Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1856 Page 7
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10IEKTISEKHITS RENEWED WERT MY. BUAJUMAU A Mi M1WUU. 4T0CNQ MEN CAM BE ACCOMMODATED WITH board by apply Inf 1^7 Ritt Twelfth street, between ud Second avenues IPBINO STREET, NBAS THE BOWER*-A pleasant furmahad room, heated, tor a single geutto with or without washing. 19 21 LAFAYETTE PLACE.-A DE8IRABLB SUIT OP room* with board, Dinner at S.45 P. M. fit SULLIVAN STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO tat, fr?im two to live dollar* per week. Neat parlor icouii, well furnished. OO BAST TWENTIETH- STKRIT.?TWO SUITS OK OD rooms, with (rate, Ac., to tort, with board to gentlemen and their wives or to single gentlemen; also a single frout hail loom ; only a lew door* from broad way, house all newiy fur nished and Is a first class house. Dinner sttiP. M. QQ GREAT JONKS STREKT?BOAHDINO ?TFIR SB OO cond story front room with bedroom auath*d, can be had, with or without board, on reasonable tej inn if immedi ate spphcailon be nnle, also one single room. 38 Great Jen?a street tear Lafayette place. A A UNION SQUARE, OPPOSITE UNION PARK?A TTT large reon facing the park, suitable for u gentleman ud his wife or two single getitieawn, run be had, with lirst etase board Moose nicely furnished, And has the modern imvuMmm. AQ UDION SQUARE, CORNER OK SBTKNTKENTH street and fourth avenue ?A ge itleman and his wife May ebtaln a room, with board; also slsgle rooma lor gentle men. Reference required. WALK KB STREET, FIVE DOORS WEST OF Broadway.?A quiet and gen'eel private boarding tor single gentlemen and Kentleinnn nud their wives, reasonable. llot, cold and shewer baths free. 64 f?Q TB1RD AVENUE?FOUR YOONG MEN CAN KB Vt7 aeeominntlnted with board at from S3 to $3 SO per went A>o a gentleman and his wile. Hot and cold baths la th ? MM. 70 WFRT TWKVrv THIRD STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, with full or partial boKrd. References exchanged. rj(\ FK AN KLIN STBEKT. FIRST UOU4B WK1T OK I \F K-i a .way. Parlor and badroeui on the first floor; kti e doub f aiid tingle rooms tor gonUcinen it the lowest prise possible: breakfast served if required. Inquire as abeve. n a Eaht twenty-third street-a handsome I x ly fuurniibed psrlor and two adjoining bedrooms. With lire and ??'osets, may 1 e had. with board Jlieliuuie Is sle.sai.ny located, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Twe s.ngie grntlemen can also be accommodated. nt? FAST FIETEKNTH -TREET.-TWO LARQE AND I U tiree hmall rooms to let. ui the above location, to *-ui'brs an>l simile gentlemen, with full and partial board, an t* paired. A Urst class bouse; gaa and bath. Relereuces ex changed. nq east twelfth street, between broad I O ?ay and Third avenue ?<'an be had by a gentleman, wuh or without board, a ?inVi room en ss'-orwl floor The eemiorts, conveniences and elegances of bome may be ex yetted by applicants. Q| PRINCE STREET, FOUR DOOR^ WEST OK BROAD t'l way, and ene block from the Metropolitan Hotel.?A tone furnished room, with ample duets. also a small haJl heeisem. with board, fur ? gentleman and wife or a s.agle gentleman Hd'nt first c'sss. 11A FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR UNION SQUARE.? JLLU butts ef rooms handsomely furnished, on the first er weeead floors, suitable tor famllieii lor the winter. The house has all the modern conveniences and the location is very plea nasi and desirable. ? mBLRECK ER STREET. WEST OF BROADWAT.? Nieely furnished family rooms, with board for a lady and gentleman for $!0 per week and upwards io third story; alee, single rooms for gentlemen. References required. mBKNRY STREET -A OEHTLBMAN AND UTS wife can obtain board, with a pleasant room lur[llah ed or unfurnished. A pleasant furnished room also for one er twe stogie gentlemen. V>|V MADISON ATENUE?THEKE IS NOW VACANT JTOU asultef roams, with boars; also a room for a single gentleman, in a first class house, handsomely located. The Wail street stages pass the door. 1 Q"I HUDSON STREET (ST. JOHN'S PABKl.-A J OX large. bandNOK* back parlor en first floor (furnished) te tak to gentli man and his wife; also rooms, with board, lor tour gentlemen. Oss ai.d baths. 1QJ EIOHTH STREET, OPPOSITE MERCANTILE lOJ hbrary, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. Rooms te let. with board. IAZ TWELFTH STREET.?ROOMS ON THE SECOND il'J flcor. Two single gi-ml<-mcn and a gentleman and wue can Gnd board in a private family. Accommodations for t*t er six boarders 1A.7 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S It I psrk.?Furnished moms to let, with board, to single ?ealb-uien or gentlemen and thetr wives, also a single hall BlrtW; re*nf r+own. .House newly furnished, with ?U ike Biedrrn improvements. _ I 1 rn place.?pleas ant rooms on At H) tint, necond and third floors, in suits or separate, to gei tlcBK-a and thetr wive? or sirgle geauemen. House first alars, with all the modern Improvements Dinnerat6 o'clock. IP J FIFTIETH STREET.?A OEXTLBMAN AND WIFE IOt can be scummo-taied with a furnished parlor, gaa, ?re. sad dlnurratC o'elock. for $lu per week; house baa all ih - modern improvements, Eighth aveuue cars within half a bleak. -| /? C f HAMhERS STREET -a FEW S1NOLE OENT1J! J U?J m?n can be accommodated with fumishe.I rooms ai d heard, gas bath. Ac.. In the home. Location couvenleot to easteeM. 1 ei uis moderate. 1#*Q EAST rOGRTHKNTH STREET, NBAB HCOND lUv ave?ee ? A handsome salt of rooms on the second fcer, also a reost suitable for a ainKta gentleman, will he tot, . with beard, in tb? first c ass boose. IM Kourteeuth street. HUDSON STRKET-TO LET. WITH BOARD, i I U large rooms and bedrooms fer I am Hits er single gen Mewien, bens*' with baths and gas, near M. John's park. Re toeenees siel^cged. I lOll EAST THIRTEEN 111 HTKKM.?AN ENGLISH JrO family can let a handx me parlor and bedroom, aad asiBglf bedrrein. with or wliho.n board, house first class; gas, bet and cold baths, shower baths, Ac. nqn TENTH STREET. RETWF.EN FUST AND SE aOv rend avenaes ? Rooms to let, with board, to single g'Wirirer er g<ntlrmen and th>'ir wives, la a genteel family, wher-tkeeenuorisol a home can be enjoyed. The hrxise has all the modern improvements. *?flO HOUSTON ETREET.?TO RENT, IN A RESPE<TA \Jl1 Lt ble French family, without asv children, s furnished treat parlor, with bedroom adjoining, also s back momou the seeiad floor, A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH PARTIAL BOARD. IN Jk. a g'nteel private family, to let, to a single gentleman; ETsuen Ne 111 West Sixteenth street Best of references given Bad required. A MAN AND WIFB, OR TWO SINOLE OENTLBMEN, ass be accommodaied with pleasant fnmlsbel rooms, with beard, in a small family, where there are no children, at W Budson s'reet, near St. John's park. APR1TATR FAMILY HAVING MORR ROOM THAN they require, woula tike to iliapoae of aom? Uifa roapeot ?I>1? f.timly. the ruouia ure tinfurolabed, but riaw, and rontaJn be and cold water. Apply Immediately at liJ Weal fifteenth Kiect. IILY WOt'I.B DIRPOBR or TWO OR A three piraeant room*. with board; the houae rootauia yu, bath. Ae. App'y at IK Twenty aeooul atreet, be l*Mii Huita and Seventh arnun. Referea<ea required. A *d huuee. would like to tike two or three gentlemen i tb - r wlvee or a party otaing- gentlemen to Dta") Hplen I LAHT HAV1WO A LARQR ASP WILL FURRHQ. ?|? to lak^H I ?M ipartanu with tu bathe Aa. Apply at U Weal Twau by tret iUmi A I.ADT WTTH A <JCARTITY OF SVMWDID PUR (A n"ure would like to mm with a part; who wotiVI renl S?- ? beuae. ?rd r?r. ir? board aa an oqtilralenl lor the atM. A Afro*. W. H. B., Hera'd oBem. rirolr ( in can br aooommonatrd wtlk a Beetlr furnlabed hall txHlroom. 'partial hoard if mialrfd.iw a pmai? family. Mo 21 Blith atreet, Dear fteoood a" ai i><'. Trot modenit (1F.RTLKRAR ARD HI* WIPR OR TWO BIROLR gaai'emen. aim two young Ullea, can be aoc .mmodeled With furau-bert rooae, wl'b or without board. Apply at at ? array atreet A^m LADT. WHOBR HVHR ARD WIM, BR AHRRRT PROM the etty for aeareral weeka, wante hoard In a houao with all the aao?1?TO lm?ro?"mente, rot tar (root Hntedwey Par eena aoawertng will full partteulara and reference. Ad trtm Beat tie, par* or 11. Knowlee, 413 Broadway. A^m PROPRBt IORAL ORR1 LKM A R 14 DRSIROCB OP at uin- ir a ault of rooma between ?<erre?d and Btitfe are MM from Twentieth u> Thirtieth at recta. - i ? ? for a deatuu AMrw B B . Herald o(TW. A^m BMAIX, PLAINLY BIT RRaTI.Y FCRRMHRO | lami wantad by a lady. either with or without board, la aay pait of tba ?-tty ?orth of Canal ?tr-et and e?utll of Fortieth etrert Addrraa, atailng trrmt, which ? net be moderate, P. 0 P.. Herald ogee. A PI RNI8HBD ROOM ARD PARTIAL BOARD WART jfV ed la a prlaa'e fa?m, ? j a aingle gentleman. Addreea tratog location and fnu. witib m.iet be modxrale, X. X., Br raid < >M. Ro boardlaf boti?akr?t?ra apply. B^HOARD-ROOtra POR flRRTLRRRR IR A BK ALL prlraie l aaally of two peraona and a child, with hreakfaat and t? a lnrat*oa deatrabla and p-'aaant. allenUon (Irao to ? ?rt'er aad rmnlnrt, and qnlet of tmme, Ac Apply A? Ro. UK Rlerew'b atrret eoraeraf Blith a?fnn> \ HOARD -A TRKY DKOIRARLR SUIT OP ROOM' POR X) a gentleman and wife, and oae aultable for A alnjjle K?>itlew>*ii Willi all the mMfti ImproveaianU. can be ob uMiedat 44 Weal Twenty third atrori, near Fifth avr.nua. Metrrmoea richena>d. TIOARD.?ORR OR TWO LADIRB OA W RR AHTOMWO X) <ta" d * I h a rnn>fnrtal>le roan and board, by a(>plytax ?t 1M 1-attrena atreet B^HOARD-ORR OR TWO LADIRB Car RR AOOOMMO dated Wl'b a romfartahl* room and hoard In the rlotalty ri Ifnnainn atre?t a abort rtiatano^ frotn llmadway on th ? we.t aide Terma ?* per week, laclndlnc hra. Addraaa R R., Rroe.lway Toat oflVr. BOARH.-A hardbomr FRORT ROOM OR TIIRBR rone floor, or t ack parlor, for IB per weea with board, t ?1 b? ntlaman an*1 hia wlK or two *ngle f?nlemen. The hoiiae baa all tbo modern tmprovemente. Boferenn-a ftchan("'l. App y at \ J> Twenty eighth etre?t, betwoen Beventh and Klsh b areptiea B^hoard -a ball HRDROOM ARD a oomfortari.t fnrrlahed tcttn to let In a amall famllt. eai and bath la the how: location n*ar Rrjadway and Itleccfer atreet, refo ranee* reqnlrad. Addreaa M B., Hroadway Poet nAce BH*ard-h m PRB WRRR.-TWO prirwdb wiluro to rea>n>NKether, or a aentiemaa and wife, aan be amoia. ?tralated wffl board In a am *11 family, atndyln* namftirt and e'eanltneaa tn rrefareaeie to eairerrvwy, or two ladie* arViae boalna? enlla Cbauj from home dnr1n? the dwy Farther la Benetton aan be M>tMae>) hy apnlTtn* a' ?t Hctwmwhtwae atreet twe Btoeka from the CHy IIall, Brooklyn. IJOARD -A T1ITRD BToRT PRORT ROOM ARB RRD AJ ripir vljO'nlnt (tinfu(Dlahed< may be hv), with board, at lM ileerker atreet, third bmeA weat of Browlway. BOARI? - AM RLDRRl.T WIOOW. WITn'BTT PAMIt.T, 1 wen Id accommori*" ? lady with a fnrmahe I front motn and beard, er ntcnaHa for ennkbin, or A ten*' hedroom, with ?re Being an e?i>erter<-e? anra* one who reqiilrea A'ltsuif prtBnr?U. Rl^lf b* 7< RMje ?tre?t, star Rlvlngton. B OARD AND TLKASANT ROOMS?AT U AND 64 ' Hammond street, between B.eecker and Fourth. Leo* B B BOARP IN THE VILLAGE Or ATORI A.?A ON.V tb man sod hi* wNe, without children ran be aecorno dated with board, on favorable terms, in the family ai t wul mr lacy, where there will be ro other boarders deairahie com pany being the objeet. References exchanged. Address Dux 1,814, Hew York Post office. TJROOKLYN-POnR MINUTES FRO* WALL OR Fl'L 1) Ion ferries?A handsome parlor an?l three roona. well furnished to let, with board, familyprivate, taking few h<?r>l era, food table, plearant society, ?c Apply at 77 Cianberty street, between Henry and Blcks, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.-a handsome front rtom, newly furnished, can be had in a private family, where t)>e com form of a home can be an joyed. In a pleasant location, wttbln two mlnates' walk from Wall street ar South femes. Apply at 3C J oralemon atreet. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?LARGE AND SMALL moms, with fun or partial bawd. In a first class house, delightfully lecatod, within Ova miuntea' walk of the Mouth or Wall street ferries, satiable for a small family er single gen Hasten. Inquire at 'MS Henry street, cetuer of Ooogteaastreet. Board in Brooklyn -a single gentleman can be aecoiumpdated with partial board in a prh'a'e f? mily, where there are no ch.ldreu. ten minutes' walk from ? ulton l'erry. Apply at 178 Adam* street. References re quired. Board in bbookbyn-a single gentleman can be accommodated with partial board to a private fa mily, where there are no children, tan minutes' walk from F niton ferry. Apply at 176 Adams street. References re quited. OABD IN BROOKLYN.?A LADY, IN WANT OP $100, 1 won Id like to accommodate a gentleman and his wife or two single gentlemen With Bleaxant rooma and gotd board In a pleasant Toeaiion, and convenient to all the ferries. Baler encea exchanged. Address Widow, Herald office. BOABD ?B BROOKLYN HRIOHTS ?A GENTLEMAN and bla wife, and three single gentlemen can obtain beard at 16 Columbia s'reet, Unmedtswily opposite Mlddagh. I'M hoase contain* gas throughout, and la within three tain at aa' walk ef Fulton or Wall street ferry Board wanted in Brooklyn?near the south or Willi street ferries, by two young gentlemen anil their sister. Address V. X., 1 hi aid office, stating terms 4c. BOABD IN WILIJAMKHURO ?TWO OK THREE GEN tlemen and their wives, also two single gentlemen may liml peasant furnished ? ooms, with board in a private family location deslruble. aid about three minutes' walk from Peek slip and Grand street retries Apolv at 113 South Fourth street, near fifth. Reierc nee required. Board in a private house. in union square. ?A des.rab'e suit of furnished renm* to let, with board, to a gentleman and his wife or ope or two gentlemen, iu a tirst c'ass house, having the modern improvements. Apply at 35 Union place, Itrjadway side. Board in a strictly private fimily_a pri vate family, occur ylng a new house with all the modern Improvements, oiler lire rooms and good board ton gent'eiuio and his wife or two single gentlemen. Please apply at 118 Wast street. Board down town?to i.kt, at no is state atreet. wi'h board a spacious and well furnished oar lor, having a view of the ISatterv, New York bay and the xur -minding country, with bedroom adjoining: also, a few other rooms and ' ef">ooms, lor families or single gentlemen. Re ferences required. Board wantkd-by a gewtleman. his wife and child, four years old in a well furnished room, with nantrv required. Please address with full particulars, box >? Post office statin* terms which must not exceed &W per calender mouth, including lire. Board wantkd.-a oentlrman desired boabd lor hlm?elf, wife and grown daughter (with dinner for bitnseli on Sundays only) lu some genteel hotel or private house until the 1st of May next. A room and be-lroom otf desired and furnished or not Price $75per month- Address O. X Wilson, lletuld office Board wanted -a gentleman is desirous of obtaining a parlor and bedroom ib a quiet private fami ly where there sre few or no boarders: location In the vicinity of Union square preferred; a good table indispensable. Ad dress J. S M , Vnion square Poet office. Board wanted for a i.ady.-a lady desires to obtain board iu a private family, pleasantly located I ear Broadway, hetween Eighteenth and Bleecker sfeets, with a widow, or lady living alone preferred, gas and hath li.dlspersaule Any person who csn offer the comforts of a home w 111 please address L. M., box 2 5IM Post office. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife or two single gentlemen ran he accommodated with board In a private family. Call at J65 East Broadway. Boarding.?a small private family, occupy uig a very pleasant bouse In Jersey City, would like to ac commodate a gentleman and his wile, or tour single gentle men with rooms snd full or partial board, where all the oom- ? foi ts of a good home can he realized, l or particulars. *l<lreaa 1 tieorge Pear?on, Herald office. I BOARDING.?A PRIYATE FAMTLY, occupying A I ti,-?t class house, wiut a few boarders, have acoomtoda I* Wltli ro?iw fnr * g"ntleman and wife or single gentle- , men.' Calfftt N'o I7n Wes? Twenty aecoml struct, between bCYW-th and ligbth avenues. . [ Boabdino-pbom r TO fl4 PER WRKK, POR OEN 1 tleman and wife, hsndsamie rooms, house coutalna all the modern Improvements; also, a few single genilemen ran I e pcceniinodau-d. Terms from $3 to $6 per week. Apply at IX* West Twenty fourth street. liU'RNI^HED BOOMS TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, II ranging in nrlce from tl 75 to $4 per week Apply a*. 167 Greene street, between Houston and Hleecker street*. Fm URNIWIED ROOMS TO LIT?BOOM AND BED room ? 1th gaa. snd well furnished, will be rented to one or two gentlemeu, without board. Inquire at \0) Sixth Ave n ue, in the store. BHH'RNI.snED ROOMS.?A LARGE. PLEASANT ROOM. ' with or without a bedroom, atan a single room, may be had. with a private frailly, at lb* Grand street, first block weat of Broadway. Terms moderate. References en hanged Furnished rooms are now to let. singly or Insults with or without Imard In the rnmmodiou* h.Mise 41.1 Broome street, corner of him. All modern improve meets in house. PU URNIS1JED ROOMS TO LET-IN A HOUSE WITH ? ail the modern Improvement#, three mUiules' walk from Broadway. Use of a kitchen if desired. App'.y at 33 8u Mark's place. Eighth street. j *^URNI8!1ED ROOM*. WITH BOARD. CAN BE HAD L" m a frrneli family, by one or two single ?cnUemen, or by a gentleman and his wife; location above Untoo aqttare, near FUth avenue, bousa has all the mo>l<u-n improvement'. References exchanged. Address B. 0.. Madison square Puat office. i rOUB PLEASANT FURNDGIKD ROOMS. INCLUDING two parlors and bedrooms on second floor, with Croton and gaa. will be let separately or together to gentlemen, or to a small family, with kitchen, if deau-ed. terma moderate. Ap ply at Ztf West F.inrteeulh street. I First cla?8 accommodations -pablors. with hedrootns, stifle or double moms, with board, at 34 Kaa. T welfth atreet, earner of I"niverslty place. | FHIRST n.A??S BOABD IN BBOOKI.YN CAN BE OB tained. with all the comforts of a home, at a r.?aso vib'e price In the moat pleasant part of the city. Call at 72 West Wairen atreet GKNTLKMKN WISHING GOOD ACCOMMOD^IONM ard a quiet borne can find pleasant ro mis, with partial board, In a private family. Gaa and bath. Apply at No. 60 Amity strjjpL __________ Hotel lodging -gentlemen can obtain good fortiished rooms at the Globe Hotel, norner Frankfort ar.d William ?treats, at ZBcenta per nlgbt A few best rooms at .17cenu per nlghL No other ehargea except at their option. LMABGB PLEASANTLY pubnishrd room* to let, with er without hoard, In a private ffcmllv, gas, bath, *e. Apply at 25 White street. NO I I.IROY PI.ACS ?A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, with permanent board, mar be had immediately upon sppllcatlon at No S l.eroy place Bleecker street, near Broad way. 1 heee rooms snd this o-auen will he feund in erary way desltsble for a family or two single gentleman. ro. I CARROLL PLArt - A TORY IIANDDOMRLY FUR I nlahed room, "e aeeead floor, Mtahle for a famgy ar tmgle gentlemen, ran be had. with board at No I Ca reH place. Hleecker street The bouse has afl Us modem lm prsveaents, aad ts Srst elass la all respects Private board -a grnti.ewan amd wifr. or two etag'e genuetran. ran obtain a mom, with pantries attache,). In a house with the modern Mnarnvementa, locale! at No S Birth s'reet, between Fifth and sixth aveaoea. Nr SRYRRAL RLROARTI.T F"RR1?>H?D WIT? OF mm an Broadway ta reat, In ruin Mm ar alngte geatla mm. with or wtthaut maa'a. Apply on the premiere, Mi H road way. rpo L1CT-A FrRRISHKD PARLOR. IB A FRIT AT* 1 family. With or wlthmit board Apply M 11 Laroy plana. In Bleerker rtreet, near Broadway. rt.FT-WITH BOARD, A LABOR TROUT ROOK. b*nd?omely r'lmtahed on the aeeond floor In a lady Mid fentlrmar. board for the l?dy only. Price 111 par week ha hotiae ha* the modern ImprnTetnrnta. bath and km ihmnjrhout, where ihe rnmforte of a home may be realized. Addriaa O. F., t'nloo aqnare Poet office. TWO OR THRRR RtROLR ORRTI.KKKR OR * LtBT and Krntleman.caii obtain ha? darm-ely fiirnlnhed room*.or an entire floor ' otrmunwatlfg, wtUi If prelWred full or partial board, 1* a beautiful prlrate re?tden>-e tn ?m Fonrteenth afreet, where no other fedgere will be rer-elred. For partlcu Ian adartaa Oomlbri, I'Dlon e^narr Poet oflloa. TWO LAROK Pl.RAPART BOOK*. OTRR THR part >t? forrdahed or nnfumlahed to real, wtti hoard. In a prlrate 'amllr whaee there are ne rhlldren Pleaae nail at *? Wet Twentieth afreet. The location la deiigh ftil aad rrarentent to maRM aad oara. Refereaaee aichanged. TITARTRD?BT A ORRTLRKAR AMD RIRWTFB, TWO ff or three feate or a whole pew. wall altualcd for bearing, no Ihe floor** fir. Tyng'a chnreh. Aay partp baring auah to rrnt, will pleaae adilreea bo? 1,742 Toat oOce. __ WARTF.D BT A BBfTTrTAR1.R WIDOW LADY. A rhlld to b'i?rd. ?h" baring bo ehl drew of her own. Bnah a rhlld woekl bare a good bona. Apply at C6 10th ?L, sear let arentte. WARTRD? A PARLOR ARD BRDROOK, FURWHHRD, Hi eprteele family, without board, with all the modern tonproTemerla. no objection to a third floor Location between Bleeckeraed BU-lth atreeta aad Hr?adway and sixth eraatte. Addreea, atatlng terma, R. F, H , Broadway i'oat offloc. TIT ARTRD-BT A ORRTLRRAR ARD WirR, A Ft'R Tf rtehrd room with board for tha winter, from the laat of December Location between Blaeckcrand Kourteen'hatreeta, on rentert to Broadway. Terma not to eieeed til per week, ln<)udl?g raa and fuel Addreaa B. 0. C., Herald oBc*. TTTARTRD?BT A OFRTI.RKA R ARD IttR W1FR. A f? front parlor, with bedroom adjoining, on aecorid floor, w!ih board from Per ? for (be winter montha In a gent?cl rr rate famll* where there are no other hoardera Uwalton be'ween f?1?ihand Fourteenth atreeta and Fourth and Aweanth ? Trntiea Addreaa for two day* Board. HaraUl aflce, etatiiy; ti tma and location. Referencea aichanged. DFNTTSTRY-K. LITlfTI NFW ARD tKPROVKD atmoepheiir preeat** platm for artificial teeth, remark ah e for thetr Increaaed firaneaa hi poalilen and powere of mtrlratkm and tfry anpertor to the ordinary amotion p'at-a, writ adapted fr>r the conUnttmia giim It fa really worth tha am ttton of thoae searing or requiring artificial teeth to aiam Ine bla rrcat Rnprorement before engaglag elaewher*. Ta? h rewored by the benumbing rroreea, and erary Improramc d of the day K l.Fvr^ rjwiUgl, h W?Tttkj I ?y, etU^U*Mi * Mb rw? tiiu*. $350 ClIWi Will. PURCHASE * GRNTERL B08INF*J ?JU" 01'more !ha"> <n>! years' growth. sign*, fixtures tnrnlture, ll?t of snh?erlh#?a,*c. Ac., incluoec. KorfuUpfcr lieu'ara Inquire ?t <70 nxth iwm 4:11X1 OHI.T FOR ONE OF THE HK^T LIT TLB OYS ?F J Uw ImT Mil drinking KatoonH to an excellent location to n,nk? n onev . .worth twice the ruiio io' asked. Apply at the Real Estate and Partent ollloe. .'KH br vadway WILLIAM H KKLLOUQ * CO. $1 (\(\ WILL PURCHASE TUB fixtures AND VI Ww inai-e of an oid xstabltslied merchant .alluring store, situated in a Kood business neighborhood. The ?lore ai:d He* (on *re suitable 'or any kind uf busin"?s Apply at 315 Broadway, roim If. N. T) aVIB, JR.. 4 ?-O. ? QUA KOE FIVE T K ARM LEASE AVI) FIXTUBES ?PZiW\l of a superior corner grocery in Williamsburg. low rent, excellent location Oral else* neighborhood, and will be mild a birgalii. Apply to BIGGS A SOUTH WICK, feruierly Howes A (*.,) 84 fcaseau atfet d?Qfm ?FOR BALE, A BUSINESS THAT WILL WET ?pOwU. live times the amount invested, yearly. For par ticulars inquire at 100 Vesey atrtet ONLY.-TO BUTCHERS -FOR SALE OWE OF the best butcher shops it) tbia city. In an exoe'lent location lo make money. Also, a boarding bonne on Third avenue, full of boarders. Apply at 304 Bruadway. WILLIAM g. KELLQilQ A OO. <t>mo -'OR SALE, AN OYSTER, DINING AND drinking saloon centrally located. and well adapted lor gaming and other puri>osea. and doing a good business. Apply at 335 Broadway, room 18. N. OA VIS, JR., k CO. QA Xft ?FEED STORE FOR BALE?AN OLD B8TAB VTtJu. hthed s'snd, doing a trade of S4D to S<0 per day. The loea'ion for the business la unsurpassed In New York. Apply at 330 Broadway, room 18. N. DAYI8, JR., A CO. d>ri)A ONLY?AN OLD ESTABLISHED DRUGSTORE ?i/UU for Dale, In an excellent location; also a rotrfea tlon< ry . also a bakery biking from 45 to M barrels per week. A rare chance. Apply at 304 Broadway WM B. KELLOGG A CO. 4lZX(\-rOK SALE. A DAGUERREAN GALLERY, VP*)t IU, ntock and fixtures. doing a good bualneaa. situated on Broad street good reasons for selling. For further Dartl cular* adurt ?s, or Inquire of J. W. PARKER, 259 Broad street. Newark, N. J. Wonn -A fPLENDID CROCKERY AKD HOU-iB ?iioV . furnishing atore for sale situated on a great business thorough!-, re; a'-so a broadway drinking srloon; also a flour and feed store. Apply at HIM |{roa<!wav. WM. H. K ELLOGG k OO. a?4> enn -PAPFR HANGING AND WINDOW VUtiJ'/U, shade business for saleor exchange, for other iiropeily; stack, tlxlnrea. lease. Ae , of an old, well estab lished stard In the bes' bnainew street in tie city, doing good trade. Apply to C. O. THOMPSON, 88 Nassau street. <fcO nni) ?HOTEL FURNITURE AND FIXTURE? ?3>t).WWV/. for sali?Three and a half v<a*s' lease, near Hudson river and Erie Railroad, and the Albany an l ?'alifor nia stenmhoat landing. Apply to BIGGS A SOCTHWICK, (formerly Row-fa A Co..) 84 Nassau street. <#.?? Hfin ?PIR^T CLASH CORNER GROCERY FOR CO.WWW. aa>e?One of the best locations and thorough fares in the ctt.v. doing a large cash business and lucreasing trade A ct eat bargain. Apply to BIGGS A SOUTH WICK, (formerly Howes A t o .) 84 Nassiu street <fcO niin ?HOTEL FOB SALE?ONE OF THE RE^T, iJiU.vvV, in the immediate vicinity of Broadway, fur niahed comp'ete, and doing a Hue business. le*ase at low rent?ottered a bargain. Apply to HHX.8 A SOL'VHWICK, (lonrerly Howes A t'-o.,) 84 Nassau street. nnn -PARKS IN ULSTER COUNTY FOR iTt.U'IU. sale, one near Detroit, one near Pateraon, several on Loig Islat.d aa>l in New Jerssy and several others: al?o some houses snd lots. Apply to BIQiM A SOl'THWU'K, (formerly Uowea A <)? ,) SI Nasaau street. 4>yl rnn ?POR SALE, A restaurant 8irU?TRD CT.?)Ul/ i w a corner In the vicinity of the Herald ofllee. errner of Naaaau M>d Fnlton afreets; the location un surpassed in New York. This Is an onporiuni'y seldom of fered In the above business. Apply to N. DAVIS, Jr., A CO., 336 Broadway, ro<m 18 d?r nnn*"011 A VALUABLE TRAfTOF SRIACBBS ?)P?J.vU?' of heavily timbered land in Wisconsin, sape tier water power and facllitlea to mark et: will em-ha-igs for city or Urooklvn property iltlyto BIOQdk HOI l'HWICK (formerly Howes A Co ), 84 Naaiau street. q>Z nnn -VOS BALK. A WFLI. KNOWN AND ?Ttr?U\/w. first . lass hotel, with a protrtable WJh and bll Hard room. 1 he location la unsurpassed In New York. Ap ply at 335 Broadway, room 18. N. DAVIS, JR., A CO. d>o nnn - any gentleman or ooon bcsinesb ipUivl/l/. habits, who is desirous ol making money ra pidly without any possible risk In an sgree*bl? huames' can purchase sn inte'eat In a huainea* that will gratify his washes. Addresa Money. Herald oQ.ce. 41 n nnn -merchandise OR RUSINRISWANT VlUA'UUt cd.?The advertlaer will exrbange unla cumbered real estate for an (merest in an es'ahllsbad bunlness or lor merchandise Address R. J. R , Herald cilice, siaui.g particulars and where an interview can ba had. <fcm nnn -ONE HALF OF THE MOST EL EUAN r flU.UUU. billiard eatablwhment In the world and Btfre V-* UL? (Kte |B ii SW I Of will ba son, to a good business man of popular babiui. Motle/ dOTS do object Address Billiards, Herald olUc". 41 <> nnn WILL BUY ONE OF THOSE FIRST iDl ^?WUU class brown stone hn<ises 25 and 27 Kant Thirty ttiststreet containing all tb? nxalem improvements. One half the purchase money may remain on mortgage. In quire on th* premiaes <tT> nnn -STOCK IN a good company,'will <PX^5.?,)ww. be given for good unencumbered real cstale, in New York or Harlem lots. Address, Stock, post paid, box 2 S.Ki. Post olBce. nnn -for the BKJHT FOB EUROPE OP qlOtJ.wUU . one of the most valuable patents for a use lul and neceasarv article in which there is a sure fortune. Apply to ilKiOH A hUl'THWICK, (formerly ilowaa k Co.,) 4 Nsaaans ft ft ARABE CHANi*P.?POB SALE. the STOCK PIX tare* and leaae of a boot and shoe store, ten years estab lished doing a good business; Block about Rt (KM. Call at 2S0 Third avenue, from 10 to 12 o'clock, tor further Informatlen. Ar AIlMFR. residing NEAR NEW YORK. DESIRES to make a contract for the aale of the cream of fifty or sixty eowt, fur the ensuing year. The cream will be of the bear quality, and equa! to any that comes to this market <Jn.*l security given snd required. Addreaa P. M., box 2,819 Poat ofllce, atatlng price, Ac. A Finn little fabm, fobty aoee*, in a charm Iiik valley. S3 milea from New York per rti road. Good bntldtnge. tine fruit and shade tm* and everythlok <fealrable. PricedS.WJO. Terms caay. BRCNDHRD A OO. No. 15 Naaaan street. A FIRST CLARP ForR BTORT HOCSR FOR KALE - No H9 Prince rtr et weat of and ne-ir Broadway , ha? all the modern Improvements. Will be aold cheap, aa family lntenda going to K'irope. Irqutre on the premUea, or al 19 Beaver aUcat, of BIMPSON BRoTllKKB AORF.AT SPECULATION.-PATBNT RIGHT FOR A* Invention required by every houachold. For sale at a bargain If applied tor immediately. OKO. WALTER, 229 H road way. offlee 14. Broadway rm.oon for sale or kxhiangb Bttaatod nearly opposite Ike Broadway theatre entraaca nc Broadway, and now In atveeaaful operation, titled up in ep'endld style. Muat be dlxtioaed of aa the preaent owner Ittiowa nothing ot the buameaa Call al Uie saloon, Mo 3.17 Broadway. CHANGE FOR A POOR MAN.?FOR HAI.E. FOUR brick front hotia<a on Oherrv street nrd one in Blvlngtoi street price only 12,1*10 each, a bargain tor any one WU1 bo fold ?eparate!j or toge'ber. Apply at 2** Waahinifton, cor ner Chambers street. In the fruit atore. COTTAOBS I* BROOKLYN -FOR HAM, TWO OBV tee I and convenient gothte i-ottagea. detalofcad. with eta ua and coach bouse, on aeveral lota. anaa good (Mden at the cor ner of Fulton and < lawon aveuuna. Apply at Nt) t u au-net, Rew York, rcna No. 8. a* ISa'cliefc. Dining saloon down town for sale, in which a fnetnne can be made, all complete In every re aped doing 8130 per dav will be aold ertreme'v tow. Apvly to BIOOS A fOUrHWrCK, (formerly Howee * 0o.J 84 Naa aan atreet. Finest rouse FURNISIIIBO AVD HABDWaBB at ere In femih Brooklyn lor aale for rack Tiia la a g od chanoe far an active bualneaa man, who nan oemta ha uir* and attention to It The s-and la in the beat aiuiaUon. Addreae X. X., boi 301 Poel oBee. For faix-a rrw firrt clam threr stoit and kwMDl brown atone and brick house. with all ihe modern Improvement* In Weat Forty fourth atreet, between Brt>artwav and Hlnh a\ ? noe a rapidly improving neighbor hood Tbe boner la now rented and the preeeat oerapaot wil remain, Or immediate paaaeoetoa can be had, with or wltho H the furniture. A large portion of the purchase moaey e?a remain on mortgage. Inquire of MARTIN, SFRIIfO k 00 , No 72 Weet rt/eet For salb-bnolirh woollen rlankets. at ?i as per pair ranh J. EDWAIlDH, 2SS Paarl street. ,^OR BAI.F? K JKWF.LBT fl'iR"' DOING A JOnn _ retail nnd Jobbing buattieaa, W* ated near the city of New York t hi? la a One opportunity f >r a praetleal jeweoar with a ?maU capita!. For particular* Inquire of G T RalaBE' K, 64 Raldrn lane, lor three daya, from 11 untl I P. M. For salb-the two three story rrown htonr front hou?e? If* and 174 Weal Tweitv thirl street, be tween Seventh an<1 Eighth avennea, built m mnd-rn ?tyla? with all the Improvement, gaa bath, water Hoaeta, range, Ac. Wl'l be an Id on fhvorahle tertna Apply to A. BKR NARD. SI Iiey a?reet ortoF.ilJ. E NTR\LTfl, JOt'ham'iert fr.'ii' . !ji< n\ from 12 to .1 o'clock. ; F WS BQiCVl tai p't) * MMt(|. ? rR BAT.R? AN OLD RRTABLIWER RRTaTL LADR and embroidery huetnoaa wRh the leaae> f atore tar two y?am and a ha f in one of tbe beat f ualnnea kva'lona on Ri laJway. A pecann wiahtng Ic engage in the buetneea will 4rd Uda a very d'-elrable ooTiortnniy For partleulara ta qnlreaf F. OKIRBM * R. W4 f>a>i>wi i etree. VIM I \ UL fpYi.Kn.L 'vu nrv i-EVN^ri.VANiA ' coal landa In eichangr for dry gooda Of other tuqrehaa ulte. Inquire of WM. C. WARNER, 9# Broadway, tip italra. For balr?a ooo Rrpnm.0 of p0T4Top* bwttari.k lor ahtprhrg. Inquire of OEOROR Kl.Y, No 60 Buih avenue fpOR PAI R-A PORTER HOP8R. IN wr.iT STRKKT r doing an eieelient hnalneea. will be aokl very ebeap. aa the preacnt proprietor Intenda tm go Bouth. For partlc<iiar* tnqnlre at M Weal alreet. For salr-tiir two story hotjbe and lot no. 7# Oreene atreet; lot 2f> by 9t) feet Will be aoid very If w. |B it*) can remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to M. f NOWDON, to Warren atreet f'OR BALF-THE cheapest HOrBB IN THE OITT, three atorjr and baaement. la perfect or lar lA-geyanl, pltaaantly attnated In Delaneey atreet, near the R?at river. * r ply at SI Orand atreet W A. K4ICN fOR BAI.R?TBE PUB MO HOI7BR ARt'TK', 282 MUD eon atreet. Apply ? the premlaea rOR RALE?A TTRNINO LATHE, II INOH RWINO and IS feat bad, anltehta fhr heavy work or acrew cnitng, with motion wkeela, counter abaft, pn.leya, belta. toola, 4c , all new, and to be aold cheap. Apply at i?4 W?t Tw<atv eighth atreet, near Eighth avenue, in the bleckmNh ahop. PO* PALB?THR OLD ESTABLISHED N DkPOT, HT'i Bowerv, near ?olancf j aimk JT^r partl.ulara in ?? rs vuiUpiim _ vum fjVis S ?LB-AT A I.ow FIUUBR, TUB NBWFIXTUKER ?nil wiriT jikI |i i ? r.r, 'sto<e No Ptntavea'ie. MiH^our ab.r tv?:iui nir'-et the store aa'l dwelling b mm- ii witittiiif, m a!m> u> let, "IUiik with "it the Oakery In the i..i?emrn;, noaasssion laiueuately. Apply -o lo< ag>'W oo the FOR SALE-TWENTY F'VB FEET OF SHELViHG and counter drawers, bnt two yeurs in *i?e utao feetof nine timber. Inquire M No. * ?array street, or at the

lumber yard between 7ih and vh avenues. FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE?A FKAMd HOUSE tilled in w^th orKk. st Qreenpoint Hrooklrn. The b .nt? stands on two tots, which are improved Frtee $ > .?t?f?.V) dHwu. and lb* balance on easy terms Alao, ni?ndii*me villa lotaoti bergeu Hill, in the inost desirable oortion of the city of Hmlaro. For particulars inouireof THOMaS a. PBA OOCK, 3S William street, morn Ii For pale or exohange-for first clahs tew bouses. or Western lands, sone very cbvice lota an Klghth avenue lnehiditie two isoroera; i?rma very eur. Apply to m. Cannon a Co.. ho Nuwi street F half pa^ofu^ i?.Vof Un?dBa;TM? ?*E ^fDIVTDBD W asbington Hotel. t0t ,trK< <***? U> O. S? Wo.1Broadt./ For balk or kx.hang?-a small farm of rich land, having .1 good frame house. baru and stable tffli w''h Home fruit, suitable for a msrket garden, nltu Med 2\ miles from New Market depot, Middlesei county, New Jersey. Perwtiai property will be taken in exchan je. Inquire of N. WILLIAM 8TUYVEBANT, Jr., M William at F.ATBU8H LOTi?BEAUTIFULLY LOCATE? IB THE town of Flatbusb; a'se. eighteen ful) alze building lota, with a large bonae on Prospect HU1. near Flat bush avenue. Apply to R. LOTT, 76 aid 77 Nassau street SEOAR STORK.-A SPLENDID bTAN? IB BROOKLYN, doing a rood business will be gold cheap aa the owner la unable to attend the atore, the rent la very Vw. Oall at iha ? tore 191 Atlantic street. Brooklyn, or inquire Of JULIAN ALLEN, 13u Water street, New York. TO Bl'TCHBBS.?FOR SALE, A MEAT SHOP. DOING a good buiiln?-?B No. SO avmue C, near Fourth strut*. Inquire on the premises. VIRGINIA LAND FOB SALE-LYING UPON NORTH river, In Msthewa county, containing 1.3W acres, ha>faf which la arable and very productive, the bah?> ce in wool and limber. The Improvement* are a large brick dwelling, barns, stslilaa, negro house* a grist and saw mill Steaml>oat? rnn I'ing i* Norfolk and Bal'iraore touch wlihw a few miles of tins place Can be eonvenieutlv divided. Address at Glouoestor C II ?*., Wm R SMART. TBTANTBD-A Ft: ?< BASER I OR A BEaUTI'CL vt brown ntsne res'derce. ultuated Id the be^t par' of Hrook'vn, and but ten minute*' walk from the Wall street and Fulton ferriea. The houne la aewlv and handnome y I'nmlHh ed: furniture sold, Ifreqntrrd. at a barg iin. Two tliirdsc.nnh, balance In d'y property or Western land. Apply to E. LOTi', 75 ai d 77 Nuaxau street. CKJIABnt' (UttilS'lVA. A NICE THREE PTOKY .'.NO BASKWBBT HOrKR, with all the niodei n Improvements to lei. <>ev' of Broad way, belo>? Fourteenth stn'at. Yearlv rent $480, ?uli i'nnri'. dlate poss?e? on. Applv to B W. HK'HsRiK :VI7 Broadway. ALARGB HOUSE, CONTAINING TWENTY ROOMH, full of baardern to leaae for live years, in Greenesir.iet; vearlv rent SI 3w>, with gae baths, range, Ac The furniture, in nice order and nearly new, will bo sold very law; price, 11,(100. Apply U> ?. W RICHARDS, 307 Broulway. A NICE HOl'SE TO I.ET-IN WEST TWENTY FOURTH street with all the modern Improvement*. Yeaily rent IfWKI. The furniture, which I* nice, a portion or whole will oe mid at a bargain B. W. RI' HsIDl 307 Mroidwav. Broadway store to on lbark?best lo cation iB Broadway for wholesale millinery, or laney tmde. l'KTKK BOBBBT8 A CO.. 374 rtroadivay. Broadway lofts to let -the thiro. fourth aod tlflh stones of the brew a stone store, 934 ttrcadw&y, '?> let on favorable terms, in roomi, as now divided oi'wl 1 be altered to suit a t. nant. Apply :o STKPilKN WM. SMITH, on the premises. Desirable coi'ntht rf.sidf.nce to let-fif. tee. minutes' from Thirty trsi street, twjminn'es fraa cepot, overlooks the IIndson. six lot* ground; house cottage st> le. wllshaded with trees, ulne rooms besides kiu-Jien and cellar; good stable; rent, fmm now Uli 1st of April, very lew, Addreaa b?i J JO Post oilice. FUBNISHED HOUSE ?TO LET, A NEATLY FCR" nlshej house in Li?pen*rd siree* snimbie for a boarding bouse; re.nt$ai a week Appjy on the premises. 36 I.npe nsrd m eet, or at 1M Spring >treet. Furnished house to let, and pos-;b-sion im mediately?a very fnely fu nishi-d house, complete with every improvement. In Islington avenue, will be rented at a lew price for a term of years, and possession given immedi ately. For particulars It quire of F. COLToN, 39 i)".ckman sttett CTCBNISHEP HOUSE TO UCT-A TWO STORY AND r attic Iiouse, well snd nc?ily furnished, fifteen rooms, well located west o! tiroadway. near %sd above ''-anal stieet. In Jiure at the d.nlng saloon No. 4 Hobvan street, two doors from Canal. Furnished house to thirty sixth ?treet between Fifth and 81?th avenue, to May 1st next, or for a lonjer perio?L Apply to S. skymour ASHLEY, 15 >'moou street Fl RNi'HJtD MOUSE TO LET.-LAKAYET1E PLAf*B, Eaat Brooklyn House and ^lmlture new and tirst class. Address West, lie raid office. Stores to lkt-with ai-artmknts bate, hav Img Crotnn aaid wsa'e. Ac ; suitable for ssy business, ex cept groceries and liquors. Rents S18 per month Inquire on the premises, 67f and tlW) Houston stroet, mew ?tores.; TO LET,-THE FLB8T ri.0QH Of A GEM'EKL HOUSB, No. 191 Twentieth str#<{, IS a small genteel family, no other need apply; passage bedroom and wardrobe front base ment gas at d gts futures, modern Improvements low to ? good tenant. r LET?THE FBROND FLOOR OF HOUSB 87 ATBNUB C. Bent modornte u? a family without e&Jdron. Apply on the pre?i sea a*0 LET-ON BROADWAY. NEAR BINTn STREET. A oonimodloushnllduig. well ealcnlatod for business purpo s?s 27'eetbv TO p. *s--s-ioc. giver irnmei!la>ly. Appiy to GASSUKR BHOTHBRS, 7HO Broadway. TO I.BT?THE THIRD FI.OOR OVER THE STORE corner ol" Cana! and W.xoter streets, marble front build ing. snttabie for any light manufacturing business; lighted by eleven windows; a fine shewy entrance on Canal st.-eet, gas, Orouin water and lioistwaj. Rent H w to a good 'xnanU Ap plj on the premises. TO let?1 WO NEW STORES. IB WEST STREET, near Yestry. just where there are two lines of steamships coming'in at the MMgiar, wfcich makes I a i'a.:-uf bnai ness unequalled by any other on the line of West stroet r) I.BT?A TRBY DESIRABLE COTTACI HOUSR, OH 111th street, between Tbtrtf and Fourth avenue*, eaataia tng eight room* snd Ice yard, facilities g*od for geuing 4sw* town Rent tluU Apply at 104 Greonwtah Mrsst, la be basement, or on the premises. TO LBT?PART OF HOUSE lit', THOMPSON STREET, consisting of second floor House contains bath and gas, and is located wit his me minutos' walk of th-; St. BtoholsaUo tel. Apply a* above. rLKT-TO A SMAI.L GENTKBL FAMILY. THK *K rood floor of hnn?* 3d rnonmcxe itreet, oonbunliig three room*. ro?w?nnn immediately. Appl} on the preml**a. rTH> LET?THK I'PPKR PART OF MOCHJC NO. ISO X Kldf Ulg* *<r? at to ? ?ma!l get tool ftmilr, until the Brat Of May Inquire on tlx piemiaea Kent low. TO LET?ON IS l.OFT. INQl'IKE AT Bl'DOLFWT Jk ZRfXKBS, AM Pearl atraot, between Urumlw*y nod Rim TO LKT?A BOARDING HO?SB, A.ID FCR.VMTHK for iilt.H* douir a c>od bioioeaa. ran k' oo?>Um thiri v hoarder*. ?nua'.ed ta lirund ttreet, i.ear Keeci Appl J It MO Or Mid *troel rl.BT?TBK FIRST rLOOR, rrtyslRTINCJ OF "OrR room* and bank haoaroeat, and bedroom off. of bon*e3t klngatr*?t. In-intra of A. HaTBOND, II ? hatham atreet. r> LET IN BROOKLYN?A COTTAGE rONTAININO elgkt ronn kitchen an.I good cellar, with garden aad every cnvenlrnoe, in Haj Ride atmia 1 "art paaa U>? deer every minute*. Kent miderata. Api'iytoB. Rm, ar Mr. Poiman Iu7 Ka*t Fo irtoaoth ?treet. N. Y. rl.KT OR LEaBE-A OOOD STORK AND RACK m m near Broadway, in Howard atreet ml table for aajr bualnea* For particular* app'v to (i. A. TROT TAB. 41 Howard atreet or on the pram tan. mO LIT UNTIL mat WT-H ALT OF AN KLIOIBLE OF J Ace on Broadway rear the Ollaev Balding* Tarnaa modern!* and the nae of a good plana taken la part pay. No kg en' need affply. AA&rrm BuMaraa, HeraJd efBca. rRENT OB I.BASF?TO A RBRPONBIRI.B PARTY, g handaome: y ftiraiahed hoiaa In Fink aveon* near Tklr ?T *<nrth at root. Beat WW par month. Addreaa C. L. C., HeraJd office. rm mmjimbt, *m. rALL MtLUBBBT GOODS. B T. WILDE, m and a John ima ?VToaiaa a*o aiairicmil t BILK M1LLIBERT OOOD0. Straw gooda. ?Ilk and fanev bonnet*. Dreaa ?*p* aad head draaaea. FVeneh flawara. featkr?. Ac Ae A aamtplate ?wv k ?t the above gondaeeneuwly oa haad, aad lar aala at the '???at markat prleea Fashions -hub DKMORKFT S BRANCH rrOBB, tiaaial atraot, ox at eitoaatvo aaaortment at pattern* ?olted ta ike fa.1. n*a*<>n. Including the l<ady Waakkifton hae.iue ui he had miy m ihta aatabUahmeat. napertaleaded by Main Oeodall. PABIB MILl.INKRY -MADAM* LETT, 1)0 Ri.RKCKBB atreet, baa ?pl<-adtd velvet hcaneta moat beautiful head dreaa** and dreaa cape. ?-i liable for opera aad bai; cottumea THK BALL BEASOS. T11F TWKNTT-KIOimi ANNCAL BAH, OF THE NEW York Fire Department tor (ha benefit of tho widow* and orphan* will taho p'*r? *t the Anad?my ot Hnatr. 'onrtooalh atreet, on Monday eTenlng, Jan iar? *. WW Tteket* m?r be prornredm th>'managera. MKNBT A. BUBR. Praa't. J>* F. Sec'y. TniBTT.R BALL-AT NIBLO'B O ARDBN, TIIVRRDAY k < ven:ng, Drrrmber 4 IRftfl ?The maaagera of tke ThMo Beoerolenl A?*^ *Uoti In ro*umtng thetr m<>*t grateful tktinka to tbeireo'intrjm' ti and the t ithertogenaroa* ?upportori of tko 1 huHle halla, Main Invoke their aid. and beg to remind them that 'he iir> neodi ar* ananally dletribnte.1 among thoao ta 4I? treo* wltbont regard lo na'tonalltT Order of daaring aerord <pg to programme, ronprtalng great earlety, and Intr xlnring ? be oeweat and mmt fnahionable danea* TV-ketg Bt o*rh. a?T mltttlng ? gentlotaian and rwo tadtea, to ho had at the muafg gtoreaTNlblo'* Oarden, or of either of the manager* VV. O. McKRHSIR. Soaretary. m Wall itrtxt. WATCHER, JBWRLRV, AC. T KW> LRY ? 11 e| Btrf, rhe*p and fnahtonahle -OKOROE 0. ALf.KW, No. II Wall ?tre?>t, aorond tlorr. I* aa'.llngaD kind* of braeeleta, btoor'iei. chair*, rlnga *eaWi. key*. Wket*. aloeve btvl aa, ? ud* ?t rctaclea, eye glaeeo* anal eta. allrerand ptaial wan, A#., at rr'all, at rmtck lea* thaa the uanal prV-oa. UfATt lOCBl WATfHEB'l WATt^HKSIll ff Oold trg**b patent lever, hunting -aee* ag Jgt ?nld dct?chad levent, fall jewaled, M low aa f? Oold cylinder apcapemente, four hole* jewelod ?) And all kind* of gold wabtho* from. M to EOOo S ltf r wntrbes fh?B.... ^ 9f loBfi 0, C AliLXB, II WftU it-* up itkirt, > ear ilmd BUY UMOB, 41', K)H AN1> OUIUINK Ft! KB At I w only Ha per WDt below unarm nln at Bl LPIK li. Sfll Bnatvritj. A* IMMENSE STOCK OF PUBS, Parebiaud provlau- to the prnaem awl advaoee. ea aaJe at BCLPlN b, >61 Broadway. LADIEA HUYINO runs BLookJ Oral aiMulue oar clock, aad enoapare prieaa. UULflS, 361 Broadway. SABLE OA PUS, Tlppeie, boaa and cuUe, at BULPIN'H. Ml Broadway. Royal ermine oape<j, Tlppeie, mnffa tad rnfta. At BULPIN'fl, 361 Broadway gl DttOM BAY SABLR CAPLB. Tlppeta, mufla aud eoffa, At BtfLPM'8, 361 Broadway. SPLENDID MINK 0 APBB. TWO BUNDBED ARB PURNIHHZB FOB TH1 WEEK'S BaLEH. All pare baaed pravkiua to (Be advance. Prkaa low. BULP1N, 361 Broadway. BEAUTIFUL CHINCHILLA CAPKH, Tip p eta, boaa and cuffo, At BULPlBU, 361 Broadway. QAKIWOMK FITCH OAPEB, Tippelo, mafia aad cuffa. At BCIJiri, XI Broadway. jtonb martin oaprb, 3 Tippeta, mullk aad eullb. At BULPTN'B, 981 Bi gULPHTB STOCK OP PCB8, All parchaaed early, at twenty five per oent below pro -eut prieaa BULPIN, 361 Broadway. Bulpin-s stock oP|fdrs. One handrad thouaand dollar* worth, on aal? thie week BL'LPIN, 981 Broadway Bulpin'b stock op prw?, The large*i, aiicapeai, and bv far rtcheot, atoek In ttu aMy. .BULPIN, 3(1 Broadway gULPIN'S STOCK OP PURE i Pur wtdtea, young ladtaa, and mlucre, of every alxe. BULPIN, 3C1 Broadway. BULPIN'H MOCK OP PCB8, Mniune, rich and handsomely mnnnfactored. BULPIN, 361 Broadway. gULPW'8 STOCK OP FURS, All guaranteed in quality, at 26 per cmt below preeeal prieaa. HL'Ll'IJ, 361 Broadway. jgULPlN'% STOCK OF PURS. Made by Pariatan workmen at X per cent below pro soot ???< >? Bl.LPIS. 361 Broadway. ELEOA NT MINK OA PBS AT BlwllIT, aiVBTT AMD OK? HrhDllD Do:.UBI, 2b per eent below pn-anul value At BUlJI.ti.Wl Broadway. E LEOANT 8 A BLR OA PBS, Of Hudson Bey and Ruaalan aable. 15 per cent below precent value, At BULPIN'd, 361 Broadway. BEAUTIFUL MKTS OP M1BK For thirty five dellara; tippet aad enIK BULPIN'H. S61 Broadway. JJBAUTIFUk 8RTK OP MINK For fifty and fifty-fire dollara; tippet, muff and eaffk. At BULP1NB.361 Broadway. Beautiful sets op ermine, Boasht before the ad'aooe. on Hale at IB per cent below preaert value, at HULPIN'S, 261 Broadway. B1AUTIFUL SETS 0?P STONK MARTEN On aale thtc week, alJfc per cent below present vame, a! BULPIN 8. 36t Broadway. BEAUTIFUL 8KT8 OF CHINCHILLA, On aale una weak, at 26 per eent below rr?aert value. al BULPIN'8, 361 Broadway. Ff RP OP ALL NATIONS 1 bo largrat beet and cheapen' stork In the city, at BUi'PIM'M. 361 Broadway. jpiriw OF AIL NATIONS _ All purchased before the adcanee. at S per eent below present value, at BCLl'lN'6 Al Broadway. JJUI.PIN'8 WINTER CLOAK*. Elegant black velvets, at thirty eight riolHra, At iiULPlN'tf. 361 Broadwar BULPIB'S WINTER OLOAK8. Hnpcrb blaei velvets, at forty dollara, At oPI.PIN B.3Cl Broadway. BULPIN R-WINTER CLOAKS. Magnificent black velveta at forty five dellara, At BUlJrIM'B, 361 Broadway. BULPIM'S WINTER CIX)AKa. Heavy grey oloth circulara, at $12 and $14. at BULrlN B Ml Broadway. BUl.PIN-S WINTER CLOAKS. Bp.endid black ciotii circulara, at $1!> and $X). at BULP1N?, 361 Broadway. BULPIN'S WINTER CLOAKS. As uiiutually large aaaoruuent thia week, at BULPl.N'S, 361 Broadway. BULPIN* WINTER CLOAKF. Tbe Bpaaiab otrcalar aad oomnailna cloak at " BUUMN'H. 361 Broadway. BULPIN'8 WINTER CLOAKS Uarmcci of ourpMoing beauty win be open thia week at BULPIN'8, 361 Broadway. PHA BEAUTIFUL BRKAKFABT FETS. PROM 58. TO OUl' (R a aet; a aplendiil liuo of hemmed embroider ed lioea cambric handkerefciefa from T5 cento each, jua? re ceived. JOBN CLARKE, 6i3 Broadway, corner of llloockar ?treet. A combination OK TARTR, KLEUANCE AXD lathmn. MAOKRNKIKS CLOAK AND MANTILLA RUT A BLWH VINT, Man. 4? and 47 <Anal utreel, A few doom west of Broadway Tin adTeriieor ?n ifle flrat in thia country to eommenca the mannfact ure of t Antra' ri/UK? asp MAiTiu.Aa, by pieana efwhirb for ceteral jcar* paat. br haa been rna bird to (it* lucrative employmept to a largo claaa of laduairt oua aud Intell gent American (trla. la pot iMa aumeiant r-aaoo tkat bla establishment nboukj br paironlaed by the ladlia of thta city * Ht? Inrg eg) erlence In trade enable? him to aeloct the choir# at fabric* trom tbe Importation* of itnrr. aoiKC ASTitim *?nCAXHaitar. ar.ATta noorw. and, aa hia dn><ina arc recH?ed >' m tly from Pari*, he la prepared to furfcleh hla ciintnmere with the KirxUT im> *o*T r a*hiii.* inn cloak* amp KAjrTtu.Aa, at lea?t fifty per cant lea than the taoortad manuMctori-d arlciee Should not this fkct Induce the ladiee to patreaiac hla eatab Uabmeat? i ompare the atyte. make, qoallty and prices of hla ma*till** wuh theae of harieiaa origin. and yoo muat caofeaa that, la e?ery rc*peet, hla i>? aupertnr Can a ?ron*er Indue meet be offered to the lad lea to patroa lie hia e?labHahmentf While cloak* and martillaa are confessedly more rich and elegenl la appeaiaare than ahawla, they are aold at leaa than halT the iirlee Thna fanhmn and economy dictate to the ladlca Hie Advan tage of patronizing hu eMabllahmeui. By doibf so, Ihay exerclae BOOJIOHT, ladnlge their laate for aLauasca asp rASiuon, and arc are garment Kich la rieelgn. Of tiquialle Antah. And aupertor manufacture. Hla eitenalve warernoma embrace every <arw4y af iMPOhini> and hour mani-pactI-red cloaks amd MANTII.LAS eonepleunn* ?m T.g whlrh are lho?e *>. glowingly ( a late editorial of the Naw Yob* UciALsaatha laleRuk Laaraottee, OruraBL c'xarlua. La Releoe D'Keeaaa. Imperial Bnauty and Mary Rliiart ladle*. ton muat rail. tabllshuieni of Mary Stuart a'l. If rati do not* pa'raalie the ea W. Rl'i'MANaN MaCKRNZIR. Aix t# hk hold opf ? The large aad rich Meek af DRY OOODR, Bllka, Bbar? la, Claaka, Mai mm, De I.aine. PlaMa. Linen a, MtuMoa, _ RmbreWlm- a. Laces, _ floalery. Aa. AH af which will be altered at SO to 10 ria r**T MUtim. J BRCK A CO. Ra. MH Rraadway. LAROR AND UAR WOMR AWORTMRNT OP RRAL XI pebil a ' collar* ftcm g7 HO to *?. alan aa?a In treat tartelT, gelerted al Ike place ef manufacture erpreaaly far enreftv trada Lad lee wDl And Itadraatagwou* lo call aad aiamtoelhem. rA>Kn>qT01t A t ^ m wt$. A N INTOiri OP MICH LACE*. RRt'RIYRD PR* A Persia will b opened na Mandav. Dee. 1.?There are black rbarOHy ?elle, eapea. co'lara. eotroree, barbea. An. Alan applioaHen point alafniUe, and point de Venle aeta, a pea handkerchief* and lar< a for trlmminr all af whtrh > arpaaa anj thiia orer offered la oar city. MII.I.PR k OR ANT. 3?1 Rreadway. ALL AND RVRN1NO ("OSTCMR.?T1IE ACBWRIBRRS bate recelred by the I'erala. A oaae of lace and Kmbroidered tulle rohaa, QnHe paw la jy.e. a^ at moder^^ Broadway, fhambera and Raade atrece. B B RI WRI.S roiNT LACK Baodkarchiefh, OeUara, Cape*. PJoimora. Trimming laora. Aa., Aa , At ha*f ike mtgiaal caat, al t. BRC* k 00. R, _ . Wo. X6 Rraadway. CLOARK. A auperb taaortment All aew. Ruperler In ijnallly. Superior hi alyla J A MEN A HRaRA, 77? Broadway, Abate Ninth atreet. LOARK. WRArPR*? AND circtl.ARg A targe amm latent of pew and fbahlonabte gtyiea. In tea , ear, etotka aad relraie. at rery ?0 aad M Chambera atreet, op Make. 1 , K ? Wt CLOAR AND MANTUXA TRIMMINU WAER I ' ?<mae. 4B Warren atreet. weal Mde ' HR cl.ARRR baejnal reaelred lonodoren kid gVeraa, ?__ ?a an to V7 an per doaea, alen. a line ef fleecy Haad aint el- Tee A ten, ranetaaUy on hand gent* kid f loreA bWod . tel?et rlhbooa *nd inmmhig* arery daeerlpttaa I 1?in RBBEOIDRRIRB. M*Wt RRCRITRD rrR Broadway. DRY j^VBROTDERlEB ?oun^a J RKCK A DO Have aarked down the prloes at their rich (tack ef Cu?* u leae than ball' iha original oust. No SM "L' c ? s- r v b??- r v ma f Selling at eoel A m-riMD marten, per set M rteuch liable do * 0 ,Lo. mink tlo J ? Vmii marten eap?? do 36 10 W onhjp. at FOMTKH 8 fur .tore, 178 Chatham street HM,2?2A,IVf4 I,I,IA 8TOBB, us BUOADWA*, ? #>l*dwlth ?oo.', ,Perlatoeri1valB)flra Jf * 'rB'1 K.vifc?i?, Ac , embra~_ <M>JC ViTMtf Of CUr'OUP, UMfiil iod n#r#l fansy good* Ciii/Hok ii,d ?trwigets are Invited ta . kite great variety now ttleied, at wholaaale ud rated. HOUSEKEEPING LINEN GOODS, MC? ^L'SSZt hi?J; pliw Unen.. uble Imena, u4 lewelttnga l??rttel variety. AT TnE uww BTOBB. 748 Broadway ?bove A.W '^jbh * OO., Pronrtete*. J. BECK A CO.. So. 366 Broadvay, Are now seltlaf off their >W|6 Sleek ef dry foods, at _ Half the eoatortoe. Linens. j. beck a eo , Are now selling IbMtna ? At thirty per oeal Below cost, at Ma. 368 MH. LICHTF.N*) EIN, OP" WO. M BOWSBT,, ? la retiring from the retell rthboa. mllHoory I rtrrwi trimmings bus dim ban lately opened teaspera _ accunuuecatiuii of the groat thr< ing <?f ladies who aval I aolveitolihe opportunity to oliiata ikdr ornamental rP feather*.How* rs and drea* tiiwu'ng* for tee approanhli dava at *aeli anheard of low price*, la hi* newly i marble stors '.'4 Itowery 1 o both the above aterea ye are vlelng wttb earh 0?rer ta competition with hie st Hsgeode Ible op.; orturiity will noon be loot, aa I nuetbe tlostd prior to ni? de ?iutnre for Europe, to saoanB tend the BaonfucturN of h .< mirlii/ and aammer MM, ter kiO new wholesale warerooin down town. PARISIAN fan>Y GOODS.?ERWE8T 8ABATIBB A CO, 64 H M.-Kuii atieet baa received from Parte a **M>rtmrrit of fancy article*. via?retlotilea. porteaounnalee, ate rar caree. e* ;iibc, bniatiea. but'oua, portfolio*, perfumery jet ai d velvet ornament*, French plaiedjewelry, Ac. A BEMNANTS-RKBNANT8 OK RIfTH LACBt.-BLAOK rhanlltly vslenctennrH and notut laees al?e cartooa, to ?ell rleap, at thr l.n*o|.Pkn manufacturer'* depot of lane*.Ml Broadway near Metropolitan Motel. JUUtfi BKLCROIX. Ricn embroidered swiss and jaoonet eoii larvardnet* of Karl* njirl Naney mannfaetere, will be in rn< tl th e met nlrg by JODN OLARSE, W3 Broadway, ear ner ef Mleecker terete. S?1IAW L8. 'Ibe choar?t ev?r offertsL Biw:h- shawls, 8tel!a *haw>, 1'iaM ihawlf. All}, a Urt" aHFOrtmeut of ARFR, All to be Hold off at .1. keck A CO f, 386 Broadway. rrHK LARGKBT CCPTOlt i. Eaiahliahment 1b the Catted Statea. F. DERBY ACOMFANV, Of No. 12 Park ptece. T alien ioportcri, Rervlvo per ?loameri and ialTin( veiaela. UtrooKhoW tbo st aaon ? ur; "rable wa ulty fbr t;eut>oAOn'e dreaa. VKLVKT ri.ol'N''3D SILK ROBES, AtKirrt. t Hid up?an'.?, Up en this morulng De-mber S. a T. HTKWaRT *CO., Broadway, Chamb< ra and Re?t CLOTHIIip, AC. 4791 <?-! TO se.roo WORTH CF NEW AND 8BCOWB HAND ?TJ cloihiaK w?ntea ? tientiaman having large or amflTlota ?odmu'oeo! w'"i el?e the full valuo, wlthoiM hag^Uag er ?eektrg K> tuipoee Call at the autre, or addrete THCUBA8 r>. < OKhUV, rn Fearlatreet jl PBARI PTEKRT.-8BOOWD BAJIB OLBVB . . . 'J ii f "tore ? i;< nilec on di idieea of eooverting . ea pertluoua elothiufc ihh> caah. can opiate the fall value by ap plMnv perMinally or through poet, to JAMBS mubowbt, CI)* rearl itreet w?>bth of new awd cabt trr elo a'i<( wanted, for olty tad Weater*Mar kets. (JenHi-men having auv to 'Uapoaa ol will reootee the bif-beat prise by oalling at the store, or addreaaiag JOUif K. EC EBAY. 44 empire street. /1LOTHIEO.?Ladies and grnti.rmen batiwo * any to dlrpoe" of can roeelve the otmoet valne by adterea irg f. M>IIFN, Lattrrns ntrr?t. near Canal, or U Wee Itroadwav. Ladles a ended by Mrs. C. 0 VER< OATS AT BT UIS' Overeoata at Evana' l >verroata at Bvaaa' Overeoa's at hMa* Overmata at Evaaa' Overcoala at WHtkP Overeoata at B*aaa' tiverooata at BsMa' tlverooata at Bt?'' overcome at Boaaa* uvrrroata at |im' Overeoata at Evaaa* Overeoata ai Kvaa% Overeoata at Ivm? 'rvereoata at ?ftlM' Overcoat* at EvMs' Overceats at / BotSa' Overeoata at KBg* Overcoa'a at Evaea" Overeoata at KjE> I ivercoata at Evaaa' Overeoata at ?2E' Overeoata at Eiaas' Overcoats ai Evaaa Ovi rooate at Bvaaa' Overeoata at Bvaas' Ov retails at Evaaa' Overroata FV.v.N'S' Evaaa' Ovi r i als Evaaa' Over-fat* Kirrvntrs Evaaa' CLOTHING WaKKIIOCE, fit. and 6* Knltoo street. Between Gold aad *'*"* sir rate iliaek and faney cloth orerroata 16 to >15 Beaver M w> 10 M M pilot ?? p I] " " " Fet??ham" H jo Whirlpool. nlgge(Bea<t?. lionaklna, koraeya. fa ia U Plain and figuied velvet vest* la 8 Rich moke ai.lique veau IB t'l saiirere rente ft 40 tap Hlark cloth ?nlt*. v?ry geeteei. IHJ r>re?a >nHs ia? *<"*1 a* ti.oney eaa boy> (>??l?n?re bualn??? cos's $1 St la I*lark doeskin elothandcaaUmere paata $2 Fancy caaaterre pan<? ft Ac., Ae, Ac.. Ac, Ac., Ac.. Ac., At, A*.. Ac . *e., Ac; EStrii0 li ao tale ?onu. CABD.-THR PAUKF.BOKBS BT THK ALiXfltW AW? New York ?tcamrrs will fttid .?>mfnrtabte i and yee<l MWDAm r? at the Olaefow and New Tart ' snoe liatal, Na JIT huriiaean street, Ulaaiaw. Thai witbia a?? aUuaia'a walk of lha Leaden aad Kdknbur* rati way stations WM. Be P H CffT N H ?No cbarf road* for attendance pUBTOB Horns opf.n, t? bboa nway.?afabt \J menta far families or Individuate handanmety ft ratehed end neatiy k?nt < aa b? obtained wl'h or without buard. an be Am< rUan or Kuropean plan. Wanned by tic M s ratMl ?tram apparatus. Haute free. La pibkbr hoc?b Brnad nireel Pk!Wuieh>hla The nnderslenrd lutva much Dleaeure In aanonweinf la the public and their fnroda, that they ha> c leased the K1KOANT B?TaBM?BMR!?T Hsring keen rn^ncctrd w Ilk the (Jlrard House ali>ae Ka open 1*1 they brlM la Ihc Bkanacetaeai of Ike La I'lerra Hauaa a larae eiperlrrc* IU ? tfreir InlrntJea to thomaflhlr re Borate the Im PtBMB, and' ?derate tfcrlr undivided MtwOni la Ha nut(?ani they ha*e aju?t roolideww In bellertn* that the '.r?nRta| <xmi?unity i?ed n.> fa*thcr a* ranted kola) will rank eaual l leearanoe that tb* iMnraMf ar 1 toaay in the l'atU4 hiaAe%_ , WaBD a iKX RATHHl N*S HOTTl. rr, and 439 Broadway. B?w Tark, la open for tranaleut and |?'manert boarder*. Bniarrrc ?rderwtred ?tdn inmNKrd eTera superior aaantngtodcUnaa A share of pairouaca t? raeprcBMly aoOalted br the HMc i Su?hle eerrao' ? MAT(N> AITRUUIOT. Arrom>miHo to aui.-m bbdob, rns nm rtoaa railed tod; **? relumed la the city ir ? Bhsr1 time, tad ran beeoasu.trd with <? all er?nls if Ilk II IU kr??? street betwaa l?nrena and Thompson street* B. H. -B Brace la a aeeond slain aeec. aad waa bora wtth I aft oral |tfl la tall future create. Fee JO aaaia. AMCTBOI.OOY PB WII.OOV. UJ DBLABCBT *TRI*T. aaawer* prrarna n <U p?r'a ?? the M*M. no n\AC? where IM your te ler eontala naa dollar. Use aad pUat e< birik "lair the ?ul >n ta Iter rooaldaraUoM. saakmc jo t M dreea and poo'ayr niAn p ; a rroBiRiuBu to alu-Vadamb i\ lal alN auiat wondarfW aatrMaalat ha> arar baen known aa I aai B>a 7th dautkiar.wbn wan aiaoa graai ?m la tan paat pr?-?anl and fauna lab m ihoneaodk i u rtn?n y irarela in ? v) Mtaa |#a aratobam'nrta-l knar ike hkaaafc af yctir tjUar- huabaa^l i enaedllf Mkrrted. UtJ^i nM aryay nf matrlBoaiai kite* and (and mot ll t will aH*> abow tha Hkeatxa af abaai aad I will tali aa?rwa all tKa ronawaa af help balna aalevMad Bo < hart* ' aat i not adai?>ed. 7? Mraome wraeV aaarOal ArrBm.o<iT-?*nAB*; wtoniB i*bt ca* bb ?Otiaalt-d abrat lore marrtafe, aad ahaaat fH??? ft* tell* all Ita etorte of I*. ?' M? MuHmwtt atrMi. Iflt tear, bark rarwa Rha a?u>e* ?t -edy wi+rran Ckaift aatrt. I ? harjra, tar lad?ea. JSrenia tor MaO?>aa. M a?Ik. Ahf ptTKtn.OOV r'l.KT'BT, FBOB TABTB. r? TUB Boat celebrated ladi of iba n'Meni ace la telttaf the ?fillore rrrn'i trne and . ert*Jn Bha anawera >ineallaMaw bu? i ' i? n*?trla?e. abtent frletxla, Ac . by magnetics). OSca Hrooair ?treit An AUTIW.I ofliBT THAT PBAT^ THB, V?? Ire 'I ? ? 't- . rawaad la a^rad la gay pMWp ahc eaa ?nrn?e? her In * trine a?e reel atoai >re?en'. and Nwire eT?n?*, parfVnlwrl? a>ml ww entta, Ac *he al?o rlT?a InekT awaahw tar peraoa that hoe ever ?t?l?ed anr dl< Mte rre?? ? area All p??wtiaw|o are aWletad wN Arer rwwplalnt ???/?'* rh> aiaaNMi ar any dleraee. won Id do well to rait ar d aae thta natural ftfled 'ad? and yon wtl iwH fa away B B - fladaate C1JMOB to an Hwwihwf fan yaneelree BaaMeooa IK Orchard atrwA. " rll.AIBVOVABrB.-BBB RATRB. I7t OB ABO ?TBB1CT. V New Yark. la Ike beat ?aet?? laediial and bwliruclalr r T.r> in Amerce All dtaeaeea dtanoTared aa-l MM If curable tmnting adrloa vleaa ? ? neca. absent friend*. Ac. ^atiafactton ytrea. nr no pay. i 'ABO -MAPABB~PBBWRTBB bktvbi^ THABKW \ to her fyie- da and pai*r>i>a. and ?>*?* V??J ?at. aAar tha ?t < naandc. both In this ally and I'hlladerpMa, *Vo wra <*? i >LA1BV0VAB< * ?BBf WTWOtB, ll#*r*IBO I \ / street, a taw dworc weat af UraaBway. IBa mel swrr?as ful iaedical swd ka?taces dawroraM lw 1-wrtaa AH dt*. 1 ea?es dlaaneered awd enrad. B cnrahla. >lrtaa On I bnalnesa. absent ftirwla, A*., lad satMWBga hi all MM <*? I mo chkrfe mad*,