Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7415. 3 MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. NICARAGUAN AFFAIRS. Aid for Grnml W?Uwf? SO KTINC OF THE raiBMM <?F MIC ABAG0A >T THE 8T. CB&KLFJ liOTKIi?A QKAND HllTINt CiLLU fOU SATURDAY MOUT AT THK TAlWKN ACIi.U. A pr.vata meeting was h? Id last light at the Ntsa nviiH headquArters, room No. 1 St. Charios lintel, cxmerot Broadway und Leoruru atrc -t, pri.lmia*ry to orlortbi purpose of fitting up a grand masg matting in ant of the Americans la Nicaragua. A Urge number at uutab o pursonn wero (invent, atu jug whoa were Xa.ior lle'Ai, General Wart B. Ljruott, Gens, Green And Caar*tna c Texas, Gem ral Wheat of Tennessee, CjI-juI J. W. iabien, Oolonel Anicrron ol Nicarag ua, Thomas Francis Mcajuor, Dr. Mig'i.'a, Judge Morion, Thomas .VUchU, the actor, and Mr. Uor^cj:, owner of tte Nlca cj& iu line of steamers. At 7% o'clotk the meeting vui callcu to order by Gen. Ward U. Burnett, who oillutauidas chair ra*a. Ho etntnd Chat on toe previous ovtclog a low Irtenda of the cuisj of Nicaragua met thero, aud determined upon holding Another meet ng last night, as preliminary to A large menting to be hold In this City, with a view ol muttering liiAlerUi a.J to our country r. u ia Central Am-riCA, aoa of preiestHicr to the politicians of thla country tte fact, that Amervans tn tho Uuucl .-Stato* sympathise with Amrrk&n.i abroad Kor luls cause thd otaet'.au *?? called, an J lie, Individually, ?- no?rt iui<i soul with his c Minlrj a i n wbo hu?*e boon cutcd to Nicaragua and Who arc now being driven from I'lur s, aot by the ntlzjai of N'lcaruua. but by lour cibur csujt/ios. Judge llottTos thin Addressed tue Cl?atr, laying that h<> was one cfthose wt^i at an e*riy p;rt >1 ol tho (trig gle lor liberty and MpstbUCAAf In MatngM, had warmly snpported Walletr. ant tut he wou'd tow lean cf all liefer deserting him My -i^uitmauts, s*id ho, woro cipreaa-it by uiy irioad Meagher to nignt, whoa be told me text h? trtt a B) rapsihy for vFi'fcor when the s at ?hone brightly over him, a d srotil 1 Lot now de??rt him wtitn cto.n;? overshadowed him (Cheers.) Tj former lbeobj<ciu:'tbo meeting ho nr?ve<i that a committee of live be Appoiuhxl to decide u?on the tn'. in. lis 10 be adopted for cAry'ng out our purpose of aiding our countrymen in Central AoerlCA. Ihe mot:ou wai adopted, an l the following persons ap printed fur ike ? tloxundeC. Morton, raom.ii if. linrdosstlc, Thomas Fr?nulj Meagher, ilonry Woidou, lda|or .1 Hcrtlott and DavWJ Down Mr. OAKhmrn then mvS: a lew remarks, aa follows:? V"alter is badly ofi, and need* money and men to hold Ai* own. Wa moat not ihnl our eyes to the section*) feeling i*i this qumtion. it cannot ba dented tuat at tne North the people do not realty sympathize win Walker. While at the South they do, a< their Interects are with Walker; therefore, he proposed to nave a committee go tbiougb the south and solicit meaiu from Houthorn capltAl'.Hts, and a'ao to get tho do.i'.hcra members of Correct to lend th?lr lntlu?n?? to the aawe From twenty u> li'ty tnou-an l dot.?r? bad i lew thousand men conid thu? be obtained Irom the Sjuth, which wouid euAbie talker u do s> iHi.uni nr.jre tbau mtiroiy hold L.i own. or rt^maln m peril, as at pronent. Maj. Hi ,.-r was then called up.mi, ami tat'l be would give the ?dvi?-e oi u prac'icai win. tie had been in Nicarat;uA, And knew nil about It. It la a loo ocuutry vri. ri A'usrl cum run livo and xustai- ioouml: von, au l thay woald have so If it nad not be n for aa ojtslde ioilicnoo. If Gen. Wa<*M had had uo.hlaK to contend a^Undi but the people ol NicA.'Agua h> wju't now ruio tuero in poace and And why Walkor pArmi'.tod ^?ery to c'lUirito l.n epot of groaad and live in '|i..ot, :a iufioleiico He UU not intx-.a them iito the army, k* their t'brr rolosdit. flu! thj ?urroonlin< derpaU aru tryiig tocrvt>h Walk or?lhey .re iuati<atel aul aup porte,t by 1 'irupenn dca,mt*. It ia u .w eo mora a rjuui a AhoQt \\ likcr, hot it i* a que<*tioa *vbe;her Aiusri cau Absll bednvmoat fri'-ji fi--e *?y thw? aul UAr^art iis uatltoj wb i .;*rry on thMr b\. ior? tuu device. iHuth to ?U Nof.h ioertciM." 1< n n"t a qa?i!.( a of WAiker's diouuon or WA^ksr's overtorow, ou* it is a nutuition be'woen toe ihufUife' ol eur ulltNl an i iii-tr dfteaoe an l snp port 1 iti., ?ai-8fle! from wu*t I havo S'oa of tto pacpie ol NltAiag^A that they aro tor Walk-r, hi'iauae. 1 t. li re *tma4, of h e permit ;it'g Uien to ii-re io p An t q j ?t. co'toicing th?a? into tee army Chore is not a BKicbaat m thin dtv who would not be b4a?0ned ity tMeatAbll'itaiAMof Walker'* rul* tn t'-ntral tm"nca, bt?'<u>? it vieuld g?eatly t'teir tr?de It is iney aud they chle^jr who wtil bu braeHttod. A* for us tiu histen. araoaly Apo<>- stt ol doffitf who nave u > in a?<3lM'c. and are even outitwed lu ourowu r.ountrv Our lacHirtt.. 7 beu'Gia ttioi^ m.'ientnu, And <aey abooid tMie r.' ui ot th'a f.?ttcr I have rode Sro hunCrel a vu s?r<Mbe.-k in aud *i<>vt Aighi afce nftM ft *ao ope a Air And ammj Um aaiivee Ke*er, <A all *hat time, did a aittve refuse ait uai . Tuc ?trugrie I* now Hetsr*oa Am^rl iMS ?a I ?teepote 19 CcataI imcrica aii 1 Kurupe. Tbey hav; sworn " >?th lo All North tuie- oaj* " It is ttietr ba f? cry . frill ..ball it Imi crt i te-! (Vo>oes?N'u bo, n 1.1 W. 1 belpiM ia ovr iitrngifle fur i.b^rtv and repabl ? r?L.-m, am >bali wo nit in our t trn help tboie strag % ug lorthem In Arnor>. ? Keattuber n It no Im |er a queatlea of Walker, O t of A^erlaalM (len. <?<'?>0 next mxt'i svtuH rucarks. t bii rathe fi i>bl. ?*'.<< he, ttiaa Si>t-?k 1 think act oa la the duty 01 tl.e Mi'ltr. I cons.-'er lb i p? uulpal o*:?o\ ot ou' tn '9'. iA?r is to orgaatyi a Kvoaf p<i?fto spirit of aympatby 1? i tun r!ty Oor object I*, to atop *l?rcy or any o ner watt ? ilvmid d< 1 ablsco pi.. 1 jiaa who la oppose! to Walker. <(%*t rs 1 I am for p.otentin/ Au> -rtcaaa id their rtgnte. 1 #ii.tto 1."ias ui>der tho rule of oil Jv.ktoa and belp> ! to ri r fl at Ct?t? for treoSom tn soite of th? nen'rattty <awa. whirn r i.?te<l then Aa wetl ainot. Go a Jaeksou ' wm ? big Hearted ima, who would defy huol laws tu P a..t iDu ai'hicvcio.'iii ot ?-> giorlous a work. But At \ -.*eat I -i. ,'avew ? tavo only a atnill ;m?to Jankaoa riAA '? h>? at- i t. (laughter ) Ha WAata 10 prevoat us f?. tu ecu ting help u> tit su<fon<tg mea, woi.,?a an J children *n a < onu'ry whtcb his hag don* Ait oo>er t WA.11 to ge? up a saee log, a ptaitc BiBt.inent, whii'ishAl. { ? . jak t> r>i> and oticM. ao tha' they w<ll at bant psr r- t to go to tbo rescue of our satfArtag countrym?M ta MlWUW J W fiii.jr* belBf cvll-d upci, anil he iid hre<l In .V? ?rmf% ttiT?-fftri. ibat hp ba t ??"a ?ank(b lae.v to k-iuw bu nothing uotM < p*err*t iut?? ?? war, or Ml**? ti?h pcate eud uui Uie loiuetoa of a ntm ?-lo meal aatou? ibom Ibal tiituroa niut c.mi intttioit < ?nni?f; <1 klnae rould c nvnto tad civilian ihtlptnpU. Iho ivroairy I* ant o?iy fprtih), b it well lutltfiod lor tne ?lirveUoa W American (p'ttua. II Walk?r la dr'reo onl no Ani?c!r m raa lien in Nicaragua, aad tf iw oaa live tittle nvtv w.ll bo able to lira in any n.her of tlm Uut.-al ' ytm?>ru ?u ?-inl'e. or avjo el I'im ui. We #iU '.bm be t: t 0' tiom coB>ioaoio?'i'? w'lh oan Nrtoi of tnr mm- < try. Kit* ?nd hM *11 el'm< hMH l'. nacai MfM lite 1 r bU ?.! lb- Central Anter ca'i .HlVet *1J etKroacblog 1 upoii todr ten iory, but you <lo oot t?e 'beat UXloe up I at ma .tgalasl l.aauxh oMmm??u<l way'- 3s auto moy kiww I "fiend baa the power Mil wt I pel-ml tiom xfotle, mi<1 tald b'> ?i*>1 kuown M?*eeal Va'ter ww he ?*? h i and cow be c mid titan <J0?d t'? ere am haitf log out tur !.af ? noai arerwhPitne t 'j. < er'rnl A marten. I raw h.m ?o n It* J re * ibe worrit ?f !<??? r*>*n a Virjrlute n???tr.TT'e i,p? au I IkMWthtt ~t.te?i *nkMM ."Wtrthara it'i-nd it ihe pu'a lilo.n of >.r!Uad | kaow Lit aptrlt?to >w that be will n- tvr ar*re ?(< Nrr?r will b e imr b* lift* I from tbai aoJ tra il an tt ?h victor tone. H? will e?mn tin a noble ropuVIc U-tf.. >.o will Mfraucbiaa ao l eivili/en paopio bt.'ore en?u>' i or aouty m(i n eacrtarc t > a glorious cant-'. Tbe n'me* >a la, will a a to.iprt him or wai we ax.' ?? IVn wilt,'* "err will" It la J tat aa natural fir Atui'ai t> fo anywhere uj>>a thia >V<!?'*rn a i* as! ?-rk tb. r lortuae at It la Tor d'lnk* ti (tt nn?u !>?? e?a. Now. ??*'j tee h iM Hfoamgaca ? MM at ? t an .la? at (iraaaut?o?n It be laat Amur! jm trii aat n t?. bin aiu-N-? a/tf-4.) I etwM ?? m a.U (r >m tne Nona ae rr>na tb-t t ?utn. I aw a ' rner, bi.t know wd i the <>oru trn blmd. I k?o# tt 1* r j 4. a t route It. aad not ?nn tv? ujthag l?Io>*t oi Um- it? oaa aiirpeM it. Let aa tn< n c i all t >(eiber %j u a?pt<url oar cauau)"??*? tn *ai Amertr.t let at at uviwt ; I ft) and aujnw W?a. ti'tt, H>ori n(to i, ard the "Ula Atntrtcena who %-r> ?ufleria* tb >r?. aiH R ? tat ri 'tt ? idr"*tel in? m*'Hiai la a rrrf r-Ur in^:-^r lliibuft'-rn tp-eeb aaflan P be wm tot I JO th'J he w- itta ?b?.i:,u? r a <aa?<<? ana marnn ?e Nioaracua. ,'k" ? "?i "*,'?ea. wbo had p*??? (?!?l/ retired, hrra ra t'<tbe4 a.><i tale tbe fhitowie* report ? To?r r. ?> iiiUie* appr>'a'>r| tn <trv,?e nvani f<?r carrjinf .xp pnani Uv < ud enreutel/tl.e ot<|nnM o( il. r m f*l?~, h,v?ln >*?u irat'tn Mdertni Ute r? .i ra1 ? miion of Ameri an rHI/rea taBkaiaara ?l?f\ u by ttir apirlf ofn>ir jua?. Ilbwal, ai .' i n 'i rr<t in;? . ?ener?i?ljr ?nd ooaragaoitelf a: - -rr?T ' r <n a1 made u. ,h, in a? ih^d' aaopraiia an<l pr> ar> a?H?< rlv nf ibM ro intrr *n I a??r iimiern! William Matter I >??'?' *r?n? pri?j'lrtn< an I cuael'Mi i?? d ? ad 'I r?iel tirnvti ?!?.<??tn u?- |>?opi* o' Mlaara<u*. ?? ? i r i" *er?t a aneto- rKej f>ai b?d opi>i*e<?d tai-m until I * j li?>t W-rw '?rr.-adfl i.n I tt. tr e?>ta:r> b<l btwaaiii a t ?'ii rri-g I'm! "i thr 'nVftl "f t>-t" f^t rf il trli'* and r>t" < t-iwit- e lo*'iteh tSo-" AiufrlTtn'-nt are BeW t\p.i?r..It ut a c-otitttlnn'y oCibe tai?t?r< a->*>itl t?lt "f thi ?"*T?>rtn'iti a Wai'vi <>t t '?? i Kiev Una'Tnii!*, an I Ka i ?al ?? d tr, the'1! ?t?t and ra d"U >tt'a; .?J h? tkr m^nU n. ?1? I tirat?? M /intuit th ittf -ea* afl?ripl?a and Istrreaoi?he 'r "iebtla* n? Anwriena en. ? thlv be aanr Utr nmiTH lto?i. l?>r prt.^rete o' rn|<i*?.|i.n. Uto ??prt .id .ia>l ^'ant Vy r' meiaw be oi Af.er1 ai t-rl'.irr ud?h'Jti< e"t>retaaeT oi Atnarlraii lr.ilname in ib" Saw W iritt ??re a" nafce ? ?f'tV'tirtR v'l ?(!'*" gmv,- ctrr>iTr!?ia.i<"~i j mr eo-i w,??te ieel ^al huairtfty. pterlo't'Tn infler an<1 an etal^t' otiMitinl i' rJ oenutrd (rim ten an I ail o her ol?l/eai>. > pnmpt irfiMtarinoaa and <l?< fire actinn, ilia' vbe>-?t'(we t? Imorere npoo 'lie rartrmal fort remen* the ???*" ?hii'h tn* people t ( >ew T"fk entrrnun ?f tb?* rinnanr* wbfN BtaSae ? Uwtr felt piti-ene H Jflrtraana to Im. rem ihp r tm" ntni tA? hreltie 7<.rer-m--tie whirth bar" tartv'ed ?li-vnt;tl?,' ' ?nmf ? mm ary in Imailtxi lo 0? R-impeeo fweernn' wMrf inei '' and ttneia'n tb?m und to aneeor, eneour^ae ah I tiplo'd tn" r-'untrrmeti nti tie ?i<pal)ln? o Mt :n?i< hare ?* late trnnMiM tn anmnni?r tn he a<w:lon t?( "her l'd rtg'.la yifir rn-nmltii* adilex thUart'blle m fea lif d la Uila elt.e. al the 7?i?ei?? ?. on saiif lar e.e<i i>f ?a<t that nt a eommai- ? pt afanffomi-nU to prpp tr* lur fie lame th lol'owlntf >'?ntl?men be appn'n'" I Tnirewi mi.Ire frr '>er adrlao tliat a fim.iiifiee he ap'i iinied to eol.-tt f?*>m onr t B>ena maipflal altl. in the way if ritvhin* pnjil ?'o*e, 1. . In a<d our enfTrrlef P "intrtrn|pn In N r trauna Alice tha report war *eae anrf adopien. two or threa bWttear and worklt| wnn'niWcta were appjlpf^d Tna perrona fr?*oot t^ou f u'ninhel f-c?l7 t? par 'oe aJT<?r tta'ag tr 1 pettin* np a traad ?i"e'lrf at the Tanernap|? nil Saturday n>(hL Tha meet og or rennloa of thelfleodt or.S'mara^ it w?arondnmod T<>rr btrm'iot mt'e ?n>i ratiaad ('ewot nn wa* mtn'ffMtlPd tot Wa'*pf ant th<5 Ar er?r* ? n f>"tral ?rn-r,'w Iho fe inw'nt plre.nKr has l>?a tp?t to t>n?lar?a ilrmt a' tbe * rat tad . Wrw r.??* P??. '7 fit vtf ?;? wf v ?. I * if r?f f**" ? Hf* ' * fff WT h! '?f fttiri t!u* n i????t.i i? N? ? ? -?% t?i\* m' t? In \ *ti * ? ^ v ? H ?\rv*K ?w4 ft n? ? f >r > er%ni mvm , ' e'-i.r i.,'...|,..!dnB,a? , . r, ita.i, ft", h ,n*., ti.r a pih'V ma* Ifi 'Alton nf ? vmim'ht w tb tm- . 'a ia In IW ??onn?rt. A" twn?:-e f! imn>!?aa baa been amolnled M> u> kt :uia< ;T *l t fi t fcfuet'i'iif aifti ?h4 r.*9 i'is *ti?. > our citizen* are <v>uU-lbuUna A large quaiditr of material aW Including jieuvi.-ieua, c/o'hicg au>' ather alum Mill M'Mi tively Lid bco out on the aU'tuner Teaneeaee, 24th uu>t, wliicli will go directly lo Walker We rely u(tou ih? co opp'atlon or our frieuds in your neigh 1 01 bood to help carry on the work. Mespectfutlv, vour obo da iit a* rvauui. JKaIaH KVWDKa.s J. W. fAHh.ll!*. Al.f.X (J. 1.4HTttKNUK, WM. WILSON, J UN AM BaKTLKTT. Kxecntlve Committee. IIiv ,\aval ISngMgrinriit at Stan Juan del So?. The following letter has been banded to ui by Mr. Wna. Kane, Pi No. 92 Orove Btrct, wbt> would like to Sfte tb? fCbtloniaa wbo brought tt from Nicaragua:? &ah .1 1'a.i mi Sim, Nov. 39, 1954. Pur Broth ir;?This lettor will be handed you by a gentleman wbo m now on bla way to Ibe States Ware my lMt there bits been some atirring tines in tbli coun try. But I may as well cotnrrenco, aud give you * (mail history nf my proceed luge:?On the '2<rth of June last I left .Sail Francisco for Nicaragua, on ta? steamer Sierra Nevada, and arrived in San Juan dol Sur oa the 4th of Jaly. On the 7.h ol jiuy i was tent on board tha schoo nor t.runada, ol if) tons fecruien, carrying two six ponudera and manned by twenty men. We hart made . evoral er;:ize8 in her and took some small f riaee, bet rotbing ef impcrtaooc oocurred until too 21,(1 lnat, wuen, as we ware lylut; in the harbor of sjau, It was re ported that tbere was a sail In slgut. Wc bad been ex {noting an armed brig from Costa Rtoa for some time. We act sail and -? irt.wi out t > sue wbat we couid make of her. About r o'clock wo cacao up to her, wain she proved to be t.:e brig K!"vontb of April, of *201 tons, c*r rjlBK four nine poandors and 114 men Notwithstanding the over*uetmitg odd* agaloM uu, our little captain (a: bravo a man as ever trod the dock oi any y>?Bel) prtpwed tor action. We coir.m?nced at 7 o'oiosk, and lought till') o'clock, when a wall directed shit trom one of ouri,uns struck her magazine, which tnauwly bletr up. in two hours vre *bl;ipo<i a vca?t I greatly superior to us iu ivory rwpict. fho loss ou 90- ui to was two men mo: tally wo-Jmlcl (uo* dead) auj throo mora sli?(t)t,r wounded, ojo of whl-.h is your burn tie aervaat. 1 rmxlvo t a wound in my thigh from a mibie ball, which shivered the oono very badly. 1 am now getiiug along aa woil aa could be expected, with my leg uone up in spiitterti. The rest of oar boy* are also doing very well We were in hopes that we would bo atilo to bring our prize into port, but we nad so completely riddled her bull that she sunk In about two boura after we captured her. We nucceedcd in saving forty one or tne enemy, some 01' them were horribly wounded, and several have died sine? we got into port. Not having much more time to write, I muti c!oae. t.ive my ove t > my doar mother and eiatcr, anu all inquiring friends Hoping to hear from you soon, 1 reiuaiu your a&ecuoukte brother. OfiNSlH KANE. Walker In Central Amtrtra. The l.oulsviile Ooitrier, upontbn strength ot representa tions ol Kentucky oQIcors rotnrnod :r6a .Vii sragaa, some days since predicted Walker'* apcedy downfall, aa fol lows At the present time his entire force does no', exceed twelve hundred nscn, and th'ae are stat.oeed eithor at t rana ta^r at places within easy reach of taat malurlou* taptial. Uu recent repuue of tha enemy at Utssmya urd Orauada ecarceiy all irds him more tbao bmathaig time. He reaps no olid advaniago whatever from these teats or arms. He has not guned a loot or additional koII. fie liar not gre?tiy dtsneart<;aod his enemies, nor ccu'.O he prevent even the troops whloh surpnsed Craaa <ta from carrying ot. a largo part of th* p.-nperty of which they baa pltindered that town Utrss stsl ocra pice I.ocn, and the Cr.amorrUts aro daily Ueoouiiiii; mors activo and audacious No foraging pu.t'cs ran be sent out froia the Amoricau ja.rlnt rs witoout risking the darner of bring cut oil'. n> suMplic* can be sent from one post to ar-Koer wiitiout be ing protoctel by a strong dotaebmont Carrera, the an ive and Intelliyent, but rnthloss I'r^atdentot GuatfTiala? a nuan of low extrtc.ion and mlxel b'xn I. bat ol (Treat ftTCt* of cbaractor??< reint'orsUig Im ?e:y the army or the league. 11 the add tirnal Uoopj succeed in iorm'o^ a janctlon with tie '.rir v of lnratioa they will iacr;-asv the allied Inrce 10 it?ht thooaand n>r>n. Whether twelre h"ndrtd AmcrtcaoK are vapa'iki of defending tbemseives success i?lly agtin*'. this imposing array is a <|ur.-it; jn ol which w? sro In t xpti tatlon uf a speedy aototion I'nbapirlv 'or Walter, his t'?rtuce? aro nit oaly giosmv st pretext <n Nicaragua but are under a cloud la the state, ills repaOtation or Uolcourta tin led to damaging revelations irom th* latter gentleman, and has indispose! msny ui tbt ardent spirits who were tou^ttaiiug a vofage to Contra! America to forgo thetr purport), uot I matfra loo'; a little l' ?s pjrilous In Nicaragua a.'tl rathr,- mors prum:iiDg at Loioe lo igut wrainat o lds is no ui w thleg wtih Wa'k?>r, bot tha superiority of er m'w thr-mt ens to become so largely aialnst him as to eat C all hope c t soon***, '1 ulcus h? oaa snocced la beatisg tho troops oC Urn league in dx'ail. If he sitilcrs them to cor,o?ntrate sptm Cmnada, the struggle for supr?r.:a-y *11 he 11 e?* ant deadly, if ne .<tan'i.i a *-ege, there >a toe ollticnl'y of proc iflrg provi sions to ovorrjiase. Kveo now it Is admlttod that his army i* i'I led, while his foraglog and scouting puties are u ronstant danger, lie may, perbao , manage to keep op^n fels eosanun cation with tne laae. hot If sup piles are intercepted Irom that 'tua'tcr it would be scarcely pc-nt?io for him *0 ma nUin his |Mitt.?s. Itdeed, we think ttat the day of Walker's deetiay is n\ er Hucli is the opinion ol leading otlie'ers ot his aj say, wbo have recently retuinod to this country. Itrlitflm-rmenfi* fur Uei.erat Walkrr. St Loct-, in*. 17,1M. Colonel 7Hu?, with one hundred man, arrived here liotn Kum yor.Wrr'ay, m rout* for Nicaragla. Our Writ Inala Corrt?|ioii<lcuee. Sr. Thomas, I*oe .1, IMS. Arnoa' nf Dr. Kan*fr<m Bny attu?Xrodr. Probably it will be of internet to 701 to kaow tkai It. Xaae, Uic Arctic eipk>r-r, baa a'nve-1 at th ? retired l'.ttla l*iand. He arrived tart night la the pac?c< stc* cr Irota Europe, on bla way to tbe lalaiid of Cuba, itla hearth appear* gr< iHy Impaired. Ha cangtit a Mrorc cal4 la l'urepe, and look* aa ifhewaa ecQcrng trori c}*? ?ntuptlon. Dr. K. remain* haro a lortaigbt; then will proceed to Havana. Ha ban t>ecn kinJi/ rnatvad by all oar rwldent American*. It la to be hoped that tbe change or climate will bo ot benefit to hla health. Bi.-inet* la very brlak ai-ioog our dry goods toercUant*. .-bipf-iii latere* very illgbt at preeent. Our KlaJantlro CerrnpondiBrr. Rio Jtmo, Nov. I, 1166. Waeef lntiU?gme? HiuitK of Kit, tie. Tbe Called .-nates *iocp*>t war Germaatown arrived a' tbta port on tbe M I act. after a picawtat )?taagc of nlae day* from lloatovldeo. Her officer* an<l craw were wild la their otpe< uuoae of meeting tbe St. LewTM<-<' ta Kit, an t war* much chagrined at sot finding that vceart hi ro. itio Lk healthy. tmegb the weathar wat eviremely htf. Tbe Britien fnga?>> Indeihrtgaitie (Admiral Johaetoa) baa prnr down the fcaat to drill her n ea on th ire, anil H. U M ordinary amp If ad at. 4 tear waa in barber. VcjitnvMwaiii iPlot, but great preraui mut wercbetag taken by the pehc* ta prevent aa outbreak. RnprtMf Conrt?Sperlat Term. Before lion. .ledge * lerko. 1 . Id.?TV PmfU. a', th* ret<? Ml <>J f.'m: !**tg ct J?7 * f ? iny, CmrnlMi 19 tf Andi m' Aeai^ -Thli wae a rnouoa lbr a ?aada Jina, to direct tbe .-*treol C ?? mtnioaer to retnute tbe rt later .n hi* na'l ta Waablag ton Mascot. wklcfl Coamieeioaer Koiiag had a*t:gned ta | .tber pernoa oi bin own motion, aa.t lof i?ed to rata u*:* tbe relntor. In roaHarmt'.v with an nrdtnaaoo o< the U rr.ntoa Council. Motion granted, witb flOooete. t flt /Im ?*. Jaitei B. IH Bmm ? Re-erred ta Cbm Meirnrt ae ?o any aa<i what alimony, with liourty ta C' amine elUior put'ntui or dotrmiaai. Ihs Lh<mirr /imttk -*. Chat. Ht. Jakn ? Motion dem?l Without lOtw, with liberty to letenlani 10 ax.-ept u< *? r.unty at any ume wlthta twenty Jay* alter eatrr of the dfi'rr. Ae'vrf r?. Brnju-wn O. HMJer ? "rdor to *tay pt" ? ? itir tor t?eive 'lay*, with l?*ave tn pialntut to aa tr ? anx? ibr trltl at iaantry t rtn. i* c?it o. m >t.oa In ?<*rh n.t !<? pia.Bt ". nidriw I'. tv?mpMi r?. Wm. B. Me ?II I* evident lt?.? *?; 'on* 3.) mid 1X1 of it " '.ode, that appHmtlon fe-i* (??mr.'ly ?n tho dleer 1 09 of U^', 0<wrt. Mfitlui de r- 1 wtih -to C'tei* lo plme'(1. to aMto en ut. and wlut <? ? K'tjadh. ? to puuatut * right to reuew. ?a groua t j, ctavtmeacti, kr. Briore Hon. .lodge Ho'lsiar TRAM MAMS??IWrKCTlOS. Jo 1. li. Jt'lUianurf itr 'Act r* WiJ/iam Johmfi* ? Th a wa? an appl'oai.on tor aa it junction to reetriie tbe tofoa daat* rro? n*ln/ tbe trade mark of tbe plaiatlit* on ? ?p wtiieb th' p a nt> I, lbtti*?b hie ennttel, Mr llatahla* r.ia nta to be hla own pecu lar laventtea The Judire rea -tercd a denl*io?i, lUtrg that In tht* ??ae It W very clear that the p aUtlTwa* tbe erlg.nal olkliaaat to th- trad niark 1a ^ucrtlon. and (bat tae d?feu lant, hla ag*i,u aad olher* in?*t he rrelrained aad enjo<n<x1 trom, o? ? any way tiKvoe ng of any #mp la boiee <>r otb?r pa"k a.-re wth iahe ? or wrapper* coat*. itog the wim* "g* nuine Ytakne toap,'' printed or written, or frnwi adrer tii>lcg, Ml. ng or oiiwleg to Mil any *o*p whaiewer?na If a* the ??!??? baa noon maautiactured by or 1 roeu"-??d fiewi tne p'aintl -?ae and lor geamne Yanife totp. and ai*o Ir< m ifin* the wttrdn in tioaeentiea wl?n tae noap wwtii'fartureil and o?ere>i for *a!e by lilni. i*d nleo Iron naer miiii'itig In any way or making o? mlng anf laai.a t c>n of the trade n>ark? of *atd piai/ibiie. t ?rtmfi'i Inqwrtt. F?r ?i r*i ASuiKcirr Am m.?m ? Coroner BRM >ipld an " i " t ycrterday at the New tort Wwy'lM ojwn the b?w>- ?M a man Muted .loha Kelt/, who d ed trwm th ?l ?.crif"r i"i' rarwrived <>y tb? f?' t r ,n eta^imk tru t p? ? him at Wt e ria'iit, W^t'-neat-"* wrtf, on n-at.di t. v?rdi?t, ??AeekNeut death." a n II ? faff >' .\ge ? <*141 ? ttlw ? ( I ABR1TAL OF TOE PITY OK MLT1MOKE. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. INSURRECTIONARY MOVEMENT IN ITALY. The Tronble Between Switzerland and Prussia Increasing. COTTON 1?? U&r.U>miFS UNCHANGED. Console 04 l-H a 94 l-'i, i3.. Ac.. Ac, UllLADKI MUA, Dec. IT, 1859. The sieam?hln City oI Baltimore, trom I.lverpxd, arriv ed o'l' Cufx- liurnl at 8 o'clock last evening. Her dates are to nooa or tie ttd of December. Tie steamer Vulteu arrived at Southampton on the afternoon of tho SOth of November, and tM Csnada at 11 V. M (n the same Jay. Neither the political nor ?hc c>-um.-n t kl news brought by this arrival Us cf any czc'.llcg interest. It wan reported thai i'ogiand had at length agreed wl'h the other I"owers to re aeseuibie tho Coa .nrenoc of i'arU, and It is said that the Cotigrvas will shortly meet at i'arii. A telegraphic despatch had been received, announcing that an msurroctk'D had broken oat near I'alermo, Hlctly, under 3oron Itcntrcnda, woo was at the head of soma tive or six hundred men. Troops were sent to disperse them, but no aciioa had taken placo up to the latest date Tfcero -were rumors or dissension In iho Kngiish niims try. Geo. n. Mr.'hew, ct at "hi'sdelDhla, whs wss d'sm.ttdd 'or his complicity in tho eoiuuient l?u.iluoss, has been appointed Consul at OUossa. Cotton is reported steady. Urcadstv.UK had not materially changed. Console closed on Tuesday at 94^ a Tor money, and at the same I'-gures (or account. la Manchester there had be?n rather more doing la tw'.st goods, and prices are a shade higher. ENGLAND. The pa; crs announce the suddou death or Dr. Hossey, Kegius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at O .ford. The VaUy Nevt' city lrttcie of thi latest date, says ? "The f unds remain Orm, ani notwltiuUuding an active demand Ini money In all quarters, the extremo variation In prices was only >? per cent, and tho closing quotations were the same as thsso of Monday. All tno other depart tnenis ol the Stock Kxchangc likowlse maintain much sUadtBc*Mi. The buoyancy o( tho l*Rrls B?ur?o it cat related to (stimulate cculWeace on this side. On the Sto.k Exchange, In cinu^ctton with tho monthly settlement In consols, seven percent was freely oficred lor loins on government stock Irom uay to day. In tho discount market there wan also a good demand for accommodation in anticipation of the Battlement of the fourth. Mjioy was lully cmpleyed at Paris. Tfcc tliroe psr coals olwod for money at 6'J\. too , beiug about fi per oeui aboce the closing ouotatlms of yesterday. The lima city article ss s ?The fnodi bavo been s&aia 'r?s buoyant, but they -.i.j nut experience! any material change. Ihj prcparaeuus tor tlie ottie* ment, wUch ta*oa placo th.i day alter to morrow, creitod an extrfmoly active drmant lor money. Thee *m rather a pr.'pewJi raoco of on the p-irt of tho pubUc. '11m dcaiaud la Uio i'. -i-ol ji in?rkut and at ths i'.ia* 01 ixgiaad was es'remo'.y hoavy. It was not grcatir, howo\er, than nl?:h; hsvs bee: anticipated froru the ap l*ov:i. oi tlu 4tu ol tho month, and the daily contraction cau*ed by the *tc) or lull* maturteg at the barnc. FKAMCE. Titer? Is do lei. auh news ot importance. 8PA1N. The Madrid enrri:?;w>udcnt nt tne fmUpmJnn v /J 'f. sajstuat iho que-tiau or tUoC rtM u deilaitoty rciolrtd, sad that Nsrraez h\> yu lded u tns deaiAnds ol thoC ><irt. ISs wrf'it npstes that seme c >i>i rssunt will be de manded of Narrarz, alm-.h no will mske. and then Us will tail. The writer ako pmiiota tuat bef >re sfx moirbs are over, Spals will be the t c?? 01 a bloody revolu tiou. it ths Court i-hoi<M persist m i>s prsseat retro^rats course. M Myer, ha? taken the Spanish ^overnmest loan RUSSIA. AND THE CONFERENCE. Tlir- 1.0Mon J*ctt Bays that if Kum partial* ta for * raa'tmrt tt can caty r-soli In bar r-oafusioo tu t lipiomaUc M?l, far I at aa1, .toti/is, f'arUinta and Turkey, ud, we doubt ant, k'.to, ovr *iiy rraa.-e, will fx prerart,! to tna'nlaln tbp absolute tptrtt and mcaalaj;, and tfca \ary text and 1 attar, of tbe treaty draw a up by bjb able 1'rwb ... aad tijwad with Iba pea and qtttll of tbe Jardtn la* riant*. or the uiuo ata wo Uavs oo <e?r, tbonjb a a? road confertnoe hat the power ?f alt.'rtB* the la it or meaelBg of th? treaty of far)* of March 'ft?bat we nuis tarn that a aarood cmtlerenc" ha* as iu<-u |*>w ?r, aad that a reside*! K'nlttrr ra^aot vary or alto' llie fauaral aot of aCoofrecs oa'lc.t to/father 'ar the py-pota o making a peae* on cvBilit'oo* and irrm- alrnady d sjuated, dehor raidy signed >ok r .aly ratidcd an i th? terma aenudad to aad tarnod Into < fleet !>y eery cooatry **.?|>t Jtioeia. PR1SHIA. The King ot rratala naa<:r a ?p *rti ua tha ope?la< ot the Chaaabors, a which heaves tin- str.mrfBSt iaafuaja '.a ri lalloa to eotarciag til claim* ot Nautcuatei. NAPLM. Tbe lUrqalt it Antoa'.al, lata amba*?a lor at ''art*, haa beta *u?n*Boa*d to Naples by tic King. SWITZERLAND. Tba I'mpalir Mla'ste* has received ? rd?*rs in tar ail tombus catoaa with tho .Jwu* {->veruai>wt, to qait IVroe Tba MwUa ' edarai OniB'-.l had daeldml to <MrilM tha lOieiMrtKia of tha l-.?porar Napei. aa for tba l.barattoa of tha Neuffchatel prtooaora. PERSIA. The tJf?- tltior t?a aat . er*ta hut failed THE LATEST. Mcu.r. ftna, mesday, I<m. s, in* laforwia'inr haa b*ru raOOttrd la nOtctaJ quarter* thai aa lUBnmct.oa ?ry aiu rmrat hroka out on tha 214 nit., at srvorai petals of tha previnq* of rsiermm. Tha grrrera merit oflWaia had be-m trtvan away at orery poat A nsKbrr of tha eidop.taa ot lha .-'Iciiuui Parliament of 1MB warti at the bead of the tnovameat. Troop* had baas "est agaMM tha fnsru-yrtt*, aerf a ot ra'wr m err ' ta nad beta mado ta tba i aptta . At praams tba precis* baartrig of the niOTeraat ta ant a*s rttiae<l. oommertmi. nrrFxijamoi I. ir wi, 2?K*^a?ay C> t *?Itrear*. *l.rbar laao, -'pefc e x Ca. rapart a ataa^y aaatict lor rouon, ?tih aalea dtuiBK tha tbra bntiB *8 daya mbic ioeat to th* Impartur" of the Arrtea of 18.0C0 ba'ra. ot which Axrwtan took 1,000. Ko rabia taapanuiatora raporU'd. 1 ?a ?arkai cloaaa arm at tba qvotatloBa af la*l t'nday Bwu: tt>-- ?Bnyara de.-aaad a *bfht rodaction la r.oar. Baitivoro and PttUful phla n?rW at 3Ja. a C4.; <dito. Ma. a <M. ill.. fad wheat I* la batter damaad. at iliihtiy tMpr?ved p-loc* for the fnar taaJltla*, aad ta <4noted at If. 4<L a M. wh.tewboatta dull, at 9* M. a 10?.,Wa >I?H: di *? 1 aall* a* 1 *.: y?dow, Ud.: wbHa, flB a :&s. r?mtaiO!???Baal ta '* i? "i*rd daaaaad, at a atlght dacbaa !a prieaa na tba b>?ar qaaHttaa. ifc>-?a dall. larJ lower, and ooi'lt, at Tia Mr the whoie ot tba

yaaft Nit it. dall. bat wttb<?t rtaettWal nhaafa la prices. )'-Bia, Manda? ' tf bat a':n<l?BC/ h> ftj. but tba prteaa itara nut,i.aattrsh. ? t- iTta l fe.ra .-satin a tbo ca< >a ot 1 ra i* a 'twrtafttua*heiac iMriMaut It. At Uarscillaa, a<t< wtti rtarid n( tl>- la f am rait of \ 'i,so, Uioro i* a *re. atti nit> in |(ttla| ol.t win ? *t til aat:y Mraoood p< > o wt a*K?rl '?y the hot.1 tM Ot tut B.'W Th* ?? . tv,a ?? UaMil tt < * / write* tl a' tl>? pr- < i ? *i. haa Ht* ? -taan tr m to , jt ??tr m 1?i tat. la rot it>>t ? u? .?< a' tb V Kioatu i marine ? a' it* l? tea * i *?? ^ n ? t ? ? t; ??? ? > 1 at Ait.-, . AFFAIRS IN WASHING-TOW. From the National Capital. nOCllSINOI IN OOHGHKi'H TDK KAKUA8 iePOlNT MK NT* ?THK IMUrY MM.ATIVK TO CBN CKAL AMiKfCl ?TIT? COLLINS &TF4l?Btt8, ITS. W^.-aiM.roji, Doc 17, ISM. Very iiit'e c onu la CoagreB* to <U;. Tbe act relating to the T ig (i.nii wa- passed by the tii-oile, ar:d w!M uo doubt be approved by (he House. Numerous uoa*ll bills of local Ciini ac U r were Introduced la tto Senate and re furred A by Mr. Reward w?a adopted, re quirUig an laves Ugatioa ioto the propriety of iuribor legislation relative to tbe construction of eiaani vow eg Mr. .lame." give i?r>t:pe of u bill catttbil'htog a navy yard ?it Newport, Bhodo aoj Mr Weliwat li i iiHeouiB U> cail up tbn i'acific Kb 1 road bill, fflj Hiase bill Ur atipprfvKtDR obscene publications v.-a* rei?rrjd to t'ift Fiaanee CoaimtUee, and will be strooh'ly rrslsiwi. It give* powor to over laatidloua Cctlom House ofBetrs to dretroy? or n?c rally to appropriate to tbetr oira use?t.ny 0i- > ).u.oUiia<or st&'.uv} tU'j; may doom mdectnt. Tbo Ilouae dla no busiaees Tho dthato on tee Presi dent's me'iage was contiacsd by Messrs Caabad:, Walker, aod otters Mr. Walker reviewed the course oi the administration ih relation to Nicaragua. Ttw trcth of 'ho re moral or .fu'*ge Lecompte is sow coa'Jrmed try U.? nomination bv the President to Itw Seuale of Jn .fi o Harrison, of Kentucky, as U&iof .Jus tice of the Supreme Coor? of Kaasaj. Tte remoral of Jud*e I ecompie was oomempiaUiJ at least lorty days ago, and ol which, it is said, ho was a# are but i i 'o this time booing has been h.-urd from n m In du'onca oi til official conduct. TLe eccnt proof* and represen tation of <?ov ( eary determined tao coarse of tbe i.i ministration in the premise*. Wo ^pcccerhas been nominated at Marshal of Kauiaa, Tic* Uonelson, and lnoaaai Cunningham, of Pennsylvania, AascctatA Justice of tbe Supreme C>urt of Kansas, 'a place of B-rrill, deceased. The new Kansas appoiitments ac t that of J. W H 1'aderwnod, ol Georgia, as Anoc'.ate JasPce of the Cni ted states Court a*. Nebraska, vice Boden, resigned, were by tbe Senate, in executive session to day, referred to the Committee on tbe Judiciary. Tbe President transmitted to the Senate the treaty 'be tween the United Slates and Great Britain relating to Central America, which war ordered to he pr'atod for the Information of t'soalors only. Mr. Vi'e Uer In the Senate to day preseuWid a memor'a from the "P?nt>y Post" or California, praying for in demnity for the loe?es sustained in coaseqaen ;e ol tho \lioged culawtul detent.on of letters at tbe San Kranc>co I'ost office, by the d'reotloa and sanction of tb<! Postr as ter General. M?. Collins has prepared a memorial, wbieb wtU be presented to l>olb boiu<>* of Cocgrosa to morrow, to ter minate his contract with tb; govorsmmt for carrying tte mail, etc , and also asas Congress to purchase the ship* of thr ooicpsny, * aica will reilere thcra from tbe lORse* wh'cb miiat ceert' accrue, as it U tmposaible, at the r?dm od rate ol their com potation, to contince (heir line. Tbe Wennto went Into erecirt! ,-e aesron io-c'ay, and d^s pose 1 of a large batch of ap;>olntmenM statin by too PretH-rnt. Tb? following Is tbe bill 'ntroduceJ In tbe l?ecale ;<m terda> by .-ecawr Wilsoa, o.' MisaacbuwiU:? Belt ceatief. That tbe i>ne hundred and fifty Urn' cii?ptor of too alleged "Laws oftho Territory of Kaus-t " MM ' jfen ac. to ii inino i.'ieot.ea against store proper tjr," with all ?uch Ttoer provision* uf ih?'. code as re>og n so sad protect slavery 10 laat Terntorr, mv! all pro ? s? -M w* :<i <? .i - %? o'he- than time ?ptxuBei in vbe oiganio act or wa'eb rogmra any te-? ia rtgard to siavtry or tbe 1 n JVv? ~'iav? law, to t?e applied to attorueys, Kit ira or vntarA, ?? wbiah susptaii the * rti ot iui< 'at ijnjiti. or wtitcu allow* any otner tbai ae'ual rcsldcMa oi Ml i IMMlf !?> vote, or which ali>w< \or.?.-s to *K> se4acted to ary other manmr t^an hy lot. or wl?" .h pur nu cltl7.Joa ol aaid Territory by e.bainlnr tboaa togcUier aud ?(>. k them U r ua the pablm works, with iroe ebons .u?t hail* aslaeh.-d io Uwn. b* aad tha aaft* are hereby oeclar?d iauperettv* aud void. Mersrra. M heeler and WUltaey. ol New York, rote.t in 111' Ho<iae ou Monday for Mr. 1 iitcridgs's aiitl-4lrtraa alarn trado reaoiutloa, 'out thetr muit were aeri ienuily omitted In the telegrapbic repo't nf tbe pneeedinga. Thalberg, the planiat, visited the Vrcaideot to da/ by special In-. t?t o:\ and waa preu ntei with an eUgantiy boerd i-opy of I'erry's expedition. T1IIIlTT-l'XJl RTH f'OMillKHS. 8KCONII SOfclOS. Senate. Winwiiriw. f?ec. 17, llt'J. n-M r*ivtr RAjiaotn hill. Mr. Wmr, (dea>.) of U*1 , gave notit* that tmaiedJ ?t*ly gfier the I 'Idayt he ?hould 0*11 op the I'solil-: iUd road kill wt!ch ni un.iar Jlaeorrion lut huiou, and ltdf'irxl toe befx that It would ootiunaad the row *f ? majority ot the Sonet*. T*' Ol I I nnrvar*. The entia-leratton or too bill granting farther time u i he err J Hurt; of letae to preieet their claim*. wu ro tuBoi!, uil aftr debate npin It. It waa ptuvl. wit u*n ^TNtwi-otr, 11 i. , Mr. .Iiw, id>m ) o; K I., ?are of hit Intention to introduce ?. bill eeubilahiii * Mir ytrj at Newport, Hbodo 1 aland mr*T< or u*g ov a. .tan ktkm* raw?r:a Mr. Saw??u>. rep ) orN. V,, introduced a reaointloa, which was aooptcd. reguaattnK iho .laoretary oi the N??y to repert wbrthi r ta hi* op n ton It It practicable aa<i p?'il?int to cattM aaaialn to bo m ronatror.ied m to aiioro greater aootirtty *crtdaal? by tiro than now exlat, and to aiilimit etir.h aogfowtiona aa ha may tlijtk proper for legislation on that aubjocl. AiijMTMM. I louae or RrprMfnliUm. ffA?mw;Toii, Dec. 17, I'M, Fin*ea thonran I ailH coplre or tha b'.critary of the Treaaury 'a report oa Uaao wars ordered tahoprtatod. tm> 'ii o> mm pi* iMvt'n *a-*u.>-. Mr. Ci ?' *? <c, rrep ) of lod., dafbadod the repnbllraa )?rty fn m Ui? insinuation* of tbs Preallant that tnjy had aaaailed the luatltntloae of the country, aad eought to deetroy u>o I'ttlon by nrerturalag the oon?titatl?a. tfuok a charge wna entirely (rati teua There are* aoLVng aald b/ tho leader* of that party to jaatiry mob aa ?i.~ga Uoa. <-a tbo contrary, thry tivt declared for Ida prn c plea of tna iv?larat.c? of In i?i>"nd*oeo, aad tfco mn leaaice of the I al >u aad coaeututton ae, csaeotial to our bapp<e< ee and gaaeral proeponty. lie teoture-l to tay Ui*t ifa rraeltMiaa bao eeeu io*.ro.i ->h la tho Ciacianeii Gout utX* m toning that the ' alon ehotud bo preat-red at all hazard*, it woui 1 ax hare moetrod a uaantmrsa Tola. Whan tna PreaMent, the great political pftyt.c *n. caire to dact-?r the republican* fur dtaawm meiadaa he wm;*t cowmen J him ta loak at ooaac .-"aethera M,>era wi.wt aappo. t 'he * :m.B?Bt<-*: "* while they alT<??t> a ?iiraol it on nf the t 6w>a. The rcpuhUiaaa arraifa tha t*rcai<f?at at tho ha ? of ta * Haw ht aa*^i3? wiltui -nla MHMHatliaa. lh? y cov-t (troretherw wa> a |MM party, 'a arac the rental el the elave trad* aa>1 pro hli lilnr free apawb and a free prta*. the r' pnn ' ana rrake no a<UK* ep->o ?lat?ry la tie Mataa. Tn?y warhed iheir laurt* of that 'ratliuMr. I'm when be aaxl, you atucnpt to pleat '! oa f ronad ia whx-h we nare comna latareat. thru. If are yon U aa It we are reepoaatbia or tho natiti Uoa, not o fcem er. He clau&'d the repab Hear a aa theeiiy wt te maa ? party ta the coaatry. Mr Waikth, iK. N 1 at/i?., fwmwieotwl onihatpaet of 'be TTMnd^a* a a>e? a<. ? nh.'h tttaie* Bia reaanaa fnr dlecoatn i!a< diploma'.^ H HNH with Ntoarajna, aid ?xpriaae<l kw on a'ca iH thla hirre ammt had ma^e a m'a**ko, rroat the bertaa aa to tha "o t. ooBrorainR the wholeG*?tral \tMtleaa ^n'^itJoa. Wnhtoc to refreth rccoiiei-H'.na of ihr n%??. ho ?W*a # 'he MiwnMN, aa rtelied o Ibe !>"atdo(H a ape< ?i n>< <eafe oi Maf laa'. of ha/:? ,* a peac' fi I ;-aa?a#" iwtw?ea lha i? o or<<aa> !?> ha fe are>by ftktliy reie^on with Mraraa ia, an I du al at lonftti on the ?strata* tr?>-?iiaa m Central Aaior'-.a T . ?ho?? Kealanrt'a *,*?*!*? m freaaalln* Uio axl?lio< *.ar are, aiwi hai a ? ? Nn Coala Km win arwt*, to b?i direotM araiB?t \ . aii^ti a, wheee m'niater we ba i re oa:vid. i"be i'null*!. t,rr?'rn?i nt ha I always winl the r?aM to Miatrul m< rate of thai cmalry. a or ier to prcm?*e her own romia rn*al ard r> ir peeea. Me UtaMod oa the import war* of harlof aowie atl'ied ?let.'rratao'Hn* witlt Ceetral Amorv-e. a* <hre?n* tfcat counti y we n at! have a traa*it to tho Pari rf- to Mt -oy the r-ch ua>'e of the K*?t. Ho did net *e*R to IPC'.:rati" tbe W?a al aonem on?but thai o'lr cvuatry waa deattaed t?> enlarga ;a dotaaiac he had n > denht. (.Iietde ?<?ined tewartaf e-.*r Walkor. *t whom .11 lha eyra of th* world w*>e direr.tod. ,\o ??* . baJ Ueea wnre aaa iftied than be He wai no m |tar a lv ?n t rer, but mi.mwed with all the alemowit lha: a>a v a hem. II ant a ttekinat, ha wMy"' "J. hold. !ho<-.?Ht n r. artetarljr, aa>t amf,. He went to Nicara gua for no vile pnrpoa* af pica')*-aa I hacked by ao ?trong force*, hul by tho lari'atioe n< thoe* who w?re i.ghtlag fbr ireedota an I sera'ng ta reTtre the fortnt^a af tbatrrp bit:, l ha Traatdeat may have ?. i.w1 wta< f - ia tiiaco i?UB*oc(a.:/1'p!<uaai>c ro'Atl.iaa wtk N?carafti., bni Welter ,?aa ai Ibe bek) af tl-e nal/ lagU i^wer aathof.aed ti rute tiKratn. aal reprearatoit not ealv the liberal fitting ta that ^talo, hat what m mo?o taiportaal ta ua, he wen the rapreaeatau <? aa t ?rpa "f o*r own eatione'.'ty, tat the taatnv -oa* bv aWr'i 'ar nthta in fntare rn?r He maMlii< ?ai a'l .^ft-rd i| it Hal tip - taat n May W>l ta rec*.?r 'I* Miatker'e gArerrpimt broaaaa of tho vn? ? 't ?<i no . rd? I onr gWrrjg that e art. r the ???. ri? rrt '"'rrty Ktaa mportaal n .? v- Kat iifW, I4t-n )*>f imt^ t*iltk'ilwl? i tu t a.u*i ,.a.l igag g Migrg t <K tk? rii n>p ?pecntf* *ivi? to toe P-?nl'1*?U?l c*M& It wtl cm uuo, uj ciwj^l by tit* cclloe^'Jo, (Cjfnbr.Of) ILat me aenocran ? Ihuum ig the live election pat d< rid to tiif > ^i'ti oi 1'ret ?o .'-eta 1 N?> foa? ?< tbs out lie ?id the pr nr/.plet <-vua;,.?(?>! tf t-.i < <Jia veoCoi, tun t>? htteir. ?< nu mine 05 tacm ws 4<*ige tow l?sue '"ooy mtt a Uirly *?d xqiuvrelf lit* e >ueagu? (CtBavsci>) wan tbe ift"'; man wLo wll h*-ve ubada toat IH'J lio cot 't&o* tktf in fi;? onrcs r*nj{? Uier< Wi-ro not out 7 tree toti?ri?, hut tae uooattou party p ope<', Ml UiM the lowa?* una n, mi t.txl i?>r?*k?ja 'iver > uciv<<u?i*?, Hciuc.iif. I lacx Vt <iaacr?ou, udo 11^ 1 .oatly Ken fixr??trd t**ttvtiie w an abolition emi. rary was h.8 ( Juinbuca't) ail#, auJ stt'.mpod a ).'>rtioa Of lou <u.a, awl*Jui-tiLj; ttia dciOOCrat.C parly ns pro aU vt) r>. Vr Cvf .*c: -1/? I uailiKkmi nay colleague >1 cu?ri? inn ibut AU'iorsou ?sUx?l 0/ a?? til in* ukuvuu 1a my d 4 trwtf itr. Em:'1^'?I nay that negro ttivle b'fxj* repat>Uc*a aiwj? ui ti-e awtae t-tci uiy cotapeUtcr ratio ?p?.l 1 i?s. Llr CvxHScr ?I never ?aw elm Mr Ki-ck.h?Oilier txgroiM *?r? noat out to m"M Gov. Wmarfl, the uUir <A-',g cu Uroad ouiouat grouses ilr. Co;. Ai, (rep.) Of Ibd ?! board oometiu* ^b??t IbU And. ratin, l.?.?>;,<. tlat m *?.? aout to Msiuart ccunty to' repabh/tu'e^bm, but mat "be Kcuufe ItcttD*! Connllt^ lepudm'ed >>ian and cbarK4d tliMfcffcail t'-ou burnt by political or poaobti tor icU purpofo I). ?? cot co'ii ayue ki d.< mat u a EatUfr of puWte notor:e<> ? (l<a> gt' jr ) Mr. E.?.i ' a tata lio 1-Ji0 ?roi n?M-a tUc rbarje, a'id did nc*. ?? hc"C M tr'ttb. id t '.e 0'? r?e ot his raiiariai ho a?Keu wbethfi- u?ere w*? a -oumcrn iu?u woo woatd Lot vcite lor ifc>> ctdsslaeion ot Kacaa? ?? a srec tiute: A \ o;ci? y-Ol ono Mr. K?oura?If tUe people of th > bot>tb wore w'.llio^ to aet Ik tfcia spirit towft'C* btoi, ?ny atauld b? oot act ui a fc Biliar rptnt loarar^u it'jm. '.he aeojoc'atrij pari./ had bteu puriUed If roe ao>!l??i bw orQ^pe.folt, &ai an-.* woe ca.< ?ee wbbre it baa jr. u rt in this hall, ftsey Ii?t? (ot nd of Mxt.i oaliH3 and gtiu? d nuUuuai * Mg*, utiit mtxod C'! wall 1 .g war on rr<-j a >cc.caaluin aal Kuoir Kctl Ilk urn 'hu fc't'or at!. Ur D??i; a (ufiu ) oti* C , aa.d ho. as a demojrai and Soiilh t^roiuitan, wocU volo 101 U10 u ai?n j^iou of a stall eicluKof alavor;, {.rov'.dcd ?ix afireed U|H>a by a ?ru.'.orlt) of Uic he ual fet: en Ho repculated annatter intf ijfotj in a Ijrr'.tory <vi aM jrriag ,-outficrn rijfhls, tud (I'd to', wlah U leu the;.t of ttu Nebraska Kaa iu bill. AO^Juraud. ?Shr Move Ca*< In the t.itu-rt Sui???*e Ctnrt WxriiCM.TON, Pec. IT, 1958. lu cms Ho. ?, '-Tha fnltod S*?le, va. Brig Neuret, JUfckr, cl*huu>V J?|?Grlcr rttllv.-red an o*nionrc. TTelrjr the Jecrit o'' the Vo!?<X 8*tet Oourl -of the Northern dUtrl? 0'. UUloralt, remHk'U* U?? cue ior fnrUier prowedflMt, la conform^ *tU? the opinion ot tl3'i? CO'J/t. Ite care of Drr-" Sc U wv? resumed th.2 -lorn-nf. (r?or^e T. Csriti. ol Bot.M, tppetred m t.-*i?uiut coun "**!?:%,<*??? ??? ipo-ra. ^u ,?. J Ho nma tn?tM woau ?imi hU>..M ?.?dIf to the o.:? -hub ?< <'->? coMtitulloiitlitr of the IIit t" ItCVd? F? bO (lltOliflpiiOi tO ss sra' -""v-r -I t-'S saar stored df-^ci iplicn o. P- i . upoii ^i ki Tao saws: r: ^-Hsh.*sr s?rS3sHs: rower to -b'1 u-Wit the "iM Ut o> Um pco t'.cc. to ctttbli. U .t Irr . jtltiourl ooa.i>ro p., la tic Tcr.lwrj. a l? ^^.TtSaa r >a,U red a n:?" y ???? "uusd c )C( tttw cf J-tog* Uv^i nrnwviit i'* In ILio ftfd?| ?J2 wr"n ? w robib t' ?!:? Ot It the I.* ?U p!tc?, ?'> P?J**r,5* 'th" .... ,h? ?m!ir:*rjr btTo U cot, t re Jf*rr?.0tai5ut aa? ta. ? lt ? ift tfjss ssd w?KSi ? & ?ssr wssw, ^ C&*-. ? ??'?? "? ?" | i;.;n r. the CO. It-ton ?u,XJfU?? sot in let del ?*?>t Jtfr <<>7 'nc^ n^MI|, pm-rltel. ed. f*fp t??r3T'... I,,, |,r?n< ? wit a uttla o! l.r'^nt MNll Ort 'o v,r-r*io? cm It it* wtll.' 0u,a ?si ui be ?. ?" t? b ^t|?n O! tn? 6"M MUW tM rmbruced IB the .-??bU> teeiwo w_m? 01 *** cow* irprWtWt .ter*?. in the "?** SI te?5^l power to m??e rul?t tod r<*?? SX K AvVr-entTr tt. V-j t? "d of. to teil, fco to aitpote oC IWTWWJ, " ^ ' ? l^amw ?<we*??rT Thf *nbt *? AST .?? ooafdM tb*U bar.. moIiI ibtt end * ?' r ..vifui rule* nr.'i rn?'iltuo?e Me .Uthortty 10 !??**' ,^rt? I,u Tot W. pee,?dte.i the tit ittMMrt ?of tor pJt*ultr ItUM <:!? mi o ibi By h . #roiiaU ?'?a# Uio pow?f to Tilt belt* ^'^?^hw?h%lLP" ;JL .^imuaitUMl to SSr ScSrjars?iS Will IK '^^.u^Xrttru? ^.?.tft?d ewif>? wwuH h^ W ^ .w ?0 -i<j itb?rt KorUn rntrt from jt?4""- " ^,(. lfc%, ?0 ,i-H? m?a m*D toe ? y? T^rrHofWt b? perm.M#' tee?!?r ito '' him whir# mty Ut ?e the eocUtftout 5 ^", m^Jt;ua h> wtU rerer t? r^fbt to ewHTttt. of i? h . .jj iarri?try. t^J^rod^ ??ule Klthi rcl Awr?wwtliwi*|w-" r.tdee ?,? the rule *2"^^ sa^lMS'brt'K r'Errsr r? L mLi Zetriwi tva ?h? eo^'ttote* rt?"* nUil to tt-rnorttt " ^itTtlTSd wsw n - the ^ ,.;u rT^ ,ult . t?v, - .-.lot rnd 1 i>* p* oP't 1 t .k i ^ ?'4iiil w'n^r nWTV-ltotl>?n~ < ' ?*?" 1; n .h.?tbi o< ..od ? h-.c-t .tavl-m n.--t lh ?. "> m lh., u tn AM ? w ^ * ? -.v: -- J2S ? | <Uwtr- M t' tht mrqn?ror. t _ fumr II Hi s Mr J.0H.*' n h **^nfof ,.,,npr.rn#e nt V?. - . ,n(? boet^t i i ? tert tvtrfi y 1* ^ ptm?V<4 t?? ??> r? ^rw^^vv ^ w* - ' , 7h. ( c-* iwtaitnl? "I ?*l-h ^ " h Uiii^? toii!ll'"'? ^>rt twe-lHD^ Vte et>t ^rtn <?< h y, )ort)<#,, with trntt* ?? <**B^r?rnu^Kr w * t"1*1' rsrf- t ?r?? 'he bi*h f d ? x- I? the Court. t?d? tiit'Uto to tht kd Our M?*fcIinton ( .iTmptiiJiwr. t*a. II. HW. f\' Fnrift Itail-r aJ?-JV Fx gird* in Opfntuvin? Vf Bu-hi-uut nnti Jh* Stwill T r<n?*4,)r?? TVi Imp** Smml (1aM, Je. li * nf*w r*na ? mat U?# Raltnad r*x?ry. u t? ?*' X*i by Mr OiititeMi ah? e?l?ftratf!J Qatkiortla 'at will ha ?rtlTf!v itaa tont* ?ad-o?t, tha frMnu of U-.e Ofay,eat eltr.t v?ti that fcc r.?r"r 'l*"t|tn?*l cm t? It,i)* hm-tf/ lo s??H ? tn?nt(rou? prnj>o? lion m lb* f?? ?n? Osrrstlr* tt?''f h?'Tfe Coo(frf?t. Tim land ?rv In. i r " axe: > 'to **Ti>r m *cpp>ri nomt i t (tmii mnnn, ha ? already iwroud?4 Us I | i| . ?? <m. ttrnvir tk? larlalfean of Ik* ad?rp I ' lea 'hire %f> a"0 t ? *rn*:i tftrrr >at^> * 1 Thr rrf?ifl(w'? ?>??t i* nit ?b .->a>T|>l'??? W N?!a rata ta 1 ? ipr?i hb--ff. A>t?- "ifH Mr. """h?r.?a ta ? w"j* a I !?an* al ? ** yil ?i ? <? - j?Ttewrt?* t?? lua?r< an?? flUt!W)*fc?"ri n? . ttanm. ?? >u V'|. ??. Th* M't^rr, Item w? mf IW? I li?? f\\ ???". "9 "aMc r A ? %v ?impna. m ? $ovimuicat ii ciwn, My laM letter *? ro'JieC you rtifco ut.: i<ini t) tC the Jel^c* to ta rejun! to U'o t.o'jiLut, Mr ttucLaoan to uctoct, wtniamf t tahMrra^areat. hii o>m couatt'uaoo*.' itdviaera. TMto Willy Will fclao uumt 'vd |u r?furd b> the i'atrtlic Kall ioa.1 ?Jd lb* (UHiriae ct'<^u?u>r *?v r. .'aiy. It i.-> m* evident tbat lbs iNiw rlihta men of its ?-???u wlH iimim ou an ortnpco* nd ou ail pr'nt* leariag ue nvtrol affair to tn^e caw ol itar-tf. fn? trtlclo 13 th<: i Vmcn ?rti0rr.i#?{0T Bigier'a aqua\)?r <tnV6'*l(Lty i**? j e<pl(?, Lot craiu-.1 v* fy .niatly, K^ner*! indiraotxm aaaon* Irn. 0 6 uu* cen*Kr*ts la Kraut otottut ntMhtr men tfti huailetioa i f tar part 01 iti? !? 1m. rv, ? tn? butd ?ud m?lv trtrtoae of iho Hvu;r>, a?'e slug tbetrna r u?tna licsai gvouad, u> appik'abl* t" th.? Nortb *.o<1 -touth fclko The ?liiMlon U.K I' t..? other <'?? 10 ire in{x-t :um?? jf * Halted Suiei Ju<\e Ua? ioC to t Jti'e talurextiD* exfW* mitoiw from the other ilil? I'hi ir'er.dH o> toe Jarf<? B. y tbu: Uu C'tryi i l.mi are untrue; lUat tn*r b?TB once liccu >1 ajrKi'8t ia iJti? Suaeta, and ttal the 8upremit Court et t!\ ? Lmiwl Staira b ?e Mlrnwl nearly all bis ocioioijk to roan beiotr A* I bevo X' ludod to tb:^ traitor ??' ttil? tx'ent, I pfcall e'lmlu a delat ed hlrtory ol too ruw> *r? i> h< tb aider, aod transmit it ttr pvbl'raUtn. IT tfce ocounc' ia g'uliy, bo wit! k? made to aufler ti>? y n? ty of bl?i i.uUt. if <h?> acb|aat?f verwrot.oB ?>r cov?|-i'ujy, U ?rUi ue e^ay for Ulu ta as tabiisb *iv irr.i>i ano? [Ct-rrespocdeasc ot tie MVsoy Mlaa ] Vi'.uJiiv.kiroii, Jl6?l. 16, ISM. Mr. Tiuit?r and <V Id voor pi?p?r or hikturflfr, tb? I'm insi, In aa errar, ?bi''.-i, atmoogti ttraay no:'??siat 1111,11 H 0Pttnrab0?M b? rsr-pcteo. Id yocr 1< ader u >ou tba "^onthoru Caea ntp-i?:*. OoBrruuoo," it ii atjtcit t?>it "^'-oatoi iiuaiM*, <M \ i/Kl'iia, axpA aaed the preralant fee' ??* of fanntuii ? nm," i-.c , lo coLtrovvrtog tbi prcijoct ?f a re>1ralo* >*!?. n!me ?r*<Jc It 1? bui tn y,r. unu'ew Ruoter, of PbRr-!>4(&*Ti, V?., who <??* a dolcjate Irosn Vir^tula at the ConTPnlVn. aiil ?rho?o tiotibbisotii op n tue alara trai''1 wnre ho well cxpruatrO taerckt, c . ut' . ihw iua? lor 1'.. Y. T. Jutt?r uot a d<.Ug?to 19 Can????>. oa. The latter ffootlfmaa bn* her la tii:r>naaii^.-- upon bis *? ft* la tb? Stoato frum tie coniut^cdm?Dt or lbs prmmt ?eeiioa ?<iDaioT Haotor fully cct?>ol'1?e In tb? o^tnloiw exprmm ?yl by bui tamesako aad relative onon tb" imp'^prtrty af the revival of (be tlx so traou, am) b :* jntt ia ormod mm, alter a vnruiai ol yonr art c.e, mat on sali nu^iaaake t/aly rtprearkHl the aeotimeLU of Iba poopio of t'lrfhHa B| oa the auti,ix( Oar Laiirwtter ?.'o<rrapoiidrnrr. I uoaktu, Dor 16, ItM. TTt'.'ncixt 0/ the l'\\gn\m:?The Uni'td Stain SaneNr? The Fw.if c l^nlruad It is amr.rlcfrly rcfrwblLfr to bear some of tba ptifrfHi wbo /'.sit Whca'.lanU daily, "reoita" the liercu'.oan Utbwa tiifly performed ounng tlic lalo cuopal^a ia beball of Mr. litcbiuiaB'a piec?k>u. Nearly every mau who vtaMa Mr. liuci ooaa c tber carried a Mate or a coo:ity for tba Preat* deut olect. It 'B cow ilotera><ned by tbe followei ol tbe KUekaa Cabin?i that Col. .Inbn \" . la to bo the next Oattod HtaUs hctaior from thU -Stale. Tbe ratiora part of UM SUte i* to have tbe .4?-a(U>r. Got. itiyier baa agala lafaa op bis reallege* lit C'fearfl<*ld couaty, unJ la to npnttmI the v.-oa;. J biiadvipbta ba? toi bau a muor aiaoe Sm. II. I'allan. Hitler aad Forney are playtDf; together ta keep ii.'ack aad (otter, who are fro 1 (he weat, aad lioekaiew. from tbe oenire, on', by itgler (roinf "koaa" to live. Tb s ia Koroey'a pamo y ju may ve?t aaaarM. Ore of enr local ptper? tn a coni'nuaioema ur;,n(hlaa w "tbe'' man lor the port. aad it io ika a? If * 'by aulkttf tjr." It 1m believed that tbo orsoKualoatloa emaaataa trom >omey bitus<;lf fomo of toe trtoada or Mr. II inbacaa arc de?irou? UM the public ahonld no*, be too iiaaty in lti opialou of Ifr. H 'a yuMc R-.IIrtjad letter T.v-y thiok I'. Um? euoogb la critlclae bia rlewc on that anhjurl ?rt?r M". rf. baa aMk itiitw<l bia piaiu aa tbe act'.^J I'tuJ. at, aud not wMa te ia j'ltaldrai ?!?it Our Clifton (ormiioiMicnr*. C: fas, (rfwjx-if ion lintee,) iMc. 1ft, 11 Jii nidi' at Himgwra Jltlf*?fttetwu* A" torn J and j of Purrrtj?Sttftty nj the Sun<Tui?n Uriiifit Pall eft* Ti'JLtr at /.ondy'i iUm*. is have Jael ojrperitto ?d i no <>t the moet terrtlc fhlae witD'.n the memory or that tnoat diattezuit ud ludlvtdaai, " th>- oileat niiabitini." hare been tor* up, Mali tenement*, * bin He* and outbulk'.tnrs overturned, Hi Uo-'tr 'rngtreuta etrevra ever the flel:ts fa eTery <ir TLiq vo'i,mc of water driven over tie Kalla of Nla ?u trtiiy app?<!.og carrying with It drift wood, lagn It ?beta irom the dobtgod wharvee and itboroa The ouapentiou Bridge ru coeaiietod la gTO Ibe toil tun were tor a um <ioeert?>d, ud etamj m aurtio ,? ?7e tremblingly awaited the dastrnctiaai tTflfe n ?jai(ic?nl r'.rucrtre. But the w'.iku blew la vats; A* burrraur u all tie terrible (ury awef>t by, laaviaftte alrv i<na<atlied, u l autdiat another laurel to Mm Ir'umpftax l geulut > r the arch tect K-"i? rta are hourly coming la ot damagea done la a0 dlteokioet, bat :h* mw romartable '-rent thtia hr, h Uie overthrow o? tbe oi l I'njoda, arbteh thoiuaadt af rw readera will re-'.lkct atoo i on tbe hlghaat [to*at or M bottle gre ,ud, at I undj'a laee At e ven o'aleafc iaat ever i.f ti.e tnteoae r*tking 'tortod tbe inmagaa irom tun wiy?i'ti tcurment at the oe*e, tad araroety they made good their eecap* wlie* with a ti rraab, the eatire tower, oi nearly two hundred ft el, aured It# Icegtb upon the frozea grnnel. eeettorteg tta upp? r j*rtt?m into a tbouean*! fragtiont#; fj. innately a* Uvea were lout, w> tt fell to tbe w.atwu.d, ia tbeafaa fleida. lied it fallen In any other d.rertloa. tt aiaat baae rvuthed ia aa- oral cwelttu. ?, ard tcairo,-rd maay Uvea. * ill 'n tie length, and bat a irw rod* !'rom ita !n? of feM, a congregation were a?aeu.t>le.l in tbe Metbodlal rkink, ai?'i ibetr aecape If catiee of great oa?.-*lalaUoo Old Captain Krai ck la a aerate Inaer bv it* Ml, aai aa there t? another tower oa the pound, he wtU acarcety re H. Tbe water bei >w tbe Falla raited ever thirty foal, en tirely rc\ trtag tbe ptera of th? jiatmboat laallaf, aad Uic Ltndlag room at the tout ot the etatrcaao oa tbeAJaar tcau aide. Sprtrli ky iar W r I**walttonl Kltrb Mr. tfr\i kmrtcgo, tbe \ ton I'rea tent eject, reoea^y aca.l? the follow lag addn?a to the aim-tor* of Knutaeky, who oaf leu to rooureiuiate tilm oa hta eleniou. it ka very brio! aad <,0Mili*i'>ry?and aipoi ially laterottlag to MM old Ita* wh gs who aaalatad ta hi# election tte aeid ? Utanracx-l am very m?k affaotod by the uaenaafc ed call opoa ma, aad l?y tbe hoaor which baa baaa pa<v m* but 1 recwuveit with gratttude. the < gcoUeasan xpnaka of my havtait been oae of the I or the pan; ia ihi* atrrrgle 1 navn "<^n. |_ leader, bat witbjat ? ort aad wttr^ut MIm. it waa aey h< mble p>*itton tn xti by aad tee Ui<t battle woe ky lhaaa ?tanulr^ tround me. 1 va very ba?<pr. I aeaure yea, to tea turer gtriieaien, who bare nnoti'Vntod to maafc to revntutiotuae Maatuehy. aa t br1! her buk to bar aM pr Do?j.lee I hope I m?y be oardoted oa taia aaraatoa tor making a Magi" tagaeetion, aa I ?ar* Kit bad aa ippaili aity "4 maktsg a *pre?ii ia K -rt'.-ky darlag toe caavaw. We have g"*t'y the Mvef^ofy, aad tt la aacaaaMF tor na a* a par y te tcaiaiaia tho wvpreniaay. la ttoa c?Mdtb< r'rtory ?r?e not aroa by the Itaounb alaaa. Wo woi.i t bare, porbapa. been ta tto> tmaortty, tar a* laalaotofcaraai imnbMyar, via vim latatba ivnow KM tag lougaa. but we have ?w?tved ara-.aaataa* from the watg party, and bam carrted the ^tato by tkm nnited elloria cr tbe c.U liaa >?aaocrat and old Uaa wb% parOe- 1 would, th?i*fbrr, tar to ray detaocrauc If that t tetrea tn me to be vcr .in >? to welooa* aad e tboar rhoK-e o*d line wb'ga, .he ?.jrai of thtlr party, ' hart iitaod ta m ordt- to maaUctt |M> patnotiaaa by Lilting ia ati^yartlag the rauatltaUca and tbe ( uioa. ami to bri a* down the wirat org ia aaUou (hat ?ver bad aw tiaveace. Now by ata nta. . ng ia a orgaataaUea, aaaa C?wd of ail tb? iemarrata at J watga who tore the of tbeftatea. aad van are rupoeei to the proaertphaa tent V of tbe Kuaw Notblag erdor, by aoerctaUag tocekbaa cat tbe t>^"vi,).rw et meuiai* aad fnea :?ilp. we will aad oeljr ma rttalo tho iK.?i HHl we bare, hat 'hate whtga amd dtiaocTthi wbe bare or a tire beoa led aakray, w? again retire ard *>tn our raaaa. a gala 1 rat era ay !oae/<re aad (trotout-d thaato tor th t utt.moay of tevar and regard ' tpernlatlea In Kanaa? ? TV Private laMar I'tiklbhtil l? lb* Kvrning l*nal Raapato ing Ik. (Oorraapnedtane of tbe fvealat *?] Ctt< ?. >, i>i<t lit, 1H*. Tn a rrtrato letter on Kaitaa* iiTaira. addi aaad to aaa of Ui? (Mittort of tbe F ?m y /'.at, ai. i ?t!>e<"iuoaUy pab tefed l? ttaeolumaa. the attltrnfo1. waa made that Mr. tfyaa "had turn# ?' tt- ei .a;, r aa I waa merited to tba o<w tewti oa the a at-ort." ' ?u, aa well at amy other s'-at- ?r. at tn the Vtter waa dtcralty trae H waa gtvea aa aa Inatacoo of .tie a trretai tpirit of apaoato tiet low tbearV a'moet ernrybexvy ia tba Terri tory wtrf>tft r there (tor temponmy or permaitftM real (truer, aad for ao ether purpose, t dId not ovaa oaa dema tbe ap>xrataj?a, ei..-h t aa tta ?aaadu la aa reitraglbg rmtg'ali>>e Mr. Hyatt't frier*!#, whotewa to fatgw t?iat ? fairUlar pHiMk Mb r a aot tn Nt aab)ee?ad to tbe aatoa legttoaaa cottrif HUM aa the coaatdertok pbreact ? pabita eorr.awtodimt*-, have d?termUtad to Oil a mare a neat and U*y are wrloowe to tba aaartdk. The ?t?t. atent that tb' ?,harlabia Omde are rapwtad Ita bare be?a e^tiaadrreil to a preak oitaat, la a lac ittar?47 true Vea eajaeok eator a ai tiia?i?at la Kanaaa wttboav beartag the < hargea eer- .f.xl (X Ot.-lr tratb t etj utotod myaeir aa unable to j idga, b-t r>^ar4ed VtM dtaet iti| totcaM0bim rho retoMlt tliat you rouid twka eead a man to < anaa^ bvt wha, If ha ratnatauJ there M <4 wrote, would he utlng your fuuda aa you laaak o< pacta waa but Ire re pet M <m < f tb* word* apnkia by aa aeav nett Ttaetoe merchant, who baa probably ooatnMtoi more to tb i caaaei r Kae-%* than aa7 other new T?jr eorreepoe leat won J be the aat to oaat tiaiwt tVaie ia Mr **yatt. or any other labwvr >a tbar.r moToment of making Kaaaa* a Ire* -tate Tiki Ttni l b ion corMm, t. t,?Tttorrtat.. tx-w?tvtv, iiec. i?.?Trotung match tor MOO. aria ? ->e?a. beet three u five It wag. ua. I) va ?.mi i ant.*l b g .lori. 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