Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1856 Page 2
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and q'- ttotm M make ike beat of things m they ue, Mi K> be gr*laaliy allayirg that 'endeucy to l.iro Jleme la ike public nmil ? Qicb ol law bkc assumed ?c lmmlD aot a character Vor ?< mo ukvh | ut there have been no revoir'donary handbiila in the suburbs, thorn* crowds of .J! workmen leu. ring about ibe wlae and oyster anops, or conversing b*h:n.l i mo of tbo mauy demolitions which on a!l sides oiler bhclter and concealmeot, have suddenly disappear ?4?whether .'rem lome moro i>crto?-t 01 ganizatijn of the poUce, or that tbo cause ? really emu to be lesa tmpera Mwe there is a decided mprot euent n ibe public aa feet. In the b pher and diplomatic circles the return of Ur. Boehanan at ! resident of the United States is the one ab aerbisg theme of dlacuaaion There perbajw never was M Instance where the fo ce o." private character wai townd bo completely to qualify a political one as in the mm of Mr. Buchanan. Politically, It li impoaUble to ??t*r any circle wh?re be la not spoken of in a tune of Ale parage went, anything but complimentary to the oj in ton of the majority who bave elevated turn to b!-' prevent eminent position. The principles enunciated at the Ustond Conference, where, in com par y with 11.* Soule and Mr. Mason he pledged himse.f to doctrincs which I'Kit Turpin Bight have claimed is the governing principles o" his adventurous lie are so extraordinary, ao repugnant to the more euligbtened morality ol the nineteenth cen ?wry, thai were il not for the well known gentleness of spirit anl general amiabil.ty ot character of tho man Mr. Buchanan would be held in nniveraal odium by every respectable cctcr.e in Paris. This, however, iu certain*/ aot the case. It la considered tnat Mr. Bjohanau wKl only prove another example that extreme ?ptniuni m :Lo bauda of a kmd'.y nature are otea les<s mjuriuue to aanktnA loan the pnrfossion of a ?arer coda administered by a naturally haughty spirt. In a word, , H i* not expected ot b:m that be wi 1 practically endorse a Mihe t ?rt o( what the South bai said lor him, er wha', at Oa.< nd. he bus cboaen to say for himself. In what ever society he has been known here, be has always (?Dtilvivt to ieave behind b;m the charactcr ot an up tight, Buyable, oooesi tmnied man, of lar^e capabilities, ?f grtai diplomatic experience and of a genial apt Mas in ibe manf.?rment of man. which an; ira favorably 1st the general administration of afi'aiis. Coastierable anxiety is 'eit cntiie subject of t.s aipiomt.iC appoint ?Mat:- whether h i will se ooetoht to -cave tte nomna Innis Jt Mr. rterce a Uatu que, cr ma..c a clean (weep of a ??*?t o: th^ga which Jt iij the Presiaeccy vf Mr fien-o, conferred so Jittls boner on the L'n.ted ? .itc;. ft can aot be too often repeat d tha wtat the growiag power ail iraDicendeat 'EtUence which America pot aeases aaiiia abroau. is a t *ii a. cded, cares'i. iljr edu catfd repr* etciative bray. The An ffi^n cn*r*. ter >u M?e rut OMimtBi ol Eirope baa suck in.mcc>o,y ?Ac past lour J ears, ac? U3e cause ? to be traced to tho "k7 "?ciaia, nominal lj ittc p.ctad me a of lp(? republc du hoo, in fact, are ncihtn,; bat mjeiaoie P*ce?r,M,, ajpoBtod w jne|r ,Amu>u lor fr?L ??etoor* *b;cb bat* uo ru'ervnec to ts* dm*. ? ?0Cm- ?'* ????-? h].6bi ex, eruooi bui 1 .?y cnjy that w,:,h M peeud m tvtry >? a,0_-b.i tbo itiplo a ti o ,0 ttn- . . ? **" ? ? ???! raJe, been w j.? ^ ???? ?!ca uroip^oew t ,41 i-vp"? - toitek"'?* I iVST,?^ I Z? .1. _ ?*ita. near.r *o j n jrer n tor tne n om?iit, ,; ^ ,, ^ |wpw?,1 tor < and tbet, tor itu none ta-re u trac i " 1 *lyy*a. But mm ? Mate of tbiaya i* pre*ma' ???* ... >nd it ? etaewt tJ teiev.n wt? IHi.ur.lty. Tfcv potitlOO *b Cb Ih XrLJ ,' iiptfa ii? ?ai #n i i< 4 ^ z - * : ' SiSsS :^Lwr -b^ ? ? , ,.. MC1 I'H It tia-J.'t >.? d|?f. *1 I5? ?m Mssss'i i - sir "?? tt? K.'cdcl M.n^uy w.mld M .V$%^?r?!t W?mm,ici. ifc? Koreign M:i rer !? . ..A.'. 5^ ?JUB! ?'tt? IT "a i ??*?, ul 1 b'H'M U> be doubted en t&tr it w | ao'"*t > ttecght B^Tnr,hy the dija-t/ of yrac Momm'u/ 'tait? eiUr (Be t*."**e.ho t obcrTat-oai of tu? M -n.t ', /???? to" ? mierrr, I k?nm ? ?? had ? cosuitat; )a o Uk freaieat Bi^ruiiM with )?{? wtore tnepin aihiity of iritiof tClcj* bt ta a? trt 1f*<''ItClMetf a?<i -wd an article wnab i.n^aici yt?tord^j ,a iht C."> ' "W'-'-ilJ*>?'aie?Hi orjao-.B-i- n:oC tbe inpv f *?b?talEiaf froa ?n/ loicr'efftci w tj R'js.iU I L^u ihl rrV." ra)1*'^i M o^aiaB be,.a? t k? 0 c.0Ui.: f U?*? tb. for?tni?Hi?ur wui c ?BUBue to reu a hi!foot uLn ultl* *rtl<:'.#' ,r0l?: c?""a*1 vacuf, we mav MWI ttat Of rtBU* aaU Ourrallroai*, parti ja'arly a't ?tc aa .the7 ***?'? deaoendsd. are 1 2- ??..?! r*Jtet .a tto raiiro^la ot Raj. I ma Wit_oot wjt.n^ u> deprcciia* tba r.o? euterpriie 10 b*"*M Ul" r? '">4l? traced acrora ?i I '"?*? Pa0r'y p0pti!m,el ? MU'"T ?UI rcoia 'j for ? tong viaiicut ? crofl u?e l>> 'ill m**r, ,o f'.t ^p*. b%\ . ? ns:a:?t*r to pleaac Ltgland. la an artt ,e of tbo < it )? aaaerv-l tiu ait U-.cT.rc.eaa of fraD?.boUt. aT!^^^. trm&i with conitdrra loa U.o Karliib ai'iaor''' ta?ebe^a Ma?brd nm daclaratioo is rVnlM ^^TI ??hcr prc-teea.oE* an le.a a.amUr m tbia artwie ?aaaot ada:t amoagrt Ue cwk t;oa? ?>r tae a. .aace tbe "hlcb," "?"U'u 10 l?POv?? m of c?u,j, fB, or bj aiaMtani ate^ljr Dr auae tiia m 'i;?ter di?r eaiaa Lcclan l da ??eti ooBUitioog tbe aliUoce ?ou,. hfcoB'j mto.era'ile ^"'rr.r ?*<<- x lor bZ*Z* rrmZrZi *?? and it a,.?Bc? if oa'y [>oM<bf wi?a it Isd m? nn ST^.^ UD"' lnJ*Pea-''?? u4 o^o.ty o. tbe ?JaairoMtuaata"?',0* 1 ?**U>4ht oc th. fe?Jo p?. r*? we r*P'T. (xamp>. ta the asca?t,~n W"'14* 1 "iworoi Kuia a o; arnaiae iba ! nanaaaM ?L h^m P?llU,;4: ?-*??- la reritf, ,f ' ""'' an rfiBcova*a nan an loojar aajoy the Ubertr .?*'Llr*i10 ?.thot|t an oul rf b?l02rt *?l ' ti,h;:? r:ue ",u ^ ^?*S1 *. . fc*'y rl taM Uk<o p a,;. w? eaaaot iU'l?r aiao-l wl.^re locb n g, dci* ar* to c ca*,-. Tho Tr?a*r of I SST^ir-r'" h*Te t>**D c'-cio<,ci io' ?Vewo, * Pb'.iLf the crttloal propeamtwa of the Eael^o waTw V 'b* ',d oy" V t ">? M Prtr*' ?? Thera p-??a'l* aa epic oo th*. the K.of of \aolaa u I . , v . 22T?r h'-'J* l > , ? mZ,?l Ua'.^ea.J ti' wro? * 4 b.a ii&f?r # wore dtHDj^.4 i ?' : . , wr ?o l b ta fj|ur? wiiD iff; ? |Q.fA l1( LMA.h a,mctr.? J^L. ? ...b wa- p-i al- bat he , ?i. ?rer k..p? ? w?. ba JO-fnu-a br Hth?r.b?? eri m< iii or lh?" fjpie | I *?+?51!2",S!ET1? u? Mm ? .1/ flna/ aa a- oiuai o' an ?Teat of ar^i ^,?tthU,",*1 fOI "- r,ofr<i)lti,.a of5Ta?o a pairai ^ ." . '"?????? -aimnmial r M .a, 1 Dl#r5f,,af An?^ri"io fr>m iht? i# . 2SJ JLnm fr ?*? K Tt->a. rrai J. rL^to. u^"." . ? J ri Br ""'O-B-ltBUyof *?? 'lapero there t* to? K ro-eijc" ! >a lrt? u? l?*'rl ??pr?an t.ead of Ute re Is# ion v ->ot'> Jj hat a m?i ?lb'"at pale, e aod a court C3d<ut r of 2/ (Ko nroia S3k?i22T2i "b ?ma i i ill! *" *'.-r?u?tT.ii, tore (in !? lavT ik'""?P"' ***** f>?ho!lln| hi? jare . ? July I. |?M. the flair' fell || ,0(| J, -^~7S?i?a!rri'ii ^ ? M P" ?" the flrit I ?Stra \!? 1. . "*lw ^UMntm of ihn : Z' . % n 1 "? r".- ? ? - r* ap,*r '?taa . it la only the traaoaurran ni o' b a a<ii Mi gM aaek vww. ai.d iinaeiiit, r tM B,_, 3srL^!r?,?'. ?rrj-L-"' V1 UiM Ibe ao.,1 had tniarlrj tor a abort Nwna bat wwild tMadllr th. J??T lHWr"' 60,r'r*r w- Mmieod. ?rltHr,*o ware -r J3? fJTTr ' ?-JS "?"* M toM of iba lata imn, Z?\l? ... : tv Th" B-I of tha cauroi ,^T,?.7JLP ^ ,h ?" *?** ?Hof^t'uf. am '.+?> ^**1?**r &***1 on one *M\ m -mdal it ?n I Hf-nj tf "** ?1't,,J'1e' wtrt> eoo-i: irabMtnfJ' maaand. tf>n r?r,-*M h*j hhXatn^ 21 " l-'r' l6' ' ?<*? * br> u*f let '.oan ->a? h>d? an I otb*r. wtb?ot toe pabita h^a# awoa M i *" "f or.ittrat.on r. , ? ' ', '' ' ' ?'" 4 ,, " ,r. frorr , (?.?'? U? rr? ?r quitted hi* [ai??, inrrojaloi br eUthi ZZTZiT" ,nrnu?h no'talf "a rar draw.I f*r^? M ? fd, la a fraoj Irni^Sj |i?!r mrr^Ud'^n h" *h * h,r*"* ^"'?'narly tba no?e-In Janu> J ' ' '' : ?.- ? ' ?l nZr/:^: ' \ vr Iowa i^In ^,Healulu"r?LWr, " "*,n " 11 r'' 4h*. t dAarwadaot ot tbe <?. *-> ,a 'ijrt Tu" grriiigya: r?sL5 rSa ?nj*r?t;iioa? to aae aaotfter ?" A?? r.nCll.h llepntI of the Hettlea of It,.,.,. eau ?* ?h' Allied tir?" ? ??a j car, (f -t joj C?rre^oad?M of th* J t*1m| ? v*w* F? irr ??? ,oWi?.,*'f.t?n? | ?f?'ed thai th* iar? and 9Mra4on?a *trt a* th* march to altar k General Vtlkn iB ^ruwli, who btd coaccntrated bit orcea in that cky la anticipation of agreat battle. Tbe movement* ol the allied army were so alow lb it Walker scnl back (ou the Tib ubi.) M their stations on U.e Sai: Joan River the troop* te bad withdrawn, for har oi the Costa Kn ?n? taking possession of the mouths ol tile rivir* Seraph 11 and ?"?n Osrloe. J*inco then the repo:U of ? bat has iiken place are bo extremely oppo site aid centradl.tory that uo ?triot reUnce cau be placed to either, mouth I i.uve them from persons who were each po?itlvt as to ihtir ccrreclness, one being an otlicer j 01 Walker'? army engaged in the light, and the other ' a geotlemau, who was ?. the time ia the otly. uncon nected wilt otter, except by s\ mpathy for the Nicara gi.aus. Kiiuily, I give you the statement on Walker'a i fcli'e. It is this ? I ?.ft w aiker, instead of witting to be attacked, com nunced the march to Massaya, the headquarters ortbe al !kd army, on Saturday pi*ht, the 11th inst, by a long and circuitous route known as the IHriomo, with 1,000 men aid two mortars, leaving 160 men and six guns to ?? > iMt Granada; tbui he arrived next morning, Sunday, and during tie whole ci' that day was engaged skirmishing. By night be bad so tar the advantage as to have driven them to tafir stronghold, the grand plaza, and wm pre pared to commence shelling the church (which Is always u.ade a lortress of in this country, In war) the next morn op. WaJker claims to have killed iiOO native troops curing ih - day. The men were ordered to re*; from ui? !a igues of tbe day. Near midnight the General received a u>cF*agi* from Crauaca mat the cUy wan attached b? l.oOO natives. M IA U (Monday) the troops were span under n.arc.i tor tbecap'tal. ai noon ta-y re-en ten <1 the city an J roend ibe native troop* plundering everywhere' The tatl?cs. taken by surprise, were slaughtered ta every direction, 400 only e?capng and 70u tx mg killed. The io;al lots ol' Walkt r's meu Is said lobe . o. ice uenera. s quarters nad been plundered of every theg, (inaiudirg u 1 b's papers,) aiu u was found that a *r ,v i ua^ttti of army stores, such te clothing, provisions, aid as cubHiod. had been carried away or destroyed Gtnerai Wa'kcr intended to remain in t.ianada to bury the d?.?d, a large portir n ot whom had been thrown (by the tati\efc) iBio the wills, (which aie very deop), so.m oi them containing irom twelve to twenty ourpteis, and to awa t the arrival ol the reinforcement be expected by the eteamer due here ou the irth Inst, before returning to tte a *.atk oi Maeraya Tfce report a>o jh?s tta VOO out of the 1 310 native troops were from Chouulcs, too bt knee beig a re;r erceaient probably liom M?.--.aya. The other Bide Of the story is thw : General Walker d.d cot leave Gr&cada for V.atraja until Sunday nigot; tnat. inftrad of proceeding l>y the regila' and mor? direct road, he 'o* k the Iii'otto route, wtsoing to spread tne report tbit he ?as gcisg to Kivas , but uie natives wc.-j beti r u. crmed, ar.<! tbe reality wa? soun made known to the t*o genera l. cot.iu?nder* 't p'liei' of tho allied arciy (Pare?'?s of Cnatrorr:?tvi and Guatemalans, and Vcoso < . 1 .ixtKh acd .Sai -adoianr). K?rly on Monday moru'Bg a pariy ci ocO native ;iooj>s, commanded by Col Bi hi!.*. under ?[*clal orders frim 'ienera: 1'aredca, oiu bteti ci'9'.UtK ncseen n-ar Granada, entered *.Lec:ty. Tcc lrocp< ieit vt de'ecd the p!so?; fanaylng ir< y were at?*cktd by a targe force, barricaded thom nelvts in the g ard hi use and another builuing m the I'isza. Oouridi rab.e iiring was kept up. without much >b? on eitbci' nue. Tne native troops entered the f t:t rsi s <|u?rterB, atrl Kr.,.ped It oi'everytblOK carry OK a~sv all L s pavtri, coTospont'enoe, fcc. rney also -1 <?< eued in deis;rovi?g and carrying oil a lar^o quan tity (in iact nearly an) oi the clothing, provisions, and &n.[ltaluon bt'orging Ui the army. Mr. I.awlutx, a^enl e' & New York house, the Kcv Mr. Whoeier, and another Air.can giutlonan. are (aid to bare been kille! in a bo.ire, thot ;b not crgaged tn tho tight A Mr. Priest, lau l otted blstes c inmernal a^ent st iao Juan i<el dud. and ethers, were taken pr loner*, lu the m.-aotimo a m>ir?nger was "flit to Walser with the lateLigence ol his capital ben g attacked Tbe mess ng-r overtook hioa tris Bide oi Ma-say a, and he :mmediatelV|returned. reach ing the city tte t>?me evfiiinr, but ti-d n*; tbe enemy t< r.e Geuerais 1'*. eJes and Velioto had stationed their ar",liery and tit* p*. st a certain monntain pms op tte Ixriiuio route, and were sure ol d-Jeatisg v.'slkcr hsd te attempted to lorce it. Colonel Bj n.i.a cLiercd Gratada witioni orders, and by so nc.Dg compelled Wslktr to retre?i to that city. Tarid's it> h>t:y InccLhed at.tbe loss ol a victory le de> mt'l tierlain, and will court martial Bo. ilia fur breach ol nroer*. and he will no donbt be ihot lie irport alio siales l.-?i few wore klllli ? c either side, acd that s'l tbe native troops bad retired Hlore tbo srr:\a! cf Wa'ktr- B/ the next steamer from i.iarsila ?e tba i probably learn the truth of the mutter, ??r ' "mewbat nesr iv 1 tena you a iticarai/unue. of ^Ttb ?. ? iro. 1? ct'Btairs n derrt-e acnii licg tbe aecroo of tbe ? nrti'i ent A?> tnbl> oi 1S39. wh . h jirovides that all tbe ?c s slid t ccrets ptnaed by the Federal Congrens shall < ..tinte in lull lorce snd iHi-ct. .-'iavcry was abolished by the lot ersl Corcre>?. an." to.s Is supposed to be an In. ft-ect w?y of re < i*bl thing it in Sioaragua Mr. fcouic, ol wtise vlfit to Wa ?cr I la'ormea you, ha? the credit d oou? U>to. Hm In it BBS oi newc cenccrning the to * *? aie ? < et. 7. Kaval Cadet Baker, of her Mtjseiy's iiuarr lapperieiiet, was buried in the Briasa caval pTi'ftii. ir shore, inh, the grand rowing regatta m ng the .n iae prirmpa .uha M'antu were In v 1i d i t; hi aid t-t >1 >H?tv 's st amer Arrogant by CtpUia l.ysifr. The b.irt ci ine Iinpcrler.'e was on board, and a nil [ii*Msll llw f .ci 1CU, the King arrived in bis yscti ii a vib . to lUe Ctntnl. 10tb, the des,>atch gia Loat Vicior left 'cr 1'crt Kc?al. ltta. tbo steamsi.ip Ton t'net. inm New York, arrived with 130 recruits tor W\ic>r ?L6 &o rasieucrrs 'or Cilifor:ia. lS>h, the . r Wtt lor Ulllt. Tbe Cossack is at Nav/ Bay, (u n) 11 c .mpcntaee itaves tomorrow, to cop- t l;? to B ceiie'.dt. Slaarty In Mrara(n*?KiivUiid * Intention* lonirat I In Klllhuafera. [J r m tbb I/it. on r'uat, Nor, 17.| fiit C'rtri >Bi<rc?o ' d'lrcutty,"it iir oisdmitted, i t?ij ULCihifor kl?> L*(tcl. fiia.-e c>*a,)ll rat. or biro ?lrrady ar'??-n In that quart* r, u * . the worn it' Mr. attl ituUM or aTproacotag ? ?ati*'* tory the;* ?*?." to grow Irom day to day more aal titre pf rpk'* of It t? no longer a q-ieauoa of th? cm atrueiIon tf i'?atl? ?at (Iran (or the present the MnMM (I 1IM II in abejaaca?eTerytbia* appear? ir? to ujxa lb* late of (.?bcbI Walker. A* to !. ? rlatc>* ' uli.Biale fucceoa we [return# to otlar lo opt < a War m at beet an iccortua cam'*, aa 1 more M p? r ai'y rcch a war aa it.u wbteh but ambition tin p-o reked But it * tmpowtbla to deny that, according n tbe lilui accounts from tte i-crne of action. lortiae la< c.xti i'/ I. a fide (>ar reader* are aware thai tie ptity r*pabliea wb'rb He to the north ??f X.oarafua fca<i- '? iced a coajloa again.*t Um tkclrenturer la qr.talloo rtgbl!y'urging that *oould be*n;re?d 10 flm'y (? b*.n.*ell la tee laat men'.;oae<l :*t?*.e. he wojtd int'calj att-n |i to extend b!a conqnaata to tbe Hex* caa irontier ]i ia to ba refretied, for the take or tbe (u ? ce peace of th?* Woalera world, that tbia coaluiiu baa trberto failed cf tuocoa*. Tie eip*. lion o'WaiWer to Nicaragua. an' hit necrpatmn of all authority, both c'rtl arc military were free* 'loiaiion* of u.iernat'oni> right aril it la deeply to be regrattod that more prospt aa I <fhoaciou* mete* wet* rat takrn by the*> Aman can State* fir treir rente >n pr*tectloa ag*inat *ach la# lea* outrages It i* anrpriaiaf ILat tbe laetinct >f aalf I ' dl '? Bi-: *? once awakia than to a wmoT ibeir datger Vtaiker'i poaitiaa. for m Dth alter bt* ao* are ttl i., c X"-ar?g-.ia waa preoarlaua la tbe extreme Itifeed, it wa* tot uatll after b.a |orernmaot w?? ra ro, t.if?d by tbe i ailtd Muti-a?a tup takea api'*rip*ly ?tih lie aoleilewof tLali'lnf tbe adraatorer to ItaU h a fto nd?tkat t,e became really forasl'U'iif. Tin t-ioral tCacn ol ttal rtfltfBlt'.cn were neb a* !; m la Ui.did lo produce, t idir IU *ac,,tioa adventarer* of rterj grliie taMais) f> Jo.a Ifcc dllb'.tterlof sbief ,'rotu ail jmri* of Inud etilea, ?a4 tan? f err. t uoow tail tecaioruat M Mali ci tsii* ?a3or to Hpa a. * jm H ull proceed'.rn thai country an ! at OitMd tnw mil la firab loitc retn'oi^rameof oir lealcr*. \ .?wel aa a wh'.t*. thi< Qlltiutt* rtrf laraaion of Vcatgua, * -1 tie leaslti tiiord u* ac n?uht into iba ptliiicwi Koralltr ot W.a Weaiera world wM^j it la imnaalsle tj ra<trd wittngi ctiaa t??? !%.-? tbic|?, wa heltara, eonU oot ?aba placa la aey pa*t of Laro-^wnay were a?,-?i aa ierpr.?? a? ital o< Waiker'n a*'eoi?ted, It aoild be oi d'tr.rod by Uia ' oan:tai .a r re of a! forcramaata. whatb^r do*"** e ir fr?? T> Sad n pare'.e: oa?e oa thji tlii? ot the Atlutic wa m ;*t f >?> ( to lie early mlddlo dfia. wb<B the Ma kia^a ru "d the ocean, aad retartlai inry ctu?lry upoa wt?.u tbij- uonld obtala a t/otiag u their .aw'ul prey Mtaowhila ibe great aad abae?b:9( qn?atio? which ar tale* t.Ke [ a.ted Matoa <* bow becomtog an ImporuiLt tea tura la the poitiirt ol Centra. America It i? i?-rH ?l 1 upen exirimely probabie grocada, that Waiker La^ 'd'aiKim bisiaeif wi b the elarery party, and laat be w'.lliake the ear teal op; ifiun'ty ol '*?etrodoola? tbe trato* itwia." a* ?' adrtii-ataa daltgbl to call It, .aw> tb? rotiatr'.ea which be ha* a< bject?i or may auhj4:t to hi* don r !'atary wa? declared W> be lilaraj by the Gaa ml atscf.ran Suua after they had :.<?? off tbe Spa'.nb yoke, and ibe law mn?l therefore, ?e altered hefora it naa be reatved ta-(hat quarter Toia ciattaftncy wer^i thai we roe* -liauj aati't;.?'?. pr' .ded w?Urr I* 'Btbted to hrkl hw groutd?a circ im? ?oea wh<eh. by ibe aat arr ra:*, ?o?? not *ietti ^i.te ro ta'tain aa aom ? ta*e*?ipna<d Ho owea hi* rtoofo'tina '-y the t o't?d M^iea to the a'.ar?ry party, who <ta<itxl?*? aaw to birr, a fit Iteri.p.nt for ext ndtcg their IBdwaoe aad prupacair..g .h>-.r new*. Tbef raine forward lo Li* a.d a? a very c'.ucai period la hi? caroer an l It la art prohaVe ibat nBtiar th? c..rcam?iaiieei either ha or ihey will l or gel *ue?< oliligai m?. We p?rceir?, tadee?, 'hat *obc ?l Walker'* Inttd* d?ay bi? pm clarory a, m fw h *. but w m*.?i hare letter pro<^ tn\n Ui> ir a?i-?* ?fwi? before ?? plw ? r*itai upon eu< i pru' i vi t Ibe tatereai* o' bMh the pMtld la ,ut?.i >u punt 4early .a the oopcjit* 'iraciioa li ma* be aaked wroiber we are not eallel npm to la Uflera lo Ui?we Oatral Ataerlnaa mtnp'i <?!???? bat we l>* i*\ i ibr qnraiios a?mita of a aiitpla rerdy F.l.baaV ' i?ti la no tionbl an aiarrrilng feature la tranaatlaalh: poll l ie, aad the ?tranre coa|i>lBalio? of dea>. racy and Mi r??y ,? < m.r.-Mit u? fnl ire mwhlef: b-it r*? lotif aa na at trrcpl i* n,a e to 'rnpiee the io*tlta>lo** o' tbe m rdl! re pabr ?pn? any proton of our dO!o:oii*a, we b?at eon ?i It b ih oar nterw! and ?ir honor by m%i.ita>o,og a rlriot nntralil; lo lay dowa any preoiae r : m ?a to the rtgbt of !nter**.:llin la foraigo quarrels la Mr f | ,mpr>r*ibla. F.rery Kate moat judge lor lt>el? la orUrir't. ? * I, >en t Ice ooitit* and aiic.b. In fact, ha* t'eao toe pra> tH-e of aatioaa up to the pr> *eai tiote Our iate rr'ta lb tbe cnt??t tow i?g rg in Ontral Amertea a?? tro retftMe and uncertain to emu * aa to lak? aa nitlre par' ia It W -I *M eoaftaa tbrt wa canaoi rngard tli? ! *i.lore with' t.i ap[ rebeaalon No <kj? raa tell to wba< in r ?e? unre* tbe ? uc<e?a of flll . i*ier *m ta t ni-a: Ar r ?* may l?ad. and a < <* t>rC e.rt lite tbe c.haaca* ar i '*ar to b* .? tat^r ol If uecea*. I n iar lb-*e clr | cur.-lafi-ea we ronat be prepar* I to defend our pwtaei I a,or*, wl ererwr ailnalrd aad by wh imroerer *l? i .ked. Ibepnilflyaf foraetaraace. wb:n earned to.i fa*-, a?tri??ina We haro, la the *<?!. carried thm pilns. quite tar ewo|b. Hap) II* there a a* y?t ao ground for artlre ial?rreTet)re. bet it ia our duly to watrl v> I the i regrea? of erert* and, if compelled lo act, to ?,t | ?lgcrou-ly and efTar tlraly INf Propna? H Rrnpenlng of lh?' Plate Trii?ti .Haloing the I'rtce of %??ro- i. t r.m the lAadoa Po*t. Nor 22 The rerrai icteaa of the pro-alarery partr I th# , ('Bird luteal a* led litem to adopt a lone, and n ;n dnige a apeeulai' n*. of a aomewhat aurtltag t -il I Bar ng won a rreai rrl^ry?a fbi-l wblih It t* impnoat a,a lo der.y?? hey are ar dTtly deiariaine?l t? ma- e the moat of ,t. Wa oufht arA b? a rprHed thai, onder ibe*a ?i"i.m?i nea* fn abo <1 expreaa?ibro*i#h their or faa*? tbe i rmiel det.ria latlos to uphol I their ferorto i ' tra* 1'itiwr m <t?fla*-t? of tie rnem'e* TB *? I ibe i'*? that roiiid bare bin ejtpee.ied f! .? we we,r? bard. It prepared to and that, aot Ma teat wfth mlatainlsg slavery wb< re It now eaiata, they are boldly seeking to extend It to I he ttoath m well m to the Weet. The late ol Kansas and tbe adjoining termor ue, we presun e baa been decided for tbe present by tbe eiccttou of Mr Bucbanan. Rut hla adherents In tbe Houth are Dot satlstted with tbeee reku'u Tiler look impatiently Tor further triumphs Their object is out only to extend, but to perpetuate slavery, and, tn order to eflect their purpose, they do not beeiute openly to advocate measures o( ibe moet unscrupulous?nay, of the moet criminal- character. It Is well that we should know what tbeae are, beoause we may be forced to roslst them Ii deed, we should be bound to do ao, unless we cboae deliberately to abandon our high position among tbe ration*. Tbe following extract* from American journals recently received in tbia country will best explain our meaning ? " We have more than once referred," says the New Or leans Vtlla, " to Ue seoessity of Introducing tltyery Into Nicaragua as tbe only means by which Walker and his followers could consolidate and perpetuate their new republic because, from tbe nature ol its climate and pro ducts, tbe As glo- American settlers were enable to cultivate the soil profitably themselves, and tbe native Btcrgrel Inhabitants were almost totally worthless as free laborers. We also alluded to significant assurancoa we had reoelved from authorized sources that Walker designed, as soon as he eoihlpn dectly do so, to publicly legfi'ze slavery within bis do mlLlonr, and Invite slaveholders to emigrate thither with their slaves. Wc knew some weeks ?ln:e that a decree to this (tlect had been drawn up, and wo now learu tn' it bas been promulgated. We continently pronounce It the wisest, most prescient and statesmanlike a:t of hie ad mlnUi ration. It It tbe one thing needful," &c. With regard to the decree slieg-d to have been thru promui?aud, we would observe that the position o1' Walker is as yet by no meaiis secure. Bis commies, w: !? stn by the latest accents, were still ranguine of su cees, and the Costa Kicans In particular uppea- deter mined to re?l*t to the last It no doubt gulu tbe vl*ws of Mh tympatb iters In tbe .States to sesame tust he has e* tabiibt' d a firm footirg '.n Central Amer ca. it. ? he has certainly not bl'-herti done, whatever be mav yet do. Bearing tbls tact in mind, let us retarn to the journal In question, which is net saUslled with ad vockt!n? the Introduction of slavery Into Central A merit's ?it explains to us, in addition, i*io mouo io wnicb tba may bo moet etf<ct.tally accouipliehed. " There is ajn ther step further along, however " it continues, '? mu<- - dlflicult. it may be. but scarcely lees Important, as? prime auxiliary in making the ilrst effe live? thit if. openirg Nicaragua to the African slave trade '' Another journal, the Carolina Tinu*, expresses Itself still more itroDgly upon this point. After referring to the decree ol Wallier, establishing slavery in hlj ko called dominion', it adds ?"For our owe psrt wc aru highly pleaded "tta tbe decree, tor wo are decides ly iu lavor of the rc op-n leg ol the African slave tiado, in order that '.ho price of negroes may be reduccd to such a figure that every in dcstiious poor man ma/ pti.-ctiasc aud ocxiuie a ilave bolder," &c. Such aro tbi sent cu nts already publicly expressed in the (lave Slates, and we mu.-t bear io mind tbu, in alvo eatlbg b 'ovival of the slave trade, they are sdvoraMn* that wt'eh the American law ha* declare 1 to be a e.rime ol the most hrinouR character. It ir upwards of thirty years itcce Congress determined to put down effectually the trairc'io question We learn from Wbeaton, tho latent Amtrknn authority on the law of Lations, that, n the year Ult, a law ras passed by Congress, declaring the oiler ct of importing Afiiean Blares to be puntsnatilo wltb death, aid that in trie following rear It wati declared to be puacv. Tho law, therefore, is more strlogent ,n tho M tea Sistes than It is io England, or any oibor country, slid although American citzen- bare, since tho period in qcenucn. engaged in tbo slave trade between Africa a"0 ether countries, they have been hitherto eiiectuaKy deterred rrorn carrying it on at home. A fesr year* since^ no cue could have contemplated the posf ivlity of a revival et this detestable traltic io the I'mted fc' ates. No one could have behoved that a great and en lightened cation, which bad not only renoanood it, but branded and punisted as marcerers such of its c'tuinn as ventured to embark in it, would so soon hare can - vasred tbe propriety of repea'lng the existing law. We do not. wc cantxt. believe that the American psople will listen to ro monstrous a proposition. Humanity and pon cy arc aliko opposed to It. Bat it is imt>oesib e to deny lbat tbe very agitation of tbe 'jueifon is ominous of fu tore iru?chief. it clearly shows that tie more advanced of tbe pro slavery party are disposed to push to th? ut most the advaatage they have a ready won, and tb*t tbey are ut eriy reck:c*s as to tbe means by which they seek io attain their purpose. In the meantime, tnoro Is one question which mast bare occurred to these advocates of a revived slave trade, ana to which we would invito tneir MVtM* ati-ntlon. Have ttiey made sure or ibo contest ol Krgitnd, In tbe event of their obtaining a majority a (. BgM r, to rejKal the law o; 18.0 ' We ban. pereived no reference to tb>? momentous question Is tbe ii^malr tbat bav yet *eache1 ut. and wo are not a tit le NT] tin d at the omwion Can I' be mpposed for a rao meut that nc ?ncnid be ludifltre't to the matter r Let not tbe men ot tbe Souti. deceive themselves upon tnn po.nt. I.t gtarl wi'l never c?n?c;it to a rovlval of the slave trade, her abocrranoe of it remans unm tigat-d and uncoi qu<table . she bts plmigel benelf to its sup by .nnuaerbbie I reams . sbi ba< oppored It by active h'utilities for i.fty yeais ; and she will not no* ahaLdon a [olicy whlrn bas, un.ier the ?rtcsslngs of Pro viiiecec, ba ? tbe etlcrt of extinguishing tbe traffic in every quarter excepting in tbe celcnits of We believe that > ranee i< <<iuaily in earaest m thi< mv.ter. Let the aen ol Ijouia'^na ar.d (Uro ina consider it.e?e llnrg?. 'ft. y may rely b(>on it that, in tbetr effort* to revive lao slave trace, tne eppon.t.cs or the Northern -U ct will not prove U .lr ooly ?'fll;uity. The Foreign Polley of Fr?H( r. (From tbe 1'ar.a Onsutu.tunnel, Nor. IT.} lb nai.uj! tie ClKerent jourraa published iu fcl.tropi, wc gr? atty l< ?r that lb pre tuai be growing up at It.? tri ) mt?t u tb? lorejro press, and ?vtc in puwis opinion, winch tbai press truus vc mislead. a very talae iJea of ttc general cbarecte.* ot our foreign policy. The mala reason, a* we apprtbenl, M. that, oo acxtuoi of ceru n pa**cu!ar tonoeuU and cerUla ser >ndary question*, vcoj..e hart completely foryotun what tbu general cbar actar bar t>?ea ever air ce 18(2 Wo think tuat If this Lad been W?tar remembered maay talae suppoaiUoa*, mail* eir-neoue lutcrpretattoas. many uojait"i\bie rata trusts. Kan ^imaginary l^ar-; ac* ma-.v rwr . na< ? na aa violent aa aajnst, might bare been spared. In fact, bar,eg revard to tbe elev?t?'l p tnt of vie* in whlcu the Ftnpcrcr'a rovennunt baa ct>n*utily plat-el lt?alfin iu relaitoa with foreign power* it night Lave 7ecn percslv ed tbat 'n lite sp?-t .a. and recent uiplrmat.c cirrumstaa cea aritirg subsequent/ to ihe treaty of Paris. francs Las aenrr oraaad to act aid apeak in ooaformlty wutt tbat elew. To bare borne th'* 'n Bind would neve enf Cetd to d ipel at once all U<e cloud* wbleb inreaU&od is u atuib tbe serenity ?! ibe political borl.-m tan it be aeoaeeary to obaracterlse this po*nt of view* [?o bo1 tie toretgn press an<i puoli-: opinion Kd * what It tat ilaa not Ectope appreciated It aa wall as Fiance b? r ee'.tT Tbe Knaperor a govertmen ba<i never bad any Otbe- tbotifb; tbat of eemag with a<i its power au . wl.n all m beart ibe general tMsrtsia or humanity an J civil sauon, wfcile at the at me tine cotnliatuig tli?e |?s<ial Interests w th tbe tenor and di*ahy of a great eooitry aid a great po> )'te, wb/b Loula XVI and Napa It obi nocreatvely raiaM'o tbe Ipgb'it p nnaele of glory, i Bui IMMd of pursuing tbla end to heroic but a . do ?? ;? thrown st alfouicr halloas?tnirad of pursuing > It rjetf n allcally by a policy of war and ronvne?t at rto l?nt and sxtreaM partita who, whether froau erroror pars1.' d, calculation or neiliity. would bar* org ?<! b:m oo to an at! < nturou* boirse w< uld bare dcr're I ? N i oleon III. judged It score *.*?, more grta'., more usc'ui, me-a btcrnrg, and, s^ove all, more ooclorrea^ e to tbe ideas acd na- brr> of tbe prcecrt ' .ne. to asatret&e march o; prrgrert la tbe world by a poll y of dirttiler^awtriet' a an 1 ttH.i. raiior ir?prt?; by astn ore ax. 1 prolound Uro of order aid Hura'a baa espcrtescad ths po \ v an I I trope hu ?era aa eaaa>{<l? of " Tt,.a pol y . I <i??tnt- reatcJaea and B'Mi'ral. ?, wbili bes?d la at. trivc^l maaaer u,x? aa t tea of order acd pnare. of deltuaiion aid bumari'.ty. does t. i exolsdc ttia*r energy or vgliaooe When It wi< loir a att'?tsary to preaerT*. for tb* futc.-e a?ea p.tre VLin for tbo |re?eLt. the ia<iepc?>lence orth" West, wt trbM il.e gore i meat wh < b rhowad the mo I fore ? ill ard Uc,asoH reeotuUoo Ibat or the Kaperor Wlh!i gorertiment shiwed tt.e moat in ^aino?whici-. wa- tbe first to nf* and tb'ow tt? a ?ord into tbe aoale o( U<e 4rftin.e? oft^earrw- Hgtll that of tie trapwof. W tk-D wu tbe |OTcrutr"nl that raa tbe great*-1 r.*k?, a?ke<i tor tbe Inast ati-.antag-a. ana ma;e tbe rreat--t wUmi la tK.e Urmidabte atrurgie wr.ich eade'l la the fall ot Mebaaiopo.- ?i am, tbat ot tbo Emparor 0) loag aa the war laetad tbe Fran-? or N.auo*oa II? inawad ttseif tbe worthy beir or u>e ?ra?t'-' ol H<?ary IV , l^ata XIV., aad Nope^oo 1 , and lo Ute tatnklios of at eye, tale France wbicb t . toe day before ta? beea one vast laboratory, b?v-imt wtMl abe ha? bcea a. arsry e.ocn of ber b atory- a At i teemtcg w th heroes. Ctruialy If la tb? bo<(r m uaater aad daring tbe o-xn bat any g"vemn<eat si"?ed iu?u fail or ardor a>il ea tbes'aaiti it waa tbat th' Knaff-or, ahtrb however, bad no b?ne:U to b(i,>? ijr from a trlcmpb, which, biw rnr br'. .aat coaki <*>/ ur<ui to it as atdltttaa. ray or git.'y. To wbom d'd IM trum >h < -ait mitt in blo^d ard treaallrt, Wa* it no. la Fraace, whoeo a-ma ware so fortrt<<?i'|e. and wfco bad a?. b a t^-gr part In the auooast, that lord P?lBi??*t? t', e*p"e?? great were tbe peteoaal bopea at ? 't b" tndalr?4 in iu case the war bad <-r>r,itao? ti eoui f. >. I aotbtn. bettar to fay thao tbat fj.?iaa?i wauld then oa.-e rvte.; u?re<- f to aa eq-tai foot iBg with I er ally )? Jt ye If an will call to m id day b) day a i the *? e?<l woriii w?i?ob marked tbe laatarn war, oar vtll be '??rc. d t J Mmit tbat oot'j bo ore and dcr t g ae at U aa a*t?r tM w*r. v ?.io:eon III. aer?r tor a aiagle .aaix .i eeast i to d s >'ny tbat sj-r t of moderation w'utrb ts th* sign erf atra 'gtti aad one of the CBarerieria 'm- '?stuff ? at his p > if;' beta faretirn and dom??tls Hal tbe l>r>ach i;'>r~i n waited It ai'gbt ea*lly bare ft need fr^ni tbta Faetarn *ar, an Eiropean rcvolaU rary war. wMdi?Ml>l at the mm* tin? hare belli a war o. cwt'i'.eet It a' l ?^>t doit boreuae it wottld mm. btcaast va f>>i "j Is ab^rca'i ui'i gs ap^ttcf of order aad t* ace, at. 1 l>eca ??; it cr. y r ? .'ta to ar nt *hen aa a u tfc'; cese a t?ie Knsaian war, H la nveaaary to defend with <it?l#trra- edti as a gen ral Faiopeaa lotere*'?tbe Itirrrst ?1 etrtlrtfk n prog rata acd bow* ty. If taa Ft p?ro> a g' ttdb l- ba< wa!i,<t, it i.itght have caaity paid r,.n t t i Rc??-a ?'y ai.vrdy doint ao^'ng to aw>p her f.ctoatbt'g ma'cb lir?Hi Ice East and no pnwer W' u d bat c a n? tt to reproach Fratije, ?or a1 'hat tlm" no r,?t in Xtr >pa, lot oti-n tbat af I/tiilOB. had ? tt >-gbt of at 'fog uer aga >et ibf aectj a ao'iilllfh "f t " Lr.*r Tii' Freaca gt?M irieM "Id ,i?at th? contrary, aiclttnf F iglaad a* t -lid, by Uie f*atnrln ol Fram e, to icierta-'e an armed cr'iaat" a*air't tn<* MWM MMM Ineee tbioga aho'ii t not be 'o'gTtten; an.i if they ??reno' fr-gr.tea, If people did too'"ri-et tbe maai't et ^ of tba energy and loyalty cf s v'icy *htrh wtille feei ng ttaet; airor. aMugti to lie ealat and a>'<derate. ha?rer?r 'tiled ta any real duty, ta aay kiaoMblt engageiMMM| af In anr really aerlojs iiiatter. tbey wcnli ,?> n- ra fear Its weaknoei In tbe heat than Its vtoleaoe in Italy, and its) adversaries of aP m-i of allnawatrVa might bare 'pa-ad i urope tbe ? fhtia- rpartaeloof tn<ap po'. mt a, as 'ojinb aa irr.tat I g. which ag late p 'tlle ofin on for nottnig Mltanre of fraaef earth Rnaale. Irotn l? Nor#, (Uie org*r ot K .as a ) Nor I" | Wto?ter i aa fo.lowfd erif. attfn* <m the maatfestat aa of iut!tr ot latoa by tb' riflermt orgaaaof tbe preee ?VM na?e teti strnek by tbe nnanimoos raproliat eia w tb whtal tbe acts of lx|*atd bar* tm.t raceitad cpn the f>et uer' Vi? w'lb i at to ?j *?k ?t>w if F-g aatf s!9ae. *>r ;a tfce dlffloaltlsa of Use moment Austria aost be viewed (a lbs light ml a lelatlvo Importance, havtag borrowed iU aut re strength from the policy of Great Br aln If we except the Vienna journals. waose judgment la at least suspicious, liasmuch as they are bat Judgea in thoir c?n cause?tt we exempt *ne ouly French organ (f> Siti-U,) we know not oae journal ol the s'lg hteet ctiaside radon which hits not pronounce J in strong language sgainst the domineering tendencies of (-rent Britain. The reason wuy Lt Sitcle has had the degrading cour age to declare itselt the partisan of tbis insular policy is not a secret?It proclaims Itself evea to-day : It Is simply because it Is revolutionary lt likes the Kngllsb alliance. It flatters It, tt wishes to tamtllarize lteell more and more with It, because It hopes to obtain from lt the re-estab lishment of the oppressed nationalities, and a European revolution In the opinion of It Su\it, the English alliance will aot be good unletr brought to that result. What does Austria think of lt f

That it is an act ol justice rendered to the publicists of the eontlnent. Tbey believe that the questions raised by England are not simply Russian questions, but Kuropean questions, and that they put In peril the very principles or ?"'cal rights. They porfectly comprehend that an In on ot the treaty of peace, premeditated on the part or England, will give, sooner or later, to Russia the right of supposing Itaeli altogether freed from the numerous stipu lations of the f ane treaty. They comprehend In One, that the pretexts put In, in the ttrst Instance by Eogland, are but aggravations of the wrong?their futility Is so far evident. It appears. In effect, that England is reduced to the necessity of looking out for some cases, however few, to magnify to the public "pinion of the continent?such esses even evidencing the faot that the real views have been carefully dissimulated lor the purpose of disguising tbe actusl objects at which the parties themselves aim England would not. of CMnr, c<n;uttnanri' tinae <>t> jects If they were clearly unveiled. To arguments she opposes lojuiles. She replies with bad fait n to tbe :*p peals made to her tidelity, and oombttH by intrigue the etlorls idm'. are mudu to bring her to an honorable and pacific unilersliinoiDg Her policy is a mixture of erotism, of jea'ousy, or cov etoutnesB, ol hatred, of audacity, and of lalsehood. Hti" irnes upon the prtaclple that tbo whole world was made for b?-r alone: and, Indeed. It l? sa d that, in the ei'tber ance i f fc< r pride she sometimes lmsp'nes lbs* tbeworH Is p'aced under ber txol?-lvo governmoat. .Vow taat i< an error. Kven row we must believe that the joyous bsast'ogs o' the linden joursais have a real c*j?e?that tne Koglisb policy had prevailed?an<i taat France, or rather tb? Kren:h govenment, jiurtinc to tbe of Lord Pal merrton. had marte tlio ariun<le iumorabte lor t!ie taniua;" held by tbe semi-ctUcinl press of I'arls. and that 11 btd entered into a folema uriga^omeat to protest no more against tbe iniquities, put o.-tiituro. of their good ally Ntver bad the *n< nit been more complete or the mitaaoo more con l*i ! And upon that, with a clamorous voles the Lonloa journals c lcbrate the hanpy pr. sneer that r>pnns baton ?btm?tbe relgc of security and o:' peace?Kurope hoae# torward can rcpoee In tiaaqullllty?her interests are pro tecttd. Tr.e insults ?e<I ipju ies against Russia, are howerf, still kept up; fortbece bullym* j lurnaU, in O der ti satisfy the gross i osiies ol t e latlon U amour frnprt, must cou tim e to tnsuit some one or some'.hing. Those injuries and thoso ln*ults, however, ean riocehe no person on tbe continent. They cannot bs mliuico by ibe people of Europe feneraify for the truta, inasmuch a< tbe qiiestirrable ability of the Kuglinb .piurr.als to eouoev truth by imputlrg all kinl* of evil is universally admitted It Is very well known vrba' are tbe interests involved in tbe At'glo French alliance?it is very well known whxi lntert.-tn sro vaiuab e and wba' sentiments are rep'n? naat to the two peoples. It Is well known that tbe armies ol tbotwe natron* have ombatid together a casaoi ) i ehemy without bong r.t tb? ,-im: time friends; and it 1^ very well known that the peace has not tended to Increase be'uceu tbe two peoples a l.-aternltv which tad no rrw: link to bind th?m together, either upon tne Held of battle or In that policy wbich ha- made tbem for 'he occasion a lies. It is well known that fie publt; sentimeito' Fr*nre conlemcs and brands the pollcv of Great Britain ? i's subterfuges, Its Infidelities, and its Insatiable civnt oufr c*s. lt is vi ry well known tbati! t.lerc bNai ance natural lor France?:t tnere is an alliance whi^h I# trt'y nsttonal, which hais the real ana lively sympathkt of the French people?it is an alliance with Russia, be cai"e France h<ars in Russia an echo ol its own hoao* snd of tts own loyalty. It is well kcowa tn a France and Rursia cwrnr naturally t->gether, while it i? mo-t diffl cult lor KLffiand and France to march wi h p?<"eo*. naa clmily. The dtirus'-Dns and the rr-,oliUi>LS the las> few <*aj - hare amply contributed to prove the truth or this feet 1c toe thecals upon lb? con'tneot?and from this fact coictF all the %ng"rand sptte of the hoglitb nrrnas tcrvt the policy of the Oabltietot ^orti l'almerstou?then i upen the continent a conrctlon, '.nst.octtve, if yoa will bat at the satce tln.e profoun .. which aayr. ?" 1'ne alliance between France and R issia is made It depends to more npon governments to tr>ak it. The Cabinet of tbe Tuilerics, no more than the Cabinet of 8t Petersburg, will net allow an attagonUin between the two nations to be cristed." For the moment tbti is all that we ask, and il is all that wc w sh at present to state. Ttlrgrsphle x-onimiiiilCHMon between Knr; loiitl and the lulled States, (>n the 2tfih ult. a deputation lrom ibo Atlant'c Tel? graph Company, executing ot Mr. Cyrus W. Field, No* York, Mr. John W. Brett aad Mr S. Statham hal inter vie** with ttie Kan-bust-r Chamber o Commerce au 1 the Manchester Cor. mcrcial As'oaia'.lsn, for the i urj<o4t ol explaining variouu matters connected with tue pro ro^rd nnderlakicc. IVllKVinr WITIZ THK CIIAMn: H Of COMUHKCE. Tiit scaling ol ihr ( bamUer *is boil id one oi tbe c> iiiirttue loom* of (be town 1 fall. Mr. T. Bit ey. tn I'ru'xi Bt, occup.tU the clur, aad brktly luroJucoi U>? dCpLtalltD. >lr C W. Field ?*id bo koked upon the enterprise In wbicb be wet engniea ai oce m which the men oi Man i hti'tr. er. well e? a 1 o'.hert occupied la maautactarloy r commercial purtulti, duu 1?h-i \u Internet At proent <|M p* Impel cmef of^pe and England, a? we I at thoee of tbe I tilted Hiatea and Brttwb North Aienci, were cor>n?cted by telegraph I nea: and It only NWNI to lay down a wire bitwecn the cn-?u of Ireland nail New foundland. Oareful souadlnga tor tbe purpoee hat been nude by Lieut Maury, under tbe dlrecinn of n? I 11:101 .-UU" gccercmenl, ana tbe of tbe ocean bad been fotcd to coDelft of one uLlf.rir enbitaace?a in i?a ot ?belle (o nifoele ttiat Ui'-y could ?eiy be Keen by tbe nit ot a BH-rcacopc lh<?" eouadlagt proved the enate >ce o: a kind of plateau, which eceu.-d m IM been MM lor tte very pi"po?e of laying lown a lelegrapbi' oabl 1, thcrbeny malum being rooi.i, ed Uie wnole dutuace fpti imeLe o the cable p opoaad to be laid down bad been ci.bmttted t<> many of tbe mort dlatiegoktbe<l rar^aeere In tbia country. Including ft phenaoo Brunei, R tiler, Clarke axd, aa well ai to VIr. Hre.i. whj ob taietd the (* nceetioo lor the 6r?t to'ooirui? telcrraph oumreny e\cr formed, aod to Mr Suilmn, wbo had or ecu d more t tre tt?n any one ?lae in the world tn inula*, mg copper wi ee for ?uhotart-ie purpoeee, a?J they allagreeu ui thinking that 1. would ana wer ill pnrpote, anil tbtithe k hemt wa.t perftuly practicable ihe p.nfout who wore piomot'.rg the listeria* ng bad also been ?o?uc ctailul In obtain log tubrc yttooi, th at 00 Tueilay they (are an order for the coaafruction of the e.itire length oi cable ri'i'ilrad for ihe dutao'-e betwea Newfojailiad ant. Ireland. tbe contract Map taken by M 't?r* ICup.-r k Co., I/.iidio: Me*?rr. Newal' h Ci , Newc tttlf o*i Tjee; and tbe 'iattu Percha Company, London The cattle wax to be completed, and dopoeiw-t on board a m ail l y tnn ijJat May e< xt tn ot>:*r that 11 miir>it t>e li d down durii k tbe t . ?-??edirg tr. >atbe ot June aud July Tbe I tjlitl) ft wnaN-ni Lai acted wai the utmoei iiural.ty. It l|?'< airtady dircrto.1 a reeeol to biaen*. out at ita own t ? make fnfthur and thor.i ign ?fctidiagt, an t to nair.tno the nwu 0 if,and an<t New fcrn'llanl. with t'u" *i?-w to ae'<>ct the ten 1 pltivw for lahdlng the oat>l*. It t at alto agreed t > guarai<t?: an In tarrtt o IMW per cc*t ; <?' aaouoi I a tbe < ntira aino r. ft < aptt?l rrqulred to naijular.turu and lay rinwa thac.iK Tbe wey r whicb It t* propaa?l to<0 t!>M waa togtv- 114 company ?14.000 a year, ?t: h waa e<|oat to 4 porr.^nt pror.tled tba ahvekoiat r? did not rec?.ro mora tuin <1 per cent, m wt lib ca'<' It avoid only pay at t ie ?an>? rat< a> ptleate MlvM?alh He buiie-ad a!*o 'bat the Rrttlib gOTatBment wrn>d erea go turtbar, ant f<iral*h ihaoiei pany wiib ?(Ifcla for laying down the cit?l* tr.c of a: y charge la l.ircrpoc/.. b?ea ram w?ra ty ^npfioftwi: np to the pre??oi.? nig'it tbe tu>i 'npuoa? n tbe towa >.ad amo uiic l 10 ti3,ovo and It waa ai prrted toa' U.ry w>uld be further IncraMod, t> lite eaieat rf ...O OtO. Ia?jla?gow, alan, great ini?-r*et waa maa'.tratr 1 'n it, and tbe Lord l'r.iro?t bad ra'led 1 ???t lag of tbe prine i?l merchant, la nrdar to raotlea ,n (iplaaatlor, Itttn one of ibe pro;nvera of the uader taking A1 nnn ai the re<iatrrd capital waa obtalaad. the tbarebiMert would be oaMad together, and wooIJ rlect ibetr own director* ?*? ttiat th>y n,:ghi ha aiaarad that tbe undertaking wa> not la <he handa ot aperulatora. Tta> it wr.nid prtiT? a prontahl" taml'rtr.t to -a eo iid be bo doubt. With lh? prra?>ot ayatem af lelng'aphlni, they roald traaatnH through a tingle Uaa of wlrea 14 4C4 word* erery 84 hour*, bat wl'Jj the c>4e whteh wa? being prepared tbey woule b<< nnab'ni vo iraaam't at lean . O.OtO worda wi'bln that time hrtweea Roropo aad America The chart bu>cera would tbemaeieaa 1 ? e to what would tee a rovmiM' ? i?rge fir tr m -nW ttng a meerage aeroea the Allartic. b -amg In mt>?t Uiat they oauld not at preeent wrfw a letter aad reoalra ao aniwer Irrm New 'i ork n te?a than iweaty daya. au 1 frirn Ntw <>rietui* ?n lee* than twice that p?r1ol mmy per-on? m'.gbt atrert that the a< here* waa elatoaary, teat the tame waa at one time aaid of cmealog the At In ?t?ariifra Tba Teat waa aererth?ltaa am-npijibrd then and ha bellernl U.a' a MllMltM tbrra were na er tin.' rag or oihir dircuitl< a wbvrb cool J not be over rome. Mr. J Pa nr. who .a ao well knewa ?n eomeeWoa with ?ohD-artae telegraph ea*t eco?e la anpport at ibeaebamo It wan nadrntet-dly a wort ot g>e*t magattai* 80^.000 milee aaii upward* ot wire ha 1 to be pr-pared In ? re * mratba, tent be tee 1 ered fteat it would be and t?at ttee aammer of 1W7 the to e/ra^h (emfhiinicai'oa betwfa tbti eoatry aad America would br f otnplaled Rot not tm'y wa* the ?y*tem of ?oriimualea'kin being rati add 10 the ? eetwa>d ; It wa? being carried fc rwaid with er<at raHdttfM the ea?t lur't g tbe cowling yt-er, Maltn Ot?rf . aad Kfyp. would wr.uld fci joinad in I.oador and wltbla tare rear* he ftf.ecte-i that the IIoe would l,e exveadel t.i lT<ia In ihe laid r tm atry 4 o?t' mi1^* of trlegrapb had alrmidy he?ti er'ct"d, and 8,000 more w?re not la prorreae Tlia I ntt'd -tatea gOTerar^ini hvl raivntly reie^i*d aomn ef the tr te??' effirere to maae lorlher eouo'lloga tn the At'anttc. at d t^a tbatr Mr leal in Ireland a abort Mm ?tnoe, tbey tn'ormed t'r * Id th-?t their optairm war erea more Favorable than teeft re ae to the tult*bieneat of the plateau tor the rroerUoaof the rabie Mr. F mi, 'n atawcr to qneatio ?, atai' I that the Brat ronnd'ag- ma<le tn llW were not for lay pvrpoae 00 nrcted with tbe laju<* d<-wu a tei'grapb ; but Lieutenant Mai.ry waa even tuer. ao much ?trn'-.g with tbe *?'?aordinarT nature of the plateau that he deaig Bated tt ' the telegraph p ateaa." Tbe per one latar??ted la th? company , wLo had ap?at year* ta o'j taming "iciu'lve r'(hta and 1 3eeMu.1t, had Cflnaent'd m rweitr no < impearatloo util t', nharahMdar lud recrtvei! a lei, per cent .ti?, leu t re their n >oey. aad ub III all the working e tt'?n*''* fce<" bc?i 1 ieerrd off a''er wt rh they woalit ???' "te ha i of the net pr0fitatM?n ?sdtapoa* ,l of. Ti,e cap tal r?' t-. ?nanira> tare an My oowa tfce table wa? a' flr?t e*nm\ted at Ct, u t0o out ow ng to tbe g"-at ron oeut.oa (or the coaatriictton 01 "?erabe there la-' Vi?en a oc,n? deral e re-.oetioa la ( ,' ? t ar d etroag wt 'an- ? ' bad alto bt;a g m by par ?on corrected wHh tho Brttlcl) govern meet, that It would plnco ut tbo company's disposal two *u??el? lor laying down tbo wirea. Id this u*sa, thJ actual cat for tie completion ol the undertaking would l>e 1??6 tbiu .C'ZjO,* WO. II they only i alcnlsted upon son<iii>g #0 000 words per i'?y. it would give Uvm i,oro menaces of 20 word! each, after allowing ten w<rtJs for tbe a Urfsa, f?tn ^sd signature. Tbo United States government bad aot l>om arkrd lor any fi.arai.teo yet. but they bad grauMd everyiblnflbatbadhitb. ru> been wked. At tho satU'J time tbo ^-hareht Iders uuit not re. Icon upon rec jiving any g uarantee from it. because the oom|iaay aii^ht out perhsps obtain it Tho charges lor tbe traas:ut?ai';n of messages bad net yet been tixod; but bo (Mr. Field) was not in lav or of their being hifh. When once the etbie wan laid down tbe; would Incur no expense beyond the ?ui'port of the establishment at either end; anl It wan therefore desliable that they bhojld keep tbo wire em ployed during tbe whole of tbe twenty four hours. If ihuy could not get a lufflcient number of mestages at ?2, he would receive them at ?1. or even at 10*., and rather than bave the wire unemployed, bo would come down to tbe pent y postage system, Tbe Chairman, on behalf of tbo chamber, thanked the deputation for tbe statements they nad given ; alter wb! b those gentlemen leli, and proceeded to tbe York <bauibers, where tboy oat a<> INTERVIEW WITH THK MANCHESTER COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION. Mr. Jamjm Ahpikau Tr> mw. 1'resident of tbe Assocla Hon, occupied the chair, an i there wis rather a nimar r ns attenoance of members. Tee deputation, naving been introduced by Ibe chairman, Mr. Kisu> recapitulated to a great extent the statement which ho bad msde at tbe Town Hall. In answer to questions, be said it was proposed that, wbeu tbe cable was completed, it should be taken !n two vacteiM to the ventre of tbe Atlantic, where the ends would be o >u Dccted, and the vessels would then proceed respective v towards America and lreluud, paying out tbe c ib ? M the rate of Iroos eigbt to ten miles per hour The month* cf June aud July bad been seleitod, because dnriug tk >t portion of the year there were scarcely evur any storm In the northern part of tbe Atlantic,, I'ne strengta ef tbe cable had been tested with four tons, and there was no i'oubt tbat It would answer its purpose Id that respo-.;. When laid at the bottom of the oooin, it would in time be come entrusted; but this would In noway Injure it The cab o wss composed of seven copper wires, covere 1 with turee separate layers of gutta percba, over which was bi' bemp saturated wnb tar and ether muteriaU, tb? wtolo being enclosed in 12e Iron wires Even if toe oitstuc wire became detached, u wf old not a;i?-t tbo oondiifttlog wire, as tbe gutta pereba In wbich tbe w en we, oped was lndtstruc:ible In water. Mr Bkxtt mentioned one or two instances In wbich anchors and other iron articles, long immersed iu <va*e', bad become covered with a solid mars of'MMPM* : and raid It was not at all Impoealole, in the course of tiai" tbe cable wblcb they were about to lay down between lrelsnd an t America might become encrusted some lea in thick ncss. In reply to tbe chairman. Mr. Fin.r> stated that the great ? et depth at the ocesn was ?.< 70 uihoras, wbicn w*s wltain 13 ml<os of tbe centrc In order to ascertain thai the eiec trt?. current coulo berooveyed through 2,t 00 mile# of sub marine wlre?, experiment* wore mc iu several weeks ik> on the l.n?s of tbe Magnetic Company betweeu L>u con slid UiD< h?Pter. Ten wero united, ted at'ier tbe usual business of tbe day bad been done, Profe?,or Morse, Or. Wnitebou'o, Mr. Bright and himseif I d> Field), spent the whole nlgbt l^ooud'ic'.lng e\(?crim -aiK which resulted in establishing b yoml a doubt tbo pr? tieahiltty of sendirg mesiages that distant e and it 'fas h well known fact that thero was much greater in subterranean ti au with submarine wires. Various doubts bad bten at diflerent times raised by scientirtc gentlemen as to tbe practicability of working toe t"ie graph arrets the Atlantic, t?ut be was not ?? ???. of a rtngle instance in which those doubts bad not ?ren satis IsetcrlU removed. Mr Buftt dated that tbe cable which be haj itld down In tbe Mediterranean, where tbe bottom wai very ureieii. weighed eight tots to the mile; but tbat ?bl<n woulu be laid dowa in tbe At actic wou.d not w> igb mor? il iu ton per mile. R< twren Dover aid Ostend, a-id Invir and Calais tbe cable was a'so ncavy, owing to tbe frequent anrh irtug ot vessels and if, as 're qucnily bapptned. tieanchirs caufht ibe cable, tbfy were held so last tbst tboy L^d to be cut away from tbe vessels Tbe remarked that the difference of ttm" Wo tween tbo two countries, of about ttve hourr, va> ? freat silvantage. Mr Kauri tatd tbe precise eltl^renre wss four boars *0'ty-elf bt m'nute*. Kor ouo i ottion of me day tbo wira would bo ncrkrd from Aweaca, aud during th. o'.ber porlit.n irem KrgUmi. Mr BhKir s'?te< ihat irn"merable experiments bat been BiM'h by Dr. Whitebouse respecting ttie ourreat c. tbe e.'rcUic iluio, and be wss tow >>naD:e<i to g'?e tbem to tbo buodrectb or tb-jusardtb ctri ot a seooad, bo? loag It woold Uke to be cooveyet acro>r tee A Isnl.c He bad alro lnventeo an instrun oat lor weighing the tlu'd Mr Id said ir e time taken to Mtm the tluil through two thousand miles ol wire was leas than a quarter o: a ?eiotd Mr. Bitrrrwiertirned tba' Mr. Field bad given hie ch-c* for tilt 0C0 towards tUe unilnrtakinc, and ttia' toe toi ,i smuoct SLbsriibeu by Limiel- and nts Irl n is ?a< u.i waios ot ?100,(00. No (.iiimoi. of thenapltal woull be cailtd lor unless It was absolutely rtqubed, andbx i.ot? a tbat tbe calls would not ez -e^l If s. m tbe round. Mr. V. K ti (vice president of tbe a'?(ciatica) propojed a vtte el thanks to ibe deputation, sud expre?s< d h t be M tbst ibe nteMttf woulu jiroie remunerati .-a to the shsreloliliT*. Tbe motion was a<conded by Mr. K. W. Wood, and agreed to; atler tne drp.i st>i>n rrtlrert. lDVEBTlSE5ltNTS HtJUJWLD ETKIV i?\?. I'lLKMO/ti. A I'lNK FKMAI.K I II1I.D K> 'If ADOITm OVK XY ii ' eld. t-aJI ?' .>l Ur, l aid attitit ui lh" b.aem.-ut iDoinoif.-AWT inncuHJ FAvn.y drkir l\ niiim adnatltf a Bn< hen hv -t .1. ri.ld. >?r ?? und hn trb pvnh r*B baal nl on>' ti? ft *lag iii I'* HI If. , ?*ii n nihM, 1?'. i wMtjr ??'tonili ?' bctwuM It uil^.k a\a . thiid Ucur, froi.l room, for ihin; day*. 1FLAWTRR RKXSIW'K <NF> THO'R TWO ot *1 I Ci r? Will> klis. Bun.' - i?l U?a ConiiT>laa>omir'a ?31e Oil* oiorotng. hi S) o'eloi k, lba? will ruofar a favor upo i INFORMATION wanti:i??OF JOHN .1 KCRPav, I I>MluiiiMt? ('ttelifoii, i?tiM)r of tort, Irr wil, afa.> < >u if Ji'tui Jualiim ? .urphy, of |iri)iu?1 inn a, r i inli n! i'o ?. lialaiid. by btabrnlbi ri Pa'rRl aud .levin *h Murpht. it net to bos 125. New \ork llarakl, 1'alitofiii.i pt|"'r* |il".-<? ca?y jAVlf-KXIX I* MAD KP-TOO CAN F.RAVK W!*H Blf? ANO BO*Klt. ? Ui?t i* ?o,'hit la ao; y< u <!"<-? ,.?'! u? ones biTo a ilutn in too To MtlMr,TM*b). .1 o'clock, that i> * that U ao. jfniru.' ?r, 1 will be go 111) Spot, tb*' la mi, i?a> HKROCTKE-! TTHtRRK M *T r,\RH5KR OP KlViWOV !,nr*r ft rd tlil? wutar I'lraaa adirraa Vmirn, -fci-o..,'j ?i?a Hr na'l* ay ft ?l i idler. MAT. T1IK! H'llOllfil. N'hW VOIfK KIHK IlKPA II I MKffT MI^IIWU i if KK prCti blattVCK, Monday rv? -.inf. h Ir '.iiii Anil C*r?ou KaguU- TU ktt. Fur TIN PreaMet.'^-JoKn Uiilalnm ti'r.ifni'iijj-Rin. A Wn dh'iJl, ol Hoar 3ft. I'or I r?-aaur*r?lot n f Hi.aa fur I ?il rrlar?Ii.inli i I'ur. r. I rwri'ln of tli- abote I kit' axe ra-nifi'd 10 be pans n \' at Um- ?rrlliig. DKSTUfKl. A RTtrif*Ali TKKTH -I.ORR of TKRTO ?F1'Rr?IFR /V iiiin.Tmiaf.lar.ini. 'ad w??b drntnl ha ? t Swii II.VI iited by R rillHIXQ di-n'.?" 1X4 I'ir.<l a'rr. i ?. i tlii F?i i i* a Bar k buildirj. O hi iirti < >al trr'b at b?l? tba uaual prtco. Dkntistrt - \u. who havr mtx r**o*n notr in ii A fi lilac a ?WTt'-*li! ? ?t?l '??* itifiil aK ' ??#th an- tn?lt?d to rill oi HFMlV I!.0'CUH1II| %< . -! Bi'Adoar and i ? I'r-nlahi-i ?nh |Krfni WMMWa ri-?"t ??traci?J without pain l?f kia Itllpmrfd iwthoil DKNTIFTRY-P* R. fl. IiPIIKIX r?vu. > anrk air*?t -oiil rumliiT l l n*? 4K -4TMI a-i ? tlr.n 10 and <?? aafn #in?rW-W' ll?i vf ara n< with U>* raw aort liarmiMa I.MiiiliiblatI afaiil. J ri ?< u a . ? i pain Prx an sudarato. trmit A>n r \rt?A!. skt# ny TKi.T'i ox ?oor t? f? and ai'var plai? arknon Irliral to ba MmM Nl ?nrvd all' B ^ K RR >? of i-a Hmadwar frnvr^f lln .<? .i ?tr? -' Kk.ui No e t'otrfuri anil utility w irmo'"l Vhtvgr* nxidrrair. Otker dcotlata' o. ?nt? ranaadtal riTK ART* A UTS -ANTORt'J S1I.VIAS flRKCl AJf VAR r Itlph ia wnrrama I to rli ?r ?I> i tifrai nir for aatn'ie tn oafikotu fa.I tnaii tMttoca ta itwian piMmrm cnnan\ aa'ti bfi'tla. B> it la wnnderfnt ?rt tb# mmi ma/Tiur.'n' "i r>a.nti1?K" ara p-udurad ^p 'IniriH Ami Maw M rarMA Maold. r.RATtiR, 4TT Br<>fc way, Ai ant Prh* 3C ra:it?. MIJ. NTI.I.rVRRr, AtC. SE mi-LHtBKT (lOfHVF. ' K T HtTJ>R, >' am! a John V ?at. KJT.K nn.I.lbKBT QOOKfl, Niraw (fonia HI* and fat f bnnK?, f>rf?? aai ? and bamt ilpaaa^a Pi*t cb ara. f<?tkar< 1 Vv A aampla!" atork of ika utxnr in-?Uci.ijan t / a.i iMlid, an* tar a*.a a' tba inn aat marka> nah na FA."Wl(t}f? -Rim PR*ORRnT i? HRtvart irtuR*, "V, ( aaa. atrw t n, i? . ?'an-t*a aaaoi in,, nt if n?tt ? anltad In tha fa" aad>nn. la"ladlaff tba* WattHadpM baa. na u> ha had aal) at tbia aalablwhim ni. *.iparta'ar 'ad by Mm* ttaotlall n \ 11. ?t? ?? IMM* TRR AHVF.cfr.-RR IWr>i-iti.K t\ M M", alit'bli ?nd >la\?*ntly alt' .? I wl'bi i n- ? *nwar, fm'l an 1 vas?'*bla fai'i'n-. urni . Ilka a^y rt ivatura ?aa ralioad wm> r? aad a?tn<' aim-'* ?, o fi rm and rarnainnl* a b"tna and haopt 4rn aa'i? ? i- , mrb i .ia?f??a'P !b?ir nwr apartaai wt ?" tr? f ')? thrnfin ? 1 <-n tiafMdlnf rirflraand a> #ally rn# j in? tb "? nn'1 .| ?..i till -aer. atl! | ?al? -a with 'ln'ir frirfli'a la 'hf- tr ta m i- nf < '.ri-'Tai friai ^ahip A i nri p>in.'i i ?? . t ai? a h i ,?? 'a'iv n? abi.te ('?BTibad tbf'tifk'n? f'na?aant|?r( I' ? ofti-,.. A. Si<\M iR. Matrix ??hial.?a*\n, \ if,n ot R?a Jiraaj, wkob a < >'0il for Uli' ??' iiti 'n vaara, agait tlilrt* fva, jioa-aa-inu Mioaav. w ?'iaa r> .an a rnnaapoadaMa ?hb a-nia f.wa laVn fioriar"! ytian ?rtdow wi'h a *iaw '? niau.i.inr,y; mnat hava nma fnaila af bai '? n friad af flriniaaH ? ti' mi 'da- naalpMi r>! t M IntaUartaaJ'.y. Addta?? M. Maana Rab?-ay. M. ?? Jataay. I? ili>ARW, Bn.llARP 1 ARI.KS Vf iR H?IIT TWRKR F1P?r r a.? armed l>aad btll'.inl 'of m a rh.-an. Arnlr tn AI V 1A S 1*1 R t . UAWR ? N< K, .147 ['r'uvi anv. rfrrnr o' f r? rard atrw*. ?'rri'*??*iF or Rir.RiARD?' bt Mf-WAn, pntr 1 itn. with i!>i'?tia'loaa ir?t pablMbed PrtaaJ] at ieta aria* r aa ar. -aralfit nl pri a, b? O'tJOWRl R A r>rR btmard fc b't?akara, t:; ?anrre i, N. r TH." WPI'HJS IEAROH. A TTUFT..i;KBN*(I,? TONIGHT, AT ?;? O'CLOCK, ?i Kiv. k.H ? hapta's tMture ob "Co'iimb'!*." A*nns slon ?3Cetits. Tirtits 'orsal* v tha prui:itm okst'.-j in P roadway, fi.ijc :'? Bowerj 1). ''wipe's, 91 kniton -Tc', h.-M k.'.vi>, anu a' the door. MBRfASni.d LIBRARY ASiWTIATION the iourth ? clure i>i ..Be eo ir?? belfr-5 this --tmcialion wtii he ric! if nl ( U <? e ji 'K a: Clinton 'iali, at 8 o'clock, bv Rev. KraocM Vlntim, |*.; subject, "Tlie went: im," Tickets 6U Cents: c?n timl at 'ho four. !? Ut)\ I) K; t)H, Chairman Loctu: o OommlBee, 'PHOM.A8 KBAN 1.4 M/.ACHKK I Will d'-ilve.-an address on KOTaL'I K BP 0B1.IC aNION, tUEol'K AMD ASCRKIo'A, Before the "Young Men's P'inooratie Union Club," %t the ACAD.TM Y OK MPSIC. O.n Tdbsuav Kvbkino, IHmkbeu 9,16M. Ttike'a J> c ut*. <'an be obtained at th ? Bustc htorea and at lb? door tf the Academy. Private box a will be reserved for lauies and gen Utm. u acioua a.ii 'u? thorn, without Mtra eba**?. 8. W. CONK, President. Jobw B. White, flecret&rr TICKETS for TUCK AS francis MBAGHRB'S Lecture At the Academy of Muflle, On rueaday evening, Pee. V Can be obtained at TTAT.I, A PON s mimic store, 239 Kroadw it. music store, 4U.S Broadway 1)1 N WIUaX *4 book store. 151 Fulton tub tt/kk~ CKNTRKVT(,:,E COURSE, L. I.?TK1 iTTINO,?(TUB lust great match of lb.' season.?Monday, December8, >u 1 <i citx-K 1* M.?Hatch *4.000, mile heals, best turee lu live, Ib harness ? Daniel Pii!er name* br. g. Brown .Siek; Simoel Mcl-amghlin names black s l.atiee'. The prou*ietorI'etlicob fli'tnt that the above rac?, which I* likely to be the l&ft, will bo the very bent of ihe teuton, aa boll) htrtne are coins better and rn.l'rg fa^er time Id their trilnlrg than tu?v nere ever known to have mide before; ami he can ?wirethe public confidently thM ihou'd the weather c-intli re t'u, orable unUI the day of the race " ."SO wlM bo beaten every beat. The bet UnK is about eves on the result JOKT, CONKUW. Proortetor UNION COCR^HS, 1,0NO ISI, VND.-THOTTING?ON T u en lev, I'e- !). at 1 o'clock, I*. M i ni?t*hfoi-$1,000, mile heat*. befit t In 5 in hut .lohn Duly n*ine?i b h. Herman. WillU h. -irony names b. h Young St. Lawrence. To come off ru i> or si loo $ H A \V A WHITK, Proiirieiors. POLITI Ar.. CTH WaKI> FKKMONT AND DaVT'iN CLlfB.?A ? ) meetjinrn: (be club will be h> id at 01 \ ari :k atreet. on Won.lay eveutog, l.ce. >, at 7 o'clock Mrei'-ie. invited io be j>iim tual, JOHN A. KKN'Nf.jlV President. Bn. a. c. H>:\AMEit ) ^ ^ T. O. Liumi. J Necri l&rli p. CUVANOIAL. ii to $t ~cash fiom $5. ??:? ro tvt ooo, to wit <<P L a|ip'icant?, oo diamoD )s, watchee. j' *ei-y. pianon. Ac., ooelotbs d.-y Roods silks, Ac., or bought, ii o?sh, athS Nsi s.iu strei-t ro<itu .No I. N. II.?FtiCJ*. hoods ?nortgagtt, Ac., cegoUate.!. A !.??? r.H>h on d.'ifm h iik y >?!? in bond. J. 11. RAHKlNUaR, lean broker, Na?sau street. O'-M BBOADWAT.-JIOinT ABVXftritD TO AIT* OOt amount, on dlam->ods w atch-?, je-vel.-y, piano*, dry fooda sew. aad ev?rj df^:rlrtJon of vucat>? property, ?? &<'TifUf r cKPh 6b*kf bo.-a?, n' its, mir'ts#**. Ac-, necc '4wl Watr t "? and Jewelry tor sale. k. TH AS J;R, rmu)* Noa. i and J aeeond stery. A 77 HP.OADWAV.? I/THERAr, AI?VaN'KS M\DB Tl 1 on diamonds. *at<he), jewelry.&?., or bought for c;i?b. Wa'< ht ^ and jewt'ry lor ule. bi:?''ies< oootiuentlal. Il^iYT Al C ro >m No. 1. (enn ? A PEW feBSQUEIIANNA f'OAf. AND IRON ?P?JU''. Compary bends wanted, in exchaove lor paUmt i .>htK xml otliei- property Address or appiy to it. M. WAL 1 ON A CO., tiO Naaaau sireet room No. z. Ai iinil WANTED?'TO RAISE FOR A NIIORT TIME V I nil sum k ot dry goo la, Ac., worth ten times the aaiount, for wb'rb a irood honns will he nai<! utnl aeeum given on the tame: no brokers or a^enis need ?n*?er, bu' ape.'son havirg tbe above sum ard aiiilng to mak- an honest arrange ment will be dea ? with liberally. Address <i note t? A. P., bo? 62 llroudway Postoflire djC Afin TO LOAN on citv or state stock, o* tT''?"UU a ins'el*-? l.otij utnl iuorU,a."? Address with renl t ami R. h , box 1*7 Herald office. None bu*. principals tiled apply. (?1 7 linn TO LOAN UN DlAMO^Db, WATi HBO. ?r f 4 UwV retry serara dry goo-'a, and at' ? iods el pe.-"< n?1 property, or but-ehi tor cat.h. Busiaess BimltitimUsJi At ^ Mil KtrruU *> of N-jmi. eecnnd n air. r> 'im J. J. WO/iSUBT. C{"?n ll(W) TO r'KXn n!f ""NI? WD WORTOAOE, /1 r .1' V/"/ io nms to solt applicants on improved r??l e^tai'H Iri tbU rity Apply to S. b. ! ROAD, No. 1U Wall s'reet ?? cord ftory front room*. Dividend?office citizkn'x firk inick^nor Company. >''i *.< "V fee ;i lKVi ?. divHtecd of t?s per rent ii . I>een '<i r,a'-e?l tbu day, paya i)e on demand at the office, IK) t" Wail ?'rcet J. M Mt" r. v.N', eecreury. I ttANS ON PRoPF.iny. NOTED AMI OTHER "*K j iritiee wg X A !iou*i-in Ttrih s s- aear First av> ti.e, would be eMutage I tor Mr< iklvn p.-ope.-tv t ARTRR A CO., .No. 1 Nasvj St. Monet advanced on p::R;ONAfi i-ropehtt op all kinds, lurniture evpetlne. we*cb?< ditwndt. ure atms hoists, wagone. harrn ^e sleighs sviati robe*. iiaehio'* ? me*, in.??,!.* li>|eors, drv c<*id ta.-dware, .or bi >htout) Apply at IXi ('athariex str iicC*Fr'Rav A \7ALTKR?. MONKY. V0XKV MONEY-ALWaTS UN IMND. TO make sdvanees on d.ainoi.ds >?atche? ????'*> and-vrv e.itrtptkm rf > sluable property. or bu iifb' fo?. a.h. w it' h?a ? ro.' welry Slt ?aie A|'p!y Ui ll. a. 1 t*0l I'KR, 41 Howard aieeet. n'ACkliLANKUl S. K?r CAVA). SIM KT Ni'lH VAR! P.-W. A II TAV )?) Suili'H ii?i? ?? <1 icnrfar, kl'< ban riuip, aumTi-r i ?bfe .md atova ? *tr ? ? .? Wc lutf a ifgr *a?orunaiit of lli latcat lulu rn? ol mantel pratra. tat. ?*? mid iUhm for ?ale on reaaooabla ti nm. Gratea MM ' aog. a ??? and repaired, lUffl lir ? it. hi afv [oiiimi.'i ?' ftm! i?WMNra'fafBMM hulll, Mmii Used. bakera' oy-i.a bul* ind repalt tit. ip ?looe re Cider liunri at * bo'? - ,ie and retail. A IX aooidkktu ritftM the Brsxmu or fLttn ax. ?r?-ennrri pre>eniru I / lutaw '?>" patent iliIiarubbar flniil Imno 1 I fv n*rBo4 !>? hrokan, burn or eipiodad, ar t ,td ?I < ? ligiitrd kJ*t7\iirn>r x vnTT, >!?otif*<lurria. ti'.1 Fulton ?trrrt, ,\cw York. B mr?ijE?or itk.-.t oescriftiob-/? the bbu?? fi^o re. SS7 P'?il Iranktn ac-.are. Ad artlcla* ?old at ilia lowr?i fartr-Y p-i-aa. fauti bnia' ?? e* a niDi-rtar q -a- iy n natan'lT on Liu. !. JOHN K. hoppil. CM1M8T0FLF. A ? O. S Cf I KHKATED BLXCT HO PLAT J id *Mn, The der"* nfcelrhrairc "are, f r?r j a.tna'ad At i? I llri^iwaT. h?a been r- mn*e.| in 9; Alaraya ru haul' tab.- kild tea heta, u?r, talk and Ac. For ate nr GOl'IR ? i*0? ?T Wl'.l'aia ?iml, /"iRorr, I'KOt P ?TIJf-J AWFlTt. I ov!?|,AIST H IV V ' madtataly mired by it Inhlaa VmMbli lininrut. No family who <aM?a ihe l<* "? "l 11'air children ?h? ild ?>?? without a bottle n the Ka>u?<- .'?< .'I l)T all the dr>i. i;ir? ?toreki.p f i n. DfpMWt ortiMdt ?llr.'t, Faw lork. pBintT Ton-iwomv (IAtineirk. and " jlmnVan oroiitn' n'al . Kl.iZ'd, U'r lir l ?:o>i<:mra w? l< r and ??? cr f ?!(! C c-tiu par fi O '/> i< r'? r,!a. Long laiai.d Pot cry IMput MB. mj tree , >?n fork. HEaT, fltAT.?OOHKiPB *A?k*T iAATI PaMFCB p<-t la any |ra'a mti? S3 irewi la err , ?a rt 4c par *rn' b?at in '>? r""iu. f iu *i iririn* f'aJl vac Mr ? la r,p<ira !na ml. IJ ??Al'OPk . 4ul hraa>'tar. Have toi fmv iHO'* n ?i awi> ?i booth at JdNH No 10 Ai'.m.wi mNh ijin I'orl ak| dnu'il* Mile Ixw'a at (ft tvt o*HAMEirrs-,m and oold cr< aara brr.i?'i"i ?. rani- fa tin klkemi and ' i-'-m-*j pla a4 .,fat)r|, (I* rural* a. F.a aS'-l * *B aT IKK t IXI 'S. M i ?'ri rt, iniportti ? and wlmlraala drvi-r* n Cwta^aa fancy (ooda vj'iNiBUFn mi?m: i?ia. ob the r b\nk of i> thr Vi?a>a'i "i l?ii ji <>iia iif 'l>r rapMiy i-inc toirna of il'Al Trrrl'orr. *h'c' l? -->? rr < fr?a' 'I.lrrf Vi? rrn amina'lin pr??' nt* M ?Ut.lMa o?|i?'?nni'jr for p?r*>TA , , ..,.^,1 ol B.O-.I ti inr.U'a lO f lnili", >>u?'ii.-*? tkwra tii'il ?prlr,? Altlii?'-'i i nh abotil fon* n> ??>'1 <?td. It kaa al ifady 4i'?'md a p..t.- >i..>n "f lbr??e b'twlfd mhaMl^nia. md t- an k?? hat* riatti Irrm til iMitif ,r> "nr kaa lr<d and liry ?I' llara ra< h. tin iha 1 nf M*\', l-f,7 a nni|>%ay of laifW ihaa one hnadrrd vcrann* >ai?- l'h la>lrlphi? f>r Niriaerr. ainl wcu'd h? * ad ?'f ny adAttnna to th?ir aumb^r. rh? <?? II.a-^ la rt! *nmt. an^ i *>*? r*tr?*|yr ba K '?,,val*,y uafirpaanrd liy mi portH'ii af U ? frrnti ry. for al.-ii*' .a iirair*b|* for iartnrr? llaneral ii'lotr.milon and pumthr'. nrarripnrani tl* piaf can ba Ha ' by ap ji'jln* bf !e t?'? or >.ih?r?rlan. t.? ai.raf Iba MdarurB' ? I. O Holi-riarii 1,'j tn'ff a' aa' Xaa T?'k; raa?<- H-rn fci iu ?r. IB.i Hri t'l ?a> a \i?k a. W. Arnold i h.-'l ??raai Arch. Pl'Ndia In aim Imniaiir l?# M'almt ?'ra?-t. phllndalt.lil-; Ml. '? H.> r. 12 P.I??H ?ira.'i. fblla^al phla Oaoria If Biltka l it.bMrM abova ( Saai-iH. Phil* d<-pliU. Lnull Fklaai- lo ni.a Wafkru'imr. I|bb>. Ofcartm k I 'larka Ppt irjf.a'd Uh ?>, ItMM II IfkMM Naw Or I,una 1 i.uUixna; Johr. Bit t i-a 9 ik* IImx. I' Paul, Mia naw.:. 1 arnlorj , l.o i !,<* Vi?a mri?tar y'l.ircr. Mia l?*o(a 1)ABISIAB FABi T .? BBN^HT Ba ?<aTIRH A i f'O , M Ba?aaa ?1r?A* baa raar.rrd n am Pa"a a larra wnar'Hian' r<l..n? r af lc'a?, T1? fnUeulak, cnr -oumTA'aa. irjr caaaa, r?.i?,b?, brnal.' n ?>i'"o? a pnr'in io?, parfnmary iat and ralrK artmmaru~. franofi olau-i tavairt. Ar 1>noTfKm*pmr', amwbottpe and nA'irF.RREf>. ? pa rbamieala cif ara-a d"?-r1i'i|'?n. prapar'd ai.d far ntahailin orAi r a'?" ibo tariaiia arti<"a? o( an.uratn. <nu.a fae'rrad *i d fiirmahaii. K l>. K'HPNUT, Pbo'orrapklc il"'m!? nod wtnlaaalr and raiaM r'aa rr. ft t.lap"nard ?lr?*ai, CJTBAM MANCFAITI RKI> ( ONFKlTION"!RT l5 Onalaiiai of a It'll aaairimantnr n <n in-l fancy p*n ?baa rum drr.p-. Imnitlca dn<r? and 0>b?rdrflfa; r<wk candy I., i -in.a artlci" fnrraiafltef . a??arlota, miyl.xa wiiba'trtnt: > I Ar I tht.i ?('ild iaar!.- r- rr ".i far -ai d Hay c'tnc' ?? it n' fning" " 1 barafora my f i.-nda. ila'<-3 lo'h' i'ttJiaaMok* nt n'ud' nrr aai'letalad hy a* ? atlancc -be in HlMa, aand la youi nrdcra ?iibi ill >l?I" iyi-d ?'??i*y in i|,a a\a ?????hi ?' fnnt nrdaf* Tan knoa or If ymi do not I I ? ra? la -Cully *nrn joii, tba'i"i< ra i? aHont to ?ia n .???r<' im." wltV''!' racknnnji cfw'ii r?n ii a?atmh an had aaathcr, I a tarruptal cinnnplcafoa A< Ac loprryaa* dbwp(a ntm -nt a ramit ?n"? r" at acom-iany Hi nfdaf. F. i) M?II>OKl><4 l'l flprrnWicli tu-aat, n? *f Ubartf. rPHAB9t*T|f?BP A N O INTKaPB*T*TfOBE IN I F i tich PpMritk. ImMI ai?l Mrman. bv flAHi'H HI TI.RB. Ftilion Hiao'Iw* of :??? Kfii HNpa ikar " . tid ^pam?ll 1am h?r. ' Terra* m idarai*. Plaaaa copy tUa 'litraaa. v ItltJ.k MON rAONT /IB(^ cO*f'.B i, \ irt a*i?ir? I'll F***? a Tka inHwftara Atcataof ifciammfAna, ?'? prap#y?4 v> ?i pply daalam Wit a thair rario'i* pnituaw <>B li'iaral larma, /tar W bit* Pii>r, wiora brilliant In b'a than lra/1. .-tiaATBi'ii Eiai- ?*? B *i:?, far a^taa'h nr ' a?a?'? ) i in ZtM, or IMN liimi (iMIM, l?r naaMfktnrtni' pitri o??a Hoi.rian tiaf of r?, loit* <1r? rlpibint. tor \ra' ? m?da f..r I ha roMnf of larja it r*a and hnlMlnr m d? r Ika a j,"- b HBda?ea of ri ;>arlaii' ad I ar a n o ara, and M i nr.inic'd f??r #ya yaara or loairar ntrobo * mm Bo 4* l!-oal f raa fatar Tork* * WARV l,rXrRIABT*I,*Smm APARTWf!NT?,FrB ?? n ?l nl fyn flflcaii In flfly rati a per k, by aain ? PI mpii n'a ?mcrrtary hartala* l? in parlor nr aill'n* room s<n i ram'"la. ?'?<> n nftalniota a' ?U Wn atra??, I N< r Tai k, ami ii<, t nl'an ttrcat. Kru klyn.