Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 22, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 22, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7419. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. IflTEEESTUCi FEOH H?XI?0. The Condition of the Bepublic?The Reported Sur render of Puebla?More Revolution*?The Settlement of the Trouble* with England? More Gold Mine*?Attempt to Detach Sonera from the Bepublic, Jw., Ac., *c. Our advlcee by the way or havaaA are to the 5th iaat. rom Vera Cruz, ?ud th? 2d from the City 01 Mexico. By the way (X New Orleans, nowover, the telegraph give* u* Intelligence from Vera Cruz to the 9th la*t. Our let tera and paper* state that ibo siege of I'ueljla aUil contl nued; bui lite following despatcn I rom New Orleans, pub U*hed several days alace Id the Hmui-j, announces that rueb.a had fallen ? Npw Okijums. Dm. 13, U5? The steamer Calhoun baa airlvedatthis port with date* rrom Vera Cruz to tba uiii instant. Puebla, which at our Last advicos waa In a state cf siege, surrendered to the government torcea ou the oUi lout. rronunciamentoa were ?till the or-J r or the day. Alvarez had taaen the lield In dtfeioe of the government. The Mexican tttratrd&nary glvea the foUowtag relative to Alvanv/ ? The Veteran of the Booth t&? again rouaed himself, and unahealhed hia sword fur service lor hla poor, detracted country. He has alrtady arrived aa lgusla with his faltblul tol.owers. Hla l'orce I* variously eallmated at from ^00 to 8,000. I rom hia popularity In the Stale or t;uer zero be undoubtedly Las all ine men ho ruiulrea, and It makee Jitiie difference, io long as be has enough to serve hia purpose It is said be will procoul to Puebla, and after .be laaarrect.on in that quarter is put down, wlil be an ac live aid in the country tho benelit of a constitu tional go/ernment. In Durango and all the Northern State* the Indians were stealing and murdering in tbe most nninerclfal manner. Tbe Territorial Commlasioc baa decided that tho dia irlot of Mexico shall be erected Into a -tatc or the federa iioa, under the name of the >'tate of the Valley Tbe steamer Sierra Nevada, Opt Huntington, touched 'n at Maaeanll'.o on the evening of the 12th, on her w.iy bo 8m Francisco She too* on board at Maa/uiiro $198,000 in specie, and three psasengors. The Mexloan army official bullotln says that levoral SjianJards are taking active part with the reactionist* in side the walls at Puebla, and are taking deliberate aim rom the housetopa, and ahootlng down tbe gallant sol dier* of Mexico who oome within range. Such a course it disgrace!al on the part of foreigner);. Kdwari Vendition received a severe wound at Puebla, lust as the triumph had been achieved of taking the Con cor'J-*. We are Informed that this gentleman la an America a On the I3tb ult, Mr. Demi, I.'out Col. of Engineers, was shot la '.lie heirt at Puebla, and died instantly. Mr. .?eetrt was a nitive of Germany, and waa held In high es teem by hi* acquaintances, and hi* loss is deeply mourned. OJt VKXFCAN correspondence. Mkioo, Dec a, ISM. Z\t W?y Americans art Treated in Mmin-V* SUft of ?Tt ?Va?Jfot*wi?w.'j oj Alt<xri:~inAher Grand Henolu turn on foot?Entail Kevolulvntt in Progreu?Sftilrmtnt Y the Hn-ufi Oration?The Catt Mr. y..rbet?The :W man Ibjfiiitum. I am larc*d lo avail myself of toe Hfitlsh extraordinary lo write ?ou. on ac<oont of the insecurity of all other ?onreysnees at this time. The last extraordinary from aeio lor the L ulled state* mall ?ai robbed inside the walla of lb* city The reason cf thin vaa that the l(si 1,1 !*"??> do not respect American commerce sore than they do <W.r owl, aad ooa>m:tted this outragu wlthoai *?0?ttkmtd. This is a sad commentary on <ba bnl!taat genius (hat has been wasted Wra ra the Ameneaa emoaasy The contempt wblcn It to be ob ferved hen. for r.i treat of tee Tolled State* and their In terMta ?? the :egiumate pro<tr:o oi American diplomacy With the 1 'agUah Intereeta tie toing la other wiaa. a ^ reepect la paid for British commerce, which is ibe raai it o< taw, aad oat lore, au cowardly people are xoveraed baat by tear. England has adopted this course wfcuet the l a'ted Mates has made use or amiability to get aioog wtta these people. The contempt which la new eatertaloed amougat Mexican* for Oenaral UaJaden is a ruMsysequet to thel.eneral> herculean attempts to make ' hlaaaelt OopJiar by means of dirjiera at the Droll, break reals at h.s own u-mse Ac., kc. . but It abowa up the traa chancer or loe ?a-.pla, and sheald aerre aaa saaon ror ' ail fature M.Bisters from the a nay South wbo thine ihtlr loepttaiily is s leh a great diplomatic waapoa. I write yau to day, because I am la a manner aura that my latter w1U reach you by moans of Knglisb aecarity ?od po-tteo.-u j jeel almost certain that ay .alter of urn lHh utt baa aot reached you. aad perhaps will oarer "nd its Jeetinattaa. A moD'b aad a self hare now e speed siace the reran at l aabta. aad Mtil the war ta kept up with great aaimoaity ->a side*, aad without acy *giia or aa early *>rmi ?atlon. Tba overn rant has leal maay aaa bat haa railed .oe* mpo.-taat adraatagea orer toe rabals sun oar* m ?o deny ng that the conlaat has been doae. aad is likely to ooe:*iie a for aome time yet, ooieas mora *ergy .s e? >c?i oa the part o( rovoreoHnt generals. lite |ear>ala won have been erst there ware not the proper persons Ihay bare baea divided by stniea Mwoig themae.vea-a rlrtum.taoco whlab haa retarded vparatMics very much Fiom a paraoo wh/> bat brea seat by the goreroMent * laapt. t a cert* a department of the army arraage meats, I .ran that the appearance ot I'aebla at this time s bo'I DSt.-tn a* The government forcsa have b*ea ? osa|*.*d it raj. 7 to cat the r way through ererythlag 'a aorevat ? the teal of the , ? u,,,, MnN ~ ? t*sa a.-mibla tor the gotarnmaat iroope to ap|??r ia lb? atiaMa. or pass aroaad a bouse which U?ev ha.e oa acrossi of tha sm-u f.^m the winaow.'or bsva. therefore b?, D or^, tacsita pa*?aga taroi gh every aouae thar have takes and ia ins iBMosr ibey vbtaia a sae fw>.iii?n ?? ?aba initH'f, and so on ft*, work .. . '? TXT " l 0"- ",U but a PT ir,.'"',7 C<>,w,ro* 644 a.reauy ^en ra/?d l<i Voe ' r_ """1 ?? b* ia tavsr of C.moa'oit ? art j of wish, a* u> mm, mm., iTi. . , lj J|]fl (j m .. . . " ? ^ ' rfOOll jims Of aa j- CawrsTsua and Cuaita to u?i. ftra +U. tosgna ba..orea he ha ir.?B.Tn rbZ ?!f%U' ,h" C^antetioa . , w ? ?wii niter ruvcra nr? idMt Ttmtmfim 1dm Boi hv.,eti tb? Mm i,vrf no, wto SiwrViS Li 00 r*"-> lata.,aa? some wJieT a S! w.aa aadtneald e.iaw wiu aM laaa by ", "1 Z nmLSmMVA vZ1"',rl?*Brtr' .M te th. la.i has dari led t? SawihT y M rr* ""*>*>'* strong fat to I -s .7l ,a iJ c?.? T1TL"7 !? ro?' "" laalar ?? Miii ia nu ?f. uflia fc*n cf ackBo?t*<ife<i ttim.i ?ftd ia dam put Iim beta a wti m fnco-i of A?rarf H? 7 ' ** * kupp rt tow, and ? . .? * *u 1 Stataa 10 jT",m b , '.VT.i * u 'vtifr w ....e pial" BOt ? *r 4 *.4nt and ,?rm.i onto hi* f isu so So?c ** a* is !?!?* fl'-U n of tho nUo* ot 'tare* ?elUiLnr % r? ?"? ago, under Obos. a still ? . , ",l!I,Lt a*r M ranhli I, *^???.rea s tbo ?.mCVwi7t'h?'.K"*n,r *???W"Me? -brocgb r I IH.TJ1 H. i7,J^ ?*VM?ra.- no aUeat'oa wkateNr izzbrzzvv:/;:'-' ? r<,r t as be.., .rtt.- d i|, p^rfa'Tbe ewt. ssa ,, , pif. ; T ?' 'Sc " 'J',h t ,a ?f red W'lh d'el a^M' ? hr .? f; l^1* ,0 "? r* o?r?s ba?n beta 10 row a op... or 1U* rwTJia"'^ 12" fiom* a romai ^tiAri '? t&M f, f the ,?iB^eaaitT rata e4?m*5S?!L?, 2!"* bees a,.p., ?iWl v a. a b.,t a,.?r dim^^HAi?!? ? ibe -e^jo-, ol 1 he lb.,.1 caamisgiwer i? . ?- w p.?s has -re? b t .ipsa, ah" the li 3srrau sr? now si Work tr ?# 1 ?*?., ? IT !" ansrr, \b? aaeb?*.a*M ?.traa! ..1 ibx ?r-? s?? h.^I "'"'I itit of tha way th? I ng'.'sh i?rst.or< i agist) 1 ba? for ? 1 >le*?ao to do wst.r, \(i h r .t?* ?3d to her el V!,,. bT ?bat. la tbo mrantl-ne. la l^?? 1 i,i?i sis.w '?T sg aad her e|l;7eas a th , ro.ta' y C? ' ?r rerbee. .he late 1 altad Kta r, r*? ?n> si Ver . Urer?? fd an ooimr fnm >tM. gfrvrrn it h? 'aitbfuilr ?ad grnar<Hiaty represented rUe l nif d flaiei .as s?r' fM baaiiee to tie trampled L? .y * T"* ^ tbleves. aeaaau r othore -o wm.h J / ta'e of Mr I '.rt.?e-., wSr^o ^?l^?1?''^*?',l ??Hf.iraia an.i ,?ae as,. i,r "" '.y" **~"~ ht of? ?s poif- In v.?- war 1, ,.' T.' ,1. ? 1 know ?t b. lid e,H.i " , 7:: ?.??."' " Ibis is |i? mat. who is niw . ... ? s arwa: tr- 1 . "f * ?????""? U'l whom the United Htates h? a'lowed to bo disgrace*, banished cod kept ui e*Ue, with iae American tlogtiiat ?of over him, and the seal* of a United duue* Consulate In bis band*. Hit partner, Mr Barron. is re instated by the force And consideration of his goverumeot, but the lulled tttatee quietly pockets the Insult, and endeavor* to disown a bigh minced and honorable gentleman, and thai pitches another stone around the neck of Amircan InlJiteoce In this poor detracted country. I am glad to believe Mr. Forsyth, the now United States Minister here, will tako energetic stops to bring this moat dlsgrasiM'til outrage on the American (1 ig properly boloro his govoru meet, and either obtain redress or throw the responsi bility where It beloogs. I aai certain whon tb<j farts in this single eve become kaowu, the 1'uited will oe driven by public opinion to do at least b> much as Fog land bas none to maintain Amerloaa dignity abr >al The '/emir expedition, atlhougn It has several disagree abie features, still, for the sake of the mtn/wsgu de l .American c.tlseens who are now suffering la tie streets of thiM city, should claim uotne attention. hEWS BT TDK WAY Of Uk.Yk.HA. (Translated Irom El Dlario de la Marina. Dec . 11. j Mixho, Dec 1, "IHoJ The President openly rejects all mosinrrs of rigor, and wlsh'ng tuat reason aud convioilon alone may prove to the rebels ot Pnebla their impotence ordere l tbal whilst sparlug a* much an ponible bloodshed, the placi be ouly clOf eiv blockaded Nevertheless, tho'siege up to tbli time has cost a c?u?lderable number ot victim? and caused K < eat evils, chieilv due to the st unburnned of a few tndivi iluals. But the ro'iels lost, by little aud little, all their po sitions, so that now they are redii -od to a very small por tion ol the centre of the city whence taey aiKud several times for capitulation, wblob was refused by the chief! of the army of the supreme government, on the grounl that those who caused such great ovlla ought to be punuhel. I hope <hat within a few davs the rebels will have sur rendered, and peace, the foundation of all good, will again be re-esta'ollsbed in that part ol the republic. In the rest of the country order continued unaltere.l; for, although some days ago there were troubles In Tan pico. the supreme government bait not turn disavowed, and they were limited lo the removal of the Governor of that Stale, on which matter the supreme government teems to bare alreaity taken the proper measures. Con gresa Is abcut to conclude Its discussion of the constitu tion of the country, and doubtless it will soon be terminat ed and published. Ybra Csrz, Dec. 5. 186? The Kngllsh legation, which, on account of the dtilar ence with Barton .V Co., bad been closod was. acoordtng U> the iu'whpapers of the oapltal re opeaed. Tho M? or commanding the line oi 3aa Pueblo de los I- ratios, under the command of General D Jot Maria Meadtz* makes, under dale of Nov. 'IT, the following communicationa9HM At 9 o'clock yesterday morning three piec? oi can dou placed on tho field neighboring lo San Jos ? opene-l their fire on the windows and turrets ot T,a Meroed, anl alter ha'f an hour. I reocived an order from tha General commanding the linn, to bo communicated to Colo nel 5. Pascual Miranda, to advance Immediately with a column of lioopt who tiood prepared for the ai sault. to the back door of tho l'orufled building. In i'aot, the troops litrodiifled themselves by that door, and through a window whero tuoy were received with a well nourished tire from within bat nevertheless sue ceeded In driving the enemy trom all tin points he oocu pled pursuing blm to the principal door and taking pos sess ion of this point. On our <tde we had n> loss to complain of. The enemy had two dead ou leaving the door, and another in the turret; be-uoea we made six prisoners. Oa the other points of the line nothing new hai occurred. MIGCKL 3ACHILLKR. The newspapers of Mexico city, under dales of '.41th and VIS ult , cootain tho lollowlng news:?All letters from San i.uIh do Potosl agree that tu s most r.onnlete tranquil ity reigns there An armed lorce I'rom Vera Cru.-anl Tc7iuilsn, under tbs command of Colonel 0. P.orlque An gon, has been uirectoi upon ZacapoaTtla, where a baad oi reactionaries bad assembled. Tne division unler the orlers of General Moret, cotntlog ot 3<)0 m;n left thU capita; tbr<e or four days ago, and joined iae troops un der command of srs. Pnobllta and Buenrostro, at Pashu ca. Gen. Moret will take the command of all those troops, and march upon Tuiancingo. M'-'.a. on whom ihe react-ooarie* of this capital founded the great" "i hopes, constsntly avoiding to meet tho truj;* of the government, lately arrived ai P?ua Mler, a tow a situated m the interior of the Sierra Hi* band, >y daily desertion, had boen reduced to an initgatOcaat number , the .'ew men who rcmalnel with him have beeu rlcsety encircled to prevent their rscaplag. Tne forces destined to pursue bun will not take rest before ha ring captured bins. <*? ?*e ?.*tb ult. Sr. D. Macuel fWbUlo was again en irvsteii with the Korernment 0f (iuana uato Atsorling to the JMrttrt n-mocraiico, Don Ipnac'o Carrera has beeu sentenced to leath, in conaoqurcce of the Insurreitlon which was attempted in that city. The culprit o'jtarud his pardon The eelobrtted General P. Juan Alvarez arr /?J yes terday a Iguala, wlih a force o( moro than 3 003 Tien, an>< will eor<t:oM bis match to thu capital, wltn the ot> .iect to be near It fur the suppression ?>( any MMM which may be attempted by the reactionary party. Mstmo, Nov. :i<), ISM. Thank* to the v^iiance and the g >od sentlmeals w.tu .wblcb public opinion suit and supports botn the gooarat (nmmandaatoi this district snd his i:*ceiien?y met. > vernor, a conspiracy was discovered yesterday at m gW o'clock la ihe nvenlrg, jnit wuen it was aboot to make a'-, the puiitl -al prlne.lplsa ol which war* preteeded to l>e base') on me invocation of religion, and whteb was to sacrifice the honorable General Plowes, who commands the citadel, and the cflirers who are with him at tb.s important post Bat lortauately tbe reac tiOBirlc* deunoeced eaca other, an<! the means oi teduo ?ion wtib which tbey servo thetnvlve* provsd inefloc tual In tbe house .No i ot tbe Calle de iaa Vlxcalna*. werecaWnred H Gabriel and D. Antonio K?drtgu*x, D. Manuel liable*, lato Captain ot lAnccrs, and a reacuoaary, D. Atoo.o auarade. sea ot ei ueaeral Aadrade, I) Mar ro* Arroni*. D .io*<-Loza, Captaia ofArt.llery I) Juan Uribe, aid l> .'o? Oemdo, agent of revolut in. who far n'sbed the men-y. The Junta was pre* led over bv the famous aod da/ ng revolutionary 0 Mauuel Oare a, e* oimmandtr ot a squadron of tae late reg meni of Laotais, lormerly a?-.taotni D MM o M ?ro, wao, Ibis time, wa* to be the cbiet <-f the insurrcctiOa, anl to take pi*sc?* m of tbe nta>l?l, to wbicb uemt be had prev oasly conse-rat ed a p*ea! sr study. F?igbttoed by the presence of tbe cistT'rt tJoveroor. he betook liiartelf t? Might, mount ng t a ladder to ibe flat roof of tbe building; out tbe po:-e baring aecreriy taJten po*s>aeion o'tbc place. Gaer>a was caiAnred by the chief of the municipal fbroe I). Fraiictsr.) Tmiastrs. >*ome o-Jter ndlv lusN were lawn w ttinut the bouts; at the same time, their a'-compnnes, the I *u s of Arlillerr, Adima an?i l>. Iternardo Mosti, ,io*e Man* ? ast lio. chief of th* workmen, aud I), Franri*co, l.ieul. Moret. f.iei't of tbe 3d bai'a'ioo ofri'lemen, werotskso in the etedel. and await, together with the others, their irgal senience. Tbe zeal and activity Of v'uor* Bar.and Alzerreca, Gov ernor aait '-enoral C >aiinan<ler of the duitrlet, deserve par ticetar praise The li?ir Mar. thc srrecr or vidai urn's s?orkem?? h in rag CITY OK MUICO. lin n tba Me*.caa I itruorJuiary, No*. IT Yioaurr'a *'.k> me of a Iom itar baa voiuatar'l/ t *'if behind Ibe ckrad ot prranaaloa nhirh hu overteaen tt Irom the government of Mexi.-o The plan of the aire Ma-tre republic baa '??en abandoao-1. and Vllanrrl haa none mi o( the etn a a dofeafel adventurer, but a patriotic >a*?. lone aid good rtUaan. Bow curtoM t ie to tliiKi the rhan|?w which mm* "?er the preaa tn ao (wading adjartivee to a raao'a name who <a a abort apar* of time -.? i banged Iron ?oe piaittoa to another Vmaerri ba^ jwrt bean dabbed a traiter, a mat ma a. a rebel, Ac He hat mad* an arrangement lor p?*M with tba government, aad, prmt>. be la a gioriooa good Fallow, althoogb we can not aee bo* tn?va tbiega are d;>oa "he prwcaa ie m* to ne. hat we are force 1 to oaclaie It ia all rtght Ibe trailer ?i tn lay. tba patriot of to rnor row, -a a prwt? of ground and >otty tnealiltar that etonld ha more pe?eraU/ loikcd Ijiio by poi.tval g| m aaata a other parte of the wirld. An eklraorditarv arrlre'l near daf ha/ore yeater lay with tba i>'aa H the ariatr**" 'ot haa nr beea eoari-idati hotweor !??nor H^ea ! anda. oa the part of (ha gtivemiMBi an 1 .-<eeor Vidaarrt, on the part of hlinto'.f, ttf wbi< b Oahuiia ar." W\i I,?on bar* raturiMil to the aternal (bid of the Meiiraa ootre-lere'ioa The Hollow lag are <ba m?d|iiena <4 the rompiomiao whtab have ai teaity been pub' "hod n tbta rltp ? Tli* 'la e < i Xuevu Laaa reengnlane 'bo aupreme govern Bir nt, eeaor Vtdeiirrl re'iit-i'iMh'** tb? (fbreraeaeBt of the Hta-e to ih-- Hi ?t Bifmbe' ot the couaet! Thetnw>?a ahull b* * .Ibdrawn. Uioee of ibe IroaUer aie to return 10 ine.r hon ea N'nr(o Leawi ?h li reretve monthly th* aula of eight tiin iaan t d'-: era l-> coat :a it tr? maintain war ijain*' inr l-<.|iane a ad fall. I' afclul i i-main in ihe onnditMin .n wht h H ?a->iona-l oml' al'fr 'He fW-iBii'gB'Wiii ??(' the oneH'ntlOfl the ahofi' are the i>otiiin>Ba ? i. cn hav* i-eea iacdarel highly aa atl vrr. Thr Northern Krmitler. TM) *?VOt.l TIONil T KornagMT^ fS AOrfOltt. Kmrntiie Ma\m*a i.tua"fdiaar?, Nov ?!'. | ^ bat a fill: on ta ira North Shall we not aea a faa hla re;??<?.'a'anac of < ina' Hon- ??i de honlooa n the paraaia al Meneral candarn A waagar man Oa '<o .toitht it, but at the aaia.< Iieta he r.iajr bo a more etw-oeaafi;! man. .I wa caa ofhdlt oar advioea from I'ppar Calif*r nfa. an<t we ?ee tno reaaon whjr we caanot, i.oearal i.anoara a al tb > moment making eiroog rijru to ralae a lore* i* re arte' the H*t? ai "?ooore #o car not r?a aoaahly eupp i*e ihat big ohjn-t raa be to taheae.aail which wenki be moee trlea-.iT to tlerco thaa tba .>?? from whieli be ha: |?et b""0 driven. Hia pr?M?Il for raiatag m?a -a to light the Apac.bea, nat ahould bn ao.--.e-vl ia getting tba ait na deatraa be w>ll ondn vor In eatahllab a new rapabllr oa t?e e?tre?a? northora fioniier, or r:e tor an arnetatloa to the I allod rt.aiea Moeb u we tbotild ileplor* any im - oaaful pr iieot of th e kind, we cannot ahnt onr e?ea to .laetlnp. The -bale of S-nora ia now !he moet Im^otaet I'leoo of Uwrltorp ?jrleg on tba whole wa- era aiopo of the Rviby Mom taiar ana He value haa been moat matljr eaMnat <i by |he dldeixnt railroad aurveyt mtde hp Utile.) Xtavea, and wa* regarded with groat utereK bf One fladaieo at the lim.^ of the MeaMla porr!ia*e?hta ob-*?ii 1>? n< to obta a for Ihe rntUwt Statea a pirt on tho OoM ol Cali fornia. Important iu a port on the ttuir the* w? 10 too I n trd 5tat>a, i haa now become a great ant rv?!dlp growlrg neeeaeitp If ibe rrader wlil but for a wi naat glan<o at Ibe man. he wl'l aea thai nature .aa marked <mi! a mnat begi.i.iul plan la mat" tbaUnl' M (Jal'forai* n?ii: ot tba flrat of comm"rr.ial water* 'a tba wor I, aid a rtad.- th- oonatry wh'oh vhpnll aaturallp 'ooh to t for Iraif^iiiatlmi, h*a gro-v? inv? tmoirtaaiv wtt i >er?a a t I Iim reaaiag ?* antr l>e lir"*! >"? t'he va'ip haa grown >j He i-'tvtrp of lha Mormi?? ? ?? h poftnHof <>watep. aa ( r?-o if a en' nV-it r? bita lair to In -a** "tt-r ra? n"r-? raptJi'y a (? pt'at'ja tid*n t vi a ?-i , j * mast ?oou carry on ft great commerce wrtb tUe warfcl. At present ine immigration which ereiy y ;*r pou-s into Ibe valley, to the number of man:' ljual.'et- a* w?d ??< ?.l tb.- un cLm ?T murLJuuidis* #bu u ere lmport?d, are compelled to lloi tUolr duailna'.iuu aorosi the United thftlcs, 021 from toe tllsauurl river by laud travel. i>.LU celt tut this routd la, au .nmome tr ivet aadoommaroe ban beeu crttu&d over it, (or tbe w<*-n of a more ???/ and avatlali * rou'i Suture bu% made oee but c ro'iu ? ttucra Dave so far kopi II oe*v?iUble ToaCol<-alo rlvmr i* ibe m.iural byhway lor the commerce of the great baan or tbe?alt LaJco, and tlio na'urai pirt of en trance for all tr?vel and ?oo<li for that country, at ?rtll a* for thn low'? portion of Upp?r Caittorola, is at the moet suitable point atar wbi. -o it e-npt.os iuto tl?a (iulf We d? not wish to epeodlale upon <?en. tiaadera's plans. Hn. uo doubt, only seek* hi* own advancement, and cares little lor tbe iniereits of oo nmerce. Bat if he Re;* am ^t?noe sufficient to take Honor* from among tbe Stalee of tbe Mexican confederal on. be will Un I onou<u amen; b..t toliowors wbo will bo ahie to apprscate tho advantage* of their poaiu ?, and wtli make every etfjrt to keep thom wb?n once obta.aed. The ni>noas sod continued ravages of the Aptchos o Ibe State ol Sonera bare brokfu up all ol&ase* of ban ift? to the interior, end hundred* wno would be wealthy if tbe country coald be kept safe from the depredat ion of the Indiana, art now m ? 'iostitcn and pitiful coudu.oa. Theso people would rejoice at an/ change m tbe cKintrv which would restoro to them taeir lions us ani aecure to them the peaoefol and aecure enjojmeat of ihe4r wealth. Of thi* we have evidence in the fi.ght of Uiree hun dred persona lately to Cpper Ca'iforna, who hivo been forced to abandon their oaUtoi on account of the insoou- ; r ty o! tbe country from the attacks of tha Apulias. for many year* this section of country has bean declin ing from the cause. It has only been with the hazard, and to many case* with tbe lot* of life tbat parties of a?1 vonlurors have at tempted to oxpiore tbu mines of this State, which aro lmown to be rich and believed to be the richest on tho globe. But if the government nevar takes any heed of her advantages or the latere lis of her dtizeri, Soaora must become a barren waste, only Inhabited by Indians, on ber own bancs, or pw* to some other system or things by which it will be loat to Mexico forever. We would counsel the govornmont of Mexico to guard well against the movements of Gantdra. and to adopt a no* line of policy with regard to her frontiers. A vig orous class of immigrants are required for Ronora, auch ?>< would take au interest tn driving the Indian into the mountains, or in exterminating them entirely, and who would have hearts to light them, A port of outrr li re quired at the mouth ol the Colorado, and every encour agement should be given to those who have In view the establishment o* a trade on tbe Gall of California With judicious slope Mexico can recMve a rich revenue from donors, but disregard to her wants will inevitably place her tn a hostile attitude. The Kits;llali tlueetlon. [Irem tbe Mexican kxiraordtnary, Nov. 13.] It is a subject of congratulation to observe the change which has marked the tono of the press of this city sinoo the mtloicent or tbe English question. A disposition to Investigate the matter with some degree of soberness has evidently taken a hold of taoxo wbo, a few weeks sinJe, could only notice tbe subjeet with tho most disrespectful ?fid unreasonable rejection* npta the interests of a powortul forfign nation. Tbl* course nas lean changed the demands of Great Britain and the conces?ioa* of [xico, and those wbo do not labor to auatain thegovarn ment in its course very wisely remain quiet. The lerma of tbe compromise have not yet be?n male public in an official form, but ttie Bsta.ndj.r f. N&.ional, in a aemi odicial manner has referred to the subject, and given some light upou it. F.-otn its remarks we learn that aa nittmatnm has boon received, which being ;>re*eiite<' to tbe Mexican government, tho demand* of the Kn:llah savernmunt have been granted, this journal says that accordiag to tbaae demanda the British Consul Is to be restored to hit position at Tepie; Saaor l>egollado is to be submitted to trial oy a <.i and Jury in the Chamber or Deputtos, Mesara. BMH, Korbes & Co. are to have resort to the tribunals or the oountry for the wronga done Uietn, and are to bu indomuiUad by Mexloo far the teMfsl tboy bavo > r.'a ??! So lai She question has been amicably adjusted, but as yet tho most important portion of the compromise has to be ?oi along w'.ih. Tie ro iu.-tatn,g of tho Ciasul at Tepic ?s an ea?v matter, a* also the submitting of Honor Itegol lacotoairial .'or bis complicity in the Topic dUQjuity, bat the Ui Jemjity u> tbe houso I* a matter that rauil in volve a deal ?f trouble biforc It uu be dispo?e<l of. VI tlieprcaeut moin'nt rnrhathliig cacnot be though of, on accouet ot tae Qo ui^lal Inabtllt/ <>t Moxiuo to inuot bar Intnied-ii" and pressing ne-.o* itioe tor the government of t'ie couutry, sa-i the only hope tbat oan uow he eutortaue l of Ue present buld goo-J wnbot.t 11.fiber trouble is that mis government oul only manliest lis Net wishes to carry out the aplrl. of tbat rompromlro to tts uttuoei abiltiy. There oan bo no Question that 'I the Rritlsh lleet bm nut already arrived at \traCrui it will bo there in a Tew days and will un doubted!/ remain there un II ibe whole matter Is llnaUy and deflB:lely ad/usted. From the handsome mtunor u which Mexico baa treated the question tbu* far we have reaaon to bope lor tbe beet terniiaat; >u ot tbe whole dimcuty, althojgh until that concluaion is dailmtely ar rlvd at apprebc nalom may reasunably be entertained. Mr. Barron, lbs Hittisb Coosul at Topic, Is to be rs atore-i to nis poat. We bavo now some carieti y to see whit will he done with Mr. forbes, who has so long been the acting I nited States Consul at tbat place. ACaira In Pn?-bla. [From the Mexican Kxtraordtnary, Nov. The latest advices from l'uebla coo lira th> taking of <Ua AguaUn and .-^anta Oom'ngo. Tie troop* of tba government have been making steady progress on the reactionists fbr the past week, and i*. seomi wonderfdl to us tbat tbe rliy has not I nog since capt>uiated. The only rtaa^a that <-an be r.ivrs for tne delay Is tbe violent feu l which bss been created by tho canech against tbe g> vtrnment. Kvery day throws wore oblcorlty evar tbe moveaseE*s of thing* in Ibsl quarter, but there can he so doubt of tbs aiUma'.e termination of the war with nonor to tbe arma ot the government, lae loss ha* been heavy in the Uses of tbe government troo >e. Th? taking ol the t oaa ortf a w-is attended wtta great o*s as tho roartloo tats were well loetifleu w<tb ?ntrtschmenla and breaai wcrks Ihr Weather and Heaten In Meileo, Vrom tbe Me: can r i^raordiaary. Nov -?1 | Wfiieeaday was OpciJedJy t ie mo?t m.sorab'e day we haveeeea n the \ alley ot Mex'eo. There was notnisg a the climate to make us credit i>ar whereabout and iloer Itiniy brought np to us live y remeaibranoes of ihes-> days in the sorthern pa-f or'lie temperate * >oe It raxed all dug la the city asd snow fell in large 'laaal.tios on the surroundisg bids or the valley. I'eople weut fh'venng with c?ld through tbe streets anil tbe c ty pre sented anrtb ug bnt a tropical sppearsnro Htuee Wednesday wo hate had bright a'inthtne again, but the auanUHee of aaow on the hill*, witblo a league and a half of tbe city, Lave te mane Ibe air cool and bra< ag At present ourpositloa is most picturesque. Almost all around the va.lef we B*7e tbe pea. * of tbe aoeofalns . overed with tanw, while here ia Iba val *y lowers are hioouung and tbe gra?? growing. At the ?eme usee seme of oar trcea are eastUg oa tbe r luliage. while other* again are btoeni ng a* w ,u pereun ai ver dure. Althoogb, with all tbestraege admixture ?( r'lsnate and seaeons nature has the genotal appearaae^ of sober sad ee< wli. i ? tiar?< tn <. c\ai., inu ? 11 ?? Vad let? srastl ag oa the path/ of tlie Alamedo. the clatter ot birds, asd tbe stern asp vt of uatare indicate that her season for repose has arnvsd?.but her reet eere ia bnt lor a few <taj? aad everything must soaa again awake te nsw life. Mlwrllanron* Item*. Mows Oo"' M at*.?It aoema ihii. (aid la beta* dla covttti all otcr Ue i ooatry, aal appartati/ ? about toy rc-aeaivb k M* mlaa liar ,'iat b?rn di?r >**r?4 ia lbe baneada of Ato* adorn, ia li>a pa-tldoef f aoa. !*.aia of >c?lcci< Kr>?i ?i arrtibaa of atone taaea Irum the rutne >or >ner -? of fold were MtMCM We b? litre with, *?y oae Uctn 01 what hat ba*u ? (.'al'forma or ,h<lra :i. tb?- (<>14 m.nta at tfetlro would tara oat mote pura i<m4 uiaa all tba cold ane? i o< tba world bMiiiai. H. B M HHir M?i> tin m.?From (oo?2 acUwi'lty w laaia that Admiral Druoe ba? oroera to atop at i*ao Jitaa let fur aad enme CVbrr pmria no tba waat MMt ot t>ot<al vtnertra for the pm i>ova of iaapnrl bi WalWw'S WaMfiwae if it? tbon!J Lai KaftUaB cm mono from Wa'kar' btmkade of "?'i Ontr?t AmrrV a" ha would take tne liberty af after o| r c *t* ioae Tba Moaarck waa to await turtbrr ar-iera at lasaaaa T*a?' i??n ? IU:ia?iAr ?Tba *mk \t bo? prognM with rigor, i n I wl'b a con nBly af.compltl oc 00 tba ! r'*il toOonfft'uf* W.tb.ii ti.a i ?*t t aa * ??kt ?? nr.aa/ wen aa wflM bo obttlBd, ia tkaae tia?"? of war an t nre-a ran*? bare b'ets ki pt *i work aa<! already nrar 8*? bnBOffil fgtm M be rmbamra Tt a'c tttif toe tba i a|-p?r mutt. Tbr tdca "!? railroad'a tho ?>wn afflaa i ttilup? '? bo 'onr r a?-.h intra Mr wo are eerit'a ualar kf unseat ?aaa/moir an t i rornetorah" tba woe* win , lM roaa wMii a (ho that' >t time cir'umttaacea wttl , admit. Twr T*? ? --tta Tba wor* oa tb* ta.-oi *ra rail- | read ia pfbMaae'ujt farnrab'r s< (wiibaunjiae tbo at i tiiai ?ri < bkt, M iraajr mar a* eaa ho at-antac*.^ j ' ?mpior?i art oroataatly at work aad thara t mdoutt ) tbat tfc? moi wl) blncnmiirtr tnrnim ciar aa ao-ia aaiha raila, nara. '>? broucbt bare from at?r.>? i, aad (rat to naa Hjr next M<rrb wr bnp* H ??? two M railroad a operaltoa ia the rallef Tba one U> Tar.'i M^a rartalaiy, w|t| r>o, ua lar ordiaxrf etrc naataacaa ttloNum trr A 'a-1?* h?a la'alf a' t?n *t tba wendafMi tp ?r tnn. w miywitt ?af that >be nt<|<wt uilminttnl of ttrxirn or aay otbnr cO'.atrjr la dead Oar handrod and thirty pi io yi?ara What a t?i?U?ry i? terludel to tbl? >;?? ' aa.! how triria: maat ha??< ap^a-t t u? her tba reTotutmna anltrtri' n h??e eouirtrf. .'-bo hat *?wa la h?r Viwe twerrt r Tht <-t.aa??n in the dalegatra af Spaniab powrr, ??'t ba?, a n-o tM> indrpendi aro of bar rr'natry. **tn tba Itftf rhanfra wh'f.b barn taken plane in the admin'atrat on nl thr ??<>? i r?rnmer?. ,4ltofett<er M'* eo ba? h?<t orar aevortf a?e ihaaf*' ta the '-Mat m?(t*trata?f tke country ta thia wo maa'a lifetime Tit* I ia : nri ?Th'a taw, aotwttbataadtnf tbe at ran* npfoan on which haa h?- ? br "ft.l to hiar ba* h??n mnat elttrt'iatly wrM out, and m man/ af Uio Matra tba i orprratton nroptrtlea hare bt- n ri>l???"<t from n *%? nr.a a, aad ar. now own- -i b, paraona > will ua* then ta a dttteraat maaner, aad for tna gem t af tba (m-jtrjr Tira ftoMB* *t fia -jMi ?U appe*r< ttat tba 'at?- / ?? ?i ????.. mm.w at IbaipM waa Ml Miaiaat tar f?r^ra?i'?t bin atai .st'?oraranr <.ar % r" uW V#>d frar, wbo i?a<t? thei dut rhatm a*. ?? tpt/ withca t > h? i iraratf if tt^> . i?te at Tamaj raa n m'o.i and pin rea hi? 1<?..a'tjr to ?ia ?irrrttT'nt \ al<iomar ??*? a^m?>!? ar.m.? 'it?aa w ib -?#a^-t to tha tarl' rerr'?t:>'na whti>|\ ? wtah.-a to jmI ia I vnifa*. ia ' \rpm a.v< lb h * teal w?al ? (??? toot tf t>* '??? J1 I P'rf.j flSH, Mi thr->,<r< *?;?<r. ? position ."MrveUtu (? tleoJre to servo U.s ooualr>') ?? cue o! Ibe uijm), io of lata preloader. Pachmm, Not. 30, 18M ?The government loroec, noit ?tocog of cjiv?!.'7, infantry ac t l?o pieces of artn.ery, catered tats cliy en last i\.?a<S?iy atieraoon inter ttt?? <y>tomaid of Ce.seral IVehttia and U>?nila<1o B;*<r rTstrtv aai win. inr-be coarsii of ? lewdtye march for Tuianciijjo whore a but of the proavnclalos te tbs assour t ol I u<jo ii eeifcetea. An IrcmecM nuir bw of the inhabitants. ?.e evince their delight in consequence m the t pproerh of tbogovermien'. troov*. weut out ot the oily to meet tbem; and the rcwp Hon thev r?oe:ve.i on their entrance clearly sbowed ihat

the sympathies of the people were with those who dwtre the restoration of peace The bona* tops w?re crowded, aad the smiltag .acm of the r*ir hex gre-Hed the soldiery as bey marched th -ougi the streets. NtKii) IiMurrrt fhMi* In thr South. TH* KO?M(VD RISING OF THE ML A VgS is FLOBtWA DECLARED A HOAX qvivity Kia., Dec. !?, ISM. Kixtob nv thk Taji t'lltlli Kuium**?In 1M0 ed'tori U colt: mm of the last ineue of v >ur paper, (hero "i rof-'rouoa aade to the oooteobi of a letter purporting to have been written by some cne f>oa? this plaoe, over the an.iayaioiH signature of iorld'an." At the subject alluded to ii one of an extremely dedicate character, and Us agita'iou calculated to produce uhaeenstaiy excitement In too o>ai tnunity, we regret exceedingly that you should hevj yielded to the advice to give it aunh public notoriety. We regret tbis the mora from the cou vietion that tiie ??conspiracy' alluded to baa not tbe ehgbtost foundation, and ia the emanation, doubtless, of some "nervous suf ferer," or tbe m*I1o1ong act, perhaps, or some abolition sympathiser, wboee only design Is to attord food i'or hts fanatical Northern brethren. The character of the letter carriea condemnation on its face, for It is manifest to every rejecting mtud that If lbs author or It were entitled to auy credit, instead of making an anonymous commui icatlou to tho editor of a public journal, embodying dark inslauatlotis and indeiinito hints, be would have chosen rather to confer with hti neighbors in this vicinity and given the fact* upDn ahloh he based his suspicions. As citizens of this vleiutty. we do not btaitate to an nounce it as our eonvioi.on that the insinoaiions ot this letter writer Is a sheer fabrication, and an unfounded slander upon the character of our slave population. We respectfully reqnext that you will send us tho original letter, in order tbat wo may institute an inquiry into its authorship. C H Dupont, .lohn G. liunn, H Gibbon, Arthur J. format!, H Hendee, K. B Ballon, Isaac K. Harris. N. H. Stewart, Thomas Huoroc, 8. B. Stephens, William Munroc, Thomas Y. Benry. THE BETOKTXD IN9TJ KltEOTfON.S IN NOBl*H CAROLINA AND QKOROIA ALL M*0N8H1NK. (From the Miliedgville Recorder, tieo. 10 J Arooonts or negro disturbances In different States, In cluding our own, bare been freely circulated in the pa pers Nortb and ronth In rolercnce to most ol those re ports, we unhesitatingly pronounce them untruths. Tho only une well founded Intact, ts the recently detected plot in TenMMM, in wMcli a white man, disguised a a negru was tbe principal actor. He, It is at itad has been whipped to deatb. and tie principal negro executed. Toe rcecnt reports in reference t> Carolina wasat -le /raphic mtsuJce?the telegraph having lel'erunoe to Ten nessoe. Wo hope papsra will ia 'uture be more cautious In spreaJIsg false alarms. Tbis foveriah s'?ts of the public mln<! is tbe aaturel effect of the late political dis cussions, and is what might bave bten nut,cl?tied AN'OTOEK RUMOR SETTLED. MT.mnnsi n, Toon , Dec. 10, 1666. A young man by tbe name of Kelts, (Thomas relts, we believe;, living in l.ogan county, Ky., near the neighbor hood of Dr. Conn, came to .^'pringtleld, Tena , on tbe Cth mat, and told us that tho night previous, about mldui?ii:. hlmsi'lf and Ave other patrols unexpec'edly came upou a oolleoi'.on ot mgro<<?*b.?ut oae hundred ia number ? who were barbroumfc about fitly oamasee, and that Col. Tboaiai H Mrane was r.-.aking them an abolition ipeecb. Tbat some of the negroes flrtd npon tbe pitroi, who (1 a a short ulttatce. and tarnod ?nd tired oa about a dozen negroes, the remainder having dispersed. Tho patrol shbt one begro in the arm a ad captured tea. Drone made bis escape <>n the Atb instant tboee captnred negroes wero sect to KuaselviMe, Ky to jail This is about ibo svbslast-e of tbe s<ory We an J others have publicly and pri rate'y sjioken of it My on tbe auUtor'ty ot Kelts. We bave recently leaned, Loaover from various reUa ble sorroea u the Dcigh'iorbood or l)r. Ooaa, that tbta whole stIs a fabr ? ?* to We. therefore, at oare pu i 1 lb ibis mate meat in MlN t > a'.i |<arttca coucerntd, and in o rter to dkabnae tlse pubm. mini ia r scar J to this el fair. W. W. Pepper, John J. Helchis ia, R. K. riicki, Thy*. Meness, Jo. tfieea, oba B- (i?rnor, Jo V. Stark. D P. Bradon, Hllrs Conned, * M. U. Dra?gb?n, 11. V. I'jke, (Vigilance Committee..! rCBLIC M?ETI>U IN T K.VXIE.SWZK?L T .It H LaW DE niu. We flDd in Iho Naahrlllo I tun* end Ani'.tan of the M b lam a oiuiseta r?, ort of tli? proooeiiiat* of ? p<io lie niMticc in femaar oouaty, Toners. ;e, latroslueed edi torially, thu? ? Wo publish i>elow, by reqneat, Uu- pro'ee-llnge or the rlti/rue of Mimoer county agreeing upon a MMOter dust pl toe of i bo aiavee of (be county The ayivem agreed U| uo aoera* to i.a to be eminently j a<11 clone Ai the lirat meeting, which ?u held a*. U><- court hooee OB Ihc nth, a roniiaiuco to conaider the deTelotMrnoata of an toenrm ti?n eilcit-u from eome of the leaders thereof and to iiralt r. oiuti ioi, woe a| pjintvd, and the meeting i onrnrtl Here !e the report ot the b.iineaa ot the ta COed BJ. cMll ? Word >r. liee 1, 1K.'>? The mret ag boring been called to oruer puraaam te ad jo?rcewai ti? comwitbe reported the failowm reeola. ??.!,* tar re adopted A ?>ai r ty ol the tofrx'ti.e to oho a erne rtierred the iwl?' the | r ?? bi d< ' cu ttee atoorg the a area, beg !?ee? to rep-r\ ike loilewiag reeelmioaa - ??Mired. Thot Or ha>e l ?flw illidrorr iliai there*i< ar. 'tim o'o"d H'ito. in *iuo?< t n iru ni .>l te.- aiav.-?of i.i;i ??m> . in u..? w? ill cottiur, and ihoi Jv f>r'"?eu: lurran by ti ?l u* k ?a heon *tiira-1 nod known to eviet. br ?'? ??? I f frw? ? wt<*l mm. 1':k wlmie plan u folly 'In iruH'l, m-i Mi > '-h an Inrreupuiufl !>?- *ei i>q lunt in the > ?r?w?e rtrtl i ?tc?. >a 01 the noi ? by ibe ma wtfi'i* thereof. H? -k <w?.ua u.a^eiraiea nfia<- county hand iirir th- .ea.teiaid . i?a mrym' nrrhmwir a?id"i? <>i th* cwua f. a< ?0M? h? Ui.a oiiw:n|,?lii<li|iirt ?h.tll it ? ?aiJ ? a>?aao to. < i.'i il.t-m ea In* iiu?r<' i >i Um> eonrannttt may r*i>nn- ???i r?>a>mpi aoen rugulainna | ,n <rg?H tu tjm 'fiai ae'uey " '? l""i??r Kewihrixl. Toat eo?h ? l?o w < n a? ? 'matr nft an'i or Xaal/>' a >ultie?Blpol?i ?* i l? <k i?#ii, pi. ;iar-.l for rmmt Hf o< y, ahuw< <tiiiy it aba.i b?'?ee< not he rnum no ihetr oiaatai'e prrouaeeM at > aed <m th.- dobhaUi, uu .rwah-cut l-y wrta^o |.?t?oi?- ? n ?f i,e ownrraor hir<T. do ?Ignai ng Uwt t.?e ie?y arw ? at?*oi ao I th> Mia--" ilw? ?ire g ' Tluu ?*?! /Mir i? ? ? win ?wli intor ?rrri, * i? the ?airty an.l uf iirf eouoooO* nay roxulrr, jod ?i.ia org?. 1'i. ioo ki m ? ?>>' <rta."y ??? Thai 10 *4> m ? iar ?>>?.? ragnlaitnti" rtrh naeit Wlral M "?b |ir?ni ?e 1I.4 h < ?a? ?la>-? re ma.n : bomr at J jh> ndw-?M n <i.4 tint mncr n ? il?i rft r<m reeair with Mo Rran/iru, 1 n?( b? ?nluriiar* a acaen be r'r l<i'.u<'d ?i nigh' ^4 iIia Mw-I > h >? ? ? 'iro-i*- . fur i?rl>e (Ui miaium to oc-n<-. K'*oh"d. fleldor'n . b? i hi > aut hol <l?y? ooelae* be |irruiUtr<l in lr?. ?? thatr lUtfr a r* ioim? i.tea on hn?n.i^i ? it nuairr ?<r 'i?i?i end ita wrilton pnrtniw.on , Qi|gjiag th<? time, rioi ? ar.l ?i?ate'-w<. Br wived Thot aJ < k. <?> ? i?i wi in ini, |0? -h' !???? I rrl?tn" to Uan ? i tint J.air'.t i- -an ftou <rrn? hoftog ei I ?'??lit apirtte. ?erml)iint . r ufl i:i?-lr * i n n white an^l ir?* ??rr?. n< i4 < ?V)r talkin? to tham in * marnrr rolrni?>rd U e*r !?? <, t.Oil iig w^h tOrm r a,, ?eef'ilr eerro'ed l'rwoitr>l. IhKt ?i r" .n tn'wl thul Uk <\n b? rlMOO lr eoftoced -g?.n?i rrr nngr'M nh> 11 Ij'tori gu lty m' * v < Ui .m ?a It , a*. I ut ? I gilont wau-h I - It*" ewe th ir m >< eamete, bho- Id ??r <>w .i ? <we nf th>-w a my ' nHnMIff be ? apt?BiO, lien h."l One m >?<> ra b *?? audi atop* in info rrtif* n thrm ?? i m "?*aW?<l nrcaaaorf toi It t pmat-* aod rafety. >?tre? m-txio ot color ahtU rroi<i?? ut or %e< > la Ihta i oitoiy Ktartttral. Thai ftrtO are P^taoo n It! ?l? rlmtr-wll f Injm-r io -.o?? ? In Who'ton ?> tlie 'aw, aa I w? i-r^ itn mrit.1 a.l B'irb !?> ? ?*iae ta*ir 'rail. \ and I iw, n ? wHI t?? r? 1 ir-'l .?> Ira. e thr onttOir.T >r 'he arrra.t ; raa'tm oIII I'D I m.lir'rd !?)"? lham i * ii.ri-on, Irotired. .r ad'tithm. Tha noael'nil ha hrni tout Mr li e hMmm of r^grth-a. vrlwevr Mm ur at? >? Raae ??4. I ha' li anrot u e.mrr?if twrleo -<i puiotOd now 1 .ti o art. that lb# Pl?a.n<*r.i,of the w*tieg R'tpply .heir ica hy oib?r*, ami'b?i wr . f?d< r?r all ?acli B|tp-nn ?neo'a oie??e by ''Un. R<-?oi*rd. Tha1 pmneaulniiiinf thla m?#!ini. ho pobilah r?l io iha ??timnrr >'???./. ' ?<n ahi ' Mltttlir IU>,, a- andfJ" ait<! 'beta copy ha?<.f be to.titahe-l rack ineg->U?a ? ?>' h comi y tiat'Eg apf>?iBte<i the u'f twelee n coo form ttj lit ie> > nd u? ?ett'Bg ou sern^'l ?Jfi 'MA-C n*<*(?IA"?, WJl V. % IKICW.IS, T?m f. f. tarn, 8ag*r I. H Dt r.L tH i'iio?PRvr.? Tlir rntnr Hon. A. H. "trfueiir. ol ficoT|: a, ho>l uba leeged H ll H II. >-a<i oor Ol Ihr K llwert r.rrtorB Of f o* (MMr hat er-0 n r-?0t ?tint doyt A rard 'rc? *r ?ii'naeBi appea-a - tor Aageeu (t>o > C< rM't/v'i no'trt Of Urn-:*) aa' ifet-d Warhtegtoa lith net , whb h "uotrat* the ?pen a ? nrh 4||M taggntgr a? te letre bo dooet er h'trnta i tentmnr Kroir U.t 'arc t teetn* the dilti ui;y a? ?j. u a queatioo of tcrat t.r It rtfat l to an a<?t. ??i ?>? to'iMrart the Mtut nf tiit reoent ele< :!oo oeoteM la BridttioB to the I'l icei'Bg thut ffBcra'td. Mr. S et?eog Mlegee that Mr H I) *auo rrruir. >olf# atatrmeot* uf the parpott of ?p>rch<i doiSeeir- ti iriBt tee ca?|n>t?, ohrrelB bi?B-. if ami Mr 1mm w are r?rr< ?? bar lag "ceorred" aader hcutrge ot Ilea too to tnr wn>g r?rt? tbr?e aature Mr 0t?t>l)err and narr _ ' 1 aaa now coapi led fey o rt rite or doty te rr a. i; ho t tiid pvblle to attaae kreoe thai, by the r .rrr?|v>nd< e ? rtfrrrol to and tort wrotlaaieri its .'elan n ta \\ M- Mill l aip-orrd bioiaelf te me to be u-1 eair ao meedeot braggart and ae t;Breriipek?ia liar, bit a defp cable p>| tr<mo brtiUt Ait ihr?r 1 proclaim aim ii be holding mraelf, hotwuhttardint wi a: ha* pa?ae<i and thta deaea . ?i oe etil! rr?pon*,bi* r*en to btet <r ?(tn- t r*y, it he be tbt t.tier'y aieBeibie to ?hat.>e o. i -t-era <oti n row er?r be maj be aa to leer." The cW o' Mr ?'?orhena rcrnl dr- It lbl? uheqtileoeol rmu'trr:--4'I W;ll ai?o 1 troai t>e etcriicii eren ey the moat fait. IHfli (or the i*i googa aow ti?co to* ardi him. whieh my ooa aelf ?eapi?d I it o*?tir?ry o?, o.;i?nwraM forotd let wh-n a mm 'a. r <.u? roici t viet ada ur was tooty to aaporee pnea'e ? ha ?at fee utd malicn ihdlridoa' raputtt.m at?d thee - fo-ee ibat rn'ri a i-etllreian Veowa how tn #t%. a e I *- r |'i (reel no < oo?re la le|| Tor Ifto r' I t.'t ini tteqvriN i, the iw t|??ijl t aa<i ?>? t irab c. c> p; \ the !>', aoit ol ifaior tic ? .ft Ml TTIMt ot fllK C' VN t>l AN I'AVttftffltN Th< u.a a i *? lit a-? :?<<?>? ?? tea <e?j?a \ ?Jee?? 9h >t>? 'win j l.t* ?( Fjb , HBm BV THE BLACK W ABB MB. Our ((avium CoriMpimatwr. Uava.ii Dae. 1ft, IBM Bmiircad Accident?A rhil*4elp*un Kultd?Uurder of an Oterier Aiimtxvt?Lotrry Vr<ntinf?OU'j Inproif mtrUi?Murder or SuniJe of an American Sailor?Cor rupondencc nf United State* fapert?Bt. haryet. We had, on Friday morning last, hupi over tUlsnty and ceigSUorbood one of the ukw donee fox* i hive evor wllneeidd; I doubt if * real " I.pudon fog " cool J havs rerpedsod it t?r density. It ?ii the cauee of a sorioui collision od lb a railway boiweon true city aid I'n.oi, and | wb-eh was un'ortuoateiy eUeoued witb losi of Ufa. A* the detail* of tho aectdeut tiare beea lo me, tome of tbj rare gol o3 lbs track near rlrer .Mmeaiaree tbe pi eoeding (Ihuraday) e->euioj, aexl a pa/ty wu soul next morning I torn this city to frt the cart ega'a oa the track. Amoo* tbe party ao veal waseyyouB:; engineer, twenty two year* of ago, wto bars Irom Philadel phia. named SUipluy or Sblhley, Wnon the oar* were ?gala on the track, e .ecomotive wa? pieced behind them to " back " them down to this city, and Mua young man wan put ohm*" look out " ea tba scat placed In tb? front el tbe forward ear. Toe * natty of tbe fog prevented bia seeing the train ibU bad eft vhta oily t?r Union with l?aa?ngera, and which, trnveliia# at a rapid rate, a dread ful collision ensued. Poor youn^ Shipley waa thrown rrorn b'.a aeat a JU taoce oi forty or liny feet, and woe inatantly killed; and Mr. Dpa ton, the engineer of tbe outgoing v^taoger train, waa ao seriously Injured tbat hla t.fe waa doapalred of. However, 1 believe he % not dead an yet. sevetal of the paiaengora were aertoualy brulasd and Injured, but happily no turtber loan of Ufa waa aueieiued ?wbloa, from the circumataaoea of the ooil>aioo may ba oonaldered an extremely fortunate fact. The "'Aalatlcoa " (free colonials) employed at the su gar warehouse at lie {la, acroaa tbe harbor, took It Into tbelr bead* one line morning early laat week, to murder the man who waa aet over tbem, and whi) la here called the " mayor domo." there appears some dtacrepancy in tbe versions given aa to the manner In which thorn semi savages e'tected tuelr brute l!ke [>v.rpoae One vcralon of the Ule makes out tbat a rope with a no wo waa lowered Irom a window above ibe di>jr, aud wben the mayor domo came to tbe door to awaken them. hi waa aaddenty hoist ed up aud tanged. Another version nays iiia brain.-; were knocked out with a club. B .t wbuhever way tae dw1 was done, tbe mau waa silled and u;? bod? wben found, was ahociiingly mutilated. Tbe Aratlcos," with great cucnlog, have all burned tbe clotblog they had on, ao that no marks ot blood should point out who were tbe murderers. They all disclaim any knowledge ot tbe crime, but eleven ot tbem have been camm'tt *1 10 prison and it la hoped the murderers will be discovered. Tne t5paclards will learn, after a season, that John Cntnaman is not Uie j alien; animal under cruel treatment tbat U?o African has been found to be; and tely upon it, learot a general revolt among tbe Chinese. f>7 tba time a few thousand moie ot them bave been iatroduoeil. will cause them to bo treated with grealor humanity tlian thay have bithetto generally been. The ticket 'J1.434 drew tbe ?130,000 prlae in the lottery drawn on the 10th iaat It waa held by s uite lucky young tellows employed in tbe,?Wce of toe Auditor d-> Uuerra Among tbe recent improvements m tbia elt r la a wall now U'?g erected, the entire icugth of tno wbart, and to which theie are to be gates, which I aappose will be lxkrd up every night, and our thlpmaaters thus will be taught they are la a Spanish port, by bring mala prison ers of, unleaa tbey mi) choose to sleep amore An inquiry of rather a eingelar cbar*<-t?r oosnrred at tba Unmd Btatea coaacla'e on -aorta* .'ait. It waa nellber more nor lean uun an inveeiitauon into tae mtans U>*t caused the dca'h of tne cook of tne berk t.e?rgo I). Smouse, which arrived her? abeul ten daya since Irom Mobile. All laformattoa u,>oo tbe aubieotot >be inquiry waa refused me at tbe I'Liied stataa Consu la>e. Bo*e?er, by dint of a dUie peraeveranae I have aectrtalncd tnal the cook, ha^tug threatened to murder tbe captain aud flrat ofli'er ot ilie bark, was put Into irons, and bta be?l having ueen brought on deck, he u aa oumpelled to aiecp there in mo irons, whlcn bad beaa aerured a:olt; that durtug the night be had ancceeded la tooaealog the ropo by winch tae irona were mala fast, and bad, beyccd all doi.'nt, t.irowu btmseii over tbn aide of the bart 'Uto tba aea, and oet-a drowned. A* naoal, however, wlUi aatlora. the orcw o.' the bark, after bar J arrival here, raised various <a!*? reports rosp?o*ng toe , mtoatic saaa, w'.itab reierli rendered the lure*tiga'.iou at tbe ionanlale requisite. No evidence, howevtr, I ua ilerstaad, waa aridr.cod to load A a sueptcioa of tliero having been au? bt like foul pl*v usv! to? arda tb? cook What waa tbe reaaoo ol tbe enduavor at tba Coagulate to keep the evidence irom tue public, I am al a W?a to iu?ue. Su:n a course mav be oomooratir, although to do so la not lepubitcau?at le\at, aa 1 waa taught repub lican lam A itlecd of mine, wBo came to tbe city from b>a su -ar eatate m tbe twunlry. a d?y or two Sicce. complans sadiy of tbe atato of tbe Island lligbwsy robberies, he ?ays aie oi daMv ? eurrtinoe, ao tB?' it i^ i'ut aare for a man to travt'l aloae. Indeed, ,ay? they are aimost afraid lo teaide on their t?ui"a, an<"uyniuos and threaten rg letters being fre?r ently ie<*r'ved requ.ring toaaider able sums of ret-nev to be (te?<o?ita?l in natnmi piaoe'. or threatening to laliHt m iberaol ibe moat loul Crimea. . , _A ... Ibe Mario d' lo Mttnno o' ."-a'urday last praises all the oorreapondence firm tb n city deacriotive of tbe rand review and leslivi?tee ttai took pia?.o on tbe wneen el Spain's r'aiat s day tne IWti nit > hat i?sa appeared n tbe (.ruc pal papers ol lue ' nited States. I suppose I am entitled io a sbare of this prsiae Jt is e% er, tbe Oiarw ?bould know, mora pleat ag to ?p?aa .u terms ol praite tban in tboae of ressnrc but as l.<ire 11 a aorl ol < enaure tbat is no >1' rare, so, too it.vra nius. l)? a praise that s act honorable At lar as I ladivlilually ron eraed, I solemnly dcciara I shall l?*t n to suspect myseli should I >ea.l anotl'cr s ?b an article aa iba: in tlx Utarw Ut la i/ant:a of f atnrday ast. uor i imprtived ??d<?eeir oo -atarday, o?!ng, aa .a balieved, to the payi'^eat ?? about a million ot dot larw by the goveramat of this aiaa l, a? rnmor ha* tt, ?n aecoent of the debt tue by -?'la'n to O'eat Brua.n One of our mercantile bouse# una made a (irttty penny by .nietlv bi.vini; "t> reteniiv all tbr b.,.a oa 1 onaon t?at li ra olleie.l al ,h? Iiai.t trier rale of premium Havaat, l?w 1&, 1%r Srauiih X 'i ,V'*' i<> Iff D- ?<?'/*? .'/am in that K'public. ] lent. Nsgdea has retuiaed Irom hla pleasant tonr to i iba 1'on.miean repcblic, and made safe delivery of the six theuisad mcsktta ta President Bae who halda pow er nadar Ibe dirtator Hagovia. Tba latter* of sagovia J wk eh bave been received here are perfectly aattafaeto ry, leaving tba question or lh? absorption or Aaaeiatloa of tbat anhappy eonatry oaly "a qsaatloa of luna ' He baa maaaged to depraclata all kiada of property, uadar ha aeggesttoaa as ta lha bnada and obligat:oas >f tbe treaty mate with SpaJa. so tbat discoateat broods ta tba pebllc atiad, sad eorrow nestles la tbe bosom oi every daughter of the lead. Tfce at 1.j bave been pieced .a the pjbltc arseael, and tbe I'ret.deat baa ordered a few hundred steads for dis tribution among tbe volunteer* or mi' t'a. wale up of scbtccta ot fegovia, rreeled by hie ali powerfni orduta \ system, or natural: ? ion documents aa Sptelsh avb<eete. We leara the*. i<eetana st.ll remains amcttg his oee p?? v??, wtere be baa vast IsU'ionre ?.qniree b'" their Irnowle-'ge of bia honesty, fldeilty, uoeor ssd noble gai ',?ntry in de ence el the cauntry. flie pe"f'e oi hla d'airW bev n? eellmted eoafldeace r their lasortte rhie., and them*, war of t*e pop > atioe, will not roeie in < pon the ??mo?oss <>? Vrr% t<-nt Beet a ihourh they are tdd m pf iemet oe tba' ail Hie .?kt woe a da watch severed the distil g" tab* i sen eats of ??vo ;a e ere bee e l ? tbat In soiri the . reedotn of the lead aad tlie netiocal prosperity sad noeo' taey l>e*e on' < ?e erattmei't ibei le not be. . ?e ?, nor will tbey p. rei . ,*aatana to per* .ade th?m to do *< Ite pr-vaie s?'<-onnts that we reeelsa Hu'W that the ' -oar n Oaian1 ie following ti" bta p'ans mat the enter 1 iuf wi-dge has Iw ?n :oilo*?.t ty the t.e. until neerly ail ' ta* fibr.e o< adi.?'iion hevo br a ee.t or torn away "f toe Aeietti em great*, ?'"ni e?el in nay last, 30u die I at ate. eni! in afW arrfvnl a tb s port Ibe examination o? t?pv> n W ? r an-t <-rsw of the bark '-eo p. .-mo.iae bele-u tbe I aHed fiatss ? <ne"l. been eKeed, ard I think an ar-ay o. .Hritta will mat* so ainrb ia la- or ?. tbe ' ep.aia that tbe C aaal wilt n >?. >,? put in tbe dk-etneeule euly I roedisg hi a h'.nie lor, ilasten hex* woofier * tKIHl". Ill* * * s l>ec' 1" i tf iftb nit i?u< of eur 'as' ref'rt. Ibe weather nee iwre v<ry arors >i* 'or oudr?r '?neratimie aed we he\s bad me; n sctlvfty n our marlvf ? ? . <t? hs' e h'ee in slcedy d< vtand. rK* ng (I'm af an *<i\* ?<? e' in H "P"*1 "or ?*' <1"atat**ea N imero'.a ronirarte b*re been nta efnru *1 crop at tt2 a t?* an< sr no r t'?.e one treesaettM at i:? rse's arr b* * Offt botee ffl p*r e?nt-i! wsli h W> e> e-sf o( while* IjO COO advatee. "'toek .? eow eN*'t fto oou bo?e? ate est is a tM* ?# ia 1(1*4 ?0 0001a I^W and j$ 0th n same oerloda Mn"rotadee o se\t rrop bare been et>e lrarte?l for le e er-e extent. He note t?e delivery bue r? aele el 300 bhd? at <> reals el Matansas r(< bl <1s at ? reels, and eOu al 10 rrals; at Cardenas 4iXi ss I tfb ii tk reaie re eaf o' 1 (*0 asd I,-00 at * j ree-s at (Veii>?fne 0 end I f^iO at ^ reals and of tre^n si gnrs l? be twelve or Mteee dees n fo'ies i? rerte 1,*0f hhde at reals, ?:0.:C0e1?aece delivers hient a,f r-a Veres* re ae ' u' i.^Oat i swlenaa it a v rea s as<* 1 fOO at its real' and to' lo b? dtlivreert hern u o reels t4r nd-u has tK-ea i oaimene^d ?n aevsra: ea t,t- and wilt be rem re aho-t th. .Oth nit ilw qmia ttnr? ere ea WOWS?Whf* e >?.n- n trena) h t> t* rfule? tts S ,d tot's i ,d. eiist No l? lo SO. II to It r'als as \il i" ?l? ' .1 hmwns N'j 10 to I i I to f" real*- Ms Id to ? '1. Cu.-"rer hos. V. * I a 10 0%lo ?\ -esis ??i* id 'o 0s ? ,d Sterling r.'wt freeofl boa' .at , preen* p'eia -t-hasge ?, , ,?.? _a tare* ? '? r,s : a* be'n n-me m rrstraoa ? , r"tt eer ? del vry. He n it. thj ioi oateg trams ? ,.r. Mr-rre llnreu* b "t>bb l? at ft fill keg for ,>^*i stvl V toe < for r .a.i. at t'ardene* i i iio air ?m1 '.'UN nstkrivMa a<7 res.s deliverable si.i !*<>*, ft W'i el s*??pvwo* ttooeie.iedat .letenriite t- e?-b?. re?lia "esoarr *l'! A^rll *t reel*. 4 ma# t? tit* ?s v.. niaeaof w * roe'i Rt m'ee o..i bW> asA l.?e? mu? rovtoo at OhMphu \0 be delivers* la tl>e sa-r.e asax*"-" M 8 rfala. 4,00) ml 4 COO < Sayed al d* n?U S ?0? ??? 2,600 M 8\ reals, all 4eltv? rable at J^ardanas in Jaauarr till April ud S COO hbds concentrate 1 moiesoes at 7 rf ak. Hosier j are a?kiag now 1)i to 7 S ??*?<? tor oaf** aj J fc '? Id 8rtali (or atuscovado 9a contract and (n first receipt! 8 res1* k?p for j4 au-1 10 roa'a for ma* COTUlO Hour 1s ai rlvm* lu smill Ion. which iad buyer* f. 4'4" reai* gallon. Kgportod ?mc l*t Jaaiary?1,86; tieces, principally to Haatrirg, Bnmea, utf Belgium. Ki-m bu been "u entire durscd at h/jbor | r'c?s Wo qseto 844 ts >40 per pipe, wttbo ?t c?*k kxiwr.ed n-u?? lit January ?11,314 pipe* to *pstn, 3.3*;.' >r*a:?, i,tm Hamburg not Bremen, 1,627 Sweden and Udumar*., l.44i Great Britain and 2,074 otsrr porta; la all '.'13'S pi?*" are >a deroond K*po-'.ed ?!uoc In January?? ' 8,736 milie lo M?o Called Jlate*. <)8,3?6 Prance 28.3-I* Hamburg and Rrainen. ilO.34ft ?? real itntaln, and 16,32* Mber parts; la al> 317,;/25 iniile. Touacco of superior q-tall'.y 11 \'?*7 farrs and ouj wands eatreax-ly biro pr e? (C-coo.-ted ?Lu<--t Ut Jmmm ary 2,4#8,36? ponada to Mmn, 2, 179,40-: i/alte-l diaMV 1,920 110 Hamburg and liftmen auJ 1,2*7.608 otkcr parti , in all 7 881,440 poon*! Kxi-Hji'Miw bave coat'cnod I > rule low, although of lat* ralea bave comer hat Improved. W? mole London 3J?i per cent premium, 1'arii 8 V, 10 t per ceo' discount, New York, Boston and other Nortb?n cltlee 8 to St; per (MS discount, New Orleans abort 0 pjr c?nt diaco'int iMraa-tH oh Pkovimon* have beon 'ar-je and pr.oea bare declined. Wo atte oalen o' eriioJ beof, 3.800 qtia per Ventuxita, at 19>4 rlj #,600 pjr Pope. and 6,000 par it malls, at 1? rH ; 3,000 per Il7*>ir1o, at 18\. and 4.00C per Ceflro at 13>^ rla . air, Coa>h? 1.6'W drunu u< i00 tierces per Oaroflne Wctiouke, from St. .fona'?i 64Z tmmi and 20 ca?ka par C/ordulla, md oarKo per n?duMe, :wm Halifax, at :M itL 408 cw;k: uni hh tiortea par rio leria, irom rame place, a' ills. ',M* t>oxei Norway, at M, aad 100 at >0O qti ; 400 from New Vork. at *' 76, and M> ouaa '.romfbDadeipbla at 1 qV. I'atoll iwi r.argn? from Norway nud ooe from ?. John'? Haddock?454 drumn and <?0 ticrria por (Jirrtolia, from Hainan, at and 1 it druuia and tieroei |>er V'lo.on*. from eaaat place, at 'iOH rU. tti. H?ke---4:i4 raiiu m sis KKa Mt from >3 to 5rt 87, principa'ly at $^1 per qti. P' i>? 34 oantM Carolina at 13 and 208 do at It,1-; rl* arr.; b,H'?Z t>as< India at Irom 8, 8% to 13 rt? , 11 m'y at 10*-S to II Ka arr : 4 :;40 Valencia at 1*?.J, II and 11 >-i rla. arr III ? ?H0 WnatptuMao at >33 and SOO a' >Ho qt!.; 1.000 Spaa ish at >2t; 800 at >24, and r.Oo at , fl b?rr. Amerlran at >17. V* at HI ?>'), 25 at >11 60 at >7, and So at 16 to >'? <|tla at Cuttom Hoaa* arrtion Tormeta l'i at 912, 37 at Sit, aa4 20 U >16 per qtl Pork?1C0 t>?lis at !18 per q<l. Hat tor?10 krua (toaiien at >44, 10 do. at >ot: So uOU. at >17; n (.ad 1U0 kofa at >28 60 100 k?K . at 76, 'iMt tU <M, 600 at >?l. 100 at >22 60 aod 1H ai $T. per fit. Cboeoe?460 rociid Hutch at >22, and 1,000 Pa'agraa at S28 per qil B 'oua?.'.7 liurr.o* from Vt<r& Cru ' at 17 lia arr.; *7 bbli New Vork at 15 rta , aud *0 at 14^ rta., 4* cpatiibb at rl?., ar t loo at Urli arr. ivt?IM bias at 27 lis. tlder? !>0 boxes at >3 76. Hoar?12,OM bbl?. y, aciob at>!4 >0a$17 V5. mo?tly a4 S10 r>0 a >17 porbbl 1 otatoea?1.741 b'>!?. at >6 60 a >? por kM.. 2,128 at >6. and 1,142 at>l 50 por b?>l. Onlonn?8M bbla. at >3, aud 60o at *'J 26 per bbl ; D.OoO ttrlofn at >8, 'J8,IC<1 at >6 0 and 34i 0 0 at SO jmr 100 ?tnn?a. .Soap??60 box*? Spanitu at >8 ;.0, and 2.048 at >4 per qtl. Tallow?70 bbla. at >l.r> aad r?0 at >U 75 per ft. Tallow uandlea?200 boxea at >10 7?> oar qtl Compac tion candles?103 box * at >?!, 93 at >38 loO at >40, 267 st $4T. hj per qtl. Helloed whale oil? 5 caaiuat 30 rla.( 4 and 10 bbla. at 29 ila., 16 and 28 ca<<s at 27 rla., 13 am -8 bbla. at 20 rts. arr. Nalla?6S6 kegx at >8 25. aad MO at >0 on lime. Pitch and tar?40 bbis. at *4 Brtoks? 37.000 Spanish at >'J4 per aiille. Wrapping paper?S.TIfc reams at 4 rls , 1,000 at 3H rla., 1.000 at Z}'t rla., A.IM at :*l, rla , and '*00 at 8 rla. I.UMHkB on Co<>rmt.?aa th>? k,?We note salea of ptoah pine: 149,(CO leet from St Mary at Ui, 130,000 MqWi at >_"8 60, ::41 COO do. at >29; Kt.^KJl feet Wllmtn<toa a* >30, aad 76.COO at >29 mill* leet; 109,000 ieet Portia** at >20. and k80 000 Uaatera at >'.'7 mlUe feet. Sugar bM. sbocka, 1,1?4 at VO rls Hox ttauoL.*, 300 at 7 rls , 8,700 7X rta , and 400 at rla. Honpa, 119 000. in *d'*or?w> lots at )30 to XIO mostly at >46, aad empty b-tda. M a $.i. Kaxnans bare not undergono any material altera4ie?. There baa been a good demand for vessel* aad wo oat* the following engagements ?18 for Kurope, atrroos ?2 ta JL3, and >1 '.6 to >1 62>. bale ot tobacco lor Spaia. 101* the United Slsiea at 7 X r>a. <0 10 rla. box >6 had sugar, and >2 60 hhd. molasssa. We qaote to da* at ?2 to CI to ! nrope and to the Called Statea 9 rta. to 10 rts baa at sugar and >2 60 hhd. motaaaai. Tkr Nicaragua Transit* Company. arpKKJu: court anciAi. tkkm. (Before Hoe. Judge Pa viae.) r>if W?William Pattm am it ot\ert vt. TV Aecettmrj TrontH C.mpemy. Janf 0. WiOd, Bknif 0/ (V Ottf AMI County of tftxo Yoik, Chmriu Morgan Qenrgt A. Uayt, Or ndttu Vunderbill and others?Till* la ea applioatloa tar ? recelverehlp aad aale of I be ateamahlpe Northern UgbA, Star of tbe Weet, Daniel Webater aa<i l'romotheua. He plaintiff* la their ooatpialst allege thai they hare a cMa agfenat ilia Aceaaaory Trunin Company to the amoaat af 130,1m, tor wbob they bare commenced eait afataat the company, aad taauad aa attaebaieat, wbtok baa be?a levied upon tbe roar above named ateamihlpa. Thai varloo* other atlaeJimenta aad a'*o eeveral eteoa tloaa have been levied by tlie SUtrlfl opoe tba aaa ?teaaaui|?, ia auiti ccmmeuced agatnvt tba company by rartonj individual!, who arc aiade defendant* to Dm attloa. That the Meumnhipe *re alao e aspect to ctrtain mortgagee, aad met if a aeie of tba ateamthlpe la bad ondrr Uin eteceuaaa la tba I)aad-> ol tbe gberifl. they wilt tie ea-rtdoeJ, ao* tba plaiatifl 1 claim will be I oat rba plalntttu. tutrntoro, pray for ao 10 unction agaiaet the aale uadar the eaeoa uoaa. and Ibat a reroivtr Hay ba ?ppo:ated to eail tba Kteamihipe tbet tbe mortgagee* of tae iteamahtpe nrf be ordered to aaite la tbe aalv and thai tbe ptoaaeAa may be brought iato court ta be amoag tbe Cue? having Uaaa tbereoa Oa tbia eompialat M aara. Mr aad Ihompeoa with whom wai aaeoctatad tiaaara. Moti|bb>a aad I ntting la bthalfof Uiepialslltii mo re iter a recetverttup of tbe ateamabip* arandiag to tba prayer at thecompleixt. Mr H F. Clark aad Mr fi. I ord appeared for Mr. vunderbill aad raad hi" aaawer eettlag up ibat ba waa iba bulder of mortgage* upon tbe ehlpa amoaat lag to *? 0 ' 00 Weatdea latareet. a.i.l that ba waa a* tba lima <>l ihr rommencoment ef tats anil in poaaetnlea ef the teaai'ti |>a under the mortgage*. an<i cia'aa* tba right to the p<>aaa*?loa of tba aleamahip* uadar bi? mort gage*. Alter tbe reading of the aaawer the farther hiaring or the can- wae at tba request of Mr. ritoigbtea, laid over till aert 1^ rldar to enable the tba plalatiN* ta aad eoaalder tbe allegatloaa la tba aaewar. rvrran ktaibt maMUfe or.ica 1>*i 20 ?TV Pttxd>yt nf th* Cniltd .Vain of Ameriom, (a tk* Mt'thal of (Mr Soutturn Outr:<-' of A? IV*, frmt te;i ?-We command you tbat you take Cbariaa Morgaa, Crraelia* K t.urruon aad William Walker <cll!'?ni af tba tailed Ma tea of AaerHra.) defeadaeta, If tbay ebaU ba foaad la year dfrtrirt, aad them aiiily .<*ep, *4 taat ywa irif have their bod'.ee before tbe Jartgee of tba rimit Court of tbe L'bited "tate* M Ameriea for tba 5<)uibara !*?uirt of New York, ta tbe &t<mad Qmtt, ta i>* bafet at tba City Hall a ta? ctty ot New York, ia tba aaM tbora IHatrtst, oa tba autaoath day of l-'eoembar, 1IM. to aaawer uahi tbe Aeceaeory Traeatt Uompaay, (a narporation created nv tbe repualtc of SVaragaa, ia Oea iral /taier ra.) pla ni.n, in a p ea of irrapaea. tad e>ao ta a < eru:r loll ot the aa'd p ? nt c < aga nit the ?al4 da [rndarta for raavert'ag aad diap><'ug oi tie food* aad < batteta ef tbe aaM ptaiaUlla 10 it. valur of one milUea ad dolian, and aiaa for wroagfnily aed fraud.)teatly oaaaptr lag U-getber to irierrurt iliaturt> aad uto eat. aad ta lerraptiag. ^itlarbing aa-1 motanmr tbe aa 1 plaiMtAi !? tba proat' t?>B of their lawtat t-leiiiea- m traaeporttag paeaeager* ard freight betweeo lb 1 i>ona af New YarS aad New Orleaaa. aad .be port af !<an Fraaetaro, OaH fori. a. aad detir.vtag tba ae.d piaietUI* of large gaiaa aad pronia wblcb tbay ooulil oih?.rar*ea have derived 1 r<>m (aid bueiaea*. am tab ertiag tbeai to large loaaaa to Hie ramege of tbe plalai ??. ef tbe rarthor tan 01 e?a mi'ltce of dolian, u e raid to tbe nuiito* ai tba laid C?> ri. be'ur? tbe aaid Jadgne. tbea aad tbera ta be ethih tad. aad tbat yoa have then ii?er tbia writ WHaeea. R- er B Taney, bao.. C'laf Juattce of taa Hafreme Court ol the t'nltad Statea .it tba city ot Saw Yark tbe aictb 'lav ef December, ia tbe ? ear oae tbaa aaad elgbt buadre.i aa<t fly ?1?. ClUl. II RAi'aLU), *t!oraey K?>?vtn ? Warrt, Clerk The a bote la a clva Nit aad sa elaiply tbe '>r<i?r we da la tbe Maraha t ortica Ml.dlree te?t I altera. mt-rtrntn ar w. p. nut, 01 rmt.inii.rnit. L it of letter* advert aad ia tba Iiaatoa Htrrmii, Wad ? neaday, Iter 17, ItM. rema a ng 10 tba Baatoa faat Otaaa naeaiied tar ~ a|w voaa aoiKW Rtake, Brown A Oa , cartton A Parter. firewater A t o . P. A. Shaw A Co . John R Dow S (Jo , Kturgea, >080011 % Co M Peter I aril lard. Hut a 1 tf la tbe Ball more Poet <MBee, Taoadap, Dm. a*w tom ao??a Rahereea A fiebatt, awadod for Iteb art aaa A aebwt. I i?t of letter. advorUMd a Iba Raw Ynaa "?? Friday, Die. 10 rema 1 ag a tba Raw Teek real (Maa nacalled for ? ritiLiDW/W4 ?or<aa amwow ?nw Rararoft. Reaver A Oa , R Ana towtkOa Hon 1 a 1 ?eaekla. Ri aa A 0o., lawtma A Haarock Happ a Pallar. Harru, I ee?b A 0a . Ooavaraa. Hard ag A Ce Hay .v Mel<ev tt. Hay ward. Rurabetaad A Beaton A Oeakdt, advar- Mebhar. 1 ted Lteacbler, Uwrenoe M faiga, lowbrr A W .wer, Piimpioa. Mtaphaaaea k0a>, Movrell. Rr.hroedar A fer- Heery Sm lb A Oa , giroa. a-tvrl'd Mabwedtr, W?Iker A Rrotber, H.I .atpoeneoa, wt. taiaa A PiaadoM. Wailacr ft H"'l,,jmebl. Sewl burrb Hopo. t?rp eiH*Nt, a. V aairtataa .Inba R i>e? ?wei|, B"??a, ttaihand A Oa., Hani ft rw tbodtd be Wtark k fteathoi i'refr M?rl"" RarnoMt A f a Ib.abiviJ I bk W ft .1 Ttt *.l?r?il Reyoo ta <talieb % _ , ??.!,-? p Tiantba A titer ft '1 Tyaoa v R'a>ttar m m >1. tev A trothar, r taw at e? Kit A Ce ?? AO*