Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1856 Page 5
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Gov. Va km Anowi tanui>-1ki ML Dwd fcfr ?nan determined to have Henry A. Wtoo la Mr. Bo Ituwn'l cabinet LB some shape. If they cannot get htm ?I the bead, they will be eon teat la place him at the too*. Bare la the last menlftrto Aran the New Orleans D*Ua.~ Several of the New York papers are freely using the Basse of Beary A. Wise, <A Virginlk, la oooneoUon with Wm etlee of United States Atorney Oeneral la the cabinet af Mr. Bee ha nan. Of oourao the supposition of a poesl bhtty of his smitming that position throws them lata parexyIsm ot fury., and their Ink bottles are emptied In ka usual Uradea against the demagogueo aad dls unionists af the 8oath. In whet way Is Heary A. Wlee a disunion - Mf What real tntereet of the nattoahts he averassailed, that ha should be deneunoed as dangerous to her proa perky aad peace? In reality, he and the writers, speak ers aad publicists of the South who shared his opinions, MO the real Usloa sartors, because tfeey taught the North Mat It dire not Infringe the oonstltutton while the South era States oould draw a sword. It was a wholesome les nea. But let the whipped hounds snarL A better Attor ney General than Henry A. Wise oould not bo found, g|M|h wo deem It extremely unlikely ho will ootopy the tkongh i position. Votm ran Fmoin nr res South.?The Montgomery (?la.) Advertiser says It la "worthy of note that the only votes that Fremont received la the South were In a State Ma* voted for Fillmore Maryland." The Advertiser is Mistaken. Fremont receive! several hundred votes la both Kentucky aad Missouri?and, oven In Virginia, ho woeteed some. Five votes were oast for him at one pro stact la Shenandoah county?the Tenth Legion of Virginia And in the Wheeling district, which gave i four or live thousand majority, a great many votes ware oast for Fremont The votes that he reeelvcd la Baltimore we have understood were principally ihoss si Germans, with their natural antipathy to the extension af slavery. TWJtihohul so HLt.xwnui. Hamlet?The Portland Slate qf Maime says the Mends of Bon. Mr. Hamlin, Governor stost of Maine. Invited him to meet them at a banquet la that city ea Wednesday evening, the 30th Inst. ?owsll Cobb will so* Burr res Jsrr. Davis Faction.? Hie New Orleans Delia, of the 10th Inst. says:? A cones pond eat of the Nsw York Hbsald, who dates his letter at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, declares his con viction that Howell dobb. of Georgia, will be Mr. Bu chanan's selection tor the Secretaryship of State; aad he oven clothes this announcement with a semi official gar niture of eulogy. We fear this wou'd bo rather an un Sortunate appointment, as Mr. Cobb Is not the man whom the era requires, and Is infinitely too slow for the asto nishing march oi events which keep* us all more or less upon the stretoh jnst now. That he Is possessed of con siderable ability Is undeniable; but unfortunately he Is a prophet oI " expediency," who Is ttkely to preacn only of Shotting and compromises to come. He is a fossil polltl ctan? a megatberlor,klf you will- but the deluge has rued, and other forms ot Hie and motion are required. Is quite possible the Lano?stor man is mistaken In his gases. We trnit so, at least Biiiiii BorstoN?The Columbia (Texts) Democrat aBudeo as follows to a report, whleh we have also h?ard: ?M We learn that it Is currently passing, as a bit of news, ameag the knowing ones of the American par?y, that Sam Boustoo will surely bo the candidate of that party tor Governor In the next canvass." Biivaast) ?Chas. E. Qwlnn, K*i?. says the Memphis BmBttin, who has been upon a mission from this country bo Naples, of na Important oommercial character, has re Tbb Lam Wats.?The Newburypoit Herald or the 34th, speaking or Mr. Buchanan, says:? Wo thought when General Pierce oame Into power that ?ever a man had a better opportunity to distinguish him self and render permanent the asoendenoy ot bis party ; hut Mr. Bnehanan, coming In upon the last wavo or a storm, may make the peace of the country In the four years to oome contrast larorably with thooondittonot the post: and there are pending, too, such questions, as bo tog decided favorably, will give great prosperity and win the hearts of his countrymen. It will bo left to him pro bably to sanction the treat Pacific Railroad, and with his rwn hand. at the inauguration of the work, turn the first shovel foil of land upon a public national Improvement that stall do for tbe country and the continent what the Die canal did tor Now York, whioh shall link his name to the ration's greatness as He Witt Clinton's Is joined to Mi satire State. It Is quite possible that Mr. Buchanan being elected In 1806, the President of thirty -one States, may in I860 hand the executtve^na|Maal power of forty ?o his suooosoor. B' Alluding to the efforts of the Southern secessionists, It nddsi We have great faith aad great hcto la the four coming years; we believe the incoming administration will shake Moelf tree from the toul clique of Southern nuliiBors, dls untouists and traitors, and aMt In tbe progress of the Asm rlcan people. Rut should it be different, aad Wise and Brooks and Souie, and all that madcap crow, obtain tbe lalaence at which they aim, It will not be tn tbom to de toot the providence of God to raising up such a confede racy. They might bo troublesome tor a Umo, but our Wwlir* is certain, our destiny Is sure; tbe finger of God points in the hour upon the dial plate of the world, when the republic, free, peaceful aad happy, shall know no boundarlee but the oceans, and stand at Its meridian, tbe son of hope sad joy and light to the nations. taUTOH Pot cl*s ?Tbls gentleman ?u married by a Iomi Catholic pnett. Wbere la the Eaprmi Way noi pMcft Into bin lor to great as enormity, aa well aa Into Ool. Fremcntf Mb. E\ai?e, or Haiti ?Somebody baa propoaad hit aaann for a plane in Mr. Buchanan'a Cabinet The ButUlo (kmmeraal Adveriittr, edited by one of bit confreres, tip< kins the cold shoulder on thia occasion, and lays It can't be done. Boa. Joaepb P. Oomegya, the newly appointed United Malta Senator for the State of DeU vara, says the Laacaa lar Kxjirtu al the 34th, (Bochanaa paper), resides la Dover, l>e., and la married to a meoe of the late Ho*. John M- Clayton, who bad bia borne with Mr. Comegys ay to the urn 01 bia death. Mr. C. la the eon of Um late G?v. Oomegyt, and baa served with promlntnce aad aMb'.y la the I>elaware legislature. He la a lawyer of targe practice, of sound legal ability, extensive eiperl ?M, aad flae personal appearance, about forty Bra years at agf Ha la a genii*man of sterling lategnty aad de aarvedly popular He will Oil bia aew position with loaor aad neafulaess. The era of good reeling appear* ta have arrived, at Laneaatcr at leaat. TVs Gm Bin ?mm.?The Boetaa Journal of Nor. 34, qtwtea from the Nashville L'nim, whloh says ? The reoent Presidential oaaraaa ban bad a deleterious ?fleet en tbe slave populafon. The negroes manifested aa onuaual Intern tin the result, kand attended the politi cal meetings of tbe whltea la large aumbers. The Journal remarks.?It was ait what tbe frieoda of Fremont ad vocated which baa produced this aflact; tor It la well kaowa that no Fremont a? etlngs have bean allowed la that taction. But the damooratic orators have drawn very vivid plctnree of tbe borrott which, they alleged, would result Tom tbe election of Fremont, the insecurity of alave property, An. The ?vhnltaia" bar* ears, is to which there remarks have round admtes.oa. aad they hare, probably, been talked over on tbe plantations until Ike slaves bare be<n led to bopc that tbrlr slavery will Ml ardorr lorever For Ibis, the slaveholders have no ooe la blatne but tbmnai'lvee If taey will ra open or oeonteaanoa tbe re opaaiag ol tbe slavery qneatloa. and wage so bitter a war upon taose at tbe Nortb who deatre to malataio tbe oomproalaea iaiaot?ir tbey wl't mis represent and abuse tboee who simply oppose the exten sion ot slavery?they Bull expert to reap the natural ?maequenoa. <aiw?fftte'? Caart. ntOBATk OP HENRY riUMN WILL? IMrOKTANT mnwnr. Before A. W. Brad lord, Sarragate. Nov 34 ?Walter M. Wbea?oa. wltaaaa for propoaeat, be lag Inrtber eiamiaed. teat find?When I met Mr. Par ish at hia bouae be appeared to anderataad my converse Uoa and all that had taken p'a-.e betwcea us, I remem ber one occasion particularly; we had saet several times at daratega. on one occasion Mr. Parish, Mr. Uaequet, of New Orleans, aad myself, rstnraad to the Called fttatee Hotel, after a long walk, wboa we weat to the oOloe, vul garly called bar, for tbe purpoae of taklag a drink of brandy and watei, when a large dog, belonging to a gea tleman coming la at the door, attracted tbe attention of a large dog lying the counter, beloaglag to Mr. Marvtna, which dog la hie eagernees to meet an aatagotlst, Jnmpad ta tha oounter, a weeping out bottles and glaraea 'B every pMlbla direction. On calling at bts afterwards, Mr. Parish gave me to BBt'rr?tand that be reoollected tha larldeat perfectly wvdi aad laughed ond : gave a more slgallloaat laugh thai I rvtr ?r.ew blm lo mate at any other time, or at letst a'trr bis atlsck . Mr I*ar1?h desired to Icno* bia old 1 wsr : I only (udgrd that fiom bts wlls's asking ni the ' question, wb'ch ?b< liotllated to <o, aa sh thought It a ds icale q?e?tk?n ; I r< member further that be pnt bis k'.ad on my bead, which then had a verv few gray ha'rs en It. and tnen rut nls band on his o? lieal , Mr Parish 1 aiWayB thought s verj calm, eool, oak-alafing man ib a'l be ea rt aad la all be did, a better listener than talker, *ery fond of his frlcatfa at d o' loml later joarte wlln Kirrn ; I am lure I have a right to ray that ?of swear to It Ux> ho always ftffMffd to me a very amlibl < man, ard alivr i* the saflerlaga ,-nd interert of all aronod b m yes Is tbe t>aly word I ever beaM Mr Paruk after oiet Bctiy ; I beard him make mamb ing sounds, which -onld hardly be described; wben he wiaaad to as. t?pt to or d'escrit ftom ai.ything oners bad said his "tea" repeated ?nc<va*l?ely. and uttered dlsttnnt'y, with ? repealed nod of tbe hi ad; it was proqouBc><t very dls.tac'ly roroetlmee; it was n-n always iiti?r d dtstlne' ly; 1 bare seen blm shalce bl# head ?"ieo dlsserulug from SjV tiog that ass raid; t have sometimri seea h"n pm crt bi? fsr.d a^ repeMing wli?.lrve? bediHc't wish to hava iottr: wr.att I was at Wr. I'arUh ? ho i-e, ta'ktag w ttl b p. Mrs. Pariah rtK rot Int- rnipt ihe r mversation or tnr bb> part <a It ualess I could not make htm nnderitand ir e, or 1 neif?-rstaed h'ta. rBe?ct?' as Interpreter, of teiftt, wt eo b<- al'bed to ?ay ar-Tihlng I > me; from the err'tr,i',t rt Mr i*arl I '* I t*ton(ht at tunas be ?i>e 11 -v mnil daswasea, ?< >?>n-r ti?n*a mo*e rheerful Vvi. \b.?Jua i-s *?t?-ii W. nb witness for vrooone^t, Ir duly t??tihe?i ? I am so efWb*; rs s e IB Westchester manly : am fWiy roar years ? ff sg*. 1 kraw Hrerr Partsh irotn the je?r llfl till ?,i? .ir.-'i^e, ki??? b m iBiimstely; for Cfiei-a years oi the ti ire 1 tad werrte, an? vary riten da.fy, 'aMrcome * tb k m 1 toft > r abroad la 1%44, I m*? kim repeated l| a L'td<a di -'I year-n?i:ally at Mivart'a Bo clad Vo bmI him, and no doubt Indloated tt by ssy maa wm\ I J?-??ed with him, or talked to hia, Pre?**j7J?? If not* 8 At ?fccurre<i?and when1 referred!? had jentec/hlm la my form* vtstt to NMtxi y*r that kind?rtfsrrlng to the ^ tad mM -jB 1b 1844, and to oar termor "f*-" becim wit much oxcttod, and tart [**? ***"' I attributed this excitement to hH ^..frned reply, and changed the oooTor^niuidturBod tor V moment to Sirs. P^tah, to giro *???? J" recovered himself very shortly, ad1 venation with Mrs. Meh,addw^ M ot them, striving to adrotd say "^?r*c? *h^!5u,f' 2L j^SSh lot any apparent knowledge of his Infirmity, mi*. r??? urged me to come to the house end aee him w. oontlrmed ss muoh as a person ooold who did notspea*, but the whole interview "M peinfaUo me, tt to a close as soon as poastbir, I saw Mr. Parish within two years thereafter, the axpreostony mo coon tenance at tbeoe Interviews wao as Inielllfont as I sver know It to be, sad as rewonslve to any rem.V5j-^*' (Mr. O'Coaor objected iJlhe answer as Mtejatac mlsslblo opinion ) He laughed and smitedtar^P?"* to mr conversation. Q From h^ii what In Parian and your intercourse with hlsa, wnai, in your o"nk,u7 was the condition of hl? mlad at those times you saw him s?er hU ai "fa ^2SS .*!?? rtM ? ? clear In relation to ordinary intercourse as at_aay Um previously s I oonoldored his Infirmity as merely inflrmlt" this optolon was based than the Moond Interview, t>ecvise II ^ made more Impression upon me; the second was more vttneos cruesexamlnsd. ?In the ct>urs<^fmT??^ inu rvlow with Mr. Parish he| laughed ?^?^' before Mr. Panshs attaok I used to Pailsh with my family; I met Mr Parish wee*ry,or dally, at the Union Club; he was toad of J?*. whioh was the usual game at our Club, and no the nabtt of playlag when ??o vtsited tt; been exceptions; as a general rule ho went taere ror vn?i 'TOfi.-WU.lam Youngs,witness for proponent, hetng . *i_ _nrn teeiltiea ?1 a am a builder, of the firm of O. 2% TOtsTrnTH* i Iltve ? M Wert !!??? ilrst street- T becasse acquainted wi'h deceased tal(V brnary. 1147; 1 was employed * b""d* " Cnlon squate; tt was oommenced by other jyrtiea,wi I finished It; 1 worked at tt till November, times and sometimes nearly every day. Mr Parish was at the house, unless sick; If he was not very busy he would remain there two ?* throf tanrs; Mrs. Parih usually accompanied Mr. Parish whon he vlilted the house; sometimes she would oome alone; not very ofien, but occasionally, when Mr. Pariah cou d?* come; she took the general planning of ^ ^u'e it WM more under her supervision than Mr. Parish s, I more freauentlv consulted her about It than 1 dU him, 1. a, about the styles of finish, or ho woujd fofer aao totar. snd ssk me to do ss sbe wanted ; tometlmesi hei wouia lay, "That In my wlte'a job; go to her; ' don t;wast any bother," or "That's my wtfe'? house, oo frequently used the latter expreoston , M. Psrlsh's temper and demeaaor during this P*r'?d ta* fore his attack was very mild; I never saw htm excited, be was slow' as regards architectural ma"*?? overhauled^throughout,M an expsn.0 of three or four thousand doUars; In 18*2 a now root was put on M used to so to Mr Parian's house, when I tad any bustneso with htm I usually found him in the library I wo^ stoje to htm that Mrs. Parish sent for me, and he would dtrsot the servaat to oall her, If sbe was not present; Mrs. Parish would then make known her wishes to me; the bmtyss would thenbeoomea matter of goneraljoonTersaUon; Mrs. Parish would usually speak to Mr. Parish about It; he would io^Uml uot take say interest in the raaUer .^ nerently ? If tne matters wei trifling be would not pay much attention to them, but if they were of jweh cons* quence be would take an lntereat In them; If the wss slight, be would look out of the window and pay no sUeotioii to what I was saying; If I sUtod amattera^ other times where there was considerable money to be anent M^would gtveeager attention to It, he woulduse ^tond^Jd bis' toKeSTone or two, rn'stng the hand and extending the two fingers, dlvldlsg^ttam ins upwards, with a " nln, nln, nla, nln; thai as^near ss I can describe the sound; It was a^mpanled with a ?cult^ motion of the bead, whuhl supposed to be a matter oi Inquiry; In August the roof of **? P^*hh' horse wss leaking baoly; whenever he saw me he alwavs referred to it; be seessed very anxious sbout It; a new roof had to be put on; 1 was (earful almost to at ??pt wronstbW taking: when 1 tad repairs to make on i aimvs stated them to Mr. Pariah; I did this sometimes from what seemed to mo to be an Inqol^ quentty bad occasion to do, a,VT ^ ^^tlmeH * sacrtS-r sr^assrs; STi the nadtng of the blU by an earnast look and an ttM. ah ?? aa Dear 111 out dwjfib? H{ I would fj* ?1^. ? mA SS1'. J-? ?r~t; -.vjrfc1 .-c.T-xJ/ i8fooo ?.ia pwert' w?rth tjHi'S ?ja?rasr J"h that tne wason why 1 wished ber lo make the low was becat as It was a piece of property ! wantedI to keep, ..J MiahiMi to borrow I bo Boncy of hor In piwniM? liasre^sh^ rtTu expressed an earnest wish to Uke It ?.r??iuin't know whether Mr Parish would consent asd Saw ^^ts,SjSS; ?0W. and the property ;tbe property head,t,r,?o ""afterTearlng medeicrtbe the property and ^amt^ef wTwitodtote. when be .hook bis head, say My "No, told ij, p.riah I then sxplatned to him, It wss a r- riir;rr, rrxr^ , I . I., lifM ?? |iid \>>lfO<l it Mn Pinlu, vwb J? p?ruh raid lo him, '-you then consent to take it, Mr. ^.C^beMate aoAsedlMs head "ysa ; 1 thsn sstsd him what lawyer I staulrt l* J!k*tba' pL ST^l Par?sb;l told htm 1 dMs'tSaow; I iS^e house ssked Mrs I's.lsh If the bond and ITnrirMe was to be mad- to ber Individually; she told mo Ta WthaUmurtMkMr Psrlsb; 1 went immed Uely fnto tbe Hbrsry. srr.ompenled with b?r and aiked bla; ta ilw yea; Mrs. Parish repeated "he qj.eet^agaio be a*ld yes. asking aa sfflro^lvs motion of the bead. I attempted to take mother loan from him; it j ?u In tba Rammer <4 1M6; for tan or twelve thousand , dollar*, od property Noa. 119 aad 131 Ttreaty tiret (treat, | worth VM.toO: T **nttd tan or twelve thousand dollars; lOrotaawMra Parteh and stated to her what I wanted; abr raid aba would like to take the loan hut didn't know whether Mr Pariah would oonsent, that I moat ?*? him. I then went to the ronp la company with Mr* Parte h to wtrre he waa aluir* in the library, I *ta ed to him that I wne budding two houa< ? In Twenty flrat street. de#cro log tbem to Mm, and what uiey wore worth, aad what ?mooat of money I waaled to borrow on tnom, that I rhou'd probably e*lt tbem as M?n aa they wera oom pletrd be ?b?ok h a head no, Mrs Parish urgod him to 1 take tke loan; be * boot bw h?t1 noacatn; be looked at I me *?me?tly, and I stated teat l we* b uldlaf the hoaeeo to roll, and It waa no particular aocommodaUoa to mo whether I pot tbe money from blm or any one utae, that I my rcaeoo of applying to blm waa I suppoead ha wanted ' to lean II: he again shoot but heal ao. very decidedly; 1 Mia. Partab thrn raid the thought Mr. r*ruth wouldn't take tbo loan; tbat wa* an and of the interview; I 1 made another application to Mr Palish for a l??a, not lor m**elf b ut lor other partlee a friend of moe, Mr. | Cora ollna Coka, warted to borrow $4,000 on a place of i property. worth fyOOo. la Twenty tbtr>1 strrat, neartho 1 N Mb arenne bo la a teeh maker, I ita'ed n? Mr*. I'artab ! what my waatawere. and aba again said aba would Nka to lake the loan. but ill t know wbe.tter Mr. Parish wonid eoneent, and 1 muat *ea htm. I aaw hia Immediately; went with Mr*. Parish to tbe I brary where he waa slt llnr, 1 stated to blm a P lead of mine wanted to borrow ? on a pie* o< property la my Judgment worth till.000: Mr Partab looked earnestly at me aad shook hu brad no; T told h'm th?t I would Ilka to have him take tbe loan tf be poaeibly ootid or If ba would coasoat; I , told blm that Mr. Cole* waa a mechanic who had done work upon bis bonce when It was bullling and that Mr. Cote* designed to keep the honaa. waa th*a oooupytag It, aad wotld glrr him no .rouble p%v the lnt.-reet pnao fnally end It would he a perronal favor to Mr. Colo* and n trrK too ?f ha would tske the loan, aa Mr. Otlee did not k'low ?brr? etre lo get It; ditn'i know of any one el*e to Irad it to htm. be then nodded hta head yea, and lool.od to Mr* Pariah and noddad hta naad yea. Q Peerribo all the aonnd* or worda tbat yon heard Mr. Parirh titter? A. Wdi, for tea It wonld be eh, eh, eh, aa well aa I omild describe It. with two or three coda of the head. ?omettmr? more earnest than at others; and (for no it would be a ibak<> t.f the head, and tba eound, nab, nab, r.ali: whan any tblnt Impo'tent wa* men-loo ed, bl* countenance wonld light up with animation, and he I would give earnest at ten Inn apparently; 1 palotel the I'onl of hi* b-mae m tha summer of 1MJ, the color of tha bourn was a qurMlon bc'.weea Mra. Pa'lsh and mysolf; Mr Itrtsh ?aa ?ittlL'i In the room; Mr Parish looked eirnoMty at mc; 1 staled tbr color I propoeod to pxint H; I It trtt the taen ata*, the color I w^ild adrlae; Mr. Pa nsb looked > arne?tly at me In hi? ortiat mode or Inquiry. I by tbo ntttl roond* f have d<?acr|t?ed; 1 to d blm I would | f?ts piece of the sten* and show him the color; he notded Is hi sd, "Yrt;" 1 * p|. co erf 'ha Hone, ho took It la Ms band ar.4 held It tip between blmeelf and tba window; looked at hta wife; *be -a'd that nlor suited her. be then locked at me and nodded hi* head, *'Yat;" I stated to Mr. Part*b at tba Ume tbat It waa a oolor I had bear' blm ment>on when bo was building tbo bouee, IIat ba liked; tbat wit tba r*a*on. or ono of the rraaane I reiec.tetf ft; he norfdrd ble h?ad, "Yea;" | I saw rery ItiUe diflT nee In the e*p-e?sloa of Mr. ParlFh'e I we befora snd after bla a'ta".k; M*-*. Parish's j coadurt toward ber bunband ws? uniformly kind aad attentive; 1 never saw It otherwise, he *u geti rally k ;b<I to her, but sometime* tie wat nervous, or *"emed angry: thl* w.ia very rarely once It r,*c\irred when 1 prnrrtrd a bill: Mr Pariih po'.eupg tt hi* deek or taaie, *ud iot.klng at Mr* Part?b, and then at me; Mr* PirMn lold 1 *taa i-ha hada't money 'n the hank to p?r tha bill; h? atill poltled at Ibe table ar.d at the hill, whtcb Mft. Pariah held in be- rand; Mrs Pari'h l .ld h m It warn t eoavatteat k) pay the Mil that day; lto d Mr Ptrlfb that 1 d.dc't wart tb? icotef tt?6 I preferrea to Isavs the bill to bar* It examined; b? then Dodded hto head, ud I went away; W? oxcltoment seemed to sub side wh?a lMdUB 1 dlda* mat Um money- wheal tried a Imi time and could not underatand him he would let nervous; several times I left the boose not being able to understand bin, and bad a aeoond eflbrt at ltj I9IM Umea Mrs Pariah would send me word that they bad found out what ho wanted, and directed mo to go on and toll The oounael tor the proponent o(fared to provo by the wttneee that Mr. Geo. W. Folsom, one of the wltneaaos of the contestents, had a personal enmity against Mrs. Parish, wherenpon a long discussion too* p>aoe between blm and the opposing counsel upon the relevancy of such testimony. It was finally ruled out by toe Surrogate. Personal Intelligence. Speaker Banks and ex Governor Seymour are at the St Nicholas. Over sixty members <X Congress are stopping at the St. Nicholas, on their way to Washington city. Among the passengers who sail for Havana to-day hy the Black Warrior Is Francis Skiddy, Esq., of this olty, who goes out to attend a daughter, whose illness at Havana was nob, at last accounts, aa to render his preesnce necessary. Mkmhbm m WaaaraoTOH ?We bear to-day that the Hon. Maaars. Mace, or Indiana, Trafton, of Massachusetts, Dean, of Connecticut, Pur vie nee, of Pennsylvania, and Brans, of Texas, all of the Bouse of Representatives, have arrived la Washington. The Hon. Mr. Walker, of Alabama, who was here yesterday, has gone over to New York for a few days So, also, has the Hon. Mr. GUngman. The Hon. Meaars Smith, of Alabama, aad Lane, of Oregon, who remained hero during the reoass, are atlll In tblR city.? Wcukingtm Star, tfoo. St. The Hon. Wm. 0. Rives, of Vligtnta, Is asaong the dis tinguished strangers now In Waahlagton. ARPIVAL8. From Glaagow, In steamship Glasgow?Robt Lallia, Annie Hammond. Bobt Nell James Martin. Janet MarUn, Jno Alna lle Arthur Burrow, Mr Klrkpatriek, Mr Boggs, Margaret Hoggs Mr Roe oeo Blin k, Thos TownbuU, Mr Porter, Jane Mcfledmond Mr Brownlee, Jus Phllau Ja* Klrkpatrick, Bobt Wort ley. Jaa Mertoo? and 90 In second cabin. From Liverpool, In ateamahip Ericsson?W Web iter, Cbos Richmond Leon llarnaud and servant, Jaa Verion Olark Sherman, Mrs Stearns and child, Mrs Kane and Infant, Mrs M A Root and 2 children. Prom Lavaca In bark Mustang?Mr. DeWttt. From Aspinwatl, In brig Caroline?Capt Goodrich. SBPAKTUBB8. For Llveroool, In the steamship Europe? Mr Muthew Power, wife and child Now York; Mr and Mrs C T8eh?ll, child and nurse, do: Messrs O'Bronoln, ,Ir, N Jersey; W Blair. Phila delphia; Greenwood, Enijlatid; Parker, do; Fred Hall, Toron to, A Hpoflurlh. England; K Roger, Fmuce: Kdw J WllaiX, Philadelphia; M L'-wrW Clai-k. Ht Louis; J W Ultten, New York; W J Gilbert, Chicago, !)?; J L Cobb, Liverpool; W MoKesn. New Yoik; (Jeorge Bothwl"k, Liverpool; W Wain Wright, Jr, Philadelphia; A Otleoheimcr, San Franclsoo; U Ure)liu?, J Van llouieii, Mr and Mrs Alexander, New York; Mr and Mrs P F Ixiiighraln, St Louis; M I.tbewood, New York; John Kennedy, South Carolina; Miss White, Mllwauxle; Mr Herbert Allen, Birmingham; Mr Heerdt, New York; R Vo gel. dc For Chnrleston, In the *eam?hip Southerner?lames W Wa'lack snd servant, Mrs Westendortt, Infant and servant; Mrs A M H.arv. Miss M Benson, Miss A Benson, Jos B Cur tin. W F Msxwell and lsdv, Geo E Dubois and laAy, R M Vent, Roht Klemming. C Hoist, Mr Hey ward, F Breseller, O Smith, G Owens, .IliPolman. A Frank. L Davis. A F.trer hloom. A stork, W Whitman, M Kellon, P Oatlen, A Ca'rn. P burke. H Nealson. lady and t wo children; B A Mots. P Smith, Jno? March. (TJia* A Livingston, M B Johnson, 8 A Williams, and 96 is the steerage. For Savannah, per steamer Florida?D W Baldwin, F La'-a pere. James U Mevenson, P Brush, W II Buriis. Jno Burtls, .1 R l/mer, J A Holmes, B Burtis. J H Beal, Albert H - tod dard. Ilenry Taylor. M D Wand, Mrs Mary Davia, Mrs Jane J Lm-ax, Henry Briirham lady child and servant, A Titcomb, J T Chase Isaac Homan. Capt Child and son, A F Hlgtfns and lady, J Wilson and lady. John R McDowell, J H Palmer. D L Baker, Jesse Klnsey, Thomas Phlbbs?and 97 In the steerage. Shilling Portraltypes, Illustrating Male snd female beauty from life, adorned with loveliness; 1,000 daily at 289 Broapway. MO Cent Ambrotype Likenesses, with Case. ?1,600 taken dally by thirty Ave artiste. Factory 317 Broad way, corner of Leonard street. White's |3 Hat, Fall Style.?148 Fulton street, between Broadway and Naasau street Harts, Capo and Fan, of Every Style aad quality, at FORD k SCOTT'S, 210 Broadway. Ladles are Keepectfnlly Invited to Call at LKaVITT. DBLXBCBB a CO. 8, .177 and 37'J Broadway, and examine a splendid assortment of fancy goods, from Japan now un exhibition, to be aokl at auction on Friday, Nov. 38. 1SOO Far CeUan tor Oast's Wear, Jaatra* eeived at FORD A BCOTT'S, S10 Broadway. Under Garmenta for the Million, Whole sale snd retail, at M'LAUGHLIN'fl shirt ?nd furnishing store, Oreenwleh street, corner of Murray. Rcwtng Machine*.?To the Public.-.Tho aui. r?^;ut-d hereby give notice that all suit* and controversies to relation to the infringement of patent* upon sswing ma chine* between the Wheeler A Wilson Manufacturing Cora i'hlv ] M King it A t 'o and thr Wrover A Baker Mewing Machine Company have been amicably arranged and aettleC WHKELKR A WlUtoN ManTg tfa, 1. M. 8INUIR A CO., tlROVEB * BAKKR, S. M. Co. Maw Tore, Wot. 20. I860. Crtatadora'a Hair Dye and Wl|* are Natch* leas and untune article*. Both for sale, and the dye privately applied, at Ho. 6 Astor Houae. WfcHc Teeth, Perftuned Breath and Beau tiful complexion can be acquire by using the "balm of a thousand howers." Beware of couuterfelt*. The Immense success of the "balm" baa brought out hoata of counterfeit* and Impostors. Be sure each bottle la signed FKTKIDOK A CO., Franklin square. N. T. Fur sale by all druggist*. Batchelor'a Hair Dye, Wlgi and Tonpess? Tbe best In the world. Made, aold and applied at No. 338 Broadway. Glycerine ?Thla la an Article of the Phar roaeopU which lias for some jcars been favorably known to ttie faculty lor it* soothing alio refreshing action upon the sa pillarlea of the akin. The most emluent pbymcians hare alwnta agreed In It* use for these purposes. It enters largely Iptouie romposltlon of Burnett's KalllsVm or Orient Water, where Ita beat properties are extracted and retained In their full lorae. I'.eparsd only by JOHKPH BU1NKTT A CO., 41 Ircment atreet, Boatan. For sale by 0. H. Ring, B. Smith, and dealers generally. Pranglpannl.?In the Hose of Being Able to fill all order* for thla exqulalte perfume, Messrs I Nil RR A (X) , Mt I! road way. agenta for the United Htatea, have rece ved thla day. direct fro si the Laboratory of Flow era, four hundred dozen t'ieaae A I."bin's franglpannl, or sternal perfume. For sale by all respectable chemists. INtlBK A CO.. Cbemista. W Brotdway. Pall of the Tear Producca Pall of the Hair. ?Don't wait too lale to consult OR ANDJEAB, 94 Church sL HIU, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and whiskers, at No. 1 Barclay street. Hair dye 4 ahlUlng* a box, I>tack or brown. Dr. Kelley Can bo Consulted Dally at hla office. No. S Bible House, upon disease* of the lung*, liver and kidneys, free of charge. Cengtu?Ai a (toothing Pectoral, Brown's bronchial troches sre advantageoualy etnplojed to alleviate maShu sore throat, hoaraenesa and bronchial affection*. Hold by all drugglata. Brandreth'a Pills The weak, the consumptive, rheumatic, costive, bfUoui and delicate, after some daya' use will tlnd renewed strength aad life pervade every organ of their frame*. hvrrv dose makes the blood purer. The nerves comaeaoe tr> the arterle* and termiaa e in the velos These pills, as a firsi offset, act upon the srterial blood increaatng too olrcula iatton by which Impurities are depnai<ed In the veins, and the' throw off mich collect loos Into the bowel*, which organ, by I he energy derived from BrandreOi's pills, expels them fr< m lite system When first used, the pills may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel woise: this must be home with fer the good to come afterward*. No great goad Is o ten scsieved w ilhout some trouble In Its attainment, and this rule applies to the recovery of health. These symptoms onlv occur where the body haa long struggled under a load ol Impure tenacious humors. A eotisecutlve uae for a few dsya will failsf; tbe most unbelieving of the great good the Bll? are doiag Tbe directions ?houTd be carefully studied. understood snd followed health and > Igor will, in a majori ty of cates. be seenred by the use of BRANPRKTU R pills Pokl at 28 centa per beix at 4.1 Canal street, 29t> Bowery an ' 241 Hudson street, by T W Dyott A tans, Philadelphia, and by medicine dealer* generally. Holloway'a OtnUnent, the Brawl Kx tenia I remedy.?Rubbed on the skin It wtH penetrate the pires, 'hua rea< hlng the seat of the most dangerous Inward cosapiuale FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?ORBT lAIIITi WmnnuT, Nov. M?? P. M. There was qnlte a buoyant market thla morning not. withstanding the general Imprseslou that lower prtcea would rale. Buyers took hold with a great deal of spirit, aad the Improvsmeat la aome laaUaoea was quite large. At tbe ftrathoard Vlrglaia fl's advanced )i par neat; Nov Ttrk Cent/al Railroad, <{( Erie, \, Reading, tf; Michi gan Central, \ \ Oalena and Chicago, \; Cleveland and Toledo, M; La ("rosea aad Mllrsukis, I. CiatooCeai pary MI eft per cent, Illloola Central Ra Iroed, >f. After tbe hoard <.a ena aad Chicago aold at 119 per oeat, aeDer 60 days, aad La Or wee aad MFIwaukte at li par oeal buyer M daya. There were largo order* fer the httrr la tbe market, for Haalera aseouat. The tendency of prices generally was upward. At the secoad board better prices ralod throughout, and there wss considerable activity Cterstanl aad To* ledo ad v ar red per cent; New Yorfc Oeptrxl, if; Er e, \ . Beading, Mlcbtj-sa Central, ; M!ch'/an ^aulhc.'B, X, The iteamahtp Kuropa, from thla port lor Lvs-p ?l to-day carried out ?'.?2 ooo ,a specie. This la a Htile ?tore than expected, hut hoMer* of stocka fbucd coatola lloa la the fact that the California iteeaert Is near at hand with a million aad a half of gold. Ptie wit he duo abort Saturday. A. H. Nlooiay'f semi wert'jr auction sa." of ?tock? and botda will take place tn morrow, Thuredaf, at hslf i-eat IV o'ekok at the Merchant*' Ktcaaa|o. The Merchant*' Bank haa declared a tuai sni. .* diet dead of b percent, payable en the ltt of In-oaather ie*? the Howard Insurance Cotr.pacy a dlridead of II per cet t, payable rn the let of P?tember. Tt-c books r,f the Cleveland ?tid To'fdo Ri.lroad C paay will he cloaed pa Friday and IhtrU), ant open ?n M'.atiaf, 1st Itccemhee, p.*, %r> -"j to the stoc., being tfgistarai ?> the <?Wo I4f* la? i-atce at ' T-in ' <r. peef. Tho W?b*?b Valley Rai'r iad with the i.rost Western to ("ay, tbn? etab!ln( tbe Ckrelet-: at! ftioUo row! to \cmC cart at C!ey t'aad ?r.d st I u.ta la R J Of m the Wabash Valley, Terrs Hants, Albon wad Bt. Lonto roods. AMMMt Treasurer rcporti this week m tot ?atoM-day IWMffl 06 SSIlM^ari 91^U3JM U Monday 315,293 71 807,673 36 12,061,618 76 Tnssday #8.133 70 111,496 M 12,0?!,943 31 Wsdaesday 373,001 46 306,780 31 12,081,063 46 The warranto entered at Uko Treasury Department, Washington, on the 22d and 34th inat. were aa follows ? Texaa debt warranto 61,068 40 For the redemption of stock* 70,063 08 Forth* Treasury Depart men 07,606 48 For the Interior Department 84,692 96 For Customs 146,331 06 War warranto received and entered 48,790 64 Interior repay warranto reoeived and entered. 1.893 66 Fiom landa 210,683 44 From mlaeellaneoua sources 2,642 02 From customs 44,971 76 On acoount of the nnvy 102.016 28 Repayment on account of the navy 102,631 03 We hare received a fall and very intereatiag report of the La Oroaao and Mlwaukle Railroad Company. It (tree an account of the laid (rant aa made by the Legislature, and the prospective operation of that great reeouroe. The purchase of the Watertowa road la aatlatoctorUy ex plained, and Ito importance duly ooaaidered. The La

Croeae Company assume the debts and liablHUea of the Walertown Company, the greater part of which {have been paid, and meena provided to d lac barge the re mainder la a short time, and it receives its property, righto, powers, privileges and tranohiaas, thereby ab sorbing the corporation aa snob, which has been formally diisolvsd by the resignation at its directors ana officers, all of which prooeedings have been sabBeguently ratified and approved by an act of too Legislature. The La Crosss company commenced on the 1st of July tost crediting to operating account the. gross receipts, and the aggregate from that time to Nov. 1 was $244, 608 72. November and December are estimated at 880, 000, making a total for the six months of 6824,000. De ducting the current operating expenses from this and we have a balance of $194,702 24 to constitute the dividend fund after deducting the interest on funded debt. Oat of this a cash dividend of Ave per cent will be paid on the 1st of January, and the surplus reserved for future dis position. On the 1st of January the road will be opened to Portage City, when the whole of the Unit division will be brought Into uae. making a dlstanoe of 96 miles from Milwaukle, or nearly half way to the Mississippi river. The most important feature In connection with the pro gress of this road is the land grant from Congress, the title to which comes through the legislature of the State In relation to these lands, tnelr future value, &c., the re port says:? The classification and valuation of these lands must be determined by aoiuai examination after the final surveys are made; but cur information is suilisiently accurate to enable us to make an approximate classification and valu ation. which will not vary materially from the results based on more precise data. The region oT land through which these Hoe* will run Is of a superior quality gene rally for agricultural purposes, abound ng In water courses, large and small, among which are the Wisconsin, B ark and Chippewa rivers, navigable for long distances, and innumerable leeeer streams, affording hydraulic power, so generally distributed as to serve the purposes of the whole country, and afford numerous village sites, which will be speedily oocupled by an enterprising poo pie. Seme valuable iron miues are also foun 1 in this re gion of country, which will be brought earl) tnto use, and no donbt a geological survey will develops extensive mineral resources of great value. Ncce of these lands will be offered for sale until the road snail fee completed to at. Croix, and been operated a year, which will be about four or five years from this time. But la the meantime, the lands remaining to the government will all have been purchased and settled upon throughout the whole distance, aad the country generally progressing in Improvements. The land then owned by the company will be the only land In market, aad will readily commaad tba highest prices. These being sold on long time, with small an noal paymenta, will enable the better class of actual set tlers io purchase them at fair prloea, aad thus produce a sinking lund for the liquidation of our funded debt. Sales made in this manner subject to the payment of seven per centum per annum interest, and the principal in a term o! years will readily produce the following roaiits:? 10,000 acres, embracing village sites, valuable water powers, mines, Ac 6100 per acre, $1,006,000 600,000 acres first clans flu nlng land near the line, with smaller water powers and other privileges $20 per acre, 4,000,000 80j,000 scree terming lands, he., further from the road $16 per sore, 4,600,000 360,000 scree far minx lands, at still greater distance from the road $10 per acre, 8,600,000 123,000 airss lafarior lands $6 per acre, 616,000 Total S13.6U.W0 Three lands are among the moat valuable la the Wes tern country; and Inatead of felling below, their value will, bey on 1 doubt, greatly exoeed the above eatlmate Nooae acquainted with the rapid growth aad iaprove meat of the Wert can entertain a doubt that when then* lands ahall bare extended to tnem the fecllltUa aad ad vantage* of railroad communication, they will oomaand a price tor above thrt oonlalnad la this estimate. But our object In to show only that tor the parpossa o( tale company theee land* will fornlsh ample eeenrfty for the amount or land* necersnry lor the completion of our iya tem of road* to the Miaaiealppl river. In addition to Ihe ?ecuiity thua provided It la propoeed to mpiradd a lien upon the road line If. whereby not only sufficient but superabundant security Is provided. The length of road from Madison to St Croix, aa above stated, la 366 mllee. rrom Porta# e aty to La Croaae la 101 mllee; from which deduct M mllee, which is la ooa moa with the other leaves 86 miles to oomplsie the road to La Ooeee To this add 30 miles to be constructed from Co ambus to the Intersection with the La Oro?se road, gives a total of 311 mils* to be ooertructed la the com DlillOD of Otf ITlUm. It Is estimated thai the maxlanm oast of tk*eo roads will be about $36,000 per mile: but In order that our es Umatsa should be high enough to cover every poeelble contingency, we will ast down the oost at 960,000 per alle, to lacJade everything oeaseoted with the expense of the road. This would give ftfNBfl total or 610/^0,000, which !? 93.666,000 less than Ihe value of the land If, aa anticipated, this* lands si of $i3,616,CC0, or upward*. It wID b# sMrt thai nl&QtMt to pay the whole Indebtedneae af the Ooapany, as will be appareat from the following statement Ike laiUMidnaa of the Ooapany at tht* time a aa follow*: ? first mortgage beade East. CTv. L. C and M1J wankla R R 9660,000 Mllwaukie City beads do 614,000 Convertible 7 par oeat bonda, do. do 900,000 Total .91,661,000 Flralmortgage Mil. and Watertown bds., from Janctwa I* Watertown 910,000 Sacoad mortgage do., from Junction to Cotuabus, lor City Doods 300,000 Tilrd mortgage do., from J anctka to Wa tertown, 9160,000, leas 632,000 119,960 Walertowa aty beads, 6*0,600, lass 94.099 76,400 Oolnabns aad other town bonds, 946,000, lass 939,009 92,009 766,409 MM ft,990,400 ft which add proposed new leaa of 9,000,000 916,990,409 froa which It appears that the land toad alone win ha rnffici*at to discharge the aatlre Indebtedneee of the Ooa naay, aad leave a snrplna af 99,316,400. to be divided among stockholder* which Is aore than the whole aaoal of (took now Issned and outatandlng. Mack Bxthangr. Vnw*'<iT, Nov. 96,1999. 99949 Vlrglato 9?s... 94 909 (ha Erie RR. .M0 41X 1CCC0 do.. M4 04 300 do a60 61 >4 1000 Chi Stole 7*s TO 79X 9 II H * Hart RR . 110# 1400 City 6'a 09.... 90x 1640 Rending RR. . *6 96 ieoot YCRR 6'a, 64H 1609 do MO MX 33000Kr'eRKrab'71 *3 66 * 900 4a b8 99X 3000 B R RRlst atg 99X 900 do e 61* ??mcblteSFbJT 90 900 4a 400 99 9T00 Paa RR ha 94 10 99 190 4o ....?60 99 11604 111 CR Rbeet. 01K 100 do 4*0 99 1000 B RHRSdvtgaO 91X 000 do... M? 92* ioco da.. . a9 69* 360 4o.. 0 93* 76 *be Fk Com *cr1p 109 X 14 Ctov.OH *Cto RR 1<*X 10 Hanover Hank... OA 9f0 Utah Cea RR..*8 99 90 ikrk Baak 00* 60 da M0 9|jX 340Canton Com.. s3 21H 00 4o 99* no 40.... mo 9i* eoo do ?oo rx 10 P*l*Bn4 Chi Oo 199 99 4o 09* HO 4o e3 197X *16MtchSo*NIaRR 97X KO do *30 197* 100 do blO 97 X It Peea Coal Com. MX 160 da 97X 300 ( um '?al OnaOO 16* 100 4* M0 9t tag 4o *60 16* 2* Panama RR. 99 60 N toreev /inc.. 9.* 100 4o b3 07X 360 N Y On RR.... o 99 MOIIlOinRR 09 119* * do 99X 60 40 Ill* om do *60 99 400 da M0 117* {lit do 96 1 94 Ctov A P R*. *3 69X UO 4o hlO 99 469 40 b90 60* 100 40 ... M0 96 X 300 40 *4a *9 * 10 do 0 99 * 66Gel AChicRR. . 119* 60 do *90 99X AO da 110 aa do 99 * 600 Clev * tol RRlOO "J* MEricRft M 91 <5" ?* ?99 4?. ...Id M* 100 40 MO 76 100 do *3 61 3004 <lo *9 TjM M do 130 91 300 do *19 73* ISO 40 *8 61* 10 4o 79* ,00 do *1" 61 lOOCblr % fUr I* RR. 07 goo do *10 61 * too La Crone A Mil R 91 age 40. *30 61* 10 do h3 91* ?0O do h16 6' * 30 4o 4 91X ,C0 do blO 91X M da " 1tCOI>l> BOARD. 96MC III Or, It R ?tm "I * 300 *h* Erie RR 91X iw.) Te?'? BA*-<5m 76X do *9 61* .>?> -'* K0 do h10 61* ( C 1 1' '? 100 do *1A 01 * do 944 19* 10 Third Ar RR.... 96 do *99 19* 100 He*dtag RR .. . ?J* nr.'! vlu>?Co. 04 X 909 da ?in 93 >4 944Cm*MM.. 16 400 do s9 9?X ,00 do HtiO T.?X do..... bit 91*f tag da M 76 ?X? do M0 99 vc ?o *?(> T6 DO lTcli Cea RP. *34 0 s, gggmrrrnRR. *ro 90 100 do bj 04 ^ Mo Or 69 99 * 209 40 *30 90* d*., M* 100 do ... ,b?0 90 f ?K0 99 * ii MlchM % NIoRt *7X IIP 4? . .. 96X 104 da bio 99* ?ga to N t(X 109 do hco M Iff ir.... a'00 >0* 147 do ....... 99 99? Erto M CITY COHMBHCUL report. Wtobit, Not* fl?8 P. M. Aam.?Tbe urltt vu anhanged. Small sa'et of pota wart made at 7\c. a IJio., and of pearls a'. 8c. a ?X?. Bmiwciw.-Flow? Tbe market waa heavy, though without quotable change from yesterday's prloee. The transaction ware eonflnod to about 0,000 a 7,000 bbla , at abost the following quoUtlona :? Common to good 8tato 88 00 a 90 26 Common to good Michigan 8 ou ? o no Extra State 0 40 a 0 66 Oommon to good Obto o io * ?2* Extra Ohio 0 M a ? 90 Southern mixed to good brands 0 90 a 7 40 " fkncy and extra 7 30 a TOO Oanadlaa superfine and extra 0 40 ? 7 76 Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City 11111a and St Louie 8 00 a 8 Haxali and Gallegoe 9 it * 9 60 Canariaia bran la were doll at quotation*, and aalaa light Southern flour waa near/, without ohange of im portance In quotations. The aalee embraced about 800 bbla., at within the range of the above pr loee. Rye ilour ?Sales of 110 bbla. were made at 93 60 a 8S. Jeremy meal waa quiet at $3 37V Wheat?Ths market waa without ohange of moment, exoeot In white, which ?old at lower ratee The aalea footed up about 60,000 a 00,0(0 buahela, lnoludlng 6,000 buahele white Southern at 81 00, and white Canadian at 81 06 a 81 06, and a small lot (000 bushels) of choice do., at 11 70 Weitern white at 81 06; Weatern winter red at 81 60 a 81 68; Southern red at 81 64, and Weatern apring at 81 86 a 81 ttO. Corn waa easier by about one oentper bushel. The aalee embraced about 10,000 bushels of Weatern mixed at 73).; Southern yellow waa at 74c. Rye ?Wee of 7,000 buabeiv prime new Northern were reported at 90c , and 8,000 do. do , at 87^0- Oata were Inactive, at 48c. a 49a. for State, ana 60e- a 51o. for Weatern. Oem* ?Sales were oonflned to 100 begs Rio at lie.; 60 do. St Dtmlnjo'at 10)?c., and 1,000 bags Bitua,* for export, at 9},o., and 600 do. Singapore at p. t. Cotton ?The market continued firm, with aalea of about 3,000 balsa?about 2,000 of which were sold in transitu. Cwum Tartar.?Sake of 6 caska were made at 29%o. Frsiubtb ? Engagements to British ports were mode rate, while ratee were Arm. lb Liverpool about 20,000 a 30,000 bushels of grala were eagaged at 8d. a Sfcd , anl 1,000 a 2,000 bbls. flour at 'is. 3d.; 30O boxes bacon at 27s. 6d., and M bbla. lard at 27s. fid., and 100 boxes cheese at 80a. To London about 3,600 bbla. of tlour were cagaged at 3a. (irain was quiet at lid. a To Glasgow 6.000 bushels of gram were engaged, In sblp's bage, fat l2>.jo. Hates to Havre and other continental ports wore unchanged. Fntnr ?Sales of about 1,000 boxee ol raisins were made without change in prices. Hay.?The transactions footed up about 2,000 balea for shipment at 66c a 70c. per 100 Iba. Hoi-m were dull at 8o. a lCc. for new I860, sad choice qualities were scarce and held at 10c. a 11c. LnATHn continued quite firm, aid the supply was short of tbe demand. The salea made were at very fill prices. lioLAHoa ? 80 hhda. Cuba muscovado sold at 680. Porto Rico's were sold at 64c. Navaj. Storks ?Spirits turpentine were lees buoyant, and rales of 'ioo a 300 bbln , In lots, were reported at 46c cash, and 44^0. from the wharf. Crude was out of market, while common roaln was dull. Ua. ? Unseed was heavy and prices somewhat nomi nal. There was some more inquiry for crude whale, wnlle prkxa were easier Winter bleaahed was at 90o. Crude sperm was heavy and tended to still lower prlcee. Provisions?I'ork?The market waa Orm. The sales embraced 400 a 600 bbls. meis, at 817 87 X a 81% lor old mesa and 817 a 817 12 for old prime. New meet aul prtme were nominal, at yeatei day's 'isolations. Bjef wm in good demand and firm, with salee'of 800 bbla., at 81 a 87 for old ooontry prime, 88 76 a 810 for rnsea ditto, 89 76 a 8.1 26 for repacked Western mess, and $14 a 816 60 for new extra Western ditto. B?ef hams were at 18a. a 10c. There waa a better demand for long boned middlee, and at full prices, and eopectally for future de livery. Cut meala were unchanged. lard wet Arm. with saleeof 300 bblr. at 12 We. a 12%c. Butter and cheese were in fair request, witbout change In prioea. Rica ?Salea of about 200 casks were made, ohlefly for export, at 3'^c. a 4>?c., with small lota ol prime, at 4Kc. StaA*.?Tbe market continued firm, with aalea of about 6<i0 hnds. Cuba atuaoovado, at prlcee wltnlu the range of 9o a 10c. Sph-u ?600 mats of Cassia were cold at lOJtfe. Whihkay ?Salea of 000 bbla. win made at 82o., at which tbe market cloetd dull. TO THE EDITOR OP THE HERALD. Ship ownere m engaging freight on pitch ptne frrm Savannah. Doboy la land ana other Southern porta, moat be on their guard and make dne allowance for tne dif ference between carrying hewn timber and aawed lum ber, aa a ship will not oarry aa much of the former by all ol one-third. Parties eagactag freight for France on Umber by tbe thoasand, aa la tbe custom, Instead of by tbe load, as la customary, for Liverpool will be dleap potnted at tbe result of tbslr freight Met. A vestel from Savannah oarriea about her register tonnage In load of 600 fret each, or 60 cubic feet. It la customary for a vessel loading aquare timber for France <o engage freight by the thousand superficial feet, tnstead or by the 'oad as for Liverpool, and owners who have loaded for those ports predicating tbe carrying on what theee vm m la have carried in lumb< r, have found a serious loan in he freight list, equivalent to one third. D. NEW YORK CATfLB MARKET. Wic.xbhut, Not. 30, 1856. Onatrary to general expectation there wu a briak do mand for b??r oattle at Allerton's to day, and Um lap ply being moderate, a alight advance waa established over laat week's rate*. The average qualty was much better than the offerings have been for some weeks put, Indeed there waa scarcely one drove of poor beeves a the yards. Among the Bneat kHe on aale was one o( 100 bead ofKeetocky bullocks, they brought 10c alio. per lb., the latter the aaaxlmum Ogurs paid daring the day. The entire range was (rem to 10>^c. a 11c., aad the average about 9He. The total number on aale for the day waa 3,100 hsad, aad for the week 3,302, about 300 lei s thaa laat week. About half of the offertagssT to day were State cattle. Cows aad calves were not very pksty at this market, but there was sufficient to supply the demand, at about previous prices Veal calves were not quite to plenty, but Ue Inqrtry having Fallen off considerably the supply was fouad to be folly equal to the dessaad. 8wine were here to enormous quaattties, and are dally arriving by the various routes la large numbers. The demaad baa fhilea off, and to day being very warm the waa a complete stagnatlaa, no aalee worth speaking off having beea effected. The Irst cold snap will oome very srceptoble to the owners. They are bringing new from Ac. to ?>4c. bv proas weight. At lertoa's sales tor the week were as follows3,803 beaf cattle, 30 oows and calves, 337 veal oalvss, 1040 sheep aad lambs, aad 7,4M swine nuon. Boef cattle ....910 50 a 11 00 Do S 60 a 10 00 Do >60 a 000 Do 7 00 a 9 oo Ooe s aad oalvss 66 00 a <6 on Do 45 00 a >0 00 Do 3> 00 a 40 00 no 36 00 a SO 00 voalcalvso >*c. a >o. Do. 6ho. a To. Sheep aad lambs 3 60 a ? >0 Do., sxtra 0 >0 a 0 60 Bwtae 6c. a e*n. The following table shows from what (art ot the ooua try aad by wbat conveyaocea (be suppliss came ? Har Hit? Beef cat., M. 403 <>n foot?llsevaa, bead MO Oows and calves ... 81 Ohio 330 Veal calves 2?7 lUlnola 1ST Sheep aad lembe.. .3,000 Indiana 40 Hndeon R?Beef oattle 460 New York 1.131 Swine...'. 3,007 New Jersey i? Buato? Beef eattle.. 726 Connecticut 13 ?? Swine 3,760 Kentucky S06 Erie RR? Beevee 428 Virginia S6T Swine 1.643 A pr tty fair demand prevailed for beef esttle at Browning a, at previous rates The rupply of sneep and lambe ban fkikn off materially stnoe laat wees, trui not eltbstao'l'ng, tfcr ?upp y W f.j ly equal Vo Iba d?maod Tor average quality eaa muoh bettor. The reoetpu come chiefly from thle State. Ohio aad New Jersey; but rew were left uneold. SaJea for the week an foMows .?330 Heef eattie . >7 10 a >10, 34 cows and oalvss. >26 a 00ft, IT veal calves, a Tc.; 3,041 abeep aad lambe. IIIOaN 60 The following alee took place at Browsing's during the week:? By .lumen McCarthy? M0 tbeep and lambe, atM 60 to ?7 >>*. By Home A Baldwin- 761 sheepa?<l lambs, st 13 774 M F/ Thos C. Larkto?743 sheep aad lamoa, at >7,746 74; aieraft ber bens M 13. At Chamberlain's the market wai well supplied wtth all kind* of stork, snd a good demted prevailed through out the day. The salsa were as follow*.?aei beerc*u>?, >7 60 a >10 60. 03 eows aad calves, >11 s >6>; 140 veal oalvea, >6 a >7. 4.C37 sheep aad lanba, >3 60 a M 60 At W'Brlea's, there was rntbtr a small supply of heef eatUe, aad prices are about the same a last week. Oows ? nd calve* are more plenty without change in prNv-e The salesfwers ss fMIs** ?107 beevea, >7 60 a >0 60; 14? < ows and calvsa, >26 a KW 73; real calves, >)<e. a 7o. MMirrriavto*. J''if Omua 4 Vtoi JTVwr> A OnftU. Oat>*t Cat Ijmhi. A Her ton's 3,303 .12 237 3,tm0 Browning'* .26 24 27 3.042 Chsmberlals's 2?1 Of 14? 4,o>7 O'Brien's 160 146 73 ? Total .?,14> itr, 476 O.iJfl last year >,143 168 43ft 10.0I? !rcreese ? 142 44 ? Door?se 1.99> _ ? g,7M smmne ht vhu vow toss i?h sum sdiuoan. Report of live strek carried over the New York and f>le r'ad, desttsee tor New York, far the week eat lag November 36:? Cattle? hf id 6T0 Sheep, ?? 2,0?fl Hogs. ?' 0,66ft Calves " 6t ADVERTISEMENTS REltLWED ETERY DAT. 7?r MHiattoM *1* <*? ihil p?r*. _ I mm KixtvRiM *. "HabrB (IAS FTXTtBRt " <T RRTKirRn.-TIIR , . ?? se?' to fonad la thi* altv,natter as not 1 > ?. m . wiier Td ?'1 ?''? ' ???ed wnrkmai ?h u at r<^tv ?-?' prices. 11. PABlK.'IfT'U.a, 44) Hfohl nj, 1 h 6i cum. * BedueOsa toiartoa at nxcmlrKD wSI^lpie. Commencement of a on veiume an Saturday lut, on which uncastoo will b* prsesalad grade with No. M at tfci* paper, the beaatiful print af OVB SAVIOUR A?D THE ADIM.TEBM. " Neither do I accuse the*; go ani am no mora." GBRTAIN MATERlAIM AMD WINDOW SHADBB AT whoUsale.-KBLTY k FBRQUHON, M Broadway. ud ?4 Beade *reet, Uti & fall and ohotee atook of brecalels, nun delaines, wonted a-?--w- lace and muUu ourtains. ?ornjcea, gimi,., Ac, which areoffered at (he k>we*>riee? Wtodow thadee.- Our stock, of window shades to the Urgeet In New York, and our iop?rior insnutiheturiiiE ftkclltties en able us to offer ttsse goXat less than otiutr houses. We to Tlle the attention of dose buyers. Clocks, clocks,?parib bbonzbb, just impost ed. Mechanical lamps, moderators and carcels, iu ***'? " 61 CKMTa 4 Redaction In price of FRANK LKSLIK'B ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. Commencement of a new volume on Saturday next, oa which w'i'uion will oe presented gratia with No' S3 of this paper, the beautiful print of OVB SAVIOCK AMD TUB ADULTBEKS. " Neither do I accuse thee: go and sin no more.'' ?JjlANCT ARTICLES AND TOYS FOR GIFTS AND FRB r ents.?The most choice selection just received from Barope, at U. S. Rogers' extenaive bazaar, 499 Broadway. Thee* goods hare been selected by Mr. Rogers in person, and com prise every variety of jet bracelets and ornaments, papier mache desks, jewel cases, workboxes, ladies' rettcalas. tra vailing bags, Ac., with the most extensive variety of articles in china. (Lass, bronte, terra cotta, part an ware, Ac.; also every article (or the toilet, combs, bruthea, perfumery, Ac., all imported, and sold at prices lower than ever before offer* ed in thlH market H. I. ROGERS. 499 Broadway. F EVER AND AtilE CONQUERED. TUB fAOTS IN A NItTSHBLt Fever and ague is thoroughly cured, rapidly, pleasantly anil without fail, by Amjehs' l,iym> Ionian, on Pitme Iodine Water. t-?o is consumption?hundreds have been cured bv It within two years. 80 is scrofula or king ? evil, pslsv. rheumatism, diseases of the hfart, live- complaints. ?n<l all disorders ari sing Iron; Impurity of the blooa It is a simple, powerful, cheap, and thoroughly well known article, endorsed by all the (acuity, praised by the collcL-es, recommended uy shy si clans?and fur which, ii It tail to cure, your iu<mey will be returned to you. No ohaige for advioe. Anders' Liquid Iodine, or Pure Iediue Wa'er, Is sold at SI a bottle, by ANDERS A FOSDI'K, No. It Second avenue and Broadway. and by C. H. RINti, 192 Broadway, and all respectable <lruggiata. 6~\ CENra * 4 Reduction in price of KltsNK LMMB.1 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. t'ommem emeut of a new volume on Saturday next on which occasion will be presented gratis with No. 52 of this paper, the beatitul print of Ol-lt HA1IOPH AMD TUB Ant'LTRESS. ?' Neither do I accuse thee; go and sin no more." J 1:1 ORNAMhNTK?JKT AN1> IHM.Ii JKWKLKV. Jet cringes, puis and earrings, in great variety. At O8BO&NK, BO ARUM AN A TOWY-KND S. 527 llroadway, corner of Spring street. MKRbKNGER'8 LONDON CORDIAL GIN-TUB BEST anil the pineal?This invigorating diet driuk Is distilled in Ixnioon from Uie b< st barley that can lie obtained in Europe, under the vigorous supervision of the British excise otUcera. expressly for medich al surpnaes, and is thence exported to the United States, and sold, perfectly pure and unadulterated. In order to protect the public from the numerous impure and poltcnous decctum* now sold as Hol'and or Schiedam gin. White this cordial beverage is manufact ure 1 tinier the moat rigid government supervision, distillation in Holland is ser feetly trse and unregulated und the ea?er competition of trad? and the reck ew cupidity of manufacturers U duces a system of adulteration which while it increase* the appetite lor Ibe liquor. Is most peruici >ns and dsatl unlive to the health of all who use it. Anion:; the article* freely used by disttiera In Holland.are oil of tnrpentine and oaustlo p jtash, wh ch can readily be detected by a clove examination of several well known brm.da. In Mesaerger's Ixindon cordial gin some of the clioicest tonics and stimulants of the materia medica are carefully Infused, being distilled with the grain dtiring its manufacture Purchasers should also remember that Dra. Chilton, Turner, Castle, and ftve hundred of our drat chemlCs, have borne written testimony to Its purttv. The proprietors also solemnly declare, on their honor, that they believe It to ba the heal gin imported. Hold In pint bottles at AO cents each, and quart bottles al $1, by all druggists and grocers, and at the depot, ti< Fulton street. OK Al.?A8 ITS VIRTUES HECOMR KNOWN IT sells faster every day. Thousands now use it with bene ticial results. Unlike tobacoo, the saliva is swallowed, doing awav with the disg'isttog and Injurious habit of splt'.ing. Tokal destroys the ivnellof liquor or tobacco instantlv. Put up la foil, and retailed at saloons, sagar and drug stores; wholesale, 412 Broadway. Tl/UDKKRH AND MODSTACH18-PRODUCKD IN SIX TT weeks by my tmguent, which will not stain nor injure the skin, f 1 a bottle, sent to any pai t of the country. R. O. ORaHAM, 400'i Broadway; Spauldlng. 27 Tremont mm, Boston; Hayes. IT* Fulton strset, Brooklyn. Bowuurt)?Dcukt?In Baltimore, on Twidii, Nor. 36, *4 ?. Peel's eburcb, try the Rer. R. 8 H'lwlkt, 6. G. Howlabd, of thle city, to Hui G , daughter of Grafton L. Hulary, Keq, of Baltimore. Blown?Rimsa ?On Monday. Nor. 34, by the Rer H. N. Puree, Rohbbx W. Baows, of this city, to Joanrcm L. Bit>t*b, daughter of T. B. Ridder, of Rahway. N. J. Yatbs?IIalmtbd ? On Teeeday, Not. 11, by Um Bay. Beet Griftln, Cn*Bia* A. Yam to Exxa inu, daughter of tunnel Balttod. Kmq. Trma?Va* Cuir ?Oa Taeeday, Not. 16. at Ute Re formed Dutch church, in Im arenas Brooklyn, E. 0 , bjr the Rtr. Wm. W. Hollo way, Kix.ab A. Tcttlb, of Now Albany, Indiana, to Mtai Ami M, daughter of Abnua Tan Cloer, Kaq.. ol Brooklyn. Mraaoa? Cuuur?On Sunday erenlag, Nor. V, Mr. Roionrr I,. Mram to Mia Ellbs M. Class, both of Wil liam* barf L. I. Ornim-Shaw ? At Slalcn Ialand oa Wedaeeday, Nor. 26, by ReT. Jobo Park man, Oaoaus William Ci arm, of tbn city, to ana, daughter of Fraacie Geo. dbaw. Jamrv? Blavcabd. ?On Wednesday. Not. M, by Bar. ?. Bruce, rector of 81. l'aul> oburch, Uoboken, Shuid Ja?*<b? to Mabt A.t?, dsogb'-er of Fraacls Blancird. Eiq. Baow*?Rivm-On Tnuraday craning, Nor. SO. at the residence of 8. L. Flnrel, by the Btr. William E. Tib bert, rector at *. Jamee' chnrcn, Fairhnvrn, OL, Cntntw B. Bnowa to Mini t, eldest daughter of Willie* H Re Tern, nil of thle city. Troy papers please copy. McMaem? FamaaA*.?In PUtsburp, at the Btahon's chapel, by the Bt. Rer. I>r. O'Osenor, on Tharsday morn teg, Not, 13, Jams A. McMastss to Gbxtbcds, daughter ol the lata W. W rsuarman. Dill ?On Tueeday morning, Nor. ?, Jobatbaw Ha win in the 73d year of his sgs. The relaUTas aad friends of the telly are respectfully tnTited lo attend the fnaarnl, thta afternoon. at half past one o'clock, from his late residence, No. 1*9 last Twenty - tint street. His rsanlas wtll be oonreyed to Greenwood Cemetery. Bsisnnn.?Suddenly, on Tuesday morning. Hoy. u, Mr. Oabi ? A. Bnisma, to the doth year af his age Bis frtsnds and aoqualniaaoee are roepaeuolty tarlted la attend the ftaaraL this morning, at lea o'aiack, from his lais reeideaoe, No. Ml Osatre street, wttheal further latltatloa. Koaam?On Monday srsnlng, Nay. 14, Ban Am* G. Foaaaa, aged 64 years. Tha Meads el the ramlly, aad the members of ike Ta le ran Corps, are respectfully in riled la at lead tha fsssraL from ble late reeideaoa, Ma. IOC Lanreas street, this after noon, at half past oae o'clock. His remains will be lake* lo Greenwood fbr Interment <i ATm.?On Tueeday erealng. Nor. 16, of aammpllf, Mlaa Mabt B. Gam, daughter ?f Hiram aad ? B. Gates, aged > years aad 4 moaths. the islslhrss aad Meads sf the lamily are rmpsctfsHy Is Tiled ta attend tha faaeraL this alter noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of Bar mother, ta OoUege place eoraer af Barnlay street. Canandalgua, Mew Orleaaa aad Baa F randeoe pap era please copy. O Bbibb ?Ob Tneeday, Nor. 16, Mr. Tbomab O'Bml, la tne (6th rear of ble age. His ftienos aad acquaiataaoea are reepeotfuUy la riled to attend the funrral. thle afleraooa, at two o'olnek, from his tale residence. No 14 BboootsII street Piort ? On Wedneedny, Not 16, But, widow af tha late Joearn Bimr The relattrse aad Monde of the family, aad theaa af her eoaa, Jueepn, Tboatee aad Jemae, are reepeolialiy tarltad to aitead the funeral, this altrraooa, at two o'clock. from her late eoaideaoe, No 436 Third areaue. ooraer af ThMV flrst street. Union* ?Jtoddeaty, ea Wefoeedey mora tag, Not. ?6, Mr Joan Bstireu* la the did year of hie age Hit Irterds asd acqualntanoee, aad thoae ef his bro ther, Thomas, are respectfully lanted lo attead Uba f ne ml to morrow afternoon, at half past twelre o'clock, from ft. Andrew's chareh, corner er aty Hell place ami I mane street. Trmrra ?Of a short bat painful Ulaeas, Rasas Trsaaa, widow af the late J oka Turner, Kaq, of Armagh, Ire Wad. aged tl years. The Meeds sf the fhmliy are respectfully la Tiled la at lend ibe fuseeal. iron bar late restdeaoo No. 616 Hades* street to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock Her monetae will be laierred in the family bnrytng ground In Oreea wood Cemetery. We mourn fbr thee, dear mother, Aa ae'er we movraed bof.ire Oar hearts with grief are break lag, Oar cap la now raa o'er. Tet Ip thai throae of mercy Where thou tby hope# repoesd. We'll tara and seek slaeersly Tl y < omfort In life s clsee. Perm ?On Tueeday, Nct. 16. after a leag aad saver* Ultras. J a am Run*, sob of Tbe-xlors C. aad Margaret Smith, la the 14U> year of ble are. Tte relators aad meads of the hmtty are teeMed te at tead the ru serai, Ibis afterao >n, at oae o'clock, from Ne. fin Rigbtb areaae. Alexandria, Va , aad Florida papers planes oopy. ti^BBisB-On Monday rrfalng, Not 14, after a ebert bst serere illaess of croup, On a ribs Kjoom Oasmsb, ^el 4 T(?r? sad 6 months. Tooageet eon of Dr. John P aad Aura hieabeth Gerriah. The reiatlTce sad I Heads ef the family ore reapaetfnily iBTtttd IS mtsad Ike funeral, from tbe reeideaoe of hie (arrets, Ne. Mo Br mdwny, corner of Sersateeath street, to morrow a'lernoor, at two o'aleak. Ham- .t ? ?.n Tuesday, Not 16, Jasw> Haaar Habum, roe ef the late MaUiew Han Ion, aged 6 years sad 4 IbUBtl *. Tl e friends of (be fsmlly are reapaelfullT Inrited ta at t<ed the fi'ntral this afUraeon, nt oae o'edock, from hla late rft'i'eooe, No 681 Water street Maktb ?ObTueeday, Not. 36, Tbohas 0. Mabbb, la the if Hi j ear ot hla age. The frlsads and acquaintances are reapectfully la rued lo at < nd tbe tuaeral, ibis morales, at tea o'clock, from Lis let* rf eiderce, Westchester vtikiffe. Tnosrw w ?At Whli? Pla ne, on Tneeday erralag, Ner 16 FL iAi-rm Tanaiwor, relict of Joha G. Tbompasa. Ibe reietlree and frteads of Ute Ikmily are nweeetfHlfy la tiled lo attead Ibe fnaeral. thle sfteraoea, at half pa?> one o'clock, fires# her lete rentdeaee, WkHe naiaa, with obi further w,rotation Fuaeral sarrlree at twa o'aleak,. la lb<' Kplaropnl church ai tbe abere place. PakSB.?At Kaat Ban.ptea. I one Istaad, oa flatarday. Not. 23. sfisr a abort Hisses, of laRaamatiaa of the Inofa, Cent f pwaBp M Bahsb, aged 46 years. Wnsoa ?Oa Btnday, Nor 16, at Prince Frederick, Oatrert county, Merylaad KLiba f. Wnaa wldaw at Child Wett Wilsos, 'rriawfy ef this etty, agad M yeafl,