Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1857 Page 1
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TH CJ ?i WHOLE NO. 7434. AFFAIRS AT THE NATIONMTMPITAL. SEW BRITISH AllliASSADdR APPOIXTLO. Debate in the Senate on the Iowa Election Case. POLITICAL DI8CC&BI01 IS THE HOUSE, to., to. to. Kmm Washington. * NEW BRITISH MINISTER *XP*CTKI>?TIIK CASE OB AEMATOK II API. AN?WKANI> IIIKA FOR IISPOSINO >r BIVEtt AND HaRBOK BILLS? OKN. CASS AND UK. BUCHANAN'S CABINET FTC. W*?aisi(iTo.',, Jan. 6, 1867. "be Administration baa b < n offcially advised laat Mr. v Hem, brotbor or Lord < v>n<ton and late Judgo Advo > aGr as been ape >ia < a BrUsh Minister to this ntr., iu will shortly arrivehore his tas been a prolific cay In Congress tor flne j<- ccbea. The dlsoutslon ol Mr Harlan'a case In the So ma e wag remarkably able ?n< interesting. It Involved ?''.ve legal and oonstltu'lnnal queMfons, which were ari j. id with all the calmness tlx lr nn|>ortancn demanded, n Tn the House, Mr. Stephens, ol fta , excelled hlmaelf, ? -lie Mr. Davis, of Md , sunta'ted bis prm- isltion aa <v ebaler. atidjMr. Cadwallaaer. of Pa., made the best opi-ech of bis life?all three on the petition of political i trtles. tr. Mason, of Virginia, was this morning elected Prevd.nntof the denate, and bss now a reversionary Intov?t In the chie' gtstracy sboull President Pierce hap) i. to die before the fourth o' March Aa old Virginia Is -okjr. the Brlgadlc-r should have an eye to his health, "ib i Capitol to-day was crowded with visiters. -he Houso Poet Offlre Committee felted to do anything C lay on account of the absence of the 'chairman, who .? i detained bv sickness; consequently the steamship a i are still at sea I '.earn to day that it Is the intention of the friends of Jv ?er snd Harbor bills now before it e'House,as there are to ween forty and fifty of Ibutn, to Incorporate them in 1 blU. and pats them all at ouce by a two thirds vote. on Owi informed me to day that be bad bad no oomn ntoatlon wlib Mr. Buchanan on the anbjeot of bla going nt >tbe Cabinet, and that all the re, orts In circulation to Ui't effect were mere fabrication; and, furthermore, >*. be baa not|aaid Ibat he woull, or would not, accept position it Wndered him The article In the Hansen atnrday, upon Gen. Cass' going Into the Cabinet has banged the whole aspqpt things here among men who u?e been urging him, fcb n daltngulahed Southern lander Informed me to-day. The aalee ordered by the President oftho United States, ommonoe on the 4th of Ma; next, embrace?Offloe at ?> ge, ^twenty Are townahl^a In Wlnneehetck, Howard, Michell, Worth, Haaoock and Winnebago oonntlen; at JTort Dodge, nineteen 'townships In Hancook, Wlnnobago, jr < rgulh and Bancroft; at Sioux Buy, twenty one townlib la In Palo Alto, Clay, O'Brien and Sioux counties; o <?erlng, In the aggregate, exoiuslre of lands ree erred scowa,^,, i,3'i? 168 acre*. CflVMal Ucapatebes recti Tea 11 the Nary Department, f" n Captain Hartstctn, speak la glowing language of hta reception in England--^*" be President's message la r? ply to a resolution or the nate relative to the Atlantic submarine telegraph sr.? ' tain no rocommcnuatlcnr, hot merely encloae the corxmd, nre which baa taken place on the aobject. It * probably be sent In to n.oriuw. 'be r< monstrance ot the ship owner* of New Yorlt oat the be cute bill making H >;rr'? system of marine i a let eompi tarry open tVm, wa?pcten!ed In the a* to day, by Mr. Wakvman and re erre.l tothcOomi ce on Cob merco. WIItTY-KOrRTII CONGRRtg. eaCOMD eKS.->luN. e Renale. Wauiisgto*, Jan. fl, 1857. bbctiom or A raasioasT rao xaxroaa. m . Cam, (rtem ) of Mieb,, called tbe Senate to order, and announced that tbe Ortt business In order was tbe tloo of a Preaid pt ]>* J Um dr. iUin, (rep ) or S. H?What ta tbe occasion f S?r Cajw?Hfcause we hartn't any, (Ltngnter ) Co tbe ru'Un of Mr. H*.*tks (dem ) of Va , the - .nate r ceded to tbe elci t'oo. Wb?n Mr Ma n wss el< cled, Ivtng 30 rotes, 9am 11 Weikr 1. b)uk 2 ma i a.>i or m\atoa iusaas. r. Haklav ot lo?a. moved teniae Senate proofed be c<uittcranoo of the report of tbe CommutMon tctnr? teintire to hie claim to a tee', from lows t'r lUATT. of kfd., truRfd that the eubj?ct would Dot ?? be oonitiie ed. Many mat were involvoU to toe de >n of thle cnae, aid tt wax important that they tboald e iborocgbly uuderrtood. Toe feeuaior from i.e>rgla ir. Toemtta), bed intimate t h ? intention to tuhnia ortly report and he ehould like to eee tb< argnmeata e Nitti entua ba'ore prooredirg to <V.aa>irtt?a Mr. Tooaiw. ol lis , a'lor remarking tbet there wag not rgle controverted tact to iho whole cae), eald the y diilnrt-nru of opinion relative to tbe rattler waa ed upon the applb *t|on o' the law to tbe laota adted on ail bande. do far aa tbe ilewa ol tbe rntno'lly he Committee w#ro concerned, be oonld express them i.i wtU verbally a* In writing. , Mr. Bayako of I>el, preferred that the ?ub)?c'. ahoutd f. laid over till to morrow. a? having been aremt from i' i rity, be bad baa no opportunity to examine into the aUrn Mr. llamas atM It ebouM be rr member* d that tbe pro of Uie Senate of Iowa bad been before the Senate riy two years All the members of the OMMMM tbe Judiciary Da) ban ampie time to Investigate tbe jaet if they bad cnoren to no an Anotner raaeoo y It waa dwtrablc to baveth .- ipicatlon a- ttl ut aa ion poratbie. wan. that tho ler "Uturn of Iowa wat now tatrtoo, tn*l g OOOTcm a <> mo nm 11 )n imj in i>? nbor ud tneir krme U limit"! by till coaaUiuttoa to i. > days ?r B< r?m. of 8 C., km to Urr.r of p-noardlog 10 * - *<M?? ot tba qaootSoalbrthMUx He Rood ig e Ml ttoa otior lodUIaroono m n yanii ihrt geotltmaa woo wm i oo aRrrtail by lb? remit, and app- wchad ih? anbtoct > aty on Ita morn*. Tbo go??rno??rt ??f Iowa coaaiaaad l?*>i?katare wmpowd rf a -tennte and a Hook* of preoerlatiraa The atalort bold tbelr tsrma for longer a toda tbaa ibe member* of itao Hon**, aid a?e fawar ta bar, but ara recogntaad by tbo oooakttatloo u a wrai* aad dlatlact ja-t of iba Walatore Tna House e of the mora aamerou." body la matter* ot alantlon ?' at bar" a prrpondoratlnf loflueaea, aad beacr the acurrett aotloo or tba Serai - war required He etatod > a rea ore whtob Influenced a majority of tba committee <a coming to tba eooolaalon tut Mr Harlan wat not i> |y e'rru-o Tbaaa were, la bnaf, that tba ?caai* aa a dhnty dtd not attaad tbat moating In jitot convention at ?blob Mr Harlan waaalaoted. and their toiler waa not .1 ?r? a- re?iuire?i ny i*w, toe ?n?i' na<i aaionrnoa n\ >i ?r.d there wm io Henetetn *ee?ion at (ho time, * n efwlty Heasto-a ware preient In their taHeldaal cap*' t, hot i Kenate w a body waa not there; tbe President of the oate aw the regular preatdiag officer of th<- Conren v>n, bat tboy elected a VrttU-Ml prn Um Thaoa irregu >%r ttiee elite'ed iba Mr 1 oonrie contended that' ha Ila latere at Ion wtu> "" lOMd of wnbrt of a senaie and Hin?e, and upon If to individuals wu darolyed th coo^U utl >nal duty of a*'Of a Senator of the I'atMd ft'ate* tb lb* mannor p.' aaenood by tbo con?Utut oa of Iowa. The Joial ooa t'Dfon onneiatod of tbe member* who composed tbe wo lcfiaUl're bodira . and ad acne at tbey met la joint rentlnn tbe distinction heretofore cvti.DK betwoee em aa member* of different branrbe* obliterated, elr Dimn were arranged hi alp) aoeVcal order on ona ' !, and hones ibe ab*encc or rcfbeal to participate In e proceeding* on tbe part of any member, or ot tea* ai a maiorliy of tbo wboia number of m?mher? ooni eg tbe Joint cooTeution < uld not loralHate tbe "IBM Of the convention. lie thought tbe fraudulent A. d taottnoa rood net of ihne Hunatgrf In Iowa who nought to defeat tbo eieetioa and Ooetralo the will of the -opto of Ibwa. oughl to he condemned by tbla body and ttr lite winra am rwnn pwtp n, Mr. of La., wiahed to know whether tt fit fx n. potent tor one branch of a State I egtniatnro to elect a ? nator in Congro*' The nnetltntton of the failed aut declare* that Senator* aball he elected by State l.e lature* and State I.egleiatuie oonatat of two branobea, on which tt follow* tba' the ronetllntlon rtqitlrm ' d*ior* to be elected l>y IhoM twa branches e tnettr mntly __ ^ Mr Tnowns replied that eneh a constitution wou t r*n w inra td the election ef a great many -tenatore, becanne *? any Sen a ton had held thetr aeeta agamat the m^jorttp tt one breach of thetr State tegtalamre*. Mr. Ptrtw. of Oh to, argued tn support of the ?on*t|. a lonelily of Mr. Hartan'e oleetion, and ooacarred in the -tewe enpretwed bp Mr. Toombe. Mr. Oeret, ot Mo., agreeing with the iMQortty of the iadictary Committee, believed the e.ectlon nnc>nstltn MM) Mr. Batabp obtained tbo floor Mr. Fim tntroduood bill m*kln( an appropriation for i* nmortl of Dionoad roof, (oootloo roof ho, to Now ork barbo*. idjoaraod. hooooo of Roprooon ? * m too. waoniootow, .?*a. , 10.17. umiwuii oo tn mrw mm mix. * Mr. Not no, (don.) of ?. 0., gooo aotioo of * anmHioat bo taloodo oflbrlr* to tbo tariff bill. Ho propoooo latfron oai after Jaaaary, INT, oil gooda, nor**, nnHMtflN MM Mlwr prodocu, labjoot uMr Uu u E NE 1 latins Urtfl to pay a doty of twenty per cent, shall con tlnue to be admitted at that rate, and that tea ana coltoe bail be Included in the saw sihodule. a maims liycoa uw son inuiahs. Mr. Grtnwwood, (dem ) o' Ark , tntrorucid a bill the more ellecluallv to pre toe t (be introduction ol spiiltuous liquors and wines into the Indian oouutry. Referred to the Committee on Judiciary, tkj cosmos or r<ilihuai uautism. The consideration ot tbe President's messago wai resumed Mr dnriis-vs (rat.) of lit., said tbe debate on this subject was the most unusual one in our parliamentary bis lory To him It was inves'ed with great interest, and to tbe country be trusted It would not be unprofltaole. Wo re in tbe midst of a uew epoch in tbe rspuoilo, and t win be so considered hereafter. The lato election brought Into array parties wlita what be considered well defined ana clearly ascertained principles, which were manfully and opt nly met on botn sides. It was a fearful iaeue, but the dangers are pait. Tbe result of tbe election hat queted tbe publlo mind, and we may do well even now when tbe storm Is over and tne danger Is past, to review them Be congratulated tbe ooutilry, tbo House, and evtn tbe bpeaker, on tbe result of the election, wbicb has made the people everywhere breathe freer and stimulated tbe aris of peace There were dillerouces of opinion as to what was decided in tbe contest, and some thought notblDg bad been decided. But It had been de ruled tbat Congress sball impose no restrictions on tbe Territories so far as slavery is concerned. This Issue was boldly made on one side, and as flrmly and zealously met on tbe other. Be took tor granted that tbe principles of tbe Kansas Nebraska art were endorsed by the veruict of the people in tbe Presidential eleotlon. It, however, contained no such idea a* squatter sovereignty. Tbere *u no recognized Independent sovn-olgn'.y to the people 01 tbo Territories Jie retired the more la the t udorsenent of tbat not, bersuso the boMt was mole on thin floor tbat the people of tho North would never suatain It, and because ao tow member* from tbe Nr rth ad vocated tta principles He rejoiced, though there waa but eighteen friends of tbe Kaiu>aa Nebraska bill now In tbla House from tho North He believed that forty nine bad been returnor Irono tbat aeotloo to tbe neat Congress the Ksusas Keoraska act merely carried out the com promlce measures of 1860, to which both whlgs and democrats pledged thomaelvcs In their national oonventiona With regard to tbe Territories. Congress bat only tbe right to pate needful relet and regulation** relative to lauds: and under tbe clause of tbe conatitutlon wblcb oonlera tnta power they cannot exolade slave* or white men. Tbe domain la left fee for settlement bv people from all tbe Slates, in equal enjoyment, until Congress, In virtue of tbe conatitutlon, aball admit tbem into tbe Onion aa a State, wltn sovereign power, and on an equal looting witb tbe orlgloal Slates. Aooordicg to the compromise oi 1850 tbe Missouri restriction waa inoperative, bence tbe necessity of making tbat declaration Mr Cam prill, (rep) rf Ohio, inquired wbether be underitoood Mr. Stephens to take tbe ground tbat tbe Kan saa Nebraska act removed tbe reatricttoo against slavery from Minnesota and a'l ctber Territories. Mr. Siti'HBa.-* repeated tbat the Missouri restriction was declared null and void wherever It had extended. Mr. Cami'Iiill wtrbed to know wnetber Mr. Stephens urn.iteiuvu iuv rc|f??iiu{ r.iiiuiv ma pxiunuuig DC/oua tue terminal limit* o Khoihh mod Nebraska. Mr. tiixriiBM replied, be understood by tbe declaration t ha the Missouri restriction was tcconslsteat with tbe comprumlre measures of 1840, and therefore was pro uourced null and void, to be coDiined not to cne place loon- than another. In the course of his romarks he said Mr. Ctmpbrll two years ago bad predicted tnere would not be another Kansas Nebraska majority in this House. He bad appealed to tbe people who bad decided against btm and bis party. This r< minted Mr. Htepnens of the lawyer who wished to 8|>eak >Q Court after his case was decided. The judge told him be could not do so, whereupon the lawyer said, '1 was cot arguing tbe question, hot only oursing toe decision " s? it wss with the gentleman from Ohio. (Laughter.) Mr. Cani unit replied, In that trial or the case there pes raise leetlinony on this very principle The witnesses on one tide claimed that tbe Nebraska act meant one ihtng. and the withers** on the other side swore tt truant something enur> iy< liferent. Mr. HrtrntsM ?1 supplies the gentl msn from Ohio was ono ol tbe witnesses, and somo people of his dlstrtot did not believe bis tespicony (Isugoter 1 Mr. Hieph ?na said be bad never sdvoc-itud the Ktunas Nebraska bill as a southern, but m a rational and oisututlonal measure. Although be should Ike to see Kansas adastttod mti ihj L'mon at a slave Sia.e. be thought there wai no suob probability N;tt only the laws of climate and prod nr. tine, but tboeo or population wculd pre rout it, and so of Ihr ither territories. Mr. I'AVfr (K N ) of Ml, ressa*i;ed tbit gentlemen tad 4r*enllai)y difit>oi on public i)ucitions and there suit was an accession of doubt up in dou >1, and confti riot worse confounded, until be who tbonld attempt in read the r?t !rom the debate* would find fa msclf wl'.ta authorities foi anyjopmion sod I stlmonv for any tact. As to who oprntd this d hate there wu scare I) a -1 u , * Uon. It ws> opined by the I'-eaMrot in his nnodkl ma* rase. Ha dll not design to fol.ow tbl extraordinary dot utin at In either Its i eason eg* or statements of facts, nor would he imitate the spirit of bitterness wb'cb runs through it Ho cp otfd the remark from the message, 'As Senators represent the Slates of tbo Colon, aod mem bcrs re, rest nt their revei at constituencies, the Prist <1ct t represents lbs aggregate population of tha lolled Malta.'' Napoleon th naparte said to tfae Deputies ot fats Chamber, "You rrjreaeut nought but your sererat vim minis. I ripr. sent the great uadoa." In rope 11 I An-erca we base the President proclaiming he repro sects the people of tne L'o on thus atteup.lng to bo'ilt'o tbi Sena r and House of Representative* It was much to be rejie'tod that the President smarting un*er the in | elgietton of bte N irthtrn ir.euds, who rolled no their coi.orn.nat on against bis policy, should bare ?n far for gntu n tt i proprieties uf hit station as to Introdace a burster r* of language heretofore unknown lu any xrcutlve document. Notwithstanding the Pmsilent'a till as ae towbattbe people decided In tbe Presidential elec'ion bo (Davit) said tbe late contest shows that a iua)ority ol the people bave condemned tbe democratic paily:ttMl mnjoruy are against toe Kanaka Nebraska act scalnnt franklin I'lrrce ?nd bin administration, nnd the minority ol tbe peoplu deairo to soe Mr. Buchanan I'rtad ut. That minority prrfcrs that tne enistlng rule shall be f nllnaed four years longer, and tbal maiirliy, brloiebanii, condemn* his adm ntstralloD. further, that Mr Mm haran has still to battle lor bis maiortty in this Hours, on which depends his power to carry out any p> Dclplesettled, or which bis demooratln Menus nop poac Settled in ibe recent contest. In reply to Mr. Htephetis. Mr Davla tali tbe Increase of democratic mem tort to tbe next Congress was the conaeqa?aue of divisions in otber parties A death wound bad been Infili-ted on tbe great and proud deeuiaraUc carty, which thought ttaelf Invtuclb o, hut new wars# than scotched vrui'n i'i w Dm uno^vn. nr. i?\i? dfii apo*" 01 I he cllTcroat lotrrpretati >u* glren to Iba Nebraska Kui iu m(. 'hi tblarubjact the Nnrttero ud (Southern *inp of the democracy are aa wide apart an the republican m l democratic partie* oaaome (jueat'.^na ot oonstltutlm al po*er. The compromise of 1120 waa the foundation of the peace ot 1M0. but the democracy turaed it late aa e net t ot otrtfe. aod reopened an arttation It waa Intend e<t to clone The democratic party waa cnna'omerate and great would be the contention on the distribution of the , |<o4 * The Irtah brigade etood Arm (laughter;, and but tor metn I'ennay irania wool 1 barn fa'terad Mr llu ebaran war ai.pported by prr?ooa of all creeda aod ration*, and there world tnrooj; around Dim tor tboir re wa>d a'ter be rball bare earkenrd the door* ot tb? Wbtte Honor The republicans have been taught a lento* by the late coo'eat. Th* people bare decided againat the nomination of a aectlonal l*r?*1dent. and that tbe po aitloa ot the tecuh Irana waa unwlte aod dangnroua to U.t atabtlliy of be loion On the democrat); aide al tbe South It waa a question of Independence. and wbrthrr a majority *b"utd be obtained to tor h a manner aa to drive i vet y Southern grnth man trorn nflioo under tbe government and lent* tbe ftderal lawn w> he riecnied by Northern eft lee-a. Bo' the republican and democratic panic* atand c> ndrmneti for bring dtrtnrbora of th* pub lie peace ot the United Stale* and have no ground io maintain aa tbe people have not aanc ti red any of tber |>.?*<t ntr There wan hot one party, am ml at rntibare. (Irigbter) which roeld read aem a lee*on of t-?tr o Ism which would be well or them to ccntlrier It wiw a lorer of moral force ci ' patriotic Integrity, aod omit act be abaken The < morican party draerrea grat"i'd > for lla aoble aiam plan in the pat' It t* reil ed that no law ana now be ,waned to affect the coo tlloo of nflaira In Kanaaa With to two year* rho will he admwted Into the Union aa * Mala, wlih or with' ut davcry aa tb* tnhabtUnta may determine, and when hat question la (truck from tbe . ... MMw^w f/.#*M mhwl mill mn.nln ftf that ntrlvl V or tkf l<nir )tri, IInii, It will bf of the ulraott mi men ?h?i the prlarlp w of the Awniu party shall demand tho nertoun atto. t'n orihi oci.tifT. Mr C. rvAriiniR. (<'ta ) ?' ? , briefly rrepanded to ?' narta who, ma, wwtt" rTtim?n; of tho portr which bad dwtodl'd rto r'le' ttalgvidfMnft tie would MM tho geuitemii (Vr n**t? i fiat In oddl Hon to the pr-n'pleo of ttx K*i?m Nrbrwka aot hoi- < en< orotd \u too Preeldettle I -.ooUxit two othor q.ootion* hi-; hng decided. Ttoro la a clan*" In the contltutlon which la tV op in',on of Merirmocratli party. la not lata ?a<-rod .baa the on wb'ofc n <"j*tthe eltrehoioiat Mate*. He relbffed to thet mM.ii ,00 icrlbr? tbero rhail bo no rcltf'oiia I * 1 r % laallbr .11 in fbr nlbae. The m tolled American n? t<, lir Via abolition party, had ieea enr? -e1 In lanii'il1' n**'.u?ttbc coantltntlT and had endeavored to tnata a *a*t.ioolvaa by oeiirrr of narortug prrriaoly analofnoji Tt,? reepie have roartt mnod both. Tba Know Nothing part, orti noted In I4?rcl iitorge Oordon'a, riot, whop 1/or ion n< plundered and horned, aa In T'bliadoiphla loutevtlie and New Or|rau? Tho democratic party had IPiuM orer lha tertian that afllllatod at the North and bad ueotmyed the Know f othipf a of the Snath, Adjourned. (tar W aahlngfan Carrripondrnre. Wiom?i ? >*, Jan. h, IBM flow Sitf'i r?ry? Hit f>?rroi/>.r>.Vxy wt't .* > t' tti-y Owiwiwt'Sl"? # 'i? -ITar 0*n vn ft- Ad nuwiifraftne and iht F< <?w <{ 4-Attar tba paaeage by tho Hout? o< R*p? *ent,u*rt of the jotat reaolntion gleleg to l:ra?ot lJeol??o*t f on ril Brwtt twoaty tfeoaranil dahaH extra pay, in addll M to that already allowed or dir tho a*., of Congrrai e?ea ng hie preaoat rank, reoolatlon w?a alnpted by tbeSeaat a calling on the Pree dent of the United ft a toe for a etate meat ot tho Item* of pay aM >wed (tonoral Seott ander tho MM Mt Tk'l W%* 1nM>, 1 m 1-tnnMd, M tbt llMM I of thnrw,fr*l him*>1 , I < ' J Mt t??a tog* t) IM bottom ot lb* cootrr . er?y, C< . ??.?**? ?. U?? rMolutloo, ?btfi >w? ftcJ BPnUicm'.y, auj W TO HORNING EDITION-WED] which called lor all the It-ms of pay ilnc:> theooinarcneo ment of the rank of LWctensat General, as well as for copies of all correspondent)* touching the same. This re solution will show, among other things, his chargo of u,', per oent commleston on all mon< y which passed through bis hands In Meilcc?which was allowed Sum by tho Fillmore administration. Alter the accession to power of President Pierce, the charge fo? ccmmir,slows was Increased to three pep oent, and an applica ion made to the President for Its allow asce, wfclcb we reluacd, ai d which was the origin of the quarrel between Brevet l.iouteuant (lonerai Scott and the " Commander ln Chief." The refusal on the part of the administration, however, did not ballc the o'aimant who succeeded In drawing tha amount <about 911 CO,) from t paymaster in Ibe army?Ihe sum dow stamilng charged ugair st him en the hooks of the Treasury Department. The rerolatlt-n will also bring out the -'cutthroat" correspondence which took plaoo between General boot' and tho Secretary of War to relation to Captain IlitcOooak ?as 1 I-urn that tbo principal dlscasslon of the pay qnea tion took place during this controvomy. It will ho some daya yet belore the report will be oommunloateu to yonBr?s* In tbr new Coromitfre room on Naval Affal't In the Capitol extent ton now heltig beautifully Ireaooed by lbs celebrated artist Constantino Brumidl, a native of Home, la a represeiilation of tho battle of the brig Con Arm strong with tt.o British licet at Kayal. In 18*4. It 1* creditable to the parties concerned that tbey have thus commemorated this most gallant battle, and given It a wall dosei vert place In our national capital. Wutle the gallant reeds of the actors will be remembered, we but eipresa the hope of the nation that our legislators will not refuse to do ji slice to the heroes of this memorable Ogbl. In announcing tbe sad Intelligence of the doalh o' Mr, Daniels this morning, in the Supreme Court, tho venara bie Chief Jurtloe exhibited a deep emotion which sboak hi* airnrl (tuma Onitxi a Aituaiinii wras rutMAlvrvl thv/tnsrh cut the court room. Nlrarifpi*. LECTCBE BY J. W. FABEN8 ON Til* CLIMATE, SOIL AM) PR0DCCTIONH OF N1CAKAQUA. Mr. J. W. Fattens, late I'ntted States Charge d'Affair 8 to Nicaragua, delivered a lecture laat evening in the Uroadway Tabernacle, on the "Climate, Soil and I'roduc tions of Nicaragua." There was an Intelligent and appre ctatlve audience of ladtoe and gentlemen present Tbe lecturer, on coming forward, was greeted with loud applause. Be bogan by describing tbe beauty of tbe landa of tbe sun, and tbe romance and poetry connected with tboughts of tbem. In those beautiful regions In Central America where there were clttea in tbe far antiquity tbrouged w ith commerce and woaith, where now there la scarcely a vestige of their magnliloence and grandeur left to mark tbe spot wbere tbey stood?If, with tho lapse of ages, tbe supremacy or the world's affairs by land and by sea, bis pused from the bands of southern people into tboee who Lave been schooled, hardened and invigorated In tbe lands of snow and loe, history teaches us that such a irausfei has been tbe consequence or a sjitcm of exclusiveneca, intolerance, tyranny and grow Ing Immorality on the part of tbe former. If labor wltb tbem was contemptible, aud the interchange of tbe world's commodities * cading to t>o desolsnd, then aro laid bare to at tho rut ken rocks on which their ablpa of state foundered and stent down It will bo our privilege to prefll by the knowledge. Cmr.?n* of our owl country bare met In a land covered over with mighty ruins, and already erected the pillars of a new Southern republic The corner atone of It was laid by William Walker, when, on tbo ICth day ol Jane, 186.1 at the head of 1:1a brave City.six, he landed at Kealejo, in N.oaraxua. with tbat event began a new era in American blat try. Tbe " star of empire," which bad riactacd its wrsttrn I'biit iii golden California, has entered npon Its returning march. There ore homes for the homeless, peaoe, order and contentment will take the place of aurlfo, anarchy and terror; ihere are new Qelrts for our pent up capital : and enterprise ; Independence and competency for 111 Esld laboreis Now tbe toilor ne?d no lo- r neon'go Imielf with tbe ccid severity or northern inters, but may speed them among the balmy airs of a more sooth era climate Tbe many newspaper articles on (laneral Walker's career, as well as the fbet tbat Nlca-aguals r.nw a fsverko tbcroughfareor travel ers pacing btiwoen tl-e Pac'flc and Atlantic conllncs of our country, have ('oublkri made Us geographical position and terrl torlal limits well known to yon. Nearly oqnti taunt between tbe New Kksgiaad States and the southern cl our Pacific po--easlous, efltr'ng tbe only pra-tlcabie route for a sblp<-aoai Mroee be omUnrnt, by wbtcb tl o rlfhe of th? We?t can be 1-rgh>?d to our bor< f?or these ret. ous alone It ts wnrloy of more tban ordinary Interest Mr. KvirrV, 1n bl< speech In the Senate on the 1st of March, 1863, aid ttat If it bad not bnen for political dk enalons In Nicaragua, and If the had been occupied by a population like tbt' wbl?h turned toe waiers of 1 ako Krle Into the bed of tbe Hudson river at Albany, there wcui'd have been a? tlst moment three irie?te<l vr ils of twenty feet draught navigating tho Ijsks of Miarsgua cn tbrlr way to tbo Pact (to ocean. Ncaragut ba an area of about 100 0(0 square mil's, equal to 14 too,COO of acre- b< tng mo.? than drub a the extent of tr?rltory comer -?d In the "tatt of Vermont, New Msrci'toire m* -jutih.-tiii. nnorc i?mo i mn? Liinifrvoui i It (>oi>n >?tlor> is cetiirated at 260, wo ronla, 10,(>o0 < f wbxb are the rcmatnirg 240,000 are comt aed el tolled races; but this. perhaps, In an over eatl rnatc cf tbo popu atlon at the prr*ent day Iftp aurTaoo <1 Nica'utua i? agrready diversified w'th ht?? and vall?y?. rolltLg plain*. rich la Ma lan''?, broad like* and nt meroua rurcra; It doeann display thai rough, frowalng aspect visible in the other prrnota of this cont nam travrraad by the chain of tb? Cordilleras Indeed, brtw?eo the Great Basin and the I'aclBr thlt rocky lia'ner atoki lo an almoet imperceptible rldfe, the truest elevation air-ng irpe tinea being but about two hundred feet above the at a Oft the Atlant c at 'e of tbe lake, howev*r. there rr legbar rangea, ah' the ntajcallc. petk ot O iretnptc, tlelhg near the centre oi the lake itaalf, la raid to have an aliunde el am thouaard feet. Aa the voyager approaches Nicaragua from the Atlantic ocean, loug b> fbre he catcl ea night of the low, awampy anil heavily tnbtrod laiida of tho Moe'inllo ooaat, ha reel the peak* of Cbonta'ra and Mjstagn, In Costa Kloo, towering In the haey dlatance. But on landing In l an Juan be la anrprl/td nod saddened by the change of view, I be heavy, leg Pice Piheieiloos of the numeroos larfx na and swan pi in tbe vicinity ahnt out the distant landscape I rem sight As far aa tbe eye can reach, nne beholds tetbirg but the low. sandy or alluvial tracts oovernd with an a>n ort impenetrable mask of vapor, shrouding 'repeal trgetat'on British Onbuvp-rn nicknamed rawrbarta ard mnh<vens cutters, wltb lh-lr maraidlng ban's of Carlb Indiana, have Ought surccsfally the wild beta.a ard tbr wtldertew, and hate oblslasd for them, elvrn Inanrlee aod opnlrnce The principal ooinm ?rclal r a porta of Ntcarsgtia are Aid .fnac dn Nicaragua or t'.rrytewn, on the Atlantic, flan Juan del Uor and 1: -a'cyo i n the Par lie. The two 'ormtr are well krowo as the Atltntlr and Pacific termlott if tbe Ne? York and Call fcima Hir?m?hip G mpu>7'? mute anroea th* lethmea, Reeiejo la ib? port of tbo old city ol I poo, aota* thirty irlle* Blatant, and rarrtee on a considerable trad* ettb California Ran .loan do Nicaragua la aald to pneace* tbo brat rnadatrad of any port In the We* ran fin If; it la capable of *belUrlng a tb-waand abipa. I'la not only ibe rote Atlantic aa*|?ort of N'learagoa. hot a'-?o 01 lioeta li ra, ltd a read la cow In proow* of eonitrurtlon which, on rrmpinad, will bncg ail Iba produce ofat'wta Pica to Ran Jain. In Han of Pnnta, on tba 1'ac He, whe*e It haa heretofore baca arnt. A (rent draaback to the commercial prosperity of Kicaragna la bar lack of ynri rnada bricyaa and canal*. Tbo only road in tba eaaatry worthy of that name la tba one oanatrnoted by the lata Aecr??ory Tmralt Ccmpary, from Virgin Bay to Ran .loan del Hoe, a di'Uoc of twalT* mllaa. II la now complete and to adm rab'a crdar: It proraa what may bo dire by taliaa labor uIrerted by Northern Inta'Hy-nca ard rnrryy. By (ha San Juaa rlrer, wh'ch ba* been x m?what tmprornd by tba aam" oompanv, and br tha laV a of Nicaragua, Iba voyager may travel ItMNIII Sffi n.'iM in'o tb* r?ry hi an of Iba cooptry. Frmn tho nortbern etirrm ty of tb'a laka to the lake of Nlcara na I* a journny of !ght?eu mllea and theooe yon can pro card by water filty mllea urtber inland The*" lakaaara c'Mircird hy lha rivet T rail a pa, the yraat body of whtcb rn* j<a?a atnea disappeared nader (round. In tba low teita rn thr Mntqutto shore na wall na In the >lai?< lorret* along tha baaka of tba Saa Juaa and Indian rttram, Ik're w rr.orr or la?a lateMbiticct freer aid ago-- to ba aipaetted by l"W aett'era I believe. bowaear, that by t rnrer attentum to diet ai.d other sanitary prec*nuor,a, a N'ortbartrr may ar. n be'.omc acolitnaird. and In nlaa no- i I ol In. rnapr an attack ot faear. Tiie attack* are ordinarily al'irbt, earlly brokeR, and \ ery seldom at urded with fetal r<?oit* Daring my two y*?rs reeldent * to >an J nan <! Nicaragua, I f* nnd tha Inbahi. teote rsna'ly aa fcrnltt y a* ir. tb* north. Bnt It I* not to ba darted tb a* In Ibe low in?df and ami.! rack ve(*tnti"0, ibe afrat* of the cl mate ire mtsertaaMd after man 5 are, in a yell? ft Mag Of IM ? .1, w< skate*. Inio Tllallty and o" r nf.i a- D'tla of cbroolr, billor* af 'rr i t <o y ;.i it b I' c Take, however. yon team - -.real., *n< N r air, yrti irba'e tba bracing atmosphere ard 'tct at, ?:;MiermJc- of rpirlte for wllch you itnuo it oil It tkb- rg up n ibat hcantlfnl lake, nearly * bead red and liny if abo*a tbe larel of U?? ocean, and * *rni.R('r.! by tba mtfn Ac nl reentry. one reels a new litp coore'ny lb bit vein* Tba aenaone In Nicaragua are ibe wet and tba dry; tbrlr limlta rary tome what acorn I . ID in* I,TBI 1J. ID UK lll?r T pumuu ui M1TI WW it* wat hmod ma; be rat down u oommneeln; ) Mar ate eontutviai till November, thin, bow evar la ordinarily interrupt?-! b* a porlnd of el*a? catfcrr Id Iba mcnth* of Jul* uil A"gre t. tba hawara during tbr flrat period ara of law iniaaany and ahnrfar duration tl an lha '1 at tar Paring Uta dry aaaaon tho brat upon tho n'aina aad lowlaada la arrow, lha (round broom-* parr fcdbrd craokad, tho rattla da**,*c arak tha ?ft "i-r* td u o lakar aad rlrara for paatnrag* aad drtak. A ? *?? ?'?ak* baa bow mad* bv maay in auppoatna t -at ?ha country la aaor* onbralthy daring tb? rainy tban -uraiaatr. Cnpt lirndaraon. of tho Rrlttah aarr wrot* h, m- - Tba wrt aanaoa, aa It la emphatic* Mr MMl t,? t-I. i? not eonaldarad tba -aaaoa of dtaaaaa hara. It In atatiy otbortriM la tba whoia of tha Wrot fadioa. At thr i- r rnipf of Norambor northama hafln to blow, and laat a lib Httlo variation till Mareb. daring which Ham tho motntagr aad dranlaga aro of a plaaaant onoltiaaa, and wbat In thta country ta aadaratood to b* a wat month, ir lyhi ba eonaldarad u a No-ram bar dayfin England A dry northar la baaibfbt. afraaabla, aad tarlgorating, altar th rortb wind haaarqulrad anfbolant bwoa, tba atmnayharala riaarof all mlaamlc axhalatloaa, aad tha tatarTal hatwaan

borrmhr and Hay, t<?it can ba called "wlatar. la rartaialy tha frnrt wintar on tha rtobn?to ralatodbnariana aad ag*4 par pi* it la ih* r iimata of Paradlaa" Tba com marc l ?i 1 wbttbtr W? ?? oor jm tt UW r?f ??*i) or >RK E NESDAY, JANUARY 7, I? rommi htpgi'orn \? * are equally dai/ted by the view. In ibe niinrui l>irgri<.tn ihvruare horses. oowa, buliaclca, bht ep, scats Ac . Ac Tbey are abundant, and rune I prior pai j fo? lh< value 01 their hldee, their llsab telling ior but (lulu. 1 he raitm are generally ol a Una quality, quite equal u> those of l ie Uruled States. Then there are nunieruii* wild animtln k buer i-klna are uaerul In oommcice. Buds and (lab of almost every kind abound. Among the map e ariiuiei ol production may be mentioned sugar, cotton, oolKe, c>?ne, Indigo, tobacoo, rtoe and Indian corn Tim sugar <aoe lb a native product of Nicaragua, and dillers from that ol Asia or the Weai ladies, urd la salt' to be equally as good and productive Toe exports were estimated in years paat at 2,0C0 000 bates p r am tn b it is not an tnuoh now. The cotton ol Nina ragua la very goed and productive, UK' tame with the ccco*. The tnulgo and tubaoco are equal In quality to those of Bra/I The inner are of fabntoue rtchii'WS (??ld and stiver if lounn In great quantltlea. 1 am sure we will hove a second Cali'ornTa then. Such la Nicaragua. So haa tbe <;od or nature blessod Ixiok upon her irlahty forests, through which the tin Nurns have never found a path, ber fertile plains tcnanlut by rrnntirsH floekt: her mountains, bldtnn the wtalibof iannus in tielr depths; her majestic likca when on ihe naves ol Ihe world might rtdo; bnr pixelt rivers, fr'i pea with tbo loveliness or primeval vegetation, and M y. ur grt'olui heart ovrrllow with ioy. M.iely Mr id eucb pair-art hal scenes, away from ibo crime and anguish of gr^at olttce, where ci Id autl burger, and the sorrow that oomcs from a act ir unknowr, we rhali lind abettor and happier race than 'he world can elsewhere aaow. It mlfbt have bote bo once, bat it it no no more. Tlie gigantic rulna of oijco solenoid cities, now shrouded In the depths Of a tropic wildcru'ss. atteat the pbyaioal greatness of a peo pie tbat livid and flourished hero, but have long aiuoe pasird aw?y out of ihe m< noory of man. And thoae who suocceder. th m. where are tboy 1 The remains of the magniflceot nii; city of Leon, founded b) H- rnandos de Cordova in 16>3 cau sow with dtlllrulty be discovered. The lecturer ilit r entered Into tbe history ol Nicaragua, and explained her present condition and part sufferings I know well (raid he) tbe Import of what I utter, when I altirm that tbe !ndt?n ocrpot, Carrera. of Guatemala, who la now trying lo overrun Nicaragua with his mercenary phalanxes Is doing so with a clear and distinct understanding with Kuropian monarchies Now, what will the United Hubs of America do under ihe circum-tancea? For the future of hi.marliy, not leas than far tbe future of Nica rogua, I thank Gtd tbat tbe sovereign power In this 1 country la in tbe bands of the people and not of drive ling old diplomats, tor In s question like this tbe people are ture to do right. Tbo lecturer rloeed with a warm and earneet appeal for aid and support for the Americana to Nicaragua. Tne audlrnce listened with marked attention to tbe entire lecture, and at Its cluse gave tbe speaker a tribute of applause. Political Nurruirnts. ifweaqi o* tns Govmuios ov Missouri.?'The St. Louis Democrat thus speaks of the last annual message of Gov. Price:? Tbls infamous document mo7 bo bad it our ollloo. As Kma of cur rotemporartes may refuse to publlib It on account ol in Impudent arraignmon; of tbe people of m I-out* m enemies of 'be H ate, wo havo printed au "xtra number of tho document, that It may be read by all who feel ar Internet In ourclty. and to holt up Its author to the honest Indignation or every cltizcin of HI Iouik and tbe State. Will the HcyMiym and tbe Leader, tbe organs ol tbe nolllfler*, encorxe tt? outrageous attacks noon tbe mercbanta, mechanics and laborers of our oily V Pram Officius of Florida?Tbe following named gen tli men have bceu re oieoUxl as State officer* of Florida. They are all, we believe, democrats F. L. Villeptgne, Secretary ol State; M. I>. Papy, Attorney General; T W Prevard, fkmptroller; C H. Austin, Troasurer; William Scott, Clerk of tbe Supreme Court, to (U1 tbe vacancy occasioned by the rerlgration of Mr Savage Tun Nkxt Octkmhik of pmwylvawu -Governor Pollock, It la stated, will he a candidate for r? olectlon, If oomlnslcd by the American party. Havtl WDmot la talked of at the republican candidate. A Hard Hit. ?Potidrg tbe MO olll* counterfeits on tbe Punk of the Valley, vhlch Is said to be distinguished by " tbe Iw peritenon ol tbe likeness of FUlmore," tho Warrenton, Va Flag yc's oil tbe following sharp shit:? Klllmore bs* erer been a counterfeit. In a political point of view, and we suppose some of bis alratrers. falling in their late s.heme to elevate b.m to tbo Presidency, bavn undertaken to aw led V the consmnwtty by altering Ma physVyne my, t? try I. in n j*cun ary w*y. Ftoripa ijri.imjttt'M ?Tbe legislature of Florida ad jouraed on tbe lITtli uIt alter a of live weeks. Cu.v?khm Otportiiw Oo.w rvno.i.?Thf SAte Coovertlno of tbe ?|>pon?nt? of the Dttiooil atlmlnuiraUon *ud the Cincinnati plAtlorm will be bold to morrow, in New Baven. Soitiikkx nkwsi'ArKRa Some of the journals at the South are at present very much agitated in regard to Southern newspaper* arul Southern litt latuie. The Charleston St.imfard declare* that. as a mere investment of capital, the publication businrs- at the South hud better bo abandoned at once, as lifts been th<* manufacture of various articled of conHiiuiptiou. The Augusta <(Ja.) ( hnmirle asks what encouragement in there to an indiv idiiftl to make an effort to publish a paper, w ben the Southern people allow mo^t of the journals to languish along in a sickly exiat nee? Our advice to them would be to try; they never yet have made an effort I<et them publish a paper like the llKKAi.n, for two ceuts. The Columbia (S. C ) T>m? feels very sore over the corpse of Nino South* rn agricultural jour- { mil which bus just <lropp*-d off for want of pa tmnftRf, and eayathat it t? more than loiiy -to ptippoee that a Carolina periodical trill I*' liberally sustained, for the people believe that "a prophet if not without honor, nave in hi* own country," and they endow the proverb by their a< ?r. They will pay anybody and everybody liom abroad who niuy appeal to thftn, and help to cnifh almost every native enterprise and kirk their brother who may attempt to gain a more elevated position."' The AuRUfta (Ga ) Cowttiuto nnluit ncomwnds the Southern pr ople to patronize certain pu|ters in the North, which worn* to be about the most sensible argunn nt which ia put forth, for the C H-'iiftilbmiliM la evidently fully convinced that there la hardly a paper in the South which in able to k?cp pace with toe current news of the day mncb lew to (five opinions on mattei tit welfare of the nation. The Wraith of the I'nlon. The following inert alloc fllcial table baa beat rim monieated by the Secretary or the frraaury, lo aooo npaay bin annual report of the flnaoree ?. Kui tar Prtooaat Waatinrrnra UaTrari PtAim, 1166. *t?'ra. FnjnJattm. Value a* frnprrty Alabama 686.192 127'233.C97 ArfcalttM 263,117 California M5.0CO lM.00r.oot toont client 401.102 KJ,;M 111 iw-laaate 67,296 30, 1'imi l> lot Ida 110.776 4l>,411,Ml tJeofgla 036,000 601.000,(00 1,?M,?U 833,237.474 Indiana l,149,r(6 301,141 474 town 316,018 HO.OtJOPOO Kentucky 1,011 617 411,000 191 I onlaiaaa f?0,317 170,426 100 Ma'oe 613,112 181,12?.111 Maryland 13" 610 961,244,6*0 Marrar burette 1,118.123 197.930 096 Mirh'raa 609,374 110,60: 610 Ml??'an?|tpl 671 640 261 626,000 WWeerrt 881.916 123,041,711 New Hamirhlre 314,701 103 104.::16 New .1 eraey 600 491 170,760,000 M? Tart 3,170.160 1 864,164,618 fM!l lllonil VVI.SDl 1 niw mi Ob>? 2.216,760 60.H77.V4 l'r?t?y'ranta S,647,900 1,031,701.804 l;i.o< ? lilarl J66 927 ?<! ??? *60 MikCONNU 70.'. MI 303.434,240 TfBixfMfo 1002.470 371.771.610 r.oo, ceo 240, < oo ooo \ > trout 37',,416 91 166,080 Virginia a .. 1,17,69.1 610 991 897 W rr?a>1a 6i'i,10? 87.600.000 prtftct of Colombia.... ig.tMO 26.6e8.703 *of"ii? or. ooo ao ooo ooo N*? >>t?loo 'H.600 7,660,000 orrpou 39.00C 7,776,000 *Mhln|UiB 5. ICO 1.160,000 Uab kfcOOO 4,260,000 Kmim 11,000 M'0.000 Ncbraaka 4.600 1.236,044 Total 20,964,112 V,817,611,072 A06 Tor properly aol ralood, ftor nm'?>r vatoaiioM, aad Tor th? rlaa la t bo t*Iu? of property ilnoa ! IUM AM MM IWV, NW lom Total wraith f f Ui* t altod iItotoa In 1866 $11,317,611,071 Kindt Cnunty C?wrt ?* KoMdowa. Before Judd? Horrid ud JnMtoaa tanmond and ohoonMil*. _ ;?* 6 ?Tbo .lanaary term of tb* Oonrt Ml Upon Mi yeotorday. and full pannla of b?*h llr*?? and 1*Mtt )arwo were obtained. Jndgo Hon* charged tbo Uraad Jary, railing thoir attention to tb* uaoal potato repaired by natnie, but eeyontiiiy recommending to tbofr noMee tbo laffo nntnbor of " fenced," or pleoee whom Molon gotoe arc renewed. thoa enabling Inrenlle thieraa to d lay one of thoir piondor without difnonity, and ooaoeeuontly by c tiering tbo itmii far little* to tbeea young offbndava, ladoriag tbo ra*t number of mgaboad beye wbo to feet the rHy of Brooklyn to commit theft T*6 0(1*4 Jury | ' |b? rHuricd to toed labor*. LERA 157. Friuitr and IjoalnlYapnlrat.. A LKCTUAK BY MR. OIOIU1K HUdNKB. (Hie of the moat interesting and tnairun'xro lantunw which we have listened to thle aeeaen waa delivered ia?t evening by Mr. (Icorge Hu inner, before a laruo reepeotable and appreciative audieuoe, In the lecture room <>! tho Mercantile Library. The lecturer brought to the troatmcnt ol hla auhject a thorough know lodge of the character ot the French people, and a practical aequeintanoe with their political blatory. Too following la a brtof ayuopaia of bla able dlacoorao:? To a distant obaervor Franca, aald he, may wall aenna an enigma Impottlble to comprehend. At ene rnornant aha atanda the apiwreot ohanpion of democracy?tue next, the rushes with aeemlng MlndidM la to the lower deep of c of p< t'lm Arc thcae ohanidt Sam ono extreme o tie other the reaull merely of ii tkldbaas of character? are they merely rparmo.Mr alThctlona of rarolutloa or royalty, or are they the reault of cawe which tba careful observer may penetrate la France, in that, hopi Mealy doomed to awing pendulum like, -be twren anarchy .on 011c ald? and the absence of all liberty on tbe other? Tbia was the point Mr. H pro.ooenri to examine Hn believed franco bad maile no change without good raiier?that every change had brought to light defect* of mterlor organization not before recognized, and had taught her better to know herself, an I therefore, pat her tcrvnrd on the road to Improvement Premising that tbe prejudices agalnat France were due to Un conduot of her that revolution, he proceeded to show tho hargh y opprees'on of an untaxed nobility and a vicious clergy which had led to that revolution?traced from original docvmcnts, (a portion of them la the arohWea of 3or Hn,) tbe tntrlgure of tho court, while pretendlog to an cept tho constitution, to eflrct an iuvailon of Frarce by foreign troops; made It clear that these acta of violence, which have thrown a shade over the Kevoluttou ot 'M, did not occur until after t?o fori'gn armies were on her aoll, marching to doatrer Paris, and vindicated tbe morality of ulavory, by aboarIrg that tbe instigators of tbe Reign or Terror were among Ita victims Theestablishment of (he empire, made oeoes arv by the armed coalitions agalnat France; the cause* 01 Its tnwntal) wben it lorgol its origin; tea bltad and rabid vtoleuco ot the old nobles who crowded bao< to Kraiii c with tbe Dourbona, the tcdomntiy they claimed; their utter diaiegard tor pubdo opinion or right, and the con*((|oenl tall of Charles X, we.o ail oiesrly wai given In a Ir'tor, written aoon nlier July, 18CC. to the Kmperor N.cholae, in which he declared It to bo "an ever 'o be rt"plorod ev?ut whtob bad placed blm nn too throne <?[ Franco ." Of tbe revolution ol '4K Mr. H. mkt a* a |.? r. >. ?: wltnee*, bora tei11 runty to tbe geniral good conduct ol tbe people, ml vint waled tbem Iron, tbe umiai accueallona of in- mall ciour or Ignorant. Tbe raeana by which Louis Nanoleon li stnuated blmgetf Into toe olllce of I'reeldcnl, and ?o pro j*?:?.d io? hl? violent mwrpatmn, were fully cxposel. In three Mr 8 abowed an exact knowledge of tbe Unannial condition and ocouooiio inilutnroa which are al work In Franco. " Iho rich baukera aud maaufiKtar era wfco ruledf, France, with Inula I'hlllppo, (bia 300,000 aharebolderx In government) had never been wl'Urr tu tax iwreonai property, and the great burden o> taxation v?: thrown by them upon land and upon tbe ?real I p*oprletors, who s'uee the revolution of >!i are vrry ti inerou.. A tax on arable land lilnar-' ?a e tbe worst lorm of Impoettion, for tt le a tax on production one not on con*umptlon?a tax which a'rosta in <iidry at the ootnet, inrtead of quietly waiting to cull 1U fruit* " Tbe I'rovtdona! govornnnnt to meet the nnabi lal detioiem U? of that of Iou a i'hhllptie, bad added au additional lb per out to tho land tax Thi* naturally i nccgh aroneed tne pre ant proprietor, and bo oontr .ndoi Inure anaibemt tbe I'rovMonai gov rnmeot, tho repi bun ai d the lar.d tax. Thin rtate of thing war adrcttly turned to account t>y I.ouia idepuiecn'Remtaaeriea. who premtied the new try people in nil name not only a large diminution of tb< lax b it aiao the actual return Irnw nte i wu porker of tbn tony Uin percent Thus In won the la- or ot the pi opie; end o-i tbo 13th Denem'ier, ten da I liter toe crop <i not, the ftrrt tten toward! th* mti'gaiion or the Urn' tax was takco, *< d it wa* Irt.m th" eorvie.t.on on the part of the country population tbat thewe ilepa wculr" be ountinu"d?that ho would pat the lold eot taxMine on tbe right hTeo? that tbny gave him tower Th" bUtory of ttu* itnd tax, as treed by Mr. 8 waa varyr turini* i>lor.' 'if tho noble* and oler jy.wha nun two-th rda of the land war* 'rw frim tamtam; 'ho mtiid 'd Claw*',onoa lupjwor, datarmlnrd t' ?aiti the artUorraey pay htav'ly for their part rborl i' ti.'i ci; the land lux wan rondo oeo of tho p*h eip?l roorm rtrawii'ir, i.rdm her ccn'.'nued M'-wiv,ht;a land4.1 property paa'nl fr?oi Ibaarlatocreiy tothbp' oil?;ill >y bad ro ri p. i ainVt tii>n, ami through ?" reign* hnvo bcea oMfjred io |*y itiir onrrjutl ui rhr n auii of el! whim l?. at lor the ?r?et ma** of rroell U;vJ owd<t?, the utiicii ii I older* o' |nr?'na! p*operij n-oupy the rama ob *lo> ? poritioi, u did ibo nobl tty eul clergy ?> do'O lb* llrrt i olutod. Tbta uowi*- ci oiptlon Of peiaina! property, whua It allini]''aUM the i"%l ol h'me* ?tw' * iiif-n *i 0 croncmUia to lahor f r it* reform, turiinhei at toe ran a Lire, ra il Mr. SaeiM r, a Mopping *p>.o lor unci' a:;d d'traiop""* J|. w the boo * ol ht? t<<4> C'i(1:Ioj? fo'iovira he', been deceived; hp* i ou1 Nat- i l'i a.< I*> :> IVollpf by adulation of the J ropei-or Nlcfxran, rowing ir. ro b in a rlm'iar rebofl Ho* ho hi' loot fcl n?eif to Wio aaicd'ii r i |erationr|of the Credit Vf'biller?c>aip?re 1 with which tbe Mt*ai*alppl ch*ro? of Law, ? i# booeaty i'm If? *u a i imevhod l?? *h hrtnror. Mm of rcau dalooa 'inn o. ell'y. In"jil und noaie'el, a;w>ll a* n? ri*nl li e. p * d by him la high porltroor ?a c o l< tryi *or bene*! am, alnw grtoa ?pi- ad'ug through the I Iriid?a rrrprri foi wealth rrgarilie?? of tha mean) br ? tilth *r^'ired, forlomd?Illorttura ae I the prmi m il t ed?'oai brume ctntr of prol! gate debam n malt tha p lectin! attract >n at 'ha theatre? uoUl l'arl* under thia reign, mi to tcora who rla m do I'nrltan aternne**, ap|xara I an a *. oirort Babytcr. A glowi'g Intuitu *ai paid to two men who aland out from thti I ill r ll?rmimn? umi 1 xuniu an . ,>u.i> miwia ibe former i nhll-l |rk ht? Kroat HittOry <>| Pruaoe, ii which rryanlbaa >' !*> do*|>oiltro arouad htm, ?ri<1 ib? warulr ir* yletD lilm, ho apeak* boldlr for liberty id Tor truthihioifin ?i*1?k u|i hi* poat aa I'rofeaaor of phlloropby a> the Sorbo no, wrlti'jc hlr remarkable vrork on Duiy, rtlrr.ulalleg to b ?b and Dobto OOOdoet, and uln d rating beforo tho IncedulotM the fraud truth* of f.frirtiaoity Mr fumoer abowed bow every hucvhoIt* rerolutW o to Krarr.. wax lira rloleril than that whcti pcocdid It?bow tbi* o f r/ ut'ol of tbo maa.ww had iu mated Willi time acd rdualloe. and *avr a* a proof of thlc, wnr< t which, 10 the mn*l ?lo>ct club* of ]i4H wore ot'ien hrard from the triumphant people: " Wo a?k oo nx ciurtre Iryleatr.D for ntirt |?e oo the contrary lei u* ro tr.inrbtr alwara to ? ,ard the rfyhl* of the minority, a* it' law ol c; . il'/i't Matea throw* i tutelary proteottoo with tpw'el forou o?< ' minora ard ward*, *o let o* bold > ( pewrr, rmrnhrr hat the liefea'ed mioorltr are our wa il*, and Uat we are their responsible (uardiana." Compared with a lentimrtt of bi*b and yenerou* atatea mar'bip ko >hl?. wbatao lyaohle eootrut la presented by fbet cry of ? < ?? ay yue* - that Indus war wbojp of pary hederr?to the naor belooy the tpoH*. The ooocl iron cf lb'* ir rlrix lire lecture confirmed the propo?1 IP n with wbwh It romn.rnred?tiadloavel the character ' f Ue mteK el U.e Tr nch people, ihowed there wa* Lvpe n th< ro aad frr them, bowerer little there mlybt be lr< m the temporary rmerer of an adroit aod unprincipled nanr per. Hurry it* de'irtry the leeturr waa fre<] eatly later rvpteu With well deenrrul app'*i.*e. lion. Plenty W> Milliard returning to the Ministry. | P'rom the Maroa (Da ) Teleymph I At the rmat Alabama Coaler-nc? of tee MatbndM Kptrcrpe' church H>t. K W Milliard aaoovced hla ltitrMbarf rotumlsy to the ranletry. He had been eiladrd 10 to Conference e* the probable editor ol tho VctbcxMrt nryaa to be cMeMWbrd in Montyomjrv, and thr profcatt .>n mrriiny w'th aoaae qn?edlon Mr Hilliard aroer, aod I rnlay to H ?hup tierce. preetdlny, addreeeed Mai a* feline* ? I yire *? my laud, my brother. In tbla yreat wck' Ileac era ard our petha of llfh ahall not dl ?? a* ' I ciine, m the map rtty of my manhood, de libera.e > te lay my b>ar intellect, and what ? at of trophic* I may hare woo in other walk* of it*, profetrlctel or political, haw.bly at tho foot ot tl.o Crnr*. wdh irr fit which befft tbeaerr'ceof my Man i?r let h be <"i#t'r.cily iiaderamod that no role which tW? WIlrffTIW ir?7 IBB# lip n Imuran yrvyvmi ttoo nan my r.*?< 'nt m to give myn'lf In Ihi work A\ bom' and ebroe-1 In my aoliUry Journey ti g* or kiapiinr in the pa'arca of alngo, I hero neror forgot* t try early rowr. I bare tarn tna batlnn'.og an I and of <e?tbiy gftwiB'?? Intimately at*-relate! with r f me of thi f'tt ll?ir? or thi* ego ao<l ama.-i <rj, 1 hare rrrn tbrnr peaa a*ey front tbla iartb. Hlr, I know tha rarity oi rarthiy thtny*. I noma humbly, ho* I m ino jwra? rr'r* that ??if reelect without which I thou d rot ha tnrti for tbo MafW* tor* I no | aak nothing from <bw rooirrrnce <n my own paraonal account l et Uia otr here w rtforrnca to nr. No, no, air' Iba*aoo*or lowered my rrrat whon te> ?g political pnrttea to tha day of haltla. I proaar*o my telf r?a pent. but I daatra to rbMTO acmawbat tbat will enable me. whrn thla world hurra tp. to bo recOfniand by tha Ureal Hand of iba rborcb aa a friend of Cruet, and to take my plana, how r *rr bnmbla. amoua martyra aad ratals who bars loyed rod reread Him on rarth " (Tbla la iba tobatasca of bla rrtnarka, dallyayod to Uia rpril bound aadknce It waa a torao af lotoaao moral nM'mity. Hoy bo find grace oqnai to bla aobla raaoln Hon I one troy hr llyo to odlfy tbo rhumb, and anally win and wear the crown of awdleaa joy and (lory. 11 " _ The Ncrt Mowrmenf. TO THR RDTTOR OF T?K lUtlULD. It haa lately on ma to my knowledge that there atlata la tbla country a <woret order, oallad "TbeHooa (/freedom ' The orgenirnttoo ?ilea da from New Orleans to Now York, embracing the principal tea board towns, ami la rapidly ttatir n*er the entire ruintry Tha band. Of OfMrt I-o?1fO. nM la tola OHr ? allotbor IMf?# lit nboroiMt* Hoinbor# aro dmiilod by miiH Imli ud mnviiMi, Md ?rt boond to mc)i othor by lfa? mool MteMn oalia Md obil(*Uona. Tbo oatlro mor*mtit to In lb* budi r( loading awa, of character and tbiliiy, tad lb# oooalry will b# tiartlod. rae of lh*a fa# Moralaafa, by Um aaooonoemoal tbal Coba, lb# Qa?ra of lb" AatUMa," ha# fcltaa into lb# baada or lb# faw of IVaadow. Tory roapactfuliy youra, CPIOIX jfur Ton*, Jaa 9, llWj ^ ## LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. MEETING OF THE NEW YORK LKCISL.miX. ELECTION OF OFFICErtS OF THE ASSEMBLY. FIRST MESSAGE OF GOV. KENG, Ao.. Jm., to Senate. Aimer, Jan. 0. I MX Tbe Seonto naaemhieJ at ia o'clock, and ?? i-aMed la order by Lieutenant Governor Seidt-o, who ma,Jo a Orutf addrota, lo which bo aid he would r iy o 1 lbs coorMf of tbe Senate tor omlhUdco lu the auoharge of bM dutiee. The ordinary rteolation* to appoint committee* to watt on tbe Governor and Aaaenioly, to inlorm tnom <?l tbe oryanisatloe of tbe Senate, wore then p*H<ed Tfco committors coum-lot or Messrs Ntron in t trlgga nod M<?srs Ferdeu and Wads worth. Tbe Governor' menu*?" was shortly afterwards re oelvcd and road, an follow* ? COTTON OH KINO'M MKHKAOE. To mi Sbvaib ami) AnexMHtT.?In add'oamnir to Uke legislature Una oomtmtitnation at the oo.n neaiemont at our puolio duties, in oonformlty with the oopntunttaa, my llrst Imputio ta to odor to you my congratulations upon tbe happy, proaporona and bcalthlul ooud.tlsa at our people and commonwealth. by the blearing or God the pef-tlienre which wa* at IM very door of our great import wa* turned iron It; ov populat'on la ateadlly progruaslve, and induatry, in ali Mi calling*, baa, ouring the paat year, found < <Hiaunt wploymmt and reaped abundant reward Front the returns made to me by the different department*, t am abled to lay before yon a summary of uio leading interests o( (be Slate? MtiTI Ot TUB TBEAMl'HT. The balance In tbe Tr'aeury at tbe com m en r anient ot Mm year was. W,ri7,||? M Receipts of the Tria^ury from all aonrona during Uio Unal year ending i'-ept 30, Total $17,M4,M1 ? Total o( payment* from the Treasury during sumo period $14 f$3.110 M leaving *r a* Ki-pgalr balance In the Tre* Bury op m Jv. IMrh 93,341,444 It ixiMMoa aruooL rvxn The capital of the Cunrmno Ssh-iol fund la. .93,-191,914 14 Showing an incieuae during the IKul ve*r of ?:<4 366 36 The iDccmc of me fund lor the rear la 160,644 IT And the amount appropriated from th? In come of the Uolttd htatea UepoAlt fund for common tchoola achool dlvht u '.a la 146 904 44 Total $334,644 IT The payment* from the fuel on amount of revenue received, via :? Cciumm achool dividend!... $313 Ohd f6 Mo-ccdanctur 038 08 $310 63$ 94 irraKartiR! hj>i? The capital or the Literature land l? $369,463 IS The Income of liila laud for the year la $10 994 64 And Use amount appropriated frtm the Income of the United ?(atca IVp< tit lurid It 38.003 00 41,944 44 The paymrnl from tho fund for dividend! to the Academic, Ac $13,701 M i anno it Arm oam-nrrjrn Capital $1 014 699 71 Revenue thiv ytar.r 36e r?l# M Amouat paid hum tho revenue of the fund 300,401 44 (.bbkhai rt an ptatk nam. Amount or debt etolualve ol Uruporary loan* to the tn aittry, t" be paid trum rcvenuta or the general Fund it $9,506,4(4 17 t.aKTKkl M Ml li*irt MNKiaO h1su The drllotrni j in thla fund to jh> payment of the la territ on the ;-M*,to debt ha* Increased diirlnr the yaar ft ir.S (3, art whig a drilcloacy ju iiotn of foptember. I960, of 913,7*0 64 tiaaaeii n vn arvavi a The deOcieccy In bio rivmuo of the General I'uatf la 988,007 74 mnnnan nan o? thi utAia Halo fto:k U?u?m1 and Ion; id to oo?? iwalta 9710,000 09 from the hooka o' the Cina! l>p*rtnioni I em tar mated with the lollowh z ?h?tra-t of lire aciaal oet>t out run Itiy at the ckwe of the loat 0*c*l ynar, a well at o# the revenue ind exp-uirilturea of the canal- Tin detail* under all ih?M Lr-ada will ho cnmniuuloaitd. wan other leiercetln* matter I peita'nlny l? tbocajali and their a?laryi tu'-ii, lo rbr Miuual reptrtn of the Canal t.owrwt# norm. of the Commlatioiicri of the Canal fund, of Ut auditor ut the Canal Department, and ol tba ."into Hwgi veer. a/ft' rrfirr. t'rdrr article 7, baciioo 1, of the cowatlta hen 413 333,701 34 t*uder article 7 rcc. 3, of thu corMlfntion. $,7f?o,on? on htetuat paid out olthe (Fonetal FiilJ.... 441 r* 6 4* ToUl ox ?C1b Hejletuber. 1$68 IT'.414,'J# M uviqicoi A.1H ixi KBoiTt ten or ru-car teas IUcr\f4l Toll! fr. nj tie ratals Oi.TlO.V* M I .ii ofrarptaa motor i.ata oo li u rrst on current consl rertuuee, Ac.. 87 not 77 Total $1,740,1$$ 4# flfuwtl Fur repairs ot ca^ale |i? #,40t| 18 Tr> 4oiirrt<r* Wdgli roast.m anil mlncc lioni-ous e?i<wco 117,777 74 TMUJM "Hnrplu* revemiien" Ol.fMO.Oflt M Amount * t *|?rt by article 7 of the constitution w pop ho Interest and rwlrim tbo prlnolpsl of Iha dial* debt, VI*:? For that part of the debt raUid ! >? Cana' 4sbt, Manor 1 $1,700,000 60 For that part of the debt called IheOcneraf Fond debt (three fourths ol $380,000) toe 2.. -' 0,500 CO $11*100$ M Tolls rrcelred In the fiscal year end lag S'tb Stpte Mr. 1*6? $7,7t9 WO m Tells received In the Ureal pear t-odlsg .both September, 1866 7.(81,4$1 11 It crease $48 414 M Received from the Trrasu'V on account of ta?-n under Chat. 83$, see 7, lawe of 1866 $370 000 $$ W li rh has been applied to tbe wiuktng Funds, vis ? For tbe< eoeral Fund debt $*7,500 00 Far tbe (n'argctBCt,! debt.. :,;u,500 00 $170.00$ $$ A lien (t'i, 1874) wne efircted tosnpplv <!e ticlenetee under article 7, rec 1, of the nonatdutlen $4,000,$$$ $$ A Iran (B'r 1874) <w effe -od to supply Ibe deflrtmcles under nrtlc.e 7, sen 3, of lbs oootutmton IM 00$ 0$ Total $1.600,0?0 M far In fed in the canal debt m .THb September. t8$0.) i'?iiniiu the flrcal vear ? ca*al not 6'a of l?f.5 8143,0*8 34 Bfc*8Ofl804 8CO 00 $14.1 Ml $$ (anal Mock*. I'* After 1880 3,8:4.301 0$ Total $4,118 100 84 canst wr*K?i t immni'\im 6'? Of 1*81 $183,000 00 0 8 Of IBM 87.500 00 $371,(0$ 0$ Total amount redeemed and en-welled $4 (8a MO M Tha 4011(11 ratal drot a* l? rutted on the 8ntu aey of September laat wee. $lJ.4tr.,'l90 M Add to lh<( the turn of 1 .50 000 00 ?U>e amount eutbnri*ed to ba borrowed dnnaf thr pr?ernt lltra! rear, which row plrtea tbe loan* prorlded tor la tha lata smerdmeawot tae constitution tor tbe ealarytmrnt and oomptatloa of tha oaaalt. ??? and It make* the turn of Ill 886.1*9 89 It appear* hj the report of tbe State Knrtaaar, made ! > the I eft* tain re at it* Met a -Mioa, that altar 1*0 am jont ratB?<1 r pen Micro l< an* shall hare bran eibaaa* ?). and ai?o tbi prrminatn r?al**d from them tiara 111 atill el's' a dtHcleory of Over $9 500,000 uaeamary to (itjlab the ealerfcmcnt and romfietiw of the canala. Tbla drflrtCDOy arisen from the etrctirrMioce that the estimate npra which the amradmrate ot the cnoatltettaa ttarr baaed, included na'y the eoaatraettoa of the wart, and did act tac'ifa en$lre?etDf, land and other la magna nertaearity aen?-?inent upon tbe construe, mm. Tha am baa frttrally h- ;n ncatracted tar below tbe nettaiUeaw4 oa irrwa ad- ?t i?|e->r- to U?a mute llcwerer wa uaa reyrat tbla dedekney, It It, aereetbaleaa In be met ami pr tided fr.r. tbe tatereata at (take hetof too wtde spread and important to ba left for a mom rat in anapa loo. The whole lenftb of tha raral* and public worta ki 800 mi lea Tbelr eatlre cost, wbea romptetn, win amawat to about 860,000.CfO, and tbahr capacity will thee It naandcatly britared. ba i*pial to the traiwpwtaitae at a* thM mar be offered In them, at a rale of loll ao taw 00 $0 defy ? operation. Tba defirteary now eitatlag f tmty about ooe twtf 'tetb of tbe eatlre coat of Uieaa work a, ta be borne by a that# la tt* maabond. and with an aaaaata rneat ro'l or nearly fourteen buadred^amioaa of jtoltaaa ^rB,r.,TT ssj. nsn m s tKTe*P*r1e?HW W? tlr*t<1/ *T* f IK' .,* ,\h,, work! noder ooeireet, to permit thnaa mm STKJ5tr2 Interrupted Meoi We .hot*Iny ..nrooM o( eeliiat the '? ? be for* noneat Mtar taieed Tbey are work* la thtlr orlfta aad p**. ,reea Tbey eboold to (xmttaae to oomHetKn, mM fer'Tfr rmtm tta? property a?d aider the wetrol oi mm nor ia boaor of the aaneiona ajtorpnae that prntwkad them. tbe liberal pablte tp'ru^wbloh. fc the ktm of rebeneet oppeaWaa tad eeubtaad peMttoal tad pee* alary oWeeke, oarrted then eseoaatfhliy itanmgh. tad benaoao the tine la near it bead wbea, tba whole m Itrfenaat effwhfd, they W.ll MP"?7 fffhy %U