Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1856 Page 3
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4ITERTMBKNTS RKNKWK5 EVERY DM. HUiumuu Amu buiMiiau. CARKOLI. PLAt'E, bl.RKt'K KK STRKKT ? A GEN HMUiao aud Ula wUe can obtain a very pleasant aall Itnelv furnishad front room. also pleasant attic for auigie gentlemen. Dinner at bii a clock. Refe eiohugod. I? UNION PLACE.?A HAKDSOMEI If FUBNIHHBD ? null of room* oo tli? ?econ<l ilonr u wow vacant lam IaU Spants having ?Akeu a houv* Aid emeu, would do well lo cu L k- 0. CO!1 b IN. OA WEST TWKN'TY KIGHTF liTBKCT. ONE DOOR jUXJ Wtotof Broadway?tfuitisot roo?tt*h*i?d?4pWv furnithwl, with board. suitable for familie*; alfco a trw gentlemen can be accommodated as above. lactation very pleasant and deelrable. OK QRKENH HTBEBT, XFAil CAN At,.-A OKNTLB man and hi* wile or a la-v smvla gentlemen ^o*n be toard- Good i exchanged. mau ana UIH WUr or ? 1C? B?>'o K*~!4?iruicu Dili DO imoduted Willi UaudmrneiT lurobLed rooms with fall or partial board. Good table, iiot anu ookl balLs, and gas. Re ftftnoor u" ?o?v< <K2 WEST TWENTY THIRD Rl tthBT, NEAB FIF'H . .O avenue.?Gentlemen aad t'lelr wives or singin gentle <meo may obtain board, ui a private tamily with all the Modem improvement*. OO FIMH KTBEKT, BKTWErN .-KCOXD AND THIBD ?o avenurs?Neatly turni.->b"d rooms to let, with full or partial board, hoM??- has modern Improvements. no children Jamlly very private. A tew day boarders can bo accommo dated. Gen 'e:n< u would do well to call. QQ QBE AT .lONES SBEET, BOARDING.?A PARI OR, 00 wlih bedroom attached. on the third lloor lumiilud or uafurnibhed. can be had on reasout-ble terms if Immediate ap plioatiou is made; also OH single room, fiirniMn-.l. yfQ MURRAY STREET FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET Tt/ to gentlemen and iheir wives or bingle gentlemen, wi'li or without bond 5Jj? (TO BLBBCKEB STREET.-FURNISHED RuOMS TO {JO let. buiuMe fur gantlMMB and ilieir W1W. or single gentlemen. House tlmi class. with modern improvements CA WALKER STREET, FIVE DOORS WI18T OF UT Broad way.?A quiet aud gen'eel private boarding >>UM for stogie gentlemen aud g?utl?m?n anil thtlr wivee. Varna reaaouao e. !l?. oold and bhower bath* free QQ WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET?TO LET. IN A Ow private lauiily. a richly furmahed front parlor, with bedroom and pautrie* attached. md several bedrooms, with or without bourd, lo Mingle gentlemen or gentlemen and their wires; all modern impioveinents Q1 PRINCE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF BROAD t/A way.?A l*rge well furnished room for a gentleman and his wife: ?lso a plea* int bedroom, suitable for a single gentleman. Uou.-? first class. Location very convenient and desirable. 1HT TENTH STREET.?SINGLE (iE.NTI.EMEN CA.S J.'/ I be accommodated with goad apartments, with or wi'hout biealtl art only, on modcraie teuna, by applying as above. 1 HQ I.KON.AKI) STREKT. NEAR BROADWAY ? JUO K'egaotly farntahed rooms to let to yenUemen, wlJ> eat board; bath 1?>B, gas, ic aUachcd. HO FOURTH AVENl'K, NEAR UNION StJUABE.? II" SultBH ol rooms, handwmely furnished, on the first or second floor, suitable for f.uniliesfor the winter The house has all the modern conveniences, and the location is very pleasant aud desirable. l tV WEST TWENTY FIFTH STBEET.-A QENTLE XZtt) man an 1 wife, or two or three single gentlemen eaa be acoommodated with pleasant rooms, on second or third ??or. In a tlrst class hoaae, peasantly located between Seventh aad Eighth avr nuea. Oars and stages eonvenlent. 1QC EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE MERCANTILE XOO Librsry. between Broadway aud Fourth avenue.? Booms te tet. with beard. CHAMBERS STREET.?A KEW SINGLE OEN 1 v)(J tiem'n ran obtain pi-aaant rooms, with board. Gas, '?ath, Ac., in the houae. Terms moderate. IflQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAB 8BC0ND lv)t7 avenue-A handseme room on the second floor, suita aole for a graileman and wife or two gentlemen: also a roona for a single gi nileman will be let with board, In the first class house 1G9 Past fourteenth street. mEART EIGHTEENTH STRKET, THIRD DOOR west of .second avenue.?A room to let, on second floor, wiihbos d. to a gentleman aud lady, or two gentlemen, new ?nd handsomely furnished. Has two closets. Hot and cold water. BaUi adjoining. Terms SI 1 per week, including gas and Are. m HUDSON BTRFET.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, large rooms and bedrooms lor families or single g*n Uemen; hause with bat'js tud gaa; near St. John's park. Me fareucea axcbaLgnd. TOO EAST THIIt'lEKNTH STREET?AN ENGLISH Jt^O Ismiiycan lei a handsome psrlor and be?lr<?ai at tarheil also as(ngle h'droim furobihed. with or without board, flas, hot aud (old bath". lionae lirst claas. "IQQ EAST FIFTEENTH STRKKT NRaR STl'VVE JOt/ aant p.iik..?lloird in a private family. Iront room oo second lloor * i:h l:?rge paltry a ached lor a gentieuiau and w ife. or two i'? ut einen. Reterenrea exchanged. "1QO SKtOVD AVENI E OOIINER <?F TWELFTH it/A atrtet ? A p*r*y of gentlemen or a small family, Oesirliig a couitortabie ii me t >r the wiu'er can obtain board in a tirai clars hou>e. ticod acouimodat.ons an 1 reatonab.e lerma. Afa!??:.t ok?i*ino a st*tt or inpurnishm roOKa w'th liftra (which n?) vjepermaoen ). In a Kr-t c man bou?e tfoelrablr aitaatod, will l-.irn particular* aa u? location "4r.. IIpun ardroaatng W B'ix W ''oat ofllco, New Igrk, Teruii reasonable and rrlcreicen tucitannod. A WIDOW LADY. RESIDING IN BROOKLYN, WITH In two mo walk <>r the mmlhfT?r would let to a K'niii-maii and hie wife two hiai>l.onie parlor*, furnithr1 with board. There are no oiler board era. Apply at -No. 40 Hale Mieet. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE a okn. tleojan %ul tin wlftoralmr alritf'.e Kenllem?n wth board. Iho hoaae ta plensautly located. h*a ku, ba'li, .tc Apply at l?fl Wf<t Twenty aeeond atreet. between blxth and Kevaatb avauuea. Kelercnrea re<|uirtd. ^ A WIDOW LADY. WITHOUT FAMILY OR BOARD era t* desiroua of a lady and gentleman to lioird wrh b >ani lor the > l> only. Addre** llome. MttUopolllaa Po?l vdire. for t? o da; a. APARTMENTS, NCITABLE TOR A SMALL FAMILY, l? let, with or wiLh>ut board the Injure haa tai and bath. Apply oo fho pi rmun-a, ltc at. a SMALL RRH'KCTABLK FAMILT, WITIIOI'T CHIL A dieo. wi*h to lei a r.eatir t-rniab-1 parlor and rooia on ..p<t Hour w.ib or without hoard. Kefen-nee r> (iiirel. In quire al I.IU Howloa atreet. car Broadway. * splendidly FURNISHKD PARLOR. WITH ONK A or two be*inoma to let, also a Biosl- room and a ajpo rior denial ollice. lo a prt?aU'hon?o wrh all the modern In proTi-uifau. Inquire at 9i> Prinoe atrc> t, a law doora woat ot Broaoway. A private FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO LET A A handsomely fttrniah-d parlor, with bathroom aud rkiaa'a attached, anitable tor two peraooa Thi>ae de?lriag the on n 'nrta i f a home will please call at 31 Fourth atreet, oppoalto the Parade ground. ACdMMiUT \W.K BED AND BEDROOM, TOGETHER with tin- pi l?tle|t.- of the uae of the kllalien. and gmal tiro lor the winter anil oilier rnrmnniodaUoaa, ran be hail for ten ?hlllliitfn per week tn a'inlet and amail tamlly, at 123 Weat 1 want? nth street, third floor. Br CALLING AT THE boardkrv EXiTHAWOK. ."Mo Biondway. jOn can obtain genteel hoard full panI* Ola"* Cituroualv tamiUe-i and b>ardtn( hoaaea rao 'Mam m t IxHuder* U. II. HMITH A BOYD. We chargo for th? boarderi actually obtained BOARD.-A WIDOW LADY, WITH ONLY TWO IK her f.mdt*. wiahea Wi let a targe b.irk parlor, well fur m?he<1 aa a bedroom, to on<* or more gentlemen without toaij or a lad\ or en Invalid, wtth aur attendance they may require. Addreaa Conlidenco, Madison niuare Poat oiiice. Now York. Board *i m per wkk -two pki fndh. willing to >o?m tneteiher. ar a gentlemaa and wife. dnV >n, moda'ed with b?>*'t In a email family, airnlyin* ooanl< and daan'meaa tn prefareane ?n ooreairmr. <>r two la<Iiea uoao haataaM calia theui from home tnrirut tha d?y Funhar fa |armaii?n oan bo oMalttad V aoulT'tiK *' M Hohermerborna Mrwei. two biuoka from tba C?y H*H, Brooklyn BOARD-ORNTr.emew and thkib wives car be areon moiiated Willi board and pl?*mnt roooo, alao a few aii>(ie nentiemiti. Hath. gaa. Ac . la tho liouao. Apply a' 91 Went Miteenth *?refL Hoard-a r.*NTi,E?i?N and nis wife or two ung'e (efitlemn ran be aeeoremodatad with |ilea?anl n?na. tnrnwlw I or unfnraiebed. w uh full or partial hoar I at Ni Morton atr- at. two door i ewat of II udeoo atreet,. Loca txin deetrah .? BOaRD.-TDK fTRSi RIBKR U LOIM and PAYOR ably known aa Ihe trout competent noraon to dlreri p?o t>le lo aitliall.e I'onrrilac plarea and aend Jeatralde hoaidora to all wUh'm aurh Kvery la l r mat loo free lo hoardera. Alao, bonara to M and for nala R. 9. GOODWIN, HWI Brrwdwajr. BOA*D-t NtACTIFFL FRONT and BACR PAR lor. baD<l?"tnelj fnrnirhed. ran he let with board, rtrr reaaonal'e. prWate table If r?<|tii-e!. Location. 6M Broad way. (iaa. bath. Ac.; aeeottj floor. BOAP.n.-A rtw MFN CAN BE xcoommodated with bnaid md romfortaldc mom? at 44 < roabv at, near Rrcwinte at. Board-a hnoi.e ?ikrtlem?n wantra ROftM, wf'h breakfa?t atd tta. tn a private faml y where no o<ber l oorde- ? v. mild be taken. Addreaa L.'R. R? Hare id odire; beat if ref?rence? given. BOARD-* WIDOW L40Y WOULD f.RT TIIF. ERTIRE aarond Pi or of tier boiiaa, having all the modern Improve BMBte. B" lioardera nor rhlldren la in- booae. Ant anawera -(nay be addreee?d ilomet'omlnrta, Ma4l?on apiare PottotO/O BOAPD-HlMtiV PLACE-A family ANI> ONE nr two atan'e geutlemen e?a be n;unwimiiiataI with fur ?>>)ied apar Mnioita and board, at No in CUnuid placO, near tlio VMl avenue. Board-a pritatw f\mily OCCT pying thir own pmoerty, ran arromiito.Ute peraong of reaper' i tMHty with pai !or? and l>olrimma; alao all the rraoiirceo of a -ieai r'a?? hotel at half 'he nana: ooat >u?bllii{. *c. Apply at 47 Amity atreet. near Broadway. BOARrt tn brooklyn IN A ?*HIVtTK FAMILY ? A gentn u i"d bta wife or n Ixw alngle goatlemeii, ran he aeriinmo'i i-d wi'h l*ry p'i aeant rnimaanl p*r<i? hoaid for geatlemen. at Ml Henry atreet. Keference ra q lilted. Board in Brooklyn.-* oentt.fwan and mi wife or too atnete gentlem< n ? an ttnd pleaaant room l with fu'l o?par''ai bnai-if. a' M rardlr street, rorner afHi'ur'f IIrookIjti. fire minute'* walk from bvu'h and #fall atreef ierrlea Board in Brooklyn ?a ha? k parlor, rjt ntahed. routaintnir gaa and rrgiatuai rarant i' t; ''oiir->rd alrret ixieanon wttlun ten minute^ walk of ollli e Wall alre-tor Fulton forrlM. Dinner at tto'cl'W.k. flood refa rencea requirod. Board in broorlyn^a rinoir oknti^eman ran be areominndated with partial board .n a private ra fnllT, where their are no ehlldrea. ten mmutea' walk from Faiton ferry. Apply at I'd Adama mreet, Refarenrea ra qnlrotl fJOARDIlTO i? ROCYII BROOKLYN? iHTni'LaM ? "* l> and bia e?fe or iwo atrg'a gentiemen rm be a i?>nim i | ?'aied wMh pleaaant room a and boarding, 11 a priTat? famllt. wifbln eteht mliintea' walk of Routh or Hamilton f"rrt<* Ap ply at at htiqtig place. BOARD WaNTFD- WITH A HA*DsOMKi.Y rt/S nlah'd parlor and liedroom, oo aeron.1 floor, for two M diet: a private family piefem d; Inrat'oo be|?wen on I Iwenty third atreeta and Fourth and f- ?th aremieo. Al t roaat* B., netn'd office. Board ako pi.kabant booms?at o* anj? at llammobd shoot, botweoo lihecker aaU Foitrtfc. LJca t m k*m1 TJOABI) WANTED-BY A widow ladt AND HER J) daughter, ten years old. wuh good room and lire, om r*a terms. up u wit, went of the Third aveuue. A.Jdre?s T K . Union square Fosi ollice. BO*RI> WAMFD-BY TWO YOIJNG IiADIRS, MIS lets In u respectable private Ismdy. where the condone ol a hotue can be had; locatiou weal side ot town. between Hritonic mid Temh streets. Address 11. L. M.. s^Ung tortus, if , which mum lie moderate, box ION Herald ofliee. KOARD WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN ANI> WIFE, IN h private family where t be eolnforta of a home rati be found. l.ocatiou below Fourteenth street, convenient to Ifioutwfty Adareas, giving terms, Ac., Comfort, llerald ollice. Board wantrd-witiiin five minutes' walk ol As tor place, tor a gentleman itnd wife add two children, (tbrce and six years of age > Two large rooms connecting are required either luruishedor unfurnished, with sncomui'Vla liona for a servant. Address, with terms and location, M., box 142 Herald ollice. Boakding.-to let, to a gentleman and wife, In a ornate familj, a front room partly furnished, bavu g a deep closet. gas and lire place bath room adjoining, lequlre at 234 W eat Thirtieth street, between Kighth and Ninth avenues "D OA BEING.?ORE OR 1 WO LADIKS TAN UK ACCOM J) modated with board and nice roaius by applying at No. 'H ( roeliy street. J^UPNISUEI) I!OOM8 WANTED.?FOUR GENTI.EMEV wish io engage lor the season, four commodious M rooms and two parlors handsomely furnished; breakfast and good attention required, MMlOl DMi be lielween Fourth and Twenty thin! streets and Fourth and Kighth avenues. A tidi es* box 1.9*.i Post ollioe. EMJRNISIIKD ROOMS.?A LARGE FRONT ROOM. 81 IT I1 Hjle for one or more persons, also a single roam with cimreulence f?r lire may lie had at 1US Grand street. liist bltielc ?est of Broadway. Fi rnished front BASKMENTTOI.KT?suitable fur mi ollice or bedroom; rent S6 ner month, with or with out partial board, in a private English amily. For furlher pa:ticu'ars Inquire at 101 Prospect street. Brooklyn. OB NE OR 1 WO SINGLE GENTLEMEN OB \ GENTLE man ami Ms wl'e c?n be accommodated with board in a private>, where there are no other boarderw. Fie me on'l at 69 Flf'h slret t. PRIVATE B0AK1).-A gentleman AND WIFM. OB two single fcfut:emeii. can obtain a room, wuh pantri 'i attached. in a hoUMe with the modern Improvements, located at No 8 Ninth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PRIVATE BOARD IN brooklyn?NO. .<2? HENRY street, convenient to the ferries: a delightful frout room and bedroom on second lloor, furnished or unftir,.Lshed to a gentleu au and hi* wife, or two single gentlemen. Apply as shore. fielereuces exchanged. PARTIAL BOARD-TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CVN .1 nbtaiu partial board mid neatly furnished rooms, in a h'.use with r t.dern improvements, in a small priv-Ue family, where there are no other boaiders; terms $( Iter we?ik; Ui :a tton convenient Ut cars and stages. Call at KM West Twenty sevt nth street, near Sixth avenue. ROOMS?furnished, FOB SINGLE OF.NTLEMEN, TO let. Apply at No. 27" Elizabeth street, between Houston and Bleecker streets. KOOMS. WITH BOARD, suitable FOR A PARTV OF gentleman or R gentleman and his wife, can be had In a private family where a good 'able la kept, and where the comtorts of a home can be obtained. Apply at 71 Amity street TO LET-FURNISHED OR unfurnished A FRONT ai : . ,. k parlor and lront basement, and a small room iu the hall. Inquire at 5f 7 Broome .-tree' near Vftrick. TO l.ET?A SUIT OF ROOMS, furnished ?R UN turnlfhed. with gas. bath of hot and cold water. No other boarders, l est of reference given and requited, No, 142 W.*t i wenty lirat street. TWO OR THREE YOUNG GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC rommodated m tih hoard, and enjoy the comforts of a liune, in a p'>va'e family at 2U,'i lleary street, corner of ritate alreet, Bro>kl\a. TWO OR THREE SINGU: GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC rno.W.ed with good board aud rooms. ;u it small famliv, luj r.ther boarders taken, or would arcomnust i'e a gentl'-iiiui mid v Ife. Apply st 2US West Nineteenth stteet. W ANTED-WHERE THERE ARE FEW OR NO OTHER vf boarders, by a geutlenian. a luraisled room, or roi'ns, and full board, dinner at six o'clock or later, reifon* an mwrim tbia advertisement must slste tlte price, including tire ami gas, 'be story the room is on, the number and street, the it ace must he north of Twenty second street, south of Thirty first a'reet, and between Madtsou ami Third avenues. 1' who do r.ot fuliil all <-f the above conditions neid not answer tbla sdv rti*ement. Address bex I H$! Foat ollice. Reference* saiiafactory. riTantfd.-board, by a gintleman, with pin vT g'e room and tire: from %% to %?> weekly. State terms and Jo. '1 loo Address W. X. W.. llersld ofli ?. 1JlrANTED?BT A MARRIED LADY WHOSE HUSBAND '? Is I-'' ne South, ts-o respectable voting lad? b'Urders: *licr? r< t.thrr bitardera are kept, termiino lera'.e. App'y to Mr*. Wa'lter. 41d Wh av. C OPAHTWEHMIIIP KUTIOI'.II. d;Oni| ?A PARTNER WANTED. IN ONE OF the ?TO"". l?rg> wholesale and retail s ores down 'o ?n- llter wnor having other stores, and also in the itnp tV it'L bustrwa retiulres an active man to lake entn a charge of "ne a | ply at Broad *sy, room IS. N. DAVIS, JR , A CO 4>>MW k-PARTNER WANTED immediately, IV <?!?>''1/ an ? ?UMiafced mid highly ifHiwUMr agencr; averrge ?<-ekiy rice \<tf 9-10. An active, Intelligent mm will Ik <1 it..a favor**' ? opening. aa the bn*ia<"? cut bi'large./ ioerea*cd. Apply at 61y ltr-jiKlway. rontn No. 2. ii|> atain. C: IHft -partner wanted, in thr hook and JTt U\ I . elationex> burner,*, on an avtS'ie, wh'-re there a no t-Mnpetinori A imurt, active Prnte-tant young man ran ha\r an ?icel>ot chance to mako raou-y. Apply at 111 Srvtrlh avet? u>*r Twenty ihlrd ?ti'eet, far two day*. 4:1 (UWI -a partner wanted with this V I ." JU"*. atjeiint to join 1 be iidveruaer in a ur*i-cli?aa vim ery anil faed atve weli located and iluitu' a Ro>d raah ('?tie : or the whole will b? Bold at a bargain It doeed ?>n Apply to WUFfcUtR A PO . :??.:> Bioadw.iv. ru >m 14. ti nnn-'artm wa*t*i> with thi* ?Tl "'U? auou nt, to join the adrnrlVr. who ha* the name amount, to pntrliaae a flrat ciaa* grocery roc*; lora tio uururpatpifcl Call tnuardialely on CaNNOh A IlKRllY, M* Ka>.*au a reet t*? nnn ?a partner wantrd, in a whole *? e aud rrtall liquor buaiaeaa In n?n? Una ? ill a icclfvlnc an 1 dlaUlllnz ra'abltibmant. dow d'ili( a large Uade wbl'h wlih the additional capital, will pay a pro nt ol Hi uu to flu (kg) yt.r.y. Apply at 3* Broadway. r <om 1* N. DAVIH. JR.. A CO. 4f) ruin -WANTED. BY All KXPKitlRNOKD OON ? .tJl "U . tractor a partner. The pr?ata will ba, with li anar iWU. acceptable collateral departed ai necurlty tar tfte ad ance Mo one acceptable but a peraon who caa kivc the w. rk their pertonal attention. Refcraaew* exchanged. ,<l.lit?a with real name aud raaldeni-e, Shaw A Middle ton, Pool otlior, N. Y, *1 Ann -A PARTNERWANTKD MTHER At.Tl TK iPtl.lll'Ui or allent, to *ogai{4 In th? tmpori'og 'xmi i f>? **tati|l?h*d twelve jear*. A large and very iirofltabll MM lu?a breu doM Addraaa b. it. II., Herald MM APaRTNITR WASTED. WITH ABOUT TO ergag,- In a patt-Ltee Invention. which hat obtained *eve ral rr >-dala ?nd diploma*. Tb* partiea would rHlize a l irt'ina 'ii a fi*w yenra. a* M l? an o vert of ncceaeity for aarln^' every travr ii?r a lita Inquire at li Weat Broadway, upstair*, cor ner, hea?l- atr?eU \H?OD INVESTMENT. EITHER AM PARTNER OR ? apitai'at. In ni Ihree to tlve thouaand dollara required I' ra*r? f't.t an ette^alva bueinra*. An e i'ial dividend of I r .tit* or a bandximr honna on the aura ltiveat?d would be -? ?ed. Aden a* Jobnaon William*. llaraid oflica, without nlWOI.t'TION-THE FIRM OE KKNNT AND IIL'OH<t ta-hla dav di*an'ved patuerah'p by mutual ronaent, N H >o d?bta contfartt^l after Ui a date by Mieha?l Keu uy Will b* raid bv 1> lit Ullit. N t TICTk Ih liKKKHY GIVEN TH\T Til* POCART t et*l>i|? bere'otore eilatlni l>etween Philemon Cantield *'?<1 Pet?r t *rhtlh?>r. orrtrr ike t.nn n.ime of trJirtber A ? nneld ?a'Id* ?<a> diaeolved. The bn?ineaai>f aald Arm aa we' aa ibal ot the old<-r I rm of M-hrtb#', Klnf A Co , wblrh ?a* r ,a?r>iv?d hept. Z$ l.-M. will be n-ttird a' the ofllre, No S !??? 'h urevt, by PHII.KMON CaNEiKI.D. Ttina Der '1, 1 %v?. ? In- bu* nee* will be ii>ctin<ieil In th? anne plar?. under the rm .amr ?[ Caatteel .a BaUlaln. PHII.EMON rAfriKI.D, NOTKW HaUHTIM. T>A HTNEK W tNThP-A PRArrrii *L RrsiNIWS MA*. M. .'\r oj.e t>ird in'. r?M la an old wrU catabl'ahad inillta* ?.?? blue ?hop and fut,T<rT Huaini-aa location nut iriiaaae l Hiif n*ia a waia (nod. Pin* wrftter power. SMITH k ItOTP, !<??? Mr"adwav. 1"> A H TN K R WANTJtlV-IW A Ri'MNPW AI.RPADT ea'a^'iahrd and pavtnt al the rate of 14 UWt per anna?: $?Vii?; wi'l be re?iitlr?d, epher In ra*h or eltv aro?pi?<ieea, to b' ? i i.a half intrr>?t The party buvtnf wtU he to ? ?e I. a rer-onai atte?t<on ta Uie huainaaa. ray Iron In A. M. t ? 6 P M., each day. Aay 'oapetetit buain?aa man havtBf !i .? ?; Off >'im ol ail n?y, or Ita iv)uival*nt In ?n>ett? ..r ao dee'riog a p'< aaant and aubauuitlal bii?in'\=a. ? ? ii fuli iiar'lrular* bv ad '.r. R II H Ru'lar. Hfwald "ti re tor th m> <](?? Partiea aaawerlog will atau wbare aa tmarview m.iv ta had. 11(11,IIMV PIIKNRm AT. I I <.1.1 l*A Y PRIWKNT?? ? J I J. HPa'K A CO., No ,\AA M'oadway, Art i ow ?elllrg all rich *tork of Embroidered < oliara. Aleeva* and llaadknthltfi Al Hatf th? prl?-? of coat. I 1 CI.1DAY I REPkNT?. II K*?tiotTt?i:ir? rno? tm'tt"*, MPKKMaN A t,'t)Ml'A>? 4M Wrna lwtr. Here jnat reoelve.i from auction a larg* lot of embroidered Vwl?* Jaconet ttut '?c? roll >r? Irom 2S i "nta to t2 ra h Me?bro dt-red rambrlr ar'i rit H71, e<rt? wortli 11 A per a?t; F: ei > 1 Jen.brnldi reo Swl?? at.d j leonei ?M? from $?' M In ??! t? *? t litir embroidered handkerrhlrni. I">m r.jt, casta to fSca?tl| lui*ti rambrlc handkerchief*, It >m >1 Mi' i per dorm. Al?o a lam* lot of > rviictt tare rella. from $1 3 to $1 each. IMMCNTS < HE A P El XI ANT ANIl CfFm, a. T H1KWAR1ACO will oi en an M unlaj Dec K, RK II KKINTM* i'ai.icun, (In dreaa lengtha I At >1 and || IP each. FINE CaXUNY PI AID", At SO cet ** per vard I.17PIII S PnKNCH Mkkinos, At fia and *a p<-r vard. 1 000 PKINTKD MOUSSEt-INB DR LATHS IiRRMRa. At nO each. t'beap cml rotderlca. Ac , Ac . Aa. Broadway t bombera and Reade atreeia. l>lt W I-AI'M Fl>R HOLIDAY PRESKWTN-^TTTIIT R?! 11 cr'vcd p?r Pevale point Collata and aeta black tTiantt'lv ?< II*an-i flotircea eonleura.repe* and harbea.a'jmpoint a?u tie h?ndk? rchlef*. rapt * and lace* fbr trimming*. In entir?ty n w d??ign# N.B?A new lot of rnahlon maile valenoien.i * rol!?ra from ?'.) to t'A MI1.I.ER A ORART, JTT1 Pmadw.y, (-?SKfM, PRRHR^rs FOR THR HOI.IDAYN IJTm'a rubber dall* dr*e.e<l and plain, of all alrea, baa la <oya. ?gnri* belle, eon.b*. Ac , pen* and pencil o**o? walktag aai e* and Ind* rnb'i T fancy artlclea. of al da?cr(teianai 1*1"Ira' and pcbUem' n'a Ight walk.ngboot*andorcrahoe*. Ac at'he liordVear Fibber Depai, SIT Bn>adway, opirniut tM Tabernacle. UTRSATDU. FANNY FBKB Uw to (iiosa a uew JevenOe aitkin* THR PI.aY DAY HOOK, hum riToitiiu ruH Lima Pout*. Wih ten Ulii: trationa. Price 74 casta; fall giM. H M. 'la be pub tub ml De^ruLer 10, by MASON BBOTIan. MM and 1U I>uau? ilmt, New rat. NOW BEADY. J'RKSOUTT'S ROBERTBON'R CHABLBS T. IlmUn j of the ll?i#ii of the IMFKROB OHABLKB THK MFTH. iiv wm itoB?KiaoN, n. i> Villi a < ?ututuatiou, giving an Aiwiol of Ui? life ot the Kmperor after hla Abdication. ?v wm h rnauxirr. Iu 3 villa. 8 to., with a tine uorirsit engraved from Titian; uniform with Ferdinand aaa fsabella, Phillip 11. Conquest ot Mexico, Ac The life of the Fmoeror in th* eonvent of Junto was Imper fectly known atthe lime when Kobur!aon wnita Mr. Pre* i alt, lu gathering materials from the ro"'at ar-hlves *fHma> ess, lor hla IllH'ory of ther-ignof Philip Ik, onlituu'd atlhe satin time tnia'tte intormatiou concerning Uu--last yearn af tn-t royal recu .e, uiid the work Ibus complatml hi Is n rlunin Suaiosh history, between tUe reign of Ferdinand and Isabella ana thai of Phti.u U. PHI U.I P8, BaMPHON & OO., No 13 WiuUir street Boat u? VTKW SERIES FOR i?T. 1> THK HOUR JOURNAL, BDITSD DV MftnBIN AND WILLIS. We bare the pleasure to return our moat grateful thanks to the readers ot the llouie .louiuai for the grately enlarged au dience with w hich we have been honored In It36 ami to otlor our respects. and the promise of our continued beat services for Ibe yeurbefore us. With the privileged hearing that we have now secured at the tiresides of our w hole country, it is omy natural (hat we should feel additional resuonaibility, whi ?>. at the same lime, we gird up our euergiea for new va rleileaof industry aud enterprise. '1 be paper for the coming year ta to he printed on new type, and its pre-emlnerco of clearness md legibility, so va'uacle to the e\e und so needful for a latnily paper, la to be still more marked. Our oonteats f. If 67 we need scarcely aay, will be as va ried aa the life with w hich we keep pace. Time and the ever i hanging wor d are the great basket* nut of which we pick wisdom and eillliacilioill as we go?the evhaUHlless vari - y of event aud noveli/ assuring to ua and to our renders ox haustless themes und sub Oct a of lulersst. Ibe editors will slill continue to d?^ulc their lime anJ abili tits exclusively to the Home Journal. N. 1* Willis proposes in addition to hla usual picturing! of home lite and ru'al i'tn.lly ajmputhlcj aud iuleresU, out doors and In, to give more ?f the lt traits to mvALtPS, which liU experience In. 1 entitled him to write, and which have been so widely quoted; snd also. a bertes uf pom ha its or uvikg iiiaractkus Ocorgo P. Morris besides his usual constant la'ors uoon t) e several departments of 'he paper, will make lithe woo1'on which to broider tirst the new SKKTCna, SON (IS. ti ll LAOS ETC . sucgestt"l by the history au.l event of the aassini; time. T it. Aldricli has iu preparation a prose poem, to be en titled tiik t: sr or r.utN loikic, ami this will T'f published in num)>ers from week to weftlt. Itesiilea the laboi? of the eiliuirs, the Hjtne Journal will con ta'n ? '1 he comnn ^lcations of a brilliant list of orlgl'tal contribu tors; 7be core and history of new publications; '1 he lloatlnK atcries. brief romance.-,, eparitling wit, fuo and anecdote of the day; J'netrv, pathos anil romance; The K" ship ami news of the Pari^tnn.'oiu'nt'.U: l'ersonal sketclies cl the nonsp>< uou?i haiacMsof Ihs tlaie; 'iliestirriug scenes of dai'v lite; 'the chri iiiele of news for the lAdies; 'ibefasliiiios, The valuable Information as to stailttlcs, discoveries and great events; Criticisms of current I'terature: Ard a'l that ctn be gathered to ii.terest the reader, from the W' rio's constant ntertlow of a tlon aud late lei't We need not remind our readem. perhaua. tha' we have cor conioudmu wholly unsurpassed in the society of New York, ami that through these gif ed aad rellned " metlitiius" we keen apprised of ail that occurs?new. charming or Lratruc live?In the brPllatit circles of city life. For the health, the mora! imp. >vement and the religious cul ture of fam'ltes, we watchfully g^t'ier every new siiRi;esti?a ai d earrfUUy chronicle all signs jf progress au.l utilitv. liy urcessing vlnt'arce ana lod'.tstrii and by skill acquired In '.ong a..d successful practice we Iiape still to keeii the iiuine Journal uiidlsputed hs the be~' family t.ewsp'ioer iu the wor:d Terira ?For Ofe rony, $2. tor three cooi<??. f.">. or Ore copy for three >ears f5 alwajs la advane* AdJres.t MOBBIS x WILMS. Editors and prrprlctott, 1J7 Fulton street. New York. Tiif NOVKI,. PioLrunced l.y the press thro-uihiut the CDUUtrj the gieateat satire and most i-e.ttictlve nook o' the day. JLtiTICs. IN 1H? HTK WAYS. ItT r. COI tll'KN AtlAVH. The Boston Vos* savs of this noul ? It was conceive! In a proper, trn'ht'al sud liesl'iiy view. It lashes wiib a terrible so tn-pe of blt t'C and ellee'tve f-atlee the i>ogus philantbropy of the dav It raises the m.i?k from Ibe laeeof byixx-rlsj; it evpone? mo?t nuncrcifu-v tbe Mokinnallke vbage of rell Ki> us i ar'sh ? m it l? not aa auperlielal eritioa have asserted, an snti slavery novel It sh >wa Umt s ociety In Chirle^t n 8 C . as we 1 aa in New York, is fsiae, caiu'eroaa, attliieigl and tiKhrlailaa; that for the puri>ose of sending a hii-aIi naiy to An'l < i?, an old crone belonging to the former cl \ <" ti'd fell ipto absolute b< tidaee her female si*' e. * ? Hut of the many s . rows gTtevanoes aud sulleriogs whirh ulcerate and lacerate 'h? hearts s* a gre*i portion o' oumani ty. st?d the irc*s fmm whieh these evils spring. Mr. Adains seems t! or??ahi\ cMiiprebeaslvely snd iis'Dfullv conscious Till t< ???'? rneta. ih' svmusthy the iiaaflfeoted melancholy wtth w liirti he brpte'-ibe lorirtnas heart burnings aod despairs ef si Hrr'nc lost, but vet morally ini ocei t W'.mnn. Is creditable to his ir. eilert. retH i ts honor upun h's li raent truthful heart, Sud ev tile tind enrobles th" ethics ol Un humoring plulr?oohr. * ? ? Tl.e eeni-ti "'ton of his work t? highly art'sMe; It* \-?ricia'ra move bvlore us ut the drapery aud oos'.omo of evsrv ("ay Me. I'nbhshed a-, d for ?sV bv UVRRMORE A Rt'OD, Sll Braa.)way, cumaio, dec. 'tLOIHIN'i OF TIIK FINKST U^htBIl-ilOX, J Clo'h'Dg ot the tinsel description. Clot'i ng of the tinest description. Clothing of the fir es. description Cl. .thing ot the flnest itesorwi n.n C Jthmg Ol His finest dndptlos. Clothing ol tl.e fmsst description Clothing of the tin?s' descrlotton, t lulhtag of the iliie.t ilnarrtute a, Clothu.g ot the tweet dcscnptioa. Read? made or to order, at I/KUMQCM) A PROTM'B. No. 1:0 Fultoti su set. Ct.OTHINO?I APIFS OR OKKTI.KMKN HATING AST tr< di?|.<>?e hi run 'Orelve the ulmoa' Talua by ad Irem'n^ M. S COHEN, 111 4 li ?Uuta atrcet. N 11.?Laden attended to b, Mr* C. fI*E WIN'TKR CLOTHIRO. Fine winter clothing. 1 lie tamed Rm*n orfrriai*. Tbe faineJ Ki;lau orercMt*. TelfCt ardCaahnifre veal*. Yflr# ml < laahmer* reata hide ?iiiye aol |ialn paa'a. Side e .ripe Ud plain p.iaU, M?J? to orJff or ready ma<>. Made to orcl.T or ready ma le at PRry.i?ooi> * froch-s. Ko. l-V f ultcn t'.reet. nto wortii cr mw and bbcowd nwo cUi-tpr.* wmM -Orn'.Vmaii hating large nr ?niall Mi to d iaooe? at the full ??Iim, ? llh ml li*#<lirf *r lirprae tall ot Oj tuire, or aJdreea fliOMAS 1?. ION mil, <?l P??rl mi ?(u ?,* -WKTM RANT TAHORS A!*r> ri.OTIITlCRS JIAT. <P'itiir from $1?) 10 >1 i??i wortii n. new etoUttDf to dl*pn-ie or *? n t*lr prtfe, ?l'l m>*et wl b * ?a*?> ri ntprnrr hy calling j1 tlie More or uddrroalug Tbotnaa 0. Cor i </j, 1tl I'earl iu?m. j7Qi 'fael mira.T?firoirn hasp nr.oTHrso ? I w2 at? re?.f?iree Moloney, proprietor i??nil<*men de ait< ua of rnnrrrttrg eiipi-rt|ii< tin rio*hli>g in;o r??li ranohti.n the full ra'ue h? peraonally or through ,-><?? .<> J AMU MORON' WY 4THS Feiirl atreet. Ain nnn wo*T? and ?virr orr M>1U.IMFU clo flint waned. for etty an.I Wo*a>i-n mar kete. Orn'l?m?n ha>tfi( to) to dlepnn* nl win r*H? tti? htgheet ertee l>? railing a. the uoi. er addreaala* ,I0UM K. nt It RAT. 44 Centre ttro-'L aruiAL nuTJibi. rARP-TOTPF. RPITOR OF T1IF HFR AI.P-#1R In (ne'lre lo mjae'f I tniiat any ih?t Ui? rhargr* a-:*lnat m? >>fM la. * rcua'orfplt money repotted in your paper of }eetei(toy, ?!?> entirely fklae. *? ih? will ?V'* In rcRard to 'lir iDiorniw Moilllof bogun ??id <o b# foun l To th? curtail*. qiiMilion? properly w!,i h<> utitfaruitlly iiwwwn) Hrokrn t.*pk? *nd im"iirrr?l money I wiH bu/ ?od Mil al the beat rate* m umial J AMU M T ATI.OR. U>9 OiaUiam wjuare. M At!*T ?FRWOH TILAOR TAXIES-THK t WOFB ?1, iied wlU be la * tentaarc at K'ene ? rurnerof Ornod and Flirtbetb aUe?t? on Mnrday and Ihurwtay ot earh week t<* tbe nnrpov of r.ilie-ilatf rUU(e taiex and u ae?*Cenla fi>r plaiiklai ?loewa ka whlcb aau-oanii'iit moat be ^?aid immediately or Uia p<M>erty wll be lanaal laee a-lver liaenirnt to Mount Ternoo barer!*.) (Voai 9 A M to5 P M. F hKDItR. Collector. Sr Ticr-TiiF ciFmons omrnRiiFronK wi c I pleaee preaeai 'bell rlatna fnr payruer; to J. W. For ? .>? (iroaa awlffaeeaU Otorga Cook J3 ekman atreel ? OFFlrH <* RFXTKITER OF T A TICS, HEW COURT (lowaa, 31 Chamber* street NoUor In conform it y with aa art fur 0>e 4Mlectl?e of >aiea. pafei-.l April 1?, IMS. I h*er?^ by (ttre noUne to all t*i payer* whotiare omliied te pay their taieafor the year l/C? In* udIomi theaaseta paid ta tae at my nfllce, <m or before the flrat (tar of .Taaqarr f ah all om cewd to collect the name hy ?n m nwt It \: tlie m e t# twelre per real per Minnm. ralenlete.| from'*? daraf alt flepieinber to the day of narmrr.i HVXKT 11 noWAn!!, Rerr'y oftal' ST. WICHOT^S AJt?K'I \TIOH ?T*IK TIlfRO AWXIT al aiiiree will t>e cirea at toe ?,'tty AM-?hiy Ro-ime, 4M Hi oa I way oa Tii'iaiay aTHt'g, l?er t OFO PTFR1S FreMd r. M. Rontna. Treaa W?. T. CmU, f?ei rrtar? T\MM a!*T FOCTITT OR COLDMNAK ORPKR ?RRO tliera a reunlar meeMnr of the h at fitkm will Ml bed in the CVarell Cbaisbe of b't;reai Wii>w?ia on ttcn.lav ? ven lnf, 'he 4h of Iirrefr H*r *? lia t v femr *rer tlie art'ftn <a 'ii? a in. tiei.erai and pn: ' tnal attenda' c l? re 1'nteit Bf or>>r lA.tin, h lift. 4 \ aM, t>r<iwl Ma item Srarea* C. P> i:yy? -e?-retarr .Vatl^att*|l. ae.wm of ^nnw* t.''h Mo?m Tr?r v< Pi*.-, rery StVi nl Independevre ?l tad of 'he iMttltitioti the iVili TIIF JEW*' no^FITAl, FN KRW YORK. TWHfT>"* eisbth atreel between Ret ell b aid Kliktl are^iiea, f?,.w \ork. No? litW *-1 he aMwal awitlnn t ?r thre* direy'."-*, l<> ?ery? tor three ' e?i ? t om he iMh day 1 .tannary new la p'aee of Vr?ar? ftent 'Kaihnn Re?. 4 M t?u"r and .lia. I atntn whiw 'etm ot offlrr> wj'l e*ti<re on ill << <' y * ill tie Ketd in then>ee;iii# to<mi ot the t r. "lit alree! aynatof ie, on flie I4ih >'*r of l'ee> mi er e>? tae ?n'l wlNofraS ll 4.M, aad rloae at IS M Hf oilei ? the ' ? 4 t,? tffa Here, ?rr 1 *a +. 'MJiMi*, (Hi^NfMT t-l ARf?,? a|,|, TllOftr WHO t^fi-nn) i antur on Ike ' seurHe or. t.. ?i,? .p.. reineated ta at 'e. I a d-l'l ill' e.rn tig kt - i rYr*. at Jem*a Mn*h"< hoi a"' ^ rwhi a wtli be | Mictoal, i*^ * ? he ia?f drill t*. or(|(* u? i?H*M HC'OHIS Cipiain. Rit*n Orderly N OTIt F-H'l T?^7? Ktot^ ? '"OMi" ? IT Ri> 21 ?Tlf* _ hou.'ary ar d aetii e mem'te'a r t tli a rn"ar;; are re ||||1 *trd t"> ID. e? I' ihe ,i* h ,? 11... n Mnnna' ."'h lOataat al rrror'ork toat rnifhe nMtli if in 'af fptoer niemliar. ? ae Kayanaih P-< ?? t?M {? OR*..-aP. Fore<nao Jf I F!'?41) M .l.r* \??y llLt'R OVirRi MAI- HFCO*!! biad, I* voad ordir A4 4raaaC I) , hot S 1*4 Fiat niton. vv W?TCH*?, jFWR|,tr. V? I ?Ia*ORP* ?THF TRAP? T? HFfPFCTFOI^IJE. I I tn>med flat we ore oo'tlauallr tiiar'j(?ct'irtiif andharo rn hat d a larde moe? of dl?mnid jewel?y of the Mte?t ? e A Krte ?>er wet a( .iln'yiri- da o?i hau l Setting dM' fee the IfMie. I -anvil.'* lioiighf Rir raah I. H* HSlaJt,N A CO.. 4)} Rroomett *"t. Tlflt BALL MHASOII. SrtClAL NOTICE.?TO BE ADMITTED K> TIIH IR1 II banquet lit Mm. Luby ? Academy. to monow evening, 9"h i' at.. Mm ifpljr but U14W who have got ticket* or who bavc iiiveti iheu-1 nines to be present o? the oecitstoo. Br rrtin'M' to tbe U-s cumber 01 tb<* Irish Ncwk, ur Irish Ameri can, ll will be seen of ?bom tickets mar be had MaURICC WALSII,

JAM. ROCHE. V IE UAJ I, or TIIK N. Y. CITY GUARD, Academy ol Miuic. Thursday evening, Jan. 22, 185T. 'licieu. two dollar*. < ail be obtained of the members, Or iw. tbe principal hate Is and music ?U>r*s TIE FIRST AN'M'aI, bOIfiKK OK THE HENRY TAN \ e!*or Musketeer* wltluke plan** at NiMo's, ou Thursday evesilng. lh*c 11, l^Sti. Muaie liy Dodh worth. Ticaetg to be prce,urcd at the door 04 tt.c evening of tbe ball, or of any ei tlie following committee ? Cept U. P Ward, .lr. Secretary E K. Benedict. Orderly Ceo. PliiJiipa First Lieut J. W. DuboU, KecocdUetit Cbto. F Hill, Third I.pmU A. Sickles, Fourth Lieut. J. MeCartv Fifth I.lent A. Wurdeu, fcuaign W II. Van Moair&nd. A. J. I'ikw, J. 0. Hszeltinc, Ceo W Drake, ,1. C. 1 remble, C P. Gallup, O. H. Kooc, Julius ip, Harvey 1 i Fow'.er. John Beaaon. TEMPERA NCIFE8TIVAl..?E L.PNOWSOCIALUNION Nol.will 1 elchrate their eleventh anniversary by a grand baU und festival ,il Niblos.ou Thursday tTening. February Kill, lf-67. Ticket* SI, including supper provided by .he lad ten. The twknty-eiohtu annual ballo* Ti'Efraw York Sire Deportment lor the benefit of the widowt and orphans, will t.-tse place at the Aoadeiny ot Music. rrmrteefiiii street, 011 Motels) evening January ''<> 1857 Tickel-i mtv oa procured ei th.-managera. ijh.NUY a. BUltrt. Pree*t. Jab P. Wi.nman, See'v. VUtHAATV KKUlbTBiAk *3/17 BROADWAY. CORNER OF LEON 4.RD 8TRKFT. ?JtJ ?To let. a large room. 25 bf 78 feet, ?e on large windows; v frM l.eoua.d street, level WW I he (treat, tiuiiiable lor a'moat pi.y klndui a store or manufaeturiug room. Apply li? aI.KXaNitEKC. LA WKENCii, on tiieuru ?njes. g/i Oft rOR A HOUR*, WITH AUL TIIS MODEI'.tf improeenptts sneti as rau;e (a*, hot and cold w ater An Huuae uew aod in complete 01 ler Also, a pood neighborhood, between W\th and Seven;h avenies In Forty sixth si reel. Iteiuieeof D DORl'fY. on the ori-mises No. 9.r> Welt Koriy slxih aueut. or No. H t'ortiaadi street A NICK IIOl'KF TO LET?IN WEST TWENTY FOURTH atreet with all the modern hnprorenieuw Yearly rent l> The furniture, which is nice, a portion or whole will be roid at a bargain. B W. RD'II aKDS 3IXT Mroadwar. A CHANCE FOR HUSINEPS ?TO LET, THE LARt.X room kM Canal atreet. with it* 'Vuton water, Ac.; al io ilie 1 "'out room ou aecond lloor of 307 Broadway. KeaU reaaotable; uooaeoaioD tmme.lUtely. B. W. KUUlARDS, 31)7 Bro* 1? 1 way. A PART OF A HOUSE TO LET, WEST OF \M> CON venient to I'mndway below Hlei uker atreet; the second llr.or. front 1>*?' uient and two attic ro<>mt. Kent per month, wllh lui!ue<<iate po>>eraion. For lull particulars *PP'T to H. W. BIOBARM. H7 Broa-lway. Furnished hou?k to let ?a r\ndsomei.y fjr Dikhi-d two story aiid basement bouse, went ot Broad way. below Fourth aud above Canal aUeets. Apply U> BO'YD A HILij. Ln5 Hpriug Htreei. For rent-tuk international hotel, wash Infton City ?Tlila house lit now 11 of late ai the 'Tutted Sla'-es Hotel,' ) havtnjt b? 11 thoroughly repaired, remodelled. a< d hauilsoniely lffuro shed la now oli'ered for rent. II is alt uated on I'er naylvatiia avenue, between Third, anil Four and a liall et<*. ami lus alwava be?n conatdered i<ecideuly the beat 1<? rii ed hotel in W..?tinirion. btMDg nearer the capitol aod rail icsd rlei-o> ih?n any o'lier hotel In th? elt? In * lew of the present resax 11 of It r^rrss and the aporoae^iini; inauguralita. thieia a rare epportnnlty f"r any one withmu to take < h?-ge of r botel in Wash" xloti f or further purticulara addreaa P. W. BROVtNINfi. W aslrngtoii City. HOnOKFN-A new norPE TO let, SUITABLE for on 01 'wo fatuiliea, six mlnut?s' walk from the ferry. Inquire at No. 1?4 Washington at , liobokcn. rro I.F.T?two I.AROE STORES. TOQKTIIKR OR sep I at ale at 177 and 179 Grand street, near, with s'eam putter if re<iulred; an eligible ke-Uloo tor manufactur in?4 pni'poaea. Apply ou tbe preuuaoa. TO LET-A 1 TIBK.F STORY BASEKEVT and 3CB cella'tlwellm:.'. just linmhed. with t ?th hot anil cold water, Cirtver'a fu'nacn. range marble mantel* and chande liers and el! the mooern imp'ovetuen' t Kiniahet In the beat manner No 11 < he?i er i.luce Sou'h Brooklyn inquire at Ho. 9Cheever place or of JOHN F. UKi.ll .v UKorilKK. ljo Broad street. N. Y. TO let and FURNITURE FOR SALB-A PARTY lisvit s a part ot a house, with e?ery convel ience wish to rent the sime an<t ditpose ot their furniture a.i.l keeping uieiia ls. Any one wlshUnr to go >a hou*--Ire. ping, will find thm a line o,.porttinltv Apply at 2W WoatThie'y lecoud siretl. tiear f igh'ii avenue. TO LET-THE THREE WORT AND ATTIf BHICC dwalling home No 'iii Weet 1 weutieta a reel fronting no Clelaea s.jnare; la replete with ?ve>-? eonrenleece Apply to D a. CUellMaN, Ninth, letwe-n TtrentieUk aui 1 w ent> titat atretta, or at 74 liberty street. TO LET-IN THE SEVENTH "Y '.PD COMFORTAWI.E appartmeots. whole floots with kitchen a/iitogomesiis. No a>4. and L1"b Monroe, naar t.o ivesiitti rjatrt i t* wou.l be rei.ted low for the balance of ihe year. 1' > LET?TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY WITHOUT Cliutlreu the sec hp! Iliair of three ro i.ns hicI ooe on thin! with a privile ge Ui the kttehtn ot tmu?? 17'J W>*st Tmreu ty third street, between sivrrnth and Klifhtli at euuet TO LET,?T1IRF.E I.OFTS IN NO ISO LIBERTY STREET at.rt two lofia In 1".".' Liberty a' Inquire a' ort(KUiiEKG, BItt.THER> * t o.. l.V Liber y at TO LET?A NEAT TWO STORY. ATTIC AND BUNK nient house with all "he modern improvements No. M Watts street wi'tnn l*n mir ntes' ? alk from the City litsl oil < lo'lu on the eti'.ry. Imuunn'e potsession ?iven Rent SW per annum. A| ply to HE.VKIQUbS A ll t5 Wll nsm.stieet TOI.ET -FOR \ IFRM OF VRAM, ACOTTaGE (lOtHl with Ittfti'y r oint to a Widow or mvdeu 1*1 v rent taken in board; ve?eUible? finad for U.e tab-'e from the garden. AJ dre?- A. .*chul!?, Utoie ri'ikre For' o5ice. TO WAK 1IMAEER.- STOR" TO I.ET AND FIX lurea for eaie ehesp ?The store 3(1 Fulton etrart, havn g teen <ecapie<l for the shove btiainese, wlil be iM?, liie owner lea- js tbe city. ln |i!ire on tfe premlees mo I.ET OR I.FARE?A STOrtF AND BACK ROOM ONE 1 duor fiooi B:oa.lway, in Howard s'reet sul'ahKf.u asei; tr ditaa and exehaPffe < r ce or ariv I ght I tisiae?s. For tei nn sppl) loO. A. Tiotier. 41 Howard e'eeet. TO BE LET OR LEAPED -1IIEATOIK AND DWELMNG boose oa the : orth?**t corner of lireeuwleh a.idHarri roe streets?the same belt.-* a rood oniar, and a line Insal re^e ! oral ton, Reu'idU. Apri? ^ti 11. E 81IJ.WF.1.L, Nj.t l ol fee place. liORMKM, ( AMMlAllKS, AC, rOAOH FOR BAL*.-rOR KA! *, OH**?. A HAOR eoacfc, la 1r?t rata ruulug ht??h ApvV* t> WM. i'ilM T?W, I4i> V *lu?a **<*1 _____ /!AHIU?GhS.-r*nsONI? WlSlll NO OOoO f AMII.f \ ' rarrtaitaa or ?l.'tjli* of M>v aiyl? can t>a i ?' Mi?l f A t'O "l* rrpoal'orjr, 'W/T "roada a?. Tlialr abw? roum nl oo?cln-?. ralrcli"*, ciiT*^9? bafWcnaa. rockawaya, u? , a* U ?e th?iu a rail. FOR HAI.E?A VK?.'* WTLien HoRSK ABHITMl'S moil rnmirN r.n jr/a?n Wall br<ka a-d a aup*rtor bur^a. folij ior want nf r.?. Would ry tvajH lor a li(hl toy wag* n tM Ponth ?trrat. Y. tviR sai.k-a h\tm*rf i*<H*vr?*ittoH sonvn r <a,l kini). and *i\ rraja o!d. Cattf an n ?t 171 MK'itnl tttf. li'OS .-A! r-A PAIR or FINE LOM, TAlbSD BAT r rvr fl?> Irrin A.W!-r?a boi ^ W Port ndi. r 1/nR ?AI.F.-A BOSTO* PJI 4 IMC, MaDlCTO OR (OR. r *f: J Mifiaff, and la lira! r?'a condition, a>\ a ??' V ? rich i urbrr* for >*mc. A' Dal? a rarr?C" aliop t<u aal U1 (?ci.rrirf:'ii'r'i at. M3r> atwaf, I?f'R SAt.r-A *F"W* iiorff ir, iia*p? HIOll. s r Jrtr? cM. Hiutrt ?M kis.1 pricr llfiO *t?o a bajr l*?r*a lh tan.'* fcit'i. 7 naffrij. tuB?ihT with ? \<atty wagN ?nd p:r)"e h?to< v>. hrlei for Ui? wV>ia ?J>?1 Inciter al TiiOkl'Rt iB f atMl*. 110 I- ?at T1 r r-u'.h nU F?(t? sAi.r-A r\:r or moro\x maijf^ ' ?i 4a ! .Mb, lite ind mx jrmrmld. auiind aad kind, wau uia'rrd and >rood ti arallara. no 1 tat want ut rf. -MiylF to Mr Ki on, 112 Broadway FH H.R SAIt-A Bl ACK RAWK colt, SIX TRAR* I aid. Ul, hand i hi?h dark braaa, p?rfert]T agnail uid ktid vary ???ll*h and tMLo/anro# and aup^rb (amJl? ar al>lla h? iar. at U* c Mib Hable. I'aatrto aur?t. aaar C laioa, Hr?ik '?? nOltOK } N -A NEW IIOOI to I.KT ?riTAH.K FOR oar Of two fatnllir*. ail miriutm waik t? Uu- sarrf. to i|tur* at 194 W :i*bta?flon at;f?i Hoboarn oi r.iuH*. mritmn? a i.aror amortmrht ttr O fnuiilv alrtf ha two araia had ruifra. mail" In th?> varr boat ti.a ,rar. with atari ahnra ao4 a'taai to anr in ma/k-'.' Par ?al- at lis Warraa aUaat. ORiiWaI A t v k Makar-i. TROITIRO BTKRR fOR RAl.R-FRO* THIt mr.f ?rf, a r?rj f<<od tmtu-i* h<ir?a for ora nntratnad, hr laa dart t ay ar brow a I5l, bamta h;|h. aound and kind, and ?ar/ arjrttah ilrtrar ran :rot in 3'j mJnutr* and nronnara *>ion 'a b? aw>on< 'ha lira" riaaa uoltrra WU1 pa antd cbaap (i?r want a I.aa appl/ at 4.1A Hroadw^j. U'AVTFf> TO rfROmjlR-A ifor?lR, FOR t.!<iVT ?t|ir*?? wark miiat l>a r.odar altht yrara of %g? prr fac'y Mmftd. arnM* tn h??')?n %(l(L? nn.1 with int t*tn? al I 1??| a or (irwi-.' ? waaon. *pi>ly a' 4A > i'.rj ?irart 5. intfp-a noon hfhosp mvn rock aw vt ' UI(ML AJdrraa T. R. F HTiCd oflit. which *iu i.ruioiv F- T SAt.K AT A MARO All*- T"K. ?TfK'K or VTiW.l, I?<I <i jr? nod Miwirl %? r<?*br?h??l ?*an<1 mi l'??r| atrwl; :o ?n mrlv *op!k"'i* a kond rha'ic* n oiMpri m th* ?>?ro?r nrytM ?"in* to lliro.i#. AppiT before th* ISifc lout . ?t S? I *?rl tfrrrA. T| T *0 A HI A ft Wll?K-? -IMPORTS!! ATI HOI.fl PUR! II ami RmintfH at ??hol?Ml? on hy'ha rwl *al a ,o?.'n and *tii|1r bottlr* *'?o Harai* o?r%r? ?>??? 'I'lUl'r. KANVA. PDT1RR A HKVKHHY. 41 Hr>??r' ifd-t, hk romw of Bro *'<???. f iijcor **?rfiAWT!*-?oTir?-ir*w pim-ovrrv, Mj A prmariUi.iti fl'i * ac? bolT %i"l rl<"trui? ? nt Honor b??w wnUkny 14" irtw?<{ Pmw* Mid lr?h>, W- ?t Itvlia an I Haw (? "< I r in dnT)?? Ur Mil tmpnrtnri bmniliwi anplp ?n<l n?*c+i bran It * n, port *n ' *t?<l?ra ?Hi?* I'Tiprorwd aril ni?'l? oM Tba ??mm rof ?>??, t i ? Mill win* oil la nrtalial h.,u ra Th? n#?i-.i?iwn ti .n n I lb bottlw, ?nk ilirwp" ?n? For itli bf ft. U fk i: lit W AM)p R 14] M?iilm> an?. N. f V< Hiiro I* mopv RxqriiiTic am? nr*rrf?Tf. A t' ?n the llnwcrt f. thorn ?n<1 rol'tonm from tb? r.-i? lirtfo of Til MaN 104 * 9 Rtphp!t#n P*rA, to bff f. 1 ti rniy Ii;i HlPTkT mi pot nmr hn>*.t?iy TTllFW IHMTORK nr?A?.RKF A< -TIIK RUrRHT *? ?r*r? r?r'rorfr*y aro?<i>* ibo iirj i?v?i oi I .??.|on pot >*|i?i t In In llkoly to minlt ?? lli? Infill nftho pnMto. Ther, tb* v ?fcl;' hatint boon rallod npon M urnnn <??. h?r? ilf< . ?d. Afi*r an >ir,partial (n?mt'(r?tl< n. th?t *?*1 ? i.o*ik>i? i nmiiii. (im !? tb? b?*t pure*! *>?? I* In tbo rr nr*M Tlla woll kniwn r?t > ??( on i ? ? i K.i (IIkIi i'l?il,ifr ?i A iho n'impron? tnt isonl frww tb? mwt r?iphr?l?l rh<-mU>? m* l ? purlit, b*r^ I.WI1 nn.rc rn . i-mfn I?1 it??V >n lh? ?Ppnt'. n of Ibp in-ilir*l fmtft i.?T !'J i? >?<?' ' f '? ' 'Ifn i to m? md of tfivaL ?. "'<? ?> ?* plMtmnlti *h? t?*'?, ?t,,i irf t piip?? Iw-mi.- r k? mtn MMfNIiitiim>|. (?rfi'tl I ? ?t I' !???' ?nil dpnlliu W. R>RI', Ko il> f.Mt f Wfnlf nintli M. OBT OOOOB, M. pVi/\ BLACK TUKKAD I.At K VKILS, NKW STtfl.KH, ?JUU ir "o tli upward*, blark Uui|<ure and ? handily lant, alt ? iJiIik PETFR BOBEBtri ft CO . 3T5 Broadway CHA PAIB8 WKT BLANKRTS, ft SAOH ()vMJ 4 fiUU yard* handaoiue areas aiik*. Sa. per ftri Black and gray braver ciotn* ooly lit. Itcasbe lotig aliawl* tlA. worth 910 Wide p&rainatia* anil Htgliah luurinoe* '!? Linen napkit.a l> per 4o/en. Brown Hurt white table alollia. from 6a to M OLIVER UOWBK A V, 2C9 <i.-*n4 atreet, cor of F>n?rll>. ANOTHER LAKUI-: REDUCTION IN prices - J. ISM K A CO , No .165 Broadway, Will ovo ofj Monday m?rnit>g. at {?', o'clock, when tlm ba lance of their large atot k of ilrj good* will be oilered at greatly reduced price*. Anew selection of erkmi h embroideries junt received for (he holiday ante* Uandkurclilela Irjui fXloJvM). collar* Hud set* in great v.trtely aUo t>rr*l??**t cape, mourning collar* iUu?tau capi* and bortbes uuita u?w. MI1.LKR A QRAHT, 3Tt Broad Arm KZOI STOCK or KRFSf'H EMBRO.DBRKD ?ela. per Arago will be opened on Mouday, and ollarod at ball' tfce ubua* price I'M KR ROBERTS A CO , C5 Broadway. AFRKSH assortment OF VALKNCIENNI4, POINT d'Argullle, lii'UiMtU u> "t .rid blood* l*c<) juai oponcl. Real Valenciennes edging* front la up* ird* PfcThR ROHEBTH .t CO., 375 Broadway. BLACK LACfc*. <.RnaT reduction IN PRICES TmU, Cape*. Berthe* Scarfs ribaw'a. MaaU!la*. * loutwea. Trimming lii 'efl, ir . Ac., Ait I) be oil very cheap, at J. B&CK a CO.'H , :t&i Broalway. BRt -SKIP POINT LAt EH. Hai'Jtnicluefa, Gutlar*, Sleeve*. OftpM, glounoaaL TrlrnuUrig <?(*, il , il , A', naif the Mtglnal cost, at J. BECK A OO.'H, w* 386 Braalvif. All. OCR I0?. AND DOLLAR SILKS Marked <'own to6* par yard. Wishing to reduce our large *to?'W of Rich drea* silks ami silk robe*. Previous to the 1 'oae of the ea-uin. Will oflei tl:em at a reduction in pr'ce ?f from 1!5 to JO pel ceat. ISKMvMAN A COMPANY 473 Broadway. 15 EFKM*N A COMPANY, 473 BROADWAY, Having competed the markbig down Ot their entire s'ock ol velvet an.l b<?:ivi?r cloak*, Would rail the pai Ucnlar a'teuUcu ot The ladles thereto, ita OUerlng wmf great bargain*. Bl.ANEETS. SOILED ?f,ANKHT.^.-SIW PAIR SOILKD sumple bUnkeia r11 hi/, 'a. cheap for emtli, at W. b. BC.ND's. UK and 1LU ISlilh a. etiue opi>oaile the uuu kel. 1I.0AKR / A au4>erb aatortroent All u.'w: bupertur In quatttf, Suprri h- l'i ?Tie. JAMES A. 11EARi>, 776 Hroatwar, Above Niuta atreot. CLOaKS CLOaKH aP.NOLI>, CONSTABLE A CO. will Oirer thrtrH ga.-mtutaat reduced price* on Moolay. ?th inat. 6- 1 ?aal atreet. near Broadway. CLOAKS, WRAPPER* AND CIRCCI.AR8. A Urn* aaaortnit ut of new and laahJonable styles, (a floe beaver, eiotka aad velreut, at very low prkma tL 8. MIT.LH. W and AS Chambera aSree', np Malm. flLOAKB. CLCK'KS, CLOAKS. LANE A PORTKR. 72 Caauil at-eet CHEAP DRKPS (iOODS ?0R TUE HOLIDAYS. LK BOl TILl.TKR BBOTUKKS Have agal > markml down prices, .'ind cm now offer rico -i^k* at (id ami *<?.. double w idlli wool plairta ?i 4a . all wo >1 deUiuea l? . end yard wide priuui la. 6u Canal street, and 47 Howard at reft. /M.OAKS RKDDCED IN PRICK. \ J fur entire cloak aWak is thia day much re4it<-? 1 la price, andafloida an oiioortut^ity i? buyer* ol" thvae gai meuu vt h?ipo.? tbi mtelves with gr??u bargain* OEO. BUI.PI*. 3nl itroalnay. C^ORSKTS AND SKIRTS J All tlia new htj lea including U?e I.agratue, ?t about half Itroadway prtrea. Mra. UAYNoR, 46 Ttird avenue, near Tenth atti -t and eivtb ax eaue near S?-. euteeniu atrsat. C^I.E \RINO Ol'T. j at ak iMHi-.N?r. Riratnrc, THE *ALb AMI WlMrdmtQCK, A ItvlIK CUANCK CHAS HEARD A CO . ?H t,.?i,d?? ? Having determined toclce ottt tbetr a 11 wt r ?r jitai ne ?. wil romnieiH e Mt N DA Y.Dec S, lHV A GENERAL BKDUCTIUM I#* .y PKtt CENT on ilietr as nut arocK OF RICH AND FABBIONAHLF DI!T HOODS, l or pattlritlar- ?ee adveriiaeiueui D BY GOODS? The cbe4p< a' ever oileee.1 i? New Yurk. AMOtiitit umt aacuv-f' ls mil i.a, J. WCK A CO., JUS Hroadway ? r abu Ilavii g .Wterniined to ac<l oil tlmr aitlre rich wi'd.s- ?t*k it dry ioo.u hefoie tlie U of Jaot atj. ba?e inarvedJjwa tin pni'<a to nail roat. feilka. Sfcawla. (Mil Mario->? De lainaa Lum*k Ml?leU. Fla?;)i. lloaiei f, Cmrta?a BtuUaa, Mxtrn nga Anirti >: letica. I a?ea Ac . Ac , Ac., >+nnz ' l*'"l?0w"T 0IT D O rou Wl-U A RH'fl MLK At HALT JM VaI.UK. Oo la CtlAS. HRARI? * CO S. ,%?! Crui strart. D KK.-V" HI1-KH I teach tnarlno*. woo! plaid, I>r ainra and rnahmaraa At ? firet rrliiclloa in prlca to <le*r mil u<? mur'l At TUtt Mrwlway Oil AH. (i HOOK. IfMBKOMJCRIE* !i 1 wcul/ prr rent lialow tbr 'waal priro*. 1>kfc.KM A> A OOMPART ?T:S HioaJway. Half rfdt:eed Uift prira of thai' 1 arfa atork of point potbt Bppiiqna. Imnl'i'O T ilwl"?f lul tffch I liklllida? '4 '* nri ?? U full tw. nlt par i rut l>elo*r lb? mini pn.-n tj cio*' tin m out Prfora the holloa) a. EMIlR<iJI>Khlm -Ut B?)l'Tt1.LIFR BROTntRH WrU. <>p*? On Monday n rrr la-fr a?*ortmrnt of rtn'irunleri'.l cnUafa. rnl ?r? aid ttrnw l%ll? biUHltrHirfl band* Ar Kimtl| bc.ow It* iL-ti*. roaw <D' ?n?! nvrert aaJ 17 li j??rJ >tfwt. J^?SKt>!l>KKIKS HlR 1 UN HOUDAT& J I)'?!. n-n art* va.riir rmira f ? Colli larw *rt?. in**r*? aaia Mi dallton ??"*. p >tat applique ifti, Btrakfav ?<??? Aid" ? I iff* atorK of l? ti*?' At.d feuticvca'f Iim tken !il?f?. OnicbrV and V?:? l>an.t? 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RKAU1IFI I. *II?K Tiri'KtM, Bl t??OR HO I* XHI.KS, mi rr> crrft a* moa>" All ia <i ti a lit* At tarv ran?.?a*;>l?i prtraa OKO ULl.Pl.x *.t |.'fcl ?T Al> t< In 1)1 A AToRf. t? ?a(<fA*. IH JT iltad *rtb fooda (par 1?;a arrtra'* n ?*.na, Oaira?t?, Wtrtia J*1 ail. ram a, mi>n Ar .Hi' f I ia? nar* obtain all la tartai? af rnrtniia, icrhil ?vt >.?* a ?> r.ra of l-ra? a >J ft: rj> pond* ( li</ana and atrar^r.? ? .? l .r to aia tu.ta Ihr Kraal *ar|rfy ima *ITrr?d. a' ?;v. ??*** ant ratail N B - t?i?>da Imported to otdar. F" RP.M II VOCWRtiATNK PK I.AISBB ALI. WOOL " . 1? Mil .V *o-1 li % illllllV AI.IaMKs CKUlVtflH. ?|| HrnUw.r Q*kvt arm ciior tx Tiiit rwt k or -u Lf L'a'.ltf *JpM< far nil ?hi,1|'n?. Ai.d t?n *li lline <rtlk< (? or m# dnllvr. 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