Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. , ^ . * * ? ' 4 .. . 4 ? V I < ? . ' ' WHOLE NO. 7418. SUNDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 21, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ?? - . "' ' . I I . , ? r* ? . ? i AID FOR WALKER AND THE FILIBUSTERS. Grfut Sympathetic Mertiog in the Tuberiinclc. Capt. Rynders Denies Using Insulting Expressions to Pi rce and Marcy. Be CritiriMs (he Prew- Define* FiUbusterUm and Ippcab Lloquently for Aid* Speeches of Gen. Ward B. Burnett, A. Oaksmith, Gen Duff Green, Gen. Wheat, Gen. Green of Texai, Sec. Resolutions Pledging Material Aid and Endorsing Minister Wheeler. Collection and Contributions in Aid of the Cause. I?ettera from Senator Joiica of Tenn., Gen. (^ultiua)i or Mlu., Uen. Walbrtrtf^e, &C., *?? There >u a very large meeting held lait evening, In tbe Broadway Tabernacle, to txpreaa cymixitby with and furnlah aid to General Walker and bis army in Nicaragua. It assembled In pursuance uf the following call:? ml [CANS, TO TBE KBSCDK ! CarrtCAL f'OHiTTOM or Amkrh an Oitizkmb ik Ifii'AriAcrA. A meet in;; ot the cltizena ot new York will be held in 'ne Tabernacle on baiurda* evening, December M lrifiii, at 7 P. M., for tie purpoae of *irr>wiitng th? aeoUrneat* of the peopleot this oommunity relative to tbe present c.iUcal poai tionof o<ir lellow jnn u In Nicaragua. A tune ha? rome when it la MMMTJ W 'he people of this country to tleetiie whether the <nvemment ?f Nicaragua. ahali be wres'ed from it* present American aupportera and paaa Into the lutntliof FOKK1GN i)K8POr8, or whether American prlnciplee and American Institution* ahrill pre7All in that country. Let eve. y one who dnelrea to ala In the extenalon of the botaxia 01 liberty?every one who feela a aympathy wllh their auflertug country men, hlru^giiug Id behalf of thoae priu t iplea la >icaragua, be preaeni The following eminent speakers have been Invited, and will add/eaa U>e meeting ? Gov. Rodman M Price, of New Jeraey. Ki tlov Wm Smith 01 Virginia. Kx Gov. A. J. brown, of Mtaelaatppi. Ei Gov J. C Jonea, of lerutaaee. Had. Jobn it. Welier of California. Hoe. I ".wis Case, ot Michigan, Hon Mephcn A. Pooglaa of Illinois, Uoa Robert Coombs of Georgia, / Hon .fchn Bell, of Tenneaeeie, Hou. Ihotnaa J. Ruak. of Teiaa, boa Jauiee Karon, of Virgioia, Hon A (luUer, of Fouth Carolina lion, .'olm P. Benjamin, of Louisiana. Hon .lohn A. Quitman. of Mutataclppi Hoo Percy Walker, of Alabama. Hon. (ieorge W Peck, of Michlgaa. Hob. ,!ouo Keliy. ot New Vork. Hoa. lltrun Walbrtdge do. Hon. A H Stephen*, of Georgia. Hon. '? hem** I. Clmgman, ol North Carolina. Hon Boheet If .tohnaon r f ^rkaaxaa. Hon .lobn Cadwullader of t'ennaylvaaia. Hon. < bailee W. Carrtgan do. Hou. ,>ohn Van Burea. of New York. Hon y?lcxaa4ot C. Morion, ol' New York. Rt>u. Apo'.eton Oakkmtih. of New fork. 1 hum"" t- 'ancta Meagher E?q., of New York. .lamet t Brady. Saq.. oi New York Fletcher Webster. Ban., of ilaaaachuaeUa. Wm. J Bo'C Rw].. of New York. BVa 1. ( - ?au ofTeiaa. ar.'obn P II of Nicaragua. . o reen. ot 1 eua (len <V B Wheal, of Mexico Uapt Iaalah Rvndera of New York. Profnaor Dimhrv of WaahirgUm. TW^ f(K.'' '? .Of gentl-men have been appointed aa a comma or AaBAMuamm. Caot Iaalah Bycdert. t'ol J. W. Pabena. Alderman Va. Wlleon, Major Joaaa Bartlett, Alex C lawrenee, Baq. By order nf the oornmluce appointed at the prelkninary ?11"nt Dec rm iter 17, 1HM. WAKD B. BCBHXTT, Chairman, iuu^ri C. I.a waaji?. Secretary. Netwltoslandiag the laciemency of the weather, the at tendance wee quite large and roapeoUble. There were ? few ladtee preeent. Over the eatraase to tbe hall waa anapeadt J a I; asepareary with the motto:? On IM palfoi m vfti bung a Urge trt color flag of Nta n|w?a ?trip* of white between two of blue, the former bavtag a medallion with outlines of volcaaom washed kr Um waters ol lake Nicaragua. Om either aide were The deek or table wu covered wtth fee flag of the Seventy tilth Regiment, bavtag a llke of Washington in the oontro. There won a band ri Mini which played, at latervaia, aalhmal aim. Shortly afti r 7 o'eloek the meeting wan called to order by Capita Rjadeia in the aboenoe, a* ha mid, of tho chair aaan of the oommlttee. Ho Mtd bo would not intrude bin own affairs on the public ati otion but be witned lo oorrecl aome ntate taenia made la the Tim* and other payors of this morn lag. It ni slated, ha said that the other eight tar re waa abuaive language usee towarsa the Praoldoat of the Catted States aad too Secretary of Slate, Mr. Marcy It waa stated that! participated la toat meetiog, aad II is gaaerally believed that a portion of that laaguago Is at tributed to me I take oaoaatoa bar* to aay toat too charge Is tat.rely false (Bear ) There was aa such laagnage uaed n my praaeace. I waa at the preliminary meeting that n.ght but I board ao aooh language uaad: aad bad It boaa used la my proeeaoe. f ahould base immediately proteMed agalaet it (Applause) I endorse no aratimenl of that klad. It la well knows ta you all that I hold a poattlon under the several go Mrs ment, aad sm long is I bote that position I shall perform any duties honestly aad faltnruily, without retard to oon seqaeaete. aad id dependent of aay feeling ol aysapatby which I stay hare of my awa. My duty at a public offlaer is owe thing?my aympaihtea are another I here take oocaaloa, then, to deny?1 do aot say that the laaguag* waa not uttered, bat I aay It wax not uttered In my presence, aad I aay thai 1 do not eadoree the aaatl meat, aad I should bare Immediately proteete l against It baa it hoes "tiered la ay prseaaoe. Not thai I wish to crhtotae aay maa It la oae of the hlgbeat prerogative* ol the Americas people to discuss all publlr measaree aad all public qaastioes tt is the prerogative of every c.tita to orittdae t:e ooadaot of eflictala. That H oae of the great element* of a demo cratle goverameal sad of a free peopie. We hare ail a right to dlacuaa the principles of great men la ofhre We hare a right to rritl*ae their course tt far as I am concerned, I alwaya like lo see that done In a ooarteeua aad impeutfsl manner. That I may diflar with Mr Maray on aome poiata of this tuaatloa la rery tree, I do differ with hint?I differ with him, neeecuviy, aa the Secretary of state of the I]Mad Hutfe?a high aad Impotlaat portion which ovtry true American must reaped, aad whiah I have ao doubt every true American dose respect. (Cheera.) But the Asm* arema to toiak?If I caa ludje from the ttaor or taw ante e?thai becauae I hold aa ?are my com ta their aerv'.le tnmeere (Fleer, bear.) I am wtlltag lo meet Ute vindictive fbeli^s af po IIleal op. nothing aboat II myaeir 1 am In ffcvor of the Americaa people eetabllahlng a go vers mo nt la Nloaragua (Hear, bear, aad lond cheering | I bettevr it m oar rlibt to do ao ?hey waat Aaortten tn?*itetioae there, aad **tab;iab?d there I be'l-ve Walk r baa done all be ro iM da to SS tablWh a government oa free pr oclpl' a aimlUr lo those al oar own (Chora) *nd uthongh th r are HMf preasee that will ear we are flltbnetors. (I do aot osaotiy aaaw the peculiar definition?It la a Hjnnlah word?but I oadsrstand what tt mean* in Amer . a?it meaai that If there la a country open to Americana or aay other people who may go tberr *nd ratahlith a gevsra meat aad upaat what la aot a gorernmant, but the rule of eoml barbariana who hero ths fairest pertlaa of tod* creation nador their control ) ? If tbie cnaaMato a flllb'tstrr I wsat to be oae. (Cheers ) 1 waat the resource of that country developed. Who are to oe if Those fallow* that are half ladlaa, half aegreee aad half bull frog* (I aoghter ) Why, assuredly aot II tt lbs great persevering industry of tho laorloaa apuW which la to develops the great resourcm of the couatry and to eMabllah a democratic republican govern ?sat there (Hear sad cheers ) Aad ws are gotag to dolt, too (Appiaeee) Same of our brs vest apwita bava aoae there; some of nil our arinaia?aa. as aad aeeooiatM Kara gone tloro. aad eome of them have d<ed ta the do feaoa af the Itbertio* ol that country When Walker WSWt there he waa renege I ted aa tho leader of too army Ha made Rlvaa President Bo taatituted aa rtecttea ea the baa'a of oar elect uvea, aad caused a Treeideat ta be elected by the popular vote of Oraaada, J iat the nbm aa wa nobly elected .Tames R?"haaan (tpaisnm.) WlU the Amertcaa people gaiamy that prtaetpie f Why, Greeley would gaiaaar it, beoanaa hi think* there is golag to be a alaTS la there. HI* mind roatlaeatly rua* 00 aagrooo The * Itlto people hare ao sympathy at nil Worn Mm Al leaat I woald Judge ao from hit articlee He la sTrnid that ta golag to be a "Isre state, aad rsr fear or that be la wIlTlag to upmt the whole democ -atlc gov em meat* al tho world Thai tt hi* theory. Perahpe ho thtska ho la r Ight?perhaps aot. I tolnk he la wronj;. My jud|*aent la that a while maa la almoat aa yeod na a segro? (laughter)?and I benev*that lhat i* pretty mach eolahiiihed to have beea the leeilag of ths Awericto peo ale la the 'oat cleetton. (Hear, bear ) If I am wronr la that aetter, T am willing that aay gentleman present should rorrwt ma. I do not want to ohoks off asy maa m he will get up like a man aad al dreta ma r<-apertfnlly f will listen to hla. Now, lbs Kaallai say that we are a eel of flllbiHior*. 1 atk aa latslngoat commuaity lo read the htetory of the world from Ihe lla? that Adam >u a boy sail j<>ha CAPTAIN RTMDKKS' irilCH. id 1 doa'l think it burm me a great deal I care Wl ion bid a con born bare who may be Presltfeat In 19C4 and yon wilt find thai in the history ol the world nil men who have developed the great resources of a country, woo have established commercs and relations bo wet n clrnl/ed countries, who have brought out the gnat resources of all ootintnee far and near, were from me first to the Isst cslled filibusters. We wire called oii buitets here b? England. but, thank Ood, we were a glo r oov set of filibusters who established the American go vernment with democratic republican prlnotplet. And to due lime we will e tabliah the same principles la Men r?gua ond lbs same form of government. And bessuse It was established on democratic prlnolptes Kngiand hai bsckcd np the four different governments in Central America: and they are now trying to cruah Walker, wltti bis latthfol little bind ot followers, the name aathey would crush the United States ir they had It In their power. (Enlbuslssttc cheers.) By what mean* did Eag land scqidre her isst possessions all over the globe How catno she to get possession of the P*st Indlee? Hlis sent commcrclal agenta there?lor what purpoacf Not to esiai'liio trade and commerce between them. No. t> quarrel with the uatlvea. and when thev sought a pre test for a quarrel without just cauae, the English soldier > ?ent in and took away their homes and enslaved then. And (Ley are not called filibusters! I recollect that Queen Victona 01 tiered a day of thankrgivlng and prayer for the victories of hor armies in the Kastern countrtas. That p?es< nted a cuilous spectacle, too?praytrg to the Lord (Iaugbltr.) The English were putting up prayer* and tbankselvioga lor the victories of their arms in India, while the poor Indians were praying to Ood to relieve I bom trom the English. (Bear, hear.) That li true, my frleads. Every litolllgBut man remorabers U very well. The toor Indian was defeuncless, with no means of fight ing, with one man holding up hli gun and the other fellow touching it o!T with a match. (Largh ler.) Why. the English were very brave on that occasion. I'o do th> m credit?to speak the honest sent.miLts of n.y b- art?1 would say that the Eng Hah tie a nation of brave soldiers, as far as courage goes; but u filibusters they ?re worse than we are. That la only a single instance or Fog Hah Ullbustsrlsns, and X only want to show you Ihe distinction between us When our people go down on the borders of our owu coast to establish a transit roots, ana to establish a go vercaent like our own, we are called filibusters and robbtia. and ret the English can come across the ocoaa, jet tbe Mi?-qulU> King?a little dumb foundered n eg roe? and pet tin up, and hold the whole territory?and they are calltd bonnet men. (Cheers ) They say we are olahonest, ana want to.take away the lands ot those pes pie. I wonder how they got these lands? All over the earth thtre la not a solHa-y space worth having that the Ki.plish have not filibustered the nations out of a par don ot them; and then they come bone and pray Ood and thank him that thty were successful. I do not know whttber tho Lord heard their prayers or not. If be d'd I do cot understand tuo Bible oorrectly, that Is all. (Laughter./ Now, It is curious that tho Ergllsb gov-jj anient, which has wrettel trom the nations otihe earth peri ions of their territory, and who has robbed them and enslaved them, should call ns robbers, who t %rrr bave enslaved any nation we have coaquered. In all tha territory gained by the United .^tatee the wboia people enjoy ths same law, the fame privileges, the ta ie ? protection as the Amencsn people do; and they always have done it. Wbo ran sals&ay 11? Except in Kansas, 1 believe. They sbr lekod so much there before the election that now thsrs Is no; a tounry shrltk to be heard from anybody In Kansas. Now, my 'rlends, I have sot a single solitary iiitcrsat in th't matter no more than you have. I have a feeling and sympathy with all my fellow oountrymen there who are blruggltng for iiborty and egaiast tour or five dllerent governnionta, backed by English bayonets, English oannon and Esgllsh provender, ir you touon an Englahsoan anywhere, the English gov ernment goes right In to proteot him I like toe Eegll h government on that account. I wUh our own were to assume the same position. (Bear.) Wehavehat unoQ jad irg citi/ess of our country murdered in Paaaaa, in Uraaa da, and In some other pieces, the d< tails of wblohldo aot r< collect j net at this time. But I do roojliect one thing? that when I read the account of haiplec* women end children being murdered by the semi barbarians In that owatry, It made my blood ran cold, aad I felt as 1! I could bave raised my arm? If I bad been present 1 would have dene it?lor Uieir reecue, or to avenge them. I aay It devolves rm our government to legislate In that matter; whether that la in eenrse ot process or not, I am not taformed. But my feeling as an American cltlz?n is that they shoe id rioelve protection. It Is the buslnsss of the people of New York to oome up and give the material aid. Ihey want lood ami clothing. That Is ths material aid tte) want. 0*1 lent friends of ours from New York are thtre atiivlnf to implant our democratic principles; aad should we "fuse a pittance to them?to men who arc striving to plaat American Institutions ta a govarainent which is favorable to usf Shall we refuselaeee supplier I Inst not. The city of New York Is as much later est ed Is th* in, sad more so, than any outer oa eaitb. ir a go vein meat be ttimlyeetafellafeed there, eoatmsratal tsaa ties will be made, and what city reaps the benefit ot tbeotf Why, j ou all know that the great commercial emporium of the West, the city or New Y?rk, would reap the benefit. Aad should the citizens ol New York. In d. is boar el seed and peril to Walker aad his brave army, stand beck aad meanly refuse to give htm saocdr" I hsk yea If thie Is tbe voice ef New York? ( 'No no **) No; It is not. He men wto appreciates the perils of Walker aad bis breve army?no man who baa a eoul worthy ef laber.ttng aa Aaaertcaa besom, oaa eteal by aad refuse to gl+e someaM to his eaffeting oohairymea. (Hear, hear ) I do not care wba^learaed diplomats may saf or specu late. They may my that It la not proper at this time, that It Is nd a matter ef policy, l oiisy t when your brother le starving to death I 1 repudiate policy. I do set behave It Is right. It pats me la aslad of a 'allow who came along once while a man was beatlag ha father, aad he teroed round aad sai l, ?I wonder whether that fellow la right or not la dotag that " Bat aaother brother oeme aH ihlaed bis root, aad gave the fellow who waa kicking rather a kick, aay lag he would ataad by his (Mber, be <ild aot care whether be was right or wroag. (Laughter.) Do I aay, right or wroeg, 1 aland by Walker, let tke government do what It llkee. (Applause ) How. fellow cttiseae, I did aot meaa whoa I get up to eey much about tha queetioa el aiL My object was krst to laduoe the atKsaa of New York to send eome aid to eur suflrrtag toon try men. No matter waether they are citizens or not, ihey are brethren ta the beert, and we, aa mea, are bound to give taess succor. (Cheers.) Ton cannot txpeti la ia in American cituaa. Be Is there in heart aad rou: an Amencan citron ao In prlictple se In fie'ing, and therefore ae mea having eympatbiee with our race aad with thoee wbo are struggling for freedom we are boa ad to *ive them aid Without questioning the pro priety cf it. I would slay a man who had my father or mother down beeung them and 1 would not a?k whether they wire right or wroag. I would kill him first end then arbitrate the matter afterwards. And an say I will tbeee men. They ask us only toglio them eld, clothe* tokeepoit tbe inclemi nt weather, and lood to keep them alive. They will fight fbr themselves. Will yon rsfsse s itttls aid to thcie gallant fellows? If yon do 1 am more mis taken as to tbe feelings and sentiments or ths people of New York thsa I ever was before on any ojisr queatloa But the very fact that thousands or yea have assembled here to night, la tbte inclement season, with the rain peurlag dowa ia terrente, ihowa that yoa bavesympath with jiur brothers la Central l marine Yoa asms here for what Net to b??r me speak, heoease I am aot very eteqaeni, an<l do not at all mm speak noils to the pur pes* Bat you came here becaose yo i feel an laterset la these men It fe that wbMb baa broagbt yoa here. Tou brerd thai there was to bee meet lag So aend ail to sutler ing Amer. ana la Ntceragua, and yon could not keep awe | Now, I want to Inform yoa that over bore, at tbe corner of Leonard itreit and Broadwev, Ir. A. C. Lawrence, the proprietor of the ft. Charles Hotel, baa generously tsadered touia Urge room as bis own expense, that you may asad aid to Walter. If yoe bave hi got half a dol lar. yoa may sead a oarter I will war real yoa It will be boaeetiy dlipnesd ot. bat to prevent -ail I nilnssai j arts lug. In prereet mea from taking the meaey and ma klag a misuse of It, sead year oiethteg sad roar food there. It le a large storeroom. He takse care oftt at his ewi expense, aad he will ship it towa to ihem at ha own expeeae ((beers) That Is very good for oaedUxsa. ' Now, I intend myssll to give all the aid m my pewer. I In tied to spare all tbe IttUe meaey I oaa. I bave oca tnbuled some, aad I aak yoa all to do the eame If yoe i as notg ve much give Utile, e pair of ihaso aad aaad a ? gnt ?igh|Sh. tar taey have get la^ge Msm there, tra veling through the sead?s weoiion sa n. but Aaa't ssad s red oaa I vederetasid tae el lows dowa thape loe i Ike red naee. they went bine oaee If yen ?nr ? seed e fur bet?they don't wnnt that?eead a ommoo hat, which yoa can bey lor eix shillings. Every men is to oontnbnte bis mite, it is net ex posted that every *aa will ooatribale hie ?10, or $20, or $M>, or $loe Hot every ma a ta the city ef new York wbo reeH an Interest le tbte greet metier, wbo has sympathy with ha fallow ett asas in their greet sulfertegs there, an surely aid a little. If every atae here to sight were now to costnbaie half a dollar s worth of f.od or elothlag, why, it woald be a great help to this people st this tissa That is what wa waat. We don't waat our goverameat to tight with eome ether govarsmeat upoa some qeeatioa which w immaterial to an. We don't ask yon to be arrayed against your gov, for I evaurs you, geetlemea, sever will I my haad stalest the gorernmsat ol siy country or against a met admirlerration of the lawe. (kpiieuae.) But we heve syeipatbiee?we bave bearta for thoee bra tbers wbe ere far from ue let ns arte ad tbe seed of cbertty to them. It Is a antler of bnmanity with me aad that is what brisge ms bore? oo other motive ea earth than a leeitng for my 'fllew oouatrymee there, aa a matter of fee aaHy aad charity, aa?t I hope New York will eel dlograce itself by refusing to send inpptlee to men wee were raised la Sew York. Maey ef them fought for Ibe liDertiee ot tble country eleewbera, esd sre now figbtteg to establish liberty n another Conner It a that which we weei my friend? And II I am not moeh mletakee Mr Wautr and i t army will receive It I appeal te yoa ia their feefeair. leaver saw Mr Walker eor do I ever expect te eee him I heve never beaa le the country of Nicaragua though I have beee oa tte I osat. I never expert to go there. My eole motive is sympathy with my countrymen wbo are -?ner Ing there to aid the ranee of hnmaa ty and lestlce ard hi the end plant the etanderd of liberty the Amerlraa sun.lar I of liberty on the eotl of (iraaade desplie tbe F.egiiib *nd the Kreneh people there. (I.wid applanse ) Now my friend* l have beea called npon by tbe anas mittee who have done me the honor to reqnest me to nemlnn'.e yonr chelrman It has beea castossery la New York in public aeaemhiagee te ptck np some dlTapi-lalsd politician?a fellow that baa rendered greet eervieee to his country?tbe same ee I am doing now?by holding olBce?he most be selected se chairman of a meetlnr be rauee he has grows rich oa tbe emolamesU of oilce Well, I sm generally purtnlag a different oouree. 1 eat going now to propose a geatiemae for ohalrmaa to tble meeting whom it von doe tkaow peeonalty fenknowby tbe recori's H the bauiee Uist he ought, aad where he eealnleed the Amereaa standard hearer n the hat>ie fields of Mexico (I end Cheers ) I will somtnate. then ladles and geallemee with your permission (Jeaeral WMd B. tniatU. (Tfbf^l gfeggftn| ) MPKfcCU O* 0Mh. 1T11D H. BUBNHTT. Cm. Wsim 8. Buhjikii beitig introduced, aldreeeed too Keeling U lOlloWfi ??uow OumiBTMKa -I tbank you lor iha kind manner m wbich you have reoelved the mention of my humble came. We have met to night to expreee oar irmpttbr with our gallant countrymen wbo Iim bee* invited to il tcar^ua, and who having become citizen* of that oonn try and established a govemmeat there are noir aur rouBded by the people of lour other Power who ?uh to di ive them from ibelr adopted borne. We wtab not or,iy to express our sympathy u Amor trans, but to eon tribuie..K:b ni?nn? m snail be In the power of each to give, Im It be according to your ability and tbe want* and ntocHiiy ol the case In the bwtory of our own country, there are no points more Intereeuns than tbine In reference to the eetabilabmeut of the early oolootea from which the thirty one .States have apruug Maaaa chu/ctiH wm obtained by the early Pilgrims, either by cirqoeat or by treaty, and tbeu extended over all the Sim y ?7 kB0,,n M lhe N#w Kntfend 8l*ld. Yon will remember that Jobn Smith extended our rule not only over tbat country known aa Virginia, but over lhe adjoining live Somhweatern States. The most of our territory has been added tn this manner That gallant baud ol men who fought and conquered la tbe extenalon of our rale. J?, I**? ??. *? ahould not denounce ?hoeo men wbo have gone to Nicaragua, for when we de n uiire them, we dononnce those great men who have .l?fCV ,nd established thla territory, whlci ox ttnoe trom Malae to Mexioo, and from the Atlantic to toe raUUc ocean, (Cheers ) Taose great men wbo pro ceded ua and feiabksbeo theae colonies and luiilt up our country. with tbore who followed them and aided In the i{"?iu.1'00- "och u and others, mutt have been filibusters. ? they were all filibusters, so am I. (Laughter and oheers ) If tbey were all fUilbuatera, inrtDf?T? f P*1!6 '? 018 nam# ?f fllibuaier. and feel honored by it To llluatrate this principle 1 wllf narrrete a story 1 told the other evening. A very good f i i ji flreat Britain to fhia country, was giving bis last dinner party at Washington. The President and a Jersey man were present the eubject ol conversation turned upon filibusters. The bogiisn minuter said tbat the Americans were the greatest filibusters la the world, and everybody admitted it "On the contrary," said the ?>? rBey man, "the Kngllah are the greatest filibusters la the world, and for proof of It, look from her little Island to btr postestiona in t very part of the world." "Bat ' said |he minister, "there is a great difference between oar fill buetere and yours. We conquer only whon our govern ment gives us diroctlona to, we act trom the orders of the authorities." "Well then,''said the Jerseymaa, 'we will call youri government liUbuatcrs and ours individual fill busters. ^Now," raid tbe ITesident. "we intend to annex t ^B"ed " "What,' replied the minister is not New Jersey in the I'nlon. '' "1 meant," continued the I resident, "tho island of Jersey, on the Easlish coast " Jerseyman. (to the minister.) "Don't you let the American people know yoa have got a Jersey lu Kngiand, or tbey will be sure lo annex it." (ttreat laughter ) Hare let me read yon a brief sketch of the history of Nicaragua. ?!?r 5 P?r1' ?' more than thirty year*, civil war and bloodshed had divided the people ot Nicaragua, and de vaauttd lia valleys and field*. Theae wan their thJ.'H?.!-'!?11!7 In petty ,e*lov"loe ol "J# leaders of the Slates of I.eon. Hires and Granada, three of the de part menu into which tbe nation la divided for maDtctnal purpoeee. Amidst theee dtaeenelcm ami wars It . 5? onoor.BKfc thing to hear of the exliunca of ?o the republic. Such was tbe cue when North Americana were appealed to to join Ceatiion the democratic ?r liberal President, against tbe atttoka or the aristocrat Cbamorro, who desired to uaurp tbe powers of the government. A party ol American* led K.*n N?ertc*n cflzen, distinguished allkx for scholar ship, urbanity and bravery, went to the a-sistanca or CMUllon and after establish leg blmaeir la the ? citizen of the republla, aa Steuben Montgomery and others became citl of thla country daring lie early history After tbe death or Prceldeat Casllllon and Cbamorro the parties that represented them, and the eccleslaatlimi aciborilieh of tbe Sale, met at Granada, wbere tbey agreed to aettle all their dift'erenoee by making Rivaa prugtonal President or the republic, ind our dutto. f** countryman, Gen. William Walker, Commander. la-Wiaf of the army. To celebrate tbl* occasion all parties e paired to J he Cathedral, wbere high aaass wm solemnized, ant a solemn oath was administered to sustain the terms ef the Convention Gen. Walker was embraeed by the highest ecclesiastical prelate present. . lc*r ener al addreased him a letter or oac i rati; let Ion. One cqpdltloa of ths arrrngement thua itado and solemnized was this, tha. in the event or the death or absence or Preetdabt Riyae, Gen. Walker abould he the acting or Provialonal L'^cnl' A1,5lT" w oeased, and peace was promlaed to Niraragon. Provisional President Riws ordered aa election of President la April, 18W, but before the eiec IMS WM ENMrbftM bv (Wk Kte* and other foreign governments, and the better thai <;?? Walker would be elected, revoked the order for the election and deserted his peaiilsn, which left Gea. Walker tbe Piovuienat Preeldent. ftlrts, Salszar, Ferrer aad Walker war* the several oandidetee. The vote polled "?? f'**1 #Ter oael tor President of the natloa/and WM elected by a^ over whelming majority and bis government recognised at Washisgtoa by the r? icption of Padre Vgtl. About this time many Amertcaas were naturalized, received leads, he aad Costa Kiaa jealous of tbe increaelng power e( tbe Nicaragua govern* ment declared war aad '? death to all No^AmertoS?' In this movement Coeta JUca was seooaded by Gulalt?a.a, Man Salvador and Honduras, and the Malazar, tbe dvll governor of Leaa aad a lew other Nlearagoaas Tnen followed tim itielfMwfck U**' Md #T*" lb* transit cflkce lUelf. wfcu.h lound so aeearlty from the Costa Bican ma. .rr? w*^,thouth onr own f'o'too* Hag wee nueed upon tbe building quickly In succession them various batiios oocered with the combined forces aad meaas oC th* ?*? s,,te? of Costa Ktca. Granada, Sea Salvador and Hocenrs* with lhe history or which yoo are all laminar. {* "? cl baltlea, the Transit line was sgaln re ved. Tbtee combleations against the goverasMal of Nicaragua have b?en secotded by a few Nlcaraguao Ihnaten todeUy the eaUoUshment ef^ril and rtltgloaa rieedom aad good government In Mows gua ao<i to IBi' ct serious Injury upon onr fi How oitiwlJ Wbo have been Induced to emigrate ihitber. Almoet every American thai baa been taken prisoner b* tbe combined forcee of CosU Blca and the other States Las been cnially murdered, and more recently we have having been committed upon the belpiees women aad obi Mr en or our country ices which impel ua to call Amerioar to the ruscue I aunpoee 1 need do no more than real this brief acooual oi the hlitory ef Nicaragua. It would be aumaieat to In duoe me again lo take tbe field, If I ha I not a family de , ((;h*V" > 11 ^ for us to llMt Amsrlfaas there are in want of rood aad cotbing. Tbat tbey have ammunition and arms as well as courage to use them la defeadlng themselves, we have tw&rJ 'eeson to believe list us, than, help them all we ran. I am willing to do aU 1 can.aad the spiAtyouhaTJ shown la coming out such a sight at thla, amidst tbe pouring rata, only expresses what yen are willing to do The following IM of oflloera was than read aad ap proved;? vtca nantm. Jo*i*k W Brown, Witney Oakamltk, Willi** Mi*-,. Andrew J MrCarlv, Andrew Sheabaa, lobert Doeaell, Oka Clancy. ! tlfllM* W AltaHH .lobe McKibbta, Jr.. v'tmuel Ixmg, Henry D. Johaaoa, A iron B Botltae, Jiom R iroham. Fdwtrd C. RrOonnei:. Mich Ml Tuamey, '.forge Okulfletd, John Oartrey, ' *tb*Di*l 8 SM>y. f Ijah f. Prmty, Ibcnu MoSpwddoa, r?ai>* Ri .l?mee B Dm*, Tiowm Byreee, Htapbee reake, David o'Keeft, Jr., ?an* Ryer, Iweae^Cey, Joe. L. Taylor, Jina 1. Rltey, imM B. Tay'or, w. m tw**J, TbsaiM I ma lap, War frake, ?eo r ti R?ckd B. Ca Mward 0 Wm*/ naa. R. Hetevaa, Pe*er Mia, And raw NcahlU, .joka Tipper, Wm. P Mctioruiiek, Horatio N. W1M, |P Treadweil. lea H Ring, Charlee I ftertraad John R Rrlgga, Mward Cooper, llwaM Roger*, ?toorge I later. W ilium N. Browa, CbartM Miller, Henry WoaOey, saw eel Hrevoort. Pctar McDeratei, CfearlM Meade, John Wbeater, Jual'i* W. McCenkey, William Mulligan. <r%n n or tmi how. \ trill Whac?Ml, Mlahael Murray, Tboaaa N. Oarr. MrkhTABiaa. John Crelghtea, M. C. Doaohae, Fluory < loaa, Rebei11Jan, Jibn Itaaalag, A lax aad or Macon. John orr, W. M. Cook. K. L. Doaaelly, Oliver Hlobai d. Thomae ftlggln*, .(??Me Hug bee, l oka D. Moiiregor. APPtLTOM OA*aMITH, RZ VIM i-m op nicaraooa. C> i *ti naa ab? rti; ? -t CmmTkn. la preaaatlag to yon the reaotuttoee ?< i I bare baaa called apoa to r ?ad to atgM, N Might i < efMMI (a <w*1?eraUee of the coaaectMl I have bad awn the goremmcnt efWoarnfua, that 1 ahonld make aoiae remark* naoa Ita preeeat part ttoa, coadttloa tad proa pee la riach, geatleaMa, la no w aiy purpM", We have m-t here tonight for ai ordinaly purpoee aad I know that I ahall be believe I wb?a I declare that no ordinary purpoM would have brought me here tonight I wm compelled ti romn by the (troagMt motive* of humaaitr that oaa actuate tbe bamaa heart. The role* or thoae ftnJfertag oom oar -euntrymM, la Maar*gua ralla to me aad la now rlagiag la my ear* I kaow that I *m la lome nieaaare reepoaatble for their preheat po*itloa and I would be tortured forever with tb# thoagbt of tbeir *uffl?rlagalf I did not do all la my power to rescue then. The qaeeMoa you are called apoa to decide t? eight may be divided lato two poiate. Oa the one band, we are called apon ta raacae our tm (faring ? onatrymen, oa the ottoer hand to deoide what bar the tide ot AiMrtcaa progreM which Imm gaae m Our ta Nlca raru* ahall be rolled back or not' lie* yetra ago the ration of Nicaragua, wbea they war* a provtaoe of Rpala, predated one of tbe moat inhllme aad beautiful appearance ta the world. rich prMpamM fertile aad happy cltiee ipriaglag daily lata rr late nee. the whole laad flanrMhlng hke a (tardea But the people were eaalaved by old Hpala. Tbea they rcae for thetr liberty, then ease the ravolatloa they atruagled a long time to be free and were *Htm?tn?y BoeMfnl. Vm, gentl' ?n tbey ?m t* i, deaca, and la 1121 the Ave pro, ?<??* ot ( cb' v Aaii-ra ixoena frta ?o<\ ikC?i^ailiat t*f o, 3ii * i*.->jti? who have been orcustomed to be ruled aad to oab*ll to

vwry law tarpeeed upon them t.y tttelr ifruli are not capable of *eit goveraaient They are aeoustomsd to look up otbera and obey?they know not bow to rata. Civil dtaeutkms sprang op, there waa do ooncord, OM paity flew to arms to aupport their claim* aad the other emulated tb?tr example, tor thirty yearn that beautiful country was torn by intestl&e war, and given over to ruin 1m* than a year ago an element of inability, o-dor and Improvement wai introduce*' among thorn Walker anil other Americana bein^; turned went there, wore vie toriotn and established republican principles They ele rated Walker to tt* highest position In the gift of the people. Bui the surrounding nations, jeaioua not o Nicaragua bat ot the Americana in that flute, take up arm.- to drive out those pi opie whom God had aent there to cIvUm and improve the nat'.ve*. For the very rea son that theoe hostile nation* are oppoaed to oar country men who are struggling for those principles which every one or j?u weuid be willing to lay down your live# tj maintain, for that reason sbould our countrymen b) sustained Yea, before those de*pot* shall crush them, I tell you the American people will go there to a man to suciatn them. (Loud cheering.) Granted tbat Americans have a right to be there, what. then, is their feient position ? Never before. In my whole life, have leit more deeply than when I reflect upon the one thousand met. struggling there. I declare that Henning sen present? an object of deepest admiration and solici tude, with hie banner still Pnng to the wlnda?with hit brave mes Mill raising their rallying oheer?still nobly defending their adopted land, anu defiantly waving the Ntcaisgusn flag above thom to Gen. Walker (Cheers ) (.0111 It men 1 declare we are false to the prinolpleu o) our government If we leave them there to suffer and die a terrible death without going to their resoue. I hare the faith to declare, and I will k ake my life upm tt, that the American peop e will never permit 1L To day it wai my (ortnne to . ee the wire of one or thoie olHsers who is struggling there, and imagine her feelings when the known tbere is no hope for ntr hatband unless It ones fromjtu. She told me that those noble principle* wbirn lie is defending were born in him with his earliest breath, and If be should die lighting for ?<> glorious a caute she cor.'d only wish, wo man as >ne was, to have shared bis noble tato. There is another instance which will be worthy to be mentioned in bietory. A woman came into my offloo oao day and said: '? Can you tell i.e sir, if a oertatn youth went to Nicaragua on such a day." I turned to the re cord* and lound that he had gone He went there for the tame reason that more than oae half of the young men go tbere for, namely: to redeem himself trora 'he follies ot his youth, and to win lor hlmtelf distinction and an honorable Nino She said: '-Can't 1 go out and join hl'uT" I told ber she had better remain here, but her maternal tenderness overcame her fears, and sho went. The boy h?d gone to Niuiragua. but dlod oravely fighting with hi* face to the lot?died like a hero. The mother arrived thoie but n was too late to receive the last words of her boy. Tho Americano In Nicaragua are the children of tbiB soil; tbey are the children, 1 might say, or this flag, and ihat Hag, tike the protecting mother, ahoiild ex t? t,d lis brood 'olds over th'ni, and shield them, whatever may bo their fanlte Gentlemen, 1 have the pleasure of reallsg to you tho following Vm-OLUTIOKO. Whereas. In all times ot national emergency?In all limes of dUa.->te,r and misfortune, whether Mailed upon the children ot cur own soli or upon those of other lands?whether I' be by famine, by penUlenea, by the disasters of uomiooeieful war lure, or by ihe groin esiam'les of ibe element*?the citizeas of N< w York have always been the lirst to respond to e\ ery call, w he her It be lor the common good of their country or in be hail' ot thu oppressed and soiled ig of every clime; and whereas the recent advices from Nicaragua have revealed to them ihe f ict llutl at least one thousand ol taelr fellow coun tr jn en, struggling there In behalf ot a principle which lies at llie very root ot all our Institutions are now- surrounded by an overwhelming force, who are waging a^ainsi them a war iit extermination, and unless they receive Immediate succor or a*si*iance. either from the government or people of this conn II 1, are in launiMMt danger of being massacred to a ruan. and whereas, the struggle now pending in Mcaragna la one wUloh In Its Issue la to determine, under republican laws and inatuu lions, ti.e peace and prosperity of that country, and through tbat coudttion of peace, prosperity. law and order, as clt srly promulgated ana guaranteed by the government of Ueui ral William Walker, the legitimate 1'tcaideiit ol Nicaragua, into determine the commerce, citaetndttp aud political supremacy ot ihe unl'ed States upon u-la continent, and especially it* the foreign governments of Costa K|c?. Guatemala, Honduras aud Km Satvador countenanced and supported by one of the strongest i'uwers of the world, have combined to destroy those Interests and violate those rights, therefore Kesolred, thai we oialm, as one i>1 the llrst rights of Ame rican gBganoMp, the privilege of 8J mJlng our aid, our sym pathy, and support to all claates and all people who are strug gilng in behnli of their natural rlgh a. or who are suffering Iron calamity or misfortune, am! more espeeia'ly do we claim tills privilege and Una rl?lii when such aid Is required in the d'fei oe ot ibe lives und the principles ot American citizens heaolved. Ihai the people ot the lulled rtates?m lUe urm belief IhM .nc course oi rrcsule-t William Walker and his aascclate* In Ni< kiagua, Is the only conns ca'en'aled to bring peace and prcspetn to that unhappy ttWSBy, and to e d ah'.tah there a Ifpuhlic *Per the nvslel M OOP own? are deeply inte rested i* hiaau. resa. apd U14L while endorsing In i*a nwa Uta , progrtiMte and emtifWy MMrtflM p^ilpB* wMTn.ive nu tted ids caieer. thev pledge tbenis% .? to snaualo him to tie future, in the advancement of the aatec high' and liberal alie*. Re?olved. Tliat there Is no law. and we repudiate tay eon struction oi any law whether written upon our atatnto hooks, or bearing no higher authority than an eaeiuUve proclaim tion, which can, or which shall, eipalriate American elUzena. hesolved, I hat wherever our cotuitr>-mea may go whether in the pursuit of their several calltnga. in the prosecution of pri gretsive meaaures. In the devei.ipemmfa and dissemlna tion of Ire., and liberal principles, or In 'he aid of a people at; nggllng to be tyee, the? have a right to go; aad if. wfitleen 'agedbi such noble and disinterested enterprises, misfortune ihotikl befkil tiiem. they have a double claim upon our sym pathy and supper. Re-olved, That the people of the United States eordlally ap prosoefthe course pursued by the lien. .lohn II Wheeler, ate Minister of the L'nlted sUtea to Mie iragna. uel tliat he Is eminently deserving of prmae for ihe high sad liberal stand w hich be took for the defence and propagation of American intei > sts In that uusrter. hesoived. That 'he i ame of American citizen shall entitle eviry one who bearsHlnaferetun and. whatever may be his misfortune* or hta fau'ta. to the prot, ctlon of the national tlag, and that we hoid, and will ever hold, the admit,latratx>n of thi* getetnment i esponslble for the iaimfulfuliilment of thla great in<! mportant principle Resolved, 1 hat the cttlaet.s of !>ew Tork have twtoe before called upon the administration tif this government for anne liecioed action tn regard to the eold hlond>s| butchery bv the CofLi Blcsn* ot unarmed ami d>-tenceles* Amertean cltl/en* at Yir-tn ISay. and now, tha* to the kmg ouaiogu* of unro drt ssed grtex anoes are added the Inhuman uuisler* ef non tey AMrican cttl.-ms and ot help lev women anil iauoceat chl:dr?n at Granatin and elsewhere In .H.-aragna, we utheai tatinsly declare that wa consider It the imperative duty of the '-hisf kiecuUve of this republic to atlopt prompt and vigorous irraiuren. if no' tool tain redress 'or tne past, a: least to pre vent a repetition of tbnee sanguinary and brutal scenes. Resolved, Tbat we consider tt neeeeaary, not only for the protection ot'Uie lives an.I proper:> of American cltiteua. but a mi for grave and weight* reason* of national Interest that a naval fmc? be at on^e despatched to Pan Juan dt I Norte anil Nan Juan del Nur, and that the e mmai.dttra of those vessels he Inati uctetl to protect at all haMrda, and under every and all clruumstancea the lives and property of Ainnriean clU yens, who tiiiy be at>|oiirnlng In Itlearagiia or passing from ocean iooc>4n on tlis great transit route; snd. that the peo tile of the I'niletl feta'cs will support Hie rresldmil, as ihelr i 'bisf fcecnttve and the < '< mmander In chief of tli? Armv and Ravy of the t nl'ed state". In any stetn whlcn he may foel called upon to take In the defence of their n tonal rights, and m the niewr and support of any oC their countrymen, where ever anil whenever they may be In danger or suffering from misfor une or oppressor Resolved, Thai in tb? present critical position of Ike brave \mericana In .Nicaragua, the yortwinnent and people <if the T'nltrd states shonld louse sight of all emiatderaUotM oinept 'hose tshicli have for'lietr end Uietr speedy succor or son p rt; and that neither the government or U>a people of the t'nltfd 'tales should be deterred by mat', rs of policy, or dills fences of political creeds, or by say other cause whatever, torn giving them timely aid. Reeolvetf. Tbat no more solemn appeal could be made to the l eople of ihla country than the ?t>ectvle of one thousand of our tellow nountrymen, bone ot our bone and tteah of our t . ?h, surrounded ny an ovsrwhe mlng tome of savage and reientlsss foes, suffering from fsmlae and prliatloa, nod In bottrly dank-erot eitermina'km. and that In ihelr present ei tiemity those brave Amertcnns in lflsnragiui have n right to look to thla eotintry for aid. sbd we, the rtti/ens of Jfew Yor?. hereby declare, that whl'e we respeetfnily and firmly call upon this government in laterpoee tn theur bet>alt, we claim the right, sod win ctexciss K, of giving IhflM such moral. ?S c nntary and physical ait I as will result, not only In their Im n ediste reHof, but aim m their ultimate and uiumphantooc oeaa rrr.gcB op sin. i>crr orif.v. '?es?ral Dnff Groon waa Introduced to tho aadienoe aad received with wttk (root applause. Bo spoke as M (i?II? 1 hb ? ary oacxpatfadly calUd apos to ad ireaa you tkii fvMuju l una M |U mm| u Mm (TOW thoaewlM ? mm dlNCl MMIIlM great aabjcat which yaa >ninl to coaatdar (tea atjraeif, to be laatrncMit Mttttl aaaaanrea which war* beet cal calataa lo prcmole the welfare of tboaa who ara aoa atraggllag fbr liberty la N'?^wafaa. II baa baaa argad that what I irttht hava la ?av would bate aome Influence ta promoting tea great object for which lb J mtatiag waa calUd. 1 ?m BOW aa old Ban aad Mve takra a TWJT active part Tor aome j'?-? la tha alfalra o( tbia coantry My aior baa htooaaa aasawhat identified with fee oaaaa of tba 4c morratic party throughout tha Taltart tftaue, aad tba < tarjc baa baaa br?a?bt agalaat me that I waa on# of tb? llrat i hboalara ta the mted eiatea (tVara ) It say ba wall baowa ra yea that it waa at ay laataace, 'ftroacb tba letter* which I wn*e from Loadoa to ' reatdrnt Tyler, that ho waa proaptad to opaa a aajatia itoa for tha aaneiatloa ol Texaa. which reaaltrd In the ananxattoa of that ooaatry. I tbiak ibara ara vary law aow who look poa the la u r**ta which hava baaa da sloped by the aaaexatioa ? r T?xaa. who wonld have the boUaeaa ta rtae up la thta ar aay otbar aaaaaably, aad iay that the goverameat did wrong in aaneciag Oxaa Ha far from that, the qaaatlon la aaw, wbathar Texaa a ball ba permitted to go off with tha otbar lloa tbara Naira If they waat tataka thair depart ara Tbaaagaa tlaaea la tha North who were ao much oppoaaii to tba annexation of T? saa ara aaw ready to ge down with Mr l?a?oaeta ta prev*at Ita gatag oat of tha Uatoa. I am owe ot tboee who belleva t* a npertatendlng Pmrtdeaoa. 1 waa taogbt la my ymiih to read tba lilble aad baBera la the trutba which tt Incnlnetee. I there laaraed that tt waa the pnrpaaa et ?id ta build op a ration prapar alary to tba Art' '-oming of tba Maaatah. That aattoa waa Ml chorea prople, tba Jaw*. Tbay ware led oat of tba wtl deraeaa to tba promiaad laad, aad It baoaoM tbatr duty to eiterntaata tha ahabltaala of that country Tha Jaw* ware flllbnatara who ware aunt tbara by the gorerameat of 1 -co lor the pnrpoaa ef aaaktag the redemption oi ma pnaathle. <>od himtelf a?nt torth the Jewa that they might take poeataataa of tha ooantry for tba porpoae of pranringtM way ror the aalratloa of maa. We are told ;a Holy Writ that there la ta ha a arooad aaw tag o| the Mr* at eh, that tbara la ta ba a time when tha a word ibal be roarertad lato tha piooghal are aad wbaa peace (bail prevail throughout tba laad. Hat aa the few* bad to f'.abt, aa thay bad to ga forth aad maat tba Iblilatlara aad aiaka war thai thay might pre para themael \ aa (tor tha flrat rearing of the Mere tab a It k feaad aeaeaaary that tb? Or* pel then be carried with tha awn**: tt ta (band nccaraary 'a the frrrtdenoe of flod that the heathee unall ba etterm rat/d or a*?e hmittt nndar tha mild lain ?r,r.*?rf ?l>e M trr ict wlih the vhlte ran- t b't ??e ?hat If1'i 1 tie -r.?M ?? ho rr*ai<|h? ? ra awna *t4 w*f? **'. y'litfd bam t? t*a **#\j ?*? reiltc ??!'?i il? t? cif r ; i u?.? m <f? w n muca accurasy that laan U enabled to determine their poaitl"o in tbe heaven*? I believe lust He who created man Md made U hla duty to inhabit ttte earth, ua Used lawa by which hi* oondaot here is to be regulated?are known by the recoro or IUm will gtvea in tbe Holy Sorlpturee and by tbe Indications ol lijs prevtdanao. I be iiave that when you c?me to look at the conflict and bloody ware that bare deaolated tbe earth, yeu will Had tbe hand ol God in tbem in promorng the cauae of(!.rn tlanity tbrcugtout the world. 1 don t believe He (are us a while hoe for nothing I believe He bolltupthe Canoasiaa race for the purpoee of promoting the great cau?e of Ohriktiai Ity; and he is lalse to hid 0 rim tor and falls to discharge bis duty who doee not come forward on m oecaelon like tbn and Hand by his own. (Applanee. You bave beard ol late, gentlemen, a great deal abou oitec lving tbio I'nioo . y ou bavo heard something ubou the revival of tbe niave trade; you have heard of inedeep excitement which baa run Iroiu oae end ol the country to the other; brother has been ar"eyed against brother, neisfcbor apalnst neighbor, and seollon against section. ( an one o' thoee wbo do not despair of tbu t'nlon. I don't believe their Is coal enough In the Allrghanlcs to make sufficient luaiD to explode it. I believe that there is a good purpose in this agitation. When 1 myself Celt it my outv to go forward ana take a part In this discussion I found that the Intelligent demcerati of the North were rtady to stand by the Boom In the maintenance of their rtgh g, from one end of tbe com try to tbe ot'ior. (Cheers ) Oue cbject I bad in view In standing before yea to night, is that xuppoalng wba' I (ay weald be reported, and m*y go lorth upon tbe wings of the wind by means ottbe press. Is that I may aay to the Soath be true to yoar seive* and there is no need of dissolving the Union." (Applause ) Now, gentlemen, I must be (rank to Bay that, if I bad bad the drafting of those reso'ations which have been so cordially reoeived by yon this evenlog, I sbould not have framed tbem in tbe language In wnloh they are couched: but upon tbe main purpose and spirit which those resolutions bave In view, 1 cordially unite. Stand ing as we do. looking on upon things as they appear to nr. it is lmooaelb>e for ua to understand all the motives which regulate the conduct of tbe go rernment. I, as an individual, ask myself, with the knowledge which I a ready possess, should nit I take Walker by the band and sustain blm? (Caeers.) Vet 1 do not know what Is the nature of the Information which tbe government bas. and, therefore. I >n not disposed to censure them at present. Hill*, gentle men. 1 know that ours Is a government of opinion; and I know, too?because I bave lived at Washington?that the voice of tbe pcoplo coming out Irom a meeting like ibis is heard and it it at the national capital. Hense I would bave you ex pre it your views with all the force wh'ch it Is posiible to give them, so that they may bave their influence, not only tn Washington, bat through out tbe world. (Applause) I am an American citizen, and bave been In Europe, and have bean the proa lor of being no American citizen when I waa there (Cheers.) 1 believe that the earotnal purpose wbljh the Almighty bad in building ?p this government was that wn might be channels tn propagating tbe truths of the Gospel, and in rprcadlng civilisation throughout tbe world. I regret to ? ay that 1 bare botn compelled to t'erl, when abroad, tbit the government of tbe I'nlted States does not stand op tn tbe support or ber ci turns aa she ought to (A voice??? that'i It.'-) I will aay still ^atore. gentlemen, that Great B.itian as we bave been told to nlgnt. is a governmental filibuster and 1 am one of thise who feel proud that I derive my pedigree?ao to apeak?from that little island; because next to the people of the United IStnits?next to our government, they are preferable to all olber nation* and to all other governments. (Applause, aad great hissing.) Tbe British people are always true to their own countrymen. (Renewed expressions ol dl approbation ) any one ol them sneal In any part or the earth, and they are rtady to ran, like a parcel of p'gs, to assist him. (A voice?" Only an American could atay thore.") I waat you to remember, gentlemen, that this la a leading trait in the British cba ratter You sbould also rally to tbe support of yoar own people?those wbo are born on year soli aad ap prove or your pricolplea, and aid in tbe great causa ot civilization and Christianity. You should not stand and sae your follow country men butchored by the rival iateresls of other (Overnmenta. Mow that 1 Mve ?ald ao much for Great Britain, let me say a Uttle agaiaat hor. Per baps I will picas e you now. (Uapt. Rj nders??' Give hsr a fair shake " An uprorlons burst of laughter followed lb la classical expression of the Captain ) Great Brttaia, with a territory not so largo as Now York atd Pennsyl vania. lias a population nearly (qua) to the ( sited Slates. Ht-e basbeen so much of a filibuster that sh^lnacoa traded a very large debt,which bears an Interest ol three Br cent, aad is a charge upon the ladastrv of Great ltaln ot one hundred and fifty millions ot dollars per annum. It la aeoesaary that govaruneot pay khl tntor est upon the debt, or It breaks dews ; aAi every man aeqealnkd wtta bualntaa knows that If a man la la debt, and hla expense* are more than hla income, he will noon run to tbe wall. Great Britain tin da It necessary awn js therefore It (a noceetary that ahe sell Mr merchantlaa at a profit which will enable ner aet only to pay interact upon the debt bat to earlob 1Mr peop*e (A \ otoe? " What has that got to do with Nioaraeaa r' ) I will tail yon pniently, replied Gen. Green. (Our reporter could not catch Caft. Kinder'a soliloquy at thla janoture.) fcegiand ft end It OKessyyjo get a market for merobaa disc, and ahe ft undli la lodiA. and every aation that has esjoyed the commerce at India baa bean earthed. When Great Britain aaw that Russia waa liaptos* V> make pro frees la India, she unltod whh Prater '? make war with Hussla and toclos* ap the Baltic see. ike aaaa that the transit by Nicaragua to Oaliforaia la s?ding the outs merce to as, aad tbtrefor* aha la dtepeeed to thrown her influence agaiaat Walker, becaaae aha baUavea tha Walker, with thoae that are aaaoetaled with him, will sympathiaa with us aad we will be benefitted by the oom mtrce of Nicaragua (Cheers ) Is that enough of Walker for Jos ? Do yoa understand that (?> tToa are right now" and applauso.) If yoa aaderstaad that tats la tbe parpens of Knglsnd and Franc?, I will not aay much relative to the rivalries that a let here. New York la icing aomethlng stalest Walker. Yoa have a Paaama In opposition to a Nicaragua rone, aad are about to make a railroad across to the Pacific. Do yoa not suppoee that these par ilea interested ia the rival route will aot oae their influence to break down Walker because he has another route? Certainly they will. Will yoa set by and bear of the caiamttlaa which are falling upon your brothers who bave gone forth la a holy and just cause, aad not go to ihelrreliefr I think not. Wiu yoar government stand by wtth the (beta standing before them, which It Is tmpoaalble to conceal, that Kranoe and England are combining together for tbe purpose ot re lying tbetr lorces to crush Walker, and thereby destroy iho Influence which we are eatlUM to have upon the Isthmus.' Do you think our govsrnmeat will refose to giro atd la tbls movement" Is tt not prorer tbai yon dtola-e yoar bellet that it Is the Interest of Uita government to rtcognlze Walker, and reader blm the aid wblob tboy can properly give aa aeatrater The rpeaker then took bis aeat, aad waa greeted with ap ple ate. At the conclusion ol ILs foregoing speech, Gen Wuk*t, of Loui.lana, tu introduced, ud spoke m follow! (iunwn-If 70a will allow me the prerogative ol a ?oldler. I will ctll lor a little maslc to begla with. (Lvigh ter and applause ) Incompliance with the speaker's request, the band ?track op the pcca tarly appropriate air of "The Boll Soldier Boy " which waa greeted with three cheers. When siUdoo waa restored Oea. Wheal proceeded to al creea the audlcnoo aa iollo?? ? I adlrs and tieatlraea? I begin with aa apology for nail ing for music, and aa a so dler I know yoa expert aoaie thing from me bat yo-t ma t let me open my nine 1 hy taking a very uascldierllke position?by ts<iuiging la a drink of water to begin wib. (I.angbter.) T lake It, however gentlemen merely tacltanae ray throat, for I NMlM any other use for tacb aa article. (Rooewed laughter ) As I am sow a boat to make a very intern pe rate lectare yoa will eicnae me for making so tatimpe rate aa exordia*, (l-augtiter ) la other words I ap p<ar bilore yoa to eight aa Ui? tremble, t^oagb true aad devoted mead of Wl'taa Walker. II was ay pieaaate to kcow him whea bat a bey. Hit brother was aty chom la ollrgt?hto father waa my mead?hla poor Bother, who baa gcae heme to the bright land of spirits, was ay mead, too. That brother who waa aocear to *?> mi 11% MM twatea er MUrtaaa year* ajo, la VsebTine. TyanesJee, baa MM away, aad bta irigbt ?ptrtt haa gone ?o the Uad that fhra It btrU. I knew hia wall, aad there are gentlemen abott me ?bo know how wall I loved him Ify aar'isat love, my eirltset i?ty wrre rapt arcuad thst family; aad Ball do I r imisiber, wt en bu a jnakir, how that gallant boy, that a?w aaada eo proedty 1a a foreign laa<l, grasping as be doss In oaa band the liberty, the honor aad the prestige of oar aa Una. I oaoe *aw bia wielding nothing bnt his maaoecrp* *s aa humble scholar Krea tbea ba gars aa earnest of what he waa made of, and at the early age of fifteen years he taught the doctors, as they stood aroand htm, to judge hla, aad then leering hla ahmm ma-'er he went to Europe, where. In the oldest echools among the doctors 01 medi ciae, he learaod that which made hla a dealer oa hie retara. among the beet of ns name back to Neehrtile at twenty two years old, the a net aoootnpllahed surgeon that ever vie'ted thai city. Hsvti* ma?'ered thai prrfee stoa. snd flrdiag It ant enough to satisfy that gigantic mind, be aid to hla father oaa morning?that father who looked upon hla aa the bright star of ha hnaaa ha said "Father, I hare mastered the eateaca of medic I ae?I know what maa m aade of. and all a boat hla-1 aa per rectly fattened?1 hare mastered the medical p rot eeaioa, aad now I want to he a lawyer." The lather mengbt the boy waa aad aad la repbed, "Wlliuua, 1 tboaght yea were gclag to practice medicine?1 hare sent yoa a Ka rope, "here you have b?en among the looters of the < 'Id World, aad I waat yoa now to aeel the doctors of the New *' These who kaow lieaeral Walker oaa ap prcctete what ha eald a reply:???'Father ' said ha, la bm owa so lei way, <1 have mastered that; I waat aoaathiag more " That pare spirit had taksa la everythlag la the eoirace ol medtctae? he wanted mare, thereftws, aad ha t iraed a the law. Hla father, acoordlagly, eeat for all them he w IMT aw, nw l?*BWj a*?asa *?l Ml I law hooka a the Soalh, aad by the stady of 1 bacaas aa aooaafMfeM ki|a, aad shoae the aoat brlWeat men of tfte bar. Bat yea woaid suppoee that sat ta fled with all bat bo ' After bevtag peeaod throagh the greatest ttsasaiuus kaowa to oar age he became aa editor, aad criticised sot only both those prnfaaelaaa, hat the real of the world He thee weat to Ma Fraacteaa. aa there, brightest end noblest of oar land ta or* where true ta lent aad gestae aa upoa a proad araaa, he onaboae them all aad bavtag attalaed a proad smlaoaea that ha did la Pan Frracteoo, aa the real sahodtaaat 01 tme re rmb'traa liberty, he Mid, 1 bare eel yet nbtolnal esoogh f?n-r1 *sd where dll he ro* ! now call apon yoa la fnl?ei? ntbeb1 ta?w of the world.?eainh a'lita ea-oJs _ ?? Ha< % to ibs t'f?'"i tb? aobtait horeee?ia aa A'?i l,a<n wtc*a all tlt? Urtrkt wortliippcd? aad toil me ot ? nlngln hi that ever achieved the triumph Mat Wl Unas Walker actievad with tort/ men?to conquer ? whole empire He weal down to Sooora, tlioae ??? tolas loaded wnb gold and aliver, nad he aatd to hM country men, come aloof with ma and I wlU nhow ;m more gold Uj?b you can i l .tain in California. With fortr men he established biouatf, and proolaimed an empire, but was not sustained because the Itlihy I nor* in California kept away thoee spirits that might have none to hla neristunce. Judging tbem by Hiomeif he tbought they were mot actuated by suoh eordld motltt* bui that they would come to bis assatance Now, da you know tha animal I liken him to from thia Ume era.' more" lie Is Hke the tarantula prenenting always oa ail occ*t'0hi a bold front to his fot* alwaya pruieoiiug km friend*, aeli-sustaisinjr. alwaya able to sustain auv prln clpla be choaee to adopt When he feond ha was act ?ujtamed he mate with his tarty men, the moat magait ccnt, the moat strategical movements that hare eiea been accomplish* J. Ba retreated to the frontier, trewtlnns hla own country, carrying with him hla mar and ail his friend*, and planing thorn among their own countrymen, oa tbair own aoll. unmolested. (Applnain.) IW?? me from this puniilon wben he went with forty six me*, by invitation Into Central America wherf unaided nad Kuaaetaled be achieved* the brllliart victories with wbteh you aie all familiar. As to hla history Qroaa that time to ihta I will not attempt la portray It, but hla conduct baa been sucb that ha has at tracted the Brat, the boat, the nobieet ot our land, net withstanding the opinion of a oertoiu periodical of UMn city. Now, gentleman, I w ab to ask yau a wimple quannin. ia the face ot tha deaundaUonof yesterday In thaioertMn periodical, which la nameleaa, bu. which Is well know*. When New York was called upon to sustain tha mm?I honor did aba not send the wine s?rt ot inea to ansUM Ik tbat abe aent to William Walker (Qrlea of ??Yet, yen."> A iiueatkw has been raised?they say tbat be has aa s j 111 path laora? Captain &y?dbk??They lie. Gen Wiuai?Tbey say be has no sympathiser*?that he has naae in the North, and that they are oontasd an tbe South. Now. 1 am a ?Southern born, but I aisure yoa I bave seen tbe chivalry of Htutb Carolina suite to oat strip tbe boj a of New York in charging up Ohepultepas; and 1 alao assure you tbat It was, to use the comnoa phraae, "hip and tuca." between them. (Applause) rfball It be said?shall It be published to the wortd?tfent New York, the mistress oi commerce, the proadquaea aa she Is glittering with jewels, proud of her beauty and har wealth tbat while she gives millions at home to her eww children she refuses the crumbs tbat fail from her taMe tc ber own brethren in a lirotgn land (Cries of '? Nn, no," and "Never.'') 1 answer never for jou I kaaw what your response would be. Would to God, instead *4 this bright and brilliant and Intelligent aadtnnce, Ike whole ot tbe city of New York could be here ta night te give, as they alwaya do, their aupport to a gtorioaa, a noble and honest causa. At thia moment the brave, the gallant, high souled, noble and ohlvalrto Honningnen is yet, I beleve, hsnglag out his banner on thaoater white and although with a garrison reduced to two hundred men h e cheer* tbem on. He siys, " My brave boys don't think o! h-eager men don't live by bread alsaa ' He tells them to look out for aid, and they are looking to tbat harbor trum whence they expect tbat suocor, whim I swrar sbsl go to him. (Knthuslastic applnuM ) Loo* at Wlillam Walker as the true American, who has nn? talned the prestige ol our arms, and lay shall we not help hitn? Thank God It la going from New Orleaos, which is sending outgtwo thousand volunteers (cheers), and wbeta sbe does so much New York shall not be found waa Mag; for in the coming week stores, ammunition, all tbe forass of war, aa well as trus men, are poln^. too; aad I say k with true reverence?by God. I have but one rsmsra to make, which Is th s, and you will excuse ma for Mnk lrg It whrn 3 on know 1 am the eon of a minuter, and ruber well read ia scrip!ore lore, whan t make this Has pie appeal to you all?to you, tba wealthy oaea, I must tay the rich ol thia world?tbono who clothe themnnivea is fine linen?seldom come to the asaistanoa of thos^ ta distress; it is to the poor, the noble. It Is to thsaa tl at I would appeal?to the poor ? laboring men of the city. 1 now tbat each und every nun in this house glvas I Mi tiling up as high aa he caa, and I feel certain thai aa man will leave this houne without contributing mm tbmg And I also propone that thia money shall banned In tbe purchase of pork and beans Oral, aad powder aad ball next, and let thoee Americana who have aot messy to give?let them go along wlib us to help our ountry men who ere now in distress. I propose that some per tons go round now. Here a portion of theaudlenoe worn moving townrdn the doer, when Captain R/ndsr'a called them hank " Now, oon't go ont yet," raid hn. " That wsa a rtnh man.-' "Let me," be contloued ?? put the qasattna whliter we shall band the ha' round or not " (Crlan eC "Vt?, yen ") Cnpdnia kiksnsa ?a nan ar tha aadtaa0a?"Maw yaa Mkn tbe hat you're n good lookirg man, and )nat the Fsl low to hand it round nad make them put tn thetr eh'Magi and quarters. I don't believe there's a man bare bnnn enough to Ulnh n shilling irom WiUkun Walker, and I Ml flgbt any man who sayn humanity Mag degraded. " B?re the Chputn aonounoed that a geatiemaa wMe wouldn't allow bis name to bo gtma bad just nontrlbntnd ?100. " Now," be proceeded ? 1 will gt+e tl myantf, nad that la as mu.ih ss I caa apnre. We have a goal trunan rer, honest Cot. Jonas Bartiatt '' , A Votes ?Has tba gallery bean pufnity raniaandT believe it le ooly so ao.. Capuia Rraursn WnU, no an la better thaa aa aa. Mr. Oauunra said tbefbUowlag contributions had alaa been made ? By checks SUM Guests 01 Mans>oa House M Guests of Wanhlngtcn Hotel M Collected from nundry petsaaa. ?? Total ....iim Also, 1,01.0 iilles. 1C0 barrels bread?St Nicholas Hotel ? 0(0 pounds baoos?Metropolitan Hotel 10 barrels corn meat?Krk*>n * Co , 111 trondwaf. Tbe amount collected at tbe meet'.ng wm about 1ST*. When tba forego ng contributions had been naaaaaoad, tba following telleru were rand ? LKITO FROM SENATOR 40KR8 OF TIMKIMB. Rcsatk Cnambbb. Dae. IS IK* Oi^ii.k?ki<?I acknowledge the rect-ipi of your ta?li to attornl a meeting of i>m tilrmla of ftcodom aod Walker N aragi ?? and regret tha' my dnlleean>t health will tiM pe. mil ma in hi rapt It Ail rev evtBpalhiea arc wlih tnat move, naal, anil 1 am only ??!<.mated thai any American heart hould not brat .d unlaori With iliat aympathy. I fear ?e ara loalng our Identity with thr pant. and taar >ha( we have for kitten our ilnbt of gratitude to Lafayette and hla romp*' 'iota. who came to our reeoue Id hour* of 'Inepaat darkneaa. Uod aped Walker and the high .uid holy cauao of freedom, aod *n ealtebtoned civilization. With a renewal of my ra greta at am being able lo alter ri your Bflnu. I ara;dear aire, your obedient eervaut, J aMKs C. JONJtM. kbom sen. qittman , m. c>, of MUsiMtrrt. WamiM.To*. Dec. It. 1966. ? Ota. W. Ctnucic, New Tort -My deer air ?WlfleTda not prcaume to Uiiuk thai mr personal MM at the irrt log, which jon propoee to hold la New Y.#k. wouWI eh m mate ihr enthuaiaam which aolmatee yon. or add m the eAetevy of your actlcn, yet 1 almere'.y regret that a aevere aura throat, ablch rruderam. tilnaoal apeechleaa, will prevent lay aurad inw on that Interretlag -aatnti. I am not prepared to aay what aid may tow be eiirnded to oar anttrrlng countryaaen la Nicaragua. hut irom aMWMpil high public policy a?d ft'm prn ale sympathy for tha gallant apirtta wVo are now la a critical poaitiou, struggling to maintain liberal American la etltnt'oas In Central Mn?rv? agalnat a powerful oomblaaUia of leiai ?aeage toea. I .hall haartilv unite lr any deman?tra none of sympathy whkh you may adopt aod will rejotor If yow can device any proper m-a-un a nf relief which may t?ad to avert the rf;mgere which now ilir??i?i to Impede the pre of iberal pitnetplae aod elvUtialiun on thla onUaaM. nam very reapectfully your Mead aatl obedient aervanl, J. a, gnrv\n. no* ogv. w tLBninor, or w. ?. fliaian Hot at. Pun ?nairm*. Dor. If. IhM Or mi rate* - I hare duly received your Invitation, for whMh 1 thaak J on, and alncevely regret thai I am ileiained away oa business. and thall not be at home to take part la your lauda ble etdcavore In (hvnr of 'he en.lee of Si. araguaa indepen denre tomorrow evoaing. The nneat..m involved la the pre ?eat et niggle aow orogreaeltig in Central. the uoiataatem .>t Uia1 r-?iunaha.l be c barfcarone aodhall ctriBuwTMmM rie? rvderdetl IH growth aa<l ttwveiopwatent, or whether a ner ncnt toTerrmenl -if equal law* uader InatM itx na klndied toourowa. ehall bo there firmly reUbllahtd. In thin laau* Ibe people of the Taltrd 8>atca haie a deop 'nteteet. bat Ma rferi.ioa will depend upoa the eve?ta now treevlrta* la Nica ragua. An early fneml ol the heroic North Amrrloan elo ment now there routeailinc aeatnet each fharfal edda, ay t.ympaihtre are more earneally aroueed aa their oanee aeeaaa to procrvee uader circaaieiaaeoa of appareat dliaar. My coat deace a. hmtver uu'llmmahed la iho I rave Bad iotre pld Walker aart hl< devoted i?napatrio'e who, uadar the gntd am of rrai kdeiM e. will, I tr-uM. r'-alnre order aod tranquillity to that beautiful hoi now dwrncied onnrtrv. ??n h? he Inha hlte.1 by en enter*r'airg. int?lltratit and repnblleaa people. May ii.4 ?p.-en the ilghk. Slnearelj your". _ nfRAJI WALBHID0*. fietaral Oman, of Texaa, waa then latrMocM la aad ddreatod tha asatltag Hi va*. b? aaid, a part of an old foaail apaelmaa of ?' boat* g of many yvare rtaa.ilBg He bad gaaa ta to with hie trie ad u?a. Oaaaraaa twenty-Are yaara am ITU b'alar tag wag tbea aa haaorabka trade, bet I baa Jaakaoa was la Ike r>eaideaiiai chair. (Applaaaa ) Tha tartM ta Rnglaad aad rraaoa. aa4 la oar own ooaatry, da aal 'ike It Bow. Ha wa? aorry to (M that he wag reported the other atght ae haytng aa'd aotoefh ag parannanjr gf fenalve to Mr Many. He woold aow rap?al what ha raid It wag, that b? did hot be Move thai rraeldaat r>araa ar Mr Many had atood np lathe Moaraa doUlM aalkay ahoaM hard dona aacordlaf ta Iho iaaagwral ef Fragd dent rteroa He bad aeen by teaMrdatr 'a Haaut n thad ta Ma Iioaalngo the flag of iba Paitad .Jtatea wag ahot a* the ataff at tha Onaaol'g boaaa. aad ha had ta laara Ha h>.i.ed aod belieted that ttta aait itihMW good Ud'aya at Walk ar. Mr. TanKA." J. Mt aPT, a( Naw Yark wm aad OMda aom^hrtaf ohaarrahaaa appeallaa Aid u> Wilkcr. And tbea Ohflaia Rtndm*, a IttUa after moved aa adjoagMMBt, which waa named, ?aar diaaaattaat roteaa. Tha maotiag waa a^rfled oaa, aad evtaead mat ay m pa thy with Wt aad hla army aad Mfe We ara rg^aaatad to pa*Mah tha IMIowiac oard ? AID rom NIflAltAOUA. Thoee of our Ihllow oiurene wr log to contribute alathin?. provtatoae. *?., for the aid ef aurterlng Americana In Sloa'1 Itia. to be eent by the ateamer lenneaaeena Wgd'teadav, tVa Ith laat, are cotllle.1 thai a mom IW the reee^.tjoo r>< . ? contrlhuthma hae heeo opened la the rear of than (Si.1., Hotel, onraer of Broadway aad l.?onai I ariaet* It la ho | lhai all pemoea htt. ad'ng lo contribute wilt w ndth 'r 1 ? lor-? ae ea*1- a* r<?etl>1e, aecmcir'e ' ht a ti ? i, ?*, ailill?c|lf* ' eTattf-eaav? nvue cr ? ri?sna>.?' 1 ?? tt,!, VvttiBifiai; Uv'neni iray.