Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW V WHOLB NO Tl2G. uuitKim ?Z>ition OKK HERALD. MONDAY, DE(?l?tt3K? 20, 1856. TWO CENTS AR&IVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. Nf\vs from Nietrtgni, Granada. South Pacific and Au tralia, 1.671.569 in Treasure. STATU or TBS MZXTBS INTERE -TINii ITEMS OF NEWS. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS AND DEATHS. THE MARKETS, 4c., to., dtc. 71 ie United States mail nteara<h>p Illinois, Chas. X Boggt, Uaited States na*y, com Handing, left As l>inwali Dee. 19, at 6:16 P. H , and arrived at Qaa miitine at o'clock yesferday morning, having ex perienced heavy head wi?d* during the whole pis sage- She brings the California mails of Dec. 5, 313 passe i>gera, and >1,671 570 in treasure on freight. Tbe mails, passengers. <ic., were broaght down to the Pacific aide by the Pacidc Vail Steamship Com ? puny * Hteumer G >lden G tie. R. L. Whiting, Esq., commander. The Golden Gate left San Francisco Dec. and arrived at Panama on the evening of the lHth. The United Stales frigate Wabash, bearing the broad pennant ot Contnodore Paulding, left Aspin wall on the lvth, at 3 P. 81., for New York via Ha vana. Lett at Aspinwall, United States sloop of war Cyane, Commander Robb. The following is the specie list of the Illinois KKDM CALIK IHSl A. Jrtexai ti Ca $-i tiinu ii.nalag, Btaawood, Waila a?d larro .. tt4i?7*o k Oo 912,430 Mei/opoUiu Bank -wo <>00 Duuo?n.snernuDSCo 11,no Mm Hoge a Oo... lot.owi i Sustain i. Bro. .. 10,750 -Janea J'atriek 86 o<-<) *ai * Ce. .. 0,790 flowlsadJcuptnwall ?6,iO?i PWmat, k Oo 0,630 <Jh*a. Morgan ie Co. ?a.7?o H f *?!<! k Co. .. 8 !?91 itntor 61,803 J E W.ntf 8 300 Roa?. Falcoaar, & Co. 44,vt>o Tb-w J liutd &Oo. 7,(00 K. Kelly A Co ai 400 J. Diiraad & tin 6,778 an. Ki. B<utk 8<\0t?i V Btraaa a,140 fSvl'gman k Co "Jft.bCO Coleman h, Co 6.3M <K?oara k Co it AO Po*>?r k Nlokaraoa 4,000 J. B. Watr 1 !!.('?< A. E to. E. TUUn 4,000 Btrau*aBroa A Co... 10 000 .l??at R-I'er 8.750 JSotooiio ft Brae J6.(u M?or, I.*vf, & Co... 8.400 * Header k Alaff.a.... 16 0?0 *?il?r Br?J% 9,300 ttaed 4. Wade >6,0o0 M?ehanli?' Bank.... 2,100 X??*be<iaa,8petzk0o 15 oOo h*r<Uj Eipreaa Co. 9.000 Wtaaa ft Co 14 7*0 Hoary dtrjbing .... 1000 Aar<>? Jarttx ft Oo.. lt>? - surijaco u,*or total tl.t'MlM Von Boflman&Co... 18.20" kkum aariawau.. Aljop A Cbauscy M3.778 J. It labraga 0,596 h. ,ia )? Ouardla 8,000 Rcliia, inot aa, * Oo 4,000 Total tl.B7l.Mt We are indebted to Mr. E. H. Mitchell, parser of the Illinois, for favors, sod to the California ex - presw of Freeman A Co., Wines k Co., and Berford -4 Ca. and the San Francisco News Depot of J. W. .sulliean, for filea of papers. Maaaitur Dillon, the French Coiural, would leave San Francisco on the next steamer for his new sU* tion, Pott an P>ince A public entertainment bad been offered kin by many citizens, which he hid accepted- A valuable testimonial from the French population waa declined, and on the recommenda tion of the Consul the mooey that had been raiaed was appropriated to beuevoleut parpotgs. Hons Dillon, in addition, donated 1100 as a personal sub scription. On the '21st November a verdict was returned in the com of Mrs. perigo, who had did under very mysterious suapMona. The jury decided that the deceased had boon pouooud by some unknown per son or persons. The ik w!j elected municipal officers had entered upon the discharge ot their respectirc duties, and bad carried out the riews of those who have elevated -them to office. In the celebrated Chrysler conspiracy case the Police Judge had giveu in bis decision, and sent the licferdant to the Court of Session*. In theatrical and mu*tc*l matters there had been little or no interest. Mrs. llayne, had just retained from (Sacramento, where she had enjoyed a brilliant season. Miss Provoat was still playing In that city. The new hall of the San Francisco Minstrels had l*?n opened, and was crowded nightly with the Irrers of fun and frolic. The Supervisors of Mariposa county had a seres ad the Fremont grant at $1,000,000. The taxes on it are 117,000. Capt George ?. Pratt, who lived at New York of the Pacific, had disappeared, and it was supposed he bed been killed. A comet, with a tall ten degree* in length, was wrn in the vicinity of Sacramento. a rasa named Williams, employed at a barkeeper In the Bine Bell saloon, recently tell in an apoplec tic St, and died inetaatly. Ha waa 27 years of ago. T. Pander, n Merchant of Benida, committed ?ulriilf on the 20th Nov. hy drowning himself. Rev. Dr. Buahnell had signified his wiUingaesa it scoept the Presidency of the CalUornia College. A aan named Phtnaae Hager man, from West liberty, Ohio, waa found dead in a vacant boose in Stockton. The jury returned a verdict that he came to hie death from exposure. Very am re blows had taken place in eeveral parti of the Stale. Foar daughters of Rev. Dr. Ver Mehr, of Sonoma, lied died, all of the tune disease, putrid sore throat. Colonel (lalaea died at Qoartaborg, Mariposa ooonty, aged 80 years. The China? in Mariposa county had very grno nOy adopted the American style of drees, chow lohaoeo and drink brandy and lager hear. At the reoent election, two women wan elected to fill offices in Placer oonnty?one aa Jntficeof the Peace and the other aa Constable. Each re ceived one vote la the precinct, and than waa ao oppoaiti<in. Thr Mlnw. Since the sailing of die last steamer, considerable rain had fhllen throughout the State, and the pros pects of the miners were very favorable, It was eetiautod that if the present season proves a favorable one, over a million dollars' worth of gold woald ha waabed out within foar alias of Baa An drea, Calaveras county. Tho Keystone Compaay, ea Selby Hill, bad aold AW ounces of gold, vaiaeO at $10,000, the profits of ten days' washing* of drift dirt. Thtre an 690 miles of canals far the oonveyanoe nf water for miarng purpaaas in El Dorado coaaty, !?alde i">0 miles of lateral branches. fht original coat of the work waa $1,429,900. A quart* ledge had recently been discovered in Nevada, which turned out $400 per ton. ?toeeilaaeawa Items. Thr Arruns or Anaas A Co?There have been <ome importsnt movea iu the afhlrs of the boose of Adams * Co. Gilbert a. Grant, the nferae In the case oi Adams vs. Haskell A Woods, died his report on Nov. 22d. finding the amount of dains a roved byFhlm against Adtms A Co. to be $1,151, . .lodge Hager, of the F north ni^ir.ct Court, in which the rase Is neudln*. Innediitely orjered all |h rs"iis int. nstf l to show ran** wty the report ohouh) not. be confirmed withtn two w?>eks. Hinoo thrn f.n Nov. 2?,.lu1ge Hager made an order that H. M. Nagtee, the ?eoM?e* in the shore < a*e. and ti e holder ol all the funds of Adams A Co., should file a sworn Inventory or acooant of th? fundi oa baid. Ac. B> this action t&e Receiver rill be com- j pt iled to prwxed with the business for ehich he was appoifited. heverul repoits of referees, ap jM iottd for Hpf'ial purpose** iu matters connected with Vdnnn A Co.'a aflaire, h?ve already been or will in *fr? oay? be ttUx}. ut d it is thei-elw*- to be exi-ecUd that th ? vexed business will ajieeilly be wcutio up. Nageeba- involved matters oousidcr^ aWj, but attuug efforts will be made to make his 11ootid path straight. A judgment tor $100,783, ?ud a oeciue oi loteoloeure on a mortgage, was also rendered against Palmer, Cook A Cj., for th?r. amount of money belonging to Adams A Co., iu thrir b?Eds San Francisco BulUtin, Dec. 5. Pii>ros?i> H*moval o? tdk Ypba In?ianh to thk Nout Ltu(t? KiSKKT?Tio<.?Laat Monday, Col. T J.Henley. Indian Agent, accompanied by several ot the Murysvilie city otlicialn and others, vis ited Yuba city for the purpue of making kn >wa t? the Yuba tribe ot Induns the wishes of the Desalt n fnt. The Mar>8villc Hernld Bays on this subject The visiters were met aF. Yuba City by Goo. J- A Kittle.. who hccomp&uied C<>1. Henley and his party to the Council W ig warn of tbo Yubaa. There they fourd assembled a large oompany of Indians from the Bock, Yukulu.ev, Clash. and Yuba tribes. CoL B<nlcy having made known to Oen. Sutter the pur pos* of bis visit, requested hi n to inform the lu cians of the same, whioh he prooeeded to do in Span ish- After the General had finished his "talk," Capt. M. D Dobbins addressed the Indiana in their own dialect, infoimiog them vtthe advantages to be derived to them by a removal. Wakataw, Chief of the Yubaa, replied. Wakstaw fuld the Yubaa were willing to go, but a iked for a mouth's delay, that they might have t<vooancee more, and time to eat op the pro* isions they had on baud. Col. Henley consented to the oelr.v, but gavo the n to understand that no longer time would be granted. The Colonel then addnoMd a few remarks to the whi'cs who we e present, urging tbtm as pond cltlrens to aid the go vernment in the removal of the Indians, and Jiu tiening evil disposed persons, if suoh there were, against endeavoting, for the sake of pereooal gain, to towart so hnn ane a movement. Oitey, ch ef of the Hock, Olol, ohtef of the Clash, and thr* good looking Indian soldiers, who served uuder General Butter during the administration of Miuheltorreno, were preeent at the interview. The prospect now is that the Indians will be removed in about a month. Yksmsls i? Custody of rn? Marshal.- I'M following veseelaareaowin the custody of the united States Marshal: Steamship Cortes. Steamship Pacific. Steamship Uncle Ham. Steamship Brotner Jonathan. -All at Mare Island. And 300 tons of coal at Mar ket street wharf. , Itaik Alberto or Caroline, off North Point dock. Schooner Ann Delgaadno, at Long wharf. Marriages, Births and Deaths. MklHKD. At Orass Valley, Nov. 19, Or. C. K. Shaw to Mrs. Mary 0lAtV>rest City. Nov. 9. Mr. Joha Klrttpatrick to Miss M a7GfaaT"Mound W T., O*. 23. Mr. Uvt L. Gates to MI'S Km el l d? D Goodell. At tTtootoarn. Nov. 19, by the Rsv. S. Whseler, of Plaoerviile, M'. R J. Curby to Miss Susan A. Roup, both of Mameluke HUI. At Newiowa, Oct. 21, Mr. Joel Purdy to Mlsi Chariot is Clawson. la Sutler oounty, Mr. Charlss F. Pratt to Hiss Jans Ana ^lnYebe county, Nov 19, Mr. MaUhlas L. Howsll to M,Jib ^CWvaiy chart*, by Rev. Dr. Sostt, Nov. 24. Mr. James 1' Goodman, of Sea Krandaco, to Mary Naaaa, lata of Syracuse. N T la Baa Fraactsco. by Rev. Dr Anderaoa, Nov 28, Mr. G W. CSrtetlaa to Mrs Oatoarlae i'easley. By taesams Nov. U, Mr. G. H. TtUsy to Miss Anna M. Blrmlr f bam. Is Shasta. Not U, by Judge Hlaokley, Athaaash Man sean to Loul? Deetrs Rebnoa. la reutuma. Nov. 2?, Mr. Aadrew Hklllmaa to Miss Marlah Jsae Jo?e Oa the lOia ot Noreiaber, soar BoHoaa, Maria cooily, by Rev. Jaw?cs Bonier, Mr. W L Johaaoa u Miss. Hies Msrtah Garrison . _ la Fan Fraea-eeo, Nov U, by Rev. Dr. mm, MM* ?mi 1*1 W'-H to Mttt ?> C?ofc la Sen Franoteco Nov. 25, by the Rev. 8. H Wlltof, Frederick ff. Frass, ef tais city, to Sarah Swartwoot, o N NsJ?Y?ba City. Nov. 20. by thr Rsv Mr Ross, Mr. C F Itatt. <4 tho Ku'cka Hotel, to Mlsa. Jam Grsy, both of Haacrolr otnmj, 111. At ih* F*ra>?r's Rons*, (I/wf haraad fobs road > by J J Kirkpau-tik. ?r Jaatsa N Noble, of Nevada, to una l Avi) li L Tocff, of Yotoi ooujkly. "isao Kranoace. N*? 27, by Rev. V P. Catler, Mr. Fraak Vaa Iieventer. ef Ooatra Uosta, to Miss Mary \ aa TivmII la Saa Frarcl?co, oo the evening of Nov. 2?, by Rev. K. M. l.acy H.I am I* Ooie to Sarab t. Hnttoa. _ t ^ In !%ciamento Nov. 27. b| Rev J. A. Baalon, Richard H. Flctrn, of dsn t. anrtteo. to l.isate, (aughtar ot Uol. J. C. ZabnakiS of in- 'orator otaoe. Is H.ocku*, Nov 22, Mi Iflula A. Wacgoaaaaa to Miss ' Nov. 24, by the Rev. Mr. Woodhrtdge G. B. I 8tevcneon, l..q , ot btr^o Val?y. to Ml? Aaaa, danfbtor ot rnoiDM Maupit. Ka<) of Hit foi aser ptaco 1 AViEsSitS N?.? Vari Nov 27, by tas R^ht Bishop Kip, D. O . Or. J M Browse, ustted Mates Navy, io Mira Alloe Kc daacbio.- of the Hoo. Uaalel forser. At Vail?cito, Sov 20, by tbo Rev. Wm. C Gary, Mr. William Kia?a?, aaoot ot iSt Pact Jo Kiptwss si Valleclte, to Mns Baleae 0. A. Kollor*aa, latoly of Now Braaafsis, jim la 8aa FraaoUei, Nov. 20, by tbo Bov. Dr Shepard, Mr. Joha W. Titoomb aca of &oa. Judge Titooab, te Miss ?dat> Carroll, of Beetoa. , ^ . .. la fen Fraaoleeo, at dt Man's oharo*, Nov. *7, by the Rsv. raUx-r HailMbor Mr. Jaass l,ycoa Is Miss AUos M. Kearedy. all of San Fraastseo. la 8oa rr.ecaco. Nov 24, by the Rev. A. MarasW, Mr. Hugh Merioo, of rtaaia Clara, to Miss Mary Umdy, fbr M?rly st Msata, fUvaa coasty, Irelaml In rias Fr?acuoo, Nav 29, by Rer R. P. Cutler, Mr. Wa. ?. Graa? to Mrs Oaaaai. Aostia. la Merysvuie, Nov 2?, at the Orieass Holsl. hy Rev. E. PraU, tae Has Edward Barton, of Nevada to AsaaM., caiy daaghisr of Aa<lraw Law, Kaq., st Narth Plppla, Dana oooaty, Wlacaaaia la Marysvilio. Nov. 21, by Rev. Wadsaorth, Capt A. Vat nam te Mra C I Barrtrk . Oa the 17th, hy the aasse, at the Wasters Hvasa, Mr. Adam Hsibs ta Mas E taahrth Strata. M tm tks -7th. hy Rev. Father Paler Magocaotti, Mr. Hegb Chr? to Mh? Jaae Oeaundga. In San Fraanaoo. Nov SO, ay the Rev. I. Mosahaks. Mr. Jaaa Boha ta Mtaa Wiaabath Rooh. la Saa rraad?eo. Oa t, hy Rev K 8.1.acv, Itam BraaSoa of Baa Jraa, to Mlsa Hstsa Miller, ef Baa Fret la Ssa Ft aa Msec, Ore*, by D. H Haarahsa. Jartio^of tho Peace, Jsoob A MealL of the o?y at Baa Fraastssa, Is l auaa L. Kehfr. late ef flew York sMy. Oa the 30th No*ember, at the Lisoala Hoase, Butte coasty. AaaosB Wtlght, of Bar'r^wa, Keatneky, aad "^tTSacramecta, N?r 27, R L J?aa? ???"HsMary l?at ?a, bath of Baoraaeato. Mbtbb. Ia Mm Fraaelaoo, No*. at, (c.isofe^itiag Day,) at 10 CM P H., Mrs. Itar}, wlioaf Janrl C naglo, ?*1, al a ImiMm. la Baa Fraaottao, Not ft, al 4 P. M, tfea wife af Biofe ard Boilaaa. of a aaa. la Baa rraiwooo Nor. M, tfea wife of Mr . A. M. Bay. of a daagfetor la Napa. Bar. II, the wife af Mr. J?*a Wolfe. rfiML la Baa Fiaa^ui. aa BmIo Iraal, Ifaooa Fatal, Nor IT, tka wife of Mr. Edward fla; ar, of a daagfetar. ia Baa Fraaoteoe, Nor. V?, tfeo wife al Mr. jafea J. B*a? dy. af two ?aa|bt>r*. La MaryarUio, Not. M, tka wife af Oaorja a Garfeaa*, ar a mm. la flaa Fraaetaao, Daa. t, Ma wife ?T Mra. Wat Boy la af a daagfetar. MX A. la Napa Vailay, Maw. M, a daagfelw af Mr. Ta Naob, aged ataa ;aM la CataaMa, Bar. at, ? Mali wy. Tka doooaaad waa fNa Ooart Hill, eoaMr af Oavia, Ireland. la Ma Fraaoteoe, Nor. STtfe, William I , twta aaa af neawi it aad Ma/gam fB Biawer egad aaa pw aad at ft "Vary 1 Ball. Hoaoaa, aa tka Mtfe Noreaber, after aa lltaaaa at In dt|i waa aac dealy takaa away irow fear fearaavad pareatt, Barta Maria, aged Ira yoara, eaagater af Bar J. L. Tar Mafer aad Faaay Var Mafer. Oa fttarday, tfea ttd BaToabor, at Bt. Mary'a HalL IfeaaaM, AloWtfa da Faaafea, yoaagat daaghMr of Ber. Jafea U aad Faaay Tar Mafer. agad tferaa yoara; feat ?krter, Bertha, he nag araa odai fear feat oaa day. Al Bt Bary 'a Bali. Wnaiian, aa Taaaday, tfea 3??fe of Nmakar Bally Baoaar, daigtkr of Bar Mm L. aad raaay Tar Mafer, aged ?l* yaara, feOawlag fear yaaagar ?felon Bartfea aad Teabetag tfeaUlrd ofeild lost by tfea amialad paraata wttfeia ?to day a. MB Beryl Ball, BoaoauL aa Friday, Mao. B.fia ay, daagfetar at Bar Jafea I. aad faaay Ve? Mafer, Mad aioroa yoara aad twa aoathe, feafeg tba foartfe daagktor wafebod by death ma tba agaaiaad paraata wttfcia aaa weefc; Bertha feartag <Uad oa tfea tlat, Ada lavda aa IBa 1M, Rally m tfeaMfe, aad raaay aa tfea Mb taat. _ Oa tha lB?fe of Ostafear, at Boaolaln, Band -lob lalaada, Mr. J H nraraa, brotfear of Miaa I-oolae Qreree, of Ma " Fairy Mlatlrata." agad ? yeora. Ia MaryaTii *a, Not. 3d, Cbarlaa, akfeat aaa of Cbarlaa Hainrtrh. aged I rears. Not It, fa board af tha cllppar eh'p Hlmogrilfe, oa bar pa*aaa? Irnaa UardlfT to 9aa Fraao aoa, of ooaeii<ao Uon. Charlea Bargeae, aocond officer, a aatlTa af Kaglaad, agad S3 years At Keker'e Ranch, naar Mlefelgaa Bag. Nor. 11, B. B Baidwa, aged N yaw Ia Jtaa F?aaetecn, Not. SS, Ba*y Valroaa, yoaacsoi dMi|t>t?r of Joerph a?d Bary Jane Oepprlen, egel I yaara I months sad f day*. la ."*n rrsnnemi Not ft, Job* Haary Nlaaa?. if ttrraaey, hi lb" 3Mfe yrar 01 hit ag? Tb Has Truewoo, Vot II, Chariot 0. Doborty, egel I tnontnr aad 2 <>*?' Near Albany 0 T., "Vptoa?bar. after ?Uegertag III* ae?a, Mr Jofea Barkbea't, la bw TW1 year. in huh fi-*rci*eo, luo iv>(, pf croud, lUcbel l*be'*e, a uai.ti- of aba fruci* >. tfii 4 jeara tad 4 ?Mailt* Id Si* Fr*n?tew\ No <Si fifty ftvtT, Elward O, 0??d?. * nfc?lv < t Don tier. wit, ynar?i In B'lkM, N iv '20. Mr. Tobtur* s n?liiro of Uero any, ?e <1 HH Jui't, to o, Nor 91, 14 inn, i?le o.Urook. Ijn, N. Y , tfd *4l yer? and 10 day*. Oa b?aro tun rtearner 8?rr> Stwela Kor. i4ih, Job a A. Krad. *?n r( .lonn A Krao. of (i.ortweat* at H?r.iam<Di't, Kor. 2'. CJ , U.?aft>tur of Jams* Maddux *f-?l 4 tp%?* ird 10 aonth* At Mid ifcbar, M >KelBiuae river, Nov 13, fb?f Main, ?fed ?? jear* At ?ok?luo>n< hill, Nor. IT. *<1 r>Ipti H, tafftftt M Of Mr K(?a> p, aged 4 tn?nih* ?u>1 91 day*. lo ?tu I r?nct<Po. Nov 3<tn, Mr* -farab H. Alter), wHo of G?orge T Ailea, a oa lv? of New Bidiord, Aged ?2 ywri In Han Frviclvco. at their kiMjwi en the Pi'.rwr? Npeva. Major Cbarl'-a. yooate** a n of John and Minerva BreweWr, crnvoielon* aged I6nnatba in Kan ?nrtn aa Nov It, franc* J., Jaught )r of Daolel Uin.o. ?kh<1 2l yrars ?t 8m Lorn'ii, *< Ms father'* r?aH?nc*, Nov. 26, 1M6, S (??'l Marlon Kennidy, ih? yo'ingwIaMl Of Janwa ?B1 Mar* Kf needy. forme-ly of Harnou county, Michi gan, agtd l" year*. ? laontbe and ' day* Q r Ha? Kr?D</-ro Not 26, Maoedoi 'a. latent eon of Ed ward CotuMenUne. *ged 1 day. Markets. t\*!? FaAr.cifCO, Tunrmay Kwenlng Deo 4, 186f. Thl* hrtnc lUim-r day. very UtUe attention hat baen paid to the tr*n??ctlon nt bn*lne<i aeyond that irhtoh re late* to the depaiture oftba mall atoamcr to morrow. Hie mone-sry market hw been m>^ than oually 8trti>|fD<, owtnr te (he ditbiuity experienced la the col lection <m aooouoti falling doe. In general merobanll-e an exceedingly limited bualnee* hat t>oen done, ax wui be pereelre'l by our report. Titer* have been, no doubt, come aalee or Importance Bade for ca?h, which h*vi bego kept M'scUy private Fumh.??Jobbing ?aio* of 2tt bhl* ano Oalleco at $11 (0; ?(>< <(r aackb Alvuoaup. at 98 2$; 300 do. Fowler'* *ell ratelDff at $0 AT ; M0 rto Commercial extra at IB 60; 100 1*0. k*ton & BOftwlck's extri at $9 60; 1*0 do. do. anp at 9H. and 900 Co Domeatic at $7 60, The Nara City Mllla, owned by Mi?vr?. \iten. Wcloh & Co , l? a ne?r brtad wnlcb ha, been lately Introlnoeo Intoonr market to take the p aco of the highly orlebrated Mtcnolla Mill*. Judging from the color ana weight, and the opiniva ezprewed by ?he baker*, we think It will eater Into Mr competition with tba inmcuK Klcbmond brand*; of tbl* w* note aalai In jobbing lot* of a'?o qnarter aask* nuper. at $8. Kra;: ?10 tnaa *old at ii;3 oer ton WuaaT.?300 eacka fair sold at 92 44, aad 60 do. do. at U*'H Bihliv ?1.10C *ack* prlae aoll oa p. t; 100 do. at 91 40 and 16S do jobbing at ?i (5. Oat*.?100 aaska prime ?old at 92 30;jl00 do. jobbing at 2,'io . aad 160 d* choloe at 3 Pf TAToss ?200 *ack* chnloe, la lota, aotd at SX?- \ -M do do at %'i 86. and 1(0 do Jobblag at 93. Citantm ?000 twizea adamaatlne aold on p t. . Ari i.?100 half bhl* Amerlian dried sold oa r l Banc ?20 tteroc*. In brine, aold on p t. 8uga*;? ?100 bbl* American ornabed Mid at ll^t. per lb . c*i b BaASur ?GO eighth eaaks American brandy aold oa p. t Stai front Oregon. Our dates from thia Territory are to the 26th alt. There is scarcely an itam of moment. Lesohi, a noted Indian warrior, had been captured in Wash ington Territory. There had been considerable rain in the Territory of Oregon. Polygamy In Utah. (Corrtirondoofl 01 >beSau t>iM'?iHw4) Filimob* Citt, Utah, Sept. 15,185b. A* it may be a matter of interest to the gentile world to know how fast oar people an la Utah Ter ritory, I will give you briefly a lUt of thesUnding among the wo men'of the membera of the laat Leg ialatnre, that is their names aad the namber of ap'vM to wit:? Of the member* of the Council, thirteen pereona: HeberC Klai?aU Pre?IJeat ot Council.. Daatsl H. Walla, Council maa, crou eyed . '* Albert Caniuftoo, ortpple sad ?*rJJt<hud *1 Orsoa Prut crippleasd near s Hfctad ? ? ? ' Witford Woodruff cripple aud near-|t*Wa4 " Jcba Maker, ertpplo ead aeer ? lorlu Farc, crippto asd asar # LcreaasSaaw, wlppieaat aear-eigmea.? ????? *?? Ltnirdl Bairtayoa,ertpfla>a? aaarrtjuUd | i Itonitiaia T. Jobaeoa, cripple aud near i'|hM * JaaaanoerHj. It yeaiaaM ? " ! JobB A Bay, Teias ?? ??? Ueorgs a. 8?ua. oUpjde aad aear rtgitel Giard loul, mea IS. ?ibm ..... m Route of Representative*, 28 members J. VI t rant. Ppeaker, b?? ? ?vv W. W pee'ps prtatce of Morgan ? boo* A P Rocksood, an old maa Edwin 0 Wooiley. a smell maa J. W. Cnonnlrp.. cripple ??.??????? v^' Boaea "Wont trom k?ateek J? dead 8. W Ilatniiti innnf anil mail'"** awfer i j?eec( I.lttt'e. lawyer of Breton, Mm Wn fni>w. Ve rnon?laborer.... P. H T? o?r ekter biotber ot nn*aa??teller C y. Hp?o?r. of Maes. nana smell, baa bai Csrafc Return, old aad nnm*!* *? Janet'' ?o?, qalta poor ? a area .iobatoa, bee three ei?veta. aad a logeibar ? t i.rrato H Hatch, w?gc? malar * | Jaeoa G frfl'r. lerwar *? George Peecoe*. farmer ?? John F. d'id?e, phrrBotngW-two ,i UaaeC Ha?|bt ?*?*! ?? i N !>?!?. lawyer ? 10 f> Jour W ^a?iU>. lawyer Joan 0 Parker. old aad deaf ?* J wee HobfOB. O* J c Wrlffci, W?I kMl?r -- .leme* Rrowa. datr men 1 l.owb Keete. termer, ftr... * W. A. Uukmaa, one of ?Ae "anlue ?? Total .167 To which add officers of the Home, to wit:? Tbomat Bullock, clerk, end aa Ke*liabmea 4 J Grim, haw, anilMent clerk, aed aa Cagllebmaa..... ? Obaadler Moibrook, fbreman, aad deaf * Jaoob F. HaioMoaoa. * Joel B. Johaeoa. cbap'aia ^ Total 81 To which add G3 for the number then Uring of Governor Younjfi wlroa, and yon bate the whote number of ft-malea thua repreeented by the memoeri of the Legialatore, offlcerti of name, and hi* hxo?l Irorr amounting to til); or, la other *orl?, 40 men bare 42? wivea. Theae, Mr. Editor, are aobar tnrtha, and in what tbey will end ia for the dark and doleful future. 1VEWI nil IKUIMII. The following are the latest items of intelligence ftom Coata Rica and the ecenes of war in Nlearagoa, brought by the Illinoia:? (from tea Peaaaia BaraM. Dee 1* 1 By the R. M. S. Trent, whieh arrired at AsplnwaU on 7th iMtant.we hare news from (ireytown to Um 6lTl^U. S. steamers Texaa and Tennessee, the flnrt frrrm Hew York, arrired oa the 3d inst, with about 350 passengers, chWflyforOalltor^*hr6^lng for Walker's amy, the latter from New Orleans oa thL evening of the 3d. with about 300 mala DS<Me? a era, all for Walker -a meat rathleas lot ofyaUows, i hirtlj Irish. Their immediately proeeedad by the rt'?SS W5SS;i?. wera retreaUng tmdnari* to Kg*bOTfag {ssx a Coata Rica maa-ofwar brig, igt"R waa ??ad aad bar magaxinabiowa up. Tha Capt^n aad a few of the craw were sared. but ara la a most ^^JuSvnUi oa the moraiof of tho Hth inst int. thcNWMi rumor df Walaer baring been defeated tn^neMg.^-tn^U: it tine, prob&ly at IUras, to which cart he will beqolte hemmed in. Her mail from CosU R?ca. whleb glree ns newa to toe ^n tha H'trklj Album (Ban Joae) of tbe 39th Ifo ha^datiX^ Rim fo the 30th and rfom Malaya ? a^Jtmm ouflict was going on at the totter place, whkhhS^SSSyTasted stooe the 15tb. Walker, % tk eSSw oalerlt^ ot ?JSL 7! " u _?t itialodEe ( en. Oanas from his powtttoo 5?m!jL*1mSSi'?y>f; ??'" *?'"*? and sttaoked Maissya on the 15*h with mob rigor tot bT&cU* a lodgment in^e town^d be rut t>? rhurrh of San Sebastian and some houses. ^>a the lftth the battle recommenced, and tho al lies ba^ng"urr winded his position cut off and ctp tartd all bis baggage mnfeTMidbocaea and two """" Mate of elegs in ? part ui awv^-J M Ian trno| we"- m^meatairtly 'Jj?" ? tig to cut c* his retreat, who had slept there oa tne 17?bela,ttle ?ai still raging on the 18thu without tr . ii'rd soTantsgs b?tna ohOiaed. hut t^nerai 1 , , ., ites to rntifident terms abont >> i r in domMsMou of (Iranada oa tha 2iith. 'if Cai?>M <m in Rir?s, with Ihe ?rWh? ; under Geucral Oieres. hi all *9# ,-ttlO g. Vid IX pected t* attack the flliburteta ?W remiatd iu j Virgin Uaj on tbe 21st. 80 ie 20 d terters bad arrived in Panto Attvis , from that place, who were engaged in the ac* >'i of ? the 12tli near Ban Joan, Tuey report so e ii if \ more to be ou tha way. ai their tlluuocau Uad dis Sirittd them, and they are more apprulte u>ive of ionruguui vangtance than C??*a Ilioa ill-foit meLt Waiker'a loan on tbe 12th was U killed aa-i 27 wound* !? Kvery thins; appears to be goiug on proopeiouely, and ire anticipate good new* by next matt. The ?perationa of Walker already begin to imr a dcapetate aspect. He it; evideu Jy seeking ;i tk ciaive engagement, and the heavy reinforcements

be is receiving every torUiight enaote him t.? make light of ocaeu The Coat* Kica forces are aoon expected to be in the field, comaa&ded tjy General Don J *uc Joaquiu Mora, or the Pnmi'tent in persoo. The BoUtin Official, of aame date, thus an nounces the latest intelligence from the seat of war:? CrfDeral Oanaa writes from Rivas on the 20th Novimber:?In the aetion of the 12tt>, Walker had 14 killed and 27 wounded; Don Manuel Cardenas has bee a named Prefect of Rivaa; Generul Jeres and his division con tinned under tna orders of (General Cants. Wa'ker availing himself of tbe advantages wbictt the str tm era give him, left Virgin B*y ou the 14>.h, and at tacked General Bellow on the i.r>th at Masduya, doa troying the church of San Sebastian, which incem>ed the nutivea very much. among his meu. On the 18th the fighting continued. 2,(XK> men were in Maas^ya, nnder General Belloeo; they had Buffered but feir iosse9, and had infl cted considerable injury on the enemy. On the 16th, Walker lost all hw bairgite-mules and twa cannons, and suffered considerable loss On the 17th, 800 Guatemalan troop* nleot in Ma nage*, and the next day attacked Walker's reir guard. On the 20th it was cxpectod Grenada w >uld tie taken, and the transit road tall into the bands of the alliea. ItlWS PKOfl SEW GfcllJLDi. Movcumu of thr I'nltnl stun War V?-i sel??Arrival ot the British Pacific i rt>R?Ubjtctl of It* Mission? The Blorkulr ((nttUon?lUtred tow*ra? Amcrtcuu?Ike hnlliMd?Affilrt In Bogota. Oar fties from New Grsuadtt Me from Panama and Aspinwal! to the 19th of December. The Panama Mrrald of that date baa the follow ing new* sunmary:?Yesterday evenirg aa enter tain meat was given by a large number of foreign re sident# of Panama to Commander T. Bailey and the officere of the United States sloop?e* war St. Marys, in order to expreas the kind and friendly leciing en tertained for these gentlemen daring their slay In this port. We bad almost got to look upon Com mander Bailey and his officen>, ater bo long a no jour n among as, as a permanent and very important part of our society, and their departure will be re gretted by an wuh whom they had formed an ac quaintance heie. The Commander, officers and crew of the St. Marys, left Panama for Ajpinwall on the morning of the 17th in lit, and the relief cresr came over yester day afternoon. fhe United States frigate Wabash arrived at A.3 pinwall on the 14th lost. On Monday, 8th lust., the Monarch, M, bearing the flag of Admiral Bruce, commanding the Bririsn squadron in the Pacific; the sx**r corvette Petri, 21, Capt. Kothehy, and the E?, 81, Capt. sir Uobert M. MoClure, arrived in this port, the two former trom Punt* arenas and the latter ftom a cruise in me bay Very absurd mmois have- b< en in circulation an to the object of the visit of these vessels, at the pre set t time, coupled with thu present-* ot the Orion ?i Olhsf Jftriihfc ahifa mt wsaat Aeatawna. tmi we have teas on to believe that their oi^ect?whatever It to? ba? not bven made public. Uoivevw, we learn from reliable authority th t one of the princip U objects of Admiral Brace'* visit to thu [tort. in her biitiah Majesty a frigate Monarch is t>. rx tmlne into the uracticalsfitv of establishing a British nuv?i de pot in the Bay of I'anaini, In order that the British fleet in die Pacific, now principally stea-uers, miy re< ? ive their coal across the Isthmus. The Monarch la a', present at the Island of T i bo#a, which the Bri i?h will doubt <e*s make their headquarters, if they determine on hiring a station here. The United ati'es government' have aim, we un derstand, been thinking of taking a similar step, which, by the way, they sh >uld have done years ug>, but we fear. fr in 'he tardiness with which thev >;* nerally attend to tnatteis in Washington relative their int? rests on the Pariti* cwt, they m*y let the m itter remiia until it tie t o late to eft-^t tin obi cct. By a private letter receive] from a most reliable source in Cur'hagtna by the last mail, we htve re ceived the following Intelligence respecting the pro gress of the British blockade, Ac. Cue l?v,ter u dated Csithagena. Nov. '23, 1866, aid reads at fol lows:? The British difficulty Is still pending, and the blockade of all the New (iranadian pons wilt cem inence immediately. The aquadroa U expected shortly, and the British Minister may probably loave Bogota and come down to the court as soon at the blockade*. Hie Bogota papers are furious against Mr. Bowlin, the United Kates government und people, on ac count of Mr. B.'s letter to Sr. Pom ho. it is certain ly a very strongly written document, but it contains only facts, and they ought not to be sj disagreea-jle. Ills despatch is styled "Brother Jonathan's kick"? cox df lurmano Jonathan. The temper displayed generally by the people of the Interior on the sub ject of our differences indui os the belief that Ihey are not likely to have aa amicable solution. The free port of Oarthagena has done as no good. We have no influx of capitalist* nor importa tion of merchandise, and If we nad, there are no cus tomers- Money Is very scarce. The Aspinwall Courier of 19th Instant. ha* the folowing item--The United Slates sloo>of-war Ovanne will leave this port In a fear days, to c-tnvey Honorable L. K. Morse to Carthagrna, m route for Bogota. The very heavy rains with which the line of the 1'aaama railroad has bten visited duriog tlie past fortnight, have done less damage than waa to have been anticipated. The oommnnity o{ the Isthmus is extremely so licitous respecting the arrangement now on the tap** between the United States and New Granada: and the anxiety ia increased by the utter laek of any inkHnga of the probable result. Prom Bogota the Boirtin Industrial of Pereira, Oaaha A Co.. Bogota, November 18, commenting upon the severe depreaakm of the money market and the consequent dullness in trade, my* It la osused by the uncertainty with which the comaer otal mini regards the floating boaie, government securities, ani endeavors to aa*are the monetary community of the saflstv of transactions la them. El Titmpo, of Bogota. November 18, in the third of a aeries of article* upon the relations of the governments of New Oranada aad the State of Pa nama, endeavor* to prove the legality and equity of the tonnage tax, and the Illegality and impropriety of the resolution of the executive power of the re public which nullified the Imposition of the aforesaid raws FBOB TVS MVTf PICIFK. Tbeatcamahfp New (Jranada arrived at Puna ma on the fith inetant. bringing 1271,770 In apaete. The (late* are--VaJparaiao loth, CaJlao J7th, and Fait* 3<Jth of Noreeber ; (loajaqail, December I at. CHILR tbi xftw CAarxrr oo?n.m?coota moan orr ci al cbamm? a nw wan mini aiuutco? uxu AW9 aailroan?wint wmiwn. Dm Alejandro Vial baa been appointed Mtniater of Finance, and the new Cabinet n complete. 8r Vial la a young man who ha* no axprrieoee. and his appointment to thin Important pwt doea not appear ?o M favorably received- I Don Fa-nndo fly, Spaaiah Mlni?ter In Coata Rica, lae been appointed by hia government Charge d'Alfcirc* In Chile. The Chilian war a'tamer foaeralda, 20 gnm, built in England for the government, had arrived aafely at Valparaiso. Her offloera apeak highly of bar performance during the voyage. On the 4th of November the bank of depoait and dbronnt waa opened. Tbe works of the Santiago and Valpaniao R?il road are progrwaing rapidly, a* are also thoso of tbe Taena an<l Santiago line. Joaquin Carbacho poinard?d hi* wife, Fr i ??? \ ilenzn? l:i. in tho principal aqnare <t ? tbe m<ddle of the day, and to the \,?tenou of a on i t-er of ard immediately ast?r*r*-d< S'tr- I icndtred bltie* If to jtiatl -e. .lealmiay, %rl?ng fro u the conduct of hi* wifo, was the ? ms* of tn? r U j Pehas b*?n 1?ie.| and ?n ?n> -.I to I < '? , ffelin? In Santiago ia in favor oi ? reprieve. PhuU HAVID 0? TH-. to* KBTOCOTION?? lHteBKTlON UT NaTlONAL ?CUASK if TBKTHKM BT PIKaT*JIMl VIJaMJ K?t,I->TICi>. Ttae revolutionary movement in the s'Mitli seem* to Increare, and two of tic natio 1*1 vessels, ib ? l.ot and Apurimtc, had gjiie over to tkf re vol i ft on aj Cty. The Lzcui hiica, Tun-.bes a*Jd Ucayali it id u sent ufi?r tliein by tbe g<mVMB?ut, and a number of English and American fceachcoinber* were euhfted to aid in their capture s the neutral oulnion wt*s that the govfrurcn-nt snips fvoulj most lAe4y get the aorst ot it, and either bt* takea or join the revolntionarv p?t ty. Pnesitt nt Cartt!l i had Lilted a decree pronounc ing the Lnaaiid aptwiinac pirates, and that vessels of anj nation are authorized to s?-ue the n. t>ewral Liaarzabttru uau been utMBed MiniVter of War and Ma line. Marshal Han Kaaion, with all the force he cm Id muster, mar-heft tr m Islay to Tacoa to joirrthe cividon ot (?euer?il l-'rejre, quartered there, fhe Comrrcio states t'ia" the revolutionary movement in artquipa wad ou its last lees when the news ?f ihe Apunui.c having pronounced in ite favor gave it new lite. Tbe An qui pa correspondent of the ValparaUo Comrrcio b#v? :?Oa the ?' pronunciamento " of tt?9 1>oh and Apurimac, San Itainon retreated fron thence to Tunibo with ISO rot-n and tbe saraedty lalay declared in favor of the revolutionary ptrty. Ob the 19th San Hamoa re&ched Tanbo, w hero tie was detained by Col., but the same bight ho made hia escape, it is supjtoMd* to Puao. Private let era fiom Lima aay that it in thought that Cadilla will be able to put doirn the revolu tion, a* the Convention will vote him extraordinary powers. . The Panama Herald of tne PXh inst. sari:?We omit ed to mention in our bout hern newn tue im portant i act that tlx- Hritish mail steamer Suutiago, ('apt. Sti-acban, when ca her way from Callao to Valparaiso, had been t-topped At N?a by the Peruvian steamship of war Apuitaoic, after that vessel bad piratically left CaUao, and that all the Peruvian maris on board were transferred from the former to the latter ship, so as to prevent their reaching their destination. Frost Bolivia there is no news of interest. The Ecnatfor Congress had been pro rouged. The estimates for the year had not heen passed. An amne-ty tor political offenders was passed. Juan Jose Flore?. wfch his family, and all persons connected with the protected Spanish invasion of 184(1, tbo piratical invasion of 1*52 and the lata mi litary sedition ware txcluded from its operation. MARKETS. Valtobaiho, Nov. IS ? i>ui lug (he formight tbo am-rcot ot buiiaisa u?oiucled hai baeo very mill, sad no aatoi of any account for aoroad Have taken pUco tbe intr ket a w?li aupplltd, aad parobaaet for tne suuoav sea son are riptctcd to commence In Dceaab?r. Cattoa* are atoa?aat wito slow sa>?? Oidloarjr roruuure pnnta unsaleable, belnf superceded t>y cotton m^riao Lint-dp abundant an I uo demand. Siik< ?Barkvt well aupp<led, hnt no buyers KcttU ? Slojk Increased br tresb importation*, except tta piata Ufulds ?Oil, braaOea, beer, Arc , all abundant, and rales ooiy f.?r ioial orneumptlon liopptr in bar*, is beld at tiu, an4 Ooy ersofler $10 60. Home faroeli la tne market, but no iraMaetlooi ounrg the fortulsh'. Flour? til 60 to $11 T$lor Soutbern, aad $il ~'o to $.3 lor StalUgo Is atseo, wben setllnf in tniail lou It Is tuata-l tbai the red dust platue has appe?rt d aotoeit ibi wb?at oro jt, wbioh ba? canted soma alarm nlaUve to tbe produce or tbe harvest. Nltrato ba> been sola from S'2 34-^ ta $1 4ii\ per qomtsl, aed bold r? uoa a?k $1 60 bat a de c.ito la sntleipaied. Daring the aonih oiojtner 7i,lt9 qamtals were tblppe 1 u><p?, and on thsi Slat v mat montb tccre were veasei* la port loading 60,000 qu>sta? Fttlabls ? Ores. Irom roast t ? BalUuMra, $18 to $ 0. Gnano from Db'rrhas to J *{!tnd, ?,m Nitrate. Troa Iqulque, ?3 10s. Oreo, iron. Ualdera tossraasea, XI. ViBY LATE f BOM ACMTRILIi. THE ILKCTIONB AM> UOVK.ANMtt-T 1MKLUENCK? TOCB OF TBK GOTl'IOOt- PBOrOStiD CMtON OF VICTORIA. AMD Sut'TH tU.iTKAl.IA IN TRADC TABirr?A HITBMAHINK TCLKtlltSfM ttPOKR* Of? M?W GOLD riKXD*- I'BICB Or THE METAL? 1.AH0K NtlGOHl*. By way of CaiUo, we have news from Australia Bat*d at Sydney on 4th, >u?d hei bourne on llth of October. la the colony of Victoria the elections appear to eogroe* rhe public attention, ?ud the Melbourne Istadrr accuKf s the gov?rojue?t of uMng undue in fluence to tectue the rt turn of it* supporter*. ttlr Richard McDonnell,(iovfrnorof South Austra lia, visited the Orens on a toar up the Murray. Ill* Kxwileucy'a object in tons making s journey of nearly 2,00ft miles lr>?iu hi* capitel. is Mid to It to obtain personal acq lainUiee with mutters rcUttag to the new trade ?pritipr>K np bet teen Ad.-liiie and tbote dirtrict.s of Victoria tuid Now South Wnlea watered by tbe river Murray, so as to enib e Lim to form an opinion on questions vo t > ni ter-colonial t art/1 * In u speech nude by Sir Rlcbtrd, he expumsd % hope th u it lie tound poseibte to B.s.-imila'e tbe tariPa of Victoria and S<tut*i Australia, l.-at in oon*quenre of conflicting iotercata, be despaired of that rosnlt. until u (tcaeral confeuor* tion of the Australian Colonic* had beon cflec. ed. The Adelaide Chamber of Commerce had i v Eb- ed its coofarr. uce In tbe views of the Mel nice Chamber aa to the asvtti dlatioa ot the tmffs of the two colonies. A submarine cable to cmnoct Victoria and Tas mania is aim spoken of. The c ommercial community of New Swth Wales and Tasmania ba?e also cxpres-?e l themselves in lav, r of a<wimilated t iriffs. Dr. Thompson. Mayor of Ceelong, has been hMd to bail for a criminal information for libel, tiled ag&ii.Mt him by Mr. J. R. liatley, editor of the vtr. In Hydney tbe Cowper Cabinet has resigned, and a new' administration bad been formed by Mr. Pai ker. Adelaide paper* of Octolier 4, xtate that the Hold Resident Committee bad decided to *end Mr. Key nolda to Kangaroo ial ind to sce.rch for gold. From fasmania. dates are to October 2. The elocUouM are tbe chief points of interest. Favorable reports had beed received from the Oold Exploring Committee s Superintendent at Fingal|. At fUallmrat and Cwrlemain many mining claims have been amalgamated, and are to be worked by a company of shareholder*. At Bendigo the price of gold remains at,75s. Tbe Dotiolly dlggtags are crowded with miners, but the yield is not considered as satisfactory. Sjmc Urge nugget* have been found. ' Tbe Kynefton Herald of Ooi. 4, announces that a new gold field has been discovered in tbe vicinity of Malm aim ry. In Melbourne the gold ratrlea for shipment on the 10th of October were 4,?Hi oa , most of whicb was per Montmorency, for Liverpool, which was t> anil on th* 15th. Legal IntelllgenT*-. [lanwoem or iss Our in o?- aitsai*. Dec M. ISM. ?. Affirmed wlta can Ilea back aft. rtoihsr. i'?ssp?ey acv Tytor. Craft act Mtrrlll. fiacjr i(t Urahwn. Coimaa s?l. Oarrtgaea. Oatmrw sat Byrne. Tbo?p ten ait He. r?ppar aft. I lata hi fboaaa act Oraa etU. Tbe ?V?* itepajtasrnl oe N?-w \*erk i|t. Raffaai. Bust act Hedeoa River Hre Ianraeoe naaaasay. Mae say ?*t Karsbaa. sweet m Tuttle. BfcXgste act ppaakim: Keener act. Oraeaer. Tee People act. Bar ilagir fke Castarn i aakioad Coaeeay eg*. efrtubt TV faster a Maakroad Ooseaasw a?t Vatiffea. Orr set. Blcetow. H-t weed act the ONv of Bsflaie. Lee e?t. The Peeele act. Pcberaieraora. Jadgweat msesee and new trial oeAsred. Boats te abide event?Lawreaoe sgt. Mall. Tea Wyek act He latyre. TUana aft Fraakta. B-ymoer set. Wilaee. Mwrite m I.yen. Htrreaa ift Oeta. Brseaen aft I cm davie act l*e Bayer, Bs , ef New Vorc. Judfmeet of Papresse Oeort aad enter ef ."en nfnta reversed, wttaeet ootU?Eatereoe set. Bewera. Appeal diaenlesed, wlU eeste ef Ue sppssl Oenyw ?fV Ooyaea. . -ubaweien lacom plate, papers aot be??| feralahed, oe order mrjnagmtmt i? te be st preiiei renders* Water staa aft Bateedaa Appeal disss issei, witb costs, n a lees before MM eext ttaru wns Ike appellaat pet the eeee la proper term. u> w bleb red they bare leave te more the ^apresse Court ae they m?y be advtss* Magee eft. Btker Moetea Mr robsanag daaiee, with ?10nesee Traey act Motion t* dlemlse appeal dsated, with 110 *o*ta? Roosay act seooad Aveese Raiireed Coapanr. Re argvaeeet ordered?Tb? People egt lsable, Hoyt agt. Carter. Chester aft The Ktagsioa Bsak; Rdfoaabe sgt. Msresrree; Farmers aad ?eehaates' Bsek et Kset Beeety agt Tbe Batchers' sad ivevers' lank. Ctryr fntelllfrenee. Rropss Pairs sr rwa Asroe llorsa.?tlemglb T?. Bert rteth, bro?hnr of tbe Hon. Wm. M. Isrldeth, ei *eorrtarjr of ihe Trewmry, died soddonly n* rtteow of the hesrt. at tbr A suit Ho?isr. oa FslnHsy sflTonon. Tbr d*-?a??.l ?ss s lawyer br orofetslon. sm W T**n of ?*#, sod wm s n?tlr? ofnubMlelpbia. 1b' t**lrof 'l-.-rssert will b? <Me*eyedtn rbUedeipbt* this wnraiac for tbe parposo if ln ?rta?-ii. Srrrivas or tea TtiWAtlnrri TaimsArn Casui ? Ws um!?rst?od that Cyras tT. P'oM. R*i., ht< pla*od la tbe ktrhsree s seectnnra of tbs ewwts***vtsM snftmsrfne tele srspti c*h e, 'lesl*e>' ' 'oejno?<-t tr lscl wUb ltewrcviri'llAn I urt* ".s'nier tb<" '?treiieiftrsnse of <he osbir isoely 'hv. of stialfdim*. > I '???? sisn<m?n-? sn^agtb *n<i I* ss r ? hlr ?s?a iWinarj - is It w/| w?ll rr< \} so'Itis ftv a w?'k ???'b? Ktrhsnge W' slso Irtrn i* sperl'n^ns .if th? Sottenh ortt>e ??'%?<>??, h-'.wron Pewi^ti" liasi wt i'?i* 'i. fW?pirlhrC?wi 1 H*rrTW?B ilirof *M rr -nl Snrrrfof *v ?4?*rseh t< ti<e er p ??**?>. ?i I ?>> be pi<u5*s te the lb . I *r?s to fir vbr r-??1ee?'*? jf t??e enrto'is Tint Tawsast 'leas.! it ' is?tvrrr met ?? se?-mHr etfTi'. to wind up lis ?ilsir? far V* j?r*r 1 Vr* w.w ee bneMesS ?f importer <? irsn^scfl stl hv wss d<? i* ws*toeeMtaa f-v I n?rolal *n*uers, ane thsnt ths " #? er?, wb rh It d?< T?* Cowinfttee t>w the j?sr Mi *? we?:. oa tberntey o ?'?* Rnl, ?hirb is Wee Tfsr i i*f, | INDEX TO THE TEAR 1856. HISTORICAL, Chronology of Important K?#nt? in Europt, Asia* Africa and Australia. Close of the Rnuian War?Commebeevrvt awl Progress uf the f?nlral Aiur rien War. I'lwr Bnttlrs In Mil Coat* Kliv, frnm Ntraqvtpl to .an Jimn rJrl .Soil ? It*? " Toliittonn In K|?in, Nrilro, Hajrtl, l*-r ?a and ?lrll>?K?rtlii|ni)Af) In R+jy jk, Hrilca ? ltd kloiif; ihr Mtiliirrtr?>i <oa>i-BlriH ?rf Ike Klnf( of Alyrl* nnrl Corwiallnt of the Cmt, Air tai.<frr?t'tirtM^Widty KttmIiMI Openly in ( vntlmtlnoplr?Hallwayftn Auc Italla?Rara^m fry Cholrro and Harrtraara In lnola_Bridal* War wttti Hrrnhk?The tnlifd Htaar* lV'av/ at (tic fijivii?OMivh Affairs In Harnr, limtla. iipria and Jhtloa ?lite Atlantic Trtritraph. AC- &?., Ad. Prepared eipreasly from the Fibs of the Jew Tork Herald. JAKUAftT. 1 ?-Ktephen A l>atoa awora la m Prceldoot of lib* lia, Africa... Hva hundred cod eighty Tffieli pa?aad tbe Sound ?t Eit.lnore during Hit month 9f DocnmOor iiti. Tbe total number whtch went tbrou?li ilutint lb* yea* XS6.' ?v J6.HOO be'De flve hundred and sl?ty Itwi tbaa In 1M1. A oensns ol' the w?jr or Rome (Italy) ibom that it has aa inhabitants?in fifty f>ar parishes M bltbopa, 1 ,M6 Moniar clergy, 3 213 monks, 1,019 bom, 687 semlnarirta and pupils for holy orders 414 non Caibo lies :>8,7&4 t a nil If b or 177,401 total popr.lauon. In ItM^ tbe peculation was 178,032, and the deaths 6,0"?4a 186.">, T < 81.... In Nicaragua. (C A.,) the anr (nrers BftDt ?n made up aa lotion*:?President, Dsn Patriate Wtss; Secretary o.' Stole, <4en. Maximo Jerea: Minister aC War, I>on Bneaeventara Hlva; Aotiop Minister of Fioaaost Hon fermla Karrar; Judiciary?three supreme judges? Don Ianueent Cbomorra, Don Pedro gj.otono, Dan Bab? una Marenoo, Department of Grannda Governor, Heaar Bllra, of r.lty and fllty towns, department of KItm. Sonar Ubaldo: [tepartment of Choataiaa. (vacant); Department ol Mata|aipa, Cot Herrera; Department ol NuevaHegova, Gen Valtta; and Deparunoutof ?, Leon Marrcsaii ... Qeneral la I.lavr entered on tbe government of .Tera Cm/. Mexico... Tbe Dear civil oode ot Chill, A. ) aaat mtn fate*.. .Port an I'rinoe tB?)U) advtaea of Ibw day ccntirmea ibe report* of the d<-foa< o* tot KmperorKMorqa* by Uto I k>ibink-ana. Bo bad r.e i Irom lb ? Odd, tort a re ward of ten Ibouraod <!aoblooa? was placed on bis bead... It was ljund that the total oumber o< veaaela wrecke# aid damafd on tbe coasts of the Vailed Kingdom tm IHI'6 ?aa 1,148; the utal number o( tires 1 ?t ?n *??, and the number of lives saved fr->m wrecked venaeta, t.388. The pomber of wrecks In M.Vi ?sa 1,011; tn ISftt Kvi and la K64, '*i~. Tbe dssw of Ursa lost ?? Wfci la m*, 8t>'?ui U6o, and 1,I4? ut U?r.? a? Messrs. Motnay and Cole, Americana, killed by ? tirarn tx.ikr txplcctoa at tbe works or Thompson aad Cote. Chile, Chacabuoo near Valparaiso 8. a Porsn guaae Cortes opened by the I\lag....M Rauacber la etnlV d a? I'rlcoa A'rhtvaiiop of Vienna The Suer. canal commissioners r:ported to Um Viceroy cf Egypt as fel lows:? 1. The Hue oi Aleiu.dr:a is not admianalila la a lectoaieat a&d ecvuoialral uuisi of ?law. 5 tte dir'Ci !in? ?ffer? etere faculty for tbe e??cullaa ef ib? ?Mii.'i.iK' ra?ul px-iw r'v.j ? e'* ?>;li \ liraiw b ?<> ibe Ml a, and the uoiial diffieultlea I'nr the ereatinu of U>p I wo p- ria 3 'I hat ut nif/ ?iu npi'ij ii|x? a U'ne and a?u? sai iwlhlr ;,t a I limtw. ?i.k elsht mecrr* of water k! i.OUC me>re* lieni llie abore 4. That <n m* fttrmnd In the flulfof Pelnainsi. wb<ch ih<* fitd pl?n placed at the end << theanlf will be plaeed rUhtera *.?? atrr* rnn. r |o iLe weat, wh-re >bee<- are eight rnrirea at w% Ur a< S.3I1I metre- tinm tbe ?to>-e wf:h gtio! anehor<MCe 6. Ibe Miwatra i>( tlja i?ul of the two mi andn'tba worke r(?nrrted wIlS I' will not exree<l tbe aiim i>( VU lUI est frkLoa. aa put doeu in tbe lalloiaie "4 tbe engine a of IM Yicerov. >' OOKBAli, Praaldeoi. A. HKSf ?> I'D, muaitai, LirrfMt, Ferretsry. I. M'I.KaM. o ? flare y Tama'iu with otber K.-iinan potlUataas, arrtaud by oroer o> tU-uaral Coui-afort aud * at pal e<>ticr? to Horae Mton Uland, noar Aoapnloo, as noaspt ratois. 4 -8nud duel seitleaicot exIirtisM opeael it 0? p?'Ob*fvc M. T?o?ol>ofkky, the Rnselan rrpre< enteltee, wj<>t uiecbeir. fhe KitRli?b and Vrttoh eeroy* *vi proeol Tbe n adjueraed w.lbout an) It. lug M IrfiiiUr having b?re dm Tub otm oooatltaUoe of IM IfiMi monarch) bad b?ta voted m ?Vvt?e "> ?Omm IVxi'aeo paeeed 'brougb Her ho m rmU treaa Wi*b ogt?-o li 0., to in i'cmnhurj ...K*rtbq>iek? at H Jajo d? 0ob? .. f~ntral Alrarrs oot? nrcoe>1 kli match tr>.m Cnu.ja\ ?oe, Uexioo. far Tixtia, c?(mU1 a( (iMTina....* Itrc broka out ia Maoeo, u it, M< lasted l?c d>)i, omuoy.Lg ever ooo tkMiuid koowi aad oh lull lor collars *?ertt of property. M Mar, a ? KumUu CWU'mei day cktbra ion,...Tba jw?' i???fabip Saint liana, U|il KolUibt*, from Mew Yot?- (Jm 4 ) lor n?*r?, km at ?o? la a rlo out cat*. Her ovinmasoor ib? most of bar tmw aed three paa ? sogers werr drowaed ... -<paat?b sfeeaahlp laaSelto Oalio i a wricked, about ib,? .lay. on lbs coast of Cab*. .,,. Tba tbifi Mary fireen, Uvarpooi aad rmlaielphla hao, fiuin Urerpool lie 23, eoaadooed In a niokisg state lat M N. ioa. 17 W....Nawi iron Beyil of thto day said ?Tbei r has bean quite a number ol military ciecoiKns ia tbe army. Among otfiora, Oeo To'iseato# and Oa# Caolilm, of Jeremle, aa>; another gea?>ai f'?a Ail Cayea Tba last iwnarn rati to bare sees traitors la the sorrnnwaL Sri eral otticers od lAfcrWr irade hat wao ten eierrted 7.?Military meeting la Madrid A porttoa of tba guard oa duty at tbe Oortet, ?stliat tba assembly w?a to ?. teton anttoted, with tba lateauoa of peoatraUag to Ue chamber. Immediately tbe door* of we aeeaably ware cicerd. Tha riot irae oaly eaimed by tbe preeeaea of Kepartaro biaarlf, no* wllboui Ma hartaf bees laeutt adl by tbe rebels ... i'readeat Braena, ol Ijberla, d* lirered ha taaagural addinaa Aa >? rollte rlstbfs hi England.... Tbe eteaaier Colombo! sailed treat I'aaama on a trip to Moaragua. flea Sairadar aal Oosfa Rioa ... Taa Kavsrisa Chamber of Depatiea resumed Na atufaga. Toe Frrocb Minister at Flaanoe ordered lh?t from lb la da) tba tntereet oa treeaary beads sbeuld rale aa bocde ef from three ta Are asoaiba data, ifi par aaat pea a&nom. from six la eierea mtatbs, 6 per aeal; aad br thoea of taatre aroaths, ttt |>er aeat I? Otaeral Maxima Jeret, HtaM*r o' Feredfa tlun la Nlearaga*. >ealc?ed bis aeal la tae Kir as CaMaal, o?ta? to bla daapproral a: a dadston rataMra teaa Imasa dlate srasioa of Qeadaraa. '<am HoberW Ramtres en spnoissed bH looasasor... Heboeawr Hraataia 4pnac, ft ProriBfetowa, Ualted fltalee, leal ta CbMra Bar, sad aa T*raJ kanda drovaad TbeoMmt aevepaper la Bolla?4 -*!!>? HitImmcIm C'lmianl hirt Inm MS tun ? -inm lat last to IMa day over #100 or# wertb at ^rogsrty bad baea Mat by a aarlee el tras m "slpsislaa. 1# ?Tba (toamabip fenria thsa tb<> largaal to ifca wovM, srrlred at 1'Terpen I frees tba Clyde aa a MM trip She made stiteea kaota aa bear ... Aa erepUaa at aaaaa itorn tba retcaae of AbUfna. t> Oaatoaseto, Mb plaee tba sahsa falhcf la frret quaaWty, aererfag La Aattgaa, RualsaMUa, aad raa<Atog aa tor aa Mew Oaaba msb, a dv*taoae at tbtny 11 ?lark Mary Pnhsa. ftaai Maw Tarfe tor Ma^w. loat at sea... Tie Awtsa rederal Oaaacti deetdet tba* Iwa coaeentraUoos of tranpa aba aid toba plan sa# la Kaat?ra aad tbe other - ~ r r~ "^Tlr fr' al nmwal Baato Anna wss rtaitod al Turbaoo ,M o by Oeaaral Meaqeera aad some Amarwaa trareuora. Ha waa la |oe? heahb. aad declared mat he bad deaa with aabMe Mto ... I .Dr W. HlidehnuU, la arayevtta the Royal Agrtonharal Roatety gmrr taa folioirtaf to lattoatopopeisUoa ?TbeHawaitoa nattoa. whieh ina? yean ago waa satimatad rartotialy al f>om mo.#o# sa 400.000, now only oaeals 71,00#?a dsersaei w.tbia thto pei to. 1 of al leaal Iwetbirde. Ths laiaad al Keeta, ta markabla tor ike fradaoOreaeaa of Ma sell, aad oapabto of laaaatn af a papatottaa at al laaet 10#.###, nnaatoa aaf #,### II?The Emperor 8#toet|ee had march id aa Ma aaaaaM e*pedittoa agalaat the DeaUatoaaa ..The eebarbi eTlfea city ef firaaada, Nloaragus, waa laid a# to r~flttof km, wbleb were #11 sold sooe ? M. Cbarisraeu. at the CMb lerratery al Parfa, discovered aa aaieretd la the wastel tottoi l ha oar. aear tbe aebatoea alar Preaapa. TMa pba> aet le tbe thirty efghtb aaw kaowa to extol aatwaaa toara pd Jat Iter. 14<-B Para, at six o'clock A. M , the ibamnaalto stood a* ? ft# dsfieaa be tow aero, OeaHgreda?##W above am Kahreahedl ...The Mnaioa of tba Wattoehtoa Wtm far II## opnord al ?aabarsat. aad the mnaags at tbe Boepodar sbowa that the badrto ef 1*#* glrea aa aa oeaa of rroaiptaof two sad# balfmillleaa. V> ?Treaty made betaeaa tba ^ueea ef Rafiaat aat Fmperor of Japaa, oa October 14, 1##4, peblUbed la I .radon ? The riperto ef t^a fWea Bcag Knag tor fee ?raeoa to thia dato, sras any f?<ir mdlltoa poaatoi, aad of silk Irmty Mght Uxmeasd pmads 1# ?A pr^rtatoaal gnreramoat wae Ru ined la Hiyg, to ant d"'lag tbe abs- aoe of the Rmnerar ftotoaqio. 17.-Oraera' Wsikeraddrreaed i'reeideat Mora,ef Oaato Rk* daaptog Ibet be eatortoieed "boatlle latoaMoaa" to ward# Oktral An>"Va j 1* ?The M'tii-JB. a rrw Ararri-an tb1p, fro id llrgV) poe? tor S?w fbleana, stmok on Arfc'o* Biak aa<* *>4f esn. ?'o*al wr?cb... Ab at aaatn tiay, ?b? ami r*-J sa>? lacrpra^rr^, (rota l4r?rpoal tor New fi?l??<? ?<> loftes the Irt#b f'ne?t... le Ll??e?> tha Porter ?? or ?0tri*r an<l cocttan I the mnoe wL ch he 1 b?< n ?< *peeda e?,ul fbe rna?pmioa of tbe twaairt#! report T|Tr?aH I r*to c.oatirf.rd la I'ortogai. M'mh riia">?a tht b" or mo#,. . Seretai ?ock? of #o ?anft^?hbe b?i age art /