Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1856 Page 6
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tw inuiT fue vw vtrt i&t. ?WtlATlOW WUIT1U-W X LAM LMaYING TM* OiTY W18HES TO PROCURE A. MtuAUon* for her two women ?? lira) rate cwk and k?m iC ehBinlnVTUnMl and waller Atpiy at 43 Wast t7th A.. We ml OU ?? AblTUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO do rtuw erwork and welting, woatd hAra na objection to fo in thr 'oaa ry. Uond city releranora gives. Pleaae caR at iy Clinloc p.? ee, In tl>g oowt. NO LADY WISHER A SITC ATION TO ATTEND or a coufeauoaery. Firam call At SCO lDth at , 3d week. AT? A, ClEBMAN PROTESTANT WIDOW, Or MATNRE . i MO. wiotieo to obtain a aatuaUoa *a housekeeper in a ?n Ul umll)'. no objeciioa to go a short distance In the coua area tor two days at It foreylk it roar huildinx ITUaTION SK \ M8TKKSS BY A ' i?r?Unl young wmnu, ?*ii Moaileat band at all kinds At _ <M bto-licwork, I aa m> obj*v:i<.ujt> wmc ehamberwork or the I.'own up rhiUri'B iWii \3f! Z"<ih atreel between 'XM una Ijtfc aveLUe, hi at dour. A M&BT RSSPECTABLE \OCNO WOMAN WISHES A A place in a small private family. an ill unbermaid or wrier, has i Men f?iir y ???(? in last i)Um> whnre she may be awtt lor t? o days No. 210 Union at. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? rtV A GERMAN GIRL AS nurse an.1 seataau-eea hw lived in her laat p-ace three K'swl rrtrrru je. Apply at U> Madison at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY a RKSPKCrABuE wo ft. aia aa c win; understands eoofcing in all tl* branchee. too bak.u: and paairv wound ana <t ?vith the washing aud rootrg Good ret-rt-uoea. Apply for two days a; ski Weal Mb at. ADBESSMAKBB W\NTS \ SITUATION IN A rf?|?i ?ble fainiiv. ahe understand- tniahing ?rimmuic and al'. an daof needle srork and embroidery. vddr<-?s Km bt*W?ry tlroetlway Poet other, fur <>ue week. Aojrvan you wo lady, or tut oood fa. mt'v and well educated Kogllab and under ?tan d lag a-'i ib* brai -hes of houaekeeouag and the rare of (hlklr+r wishes a Mtaatk n as housekeeper or ladtf'a oaw psnioai m aretpeitahle family No objection 'o going South teat of Nim.ea given. vddress a B , Clarendon H itei, corner ol Ur avenue and ICth at. ABrrraTT'?N wanted? in a Rio?peotable pri rate I uoiiy bra youu( m'1 to lo ohambtirwork aod aewlnr Apply at ?-5 VImi 17th ti bfuwo tfth and luih aTli A (IV TfNOL AND MIDDLE A0ED HDT. A. JV. a'/Hi-aer m thia oltv daa>ni? a aituAtlnA ?? houaelt eoar in a tuxei or ti nticman ? lani'l*: a p?. ectly c ?iu;>etent to till arj" awuati .u. Ma* be aditr^.-**! Mrs -tlico Mo'Uner, Union H)?are IV?< ollirx for one week Asm-aTiOi* wanted?uy a yuiTNO wo*in, ah iimiiUn ir?'d and wai'ar; uniii-rstanda her biiHineas t. 11 co u((l Apply at 467 4th at, be'.we>-n I at and 2d area . in rtieei"re fbefwodava ATT EN1 ION ? A LA UY OK Rr.PINX.MMNT Wi?ULf? tike <o uegotU'o with a partv to 'ake th" fcUD**rtfi?.on of uieir bo^ae a pieruwni and oheertul hose la more deiirabl* than h gii aaJeri no obje? tu?o '?> go >wtk. *ddrea? M O. Wiiiett B oadway Poat oiMo?. for thie? day*. Atupla refe rence eirvti Autuattow wanted-by a middle aged wo. nna.' aa conk, w aaher aiid iro? ee <>ood leferenre. No objwetwio to the country. Apply at 7" Weai 24th at. a bitua'con wantkd-by a yoc?o woman, as sx. cfcamb^rtnaal ii>d u> aw>at lo wasning and ironing, or as'? a amail family. <'anb?weU raeorameuded. Pleaae ?*:! at 7S Went 'JKh at AMlb'ATiOk WANTKD-BY A WOMAN. AS tJOOD t'oca understaijila tiaking bread and pastry, and ta will tnr Uj *a?!f nthe ?a?btr>g and, no objection to a re soecuu>V joArdiag huuae. Good returenee*. Inquire a: lit Wet :>U at A WTCaTION WANTED?as COOK. BY A WOMAN J\ Jhjo . LilrrttAnila ber buslntaa in eynry reject, will no< do any waat.ihg. Beai of references fi"n th)M who she lived w?hla 'be city. Inquire at lDf Raat l.'tth *t third tloor. AVOkT KKSPEt TABLE tilRL WaNTiS A SITU ATT0V in tuaa respectable faml'v as a seamstress, understand* her buaiue^ well, and can glvo good reference. Pleaaeoal! or ouo day a' at 9tb are , corner J7th at, third floor, front room o\ tr the bakery. A YOU*'* fiTRL WISHES * SITUATION ASCHVM b?'tnai 1 or :o take eare of ehildren. Can be seen Mr Chiee (lava a. 323 6th av . flrat tl or Ay'juno woman wants a situation as wet nurve or rhainbermajd an<t aeamstre? la a pnriUe fa mily. W?i of ' tty reitrencea Inquire at 7t? Weal Jtlb at., hr two da; a ABCSraCTABLI WOMAN WI^IIKS A SIT^ATr0*f ?n a private family aa kckyI plain .?>?, washer and ironer t.oodci ?-eferencea given Owl for two day? At 144 W>**? 'j?'a ?? betvr i- rn Tth and ^th ava , tuo floor. ARE>PKfTABl,>t YOCWO WOMAN WaNTP A SITU A (mm as cook washer and irooer n* >o general hoitaewnrk ta a aai* pr^vaae lam 1* la a Pr<>te*'jiuU City referanse tf'vea Aiipij at llf Bri''^e ?t. i.rooklyn. ASniTiTTON WANTED-PY A re^pkotable wo aia ? aa wet nurae. tiood reterenre given. Apoly at %S Is' jvrm.e corner ot 17th at. t aa be aeea for two da}a u> tie pat'rr s?oro. AREf?i'?t TABLE YODNO tllBI. WANTS a SITl'A Uuu 'a do hou-ewra k in a a! private fam'iy. or loaaaist intoiJ**<irk aud do a aJ'ina Ibe beat of reler -oce caa be given Call a" 17" 7'h aveaue, a.-ar 2'i?l at ATOPNtl WOMAN WISHEi A SITUATION* AS SE AM atrem> a?l lo do up ataxra work Call al 13S East 2Jd at, orif 2d avenue A BiTUATIOK WANTED-BY k COMPETENT GIRL, A sa rbao m Mi an i ..-*a ???? -? la ae< 1 to work <m Mlira lad'ra''lreaars aad . rubrrnder,; has four j ea.-a1 ra oomme da'ioa Inquire at ber rrvw oi employer a, ii Wegt j'h at beiwrea Xh and 6th aveouea. AFRkNCH WOMAN. AfVUbTOMED TO TAEE ('ARE of ct .drea froci 'betr htrth deair-. a situation a ne capartT i uunte she la L?at. lateUlurat and handy. Can be ?eta al tl )'"a?icb av. loquire for Noimoe. ANITUtTION WANTED-BT A YOUNG OIRL, AS (oo<l p am rock. waJjO' aa4 irooer Oood ?HJ refr met :<*)< .re it 'Jis .Od st between Mh and utth ava. A LITTLE GIRL 14 YEaR* OP AGB WISHES A SIT A. auou a a eaportabla faaiiy. to watt on table and do flgfe: aouMwortt. Can eo-ae w?U r-rmimendel Oai be fl>?nd aeat. and oMIgiag C?U for two day* at X* Eat 13th a k SITUATION WANTMD? BY A YOCNO, WOMAN. AS A aosmMreaa ia A re?p.s>aa-?e faoiUv or to aew by th? day. Can be >?? at No. 12 Conaalta atreat, lor thia day. SrTTAT*ON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE >o'.ng ;? o'eataat wnmaa. aa <-haid aarao aad aeamatcnaa. or raaailiai iaa..i aad -eamatresa Ooad city reference Can be eeaa tor two daya at 4M tth ae, or addreaa H T. a laov wl?(uc? to ortaim a ?ttu atmon for a A yoarf girl- to ouad etuMrea or awiat ia eaamberwork Apply for t sro daya, beiweea 11 aod 1 o'clock, at ST Kaat 4th ?L. nrar ?th a>fo .? AgrrriTtON wa*te?-by a toomo woman as ennk who ix'rfe. tly uiwwrataao.u bar hustaoga, U aa It eeUeat ? arber atvt troner ??ood <-ny references glvao. In tieiraa: Ut llth at., batweea Jth and lUh aveau^a Agl>*^*f TABLK YOCNO WoM*N, A PROTE?TANT, waa'k a situation >? auraa or eham-vrmaid will do plain eevjQg, or ? aeti'ni; aad irraaiag hea etty reforence. Ploasa eai; for t?o Jay* at IU7 3d ava. A PBOT1MTANT TOCNO WOMAN WIMHXS A STTl'A A Una. u< ro t namberwirk aad waning, would take rare ut cb>idre? a-it do ae ?tn( <>ood 'rty refer ncea will M gtrea r'.mw caJ '? art irem lor twt, day*, M. C M , tl Henry at. wrmwjm. A MTV ATToK A ORKNAN UIRI. A* p ki rmi in a am *4 <?irrm pnrat- Unilr alt* ia a 4 ww? r and .rnoar. iMr?? tinu. koi l.W He.-al ?m??noN w?irrvD-ir 4 tocwa womir. At raami<*<-a>a. l and *i.w Hood r*r r?f?r?ooa fi??a " *? '!>? nWMT Of i?tlt and B?r fan ?*., HcookJyn, A irTTT A rkan r iraar na. VOPIvi f ***<?? WOMAN AMD WRR HC.'ravd, (ram na. who ba" no ofa-d/aa. dralra altuattoaa >a a ?pr?*? ?M'Via family: ?ka wmld b? willioff to t?*a far* at cklalrr*) a ad 4<1 plain a* rial o* ?Ui Mix Hovlf ??*? raUy aArftu ia 1M kaaaaMd a>airA I u format fond riiy ?uk? aa*n fo am.. B - tmrrarr apply at Mom au art, ooraar of flouaioo, ro? U. Aant aTio!* wantiu?-a.? ni ambbrmajd ok wa-ar oa oh/aetioiia to a auiu. family. Caa ba ?a?n lor twnda'a. Rafaraaaa from W Laat piara. fleaaa rail at 31 Pr*sM dlraat tntH drtor. Ami ation WaRTM>-RT A Tur?0 WUHAN Ail aairaa anl aaaaatraaa Oood ty rw;ar> or?? a op If at BlUai . ZAk aad XIat Mt Lau k* aaaa far two ??>? A*wtp-<rt(in,i woman w*nm a rttuatiok a? (*??* n a pn<ai? 'atnly Wixild ka wlUiag m dn w%ah tMU4>'.jaa|. Ooo4 n?y r>ia?a? la^nira at 40 #-at Utt at . k*l ?t >n ? aad atA ara. A Mki-aoTARi.* T?c*a wantr & srn; tUnW'W ?raanu houaeworlL la a M plain . ook, a 14 I HM> Can gat mod ally rafaranra. I'm ba two da/a at lot Warr?n at., kattraaa lloyt aixt Itond lakt/n. AutcaTton wawtko. rt a tocru wdmai, ta aa arnarai haaa-warfe ia a am . family ford >?kn ai l Iroaar and plata cooA. Sood r-i?r>-n~aa In (uira at No. Varkar . Itraafclyn. a RW?r*?TAm.ic r.!?ou*H rrrvant *??? a A alt-. 'Vai aa (and p'Ala nook. atraUaat bokar aad ArK rata wMbar and ??? ar. Will ba rmnna?Ktn| iron bay laal plara < an b* wh-b tar two da/a at Mt 7tk ay , bat wean 3Rih aad gru? ta. AXMPIi 1AKI.R liKRNAN TOCNfl I.AOT.OP 'HH?D ad a -.Ij'.n w l?ttaa to obtain ampk>yaa*t ?rt?b An A m?rl - rnu pr' ?*(? 'am.'y t? do aawtnc or to tak? flbar?* of and in atra?< ? r*>l<lraii or ta nalia haraalf (anayally 'laotul Addraya Mia P ft *' < ortluidt M.. ia tka aagar ?U>r? ARKWUfTABI.S T0CJ?? IUII. A III TV A MM lo ooafc, woak aad tr'<n, in A ataal! pait a'? family, tiadwataii ta faaayal bo'waw ,pk. Uuod r?f?-ranraa. Apply at fttii ora . br'traan mil aod 17<b aia . for tai d?y?. AtOITIKi PNOLIRN ITIIXtW I.AOV WIHHKO A HITUA tioo *a Mk*a ktaid knuarknapar or irimara* iriii'd bay# aa *0 ?<lK>k Ui trarwL lao produra ban nrfarw*a?. a op>i itu .-triilvon al AH AWWRTOIRt, WAVTX a ritt*aTTon ?n a pr'vota iam.IT aa aaamaU-aa and to da I.Rlit -?ar*, a foad aornr mora aqjhjdai Uia<i wayaa fall at ?? vk at. C(X)K I mm ATH>!? WA.1TKD, mt a protectant wa??*.i wbn 'hnro'if'ilf undnroiaoda ha- bnaina<.< la ?l: p uao a<<v i.<-m kkk' t ? ?n prodi.ra ffr ^p..l"M 1?h ?t . n> or 4 arantir fn.nt Sa a-m-nt r.AI?t t?H? A siti'ATIOR IN A RAKRRT OR 'aocr flora t:nteaatwaakla rafen-nrr gv aa. f aaar at 9i ^ fw* *M"? aoi in murk of an obiart aa a 10 U?T HR* BVRT ON Rf N -?ilk * , Rran? Jn "iQy^O OTHi. W ?nVr A "tft-ATttjlr S \ RNAtL ji ;j,f Um j '|o fa?V* "<aaaa -??A? 10 kaa flft >ih? vaaV *afe* r*ya nfaalnl.-a*. a pp / at 4.4 #??? Jku aa ajka k< art J tv tv? d*f% fATlan WiiTMW j liW. A?mrATIOM WAN TED?BT A TOUMO WOMAN, AS chambermaid ud waiter. Good city rcforencea. la quire at 2SU Mulbetrv at. ? A FIRST CLASS COOE WISH KB A SITUATION?UN A. deretanua her buainrwt Id all tu branch*, has no o*joo iion to a private boaidnu house; city reference, it required. Can l>? eeeu for two dava. If not engaged, at 9U8 Mot I at , bt* j^eeu Houston and Bleecker tu., in the atore. A situation wanted-bv a toung woman, to do ehamberwork and waiting or to ill general house mik. ui a email family. Goud referee oee. i'leaae call at 127 Court at., Brooklyn, uisrd lloor, back room. A YOUNG LADY WISHING A SITUATION AS 8EAM atreas, or to wait oo a l.uly. Gall at the American Hotel, &9>.| Broadway, room 42. The boat of city reference. A LADY WANTED?OF INTELLIGENCE AND OOOD aMNH. to solicit subscribers for a very popular bojk. by which $6 per day ran be realized. Address immediately Mtiloughbs, Broadway Foot office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO OB tita a situation *n a respectable family in thr cap wity of cook; is a good oook. rue,-Hunt waaUer andironer aud of willing disposition Has food city reference from her last place. Pleaae oali or address to 310 1st av , between Utth and l!>th au . fur two daya. A SIT CATION WANTED-BY A YOCNQ WOMAN. AS n?>t. wa?her and irooer flood relwenees Apply at US hast ilth at , between 1st avenue and avenue A. So ob jectloa tu the country. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION TO ATTEND a bakeiy or a eoolectiouer?. Pleaae call H M Hfk, _*l Hi or lor one week C100E-A RESPECTABLE COMPETENT WOMAN DK J airt ? a tiiuaimu a first rate meat and pastry oook; abe I \ ut di r?taude her buMuens tn all iu> branches Good re !.? r < ooel Would m dte herself generally imefu'. as ?he de s-irri- a Imuie more than high wa^ee. Apply at 275 Bowery. 3 A DIES MAID?A SITUATION AS SUCH IS WANTED i tiy a young Airman woman of good character aud testi tnontiLs Apply at TO Grant! at., M ulame Loapi'allier. SITUATION WlNTSI)?BT A YOCNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waller. References given, ('an be seen for a few daya ut ber present, if*! Weal 4Kb at. QITUaTION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O unman, to Aogenenu bonne work; haa uo objection 10 the city or connlry. i an lie ieen for two day* at 2U0 Wast 15th ?t., brtwetn Istaveai.i' anil avenue A. CJITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woniau. aa excellent cook, underst-in la paatry, and is a r<* i hnfcer; m willing to ;ia>iat la washing. Good city role rence given. Pleaae rail at 4) West 13th at. Situation wanted?by a resectable young woii'in ia hd excellent cook; fully understand* her buSi near, ban oo objection to aaaiat with ine waking, if required; the vet v bee'of city r?er?noes ran be given. Can be seen fur iwo days at 64 isth tv, be ween tith and 7th art. only three doora from 6th ar. ?itcaiion wanted?by a protestant youwg i? woman a* chimo-rmal.l, or nurae and seamstress i? fill ly cob pe'ent to nil either of the above situations. Good city reierence Please call at 18 West 12th at., for two days. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR rird woman, aa wet nurae , can give good reference. Can be sreu for the week at lti'J 1st avenue. SITUATION WANTED-AS LADY'S MAID, BY A *E sp. ct*t> a German woman, who speaks Kn^Uab aod Kreosli make* di eieca, dreaaea hair, a.Al has the beat ci? re fercDce iioiu the place where she lived lour rear*. Adareaa :;au Jill at., uear the Bowery, fioin 12 to 4 P. M , for two daya. SITUATION WANTED?FOE A NURSE AND 81AM sires* of 'liehighest respeciabilitr, fully <? unpetent to take charge of an mfaat from its birth. Boat of referen.'es. jap ply at ^Tl Bowery. Situations wantei?-my two bcspectable Kir s. Maters, who are tlealrum of lirlng together. one it a very Ku. ui cook ami aa excellent maker of bread, blacuita and paam . the other aa chambermaid Both are willing to take charite of toe washing, which they uodera'and pe,rfeotly well. Have thr beit city reference Apply at 126 Clinton place, 8th m , second tlcor, back room, for two day a SF \MSTRF>8 AND WAITRESS?A SITUATION IS waotrd by a young woman folly competent for the above dunes Apply a) A3 Loodon 'errace, W. 23d si., where abe ia now employed, and where she refers SEAM.?TRE*8' SITUATION WANTED?BY A RES peciablr Protestant young woman. In a respectable American family, understands all kinds of family sewing, is a good ahir'maker and understands embroidering. Would go by the u cek or mouth. Apply at zh W. 23d at, near K'h are. WAXTED-A SITUATION. BT A VEST RB^PETTA b'e young girl, who la a tint raie oook. washer and ironer. aud can give the verv best of city reference from her but plate. Pleare call a* 32 Vestry st. T*TAN1ED-A situation, UY A YOUNG GIRL, A8 1* cl^nii ermaid and aeams'resa, or nurae, wage (4 a month. Call at 64 Eaitt 16th St., between Irving plaoe and 3d avenue. TETANTEE? a SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TV yonng woman, aa cuok anil to assiat In the washing, t'-m be tern lor two daya at As West 13th at., between 5th and gth ?1 s. \IrANTED-BY A RER1'EOT ABLE TOUNO WOMAN, II a aituation to cook, waah and iron, in a respectable t?n..iv she uDuentanda buslnesa and is a good baier. the besiof lit., reteimce given Please call for two daya at No. 4.13 3d avenue, between Slat ami Md sts. Tjr ANTED?A SITUATION. IN A RESPECTABLE FA W ini'y aa cook rood reference. Call ai 46 3d avenue, between loth and Ilth sua. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE voting ? '-run aa children ? nurae and ti> do plain aew 1rg bi-?t of rity refererce given Can be seen lor two days at 113 Fiat 3d at, third lloor, front room. WANTED?BT |AN HONEST AND INTKLUGENT girl, a situation imnuree or to aaaist In geneia! house woik I'est of referen -e given from ber last place. laquire fur me days at lis Chriaiopber at, aecoud :!oor. ?tETANTTD-BT AN ENGLISH GIRL, A SITUATION T1 aa oook or waiireaa. Pleaae apply at A> Chrystie at, r-cooi 1L TETANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPEtTARI.E YT voung woman, to take m washing at bar own reatdence. A poly at Z24 Sullivan at TP ARTFD?FOR A TOCVO OIRL. BETWBltR 14 ARO " 13 ycara of aga. a aituatMo m ? hiii * num. anl t> da 1Kb !>oaaeweik. nltr iaof an amiable diapaa:umi an ] f>?l of ?htUr-n P.rwae Miltt U Wc?t l*h au, between ttfc and 7ih areauaa. WA.VTKD BT A RMPFCTABLK TOCR'J WO* A*, aattuatton 10 eook. waah aad Iron Good rafor*no?a t van No ohjrcuoa ta go a ahort diiaaoa m ike oouhiry. Call 1M l.iidl.iw at. corner of Uouatoa. WABTICD?BT A RRHPm *T A BLR TOCRO LADT. WH > ap.ika t.crmaa, a ailualiea aa aaWwoaiaj la a ?v>ri. ar ta attend B a Dagaerraaa callery Tkt baat of cttj rrf rwee<ea be gltea. Addrea* ?r apply at Si1. Ludlow ?L WANTRD-a MTCATTOR AH OOOK, WA8HRR A!?D li nnir to a prtTai- taaalty. Oood oity reiferon a gnen. Tleaaccali al IX loth 7tk aad -th amurt. WANTFI>-BT A mani.T RRBPRCTARUC PBOTRx '? "nag w.anan a an nation who haa li.ed nine jca. 4 ,n her 'itMart place Hhe wLahee u? trarel aa lad*'a naid or at ait upon grown ahlMrea. Pleaae "all at I to Mat hub tt WARTHD-BT A TOCRO WORAR, A MTCAT10R to do houaework or cbambeework aad taki raro of ekU dran: ?h? 1* a f-i cook, aad Oral rate wa*her and roo'-r. aha haa II red two yean la her Uu' plaaa, food otty Hi*en Call at -? 'Ah a*., aerokd l:our, back mam, tor two daja. TPARTFD?A BITCATIOR BT A RBB TT 1*1411. tamir.aU'M ortotuoat %y th* io<?th rail at 2H ?th a* , b*twe?a aid ZT'b .ta.. an-ood floor, front roam. < an b?- ??aa uaul tutixd. TPARTFD?BT A PROTKHTART TOCRO WOMAW, A TT Mato M Mat MM waahu- * 1 roaer. Beat af rity ? > fteea. laqulrwat M* Bank WANTRD A SITCATIOR, BY A y<?tng fir: aa aeajnatrce. aad 'tadariiaadadi i?n>.n< Caa ba aeea at 367 -"th ac, a?r aeeauo 1 TP" ARTW?A KITCaTTOR BT A TOCRO MAR TO TT work la ? aa,.?ia ? kntej. Cnd'tatarv ? hi? li'ianea. act la ntpahia at afoauif ajatai p. la wllUaf u> ailr k ma- r neefil and 14 ?? mtmJr aa??ta. CW1 al 214 Kaat Zlat at., m tk? ail.k morr Cf t?W?*IWa>|k rt'RT RCRXR.-WAVTK?, A BtTCATtOR AH WRT TT MMt if a IMMMMI WU1< imarn-d w -nu t( -1 twrnty com, or woai l ok- a -wuaUoa aa e?-aiaatr<*?, inder r?od< aii lurid a "f fam' ? Flaaae eaJI, Iroa II A. M. u> 4 PR. al JU .Vk A, tfcird rtnor, fraat mom. WARTRI>?A BiTTJATIOK AM A GOOD OOOK ARD t? w?ah and lr>a. ?<? ? 'T| girl, wllk fivid cttj refT?ne? <"aj! at 40 v k*daa> ?v. near Vanok. tlfARTRIV? A BITrATtOR. AA FfRAT CI.AM OOOR, TT by a ??rt . *trt, w ih * *<? "Ity r?f'-r?0'- a, will waah and iraa Call at l^UJHk at naar M a? , uratdaor. Iroai rnnia. U* a BTF.D?BT A RUtF' TT ? BtJ-: ?IVDr.R A<?RD wonutii aahuatlan u rook >a a raap?rt**i? prlrata famllr B?-?t ftity '-l>r?aw a. Apply at a manoo ? , In the rear. t<r twodaja. W- ABTRD-BT A RIHPRtf ABI.R TOCSU 1TOMAR. A atiuauoa to do piala <noktn?r; It aa ax^llTawaaVr an I UraNi, woqid pi ?fer to r? aa ia'in lr?a Pleaae call for two da)< at ar> Pearl at, arrood V> r frna" mm. TPABTIH?BT A TO! RO WOMAN". I.ATRI.T AR TT need Irwat ihe Otd ''naatry. a^taailoa aa pl?1jpp? aad ebunbermald U<w?l r?i r?i?" aa ' e fl??n by calling at ? 7 \ anrk ak, wh. ra alia rma b* aeea tatU angagad. VilTm-IT A RRftPRt'VABT.R VOVM WOVAX a W MMaiiaa: iaajpmd mnkj >iad*rataada ?taking, IBflBft | I rat ra<? w*ah?r aad imaer oe ta do ih? hon^wwk at a ?aiai< pti at'- milr hailMIl*! nf cUf Mn*aw Ple*?e r*ll a', i IM ta<* 2T?h at.. iKtw^a I at aad Jd a?a.. Aral floor, !>oat r<vim. np a'alra. , T*' ARTFO- BT A RRtPR" YABI.K TOCRO WORAR, A TT aiiaaiKm aa f?w> olaia . '>ok. irat tate waaber and tro<i?r 1 Tbe iieciaf rwy r?frr?n?e raa bo Platan at 12} < ??tr | *t., third floor, front. Brook Ta. ULTAN'TFI?- BT * RWtPFi "T t BLR PROTF^TA RT Wn T? man a aK-ia'trn ae <yw>k, prrfeetly >ind< raunda bae l.naloeaa In all ita braarh** a a *or?d paatrr l>ak?r under ??arda Fr?^rh "omklai. "aa< of -?"na-viial* can W? prod'i> at m A ararter and ? apabillty. Apply at lfl> Raat I :ih , ??or nee of :ld a*. \tf A *TFT?? B V A TOCf.? vrOM\*. A -tfTT ATtOf TT aa ehaiabenaaid aad aalvt B"?t at riiy re/e??< ce ran be fl^ aa. f!aa ba a? 1 at >ier laa* plan* wh*re >h? llrad s vear- aad k iwraitkc. Oall al II Waat ?Mh at , betw >?a Mb ar. and Broadway II* ARTRP? A RWC 4TTOR, BT A RMPKrTABtR TT ro'inf womaa. aa nnrae and -"am*" ?? .ir u< do ^Imra |,.rwor? heat e,t? referwee giren. Plcaao call ft* tiro dar* at as 781 areo ie, betwaeti Bin and JMfc at* , la tbe -'or>\ TtTARTRIV? A hlTT7ATfOR, BT A RR.HPSRTAtU TT Am?r<ca?i Prateataat foan* Woman ?a '-hamh?rm*td or ?o take nare nf ch ldr o. Taqaire at bar praaent employer"a lg White at. TL*ARTFI>-A ^ITT" ATITJf BV A RFBPFfT ABI.R TT yow>f ?mui aa good <-nofc and will aaata- in waaktng and -oalngla a f.r1??t? lamllf ?oo-l refcrewee flraa If ra ^litre 1 In'inlrc at ??>'< ?th at, belwaea ar*. V aad f>. ' aa 1 c ?#<-? for one day WARTR?~bV A RFBPF^TaBI.F TOf'Rn WOWAN A a<4watjan aa lauadreaa. ba* na ohjer'lnaa to In ilcbt rhaaikw aik: tiaa area T*a? etty raterence Apply at Ra ;i l aion r?r<rt, cr*ner ot UBtreraiiy ptace aad 17th at -it'aiTwn \ arrrATtoR bt a rorM oirt, to f? J. i'?aaah"ew.iek. ta aaat llnho-jaawork P ?M? .h, *1 >?M *ih?L, W*we* Ith and ttk, fog tw? k/l arroM Tir antkd-a srruATioM as uoubskebpeb. by a V* ???-HW aged American wilow Udy, of exneilent dlspusi tun awl U food of cJuldrea, eeUstnctory rnlvtuM girea. Appl) at UrwilA WANTBIh?A SPTUATION AS MAID 8KB VANT TO A reapee'able family < jui? to Caiiluruia. Beat rofrreuca Iuqulre ki ltl^S Cheery at. W"InT*D-BY A BK8PECTABLB TOONG WOMAR. a sliuauon in a small lamlly an oook can do *?aar?J hotter work s M an tuicrtleul waaher aad Irouer. a good bread baker or would serve aa chambermaid and aiiM la waUuaif aad irouui? . very bent city refer auoea givaa. Apply at 27 Suffolk at., lor two day*. WANT1D-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPEOTABI.F. woman aa conk. thoroughly uielarntanda her business good ietereoce can be given. t'ell at 121 E. 3Jtli hL, two doors from .'Id av.. secondlloor. tar two daya WANTED?BY A YOUN? PBOTEnTANT WOMaN. A alum t.on aa chambermaid and eeamsiresH. or to aaalm with the wasb'.ng and tionmg; ran five two 1 earn cUv re for"nee from th?laat p aw. Tltaaocall at 0? tfeat Utn st . in Uii' rear. ??? -|A;aN7KD-BY A BESPKCTAWB YOU KG WOMAN. VV a ntnaU?u aa child's nurw and to asei?t in chamber ?oi k if required. ii lull)' competent lo fake the ch*p*e ?r Jhliniu frlrsse laqulio tor *. a., at 4T- lWh at. below l?l avenue, first floor II ANTED?ilY A. COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN. A w * aiiua'ioii ?-rbanibertuaid ami to do line washing and trot, i1 or ctiinberwork and plain sewing : can giro tha pest tu cm reference from her 'ast employer*. where *?<? has lived ibree yen's Pleaae call at 264 29th at, batwwn 9th aui IWb av en ue?. _ TV AVTKD-A. SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID. ANO VV la wtiiii a u> aa?im id ?* selling nod Ironing U?od cit v re ferencea giveu. Inquire at 29t? West 19th at., aecoud floor, backiocm. , TV ARTKD?BY A REfr-PECTaBI.E YOUNH GIRL A VV .i.u-uotiaa.haai'.enna.daod waiter Good rem C giveu. Apply lor two daya at tM> Kaat Hruaiway, aecoud floor WINTKD?HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A xifualiou to do light diatnberwark and piain aewing Call at 12U t'Mt 26th t>i, belweeu 2d and ad ava. WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL. A SITUATION Ait cbild's nunte ia a reepecuble family. Call at 21, Bowery, room 16. Cau be aeeu uutil suited. VIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, W a BituaUoniiia gentleman'a family aa tirat rate aeaiu sties*i < au cut and hi mdiea' and children'* dieaaea Has no obipciinn to tuml fu linh' chaml.erwork If required. PleMj* call jet her preaent eniplovcr'a 1A* W m Jlth at., between Sth and V'th avenuea, unlU engaged. WASTPD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN A WTnATIOffAS nurae and plain aeamBti*?>; ia rapableof t*long < harg of a baby and a* nur?e for children Cau gt*e Ithe beat off ".* relereni c Apply or ad.lreaa a note to .I O . l^S WaiWley place, i orner of Hammond at., t.p ataira, tront room. C au be aeeu tor two day*. If not epg^ged. TV'AXTICD? /Tsituation as chakbkkmaid and VV waiter, by a reap?-. :able youn^^ woman; ia wilUnit io aFsiM In the waihing *n?l irouiug. Be?t of cttf ref? fiuegU^o. Tan be aeea for two days at 89 We?t 19th'oad floor, hack room. TI^ANTKD?BY A RJtHPECTABLB OIRL. A 8ITUA W tion to take rajw of children and aaaiaf at light house work, or to do chamber work, reference given. Call at 101 Monroe at., in the baaemeat. Wanted?by a respectable oirl. a situ a tion to do flue waalitn* and ironing ar4 cham^rwa** the beat of reference ran be given. 1 leaao call at lttt Pearl at-, Brooklyn. Can be aeen far two daya. If not engaged. Wanted?a situation, by a iiiohly re ?per^ble young *om*n. to do KCQAral hou***or* in J private famUy. Beat city reference. Pleaae caU at No. 9 f^royaL WT ANTED? A situation. BT A respectable vv voiiDg woman in a reaperfHable family aa waiter and chamteimald. underalanda waahlng, Ironing, cook tag, Ac. Beat of city reference If required. Can be aeen for two daya. Apply at S9 Weal 2?Hh at., betweaa CU> and 7?h ava WANTED-BY AN AMBBICAN WOMAN. A SITUA uoa to do light housework and aewlng. Apply at 181 East 3*?h H.. third floor. WAN! ED-A SITUATION. BT A BESPECTABUE girl, to do chamberwork or would have no objection to | i?fc. care of children. Inquire at (16 Eaat Broadway. fir anted?ry a respectable youno o'RL a V? Mtuailon aa cook, who thoroughly underatanda her ba?i neaa la a tirat rale waaher and ironer. Beat city refarenoe from her Laat p ace. Pleaae call for two daj a at li3 Wcit22d at., between Tth and nth avenuea. TVANTED-A SITUATION. BY A respectable VV young flrl in a email private family; ia a go id waaher and ironer and platu caok. haa lived three yearn la oae aitua lion. Can give the beat city reference. Pleaae call at 127 Wret 27ih at. Can be aeen f>r two daya. Washing wanted?py a widow woman, at ber own reeidenoe. und- raianaa ijl kin la of r.imily washing, and the doing up of line mualina and (luting. The beat of reference can lie given Iram (lrat claaa familiea. In quire for Mra. K?Uy. at 3K We>i lllh at. . Quanted?bt a t^vno girl, it tears o jj. a VV en nation to do eluunberwork and w.Utlug in a amall pn qatefaMliy. Oood reference given. Pleaae call at 24fe lBh at. near let av. T1TANTBD-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE BT A BE W apertable woman; ahe has loaf her bah v. foor months old has a fresh breast of milk. Pleaae call for two daya at 91 White at. WANTED-BY A RESPEi TABI.E TOUNU OIBL. A situation to do chamberwork and washing; can do plain aawtac; would wait upon a lady; good city reierent* given. Call for two daya at 217 Weal Jftb ?t. Wanted.?an educatedlai>t d^ibbs a mtua tlon ma family where ahe can aaalat the lady of the house In her sewing, and make herself generallv uaefut, la comi etent in every reepect. her object la to retain apleaaant home ai.d a moderate eompen?ailon.unexeeptionabUiref-rao* cea given and raqubad. Addreaa A. B. t' . Herald ode* ANTKD?BT A BRSPECTABI.E PROTECTANT young woman, a attuatiou to do plain wohlnf. and aa niat in washing and Ironing, or to do general houaework In a sovaH private family CaS be aeen f<* two daya at J06 Baat 19th at., corner of 1< avenue. Wanted?by a respectable pbotbstabt girl. a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or to aaaurt la the waahuig and ironing the be? of city reference can be given. Apply at No. 8 3th at , ran be aeeu for m daya Wanted-a situation a? wet nui?e bt a heai'hr middle aged woman, la of kind dlapo*'km. i an givTu.1 Kst of rJfeewaee aa to hen^ely aa.1 ?6rie?y. Pleaae call at MT Moc at in tha rear Wantbd-a witcatiom. bt a Rw^w^aei.e woman aa cook, ska perfectly understands her buuneas In all na hran bee. w^ld have a? ohjeeuoa w aaalat ta_ wash ing and ironing. Tha beat of city reference glvw. Call at 44 Weet Uth aC ______ WtBTFD?BT A tXiLOBED WOMAN A SITUATION Jroo* IB a private family. WiU Iumiah the bees of re ferexr* aa torapahOlty and character. Can be area at 1M West 19th sl I TfANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN IIONBHT, WOBER, v\ tudustrteos girl. l?|'Ure at IISK^st W sL. for two daya. WANTBD-KITUATION*. HT TWf> OOMPETENT girls, well reaoamen led. 1a one family or eqparaU. I One ss cbamliermaid and waller, or to do fine washing and tracing. lived In her last nlac* sU yearn. Tha ojher lo do pU?tn ronktmg, washing nod Iroolng. Id imr* nl lf2 , h . an* 23d pp mum, at Mr? Tfi* 1 1 **r ANTED?A situation. BY A PBOTEKTANT OIRt., W aa rook or Uuadresa. <* lodo renenU hoaaework la a rswtxwtaMe family. Please call at U7 <7lh aL, between Tth and ava. TA' A NTED? A KTUATION AS BE IMNTBIWE. ET ONE VV eat able of rutting and fltung ladiee an.I ehildrena' j11 me. t u be seen. unMI en?ag3. ai 111 H- Marks plarQ^ A*T>3-A situation BT A TOUNO WOMAN aa plain cook, waaher and irooer. Haa sand eny r'fa re.. SaThwSi plaae Call - No. .1 st, two dr?ra ra adave. WHBanted-a MTUATION rt a respectable ? woman aa a I "d "mk wh 'in.| raian 'a hsfttag and I perry perfect;*. Is an eieellent washer an I - oar Has ihe Lr of etiy refWewre Oaa he seea for two days at S07 Blr h gton, eornar U?? sia ftVAim-A ilTUATTON KT A RBEPB'TAEI.E Vl ProSeomnt gtol todn ehaniherwnrk or lake care of ehll drea VaaTTeeta nadl aegagfd. at EM Weet 17tk A., bo tw?rn <ah and Mh avea. ANTTD-A SITUATION. BT A HIUHLY BE?P?< T able young woman aa wniter or ehamberwuud aad wai ter The mrwt res^eta' t" c*t r?frretiee raa be given t ea be sewn for two daya at Itl 7ta av . i^tween Jd an.1 J4?h W ABTED-ET A EBAT. OENTREI. OIEI. A SITTIA W tion as seam*tr es^ aad aarlorm^M. makes ?ains neat l? and ear do ail family sewteg and will assist w th TO tig ehlwtren Haa earelleal etty r?ferene.\ Wages $7, In ims rity or Brooklyn Also a girl. 14 yearseld. wan', a alluvion, to a nent sewer aad s good aeree to a ?*?>?. Will 'w iH oa a lid, win board a, fo H ? all or addrem !W East Aid SL nmnj.w?wr? omcRn. Afttu. AWORT*rirr of- rkrvaxtr wtu. ?* tnuad at 14* Bowery. Another fnll ant-ply ?* Wo- I# b ? '??'>? warur.f ottnati'-oa ?-??y or ei.'ibirT. ??(?i iMd?r*i?. A* W> ftawtl or I apari'y. they are e.(.r?l u> my m.f I e fmtnd ?l?>whrr? Th* Mienttna of h<>'iwk?^fwm >* ra uea*f4. W. B.? Meti and Iwiira on bsnd. c KahiiI l i**t mw mbtaut* mm ? itt o* cocjctrt, r <"*a he obtained at 'be flirrti-h Inti'lllfenpe oflli-e, T Ce llar (tree!, Hrnod wey, rl? ?conlu. "bamberaalda. nurer-a, c r>? tor ?wr?l bnuanwnrk, roornr glrla. Ar. a lee for? I ? tr%t 'i **j ? / '**?*??, mrouinf. ?rwH Avn miini UKRTAim IjT ran h? At BORRH iKHRKrtr A l O.'M ?T7 hrnadway 'WT?t of Keade *tr?et alao wmm com b nan 'itlxirrn, Ac , mi 'hi* or Um> branch ofllra, IK <)r?oawieh \KTARTRf>? AT ;? RROADWAT, THRKK i'I.F.RK S T? for uhlprlnn mid railroad ticket idlip**, two Pterka for dry jor-dn anil grnrrrr t?orr?, I wo biw.kk<-wp?r? fonr aolivmen, two ormdnetnm, three h?f?a?rn.?, two hmkeme*, f mr (Ire mrn, two* bar keeper*. fonr waner*. three porter* four m-n ft* ateMier*. two dr tm. two i oarhmrn, ami (our boj? :or ?Jotea awl lor trade* KACrM?S ? OlRRuTT, Proprietor*. W'ANTBD-AT HO. 6 EAST HR'iADWAT, TWO Tf r erlu lor railroad rtflire*. Iworlerk* for *bipplne and raal olllree. (wo rr*tdlrtor?. 'wo t>ienf?me?, two brakem -n. two pi rera, two iiremen four men for *tr>?n>-r*. two l<?r ke per* one houeokoeper and on? ??warde?*. om.RlT A oo rmr. i.kxtumji muoi. UlrHARO OOOR?AJ?. K?Q.. Wll.l, I.K'TC RR R* fore the' atholtr l.iOrary A*er*-i?tton on fhurelar even ing, 1 ereoaher 4 a' :he Hro?dw?r T?b>rna<-ie u*h|?rt ? "1 he flora of rblTnlry." Tlrkota, ? een'a. t'ao be had at th?- lior.r on tli<- errruij of tbe lee' iir? IHOMAft flilllT WRA'.HKR Wi" d?H"?r an add-w oa lOTAI-rT A ?l? Rt-fr Bl.Ir?fmv, Ml Rul'K *I?H AWHftlwA. Re' -e Die a,toii?g Menu Ifcwiorratir i ni.m<1nV' ?? 'be AOAPITBV or ?IT?TC, On Tc??nar r' ?*iM.,l>?. aaare 9 |*$*. TVjbi '? 'A t- h?l f at be Obtain* t a? fbe M"?te Motm and at >ba iVev i' 'ha Anei*?Wf. ffl^ate bot?a WW b? kwm 'or i*dl?*? an<i r?a t'?wra ae- ooifvaar'n litem, r^fco'it ei'f~% e*\a-f? R w. coitf. f JNl> Wa t*. Reri?*.?'/ _ BITt ATian WUTBIMUUia. AriKjO RATK SOPRANO. Of FINK CULTIVATION, ??mbt ti a hi' ualioo us an F.ptseopsl church. understands pei fwtiy thi> rnusio of the cknick. Address A. U., Union plate Tost odlce A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, AS wsiUtr or fisiKnan, good reference given Address A.

bux 13V lu raid edl"tv AGKMlfMAN WISHES TO PROCURE POR A TOUNO man (unmarried! about leiving his employ aud whom be can rwcotnineud in every way. a situation aa private roach mau. I>j{ht porti i or (ardtlMr, Ac , upon a gen'leman'? eNt try (!*< ?? < an b? seeu at tlie house of his present employer, lx W eat 43d at A BOOKKEEPER, HAYING LEISUllK HOUR* IN the evening would like tooccupy thetu in writing up a art of books. Address H, R., box 24 IleraM office. ClOAtHM AN.?W A NTKD, A SITUATION AS COaCH J man, by an Englishman. a single man. who tn in>ughly unders'anda Iho buauiess In every rest ect. the beat ol eity re ference can be given Please lni|ulre at A. W. I onckiln s sta ble, i S a. iu Hi H eat 23J at. C OA".iMAN?WANTED, A SITUATION, BT A RE apecbible single man, who understands well Hie eve of cairtasea and horaes. Han iiooi recommendations from Ins la*t p'ace. t'leuse address J. C., care of Chas. S. Coxhoad, 7U4 Bruadwsy. HEBREW SALKSMAN WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE dry g< ods store. To oue well (jualllled a liberal aalu-y will be (iveu. Address Salesman, box 701 Post ofli -s. HAKDDP -A TOUNO If AN. A SCOTCHMAN, DK alrea a situation as booklteeoer. salesman, or porter. In a mantilla, wbolesa ? or retail dry goods, or any other house Ilia will pay a hard worklug man a fair salary. Undoubted city reference as to capability, Ao., to. AddriM H , Herald office. HOTEL PROPRIETORS.?A OKN TIiRMAN FULLY competent wishes to meet with a situation a* au;?enn trndent, or ui tue office of a lirst class hon-c in the city or elsewhere. Address r. C., box 154 Herald olllce, for one week. TO WHOLESALE GROCKERS,?A YOf'NG MAN PROM Canada, who I)an been in the wboestle grocery business for several y ars, is d-ali ous of obtiiuioir a situation in some house in this city .ashing to form ? Can vlmi trade, us he is e.\ien-iv?l) scquainUd with people lu the above buslne?s in Lower Os inula. Is also capable ol' keeping a ?e'. of bo >ks, and ran give best of city reference Addnyta I). M. N.. Herald office. THK TRAPES ?A FRENCH GENTLEMAN DKSIRKS to And a situation in a hou-e doing the Hour mid wheat trades, one making the enportaliou in kurope will be pre terred because, by hia relations with the nrincipal millers and tradesmen in l'aris and other cities In Kurope. he can render tome services to his employers. In a few mouths he can dis Dose of about 92.010. Best references ylveu. Address 0, I*., acsjif 4tli St WANTkD?BY A RESPECT Al.E MAN, A SITUATION aa assistant bookkeeper or sbioping clerk, or to do any thing where he can make hlmaelf useful, good references given. Address P. O P., Herald office. WANTED-BT A FRENCHMAN. A 8ITCATI0N AS waiter in a private family; he uud-rstands liU business thoroughly, and can give good eity reterence. A note ad dressed to I' M . care of Mr. H. A. Kerr. 746 Broadway, for .wo days, will receive immediate attention. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY ? YOUNG MAN, A8 porter in a store, or In any other respectable situation where neoeuld make himself "generally use ul; good refer ences given. Address J. L., box 191 Herald office. WANTEE-BY A YOUNO MAN OF BUSINESS TACT, a situation aa salesman, or clerk In an office, or to mate himself useful in some capacity. Address Industry, Herald office, fur two days. No objection to going West WANTED-BY THE SUBSCRIBER, A SITUATION IN a wholesale hardwarelestabllahment; he thoroughly un derstands the business. Is aceusiomed to travel, and c>uld command a Canadian trade. Address Canada, Herald office. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, WTIO CAN GIVE lirst rale references for character and ability, some active employment, here or in the West. Address R. B. W.. Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN. A Mtnation as coachmau. who perfectly understands ui> business. Is willing io make himself generally useful, has no objection to city or oounu-y. can give tiie beat of oily reference. Address J. F, box 116 Broadwav Post office, for two days. WANTKD?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO MaN, AS private cnaebinan ; no objection to go in the counti good city reference Please call for two days at 74 West iii at, between 0ih sod 7th avenues, in the livery stable. WANTED-BY A YOUNO GERMAN, A SITUATION" as porter, clerk In a grocery store, or In an office; would have no objection to drive either a wajon or cart is a c>od p? ninau, and can give the best of cl y reference. Call at Not 3 Chrystie st., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN A* vv inht porter or skipping clerk; is Willing to make bim eli generally useful. Please addyeas P. C., Herald office. tTLTANTED?A BOOKKEEPER'S SITUATION, BY A f f ynm.g man who has ha<i aeveral years' experience, both bv double and single ?ntry. Good refereuoe given. Ad dr( ?? II , bos IW Herald oAc?. liMiiP Vlf *JWfcl>-|f?H ?!.??. Acood cook and lXcNDKRW ^WANTED ?AT .;1V 4iii avruue, ill a email private lamlly;oae who in a liral rate rami and laundress; none othi-ra Bond apply. OOLoRKD COOK WANTED-MOST ENOW HER BUSI nea* won, llkewfee be tidy and amut in her actiotie, with bent city refcrraire front her lftn' place; food *>(<? to oua who way ?nil. Call al *4* Kroadway for three daya NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS?YOCNO, ACTIVE, (JOt)D nature,l firla, ittlak aewers and well recommended for honestv and capacity, Bay apply from 'J to 12 A M. at 141 EaM 1.1th 1. SK AMSTREKB AND CH AMHKRM A ID WANTED -A Protestant, wbn oau brin* gooI recommendation*. may apply at 39 Weet 24th it , between 10 and II o (.lock A. M. WANTED-A NEAT HEALTHY WOMAN. WITH A IVeali breast of milk; one willing to lake charge at ail Infant from ita birth. al ber own house. Apply Immediately at Mr*. Byraee', lflH Thompson at., near Houston. ANTED-A RESIDENT (iOTKKNBM. FOR TIE winter. to <tu-b the Ragltoh brancbe* and music. Ad dreae W., Herald office w WAVTF.D?A FIRBT BATS COOK. WHO UNDER ?taoda baking, Ac ; au<i be aa ? ire.lent waah-r aad I rone*, far a aroaU featUy. Apply at lit Weat 2Mb atreefc ANTED?IN A FRENCH FA MILT, A FIRST SATE oook. Preach, G*ra\an orBcoiored wo'iian preferre-R mtua be aa air edeot washer aad inner. Good wag*e ?ir aa. Applg lor thres daya at 16 Cheer?? viae*, near Degraw el.. WANTK.D?A GIRL OF GENTEEL AODBKflS TO AT tead a toy or fktvy etore. None bet those uatting exp?. rteare need apply to H. Swan, 870 Broadway. WANTED-A WELL RE<X)MM UNDID PROTEST ANT rank. wa?ber aad Iruier, white or calorad, to do ceorml housework la a?mali private family? wage* (7. Uaii uota 11 ull 4 o'clock at Mo. WEaat 26th at., near 4tk atcnua T1TANTED?A FEOTESTANT WOMAN. AH NURSK *T aad aeamitreaa. In a family wh?re there la no very ronng rblld. Apply l.etore 12 a'oloak, tor two daya, at 2u> loth at., near 1st a*. WAETED?A KMART AND TIDT OIRL, TO DO THE ouokisg, waahiaf an 1 tronlaic uf a amalj fatally; a Pro teatant or Meraaan girl preferred, mast understand her bow seas perfectly. no other need apply. Mutt hare good refe ranee. ? all at MB Macdongal ?L WANTED-A F1RBT RATE COOE. WaSHKR AND troaer. and ne willing to make lierallf general') tie* fat. la a aaal! private family. Protestant preterm*. Apply; with re/ereorea, at 21n Kaat itrua>l?ay. WANT*I>-FOR THE COCNTRT. A FIRST RATE nook, waaker aad Iroaer a ilrm rate ehaa>^erm?td aad wal'? r girl ajid ? IrM MM (h<id ? mirsa. None but those w? 1 quaJH ed aad oaa bring gooJ reooakou-adauooa aeed *;ply, at A Ilea at. WANTED?FOR A sM M.t, fAMM A VOVM WO man. to do ihe cenerai hmiaework. Nhe la i-t be a ?d rank, and flret rate laoadreea. Oool rafereaoe* r?i<iir?4. Apply at Zfc Weal lOlh at at .he baaemeai door. WANTED-A OOOR; ONE WHO TIIOEOCOHLT CN deraiaade bar buaaneae. AL?>. a aeamatreea, * ho ran cut and Ml dreeaea and tindera'ande all klnda of family ?ew UU|. Both aiuat bring good city refertaoea. Apply at 41 yT'\ tounL XMT A ETRD?TWO OIELM. I? A FRIT ATE FAMILY, TY reeMtag a *ort dlaian -e m the <ottn ry, one a good roak and baker, and *o aeaiM la the waahiag and Iroemg the ether a (nod rhamberaMid and lanadreaa Apply at the book *?ora. I* aiel 110 I>'iaae at , l>?weea ? aad iJo'clo. k, >?*A re 'eretKee required. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A OOOD i-OOE. WAMHER "? and imaer Neae nead api lf nnleee th-y anderetand their boaloaae Hand repaired. Apply at 194 Weat ><h ?L, below Mh ar. ANTED?A PROTECTANT WOMAN. All BEAM atreaa. oa< that naderetaoda dreeamak ug. aa l all kind* offkmlly arwlng. ah<-moat e<?ie well reeomtoraded. None Cher* aeed apply at the l. ntoa llotel, T.? Itudaoa M. WET NCRIIE WANTED.-4 TOCXO, HEALTHY WO man, ?Mh a go>4 breaat of milk. Apply at 31 Kaat fftfcet. UTANTED-A TOT ff?i WOM \N. WH? CNDHRtTANDI the heatneaenf waiting. Apply, wdh rBy r-rere?,ce, at U? Raet 14th at, kear 3d atetaa ANTED?A SMART. INTELMOENT. HONE IT yonng weaaan. to attend a eeiif.v?ioB. ry atore; oae a*. ' Iatnw>e4 preferred likewise a rtrl to do light hnaaewerk. Apply to I4d xh a rem tie. W~" ANTED-A YOCNO <IIEL AB CHILD'S NI'RBE, and In do light work *rv>d reeontmeadati<m* reonlrrd: I'.ngliah. KMArh or ABenesa preferr^, wagee 94. f"?|i oe 1 hiwwla? aBernros. l.etweea 2 and 4 o clock, at No M West 44?h St., near Mh arenaa. ' Wantkd-a fbotettant woman, as mm waaber. an Iteaer. Apply, wltk refereaee. at No Iti I^ntngVui areaue. WANTED-IN AN AMEBIt AN FAMII.T, A fiOOI) ?est maker to' aiah work after a machine; aKo 11 few enai fltilahers. T? raanpetem handa a fair emnpe'iaMina ?M beflrea. A frw apdr?ei'leea paid while learning A girl aian f ir h?J"aework. Apply lor three daya, neii o+nr 10 I Tit Weet 4Sd gt. MM All* AN EXITtNSITE ABmTeTMEXT Or THE YARTOCB A ipaRM and Hrea of llarana. 0<-rman and domoatir *< gar?. at mttrb below toarkr* prteea. t'aah advanced ,m aegan of aay ^uahty aad la aay qt;a?itty O OH BEES, 17 Broadway. i^ASH PPRCHABERS CAN FIND A LA ROE STOCE Of \J the 'Arvm# grade* of aee*r?, at taoch helow market prtcr*. "?ah adraaces made on, see art of any stsaiRy and la aay iitaatltg O. CrIEKKS. 17 Hnadway. Havana seoaes ?ornriEMF.,*]"ir row want the ?Miiinf<9mjf the rartoua brand* Import*!, thea aal alep la to iAFFa * aegar . meo nm. Hmadwai and I eentf eighth Mreei lo? -n. ther. And ooe of the hr.t ?* ?"rtmpfim t4 **7 in Toft, and roii will niirraM*. Nn^>w d#wa KiuhllAH tlfef# f#iri. Havana wiar^-nitw crop, jtm mm oi"*0. T h* Irw? Hh<! ****** 'dherxrae^- ftw eaeh. Mote latportae tJnn?s ?Mt ir.?viUU.MlU4m m*. HKIJP WA?W*-WITiB1, Agent wanted. ? an aotivb enterprising jovmg mail OfcO tied employment In the flour btuineae by ap|>!)ii g at *> Cortlandt ? before IU o'clock A M. BOY W ANTED.?INQUIRE AT 10? DUANE ST. BOOKKEEPER WANTE#?IN A rANOY (JOODR I* uort'ig h?u?e, German preferred. Andrew S. B. A Co., LereUl office. Bookkeeper wanted-about pirht .tanuart, in a dry gooda jobbing hmi*e ; must be a food penman auricotrert with tlgure* Apply showing writing. ustnlm' relerencee and amount of salary required. O. M. O.. Herald office. Coachman wanted?in the country, a few mile* from this city. He must be a good groom and dn ver; nlao a good milker Hoo t recommendation* required. Apply at b"7 W ill hL, second story. DRY GOOD* CLERK WAN1 ED-ONE WELL Ex perienced in Hi' city retail trads. apply at 617 Sixth avenue. Employment-a person kpeakino the ghr man language. may hiive a permanent Kituation aa deli verer. Apply to Martin. Johnaou A Co., 2," Beekmau at VTEBCHANTf aNR CLERKS' (protective! ASjIO' III elation ;i!-8 Itroadway. 2 Apuletou'i! Building. Marem til* houses can obtain competent dorks, Ac , without cost. Youi'M men wishiup engagement* ahould apply, with refer ence* to II. Heury Boyd, Beoretary. YirANTED?A THOROUGH BU8INES3 MaN OK PRAC f* Ural exper.eore and ui<ed u< eanvaiwtiig. A suitable tnau will be liberally dealt with. Address Allen, box 31W1 New York Pout office WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE HAT flOUftE, A pul-Miian who tborougHy underitati la the business and can influence a large and desirable trade, terras liberal. Addreas. w ith reference ilata. Herald oiiire. WaMKII-A M an FULL* I aPABLE lO COOK ANI) preserve I r call turtle in tin caoa, and take charge ol a email establishment to go to a t-oulhern city, (lood wage* will be given. Addreas, with reterences O. M. C., Herald office. WANTED-A 8MART ACTIVE YOUNO MAN. THO roughly poaied in tbe tea trade, one who will atteud to bis employer's iuteir?*t before hia own preferred Sue' and no others need iipbiy, pripaid, to Alpha, box 3 SI5 Fort office. IITANTXD?AT THE EMPIRE CITY WOOD COMPA * ' oy's depot, foot of 2?th at, Kaat river, salcamen to make out door sale#; liberal pay given to those that understand their busheaa K. GKIN, Jr . Agent. WAITER ?WANTED A SINGLE YOUNO MAN AS m waiter. He must understand bia business perfectly, end have good city reference. Apply at 230 4th at. between 9 and 12 o'clock. WANTED-A MAS (UNMARRIED1 TO DRIVE A CAR ralge, and make hlmaelf uaetul about ibe bouse and gar den; three kept apply to H. B. Hcbolea' foundry. Kent a*, and Rosa at., Williamsburg, between one and three o'clock. WANTED?AM ENTRY CLERK WHO HaS HAD SOME experience, who writes a rapid bant and la quick and correct at figures None but an American need apoiy. hPaULDINU, Vail * FULLER. 26 and 2K Barclay at. WANTED?AN ACTIVE YOUKG MAN, WHO WRITES e good hard, la correct to figured, and ran make hiinaelf useful in collecting and tn an office Addreaa, in own baad writing, boi 1,336 Poet efflea, with reference. WANTED-A SOBER. STEADY MAN, WHO UN'DEE atanda the cleansing ol clothing, and to maku nlametf uaefal in the store None need app y but a man that uod-vr sLands ble business, who will tlnd constant employment during one year. Call at 191 Cherry at. WANTED-A SMART YOUNO MAN, WHO CAN LOAN bis employer tfiOO to $1 (JUO on good ae- urity. A good ealary will be given Uoure Irom 8 o 9 o'clock. Address James West. Metropolitan Poet offioe. New York. ttrANTED?A GOOD WAITER IN A DINING SALOON. " None but one who uuderstaud the busmem need apply At 21-7 South ?t. THE TRADES. CM ompositor WANTED.?A GOOD TWO THIRDS hand ran bare a steady, easy tituxuon and a good living at the I dice of ibe Staien Itlsnder, Stapleton, Staten Island. Kerry boa* lea > e Whitehall every hour. Pare Gd. NOTICE TO builders.?WANTED. A PERSON ? lully competent to overaee the building of a brick bouse who can devote all ot Ida tliue to It. Address Mentor, Herald office.jitatlng references and salary required. Ornamental confectioner wanted.-good wages to a tirst rate hand, aed none other need apply, at K lark's coufeet'oaery, corner of ilroniway and I3<h ata. r PAINTERS-WANTED. A PERSON WHO UNDER stands painting and paper hanging, and who baa Ixsea accustomed to superintend such work. To a competent par son a good salary will be given. Addreae Palmer, Herald office. r COPPER PLATE PRINTERS-WANTED. A GOOD louniey lean plate printer, one who undera'ands the oual n??#.t>~-'iiirhly. None n-ed apply Mostbe a man of kt.adv hablta. uood wagf-s ?u? ~ni>lvat Jim i'imS i engraving and prtming eataoluhment, aoumesst eoruer of Naa>au and Fultou ata. THALLOW MEI.TBR WANTED.?ALSO A TALLOW pre*a. ely A KEHSK. No. 9 Ferry street. TJ WATCHMAKERS AND JORUINO JEWELLERS? Wanted imme.liaielv. an Engliah Krench or American watchmaker; alao an American jobbing jeweller; a young sin gle man preferred. Apply to Mclntwh A <'o An?a and Mechanics' Oeneral Agency, S41.: Pine at, from lit to I o elo k. r WATCHMAKERS-A SITUATION WANTED. IN thla eiiy. by a competent hand, flt to snjieriut-nd a busl neeaorwork or both The requmi;e references obtaiued by addrrs-in^ Wau bmaker. box 122 Herald offi e. WaNTFD? a weix experienced, competent cutlar, aa foreman in a large clothing bouse in Cincin nati. Ohio The beet of salary given. Oalv peraooaof good reputation and Qualification need apply. Addreaa B. B. k Ue.. box S.366 Pies office. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A KIRHT RATE WHEM. ? wrtgkt. 0*e who can do all kiods ot' work can apply si the corner of North 6Ui and 3d ata., Williamsburg. WANTED immediately-ONE FIRST RATE lathemaa. Apply at the office, Flermont shop, Pier mont, N. Y. trrANTED?A GOOD BOOT AND SHOEMAKER; ONE TV who i? capable of dotag tine work. Inquire for K. and ? . Wyrknfl House, Warren at , corner of Ooliefe pla a, be tween 12 and 2 o'clock this day. WANTED?ENORAVER* ON GLAUS. TO GO TO IV sma. Apply lo J. B. Oralea, nl Fulton street, from ? tellA f? rtUBMCfl AUVBKTIIKNEm. / vl I)KB ANI>K?CXK FKM.ME PROTECTANTS FBAB " ? fataa on auiaae. pour eaudrr ct aoigner la* en'anta II foul quelle ri<npiraar 1'aaglaM at ami mual de bMtn ra nw.mindnitnt t> adrraaer M fcnic avcaue, ealro Im (i*? b> urea du aolr. rTNR FUARCAIBF. DBRIRB NR FLACBR BAM CM* ) ramliia pour prendre aola d'un on 'lem rgiuU, ooudra ?*i nt hp pri-U'r 4 ui'i'<*41'? choaaa ui'cwulff do U maJ wwi* I'tdrnMr IW 2me mnm. UOiRKR, HOOMM, WAITED. ^ OtVn.E*4* WITHOUT PABII.T, AND BATIRO two aer??oie, wiabea In notr the On* or aeenod dear M a bouoa wtthttte uae of kitrbaa, betneeatbe New Yort d? r! and I im aq'iara, wnhln oae block of llroad way Mo rcnoee exchanged. Addreaa by iaUar only, wUh Urtna, A. T. Batropolltaa Hotel. ___________________ (1LOTB1B9 OB FCRNITCRR W ARTBD.?LADIRR OR J (enllcrae* haxiiurof Uwwni* to ilMH of cmi ob la la a rvb ptlra by acndUitr to L. B DtiiWKI.DORr, LS Rim KTMI. *. R. l+AWu atleaiad by Br* PaMMarp. rWHXITtRR WAffTRD ?ART PBRROR HAVIRO A I'rcB'b mflinNW iwwind1 to r?r-fa?tvge for the ? ill H lit m ??parl< ad -I.'I.I.M. I'l'bT In ant ?.?-?< teeth or ID llliag or o'hrrwto.', may addreaa liMadlalel t Deo IM, Hroadway Poet office r' RRIfilIRD HOUIR WABTHD-SCITARI.K FOR A boardta( bona*, or the furniture would b? purchased, aad paid lor Ml weekly Inelalmania. Addreaa llouee, Herald ?dBoe. HOCBR WaRTRP IR UROOKLTN-WORTH ABORT , IR.iJOR, far whleb a food rhatf 1 moi?age wUl b? (I'M. MMlR' Ma kri . '? lion are c Bnmfi ? n ROOWR WARTKH-NCITABI.F. FOR T1IR DAOCRR rtaa bualnean la Broadway, below Maiden lane, aow or before May I. Oood rniraaoe aad chaaoe for akyti^bi indie pwaabW Addreaa Jmiulih. ? llroad way. CJTR *B RROIRR WAffTRD - ART PRBVYB HAT! NCI O for ?aie a flrat rate hnrlrontal or beam ensrlae I* lui-h rjUnder, I or SH feet Broke. wiih modern im,n>T.m?ola wiR nleaae addreaa boa M Poal ofire, Raw U>ad<a, Coan , ataUtg wm Se. ' ' WARTRD-A NBAIX. RRAT HOCRR. IR A OOOD netghb' rhood lor a mu aad wife, wttkoat children; ren mn?t b. law, pay remiarly monthly. will beep H In read ? *d r. Mala prha, kr uioo. Me , up Norman, boi ,;,Kl >m office. TtTARTRD-A W41.1. F17BNIRHRD H0T7NR. OR PABT ft , of a bouae. Addraaa J. A., bat Ro 7 Poat ofllra. WANTFT*?AN UPRMHT KNOINR OF FIRR FIRIPH, an to twe,?e har?e i owar a ao tbrrttorfoor Hofitrita* ?Ilk. Addre<aboi IP4 Herald o?< ?. T1TARTFI*?A BAR CO0RTKP. OTBTKR BOX. I,A VP, TT aad other bar tninrea , aJao a bay. about ttalHR fBMB old, wbo underat?adaopeniB? oyaMrm. Iaqulra la tba tor', t? nb at., or llotialon *. Tl'ANTKD IWBRDIATRI.T-A Ft'RMIHIIKD IIOITHR, TT lotatrd hetweea Canal^traal and l nl??> park, and be twren lecorid and ft!!* a*?^uai Rent not to exmadRI.IXX) per year. Adrireoa If , bot l.lHi Poat alik e, WAffTBD -HAT.F OF A HOtTBR. THR I,OWBB P*RT prefarrwd. In Hie rentral pari of Ihe rrty; rani ad to enread MM . poaaeaalon wante.I ItnniMtiaMr. Addr?'? or rail at 73 Tblrfl Mrr-et. Reference* axrbanged W~ ARTF.D-IR BX' TIARftR FOR AN IRTRRf'JIf IN A patent B>an'ifartnr1nff b'leinene already r<tal>IUh I a ?wall nwidem butll kouae uii W.wa, or ?mn taoant Iota In . good ioeatiea. Addrrta B. r. T., Rraa<lway Poat oBlea. BTI.I.I A RON. rtR SAI.R TWO RTPRIXFIfT Bit.1,1 tRO TANI.R', now In nee alao. leaae premlaea, tofe'her wiib i,irn. htra and fiJtnraa. ?>r t |i?rtnar would be taken No belter corner In lii* city Ihr .?*er bier. Apply al IAS Canal atreot, baaement. comer o' Mott atreet WJ. BIIARP wori.n INFORM THR Pt'ltUC THAT a he haa oa hand billiard labia* of all -iraa. Mi aee-wl hand tablaa. with marble and wood heada will be aold r!,c*p. Alan, a large bIHlard mawfor aale or lo rant Innuiraia kla mannfartorr. 141 Fnbna alreet OflUIT* AMD AtmiRTB. AI.adt B n, of'rijRT *rr? apribt rf?ovr.i bMndneaa *iae"'Oata. aJi eye weakneaaea. daaaaea, e<ta raH?, can?er?, Br., Without OperaUon or pain Pi nana waar Ina atieraariea an taatnrety enabled to do ??thn<? ibara. Krea nt th. Med atrenfthened and to 'hatr natural lorm. War* caeca tr#ata#*wwearfiilly raw *e aocn al tbetnflrmary (mm II A. B to 2 F R dT9 Nttlli a?aa"e P ?a- ?>i Frda?a Hope ea>< rortba. eon< npNo-i. dy?aco*t?. ;;Te, ail i? r^a i.feaM?i *< i W* w UTRRATCRK. IKOt f '? ADFKNTUKM AH t BO VINO DIPLOMATIST Oct) vol. l^mo . c'etb Frtoe M K, Ou tridti. December 6. W T. PETKIDQE * 0*, Harper's BulUtug, FraaWta square, New (at. BBLI.SAKIUS? ..... A FABLX. Qcohgi Fowi.kb Mouuuon, aulher. Published this week, By ROBERT M. DR WITT. Advertisements to ault will Be placed lit the Times, the tribune And *11 oilier journals of the country. F ANN Y KRRN Baa in ureas a new javenlle,entitle* TbK FLAY DAT BOOK. Nrw Sroiiiai row Little Fours W'th ten Uliu (rations. Price 76 cents, full gilt, ti 55. la be pnbliahed Deoember 10, by MASON BROTHURA, 108 and 1 Li) Dcane air eel, Hew fa?*. JUST ISSUED, PKJCK 10 CENTS. REFLECTIONS AND St <lQK3TH>(f3 In regard io what is called TUB OaTHOLlC I'HK-H In the United Slatea, Br tui Mimr Hav. Joux ltuiiiiEn, D. nrehbtsliopof New lurk. Mailed free of postage, oo receipt of twelve cents ia atMXM. Address orders to EDWARD DUNIGKN A B((OTHER, (James B. kirtnr > 1M Fulton stroet, flew tork. Life illustrated, for to-dat. trice four ceuts, now ready Alao the Phreuolnglc U and Water ? ure Journals, for December. teu cents each Addreai FoW LKK A WhLLi IWK Broadway, N V. The ?Threi.oloaital Journal," "Wa'erCure Journal." and "Life lllu?traie.d." ara among the moat valuable periodiaal* published in this country ? Albany Journal Ok Saturday, the thikj day of January. It 47. HARPER A BROTUKRH NEW YORK, WillIssue the first numbti- of * Weekly Newspaper, ta >a entitled, HARPEK'h WEEKLY, A Jot.'K.SAL or I IV1UZATIOX. They will spHre neuher labor nor expeuse to make it Mid beat family newspaper iii the world, one whosn cheerful aod genial chancier will render It a welcome vlMter to every household, while Its consiant ilfvoliou to the princ plea m rigbl and juauoe shall win the approbation of the wise a ad Iht good. lis object will be to set forth sound views on political, social and moral <iuesnnna: to dlltuee u?eful Information aui to ruIUvsle ihe g:a.?-s and amenities of life Harper's Weekly Will contain a fuil and impart! ?1 summary of uie political, social, religious commercial aud literary Lews of the day. It will chronicle the leading movements of ifae age, reeorii the inventions ot (cuius, the diacoverles of science and the crea'lous of art !t will In a word, aim'o present an accurate and complete picture of the age In which we live. It will alao give a due share of attention to the taste, the Imuglnaltou aod the*4eellug*. Its regular contents ?in em brace tales, incidents of travel and adveut ore. skelohes of cia racier and social life and essays upon art and morals The publishers liave made airan^.aients with the beet American writers, who will coutrttiule ti the various de partmenla of the puer. The large space at their dtaposdl will enable the conductors to avail themselves of aoapla selections from the best and most healthful literature af the Old Wond. The first number will contain the commsace meulol'Br. Thackary'a new seriel isle, the publication af whlih. from early sheets purchased of the author, *111 be cot. tin tied fr< m week to week until Its coacluiiou.'|In addition to thla they will kiep a vigilant eye upon the lasues of the English French and <?ecm*n periodical press, the best pro iluciIocs of which will be tranaferred to the paper under thaar charge Harper's Weekly is not Intenned is any way to superset or take the place of Harper s New Monthly Magazine. Kaoh periodical will <.oulii>e itself to Its own proper sphere: aad a* portion ol the coo tents oi the one will appear In the other. ? Harper's Weekly will contain sliteen pages of the sue af the Ixindon niusj-atad News, each number comprising as much mailer as an ordinary duodecimo volume It wll tw printed In a lorm and upon paper suitable for binding, aad as the pages will be eleclrotyped. the back numbers can alwaya be supplied, so that subscribers will l>e able at any time ta complete their fllea. At the close of each v olume, neat and appropriate covers will lie prepared tor the ooavaoienoe sf those who wish to bind Ihe paper. Tana.-, Harper's Weekly will sppear every Saturday morning, aid will be sold at (ire rents a ropy. It will be mailed to subscri ber* at the following rates, payment being invariably re ^uir ed (Mrsact:? Oneea^fortwemy weeks VI M One copy lor one year 2 M One cosy for two jeers 4 M Five copies for one year V M Twelve i-oples for one year 30 M Twenty-five conies tor one year MM nrtHE farm journal and rRor.B?ssrye farmer X commences Its seventh volume January 1. LHJ7 ?It is issued the llrat of every month. Each number contains thirty - two octavo page*, tilled with ori.:u.a, and caretully selected mailer on ad subjects relating to |irartlcal huabwidrv and Illustrated with from four to six engravings No troabia sr espense is spared to make this s standard work. Now Ia Ihit time to subscribe. Terms VI per aunum. in advance HAML'kl. EMLKM A fO. Fub ishera, Northeast eoi ner of Seventh and Market au.. PhiladelpMa. REWARDS. 4>Q ItrWARD.?i.OrtT, ON MONDAY. IN CAN At. 2>0 slrtefc^between Woosler and Ontrr streets, a |M ?ni.i< r>? fiiu The above reward will be paid on return of ihe same to 3S West Seventeenth street djfr HKWARD-I.OST, OB saturday, NOT J* A ?p?J black Newfoundland dog; bsd on a bi ass collar, wib ( hinete lock. Whoever ?-ill return the same to 6a Oliver atreet will receiTt- the above reward. AC REWARD?A TRUNK, CO TRUED WITH BLACK <Pt/ haired pork skin, weighing rinrty pound?, was loai v au emigrant oo tne ]<nh ofaAui;<i?t on toe way from fasti-* Rardrn (where It was marked by Uie welching' master wttk o7. Boston, to Bostoo The tioder will please apply at m brand sireei. In the segarature. *1A REWARD OFFERED -LOST, ON THURSDAT, flU 13th ult , a large !lewfb"ndlaiid dog answering lo Ike nsme of Csrlo l'es< riplloo? White breast, white streak on back of neck, white on up of tail. Ths above reward will b? paid to any oae leaving said dog at Mo. 132 Imi Seventeenth street *inn REWARD-STOLEN FROM thr SIDEWALK <P1UU In front of Ma >0 Park place one caae of tauew woollen plaids .14 Inrhcs wide, of which paueraa can be i im al the oflu e of the C%lef of Police. Healers sad pawnbrekera are eamioneri against buying or receiving any of tbeee gends. The above reward will be paid to the person who raa lead 'e the reroverv ot the goods aod tbfc eoavtctioo of the Uderea. Particulars at 10 Park place, up stairs or at the otVce at Iki Chlel ol Police. ? rnn reward.?i will fay any fmrvom thm ir>)UU above rewacl who wl'l lead to the dlsrjvery el' Ihe parties wbe entered the millitery s ore of Mra. F. Hagar ? ly on Sunday sight. Mevereber JU. sod state mlluaery goods w ita soouat of Vl.MJt), consisting oi b ack blue. gr?ea and maroon velvets, satins aad silk goods, alao laces snd nbboa*, Ac Frlvste asrk< ran be seen st the office of 'be Chief ? Police. Ihls robberv ?? reported on Monday morning l>? 1. al the Seventh ward station boose. What are the psites dctag? low aj?p roinp. DOO LOST?IS RRWAR1V ?A LABOR WBIT1 BOO blaek apota orar the '??? aad Ulaok ?potted i<n anaa rra lo the name of AIL Wk? ?w will rWu n aaid l?t to tha Wail Nona*, corner South filth and f utith atrreta, Brooklyn K. I) . ahtll rccolra the ?b?re reward |\00 LORT.-A KM ALL IlKD MPaHIBL. Wtri?W?lirr 1 /Wbreaet and otia "/a. hu a whim atr-akj ovar Ma aoaa aa I ? notch la left w The tinder will t>? liberally rewarded t>r returning him to S2 Wnl Twenty third atrm*. LHADT H WATCH IX)HT -LOST. ON MONDAY MOR nirg, either at alcwart'a More or on Hroadway. lx>?w ? anal Mreel, a lady a cold watch, r,n*<> ?k?. with ?? race aad rhaaad back, attached to a (old rhalelaioe, wtik gaM ame<hy ?t and agate aeala The linder ahail b? eiiitaMy r? wn dad on U artrj lha ajune at Ihe atom of Mcaara Tt1na?. Young A Rilla, It roadway. Lost-or Monday Bvmrjro, *urro*p.o ir a Harlem Railroad t ar. at Twenty ?e< enth alreei. a part i bonk and hunca at keya. The I nder will confer a (tree ay eiH kMiQg ih< ta 10 r . Ixii Poet irtiaa. LOW-OR MONDAY BVRMIRO, Pitt 1, OOlNil from llniiaion afreet throurh the Ilowerr la St Mark'a place atfee*. through Ptral arenue. between M and 9*U The Under will be liberally rewarded by tearing u?M Ik. Mark a placv T RRW*RI> ? LO*T, US RtlRUAT RIOMT. I . ?; ? .?! t III rwenti. tli atr?<-t a aaaU Mark aad <u le' dog, had on a treat with a pier* at twiaa aitaihed The tiader will racatte the abt??ereward by Mw> lu the i?e at the lit cry aUble No M Wrat .Vuetecoui etreet. S~TOLRjr^Fl?OR THR RIOHT OP MOVR*BRR~?,~"I I dart tor at borae about It. hante h ?h and about H yaara oM hla fore feat rather large and flat. Iup?>"-aed to be takea t? Rew lark. A rewatd of ?1*. will lie paU lor thr rerorary af the home and $10 for the aenreh. natoe at the 'Mef Any per eon r^a* the mwaifv Itifarma'loa to Kiat Wrert. at <Va grr'? I an.I n*. Weeu heater county, wUJ recede the a**re re ward. Kl.NU RRTARf. R HOLIDAY PHICRKVm. AT. If'H LACI MOOD*--?I IT* HI,K PUR PMRMtlTM. A T RTHWART A CO hare rarelred by tha I'erwt Rl<h nntat applt'i'ie and d'Alevana aeta. Real lilara ? h? >t ? hatvtl and^^^H ahawM and poltila, (With aa4 wtthool Hon ate*. | The rtahrat anoda ever Imported. Alan, a eaae of RICH TRI.TRT t'l/Otm. AnMi) ?< which will be found tha laical Putt* Ftrnnri mm, Puck aa "La Klenr d'lll?er," tr mme.l with 'bereal<"hM I ly tare, mannfadn ad eipreaal? tor Ihe pnr??eae. Hroadway. I hambara an t Keada Mr<)% AKPC1. I RIWRRTft. n H HOlItlllTOR A CO. 'aaceraaor la Hac ey Aaac% urn and (\a >. manuractn ara ??*W tarlte th- pubiia ta ??a mlne their >ar?e and rarlad aaanr?ment of |r~M an1 ailrer p., and penell raaea. fitted with their eapeeSw *old i >n. they are now taaulnit fmwlhelr fartnrr-t>etn? n( enure new t patteraa mmhtnlnt entapartaeaa had durability, an parti mlarlj adapted for ptaaaata. Pataated aad wananictL \___ wo. i MAimrr i.Atm, n. 1.1 1RT1 I PtTbRERTC roil TIIP linr.IDAYA-IRDf't _ rubber ilnlla. dreaed and plain, at alt "/aa. ltaada. <n*a flKtiraa. ball*. e<,tnba. Ac.. pena atwl pencil eva watk'na ranea and lnd?a rubber fattrr arllelpa. of all deaertytia-.K ad lea' and |er lietnen'a Hfht watkliti- b<wt???d >?reraho?t? ?e al the Grmdyrar IWiliber Itepot. S.T hroadwaj, opoaatte ta Taheraacla. U' WI1P1 AMD OHM. in finn H'>TTI.M op HBARHIKV w'rMdt. <IIR, lu.IMMF r-.m. whiakcy, ale, porter. Iiruwti ataat, tr lamtly u?e. atinrrlor In Quality S?ery ruta nf wi t li'tanra Ac , ?hnl< a?|e an 1 reiaT, al the Inweat pr e?a? W pure article*, al I'lfcRMOH'fl. H Bb erktratreet n?*r K.?werr, an4?ZI Hul?nti a'rret, rimer of .lane BHMITON ALX.-THK CRLKRR ATK1) AIM RivlVIl* hy taatnei Al'aopp A lon? in Raron on T>*nt Kiftand > an be obtained on draught or la botllca at the aid acta* raalta U< Wail ftreat Hmocrror whthkit.?old ciofcmT"in ?ortr.Mn demistoa ami barreia, lor aaJe by I] F VPRDOM I.t Wall atrret. FtffT, WIRK*. l.lQDORt ?<.AR-i.~"TTI* Tt.SP yard," IT Wall atreet ?The ppnj.riet nffat lar aaie Ma 'afa. t'atawVa laabel'a and hnthouae g ti<e?. a few raae< af fiae Krrneli (.eara. ei ?htp Mllllarr Tell irom Harrc- aim, Prenrh ao?t t'altaa rhean':'*, prunea Tnr?< ? flat r >M-n< mantea le??n. and a new arrlraj o< Pnfltat Alberta hrot-A alea I-rndce prefer tine o<d t>ran-1iea It'iltwe*' do ikte X ?a Ihe nneet t natlMaa. with a rtimce aaaor tnaet of TTa<aaa ?t * *ara. laelndlBf e<*rbaa, unnr r>ea regaoaa tad plaatatlane 0 t KM ? HOW A R l> IMfHIAI. PTJ?-0H.-DK I.CCK ?"n*AITTWrnj.' ~ri. 1 po-tera. I*' J ?? ton kUre rerommetid l<> 'ha aottre of ht> tala, caterer* an t nrt. Me rami <*a -hai- 4<*Ur *< ? taioer-M p-ineh. prep*r*d ?br nt w%^r ?w tee P?? -he hnt dart ? hit ta a rhea.^ a ? I trra'af ! !>^ -rad- * 'v^tl tan |t.|,M rrtfr'ft.