Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1856 Page 4
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j%??* woaooM ? ??* ArrOK 4XD piomictoi. t,?.? OF ?a?AP i^O rTLT<M< Kfl. :r^ UARVia. Brtjadw?jr-**?ua? 0?HA-C**w* ________ f?OVrH7 TEEiTRK, tf?w<*y-Hii?c'?e*c?-smrca?s 1? HIX. ?p*twvs : k-w t?k vTRB. b>w*m].o? *^? *>?* ?#? ?? i >? Byn ? Pvn. P?*. V?t,kA?K * THRATPE, B:s*aW*J-l?* lt?*n *? 1U M ?I lu > ?n? a l*uM. _____ UAUfc* ****?'? THKA Kit, ?? ?"?- *K'UJI ?<V?)KK7?lt>IT TKK'BS BlCU** -.ll, -TTf'-f Tb^. <*3K- ???-*??'?>? S'W v2ZV*!V ??? ???* J-*? Dsv.a-Tun \o?a wao ?H B.W ?? Won*" . .M>ml AM"HiO\S Ml <SCll, ?ao? Tokbi*# ,16 ' ?*m-as 0uHI-iY5 * WOOD* MTNSTjrXK, *44 BreU ^?fforSfv XU CiM. neW*T* OTWWaBIKS. 6S6 Bro*-twi?y?Er?0( i*sr gaum Oirvim w UiJIEMlt Silli MS (<re?wi'Vi?j.-*o.-*??.*?tfi T*'0*a IV DltRll'l i?OW AK? ATBAHAiJM. BroiJway?H ssorku. -?"athti'ics < r I'lk*"-*-** tviiw^ic TI*iTcwlay, |M. |K5<.. Tbc Sew*. The stetmer City ot Baltimore arriv-d ia tbeDe'.a we river yesterday She brings Liverpool dates to u>e id toot., four days later than the* peevion*ly received. The tews id unimportant. There had keen an insurrectionary outbreak in the province of Mew, on the 2*Jd nit. Troops had been sent against the iMfgwtn, but 'he resul had not trans pired. The dUliculty between Prussia and SwiUiT Und. appears to be widening. Prussia, on one aide. >.w tuspeniiod communication with the Swiss Bevemment, and the Federal Council, oa the other, have rejected the suggestion ol Napoleon tor the release of the Seufchatel prisoners. There is nothing of importance trom Spain or Franco. It ?a, tewerer, predicted that be'ore six months are over Spam will be the scene of a bloody revolution. There w?re report* that the parties to the ParwCon torrnce would te as emb e at an early day. V man ?r.1 aflhira were r?vher dull. Consols are quoted at *>4' a C tton continued ?teady, and broadstufk had undergone no materiil change. Tbe steamer Am* rica ia nnw fully due at Hal.fa*. with ?-3 rices to Ike Cth instant. A pr? i'minary meeting was held uwt evening to ?Miert measures for sending relief to ?ien. Walker. Vroiu our report o? the proceedings it will oe seen that It is proposed to hold a ma-s meeting ot the frki ds o? Walker and Americta prosreas at the Bro.dway Tabernacle, on r-aturdiy evening ncvU Aprnpv* we perceive by our telegraphic despa'chea Uut Col. Titus, of Kunaa-s, with one hundred men, bunLd for Nicaragua, arrived at Su Louie yesterday. The proceedings In Conines yesterday were un ?Bi??rt?nt. The Senate passed the bill relating to J rre. itote of Texas, and adopted a resolutiM. du^-t.Dg inquiry as to tbe practiaabuity of mo ? afrcioally securing life and property from fire on Wwid ft earn vessel*. Notice was given ot a bill providing for the e^abln-hment of a n*vy yarJ at N??pott, K. I. Mr. WeUer sUted that he ahwld vail up tbe Pacific Railroad bill after the holiday-. The treaty betw.-?n?.real BnUin and the United hutes, rtlattve to Ceutral America, was comuni cated by the I'resident for tbe inforn>.ati<m of mem * TS only. In the Hon* tbe a?iT*iohling among Uk. politicians npoTi the ' resident s Bi??.sage mm continued. Mr. talker, of Alabama, strongly animadvertei) npon the coarse of the government towards ? Jen. Waikfjr, whom he eulogised in the highest terms. . . Our correspondent at Washington <Ut? that a memori.! trom Kr. Collins will be presented to Con rrf*** to-dsy to terminate the ontract for carryi:(r tbr- mod it> his stc?m' n>, snd al?o asking ''oucr<*s to purchase the ships, as it la .-tpo*- Me, at the rate ?f compensation propowd, to ?-ontinne tbe line. \njr?X the appoialmeats cuiitlrmei by :r>e *?e .a?e jesterday were those of .lames 0. Harrison and Wm. Spencer, reap*, tttely as Chief MarsMl at Kansas, in piac? ofl.-c imi?te snd Ihjne. Tbe testimony (f ven on th trial ot Huntington, eh*TK'ed with foraerj-n report of which we gire ?ls?wLeve- preaents some ?xU*on! n^ry rei-elation< ?eui?* the mttfcr of condict.rg taMdnl a^iallnan In thia city. Teaterday Mr. Harbeck, the roBcplainant. hts uookkeeper. and Mr. Barry, brother a law of the ecouswi. wore examm :d. 1 hi eou-t roam wat crowded wit?> -pectators. Onr cotte-penoenoe ftrom Havana, da??J lO'b m atant. ?tat.H that man* ..nt.adictory reporw p? vaikd wltn respect V) <ieuerJ Concha's Malgoat.<? or rtmoval frotn olli e. borne a*# rted that tils sue ?ms> r w >ald ?oon arrive, others said th -t n* woo d P ?ala in power for yeara. Coamaod'r Pa Ny. E. N .-arrjing ont the wnV^a wakepoli y ?? l'?r>tah oavai'oCi. <*??. <>n th" th instant, read Untie ??i immedw'ely ^ejoioeOhia vessel. Tc.-: ovoi.e trade eontra<t* were b*ln* duly fall: -d. Mi*s O'l ooar. ot Ne? ^ ink. h?u die"! in Havana. The a.eward ot tl?" brig t^orge D. Hini.o-e. tre* Mobile, had been lost overboard, in a Y*ry tawf. ? *** m-iriDr . Out i orr<-?poo,tewi At ?t. Titoou*, writing naHcr tKif of the id in*'-, r?p .rt* tte antral at tU?; MknJ, of Ifr. K?r?. thfl Ar *?? voyager, m rrmU for Havana. The Hector wi? >r? vorj nflm heath. an 1 pro. -?"Vc to Cat* in bop?? of obtj niog relief. tw of Errifjntfii* met yaatrrday. > eimibs ic?tkn w*? wwi*"* (MB the rclfleot pli^uli en of Wan! ? t?Uo>l. Netting forth the f?"t uwt a n-dt'tioa of 72 per en* on the bil'a for rn?li ? oe* and ?7 j. r mnt ou tti? b-LV for Ik,-urn Lid born ? ?< t*d drring t V p&?t jetr. ai < ^trj 1 with fo ye-rp ai.o br had n ? dour* i*i *i?a !ar re ?nil- were obtained m aU tfcf department* coder the ww organi/ath n. Thi? w an m ri w r"4n<-Uon, u<l it It <-otre? a qi.or ion what berime of a I tlte ?wdicxe ai d Ivior niuUr tUa old rfgiwtr. TUe 4?- 'or a?;a>i> Uiot *.l*re hv> he??n a d. rein the nnnbera on Inland, it at naive!/ add* tiat th?re lit" leen aeam"<ponding " dcrva-e fa aoraa* *n* orJrTti??." A hill Imj tr?e Tco H n-enx**, ?or t?." act f ? u. gr-jt poi.wr- and iioaU:a, axcMal ?h? ite of the Coraai* i mci*. TV- ?al|ritlM for the pr"?eat year bt< h?e? 14W.044 an iiKrCMt of 10 -M otor laat j"-ar. Our njilii' are i^rerrru Wt a e?mun<'ation ji another cwm i. tn which Mr. Henry WV1*, lite I'r??id nt o! Uie New Navigation ?>>?ipany, v folly cxonr~at"1 from all participation in i rrtain irt>iw>a'tiMi? afletttDR partie* r .nne^u-d with that eon,pan? that art undergoing < xamina ?win lw the autnerittoe. (a onr mhrit ine column we pnMi?h a narrative of ?>? w*e k of the )?rfc I Je welly*, on th* id of Oo* *>Ur, white on a ?oya*e from thin j?ort for tho Hirer I'late. Jt ia writ'?T by Mr. Pain, the rhi"f officar a* U# va? ?1, whn, toge'tar with bU whipmaUw, werr renrned fr m mat per?i by the Hnuihan brig Henri" ie, and tarried to Hio .l^neiro. 1 )>>iibt1emitl>e HCtte I>??nartm?iit wU' make dn? a'knowlMim r-nt o< the g?i?erou< "ud'i'-t <>t the eommnnder of the l^a/ilian T1>e f*Tr.rahle w?*?be- ond fair eiipp'y of atoek ?a.t?ed an ;i?,tive dcaaaad for l**f eatVe ;. oHe-diy. Fr,..t ugut froM 7ft. t'l per p<? m<l, and in *o?oe lf,-*nnces 1 le. wci*1 i> italoed f^r ertu (|tiill ty. 1 ?#wa tad caU <a wcro in hrl?k d^minj at bet if t,ri - than ImM wrek,9?Oai7i lietatr to grr>i] ii-'kn < "tr . Tin re ?aa a ^*o<xl U-m v d for oral ralt?^t. wUhri it ohanf?! In pri'?<?. Hbr*p m l lam* m of mle at 15 .V) a t? accord inn to .Vt3''y tb? ty thowinl heal of aarltii trr.vtd ,U t>.<; city l?iin^ th? pa?t week,ao4 notwithstanding (bin annuity large t>?PP'j, the de mand, favored by tbe prevailing cald weather, cou tinued guod, with an advance of about one-aighkh ot a cent per pound on last week's prices, the range being tigc. a 6jc. There waa a better demand for c Ttton yesterday Tlie European new by the City of baltirn re imparl, ed greater firmness to the views of holder*. The sales embraced about '2,500 bales, at toll price b' our o|>ei.ed dra and active before the newe; bat litter it came to band, it .losod Ume at abont the previous day a prices. The transactions were to a fair extent, including Mm1 lots on specu la'iun. Wheat wan firmer fur choice lots of white, though sales of all kinds were limited. Otioice white Southern sold as h?t'h as $1 77, and choice do. Canadian was held at $1 60, and Illinois red was sold at <1 tfO. Corn was heavy and soles light; a considerable lo' of North * 'iruliua while sold at 7?5c ; for Western mixed 70c. w m bid and 7lc.aaked, and a let ot old and new mixed Southern yellow aold at ? ic. Pork was heavier and easier, with sales of u* w mess at *U? 15, til* 37& a $li) aO, and old do. at $1:* a (19 12A. 1,000 bbls. new mess sold, ctliverable next April, at >18, and 1,000 do deliverable by the Is' of September, 1S57, at #17. Migars -tere tirm, with sales of 500 a COO hhds. Colfce sold to the extent of 1,000 haps Rio at 9c. a lie. Freights wtre dull, while engagemeats were moderate, Cram in bulk for Liverpool was taken at 5<L; dour at Is. id., and bacon at 'JOs.per ton. Katlruad S|N'< alariwii. The expansion which may be said to have b^'nun in the years 1R">0 and I $51. which re ceived a temporary ch^ck in 18 j J taron^h the trawl of Schuyler and accidental embarrassment ariwDg from other cause?, is now progressing under full sail, ai:<l rap?dly approaching its goal. Never, at any former period, was there so much fictitious wealth in tbe country. Of ba.k loins there are at tbe pre-ent time near eight hundred millions of dollars; oK railroad stock and bonds, twelve hundred?total, independent of other minor expansions. two thoasaud million- of papnr wealth. -Of this enormous aggregate, the abso lute value ot the former item?tbe bank loan* - d> f ods upon the general prosperity of the na tional trade. So long as trade continues pros i> rous, these securities muy be fully repiesented nv r?>al wealth: when a reverse comes they m ?y ?a'l in valne to any extent. Aj> to the second it 'in, twelve hundred millions of railroad pape\ this never was fnlly represented; for in many iiii-tonces, wore st ick was created at the oat-ec tban there was money expended, as for instanc", when the directors of the Central added at a blow ten millions to the capital without adding a dollar to tb-nr intrinsic wealth ; ?nd, a'am, many roads finding that th- y coukl not earn or legitimately pay cash dividends, have resorted to the paltry s:hemo of paying dividends * stock. wbieh was tantamount to -aying that oo oaui-e their enterprise could not pay saven per cent, therefore it should be made to pay ten. From these reasons, under the mo-t lavwab.e circumstances, the actual amount of railroad stock and bonds afloat uever had or could have a?iy real ad'fjuate representation in materia! wealth. But. further afcon this, to* road* of the United elates are nut now worth half what toey co?t. In the first plaee, tli?y were never pron"rly bail;. They co?t one-six n of the co?t of Ei-glsh roads; one-third ot that of tbe French aud most of the Continental lin-?. Tb"/ were hosi'ly put toge ther, with slight rails, slight bridgt-. fiiin.-y structure^ cheap equipment. niginr^ly accom modation of every kind. This is known to ev< ry railroud mar.: o id. of ronrse, the deterioration must lie in proportion to the cleanness of tbe prime outlay. Farther, the system of biildiog competing l!n< s has now rendered i' a master of re tain'y tl>at nv road can be expected to pay n 'h^s count. j any louger tbui it will lake to but.d a rival to it Tbe ?uly roads in the Unitsd ^uu* wbieh arc really earning *.?e<t percent <?i their coat are some of the Weatcrn liaei w'ecli run thr rgh a table country, enjoy a mo nopoly of traffic, u .l charge of four cent? p.-r mile lor pnoseegert, and eight and ten coats p -c mile p? r &.? for freight. It may thentfore be a^-mmd th it, c' toe *1 20O.0V0.iMM) of paper ti'Mtini' tbrou^n thi* 3011a try In tbe -hape of laiiroad "tool, a J bead-, a vry large propo rtion ba? no real truerialrep wntutiTf whm . v-r. It t ??) much itaitepap*: Of no more r???l valtic than 'ho not* of wild cat bonks or ^Iimi? ' In mi < \plod d lottery. Tbore who f< ??diapomi to quctioo thi? a- < r ilon If Muy auch iltere he will i n! material for whalcrae ia*tructko and profit la tb>! recently puhli*hed rtport* of tL< New York C-jitral an 1 Erie railro?R Th* -w v the Triton* of tbe railroud *>*+1. Tt -v row; more Lf.n y. do more luiMio'--. enjoy pi cat* r fain* < mploy more tr nt. and w?> may tuM. pnv.u< ?? in jr.; le^irtn>hi ii\n any oth*-r road* in tb?- country. What w I t'nd t<> be tl < lr practioe. we may a*aune to tie thu*. of Uie other three hundred ar>d ninety or four hun dred road* acatb r..?l throughov tbe couutry. Uf tbe two. th" Kr api? Jr' tbe better enterpriw? for it ha* co*t two n'li >n<< Iom thin the ('? n tral. lap- th<> of Wo?V ?-u traffic fu th .r went am! MR coO* aicntly than It- r'.ra!. and carta* prod?? ?? direct to tb<* wubja'd, ?fhile the Cyutrai doe* not oo uvy t win la Mt) ?lie* of a -Irli'i'.n*. j.jft Thifl SHo rul, two veur- ?iu w*i> uO 'J " point o' bttiMTp' y. II i* ing lor a Icr.gtb of linv paid dM-A nd* wilch It ?i?d uot earned. it waa em'hed at 1?4 and?r the w<i(l'* 'f the floating d> b1. it had than in r?nvd. and wa* reluc'antly compelled t ?? dl * ck?e some of U* ?*r ?< tn. R< ?<;iied from pile by th< cff?rt? of ??foreign ?pecu> ?b,i*, it. Hm pur*oed for the part t?j j < air the coat i of the r>-fo???d nrd penitent ?p aidthrtft. I . baa rf'it do*n it" eipenwa: It iu? di ]i< f>1 of it* ut'kya "tock: U ha* rodnced it# telegraph it ban tujr"d L m\ n and cut ii to do a qn'li, honest and ^u xly bveitx?. Nor baf 1'irtiiDo bm n Kh"**'. 1< ba lu?pp< umI do ?A,id?nt s no tl^id lu4T?- ca. r' .J .. <r?y it* bridg' *, fbooxh to-y In* ite such a calamity; no Mr** have d< ?troyod it* com btwtibk htiiklinc-; no portion of the road ha? yet g1^?o way. For two ). ;?*?* it hai purw*1 thin Ktcady, acnrible HVM, pajbg no money to itf rij*r?*liobkT?. wkI pr?ct:?ing th'> mo*t rigid eonoomy in e^ery bramh of it* bo?!ne>w; and non at Ih't it comc? before tli" pnblic atvl de clare#- a dirhlmd? No, it decltrr* th?t tbe irtuckhohlfrf mti't now lend it acouplo of m'Hio<v more dollar*. Can anything be plaimr thin tin* Vet. in 'he teeth of tlil* report, the dir?jc- j tor* of the Central company, the ungual Com- I peUtor of the Erie, sod a road w circa msiano d j that tb< dlwtor* are at tbe mercy of their own etnpl) j < * and dan' not dL^iiarfe them fbr tK " ^rnMe?t off? w *, dare to c?mo before th*1 pnbii s ) ar d mf that tb?y have earned ten p?r <? nt <>i f ^.VOOO.Wx of *U>eh. The hitffofy of 11 C-ntrat a id fh ? J' t f? that of m arly all the railr(?adi In > country, T'l -y are a glsTtnt!" aid to eoraSKrroe, avrtc'jlture and dtlli/ation, aod much ai they c.-\ th" conn' y will find them a good investment in the end by the enhanced value they will give to land, the im-reared production ot' the territory they inter act, and the general diffusion of prosperity th- y Ciui?e. But the railroad con;ponies themselves t uft go to the wall; some day there will be no more left ot tbem than tin-re is now of the old tun pikes, and the $1 200,000 000 oi" paper mo Bey by which they are ?<>w rnpreaented, will in course of time, vanish like a bubble into air. Tfcf lVutnral HUtory of BalU and Rnari. Button has told us something about bolls and bears, which is very well ah ur ad it goes; but th? re are varieties Of these creatures which are the .product of a v?ry hi^b order of civiliza tion, and which, interestipg ai tb-y are, teat emi nent na'uralist bas omit'ed to por'ray. We pro pose in few words to supply some p ut of the de ficiency. Every period of commercial prosperity is marked 0:1 the one hand by a sudden aad rapid irrowth of all kind" of tinancial schemes, and, oa >Le o:her, by a remarkable development of the passion for gambling wbich is innate ia mankind. We leave it to philosophers to d"Cide how the phenomena are related, whether the bubble fob men are the parent* of the gambling mama, or the mania gives bir-Ji to the schemes. For us it is enough to know that 'uoth necessarily spring out of and are coincid ni wkh eras of general pros perity. At Mich periods men bave money to lose, a<d their uppetite for gain is sharpened by tfc unusually rapid tccumula ion o! wealth. The grocer, the dry goods man, the merchant, th ? banner, seeing their legitimate profits increase at an urn xampled rate, throw off the caution which xiiuid?'d them in harder times, and forget to di'ctiminafe between strictly business ope rations and " fancy titers." The tangible evidences of prosperity which they tee around them, delude them into the belief that all must he prosperous; in 90 much sunshine they see no shade. Accordingly tbey invest their money in the bubble of the dry; take a ??hare in every wild enterprise that is started ; arid proceed to end<'a>or to interest their neigh bora in like manner. These are the bulls. The Wars on the contrary are the unbelieving Tho mases, who will not admit that fortunes can be made in an afternoon or a week, and give aa earliest of their incredibility by betting with the balls on the rise and fall ol the commodity gam bled in. We saw ?-ucb a period of prosperity and specu l:.tion from 1832 to 1 Mti. The country was do irg well; trade, industry and agriculture were thriving at an unexampled rate; and the contest ??'tween the State banks an! the United States Hank poured a Hood of fictitious wealth into Wall street. Elated by this real and fancied prosperity, the bulls appeared and bet heavily that bank stocks would rise. To them rose up ?hort)y a herd of bears, who I jet that 0:1 the con trary. bank frocks would fall. For four years the content was waged with vaiying success. There were corners made tben. a- now : and the gr?at t*ar" of that day were sometimes caught by the ?/reat bulls, and the papers kept by tue great balls weru in gre.>t "pints thereat, ju?t u? we <*e it in oar time. B t the end ot it wai that th -y all broke down together, and of the two be balls were the mast hurt by the fall, for :hey wont out of sight, and were never heard of again. Tbo proton* tlmo riiowa us these intTtjsting aaiuili in a ilka predicament once mure. Fur 1L" last four or I've* the ?oantry ha? boon doiug very well: farmers, merchant*, manu facturers have been ink if money; the bank-* have ( \pand"il largely, ,md th?* railroads hare added twelv buDdr"d millions to our pap r vu lu ?. On tbc atrtn^th of this, tt"- bull* have ori N.n once more in gr-vt force, and are reaolutsly beat on cramming their v..ires dotvn the pablic throat f%hvimoibe commodity gambled in la ik>i bank sto l": it is ailroad scrip aad ?hai\;*, Tl)"5 ar> of no penn-i'yot value for the isost pa. t: l*ti. th>' bull* ?!>? ready to bet that th'W i?r?' ?j.welsof raie pri< o."' Tne b^an-. legitimate d' -ccodants of tho-?- ot 1834-4, d ial in re sp< cting th--" xecorttics and wtT-r tob.'t thatth y vill fal!. Tb<' h*ad of 'Ik bull', ar it seem*, at Cile t me, i? Mr. \V< sley, the owner of th<> A ? v > ? iu'w ^mp. r: he bets with Mr. Jacob Lilt t (!). -reai ?c i , who ha* ao a<w> paper tab || 1 'm. Tlii- Wesley g' tn up owners, with ih< he?p Of Other bull ft Of VVsdl street; h- fir'.- a way at jv>?>r Jnr.ol> Llitle la hi' pa| *r, itn?! '.ay- b ? 1" no better than a common pHUerf a* though W? ? Vy biamelf were hi a Hff'tMS lin*- of bwliun; and on> day, ho catcbaa Mi". Little, iwibrnaki bhn. (>? which, Mr. Wesley, who is mid to 1?? vry piou", .;rvl to pay largely for d-vo tkmn' purjio-'-, ha* hi* paper to repreaeflft tl<? aflal' as though h > had r*nd<r"d the StaM- a ?"rrice; and freta his editors to draw fancy p?c tare>> of hia aoraering Mr. Litt'e an<l t?reakir^ him. in the style of St. (ieortre killing Use l>r igon. Ho the*' bull* and te go on. Some daj tbc Ihwi'' will gv; th? upp r hand, ami tinn will b? down, lagging for meroy; and il? n. no ilotibt, be will have his oditnrs allude to !um in tli i-tyl^ of Ko* a Martyr' and prfln>onee e'ock.obbmg .. viry lit moral :.tid improiier '-m plojIUfDt l Tie' moral of all th"*e bull and hear light* i* that jwpl* dioiild k??*p out of tb'TD. In the ?nd, all bull- mu?t !??< rnimd. and all b ir* may, and i mi allj ar ; and the -tock* wbWi th??y i<w? vo j arable witn uevr fail to go bodily t> jirtii i '01.. rrodent men wD therefore let VV'??ley th?-. bull add IJttle the U^ar fl?kt till tl>ey i iti?h enHi ovl. r. witl.o'it interfering: If tl .-y lute money tr> lnvc-t U? y will take care not to p?tf it in tlv w cuxitlrn Whh h th"?e op< ratot* kiK^H op an4 dtiwn; ii tb?y own any wieh tiock *j y *dl *11 j it (Kit dir'et^y. ; * frotx 4oi RvtijiK ? Wesley A ''^bi puny, bo own the N< w Vork T>mr?, acknowledge with unblushing impwleace that they are ieading { rto;k ganibi? rs In W all street, and that they sue- | ; cfcl'-d in cornrring their gr^at rival? the h"?d ot th'> bears?Mr. J.tcob Little. This is the fh''. tin*' that any Wall str'-jt irami4er? have (Wf had 'he effrontery to op-mly boa?t Uiat they owti< d a daily jonmal and gnmbl^d in i4ook? in Wall *treet at orv ami tb*> name tim-, Thea? 'fr k gfbl<H sbo own the IhtHy Tm -. say th y don't inuifeTe with thHr editors, writer* or rrporU n in any department. We ?nppow, also, that they extent Mlia ">ysteni of non-intorf'T^nee to 1' dr ooa< ?iman, their fan trotter, their c<?ok, tli ir and th <r chamb- rmiM. All ^.in.inon! It st??k gamblers, or any other {r?mbl< ?.% owr a daily journal, they ?*? that journal f th ir nwn piirpcj??, wbsitev-* they miy be. Th' 7 . i< as m i h the prop-rty of W. -l y S fViTu iny. btm! n- fa!iy nd" r tli?ir eo??ti?'. as th r ox or th *ir am; n id ii th? t' ict th<y IB to p?*?-:'!?s an alv.m' ige ovr th' tdrersaty, Mr. Llftle. th? grra- b ar who ft 'm* to li.ive m? to Advocate hi * ?i*w? j Misdirkctkd Lkttkb* -We publish in another column & list of uncalled for letters in the Phila delphia and Pittsburg Post Offices, which have been sent there bj misdirection, aad which arc intended for mercantile tiruw in this city, Boston, Pittsburg and Cincinnati. This list, as those others which v.u have published recently from t me to time, is got up and furnished as by Mr. Walter B. Dick, of No. 393 North Eighth street, Philadelphia, whose only inducement lor doing >o If his very laudable desire to do gratuitous scrvice- to his fellow men. When he first com menced sending us these lists we furnished him wi'b directories of New York, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia, which were indispensable to him, arid we continue to send him the journals of tlio<-e ti'.ies in which the uncalled for letters arc advertised. Some five or six weeks ago, in calling the at tention of our mercantile community and the Po-1 Offiee authorities to the advantages which they derive from this voluntary and gratuitous la bor of Mr. Dick, no informed them of his request to b> furnished with copies of the directories of Charleston. S. C., Savannah. Mobile, New Or leans. St Louis and Louisville. We took it for grunted that his request had only to be thus sig nified to insure its being speedily and thankfully complied with, in ihat assumption, however, we have been disappointed. The directories have not been furnished to him, and be jnstly com plr iut; of this regardleseness by our merchants of their own interests. We should suppose that the managers of the Chamber of Commerce would not need to have this very moderate request repeat ed. Mr. Dick's labors, slight and humble as tb<y are, may bo the cause of having thoa-mds of dollars annually to the merchants of this city, and they should be ashamed to have him ask the second time for a tew books necessary to the pro j per performance of his voluntary task, and which would not co*t more than a few dollars. I We trust that enough lias been said on the sub ject ? The redoubtable Col. Plack, of the Exil ing M rror, has joined Wesley ?L Co.. the bull stock gambler? of Wall street?the owners of the Tim** newspaper?in publishing a string of false hoods about our att'airs. During the Airty*fice years that we have been connected with the press we n-ver bought or sold a dollar's worth of stock on speculation, nor did we ever puff any or deceive the public. If Col. Pluck wants to add a few dozen new subscribers to the 450 readers, all told, which he ha?, and if publMiing un truths can elie out his existence another three

months, be it so. Brush up your whiskery put on a double dose o* pomatum, aqd make your last speech as tb<* reprt tentative of the pre*s at the next ijruU - oyster supper. A Co., tb' stock gwblers who cor nered Mr. Little, and v. bo own and control tie J >u ih/ Ti nes. are informed that neither the pro piletor of the Hkkai i? nor any person connected therewith ever has been or could lie concern ed in stockjobbing speculations of any kind. The only stock that we ever dub bled in was that of the New York and Boston Telegraph Company. At its Incep tion wc took filtecn hundred dollars worth of it: that is about the last we have ever s~.n of it These gamblers of toe H :i >/ '/ < .1 seed not think to involve u" in any of their Wall stroet oper.'. ticos, or to ink us 1 p in the contests between the bulls and the I* ar?. Ivimmiov ???' Sun h (tAHhuxa.?Wasiey A C".. with their j.roprietorshin of the Daily 7W-. have plenty of coufeder&t?s in lb ?ir gatn b'iug opt ration^ ;:i Wall ?tr ot 'I neir operations have extend-.*'! to Albany, wli -re they have m.oiy a-sicint'-s, and we perceiv*! that fioth of the Al bany newspaper* ?-the #.'?> >irui aad Argu* ?are interested in the Wall street att'air* of Wcshy .V Co. Their exaltation over the op of th- great bear, )lr. i.i 'ie, miy do ver.v well for th< pr"* nt; hrt on e. tb'*<e days tii", may ?com*! a tnrn of the v, >.) to g ve the?j g ? - - biers had luck. Tin: I'mun 1 'm r CtMi'AXTr A ptv.oad'd ??:.3iuinaU<? of tbo book* of li:is c oc ?. n a. i l^npi'.uii by 9ot?: vt i' fri" ta, ta\ resulti are par?<l?Hl brtive tf?? public. Tit,- is alt hum bug. No <tu? i nt tbo bookk-wpcr ?? th<; oimfa nj and tit** dirvetorn onkr und tbolf book<; atranpmiKSQ be mid; to find ttjthiflg tb?4 wi'b '?1 in ?h'm. ju-,t im rival cbiirehei I'od t<"ts ><?r <;rorytbinj; in tL? Btblj. Lot us boar no mo. ? of such tsvr- p. Wc ?lo not dwr- to pri-ju-l^: the t*ni(?n F??rr\ Company: bnt w<? tnink th? manv r?t? l>ouk] ??? ?h* r*i of a nwl*nd thorough cxjunina'ko of tb> ir alfair:. Tr I A'?.<1 r ?Kun"* ba?? ipi a art <o i o ro??i?ea -t V> tbr dr?a?:ia of tbtr r/kt- *, at ' u?* tpwi Uitl \ mml ?<*??? n .11 ntap* -bo :???> i<? v> m. Tua MrtlUc M at!'! fflrj V tbr Sr'^ny W ?? tod )flb*? a f.aa ?, portaDHjr hit b rat f?, m that* c rl. na rf (.? 1 apectiac a re* tag natoeo Tbe <. ilo?*-?* ** of cab ro .0 *o tie iter oc ? ~?r aid*, to* Mlf anO act n ?? aa Mai, the orrtdero. onto ael (V -tea ar? a> r >m,-'????, tod fcratab.d UK. win a V or ? .?B?fi ? rt ?*? ir, ve fear* jr? rbe ft*M a ar? ready for oc , ik? Mi Miu. itl r'rjt'Krr '? mrirM to ?< ?all, ko: tno-wa-fc B?tjr .? r*< n >-<M* no* w il f ?* lor ooanr lime - in The ?*r nea a-* ? n?t-><-te4 ? i a anw out, fir whtir. s'r. Rs-atio 4<>a vHbvrm* et b | txeo i?)Bd to ?rirt <*".?> ?cat attiv >o board lit Arttc? etaaanerbar.33 <a*te spwaMo ?'??> aaif r-rf vrw> ? U tbam t b? oaflktf* <4 tr>- A?h-ai'? ooata m '.a);iror?a>Mt ai ???> <* ?< > *v , a Ci ahap now < ??J?Baorfl ? ? ? ? ?c rri?ratoad mat cw 4 -vatar rtahaa thro ft b?mo-i I. 0M> fttU' i( e?r 1 '(wo, oao4(aaia| On auaia in .U coaroo^ tad U ta bop? il?l lh* arrnaKam ?? ? H aa?? ?"?,'?# v> IIOO.OOm iwnoa ly .? f. ?. an<: <-far if tot.r of Mm tba bti<i 04 thaM ppN??!? r t mail . .adlariibar, ?b -<i la Coo ad net to at?w* r.j tbo ttarn ro.,a "*3 to . laot aa *w?rOt'>ri lh? (???aeo': t - W* af aot pa' 1 alMi to irri-fiW?-???? rwn if th-? at?a-n?r i?-1 1 hero !? -?ao? rrab'a ^ i*< ? no to tr ?, aoJ mo ; arr **pyr ar?? tH*?* ?. > <?"? > ar - * nm t ? ?v?ro" , m baa *?mi ?"aT* K? UWi b?-? a?ao th? *1. 'rr*1^ e>r i?? t wlin ihre<* r?r u?r ?a-'ba, a? ?no 1 Adrti c ta ??paata;<! vt ?a I la Mm laa? -aa^* of aoaaty. a*hs.'t ia Kti 1 11hi***.?? .anns Cia: aia C. Maiaf?f<i, .or ?at, ymtft aaiatoet i>aaUBa? ?f at IK | rone*, Oaa'Ya eoa??y, tM Offaib d <m ?ai .rd f .cat, ' <f aia , ribH-ry at F'oreo^ Tt apfv^ %' T? ??rr bad tor'Ofn-e Uim ???** P>* oHtoH a^m-'-r ioro on 1 wai ftrm '.'aat Tatk a?> i> ac?? to offi.?o in 1 i/c rkfialtf of J lorcoc#. an 1 Mr iioi>ra?>. of tbo foat 'id.i* IW|wrtn*c'. after a??T<jr?: d*jr? ^per^n^t! i, ?? ? ?k m on r?turdaf la IfWIlt tfeo mr ?ty itr?d\f aa>1 ?mMt'* to tbo abw*? dofa*jr piMniuMr. H?' ??a bn-'ifM to Rna?* aad am'??>,i|H"?'t y U> l i e, , o?**a?l b*{o*r ihc I ni?*d ."latui Cotom* wr. an4 l<! to ball n lb" ram of ?B,<jOO, a?d -ofnia'ito' to ail fnr ?raal 1 tbo" Mirotf. Ttita coao l? a ao^e'^arb.,?. p* a Uar '.or t..o ?r*"?a?'t 1# rbowt 1 *ty ynara of a??. haa boan . uou-9 ? 1 rwar Mr nmf ;Hn, aal aa finiMi ctlrt ptitaUua tor bo?'?'< iHnantl lnMilRtK<-< (+?. \'t >aMera waa ta C ur. auau aa to' UU) UK , m b'r way to Ma ol<l bona ia lonloo.f Hon. 7am?o Taclaij#b. Iba rreat-i'lit a^-c?, t r?* ? ad .0 P>ill?d?ipblo on Tira'.ay aran'of, a? l r ato|iftaff a< b.a quartora, tbo Mer hanta' Howi. Mraarat Br.miltrn, ofl>>-.aa. wbc -m ffir"- 1 ?<i,i b?r if ? "Oirraaa from MM* <**" aa, aad tbo *oq?od n' P?c?t-?ljn ta fen 00M-t??l *.(? if Ct-, ir m HaNttfMk Tba Hot. loorr lAr ? f AW*. '?'a0;^ land, aad<-n. ffettlit oro atoa :a ^aaa cm. r,?. rrwni Xnerina Air** in aiHf Hartar** * i*a?f t,*<Kr hiifll h*Tt M*' ' ?'1 rd? r?' %> R >?i, ?! >??.? *Sm !t s> - P. )*?* :> FflfOa JBrttt *, * ? 0 ?>? <rmr>?d ilaanr* _ tr'HilffWm.M ?^1r OV'ta*"' *Tnany-VTa B l*rli?t, ia<i} ?ad 2. ? d ft to tbe ?? '?*?a. THE LATEST NEWS. BY PRINTING AND MAGNETIC TELEGRAPHS. Noll-At rival of the America. I tec 17?0 P. M. Tno stemnaulp Amrrl'i ban got yet boen sighted o'l ?It* port, -he m id tier twelfth <ia> out, with three days newt, Xegro Troubles In Kentucky. UiviHviLLt Dee 14, ftiM. Tho correspondent of ttao Journal, writing: from Catnp MbTlD*, Taylor oounty, Kentucky, on tbe 10th, ntye thai ? negro boy bad didotoscl a plot or tho ueg">cs in that neighborhood to riae about Christmas day. Several arrests bad neen made, and an examination waa had on tbe 9tb beiore Jo-.tlce Cloyd, but anting waa efictsd save the htateinent of tbe boy, tbat be overheard tbe negroes ?ay (bat tbey intended to make war cn the whiles about Christmas. and thai If he would join them they would make blm r' Tbe negroes are reportod to pos ters guns, ptatota \c. Tbe correspondent adda tbat oon flderablo dlesatisfa.-.tion ex lam generally among tte negroes, wbtob, tf not promptly suppressed, may lead to serlir.s trouble. Lotiavins Deo. 17, 1S5A. Tbe City Oonncll of Clarftsvllie, Ie<inosse, nuUucttxl tbe Recorder to uottif Ironutaatern and other owners of slaves tbat no slave will to permitted to roma to tbe city to remain more than two hoors, nnl?M aoTompauled by a roipec'able wbfte i>erean, under a jouaity of twenty lasnea. Slaves hav ing wives and tb.iir matter'* pmsig are oxempMd. Persons having slavo going to or trow Christmas fes tivities are not to allow them to pass through Clarkes vlllo osiers a respectable white person will keep them together, and not allow Ibem to mingle with the nogroee at ciarkts villa. Guiatjh, Tenn , Dec. 18, 1S5P. Tblrty negrooa have been arrested here on sc splelou of being oonoerncd In tbe conspiracy. Tbe eltlzsns bsvo appointed a committee to examine into the matter. Omccumti, Dec. 17, I9.j5. Tho latest advices from Cumberland river state tLU twenty-lve Iron luruaies In thai region have stopped operations, apprebeoalve of a negro Insurrection. Message of the President of the Cherokee Hatlon. Sr. Lots*, Dec. 17, 18M. The menage ot John Ross, P?esident of the Cherokee Natisn, li reoelvel. Tbe aflatrs of tbo Nation are repre ?eoted as In a prosperous condition Clzilivat'oa la pro gressing steadily, and religion and education receives marked alter tlon He represents the o'pont necas ?Ity for providing payment ol' the nuioual d?bt, and ..u lrcrcate of the school load, and re^ommenua ac a moana of accomplishing those objects a retrocession of the neu tral land. Respecting tbe oomplalnts against pfnons cocnested with tbe Board or IfiaaloDS, of tam pering w tb the slavoa, ne says, slavery being recognizor by the laws o.' tbe Nation, Is entitled to protection, mil the sgitailsn and di tmbanoe of it by cit.zens of tho iB'ted states Is wholly unwarrantable. I/OM of the Brig Brazilian. Navrvcxjtr, Dec 17, VAtt The brig reported as ashore yesterday, ofl Kusk?got, Is the Bis.'ilias, of Salem, from 1'biladelpbla lor B >ston. with a cargo of coal. Tne ere*" were saved. The voaaei is breaking ap fhrt. The Virginia Neaurch Law. BALVtMou, Dec. 17. 1?VI The sclouner Morels* Light, bound from Baltimore to Sew York, has been atl.ej at Norfolk for evadinr the Virginia efcarch law. Southern Mall, <V<-. Bahimomm, Dee. 17, 184". New orieans i?a;*ra of Wedneaday and Thursday last are to has*] by tho arr.vai of the mall as late *; due. Cornel *n Hughe*, from Corned lent, has been arrestel ?t Alexandra under me charge of lad jotng Slav * ti ran Ofl. ".be director of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroal have doclareU a dividend of amy per oent ott of tho earnings of the road. Tbe dlvi lend a declared In scrip, converti ble In June neit into bonds of the -ompany bearing six per c?at interest, and in 146'i convertible Into stock o tbe ci mpany. The City Outsells have anihorized an ap p-al to the t or.i-u to prevent the oompany carr> ing ou their pui pose. Departare of the Arabia. Bo-to*, Dec. 17. lWfl. Tbe C .wtrd steamship Arabia aal'ed to day at no<>n with ilfty (ear pa*a?n/era for Liverpool and twenty one for 1 .a Uas. rbe takes out $ltt#,i 00 tn specie. The *athvlue wt Cli?il?-it<Mi. Cuuiiu<i, lie] 18, MM. Tm I otod "totea ma". aVaa??bp NaobTtlio, Capta a > ?ro arrived Lire at II o'clock on Koodty a>|Dt. n*rk(U< railit>.l?U STOCK ftOABl). m.i *i,?i piiia, Mac. 1". 1M8. ft?ir?o do t Ponnoj'Taal* 6V : HwnTof Rallroa-!. U Ub; li Morrta Oao*., 1 j* ; IIM'* Ra.a a!, 4* CfUltMMt* T>e? Ifl 1#M Cdtki?M?i W-4t^ 1.K0 taiM.M improfci pr.<oo. We uUc mjlahrf far- it It ? n?ato. HdlwdcH !/? tier*. mcriUD n V. h dick,or rnn. at* ilfitta, Lt?i at'Micro adO'-rP^d in the rbli.-uialphK iV?fc I^'iyir <>? Monday. Hoc 16, roniaiatas m tho I on ouica, l"Si .adut|bi.% uaoaliod for ? *?W >OIH ?'>t ?lc. tW INBAT1, O., HOFNKA {.'art r * Brother. or Conor ni-mm ,v i.roiiutr. / Co, t o aoforkiiood. Hoftr* k Co. ?MI?1?0D k S?bat?r. BorTO? n ' 'T.?. ? w >i?*?r, Jr., ft Zc. Karr.y k 3roti.*r Uyrm ft 3rcUw I??'o. W*r?oa:i k Oo. ?*ro? k Co W? r Birnl! ft Co. Kolkor k K-c. liiDinptoa A Co nmrk , ro.. Bonaa S. Jo oca k Co. ArlBur*. Rr. ?r? k Co. iMt ci MtMM advert .?*?! la the F itiabur-j Oufmi k, ou 1?C. 13, MKt'.b.Lf la liio r>l *b I f ?l ofioa ? hvxambhi > m-a*. C T?. Koltoff Ac*. !>uiHMr'i r.ipiaaa Wl'.fcSB* & Co. tit owMyn I lly *?%??. :>? i r * Krun. a w fM JmMBPBMi ?B >*? K' w Vi?wt ?> Con ? Fti*.??Herri* of tba OojoUT C? til a! K.[ (? en iBly reooatly a dectrloa ralattro ta> U.e jtirJuiwitkw c it* Now Yak Ccsrt af ( omaooa FVmo. ';b* <?oe apra wboh Um dectoloo to I.m?4 la that at ' tk* >'ropW|, It rr'. SmIM r. CfcuroB, Jo rwr-i Bvotaca. 0*orWI nf far onnaty r>f Kioto " Tfco rt lator * if arretted by l>? Sfcortff ?n> an rnroron *|k nit HH pen?n totalor 'rcai ?b> Ooart cr Ow.moa I'Uaa ?.' ik* I) if V >r?, aad d.rnii?J to the rotp ?d#?'. ft. ? ar* brncuM ap <<a a win oi Lasna* rsrfoo, ta or %>r 1.1 obtain M? rvMaio, at. tbo |m?H that I bo ronalT of L*'?p* (? oot vtilita Ik* <4 ibat court. an?l Ibat <t ? at not ir??? an af?'n?t ilto {wwoon, Oi rnkod to ibr lliM at ar>y em r tr asorpl lb-- ptty a?4 U1 <?*t| Of N >wY?rif. lodi ?> k. 'i ru. rt< Irrrrd ar ?I?V) nto optoioa, reTt^wtof tba Matntca b?*riac o? vbo . mm, an" aottati. i|r ttx- nMir'l p'm Mo w# ib?m .) ? olait*! it l?f?<l tbat tbM In tbn Art n( lfc?? pois* Wblrb !?I0 ?>T?T hf r% ralar t, #n1 (I VIIt p'rvo pi) m catrlrt be.oro Ute ar-i >kcoral Tor?, r-a a wrH ot gti'i ** r '. li ? ;*w f.ii ?rr Pk? T?n*?t ?la tn? K'<n? (Vrintjr Boat 1 at Aaporr'aora y?*t?r4ay, an an', naa bubbMM (or pro#?otoi'oa lo tba I^motaturo. ooktnf :? r aqtL r>iy lo ' ai. art i toro tcoti ( it (CO to notrij ieU U.o now true "ir? at Kail.n^h. fb i* far tbo ?<ull 'ltt htaroat ab?'it Bit* 0?*t, anil liM laIX" ?tpon wbira tt l? arfeH. ant aor to nr pg '<to obf ot CI6 '??<? Tboio la jot a boat f> >i? ac-tiar* t... ' tnplrta II. Th?r.. ti mibm1 tailt of tr?vi nf ? f> are ?bn*t tbo gro iado, trbtrb it ta i*t>raat< <i will cool lift t cn. t?o a. i a? prrparoo. ia to be piar. .' in :t?i> larnNof tkr A??"tnhli aiaa from Ihla dtatrtr'., Ikr pro loaiat on ta ibo LotbiatoM. Hapirtar lonrt. 3off>ro Boa. .tadfo snaea K?r f^Wtl A riiLOKKD CI.IM9YMAN I ItOM I HI. fJITY CAB*. B? IK*r fiatnwtl r>*rri*/-m to. TK B, 'A Anm- RnMrr*ul Gmjiooy.?Tbia woo aa acUoa tor and uatv ry allrtad la bavo boon r??imHt?.: by ooo of tbo dnfoMloal't oarraala ta forcibly tomrroing the Rot. ?mi"#l ivoatayvo (totcrod |wti<>maa) from the m?tfi Aoi ero r?ra oo Uf t4ih o( ?oy loot ft approm ihat ?>n t.iat o?y lb* i<lainUft lot iato oao ot tba dorforttot'l <aro to rx ??- JOWB vwa, W on ?Bt?rI?f bo ?a? lol I hf tho c idi lor tbot it woo oootrary to tho rrlt. of tho ( impa rt ta r?"?? porooco of ookir to traoei la tbat p^rt.cular t'tfr 1\ and tbat ttirrc wwtcori opWally approprla^d f'ir it ? ?. Mr IV* at* ft or rafnaod ?o mm, aa<i alior?? I, lh> oi> tbrrlbl/ retnorad b; ti? mad^ctor. faa ? n w*?oo? b>r piaitiiiM, a yrmnf frta namort .Tp#o()h I Mttftcl lopoaod tMat plamtl'i *aO fbrw?>ly r< ni^r.-d l?v? tfcotar* oo u?" io? ia i.nrotl b Tho hoor for ai - prr it ba?tn?Brri'rori. thona^owaa #?mp?>?tod i.nui Vk itdaf ?wralaf. RAILWAY CALAMITY. !;ir. \%,"P'T B faMle A'tfriU'mtrr, to. r- hit. ?w. ii?*r Omfrtnt.rn.TYH via aa aMtna ' * k ' t f i?' ti^an b* rtnatt?| oror him at the rorror ot Coaoi lUfM, bwt !t> ?<**"iirttre or nr(f"/t,Br# t.o to? port Ol ibo dorooaod, aa adr iee.! by tbs ie*tlcc >o} 'arvbt 'tr oae? rtr 4.?r twd. ? k Political Movement*. A'Xj.H) or m CoBBBticmMiw ?Hon. T. 6. Dietdaoa, who repreeebta the Thiri Coagreaatonal district of Loals tana to the House of Kepeseniatlres, having to led sgalbst tbe reiolatioii deiiounclrg lay ud all propost tiobs to reopen the African ?la vo trade, feel* a Utt-e shaky iu regard to the view wt.iob wul no taken or ibat veto by h.? const taenia la 'bo tale c?pltal, and hai tnore loro come out with the lollowh.g expiration ? 11 ill. UK TUB Hot'sa, Dec. 16, Ibte. By reason of the ?i plioaiwu ul the gag law, Invoked, in tbo form oi tbe previous qje?tl"D, by tbe Hon. Mr. lOtbe ridge, oi Teaneiaen. itHti tm> am ii tbe blank retiuouueu party ol (Lis Hume, I war compelled to vole "no" on UK1 denunciatory retolunou ol <bi African a'avo trade, i drain- to rav thattbia vun-d >ea aot, and shall not imply that 1 am m layor ol the ie opening of that trade, fur If 1 bad tbn power voafcd >u o. o> a tlo tow to de.rulo w. favor oi' ibat prop t>>( en i wo.Uu uoi vote lor i.. Tbe ob ject of that genii*uiun ?a? t rpu'eut. Slnc? tbe elee tion of (jcneral tuuum io the cloiknhlp or kbis House, at reward lor his oppo?i<i< n to tee Kacsas und N'eb.-askt bill, i>y a purely secttobai vi,ie. and Eiuie tho attack by the H< n. i?*Ik 1). Ctaii>o ii and Humphrey Miraha'i upon the Kr< sident's , it ?IU. apparent kbit the Sou* born men. who cculo iaki the wind out oi tbo sal's ol llu hi uorabie gtDliemaa . represent* tho Ioote T'lle dlntr'.ot. would have l.i do something wblr.R. whilit it might be defended at homo would pass tbo Kuljicon oc IliObiave question So lb; iberetcre wehavotbM day had this icrolutlcn ol' debuuciation, which iuip.'uu>^? tbe memories oi tbe latbers of our republic a id ir*a\-t? <>: our tonal itu'toa. tbrurt Hire a ll ibrand upon ua. 1 vo'.od "no" because no practical gi-<i was contemplated by tie p??rage, became h wai- u> -?i?? aaa i-npoiltto, and be cause 1 consider tbe resolution in tbo shape of a bid fo> lu'uro tupport from thai mcto-.a! party who detire tc. dlvlte tho South upon slue <k?u-h that ta?y muy tiesiroj onr coc.UI'uim/h. hrtnui'. r u> h*; seen if tlita ourse can win 1 id compelled io a ' jou to publish this no.c that my position may not oil* 'nder'tool. THOiMH CJRKL'M DAVIDSON. A 8o*ikvioc Vjsw ok vh* h xia.icio.i cv S'avshy Tbe Nashville (Temersee) 6a?.?.?, of the 13th ius'-, says ? Tbe extension of s avery ir of uo such YlUl importance tv the vtrvb at preiei.t, lo- nan It Oe lor generations u como, 11 ever. If. in the course of time?ol centnr'.i*?Ik ?bould b?)come a riatt.r of vital importance?oi'iojxora ble t(<"e?sitv?or ire an. "fatb ti tbe South?it <vlll bo eQ> old in the Uuiou, lr tb I'niou lasts so toac. B-.tiflt corlj roi. it wf i ld trsn bo ' me enonjrh to lc?i?: VI cu ox trtsion. even IT a disruption of uio Union aho be <fw> cobMdiuenon. A F-?LrtB RCMOK Ha.lDMG t*NTO? TO THK gBSATB.? Ibe St. Louis D*mc<ryat m> b tbat tbe story of an alliance netwoen the Benton nut or Misaoari and tbo Know Nothings, lor tho purpose or elnctiog Beaton aud Kenactt Cnited State a Senatora. m maue out of whole oioth. 11 further conteads that tbe Mory had tta origin in tto co lumnH of the Miasonrl iCfpwiioixn, and haa been kept up by the Evtnir.g .Vetci In order >n poke fna at the KtpuUiMn. Police Intelligence. Ax Amkok?> Tk'-kst ?>>wimjlb?Lntber Clerelud, ot Kendall Mills, Maine, app area before Justice <>?borae at tbe low?r iviice Court yesterday, and preferred a com plaint BKaiost 8tephen tiordt n. proprietor of a passage ticket cfllce located at No 146 Cedar street, lor harirg swindled him eat ol $^6 oy m ans ol a bogus pasia^d ticket lor Cbarierton, S U The magistrate ilined a war rant lor the arreat of <}ortnn who abused the oti>c?r la a. moat dariBi rauuer rayiSK be did not care a d?in aboat the Major. Police Magiauate or any one else When a<ktd by cflioer Faney it the ticaet In possession of com plainant had been isi-ueii by bin. betook It in his han'le, looked at fur a few mom nu ai d then tore It up, m toe isco of tbe po'tc Biib ao" M' CleToland. lh!s act was aucmi>ttbied by pro uae abase against the Mayor, Polli*) Magistrate sod ail othcra In aathortty. Gordon wsb locked ap tr U.e Tombs for trial. diii Aa?vr>TH.-tieorge Forrest, 9amurl Benbain and William Gardner were artested on charge of tiavlcg bnrglar'ously <blered the premises o' Patrick Faricl, No Ilsm'Hoo street, and ateallsg $60 worth ef valuables thertfrom Tbey wero coramtteJ for trial by Jcstlce Bren*an Henry 1'oster wai srrejited, charged with havitig br. ken irto the store of MM Sbtruan, No. lHI/e?ir h<r?et, and stealing $Jf> tbi reirom. Jostkse Br< di an committed tbo prisoner tor trial. John Tavior was also arreru-d ot charge of borplary, in bnakiug Into the apartments et r.eorge OlBrttad, No 191 i beiry street, and remonas a tron? :onlslDlag clotMif, kr. irom tbe room. Tbe pri soner wsa arrested by H* ?> m?tead is he wan making Lis etcape Irom the pr*V'l*<?. Justice Rreonao aiio dis posed ol this burglar In ? sun mary manner by commit ting b in to the Tcmbi lor trial SuooTmu Arrmav Eki?i? vn.a'nij ?At a late hour on Tuesday nigbt a ibom.Bg aifray took plaie in Wortn street, near Vest Broadway, between two negroes name* John Smith and Andrea Ja<>snn Jackaon. It ie a'. ered. called I'd th s swtnditr which so annoyed tne latter that bo drew a pisx I Irom l. w oust pocket and fired it ai tbe b'sd of Jsckron Tbe ? <;b|j o was loaded w tb abot, a miirber of ablch lo-S rii> < i oooo Jackson and d'augur ed bis face In aa napardoua>>>e tLtnner. Vnolth waa takeo I nto custody b> the FU>I> ? erd ,M>ltee. and was comia;t ?td to tbo Tombs to au??*r a . ?r. ct (elnnloi.a a? i raslt Font I'sobjin.; Yoraii Vi*.?John Jenkins, Jan ? 1 Hark, Jobb >mitb and John Liudney were arn-saad by i the Fourth ward pence ?n a change or enterlag the l<oar? 1 <Bg bou^e oi brs Ma gar<i llurtis. No oPO Watvr street, abu 'ueat tg >ei cMidx n si.d every one in tbe plane in a 1 cruel and Jtost uiJa?iia^b|j raoeer. These proit>tsln? tOJths wife brought b. ore Justice Oeborcr. at tie ' lower Pciico Coert, ale>e tbey were comm'tted lee I trial. A* Anum frunv* mtx Jcnin-Iknkia r.'pp 1 nun. KB aJirpid fu#i >*e |Vv>ni Jreiiee, *u brought u> ihtr c ty on Tumoi; B'.tbt. frooi wun t>l?, ?? c.i*t|re of lib* pr?l?Bret prelftred a*alii?l hitn by .albaatei hry. ct t?:r tliy Tre aom?e<i ? <a<itct*d by the 'iranit Jiry, it >) a warrant wa? ????? <t fo' bit arreat. Tht pel tpa'er waa locked up :a tie T, mbw by oraar oi Ism Dm ir?i Attcrcey. TmB' r? Pru^BT^D ? Al BO tarty bocr yoetorrfair ? trftlBf Ui" otptaia oi toe cobl barge Pattarana. ly'a* M Irot ol Sine. mh ?n*"t Ka t rleer, urpMted B party of r??r If - ??t * do ?pt p ont'i-f aroua<l hw yotacl. Hir r*[ i? b B p.KPM at ft rttoalt. wbl.'b ba-1 the ? '?? t | oi frtfl>walr? tb'tn eft Id i>?k? b rrtreot th? rtver p rain ldt a B< w boat hel ta" tbria. and alto ? ? uaM'ty of plunder whi. h th?>y bad obtained tb rough U.a at*bv. Nrwi ftom 41. U mlngo. (I BAN VRRHIOK Or I.OUAI. AFFAIR*?roMCY ?r TBK ?iOV??)??B!<T, AH KKPOHTbD AlltU)*l>? POM l 10* OF fcENKKAL HaHTAK'A?AUDHKHP Ml l'M?l PENT RAX'/. |?ion Jbarto o' tlaraae. Dee. lo We are o receipt of B??r|?pcrB Tom Haaio r^omtBC I e'ty to Not. ?, A pro?iaB>atlno of <?e*< rmi Ra. t rhowt tba; the pn .'to Brrd wi not entirely ?bx:b la coollm?*>1 hy tin j laet of tb? r 'r*r>r?iil havnc aunrotaorl .taclf t? tb< Petale ? "I 'tcr Ibai it ?n'g?n ret oka tbn eitr?r,r'ttoa*j I power ef loty tr 1 roost ttatwd to titntrai ^aniaaa f HeaV.a tbia. Ibe General wee J.-prUol ol Dia fr.e.i.ja" a? permanent W? aerai ln.Ubl?f ol the Army, tbia I br'rg declared iDc-wiptnb.a ot<b tbe coaaUtot'ou, whtct ' iOt>:*ra OB tb" President Ibe rnmsud <j( tb ? lAld ID1 batbI force* u well aa the dirti ion of m'.ltury ope : rklioit. hafitbba waa at Helbo, wberoe be wrote In tb-- "rrti ! del" ti ter ittta ol Oct. 13. d.flarlB< tbat the atate o4 hID bealib bad sot >*t peraiutd b at to pr?aoal n.maei it I (be rat'.ial, ol wbtrh b> waa ao moob the Mora v,-rj s* be hail been B|ip>< "<1 tbal tl era w?i a rumor . irraat ol 1 ih* iB^abliartB of tbat pmr eco b?laf tm<lcr arm*, ae welt a* otbtr fw?e rap"rt?, whici tea led u an nlhor M 1 jrr" ibao lo ibe itbcr? lit of lh? proelDoa an 1 t.i tb? pee |o-!tca of b * owe repaiaitoi He cnaclodea w'Ui lie ?<>i? dip a*arr?Dne ol bia ?tr rrre reronr liaMon, ai 1 ?* I. * (pod wieber f"r the Dreeerralwa of publw Mf Tbe Preaideol reputed to to'* HaHe la poliVt term*. ? ta'Ch ?t-rmrwl koweeer, tbat be an sol alttoal *c? plotor* In f ?*r ! to tha pmlectatlon* of "KaUu? i ra'l " I *bal> ?ot helieva. without (ood rearon, tut a?r, body W' tlat Ho el' ?n'Mia enontb to break b ? aolamaiy (1e< a word iwjr will I fati to eaion? tbc ohi'e*" ?o olmr po tion In on'a'to pnelab reerroly ibo Or*: wbothA. allt i ptt# pit tn enera lon an)- faetloa* pluM " OsderacBtb I* tbe proc.latnatioa of ibe rrrrllaal Al i>t?4 to bearlBf <lule Nnr Tbe pei'ral retew-inir eaored Uy tbe happy rhiBfce r> ck'biIt ?ilr ~te l in oi r political ?svivon. a?4 ?o paw "Baiely mialicaied by tbc peopl", cvmlil e-+ bi't lirwtfoctir enewiet #fUMo<[ to trgaUM our .. ?eta, ib.'y iiu-ud m toe ?* a?> >! ? ?rti,<c?&f propac**r a'aiirt. | r j;nor*, iBoroertnrB??p-r*te an I fr<i">ic?B?ti? <1l?ordirr.'eiy, hey itxi Bvt *tir -e<J lo drleitr U ? ~x'> ? miaRimM I j with eor one* o? j<ti and leettre urciatMiiona ?nme fc# I TO rr? O rl <%? ? > .'* k ? '".r . i .! i BO! tf|!<r' to [.'it by Ui'i i'or the pori m?o oi .in ,? *MUn| ]W aid for (Mp.rl ( (xople Wllb a P?(HI b I I'*t ;p rrfirj |<> ibeirpwa mftlT AMbtat* Ifnlyto prrtHsl 5.i? rncieqa?iic?a, in ftr.4ef to ?;?p tijo 't : itr cr'p a, ! ba?tru to addrec* myeplf ??> jrK ?ul k <it [ I ert jro to modpraf <*> *b.1 t1*iiv?o* W.tb ranmto p ib !e order. e?on Ibe appMUMir- ol trouble may Hp r,,ra ? -?d ' rimiBBl, BD'I yonr *.??., rnm. lit ctticot so?>?b< tt a I hem BDBotleeil. All of yon, liotn'n'raor Jo!" Aetmnd me, Kin;? yon fti* n e toyreat a prooi of roendeare by eleitinc meio toe ?rtt place of tbe repnblio, i ..d ma roar a.itod? by *bowirr yonraeiTea pracoabie and imaafl ? rnre that at tbn -malieat appearaa< e of ?Ur i herty aod iBdepenneeoe beirg la daiiar from atur.ii ? ?liber at home or abroad, I aba.I call on your al t ta <1* ea?l them-not by aaeieea ?? ifer?tton. Imt by thoae e?i ac'.ont meaaa wbirh are it th? dirpoaltioD of tor r*r ramea>. Tl e*e an coamderable. whll ltbe pe>ipia ?i? |ort the toifrnmiM, at d if it trer? Beceeaaty Ic,yn?i upnn the r? operaitoa o# r )"?dly and alhed aat hm. ft. ?im. Ulna, ItomlDlcaae; erjoy yonr rapoae, 1*1 time clip rrnn martfeatatlcnt ccaae at otce, and, ahnraail. cetao thoae o?>aitlTa aod dlnx.r lant c.rle? wb*ch .1 ?i on v tn enl'f hUncd people and tire p>aenra laoor advor<? rtt Abala n from all dltorti. ra, and be Minifi Uut' it It my duty to r< prate tbem Hoayi Catoht ih tiis It'll.- Wr lrarn that ui> warda of ti*ty fatal boat*, loaded with Inni' pr. ,< - ft, porlt t.ort the llhaoia rfrnr hate bean froz?m' iuu'i ? tbe ba?m of tbe earal at I*ea"?, wberr tbey w U , roh% biyremaia laH'arttepriDir oSa ?teamar fat* in tm He at rero, and arrtber at tb? > ?! ol the Lbanuei ?./a, < <t(c Om. 1?. Tm.AHnPniPMi ?r?r Cot"?TTm K'ltnn r*niM* IVmiaty bavo rroeitot ott. rt |fooi the r,.-at ip, IH carlmpnt fw tbe irantf^r of o ooo fold eo'a frn* v. l oiila in New .ir.r,.,, p,. m??on |T btlttoa from the tatter c.i) U .-U lt-lofplit , C ntmirci*/, Dtc it. * ^'4