Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1856 Page 2
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ten*? tit war*". about aa inch tad ? half la Ha greatest breadth. In riaiag, the haaill?about Ms o* eirr with on* hui, and Mb lower end NM a poo itoetr right toot Close to the head of ihe lanee mora* tad ? little rec tug. spilt tn tbe ceatr* like a swallow's tail The dog Priucc, of tallltary sanlnity, accompanied the srtwpato Ximyt, tad was always with the saaatadvaneed ef Pvst Hi ilea Tto? bowiin r wai bis farorlie position. Our rangers wmetlBO, nod lying tn the woods, la the r trinity ot the city, wiim of tht G .etemalian and San Hal vadonan soldiers, with their legs tied. These prisoners say ititj ware thus tied by thur own officer*, in order to jsvrent them from rnnoiKg away in the light. The compositors of lie Knglish department of Kl JVies mnai. effii*? lougbt bra rely in defence of our ally. Their Mir are C bar lee E. Cant Icy, WilUam Buchanan, KreUe ra k Kapp and P. it. Yarringtoa. Mr ffbMltr, who waa shot by tl? enemy la Granada, wrote a letter, a row daya before the light, to the decre tary of the Bible Hociety, In which ho observes -True, I may be amoag the (lain, for three moa have threatened a war 01 extermination agaiaat all Americana, and it they sbenid bo rietorlous they will do a* they have laid. If I ?bead perish, do the best yon eaa for my ibmlly; for M*y are poor ana will need all that can bo afforded them. Should the eaemy come and attack the city, 1 ?ball love try luniks posted, and mooey and eUecta la the bands of Ool John H Wheeler, the American Mia la I4T lae ikamer La Virgin, Capt Ttomaa Baaker, arrived at the port ot Granada on Tnnrsday morning, Oct. SO, wtth a mil earg > of lire beef, from Cbon tales. Ml .Vkoro^uoh' says ?We not ce in the list of com batanto at a g'?od tournament at Oatooss Springs, Georgia. - Tbe Knight of Ooeta Kk a," Mr L., of Buata TlHe. What a dl'mal, dreary, dnszling, fixzllng sort Ota ebaraiter be must have be on. Ibe office ol Uf Recorder of Deeds, Mortgages, fee., for tb? Meridional 1 department ot tbe republic, was opened bi the cny of K1??m an Monday, tbe 8th of September, MM. All p"r?< na aroreqi ired bf decree to hare their Mil? to and* tr tbe aiereaaM department teooedwUsetb m six months after that data On tbe 30>h of October, the peratMl? etiecu of. tbe JM towttg named deeeaaed persons srntofte sold in Grana da by the public administrator :?Wley Marshal, Charles Salt*bar, Nayer Hrtahr and JaMu&JUel. Ibe d. sorters from tba army of Nicaragua are.adser XI Mcvr*guew of tbe 36th ultimo says ?On Thursday erasing Ucaeral Henniagsea had tbe mea uader bis com ?aad exercising tn the pls/.??tbe artillery, la two com Bi, under the Immediate direct. 03s of Major sob waits, Delanoy ano Capt Farmed, aad the flappers aad ?'sera under Capt Hetsse. Toe mea were exercised la ?attttiTmsg tbe moeataia howitzers, aad, from tbe ra pMMy of their loactag, certaialy showed much profl With the exception of three or four houaea, Granada presents no eutward appearanoe of the battle of which it mas of late the scete One year previous to tbe day of battle?I3ib of October?General William Walker entered ?raaada for tae first time, aad this wss his 'second Ibe ant division of tbe Sas of Teapertnee ever beard ttla Nicaragua has been permanently orgaaixsd. against the estates of the (allowing persons were prerented, duly authenticated. to this fine I>oary, before the at lb of December:? HyronCoie, Robert Mlilikiu. J. K Jhossoa, Wiley Marshall, Jonathan Wilson, George Aad before >th of Jsnnary, 1867, agaiaat tbe estates of tf. 0. BreckenrWig?, Henry sou e, ramagi K* telle, Mayer Batater. Edward H. Laws, D. H. Wheeler. All officers who have resigned, by presenting at tbe Paymaster General's office la Grsaada th-vr (juartermas tar's aecoutt. with tbeir commissi'OS. promotions, aid Mstgaatlona, will receive their pay ia scrip and tneir land rAT10N OP A NEW YOBS FLAQ TO TBE FIK9T mtiiMt [From El Nicaragueuse. Oct. 4.] On tbe evi Ding of tbe .'list af September, on the plaza f Granada. in tbe presence of a large crowd of specta , tbe 1st Rifle batuuon 01 the Nicaragua army?the battalion tn tbe servre?was presented with a oe Nlcaraguan dag, wttli the device of tbe Ave s, by Alexander C. Lawrence, of the eitv or New Terk, U>lough Col. Geo B Ball, late ot tne same city. AAsr the 'evening parade had been concluded, and th? ether regiments etemiased, the First KU:es were ordered M remain on the pitta. Tbe SklUtsrj band performed a lire I? air at the con-1b atea of which Col. Bali advanced a few paces, aad pre seated tae colors with tbe lollewlag very appropriate ad ft?L. F R IXPIKSON, COMYlfDIMG Klt"-T RlfLM ?Si* ? Ma well recalled Alexander C Lawrence, K*, . of the elty af >ew York, lou will alao retneniber hu f/lendlv greetinc teyoa on iour last arrval there. The internet be displayed hs Ike ?k.rk>u? ?iu? of liberty lo Nl.-aragiia, and hla appre stwli>u oi'lhe gajlant aer\ ioe? of tieneral Wm Walkor and Mi bravo ecnppalriela in anna. Aim mi; Lbe ranks ot iLc bat "tu wtoitb voq have tbe honor to cxnnund ire b ?? ? wb> t f.iug ht a&d au.iered in the great rauie in which we are i cng?ged, ara who receive tie warmest tympalbr aad i *?hee ;or tuceeee by the citizens o .New tVk. The t ability, tb< in b.rn?a< J nature, and indomitable ener I IB ef etir commander m chief n?e? succrs* a certainty, iml eatabiiahmenl of a permanent aud peacrtul gcvrriiaent to Jnearai-'UA. Thla flag we* sent to ma by A'lSiutder T Ut e. JC?KJ . through the l>ands of faptiln t'Wias A. Wal'-rs. 1 ha*e received it from him to pi-eaent lo tbe first Rlflea, .n ?e lute of Mr Lawrence hoping .be gift will be duly *p paasiaieS Aecpt it, Colonel. igr you.- regime*! well de ?nti It. Whtc Col. Ball bad coaciuiad a cotnpsay wai ordered ? few paces to the froat. to me vo ui? flat, and wi eo It waa placed in their ihargr, Lit at. Col I rank Atderson, lr tb? loilowirg wor'a, rtturaa? thank* ? "CoLonhL?U 1* with feeling* ot' proud satisfaction I recede flexn ?eur bauds to ??<? eatable a pieaent. in ibe nam*' ol the balial nn wblcb I have at pieeect the honor u> o>*nd. I re ?an sincere and h'-artfelt liwrks to the ssta'ued donor for to asble a gin. and to you. Cclooei. lor the llaMering manner in whieh it haa been preneuied. Sav to Mr. LaWreoce, In the ?Be el tbe First Rifl-- Hatulion. bow highly w? eeux tn bia beautiful gift, tell IUb 11 ?ha.l ac ompanv ua on every ma'?h. ?ad be eur companion ou evert battle ba!d, thai lo us It ahall be a beacon'.o light our waj to victory; In the hot lew of the fray and tbe ti reiuoat ranka ot ba'tie ahall it fluttar to U? hree/e ao<1 while one be*r' in hi* battalion pulsates no ?ubi * u?iirh eha'l rver pollute it. teli him thai fighting be aealh its fold* ahall irapire u? with redoubled courage, ao 1 leach ua that our way ia onwaid. coe<|uaitug and Vu conquer Whan thta rpeech was ended tbe battalion was die akBied, and while the band played appropriate music ?arched oO, proudly waving their banner to the breeze la the eTCBitif tba rfl.ctrs ot tbe First Rules in riled their fellow tfllctrt of outer batiailoaa, and tne?r eltlsen friends to an entertainment ia lh? tpa>:lons hall oppoalte Ma reat ithon. One of the toasts was, ' Tbe Hon. John H Wbaeler? Watted -Hates M njter?tni able exponent of Amertcaa Bapnbhcaniam " Cat. Wbeeier traa called opoa to respond. Tbe Caloaal was, aa usual, eloquent aad poiated He alluded to tbe of Amerlc?a< ta this cooa'TT. bow they pwaad the dark boar of their daya bow all waa ?ww bright aad cheering He said that ib? star of tbetr kaft bad ariaaa to lead them on In the path destiny had ?arked out fbr them aad assured tbe gentleman that tfcs gOTetr.msat uf the I'nitod Aataa deal red aoth ng ?are tbaa to see a permaaeo govammea. established mi tbe biens.aga of peace restored to Sisaragua Another rsao ? U?a Wlll.aa Walksr?who, though Mall n statara, gra<ped w Ik Tttaela atrtngtb lbs Fivs Vatcaaoes. aad bent tbasa lato a flea not a tad alar, (load aal enthusiastic cheering, wblcb waa prolonged lata ** three tlmea tbraa " At tba claaa of tba entertain meat tba following, flroai Ma "soldiers of the 1st Rifle battalion was read ? BeaeWed. That the thanks of the 1st Regiment of Bides H. A., 'ommanded by Lieut. Col. f rank P Aiideraon, are hareer tendered to Alex. C. Lawrence, of Kew Tork. for the (aeer nesU'wed spun them thmugb Col beo R Ha.l. < >>?? ?aaaary Oeasral, in the prnecntaUon of tbe apteadid re0m<-a tal eoleni r?<-e>* ?d thle day BrealTeri. Tha? a cony of thle rsselat'ia be seat lo Mr Law aaaee. thnmgh the Adjutant of this rfaent Tba eatartaiaMeni tbea oaclade 1. \e wa from Carta Mi est sail' >*r,'T arpRonuATiow incut-i war rrnu TOTH' tbi LAIB VAB r>t BTJ TO Bl TAID? rBSKI hut MORS TO BS COKTIJTKD IN OPPICI?TBI BATT?BBIMrOBCBBBXT AOAfKBT WALKER LAMB POBCB OF BA!? HALTADORIAKH AMD OCATB BALAMBOb THK BABCB POR MICARAOPA?TBB OOf VMM CROP. Taa Amerv-an aebwnar Joeeph Hewttt, rrowi Puata Afeaaa (Mabar Otb, with tba aaila, arr-red at ?* IbaM laat. Tbe datea ara to '?tobar Utb A dacraa at *af?e*ber > ? i. graato Ibe I reeldent StO, Mi tor tba extraordinary expaaaaa of the correal year larltir decree of DAober S. ealla la all the boaaa la aaad by tba Minister af War. to ba exchanged far aattoeal payer wnhia forty flea aays from data By deerea of Octobar :4 th. I ha F'rea id eat almtta tba faaaaciaitoa of tba etoa I'retidaattbip, made by r>oa W aawta Aguiar. aad wui glee oraars tor a aew election President Bora offered to reatgn bis ofltcs, bat waa as I la < npnn aaaalwrasly ta roauaue la tba dla< barge af Ms dnties Tba ecflba ara.) was ripaaiag. aad proeaiaea to ba a fubltc health was goad, aad tbe taa weather had Ml W. Owgreaa bad voted 171.000 foe tbe aampaiga. It Is to M larted oa tba nanal ayxtesa "proporttoaal aaeeaemaat." awd B la to bear aa lataraM of twa par eaat par moMb, par an i e aaaually fBe news af 'ba pillage af (iraaada by tba allies had aal rsai-ksd dBa Jaaa. Tbe Cnala Rfca government had parr.lisaad tbe iaafl asa brig rtarar. la? toaa. aad la tea dad ta ooarart bar ta bs a eesaai af war. Tbe Chilean government. It B said, bare oflered saaia taaee to Creto Rtca. aad Heaors Kaoalaato aad Toitdo left I a the J'?epb Hawttt aa a spaslal skwsloe ta Para aad CbVe ua tba 27tb the l^egare arrlred al Puata Areaas frotn la t'aKin aad Reaieju. having aa board a special meanen ger from ??natemnla with dee pa u-baa for the goveraatoat aa< Hnivadonane war* emharkt/g at Realejo oa tbe tint af October and eight veaaela were waiting at La Lama 1,000 Ouatemalaa trnopa, iader tbe oommaad af TBa Li nan Paabet tuU arrived at Paata Arenas with aa Aaaeeg tbe paaaengers by tbe Jnaepb Hawttt ia tbe Ba raa>aa Bui< w, aa bar ratura to f.armaay railroad rROORCT" IM <?*TA RICA? BTTROPBAM CAPITAL POK TBB RRPf SLfC. 'Prom iae I'anam* Herald Mae it ] We are (lad vo hear that Mr Farrer, of foeta Rifle srba baa ebtainea tmm the governmeal ot taat republic the prtvliegs fee raaatmritaf a rallrrad 'rt>? Piis< a Arenas ?a Barraara will abortly re'nrn from tnrope, where be Baa been roereesfal la procuring tbe a weary fun^s far aart/tag oat tbe work A namher ot laborer* and me eBaatca ara aaiiy experte? here from .Tainatoa. who will at oaea proceed to I'nata Arenas aad conimeaoe opsra Maaa. _ Frrrm Pnata Areaas to the Barranca is a distance of abort seven Billas, being almost a ?aad level tbroagh heavy sand ard ftwent tt is noas<d*red by tbe ' oat ra ?area" far awaera ?>f oi wagons) as tba worst pari at the read Hat wee a Ma Jrae aad Paata Arenas, and fr*qaaatly ranees a delay of twelve boara in their tou-ney, waiting far taw water to take the beach read, Horn* Idea of the t rede amy be formed from tbe 'act it at ta IMS taa ton a age e? rreeeta entered at aad ctearea from Puata Arenaa aaeonnted to 10 IHlfl (he greater pa*t nf their oacyo betag ar aad rMm tbe atertev It la. we beitave, pm|*aad at aa fat ara ta? te cnatlaaa tba roa-1 to daa Jam S?wi >>?! New VriMdt. Til WKATHU OH TBK IbTHlfUH rwril CONVIW *ION tm IMUNI)?UNITKO SflTM NAViL ?UAKD ON SUOM?AJUUVAL Or BK1T18H WA* uure-THi rUHiMiiTUL ilkjtiom?uirmi 8KTTLEKS AND W1 FHOFOHB? J?LO< KADB? TO* TAOB ROM TU UNITED 8TATK8? ANNIVKIU1AKT fkTKS?TBK BAlUtOAD. We bave dial I rum New Granada, dated at Panama on tha 10th and Ast tn wall on tt a 1 Wth of November Tbe I'uama Htrali of November 1'Jtfc says ?We bave bad a succession of unusually strong wluds during Uto past werk, acoompaioed by occaai nal heavy showers Ibe OacHm Ojicutl of Bocoia, ol the lOUi u)t. con tolas a cote from Mr. i.rillJth, 11. B. M 'n Charge d' AtUirs, to Hr De Pombo Secretary or Male lor Foreign Aflaira, so t'.tying blm tbat according to tbe present terms ot the Posai Convention ot 1M7, tbe present Convention will r? aae on tbe 17tb Dux ruber, 1847, but that Her Ma f sty's f overnnveot ia willing to make a new Convention on the baa la ol the old oh, but modified la regard to the payment of a transit tax on the closed mall tbat oroeaea the ol Panama, and alao aa Haras relates to the poatage ot newspapers I rem 6 real Brltala. Mr. Pombo replies lb* t bis government la randy to make n new treaty with the proposed modifications. Tbe same paper adds:?Commodore Mervtne, wa are pleased to notice, continues to sand an eacort irom tbe sblps of war tn the harbor to prctect the arrival and departure of passenger* to and from California. Tbe escoit remains in the boa is of the Railroad wharf, ready to land tn case or difficulty. So long aa this precaution ia adopted, we presume vbere will be little danger of any trouble, although it Is more than urobable if tbe protection of these, veasela were withdrawn, we wjuld soon bave a repetition or the sbuwful. outrages hitherto perpetrated. The band of thci Called- Stotee frigate Independence waa kindly permuted to perform in this city en Satur day evening last, tirat ou the battery and then on lha plaza, whera tt diacoursed eloqutnl music for more than .an hour Aftecwards tbe various consuls wore serenaded at their rt&tdences, and appropriate airs |>ertormad. Dr. Drayton, of tha l/nited States aloop of war St. Marys, will, wa understand, visit tbe United eta tea by the Illi nois. Urn pace wl I be supplied by Dr. Ouanall. Her Brtlatnic Majesty's frigate Orion, 91 guns, (screw,) Capt. Erek'.ne, and Amgant, 47 guns, (screw,) Capi, Lyster. arrived at Asptnwall. on Satarday, Nov. It. We vuderaland that they will remain in tort until tha arrival of the (lag ihlp M< oarcb. from dan Franciaoo Toe Panama Staid, of November 20, obaarvea:?"The Isthmus of Panama Is I ot in Oatral America, and there lore the Central American question cannot be afl'eotod by any courae tbe American government may think proper to adept to protect ibe livts o' its citlzena and tnelr pro perty In tbia quarter cf th? globe." Tbe latest returns from Bogota of the votac for the Pre sidency ol the republic are a. follows :? Sr. Marisuo O: pina 93,591 Sr. M. Murlllo Toro 79,997 Tomas C. de Uoa^uera ^7,t>18 Tbe 1 tempo tays, taat at a meeting ?f the British resi dents In Bogota, held on the 17lb October, tt waa re solved, en view of tbe present state of New Graaadian finances, and a- Congress would roon meet, to petition Ix>rd Clarendon not to carry out tbe blockade far the Mackintoch claim. This expression of reeling gave great -atistaclion to the people of Bogota. Sr. Ktcardo Vcnegss, a young Granadian of some talent, was assassinated ia the -treeta of Bogota on the morning of the 16th ol OctoBor. The cause of this act was poli tical. We have bo news from Bogota respecting tbe ?etlle menl of tbe riot sOair, and the public mind of tbe Isthmus shows no signs of saltation upon the subject. Tbe Panama Herald, speaking of tbe United Stales postage tax, saya:?We have beard maty complaints of late regarding the postage charged on letters tn New York to or from Panama According to the poatol law the rate on single letters tor foreign ports ts ten cants for aoy dls tanoe under twenty five hundred miles Now, Panama comes within this distance by several miles, as will b? aeen bv ibe following table:? By Bercator sailing 1,930 nautical miles. By middle latitude 1,930 " " ?which is equivalent to 2,'iSt statute miles. Notwithstanding this well known fact, the Post Offioe In New York ioNit? upon recovering twenty cants post sge. being ,utl double the legal rale, and wc have seen several letters, wtib ten cent stamps upon them, allowed I to lie over aa d>ad letters until an opportunity oUered to serd item out by a railing vessel. f*e AspU wa 1 Cottier of November 11, has the follow lng.?To day is the anniversary or the declaration of in dependent* by tbe province of Carthagena. TheGa'tha gentans fOBirr.ccp.ei their celebration or it last right wild a con.Kerabio Uiapiay o< flreworka. TLey continue the cc'efirallon far Itrte j?jb Tbe railroad la in good condition, much better than could be exprcted after m> niurb we: wealbe*. The depot at thia place It rapidly approaching comp ellon, and bid* fair to be the aift rervlceab'e and durable conatroctioo 01 ti.e toirpany thus tar mare. THE CXITID STATE? PACIFIC FLE*T?RELIEF OK TBI ST. M AhYS?URAND LMKKTAlN.MfcNT ON BOARD THE IVMPKbPlMCb. | ?ro?n tDc Panama Herald. No. 19 ] We learn that the commander. oSUera and crew of Ute United titles ?:oop cf war ft Ma>?a are aoont to be re lteved tbortlf. thtir urm ot scrvice on the crulae baring expired aoir e icontti ?jo. it.Uf aui come frcm Kew Yoilt ta At pin wall In the new ??ea:ncr of war Wa>>eah. ar.d tie praac&l crew will return bnme by the lane conveyance. At the turne itme that every foreigner in Panama will irteieiy ngret the de|?rinre of ?u fine a body of offl riraand ao orderly a erew, we cannot but congratulate litem ayMtMg alioaed to return bono by the lalhmua, artcr :o 1.1 ,? an aoeence from t... - lamillee aad frteada, and we can rartly console ourachea for tbelr Iom by the knowledge of the fact thai their good abip->t. Marya 1a ailll to irmt.n in this harbor tu look out tor Amerioen mu ?' ? Ihtit can He nitle doohl that In future th? majority ot the Called t!h*e men of war m the I*acitc wul, on the exptratos ot the crniae, be relieved actons thin Mhmua In tbe tame way aa the St Marya, and atao re reive their auppllea by the Mat route, doing away in a art at measure wltb tbe ladioos voyage around Cape Horn, and making Paaama, to a oerian extent, a dejot or tte tlaet? thua eecurti g a permanent protect.on to Ute property and livea of Atnerirace here. Tbe fbliewlng account of au eab-rtali, stent on board the t". t frigate Independence, in the narbor of Panama, given by Co* Mervtae, on tbe tth of November, ta takes from tbe Panama Slur ma Htrmld, of tbe Mb Ua*ant Oe Wedcerday evening laat Commodore Mervtae gave an enter atnment on board tbe D. d. dag ablp Indepen denee Among tbe guests were a large nuat ?er of Pa nama ladiet, t. apt Bailey, and some of tbe oillcers of ta* I*. B aloop of war 8L Mary a ; tbe I*, t?, Hr'.ieh. Peruvian and Ysaexeuiaa Conaula. C Wefcoo, K?q . Agent of the Royal Waet Inoia Mail Ooenpaay In Kagtaad ; Onpt WaA klna, of tbe ate a me r Golden Age ; and Mr. J. W. Bourn, Agent of tbe 1 8. M. t*. Co at Aaptnwall. Tbe boaia of tbe the ahtpe of war conveyed the party on board about 4 P. M Commodore Merr oe prowled a meat eumpt*ons 4'jrunrr a la f jrOwx, and bad hta ahtp deenratrd In n veey becoming manner with Uagn of varl oea aationa. Tie admirable band of tbe Independent, which It ka really a treat to bear, adde. mnob to enliven the aaeae, and anorded capital moatc for tbe ball, which mm kepi up for eevtral boora. Tbe weather, fortunately. although threaientng la the afternoon, proved moat auaplotoaa and the party were -enabled to return ho ate by a bright moonlight, alter paaalag a moat agreeab'e evening. RATAL INTELUOEXCI Tbe Arpinwall Cowrvr of Aovember 11, anyi ?Tbe rolled Mptea akiop of war Saratoga. Captain K O. Tllton, Commanuer, let tbta po-t th'a Burning, fir Norfolk vta H?vaaa We regret moat ataoerelf ber departure Her tMasn have MMlly and acceptably repreaeniad their oonatry at tbla pott for four moniha paat. Dtrj). On Haiurday, Nov I, at ute boepttal la Aapinwnll of dropey, Mr. fa. H. Heater, a' falrOeld ooaaty. Utito, ta the ?5M year of fata age Mr. Hunter bad been a raauent of the UUtmm for tlx yeara November IS. in the rare of tbe Paaaaaa Railroad Com pacy. on bta way !ron. I'anama lo Aaptawall, Mr B C Tereoom. He waa a native of in ute kingdom of Hellaad, and had beea a re?id*at o the Utnwia about atx ; ear*, moet of the time la tbe a.rvtoe of the i'anama Railroad Onmpaay. Hrwt frem tke leoth Pae Iflr. OBBJL THE CLERICAL MIPrTE?WAR OP THE AHCHU'ROf WITH TBI tocar*?BIB ORACR CBRaPRED?TBI COPTER ?RX DTTT- BARTBRT RkPORT?EAHTB gi ARM ANI> ECLirm? PROOREM or TBE RBPT* LIO? IMPORT* AMD REPORTS?R A VEX AMD M'BOOLfL The tleem?t'p tunum arrveo at Panama <>a the etb loat, tavirg expertei.cea taueualiy heavy weather on the voy age The datea are from Valparatao 1Mb. aad rrom Oaliao Xtb Ot'oher. la ?'bile the attention of both tbe government and iha people it cetcopted with tbe religtona queatioa prevtooaly meanoted lite Vioar, ta the abaeeKe oC tbe Archoteaop leaoe* n decree agalaet tte t'relatea, Meneaee aad Stiea, Trrr dteetbedieace. laying upoa toem a terrible n?aeure for tn*v rrente Tte raee wae afterwar la appnaied to the Arch hlaaep. who approved lh< Vicar a decree and the Caaona tLea eolKtted the interference aad protection of tbe tta preme Canrt which decided that the A rebate hop wee an net la net yr en ling tbe tpppeal m Ita foil effaol. Hie W'ene aet at naegbt Ihle dertaloa. aad req jeeted taegorrrmeei to ialei fere, aad to declare the ."uprtate Ooort a* hevieg exeeeeed itn power aad ea?ro<.obed oe htt aethonty to wbteb ute governm*at replied by atatmg that the Conrt had acted aooordiag lo Ita conat tmioeai attrlbutee. and toped that hie Grace wot Id bow to tbe Omn'e dectaion. tut te roaUn-ipe onettaete, aad tbe < oort. aeetetaed by IRt geivetnment will. If be doea not retract, aent*ace htm to aue.h peiiiatrmeDt a# it may deem proper, to lecm'naie tbe tea met between the ertvl end eoclealaetioal poeere Mie.b. aaya th? nf Valparaito, le tbe aula of tbta aenty U|?pute. whteb caa by ao meeaa prove aatla lar-ory u tboee who reckoaed tee aeeurely on -he bigotry they bete etrt vea to laeill ^nan th? pewtplo a miada In order to forward teen pteteaaiuaa llirongli fear Oov. rament hae detera.iaed to rej^el tbe dnltee on ?l>a exportattoa a* erpper ahoikid tbe fail in prwwi la Mglaal prave parmaaent aad alei Ait i n per teat brer duai rj. tbta daty produoea at preeeat about heH a mil lion of dollar*. Tbe exetiioii ia lavor of pnhlie tatt'ueuon eraa pro greaaiag eaoat favorably The herreti prom la ab ndant Many abo^tca of eertbq'iekea here oeea felt, enannateg obeerva ioe? already made that la October aad November ?erth.j<>a(<m i are more reqneat than el any otber perioda ia Cftiie There wee aa ecupee <4 the moon na the 13th ult. vial I hie ia Chile I r?mpertng tbe public reveaae foe the repnbiie years I 1*54 aad HAS. wo fled:? l?f??the ptiblle reveaue was W^a; fjg 2? 1114? ?? " - 4,?4',3I? 't la favor of ?t<l,8C# M Aad tbia inereaae baa baea ooaetaat tor the ia?i twelve ! years. . 1>e redactlos of tbe satioaal debt, both foretgn and ts tettrr, ta ?t< aally pregreaetag, aad inn f.?etga dent la e?ty ?d ir*. and that nf the lat^rior fl.*in 4rKt la the valae of Ihe esaorte aad import tor the ) .>%?a baihre aMaHaned, we dad aleo s ooaaiitiaaele ht-ireaee. ! Tl? mrom 18M 4M ??t 186# 1M }?,->& Increase $.,009, Jid uroim 1864 $14.8 ?7.155 1S66 17,#71 Mil Increase $3,M9.766 Back* or lane, d*p<?tt ami dWouuat tavo hf.-u c?^?'> lisbed Id Santiago, Valparaiso Mid other part*; a ll'o Insurance u. ?<* mii-in; ft lire and ssanne insurance ciro l?lj have beeu also tormed. ftll of trttob are duurisb lag Chile bm tbe largest number of national school* or any 1 of tbe Spanish republics, tbe number at the present time being ti20. besides private Heimaariet. A new floe ?{ auxiliary screw clippers has bee a open ed between Loader sod Valperntoo, via Cape Horn, tba first ot wbtch (tbe Cblle, l.COo ions burthen.) was u> sal) I torn U>e foisser place on the 20th instant, and from Ply mouth sa Ibe 26 th, (or Valparaiso direct. PERU AND BOLIVIA. By this arrival <>ur lniorswtion from Peru Is very scanty. Revolutionary movements still continued, anil the government I eel by no means secure General Ooteueta bad reappeared with a small toros In the North Tbs National buard was assembled In lima and government dues not feel llaett secure yet. Tne law declaring Iquique a fort or entry bad n >1 been san ? tioned. Having met with some objections, It was ru turned lor tbe Convention's reconsideration. A revolutionary movement took place in Tacna on the fid of September, and was overcome by government (ol. Albai racla wss killed In the affray, act Ool. (feocano was wounded. Both were highly esteemed lndlv!du?lh In Bolivia all was quiet. Tbs dlfPculties respecting tbe t ulna ccntract wHB Hulze and Caaoo have been sauslac only arranged. MARKETS. Valparaiso. Oct. 16 ?Wiib tbe present month our market has reansutoed a lively feature. Divers buyeri trom the Interior and tbe neighboring republics bave en livened tbe trade by t*e!r respective pnrchsao of a lens or larger importance, which wo notic o below. Of stocks we may ray, they are complete and various ia all kinds ot dry goods. In other staple articles a rise sprung op, 10 an excessive degree In some, owing to the scarcity ol Importation and the poor prospects of arrivals of any im portance. Our home products, on tba other baud, tin - Improved the last week and assumed a feature that points to an advance In almost every brancb The last dates from Australia on one rids, and tbs scarceness ot stocks, with a few f xoeptlons, on the other, have brcu|ht about this resc.ion. The arrival! hare not been so numerous as in tbs last tortnigbt. Divers sales have taken plaso In American cotton manu fsclures, Imported the previous fortnight, in dirim ent lots and at our quotations, la these ar ticles, those (rem the 1 cred Mates are the least abundant, but the Kngllsh and German manufactures are generally with stocks, aid lew articles bixome scarce Narrow white shirtings snd ordinary bave a current sale. Fine fashionable pi-in s are appreciated Blue and wblto prints are scarce, and psnuixin stulls of dccble widths tind a ready sale. The tales of linens have kep; pace with the imports?that Is, both have taken place on a small scale, only a lew cases having been moved oil of Brllannias. Rice?Carolina, 300 bbIs sold at $9. Sugars ?American retlned?A parcel before to arrive has been transferred at S3 37: 837 bbis do. do., recently arrived, were sold be'ore on band at ft 87. Largo sales have beeu made (rem second bands snd obtained the following prices in bond:-Peru muscovado, $2 60; Pernamauc), S3 37; Dutch, refined, St; American. *4 '26. Pork, prime?160 bbls. obtslned 2ic and a small parcel ot beef, mess, transferred at $17 60. Market la abundant and prices dccllolng. lard. In tins? J90 cases obtained $19 60 and $20 per quintal, and a small jiarcel recently sold obtained $10. Flour?Tbe rise It acqitred in Australia, s ight hoir ever, as It is, the diverse orders Itom the cosst, the small assorbt of stock existing in tbe country, and, finally, the exlenitve purchases which country speculators bare mads In Santiago and the South, bave sensibly swelled tbe prices in our market, which. In sight of the sea-ions that prompted those parties to speculate, ws a re inclined to expect, will still further j;sin in (truntra with tbe time Toe ssles effected were Interesting snd in oouiider able lots, at $10 26. $10 60 |!1 25: sinco those soma hold ers sik $12, and others $12 25. l'be amount sold during the fortnight turns up to about 02,000 qq., of which 20,C0l' go to Australia, 8,000qq. for tbs coast, and the re mainder lor the northern piovtnc/v and tbe losal demands. Xtwi from (lie Sandwich .'?land*. AFHIVAL OF WHALKK8? TIIK K?**L ?CB FINE WlATIIEK?7UEATHICALH AND THkATHICAL PHO PKKTY?1 BE NTKAM NAVIOATIOM CO *r AN 1-CHI NA St KN ON TKIAL?AH AMEKlCA* POLITICAL <Tm??ro?n Honolulu are dated to the Mb of October. St vtral wfcaieri bad arrmd ? the bnt* tg t??cr intelligence o' a portion of tbe whaling Uoel * if S-rlved atn,o or ^re!?."" arc for tfat tar. How, the grtawai cu ricr tj about BUo. IS? ??? "??<?Mm* "KK5.1I ? M WMg" *? ?g?? ! ask- en*ne* wd t?r??ijbt?h2d ?? gag ?H? ws^rss se "t? ?a?V? Theatre cn the comer of Bowl and iW jr&rrr.s? riis,"sr ^"srvisi-~ "?a ? - ss?"??; ?saf^ESWs; ire, anrttngeired apopnlar troupe, wbe ?"'?u, m.t. 2SSir?.T?Eo5Si7S? ? JKSSSSfi sr^ssirr5ar:?'?-' -5r?.?.??.?. "?fisr-rsssrjss ~w^S-^irjs,awrsa ??,Sr.SCiSri -Kf ~ K,? ? Tueeday lb. J?ry ' ^ k, ifarn that there are no foreign oaeee oa the ?l??ear lot tt* Mm. ?M lb* ?? OM" ?"?"?? n?fi5jra that the Amrt\6*m? la Honolulu to* fbr I reatdenl and w't.^ar^w^e ?"1?Jbrt ?*? by ?be police, 01 piWM I)'nor without a Uceaee, but we leua onlr on* ^ 7 wne Bned. . ? I,,,, ik?i information bfti b0>a appointment oOodge Cb-UVjr M Amertcen twaaul lor Ue I*"jj' wiku' w# "? ??~??r. JoOC "?<??? * K^u| and B W ri#l?. Mq . t- Cap? <*? ? ? ????; ?- *?. -*. ???--isem? ... ,k*i ?a are not aware of a birth, marriage, ???. noru?.>t. or ere. ?e arrivall?b JhJre U law la?h'e Taadal? tWJ. ,, ifot n# ibAi bmatiful troTt oC oorotitta i^?^tSTp^eo??UK.d. or m*m rt?? jut twenty two ooonaaut ireee were eat ^dowa, eo? w/l.Mn that mrJHIJW been c-t down tbjr. Ml mnwtlM ror p?wUrlty'? ????. U tor ?o ouier let mat (trore be tpared. VOKA*. AT ..^AKD Or O^OIAK. Tbe follow leg ? .be WWCMdaW ^teJUi^M* ??r it Ma Frindico Sot. I ? Firti pwt? %mm p* ?? !*' on tbe let and Udtiel bad a etrong Sd%*: 2t-WT5SSr^ir-asJ ^ ^'ple'lTr water, bnt foond there bad bee. a "fi Jnlr ?? ? ro^ano burnt onl on "?? "J ^ vUe Ire .hip. were I mmt by ? tbe U?^ rrr?f .u here ??>?. too tent. ? the? rfceded anl UTm ?rertK tb. ^ W ^ *? dM?M* it Ma on hoard ?Up Oreg.*! Jn?e 3, KdW^d Nlnfcol J! Mted abwut ? ,-r., b?n?l - tbe well com ?! KfWtllBA Newt frem Ibr Went letdl**. OP?*n?? or TH? JAMAICA AWD HBAJ.APA I."" " ;* trB1g_?*w ALANDAOWCCfc 7CHA1. HgPOItTII?*?" ?w-* KAI * 2. TH, Ot^T ? A 1.KW PI. A N Of '????"? "55~J5 ? nTtmiOR or JAMAICA AND CAi-r?cnr-?r? ctH?uwi oon* ?oii?-cai?h - - Kiagnto* o? l'itb "??uS& ^ ? ^ uu -^-'y.a'gr'.sa: '^"rsirS. ss rSH :r.,'..-.'rs-r. sns r.~ ** *^i .i neoduce and the proepe. * for tbe coming ?or rwton nl I ? , h.? rMU,o? tn congratulate t? th? eeeerai <* T'bHc nn?nce Hrr Haf^n \ ?n Krttelbotrtt and tbe line Ale* Caih , " " mem^rtof tbe ^ -a 0~r?'* "f lo*1 *??? W? Tbe Jnwei* wwr- Th, hMith ?f the leland ? ll TrtT >mi ?tntec,Mry. ferer prerai tng to a coo ss-..-u - ~?r - "Vi'^SST'iISi1''m <m Min ??!..?

-;^TKr-?-*? tJwflttn ie?? tb?>' tl>r? teth- me ?* tbr rne'n ebeft witb L? fc , r.nmMtir groend, ./.?npoe?d of Mgnt porphyry -Sh n.ST5 epf 'e of |JC? * ?f eater aleo proceed. ? row. tbe end 'The ^oTntr Iron, tbe W... and Bbr.ll. ?d IHr m* -Wb M^b T__n ,m lh, ?mi ie?t. m <??????.?e??? of eew?e tu)nry to 5T^'e%j!r lb^ Urrgury Par* N* per~~> iujvi <m reeilted. HfvrrH Import*.!" mcwurw will be Introduced t>y the Kieri'tlva Cotti.TlStt'ie to lb* IjOgHMa'u?. dunu* 1 ??? *p proa.hinj seee "D?, among wlilr.h will l-a bills for odjr-? tunal ?u.i sanitary purpoaes. tor ?raat.:>g a aalary to hi titivtrnoi ?f Hit" ii'agil, an<t or revulallng tbe Pint ctflon department. Tbu mpori Duly biH e?p>-u* on tbi lint IK-tt qiOi r nex , iu.J a aex in. ??art will have to be in tro' used Tbe IMpalh, of November 1. observe*?Wo believe wn rm Mate Umu uie Hriusb government hive do i&td ttiwr intention rf providing tor it>? paymtni ot (he Gt <. erne of jammca ou . of tbe rcrnnne* It if iggpovmle to appreciate 1 oo h.gaty U> a ;x>lllioal swnae lb' den rinmatton ot lhu(OTeriiu.ixl, wci b set* at real, at oeee and krever, all i<v?, it rerb was lit any t too en tertatned, ot oaug ratiu^ cheap government oat o( looal Material K.>tw-rt PatiTHdt member of Assembly for St. David, bad died. in Trinidad, tbe Port of ?p?in of the 23d of October, allodia^ to tU.' rttirem.-u: ot Governor frllott inni tbe titei, says ?1*> day tiia Kxoeil- ucy Sir Charit* (JlKjtt nit l the I?gn,Ia".ive Council for tbe last time, to rwtiv? tbeir i'?reweil address, and reila^iltb an arduous and, w? imagloe. too ottea unpleasant spoorn of duty. In Harbaooea tbe (nivttrnor Mineral was still at (iren* Ca, * bi ie be ?as mlaiic'JiU'r.Df tbe government. Mr k t'on Parry bad arrived mere with Uls assistants. Creole* oi Juaaaiva, uo was soortly to am uie tbu Inhabitants of Bridgetown. Tbe wat* r eomoany'i protect was progress ?Bit lavorahly, More than half tbo rhiares having been taken up. The w<athcr was Dot favorable to tbe planters; acu it is said that few estate* would make first rate crops nemt yesr. a Trlndad paper rays ?Tbe snip Empress Eugenie left hero oa the l"th o? <<ctoN>r tor Calcutta, having on boari 160 men, d nomen, 15 boys, 13 girfi, and 9 intuit*, making a total of veu coolle? returning to their own ooun try. as a proof of tbe success attending Industry la thii> colony, we may observe tnat tbe Coolies above men ttocel carried away wttl tbem the sum or $20, M8 Ifl of ihese a shopkeeper at Zeslugt hal $l,24?; a liabermau $ ,000: Sirdar a* Mstnes (<0o; Sirdar at Leonora $9(k; Sirdar at Met en Metazorg $500; 8 rdar at Great Dlanioo '? tb*b; watchman at Port Morubt $490; Sirdar at Albion t; fit; frldimiUi at Leonora $418; laborer $$44: Slri?r a' Z?*>Vft *M)7; irrars cutter $446, and a bread seller $H60. Tbe Ligli)atu>e of Granada bad met according to pro c amttion, on th? l-1tb (October Tno Governor in bl* opening speech, refers to tbo disallowance of tbe noney bill of tbe previous sersion. 1BK BRITISH F LOCK AUK OK THE MEXICAN POSTS, [from the Kingston (Jam ) Despatch, Nov. 6 J We leain that tbe whole of tbe vescels on thin station are crdtred to hold themselvee in rradinoas to proceed to tbe finlf of Mexico for tbe purpo.e of blockading tbe p?r<? o ttat republic on tbe Atlantic aide, wbenev- r so direst id It is expected tbat tbe mall steamer due tbis evening will bring tbe order lor tbe immediate execution of tbl* hostile measure against tbe Mexican government. MaKKKTS. Kiscjtoji (Jam.), Nov. io.?Batter?Sum 11 lots A ri can realise 12.-. a 13d. Dread?400 bjls of Watt- u'a. of late arrival, sold at 26b. for pilot, and 31s. for cracker. Candles?A lot ex lato arrival, was placed a*. 9>?d. for 8> and 1A'*. and 9d. for 7's and 14's. Codtlsb?A oarif i sold at 23s for tierces, and 25?. tor boxes. Flour?Salej , of 1,060 bhls have been effected at 44s fld. a 46. It now tidd at 4tls. Freights?tooDage Ik wanted for Ami rica. Ha.oj??Amcricin la worth 81. to D<1 |?-r lb. Iard SakF o( American at lid. Lumber?W C. sbingies a< ?fit. Wtcbcrel? Sales in cargo at oM., but a lower tlfura we believe, bis bete accepted Mf ia*t 'ecoipts Potk i ln very moderate demand. Sales ot' at libs Pi menlo is now ccmlng in freely. A parcel met imme diate sale at 8J*d. per .b., but su^>seuuent advices of tli ImmenHe stocks in Europe and America bas check<< i 1 spacuiators' operat;ons, and tbey wiil now only pay 3d per lb for tb s article. Salmon?Sales of No. 1 bave b> en made st llis. Sugar?Sales have beea male at 'JO* i a 22k , but the markei la now looking better, and bolder* are Let Uitpostd to sell but at advanced rates. Latter from Austral!*. By way of tauao and Panama we have advices from AuptiuHa. dated at Melbourne to the 29th and at Sydnej to the 12.b August The news irem Sydney announces a rise in the pricc <v (lour. According to newspapers and letters, the price a' Cbiie fiiur was trom *'Js0 to in2 sterling, and promised to remain stratiy and even rise higher should no larg?r ijuacutits be imported from the South 1'aclUs or lornla. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Oar London Correspondence, London, Nov. 11, 186#. Lord Palmtrlion's Sptechti at Manchester? Their Motive at the Prrtcnt Moment? The Lord May or'? Dinner?Absence of the American Minuter ?Significant Omission qf the Health of the French Emperor?The Anglo-French Occupation of Greecc?Prut nan Interpretation of the Treaty of Purit?The Neufchatel Difficulty, &c., fyc. Sinse my last letter to you a few event* have transpired that call Cor notice. The principal one is the visit or Lord Palmerston to Manchester and Liverpool. 1 will therefore name this first. All our English newspapers will inform yoa that our noble Premier did, on a oertain day, visit (he good town of Manchester, and made certain speech es therein, and that the noble lord proceeded from tLencc to Liverpool, where his lordship wax safely delivered of another speech; and you will alto find comments in abundanre on these speeches?some finding mnch meaning in them?some little; some thinking they afford as groanda for congratulation* - feme for uneasiness. However, of the speeches you can judge without my Msistance; but I will give you u short history of thia little politiool episode and perhaps I may also find it necessary to en lighten you aa to the real state of public opinion on the matter. Previous to the breaking op of Parliament, to afford honorable members their n-ual holi day for sporting purpose*, I/ord Palmerstou had rendered himself singularly conspicuous as a political leader by his manner of snuboing members on both aidea the House. Ilia well known predilec lion for an autocrati ; mode of government (himseli ot courve being the autocrat), led the premier to sigh for solitude in Downing street, and to chafe under the numeroua questionings he was subject* d to by over inquisitive or obtrusive and vulgar mem beta. The Premier's brvttfueties had given offence to representatives and represinted, and the Pre mier wsa not altogether popular In thia couutry. Home men still talked of him as "the right man in the right place;" bat more condemned his lordship's "pleasantries," and voted him anything bat the mwt for the place be held. Now thin ?tate of things could be endured only during a Parliamentary recess or a thorough pol Ucal calm. The moment the bream of public events ?tiired the public mind, this >aauve kind of neither one thing nor the other ism ..tuft be got rid of. The affair with Naples ensued, and then came the " danger to the French alliance," | and the M< canity tbit the Premier ahouid be a popu'ar rtutesiuan. looking rounti the coun*ry for a sp.?t where mv lord could most surely gmsp public favor, the nianu'ac toring town of Manchester offered the greatest Wmputirn*. L >r<i l'a!u,? rt-tou thought be stood pretty well with the "Manchester ? ho?! ' of poli t>cia'iis. aa they are called, and tbns Man-he-Oer was sele<ted~the touching upon Liverpool being an after thought. The Premier went to Manchester to seek a lost popularity, and the Premier's visit has proved In a in at measure a great success. For reasons bwt known to its conductors, the Timet has IsboreJ bard to write np l/ord Pslmeraton. and the occasion has served this purpose. Newspapers have seu<?l from a multitade of words on# solitary expression which terms to satisfy all mlnda, great and smtli, and that Is wherein his lorJshlp condescend* to say that the duration of |>eace depeuds upon Kussia, an J wherein be ii'sinnstes, rsther than openly states, that he shall expert the Ctar to faithfully oa.ry out the trea'y of Paris to tlie verv letter, rhis bait is eagerly swallowed, and the Premier's really unimportant snd too diplomatic words are made to app?ar like a blustering manifesto. You will read l/tud Palntfrstou's s|*eches, and form vour own judgment, whU h I think will coincide with that gen ??rally expressed h round roe here, that they <ompre henrt "Much sdo shout Nothing." The *i?eel) rnsde by the Premier at Liverpool a ill be interesting to joo and your people. In this town dwell many Americans. and tber* is much sjmpstby ?t sll times in Americto mat ers. Hence his lordship tallied tomewbat naturally to the past una present of our relations with the United States. Ills I rrtship'sexpressions are numerate and cuncilla loiy, sr d such ss might lie expected at the moment tl?e coi.viction bad rtached us that Buchanan would have ?een choren >our President. The public vol-e i? aiwsys resdy to ratify snv pledge of good will tsisrds yon. nrid thi s the Premier did not dare speaa to otir *e?em' lage of British merebants in any other tbsn terms of pence and good will of our cousins across ibe A Mastic. Y? ur article on the " European Cong-ess ?nd the I'nited Ftates," m the H|I!*i.d of October 2?, has been <opied into tbe Time* today, and I ha s heard many gentinatn speak of it as shrewd? tin ost pro phets. Well, we shall see when the Congri xs meets what suhject* will lie canta?sed, hot I shall be ?ome whst surprised If things nnpleasant do not arise. Yesteidsy was Ix.rd Ms>or's d?y; tbat is, Sunday was, but tbe cert mooy was performed on Monday. Tl?e process Ion may I* called a very grand one. IbtM! wer* stale < ouches, nragcons, l?eef quirts, Knights of high degne. agricultural Imple rornts. a ship manned with Jolly tars, Astley screwm rotated steeds, *c.. Ac , Ac. Tre revival of ?' the mth In armmir" grestly ple?#ed th? crrkney sich - seets smI tbe reaping nachine and ?team plough, plated m the procession by Mr. J J. Mechi, of Ti(l. ?#ee. 1 all, a sheriff of l/swlon stid an eminent ar'l.-til | laniwtMM faiorstro|>B*ker, excited the l<ondoMnr | especial wonder. Tbe affair in tbe streeta did not I puns ff without accident, a* mapl. I saw two wo !inen and a boy carried off eitherfead or greatly in jurni, juttan the proceesiou naxsecTtip Ludgate Ml ill. In the evening tbe Lord Mayor and Sheriffs gave ilie grar d inauguration dinner, which wentoff rather l'at. Two mutter* excited my attention?the ah Hfnce rf Mr. Pallas, the American Minister, and of An eric un gentlemen generally, and the much more significant tact that the Fren< h alliance was not nl'udtd to, neither was the French Kmperor toasted, f bene two subjects were discuM-ed lully wheie I sat. Of the absence of Mr. Dalian nothing could be said further than it was the result of accident, illness, or atioie buch cause: but concerning the French alliance and the French Emperor opinions were freely ex changed, and none teemed to regret not being callea upon to drink the health of our quon dam ally, Louia Napoleon. Look back one short year, a Lord Mayor of Ixwdon would not have dared to have (riven an entertainment of a public kind without calling for cheer upon cheer and one cbeer more for " our brave ally." Tbe ?peeches were particularly uninteresting, tho only ma ter worthy of note being the tact that Lord Pal meraton, in speaking of the peace, repeated hia " manifesto," bo recently promulgated at Manches ter, almost word for word. Just in tbe nick of time, when tbe " interference" of France and England in the affaire of Naples has called forth much notice, a Greek merchant of Man chester ban entered hia protest in the Times against tbe Anglo-French occupation of Greece. It is tbe fashion to taunt ua and tell us in all matters to look at home. King Bomba, of Naples, did so, and now ibis Greek merchant points to our rale in the Ionian Islands, of " secret police," "imprison n-ents," and " banishments " Well, the Greek will attract some sympathy, for he is not alone in think ing that it is time we gave up our occupation of Greece. The best thing, nerhapB, would be to make a general withdrawal, ana let France evacuate Rome at the tame time. A statement afoot the Paris treaty of peace will be found to be a most important feature in .be pre sent foreign news. It is contained in the official journal of tbe Prussian Foreign Office. It is there clearly laid down "that do individual nation has a right to interpret tne treaty in its own way" We apprehend that it needed no ghost to tell ns this. Then the Clicquot authority goes on to say (as a| necessary inference to be deduced from the foregoing observa tion) that Russia has a right to appeal to the Paris Confeience for a decision upon the point* in dispute, and wonders that any one should deny it. With Sir Lucius it may be truly said, "It's a very pretty quar rel as it stancs." The Neufcbatel afi&ir is every day assuming more and more importance. A placard has been posted and clandestinely circulated at Naples, insisting on tbe re establishment of the representative form of government English and Frencn subject' e placed under the protection of policeman Biaut -..a and his subordinates. Rumors from Madrid allude to tbe existence of a new ministerial crisis, caused by the question of the convocation of tbe Coi tez. Bejond the topics 1 have tonched upon, there is little new* afloat. Trade is very bad in London. Traders complain piteously or the want of money. O** Porls Correspondence. I Pabis, Not. 10,18M. Return of their Imperial Mujtttiu to FarU?CMneu of their Reception by the I'opulace?Th'. Bumort Regard ing Hie ?mpaur't Maltha Count tValeiLtki'i Bmiffnmtttm of (ffirt-Bu Ruuian Tendencies?Lord Cowley'i In Jiuence over the Emperor? Commercial Treaty between France and Rutiia?KmbarraiunenU of a Court Painter <te,dc. The Kmreror. the Empress, ud the yocng Prince Im perial, arrived In Paria yesterday afternoon at hall put 4 o'clock Extensive preparations bad been Bade for their reception at the Northern Railway terminal, which waa ornamented with Alga, escutcheons and garlands of flow era A battalion or fee darner la of the Imperial Guard, and another of the Seventeenth regiment, formed a line on either aide of the way In the terminal, and on the Plaoa de Rombai*. The mlntatera, Marshal Ma*nan, tbe Prafecte of the Seine and Police, and boom of the clrcctora of the railway, were In attendance to rooelve their Maje&tiea at the termmaa. The Imperial party lm mediately entered an open carriage with poatlllioaa, and proceeded, attended by the member* of tbe hoisebold In other carriages, through tbe Bouierarla, acroaa the Place de la Concorde, op the Champ, and down the ave no# de I'Imperatrie to the Palace of 81. Clond. The ministerial prima assert that throughout their pro greea ihelr Majesties were received w'th enthusiastic cries of "Vive 1'Fmpereir !" "Vive I'lmperatrlce "Vive le Prince Imperial 1" Candor compels me to oonfeis that bejond a few solitary exclamations in the neighborhood of the railway station, which bad a dlaagreeahle effect on the ear, rrom the utter abaence or any acoompantmeat, tbe passage of tbe lmpeiial party waa marked by the deepest alienee. There waa the usaa! vacant curiosity to aea the show, as the (littering cortege pasted through tbe Puaday holiday folks but the Kmperor must have been rcnilble that oa tl.ia occasion, for soma cause or other, aoee tried 'Cod bleaa him !" However, hla Majesty has returned to vhecapilal, or at any rata to St. Cloud; It laaald hv sojourn la to be oaly a temporary ona; bat It was high time he ehonlt lease Compiegue The tone of the public mlrd baa o( late been of a moat palnM chara< tar All sorts of reports have been flying about, and become aa familiar a? household wards, aad from their receiving no practical conlradw Hon, which the personal appear snce oT the Kmperor oosld only afTord, they we*e begin ning to be credited ta circles usnaliy slow to admit goesi? or a rrsndaloaa nature. I more particularly allude to the assertions which base been so o'ten repeated re I at Ing to tbe mental debility of the Emperor, to the fit* of aberratioa, which, from time to time, reedrr him totally unlit lor any boslnees calling for lm portent decision, aad to that growing tendency to heavl Bess and sleep, which, It la said, la produeed by a disease In the apiBal narrow, For my own part, I have no raiih In any or these reports That the Emperor haa shown 1 sj mrtoms of halting between two opinions la simply to say that be la not tbe Immediate being?the god?Uts gross flattery of the English press baa till recently per milted Itself to describe him; and that thta beettaUca Is Immediately Alt throughout the body politic prove* only tbe mors tbe ahenrdlty or a svitem of ROvernmeat depea I dent on the health of mind or body or a single Individual | Hut but Ms hty has come hack among bta lieges tj I speak lor himself, and 1 hear f>om a tborlty which I usually place great reliance upon, that one of hla Drat acts will be the aeceptaace or M. Walewskl's reaignauon aa Minister of Foreign Affairs. Your real or* are aware of thla gentleman's direct relationshipto tta Greet Napoteon, i that he la. In lact, bis ill?|ltimate son by a Polish lady. Aa Preach Ambaaeddor to the Court of 9t. James, with a ?? ' Me' *' 'or bis eipensea, provided bo only rendered his mission pnpuiar, be succeeded la a manaer which, slaoe tbe lir? of loula the Fourteenth, haa beaa totally unprecedented Tbe hmute ssctrfir of london were sever ao/f u d before. Tbe French Ambassador's hotel gare tbe law lor tbe season. The dlnaera of the Count?the exqnl site taste which prealded at the balls aad receptions uf tbe Coanteaa, tbelr multiplicity, their variety and Inge aoity?the unrivalled cost which supported them?the petmiage they received from the Queen?all ware the theme of universal remark and ada.raimn. Rut It now turns out that there waa all aloag a serpent la thlB an be eadorisl paradise. at tbe galea of wbt h stood so maay devotms. the serpent bem* no less a parson than the ambassador btmralf Count Walewekl, however, faith rally (mailed the Instructloas of bia miaaioo, and when recalled to tske Ibe portfolio of Foreign Affairs, be and bta lady were rollowed to the cllflb of Paver by tbe afTee lien ate regrete of tbe maay wbo had ao otten aa joyed the glorious suaahlM of their hoeptteltUea nut ao aooner waa the state of ?(fairs broaght to a mose by the treaty of l-arle, which had onglaated the enumle mrdmlt Then the Count waa known to have si pr?seed hie oplaloa to the Kmperor that that rHent. ear rftole bad arcr mpiiabed its purpose ?? Year Majesty's true policy," la ta said to have declared. "Is aowsa alli ance with Russia " In thta view be baa b-oa ardwtly aecradtd by Oount de Moray, wboae emhaisy eitranrul nary at tbe Court ot M. Petersburg bas been restored ao aceertable to ibe Caar, tost tt la aald, his Majesty haa ea P* oia.iy mutated be may t>a allowed to remain at hla east to counteract the powerful laPnence of Walewakl and the majority of the members of tbe Frencb admlnistrttiua has btea ibe diflW-uit taak impose i up>a I?ord Oowley tbe MigiHb amh .evador. That ho haa sooteed, la owing io two cane- s Pfst, the peculiarity ot bia own character ? t.ic h f rate, raughty, cold and reaerved, externailf is a f,?4. thorough y tersed in all the refine men m, perslflate flattery, Intrigue, aad generally deceitful nature of rrsocti diplomacy Secretary to bia father, when the former fo'd Cow le J was ambassador to tbe Tolierles, the present n-btewsk bes received a thorough French edi ratios wM e tbe ?mtaeotly Frgilsb tone of Ms mlod haa prvserr' erf him trrm srtoptieg say acromohthmont to the pr?la dtrc of his natloeellty. In all nlwussioos ha is |uat the m?o te Mtok ooettaately to tbe msin point. It won id be lotirrt usebss to draw blm mto sope>s<,rw| et>tangl?metis for scting as ir be neither aaw nor u ?oerstoo.1 tnem he' ? oula be sure to bresu thror>Rb ibetn Just at tbe criVal mi'ir?nt when his adversary supposed his Mlllputlaa mesh* s were btn Jteg the Fr.gitsh Gulliver head and toot I have beiere ssld there ate points to tne character of the Koperor which d<s>oeed him lar|e|y to rymoa htse wita an orgsnlsatioo Ike lord Owley s. Rut there ta a se ertd eiemrnt ri vsnt loportaace m thi aaereaa ehina lord teeb) te preeumed to have obtxned fr m tbecoa rt??eeef M? chief, lord Palmsaton w,.?ie?er ma" be tie tauws ef tb? presmt Premw o' f,.r ,nd bs has |t ?net ^e ce.afe?S?o sr,,ne.rt the anlrerral refrmaflon' et trsttig, la valgar, a vary agly cu'tomer to daol with. Call It bullyltm, rapuouaneas. tatermtnable lore nt interference, bumpttonsness, anything yon wlil, just at this particular period, it ia exactly tbe character re quired to rule the destinies <T Britain. Hla words at Mtn i t. eater, taken la tbemaelves, are nothing; but fa line from tbe mouth 01 one whose courage under r*aDonatbii<u*a ta superior lo aiiy ilvlog Ecgiiab tsUieamaa, u?ey will ring tbiougb Europe like a knell announcing the grave of Kurtia'a new iled*ed hope. No man douola for % mo ment but tbat be means wbat be says, even though trance and Russia both i-hall take him by loo btarM; bit ia this conviction wblcb taa roused tbe KmperoajA French lo a determination to mill bold by the i-? l!anc?f Efr since Peraigny'a arrival from ?diO?<#r where lor the moment be haa vacated bla ambaaj "? fcw miwion, be ban been closeted aimoit night aad doj^iih tbe Emperor at Compiegoe. and haa Impreeaed upon hia Majesty the extraordinary unmlmtty or opln<on wblcb prevans in England on tbe tui<ject ol forcing Koaaia to atrlctly carry out tbe treaty ol faria. Id a conversation with Walewskl, Rtrslgny aald aloud, ?'You never were more miataken than wuen jou supposed there waa any disagreement betwixt tbe English couailtuenciee aad thc government oa tbts point They will all unit* aa one man in auppcrt of the executtoo oa Una question, and Lord Palmerston baa by bis sp-.ech at Manchester ae cnrod bla tenure ol office for tbe remainder of but natural life. If ourpoilcv la to he ebanged we moat wait till, la tbe natural course of events, Europe'* foremost slates man la removed." You will remember tbat In a former letter I Informed jou I knew the authority which the had for main taining tfc at tbe Englleb alliance would be (till adhered lo, aid tbat I believed it to be unimpeachable. Tbe re prool which tbe MoniUur baa since administered to the CivutUutiohntl baa corroborated wbat i aald, aad I am very mrcb miataken If very ibortly aa announoesaeat in tbe oihcial journal does not appear lndloatlag that tbe re cent indecision baa entirely paaaed away, that there wiJl be bo additional conference at Paris, and that the Bal ftrad difficulty will be decided on tbe spot, at Ooaataa tlnople, or somewhere uear, by arbitration. Among tbe curloua inci-enla of the recent complication of a flairs la the part which young Prlnoe Napoleon haa played?formerly tbe p> tnc>> or the mountain. He haa, it is said, be<-n diligently at work by bia emiasaries, seek log to rnaka political capital of tbe existing crista. He ta all lor tbe l-ngltah alliance, btoause In England tbat tree dom ol' dUcuSBicn ia permitted wblcb ia abeoiutely re stricted In France. Tbe readers of the Steele aad the republican party throughout the empire are invited onoe more to look up to him as their champion; and to prwva his metai, It ia said tbat more than one violent scene haa recently occurred betwixt the Kmperor and himself. The minlstera hold htm In such dialiko tbat no one will con sent lo hold any communion with blm, aad thta be in turn repay* by an undisguised contempt lor them, one and all. He no sooner reached Compiegae from bla visit to Wurtemburg, but au intimation waa given him tbat tbe earlier he under 1c some other voyage of discovery, tbe more agr .ol* would It be to all partea; ana it ta said bla expedition to Egypt may be iooked for ay dsy. Letters from P' Petersburg state that Oount de Moray la entirely oocupied there In preparing the ba*ia of a coal men* iai treaty between France and Kuaait, by wblah French commerce will obtain important ad vaatagea far the entry ol Ita productions into tbe Rcasian territory. It la well known tbat trench merchandise, part cuiarif millinery and fancy articles, ia ta great favor in RuFsla, but la loaded with such heavy import duties tbat the price ia doubled aod often trebled. Tbe consequence la that large qoam - nea are smuggled In, to the prejudice of the regular trader. The new Russian tariff, b) (flminlsfeiog tbe cue toma dutiea, will do away la a great measure with the tmuf illng trace, aod the r. suit will at the same time, It ia said, be an Improvement in tbe revenue for the im perial treasury aad fresh art vantage a lor French dealers. After tbe imperial baptism it will be remembered tbat M. Couture, tbe artiat, waa ordered to reprsaaat tbe ce remony on a grand scale. Tbe Intelligence ne sooner got wind It an tbe unfortunate painter waa daily bsaiegsd by letters to the amount of thirty per diem from parties entreating to be among the tarored number whote por tisita were to be lmmcrtaltx<don hla canvas. Evervoas asked to be place-1 In the drat line. No one could tblak of a profile or evea of a three lourtb face?sM Claimed a - prominent situation The artut, &ot knowing bow to act, applied to the Emperor, tr >m whom he ncetved in structions to prepare 1?.h iketth after h:s own ."aocy, and ?end It la. This be did at once, but it contained only four portraits?tbe Emperor, tbe Empress tue Prince Impe rial, and the Legate, this was approved of, and there is lamentation aad bitter mourning among tbe aspirants to this species <1 immortality. Maoemotaelle Rachel writes from Cairo to tbe 18tb ult., stating that her health la greatly improved by the change of air. aad expressing a continent hope in its eventual re eaiabllatmeut. Speaking ol tbe late earthquake, at wblcb aba was present, ahe* it aa a ' aublima horror." InfiiUnt Position of the Knprrnr IfapolroB In iIm Affairs of Europe. [From tb? Louuon Turna, Nov a | Tbe position of a government whicb, beridea an ordinary control over all tbe aapposed organs of public opinion, ha* also certain channels of its own lor statements of a more or leas official character, if not absolutely unfortunate, has at least great inconvenience*. Since we laat venture! to comment on tbe threat* of the Moiiitevr and tbe in kolta of the lews official, though not lews controlled, p?nion of tba French press. there bave appeared t?o n? w aitides that too plainly reveal the peculiar difficulties ot imperial and ministerial editors. The former of time in in the Comtitutionnel, and the latter in the Monitivr, and they stand lather in tbe relation of the sharp and brief tebuke with whicb ? matter corrects the noisy impertinence of bia set van's. We expected that rebuke, and therefore we refrained from noticing tbe atouroities of tbe L'vn$titulu/nnel until that met ial had received ka well merited caatitration at the bards ol its lord. We have now to consider >lu m together. It wss only a few days ago that tbe Mtntltur appealed to the Kngliab people against the Kngliab press. Since th*t, on the Mh mat., the Cctiftuvtibphfl?An ultra-Ministerial print, wel! known to receive frequent inspiration from tho Fo icign Office? appealed to the English people again* ibe English government In an article, which we are lmormed was much modified from tbe original draught. the Englii-h Ministry wereacccaed ol wish ing to tear in piece- the treaty of Paria.with " the view of rattaf) ing an ambition momen'-artly dis gutted.' This journal was accused "of thinking tit to distinguish tbe sovereign from hia govern m< nt? the policy of the Emperor from that of his Mtnialera-. and*we are told that'aueb very poor tubtktles need no refutation."' Msny of oar <on umporaries believed, or pretended to believe. th%t tbe original paragraph in the Monitrur waa insert ed without tbe knowledge of bia Majesty tbe Etnpe ror. We Lever bhand ilns impression. But, wnile we regarded tbe brief declaration in tbe MvnUtur as little elye than an imperial manifesto, we felt alao that tbe longer, more angrv, and rambling com mentary of the Con$tuuliomul aenously compro mii-id the wnole ot the cover' tmrit, from ministers to ihc chief, if it ?hou d lie allowed to pass without cemure. That censure, inch was otir ''onfidence in the good intention* of oar imperial ally, we were ready 10 invoke by a direct appeal. We woe pieparing to ?*k whether the Enperor wished Ui put an end to tbe adiunce and uni'.y of action wb.rh had so long existed between France and England. It was bis undoubted right to take such a step if he deemed it for his own advantage and tbe goed of the people whom he governed. Did be wiab to give back to ltussta what he had so gloriously roi)i|iiend in m her, and to exchange our fnendaoip for hero' It was in his sovereign will and pleasure. We might have urged somewhat aga'nst the policy, somewhat against the b' nor. of sued a step; but if this resolution bad been t?k*-n and irrevo. able, an we hud been united m all honor, weshoulJ have aektd. at any rate, to part with eoveajr and dignity. Ihts great ailUnce, of whicb history will have so much to tHI, wm not to l>e ftitleted away by the licensed in temperame of a press which ia nothing more ttiaa the mouthpiece ot tbe g'lvermnsnt. If theie ?m I etween the Cabinet of tne Tuileries and tbatof Mt. Jan ea's an irret i ncilable difference. taUi to the continuance of our present intimate relations, it waa fit we should part, as beseems great Posers, with out i atalat ce and wrangling, and with a doe sea* of the vast responsibility which attaches to an mo minions a step, if hu irreconcilable di!fc enoe of views forbade na to be intimate friends, le as, at any rate, do nothing which miaht have a tendency towidm tbe hi ear h to enmity. We should have mite this appeal tn all ? mflueme that it would not be mis un<*etstiKd. hoping that means might yet ne fouud to avtrt tbe calamity with which we were threat ened, sad protesting with all oar power agains* tbe rnethrd which seemed to be adopted for tbe purpoa* of bringing it about. Happily the appeal is now unnecessary. As w? haie alieady said, it baa been anticipated by a senora 0e< It ration in the Mcntlmr, whin not oalj repi dlatea the (.'citiHtutionnrl, but, what is of far greater in portani e. militates a very different temper t'om that which the Mrmttrmr itself ba<l tietrayed in the previous manifesto. He-ide* mnt adirlng the C'ofis/ifv/iiwirW, i? < ontradkts itself, and tha% vinokatea tne line taken bvus and our wore re si ectable a<n'em|>or*ries. Besides disowning alto gether, and in tbe strongest terms, tbe intemiienite language of the Conftitutwnntl. it 'peaks of the Knjb'h alliance no longer as In inomentaiy pe ril, lut securely resting on the good seme and goid faith of the two countries. Of the dlffi mlty itself ahieh has cieated these dis<nsstma, and which the Monihvr states to be of * very minor impoitsnce. we shall proceed to speak mom at lebgth. Hut belore we do ro we beg '? con gratulate the country on the ^ery timely and em ihatic declaraisn tiiade bv I/ord I'aitncrsfon at ilani hester on Thursday. When a Hritiab Mmistor n?es woioa like ihete he touches a chord wnit-a vi brates with applai se in the heart of every true lover ot bis (ountrj. We an-ptoud of a statesman who < fin mldwa a British ai dienee with so muen public fplrit. The Premier's words rcoeire additional tm tott from the circnm?tance that the Fren h Am is sailor had just l?e ore earned to hia master tbe assurance tb?t our government was not disposed to submit to any trifling ia the matter, and that it would be seen by l/ord P?lmemton'a leteption at the lopulnus citirti of Man Hcter and Liverpool whether Knoland am) i*s goeernmcnt wete united er not. M de Persigny is much too hor.est. a rasn and too good a friead !? his rrrta ter ifd to tbe aP'snce. M to do full jn?tl 9 to the inUntln a of the *triti?h govs i??w> n< a id'tlie fieHaga of the people It Is, then, while the 'renoh A ml'iissador I- n.r a dey or f ?? M< new f >urt ,lat Uud PalatraUa s{>eaks:?"The -Jwr t Whi of