Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 23, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 23, 1856 Page 2
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Htoki, AuUon an j fWlahcw. 1k? book pubhahere Ha?e boos Tory busy ?f M*. f?o number of new pabltnitooa wvauliM within ft low da)? vpon oor own uble :i abiui too hundred and ?tty, rmbrarini ft mrgo variety of subjeola, generally aredftubie la their tj pography, ftad some of them l>?o set mag ? finished tod elegaat appearance. Of Ibooo wbeee ooitenu are reaMy valuable tboro to quit* ft Itat n?? will doubUeot, n the revM wi ?od of the oountry, Income the just auejects o more extended erMtetom. H> re are some of <h>m ? Tb I l>t RT OF NAPOLkON, OB SOC1KTT UNDER THB t-T Est hike. fly F?ink B. Goodrich, illus tofttee by Julea Champagne. Derby & Jackson p. h>- en?, New York. T1>r cojif before ua to lft udvanae of t(a publication. It ta ? ?Dftrto of upwarda of 4(0 pagea, printed on Hue paper, Mtaatrated by colored lithographic portrmlUof the beauUea ??d lemftle wlta who figured about the oourt of Um drat Mftpoieon The gilding and blading of the book ahow ? large advance in ike a/ia of tterary embeiltohment and pabheaivon. and, ft* ft whole, rt will be without ft rival on ihe eomtig b iidaya. The portraits ftre reduced from the erlgiDftli of i uch artists u < .erard. Dftrld and Hcheffer The anecdotes of character which sparkle through the re to me are unusually interesting. One of theoe em bracee the brief caieer of an American belle, Grace In serted, O) New Haven, ftfterwftrda Msilaaae Grellet. 1 ta somewhat strange that our bookmakers hftTO not yet attempt* d ihe live* of thoeo ef onr ffttr eonntrywoman who, iince the Revolution, haTe allied themaelves ta tortlgLers aid moved in the beat foreign aoclety. latere to not a court m Europe where they hare not been aeen ?ad i mired. Mr. Goodrich baa glTen ua ? very agreea ble* volume. Maw Granada?Twxnty Months in rm Anbes. i j Is-aae F Holton, M. A., Professor of Chemistry sr a Natural History, Middlebury College: a ?ftr, e octavo, with map and illustration*. Har 1 tt A Brothtm publishers, New York. It la la a work much waited ftt the preaent moment Mew Granada hftft been endeavor log for tome years past to placc hertelf fti ocg the scat liberal States. Her In ternal reaoureea, It ittj could be property developed, woo id make h< r wealthy, but all the aUempU of ftny aoft'c?jott.ce Save tans far felled. A abort macadamized road uc.r the capitftl, ft ew steamers on the Magdalena, award by loreigners, aid vartoua frcltleaa efforts to re opt n the l ike, and restore a long loat proenenty to ?Brtfiagena, tbow but little progress. Professor Holton'a boon to a guice to those who aeek tor the reaaona. ?eneral Mcfquera's addrea* betore the Geographical So osety of Una cil) haa hitherto been the only good refer ence of recent dftte to which ftccea.s cculd eaaily be had. fhe ro*ua of travel, the rlTera, the citiee and towna, ?e atcamfra. the habito and mannera of the people, Itoooe of foreigners reaideut in the oountry, the chorchea, the prteatbood, the fot eats, the p ama, the natural pro dnoia *f the aotl, and many judicious aad valuable me teorological facta are pleasingly tiven by our author. The wood cuts are not at all equal la execution to the reet oi the work?a too common fault or the publisher* Bon*?Chjusvian and Papal. By Dr. De Sanctis, lern erly Curate of the Magdalene, Rome : duode cimo. Harper A Brothers. Thia is a work by a learned convert from the Itomtah ?hftrch. late a Waldenuian preacher In Sardinia, and now n Batversity protee&or In Swiusrland. Tne work to a ?ctttcua oorreapondence between three persona, one representing Catholicism, another Evangelical religion, and the tnird Tractartanism Gaining by a high poaltion at Rome a thorough acquaintance with tie internal aad ?sternal a 'airs, he has developed the ayatem aad the principles of tne modern church; and to those who take Merest m tne sat ect, the book will be found very enter latatog and tnttructiTe The deferlptlon of the exerctoea ef W. Ignatius ut we 1 worth reading. lirk in IPKAii^-F'ouTRAiTrBES or hebhkw Charactkk. By Maria T. KRhardk. Sheldon, Blakeman a Co., pabiishera, N. Y. A woik nt?D ted to Ulustrau the history and oharacter ef the Jewish people, prepared with care ftad worthy of yemaal PCIENCK T8. UODIRN BpiRITrALIHM, A TkSATISB on Ttrmno Tableh Ky Count vie <ia*parin. translated fro : the French br Mine E. W. Bobert, a yung lady of this city. Kig^itis & Kellogg, N. Y., pobluhen. Numerous works haTe been written ta eontrovert the ftlaiu a of iptrttaftltsm, both in this oountry and Eoglnnd Several o' I s facto have apparently been ao well proved tost ae?e of our clergy bars md'arafrd tc ripiftia tftea u ui? principle w sumac poss.-aaioa or lnnueajs. gwiKi believed Uiftt ev?ry mi had bis denoo, ani proteased to oon verso frequently with bla own. Ho would ktft bren irlighted to tare bren a member of a mo dera circle Do Go* porta endeavors to sbow that whatever Uwre la of an y f >roo La ipirttualam, lb> owing oat fraud aad credulity aa part of ita element* la attributable to Mrvoo* escttemeat, fold action and halloctaalloa. Be baa defended bla positions with all tbe *ki J aad graoa of a Frenchman and rntrruebr* tbe in vltb tbe Bble lo bla fcaad. Yet ibe boofe doeo aot produce, at loatt la oar mtn<tt, a fnll conviction aa to bia explanation, which we eapected 'mm it* peroaal. Tbe b-imbug aUU Uvea Trr ron Tat. A IUply to Drbd. By a L\dy of Mew Orleans. Garrett A Company, New York. " TH fjr Tat' la aa attempted retailatioa oo oar ?og 1Mb Irienda lor baring shown lochs regard for tbe ? ?to* la oar country wben they neglect ao mac7 ta tbatr ?wn. Tbe work la in ended to be a aiaakar of Kagtisb aaeMiy aad a diatactor of tbe wronga aad grief* of tbatr poorer close ee. BsluaSJD*. a Fable. By 5(r. G. F. Mont*?. Da Witt, pubtit-ber. " Bottaarlua " tea free traailali?n Iron tbe work of Mar mo di? I respectably exacukl fcut* AM) AnvnttrritES in mi Armt. Hy Colonel 0*oke, of the Heeeei I'mted HUU-x iiraftoons. Miitli-sy Ac Blakiston, publishers, FbiMdeipbi?. Tb? s ? flow hg easy isr,ailve of service seen la tbe Northern and Weete-ra Territories and amoigthe Iodlaaa. ?f?i: bt a Sraoitfit iff Ecbopc. Anonymous. Harper Brothers. publishes. lltie oocfc beioag* to a c aa* which may bo c?lie4 *ptjy. Home ao * r lean traveller* of ue yetrs bate rector* 1 to go tato partUalara wbioh bare aom-'ifaiag of tbe style of tfrarroa If tbey bare not alsays ate alt Tfaaa we are treated with maaked bans, tatrguee atecdotoe of lor'tte* tbe acaadals of tb? Opera ?torl<iof Ju l? adret tureo of travel aad or ate'j sketched witb a free peastl?tree as Jute* Jsata's aad aa bioarf aa Hoaderaoo'*. The book suiia a ceruia taatr now pr?valeat la faahiooable l.fe and will be read. It ia < ery an ualag but weald not do wall for'be tract ?nntei* aa a staada'd publication Ukacmaccbaii and Hi* Time*. Tbi* work in from u>e F rench of l)t Lomcme. translated by Henry f*. Edward*. Marpef A Brother*, publisher*. It ii oae of those tatereeiing btugrapato* of wblQb ncae bat a gay Fr*achm?a ooaid be tbe subject or a French wit tbe author It rarrtee ua bank to tbat period ta Vtearb literature wben btatory waa dependent for Ita au meat oa memoir* aad autobtngrapbws. Tbis sketch of ?aaumarcba* will take lis pl-?ee aaoof tbo beat of tbam Laaptac froai ao obacare pwtton la Hie to 1 be moot brtlitaat, real actual poverty to bouadleea wealth, be was the arohttect of bla own for to a* an 1 a remarkable esaaple of what talent, tact aad eoakdauo* may do la tbia world. A etateoman. a flnaar>r, a m< reheat, a writer of playa, ? dealer la old maakets (Uke a speoula'.or of modern ttm**;, ibe rocpaalua of kings an t pnacea aad tbe Mead of liberty, be aeemad to have kaowa every eiiord ta tbe baai ta of ~**an. aad to bare mastered tbsm a I Aim net every wel. Informed Amartoaa liSS beard of tbe Inaaurrba a claim, ao kiag hofxro Caogrras. !la or g'.n aad tarniiastias arc very auautely daecribed In tbis me ssoir, aao wo traot taat the memory of a kind hearted beae.aov r of the Aineraan C .ofodc-auon, aow roooaed from tbo Sum o the old bmroar, will l.eroaftar tiavs due honor wbea^rer we tbootbtfully ailade to tbe pan. Jkcnrx A?<n Boas; a Krr to tsk Dooh of Fui ? ASOMnr, AMCIOT amp Modrkn. By tiarnuel I'rictiarJ Wuh a Uat of all tb? Knginh l/idgas in tbe World, Ao, William Uowan*, publiaher, N? w York. Tbta la aa smoslng reprint from the RagllSb adltloa. Tie publisher la oae of ovr moot oelebrated book nollec tor*, aad bla list of works oa Freesaaaoary la a lone one. Tbnee who atab to penetrata Into Ma aaerett of laitlatioa ?ao other oer? mmlais, will take mora tatsrost la tbM vo bw than we have beea abia ta do. Hihtort op llmsr IV. or FitAiecit. By J. 8. C. Abbott. Harper A Brothers publlnberi. Tbta la a preuy volume, of the Aobott sobool?a aketeb ol tbe Ufa of tbo great Beery of Navarra HirroitT Ai?r? RaooBM or rm F.liphant Ctr?. Ltvarmore A Kndd ptibli-bers. lbia la oae of ibo Dorstlou publication*, the sudden favor of tbe public, obtaiaad by s fret effort at similar abararter. ha* ladooed rtulsader to aontlane bla eier ttoae tn tbe field of broad aad rather rnigar hnmnr Tboee wbo have a taato for ooc.h Utlsg* will Dad tbo Urn fry of the Raphael nub worth tbatr attention T?? Hri IIMMVA CtrnoirrcLis. Lir?rmor?> A Mi Tht* ? aa easy aketch of New York soalety, bat not re workable lor .srldoat or fra*bn*os Harf of Pkhedom. By Or. W. Ctark, of Roches ter. Miller, Orton A Mulligan, publishers. Ao abolition ao?g Book, wiU It* most arrange*. These k'ad or publications b?ro won ierfu iy gone oat of Ittblon of law larger national Imom than th n whtoh ?(tute the pericraniunu of Harrison and Phillips hare used ap the capital ol the ab iitionlaia. Tina book ta be , hlr d time. Fawny Fbrj?'s Pl-t-Pay Book?Nkw Stories roH Lit) lk Foil . Muwn Brothers. A chareetertaUo producUon, bat well oieouUd for Um purpose aimed at InstrucOon fcr young people. Mohoan Hiiksif?A Premium Kt*ay,Ae. BjrD. C. Linoley, of Vermont. C. M. button A. Co. publishers. Every one who know anything about American h>rsss must have beard of tboae oatled Morgana, naxed after the owner ? f the progenitor of tbe race. TtM sketch et tbe "character and ooadoet" of tbat lam us aatmal ta very Interesting, and It *a tbe sculls nty o tbe deaceat of bla finest p tnta and tralta througb turner ua deecead ante, tbat baa led to the perpetuation of bla fame, tad tbe rcoord of it by a clever biographer. Tbere are rete reneea to newly tbree bundrei of the atock, all ol them worthy of quadrupedal fame. Eyymolooical Dictionary of Family and Christian Names. By William Arthur, M. A. Sheldon, Blukeman <Jc Co. publi*hers Thla la an attempt u> explain tbe orgm and Import or fkastty namea It discovert much patience and reeearoh on tbe part or tbe aathor, who evidently, however, U mostly indebted to second-hand authorities for bla ex planations It is a very goo I work for a library. Patent Office RsroKT?Agriculture. Wash iegton City. These annual reports of tbe Patent OSloe are always worthy of notloe, though they are not always well ar range-1 hey have Improved ta character uf late years, and tbe present volume contatna some valuable article* In relation to domestic animals, rotation or crops, laeects, textile and forage crops, flrults, nuts and wine, and the climatology of the cotton districts of the world. We also And in It a paper by Professor Lovering, or Harvard, on "Protection Against tbe Dangers or Lightning," and anotbei by Professor Henry, on "Meteorology tad Its Connection with Agriculture," a subject In tbe discussion or which the German naturalists have lb us tar excelled all others. Wilson's DiRncrORV?F.lmira, Hudson, Bing hamton,Jcc. P. S. Wyukoop publisher, Hudson. These useful little books are deaerving of commenJa lion. Tbe author, Mr. H. Wilson, has evidently Intended to supply ? uniform system or directories for all the prin clpalotties and villages of the Interior. This Is an idea of considerable merit, as it will largely aid In the transac tion or business wherever tb?y are adopted. children's and holiday books. There does not seem to be as much animation in this department this year as usual. There are soma pretty specimens on our tabie, however. A Child's History of Rom*. 2 vols. By J. Bon ner. Harper A Brothers publishers. The amber of this work, in the spirit of Xlebuhr, has endeavored to present a history of Rame Intelligible to the young and conformable tJ truth, which, It Is main talacd, has been too ong obscured by tbe Romas legend*. It is something <<f a trial, we confess, lo give up Romulus and Remus, and that txoellentsbe wolf?itts hard lot irn oar eyes sway from the pages of Livy, the greatest histo rian of his country; bnt Mr. Banaer compels as to do so. In tbelr place he gives ui, merely as stories and legend t, nearty all tbat we have received as facts down to the year 282 B C , and carries us thence to tbe close, on a stream of narrative, clear, simple and [lowing. We have witnessed the etlects of this book on tbe minds of chil dren with much interest. Tbelr attention never tiags; they sooa catch tbe points of Interest, they discriminate between tbe vnxi and tbe lembiaUe, and beccme blstor SB!i sad cr.tirs la a surprising manner. Wo thine this work highly creditable to tbe author and oar literature, and should be introduced into our schools. It is written in tbe spirit of, and up to tbe requirements of, the pretsen. ?C* Goid i.wi) gnvsa ts an Illustrated story from tbe press of Dlx, Ldwards 4 Co., and of German character and moral. ^'Twy Am ConmtT, asd ths Voices id ths Sums, by R. H. Stoddard. Dlx, F.dwarda A Co., publishers A pretty htUf taatesy. Lena*' HortEnourgioRim, neatly illustrated. HAWSTT f ALAftKlS Old Wnrrwi'8 Ciuuenus Tk.t, by A. OaVey Hall. A i-ab!lcatk? of Harper k Brothers, which Inge* <ou?!y makes an old bono the cause of many interests g observations ud descriptions. Mr. Ball ? a Now York Inwysr, ud wo are pleased to too in bis protection m occasional touch of nature, ouch m moke* M forget the Snap* and (iuinnoi who live on the muertes which hare made other men famous by the mrre description, Aboct Common Things. By Jacob Abbott. Ai? n Com now, by .laooo Abbott, Is one of Umwo iLnumerable c >mp!' ulana ot trash Intended "etenilbly (or the young, bat aMhiag more nor letss | ?n schemes to mate money for author* and pahlUbera at the ei;?nie or the credaloui public We do not object to audi of those aa are oarefully prepared. 8ame writers, each aa Joyoe, Brewster and Ttmam have gained jut ca lebrlty by atmiar booka, Intcaded ti Instruct by qo<>stloa and aaawor, bat we ronlly do not aoe the great rain* of the present romptlat on. Opening U accidentally at pace M, we lead aa follow*?"What parts of yoor body are har? f Answer, "My teeth and say nails 1 Now, we aoppeae that other parts of the body are also hard, lite bcnes are somewhat hard those ot the skull are partics tariy >o in ion* places?very thick anl very hara in deed. The questioner goes on, and asks "Why did Ood make year tenth hard" The child is snpposod to rspiy, that I can bits thing* with them " Now, we thiok It inphlloenphlcal and abenrd to load the tnlod of a olslM up to Irst causes abruptly, past lbs simple operations oT stcond cauees, which are the pros', in us reasons. K would have bean much bette* to eip'.aia how lbs teeth grow la the Jaw?bow tbey replace each othir op to a certain period?that the hard subilaaoe Is the enamel, and the part beneath it soft and brittle and ta rapid decay if the enamel Is worn eft. The answer had bet tar have been different Teeth are not merely to hue things. Tn? j are to dlrlda and pr spare our food to eater into thcsioms<h. not to b-te iron or other people'* lingers. Horns of the knowing babies, whose ssytags ani doing* are chronic ed la the KnuJ. ", wonld toon ass ap s teacher who fallowed the prooans of taitlon such as ws have in this < mpilntion. Stokikh pt Dickens. Kowfield nas isaaedasetof Itckeas' fHeseaat stories, msktic a Ittts portable library, of which no commsnda tton la necessary. Thk I'oBTTrtt Worm or IloHkct Purrs tun J Ana Smith. First Amcrl'an edition. Pub lished by Mason Brother*. Edited by K|<es Sar gent. Not to bars read aad admired the poetry of tbeae bro thers, ar ain aan/v>, would be a prooi of a most .eesmi aable ignorance. Most of their sentiment 1 and humor ova poetry has been repsb ishcd in oar magatinss aad newvpapers Ws sow tare a capital edition of the whole. I with a blr.f rapbicai memoir. Kxfioratiok ?ni> Hcktty or I.a Plata and Tm , srrAktM. By F. J. Page. This is a pawpoist which we trust Is not to be the only re??K of the eipsdluo* of tbs Water Witch. That wped nor, originated in the city of Nsw York sad w'Uj the < ograpblcn. tfocWiy, and when Captain Pag* com * to writ* oat his t ok, hs sboall taks oar* to set forth ail Ike facta relative to the origin or U>e eipliration. He wl.) .nd so'ne of them reoorled In U>? Nary depart sent aad tome hare. Ikoimciioii or a I,:r* TiMk. By H. <>. fJood rkb (Peier Pur ley). Miller, Or ton & Co. The au u or baa prod need two >arge octavos, Illustrated by a anmber ot nt ravins. annet of them very creditable to the artists, t!.? gh n't always Introduced with appro prist* ceas- Tbs Ulu-irat on at paga S10, i<?ond rolusse, wtuld iuit a fancy magauae better Una this aatoblog rarhy. It Is a sketch f a girt ptckiag flowers, rety pretty but In no way accessary to the author's pcrpoie. The work Its* f is we I printed, aad abounds with anec dotes and remlalsceaoes of a most isterestinr character. There Is nothing like It la oar literature, and H la fresh sad starkitsg throughout Pnowfi.sik* anpSikri ams i row tbi; Fas Nohth. A Tale. By Kolit. M. lallantjn<>. Illn-tr*u<1 by the author. Nelson <% .son imblixbem, lioodoo, KdiiiUirg sod New York. This it a rery onterta a sg aad Instruetlr* work, and the reader beeomei deeply interacted la the rarloui inci dents w'th wb'ch It abouads. Tnr. PARAomitiNS on a Vistt to the Pari* (J*i v?rsai. Exmamow. By the author of " Doctor A ntotio" and " l/oren?o Benoni." Tie nnthor in wsll known k> Aioerlcnn reader*, The preeent relnme le from tse preee of Dlk, Rdwsr<:s k Oo N*RRATtr* nr rn? Omtbrai. Cot rsb or Bistort. Piepared lor the nee ot schools. Harper A Bros. This is a oeelal book, aad a. net Aad Its way Into general are It is tllaetrat>d w tb toiera ' le esprar'nis, some e Which we rrongalse >? takes fro* work* now almost ta knowi to modera libraries. Tbb Rxgiftfb of Rtnjl ArPirito. witfc hondied atid thirty eufrr?.iH#??, for 1*3?. J>ui> hebtd by Luther Tucker & ^n. We com u end tils to our agrtcu.lural frlaa la aa oue of the very beat works n| t. k0d lLivst**nv Ciabmcs, VoL 1 Cbanticuwr. By ionwlim. MuibewH. l2mo. Published by Brown Lootnia A Co. Thla i a holiday book, written to the peculiar style of this author who, while he haa sot rtaea to the first elars of American writers, make* ? moat reapaoable appear anoe la rur tterary by waya and highways. Lam N?abi. By Chart* John AMeraon (a hw?de,) Publiebpd by Baiper & Bratbera. We have here a moat valuable contribution to African geography. The recent labor* of Berth ft Uvmgston and those of Mr. Anderson, are enabling os to solve many of the piub.ema which bare hitherto sought their soluii a la rain. Tte w- rk la highly graphlo awl eatortain)<x and the author, while giving us a very ageeoable psrsouai aerratlve, has sot forgotten to present aa with a la ge collection of sclentMc observation Valiltaat'a oelabra.o) travels have now a rival on oar book (helves. The lake Nganul from whk* the hook takes tta name la a larg> fresh water lake, but reoeatiy discovered from aaran to nine miles wlr'e, and with a circumference of about seveatj miles. in the Interior of Arnoa. Ita banks are very rertlle. and It haa a periodical rfce and fall it t* i lied with tlcbea and frequented by large crooodlles. The various rivers forming 1U inlet and outlet are Jet'bul Imperfectly explored, bnt It la supposed they will, aomo 4ay, when better knows, afford great fioUltlea for com merce and civilisation. MAAABDHf. The Megazlnse are np to their reputation, aad the January numbers are generally readable aad inter eating. The KnKnuoenB, la spite of all the rival monthlies which have grown up oo its native soil, decked with newer bud* aad blossoma, in spit* of the new literary horticulture which goes on producing all kinds of "truck for the market," maintains Ita peoullar exce' lence, originality and humor. The Editor's Table is as pleasantly furnished as ever. Hnrr'a MbkchaktV Mm,azlym for December la not ?ne of the fast periodicals, but --Haiti- manv valuable articlee. One on the Parlflo Hallway la by the weU know Mr. E. H. Derby, of Boston We do not Imagine that the public or Oongreaa fully ap predate thla project, nor tta practicability, further than Interested part ea have chaaea to Inform them. We havo had occaakm recect y to examine the hydrofraphksal and cllmatologlcal map* of Col. Gilpin, one of Col. Fremont's companions, and have tbaerved with surprise the re aulta of hla personal researches between tho Atlantic aod faelSc during the last ten years. There are yet Burner aua errors to be corrected In even our ataadard maps o; that part of the cootlaeat, and the ranges, heighta, and geological structure ol many mountains below the south era line of California have not been correctly delineated There la one basin formed by the Rocky Mountatna on the eaat, and the Sierra Nevada on the went, enclosed by spur* and cross ranges which contain sa much gold a* California and as mush silver as Meiloo. The sur veys of Col. Ullpia are il great importance, ano have furnished material for many of the glow tng speeches which have emanated from our Srnatorial orator*. Hunt ; ublisbee, also, several other valuab e articlee. one on the Poet Of!ice aa a meant of modern civilization, aad another ca Uniform Currency, by Proteaaor McCsy, of South Carolina College, who find* a Northern magazine a convenient vehicle for the dtase ujtuation or some very excellent and timely remarks on the proposition of a uniioim metallic currency through out the world. Mr*, fftvas' runmuTSD Macaxutf, January, 1W7 This period cal is perhspa the best of Ita ktad. It la fresh In toie and artistically Illustrated. litTi Xiao's Cauruajria Maqazmw >oa Sow km* ?Thtr U a good rrpreeentative of the State from which it pro ceeds. It la novel and graphic, lor ita writer* are sur rounded with strange varletlae of hamaa aad natural life The Illustrations are very resptctabis. It contains a t ketch of a curious bird, well knows la California aa a road runner, famous lor ita high bounds and fast running t along the roe da Tea CaratMjura M^, edited by Bev. Mr. Draper, i and pu blisced by I?sna ft Oo , continue* ita uaprttendlng but udietons career, ao<t la a work 'hat *b<>oid be floored by t-ptscopeliaaa. But we had aearly torgotiea idM6 6' ? tho more solid worka, as h aa the Hikioi.y or Francs, a serial. Bv Thomaa Wright, twj. 1'ubliabcd by the London Printing Company Ihia is a very elegant work In all particulars. Tne en gravlsgs on steel are of the finest description. Chkmiptrt. By I)r. MuspratL This is anothir ol the Bi lUah aerials, theoretical. prac Ucal aad analytical, parta 8, 9 and 10. Published by Russell ft Brothers, Boston, aid W. Macktnzie, Giaago* aad London. It la irdispeasable to the chemlat aad to the tcsntJacturer, where chemistry la applied to the ,.ro ductlon or fabrlca. rAMTBLBTS. Among the large a amber or pemphlete. ad troaaos aa I speeches upon our table, which can have hut aa epae mere! interest we und os* la tne Spanish, from the pen of Iraocisco Btlsao published recently in Parts, whtea be styles Ths Initiative of America? I'lau of a Federal Congress of the Republics." Taklag up the <dea of tt>n var, ol a Southern Confederacy, with ita capital at Lima be ealeavort to polat out tbefraadeur of each a achetae and Ita adaalrable oonssqnsacsa. Ws bsvs ao spare to fellow out his propositions aor to discuss tastr merits Peso* unity power, froo trade, loom op largely in hi. calculations. Wo aotloe one |> remark on our own country whlcn, coal g from a half civilised South Am - rteaa, Is raiher nc!i ?Sabemotqiv la Hana tt la is-iar* ai-x-lututa p*ro lo* Kiiaini L'nidm. oleidando la Iralicfu df ffmtk mgton y Jtffertoik Km la barUirU ilrntgyi a Intif'AUH, a ricientitlG aad Popular Jmroai, fu? !> ? cember edited by Dr. Edward H. D.xoa oonuut to usual quantity or racy aad oriflaal apeeuiauon. Harla< demoUsfted the lager bier drinkers, bs now auen^ts Ui 'nrsiidiMe host of smoaera and cbe vers. 'The taiiasac of tobaoco mm the body aod mtad, aad on the st]?l c.?o dltma o; Amertsas men is tree led largely aad ably. I we do not have better tobacsj than we bars lately h? in this country ? to* * taokers will hare lo give up of then aelve*. It la whltpered that oaaoer of the toagoe It bs g'.na.rg to be a prevaieat disorder avong la\eter*t" smoker* We regret that our space will not permit as to pubiiah the artlc e oo thia suhject entire. Cnart.Ai>s ok tui i>f.klral 'loviiRSMK^r. By L D. J?>hoM)ii. hhfltlou, Biakenian A Co. publL<u ere, New York. This la a thin book of about It pagea which attem Hs to eievate the position and defend the character or t1* chaplains of tte geaeral government, and oo stains va rtous *|?enhes In Congress, aad lists of clergjm'Ma wh > bars occupied their poettlona from the omovoaoemeni oi tbe repun.ic to the present time. Mapbkyh KinininuN, ItuiTri and Dbawinu Haom Entrrtainmrhta. By Charlea Marwey. Pnblinhcr, Kunnel French. Tbla is a small co.iectloa of dialogues aad recitations to place ia tbe heads ef chli Iran aad s:b?ol boys ti>r their own instruction and the amassment or their fnsa li ? aomstblng tn tbe aiyte of the Am^ricaa orator, or tn? Tb rd Pari?from which we have all a jo-.ied in odr earlier days. The selections are very well mvto. It will be mi by this hssty rssawa- >f ths worts now on our table, aad fresh rrom ths press, that there err many excellent worka wtth'.a the reach or tbe reeders o< tbe HaRAi ii. We can see totnethlng ef tbe character of the age and Its pregresa tn all tbeee. The preaent ea t the great fatar* are the key aotea of all mo'iera oompo sers. We dig into the past oaiy to get roaalatlons tor mo. rru st'.'?1 ires We live In s whirl of sovelty an' sxctement, aad ws surpass tbs Athenian<, nit only in sssfg f<r "some new thing," bat in ectoelly getting t whenever we stop lotg enough to wait aa answer. Thratrtral end Mnalrstl Items. K ','oc f.^xirs? The hesatlful opera entlUed the ? :*rgbter cl the Regiment, Is to be produced w tb an x t Il< r-t cast '< rf.srsi'ter tonight lliss loiltaPyno Is to rreder her fine part of Bane lti,*st<< -Mr J. I Md'oetugh, who baa acquired an enviable repuuttos during bis I rtef sojourn here, la tn take his first benefit Uils evening. ??Virglnlua" and the ?'Msid of tbe Inn" are the playt. I-At e* K?k>r??The bill fer thla evening embraces tbe great psy i.l ''Camilla," tau<rspers*d with elegaat mo sirs' ms fr'm tbe opera of ' la Trenata," aad tbe eomtra ty c% ed "A Curloea Ceeo " Cr*> is ftssvt TitiAvaa ?Br. Robert Johnston, a great lavortie with a large number of oar plargolng ctti rers irnoer? a variety of attractions for hla benelt to B!gbt?lnrin?i ng a new piece written by him. ^tesarrA" B'?*'a ~'A Klaa In the Da>k" and "faddy | tbe Piper ' arr to he jdayert thla afternoon, Tbe charm ng npcrsite ?pectacie of "Oadarella" la to be repeated ( ia the evei lng Vilsetwm.T ? <;eo Chrtirty and Wood s Binatrele. and tbe I Ri f V e> s *<?' prepared to do full irtloe to the hol'days I To * ght the ? ? mer piaj The Old Clock" aad the latter 1 "Cliderr la." T?Ib1 of Hvnllngton for FWcu*ry. cockT or utMitL aishroNti. Bvii re .lodge Uapr>u. HrMHiOlOITB TBIaL, I*??rTPl?NItr? THEjrRY NOfTJ Ri AD NCWhr AfKMii. Die. 32 ?Mono after the opening of the 0"u?t bla n ?ra Irg, ei RMo?d(r Talniadge on# of tbo coinisol lor io? pr< Mention, rote and laid that ttoco the lust adj mru me n? of th'S court, bis aasociau r Xoyen, wbo took .a active part It tnlr case, and upon wb?n ?IU devolve l >a duty of attiir easing the court ui Jory at its clove, mut with ft bereavement in his fatniiy to tho !??>?? of it da igU ter. Tbe funeral would take place it.ii afxerooo.i, and <to Uwrrfore atked that tbe Ooort !>e aij'*>umod till ,k? morrow morning, when Mr. Noyea would be pnsent. Judge Capron remarked that andtr the etrcumatanoea of thla eaie, aside from the iincere regret ihat be felt for the bereave runt of the cooaacl (ai be bad been an ao quatstanoe lor many jean) be took great pleasure In ad jouratig tbe court; and another stroug reaton for doing to waa that Mr. No> would aunt op this caute on tao part uf tbe people, Tbere were nomo very abstruse >|UO* tloi i to be olacusied. and bo understood that 4r N n*1 paid particular attention to Mw'ib ?o mat Ute sauae of justice demanded that he sbeuid be hoard, and ta order to discharge bla duty properly be aboold bear tbe wbo:> eaae. For that reaaon be would coniiiiy mlib tbe requnci and adjourn tbe Court over auttl to-ui?rro* nursing ?i 10 o'clock. In order to redeem this lo?t time be woutu ray to the jury that Is future be ?ou d att front 10 till 3 tben take a receae until k, aon bold an evening from tbat time till 8, 9, or 10 c'olock, according to tbutr feelings, until the trial wat iloished Tbe Judga then turned to the jury and addreased them aa lollowa:? 1 df sire you, gentleme*, If yon will, to comply wttb the request 1 made on Saturday In reference to ioolti If into tbe papers Tbit trial baa attumed a very somous af pect. and it is a cauae of groat )m porta' ce, and tbere i> every reaaon wfcy jurort thoold take every poaalbl* meana In Uwlr power to preveai aar tmpreaalone oeiuic made upon tbeir minds tbat are not ma le tnrougb a le gltimaie channel? that la. through tbe wilnaaa* on lae stand. 1 admit.?a w> II aa anybody else, tbat the Court haa not tbe physical or tbe legal power to know whwtbt ) on read the ne etpapert or Dot, but I am relying on lb. candor Intelligence and higb mtncedneaa of tbe jury. i regard them aa gentlemen, as men of arose aa fair meu placed in a irest responsible tltuaiiuo and eicecnngh anxious to discharge thetr duty with ddebty and juttfcc and tbat unoer sncb circumsttucea they will cheerfullj comply with any request ol the Court wblch appears t? be rtasonuble and la made In a proper maiiuer II 1 ww a juror, I would read neither the corn men la of editors nor their journals of tbe trial It won't help you?it mat hurt you, and if it changea your views of the case, ii does to much injustice to tbe cauae. After tbia little pieoe of old womaniah advice, theOour adjourned till to morrow morning at 10 o'cock. The Brick Churrh Property?Suit to rent tin Validity of the Late 4*le. Kli'BEMX OOUHT?SPECIAL TKUM. Before Bon. Jndg* Koosevell Dec. 22?Arktnburgh and Earle vt tin Magnt, (Amp trtiirr, Commiuionert of (Ac Sinking Fund, &n ? TbH wu, ? I alt to test the validity of the sale or the Hrick Churo property. Judge Roosevelt delivered an elaborate deciaioa, in tb ocnrae of which he remarked that this a lit la brought t teat the validity of the late ?ale of the plot of ground o which the edifice commonly known m the Brick Ohurc stands. It it lnatitaWd, not by the corporation of th city, but by Individual citizens, on behall of tbemtelw and all other taxpayers, against the Corporation and tu Commissioners ot the taking Fond. The pitUnuili a lege thai the consideration to be paid to the c ty on tb sale eonplalned of ? far below the reai value or ibe ci.y

reserved rights In the premises; and that the mode t disposing 01 those lights, although nominally by pub! auction, aa required by lav, was reaUy. tn coneequear of a previona adjustment of the proportionate anar-? ? the city and the ohurcb, by private bargain. and mat U consummation or the arrai^cinmt would be a great a< critics of the poblid property, entailing a corraspoodiu increase ot Indivtdnal taxation, ana Might, therefore, b way of preventive remedy, to be perpetually ?i> joined, aocorclng to the prayer of the oom plaint. T this complaint the Commissioners of the Staklnt Fund and the Corporation of the otty?toe only par ilea named as ctfeadanla?have Interposed a de murrer, on the ground, anion;- others, toat, admitting el Uie allegations made In the c>m plain t to ba true. th pialatita have no right, tn this action, to ibe daarea wttic> they ask for. Ihe ground in questiou belonged original, to tee city in fee simple abaoiute, and was leesoa in p?r petulty at a small rent to theotBceiail the eorpjratK l tor the purposaa of a chur n and churchyard er oem? ury, ano subject lo the condition of forfeiture should tb parties at any time ' apply or coarert toe same wo pri >ate, or secular btsa." Unties such a leaae lo fae, twi rights. 11 will be teen, were reserved to the" >4ty?on* ? i igbt to re enter tor n?n payment or r as tthe other, s r?bt to ra enter for breach or condition a ad the que tion?one at leant of the questions?la, what is the rage ? taracteroi Uuxe reserved rights, and who Dai the legm j-oaer U t tsp<?e ol tbem, and la what manner. Tl>e Judge tnen went lata aa analysts of im city ordl t,aa?0 Pf 1844. and the leaae by which this proper .y war '?rmerry figc'co, devised, and hud. aa well a? tba paw ?r or authority (or Its 1*1#. Rm optnlon tons eoooinds* lantiDSMK an tajoaciHa againM "*ie Mayor. A Jer o en abd Ocmmonaity." as wal, at the OotaawaaMaars ?nd yet tney av*r tn eflact, la their c mpialnt, toat tn. Corporation have done notn'ng wrong theotselvea, an 11 thing lo warrant any wrong of the jammMaloners Srf ,s any contcmplaied wrong alk-god agaiaat tbam H hj, tnen, should the UrporaUon be Impiea led and >kbj?cud to t e cost* of aa ac ion The Corporation, be (idea, in tbe ex finite ol aa honest and Aon* fide disere ten (and no corrupt motives are charged). nave the le ?al light, should the public taleresta in their judement omud it, to dtapaase lor th* luture with tae dispute* condition. f uch a dtspen-adon, Indeed, it appears, was applied for, aad was snppo ed to have been ontalaeo And If the resolution passa for that purpose was, aa ba? been adjudged, void for waat of coaiormtty ta the mode of its adoption, with the principles of tae aew charter an< ther and valid one, If proper, can no doubt be ob tamed. At all events, Mr. James aad his associates hav lairty purchased Ua title of tbe church, aad "their atsigns," In the language of tae grant, have full power aid authority to oonvert the premises to whatever uses ibe grant may warraat And as to the offljer* oi tbe chuich. the only deed which by tea terms of sal* et forth in tbe complaint, thsy undertake to glv , was '-a deed In conformity to the original grant " the Corporation," and subjeot, therefore, or oourae, ui the oondltlon, unless duly released, of applying the premisss only lo the use of a church and churchyard It a.ey lie said that Mr. James and his associate r< ut< in plate dlvertltg the (ffoperty to sscuutr use , and tbat they sbouid us enjoined, by way ot preventtv* remedy, from carrying out their prohibited design Hut Mr James and his assoem'a purchasers are not parties n tbe suit , aad If tbev were, the grant, as already lug gwted, provides a dlflsreat aad the only remedy for sucb a care, aad one, as matters now stand far mora beaeflota: to the tax payers?a retrocession of the property to the city by operation of law. "It shall and may be lawful, (rays thegraat) la toe event referred to for the Mayor. a>dermtB aad Cammoaalty of the city or Now York aad melr i ucocaeom ans assign into all aad singular th* aforesaid premises with the appurtenaacaa, to reeote. and to bold the saage lo tbem and their eur "ssors as ' tbetr lormer estate, anything tn the grant ooalalneu ? the oontrary netwitaataactag." Neither tbe oBloers o< "> church, inerefore, nor the purchaser* from the cbu can be eompel?d by InJaneUoti lo devote the premlsr public worsbtp. The) bave a right by contract to if tbey tec Ot (which they are not very rtkely to du> tu rutimil to tbe prescribed forfeiture?a forfeiture ol #hi?b the Uooimoa <*uacil may or may not avail themseivrs, aod which II enroroad, would, to the statamer.i la Ihe complaint, be a beaeflt, lastead or an Injury, to tbe bi payer*, to the extent ol ' four hundred iboutaa'l do ? tars and upwards," thai being aa the ptautifTi a.leg', "the real value ' of the property lo b* f jrretted II every view of the case, theref.ire whathir tbe Court eonflnts tt?elf kchnloally to tbe atatetneut- in the com p alLl, or looks bayond, to fartt preeeate<t on the former taut on, ther* la no ground for this actio*, either In Its {resect rbspe or tn nay ether into which Itcou d b.- trans lormed by lbs usual leave to am^nd. Tbe following M a summary of tba principal points of the derision ? First. Mo far as the eel* of the fommtul wer* are ooa e< rn?-d, i nber the oontrart made by tn^ for theaai* aad re leaae of tbi city's Intorewi in tbe preiniset was autbo rised by law, or It was uoi?la other words. It wai either valid or void, If valid, there la no ground 'or lalartsrsaoe If void, there Is no orcaaroii for Interference. tfeeond. Aa to the tiuMee* m the churoh. tbetr t ate reel ? an estate tn fee. altbi-igh subject to renu an.I ooadltldn ? wss in IM nature, as well at from tbe use of the terra "assigns ' la the graat, a vendible title Aad the *?* will mead until aa overt set lo tas ? oatrarv >? dona, the th* pur. tiasera of that title onotemplate either < nontiaued devmioa of ilia pr?-n.lee*iothepur(ioses,of-pa?> lie ownership.' as ptsacriaed in lb* grant, or a ragalar dispensation from the stipulated nbwriaae.-, to be obtain id, in a proper manner, frr.m the Oommoa Council at the tty. aan upoasarb terms aa that body, la tbe ^xa*ciac ot tbe discretion repraed In tl?em by the charter may deem jatt, alike to tbetr eansutuents aad lo tbe pur cbaar i *. ^ Third Or Should the purchasere treating sn?h dispen a*n?.n as DBttirsssary. ooavert tb* premise* immediately to serular or,a aad thereby, tf *u. n be the true law o tbe case, incur Ihe Forfeiture provided for in the grant, ?he eoasrq-ience on that a?rnmpt r n l-rtag, if eaforoed, a great beredt, instead of Injary. to tbe tax (layer*, will af lord no grruad on their behalf lor conpiaiat, and of cnurse none lor an Injunction to anticipate its nomrreaoe Fourth Tbe Umsi sstoaers of tne -frmng Fund, it would Slim, nrcer their general autbortty lo diapoae of all real estate of the city not In use for publio parpneos. lave to poaer to reiea**. or to bind tbe Corporation to r? lease, the condition of an ancient grant requiring tne tranter*, oa pain of forfcttare to devote forever tbe p-rnilse* grant* t to rellgtoa* and not *>caisur utea Hocb a diversion of tyo property fro? th* purpose originally roilrmp'ated car alone be authorized or ratified ),/ * reso utloa of Uie r'ow.mon Council, duly passed by both Imardt tn one aad tne same year, bocm dug to th* praaent charter. F ith. No corporator or taxpayer. Indlrldnaliy or on behalf nf bimseit aad all other*, can sue for an injury lo, or a misapplication of. the corporate property or rran rhires except In case* of fraud, corruption or vloletioa of law on the part af the ruaetloaarie* entrusted with th* corporate powers and dalle*. Ibe rompiaiat dismtsaed, with on*t? Hr jbi.atina moffl A fin alk A few w<*k* sine two cm dren of one of our pbytctaas war* sttscked with tbe ?e*riattaa aad daring their iliaeaa bad 'or lie * a .oople of kitten* Bith Me kit'eas subsa qnretiy ha" all tbe symptoms of narlallaa. rae of them dying, the r.tber narrowly eanaplag A canary bird, wbr-ee age burg la the room, also died, with all the eymptr?? if ibe same disease ?i'itttf'ld (Mom ) Aif's, 19. adtertiskwehts rkmkwkd EVERY biy. rkwaium! We KKWAkl) WILL BE P?lu ro TRB fUtOI l) having 'he i><?ket> ok which was )Mt or aloleu hi 'lit- Jersey lllj J?P"1 con'aiuing a I.OIB drawn by J f. .)< Ui ton 10 'be order ?>l Geo. K. Kobiusou lor fcljti, with other paiei < ?ud moi ey. l'he ?aywent ol' the nou, having been 4Ki| prd, it mil l'? of no use ui any bu' 'heowoer The ru.> ay ha' was in the pocketuook can lie retained. and the above re ward will b>- pai" " d no questions arked <m leaving it at the etlice of J. T JOHNSoN, No 34 Burling klip. Of /\ RKWAhl'.- LOST, ON FBI DAY, DEO. 19, A ipOU li.r cap? by Mi?a Straw, in removing from bar l ite leMdtnce, 01 Vvornter street. to tier l reseut oue, 13 Woosler -ireeL liei name will be found worked O'l the lining Tb? huder will receive the avove reward by returning It to Mia* btraw, 43 Woosler street. J?1 ?|k BtWARD WILL BE PAID FOB TUB HBOO HTXcJU very nl 'be following articles, a'cileu iroiu houni 110 !? ?urth street on November 20, 21. and December '.2 liJSiV ? a morrcco box, contauiiag leweiry. Ac., a coit, (it) cold vleee, mi rligs Ac ; baie English beaver sick overcoit bey s brown overcoat For further particulars n e advertise Dm lit III Dally MID Any information concerning lhe Haute rimy be sent to the oflico of the thief oi Poli;e, to G. Hayti. Kn<|., r- Broadway or I In South street. L.ONT V\I) KOI Nl). (j'OUND?ON vnwmt BM 17, A PACKAGE r with washes, lhe own?r cm have them by calling a; W Kn ngton street Found.?at the republican festival atTtiE Academy of Music, December IS'h u diamond pin, which ibe loser may.bin e by addressing with description box 2,0 ;C, New York Post^oflice LOfeT?ON FRIDAY OK LAST WEEK, NKaR THE OOB ner of Broadway, in Chambers street, on lhe right hi'i'l ?lie towards the river, a *mall packige Any tie: son tind.iut t will be suiiably rewarded ou leaving it a: Mestus Bloto ,v Janes', ill Vulton street. LOST-ON SATURDAY EVENING about 6 O'CLOCK, going from MS Ma,dell lane t) Main mid Fulton street* Broi klyn, $211; all small bills, $1V of whieb war on thx Kim I My Bunk, and oue l'oweli Bank, New burg. lb" finder will receive a suitable reward ?nd the thiuiks of the owner by leaving it with J. M. Christleld. 63 Maiden Uue or 41> Concord t-iret t, Bieoklyn. LOST?ON TUB J2D INST. A GOLD BRACELET, IN geitiigoutof a Broadway and hightb street sta^e, or t'ODing down Walker, 4>st Broadway, or Nort* Moore street". 1 i.e tmder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at Victor Peiard't, No. ;,o Corilandl street, up stairs. L(wt?(;onbolii?atkx? bond no. i,7?7.?the new Orleans consojdated elty bond No 1,7*7. daie-i 1st July. Irfi2 at fori* years, lor $1 UUO, was mailed and registered m New York Ibe bib November, lbiti, to H. A. hath'one Prul rtert Canal bask New Orkiu's. .* 11 persons are hereby cau tioned not to negotiate for the same. M. MORGAN i, SON. IOST?ON FBIDAY NIGHT LaST, IN GOING FROM J i'wenty-lburthstreet Fourth avenue, to Kleventh and 1 bird avenue to Fifth street, to avenue B. a gold seal, with a iady s dagueireoiype in one side and a re.I stone in fiie o'her ibe linder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it atiiioatore 317 Fourth avenue, corner of Twenty lourtb street. LBST-ON THE 21hT DEt'KMBKB, BADGE l,4tW. The finder will pleaae leave It at 48 Iloratto street, Perry Mate, ZS. Lost?A BOX CONTAINING A PAIB OF KUR gloves and two clo.h caps left in a Bauih ferry s'age. be tween the ferry and i ortland! street, ou Saturdav afieroo.m at 3)i o'clock. A liberal reward will be paid to the tinder by Knox, 212 Broadway. Lost, lost, lost?a poob widow ladthav iag lost her poriemennaie, containing $70 and some -bange, between t'arroU place and Hroa>iw?y and Prince street, will give a liberal reward to the tmder It will be a great charity to return tlie name; it will be known by the school receipts. Apply at 127 Bletcker street. Notes lost?i wo ?kote-?. issued by dalouet, and certified in Cavor of J I lmarm A Sons payalili; 10 tnderhill, Uaviland * t:o., 22 Yesev street, dated bept. I'j, at 'aor months (or fc.Vt 44. do do do, at eight m jutb-i, tor C<93 4ft. payments ot the >ame having been stopped. All perions are cautioned ait.kiost negotiating for the above. J, lliHtNN A HONS. 4ft Cedar street. gATCRDAY NIGHT. CTOPrED?SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN, ONB PAIR LA die#'bracelets, one breastpin one linger ring lheowu er ear obutn them b\ jmmitM prfir>erty and paung for Uu? arvertisenient. imixtre of J. Oragln, A?ior House fciobaoKe CLOTHIMG, AC. pf!K HOLIDAYS ABE OOM1NO. 0 | | ? 1 o wr itr ?rr w CUrt. r<Mu?. Caaia. Overooa:*. Owwtii. OfaroMU. ,*ia. OvBTCAte. Overeoaia ?verooata. Oaerotiala. Orrfaa'a. OvrtoM, Ovfmnla ?varonato. ? ?vermela. Oyerroata. Overeuata. Omrmii. Orrroontj. OvrriMin OrtrcoaU. OrerooaU. Overeeata. trrerooaa. OTirrnU. Overcoat*. Orer-oaia Overcoat* Overaoata. Oterciwi*. Orereonla. llfrntiin. Overcoat*. Orerroala Ovrrtutu. OtiroMI. ?farcoau. Overcoat*. Over-oai*. OrmrMta. OtrrcMtl Ovarcaata Overcoat*. 0?rmtii. ( pi rrooa'? Overoaat*. Overraata. Overcoat*. Overcoata. Orc.reaala. Ovcrcoat*. OTenmln OtTtow. Overcoaia. Ovenwaie. Oven-oate. Oreraaata. OvmiiM. Overcoat*. Overooata, Orereeata. Orrrooat?. Overcoat*. OrarooiU Overcoat*. Ortrnna. Ovrreeai*. liKroMla. Otaroaata Overcaau, Ov> rroa'a, Overcoat*, (hir??u. Overeaar*. tirrnxMta, Overcoat* overcoat*. ?vareaala Oraraoat*. Overcoaia. ntgrrwu. Overcoat*, Ovareoata Ovaraaat*. Innrutii Oirtwwi. Overoaat* Overoeal* Overcoat*. Overcoaia. (ivara?u. Overcoat*. Ovareoata. Overcaal* Ovei<-??u Ovenoat*. Overooata. 0\ ar<o?>a. Ovaraaat*. 0?, r< oau. Uvcfoot'j. Overcoat*. Overcoat*. Overcoat*. At EVANS' extern ve CLoTHUfO WAEEHOBCE, (6 and M Fnivnn airaet, itciween OoJa ana CUT areata. The amount ot overcoat*. < heap and Ana dreae fhvt r-oaia. < heap and rich \*lvet ? e?u ( heap and flu e caaalmere paata. Contained In Uila e*t*n?lve eatal>li?hn>*iit la lrnm>-iiae Ret on* man in a hundred fat.* to ha titled and aniled. in every ra ?pe< t. fi r aa reaarda price, K>ui flatter* hjuiaelf that be cm and doe* undersell every other clothier la tA* otty of Mew 1 ?rk. for loa<an< a HaaJa'ini" black doth Raglan* and aurtouta CM heaunto) beaver firloaia and Raglan* CIO '? 30 Ei'e.Unt pilot overcoat* 8 Ui II Peter*bam overcoat* 4 La 1# Canada gray overcoat* ?i N..g<r!.cad and uon?kin Raglan* .... Whirlpaoi keraeyraen-, miied beaver* Ac.. 8 la IS Black tancy r Mh troche. wall made and trimmed. 6 (0 V> 10 1 he*i ruMom made Ireee frocka ..14 la Rl H ark doe >kin. eloth and c*MBlmar? paoi* I .*) i* 4 0?er lu 000 fancy ca**?mcre pant* ? IJOte ? Rieli mnlra autiqne allk >eeta J Three th?u**ad velvet ra*t* . t ?a H i kxh. caaaunrre and otker veet* 1 M M 4 111*, k ckith auita. it try k an leal) t aaamrie Imalnaaaaoaia >M" ?* A 7 Ql PIA*L BIURET -?K< 'ORO ? A BI> < f.OTHI If.: T I ?/l ?l?rf ??ilmi;mi"-n d???nua ?t nmTarllna tarf or ?inal! inanf teftolTar aurjil'ia ?aarine arparal Into < ? V "" obtain the full talue bj *pplj ,ng lu JaMM UORONh. | 0'? Pearl aUi-fi. Ai.aror qtartttt or sew ard tast < ? . rkWhinf *aM?d - <;?ill. m*n havtnc ?r*a or email , fl to 'lla|>oaa of will raeetT" Ui* tiill without h**|1tBK r arrkinK to inpor Call al the alore or addraaa THOM AC 11 OUR ho Y. tfl I'earl aj>?at. BOtH CXOTlHRa.?TOWRBESP AORAT.KU HROAD wat. l earTwalfih atreet hare jnat Had mamifhetnmil aa ai'matre aKorlmeti' of bor'a <?<*hlc* ??iital.ia for the pr? ?ent oiwa. ihetr bote Rajrlana. cape lalmaa and fkarj ja- krtn. rannot b? anrpMned by aiiT houaa In the trade a it anre at ttielr auyk will 'ontlnre par>-nta o( a *a*ia* M iwm'y fira per rmi both in money ?nd Uina. fJentlrt man'a winter Kaff'ana. b lameaa eoata. f'iraiaii*n( (Onda, Ar., Mr . la erdlrae rarte'T Oiiatnm work Rot up U U>a m jat faab inoable My la. and at the ahanaat aotiee ?' R. TOWXSRRD QERALP O Ca If. (1 LOTHfRO.?I.ADIEU ARE ORRTt.RRER RATIJKl J any to dl>poa* of eaa raretve tha am oat aalae by addrm Ire B. COIIRV. I?' l<a<treaa aireet. near Oaaai, nr Utaa Hr -a? La<lia?a.t??derl >y Mr*. 9, i ia*t orp noTBBMin woeth warted. - V tieatieman daatrooa of ron'erung Iaft ml or MHH eiothtac into raah ran obtain tha fall rain* in cwrr-at moner by anphing perwmally or by poet, la JAMEC HOEORET, t ?'. Pearl ?ar**t CILOllllkO FOR 11IE IIOI.IDAVH. J ALKRKl? Ml 1HRHK A I O., 4t1 Broadway. Have a grrat raja. tjr of aiUelea Uia' are daalr^b'e for iu? and ft r preaer'a during the holiday*, am h aa cant* ml'** de rbawW. way Ha uea^ handkeri blrf? glotaa ?haw'.a, mtif grra, Ae If. Al*o. Ratr an oveiroata, roaia \ f,*ta and pant* of all au*a, IW tflen and ln?l, _ Al,r KM) MI REOK A < 0.. 441 Broadway. ovkr< oats Raglan o^erroat*, Raglan oeerroat*. laertrt rariety, IB eyary rtfWf, In rvery *art#y. Al ItRt mnOI.D A PROCM R, At DmmgnMI It Pro-b'a, At nratngntd A Pro. h a. No. IJii I'ulwm ?tre*t. Ro. Ul? Gallon ? i*et. No. I JO Pulton ?ir?*'. SATC RDAT RlflllT. WANOIKK, JRWELHT, AC. DUMORim THE TRADE IR E^PTTFtHXT IR formed that we *re eontlnnall/ mannfan.irlng and ha?? oa hand a large atock n Mtainrmd jewelry of the lateai atyle A large aaMTtaieat of diamorda on hand. Netting done foe thetr*rl? Diamond* t>< naht for eaah L HARM < MS A ca.414 Bronm* .treet FH)R ^Al.E V? Rv l,(if. TO (TosR A (XHnieRRRRT^ A lot of gold and ailrrr |ienriira*?i, pi>n*. ti*rh and ear nlrka. Ar la 'i tanlltlr* to anlt purrhaerr* f'allA' >'l |!ro?d way room 1? ? WRaT ?T OERaRVRTR -JET ARDOOLD JEWELRT RaR ring" neeklaroa bncaleta, hroorh*a, Pr*nrh n.alterl j?w *Try. f*t'*<ilea, aetar ?M*a por'e monnaiee. A* at HRVRmT, I* HA11f K i 00 . Impor'ara and whotaaale .lAlara In Part ?tar faney good* *4 R**e*n "?r*et QlltUQmMDK RAPEIR EIROC, A* . A<\, O a' v?ry low prv?ea at JOIIR K. C'URTIR' jewelry ? are k> I'lgeik^ r ttreot, R. T. J flIVICAli ADD DAJRCBra. a DODWOHlB'H DaNCInG ACADEMIES, A, s't'l Mmoadwat. Mew Yokk, mix! KIT Monlagne place, Brookly > ow Vurk elura ?n W? oiieedays nua Kalurciays. Brook slssm on 1 n?w >'n)ii ?ml Fridays Circulars ooutalulug Un bourn may be hud at either ol Uta ?c?i?u?. I'rucU. teeenrbltes r. ?,?(lien &uil gentlemen every Monday eve' Brookly* and '??'?ry netm-lav evening m New fork. 1 , pupils ?ao Bubscri?? *sr the ssscmblles atone. AfcKYKN 0^1 A VE PI A*o ro? BALE ?A Jaciltice; modern StSir, sweep .cg?, rtth.v car I perfect orfler, being used but a lew Umee Must b? so. mtdluicly. Cm be ttoeu at 2?9 Broadway, room 19. M. WHAT. A YOUNG LADY WITH A GOOD BOPRaNO voice, Wlio read* muide at siplit, wishes lobe ???agaged In & church In tbm city or Brooklyn. Address ftaoilctte, Broad way Pom office. AHaHGAIN FOR Christmas?a handsohb ?e?en octave rwe ?ood round ooruer piano, male b? % linker of thirty veurs' experience. Price fill), warranted lo be Round or ihe m ueyrtturred Apply at the warerooins of MiDONaLD A it HO., 132 Twelfth street, between Fifth sad tlith avenues BWaijtiful pianom for holiday presents.? The wurerooiri of T. gilbkrr A (!0. are now full *tf superb unrumi'i t?. and will be aold at reduced price* and uron easy term* H E. MATHEWS, 4)9 and 421 Broadway, corner of Canal street, andXMEattao mret.i Brooklyn. Dancing.- Ladies desihoits ok having their children taught danaing on reasonable Uuma, by a lady fully competent, may apply at 712 Broadway. C1BBAT BARGAIN-GRAND DIAGONAL 7 OCTAVB V r< pc w od piano elegant caae and superior tone, maile by ei e of itie bent makers, and warranted. Cost tfiuO?wdl be cold for t'Mi Has been u&ed but a few mouths. Can bQ rrin at Ml Ninth street. M?I)aME AUGUSTA'S dancing SCHOOL NOW open at her private residence 14 Hood aire, t, and ia hrookhti a. 121 < linton street. For particulars apply at the Aibemi-1 ni Reading Rooms. Evening classes for Kentlemca n i>otb cillea MR. J. B. Mi?If TEACHER OF THE PIANO. forte and melodeon, a xoidin^ to the celebrated smtera etCzen.ey. For terms apply at No. 8 Broadway erat Jiid son A Mungers', ptar.otorte manufacturers, 619 Brand way "PIANOS FOR HOLIDAY PKKHEVTB J A large assortment of splendid rosewood piano fortes, 6)1. f'h> and 7 octaves deafgrn-d as suitable presents for the holidays Mill be sold at greatly reduced prices for cash, nntft the 1st Jannarv, lg'7 J. A C. lIHCHKIt, Mantusctorv Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. Warerooius. 325 liro.ulway. opposite the Broadway Theatre. PIANO for Sale -A R08EW00D 8EVKN OCTATU f.|iiare piano, city made, sf superior tone and finish, nearly new. lor sale at a low price, at 19 East Thirty-third street. PhKWH'M PIANOFORTES ?G A H. BARMORE, NO. H-?* Bleeek* r street, manufacturers, eller a large and Iresh fUx k e eeant ft- lsh {and the grand diagonal and circular seale at lowest price and best terms; also, several second hand pianos, by Chickenng X Nuns; one seven octave, verj little used. s ATl'RDAYINIUQT. SEl LING OFF AT A SACRIFICE, FOR CA8B. EIGHTY - live pianofortes, suu&re and upright, many altnoct nsw and by the hrst mskers, one 7 octave for 11Q0, one for $129; others from $16 to Slat), at 1U2 Twenty sixth street, near Blxtfe avenue. R. GONZALEZ. ?\7IOLl!S.-IN8TRt?CTION ON THE TIOLIN, AT TH? T pupil's residence^ Terms moderate Address Bnoklri Teacher, Herald office. Also, a One Italian violin lor sale ?jt JOSEPH GCNAR1VS. $5 INSTRUCTION. to -WBITINO, FI'LL COL'BSK ; HOOKKEKP . ing algebra, arithmetic, Ac.. 910.?Mr PaINK'M bt inlt ri tit- open every day and evening. at 6'Z Bowery, M. Y., 2b3 Knit on afreet, Hrootljri. t'uplla can their own beura Cumnminlion by Ibe month or qoarlar. -OOLDbMITH'8 academy or PENMANSHIP > and lioekkecplng, 3t2 Broadway ?New puplla will be recen ed during the t'av and evening at 96 !ar a oourae a( writing leaaona. Bookkeeping u tiiual. O -1VEK B. OOLPBMITH. fell! -BOCJKKEKPINO. writino, abtthmbtic.? Dt LHKaK'S coin mental aeademy. 609 Broadway. ApplicaDta hetore t kriaimit* may commute far ibe aeaaen and ?e<ure duty private lexaon* at half price. Two 910 aeata foe beOkrei>in# vacant ihlaeven'ng. liatia/aeilsn guaraateed. ?1 1 ?? < YKAB 18 CHARGED AT THE HUDSON River luaUtute at Claveraek. Colombia eounty. K Y.. three mile* from Hudson city. Neit termaopen* Jaa aary 2. C. H GARDNKK, A. M? Principal. A Card TO THE LAD1E8.-A LADT ACCUSTOMED A to teuton, la dealroii* of trlvlae taetraetioa In writing ud the utu1 hrai eb>a of Kngiiah literature, to a few ladle*, at their own realdei caa Ihnee wboee education baa been na rleeted would find ihla an excellent opi>ortuniiy, aa aha tea<bra cm an Improved plan, whereby ihe pupil aakea rapid pregrce* and will guarantee to perfect the seat neglected la etour*eef M leeeor* Apply petaonally. or by letter, at 7W Broadway, between the huura of U and 12 A. M. BOOkKAKPINO. WRITINO, Ac -B. T. PONTBB. AN thor of "Louble hatry Bluclrtatod," ud other popatej work*, teeth*'* bookkeeping. writing u.nd arithmetic at M Broadway, Appleton'i Building, upon eonodelementary pria atolea, to the entire eicluatou ct the modern twelve linetai abarlatanry. Pronpectiw, Ac . en implication. FRKNCII AND OKI'Ma.V ?E. TKLLKRINO, Ne. M3 Broadwav ?etablt*hcd In 1 ?<">" profeeaor or the above Lan geegea at <1 tranelaior haa a lew letaure bourn weekly for private tuition No ileceptneclaaaee with begtntiera rpo LITERARY AND RCBOLABTIC PERSONS.?A i French lady, of (>erman deacent. and thorough teacher ef French lletmvi and Italian languaeea and literature, of fer* her art vice* <o auperior areola and fktnlHea. either aa a r**ident or v letting Inalrtictree*. would alao accept comfortable b~ard la New York, for on> hour or two daily loeaoa* trana'a t ea ?r reading* of the ela?elr?. Reference* to ll?Unrulahod pemeaa ef Now York. Addrcaa Diploma. Poel office, Beaton. MlM KLIiAVE ;V?. AIX AOCIDENTfc PROM TBB BUBNINO OF WLUUf err entirely prevented by u?ing the patent India rabbar find lamp I hey ceimot be broken, buret or eipioded, er tiled ?Wt lighted, BARXH^TBsr A MOtT, Majpifheterera. M Fallon atreet. New Tort. OARNITAL I1AT.?MANUFAOTT7BEBB OP THB OBN Uemen'a dreea allk beta, which We offer the pubile Car their approval and pureheee. we withhold ell commeaia en thaw efyle, rehn g men the dlacrlmlnnuon of our pair*** whe have far yeara liberally aaetained u* la our qoartetly teeeea. and ka the engiaal idea of an Intermediate atyle, aipraeaty aAapted ta the American Carnival, or New laaraeaaon. a LBABY Ato., leader* and Intraduaere of faehlea far gantieaaen'a beta. Actor Hooae, Uroadway. ^HRIHTOKLE A 00.>B CELEB BATED BLBCTBO PLAT The depot ef thle celebrated war*. Naaly <1 in led At 4tn ItroadwaT. ha* beea reowred to r Wliliaee aireec Alwaya on head, table end tea ?eta. tray, lark end apoeoa, Ae. /eraadab* OOl'RK * 6o.. 97 Wllltam atreet, VNOLIHH 9KATBB-A PINE ASSORTMENT, J CRT RE Fj eelveil Pattern maker*' gnngea, all dre* and aweeixi. A'.dl* s earvlnK gouge* drawing Inatriimaiim, Ac. Bo?a tool eheat*. for the holiday*. 99 to flei alao mechanic?* tooie o? every dearnp'i'ia Kor aale by PHIBEaB HMITH. (late John Hill)310 Broadway. FBPXH VBOETABLFJI.?ADOCNTE ''ASATN A CO, No 27 Old dtp. be*ween Front and Ho'itb etreeta. New York. *en?ra! ag< n'a for the Freacli Company, for the roaaer ration and rompn-aaion of *> <i r. TA ll.W aed other allmeo tary *ulwtencea, patentee*. Cboilet A t.'o., la Pane, parver or* ot the Preach Uruieh kuaalanand MUh armiea and aavlr* Mlied \ B??K1 a Rl.wt. cabbage carrota. petaAoea. Ae., Ae . 1 ono ration* 91? An. do do. W<lo 9< II. | *lel i?a. 9ft X do 9- aad all other regetablea at preparUanaie prtoaa. LiomAlll INDIA ffTOBE, gl8 BBOADWAT. ? r filled with |on4* (per late anivala free* Oklaa, Oaleaua. Manila, Japan Perete Ktieata. Aa, embraetag every eMtia able variety of cnrviwa, oaeful and novel anteiaa. ofdraeeaad fancy g'nda. Ota mm and atnu.gera are Invited to ?T the great vartoty anw * tiered at w bala*aia ead reML N H -Oooda Imported te oedor. IT l.D PENS?OOLD FkK* fl old pencil I Bndgem kalvee. WILIJfhK A R'K.HJS a Neman atreet. AVE TOt; BEBN THOSE r BO AND 94 HOOT* AT JONW\ No 10 Aaa ea-eetf alee the ear* and .doaWa ante boot* at 90' nKAT, IIEAT COMF1* ? PATENT OBATE DAMPBB. pnt In any grate, aavea M per cent In coal, gaina 40 per ceat heat la the room h tpenee trtOtnr Call aad aee It la of erattoa at L A J. JACOBM A0T Broadway. IN CAU.INO THE ATTENTION OP OEVTLPMEV TO 1 the quarterly mtii of dreea hate tor the emnung b<,lktay% I Hke pletware la thankin# a l?rlm net-ng i uhllc for their ap r>rectath4i at>d liberal pai/onttge for the apace of time I hare b? i n before tl.? a* itaterer to their man r taet-a, tutd hope, by nnt'rng et?r<ioe to merit hi the fntare what the pant bee warrantee, l hie bothlav hat he* the moet beautiful owtlinee and gra<-<ful propoiU^ne ef any hat tet the people, aad Ita lnetre raale * ehad - on paet endearora and brigtwaa up the future. I'pon Maminatinn you will find lboa* hate bound to von by lu< b perfect ban ?? aa to (men your evpecta MofieaadtlH Vfier adaklration to the brim RHOPB* Halter, Ml ? tiltnai atreet corner o* Clinton Rronklya?late of tienia *. | MORTIMER HALL. H I'ACL. MINNBKIT t TBB M . ritory dealer in real ee>*te ? t?nd? bougbt and aold Uroieh-tit the Temterv 'aed warrant! located UneeUaeiH of moi.ey made oa jntnt aeennnt or rnitaiotin, eoii?-ue-ia made aud ta?ee raid Ihr nun realena Refer* to Ibin aa hbeiman 11 a . Morrta Keirbum lew York. ?ptCTOBlAL ANDOBtBNTAI. H aib wore -NOTM, J and eii-gant mementoee of departed friend* er tekene of at>ec Ion In the torm of htnothee. bracelet* pin* ?tadv Ar. de?irnrd and etecr.ted hv >ra PtWtfER eecera'lve art let pt<-u.rial and mdenial ba'r work fl. et ??on.|on in the tir? atyleoi etiellence. Paewnien* may be aeta on appUeaMaa to Mt*. Foater. 19 Wenier Mreet. IJOri.TRY FOR CHBIPTMA*.?PBEPH CfllCKENS 1" rrot, pet ponnd. F ine (at ttirklee by the do*e< or *tngt i ? ne. Itoaey for family n*e t reah etga. apple*, pet alow btitur Ac Ac. at the new Philadelphia prodace ?tore, 38! Oteenwlcb mrvrt. one dm r above Diutae. ARI8IAN PANCT tlOODB.?IBBBBT BABATtBB A CO , IM Naaean eteeet hae rwceived from Parle a iarfw ae*i i i? n offeneyanii e? vi/ rr*ir.,!ee ii<.r>mwr?i? mn Bar ea-?. t>>mb* brnahea bntama portfceltna, i wfuei?e it and velvet areameote. r reach plated jewelry, Aa. ]>AYILJON PK. FLORA . Cilem'oiiet attraction* 1 ram tir?t claee bott?ee in Pari*. Triilhlnl and of arttetic merll JA*F.?t TITCREB. Ml Broadway. P 1)B0TF,t T YOCB tJai* MKTERe?HY CHINU ft. T Mi ? Dotigall'* patent doable gaa pipe and raatng. a *avin? til 25 per cett l? maile, uod warranted not to freen nr eon denae Oa* litter* and plumber* can obtain Hr-nae to u?e Ihe i atent by applying to R. T, McDOUOALL, Bo. 333 Hmad ?*J Ck*!"" MAC71TNEB, MtlRO M ACHINES-WHEKJ, O erAWtleot * and flfnver aad Raker *, a ?r*? lot of the latter, adapted to anything uanal. AU la good order, and for ?ale lew mr ca*h_ _ K. H KMTTII KM Rmadwar. Tevae." HllTEL^ fLINTOB HOISE OPVN, 7K7 AND 7IW BBOtDWAT ? " 1 > partmentl fOr f*miltea or Individual*. hand*omely fur. a?hed ai.d aeaAly kept, can be omaineA with or wfthoet boar*, oa the American or Kurnfean plan. Boom* rent Trim 92 '< IM> per ?e?k. P? sgftre.