Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1856 Page 2
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"???!*? or *?? PakUcattHMi BOOS* WUVKD ITT TO *??. it, A ?i&? History <( Hmm oj J* b Bonner. 4fcll>arnia, Indoors and Out. JuKifce is the B} w^ya. The Banished Bon. Isomer L ttufuod, Erq. K oi?a#; Its Inter or sua Exterior Lit*. Bementa of fJunct uatio*. Heauuiaichaia and Hi* T mes. W? N)?J*i; or, Wanderings in Southwestern A Wee. Harper's School Histrry. Goodrich'a itecoller tians ot a Lifetime. Alger's Oriental Poetry. p.*ui? of Hood; Little St, Bro*u'u eiitiou live and Learn. ljfuvt-H of (.rii>P. Magdalen Hepburn. Principles and Practices of Baptists. Stewart's Brazil and La Plata. Marrying too Late. Westward Empire. Ike American Poalteeer's Companion. ??anient on Parle a Paris, par Mm* de Peysae. Ike Poems of Moore. UMe k Brown's edition. Mormon Wivee. By Mis. Puller. ?hanticleer. '*2^!!. TUT""-* F C?"?niAlU? This Is a clever tale, with rather a Quixotic ob ject?to h iid the mlirar up to the axial sins of the ahivahyof South Carol ni. We need scarcely say that Hi iee *pt on there ia not likely to be very Mat tering. It is , robably by this time classed in the mdtx .mpuraatirlus of the aiare St .tea. if ire may Judge frcaa the fallowing anoclote related in eanneeiion with it. One of thej prelimina-y cArrohra of tie publisher* of the work was Mtfy sent into South Carolina, and was returned by ene of ihe leading b loksel ing bouses there with the faDcuiag en Jon eme^t:?"Send your circular to your Hack brethren in Africa, or come down here and get a few lessons in the effects of Brookes canes.'' , Mow, the judgment which this sentence implies is haidly fair. The book is silent on slavery, is a South Carolina production, and is free from^anyibtng like aaalice. The people of South Carolina must be thin skinned, it deed, if under such circumstances they shrink from h*aiu)g the good Latured truths whloh are conveyed in this story. too Latb. By Ceorge Wood. Apple VDB a CO* The author of this tale has alreidy d itinguuhed Mauelf by the publication of aoms pnugent * cial atofc-es, and in the volum- before us he contimea to 0hw vent to thia natural tendency of hia mind feoagh the story itaelf s rathe oo*- y c- nstiucted, M suffices as a vehicle for the keen hnmor and biting' saiflery^with v. hich he ri? i rules the prevailing vicea a* modern soo tty. To those desirous of p??i-ijr ^ hear agreeably we strongly recommend thia amusing j Wbbtward Empxkf; Ox the Great Drama or Htha* paoo.tEas. By Dr. Ma;o.,n. Bfoihers. Tte mot. v.* or this worK ia sUted to be tD demon rtrnte the inevitable m m Dent of civilization in a westward c irection, a* proved by the hiatory of all ages and nationa. The writer has divided hia sub eet into lour parts-first, the age of artUic beauty, a* typified by Pariclea; aecondly, the age of martial torie, as typifiet by Augustus; thirdly, the age of aeteotinc invention, a* typified by Leo X.: fourthly, the age of unmrial amelioration, as typified by Washington. To thoee who are acquainted with I>r. Magoon's acholastis and artistic attainments we ?ed not t?. that the manner in which be ha* Itlm fcatec h'? {^Acry ?. i*j>lays aou.d judgment, txun sive t* search and a thorough kCqw*iQt?uce with thg prteciples of art The only fault we have to find with the book ia the brief manner in which the subject has been treated. It would have admitted 1 mi the introduction ot a vast body of facta, which would have given additional interest to the sutoect, ??d at the same time would have strengthened the evidence which he brings forward in support of hte Thb Umtbd Statu Magazine. The November number of this periodical contains what professes to be a Memoir of James (ionloo Bennett, edttor of the Nsw York Hekald. The aaly comment to to made upon it U that the writer has allowed hia imagination to ran away with hia tocta. Oovmfnt ON Parle a Paris, par Madame de Peyrac. D. Applet on & Co. The plan of thia little work ia exoelle I' is a ?lory conveyed through the medium of dialogue, the colloquial portion being made to eabraoe every taaic likely to occur in ordinary conversation, and to eover all the Hot require meats of sa inexpe rienced visiter to the French mttropJij. Hakef* ? Scgpofc Histokt. ' Thia voitliM ffl ar^?l properly be styled "An Abridgemeut of Universal Hiator,?" The plan ia too comprebensive for the ftmits assigned to it, and we should mnch prefer the old *y?iem of teaching to children the history of each country separately Books of thia aort, in our opinion, only ooniuce to nperflctal instruction, whicn unfortunately Wbut too the fashion in our modern schools. Tai Asmica* Pooltxrsm s Companion. ly C. N. Uemtnl Harper Brothers. Thia ia a new ani handsomely iUostratod editiaa ?f a work the popularity of which ia firmly estab Mated, and which has bad a large sale amongst poultiy breeders. The splendid illastratioas of the present edition will give it increased value in ths eyes of tfce public. Bbotiohsl Map or Kansas, G> ton A (o. This map will be found exceedingly useful to land speculator* and emigrants. It is oarefully got up, and bears all the evidence of extreme accuracy. Odl. Benton's New Work.?Mr. Buchanan has aatocribed to Col. Benton s new national work. The fcilowing ia his letter ? WMa*ii^*(> (ar imkiiMt), Nov 1?. I<164 ?v Dbab n*?ft an >raa m- pi*a*i,r? to (Monro* s sub ?oritur to col rirtitoo ? ' A'.r. dgaatai or IB* IMmn of OsaaroM from Ks# to 1S6S '? I ron Lb* loaf -spartw a, a* ifca Oulaarl IB publle af!?i?a, i.:? oowuaasdmg abuwy a*S b? accaraic and ritaaatvc saowlMga ot our poltvcaj feaaavy, ?* mar tbal lb la work arUI BO 4 to ha ?WB IBa* aad prnra highly vslaaBt* tu Bia ooaotry. Tawa vary r?BT?>etinllr. JaMK4 BUCH a.\ a.M Mr. Mawmsw Tcanss. The AppieUma are the puhlisbera. and will iaaae Ihe first volume the first part of next uoath. ?WOLIFB COPVaiOBT OP AMERICAN BOOKS. An interesting case to Americas authors has just been decided by an Kagiiah f'haactry Judge fBramwell.) But the decision beiag oa a point of proof, It leaves the m?it of the principle r >atsaded km yet BBsett ed. The lsN>k on which the case ia sjaestton was decided was Miss Waraer's " Hills o the Bhatemnc." Messrs. Sampson, Low A Co.. the London publishers, contended for the author's righ to a copyright in England, upon the ground that it had l>een first published in rrsnre, by a Paris Arm which, under the provisions of the " literary con vasrtfca'' between Oreet Britain and France, woald ssititle it to a five yean' protection. The English house published it under a contract with the French house, aad all the stipulations being complied with, ??eh as securing the author her interest, Ac., the ?ase would appear a eery clear one. But no sooner was the English edition ont thsn Rontledge A Ce. reprinted upon it. makiag affidavit that the work was first published ia New York on the 3d day of fleptemb*. and that the ropy they produced in eonrt Ma mailed to them on that day. It appearing from this preof that the publication in New York waa prior to that of Paiis, the Mesam. Low were cast Oa Friday last the New York paUishers. Messrs. Apple too. appeased before Mayor Wood and msde affidavit that the said work was not published until ike 30th of September, and thst oatil that day no r opy was sold by them oraay agent of theirs, consequently the copy produced in England must have been obta:n ed during the printing or Mndfng. stid by some penam employed thereon. Kven should this be shown tt he Lagiist! coa t, it is dvabtfni ebetber it will aid At Mean. Low in protecting the rgtite of kmmri eon aothors. It may perhaps influence public opinion on the subject of an international lOpyrighL The immediate effect of this decision has been the ap pearance of Home five or six different editions of Miss Warner's book in the English market, none of which will pay her one cent. Notwithstanding thin, the Messrs. Low have adhered to their contract, and have already paid Mias Warner nearly two thou sand dollars. Cases like this illustrate some of the evils of the present system, or rather want of system, of reprint ing, and also the necessity for an international copy right. Bad as the present system is, it is made worse by the conrse adopted by a class of greedy, : pirate publishers, who can only be made to show a sense of commercial morality when the strong arm of the law is upon them. The rights of authors is with them simply moonshine. In this country the work of an English author, published by one of our publishers, is seldom or never re-printed by another. Should it be announced by more than one firm, the one having made the least progress gives way. Were English publishers to adopt this system, it would, in some measure, palliate the evils now exist ing. Nay, more, it would discover a sense of honor, the want of which at this time reflects but little ercdit upon English booksellers. American authors and publishers would then be placed on an equal footing with those of England, and much of this unnecessary in justice obviated. An international oopyright law is, however, loudly called for. Ano ther phase of this necessity has recently developed itself, in the fact that our neighbors in Canada con tend for the right to re-print all American works, jnstilying the act upon v&Mous pleas, one of which is that retaliation is the only way to obtain copy right for English authors in the United States, and that they (the Canadians), as competitors in the fields of progress with the United Sttftp publishers, eannot afford to throw away such opportunities. This^is very well; but the writer loses sight of the fact that the colony is subject to the provisions of the British copyright law, and as "Died" is copy right in England, it follows that it is in Canada. The English publishers urge this, and taking what appears to us a very liberal view of the subject, ex press themselves willing to permit the continuance of the reprint provided it pays to them for the privi lege twelve and a half per cent on the lowest whole sale price, being the amount of duty only, that sucb books would psy if imported copies of United States reprints of English copyrights. "This," say these gentlemen, "we do in the hope of establishing a pre cedent to be followed by other English publishers, to permit the reprinting of their books in Canada." They also reply to the point argued, that retaliation on the United States publishers is calied for: "We do not believe that retaliation is the best course in ;be present state of public opinion; and as to our relations with the United States, we have only to do justice ourselves to 'gain justice;' and we apprehend that all we concede to American authors will be re ciprocated to ours; in short , we have great faith in gaining an international copyright law." Obituary. Th H. Cummisos, the last mem^r of the (unity of tbe ire CM. A.ixatder CMHriM I'ntted Slates Armv? ? very gallant sols it r? died in St. Clair, MIcil, on the 7ih tDStADt. George Birsey, son of tbe Bon James Q. Btrney, died at Lower Mfli aw, Midi.: oa the 12th tn?t. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PEH80NAL. B Art NfcWR HAS POMR TO TOWX Ba 1 ntwi la curried Bud newti .a toted round. My love la marr e-1. Write Maspi-th. C'LOTHER WEI HE READY. FOR THE I.AST TIME. ! Wednesday, aith inat . a o'clock WaAHWoMaX. IK THIS BHOl'LD MEET THE STB OF MR M*RK Code, from Tulhiws park, County Wesfor l, Ireland. hi? =i?ter would be glad to Kt h'w at lwi Bergau strtet, Jera-y ?T;y. IF BRIDGET WRIJIH. AOED 14 YEARH, PASSEN1ER 1 In the ahip-Andrew Foet^r, from Liverpool, October 21, will rail at 14 Vrt nt atrret ?he will bear Iross h?r fathar. IXFOKMATIOR WaNTKD-OF JAMRH PRIK.4TLY, (10m Jtacup. Laiu-aahlre, Enslaud. who landed In Mew ?<Tk in the ehlp Hook Light, June 2, ItCti. Any lulorm*:! in of hun will be thankfully recelvml by ad In King J. Crablree, box 2,113 Foateflice. New York. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MRS. FARE1.Y, PA LrV-k rarely, and Stephen Farely. hereon Any taftirina mm re*pert:af tbi-m will be thankfully received by t'alahin McCarty, at the American Hotel, Jersey I'Uy. |NFORMaTIW-V WANTED?OF MATTHEW CULLI.f, 1 w bo lett >ew York a year ago Uat September. Whra Uat bear* of in I.Uim Any lalormatloo reeecttlng blm wUl b<-tbarkfuil) r'orfved bybta bro'Aer and sieter. Ueorge and >? aaa ('ulltn. at .'xd Weet I hlrty eeeoad street, between Ninth and Ten Lb avenuee. Jane farkeu.. in it?. with her hcrba.vd. earned on iue reocery b>n?M a> -'Si Water atreet. New York. >b? bee rhiidreti ee other rela'lvea. may be beaetiuad by Immediately a>Mrraain* t?s It.004 Poet >dioe ART r T. WILL FIRD A I.ETTKR AT THE BROAD ?ay Poat o?ce. Da*. M Mr .sauces, whose son. dr. chas. r. ,iaquks, '.elt for Nicaragua ou Saturday last, will please leave kii addrea> for A. F.' Herald office. 0 9t aR?11iis kvexing. MM. P. 0 CR MEDICAL FRIEWD AM will BE IK TOWN Belt week "The golden DM*are In the aky." )KRHON aL ? KKVTE D 25 WOVBR. W*. HAMBt HilER AAL-SCPP*, Bel C. F. Holts, XI Kirh?eg<' place. ?a relation to the artaim Wefia^t'a^LL * *1^' u-t local] again immensely. * * t0-. " requested THE ITHFi Red hocse teottiro cocrml h*ri.em-a Wo* wUl' on11 otl ?>n Tueedav, XVh .mat , at S o riodk, mite b< ms. b*st thre" in live. to w igooa. Mw^n blaca g Wark Warrior at d be* t Jack PotWr, tor tJJii a side < Itrooka caiTiee .lai k Potter, C. < hreeebf och nainee RiaeA Warrtur REMOVAU. AWKIMIaKIKIRH LI1HOOR 4 PHY?removed . from 14.1 to *7 ? ulion atr*?u 1 br ^arnioa * hM old ee uhiuhno-ni wtU please lake neuee Uieriot wiwkm Ann udiou. LOXDOX iriRDlAI. OIN-Wnw LaNDINO KX < brlatiana. from l?tid >n. a>oee<eral mrolr?. u> arnm. fFi raa i tn W-r.d or in rjuwa from atore. by R. K MMMt OfcK A CO .Fi.iu.n air-et HOI RKM, HiHtn*. M ^ WAITED ||RI?;^TOh* WAMHiTd ITKi II ??> ArtKlall MJ drug etoee cow 'Max a tend bealmaa aalee not lea* Mkati ITi p- r we?k Foe such a atore a eaan ciaumw-r may be hvt. b< a<idrea>in? C II. T boi Herald ofl.rr naiiig lonatMr. or slere aa<l whete an In vet ri? w may he had. HOrsE WANTED?JIBAR BROADWAY. IN A RE aperubie i.?ighborbo?1 rent lr?m *?'*> to ^nu MtuM tate gaa and watt r throughout. Teas III aaasaepUonabte. AdarweaR. M . box l.liile Poet ofliee PHAR1 OF A H RN1 K WAV i KI> -AI0VE ? Fourteenth atrret. and weet of Fourth avaane -r a aery tmall qnlet lamlly. Brat o' referam-ea glren and r? quired Addma. with every aa't.rutar and w-rma, whirh r:iuat l.? axaleraie. A. R. H? hoi % Tl? Foal uffier CEWINO MA?'HINRf-WANTF.Il OXE OR MORE St 0 roadhand aew ns Barhinea. for caah. Any a^raoa dent rone of ?ellt?.f. wlUpleaaf ?Mwa H Carl'?. Heraal ??ce, a iili makrr a name pnre and wheft- to he aoea. Tl*ANTRD-TO RENT IMMRDIATELV, ?Y A PRIVATE vf (anUy a ?mail boo a* witn mxUtrn imprn tuj.?-nt? Ut rated between hieerker and Fourteen'* a' at, 1 P .ttrn and fXvth avenuea. Pieae* a<idr?e? II h A.. Herald o#ee, ataeng tenaa. U^VARTED to RRNT-FOR THREE THAR- A WALL I genf-al Cottage pleaaanlly kaaled n Hrtmklyn. anl'a I 1. e for a email famlh : ret.t n<4 t? eieae^i ?jsn Any ;>er?.n 1 a nK ?oeka bonee an Had a good traant by eMrosslag R. P.. bo? I.1N2, Po.t ofl,ra Naw To^k ?tl'ARTED-MOtlARurR MIM-P AlJIf) A* I FRTOHT TV eweeeagiae.of tine flalah. eight or twelve harea paw er. Addreea t? t IM Baraid o9?c< IR'aMTED-FOR A ORMTLFMAN. HtP WIFF AND Vf aatl, * etjttof hamlaotnalr turntahed naisaa. eaoMUaf ? par .or and two beilrnnaut situation m iet i.e atther upper part of trnadway or W the aelgtilorhawl, and in Ihr Tklmty ?f a tret elaae restaurant A<1<i??aa hot 4 agg PnatotBee. WAXTRD-BY A RMALL OEVTERL family WITH ? lia< ihBdl ee. the seroad alory or part oT a *enta? 1> n?>? wtfWa tea nalaoles walk M th? roeeer of Ruth avenue and Twenty'bird Blreet The rent must he nvalerale Anv one bavltwi the above ran Bnd a (nni tenant by dlri rtlng a aote U> J|HTH. Medlwn egnata Pnel o?ea. WANTED?A RMALL HOl'RR, OR DWEIJ.INn PAW ? nt one. with nfidem tmpror?manta. within twu hiorga ?t Broedwav. weat ai^a, not aav.a. F :rtMa'h .tra.-t nor below Frankln. Addr'-a Med. Hoose fntoa altars poet offit-e. lor one wee*, sutlng rest and location \1'ANTED-A?MAU. ( flTTAOE IIOCRE OR PART of VV s tatrgeone, neaUy furnished No otr?<nioo t". Hrook <vn If wttM Mien Mian tee ride or Wall m Fultoa rtr,,. ferriea N-r),dr?i A ny p^raoni harms rich aoae will Had a r*?d tenaal, by addreaelng Johnaoa. Herald ??re. kr \i ANTED-OOOD PR4>Dt;mVE PROPERTY IV EART V> Brooklyn or New York, valee from BS.iW) to ta imu frw h Will ba give' send 'irst Newark mortgage, n , .rt oay mert Apply >a A. waIBETACE, ?T? Rreedway TTARTtr-AROrT f.Vtt) WORTH OF Ff"R? IN E* VV rbange for gae S'/wk In a neighboring el'y. Tart cash wil; be paH. A4arV J. E P . fl>ra>d ea?f. HMISKS, CAREUAOBN, *C. ill ?:h*ap a very kink pet pa CIuv. mily hoc*e light bay 15^ hand* high, very styltah, an exoelleul driving and saddle bora*. perfectly jenim aud sound. Iqijuitv uf J. !1 HaKKINiJiiR, U Nuiitu itrcct CABRI AGES FOB SALE. ? A SECOND IIAMI* TOP buggy, alxo a business wagon, with two wheel*. will be ?old low. Apply at Ml Broadway, opposite the 6U Nicaoias UuUtl. CARBI AGES AND BOt KAWAY POB HALE?A 8EC ond hand cwriff. suitable for tine km t purooaen, aluo, rockaway two *??'? . also, handsome Dew carriage. bm' city make. W ill 1m muU low ui close an estate. Apply at AH Kiturik, uevr Bacdougal street. Cm ARRIAGES FOB hale?A BEAUTIFUL OOl'PE rockaway. close back, with paruiion front, lined with <rab cloth, with pole and shafts, will be told lm? thin coaL Apply at 614 Broadway. opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Coach for sale.-for salb, chbap, a hack oeaob. In first rate running order. Apply to WB. EGIB TWN, 149 FuHon street. (^oach HARNESS FOB bale.?AN ENTIRELY NEW J harness. witA covered mountings. for sale very cheap, at TRA1N0R H. Bioadway, eorner ufWhile * creel. Fine horse fob sale?a lono tailed bay bone, IS?, hand? high, about eight years old; speed said to be about 2 50. well broke; very ambitioiia Persons will n* to pay t4U0 lor said horae may aoply at ELDEKIVS Htable, lu Twenty eighth xueet, near Fifth avenue A aew handaome light wacon. harness, saddle, Ac., would be sold with the horae, If wanted. rR SALE?AN FXPRES8 WAGON, HORSE AND HAR ne?a. with a tint rate connection In the liquor trait*; will be sold cheap lor cash A ban* tide opportunity to make money. Address B. T. W., Herald oflice with real name and address. For sale?a paib op very stylish sorrel horses *?-, hands high six and seven years oil t?-r (eetly nound. good drivers and kird m all harness, a very de strsble pair fcr a gentleman's family. Apply to M. DOKl HUE, at Hathorn's stab.ea, Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue. For sale?a first rate french coupe, in good order: also, i <h nble sett of silver plated harness. Apply ai Henry Klderd s lit try stable, Noa. 2 and 1 East (wen ty eighthstreet. For sale-a bat bare, fifteen and a half bands high, sound and kind, six years old. Can be seen at 171 SeooDd street. For kale-a Vermont -black hawk- colt, 16hands high, t> years old, dark brown, ionc all, oer feetly sonnd and gentle, very stylish and handsome and .in admirable family or saddle horse, at the Clnb staple, Pacific street, near Clinton, South Brooklyn. For sale-fortt light pleasure waoovs sixty new sleighs, fifteen horses, harness, sleigh bells robes, blankets Ac. Apply at No. 8 Nevics street, near Kul ton avenue, Brooklyn. Fob sale-a splendid che<inut horse, six years old, 16 hands high, sound and kind , ran not in three minutes; will be sold much below his value. Apply U> JaKKS COYNE, corner of Male and Boer urn streets, rirook FOB SALE?A BOSTON CHAISE: A VERY STRONG, well built article, tn lirst rate order. Also, a set of run ners for same making a complete summer and wio'er turn out. Will be sold lery cheap, at DALY'S carriage whoj> Hcbeimerborn street, between Cenrt and Boerum streets, Brooklyn. FOR SALE ?ONE PAIR OF HORSES, SUITABLE FOR work or pleasure, sound SDd kind lu single and doable harness, eight years old ; also one li?hl wazon, wuh oole. for two or four persons, and one set doable harness. Applv at the private stable, iSS West 1 wenty fourth street, near ?inth nue If not sold this day, the whole will be Hold at aurtion. to morrew at 12 o'clock, in front of 11. H. Leeds A Co. a, 23 Nassau street, this cKy. Fob salf?a vert fart d\y horse, seven veats old; has tro'ted in 2 : 41 tn wagon: kind in all hir ness. Also one of the finest young bay mar*'* in the city, uu trained, trou fast. Apply at 14$ Spilsg sireot. Fob sale-a top wagob. made to obder. ve. ry little med; also a fine coupee, made to order, bvci'y makers. Sold ?e?y low forna?h Inquire in stable on Thir ty thud street, a Ml weal ot Muh avenwe, sotrh side of st Family horse for sale-a ivakk brow* mare, ?ix jeaxs Old, warranted perfectly sound S Id only for wsntof use. Also lor sale, a handsome rockaway wagon, and light buggr A;>plyat J aRV Id'atablcs, 1,(MU Broa<l way, corner of twenty seventh street. ?THE Sl'RSCRIBBBS h?o liiJfita *f*? *?w'?m*nt ..( oa? uid two ?e?i so, latnily * 1 ? i g bit made in tbe b'*i.t manner, witii ?t??f *I and e.juaJtoan> inn;arket .hi. h a, ?er ur | factuier* prices, at lis Wanes *t/eet 14<)U PROW AT A ELMIiR rpROTTIHO HORSE FOR SALE.?A STRONG AVI? beat ^TieS[Ui ' ** ei|!ht V,,i"!, 0,d l5^ '?*?'<?? high; fan beat .40 to * agon. ia very stylish an t of b.?:.oai i? - and ^Ofnfm ^ 10 tUble C0?CT <*' &? TOP BUGGY WANT I'D? IN EXCHANGE FOR BFU e.tatc ?ortb *!*, *pply at W ? n ' " ^ WILLI KMH A MKAD. W*?? To PCR( HASB-A HANDSOME HONV bum hor*e. of is to it; h i;?t? h.?h. On* tu- -*n trotL ?Kir nf (unr Muni t? undSr aer.n -*^<rf*?.i?d W M h frw lrk" J'1"1 vt-.-e XSAi ttlHCELLAJIKUUS. " ARNOLD'S CELEBRATED WRITING FLLID bugh*h lettered r>oi? p*ier?, . lupcrtibe fmlleg was, ^( WlLl-.MhB *1 KOUhK S, 42 5muiu ftreot, N, T. All acoiovbtb OAD?an by bi'bbibg noitt uu ^ " /on ?be patent India rutob* onirt lamp. Cannot break burst or eit.lode them and cuih K wl?W- lUClmuf. A io*T, Maa^MM^T ? * niton Hrwt, New Torfc. CHEAP" PCBL.-COEE. AT f* PER CHALDRON, uuhII >Ur at $U so. lor ?ale at tbe Mafchatan Ua* Wort* wot of youru^tiih wtrw. Kut river* ?AR& -THK CALLS LAHT WKKK at DR bh niVN oBee. 4? II udaua *treet. for th, . d -j rupof ^o ?uiaarta i*r unit erjal prize remedj tor oou?ka, oofcla toS plrnt loticuixptino. Ac , were aa uiirtpi-ctod aa they were era tif> i?f. Arrangements are tnade tbi* werk ti aupply the lie m?ud. 1 br Lortor can he nonn-Ute 1 aa usual uu di*e*aa. tbe, r to 12 H. to 4 P M. ""?*** bookhindino -e " ALKfcR ? rflffb, 114 b 'ilUiD RtfMt rMn?rtfo!lv Infjirm U"" to MarUn A Co.'s edition of Brown'* Self Inter preuiis ttlb ?: also, to tkrir Daw and eiefaot ediUon of Phak h*??jnal prrparrd. new tty ten and appn.rrtat* pM^rtialar bloding up Ukrae beautiful books. Ail deacrli ?ubatauual jo?. and library b.ndin*. folly attexded to A line adrewrd to K Walkar A Soua. 114 P ulton meri. will racaire prompt atirenuon. Gold mbdal awabdkd to w. r. KflAwi Ptoant GAB HBAUNt) OTOTM Qam Oooiiae SruTia, AM . Gn Rvm Um Inrewd tad palenud by W. P. 8ha?, who hai aaear* Mi k?tUr?M *"4 ?C? War* patent on U>*?a atoru m4 tbr tirat nr.mlntn and onir ?oM medal erer twanMna by Uia MaaaaabuMUa ( hartlabia Maebanic Aaao Ojs Hrotm. Th* only true prtaetela, whrraby all *-r'-?i' u>d tatari mm <jdara ara avoided, far baatiac dinar room*. abambara i.atb rooma. par Ion ? library, by wbl, b an nrMT nary *l?ed room may br made warm In from Mtr to teo ml ??*?? to tba aotoaat taaaoa, may b* i*b* to niiai aiaai at ?*0. L CANNOB H. iuTS^afway. Hop*.?EICIT BALKS BRW CROP, PBIMR HOP? frt?t (>iae?o rouaty, and ftTr firkin* h??t Ktaia dairy but | W. tor ?ala al IB Huaor atrrrt by GRLsTON A HOPKINW H?AT?AT. hrat.-dr rnoblbbrcht h patrnt I'wnpT ( ornpanr %r+ rww (Uilv a nSrtr r ?m? 10. 11 a and U llrvadway 'J? - aa? aad r* 1'iatito oaiant cnnl'-al damt>rr> ?hleh ara all tba "ro " and tbey rrapeatfally Inrtte tbe ladtra mm) rri.ileaaru ur Htm 1 ork m rail la and ?ea 'hem In full operation. BAT, BEAT -OOIIBB-* PATBBT OB ATI DAKPU pot In any ?rata ?a?a* B par aaat to nml; mm ?n aar ^"JgYTjA'Ssar jksuSS. ?* ~ r MO<.RB A SHELLEY-; ITALIAN WABBHO0SB. '?*> Hrnadway ?fulton rhee?a. . inaifre a 1 rrrifoi |Wi *r rat ?alftda. Pornnfi por )m mnrlfuw au fviD'itiirv*. s?u ? ?mmti ? I/^ndon dork D?.n win*, tirltiairtjy for thr nmr*Um ?** ^rtn',nn*tl 'Rf** imtiort#r? nf rbotra I Mwlligatowny paate ui Indian '-arrva MfrilANICAI BAKKRT. 1? PTTLTO.V ATRBTF Crjtral Hall. Brooklyn -Baker. Mwl ,r^T. r,c. rCTaprl*4 w.ib brand bakad in Herdan . a .vanatta hot air r >-n ,.f the T?ry beat .juali-j and at ibe redn<-e.| rat* nfibrr pound ?' ?- 'TsniwuhaM a (eat. ^TOTICE TO GRkTT.RMRN f>RI>llBING RNGBATW IX t ard. -Glmbrade fumMba* tbe ima haba^nble wJT ? ad >U pereo?t. lentil* an order for a ptoia and t.tek nr?-noa. t? ilie tirat of Jtnunrt r ait will be vraenu d wlib a >*u ua conre?tetii card mar ?? a holiday ?1fL OIHBBKDB, lard Rngrarer and Rial toner, W Broadway. VJTRAN RNGINER. BOILRBM AND B M'HiVrrt ^ Mufht and *old on ?omniU<don All kltwto of mlJjuSil rop"an"; on bnnd wM tor *ato. Ajjn, a, ,a ?,m ? ? n.a and h?.U<-r? n' <<i?rren' ure*. |-?r?..n. ,?r|n? ?hea?>o?e new or aemndban I for aale and tboaa wtahiar IO buy wtli ,r*T L A,lm ??thnnle*! engineer. 112 Want Twenty S' .TEEL BP RING BKIBTR -THR ATTENTION OF THR P ,adna I* mlle.1 m tbte new and el*irant invention Tnr rgrare#ntonn?, neilhillta, ena* and mmfori it ?anwrn dan all otbem In un?. Par ?ale ky PilBMAN A < <? . ;? Broadway THE BOOB PrBLtMIIN'i TBAHR -K Wtt Wk a Mm.Ns are prcpntad to bind in, edition*of hooka, in neat I ?uoatnnltal ai d alegant *trle? of btndinc, wt<b deepateA tni '""?"able term*. A line adree*ed In F. K'niker A Son* ill P ultoti *tfeet, will rncetve prompt ait?ntion THR ORRATBST DDK OVEtV OF THR AGE -DB | lORlAft' Venetian liniment, for the enr<-of dr*enlerr "OCB ATTRNTTON IB RFVt B*TBD TO THE OHILD H birth pnin alleMaUir, ndrertteed fully In the l>allr Newa Mnd for * rreutor F. BBrNONTVp!/^ ?* Bowery. Naw Tor* IMAM. A|N FXTEWMTE ABBORTMRBT OF THE VARIOf'fl rrade* of >e(ar* at mueh l?? than their market rain* la rkab | irrliaer* t'aab advanced on ?gar* rJ J? meetle? 'German manufaetura O. <IIRRKH. 1J Bmadwnr. / arh pi rchameA can raoovait babgaini in * ee(a?*. o? almoat eT*y .Ire and quality, norma* *4 up **r4a 'frrat B) do < aeh n>han?wd on *Mam of Haraan. d< meat It or German manufacture O. CHBEES. 17 Brnaway. TUB BTMTAHt. CJIONBOtXT GCABDB -AU. TllOHR WHO INTEND ] s<*ng on tbe ejC'iraion are renue*ted to attend a drill oa *7ZmS ^r?Or<tor.y "*** hfoetito. - '?? TABDR FOOT BATE WILL TAKR PLACR AT J\ Trenton Baw Jer*ey. for ?l.nrm ,m Tbnrtalay. rth Inat b> 'WetB DarHCtrr *nd I*aar ?hult* Oar* 1-are 'standi *. i ?e It rrj ?: 11 A. M? rctumtog aa n?B m tbe *i or?i* ur?r MUSICAL Aim DAJVCING. ADODWOBTH'S DANCING ACADBMliJi, ? h!W linoai>w a v, New Yukx, fcii i 137 Montague place. Brooklyn. New York clarsee on Hrwinesdays and Maturdaye. Brooklyn elaeses on Tuesdays and rrtdays. Circulars oontainlag leraut, bourn, Ac , may be bad at either of die academies. Albert weber wi el sell at an immense db ?lucUon troin tint coat, a splendid ro*ewoed pianoforte, ol vcrv superior lone, made for a moaic teacher by a eele ir* led maker;* secondhand piano taken. Apply at IM West Broadway, near of Canal. Dumak'8 DANCING ACADEMY, Jb7 BOWERY.? Cheap dancing lessons: ti par uouib, every Monday ard Ihursoay night, bail. Admittance 26 centa Ladle* free. DANCINO?NEW CLASSES FORMING AT PB0FBH80B bond'S Academies. MO Broadway, Tuesdays andCFri daya, and 281 Grand street, Mondays and Thursdays. The next hop taken place Wednesday eveuuug, November So, at 600 Broadway. Fob sale?(theap, a six octave piano, made bybtodart, Worcester A Dunham, with new patent re peating action. Can be seen at 176 sixth avertue near Twelfth street, N. Y. Vf ADaME AUGUSTA BAB RE Ol'KNBD UEB I)ANC 1*1 lng academy at her private residence. No U Bond sLreet where a spacious ball room baa been titled up in an elegant and nonportable style, Classes for beginners now fo'mlng Days of tottion for masters and misses-?Wednes days and raturdays, at S P. M. livening classes for gentlemen (ID T ucsdays and Fridays, at f o'clock. Practising class for grown parsons on Saturdays, from 8 to 11 P. M. Classes in fcrooklyn in the new marble building, 122 Clinton corner of Atlantic Hreet Days of tuition:?Mondays and Thursday*, at P. M. Mile caboline vezhcn's dancing academy, 21 Howard street.?Classes meet at 3 o'clock P. M. and 7 o'clock P. M. for pructice. Grand soiree <1?nsante every Sa turday eveniug. Admission50 cent#. MUSICAL.-A YOtNO MAN A<~VUAINTED WITH playing for Mimcing wishes a situation as violinist in some respectable dancing accademy. Aderess T. J., box 101 llerald oflice. Mb. j. b. maorath, teacheb of the piano forte and melodeon, according to the celebrated system of t'zerny. For 'ermB. apply at 2U ISleecker street, or at Jud sen .V Monger's pianoforte manufacturers, 519 Broadway. ORGAN FOR SALE.?A NEW ORGAN, WITH 8 8TOP8, swell, bourdon. 16 feet In pedal, gothlc case The cha racter of the tone of the different stops is truthful, and the whole combined produces a brilliant efl'ect. FRaNCIS X KNGELFRIAD, organ builder. No 197 <'bristle st, &ih floor. PIANOS AND MELODEONB.?THE HORACE WATERS

modern improved pianos and melodeons are to be found only at 333 Broadway Pianos to rent, and rent allowed on purchase , for sale on monlklv payments, second hand pianos from fob '.o *1-10 , melodeons from >40 to $136 Pianos tunec! aud repaired, polished, boxed and moved Says the iThns'iat) Intelligenoer : lhe Horace Water* pianos f"r elegance of con struction, superior depth and swi-etness of tone were pro pounced by competent judges at the Crystal Palace to be in all respects master -pieces of mechanical skill. Having lnspec'e.d a liir?:e number ot ih'se pianue. we can speak of their me rith from personal knowledge, as being of the very best quality. TO MUSICIaNS.-WaNTED, IN AN OLD ESTABLISH e<l and tirst class band of minstrels, a good violin player: steady engagement and liberal salary will be given. Apply to J. M., Broomtield House, Boston. TO GCITABI8TS.?ONE OF THE FINEST GTITARS in the country wil! be sold cheap made bv itte celebrated "Mariln," with nine strings. large size, and for richness, purllv and volume of tone, unsurpassed For particulars, anpiy :o 11. E. FaKNSWOBTH, No. 133 Nassau street, room No. 4 rB PIANO?THB GBBAYEST IMT'ROTEMVBT II J A C. PI8CHKH'8 Improved elreular seaie pianoforte warehouse. 816 Broadway, opposite Broadway theatre. Mane factory, Twenty eighth street and Ninth aveuue, N. T. WM. PETERS' NEW MUSIC STORE, 500 BROADWAY . up stairs, opposite tbe Iiusseldorf Gallery, calls a" en lion to an elegant assortment of music aud musical Instru men's. Tbe acquaintance oi amateurs and teachers is so licited. WANTED-A GOOD PIANIST. TO PLAY AT PAR ties, must play well at sight;also a violinist and harpist. Apply directly at Lent's music store. No. 3.W Fulton sire"', llr'.okiyn. > ew pianofortes for sale or to let at the above pluce. IISTKVCTION. AND S2 BO.?WRITING. FULL COfRSE: BOOK keeping, $10; time unlimited, at PaINK'S academies. 62Bowery. N. Y , 283 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Open every dsv und evening Mr. fame is the be*: teacher in this city.? Low- II True Reformer. - A FREE AND RAPID HAND TAUGHT TO AU. ?D old ?Ld young, to ten le?a?n.i of so hour aaeh Taraa reduced, on a?d after the 4th of November, from $10 Ui Private leeioee. S16, double entry boofclsspinge Apply d,il> " a,e tC*dtmy' 362 BOLIvik B. GOLDSMITH. S?>2 Broadw av, corner K ranknn atreet 'From the New Tork Couilerand Ec,uirer. ] The chirographic art 1a much more Important to mankind thsin it \? tienerallT considered, and Mr uoldamllli luaj very well claim to be conaklered at ita h?ad From the Home Journal. June 25. lvJ I In every nrofotion there la a recognized leading man?one , , emtoVnce la . - decided thit nobody cUla It in qow Attong Ihoae wbo teach the art of writing. Oliver H. Goldsmith la Jur that indlaputably pre eminent person and r.-<ognitcd head of the profeealon. (M<\-BOTS AND YOCNG MEN PREPARING FOR 58) 1 U- bu?ti. -ta may receive private inairu'Vton at DOL HV.aR'S Commercial Academy, 609 Broadway, and learn nor* ui one'iuarter than lu one jMr* ord'naryii'hool" Itey wUl be. ome quiek In tijnrea rapid buaineea wi l era an ,1*1 pran., al boakkrrpen. Ter?a per quarter of M waeka, 1:4. One ?10 ttai for bookkeeping vacant. $10. , -BOOK EEBPIWO_.IR. DOLHB4B. WO BBOAO way Uaa employed an aoootnpliahed practical book keeper to give private, inatruction and uuallfy genlemen in a n privaii- leaaona to keep book* by double entry. N. B. Qua lltf teal vacant. tf?m -echinim writing.-mr. dolbeae, aw l>iU. Broadway, givea private inati tuition. aud guarantee* to bain all atirtneae and irembllng aut of every hand, ao thai each atudent may write any atyle daaire<l with eaae, elegan t and rapidity. A" prknch oentleman. op good education, wiabva to exchange eaaoLI wit* an Amerlcau. Addreaa > ratco, Herald ofllce. A I >1T AOCVETOMF.D TO TUITION IN ENGLISH. A vASI (which ahe (peak, fluently). U reaklng in th? city daairaa a re engaf-aicn. aa realdent gov ernere Beat references given and r?|uJWL Addraaa Trwaher. boi Po?t ofllce. Bookkeeping, writing. ac.-e. F* forte*. av lb?" Donbia Entry i;nattatad ? ?nfka. uachea b>?kkre <ng. writing and arithmetic at Mt Broadway, Appletona huUdlng, upon aound elementary H~lw dDlM. lo tba entire excluaion of the mo4am twelve ieeeae Slri^rT Proapartua. Ac , oa appllottoo BOOK KEEPING Ac ? NEW STUDENTR A EE RECEIV i?d davaud evening farcracural tuition in toAkeepM. arltbninUc and writing at REEVILLE'H eegaw rooma. Si POSTER ! yjyllMMitoat aa> toafaoa te aa aipadllioaa aad aupe ? *rpv,lTT KJS?^JK.1LJS?1L [. PMkae taMhan bookkaaptag-not >/.yw I a nuuiMm, nwi bf ?BHltnf nl? ??g,-" ? and rcimcrwhend what be In Wn|. or alx.uiui do. Th? or acoounta. l*)wr?ar cooiplleaVad. er lo kaap hln awn ? Mt aaiptoyar ? bnoM In > ??r >RXNCH AND OKEMAN -E. te1.LEETNO IWBROAD ?av eeiahltehed 1H62. eonUnucB teachiiig tfcanhyra Ian tuac1^ la laidi-a ?n*1 gentlem"n. Bttidi<sl inParia and Rerlm. ; f X^id^bTgoverllmenUl Haa the bow* oi ieferrlcg to Mine, de la Orange and othrre. rEKNt'B I.ASOrAUE?madam* BAEBIRR HAi ? re opfT.?i her coi veraational courae of e??na. ^LnefoTladU Irom 10 to U. afternoon Jlo A KvaniM far gentlemen 7 -o ?. at ?B Ea? TwalfUi .treet uear Broadway, otfnaMe 111 ne?rd Hotel. _____ French i.anguaoe and mtkeattre ?me. Nf>Rt IIKrtti I kRhaa rnuimi hia dutlea. tXuraeof I fnr l?ai<4i>? < U? ?hi ft>r Pnvau* ? i STJCUw tSTRXl..?. reatdenoa. Ho. 133 Madl?? w-e Inue. near 1'ilft) ntran* ''rrnt'H IiANGVAGE.? MONRIErE and MADAME D1 H(W have re-oyaned thair mi*ni.- and aHe?-nooa eon varaat?*.al o.e.raaa Ihe '-die, ntaaaaa ^ bectnnar^ K^ -? 1^? Evawtn^Jyae. t-r |wu?w b? *? Dnbo? Re. 1>> Whnloa ?lnea. ??>*> *W**> I TMTECCTIOM.?A BPANIBH GP.NT1.EM AN WILL RE I *la<1 to gi'e leaaona in hla nnUve R.lrfj?I tor Trencn trom a native. Addrea* J. R >?.. Herald oflioa. r^OTOUIIG LADIKR, WWBffijWg IN HtMcfctaf deatre an en??*e?eni ta a erhnol or Jami r. either toiretWer or aaparately 1 hey mainiet French laanntrwdln Paria) Mt^?rafrteg wai vartoua kind* of f?ncy work. No ohjertton to fo 'vra" * [rtreaa E. * M.. iMX Henry treat, Brooklyn. W1NTEE TEEM OP M A D A M K BF R'' ? RR S?J1 *^n" tgliBh and Bpanlah boarding and day ??hool ?? ia<lTi-? No l2T MadliMvi avenue, near Talrtr aeennd 1*^ - Wnvenkher 3? Ctrenlara at th? lartlt'itlon ??m Bt*"<aee a>ta'~he?1 Alan private leaaona In French and mnaf to niarrVd and dingle ladiea by the moat eompetont profeaaoem. IVIMTINO OR EEiIPENT OOVEENMBi?A LADY, V who haa raided In France, apeak! the language under ?wort. ie<?lr and arcuelomed to tul'lon. Hd<wou?-f an W j??!menL Addreaa Mlna EoHat. Broadway l?oet odio-'.. rune ARTE &INO TO THE H. A DIES.?ANTONIO "ILTAR (ireelan vnml.h la warrant*-d to ?J?r an A. ROMATir MICROWX)PE.-THE U*DERI?IGNRI? IH nraaared to (iipnlf mW roacope* of the flneat <r>a?true Hon either on Andrew Eraa ?. Powell A I-aland. ?r Km?h A iieeh'a ptivrM. The nudent * m -eo?r<>pe. with l'4 ineh Front atrect, Brooklyn, near Fulton farry. PRFRRNTR foe THE HOLIDATB ?THERE IB NO_ thing to aocept*hM for a holidnv pr??ent a* a beautiful ||(4ncta?h,dafn*rrr"type or awibtotype . which ?bonld be ae roreil a> Mtrly a* ?'<aa>1 le at frederick'* magtiiltrent Gallertn*. -'M ItrnadwaT. oppuelte Metropn!ltnn Hotel. rUITHIl*?, <M . ?T io moot WOETH OF NEW AND LUFT OFF 1 .uitkf wanted - OenUMen having large or err all low lIIH.e will reoetve the <W value, wtthoni haicllng oa Lehtoi to imp?n r?" ?? *? ??* <* ?air*m TtomM a Oowv>y, #11 rWQ'1'**^ . ?#?T"rEAML BTEEKT?REf'OND HARD CLOTH 4 i./i atore.?Gentlemen dealruua af converting *a 1 " .i^Ktair into caah. can obtain the fnl 1 value trap ^0VTT^iil0r ?,r"U*h " JA,<W< IZiT^uin -LADIEB AND GF.NTf.EMEN H WING dLiUor. e-afe.-e.ra the uUnoat >al.|e bv a^ y_ (' M aTtjnE*. 101 ? h? -reel. I.?die< afended fV'Mrarr.. rliujTnifffl L^r? **I> ??WTI.EMMM HA HE* f/viHirWlJ U?urena ?ree? near aaaal, or M W?M Bffir UiM ara??ad by M?. 0. CABn WILL BUI A BNUO RESTAURANT IB <Ti"" ' rn?np)?te order, at (he .turction of the three greateat ibornighfares in this city Receipts $30 p?r niy. Apply to CROMWELL A CO., 28V Broadmjf, room 14. ?1KA WILL PURCHASE THB BUSINESS, OOOD fllJU will and tiitures of an intelligence office The offl.-e baa been open for more than a year. The present owner in tends leafing ihe city. Inquire Immediately at 170 6 th are. ? Onn WILZ' ?UY THB. LONGEST ESTABLISHED JiUU real and personal eatate exchange and loaning business m this city, Prodis M to $100 per day, aad no rlak, ra will be shown at the office, 289 Broadway, room Li Aonn ?TO BOOK BIN DEBS -FOB SALE THELEA8B and tiitureH of one ox the beat located binderies in this city. Thia la a rare chance. Alao, an oyater and fiah stand In one of the principal marketa. Appiv at 304 Broad way. WM. H. ICHl, OGG too. Aonn TO M00.-FOR SALE, THB WHOLB OB PABT ?OUU of an established business, down town, light and pleasant. paying vary large prohts on the investment. Sale* to the trade for caah. HOW Kri k CO., 84 Nassau street. dtQAA TO MOO -FOB WALK, A PRODUCE BUSINESS, ipOUU in the best locution and thorougkfarn down town; rent low; la a rare opportunity for securing a sure and lu cre using business at a moderate ??oat; or a suitable partner preferred, oause of selling ill health, aod two places ot busi ness to attend. For particulars address Prodooe, Broadway Post office. |inn ONLY.?FOB 8ALB, ONE OP THE OLDEST "PtUU established confectionery. oyster aad dining saloons in Eighth avenue, and now doing a good bnsinexa; the bar paya the expenses, and ia new offered for less than half its value, ia consequence of a death in the family. Ap ply on the premises, 27 Kixhth avenue. A ,4 rn ONLY.?FOB BALE, ON ft OF THE BEST OYS vtuu ter, dining and drinking saloon* la the lower part of the city, on a great business thoroughfare. Thin is uu doubtedlv the best chance ever ottered Apply Immediately to WILLIAM H. KELLOGG A CO.. 304 Broadway. ?4cn -OYSTER AND LIQUOR 8 ALOON FOR SALE, iJriuU. centrally located in tbe Bowery, uear the Bowery 1 heatre. doing a business of thirty dollars per dav Applv at 335 Broadway, rooai 18. N. DAVIS, JR., A CO. -FOR SALE, A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL liquor store, one of the best stands in the Sixth ward, and now doing an extensive business. Apply st H3i Broadway, room 18. A. DAVIE t CO. ~A oreat BAROAIN.?A GROCERY ON long leas<-, and prominent corner in Williamsburg, capable of doing an extensive business. or will sell at low valuation. Must he sold immediately. Apply to HOWES & CO., 84 Nassau street $900, ?FOB BALE. A FIBRT CLASS BUTCH KB $500. establishment, with a large sauaage machine, use, and all the necessary apparatus 396 Broadway, room 18. N. DAVIS, JR., $4, 000 nnn WIUj PURCHASE A FIRST CLaSS FANCY ?1,UUU dry goods store, located on the best avenuo In the city , long lease at low rent: terms e.isv, sold only on a? countol sickneas. Apply to M. CANNON A CO., 80 Nassau Btreet. d?l ylflA ?'JROCERY FOB SALE?FIRST CLASS, V.1.TVV doing an excellent trade, in a great hasiness thoroughfare; most desirable location; no oth*r in the neigh borhood. Ar. exceeding good chance tor business. Apply to HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. ito nnn W1LL ?UY part OF a DOUBLE STAND ipZiivUU with business. It Is now doing the largest and safest cash business in Washington market Will be sold for eath only. The owner is not going io Kurope. Apply at 7 and 8 WashL.^ton market. West street side. -FOB SALE. A GBOCBBY AND LIQUOR . store, centrally Icoated. long established, and doing abualntia of $100 per d.iy. Apply at No Broadway, room 18. S. DAVIS, JR.. A CO. Z(\f\ ~A FIRST CLASS HOI EL, IN THE YICI NptJ.UW. nity of railroad and steamboat lines, doliiMa extensive bar. billiard and lodging business. Apply at 336 Broadw.,y, room 18. N. DAVis i CO. 4>QK nnn ?FOR balb-thk bight for bcropb CO'',UUU. of one of the most valuable patents ever ottered, for a 'isefvl and necessary article, out of whl< h a for tune can soon be made. Apply to HOWKS A CO., 84 Nassau street. Z(\ nnn WORTH of desirable pbopebty tTlt/U.UUU In ihe upper i>artof this city, improved and unimproved, for sale or exchange. Western laud for sale cheap. At R. GILMORK'S house and land agencr, 513 Ninth avenue, between Forty tint and Forty seoond street*. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR AN INVEST mem ?The advertiser has lo dispose of the entire right of a section of thia city, of the exclusive patent right for saws, for the re sawing of lumber It is a business or growing im portance. and the work ov these machines ia done much bet ter and with greater rapidity than by sny other. Also, a mill right ior tbe same, together with a tire proof building, the lease of the Iota, s s<eam engine, two large circular saws, two planing machines. shafting. Ac , now in operation. The pro ptic tor wont retain an Interest in the same if desired. Ap ply on the premises. No. 26* Weat Thirteenth street N' P. LaBARTR. ADINIRO SALOON FOR SALB-IN THE VICINITT of Wall *treet, beat location In lie city, w?ll anl long ettahluhtd; twn cIhkm cuatotn. and * chance not often lound. Apply to HOWES A tJO , S4 Naaanu ilrNt A DINING SALOON DOW* TOWN FOR RALK-IN which a fortune cubrmtd*; It M ootuplete In evrry rwptti, doing 9130 per day, anil will be ?old low to a caah cus tomer. Apply to HOWES A OO., 84 Muuu atreet. BARHF.R S SHOP FOR SALE.-THR BARBER'S SHOP an'! ilxturea. altuated 7't lludnon avenue. Bnoklyti ?rent S13 per moDib, containing tbr*? ro-wii, baHde the anop? for ??lt for $200; v'l: f ifiil c.i?h, and lour montta. or for $175 ra*h. Thi?e*tabliahj|>ent la well known and the locaUoa ei celled BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY FOR HULK?OWE Of the b??i atand* '.n thr rity. now .loin* a large MkMft and will be told cheap, tn Gonaequence of aickaeaa Apniv lo K B WESTON, Broadway, up MAlri, room No. ti'.., from 9 lo 13 o'clock. CHANCR FOR A POOR MAN.-FOR SALE, A 8NUO bnck front hou*e, In Wilrlt atreet, noar Grand. Lot 100 feet deep Only Woo caah required. baUnoe iimiu may iriuain. A bargain for anyone Apply at Waahlagtuu ?treet. corner ol ( hamler*. in the fruit atore. DISTIl.IJCHT.-FOR PAIR, A GRAIN DISTILLERY! r<-w, and In perfect order, now In operation or ex changed for other property. Ripply to HQMKK MO KG AK DRUO STORE FOR SALE?IN A FIRST RATK LOCA t.on, handsomely titled, well rocked, and doing a food bo*in<aa. <'a?h i rice tiSyi. For furthir particular*, adilrea* Sawyer, box 1,697 Post ofln e. Farm for salr-of 100 acres; first rati l?rd part wood land, moated thirty eight tnlle* from New V.rk, I'll the line of railroad hading to Phiiiidelph . ana within ten minute* walk of depot. For particular* addraae W. Rowland, New Bruniwlck, N' J. Farm for sale at a bargain ?a farm, situ ated .n the village of Maoorwlla l?oi; I#Und. containing thirty aero, part meadow arid part tillable .ami,IB a food state of cultivation I be building* are In good repair. Sli acrna of wiaitr i rain auit a j;eo<l peach orcliard and other fruit. The *aid farm will be aold at a bargain, aud part ol the money may letnain on bond and m mv fr>r two or three year*. Forlnrther Mflhtlm inquire at LIS Fulton Mreet, American Hotel, N. *. WEAVER A FARtm. IJIOR SALE-TWO HOUSES AND LOTS. NO* |fl AND )M Hsixteenth itraat. Diaiaul Zk> feet from thi Klflith avenue. Imialre 372 lliidaon (treat For sale-the new. purstanttai. brown ?tope bonaee. on Mm aorta ride of Thirty drat atraot, be twaen Maillaoa and Fonrth aveune*, three etorlee. hi*h atoon. haaenaent, tinder cellar, with modern Improvement* aaoh Jl faett u.chea by Ml feet, lota 98 nat 9 lnchaadaap; flr*t olae neighborhood; one half bead lad ?aori#*?a Laq Ura al 11 Wall *tre*t, room 10. For salb-a wholesale and retail liquor aloie, down town. Per particular*, apply fro? 10 lo lk A. M , and frun S to 6 P. M . at 2&n Seventh avenue. For rale ctjea|?the stock awd fixturks ur an i yater and dbiMr *alooti. the be?i lo-ation on dM weal *Ma or 'he rtty. It la near the railroad and ?'en'nboat Undlajra For fall part ten la'*, inquire at *? Greenwioh atreet. The reaatn lor ?'?lilac, the proprietor i* unwell. For sale-the most profitablk bakkrt in th? Eleventh ward, wfh a lnn| ieaae at a nominal rent. To an ?BtertinaloR m*r hi? x an opportunity to aaka a for tnne. * til he a?M al a wnfae ; with or wttnout itack hom. and wafor*. nu acenuni of 111 health <?f the owner. Apply to JOSF.PI1 MeOflRE. se?enth atreet. FftiR SALE?110' "R AND IX)T 1*4 EAST NINETEENTH 1 atreet. replete with all the modern imamveaaeaMb MMIK rotn#leta ovder: alao ?tae valuable property on l^naxloa Bvea?e aad Fifty aecood atreat. Hiuttrmld. ln>|Ulre at 161 ka*t Nlneteesih atraet. L'OR SAI.E?I.EAsE AND SOME FURNITURE OF A A borne Mlad with yrooipt paylnf Inta'aeea. on Hraoklvn Hctfhu two minute*' walk from Kiiltoa (e.rry. R>Mi*e coo lair a all modern improvement*, and will rn.imwil all the hoarder* It ean a<v tHnn>??1ate. a line adare**a<1 tl. It R. Herald offire, will rwetva prompt attention. UH>* BALE-THE STOCK AND F1XTCRF* (?F A GEN ? MM'* and ladlea' turnlahlng aiore alao the furniture of the apartmeale. now dnlnr a aplendtd bu-liieaa The re**>n for aeihn*. the party la fouig Weat. Call at *" Fourth avenue. FOR lAUhA BARROOM, WITH ETRRTTHINfl ,'i.mplete ?t.nate.| on Brtxwlwav, lo one of the Ui*a tree ana ballroom. I'maeaeion immediately Forlnrther particular* aildreea A. J. R., Brwadwn" Poet ottce. ITtOR SALE?A Bl'TtTIER'S SHOP HORSE AND Wt JT fnn al*o, a wa?on route of euetomem, no r> nt need lx> pail tn February I, IMT. Apply corner of Rl?hth avenue and mveatj flr*t atreet. I mm ft to II o cloek. Ij^OR SALE. THE STOt'K Jke, OF AN oli? EST A B 1 Itahed thread, needle acd furniihinf ?tnre, 94 IHviena ureet. ha* heen eetal liahed fourteen yearn, atxl dotnf a gool bualne**: will he *old low in eNH(|MW Of III health. In '{litre oa the p rem lea*. lT?OR SAI.R?A PORTER HOCSR, DFSIRAPLT lO r rated, froatinf the li'ldeon Rlrar Railroad depot. Will ha ?oM rhe?p, rent low Knr farther particular* injulre oa ?? prrtnlaea, 1* Weet Broadway, oorner of Ae?de etreet. TpOJl SALB-A DRCO STORE AND FIJtTt'RK*. WITH I* or wit hot)' apartmea> for a family; reiit low. location ?nod, preeaat owner ratirlng from bn*in*ee terma cheap and en?y Inquire on the premt*e? from 13 to I o clack or from t ia* P. M., at lti4 Third avettt". f^OR SAIJI?A DWIRAALR LEASE OF A PROMT. 1 nenl corner property In Weet atreet: alao. a furnlahed hoarding houee, hrat claaa. oppi-tte St /oho * park la let. Ht)TT A t 'O., 4C7 Broadway, mom Ne. 1 FOR SALE?A PORTER HOURS IN WEST STREET, doing an excellent h<mlne*e. will be *old clump, *a the preaant pronrtet-r intend* to go South. For particular* lo qatr* ? Went atreet. r>R SALR THR LRASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES of Ihe Rew Haven Hotel, corner of Twenty aereath atreet and Fourth at enne, wUl he aold low to a naah cuatomer. In qulr* at 11 Dutch *taeet UIOR iALR-TnR PATENT RIGHT OF AN IMPRfiVED P drill for invert'ng eervlce oo< ka In atraet tnahm, ^hout ?.hutting off wnt*r or gaa. Addreaa Drill, box 144 Herald aSice. Fi'OR SALR-THR LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF ' a liquor atore, aow doing * foo<l b For particu ?ra lo'iulre on the premlaea. oor'hwnet corner of Klghtb I vraoe aad Thirty Brat atre. t. O'NRILL A COI.WRLIi, rR SALR?AT A RACRIFH R, ONR OF SIN?RR'S laleet patent aewlrr maehinea; ia a good ma. hlr.e bean u, n*e hut three month*, and in gn?<1 order, aold on arnonnt of h, d haalth Apply at t! Wayne ^reet. Jeiaay t'lty FOR SALE. A RtRGAIN-A NRW'AND RLR'IANT hrdtah bagemen' hon*e In Forty third *treet hetwaa* ?r' aowaf and Kichth avenue. Only M.lino ea*h required. Apply tn ROBERT OII.M'iRF. hnipe and UaU agent. MS Ml>th ?vrit.N bvtwMii 4l#t tad tid Mreeta. worn. ?aim. FOR 8ALKCHEAP? A DRUG STORK WELL 8TOCBED, with a good tiiisinese; must ba solil, a* iha owuer has other busine** abroad. Rent cheap. Address Druc^isL F. P. W., Sarin office. *"H For balk low to clobe am kstate-a park nil*) acres, 6 Of wood, well stoekad with fVuiU tnuae is large and new, liandtume parlor* with bay wlmlaiW, aad al the modern >uipro\ emeuta. of cooking range, hoi aid <m>i^ water, bathroom. statkn ary w?h tubs aiuFfurnace; good out buildings and orchard. 18 milea froai New York, eaiyof ae ei'hK bv railroad to the city for particular* apply to JOSEPH W. Al.l.KN, o7 Cedar street, corner ot Broadway. Aiao for sale or exchange, three good far ma of 106 acres, on* of IK aud one of 43j? acrra rRBALE OR BXCHAWOF FOR CITY rtlOPEBTY? The bnest natural water power In the State, with a large ?Una fulling mill 40**0 feet, three stories high, with alt requl aite machinery. It hss 40 feet head, and may be run -in the eoldeKt weather. A aaw mill 10x40 feet, with IV feet head, ta unobstructed by ice, and haa ai'od run of oustom. Two good dwelling houses, 30x40 t?-. t each, aad one and two Htoriei high i two other dwellings, a little out of repair; a new barn 2ii3? feet, )7 feet posts, and 15 or JO acre* of land. The property ta In the town of Esopus, on the WallkUl, three milea from Ro sendale. on the Delaware and Hudson canal; tlx milea from Kdsyvllle. er tide water; nine milea from Readout, on the TPOR 8ALB OR EXCHANGE!?FIVE THBBE 8TOBV I brick houaea in Brooklyn; one bouae on 124th tfrast, be tween Third and Fourth avenue*. Harlem; one lot en Second1 a venae, near Forty eighth atreet; eight lota in the tillage ef Yonkera; farm of sixty tlve acrea in Oneida county. NT Y., near Utica, Ac. The above property will be Bold very low for cash, or exchanged on favorable terma for good improved property In the city. Apply to J. HPLL. 35 Pine street. |?OR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE?A TRACT OF LAND r near the city of New York, within three milea of the Tenth street feiry Will be aoid or exchanged lur jfbod city property tnot tenant houaea). Apply to JOHN H. KKL.SO, 62 William atreet. Fob sale ob exchange, for Brooklyn pbo perty, a farm of 37 acrea. milea from Brooklyn, one mile east of Jamaica, by Wlllowtree station. a two siory dwelling aad wing, outbuildings in goad order u>?eberwiib a itmall tenant bonae. Price $12,000 Apply at <20 Wall at , (<* ner of Fonth, in the store. Houses on hurray hill, near fifth avenue. ?Juat finished and for sale, Noa. 42 and 46 Weal Thirty-sixth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. They are tint claaa bonaes, with brown atone fronts, and built is the very best manner throughout. Will be eold at a reasonable price, and on accommodating terma. A person ia oa the pre mises to show them, al aay time, and to Inform aa to priee, terms, Ac. Hat and cap store for bale-a good cbanck for any person who understanda the Susiuess. Call at 300 Grand atreet tor further particular* Satisfactory reasou will be given for sel'tug ouL Mineral cabinets for sale-one for $1,000, one tor $40. three small ones, each for $12; also micro scopic objects, comprising 124 preparations, tar $22, highly recommended by Prof J. W. Bailey Weat Point Aeademy, N Y. Apply to CH. W. A. H4RKHANN, 1,007 Broadway. New TorL BJTLLBR8 AND FLOUR DEALBB8 BEAD THIS.?FOB ItI sale ar exchange, a first alasa flouring and grist rain, containing four run of atone, propelled by water aad steam, situated in the centre of one or this most enterprising villages In Central New York, and within six rods of a railroad, la otier ed for sale at much lexi than it ia worth; one half of purchase money most be paid in ?h, and remainder secured by mort gage on premises, or good property taken in pay menu Far particulars address A. C. HKRBON, Kemsen Post offlea. Oneida county. N. Y.. or inquire between the hours af 9 ana 11 A. H. at E. JONES, Mo. 43 Frsnt street. N. Y Also eoe of the best farms In ths State of New York, containing $1$ acres, foi sale. Price $10,000- For particulars Inquire of M. JONES, No. 43 Front street MUFT BE SOLD?A RARE CHANCE.?THE STOCK and fixtures, er separate, of a stationery and paper store, 316 Hudson street; will be sold low. A good place for most any business. Apply to J. H. YOUNG, in the evening. PUBLIC HOUSE. BHAD1S.?DOING A GOOD BUSI n<is in Brooklyn, with every covenlence tor billiard table, and well situated to do a large trade, every satiatae tion given for the preaent owner giving it up. Apply to Mr. Boo/, at 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. SALOON FOR 8ALF.?NEATLY FITTED UP, AND DO log a good business Such part of the slock aad fixtures as are desired will be sold cheap. A good opportunity for a lady. Rent low. Apply at the Hiawatha Saloon, 31 Carmine street, near Bleecker. SKGAR 8T0RE FOR SALB?IN THE BEST BUSINS8* part of the city, doing a nplendid trails. The owner must leave the city. satisfactory reasons given. Lease over three years. Call on the premises, 130 West Broadway. SEWING MACHINE FOR SALE, CHEAP.-ONE OF J. M. Singer's new Improved machines. in good worung or der, at a great tacritlee about half its tirst cost. Apply at 108 Waverley place, near Mcliougal street. r LUMBERMEN, CARPENTERS. BUILDERS.?FOR sale, or exchange for Inmber yard or vacant .ota, in New York, Jersey City, llnbokeu or Brooklyn, the limber yard, steam plaining, sash blind aud door factory, cow in stieseas lul operatiou. in a flourishing town, on lb- Ohio river. 125 miles above Cincinnati; a house, barn. lo? 200 te<-t square; large custom; everything for building an the cheapest plan. OOice 380 Bleecker street. l" Hall of pur iuIto of HOMKR. k. or at G. C. mOrfBK SOLD, A URKAT BARQ A1N?IWO BPLKNDID J. minora. al/e of plate 5x4 b> 3*9; cool (Km. win M *o'd for hall thrir value, if applied for Immediately. Aiw^aitan lltr cf flrtt quality peach brandy. Apply to <1Ko. *. KaK LkY, 174 Cherry atreet. fPO MII.KMKN.?FOR BALK, A KIR8T CUA^ RETAIL. X milk route aud depot connected with It; will be told oheap 0 a mah cuatomrr: no other nerd apply, detigftotory reaaooa > It*d for felling out for further particular* inquire at M Past Broadway, ta the milk *tor?, from 2 to A I*. M. r PAPER MAKKRK.-A SIXTY-TWO I!?CII CTLIN dnr machine, of at>uro\ ed make and never having bees ueed. loraale low by BRAMAN A O'CONNOR, Leper deal aia. No. S Burling altp. THE UNDERSIGNED BKINfl ABOUT TO ENOAUE IN other t?u*lu#?a. otter for aale at favorable term* ih- atock. 1 iturr* and good will of an ???ubl.ahrd plumbing. range and . urnai c buameee. Apply to ?M O. i Kr.AMiR A CO., f ouith a\euue, corner of Ninth *treet. TO DRCOOISTd-THAT SPLENDIDLY FITTED UP ?tore. corner of Montague and t'aurt crwm. Brooklyn, dcclf* ijr the beat *tand in the my, eetahUaOed over a, Mara. k A hf r)i oi the bueiaea* independent of the wore yiekUtXUUg ' profit per annum. Apply to BKl .NUKKIl A < <), IS Na* aaii ?u eel VIROIMIA LAND FOB BALE?LTINO UPON NORTH rlrer, in M elite w? i ounty. containing 1 Vtt airea, half of wb.rh la a: al-le u3d ve> v productive, the hala. re in wood and timber The improvemenia are a hove brick dwelling, barn*, ?tables, negro bouaet a grlat and aaw mill hteamboela run moj to Norfolk and Baltimore touch within a few m.lee oi the 8tare. Can be conveniently divided. Addree* at (ik) iceater . H. Ta.. Wm B HMARf. V^ORKTILLE ?FOB BALE, TURKB YAI.UABLK LOTH 1 of ground, on the waat aide of Third avenue, between Kighty (croud and kiihtr third alre?ia 8Uty percent of ibe purthaee money cm remain on bond and mortgage. If daatrad. Apply to B. TEN BROBCE, Is Exchange place. OOPAKTKRHMHIP XOTICBM. (?jnn -A GENTLEMAN WANTED. TO PURUH UtK %>OUv7. an e<iual partnership In * ?r ; r?'?hh,b*l kitrn cy bitalneaa, now paring about $40 per week tn vuvn In telligent man can larxely Inrreeee the butlneae. Apply at Aid hroadway. room 2. op Mam. AOCn -PABTKKR WANTED, TO TAKi: TBI INTE vOuVi rr.t of ;tn old ?i i'tlemjui in a oaah bndriee*. al ready eatabllahed, with a good run ol oiatom. Pay* a iarua profit. C'ati be exleaded tw any amount N. PA Vis A CO.. 3K. Broadway nw la ? ri|A-WANTED, A YOUNG MAN WITH THE JlJUU, above amount aa partner In a bu?ina?a cMafctiali ed for the laal twelve vearn and payi a good pro tit. Apply at a A Grand aireet. in the bat Mora. ",nn -fabtner wanted, to buy an intbb eel n a legitimate ? . p.?. ? . *> -?.? i | veara pay* large profile, and aalea unlimited, onaioeaa raw la aueeeeaiu operation. Apply at 143 < hambera at., p?>m I. ? CAA ?I WANT AN EQUAL PARTNER IMBED! 4TE CtlvU. ly tn the beat caah apex-iikuioa rrer (04 up (IB ui JON) ran be madeaaliy. Pant-u am aenl by mai> Addreea Banium, Herald o&ice. If out pi the ity, a ramp muet bo e or .need tQnA lo tl ??|.-partnkb WaNTKD, IN A PIB*T ?CUU rla?> family grocery, now doing a good buei tteee Locntivn nnaorvneaed. Thiatia rare chance for ao active man Apply to M. OHM* A I >0., No. MO Nxoani reot, Mnnn -A WITH this sc? IB a .vUH. lumber concern la ih? city . a.?o one with $S,tiUi. to aiiead at .be rail la ui a proni?ble e?LaCiUh?l hue) no*, la aiilrr operatloo App^y to HOVIe A <;()., M Naaeaa ?total ? O AHA -A TARTNER WANTED. IB AN OCT) eetoldiahel wholeeaie and re'all liquor atore. In ? cmnee'ion with a rectifying and diatilllng e?:.'.Mi?hm#ot. now doing an eitoaelve Imeineee. Ai>piy to or *4'lreee. I0r thrte daya N Darla A On., SSS Broadway, room It. Q/in PARTNER WANTKI', WITH T?? C'l.WUU. abov*. py a practlnal perfuaer aad '-haauet. tWPlWwra Ikrsiitkml the t nlted statoa, to join him in man ufacturing perfnmenea In all IU branehea. Heel rel?r?vea Uvea a* to rapacity. Addreaa, with teal name where aa Interview aan be bad. C. B., at Bonnet a, TS I^onard atreet. Mnnn to tin.OM-partneb WANTED IN A .UUU wholesale rag and taper atnek boaiaeaa. Aim, a'ttrai claea tl.MV) mortgage ftw at, cheap. Apply at No. VT6 Broadway, room Ih. N DaTIB, .IR . A t:P. A^n nnn -wanted^^an active or rpbt-iai. VuUiUUVi partner, wKh from forty to nfty thonaaad dollar*, ta take the atact of a retiring partner, ia aa old and wall 11 lakllahfl ataple manttfk turln* and ^ohbttig hnuee, now doing a eery targe and prtMahle bualneaa. Addrea* boi 4 Poet o?e* \'F.W TOBE, NEVEBKEB Bt, MH. No I Pt.Acr.. The ?nlteerlber? have thle day lormed a copartner*hlp. un /er the etyle of BalnwrlghtA Norrle, for the :r?nac'ion at a aloek rommMloa bualneaa. A II WAlNWRlwHr, JOHN B. NOR BIB. ABTNRB WANTED-IN A riRRTCLAl'' TAILORING eatab iahmeot on Broedwav. or *o iI.I *e I the l?a?a and titnrre. Inmilt e of D. C A RMH'HAEL, r.71 Hroadway, la large Boaaa. ^ ' PABTNF.R WANTED "* HBARr. 1NTRI.I KIKNT yonnt: m*n, Preneh preMmd. perfectly wed aaquaHiferl wllh the Hioadway dry g<-?la retail huelneae None bit! mm' e. mpei. .,t pei-ot>? nee t apply Meat referenced IW|tneed lo chj.ability aud houaety. Addreaa A. C., bo* 4.#H Po? ?ike. P PARTNER WANTED?WITH PBftM tl.Oifl TO ft K|0 in a ?<*k1 aate. well iiavlng who',t aale tnannlaetniiiig bnatneaa. which pay* from SO to To per -?nt for part*-iilam ttxudre penoaally at No. 'Ml Bowery. Beat i?f reference m < M**ry. PARTNER WANTKD?WITH ?.<)?? CASH. TO HN eace with the advertiaer In a man ifitetiirlng b iainw* la trl* ettv already r?t*biiehed. and now netting >ne hnadraA percent I'artienlar* ftimlahed at an Interview, bv addredf ng boi 1? Herald oflice. YE7ANTKD-A PARTNKR. IN A MANUFACTURING fT and jo?<blng l.ti?iae?a Uiat I* well eetanilahed. To a btt ?'rei< mnn tbla I* a good opportunity lo be e>riai er lee* Inter rat'd one that ha* capital e ill be (Wrly d?ait with by eallfeg on Mr Stearna. 117 (aambera at. NEW TOBK ANP NFW ORLEANS EXPREl*! -THE ? nVarriber all' forirartl au eipreaa per *e?in?r KlaeK vim riot oa Than day, ^oeemher m, Fre-aht and pMll Iiamli received until ? o . lock mi the day of eadiifr. HKfe M <R!? A ( C*. !M Proadway, N. f.