Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1856 Page 2
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THE AM t EI CAN NAVY. luuiitipi rt of (fee ?ecreUry of the !Uvjr. Navy DifAKTMiBiT, Dec. 1, 1856. Via I t ave ;te honor to tut mit the aunuai report from utsa I* larirueni, showing the duties performed by tbe ?ever*! squadroua, the present condition ot tbe serv.ce, wfth recomnendaious or lurlber legta.atioo. ?;l AI>tO!lg. Tbe new steam frigate Wabaah, Captain Frederick ingle -the tag thip, the tioopa of war Saratoga, Oom Bander E. G. Tiltaa and Cyaae, fCommander A. G. Rnbb, kin the Home Squadron, which )a su:l under tbe com mand oi Commcdore Hiram Faulding. T j Lbia tore the ateamer Fulton will again be added, to coon at repaired atUbclentiy for service. The frtfi-te Potomac, recently the la.' sb'.p of tb.a squadron, haa, since my laat report, bete pot out of Lonjoiuta tHa, and her crew and moat of her officer* tranaf<rred to the Wabash. Tfc s ship wttb Con modare Faulding on board, having vtalieo San '.an del Norte, for wbx^ place she tailed from New York on tbe >*:n of November. 186&, for tbe purposes metnooed m the iaat report, arr red at Havana ?a in? _ub of January. in oompany with tbe Fulton, watrb bad slaj bren despatched to Sao Juan. On the *jad of Ma*cF they were jotnel by tne Saratoga and ryane wtinh bad beon on a cruise am >ng the wtndward i?:an is. The squadron alter snaking a short crmse separated: tne Mag ship ia ,-ompa.ny with the running down to windward an tar a* St Vbomu*. v.henc4 the Fotomao sailed to iv. y West, and tbe S*rtu ya to Sen Juaa, and tbeace to Aapicwa'l. where -be arrived July 2'i, and hat been stationed tor the purpose ol protecting onr Interests 'B thai regMa -"hx will be so?n relieved by tbe Cyane. which railed frcm Foston on tbe h of November. This latter vrsse , a'ter separating 'rom tbe squ.tiron at Hi vara, ard making a cruise to tne Gulf of Mexico, arrived at B<?ton rn tbe via of Augjat, to which port shore turied on loo I7>h of October, after having been to tbe eastward a? far *g ?n. Jobia, SewtoundUud. The Fuitou having v.> ted Balne and 1 be B*y ut l.-iarios, vmcb ng in at Mey Went, proceeded M Watbingt>o. ai.d arriving Ue'? en the Cm of Juno, was lenporar ly put out of ncmnifp?< a !i baveg been represented that American cttlaei.a were arrested by a foreign navai force in tlelr ptegren- * mas tbe Isthmus umii juan del Norte, orders were HHoor. to Commodore Paulding ->u tbe 13tn of May M pr<<rtM) ie :r.?i port t:omedtiitly. With a view to des patch. ite Commodore's 'lag was transferred to the ?seam frigate Su.-quehauLa, Capu a J. K Siaus. men twtc cut lor the Mediterranean The dedicate act imp* laat tnvenii|"?i'< u was proeecnted at San Juan by Comm> 4of Fat t ig. with oommenaabe zeal and prudence. The cm uojs'arrta wbi :o gate rise to temp <rary mlsa> prefc'onon were satiatAciorliy expiate d and t'omrno dart Pai.idtcg retcrncl to ine I'c;omac a. Key West, after iMfctcg ? at A?pin?a!l. Tbe .?uaqnehacna pro:eeded ttea. e to the Medlter raaeap Tbe Wahash left Philadelphia <>a a trial trip oa the 8th ?f tteiitcmber lor New York. wb?ciie, havug taken oo boaro it* r tupplie*. she p>oceeded to I'o-Utn mib, N?w A. ty.i? place sue receivcl on board the Preavient cf tn? United Statea, and nwnveved him to Aanapo Mary.and Stic sat ltd from New York on the ? h t?t Novrm^er lor Afuinoa I The Bra^ i squadron, Commodore Freoch Korreat. ooo Mite of tbe sh-p the frifaf St I/awrence. Capt J. B Roil, now no her wav out a^d the cloop of war German town. Commander Wm. K lynch, .or whose returntotha VBtted S?aur orders were sent oo tue 81st of October. It ta oee gttd that the sloop oi war Falmouth shall totn tbe ?qiaoron u t lew w?kh Tl.e trga'e SavannaU, Ooai asodfire Sfcnuir! Mercer, late tbe Hag .-.hip, 'or wboec re turn order* were seot out on the lutn of July, arrived at New Yoti; on the aTth of November lue brig Ba'.i bridge wtlch till lately lormed a part ef thia tquatron, rwturntd to .Norfolk. \ irg'.uia, on the 11th ol September, sidsr the rommand u! l.i^'Jt. C. f M Siiotswood lhe ?tore rbip Kel e< Lieut. Commanding J. W. Cooke, re tained u> New York un the 13th of Juiv. and aailed again far the station on the tth ot September, with stores lor the squadron s'cthirg ol material interest has occtirrel a* tbe hra.-'i station nuritg tbe paat year, aliionih the vessels nave been actively cutting. Oommsnder T J. Face, navng completed tbeaurvey of Ibe r'ver 1.* Fiata and \jt dlii rent affluents, returned with tbe I tilled Slates strsoier Water Attcb to the t'nited Mates, enter eg the port ot Washiogton on the 8th of May laat Tbe very tntereating accompany lug synop.ijal re past oi Coamsnder Page gives fail information of tbe ooorae o tte survey tbe '.carta of which arc now being prepared tor pcbiicatlcn. Tbe Mediterranean squadron. Commodore S. I. Breeee, aaoaiata of tbe : ag sbip. the irigate Cucgreaa. Oom man tier IheMaa T Oaven ibe aloop ot war Coaaieliatioti, Capt. Char H Fell, and tb? steam frigate Susquehanna. Clpt 3. R Sanns Tb t la<t vessel )otne.: tbe squa lrtn .n July Ikt steam Irigata Sarani-. Capt J C. I/tag, which bad bastt ol the station nearl) throe yrars returned to tbe Caned States on the 2Mb of June, arriving at Pauadel ra. The ttore hip Supply, I.teut Command eg I>avil Porter, w In lbs Mediterranean, still engaged la tpacial aarvtee under u.e War Oefartmeni To.- vesaela of thtt aqaadrcn bave abown the : *g at many porta m tbe Medi tarraneac. where American commeroe makes ita appear IV Afr can squadron CoBmotiora Taonu Crabba, Is HBpoMl ol toe time atatp. the sloop of war Jameetown, Omnmacder lamea H Ward; tbe a loop of war A I,out*, OMBamer lohn W IJrlDgston, aod the brig Dolphin, OaasmanSrr Kdward K Tboinaon The sloop of war X CMBmaaufr Wm M<-Blair. returned from tbia Mali >n January ll, entering N'orfoic. Va Ta?- reports from Una ?Qaadroa are farorable aa to tM health aud activity. Tbe l-ast Indiaequadroa. Commod >re i;t?e? 4rm?rxi(. M onepoerd of lbs iiag ship Ibe su?m frigate Sin acioto, ^Bd?r B H Ball. Ibe aloe pa of war Urui (loa der Wm Smith, aad Portsmouth. Comoander A H Tbl* latter reaael ieft V or folk May 3. and ar rived at Boaglioaf on tbe . Mb of Acgnai. Tne >'.md fr.f ? ate Po? saiar, Capt? n Wm. J McCtaney. amred at Nor talk 'roin tbia -tattoo. on ibe l.Ub of February. the sloop af war Mar-edontan, Captain .John Pope (tbe ig sh.p of tba lata lamented Commodore Abbott,; at liieton aa tbe 7tt ot Augast. and tie eloop of war Vaadalia, Otamo tore T K. Knotwa at Portsmouth. New Hampablre. ua Ike 3Ctb of Septemoar, and wrre all put out of commie ?las Ttia San Jacinto on her paieage to Hong Koag. put In at Palo Pi nang or tbe pur;o#e 01 race r'ng on board Tawoernd Harris, B?>i . > uani funeral to Japan, and ssanj 111 blm to Baaaolr Slam, w-to which government ha was cearged witb a* ai bue.neae by toe State Depart ?aat. Aivr Larm complete** ibi?. the Man .Jaciato prj aesrtsd to H-ag Koag, ana at tba last adr;sea was ab->ut Starting for St-noda Japan, tor Ibe purpoee ot a'Tordu* a paaaagr n Mr Barria t? ibat piaw ?be will then prxoed ad to i<bar. ha? t< otn tbe Leeastrwbich ha* been neat Mare froai H"ng Kong win our uomm.vioaer to Ca ea. I Br Peter IVkW. wKi waa daairoua o; itatuag tbe inter ?sdlatc parts at tbe north Tbe Pacitc > matron. Commodore Wm Mere'ss, aaaaiaia or tbe Dag "h'p, ibe 'ngate ladi paadarcs. Com ?aaaoer Heart K llnfl. tbe sloops of w?r John Adams, OirnasaOder K B B?ul?s,l, at Mary's, Commsider T BaU?r, Drcatur, I<S"l < ommaLdtnc Mward Middletoa. aad tbe M'amer ??? f hn'tti Commander 8 gwart Maat Thr :ndrp? ndesce leit Has )- ran' ;*oo d tae mi Idle af January and pr.?;ee:ed on a cruise to tbe southward, via tbe ."endwicb ielanls. for 'be purple of asoertniaing arbetbrr guano w*a Ui b? i.uvi rm an .tiaad tbe locuaa aT wbteb ' ? Hera coatHentiAtly cammun>caie1 by a cmr.pac .' or frnt>?i? ?. an<! one or two aid and e(pen> aarrr ?>a -apia n >. wbo p>-r?o:a'!y (are aaauranoe tb?t It ah. ot '?1 la ruaan. ,"h? a-rireo u the laetcoaie: po*nt oa the lllb of Marrh Ommodore M< rip <n> tfca >.? r.$ u> ir??f breaaeri a>i o* a:!a?ta to laad were Baffled TBM la deep'y to be re?reft?l. far althaagb be Matea that, as ??rn lr- ra lb* eb<p. ibr t'laod ?a- nantlei aeer with a mtir'-aat reflation, aac < tprsasan aa o^l asaa ade?rs<> <a Us sani i fie n-<p-s and sxpactatl^a* *t Um efrtraitnral ?tili there seem* lo atist aa aaaaii*r<tr< Mate <* tba p-iblts mini, because of the ab ass>? or sctsal prreonal nts >altos it is pnesllile that Mm atCiraity o* etfentise a uir.1 og may oat mis', at a aaaaocii of the year It is taersf' ra raooaisaendad tbat aaatber smeller rtUowil re^el? a sterner? ba Seal to vtsM Uie <s snd at a diflersat s*asoo of tas year ao aooa aa tbe state M a flairs at Paaama aad oa the ctaiior Waafe s^ion aa I < <ref?o w ;l p-rmis saeb a r-waot o bs apaml. Arr"? r| at \ alpate -o on tba t>4b or.inaa. the ladepeedaare pror<^Mad te I'anaiaa, where aas ia !ur the present MMHM?d. tbe at M*rys bsuof rru;s?l a-non# Ibe Mariuaaat, ftseKty. NaT'?alor? ead Feaies 'tlaarts iffiftl at I ana ?a early ir May. wh?re ibe ta rrait oed since that Mae?{orr wander Hal ley bar a< "? ssTsrs' oo^auooe had ft la h* power to ba aT .real ars-.?taxne to oar r.a aMrre aad elUeaa* turn* tbe politicti ? intern?ois at that I ha- - rleeMed t My doty in r?ta:a tbe Ihdepndeaoe Mi Si. Marys at l aaMt and a >loop of war at Mptawali, to aAof 4 prnteet oa to the pereoaa aad proporty af tne tbraaaii'is af ou cwantrymea croamav tbe istbmaa. from tbe sHtleace of aa oaxoTi-raad populatioe I am as aar>d tbat their pree?ae? alaae bax prereniad a rss>Ml Msa aT the hornh e !ratedy of tbs lMh of April Ian Tb* ofca Adam* afu r aa artira rroiae. returned la tba latter part of Msy to na Franrisco where tbs reM% ned fare?w?etNB? bar prwaaaoe beiaf asteeased cnareo em tar tbe public nter?et ffca fweatar aad ?aeaarhuwtw hare beaa asttaalf *m Cred la ?'ippreaaiaf Indian dtMurbaciae la Wsab-riftoa rMnry, and w tb tba art aT ?aa Coa?t Murray ''.'tat Artire, commander i. Alden. were if freai sarriee n thaw trochlea ea eiaastre-is ts the eaterprr.a* pronaiea la tbat <iiMMt aad vary spa's- y ?ettled ref ">a, Tbe l atted uut<? steamrr .lohn Ha-x ir? ?? also te? paranly ewiploysd n this eerrlie, <iad?r tbs camntsad aT ! irnteaaet [avid Melemiral tit W my epiatna tbat tba isfeeats ni our ionntry wmld proaiote' and c?mM be mtrb batter proto-ted by bar le? two Ps'-lflr. S'laadroae nstaad of one as at pre* ,t aad I rormrrmil that aa ao->n as a an i-neat noiabar o ?eaaeia aa he aaeemhled in that ommd, tbat Ibia add Una a i aq ladrm b*> eetablMfced. Oar com rae *ija there baa lartreaaed rap<dir and M now rery large roa ?tatM af Oatral Amrrfea are fro wing dally in imp >ruafte Tbalr pern Mar i*.e Tor ? turni ineir ;o *ilra-l lh<> att" aT U?e world The trala or tbe ettetHMT" ry>t?t of Couth As*ee*rn la rery considerable. Tim alsnls srat??r#d la tbat sea a?s I all M latereet and than, there are CbMfw. ata and Wsabisfioa and Oregon The lea-' r?flert,n< W!'?d will a ipee<-;ate at OT: e tba rarta or this S ffestna. wbnh. 1 trust will, era Ion*, ba oonstimmtled. ae tbs Nary Yard a; Mare Island, CalCorata will *oon assume IM poe tl?a among the amst rte' t and c->Mplet? yar s In the nonatrr Tbe chief diflnnlty af kaeplaf permanently a la?|e n'imiar of r^aaele la thfi PaclOi w II arlfnaie o tba 'mposstoiliiy. for eoate fa a yaars, ?t proea??g seamen oa that roast. | bara reresitlT howarar, transpirt^d a foil "fw ti At- I paw? a th? ream ?v-at? W?r>*sh. end have mals a j matrant srry reaaonabu. m it? t~rms. fbr their passage aeroaa 'be islhmi.s aad far tba return o the ralisral ?tw if ibia etpar.Ment la fhnal to wort well, It will | laninal# Ibe proponed pi?B ra.y m i"h, an ) ? mtrlbata I largeiv to tbe abll.t? of the to protast onr | Ptrif pnaaesstaas f bar* recently d?r? led tba* aoarnb | ba tboro gr.;y ii?a<1e ? onr l.?rert? oti th*? ?ast, w tb a ai*w toaremala its sbiltly to a ipply afeip imber TM rtpadMlna far iba surrey aad r"ioBRo Mnco of Hbenag ^tra ta. uir North I'nr fl 0 ean aad nila* KaM, tartar wrrp'etert 1*s wo?lr '^mmsnder Kodgrrs. who bad charge af U, rctaraal witb tb? Vaientw to New I ' York. Jnly 18 Tb? Fennimore <"oer*r was wrned oyer I U> the navy-yard at Vara Island. I'W -l|A KOUIIDIK.S, HI HH4K1MI 'IBSCIU1 II, AiC. In addition to the duties peri'>rmed by tbe vesaels of tbe m-vera) squadrons as above eel fortti. there are others either tu aied or n progreaa of execution, possessing i suflS.-leni interest to be we rthy of a place la this report. Tbe indefatigable superintendent ol the naval o!>ioiva tory, rot content with aiding commerce and the untaught mariner, by pointing out the safest and shortost trac?s on the ocean, where friendly winds and currents may be found, cor yet with tbe contributions to the intelligence of tbe country, resulting from observing the (tars of the bfavens. has lor some time pant tnought It not visionary to ur?re upon the public attention a new study, denom.aated by Karon Humboldt, the " 1'byslca! Geography of the Pi-a." He bad also been ao bolu as to insist mat wbeu ever a survey could be made ol the bottom i>f toe o eati betwuu Newloundland and Ireland, it would be ascer tained tbat such were the moderate depths, such tht per feet repose there, and absence of a bradtrg or diilurmoe currents, tbat telegraphic wires could belaid as aa'tiy and suceetsiuUy as upon land. Lieutenset Brooke, of the navy bad 'evented a most :cgcn<ous yet simple contrl vance in connection with the sh? t used, by which the moment it touched the bed of tbe ocean It became do lacbed, and carefully took up specimens of whatever it came .n contact witn, and brought them up safely to tbe operator. Many of our enterprising oonntrymon, very natural y desirous or rceing accomplished -o ^ranJ au undertaking, were anxious that all doubts of practicable ty should, it possible, be removed by actual observation aid t xaniinat'oa. There was an act passed In 184*> giving authority to tbe Secrt tf.ry ol the Navy t ? use nauoual vessels lor "testing new routes and peiiocllug the dlscovnnei made by 1. cut Maury in the course of his investigations of tbe w.nus ai d eitrrenis of tbe ocean " I coatees 1 had some pride in having the science snd naval genius of our own ceuetry to continue loreiuosi in then- grist ocean sur vt-yt, and lu illustrating tbe MtttCUW <>( so grand a conception as harucse'iig tbe lighten* and m&ltag It obe dient beneath the profound depths of thn great soa which Hrovi^enci has placed between tbe Oia sn < the N'cs World. There was no difficulty in finding a com petent officer. l.'.euienaui Berrymm. of large experience and es'abliebed reputation In deep esa ' soitdini*, full o! teat enterprising spirit so charac teristic cf American ofhctTS, was not ouly ready bit earntstly ? o it nets and eager to be per mated 10 exeeute tbe task, assuring the Ds pertinent tbat wuh a i?w oflicers an! a vry small cr? w be cou'd accompluh it In a lew wee'ks, with out merevenienre to tho tervlcc Tee email steamer Arctic wan lying idle a' tbe Kronkl> n N'avy Yard, and pruuut need suitable Ihe order was Issued, and Lieut. dt-rMtnsc, aecosipacled by Lieut, xtralu, I'assed Mid sh'pruen Mltcbeil aud Thomas, Midshipman Barnee, and a few men, left New York on the tub ol .la'y. coase" the ocean and retnrned on the 14th of Ostooor. bringing wuh htm atnindant supples of carious and internal ion | >(eciniens Irois the bod of tbe c<iean, and at tbe same .me oeautilui chart*, mapping out its various depths at distances ol it irty, forty, sixty ant onehandred miles. la order to make his soundings approximate accuracy as r< srly as poet.Die. Lieut Berry no an re-turned in toe same latitude, snd re examined points waere he bad doui>ta. The length of tbe route surveyed is about sixteen bun dred unlet itc greatest depth found was 2,070 fathoms, (about US miles.) tne average, nowever, be'ug mush rees. fhese'rbaris and specimtns have bi<en turned over to the Xaval Obtervatory. The superintendent has al teadyiansed the spec:mens to be ana'i/?d. and In the bands ol a learned professor, whose report I a before m?, llity aie made to tail nu h ol' tae charter and myste nes ol that ocean cot* red region. H; tb'nks tne ap ptamce ol tbe minerals "indiiate that they have been quietly ri'pos.ted frsm gentle currents, and not su?se quently distirbed " It is affirmed now that the developeireuts of this sur vey corroborate the suggestions of scientific Inveat'gttors, 1 and establish tbe practicability of laytr? w'.-ea success I fjlly on the bed o' the sea 1 will leave It to others, sir. to lift tie veil of the future, and to nictn -e to tbe miod of tbe curtecs and speculative. tbe lafluence to be exerted bi Kccb ao event upon commerce aad trade,_upon peace snd wsr. and the relationship ol nations Itese deep sea soundings?this study of the winds and rvrreots and temperature of the ocean? these grsdtal | approaches to greater familiarity with th? wonderi of fie I great deep, are pregnant with iDcalenlaole usefulnes to tnote who conduct mighty navies, a? well aa all who "go doae to he sea in ships " Tbus, sir. the navy althongb small. Is contribut e? Its f bare to ihe defence and tbe repcta'.ton of the country (>ar lisg visits ihe most remote as well as the moat fro quetitea ports. rbe rep*?ria from mmnnnoIng oflicors ?bow ncmberiefs uspubh'bed caaea of rallet to our coun trj mtn. oppreased in islands and ports whoae govern meets havt ao rank among nations aad are trrespaa aibla. A conilderabl* number of officer* are et^-ied In useful iirdrogrtpPK dct? ID connection with tbe coaet aurre*' oiber* are preparing cbart? of the North Pacific tnd Bbe' ring Mrml't while other* are *oon to present u? with the reenii. tf eip.urat ona of r:*er* and baroora ia Sautb OKt>*?>r* a*d nt sjiiT-ratenet >atr. I know co pan of me tervre more entitled to the I'ba rai paironngc 01 the gorerurcenl tnanordnanee and orac t'oal gunnery IT the cary be :ndeed the "rtgbt arm of .d:'^f?K "l,,00f,et' 14 ?y ?HtJ mat force be acded that ber bom and ordnance appliances are the ma.n uncwa ana arterie*. the n.gleci or which woo d toen render it fe?ble and palmed Our national *hp may attract admiration !or the*iren?tb tod beamy of her mocel. and the graceful earn with wnx-b *be glide* on tbe ?a?er?her men may be pattern* of dtictpllne, and ber officer* tbe kraicat and beat?yet all tit* will avail taught ta the dread honr of ?attie if enter her can* re fu?e io he faithful tnesreoirer* or ar? manacrd be tjnec who are unuugbt in practiral gunnery Amertcaa* are adept* la the u*a of tbe rifle aad tl* muaket from their l>cy Dood. and wben thrown into tbe field, no matter how ? uddenly tbey are aktll'ul and their a'm t* a* fatal a* that of the trained ??>ldier Of courve the cafe l* verr rttnerett .d regard to tne management of oannon weighing tboueanc* ol ponsd* upoo a dlatatbed *ea in the Brt ?*b terelre tbey bare tb. tr gunnery practice ablp wb re t Scat* aid men are trained to tbe use of cannoo a* tbo rct.gtly ?rd ** regularly at tb? toldler 1* drilled in the army to have tbua far r?lt*d upon practicing at aea tad ?eleeti?g fro? tne crew for captaina of gun* thoae wb? way from experience be fouat beet nttel It it ?akaiiag ia fed tbat. aotwuhnaoding tbe Importance of di*??mtnat,ng through the cervice a thorough knowledge of gnat cry. no rjiieta !?r that purpose haa ever been adopted It ia true that tbe order* of the r>ef?*riineat of early data, requiring pra. Uee at *?a. are now muca re ?perted by the ef cer*. and eiecuted with unuaua Bdflny and Capt ingraham, the chief of tbe Orenanoo *C| ito'to tba* "the re porn |y m commander* of ? uatiron* and nagle tblna coctiaua to ibow great atten lit-a oa the part or mi offleen to Ue genera' preparation for batt.e and ?o tbe mitrumion of tb* men in practise' gunnery, aad *'Vrd eridenee tbat the arma*.*nta and ordnaaca equipment of aur rente!* are efficient and ratiafactory ??). I baiter* it ta conceded by all o:Tlcer? tbit icme fjiiwij ? seeded to lmprore ttu D&n or th? ?errtce !?nr?ly no man of war thoald go to *?? without a aertainty or barta( a *uppiy of "earner qaaMOed by trainin# Tor bring oap?a!na v gun* aad o my opinion a ra?t impTcrrmert would follow, if noae w\M m without an officer daaigaated eapecuUly a* the ordnance ortioer of tse iMp A a cflwt la now being mad* to Initiate a ay*t*m a* far M it can b? doa*. m the aburore of legt lat*?a TB* Plymouth *loop ot war ia now at (be Watbiogton Nary lard pieced under tbe command or ComnsnJer riab1 gren, and .* beta* fltted out thoroughly for me purine of a '?gusncrr prartee blp.? A few offioerB a? pe?wt ? .V'"?.*" " "kCt "'"B" U, her, andkte w'U bea- an a*r"?r;menti! araameo: of hMrr aad l^ht gun*. I n-ler proper regulation* aai tra nm* me hope ta conficitiailx Milfad tbat ibi* practice ah p wtii aa uuaiij torn Bfl aeamen thor?K.gli:r trainel to S manage ?eat ol h. in orcnaaoem *tcr? aad > ca'a. aarttba-Tur mm M war may b* aoppn-d w th offlc-ra and uea to ,h 'J1 "" ^ '???** fraat epg'n?a of df tri, t on I con,mm i th ? rabjtct toapuwaToob ? iderat.oB and eny.oragrmeat aad hare no doaM thai ? nrn enlarged and aided by lb* auggeaioc. 0' **rv.r enca tb.i gunnery practice abip wtll K an lamfcSSi MM to tbe The renew cbaagea ta the armameat of our re>a?l? rail or 11 tome what ieiatied ? fro*> the J-pa-tmrrii ?ib tbat -cb,?ct la many of tboee moat remariai.^ con ? eta a whxb tbe Amertraa nary won it* ;>rou1?*t tro pn ?? H .* wa ' ?etti?d tbat tb* tuper onty of tba cai'bre JTJr ttm* coainbutod rary gBoch ut the * :aciaB'n ?WTptteflBf of ifle forni!dih>iiTefiifT !? MMWINl of tbe cnafMln strength of our tarm MM it bacusas raatly importoat that wa afe??i4 rail Into etrrctl* the laraatie* bm eufgegtie MMn ?T oar ooi.air; men. aad ?tnre not mar?iy to keep aaie with | bat IT poaaihie. in adraaca of Other* n the . harae'or o' m r aagiae* of deateni > :n war la th ? mnut tbe <**???? ?araau baa not bam t e the ? prorlaf iBM.f, eg and eniarg og the |B? of tbe ??rrioe gragBtw" r*? Btoadjr aai lm The *< pen meat*! eatabiiabaaat at toe WaahaaVm SS ror mtay year, .. adtn ^bX 2T? to f* 2?" ? ?? ^ Mnt ? hl*h w ?atei'<ct aad indetattna'* e?-rgy. a.^ed by a ?ma<! , ?fpt ? ?WMto, napvimeat bt* fbuol Ita b.?M o! proteri,oa 'i' o-r~' "V n o' i*?e , renter*. \.j .inorat /m haa b?wa raBBM>n<?i| ?MII ach|e. :?1 to tba MrtNH teato? ya*. progre^t an<1 an aa grrurea to be iB tbe faragrwMMl ?f laiprorement b?n man. I eat Tba reoatii aioptioa oo tbe new 'tifBlM of tba c ae, en and eirreo n?-.h *bell gun* ta UM e*3lMtot ot -bet. wa* br ao atn orow*ldrrateiy or i?a?.T -M | It wa* (eggaete^t hy Cvamaadar ''abVen iti i<im ;ha' be con d rxtrctoe a gr*aM' amouat c ordnaav oower ? ttb a gi?'B we gi t o> mtai. and w ta at*r> aafety ti thn?e woo managed fba gen, than any other Ware tbea kaowa at Bba wigto * r ? Ofr.modore ?arr ngtoo then at tbe ba?i o? tba Baraaa I o 'T 4 nan re oriered the gun* propjaed the peor:n? and teatt*g cort nue d' nag the yaar* IHB3 1*93 and ? The potau of e?auraace aad aee ieaey wer" ?oe '*? Th- ??? ( 1 ttood 500 ro< ada with ? 0 wth .hot w -liont bnrttiag Bod r.bae * ?" ?b? e*tr *ie iBd et aw? 1,?0aad l,(oo roaa ,? w tbont biinMg. ShaiM >ar* b?en myK, bnaaag uwy an ilwail SWnMa m r* iw of fttty *ppr?fiAD^on ta?l tbo. c%noit b#i a +1 i^ k?!,".!" " '?t Pilot he'ag i-t i. 1k^ ! a "pe? -nent Th: fart t aa d to b? a;tr h I" '?.'*'' ' ?",.- thrown o?o 'T *r ?' '* " * ' i na we-?.?>t of metal. I*. thera oee, ;t k at aar tina ?.ted to i-ivf | ? ?"* WT ? ? , r,e. .r . -v, ( , S??L!l^SkflStoT M ,r - '??? * <rnpe?fi waft wHl h^r ,,y ^nr-?t|r^|k ? If h< '?? n-ierialren. It * P'ooab'.y tro - ai a e?. I 'hat aa.'Ol'd *bot are drieen sy a "ftf gtafug q; BiwdJ' I thr ir i- we* ia thereby propiraoaably gieater and tbataa ?tribimaibi? the/awy r*?** en'-ey thro .i ne-'lh , [ evpoetag barn tb? 'waBcmeneaa of two *em- oretcoea The*e oft ng? made hy . worer <re iftTn "" " i ' . e rea dor or *.a a< ?? .? ^ ? , 7 ?trr.rlc and penetrate ! hi ore of thete min*te,r bmuT * ' "ie eiem*nt? or atploetoB oaa ean hardly-one*'re of tbe craahlsg of iim->en.a?i the bar'* aid d^trucftoo which mint inertUhiy en?ua And I ffcaa lka work of nne *heii wonid be m*?ri fata and diaaa trona u an that o' many *hot ir. adii tion to tbw hea-y a'mameBt onr oatlona' raaaala . arc f r a few yeara p*?t neeo ? ipptted with boat gin*? hrae* r eree twel-e and twenty fanr p >*nder* Thar ?*' ?' rrr'da-? u' r l.-r the ^.,r.p,^rn? o'f aw tn?B d ribirgad toa tat a a altdt, Tbey are so '?instructed aa to be eaally placed la null boata which can thua enable an approach to tba enemy at poiaia inaccessible to the large vease). and when landed can be managed wtb facility ind fatal effect. Tbe reports of their great aervieo recently In China very forcibly lllus traie ibeir great advantage aa a poruon ol a abtp'a arma ment. Btt ] forbear to pursue tbta aubiect?leaving It !n tbe fcanda ol able ordnance otl.cers, ibe cautloua and s)und judgment ol tbe late Coniuixlore Morris approsed Ibe new ordnance. Tbe tlx new frigatea presented at once tbe question of aupplylng them 'with tbe guos after ibe usual old model, or in asoordanoe with sugestmna o' our able ordnance otlicer, tested by yeara of mucb considers t on ifter investigation, I unhesitatingly tietained tbe recommendation lo Ut out tbe new I r (gates wilb tbeir pre sent lormidab o battery. It ta true tbe guns are very heavy; but experience and praoilce, and tbe aid ol labor saving inventions dally made, will render them ai man aggable aa thirty-two poundera were twenty yeara ago. i us saw K-.ii.ATaB?pnoraaBD ammonal stooi*, art', arc. Id my last annual Report, 1 informed you tnat mreeoi the steam frigates ordered by Congress, were ailoat It row affords me pleasure to state that they are all ailoat Tne machinery for each will bo oompleted and ready for trial in a lew daya. The Merrlma< and Wabash are now in commission. Thus far tbe most sanguine expectations of tbe Department have been fully realizid. Tbe performance ol' the MftrrUnac has impressed favora bly ibe levereat architectural entire Ibe macb nery kDd boilera have exhibited remarkable evidenced puffer, tbe material and workmanship were superintended and approved by tbe etgineeraol tbe governmeDt. although built 01 neeeaalty !n private establishments The speed is greater tban usual in auxiliary steamers, >n which steam is by ao means tbe cbief motive power, but tbr rreat lestderaium it attained of preserving unimpaired ? II the essential elements and capacity of tbe sailing vaaael. Five of these frigates were modeled by the Cbief of tbe Bureau rf Construction, Ate , and will each carry a batte ry of eigbt-lcrb guna on tbe apardeck. Lint orh on tbe genceck. with a tea inch pivot gun bow and tto>n Tee Niagara b,. 't In New York, waa mrdeled an<' . einpletel in ibe Navy Yard by tbt- late Geirgu Sleev, whose gs Li us and great capacity for ahi ri>Ulld\ag were so h'.gb;v rrc? mmi Ld.d, tbat be was a; '- li.'ea a u-mporarv na - a' constructor for tbat purpoie ?he will carry tb<- naval ar mantent of twelve eleven icch guns, each throwing a tbeil ol 1S6 pounds. The introduction of these magnltlcfnt vessels eonati tut( a se e?a in tbe history of tbo United Navy, and while tney may well stimulate tbe energy ?ud valor of ita cflicsra, they will alao excite cmotlona of a )ust national jr'.i'e In tbe bosom of every American beholder. 1 know of no rea*oa for withdrawing tne rocotsmeada tion heretofore made, to build additional al^op* nf war. capable, frotu tbeir small draft of water, ol watering it'i ptri6 as Ww Orleans, Savannah and Cbarleston. ai> w*l> as New York and Boaum A formidable battery of Iron lifteeu to twenty t-'uas would render tboui very et! <cnr'>. They could annoy tbe enemy at sea and penetrate at d dtknd our harbors alenj.' tbe coast Inaccessible to toe larger cIsfs of betvier draft. The arguments and contideraiions for a steady and gradual enlargement of our Navy have lost oone of thei' iorce. Our extended coait. our multiplied commerce tbe ntattienanceot our rank amine tbe great powers o tb? earth, all speak loudly a favor of this policy But I forbear the repetition of tbe views so often somewbai elaborately presented heretofore. I think It proper to remark, bowever, tbat even the passage nt tbe bill for tbe cncrtruction of ten sloop* of war will be but htt'e, very little actual increase, as mtny old vesae'a aie bow necessarily to be laid up as unworthy of repa.-. Tii addition to tbe establishment for huildmf and re pairing machinery aud boilers at the Watbington Navy Yard, tbe department i? persuaded tbat during trie n?*t jcar those in piocess of construction at Norfolk and Rrookiyn wl'l be tmlabed. Tbe diflisuity in a ra'e louMation will fomewbat delay tbe foundry at Boston. Wbeu these are completed the government can rerair and build Its own mtcbinery tor national vesaeia 1 take pleasure In stating that the boilers and entire ma cblnerv ol tbe Minnesota were bcilt at tbo Washin'on Navy Y'srd. and bave thus lar rtUected crcdit upon pro jectbraacd builders. HKAMKV It I* very Important that tuch a policy tbou.d he adopt ed to rrgard to teamen a* will insure aiuppiy when neodf td lor regu'ar ierr'ce. and promote tbe enlistment or ol our own countrymen the cintideration* n Uvoe or wblcb latter pre|>oaltlon cannot bet occnr to toe cotnroou e?t c;b*< rver. Tbe r? commendation* of tbe doparimen of a ft nem of honorable di*cbarge and of increased pay bave b?en generoualy adopted by Congreen. 1 ae ?np phi* of provision* and clothing tave lor the laat tew y?ars been of tbe moil substantial ?n<l wholeeome pro duct* of tbe country. Since the introduction or tbe new tj sum of inspection the ear of ?be dej>artment I* no Ion ter anroyed by complaints in regard to worthless clotb lap and spoiled prov'Jlois. The med'.e'nea are not *p i riou> drugs, bought up In baate In tbe thopn, bnt are ? arelol'y manulactured nnder tbe Immediate aoperniloa ol tbe I'ureau of Medicine and *urgery. The krraazemrnta for berthing the men on our ahipa t>aT- been grnduai'y improving. ao aa to render them comfortable. and more tecure from dleewen and de<-*y ol constitution incident to the peril* and privatiooa.ef the nra. Fireilent surgeoos are a*eigned to every veea*l_ The lollowitg eitiact from tne repo-t of the chief of tb* Bureau ot Medicine anil Surgery. atteet* me iklll of our lurgewM, and the excellence ot the sani nrv refutations on board of our national ship* ?? Ih.-i innmi'ior, frig*'e. with a rompUm-nt of 47S e?'"*? and men, during a ? rill.' of two yearsaod Ave months ou tb*i ?ta'lon (Africa > ierniin*tl?K In June l*A5. lo?*butmiem?u b? dtoeaae; tkllrty all were **nt bom. a. oval,d? T ? rnrne in, in unity Horn dentb wa? shared in a l?ri;e degree by the eiber < orouoM Tig the m-jntdron. * | 1 he t nmberland % f-i*?teof 0>e same in ifcirtv moulo, tbat i?, f'*>m T?Bu*nl>|S ?f? mi!) lltf*#, eialneen ot her crew while stationed In the Mediterranean, 'ur ITibe wme period. -he ?. Lawrence. . irtga.eoftbe * . iua <?'tuiali e III the Pacific l<*t hut 'even ol her crew lie , , ,ih 1 be Powhatan, a *;enm irigmie. wlih a complement of (So crulsiuc m the F.aat 1 ndiea, during the j e*rs 18?.V M and .. . 1U 14 men I y dt*ea?e and accident. T lie Hav.nn.h, ifrmS "ebb a M.?p>t'?i of .Vl0t y4. eail'foved en the ma' oi Jlra/,1. reports but tire Healha dartny thirtyinoath*, ,r wt?n July IHM and January 1W. though durio* thia ume. a te\er of a acrtoua cbaracier prwvnlled at varlou* parts oi Ibe * t"u. It seem* that every inoentlve I* held out toInrite cn> nireoti. and -ecure experienced sewmea abundantly f< r home and loreign terv r* I b?\e no hetitnion n rating, nnd the record* and re tarn* will ?uetnln the *<atea>eol. that there baa been ?? I improTement a? to numh<ra and character, will ine wonderlnl increase of commerce and demand lor anil or* ibe comowr?tt>e *horta?ia? ol the crurten of Vbe mcribai t ?arl?e, and the very high prloe paid, render It no ea*y matter to keep on hand a nwady and effieteot tnpply for the relief ol icjoadrooe Puch. too. are the wonderful all/action* pre*ented ny our vaat <:o?mtry, and to creat the faciltty with wbtch peaceful and baipy ho??? are prreured, lba< the tncrea?? ol aallor* h*a. anxox owr owi cttlzrM specially, not kept paoe with the progiea* 01 [tmTware that oooa*nnally the aaltor ha.' had ean*e to captain of h?lrg deUioed abroad *?jond <be term <m bi* ealiattiiewt, although one tonrth a^ldluoaal c >mpen*a noe a allow, d lor that period of detention, t 'ery an^rt baa been made. ?<no? tbe return of tbe Jaimn eipedltton. u r. move tht* aenree camplamt. Had the rale been ant I e?i ftrtetly to that ?qaadron, tbe grea purpowan for whKhit wan lortncd would inavt abiy have boen poet non-1 and p?rhap* defeated foreve.'. National veweia hate only b<eo detained by b gn o?>nald*ratlon? of public fi^xJ and then It we* a? painful ?o the IMfpartoiei.t a* an noying to lb# *allor It baa not been, and ? not now, the policy nor the principle of tb.l Upartment to detain ?m rneu on r<r-?lgt *wt*na indenmuly octli tbev oontd be relieved- f>n tbe contrary, trimeroM v -wei* have been ordered heme trow -"\tant *UI1<H>* before tbetr ireief* wc e ?* ot. Tbe Cumberland, tbe nag thlp of the Med I terrant an *ooa<irou. the >vant and tne 8?. l/ton, or tbe ?ame nat^n. a!l returned before tbetr relief* bad goo* out Tbe !*nvannab. tbe :i?g ?blp o' the BraaU ?i,iadroo ?id returned, wa* ordered nome lo July IM- bat by iume aocld?nt or Irregulatuy of the trw ?po?ut?on of the maiu tbe order* wtre sot received until uoiooer. Ber relief the ? Uwwce, only left the I mttd ft*tee on the 13ih day of October Tbe f.erwantowo, of tne name * n*dr->n. h*a been oroered home without heirg relieved The tcrtr* ol U?e en i*tment ai the crew o! the ft Mary ? of ite 1*?clflc pquidroo, htre De%rlf all tiered ? bat had tbe Hepnrtmeat orflereo her h>?e trow Pa a ma I bare potulve a??uranoe t? at tbe oonwe I ooecce* wotild have been lata to the live* and property 'i of the tbo.i*and* of our conntrymen l-wtiing over that iO<Jt? fucb, however, wa* tbe aoilety or tne depariMWl to relieve the ?-a?on and oliicert of that , jjb gg tfltoor* and men bare been een1. in ine ?i?an>er ukha*b to AnplDwali. and a'rangementa have hoew fectod with tb> rallwav enmpaoy, ao that tiw p-eeent at t cer* and men of tbe .?t Mary n wul reach ?BCV home* m the t'-ilted Ptaten without the delay and e*,>niinre of * voj*?e n*.<mdf*pe Ho-n lam however of opinio* that the tetir. ol our eru ?>? t? u*? long, nn I that itabonld he reduced u> two tear* ante* i cf three, and I have do tcrmined *nd directed that it ?hail conetiiat* a part o the aaiiinr r*truoitwn* M t"rom?nd"m in e.hi< i o- the ?qoad , ? I hat the) >1,1 th-r when tbe t< r?n of eni ?t ir mi ot the ?*K?rlty of the crew if any t eeee attached to their ? tadn~w i* about etptrag that II *ba'i retam to the t'n.ted ^imee in dn* time roe tbe diec.har/e of the aea tr.en. and thai M rule *hi:t never be dev.tted from, ei ci ie"'o au emergeecy'nvoiv't tbe honor of the flag, or *>? tbe *peclni order* of tbe department Bvt I cowfeae I look to the fo?t*r!ng care of the appreo lice ??*tem and IU grartuai en.artement. a* the *ur?et rI'-nnt of making a radical mprovemeat of tht* bmnch n> ,rr a^rviee. and a? the only mode of incorporating into tbe cmp* of -ewmen ? fair proportion of oar own country II T? ere are now enii*t? 1 *nrt in U * ?erv*se. nereml hnn dre?i hov* all two n tbe I n ted !?tatoa and nearly the them am now In act V* ?rrvice in the ?? ? ?rnadros* r.noe the depariment ha? introduced the ?y? tem i? chier d.fficuity fca* not been in procuring enliM mer?? but in r~t*ttt.g ?nnrtnnttle* to he permitted to (| , ?vn, to ? W. r ?? ''1 -*?' ' ' y?tem he I rnmhed by it* own weight be'ore anfllclontiy |?rfectel hy #?TtWF**B'<1 _ , Their mor.<t. Intellertual and peofeaaionnl tra n!?r n , . a--,e?1 ?tler,ti r. an ' : im cratlfled to be *ueUHed u tbe effort bv the onicer* of the Navy, all ol whom manifest a deep Inlee^t In th? ?u<we-? of the nndeiUking. ?s b le ! a' mil th*t 'hi chief. Md indeed p?n?moont, ccr?'i?r*'lon in -?diriltcng npprentioea !? to make Amerl ran ?* or? 1 inc.liae the opin on thai ,t might encourage the votitb* If it were moeti that the Pre * ieet had an inr'tv U. niixrint annually ten of tbe mo?t meritorloue n 14?hii'tcen a^l p'ipli* 1* IN A'ademy. I adrine, uurefort the pa*n?ge of a law giving tbi. authofity. wier*lA>m' r*. I leem It Ttty <n*r '0 c*" y",r t^'ontioit to the fact that the-* are *t nrewent eevera! vac^nctee in tome of tbe . r,^? ri the nary orc,a*ioned by death* and reeignatioa*^ -irveral o1 them occurred more than *1* month* ago. I

? m "it i rm.adfni of the coiwldemtlon* which have for tht* per <!d prompted a eu*pen*ion of eiecimve action. The tntereete of the eervlce. however, indnee me to ad ( .e tbat ibey be fined at the ??rlie?i dny pmct'oabie, e her by pr< motion n tbe u?unl way, or by notn na'.ng tor r<??"'alien to Ibe active Hat .ny rc?eeTed or dropped r? cer wbo may now be ndjudged by yon n? worthy of and mtHlcd to your Interpoc tlon. I bnve here.oforn raid tbnt I coold not recommend ? tbe ndoptloo ? nay ni"?eure of repeal, or any ootir*e of proceeling In cow \ with tlM gil?fll MlNMI th* &o%r<\ V bnt I tlto t%?n tree and repent tow, ?' it the *word of nny one of then# ? ai'Vnt men hae been Incnn'iootly taken from him. all rltbimin. ed men will *ay let htn oonntrv reitore It to h'm with all the honor* and reparation do* ?olnj?ir#d , re are threw vncnneien in tbe grade of chpth1" lenrtern ? the grade o( iinotennnl. Tbe reports of the eh'efs of the several bureaus will advise you very folly of the oonditton of that portion of the public service respectfully assigned to their special supervision They present many use'ul suggestions, ana enter much Into details on many interesting subjects, winch cannot be conveniently discussed and condensed In tte Secretary's annual report Tbe duties of tbe cbief of tbe Bureau of Yards and [locks bave become very onerous, and gradually enlarged In consequence of the Inert sued work and extended operations In tho ravy yards. Much progress has been made towards com pleting the navy yard tn California Tbe doik, basin and railway are finished. The report ot Commodore Smith Is very elaborate, full ot interesting details and suggestions, and discloses with clearness the condition of tbe works under his charge. Tbe report from tbe Ordnance Bureau exhibits a satis factory oouoitioa ol thai pari of tho service. 1 concur In the recommendations made, particularly those in regard to tbe Naval Academy, and the policy of an abundant supply ef powder to meet any emergency Many very useful reforms bave been accomplished through new regulations made by tbe bead of the Bureau ol Provisions and Clothing His suggestion* in favor of a small corof assistant pursers, with a moderate com gents lion, are entitled to consideration. It baa a ways e?n the practice (originating in necessity) to send store ?hipe and vessels on special service to sea without a purser. Then the otbeer fn command ptrforms the duty of purser in addition to his unitary duty. Not being an sceouDtsnt, be oiten, although perfectly honest, liuds at 'be Auditor's cilice a large balance against bim, and most , sacrifice his bard earnings to pay It, or be reported and disgraced as a defaulter. Tbe report from the Bureau of Construction exhibit* very fully Ibe condition of our national vessels. The po try In tavor of a ? mall annual appropriation for keeping tte yard* supplied with sfcip timber is unquestionably sout d. Attention is invited to the report from-the Ba rfttu of Medicine and Surgery. 1 think action soould be uktn to restore to tbe Hospital Fund tbe value of tbe IsLd recently conveyed to tbe Treasury Department fo: purpotes of a mtrine hospital Tne fund by which this lsno wss purchased was raised by small contributions, in tne nature of deductions from tbe i?y of tbe sailors, and II csn hardly be appropriated to other purposes with jus Ire. Whilo 1 am much opposed to multiplying buroauK nodellrers, I cannot allow that feeling to restrain me frrro recommending tbe creation of an additional office which experience in tbe administration of tho department a' mon'.thes mo would be useftil and promotive ot'disci ibe prompt and careful enforuement of the law authoring conns martial it one ol tbe surest means ol pnaawbf iffMraey In r>rdc-r to e'.l'ect this I am con v Teed that there should bea.Iudge Advocate, learnel in tbe law, attached to tbe department, to whom should ne hesigned the direct,un and managemeut r>; all matter* connected with court: martial and courts of inquiry, sub ject, of course, to tbe supervision ol" tbe Secretary, i need not be a bureau; not even an additional clerk would be required, as one ol the pre#*ut clerks has now the bo stress in connection with thete courts especially assigned to tim. Tbe Resolhte, Commander Harts ein. having been tho rougnly repaired at Brooklyn Navy Yord. sailed troiii New York on tbe 13lh day of November. Her comman i :ng oil.-er bat instructions, and was the bearer of de spatcbe* for earrjing into execution with strict fidelity the loist resolution oi ? ingress, approved tbe UUth day oi August, 1S66, gertrousiv tendering the ship to her Ma jcs'y's government. Ibe bark Release, l.teut C. C. Slmms, sai'ed from Ne * York on the 7th day ol November, for Georgetown, t>e nnarara, and Lagvayra, Yen* zneia, having been, by your directions, temporarily assigned to special duty under the Secretary U the Interior, who a vew of accompiucm* the liberal purpose* of Congress In aiding to supply a portion of our oountry, where immense capital is invest ed In the culture of sugar, with fresh cuUrgs of the cane and thus, if possible, arrest the rapid decline in tbe pro duction of an article so universally one of consumption In our country. The Nautical A'monsc is required by law to be under tbe charge of an officer of the nary, not below tbe grade ol a Lieutenant. It has hitherto been conducted by Com irander Iiavis, who ?M peculiarly fitted by his scientific ai'a nmtuu !'r tte task. He lias, nowever been de tacbed recently, and ordered 'o sea, and, temporarily, it has been planed under the Chief of the Bjreau or (>rd nsnce and Hydrography. Although an officer of tte navy can v.tnoul rfoubi be iouno I'laiitied for It?the othir calls of tbe service suoden y deiach him and an uo tried successor inters upon the duty every tew years? thus UBqvestiosably Impairing tbe claim of tbe wo k t> tbe cortidfcce of a I me? of tcirnco, won Mil koo* tha tbehishest order ol intellect and years of men;* irainln, are reqm?'te to tit one for even an approach to proficiency in this difhcult braacn of learning. 1 recommend, there fore, a modlflcatirn ol the law, in order that this work thus far so creditable to tbe country, may, in the uiscre t.on of tbe tit utive be placed under thr charge of ooeo> the naval professors ol mathematics, who are never sent to *61. Tte Naval Academy continue* to nrnci^p fctrate It* n*efc!ne**, by annually rurnwbing tbe icrrtco l ? ?*nunib?r ol a n.piiiUel yonng otlicer* ?bo? ?mblUon (cmnKx them lo kolicit Ue Ktpartraent to giv. f?Mfv,?0^r,nOl'f of *oir* to ?" With ? vsew r.i UBprtVtBf the pupil* .0 pracUOal ?fftmuilhln, till* two were KBt to 161 in tbe alor>p of war Plymouth a kd *fig?r croliiBg during the Bummer montb* relumed to Aon den,,. Tbc rtfort of Command, r ?.reeo ble to tbe zeal aad attainment., dunrg the cr' Je of t ,' youth, onaerhi* command Al tbe irtJnuT,??, nation, I recommend tern in addition to the Naral Boar.i of hiaminer* a board of Tl?iu>r?, oompoced ol civilian* ? "lmulM? ?h? rai-lihipmen. and ?t tharame time Inform our leading men of the .icelier t character ol ibe inMliutlon. iue excelled ,J?"..*?r^'?ry la *Q*tatntBr |W high repu*.. 'ton, and by it* tuggeM!*** and > ompilaitoo* doing mm i" >n iereralTr ' '?r """< Wt? '?"ow ,he ??. ??' J''"?'be,xPre?,0? of my opinion o" 'b?u?efuin?*?or tbc rorp# , have ?o often made rec>mmen<^on, or II# enlargement, ,Bd for ,?e .rtop,(on of or appoint? elllcer* o' rctlltary education that I for bear lo co more .ban lo reler to my fom'r r.plr" a' oftbVcorp* ,0 ,b# d*U'*<1 r#port of ,he commands. ?c,J^r*d ?* ?? laat aeaai on o( Goagraa. dlrectm, !h .e *,,el1 *" E- K. Coliin* and hit aaeoctatea ot be n.edification at tne law of July 21 j*5i in refereti. ^STEWi1*.* irantpo nation of th, mail* bf ^ U??pnol. baa b-en rarrl ,d Into ax !^.7.ot*etew '??"""?* Tier,be Th# compensation of nearly all tb? public offlrara In lb# i#r*iee of tbe government baa w.tfcta?hJl2JfcI year* been Inrreaaed, with tbe exneption of that of tv? (Bioen ot the army and navy. Whiia I ?m />< of * P?,,K,B of lb# oiMcera of the nary"mi ?t Hie lent, I dtem It my duty, also 10 exDress ?* lion that tbe pay < f acme of tbe gl ado* la eatlroVlnndS quale aid cot properly regulated by onotidermfinwa ?r ?"Z" ? r-!^ ,0T ,he ?opport or the uayy and marln# nth? !V . >*?r ?ndio|c Jon# 30, 18S*. and for a'l meal are ^ comiag oncer tbe control of thli Depart Smin le'o r**r??4Ue' (**'?? ? ? Jc ore/one mrnton I'M than tbe aggregate for tt>e pre*#0| Sana I From wiiu-Ji dVtfWimal'Mmfe _ l?? Iranaportauon ol tbe mall In iteam pi <lll< IIMIIMM ? 1 ? ?? - . I/ea?*? lor tbe mppori of tbe nayjr anil ma- ' ' r lo oorpgh i)i.i Q-n ] The (llimate tor the preeent liacal year for ? ? tb# fopptw1 of the nary and marine Was #???#?#??,,,?,. 4< O QQ" ? < | The total eipendliur# for all object*' aader tb! HC?r' ?r ,bT. N*V '"P*"""?! 'or rint Sf w- 14.C78 04 ,L .^h,,,r00#t "P'nd-d or oMr.tal obiecta nndcr the control o( It# I . pertmcnl p M M la. IcgttlMM. espendltnrea for *' Ue tnppott of tne nary a?J m?rine < *p, or tbe jeae eoilng Jnce 30. ]Hi5 g 437 w ? ?nt Je?S* h0a0r 10 b#' rm* your' To iaa PK*tr.i?t or thc Cum nt,n ' ( low of Canal \mt Ignllon. TIBt'.r' B*M lb* "ocheaie- t>.m, ,0 nt lb, ?? Z\il 2.1*? ,hM ^ ?>?rd jne Ut ter set the ICth tmt for tbe < lose of rtnt ht?i?aii^. aad tb? former sun marl If stint op that ?.ue- lyinL !1 lbe D'gbt 04 ibe 3d Ice ,orJPw "e" ? ?? '?rb. and la p?c? more lb? tb.i h *|'L PW"U ,umc'*01 ,9 P?*T?nl the movement of Asa rjat asraSS 5 ?i r,^, Ti?: ;?zz *.!T* ^ "M clored yeaterday, and boat* dnanMirh<vi in that direction were compelled to re am aOer^Mii-,* a* lar aa the Kantd*. B..|l,ee. her. Md^rJnTern^t ar! !T,T7^n^Ud? '"yL^11 ?Wbe*' f0f ihr ra"1^" 'tfflli? At boob lo day Oapt. Hione atarVvt out with the w breaker. Inletiding to force a air thrnorh bound wheat boata, and help then to gel Into tbl* poH leeirotil nnee to form and Increase la utrnagtb We inrn Boat? eiT'had ,'w11tK*u '?ufht tht* (tie ofH. r., ,,a# Hoatnen bad generally calculate! to girr an ir, i?ht siss,b* ,m* w,,k" >c si. sat 'z:':,?>:'! I CI a tTJfWrl JJJJ 1* Nor si 1M7 MaJ ? '2h !?r~?r::g S i ft Si IIS::::::::::::::; ft,S IM? yFT" * I'M. 1? iim JJ'J i j?? ? I nlted Htntea t'lrrnlt Conrt. Bclore lion. Judrs Beti* Drnics ox proaii.*. JZ Zt* * ?? >*? " * *"< 4d. OAWtnr ?f<*?/ort.-ibeplaiBi.miela.m lo reooror back thing about ?l,000, amoont of datlaa paid by them, tin ! ? protett, on a qoanUty or *.,g*r. Tba piamum. bonde i the rrgar. entered It and took Poaaoa?ion of tt tk- ^ , ?e. I, r directed ^mploa |o be likeTTl the wharf wh^h were cnbmnted to appr*i*er?, bnt It aiwJSi ?J?!2 B??,???? ?o the public klorSTt? STi.w requif.t The plalntiHi on the entry made in addVt??i .? Ibetr iolo? and the appral,. r? ad/e,1 to th" t.IuLTU which raired tbe price on the turar to crni r ter tbe inr^ce price An^rr^i ,?e,Lhan ,ftD ''w wefct ? aa tak?n and the 1' ?***?>? p-.iaer the ramp'e* were whmilted to him and th"g^" ernme.t appr rer^who. howler, ooald nrd *re, and tbe gn < ra a . ralatr concluded to cbaree an ????'? - and a ,?Ml d y on ihe i.porWu!S?C ^ d? r prt l?rt. a plal?jiifT* now >e>k lo re. n.JL ^ 1 f The Cot rt bel hat aa tbe .r*?T"r H on any or tb good* hav ng been orderM i/TIh wil, .lore {,d tber #%am nod ttd the Jury nugt Had for tb? plain tip* i-, i I . at ?, IJ.Ui, with tvlerett. P"'"n[T?' vardnt j0r The ideographical Swlrtj. OFFICEKB FOB THK KNSl'INO TE4R? OOnCLrSION OF MR. K1N?'S ADDR HS ON THE PACIFIC B41LKOAD. Tbe Geogra, b cal Society held their annual ojdeling at the New York University on Tburtday eveciog, when ihe following ollloera wero choeen:? J'rriiJ'-nl?Francia L, Hawaa Vict I'raidtn/i? Henry Griunell, Alex. W. Bradford. Archibald Kuaaell. hVififfn Ocrrtpt lid My Secretary?Job d Jay. Ihmttfic Cinr<3]* ndtng Sdn tarj?Frederick A. Conk ling. litcordimg Secretary?Win. Ooventry H. Waddell. Auitlaid R<< iTdin;/ Secretary?Samuel I*. Dinamore. Tifaanrer?Kidley Watts. Librai ia;.?Marshall Ietlerta. Vtiundl?Hiram Barney, Henry V. Poor, Henry K. Pier rt pout, H. imdlcy Bean, J. Calvin Smith, George Fol ?cm. A brain S. Hewitt, Kudoipb A. Wittbaua, Egbert 1,. Veile. Tbe twenty honorary momberi of the aociety aro the lollowlng Baron Alexander Von Humboldt, Germany; Sir Rrlerick Impey Murcbtrcn, England; l'r. Eliaha Kent Kan?, Unted Males: Karl Hitter, Germany; Col. Rawlmson. England; VI. Von Middtndorf, Ki:aa.a, M De la Kocjuette, France; Kir Geo. Himpaon. Canada; Dr Edward Kublnswn, Untied etatra: Lieut. Matthew F. Maury, United gtatea; Dr. Uarit*. Germany; Hir Jobn Rlobardaon, England. If Frio J rich Ceorge Wllbe in flruve, Kuaaia; August Pelarinann, Germany, Austin H?nry layard, Knglaiu If. Kaltthui, Ratal*; Prof. A. D Kacbe, United States M i.'uetelet, Bel (torn. Tbe name of Jobn Cbarlei Fremont was added to the Mat on Tburaday nigbt. Part ol Hon. T. Butler King'a addreea, in favor or tbe -outheic Pacltic Railroad acbeme, wai publiabed in yes icrcty'E Hikiid. By sireaa of other matter we were ben unable to give a I bis remarks. He continued ai ltd" Iclowa ? ' ^fe,^ee? "V11* P*rtlcol?r in my remarks on the oit mate of the Pacific court, because they are applicable to of ?!!*? ,! con,meDl bordering on the aid degree L. J ' ,DeW' wl"eh the ,urv?y* have been w?,er?, 1f Proposed to locate the Southern line lor the Pacific Kallroad. In that region of country the great ranges of rrountains, of wnicti I havo ocen *Dd D? cnn,lQU0"? are fouud kiIk T coDfimCkion of a railroad. Tho sup hIJSnH bee.n m*du b7 <he dovernment prove i controversy, iba; th:8 line presents It ' *nd ages lor a work of this nature wn'ch are not lonnd on either of those which u?vo Been sur to ??n ?i, r /V lcn*1h !rom tne Unlfooast of Tcxas v J icgo. in lah.orma. will bo about 1 fioo iwIp- ??r I Wdww? 40 d??? "om?ceaa to ocean of the lim'ou .. ,rgreee ?'48 ?!**'<'<'? It will be seen, from a rUncs ?t the map. that the southeast tendency of the Paeirtc toast and the western extension ol the Gulf o: Mexico cut the continent more than hall ,n two in tne region an der cousideration, and so reduce the distanc betwemi the two oceans thst all deHorlptioct. ol merchandise miv be transported on a railway from one to the other tl ,7? iTJl *' ,'u"n, tbe lM' wtn'er c?*1 wm carried on or?!^ ab>?.fUllr)*d 41 "oecenta ro,ie per ton or for $. the hundred miles, at thai rate package rorl* may bo trans[?rtc.1 rwni the (ioU coas: or Toim t> our ?2 H Srfc#l>?U,D' 1 ,ba)1 P^^'tosbo. .n!i .hi P, lh- freight ?' two or three times thai snm, ihli line mast still bex>me the treat oommercUi channel between the Atlantic snd PaMfic. In this pro grtiilre age, celerity of movement may justly be retard edas the life of trade; it becomes thViwof n^ty and forces every me rchant to do that which anyone else m?y accomplish with certainty and profit. It i? this law which regulates commercial Intercourse and the ow^ lZ'?!riL . f0,ce" Ur,?e 'In?ntitles ol merchandise into our ocean summers without regard to cost or freight and sends thousands 01 tons fro? New York toSiii J\raccifco '? ?'??mers, and across the Isthmus ofanamv rt.VST1 01 m *M0 U> 9000 al ton- when freights round 2m J , r*D,# ,r0m *l!l 10 $26 11'? ">? samenseeHslty emmai o?7ni!*"g,tPb,c 111 es*"gee upon the wiren at m fh.,L !??. Ji"' *" tb*r could be ??nt by mails fir three cents. The position of tbis Southern PsciOc line prtMEts very peculiar acd striklrg commercial ad van tages, which cannot be claimed for lu Northern cornet" J'** Pf0P<>?e<l to make one of lj termlai at 8 in inego theiontermort postof California. The distance from tH. ' ' ln Aua'-r,k,1? 1? 1,5(0 miles less than from Panama to Pydney; consequently ir the ?ro posed line or railway were completed passengers anri nIw Yo^?rld ,e br0a'"t fr0m ^dcv'wSrSS1Wio ,? ' s?o eight days sooner tEan they could be conveyed Iron Sydney to Panams. I have seen in a [heeBr!truhmKo?\TflJ ',f"d?n plper ,b0 M?">?<"-e?ent or .?!J . M*" ,N:rew 1'acket Company tha they are about to establish a line or fc'.earners from Southampton to Asplnwall. and from Panama to tydiiev days. W ben the railroad Is completed tho voysu-emav be performed trom Liverpool via New York uDd SaL I'tego to fydney in thirty Uve da) s, miking a difference o: twtiily days In favor or the route tnrough the l'nile<l States, and placing this city within twenty live davs of 2*^' PO" i" Australia. The v7yage l0 England round the Cape ol t.ood Hope, from the p-incipa' n?ft? ut ofttzzr??*** *btp*' ,equrM- I believe, sbout US dsys. The papers of this aormag irention th^ arrival Cf two ships at Uvrpool Irom Au?^i. Wuh si. This treasure must brr* lonr months on its way lo England by tbe proposed new ronte, via Han I lego to New York mm. three montru lrterr?ton the Of y millions annually eiojr ed irem Australia would be saved Tbis celerhy ?r iove menl, sttended as it will be with great^ se^u-Uv J": urquestionably lorce the travel and trausp>???'. :n o rlIi'Ur* *Bd merchandise betwtea Australia an l and upon tbo lm? under coottd**r*Uoo Fr-x ta? in Staus'tf Me^nr^'chth" 1! be,"Ted tbM "?? Vorltierti . ?I . M? x i o, Chlhnabna and S >n>ra. r.ontaiu th? f^?t 11 ver mines In the wor.d in fact, II we may believe the statement* mult h? y, hsbeo'bi,M^hWiln'',*r,0|We,tCn ln.1,27' ".Ithotoput, Itsheo by Mr. Wnson early in (he present jear, it would not be an extravagsnt oaiculanon n we were u> osi, ? Pr?du<!? o! the peacioua metals in tboee two i "o d'*t?nt day. to be i uoal to the or<>?ant ?r ,ow u ? .uw b, ?ir.utho ssi"?"??*!" ???? the veins ?i si vnr m those Matea are so rich that tbe metal Is procure.1 hv ,ir?ni. ?melting, and not by crushing aad amaigama'mg the ore Wfckih Te,M wl" on too ooia saTr^L Jj.ViL ^ *,U ?tlT**J1 ">? i sellities n*r?s sary to. working those silver mines on tne moat exten ?ive Kale. Tbe statemenu of Msurs wl'udw' sod respeetmg tbe richness cf the mmee or (hlnuabua and Sonora would a ipear almist iso-e otbie wers they not .ualaued by i^ on li reperls In tbe archives of Mexico It is .UN h, mwr' Wf"b,n? io more tDan J.70? ibs , were cjt from those indaa exported io Spsin. In the attempt to recover tb? grea ,r"m ">? P?msasioa of the Indians, Oaaat Rousirt de Bourboa ioet bis llle some elgut*en BMt,. the recto? OTrchUi^ '.k?* T"Id" of ,,,,er "*?o a^a v ^ Iroatr anl tt i? r* rwrted thal seme 10 COO Americans have already ? ? there for tbe purpose or workisg tbe gold tiroes wnirh pe?c^uvsd?lrom*tn* " ,be "llTer '? will be J!w^ih??kthe loeegotng slatemrnt of fa;ts ant ar *i menu that the completion "f a ra'iroad to tne PaolH > on tbe Southern line, will open to tbis city a dirom Inn -peedy commun.cailon with the .hre.'.TelttrSi z dudng regiim* 0r the world-Canforma Vurtraila ?d ^X\ "^,^.'V1|be ""I? d0Ul" oommerr . oi iDf i Dtted Mfttfk irili iM rreal an imniiu. k? the Introduetlon of illver from fit note and gold froin Au* d'fvMd ,UI, d0^- r'"m '"e proSSc. oi-Oa fro? nlasgold. I have ? reidy oDr-rvol that oa the one nf ?be proposed work the great mostauin rut? d?,.X^ and, corsequent'y. there Is nothing ti obstrue* tne re*a' tar return and pro?re?t of the rainy seaac, wn^h p',? A ?bout six months lithe .1" 'b,t a",,, *"??? ?? " ^*ry m K V. Pr,<ocfcB ol tha rersal chains and abuafaet croj- of nutritious grasses it will th^r. lore*, netn that this ro?l prevent* r#?r? doc?4<*fl ?d commercial J,,*nm,n',ol"<lM on? the terinlof of Ibe I sciho read, but tne Keceta>y of War a so i.m?* .. to extend the line to San Krsn^ww"h l^!,,U.,T,Jr,VW," tt,k" xbe ***** f?m New York to tha? plsce abent 2.WO mile. The pr^oct ol ,0ld Io California has caused some remarkable chaogea m the course o( commerce la the Pacific VallmusT wss formerly tbe depot o' the American KernwM China trade, ban become the tributary o''Mao ?r*nr.?y, I spiral to tbe merrtMou whom I have the honor to ai dress to sustain me In tbe assertion, thai ? v7rv lr? portion of the merchandise shtn?d st this p.?rt and^Ti nntd for the \ alparaiso markst V,' ??? ST^rtSlJS! mil w'. ")"t" u* ?">a trade dsatlned lor th< ,!lT,? Sd I^t")!?!1? 0f MBOr1"d ?re then prepaid s.1 rv* swzxo1**""' - - "* W aod Mr. King, in ceselusion, refsrred to the snhian ?team navigaucn, and suu.i that the ??tlooahw??evTr sugnrated in -be bit! Introduced Md Cm (tress hy h'm in 1*47, has been forrott-n h* f-.l mmistrallonr. Had ib.'p,"^^Vprl^ *n terprise in steam navigation been continued ? have bed no trouble with Collins, Vaorferbn't or ohere The >ame oonstrocllon ss that ol war shim is rami ^'icDJl!:T|D^r,,."<) * """* T0W" of Whas line . "? ,rp,ler would be inOeiteir dangerous to an enemy than all our steam thsr hampered s? they are with a rw ^ iar32-' stjsss z sr. sz I>??l*lnii<i lii Admlrdfy. mrrxn *tate* nurrmcT cocirr BiToin Il<m. .liMfo Ingereoii pgr. 6..?John Harrittm, Jr , m. Tf ? Anthin wv( CTa#m?Tbn libel wa* died to rteoeer eelrne oo-nrrnea ik)? fbr HrtiK the anchor* * ich were io?t oTerb<>?rd from the barge Mary Klliabeth, on the of July, 1956. ? the lludgen rlrer, between the Ra'tery and Dej ?treet. The ancfeorawere grappled up bjr two men named FaNti end DaTideen, who took them to the llbe'lam ro t, ai he rlalrned. aold to htm their right to eatrtite. The owocn de nied that ^mitti and Daridaoa eold the an more It H b< i ant fra-idnlentlf, ard that, tbe-efore, they all n%d for Mt< d ail claim to eeiTnge Retd b? the Coart?fh*t 'he we) ht of eeidrnce le thet the ealvnr* eold the armbore ami rham* to the Itbellent, and afterwardi tot t tne cap ta'B "f the barge that ther knew nnth'ng about them: tr.?t bte wae * miecofidiict on thrtr peri which forfeits I ?r. Ciaim on thetr part to Mlvage. Lil>?l<iiemiu? t. wi.n etete. /< n nwin ft UmlrirJ ton '1 The Sbnfi Jnm?t G-trvr ? Th e *ai I libel Hied to rerovr the valoe of ealle fur n.fbrd to tho aioop. The libelant lea reddest of New Vor?, a?d the work done Mr?, hot the ?ail* were tur nlebec to the eioop while ?hr wae n New Torr* , where ehe w?i owned. Held by the Court?fn%ttbe riooo w? ilom?* ic to the Wete of Stm ,ler*< y, where the *a le were foratel ed. and there wa?, therefore, no lien created In lavor of ihe I hellant by tho maratlme law, wh*'?rer cla m tte llbollant bae igainM too ow#?e e' the rlonp, and ae < haa not been made to appear that anv ><>? ?** r leet'd ?jr tho locil law of J.'ew Jer?ry, J ibti dMAMard, witb o?te. Vitlimltlt Recruit fur Prtmduii Walkti |From the New Orleans Delta, Nov. '48. | We publish ihe following sketch of a gallant and bB(uitb*'d Midtor with very sincere pteasure. 1 written I>y a distinguished gentleman, who la tntlm acquainted wlib tto American, Cuban and Mexican a of Col. O'Hara. We bail wr.h tbe miet sanguine anticipations of mute success, on a braider and more oomprebe basis, tbo connection of such men with the cause o( Walker, and tbe eagerness with wblcb they come lor encourage* oor belier tbat our American dlploi hencefor ward will assume a more practical shape that of ihe elaborate letters which issue per odlcally the ctrcumlocution olllce of Washington. Capt. O'Hura, of the United S-atd* army, who Is m thin citv.bas, we learn, tendered bis reaignatlo au til.tier ol uur army, with a view to oiler bis ser to tten Walker, and to aid with bis sword and talei tbe development of tbe grand results 10 which tb tabilshmebt uf Walker in Nicaragua has opened tbe ' This determination ot tbe Captain Is bat tbe natural ret ot bis career at a leading filibuster for raany years, be was appointed, two year* since, a captain of c ry in tbo I'nlted State* army, in whicb be bad b served with distinction, having been brsve'.ed >Isjc gallant conduct in tbe war witn Mexico Captain O iiara (or Cjlonet OH., as he Is to be kn? was tbe first gentleman in tbe United Slates to wbon pcz on bis arrival In this country in 1848, address* overture* to raise an expedition nere lor tbe iiber of Cuoa He entered tbe scheme and was tbe !ig associate of Lopez m tbe first expedition ot : winch whs arrested by tbe interference of our got mint. In lh60, I?jpez. in despair of being sble to another expedition on a soale of any mtgnltude, yet perately resolved on making an attempt at revolut! Cuba at whatever hazard, sought out U'Bara a' borne in Keutucky, and aupeaied to him to raise a of two hundred men, with which alone he was d inlted to riik a detcent. Col. O'H. at once under ton enterprise, aoo within a month rrom bis parting wit pez at Ix)uisvill?. bo bad some ibree hundred flue y Kentuckians in New Orleans ready Tor Cuoa?and too with such secrecy that not even the oommui whence his ilou wore drawn knew a word of wbst going on till tto expedition was gene. Tbis expel waf< extended to a large poaie after Co!. O H. s eni ment with Lope/, which accounts for his having brc a larger uumh-r ot men than had been an', agreed t It were needles to recite the ptrt tbo Coljnel bo tbe expedition to Cardenas, wblcb Is well retnembere all who take any interest in eucb events; bow (bis mand having precedence) be was tbo drat ui land, a unfurl, wltb ins own baud, for tho lirst time ou the s Cuba, the filibuster flag of liberty?bow, while 1? bis leglnciH Into tbe b>'art ot tbe CttT, foremost i attack upon the Spanish garrison, be fell gevi wounded, chcerlrg nts men on to vict "y, (ne., Ac tbe expedition ol 1&M. lie was also engaged, and wi the eve ot start rg with u force from F-c.da and Ge to reinforce Lopez when tho Intelllgen :e of tho la tbat devoted but rnih patriot put an end to ail '.be n ments ot bis frieud ia this country for n ? atsiettnci security. Fie was Inewiso one 01 the pr&cipal ufboi of General i.uu. In tbe last, wo.oh wa i eater), two years ago, by tbe re entles-i uod perscrv interference of the present administration at Washiu In short. Colonel O'Hara haa hoen, from tne first t hat of tb.- Cuban expeditions, tho mos1 constant an voted supporter or il.e oau.-^e; a fait, be in tbe ea and original filibuster of tbis oountry, sloe* he wa first American who undertook. In connection with L> the cause of Cuban emancipation. He is now abot turning to bis " first love" in going to ,oin Ge Walker. We wish him, as we predict tor turn, a bri career In Central America. Superior Court. MERCANTILE 0P1KAT10HS. Die 6 ? in 'he Matter of the Pbilure of Wight Dro ?The examination of the care of the failure o! T Brothers li itlll pending. Joseph Erenow, bein amtned by Mr. Richard O Gorman, deposed that be been a porter in fee establishment ot Wight Broth*) Yeiey street, In this city; I wai la their employ from the commencement to the end of the Crin, I dl consider myself In their employ until the tirst of Jam 11)66, I remember packing goods In their store on a day; It wai the 27Ui of April last; 1 went to tbe ?tor tween nine and ten o'clook on that morning; 1 went M the requeit of Tbos. I'. Wight; he told me he wi me at the store on Sunday morning; he did cot say be wanted me to do, but he told me to bring my son Ke; 1 met Thos. V. Wight at the store in Veuey stre that Sunday morning, shortly alter I got tbert brought me up stairs and told me be wanted me to the goods as they lay on the table; be deatrbd me to them in rases, and told me tbe way he wanted Sacked; I toul htm that by packing the goods oil th< le as they were, without putting them .nto cart* or paper boxes, would Injur* them and their sale ; I also told him It would not well to pack gooda on Sunday; he asked oplnicn about ibe good* and about tne crwl tori co down on him. when 1 told him aboui packing goot Sunday, and ibtir being Injured if pacied ;n that wa said te oi<! n? t care, that the creditors were oo down on fcim. that a steamer was expuciad out, ac wanted to be ahead ot his creditors; when I spoke t; about parking gooda on a Sunday, he mm this waa a < ouolry; be said that rolks dl J not \? ork u toe war then workup. ?cr nothing and heitioo me <*hat I ? ? xpect. arid oetore I bud 10 ana v< r be n'd he ? tive me Qity dollars am: my currett ?a;a-y beaida i at aptkeu to me before tfco Sunday uma og ? tacking the goods, 1 thiak it was tne Wednesdi Ihursoay ertoutg before; be first a?kel me if I keep a lecret, and then told me to send every one was m the store away: Ui* on y person* tout were were my son, ano a touag man called a igutlns tha employed !n the tnose; Mr Wight tai.l Aoguitm b< meb; he went away, and Mr Tbos. i\\\gDt tbet m>- that be ? aai'tl the good* packed up. John Wight lu I .trope at loc time, be sa'.d be wauled thesn pi teat mgbt I totd him I could not do it wanted me to do it by my sail, but t sa could nor. tod be then Jeatred me to send m for Albert, who was also employed in the boui sect my son lor Albert tad went out to get my tea; I returned Mr Kotoertaoo wa- la the store wiin Mr. W they were engaged ia angry controversy, sod 1 borne Wright said cutting mora to mc abaut packia goods until Haturd*y; wa were paek'og up goodr ,ime m (end to auction. we had some five < aaea praj and entered fer anotioa before that futJay; theaa were not packed in tbe same way as the goods pack Sunday tbey were eetaret ta tbe aurton book, eoa checked' andsewee a lib twine, that is the regular m< of prtparing lace goods tor a<;ct:ou, tbe good! on Pu wtia packed wtihowt being eoiarad, ceooied or aa they were put vfl the tabls as they were; if ihey we bcxea they were ieft 'a boxea?if not. they ware pa aitbey were noose at th?. msm were marka<l Broa , others John Hlgflna Cj; *r. W,gbt d recte. to take tne marts <*1; 1 look the mam rtt w teraper. ha direoted me to take oil *the ??'ks, so they o(iuId not he traced?at the ?*me itms teld me to put the ftrrt I ? tier of ihs nsin* ot the goot the casaa, such as C ler oo 'are: I did so; I fancy tb that Sunday I packed seme 16 oases, on the oltlaa there were 4 easel, tneae were not pa "red cntil tlx lowing Wednesday; on tbe three upper flours there ?;8 or HO cases; there were 4 or t cases got op?n,7 prej: for auet on ltd 6 tot r?(>etied; 1 found the goods oa day morning mat aa 1 ie<t them; Mr W ghi came litre before H o'clwk?his general hoor for c? down ?tl u or l< he toid me to lower do a a tbe and get a carmau . I did sa; I foiad a carmao; be ii,ko who ba! uerer been ?..*??? d by tte ho iia be Mr Wight toid did I ? get a itrai g? carman, ioe that lever aorked lor Jaa. Bijf.t *C? , ?r Wight In order that the gtVKis could not ba iramd aad klow anytbxg about ibeoi. wben tbe r arm.m cat low end ooan toe gooda aad aaked Mr U'icht Usey were to go to ; 1 asked him were tbe be ' marked at. I a>sda To- Unit ba lo be raid be won d tell the carman h.msalt the goooa wir> to go . tha carman loon two leads. and umf Wa aj tin and said that tha ofDe tbe Jersey < ty rallrowd ae|>ot reiuaad n receive more of the gooda or to take them 1s sfeage at of tnnr tot hetag martert or directed f lare that that was not nana' and they would not leave them oa their p-etnues. Wight waa not ia told the rmrn aa to trail when \\ ght < ant in bs sai wmud go over thereaao make It all right h<sent ote* to Jerser Cl'y to sea abaut tbe goois; I asked I would read the cotids to auctlou ttat vera prepare ' that purpose, be am I no that they might ba actcbed | had an auction a l*eni?ad at Wnment ng \ Co.'i following lot ?"'ay . I if x* aaw toe good* wolch I en PiiBda< in Jersey City, In Mr #ight a compai aent al b bim there oa two or three or.<-.a?>oni, he me a hat waa the l>r?t ptaoa to lend them lo, I id btiti to ?rrd thr m to H tlmore; ba aald he ? a? afraid would be trar.-d, aad I advised him lo ma'k them bi lie fa d b" wot) 'i do so he aald bis bands ware tied hir broth era ahseooe in Kurtjpa, and that be waa he would ba irrested In <>la?gow or Belfast, and not easily get out 1 tntnk lh?re wsra ssrsn or alght toads tb?re were 28 oasea la ferser City; Tao? Wight centli'ied to the rtore. In \ eaey r?e?et, until snu remsiofd with hiti; tbe bills I ?*oltacta1 het Cheeks, ooler aad moot y amounted to oetaeeo and tlO 000 Cure collected a ttood trtny i.r ins that were due John Higglns * Co; I think there entry o! th?se collections there wia no r?h book frcm the ilme Mr Joha W 'ght went lo Kurope; Ta tMgbt sppiie i t" me to make aa IWWii n ooe esses against aim. In wliteb ho wat arrested 1 r??d aWlcaT t. It si* not troe, aad I refuied to ?wi?r coBTf rsatloa ?nh Mr Wight he told me that he bar1 goods nod tbe proceeds would keep bim and bit ror twrite months, he raid the proree.:? were eif t< n or t?< ire hundred do tars The witness la umlar croaa aiaminafion by Mr, ton on part nf defence. ALLFOrir IMMKI'IATK DlWOLUTlUa OF tbe t as rsktUIIM ?The tiamiaon .V/Kf UU", It: a ale urpes upon conservatives to keep them?eire? in rea and clear their de? ks for action, as h? teeis "|W sitnrrd thai, not with- landing ah that hss heaa rtie contrary, a rtir?ointioo of Parllamest. s not works distant.'' on this aniiotitMemen' ;n<. Toront ohserree ?Tho ooly way we ran sf-.?!n sudden ind tinexperie'l derision ia thta?* r Aliso as was dltoloiid in the letter wa cop. e<i trtM t ie fore r> d'rf?. eas s'rongly stippirtol hy the r.ore r ererai 'n the tirint Iri akKai way I' u'd H ,en?y was opjoaad. lit hii views, b) it ? who'e m anil so tar was the diilerenoe carrl?d, t iti tt-.e m ti wr. ild leem, t'nderel Iheir re lgaaivnt i:e I tretieocy rahtoolshad nls views tn favor of lhe aeoue;. If ihe Hamilton .'/*?tntnr is to be ca'.ire ttlted. reems lo be that bit Kxcellecr. I.av nr ohliped to vurrendrr hia own wishes haa tnrne upon lie min'stry. an I determlnad to i t"l?e the Wa nndr rstand iha'a l>o?sifron* meet nt; n the took pla.-e yesterday it w?ii h ibe re'hl eilrse (t'scloai:r?6 wo 'Uliy i!in <ed te, iid ',a -?n>i b I the Governor fiePTii bitterly, and In nnm"a*nrel nprraMed seme of the memheri of h'S vlo'st'oa of all lb'; sin ro<l ohligattoni ct the^ro s |os<ible tbi? lli?'*e itert* may hss'en s rt> . ?t ai evsnta, Allan MnttaV nst <-owing imt i land, i? goott s'itborlty . and tha ccnatry may . nt tor in ? tct'on.