Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7403. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, DECEMBER 0, 1856. THE LATEST ft E W 8, BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. InlrrrttlM' from Uuhlngtm, THE DiFAKTUHK OI ? M0K8B HOK NXW OK AM ADA. ?BIB INSTRUCTIONS?THE SENATE NOT IN SES SION?THE VOTK ON THE ADMIBBION OF WHIT FIELD, DELEGATE FhOM K&NBAB, IN THE HOUSE? EXECUTIVE DOCUMENTS? THE BtUCK CHUBCH FUO FKKTT FOR A 108T 08 KICK?rUE MAGNIFICENT SWINDLING BAILfcOAD SC (I KM US BE POKE CON GKKSg?ACTION OF THE VIRGINIA EI.KCTUB3, ETC. WAMIIMiTOK, DOO. fi, 1866. Tbe initi'jctiont for the now Commissioner to Bogota were sent en to New York by a special messenger yes terday, and Mr. Morse Is expwt'd to leave to day by the Illinois lor Asplnwall. From there he will go tn the Mean frigate Wabash to Ca-tbagena. I l?arn that the general tenor or his Instructions are la conformity with tbe vleirs on the New Granadlan questions set forth by the Hbk.wjj. Ho U to reiterate tbe demand Already made by Judge Bow liu lor Indemnity to the suf ferers by tbe Panama riot will ask for a proposition from the New Granadlan government for a final settle ment of tbe mall transit question, for which a respect able tonus will be paid, and will Insist upon some sub ?tantlal i ecurlty for the transit across the Isthmus tn 'future. It is laid that when Mr. Hoagley, President of ^he Panama Railroad Company, was here lost week, he urged Mr. Marcy to make an oiler for the purchase out Tight of the Isthmus, but the Secretary woold not listen to such an idea. Mr. Morse's instructions do not Include tie mlesion to Guatemala, so that Is still open to the as. pi rations of the faithful. The Berate not being in session to day tbe House had everything its own way. Tne galleries and lobbies were crowded to excels, as It was rumwed that sufficient de mocratic force bad arrived to reconsider the vote rotus leg Wbitfielit his seat It wa* soon determined by the Whitfield party to let tho vote be taken and risk the con sequences. Tbe opposition joined Issue, though doubtful -of the result. The cxcitemcnt now ran high, and every man was urged by the leaders to stand to hla desk, as single vote might turn tho '.(sua. Tho vote commenced, and was completed before any Idea oruld be formed as to which party had won. Tbe Speaker at last announced tbe vote to be one hun dred and eight ayes and one hundred and eleven nays three majority against laying on tho table the motion to reconsider. This was a test vote, and the struggle was considered anded, when the scenes suddenly shifted, and the faroe was renewed by tbe republicans refusing to lake the vote to reconsider, and by factious movements stavtng off any tlnal action. The ecene now presented In the hall was ludicrous and disgraceful in tho extreme. The sudden change of par Ctea In the play created exessstve laughter throughout tbe hall and gal. errs. As too delay would only strength 3n the democrats, tbe pro,?o.-ltion to postpone until Tues day next was agrtid toby theui, and the curtain fell. The exe< uttve documocts whi ;h have been com muni sated to tbe Senate, but trhtcb bave not yet been ordered Co he printed, are now being put In typo, and printed cop es win be ready tor distribution as soon as the order for printing U made. As yet they are confidential. The bait being cleaned lor members to spinet sea's as 1be!r nemos wcro drawn, tho tlrst name drawn was Whit Jell, o' Ktnsas This was followed by shouts and wsrlng c4 bats trr.m tbe lobbies aad galleries. As the House bad refuted, however to permit Whltfleld to be sworn, the Speaker dccidcd he could not be permitted to take bis seat. Col Wizard, Ooierror "lect of Indiana, was tn the lobby of the House to day wrrounded by hia friends. He says Indiana is certain to elect two democratic Sena ?tors. Gol Medary, o* Ohio, will be pressed for the Post O'Qct Department unler Mr. Buchanan Mr Stephens, of Georgia, says the report that Fre mont had challenged Senate r Toomts is false. Tie eieHesvnl waxes ho.ter and hotter among the Tlrglclais In both nouses. aa te ihi course pursued by the Kkcroral College in recommending Mr. Floyd for a cabinet position. One of the electors Arrived lore to day, and hecoeflriM my statement of ImI eveoing. It is alleged by the Buntor interest here u uprecedea. \ tea end tbsl'they wti< Lot submit t\lt. Thure 1* trouble to 1*0 OH dominion It wu understood to day that the President bad de cided to accept the Rrick etioren at a alte for the Now | York Past office, end the pa*tiee who were Interested i were greitly elated; *?ut I understand ttii ersalng that | the Presided haa charged bla mind, owing to aome Ikon -wbtch bare leaked o<*t. Fifty thousand doltara hare been distributed among the lobby Sea. Houston arrived to day. direct from Tesaa, In good beat b, and H stopping at Wiliard'i. The icbrmo of tbo session is embraced In the proposed railroad grants I telegraphed to you yesterday that ee TerafSouthern and w eniurn railroad oomnantea had com Mned aid would toon altera ,it to get through Ooagrees a bill, Uto result of wblch would give about one hundred and sixty mi'llons of acres of public leads to said coups nles. This, I now learn, embrace only one half of the proposed grab upon iho national domain. The Pacific Kaliroa-' bill*, lo?r->duced laet winter by Mr. Seeuett. ol 8t I/rals, and by the Committee on Public Lands, were boiled down loose bill, which was read twloe at the laet eerstoe, and only awatu the "nick of Usm" ta spring It upon the H-use and pass It to a third reading. The naecaiQcent bill, as proposed by Mr. KenneU, pro poaee to give the right ot way and aid la the form of public lands, tmt miV in uidik (V lime of Ikt railway, to a set of speculate.* who wtrs incorporated by tas t-Hate of Meeourl, m" called tbe Pad Co Red way Osmpaay The Mil, as now vefore the Hjuse sad proposed by the Co sue it lee on Publ j Laaui, kraals the sasee rights and fwtvllegee to the Wlowing com penes ? 1. Hannibal sad El J<* pb Railroad Company 1. Pactilc R?ilroauCoa;>*ny, of Mlsswrl. S. Berlirgtoa aad Missouri Hirer Rallroal 4. Philadelphia, r n Wayne aad Platte River Air Uae. t. Mwtsippl aad Missouri Company I. Iowa Osotral Air line. 7. Dubuque sad Paclfie Railroad. ?. Korthern Iowa aad Minnesota Com saef. Theee Itaes, If tbe Mil b-oomee a law, are empower Wd la eitead their roads, wU\ IAe immense prmni of land cms aide wide, to a P"1et nf JuacUoa eomewbere net* Tart Kearney. Mil aot oesth of that pilot. Thence a Iraafc Uae ts to be coastr JCted between the pa.-allele of tM tld/ eighth aad torty fourth degreee of nor lb I atl <nde la Ike Pacific, with braacher to Sacramcsto, Sleek tag, Mar>s*111e, 8*n Jose, Ac. This trunk line Is lo be awaed ead coatraded by the above conpaalea. Tbe timber of aerea of lead embraced la this schmae Is va rtousty estimated at <mt humirct and fifty to tvt d red and If If nullum if srres??osm My fim hundred outturn wtthin the peat fo'-r or flee yearn grant* of alternate aar.tloae ef tbe public lande hare beea made to nearly Ml of what era denomlaated the "land States." I'p to the present C agrees ?here grants wsre confined to Missouri, Illinois snd Arkansas. last sprlag, however, at lees "than eight other States were similarly favored and one of them (lews) to each an silent that every acre of the public land wtthta her bordirs was as suddealy swal lowed up '>v tbe railroad companies upon tbe signing of (he b.U .s If an earthquake had engulphed the common weals. Aeoordlng to the records, lT,0a<l,M2 acres wers thin withd*awa, by the ads or the last sessloa, from pab lie sale at the government price of $1 2fl per acre, aad are now held at such enhanced prions as the spsculatlve ootnpaaie* ma get Acrordlng to the Pacific Rai'road bill, wa find that the Moutbara route la In he laid out uader the dlreotioa of the states of lira I* tea a, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas aad Oall forsla. But the central aad northern Unea are glvea directly to certala railroad com pea tec thsrela epeeltle I. Thus the oeatral railroad aad alt IM hraachee la banded over to the road lacluded la the above list. Aad the north era route la greeted to the Northern Lakea and Taclfto Railroad Company, of which Alexsadsr Ramsay la Preal deat, aad to their aasonlatea, ruooeaaera aad assigns. All these companies are already the recipients of laada from Congress, and the attempt la now made lo extend the r greats (whtefc have taken np ell the public lande wthli tbe Httee) ta the Pacific, so as lo five them all the lands in the Territories aad the vast ptaia lying on either side of the Reeky Monnta'e*. In all the prevloui rrants, sing'a alternate sectloan were donated. In the f'aclfic Railroad scheme, alter hale suctions, twenty sec Uoua Ceep arc tlven, or nineteen times more t%n-1 to each mile; and It i? farther provided that If ,n My pU;e wberothe roa?ls run, gooi land cannot brfounJ, tlu cam panif* may itltit J ram the nrarat lundi of Mlrr quality. Tbe laud to be thus donated amounting to butvuen one hundred and Qftj and lour hundred million* of acres, docH nit Icrlude tbe branches provided for, o?; wa!rb Kill swell the aggregate as I hare mentioned, to Ure hundred million acres' Tbe bill alio provide* tbat tbe govcrnm. nt sball pay flve hundred dollar* per mile, per annom, for carrying th$ nulls, for ten year*, being live millions two hundred and slx'.y thousand dollars a year, or an absolute guarantee for the ten years of tlfty two million sis hundred thousand dollar*, In addition to the grant of five bundled million acred of land, C*n impu den e ask more ? It It useless to say anything by telegraph as to the fea sibility or constructing the*e roads, or as ti their being profitable even 11' constructed, because tbe bill on It* face demonstrates that tbe projectors have no Hea of com pleting them. The bill expressly provides that as each fifty miles ol road Is constructed the Commissioner of the General I.and Office tball band over to the companies alternate aecllons twenty sections deep; and thai tbe speculators will follow tbo settlements and build their roads as tbe country may oecome peopled. They will follow civilization, not lead it, and thus quietly usurp the public lands for all time t) come, deriving a never failing source or revenue, apart from any consideration as to tbe wants or California or the completion of a rwd to the Pacific. Such a plan, so extensive, embracing suoh dazzling prospccts to tbe speculators, to the politicians, to the members ol Congress abou> retiring from public life forever, will, of course, command a powerful and active Influence Men ot all grades and characters are In favor or It. You will find your Weeds, your Seward*, your Webbs, your Forneys, your Sidney Websters, your Franklin Pierces, your Oreeleys mixed up In It. News paper correspondents of Inlluentlal ptj eri are bought up ? x-Secators, ex-Cabinet officers, ex U. C '* are pur chased at so many acies per head. Tne vote of a mem ber of Congress is worth ten thousand acres or. land In this grand operation. that is the amount offered. But opposed to the scheme are many of those who ob tained grants of lands for railroad* last year, and who are not In this Iresb attempt to swindle the people oat or ttelr territory, and who are fearful that If the new grants are obtained their profits will be greatly diminished. Between thoso rival in terests there Is to be a great light, and curious ilovelopements will be made on bom sides. THIRTV-FOlltTH COVCillES-S. SECOND HhPSlON. Uoum of Representatives. WaemsuTO*, Dec. 6, 1856 Tbe House returned the cocslderatloa of VIr. WMtOeld'a cue. Mr. Pbblp!) moved as a teat question that there be a call of tbe Hsuse. Ho Mid, in reply to Mr. Giddlngs, he wm sure there ?u a majority ot Mr. W bit field's friends to the city, and his object is to have them all la the House. The motion was agreed to by one matority. Two hun dred and ten members anawared to u>eir names. Mr. aksk? moved that gontlemen prooted to draw Tor the selection of teat*. He. being a new tuember, never had cn>, and tbereiore thought the request reasonable. Mr tisow ob|- oted Tec House voted on the pesaltg qnustiOn. viz. ?Mr. Glow's motion to lay on tb'j tabla the motion to reeon atoer the vote by wntch tbe Hnuse ou Monday refused Ui consent mat (Vbiidctd no saorn an detecate ino Kanras Declced In the negative by one hualred and eight sgalLtt one Hundred Ard eWven. Yra? ? M<**ata Albright AllUon, Ball, Bai*>.Hir. Barclay, Eentiett ot N V. tfei ton hll)i"t;hnn<t Hugoam. Bishop bliss, Hrsdhsw. Hreiiiou, HutLn'on, Bnrlla^wie, OtoipbelJ o! Penn., < ampbell of tihlo.Challee. I larke of If. Y., Clark of Coot-., t'lawson. Colfax, ()oui>na. Cragui turnback. Ihvli i.f M?ts . Day, Dtan. ll?w1U, Lick, llodd, Dnrlee I dle K.l ' ards, Kntte., Galloway QUdtntfs f.dnert. ???anger, Grow, lla!l ot Mam Ilarltn II iren, 11 ? Holloway, Morton of N, T. Bortoo of t?blo, Howard. HufhuloQ ke.*ev, kmc, knapp, Knight knnwlton. Knox, Kuiel Letter. Mat ewm. MWanr, Millar ot New York, MO.ward Morgan Mori ill. Mutt, Murrar. Nichols, Nor ton, i ltv?r of New York, Parker of tlrvr York, Pierce, Pelion, Pennlr.gton Perry, P<-t.t. Pike Prlngle. Purvlanre. Kl'chle. Rolitua. K<M>ena. Mobloaon Kabln. Sa?e, Sapn. Heott, Kli?-r man, Simmons. Spinner Matiion. Mtranaban, lappan Tho. i ington,'ibuiklon T?dd, Trafton. Waile H akr>in*n,W?ll>rldg*, WaldAo, Wa?bbtirue of K isc'iisin Waahtiurne of llUunta, \t aaiiburne ot Maine, Watson Welch WvjoJ Woodruff. Na? ?-M'^ura Aiken. Akers, Allen, Batksdtle, Bennett Of Mississippi Bocoek. Bwte, Bayce, Hrareh Itrooka. Bprom Bitrrett f'adwallader. I'arl'lle. Caruihera, t'askle, t ill gn an < obb of Alabama, tlox Crawtord Culiea, I>avts of M.i-ylaod. Oavlsot Illinois, 1 (enter, liowdr'l. Kdniund^in, M.lott, Knglfab, kiher<da?* ku?ua Kva:>s faulkner Flo er, t uller ?f Maine. Uarnett. Oooda. Greenwood, llallof low*, Harris of Maryland. hanisot Alabama Herrii oflllino.s, Harrison. Herbert. Hi<-kmtn, Ifoitmon Houston, Jewett. Jones of Tenne*ei- Jones of Pennsylvania Keltt, keilj, Krrm-ti. Ktdwell. Iai? I.e'rhi r ljnd.rf L impkln, A K Marshall lliioiparejr Ma-shsil Maiwell. V< Mullen. MrUm-en. Miller ot la . Moore Morrison, Olt'er of Mo.. Orr, Parker. Paine, Peck. Phelps. Porter Powell, Puryeai, Qnit mi n Head* Kieatid Rirrr> RitHn. Rust <i>ndld(?. Havase, Pb< tier, em-th of let n . Kirnh of Va hmlih of Ala., ???eed, etepbcijfc. Mewurt, fewope. lalcott Tay.or Trlpo*. T?son. I'nua od tall, lak Walker Warner Wa'k aa. Wells, Wleeler. Wliitvey. Wllliauia. Wins tow. Wrigbtof fenn, Zulli eoffer. It aow being dearly aacertalaed that Whit 11 eld a friends wei S is Uie majorti)'. Mr Ji>?s?. oi Trnuissee. moved tbe previous question. Mr Uitd>iM.> moved a tall of tbs house, amid laughter and crlne of '?Good,'1 "Who a abs< nt " "Wont's the use of that.'" and "let tbe repsbticaas now play Uie gas>e oommer.ced by lbs democrats " Mr appealed to geutlomen to draw Tor aeats A Vdii a (irom tbe democratic aids)?'-R e'vc tbe majo rity bow snd want to vote." Mr. Mailt** uinsrd sb adjournment Decided in tbo Lrgative I)y general consent, tbe further consideration of the whi'le a object waa poatponeu till Tueaday next Mr M< Mi LLf.s called lor tbe rsadlog of the Prealden Hal mcaaags. fh? boose, be said, would not do Itself ciedit unless this be dose Tbe M'Sakss drctdi d that tbs motion wa? out of order Tbe rrsoinuxi submitted by Mr. 8salon, to draw fbr seats being regularly before the bouse, was adopted. Ac cording to the Method proscribed, all the seats were vacat ed, U>? tat i>i >ers 'slinsg without tbs bar. As tbs Us?k drew rstb name, written on s pi ens ot paper, froai a box, wntch many genli(m?n .leman ledsbonld be wstl shakes, t-,1 I mt'.-r? sevi-rat i made t: eir ..-leTt on seating them sel'es to secure posaesatoa. Much laogbter wse ooca ? < t : ? v.. WhltOeid's ssins being tbe first drawn. ri>?Vof his fitsnds siorsssed a arts faction by bstxss, capping of haaus aid waiving of bats. Hsvsral no u the otasr side exclaim'd, " What bail n-e* bsd sbts nam" is tbe boxr" and be baa no rlgbt lo relents ?< st " The 4pesber Interposed ts snpport of tuis last expresston. tbe ^uretins of bis sdatsalea as a d'-'egstr Irom Kansas betrg uedeculed. Tbe ?rawing < f aeats was oonnuded, asd the Houas ad jturmd UU Monday, i>ater (mm Hants f>. Bt reaio, Dec 5, 1HI6. The Ct. 1 ouls Drmncra' of tbe 3d last, has advices from Hants Fe to tbe ]Ud nit. Tbe news, bowsvev, 1s uatar portant Tbe Isdtsns ocstlnued tbe'r depredttloss Tbe gold deposits on th? (ilia are said lo egesed tboss in tbs rH best portions of Otl'forn'a A Isrge suml>sr of cut sets bad already left Santa ? tor tbs mines Kansas Ilrwa Rt iVAtfl. I>se. S, 1IM Tbe W Ixuts Dunrxraf publishes a letter dated Law recce, the 'aCtb u'tlmo, signed by Coi. J A Harvey asd n'lety free 8'Str sstilsrs, denouseltg ths Kansas Aid rviclety as n sptcslsi'og cr.nrern, nrigiBafing Is Yankee d( m snd warning all honest donators ts be duped no longer for ' bleeding Rsesae " ?lave Troubles. B>itisoss. Dee K, lgM. Come evcltemest baa been orcaston.dio Charles oounty, Mary Isnd. by lbs srrest or two aegroes charged with plot fog Irsnrrertmn among ths staves Two waits men sup l<n*ed in have been engaged la the plot have flsd from tbs 8tats. The Trial of Raher. N?si i si.. Dec A, MM. In tbe Baker trial to day, District Attorasy Wtnfleld made a powerful sppea' to tbe fury la answer to Mr R'Sdy. Jn- ge Peahody cbargr I the |ury highly favor iMc to Raker, whrs tbs Jury r.tired to consnlt upm a verdict, and are still out I nlterf States Mitpreme Conrt. W??HTa(iTO?. Dee. ft, ISM. Csse No. 11 ?Rotnelltts I. Baser et al vs losbna Nscbblsb ?Argument commenced by K. M (*t?ntsn for atipsllee ard cneMsd ?>y Mr. I oomls tor appellants. Tbs court sdjourned till Mnndsy. s A Heavy Mentenre. Dsranrr, Deo ft* 1HM Virgil MrCirtnlck, eonvlctsd la the l ulled St Mes Dis trict Orurt upon tour Indictments tor forging affidavits la order to procure bounty land and pension papers, was sentstced to day to tweaty flvs years Imprisonment la tbs State penitentiary. Tile Rlagsra at Halifax dniwsrd Hound?If? !*ewa or Uie Merlin. Hanrtx, D 0. I, 18M. Tbe Steamship Niagara arr ved here fr m Boston at 6:20, and sailed sgtln tor Liverpool st S o'clock this mom lag. with a light narthwsst wind Tbe steamer Merlin, overdue from M Johns, New found land, is still unbsard frost Canal Tolls-go user Isaac Itrwfnn Aginnnd. At KAVY. D ? it, ISM. TTie esnsl tolls for IMfl toot op 12,18*,3I?, mm 0*1 f77 Issl jcar. No bea? has arrived from New Yitrk l^ls mo'n'ey The Iteauer Isaac Newton Is afrowd juii boi >vr U-1 el'f The Virginia Elorlnrml Collrg't Wawiim.toh, Dec. 6, I860. Tb? Star con Or ma the report that the Virginia electors bad rtcommtnc'td ex Governor Kloyd lor a post In Mr. Buchanan a Cabinet The elector a bad quite a jubilee after easting the vote of the Stat*. Governor Wise wiipri sent. Mary speocLi s were made and tout* drunk. Oae of tbe sentiments declared''the Ostend manifesto to be but the eternal law t>T nut ire and of nations, aelf preser ration?all honor to the Btateaman who will execute lti principles." Governor Wise In a speech declared that nothing would tempt him to leave bis present position In which the dcmceaacy oi' Virginia had placed him. Be alto aaid It was doe to Vir glnla that some onn of ber distinguished citizens thonid be called to aid In carrying out this policy. Both these declarations were received with thunder* of applause The democratic nr.embers of Congress fretn Virginia strongly condemn the action of tbe members oi th? Elec toral College of that State in recommending ex Ocrornor Floyd for a position tn Mr. Buchanan's Cabinet. A fact, derived from undoubted authority, Is that Mr. Buchanan baa expressed a denlre to have the benefit of 'Jovernor Wise's co'jnse), and has offered htm any station within bis gift, but tbe Governor has declined the tender tbua made. Heavy Failure. Bohton, Pen. 6, 1S56. Tbe failure oflleasra. Henshaw & Son, the well known bankers, of thla city, waa announced thta morning. The llabllltlea tit# large. Mr. Henataw, Sr , was a trustee of the Rutland Railroad, and waa connect d with other roads. Marine BlHstNI. Owai.o, flee 6, 1868. A heavy gale boa been blowing on the lake for several dm ? pan The schooners I.ive Vankee. Frank Pleroe, and Cana dian are ashore at 1'ort Credit Tbe crew of the latter vessel were seen clinging to the rigging, and attempt! were belts made to rave them. Tbe tcbconnr J O. Beard is ashore near Toronto, and the schooner Montgomery, with a cargo of wheat for this port, ts also ashore above Kingston. Market*. PniL.VDELiniA STOCK BOARD. Prm.Ai>SLKiiu, Dee. S, 1864. The market is unsettled In consequence of a little Call ore I trtisylvar a 5's, 84: Reeding Railroad, 49; Morris '"ara!. 1''.: log Island Railroad, 13)i\ l'onnaylvanta Railroad. 4",k. Skw OKLtAHf, Dec 6, 1866. Coum?Sales to day restrtoted te 3.60Q bales, owing to Inrlcmert weather. The Arabia's news had no eflect upon the rrnrtiot, althouib prlc* to day were rather e sl?r, witbpnt be'ng quotably lower. Mlddliog ta called H,S'C a lltfc. The sales of the week foot up 65,600 bile* Pere'pts of the week. 63.COO bsles. 8tock oa tacd ?e3 rro bales. The receipts for tbe aeaaon are no* 8 SCO tn excess sfssme date last year. Sugar quiet. Flour d'ooring Sale* at ST a $7 12 R?d wheat, tl 47; uhlte $1 67. Pork very dull Coffee steady at 10'^c a l?Xc. Stki of the week, 16,000 bags. Stock 68,000 bags. Cimh'rhton, Dec. 8, 1850. Cotton t'ocbstged. Saiei to day, 7f0 balea. Oswtuo, I'ec 6, 1868. Flour vorbssged Stirs 20C hols , at 94 75 a $7 for extra O?wrfo Grain quiet There rre over thirty vee se's in the 'owrr end ot tho Wel'ard csnal bound lor Of ?rgo s'l-veral left this mornlhg. The canal la full of ice. i.sVe impr.rt ?n.fro bushels wheat. Canal ex ports?2,6C^ bushels wheat. Btf?au), Dec 6?7 P M. Flour uncharged Sales 600 bhl*.. at IS 60 a $5 76 lor common tn goo?l Michigan, ani S0 a 8# 26 for extra Ohio nnd tint'ana Wheat dull and low Sale-6,600 bu-bels, a? 61 ffl for Ch.cago spring and 81 36U for white Mtchl gsr. Co'n hold at r V., oats 43c : whiskey. 850 bbls , at 2'e a R> cetpts n tbe twenty lour hours up to roon trday?3.263 bb's. flour. 28,Coo bushels wheat, and * 19 cro bushels corn Canal ex ports?30,420 bushels of wheal, 7,210 bushels oats. Weather srarc?ly freezing. i Thf Court of U*nn?l Nrmloii*. Bel ore Judge Caprcn THAI or THE IUCnO? MOTkRS TO8TfOK*D? MATAME LEON?A CAfI OV HOMICIDE? ITALIAN i IK COVbT. Die. 6 ?It tu *uppo*ed that the Flrat wrt election rioter*?Wtlliaai WUioa, Aider man elect, being one of their number?would be tried tbia morning, mod bene* the court room waa crowded with ciCzsns interacted la the issue or the trla'. But they were doomed to be die appointed; for Mr. Sedgwick, the Assistant Irtstrict Attor ney, aald that the counacl for the defendants informed blm yesterday tbat a personal stipulation bad been mads between blm aad Mr Hall, tbat tbe trial or these parties should not come off until the jeoond week of tbe tern, which will be nest Monday. Tbe Judge remarked tbat I be felt it bl* doty to Inform tbe publto proeecutor of an Intimation be received laat evening, to tho eTect tbat Irtenda of tbe defendants were making great ezerUoei to preveat the appearance of one or the wtineeaea for the people iame<i Veil* f?u3y. Mr fedgwick raid be wet aware of that tac*. Tbe Court ordered an atiachmaat to be made oet for t?e appearance of thi* witneea, to flnJ ball in ?*((?. to ttre bis tratimoay en Monday oext. Heoorder .^miib took b>* seat rn the bench, lor tba pur pore of brartug ? motion to admit Madame I eon, who la charged with grand larceny, to ball. Oocneel read a rbjsicaa's re?'H!oate. etaUrg tbat ehe waa laboring ua der a painful and dsrgerous disease, sod If she wera not ?re?ctty removed fr< m tbe city prieoo to more eomforta ble accrtriecdat'ona. it might prove fatal. The ?r?iaiai>t Ptstrlct Attorney IMlMl the Court that Madame I con ? ar a noted character; aad as ahe bad eluded justice ce previous indictments, the laterest* or the pub lie would not he subserved ir (be were allowed to bavo another chatire to escape Coerce I for the prtar per replied, saylog that one of the filathit or tbe ("Mef's cfllce, wbo were supposed to ba mere thsn usua'ly expert physiognomists, failed to Idea t?fy Madame t.eon aa the perxon charred with the pre vli ps offence to wbir.b Mr. Hedgwick alluded The Recorder 'scetlocsly remarked that there were occasions wh?a it waa the part of wisdom to ba btlad? (I#ug*te?)? la which tbe poltee efflaere participated. not witt-a?ardipg t>? constant repetition a( the abort oomlaga of thetr fellow offliierB Counsel tor ktaesm* I/eoa cnattaued to preee bla me ?'on, and Indignantly repelWd the insinuation of Mr. Sedgwick that the Madame a " three sietera ware not reej cc'sMe. ffr maintained that thev were marrtad to aa resectable *<atieiaen as we>e la that Court room Mr tWgwtcb reiterated tba charge, aa be could main tain bla awerva by facta. Tba Recorder den'et tba mnttoe; fbr an or a careful esamlnatirn into all 'be fact* of Medaane looe's career ia cr'mc be would ffetl to dlrobarge bis duty to tba public If be admitted her to ball. Her Meads won.4 be permitted to fi-raish r?mfrr?ahre apartmepte for her ia the Tom be. (?Wivenchluo Mantredi ana '? asnpe freest1! (Italiaaa.) were charge! with inflicting stabs upon tba per*mot Jsmea Mver. oa tbe flk November laat, by a blob ba csate to bla death Catherine Vetta, who lived with da ereerd wee the flrvt wltaeae called. Mte teetlled that abe resitted at 74 fteaoe street (tba scene ot tbe ?ncoun Hr); t.ermsrs, Frenchmen. Itanaae aad Afrif aes board rd there, Antonio Rtanoo kept a barroom then; was preetvt at the death of <amee Myers, whtea took pla-.e on tbe aigbi of >W?y Nor. 7, at the Otj Hospital; sreet ont of my hoardiag boeaa on tbe evening before sbont I a'rlcrk ard oa my return, about 7 o'cleok, saw aa offlcrr efrlvtag la srt deceased borne, fbr be waa drunk. three persons wrre ta the barroom, Itvanco Maafredl aad Na aetti; dree seed went np stair* aad returned Immediately with a ehib. wben n'ter rhovinr Sf alnat the prisoner* they stabbed Mm wttb a dirk knife f rees examined?Was net married to dccsaaad, but lived wttb him ee bis wife. Abraham Munroe being sworn, said?That ba waa ta r? mpaay with deceased on tbe ni*bt of thte oce.nrreace, Myers waa an intempera<e man that evening I waa paaa Irg down Iteada street after parting with deceased, and beard a woman cry "Jim ia nabbed." w?wit into tbeentiy end d?rraae<> was falling, whea wltnesa canrbthin aad bore him to bla bedroom aw nothing Is the haada of dsmabed Cress everr'aed?Elated al my evaminatim Iwfbre tbe Co'carr tba' f'reeeeed had anluh oa elertlon day <>tk?r Italian wltnessea were cxamiaed. but nothing t Imporferce we* elicited The ilcposit oa of Henry Vaa Brarri m M D . heuae surgroa In the New York llnepi tal. was reed He made a pnet mrriem aitamlnatloa o tbe brdy aa<l reusd tbat the wound bad penetrated tb stdemen rad t< in tbe liver, ceiieiuE death. The eoaneel for tie prMoaers tben Introduced witnesse wbo testified ta their previous good character aad peace able diipnett'oa. Antomo lOtaeho, wbo la at preeeat la c <atodr fhr bav irg partir.i|>ateil in Ihle homicide, waa oa'led by the da r< sc.a He said be krpt a barroom at 7* Roade street let tbe third Hear to the deceased; on the nlrht or thl < rromnce Mrers went Into the barroom, a-coaspanled by his girl snd a young maa, and strsok oae of the prl* a blow with hi* list; wttnees took bold of Myar* sad **ked deceaaed to do blm tbe fhror or going out; he tbra went away and returned about Brwn minutea after with a elat ard gave one of tbe prisoner* a blow; all 1he mrn wert ont and wltaeae returned to put away the flub when bo saw dcceaaed rrturn, and witneas then pu*bed Ibe door; aa soon as the door wa* shut wltne*a heard a womar ?ay, "Jim la stabbed;" did not hear or see that Hie Ita.isa* gave any provocation fbr an aavauM; saw no knlfr cr darger la the hand* of tho prtaoaers. Tbe conn?el for the aocuaed, who wa* aa Italian alto addreesed the Jury la their behair. claiming that tba act was crmmlfted In iwlf defenoe. The prORaruttng offii?r replied wben the Judge br'efly recapltuleted the ta"l irony, afflrmiag tbst If tbe evidence of Catharine Ve ta we* to be credited tba prisoners ware guilty of man ? '?nghter ia tbe third degree. Tbejnry rellred to Iheir room, and after a brla' coaaul frt -n rendered a verdict of "Maaalaughter la t^o third i'ft *ca." f u^ael tor the prisoner ssked for a snap i tloa 11 wl.ich rennral wv > ranted; hut the ludga ' ? would rmteafle the p>l*oner* oeil Frl '?y. urt tliea aljouracd till w aoay. Our WuMikIn twrnyiwiWraft, W*SKJM.TON, Dec 4 lntHk A'icarag-ta and the Frtaidtnl'i Mutant? Th< DipinnhMic hitnmv lie "f the two Cwntriet, rf'" , ife Tbut portion of tbf Prealdeut's nwift whlcfc refer* to Nicaragua, to already preduoed ooasldorable tMli Md do Utile cicliement An interesting debate Is Ikely to spring op in both Houses of Congress Id relation to H and Central Anerloan aiiairs generally. It la evident ttiat tbe Irtendg of Nicaragua are not disposed to permit the <talb

bits# and vaacillauBg course of this Imbecile administra tion to paaa unobaerved or unrebuKed. It la well known that Padre Vijil ?raa recognized by th'.a government on the 14th of May laat, and de oar tod shortly afterward* for Nicaragua, tearing aa charge d affitlrd Major .lota p. Hetas, who, la July laat waa officially re cognized by the .State liepartraiot?I have seen the letter <>( Secretary Marcy to that elteot, dated July 6?and which recognition waa endorsed by the President of the I'nlted btaiee at a later date. Pacre Vljll left the United .-tales Iu June, and shortl afi?. bis arrival In Nicaragua, General Walker bavin been vlected Preaident of that Republic, he uJUreesod the loilowicg despatch to hla government.? Granada, July 81, IBM. To THI HONORAIII.l SKKTJAXY OX STATS OF THE K? 1H1UC Six? Although ainoe my arrival In thi* town I present ia myaelf to the Supreme Provisional Governmeit of tbe fcejn bile is order to acquaint him with the reault of tbe commiaioi which waa entrusted to me near the government of the North American Confederacy, now that the Preaidentlai caalr la occupied by the moet lliuitrloua Wm. Walker, 1 deem It I per to repeat the tame senuments I then exprossod. hinoe the 14th of May of the preaent year the supreme go verouent of the United bia'.es fully recognized and as koo* ledged, without any restriction whatever, the go vernment ot ibla republic; and In the apt of my reception aa Minister I'lenlpitemary, the President ut that grea* republic maDileated to me mat be te t tbe moat travernal ?tstimenta towir< a Nlcrragua, that ba deaired to culti vate tilt meat iriendly Gipluniitiic relations, dinoe it waa hi u< cetsary for tiie succeaa of tbe trnnrlt anroua tbe lath : muH, in the territory of Nlctrapua ? ? ? a ? Krtm a caicful roaotrg of the President's meassge, It j would appear that, aoon alter tho departure ol Padre V<jil, the pol.tlcal ailaira or Nicaragua underweat an un favorable change, and bcctme Involved "in much uncer tainty aad confusion. biplomalc representative* from two contending partlea bave been recently aent to tnia government; but, with tbe Imperfect iniormatlou poa Beetou It waa not poeaiblo to decide which waa tho go vernireat de/oc.'o; and, aweitirg further dcvelupements, 1 have refused to receive either " Now, what juat ground the Present hid lor aaaumlng such n position la a matter of surprise to every person, wbobas observed the comae of thing* Iu Nicaragua. The iue?*at? ol the i're*idtu. is calculated to mislead tbe pi:bl>c, fur it assumes thai Nicaragua baa bal no repre sentative here since Padre Mi'l departed; wh?n, oa the ccctrary, as I stated belore, 1 have seen the t.fflclal iccogaliion of MaJ Jno P. Items aa Charge d'AUsires, by the bute Department, umier date o' July f, i.early t*o weeks after Walker was elected President. What " ul.ivorable changes Nl earsgua baa underwent,'' a>id wnat baa changed ilie fct r,j of ibis government towards that republic, the Prrtlccnt does not us. Pcrhapi Secretary Matey and Gen. Cuabiog, wnnee earmarks are visible all through mat document, can explain. Tie decree which cal'od for an election for Pretld*nt war Issued by Rlvw, the prortslooa] Prealdont of Nlca rog\ a (who waa also a candidate for <hat olli. e), and nn t er date ol June 14. and when It wa* found from the actual vole* ot the people, that he was <1? 1'ea'ed in the eUitlon. be proclaimed a revi lotion t#u< a then, with the aravtance of Ue Mates of i.uateuiala and Sau 8alva d< r, h<- has made a stand against tbe legitimate govern meet preside 1 ever by Waiser, who was elected by a ia>ge n njorlty of the people acoordtig to the decree of 14. What makes tbe course ot this government eo objec tlcnab'.e to the treads of Nicaragua, IB the uncertain and ubfair policy It baa assumed toward* mat republic. Tbe Oiraaage I* the drat alios that N caragua wtll reoolve ol a oiacoctibusbce at diplomatic Intercoa.-te between Uie two ccunulea; auJ<% will appear exceedu gly strange lo all (lan ar. pari'.cuiariy utoee wao sympathise with toe waster pewwr. On tke 16tb of Jviy tuf Violator Wbeelcr pablloly and <0 cially recogbiMd tbe Walker ?over nment, under In eti uctiobs from the President of tbe l eiied States. Voa will iinrt *n the HkraijioI August >0, tae speech delivered on lb* occasion f noe then tbe government of the I'alted Ma es have nev< r dlsavowi d the ait ol Coi. Wboeler, b II oa tte cobtrary bave Instructed bim to open further rela waae with Nicaragua At ibu s< l>citation Of tbe Sate I>e l?)im?Bt ao.'d'era bave l>*?i dtsciiargeo from tbe ranks t>l ibe si my under President Walker?and even aa late a* October OH a tea patch from (he I'nlted States government waa received by tbe govertmest of Nicaragaa on tbe new 'maritime law" proroaed by tbe Kuropaan allies in regard to pnvatrering, whlcn was rrpLeil to an ths part or tb? lat'er gcrsiunieat, and favorably to tbe pilky of Mr Marcy 1 i rn e Mrarge that, a'ler tbf?r courte of policy, the Preaifi ut *bou:d cow t *utro thai bin lar.triuMioD .* im perfc 1 in irgard 10 Nicaragua, aad that b? I* not able to orcioe In regard to t <ft fmao government The govern trritof (be Ct!te?i 8lain baa bad a Mlaletar noar tbe *i?vi >uo t ui oi Nicaragua tctil wlthiu toe peat three we>kr If he :n to bo believed. The I're*td4it can aarely "poet bia?eif up" upon thin eubject. What information la not on die la thr Stair Department can bo doubt be fnr titbed by the Mlnteter lo oaettton. who la now In ibla city. Tbe fr. mil of Nioarag ca aaeutrc it at there are oittr from <i? to joatlfy tbe I'rattdent <a orleimmlng v hicb la the 4t fmcto goieroin*nt of Nicaragua a? It la atil knoan that oae oi the tranalt rruim between the Rai-tcrn cities and California I* through Nicaragua; that hundred* of tbouaand* of Anxr'caa treaeurt paas monthly o\er th*i route, pro tirtcd by an a>my which acknowlodgee Wm Walker at rietiorci of tbe republic of Nicaragua. ffui would be tbe mu t U tbe rirmlfa of Walker, and whom tbe Pre aldont rrr RHMBfl an one oi tJir ront'mlmg parlioa In SI craitia. were In pneaetiloaof that i-onbtr) The gov en> tnent ef the (Jilted Sla ei offer* no protection to 4me rirtn property id Nicaragua or la tranrlt tarough thai country. There ban not been an American v???cl of war at fan Juan del Norte or Can Juan del Hur for month* Tbe BrlUah government have alwaye a large fleet at tbe formei pert atd veaeela oaaMaatly toucblug at the lat ter; therefore American lntereat* a-e atoae protected by tbe lUJario govrrntnent of Gen. Walker. Vet the ^resi dent (? "awaiting lurtber deveiop menta" to ackaow ledge ibe i?et A* to who are tbe mlnlatera wbieh hare been aent here by the two contending pari ee, we are not oattgbteued bj Preside! t Plrrse Wo can, however, slate mat the ? -.lifter who c'anxiod to be Ibe repreeentatave of Rlraa, la the pretrnt M.niaier ol tiuau mala, a government wblrb baa *9 ?> mpathy with an Am or loan cttiicn wha'over. Ibe President would bare bad juet ground ? refuaicg htm reco?r!tlcn aa Cuatrma a eome <ime tlnco tent an aimed Into Nicaragua lor the p rpoae or over throwing n governmrnt which aasaaed to be the legiti mate govertmeat rt that republic Mr. i>?k*mlth la, p*rt*p*. tbe other minirter alluded to: bi.t It baa been et*tra that be never oliictally preecaled hia aredentlala to tbe Mate Department 1 have ent< rtd Into lhit aubject at length aa tt la likely to lea?i to a prominent dtrcuaaiou m Coagreea I bare other facta In lb la connection which 1 ahtil plane before the country, and which will ahow up tbe working, tbe backing ana filling of thla miserable fierce dynatty. Wa*hi*<;t<>*, Dec. ?, 1IM Tht Mtuey?llt CTrrH tn ?*<? Dymrtmtwt. 4r., Sr.. Bo toon aa tho Wbllfleld quoaUoa Udlapoaed of, the dtbaU cm the Mcmage In the Boom will eotnmenea and ootror nil the graund embraced In the Into election. Tbe abarace of thoae Southern men who thonld be here at their poata, canaea a grant deal or ladigaaifaia. If Mr. Whitfield la defeated by thla abteaoc the atweateea may eapact hot worh at boae. It would fervathera right If WbitOale abonld addreat their coaatitueota. and place oa their thonttete the ioea to tbe South of hla prcacnoa la Corgreaa aa the de'egata from Kantaa Whea ibe I r*aldeat'a Meaaage la retd In the Itouaa the eaaet atntnde of Northera aac Southern men will beaacer taiMd through the mraaa of a clneo eroaa eaamlaation, aad no noebt the Sneaker will allow lead lag qae*tlw? to be proi?aadrd Thr repattlk-aaa have erertr thing to loaa b> tbi* protracted olaru>*l>in The oouatry wlllb<ootee rtckaad tl'cd of anch ooatlnued agltatwa It would be better lor tbelr oau> o and the rouatry to poatpono the on ration ut til there la a fall Honaa, aad proceed lo the t<ua neaa m tbe people without delay Tbe petition of the clerk* la the public depertmeata tor the tweety per oeat additional oomponeatlon will renaiTO great favor from the Comnrttoe of Waya and Meaaa. Ibey bare appointee a committee from each department, eo I learn, to preee tbe juataewi of tbe clalme, and no doubt the report will be fevorable. It hna been ciggeat ed lliat oppoeitfoa wiuld he mado oa the ground that the clerk* contributed a portion of tbelr aa'arlea la aid of tbe democracy In the lata election. I believe Mr. Campbell will not liatra to tuoh rutgeelioai It ta a great pity that all tka gov ornment officer*?clen. ? aaral, military, diplomatic *nd conenler?4re not placed oa the aam.> per* maneat baela. It would promote Iba Interrata of the peopla, aad weaken the oratral power at Waablngton, which t* getting too etroag, and Involvea already an im< meata amount of peltU^-1 corruprioa. fnpreme Veuit?lprrlal Term. Before Hon. Judge Ciorke. TRR CRITRAL PARK Pvt. ft.?1b the matter of tbe application of the Mayor and Ccmmoralty of New York la relation to opening and laying ant Central part. Report?oafinned. KXTTMIOW OF TIIR BOWtRV. In tbe matter ot the application et the Mayor, As., If relation to thn opening and extending of the f wo r lr- m tbe ?outh ?.d? of Chatham aquare to frani.. j t quart. Report con firmed. Kt.ofRMtKT in BrvPALO.?1The f'^mrr I?Inform ed that I'oilceman Qnlgiay baa deparw d thw cliy In com per?y with another m>n'* wlf<>, leavii g hie own and * fn rrliy of children without the moan? of aapport. Mr. Quigley baa heretofore bona a good character. Poilllrat WoverSMiit*. Bins' Casousa AM' in L'mo.v?HetotatlMA hare bfta tul/mltM m ifle Niutii Carolina ?rgt*l*turw4or'?r tv( thai fke consritnttonal UrtM of tna .-*t?te? siiosrtd he ?a object ol prlajary Importance, that th? eloottaa o( Buchanan is it rebate to ianatictrai, aud a Srn guaraatoe Mat the rights <>r every section of the co.uatry will be secured; and lurthar? Hesolvrd. That tha coctlnuoJ agitation of mere abstract t fceot Ipv whetl- sr they assume tbe shape 01 tb? vr >pri?ty ol re opeiing the nUve triwle or amy otber fym, can never g:ve either repose or security tin the Insulations ol tba Mould but must tead U> dulract oad dlvMr lt>e coua ciii of our beloved M.-ne, and to alleaato from her tbe support aad sympathy tf to or alater States Kea?>ivnd, Tntt ton tro* po.lcy of tbe oiii/.eas of this comn.onweulth agreeing a* tbey do upon every qunt'Uon ot vital principle, is to devote their energies to tbe refo-m of internal abuses aad the daveiopemaot of her Internal resource*. Tiik New 7o?k Kikctoiul Coiumir, ami Fkbmont is 18(0.?Tho Albany Ailai and Argot of Thursday baa the IbUowtDs artxle-? The venerable Paniel Cady, who presided over the republican eoliega of electors at its meeting yesterday, in Ms brief a<Mraes at tba close of the proceeding* stsrtled his auditors by the expression of tbe hope that tbe electors present might be charged by thalr fellow citizen* with tbe duty ol voting as electors for .loba C. Fremont In I MO. The intimate relations or Mr. Cady to tbe leading editor and priurijJH) owner of tbe Ktwning J<nrval under its new arrangement, gave to this nomina tion ol Kremoot for 18f0 great significance, and occasioned not a little excitement among the republican politician* present at tbe Capitol. It was regarded aa a sort of te*>l < fllclal declaration of tbe viowaof the politician!* who reud> y.rous at the J'timnl < Mice. ronren.ently pro noulpa'ed tbrongh tbe near relative of the editor, and at irxiir-atirg a determination it that q-iartar to ovoralougu Gov. Seward in lMoO. no lass remorselessly than In IS&a. W i at sort of consultations sod remonatrance* and re crlirinanon*, tlil* < Iticfal reuominatlon by the President i I the electoral colle?e of IMMM, M tha cnudldatti tor IHfcO, preduces, tbe buck room of the Jrmrnal ot.'loa, If It were vocal, might be able to disclose. The result, how ever, wan Uiat this ooml iati b waa suppressed iu tha J umal t report, or rutber, modified down into tbo ex pretslen of a wtsb that ttie electo"; might reassemble and vote tor the republican candidate. Quite a dillerenoa. Tba commission and omission are ailko sign.Scant. I* it settled tk&t Gov. Reward is to he again cheated by hi* friends in 18eo, or 1* that point still debatable? l*it u* Lave light. iv i .w Hab:>!iih* Kim hinas Btat* Cotrvivnost ?* con vention or all the people cf New Hampshire who are op ]>o*?d to the policy cf the present sectional pro slavery at. ti American administration, whtcb repealed tbe Mis souri comproml-e, and forced slavery upon Kanaaa by fraud and border roihaa violence; of all who are In favor of restoring treedom to Kansas und re establishing the constitutional principle that slavery shall not be extended over territory now free; and all wbo supported Fremont and I'ajton at tfe late Pre*l>iential election, will be held at C)noord, on Thursday, tbe 8tb day of January. Wai t. QvAimiD,?Tbe Aoblaon. Kan* a*, Squatter Sow reign records the tact that lis editor, Geo tttringfello w, was In Westoa, Missouri, enjoying the soslety and conll denre of Its inhabitants, wbo aro to.xlous to elect him to a seat In tbe United S'ate* Senate, where, mentally and pby sica !y?II beed there be?he may deal, Brooksllke, blows upon the judgmeut* and cranloms of those who would wilfully belie our citizen*uii their Institution*. A Hot IB Caromva fMn;nrjrr ?Gen. Jam eson, tn bis recent agricultural aUdrest In South Carolina, expressed tbe oplnloa that tbe lB*ti"ition or slavery 1* stronger than tbe Union, and " will y?.t Uounth over its mouldor'Jig lrag Meats." Superior Cuuri ??Term. Brfor* H<-a Judgr Brffman i-TOCKJOBHIN# Ol'fc* AT10KR. D*o. 6 ?Franat il. Saltui if. futility U Omin and 47 frtd LockvMud ? The testimony is lb I* case, al.aady no ( ticed, waa only partially submitted. Isaac C. Leigh. sec retary or the Accessary Transit Company, deposed that ob the 8th or January, W. H. MoW^ar bai cot any ?harts in the Nicaragua company; Stephen*, Watllsfc Co had 3M at that "mo, anil iraaaftrred 300 ot thou to IC C. Fraak, and 1?0 to J. O'Brien rn tan name dsy he r* Mi?fd 100 trom Robert Balrd; tb?ro wan no tranCar on the Sth of January to UvwiP'ton or McVlokar: on the tame Jay iMepbats .. 0> tranaferr* d 60 abarMi to tfeuin anc Ixjcxwooo, wlo htM cone of the sto< k oc the 7te o April. On timber examination Mr. Leigh proved rrora the stok ledger tnat (ien n \ Loukwoua bad :a their one* 1 300 tbari* or tbe Iraaslt Company'? stock on the evtmtg or tbe ttb ot latuary; that they had no slock m the '?Jib o! March, and on several occasion* from the 12th oi March till the nib ol April, ta?y bad leu than 'iiOtbart* st the close ot the 'lay. On Ui* 8tfa or April they tad M0 shares, wbic.ti ihey transferred to .^ard* k Wills apd lie Coppet & Co ; on ibe ?.h ihey had note , on tbe I'Hh, S6'?; to ilia Uth, SO. Too r sg grrgaie rrctipts and transfers o! tbi> stxk on tbo Otb were "80 starts wired and 800 transferred; on the ttb they rrcetved 100 share* ?ae transferred M>0, leering a large baUnre. from the Mb January to the Hit April .a eltwire. th?y received 11,MO sbate*, not including the 1.C00 share* tke) tad on me Mt> of January, aad fa.i* i?rrtd 11 ,o0C; on ibe IlHh of January, dtepb?aa, Weill* & Mom* traas'urtd to Geain * Loutwoavt ao shares; and L. T. Iloyt traasieriec to item Ibd shares on the name , ''ay. on era not ol Wilium H. Mc.Vtckar; on the "th of Apr:) f-coi* t: lorn wood *old to *'i*foo k 'Jo. loo share*, t > feeds * Wills ">0 stares, atjd to D* Coppet k Co 50 share.- - the certificate* of * hlch were signed on the Sth, by J M IlaMsborne. ns attorney for the aener* T Baliey My pis, Nrcretarv oi ite Sixta Ascnne Rail rea l, iitpnsrd that on the S>?h January last, tbe plaintiff (Mr Mints) beltl Cft share* a that company, which bad bcea trsr.-uircd on tbe 11th of April iy t.euia .V Lock weed to William J aad John O UiIpb the highest prloe to which sbans had retched waa ? m, tk?ir par valaa kuIICO. between the 0th of January aad lat August ? I in the last dividend waa dti larco, ih? sharra ha.i Hue u.nttil hilaeeu at.d 1*0. Mr Held, tor plaintM. produ *cd the statement ofthe Work Ixchsnge or January, by which It ep,wared that there were i n cash sale* of Nlearsgua Monk al the board exesrding %*\ batwreo Mb aid lith January last A irotwn waitnedi by tbe ^efsmiant'* couasel to dis in Its tbecbarjc as to u ? i. -y, wL cbMr. Field oppooed, and tbo ( cert reserved decision on tbe part of derendaats, S M Livingston deposed to havlrgtnid Btfy -tsrrsof the ac-wsory Transit Ctom r*ti) s nock to Mr lietkwrxtd drthe firm of <Jenta * l?isM d, at ;s. oa the sth of Ja-.?sry, ir the regular way?tbat Is, to be debvtrrd oa the next day; aodtle rtsre* were so d< ltrer?d or transferred to tbem by Mr. l:. H srt, tbe penma ef w h ->m he < e it nee* i bad b Might tt Tke winters further proved tbe anr.mnt ?hieh ban been MBdcred hltn by Uetla ft Leckwc/Od. and in whi'h the purrtase snd deuvtry of tbe stork was oee o' tbe iteaa. Jsmee M lUrtsboroe, clirk ta the oiflce ot ih* defend acts testified to hie hiring made the transter* of tbe shaiea 01 Nkatagna stock to Wiwion At Co., Saads Jk Wc II*. aad Ii* Op pet At Co , to do wbb-h be waa author <r?d by a geaerai power o< attcraey from Genta A Lock iicod. lie bad h.nwall del.varrd <>ae o( tbe bought n?tae ?t Mr Callus' < on the Sth of April, the *atae day be tlgaed the pertifrsle* Lrgisnd Lock wrod was eai'ed. but hi* tMtlnoay was ohjrcted to ta the grouae of Ms b< ag one of the firm Hut lelrase irran tbr parts*rshtp was oeoduoid Mr Held arkei to have Mr. legraid T nrtwond made a ro Ct fiaCant on tbe ground that the |MNfl was MM are wten be brorgbt the actk>a thai there waa more taaa nae l ockwood ta that Orm. "he Court grst ted Mr. Fleli's irotii a for ameaomeat, aad Mr Iz-gean I IxM-kwood, as a defenrant. pat la a general denial of the plaintiff s com plain! Mr B. J on i dole was oa'led fbr plal. tul, aad depoeed that he I* a broker, tbe sale* of toe Kieersgaa Transit Ccmfaey ware Irim II to II between IStb March aad Sth April, ea f th April tt waa 14 to l?)i; oa tbe Tth. It** to Ufc , oa the *ih it was 14. the flttrb A v?aue Railroad stock waa Iron II to N; la May M bed bsea offered for it. Oa tbe part of the defer darts An'rew J Wtllts depieed ttat hi* arm. .-st'is a T* lilts, bought fifty ?hare* of s'toa r*sua stock frtmCsnta k lockwctnl on Ttfe of April, at '?Si- ^ _ wm M Mal'ae, borkkeepee. for Mr. MiVlekar, da prsed that be sold ltd Nicers*us t? 'ieols k Lockwood, at 1( ta the regr ar waa he gave the Bote to Mr Hoyt, aad Mr. Doyt delivered the stock to ftealn A LMkwooi ?n account of Mr. Me\ car, Mr Royt had aotd Mr. Me\ ickar V 0 share* of tbe samo stock a day or two prevloua te that, end as Mr. McVtekar was detained at ooaae. baring broken hts arm that morning ta flalltag I rem a sleigh oa Ms way down town, tbe wlta?aa request rd Mr ffojt to del rtr lie of ttoee soaree oa behalf of Mr Mi \ lekar Robert 8. WUte bookk'eper of Oealn k fjockwood dr|-nard that Mr !-?ltw* entered theotdre la lbs a'ternoon, after Meeera. 0>nia A I/?kwnod hod left, aad toM him (wltaers) that tber might sell the Skxth Aveane stock a* M >s, witness* a memoraadum ot that faot, and gare it to Mr 1 ockwood aext day. oa the tnth the monk waa sold at MH, si,d oa the Uth it waa delivered to W. A J. O'Briet. and they paid for It; wliae** made ap tbe ac const (which was produced) and sent a oopy of It to Mr. t'aitn* with a check for I3M; Mr. !%ltu? oamc bank to tbe i llice oa the eftcrsooa of the Uth, aad brougkt back tbe rberk, having the sutaanent (of which wltnee held a oopy) in his hand, both being pinned together as whea sent him; he wanted to know what that charge of 9110 waa fbr; , wHnes lold him It waa for nef otiating loan* on the stock, as be understood was the sgn ement, Mr. Saltan said it wts net r'gbt, nnplened the check, threw It down oa the counter acd want out. t*ktnj tbe statement with him Ceorge T. Bonner, clerk of I> Coppet k Co., teanOed that he krrw of hi* tmployera pajlagfbrone hue lred | shares of tbe Nlcar*gra tt >"k in April laat to Oealo * In.karrod. w tners had la bis |<m.ket Umcheck for the I Boney _ . ' > re 'rrlek R. t oekwood, * clerk la the oflee of tbs de rf^, ar(*. 'es'ifled thtt be had dellvernd tbe bought ante pt At 1 .JliVukar rue one hvrdred sharea of Ntca-ana , hr*s>to Mr Dallas roself, la his ofPoe, oa the HtH or fa lhe case stsads adjonraed to Wedneaday next. Btii:ArcTt rri.- Tw< ntt flre million wn th I of cram baa beea sfelprad Uom Chioigj di - ,j fie pro n o tseason. feuapriialun of .Jacob I.lttle & Co. 0*tAT fcXUTEMl'NT IW WtLL HTKKKT ?TUB ?t FOHTKV FAILURE Of BftNHBAW AM> SOW, OF BOSTON. Wall street ?u j-cstarday throws Into a stale of /real excitement in c> naequence or the a: r foneement of the failure of Jacob ! Htle, the great bear c the stock board In this city, and that also if lienrhaw A: I*-?, of Boston, In tbc aggregate* Iter the ma of at leant ton milUoos of dollari. Mr. Llt'ln (MinonneM) pemonoJ'y at Mm board In the morning bin inability to meet Ma enga^i-wroU, but ?Ikred to complete ail Bit outstanding contracts by pajr Ing up bis differences at the day'a %notatti/Ov It la ita deratood loot his creditor* will, almost without orcopboa, come Into the proposed arracgeniett. Tho <vtet?adt? r contracts are to onormoca amount*. It seema that Mr. Little waa largely short In etocfce chielly In Western railroad aharcx, probably (ucludiaf ? considerable amount of Krle. There were many rumor regarding the amount he bad so'd, sn*no of whlcn wer? no doubt exaggerated. The probability In that tho ao?a ber of abares which Le bad rold, abort o<- on Hnaa. amounted to about 100,000 or lb0,<K0. Wo undcrsMo* that be oderel to settle bis octree's at the prlcoa of etoek* yesterday, but announced that rhouid this proportion be declined, and stooka ahould continue to adnnoe, that h? would be unable to lulfll b1a en;:ag"rai>Bt? V.'e learn that some or hia largest creditors accede! to his pr?>p<.jth*o, while othera had not decided how ttiey wield aot, a* they, no doubt, wished for t u>o to ron'-'ilt their co-atlta ents It la likely all will comc into ti~ leivure wiea l? la considered that Mr Little has *lv 1 shewn gr<*.?i ltu? rallty towards othcra over whom h<) hail ga.u'd a Mmliar adTantagc, and was generally wtlllrj; to accept of any d?f rentier! they were able to pay. The lutelllgt nee trom Kngtind by the steamer of the large air vala or gold from Australia and the rise iu ooa f o's has hud us cfleet on American operator;, and raleef the price of s<ocka at a jump In this state cf tblnfi* Mr. Little doubiles* foreseeing h ? utter 1: ability to go oa ca?e to*?land still at once Iheonnse'-.tionwoflijl art,lbe more dlMlnoity i>een in ? cay or two, aud IdvoI i .ii other partice. who banod thotr own operatirns on the con.nt.eta of Mr Llttlo must also be extonstve and heavy At lk( fceotd b?erd, Mocks went up to Thursday's i-rij-M, ao4 there are many rea?on? why such a ronult would tve struggled for by those who arc to deliver at the proeeak rates Win n the hypothecated stocks ar*, howerer, re sorted to by the lenders ol money In the street?who bold them aa security?we shall probably tben aeo ? considerable decline. The great bear disappearing for a time aa a purchaser, the supply will exc-ed the Co maud In 1853 Mr Little found h'mse'f In T?ry mnch the same predicament, and settled hia differences by hia nctee having alx, twe> /e and e'ghtoen monUia to raa. These were taken np before maturity, and probacy Ikt sane mcainrts will be resorted on tbla occasloe. Hia loaaea are estimated at about one million ol doiUrs, bal his Irleods appear confident he will be able to roapsod, a hatbver tie ar.m may he. All these time bargcins, ao our readera are doubtless aware, are a'riJtly illegal Their security Is thav only of the honor of the contracttaf parties. I'. ti understood that Mr. Littlecoot'oued his ar ileary operations ; esterday, not<*ith>tanding his aaa penslon, and probably In a fortnight's time tie srboto aflalr will blsw over. Nothing but th? Oaa ooo!!arra<Ma will pet an tnd to Wall street sposnlailons ant WaO street swindles. An ordinary ?artbqoako would Ml trenb'.e the operati ra at all. Tbc failure In this dty m thai of a bear?tl at In Boston cl a bull. C'ltj lnl?li^'iM>r. HtBArnnr LYOmnAta?Tmimomai to CAPTAIi SlBMi or thi Bask Eukb ?Tbe agents ?r the F<anco Aaiirtwi Hteamablp Company in tbta city ba?e ahoao a oimtaead able aiaerhy m properly rewarding tha offlnee* af lit* two berka rJtoe for their ee-tV-a la eating aad nai If for the pareengerr and crerf al tha Ill-fa "Hi stcarns btp Lyntiuaia. Ciptaln Ncllaon liaa b<ca presented with IM In money and a aplrndid -ilt or trumpet. and (aia mate, Wiiiam l>ebn bo* repaired IK The trnmpc >a a rtctly cfcaeed and bcautiluily oruam-Btiu plot of arork II beara a 0n? eagrarlng of the Lyoncals, I gethrr with a P'preeen'atloa of tbe two bark* F.haa ta tba ant of taking the passengers uil < rew from lt? bta'a Tha Krna?H and Hamburgh llagr. matted ornameut iba tube o' ifc? trumpet adjacent to tba mouthpiece Tin ratt nf ?<?? do eigne are of a naatlc?l character aed a*c eg al *ottf dooe h beara tba to|!owtnr 'ra itiptioii:? J Presented to i"?o(aln Jinn rii Mn ?<? v of the tt>>iihiirgb^ Jhurk ln?, b/ 'he audita of th *rawcii Miniitai tt>it?e<uir OmirtliT, 10' liari'i* taien * portlnn ol ttor-2 * t iitreBrer* and rrvw nf tho II. fated ?V* m*bi|> |,rn?R?*f I from ihe Br?m?o hark >u-r >?hirh It I ?< < pi ? h .-m 5 ?ir nt ?n ?>p?n Ih?i i.i ren ac.U for hia I. ? > - in and K inn > < i t liu> ltlitatM u> tlen in bia age tu Ma* j fijijMroiu jijA We .tain tkat a umiiar prr* ?ut ? >ll tw made to Capiat* ?corge Noeter.poldt ol tbe Ur< mer bark F.ltaa. ?im ha relume to tbla city, wblcb wi:j t>c ir about a month Tub Tbimtt Cai a< h Hom mist r? ma Bvm?? o? ?sa Riroimo!* ? Tba Trnatoet of *rl?ttj Chared bare far H Bja tine p?at been ending a niooam?nt hallowad ta tba m< mory of the beroea of ?h < Roeolntron, maay af whore (allaat remain* r?po?o h<- >euth aad I. la ] rnpiawd soWmnly to di dtrale the m'trmtM on Nt ,Mhn '? <?*y, the'-7th offirembir. Tb< Ma?.>t IINpilW M Ml rut. euniherlr g a m?< Ion tbousaud membara, taa I irM I*Ti?loo t f Nr w Vork Wale tnlli'ia ao i such orgaaiaa tlonr a* may frel dlt|ir?*d to pu'? 'lTite 'n tbe ao anal lita It U> mart ai ! pr< pe to ce i-b'f ie ibia ?real. u<l ro tlcnbt bat ibat tior ctt.xnt ?i;i heart) jr raa pood u> ? rail lrraed In ? proj*r mat oar ard :rvm an author latira quarter. Taa Hob* W>t.?Tba CeBDi*tte?wn nreeta eftbe of Oooarilasea mM in tbe Unnorrti Oi??nb.?, Cliy flail, M ib'eeP M., ia >r.daj, 'rrau ftlUlpa, rVa-rmaa Keaioaairnata afaibat tba i- "i <n ?o throw opan tbe tn bd| tilar pWc* rl yrraad, boueter. by Out**. Canal, Wat ker aad Waiter Mt<?*(?. for a public ?qoarn TVtltoMn ray tbat iba (ore ol land la corerw' wnb ie!a?r*bla ^iiaa ilea, aoaia of wbtci* are le?aa<l net an I ocrupi"* aa beueet ol proa tiu.ioa an'i am la iba b?nd? of pa>a?? tot likely in mt?e li?pro?r.'.'ni? for ae\eral fe?m la move aad <1 Improar l aonM Ih M rrry ,Ule rai'ia IW bi floor prrpoera Tbe rem "t t?aai-e o?i tha otaer ba*4 rlale li ?l tba jore If Ir proi d ?w, I areallt Impeta* III app? *rac"e of ibe tfiy ta - bat ranwlai locality TIM prtlt.r rera ao ar.t own pr-p-*iy tla r cmltf. wbU? tba rraiooatraata own reoriy all tbe prop'My la tbe *V mnlt? Tbe pmballlttj I*. na?er tba i bore clrraa ?taaoea. tbat tba rr*},T ** tbe pattlioaara will ao< b* I raa ted. > ibb rir?ata*-1 ?The Board of Kaftaaara aad raa*. ? ra ia?t oa Tfcnraday night at f raaieD'a Hall Ik* Chief kryiaaar reported thai lU.onflaea took |?n la tfe* lata parage til 47 eni^aa, 47 bora r aipaaMa, aad U hook and ladt.rr rc.mpMilea TUo paid vrr.?r-i|v tm? far Ibe parade waa ?1 tfce erp-n. H<,raa II.ICS t?, laaairg a talaaoe at tit *1 S. wbtrti, oa raitk.a, ?ae ap prxpr ?ti ?! to the Wirii w?' ar<l Opnaaa' l "n : he fM iowirr saved per?o?a were acirmalad ae caadljataa tar the i Pie of Amrtnnt ?':/'!?-? " the -"letrtot, tba eleetloa for wblcb will tske p'?oa oa thi '.Mb laat, vis ? A'liataat Kriiaeor M?wh. ?. Wbb. Reilly, af a? ??'< rr.w(i*iiy No ;;p. Uw.l \ ?loi j, of b.w 'oapuf No *'2. Pol I or IntrlllgrM* M?a?-attra W |jrn agnia m Ta<n aia ?Mr. Marval Iob W. Laaell, aitaa Jcha C Oiiwoa. la ayata before tka pnbltc la anolbar aaMtrlabla poaltioa Yaalerdaf Mr, JobB Alnaley. of tha Howard Hotel, Na. 1M llroad wajr, appeared before Juatlee Ooaaalljr, at itn I nt* Putlaa Oaart aad preferred a oor<plaint a?aia?t tha prtaaear lor battaf. aa It la alletad, oarrtad off oi? af tha fn-ala fia'pel beg* roBlalnllf okdb'Bg ralce*l at |*? Thaar iaa^ It la alleged w?nt lato the Howard Rawae aad took break flat ea tbe S6ta No tew her laat, aad aa t-wa aa he bad ritlfdrd tba Inaer mit> b? walked r?tothe rlark, behM the bmbfeoepera deak nd hold It dewaaded a narmt nag wblcb belonged to a teai'eaaa named John r Cta*. Tbe trick anoreedtd admirably. Tbe talloe waa ptaeaft In tbe poaaetalon ef Laae'i by the uaauepeatlaff clerh, who bad not the meet remote Idea of th * maBdeaaa man'* real character The pthoaer waa fnlly oommtMai oa thli?tha toortb etirye pteforred him atare Matarday 'aat. AitRitP Fnowor" Awurtt ? -tamea Nalaoa waa w reated by officer McPoafal, of the Rlghth ward potto*, aa charge of bating aaaanlud John Oamiit a. propiitlor af ? grocery store sltnated at the corner of lYleoe aad Uraaaa streeta, with a rheeee knife. With intent In di bodily barm. Tbe pnaoner it It alleged oomiaaaoed to abaaa a colored maa who waa la Oamera' stora, when the latter interfered aad waa la tnra aeeaaded by Neiaoa, who rhaee-1 him oter the premteaa with a rheeae kaifh. Tha prtroner waa brought before Ja?tloe flandraaa, al tha JrlTaraoa Market Police Coart, wbare ho waa oommUtad for trial la da^nlt of ball Nelana baa lately been par doned froaa the Hate prime, where he waa aaat fbr aa ranlt aad battery, with iBteat to kill a gaotiamaa at tha CHy Hotel OowrtJiirr rtnrwmm ?The onmplalal agaiaat John Par ker, Ibr rape, prefhrred against him by a girl named Amelia mart. baa. we are roaooated to atate, been die a '*tod hy .Tnatioe ??*' ?rBe, ami tha aconaed hat b m I rcrah'y dticnftr(ed front fcrthar Mtcndtbcc ii tbe matte