; h"* good eity referooe* foe l?n yr?ra imui bt-r <*? aupluK' Calf for two lays at 3N Went *tb street, .ecoui flout front room AEESPFciablR and competent riP8?? wianet a ?lttia?fcu. an smmttro s, can cut and mafc? I* \V roa^^ut pantaloons, is a firmt i a.e shirt mtkv; .an cut giris' eloign and ?lo 4:1 kinds of Isjiu > ,awing Cau give Ute MsfdvimMN. Can be seen for two days it Ml Sri a* , between 2Mh mi 21?t mm. CIOOK'S SITUATION WaNTKD-BY A respectable J wiiddu. who thoroughly u:d<"-stiinds her business, and rai. give the t>e*. of city reference. Can be seen al 118 East 14th tt TTOU8EEEKPEA ?A L\?Y, Wit.I, EXPERIENCED il ana f'lUv r >aip?;.?ut to take the t sure suoorvlatou of the domestic amies of a fumilj, deairct surh a situation; under ataada the oare of cmldren: uiMicepUonatae retereuca given. Address B. E.. boa VKti Post oflioe. Nursf and pf avstreh.?w aiited immedi ate y. an active ujv young gtrl, with the best recnw tueudat.mi :or lionemv iini capacity. iNone but thoee who can aewneatly nod ra|>idlr. :a>d aootifUMaed to the care of cluUieo need app'.y at 141 Fast 13th st . near 41 av. QITUATION WAN! ED?BT A VERY RESPECTABLE jjj* woaitj m 1 re-u.^itsble privaiefani'.y. iswet nurse ran ?(?e moat satisfactory referoaoea. Call for two davr 3S8t. Mark's p ace SITUATION WaNTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testa;it girl. a? chsml>ermaid and waiter. Can be well -ecooitneuiled bT her pr .-sent empUver Apply a; iiO West 2Mist. "e<\>rd bou?e 9th av tor two dav* SITUATION WaNTFD-BT A YOCNO GIRI.. A* WAI ter or cdamb-gnnsi 1 and plain sewer Has pood c".y ref"r enr?. Can je seen unit: encaged at !*) Went .7;h ?t.. in the ear, between Stn and T'h i?. SIWATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE sCOTOB Protestant wonnu. to da rhamberworlr ?b I washing and ironing or boftework in u small farai'.y Hlgbes' reference Can be spfo in baaenv t ot HIS ">h ave nesi atth tt SITUATION WtRIFD BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL a* good pl?!" c*>k. waaher and irone*. Can b?**en 11a'. 1 e?c?geo DaJa jcy ttieet, between Wi.iett and Pitt. Best ofcltj left-reuc?. QITCATION W tNTJEJ*?BY A RESPECTABLE TOFNa O woman as i r>ok In a priTata fatrllj is a gooi waah?r tad IroBer. ard si od baicee ke? .if eit? referenra Can be k^.'u for 'wo da/s a' 3X4 otii arecue. Iron: ba^Jineat, betweeo lT'b and tts SITT ATION W.t VTRP?FOR A RESPECTABLE Scotch woman a* 11 s: thorough cook sn l laumi'Wi also a retprctab.'e Vm>Tica< (iri, ?? c\|)erie?c<>d chilis ntirse an't i.r waller. ITI( teat sltT r-ierencet given Apjlr ai M \NNTNO B. 10 Tillarv tt. <rorItlyn. Sitcattons wanted-by two re putable gu-N rae as a competent drrtnnaker i.n t * .-i.^ nMkf andYull:ic i?lie? a*. 1 children's areaaea. aju ail kinds of family ?ew -.r; -ae other aa good cook: i? ar e\ mIVu'. washer and t-onei. in a private fta>:'j Beat of city r< ference from where 'hev hi"e li?e>( for 'he las' three years, f ill a'. 181 Eaat l'th at . between Is. aad "-M avt cjitcatiovs wanted-hy two young women; ?3 one %? v f>d cook tad ii an exrellcn' washer and ironer, and a Protectant; the rxber as rhamhe.taaid and waiter; wo'i d b? wU.lng to Ma s*, in the wsshl ic an t i-onint II r<> q'tireo. T'afi ureier .ivinf ??i^ethe'; bo'h understand their business i>erfp<nly ?lood city r?iereni ? olve^ t nn be ?een for tv? r'tya if not easage l. Pleaae eaL at 212 ISth it, tor n< r of lat avenue SmJATIONS WA> ^EIV-BY THREE GOOD COOKS. OH' roiored fju' ? ing women to d general hnns.-work; twotmall fir la for tig" wor.?. uree colored < bami?, one ?,onnff iltrann wTimiut. s first rate se*mstres ? a'l having the heal of references. Apr vat the Brooklyn Employment Cflice. 3T6 Fnl'ou at . room So. 1. up stairs. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISHED STTUATrON'S one at hrat rate -liain cook wsthers-ul i:on?r; the other a? ehsm.i-rmaid and waiter: both with to lire in one boute. t ?n be seen at 87? 3d ar. WANTED- ?t PIT. ATION. A* CO')K. BY A RESI'BCT able womso. who uncen" mos a'l b'-ani iie? of cooking Ptstrv ard .tell, 't and every brauch of nme tnd moat cook ius* Ca;i t* ??en fiw tw.> days a. No. t'J V'i.berry j! The be?t c?ty refei^ncea ifiven. WAETED-A SITUATION, ^ OOOI> COOK. l!Y ONE wlo nadersttads iireud and pastry, and is willing toas ri?' It and .ro:.ii;g i! re;nirrd, no objection t?i a pn vi! i>oa:'ir.j house Be-' t itv ret'erenfe Can be seen for two dayt at 114 19th s\, b?:ween tith aadTth awnues TIrAJi i KD A SITUATION'. HY ARFSPfCTTAUlC 'JIRT. to cook w?sj* m<l lfia nr do H 'in^wnrk Ha* H r"7.?^!>CCfr 10 ?? l*'-w r?]! ?t 3B3 H.f.roc M. < .m b* a^wr ^or two ttvi, if t.i* *og*ge<l. fpA5TFD?A OTtTATTOM, BY A HF.^PiTT 4 rt ir , ?rv,..P'fim0 v "'h*' * **" V"1 lr"c' op do honaetrorlc in n'Z 'ih ."^v" r*fre"*'- "**" v n? 1M> WA?M??r* RITDAT,ON bv A HIGHLY REdPHiT. a* wattrraa or ct.?m'.eriiiaid kod f'. , moat rr?j,.r;a?>le citT refrreue. uo be riven 24t? X ** ** 191 *U> *Tfnue' 2kl au 1 AilJfZIrrA SZZ1'*4^10*' AS ro?K. BY ONF WIIi) ; - PT . * un"*'*ta?4? uer 1>u*uj*s??. oakm*. auj i? ? ? IfvS*' r J??" ktl of rrfrrcsM ilii>n Annly oit j' *' ? b*tWf*u ?J ?nd TUi kxnuM. for taj W^ER^ "rrr-tT'^v BT A RESPUrrABLKGTBL. WW lodo eet:-r*I houaewerk ic ??maL famU or aa l ook ?nJ lo u_ 'fa" waatunr and U" (nod ?fcv raf>T.-ne? gl ?p. f'aa he wa fur tin. day at 344 Atlannc ?t, Bro>klyu. TJ^AWTPD? A RfTrATrOK BY A IlKSriJOTABLE WO WW bu ? rook und-raa^. Im, fall a Il.i Weat 14,k .t '..r two day. 7 re'*",uce WAKTTD?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKfTA BI K yO"nc w.-m4u. ? iadjra' mu.d ?br I* iui otMrioarrd ?M*<*u'klil ''m bt K4**u for two dA}i. &i ft> Wrt 16 u X sa^factofv refrreoc^ranb^ ffiT?L ,HT A fiust Z\. ~r"ni" T|r*MKD-A lITHIlftS, By x HKKf'KC IABI K " ?om.? woman m iMf i maid and ?lrn- rc,. i. , 1*?h! r"?mb"-wort aa! uUr rarr of "hHdrea Can W <I!37T>~ , * KTTATION. BY A Rr*pycr *BI,K * or eaaznb^nnAid. Haa Up i>?? o' in*iiw ?*85 ru ?? wf iff Tit T|rAKT*IX-A PTTUATIOy, by A RIC'kctabi C " #t- t Mrkud^ , Bu^e ^ r.n uff '. ?*,r?rW*. of >. iWut A.plr iTfrWrm M Til ?* cn7 rritrrtfr r^o ^ (pvin " XTa ?<- Tne WA115?rA "U'ayioit as cook, or a nir 1 . rM|!f PrcKevRnai wooukc tb?? Norvh of Tr#? ^\a?1 . a* wnMi^ j, mrt-rf aa nx?h thi? b? ?*; r.f rf? ?^^^5- * tor .hr^ dS.iT. fcJdVrT*W TJPA>'TII?-\ SITCATIOJf, BY 4 RKIPRPTABLI ?, ?'r(. ?o dn puis rootln# ?Mhmc u.1 " nln or r?l U?. bxM Kty rrft-r?nr? fro? h?r i*<t j?b -? "bora Tl'AMriJ-A BlTl'ATIOK, by A YOI'MO WOMAN p t ot mi to m washing and (#orxi pii? rr>rriM.?*. r r?:i for two iaya [t SI k??*L ;u^CU/ H' NT TWO rjrBLXwmr p,r*1 ?filfity rrifrror* one m rooA in a on?K? ' ?milr m**t .u*i*ni br,* ?U$m*uZ Z*m UiJZjZ ft'Til. r*" "1 ironln* nZXJZJZZ, r t&otarr u repi.iar ti ujrrnt uke? < barer oTa kSi"^* t,n d" Bu'1b* en?piiv? CaJ at 2l? WANTKIKA MTtATlOW by A CI.8AW TIDY >?? woman Mrhamb*r-*?4 i?d w.iSr ?, ?"*?" " *"?.<! do (rnera, boi tfwork tor a vra mopr?2 r rau. f, Um- b??t 14 ref?rrar> gItm. Cfc?J at XI Wf? -wik ?< trf)?i ron?l room, toy floor. 3M Ur ANTF;>_* MT! aYIOB HY 4 RMPKf'TABf E tm ? '?na . ?al??aim or riamSrfHork arnt i^I wjm^dc r?i <?/ rafr o,,^ p rat or ad-iV? ^ ii'Anrrn-a hiti atfom by a Kr?p*7TABi.ic^ro WW nu conk. Who thom^fb!* 'indrnranda hrr h inru*. ?a nu .<? ww.4i br.aoM. ?k1 ha. llrr-i m ? .w fur ?r* la Uua ?>r: nv? t,?eirr??o-,h'r r-f-rrm^. ^ !?'" rw???^. a? ; lijxa ?.. ??? 0 ad aa4 3d ar?! WITUATIO.V gr A BTKADY AOTIYK *7?*"' *rmkn- ?? P""'*"?r t rook; 'itl'm'ao'la r--" 'lf [ h tKn> '? fowl., and If r?|i Lrr?l h-? if fori m ?rrani* ba- >h? hr?t m riiv rrfa ir.rr I .a t? i>m tor two 4ajn ai ?li, Kaat |?t?, ' WANtrn -a nrr; atiok a? waitrr ob cham f? b?.-m?ld cr .*,1. by 1 jdojij woman wl b ?i r-ai. *: ,. - ? ? ? K .;,r; Tl'A!rrKi>-A Krrt ATiojr by a bkupkcta ih.k qiri. .. 1^00 or to do vrnrral U..<,*r?rork in a "??" W ' ?'r th? ho^ of nt? r. frrrr.rr ran b.' ?,*? E"~r?i? 9 Tif* " ?",fc* ?S^JTbRS; Wantip-a srrcAYTOB. mt a brhpkctvrlk rw " '?!? ???? ?irl. a. D'iror ?a?1 w>mat.?aa la mnablr of t?k ' harrr of vo<:a?ohi droo an I baa the b? of r?r n f?rrnr? aT"hw"uJJr*da|?r W W**>r pi-ce' M>* "??r 'rom ?"u?oa WAlTr^l? MTTATin* A* fJOOW. BY A ?NPrrr. , . * PrT>,'?ia?< ???an wtn< iboronthiT imdwHaiKle iT. m**1* ?>'i|ia |.IM and lroarri. <?f all kinda. Macao "h^rr on to kioei.iniry. Boa ?( irfernro ('aa ba **"? 1 ntu .""rd at 11 Prior- at. ^ M W A --T/I>T-f-S?T.T ATU,'T ?W^AW.'rrit?w C4W f*TTY ? . " 81 drr?B. ani do all kluia of <amll* wwma no f,i, rr* oa 'O ma-r haneir frnrra.if 'iarf>il m<aH r^or^tl WAirrwr-A MYT**trnji by a rkif^tafiif rwm? wowa, to do tV h .aa I Vr . wnall j.riTa?? fun II t ha. no ot,..rt^B -o hr. in ot* ..."w.* Ibra. T'ara rrf^,.- r" two4?y.^?tOanLtl pl?r j?ar ^X.. f" W- amtbd-a ?rrtAtiu)*. by a bmpbotI^ woman ??< vroa ,n a WT 1. an Mffl'r-t wa?hr- and r .? ? . k' , * , rhivtrrn. tto lx?* nf rHyrrfrrw.r* ftT<n Aaolr at In Uia rrar, i ldl. ouar tm d fl.wr tor two "iyV. *r tt'?irr?&-A *TU4TIOB. BY A VrAPnTABIK WW Ttvmt wow?n a. food aonfc oiv??r>M?ta br?ivl3 *???;''' i',?nR J* wiMlat to aa.ot tW waahine ani Irnntnr. baa the hrot <* ?Hf rrtmmra 1 an br ?orn f. J i w , TLr ABTltK?A BITCATfOJf, BY A " KHPPiTaRt ? "" I'rotaotant ?trl, aa a*aaMrr?. or drwamakar ran nit and ?: ran give armd rrlarooca from bar la at piooe' pi? call a: 180 far IHi at. t>Hwarn ad aa4 3d ava. WABTPD-BY A YOCXO W0M4I*. A MTCATTOX aa root, or lornok, waafe and IrM In a prtrate fami j "rvt#r?'a'-1a ber h-i.inr? thoro,.,hJr Baal of rwfrnJU I'J2 _"?> to ^otuUrj rtm?i rail for two dam ?? Sn Wrat Jf/k 0 , arrnnd flmr front room lirANTPO-4 HfYT attoiT by a BwrparTABLB ".. f?',n4 wwiaa, aa. rbamb^rmaid and to aaatat ta tk. 5*5 ;n? or t#> d# otMtarwwft ir^ ~lima 1 O^Sard r "*? M t1**- Plaao. rail M Wo M W:7M' M *?"r'Z?*''Tbwtawt yo.iaa -ornao a .pi .unn aa aharab*naa*d ' an do plain ^ 1 Ik)|hv 1 - mrjiTi f._ a rmnTiodi irinTBD-im&uis. -|IfA? ?KD?A kJTQATIO* XV A RKMPKCXaBLK f ? Prot- atant tti-l to *o th? .jen*.*' hou??worfc of a small private tiuniijf hi* good otl) 'efer nce. Please call at 333 Ul vision at afWr I,to clock A M. WAM"EI>?A MTtTATlON Ah COOK. IK A KMBPBCT aftl* pnvaW f iM; )y b/ a youug ?aui*u full# coy?pt<er.L aid * food vaafc r an 1 i-oner: can sUn ,'.o linking: has good eHy rcfertMa t'su be seen t>r two davs 41 10* 27th at, near ytu av , Uetwreti car hge i>iinler's and carpeatai 'a ahops. WAN1ED-BY A RE8PKCTABLE MARRTFD WOMAN, a sitnatlxi. ?? nur.e. Cm be aeeu fur two da- r. at I 173 West 52d at. rear b .ding, room No. I. TIT A NTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A TT sir.iaUon n rnamberrra.d and laundress. G.o1 el'7 reier. aces. Caa be wa Ur t?o days at SUU.t: Meat :0U? at., la Ike rear. WANTPTl?BY A RESFKi'T ABI.K OIRL A SITUATION to do ge leral aouiework. Iaquln at 1:0 Varick street for two da) a. WaNTFD- SY A RESPECTAB1K YOl'NG WOMAN, a sttuatim as goes cook and first rate waster and Iroo-r, or to -la the gtreia! houae?c. k of a small private family. DM city referem e Can be seen at 44S 4th it., near 3d air., 'Iitt floor. front --om. up s'*in>, for two days. WANTEr?35 A r.F>PKCT'ABLR YOUXO OIRL, A sititi' oc u chsmuertuaii or waiter, or to take care of children ieferf i ce gi^eo. Please tall at 23 Deabrossei at, e<>n.ero! (.ree ivrlch WANTED?B 7 A RKSPKtTABLE YOUNG OIRL. A Situation; ia a&'st rtte waitress and ehimberm&id; has I:red * I aa time in her last place; can give the beat of city re ter?nre. ?'.t.ue call at So. 122 Wet.; Jtkh at., top Ujor, Ifont room TCAMED -BY A RK^PFCTABLE TOCNC WOMAN, A TV ituaUi n a* rook, understinda all kinds ol < joking and baklrg; hss no objection U go to a resectable board in* house the beat of city rcfersoos I'1 -''a at M> North Moore st.. in thereat. Sit kir, it out t ooai. TI7-4KTEO?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ?I i. .Intanc n s? notxl rook ami first rate washer and Ironer, nr to do the ?en?r<il housework oi a small private family. B **t I city reierenne t'au be seen at S)1 Kith at., between 1st and 3d avi , for two days. MOB WANTED?BY A RESPFt."TABLE PROTESTANT OIRL a sltuatmu, a* chambermaid and to do plain a<twing. or at: urw; * fdllv competent of taking chart* of a baby. Hm foil- yearl' reference from her 'ant place. Pleas? call at 156 Raat .'1st at Can be seen for two ilaya TENANTED?11Y A l.r'KPECTABLE GIRL. TO COOK, IT wash and Iron, or would do general housework lb-a ptra'l Inquire at SJSFirst avenue, corner of Twen tieth a: Good ciiy reference. WAV. * O-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tlov an cos k or l uindrcsa ; underatanda both aitiiatloos and the be?' of rtty referea'-ea PWawi Inquire at 3S7 Third a etiue. between 2Uvb aid 21at floor, back room, for twn days. WANTEP-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT WO toat: a situation at good plain cook. :uid is willing to assist wiili the washirp and ironlrg, alia can ecmo well recom merded from Vr Isai place where she Ua.4 liv^d for threa years. Please call at lli3 East 13;h at . 3d Uoor, trout room, near 3d are. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A si: nation as chambermaid and tine washer and Imner, or a* cksabMMid and plain newer, or uurse. Can vlve the be ft of c'ty reference. Pletnc apply, for two daya, at No. 3S West ISu ct. second story, art.a', room. XV ARTRD-BY A RESPECTABLI WOMAN, A SITUA Tf tlc.n as firat rate pi,Un cook, underatands meats, game, ai d povltrr, aad to uiMtt with the ?>* ? hie.',' -.jid irontng. Can five the heal of city referaase. J'.eaao apply, far two dajs at No. id West ISth ?t, seooad nory, frost rixifn. WANTED?BY A R1TSPECTABU. ENGLISH OIRL, A H.tnation to do nn stairs work or take care of children. Can be aefn at No 7 Cherry street, from 12 to 4 o'clocic WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOONO MARRIED woman, a child to wet nurae at her own reatdem e, 1 ar'ng loat her Vaby one week old. Apply at .llf? RiTington ?treet WANTIi h-HY A RRSPE<'TABLE GTRL. A SITCATIO* a- cham t verm aid and wafer in a private family. The bestot city refereuce given If required. Apply at 2d St., oTner of 2d avenue. WANT1-.D-BY A RESECTABLE SCUTCnWOMVN. A a.tuatlaa aa rook: would hare n' objections to aaxiat in washing also a reapeotable English woman, as chH<lr?n's n irse The bed of ci'y reterenoes given if required. Can be st?o. until eugaged. at 17612th at., between 1st and 2d a vs. WANTFD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO GIRL. A s'tiiaiUwi a? rhamheimild and to r??l?i In the ws .liln? and ll nr. or to do hocs<>work lor a smalt privato family, can produce good d?f referenrc Can be sefn for f*-o iya. a< tb? comet ot J sjr and Plymouth a is., itrooklyn. third u?r up stsks. WANTED-TO OO SOUTH OR TRAVKL TO EUEOI'R. A moat respectable youns woman wwho^ a ai.uv. Ui ft flrat rial* faml'y, *? nuisery g.ivrroes*. or to wait no > tly, tir.deratanaa rutun," anil filling ladles' ai l clnl irco- d-e' - i ban no objectir>r to th< Witt; reference ptven Adilrm . jr three days. M. A. H , < hathaja square Pnstoflice. ?CTTAIfEIV-BV AN AMEKK W WO MAN, A KAH7 '?> T? brtna up en fn"Ji cow milk. (VI on Mrs. llrown, !i? > *st SM lieiw. er. 3d and :td I'fiun. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY KR8i?E<TABI.K OIRU A ?Unstlon as ?lime ftod eetftmati e - ITie un.leret-u.Js - be rare of an intant from 1'a iilrth. B?st of reference flu 'icq Ikw fcar? n her ltu-t place Can be wn for two days at :>1 S fiivlBL'tam at . up a'airs. WANThP-BY A YOtrjfG CTRL, A SITUATION, A* rook. tB a resin-otable family. ?he under-' nds bakiug and pastrr, and. in lact, ever] thiag oonnecu-d ? ..b cooking, file can j ? the brat ot city reference, Cal 1 for two daja at Z'S 9th ate. ue. third floor, over tbe bakery. W' A VTKD?BT A YOUNO OIEL. A SITUATION TO Tl take rare of* babyaud do plain rewltic food refe ret>rp giv ("am be teen far two days. from 10 o'clock UU 3 at '.'11 Ma n at , rear building tUra floor. WANTED?BT A YOUNU WOMAN, A SITUATION A8 rock and lati r dreaa or to do the work of ft small family. Is a rood rook and flrat rale waxher and kroner. Good city reference given. Please call at IffT Kaat 16th at. WANTED-BY a YOl'NQ WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general housework or chamberworfc. Oil fur two daja at J? Uruda. WANTED.?A Hit.HI.V KE.-PEOr ABLE WOMAN wants a aitnailoa. fta aoamatreae and children'* Bute, alie is told rf children aud la willing In do e' robrwork ?be la a neat ahirt tti' "r, and at an obliging dtaoioiuon. Tho very bast U referisre can be giran. Inquire at 44 Gourer neural WANTED?BY A HOOT(1i WOMAN. A SITUATION aa cuok. w aahei sad Lroner in a until prtv ate latnllr Oo<d r?y re/eienre kusc Iror her laid plaee. t all at Jut 4*1 at., i,i"ween Pth aid 10th area. WANTED.?A GERMAN LADY WISHES A BITDA tioti as a seao.rtreaa. underatai 1a all kinds of ime sew ing; would prefer to by the day. Best of relerenc ? given. Please tnqaire at Mi4ame AftLre'a. No 1^ Rivington a' Also. a widow Iftdy. tn reduced circumatar, ?e. tho'igh (be deal* of brr huabaod. wishes to make b?r husiiMae fortbe future aa .adte* batr dr< aser. either at home or rotftc out when called. Sa'iafasttoft wtL be given, aa ah* und?raUn<la her business moat eirrlienUy. IA'ANTED.-A UABY WISH Ml A SITUATION FOR m her nreaert nurse, aba Is willing to lake care of a .oiuig baby or eo plain sewing and take charge of cblldreu. In H mi e this day, he'weenSftod 6 o'clock. at2liMavetiii?, be. iwteft Uth ftM 14th Ml, WA NT ED?BY A KMART YOI'NO OIRL. A HITL'A Hon as chambermaid and l? aaalat la washing and iron Ing. or a? comneteti waiu->, la willing to make herself ra!*/ useful, tbe bafct of my refereace from bei laat placa. Pieaas call at 2t)l Rast l.tth at. WASIIINO WANTV;r?-?T A RKSPK-TABLE LATIN <lre?e has bee? manr ye*r* a' 'he bualaeas , tadnup shl:ta and lm-riei to order. Please call oraddoaa Ann a. I"ijn. l.?o We?i 23d ?t. ~th ateeue. WET NVRBR?AMTVATION WANTED BT A YtMIWO married won an with a fresh breast of milk. Apkly at 131 Weal 16'li at, near ,"th ftvense. ?ITI ATIOI** W A?T*Ia?tl A f,KW. ATOCNO MAN WANTH A BITtJATION A? WAIT"R craea'a'ant waller and tootmsn. od refeirnoes. Can fc? gbbUj engaged at No I OS West I7ih s'reet. ARK?PK4TABI.E PROTKETaNT MAN WtEHRO A r'tnaUi-i as co?M hmae with a pfiva's I ami I r Ills the beet oi'T refe-ei?c?s and caa refer 'a hi? last plac* where be haahv'd eear tbteo yeera Please call or ad ireea a n< '* to ( oaebmsa. .M Broadway, tft Mr. J. K Isiwrence's C tch fcr'ory AP.RXPErTABIJC YOCNO MAN WIRIIIW A UTt'A tion aa .i-ebnnn In a prlvale family. I'nd rauau la h a boai'iei* thoro'ighly. Haa no objertton to traeei io act pert Of tbe m ini-y. 1 h?-beat of e?y reference givee Plea?e cal, at i; Merrei et , near .be Ktiair fto'.na ?o?ei, (or i wo n iya. A WAITER WANT* a SITUATION IN A PRIVATE anil r ne i" dei slfted? bis bnslue?? periecljr, ?n | ran aire the ?e?4 of rtiy reference Hsa n# lftrtimbrftMO; lea Protestant ( an be aev u at K West 14ih el., near 41b av?atM, tnr t*''i days^ AK WtlTfR-A STEADY MAN. WITHOUT INCtJM ? p'tfevdy conversant with hla dutl<> w.inta a aiiuaii'i* <?? orod>v e the tnoai sallattrfirr teatimoniftls fr'iWi fa? tlie? with ? lsm> h< lifts 'lve.1. AdlreaaT P , No. ? West IIth St., is lbs tea s'ore, a few duora Irotn Hrnadw<y. riOA?IMAN-A RB<U,M?T\Bl.E trOI/IRP.n MAV I 1 wants a ' sunn as cosrbman; has lived la th>? city for the iaat 2? yeeta ia anme r! the best iannllea. aa a>ich; h is the I.est a' my rei?re-.cee as to risiw ler. anility n tbe care uj fr iriag' fnent of !.er?e?, *?? Plesue addreea II T. ctre of t*hss f i*ilin<t Miler yiw Broadway. (MMmMAS ?WAKTRD. A HTYVATtDN BY AIINOLE ; Ban. Has *he best of cur reference Cm I ? ??n at, or e>*4n~e P. f) . Ii>4 ?as? I.Hh ?? , bta pree< ? I employer a. Gardener .j situation wamtfo-by a toumo man, whotrn'y and prscticall) understand' t arlemng in ftil tfs depaHmer 'a; and U roqulr'-d to tak< charge of horses has a t Ik-rough knowle.|g> of the . sr? sne trevinent o ibem Wsife* not eo Bmrh an ?fcje?t aa a ri-spc i?hie place, fan be eeeti lint I engage I from 10 to I o'clock ai A. H-nIth ? seed afore M Wbiie ?t. a few doors from Brtmdwa?. HOIU-EH ANI1 RITWNO PTHOOI^.-A OENTLF.MAN, lately arrived from England, who baa had several rears' e-perteice aa a?n?e?t riding master, in her Msie.ty yeeen V .'-torla ? housetoi.l cavalry, would I ks aonw- employwien'. la ? ridlftg school or to bres* young horees to the saddle Ibr ladles or gentlemen can give instructions ib sword einwisi, fencing Ac. AddregftRoegb Rider, Madison *|ittre Post office. New fork. . MEmrHANTX AND OTHER* CAN OBTAIN f'OMI'K tent rlerkft without met. by applving to II IIKWRY BOYD. Secre'aij* of the Mcrchsnls' a?d CHerks'1 Pr 'e<-tlvc| Aaeoetiiion. 2 A ppleton'? B-iildlng. W Hmariway All wi?h ? n? cagagrmenta ahould apply immediately, with references. SITUATTOH WANTED-BY A YOU NO MAN AS Afl Mstn'it b< okke?per and colleetor. The best of refsrenoee rtvsa aa tn heneely and capability. Address D. M , hot 132 Herald office. mo HOTEI. r-ROPRIRTOnS - WAHTED, BY A STEADY A Mddts eyed single Rngtisbmso, a sttnation as watch maa In a bote! or oilier pnblie eetabil hmeet. Aildi see Watchman, Herald office ?tETANTEn-A STTTJATION, RT A TOUNO MAN. AH YT flBlleetor and bookkeeper, in ane Ming e?tahllsbmenL 0<od refereneglveft AddramC W P Herald office W- AinED BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNO MAN. ASIt i.ailoe as waiter in a trlvale TamUr is fully mwnpMent f.? bta hertnee caa g<ve two rears of eitr twferenoee Sw ho ?self, ar.?rwy ?ed ?""* [?? bear the enww tnrseUgfttion. rtoftre eaU at .*> West l.tih # be' wt-a Mb and S<>?r, baef roe*. SHTATIONS WAIHTEPuWAfg. WAJTOD-MT A GBADUA.XK. A SITUATION, II TT u-av?lliof agent. or family tut r. The preferred. TbI' best of refWences given. Addrni D. B. Dudley, box 662 Mew ark, New Jersey. Wt NTED-BY A MAM OP GOOD BUSINESS QtTALl flcallana. ? dtuaioa ??salesman or bookkeeptr In a te btooe store. utfjlaga repository, onal oflice or U) other respectable loudness, la or out of ike city Reference enf' lor :< rispouaihle situation. Addrew Bridgport, Herald oBIC*. uxu> WAiTiiiibanuiAJUM.

A YOUNG LADT WANTED?TO ATTEND BAB AND play (be piano. Apply at I be Cagie fehadea, It Green W. A free yonoert every evening. A COOK 18 ItBQUIRKU IMMEDIATELY IN A CEN tleman's family, residing at Waahhiglou. She mu.rt un derstand ihoruu^lily cower; id all Its branches, lioth French bud American. Appb* at once at 149 Orand eireet. (1IRI, WANTED?TO COOK, WAMfL IRON AND DO X the general housework of a email private family. One who undenitanda tier business may hear of a good iltuatien by cailir'i at 7* Sprint atreet. orner af Croaby. HOUSF HVXP WANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE . work?One who it a (tood wa*her and ir.Hier can learo ef a pertr uncut situation t>v fnralahlog k recommendation from Ler last place Apply a! 49 Walker et. HOUSEKEEPER W VNTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A gentleman's hou.-e a short distance South, a liberal arrangement will he made Addrise B. C., box 110 Herald office, atatiug age, At , and where to be seen. TO SHOE BINDERS ?WANTED, A 8TEADT OIRL TO baste for a tewing machine; she must he thoroughly ac quauued with the I'Umumss, -?nd understand Ailing ladies' gal tern. To a good hand Heady employment and good wages will be given. Addreaa Wood, Herald office, giving name aad residence. TWO SERVANTS WANTED, IN JEKS1Y CITT-ONE t.i rxik, waeh and Iron; ihe other to take care of chtldrea and do riiambi rworlt: wagea Jtt and $6; mutt he competent and route well recommended. Apply at IIS Warren at, for two days. WANTED- AT NO. 42 FOURTH 8TRKT, BETWEEN Troy ami Bank, a girl to do general house work oua that can come well recommended. CaU bctweeu the hours of d and 12 A. M. TTfANTED?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE ANI) SEAM ? ? stress; muatbea Protestant. accustomed to thocireof children, with unexceptionable referenoes; one that ran speak French would be preferred. Apply troru 10 to 12 at No. 10 West 19th st. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS NURSE AND aenns ress. ('all at .34 East 16lh at., before 11 o'clock. TAT ANTED?A GOOD PLAIN COOK, AND TWO GIRLS T T to do housework; those who have been In a large board ? lag bouse preferred. Apply at 37ft 2d ay. WANTED?STRAW PRESSERS, TIPPER, BANDER and brimmer?one full set who have worked together. No others need apply. A. l.eland A Co., ISO Broadway. WANIRD-A GOOD FEMALE PASTRY COOK, TO OO to Havana. One who understand* pastry cooking In all its braii< beg. The best of references required. Call at 66 Troy at., for two days. TITANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GENERAL TT tonsework in a private family, must be a tint rate washer and ironer. Apply at & Chariton street. WARTED-A COMPETENT OOAT MAKER, TO WORK on Whealer * Wilaoa's sewing machines. Apply at 34 Mb av. WANTED?TWO GIRLS, (GERMAN. SCOTCH OR ENO lish preferred;) one to do general housework; must be a good plain cook, washer and Ironer; the other aa seamstress. Apply at the aiore 133 William st., up stairs, between 9 and 11 o'clock, A. M., or 204 Weal 31X1 at, between 2 and 7 o'clich, P. M. WANTED?A YOUNG LADY. TO ATTEND A fiEG AR store. Inquire at 122 urand st., for two days, alter 10 o'clcck. WANTRD-A SMART. ACTIVE OIRL. TO DO HOU.-E work; must be a Aral rate washer and Ironer. and will ing to make herself generally useful. Apply at 2? Lunartine place. 29th si , between Ml and 9th ava. WANTEO?A CLEAN, SMART OIRL WITH GOOO city reference, for the general housework oi a private family. Apply at 2-11 West &th at., near !Xh av TENANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRON ER, T? In a small family. Apply, witli rOMM, after 12 M. in the ilaguerrenn gaiirry. 76 Bowery. Also a smart, active boy wauled. Apply aa above. HELP WANTEUL-n VLKK. ?|lWl TO IHU.-AN EXPERIENCED BUSINESSMAM tpJUv" is required to conduct an agenry lor the sale of poods m general nee. A fair aalary given. <io.>d saVam'u with the requisite capita, may apply at 317 Bowery. Aonn-cwK wabt* d,or woci.dtaer a pakt JTOl'v ncr in a store. The moaey would be HaUai.?i:<?rily secured, Mid a mlarv paid to a rom|ii-lcnt tuan. A good cbaiiOa. Apply to lloWKH A Co.. M Matika el. flAn-** officii clerk wantkd fob a vO.vMJI/. M a(c'nty. with tin uinnin tor winch gojd KWrllf will be k'tven. a liberal salary paid lor aerricea and u* o(moaey. Applyto ll(?Wr.?> A CO , H4 Naaaau ?'ieet. ABOGKKEEPEB wantki?-tn a kisii a .id pro vi.-ionbou?e. thie acouiluted with the b names' prefer red. AildiMH C. L. Herald office. Aoma ai:k MHVflM A OAmift trade in Touatt'* uuiff ial horse n.ediomnx. More ?amr' m. u call a' t!ie depot . hsl *?-n .1 and 4. Oouutry agent* *dilreaa, by o. U, .<34 H roadway, up (tain, fiaf> , litre, and no 'iaark.. A OENTB-AOEVTS-NO IICMBUa.-AtlENTS ARF J\ DOW making $1<M per month on $10 capital. and do risk. Call .1! ?**) Br.>a?iw.iv, room 13, f:-oni 'J till 12 o'clock, A. M., ami 1 till 4 o'clock, P. M. Cl.FRK WANTBD?IN A FIRST CLAKS OROCERY. A maa who ran lean WO on nuo4 aecnrlty. can have a ?jl, r y 01 tTUO Knowledge of the buaineas not nec.reaartr. Pi-aae call, but no" Without ibe moot-?, ?t No 3 Weat Want Ington place, from 9 to S o'clock. Hot wawted-a smart, intkli.iqewt dot. iw aw office. None ne?d apply but thoae thai can write a good band and With good recommendabona. Apply at 436 ltth at.. Dry Pock. Bot v akti.d-a hmart intkiai ;kwt BOT.WnO write* a rtally good band, and la willing to be useful and oi <ios. be taurt be neat and cleanly in apnearaaoe. None o>! ?r ue?l apply; 149 Grand atre<t, alter 80 clock. DRtii Cl.KRk Wanted?A SMART, ACTIVE TOUNO a. .. ?-bo baa a thorough knowledge of 1 he city retail radn. to: y obtain a j < al'uailon by applying, with re lets tic- at the drug ?tore corner of Columbia and Uuan xu . Smith Brooklyn. RT OCOItfl?WANTED?TWO EXPERIENCED MLlekinrn at 1.-4) Qraad street, Wl'llamsburg. A D TnK MKi!CANTII.R C1JCKKS' 1WSTITDTB OFFERS une<(nall?d laclliUea In young men seeking employment la resectable mercantile houaea. Merchants sup tilled with la jkk'epers. aaii-smcii and clerks withoat rharge, thias wish leg aUtutt.ons are in* tied to apply to or addieei (IRURllK A. bATTON, HO Mroadway. TITANTKD-IN A I.ARUK YARNISII FACTORT, A M nuu> who understands thoroughly the botlln* ofsll kinds 01 eopai tarnishes. Helereuce reunited ss lojMBj Tsoae oumpeumt llbei ai wage* and steady employment will be glveit. Address, wlih r-lrrenoe, a. J., Herald office. WANTED-A t'OfJK, steward A WD HERVANTS for the 1. 8. Navy , also foar apprrnuce boys, hnqutre at No. 9 < bernr at. TXTaBI Kit?A WAITF.K. (PHOTESTAST). who I'W ?T derstanda her thoroughly, and caa furnish the Ileal of city ref-reo?*. None other need apply Ca'l at IJ4 jut sti nue, 'his (Moi.ilH)t morning lieiw.en 'taud 10 o eio-k. \t* ANTRD?MRK TO UCARK A WEW. UUHT, IN TV door buaineaa, thai wiU pay sS to 910 a day, ai ererr ett*. <l?ly K> required for t iola, Ina'rurtloo. Ac. CaU at >0. 4U Hn?dway. rm m No 6. ap ataira. N. H.?Ihiau no Luiabuf. "llf ANTED?A rrspectari.* TOCNO MAW. TO HO f T lwl> ?ul>?crthera to a new hook ol great itttr>-st. ha conrar of puhllcaUen, wag> ? or s liberal < ,Haiiiiaaain ?i??o to a an tat ?? applicant In cur* ot the l/in lua Crintlng and Pnlillalnrg ''omrany, 66 l?ey at., fotirth lloor. TVrANTED- A TO* NO WAN AH WAITER WHO CAN Sf wrtte a gi?'i bend and keep accounts. Apply st '.4 I4spensrd au :nr tin i-e days TIT A NTRD?AT THfc III" DSON COI RT HOCxR, IICD T* and City, N. J . one and s half miloa from lloboteo. a crmfet?-nt boat er; 1.. one who tin eratat.'la hit dntie ?, and la vher rn<: witling, a good permanent xltuauos will begirra. au latemrerate man Leefl not apply. JOHN WORTtWORE. XlfARTBT -A TOVNO MTHaT DWBKRsTABIM fr k.igotau-rv Ao., IU a saloon App,y at the comer i l K<e?ter and < anal wa. WANTED-^TWO ON THREE MEV OF RNKP.OY, TO ?f 'Iisate In a I'gbt >>n*me?? aleo *???> 1, one man 10 trav I wi'tt tlie adratt.asr. Aanalliap ui re>|ulrH. apply at tO Ann at , third floor. TV AWT RD?A HOT, IN A tlROCERY MTOKE ONR fa ir?|UHtnied with the hu-ln**? ma) apply at 40fnMH|? a?rew, r*w?.er ot ?> ntre. None hut Americana need apply A N'**D-A HOT. IN A CI.OTIIINO HTOR*. APPLT at 01 t'otirthtn l at, corner of Or'^t w b HI IKON A Nt'WOBZKR. w TV'ANTF.D-A i.lRI-TO DO OOnHlAt HOC*KWORK *? |p a ?mal faaillT. Moat hsv goml redtrenc" from her Isstpls' e. Apply 10 Mrs mascaa. No. awFuiutnat, Brooklyn. nmsLLMBRCR omciZ AIX RF^FECT ABliF. FMI IXJTF.RSDHROl'K OF <IOOD femsle help, can oMs.n them tlila .'a? at WRRUIY .4 se lect trma'.e < nice. 1!W ?e?enih aretme, ar Twenty third st aa no "Tort is spared to Bern re the moat (omp' lent, with good rclrreo' e f?ii h*nd, fonr good coo'ta, eliataH, rtaaida and walteri", ai* rnmea ard saaaMreasen, an<l four chanib?rinalda and lanndr?sne?. A lad- in at et..lance (?*t)OKF. waiter*, WirHRES. ClUWRKRWAtDN J laiia?l W. eaaseelreeBee, and girls ior gan>rv.i honse ? erk, prorltled. fur respectable famlites on y, at the Employ m"t?> Agency oflice, H> Broadway, nearly ni'tiosite W.-at lltb ?t _ I O. OAl.l.A'iHKK. Agent N. B?Formerly of til Ea?t 14th id , tjnioa square. T AD1I " IN WANT OF HKI.P WOCI.D DO WEI.I. to IJ ca?l at-he Amertoan snd Fi#r|<n Kmp oyn-cnt Ho. ,e'T IS and 14 Bible Ho-tae. wheiethe best and cleaneat girls are to he hsd lor erery cspv lty, eooks, ehan.bormaida lanndraa wa and aeamstreaaea, whsse eharartf-rs are all InTestlg itski befnre rlaces are prot ured lor theat A nnmlier of rr~ea g'rls. alao a few men forfhrm wort. MK* TORKNi'OM P perlntendent. ' KBPPEOTARI.E okrwaw, encm h wxjtcw and Irlah aerv sots, can be ol.talaed st WORRN f'OlfWFRr A CO H, No B9 Broadwsy, corner of Reade street Alan waiter* c-arhmcn, Isnaera, laborers; Ac., at uia or the branch ottoe. No. I? Hreenwtch street. WARTBD-AT Wo ? RANT BBOADWAT, A CI.Euk for s metrhsnt's oBce, waaes?ll M t-er week. 1 men on steam era, a clerk for 4 coal office. 2 porters forstorea. 1 es press wagon drtrsr, 2 men to drtre atagea J hoys to i.?rn trades I oarhenar for a prl?a*e family Flaea* pmcn -,?t for salesaaen. oooilwHys, baggage rnen hegemen, nouae keepers, stewards, charahermasla. 4r. Apply to ? OHXRN A Co WA>TBl>-At7?iBBOADWArFOUB rUTRiriToR sbipptag and railroad ticket offieea, two honhkaepara. ftwtr aaleasssn. two condnrtorMwe baggasremen three braho Bet. two hartaaMSa, ftntr w at tar, two porters, har Itremsn three maa tor erprsas wag*ws, two drlrsra, (Ire met f?; Steam era two NftaM1 ??J J^r^pTafn- trade, and for dorrs, f AfFHi | a?B*m PrrrlfWn 19 50 Boutoiao juto lodging. ST. MA.RK8 rLA.CE.-TO LET-A SUIYK OK furnished rooma oa the mJ floor; alio oleasaa'. rooms tor stogie gentlemen. BAFT TWENT1I11 HTRBBT.?ROOMS AMD PAR Ual board Utr two gentlemen. is a modern built brain: otooe bouM. Family email Vary cooreuieat 10 Fourth ire uue ours ud Btosdwtty stages. OQ THIRD AVENUE-TWO YOCKO MEN OA* BR AO 0 O commodated with board from S3 to W M per weak. A'w>, two jottng 'adies Room* to let, untarnished, with or without board. Bath in the houae. Oar* pus tha door. 171\ FRANKLIN 8TRRRT, FIRST HOUSE WBST~OV> 1 V' Broadway .?Parlor and bad room 00 tha Oral floor, for rtugle gentlemen, breakfast served, If required, a large dou ble and ^n^le rooms. Inquire as above. 11A FOURTH AVENUE. WEAR UMION SQCARK. - XIU Suits of rootni, handsomely famished, on the Aral or secood door, suitable for families for tha winter, with private table if desired. The houae has all the modern conveniences, and the location plesasat ami desirable. "I ()0 WAVERLKY PLACE -A SPIT OK ROOMS ON J second floor to let with board, together or separate, to two single gentleman or gentleman and wife* EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL. Roema to let, wit' board. Houae lirat olaaa. 141 1 C 1 TEMTH ST.?A HANDSOME SUIT OK ROOMS ON lu L second floor, also oa third floor, with board. 011 vary moderate terms, for the winter, liouae first class, w ith modern improvements?dinner l o. I f\(\ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND lUw avenue.?A handsome suit of rooms on the second floor, also a room suitable for a slncls gentleman, will be let, with board, lb the first c as* houae. 1M Fourteenth street. ()1 A H1.M STREET, CORNER OF SPRING STREET.? ZjI t a gentleman and I s wife. ?r a few single gentlemen, can be iicrommouAted with furnished rooms and board, or room* w ithout liosrrt, two MocIls from Broadway. Oat and Croton water through the house. References exchanged. PI I) BROADWAT?ROOMS TO LET,?TWO LARGE XjJ parlors, with ante room bwlaomelv furnished, and xuilal'le lor a geatleman aud his wife ; also three or four very ni'it sleeping rooms. Location directly opposite St. Nicholas hole'. A SMALL FAMILY DKSIRINO A SUIT Or UN furnished rooms, with full or partial board, which may he peuuanrat, ?In a n?w f'r?l class bouse, den rably located, v.-ill learn full particulars u^oti addressing C. W . box 1,012 Post office. Terms ? easouable. and relerencea exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WTFE WaNT BOARD IN a ph-SHS'it loculltvin New Yo. ot Brooklyn. Address box G:'3, Lower Post otlice, New Toik. A GENTEEL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO let one or two Urge furnished rooms, to a few single gen men or a geuiieoian and his wife. Apply at 32 Harrison street. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A HANDSOMELY FUR BiaOied mom, with breakfast and dinner, in a private fa mily. a> .to Ninth street. A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE. OR A FEW SINOIB gentlemen, rati be accommodated with hoard and pleasant name, lu ? private family. llath, gas. Ac , in the hoiine. Ap ply at 91 West Sixteenth street. A WIDOW LADY. RESIDING IN BROOKLYN, within twominiites' walk of the South ferry, would let to a respectable laiuiiy two handuome parlors and a front han'Rient. furnished or unfum'.-he'l with board or the pri vilege of keeping boose, at No 40 state street. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN TITE UPPER PART OF the city plain anu retiied. is deslrons of obttlnlng s lady and genileiuin to bosrd with hoard for the lady o?!y. Ad dre^s Carrie, Union square Poutoflice. fee two days. A SMALL. RESPECTABLE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dren, w?hto let a neeNy furnished parlor room on hist llror, with board t > a gentlemen aad wife References re quired. 610 liouwon *t, near Broadway. All the modern im provements iu the hettse. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODAT ed with rooms, elegantly ftiriilshed, oa first or second floor, with board for the :..dy, in a strictly private family. J?clghl>orhood unexceptionable. House, brown stone, and with nil modem improvements. None but those wiabiug to ptiy Hlieralty for a borne need NMNMT. Those wishtng to iive retired can address tor three days, M. P. B., Uniou square I'ost office, when an interview can be had. A PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYING A HOUSE WiTH tuoden improvement, down town, wish to receive two gentlemen, or a renilemao and wife to board: reference re ijwtrerf. Address M A , box 1,; 89 Post office, BOARD.-A I'RI VATIC FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE one or two gentlemen with handsome rocius anu good Imrd IB a ntw total hsvin* baths. fcas Ac NclFhberno.xl very rr?t ec'able, ana essy of ace*ss by 'iar.s sod ?t iges l?in per at ft1., o'clock. References required. Apply at S3* West Twenty second street, between Ninth aad Tenth avenues. BoaHD.-T0 LI T. WITH KOaRD. THRKK BOOMS OX ? ?. rond floor.!. ,.ep.,r*m> or log. ther, to getrtlemea C!5 v iveaor t^ntle gtnUi-mcn, At H>4 Prlnro atreet, wi'.lua half a miuule'a w alk of Oak in the room*. J BO A K D ? A KICKLY KURNISHHD BACK PARLOR, ? on lint floor to let to a geutlrinaa a-id aia wtfe ; alau fTTomK for three gentlemen. ? nh bOAid, K?" and Uau*, ki i:il Hudfcou iWttk, St. Joba t i*%i ^ B?K~U.TTTZ THIRr> *TORY FRONT ROOM, WITH AD I joining bedroom can be obtained at No. Ill JJleeoAer pnd, thifd block <?! Broadway. OARD -ONE OB TWO OKNTI.KMKN CAN OilTAlN ? the comfora of * hum"-, in A anin'i unuly. 1am atlou ?eir Ert.-tdway And Bleecker "treeta. Omm ad-1 Iia it In the liouae. Addrea* S. M^BroadWi y P'>at office Bcfercoca* req'llred. (~ARl > -TWO OR TI1BKK Fl ROOM* f O le1.. wlto board. in a ornate ramiiy. Inquire At lit Wcat I h'f'rrntfc atrc.i near Kightli avenue. Board or PDBNisintii rooms without board. A Inrgc room, with griUi> aud pantrv ?u*cbed aultAbte Hot a piuty of ample Kentlemen, can be hAd wuh or wilbo i brojkfa>J Alto, a atnyle room. with convenience of fir*, at lit ? rand (treat. iirnt block weat of Broadway. Ternureaaon able Keferai.cea ren'iired. T) o a P. D IN I'NION SQUAHK.-LABOKPABI.OR AND J3 on, or two bedroom* to let. with board, to a genllemvi and' bin wife or one or tw* ger'lemeo. in a tirtt claa* private hou-e, having the modern Improve m-wt*. Apply At 3S tnioo place ????? BOARD.-A VKBY HABD?OME KCBNMHKD FRONT I room 64* Broadway, and room* tor aiugle gent.eiuea, Im lr' wt'li board, on reevmaMe I'fiM, private table If renoMed ?U bfcih. And i tier convrnieoree. Dinner At ?U o'c.ock. ???? BOARD.-A WIDOW LADT, WITH MO FAMILY. I would rrai tbi M?rond floor, or p trior ob flttt floor, wm or without board all the modern !ui?rot?n?iU. AddrMi Home <Vmlort, Mnh*oo ?q W l*o?i ottce, tor Uifr day*. BaioARD IN BROOKI.YN-AT 141 HBNRT_ RTRKBT rear Amity aVaat four mlaoua' walk from South I Try lli>* bouae >* lirat cla*". ba? ?a? and *?ary convenience for eetnfnrt Rootntfront aod back on Or** And aecrad floor^for u.ari"-d or ? ti!:'e gfo'emiu. Tt-nna i'* Aiid $1U pri Iimr.rr At 8 o'clock Location ?ery deairabie Cor New Yeik b twne?a men. ____________ BOABI) IN RBOOICI.TM.-A Bl'IT OF BOOMS, ON BB rond boor, with fine pAntriea, oca be bad with bAiu-d a* dr?u o*l U^itloa plfiiMt, near f alu>n and MonUfUO Wri*h H?.lcrenr?i re<itiln?d. Apply At l.'IJ Henry atieel. Board in hrooblvn.-labob and #mai,i, nmnt, wltfc full or partial board. In a drat rUM* bow, 'Icllkli'l iilly lo^nlad. within lire ?mntee' walk of U.r or Wall Ntr?ot (rrrlia. a'Jtable lor m iotiaU family or ?Imi;i? *?? Urn.m lo'itur'. at MA lleorT ?tree?. earner of I ougreae ^r<rt Board in bbooki-tk-a handsomk i-ablor and bedroom to let, aeparal? or tofeUier. A'?o. trery , :mni:ie rf*ira? lor gentlemen. Hmt?e eonvaln* biih and ran, ..mi ta witliin tne mlntifa' walk of the ferry. Catt fiaae tiie dw.r. Apply at M Warula Wreot. HOARD IN HROOKLTN.-A PLRABANT HACK pab J) b.r and a ?-in of ram <m aeeood Boir. front, to rem. wl b board. The h</<iae i* flrat elaea and tbe location deaira ble. Apply at 141 ajj t) atiAei, betwe. n i Unu* and Henry alreeta. BOATP IN YOBKVIIXK.-A WIDOW f APY IIAVINtt more room tbnn ake reooiree would let a few rooaaa. wHh ? r without board, u> teaa eatable part** l>era?N wWunato live out of the ctty will And thli a r?d opporta-iltr. booae i? larga and wall ttniahed. aad wKbtn B*a mtniitw walk of the Tbird and Fourth a*eiiue car A AddreeiOom'ort. Taik Till* Foot oftre. or.Herald ogee. B" "oARiTwtNTBD IN RBOOKI.TN.?FOB A OFNTT.B I mail w lie aad rblld in a prlTata faun I y wbere thai e are but te? or no boarder*, room, wita hectronai elowea, *- l<*auoa between Henry and < oliuabia. and Harrl?oo tamait atrewta. Addreaa bo? .\7W. Wew Yor? 1 oa' olPce. BIOARP wantkd -TWO ri RNIRUKD BOOMS FOR A ? bcnUemaa. wlfr and tworblldrea, oldeat S year* Prlrata family rreferred, not above Fourth ?*reei Term* not u>et !?d per month. (?? aa-lllre loemded B-tareoewa ai d ronj*d. Ad(frr??N.W. B.^Heral I o?re, for two daya. BHKiiTHl'WANTKD-IN A HTRI?-|LY PBITATKFAMn.Y. H ??ar. Other boarder* are taken and the ( Hnliita of a hTne ? at be enjoje*. by a *tn?l* *en'lemae Oaod refrraa ??? e#u be iclrett Pleaae uddreaa Money, Herald ofUce. b ^ 1*% ?tatl"g aeeommodatlona prV an I parUcnlara. Bm ^7?l7 W?NTF.?-KoR A YfMINO I.AIIY IB WII. I Iiamab- rt. la a priraw famil'. Vlejw ad lraaa, ?ati? t,-Tr?. wti.eli m.i? be molerate.C. D-, W lliam.b.irf 1'Oat office. HOABOIBO AT BO. 4 FOCBTH aTRBFT -A pbifatb family, barlnt more room than they occupy, would t?k? one i r two gentletnen. wth thetr wire*, or a f*w alng'.e c?n Detnen, with tall or partial board: pi -a?Jii looaUoa. aad naar Y.ighih A*enue Hanroad. TJOARDINO -P1.F.AXANT ROOMS. WITH KITIIKB I) fnU or par'ill b-ard. can be obtained on application at *2 White afreet, a lew doom from Hro?lway hOARDINO -A FKW flBOLK ? KWTI.RMRN OAN HB ac ..mBWdaied In a prirale family, at 1M (.'berry etreet, between Market and Ptka. BfJARDINO IN BBtiOKLYN.-A FINK I.ABOE BOOM or *ew?-l floor, aultable lor a gentiemaa and wlfa.or two aiegle Gentlemen, to rent, wl'b board Apply at No. 840 Henry atreet, between t.ongrwaa and AmWy atrecta. B%>7rI?1N0 AT RI.AKB1.fVKB HOT F.I.-A PABMB mid 'Wo hedroom* f?ut)t?h^d or nufitrniHbod tor * iMiilf or two fontl#m?u Alwi. singl* rooai, M, h.,h 4, TerinarconSTe. ?-^"nVATO,CB. n^HftARI'FBS' KXCHANflB. APPI.BTOBB BlIItDTNO, 'M- Broadway.?Ftifl parttculara and ternaa ot the moat ,<? rable DuntMea and boarding hotMe*. gralultou*ly lAdla* Lente-l border. Are mlorme.1^. we charge or .be boayilen aettiAlly obtained. O. H. MITM m Bt'TP. in A7. A N * C O. RBf PRfTFOI.I.Y BBOOMMRND THFIB B p>aaaat!y litaated boarding botwe. Bo. Ill Oarro atraet. S a ran a. F"oRNI??HBD boom* to I.BT-OFNTI.FMBN BR >ittiHng pleaaant and airy rooma. in a conrrntaat aod healthy localicn, will find erery acrommodAHou. at moder*e "rtoeafby applying at 41? Broome atreet, near Brt.adway, YiM'BNlsHFD ROOMB. DOWN TOWN. TO I RT?WITH y out board. Apply at IHB (*awvher, atreet fCBBWHBD BOOM-t-NO ? WBI? WTBW -TWO J* li.rniahed i.?drnnma to let, front and back. Term* -no derate FtlBflKHBD ROOMS TO I.KT?A BOOH, !IFPB')OM aed kltebwn, itealrabVa for a gentleman and wife tired M boTrftag Immediate pmaraa^n may ba had Apply in Wet Twenty towyth alreet, near fterenih arenite 1* hothib, turn m and *m rboadway - ??o?a fiimhtbnd. With or wlthoui mea.. PH??M m Iranee No 1 AnaMy atrfa? _ _ _ ? ? , j. ro3fwx h NO. 1 CABBOLL PLAOB-A VHK* dkwikaula. room, wloi oedrooui attached. on the seeend doer. ?u? well luruiahed. suitable lor a family or iittgl* geatieiasa. caa be bad. with board, at No. 1 Carroll place, Bleeeks* StiVet ONE OR TWO PERSONS CAN UK al'COMMOO ATBW with hoard In a private family, on reasonable lormt i<ouae rouiauut all the modern improvements. Apply at w weal Twenty seventh stieeU Rooms furnished or unfurnished, for oew umiira breakfast if required. Apply at 1hu ht<-k* ?i*t, corner(il Montague, Brooklyn, tirst bouse from Wail street ferry rlbt, WITH BOARD, TO SELECT FAMILIES, thb whol* second floor, sav two parlors and two bedroons. all connected with pantries, gas and grate*, batb and cloaeta on tbe aame floor. Also. three rooms for single gentleman. House was newly painted and furnished last May. These who care for a good table can apt>ly at ;w.< f ist Fourth street. Dinner at 6. To LET.?a BOOM AND BEDROOM. FUBNIaHED ob unfurnished, with hoard, to a gentleman and lady, or tw ? gentleman, in a small family and nlessant neighborhood Af ply at 61 hw ( id street, uear .^eoond atenue. TO LET?a l.ABGK BOOM. CONVENIENT FOB- a gentleman and wife i?r slugle gentlemen. also one or twe room?, with or wlthi"'i ho*-i, in a strictly private fa nidy. Location convenient to ilrotutwur and 6th avenue Tbn house has ail the modern improvements, liferent* ex changed. cs'l at !w West Twenty flOh street, first brown aland bouse west of hi nth avenue. t17"aj?'jed?iiOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, vt in a quiet tarnllv, where their me no other boarders, board for the lady only, r.ocstio<i between Eighth and Twsw.y tifth sueet. Adilrees Muiry, Madiaou Square Host office tesajnw beuhtur. large, FIRST CLASS nousk TO LET. COMPI ETB U-i. ly lilted with LOarder*. in al. 20 rooms couven.nnt to um Sixth and Fighth avenue enrt. Poa?e.-isioa immediately <m purchasing the funjiture, which w'il be sold a bargaiu. Term* easy. Apply to B W. rh'h-xttdrt, u07 Brou,iw?y BBOADWAY STORE TO LET ?ONE OF THE BEST locations for tbe wholesale millinery or fancy h'-stiiens, and in the oeghtio'hood of the new stores now buildiog a... pig at PETEH ROBERTS A t o.'s, 375 Broadway. Grocery btoreto let and fixturksfobsal*. A lirst rate stand tor business, to be sold cheap. Inquire on the pteuiiae* corner of Thirty-fourth itreet and Sevealh avenue TO i.rt-THE 8boond FLOOR OF hoime h7 A i'kffvb C. Rent moderate to a family without oiuidren i |i|ilr on the prenuea. rlet?desirable korbusiness AND RESIDENT. 1'osseeaion how. 1 he two lower Uoors of house wk, At Inntlc street, Brooklyn. Kenltl' Apply to JOHN Wab?EB, at 412. *he hi use entire may be leaaed, (containing is apart ments), full nowession at May. r let-part of a house near madisob square, to a small genteel fainilv. The parlors aud rooms are handsome, and furntaued with marble mantels, gas and CroUM water, with the privilege o; a bath room A immediately at the Real Estate oillce of SAMUEL THOMPSON, 1,'xo Broadway. rl.kt OR FOR SALE A BARGAIN-HIE FOPft story brown stone and brick house, with al, the mednra ir.jprovtmeuts, 126 West Fortieth street. $100 to May aext. fcuo niter May. Apply io W. KNIGHT, Plumber, 931 Bread w*y_ mo LET?to A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY. TWO NICE A parlors and a front basemen- with gas, Croton water. be., in a good neighborhood. Rent low. Possession given tinme diatrly. Apply on the premises, 191 West Twentieth street. TO BE LET OP. LEASED ?the8tore AND DWELLING house on the tort heist corner of Greenwich andH?rn? ? oo streets?the aame bein? ai good order, and a Que Itusi oess location. Beat mx. Apply to R. E. hi ilweio., No. ? GoLege place. r LET?THE BASEMENT NO. b BOND 8TREET. VEST rood location for a physician. or aocne other .-ea;>ecta?u? profession. Possession given immediately. Rent low. ri?et?FURNIKHID HOUSE. KXFTVy. pi.acb. > ast Brooklyu.?Fuat claaa brick bO'.se, iiio<leru in Srovi eats Iiinilture new and rich i'.eut modi-rate until Ut lay next, oi longer. Address West, Herald oflice. r LET-APARTMENTS IN A NEAT TWO STOBY house, .suitable for a smail family in<h:irr on tue pre miser.. Forty second street, third door trom Second avenue. TO ut?to DENTIST, OB ANY gkntkkl BUSINE?. ortcagenMeuian; with or without board, a snvniis utcel? fumislied front parlor, on second floor Apply at t:to (..insist , new number 3nll two miniums west sid? of Broadway rl.ET ?ey"RY BUSINESS man SHOULD TtTRN ofh aitention to the New York Arcade and fitlisof Frea Exhibitio.i. Go immeduteiy md see 'he grest est io ...buiest . ge.t a >-:ore If possible , get your upon ei'jitntioa it ms \.'isb 'o fell ti?em It w be :h' i?r "X^r-i and most lmiimmisaie retort hi th.a city, lie'ng located . ?&> and r>3k brue iway. R. D. ooodwfn super.tiit'tideat mo LET immedl ATEl.y-A NEAT FRONT r0<?v. WflH A hei'rootn aal panirv. a< d a go "1 basement. ?itu ilro'ee water, rkii^e, w>a>httibs, r'? and other aoayeoieai. ets t? let theap. Call n*. the southeast c?me o! Eighti street sai sixth hvei.ue KM.WFOl!). AKNC'M?'8 WRITING >'!?('ID ft'llWliimfrMd note et'ia ai.uer'i.-i" wax. ai Wll.lAt?it a KOOKks, .-ttats-w#. I! ????.( New York a LL auOlitBJfTh it AUStBU HT n'.'KHilW Puiii, A rw rely pr? << tiUsl If J<r. aae U?e lodu fliud latap. t'enuoi S?r?-?lr bcrat or exp<?ta ibeiu. and ?. ?a? lixhM h \uxu?i an. a aiarr. ~ H KuV>i< atreei. New York. t ^ AcxoiMTin *ic*obcopk.?thk i/ndkrs.'onkb it pteoa-ed to npal? mlortMCoOM of uie uue<l c xiuruc Uoa. either on A -jdrew Rnn'i, Poweli k I.eaUndaor nmtu ?* Ueck'a pane. ri? IL>>- atiidenl a m .-row-ope wttu u? aai? tTVI A. F KBF v, No. I Fro.i ?(reel, dixk./a. nrar Puitou ferry. BUSHKHOP KVKRf DESCRIPTION - aTT.'iK .IfcUNA taatorv. !P7 <*rar> atrwt. Prankiu. eqaara .all arttola* B ?old at Uia low-ai faruj-y im toea. Palal bruatioe of ? RVH quality conatoatly <*> hao'l. JOHN K. HOPPBie (IHONJ- POn.TKY OF ALL KISUS, RKCK1TBD J dally at tba new Philadelphia nrodurn ?!i?f *!?o PI* l.idelphU pouud tutter. en-apple, country a.iuae^ea traafc egfa, kr . . aia< , mture mut, iui article prrpaied ;?r (?_ tie*. as T'JUrrrttwu-Ji atree', one door above Dyan* uree* Gold xhjai, awardko Br thk akkiiii ax ib atltoto lor "Allen'* Patent itraeeb uoadinr S,1e, " tfca beat Ui Ike worW. Sjr aale by 0>tt>* k YViIKKI.'JCK U Maiden l?a?. tn <a:ittrturer* mporien am jobhe** of rlflca ; xtola, water ai of all kind*. Spurim* apoarttaa a I great varto'v. HtAT. HftaT -OOHKJ* S PATBBY OKAYB D-aWTO P?it In aoj jraii i?"i S par aeot la ?V> gaiua to par aaot beat u> iba room Kxpanae ?llhf Call an* aaa a to eparaitoa, at L.. A J. JAOOSB*. 4Uf Biuadaay. AN8AB UKSH -YH? TBCBYBHa FOB THI PTB rkaaa of latdt to lha Terrtmry at Kum wtl! iw?lw ?ubacnptloaa. In ?ra?? to apply Utaia to laa |I irrhM at H* itflkVan ladtaaa TrnM taudu ami In ihn piM Aaaa tM Mkar faa* in haaaaa. MM in tba ffwiarml Tuid tint Soariac ltitcrrat. and raualrahla la purabaai nf lull of Um ItmL Par ?<ib?orip<4ou or far atxtatai to*?aUB?au. or for funk/* ta roni,iO)on api.lf loih.- Traaa- r?r, I (MB I'M LV* AN, a? ?? Wtotoi (LrrM ll'floil AMOK A. LAWRIMi;?PI WM Dimi.Si Hll'KMAIf BOBIKT )i MTOKKR, H K , | TrtiM?M. Niytnr. tn nK-n.KMVx okdfrino kn..8ah? < arila.- Uunbrrdr furniab?( the rnoai fMbv.ftal.Ut cwd. aad all prDoim ?Mrteg vii ordrr for a plaia and pack prrrt?M lo 'it* Oral of Jaanai? D*xt will b? orracnti-d with a o?* aad roBvealmt raid r?? ??. a holiday pifl <.imi*KDr., ( aid K.tigra. cr aud Siai.oo?r, 8>W Broad rajr. POOFIVO, BOOriBO. ROOPIMj-UPPkiRKU Al*? it r-wtrd wtih a palcat ninai:* r->ain* oaa rial imiu: aqaal (a lira ol otd.nary paint an 1 wajraniaO. Order* aaai W Rooting l??po( 1SI X.a?t fwrnt; ?er??Ui a<r?rt. STRBI 8PRIW? MKIBTB-YIIK ATYRVYIOJf OP YBB .?<li>-a II raiir-l t.) U|I? nr? aad elecanl lu*an'<oa Tmr <racefuinaaa, SrviluiKT. eaje *nd ooiafort li i?p? aB otbriala uaa. Foi aair jj FC'BMaN k ( O.. .'IB Uroadwap. SfOYB* RYOTB8, WTOVBB-W. B H YaB BOYWI. Mi Oaoa) Mri-at oaar VarWk i??w Ro <Mt Wa 'vara a Urea aaanrtoanat ot tb? la'~x pattaro^V Ifralfla and fbadwi a. ktteVo raa(?a, aamasxr rangaa and ato'aa lor aa'a am raa ?anahto lenaa Oittaa, ra?g?a aod atovaa .a>-?d and WoT*aputa? Mrlfi wiWMItrMk ?M> iluaj? asia, to tba Mock or a^b. TIIF NKBVaPRI'' Ct'BY - OR WM RKYffOMHOff, No " Naaaaii atreM. Hrooklra. prarttcai a ad roHaWag nirdtral ?naaa?rr)?i. rrapectfalijr mntea altmi'i>a to an a met a ir?>m the ue'i of Dr. t liaymaa, A1h*ta%ile rreat, leiado*. aa ' Maonal IkafnHMn," In Iliitiih .lo .-n* rd Ham rpaibr. Oca. t- W. BaDM, M Broa i ? ? 7 I nl va^TKIS HI.OOB*. th:' curat PRIMKBYRK I of ladie*. : jvo<i wi.b to keep a ntm p.r iton, if yon wlA ?ott can ?lwa?? ioofc heautd il l?f r fbia woadrrfnl *i?H nt tha Vrairla depot Ml Ila-ia UwaireeA AlaobyBra HAfBS, 175 Fu'toa a'rae . UraoMpa THi OlLDKBfl- OOI.l? LKAP W THI FfNRfY Qtt \ IHj, manufaituied bioreaelj for alMara' pnrL.oaaa at ih? lowe? prlrr, by HUBMh.KK HKUTIIKBS. No ? a'rret one ii<?r Iraai < aoal Rm PBITPfBBWTI 41. f ABTAIO* n OYBB. AND ise of tha caitdidatoa *ra beaiiaa, bat ftolw. i t Yalar'a r.aldtir (<iraaa?a aixl J P. (layer a ran^ea an auU bahra toa people and ranant be baa'en Paraooa wanUn* ,;.??! toraa^aa and raj;uaa will ted it to thatr ad?-aata#e >o eal at oar vara rnoma. ?M Mroadvay. and eiaiame forOemae.raabafoea par baeltwr alaawBara. ?>B'> I. OAWiTQN A<aat *n sreeps" I of ABI>PRB I.tqni.1 Iodine and Pure I-H|-ie WaleJ b urh la tba at idlty with wblrb It haa been aeirad bold af bf ?he puhltr. or acroiinl(d ltd wonderful Cuiraoi CX)Bf>l'MPTIOfr. h K V KB AND AOVR KJROFT'T.A, HlfUCSHYT** fAUT, It la aim'** Impoaalbla lo obtain bottiM ano?(h lo keep u > with the demand f)NF. THOUBAHI) BOTYI.KR A IWKIK hare now been ordrred nf Ih* mannfartnrer In Ute j tma af fuimiiti* ordrra >oid at tlA bot >. b? ANDRRR A rfMPfCII No. J eeoiid avenue and SfiJ Iirc ada at, C b Bine la? K oadway. A. Htilao, U Fu'toa a'.reel Hrook'./n. aaJ ail re ? pertable dri.cfato VHIBTLM BONYtOW* PTBP OoMPtJVV, or aaiaiaa ??n ra?aca Ykaeabaarlbera. Arcnta of thia nntuiaar. ara prana^ad to ?apply dralara wttk liatr *art? ,? prodaeto na Ubarai nam Tlx H blr Xiao W?ni Patay. m -a brUnan' eol-w ail mora la le thaa lead KiTHiRM ftad tan Ntiua. r*r ?baatbtef < Kant /tad. ot at' ? at a* and vkvaan-aa far aaaafbill a ?r Bvortao F.ta*, of rartoaa (VaiLraeU m?la fat ib? roatef of Ara and i?n? I'Ul.ttaffa andar 'be eaeevtotoedenne nf a tw* t?a?-ad Para Tiofera, aad ?taraalaad f* tt ra jr aara or too?ar RYBOBfl k 3BfT8. Bo. M B ?ad atrae'. Raa fart AYtFNWB 18 RFUUB8TRO TO THf CVIf^ 1 hittii p?tn aHevlator, adrertlaed fuifa ii tje l?ail- Newa. Pend for ? ciienlar. F. BB0MON, BD \M llower/. New roe* ? I" .-B~l * ?=S ?-? KRWTAI NAN1X. THK AVRM RIBAR HA- JTT8T OI'H^gT) A Ikd^Ak |r??.j No AYl Rroadara. >f>:>oal<> La trtl feew'a t'a^ato'a. wberea'ail ' ataa n??y "id fo-ird ibd beat laeer wiaa Frf'anJ BWfcw eaiJtb'li'inent B'i'v aid *1 annN ?''iea !fa< <w and MrfBM. w^b eretr ac-aivy, neregSLrf to f ?f'*t,ty Hai'io'd ilf. L dkV2mL3,