Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1856 Page 7
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AWEITBEIEim EElfEWED EVEWT MY. 19 MiAKUk *?? k.<Ll tMaaMvl.Vta. 2JNP4LXKOY FI.At'it BLBBi'K K.H -STREiiT -MsOU*. with board, al?e * few boarours take:*. Dinner a' ? ?>0)0ak. VNION FLAflft-A fBW H|SOl,|? USNTTMsMEN may obtaiu a- airah e furaisbad rooms wrb botrd. rn Bl.KKI'HEK KTRfcKr ?ROOMS TO LET, t'U iNHli Oo t>d, * Hb I n 1 or Dai 'ml boii'd, kuiWi b lor genu-a?.n and their ?1??? ?r ninth gentlemen; l*w? data, w ik modern imprevt menls. KJk WA1.KBR 8TB KMT KIVB DOOKH WKST OK ?Jft Broadway.?\ quint and *?'? private oouding hoane for single gentiwrueu and gwiU^mrto aul flit ir wive*, linn rMWUi>K Uot t:?Ul and shower hatha free />n thiki) ave*i:b-iwo yubni Mtcn dam ?b 0?7 accommodated Term* irom *3 to 11 .VI rer w?n. .also, a gentleman und bU wife: rnon* inrn.Hixa and untar nished, en the second floor, with or without Hi?ra, into m .u? hcuic . tars |i*s.i the door. nWK.PT TWELFTH KTftEBI -PLEAS \ XT FUR msbed r??ms. with board, for aingle or uvnri) y? nt.i? men. Homo tint dm iielereuceaeicliaugoc. QQ LEXINGTON AVENUE-A COMMODIOUS AN'D 00 haodaomely furnished bedroom witn pantries, on tV) mwd tloor io let lo a slnglo |entlemau; rent th per wuelt. Breakfu?t If required. Q1 PRINTS STREET, FOOR DOORS WBIT OF BP.OAO ?7i way, snd one block tiom M-lrovOiitaii Un ci a lint* turvbbed room, with ample cloaeu ami :i ha 4?omc holrooro may tow be obtained by a gentle nan and wife, or ting.e gen tleman, with board. House rtrnt cUum. IOC WOT TWRHTV Flf TH riTBKBT ?1 GENTLE iiJiJ man and n il *, or two or three single g ntlctn-tt hi be accommodated with pleasant room*. on *r*r'ir?d or *J>i~ t ?onr m a n?sl clan*bene pfaaaiitly lortttd oetween Meven.h and Eighth avenue* Care and stages oouteaiev IA.7 HUDSON STREET, FRoNi'lNO ST, JOHN'S It I perk.?Furnished room* lo let. with board, iitjKi fesllimeii or gentlemen and their wives a ?'."fin ntvll fc+dionm. front roonm. Uoum newly furnished, Willi all Uie ?toueru hnproveicetita. 1T<? *AHT *10HTSK?TH?>TR#RT.-A.L.kR'JB dtK)M JL I " on thu llr?i lloor newly furnltb?j. Ui ?t. wltli i',)*rd to a gentleman and lady, or >wo gentlemen, at $10 ,>?r wnok, teamtling i?a* and tire. MaferMoae required IMA mill HTKKKT, MTUBI ' IbST A.Vf) HH ^OU cond aveneen ?K Ktrna f> let. with I'oard, to unirle feMlemen or gentlemen and their wivw. in :i gent:" l f.t nily ?here tbe ooniforte ?' a home <;au be enjoyed, i be li'juae hwi Ml the modern improvements. broadwat, OOKSKit Of WAVBR.'itk place.?Bre- Kemb e haa two tine suit* of r ioini, ,bb' tor famUloa; a)ao. ro >nt with >itoov?s ?or ?*r>0n.n''ii m*4 laetr wive* or ntngle penUemeu witn line tab/e uyt nv> ?y MB tort, at reasonable pr)ee?. /Ttro BBOAIiWaY, IXV>? CLI.VTOl* 1 ?)0 place. I'.tghUi ?tre<-? ?Fn'niabe 1 %<artmfOU, la-w^ aaal lUiall, auitable lor geuu tni n'a lodjiaga, or lor bus'nets parpoaei. Apprr or rooms ard a sivumc room ?mr\ ble for a gentleman and lady, or a cuiitlJ inmuy, lo mk, wfetb board, at Itkl Kat t fourteenth ntreet. AROf'M AJTD BBDROOM TO LKT, O* FIRST rt.OOB, with gaa and L'roton Ren' $11 per ir.o tb. In advw-e nquired. Apply on ihi prem'sc.i. No. t?h ?< k'? - atreeL Aprivatk family have two la-ho1-: a.vd well furnlahed itMM on /.noond tloor. adjolo'.i< a fi,n Mom. wbli h will be plan d at tlie rtiapoa i. of g-tnlleuw n waiK toll partial board. Lecatlou very pleaaant. Izvqiaru a'. 578 i.e otree.. near IJndaoo 729 Aprivatk family wui lo iuhposij ok r.vo or three pleaaant rooms, with board 'be bf/'i? ' cuntaina gna, bath. Ac. Apply at lis Weal iwentv Hfl:ond atreet, oe Miun Mith ana Seventh aver uea. Kefereti' -a required. AmeilLY BB*iPBf?T Atll.* * MKK1'! iS FAMILY ?00'U let a a<nt of roomi ll'xt floor coQ?t<Uni( ot' two parlors, tedroom and clofcel*. ertuer faralah-d or nnf imlalMn, or H required would let them amgly, wlji or Wilhiiut boa-d. laquire at 1U6 Wooater atfeeU A PRIVATE FAMILY WtHHES TO let A BACK pas ?er hand-om.'.ly ftirnlatied, with bath roan an i elnoet a' K htd auuablo !? r oi.e or t fo -ougie geu'. 'raea; aL?> ova Wr? e attie rnoiu, wick arate and gas. Apply at ro^rth ?uroet, opposite the parade ground. AT0UN0 GENTLEMAN UKSIRB-* TO MftET WTT1I an atrM>ablo private faaiHy m Hrookl>n, Tonv. n<?:it u> WaB street or Fnluxi ferrtea who can provide him wlLh it a.t ? Ble ro?m and partial board. aadreaa, particular*, Luna. Herald olliee. Refereces exehat:ged AOIMTLEMAN, FBOFKkSOR OK MUSI,?, WfsHriS boarc tor himself and wue, ? here he woa.d give th- u-e ot a vera tine ptaiio and tuiti ?? a? part navment; b guejt refe teieeoglvea. Address homely, licrali oilice. a BFLKBDIO KURMSHhO PARI>OR AND BKI)K'>OM _ix to let. on the flrat floor In a pmu* house, with ah t>:ij rn Improvements. Inquire at *} Prince street, a few west of Hroadwsy. B Aycl'No oebman lady of the nioHEsr kdu eatiin ard respertab e. and of s >-ady c'ia-aJler, t? de sreni* to get t?ard iu are*|> ctablc f.milv, wher<! ahe n .V kaetruoi ehtldreu, or luaia heise f o h ratiaa u<i|, Hbe S'aka Fret eh fluently and elegantly, au i ran p ?o it? beat of | refereneta. Address H P , Herald ofllre OaBD (2 it) rilt WEEK.?TWOFRIENDA Wl'J,INU ??>m together, or a ge'itieoisa and wife. *ai ><e sc-am ?with bufcjd lii a irnu tVnlly, svudyin^ ? I tM * >d lieas in l-rclsreuce 'O ceramonv, or two .ad.e< trlei^i calls toe in from home during the dwy Further n i eaa be obtained iy apoiving at 64 Hchermorhuraa two bioeks from the OUy UaU, BroukJyn. BOARD -A ?entleman and Rlj WIPE OR TWO or three slug-e geullemen, ran be aeooniinridated with a pleasant a nit of rouoia on the a*uond atory, Iront, wilq full or partial b?atd. a'ao .? r aim on the fourth tloor lo a tiro: el tta Mtuir Apply at 7(> West 1 wuuty third streut. Hefereiiroa el ohaagod. Board?PAR'riKH lookin<i fob board ai*d a pieaaant home for the winter will do wall to <vtU at 141 Aaltiititat beook'yn. between Henry aad I'llims. Ploa oaoi rooms for s gentleman and wile, or single gentlemen of ^?tethabls. No others need acply. Board-two fcrnisbed front rooms to let. wilh board, on mndeiate te-roa. in a private Am?rieM laally. A?-pl) at 179 Weot rttteen h street, near Eighth ate. Board-* tkw oevlrmrn can obtain full er part .alb ard- al?o day l?iar t?l>y applying at No. 27 Wsot KWveuUi atreet, near bmveraity place. Bt'ABD? A OKNTLV.M AN AND WIFE OH TWO angle geuiloweti ean bo a- sooRmodaU-d with board lo a ari'atr family ?eter?ne? given ano required. Addreoo 11 air Cvm on, Madtsoa square Post odioe. BOARD -some very DESIRABLE booms for Biarrl*< gentlemen ean be lot very roaaonab e. wtih full ?r part itl tajard One or twnalngle gentlemen caa ue aoouai ?o<ale<l M" Broadway Ulnner at A o'clock. Boarding.?a fine pabi.or abi> hedroom may be obtained at ?t < Union piar?, near Broaiiway. Board a?i> plk asajvt n?.ms-*r m \sn m M^niDimxl alrerv, t?l*m lUr? :*bt anJ FmirUl. Lor* feaa *a~1. 1)Oahi> down towh?a mw simii.k ukn ri.f J"l aim can hi' arwuuinndatiMl w Ui ro>m?, with all ?<r ntodfio imfirornni'int*. iii-(iiire at IH'J Ihiati* atr'iat, op >ll(H VMM I ?rk [)MRI> DOWN TOWX.? 4 TARrr or TURKIC o*f J) can h?T" ? ?ui'. nf rrairaa in a prl/a'a UmllT, with MnWn full board mnrn-t tuuidaoowsJy fwnlaoad. wilt gaa are (>aib. men arm ?!?>??. aivl ra^uirwl. Wpl/ at 11 Hvrrl Ma Ml art JJVAkl) WASTED?Pom A LaPT, OR BtfOADV A y il with good fan lrkm! ro.iat fo- wM-k a tlliarai prler wlU fea^aM. aodrraaJ K. I hom|><on. Onion aiuar- I'oa* ollirw. BOA KD WaRTTD-KOR A OKNTa KMaK AND LADT. hward Icr tb? iad? mir. In a arnail iuul faitnl/. waarv twirriio kVi l> ?rilni. ?*iiif Dr?I way, an] with a aa?* prrlartad. T? i?< nna* Mt air??d |n par wrok, In dMnii lira Addraaa l-indft, Urn n a.jnarr f t* nfll-a. BOARD WaRTKD-IR A PhIVaTK I aMII.T. bv a H grtill<*rr an, wife and two rbi'.drvti, wl.arr itr-rt i no wAtrr |>?iui*ar? prrtarrad Irfpudoii not a*!?** F'oiirtrandl atfari. iweat tUr ) Aad?wa%I'. boa ?K! PnModlr* ? '.alumtnrma, whwl ir,n?t b? modarata. BHOARD Wa>TKIi-8* A LADY. 1W A fUJI y^IHT laniilj, ?\*rr ar? few or no -Uj?r Imailara on tba ?aK aula of rh? loan. a?wvf,. a?r ?.-i T< rata rvw in ai n d M c?r wrrk. AMraM F. U I.., Rnhdaaji P'at wliw. BROOK I. VR HFDJHtA.?A faRTY OK OR" n.MKR OR ? f .mil* rati >.?,? nr*? w-jfani ?<:*<inronda'inia lo ilw aim k.y wraiai* lira* alaaa da ailing M K>rri<rn at/a* , wliblB lhrr? ? laniai.f tbf w?r ?ti?*?r i uuth larnaa. J'tnnar a' an. Iflai-Hf.1 rirharaad SHOARD Off brook LI Jf HRIOHTR.-TWO Oft TtlRRR ? ||?WMI rat, fr~rnaMB"d?l*<t Willi hav r'rnia and lai |.a'|lai hwm tkr~- mlnaiaa waik ft-o* ika W ,11 airMM or ? tarri^a b? a<i|il?i?c a' lf? (MfaliU atrt???. halwri fbrnpi.M aid Oark Mn^fe krf>i*iKiraiir4iu)?Hl. Boardin br(kiki.iw .-rnu. ot p^rttm. ho Ann fer or alr)rl? a* M> Iftfii A'rax. R.<.mn (^?Honr and rominrtah>>, and K>rau?ii ploaaant. Hoard ii* IIROORI.VN.-A OCMTLKMAN AWO WIFR two -inaia ^finirin'ii r?o find plraaail fti'wna. Willi fwll ?r I aiiial >K?(?rd, a. S?i Fa ?!*? coroar of ?l?or?, Br*??-I?. fl?* mliKitra walk l??n hMk and Wail ?Lr<~* tHlUf.' BO.RO IN MRfHiKI.VR -A ?|N<II.K UKN 11,KM > N ran b*. n.-romrnnla'ad w|lh pan?%l board In a nrlaai* fa ml'j ailirrr'h< r>. arc no rl ndrra u?, ?nlnnfe*' walk from Fanr>ti It-rfT. Apply at it* Ada?a atr?rt, Hoturnfra r* ??trr<l BOaHII II* will.I AMfHl H'I,-T?|) <>R fllltKF. UF.R ilMirii a an 'b?ir wlvca a ?o iwo ,?ii?cia f nUi-m?n. w <? f?n4 plra*at t liirni?hrd rwost* v lib l.a.rd In a prlv^fe la m'ff aVrr ihrra ar? no o<U?r b??*rtl? ra l<?ratlir d<*alrakU>, ?b?>ni ibr?a Mlnnfea walk fr""tt. I'< "k 4I| l?u atoo arana* aii tirand ?T.-n farrwa HilMMai A|ipl/ at lUt Hna'li t ? ? If Oa HD IN A PRIVATR MOfTtR !* rRfOJf ?Ot'A?R. jl A ba? dn.inol* UtTfi h#a a-.nt of ron rta i ? fcr' with m<rd l? a (Trrili-mar. ai d M? a i(a iw rnimria,, alonlr *r illi-mm. In a nr?' r!a-? bona* h.ivlnc Iba andnn ImprarrmiMitA Ap pl> a< !?? l im n placr, Kiiwl*a> mlr. fMiRWtFlMD R<K>*P-- TO I,rr-IK A VKRT OORTF JP nlaM fe.-il?o.,. Tbat ar? larf^ wall ll?lt<ad an1 naal'f nirnKbrd Mr' aklA"t i nd fra If ?qnlra4. Aopff ai Ifo II 1aIrIi('trrrt Nro I* t rtvf.R-^IfY cur* Rl&lt W?-UIN,ITHV ! Para/lo llrimtiil ?A bark pariir md aiVnaion n?im ,*i I ttrt>< fnrr, ard H an'l Of rmsn* "n iktrd llmr. klao antll riw'tr.a bir r t*M ,r ffriiMaman. with board Olt.firr at fl o'alork. NORPRAlH STR|. FT ?OVVTI.RRr.?f I'A* HR At' f<it>,in'Wa'rd wnb t)na >com*, baili an,I all Um m,?4?ra ?prm rmonta, for f t prr wpak Rooms to i.kt -a -mai.c famii.t, haviko a ' bona* with a!'. Uiatrodi?rn wnnM M, 11 a I fd*(fe faii'lamai . a plaaaan fnrnudi?d room whh brr.?kfaai, 1 If raqnlrad on r. aaonabl* tarma whrr? ihr mmfmia n' a 1 Iwmir roil id br rajojod Apply at 74 Waal Nlno-amUi 0jr*m, ?rar Witli naanua. I SRVRWAL F1.RO ANTf.T VrRKIHlfRD ?riT? Of rwmia a* Broadway to rriit, ?? lamlUaa or Mnj'a (anlla ?tan with or without aawla Apply on lha pramlaM, iM Mroa^aar _ fftt. Lil-TnuRTHUl OR RRPARATRI.T. PLCA^ART i I f?w purlO'k and badr(v?i? m tha iirat ?nd a? mid 1o.ira ! aflmiar iflHilk avanni> r,aar'aan h a'raaf R <om? I fc?x? paa a Ilk ?*tnr?a f>o??n wat?f Ar Pr'vllagi In k4>b?? I ?intkifM. Ahao oo? fum tliail badioom. S'. WJ I. Y< r'to p.-w i;?N JMD >.OG"> H0CM8 and at 1M l v st eel. rtWG OF NTM rtEJTWI BP nTI < . ritun HMU1WO I fii'iil'h?r| 4'i,i - ? iw mane,it |i" nailel Location i l l?f. M H cunh auid h ?>/?>' "'II a-. r":li vjul - j jotI md Sixth ??i Hi-*. ?? id '?.???!:? . K ??> ""' 274 Post office spe Ci'yu g t .**?)!* a lid Icc i'-icu, a .1. ujuet *? lib jttootua. rWO PI?<U.* WO"M-i i'0 1*T-WIW OR WITHOUT l>irU*J h#..i-d iu t fOi ill rvnAo -n f?mity. where Uie cura te >4 ho oo ? >n l>. enjovi 1, t "? h vo Term? moder ate. a pp;> ww Wacduugai ft Ml three doors hbove HouUoo. >|1W0 OK TO REE SJNGItg fiEJtrLEMEN CAN OSTVlf 1 1 acd?<iii>> t furnished rooms orin en'.'r* fl?>r ootntnue ciraittit: ?i:h if preferred inli. r pA-tia'1, 10 a b-imnful eri v.?if r*i id.*nee ai WW Fourteenth stree: iheri) u'? other Ifiitm wiM i>>* rece>vt<^. Fur p .rUcoiars address Comiirt, Union ?'iu?re Ptst offi'.e. ANTED?30ABD IN BROOKLYN, BY 4. LADY. h..i sister, two -bi drei- u>d gtrl;ene large Oodroom, wad entry 0. dro- m requited. References exehauged. address X. T.. box3 KM Poat eflice, New Vor*. ntatmg iocs'ioa 'u?d ttuus which must be moderate. t o other answer a-ic-j ted lo. Y\7ANrKli?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE Vr hoard in Brooklyn. within Lre mtn'ites' walk of Wall Street .'Vrry Il.nreratsix References exch-uiged. Address O. I>. K.,boi 1 tilts fust office. New York. WANTEl?BY A WELL ENOWN LADY TEACHER, A r# nn in the rent r*I part of the oliy wi'h iioarrt ?he re qnires m? privilege of receiving Mm* of fv?r rchoUrs at her ji Mil ncc. Addles* L. J. D., Breach C, Postoffice, EighiU avtuue XN ATNED?*"0R A WHrSR'8 RESIDENCE, IN ? V town, by a fuiiil; cAnsiatlof of four member* and on fervant a omt o/ rooms in a modern bouse, pleasantly and conve fptlv situated between Tenth and Kinh'ecnth streets A i1 y w'b no other boarders preferred. A (ood tat>l-? arid <(Uief home indispensable, r.etbreuon required aodgirea. Apply i?t Z2 \ fiey strett. rtTANTKU-PV TWO YOCNO MKW. DOW.V TOWS, I Tw pla!'i furnished bedroom, with lire, during the oven'n*. Ment pji'l iti a ,w..w? Addreaa, auiuig terms, looatio'i, Ac. B. sou II. llrrald o:it?e. Wanted?b? ? osntlkman and wike. a par )it snd hedroea OO' higher than third Hoor, with all tin: modern mu roveinentii, unfurnished, wnlio'it bo>ird Lncitio i between Meecker ioid Fourteenth streets anl Fourtli and JiJ b aveum * >o b<Mrdir|r house need suawer. Address, ti-'itiiig price, ?d?ards. Herald office. rKSAjfiw fucuunm A PART Or K HOCSBTOtET reasonable-WEST JA of l!rofcd?*j be'ow IIo<isU)o street: lie seoand floor, fjort and I wo attic room*?^the other part being copied bv a small family. Apply to B. W. ltli'UABDa, 307 Broadway. ALaROK HOI SK, CONTAINING TWENTY ROOMH, lull of t>?arder? to least: lor live years, in Or?enestreet; ie?r)T rent 21 2lMi. with gas, l aths, range, Ac. The furniture, in I'H e Older and nearly liew will be sold vcr* low; price, $1 Apply to B. W. KICHARDH, 307 Broadway. - I.ARGE FRONT ROOM TO IJIT IN BROADWAY, rl N.). :vfl. easy of acaess, on the seonnd Hoor. *early real, s- uitalilc for any kind of businom Pn->tension uumedlately. Apply to B. W RHJUaRDS, 307 Broadway. A SMALL STORE TO LET?NO. 6FPLTON STREET, UN der Kulton market. Inquire on the premises. Broadway store to let on lease-best id eation in Brc&dmay for wholesale millinery, or fuiey trade. I'KTEtt ROBKR'fH X CO.. 370 Broadway. Desirable cocntry residence to let -*-if teei nilnutes' from Thirty tir>>-. ntreet, two minute., irom <lepot; overlook 1 the Hudson; six lots ground; house c.tuse slyle, wll obs ied w?th trees, nine roomt besides Utehen and <v lar; g?x>l stable, rent, irom now Ull 1st of April, very low. Addreaa box 2 J.O Post office. ^?ACTf'RY ROOM TO LET-A FINE LI<;iIT LOFT, r 4<nill)<' feet with steady power, in a new brick factory, near -he ei'.y wilt lie rented low. For parttculars apply at 39 balden Jane upstairs. T OFTS AND basement TO RENT.?3 LAR IE LOfTS IJ >n bu i'i'Jig No 4i.2 Bowery, suitubie for dmictn* scliool, <*sf,\>er>e?n gulery or literary rooms. Apply to GEO. U. 0 a ?< llN hit Co , 402 Bowery. rO jU?*~ fHB r?TONI) FLOOR of HOl'HIC 87 AYENCB C Kent moderate to a family without children. Apply an the rrea ses s.O Lb.r-ON BKOADWaY. near ninth STREET, a 1 r';D,cirdk'USbiiU!ilnc. wsl i'-alccuted lor bmlneHa purjo sis ZJ'id hi 70 p< ?f"Ksi'in liven immediately. Apply to tiASSCr.R BROTUEM, 7WI Hrosdwar. rro LET-THE WilOijE OR PART OF A HOUSE, Willi 1 iLouern In. >ro\emenis handsomely fui oiahed, or unl'ur i ii In ! wltli.u l?n minutes' walk ef either Montague or Fulton ferries rent moderate. App.y at No. li JohnsoB street, Lrotdi ly D. 1*1 LET?TWO LAROfi FURNISHED ROOMS, ON I tt -t lit or, with Bi ding Honrs In l?eroy stre<'t. not far f-otn Illortk-Tstreet a so, fv? of hour s to let unfurnished. Appiv-< i ?, 319 lourth aveme, from 3 M 7 o - lock P. M rPO Ll.T-SK VRRAL DKSlIt 4B1.K APARTMENTS OR 1 floors to small Atneriran tarailies, In Thirty sixth stre-t, he'wt im berCDlk ?n.l Ki^bt avenues, "-aier ou ea"h llnor, t|.p!> ins W. CHUNK, or J. M. URKNKLU, No. 1U Wost Dart} smli slii tt. fpo LIT?AT iro RIGHTII AYENCB. NEAR 34TH 1 s'r^et. iho third floor, fu uished. eousistl"g of two rooms, i*o beoroou.s and two pastries ibe bouse Is sweated in a m ry I e*M,nt part oi the city. Ken; moderate to a ?ood ten at L Apply us ibove. TO LET-ROOMS WITH STEaM POWER CONSISTING of B|bt shopping, blacksmith simp wi h two heu-thfl worked by blower, together with the use of lathe, drills, tools, Ac.; Hiso. a cupola it required. Apply at 363 West Twenty fourth street, rear Kleventh avenue TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF A COTTAGE house, consisting of front and back room and two bed rooms and two pantrlea. to a rospecuble family. The reu low. Apply at 117 W e?t PorUoQi nixth street near Broadway r> LET?THE FIRST CLASS HOCH8E, NO. 125 WE.-IT Fcuneenth street, near Seventh avenue, to the lut ef Mav, Iv'<M, with lmmed.ate possos<ion. Apoly to UtlMRli MOR GAN, Hne street. No. S Motropelltan Bank Biulding. TO LET?DE31EABLE APARTMENTS FOR A SMALL aei.teel family or a baihelor, tive rooms, all on the se cood Moor of bouse 1(M Kaet Twenty eighili street; parlor, k.t ehen ai d bedrooms. g*n, wutor, ehsndnllera. water rlo?etj; als-i, second floor of cottage 127 East 1 we.nty eighth street, all desbablo. K BTKINHHIklKR. 319 Fourth avenue. TORRNT-THEL'I'PKR PART OF HOUSE 212 WOOfi ter sireet. between Amitv and Bleecker, to a small lami ly. Apply on the premises after 10 o'clock A. M. TO LET, AND furniture FOE SALE-4 YERY DE si' able cottage in Jersey Cltv, a fsw minute*' walk from the ferry, the lu'tilture. aouropriate and In gn?d order, will be soM at a sacrifice Apply at <>3 Kseei street, Jare-y Oily, et to H K. REDDISH, No. 4 Hey street up snairs. FlSAIDlAU WTOS^iOOO TO LOAN ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, jewelry, dry goojn and all kinls of vtluaMe prop?iri.T, or ongnt frn caah. Pawnbrokers' tickets bo igiil, ckotuiog, Jewelry atd dry t<*Os for sate rhesp 1.A1CHEM A CO.. HI Nassau street room No. 7. WTO Maane to loan?on diamond*, watam, MX Jewtlrv segara. dr - goods, slika. An.. An ?His hlgbest price paid f >r pawnbroker's ttokets. MACDIJF7 A RIIKAD, 3M Broadway, eornerof faftat Jtjl TO f(?CaI>H from ?? tvr. TO IDA i**l. TO SUIT V J spplioants, eo iVismends Walebe*. jewelry plnooe Ac, on eletb* dry (nods, silks Ac., or bought tor cash, at *6 Mas sau sireet. room No 1. N. B -St >cts bonds mortgagee, AS , negotiated. Alee cash on segars and goods to boori. J.n BAItKlNoaK. io*n broKer, M> Naes AND I'l'WARDfl ?f*A"H ADVANCE* ON HOUHE C' * hold fureiiere sugars, and every dee-rlpuon of mm <aaiidWe or bought lor cash. Ui5 I roadway, room *4. O'J J EEOADWAT.-MONET AltYARCED TO ANY OOt amoent, on dinar ?t's wate>><?. jeweley, pieana, dry Kts, eegars and evsrv . arrlptfcm el <alu\l>ie property, or ght Icr rash Stneks. h, Dd?, oraea, norvgawee. Ae.. aego MsHed Wetohes and ie ss.ry for saia E r L A V rooms No* 1 and le*oad story. 4 77 fH'MtlW*V ?RKA1< MTATK AND LOAN OP Tt I I M ?-? n 'y udvaarrd on iiiMnomK watrb>- *? 'v ?? ot "..4'' for raab. K?*J tsat&La bniabt aiid ?>l.i ? in. I"-; uch. conl.dinllal. MOV r A CO , room Na 1. M {Will **'? >0 A KAN WIIOC4N LOAN iUUU -? > ?m?i tritv, M 7 parent He mu?t h?- alnp to kpop ?" . aix-nl to tb? lm.?npi%J aR.iir* of * wliotraala and rrtni) groifi) More. C?l! WKn. 3 W'lut HiJi t.pton i'ia>e. ____ ir,n nnn *? WIA*- ?* watchm, imam >ktw fiJu.UUU jrwatry, Hpm, dn rood*, and ail k art* a ppraonal pi aflHf. or Nwrh' a??l aota. Tar oU Koiaa bonda ?xirwracaa, atorka. A* , naffoUtlad lltt Paaaaa streak ?f An. a?ona4 floor. ronna Noa land 1H. THOMPSON * OO . broken aad 11 >iH-ii amttMl_ it ^^7 nnn *<?loan oh watctiba, diamond* ??)? / 1 .Uuu A<- nr boiicM for <'%ah by JO f?Vl'H H l?AAO*, II lihamber air. tliaaemont oflV-ai, from 9UII5. Mn?lno?? pronipi and raoadaattai, B. B.?No buM ?m traaae nad na Matatdaja. 1AAAC NaTHANK, kITOTTONKKB, Al?l> *<>JCKT MAN I oflir* rf?u?bl(abwl for tlitrty yami, I'hiiadt-UiLla.-?ll?i n"i b. loan, l? lanr* or amall amoanta. on diamond*, allrrr p! .!*, ?*t.Ji.a Jpwplt?. mrrrfeandlanaad i[ornla of aiw? dPvmitlon. far any l?f lb a< tlma a?p*od upon. AH b'i*tnp?atran**<-tJooa atrta-ili rnoDrnflal 0*o4e ran b?wnl by Piorpa*. aid (id rauara imtnr<l)atp|y lor" afitfd Chars ? at the lowest rnvrkPt n?'?"?. Addrp^a l?aar Natkana, Dm th>?ai corner of Third ?kl tyrm* rtraaia, rhlkadalpki* ) cahtai.ihtii.-m ?*? wantico rom trntrit a hernia of wl'l b?- jlvrii 1 ai>ltol and bonna paid T w|ii>ta ?>n? raar, and amp.!y Kmu-an'prd or A on* fourth Intrrpat In In* ljiialn<?a a III br aold lor lb* ?h>r?*'im, by ?Hch 0* pii-?ba*pr mar rpAll.r on* I utidrt-d thou*.n I <tol lart or ioot? wlihln a ?rar. Apply 10 A. 8 . Oita'nr a tlnta'. . rrt fuli.Mi irtrret. aeooad floor, train I to 4 o'elorfc. for thrae d?t* N. H - Parannal a|i|ilW*<tion by priacipala only. TH* t,KCn RK HICAAONU T'?|?N B. ooron WIIX UtClfHK AT TUB BftOATK fl w*f TlMnarlAM Monday i-roni'iff. !>??< . I. R? or i,?? !n('nm."Ti,?t;)j o'noi *. 11< lutl* ir> Mnt? to ba had ?t II <? dior. IhbtlalhoaMy *tr Uouib will dpliv.?r in ti. ? 1 s?>. until alW h. mama fraiM bla Wr?lant tour. j y, 1 < rr -pnormi-oR h. a. hmmton wit,i, r?n I t im 1 ? n u?ini?ia?l?,rK'Ji?, llluairatrd wlih olalrvoraut a? ilir rorma rf Uip il?b;? w Young Mpo'a j,|???. ?aiT ? i"l<n, rotner i4,Broonia gtrwt m! Itaw.--jr, on bio oar . Hov. :*1 ai?>,o oi-)?A L*llr< i?nd ?aatla tlx w ai r tr ,?> it nil* Itn Hr4 In attood. Adtnl?aton true. II % B< . N ril.n UnBAr.T ArW?i IA*I0N, CTJBTnN J*? 11 ' ?-or P'aoa. -Tha Board ol IH>-prtnra N??? u,q plraaofpiii ? nofir.i-p "hat lory bara mada U?o fo ltwinx ?r miKPMai ? ' hair hra? <> uraa of Ipcturr*? t ..(i ? 1 !<<? ? p at |ir. chanlo'a eliiiT'i. hr Hon. N P. pant a.. , ? kpr of thp llnnw of Reptvapoia'lvaa, UnliPd *?*!. I ?'| fiH? Nor AuIijpcI:?"Thpi;oinmcp?(*l Ana,*' a 1 'Kp laatnrp (TKitn tillnton fla'L I" 1 Donald O MlUdMttl Rd'j., (T. K. MuryplLI Thi i"> 1' - 'it"-rariw-r 1 hi 1 ><? t Donald O. Mttolii'tl, 1. K Nari-Pll ' "Pli h.f? ? r- > n .*? ?r ? .... - p?, Pranrta Vlnlon, I>, D., "Tlia Oan tlrti. ? I ?> l? K?T. K.aniia Vlntini, D. D., "Tha Qn V? on Unit).. I -i r'l nr Oilaiaa. B*q? "Tha 1 tiarartor.a U< ? ? *? 1 1 nior. ' ? on .????? m>'p"?. t2: r>on warn bam. $S; alriflo c, ? ... , nb'tilnpil at'ha library, at tha dnwn ?o*f?flpi ? 11 a'rari ai?4 at lha rtnwr an th? avaa 0k* ' III." '? _ r- 0 CliARITBOW. i # wrrKUlv \ ij?n']pn a( aBX) H TI Mr SOX ^ Owamftie* von M?CARES. IIOUHEB, LOTH, LEASER AND ? inorlt' 'g*< oi %U value iod docrrptton, lof sale, exchange bargain and barter Money prour ? I on aII ?nrM uf H?oarlues*10. U. 1 UOlsPSON'S eftoe, No. 85 Nassau street. tfjlfVA ONLY fOR ORB OF THB HR<r LITTLE OYS ?M'U ter ur.d <lrti>ki(.K saloons, in an exoelleut lor uton 'o make money, with tw>o? tne amount asked. Apply early, at ibe HmI K?uts and Patent ufcp. 3)14 Bpmui way. WILIJaM H. KKLLOG'-l A ?' >? d?"l Eft WILL BUT A LONG E3TABLIBHRD KEAL vJlJu MitUt loaning and general agency business. yi?il ing t!E> 10 910<t pt-r wmk pro it The office mroiture cost the turn asked tor the whole. Apply at 2HH Btoadway, room 14. Al r |\ ?FOR BALK. A FIRST RATE BUTCII'SR'S ipluU. shoo whflrf the bushier s cu ?e Increased u> M*1 per week. Apply tbia day, un th? premises, between 11 and 1 ?'clock, 731 Ninth avenue, new forty-third street. *OA(t -FIFE YKARS LRARK AND KIXT0RR8 OF (IaUW. a superior corner grocery In Wlli'amsburg, will be told extremely low; location Bint f !h%i neighborhood Ap ply to itiOuR A nOUTllWiCK, W .Nassau nureet, formerly Hutu A Uo. ? tOnn ?ANT PERSON WISHING A HANDSOME |)aUU. bnildln? site. % by 1M feet for ?aiO, or a lo' f*J by 1J0 feet for $SOO, near ? depot and one hour* ride frem the City HaU. may address (,'aah, box 170 Herald office. d>QAA ?FOR SALS, THR STOCK AND TOOL4 OF ?Ov/Vr. an oM established carpenter'a shop In Suffolk street, N T.. comprising tomber or every dcse-lptton, new and second band doors, sashes, fanlights, hardware, tnortloe machine, cramps, screws, benches, Ac., Ac. As a reason for aelllng the above the proprietor It now engaged la an ether business which occupies hts full time. Terms ctsh. Apply imu ediaiely at 92 and 94 Mnagia street, fl??J "ft -FOR BALK, A VERY PROFITABLE CASH iTt)'/" * , tiusinofs many years In successful operation; expfn?es light. Such au opportanlty seldom otters. This is no humbug. For particulars call at Wi ilroadw*y^roon^42. q?j nn will purchase a bai.oon doing a good ?P" '"\J bur business and well adapted tor gaming ?n1 olbur amusements; the location belngSinsurnAised mates It a desirable Investment. Apply at 335 Broadway, room 18. N. DaVIS, JR. ACQ. ^fl|t ONLY ?FOR 8ALR, OMR OF THE OLDRST 'PjCV/U established aitj* ctionery, oyste ? and dining saloons on Eighth avenue. and now dolug a good business; the bar pays the eipcc s?s, and is nnw olfored 'or less Unn half Its value, in e<A?e<ju"iuM of n .;eath lo the finally. Ap ply on the premtaes, 27 Klgbtb avenue. ?A HOIKI, AND VMS KING SALMON, WtJUv . centrally located, on the we?t side of the cltv, lo the vlcliil'y or steambontM and ferry, do:-.ig a g^id biisinesa and can he Increased. Apply at 335 Hroadw iy, room IS N. 1)aVU Jh .A 00. djrnn -a wholes a lk and retail onfec <T?JvM/. iio'erv many years est?bUsh''d, doin^' an ex.en nve bnsinefs lo"*t?d on one of the ben biitiuess as en'iesln tbeeltv Ago ?dlea?e can be had. Cull &i Hr-Kidiv-ir, room 42. W. Wit\Y. *enn -for bale one of the best loo\tkd ' 'V*i corner barrooms In the elty, niiny vearx eH'^Jiltsh ed and do\ng ? uno business, with a lease o' (lie wuoie uou>e. For parti u Mrs cill at Mi Broudway, room 4X M WRIT. -ORE OF THE OLDBST ESTaBUHHBD DA ?P I Uxr. gnerreotype galleries In the bnnest pari of the eltr well fnrulsbed and ntocked with large si/e apparMtus, and new douii; a good bnnincs* , the rent is very low Apply te 8ERLY X <iAKBANATI, photographic chemists, Ac., 'J4 l)i:an? street. <t>"| Afin ?TEN ACRKS AND OORKORTABLB <V L.UUu. home, .nree miles I'roni Sars'oga Springs, for ?aie; very desirable re,?ldeni'e and great targsln; good hr> i?e and oulhnilaings. Apply to B>uU? A SOUTH WICK, K4 Nassau street, Iqrmrrly Howes A Oo. |?~| nnn ?ror balk, a first class fancy j iT l.V/l/U . dry goods s'ore, located In one of the best umroughfares In the e:.y; rent verv low: sold on account of sickness. Apply to M. CANNON A CO., 80 Nassau street. nnnn ?f0* balk in BROOKLYN, a book, ."UU. otrtodieai and fancy goods store; goad locatl m; rent ean l>e made free by letting the present proprietor desk room Payment eaah or seennty. Address, wiw name aud r.-mdenre, 1. 0 C , Herald olllce No ogee's need aopl* d>1 unn ?AN OLD KSTABLISHKO corner ba H'A.OUU. ker?, with horee. wagon and outloor round of custom, baking forty Ave to fifty barrel* per week; also, a tint rate c?uiectionery. Apply at 304 Broadway. WILLIAM H. KtLLOOO A Ot). <??1 CftA ~A SPLENDID JRWEI.RY STORE FOR ?T I .uu'/i sale?Kitted up in elegant style, in the best lu cation In th s city; also, a flour and feed store, doing a bu*i Iiei-S of $76 lo $100 per day. Apply at 304 Hroidway. WILLI aM H. KK1.LOUO & CO. non WILL PUROHASK AN interkst IN A I" wholesale and retail liquor and distillery ee Ublishui.n' ong et<Ubllshe<l and doing a proiitably bustnesi. Apply at 336 Broadway, room IK N.DAVIS. JR. A i'O. d>o nnn ?F011 SAL*. OR wotjld be BXCHANOED ' V7 V/. for a small farm, within thirty mib'sof the city, a lirst class tamUy grocery store on the best business street In the elty. Apply to M. CaNHON A CO , 80 Nassau steew fl?9 ftllft -I'APKR HANOINOIAND WINDOW BH \I?E business fer sale, or exchanged to*- other pro perly??u ck, futures leaae, Ac of an old and well eblaOliabed vtoie, in he beat buaiuens tlioruughtkee u> Wie c'ty. Fur terms, apply to C. G. TIIOMl'SON, 85 Nassan street. ?boarding hocse, lorg lease, all <T^>''V"V/. furnished in good style fall of b uirders and most desirably located, lor sale; an inducement and great bar gain Apply to BIGtJS A SOOTH WICK, 81 N?*?*u street, formerly Howes A Co. d?0 K/?n ?l'OK BALE, NEAR DETROIT; VAI.'JUU, several on Island; one near 1'aterson. to exchange for city property; one In 1 Istei rountv; also some others. Apply to A SOt'THWK'K, H4 Naasau street, formerly llowes A Co. AO QAn-riRST CLASS COR.VKR OROCKRY, ONR W^.OUU. of the best locations snd tboroughl.tres la the rlty for sale, doing a good rash bualness sad tnc-reas.iig trade. Apply to RIGOb ABOUTIIW1UK, late Howes A Co., 84 Nas sau street *Q nnn-A <*>tton MANI FACTORV for BALE IN O.vM'vJ. thla rtty. with an office down Uiwn now laming out $:W).C<<a> worth ? year, of goods fashionable and In demand, ai good profits Four years' lease at a IjW rent. This is A bargain. Address L. s. A., Herald office. 0>O nnn-HOTRL FOR BALE, FCRNITCRK and iyOAHFU, nitures. with three and a hall years lea*-, daunt a >:ood busineaa and located near Hudson rtver and Krio hail/osd sleo near the tlbany and t'Allfortila sf. ambout land 13.000 dug a : rxxl b ailroed also t-,?s Apply to 1UGGB A t>&l THWICK 84 Nataaa Hreet, formerly Howes A Co. $5 $5, 000, 000 -FOR IALK. A WELL KNUWN and liret elasi, hotel. wHh a predial,1.- bar and bll ns/:; room Ibe lo.ation nnsnrpaased In New fork. Apply ?t 336 Broadway, room 18 R PA VIS. JR. A CO. -FOR .1*) ACRES OF VALHABLR Till be red land In Wisconsin, with a superior wa'er power and coo.I facilities to market, will cieliaoge for city prrperty Full partieiHArs And descriptl m by BIGiir) A BoC l HWICK, hi Naaaau street, formerly Howes A Co. fcl ^ /WW! ??DR balk, a FIRRT CL?SR HOl'SK 91 tJiV'rU, on Fonnh street, lot JS by 101 feet; bous" 2S by W t? t, with ail the Improvements, only $2 .**) in ca*h wanted; slao. a genteel cottage and liable, with 'our lots la a garden, near Hurisni s hotel, to exohaoge. Apply toC, G. i'HOMFBON, ha Hassan street *OC nnn-'0* Tn* *IG?T FOR RVROPR of ilPOtJ.wWt f one of the moat vsluabM paten's fer a uiet ul and iiee?Marr article in which there Is a fortune Apply I* BlUG.t A HOUTHWJOK, 84 Masaau street, formerly Hewes A ' o. <? A /i nnrv?HOTEL ON BRO^DWAT. FIRST <*L*B< JrTt"".""" house doing a large andprotHslile humvas, will seli all e<miplete, or will take a partner on liberal terms. Apply to HIGH* A SOl'TH WICK, 8? Nassan street. i?r merly Howes A Co ARAhK CHANCE FOR ORO? RR?.? FOR BAI.K A r? tul grocery stoee situated on one of the main svranw. loestMM grot; neighhernsod ?<<j?sl to any la the city, with ? trad tun ot customers the owner wishes to dlspos- of the estre en seem nt of III health Any one wishing to pnr hsoe may addrese I,., box I itt llera'd n<Bce stating where an inlrr view may l?e had. No ag. nta need apply. AUtmiOR FARM. NINBTT AORK* TWIiNTY KOCK milea Irroi New York per rallrotil. ally loo ?t*d, ' ?>! nded by rtTer. large und food huildiaga. a; tcndld ei < !.? rda. ftiie n? ood m l ? e'rr Prlci . &'>'Ml BHVNPEKI) A UP.. U Kmmii atreel. A Rt*K CIlANiTf.?FOR BALK, TIIR STOCK. FIX A tarn and iUW >( * bust and ?V>i> "lero ten ynri liahed dolrr a p?iA huelncae; itock about $'t mm. CaJl at ?*> IhirttraiW. frwni 10 to L2 o'clock. lar further lntnrmai*m. DTMINO ?A1XK>N, down town, for *AMt. I* whtcb a ftirtuoe CM tx- m.. le. a'l complete In IftrJ rc HKrl, rtdlDK flH> P*r day. Will fce aoiil mMwmIi hi ?? lilUodt Mit'TllWH'K.M llMMi il/Mt ifornnrlir Itown A <*?>. | FINRftT HOCK Ft RNl*IIINil AND RaRDWaRK ?ut. In foutli Urtinklyn for aAle for cash Thi? in % . I< f?l elmne* lor an ac'lve btvtoeaa mAB, who can aernte hi* | i n>r km attceuoo toi It 1 h" "An.I la in Iho beat aiiuaUo.i I Addraea X. X., hot Jill Foatofllca. ' (TOR PA1.R?A N*W FIRST CT,AWt THRRK UTORY 1 r and bae?marl |,nm n ?mn? and brick hoiwe. with all th- I modern tmprwx amenu. In WAat Forty fourth atreet. Mawn HroAdwav and Kmb arcnae, A rapidly ImproTlne nctfhlmr boo I Ttic bcnae la now rented anil the preaent nornpani will remain or Immediate poaa- ?mn can be had. wl'.b or without the furniture. A large portion of the nurrhaa* money C in nmatii on in Tlga*'1 Inqulr* of MARTIN. HPRINO k OO , Mo. 72 Weal atrcct. L?* RaUC-THM WWW. RVRMTaMTIAC BMOWM r atone bmiaea, an ta* anrtn 44m of Thtr" j Vat atroet b? Iwai Madlann and Fourth aronaea, three atnrlra. high Mop. fcaaesiert, aiuter eellae, wtth modem ImpmremenH; aaoh S l*Mt? Inehea by Ir fart, kxa W feet ? lorhoa 4oa|>. INrian ?elehoorhiwl. one fetf Hoa4 an* MUM Tkqalra All Wall atreet. mn 10 IfOB PAI.K.-A SMAT.t, t'KVTRK RO\RD BrHOOWMR, P carrlea 6ft too* baa new aalla. and la In gwid order for Im mediate neeidra w? are fWt water Apply iu U II. HOf K INK, 114 Waat elrcet tor one week. FOR HALM?HOtTPN and tOT im cant MT.VBritRNTH ?irceL replete with all -he mode-c ImpniTmentA, and hi complete order Ai*o anrne ?a;u?ble prop-rty on LatUte ./i ??rru'- ard Fifty eeeond airneC M.Htbo aold. fnijuire At IM kaet NlneMMIh Street. xr?o* HAI.M-A* out MHfAnr.nifKM rmfArr> t.Actc J? and rmlirotdory btialneaa wtth tho leaae of autre for two i ?arid ? ha f. In tmo of the beet halt Ben lorabnna rm ?ay. t prrern * iai, nir' enfMreUthA hualne^a will ?nd Oila A ?ert d? idrahlo onnrMliin For pArtlrulani tn quire o' F. gMMMI a B, H? Chanioeri utreai. 1JW)R RAI.i:-ON THF. CORNKR OF FIFTH AVRNI R J; and Tw enty Aral airoo*. a bill ar l iind tMcr 'Wil<vin, WltS fllturei. The place It <lola ; n g ri4 hu?rn>ee II tnlJ Ae ? 1 clii an, an thcow?cr i? golnr South. Apply to 0. HTHUMAN v, No )? Ha>i Treaty flrat atreet, or on the prefMM^ For iALX-tBk utotk a no Fixturh* <if a n>?i<r and alioe atoco. arid atoie m let, r%i\ he had on a icaae-tr a }K" aon ? Mhlnc to enc*ei- in the bti?lroa< a eood oopnr tvalty I* MTrlKl. Afllne Ani!n<?<l B.C., I lera. i oflice, will tn- attex'ed to. r?OR KAt.R?AMD Br<nfRT.u or rOTATORI fl(TTABGR lor eh1 *?i?t .in.uirw of UKORtiK F.I.T, No. ?) Mt ??*nuA PV'R BAIJI?FOTR THRWT RTDRT BRICK OtHT'lil, to cl -re nn eetAt? In thla any. the boaa^r ar<- well |n< ated. I ire all ih# m.idArn l"?pr?refnenl? Ac I'rlnes I?l Ml lua uaaonab e Will h# orild iMether or a'para'afy H. B KIN.^HIMKR. !U'i F .arih arenue, StaT P. M F'l n f AI.F, -TIIR tiKA'K AND "FTxfrRm or i ?mafl hot< |, (H for a taccr blei aalnen or por rr bo iae w ? a ? aaeti cot m lor ar "turnr dtnlep hak1- Iniiutrc of ,t DAVI *. JR., A CO., 390 Ht jflatj, ro >m U ?OT ART* TjM)B SaLE?a NUM'iRK OF Till MKIBAHLB M>W F prtee.l bonnes; one on Twenty eighth a' . ?6 HOU, en rbtr tiefn atreet. (4.ttb?' en Thirty-second atfet. 96 0on Twen ?y nli.Illa'/ret hi M<1 ?a fwetilj *?v?;iilb street $. .<?I. aud ?any AtSu.(W U>(lOsOUJ. K. M. IHNS'llMKi, 31# Fourth svcuac. 3 to 7 1*. M. tjICK SALE OR EXCH4NOB?KXCKLLBNT Bl'HINB-W -han"i?a tarnished bo-ise. with i?n acres of laiJ a?l .i jlorr we!) arpplled .?oonee'ed with a KnMtH ol tsreulv live yeara'standing, >u.l irom x 'ncb itie i?'- propr otor rwnuU) retired with a fortune; mxm'hU on a naviga'iM* i wer near tbe Sound, w lib ft Ittrry attached, ^u-J the interests therein. Id

<|Ulre at room 2, /. ppli-toos lluldli.g, 340 llroa/lway. TjH)B BAI.E, AT ROHSVILI.E, tfTATBN IHI.4NI), A r beautifully located p>oi of lard of'aDO'it tl acree b?i on it a email home, sold chcao for c?ih. Apply to I TOWNri HKNli 127 KuJIodstreet, >aw York. LM>K HALE. AT fcTANKORl). OONN., A BEAUTIFUL JP country reaidence and 71 of excellent laod. finely aitunted. Also ft line ecoutrv residence ti Saybrook, t 'oan., ftnd 60 aere* beanti' uliy situated on Um bay. ?i'ber ?(' these places will be toid At a great bart;\in. Inquire ?( 8. P. TOWB^KNI), 88 Nassau street VIROINI A LAND KOB 8ALR?LYING UPON NORTH river, in Bathews county containing 1,300 acres, hail'of wbleh In m able ?ad very productive, the balftuoe in wood ?nd Umber. lhe tuipro .amenta ftre ft large brick duelling, barns, ?isMew negro house* aerial aaduw mill steamboat* run mug lo Norfolk and Bah (lucre vouch within ft few uulea of the place. Can be cum entently divMeiL Addreae at Gloucester C. H. Va , Win B HM aR r. J Murctau. ?S"?II,K A1*D IJV KBPOOL UNITED STATK1 MAU. WnaiJh^g atT^rtt. kJWJ" ?l? I Unit,;,! Ktafa nd llmt^TstLif. ^ n^r <<nutAln Lowber, will depart wilb the fembi^iTt m U?0p? ?n Sa'ur<L?T- Da ?iV^. 5"i . ? B #ck fK,Dl n?r b?"th ?<? U?e loot afOuia! KnThiuH. " llI'c >l""! improved waibt tight , 11 or ft-eigbt or pftMftsc, bavtne ???* i-mllml u nam uiodfttioni for elegimoe ftnd^omfbrt. apply to p??. KDWARD K. UOLLI VS. b6 Wall street. 4im f *er" ar* requnaUd to bo on b*urd ut 11 o'clo. k, A. M. b? r^!tn*4U*','*,S lhe r??,t oOi -o^ioy o^era I.W?rpool to X?w York la reduce* ? top ma?urment, until further noiiee. AND philadelphia BTBAM^HIP r,Tv?E'?^d ?Ml P0*"''"! atearnablpa tM:?&?.?&"^w'S' S;1?? '?!* "aNCHBHTKB, ZlWtona. CftDt. P C l'etria. Kangaroo. 1.974tona, dapt r kwwp ^ are lAtended to .all- ' K.??. ">"? rmutrwnu. ^>ofwaihto,ton;::::;;;:;;;;;;.;;;:;; City ol Ban. hci.U-r .I81B *l />!.? .f u. V . rR<m WVMMMI. City ef Mftr.fbeatrr ui. tbird cteaj pa*w>D^rfl will b? lakes vSSLVilli i5 a,,d Livt,rP??'. foon?i lo provlMtoDft. ?|T^ J. 'Pl,l# ?? I from UverpooT . rTT.$? 1 HR>e Meamera are conatructed with Improved waier u?u and eacb vcaael cArriea as experiaaeed aur Partlpa wUhlog to bring ont their friends can obtain eertifl ealfa of paaaage and draft* on uverpool m utima af ?1 tor Ung and upward*. Apply to w?S?r l-';,,>*I*Rl A**"01 " Walnut atreet, Philadelphia. ?r 1-aBkL A bOKi lS, 177 HreadWAy, New lork. Fob uvkkpooi^-the splendid nkw packht ship t:oBMRLI A LAWRKNOK will poalbvely sai: Dm. 1 Ilaa superior accommodations for all classes ef paaaea gern. Heeond1 rabin, $J0; stru rage. tl8; found with oooked pionaions b? the abip. Apply on board, pier 47 Bast rives, or loC. A. TEN KVOK. <7 ttouth wtfut. FOB LIVEBPOOlr?DBSADNOrGBT LINE ? TUB world wide known elipper ship DRBADNOl'GHT, Capt. Saranels salts positively to momw, at 12 o'clock. Second oabln (30; tteerftge, tin And found. Parties wishing Uiapead Chrlstmfts ?ith tbet- friends in tbe old country should by ail means engage by thi< noble clipper, as she is lite faateal veaael afleau Apply on board, pier 6 North river; or to bKMA.ilEST k JONBR, 40 South street anil 30 Old slip. Fob liveri'ool ?uatIjS on Monday, dec. i, at 12 odock, the eelebraUtd and faveriu1 ship W>XT POINT, Captain Harding. There la handsome stntereoms fitted e# for aeeond cabin and tlrrrage passengers, who will He foand in cooked proviatoui br tbe abip Fare, second cabin. ?a?*. steerage. (IN Apply en board, pier 46. t'oel of JeAiraon street. East river, or to the Agent, THOv C. ROCHE, US bout b street. Notice.?taps* ott's link op livebpool paok ets ?Packet 2d Dee?mb?r.?The splnndid new aud fast aalllng packet ship ?M TaI'M'OTT, Capt. Hell, will mil ni above. For paaaftges In cabin, a?-cotwt cabin anil steer age, apply onboard, pier37 Easi rlvef, or to TAPSCOTT A !>? , 86 iMiuih slrnet. STEAM TO liverpool FOR 130-TH R KPLK^DIB city op Washington, o?pt? FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRB?THE I'NTtiw States mail steamer AKaDO. D. Unas ououn*nacr, wtl leave lor Havre, touching at NeuihampUui to land um aaali and paaeengers on Palurday, December 1.1 at 12 e'eieeft. from her pier. Bo. ST Motth river, font of Beach stree Ptrst eabin IK Keoi'nd cabin 7* Tbis sblp baa tva watsr Ugbt eonpaiimenta, et.eloeing ?Ha englnea. ao that u. the event ef eolilaloii or slramttuK the watv eoald not reach them, and tbe pumps being free to sort fen aafely ef the vessel and passengers must bs secured. No freight will be taken after Thursd.iv, Dec< tabcr 11. Pgr irelght or p<M>age apply lo MOBTIMEB UTINGBTOM, agent, U Broadway. FOB BREMEN, VIA SOVTHaMPTOX. -TMB I'MTB ?tales mall sfaiamahn) WaBHINiITON, E. t'tivendy eom mander will SAll tor Hranen. tnoeblng at .4nmbampton io land malls aod poaeengera for'and and France, en Set unlaw. Nov W, at 12 o'clock. M . from pier 37 Hoi-lb river. Pr^e m aaaesgs, from New York to itsuUiAiiiptou or llreuien ? In first QAbin, main saloon BU( In first cabin, lower saloon,. 1U la ?6601x1 ubtn,. 69 I An aiperieneed enrgeon atiaeked to each sleAmer. dpe ciedsbvered In Havre Of loodon No parcels received ea tbe dav of eailii.g. All letterv must t>a*a ihretwli tbe Peat OAre For freight or passive aupty Is 0. I. RANB, Agent, 11 Bowth WIlMam atreet. | _ ISAM BETWEEN NEW YIAX AND OI.AAQOW. O RDINKUBUH, 2.UW tons, WUliun Camming. iiUMini ar; NEW YOBE, X ISO voca, Boben Craig, . ommsnitar; OLABGOW, l,*?ia tona. John Diumau. eocmuawler. The Glas gow and New York Steamship Com nany intend sailing lh? new aad'puwarful steamers from New Icrk to Glssgew dl roc*, a? follows ?Edinburgh, Saturday, IStb Nov em bar, at II ?'cieck, noon; New .York. Saturday, 30th November, at If o'dodk. noen; Glasgow, ?aturdaj, *U Deeambar. at M ?'clock, aooo. iirrj er rsaaapa. First claaa. Wit. third rlaaa. tound wlHt eooked provMw^ ?BO. a? eiperieneed surgeon attached to each vleamer hr freight or pawyrapply to J OHN MA 'BYMON. 17 Bitmdnap. Bew York city bill or gold only received for pssssge. AI'BTEALIA PIOMBBB UN*, KXTaHI.THHBD 1MB Garry Is g the Onned Stairs malle flank? regularly on tbe dav advertleed. en Saturday, Dea. full or not fall. Ne freight reeenedaAsr Piidap, Boa. & The Aneqoaited and noble eltoper sblp ANNA KIMBaIJ^ UO'sna nflMr, KfQDdl. mifti r k now ree*4Ttog her cargo ai pier No ? Kast rtrsr, Md wV peaBlvely antl aa above For freight or pesaaaa aiiplv mi hoard orlto B. W. CaMEBON. Bo. 6 ItowRng |i am. (tight pins fer (ale. and cash ad van rem arts mads on risnetga mens. Bonalgneen In Aastreba, Meaara Wilktosun, Hi sfbarl Bun, ffOB HAVRE. DIRKIT-KBANCO AMKRrCAN 0?M ?Ibe sriewet.amship rjoo, J.XHtons l"w??a Sbarfi, commander, wlu l<-av.- for the abov poet on Sator Stiih IfJl"7 pIIl.*1 17"U" " rlor!1 W?'tas^ly. from nler X, Kmrih river. Price of pe?sa-e-Kirm cabin, aft. (l4ii; fret eabin, forward, (mi For pvsage applv io tbesg.'nia BP. POIBuCjTa < O. 3^ Bros?street, TTNITED STATES MaIL DTIaMRHIP LINK.?FOB Ve ? w V% ?*"' -Gn Tuesdny, De>-mb?r A ??J r " ? frmn r'er fool of Warren str-rl, Norjt river dm fast aud favorite aieamOilp PBILa iiki.PHI a, < ao'Ain Jtim Meliewsn will sail as above. Paaaage can be e?. ure?1 at the einoe oi u?e line Freight to hew Orleans, Mil eenw per cubss fnm. bbli'pers will bestrpplied with Mans bills ef lading * t^e farm signed by lhe line on *pp'|. a>jfn at tbeir edli i. Re other form e'pned. and ne hi ! .if lading aili be vi<ned sfter w* ??"tog For freight or pawgi' apply at the etDon. No. 1.7 West etre.l, oorcer of Warreo M. O. BORBRTH, Age*. liViR IM1Rr<i1 K, PRTKK*HCR<> AM? R If'ilMnKP JT lfceUntteil Mate* miulHoA-NoKk. 1 aetata hklmorr, m now loading M imr 13 Ni.rtu near, tor Um Ka. hkI will le<?>. m.'l <i clock on *>at<irtla) afternoon, fcih U)p Wedr>e?ilA.v rirum'-rof thi* lioe i* dlwootio>?ed far the pnrarnl hut om will b- i??bed for th<! kbnri- porte X?fy ivdurCaj. UI'i.aM .> H.KtHAMS .C ttrotdwray. rn HATANNAU AMD Pt.OBtDA.-tljnTEP STaTBN Mail Une ? Ike at.-aro.hli> K BOXVli.i.K, Cap'. 0. r>. l.odl-w. will leane an Wednesday. ]W. 3 Iram pier Wo 4 NnrUi river, u 3 n rkat P. M Btlia at Muling ?tr:>ed en b>?j <t Far trotftit or pa??a?e, apply 'o B. I., Ml I '.'UIWH Be lSBrnadnav. 1 bro??b U iketR from Vork w> J?<* eonettle. >M: to Pllatka V.l faaaiaera from Florida rnooM at Ra?aimah with the ?u ai?ara from Bow l'trk on Tmadaya ai.d eaia*laja. _____ tM)? MBW O'll.KoNH AND HAVAR A.-THK PMfTMi J htalt. mail ateam*htp CAI1AWUA.J D. BtilVieh, ronau dcr *111 noinrDri' rorelTlng freight on T?ead*r. Iw*r t, Mil for the above f?*??? on Vrtdav, Dee 12. at 10 o'clock. A. M. from ft** of KntilANa Rtroot. N. R. No Hlla of lading *itfi?ad a liar awaatar tail. UViUdBToN, < R(x IlKftoN * ?57?.. Kv. LI Park place, ,tf? York. OBI.T URR WITH fiVHK OORWTlOB.-TRAWWr Ift) ntllae nhoru r than mj other mat*. ami aa eipowve to rtvrr navigation ? I'nlted Maio* mail tine; ftfty poundo of baggage tree. urn pound on eioaaa f oar heura froai aoean toonean. by Paiuuna railroad. through ta Oak larnla, via Panama railroad Tho Lotted fliatoa Mall Waaro abin Oo will deepau h fur Aaplnwait on Knday, Doe. 6, at I ? clock, P. M , preetacly. from pier foot af w?rrn eteiiwt, Bortli rtrnr tha well known and faat eV-amah'.p ll.l.INOlrt, rapt. ?'liarl< ?H Hgn I' M B Paaaaogara ami mmU will be Trrwardod bjr Panama ia?ir?ad, and oooneet ?l I'anw with ih* Pacific Mall Mtearaahtp <lo.'? magnificent r'aamahtw WiaOKA M L. Whiting, commander. which will be in raadl ao?* at?l laava lmnn*.'lai?-lT foe Han Franalaoo. Tba pttbHa ?rw Infhrmod that tho Pariilc Mail nta?m?hlp Ca alw*y* bar* etio or ni'trp ?i'rawr*i??r? iylnu at Puiama roaiff for ??'a, la arotd am jmaoit.if dctattlioa of paaaargar* ar mall* For paa wiro. apply in I W it ? > MOHD. at ilia anly eOl.w of the onm Cnlea wo. I~ W'nt mr?f>t. onrnorof Warren, N f Kega V. ? mail Mearaer rtaya. Ikh and *) h ct each moa K. t^OR HA VARA A?fD MOBff,*. -THE Pl?ITtD STATMi f Mall fteamer (Jl' A K KB OITT, R, W fhaf Irtt ? Sir. wtU l?a?e for the abora *r-taon Monday, "<tb lleee* l>ert, at U oVloek noon. frea? plf-No. 41 Rjnlj rlrer For rremtt w paaaage apply to *M11H k PATBIOK, U Wa> OMITHtllO, AO. ai to iwjno worth t r KKW and sut nirn hand fll rli.ifiing wnntefl -<ieiitlemaii baring 'jtrge or emnll Ma tOdlMO'Wfol will rerelre the full <alite, ?lib"'i' higvlirg or at? king <o Impoae <'?JI at Uie atore, or a<idreM l HoM AB |i. I ONKOV, ?'?'! pearl eti. el A 7(11 PIARL tffMCIti-JkrXMD HAM? T I Ul Ire Mire ? Hmtleman de?lron? of eonrertlng aa perfl'toua t <eblng Into <-?ah fan obtain <b< f?i I value bjr an plr'ng penuniall)-or tbnougb pngt, '? JaMRN MOKOMNT, Vt arl ?tr? t ie-" tnTT WORTH OF N*W *lfD c*RT OFF W I*' " * elotb'ng wanted, for eit? ?nd WiMtrrn mv ket*. tlontleman IwrlnganTto dlapee* ol will re- elre tba hlgt>eel ortrel.r ealmtg at the rtoia, or a>Mri ?alig JOHN K. HI HRAV Atlentre^teeL _ ("tiotmwo ? tADIKB ABD OKBri~.KMr.if iiTlii J any to i^tai oae of raTi rerelrw the iiini'wt ralne h? ad rtr'Wlrtg M K. (loben, 101 t'helium aireet. l^tdie^ ? tondod Wr Mre. ?'. ?t,Aim? ?*P onjnnTrvBN hatt?? ?"* '?> dier>oee of >-an reeeIve the 't<i?v?t rati a b> aiilrweI Iffff. CDHItN. UUoureoe ?ti?>t. nr?r <:?oal, or W?g? Bfoe.l* aj I n '>et "IttmleO 1>j Mm. C. DRY GOODS, M . PJ^TViUS WRT BLANK Rf"t, ?l RaCH. ,)(|U 4 wu y.rJs handsome uresa aula, j%r4. Black ao'l gray bearer ciotna only 12a. Rrnehe Mrg shawls?!? worth $Vt> Wide paramattas ?D'I English inenooee 2a. Linetl D*ptt>" ??*? P?'' do/eil. . Brown snd while lehie o oths. from fia. to *4. UMVKK MOWBRAY AW tirand ?ir?ct, eor. u I oreytb. r7m B*AUTIKI*L URKaKFaST KET* from M TO ? )()'/ f t a wt; &>*o a splendid line ot bemoi.(d ecu >ro.der ed liu> ? ran brio handkerchief* from 75 cow each r? r.eivad JOHN cl.AKK^, tiH Broadway, corner o. like.Her street. 1 OHA DOZRM LADIES PARIS KID OLOTE.-'. AT H J ..Z'/" I per pair- Just receded the aoove lu.of me > reuch Ii.l g.oves, in white, black and color*, b'inr ihe entire batuioo of this irtMU'i Importation, they are ot a very iuu?r?;r >|U? lit* and mur, aUo 7S0 do/en min i tine ki"l gloves, ut i *. per pair; every pair warranten real goauikm; also a splendta lin* of French embroidered Met m't*. kal aud Beeoy hoed gsnullets, ,te. JOilN CLaRKE, t>43 Broauway, eorner or Blicker street. A IX WOOL BAXOVY fLAIDP. First quality at 3s. per yard; 4a. od. beat quahiy e\ er Imported. and in new uod superior .lesigns. ARNOLD. NONSTABLE A CO. 62 Canal street. nckf Broadway. AL't.TlOM GOODS?RMBROIDERED. II AND sfiroaRD and lap* bordered haudkerclijef*, at lialf price, alto em broideries. Will be opeoed on Monday, Dee. I. PKlhK ROBERTS A CO., 47# Brovlway. All to be bold orr - The large and rich stock of DRY OOODS, Silks, Shawls, C leaks. Merinos, De Lkines, Plaide. Linens, Muflins, Embroideries, Lares, Hofc.ery, A?. All of which will beefieied at 30 TO W rKH ci-< r bilow cxm. J. BECK k CO.. No. 385 Broalway. Arnold, constable a oo. havk rtillon hand a good assortment ot velvet Bounced robea. which tley have iniid; reduced In price. til Canal street near Brovlwuy. A LAROK AND TIANDSOME ASSORTMENT OP HB\L rotnt a ratRtillU) collar! fiora $7 M> to *?&: at?> fc-t* vn ?artetv, aelected at the place of manufacture eipreHSiJ lor our chy trade. Ladies will find it advantageous to c;UI aim! eiamfge them. KA>KIWqT0N A lrsLIR, Hroul^ay. NOTJIE.R ORKAT RKllCCTION IN PRIORS. Mavliie rloned our store on Saturday wt?*rnoon u> mar* down price*. wiU open on Monday morning. De-. 1, a! J1, o'e'ock. wben tho greates bargains will tx- oll.-r-.i to p ir chasers. J* BaiCK A OO., JW HroaU vay. A"k INVOICE OF itlCH LACES, RRCEITKD PRR Peisia, win be opened on Monday, Dee. 1?Tbeie are black ('hat.'Illy veils, capes eo'lani. coifure* borbes, .tc. Also application, point a las utile, and twint de \eiiwseta, capes, handkerchiefs, and laces lor trimming, all of which mrpassaujthlrge?eroHered in our city. MILLKR A ORA.yr, 3^1 Broadway. BRl'fSKI K POINT LACKS. Uu.tU.ei chief J, Collars, ?l?f Tfs, Capes, Douiteoa. Trimimog laces, As., A* , At half the o, iginal c^t, at j RR(.R ^ ^ ^ No. :'AftB'-om?>?ar. BREKMA^ A COUP AMY. 473 broadway, Arc sel'ing their velvet and C'Joth cloaks ai priced , To a?toni?h the most incredulous. l.AfK rHANTO-LY LACK P I.OONCINO-i, OOlf feures, sba'vls for evening parties. Alee from aiKtioa, ?,t*0 yards realt.rhar.Ully fl >nncjn*s at *6, worth $K veil*, barbes. Ac.. Ac., just reoeive.1. wuttk., KOBKKTS A oo.. 37i Broadway. B B LACK LACES. j. RBCK A CO., Mo 3f>6 Bn>adwa> Hare marked down th? prices if their Rich stock of veils, tlnunces, And tritn nlng luces. BRUWEia POINT COLLARS AT tO, WORTH $U; higher aumberR at same ratio; ?*u aT ^*6, wortJi fA), beivf? km* than rout of tmportatloo- Valouritinnt* po*ot d'Jip pM'iue and hoDtum aeU. ooill'iirea, collar* haodaorchW*ta, and laces of every width. Will bo op?*noct on Monday, Doc. 1. PKTKK UOBKRTrt A CO., 376 liroailway f lLUAKt', WHArrilW Anutim Uliina, \ j j| lar/je zeiflortrnf^nt of dvw and iiwihtoaable atylea. n mo heaves, ciotae and ?ei*eu, at ?ej-y kow^pnc^i^ ^ ^ 84 and 83 Chambers street, up s'hW. CLOAKS. A superb assortment. All new; Superior in quality, Superior kn sty)*, il A1*US a HKAKiS. 774 Broalwa*, A beve N tilth street. ' 1B A ?* CU?AKS \j 1 ailies, rat) at J. BE'JK A CO.H. No. :iv> Broadway, And see the cheapest closks ever Offered m .Sew York DRKSS SILKS. _ .. AKI>OU>, CONSTABLE k CO. will offer oe Monday, the lit lD4t? 76 pieces of t.lald and striped silks at 6s , reduced from 7a loo " " Ha. " *s IM - " ? 7a ?? " ?*. M Canal street, aevr Broadway. Embroideries, MMMMM, ESnoimiu. CLOSING OPT, The whole of oor rich stock of embroideries, at a redactVm ef lit per cent tn pries*. U. IV. 70S Broadway. VMBROIDP.RILR. _ Fj J. BECK A CO., Have marked down 0<e pricee ot their ri? h stock ef etab*el deiieete lees thaa half the original coot. Ne 336 Bread way. T^MBROIDKME* AND LACE OOOOS AT R*liC<*ED J!j prices ? Real Mack thread rells, from H .V? up. emhroJ dered bandkercJUefti. from ?l to WO. Valencieunea, do ot and other laoe aeta, iinusiuiUy low, at RICHMoNu'S, V<7 Ure?d way, o,poelle Melren>olnaa Hotel I/MUROIDKBIES, SETS AND HANDKRRCHIKPS. Pj BRKKMaM * CO , 47* Hroadwav, WiU epen an Monday. Deeembt r I. a 'ar*e invoice of Preach . mhroidered seU. .ecclveO per laat ?te<uu?r. also a large aa sortment of p. lnt. honiton.'bread and gdlutire ae'a a?d co1 tars, st sr-atly reduced prices; al?o. from auction.. m->r??le-?"d linen rai'mtc hai dkenhiets from iV, ?"nu tn ft each ; l.teakfae! sets at '.6 eei.u and f. met, and euni.ric uamls Irons SB rents to CI 7? per bend. IpLOTVCKD SILK ROVKS, ' at lA'i. R*/ and HA, ?ed'i.-e.l fVvm Mil. *'cl >411., OONhl'AdLK A OO., ri11 anal street, oe ir rtro t<lway fitOUMCKD ilLR ROBE*, ' In white and eien-ig ??lor?. In new and elegant lea,.- )s, received by th? Persia will b<- opened on Tuesday, ijte ad Inst. a Lao. mlka by the yard to the same colors AltMiU) OONKt ABLE A t'O. tiJ< aral atf eel t>e*r Kroadwey. TTBKNMH PMHROIDKRIR*. JDHT Rb-EITRD PER F I',rata, will be npnnedoo Me-tday Dae 1. MiLI.KR A U?*NT, ?l. Brovlway. liltRS. AT HKOADWAT.?AMKRD'aM. RITSWaM F and Hudson Bay t ompaai's tnrs ? Wra. Mo-er ,?t now efler to the pui'lie for cHy an.1 country trsih-. an unn,|?auad s> sortieent o? the a bore, selec.ed by hlm.*lt, and tnanufae tor? d with great care, a % ery deecriplkm <?* f>irs can be f aind u such variety that cannot rail to at ract att- iriot WM. M<**aR. Iinnoeter an4 Manutoctareeef fttrs, ,VA Itrnadwav aud <1 MhKten iane. Fumnui j hwcic 4 r?o . Haw aurkH dowi <h? pricw of Ihoir lar#a ?'orl> of nuHali and dooxaiie flMMMhk No. Mt Bmadwaj. I.CIPTAIHH INI'!A hTOME. AM ?Rn*nWAT. IS r lillod With fnnrfa par lata arrival* from ?'lilt.a, O*' ???m, M.t llA Japan. roraa, hu.aia do , rwi obtain ?f o T?r<m of ctirtoua, aMfnl and ncral af tr^w and f n rj r o-l? ( lu/ooa and atrmf^a ant tnrOa.1 to ptaaloa tfo *roa? rartaty now tftmnl. n who'aaulo and lotail FA?H10N?.-MM* DUOBaRTO FRAKCB VTOM, ??V, ? anal atraot, moat ? iim>?It* aaa..rim?ni of pattwna. auttad to iho fall aoaaoo, Inrludine tba I adr baaqnr to ho l ad aoly a> thu aataMiaiimatit , aoporlnlaadod by Mma Onoriail. Glutei** rriw- * In royal ermlao Hakta, and Mink. Ar. A T RTRWAHT ?<*! , Uroadway, rtiaii.tar* and Raada airoatft. B? Al.TR. fXIMfORT *!*l??? OIIOMT fOMRtMttl.-AT W aTkoR 8 ?hir< and ato-kin* atnro you'll find hit no o ' g iim m? nt lainh'f wool Impart rlf?r of Iwwty, ?l>o.> br?- i'I btart. i a i oa? who wattr iham ihoaa who wtUin i' ibr? go, }>- r>l tba joy ?.l Ufa hut oaly know. HKALtH, owrott AMD li'ONOMT. Wlnlar imd<>r $ .1 mania and butlnry In croat turlatv, (if ?tiparl >r Ami *? ??"* pri< aa, At WaTsOR H ho?W? dotw*. No. KUj'ub n?'ti >?. W HAT, 2S8 (1HKFRWK7H RTRHKT, DMAMM It mllllnory ?? 1 'aiwy foo N. hta litM racalrodowa ol Muck ?'t wlrata and ??lral rth>>o?i?. f.i*'? rwi-tr* (Whom, d?rk aailn rlhbona. aalltta. Ar , wh . h lorn liar wlih hia ???? fall ?*ylaa nl honnata dro<? rap. and h'vl ,iro??o?. raako* hi* o?tab.lah?or>t Iho baat to tlw ally to b?y tba latal at) laa af g?odi rhaat). BK4'K A CO.. No. MO Uroadway, Ara now a*lll?c otTthalr U-*a Work of dry r>??d?. at Hall lb? aoat nHoa .T. J. T AD1KR' llOOm -f?l TTA PRROH A f*>Rf> t? MOW 1J aunt fur ladl"?'nkiftn'ti j.ra^'fa aa> mw artirla, Wiotaa?> and wtall hy haHU 0. BUHOI", aata ">aaafa<-iu wrln Ifca 1'mtad Rtataa f 1>KN OOOIW. IRISH WHTTK AMD 0IO4DV I J tabli rlatfli. <1anuu>k', napkin* ,.<* h? vlk.r rtU-la alaaUng, Ar. Da?:rr< by VTM. MATKkMi*, ft ? ail 011 no ktraet .. , MCHTlMflEIH, ?">f KO ? ROWRRT. WHO iM ? a ro.irin* from iha rrtall rlhh*m, mtlltnarr and u<1f'a IT m nga I'n*'no?a baa laiatr nnmad tmuiaaarr frw iha M CO" ? iMiUna <* tho *raM Uimo? af ladio< ?k'. avail ifcaw .? !.-?i?iho oppoflunlly to ObtatR tlifdr ornajioottil Hh?on<, f*a<J?aia,fl<?w?r?and 6r*w trlmmtigi Ptr tt?? ?r>p '*> Mnj boli u , . ? ?Kh nnhoord ?W h.W pottwa. tn h'? naw.y oro 'ad , ara 04Ho*a?r. InhothI'laatmcoa>or?? ??aar a.liaa hm ft |? with 0?ab Mhar In <*"ai>aM?lc? with I* aa?rl'^*< ,4 1> Tbla <n>p??nmitty will ano? h? Vnt. a? holi .?? m? loard prior to hi" <la .rln"? ft* 10 ?iwiarl ;. wan'il of Mainrln* ar>d nt*##r?t ?, -.4, new aboKtblr ?ar"r<w? down toarn. Mv uwim, an. Lirbnb. J. RBCK * 00 , Are bow aelllut linens ?iui blanket* at ihtr'y per cum Belgw coat, at Wo. 165 Hroalw ??. P MTSlIN bani r. & Mm iMOixt it lid Pwln* embroidered bands wiB be oFir I ?u Hua4a> u*eruing, at art all rcdnee* priMn J BiMH a Co.. U? URX IRISH 1.1NKNB Becelvod ou aooatf um?nt ? new lav AIM Dea*!?tlBg Of LINK* DAMASK TABI.IC CLOTH*, diaj-bu i-uitii mrilM. SUlKTIiHU*. SHBBTINCS, . ... AMD 'lU-OW UAMMI.S. AC. .?ust be *okt iBDitdM], urn account of the m-Tifbt*? j i? i no./ socritioe. 0. O HON, 7*0 Broadway* PR1CSRNT8, CHK \P. FLKOANT AND USEFUL. A. T. nrKWaBT A CO will uvea oa Meaduy, Decem ber 1, Rich printed eaheoa. In drees length*. nil 60 tub. 300 pleeee all wool UlUtOBJ plaul*. ?t M eenle par j?>1 CM piece* of Lapln'* fur.fcn kkuiikm, at da. and 8a. per yard. 30 tuea potntod mouaelme dclaf*, (all wt? pattern*), at I*. 6d. par yard. Embroidered collar*, with tie*. at and (Sa. each. Hem itlxhed embroidered Pocket handkerchiefs, at a*, and fla. each. Oocp Eilas, at 6a per yard. 4e.Ae.Ac Broadway, tliamber* and Reade atreet*. PARISIAN FANCY QOOD8.-BRNE8T BABAT1BR ft CO , M Kuuii street haa received trorm Part* a art* aanorunent of fancy aruclea. vt?? reticule*. portnnisa*al*? *? Car case*. *omba. broahe* battens. nortiatle*, par* Beery, jet and velvet ernamenta, Fienah plated yew airy, Ac. R R R R KHNANT8?RER WANTS OF HIT!I LACH4.-BLAOK _ _ chantllly aalendemies ao<l potat a'so carton*, ta ?HI rlttap. at the European inanuUctui it's depot uf laces, OM Broadway near Metropolitan Hotel. JULK# DKLrBOiX. KAL IRISH POPLINS, In rleh plaid and pi tla colors. Received by the Persia. A. T. STEWART A OO. Broadway, Cliambera and Reade atre*"*. T>1('H KMBROlDRBItn SWIj-K AND Ja-CONBT ?fOL JLi lars avd *eta. of rart* wl Nu c> manufactory, will be in i mil ihia ineiDiri; by JOHN OLAKKK, 6l3 Broadway, ear ner of bleecker stroet. ICR DRKB8 UOuDS, it RRDCOWD PR1CBB. Bess?able drees urn's Of everv owcip'toa, Will he offered Una morning, at great bargains. C. U. HOOK, 7tfl Bi tad a ay. C*llino OFF & ABsOl.ll, CONRTAULF, A TO. will alTer (h*tr fall a? surtn.eut oI'drttM riiikI* a' greatlv re'1 now! piioes, on tiomlAJ, the lat inst., preparau ry to thi-ir m .uval. IUCanal iitreet near Broadway. SILK BOBF.fl AT 1?. (IreaieKt barsa'n* of the Reason. RKKKMaN A CO., 473 rfiofeiway, llavlnc In view the urar ekiee Of the LiutneM ntvn, Have reduced the price Of their entire alock of Iveant ?tik robea 16 j>rr eenC STKRl. 8PRIHO RKIftfH -THR AtTKNTlON OF THH iaitie* la called to Ihia new and elegant inventlfm. For Kracelutue**, Ileatblllt?. eaae ami enmfort tt auperoedea aR uhfi* in aa*-. For aala by FuBM AN A CO . 706 Broadway. Shawls. 1 he cheapest ever offered. Broche ahawU. Siella ahawla. Plaid aha?la. Also, a large aMorunam of IsCARKS, All to be wild urt' .it J. BRt'K A OO.'H, V<6 Broadway. rUR CIllAPRRT SILKS lu the elty. A. T. RTR.WART A CXI., will oiler on Mondii* l>?eeniher I. N 0 plei i - of RK'if Hll.KH. CWHIy pnrehaaed at iiieaon, AT OMR IMII.I ?B l *H T*Ht? Itiiwl oanaily mid at tl SO ) Bmadway Chamber* and Reade I THR CBKAPBKT DRV OfKH'S BVRR OPFRRKD. J HKOK A CO., Bavlsg eleaed Ihetr store Noa. 7*1 and 768 Broadwny, are aew seliiag off the large etoek, at half the price af ewl *2 No 366 Broadway. w ILL OPKR AT f* O'CLOCK, J. BFOK A OO , Ne. SAO Broadway. fAlX MTI.IJWMT, M, Fall millmrrv goods. R T WTLDR, HI and S3 John atreet, larOHTtH ASB BABirrACTCBMl Of BILK MILLINKRT OOOH8, htraw goods PUk aad taarv beoneta, Dreaeeapa aad aaad drmaea, French Bowera. feather* Ac.. Ac. A complete atoeA of the above cooda eonetantly on ler sale at the lowest market price* I/aT'-^gtf* INV1 ran manuila pa terns cat W thiTTaii.i'^l^*"- 9UUr*? OTlUNtl M HORR DCLICATR AND KXQOrai'FK..T _ . hrantit ill than flo vera from the aetehrat*l hoaaeof ru men. 101 Rue Rwheo, at 71 Hleecher atreet. N WIRC It AND LHtVOia. Burton alk -thk cfxjchratrd alr< murwko by Iaaiii Ailaopp A Sot* m Barton aa Treat Bnglaod. raa he obtained on dr.aght or la botUee, atIheeld w IOC va-Jta, IX Wail street. Bohbboh wni^Kirv -old choicr. in demlwhaa and barreiia, ler aale hy O. t. MKKUCU I In Wall street East india pai.x'aijt - hinr-' um.krr atrh raop India and Barton al<ie uwctbar with *ah?i e I'tpply of o il etiies and (re*h pal* ?;??*, elan, a superior aril I* of pom r. *11 table for hott'ln*' ?i?t?n,lf nn naid Ap,d> a' iho mow nt tha brewery. If* Faat i*u l> atrvet P T. The** alee mat bo < on??antif found nn d -a?i?ht at '.he Mo fipollian Hotel k?erett Hiiose' 'lifflo^ "llr>ok*'S>ar(Metela<i<t all other first '-laaa boinaa la Kew Inrt aod the other prin ripalel'leao the lloileil *'aiee. t*e?t In i|.* ?ui -ii Am* nca N. B.?Orders for oh.prlsg promptly njocutcd. TIDRCABIAN WINK-J -IVP0RT*D AND AOt.DPDRR II and genuine a' wboieoVe ?r?eea, hy the rwt. fiallrii, en'^n and ainsl*-b?Mtl<M< * l?o llarana iei;ar* > ifiaa.. y, KAMA. Kl A 11K V Kf< (I V. 41 Howard Strew, aoat , tiaet of BraaAwaF e) OHN J. STAFF Ml an*' :KH> RrnMtway. orrr.a- rn* - > i r. FlpeoM ? mea, Aleo and l'i>r??ra. Msr?ira, lino<l?n HI brow* tetL Sherry, t.iil'teaa An. 1-ort, IhlU I. I s ln no Sau'-rne, V ate A -oi* Hco:. D aJc. * l*i et I eaaen>s' .tn Olive oil, Ynttiwer** l.loio'ures, I a kirk * 4n ^ ... jlwli . *l?i|? Faat ftv1>o*?*. Old brst Ilea Se^teh and lrtal. whiaAey, Jimuv raa. Rot Uad tin *n.l Hon<in**kcla abiakey aie* |?rtrrand hainpague m *r, pnt up Ibr riMrt and eean'rr trad*. TAJ al I LVUCA KIM. IN HOMO HlR KAI.R POHTT Mill* ??r? rbnvc high dari* fj .famaira ram rtiH^n or tMK 'ha d?l.aa. aa iwimrad. br -IRPS41* KHIirHW", 19 IMirr ?WI BOR? -TWKMTY r'T? rp? iT* rbaei a ur?f ? H?mrt> ?ar> <tkinrr?n Hroirg abmtr) 1-t ??'?. fr?>?i l>'W)r4 *?. h; ?IMP*??lM HKU TIH Kfv 19 Rm n rtrtft THAVRUBRT IlllDm. nrpT* RtTFK m ?*p -ran* wovfmuR'; ?. I'M 'ha Iralna win *??? < knmNm air*' t ?t u?.a aa fol tn?a->*?!<?? r *> a. M ana < ? r II ; Ml II .? A V.t ?ir fi .? P. M . lur I'om lh.apa?a A 4. M ml l im I U P. M.. far Wng Mrf. 9 *1 A M ???! 4PM, Wf >'*akafell|L ?: .<? P M IK# PmijfkkiW|>slr' Pint Awiil IMiIiIIMm ?'? !. II thr ?t) Pa*a*ntf<-ra lun M tv ??', Chtw'opbnr a ad 1b?M' (iiM trtrti. 'raWa Nr Raw tnat 'i>? Tim ? ? # <1,4 )V l.r> A V . and 4 ?1 P U.. ud Radl Allan; iiniu4 Mr?u A. M wc^nP M A ? <>*|TH NHin lORK A HI' H4RI.PM R?n.R4)A?. *Hii? ?rra>,rrn,?n?a. i ow in aaartnf Mauaay M?? S I'M IV* Aai Alt an?. >tii??aT? atrain^d Par? VI ro l?am B?? Viirt K> Alfcanv. )*??? Maw Tark v id "*? Tun aiattrn K*n?r M <! ?< and Caaaa Hr?m - *.:l? * M.amraaa iraia Wr ai'aar rifiiimMag with iba ranral hai'ma I and Rmibarn tiaina f '0 M . w>ail 'r%t? ?ffraoMt *ltrwafh wHAawt ?ip|? M rara and ofa.naailaa v ? !?uHam Pnar i Virnara wHh thr * .'Uf/1 iralaa tor PMwriaM, R.?ifc ?4i?i and atkar am I Mm* 4 "II P. M.. "praaa -nfinlr# (Traa4lj 'Arangh arf hem ahanra tifrny. and rwi a*iin? wrf I antral u%ia at 11 PN. tor tin Rral. ftatnrntflf I'era atfcar.y? f 1.1 A M mall 'rain 'nr Raw Tnrk i ~??t Ifl'.A.M rtpiaaa. witfuw* at aa?* a* rant W P M.. a?p?a?, wHhnnt ahanga M aam. Tickata tot ha Am*ui?-i ami haagag ?? d.*^fe*d al lb* adit a# Mia Wcidarn Railroad. Al^rr, ar t. WfcMa and Canlr*. Rr?>o*aa ?* Twanty atith aua?' and Pnwrlk a>-"r>?e. knr Tork. W ?. I AMPRRIX. IK^l kino. rHR MLR?A TnnRornH rrkm RRnunn rlack | nn<l'?? larrtar a ?r <d r?M?f alan a fc*w?1tfitl SKHl md wSila 'panlal. w?n (ra nad and larrW- pwpa. 1n<jwlra at Ra> 7 I i-onard atoaat baaainam Inr tww dapa THR I HOT! KPt AMD LktLdrSt ANKlRTMMV f 0T dnfa In tha w?rM A\?o?* w?rraaW4. Mn?W'aMAn? bto Yuigi t.lnUMttrnt aud Plaa Ptt^rmtoiaaar. Prt?? go e^su. I'rccwrar bv V rum. I>?*a taalBod nr Iwor^wt PR A M? TM *1 T1AR. In PitHM akr?aA Phw mv? Iw id*?aa "w; artrtT"to rbarHAMt-A cf<ir<>pc7h rhpfn, II parfrriH hroka a?M?* -V%? b# nndNM immI alaa an4 trral ardwrarra Addf>a Bwtft WaaMMha TM.AMT? OP CTRA P*PR?" -?*?* M*1T WTPRpaiH .1 l*r Havana and all p??a <1 ?ba kM Ciiba. wm h- ? wai'iad ?w Yiiamtar f*aa f p?ra?<i?M^ rltiuA DRI.PI'i y r?f a4rad nlrtli > ?'?'<?+. r M . Maw day Wa ??ad i>rmra by all %a I''''lad Malta mafl **aaaaal.'r? ?pp'? ?? Walla, F arfo m.l P? C BOHBALtll A CO., rroi.r!?*<w%