Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. t WHOLE NO. 7397. I R> SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 30, 1850. PRICE TWO CENTS. ' ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. Two Weeks XAter from California. fewa from the Soulb Pacific, the Sudvlch Islands, Iwtralla, Rev Granada, Central Auicrica and thr Went Indies. $1,830,220 IV TREASURE. sziiicszoxr laTV&m. Probably 6,000 Plurality in the State for Buchanan. GREAT CHINESE BATTLE. NEWSPAPER ATTACKS ON P. T. HUBERT, M. C. IETTER FROM GEN. WOOL TO TUB GOVERNOR INTERESTING ITEMS. Organization of the Gadsden Purchase* HEWS FROM OREGON. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS ANO DEATHS. MiBIEIB, Ac., Ac?f ACi The Unite J SUtes mall steamship Illl nols, Captain C 8. Hoggs, U. S. N , commander, left Asplnwtll at 3:16 1'. M. on the SOth mst, and arrived at Quarantine at %% o'clock yesterday mormr(. a ho brine* tbe California mails of tbe 5tU Inst., 384 passengers, and *l,8ot,220 In treasure ob freight. Tbe Paciflc Mall Steamship Company's steamer Sonora, W. F. JLapiage, Esq., commander, left Ban Francisco Nor. 6, at 7 P. M , with 407 paseenger* and *2,321,280 in trea sure on fre'ght-S 301,0-10 of which was on foreign ac count?and arrived at Panama at 11 o'clock A. 11. oa the 1Mb. The United States sloop of war Saratoga, E. G. Tllton, commander, left Aspinwall Nor. 18, for Norfolk via Ha TIM. In (he port of Aspinwall?H. B M. ship Orion, 09 guns; B. B. K. frigate Arrogant, 60 guns; H. B. M. mall steamer Ctae, from San Joan del Norte, and one gunboat Nov. 85?At 8 26 A. M ., tat. 24 60 N., Ion. 73 64 W., ?poke steamer George Law. bound S. At 10:*0 A. M , lat. 5tf> 14 K., Ion. 73 64 W., spoke American bark Volant, from , lor Havana. Nov. 80?At 11:30 A. M , lat. 29 47 N., Ion. 73 63 W., ?xchanged slgsels with an American steamer, bound 8., ?apposed to be tbe Texas, for Sin Juan. The foUtwlag is the treasure list or the Illinois:? *>rsssl ft Co *886,0C0 Wellington ft Abbott*12,*00 Wells, largo ft Co..3ft0.0C0 K. Train ftOo IZ.4S4 Metropolian Bank.. 100,000 K A. Stem ft Co.... 12,480 Howland A Aspinwall 130,042 K eeselerft O.Adams 12,000 Chts. Morgan ft Co.. 106,411 Hamburger ft Bro.. 11,287 /iuncan.slieraaanftCo 80,3VJ Schole ft Bro 11,000 H. W. Couoer ft ton 06,1*0 F. Kinsteln ft Oo.... 8,600 X. Kelly ft Co 48,000 Freemao ft Oo 8,600 Order 41,888 J B. Wetr 7,360 Baakor Aroe/.ca... 38,400 Manning .Stauw'd 43 7,318 i Patrick SO UCO Jonas Heller 6,060 Aaron Jacobs ft Co.. 26,(00 Reed ft Wade 6,046 Fettoaer ft Co. 26,343 H. Harris ft Co 6,COO j sr Sebguaa ft Oe. 3*,tM Myer, L/ery ft Co... 6,000 Vm. T. Coiemaa ftU> 20,348 T. Wattson ft (teas.. 6.009 J. Btfaob-, Bro ftCo. 20 048 G Rosenstock 3,700 Jao. Duraud A to... 18,191 Weiller ft Bro 3..(00 C. H. Wines ft Oo... 16 138 Thee. J. Hand \ Co . 2 000 Wm. Heller ft Co.... 16,000 E. C. Knight ft C?... 1,880 J. A. Hooper 16,000 Heary Btrybtng 1,000 i Austin It 000 Kewhouae.SpaizftCo 14.coo Total 91,830,230 We are Indebted to Mr. H. Mitchell, purser of the Illi nois, for a comprehensive report, and to the Atlantic aad Itelflc Express Company, the California expresses of Frssman A Oo., Wells, l argo A Co., and G. H. Wines ? Co., aad to the Mas Francisco news depot of J. W. 8u! Ivan, for alee ai papers. The new xteamahlp Orizaba, of ths Nicaragua line, ar rived oo Ibe30tli ult.. 11 day* from Seo Juan. Hsrrua Visg time Irotn New York Is the best oa reoord. Tbe mail steamer Sonora, from j'aaama, arrived oa tbe 1st Inst Cennovsa, tbe American pedestrian, commenced hie Croat feat of wa.king one hundred aad six consecutive hours. wltbout sleep or rest, on Tuesday, Ootober 21, and completed it on Saturday followtsg. at 10X o clock. (*? the tin ult., a man named Timothy Sullivan was killed by the cavtng in of a saad bank at which he was worktng on Bush street, near Taylor, la San Francisco. Two auttidea bad bsea committed In San Krancileo within the fortnight?the first oa the S3d October, by a frenchman named .lulee Alfred Ropert, aad the other on thstOth, by Lewis Ueltcb, a Herman, lormerly resldtog (a Sat ramro to A report relative to city Usances gives tbs total as pence* of Ran Francloco cfty anl oouaty government, from the 1st of July, 1868, to (lot. 1, I860, at *310,17*. This show* a saving over previous administrations of ?1,447,400 Two days after the departure of tbe Atlantis Meemer, oa Ike iOtb, It waa discovered the. Cheater ft 8pra?ee, who were Uolag business is .tea Kraacteco, profsseediy at agents of the United Stale* Issararos Company, bad at eeoedei. Tbey opeaed thetr office last August, aad It la ?uppoatd their premiums, up to the time of leaving, amounted to about t<,000. 1 be rogue* were *uboc<|oaaUy seen la 8er>ameute City Waller 8, alias Walter L ctrysler, who recently figured so exteastvely la auile against ex Mayor Garrieoa St New York, waa arrested la San Francisco oa tbs 3Vth of October, at tbe laataace of Wm 8. Fitch, oa a charge of perjury A preliminary nam'nation of the caee was peadlag before our Police .lodge. Ota. Ooefcy bad made sa attack ut>ia a party of Indians on the Klamath river, aad killed a sumNer of them. Joba Gerdaer, Jack Pbilllpe. sud three others of Tom Bell's gaor. had beea arreated la Calaveru county, aad lodged ia jail. A man earned Christy, one of Tom Bell's gaag, had beea arrset^d, aad made s ooafaeeica detaiilag all tbe put acts ol Ibis terrible bead of robber* aad murderers. Joba Saad* was shot M Cottoewood, by Thomas Ward. Tbe Hfe of tbe former waa dee pet red of. Tbe difficulty arose out of a political dlecuaeto* A party ef white* waa reoeatiy killed ??y the ladiaa* near Bald Mountela. It la raid that Nad Mctiowaa left Baata Barbara oa a >reach ship, bound for South Amerfc e Bev. Mr Hymen, bad arrived fiom tbe I'lalas, aad re porto that the la<H*n* were very troahleeome aloag the rooto Be also gave aa account ol a tight that occsrred between a party of em I * rente aad a bead of robber*, oo*. stotlag oi aevea white met tbe affair reseluag la tbe death of five of tbe robbers, end toe oaptere of the other two. Tbe prisoners were brought lato California for trial. Mr. Hymaa is a ftaptiat clergyman, The Klertlon In Csllfernls. Tbe tollowlog table embraces the returns of the Pre* - dential election np to tbe *alling or tbs*teemer, at 71\ M . oatbetthisst Hu(hdMn. IVlmerr. Frrmmt. CoeUaOoMa 10? 04 in Yets 1*0 1** 31 .Sacramento 3.6*4 3.*47 ?g i Ban Frsecieco 4,067 1,308 8,011 OaM vera* 1,014 ?7n a*. fierce 17* 704 17, ? Dorado 1,7*0 1,461 *11 Yaba 1.012 1.004 at* Nevada. 3,806 1,7*7 1.1*1 Hants Clara 601 680 710 Setts 1,377 f?? 300 Boaoms 700 830 131 Tootvmne 660 *3^ 16* Mantel*)!* 00 37 9 BeaJotqide Ml *70 471 Placer 1,7*7 2,137 1,0*7 Total *0,7*7 14,*7* 10,400 B was thought that Roeheaae would here a best 8,009 Majority in tbe Mete, aad that tbe whole demeorattn Mats ticket was elected. fa tbe city s* Baa FraaoMoo tbe veto was elese between Fremoat asl Bmhaaaa The opposMlon charter ticket waa eleeted by abost oae thousand *s**nty Theelee Wee waa ueatteMte>i with aay diatert>aaoe Obeetgs P. Reott *ad J. C Melt bbee demtwrallc can dMatea for Ooagreea, wore bott Mooted The Has KrtDAtaco JlCa California says? The ejection yesterday wee, perhaps, me dr?t Ur ud (attitul expression of public opinion ever mile at the ballet box id Han Francisco. But little fraud win attempt ed, end certainly none committed. Our ottlzens bal adopt, d the tuost admirable and perfect arrangements for the protection of ttieir rights. Too boxes were *11 g?s*; tbe jucges and Inspectors good, reliable men, and tbe volunteer police mtu wbo kneir their duty and dare perioral it. Rowdyism was at an extraordinary dis count. TbeCascys and Mulligans were missing, and but tor tnc interference or that chief ot tyrants, Old aicotnl, we do not believe there would have been a case of dgbt In any ot tbe districts. Our cuiatus have reason t> re joice over Die victory they Lave gained againai me etuevlee tbat but a little white ago mi-roundel th?m. Tbe rud of corruption has passed away, and we are once more a tree ana sovereign people. tirest Chinese Battle. 2,500 combatants?fouk hi.aim?roctt woukdeo ?AND TWO HUNDKKD AND KIM"* AKKBSTKD Bf TBt AUTHOKITIES. STtH'KTOW, Oct. 37?10 K 11 ? light occurred near M?uiyl Spring, on the rtouora road, abcut fifty-live miles from tbti olty, last Saturday at neon, between two paittes ol Catnese. There wa* no general engagement, but several skirmishes took plaCJ, in wblch four persons were killed and as many wiuaded. There were about two thousand Ave hundred combatants engaged on both sides, all armed aad equipped. Bauf bad firearms. A stop was put to the hostilities by a MhtM s poese, assisted by citizens. Some two hundred and tut/ arrests wore mad*. Be 10 w we give some account ot the preliminary ar rangements ot this terrible attain? Tii* Cms nut Wak is Calikok.xia.?Conlliotlng aooounts reach us from the Interior as to the relations ot peace and war existing between tbe rlvsl ballet ef Cutuameu now in the middle mining districts The iian An<lreai iMi'.ptn <Unt (Calaveras county) learns that the heads of the two great C'h.nese companies, the Cantons and -lee Yups, nave met tn Sacramento, and settled all the difficulties hereto fore existing between them. Too Honors Dem erol (Tuo lumne county,) on the other hand, considers tnat some terrible bostiiitie are impending, heays:? K gland batllc has been arranged between (he two Chinese armies now encamped at Bosk Kivcr Ranch, and near Chi nene camp. In this c mnty. 1 be b,title ilobl will be in tbe vi cinity of ehoemaker'a ftaneh, about hall way between tin- bos tile forces. lo day (last Saturday) baa been tixt-d upon for >be encounter, and shoulii nothing occur 10disturb the preliminary arrangements. many a 'oik? tailed Celestial will prooably hue tbe dust befoie tbe going down of tbe light of tieaven shill close tbe fray. 'the opposing forces are armed wim all kinds and descriptions of weapon*. ranging in sue ami calibre from double ban elled shot guns and six sh loters, down to band spikes, war clubs and gongs, the two armies number about one ibousand braves, and the tremendous noise and confusion which will prevail, when boat meets host, ran be more easily imuglsed Iban described by those not well acquainted with tbe m> ie of tartic.s which gevern the warriors of the flowery Kingdom. One redeeming tral' in Chinese wari'are is Uie dur po-irton which tliev manifest to alay but few men. coitetiUng themselves with irising a great dust sud Aityu iw, we hope tbe valiant "Johns" will hire a good time. Above, we give the tissue oi hosmiuei, wnioh has reach ed us by telegraphic despatch. It will be seen that four Chinamen have been Willed and four wounded, and that two hundred and fifty ot the combatants have bean ar rested by the authorities. Two thousand tlve hundred men were engaged in hostilities' bo ends, tor a time, lbs California Chinese war. lien. Wool, the Vigilance Con in U tee and tiov. Johnwn. REPLY OK GEN. WOOL TO GOV. JOHNSON. Hkmi ia, ualllurnie, Uj4. 24, 1859. pjr Your communication of tbe nth of October, in re ply to mine of the 17 th September, 1866, addresned to hia kiceliency J. Neely Johnson, was reoetved a low days since. The object of my oonmunlJation o( the 17th hep Umber wss to ibow that I did not and could not have made the promise as asserted by you the ?J"*6 J? Uie President of the United States, thst "I unhesitatingly promised to furnish on your requisition, when you wanted tbem, such arms and ammunition ai you de sired " It I fstled In that commuuweuoo to subttantlote the tact tbst I did not make the promise at assorted by you vour own statements, s? well as those el general Sherman, prove It beyond controversy; whilst they es tablish the other lnct, that I unhesitatingly told yon on the alternoonof the 30th May, on your application fcr srms and smmuDitlon, that I had no authori.y to fiKnisu tbrm and tbat in ?uoh eases toe power restet with tbe iTesident ol the Untied States. This is ad muted tn your Htatrmcnt of the nth October, which is la tneee wo?*? that I said. "I'tder ordinary circumstances no person but the President can order arms or ammanltlonto belaeued to Mate anthorliies. bat situated as we are here. ?o far removed from the seat of governmeut, 1 don t know but a General ol Division would be authorised to do so. On this particular point nothing m jre was said during the ^General Sherman, oa the same s?b|eot in hts etatameat of the 11th of June, appended to yours of the 17u> of (As tobcr, on yoar verbal nppHoAtion t? ?e for arm' and am munition on the afternoon ol the 30th of May, ?**?? "General Wool's reply was nearly In theee words No one but the Prcst lent of the United States can Issue arms to a Slate in case of insurrection, but ne'e In Ositfornta we are so tar away lrom tae PreaUent that a Genernl of Division might assume the responsibility m certain caaee, and this may be one ' Alter vhat a genoral ^serration e?By the sielenaenU of yourself and Geo Sbersnaa It will be seen thst 1 made no promise to you oa the ait-mooo ot the ?"?Oth of May, when the subject of yoar visit was discussed for several hours, and, It would seem lrom (?eneral Sherman's statement, not again reier-ed to until the evening of Uie 81st of May. when on the waarf wnere 1 went to take leave of you, and at nts suggestion, during your visit to Vallejo, you obtained the following promue, as published la his card about tbe Mb of June, Viz "I baaed my promise af armiog the enrolled mlnua on a verbal naeuraace given 10 Governor John?on by i.eneral Wool, in my presence, to lasue lrom the Halted Mates Arsenal, on a proper requisition. suoh arms and ammunition of war M tho emcgenoy might ca.l Ur. U is now no longsr a secret that when the written reqaiel "tton was msoe. Gea. rt ool had cbanged hi* snlnd and bad olacovereU that be had not Ibe legal power to crant tbe request." U 1 made u>e promise, waica tbe "eneral asserts, it must have been In rMerenoe to the 138 muskets which the i.overnor informed ae be bad re celved nrtxe lrom the Ordnance Deportment were d ic tbe State ol rallforala oC tbe last year s <v?J.a. I coald bare made no other promise, as 1 have assured the t.ereral both la writing and verbally, that H aid not enter mVmtad to do so that suoh was mr determina tion and iliat 1 could not Inrnish you with arm* and ammunition, because I had not the authority. affirmed by every officer under tny command, who beard ? subject. But If true or otherwise, it ?bould not have been mads public at the tine It was, because it being a private and unolllolal visit, nnsoil mit on my part, an*In ardi r to prevent what has haopined -a misconstruction of tbe conversation?rootsleace was Imposed that It should not be repeated, to wliicn you and your suite gave assent. Si range as It ???"? *** conversation, In pari or In whoie, was mats public that ntgbt or the day alter and tbe deciaraltos to yonr letter to the l*resldeat, that 1 cobeetlailsgly proanted yos arms Ac . should not have been Inae-tea without tlis previous declarattoei as admitted ta yoar letter o? the I7tb ootobar, that 1 had no authority to loraUb tneia. I ntree WlUt your r.ioellSn:y that the question at Usoe between us "ts of sligst moment." no lar av the piblie interest tscooceraed: and, therefore, I will leave yo<t ne disturosd In the enjoy roest ot all the laurels you may htve acquired by yotir correepoadence o? tae ?nbjea. or l* your diplomatic aad coquetting interrooree with the \ I itlanre Committee; and this, too, without any "octal dC inlli.eacea to control my actions, or ??overwhelming letter* to Finals my reputation lor truth and veraiiiy. To rote1' de this briel notloe of yoor uncourtaois let ter to say tbe leant of IV In wb jb you nsAeavoe to re lieve jounelf <* tbecenaure atiucsed to yo-ir aans, Jn ? n??<,uen .c of Tal'ing to do your duly as the Chief Ma gtetrsie ??f ine I'tafe, and to bestow It ta 1 wobM not violate the laws nnd man ates of the I rest deal, is o .t lean eitrnord nnry than M betray*a aiersgard ol Hoe" high, geaerous and maniv qualities watch should ever. haracterlr.e tbe person occupying the e**lt ed statu a tb? people of California bare conferred on yen. li you Lad exbibtti't the sanse rsnaittency and lst?rmi ration t. maintain tbe laws of the country that you bar* to take vergeaaoe on myself bec?nne I would usl violate them yon would, no doubt, have been sustained by a eoneroua and grateful people I ???.?",/"'J*"*.*'" fully your obe?ileat servant, JOHN K W??t>L. To bts Kvceltancy. J Wna-v Jonveo*. Coreraor ?4 Gall lornla, fttaramento. Cat P. T. IleitH-rl, M.C. gN ATTACK?A Clt ALLWtIK?ANII A CAH?. | y rem the Han Kraeeneeo Bslletta. Nov &| vh? oresnTi <i or "rai*.'' To day California will be psrged ? one mors ol the It* tattoo, rhsrartere who disgraced ber in the eyes of IN etvllised world?oI one who be d a position obtained tbroucb vile means, tbe Ignorance ni tbe true aatnre of tbe boaat, forced oa Mr by tbe cornet pr^sry tlw-.uo* rvstem. and the money ot lie gsabler Ws aim Is to I. T Herbert, ibe Marn?oea wonto dealer, the murderer of K eat lot nnd the rowdy Congreesmea tVs arc g ad that cur Mate win be rid of his blighting presence, and our rttlxers of tbe mortiflcatioa they leal, that one bmrlsg the mark ol Can, with lens to recommend Mni t>? tae sympathy ot hw raca, and with acbamever so h ueui in crime that even the viiett ol men tern f bim in ror and diegust. ?bould havo the opportunity ol mii r? prtnentlng them for another three months in the National l?fli'ce the return of tins miserable man to o r " tat' lie has 1<ren remarkably ilei He ha? >irefl enmr. vi by all der-nt men ae the plague w ).i ,d be hlsbm.rtf I" ? has nev*v louche I tb i' oi a r-nti-m* ii.sso - ?>.* hsre been wlin m"n oi hi-> own :*?e ol sin would nrt bel'.lrrate.i in respectsble ?onety, on j on e, to our knowledge, his be beer approocaed by ten'ie^ men and tbal ?Mon bl* arrival, when be wa< preseot?l with a petition from a large body of our dtliens request ing him to leave tbe -tale, and e*prensln?r their Ih.ngna tlon at his vile conduct Our citizens have so far respe-.ted the law u to i efrain from inflicting any bo<llly p inlaomsnt upon Ibe murderer, and ne baa been very care ill not to afford them an opportunity to administer tbe Justice be ?o recently eecaped He has hardly yet. notwithstanding the liquor Imbibed for the purpooe ol keening up a false courage in the eyes of bis feliowa, recovered from the book which bis guilty connotence, and craven spirit received w?en tbe petition above referred to was presented to htm by a few of our citizens One moment longer, ere thacbe ar ter of th? formidable document was reveale-l to him, and be wan soaured It wne not the mandate of "33 Peore tary," snd the mnriWer would have fallen from fear Th<> public have the aatlnfactlon of knowing that aith^ofb this criminal may have tbclmpndence to preeent himself at the sest session of Onngreea, tbdr nnanimeua c?n ? i?riinai'on of bis l?~1s bas beea spread beft?cc tbe world, an I a poll! en w I he presenud to tbe Ffo-ioe of t'.opre geatal rf. thai, ihouU he Uavfl ovi ipttr* ol ?f manliness led wlU cauas tain to ?brink into his formsr obtcurlt), with, we hops. > determination to seek iota) licuoisble livelihood in future. We understand tba lull double mur-lerer, backed by a few of his chosen frieuds of disreputable character, he* be?.n dogging our steps tor the purpose orMfUMsinating us, i bouit: be and Ik ey meet with a favorable opportunity We warn these partes, some of whom were participator* with Mcftowan aad Casey in the recent murder whtoi caused rucij at upheuving of the popular will, that they are all marked, ah lor us. we do uot Intend to auffer ourselves to be provoked into au assault but *halJ,*n all occasious, be preimred to resist the slightest demonstration of an fiack Should we lu tha melee ba overpowered by the number or the bounds, who are too cowardly to buut other Itau In a pack, we leel assured that evary one of the dastardly crowd will bo speedily a suit) answor to tbat bigb tribunal where tbe aouls of men are canvassed and puuishmcnt indicted aocoiding to the deeds d>ue la the body. |Krom u.e Ban Francisco Town Talk, Nov I.] AFFAIR OF HONOK. We understand mm 1*. T. Herbert has nont a challenge to Thomas S. Kiog, Esq., editor of the ?-n ing Bill -Jin. What disposition has been made of ttie matter we are not informed, but presume tne en tut beli bai been removed, a* ibe challenger is to trave to day In tbe steamer for Pa nama. What was tne immediate cause of tbe aflalr we did not learn. TO THK l'KOPJ.Jf OF T1IK STATE OF CALIFORNIA. During tho dilllcultiea with wutob 1 have been sur round! <), I have remained slier t, nor would I now be beard were It not that my enemies In my absence might construe that silence Into an admission of all that hen been eald against me, and that by a continuance of those ?landers wb ch havs been heaped upon my name, "pa tience has ceased to be a virtue." A* tde charges rsjireiented to the pub ic as my ante cedents, prior <0 my advent into Congress as the Repre seatatlve nf this, my adopted State, are as barren of truth as tbe authors of them are of prfbciple or honor, l ?hall content myself by procounclng them false. Not oor or them can be substantiated, here or eisswhere, ?Ed 1 now challenge the autbori of them to the proof. There are more than one In this community who havs known me from my boyhood; and whon I brand these charges as wilful anl malicious lien, the declaration will be endorsed by gentlemen whose characters are beyond reproach It will be remembered that when I received the noul nation for the position I new hold, the democratic party became divided, aad all efforts at a reconciliation having Tailed in the campaign wbtcb followed, tnere were two democratic tickets in the Held, tn opposition to which battled our old political enemies, tho whig^ But at 'or a thorough and full canvass of the Mate, during which the merits aad demerits of our respeotlve political creeds were elaborately discussed. the Hon. J. W. Deaver aad myself received a U'ge majority aver all opposition, not withstanding over 10,000 votes were detraoted from our strength, which we might reasonably have expected bad oor party been united ; aad in obedience to tbe will of the people tbui expressed. I took my asat la Csngress. What my ollic al conduct was there Is now a matter of record, and belongs to tbe bletory of tbe country, impressed as I wis with tbe high and solemn responsibility ol my po allien as one of the representatives of .a sovereign and In telligent peo(le, 1 acted in thuse times when fanaticism and treason stalked rampant througn the land, with de liberation, and with what I thought to be a due regard for tbe inter* sta of my Immediate constituents, anl from a high appreciation of my obligations to the federal Union. But during my term in Washington It was my painful misfortune to become involved in a difficulty, and watch I regret resulted In tbe death of Thomas Keat'.ng. Of the circumstances connected therewith I have nothing to say. No man ever accused ol a trmurgreutoa of the laws ol bis country has ever bad concentrated against him the same powerful elements aad influences that seemed con centrated to my conviction. All tbe vile passion laaatl cism ctnid excite, and all the learning aad ability that money could command, were arrayed against me, and when the circumstances of the affray were fully Invaati Kaled before as Intelligent a jury as ever sat as tho arbi ters of human lite, 1 was justified it> tay conduct, aad awarded a triumphal acquittal, btail I am deaosucsd by a portion or tbe preaa as a "murderer." AgUatora only excite the contempt of the masses whan they impugn the motives and conda* i of the able aadlacor rcptlblc Judge who presided, or etber officers ol tbecoort, or snail the character ot tbe jury that decided the issues submitted. The slanders aga.nst that ooort 1a whoee Jurlsrictlon I received an acquittal, need no refutation at my hands The calumniator* of that tribunal have bat covered themselves with ebame by tM pony assaults they have made U|nm It. Bst It seems there were per sons who thought lit of that juvy, sad who demanded on tbe altar or pabllc good my sacrifice, aad had I evaded or attempted to evade justice or tne ope- ationt of the law, by uctantcalltlee or othorwlso, persecudan In this case would oot seem ae hard It naeo are <o wear the bread of Cam for taking li:? under asy aad all clrcomstsusoea. then why hot declare the same In >our statutes?why not expanse such words as ?'justilUbie'' or "exouaablo" lrom Ihem' But let ns Inquire the objeot of this continued per seen tlou. 11 It that they really believe me guilty of a violet oa of the laws or the country ? No ! Tnere la a great political crisis at hand, and when we eee the p>r meetly with which the opponents of tbe democratic par ty (ol which I am an humble member), throughout the fee states of tbs country, cttng to every ebacow aad dis tort every 1 -nth calculated to defeat iu triumph, It la not surprising lb it la Ibe absence of alt clatma, uader nsiat tug clrcomsiaecea, my acts should be misrepresented, nay character biackraed with falsehoods, aod 1 mate tbe spe cial object of their abuse. Need I aak why this is" the object ms-t be self evident to every rational man. They seek to make political capital out of mf misfortune?to drive from the ranks of tne democratic party all Irish men, the couatrymea of him with whom It was my mis fortune to com " to < otli ion Tata is tbe object aad the Incentive which prempU them la this uareleoitng crusade agalaat my character; aad 1 vent ire to say inat had Keating been au Aaae.-toaa by b.rth, or 1 have been a a-jrmher of either the Know Nothing or black republican [suites. then their tunes would have been chaugsd aa<1 most likely I hare beea i net tied by these very men wlraars sow eadeavorlog to dissuade t'beos o.ea lrom the support or tnelr prtesiples because 1 happen to belong to tba lame pa-ty, thereby enrtcavorlag to force tne responsibility or my act upon the democratic party. This sophistry la too sbsuko* to excite anything but disgust la tba mind of any aeuaiblo msn So much for the partiaas press M. A mo eg the number claiming to be independent no oae sterna to have attained ao cunapiououa a position at one Th"maa King, tbe gild bought editor of a sheet devatad to public libel, known aa the Kr^mng HiiUfHn Ware It elsewhere than in California 1 would for the use of bis name Krom his character in Wii- bingtoa and ills conduct m Pea Kianciaoo. 1 can truly say "I now htm a notorious iisr, thin., him a great way tool, aad a solely coward." From tbe lime 01 uis advent Into public Ilia, when be Brat emerged from Uieobec irlty of his dsrk sad infamous individuality, his oaly amnitiou baa beea to bo come the prince oT blacscuarlt, tbe most consume.e of liars, the m<?l inlemont of vlllmns. and the moet cravea hearted or tiiianrable cowarda, aad I bore v eat are the prrdictloe be h?> never done an booeet ait wujre a d.-t be neat one coals be made to serve tb* same purpooe la We hiegton, Ms waat of Bdellty to hie obtagetloae 1 ? proverbial, lor be has Moisted tbs moot eo*?ma of ail pdghtad vows, either before t;o1 or maa Aad 1 ware the people egais t tbi hypoor' tcal dog under tba mask end gtro Of moral cberertsr, awe be mtgtu stasl 1mm ihem the tresaure of their Uvea This iieerable tbtng, the propagMdiat of morality?tied save tbe mark. But with Mm Ibavo had enough. To the p< ople of ibe State 1 ahall aver be greet!u! for the r blndnees and partiality, and whlla I ooeupy toe poeitloa ot oae of ber repreeertatlra*, sball nodeavor te d?charge my Suttee ao aa to advaaoe tbe<r latereet aad add to her preaparity. Yours truly, P. T. HKRBKRT. hi N<i sot. aa Hmsi, No. IS, Has > raaciaco Thr HhiwS Ti?|t4y. ,, II Mrm ifcsi oe eTentag, tne I ts Cooler. a man named Vatr. ?m aiaaiilteJ at a locality oa Hbew'e I .at celled Vi btmtowis. by f'lward and Them** ttci'talf i.rotaere) and ? ellow kfcowa a* " Big IHCk " The nest day (air complained o( the perttee, an.) they wore ?rra*t<Hl and fined <>ae of tae wt in rsuea who teat Bed uga.t.r' Ibi'm on the trial wai Waaler Bond V?r thla, thr it?l?n iaiiU op?i !y threatened tolak^Ma heart a blood, la par nance of tbla tbrett tbdy wont to a itore la the eretttapi where he wan and begat abuiirg blm H?. baring heard ?>( their pnrpoee, goi up with the launtoa of Iravag the place when one of the acrompllcee or the Mc (aah*. named Carr, pieced hi me? ' '.a the door, and tb'i Ted him hack. telling blm be oauid not lea re Road then drew hie pietri, at which taataaihe wae etabb-.i from ha blmi by Mward HcCeuley Boad then thol Carr through the abdomrn. who died wtthta an hoar after *>?? as ronaia My the (nabbing and ahwtiag were tin riaoeo ta acta The loatriiiaeat uwd tn ttabbiag Band wat an eao' mont bowie kntie It ?aa pluagel into hi* left tide, tip to the hilt. "It>i r*'k." who waa pceeeat, tbee wrearb pd Itnrd'a pietoi mm bin. when the latter walked to he better, about a bond rod yarda dMaat. aad lying dorn, remarked tbat he bad Wille. Oarr. and nhorily after died After Hoad lalt the etore. Tom Mct'auir earearorel to ?ct tie ptetoi from I>rk. taylac he wtahed to follow Bird and ahont film, aa ha had killed a man. Ta? two tbea writ to the cable and might to net la. but were pre rented by the inmatet. whi iB.fii'-e.t if they wl? a dead man The two then left, thta. It aeema. h? trg tlie l?i> t they knew of Bond a beta* (tabbed Edward Mcfhnlf bad earaped. In the meantime, to the TabM Mountain. and conoeaie l hltnaetf In the cbapparel. I'rom hare ho eent a Irtrad to procure him eomi money which to eecape; hot tha men, metead o' dot eg ??>. caro Information which led to hta arreet The bloody kat'a wa# found upon htm I'pon hia being brought lata ."haw'* Flat, the people ?h> we<1 a atrong 'Hapten.on to take and hang him. The .Inetica, bowerer aumaioned a pa>?e of it men to guard him Ha waa then taken laalde ahaill'ng. and tha door harrlradod Meantime, a large anmhrr arrivaJ from the adjacent campa. awelllrg the m'llillude, and ad dlag to the rlaiacr lor ?uaamary poni?hn?ent Shortly after the bbertfl * depntlea name ap iroa rtoaora, with a roluaieer force. and eaierod tha hnildlng. aad (arretted - ed the prlionar The etrlwmeni among thoaa collected now larreaeed. aad the depnty waa obliged lo promiaa them that ha would not ramore tha prlaoaer until the nem morning After thta Hherlt !*tewart arrlred, aad it brooming known thai bo Intended It take McOaaly with blm tbat night iha etcilemeat waa renewed, hot owlag to that officer a determined eooduct. no aotaal reatataene waa offered lo hia eveenttag hie parpoae A horaa waa then brought for the priaoaei; he wan brongSt ont, ear rottaded hy the gaard, with drawn ptalou the party inflated. and la a momeat ware oa their way to ft Mora. When the party ware eonie diataaoe from town a ahot waa fired fro? tha read aide. Tha bnabea ware aearrhed aad a man waa found, with ? ntatal that had heea die charted aa tha ground at hia feet Re waa arreatel aad takaa to Unaora, with MoOauly. aad lacked ap la tha oooaty tall A torn*?ivt UdTia< mm m ?r?r M?e bottle#. a vstdlct ?u rendered la aocoruaMe with the ?bo t> (acta. One of the wltnesaea testfted that El wart McCauiy bad told bi* nn'tn-r Tom that k? would go doWS and cut boat's In art oat and tfceu l?a?r, and that bo wtefced Tom to go with him m? atay outaide. BI* D'ck wa? rear reeled for nut attack oa F*.r, *ud hiving paid hit Use wit dircharged. Both be and the AuCauiys were bad ant dangerous aten The l?ti?r were shareholders Id ocm of the rich natna In the celebrated Caldwell'* garden, from which several hundred dollar* are taken wtekly, tno?Hb tb? rv it at preseut only water auilicoaut t? wasu abwit two hours a day Bond also owned one of those cla'.au. He wan a youbg man of good character ac l quiet dispo sition and was in>ich esteemed by nil wbvkws bin. Be was 42 years aid and formerly from Trata Oarr was

about SO > eat a oid and came from [oar a, but was ool so favorably known among hu ac<iuaiatanoea. Mlicellaiieew, ThxGovmnouN Proclamation Wimmuwm?Vea*erday the gentiem<'u bavtsg poeseslou of the Slate erm, gave Uhb uplu (ienerai Kibbe. Tewgraptuc mforraa'tea of this fact was conveyed to Sacramento, and yeciertUy af ternoon a dispatch was receivec from Governor JoUwoo, announcing that Iho proclamation dcelausg this city in a state of inaurrtcCoo, bad been withdrawn Thus Uappl ly ends tbe whole aSatr?3m fiatieiwa T>n? C*lifj Mn*n, No- i. Gbsat Fix* i.x 3.u:na?\ti>.?The following despatch was rtcoivbo la San Praaelfcco just previoua to th-j swJ log of tBe steamer:? SACRAjna.Mo, Nov. &?1:36 1*. II. Fire In tbe Kstlouad theatre block bow raging. SkKIOLH DUWUiTT HKWSM.V AJISHICANH AITtl NaTIVB C*? lJMJRMANH It) !?ANTA (Ja.l'A Ct t'NTY?TWO UALlt'OBM: V?? Etun amj OskHvho.?We learn by private letters from Pajaro, Sunt* Oruz county, toat:? serious difficulty has sprung up between the imertcan and native Ua'lforulan allien- In tbat vicinity. Last Sunday, a Callforutan waa shct lor horse st aiing, which kel to the dllUcalty, We extract the following from a private letter Pajaro, Santa Cruafcoanly, Oct '27, 1858. We are having an awful time of It bore Slnoe Sunday laat tbere haze been al>out sixty sbets ttrel between tbe Spanish and American population. Two Spaniards are kuov n to have been killed, sod one waa taken and nuug by the Americans to-day Tbere l? no telling where it will end. Send by express; Immediately on receiving tbis, alx of Colt'a alx barrelled revolvers, 8 Inches in length, with bullets, moulds, tic. Arrivat or Tsoora fsom Ppobt ?The brig George Kmery, Capt. T'aik, arrived at Sao FraaeMoo from Puget Sound, with company M, Third Artillery, CBpt. Keyes. Goiuts Buck.?Tbe glittering dust W omnipresent throughout the mining stcUoa> of this State. To-day It exhibits Itself imbedded la the rock, lar down In tbe bow els of mother earth; and anoa we bear <K It discovered on the lofty mountain top, la the hollows ol trees, and strewn profusely through the surface aoil of tbe valleys. The last place It has shown Itself la In ? b* brick yard In Calaveras county After tbe last nuns, says the San Andres Independent, several little pieoesof gold were dis covered In the green bricks of tbe kiln. Ou inspection, It waa found that tbe gold was more valuable than the brlok: consequently, tbe brick yard Is going the way of all good diggings, Clown the golden channel o( a sluicing flume. Marriages, Blrttu and DmM? makkikd, D . ilma4,' ??1- 23- bF Rer- Pterpoat, Charles Reed to Miaa Cordelia Bag ley, both of Auburn, H. Y * ?"'J?. ?ct 1?, Mr. Jaha a. Miller to MIh Kither C. . {** Eraadaoo, Oct. 23, by tbeR?r Dr. Scott, Mr. Jo*?P^ D Alexander to Mlaa Caroline Vao WlcltUfl itoiXSOTwZJZXJ??eowtr'?* '?> G#or?, uS&nJSP*0* 1*' Mr- Thom' R ^o'ler to At Otcrtmeoto. Oct, 23, Junta Aathoay to Klee Matt J. Nouguee, all *1 Sacramento At tta Fraacieoo, Oct. 25, br the Rer. S II. Wtlley, Mr. Balaef D W. Adaaaa to Mum Jane MeNarry. At Sib Fra&ctaao, Oot. 27, by the Rer. Dr. Aadonon 2* ?a^.s-ssrss nan to M>m Matilda Marwedele Oct 27, by Re*. E. S. Lacr, Mr. H. W. Barrta to Mtaa Aguea Ball. Lotto* fit*' ?Ct' Mf' Aleuu,a#r A- ^?*r to Mtaa Wb|tU*C,amen10' 001 **' Mr' B" t;l<ire', 10 E. dale PtaC?r C?',nljr' Kr- '' Mo0*rly to Mlaa father Kags J 011 20' 800 Wm 1%t>r**aeld to Mtaa Eliza * 1110 ?treet M. E. eturcb. by tbe Her. E. Thomas, Mr Iredertck .Kcbeiter to Miaa Emily 0. Cfiaae, of Nantucket Maaa la Sea >raactac?, On. 23, ilsit. Vary'a Cathedral br Rer. Mr. Gallagher. Mr. E C. Padeu io Mtaa Mary Gtlle? At Htorktoa, (Jet 10, Mr. Charlea Pierce to Mlaa Marr Ann Winemlller ' At Stockton, oot. 2?, Mr. Joeapli Kahu to Mtaa KU a bold ! '<>i man. At farrarneoto, (let. 27, Mr. fieorge Wlliama to Miaa Mary liunaevaa. txi^gf (.ran Valley. At ;be Ward Houfrt* dbaata. on the 18th <)?t., Mr. A. B. Mayo ta Mln IhcWPlxon p^'Monterey county. Dot. 4, Mr.Wat B/maa to Mary Ann , Oct. II, Mr. Wm H. Johnsm to Mlaa /.0'itM Kob?*r' . botU of Auburn. MUter1***1* (K5t 10' Mr' 4utu,lu* to Mlaa Ida " e " i la Haa Francitoo. Oot 30, by the Rer. Augaalaa KeiMiar Mr. Qiarlea Nalaon to Ml?~ Mathae Clai; en la Baa Frand co, < >ct 28. by the Rer. J. J Maora Mr *? Haaepeon, of San Kraactaoo, to Mlaa 1 j>ley faono, of Guadeloupe . *Tml^l"c0' Nor 1. M the reatlence of J. Ci Du ?***? fry toe Ittv E. Baili tar, Jemee R. yam, oi Stora m!m? 10 *"* M' Al>bl* AUlwU>n- 01 Uaibrtd^e, At the reatdance of Mr. N. M Jaaoba. by the Rer. Hr J. Kr wood Mr. K Jarkaoa. of Ha l Bin II < Cat to Mtaa Near Tark Jj U*ufh,"r of 0 8iaf>baa L?b4?, oi 1? Lean county, W. T., Oot. 9, Mr. A F. Tultia to M aa C. Huchanau. At I'ortiaml, O. T , Oct. 19, Mr. Cbtrlaa Warraa to M.aa wifjr Bird . ''**^??Ter' w- T f Muinner Darker to Utaa Ln clada MsFaddm. I^k6' w T . Oct- 1?, Mr. Marcellna I oom to lfltM Kllen A. Kaiwoin. ssarrwiT- "?"w- ? -??- - ?? Baa Fraaataco, Nor. 1. by Rar R. P. Catler, Mr. (^mual I a via Manley to Mlaa Ueorftaaa Aucuata Bro?n re^atly of Aaguita. Ma. Aatarta, O. T., Mr lliraa Brown ta Miaa iibarA. . OT - "at 1?, Mr. Jaa. II Moore to MM Polly (i, Tldaell la Beaton oouaty, o. T? Rar pkilltp start ta M aa Ana Plmtck. _ ?IKTTttl. At Backaport, Oot. ?, ta. witaof K M Wititaaa, o: a mi. At Htf | tat. Trinity meaty, Oct. 18, the wife of Win Aahworth H a (laughter la Faa Fraaotaoo. Oct. ?. the wifa ot Mr JoAa Soott or ft ton At Bocktpon, Oct. IS the wife Of Dr. J. Clark, o< a daagMar ta Baa rraactaoo. OoL 26, tha wife at A. D. Clark, Keq., of Tekaaa. at a daughter. * At nbaeta. ool. 21, im ?m.? gr Aletaadar c. Glean, ot a 4MgMar. ???? wtla or ?r. E. B. Wniiami, at a At Vallejo, Oot. la, Ua aura ot M M .'Uchardeon. of a daagkear. at Hhaata, <>ct. It, tha wife at Mr T. J Flyna, of a daeghiar. ' * A< Hacramerto, t?et. ?. tha wife of A. K. Uwta, (X a ?OB, ' In ffui f raactaoo, <mu n. the wire el J. C. Cutoo. ot a ?Oil In Hm FraactHM, OH. l?, tae wirttf Mr C I.iagJay, of ft <ia?f bltr. At Huab Creak, Tfaity couaty, Oct. 11, tha wife of P. fiatooa, or a eon Vr%DC'*a* '? >t, toe ?>fe ot Tbotraa !*lnk water, of a ton At Niaau, Oat 1?. tha o( Mr John '. aeoit. of a BOO _ . nnrn J*'t Haw?ho^it Hay, og|. 10, Jal a, yooag Tili,Bd ?? to* 'Ito, W.. Baary, thaoalr eurrmog child of Wm H aau Mary F~ Wall -'?i^Ffaainii. oa Oat. 21. Nathaaie! T Phitllri, of Briatol, r J., ageJ 3g year* v Al v^Tt? ''"?dP1- Aug 3*, Tote J r.roa?, of i OfV At Beatcta. <?. IT. Mary A , araat ''aogh'.er of .lolia Hirdtuf, At aea, oa hoard rhtp <>r? on. iaa? 23, Eti w. N>ckei?oa, of Ihtladeiphta. agt.< about M> year*; burlad on ta? weat eotMt or Raaiachatka. la Ban Fraaeteco. Oat jtg, Frank PraM. lafaat aon af d?"?' Mar tea R Daraali, agel 1 month Bad 'it la Haa Franotaaa, oat r, Arthur H?ry. aon of Niche la* aad E lea I) l^iatrp. aged to taoaiha aad It dare la Han Franc*** O* K, Sr. Joha Kagaa a aaora at Atloae Ireland, aged M yean At .'arkaoarllla, ON. I?, n*nrw? W.. ana a* B. F aad I'. Myer, aged A yoara aad 4 moatne At OatrerUle, Oct. ?8, aoa of Patrick flatety. aga.1 a yean * At Htocktoa Ort. It Mm Rajhel LaTl, a nat re of ?er aary, aged M year* At stork ton, Ort. ta, Mr* B. rahn, a natlreof Franne. At ^tcramrato, Oct. 27, Mr Edgar M. Shandaa. at eoa ? u option, aged M yeara formerly of PltUburg, Pean ta f>aa ?, Oct. li, by drowning. Mr A. W Ran dall, a aatire of Buaton, Mtaa . aged 18 yeara In Haa Kraarweo Ort 18. Mr^Wa. Walter, a aatire af Franre, aged 48 yeara. !n Ran, oa the lath o-tober, of Panama ferer, Mra Rachel Url, a natlra of Aermaay, aged 18 yeara la Haa Fraadaoa. oa the I8th of OctoUr, of dyiaaterr i.'al'i^' Bged 4ft yaara At White Oafe, El Dorado exmty. let of * ABeon O Rathaway. formerly ef Ta M yaara. At htn raliawa. ta Haa Eraant^no, Ogl. it of diaaaae llTna'Xira'd":^''iT.LV. ' ?Ncll/of M ffin. In &ia Fraacte'jo, on the 18U1 ti October. or witor ou tbe hrain, Clara Agues, only Child ol William H aad Sarah E. l>wytr, ag?<t a years and ow any In San TraudBco, Oct. 30, Margaret Caver icy, a native ofSaa Fratcisci, aged 8 Joars. Ic 8?u Krsnc:?c-?, Oct. It, of *ut art*, Aoeoa Usury, only CMIdofF. Hrary and Bertha Ormert, aged 1 year and 1 day lt\ San Francisco, Oct. 30. of croup, Aaiolia Kaufuanun, a aailve of Valparaiso aged J year to ttac Franclfr.o, Ocj i.1, Robert floury, a native of San /raunaco, aged a ysam. in dan KranoMco, Out. 31, Chan M. Kerr, a native of Han /rauciaco aged 4 yetxt acd 1 msatha. In Han Fraocwco, Da 21, Rosa Hood, a Dative or ttao Fr*o< *co, a*?d 4 moot hi. ?i the Misston of San Dfernardlao, O. P Tan Lavea, ago<l 16 year At Cretcunt f'?y, Oct. 7, John Caldwell, agod 2* years In Pan yrmc'.sco, Oct 32, Mr. Tlusothy Sullivan, a ua Ore of Ireland, aged ai year*. In Man frmnolaco, Oct 32, Kcv. Wffliam Gray, *f New YVk, a*fd TO yeara, the rather nt I)r. H. M. Gray. At Yuba City, Oct. 38, Hon. W". P! Mi; Jail, County Judge of Gutter comity. At the rd*ld<ncerf Mr Alexander Walker, on Mark Wert Creek, Oct. 20, Martin Nell, t'crtnerly or Mitwavkle, Wlf. At Tetaluma. O-t 3?, Martha. j>oun?eet daughter oT Chun e* and Jane Blacaboru, ageil 7 year a, 3 mom ha aad 10 da) a. In Sea Franciaco, Nov. 1. Adaiine S'r dwagbter ol Jctut and Ilaanah K. ilutton, used 0 months At WMdo, Joseptlne Co., 0. T , Oct. 19, Laura Miner va, daughter of I>r. D. S). Bolton, (gad 1 /tar, 8 months and 18 rajs. In Marten Co , O T., Oct. t, Infant son- Of Mr. Joseph Cox, agrd 3 Booths. In Pan ?ancltco, N'ov 4, of consumption, Mr. John G. B'adv, a native or New Tork, aged 3* year* and 7 montha. Itarliits. Has yojk.vBBPoo, Tuesday evening, Nor. 4, 1888. The departure 01 Uta tnail uteamer tomorrow, and the ?lection to day, have engrossed public attecttoe to such an extent that no business or Moment has been done, apart from that'relating to these aubjeota Aa will be p*roeived by reference to detail!, eaten have b*en exceedingly limited In the general tone of the Lsarkr* there la no change to note. Fiock ?Jobbing sales of 300 nr. saska Fowler's sett raising Hold at 8'.' 50; 160 do. Commercial extra at $8 80; GOO do. Aivlaoaup at8825. 180 do Eaton h Bostwlek s ex. tra at $8 60, and 200 do domeM canp. at 97 78. V?bs?t.?too sacks choice sold at 2kc; 300 do. I air at $8 80 PMuxr ?300 sacks ;.rln? sold ata^c., and COO Jo. job bing at 82 So Oaim ?180 sacks prime sold at fttt 37, and 300 do job bing at 83 C6 iDratoic?800 sacks prime and'cboloe sold, In lets, at 2>4?i a JJ(e. Bic?i tons rair quaMtyeoM at 19 Bens* ?40 llrklna choice new JuaoaoM at 33i. Vim*. ?20 bbia mus sold on p. t., and 36 lialT bbla. ex tra ciear at Sitf 60. fTaai:R.?100 boxes Klogr ford's resold at ll>io. Arriiw ?100 hi. bbis. chei>te .%ro*r>can dried at l%)ic. m i.ah ? 10.0(0 loa. aa ".'o. 1 resold at 9>(c., and 60 bbis. Americau cruKhed at 18c. CHauntt..vs ?to bask*t: Il|>er's hefdakek sold at agent'a ratea. Cokim<.s ?188 coils Manila sold on p. t. From tlie OMlidcn Pnrchue. OBQAMlATIflJt or TKiCUTOglAL. aOVKKNMKNT 111 FHK8KNTAT1VI SKNT TU WNUKISS. ; From the l.og iugrJo* Star, Uji 26. i 'n ttc ^wih August lu|, a larfa number of delegaton um dllteriut parts or tte ?.drJeo Parch*** ascetaMod ?I Tucson. lor toe purpose ot taking Into consideration the BBtaiurc? necessary for tb* organ raton of a Ternto rial government, Major .11 AM rich, of Tueaoa. wa? rttoeru President; Col. Jam** Douglais, or boure and Don Joi? M. lUrtlflcz, of San Xlficr, Vto? I'rendeoli' C. K. .T^rTy^1<! 9Bl_y? ** Bonner, Socrotart**. Mo**r*. W ?'.G~ ?wry> Her[n*n Kcronberg, D>n 1/aa clo Ortisc and L D. L. Pa?dc ware appointed acoramittoo ti dr?fl r<-#oiutiooH tx pro**i vo ot th* icnuo oi tie ncotox andlatao a memorial to Congr***. The oommiua-i atrort to the aeglett of Congr***, or Ike l/?.Mature of Now Mexico. to pioTtd* an adequate government; leaving tae I* opie In a condition boruenog oc aaurohy, aad depon dant on their own exertiooa lor protect ton agalu.t ui? Inroads ot oarages from without aad doiaeaUo inaatetiMt* within; to the raolJ tnereaaa ot i-apuiauoo, ibe rte* mineral wealth daily biv^nm.; deraloped, the aalubriooa climate and |o-alu?.ttv?> aoil ut tbe country, ail tending to Invito the miner, n? agriculturist and U>o traJoaiuaa. Tbe committer ooarlude by recommending 1. 'I'tat WUa Oju vi-jUob take actrv? a>***ar*a to aacuta ?t aa ? art* a period aa p -#?!?.(*, a new rsrnioria' gnrara ' ment, rHtaniiab.iig the capita I at Tueeoa. 'J' circulation of a n>< tit* i?l peay mj. for a dlrlaioa Of tb* TerrHory of Sr* M?.xu>o, and tha formation of a new gov-itntnrm In tbl portion, aad Mat a delegate be elected lo be tbe bearer then of. 3 That tula Ceurentlon caane to b? .ilaoed at eash polk ot tbe running election a ballot l?ox an 1 poll book lor tha ! c! ? ""legate to Coagre** aad ft? clork ot tbe I 1 robate i :??tirt be requeat d to lasnaacarMlcail* o1 ela "leo [ to ill -person receiving the greatest number of r.>ln at Mill election Tbe eiartioa tonu p'ace on tbe Brat Monday o: Rapt**, ber, aad Ilcn. Nathan P Cook reoelred tin-ei tire rote and a certificate thereof waa duly tires by tha Clark of tbe Probate Court of l>ona Ana county. t*> which conuty It seems, tli* <.sd?tUn pnrcnas* bad been aiuf-nod br i . ' ULtU if**1 *o*??omcnt It ta about three hundred I BHaa from Tu< -on to Mertlla, the county *ea? of l>oia | Aaa oonn?y, Mr Cook le.t foevoo on .-eptembor 7th and airlTtd In ttan iNrgo on tha Tbe memorial la algned by orer M nam >a The me mortal propoata to call the nrw territory Ari/ooa It . rod tea iba loliowing roaaona lor tbe Den in re i>ro IKMKd' 1. That ale, e the treaty of IBM. they bare realdad in tha territory, a period of nearly three rear-*, without baring exerclaad tbe rtrhtaof Ireeaaen under tba conati luticn ana lawa ot tbe I a ted Dtatea. f. Ibcy bare neither maglitratoa. lawa nor ooorta under tbe governmoat of tha l otted Siataa 3. Tkey are laoiated?cot off among carafe tribe* ?with no lef%l orfant; do Toie?oo r0pre-vni%ia>o aid without any ot too prtniegea < icitiaaaatnp -t That althongb oomlnai'r wltbm toe oountyof Ooaa Aaa, la the Mrrltory ol No* llexlno, they haranererhad tha benefit of law* or ami ofila.-ra, nor have they any protection ofltfr, liberty or property. 6. That tbe raat extent of terltory wttbin tb* limit* of W*W Me*l?*, and tbe natural barrtern brtween tbe otrtll ?rn and aoutbera portion a ol tbe aaa>e, do aad will for ??er caete a>lvarae loiereaU aad prerent a harmootoua a-lmlnlatratioa of either a Tent* lal or .-Oale ^orera m? nt Tbey therefore pray that Coagreaa will take Into eon ?Ideratlon tbetr grlevanoea an l r-tead to them the pro tec lion ol a aoparat* Territorial gorerament uao take meaanrea tor tbe apwrdy eetlletaaat of land tltlaa-for the ?nrrey of tbe pabllc land*?lor the protoetloa of mtaiag la'? raat*? tor tha e*t*Mlahl*g of pr*t ront*? aad the aob jngatio* of U>? brattle fn<i<aa tribe* that lafe*t tbotr Ta? litwt. Th?y farther pray that ;be delegate aleot from tbl* Territory may be admitted to a aeat la Coagmw wttb all tke privilege* of delegatM froaa other Tbrrt lories. Mr- Cook la of optaiaa that the whit* popalatlon of tb* ptopored Territory la about 10,?00, laeludttfi tb* aatlr* Met cana aad all (iraBrill* '?ary, M?t , waa aleeted a taember of th* I egiaiatare ot Now Meilen from laaa Aaa oouaty Many ot our readers may r*t-o')*et him, a* be formerly realdod la Ioe Angel**. II* I* a lawyer by profeaaioo. Maar of tba emigrant* from Taxaa Una yw bar* atop ped la th* Pnrt hare, and donbtle**. If tb* a*w Terrttortal corernmrnt were lnrm*4. It would to*a Oil up w4h a hardy, induatr .*n* Aarrtctn popnlatti* Mr Look, the drlegate elect, baw t>*ea an acttre m*bs b?r of lb* Arizona Mining Coatpuiy, aad M eloaely Idea tified witfc Ibe inter?t* of tbl* lafaat Territory. Wawlagtas Terrlt**iy. ?9r?rnor Merea* bas ret*r**d to Olympia, 8mb4. There ar* no further Items of tbe l*Mt unortaae* from tbl* Territory *??? (Vma Omgan. l^tet 'mm '>r. g*a a, e to October -Jk, aad fr*? Creieeat CWy totMsbr^ jo. Tb* news tg act of moaaeat we pr***at bolaw er*ry tbing of taiarsal. i?i<ctoberl?, A J Maater* waa killed by J H Me Mil lea, la an a* ay Tbe nause was an old fetid. McM:!i?n waa *ub*e?ineatly ndm ttwl to bail It I* aa.'d that a bead of ttaake ladlaa*. n (a he ring aoroe two ha id red hare take* up a padtioa * lew mil** from tb* HaMea. that they bare a roasiderabt* baaiher or American horse*, wbmb by mark* of tb* cotlan and bar nee*, abow that tbay bar* reeo*Hy heea worked It ta soi poa. d tbey bar* be?a alo oa from emtgrtnta reo*ilag tb* P!*ltis by tb* aootbera mute Th4M lodtans are doubtieaa 'rom tb* south, and bar* coma opto tamper wttb tbrte at aad near tba italtaa, who profra* fn*aishlp towards tb* white* Tt*re are sat era I new ?t earn !> oat* beiag hudt far th* Orrgna trade. Ta* oregontaas are bragj!** of MMv As* f>nit, large v*t*t*kie*, .be " M*ay ot tbe frl*adl? ladtan* ar* Mealtb'ly leav'ng tb* rawrratma in Yaaihiil oouaty Tba boattiM, w* sup po*?, remain A b*w waarf la halag Wont imm*dtat*iy below riaa dsr s wharf. In the lower part of tba ntty oT 'MrtlaaJ. A A|ht wttb tba ladiatis nad taken pia-e at?th* Wail* Walla, I* which tbe Amariraaa loat oae man aad tb* la diana lonrteen fix or a*ven hnadral h?ad of hone* mnlea and oatil*, together wltli ererythlng pertaining to tie roi?*t?*r or gaaismioa ol Waahtayton Tarrltorr. will he sold at public ?bhr at Vsaeoceer, a* tb* 10th V*vember Tbe 'rat keg of elder has been made la Oregon by JamM a. ftt*r*iM. It w proaonacsd by Jtidga* decidedly |00d. The tall at Oregon Cltr ws* broken open oa T%urtdaj Bight. Or.t va, and all tae prisoner* eacaped Kli.ah, * Chief ol the Rogue Hirer trthe of Indlaat, ma* killed a few day* slaoa. at the Oraad* Roade Rewerra, by another Indian oy the name of H*ary F.Ufab baealway* been * firm friend of Iba whlta* Tb* loag promtaad light for Cap* I :**ppolntment waa llirbted lor tb* Arm time oa tb* atgbt of th* IMh ot Or to ber. Tb* llgbt ta said to be of th* flrtt m*gnitud*. aad to ba *ee* for a loag dtataaoe st aw. Tbers bad baw aa *lop*mf?t <a high Ufa a*ar Part l*nd Tb* republic*** bar* oefaalsad tkroagkoat Oeagoa Territory, aad tba ntssoat naaatmtty aad eattasmam pr* mi. Rome M rem*!** bar* baes tonad la pmfc (MIHWWIN WfelK |||?? w V 7 The poj-titisu of eigUt oountiet is Oregon >? 20,116. Yi ? leern Aon tue ixutss ihat strange Indiana oomMt sad go out la oeaeeioss iMtwon, ud *etr mb?n Mf quite large. The settlers ur tbat point see apprehensive I cf an attack the ladlMM, Mid muy nr? preparing to leave for other j>olnta where will l>? mere safe. Telegraph w!*wi bare been :*et np as lar ?a Gorv sills. Tho Oregon fufnmi* appear rta arkxbie far nothing but' mutual asc?r bitof feeliu?. A lot of Iboiam?report sayr two bands*?escaped from the Grande Konce Reserved. The) were Oala pootas. A party enfold ten retoc* ttuwn. It la reported that'Charley's band (A thd Wi**ually la dlana are again dlsorrttslied irttb the'twond arias * tbe re servation recently irtrveyed nod at*apart for Item, m4 reftiee lo go on it unless tbe entire NiaquWy bot tom la mcladed. do It aeeme tha* further Indian troubles are still In store >r tha Oreftmises, and should again be renewed Uua motor, wbere the end wiH L?, or what number of lndia * our settlements will hare is oppose, no one at present caa eonjeotnre. from Crespent City ttsere la soarcTiy any lntotll geoca. New and very neti mi net tave been dis covered on Elk Creek, e stream which- empties lata tbe Klamath, about half ?,? mile boiow Umppy Onrap. Bee are rushing there from all potMS?numbers having even lelt tbe far tamod dcou's Bar. At the hut accounts there wore three hundred met - at iaaat, at work, and none of them mtliisc ken than from tea ta twenty dollars per day Too diggings wo vary exten sive; in (act, the wholesurroiTBdtngeoujHb, so far aa tt has been prospected, turns out t?be ru^~ It A bat thrae days travel from Crescent City to tbe nppi Sewa from Monsra, l!E VOLUTION AQAIKBT GOVKHNOH itMBflti?BU gjtcBLLKNcr hooted?8KVR".a wwk MIN KILLED AND TWO HUNDRED1 WOlTNDED. [from tbe Aita California. Oct. UD j On the prevloaa arrival of tbe Menaior from San Mega, we copied from the San Diego HeroM ol Oot. 4, a short paragraph, stating tbat a revolution against Gov. Gaadara had takea place Is sionora. By this arrival we have Ml t'lomw fvliiico, or IjO? Angeiex, of tbe 11th of October, from wfcieh wr trar slate the following interesting Win?. with some speculations on the result l?wm the same jour nal :? Awarding to Information received from some of the 300 emigrants wto lied from the civil dissensions of Ho nors, and who ate soon expected in this city, we gather tbe lollowlng:? Tbe forces of Governor Agullar, commanded by Pea queira, had obtained, in several sklrmlshse, a oosapless victory over loose of Gandara, who, we ore assured, hM retired to Tu'/.on, though li ft without hopes or prestige; becaareall tbe influential inhabitants, who suitained htm wbea tu power, have now withdrawn their aympsthy. aa account of the political bluudera be lately committed Only ?> El Tsttn," and part or "El Mayo,''have rnmatasit talthiui to him, and tuoac do not count for aa< thing ta hocota. The fight was rather severe, particularly at Ores, the capital, wtere it lasted four days sad nights, resulting ta tbe death of tifty and'mora killed, and orer tmfni iro4 wounded; while the buildings eulterrd much by the artfll lery from both tides. Mateo Marqnln, Indian General of the Yaquis, and one of tho few cl tel.i whs remained with Gandara, was takea prisoner and shot. Gandara, see ing tbe bad turn his aflisirs toifc, conleased to oae of hta olil acre that in cace of deleat, he would go personally ta the neighboring State of California, try to ralae two, thrae or lour thousand men, and return to Honors, and that he would even compromise himself to partial aoaosaelua at pnblte las as, for tho sake of ralalng the neoeesary mada, a reroaree which was very much disapproved by hts sa teliitcs. Hiwever, be haa now arrived at Tne soo; and an emtasary who Ovs days age arrived m this city, called William Johnson. a native ol Oposura, and son of John Johnson, an American, raaM Isg at Opobura, baa told us, tbat be Is bearer of deepatob sa irom tbe civil and mlhlary authorities of Tueson. to be delivered at Jort Yumix, Sao Diego, and in thi?*ty; adding that said despatches refer to asking military asata against the savages In said dlitnct if It Is certain tbat Tueson asks for such assistance, la s memeat when the ohleltaia and several eternal reva lutiomxers of Hooora had arrived there, and whaa aa taaliy the savages are leas boettle, then it t* te be sew posed thai some dark object ts to no ooverel by this pre test aad if we coaslder the fllibmterlag tendsaotsa which are ruling under the ministerial protection el tierce's warlike Cabinet, then we oanaot help thimttag tbat Gandara has succeeded in seducing the military peas ef Tuesoa, and trim to prepare a new revengeful invaataa or Soaora, probably by the tlllhuxtericg tendency of Uhe ?hove neighbors, which inva-lou might still reckon oa a belter rtKult If the demoeirau abouid triumph In the nsM Prtaldential election Already, la this city, some North Amartosns have tfesland, the day beftore yeeierday, thai wtthut thrie months at, army wiold march from thta fiate aaraif it s<mora. information of these puni nbags have gone to Mexico, wb-rc the natloaal booor, far frem fearisg any new aggreeoion, wosld only with to have aa opportunity tor vlsoioating the ptndtng outrages. Meaa while we remain on we lookout, and prepare for tbe de frnreorsaM oountry. General Vaeey haa arrived at ?nay mas with 800 vete rans, where be remained quietly, because the roraaa el Peeqseira and bis suxi.ia'lis Warned by themselves la ft Ms n the work they bad begun. We cooild> r that thsrs IS bot one opintoa sow la .Honora, that this little tf real sad miser cniy wanted to convert tald Mate mte Ua pa trimony. Wear* from Nicaragua. Coram Ornrm, Amm?w*u., Not. 30?KraaM Tbe Brltub mail steamer Da* ha* .nut arrlratf Ikjbi Ureytowa. gn? br ag* no adTlcea trom the I #r Nicaragua of miTtmriU lUcr than oar preTloua i Walker waa awaiting the reoatpt of proTtiloaa Mi *a? ir unltlon, wbicb b?>l not reached him at lataat adrtMB. Th* foil eoavletioa of all parti** at Giwytow* la, that aa rood aa be baa received the aforeaald aappUaa, and ar raogcd bli pncea, ba will praeacd to drir* all the ill fc?rcc* out of ibe Hut*. Of ht? lateatlona tberaaftor aa UiiEf M kaowo. The attlea were eery much divided, aa4 quarrelling among themeclrea. TBI (AN JVJLK RIVF.K NOT BLOCKADKB ST WALI n?ALL Ql'ICT IN TBI INTRBIOR - POSITION OW TBI ARMY?RIOBCTITB LANDED. [ ? rom the I'auama Herald. Not. 1U.) We have been lavored by A. J Ceetor, Raq , euparte leadeat ol tho railroad,with the following telegraphic dao yMttCb? AiriMWAU, Not. T, IMC. The ateanrr Thame* arrived thla morning from (Jrwy town The u*w? la rehabla, aad eatirety o on trad let* Ifea rumor thai ba* b**n m nrcuiaUoa bar* for aom* left, brought by a tailing t****i via Bocae del Tor*, which was that the Baa Juaa Hirer was blockaded bf lb* pomw*w *f Caetilto aad other point* by the invader of Nicaragua. Everything la quiet in the uterlor-by lateat aoooaam, ?ad Walker baa force* punted at Sao Carl**, /adplfat *M oiber putat*. Tie twofteaiaen ol Uie Nicaragua Ha* from New Y*rt and New i.rl**a*. btoughl 490 av-n nor Walker, well pra vioed with amrouniuo*. araaa aad provtetoaa. Williaaa Jon**, orderly tergeaat 10 Major O'Neal, *hat a *oWt*r naaiea Cbarl** Wood, in ums b?ad. killtag hi at almoet I elan 11 y Jorea waa in the Br.l* I o->n. t.raaada. a Wood entered and < otnm< abnalog blai la lb* I vloleat manner In the hrat of pamion. jnae* drewhtolt volrer Aa Wood jumped oat lato the atraet. the afeat waa 11 red and iba total dead performed, the hail < the rye of the deceaaed. paaatng through the r mating out oa the tap of lb* akull. Jooea waa an* (ouflaed in tbe guard bouj. OIMRAL WALBBRS BKI'OBT OP TBI BATTLE OB MA NAPA. [Pram tbe Alto Oalifttrato. Oct 31.) Th* tollow'ng m a oopy of a letter addr****rf la a pa tlentaa of thla ettT. fra** iGeneral Walker. Tbe lettar 1 wrwaa wnbia half aa baa* after the ?a*?r wan out of t.ra**4a. liUItM, Oct 13, I I P* >* Bi??since yoo left we hare bad *er*eal afl ter* with tb* enemy After being delayed Feveral daya . ih.' II iTcwarrun ?l the hoaivrer. r rrlagea aad other apfiarat i?. I marched fbr Maaaaya on tb* 11 lb, wUk upward* af *< 0 m*a I arlr on tae morning <? U?* Itofc we attacked the eaemy gelling poaaeaaioa of th* wall plana of Maa*a;a. and drlvlag them all alo th* MBh plaza. We cut through tb* bouaea. eon* (Ire or Bfe ?qiiara*, aad wer* about la ratar Ihe mat* pla/t, whaa. early thla morning, I received tbe a*w? toM *om* TOO at the eaemv bad alter ke.! ihla place i 'mraadlately raarah ed hither end the enemy ware routed aad dl?*ai?*d, with ma . In** oa our part far tbe lunier oi mm ea peed The eaemy bava aufferad lev wely -tot naly la Mate killed and wounded, bat also irom <!a**rti*a* TMatoraa driven from Oraaada I* day waa made up of i.nilm* ian? aad ChamnrrHlaa lb* relic* (the** IMt) o{ the par ly it Hti jictvio. The guard hooee i? r:?*d with wee ailed an i prieaaaea, and the eet're Koroe wa* .H*p?rw>d Their " nlnamla alne* will terer do tb* "*emy aay more Mrrloe The traattt i* op*a, aad pu?i?|tn eaa era** wNh sa tire iafrty Ibe drixah* arrived oa ibe gib Y*tir obadieat aerraat, WILI.IAM WAI.KFJI iNcirmrra mmw tmt latk battlm?ockma l WALBBB MOCNTBB fN TBB VIBLI> OP A OOMJtlWXOH 9ROM TBB BBBlgT?A WARLICB BO? MR. WHCBLBrn'R BBATH I'HV -KMT1MRWT-PaMNN BtTTPI.fRB OB PBATMIIONt? ABMT PAT?PB?BBI I CLAIMB?APPKABANCB OP OBAHAnA APTtK TIP! FUJHT. Ml ftirmrmMim* of October 18, puhiiaha* the IMIoartoc Incident* of the law battle* at Ma taya aad Oraaada ?A* Ih* A me r lean oldl*T- a; proached Ihe aMto oh urea firaaada. th* balleto from the (ana of th* Meay war* Hyffit '? thiekiT thai every peraoa on b<ir?afb*ah imMto* tirely priag t? Ut* granad. aad got ^ebiai hie bortm tor pro!retina. Men Walker aloae ramalaad aa bla girtag; order* to hM men wHh about aa maaB mm* frmi Ml# order'*! ? N>tlie of wine tor hi. dlnaer. and It aal until ba waa repeatedly re^ne-l?d by tbo ? about him to ilMmount tbat he did <o. a laoag the many a arrow e>oaow Oam tb* < ?bow at th* J alt* ha wa? deary WalWr wto ra-ed gold watch arre ted a bail whMh would ? hare i alered hi' groin Tb* bnlM ?ank Into tb* wale la lb* aame city a gentleman left th* folio atag aari one nf Ihe honaea I* wb'ah he took up ? wmporary ram deare ?".Iitan otto* tM Cpplea. Tenieate Oarnaal Ob Artlllera " Th* nard wa oa* *f tae Br'atol b*ard ta?*ata4 tonafe toBIa to IH Iitiua?I. RM pnofeat baak mmm *t tw ran. Oeneral Walker now bold* tb* eommM*M. waa aiaa left, aa wall aa hta noon Tbtrlaf th* ftfht *1 Maaaaya aeraral toamm waea MtoMi fmm th* *a*my Tba baadle of tbe laaa* M aha^l IwVu a* loag aad lh?k aa aa ordtoarr broom haadU tba dm UPi? MUM m