Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7416. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1856. flUCE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON, From tlx- N?iluu*t *?p?tal. ISQCIBT INTO THB 4K?aI h ? *> rus MILITARY iSY * liBMfi?THB (JOLI.1NH BTKA ?T-tK ATLANTIC TBu KOKAFU?rilOOUAMJik. l><- TUB. LOBBY MSMBKK3. WAxliiMiTOIt, l>ec. 18, 1666. Another lnterestlrg day la ?? ^ M bat little bu- ! n'.ness done. Tbe petltu n of K K Oolitni and associate ? fU presented to the 8? mu *< i re'erred. Toe poution or* aver that there are w> \ i ?' anirtan iWmer* n hieh oti compete with their rh<i nu- uai oruiual con Unfit will Dot enable tbrm tob up a socoaaffulcmpetl Uua with tto British lint, susut ?>o by government aup pott. They uk Coi grtm 'o t annate tbelr contract aid dispose of their ahlps, an ihai to y m\y be re'leved with out coat. The opinion la ftbrr.. > ex pressed by member uat the petition vlU be gram. d. aurt Com. VandorbUt put i la commission. An Inquiry was Introduce r? >o thn manner and coat o keeping invalid soldters at the a*yluma here and at Harrodsbnrg. This will pro*- ? -inn subject, ani exhibit how the public money 1? aq?Msi!*'re4. The esti*?*e la tha Ottry soldier ooeta tbo gov?rr.m?o? mum at tha asylums, while lea* >? "would rtadar him mwh - . b his faetflw dais, "t , hie por *ai lal . .^u?ani ... John C. HIw, u cool tbtr* Is op, pro * * *00 g'>*i-r if it wltb flvo hundred ? uia condenaed diplomat!*) corrcfpordeuce of the involution?six solnrnts -f<' > iisk ibi tion airojig publlo 'BfUtutloca and foreign KiTc,-u:niM>j hq'I Gov. Harcy ro oemmenris tbo necMesrj' no?rr?j> The treaty with Eng'smi tsu net been communloitei to the Senate. It is still nr.. er t'a> o> t nccsldcn'.loa. Tbo New York Poet Ofli ?> >u atUI haugs Ore before ' ttie Attorney Ceoeral. It n extremely doa>tful whether a good title tan be secured. Tfcara ta prodigious out*!do pressure made on tbe Pre* 4*n' and Attorney (iinoral. Quite a number ot gent'. men are hero from New York to get tbo Secretary of tbe N iry to fnrc!?b a vessel to naslst in laying the wtrea (or t><e anr.marite telegraph be (trees Newfoundland and ta a ?st of Ireland. Senator Mallory arrived h. ,<? to d?y, an] la stopping at Wiliard'a. I anderttanO 'h?t tbe Florida Legislature ? 'a democratic, which securer tut ro eleeilen to tbe 3o oate. Tbo great lobby lnterci ? t*>? tblrd hou*e?has bfn lately arranged and dlvlfi<i on ro that more cftenive work can be done. Tburlo? vs ,.. ,t hM been appointed "to superintend aftalrs In tie House, and tbe Chevalier Webb|to regulate the Senate. "h? j I to It alter tbe detail* in their reepectlro division* ? nnog other matters em iNpoetf In tUetr plana arr tbe ibol.tlon of duties on wool and the return of the dntlna ttiat nave been paid oa rail road Iron for tie last ten ye*re Tb<*e men are not utfiaflcd with obtaining worth of tbe pabUo Jemaln, bnt they now serktu ,)???? <*o#n the poor farmer la benefit a lew wool manufi trr?ra by taking the dut7 . Ttr that aittcle, and oompriitr* tbe government to pay back aaverai millions of dollars la the shaps or returned lu?tea an railroad Iron. As ion* as there ta an aero of public land or a dollar In the treasury these ravenous ?fwpa arUI not rest quia*. (Mdi' ttre that Mr. fan*'1 ion, ol tie rhtlade'nhia !fm*, will reply to tbe atu< it un bta character tn Ken satb Baynor's speech at Ka' tfh, promUlsg ?otne ricb , political dlaoloacrea. 1'requeut complaints bttnc m vl? of neglaot by te lersl agenta ot ths Intorran of th? 'aliauS In Ulnncsota, Gen. ?"holds' visit to Washington bao some connootluo with ' that anbject. Mr Campbell, of Ohio, In ??In endoavur?l to-nay ti rid tba House ol debate oa th* PreaMent'a mmwage. In order to proceed to tbe oonaidcratloa of the Appropria tion bills Many members still deaire to apeak oa to pins seatateed tn the meeaaga. lIllftTl'-FOl'lelU (O.tdRRW. ?MOOND feUSlON. Senate. Wa^hisoto*, Ox. 18, lt$4. So melon of llr. Fi.-n, of N Y., the Ocmmiti^o on Commerce were directed to inquire late the eipellracy ofotgrfteg a Cuatom Boom at i*a* Harbor. otmupuxo raa miutaht amin Mr. Baik, (rep) of N B.eftbraih rroo'uUon dlreet log the Cemmluee oa Military Affaire, to laqelre lato the ?ipcd eec; of dlBCoattnulog farther approprtatlona for the miliary aaylnme ta the ld?trtct of OoiamMa, aad whai u the Haul eipaaift aad BiiDcr of eurportleg aoldlere Micro, aad whether ft more aomfomile male may not be ?dcfM ftt much low eipcoi-O of direct paymeat ta meaty. or by boardtBg them at private eewbl <hmente, or br aSurdlag roliof la eomo uttier way. Hotalualor ?mm thai ilae military aoylaaae w thla Uet*ijt iapr?Ued lowuj or eighty eoidtera ata noil of about ilea oiadred dotlara each, girtag them aeib a* hat peck aad t>j*ai aod the aio*l army ration*, turner With ?eeh twi? hlM aa vara raleed on the plaoo fho am i ora ware like ?taa Boptratod from their famUlee. wboreal a mach ??taller amount of moiiey woul> onablo better oare to be taiaa of tbem at their re*oneure Home* Mr- Timvmi*, of (Ky. ) mmtrated aa am-adonat, wblrb Mr. Hale acceptor. eitu iia? a atialUr inqniry to Uie military aaylum at?Ba rodtburg, Keat^ky, mm to rpert If deelrabloto reuia mthtr aad which, aod far thor whether tte aeyinm at (larrodaburg ma/ no; be baaalclally removed to California, The reeol-Uoa pamed. n>? rue AV."tT nrutHMB?. Mr faaara, (K N.) of Mil , irt m Me l ibrary ?.om Bihtee, rrportei the H .uee rwoutioa, etrikiag out Um o?Mlee auibrrtslag the | aratoaei of Dr Ktno'i turrallro, hat roaerrlcg the toUowtag, which parxed ? Woeo'T^-l Thai the fleeretare of Wo Warr cautn to tx- atrurk oil aad |>rramt?d to l?r. nan*. bu n(Uc*r? and mm. ?irh ?p. pretrial* u idala u la ih? j i. ?rm-M of the M-eratary thali frprna* the hi;.h ?numailon in which ttongrem hold* th?ir to apeedfo mrrMa aad mr\If*. iaa mmr Mr fHv*rt, (dem.) of Mich, proeeatod the mrMortal of I Iwai i It. Colllne aal heecetatW, oeatraMore for car rymg the mailt between Ndw YarM aad Uvorpoai. letting forth that tna oeigaa) cooira^t uoee do toable them to keep ap eaccaaRful cimp^tiuou with the Butch Mao. eae taloorl m it h bp the lacreaee of goverameet en^port. Thay n wi an oowilUoiaor* to ?.r reader to KagUad ihe great aatiooal oceaa aaprmaasy th?y hay? woo, and deetre ttat If It moat t-o oorreaoered it (hall hj doae by haade other thaa their owa. aal aak, laa^muh aa they em hark r1 a the eatorprti^ ai the aollrltatloa of oar goTOiameat. Cuagreae may piw a law M larm'.aau their coatrart had dtapooe of the.r *htpe, ao they ho reltoyed Mm tha oadortahtag wlthnot i>?a Ike Memorial ?M referred'to the Pen 'MBce 0 ?ia nlUrt raa raMioawr'x ?a?<u.B waa thea cmatdered. Mr. Jh+tP. (dem ) of Tean., thought tli# Proaidntt'a iQBdamaalioa or etrlMaroa oa toe re^nbUcaae pen-oily i rupee art emlaetitly truthful. thara wax aioth< r qoeetl ie of fhr grca'.er Importacro to btra aal tfao ovuntry thaa My ?Men might be go; ap n ( jib aloe regtr<ilag the l*rMiJeM'a nimage It waa ao to the p;**r of Cia greM to ( \rry elaeery tatn tbo terrlior>? or exolado It l^ereifrnm Mu< h bad been i? I on Ma at I M IM ?loeetlon hot, after ail. K waa r>< t a qitottlou for C>a?reea or aay ?t;;< r dtlt erauee nod/to oeoMe. It waa to ho ?dtadiref-d by the fapreire Onnrtof the rfatted tf'alx, aad be b*>pe>i la a few daya taelr Ar?i? ua wool I be gleea While bo oho-jid de?ply regret If tn?? 1 niioa he ogatrot Uc itrfoee and lotereiu of li? i<o<un, yet rrg*rdlng the eoneutattoa ae that bgaw tte which lo a')0?r ail la#, bo wto ri?lr to bt<r enbmlwlrry to tae decHtoo, be H wh*' U might |f ?<| would a?ree lo aebmlt to that dortma thh oon'rorerar waa hfprnaohfg Ita aod, aa l teery lorer of h > oniirf would rejotoe lo have a deal eetiiem<au of th'.t egttaliaf aahieot male at tha u?e lla <Me??Wt?/<vl ?.|tMl r eororclgatr as oae of the grratrat p-Mtioal h'trntnge of the day. The ong'oattoo or toa phraae ha1 t>. ? n at rribntod l? Mt<" eaanrablo ?eaator frora Mlnti'cei, bat he .fluted thi term waa Drat tml oerto roly by Mr Otl hona. IB order to abow Um- daareeoua aaeaee of tae abolition eta he r*ad eererai eatraeta leom gaoMhM eaada M d nwaht time* by rrnninnn' uie noere or the . epebrran party, to deaaenetrai# that they weee ia*tarte< fhr the eveatnal eKt>Dgatihm^at of eMrery within tue ?nateo. Oo could not eoooh ro<- t.?? aoAaraiy ot thete eitracta, hat If aay of them did induce to aey smiMir he ahm.M be glad to be oorroet*! (fit thea real ae et tractfHm aepeeeh of Mr. 8e*?rd, whi h apptuelie Mr. (re^ ) of M Y., InqaUed If lb* apeech wae glern ta fall. Mr. Jonfe replied?Ood forbid that the Cmm ehoald All I IB col .1 mat w to epeechee of that character He re member*d that U>oftwiaior from NewYe'k ht ladver riaad to the Heaate that hie epeeohee ha t been pr.ntet by Mr Redieid lo three volumes, la which Soaatue maid flad tie (seward'e) opinion* la I dowa fttlly, U jhey de etred to reed them, but be (Iobco) had no pirM;tiiar re MM for that klad of iltrrai'tra, and did ait like t > per rhooe aod carry it homo, eo bo preferred ta depend npoa prvapaf-'r retra te M Mr. ^ewtar did not lot-nd 11 huri' Me. f<?tie? p '-chase tbehonke. but reh-rre'i tott?cm ae fl.!??\>oe i ta ike C >.!? gr???ioi.?l library. Ho bad Ot-.niiwd ne<' ?W-aa'.tr "Ith a Mpf Of IM wMfca M IMM oea ? ?.>?n>e ?.l n>?il fee to Mr Jotie* *e any ot* e? na r Whe w '1 r <\ Ihe r??k oraceepting %t"i u? rea 1 t Mr. Ju:-w. rrpHad to uavor allow-d way tmo 19 outdo Mai In gwieeofcliy, *i*l would oaoarfa if aooept -nt Siu i tor's ofter. vntb ti'<* prartto it *' nh?a Id no; n? requir ?ii to carry tha bo-ik* *'>mh a! Mason and Dluoa't ilaj (!> *refcnv<- 'aagnter ) I11 would ri>i*d them t* tn. l> strict of Colttnbta but wax not sore bat taat be mif It gat Into the penltesttar) IT he car: La tbeiu homo. (Haai *jd uierrlnneut ) Mi WiM (rep.) or Ohio?It moiu, than, you lave no I/ceicm In ibu Suuib Mr John? W<> bave vo tt. h froeilorn as pormtts men to go thtre and Incite* lunarr< ctiou umjog oar ilirei and thiuit: ti? tu to murai' <vur ?!7>.'rt'io i oatMfttii. M' J>nes tb< u alliiced to Mr Qa e, wheu the Utter arose and oa ftmcd bifc bfNW'on expronsei oplatoas e>aoeraiug higher law Tbe colloquy betw?eu ilr Hale and M <\ .'<~Le??aa conducted with oon?lderasle spirit on lu'b si c> nod bIIo-(??hJ m*H-h aoms-meot t < a'l llstnaers Mr W on, (reu ) ot Mass., obtainai tbe floor, wbea Uo fcjei Mr. adjourned. Httuac of ilr]>rtiM-ii tntl ?rea> k ffMBWUION, D^J. 13, ISM. THK i'kSMDSM '? Slfc-v-AUK. Twsnly thousand coptes or tbe Treatment's ni assise aad accompany leg docu aircta we?o ordered to be printed. The consideration of tbe 1'restdcnt'a mo<a(? was thea resumed. Mr. QcmtAa, (dcm ) of U is , believed that ovsry word used by tbe President oa tbe a! a very question was well tinud and true, and the developments In the House show that Uie objects of tbe republican patty were sunh as tbo Executive hid attributed to them. Thj leal Irg m*o In that ;or*an z?-.lon bad declared that their juitpoje wax to dostroy that UHtitutioa watch Is Inierwlned with tbe doutheru S atoj. Bp Vciag oa tho subject of Central Arae'loi, Mr. <} n'man said he wjh op >osed, a* ua imerman, to bowirg and ylolllug to Kaj utQ (,r i This iiat b".Lu tbe rock, oa which wa have split We waul no treaty wUb any foreign natloa relative 10 our duty on lire comlncnt, unu should not, tb< rrfore. call ou ?ny K-iropesn power to come-.^rosi ?he oc< mi to fcolp to re?uUio neutral Air.urii au aDairs W j ? bould ou'etlves attend to ihl* tns'ter. Ho behoved (Jau. Fclkev *(? ac in-tmn.ctit In tie hards of Protlden'o to cur) on ainoiluau clvn zatlou, ami that It \>ai tli - dm/ Oi our yov rvmi'iti not to thr.iw iu uU w*y. Mr. i) toucluded by mluuiely iJeilniag fcli vi <v? oa tie iVory ot our govcrnsunt and it* p aciioal aDiilicMwa to qoff of tbo di'.y, lak'nj a strict State right v' t? of tl ? ert re rui jtrt Mr. Uran' ii (d<m) of N. 0., dr juried tbo H^ota from tb< tiits.t'utluns concerning It! groa-tn, pros perliy, sn?i scelal ooadi-.lon, &ul c>u-ea io I that the Mini mtdeay ijtd destdru up in :u the late.:an v^ss was iu uvor O' the p.>acc ai d quiet of 50uui ;.((?>lui*. o ngr??.!4wiaal a^Ua tliool'therluvcry q nvnn. lij d. o.ei tmpbatloaily ihit llitre?a? a diC'mnee of opinion n-aoug aay pjrtioa of t!-e t'fnur riiis to tno mmtrunion of the Kuisaa No bra; V? bill fb. j are a 1 agreed list-ihs f<^opio slum 1 b" left trie to regulate thtlr InstiMtiooii lo tbjir o va <v?/, pubjfct oniy to the couMiiu '.'Hi tie believed thoy ooiod Obty kg ir late upon slavery in tb^lr roverelgu oapfrttf and c<.nst^utlon tnaklig po^pr. There wa< nut en'nt ter sovere'iicty In tbat nil, bat be was wlitn; to * ji,4a by tbe decision ol too Clurl ai to th.: power of tho Ter ritories to legislate up >j that subiiit. Mr 1)jv-i^-u9. (d? m ) ct I.a , entered InU bit ar^cm^nt k itow lhai Oongrrse has Lot bow and aorerhal the power to lcgis'ai" on the vexed gintlln 9t slav>ry tn the T> rntorl.'S, espreSMny nls belief that too historv In the President's mt usage ot tee trouble* which h*.1 existed in tbe country tor tbo last year was true to the letter. Adjourned. The Slave Cim In the Stan* Supreme Court. WiBiPiiTiM, nee 18,185*. The two of Prod Soon vii returned. Mr. Joharnm prevented jreoedentt in aufport w bl* view* on the ques lion of clUcunr hip or a negro. Mr. lifklr laid bit colleag?? (Ur. Curtli) proponed to ar (ue merely tbe cocatUutlonallty of the Mlaaourl oompro BilM. Mr. Plalr ibeu proceeded with aa argument to inppo t of tie jurlediction of tbe Court and tbe cltlm of fc?a otleul to ott'/ mhlp ic*to'y on tbo seme ground* a* **ldnB?#'w tt* irmari* o( Monuay. He imtaacoi vanom ao:*ort, tue lo ?u|,poit of bia propoti Ion* lledeiiindid at keagttl tbe ccnatttm'OB titty of the Miraourt ciinproatlio. Ta* Mleeoari Coupromiie w ? aortiooai question eocb at c*I'b up tb>* p?wtone of tit atcitOQl aa<l tH oouutrlej. f obocv ever que-tiocco rt? orrtliuV.oniilily until within t briei pel Kid Mr Ctlioun la 1838, tbou^b ball trial tt atag&erou* aneseure, dia lift tav It wa* uac?ai'. td Uona.1 Tott teoord ontinued until 184". wjw 'h?l dlltiagoltbet' uitn hroucheu thu ld?t tsat fUvery at ftt e^tcefl into the Tertito'tee. Tht Co'irt t* no* evJo I opf'o to reatrtln an IB'titutlo* arhiih by r.U oontom Crtof* ii* w.tb ttio cow titutun Is d?o'irol utter If s.fl ute of tbe limitation* open which rep-lbilct ?ro luaod (hi. fto are mm a?ked tocb?i>*e a polusy, end, u;?>a t o coo it rue lion of a wotd In tbe oontf.tuttoa?" territory' ? dctlde alietbor tbi* *nall be a a'are or free roaUneut. Cb'Vf JuMico >!*rtha'l ?ay* the c?>v*rnroeiit bti g*a<<r*l soreii'ignty over tbia Territory. HtafHand* 'jn ttw otaar lide ol tbe C4e my that Judge Mar-lull waa an wtp'.rod man, bet in tut* lac,j<u?ge be waa l >oae. lae Iojivi ,* la not wlih tii? Jndg*'* word*, btt with Hi o*o wii > ira peacn tlicm. Ju tge ?Ur*Uall **?*. ?? Upon Un ' role* and regusiiion* ' ll tor.ndod ilio rtgli'. it govern Die Terri.orlei." Doe* not this Uu gutgo warrant audi a oooc'utlon ? If any man can crb<4.lvo of any o'.her lernt try aeptraU I fro n poll'lcal fortmnaeet o?er I', ble Tle'to ll dearer thta irtne. Jorpw Marthtli aaj-a tb? power of UoBpreat la n.v limited, inprfBie, tubject only to certain llmitatloai lu rried by tne oonitltatlon. It U anoirn that tbera are r.a UBitatlona forbl idtr;,- tbe prorlbltK<n oTtltvory. Mr. lt? verdy Jobneon tubmUud erldenre itat Treti dent lla< t?un aid n<t beltore tba retinclloa wa* withia tbe Hue aoope of tba oonsttiu'lua. aln a rough draft of a | veto oteaaage, wrl'.t a bj I'revtdnat >I-?aro*, of thM vary i bill, laying tb?t If ?t* not vlo'aUva of tba eoaalliaVea, It | la repugnant la tia provlaluaa to tbe grnaral aaat'm jat of j tbO M41C5. i!r Georia P CuiUs. of Bo-ton, nvle a pswertal argu ' men! la lavor of the rocitltutiooailty crtbe K iwo.'i cow I prootae. He raid be wwtd coedna ble remtrkati tba I third verMo* of the fourth article ot tba eoaatitnU>p, which girea Congreaa anvmrliy to '-mtito all n-satf tl ra | au'atvont tor the goTorniaeut of tarritjry," and ruUn'l I Dial Ihrre ralt'cl lull !< gtalative power Tie queatlxt I la eialaeatly aa htaierteal ona, and wban you htva pta>o1 I tba tci in tnmr biatortcal relation, you bava gone Uf towarda ?ettll' g tba oettrovaray. The great nnocjuolal Unda wltbtn tha boundat lea of tte oUnr Htatev were al moin the only cubject or contention In tOMje ?ie?. No aoonrr bad Vl'glala made a eeevloa of land! bay ?n<l tba Ohio than the qo^ation araaa, wba'. dixtxialUni abail be nade cf II' By the daid of ceiaion tbo L'altad S.a'n ware ctttbod witb power tooicct It Into r^ptbilotn t*lataa Whan Jrflrraoe, la 1784, movoi b?a raaolmlon, It waa tba I jrreateat poan'ble <lonbt (f Oonfrea* had p?wer to pt l It la KfT a great enalgra'loa tKgaa iatotbeTerritory, wbi^a trade Jem non'a meaeara eoUreiy InadequaM, aad tba ordtaaaoa of 1787 waa eetabitabad. Tbta art waa puxij bv Congrrav at S?w Tor* oa tha lath of Ju'y. aat wti pibttahod rtW-n la tba Pbliade'nhta oap<-r* of tbe !Alb, ? Ittn Uia O BTtnUoa waa engaged ma*:ne provtatoa* oa the aabjeot Among tba roealatton* olt?rad waa eda by Idmnnd Katdulpb, that provltloa (night to b* fltilafor tha ?aa?!?Kl*/n ot Uutet. Ttot racoluuaa wat pttaod and last to the Iof IwtaJI, and afterward,- )v?ai article aarraieeaih. vii: ?' New Pta'ea lawlul'y ?o.ud to teg tbali be admitted with tbe ooaaent of twa Ui"rd* of tba State*, and If wttbia tba ltmtta of present Miatei, tha cenaan* oi tbe l?rULatirea thereof." Mtltaon ?aw la etaatly ibat tbe Courtatloa had iloto a ?ihlng lo provide prrwt r to aaptrlateBd tba pahlle laa>'.a, aad ?aved a pf> vwo gteieg CMgreai tha po#er to dtepo a of nn appropriaied lan.H, to taaUtite teaapavary gavarn mrnta, aud prorlde Aw aow italea therela Tbe eevenleentb artkie waa reaalfd. Aiweadaacn'a w*n> peadlag ta all dtrectioaa. Woveraor Morru. rtatng, mo?i4 Umi riauae aa It aew ataiKla, via :? ' ?ball hare power ta Iwpaan of tad utke all aaadfal rule* aad regulation r<-.p. . nag territory or other property loagta* to the Patted -tatee: aad aothMt ta ttla eooetlta tion ehalt be to ccaatruM aa to per rod Ice aay aitiait of tha I'Blted - '.Oca. or of aar partloilar *au>CoaaUer tog tbe Matfoee of the 1'nttaJ auu* lo Virginia, It wat to be ctpected that the UiaveatRa wou J cmale mob C^rr?Arat, baoauee there mutl be aa Interval of time ore 'itee can be e>ttblithed: eecoad. hroau?e tt wa* BecMMtry to lupavtnUsad th?at ander the oe-?toa of Vtr ? lait; aod third, to tnbatit th .m to the aoatrol of tbe T nited -lata*, who are trnattee neder the dead of neaatoa. Kegardla* the word "territory," If roee?rued la the i power to J!*pi,we of | It, menu lead; fir. la tho?e worl* C?ogrr*t ha* all the neoevwtry power tt rinpo** but, < la the other wcrd*. " rale* aau rrgulatloat ?? you have a totally dtflerent power. M oa *iippoao the word* only r?fer lo munlctpol gn^erameai*. Con?r?*a make* a law which ao^riwHy reeiet*. A er? of error I* bro wht be fore thl* eonrt. and It I* a>l?f-il (Vwgraet k?? tH toe aeedfol power to ptn au-h a ttw. -Mppoee tbe ttatu ca*e with r?*p?<:t to Itadt Tbo utomuat yen aad**Uke U> r'dake tie word* l-elow thrlr ntlaral laiiort, voa brtat belore thie tJoeit a* a judicial naeeitna what la pntely a political ore. If the rUuae oaly emSrv^a a rtw *pco.Ae.ohjaeta aoaaebixir mett aeleu the o>J?i'*. What couatltuto* the dHT-*rnae(' ItHh are equally mtt teraof lertlaUoa- e<inaliy *(t*ted by the etario teee of polite aad i?vlTa*H n,ht. Are \toy not bo-h em traced ta the prcpnetuoa "are tbey aeedt.ilr ' Ail nada alably reet ia the of Coaereea aa to t-cmuy Tbey refer to the maadard of what la a*edfil, aa I tht ?Undard I* IIred br the graet ta tba Mgateat e( Ooi grata. Oowneel oa the other ride a'lovt that. If geoorai. irgiaiatlon beeoinea parprleal Tb* vary term* gratl tod limit the power ?o Terrtvarlal e*t*tea??. Tht word "fotevar' IB paraded befbre n* freai the *ia*ean w?n? pram la*; but tbera t* aototng to preveat tu bMag e? puaged, fer aotblBg can be enacted apoa the charaow of the in?ittot?oa* durlBg TerrlWwtal **l*t?noe whleh raeo<M be rhaaged immediately ob b?oomlog a State, r-oagrett ra* bo power ta dictate tbe ooatUloUoa of aay (Hate Mr Ourll* cooclnded. with a tribute to Um leara ng aad .last lee of tbe Oourt. Ad)oarneri. Ottr Waihlngton forre*pe?n?8enee. Wtmnvwroil, Pic. 17, 1?<1 TKe Drb*l? f? (hf 5mrrvt#*v t? br ?* Opm (iHttiii*i /or A in the f'nvrt?Lmt by 4br?n?n B)H8 (Ma?Pw.i/c Mailnad Stiwi r. Tba debate la day ta the Hour* upoa tha q oetloa of tqrtl cr to?*r? gr'y ladieit'ed Very clear'y the teailanry at parU't >* tun important eaaatituivmal 'ttta. Th? oB i'i1 >* 8? lenVr 'aitit m tins profino, tal 9 r | ttstesd to m< re fceadloig ?;?aiu?i tt.a r'gbti of tua *?i)Ui [ In the Tn'i.lirlw, cmi to cppodtt a to tie oj<tou?a of tho StiprtdM Court The pointy of tbe dsmosratlu pat/ ev;de?tlj .a to leave tfca <&tuv ?utj-ct u aa o,?8u v? Won tobcdacMrd by tb.sSupr,.?? Omrt.dsiUrlnfitimroe U'niiuiUioD to bow lotLoikoiM'.^ oftbU tribunal. Ho* f?r tb? qnmttoi it nio*ltled fy tbe H^piical'ou of tne 1a i-rtiLf Ooun w tu. u.t rux?rt in cifeoitttsg poiau o' sore rf l^ruy In cue r*.rrt;orin?, w1!! do d'Aiii ba cla'.i., itdU la tci)ure?s "ii,e im-'llo i us 'illru ui H tbo d>nb, >vi|ii b'r; aiui there an exception, I *gaus' fie njuattor <1 jc . ?J' ?r?'9 *otir-iy aou ibe *ate ri^-it* m m I deuy tbu i>owot of cUba* Conr-tr t,r tbe :n? t',nir. to p??s v.^u j h. <;.?cral Qulmur tua !Jw floor far in ' ir.ofn ? uija ins .'t-t-Ksb will lie I .Aaitd to WW i marked Bttairton 1 pr, (ft that l it! esooet : ?t will surety d a appoint iti^e ?mo liAve ?ornj*?/i t*w itfoo i^tvc iu it) [Mb UnpiMttaabla and t>nv> 9 u a j* Utlca! nUr. , ' Itard tU<> reoiara vo-dnr ;>,>? a ??? m <>f?M man Wat it was tu? la^atio* 01 Mr Marshall, ol Keutucky, u> twit my cro*?; tumiaatlon too enact attMde of ororj Neriaaradjj monrat Ip >qoatter? soreraijBtv, to th<- fcpeecaea dattycyed os p<.|itl(? tnta winter in the H raiic Ibo leeiing in r?kar J to tue sUva trails reaalutloa ?ot'dtoiy subeldea irom 30019 ovise not visit oa ili surface. iVrbip* <1 mm ht>'!d ;h 11; h? bmf P?uH<>w . nr.'-ii to 01 Jay tPelr private opini >ne In regtra tj uejry emigration trona Africa, or emigration from Onid* or upon iti? contest between church and S?sve tn ?(?si ( 1 wlibout making such I'lcat party te?u, It would bava ?^n.JM l!OT " ,to ?ubJ<*t tau oa'lj 1 witb tuo roia-oa Etbrldfe a rfaolutloa lhe loas by abraMon on coin In onitaat rtrciila'l >n !i mtcb gnatrr than Ik <1 nerally Bu|)|w<od toui cjis< a<o of tbe CvHed s>wtM atnoa 17? t h is hoen over t5iW, 0w,cw; I'iaoe thu au ual clrnu aili>n g?y at lift" 000.') (J out of tbii tout roii.ate, au 1 the I ?g by ?> IrU \u/, " ??awpat ng,'" ??aawtug," ??stihu m;, would a aou'it to a t'm usoeeUtcg annually J,rei .quarlt/a of a mi.lioj a hilars. I learned ?o day that a frtaiH of Mr. Bu-.ivi n? :B in v> 'Shiop?<,n, ba t atatcd by aU-.w ity tbv me l'r"n OfPt elect Will uoi *u?ialn ttip tlou a unme t t?y *.?na ?.fbi? party, and mat lb- lUttroad will r?uct?ob:? approral u a aov ruuient u ua .re. What ilo.;.i tun U-TOar Wawhiicto"* Pao. 18, 1859. The Nat al Pill?The Atp-trt of the tSu t?e 0>mati Tbe Houso Cjaimittte on Naval All *irs met ycs.jrda/, and a majority agreed to roiwrt ?he f*n*t9 bill jrltuo^l aKct umrtt, *h?cb pu?;e.l th?t bo. 7 July 13, U56, altssf a tedious and exc'.tiug debate which laatod spwarda of lire months. Tha but, although aat perfect., was th<? that contd l.e pusaetl at tbo t'tnu; aitd received tua auppori of mii iy *l?rs* "k0 wcu;d tave bean ul id to bare got * b 'tiar blli but who mum drauu.ti ol gtiiinu tae *jt;d qutM., < i Ou ol tbuir huoJn and t ie"-?.'foie It w*a ????? tuey vJ:vd tor ,i ice iioi!?e OmiaHei, ui i ?ai.] ita'orj, o." a mijor.ty of tbeui, have agreed to re >.?rt tho '>nl back to tbe flouao aitbout bJiocutauiu, uui uai t ?l .1 way be pa; u[Hin iti p&g?ag?3 Mr. l^jcook, Uoua urn* cjmm ttee, will m?ke a miaor ii> report, leaving oat iU<* C:>uct o( laquiey waici ilij Md.le*vitig H wan tue PmMeut, *> aaa wun tbo aJvio nail coui^utof trie tfeiute. to r? Joiuie tboothoerM wQij were til sc ot */ mo tcthu of ti? tmmortal ti.ueu. a tcr a ??lr #*x-ru p*:i *a4 tioa 01 ta?ir oato b> tbo prv>por tutn ,nUian. Tan imm i. meDtk i urn ptrfutdad, wilt njt r* %l >ta-a a? tds H dm*. 1 w p'euy gijiieiailr o>uci?ai>a ioat au a\ 41 am^bUiie* | Km il'?v'/tT1 tllb s<nv?. BDd iiitn 'r toan baz.rdn# bill by Mxblog on snob au a<n?olB eot. tbe Uouju ..til VOl? It (JOWQ aUit ttlAll pule t?lO C? U4tc bill. . "ff ol tb i t lliooi t mho wa/0 afligetad by tue ac'.l <3 of he lmroor a! fltteeu are boa tn toe city, an t are c*troj?i. .1 "*t?u*Jt?t the So.- ala bill sbonld put Vat filio ?? ??? ''' Hanato bill whlob Uti bota raportad oy tua House Ccrnm ttaf.? ' * a AHiutdAmnaAfT Kntitlko "Ai \ri to Pku*>th ? i. Wit Krriaeacr or tub N at y." ofuL v22fieM,.0,Lt^! *nl u"',? s ^^iTaaaatatires ci tae I naa'l tita.r* of America. io Cunj.Tia ?irnib)e-i. ih it 11 K?o the wiltteu re iut?t ni wl*hm i im ty dnaxl'er 1111 SK2L*^er^ jr^ulllQ 'Wrtydtya ?U-r the re-r'a W a.' y Sc.iS frmn the tpUe4 ^taiesai the li re ol th? dviui ilL? T *B*?'lc''rof a"' * *?*" *>? <t '1" bJ[ 'to otipratma o; ?h? act of t u Palru^ry. tNgbtmi hnr jr< 1! aa t ftf.y n ?? cuUL'ed An aoi 10 promot, th? cill<-|cu<'v ol ibe navt ? tl-4 h?crriarv of the *ai, ?h ui aauae 1*" uh ? ,?|, ' or., t i t - . * 1 ? tt. r'"irt' !n,l'?iry. Ahlr h ,!i*l b* ?o and r*4uia Iocs v.-l,ioh n .>r c, t*ts "^d wiurt hi a 1 *u tli. lr iin l'ig t enor' wh?. th. r tn MlU o'D er. .f h ui becu da >pp><<l from tn > r jl.* of ruatered,ani tf|i<?orad waethor o tu? a tire 'ator i*e rr??r*fd'1st aalif'nilix Inner wa> S*r ou leateul hIi-i nrc or fnrloufih pujr. nail la ca?? Un- 01U ? tin* tig^ ba ^rutao leanest,as aforeaaki, Hha.l have o^sn i.lsci l hea'beoeiif-t ,.1 ther .inll-ii at..lire olUcr ong|,t to "?? r.-.U?ral to ibe acliva 1 ^1h iJf ? i ' wh<vh"r h" "iifihi 'o remal'i oa i?.c re rfj*11 on 'L*r.r "r ? fr lii'lonfh nxr; an 1 tbe tn Ua t <"l t'-'nT1.'! ?, IID "! J*.*?* Iia ? th- Pre? d?ut dJ '.1 el? ^ <>r bin, lu iae rase of a ' ? e rl^ "ratio,, liu b-c,i r'"oaim n.1' -t ancu fithcer tua/ be nomlnsujd bj tb? l'r??<i l >nt u> tae ??> en foe rrnoraUasi tn tbe sesvlet awo-rtingio tbafludlna of ta < ' * h,m' ^D''iB * rctirwf oTI er Ll.?ii h- * 1 *? ""'""V *t*" *Pf?v,,d by ih - Prr-Heot aliall he roaeloalrc; and "U.'h ortlc?r anitil l.e rrstnr.-d to ill 1 ar.ivr lUt w,occupy lhal p. ,ti,.,u .od ,,?k ,0 lh? ?s?? al, ", be woiiid have occ<!j>|m1 h .1 lie t.o* heeo roUred uader its , r U'i'^ ? ** "uatd;?rhe anall rc a ii|> >a i-hs re i,,' fOf abaeac or fur ougb nay. ?-corlilnf to ...e fi >'?>?? ?.f th"' ( our*. %. approved bv tl,? Preside: t 1'r ir d -.t .ilUit i5^ ajljora ?? reatatsal. or plv?d on lhe r s'rve 1 'tst. '?' apptitaled 10 lb -ir plaaaa, re?p?cttvclv by the I'roZ dM*, bi anu wl'h the advl -e and <? .r?<- u of ii,e Sen i'c _ * and ??e it further enacted Thn*. lta*a operatlo'i of lhe pie?ent luw llmltlnc lhe ;>>i,nli?r ot clllrcnl of th" narv aha'l 1 e ro?penW mn f*r as to anthnrl/- ih.< re^i irtti.,n, witbi'a o .e L'l!" .iSTJ n*-*?*/*" "f tl'1, ,-t hf ,he Prudent. ?,y acd advice aodcooa. at M the sea tie of .rftt-^rs rxaerved or (jr.^ned iind.'r >be ?per?.*Va> ol the ac'. .rf ttc twen 1 clah h ol Pe ixa/jr eighu-en hued e.t a?l ,iif nve eoU la.1 ^'anact 01 ' *"r ?' fr-Hlded. tha' iS^e ftuifiT pr->mo i'>n< ^ %f pnirvm?i?4 ia r?y xr* 1a restorations aha I bar ? bac-n ,n 4 tc tn,.. ?to, until so -b k4ri1'" rrJac-d u, tue U ? : ? i .. ,h*'.wb"n ?ay Si ;h t><0 jar alia'l he m f f-'d K? ?be navy, by ar d wKh th-ndvira aid ?iaani of tUa !!?T? 1- .1 *r V. TV ?^*1' o'curv ihat position and rft!?!? wo.ltJ b'V tr' l hvl he a.* t>--* t< arM, fu' Hmglieil or drop Jed, bv Utc ml-* of ihe Pre?id?.it y tbe report olth,- Naval,l P'ro?ld-.| furtaei h*> any r * ^ *r7k" r*' 10 ^ "o'oh.a ot saU eiart. em' tit< lo be plaoed oa tbe ra?trwd or furloeab Hat, jaay be thus nMbe 4iwto " bT ?n<1 w! h aJ,*c? *ni ? -A'"lh>' !t ?<!Uf '"7 That oMcora who were *hlt" no' f'* restored tu ihe .Ir"*lth,n one rear li-om ihe pa>sa<re hereor, shall ''"d to raceive on>? yei?'a duty pay of ihrlr uralea r*? SCSftk^ h\ "nd 1-Uh.rVby . Mh , ^wHJi the advlaa a*d unn?, nt of U,., Me.isie. lo tra',, ? r auy oflevr from ibe fuelcncb to lhe resarrcd par list a-id hat yF.?y.^r *^1, e.,hte.u hu^ ''fty Arc. enttUe.1 Si, a t to pro?^,e the "Ui'- encr !kl ,?nil'mr0* '?"? ??" 'Ba"<lbia U, pr .nio iM'B ra. am the mme la hereby repealed . 4 A** fc* * farther c?,?ete.| fBst rm*rr*i ollear. may bepioOMietl oBtbe reaenre l list bv and wi h the advice aod feua'a, but no suil, p^naKlnn ah-iH enti a litem ia aav pay 6e?ond thitl m aSl.-n ihev wrre entitled when to faaarvett aor ahall Om r, bv sues prnuuitioa ia*e a it blaher tank tbaa ih*? would hare tateu lud th?v bce0 , o. taloe.1 .a tha ae |ra revTt-aof the nary and ii<ehlng In lira art cr <a ibe art to whvdi tbla la an awn lm-nt, ?ht l ba ao 'o pre lode oilers '^i U,e rea.xred llat fmia weaKeg the nnlfhrm of ibetr jr ,!*a reaoa*H,rely bee y and b? H "intfr enaci.,1 fnai -aauiris hi ootsinitnd (4 ?'|na?.ioi ? aba11 be denomma ed i'ac ra , *adba?lunlar eeac ed, that ail omenrs wl?o mar under ibe prot i f Ikla a-t, . ba ?a?JUad In draw tbe ?> pay tWv were drswin^ u itfua th#r frtirixl of tor aa*l duriog tli# <tnc ..f ?-ch reur. aiesit or autpeaat.? froo, tbe accir* aarvl a Pirmnal Inu lUgeiire. Tko H>? llmau 1. lUrrM, maathw Of OoacrwM from j IfitAOtv, la t opt'if ? t*>* After Hoom. ft I* ?l?Ud thai tbe Hi* G?lab Orbing l? ?? ft ra m?tniDf )? W*?hi?|lOQ afwr tka cloaa of too rr- *?( ?J mlAlMraiuB, la pr*cU*a at tba protastoa of (b? lav. inHUIA Trvm fto.i 'a<ui 1*1 Norte, in lha ?iwai?-Mp Taiaa. at N'<-w j Orlxiri Hrlf (.*b<T II. n <fc?. Jflo. irnr; F Her wi'-* *i I )Mf, W I<0(' J W farner ";?? 9 I>?r1?. W W lUnlf. I IMirrro, * A f.nrl. S tlllchrte *nd frnir ehll.lrrit, ?? dm, J i^'pui, W Bkrrln J XT Qnm, J CftrtaUM. tl rwrkmr, ?MW rhiid. H'-'rtffln. A n WiHam? (? Baak w?>, M H ilorMmn. J Jobm A M SfekfO, 0 OnufM J Anl.'f ?rdwvant I I. .lor?. I, Cutii?. A .1 rh"ph?rd. J F R >W i mm Hr II Wfur I) II wl(V n?l two ?nl'd*?ii D B. nth 0 Roblrmoo. J W Pjuwn, C ? PittrriOB, B llifk r, H R Wtm, H 1 M*t|. B tlrttMlWj A P l^>r<l. A J On* frtL A If *W1, O AraoM J A Pohua \ K Btnklojr P OtlTPf, ml* ?rd infant. R Warner, chl>d Hid fnfan', R Wkiliirk. M W Attack tf .1 *''?>n ?nd wlf- C Bolfrra .1 A h fniiwlv. A <? K .11 l.|ti?(W?d, i A Trlmnkv M Ibidfif d, Vr (JhIm. .1 M J*r*?on. It Cfcapmaa T WUIiaaiann, K WllibntTT wll? ?nd child: ? Kyr.n, 8 >4?*?ll. II 0 Itiidwn. wifa ?nd two ohildr-ii, J llar'ind, V I'Hoda. 4 WM?ra. J Ite'dim. ?? M?rrir??#n R Jaaapha A K li?(f. t'0 Out,* ?t J T Old mi, wlf* ?<> I two rhlldi ?'!!. (! K fulb-n ?"id Stl tn U># rtaaraca F rem rra l/^n ?, ht hHft Raitl I'rflrvrh - tfto* Mnelnt-??h, Mr* Irtn Fro? R ?d??u*, I* H*o F R.^'* MPAKT(?E^. Ttr 'ir?Tf?orvl. in ?'?Mii<lilp Am' la, rmni l*?^m -*?? r* R H H*I H B Nlnf'rf>?? o( A I' ? il Wi * '4 N>?! urTy'tt, .'?? rUtw, <'f PrurVwiM. Ufa Wfar* ??d ton .hlef, A R.-ibrn F IY Mna 1 A !??*<'?. of Nna W?i*. T P Hnrfc o of Ph tod?>akl?. V Pie*. ?? Q*U# -an. M. V-?rr? ?B<1 frwiid i?t W\,|vMh?mpui?. A l'nhi?*?j S?J? IjaV.\ V'Mk, I* OaafO'J ?nd w.f?. I. Hlack ?f lltl^*, Jr. *??** Fdainaaaun. n Mei iiw??h, -Uni?? O^ ip Wiuku, A trmwiard. Roba-t French, V* TPII'^.AII lla*. Hr RMirit-wn, Mr Rr?n<inn n?rl frlan l. Adnlpli H'.f, \f !> Hamilton, A flWlMLT NiiWait, Wm > Ti^mh ?? BMakHMW, III Mr-. Wi*V a*vl da irh'ar. of r# r?p>o Mi>?iir)i R Hn?hrUi? %?!? and wiftt. of ll*r>lhon ( W; J Mow III. t VThi'rHill, ? K Hroirn. of I'aiado, W T Upland. W?^r of ')"???*'? Wm W?nn?, of l/m-lon, F T Pnwrr 1 VnmM < tlnnlln nf Pn?wnd Mf? T'UIaiiM Ml I* lant, of l.lTi-rj?anl; llhU-.:ritn, of Wm Mu-ilm?. of PfWtiAnd .lnm?.? M?rt'n ftVnTl ?J7. 1'iv II ill ft*. W t??tinrd aod t> i?ad, M unlit mi. II flrdo, M BMVmii'd, *?? Mr Arnold Mri PUIaharr. af rtillf** W\rr R of !?*?*httrTP'>,, WT>a Mov'wn of Riaiot; Il OraT. ofl?aw Ti.rk M ao.H l>??llt?.'>, Mufttrd; A1"*tnd#r P Taatro. oi Porta *l?t; .1 Who*, >.f !*"?a >"oo?to. Bar Wr Wl mm'.h r( Mmitii-al. Mm> Bat s|?wart of PK>?t?. J A Fra??r. af ran#.!*; J H at^rio, w\'n and lArre eblulrfn-Bj. Fer'.tnainilta, in <b?- "h'n Ami%RhnJHIl?Bfi^al Binri Riiatta. Patar fPOanMll. Jalp MaQto Wiiito-n Pa* R?M R..h?ri?nn, .lohn KnBltok, MI<-?m>1 T.iMy. I>4rlek MaJonar. Krl lcoi mSmer. Ann i K babo .'r?hn r.ocan %n.l wlfn, tVirbltl, rtjnifl Ro?U Fr*d Wll!lnm?. lohn Dwiliwa. Th.. <i?? tflfin, M?rUn Im|L .'a? l<-r?d*i? M A Rteooeae, <*t?n Moaam. .'olMi iHrid t* ?>d. T?o?np? Wood, PAt-t'-* Mulov *ic'?a',l IPtf, It A > fclf*'on Itaial rartti?mpr RflWa (>*^f "n, ,loKn *av^ fAit'n la- inrd. !f*'i rhT <; ?r:(> F.tma i ir Pklrtoh lifi "m? T?u>*r I I>o?'r, H?.ur Mi tllnict, .lohn f , l I* KcrnAn. fl wnaar .'Ati* no'lf !? I t(t* ?t?Af ? (I l'?.' N >! I, P..r. ?* < -iM,

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M^ary ha<- !? bio lo vettigat cm, fowri cause tn s'np?.-t tliai tbo b rtloi* '> tl.ertupen U everywhere piukootod from Ui* abrnttfn of oarrcnut k > m cuubica of ?IM *at.>r. or at tovt by > stratum at ivmo n?>viy at imI that ibtro la not fo.e (Lo-gb la its .tfOtioui to abr*du or *?<r ins bi t iaitu ti e kul, and,t'urtfierojore vn*t bis b?? bwu lot t,i ?up po?e tLbt Ue rt %ata ol ructii: g w?<er iu th? so? it > u * <** t.nd to vtry %rtat t'rptiih-t*o lao's koiu t e <jt tno ktfthc?t prkctic*! tnjyotitttcf arid valuo to thou-) m^b! * .m tut)iu?rioo t* ? u;>l.s V sit to ^T*TK~ teUfV .*/, \ Wawuiuwn, N >v 8, Vbio, ) Bon Jam?- 3. Doit.lL. Socr ciary ol llm Htry ? Sir?Too lave?ii*tvA"oacarriiMtoa.iii tbaHydi jf*pb'o?l Department ot tLw cJL o puoan a. tn aom i oi ?i->i ? rj?uUar na lutcrr+t cot exri 'At.-vly marauae, but ol *ut3on>at ptibio (-ouctrn lojmxiy ? *W8l*l rni>jr? to yoa. Uoinnuudor Kotlgen-, of Ut? N-rrm r\?cH j darv?yiuc Expedition. ha* (jfuLihe-l a f?w obrtrv u oud turns ot; bn.tri ?b? Uuttou Sslatta *bip Vtu?euo?.? t*at >uar, >a .l>? UT jiev*;111o at(l Sprct'Jo gr*vny u( ten w* oral l?i? ?sr ?aoc, aid way, oat at bo b? t .m of tat ireuo ????>*a Tt cti: ow rvatiom a?o ti^h.y lnterctMu< He () up tar<>uf n II ltuu'b hitAiujul'i <btt ft acurin^ to > * m? nur el 1V5aad, ttuunii ronaatooJ ia li bat a >nw iluyt, bt availed itjif of l ic .rumiy 11 try l!ia txuiiM'.'itluro aJd ip onto t;,\?vu> ofiue w-i'. r at vartou (?tipthB Mi l planf;*, aad h < ib.ijrra'inur *to# uui >>ruity IhW arrau^i'aitut or itia'tilcAU >n tu :bo <lunl <n?m oi t "it 0tt?au?tlgr.t **t-:r <.o tap, oil t water in iu? rL!<'(<'o. aixt wirm aad bMV -vaior at toe but. tea l'teti ooiu/v^Uub?, I!' ('1, .i- )u(d go f?r t i ??' l? t'.i? Ccal e<.luctiiwm oi tu-j <iu-j?u.u of a-t uuun joa ia t :e Arctic ocrau. !i> tiit?e *.t,>cr!racnl? Coanrturvler Rt'g "a ti-ed m a Check upon his two mcU'iic > tee taorrm'noi'jrj u too crnuUitlrg cy'iader of bis o va jui.*; i'or Smog leg rjwoiiu' ?u ef wtfir from v*.-lni? It i? v;ll be * id m>; lor ?ae oj?U:!ic iheruu.n -low *h wol t ura *olvta to be lcr.j.attilo of h.Tjrdlog re?u ti hjuiugot ? obUm; nor <tid ?b3 t* ? agree wltj ejtot o i jr, a .r ?ur? tho o">\erruiU>c* of ellSer aoioi ant wifi tbean fei V..a v ?il obre.r ??(?, ther-fore, tfca* ihn thoruni ? nerva tions which have rtvea!?<i to u? ttili euggoe.ivo ?>r?D^9 meat at cool un i warm xai-.t ta tio frog >a fxo? j vrn-e made with a common Kercorlal tucrutoan i >c upas I'd water 110m tba iuver*l do:>thteller 1'. had ou-n Orou -Jl op to thr luriic- to ihe c>lla<forg fiio t>p?:iii jrav-'.y is g.ven tor tbo lamp raturt *t wbbh :i ig .,bs rred [Wo arc obliged to omit tbo jitcuio tv>var do*tlli o.' uptclllr gravities and tenpcraiurc* ai d'.Ue act de^hj, ltugtudo* lattiudce, daiori, experimental trials, bum of tbe ?i'? ki ] It '? likely that this wtra wit?r ireo* In as au uadar current,lov ibotyh warmer It trat stitor. aul r* tr?*t ?c*-cn it was heavier. It wan tns'.e sa't >r, we tare, by oviiwratloB; and while it >u subjected to lo'.s process tt was IB DBo ia*it?Je wnerc It received liral wblie It was giving -II rre*h wai ?r vapor Ton safistr* tuw ot heavy water *11, tboro?or\ probably within tie t/opics nil at the -.orfcco when it rroe'vol It* wifmta. Water, we know. I? transported to great. distune?* r>? tie i;i?c?r currents of the nea without> ctuog ng lie term**, tore but a lew degrees by lite war. dnauh tho Uuf Htriaui, near the trop c or Cancer. ead >n the moath of Auyunt with tbesinaco or tb* ooean a'oovo 8? degree*, the deep see 1 i-.ermoneu-r of the Conn wm rep >rt- a current ot c.i d wa-er only 8 dogreoa abnve the fre-*i >g point That cold current on the eater ihat it b>re moai < -rtatrly nav t oorae from thu polar re.^oua We l.?wr of B<i?crous carranta tloeiag ont or the Poler hieta a?4 dtecbargiDlam inae fuluinii of waior late the AMaaw. wa ktow V h it 001 nrfM* e%rr?al. ann thalafotbU oo - aroied tna Vortb (Jap*, tott gjo* loto Him baeta. All tBeee Jut oonleg current* are *alt water cerrcutc ther< 10 ? we cannn lor.k ronttelr * ioti?i rlvtr*of uyp?"i>or. an America, fc'arope aod Ail*, and tte prectp.un'oB k| lue t>a*lo ?lor all tie wat rtroie three eo'irotv. ?? trreli water, toe eait that th??e uvv.-r curreai* brlBji out la ?oa *au; wr ?ennia t>e tore*', to coouln.e. were Uiere no ofier evidtnoe to a arrant the o<-Bciu?>ou If at |)ier.> mtirt be oa^ or mor* un-icr ciirriuu o( eait ar l heavy water llowtag to 10 the Arauc Uaam A considerable holy nf ?at?r at the tonperatur* r>r 40 degree* tiaing to tticeurfw) tuerj?*a citne n the ?ur faoe it m M's in i?rder to eu^-p y tho outgoing 1upsr our rontr?would teu<i mlghOly tj uiitg^e the eivero chJ o thote byperbnreaii retnoaa. Thle auc?\iry <>i 'ijtf^er* furr *he* the oulf liek tbu iftrn* to hare b?< d waut ng m t' e ohUa ot re* > ,m; tt compute Irom kiuien laet* the 'hr iry of an opca water ia Ihe Arete roan, aad Mrs d>acovery, uk<a in eoaoeq tioa with what Bortaem vo?a<?r* toil u* coaevaiag the ?ngratk* oi aoimai* a the*) re*iou?, wltti woa? Ur. Kaoo saw and !?? H?\en ?ay?; wUa tbo fact that har Cbj taetea?Hl la whale* on the ehotes ot 3re?aland b>r* n takea oat or rbale* aloeg u?c ahoree ot K>au chatfea aad Japaa?tAeee farts, lt*(en la coaatakm with tlio dlsoovtry wbieh my own rcictrobee hir lolly re veiorad, that the right wnale of Orraataad aad tie rivhi wnale of tho North PaQttte are the aanae ttftli, a d that to it the tor/id z>ne U ae a cea of fl*>n* wjisn it 1 caactOl paaa; I >ty tho?i lat-t*. halted together, aud takea la ocaascttoa with otber tat Ui aa1 r.r?jmiiuc<M | wMcb are act forth at letg n .a tho puhiieattou* of i thta r mee, aeon to tern a chain ot fauitlou ctronm^iio- 1 ttal mdeaoe abowlag the exiateare of aa o,*n water la tne polar baaia Cuald it ha eip'orad, there are otbtr elrcumitaaca* to i&ftirag* the etpjewt^-o that (h? nuraery or it* whalee woetd be di>o ivered there, ?ith other lotrv-i of wealth to our eaterprteiag (UhortaeB Deep *ca *<>uodu g?, with tpeotaeaa of the bottom, have alao beea returted to tai* oOtoe rron* that et s)H1k?o. They were take a ta the North 1'aciOc with Itrooke'a at panuua, aad have beea atadted ihroagh the ntcroaoope 0 Proleaaor Bailey at Wca? Poibt Tliey all tall the name iU ry. They tcach ni that the quktol the grare rtlgn* ov?ry where I* tho profound o>-ptha of the oneaa; Uiat the reuoae thore ubiy^nd Ihe rvaeh of wtad; U la ?o p-?rie?-i that aon* of the pow<ra of railh, lave only Ute eaitbouake aad voksaat, caa dli torb It. Tbo ipcotaies* cf deep tea nonndinga, lor which waare loiebted to the lagraolty of Meat. Bnoke, are a* p tre tod ** rr?c from thesaad of the aea a* the mow flue that falli when It ta calm opoo t*ie aea ta fr ?m the dn*t of tlie tatUi. Iiioc-d, ih(?e Moa JlBgi *i.fgcei the i-tea that the era, nfee tteni)* clou3 with it* flaaoa la a ? -n la always letilrg 'ait apoa it* M ehoiver* ot thee* m'croeoop* aaelia . and we may real It laagiaa that tbe "ttiBleea wracka'' wb'ch drew ita hottoai are, ta Ihe pfette ofagr*, hid oB'*> r toi* Oeecy on7ering. pre ??B'(agibe Mandrd appearacoe abluli la aeca ovr tbe lio'y of th? traveller who b?a jwriated In tbe aaow (torni. T>? nreaa, eepe<dall> wtttia aad near tbe tropica, ?wai nut with ll>? Tr?? rcmalr * or Ita myrta * ef mortag Ibiegs era eaaveyed by eurreuta, aad eealtoret and ledgcd ta the eonran of time all over ita bottom Tata proueaa, erwtlnaed lor age*, baa oovorcd the 4ep ha of t(M 1 oeaa aa with a tnaotie. oootietinr or cgasirmr a* d*ttoate aa th< marl, ,1 froat, aad aa light aa the aadrlfied aaow fake t* the mouB'atn. I Wherever this beaatlfal roao 'tng rod ha* reechM th" N ttom > r the deep era, whether la tho ttleatki or fanlle, the bed or tbe oneaa ha* boea lotud of a dowallke reft art* The lead a>pear* to * aaaay leet deep Int-i the ociv matter there which ha* beea atralaed aad dltere.1 tbroegh Ihe era water. Thie natter soaatete of the eke'e taca and oaata of taeeoia at the tea ef aioreaaopie miaute neea. Ihe fket that thaenrrenta do aet roach down te the bo* torn of the teep tea tluU tner* are 00 aoradmf agcat* at wark there aava altme the gaawiag Inolh ot time taat a roj* cf aaad, If atretehed nooa the bed ef tho oneae, waald be a cable strong ea ingh to hold the Voagoat te'e graphic wl'? that arl naa draw, theee, with ether die coveriea made to the ceuraa of Ue tavvMigadoaa carried oa la the hydrographical department ot tale eOtoe eea ceralng the pay lice or the see. aad already aaaeaoeed Va Ita efhetal pebVaUoott w t e<i-rnearB'leane ar? likely to prove ef great praattcal value aad Impartaaoe la aaNna rlae tekgraphy?a llae nf h itiiei only la the Ural atacn 01 tte iB'aaoy, brt deeply Inlrrrettag t-> the whole hotraa himtly, lar lain bear tag* aad reeaiia It toaihaa moat nearly ihe pregreaa ef man la the naar<-h that I* keadinf him apaarrf ?nd onward The uo?n a wa* that a tele (rvphia cable m>>t be nf (r*at aireagth to reaMt and wttar'and Uan for eea cf too aea. Waereopoa the ciaded toe wife, after bring coated Ki loenlafkfi a Ita *nt 1 pornba, aaaeicared in * el e na? ?r-or e* i? atoul eooagb t > bell the larger! '?eeTeaty foar ' to her atahirt Thtae oablea were very etpeaatve la their maaifha I. re, arlky lor rloat^e, anatnld* lor haadliag tod dull tiiay II wa* ench a ope laid cable Ihat the Trio ? rattle OT*u>aay leal lit the lay la:: bet wee* fewfrmnd lard IVetrB, la I9lt and It M eaoh a one? w ttd, *'n aad larr-r ihaa a mta * arm?Uat the rr*Mh hare tet?e at mpied to hty la Uie V?dlterraoe?n, aed twlre kwl 1 mi bow we have lrarae<l, ta Ihe eaarea ef ibeae targa tlgattoao, that all the ON?ta< t?? .i-^t?oea.l by ibe ?? ? te lb' laying of aohmarte- te r ,raph? he between the eiir laee aad the depah of a few hnadred raaham? h?lowt aad that three are nm ?o b? mattered by I ?ee ner orcrc 'iy the renelle ?treetih nf wire irawa ropea, hnltbit. with a MtUe aruAee. they will yioid t.>a more tbrea<l It in thr eaea at a ama e* war aed the Mtte naottlua ia the horrteaoe the eaa. wrak ia ita ?1 -r -ib. i* da<aed to piece*: the ether, itroag la Ita weahaeoo. reatata the wt awl tmlenee ef the ilnra aad rWea a* aafely through It a* thongh t*?re were aoregier* a the eaa. Therrdeta, it may ?ew he eoaeMlared aa a aeH'ed p-l? ript? te . telographv thai the tree nha-ader cd h cable fbr the deep *ea la raaihet of aa Iraa rape aa large a- a naa'* arm, bet a attVi copper wtr*, or a raaclcie ot wtrr*, ecaK-d with cutta perrha. pllaat aal suppla, gad alargor than a la.iy'? Anger A mo* I braotifnl ay'torn of phytieal research ? Ihl* ardrrt*k'r? I 'nr?titte th? wtedaaad cerreau of Ihe tea. It we* fotmnrevd with r?n?elal regard In aaviga II. o but It baa beea awet frmihl of aeeful reoolta in *an. d ? and t^ many lodaetrlal pn" t ro ? r*t aet -he >aet mmrmnt or theee arc thoee whiah b> ar ?pt n ?obmari. e tjle^raphy The llirt reeeit t'ler r.g ?.>in vhla *,i,h]"ci wia i^o de t 'a l??'%r< ^.r o'neaa whi h eae aeeo ta-- > I 0 |!?r tt'Ueg r l-r t*-r>a la 1bf?e words ? T' rrr '? a: !he h< ,<i >? be'.weaa Olpt B\ea, la K* o .uftieud, a^4 Oagt Otter, it Irthmd, a ftmu'kaite atrj>i i vbich U Mrrady known 'be telegraphic plain i'i 4 CAn>|<M19 ia IM'** eug.T :rt1 Wl h 111* 4I! "JWt *#f 4 Bll^'OirMI to1? frM|?c n- rr ? h? ai ?ti ic It In t>? ''J1 ?*?> 10 "trry th? ?irm atone tki? p'aU-nti f on, 'M* rHtorr* o Mr vi'tumli iml tft lb? ? e>- fu ?h'i - ?t I i bo cirela <ll?t*n<v? t?'? f<t> i*--h (? n slim c lii p< hi (iiik i lit hi ? it a I m tiiini; ?sl , *ud lortjr) r nek ai>o .lie v * *U>i * it.? rout - :> i>ruutii)ijr 11 . wheij more iIisl tta (or twelve Un tim J l <jt <See.'? ci n.em.) GOB) sis u Bit ii i isu k Aoi*ric?u sltt won and Jrli.fb ?ui>itcic, wu i U*ve iKun I'wouneu wild WuaU vir 01 iii!m?hii,ii' 4<iW oUion uua.J uW'/u Muatog W? .'at il talo ihelr ?ii!? pr.??. Will tbue ? ligult ?uub *a Uuy *i) e, ?iiU wtVi foelr o ?n ItLO-rltiige, i i^(lgaua? mm *1 perl. i)i f ti>|cuiae ibean. ibey b*ve do )I4<M 'i,>m tho f xtrio i; i'd wti;?h i? ti brh; ttie <>10 \Vor J im? ta kiau'ti ?<??* i t uimoiiS<->?i.)n wilt ib-> N???. fiiej to lay iU? wirt.i iver fci? >elt *ra>?'ic platrwa dur.u* ae M-it/tar. lt<ii w i.d ?tiiti cur"r<-at ca*rM will ?u* l? i'?t? o *el.?t a iiniufor * ?no?. .tw "pumnoi mil botr? >i-t !.?(>'* IO >Ultrrup>lon i?y a |ii>e *t wiaU 1 ?n a* fO?> aa lli?) a.** iK'iipUl. V, tuoxt.' fit* /our "ttjettioo, an. (h*.?uiu ft .nt'ir uraiiLT upuu Mil* auo jrm. k MTV i ?[ t ?lv? D'.orio otearta <1 \bu atiMiio?oa? :or n> ;Dtb To.mi pwtM ul ibe oc *ti wi>b I oh driest wailmg a.V vitilirt, i?u ttia avera*,*, ojr a of win} -jt leant iiooe >?> every mx 44>?; ui Ui) n-H awpe<i, ctcr, 03 Ifco ?vir'ht . iu t.o.u ftx to tea aou m in? Djti-.tsrt^thc^v i? a vale csco to f,.Ii> over/ t u iu lot>r*? ?o na>? (? Vt.i- av. .hkc. i ', *? n.?, ? ? are 7?i??t tKt lti!?r'?.a. 'on drrlvtt' hom vt>& i'o ijava or o>ierval<M Thf-y ?'K he prevnr*(l i?y !.'enti-ij>tuli Kioa'acft Aa'kilc HLd W? (I w.*j. Tlii^r anow Bf>ae of tn? (^Uaeao-'g vrOifh tbyyuW B reaiu i^*? rpon me .?(?Ik of tte "Jor'b A in He fti*j fbow .ual *a i? ,?re inoet p 'fcvaient to Jani'nrT rui v>t. winter dklUji. iw^t bo lu Ja y' and ttio -timnje aifoih* Tcu: ku"V?'?t*in wb <ib IE Ihn cn-u?e .'ibMt Invert'je tiona we bav? t*lu"cormoj; th" eu '^ain and i.e.' 'of tb? ?f?n juaT'.'tB tin op utoa ioat inure !* uu* no nf puity in iirvotttp-the CJuif rtr.-*m v itii (lit; n^-Mig ituV (erai.o, ami brVryiiR Uuba WlU?a ?t>e now -n of i?a net work tiere wfcx'i in ao <u to tie eouaacUii *tfb the. watch tmiin.c h l>otn 3a rope mid Asia. Ta?re ? ooourreot, toi.wi ver ??r? >??, tea bt.wnver deop or be Weroin. th?t n>) Lot Cow be roaoued HA u ?? 1.napnic W; /or C4 bte in co lorgor ibeworj. Too limu ni tt >--:t*nt(to of ni'a ?i?rioo lititv o,' SPifitrayh la uot to be so fp? <?r in f ae nmotb or <'epC?? > f t'.eoc. an out In Ui . iHiwcr or lUM >??!' ! a* it <vt > t. A 1ft. Prtt?-rOr Mor e b..? recently accMkp'Uhdl tt ? tne*. o( tri o?titji through Ml tttbrok< u c.rcint, u.ivwroa 0>' a.l!' mt.p'- iii length. -?/t? tttrgrapbto ngualJ >u * ni.o 'Jte t a'-J Uifra e ri?*->i> ?U* to itnierv in?. oxi ?nen8e win kui.'w tut ttifl oost of i>to< a hi grinalj wire ? ?hu tw>lt?;n <?! t oo deep r 'i ir t fcQi o?- >.* :;r at ratio lar mi p, ?? it ii!'W is. en rrrn A"?? ladert'l Ve'.. C'toj ?u 1 ??t ?? woil ?r 04 n.m rr ?? no* bo "i ?r eJ mB inrlj w -ia 'h.? r<Mb of ?l'o n au.iid wi- g.-?ph Iki i ??b ' the tlmi*.?u-n -r ar.v.lo, L -wU. 0 ri. Qirr><atn. ?ai i.rlcu ? ?-. .oial e. no., auitor ;i?e ar* oi u 2o tl M?roh, sjv. ''i njlog itir-s sul'ablo v\-fl ntls of >'.?( i ufy l> he cnipt^yrit :a ? .lie lo prtrt">eJ its a;wiMi?,< maC-i m in* o> Uio??Inybrttg4t'ooa ?Itwi^ ihiio fii?'*;irfru t; , t-ii^nuaio ^Uhau of km Atluma hal claiu.1. t a u Mi . .,?ce .n llw pablio itKt ttf.n ;? ??rti r t-x;. uraUou (<i It wu rt . ,r ia ; anil th> la piwli^oal, :?> aipaia 7.ii>< wllh VHe i )t>\- nBterpr <e, - ??.m loot t<f a ?!? objany i*l utri tin ant eiiti prijti?< Arucrt t\ut <yt?? ?? !>>r unl'.i: y iae <>pl.' or li iop,. atiiJ A .11 'rt on logfta'f In it" boud . of loc m*>;a(tic t?l^ir*pt Ulnotd pvtuniar att i lion to tLlf au iject Jor vg 'i% CruUe o( tJjt- Aictu-. ah-.o illujjiy r he *4!. I'irLU el with l>uib ti'?i;.?Hii ry or bm. lr . u > t'? ?oumtmx ro?l, an I wa* a'lov/cJ every faj.itty It t jo a:oat conipleto Uccp s<>a BouLCii (; 3i?ipiL?nia tub r utr"'mLc is ro> rcFcarcbaa ?u alio oxtve^i 1 cm lha er*a?l<ii'F vtb'c i tM* ro<?ul trai to mut Tb?re U the po'ar rui";.t, wh rh witu it* tcebfret, ao Hi'icf1 c9Ck?;fr ntTlg*t'<w at cruin ?>!?aot>a; tt uoilor tuuo tho dm. H|r('<m. Vaur tu.Uur'.'oaa alno p-?U.i?u to Uie Uult Hie*na, ?nd, fi om tbe deep Sua soiiniltaf* turn. jKr*tn.e?, aod other obtcrvatlcoa nuie on It, I boKd to d'.rcovrr, airicrc other tbirc;i>. tna tb'c^neaa of tuat sb^at of warm v?at?r wbtch, uyou bareal odyienn, has au -.ti ataarktd, au I afrmjr, and tnrtiblo tutiu-nca u.wn t?a 'in btiwren lot* country aau l.i.ropo. Tbe facl'Uwi fur i??p hi a i>ooDdir.i? mere nib I tat we were < to r.irapci to look for coatrtbutlotsu of the hUU ??t iBterrH and value to our ltto*!o o jiiinratD* . io orn^npoy of tbn xt'iiiil'* oceao: for tso \ Mrcl iraa a atramer, the U??. of the Kind ever employed on Buoh ser Tieo aad tbe couui ibot^foro let do<rn Urooko'a iouo iti? rod wherever tt ?v ae.-,r?il. But 1 tave txea ?a M? diiapootoMd Meet, tf not ail, K tbe w?.rv dace H tbh eeeaet o? tht? aeM'ea hai U tei(Pi?d. Uer ct*f n>a tonndleya <ilon(f tbe t?to<r?phio Vlatra'i. fr. m ft John. Newfruntflmd, to Valenua la lre;a>d, noo h:ic)t. 1 regret to ?ay tt c<>m* wiibla tblt cawirory. Th?y i??rr ma'is after pltna that were bo* ?fth obrloi.a toureea of error -. *?ut a> patue eeem to bare b< ? n itcco ct'hrr to a'.certata tb? aa?o?ut tf that cm r or io alio <S tbe mean* of apptviag any rjfroetkw Vtthi wen. 1 harerot be-c r.hl > toroeoacttft luedeptas teportto hy the arctic wl'h frrmer dren ?*a noanliaga nor do bor mudII?][< P'lnjr if roe wltu h?r iouu !io*? re aiD'og Tbfif f l>crep?n / ? are (f'arlnf: aed It la to be t-.oped tbtf Ititerceuef and inponant work will be dooo ovi r aj;alo. *'e are more foitnaal.-'. however, with the lamptea o> tbe botit in brought up Imm tbe telo<rapbic plate.tu '.b*y are reiy jireetour Lh ut. Be-rymaa obtateellii quit.a aftt r the niaxarr of l. uit Brooke, apeclsona ot tbe bmtom a'l tbe way a<-ro*a by t o froat O'rrle roote betwe>?Ht Jib* tod ViVita. lhe*e apmlmooa are from thirty four rfuferent fointi alona tbe lonie, on <belr reratpt Bern toey ware e?nt to l'r<fe??or Dtiiey. ot We?i fttt.ii. for miiTne<yi]>lo oxataiaa tlin Tboufb Muffcrlifc iroin an attack ot illnoaa, be ktedly oedcrteok tiu> riudy of ihi oj at ouce. Uke all ota-r diet' to'irdlrij ?|>ec'n-.i-ne, toev MmMI by thetr ibara ao|lrs aaiCuatritarate ferns the total absea'y? of ahr?d lnr feme at the bottoai of the deep ?ea The tele|>aphlo ^'aleao lus mta tbe Ooll Strcai-i, aad C'o,. nor Pan. > ?aji, la a Utier conxrntng thcae ipe C'tnetie:?* I bare no <k?iH our t>e?irt?ul owu rlrer glMe* along ia MM bt Ihi- >Of!h< rn /.tlaatlo M goo'ly aa the current m litre drnpbtr jr now ?t>! Urn a Cof-inrt aui-*?'<-me loio ihr I'Nk ?H utrhrt- bn iw, I n? i ot WMuiag or abrading 'ho bo. Wm is ike ail?btcat dr,:re*. And again, after ftirtbtr examination:? I flr.i tM erl.lrnce of any rlr'ent abraalon )n any of mo ?prr'rorna E?en In the roer?? onr? from nra the b?n*n th? waiter Ki.a canal y aharo engine and U at.. h a* tnlgbi be droi pad ?jowt j frtrn a? lb. / Bait, arMhoul undergo lag tut) ?uba?|urQl ahraatoa t-r tiaaai i>rtat*wi la a rulxtqaeai loiter be add* ? Ihf erltlenee of oanl of ebraaion of the rataeral ra*'t?r an1 iba pre* or > ol a l.?rg? proportion ol ane mlcar ?ae mud v.iih t.uir ttraam (mi c ?Ltmue in all the *| eclm- tit ym ri balaed. Tbua me rrmaiua of thrm mtWa of tbtog* tell ni la their iruto wt; ttiat Ibo lor bearing current from rbe north dciaa ait reenti to tb?i bottom. tb?t tb? aortbera ?4gi' of lha Mrand Banks oren la below lha abrading aa t'ra of tbo tea, and that there la ao Uugcr to I'll tolo yraphlo eo/d erru tn- re, iu?0 Iroa tie gronndlag of icebergs. Aa oocn u Prefers"* (teiley's final r?pott apou tbe al croaeopte character of .beat rpoc mens ia reoclvo4 1 shall bare the honor of trarimltting It to you Von will tbserre itat tbter ?|>k'dmm fnllf oot,nra all tl>M other obeerrattaai had ujgbt aa noacoftef the MlrtMit State of corrtcta at U.o bettotn of tbo ^ta aaJ tbat bero a'oog this te.cgraphln at It It ar?rf rbrre wfcrrcr? r nr-<okt> roualiog ml baa girea <i* of Ha frntuffe tbo bottom In U e fleptha ot the oceao la ao lerfratlj ibi iterod tiotn tbe *oroo? or wtm'a and wares aad raaaiag wafer it at a rops of sand ? ?? ? i bar ?tr?r trlb niioofb to be. 11 ?af?ly to tbeir anchors Uw sob vtaniit' wires, were tbry > al? lodge! thera, and tlat tba whole diCUo ty la rtretrHog too wl'os of tbo sobaarlac telegraph acroee the Attv tM o can oonalau ia gati ng Ibrtn u> tbo bottOM, not la retafatsg th. in thorn Ke ?MMfUlf, M r. MAl lT, IJetoaaat t'a tod Htatee Navy. I'imt ?r*rw> Na? t: (iwamwai, 1 Wami.Mm*. Nor. U, lib*, i Rem J. C. Dmi;ii, Beareiarr of tbo Narjr ? fit?I tare tbe a^oor to ferarard borewitb Ue report of I'tof Bailer, of bw mtor<?ru>ptr rxaauatma of tbe aaaatMta obtained from Ue M>d oi the Allaatto b; float Hrrr> maa. In the CeMrd sutoi etoanxr Arctic, alia (tod to In atr rrport of W?e fib laot Tbe sot! aottceabio tblag bore prrweated la tbe die cover; ot rolcaalc emdera la tboao apoMMeaa. Tbo (??If wit am teema to bare Mrrwed the bed of tbo ocean tor Mora u. aa a tboaeaad mi Ira anmaa wttb tbaaa " ptatoaie Uinoa." aa Pro! Halle7 at) '>ee tboaa Tboy eaab e ua K mark better tbaa aar aaoaaa berotofbro al forc ed bare deae tba extreme llialta of tbo aanaal tlbra tkae made br tbo cbaonol M wb'ob tbe water* at tbe Moll Ptrean flww. There firry Ulltra wer? frtiod along tbo patli which la eoiM tiara loilowrd by tbe Mropoaa b aaxtra. aa l tbo qoratioa aroaa wbclbar tbo/ an'^M not bo *oaMboa> cMMi Mr. Haaalog, af Kew York wat f^waiei te prncoro Kmc ap<rtn>ere ot Ibtw rroa the a?h pn of tbeatewMera In New Yoik, aa l ?rnd them to Prof Relief te a e Be did to. ard tbe ciaatoatioa ran ? no donM apoa ibo ProfeatorN miAd aa to tbo toI. ante ebaretUr of tbo tallea. Tbo net thai aetbli.g of tbe kind baa b*en tlet?ctod in *h" ??? el arac Hr?.Jihi op bf tbe Ooari -^rtof from tbo tNiltcM of tbe half fit ram farther to tb? Month. eeeMe to ntli -aie that tboae rtMera ooul' aet hare oowte from tbo rotranooa of (Jratral Ameeira. wbtoh bare boon kaiwa tn ia*t tbrir aahra ae far aa I'nba. I%o drtft of tbo ooeaa wen id not bare brought tboaa froM leelaad or aaf of tbo ?T ?tah lalaada aid todge*! them where Brooko'a lead 1 on ad ihea. 11 appeare Wo be neat rrobahlo tkat Uef came froaa the ei laet voleaooea of the Weotom WmJi Ibe rlM 01 tbo rttreoao particlot a p pea ra ta warraal tbo eoachwlaa that UMf are too hoary to bo oarrted tar bf the Wada. or to bo baraa long br tbo water It la bar elf peaitble tbn eeaf bare oomo froaa Ttaa and fitttlu, aad boos bre igbt oat bf tbo eoder ear reaie rr>? tba Metinovraaaaa :^>oot?ooe fVo? Wo <toof Hi 01 tbo Htralta ef l.lbraltar, would at owoeaoHie tbla tMMM. Not an angle, or a eoraor, or a pteoe ol them te brokea. aer lo there tbe etlfbleet enratoh or obaro npon aaf of their deitraie degree work Tbo* cm I ere repeat tbo ?tor* whlca tbe lafworial nnaa? of tbo wator ware Ue arat la proalaia witb regard te tba rtiaei al tbo bettoa ot tbo deep ?ta of all abradieg acaata. n#e| ivPf, to. W. M ttJRY, 1 leiitonaat V. 8. Narf. Wist Poi.rt, Not. II 1IM. Moot. M. F M ?t at. Kattohal "bootratory? I'ita lha?I r??prctfully aabalt tba followiag \a a (eteral rejwrl rf thf reenlta of mi mlr.rseooplo oxaMina "loo eftfceroTiniMrfe mode bf I n n Berry maa la Ma rrrret mrase ta tbe I'attel Aetna ttaamar Arct'c la Irt'ood aod Huh Tbe ?p?ft?^?e ea^ltte"? to eieialaatiwere of tf- T'f ihw o?41eo|ii lo tbo ? or ago to T rrlaofl. wb rh will '<r ??'rrre^ to a? aef W t, ab't thO?Ot tna le la ! u rettra t rage. phHtb lira ?or'r? % ! 74 f ! 1 #}f* trem iiitj Mtow rg I letaliuod ? aifiib) 1. L*v.u<t Lo.iJ.u U L Ayrti tfc, tl*u r>iip d-u Mtn. dry. m\v i/y m*n. 1....4J kG f>i uO 18...6.: 14 *? 1* ?... 46 Kj 61 41 II..,. M 27 H 3....48 1J <>l '40 15....64 ft -Jk 1? 4... 48 i7 t'c 58 18.. . 62 '4 3< 64 b... 48 4J 5< ao 17....01 45 *4 "il ?... 48 6i 60 b 18. ...61 46 81 I# 7....&U 4 40 'J# W....5I 60 H> ia ft.... 60 y) 68 30 a). I 17 ? 44 ?>7 16 24....64 (. ia ? I1....6I B 86 60 U 16 J 11.... ?t J6 34 8 '48....61 6 i 18 >0 S? 34 SO 61 64 11/ /f \ tu>M| the rtnui* obtained Jz-ota U*r ?; apee u? tbey m'll bv ituirtM to by tbe ituOftftcr* u *t?-cn (u tea st>nvj uoie. Nwrhera 1 to 4 tocivalie are cr.^poaed of ?> i crou* njni no ?r?nO wb CD ar? no II; ?J omtR sue'aucf unii a^arp u.y^'ek. ftw orga?<e runtaWtn ?r? not ?buutftsa Cf Uie caloareoua polyifHtraia Jwit? a ?c? r<?iy 4 t*c<- bin tome or Uie ?lik-cuar tiit'oaia ss?? 'Mi luuuii tit ihr lijfLi parte, xfD.^n may bn ri teU frcta **-J mod AtaOii* theao illm:? nuwerou* in nuenta i fo*? w i tret ctkwn ol' t Hoinodi vy are the mot tiliondiu.*. toir? p'wrtee V 1'bvwv.^rai ??/.? alae i*. -n, irttlch tin' bilu-?i?' tf> b? c? LOitr.c.l orlgui. Nu ???>?? 6 ia fr coame gravel, M*npn*6d of ttfemoa nod J?p?-ry, with iom-? ft-.Vi?iwtr, borabtonile^ Xa It lr Biuoh t'w coarantoT all rue ?i*vtrac* cUk Duec. Vomo of U.? qi.arir jn'ua a."s'1 b7 attat tiot), *l*e a l?r|? pot'ilao ve i|?He eavp aat" on* brsdtd. .\vnr>i f m< otgunlc" wntenta a verv rew *>njy tbkmmi? mire notice (, with ?m? diMoau and *;?iu(e t|40nie< fle? c"c?',,oo? Bad. ?rt>t?,b eff-dreara I J * y w,l*s ?'"? jieHa. ">y u.w tr< a miui ? i ere ' " , '*1U, ''0m * ,ma ? X'?"tS? 1f '? ?-l *? i* Uterratlng n iiiav?iia* ch-? ri? ; t ??< eo i.,. of ?.t nrfai de.^'VrK m ? ' tcr,wW W:? ?U?i:>tc. wbloiJ ?.<l bo ?.)UiKl u>'^2 *t>aiqoent |Mi kjrapba. a H> r* #atal.?.i 7,y * " * ??,d? M<1 C-.OUU1 .a tit. it ' to rrni*. of Kioto 4. -1? * %t ^erodB ami vft-w iat?*a.?t i\Z*?CXi%?l1 * : outw add 5 r-V^n ,? '?>?? *> 11 1? atuVur ?"<**?!?? ??oun?, ?DH oaaalnccf tauou r * 1? TT" "airT,,"*ru P'wSe-wnaioa -w .7 i 40 Jl ^luaiva, o^iAin in m+uoa t* w? wi?****? ^ ?><. ?< ^b?rjr rriMd!~*li ? ibeafcapo of mum? fcD-;!Mt ? "".f;eno, ?,nj:9 ami ? 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"V tan Tfit r'??iaJ tocr^av- of caioaroou mattsr aa ika (i UK NiikBi Uapprt?r.h*d, a.J or?ac?iM Irom tu.W?.ia,B 0<>?'!I1Z! "rM*,h* AttkHilc, ta IB koo'iroaaoa ariih outvrvJttaM F 'T1""*1* ?** C?M? SarTay aoc iniua ur M (,uif *?tan> obtalBM lunUer aouia, ?bioh aix>ir ihumi carcoti* in?il<, nob tu ikmi ibaiaata uolvciatiua oot lt< ahoi? cocirco mi ffer aa yet eia;ut??xl aad ?*a? cur of Tail i-M.Lt id u e (iulf M Mextoo ' ?tb. Tbw? marl* (*>Btata ? great nomlMr of uarfa. iriibtd ornasUtBt, baOi ?ilicaoua and calooreoua Maw fjxetea, vbi.-c wm m far k.ulb a, r.otida aad lha o3 OCMrtkS i 'a ,b" ??'ul*rB ?ot!Dd.oca a bora (?crtbvd. ?h le aoci< T?ry remarkaol* ip?olea ljuaa te mU?>? Tl liave not bjuo dc tec tad at th? T?1ZJ*2?S aB<t rvT,a T?>? doaer(M? ofJha new tp^Ka la in pj, parauon for ap?ady puobea f#w Ilrpe ffCt ?tltoeona casta ot miy. tbalafflla and no wtll rharacteri <ed (rata aand a ? iJ^r d't***' In there Bortbarn aoucdlarx w, lb*, r f rr>rme ta tbo ral? ratber tban iha 'am ton *!tb regard to U.a aoatharn ioaQdlng^ abore raft Hh. Tbe ocrnrTrrra of wrat aopew to b? t w'sania M. ducta iB be ked o! Ui? rcaaa Vara diataera of ibaL ?.?Bt, two drgreaa of (or^toca or abovTtT thowS It as 1'itraoi Imary fant and ona atlch dM??a CWOI^I M-oti,, rbmt aajr ooatatl^ reopie appoa.accoof r^aote ..boa, Vo wouM Ibeae ma.trnt to be # Tnieaatn origta I bar* to doaki. tbat Itcaa ignrooa prowucti n.lgut be der'rtjd fro? aae 0,ea, aJoSc or a*, wb<^12! Way Um tooBd'Bgi mrrn made, It bacama ImnwbM thai there fnrna c trndac'a abovld alaa ba ataillad^nSa I mm >>raiilej to do b, the klndueaa of Mr SllL ^2 oVi'gln ageat of joar cfl-oa, wh-> procar-d for m i'm tho atcame a th. maefraa aporinaeua of auob matuira^l Bra tiroan orarhoard from the aab pita ru tba aiaam A.1B aad ilaltr. Oarafal axamlBaUoB^ UeaTalSSlS ?feoarad thai toer o?toito.i a group of SSTJL""JLg ?n.M not pi?.ibl7 ba coaf joadad with ~fc4c?s ^ ?? ?? r^i ivocMf^ ofhod'ei ezc#tH U)M both ?r?r? ?? ~ ^-o'-rtSr ?p~ dm^r^^^ss ABOBg tba furaacc product, of tba itaaatr KtlUi *m Batnrn ua atagla aad agregatod * n ?^^VW. alaa, ?a? h, if they iboold evrr ba laoad la tba ocean aocadlpga, irouM ba rort ? wttTaat tbtarla* ta tbair ar<Kl?. ypoaUHf Tt?. tba q> eation ot tba orlgtaal aourca of tfcaaa tokan<r produ rta la oie of great latorcat Mow lar ik^a plutoalo taJllea may bare trarailed, and in arhat dlraa tiob-.whether fro* tha Aioraa. the Mediterraaaaa m ho? Ireland?iMrolTea a rtudy of carrema aad aa ?-' ? nation of Maadlaga wbteh hate j? Jo ba aSIda rc i??I,7u^IU 00*"lu,,UH[ ^ warv m. un'ud*. -?rfft.ii. j 'y* *7; . ^ *"? 1*0 mm. i 4t M 2 1 ! J# 49 ? M t:::::S 5 5 j fc::::S s s j 4 *? 49 45 48 a??MS.N 10 by ^ rTa.ta?? Nambara I to ? are calraremta aaada. ooauiataa * **d * ,Taal1 r^norUaa Of r-'rila'amfct TV. .thoero, orjar iam. are alao oomparatlrVl/raw I? a'rtlb, of rc? large cfwrlaodlaei aod ^ vLiTiiT. r^d'xi* wore detuned. ~ ^ %N*f? ft (!fi| CAkftltouA U)ll9 BliA w\mm w pot^lbftlftailft |o Ihft oftfe^l rye. bat rmiHtr rt?k m !*roo?opfr organiaai. coaatailng of ?la?u e^VuLTI pr'iclrtlaa, ^lalima aaa ipoailolliaa vaiw. raaH: prodnma were daMc?ed >a *-" Hoptai that the abora will aaawar the ramoaa afa ? aerbl report opoa tba obamrter or tbeaa toaad'aa. I ft! *H7.* ?Bba?qneai poblK-atloa tba detaiM of - Tcara, vary raap*ifu:iT. ^ J^ir. MUTT. Mtre lalrBlgufi, (^?atJB o* PoML'bo ~?naia - Wmtaia i a*th, a <rig bruber, waa arraaUd yeater lay aa charge ot bartac toffod tba bbaia <4 llallaway 'a plUa aad oiataaM ta a torga "Wat aad pa: -ag u>a aaaa aa lai'jaUaa i?kaaaa rwopar^I by bta^f. Haary n Drtrar, cf Na. tone, I be ( * ? ? ? l*arad t l"'|WT , l*f F#d 109 ft ?7 T7* ^ IM tftfT iutal rL-.l B^dteiae aali well la tba Waaaeeta touMWOT ^ ?? ^ ?*B al M.ota Cmi it a r x Am? A yoang rjut aboat aai yt?r? of aga. aaa ad Jamoa Sau-, Wa* oaagbt ^ oat of tba raliar cf Heary Mtlt No. 17?Hn. ? yratorday tyraiag with a tab o Mttor la bl< rir iMlra. ???ar fmnv of the Fourth ward poltna ruaeared Moaaad bafora Jaan-a OnDa- a*, at tba pJS ttmrt, wbaMbawaaeoaatitUJ fbrtriaT " t'tottatry ? Dura o* aa. nrtir. Bf iba vrhrml of tbo a?y af Baltimore ?. ^ Bgaaaa of tba doatb of tha ^alabraiad r>r. Pv n, tba ?oa* ftaaaa tbaalagtoal wniav of tba praaaat eaatorw Ba waa^baemtaatar of uta Aaglioaa aa f a? eytta party ? ,hoa,>>" ^ Za. !^rr^ *,!** ???b-*r^*^P?aa, ba.% Sir^rtTT^ y ~^?0d ta tba RagHab cfcwalLli i, it?IMnMu twaaty yaara alao. ba *?oo*o?toal wartd bp !? iWlftlft ft llMMMPY of ihipflk - ,7Z?"b,TZ2JZ**.?r? y* ^ S >22 k.Ti aeconat of tha pabUoaBoa at rr ae^Hor to?r^Lr!?^e*ed ^ *** d*"^ ? , ^ '* ' ?r |eara He w%a a aaa of graai learati^c p4*ly' 1,4 a,M ,h# ??? of KagtJ ^ ???"? at ti?for t, ?ad waa Oaaott of Oartal Cbareb. H" alway. p-oteet I agaiaat bla name s*.a* r?i.i>h?5l>M>* "" T*nj * "iU"h h* WM ,ta* atwao? A"iwiw*\t. -rbe eaiertolaaeai* ofTjr%l at t'f >wat ItiUm #r. MHa araalaa aae ^ <?at?y tlror* ?a4 to tn'l an ta#f?# a* will be >f*. wj >4 b^kd Of Ui? :?u-tb | age.