Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW TO WHOLE NO, 7404. SUNDAY MORNING, HERALD. 1856. PRICE TWO NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Arabia'? Mall*. The malls by the (team1 hip Ara?i? at B./SI )Q, reached <thia city lMt evening. Tha Omirritr du Bavre o( Nuvmber 11 atatei that the ?^government haa nodor lmnaoo u e consideration tho coa> ?oesalon of righta to a Tram. ailanti ^'eain C mpany. The "Trench- American Compaty a?.c .lug t > ail ajppirrtnoea, Will pievail orer its rlvain H if alleged is tu favor th*t all Its ibarea are paid uo, ai, i no t em mtue nil be made; the company b?ve b- tides ? p.. ft of the u>)Oo?aary .?(earners in readlne?a for <? nratu ? a i are running a Jlne of sttamera regularjy ii-. New York and Brazil It would take two or three \ eat aefore auy other ootn pany would be ready to put < ? uo prooer boat* should they get the conc?aaton Tdp aanx' journal urges strong ly a decision upon thla Im ion*ot mi -ject, aaj deprecates 'the long delay which bu i>k> u p ac?. Mr. Buchanan's fclectlun In England. [From the tfaacherier ..m- u. n, So/ iT j The steamer Arabia, with wine..a l>?m Hilfax cf the 6U> November, bring* tit?i't, ? 01 in result of the PMalcential election in Urn -'1 Suuw Wo l>aro, through the agent in Llvi-rpod ?)?* the Nn? Toric A*so aated Press, that tbo populn. ' bo"-* wm already anwr . iatned to bave fallen on Mr. bucn* fa a result, *iow Swtw unwelcome it may u >p >ar ut only what we ' a^a been prepared to expert ?'ho<i ii twain* mauiloat t>i?t tne -oaadldature of Mr. Fliltroro wan 0|<era'\ng oneha h hi unintentionally, to weakiuih.<?b*nc.)ol CjIouhI Fr- moot. *. The aertoua retlectiona whtcuar> sjggested by hoauocesa 'Of the democratic candidate have >> eu to a ureet extent anticipated, and w? must tak? mwi otn?r opportunity of recurring to them with m? adut'liDal 'igM that amy oe derived from tbe latter ?fpu;n ol a r > o i ? "lggla It la only tccessary to say tout Am Ti -an I'rostdeuts have frequently been f?and more Joat -?->i?it>ie, and moderate In office, than they prom'jscu to he whric tti y were befre the national comaitnenry arwl that in Mr. Buchanan's cage, as regards both tne domwnlo ?.ml tha forelga p'jhcy wbicb be been underMoo-i to favor, ttlfl is much rbom for a change whiuh thu Kug'i-ti public vouid nail a* an lmpiovement. [From the Ix>ncon Star, Nov 21 1 #*???** The election ol Mr. jam> h Hiichanaii a* Proudest ol the American Republic recal e a-teuu i. to hi* politic^'. -*recr, and it bccomes all the mo-.- iu ereniog io Eepiishm-n on acconnt ot bla rtcent ntidence in tile cou:i'ry a.* iho re preaentative of the L'niieu diaies gov* rutueot. * * ? ? * * * a.^t,whi?h-Un-erf'?;vCl '?? for th* oloctlTn tg jw event whioh we ueploro Far mo e grvxiffUz would U bar. beep Vo every dUc.p.e of liberty ia Kaluud 10 i? ^*1 ? nel *rtlllwi 1 14 4 u,,coiLe the Cho *11 of tbe l'n?ted Slaw-* /ilj u<> ?0a c^d ,o*d the exci tlDg appeala in Colouul Fr?bi(jcl'? I'avo-, whl:U we pub lish ted ay, without a fellow fujhui. ttuje *b h*ve ?Uuet 'ea .0 bard and we.!. nly t ? >>e beat. u ar.d ?k '.i0r , J* 1 bc perf'''ve'; ,hl,i Ul *e Uppsala ire on l< the aide or human freedom But let lu tei; the br-?to and Stout hearted cliatuyi. us of the r sti .oat Kug.ishmen . ilc 10ve ^cy h"ve lu v,Un or t!j.?i ineir de i5i.Ld',1?urM1"* ?a'J !*??win!om ir (c?'a o.-rectly tofoimed, Kentucky, a .lav State. b? ?lvcn hi doz*o Ikfk?r Fre?0,,t> lh?t ""pear o bo a triumph which few could have ant!. i aIi the , u7e itiua, It waa well understood, wc/u t>. vote fo F llinuro o- ttuoha *??} Maf" tb?' f thene State* were ^te speculative list* which profeeeed to aay how the contest nouid terminate. U-sUes. New jj?^ui ene of tho \'< w Krg!? <i an.1 too home of PresidentI ierce, v.* pu? do*) n uriluol* to render support to the free woll candidate; but it tie* d ao so All the other New England Stai a w< elaithfui to the higheU Mn*e of duty We do n-? iioubt that thr. Wrest propor lion ol the other freo S'atos h?"e iiw-n tne r?me- and thus <b? election of Mr. flu. hanu*. ib? re*u! ,f tlm'sombijrn and slavlth Influence tua: preventsrbu Uolted Sietoslrom becoming the freest ration in the world Ttid antl slavery politicians of Aro-nca bim, thriagh ton strug gle, gained a foot'Df rtrerjror than any ibev have yet possessed; and we wit! loo* uprn tao Proeloenttal u?licv new ChM MgUtrste with ff(.?t Interest to discover Whether, in tbli elevated position and to use bis own words, be shall become the stent'? of tbf W?it or the tiontb,'1 sod whether he sbail a i?,)t a policy th?; would "yeate a?c lonal nivli-IOD the w?'? and laat of all poliu Vlamitlea " We cannot orerioolc that mitutv antl llavery ieotlment which has now ieared up it? bead agalatt the aawnd?ncy of tne tfouib and the eiti?n?!on of boadafi in the Weltern reg Oct; m l if b<- it ax wise In the future aa b< |hax been UlpiomiHr In the put. he will take care thit hie co incila are reju'aked by eoute inaw of moderation and justice Thus we have hoye in Mr. Buohanar, but at tb<* *%aio time we ought to ray that the h' pg w^tj <t be t'trttaj inta ocrdine t<! * ^vioq-ly to tae election Ac ?? these pridie;, tot only will eiljrU be "J the new l reaidcia U> p??ple K*nuu? wi.h elates and to occupy Caba, but he will ?eek to r?rlve that moat hatelnl alavc traffic in tbo coa?it or <frica that hah for ao many years been proclaimed oy Ki glaua and amerloa to be a enmo In Ibe eight of (lod and man. Mr. Buchanan It !? i%ld, will do so, If he be honest u tho ooi^iccineiits ancounced in the Onclanatl plairoim, aud a? i m-ans to Bnd a alave |>opulaUC3 for outlying torr.toiie* h.Ti -. hop. the** are only tLe projtlj. auue of partizan atd re.-e'?,i1 ...niety, for aue^j nonduct luhlh b*'* li?-Jhn l" "* * %0' l"'o uubro.lmeut ^w^i^cr PomtTt . There ? aid be n > w>r? miatrable V ? cl* lire I world than for the JX,1'0 ?be A?C1 tc*i. oopi. leration toau.horlzealave 'it*1"* 10 aO .0 the ci><ut of M, lea aod carry oil Its aable to n and ilaughiera. it wojld * fwllnf ?f op^cwlttoB 'n Euxiand and Eurooe ZllJC " *oul<1 moit dlftiou t to tuppreai ; aod how Mder au. h an ootrago, Col!i.?in could be av^i ted with' Ih.rei?!0?0t "odrr,ake 10 *?? Bui pirhapa no one aore than Mr. Buchaoao nim-ell will ridicule tbeee ao preken.ion. ; and, la the meanwhile, .1 b. hove, T.Im ply to recogtlae him In k la new capacity, to ?(.ireea a ^LUFeld* lh' belm w'tb d:?crttlon, and to watch u,, mech40(fa o( bl( Gorernment without nnnere*aary di*truai j.alouay, and prejjdlce. [f rom the London .Hiar. Nov. 21.1 ? ? ? 3 ? It la vain, perbapa, to ?p?culat? on the coarse which Mr. Buchanan may take when In pawnr. But we may a*?'inB? that he will not carry into effect the frantio ?ilbn?terl?g projaeU. forolgu and d.iin. ?tlo. avowed bv hi* ^"violent supporter* W, naveaii heard, of course, the pros."*?m,??, P?,l0> wbiou these raving politlclana' announce, |W-i *1?'Bg the coB'iue.t of Ouoa, the extens on of slavery by way . Km"?? ?? Orego.i ai l the I'aciilj, the pos rssion of Nlearaa"** ila'1 1,10 *^nl" ?rSouth Amor lea for the same pnrptsie. the re*""*4' Af'lcan slave trade, and even the reduction of u.* laboring white Bpalatioa of the Houtburc SUtea latu -Uvery. t Mr Borbaaan. wliaU ver bia leellrgs naay be, I* t aaan of nowerfnl aod tegtcWoa ialeito it, with |wme varied political expert, nee ootb at bome sad ahroa<. aod Mid la not likely, we tbtak, deaoiti the Ostoad maLlfeslo, lo deliver himself int > the hands of theee be sotted brawlera. No man of ordinary aense or dejorum we nay be qaite sore, wlii march tbron?h Coventry with auch a set of ragamuffin lufllae* W? *hou'd uj< b? sur prised, iaceed, If Mr Br.crianai a t* with these precioua napporters of hie a* ?r Kobert feel Jid with the Prtoteo tlouist party la Keg land, and at the ex >^n*o of ireaobery and lagratitude to bla party wina for bi nseil tbe appro batloa of the wt*e at<I gorxi, the bi?saiags of them that ?re ready to perlah, and tbe admiration of pieierity for all time to ceme. At any rate. It la not credlbloto a* that a s at??man of Lis standing aod repata'ioa will com mit hlmaeif to each reckli.? and lo?aue couraee a* are mdleated to him by the mender tbe Sodtb. and which will mm oaly plunge aia own oouatry into a bottomir ** pit of ai^aroh) aad bloody revolution, bat wtu throw it Into an attitude of inault and deOancj towarda all other civilized mataa. There oanent be a doubt, indeed, that mueb of the vtoleat ebuilttioe utterod oa both sldea, whether ia toe form of menace or aporebenitoa, ?sa the mere reauit of aa eleotloBcertng tieltemrnt which la all likelihood, will qaletlyaabeide Into a soberer aod wtaer mood whon the event la over. (From the Liverpool Journal. Nov. 32 ] Mr Bochanaa, la a lew month*, w! I be the tmnporary eoverrigB of a mighty republic, and like other eorerelgna he moat govern within the coust'tutl >n Publi3 opinion rnlee la America aa well as in Kng an l, avl no tsalter what tbe Trcaident * prlva e view* may be, be daro not Ib bla acta violate tbe policy which the ihtiktng portion of the people approve of. Mr. I'.erce bid for a renewal of hi* place in tbe White House, bot he calculated badly. A quarrel with Ureal Britain did not recommend him to the clet torn, and In the Presidential race be was nowhere Jonathan is load in hi* talk aod emphatic in bla worda but be know* In what directl n bis inter.?ta lie, aad Ib tbe eetimate of ooame ciai galna Kngiand conlt not be omitted as an uuprofltab elfem. Mr I'lerce did not appre elate the mercantile int. rest, which ertere eo iarrely into PMi?l?B and diplomacy Mr Bacharan ? aa more discreet, be nattered prejudice by Impllcfl promlM*; bid for office at CwtwBd aad let others Mrt for b.m lo the Statee the Hmth ?f* were per m:tted to hail km as an advocate oi negro aiavevy?the opponent ol free soil*, bit tbe Northerns were ndnced to regard him as tbe Meed of progress?tb" enemy of bla?k boadign a perpetuity Hi aal.i little, ba: . bc "* W0B the pro *lavery people, aad did aol repel all the aboiitlonitt* lie had. however nM*uf 0T*T,ct*^ bla part, nnd lost the pr1*e through du ??- A. y?un* f*"1 ?/dent man roee ia bis path, aad la the oonteet rua bim hard. Colonel Fremont lost th* Mr Buchanaa learned ? ",Ter^ Bn*? aboilihel ultimate I*; that it Is time lo prepare for an inevitable result ao 1 that extension Is iBcumpatihle with the maintenance of order. Accordingly, b< already Intimates that Kansas moat be a free Stale, and. no doubt, be will rorm a mta 'stry of *r.cb troderate viewy a* will allay sectional differ ?Bees, and retala tbe good opinion of the |>eop|? of (r?g land Tbia ateme now the convlctloo In the North, and ?v*o Ib the Houtb; for altbr.ugh some foolish journalists talk of exteading the "Dome?lla Institution" Int,) free '-ttatee, tbe more aeber minded laogh at this nonsense aad warn fllibuaters agalBst aay attempt of invading Cuba, because the attempt will be forbidden by Mr. Bu chanan's cabinet, aad reaented by tbo Weetern Powers of Stirope. ir"1? U"1 Nsws, Nov. 22 I ?.! hlgbiv aareesary thit onr conntrjmen sho ild be h,MB* bT Unornnl or crafty statements ae totfcs p artlcal reauite of ihe great Amerl ran election. We observe, with as mue.b surprKe a* can ,on* res ting of oewspapers. tMst one at 00, w|n,'mr'"rar es has anno-mce.1 lha the lestt V.w ??*?.**? 1! . "<1' %nd ,lf,meati? and foreign policy ^ determtoH lor four years to MM This la set dowa as th? tn< viuble of the Nortii not choosing to rise Ib rebellion agaitst (he election ef M? Jtcbana#. We hate alteady Mid enough about ti>? dotbta which may still atieul the legal validity of Mr Buihuian'a return. We Lave r.o? to nrow there la aa si ter native between rebelling againrt * Pre?idont an I allow log toy supposed courpe of p?>?l?-y to b? carried out TUore #re matters to be aeUlec DrM lurigard to tho elo~ tlou itself, If Mr. Uuchausn 1% finally chosen It appears to bo an ?nd?<putou fart that a vast tnuiulaclure of vous has he? n cirri. >t oa b> the uemociattc (arty, a Ml <sp<oiailj lu Pen nay i v anta Ihe charge is specific and ?up. nrteo *iy an array of ovi I'rLce wbxb ?ppear? to t>ii noe J- ui?l tor w>- obcorvo i.' thing like denial or any r*?-i;.r >ca rlmrge tu any of tho A noti ican jonri als which Ua\ : ? i.'.heds Tuero Is ?. htpM'De t ourt in every i*t?, <dq a Wa?ningion; and It jcD.atDS to tot Men wbaiher <? ? auction a-1 1 bi- trnjmguo before ary such cnort It or tbe n wnn will probably be tut there 1m a bitu r U tun ai before which the will u tbe majority may be unh a ceruned 1'ae Unite Wales bave a fat Moment oapt'i y ; au< whl e they hiv tbat tbere Is no occbmok to 1ibel A fi deral 1'arliaa n Id rot ?o <a?y to cotupt at. a "ta?? elr t< n A manu'as Hut-or voles ti ny carrj a ? U ? which lead* otl rr hiatus nnd thuif cetlde an el-Ulon ayaleM the popi.l ir o.'ioiue but tbe process mu#t bo lunob looger?1< li wive at a1 practicable?with a federal 'lonprt^s If there In lalth lo the Judiciary ot tbe Uutor lt? validity of tbe electio may be tested in the Supr me Joart It' snohlaith It i-bsVev (and If so what a cl ange mnne th>< Jay-of Mar sbali and Story!) a seralon ot Congrta* will 41?cloae ti mutiny of the nominsl majorits arid *how what tae n* focal will sell op mon rrailv nie When we read that ih? Norm will not rebel, and that therefore tbo Cliunnstl) poliuy will be carried out, it (?crura to us tbst there lis such a tblnii as on opposition In the American lioni, -i s , an In tbe Ktglish Parliament. Our Ki gllih opposition nrlihtr dethrone* tho ctovnrolgn nor acquiesces in a policy it disapproves It opposes tbe Administration, so ts u> give uttoiauce to tbe mind of Ibe minority; ?nd when the t'oie arrives for it to speak tbe mmd of the ffi?j?riiy tie AumiaUtratlon peHgrw. At sll times the opposition a*vs upon the rational policy ? ristraining, iLOdlfying, B'i?ge*ting. correcting, wnero it do< i not < vctate or ruie 1'hus It is the United states also, and In every country a here thero are genuine reprcop t?tlve Institutions. To announce, therefore, that the late of Kanraa is debited, that slavery is not to bo con Untd within us prtsent limits, and that the Soi:t.i u qu'i to rule tbe Union, is rot only ba?ty and fonliih, but jgno rant scd blgbty Insulting to tbe groat body <rf tbe Amori can people. Our leaders suit be tired of hear'og of "the three fifths fufl'rsge,' by wile i aloi.e tho members from ?.be Ha?e States have got Into 0<>?gr.>e? at >11 tny time with in the lafct twenty years. But i hat profllglous a*iuso must be r?fer>od to, Mbenivvr the prf'poet^ o' Amertcau par Iks ure in qmction. Ko fft?e mun can mppo?o that tbli tuflrage (tfca riipTK,. uu,'iH Huproit of tbr?? dfths of a l>opulatlcn whirb on all o-her oncasloos is deola.'cd Lot to bt humtin at ull) tan ?uo?igf nfcy longer tb*u th<* mllltocs of free men in tbe North rhoot e to permit ; and no mere can any sum' man doubt tbat the opinion and will ot these free mlliljns wtxn reproduced in Oongroe.s, must efTectually check a'd modilv any policy proposed by a yrry email minority who owe their opportunity of speech In Coogretm soMly to an imairinary r,nUr*i;o. in brief, a msjotty which nray be baiDcd at tbe polls on a single occayion, by a superior or can'taiiot, aLd, as ai.egod, bv frasd?c?a at ploa sore make Itself heard and felt la Congress, so ?s to change the a^mit is ration and n nder the I'roeMont enter reasonable or Incapable of much miachiof. Whether such a coursc ot events would not bring on dls urion is another question Our opinion is. and nun been for twenty years pant, tbat a revolution, in ouo form or another?peaceable or violent, ea?y or I'orroiuaMe, by treaty or by tbecwnrd?is the tMur^ *nd Inevitable con sequrnceol tbe tariiest compromisoa of the crnstitutDn; and tbeie Is certainly r ot'nit g In recr nt r.r precent ovents to mako us t-uppese ihai the j?r'-par<tory prc oss is bus p? nded Gathering evidence with all cure and impartal lty I torn American paperr and tho repotted mcetlugs of ail parties, we c?n come to no Hher conclusion than that tbe rnoet earnest advocates of peaci able and legltla'.lvo Pt^paration believe and say tbat the tlectton of Mr. Enchatian la tho best thing tbat could havo Janp pentd. We med Lot ui;fi up our space lu explaining why. Our rta'ers are well aware ol tie mora! advaa tegea of an cppomlk.n over tho holders of ottloa; a ad eHpenialiy in t deiLOcratic republic far advanced in cor ruption Stllice it that Fremont, who must have dlsap pointed tbf rtpubilean i*rt> as 1' esld. tv may rowj'ut in grrstntrs and rower *>y delay; and that a multitude cf Northern men. who (but just arousod f.ora pol Ucal abasement) would havo been timed, conservative, and, pet baps, faithless, after a short esper'.MCO Of inocets, bave new a good chance or kno* ing uieir own aad their fellow countrymen's minds better, ol elera'lag tbelr views and purpr^es to tbe blight of thcU duty, a'td of bccemiag dueiptlrvU lor Utat lot'Ai act on which they have too long suffered to ?lc?p ta VvJItwo cr io mt?r ltieu only through lhftsp?aklug trumpet or lie sJoutb. 1/H.k uk at Uk pa'n facts ot t!i? day ire aeo mv;o and mor? etriilfree tbat the corll'ot|i no ratpe :t decided, I6r In any degree mitlgaU<', by i he mere result of th? Presidential eleotloi. Too la>c,t news from Ksa*as l? that very little interest is leit about f? l'r.isidential slac Men there, aa both partioa were revelved ou car< tisg on their struggle, whuever roigbt 09 doing in Washington The free sottlers art resolved (and ihert Is a remarkable pertinacity In the bods of I'tlgnms when settling now countries) neither to st'mit slave luat tutlons nor to go away. Ibet know themselves to be not only tho ma jorlty bet almost tbe ontiro population tf They bayf borfht |ht land ind ^#ll| tbei' dwejllnais, and tbe^ Iltend td haalT^ 'tCf 6*0 ItifTlld.ioDl." *?'jr IT* still Importing arms, ammusltiou and provisions, and organlaitg f r tho assertion 01 their rtsbts. Tbe border n.!?ana are preparing Ur another invasion, and both pirti'-a declaro that the pr#vi?DB i>tr\.ggle wa* a more skirmi*ii in ooainanson with tbe warfare abovt to b fjln Ai WoJ i-rn Missojii Is by no ireans united in snpp.> t of tbo lnvaiton, and as | the {<cutb tends only Cfcbtlrg men and no settlers to Kan I pub. It appears probable iha. the election of Mr d .ci auan rannot indeed ?ti r the f*te of Kansas, but ouly, at I worn, draw tbe distant -faus Into the -onllut, and make I Kantas literally, as It was before metirhorioallr, the batt!efl<ld of the Union. Kvcd more algciflcact it ibo notice of tbe meeting of the Southern Convention uhl -h <s to use rlace co lb 5 8.b of Dcit month The flm of tbeao m-'et'Dg* took place in H38, and of lata ihey Lave brcn held aimnct yearly Now tbey are to be more frequent still, for tbe laa1. wu bold no lorger ago than February Tbat was at Riohmoa ); ibe approaching one ta to be at tfevant tb. Its managers de clare their objects to bav? been at Ural chiefly economi cal?relating to railway*, tee developement of agriculture, and so on A* the preponderance of the South beet ma mora doubtful, there meetinga became mora pol'tiial ; anil now, preparation for disunion la thtlr tna'n buslne**, quite irroi-pccuve of the Whito llouso and Ita occupant. The Itadera rtill apeak of the term* on which th<jr will remain*'an Integral part of the Union but they aro mote anxious " to maintain their rl|hta aid InKtltuilomt in any event," " under the dictate* of a common (South em) Interest?necessity and r* r ott?m " Toe ?ignaturea appe Ldf d are, among other*, tboae of men wbo publicly ar rotate Ibe resumption of ibe African Slav a trade ai In dispensable to the preservation of Southern p ?4lcy Tea llrst object of tbe wbolo set If to provide for tbe perpetu ation of slavery, and tbe exclusion of tbe free .*tat*s Iron political action Next ibey propose to detach Ihsraselves from tbe North tn all pt-sl&l# waya. Tbejr prOjx?" 10 their colhgtn and to found taw one*, 14 p>CTeot M/ reoon to tbe North for educa tion. They pre pes# to revise all literature, Kuro pcan and Amer can, to ca?t out whatever la "daagerons to tbctr regular Institution." They propose a vigilant c< nsorthip ot tbe preaa, and a system 01 encouragement to Southern authorship, aa If It were a purchasable cow mcdity. We need not any more of their acnimw, or ex plain tbat lltey do not prtjiote, In express term*, to repu diate Northern capital. Tbey will have nothing ewe that la Northern, and a mere money tie? atrong aa are the bonds of Mammon?will not hold together a Union built up by goc?i men with ' their Uvea, tbelr lortonea, and tintr lae.rrd honor." Thl* Convention '? wholly Indepen dent of Presidential and other elections, and will no more embrace tbe North at Mr Buchanan's bidding than toe North will rs ettahush tbe African slave trade at tba *ame command. No, the prolongation of tbe American Union depends on other events than any election what ever. Tho worst of all possible Presidents coi.ld not de fer tbe decision of the conflict; and ths best could not ?ow avert it. [Frcm tbe London Chronicle, Nov. II ] II there be ground for the favarito bonit of tns Ameri cans, that the poors*! ploughman may, wlttout madness, Indulge tbe hope of 'being ore day President of the re public. It must be confessed that tbe citizens of the Union pay Tsry dearly for tbe privilege. Hearcoly has 00s ?,.< ciioo of a oblef maglitrato been concluded, wben the agitations snd public Intrigues commence whiih are des tiied to prepare 'or tbe next. Under ordinary clroum ?tmiees, the risks run are very great?quite eaough to dflocateany society not constructed on prluolplea so elas tic aa Iboie which prevail In the United fttawn; bet during ths contest that baa just bsen brongbt to edlose, the 00m balants have Imperilled nothing leis than the Integrity of ths Union, or course, much that baa been done or writ tin wbe'tsr l>y the gon rnmcnt ( r by the people, must be acvonnteil for bylhe excllemt rfattendtngthta porud cal strr^gle bat It t* impossible to believe the spirit of politi cs! bypocr'sy and humbug 10 unlver*ailr demiaant In the Suites, as thst sll thM'bse been seld, either fir or agttoai the premanrncy of tbe Utlon, Is utterly without loun la lion or that some traces should not have been left In in* mmds of tbe people, which at ? fnturo time, may bring ft rtl fruit in renewed disunion We must assume that there Is no doubt a* to the elec tlon having been galted by Mr Buchanan?tbat Is to ssy, that be tas obtained such a number of votes aa will have planed bim virtually beyond tbe action of the only oon Urgency which could deprive him of the I'rjsidentlai cbtlr ir ther* bad been any reason to suppose that a siate of thlrgs might arise which would enable Congrnss to assume tbe privilege of reversing the vote of the States, sone intimation to that eflert would certainly have been found In the intelllgevce brought by lbs Arabia. Mr Buchanan, then, has obtained the object of hi* ambi tion?to all appearance the ambition of his whole life. Krglind. Indeed Europe generally, mast be prepared to receive him an the chief magistrate of Ihe American peo ple. and at least lo aflect Ignorance of the means by which be has reached that high dignity. It is with his future policy tbat European state "men will have to deal?not with bis political antecedents In his own country. What that policy may ie we are left only darkly to Imagine. It is bv a'cne that It can with any degroo of probability be afllrwed what oourse Mr. Buchanan will tike with regard lo the great question* which have lat terly divided the Platen, or those still mors Importnal ones which threalrn to embro 1 them with Europe. If we were to Judge by the antecedents of the new PrfStdent, tbe angnry for "the future wonld be of the most mcntcing character. As regards the Internal sflslrs of tbe nates thfmselves, he wonld sppear as If committed lo a polit y which must, nooner or lat?>r, If there be any f*lth or trn?h In point**, lee I tos ?evemtes of tb* Nortb frem the ("eri'h. Ei.r be list endorsed the po"tlcai pro gramme ot the slevrry purl*, tn an extent iH*t would render tten compromise utip<?(?lbl?, if ue wtrg t-.reaiur to adhere to tee profession* made to nicore bis 'election. Ee would b'.snd beiore his foil>w citlsens arinel with an authority to perpetuato U<1 ev-*n to extend, slavery a* kit iixuiu'.ioD, sot withstanding that of too whole popnla tioo of the Union, Id whose came be Its supposed to have bun eleeied, by l?r the majority is utterly opp*ed to It, acd ready to make any racntic* tor us abolition. If ioa nance were to be attached to the Isnguage that hu id umo, both IB the North ant In tho South, during tin lent few mtnthi?to thu Brooks aud Sumner case?to the appta'a a*<'e id the Dam" of liberty, to violation* of it*. mo?t f-a'-re t duties?we should bo compelled to bollove that the ULWieldimss ot that iaiinenso republic bad at las'. brt.? mace, aid tbat the world would b? at onie eurpritod and edified at the spwaole or the 0'<? piste dlsrcp.lon ol a lorm of government wbi'-.h has ?*>'. yet been a c?ntcry in existence On too other hard, tUi apoio^lst* o' America declare that ail this ex* ibtton o rancor and resolution Is an electloneoitug sham; that thi pritcipiif sre rot in tamest. btit are nur<tly acting a part that they may entrap the masaor. or tae people; au 1 taal. the election being over things will subside lc.U> the oil tiur.k hlU the allairM of the gioat republic go on as tisua fi r tour your* m<>ie. We take leave to Coufct if this be p.-sslblo. a pm alle. la sttempli'1 b*tw?? n our owa gn>a' i Kttli nctri: g struggle* and th so of tbe States Cs?ry tbat para ie; out, ard tie remit on th> othor side or tb? Atlantic ought to be similar to that which hat occurred hero However llttlo the leaders on either site may bo sincere In our gnat hustings struggles, they Invariably result in the permanent victory of one party or the other. If tcryiem In England be able to hold its own only by more or Ijrs adop'tag tha principles of the llbei als, may we not fairly argue that in America, la like maimer, these successive struggles njuft end in the p rman;<nt victory of oae or other or the combatactn? Whichever way triumph goes the consequent!* must be fatal to the SUUh The stcendetey of the pio slavery party would be tanu mount to an sBuibllstion ol tho freedooa and enterprise or the North; while, on the otber hsod, if the aboliitouuts c?uld iucced In ileprivlog the slaveowoers ol their pro perty, w tuber by violence or b> purchase, oonscquenos would In ali probability ensue such as these have mired our Went India colonies Natural apprehensions as to tho foreign podcy to be stopted by the new President sro aitemptei to be allay tt) by theramc Sf.-urance*, so humiliatiug to the Ameri cans. that are oilered with refetnnce to boon politic*. It laafl'.imed that Mr. B.icbanan. in oncouragtog the na tional propensity to tiiibustering, whether on a largo or a ?mail rca'e has merely played a part with a view to Un Presii'ent'til electioi. Here too, wo mast b? permitted to doubt whether such proetlcoe can bj rosort t d to so harmlessly ?? their apologists imagine. IT, for I elceti'/tiei ru? purpose*, the late war with Russ'a, for in stance, fa?i been i tlectually dacried od the ground of non itterver tlon, the eonseqv.ences would have been fatal to the honor of ttis country in the eyca of i ?relga nation*, i vcti al l eugh tbe lnccming mini?iy had by its sub e qtieiit c<ndiet d't apinjinuia tb" ex,>ectations of tbo el"0 torai hooy. U the peison bad only beon circu'.Uert with out producing such reeults, it Is iioposMbia to doubt tn*t ?be catloi *1 mind would have ixxoane uiore or lo- dl?eas ed en the rubject in queslloD; atd th*t tho itta! efocts of euch tanipcrings with public oi<lLiou must tooacr or laUr have berrmo mauifehl Mr. B'ichanan and those who have octet wKh biui, Lave tor year* paat beer, truag^i in thu-^ corruptlof tho .judg ment and the pr.nclples of their leli'jw couutry men, crtil the kui?k> way to g*ia th? sn!lr**oa of the mob is to hold o>:t to them that tho ho?o tbat morn terri tory, belor^irg to otber nailorn?. will, t'om tloi? lo tirm, bo added to the Stated Such polltlr*! crimes invariably bring owr. punishment; tor, aithO'igh tho moiite may b<" characterized bv the levity atteclla? an election etripg conti-st, the part es thus pl?ring with danjierou" w(a;.ori can cove' posiilvely foresee tho ccuifjqueuc'js ol tbeir owu wordr and actions, ior lbs present, thera wlil no doubt be a reaction, and Mr. BiiOiiacan will itrlvs to restate America 1p the good opirlon ol the rost or tho world. One of tho larly fruits of thi ??Mii<-meot will, la all probability, bo tho rtsuiop.lou or entire i.lplonatic relam.Le with Blngland; and the evil consequences wo la\c blntod at Wiit be postpoted for a long perioi'. But the t:ay of guilt and of punirhment will not ui<> l'*s cor arrive, ana wo, in the meartiav\ tniy^y too rurtiisg aPonlcd by cvtn tho apprahucjioa of such a result [Frim the Liverpool Tltnas, Nov 82 i The great struggle Is over, and Mr. CusUauas 1* th* adopted of tbe An.urtean ptoi lo On this ?v:? or toe water the feei ng was In fav )r of Col Kro.uont, becau^o It was believed that ii s succcis wou.a bsvo arrwte.1 that n bnh fcr the eipaos'nn of Dlavtry on wbtcb ti?e South has i oti .?d,<aB<! whxh may be tsid to tare t ?i.itmpbod IB tto pcrjou ol Mr. Buchanan Whore srnajutby for a cauir tcniet :nio aiitagonism wUb sei! jii ,re. t, tbo to' mir ir a icajorlty of cases, give* Hay, bul so r?jn:gnid>. it tlM t>j'wb rjlnd o tie pr ir pl. t.f ?lavery-to tho ?'oonii?*ic ?.nM'trtton " M 't Hi c*'le<t-ibs? m thi* in bUbcii tl.e Ttxf'Zt i* the case Our sj mnithiei ought, meatu-ed by the suulsrd of the j<vket, to bo with tie Sou'bert' planters. A'ta'tl to a re-a tbej aro troo tracer* aUor Ibe ouUrontial duty or tblry p<-r cut, by wh'.ci the N. w Ktgiand r.asufatlurors - j-ioavorto hold thjl IIMttd ojiiliiflt IK ports fioni th6 oM couutrj, Ani 11 id l i,'on wero ren asupder, they woo <1 be drarvn cioicr t us by .hor e ties ? b n-h convince the m thu.t we are their >est tuh-.onu rs. And )tt, as we have ^ Ued. even this strong mot ie tor wi. t.'ng them sucres* is 3ouni?rDa'.*ii, o t b cur lo\t l?>r an %b?irtct prii ^4;'lr?taat ; r'nciple wh1" (Ueltri illBUBloNrqiiIti Uw eye* <>r IheOmnipo * ' jira oroUtry f^om nb\cb n, tbat All men onxb lg <*rrlo<l to th 't k tn ihe Lrit^d States whon thi verge ol iwn Tic wl.l ol the sovere gn jW.'-ple bcciTOsa ^ 4*>'v mlncrity bow with instinstive re?pee.l to tbki nuuiarlMi pri londcisbco which I i< the g-uius of tt.e Amertoan ectsutut;oi) lo represent. However rttweJ Ibe struggle, however si pet human the ett<rts whtrh DCtn mile lo secure v.etory, tbo belligerent*, when tho battle is owr, lay itown their arx:s withool for'eitlnx ' *<"h otbvr'i rcspect. It requires a long course of eduratloaal is practlca) tre?dom to aOa.n this c ntrol, but it s p >s se?-id by the Americans to au extent unknown tn any other country where free instuut ons exl<l, aid tb.? soia lion ot the enigma mum be looked for In the feet ttwst every nan feels btma* >r an atom In the gruat total?toe equal of the roremust in tbe land, and the sott reppeel so geueraled pays to the Skate tbe homage or aa ungrudging submission Men deserve to be treo who caa ra?x.> such -acrilcea for mdtvldual opinion, and yet yield with patriotic philosophy m the course of events which tney cannot control. Tbe I'nlon stands la little dangor ot dls rupiion while this nobis aeatimcut aaimalei tbe br?tsls ol American nltisena. It will be the policy of the BrlUah government to preaerve a strict tn utiality between the contending partlna In the I'altid Statea. Tbe question* at lueu? are unestlous with , which person* not Amorio?ns bavo little or notb<ng to do, lor we are not amongst tbe number of those wbo believe that a statesman r,l Mr. Buchanan s rank will countenance the seizure ot Cni-a. or throw bl* " fta over the piratical ei;>e<;iil(>n ol the filibusters In Nicaragua. Many points are iBti od need In o a great poliUcal atruggle like tba Pre s deitial contr t, for the sake of a temporary success, with wblcb tbe wlnniBg canddate elevatel to power scorns to be idectiled. Ibe main issue In Ibe late elec tlon was the exten ion of slavery by the Souto to keep pace with the growing expansion of power in tbe North and West, and this Isaue baa been auawnred In tbe af in native. It is oor bua.tieea to stand by, quiet specta tors of ibe game, and It It be played ont in a way wulch interferes with no extrancoos Intereet. any, tae least In terfarerce on eur part, would bo impertinent. In fact, we b< Have, from Mr. Buchanan s snt" -rdert* tbat be will exert bin elf to remove tba scandals brought upon hit i?rty by the policy of h'a l>outbem supporters and tbat the civil war which bas disgraced Kaaas* and rou-ed t'us ire of tbs lYc* Mates, will receive nnler bis xlmlautra tioaacbeck which ni l renove all J i-t cause of com plaint. Enough hu trinaivred to ahow that the political power of tbe abolltlon'ita baa bt*n aadl/ mmM. in' i termination to preeerve the to lot id Ita Integrity ta the Orel coBattferailoa with all right Bind*! American*. and although the Uorcrnora of the Sm thern -*ut"f recently itu t lo concoct miaaurra fbr acceding from the Colon la the eveM o( Colonol hrrmont'a anccuea, we believe that hvl that (callemaa be< n elected the Moathern statee would have rtdaned themaelvea to the rtau:' with the same mugtanim'ty aa their Ncrthern countrymen. The queation of alavery, after all, ta a queetioa of d.iilara; and the time, wo hope, la art clatant when the North and the Fcutb nlll erne to term? on thl? vexed qn>atloa, and ? free upon artueacbeme which will aet II at re?t forever. Mr Biichauan I* aoomprom ? i l>etwee* two ertr-mno, and In the preaent condit.on n; Mnga It la perhapi fortunate that he haa bf on chorea to ttll tbe Preetdenual chair at ? t mo w hen prudent ccuncile and a Arm hau l are India icnrable for piiotlag tho veeaal ol tbe Mate luto tbe har bor of aafetj. Public Dlarontrnt In Pari*. jrarle (Nov. I*) Correepcndeoce ol I oadon Timer I Tie eyiiiptcn.a of public dlaooalent, ti wb!<-h I hare more than rnce Irectod attention, appear lo have at laal cp? red the eyta of Uie anthorltlea, and thoae whom tbe ?.notion touchea more nearly, and who are moat me tered hy the rltuatk-n, contctrpiale aome Important re lormii in itaelr rcapunttve department* The II in later of in It rlor ta raid lo be ooruptod at ttala moment In a careful review of tbe prafecta and auh prefoeii whoae ca|?c 17 la M owi illy ur.iqur I to the-tulle* entrnated to tLrm. for a Ion* time peat comoiainta have btao n.ade on tbe (nbjeet, and tbe lajary predicted, whloh baa alnoe rreuited IVim the complete inaptitude of aome, and the utter negligence, to ray the letat, :>f othera among thoae ft.ncllerariea Owibg to the peculiar ayetem whloh pre vniie In France, tbe B*>lr*l government la neceaiarily de privrd ntmany aocrcea of Information. and ot the conlrol and rhecka on local authority which a fre" pre* tflorda In countrlee diflereutly governed. The prefecta

rf il'j irtmcnta aie the naif channe,* Ittrouf 1 which the (orerninrnt recelvea information on tue moral and material cordMon af the provtn r?; yet it *a no eaaggeratlca to affirm that where m my of theae fuact'onertea are not thoroughly Ignorant, tbey are al all t vema th* very laal who are informed of wha; uccnpioa or lnt*rr?te public op'Hon in their department* It will eaMly be believed Ibat they are not the flrat to diaclote lo their immediate auperiora ihelr own ahortcimlnga, and thete ehortcomipga are. in many laelanoe* ao nutaeroua that If they were Inclined lo confcaa tbe mere rtcital wonld lake up the greater part of their time It la af firmed that certain aria of tbeae fum tionar ea would rbock ftiblk! opinion even if they were done by Turhlata paabaa. not lo apeak of prefecta The F.mpcor may Ig nore, bul the public la acquainted with them, and auflert from thrm. though lo alleut patWnce None l? more la tereated than the government itaeT lhat the depoaltortea of lla power, and, to a great ejian*, ila repc^a'aUraa, thonln be Bet merely devoted lo the exlatintr r jimbut a'ao men of Intelltgerce aad of ptoh'ly. In I an w the eiimlnlatratu e authority leaver n< thing nntoacnml: It r?l do no act wiUiout afW.t'ng the h<n or and ino properly of l?a citirena. Since the id Pec., till, tbe apherr- o' lla ac lira haa been cona'depthl? etrVaa>ed, hut tt,<i known that pi*ny ot the pernon* aclertnd hav not proved equal tu Ibat tcia-gi'd aUUorlt/ Ihe i?a il u aa ttig v. been eipecWd?laults bar* boeo multiplied, and dis content among '.he people bat propor'ionately inceaiei. All tbla may pan* to silence unul such lime as tuo mix ture of suffering l? full, and the patiencc of the puwim exhausted. If It should do necettarv tome day to make an appeal to the country, the govern meat would ttod that hardly (tie friendly voice would respond to it, but tbbt It would bear one general cry of complaint, re pro act and Indignation- It may bo asked If the Minis ter of tbo Interior la aware ol this iwrllou.-i ttate of tbirgs Contrary to the general bcll?r, I lace It for grantoti that he it; and II eo, be murt, without lota of time, apply the uoc/'.isary remedy He must latrodoce a radical retorm; bo mint abut bis ears to all soutl men't of favor or atlfetloo, or even of pity, and tbuke Oil whatever unwlvngneati he in*y fool, boldly encouoler!ngud lmmtidiaiely removing to a obttadlo that are in hia path H- must, if be with, a<t I do not doubt, to reader a great aerrlne to the country, makn a sweeping changa in tho admlatst.-aioa ova wini h be proticor?au ad ro'mat ration wa c > tho volo-o of the country ban long rondimncl If he lift* ns. to tho euyi<ri>Mons or pereui/iODt of into'o-itol persons any reform he may mak? will be or no avail. 1 co new election* to tiie legislative corps will ?? hostile t<> the tjovenrncnt, ani to.; dlitloulti <? be *o il I arold will again p'tmiii tbeinfelveR oa another ground, still more grave nod sitll more menacing. It may than be too lite toi change or repmtance, and ot him it may then ho L'ald? " tt frojitr in turn vivndi per tier* caujam." Among tbe symptoms ol discontent oiMorvabln in other plao-s besiriei I'aris, I may notice the lact tnat in ono department?tho Cb?r, I believe?wbero a vacancy baa orctrrid, not less than nine persons have presented themselves on candidates. Tney may not proclaim tbcinu lveti in formal opposition to the government, bat they have come forward without consulting, or even ccirmunicatlng. as has been tho cue bltheno, wi b the local authority. Until a very recent ponad tho olastors generally waited to tee who *as the oamMcaie put fur ward by the government. This tune they have n< t done ?o. (>no able person, who is a member of the pre*out Ifgl'laiu'o, lib (Ignltted bis intention ol piopaging btm sell in whatever electoral coliegi or the department for wbltbbeiits a government canl:da'.e shall appear. I anticipate contiaenbie progreaa in the spirit ami mani festation ol oppoMtieo In the legislative corps. Several ol tbe ileputi s are so discontented with tte manner In wbich the est mate* are presented to tbe chambers, that ttey have resolved to abalatn in future from attending betore the council ol state to support their respec tive anieodmi tits In a sb?rt time, peruapj, tue chamber will Waaler courage enough to relute voting tbe budget, on the ground toat it to uoi sullitly informed on mailers ol detail, or any other ground willed some experienced taciiclais among th> iu will Qnd no dlf culty in dlscover!nz. What, ih?u, wili take ptaoo? If the hmperor dissolve the recalcitrant Assembly i! is very probable tho i lecto?*, Indlgnaut at tho manner la woich tl eir ailulrs Lave beec aumlaUt^red by tho delegate* of imperial authority, will anawt r to ttiat appeol by tea iing back tbe very same men. It will then becotno an alfalr of tbe famouii 231, whoso re clecllou lod to tho revolution cf July, anil the dethion"ment of Charles X Will a se cond coup d'ttal be sttemptcd? I tfoubt It. Tha situation of atlairs _la lot the same at that whljb, accord ing to many people, excuted or palliated the lirnt; ant no one knows bolter than tbo man wha has must prcllted by It, that the same tlitnj cannal bo done twice within so start a parlod. It is fair ti ad mit that the mind of the Emperor, ail powerful as It Bay bo, i'aa been sa much occupied with great qu^ltlans ol' laaeign policy lor tha last three years as to leave him very litiie time fur the internal aduilnl'tratloQ ot the corctry. Yet he bad better look to It Hi* authority Is Ubd?i mined by his own delrgates, ana his nsmo 18 brought In'.o clf-repuie bv unworthy act? of wnish lie Is IgLcriikl, but for woith an entire people ctiuti ier h'm ro tpctiiiolo He naa i?-ltcr look to It bo'oro ttie m imsnt coccB when to liirn may be appiiud itow '.6 rnlo woids which other rulers have board bofaro tiim "Cat tarU!" Foreign Mnrki ti> Lcmwv Mo.MT JUbkst, Fkiday Kvitl.iO, Nor. 21 ? Tlio lsrg" lt llUK ot fold, hnih from tho Australian c >lo im:- a.:d the L'clti J Ht&Ut, km csuscd an Improved fuel ing to preral In cotnmorclal circes, nod it could not h*vo arrive J at % more opportune time. The I >UI im,>ori? of tbe precious BtUl i urltg the week anoint to abovn a Bullion ?li' a tall sterling, (t ia cxpectiM tint soon portion ot this vut amount will be scci'reJ for tae (link <T Etplftiii; but the gold brought by tbe Jami-i llaiuea hu t o already eoI<1 to tho Bank ol Frinre. au<! It :s probable that some ol the other arrivals will attract tujerg from the Kittle quarter, as the demand for gold on 3*. tincctal account to not yet satlsflod. liuc.. rul.:iacUcn m felt at tho arrival of the Jamas Halnea, acd, although tho voyage wai a protracted oue, no amount of aiiim ana folt in I.tro'pool regards? her safely. Anxiety ti aceiUin extent did prevail, hot no\ ai vi lite- the tet-tDg eitrrtained la London, where nvf.y pt?<?cntrJtor? ltd Uk-atsce cfttoee mads pr<tt> con tiderabla profits. Tbe mcney market ha* presented a r*t*.er easier posi t!or, but tlie maximum rat<? ot tho B?e* 0f England iro maintained. First e'as? short date '0tai hiVo be in dls cocntcd at 7 por ocnt, but Tor io'.ger bills itghcr rate* arc exacted. In LetctnrU. Vrect and m tfto st>c?c t.x Uiiuge the tti-pif cf murey haa Improved, o to tho steady Investments ot the public. It wan tbowght bv miitiy parties teat ike Bank of hoc land dimeter* wouid b:vo made* further change lis tho mo of due >ant, eepexiuliy ou long blili, but the ovpuctation provtd nn lounde-d. The exports of specio to the Kuit lud.ea ?mounted to nea?800,CCV, of which only abou? xaT.cto wm in go:t ?? nuh of tii# momn, which tike oUno uliect m>l for tbir* v'.x, ?'til)'20 per Indus ?512.M* A?g. M per Pera 610.MO .wep! M X. per Colombo... 435,215 Oct 59 .perladus ..... 60J.U91 Nov. 5" Colombo... 69!>,?90 !!? laien ??0.0(0 and ?e0,< 00 of stock baa been taken in Liverj-oo! i oJv In tho Atlantic Telegraph Uxnpany. A large amount haa been Uk> n In London. anil this week there l.ave been many application* from Manchester. There ?< < m? Irtie ooeibt the whole Will be taxes np pre.mptiy, notwithstanding the very unfavorable atate or the money market Tl.e return fiom the Bant of England for the week end Irg the 16th oC November give* the following results, ? tn n compared with tbe peeviosn week:? Public deposit! ?4 OVfTsa.... increase... Ci9i 818 liUxr depotiu 10,113.^08 Increase,.. 459 "13 Rest S,kS?,M9 ... tnoreaao ... 27,24(1 tm the other side of the aooouct ? Cov't seonruian. ?10,467,801>....Pec*nail,. .?114.810 Other irourltlei 19.064.0l7.... Increase,,.. IJ 7 .fttii Notes unemployed... 3,006 810.... Increase .... 46'1,'iHO Tbe amount of notes In circulation Is ?19,tf20.4i'i bouig a decrease or ?30f>,?M ant lbs stock of bullion In hitadu parlmeuts Is ?V,t84 107, showing an Increase ol ?1M,01> when compared with the preceding return Tbere has been a lair demand tor specie this weeic, and the market has been cleared at the qnotatiooi Bath Pat riot and franiah doubloons are tn demand. Tno Jttruos Balnea and be Lightning have both arrived from Msl boorre, bringing about 3C0 t^OO ounces of gold, sll of whteh sill bs speedily abeorbed by ths couttneutat de maud Korelgn gold In bera. (standard.) per ot 8 17 0 t?lv-r in hart, (standard,) per ot 0 6 Hull coin Portugal |"nr.<-?, per 01 i 17 ? Ucubloons, patriot, per ot 3 15 O Po. Spantati, per os ? 17 0 Na|*>iM>nf, pere.t 8 14 0 Ten guilder pi?ce*, per os . > 3 10 0 fliver coin. Menlcan and fl. Am. dollars, per ot.O I 1X ?panlsk pillar ?>.liars, per oi 0 t lo Krgiifb aeottrltles, under ths infleencs of tbe mors ctserfni tone &. tb" e ortieniui adrtcea, bave kt*do*lly improre'd. atd prions are tally 1 p?r cent 90 oonaoli b.g.i ( r Uiso last week The arrival* ot specie otsrrt n- from Australia La4 also a gexd rtin t. Yestsrday oeneclsopen ed at V. % to )ij. The apprehrrs out with tespecltolbe Bank, added to a n m.i- r uf snisn lo clone ac.ounu. caused price* to recede : but Imtsedlately tbev tojobed WS1, to X n resflUon set in, and a bunyaut mariot follow ed. ejuotatloaa, nnder tne Improved feeling. rapUly Im proved, ant. eventually they aU? ned lo -8l< to ana Anal y left oil 63 13 10 to lt-16. fbe brokers who ope rate lor Greeir nouses have been buyers ot conso.s. To day tbe mnrfcet ooie4 tlat. the last pries of consols for money wns !<3<^ . and 'or the aooount, 931? Jg Tbe following table will show the ti actuations n consols since the 14th Inst ? thr Homy ? ?> r tbr Artcjn!. . Pf< r Ikwi'ti. H\ k?H. Col'j. fcm<!. livjh'M CJoi'g. Pal. ll..0*/>, ?2', ?:it< PI',' ?4 Mon. 1T..K'4' 03 W ?jJ 9i ( Tusn. 18..MT< -w; 91H 93'4 Wed. 19..Ml, 98', 93U 93'^ 9:i',' 93)< Thur. *). ,93'j ?a?, MS 93-, 93'j Kr1 81..MM MS MS 93. 9 J',' 9>* [From the Loclon Times, Nos. OT | Tbe U$<i,t00 of gol 1 brought by ths I/.gntnlng ?-as e1ollT?r.>d yesterday, bat the pnrrbasert nu s<mt neital acroun*. w>rs not prepaid to take ths sntlrs ?nm, aid ?70,COO was carried io tbs hank It may therefore be a^sumsd that some proportion ot ths C7r'0,''"? to he landed by tne am * Bs'ses wl8 also rsmaln, s? wiaiiv a* Uto Asia, frrm New York, on Monday may probably bring a ecnsiderabte remttancs The pnrrh?s*r* of stiver on the ciettreot, however, apart rrom an f a t os of the hank of France, Bust keep up n steely onflow " ~lf?t to prSM ot at present any rapid neocmulatios Police Intelligence. CrtAiu.t or r?snin. Oorsmetajr Mown ?"n Friday night a yeui g man named .lefen Williams, was taken into custody fry tbe Ninth ward polios, on the charge of p\?a ng a rounterfisii one dollar bUi on tbe Farmer* limk. of Onondaga, N Y. Ths aeeoond. It ts allege?i, offered oae of tbe connterfeits to one of tbe oonduotora oo ths -ltlh avennsonra. who detected tbe (rand nad had ths tellow arrested ard brought bsTore Justine Oavieon, at the flecond d atriri police oniwt In the poeses^loa of the prisoner were <i snd eleven bills of the same description as that cflersd to the ronductor. Ths magistrate committed Wll Hums Ihr exsmlnatie>n. The counterfeit la question ts a ne w one, but Is rather clumsily executed, and oonse-ptently will fall to prove a good speculation. IonruiKT DtsMiK?ti' ?Tne complaint against Edward Haiam. a broker, of Wall street, ror taiee pretenr??e, preferred against blm by Mr. Isaac Pye. of Rockland Oo., N. Y . has been dismissed Hy Justice Welsh, and the ac ct'tetl haa been d lac bar gad from further attendance In the nsatter. OMlnary. Hu Ttvr?1nv, tha97lh nit . at Waylaad, Mansachnsetta, ?t'?d OMmr Ftsffis .aged ninety flvefear* Mr. ?ran Mt TOW of Rev. Dr. Cinvsrs Franns, toe Pro I* ? >r of l nlvu i '??quence In the Cetnbrt'tg* ftlvistf Pc'-rei. and of Mts. '.}d!? Mar'a Chili, tue atiu?fui?b4d t Ajf iMi Treatment of Petty Odlttn In the United States Navjr?Letter from a Man-of- War's flan. TO THE EDITOR OF THK MEW YOKE HKBALD. (JnllKO STAVIX ITmtiATK 8a van* ah, ) Niw Yobk, Nov. 27, 1st# / Having lately returned to the "land ot the free and homo ol tbe brave," we or tarry hand* and sunburnt faces dt*:re to tire you and jour readers a lew ltoma of our late cruise, sod of nival (Megs generally. We deMgn to discuss In tbis letter tbe relative advan fa^e of b coining a naval seam: ? with that of becoming a mi reliant sailor. Now, take our own case an an example: We rh:pp<d in the United Slut m uaval scrvice at tbe age of sixteen, and the tlrst sallurUke piece of wrfc which we were required to do was to black an officer's boots; tbe st< ond was to rub a gorty leg, and numerous other s?a niunuke jobs; and we tlrui) believe wo would have been ri turned Ui the emulating and highly Interesting business or boot polUbtLg and gouty leg rubbing until tbe end of tiio > ;ui?e if we had not strenuously resisted it. When the youthful aspirant to seamauship enters the naval K rvice be ex pests to become a thorough bred sea man; but tbe naval officer* and that auguat body whioh fcatdlee tbe reins of government think otherwise, and in stead ot waking seamen of tbe boys to the navy they convert thi m into messengers and aide boys, and te?-,h thrm tbe highly ingenious art of strlk og a bell, running errands, doffing tbelr hats to every gold band which pops itftuit over the gangway?no matter whether on a white or a black bead?and It is not an unfrequent thing witb us In the Ka vat-nab to doff to woolley head", m the shape of Brazilian officers, wblcu was peculiarly uapiea cant to us of pro slavery sentiment* .And what are tbe Inducement* held forth b/ that scientific and very respectable bo iy at Washington to docoy boys fron tho peaceful quiet and improving Inlluencc ot tbelr homef Why, alter speeding a bard life ol conUne Kent ol about twenty two years iu a man of war, they win become "potty officers " And wiiat is a "pdtv offi cer" on board Of a man of-war? Those who hive bad any naval experience tun answer the question very raa 11 it; but thotsc who have not, will do well ton form ihm selves ou toe subjei t. A "petty offioership'' is ouo oftha mcKt unzratijfui nituations in the world. If t?u "potty officer" Hnuia the duiiet of hU office t'? thn letter?wbia'a he 1* - > ,ctiy ei joined to lo by an order of thn navy?ho uicui - t io nutpieasure of the snip's company. an 1 gats severely "punched;" ai> 1 i! he doo-. njt fulfil tii outies of bis office, be incurs the dltp'easure of his exocutive ai d cummaiding officers; so there he is, to use a ua iiioal phrase, ' >inmtd between two windM," ujt whict way to turn not knowtne whether t> perform or BcgUcl bis duties; and no one ?bo riv-tards his lifa a-a valuable and Irrccoervaijle pit-co of proporty will accept the situatl -b if ho cr.xi ponsioiy avoid it. Ii> this ag" ot univ sal knowledge, when sailors uso tooth orunneft >n?ioad or n.arlin*pikes sneou d soa? anl extract ot Dew mown hay inst.eJ or "slush" and tar?in tins age, wti.n tbe lowiy aie as weii informcl a 4 the lofty no boy of common sense wl:l outer tha United Mates ravai sn v ce bel^re- the nut until ibore are other imtiicen'erts hi Id forth than thosa of beaming ''patty f tlicers" i.fter so many years M servitude Ho c*n emer the merchant service and In far less time, li ho hive ny eccrgy at all, b*c< me tbe UrM officor of one of our rt.-at clam clipper ship* U is not an unfioquont thing ia t'lls age of fast pregre?s to see a first mate at the age of mue t en aid a < apiain at twehty tw>). Why can't wo do In our se vice as they do in the I ren< b navy aud reward merit wnere it is d'i?-? Yon may ihore t" hold tb?> blight ftar of an Admiral gM'.ten lug i a be brcaM or u man who Op O? wo e tho biro frock of & "J*cx Tar.'* And yet we prof ss u> be r'.nibiicana of the tlret wrter, honoring merit wherever It U to be fomd II i.ny of the youths of our country wish to bacnme rik^I ecup'jt a, let the m eaUrr a uew uit-r *t< ant ship, where tbe near rlgg ng bus to bo !urc--J 111 af. e?-b an 1 a?t up Kfiew, *olf iks to be stranpod, baws^rs to be pilntsd, ro;>e? to1 bs. splicul. and, In shirt, ever) spcclei or wo-k to be <1or e t>i'i'?:rt?tijtE.|r to the maritime proleiiioo; I t him K'/ u !ong Kast Id:* vujage, kB'1 bo'o'e tilp i? oona pitted be will not only ieam things, but a great tnaiiy more, ti.dUpenfs'iio to a thornugbbrad alitor. If ho (otw in a man ot war, ii bo be tot an ottrsordiaary tmart young man, It will tako h.m tlx year* to bt-come Kh 01.: wy teaman. Our Ore tie, oc -i general thing, bai ba-u & picnjint ont with on-or two excrplioas, omouly?n )t .nougit lib r ty and t.>0 much exercise at the letter eni ot Ut? oruWo 1 Hiring the wMo cruise of the Savannah?for a period ol lbre? > rs"- and lour month*?we had but three libertlet or lortycgiit hours cash. No v, we with to Its ><r b' CougisM ? .poets to get good American seatnto ' ?.met under the pr. rent a;s*em t i'uboau-s ?ohars tiiotfsl iy aid tho best victuals ol W ?? ah. world, *i,...h is plainly shown by tha Or.uJlent anmr a? '* of jomoof the KagUatuaM we >uip;*.d 0D tho ' ?or Am n<\?bs, obo of whom s*t>l be w ? htlf?t?,-v?i when he cam.- into the ship a<*4 now as U at 1st us> be, I eater in England. Hv.. good American seamen wltl ?ua vuVJ. lyT B?TT,">5'w **>7 ** """ft I'eoucal :e*re t" f, M Z-:, VVk| Alter ds tier. ?n tje ?0r!d, detest con In mem Bjrn .2 * '*1:4 ?' free as f*>e ittr they bre?tbe, us-J to 'lirorty of cr>n*oienc?, liberty <?( .bought and libeity of action, they casuo , and will cot it'the} can, submit to the lacar aevauoa ol a mtu oi wsr (lie They puntth a man moat so\or?l) In this ship for bjlag ?Jr?iTk?tbr tame unforti.nate rau'e w(h9 brings two thirds rt the n.en our navy Let a man ha ever so food i it board tbe Khip. If he goes on shore aod gel* In toxicated hf *"t? punished for Use off-nco, but let an ofll cer come on b.;aru dead drunk?whlcn has oiteu b- n the rase ifci* cruise- aod aothinf Is said to htm. Wo n?ve been told by old salts?we .In not pritead to know ib? fact ourselves? ibat itls ship's com()anyts the soberest ev? r know* is the l'n ted states Navy. It been roes oor paimul duty to aBLouoce the only aijl rii tit that hu| tH.Dt'il Juru g the crulso. On the night of the Mill of November. Major Kreelove. a boy ot about tevtnuen, a native ol M**i<acbusetU, whild attemi<t ng to clear the log chip, under the counter, fell overboa* 1 The lile bno>i were cut away, but It took thirty two minutes to lower the lire i>na?. when It should havo been donn In two. The night life Duo\s were not let go, bivsuse they bave not been attdnded to during tuo ei tire cruise Night lifebuoys are made to ant with lights, so that a msn may ses them In tho dark We mnntlnn this fbot b< cause our commanding oUlcer Is so particular about trivial mat'ers, and it fwmi strange he shoul I l>* so ssglectful ot Uill. Alter our beloved Commodore Msltor If ii the ship the crew l>orame di pressol In spirits, and wished to return boms. Never was a eommao ler more beloved than wax Commodore Halter ?>y this ship's oom psny. The day he leit the ship to return home, there was not a ? an nor boy In the ship who did not abed tears at his deiiartnrs; and ereo to the last dty of the cruise, wbrn the I and would play bis (avortte tune, ? Father land, ' evsry heart beat w ith Joy and every fees bocams refnlgent with xailta. Its bad a pleasant run of forty five days, and arrived here. In the ? Kmpire city, " on the 'iTlb of November. < 'ur ship's oonpany will be paid off In eight or ton days, and the a we will ail separate for our homes MABUMPUUE. Fkftch of th* Hfavwvp *t Nkiht.?We mre at this >ime favored with a conpie or ?v?oing stars?Jupitor sod Tcb'.is. lndted, a third may be addsd, namely. Mars Nor :s It the flrst Urae accord ng to beat net) mythology, .b'.^e anrlert .liv nitlee now called planet'. Have spent *Dc ev< n'ng together Vewus appears at peeoent only s brief t;me after the setting of the sue. Her vtatt, howrver. will be gradoally proiooged to ? later boar. But Jiiprer will shine fer tome woeks the greste* part of tho r^bt, going to feed at the same time with the gam h"er, dt^nurbee and st/est picaroon. Mara will remain some* hut Icrgtr. Willis en the subject of the heavens, we may as well mention tbs* tney contain at another time tpvadoraequal to thn*e which new every ertaing Illuminate the sinr, psriw-ularly <ts eastern portion More Diet star* of the lire! irsgbttude are ooagregaled along a bright belt (rom Ca^tl a in the North to i&rtus, tho m.wt rtiagniOo nt of all In the foiith. ih an aay < tb<~r equal apace can boast. Kirat In the splendid prnotation advance the Plelatea, tbea 'ol li ? fk*" tl ' ll'adrs Irone lately, Ortoo borass upoa the sight. Dsnked by Capella In the Wagoner aad tho Twins on ibe left, and the lightning flasmsg anus low down In the ?<>ntb?rn horizon, snth lYooyoa between llesule these, I ghts ol i?>s note supply the Intervals slong ti e brllliart fields, and rahatce tbe subiim'ty of thnse hnrntsg orbs, whila Jnpttsr Is glowing with his severely ? Lite i erros in ths wi-urn sky, aad remelha'it sh n ag dally do?a scuth By thi* time Veaus, with bar yellov rsy. has Hired to repnse. aad left her eld paramour, red hstde i fan, to spind tbe rest of the Bight In company oilier celestial or antes flu. all the glories of tho besvees are not mooopo'ued by tl.e i natr listless in the east. A'air, Vrga. the -"wan aac tli" final !t?ar still ke< p tio-ir latipo iilatieg la the wett. tl .High all, except ng tbe laat, with ladlsg lastrs. Tie tir'at 15-ar, p<'rbaps the mo?t remarkable of tbe aaa Stsliatlors, rises hut r ever sets, shlalng ualaterrnptelly every B gtt a the year as lie is pursued forever round the joie J/ tlie dogs oC Bootes ?A'ewar^ i'UmrtUer, Dtc 2. Tits thsrji 0'sv*vtios Ann tss I vwiw ?Tbe Bavaa a ah W.puhMraw, tpewl 'n of the approaching soesioo of tbe graai Houtber r i xrotal Cob ion, says its raai aad lagir.Mter t i t ,< .<acooragstneat of Isdsstrtal ladepsadenoe s> : - ' n i, and tbe sdopttoaof the moat practical and sfftctlve leans for the attalameal of that aad. The NrjnMicari continues ? ?ooh, we feel sura, Is ths sentiment of a vast majority of the osiegates iliat have heea appointed, aad if th?r? be aoy holding a dtfTereat oplnton and wbo would make the convention aa ia<trumeat sssitlonai polittaal agttatina, prejtulcial to the harmony and Integr ty of the I'nlon, we feel ?<i?slly certa n they will wth a prompt and overwhelming rebuke. We are no bl'nd adherent to tbe I nmn of the Sutes without respect to the great pur. poeee of liberty and humanity fbr wb ch It waa forried; btil M regards all alleged existing cauaaa for a separa t'on wo are for the Unloa with all we have and are, an I ooi<oaed, to the hitter end. to all who would at this day oausel the weskealng Of the borda that hlod us to gsther, nrd ss? h we believe to b? the anutlment of tlenr gla, and of the people of svsry other ststor Wale of toe Hoath. Count da Chamimrd lias let Ftoheitrff for Sr iaai'-e, la cttr a ibu pisaaat rivideuoe of hie u.nthar, toe L uibea* oi 0t; ry, u be prsevttt at her />In , the cask of l#fh baker. Dbigretiittiil and fMadaargr ?r Ux Jury? The if turn or Baker to Ntw York. Nbwbuim., Dec. 0. ISM. At twenty minutes pa*t 10 A M , tn? yaty earae tnte Court and Mated that the/ could cot agree. Oo a quo* linn from the Ctwrl as to Hither Jhey dealsed any for Ui>r inatrurtion, the foremaa, (Mr. A. H. >^?*?bau*h, of Go?hen) said ? We have fully dfrcussed tbU cue. l^rne of is are f? acquittal ana wme for conviction There 1? eltSe- a mil understanding or forgetfulnca* anoong"t boom of the juror* about the evidence as to where and bow Pnole and Baker clenched?which of them took bold o( the other Brut. A portion of us think that l" Poole first seised Ba ker then Baker was not obliged to rotroat, unless he was sale in doing so, and that he would not be safe in r itrwrf tnf with bis back to the personR is the bouso. Others think that ho was bsund to retreat and that the propou dormice of the evidence is ia favor of the conclusion tf.?l Baker lint clcaebod I'oole. And tn regard to bis ques tion we would like to hear wbei tbe evidence was. Borne remark then passed bUwooa Mr. Hal! and Mr. Wlntield tor the people, and Mr. Brady for the accuse* oa the matter lujjeated by tfco juror. Tho Court deciinol to state again tho of the W"? timony ,leaviaj the question as to nbtt ,t was ana ita * leet to be deU^aiined by the jc.iy. A question was aim put by the jury as to whether Ml. cbell and McIVinough both tetl3ed that Lor.:er and Poets eel/ml Baker b?(ir? he flrod This was also loft to tfce naemor y< f the jurors Hl? K od on the call of a juror, thaeabrtano* ol bis inaige to Baker's ri?bt to defend hlrawIf, aa4 stionp'y urged uoon the jury the nocecsity of agreeing U|x n a Tfrtixt i! posatblo Mr. Kmsabaagb, who was formerly Hberitl or tbe Coon ty, staled thv. he bad nerer kn >?u a mry ta dlioues a ewe in better temper or wnb a stronger dcaire to agree, but be le't that no a*r<<u? ut wu povsib o. Another juror traao a remark, of fiimilar parport. Tht Jar\ ntain retired tor further deliberation. 3PM ?Tbe court 1m in* bgAia opened, tils Honor read a communication irom the jury, ataltng that tae,. cto*? six tor con?ijt;cu 11 rr.ansia^ t.ler ui tho tii'd l.-gree und 8 x 'or acquittal. and it ?u im ;<ow.Dl? to agree. On being inquired of, ti:ey sut< d that lUo> ad boem divided in ike same nunc or siice mo ol . outer day. 'Hid juiy wtre th< n duel! urged. On luoiien ol tho District Attorney, Baker was reeaae Cid to tbe custody of tbe ?beri? it Now York. Mr. Brady gave notice t it ue would apply at an earlf day to have the arcu?<'<t liberated on bau. tluiur returucd to New York, in envge of an ofloer, by the aitertoon train. Kxtrnalvc Counterfeiting OpiraUomi Dlaew vered. THIRTY TIJ0U3AVD D0LLAH3 WORTH OF TIIR COOIf? TKKFK1T JiONKY ?OUND?AKlttST OF THKKK TUK ALLKOKU PAbHKKS OF FAt.MK BlLLI - A OLIB OF CPUKIOCW BILL BKOEi'iiS BK017GHT TO 1IUHT. Yeftordcy olUcer Hugh Maalerajn or tag Chlel'a luiae, MtiPtod by otlirera Murphy and s'aib rland ai.ccoed.i4 la britpiD? to light ono of ti:a moil extensive offioc? "jr the c'.rcnlaticn of mcn?y ever brought to Um knowledge oi the poLce or the buaineaa public. From present appearances it ar.-Bis aa thour>i a am*, bu been obtained to tho hen'nnrWre of a Mtol akf ralcouatarfettcra, who fer yoara have boca eoa tUlr dep cdationa on aociety. Word waa tarou#' ( w |h< Chiefa office tfcat a nuafcber of iltlllfully ft*' on the Morria County Bank wora ^ ^Jc which aimoat detted the c*pcmnoa of ^ ^ ot the bank to deWct, wb> brokgr, r<r;lM. ly took them for (n?|r ^ tQ(1 til# wtahed Mr. MaUeil U> aend a amp||(nt omoer t0 a iU an arrcat aa be thov jM kr lllcw wbo 0C(J of ^ acre. Officer Muterar* W4a ^ aM.^lobB4 u ?? -?? ?" ? i?M to'. ... J12 Jota Cu.M. ?> , lbt, ti, w tb* fatae moaev corj* \ tre c.ttlsera ul ^ b0 bou4ht AlM,r * ^nforeooe ?? ,, . .c batik It was ?l hli.lh agreed that Mr. UarUr.o - ahcr.i.i be tnuoduecd t>> Ocr/uu to the aui cttd party a* a drorer wbo wtahod lie rflUnt. rlftt aa ney to pay for cattle, lie wi/ a}ccrdis{lT uk>n to the Commerc'al Hole, m Courtlaact *tr* t, where Ctrrlooa ntroduced bim to a pertou wlion ha caded Jooa W|. iame. Williams otlerod to lorni h the an^inaaJ drorar with counterfeit msuoy ou U>o Morria Couny Bink toaay amount for forty ctala on loo dollar, and produrod tM money to ahow biw well It waa etc vale J At tbia aa meet one of the other offioera entered tha room, and Wii>ms aoapactlng a mi citing wr<>ng, apran for jm flute, Bk'1 thruM too bllla la bia ham in the lire, oat tho? WMt>'plek<a ,"ut 10 "*? ,J ahoa what they were. W uiama waa >*k?n to "??> Chlcta' <.'!!ic?, wlier*, a'tor cut ioliciiuiioo, bv 'n'r,imcl the oJiora Itat h# li^ prtH-u/e?l the lalar aK'.' ?! Tay'or & Brother, tnocay broktra, dung buiturta a* .",J (*IW or Chatiiam ui Jatora airerU. The olBwra, aOix '? ? by the prtaoaer, prcretded to tho p aco lad.^ul, and after aoraa ma Ld uvtrtng i u(Cc?de1 In arr :stl.i( Jamc* M. an I frmk lajljr on the cbarge or p<uing ?MMMMa ? fj The plas tor catching thou la she aji flf paaa Ing the taoney, waa laid moat airoiUy, aa4 rucceeded admlrablf. It waa done by WtU:am? bcuiag the MtM b'la m orr u. the ray ora whila tho two cfflcrra alood by, at another coaster, i j waat the change of two ten dollar bill*, until thoy aaw Ika counttrfelt ir.oni-y produced, when they muedlatoi/ ar rratcd tbe two Taj tore. The pr< mtr<a were thca (oarrhed, when a nnaba* of packafea if counterfeit money waa found, tmcuav teg in all to over $?r,(KH> Tbe pru"a?ra, m gttber with all tha mntey In the no n. good and bad, were taken to the Cbtet'a office, whore tha matter wtl'be ronber lnTr?t ratrt ti i#n Amnag tha counterfeit bllla were a number on the MarrhanU' Honk oi ihla city, Morria ONMT Bank at Now .fer?ay, farm wa' Bank or New York, Hamilton Hank or Near Jeraay moat ly of largo denomiratton*; Kaatnn Rank or t'eonaylaiuita, m d dnrodaga flaak of New Vork bealdaa othnra. Wll Man a, It 1* aald, waa rtcently pariioned out of t*tato pn aon by Uor. Clark. Brooklyn City Ifiiri. AinDOT at tub Kri-Toa Fiuuit.?Oa Friday rrratag the upper bridge ot the Faltoa terry, on Ui.i iMi, wm etrtrk by oae of the boata, wbtch came into the dip na iler a full brad cf I'.tam, to I tho rhala beoomeg da tacbrd. tho aUuclnre (all In Ike aurfaoa ot the water. Fortunately ao one waa on It at the lima except the brt.|t> man. * ho waa thrown Into tba water aa-t waa reacuid without injury. Mr Newton I'oaeU. of ?:# llod foa arenae, waa thrown oat o< the boat by lk? ?bock, and at'lktng tb? bridge with hta fnrciieai, waa ttunncd. tie waa rtcta) ?d bon> la a carnage by cfRoar Co I jar, or t*<e feorad ward police. il? icjuraa are oom paraiivrlf alight Tha bridge la aot provided with fluaa, aa the one oa tha othe r aide tt. Fma ami> lr<|i>UT ?-Saturday moraipf, at 4 o'clock, a Ira broka oc?fc the potter/ of Meeare Booae. Haraa * I wren port, John itree*. aear tba Na*y Yard. Tba bnlld Infi waa part)/ of brxk and parti/ rrame. tba Iraaaa portion enelaeed tb? kila, otot which tba Qra orig .natod, near tte chta?*y. Tlte bmldtng waa buree.l down and Iff control* ware deetroyrd Tba total kaM ta SI.7M; MM for <1,100 'n the M NMMM OMMBT Whila preceding to tha Ire a niiwhar or tjigiae Co Na. a, named C bar tee K. B>h"p. waa ma ever aad auiUlaad a fracture of oaa of bt* lega. F.nain<ypa No 14 waa rua mag witb No. 8 al the time Tba Actdent o<vnrrod ta Hndge street. Mi at tttot ? A?;-*rtr< rma a M*> Aim Wox*s ?Jaaaae Eentoa waa arretted oa Friday Bight, roe commiting a murderrna aaaiult upca Jamee Vanderraer, tba doar kaeper of tba Third dlatrtot atatioa bo oaa. and alao epaa hta (tba accused a) wtie II appaara thai Fer.ton aad hta wife bad aotne r*mll* diflereacee. tkHh c*-na to tba ala tlnn htnaa teeka| for radewa of Ihetr grtevaaoea. Mr. Yanderveer (wko la lather of the oaptain or the dwtrttt) nied h'? Incnraco to conctHala Maw. aad did ao to the apparent ealitfacilon of both At ker rw neat be atvmm paa'eo th?m bona, aad wbea aear Inloa atraet. In Oawrt, Fettoa, wbo walked ballad, oama up with a bludgaaa and ilrnrk Mr. Tandrrveer on tha haad with powerful eilrct kaorkiag his bin dm* aad naauliaa upon the aide walk He tbea kaockrd down hta with aad tajured bar eertouslg. A crowd waa aooa gather art about, aad oOoar IVtoghert/ omtag up. took tha awallaal lain cietody. Ha waa eommilied to awa.t tha rainlt at tha tnjurlea. Mr, Vaadarreer being aa alder 1/ man, it la feared thai ha will boi eaalty recover. Cat era Noawarioa roa OnKroiUTioa Onrwiaa.?Tha democratic menbara of tha Uommna onuactl nominated Panuel E Johaaon, . lor Oorpormttea oouaaciior, at their caacaa meetiag held a few e\aainga ataoa. Utiio ox hnrnnaan ? Ertacl* Van Nell waa triad ta tha City Court yeaterday. oa tha oharga of rob blag a ahlp Bate named Michael Mottarry of HTk. Roth wara aa* ployed on boerd th? afetp Vortbarn Bella, lying at Waatf ruff A Robtaaoa * dock. Aa charged, tha defhadant aada a coat froat the bnak of MoGarr/, oa Iha night of tbaMd November The abor^ena waa depoaitad la tbe ponhaW, beirg tbe aariagi of aeTeral yeara. Vaa Neil waa ena pected and next noratag waa arretted Ha waa coavtolad of grand larceny aad enataar*d to tba mate Priaoa Mr. two >eara aad air aoatha Taxat Cou.B<vai>.?Imring tba month of November >k6S, M61,4f0 41 waa reoeirad al the Krootlya taa o?oa for taiea Ptirlag tbe correepnedlag month ta 1M9, ?c:6.*41 r.R waa rec*ue<1 Tout anmnaial tax tor lUft, ?1 M?,7a3 M?rorlWj, ?I,M?.4;? T?. Krw Yo?a Bo?imi -Tbe weekly report M tba abnvdt IB all tv Urn to Iteoeaiber ft, MM, wm aa aaaeted ? Ho mi r'ng Noramher W, 3(?. adalttad to Haoem iw it, ntt dtachartcd, cured or redered, 4?; died. 4, rtmhULu: a data, *0, Ma..' M; r<aiusa, 6i.