Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1856. IB. BIT J1 AM AN, mm A>D TUB SPOILS. Interesting Views of the Newspaper Press, North and Sooth, Democratic and Opposition. ifct Virginia Dcnacrary Droppls? the Die Mhrnhiti and lamas, and flalag In for tie Pltiodtr. Tfjie Seward Organs Holding Mr Buchanan to his Southern Exposure, 4c.. Ac. to. TBE BICHMOKD JUNTA. PUTTING ON THKIR AUMOK. [From the BlchnmM Koquii-fr (d fore ine late visit of 001. 'Wise to \S'0e?ii?na) I ? v * ? It !s a notorious fsct that tbe best caunoa for field mw?1I fti naval use. lurauhed u> the government are Irom toe foundries ot Virginia, and that of la'e the federal govern Mtl'i order a to the Tredegar Workn of Ktcbmood tor Ohnnon we larger than the esiaoli-hment can supoiy. It la a veil kiiown (act to every memtior of Uongro** but mirllBfamo, that a larger'numbor of th* raeen'l, ordered Itvil steamer* have been con raotod for in Virginia, to bo built In Virgiula ship; arda and shops, toua In any Other single State id the Union, not excepting New York, Posnyslvonia or Maaracbmctta. M-ewea th?*c private armories cannon foundries and abtoyards ot Virginia, to My nothing of otber Southern Siate*, oar tract of 8!uo Kldge country abounds In ton b<*t li?l, tbe mini* of which are furnished with abot iow?rs and moulds In fnU oom piemen' whlle the country If tlmt'd over at con co ntent intervals wlib powder mllia liit mmiufar.mre tbat superior quality which only our Western nliomon and abarp ibootur i deign to two. The black republicans arc as llltio aware of the svpcrl arity ot tbe boutb over tbo North in tbilr military re sources and establishments a* in any otour respects to wblch we have adverted. Tako \ r^iuia alone, for in glance. Do thiiv know thai sha liu an a-?eaalandar mory of her own?e?t*blbhni :n the rood old .State ?ove relgnty era et 17VS and 17J9, irorn whiod "she can ?qnp lfO.OOO trt?ps ?t leu d?)V m tioe? in thoy know that >he taa tbe nucleus of a ?t%n<iln* army at bcr oapl tai, consistlrg or a ttandirg public < n'l of a hundred moo, In regular pay by the -ttte, n'>' a volunteer forco tn Richmond larger In proportion tu population than any City la tbe I LiOii? beside* two urge eompaoles of young Kuardb ot the age and aplrtt of tnoce <?< uecripu of France With which Napoleon won nis b?*i laurels. Do they know that Virginia bas bad a Military Institute in operation at State expense for elgbtfeu yearn, whoreat ISO cadeta bave bcc instructed iu (bo practical sci mmm, pyroie. and milnary ucti?. evory year, ft-om which ?C0 ot the (lower or Vir^ota youth have been graduated, the meat of whom receive tuetr odu oat Ion at Mate e ipeo?e, upon tbi condition of teaching within tbe commonwealth tor two yearn after graduation' Tho fruit of this sthtetn u visible In anb-mtil'ary schools tn every quarter ot ta? State, an dor thelimtructloa ot these Lesia*'on graduates, with an aggregate or pupi la daily In true ted la military drill, of at least 60C. We have n>ade n > allusion to tbe volun tasr Infantry, cavalry and artillery re-intents ot tbe 8>ats, superior In numbers and military drill, we dare say, to the volunteer corps ol any State In the coaledo raoy. Beside* th\n jteruwtl and matm-l ot war, the State pos sesses bet w e- c ICO and 160 iloia pieces of cannon, eiclu stve of bcr "piota from tbe tederul government, 100 at least ot which are six-poundsrs, In carefv.l preservation in her amor) at P.lcbmoud, and r>'aiy for use at any moment Add to this abuudant provision of war muni ments, the fruits *f a certain lei. <w- or Fortress Monroe, with its well stored artenais, at well a? tbe federal ar mory at Harper s Ferry, on tbe Orst occurrence of hos tilities with the No?ID, and ber mi itary preparations would be very far from cocttaiptlolc fhe skill Of ber people with the r?.3e and tn bora>'man*hlp ts proverbial, aad we speak the worfs ot ciim rei'?cii 'O when we say, In no spirit o' boastfulncsi, that li tn. No-th should un dertake to invade the noutb, by tUrooi g open her ports to free Irsde with for. gn uatloot, au>i retnitog to allow federal dot e? to be co!l?ctod in tu r waters, Virginia conld alone drive bt'k their forcn To wake her system or p/rprr-aiTO entirely complete. Got. Wise bat very properly and ;*u, .nCaiiv ordtred the Whole militia establishment of Virgin* to be thoroughly or ffanirtd?a mtlltlasuch as tbat wntoh created Kergoaon at King's Mo-inia n. which drove t'nrnwalbs bask dlaoomit tad from the Ks river and UtillCbM, whwh oarned an argrrssiTe war a tbourand mile* into Canada under >oJt', tn lHit. an t.ishoot of wbicn ta u?' >auUs of the Kentucky and Tenne?*<? regim. nt* under .Isckaon overthrow th ? British Invader at Mew Orleans, and ciose 1 tho war u itis. THE Bit IQIOND JUNTA GROUNDING THKIK A1! M S. f Fro** the ilkbnoix1 liquid r (a'tor the late visit of Got. V> Ite to Wb?wl4?ud).] Not it *i' dmrouragoU by their r?CM repul*e, the re 'A'oerf ?>r 1 remoot are btully employed to c nttrucbng a baai* of party or^ani ttioo lor the c?m>ai(rn of 18<#. lae 1 u>. V) raily tbe black republics* upon a pUt uf ? jfficteat compana to i?'orui.' every opponent of ? lavery mi evety tnemy ot me RaaM aud toon to begin ? *y*tematr, ioce?tant atd unscrupulous wsnaro upon tbanexitciOi lUi'Viloa t niosa. at the end of hla term, j Mr. Buciunjui ? adminitt' atioa can oomniaud uio popular support, a black republican mocojstoa will be the inert tab!* cona?<,ucooe. There will be no other party to lahe itt th? dead aas's eOeeta. The blunder* ot tbe democracy, then, are to bo the ad vantage* or blailc repuhlicaoteni Wnat a leasaa oT caa tlon ar.d ci rev inspection doee this Uc< iecul-At* upon e*ory person wbo l* in any tort reaiauaibic Tor tbe po Moytor tbe party. With what obetadlce aad embarraaa a?enU dors .(^threaten tha '?comuiag aimlulstmiioo ! Tl>? democratic and Maik republican partlaa are aearlf balanced tn r.-spcrt of power. Tfco former Vaa MNH IB tbe rectal struggle, but* vm turlly won with the aid of i portent aocfeottl aJvan*?ir?w. Tbe latter boa ahateo of Ita teal. aod bas auifored no panae In ita preparation* for another battle lathe ncit cotter i circ umtUootw must be agalaat u?. ffbe democratic party will bo placo i In a vary ortleal petition, and will be auhjiotcd to a trial that will la? ita wisdom ami lie strength to the utmost lo'itr tbe boat auspices uti administration can ba'piy rttrviv< the ?on g< aiice ol 'fa I'-ea aod the Iftidlia'J of l?a friend* How dlOiorlt. thta, for a Preaident to steor ? .foly into harbor, when b'B ooursr tim among breaker*, an<i bemaxtea ?onater tbe Itiry of an luevitabl': niorm'- everybody fbreeecs tbe d-fflcultlM and danger* ia Mr. Burheoeo'* [41 b. I vi t bo-l T understands that ms ad mi j lat ration ?tout stand tbe ba.:?rd# of r. ?eotia<al on trove rsy Rot tbia t? not all. Tbe black republican party will watch and waylay hla at evory step of Ma prrgrvn . will inttrpoae ail maan r or obstacles la hla way wlU harrant him by 0:?o a>a*uH. will under mine bin. by fcret treat bary, wtil atrcrarato hi* embar rarom'Ut*. Will oppoae bic meaame*. tb??rt bta polu y, detect hla blunder*? m xbort, will tifbt bitn wtth erery weapoc t in palMMl warfare Oil bit adin nthiri tioa triumpb over a wen an accuBulaiioa of obatoclea" Qan Mr. liuf tanau ooadmt tha demorratio parly tbroaib all Ui(>? Uiilicuitke at>d dai and b ia? it Into the floid in iMO w,thnolo ?i of/> ??*?.y or |"wert the ei ylott woalrt r'tal tb? retreat of th X i*?t?o* aflerthe fall of tbe Malabo" bet tbe atratef r of a t-oiurbakoff ta ea arm,alto tu arrompUabm'nt lbe nmt brilliaa< repvta Uoe far eW?'e??aa?ialp will be the prta* of auocaea, the IrreparabW < erthrow of ibe party, aad tbe ruut ol the oooatry, will bo tbe penalty of failare. Ia tbr w-ndotn and ilrmneM ot Mr tunbanan we bare Mnpl'nt neooe But the iHeht." of tbe paty man be ?iuai tn the abii.iy of tbe teller. To anecved In bl* ar duoua eatr'p' ae bo muat barot'.e tea I una support of the w.i'H1 aoas<cr*ey The jonraa'i la tbe interenta of tie black republican party appr. .ate tbe eaibarraaatncnui of Mr. Bucbanaq's Bloo Tt.?T iinderitanii tbe roodm ?a of bta aoorrsn. know that tbe Integrity of llio i.tmoerney la naeoe oary, a born ?|) tbmga. to the tnnmpb ol t?e Inoomtm ail Mlhiotrat > n Iltoce tbctr artful ?it. mp'? to now distrnat betweoa lit* two tectlona ot ibo pari)?an enierprlae to wbiob tbe II rju t devotee Rnoil witb ind>faii^ab!? aa?i dntty. lien re the absurd story of the sureo'lancy of violent counsel* among tbe democracv "f 'be south. 11)0 Chariestrit Mercury aad the tiaw ttrioaaa Min are la noaraae paiiy paper*, and in their diaoase no of pe Itinal matter* they allow ihemorlvoe a latitude wBk.b ia limit- i oaiy by Uw" own Weaa o? 'oonaisieer v a?d duty. B it ?are ronauctad wtth very rr?.?r?sbls ability, and tbe trtieet aad moot en igbtenmi regsrd to ibe ta tervsta of ta* Hotitb. We are surpvta<d, taerefbre that though boy mat care ao'hlag for tbe < tlgenriea or i<*rty, thry do not tee bow eflretlv*^ thry aid u>?aai>i<i of blank repaMtoantaei to rrpalliag tli" synt|?'b>es of tho Northern democracy aad betraj log a dlst* ua* of "be laooraiag ad ?alaiatratioe. Whys deet^ir. In sdvfvte. ef Mr. Roetia ?aa's ability to ahleld the "onto from aggreestue, at leatt dartng tbe term of bw l"reatdtnc>' *ny prescribe a policy to blm wbv h in the oat me of things be cannot tin ? lertakr tna prophecy of evil? oolrit-ntea to the lulQl raent ol iia owa foreboding, and ii.< *e axtravagaai speru tatloaa can oaly rod la dtsappotntment Meanwhile, bow ?jvar, th?y animate the hoiea oi the en< mlea < f tbe Moatb, and (lepras th* spirit of oar Kitrthim allie*. Oaa W > aala any advaiitege lor the coaitnon cause, by lietraylng /ta iioriltaate ambitton, and by terni-rio,; our support to Mr. Buchanan on i?|xeeible condition* [> >we not rua the haatrd nf a?eoatvag;ba nealiaenoe aad loalag the la 4luence of hi* admiatstratton' la the ClhctnaattOeavetitioii, Mr. rtm haaan arts* not the first cbeiri of a maiortty ot the ^ nuihern democracy. iMM bla nomination wis aoteptel with satisfaction, and he vat stipji itid ta the itnitb wiin usexampted nnoum Ir Both tbe ffco'eend Mnxwy aided in bis electon. And why! Not certainly beeauto H was erpecte<i tbat Mr (tachansn aotiid come up to the fhli mnaatire of our waata and demanca %e antlnipaied no such tbing snd hence Ibe cppoaltloa to bi* n -miatlon la the tlrst in ataece Be wna ?rpt?nt?d by tht^e who are ?tigmat)>.Td aa the " tgtremlst*'" of tbe .-k>utb, '>? cause of the probity of bt* personal ebaraetrr, hia ability to ndmintolratioo, and the well siieeted tsirr< ts s'kI frieadllt es* of hia d\* poaltton toward* thi< l??t?h. He rece'rat the almost suaelmoea vote of the a -u h, w Uioa* wti'nh his ole'tlon would have b?-a an laipn?a>h|? a, blevemeni. He m, rtrf'/wt, Ht <<jwv *irf, tk? 1'ietHle ' ?t the X a/A?opi tn a tttue, lr?l in ih? t "ir ?>>, t kt nseii t>U elrfttm chiit tIn th* mff t< uf th, & 4^ *? y, ti rii, shnt id an? ?aatbira ??% nato-'paie ais adn ? witb dlatr.isti' He was Mated ? od r pi?d?e* (implied In tb* armrl pl l M Ibe p *t rrir ) a b ch we ml ft ite.; *. safi'fac. ( tory lit prr*reaa at 4ba ?iitm a?j, m tbeag pledge were In harmony with tola antecedents. aid with lit spin of the Northern democracy, there U no rets on to apprehend their vio auoo. In any event, U will be tlnio enough to aspect Mr. Buchanan and to oppose hi* uumiuistrallou, wten ue discovers, by some a mmjuvooai ??? .f bad faith, tb*t be <ioee not deeerve the confidence and support oi the iSouih. Ibe gcuth occupies a precarious position in the confade rscy, and to sustaic bcselt she bu need of uruUciel ?upport. Prudence sluu'd be tbe predominant principle ot btr statesmanship while she In oonUxt w reaiwu In tbe Union. in the North there is a party well affected to her intereets. the President uleot la pledge l to protect her rights. For ourselves. we find, Independently ot the obligations ol party, abundant reason to solicit toe alii at oe 01 th? Northern democracy, and tbe liillucoce of tne f< dtml Executive. i-uca btiug the cane, we would strengthen rather tlian destroy tho tntog'ity of the demo rratic orgai>i:'atiou: so th-l when the ileal conflict cotumt (li come h must,) tbe S?utb may not lind herself utterly friendless and alone. Fueb being the case, we mean 11 ?upjK rt Mr Bra bar. an a administration, in tbe oonflJeni bi nil that tbe Sontl will never regret ber agency to hta e.cction. Will not our friends ot the DeUa and Mercury announce the aamy resolution f MASTER I'RYOR, OP THK ENQUIRER. PUTS IN FOR THK INFLUENCE OF MARCY FOR A FOREIGN MISSION. AN AMKKli: AN STATESMAN?IfM. L. MABOT. (Prem the Ricbttv nit buqalrer Nov M.] Tbe New York Journal of Cunmtmt expresee* a wish tbat Mr. Marcy may be retained at tbe head of tbe H ate Department under the Incoming administration With tbe construction ol' Mr. Buchanan'a cabinet we have no apecla) or personal concern. Tbe matter interests us only ati it affect* every other citizen who piacee tbe pub. lie welfare sbove tho aspirations of individual*. Hill, while scrupulously abstaining from any attempt to Influence tbr President elect In tbe choice of alt Cabl ret, either by ititidiou* suggestion or impertinent alvice, wc say consistently en trrkv tbe well deserved compll unert which our New York contemporary paya to the abilities and hervive* ot ibe present ,N:creiary ot .Siato. Li titer tbe administration ol President Polk Mr Marcy discovered a very extraoroioary executive capacity. H me people mistrusted, nevertheless, whether he pos Seised iBe breadth of view and fullness of Informttlon circuital to tbe dischargo ot tbe arduous and multiform da !es of tbe Rate !>?.| irtmcnt. How entirely tbii doubt baa been dissipated, and bow signally Mr Marcy bus il lustrated as Veil bis profinnd and comprehensive tteie*?acship as hie unapproachable power In contro versy, we need not attempt to establish by a recita! oTbie achievements within the last four years. It is enough to recall his correspondence w ith Clarendon, his reply to ilio piopoeitiona ot tbe t'arl* Cotferenco, bin discussion of Cent ai Amertrau affairs, bis triumph In the enlistment d'ipute, his cotxlusior of tbe Utclproci y treaty, his de ' dsive blow at the abupe of the Sound and Stade exae t.o???U is sulhclent to produce those instances of bis ex traorennary polemical aoilly and his familiarity with the ti e poil'ica and diplon acy of Europe, in support ot his claim to rank amort; the foremoat statesmen of tbe ago. Tbe demand lor a special order of ta'ent la apt to sti mulate its developcm* nt But the complications of Fa rrpcen diplomacy since the rupiurj of relations between i:ua?!a and the Western Powers, has produocd no states man who begins to be a match for our Marcy. la con trast with the rugged vigor of his granl Intellect, how Infinitely snail seem the little abilities nf a Lord John Kusseil. the orlstccratlo imbecility ol Clarendon, toe rupercllHous Ignorance of Walewski, or even th? nice re lin?m?nts, and unsubstantial combinations of the veteran Nerselrooe. By what aa Immeasurable distance do tbe a<aie expedients and the empty common places of these European tcaaters In dipomacy, fall below the rich re sources and original poweis or our Secretary of Mate, H's intrusion, in tbe matt? r ot the Danish dues, among the titled tricksters who manage the politics of la rope, mated precisely such a cenaumatlon as would be pro duced by tbe appearanoe of a giant In a nursery of chil dren. They screamed and rcampered, and swore that itetan himself was ootuing to take a hand In their game, if Di'ii like Marc* conducted the dip'omacy of Europe, tbe Conference of Vienna would havo been something better than a miserable abortion, and the patch, work p? iu;e of Paiia would not promise so plentiful a crop of intrigue and disputation. That we do not rate our Secretary above tbe eattmate of Kctopets politicisna, any man may sati'fy himself by colleclit g the opinions 01 tb<> Kurop< an press on the set tlement of the erli?t0twt dispute, the conduct of the con trcversy about tbe lianUih dues, %nd tbe reply to tbe prrprsitions ot the Parts Congr^ * > respect to aertaln mo tirratlor* In '.he t-aagn* ot u.^rltime warfare Bat tbe highest sttr>gtation of Mr. Marcy's statesman sbtp Is in the universal cobildeooe whtabtbe I?rople ot this country repose In his character and ability. A\ erne from rash couuhcIs, yet vigilant la promoting the national interests, and re*jlute In avenging nauonal wiotijjs?caotious. conservative, of ripe exuerteaoe, Indc fh'igable in labor, and animated with tbe tru?*t spirit of patriotism, bo is a sUtesuiau of whom the country may well be proud. At least this poor appreciation of bis character la not inappropriate at the eleae of hU service PHILOSOPHER GREELEY'S VIEWS. [Prom tbe New Yor* Tribune ] Tbf Prwwjlranicin contradicts?we presume oa gOftd grounds?tbe report that Meesrs. Wise, Douglas and Sll dell had made demaads of Mr. Haehanan, during a late vi?it to Wheatland, which he bad rejected, wben upon they left In dudgeou In tbe Urst plao*, Mr. Douglas baa cot been to Wheatland recently In the next, Wise Is salt to hare gor? there only to entreat Mr. Buchanan not to , c?!i b.a (W<se) into tbe proapjotlve Oabinet?aad we will warrant that Mr. R. never refused that request But tbe whole story was absurd. Mr l.achaaan la notoriously ; a fac'.le man, and he understsnds to wbat influence he owrahls elect I in. His suooass (stabliahex the doctrine i tbat, no matter wbst the slave pnver may exact, it la ?'sectional'' and ?? dtsunloniat" to resist its demands. Uf course, Mr. B. cannot begin his administration by do ing that very thing which Ue and his supporters have pronounced so culpable In their opponents. His cabinet will be pro tlavery; so will bis ?<1 ministration; and tf Kansas shall be saved from enslavement, so part of tbe credit will belong to either Presides* or party, tbe new administration will be aa olocgatioa ot that of Franklin Pierce. THVRLOW WEU?'B IMPRESSIONS. | Kr> m the Vbaoj I.vtnlng Jeurcal ] The donthei a joUtlclaat eparc do pain* to maintain control over Mr ftucheaau Tbey ?warm toward* VIMM by every beat and train o' car*. They wrtta letter* to him by every mail. They write bevrg} aper ar ticle* at him, and *ec<i btm a marked copy. They (ret up meeting <, where, nnder prctcoce o( rejoicing oyer bin ulcctton, the J U'.l him what liu nut do Tbty tell him New York and New lnglard mmt oa rnbbtd oft bin llat reappoint meat*. They uii bint Vir ginia. (Jcorgla nod [xtoictana ouit h? pat on, and put oa lor tfce boot place*. They name Toomb*, Wt?e, Hlidell ?cd Cobb for xi-at* In Use Cab toe t and minikin* to foreln court*, while the* aieut Marry, the Van Bur en*, Ooch iat>?, kc., lor any poet wbatevur. Tbi ir iourra'ji atly a< ny hi* Pacific Kallroad InUer la "democratic." and denounce hi* liair uttered bopa lor Kama* a* "trea?on 'Ihey quote hi* t "at.-nd circular at him, and aak him ir he mean* to rtand^ip to that .'' Ik>t. Wtee holii* bia extra *e*eion for *e< carton Ilka a drawn ?word over hut head, aid Col. k -Ul darkly tinta of "Pal tteilo" regimeila hl? rear. Menaced wita a aiampede at tha North tf ha roe* oa. ?ad with a chary a from the Hoatb, tr ha <-iopn. the paar old gt-nUeman >? to an ;ired named It to a hard thing at hn ay to be oompolJed to do what bo baa never yet drae m hla lUo lafc* a dcctdad cjurna one way or the otter. THK DEMOCRATIC PRESS. NORTH AKI> HOi TH, AND .MR. BUCHANAN'S ADMINIS TRATION. [V ram the Sprtngflel.l (Mae* ) Republican (Fremont or gaa).J The to:w of the republican |v*e* and party I* the *aa?e evrrywbere. from me eiponent we leara tlie whole. Not ro witn the repreacntativee of the jont trump bant party HI btl more fc ore to ita voice than orator PnlT. Oer tatnl; two, market aad diatiaet?t Norther aad a .?South ern tuBr?with vartaitoa* and gtueallon* ail through from ooe to *<ie other Bu thi? ebonld be aald ol tlie demoera ttc pre?? ft* Northern rTpre^nuuven do not compare in p?>wt r, abll ty, confidence and dlrectaem of one with tniae of the Southern (Hate* Looking through the Al ba* y A git. *e n atoo Prut, tbe New York Jmtr of I tmmrr * and the li.lladalphia J'nrnril-itnutn. an her before or *!iic* the cue jon we Ood ao hrariy fnrftratton of wnat tbey would have the policy of Mr Hirhanaa'* at* m in let ration, or any clearly <?? fie i U efcmment of wbat the recent vi? Wry m<<aa*. an.I what It alii rreuit n. rberc ta, to l>e tare, g?ont fellel UHod ever tbe eaivation of tbe I'ntoa, and vaet p red In t*.n of peace aad ?.lory to the country Trota the perpe tnall< a of democratic rule. Of thia, however, w* hava had an abundance and It haa narally coded >n m?ealog tbe exteniton ef ?iniery by Uie help of the national gov a>amrat. "HaMm'lie I nlon" In democratic dicuona rlee baa never heretofore meant aught but airt>mia*ioa to tbe il?i*>aiid" < I thoee who Ibrentened diaenlon. Bnt tbr?e jenrraN teil the oonotry nothing which It ?rtk* to know Aey prcmhe nolhibf a* to Kaaeae. a? to Cuba aa to any otb?r of the ncbemoe for tie bene (It of ?lavcry. Tli< y uu not ev.n Jcei<md that Mr Ba rbanan rball reatore to the people of Kanea* their qtolen and vtelalol rigbte, nor u> the people or the North the territory pledged to their Internet* by at pa-l c* and ail etctl<>n* a g? neration ago They a<lviae the |<eopla of Kaaeas to ?ubmlt to toe pro-?l*very Inwa f"'ced rpou tb'Bi by tbe Mifaourtaaa, and hope tbey will make a free State of It through them, o' wMi h there la .mat ab?ot a* morh chance aa there wa^ of I r.imere * ei<<r.tioa We have no doubt Uiey deatrn thai Karrae ha*l be a free dale, hccauee M W fbr the interoat of tbe Northern d> n<ner*ey that It abonld ba; but their whe e lone ?bow* thit ibey are ready t? aubmn to Ita b*>ng otbrrwiae, withoiit{jirotefH or oppoeltlon There la nowhere vlelble, In tbe coTamua of theee Northern demo rrat*c |<e|cr*. a tpark of manly e?mpaihy with the ?trnggte waging ;or freedom In Kan aa, or any of that citimandipg epirlt which obtain;' infloance la tie conn ?el* of a party or a Congre** On the real queab-m* at l?*un before the cfixniry they ba*p<*k nothing but tame ? ul ml** on to party policy and | arty decree* () itaide ot the republican tank* and of the brave band of c.lllteaa In Kama*, we can And no trantleatation of a *pirit that pr? mle?a real hoje for the reacne of that Territory from We eppresror* Ynt It !? tn a that, la e?*ret, abnndant aat'iranee ban been glrcn 1o N'<i'bera voter* that Mr Rueban.m'a aym p? l?y le wilh the fre* Hate mriy In Kanaax, and thai It ehall be a freo <-uu-uaoer hla a<imtnla ratloo Nona of ?b>* le biek<c np by ihe Notinern devmeruitc pre* with any fro ?e. Uxy may darkly hl?t it. an a teea en wulch tbey el r nk to at ow, Vnt aever d < they demaid It av in* light ibieg In iieelf, a*>d ae neccvMr) to li>?ir future aiandine aa a (tarty in Ihe five Mate*. turrmir I >>? ee. to the ?lev* i-'letcn, where Ihe ?tr*nftb ol Ihe 4< oiocr?Hc i arty Uca, ud wa kaJ a prew commanding, ev<o defiant la tti eiprea !^? vCplJa"'M The W'hmoBd Mnquirer, which ev" ?,T dea^cmiio party bad an eaiateioeb? ^ Wld lead^? ?'?M i? the Boutu, ih? New Or SSw?--7S Si't- rssssaz??J??-? ??? ??5*s^Sj?2! ?> icb tb?? ,hL ' ,tn-. Tho 'igorou. tone i * *?k J<*ri!AlM announoe their v.ewa, t, in ho wbiefc tbolr Vnrlh'ri'' 8nesk'n* BUbniiaalve .otrit in ttoot ot iha I.^ u- 00<??P?*rif? talk about Urn <<u?a S' '?y can find little or rotbinr Id the Ir* ^ ro?t' ?^J*th-^U,,Mi* worth copTlug M lLoatral t/'io ??.<> limes, or giving ground (or pxpoo d?er"I.tfro?ih?^r,wP0"Cr2f Mr K'!Ct,"?n *">' ?a '?urn iii irr,n u> at of Picrce But tie Sjrh?rn ?niim>lt SiaVforthe mhSS?"' ilr"'ll"r *?iclea, upon wmch arc ^.T.wVL ""gbteument ar our re.tera, who may b< ' j'8' M'oif" alarm Cor the rxlatanoa of the little re ?* tb *1 uio!,1*^'*,rthy ,n 11,0 ft-ea SUbe*- w hooeet concern ft r the l nioiu, but he must yield r,ib<tantially to their 4m Srtj ' n&?.VJS 'If0 of ivirS^ lltlcai espt rience, in hi. Bem*?, will do " ^ (From .i,.?HE fc'0UTH AND KANSAS. [Urm the Co umbia (8. C) Time. _ Buchanan omul S{K5^a,5S^-J'^- ZSu-~ ,?f *i*BC# ut the map fbowa its geofrapb.cai value and *'"????? K,n'*8< -e mu.t prepared In IX?.Froe Bolll?m "'11 eat into h"r territory . i , i f?c ?* ooca like a car or, and it muat licallr .i rS^' ac" be :0bt' Th? <??'?'<> would ?enV?"nd w tK." lM DOr,bcr* *>?"?" ol *""?? f Tllory *nd *"??. and tarough New ?MUt ,1 * . Wf lo tbv f IrootM-r, would at laat. fh 1 u' .^y e u,K"ll,on policy or Great Britain ia hOT tiaL1' 'BtireJr Purro,u,d u?. ?Dd force 0* to elow dra^h B ,eU 1?tructloa and the armieaof a j ?i>VbJt fli.CMB0* Icwre Kansae and be true to herself U ler dcM uy. Jlu coo-lDteryeatioil doctr ae m?i/ tin ae a jparty eij^dieDt, btt it wiU not aave *u. Haaa^it, u S^irittainass t?a= j?/. KTuTW^i's \? rtu ber; her faith will be it nnnv E?jr?'?s, inn".""1 AUtoira In Kaniu [From the I^avenworth Journal, Nov. 15 1 rw. , 'UJ{ LAKD BALM. b^ f e?i" of the ^l*w?re renorve iandi syri^riKrr.'r;..-;: q"''e "" wount of excitement la the The I3T ^>pcrt,;nll,M ror ">T??lng during the aale will A?ter ,be 0,,red W de.l^ tT.Sc'ul^ Alter tbe bona fdt M-ttlera have bid off their ? Ibere will be elegant claim, lo ba wM- thiiTSS^S' WU po to tbe highest b.dder B'it the' cuJSi 2 21^1 rume natter* murt and .ball be rvarat.i?L?t?.L5?" rr?at, and we hope to &oa the beat o( order DPM*rviu T e uetioti of tbe Preaideat in having tbe raloi take nlam tbe fort, wbiloTtt. afcuwedurdKi ^ ?KUTJ!Vtt?r" tOT " u72doi?S? I, we know, be rebuked by b^ioe proven to h? m. nuu ?rrVllim^i buDri7 Vankea abohtli o *pecuia SLSSTSb iJLW BSt I ? mmtm juav ' |> UII, ,_,0KiT m ?*?at Uv wu>ar^ tFroa the Lecotnpta* Uni^n t rw. ^ Tw 14 STATE rsXBONns. oe Hr?t ihatrtci court la tun m aeaaioa at th ? niiM t'lZ ? ?? in attenOa^T^doar pr??eblrd. tine the be(UiniB|r of tbe knestnn ?rj" erarce of a prnqJou. younr city i ^? y ^ *r^ ???8b ff- tSmr-jx/; gfrjgs&aar>,iaa S jH?? 'r u' sir.?'~ ^ 1 ' *1*- at 5 o dork, and arfoed br nutHri ii orre, C H Grover and D j S K Rrovc, aod fol \ndrew J. Imcki. latJdtitaili 'au Jt.? W r?."e **rr1u>r7, aad fl. ). I'otnam J Read' rT,r^. ' "i M. J. P^roU for tte^J ? Tnr{ ! *re bMn ^ ?? wo'W ainca tbe be o! hii.Be? UV* d'kp#tei"d ? '*^g* Unount 1,1,1. _ hu.y, fk/ returned to the eotirt .isty-Bva tN- liw ? ?I,r^"TOT 200 vniaUoaa of I aw. All praise Vk duo tbe whole non^t #v?? il. have the bete??T, ^ ^ ^*e; *? ?????<? Pt?.d ol luea at bith>5fi?^ ** 'urlw w ??? BsM. of iiidi'taiitit arr betn? fbnnd ??ratart all imuu Uvlr, Violated the laws of ibe land w thout re^TrTT ?b:r:vzt? jtttfi zzz rr,^ w"'boT ,; "rd ^ ^J.U/ Ve" ?*"*** T.rraory ^c^at^or^ul^i^d1'1* U" ...1^ ** "r ,b* ?I'OTe mentioned flfteea i rlaonara waa ?S SSati fiw*, Stot5l&1$ySfF out cttum'al If ,'r?,e,? 1,10 Allowing ta tbe odicUJ r.? ,.f . f ""CTrt?? DarARTYaa-T, ?) f a l?n-.," B*m i litvro* - joo.- o.i7ea? ?nZj?X"; sssia? ?bn.7.rrrm?r - H' f?rtor ol |i anaa. Territory, flit- KWaragna Drvnlopemenfa. MAJOR BK1H8 IN Hkl'LT TO 0X>E1LAL QOKOrRIA. Stw ^ on, Nuv 34. ISM. TO THU BTOTnX <? T>ll IIIULJ -. I or.Mr deelre to refer to oar or two point* I* oonnec t'oa with the communication of Genera! (>otoaur a, which appear* In tfeta morrlof* fTxiAUt. He puMivbe* a contract, averted le lif r? bfM mult between < meral WalVer and F A. 1 June, la which II le stipulated Uial *aid J alee la the atr >nt of ' Sr I?o atefo dt? Ontamm," aoie Voider iad depn itary of the Itoola and chattel* belocgtag to the eauie of CnK ana fiUtitf of a tratal, money a*<l amunltKiae of war and acrordtrf to aaid contract, Groeral W al ?r agree* ? Thai h- will (Mill and 10 operate with I1H1 pemmi ftrvt with Me >artet ? ifN'iiT?? encta ?? men an<l o?h?r?, lalhai < 'i?.? ?r4 to f??or of her Hberty. alter having i?t nolMJiOad tbeitace ad (OvetMMat of ihe rapitbln of Nic\ Aa General Boieoerta'* letter might lead the to Infer Ibat ta><l properly belonglag to I ha "eai.???if C<jha ' bad kf*n trunalerrrd to (ieneraJ Wi kar, It woul.t have doae tbat mora rradU to have Mated tl*t tho property referred to yet rema n* In hta (fJoVwarta'i) po? ?wi-aloa. la another paragraph. General Got joorla ear*:? Aa to tbe K' roredo and Mr .1. P. Ilela*' brWIart 'liat 1 (a fnrrli ?nrr l>* btr'l waa ralolrc ? thousand Atnw"-an? to f i ht Amert'aneln Nlesraau*. It argue* an ???tiinnto of my to il?er>e with the ;ai'ant pi?ple of Uila country that 1 cannot ciulte iimpt. < nopltinintaiy >5 it la. No ttifb < omplimeai waa exteaded to the Genera), tor t made no refereme to ' one Ifcmwaad AnrrVwo*' a* be trf ral?ed by btm to ''Debt Amorlcana la Mn*raga\ " I oreteme there are a few more men to be found in the I plted Fie"'*, Of the int country end Yhara iter of thoee > ho were rem trrnn New Or lean* in February. oader tlte direr iirn of (.eaeral Gcioonrta, aa 1 understand, aen who ?o dt*tb>guMb<d tbetneeivea oader the eoauaaad of Crbi<-eeln?er. ?"? the battle flold of Haata Roe* ? bether the El Porado waa Intended for C iba or not, I w 111 leave the public, to indue. I hare already flr *n the ?troograt evidence thai It waa dentin*! for aa>lher qearter. Whether II wa? honorable, eren If (Mho w*< the place Inlrrded, to involve the nanee of Ntnaraffia In aneh a Tooltoh and Tlatoaary tcbemo, by i eprmeaMag to the Met d? of tbat ctmatry that the eipedllkm waf ?o al I Hen. Walter la al*o a natter worthy of the coaellera lon of the pnblW. ami whdoer a Ban Id ever e*<mea>le li pub lirlilnp cotsPdrnt al letters abonld Ukew ee be ona< iered.

('trnnodore^'apdrrbtltaad General MMMl be vat ft?r ?ra.e t me, been pe*tra?erala the "aame boat," I may aa wrl) r< It r in tble nrle to bin <p<ari denial of haria* to me tbat fli rerai Oolconrta waa hit ageat. I am not apt to tn'nrdrrMand a man's meaatBf. aod not h?vli? any ' petnr a?y tat?re*t whatever in tbe old or the now fmntH 'cr paii'a, I rentint be ebar?ed with an letootton to do < cri iro<*rre ^*ai <l? **?ttt irjnetloe. I Will, thoref j e, re prat, iMt 'n Hey or Jnne leet be ?*ld rtate to me ?ba< bo ba<ian?f<tit in Kkaragoa, and that General Go armrta war that #i?i t i am perflrctty willlni mat <ev name ! ? lei'co t tfore tt^e reunlry Ot b queatlor. of vnractti wltb i C t n taodore \ aLderbUb ^OQH P, l)U4d The New ( Miirdy mt Laura Keene'a. Ur. E. G P. Wtlklna' coinody, "Young New York," waa produced for the tlrst time last evening, before a bumi*r house, at Uura Keene'i Mir theatre The plot la very Blender. Mica Rose Ten Per Cent, (F-aura Keene.) daughter of a New York mUliunaire, (Mr. BurnetV.) la of fered in marriage by her ratber to a note shaving parsoo, Mr. Needbain Ciawl, (Ur. Dickinson;) disliking the re verend, the lady gives her heart to an Itinerant Cjunt Sklbblrtal, (Mr.^ham,) anl runs away with him. Contrary td every one'a expectation, the new Madame Eklbblrini, disowned by her family, earna bar bring with the aid of a sewiog machine, and givea suoceaaful concert*, ju<t aa abo la rUing tato public fever, her father, ruined by the machinations of the Rfcv Needbam Crawl, softens toward bta children, ia reconciled, and alt ends bappily. buck la I be slim thread un which Mr. Wllkins has apu the three beat acts of local comedy ever prodaeed la New York. We say comet y, lor though the somewhat broad humor ol the play bill would lead one 11 ei pact a rollick ing farce, that expectation is not juitified by the pi<ce it self. it is genuine comecy. in the true aeaae of the term? ttrong hearty natire, now comioal, now bitter, a* often radiy aetlous aa homorona, rutting deeply and ku?iy into tlie heart of oar lsner We and daguerreotyping with wonderful mioutsner- scnei and feaiurea which we venture to *ay made their debut last eight on the stage. There aro no stage effects, no violent tourt de force: the action movea slowiy, leaving, to the dialogue the burthen of nupporting the piece. This it does perfectly: sharp, quick, trenchant, original; abounding In telling localism*, such ai where Jordan threatens the Rev. Crawl that he will "Simnerm lilm," and the Reverend groans In agony that be ll "a minis ter, not a Senator." It waa remarked by some of the audience that the " in cidenta in real life," on which the playbtll says the piece Is lounded, are laoideut* within the memory ol almost every one, and tbat tbe peraonagea represented on the stage do not dlfler essentially from well known charac tern in New Yotk aociety. How this ti, that society la heat able to say. Many of the Bailies were reoeiveu aa though they bad borne reference to fluniJar events, and the whole play was received with an enthusiasm rarely awarded to aay comedy. The acting wai gene-ally good. Mr. Ihckts son's make-up was excellent ; Mr. Johnson deserved; 1-aura lie en e waa capital: Mr. Burnett ahouid swear a little leas. lVallark't Theatre. Tbli theatre was crowded to ovcrliowiog lat-t Light to witness tbe re appearance, a'ter a iqng absence, of at old favorite, Mr. Jamea Anderson, aiid the debut of Mist Agnes Kllfsworthy, an Knglish actress, whoso alvnal bas been prefaced by some highly Uudatory notices from tbe I.ot?ion papeia. Tbe attraction waa enhanced by the production for this occaaton of an original foar act play, by Mr. Andes aon, entitled, "Cloud.i and ^onshlne," thus pre* en ting him la tbe double rule of actor aad author. Tbe eocne of tbe near piece la laid at YeraalUea. In the licentious age of the Hr?rnct, and the character or tha period Is well preserved In tbe completion of tbe story and tbe persona who nt< ve la It. Tbe 1 >uob?as of Nalrna (Miss Iilswortby), a young Scotch widow, possessed of large ostates and err at personal attractions, ha draws around her a circle of devoted admirers, whose propo sal, however, at e in suocee loe dlsmlaae*. Uno of tbem, more oar teat and mtbcalasllc than tbe raat, Kdgar liunoia (Mr. Ander on), unable to survive bar rejection of bia rult, destroys himseii under her window. Tbe Marquis da Marcilly (Mr. Sothern), one of the tialn of outcast lovers, re^ol upon taking a violent revenge upon tv>? pr.ut beauty, ami Whs?ppsaraass? t Bwiri Duaoia (Mr Aadereoo,rrdt virm) the twin brother 01 the unfortunate l lgar, aflirda h a b tb an opportunity and a fitting agent to carry out biideaiga. By arousing the Ducheaa of cruelly and da oeit to Ldgar and bis mother, whose death baa followed speedily that of hsr son, ha prevails upon Henri to enter Into his scheme of veagaanco Ilenri affects to ba de votedly In lore with tha Duchtta. and finally succeeds la winning tbat heart which had hitherto bean ioaoceaaible to trnderaeea. The plot is now ripe tor execution. Hav ing secured the lady'a love, it la aattlad tbat Hear! la publicly and scornfully to rrject her hand, aorompanled by aurh a display of contumely as may aatisfy the dealgn of revenge projected by tbe Mar^nla. Hut there la a ccmpltoeted < motion to be dealt with at this po at of tha story. Hinn.yn winning the haart of the I mope* haa loat bla own. He loves her with aa deepa derott?a, and with aa much constitutional ardor ai b,a brother had loved her before b m. and In aacriBcing her to this terri ble scheme of vengeance, be fools that ha la alao aaeri twtng htmaeit. Hut be bai pledged hit honor to the task, and be luilila It. Tbia la the culminating point of the plot. Tbe lady, humiliated and overwhelmed *?y his perfluy, summons up strength enough to regent It, t>y exposing to him the faliehaod* wbioh the Marqt.ia bait palmed upen Lint. Henri outracsJ by this <* iscovery, compels the Marquis to tight, b.m, ana iaf s htaa apparently, dead betore b.m New event* n.>w aria* 1 br Pocbess determines to revenge hem-U u tu-n. >he loves Ilenri. but prida la more p< werlc.l than lore,'and to cruth tbe unhappy suitor, who still floliows her with Im ploring entreatiea For fcrglvenaaa, aha accepts lavora from the Imke de Richelieu (Mr Reynolds), and li abuut to bestow her band npon him Tha Incidents thicken to wards the close, expectation routiaually fluctuating be iwten bo|*e and dee pair and It Is not till the catastrophe Is on the eve of accomplishment that the denouement be cornea apparent to the spectator. Just aa a tragic termi nation Is antk-ipth-d the piece enda with a remedy of er roir?the dead are reitor>-d to hie again, aad Henri and the 1.tehees are, aa tbsy orjbt to bo, recoac let aad unite <1. ?n ui the shore r?ni il will be f>'en thai Ibe pl?ce la highly Bielo dramatic ta character, aad Just nnrb aa v '|ibt have bsca expected from an actor author, mora la Wat upon productiif < itectirr aad telling situation*. Uiaa a work ol high Iltararj ir.crlt. ,'adgrd by tha ata which b<' tad ta rlew. we are bound lo roofcaa thai Mr. An*er h>d baa succeeded la hJa object. Tha piece la oaa which haa tba merit of engroaamg, troa brgiBBtrg lo end, the Interest o( tha spectator; but It muat ba add ad, fiat It aT 'ecu thu by tha liberties which It takes with tha dramatic unitlee, aad tha oceaatonal boidneei ot it" anachronisms. II la artiatta, however, la Ibe stage senee of tha word. aad that, oraildertng tha < har^rtar of moat of oar modem drtrcaa, la aa btgb praise aa tta author probably seeks tor tt. la tba mounting of tba ptece grsal paic bad art dcatlj beea bestowed by tba management. Toa *w> r% mnr aad co?t>.w*a were s; lemMd aad contributed, of course, g'eatly to the surceaa of tba play Tba appearance of both Mr. Aadaraon aad Mlaa Kliswirthy waa (treated with boiitarous sppiaoee, aad fbr awhile the lady aeemcd overpowered by tha aaiha starm ot brr nccpt'on Thla a?r\onuses In aome da grce marred bar eflorU dur'ng tba Drat act. but ta tha serocd and third aba completely overcame it, aad by tba rigor aad trntbfulaeM of bar performance car load tba ai.dlence completely with bar la per*?B rbe ta rather above tha middle hei.-ht, w th flnaly tor mad feasnres and dark, ax jewmlve ayaa. Bar rotee la not powerful, but bar la location l? perfect, and her leaat word can he distinctly hra d. The flrst iropreailon which aba produoid oa ua waa not a faroraMe one. owing to tha loo marked and orcaaloaally awk ward character of bar gaaturea. and, aa wa thought, a tendency to rant. Aa aba entered Into the deeper eu>otiooe of her part, however, tbsee bulls i ??appeared, ao1 aha appaarad natarai aad Irutblnl?ap l#alng ?OecMvely to tha aympaUlaa of bar andleaca, and (lading bar ancoara la tha enlbaalaatlc applama with wfctsh bar eflorte were greeted. Judging by tba result of her performanoa laat night, aba will ba a grant aoqul alUen to our M*C* Ibe character of Mr. ABderm'a perforators la little i banged since we laat raw htm. It aihlbtta tha aama force and rcnrraUonal rieganca, but alao tha Ma ab senoe of originality of i oneaptxm which nave alway* characterised him Aa It la. be la one of the baat actor* on the English Msgs Had ba geatas, he would be the greatest on tha whole, the suoeeas ot last Bight, both as regarda the new pleea and the MutaiK, may be regarded as htfihtr rattuiar ory to all part e* Mies Kli* ?.>rthr wsa railed r?J>? atrdly brf-ro tha curtain, and m i he none In ?ton itr. AferroB waa cowpellod to r1r? the aS'ltenoe a ?t?< b. whuh ba ild. ta rery test and flower; terms, ?mw.ktBg aomrwbat of previous preparation A?rfr*r?t ?<)? reference to the net at tba head of tba art Mortal p?*e. It will be observed thai i*e altra4M?a etterrd at tha sarione f eatrr# Mr., fbr Ij tit^bt, are ol an tout tally iMM ?ad cortji chwtcMr. UumcuL Amt> Thmatmca: ?The musical abatement for thia week will bo the anmi In America of Mad?a.e d'Aa r>l. toe ftsoui eoutralto, who lately arrived in tbh country, and who Laa been engaged by Thalberg tor hI. awlca of coocerta, commencing on Thursday evening ?ext. Madame d'Aagn ?u born iB Corfu, Ionian fstenas, end received ber musical education id N.pie* Knee that time the ha. appeared in all the rrWpal theatre, on the Continent, and at the Grand Op?r. tn l.ondo. and Parte, where she ha. achieved repeats trlsraphs. As * singer .be ranha wPh Albonl, and .be is .all to be o splendid actre... with a inagnWceot pwwnoe. and .oOie and commanding figure, bhe will .teg flr? at Taal Her,?'? concert. at Nlblo'. Garden, aM altorward. will probably be ecg.ged at the Opera, where bar talent aa an aatrea, will be full, ?*? played in ? Lucreua Borgia" and several other rdUl In which abe la .aid to be very Bnr Tine .ale of UckaU for Thalberg a next concert and Mm,, Aiigr!'. ?r? appear, ance begins to day. Hlgnora Skflanooe, who will be re members aa one or flne" ,f??* tbc vory Uneat. dramatic singer, that has ever vbtted the United State., ha. been for aoWe time arte, where, through the jeatouay of the other wttete, the foend the doora of the Opera Hooats .hot sgsinst ber. Her abliillea were .? well known a. to make all the other jnime tixmnt afraid of hor. doe re cently procured an engagement at Vienna, tne musical capital rf Germany^ and vat about to dopart to Oil It % Mu,e freziol ml, who had the principal r'At in the '"Trovatore." being indisposed, SleBknone wM engaged Jo fill htr place. It will be recollected thai Stof 0ne ? the ?rt?loal representative of thU h ? tB^,NeW Y?rk- M'd m",e ? *~at aacce* lo ft. This verdict wm ratified by the 1'amtan audience, and Steflanooe made a tar greater auc cese tban Frezzollnl bad ever achieved. She waa Ivmedlateiy engaged uprima donna for two month, wuh the talary or fourteen thousand friiaos j>er month. The New York theatre, are at pres-nt supported with !Leri"n,.e,rirOani0fErtUt,C *nJ 01 her where !Sh S? ,?U,Re " "pcVen- Vor ??"?Ple, we bare ^;hr ^ of Ule Un*? vtrngaes on the ^Mrl v r rZ" '*0r* K#eM* MlM ViQing, (Mrs. I.. L. Davenport) and Mu* Ague. Kl,worthy. The teat named lady baa J?t arrived In the mitcd 8,lt0? andI played '?r the tint tlma at Wallac.k g theatre last eight. Miss Klawortby t. one of the ttoest looking wo men on the .tage, with a magniUceut well rounded lijure auch aa the ladle, of Albion only have. She ha. been for some yrars an eacetamgiy popular amateur, and rome time unco w,? on the e,9 or mar nag, with an hngllrh nobleman; but the allair wa* broken off by ?o-ne outiide lclfrfcimce. 81m* ,hal lime .he ha. assumed U>e pro'ejhion regularly, and ha. been cxcee i'nfiy auc craaful. The merita of Mte? Iaura Keeae and jli.e *ann> ^ Ining are fully known to and acknowledged by the Keeee *? ?ctin* ?' ???? bfautlftl theatre to crowded housca erery night, while ba. played with eqoal .uccew at Burtoa'a. On account, however, of acme dlilerence ofopmiaa?It U aald the old di.note about the site oi type in which th? name appeared In the bill,-we believe that she ha. withdrawn fVrm that theatre We trn*t that bar ab .encc Horn the New York board, will be only temporary Iheae artresaw are all in the ume fine-exceUlng in bow nodern dramw in which comedy alternate, with traged} ; but they art all peculiar and a .Oere* t la their ?ty Im. They will pleaee all clauea, and wocld even aa tisfy the crusty French critic, the Abbetteoflror, whi Raid that io woman who waa not baudaome should ever be flowed to go on the .up Thry are all haulaome an t mm rievev and la f la re*pest ,e? \ o k .. more fortu tkM I-ondon. Let u. be thanVful, and Ut the <me '? mm be duly appreciated. ^ ,f(p Widow In A'weuty HUuMn> A Htnpnlnr ai d Melancholy C?ae. I*. James H. Bogardua, or Klng.ton. Uliter to in,y N Y., died at the Girard Houie on Sunday, alter a vory ihort lllneaa, under afngtilar cfrcumitancei The drceMed wai about 48 year* old. of the bigtmit re epeetabillty, and raskrd the Ur.t tn hi. profeasion ,h<> county In which be re.tded. For about two year. i,e had been eaiaged to MUm I abella Hamilton, . vounir My.ateoareadcntofKlntwon. ana on two o^'wion. days were fixed for tht.r nuptial*, on oeob of which a diau. proien'.ed a bar; sr to tb. eon.n jtmatlon or their wt;hea. (>n the former instance, the death or h> bro thers child rendered a roatpjaement ol the day jT their coelempialed marriage ntoewary. aoj b.,,h the I'^tor ?d hta aitMcad bride aitended tbc funeral. On the Mctnd occaalon flied tor their u., on, Miss Htmiltoo", slater lost a child, and again they both attended a funeral , acrvlce lnatiad ol their own marriage oeretnoi, ?. On Monday ef laat week Dr. Bugardua came to the eitr and put up at the Oirard Hou-e, io Cham Sen atreet and c.n r.tlrlog complained to Mr. Iiavte. with wtirm h.-'w^. iwc ll ftcqua.ot< ot that he w & atiweil Tht* 'uiioviti* dtj. n<H f-i"r, able to leave W Att^J i?"er'.T 7""r C*""1 ,n co dk' iltod. el!!?? atteodance, ttey came to ihe con fa k . there wai tometh'Bg rao.e than oUewie or to b-m th?^Li**e^ lbelr ?ud ???> l?Hm?t?d whererpoe Or Hogarnae frantlr in formed hta advi?era that be waa dreniv to a jour, ladv. to -bom be w j. u ? ,b<M ,*>"lr mo-rage had ba^T tw? rV.'.U.^^y df*th' !?d he B0" '~"<l that kZZJm rn. ? v?' l>rove a third Intorpoeitlon u> hu bapn-nexK I r? P?r e .tag the ind Tfimi whleh "T t?r ?r ociberelrappotetflieot had upon b). mind ih? propriety of sendlog a dwewM f m222 B? ml ton to reoie to N?a lork wlfhouldttey tJIK rf?rp??\ c*rr>,D? of l?r Bc.JmIm The dt'?patch waa atrordirp'? u,.: g>Hi .. ' ahotrt 4 o clock on Sunday rnori.lng, and a* etrlva. por.lhle ?eme of their ft leans, residu ;? in Newark were ?tnt for to attend the marnage < <>remouy At 1 o'chvk h?? pat I en %an df. ?un d ha woch toller that lie c ?o?ldered that It would be un necesMry (or L,m to attend aiam. AVhaif SitZ the parties wire united, and I* iiogardns evurM ,<i hi thankfuiteia In being tna led to earry nut uu int< jtion. e' marrl.g, to the ted, .. que.lK?0 TMr rrteM, ^ " tired for a lew m, menu, tor the pnri*ae erf re1r**bnieota He thrn remarked that he telt ?o much better thai he would get np and ai ones oro. to ralae himself In bed ; hla bride perceiving etlurta 10 rtej, w,nt to a?Ftal htm, only te rtiseover that tl wm eipinrg in her arms hbe instant', To the 7J?1 aad rang for assistance ? but oefote tbeir frienoT e??ld reach the room he waa a co-r^e, bis r? mains were taken to Kingston oo board the North A men,a lor Interment. The deceased wa am?m ber et .he Ktugstoa l^dge of Free Maaonn, ani waa^erV much wtnfm?d by bit brotner BDrmheri and tn 7 ???? ?- P'o^teusly eiprnserf w^h ' tended by the Order to his last rt.tlng oJaty Dnrtcg his somirn at the t.irard H u, ant. 'treated hm".^' ,?nd h * f"t?*?sBir aM*at' wnb tte g.-eateal k.ndmm M M T*mi ?o*n An intut ? A Bail tiiatd .'oho McKler can, who vm fir ployed it ll.e iron lonndry at Weet folot, vm killed yratrrdar ?boat iw o'cior . oa Um Hudroa Hirer Railroad, near ?ani oa ? tattoo. ft appears that ba walking c?ar tbr drawbridge ig company with a friend, and that befhre they could ret o' the bridge tba train I'om New YorU ?>? p> rcetrad approaching. A? the i peed leak mean* Of ftvape, tbrr lot thorn aa:TC? dowa between tb? track and bald oa by tba beaaaa till the um nbotild poaa over. There la no Iwibt tbat tbey would both bava neaped without itjary had U not bren for tlia la prudence ol tfrhterran, wh<> p ?t a* the I'xxitnMlve waa ja<*irg ceer tbe bridge, pot bto head above tba track. He war intta' tlj airnck by the row CaUhar 114 knock ad Ittr let* Into Urn water, while hi* Mead, who kept hit pud tion without did ant rroelre the leant loiury ?he traia waa Mopped Immediately, ahl tba body of lu k let nan waa taken to Onld I*pr1nge, where the Coroner will bold an inqi'crt The dtuaaead waa a naLre of lr? land, and abov.t tiitrty eight yeara of age. Taiivo mi MAKaaKvrkT op a Crrr ar th? Jon ?tba Manchester Mtrrnr italM tbat bataam twenty and thirty of U?e men emptoyeoTor yeara at the Aram keaf ?acbloe *bop. aad toeovl?( work, talk of mating a proporal to ran the city government the oail year by coatract; to carry t n Ita (cbooU. to lake charge of (ta eewee*, atreat*. coarta, police, and every department, and keep it wall deaaed and o led, Bred a? aad ready tar all emerpencWw. ler tlOO oho. It eay* ?"They are mm reeprrrtbtr, ar<|naiet?4 with "nap plank'' aeweca aad caet Irca 01 oonrra, they will fnratob aaenlflctUooe how tbe aten about* be claeaed. which ahouM act la ca pacity rt Mayor; wbleh clerk, marahai. alder atea, *<?. ' ilie "Machine Bhup Otite" would be a ticket that would , run like wild Bra?by "arclamatloa," *a oar aal(bbor ray a. Tbe policy, now a deya. to to ntect to office thane who need it, and not tbcee lit far It, aad way thouid not Ute machine (hop hoy* bare thdr cbaace " ITjutkupwt or Vi?IWJ Ttm condition of tbe fairrr?tty of Virginia to aakn nerer betare to have b>ca ?o aocd ao a? i?rr e?t Tbe camber of atadaata at tbm early period of 'be ~aroa to larger than at Um cine* of the Wat wm*** which waa larger tbaa any prar ooa per ltd In the binary of 'b* CbtroiaHy There are no a eo'i Mndeatd !>? m the following J ta tee?Now Tork 2. per i-?r artta. 1. Ohio, PaUaara, Marylaa 1, 10 D*nit at Oabilabia, 10; r.otU Carolina. ?; Month tkroliaa t I ffeori'i II 1j Alabama 4*: Mfa*i<etnt 5ta I I oalnlnr* W T? ?ae. T; Oalltneota, I; Arkaaaa* |; ; mm >; KdHtockfr 11} TVoutaaai > baklaa la ?0j ffoja ?OMr Mt??. til; ( 'B v fftalb, rw?koku OOt. 1 hf Stan t?lx Hall Tragedy. 1'KIAL Ol l.ouib B4KK1. at MWK'lUi? ?t? JVMY IK' raHMtLl ED TKT. The trial of Baker, woo staaJ* charged With Ik* murder of William Poole at Htanwix Hall, In this aty, ?? the 26lh of February. 1666, tu co?meooed yeeterdey Ml Newbnrg, before Bon. Cbarlsa A. Pgebody, one of tka Judgea of the Supreme Court The event baa loo? bM lr<>krd forward to with the grealeet curtoaity lay U>? ye* pie of that thriving lltt'e City, and IU postpoaameat Mr two we< kg alter (he time appointed, only teudad to l? create tbe excitement. It wu expected that tbe prisoner would arrive by tbe flrtt, or bair pat six o'ctock tram from New York, and crowds assembled about the hteam boat landlrg to get a glinipee or bto a* he paa?cd oa hta way to tbe Court House; but they were doomed u be dsappointed, far Baker did not make his ap pearanoe till about twelve e'eleek. TUe moat aoa tiIcing opinions were expreaaed ta regard to Ma guilt or innocence, bat tbe deep intensity ef feel log wblcb *u man-lested la Lkia aty durtsg tm first trial appeared to have moderated very considerably, and aa a general tha.g tbe people sectaed incline 1 ta vtaw tbe whole s'Jalr with tbat calm consideration whlak ? long lapse or timo produces m the minds of moat m? Wbcn it was fous? tbat Baker bad not arrived by the early train, the crowd dispersed, but assembled again la still greater numbers about tbe lathing tor at least a Quarter of an hour before tbe second morning train be came due, and many went over toFishkiil for tho pur pose of g< Umg a Rood look at Bak cr as bi was brought over to Newburg on board tne ferry boat As aonu a* k was ascertained that be was on tbe train, the people prerted lorwaid to v? lam, and In their impvraM u'.d essoinees fell Icto a most ludlc-oui :n Imagining tbat the prisoner must he la tbe custody of tbe Mima. IIr. Wiileit, tbey naturally sjpposwl thai tne gentleman with whoa tbat worthy o<flrer wan walking arm in arm was Baker, and did not learn ihaft tbe supposed criminal waa no uiher than Judge Pea booy till they saw blm on tbe ben<-h and the am ouscd before blm on trial. "There ha is." said oae at tne crowd, pointing ta the Jcdgo, "there ha u?that's bine?don't j on see he's In tbe custody of tbe Sheriff of New York?" Home of the spectators were rather d*M ous, but fiber* were certain tbat he wu* the pen-on, aad expressed the opinion that lie was the mildest and aaaA genu* manly criminal tbey ever Haw. When tiny had taiit lied ibeir curiosity, a regular stampede took pi toe, snd up the steep bi.l, on tbe summit ot wmch sitod' tka Court House, Uioy roc to secure soata before tbo ceaM room became too crowded Tbe building itself la quite a c red i able concern tor the city of Sen burg, and in polat of accommodations snd general appearance Is superior ta many (t tbe beat In New Yort. The coon rcoos I. oapa ble (>f holding about six hundred persons, an! I* welt venlilattd and lighted. U wn* soon Oiled. M Ue spectator* were det-tln<vl to newly an Mar's delay be'ore Baker made his appaa-*ace, la csmpsay with the ciijcer wbo bad him la charpe. Tbe counsel for tbe prisoner, Mr James T. Brady, Urn .lodge, Mr Oakev Hall, District Attorney of tni* city . Mr. Charles H. Winfleld, District Atto/oey of Oraage county, and tbe SherlU, Mr. Wiiiett. were the M tc< enter the ooiirt room. Ttie usual preliminary lorms ol law were gene U.rough, and the ace was transferred from the ciutody of the o* New York to that or the Sheriff of Oraago coaogy. Tbe prisoner was now brought into the court, aad M Ml heat beside bl* counsel Inside the bar. the speoUtoaa bad now an opportunity of grat.fyiog their curioiHy, aad they gratified It to the tallest extent Tne? looked amA looked, snd seemed as If th<y would never be tired look ing at b<m Tbey changed seats, so that they might bare both flrcnt and tide vicars. Tho prisoner himself, who does not app? ar to have suffered any from Mb long iropnaoament, looked more like a special* than a man accused of one of the greotodl rr'me? 1 newn to the law. He is ta excel lent b-mtlk, fcss a b< petut, and we might aim oat aay a efceorftU air, and ceitsliiiy docs not svem the desperado which as ? aid ho is Thetc Is nothing or the reck leas villain la ma looks, and solar as his general | srsonal appearanee la (onorned, he would never b<- ?el<ctod rmm among thag crowded court room as a maa wbo had beea charged with motder. On this occustoa he w*? draaaad U a ami o: black cioihss. As was i ipectel, tt waa round impossible to oorns U>eexr<minat<oa of wttacae<e. ia coasequance ol toe i cully ol procuring a jury, am wh?a ttaUaae tar ad journment arrived, ealy toar had beea I Atst person coiled was qoeet.oaed by Mr. lows;? g Did you read the account or the death of William Poole about tbe time It occurred? A. No. air. tj Ind vou sti- or read a pampkiet which profMMd to give * ?'..rtcb cf hi? uft? A. No, sir. Q Bs ve yon beard aay person speak of Uw oeowr rence at htanwis Ball which rtaaltad In his deathr A. I bare. g Well, did yon torn any Impreesioa ? herefrom la re gard to tbe guilt or lanooecoe of ins accused.' A. I say that I have. Q Here yon ever expressed aa opinion as to his or lntosentt'- A. t doe t know ss I have. y. Wei;, ?tut do yon know about it' A. I hare I people speak of tt, and one mas to particular, who kaA read of H. i) v hat did you think from what he g*ld? A. t thoeght if the prlfoncr had don? us begail, ho oa^il ta be hang. Mr. Brady oh. ectsd to this juror, aad the i it ft to tbe decision ol two trier*, tbey gave their opia that h< - mini was biassed and that he war not oompel to serve. In contequence Tte erst ,.uror callea wa? a*ked the same fSN tloo?II he bad farmed aay iropresotoo from wlM ha bad beard or read of the oeoarrcnoe la dtaawtg Hat .iiid bavirg eoswerrd 'n the legstlvr, was oooeptod sa a i' mpeient uror The third oo the list, tot aaswereg aa ratlilhctoi iy, waa rc.ected. Be waa examlaed aa M> low ? Mr. Brady?Bave you heard of tbe killing or WUHasa Poole la Manwlx Ball, la Ike dty ol New York? A. Ysa, str. (j r?td yon read of It, or tid yon get your is'ormatfaa t-y hearsay A 1 beard others talking sbont It. i.' I'r?m what yon heard d i yoa form aay imyraaMm aato the gu lt or taaoceace of the prisoaor at lha baat A I m<gbt bare said something about? Mr Brady?Will, nr. I'm sera I doatkaow ir yaa don't. \ou are the perron from whom I expect U gal n* inlormatloa. /L Well, I think I did ex(ireae aa ^1 men onee. Tke case of this msa wsv also left to the triers, wka i!? i1 led lie we.- nron i? lent to serve aa a jaror. The fourth w?a ri^ectmi Im-auss be has farmed am opu oo la regard to the guilt or i a no, once of the accueetf; so waa the orUi, so was the sixth, the sevolb; aa 1 wta the time arrived for tbe Court to adjourn, the wtMds paaal was cxbsusted, aad four turors only had beea cslsdaad. Tne Court ordered new jurors to be summoned, aad SA tsehmeeta taken t ayalan w-taBasse. It wsa A o'etaok when tbe Coort adjotirned, to sseat (afaia at ? o'clock IB ihe morniBg. The trial wl'l not probably tske longer than a wish at tbe ufmeei, as the i lamination of wttaeasne wui be ea fined ? iclDslvsly to tbe oecnirraoe at Blaawtl Holt, oak tbe acta M the perpetrators prenoos to that will nut Isrm sny psrt of the tett TreoT. The o*>jert of 1Mb Is simply IB cxpi Site the trial, mbtrb baa already beea postponed sad drisyed too ottea. Whea .he Court adjourned I taker was taken tn cb irge by the AarlfT of nraage onuaty, ta wkaaa ataty jaiMikkkMiit^ikiliiili. City- Intelligence. fUitwun m Vmt Pram ?Teaterday mom lot ma workmen rommecoe.1 breaking rrooad to VMtf imm, preparatory to laying tha rail* for the um of u? Hind and F'yhih a*raoa cam, wbiah will. ?kn tha atimmm if irir, bar* their down town tortsiBaa at the ear ner of Broadway aad Veeey KM. Tlla ertaaatoa wm aotbortrerf by the Covnwo (ooantl fa ihr nrU.'taal char ter ? *'i" t to lbe rotapaataa. and will no doabt prow aT Krrat roBTrnleaee to Utc traralllag pablVv H?pa '?n. the down Iowa ferrtea ctua ha traoaffcrred fro? tba mclbnari (linnet directly?a rraat ponrewtatioe to ww *rm, children and ta*ailda. Tba exteaatoa wtll ba w plated >a a vary little wbila. Armn to Co??-? Pittt*.?Oa Sunday nlgbt a wo maa ranted Mary Murphy, 'catdtag at IN Ttraiflh atraat, ?ttrmptod to dratroy bam U by taklag aa orrrdnoe af laudanum. Pr O'fUn'oa waa called apoa to adm'nwtar the proper aattdotea, aad ha wwaand In raawag tha unfortunate *"B*ao Iron a aleep that would oertataly baaa braa fatal. A quarrel with the bwbaad of tha wo man led to the rotntrtealoa of lha raeh art Mra May tae< rrr, altboagh aba la yet ta a oriHoaJ ooodiiio*. Fibk to W*kji Bmooi No. W.?About II o'efcMk m Monday ?< ratif. a Bra broke oat ta Ward School No. 34, all noted at No. 1<* Hrooaae rtrert, arocad tha hot aftr coadrnree la the primary oenartmeat. Waa Jaae Ma tberford principal of that departioeat. aotilad the pita e*pal, Mr. II C Martia, rJ t?e are whaa all three dapwrt aieata, containing upward* of children, wera <Ha m*md la good order. wNboot aoaideat Tha ?rwa? wero ?eoa oa the ground. aad axUagatahad tha flM> rvmagelotbahaildlag a hoot $~00. Not laaaiad F.aa m O^OMWR-n w*m ? Batwaaa ? aad lo o'rtaab laat oigbt, a Are broke oat la the clothtag atora No. Ut Oreeenwfeh Mreot. <oroer ttf liberty i*reat, aornfOad ky Abraham lxtkaborter. "She Ore ?ea waro quickly at Uao pr?>ail#ea, and exting labod tha flamaa bantea tt apraaM mnrb he> nod tbe rtore The damago to the ataok hy (tea aad water will probably aartaat to aoaae tt 00C or ftl.tM. Intured tor t'^bM ta two rfty Inanraane oompaataa. I W nU-fiart frepay af tbo Third ward police, together wWh the Flra Marrball, mode aa asamtaatioa ol tha at ira, aad irow tha appraraaoo of tha baratag together with iihar rlmantanaea. N waa beltarad tha ftro wu tha work ag deefga. The whole aattar la aow uadar tha rira Mar ahal'a lareaugattoo rikl t? W ATaa Not ? Jtheat g g'clnrk laat ereaiag. the alaim of Ore for the flereath dlattirt waa aanaad by a tire dto. ovared buralag ih a Hot la tha wlaa oallar m Max Ballta, ho? 1X1 Water gtreui. .No ?l?maga to atoak or bvlldtog. Tin alarm to the Fourth Ptetrtrt at brtareoa ? aad M o'rtook. waa oaoaed hy a raiaaey oa lira coraar tl Hooatua atroat and Rrnadway Tt it t r 0twy.RO?iTT.?A gentJeiwui wfc? dia l ta Rrteim rt iwuntv. Va , a trm meatha ago, dortaed ht? aw Urr property. rutlmated tl ? 0,0? , to oa<* of hat ttatorw. Arter hM dMMft. that ?'?t'* deatriyed hta w?ft and dirt d?d ?ta Jirrt*rtr enua it hrtarwea a hmhor aad outer aad be eelf. A rar - aaU amble ?UUtHU?a of tha tiaggilnhu? o; a uMf't wti