Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1856 Page 3
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Owr Par lit Coirripuiidrnrr, P*kih, Nov. 25, 1856. TJit Emperor'? Approval of the B'wrbon Fusion ?n Spain?Embarrassments of (juern Isabella? Prospects of Another Coup d' Etat The Spanish People Desirous of Off*ting the Crown to Louis Napoleon?Singular Incidmt at a Bull Fi*hl? Buoyancy of the Money Ahrket?Projected En tertainments on a Grand Scale at the Tuiltrita? Discrmination to be Used in the Future Invita tion of Guests, $c., lf-c. The affaire of Spain hav>> been much discussed at the frequent cabinet councils that have of late been held at at. Cloud. It wis thought at first by the Walewski party that the contemplated fusion of the male and female line of the Spanish Bourbons would meet the Emperor's lmnaedate reprobation; tut exactly thecontiary is tiie case Napoleon's answer to a long harangue on the subject from one of the ministers, was simply an expre^ion of his belief that Narvaez could not oo better than pro mote it. Of course not anotner word wa* to be said ?-the oracle had spoken?ver'mm sapimdibus ! I does not uppear tu me, however, that. su :h a circum stance ougUt to occasion tne surprise and ust >nisli incnt it has. Such an obsurvati >n is per ectly con sistent with the antecedents of Napoleon, which, Bince his elevation to the direction of aUiiis, have ever been to give idealogists ol" every descriptio tope enough and to spare. It is by the complication ?f scbemrs that he endeavors to establish his neces Bity; and presuming th it Ids designs ultimately tend towards proving to Spa n that he is the Deux ex Mac/unit, nothing can better suit his purpose than that Carlisttf, constitutionalists, republicans and pure monarchists, should suffer themselves to be jumped together in hopeless confusion. The Queen declares that anything like permauent secu rity for her in Spain is an impossibility, and is especi ally anxious to seize the pre-ent occasion, when, for the nonce, the game has returned to her own hands, Of preparing for herself a co ut'ortable retirement. It as (or this slie wishes to effect a marriage with her daughter and the male branch of the Bourbons, and then abdicate in his favor. Whit she dieads above all things is the meeting of the Cortes, and all her iufluen :e has been exerted to induce Narvaez to take the initiative in dispensing by a coup d'etat with that tr moleaome body, bat Narvaez, it would appear, is not prepared at present to go quite so far. That he will buckle on his armor and do so eventually is very probab'e, for the Cortes, ir. is understood, notwithstanding all the in fluence that has been brought to bear on its organi zation, is not ripe for a Ca'list fusion, and the ex cuse for dispensing with ics labors will not long be irantiDg. I am in the habit of meeting at Paris with Spa Diards of all classes arid shades of political bias, and I have generally found that au fond there is no hope of the country righting iiself fron any of the Bchemes now afloat for its redemption. The old loyalty bus long since p.ssed away The Bourbons root and branch, ol woa'ever w x, are detested. and I have beard paitiessay v.hose teeedents were all on the side of ultra nationality that wbat in wanted is a thoroughly new iace at lie head w affiire: and that if the thing were well a <i rightly done a trench Uilut-ion of blooi would lie really acceptable it* the nation. The ? *t ot t'ie K(U|>ororo( the rllUvui I have hurt it UK re<i, ami private letters which I occasionally see from Madrid contlrm the assertion, is peculiarly acceptable to the Spaniard*. His marriage wi h a daughter of Spun toj. is a freat elen eut in bis popuiirtv, and t^ce is an opinion iaiii^o aminds ti at what proved so impossi l? e in the chaiacter ol tlie elder N'apoleou might be iltog'ther su cess!ul iri his Leir Could hi* Majesty himself assume the squish tiira, it is -aii, .here would not be a donb' of his acceptability! [he cbief dillicnl'.y lies iu his haviug in his amily 1,0 adequate repie vn*?tive. It in im losailde to t.lind one s eves to the march of events however blow und steal'.hy Ueii pace. This :ei|ucttiug with the Neapolitan queotiou, this re inmn with Hussta. this ^rowing estraugr ment from ?ngland, and ni?d(Hn.<x wuh P.'sia. on t ie part >1 1 ranee, m all big with the tutu e. arid sooner or RU^r th** bursting of the \oi ano will take place, cnci rninK Na 1 den, 'p pea ranees aie so 'ur to be it jit up tttat tl.e Neapolitan a nbss-ad >r leaves today, but all thought of uny thing coming >? the enJ ut ras wit 1 hi- iraiUT, the King of the Two .su llies, bus pHshi*iI aw.iv. l'hi Court ur dt Btiyvnn rwaes an incident rbich lately occurred at a boll lign at ,sar.igos?, nd 01 wh ch a jou-g torimdir. K1 tato. wi, the lero. The account given of the affair is as follows: - n the suite of Cat hates the well kaown bull ighter, who was the leader of the scene, was El 1'ato, his pt nil and Iriend fie is a .oung man who lade his debut about tour years ago with his master. U oie the hour tixed for t iie commencement of the ght, El Tato went and prayed at the Church of >ur l.ady del Pilar, after whu h he held up the scarf le was Ut uae to the statue of the Virgin to re eive a l enediction. and h?- then proceeded to the ?rena, coufl ent of success. Among the bulla waa |ae of 11 inarkable fnrv and strength, and four horses |oon fell victim-, whuo El r*to had several times fc ned a?ide the animal tro.Ti him by means ol his ?earf; when suddenly, as he animal waa Bushing on him the torreador stood still, opposite ?0 him. and la ling on his kne* stared full at tne hull, Knd^ts it were,fascinated him by toeniauner io which him. The null stood mo ion less opposite El Tato. who, slowly adfaonntr his hand, took hold ?f the nose of the ari<?al and i-'iprinted a kiss on |is foreht ad. In an insUnt alter El Tato wis again Bn ni^ le^w, and th?? Lull re commenced hi^ rn id ?ounte alswtthe ring. The crie?? ofenthnslasm which ?ere rained bv tin- people present it is lrupwiible to ?eacribe, and the rmown or the young man will loon resound throughout Hpaln I We bad in Parts yesteidav our first fill of snow, lut it remaiced on the ground a very shor* time. In pet the diamal state of the stmospuere is v?-ry re karkable for the season ol the >ear. and has a ten dency to penerate the ap< pli .-tic form ? t disease, [our deaths took tila> e tiom It yest? rdiy \t ;t in iiemomirg an old ma d rpped dead in the line ItiufTlot: at II a shoen akor Ml d^ad whde ?\m lm* It the door of his room in Itue Mai'red Mlwrt: R>mt lit in the evening a wo nan died wdile w ti'ing Ki an omnibus station; and at 11 a Soulier belnacina lithe lanctrs. while wait ng for ths depart ire of lie Lyons railway train, suddenly fell to the ground In I expired. [The I'sns money market has been very buoyant, fceculators for a fall who huve bren sell?-p- having fcen obliged t.i purcha?e back stock in pre,-Miration br the wttl# ment A rejioit was mI?o mrrent that fe bullion in the c .ffrrs if tt?e bank has n reased w eighteen millions since the U-t returns Tie pree pei rents are now at BM .tor Ir will he re pllerted th?t thW is a rise ol ?oniethmg like three rr cent on the quotations ol >a*t week. I The Asumb/et Notional* say*:? lour rasd< r?, ao douDi un, him ihm th* *e brtj. on ihe 2<1 of ,f?iv Imi ??!. *,1 ? |*<r whirti %.mki l*ed ibe Insrr pt oo? la 'h* feat ? ..f th-. pahiie iti-ht r thrfB p. r rent iiwk of K?>.0?4trra<i~' a.rti w n*(r, V thefeni?lr braorhes of Klo? Ixmii- I'aiilpO" ? ttmilr at Ict'lt ti} the ,1 < T' e? O tb ii i Umiff, si, w,. n,.l|??? |?' the Frrrnh cov?rtini< nt h.r n? 1 ?nl< 1 ihro.,tn ? ,11 lomatlc i h.nnel ta.- p*i( .? iDM-esimi, th 'i<mnii]IO' pi of th* iaw nf lilt* 1W ot .I11 y, lti? I? oa** Al*tar iffg of fSirternhnrg! latbanaareut hn ana a in oar and tbs kkr Amnsiua, of ^** f bur,, m the nam* ot thi Prta las Cieaiertin* d'Orlrana bis wit. bara rofuasj ti pro I by iba prov,sloaa of tba 'a* I As a ?et off agiinst the relinquished hospitalities I Fontalt.blean, the beau mtmde have been g!nn to pderaiatid tha* it is tbe Emperor a wi?htb,? the en png season shall be one 01 unexampled splendor. alls on a s< ale of mugnifl enoe such as the palace r .the Tuiieti?-s has never before wttreated, 111 tie given bv tne Court fbere a>e to be' le nsnal ceKwsal assemblies. c inaisting of Inr or Ave thno<and guests, when the lasses may be said to be ad?it>ed into tbe fmpe hl rresence. and a perpataal round of mote aeleet Inniona, in whl h qu,i<lritlr* de .taniasie hiatorio Istnmes ami masks aie to lie toe order of 'the dav rerything is to lie done by tne C-ort, and it is e*-' fcted that the grand officers of tbe K npire wtl like a point af lollowing its evample to er.eo<inur> Itlay. In the caee of one or two individuals who kve derived their fortunes from the Imperial kor, there has Isen a negligence in meeting ths Ubes of the Court In this respect, and N .poleon Is signified, in a marked minner, that his fav?r kd eountenanee are intended fur the good of tne Iblie. and that if his h'gli officers do not chooae to Ifhe medium of this lieru volence. he will have no picnlty In flndingnthers who are more readv to pet his wishes. Therefore, there is to he a gene p* rivalry of wh^shall Vest mimic the far famed Ujiitalitles of theT.nglish and French missions to 1 , Something is m-cessary to give a fillip to rrand balls a?. the Tuileiies. which of la e have much in tbe estimation of those who have been fcored with invitations. It was the desire of Na [leofi on coming to the thr< ne to render hi? hoapi BMes rather worthy tbe dignity of an Imperial h than of the parties Invited. The eleganoe of pif'of nlfl wirlier receptions ?tm io re Ape it brthy of the arene There was that the Mner of the offl inls, the dignity and snmp Mty of the entertsinment. and the iai **semtnt thai pervaded all that made t gu??t ?|Mtbi* i?g WM ia ^ bouiK; of a 1 I ~ . It in understood that the Preach, especially the at- , litsry, who are a set 01 nucnutfa roy*ten??, signally unused the Imperial oomU-ny. Some of them, guiltleaB of bavin;,' dined, supDed and drank till tiny w*re obliged to he forcibly ejectod, ?nl ih?-ir naturally course demeanor in 'he bail room was nit improved by their ino'dmste indulgence in the Km poor's good things. Pen 6 peu, the complexion of HPairs hud been therefore changed Ttie sup. er is now a standing one, and the good things not of that bupeilative lit script, ion to u|?set the civi" or military rthrence and when the hour for departure is , sounded it is made known to the guests by a summary : extinguishment of the lus'res. The serving men. too, have ceased their former obsequiousness, and if a guest is found parsing a aoor prohibited to the vul gar, or loitering unwittingly tiaoriK the viands, be is told to take himself off ia a u??e winch informs i him that John, who serves an Kmperor for his mas ter, holds himself to be qui-e as good a man a? the guest who is now and tUen permitted to be told that which ia so fami iar to himself. Perhaps, a nong the contemplated soleu lors promised by the Em peror, the great balls may come in f?r a sria'e of improvement. A palace should have aoaut iw por t Is th it witching charm that, renders th we it de lights to honor capable for the inn tent or rising hevond themselves. 1' its host sinks to the level or his guests the whole ceremony cea-es-t i be the de- I lusion it desires. A king's house cannot afford vulgaiity. ____ PARI*, Nov. 26 1866. The War Bettofm the English and French Press? Rtp'y of the Const itutionnel to the London Mom iufr Post?The Aastmblce Nit ion rile calls upon the Emperor to Fortify the Coast of Algeria A Canine Parallel?Movements of t 'it United Stiles Mediterranean Squadron. It v as net the Emperor's intention to take pos?es sion of the Tuileries till the Utter end of the enduing mon?b The repairs and alterations in process re quired as much time aa could be given for their com pletion, and this was the original period fixed upon; but the uneasy position of foreign affaire, and, above all. the dissatisfaction pervading the minds of the working classca. has causcd the Emperor to cut short his stay at St. Cloud and to Intimate his inten tion of taking up his abode iu Paris, whether the Palace be finished or not, at the end of toe present week. I hear but one expression of satisfaction at this resolution of the Court, so uneasy were many families becoming at the sinister reports which are flying about that there were symptoms of their for feiting the leases tbey had made for the usual six months?the period which the fashionable seat-on is supposed to endure?and tradesmen weie beginning to join their clamors to these of the more laborious classes at the threatened dearth. It is be hoped that the imperial presence will dissipate some of the clouds which hang so heavily on the Horizon. These are times when tne trumpet of politics should give forth no uncertain sound; and yet it is precisely that which every one is complaining of. This perpetual fusillade of journals from either side of 1st. George's channel?this carping and aciimonious gibing, in all French mi i ary circles at the entente cordiale?this bustle snd increase of the Friuch navy?these effa (.ions f j<'iu the Assemblee Natiimale, which openly boasts that if the government did not approve it has the power to silence them igai st E< glish ambition, English perfidy and English ioteriority?and tirades of a very similar character from the Constitutionnel, the organ of the Foreign Office, cannot continue without occasioning some fearlul explosion. "It is difficult to comprehend in this country " w;ites the Coiistitutumnel, "that the cress of a friendly Power can forget all resect, ill regard for appearances towards an ally whose courage, 1 >y*lty, and magnanimous co-operations it once prai-tdai highly, and who, up to tnis day, hw replied by silence and a display of goodwill to what might be termed systematic ou'rage* t? a cbt lenge off.-red ia the face of the whole world, and who what oh ect aie irritating le.-oll. ctn.ns incessmtly br.ught to light ? \\'hy are insulting eo nparUous offrred Utwien the customs ai-d institutions of the two countries? Why criticise forever the acts or 'he Imperial government, and preunu to the po*er of eveith-owing ministers who possess us confidence f ? * ' tint le' the British press be convinced of this: there is an evil genius tnat does its utmost t > cool the htutin.mts of Frai.ce for her ally?1> awaken snd recoll*-ction?; this evil genius all the world am its to I e that ot the Wnglish p'ess. Ou orov-i cinI i ie s daily proves how deeply the public spirit o? I ranee is wounded t?y its bravadoes, its repeated insults. Who ran re.d without auger the hlngul n theories sdvanced bv the Morning / ost omt? day* ago?that every time France has separated herself iroin England, ?nd t*a si>u?ht other alli ances, --he has laeii putiist ed ? That j tirn?l like wise iniorms us that in 'be past ail governments that have displeased England ha?< been overtn.own, and tlmt in this motive Kmg Urois Philippe died a fugitive and an cxilf- That th#* Morning "o$t dares to accme its native laud of having sowni in our country the seeds ot disorder and revolution with a flew ot furtliering English in'e'ests. * * The Assemble Nattunate noes so far as to call upon the government to put the forts and coi*ta of Atgeiia in a state of defence, snd erect fort-. whore sk Idlers might shut the.i.selves up if n-eessi-y. It wants a r ail load between Oran and Wgiers every means intact to be taken of preventing tnis line colony from becoming a mere sppendsge of Malta and Gibraltar. "We do not "?says this journal, which blasts that the government forbearance is a sign that it sanctions its lnigusge-"wt do n .t wish to encourage suspicion, but we should stronglv ad vise the attention from too g>eat a confidence in the disinterestedness of our magnaolanus ally, who one line morning may lay cWlin to Algeria in her nuaiitv of "first Mussulman Power.' Who tluit has witnessed the fierce antics of two bull dogs with a well-e. vi red bone lying between them, neither of wh'di date touch It for 'ear of the other, but will rtgard the po-ltiou of Fra-ire and Kngland at the present moment as so uewhat simi lar. The canines croiwh, bristle their their teeth, gr?<wl scrape the dust with their feet, iind tuin their tiscks cinUmptuously on each other, all the while presening a ketn, vigilant, though stealthy slid aside gUnce on the coveted Ixtn mcr no*. At last the temptation grows t >o strong; some accidental puff of wind carries <n aroma into the nostrils of one ot th"m from the su< > ulent fess', which is positively irresistible ; in s toomsat of mental aberration, forgetful of all conse quences. he dashes forward, dutches tne dainty priie In hts jaws, snd h drts It with ibe ten^citv of a vice, till compelled to let it fall l>\ his wat< lit til adversary, who. flying at him with the spec i oi awh him by ?be uspnot his ntck, and wuh pie-cing t^eib reminds the purloiner that his jaws aie wenpons for the <ombst no It-" than fot the gratllic*tion of his tnstes. Th? n shst a hulla?>sl<s) there is. and bow tl e w. lkin ririfs from far mil near; how eth' r d.<?ix, too hear the dm ot war and has'dy ru?h forwsrd to i< in the traj. in tt e midst ?.f which some sn?%k Ing eur quittly abstrscts the bone of contention makes an ex< eilent supper, and leaves he rest of hi* rarone triennd* to seetUe their dispute# as best theviriiv. The bor e of cont. ntlon in the prei#ot i', is thM Itolgrad sftsir snd one cannat h. Ip beiiev ing that this lashing of tails, sh >?lng of tilth, crouching, feinting, tearing and snittbng Is ictv likely to end as ibe bull dogquanel, nnlessthe 1 Mipi ror speedily prove thodea.r e r marhiryt to give a new olrection to the imbllc interests. ihe rqnsbbles of the English aid FrenchJonr r.als hsve not been lost U|Min the Chtarrnri The I Times is represented in the sha e of a huge parti tkm wall lietwieu a Highland soldier and a French one. The H<otchn an??he invariable type ol the Hil'ish soldier according to French notion*?drives his foot tbronuh the broad -beet.and leaomg ssys, while sni'.ing tlie action to the word,' A ah^et of psi^r shall never prevtnt us from shaking hards. ' . . A letter from Genoa states that the American roromoi'ore, Hr?ese, has not accepted the lnvltat" n given him by the King of Nap'c to winter in that port, bnt will stop st (ienoa for the season. Oltr Capsettf lo brow Col Ion. Mar on, 0s , n? IT, HIS Mr. Bmnn ? I bavs read jost remark' on the " Iotore growth sad ?apply eolton " I tale year rstiwats of th# cmioo arsa at 8" OO i #q-i? o miles, or 58,f*0,000 aerea, as eirreet by spprnjima I <a. But wben yaa soppnas thai oae bate p?r a?r?. ?? 2*.0C#.0C0 bales of ooltoa, esa ever be rroduewl oa thai irra, all eipetlsaca shows wet tour oatculaitoa H Hag I* wrong tdnisppnas myself ih?i ihis ?r. ? with ? (11 eteatTabor, coald prortacs S i-oo,000 ot bates, but nsver more. . _ .. Voa bave snppose<i tbat the old ?*?aie? of Caeollaa as Georgia prodaee oae b*l? per aere I as*y asy oaa ?bow U>ai Ibaae Suites proa nee more tbaa oe# ha e t nrrrt thres seret He w?e a torlasate nan. this yea', who ( ht?ir?si oe? aaie from sit se se. Kvery et?nt arret et my r'aata loe vleideS me ?-ee b?m. Mr Ttraaett if >ny na? tell y?a that he ev gatbsred a bale (40)' p<nsas) of fixto* from ?a a ef land, t*y to h m >?.'"%? ' ??d rsssrae your a a?llrf I bave so daaht mat ? <1 o? soo rents* ?i ?| ? r?atew hsve s?.m?ti? rm bsee ebialseS from as art?e( ?,.BI|<P|' retina land, bat It"** a?S < trei4!ooel la ' Year sappreed ar a ot at roo M-are mum mlfnt. fee argnwient'i sake, faraish ?q?are smee of sneb ? Sat I do sat tbtt k to oar setra papniattoa stay la tweaty-Ave veaet, r *eb 1110,1 do la number, tb#re belag 3 SCO.rno aaw ?ibea von may set n,Cl0,0OO of bales bat ent till ibea. Crnm* li,sw? OOMTPCUB BIMUfm Srrtou Conflagration* in P1U lade labia. OK* aUMWO AND THIRTY HOKUM Btl?N?iL-NAK *0W .*Ca? oy A FAMILY ? UBaVV "JiT r.?e b>J kvS? ? =--- ssS r~ r-r"? on m th? ,iLr! \*"<?'0">c,t "?? ??rntnf a fire broke a-^rsssss: ssrsi f%.s E?.ti ?? r j 2'.*.s?ysi7stt(siaysyr t in u?e hunrtrel and thirty borawj parts ill in ih? T\Jb,'l?r '0'1" "J *" ta# <*aroM. oij volving a ,o'; loY ?? ?rSoOdMlL8/ei' '? tie i,re common,ol?euTo ? ro^r r" amall dweiliigK, b?ck of Ml atr?>?i ??h u, ur described werti ?,n,ireiv ** /??. ' A,rrtAti/ v;lV"r.,^o,Kr, irs^y? Ids to Wa!' * ?u Till .troet, belong ? to H?. Mipp^on, were greatly en lantnrMti Ph? JbekJirTuSS hBJh* *roUDd lh* "ruing in lUokeoin* i? fib ? bUn).^ bw>i??ol the poor b<a?i? wnira u?ri?ih fl or,1?; ou^.r-re ,be"?U.od'Vnen"tbid? Kuta! ;, !, ? V . P?""0"" *""> ?"y lu itj* el til > M.,n^d?( w?X? r?,a'n.o^t>hdV^ at ? M In ?/ at out of the buiMlog Mr /Uril j "5 S'?'5i'"'?'10 "? r ?? J? ""I?; .. ... , "*? I* tub Koirrii ward 1 eniJd'?, k "*t ol?ht an *lar-n of Ore Id the 3e . r,ul,eo *y tf"i h-jrning of tbe u-p9r ^ ?ftthwe -ltf> P,rk At lbn S )Uti <T60l JO r r* ^1- P -v w altof*, on iu pied by Levrii ow,'*'d b* ** J,,tlQ Cbd? Ch* ioai to^honf ?k. n T WM 00 ,DM,ranco prolably am ion s asrt: ~ ntll IK TUB XIXTEKNTH WARD. ne'w.en ten aoo eiOTen o'oioc!. la?l ntifBi a fir* r?!rj^rer p%rt of* I HE1?* trotr tbe burning frrtory ex ended ti ? two atorr p^r'w:;:r^ru.?V3S ?it?;-i r?.v.r? :rrS Moo'oril0.h y *ptdi H?P*ortb ? Ontrar ?l Majrima ?"?top onb.'c< r??r or Sob. oi and Edward .ireew ?ciD.eabat damage.1 about the roof fhd-. wai a power ful .team eoglte in tbe bulkting ?n(1 lhlH pri)t^Mg .er. {.' v*r'rt> o mkchiae'y tbrongbout the laoto'v Mr ^TE???5UT lb" ,ourto "ory f?r o" -.(Ziu-hi Rait f . lhlri1 lU,ry W"K UBed bV Ribinaon ft an maov arturera of fancy patnT for b'jxeii a a cr \t? oocuSi'ylU'r ?w"Gn(l ""OfJ aa a manuf^tofy cr pa?.b?aro Tleir lo.g ,, $|,6,>o ah"b l. ^r?iJ b!!"nr <:<,?r'e H*ole occnpudthe flr*t w? oiJ m?tl?ftctopy. and Mioa u*DdA c. nf-iooyabio ftock or b?ock? if n . ? F?sits-^Hss5H~s v, r ?"r ?p. , MK? ?* Tn? FKonai. wa*j.. ?.T obv'^d U^.^' 4 ?'C,0 k ,bN ? ?re ?- ? h T IVb fa io-V^ "?lCkbul:"n?0001""^ w^Lg.on ?;-/"j.T.jyti?;:; r.uT wpT'"1 *? *" P*rl* ?* "econ.l an I t |>d doriei ;rm flrrt .tofTS? ,, or Tbe buJuloK vian omoo4 oy IIr Wiitia.n I nfv lnTh . ^ai f0 mt,cb 1o-inr?'1 <bat ii *th b^ rec?. ^ l"M ,b"m 0,0 '-"rlooe * ?X b I Bo.i'r#. "ira TM 0<,^'UP,'<, ?? ? ?w faoiory by Hf. iJ? ' *b |0*M 10 ?taofc. K;. ,'0"0 Tb tf?,;g 18 ,ae 'Bclory afio |o?t tiet a t,.rnsi&viS It ?".? ,"C,0!', ,M 00 l oor. tngelbftr altb tb t. .? if?. uP Bopplted poaor in thta ballntu aa pJulim a^Xi"* ml" ?'1'""ll0? Tb. .Bgt ?aa m, l* . V" f,r?P' r?J ?< Mr Jaiob P ITiuoo and n .?i . l> dama#e<l. aitbouga of c ,un o' iohi ? aetm"I" ,,0P >*? '?Bsrd by tbe Bra. a . * c? ? ? 'wilojBd ta tbe oi'H TbiiUmaawara r"t vnnrr rarlj tbu momln< allbotub at tb 1 iIba mm L'rrl.'X' aWW5- ?-*?? ??">?V?Ur"A^ ih. ! ^ Ihj lire l? still burning the aharinta ta I a?Tlooa BBrprlBBd ... not m ?b m .ra ^ JT. . ? 'afd ?"TMada both tbo bui dloM l'r.snb#r?""*?otSi ?eren?y of the weatber a on?ulfr.ble c-omd nr th> I cur.oua are Ib attendance at the aeene lh# Theatrical and Nmlcal Matters. Bboa i.wat ta>Aral ? Among tae ibrmm \?rletyof et'iaci:oBk ofltied (or lee reterta ameat ol the public thit rrtalrg aote anl ba fouad n ore agreeaMe than thoee t? Burred at iha Br. ad way, whwh ta ?**iu la tee eeyday of ill*, and whrre we are pr.mired "Nature aat P*tlo?o I hy, ' "I>ob (';? ur de Butt. ' aad the "Youeg Widow.'' Nimo'eUAti>*a ?Tbe nor piraaiag opera of "01 ede ft lie" I* to be btougbt out at tnie aataoilatiiiuat It ai*ht, wiih a mat lhaf prohnbly <:4nnoi lie In torn ur ao\ other country. Mi-a l.oula* P?ne ta to 'ender th? erdnouapertoflbebejolni, Mr Keeret tb?t of the Prleee, ?dh tr Ho-tcaatle the Beroa. The minor character*ere la 'q' ally grid baud* Ro>. rar I;i*atbb ? Know eg thtt hia patroea will not ha *ai>l..d wttb let* than tae performaa <ee to day, Manager Brougbem be* vary lunlniotieiy ?????* "1 '* fale o B ni.d" end "l.if* la Kew lorh * for their edlllca loa to tfce aftrreooa In the e??ei?>f Mr. Wbcat.ey to old N'aa York tevotiie, M to p ay Vapid te the ' UrainaUetTae (real "I'o ce (tea tee'' 'oilowa Pruroa'e 1na?T?? ?The natterleg reception gtrea to Mta Harrow Maw Mertbeil, Mraare ruber, darn t*?lth. eec t.Ut it. te the good old comedy ef "The Woeder " ? arrant* ibe manager le agaia ptenteg that plnoe on tbe bilie. to?eUiii wltS Hie tiiiitB? drama ot >>rba BjIUo Imp." for to Bight Mr B<t tae pleya te tbe leet ptcce, and both era very latlt ceai Wauaik'i- Mre Jot a Wood, tbe pnpaler Boe'oa act eaa. who create'1 q ute a BPti*at|ne on tbe arceatin of bar ai'inaraioe at Mr riemieg'a hea< St te >eii clir ? Tea <ika aco ba* irm eagewed at Vtleekt Mre brte( pe rtorf, aa* win make h?r ii-i ut to et?bi la a eaa eitrara ??i 7* tailed ?'Hteeelbe.'' rw< other laughable ptar.*t will aire be ple>ed. liiu Kaanae?Tbe lavere ef good old fashioned e tuidi. p?ii ca'eriy aba rialtered 11 capital at tie, em Beteubt he?reatl? pira*ed with tbe pe? 'ormtaee o< tb? ?lore (bare to take f are at tete fa*bto< able ptaC' a' mm :o (tight Mlaa Kieoe Mr Jardee, ead ra>I<aa utter larnnwa era lit tbe cast Tbe * n?i? eteota rtoae with the b?w t tiret ayat. ,a called ti e Kirat Night '' rnaaaenx ftur ih?at** ?e* might have bene aail rta'ed. M*t>a?er h ld? ha* b?eu fall? aroua <d to ta* in patteece of proeld't g an nrearpoa*et> e M*t tor the eater ten Mil ol hie aa**rmie ir ehd* to day Tat* eftem mn we are proieirr > " Joeei ti ami bia Haatbrea " *'Pael Jot r* ' at o tbe ' Good for Nothiog " le the 't>bibi " * t en. Sell,*' tbe '? M lt*r a d bi> Mee," ead *? N?a York b> Uay ead by H<ht." Aatnuraa M> *er? ?In e Idl'tos to tbe ettractioee. le hr at apt ef ff iil'-ttttdee r anixeV-eol mammal* earto?t tt*r, the naracrre ftetttter iremanc ebie'taiBia**ta for t tar'} *? / >attr IB tfce < ay onn'? m a. tea ?? ? < D the Ml 1 ,ug with tbe romtcoi Ilia aij el " My Metga e? ?'a Wit*'1 ?Bt t?>e '? (j*a?rir* 8>y '? r!?e elegant o|w i*t*r *p*ctecle ef "Cinderella" I* to he pleyed at J, 4 ead H ?? ?? biu<Kf.v CmttMrT Attn W<>on'? *li??raat.? are to a'ag a >r? e1 Bi'taber ot their moet emunng *oaga end pl*y their r ntarfarre nf " Weffo tbe Menalbie MoBke*," la tni e'-m- fj. Ip the eveitg t*ey repeat tbe ledeutigaaie. t?*er lit lag "Old Cleek('rwith eeegt k? ?t ntat'e W*t:a*A' *ae ? Th? ?nn ???n'-' ment that the ca rtttg horle*qne oa th* opera of ?Oiaderetla" t* to ee Eroouctr both aftt rt ona aod ? rer'ng. trill IB eti probe .It> aitrait a |> nnmnr-rt.i p? >ple ti earh etbintlon Tbe etixtoBiery variety of n>ek? lea preeedea tae farea h?'t.?m Mtnta-><i?r boeg latead Bright*** arete he rtatett with qniiee *t rtea ot draeiMIe etd otear a* erliH* at tb* Broofelyo Mn*eom Tb* perfor<a*ociM com niti ce ib tbe *fttraroii, with tbe ' Brigead'- f?rth," N haee h> atrcleg rtBrteg, tb*' 'J.a ?u* Wife" aad a *??h* I rem the -1 Cora man Brott*re " The er*nieg ? Ian fottl i* ol "The Toodiee," ' Black Rred HeHB," ant e hei' te which tb* eedt*n< e will perttrlpate. Ma (Jcirt'-c'iiA ? '* I am ConcaaT. on wbteh occetlea be Will eppeer ta toeioar.tir>B wn?i M Thaiberg, ta e eaa t> a \* mi' b arrangi a by bieiee i for twn v mo* t? to take |iia<> at Nlhio'f Pa oot to mortow afght Sererai ezoet it at artialt bare 'otuate?r< J for tbe ot neatou A BiftiriAM Ditokck Cap*.?Bef ire the Main* *%| rea< t imri. ou i%(dl><-day ia*t, Wia f taeley pott 'i.i eti lor a i lttitce frnm hta tine Merry C l?togiev Tea I art e* w>r? r??rr'Ml te May, l*M, at B leitotanaia ?be ?rati ea aam< nf bla wife we* Merry IT fhotna ft w?e ?rta inert tlat th? l erilet ae*er tireo to*etner ef'er the t> arriat e fh* ha*hand tete "nrth met tb* m ?r itge *r t r? mm atant lig onn ? , o far a* he wa eparty .thet ?net ?t he r?a??r*hie and proper, enadneireto doaa**ttc *'? ?'tty an" and nor "tent with the peaoe eno m.?r* ii>> o .nriete, met e iinorce hoald he greeted. Tbe l> en alter beeriag tbe teetleaaay. retueed te deoree e I tliTnree. FINANCIAL and COMMtH oiai_. HOHST Hits a*. Wiu.vr oiV, 1) ? 34?6 P. M We notice a little more activity in the 8tock am ket ihe elleet pubably of more favorable tiuaaalal ialelu< uoe rrom fcurope. The tendency oT price* *ii up eard I bit morning from the opening, and lb a; were ilrtn at ibe close. Illinois Central bondt advanced 1 v Per oeat; re nty Ivania Coal, bi\ Now York Central Ka-iroad, yt , Brie. X; Reading, ; IiUnola Ceatral Railroad, 1; Mi Hi gan Sjutnern, %; Panama. X. Mllwaukl* aod ttltfltstippi Kailroail declined << per cent A small lot of Lt Cro?n? and Milwaukte aold at 74% pir cent Toe moil marked Improvement to day waa in IUlnola Central loads, and there were I rge tales at tbe advauoo. Tbe demand money to-day was equal to anytblog we bare Uuwu for wetke Tbe pay menla for two day* were nntred la one, and tbe amoont waa therefore quite l*rg i. Tne etook market stands it won erlolly. Kvery any la *ua< enisg and In tbe event of a m iderate alva io?. ?Mil weeka bcnce, it will do tbem no good, for aoy ordt nary diflerence In price* will be absorbed lon^ before I bat. We bare no doubt many aro holding for tbe divl louts; but they teem to lore eight cl tbe fait that stocks rail off after the dividend mure toan tbe amount paid. After tbe adjournment of tbe bjard, the following sales of rorka and bonds were mud a at auotion by \ H. Holier ? 8- Off Mil'kle k Horieon ur igt. mo-t 8's.lnt added 70 68b Fb? Awurican (Joat Co., oi Mj, per ab ..,..$4 to 0 Kqallable Ins. Co Ibi Alto, tbr follonlrg by A. H Nicola. fW.OOP War<<sw City H?ncc k C"., Ill , 8a Int ad led 80 11,000 Iauk'na & stestern KK lit mort. di ... 7l>? 6 OCf -'a" ramrnto Cl y 10> do..,. 71 100 I'nlou iLdii Knooer Oo 8'a d> ....70 100 shs American C.?l Co ol Maryland $5 40 Farmers' and Citizens' Bank of I, 1 70 SO artlzan'e Kank 8100 80 KiceUlor lire Int Co .. 11U ^ 24Comaii.nwe?ltb Ini. Ct 02K a #4X 46 Fremen't lot Co ltd At the second board a very smell oaaioeaa waa traaa acted, but prices were pretty well maintained. We no ttce to day large ca?h lalea of Cleveland and Toledo at a ?light advance in market value. Tbe great difference be tween caah prices and those ruling tor bayer'a option, thirty and anty aayi, still contiauee, and Is likely to in creaM aa money lightens. Independent or tbe cfTdot of the value of money upon time contracts, the disposition among operator* to put out contracts, buyer's option, l* dally becoming leas, and the class of ibyster (peculators every day find it more difficult to make transactions. It will be a good thing to kill oil that claia of speculator*. The Assistant Treasurer ol this port reports this week at roilows:? Trial Tbtal TW*l SeaiptM. Paym'htt Raiann. Monday $171,383 41 ?ilw,074 61 $11,919 273 03 Tuesday 3-8.118 '20 2?,2Ht) 40 11.9HS ll>4 41 Wednesday... 84,Ml 00 84847 27 11 910,108 16 It will be seen by an advertisement In another column, that a large amount or bonds and stocks was lost or stolen on Wednesday, tbe 23d Inst., In going from 'Vail slroetto tbe Hudson River Railroad depot In Chambers sf>et Their transfer has been forbidden, and the public naould be on tbeir guard against negotiating the earn v Tbe Atlantic Bank of Brooklyn has declare! a semi annual dividend of Ave per oent, payable on tha 2j or January; the Chemical Bank, a dividend ot six o>rceat, payable on tbe 6th of January; the Biuk of Un> polls, Washington City, a temt annual dtvtd ?nd ef foar per cent, payable January 3 The Muncb?iter (V H) Print Work* will pay a dividend of lour par cent on Janu ary 6, to holder* ot stock Dee. 20. Tnls la tbe Srtt divi dend since January, 1866. The transfer books or the la Cro<te and Milwaukee Ratlicad Company will be re opened on tbe morolug ot Monday. tbe(ih of Janntry. The com piny advertise U at the dividend at Bve p?r cent, already notice 1 will be paid on the accord ef January, at tbe Broadway R?ck. Tbe Southern Paotflc Railroad Covpany bare Jutt c?m pitted Its purchase of Iron for the first section of t treaty live miles of that road. Ibe Union Canal will be opened for navigation ?hrougb out tbe wbole line on the 1st day of April, 1847, wnen brat* ol the largest aize caa leave Miidlitowa or any point on the llae of the Slate caaalt, aod haV!%dl*eet wa'.er route to Philadelphia city. Tbe opening of tbu c.ini will prove very advantageous to tbe owners or boats running to 1'biladeipble, taring, at It does tbe oo e??*lty ol Iranthlpmeat required by tbe present route, aid will, It I- belltvod. contlderahly profit the Hjluy llcili NavgatU'P Compary. M bat effect. If any. toe ilUertflon of beats th way may have on tha Hatqba^aDn* aoi r hc?['?ske stid Delaware rsnals. remains to be seen. The Syraetwe J'umalf ivee tbe foilonlng statk.tca of rami butiae>t at that plaoe ?

bole an.cunt o' to la received tblt year $35,141 71 Da. do. Co. laat year 41210 4) 1 serrate 913,008 09 Wbtir number boat* weighed at the weigh l< rk la thlt city la 18(8 6 0*7 In lfifc6 4 668 Increase fcil Nob ber of light boat- weighed In 1864. 194 la 1*66 248 Ktermi,, 36 Aggregate pounds that the beat wetgaed'n lM.r 921,884 488 In 1866 ?01 SA2.062 IrcrrMe 119.601 Ml Tie whole amouat of pwpwtj> lea tbta ;?ir mouM U> 1ST,44ft Icdi, which waa valued at $8.i''j:,074; t9e whole amount of property Oral cleared, 149 01* toaa. Which DM ra'ued at $4,003.644-making la all 333,&0i tote of property, and valued at $lft,074,0'T0, whluh vat tMpped and loaded in tbta city. The amount ot properly led M >? <r at 136 647 tone, valued at OlV-M.Wft; tbo amount Oret cleared waa 133.430 too*, valued at $1,063, 7i(?rnaklei la all 207,077 lot*, valued at $ 0.206,951 7bo Baltimore Amrriran tbow* the adraatage* which tbat r.ttjr la likely to derive from tbe opeoiog of the (rral through, central route between tbe Boat aad tbo Weet. Tbe I'ltliburf, Fort Wayae and Cbio*g9 Railroad 14 dee tired to b? (im el tbe irraataet cbanaelt for traaiporta Ilea from Chicago to all tbo pelaetpal clUee of tbeaea brard ? Tbe ooaecildatton of tie vartou* Haee of railroada aow Known a* the Pitt?burg. fnrt Wayne aad Cbloago tail roeda. aad tb< eompieiln* of tbe road fro* rijmtuth, I la prrttrt Mimlnia, to Chicago, a dMoaie af eight? t*o ? I lee will pia< e Raitlnorf tweet; mure a rarer to Chicago then PIHaiieipbie. aad 104 mite* D?ar<r tbaa New York le at pr*eeai by the New York aad I'rte aad Lake 5bire r>>adi>. lto?gh that city rxpeeta to eitortaa tbl* dteteaoo ar.ute termi; mi lee by tbo ooaetraCloa o' Uie Allentowa road which wilt (tea her a cweaeciiie with tbe IVaaayl van'* Central riad Tbe ititaaoe ffm Ualtim >re to Cbl ?-ago by th'e route will be ae folk)we ? Northern Ueatrai Road toHarraborg OS milee Harriebtirg to PMIeburg $44 do Citteburg to I hit ago 4e$_7?0 Tit liahmor* aad tiblo Railroad bae on direst aortbero rot eerticn reding to Chicago The htulnee* of that road Rem ii" Nb> rtret route to Chicago by taklog tbe Pi tie barf, ?ort Vafae aad Cbtnago made either al AUtawceor Greet i ae Tbe rbeneet loute from Baltimore la via Harrla berg, ae above. The PiUrhurg, fort Wiyne aad Chicago rued ?* at pn-ernt "peeert to riymoeth, loliaaa, $$3 alba 'ens. Ptttehurf The rnad la 03ft milee loot, occupylag le but aan mewl direct route between Pittebar* aad Chicago it paeoca through ae lem tbaa Ihlrtoea oounty low tit, aad o'ber Important In wo* la I'enu-ylranla. 4?1|0 end ladteaa. Tbe rnad le mala I y nae of low gradea aad etratghi lirea. ih> blgheat grade* pM ex-tee ling forty? aer. n fret to I be mile, and betwren W ywter. Ohio, aad Chicago, a etetaace ot 3!S milee, thore la no grate oyer tweaty lour feet t.n larbee 1-rom Wooeter to Chlnago the iacrrare of ilwtaone over an air Itae le v?ry email, aad tble malaly orrgra la the bm<ie around Lake Ml)hl gaa. The coinplM'nn ir th? ?nta" i nk ?? w|rr i ? t feet tbe couatctkm witb Chicago will give to Riltiaor* o more ?<lrw>t aad ehorter connection with tbat point than aey nt the Atlantic e tlee and will bean important feature in tbe oompletina of railway roam na teat too with the Nnrthweet aad lake ronatry The hvaiaeea of the Olevelaad, Oolutr hue an I Cloclaaatl Railroad for Ihe laet flecal year, waa ae follow*, Oou?nr? *w? CimiHiuv iUaaoao furomfl tip to Noras her $0, hy naaeor -or train* .. $423 ,*M in I >n do by freight ralaa 70I.W70 70 im. di. by roata. intoreet, kr.. 04,11*10 Hecesber, em mated 100.00Q 00 Tctal $1,310,017 $0 Mtmrmrt. Tip to I 'rtobar 01 ..0?Mtll3$ No* aad December, estimate-!.. Knooo (ft $0,(00 00 Ntw iroa oa baad 13,400 00 077,011 00 BytHahted net lacoane., $04(,1$0 4$ Ja<) > Widentt, 0 per oeat $J37 "Ok 00 Joacary dlrldead, b par oeat ... 304,470 00 $21,ft34 00 Rnrptu* $134,400 40 tacieded In tbe etpeatea 'taring the year were, tor oti'treetloe, *c , for haiiaetlng and <e*l tetatp $63,741 07 New oara and eagiaea 07,601 11 iu,$aa 7$ Ttie capital a' the rnmpany I* $4,741,170 The follewlag le a rcmparatlT* etatMweat m the ooedl Una of the New ftrleun haak* f<r tbe week eading tbe 13th tMt ? D* ?. /V. 13 loett* $30.42:. V40 $10 607,700 SKCle 0,46n*m 0,410,471 rental 0,4*0,7*0 0,000 010 Oofootta 14,400.07$ 14,343,431 TUe total value of UM foreign export! or Balt?oro tot tbe week ending on Tbirsday vu ?110,9S0. The export of breeds'ufls >u quite bomrj, esobraclag 98,087 bushala ol 21 216 bbli. flour, 3.907 buaheto cor*, 1 808 bushel* of corn axil. and U0 bbls of r> a Hour. There we..' alto exported 786 hogsheads or tobacco, ud 393 ton* of CumberUnd Ml. Tbe loilowtng is en offlclal atatement Of U?o Indebted ness o the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on tbe flrat day of Doocnibtfi 1856:? KVNUB ANP FMUTWO n?T OF F??bJLVAIIlA. Fuoded debt, v.z:-6 jnr cent loans *511,781 to Fi | ?|> f?t nt lOtLlil #?????? Bo,oW,WI 6 percent loans ^ 889 200 00 4 ?' ? 100,00000 Total funded tfobt $39,860,976 60 Uinii.di<i debt, \i*;? ,u .. Keiie tote# tu circulation $2?0,666 00 lb ereet wrlificaief. outstanding 24 tOl J7 Interest certitlcatoe unclaimed.. l.lbi 00 $ no 889 71 Total $H>Xl7,8d6 25 The balance r.meiclng unpaid of temporary loans, la cot lBciuiitu in tbe at>ove euie nent, Inasmuch as they are re imbuisablo^ as rap dly as the mean* of the Treasu ry will teimit, viz;? Balance ol emporary ioara authorized per uoi April 19, Infill ? ? May 9, 181,QUO OJ 00 Amount roma'n'rir in the State Treasury ana Mtikikg lund, to tb? inr Ui?. r oeiic>:Httiion of diaie siooks, interest certtte.etes, domtarts ered.tor certificate* and 8196.267 25 The coupons due January I, 1867, on tho tan year ol tbe Chicago, til Paula and ?ond d'l l.*c RtHro*'! Company, wi!l be psld after that day, on presentation at tho office, ?o 18 Wal. strtet. A correspond- nt at Chicago gives us the following In relative to several important raUroaiU Jiverg Irg Iroin that cliy, and alao Ian ideas regarding such ll* V fcCltl--CT t* .?"** J, |Q IQCl (JB1CAOO, 1)30 19. lolB. I am 3D a to the W at, for tho purp. ae of vxanln iUK tbe railrran* ly'n.i bet wen Li*e Mcbigan and th 9 . Mi?Wippt, particularly tbo tialo.ia and Unicago, ana tan *ji Crt-Tt and Mllaaukie. .. (in it avlng New York 1 came over tbe Erie road to B.-lUo Tbtt load is run wttn groa: roguUrllr, and ap rfsrii!>l)^ titu.gwl with w preotsloa ol cloct work. The trip over It U a very pleasaotone? nore no, all tulngs cousideied, than o crtbeCeniru Tnecar are wider, less rrowfled bv way pas'engera, and tho stoppnjes ??*?'? . I The Uk- Shore reads are Join* a large buaiaees CUa Muhlgau 8out'uerB, alto, is doing a hiavy one whioh is Cettlreii lo be greatly increased very sola, Tbia road | i< on tbe point ol securing ae7eral mpirwntadvantage*, whloh muft increase at 1 *?st 26 per cent lis earnings ibo ntw lin? Irom Detroit 'oToltdo la soon to b j TorapUted to Its jum t'.on nilU the VllcSigan .Souih rn. This will give the leuer ita share of tte navel that com;? from t u> ?.r.!al W.^iein through t'aearia to Chicago lor tho diumoe V? Ibo latter city is DO! greater tufto oy tbe lltO(\igAU Gunirjil, j the traek lr liaer, aad the dep it at Detroit is a milonearer U) the ttrmliiiiO of the Great We-wrn, on the opposite eborc. IIju air line from Toledo 'o Ohloa^ >, no* cmplet ed will boob be opened to travel, ant t?o n?*.iuea ot read are about counoc mg with aud running into it Aa to the road* runMcg Irooi t.ske Mlcb gan o th? Mtrllralppt, the t*> moel vuluabl', n uv opltion^ ire tbe (Jalen* and Chicago an! the L* firos?e aua kilwaukie. lhe Hock la and. tho Barhngton aau tho IjiWo Js-fcoro roibd, from Clii?4ico i?? fJr/ \aiuaclo lines; but the two Urrt ramed a'e dent o-M ?-? ray tfce larger tivln. t-ds. My object in writing betug M tu Blah sen e safe data bj to go in m*kmg Invoit ? rnw, let me glvo yoc a rule tliat l? :in infallible filde la (ctiaiatlbg the vtlue of a /ailroul iio.'.k To determlee tbe real value and produotlveaw* oT a j read, take the afhlnga for a given pi rid, deduct.Brat tbe runuifif expo. ??h. ..*001, <be amount ol Inter '.t on tl,e b> B<i? for tbe p. f.od, ano ibo r ma'naer. dtvllet by toe amount of the capital atoik will give tne ncl prolit | and alow ihe realvUue of Ibo utock Ljt toe exp.a a ltThe'grrra^aruttgs for the three foUoamg roads, for 1 fiptemoer, were art foilowa:? (.alear. and Cbioago. . *n, Chicago nod Keek Inland * g la Crceae aed Mllwaokla... ' ' " ? Deduct tb per ceut lor ruoulog exnenes f>r ta? two , tirai roars and ?2 lor tue last, (th'- diir reoco la faror ? I ii Or sso is owing in rar? to chtap fuel,) aad we havo ; th.- fellowlrg net earning*:? ? (ialeM and ? Cb r?go anJ R r? . j 1a Croase aod "S. iou Cai ;t*i ftorx aM? Bomi*. Gateia and Chte^go aMN^k *J 441 .1. 1 to do beoda snd debt, about.... 8,'M^.jWO Chicago and Bock Islaud stoeJk ... ..... ? 4,"<J0 00d To do oonda, taclulU* 8u rcau Valley Road " . U Cr< are and Mllwa.iaw afxk # *? lw do boode, 8 p.?'?*nt.... jHdict ng tntereatfor ona montn ou the boa 'a, aj<t at vU'Tg tbe r.meinder b> tbe amount ef *" ** tbe net rr. bi" 011 each road (or tbe iu nth of dcptoin'Jor. OUiltUlia lraotion*, t6? following la tbe result ? Kw Pboi ivs re* Uirmms. j On Galena and Chi-ago .. 3 per cent, cqua'to 31> a year. On Chicago aad Rock I.UDd . iH " " ? 1 Or. I ? Ortiaev an?l Mti w^uMIe 4 11 '*n Tte taiDiDira i? October wire tuli ltrfer;. tbon^M the Ca ei a and LblrtfO wore K-a.OCO. and olteLi Or-vste ard M Iwaukie. 8ho.(CO. Thtr g*v?< a r.ei proiu fof aauuM m.'t 'b of i>1 for the Galena and t.hoago, aad of 6 per < cert 'or tb. I a Ct.?ae end Milwauk.e Th?" e?r'?rg? ?r? cnermovs ai d have otly be *u trailed toon., tu.taeo. In rallrea.nog In the L'aitod Main. Tae U vo land. Pairen III" ?rd ishtabula poad earned on one oc as loo 6 per cent net m a ajagla month ncu.ber la tbe best monb 'n th ' j the West, rn roa<l?. The earaltg? for tba t ?o mon hs o November anu lirc*mber will oe abaal Jhre ?* tor tfce Oaleaa ana bmsgo, and a^it tin ratio fj. the LalAraae and Mliwaubl". . In mi next 1 will iprak of the coa.i l -n o tbe.0 two roads, their trarka d^>??, kc I will doec wtW r? markirg that tba ealy soorcaelo! coarae m be In makli g money la ral'roadr. ta V) laveat la sew rosU wbii-b rave baea batlt eooaomlrally, aad the ^aoitalssook ot which has not hoeo leOatad by old coast ??ii >a ex by coosolldatraDa. p irebaae of tributary 1-aea, *3. ?SCtOKtoC'o 104 ?joco cat 'to 3fC0N Y ?*a R 7'B do.... ..... Ill trl Kit bill. ?10... do,.,, , d? *?0 1CM HM luiti |M0 I M0 00 llfO -WAWHiOirbii 41 ? I >< .1 ft N Y. X Ptik HmI... U jM i rn Ha Bk tOKY I.MU 100 Cab Ion Co beo 1?o M Me tr On SO 1% rn Goal t'o.... )o n Y >??? nn,... to 0m.... boo ICO d*.... . .*? HO F.r'.a PR af 0 10 MM HO .10 .00 rjt HO an *10 no do. <0. ...01W .. .bSo .. hl4 Mork Pnluui|f. It *I>AKM>AT. Dm. It. IMd Stoat* K??RR..b3> ?1\ 110 do bit 014 ftv Rralloc KR Ka<? SSO do 84', 4rO ?? *60 fro do 0 H61, *00 do b I 86 4 186 III Coo K'< 170 4 ioo do mm IMK ioo do ??o rn* M4 Ml 3o ft tl 10 R.. 87 -i ?0 do. ...<30 8H* KO do bao 8* 1?H) d3 .... 87'< IP Papato* RK . ... 014 It Clo ft PNlO KR ... 6* 110 (<aia * Cht KR... 118^ 2C0 do 1I8W lic? dor ft ToJ I'.R o 74* 10 do >00 do 100 dl b3 ?to do Oft 4 MM MtH ??* M lf4 112 118* 160 ?it ? M 4'? ?k MM ?n 4 M', MM ?14 01 i 01* ?14 ?1?< 81 < ?l , ?1* ?14 noon boamm. MOOO Vlrfiotod'i... v4 . im Toi r ?3 *** 11 17 "X *24 714 73', T3*. 78 V do Chi ft Rk la RR.. 1044 do.... do,... do. hlO b? ?90 ..M do.. to do..,....^ to do in Ml' ft Mt? RR ... t UCra ft Mil RR 2C0 Mortaoa R ret I'M .WO Krt* HR bd* '7t *000 NY ?NHbt * too ib* Grata Ob bt *.t0 do.. .. ..MO HO Oni'-g Co bM 100 NY On RK 0i4 1M <? V*4 ICO CM ft Toi RR 71H t Ctl Jk Cht RR ?0 KrtoltR JM d> b!0 100 4 1 I>t 10.1 do bit ICO do bJ f>00 Ml * ft N lo K bM 1.0 Krodlng RK.,.83 1014 KM % lot 71 74* ?4 73* 1"?* ? ??M * S 88* M>, crnr cummkrtial mcponr. W *!>**? r>4T, I loo. S4?OP. M. Aknkf.?felra of about 100 bbia. put* waro mod* at 74c. Raa>i it'Tri1 a ?F'-oar ?Tbo forrtga orwo tiadod to obrek rot- *. and In too obooaoo of i?4t?ro ?o 1 tho ad mat of a bond*) tbo morkot wo* ioooMto Tho at oa fwotod on 4.1(0 ? t,?0 borrota, chtafly to tbo Moot traio, at ?boot UlO following qoototWB*'? ( Militi to good Main to 3> a tt M Owmro to good Mlohigao ? 80 0 6 to Mm *M* twt 0 70 Coo bk>o to good ohto 8 .1* a ? to tUra ?*?o d M a 104 SaoUipro mlio4 to good bron la I M ? 7 M " fuicT ooi utra 7 Mo 8 no noooitloo ?Tprrfino and ottro d 40 o f 75 Obntre ?*tro U?orgoto*B, Rtrhawd City MOlo ood 1*1 loi. a ? Ml t 21 Haioil aod Collofo ? 24 a ? 10 Cana.1 00 It' nr woo awoy, with oal?o of nmly HiO o 200 hblo 01 noohtofrd prtc-?a Nmitliorn oootin.jod firm aod la fhlr rrqorat ?ilt aol? of about 1,ar<9 bhM. oiibin tho raogo of tho aborr quototlooi Potorohorg rttro R.alw> brooda aold ot g8 124. an j lawilr do ?a< ot ?0 7t Own mool wo* qotot ot Old prMO Kyo llur wao 8y?> ot S3 to a ?'> M for Aoo ood Ropordoo. Whaat woo Araly hold, hot aaloo wrm rrrr imitod. tho ?oioo wrro mfiood to two nr thro* Mm. (*07 *p*othln| Hko I.BOO or d 000 hnob?l? 10 ?H.) ipomdlag trt Doioworo ( bnahoa) o< i' rod Trnt f??ro do woa ropnrtod at ft AO. ohotoo doo horo wbito ot *1 80, oftd lofrrtor ro.i at tt 38 Cora woa ro?t?r, with oolra or obont 80 000 boohrlo ot Me o M?fl. tor Wrottra ml*?d fro* roro ao 1 71c dotlforft, whUo ^Mithorh yoltow ood whtto wooot7te. Rvo- Haloo of 2 fro boah?la prttoo Ponthrro wero m* t < at tic.; Nor Utoro war at W<i Olio?Sooth*? w^ro ?t dts. tdtO.) Htoto ot 47e a 48c ; ord Wr*t*m at 480 a too. Rarioy oaa #rai, with a?tro of 4,K>0 boahrl* Stoto, two rowod, at $1 2? (Vnra ?Thr morkot wa- qolot, and ao aaloa or mo IT rat traoaptfod CMwu?rho ?aV?a footod up about 4,000 bolo at ohout tho Mloarlog n iototti 00 tho morkot cloatog flna ? 111 aomot ri ?wnri' MKT* I fJtmd. H irMa. MnHU. If.0.4T. Infortor ""tit. aom. noai 11%' IW 11'. 11 a liddhag \*H 1?* n% ll4 MuldllBg r?tr....l*'i 1*4 l?4 14 pair 1*4 onm. oom aoai. flood Pair oowi. aoaa. aom. ao*. flao ?dM. MM, Total export fram Us Uaitad (Males unco let September lilt 420 8M I>o. do! " do. hm Urae In 1990 079,00t JK?. do. do. Mme time In I9.r>t ... 443 OM Receipt* at principal porta of the Ueltal State* slnoa lit Sept. laat 1 2*4,999 l>o. do. do. same time la 186ft 1,202,009 Ik>. do do ^amotimeln 18M .... 794,009 Mr. Wm P. Wright In bia weekly circular by the Africa which ftile 1 to-day, has the following regarding the preeeat year'* crop ?We ooutinue to receive ooa firmavory evidence of the shortneM of the crop iron afl Motion*, there eitsta all over the cmntry a belief that K cannot reach 8 000,000 bale*, and many estimates are Indulged la of figures materially below this amount Fhkxittm ? Engagement* were light, but a* room ?|| diminished, rate* to Liverpool were Urmer. Some 10,000 ? JO,(00 boabel* of corn and wheat were engaged la balk a. 64 a ?Sd., and in bag* 7d. wax atked Some H >ur at la fd. a 2s. About 600 bale* compressed and unoosa pre-ted cotton at 6 3id a 8-1 ltd Bsc >n wai 2>s., and 3,000 bbla. naval stores were engaged. Including spirits, tar and turpentine, at 8s. per MO l?.s To Londos, mm Uerct * b< ef were taken at 0* . and pork at 4?. RatM to Olatsgow and Havre were unchanged. IUy wn* Arm, but quiet, at 91, for tb!pm*nt. Hot* *ere inactive *iid prices un Ranged. Ik' .s was steady lor Scotch pig, at 929 a $30 60 per toa, alx montli* Limb wai n'ady at PCo to?? commoo to 91 20 for lamp. Mi-ukmo<.?Salea otlCObbJa. Ca*a mudejvado were RMM a- p t Naval Siokk> were quiet but utealy Pkovimonh. ? I'ork? Too market wn- llrmer, with aalM of about 60C a 7C0 'obi*., includ ng ol ? ui**, at 91'* 12 a 9 '? '?(, t.nd ne w do , at 9' .* 9t)j a $19 To prima *?> ua CLaugec ; our ir<?B wh* amrcn, and *m*tl *aioi wata made at 918 25 a 9'8 ?>">$ I! ef <-ontiuu -m w b a grod demand. Sales ot atiout 40i bbl* were mane, in cud lng countr> prime a* $fl to a ISfo-cj'io'ry p'tme. and old and oew mo** do, at 9'o a 9 2: repacked Ualoa go, at $11 68 a $ 4 "5, an* etlra do., at $,6 50. B?ef fcHms were *? $ M f >r g'>od W-stern, while prime 111 s* "a* qule? >lsoon w?s quiet at for middle* Lard was Ufm<r, ao4 sale* of Ma 1,0(0 ptckape*. part tor cxpo't we'e report d a*. I2>fc. a l'Ju'C ou the ?;iot. and ?t '1 Jtc, to arriva In a 1 J*aa a?y. Co. meas were unentered; aome 100 pa ka<? wereM.d at 7^3. a T>,c for couul' ???, ao 1 bams at 8?^c. a lt>Kc H.ittc was Relli* g at ltso a 20a. forOhta, BL.i at 'iot. * 2i'C. for --".ate Cbeose wu **le*Dle at 9o. a 103*c. Kh k ?About 100 tlerecs wero sold at 8>^<v a 4 ?The market waa U'm. but ?alea trere il nltsd. Tie t rat. >aot Ions embraced about 200 boghead* Cuba murcova 'o at 9,<<c. a $ ,.c. am 289 do. Kugiish island*, atpnvaie term* Wiii.-k?v ? i-a'ev. of abjut SCO barrel* were msde at about 8Cc. ADVERTISEMENTS REMEWED EVERY DAY. "E PEUHONAIi. 7IDITU," THERK 18 A LKTTKR for you IN TOT Union tkiuare Poat ollice. INFORMATION WaNIRD ()? M iRY BRACKKK Af?ED II yearo, having loll Pttri.'i M. artv'? lu Jcrray City. Any li lotn.aJlf 11 ol her whirnab.iuiH wi.l bd tbtuktully r* reiv. || b> her r -ikiuM Uracki-n in INew Y ?rk ml U? Huh |ii> toil]/ oiiib Kir>et, bmwroo >uu?i?tr *iij M?th aveuuo, or at Mr?. Cooney'a, 2:4 Kjxabtlh ureal. Information WAbTKD-op rob?.at -hkrloce, of conib' Dublin Ire When la t betrd from (rax in AaioriH, I.. 1 , about live yanrr :ifcO. Any iuforiri*t)i>n of bt? whereabonta wll! be thankful). rec-'tyi'd b? bit sister, Kliza Sherlock, 332houtli lrnln ol/eet, Philadelphia. nforfration.-WE WM ROBERT' Wll.L FIND 1 two 1? tt r* HI dreaded to lilnn lu the Merald ollice AWebf 1 e will 0. d .'ami " t>awft nl, of whom !o inquire I after natitr ?la). Inquire at 18 fro:.t street, Brooaim. Ml. SKAM AN.?1 HE 1.ETIKR WITH YOt R 1OKMKK ? lulcreta I fircertd to lie n tuned an I refer d yotUB *oon nf'tT ? tiling I'; that i* n.y ? rulDtf. ihrru* leUer S<jr jouui ilieollice tfuerti-a aa :oi?i?. d 1rj >onr U-.l W llLIAXI Cl.MMIUS PIHGOIT, <'t ?\R^?I?UKH, Ft ?rrivtd at w Yo/k lathe iirn.luoajlit, m wb No vin)berl?Ki A.!dre.< Mikm 1 rowiirl*t;;e a rtro">>-ie Mew I'avii: (urn and he will hear ol mrau o aid h iu aid I I'avi-ll * oi || rii'i .. -... ... __ ulnoe Hi. parent* may he ii m lb thta i .n'. rf . * b" ?re ui - mm to rtcttve hiin lim inn rniM* enpiMlii to ib.? e ?d TUB MUUTAKY. fllBK NKW YORK ' K I):: KK (10 a V n -|t * K?fTTON ? 1 llii- ni-mheio of tnln en niaoy will ine?;? mine uaJIv a 7'.t o'e'o. k ih ? r hn rdiy) n -?Inn .t -Jte t.uie ?<rh Himaa*, I'Ointr ut ch j nt.e aim elinccy atrer ta, Hrotur ''11 ?e. tl,, 'i.derlj ei?e*?i. Jav.b* Fror*. S?-rcta;y -?tf- UM ? ? ' ? h> ? v.mjv ?\'<ir\i. klk.a i I'ilHHi I . N It ui ? ?V f.iKK J ? . #? i.e\ K II t'Ua| n-: r .a i * ? /tfaa Ol retrc. leei ,rro a tie ch'i'i h M? tiro >' am ?. MwM. 1 *??? ?nl ? r ' H at 7.*? * mjec, ' oeojt'nia I* raua M i I'.r'n !Uir?n'a or H U<lor the m.ur.e n,m b?pr i?m-"<( W \ rn hotirD A hlti* 4j \\ ?Ii -i . ? i A.n tla I . i> i, ft l-"noi?a?,J T ''r.miu ti'fj ?d?av and at lie ilh?r hi ok 'nrri iiWi-^MI It Ul.M "?i A " ?'?' ohh M l fclti.l I ? ? f^??P Hi. IN a?i\aN a. ? Oul'? </> 1. k PllKI'M'l.' MJliRN AI., Til a W A I r it <1 H a*d Lir? ILL! b1Kat?I> klv Wll be'.?nt a ve.-to oi..-a.Mrea. I' ' _ h .Wl.ali .* i?i "i ?> N" 3o* Toi'1*' W ' - lb? rbiet o'.viral .'" Ilia Wan e J nr- a?.d Life lUuali aied a. e niu. iin U>? uiimi? ?alj?%bl? p. iludli aU jiu? li?b?.' in lhl< roiiu'.r).?A'bauy .lomr j . Vf aONIKlt.kNT I'RIKlli ? WM8 H R 'MT IIIKNkV i>I Y. KK V? I0*O KKVlnW I NO ?a%?T IK ?<?ea|| l '?l I't ??*?* Mir |.*?n v blfli h.nt ;illetl<le>t Ibe I pffi umih e'l ?Ma, IklIiMliltaber*ofIftitwell ti.own >nd IMMjorn >?bnh ? i ? ? I . .I*ed ka"lrr nm-'eal pe-'O-iiral of IM world, are t-ncoiir:M(?d n-weil ellneu |. r i.. . , n^\eiir. Tbc Review will to- pni ie. crwyMbar >? i'da? u?l>u( rn * l il v?ln.i. |. i i i mill ii'.inli ? 'it??m (|ii?r?n |H(?> In |<> editor In I i eoarlnieni the Kn 'ill ftnjjlov ti l- m. ?t einu ent Alin-eiran ami fi r. (it oiOKleat (A lent Mf& lilinlcr Will rontnin nt^rkol nr* ? .itfTMk 'i- - ..I airlii'in. ?. -i. k[."her ww|lKi cfcorimi ran meg*. Irloa,?in> ? ,i..?, . .. -m all .' K-ioT al t r'lnn.i nUll rompaaitl'.n aim a l?r mm from B.o.lern Ii|.i-r?? oratorkM, ?r The leiur | re?? a ill embl^OQ Ml ari.i nioat ii-liable eaoo<? and rrl i lomn npun art Olid n't ata w <b l.-offrapbieal and bMorteai okotrKoa, muataol Btoo OriB .1; potto tb- *? i eorw ?< Brim I ?? 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I FaOBHWO Teaiperami B*o *? * beautiful ?iiiarion oniMt, mil II a yoar. ibbomI* Jowaal of the kt 1 la the oorid. Now |a ih* tlm - l itli.-.K A RH Id?. b<\ rtnodway ? t. TIIOH* WHO H lali TO HaTa fMKIB HUUab well b*Bn4 ?Ibo ^a? York Boot Rlri'W, mwii -oad I Marty a onarlee nf a aefiia'r, lit ftiltOB Mroet K * .U h .t < M iNH reoiecifu ' i otfer lb?tr oerric-o lo '?Mf trl ? uBo and lellow rliirwne to b ltd ibotr boako I* fond obh a.inolaaM^ ao we I aa heanUfBi o*W olecaol Bt,leo Tb-? obaor^ n ' a. Mwd m 'mall jobo of balf o dollar, ao well ?? 'brue of caotly Bad eiDeoaiTO b.ndlB**, Ibe- tiaei. on hand tbe moal 'lni.|WB aad OBttab e panarnii fr l?'?o Moleo oiay-r bank* and ran owa llloa*' 'te?1 ? .#?? pit' . bed by 'he ettraolte aalaQIWB | Bet la of Me*ora <1. I Irtne t ' O War i in A . 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