Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7422. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS Departure of t n? fBSB HVMDBBD BBCHUlTs AMD $2,000 WOHTU OF m)U8 FOE GINK ?< aL. WALIIK OH BOAKO?NO ATTRMFT TO DBTA1M THK VB8c?lL BY THE UNITKD IXilll DI8TKICT ATTOKNUV? DISTINGUISHED IN DIVIDUALS ON BOABD?bCKNES AND INCIDENTS ON FBI WHARF, ETC. Notwithstanding tbe speeches letters anil despatches *" Of (kpUui Render*, John M. K-ton Secretary Marcy tad Marshal O. Koberts, the reaoecsee was allowed to depart quietly yesterday for N'tca agua, although U was nolo rieus that over three buudr. <t tinouiters cn board, fend that over 92,000 worth or provisions were id the bold far the uae of Gen ff.iiii r'i army. Formerly, when there was even a suspicion that a recruit of Walker s Was on board, (he Catted St?ie I>i*trlct Attorney I d all It* ooold t) stop the vessel, ?M ou oue occasion tired a round shot across the how* 01 tbe Nortbem Light to bring her to; bat now, wh< n !t is notorious that the vee Ml Is full of filibusters, she ts allowed to clear quietly Without a Marshal being within two miles of her. Kex time a veisel sails with a'd for W*'ker do doabt but that Abe District Attorney, the United -dates Marshals, and the Feat of tbe government official*, will be ou tbe dock to five her to ree roand cheers, instead ol a round ifaot. at iwrtiag. The Tennessee was advertisod to sal' from tbe foot of Beach street at 3 o'oiook f U , b it for some reascn, best known to the owners, tne veisel was taken around to the pier at the foot of Eighth street, East river, and the Crowds who went to see the "boys" oil at tie foot ot Beach street were awfully sold However, as it was, a large assemblage gathered at tbe foot or Fighib street to wish the emigrants torn taudaee the l\ia, should MT turn up. i About 1 P. M. the recruits for Walker, about 300 In all, mustered at the rccrulitog office, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, to march to tho dock. Among tho Officer* who accompanied teem were Captains O'Keefe, Anderson and Orelghton. 0..muii<tsary Goneral Geo B Bail, through whose efforts thw men were recruited, wl.l remain in ibe Oity, as his be*ith ts poor, to superintend tbe tending off of ail reorutts Count I.ewl*, a personage Wei) known in the saloons an I hotels en Broalway, also west out in the Teaneasoe, ana is understood to have ac cepted a captain's commission m<der Walker. "Billy" Buillgan, wall known In s'.ortiog circles, accompanies the expedition. The recruits, a* a general tldag, were rough specimens of tbe y-t.ui homo, and most of ttiem wore clad In garments altogether too wel ventilated tor this bitterly cold weather, r ey were, however a lough, hardy aet of fellow*, aud will fill a ditch qnHe as well u better dressed men. The TsBaeesee took out tbu faUowing ? lores, avowedly tor Omni Walker ? 360 barrel* or bread, 8,000 pound* or bacoo, SO barrels or pork, 300 baas, 13 aaoks or ialt, 4 obesu oT tea. Tbere waa aaoae misundurUndlog respecting the do natlona of the hotel* promised at the Nicaragua uoei lag laat Saturday evening. Up to the bour or tall lag they had not aeat the promUeJ loud, but the committee procured the above atores ana charged them to the ac ootint or ths hotels. In addition to the abore the pas aeagers carried out private .?to-ee to a largo amount Tbere were no firearms or mvltary stores or any kind on hoard. They, it was repar.oJ, will bo seat by some Mhar ooaveyaaoe, to evade the authorities. ItThe usual sceaea at the wharr, when It neared the time of departure, were varied bj * man rail sg ovar board lata the lrosoa water trom tbo eangwey. It created a great hubbub, everybody giving unintelligible orders, Ml no one obaylag them. Tee man was eventually flakaf-wat aad takea M a cel?ho?nag aai wu, wheru be WM llquoied aad dried until bo eftqette cot Portable. Aa the '.lma for the veaacl to Icavo approached the ex cMeuieat increased. Caeera from the deck were aaawer ad by efceere trom the dock. Cap lata Kynders, " Ton Meaghaa," Capt. rtnklepaugh. Walker, BUly Mulli gaa. aaybody aad everybody, wore obeored by the ex cited rearette, several ol whom bad been laduizleg pretty freely la hbationa at the shrtue of Bacchus, and eouse qucally Jsll very good oaured At laat the plaak waa taken la, the faats cast o r, an t the laevllable geatlemaa with a oarpet bag who turns up at the eleveath bour. waa put ea boar t, aad the vessel be?aa to meve fVoei the dock amid cheers. la a lltUe while It bad rounded tbe pier, aad la ton m.nutes' all that was seea or the Tennessee waa a black bull in the dletaacc and a blue wreath ot smoke la the dlttant hor' aoa. The last paraoa seta on board was Count Lewis, whose make up aa a Oitvicwr was admirable. Rls Mow tag locka were ooaftaed by a Koesetb hat, wbl'.e s(s 'sge, aaoaaed .a blue paats, were n<arly bidden by a buge pair of top boota. A rough c oak covered but could not conceal b'j portly lorm, wbile hie beard waa never area to greater ad vantage. The Count will no doubt be beard from boob VnMeal States District Attorney's OMre. m kxahom war tbe tekkehsek war not ororriD -ixmiraw HTVUX TBI DISTRICT ATTORNEY AMB MR. BO ROAR?COKRK.TONtENCr WITU SEN. CAShKAC. Dae. ti ? rhla morning Mr Morgan aalled upon Mr. McKeos. Catted Mateo htstrtet Attorney, la company with (leaeral Ward Bureau and (ieaeral Oa/.neau, la role Vloa to the proponed dspartere or the steamer Tsnaeesee for Nlcaraf ua. The object or tbe latervlew with the I* trtet Attorney was to seoerttln what Mr. MeKeca Intended to do wHh rsgard la that vteoei. The Diet net Attorney aaM he ahonld aot taterfere with her aaleas a oomplaint waa made flame remark waa made by Mr. Morgaa about amlgraata going oat; Mr. McKooa said naleee tlie emi graUoa waa a aover for a military expedition, ha weald take no aotlce of them. Mr MtKtea said be thought It a curious thiag thai aanlgratioa waa going on to s oouatry whica m la a atau> of war At aboato'clock Mr. Morgaa returned, la tbe District At tovaey s offlce aad aald that he had refeaed to allow aay of the omigraala to easbark. aad that he had gives or ders that no oae should ho permitted to go oa board with eat preaestiag a ticket from the odtee of the company, erhtah weald he evMeaoo of the parage havtag beea paid. He aloe eald that he had seat op a pall>e fores to preveat asy oae gotag ea board W ttbout a ticket Mr. Morgaa declared thai hs bad no is'.enUon ft ?<ng a par Wclfaat la aay vlolaMoa of the law. Aboat the same time Mr. McK~m received the rbUewiag letter from <>eaeral Cl/IMU (?ITRERAL CAXKfAtf'a LITTER. Hr. niunimjm Borer, \ New Teas, I'ec 34, iA'tt. j ?Sjb?la roaaaiueaoe or tao kaewa bosiihiy e< tbe Catted Mates gevorameet to tbe progreae of v -ner"-*# later oo" ta Ntaaragua, the Traaott Company have et?p pod the t'rkels of eome ioer heudred eaigraata whom say egaats had sagagsl to proceed ta dar oa tbe euetner Tennsss?f. to Nicaragua, to aeule there under a patMHV lawful, Bad oa Ihe pan of the Mate of .\? aragna a very liberal roatraat of caloaisettoa. I forward tou a state meat of the oaatraot, aad am prepared m prove tbat no agead of mtao baa departed from lie oeedlttnns I regret Mat each a aeasaatty efeoatd exist uader what Is reps ed to be a strwtly eaaettiuthxial admtaiotra ion but the losaaa aad delays to whioa tbeae emtgraaia have heeu aobiected by thraata of the goverameft int-rffring witb what 1 have hitherto assess t ihoeerred aad ?taewtbn right of aa Aaertast cUfe is trade or travel whoa aad whore he will. 41a the lawful prose euttoa 'or bta attatra, have rompeii^i me 11 '.aqaire of yoe. ta jour offlotai capacity, whether tbere ta aay law? ?ad 11 eo, where It amy o? toned for reference?ofderteg the arreet of veeeole or em', --ante leaving tbls pen under a wrtttee ooatract ir it is lawful aad oonet t' tmeel thaa to latsrfora with tbe trade aad travel of Aeiertcan aNtasaa, I waald reepe?*feify inquire In wbnt form of aeaiplatat. ar aad or waa* amnn of s'i?pV?oa, aad oa whoae ml vita Jedgsseat ta* arreate oaa be made. as It h of the hlgheet Imasitsasi to huadrwde of poor but tadus ?rtaaa beads of famiitoe to know whet they raa do to aveM rutsmae arreate aad Imprtaeameam. without entire It aaciiteihg their bopaa of aojeytag tbe |ift et a tlae form uader tne eaaer00a cotoa'satttm tyatem of Nicara gne I have the aaaor to ha, very reeport elly. you obedient eervaat, Will 1AM I C */ \> tc. A COFT OK THK OEltKi'.AL*R COVTlt tCT. Re tt know to all men tbat Wuitam L. Caxoea 1 was on the 1Mb of August. W. authorised by tlic enprem# favernmeat of Nicarag> a to procure and coat-act far to? ''pert of ^an Juan Jnau del Sort1) oae tboosaa'l e 'on *ts, able bedted white an, ot )ioo<l m v al rharacler ar.-t r;? pable of performing all ten dutiee ot atable aad tad ad tiious oil renn, oa tbe fallowing coadltloas ? t firat?Paid rainaieta are to he landed aa th? territory f of the repvblla within tbr term ot oae year ',-oci the above date. , Becon i?The povfTf meet of VcaragMa an.ierta'. ?$. oa its part, ta transport taMnldMstl '>nm the rift r>; Kew York to?nit able pelata fort^-t* tot' r-act t *? 'itecbani'<a 1 aad af r r'.itr.rlete la tbe *'rntory ol Nfcatar ? an 1 to tooale tb?ro l? cnmpab'ca'd ? leae; filly be* t -1 faml fke la cacb setti' emni IkMBfocI Idle pea 1 ecttlof W' re??leo etblr N fM) 'aad 'a ftfl-t ?1 >n?i, iaiaH uf'-jai ib if... tn w"" it?ca' oa and r?. r tnt t:. Htae<liat4 pessmfon aad coat-r- i* - ? m h, ?,,? t have it^ v<|*t t"*ll tod eoil-t. Wu ?aw? tO tQ} T VIM : . ? ?ball have perfected til* title thereto by one year's ocou (ation of tbe land. Tbe i aid William L Cazneau la alio authorized to luue to any ag> nts he may select land aoripe not e<coeltng in amount one buadred acres for each colonist, la satlslac tlon for the services and outlay* In obtaining and trans porting said colonist* to Nicaragua KKKRKK. Minister Plenipotentiary. Witness, Pspro y Silvsk, Secretary of Legation. 1 certify tbat the above la a true statement ot my con tract with tbe g tvernment ?f Nicaragua, lor the latro rfuclloD ot Innttijidt settlers on tbe public land of that Slate. 1 alto declare s?d certify that I hav j no power, '.nan rct'.oiia or Intention to raise men lor milita ry service, or to send out any other cla?i of tm'granls than persons disposed to acaopt farms :n Vcaragt'a upon tbe sole condition of cultivating tbem as good aid orderly cltizius, and woald now respectfully fire notice that I have engaged about tour hundred settlers of this dciorlpu >n to go out In tbe steamer Tennessee on tbr 24th inat Tnia statoment ana bis notice given to protect those ctti/pas gt the Cnited States In tie eij -ynn nt of iholrju*t and Inalienable r ehi lo pn cced at tholr discretion to any part ol tho /. or 1 .n tba legitimate pursuIt ol their alluirs. William l. cazneai. E?. Nji hoijis Iloni, Naw Yokx, Dec. US, 1368. THE DISTRICT ATTOIINBT B K1PLV. 10 which Mr. Motion mouo.lately sent the foilowlag reply 8outbsh DiKia:cr o N?w Yoa , > C S. P.stkici Arrounxv'i<U>r.CK. Pec. 24, 1866. ? Sir?'The department referred to In your note of ibis i ate purports to bo signed ' F. Ferrer. Mlnatro Pie Depot Mi liary '? No such minleter baa been received by tbe ?'real utnt of Ibe I'nltei! States The right of such recogni tion belot gs .solely to tl>? Proiiaent. Tbe document nu co rJBclal auihority, in my judgment, and oo-rht not to ? lit* my course. You asVc if there is any^aw to prevent emigrants trqpn departlr - from this port. I state that tne govornmoot vt i kw I Dili a States h4 not pretended, and does not pa? tend, to Interfere with the movements of parties leaving the I uteJ states, except when they contravene the laws ot the United states But if under the bead of emigrants ;t eliouid be mads to api>ear ny proper tvilenre that ibey are In fact a military expedition, or parties enlisted or retained with an Intent to enlist elsewhere. In v ola t.on of the neutrality laws of the tailed estates, it would be m. duiy to act. 1 avail myseli ot this occasion to say that what are tbe supposed American interests in Nicaragua are determine 1 not by private Individuals but by tbo government ot tne I a. >a. Ihe duty of exe juting tho acts of Congress la N latum to the neutrality of this county belongs to the exe cutive lirancb ol the government, aud for tne execution ol which you aul readily admit they cannot bj<<uest.ou cd L?y sgiQls ol any tntereat out of tbe limits ot the United States With gn at reepei t, 1 remain your obeJlent ser vant, JOHN McKKOV United dates Distrlot Attorney. lo (Jen. Wii i jam L. Ca/.nbav, til Nicholas Hotel. Vhe In tod atates Hernial had orders to have a force lu readiness. Tbe revenue cutter Washington was lying qu illy cown at Sialen Island, and tbe steamer Arctic was in reaainess at tbs Navy \ard. n case ot the Ap pearance ol filibustering. The Mraragu* View or tne Uolroiirlit and no>icrl8 Correspondence mid tile DaUiu Treaty. TO TB? 2KIT0H OF THE BMtAhD. h?v Yor , Dec. St, 19WJ. It may app?ar to the public tbst I hare a .ancy tor c< aijii before them so often, but diiijg my hag oonoe> uoa w?b tbe " preit'' I *u tn tbe Habit 01 ospotng ay p eril/ a all lta 'ormj. and alno? I bare become iouic what lUeutifled with the cause of N carsgua, 1 ha-- e found tbatlbereare "Am!El'lab Sleek-''nmong the "filibusters ? u wall as atnoi^ the ?'balls" and *''ears'' of Wa! meet. Uy presect of eel Is not with the pat. but to refer to the ? ro lcmoritade'' wh ch appear* In tbe Hiha!ji of tb 1 icoiaiBK, in the shape of a correspondence between do t.Blco'ji^a sod liartbal! (? Ribcrts. E:q. The Tormer, m b s appeal is tbe bt half of kumtHtUy uys ? W.:Limi r-.*tgPi..Li).- iuy own .m;, I ??., lbs' 01*117 t u1>als siid tu ? > Am-pcu.;* hii ? e aoLe to >?< ar.i^-1a rt*lj;r. < on thi; fact that i *>s ui active ? ?rt> in lie . It' ?> Tj[ i .? i.e. 1,>i iif .u UA/k without (" : in;>era.. .n :i; the crndttloo u, whhn itiauy cf them are now rt '> cart. a. J f wti'i 10 ? .iter mem ihe heat aid tu my pi .wit. Mt jirecii?e object, t ?ri to?e. la I In* t" a*k >011 tf j.i'i vill lat <>ae i f vour .? '-ae.a a op at .-an J nan o.. it- ltm-. ai?l b. 'ii? o-t ill eucii iter aui.a ?i ?a; .leairc 10 < on-. . uitmdui# sisirn. chlldrta. ilck a^.t ?. hbuco. 1 am aiae tbat tlita object. * lotting a? it dset ttie we fuie. ; 'rbsj a tUe pre?t 1.kIiuu ot thi htttil xa ir American rl'irfBS, mnat commend ronr tysvMhy, aii<ll Lops It a.ty ba.c your acitvc eo operation. I The latter, la a rep!y nor by tse moat hwmauu aad I tr. t*U* "8!eeh' ofil.sda;-, gives cs the laetore on lilibutlerlsm I cab no hut apprecute ? 'be notl es wii ch 'is. ? luj i?ed ? a ?o .ti - re 'bat ?o-i>e?li :igsB'" Ibea I r ihertr . de ?ninct 1 ana iu <1 ut an ? who mav ha- ? ?uppc-e" 'ha yc Licreaia erie i'.\.,lv--d in i!<? ..-so! of (he i i.twov#" ..v 1 !iev liavt- t .Li r.e u and ' .a, m'.e ..,1 !>e''e<l i.j ? a' v "? c .-r .'c ..o~, liti' 1 Sate ? II ?.>'?p?li. win. t. 'mnertn, u anyor.ia form- * t . , ? ?'?b'ed whether it ^ i P"''i"- IO n-b'ler ttw'aii r. even to *n/ own ouii'-< ule'i in a i-?M Vbore il.ey hate *oluntar t p.a'c~t I . >i ui' hi- ca ? of h* i< protec on rorohjeeta pert ??--< " "/ . 'tdgiii-n', ? ? ery chlminded man n ua i?r. ..i n ii I here are, hi ? i ver < h-. ' M.a-ab- ea ? >??"!.? .c t ? ? <-:? -e whirl, | erl at * if tne e?rrc'?e c thu. iv < ??mpa .iy wt..e'i o?'re?> hvwever ii?. i <-u 'es so' ?.? it i (i ts t> ?il ibai 1'iaalOMiai a.pos?i >l* to r ? t in. -aul ?'i Iivuc u? tits ref.nbl'c of N. urafna, W>t'ker and bit sdvevtorera . UI gums upon ih< ?*a under Ji. az f >e pirn'o 1 a<a M'i ;>rppared lossy tbat the slitp s'.pi'y i I .'I i jt-al con mi rce unght nut vie.i torn at de lo aerc ti <?? wli. i i urvtt?l a merited dsfem. were eiposed uponaplsiik I ? " i e J11 -?l >ian altos and death Thi tinman Mart v?i i not i>e aat aiied u> pat?!li?ra by unbes<led bs anas they U?i el: .?-me mien a piratical errsnd. I tun <n(uitnsd fist very ? any <?f the lMlowersoi W ..ksr ii - .. practice.I u, on them by timer who Late nut eeesfUloac ialat Ihem * h l ie <Lincs'? lo * btcb 'hsy inlgbi be?m? eip. ati acd I ku.? not how to reetat the sppeal of Ihetr >ssn- ed I ? I rail > a thst a* -nethibg iLmiM be iii>nt lor their r -teui. A* 'his depaj tnre o' the voyage Is wholly us lbs scors of humSi-ay Bu remuneration will be rseetveiL I sm vsi respcvtfuilt. you/ eMIni an . sat. Now, will ssy let"liigsct man bellevs that this saws Msrsball t> Roberts, !.?<), who has so '? lltlls s) mpath ? with flubuaierim ut all iia forma. Is Ihs eam< genus tss who. ? fsw wseke suos. chartered to certain, fsf the tins nl P tin tioic.iiir a, the nssmablp 11 l'o;a?lo lor lbs purposs ol carry tag ms Uio .rssd or etsesa h- adre I poor dslutfed belogs to laraue Cubs. Hy rersloa ?l lb < ai'alr at tbe tlms wss tbat the ilssllnai.oa ot ths vessoi was Ntearsjftts, snd I so sts'sd It uader y owo eisaa inrs but Ucn. (rotcourts, in reply, larortnsd ths public tail Thr E' D*w%?U? tra* ,n'ub* f,n C*ha. I Tbs friende & Walker ksew rer/ well ;or wUat -Jm b Dorado was mesat says Ooicoarts An l liiev pretested her from g.ung fro? a mean iui' oi.t. f h . . i. ... rj'iren* 1 IM u -h , M ?U'ea* 10 ?1o' ? annei Cuba lo I he r^.|e4 Mr. Kobens, I presume. w!U not deay thai the rlmHsr of this vessel wss to fSr e scisd tbst the charier ra/Uss hai pieced the ' I Dorado :a oumplote repair Ihst the MMMta wkose mm tke slmrtsi was laksa la sot rkeiy lobe foas.l ta the directories of New Vork. a:thi gh ti runty for tbe aaiccsl of the charter moosy hfc/4 bees gtrea by reipout bis partlss?t? al lbs ess Si world beve tall cd oi its 9ilb"eterlsg destteatloc if { bad q<H ste-:ered ssd Isel, bat sot hssl |l be ere that Mr. P iberta ksswse well es I did the rer? ce :or which this rssael wss tested Now, forsooth, this gsnt'.cmaa rssds s lecture on the evi? of filibuster!-m, places t.sneral Walker aad his brsrs followers on sfboisg with pirates, . aaaot i?M ths ftwmser appeal ot < serai t oioonr a la do'ag some ihDgto rssrue ibe poor mlsgu dod Amortsaas ssd 0? bass, aad therefbrs intrusts ths smmsa ler si th leamsoip (traasda vlZy*fS^ ths psesosa rf the deacrtptlna irtljiig to lo ths ' * Jf Wspc 1- , r v., , rleata ?TS2 i p'r"1", say I rr n at tnces. Is 'Sad On u; the w ? at mw OnsaM I will aot lasinsa's that Mr. flohsrt hsl othsr moUre tbas those st homaslty in tb'.s msttsr, aolw tbatand sg iiiiT ?f * ?'?b, r?"?r A?*rn7 s n?3 n ute lo (Alters m Out tf I fan dwposed to remiiate I might aes proper lo r?ISr to nthar ? ajwut<<ed Amor' f"' ..smlag hand b lis, beea led from time to tlmsto 'tbst bourne rem so i-awthr rsisrss, sad wbsrs through r>.larei>reaeototloss. more i-aa u?> beea .acr flood for waal sf good rood aad smpar sues ten lhaa bars oeoa last oa lbs battle He.dse* s ca rs*sa I will sot eater la?s flsts'ls tipsa this scbsrt, ss the osmparwos w'll hardly b*a me osl n my arg.inteai msa hart bor^sss rteh by tbs mi 'ut- nes of othsrs ta one case, whiia Walker ssd h* bravs oiiower- see j oor aad seadv, aed ar? dally Riakldg tacr. mea 'oe a ? real principle. aalth-gr00? btntfll of maBklnd M mtefbrtsse. bawerer his r rertakea osr brars oo ?? try toss ts Nicars* s I wooit join bsart aa w th tfr Koberls s sstosotss tberr relist, ard, without anv asm paper d /j iay. aay Mod spot d to tne miatloa ?- Iheflri ? adt but, fttr tbe tafb'tnatira ol the pabne gsasraiiy, I wmud ?lata that frany nf tbs '-mlagii'dsd ssea" wko went to V. aragna "be'leTfsg ibal Ooa*ral Moloonrla wae an' party ta Ibo cot teat," ? ? iht tarmr durlst the bat tie of Hants I'.osa. aad most of the balance bare departed Is pens ua.sows t soe that mamoeaMe -ooa ?ton # '"'I wb'ls tpeaking of "grhaeVrtstn ' I casnst e~. sny gvi at rliTerewcs between sstlonsl ??nnhneter<?m aa I no t sal *ii'.usterfn I?nrlBf the pwt les year* ? .real >ttala hae opes y and nsi?galtedly 'filibuster ed ' i nder her ss sn ei?ent of tev'iory lee times !m voad thai of llta Tet?"? r. entry and now f jvrce't* by the treaty betwn t eeat ^ la U and be I nited P1SI vas puhtalel In this tut-riifl^a 1'taai.p that the l?o ureal natlns hae? rtfee I into a H?tl aicrr ? P tS W -npete e-,tb ?.es-ral Walker la ??tlnbt?.t^w1?f'? la lentval Amain ^ Tbe treat? distinctly tbows. that tress two nowsrt I goveram' r n hare lakes it tip in t:* n>. ? *, aa rift, ?>i a/* /?" p --it. mag r ?rnmersM ?M'tst/ Itits, e* /W At iia0wo, -< tkt ies' f . r cencnf 'f Sot i rrf fc'^h !' bile the flrr ar lr I * 1. n.? 1 i-tTv c-nt . . I n of *irar?g-ia. to be set ipa?l foe tits ' Maaq'.Nc sdtaat ' ?*" " *o s?iaf>M'h tbe bass dm y, Ths assMSsy is t?- he ssWmN tne marked hy twa soa ti ??Kist-t ts be %vf* ated, rte hy he Hrtiar'<ie M\<e?iy ? r res ay 'ba tvesl Jent nt the repebde N'oarte (a ? . I??. r' r (.f%| pnyerewient w'tV-i ' ie ?!tO'/deJteil ?Jm?t bs rwixjgtrty.ed, s ltrm%t M l I *'? "i c... bt repute d N :?ry t ta trtavse'c b made by that Slate with tbe United mates aid Great 1i l tain, respectitrely The Moi i ulto India as shall aot be a >(?> to cede tbelr territory or r^tita to. any o'her State with >Ut the content of tbe United b talis and Great IlrUaiQ, ea >h separately expressed. Article fourth sttpalates that the republic of Cotta RI'h -hah retain for Its oitiieu!, ihe 'rredom ol uarigaliou upanddiwn tbe river riau Juau, from its month to the mouth of the lltirt fique ilTer, with libt-rty to euter and quit lie j>ort oi Km Juan or Oreytown w ith llieti- ves-iel* and to store their car noes In lli?t port, and without being subject to any dut e* ol in port or t Joort, touni?K? dutv or otlier uior public o i in?* wliAtrver e xcept for light. money and Oilier tier notary port charges. Tk-repmblKf qf Nicaragua ami Cotta Hirtn.huH ? low tfit t*riitin ial dipjtjfto* ttthrtrn West, awl thr limit* or rrt* ft t-rOM to bt git!* to the ttiicu of Satt Juon or (trryluir n. if t/if >(| mr I'll <>' V inn inffl* ildj hfttOtrn tt't mftttft i and thift httru, to b* tfWfd by the arhttratln* tilth? tfnihd ptf'it'a '>f A n.erira ou t 111 'it Hriioin. trhtt. -in ami donhtf-n ,>? tin* / hII hi uht' tinnll i ,r tit' tic 'ion oj 'i ihird )turty. 1I also n?ovide?i lbs ? 'ihe reeubltc of Nicaragua shall constitute and declare thi port ot tlrr, u?u or t>uu Juhii u tree p< rt and the city a fi ?? ? < .t/, though under tlie So\ eie.?n ol the ie^>U>llc wlvou- luutm taLta i ilie following lights aad iiuoii allies ?lli ? light to sovei u ibemstives by aaeau? of their own munii-lo*' govfrr'jieot, to be administered bv legislative, executive an i .Wdisiat officers of ttetrown "lection, record kip totheir i riesotta ions; trial by Jury iu their own courts. Viertirct treedoio <>t religious be lie! an I m worship, public and private. i he tuuoic i|.k! itorei-iiueu: shall .ay no Jullei on goods ex jorlod nor any tfutie* on goods lmporied, Uit-nded for transit acron the Istnmua, or for consnmptlon without the c ity, 1101- uuy duties of ttneaae cn Viiwli, except sin h as ma* be / lor tue jio'ice or the port and the maintenance of the ueee-anry li :bt :<eu*tt-s nud beiu otia, provided that the pro* nt c leultlon thad not kdertere with or pi ? > et' tile lerj ol a iMUMrf i!td> On iiaf>r.i't? for the puruose of the payment to the JTis nilto Ir Jibob w etlp'iiateit In article ."?? eremptlon fi-oin m.lltary ?er vice, mcept fi r the deience of the city am1 within tbe bcnada ol1 the iimr. Article flftb peovldoe:? ? That the republic of Ktraracrua sliali enter into positive trenty atlou a'ioua with each ol the two government* of,the Cnlled Slates o. America and Great ltritu.n. that it will ti.e (iiur: of freedom to the cttj of (ii ??town, or Nail lum, subject to '.he cond!iio*i that the muulcipuiit of the stid ettf (ball, aasoon as or*?ni/ed. rass laws and oidlnancea levyuie by lux or dutiea on unports, aocie rea?onable sum, to be o.ud lia;f yearly to the Mosquito Indian*, by w*. ol unnuity for a nniiied period, a* au .udeiuuii;. and eotupeilxation fi>r their miereit In tbr territory, rcciniul/nt ncd declared by the first ciauae < f article t to lii? witidn th(; litiilts and eov ereigi-.ty of Ui*republic of Klcar.tjua. Art'ol- ninth declares:? Thtt theht ?> ;l" n*lt bind titW'lr'*. >'* *a tht rruithiii. nt tiit/Hama and CortU ffi'i. >r fi'lrr oj th-n. I ? ch ?' ti'l lit-ariu'ii/fiti n!<i ?4aif din iht prfihmi) artirt-1, iu4 p. it in it" i>r row*-it/ to an / "O 'f at raitffi >t "ft* >'W? /tw rn V - /<? the nfHriHflput'u or partf : Wbere are the advocates of the ItoD'oe Hoctrine now .tfJBS V. HblitS Th? Nicaragua Transit Ronte> TO THE STOCXHOLDBKiS OF THK AOt'KS.-OR V TK1.V5IT COMPAKT, OF MCA&AQUa. HstIok percclvod that the steamthip Prometheas, be lODging to the Accessory Transit Coup toy, wai adrerllsod to be io!d tbta day, under a proco.i of tbe I'sltid Htatns Dlstr'ct Co rt, I sutbor'.ted a perun to attond t*in sale sad f ave I tm instracltouti to what t stem to b.d He pur cbaiod her for the torn of 910,011, lo my natua ac 1 on m; account. Prt ?ent sppearanres Indicate a 'ea'.izwori or my hop w that the company will b? srsoolly restored to t!.-if rtfht?, frani b!f<? ano property i-.pon the latbmus of Nicaragua, wbirbbasbten so vs-ust y inradod for thl* rekiin I have Je?incd It to be my duty to mskn an effort ts pra rerre tb? meant of availing mytelf ot tbe opportunity to re aommenoe operations When that tltno arrlvo. anch material as . may bave on band to put it in operation 1 shall furnish, g vlng each staolholder the right in propor tion to his (took to paritc;pate with mi at co?t Is -e eftab'iahing a I ne. C. YAKDKRBILT. Niw Tori. Dec. 24 18t8. The Stw tork Historical .Society. f iktt-skco*d anmitkbsaut of its Forsdatiok? AT-I-IA9S OF THE HON. JOEL T. HEaKLET. 9E0JIE TA*r OF 8TAIE?Tfth l.M LL LMK Or M W YOK* w thi KivoLrriow. The Hlatorkal Society o the Hate of Stw York beli 1U aonivirsary on T-oaja/ evening, .n '.he chapel of the University. Hon Luibcr Bra i.ah pretidad, and commence-l pro ceeJisn fey rererrtag to the put Ulatory and fature proep.tcta oi the Society, en I stated that their next ann: v<?r*ary would be held 'a their own new lire pnoor b-jllding He concluded by ca.:.Dg on the Kev. Dr. T<a Witt > on l?<e la nrajer altrr wtiicb dou Joel T. Held ley w*i lao-Jaced. aad delivered the folkurtrg aAdrea* ? Tfco loptc I ed for ;?laevenl?g. ia the poattion ibe Xtxte ot N't wl Fork oocniwu luring tbe RovoiJl'.or m i Ui^cu^M a? ;t; 6^* & ia -tu.-.ucl The p?.>u!er idea of b'Ho/j >a en nely fallenjuj I U Mni.tcnd to l>e iU\j mdru Uirr] t.tiiMD uj mar* ma:cr*il jor.ed and ,abe led, l et ManuWy fiv I the t; jc aa'ure of h i orj aLan be Mid !t va> p *4rr au pb'lec jpby t ombiued. Tao siatamen ? ui Harodotue ma J ?-\*t '? ""M'i but at ail iveii.i tbey giver.* an ide <> l-e men of hie period. Facte are bat (he akrutoa of blatory Aac.unt blatory waa with i i pblioeopb.-, a eace'leu In tbe poetic aloue ??.# UM3tj of Uu country elves ua phi .? npty and poetrv combined .a their lo ?H decree. rioB tbe time tbe Half ll<via anchored o tbe Batter-r ' *?w Yoiii occupied t j, -'tica oi pruuuaoice aot as' riixrd >y the I'.her flak, TLe K^rolut on received u 'ai^u j e .a tb 1 f-ou'.b, ,;e in i'eanaylvaata bat It iMtlll It* tiaal ooar.. a melton a New rork. Bad 11a -jAohiaetle er eay other Hiate been cov aered, i wti-aiJ have bn-n bat a a!n?left.ale ioel?New York va.t " ,J - ' * 1 ?vapai lea .a jnccoaa of tbe Krvo'u i'S?" {*"? Aral, Naw irk sevar Uinebud <? tbe itvd ji May, i":J, th?- d-et |?>v.octalCcLgr aaw tbe ."Haie "J*'?' Coa>rira baa been . uaratlon.e . aa . uoipoacd I tbe ctaii * la brought agalaai tbena oai mc cc-nnt of J)air r.-Kcratloa but abrniy a ler tbey aeai a .? 10 Ooatia "ta, Coegreea. aaain; tbr-n to do all la tbeir power to ug aboa. praee. coaaiaieat with tbe act cUiau of the oloutu The State bad .'oraiea a OmaUtee of V+ ;auo.\ Uk :a tbe City Hal e?i?d tae uattery aaJ laid aa j-nbtrgo ca Br.t ab veaati.- vtitb a pepalat'ca o ln>? than ?8,fiOb oaea above twerty ouc ytari c: ago, New or. iaiae.1 13, ^0 atea lor tbe T.eeola g*letary a mv ?D 090 aore (ban wae required o: tb?iu by Ltartaa. t a tee *ib of J\ia?. i:;a, tbe mecbat oa of tt>* city aide a rejo<at to U^agraaa prajinf for eeparatloa Dr.? ibe ..iotbar oonntiy. Cvetta began to tairtfa ai><-ut tbe capital, acfi > ungreaa removad to A a m ! ntlna W.tb.^ct clotelog for the traope, aimael wUboui ftvxJ aod animuG.!' >n for tbe war, tbe 8ta:e never faltered every ptreoa butwaea tbe ag?a ^i a.ilean and drty waeaum I aioned to'carol bluaulf la tbe militia. New fork ai pr. ted to be the ?ceuo of liawle. the eaear c ' *ted a madag n Oowaii.^a Bay and ujotad ,m Brook;fa Heigbu, and '.bo bk <t J 'nitre e rracJta > x>rTt?od wbare a gto /.oj* vietcry *ae uiponud. Wa-bixgtou ietreate<l to warda nar^m md KStg'a britf^e. ba ng tete iy igaorant | H tte u-iio^rapb. of ,lte umal//. 1it. Btadler taee rrad a Mtg > waet fro* Um> C ary or aa itf g# camp ot weaeral wiab agtcB, 'bow t,g kue dl" ruitloa . nder wntcb A?er.caj aria? awl, anbae-iaeat lut e bain# ot Bifok ja ifrijibu. New .or? iH?> waa ooted uiwn aa uagreat br?atwater ; ? *<?t the a . ae on af l e-iand a j'ewcr, yit h<>pe wm?i to tbe duet, lor w.tbotit a a tigia jall.? wan tbe C'o?Ul?uui army ui .? (*,{? ad win 'le i d rwa U> aaiMu: hojy, ;j fad a.* ill eleiLad. 0c>uh C?ro ?? I laa. Vlrila^, feaaa/.raa a atJ Maa -ecbaaeUe #1) ta.a Jnporte rom tbe V?eat lediea. but New Vor%. r.ea ?r#t vi laat had til iter (<>r a c'ored. For wan: el ibe eikgie irtrii o aa.t aba i j ared aavrrely. dar oc oom* ?ima aba obtato?d a UUW fro? Maaaacnueatte, but tbe | Bay Halo jv.atoaliy pat aa embargo oa a'l ab.pp rg Eagle aJ knew luat U abr roe id conquer thia 3-air and 'waa tb* Higbiaafe *o aa t* a ear Ibe paeeiga to A Jtay aba ooiikt af ar' wnria brleg dowa anotbe- army from : Ue < baaplaia, and furca lb' cotaaiate to acbm.t tc ler me. but New \ irk roaa irparicr to all brr trlala, aad when iba Hietlaada were ev?rtua!l? ,'orced, ber far near a :?n tbe rlpo uarreew and marcbad to tbe barvnat of mea Mr H?*aiey refer radio tbe 9aaJ a lea a: Waabiaroa wiib Ma army* a ratber a t.^apbemewa oo?|?r!aaa, peaatag of htm aa ' tbe p., ar of ctocd by day aad pillar of l.rety aignt to I hi? acid let* -a .almiiy wb . b we ceaalder naiaa iiSabie r -o alai acb a ;?rofea?or ?i CbrMUmny aa tba lecturer. Aa Sn^t'ah a' thor. la laa w?rV eatlt'ed "Tbe fifteen Oaijmive Iattiee of tba World, pmraa tba bailie of feta l lOf* 'tit. ThU 0bowf frt'- ltd ft Mt'og. Our tad* peadeoc* waa 'ortbw'tfe reewgalaed by Fraaee. aad bar aoU'ere returning from ib'* conatey to Ferine bw gbt ab>>nt that rem utVm of wbMfe o r owa waa tbe caai* Tb? la a total per. art'oa of facte, tw the Ireaab rerwlc MB would bav- ooi-ur-ed when tt did bad Aamrlna never beea < eeorerH Our ladanewdeane waa achieved aad lb* pair? we* nan;.;raie?i of aan mterveatioa, eel, a* ?erta^.ee, we bava baea tbe grewteM aggraaaon tba world avar *aw Tbe declaration U tbe aalf lnd"i<ewd?mr* of m*i ?* tbe dirt 'lag Itiie la tbe elvt: ration ri the an' verac Hm ki ai d fe?itb Amer ca heard tbe wowdrona Maa-f'.a ol ladtvv.aai rlfbt" aad woae to fcvolit aa ' an I brard tt. a- I rmaaa aad Tetaod, uattl bar aeptra- I tree were .nraebad n tae mhea a* frwie. ana Itair jl"-'" *^r w eowna, aad all faraoa waa c*avr?*M. ** *JW" * *da ol au tbla were, ' fre* mtn an o^.ta' ^tb?? ooafederatlaa, ax yea ??.|i *tor *}L . ** '* ?<,'?* M ragardo revolution la athrr conatr ra * ?* a- Mr Readier * addr?aa G-on Filwm, Sea , prnpoaai a voto of tbaeka to the leatarar wbtcb wta carrle I. After wbtrb tbe Rev. ?>r Vaa Pel prraoanced tba brn^let ca, aad tba ar>etety a toa'aed Tbe b?-iy of tbr ebape: wm wr II Sited, aad a oaefdeea b e aimbar ef adiea ware preaaat Jereey ? Itjr IVewa. f 1 '??A*r*B>iT Rj?Ta?Ta:vrr?rr,?The third aaanai aata naiamaal for the bf?"?l of tbe ,'eraey C q Fire Pt part j.rnt *?ad t->a? piece at Park Hall aa Teaerfay evca .ng Tba ha! wa* Bi rd by aa atteaUvn acdlaace Thia eatrrlAttmeni coiw at*d af aitrumenta mualc by F uak loa a baa I, aad vooal ow n romiirla ng * e* and qtmr t-ttoa. by h*a?a. fme d >V,Ht. trnaruu . k v. wrX Jr., Iff J. W. Woodruff. M.-hV mack, I f. i nderb,, \aifcaa aad otbera ifr A>?b I f avej upon the p.aa. orlc A pwin, w.- tten I y F ' ? tiarajn a# i dedu atad to u? Jcrae (ar lire ^part m< at aa* , ad h> J H Br jwn, altx Jtl.i-ijt, a.,d gre -ted ? A a^tplauai liavid fccuit air ? s, peered in * nr... o. , re~AcM?Uc imilalkme aad J B. nrawa gare ten ci asattc >ga flw attic* vaieiil fdnurf fbt a'air eavc errattat $'?< ?joti kiiti t r . *.^ , %*tc 4: .*) ,i tae w.dt.wa M.dorfkaua' feed. >apr?ler I ami.

No*" * ?-aa ei irare new e*i? r?o* ar*ti aa madr- u (or tee tnai iHim or 'ti* Ceut ,i*n>a>r .ar? ? , bie-'b iaf}. at d r|l ac?ea o? laett* ia><?t ?4?r,i w..l< ? ? f 00 n bt'or* Patn day. wotwuat ?J. 1 ?*e Wreck oi Ite Kmr fMrk-ltalHM of C Apt ? Md?e?ftmon> We sailed (Tea Li r or pool oa Taureday. Norembv U, ? ?? 8tlf bmai from Uii Borineavt we eiierieoc^ very heavy woatoor Wt entire paasage, aad Had at t mwe than two ar three food obeervatlona Oa the |9tb instant. longitude 71 !K>, laittud JO dead reckon!^ we were bailed by the bark Kagla, or B oaten yn0 aatu aba was mnety days ina MnUga, bouad Iter Boston. bevsral day a oa the coast, and should try t> auks New lark. being oat of evervthing- I round w were twenty miles to the aaatward and twenty mil as %j the north ward ot the bag la's reckoning. Afler passing Us bark It oo -urred to one that I hart done wrong I hove my naiazwiopeall atxtok and ssko 1 bim U I eould be of any aaininaee He anawered that ho wanted water: be also stated that they bad lot* their boat I told him I had boats, and I Immediately got a boat ready ana went In It myself, with pronsl .us for toe bark. Tbere waa a high wlM from the northeast at ib? lime. On ret urn !dc to lay vessel I oompared my reokoo log ihittor the bark. tly drat nun naked dm II I v a* not steering too high 1 told htm 1 thought not, and It proved that 1 was right 1 waa not steering hijb enough. From this ume until within urieeh muvuies oi the tine we struck we were ranaiag aorta wast t>7 north On Friday night the 19th Instant, (the night after we spike Ue fcsgfe.) we saw a large uumbor ofveesoU lights. The weather waa thick, and blosrtag bard. I tuongbt we were about aae aundred and thirty miles lri.m land Soon altar we noticed a ugbt, whish promt lo be U.e liatithouae at Bernegut. It came up all at once, and we thought U a vousel's light ihc mate and uirseir thought It might ba a pilit ooat We were without a Dik>t, and I kit her tail two points, steering northwest by t?oith. 1 then sent a man alurt, and na stated t tint It looked like land ahead. I cried out, ' Harti down the wheel " the ship came a 'out atd tilled on tne other tack. Th?u I tound that I was rtxbt among .he breakers. I lold thi mate not to Buy anything, but to keep everybody 4utet, and 1 thought aha would go on. rne mate tben call*a all hanca, and we braced the alter yards, no as to fall oil shtre gradually. I shivered the bead yards as ioi g as i could without baking aternway, an us not to pay od too fast. 1 kept op my alter sails, and set the sponger while she waa ahlverlng ia the wind. I t?oa|ht tm n she would go oa, but aa soon as the lined away she fell br andside on. She struck very otsy on nor larooard side, but alterwaraa she thumped the bottom two or three times ery bard Her sum was then gradually driven shoreward* to the paeition in which she n >w lies, it was aoout twenty ni'nutaa belore li o'clock on Friday tight when sua struck iberewus great rxcitcarnt among the crew and paj seugers. but the mate and myse l managed to keep tbnm quiet 1 kept all the aftereall on vbe ship, to see if tna t'de wi.nld not make and let her haul off, but It waa tneu at>out tigb water, and the attempt tailed. We then cltwcd up tbe stils, but coull not get the men to go aloit to Airl them. The sea would breakover the nip, saa the breakers thumped bard against bar aide, until she was driven stern on Ic this condition w i re matned until Saturday tuoming. Ttu paiaengera b>>naved ve/y will, but ilie crew were Jninauagoaole. They re <i>ed to uo anything. Saturday morning we cleared away the boats, and tn endeavoring to git down tr.e starb.xird quarter bosi we t>Uivo lot (W? tad live boat* on board.) 1 sent miu to ball bcr out, t^ut they cot.d not keep hor free We then ?o< ;be laiboaru qua'ter boat and culled lomi llie into ter, in order to get a line to tne'ieuoh Thjaeoind tuate ( got IdIo her. and atuiiup'ed to get lie' I tsliore We bad a Una last to btr from (lie deck, but the | uncerow was runnltig very etrong, and pre rented bis :audu,g. We then hauled b:m back sgain. He atlar wards c.a/Ud agaiu. aid savoided .u netting asbire Be had In tb<) boa*, lourtaen persons, five or e'.s ol whom wore sailers auc th< real passengers. Alter ne got on abore h ? louod be could not return ui t>i?n, wtlh tbe assiatanc >1 ibe wreckers wbo bad come iowu at daj break, he naulpu tbe .inc oabore Unding ibst the boat conld ao'. eome od again, tbo Dm nrnto (Hosell) ook the ctber larboard boat and sue oiedtd in landing w.ib tlxteen oi t'w pa?seagir< and i-rcw. Ibe first male ibeu ma-ie several aueaipts ta re l rn, b.tloJDri it Impossible. By this time, those remain >bg on tb? sbip were very much alarmed 1 m it cleared awaj the starboard boat forwsrj, and to:>k elgotM Q In hw snd went aahore fLoie ware ail th?t wo'e landel in daturnay Tbere were qirie a number of women 'a ?arh ol these boats. A tsi tbe 3rst n alo Undad it became very rongb and alter 1 bod got my bwal load asbo.-e toe hawser watch was run asbarr parted 1 tnen told ihe wrensers o i the orscb tiiat, 11 they would lurniaU me with men I would |ooU to tbe ship 1 lie j said 'twas tmpomioie, aou 1 waa somewhat el Uiwr oir.mon but 1 tell i wouid give some <B?9nrage!aeut to the irigbttued psssesfrs to e?e aaa.uuiit male At tbot i nn 1 would as Soou bare iieo aa livcu. I anally got a picked craw of ay owl moo art) "to arrckara and tia'teJ. ! snecetdea very wtfU Uii 1 ill ta '?"?T ?ar, i-4i then 1 Ua1 to Ay 16.1 tins :t began to *rt>w JarV, auu wa haaiati tif? tbf '??atr or tba tight ?bea Ibe aconad mate ,anu<xi. In ?reckars told him that thara was .?? mo car fst;? mH<? nn md a jwrtr w. m aJtar P. The car cam* while I was o iha baarh Tba tioilartow was so stroag tna. wa caul so no li.oro I*at nybt W ? toau went ?o ?at fa?r?i>te totur au'ias house nJ prucurad * hie boa and br >'i<b it oown oa ss to t i?eit ready tu tne m iruiui. We j*wt tbe atatton home til aigat Ou ^unlay morning the flist mate tr ?o to gel off to the ?blp Oa tba Oi i attempt the t est rspslxad aad ue ae vary near braak'.ag kta leg on tb? second aviaaipt hi rucrcedtd. Thas <ba wrecker* an t myseir wset ut! u . be ??ri boat aad sueceatfad ia ruantng a I'ae to ?ne hip Ue tben tba i.r iar t. rai'ii w aol noam ! the passer ers aabara ?a gm an the passea grrs and p?rt uf their baggage off that day tne <i?y be '?re, by maktsg sisps to ta? carpenter aad ste\.ar<i, ?tto bovn o r*T ?asks of biscuit, be?f, ,te., t got peowio?n rrooi vsascl lor thwa aakors t*atsrdav o ibi Willi on 1 shore, the ?r?w bad planned a matin;. whtnh tbey cn rtaarorvd to carry oat oa Snaday while w# ware lau Hag I ?e passengers. Most of my craw were rnaa I bad p . cd ap in IJvrrpool aad rataer ,ard case* Thar <*ors attrgatbtr loo iawleae dhrtag the wheta voyage Oa daa- ! day s&m ol them attempted to ptuador the pa?N>o<ers. but a.ts prevsated They the* cbdsrtoos to a,ok a uarral with iha teward about aoaa d|uor. They at ?aat rot w Bgbllng, wbea tbe mate aad ayeotr Inter a red. < (?e n tbr m who cots by the aaae af " Oodiib Jank, ' then drew a kat'e oa ma, saying al tbe same una, ? law yon, I woo i*i put yonr throat ta a minateT I Meppod towards him, saying "I'so'i do thai *' tit tnrn waat to the ? da of the boat and got two be isylsr ptas aad threw them at me, bat naiiber ol them hit me Re tbea advanced oa me with bis sane. I had two little pocket pistota witk me. whlrb had been loaded a losg time I drew oae ot th?aa ool aed took a good am al bim I moat confess, as 1 ever did at a fowl. I snapped the pistol, bnt it did not erpiode lie tben raa to the main decs but tba otbera began t > gather around rue. 1 tben look after ? Dublin .laeV wltb my other pistol. I wsat a few steps aad tbea turned sack as I waa retur iti>g 1 met ose of tse crew antb a saocepan ta h'a Lead, wmrb ho bald as If he bad s>mslblB| in it, 'lBttl be got np to m, when be eaelalmed, "Too d?d losg teg.ed son of -* " aad slrack ins a severe '<law on ?bs beao with the aaarepaa, wblta neariy staneed me Tbe pan btoke leaving a 'egged Pleoe ot I roe attached t" the band la .a his band Wiui Ibta ngiy waapoa be stracU ssether blow, wbtcb bit asa a my r%ln eye. 1 then arnthrd ia w it b'm aad gel htm town Tbe rest of the mutineers wereeioae behind htm aad all new raahed up< a me. curtlag aad iwaartag stampiag upva ma. ?4 branny ma wltb the'.r B?t? i-eiaylng |?as aas what sver they rooM ay tbslr Beans poa. I fell fsrward aeress s ?[?r, aad bad tbe preeeare of miad lo nail ?? coal ap over ay bead aad sbovidors to shield tbrm ma tba blows .*<tvaral or tbem cat ay boat wlib kalvsa sad I eras sea a gore sf blood. Oas ?aa, named Wilson, who was lorsaaely en the ptlot boat Mar> Taylor. Mros> me a very eevare blow oo the bach m my bead with a belaytag paa. from watch I aask down, aad teh eaa'oeed as IT ay head aad been saddMly piacad aader the serf The pasaeogers ware crj?gan. sareamlag w;U terror. The Oral male. Ore well, seeing ibal they ware le-eretaed to kUl ae, raa la. they aad ga a oak _ i at but lortnaatety aae m tbea waat aff Thai tbsa umped ap, s rmwiag his kntle. say tag a thai t ar. "I will put tba ate tbe (ret aaa who elrUee the eaptai. At 'bla mm ot the or so drew .area, as elaiatag. "Ba La wa have ail gui kaiva The mate tbea caagbt aaa op, aad d-egged aaa eowa talo ibe re a Tie mea tollowed, eantalatag. "Let btm fail dowa the stairs"' aad mat a skewer of be'ayiag ptas an I other miesilee after aa, aavab'-rg all Ibewtalowa. I>ae pla waat b? twees ay head and tbe Bale s, sa he was carry lag ae, est gra sg bl< tana frerjbedy thaa ertad oot, "(da tbe oaptala l? awderar?tba capiata id dead I" 1 did aot tblal tbta I shoairt ev?r gel over K. aad I do aot taaw now that I shall Tba wietlneere tbea raa tato tba second cabin, armed wltb be ay lag plea, pistols. katTce. aal < her deagrrona waapoas. driv ag the lasteerera about, bros - lag oj en tnmr chests and trunks with bsiaatears and botrh<?s. and ps rvtag o^ everything of vbf a they cold 'ay tbelr baads unoa -owe of tbe rnaeagera camr aad took care a rue the baa way they cor id The matlneers nailed the Bate to oeaa up aad ibey would mord<r bla, hat ana a tbea, kaowa tar "rbiladelptla . tm," cried out, ??No, no yon shall am ter-h tbe ante " They Ihea Mnk oae a tee ahlp'e boa" SB aat arhore w'lh their plandar. Do liar dsy algM they gtt "ghunt amerg, aad no*I of (tea larnee rpon ' Ph. sdeipbla /ta,' Ibr interferleg la behalf cf the mate, and pouade-i hia to such aa ex leal that he died thai a ght There was no oae died a ht-atrr aa slated ia the papers, fa Moaday they all fiu; off o? the beacb, aaa bars aat bees seea siaee '.be paaengers. I aadsrstaad, have all baaa seal op ta waguaa to.^nan 1 bsvs set beea so eSaov -inoe ay atM .dert. I feel houad to say thai all the wreckers ae*? brhaved Ilka gentlemea. Oaptaas Brows aad PanKen t rg who wee tbere w. b their vaMels, offered to rea der every aid Is the r power faptaia teowa offered to dlvlfe his provb oas with the paweegers. hot they bai a ? u y -on. Ite sb i Tb ire were throe hundred aad o ie ras'engres Amopg tbem wars some one h irdre.| * id thirty women, an i about '>y cn'l Irtn, including tea i I I th nk they stsre al comfortable wfcia ttey lat .orftinab. Al tX M KrxNOX, tapta s Tif LATfa? T*Ptt satt^bw**. I baeSNtt Iteo. I -I A. ? T ? taeat'grr from Iha R> w "S ork have a I goaa ap is snd f snt Mevrtet left f"e ibe Tasaa yastaavis lev I peed ward IVoa ba tbta wtara'ng. Tbe New \ nk t* a I r ' r I r- rd <?? e an I we dotsg everytb<ag a ? r L Ljum -r l-i rr ?re bee IT>e Weter ta ta tba st la at r :<b Trial of Win. S. Tvckctauui tmr AUen*d fUlUoad KubtiUcaent. Oa tbe 3Sd laai. tbe i?h ut Wm 6Uaw ruckermaa, lo itloM b( tab?'/.ciiii| Uie (tnilf of Me Siitara Company, nil called up in ihe Municipal Court of Bos'oo, agreeable lo ax if tiniest. On Ibe bench, Judge Abbotl For Uie government, District Attorney Cooloy. For tne defence, Kufua Choato and loan A Bollas. Kiatrlot Attorney Cooley proceeded with but opening address to toe jury Be slated, in tne oourao of his arguiuoni, thai Tucker man was Uie treasurer ol Uie Eastern lUll/oad, wun ibe entire tfuet and out Utlenco ol tne corporation Now, If Uie deteuuaut took liie money iu question, (*5,000), be either look it with a teloaloua in torn to appropriate it to hia own use, and wis n-?t, thereiore, a breach of trust: or else ne drew out the momy fr-im tne bank with good la lb and lntoit towards the CJrporaiiOu, to approp laie il to tlic use oj tbi company, acting as Uuur treasurer. If tbt evluence proves |i at be rocelvod lie money la gu Ml Inub, and nubt etpienliy appropriated it lo n'-s jwn use, this weald be a >?ae of embesziouiOBi U, oil tne cm trtuy. it should be atuaa that ul the time when ae re c< iveu the monej, be received it uot uuaoi gtaadibg turn st.if ai the tuentof tbe company, but with lraudukeai In tout at the tluie. then 1' Is a case of iari.eny. Tbe Uie unci AtUrney proceeded lurtncr to stave that the governm .lit t apt cted to provo tuat Wm luokir man standing m n.a oHlclai capacity as agent of ihe cor pomtlon, d d, on the 'zoiti of June last. receive fr..m Kuel William*, of AugU'ia, Me, President of the Kennebec arct Poriiand I'aii.oad, *C,U0C, wb.,h was paid to Xasksr man by Wi llama 'or tranaportaium ol aierohaa li.*> ovar tbe Eastern KaiiroaJ. on account o; tlio Kenueoec and Portland corporat;nn. and paid by Sir Williams to Cue* erm*f count taring the latter as the o'licial t/oaeurer of the Kwtein Kailroad It was aim. ex oecttd to be ?li twa itiat tbM munvy waa pall 10 Tuck?rman in bank bills, which r e deposited in tbt- Mercantile' Bank, 'ad on the Bane day at m II out bgaln, wllb as inteui to appropriate II .o bis own ua?<, ai'd an actual appropriation In that dl rsct'.on? un actual iskug and e -pending of tne mouey? a though n part ol tbe ssoie waa subsequently refunded. Tbo lflsuu t Attornoy aj?o expected to snow that tne delendunt took Ihe m?aey with an intention to tstape justice by leaving tbe I mtod Stales, to evc'.d fie co.ise qaecces o'hia couuiwon with the coini>auy. Mr Cooley espeotoo to prove ail Ibis, an 1 much mare, by too atliuia fans and coulf saiooa of the deieudaiu Xlo expeuted to show tr it hu bad conusant: U> a detaicaUon of glgT.OOO of the I'uaiia or the Eastern Kallroal Company He also a* period U< show that ine defendant's luetUod of covorlng up tbeae abrtraetiDua wan to represent large oalancos ou Laud in va ious banks, abicb represen'.nt'.ons were laue He also i xpected U? prove <xa issue of tbe company's Ljl?s tj tbi> amount ot itu.o'JV. and a all a total uiwap propt lautu or $1T4 4 8 30, ackbowiuuged by Xnckerman in Ins own Tte cuko will be continue'! '.hro ifh th? week, aud 11 Is n?l probable that ibt eTHonea will ulose t?eti?rd Wndnes day The arcumenu ?IU thea Uks a day or two belo.e the case cau go to tbe Jury Tbe gtn^ral impress ?n in tb^ rouftro ira is Uiut tne deiejdan'. will be acqullted v.n 1 der some nicety ol tn<i law. r<rooi tbe Uoston Atlas. P.'setab'jr II. ] Tbe Court carno in at nine o'cloo* aad Itae oxs' italioc of wlu.e?i>>3 was resumed. J Tbomua Stevenson *aa called ?1 ain Treas' i"tr of tbe Dotioii and Lowell P. 'Uroa^ Company. 1 paid i j Mr. TLrktrinaD a^ iroasu.'ur ol tbe Ka?teru ital roaJ tao I fumi ofmokcy In 1?63; 'rcceipta produced; the amount ol one cum was $>0,(100. and tbe otuer &5u (WO? the Drat August ill ls5J ue uett August 31, I860 tbe receipts were ugatd b> Jlr ,taiwrmta; mere w*p ou acknowlt dfud debt existing between ibe-oada attb. tlma, tbe money was paic lor 'aa is wnicb tbo Kastern roau bad parcbaaeU ou 'omi aocount ol thv 1*0 roads, a porti)t ol wbioh saa Bub^eiiuenii) tiansierrcd to tne Loa'oil roail lor whtcli tbe i&l 0o? wtre paid la adsatux tbe vouonera produieJ taking tne f>>rm o rect'.p.a merely for tbo wu Less' own purposes, he not being willing to acknowledge anything in lorin of lm obiedLesa by the Lowoll road wbm In fact no such debt exuved tbe mousy being paid In advance Mr. John B Parker cailod? By reqvisat Jf thacoaBsol lortht goTernnitut, tno wiint-sa examined a piper wbmh was produced: 1 am prvaest Treasuar oi lb<" tauero Rail rtad Company t:a?e .iccupied tbe position aince June US )8?i, Urat knew of ihe exiaunce o.' tne ^heck abo#a to biai on tbe '.d July, le^t, when it caine lr?ua the Merubanu' Bai.U. bad ?omc oouvortat-oa With Mr. fuc krrman In ri latum to 11. Mr Boiie* objected to tbe itatcm-'bt of the oonveraa Uun?li.chbad oc: irrcJ 'otween tue witness and tbo Hi-it ti 'ant. on the ground tbat It would be suown bf tbe testimon ? 01 w!loe?*es I Us'. p.aca under prtm'rea ?cu l?d,.H>?PT4ta which DOti aocordag to the iul<? in well established cai*, ?)? tdm.f.ed, Mr B .li?f tul be abouid snow IhU or thA gOTerbmmt'a o?to-:.iu:ra^a. Among these waa Mr. llaaper, one of ciitcl it? ol tho roso. and otliera He tnea read from Urttn eaf f?n r.vicetce lo show ibat couleeslms, Il order to l><! adiullteo aa leatlmouy. mtut t>a roiuatary lit. Ctt>ett KS'i he prop ted to abow tiiit inJacementa ol .ope wen lisld out to tkt delenOa&l at Uie lime of the exciioitnt and at his ?tifgwu<>n, Mr. BeniamHi 1. Heed wan called?1 waa Iraaauvar at tbe gaaiera Railroad from ihe time of iia maagurstioa In )136 .mill hare also been director of the road: oa ae evening of the teth or *:t:? ot June oaaaot stat-i which, Mr fucsorman called at my Uouao, la 1.7ns, as tale aa 8 or ? o'clock in Ihe avenlng. alter sitting lor hair au boar or ao. he went oa? to taae bia vehicle lor 1 one wed wiib hi in towards the stable where aa horae waa: I aoa I remember abet hia ? last worda were, but the kubslaate waa be waa In trouble ant wanted ay ad flea; I etxtd him if bo was a defaultor be aald ae had lowed n ouey am oould aot g?l it hark la tae lime it wai; 4 be waeted: 1 taid be bad better go 10 the direr'.ore aad make a ri? aa breaat of ii: nun 1 aiata tne ?*a?t worda of what I st ie to uckerman, but iba auaataace waa ibat it would be better let him to make a c nan breaat of It that be had be<trr me ?a the true state ot the caae know to tbe Urooio s; It wojld be lor hia intoreet to go to Ua uiree u>ra aad mate refutation for all be bad done thai wa? wrong 1 meant by "cUea braaai' lull eoateaalon. It wax said amnng the very tlret imaga 1 apuke to bita; It waa Wt o'clock m tbe evening: ' waa la the opaa air aad without my bat I tall very mocb distroaaad. aa? do aoi aacw what my manner might bavt beea I Utea arranged ie meet Mr. Hcoptral my ofll-e, thai be might mike h? ataumeat b ire tally tnaa be bad te me; I came to town m ihe eany train ae t moratag went to Mr II ?; touad bun at breakiast. stated coarer?atH>a with Tack erman. aad said If aa would coma to mj edloe, he would undoubtedly mset him Uiere waat from there 10 mr at bee la a abort time Mr. Tuckeraaa came in; asbort time after, Mr Hooper came into at offloe b ub were .tiers I said la my oiboa that I lold Wiiiiani to come to my oiiioo aad meet him, and 1 bad told btm (Taakermaa) to make aa lull res ill utwa aa possible, and a full ooaiea sioa of what b- bad doae Mr. Tuckermsa reaigneil bia iioeltion aa ireaanror tbat day; ba stayed wtlb the dl rocitira aomo lime to aid in poatlag up the booka can't say b w nmcb asaiatasor be rendered tba <-.ommtttoa, bat 1 bo wm I bare a wok >r two working aad maklog oxpla 1 a ?tl<* there waa a eummiUee api?olated ouUlde ibe direc tors think It waa appotatel by uta stockholders; bat I amy be mistakes respecting the appo.ntment oC theoom miuae .Nothing waa <10* by ma, aad aot in my praamea by any one, lo elaco iba tmpreaaiun of what I had aald: ibe ,(hau ma a of tba rommittoe wao ,Mr Klchardaoa, (aoW deoaaaeit) 1 never board Mr. R aay to Mr. rnctar msa b'a noa'twawna would do blm ao gpod; Mr Richard ?oa aad aU the committor I bellrra, were balora tbe i rant. Jury there ware several ef tham there tbosa eaamlaad?1 ran 1 stole Mr. racborman geaae to me oa Ibe tirst laterview; 1 have gtrej the tab kianee. bia wile <aam la rnmpaay with blm; Mr T. ta?d nothing to ma uaitl hta wile urged blm she aald, I uitaa, - William, why doa 1 yao tell Hr. Road what yaa caaaa ft*;" that waa aaid aa wo ware walkiag from my boaaa la the stable be made bo reply, but bagaa to cry; I naked btm what waa tbe mattor. be made aoaae aaoa aaprea ? oa aa ?? i hare decelran yaa, aad ha^e impoaed aa yoar niadat u." I aakad him taaa tf ba waa a defaelter. meant whether be bad mw naed or mis appraprle* r-rr-T T 1.believe, be bad laaaad aoo oouid aot command u at the t see it would bo 1 I I lb*D MU4, TM BoM fQ l? Ifed rtirfOKHt, I CM 4 It, bia wito laid teat sha onuld am alaap till aba bad made bim ccme doai aad aak my adrtea; my advice waa aot to oemmit imasea ?* rua away. 1 laalaaoad Read aad otbere. aad aad hi bad baiaar amy ami ! rarei it I told bim tbat lie had battor go to tba dlrao tors aad mabo a clean breaat aflt At tbia Uaae I wsa aat a director a the corparatioa; I dtd adamaah blm MI waald a trtea t and aaoa doa't raaaambar MM I uaod aay laagaage to show It waald M to kMadraatare urtitii ibw bum L- ?? I P?l \ earatimttb. sum waa am ra eoi ket that be said it waa mare tnaa >M,W0. I erf need bim to t .ret Mr Hooper, who waa a promiaeat ltr~-v>r la ihe read l told btm ba bad bettor come to my ottkoe the aaxt moratag at 11 e'etoob aad If Mr Heeper wee la tot'.ca be would be praeoat; bo said be bad beta to see Mr. saliebury at War to Mr. Cboale?Tbere waa ae sum named after ad vloa the S6.C00 of Reel WtlUaae wan, 1 tfclab. irel earned aext day la Boetaa. am quite tare Both tag of tbo bind waa raid after tho adetae To Mr Onetef ?The asrtt morning aftor toe ooarer?a tk.a aihided ta Mr Taokarmae beaded aaa a paakage m a yellew eaeetope. aad aakad ase if I wouU keep tt la wa tideaca. I told blm I oaald keepBathing froaatoe dlrae tore I told Mr. Hooper tbat Mr. Teokormaa bad beea to ?y, sad ibat be waa a defbaltor I leared toalMS amoBBt. aad tbat I bad adrtaed btm to amhbaftsb dm cloeara to tbe rtlieatora; I eat la my o?oa, aad heard Mr. Haptr aad Mr Taekermee , <jorer?la|, aad len tbeas cnavrratag: Mr Hcopor aa.l ' to*ed d eery of l?o rmlfaatioft of t , the appotetmaat ? Mr. Parker, aad tbe e> pe.lieacy of T^t oonveylag hia real | (statototbe oemraay; Mr luckermaa waa appointed trees* rar nroo my reoomiaendatiea. I wastme of hta 1 'oadsaaen be weal .e ?ebool la my otlloe whea be waa a **Mr Bei'ee ttibm 'ted an argnmeat to abow that tba e'atemet ts arr'reti to here been made by tbe deloBdaat | nn at ?a o rrom him while bia asmd was la an agttetad ' t fidit ca satl being tnerefore comparatively laroluatary 1 a?>e bm Mml"t'de ae ovktotee ' Mr Uate), in reply, n?ned that tbe oenleeoioan were . .|t,j? vxnmmy. Mr Re?d gave hie a-irlca, but held io-u ? ?i ii!*, * her w hope or fear Uatll itconkt ha abowa it-at corn tea bad ba?i eaei, no pen oftbe , c1' n ie t's 'erstor# thoe'd he excluded by UteCwrt, I m revit le 're Ins'm t Atto^rey. Mr Cboate r- oteo<t?d i I m tb? a?r n ? oi Mr K?ed to the daieadanl beta oot a | kr,pe't .. a s ."?y from t ' .ishmeet abt<a>d ba ?? mabaa I ' V i xwM ?? ?;** mm y aa Mw i M dellveiy, at ibe con alas ton of which th? Court adjourne* Oil half put tWo o clock Cpaa re-aMembhng lt> l*e afternoon the Court reasark ed that daring the tnieraMaaloB H bad taken oecaswo W look over the vartoni authorities cited, and to com'Jar tbe argument a< vanceu by the ouaiet It *u tbo optn ton of be Oourt that Uie lotlenaionB of tbe dotnndaat wera a clear case of oomeieuce lint tbajr ware made without any Inducement, and tbat. tlierstore, :hey must be admitted Mr. 'Jboate then renames tbat be UmI4 objc? to the admission of oonftssiuas of tbe defendant to other transaction than that tptcl1?*d to tbe pritent lodlotineot He made the ob eottoa at tbU time in order tuat it mtgh be argued. U aetuied necewary, before pruc>Hj.Uo| far iher with tbe testimony Tni* point -vas rawi on u count of a ata emrnt of tbe 'HMrict At orrey ta his nwa ing addreaa, tfcat be intended to prove that by the uefea dant's own ? onfeasiou to Mr U?u|ier and others, bo bad defrauded the corporation to a avich larger eitaot thaa that speettixj in tbe present ladlciment. Tbe aleois?ion ol ini? point oxup.ud the Court dunag tbe afternoon seisiia, and without rultnc jpou the ioaa tlon, tbe Oourt ad ourned till this mort'ng at 9 o cloak. The Wrorktd Steamer LyennaH. It?BCCK OF THK CAPTAIN AND KIPTIKN OF THK PA#' 8IMOBKS A*'l> C'SEW- SAi BTT OF Mitt. oTROMCf AK? FAMILY, OF N*W HAVE.V. In our telegraphic summary ofthn nawn brought by She steamer Canada to Halifax, we announced yesterday the gratifying intelligence that tbe captain and fifteen other persons who bad been wrecked in the ; rench steamer Le Lyoonat* bad been picked up and brought to B jrdeauc No name* were given W? iea/n, hoeever, Irom one X the Now Raven papers, that a private telegraphic des patch was received on Tuesday, by Mr. i'M&ard Bradlcf, o! that city, D'ormirg h'm tbat .'lis slater, Mrs. iHroag and her son a law sad daughter? Mr. an 1 Mis. Bailey? who were passengers on board the Lyonnala, were among those wbo ba>l keen thus provldanttaliy raseaed by the vessel wr.cfc had arr:vfcd at Bordeaux. Tb-Jae are the only names that hare yit transpired bare ot th-r fifteen w hose safety wis ar oounoed by the Canada. Mr? Strong and her lvighter and sob la law h.*l IsA the Bancroft Honae, :a this c.tfT Twa taken paaaage ea board the wrecked steamer When the collls'.oa ocourixt and when preparations 'sr abandoning the sinking were completed, it was arranged that these twoflUisa should embark :n ttee boat commanded b7 the ->econd mate, Mr. Iiuguterrs, which was sub-^qntutly pirkcu up by ibe baric EUre Mrs. Bailey however, dec' ned gotng n that boat. ?ke declared that the preferred st.oktng to the ship wth the Ciptatn. "Wherever tbe Captain goes" said aba? *1 go." Of conrre there was no gainsaying her reaolattoa She had la th > the skill and Intrepidity of Captain Be vaux, and the reauit shows tbat her confidence was oat misplace) We oler our sincere feroitatloas to the friends of those laJies on tb? safety ot those whom they mourned probably ss lyir - beneatli the waves of Ik) At lsntle. Tbe tolljwirg ts i list of the passengers on "joar 1 ths Lyonnais at tbe t me o her departure from New Yard ? Mrs. Frsnr*s y iHimmwr. T 6. Gibson Mis-(Vra A Immmer tieorge Sjhedel an t 'aly M Solomon, Mr. \ an Luis, Mrs Strong. C. Beaugtaud. Mr. Bailey ?nd :sdy, E !>e ttomtgay. Phillip Gugt'emnl, Mr. Traburoa T F. Bask'ord, la'iy chil- Mr. Arello, dr?n and servant Laurent Mart a an 1 ohm* Ik>n '? ocente, E P.avo.t, Dia? Centap, Kev . ?hu B Cocagae Don Jose de (Jiate. lady and Saul Harportas. retvaet A Louette HeTman Bcberard l?ty 1H> *<eatran re. Al>artt-umner, i*ay,(j?agh a Froteln. ter and sert ant M'lle t rnest.n* Beflett Of the above pajsei ^ors M'Ue Ernestine Bellett Mr jioinlago?whose name does not appear In the hst aas Mil Flora Solomon were is Mr iAgtrterra's boat aas were broajht to :n:s city by tho Jlssabnrg bark Maa. Schedel and wire, * ho were also n Mr. 1 iguierra s beat, remained na board the 3rcmeu baiWtltse. aad Wirt ti .en to Br* a>ea. Ibe i -at LocUtant. four petty or.cera. the >catav asdPnrsrr and ths stewardess rt the lyonnaia wsra left :a company with Capta n !*nu at the time tae steanasr waa abandoned, and it us probable that aemo ar the wbo e of tittst a?y be amoag those xeaonad aad taken ;o Hot leaux. ?*o far but e'gbt of tbe passengers havs been kaowa ta be ?ared We tmat that we will yat hear of Mte risaai of many sCie*s who wsre oa boar ' the ill Med !.f? oats PvUtirai Mavtairnl*. T?? Por r:' .?! W?? :s Y:st *u ?Th* I oclirflle Js*m n?', <a tpsakirg of (be potitteal rtrslry existing bstwsea O0Terno( Wis* ?ad Soaator Hunter. of Virginia. Mri Wheihir Huater tela Wm> or Wiae tats HaaMr eosr taia well knows proverb i* finally pervaeat They n? both -esegsde wh:gs, bml Icinsgoguss of ibo first water and both pe*t!lem fensiloe The oely ditsreaei Mlvaia the* ? that 0Bf? ,>bllosopt wal la ata vsgartas ead fee other rhetorical sa<t i hapeodtoal Oaa belsags la *s frwh sad roam of tha political cup, and the other is Mb In a. Tbe eoaatry caa get aloag admirably sMhist ?atbar o( ihim Ms. Hcnoji'i SviAtor it Pkosj sit* ?The It. Loots Sffmbiuan speaka oi Mr Beaton a prospect* to go to the Tailed Slate $ Senate from Missouri, aa foilowa ? As to the po.ot ma la, that Mr Bochaeaa'e InSueer* la u?ed in Mlaaouri to have Boatoa reluraod ta tbo B?ala, it ta pur# ocuoa. Mr. Btebaaan aaaaot ?ut h.n there ?h-? fr end* do w waal him there?ho woaid bio? tha adin.nitration iky high if b? were there There Is est a nai democrat la Mlaaouri wha torn waat htm there Tbej might aa well pot hempss twtso arauad their asoka aad be baags.l at once aa ?uifer Mm to ge bask to the Sonata with the Mea he would lorgivs say one sf ih?m (or ihair oppotiuot to him. Llttlo or htg, ha would hang tbem ali. Jsroai j n Poutirai M'tatrr.?The Now Baraa Ow ri*r la laformed that a aumbor of loadiag PlUssera mam la Coaasctisat resenUy mot ta Maw Baraa, aad ra solvsd to eoaliaua their orgaaixatian for tha ilittHa aaa* apr ng, aad the Mow Loadsa Ohromiel* ta informed lima tbe snmber ooctlatsd of three TnKiMV MiVnn or Wi*aewta.?Tha Aral Walsas dsy of the proaent month waa tha day provided hp railed States law 'or the F.isetors of rrssidsat aad Vma Presides! ta aed at iae Capttale of the raroua Statsa aad aaat their electoral reui a aaaw alarm oa the previous bar lag that of alt romm laioatloa with Ma lHea, ike Fleelors far Wiseonets did aot am re there, aad eea ?eqseatly tha rata Oi Wiseoas's waa net oast hrPrwi daai. The Melissa A jm of the ereatag of the Uh, re marks upon this circaaamire aa lettows ? It II uairereaily ooaoeded thai the fhllare m tataJ ta oar role, aad thai tt aaa new no more be eaet thaa c<?Md the pUmmj election be held ea a different dap. If ttoe people had IhUed to rale ea the 4th of N or am k or The term of office of the Fleeter* reased with the day aa whleh they srrrete east the rote, aad ihor oaa aaw aa more legally di?charge their official faafeas lhaa ootid aay other etMseaa el the Mala A Inn ton Mm. Bk umh.-A paper la M?w Haaap ah Ire reeommeada tha appotataaeni of Hoe Rufaa Cheese tar MtsMtor to Kegtastt Pollrr InUlllgence. t tuxes qr fat. -rawr as titer a IT nrr 'fee J. rarrel, recently n bookkeeper with L. ft T. Tnisatiaa, merrh*ata, No. %1 .loha at root, was nrrastsd yastsrdap bp oflleer MeMaaatie, of the Foaneeath ward, charged with barlag oa, aad alooa the 7 th of JaJy last, em bee tled sad appropriated lo hla ewa aaa SllO u. foad* be lot. lag to hi* rmp'oyar* arrel admitted that he SOl Iseted the mm t? qi eatioe. from rnrtoos parties nad saed N ior hla prtrete parpeer ? Be wat hsll, by Jutttas Osaaaly. for rtimiaaUoa li v*t<t ni Ruhjm aw Tkistwi ?Abeat 7 o leek yaateroay moralag, ortleer* Bod sad Conway, of lha .ii taeatb ward, discovered that the smoktsg esublab meat sad prottstos store of Chrtstiaa TeMaea. No. M Niath arsaae, had hats hrokea lata aad robbed ot n coamdaea hle aaionat o< haam, hatter aad lard (? esaaamu? hewerer, they draad thai tbe bnrglara bad beeea nlartssd aad had lett all their pleader behind, is tha aai *tf |ef ,No 84 H g^B-pv-toa raals agalnai partis whom the police are la pursalt of 3raai*ST -a Putt Mtansi ?oa Tsssday sight at a tats hear lh4 hardware store No II I'taM street wa? brahsa epaa by maasi of a llmmy aa I mbbed of pnehet Watrea sad atmlisr artteiee to the raise of aeerly M.MS. The harf art aeeeped with theW plaader. aad aa oMe had beea get af them np to isle Issl svealag, altheafh the police are in hapsa of soaarlag them. Tm I.HI Tnn*i? <|?WMWI c*?a?Wolfb Rosea haam, oae of the pert tee whleh It Is eilsgps tkiahed Mrs lowea WiMama em of $100 oadsr rreteaee ot gettlag her h<m hssdontof prtsea witbo it his oomlsfto trial, was ar rested yssteresy hp oflleer Mnrtla nad taken before .lee ties Welsh, who held him to bail 'n ?iw*> in aaswer Marrti* F Hards beeama his bet' An ?na iit oi ta the case of Pleer will he had oa PUday. <.?>. Pakikh\m.?A ( mioi x f-'AOT.?W? o?p* the tour ? n? from tbe New <>ri?aee Puw** of tte tm mat ?"We were j ??irr.lay crel.lHy isfarmes. br a r ntlsmsn wbo reside* n?*r the a jot, ihel . *?,?* mber lest, the w i six en ssrss tree, under *h?i the r* mtlna r (?e*rral fakeabam were bnr *d, a fsw -e ifa below tha rtty wm br<>*sii ad. Ihtitr fe^t asare grt io t, br s ii'? of w.i i, sad s rasit ei be'., (Ir? from tive Br-tisl. use* dnrirf I'm- Mltle, wat wat ea?e(d?d tst wbsra ths truaB' rt*e St. thaa W ?ns thai Ih.-hrtre ttrttantip* tr'erss#'' is ws m m es wiiisnt 1 an