Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1857 Page 2
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a HMDWUL rOIZflOI. Oar HIchMtnit Ol i wpwiwwi. Ki?mo?D, V*., Jan. 4,1MT. Wk? DtHMWu Trmlte to r.rjtoto?The Win and flm to Clifw?>??rv> ITiQ TKumjA;? JV Baquirar and mm*nwr rK Whij rat virgxna vmgrttmm.*i ?kl>t<Unif?Actum of Ou Fltt'jorai CoUtfft and Ut JTYettden I? Governor Floyd't Afpointmmt to a Stalin Ac i?oio Calind* Fiotd Fad, 4c., 4c. The rcoeat eifflculttat uin| Uj j democratic party la Ml* MiU, arising, ? It 4 font rally auppoeed, from U>? MUob of tb? Klectom' College la reference to Gototbor Vtoyd, vote bat the refiei or expoetlion of feeling! and arttmenta lorg exit'In; between tw> rival 1 sellout tn the I Ibate. 71 la declaration tn favor t G>terror Floyd waa had the rouMton or the developemcnt oa the part of the Barter taction o * deep-rooted, though aeoret dtaaa'.4Mob, eageadercd by the gr wing popuartty of Wiae, to the eerteoa detriment oi the preaeot diatlngu4bed SenaMa from lb it State. So tooner had Wlae been elected to Be peeMicn which he now ooeopiet, than jeatooalee aptatg op ; and theao became atill more anthrterect when It waa ascertained that he eantemplated giving hta tupport to Buchanan Tor the Presidency. In the action the Banter party rtaaovered rata to the proepecta ot their distinguished under, who for yeara peat waa an active vptrant Tor the White Boone. Regarding Wise's election as a mere party htntb, and not a tett of his personal popularity, they atV trotted to the prestige of the Senator to'connteracl wmj spun or matry loil may grow up; and It *u ouiy pom tie assembling or the legislature last yew that they<l the true eta.? or the public fee tag u it Med with reference to banter wad Wine. New, for toe ret time,wee the reel character end extent or the rirairy My derelopcd^atd the frienda of tbc.former, nitre to the dupri which betel him took erery occmIoo to diminleb Ike popularity of Wtte. Falling In ihli, they availed themselves of n circumstance that occurred In Feonsyl rat in. to wit, the reeeoe of n fugitive tlnve from a Vir fldatac. mmed rnreonr, who went 'nto tbit ^tste in n.s pars tut, to set both States al loggerheads, auri thereby estrange from Buchanan he vote r.nd loiiuen e of Vj gteta It may rrobahly be in your recollection thai a MB was Intrtuliicc 1 Into the legislature to indemnify Fhrvona' scctici fx the sum cf >3,0(0, the amount of his reregnluanre, which, under the hill, was to be Sorbite! by his default. This bi'1 also provide!, Aoi in tbo even. o< JVtm* future arrest, tbe or error should be required to derated fcli release, nsd that ahcull iht* tie mac 1 be dlsregarled, he stomd issue s proaianiatl'n cal'lty lite l^gtsl* ure together wilt In thirty days. Here v as, in fact, a Shea, dec'arat ot rf war sgaiurt fonnsytraain, the intent a* a parpose of ?Lioh waa tc tier'roy B icbauin's lotlu tsrf-c thrcugb W'ie fn tb:s flute. In ?bi?, too, they faiieJ, lar tie 1.11 ear so mcd.l'.ed in the vcnate as to renler It worthive*. It we uon-ocicd and n.Siured by the friends wf Hunter, tid received an tnvoluaUry acquiescence Imc it? fnecda of Vi'ltc, seeing what its object was. lo ten bad ft been upon any otter a, tyect bin the deltct'e we si w hfcb it referred,! doubt tf !t woula h?ve receive 1 tea votes to the Bouse Itere. then. yo?i may see the rat d'.relcpetncou of vhai bostili'y to lt:?e, which has i??rr nr.cre cle?r!y revealed lo the condemnation by a lew membei t. ibe Vi-?.n'.a leiega.i.iu at tV?ehiiut"n, nl the active of Use tflectora' College, wnti seas p.-eenm d to ba> e be?r bad at the ln*:anoe of Wise in this, fcowfvi r, they * era intc !y ro : ht-u lor I nave rotion la know that ho never exfeaeed a tingle op.nion Ibt or toe that acting 1 l.ave taken tbta abtrf review the reV.ions of bn'b We?? pasties, ibt* your readers rusy bettor understand WW ong>n oftbis i tf'.cfliy and* which tare to nenred the dlesati* fiction man seated at the oocrsc o: i U-< R ' ImI 0.-':. r< Bat tte qaesi'oc It. who will triumph I claim to be I welt Informed w'tb refsrene* to the a'Clmeeta of Vlr i tula tu regard to W ?c a-.d Br titer ac t l here state, what i 1 wou'd wtRir ICO OC0 upon could 1 aflord to do so that were the !?sue in the next Congressional el-ctions W: e e? EoLter lor the Presidency,*' ncttbree, out of tho fllecn so be elected wo 'i be chosen upoa tue latter pha>e of tfc< .woo Speak d>paragia?ly ol Wise in auy part of lbs SUM and you xmedia'vtly touch the flaw p-ldo a'the tOTMt'iu Tbty lay Uiat to the aoinhila.ou ot 8am ' be tas preserved the pristine of Old Virginia uc aapa red, aid 'n fact saved tec Union by lolling the un fwdly eBoits of Us fem es to inaukira',e ail estatUtb that wbtob .a ?ub;er?ive of a'.i contlT' government !e<HU.ll on, vr'ta all its attendant nvtts ta t te sbope f Intel mo wars religious feaaa, ka. 1 bold, tnerelore, wmwitnauncicft the appreb*nai<-ut of a dtrmon Id the macerate ranu id Ytrg'nta which I have hoard ex pressed, that tboro ta no candor oi aay suob result., ibe tant being that there are no element* of opposition to Wise, save a few mcmbere cf Concrete. w .o. ! oan well aay. do not reprrient the f'-e'ltK* of thcr couat'iueaui la Ifets regard. To "lintratc more fallv th* unequal character cf thlr cor test, 1 would stata ILat it in seriously contemplate! to clec- Wwc to tut seat In the ' ntted Sa's beaate cow occapied by Hunter, at tuo ax ration ol b.s present term, which will be about three years beuce. Whether *a'ik wli. aooept or not, U a quest m yet doubt fa.. 1 merely mru'lon tbc !a;t at an IllitHratian ot tbe rwiatlTe staudlrg ol both lc Vlrgiela The Enquirer Itgeue, " body and bones,'' ever lc the Barter per'.y. li'? rot, as you erroneously ', the rgao tt is the or*ao of the lorm'r oertv. aod in furtbirasoe of Ibeir scbem-s seet> now to amtarrawj tea IncosilBf adtulotiiration ? / araxbadoertag for it an exclusive -Sotunom p-!cy aa tbe condition of It* i upper.; ana all lb ? beeauay oI tw (r<ai lafl-iaaoa wblcb Wm .1 ktowu to tart w.tb Mr. Buchanan Tn>? fceorab c (U'.e o' re atloca be a au tbe two li not exx pattble ? th aa Lcroa?:a* prvu.arlty :o behalf orHtate te Tirftla, atxl borce in* jct'otsay on itu acwont, and tbe deepcr?ie aflo?ti cow be r, ma. e tj diatu.b tboai 'okaltooa. Vain eiTo't, la tmn. Tbe to low ny oorf tec ge?tireartlclt oc ;ts beat 1 copy iron tbe *07utrer of .be tetb ultimo ? Bat lhaufi Waaler demoWraUOB of the b'.i:k repnb' ran Jeoo?r? ib < eugm?? wntealiaea the 1 if tbetr daloa:. in a?ax* alrrab fit icotn oietiu ol to? rt??at cjni??t array- Ji* twe tec tor* o: itr roafi lor.fy 1b ?n|n rouU-neeray. aud aba lenitea aaa*l 11 .*1 of ha pre*: laun between the Hou-h aoa lie .1 II tu .11'. 1 mwar t<f he Vortb Inthehr?t of the l>ai lie ltl? to roam'lie the belligerent pti Uaa. There ait tr ?.oIn;rariui arim>'men to; thedi?f?ute alien ote eld* rwrifefe'o ?n inii: t" s'bttrai.ooe hj-.'I inalfe'.fe upon war aud an boalii" triumph Mr. llochauaii iiLila tint eircnWMaacea hart it f ed tie poeitlen, and he will be compelled to chaotic be |K.i,ey lur .rdtryiy It it 'Ae tmarine" to dream aw of eiu tiny a 0 pr"mlee be .iv' ep tbe ne,-?eaaive abjli Won nr. of the North and fie coowrn'.if ?|? irti of re?i?taoca m 1 the "o i'b rial the I*ie*td*nt w.aet wilt C uomo a latal f?U> | be tl.ii.ka 10 o'"*. ire hie a l oin ?_ a 111. .11 ..nrirku I prior ' 1? then tt..?' uf an a?owe I and lO'len'le fiipl n*t of ha rlfb'aarir. iuMitui nus ul the ro if., r " <-? lie wh > n ar. ua ,i ac<in>. ua a <1 Uir >--iu'u i anont at.vli I'.-elf i > aa> adirnciauat. m whleb n- n.iire a tieoual jrr muiri ? ithnip *e?c*r Mg frrr i i > ntn lnfty and Impregnable po- Mm We tfl ant the rre'iceet tJ*i' Ui beoome 'be pari/an of "or recnnor utere. . b it ue.y !e a limned toe piv^r /nui In be epir. Of the renrtiintcn and < pre**. ie InnoUe'be ta*-a lire# <.f O'l- riahta In it.. rod U la n-'e.a?ry Uiv 'he arruMtr pa ri.oaar >ad a ? n it afenu 4 be ?o emp.iiyed ? 11 au-mcthcti tiie Cauda of li rrli ? t .n I Dm #<hetv?. i' o r rpriTiira. la there ? kc<i t una I .? ifre fbr f iit oxr pufpoa# V> Imply aey44ari?tof M Bach .ru. a meo'tun* A fun. and lull id' -rt.niiip a. adrai. r. r, i reai .vr pna anna pa'1 ? a raarmial to u.tmete agtf air and e m r t of ac ma And iht< r?pl#ua6u* ?. li 'V pari of 'b- bo A, la he mora neceaeari aa nrnir parr na, a?:?o are anppnaed to anrak ?i>e td'H'io tBr f'rerl lent ? bare fureabalnwr I a pa try or Uie P. Timing adm.aia'raUw In which ibr lanui ar;?yot tb.' ?cilo aril; MvirM*u' Thin, la the re;er. . p*. b of Senator l .glor it la .uiplio.1, raliirr than diatmrtlr anarineed that M \ Burhktiio b.a no a.rmoi by with Ui* 'rxirrniaia if the Sn-.Ji am. thai he In ro .a to direct b>a . mwlptraUoi) ih ibr ?l?w m nmyeumg Kar. aM.o a trar SAir Il.hrlh- "oatrrmt'ia of lb" Booth.' Mi *<! r rrfera only to thai an. all aah >->1 of a'a worn aioo WH the rer.yalol 'be AI ad tart iradi wi the m nrcav/?'toa of L.? *.aro Sate- lain an iodept.ii 4?et rrpubV, ilieri b? dr. arauon I. ?| tl!r harnlraa no! aaierrrtnja'< j lui. If o- are to nodentand mat Mr Buibei nti meitta I arm b' ce-jmananee from a!1 wbn ? ? ! Ipon Ui?'a || lb- n , . ?: Ji the reaoln'lnn In tea>?t ra'Ser thaa r? lr?ot MoUtry aarp?if we are l.i nniar Mead thai tbe Oebn < t arr to o uane a v\m upg nnlict, aaJ ae b' -??trolled hy the cnuiea'y ol men wi.'. a fad the dla aao< > of eaolua re n..?*'r? tTC _tf e e a e tn uiidrralaa I bat any lir.pi 'Um< at ! to br npp-o?4te ibr v-n mate rroan ton of aleiery in bmnrdnw ,n thr ; Inetptr. a: the Kan Oe? N'br?ab? ac?tber. la Senator hy .er a ape.- ah a dia'inc ft* Fi.nihern In Harioott with 'h.? ibiu* I i ? ?? cf the NeiuU'ir WV. ? uedvwtmd to eoyer Mr llui-h* KMIM'iat't rim If.toe, W? cibaerre ?p i*t>-m? ar.? e it the paper which la i^ioiW to bt the ipe-i* nrian of u-< f ink b? The P ? leoeolty eln-1!ed the wnintrr WtUi ?Q 1b"B*? flar. Can It be |M?m bk a nnf aiclnn.e e*?rp cmialdtl'*'* ft .and Mr ilu ha aaa In the KomJH 'bai 1b* a Rar.ton -apo?t''* in a Oral. I' *< both from k |<i r<y arvi *e - nn ?nan It br ? "!' le that ha la In be I?av>r~l to f ill fellowship With the auairn t ai d in be ra .era *.| & pi.aer ay tba .ncowuo* adBitn airauoa I* It nredt 4? that Mr Huntainan intern* to bew?w hi* rnaMeae* ,.po . w to una -rthi of tru* la Were dai far 'ha tha ImpariMn re'erae of lha rruaed* ^a natatatary ia ia ar)oj dv fain-of an admiiiOtrabon met abich tba fcx.Ui rai mKp ilu aj port at li? r fh a fba debate m dng-ee* upon tba I'raet lent a aytaaga, amd tba oarer* rtnoura* of tb* n:*-b repnuutaon ebw-? ta, ara aaa down an tba prate it lor ike poelttoo aamiatJ lb tba fn-ep oiej article 2a itaae ia d'etirer d a 1 epaai Mm m tba part of that pnrtr to 1 r *? nl * tba Jinn of btntlnaai ooolrnrcray " ia r # ar which it #"imn lis 4w%f of tba *oulb in pre para to repe th) tbreataard aa11eaatrni upon 'ta rlgbta birinje u?? 'ar alarm arbor tba' pah; ta now utterly defeated, ant wbaa toe Motor rat* bar* tba add'tioaal a Iran tag. o' a Urge ati ?r'ty tb tba baitCoagreat Mo ihtt la art iha taaaa; it a aloaa la ba found In Uk poan >n waica tba /.' > pa re baa rarest!j naauoiad and tba jealouena aa I app'uoaa baa that bara anaan b*can*a of tba grea* tiHu*aea wetrh Wtwe M known to ~j*#e>*? arltb Mr Rxanoao nan -b to tba <1laadrnntag? of tba loader* r>' tba fac-ima to arhisb Iba Knqwirtr bn* reieot y welled '.to#1/ T aay "dMiiraaUf*. breanaa *ne nod Rubier being now toa WH*t p'onn eat etalai.eo !a Iho iu'h and par ternary nnllrea aid rt dr itN of tbe MM fltte asp c!rc:?.'io>* mtromt'd to eobaoce It e po;m nrity of tba oae la to toat ailant dimtt..*h;ac Ute r.baaeoa of tte other t * b cb ladiea as tba rourae or tba K<t?u?rr> and tte d epot Uoi lb referent* to Bn'banan It Ita | r*of Br'?.kf *p*#rh la trie Mom* if K?k.r?oan toll?** to which the folia#lnf or?c*'olool It will b? wm thai h? ntflgbf afloat ibo rajWtWl * 1 *a(it> for Barhaian and oom tootfrngnU th? LUiurrm btfbiy iBa.i* ? Onr irariaii rlc th# Mr> ra<ka rrnftl* h?4 hCCn a*' yi.ttgilay. iwtWa T>1?* *ctf >n rIM kjf'r; rirht ?? BihrlM nf th* ?i /?r? iiv^h had hoan won, ata<-a upon haw. rcata* tha ra.|H.i,.it?lit . r.fih. n <*a? .r*? pawed a?<1 whatorar idlMtr rnwht t?i man. >'?rk Northen prwJadIM *'r orhatiad had beaa a* *> )!; BiroMrd t<>? arta th? i *ko had ' atrtona I mh* h, ', Vk* katMNM to hroakaHH. That had hroa hi. ntp M wl'Ji U?a prtnatplaa of i ho MB ai?d to ?na?aK!na thai* wa h,. wtolnat Ita priori { V # ahd to h" r ll 'O wa *'* *n?ria)ff daa n*d tha ?bM Muf W'lbk Iko k??ota hill |>r?w*naj J? r|*?a that ( I wf?n 1 saw tho d eOomSnh'd tanlare t> wb-<a * >??? rtterr*d?abia (ibWKiBCD. eaeh a '? <?> of a tree a ride and aaolb?r mar rheean ?et> bad aa ptae-i :a the pa-lore af the fight, i..j fa'th In !*<>rth< rn democracy wan again shaken 1 reasoned with wiroe'f tattli win If Northern drnoe-BT .? aa undv f.-oted open the War? a bin ta to r? ion Northern nra. 'Tan a Nrw ftneUr'T b*"4UMof lhair '<*> intmiaia wdkciion with it, what sernrltr hare we of the bomb that oar < onslrnctloa of the art will attain ui the po)b f of thr govnrnment, or what sonority Ktnt?? against a eonstrnrllon whKh had beer (oicpni'd, and upon whi'.h the Srnnt* had boon oonrraTnlated, and wb'ch, In my jndcmnii'. 'a aa fatal to out intern la aa die portly ena- '.mi nT which had boor repealed? M non-oonneitea with the bill anil absentee Hm are Baenaaarr to glkl th' pin, how do I haow but It ma; be rejected wb'n ha essentia! components are awertamed? But what la loaa extraordinary la the position recently taken by tho JBooihiiut ol this city, from being thoroughly sectional, In fact ultra In lta sentiments, it haa bocome pre eminently national and eoaeerraUTe. And this, let me say, may well be amnmed as a true fore shadow mp ui idc pm cy 01 Mr oannuHi, iwr iv IVK pranj well understood ibat the Mjomutcr will b? Dm organ of the Incoming administration la the Hooth. The following extract (raw that paper, or the iwh December lost, will aflord on Index to ra sentiments, m well as Km policy which the new administration la likely to pursu* ; Now 11 seems to us Lbs' ail lh.? vozl' y and relation of ayir t shout Mr. hnchtnon is ,beyond Jv legluniau; juriadiiI kid of a Congress thai must expire before ha utiniM tlie robes nfl.ce. If Mr. Hachanaa la indeed piotUng ruin lo the couiilry, to the democracy and to the South. It cannot by pot aibilnj te developed before the demise of thw present Com greaa, at?l It will not be in the power of this body to roiiDteiact ha fell projects t'u< <*>"? , then, tins anxiety about Mr. Buchanan's policy?these Spartan | reparations, ib a Liouoilc dirplay of anight eirnntry, 'J?s vaunted ta'k of "t'o or die," on the put of ap inky Congressmen?*11 imp'y>ap distrnat. and fomenting aiaoord In the demoi roue bouse to d r If itupei.dous fraud a upon the pop i.lar confidence a-e indeed meditated by Mr Ku-I^iu\n -11'formidable aasan'te upon etate rights and wcuiheru r??lus are In u re para ion with in ibe three hliokl of hla counsels. 1/ n iouitnaU?iis and woes of h:r lory np are to fall from but own handa upon the party and ibe country, why even with Mich a prosper*. before us, we are met by ibe fact that Ceng-ess wi'l be d.nolved liefcre tbt fell calamity eemea and yvbether It be a sole in,vim ot not, they ore obliged to leave unto th? day the evil .hereii. Wontc b not be bfifr for ibn moyoritr of escb ho -se to put an extinguisher a' once 01 on the slavery dtseussion and n/von all ihla wrangle about the policy of the incoming administration " Would 't not be beat for the two aucust oonc'atrs collictlyrcly, tie members Individually the country and'be democratic party that Congr'va should tet aboot the plain roaPrra 01 bnameaa before it. and leave all tr-eierant and tiij-i a v. hare auhjee where the laic elect ion ?eft them?buried lb their graves 1 We think ae. Here If a ycry eigtlhoaDi change :n the sentiments of both there papers. It woold appear as if a transposition of the editor* bad tat en place?both bar-log heretofore advocated principles diametrically the opposite of eaoh other. 1 ni'gbl venture to ray tb?t the latter?more, per bape, tbau ai y paper cow in the 1 nion?reiieots the true seniimentaof tlovirro; Wire Tfle Hrhtp*l a jubilant over the petty diSerenoes which now exist In the democratic ranks in this Plate, and still more so at the prospect 01" a re enactment of the eame rciets which trarrp'rod in New York, in this, 1 can ocruiniy say. he wt<l be much disappointed: for, an leas iocr or five members of Coagreis wbo are ectinted open the side ol Mooter cooid be said to constitute one wtng of tbls oivuijc?or, in other words, the opposition party? no < irmenl for such a division as be anticipates exists Of tho mi n Lor* 01 Coagr.-se who may bo classed as the n rat ..eaiocs pa/t.ur.s o! Hunter, and tho most eager In seeking to counteract the rcccmmendaUou of Floyd by "1 Desterol Ooilrgs tor a seat 'n toe Cabinet, I might rneptlco Fsnikne-, Uxsock, (his son-In law.) FauTus rowsII, bmilh and one or two others. Tnelr eHurts >n IMS rtgarn. OS jou aro doubtless swore, lave reference to lbs election of either Faulkner quliert id t?flu? ice, ih*nugb the me Hum of the apotla (til tribntion, they ibi?Et.t employ it to Hcner'e advantage etil W it'i prejudice. vhll, Uowevcr i? but a reeoodary motiye lor the action ba 1 with refcree-re to the Electoral Collate. Piece end ibe t.wiila are tbe creel. paramount, leading oonitderrt'-hs Roib objee a "voald be du'y tub trved could tbe rrcoxweadetton o( ti e Electoral College be nulltaed, arrt the etovc* be trade to fall upon ettber or tbe too already Denied Bdt tbe ?c i.'D 01 br.dy ta aot without precedent, tbougb al'.tf atlcna to tLe oortrary bare been made rbe kiertora of Penny lraota unt'cd id proponing to Preeldcn' Po:k tbe name 11 tbc pr at n*. PiwNt elect for tbe ap poiLtmtnt cf Sccid-aiy ei Sia'.e. and tn accordance witb it at reeeir mendst'on Mr. Buchanan was cboieo to till tbat high cflioe. lb 846 aereial tuembera of tbe Lean litore of tbls Slate, and olbT dMiiOcelJ r>t thla city, alrnt. a Utter to Mr Poll In 'avor of iho V. Mevon'a ap pott'ment to a mat 10 tee Cabinet and be iraa appointed n accordance with tbat reoonmi^datlob. Tbe Virginia kiecfra, to 1*62. el*ned numerous re Commendations lor of cr, among which vu one In favor of tbe Ben Sbtiton f Jo aire, ato, ic aocvdaaee w'.tn tba reccmmr-udattob, wm tendered tbe Commiealouer ship to tbe Swr.datia Islands, ableb be deobaed. A f toiler recommendation wis made la betall of Robert G. 'coll. rtaal'ed iu bta appoint uiei.' aa Oooaal to Klo Tbere are Dumerau otter .navamea of tbii aort, which it i* rnaeceerary barn to mention i. vcrDor rioyd'a apootnlinont to a weal tn Mr Bu bai BB'i cabinet may be tat down aw certain. I believe the ilvtlry tn tbia iegerd la- ceared, tbe parties who op1 oied bin baving received auch -alimtuors ot Mr. Be ctacan'r .rtent.cni ae to saila'y tbe? ^ of tbe otte* innpoa wlbllity oi de'taiirg that remit' The Deep Sea Sounding* of the Arctic, TO THE IDITOUS OK THE t NION. Your rerreaiwedem H , to tbe l'i ton o! list Saturday, tw - i n.e rtuedly to task became a, 'n puatcg upon tbe dtep i<a ecundirga ot tbr A'Ctir I loan' teem wenlltg, and weld to For tbla 1 am onarged with nijaitly e-walling L.f otecaot Berry it aa. ImN ccmo to tb e, thai la ceuduai ng phyaiaal re rare: ra we may not irrai. er.sordug to Ibelr merit* tbe ira eriaia krougnt before ue, wrboot being charged wlUt a i. ru i ( lmnroMr an 1 i.ljUt mollvt> liir true potr.ta nt ttnue are net torched by P. How(T?t uaptaeeatil the leak may be, be baa made It neeea isr?, by a r at be saye lor me to date tbena In aolfde( i < . Tl.ry are ? )>id iLe ?' ej> sea eouidlBra made laat t mmer In the learnt r Arctic < -mc properly wltbia lb* eflietal cognlof tbe m ptnnteodent of tbe < oeervelory' and IT in abritln did ho find them aaurog' litre la a law dlrtetinf tbe Secretary of tbe Nary to employ "three tunable vessels Of tbe nary In tattln| nrrr reuce anil yerfect'og tbe discoveries made by U?u teract Maury la the course ol bia tnveeMgatioas of tbe aiDda sod currents of tbe ten " Lieutenant Berryaan a* told id bia instructions ibal tbe Aretir waa tent out : rr tins lav and tb* fecrriary of tbe Nary, la b.e an nasi re|ore alio rtiea tb:* law aa autbortiy rrr seeding ber, and aaya that tbe rpclmena obtained Irom the bot i the ace, together with tbe cbarta showing tbe ibundiDga. were turned orer to tbe Observatory, at war aire tbe abairact ;og Thue, 1 bad Dot only the r gfct, bat tt became my duty to rxanlae and report npon tbe wort of the Arctic And Ilia ripott did not, aa "B ' int'matea, Aad Ma way into prct wi'bout authority, Now, aa to the grounds tor rejecting the worh of tbe Atet r weie they aiiulrteatf All there who are tnleronted to tb's tieaullful Said of reteareb bare a right to know. Ibe regulations of the aerriee Use manner In which the operation Of rondoMlag deep tea eouadtngt tnaM be carrmd on. and ihty also reqo're to be kept on board of every veseel of the navy, and, according to a preacr.betf form, an abairact log. a* tbe record which lhcoro are ordered so keep lor the Oaeervatory la ral.ed. other tbtrga. ofllcere err eepir atly eaioloed to t me th< lr plummet and to note bow long each Ho fathom mark oa the Itae taket to go out, for If tt took tb* lead at one lime to nak agiren depth la an hoar, and at at other Ume cn'y half er tare that depth la aa hour, we might fairly suapeet error aumewbere. Tbla, it will He oHaetwd. was an important check, ("be eoeedtege made by Lieutenant Berryman, ia tbe Dolphin, wer? ruaae m ibta way; anf thue we were caaVcd to wtft bw work then, to reject what m g'u Us to bad. aad to pre stirs tbe good. But o tbe Arcitc ao aucb check a alt.wded Tbe ab street l<g rstcrned 'r .m i er le faulty aad erroaeons to ucb an ( v<nt as to be ahro'nre'y of no ralne Many of th* Hlaaka in It came bar, itnAlisd, aad others are pal pa by errontoue. Woorever any check to thl work M aflon rd. *t Bad I', abounding m error* Tor tnatnoce, tee eel bnlo thermometer t? there > eneraily recsrded as fc.kbrr thee tbe dry. end a? lor tbe deep eea aoanrtlaxa, ibis icoord M to meagre la detail aa of ileal to etcito >*pct^n. Tbe rate of deeoeet of the aonadtag lead ts r.owbere ramtioevd th* mere iwi iw a eouadtag *u ruaie at tocb a time of day, wlih or without bottom, ta I tod, and that it a boot oil, Tb? aeuadlag maraice u?>J wai aew Tba depth wa? to be toil), net by the B|tb of in?, bot by tbo rerota tMM of a rorrw that wett down with tbo toad; yet thtrt ta bo mntioo motto of aay Irtol for toot ng the aoeuraey oi tbla icrow, or of aay eipartiMatfl for etormiaiag lw errora, and that tbe aourced a* error la tbla oootr raaoe are ah' t.tart to obrtoua I ritrt am Borrymao boworor. la bia offl rial report, ataua that, aooordiag to h, ba fount but 180 fath nt? wbore the boot eharta oo biart fare 1.??, aad therefore prraumee tbo bret iharlo to bo wrong. Now tbeae oart were made by dltt'aiuiohed I ofiiab and rroaoh bydrographora: the r oouad.~ga wore made with tbo old raeh oofd t*o I and liae. or aorordtng to motboda that are raornirel erorywhore aa tbo ao-t correct for tuob de) tb* Id It aay tajaot?* to I tout Berry maa to dlHor * m ooro, aad to auggmt that tbo error, la all proba bt.tty, waa ta a.a^ew aooadtag machine. aal aat with t ?e <??* ?tor b' aooadiaga with tt do not tally with btt aooo<>to?a iba Dolphin. aad neither do tbe aouadlaga made ? ih tt la the Arc Ik got of to Irotaad a*reo with the ooadtaia mate w ta it ta the Arctic returatag from Iro and the rtfe amrt| all men af oo'eaoelr. that the ohoarra tinaa. !r whaaorer tepartiwoot of ptoyateal reoearea. ah all be ao oonluoted that all arba rhoooe to n amine may do J a re reaulta from them aa wHl aad a* hoeuretoty ae oaa tbeobrarrer himwl'obo miio lb tar aad the fact tbat the abotrart 'Of of tbe Arwte (free aooe ofhbe detail aooeaaa ry lor tbta purjoae, wae haetf rrffeeat to throw doubt upon tbo work But thio ta act ah. nor tbr wortt for whoa lha diflo rrat rrrorde that bad hrna turnel orer to tba Oboorrato ry from tbat reeoet eamo tn bo compared with eaob other, diacrepaaotoo the in not op preooatod thorn nelrro Aa aa oaamplo, take tbo aoeadiag thot waa made at a P M . oi Aag idt 1. It la the with of tbe table whtcb aKoir)?* ,oe I ?ot Tterrymaa a oflle al report aa pub liabed in tba I "turn of tbe 84th la tbat table, aad oa one of bta nbarta. too depth for that nou tiding ta nreo at 270 latfaome Tbe abatrael log giree tt at l.too lathome; while oo U>e r.bart tent by ''.'rrjmai to the Kery De pertment from Iretead to tbow hit eotmdiof*. aa well ae on tbe label attaabed to the epooiaaeii obtaiaed Uom the bottom at that caat. tbe depth ta girea at 1,100 fatbene And tbta la not a aoll ary caac Now, wbrreia hare I doae any wrong or lajualice to any oo< or wbeee n bare I glean Lieet -orrymaa or bit friend* any Juat nauaa of rom plater I euiimlt tbe oa?? to tbe piib'tr,, be , M F BAl'RT Ih'iMBia 89, 1*61 Tnr. Drier* or iri Citim or lUflflACiii'flitrr*. ?By tbe BMoaogoo of the Marure of tbo figbl ottlao Id Maiaar banette wr gather the fallowing to regard to tbe 'B/fbtmineaa of tboae cttlea ? I toeing IT.9fll.M9 77 Bo*bury 846 999 00 Oembrfge 167,100 00 Ubarleotown ltd,3*9 Ik lawreaoo 169 099 16 Lyaa, about 91,009 00 a looooaaa f r:?f IWdV,. V.'.V.V.V.V.V IM.IW 7? j NEW YOKE HERALD, F GREAT BOBBERY IN BUFFALO. | An a? BbSUom In Timcalaw Itagc Grand VUaip?d? mt tkc JPrasa BaflUoci | Vpon Mrs. McMsAon?Vlrtnnua lndgtnntlnn < f the RmtThloea? Mrs. NMlahMl dp?h? rj?fant Mxtracts from the Imnracitlnte I nflU > Journsla, Ac , Ac. OF1 ?l'FPAh ) OOKRSSrOVDKNO !. Botvauo, J as. 0,1M7. Between Mm. MacMahon ud Um theatre yd the Ribald there te quite s pretty row hi thh city just at pre ant. Ferhapes Utile rev ew of the ease wtu set he eel of order at ttfe jonctsre. Several weefco linoe, isdy Atom New York, Urn. Mae Nahoo, played as eagagemant el Ore nights at Mr. CBrr'a theatre?it befug her first appearaaoe eo any etage. The newspaper * here, ezoepl the Courier, aaeadled her penonally led proMstoaally, and her engagement, la a pecuniary petal of view, waa a failure. That there moat hare been aome reaeon for the sennit by the preei ta evident from the fact that nothing tike crltlelem la erea kaowa here. The papers puff the theatre aome tinea, sad that ia all tbey oaa do, auleee they hare a reaaoa for blackguarding icme woman. A* a aample of their acumen, I may atate the fact that Mrs. MaVUhoo had been prom lead a good actor to support her ta the part of Romeo, wbea a young man, who did not know even the words, war pot tats it In the I art aoene be bad no daggor, and by hie carelessness came vary near spoiling the entire performance, and yet the papere said the Romeo waa good. The fact la he waa guilty of the highest professions, mtadcmeaaor, io going on the etage without knowing the words of a Khaksperean part. The reason assign ad for the hostility or the preee is, thai Mr. MacMahc a declined to gfvo the editors 0100 each, aa ho waa advtaed to do by the landlord of tho ho?e) and toe manager o'the theatre. The proof of this Is in the statement of Mr. and Mm. MtcMahon. made bsre pub liciy and not contradicted. On the lait night or her engagement, Mrs. MacMahon waa called before the curtain and addressed the audience as follows ? Iji'isc A>r anr.?' tnsnk yon for yonr attend (tree this evening, ud ! nlec Uke occasion to thank lbcxe v bo have favored me with their appear luce on the Ave previous evenings Perhaps yea may think me bild In raying what, in . aallce to myself, 1 feel bound lo say on this present occasion be: 1 will here quote the sentence o: Mariana, In the p'ay o! Tbe Wile," when she Is falsely accused before ber hotband, 'The heart of Inno cme it bod;" bene, ladles and gentlemen, I feel he'd at tbe pretrnt time. 1 came a perfect atran ger among you, kovuig no one In the olty, tare tbe manure: or tbls establishment, bad no troops oflrlends to 1111 tbe vacancies it this tbea tie during my ebort stay I tavo been mast ferociautly rburet' by the prots bore. II I hsd lee'd them. a? 1 was itreng'.y udvired to do, lc order to p-ocore a ftrorable dcubUeiB on Tueelay morning 1 should have brace i ifd out lnio a recor.. Rachel, wtih all the per fee lions which tba. artlat aicre possesses: but bivlog fa led to supp\ toe needful In their pockets, 1 appeared before ibeprepleof But'nlo ar. importer, wbicb apoellatlcn I am forced te con'erg, a H'.tle surprise'! me However, I bave survived the week, and though it Is the li-stcc gsgemect 1 have ever played anywhere, 11 wtti be my leal betore a Buffalo audience. Tbe critic of the Cimnrr rial rays In rrl isy'i taper, .bat 1 have not improved acy in my acting during tb- nerk. I will allow you, la dlta and g(iit:em?n, to .udgcof tba truth or this cr'tl cum, wtet. tbe gtutleman lc >, lestlcc was not In tbe tbrotre. < * ft oc Muoday and Tuesday evcn'rga, and on tbe latirr oecaaicn expressed hlmrelt ar naving been ntccb belter p>a?ed than on tbe prevtouv evening ii; i ft 1 big leave to dinar wrtb him, aa I "i;k my rcni.iioa of JciU.t was fa' ?ui>erlor to tbat of farthrcla Tbe tame eriUc remarks that I am too hemeiy U appear hefoic au audience. .Admitting snob to be tbe case. 1 luipcct, ladles and gentlemen, 1 will sot bave been the Ural artirt tbat baa appeared before tbe footlights with an ordinary exterior, for Charlotte Custrcan? though I have cover had tbe pleasure of sedtg her? la, I am tolu, a very plain looklog person, but baa tbe reputation of being a very superior an'si fbe rsmc critic further states in tbis everlng'a paper, thai this Is my last appeartace on any (tags. Tbls Is like site false, be having co authority either from my bus band or myaelf to make ttts aaacrtlon. Wtile at re hcarral tbia morning I recelvad aa anonymous oommu i ea'tein, the band, such aa it was, appeared to he a f? male one, and coubllcaa was written by one ot Ute ae tresses attached to this theatre. 1 well kaow that re spectab e pec.p e are not in the bebtt of paying any regard to acorymous tetters, bat tbti klsg that the actress >n que si Ion might be within bee-tag or my voice, and as she baa taken tbe liberty of gtvtag mo ber advice, I thought I wi ulil embrace the preacst occasion and give ber mloe She !?J tbat I bave not sufficient personal attraction for the stage, acd tbe advises me to quit it. snd that she la an ardent admirer of Sfcsl store hcriell; 1 am happy to bear this, as ladies sod gt oilmen, 1 am a most devout worsbtpprr of tbe bartl, and hava devote 1 much of my time lor the last two years tc Iba dtvseollon ot bis sublime language; bat, fron th# nortiiAl of hf?r l#>LL?r ii la nuUfl fvlrlttb' LhftL In ber extreme admifutiou of She-tj*re. she hu greatl* tigkctcd her giautmar atd erthogropby; therefore, my ad rice would be, that 'bo bad better derate many of her future tonn to tbe ?tn?!y ct Weboter'a dictionary aid Murray a grammar, aa, In my bumble opinion, ladleaaad n . c me cacr.ol appreciate tbe sublime language of Sfcai ipere wbtn tbe are deUrient In tbeee two eery tmpor aat broichca ol Kng'bh efuce'toc. and per ha pa, baa I Introduced to my face aa much rouge and powder aa the actrrra Id <|urtilon. I might bare looked quit* a* wel', li ict a I ttla betUr Iban tbe. I am wall aware, la' tlca and geatlrmeo, that ibe atyla of acting liked la tbe Weatein cites la qolte JiBerent from tbat wbtch tbe Ke>tern and ttouibera acdlenoea admire; yoo like more moutbirg and coBTcatlonalliea; In a wrrd, tbe more noire your a, tor, tbe better yaa are pirated, h?nce you arc '.nearable of appreciating artlatie ptrformnncea, and 1 wm aware ol tbt* prertona to my coming among ton; coatcqueiitly I oame. net to be ap peciated. na, If I bad detired that. I ahouli hire remain ad at borne in New York, where 1 bad frtenla not 0e8 chat In qntLtlty or it' tr Bui 1 will take ihta oooailon to thank Mr. Carr (or allowing mo tbe uae of bia theatre for atx itgbtf, in ortiar that 1 might get aoenetamed to tne footUebta and merely prael ee "atage buatneaa." I alao It aak tbe aiage manager, alio Mr. fUrdenburg, ft?r bit iea<itttota oflngomar ami Matter Waiter; hie buai mat aid cuea ware perfect; hence, ladlaa all gontlemvn I lettered to annoyanea. Again I thank you for your kindncaa aid tt la tbe laat time tbat I aba') arer appear up. n tbe boards Of thti theatre bat durlag Uia month of Jait ary 1 expect to appear before a Now York audience capable of appreciating an artlatie sly a of actieg, and ! la not cecaaaity. but a pure lore of art. tbat induces ma to adopt tbe pi offtake ol ibe stage Tbe pavers sow aanaulted tba lady m .romeaeared terms, end aorne of tbo New York Jnuraals took tbe mat tar up. The Baa*up, of Saturday, gaea an art'ele xtthr the attempted bribery ebarge. and to day one or two of our panera reply Tbe Evnlmg rati ear* ? Tbe Naw Yoax flan* t. baa oltber beea bought up by tba mosey which tbe Filth area ue/d*t > /#??! to a sob biabiy boasted of, while tba bored tbe attendants af maasger Carr'a beautiful theatre, or else It ban beea groaa y imposed upm a its ??tnrday a lease It glee* atleraace to tbe 'olloetag wholesale falaeboodt ? Htre toliowt tbe Htaau> paragraph J ne i,?t? rtrei j r. ! > a r araf rapo ma: oenta-o* mora i Lb uiti'Df CBlrutha this lbs shore The It aerast eoob Jr. ibeadef ibe t lib avenue humbug W/ii'mv M make Lb* moat oberq stoic odraacee lawtrdi the BiSaio dell we. itdkianoat; ud busied promote were tres el with tbe con tempt th. y deterred by sll of ?bem exorpt lb* >.a?ewo?. Custom Houtc Or.uri*r, whtoh paper a toe re yojed tbe linear table ootorlety of publwhtoc yrotr lasultt ip oat sll Its ceietnpvtsrlee Ibe charge that tie Peflalo rd trrre attempted to pot Ibe eoobbteh dr'w'safe diwu It s (rose labr.ration With tbe exceptloo of tbe Com-*' t<rfi tbey treeted her with otieil eon tempt aod left her to trjoy nod Herbert tbe bsrres trtomph or playtsf to empy beorbee we were " boeored " witb a rWl from the esob but band rbamptrs nf tbe 4t'mrente, sod we m ctook him Tor tbe sotortsua bed uotiioe.wbom we bed aerer eeeo but wbom f-om the desertptioae we ba<1 r< %<!. we eup poeed to be tbe mas Baeldee bit pert in % rail, we were welted ret by eorrrsl other yeot.omee, ot tbe aoob bos bead ehemptoo'o peclel request, sod oeked to opes owr " idomttsble" eotumne is defeace el tbe de'.j|o*r? All of which ororturee we respeotfilly hot pertmptoniy de el.ned We woo id s* toes tbtsk of e?pTui ox the caa*e of the Jotsl -nock - windier Rag Baroi e? to attempt to bolster op tbe acting Heeren asre tbe mar*., of Ihe be puflrd Is adrewee eisffe struck a+bmmo, from tbe Fifth ereooe. We hare ?e?a eoore> ef yousf tehee fresh frets boarding teheol who. without making aer proton >Ohe to drswelle fomo. are Charlotte < lahaaea eoes pared with thw eoobbieh en aa at toe of the eedleh arteao eeacy of Now YorV Tbe Bummer cM AJmtHm' ooyt ? a mw york lapt ( hi"tp st a hksflof hfitaloha duos I* ihe Beading under wsioh the New To** HBO.inohroi the '.ghammtaoe fallsre of Mrs Mao tiabaa oo the Macs to U? - otty. Tbe Hsitin Is ohartta Ixe Osly see ressos ootid sstst far Mrs Mat Who* her namei fbllsrs. She did sot eons dowi with lb a rtody to tbe editoro. and tool ' ooosrs toWoMs ashen " dors the Hsrai p !? Mr MrMahon very properly ueebneg 10 barf enyb.nR is It wl'h 'he ir oiret ei j .'"iraaUw and tbe rtoae, ?nre * ? that hi* wlfr wee 'umerc'fiilly aeoailed pMw>?a<|T aad pr-i^i ai. nalir o all the paper* tare one -the Ob>" ? ?which opened He eohiein* tr Mr MerMahon'a reply \ asi.aotmooe Omter mneaeely proper. Mr Ma Mabort ' The rtmrvr wee nagWAoeotiy en Ml smeary ft eatd that ir Mra MaoC. would oaly be you eg tad pretty, ord faro s food rot.e, sad rtody otoouhoa. and sr-qulre a phyotqos. aod Mop mnwlhmg, mod |st, aorsowliars. o mod Tim i of talett, xhe m:(bt pss'lbly eooeesJ. True enoofb. Chto woo mors (ban other paper dare isy la the foi e of the lares sad leMtlidrst audtchee who w taeeesd Mr* tu< M ' debut. "Meroanary )nuraali*t* Vow tb*t It net pretty I* tb*Haa?u> I* II a " ball" or * 1 b??r'' |u*t aow1 Serteu?tj, tftla t* a IttU# to* m-v-h [I t in worth while w* wo*Id Inform tb* Hkbam. that to " (toor* a farorabl* not.or" here It ?u*t be harWed *p by tout* prrtewoe of a?*r1t A paper *o open to chary** of blae*mell M the Ht ?n n I* the fit aooroe of ineh * nb?i oa the ?n1?lo preaa rinallr the H?**ir> a'orma <i? tint Ho VirMaboa 11 conlewtplale* Mtkipf theatre a New Tort upon her owa account, *oy ayine rontpaay and art'nf to a metiopoiitan atnlleaoa, win h we are **r* wfli |lr* h?r fair play." We hope tbey will, for aaau redly *o a* la hit aeoae* woaH giro b*r an e?|acMn*nt l*o yoa eaa that eur alow city l.aa boea con?idnrnbly ttirred op it My da all haad* a |raat daal of food, Canal Hoard At a meeting of the Board of Oaaal Coa^taateoara, oa T-.eadaj, Hoa Henry Fitihnfb

waa appelated PreeMeat and Ilea. Charlaa if. Sberrlil nareolar j. Tbe Kaeiern dletatoa of the canal waa aaa>a d to the > harja of CoaiBlavloccr ijberrlil RIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1807. AMn tm Karthtn Miihti ofk moxtdzt conntsrvnoamv Moimourr, Holot, OA 7, UN. March o/ tkaemar ftrw a?imf Owwl <lw*g FA Jumi1 /Vanurt <f Oauilr1! Iwlt ftwwl f?N m> Kmat?Mfutt <y At Treaty of Lot thmim h*Mm OuCrtfftl tmI ArMMl -Kotaienaa Ob Uta SM of laat Malta Go. armor Sam, at tamBpaa, avkUtng bhBMlfjof Oaaeral Tldanrri'i aMar, rniairt tbroagb lata ottj with mm *ra tawtril wtm ami lew ptoara of artlllary, oa bta way bMk la tola aw* SIM. Ha wlllatraaaa am Itaptoo, Ike haad*aartariaT flaattor teadard of revolt ipM him, bat acknowledge* Um nprtMc; of Iko gee era! lewiMtt 1 kMrall It* parties well, tad 1 now veatate the prophecy that Gautier will overthrew Gerna'e go vera u. eat. Tbe Tampioo leader, Kolegto Gentler VaMomar, la the eve peraoa who, oe the 1Mb dap of August, 18*4, with a mere bandftl or foHowern, croeaed from tbe Texan to tbe Mexican aide of tbe river, and defeated General Omi In tbe vicinity el Malawi era*, wbtota piaoe waa eeoapted by Haute An ne'e General, Woll. He la, wader every a*pent, far aoperler to Genu, who la new la a meaner politically tor* aw oomUi. General lteeaa iaada baa net only retired Into the interior of tbe country, but In bla official and private eorrea poadence to tbe government lande Governor Tldaarri very btgbly, and reHecla la tbe strongest teagaag* on tbe conduct of all who enured hostile measures to bo tekea agalaat blai by tbe government. He la particularly earn tic on tbe tfallilk folks, wboee exaggerations and lalse reports contributed to much to tbe Injury of tbla frontier. Hoses by lb In time te bej ond Ban Lois Potest Tfao agreement or treaty entered late at Loa Maerto* bee given blgb offenoe to tbe Govern on of Haa Lola and /aoatecas, wbo were peraoa ally Interested In Governor vidaoni'e rule, end eur good SaltUlo nelgbbon otiartta bly declare tbet General Rosas Is a fool aad a ooward One of tbe Immedint* results *f tbe treaty baa been Ute resignation of La Knente, a SaMlllo man, as Minister or roragn Illations. As yet, wo know not wbnt the action of the govern went may bave been as to tbe treaty, bat It le supposed tbet tbe fame will be ratified in all Its parte. Consider leg tbe state ol tbe political bcrieoa, tbe government can eesrrcly do otherwise. Small per Ilea of Indiana now aad then commit their depreciations on tbo frontier of this Stele, and lately eevo ral parties of these American Arabs bave been severely bandied by tbe mounted national guard*. Notwithstanding tbat peace baa been made, large par ilea of armed men. fiom Tama all pa*, have come into th* Stole ood driven off rualoo, bornen A.O., and the Governor here hot eonscquenUy given the moat itringent orior: for nil ouch ofenderr w he prosecuted nod trended ne UfbmfMi. Mavvmurv, Mutoc, Deo. 13, I860. Acre* of Batifitalicn of Ou Vtdawri Treaty in IM Oitut?Surrender qf tteevtive Pinter by tKe General?ft Peutn anil Pej.uiar Joy? Priendi\. Ltliar from Preside nt Commfon ?Ate ProntmcianienUe?PoeUumof QtnerreX Candle*? National Ouardt at Home?Improaeineru in Trade? TV ] ir?i/\er?iowricai Tra filler*. The treaty celebrated nt 1/Ca Moertos, between General* Ttdnurri nnd Poena, bu been ratified by the genera' got ' err. ment, nnd the journals of the Interior generally nre very complimentary to Governor Vidnurrl. The new? wee rece' ved here nnd rclebrnted with nil the demonetr* ttonacl joy by allclaeser of the population. The the hop or Monterey officiated at the Tc Ileum, cbaooted ntthe church, and all aeem satisfied with the general result <>i the eitoria made by the Ante in dtfeare of iia locn! tmi tntiona To day Governor Vit'anrri dcl'rered the lo:nl govern meet ol Xuevo Iron nnd Coahu'.la Into the bands of thr President ot the Oounct. of Stale, who will wT.hto ti fleer. <lay t from to day laaoe an order or election lor Governor The result will be tbe election of Vidaorr! by an unao; , moaa vote, lie reu ea the military command of the a ioreM. f Tbe President bae written a very friendly letter to Go J vtrncr vidanrrl, requesting hint to vlalt the Oity of Met ( loo. n? be In very nnxloos to know him peraonnlly, nod c to arrange with him the meana of scouring tbe trnuqulii ti ty of Mexico nod the agirranll/emrnt of tbia frontier j Mm Governor Intense to oomply with ibe Prentdent'a $ wmhea, but haa net determined when to put himself ?.* u rente for ibe capital ot tbe dr.toon. n We bnv< nothing oftlelal iroaa Tamaultpas, bat Gentler, 0 tbe revolutionary Govataor at Tamplco. In a letter writ t, tea to ibe Governor of thlo S'ale, asserts that the general f government haa approved ot hta pronnncidnilento againai Garza, tad conflrms him aa Governor and GommamUng General of Tnmaulipva. Nothing Is known as to Garza'* wcarcaliouta, although ti la rumored ainoe yeeicrday that be haa pronounced egamat his lad friend and f roteotor President Comontort. 1 General Caaalea la here, and In lieu ol bu late appoint . mint of Ocmminolcg f tneral of t jahuila, ho U appointed 1 to hold the aimt io the Slats sf Cbtapaa, on tbt o frontier of Guatemala ibis measure la oertatnly denerv it g of our iratltude | Ite National Guards have nil retired to their reipect ve c bomea, and tbe whole territory of tbe Slate la under tneir a rategi'ard and protection. No pertno, of course, thinks | ol allowing any regular aoldieri to be quartered within e tbe Slate unler auv pretext, and even lor the promotion a of the Itdians the State binds Itself to carry on tbe nam c M'tii ar.d the ?. n?ral covcinmeLt for thla purpose to fur?tth $9 COO monthly. The grcatiat activity iv noted In the commercial circle* here en<l the r ty eoaliaoe* to Improve very rav.iij Nut vo I.ron end Conboila le cortalmy the model Plata 1p Met to. and tte moral tnr..iencc It lupertor to that of an; other in the republic. We hare had very cold weather and the mow clal ircoLtatna that turronad tbta ctty preaented a very heat, til I an* trance on Iba 6th and etb ol this month 1 notice quite n number of foreigner* here, aid the ma or portloa ol them aro Brother looelhans Tboy air |rral (hapt lor adventure and apecalat oa. Fire \rgreea and Free tllavra In Virginia. [From the Staun oa Vtndtoator.) We have been requested to call the attention ef the peop'e to tha aecaaalty ol keeping a avriotor watob over the free negro population tn tbta commuaHy?a claw of all others tha moat prejudicial to the latereat of both mat ter and alare? and alio to tha avil of permuting tlavea to hire their time ud go about trafflclng aa free men. We do net know that we oonld better aaawer this pnrpove than by referring to tba taw. and to urge upon all tha aereeelty of enforcing It la avary caaa wbare It miy be violated. By tec. 6. chap 7, of the Code, n i do gro who hae been emancipated aiace tba year 1?J6 shall, after being twenty one year* of aga, remain In this P'ate more than one year, without lawful parmlsatoa Pueh permtiiloa can only be graated by the coort ol the county or corporation, *11 the magistrates being snrmened for the purpose, and a majority of them prevent and voting on tha question? notion of inch app; cation to remain must ho poatel at the Court lionet Jror lor two mo Elba previous-the negro mist also produce evidence of nla good character, k The CommlMioeer ol the Reveae# to require! annually ton turn a complete hat of ait frea nagroae ta htadWtrtet over twei ray ears or aga, ol hotb aoiaa?avary free an gro shall, avary Sv# yoars, ha regtolored tn a hook kept by the dark, givli g aa ac urate deocrlptloa tha negro abiM keep an atteoted ?o; y of hi* register, with the teal ef tba eorrt named Any free negro above twelve year* of age ant having mch register may be oomntitted to nil by a retire Any person employing nay froo ae rro who baa not aocb aueated copy ef his reg.iier Mail Forfeit gve dole* to My pereoe who will warrant there for Thee# are ome of the general provtetooa of the law wtib regard to rrea negroea My d ebapltr 104, of ibe C>d? My pervon per milling a alava under hit oatol to go at large. trada at m a tree man, or hire hlmialfout for the beatftt of any per-on whatever. ihall forfeit not torn Uiao ten nor more than thirty dollar* The aiteatlja of the pcoo'e ta towa and country. la re f) queetei to a more rigid eafo-oemeai of tbete lawe. not I from fear ot Mrvtte lavnrreotloa. but for the promouoo ot a | the general good. 1 " u Our Poet el HrUllMi with Frame, i rrom tb? Oonrner im ?iu?* rah. .laa * ) A let or troia tVuhiarton rtatet that I ha Count d? Far l lift b*? re opened negotiation* far a p>n*l eonreotioa between France a* the I nUed ,-Hnie* Aevwdmf le the term* ef the arrangement ?of whloh the in'uattr* ha* beea taken by the French government?the leMar* Will be admitted to eireetate rreel7 between the tere eteatrlee. without prepavment and forther, that t raace *ha1 flee t to the American l atoa the adeaatag* at the aimeron treat!'* which facilitate and umpttfy her ewa poetal ret* Una* with aearlf ail the neentrlei at the world t The ratea ri pwtare will he 11 ceata per letter 'ef U e-jeoe) fbr fraaee 1'. ?eau lor haglead aal Heigtnei. ill recto for CMeuattoopte aad the I watt, 3B oenw for the Fort tadiee. he The pnbl'e wtlt lad the* ealerthe ew regulations, act calf greater fnetiitiee. hn I alee a aoretderahle redacttea in the coeta or oorreopoideaoe It w act the IIret Ume that ? ego tint *> * hare heea ea Wed npea ea UU* hart* Bat natll anw reciprocal food wttl of the Oahlama ef I'arh aad Wa?hla<toa *?* alwaje opposed by the esorbtUet pr*t madia* of lead tor the treeett ef the mane acroe* bar territory B a to be hoped th*t th'? Ume RrH'eb eilahneee ? ?' ue >o*?r etaad ? the way of a reform wbteh h ef nalrarea; late rest Tt h alee to he l oped that the Ithere'ttr of wb>eh fraaee rtree a token na tht* ooraaioa wtll be npp-etdated 1a the United Flote?, Md will, at Met, pror'ire le our w*aee toe ebotltlna of duUee wbteh the oppeeittoa ef eoaie a%rro? ad a dad aptrtta bat sol 7 delayed aattl now, FLOoaibt a Wrrc? to Dkaiw.?It went* that roue| lady ef Metoaiorne wee taken etoh, ead aa std lady a the neighborhood, reported to here eome stdil la the rtrtae of herha, waa eettrtted to rtah aad ?l?inieter to the pot teat from tome noaaa or other, the otd lady tailed to at teed, aad iweptctona rsporW were at reflated that the otd lady h d hewMehed the young eae. The an Ihor'Uea were petnvnaed to ooaapel the at'eadaane o' the otd one Oil corn were eeat to take her betore her *np poaed riohm aad Uieta mtnerably ignorant wretohee re ported that they ea eertret v wet one repaired to her do met! and eould not tnd her at hoaie hot to-a I teatead a weptctone looking black oat After lerera' effort*, bow ernr, they found the old wowian at home net** of her cat, ?ad (fie wan taken to the preaeaoe of the tnraltd But her herb* flitter to root ore the etok to boalth, aid the meddeaome black eat pertettag la fol'owtag IM own er, and being by Hi* aoighhor* foead la the room of the larnlld ttetead of her mletreee. (lied the optaloa fiat la the mtade of theee Igaoraat people that the old wotnea aad hlaeh oat werr all oae *ad the tame perwoa that *he. being a witch, could take the fbrrn of the oet aad ananme her ewa ebape et will?that the Inrn 1 lid waa a rtrtim to her diabolical art. With thane ooa Ttctinae, It le laid, they eougM aot the unfortunate old e ereatare, aad actually tied her np, aad with thong* erael- t ly hogged her to death aa a witch. The elrtl anthortuaa it of MaWmnrao were lot * party m the tra?ic part of thte c etngalar traneaotioa. aat ttiey were prompt la arreeliag tbd iCtOrf ?/?r*uu#i,//r ( A r?i) F'ep |? Hi Ranktuf fl?niipw?<WM. fiiMwnu, Ju>. 6,1M1. Muting ?f IU ZyulrtuN Eltctim of Vfrcet?MovtWi of1W PtkHnam The Isibf?TXe SenatorM QmiIu*. Both braaobw of the Ltglaiaur* organized today, HilH their Speaker* ud Gierke, end appointed tbetr immltliM to welt o; on the Governor to Inform him Ikit they wore reedy Ibr boaineee. The lower Hoeeo met illli. M? eed elected J. Lewrenoe Gotz, editor of the Readlag Gtuttte, Breaker. Mr. Geta la e demooret of the Fbraey aaheol, eed Me eleotkm to ooesMerod e triumph of the Forney Interest Foster's Mends aupported him after he had reeetied the eaaeua nomination, utuo thinking that he had pledged to do all within hie power te farther the latere* of John N. Forney; and now the Meade of Forney are laughing la their aleereeattho eery meaner In whleh they have hoodwinked fl D. Footer to the IIret move In the Boeae. The Senate met at 3 P. M., and organized by eleottng David Tiggart, from Northamberland 00only, Speaker. Mr. Tiggart la an Amor loan republic in, and waa one of thoee Senator* that bolted from the oaucaa nomination two yeare ago, and defeated the election of Simon Game roa to the United States Stnate. He le now pledged for Cameron, and It waa m oenatderaltoa or ma pledge that be Moored hie eleotloa to me Speakership of the Senate. Mr. Penrose, Senator from Philadelphia, read a bill la place, to relieve General ffm. F. Small, who la ooaflned in the Philadelphia prtwn Ibr contempt of 00art. Yocr reader* will reeolleet tha daring me early part of lut oaring a dUfieolty aroae between Genera Small and Gea I7 ler aboot the eommaad of a oertain brigade la Philadelphia, which reeolted la the 00m mttment of Gea. Small He baa applied a number or tlmee, through bin friend*, to the Governor for relief, and the Governor haa reroaed lo pardon him; although It haa been the general impree len that the Governor got him Into me dilemma tha be la now la. da attempt waa made to make the bill the order of me day for to morrow, bat fatted by one vote, all of the democrat* and a portion of the ropabltoaae voting agataat It. It la aateaiabing to are mo large number of lobby mom bora mat there la here *0 early la the aetaloa. The aame dlteaae that Dae a fine led oar legislative holla in Waab lag ton aeema to have ei1 ended hero and the mem bare are aready beateged on all aldea by borer* of every olaaa, grade and deaertpUon, each having aa axe to grind la one way. Many ol these borer* are ex- member* of the Legtelatnee, who, It la aappoaed, have been blred to eom<> here through tbetr knowledge of logrolling, obtained while! members theme el vea. There eeem to be a large claea here tbat represent or pretend to repi eien* the ban king Interest which I* going to be an Important Item in me Legislature of this winter. Upward* 01 twenty million* ol additional capita I* asked for from different parts of the State. Another class are borers for railroads, whioh Is also promising to claim no small share of the time of our law makers. Besides these there Is the borers for private olalsos of vartoos descriptions; amongst the most busy or the latter ) notice a OatboJk- priest, tsho seems to be the bnsiest lobby member about. This la promising to be an important session, not only to tbe banking and railroad tnterasts of the State, but dcrlxg tbta session a new apportionment Mil in to be passed dividing tbo State Into new Assembly and Senaio rtai districts, tbe latter will draw here a large number of Dur managing politicians on both sides of the question, wbo are looking to tbe coa<rol ot tbe polities oi the Bute In Ibe future Betides tbst. tbe con ran >f tbe campa'gn lor tbe next Governor's election must bo marked out, Ltoh of course all oi tbe knowing ones must have a linger In. Inking It altogether this in to be an taterenting ics t lea (be a)) absorbing question or the prenent Is tbe onstov. Kverybody is talking It over, and conjeclurlng wbo la to be tbe suooeasrui man. As ibe legislature now stands the democra's have live majority on joint ballot, bat they are not >versaapnlne of the socsesa of their man. The Im Session seems to pervade all circles and o'tques that moron has secured enough ol the democrats to Insure its election; tne opposition party are all united upon lameroa, and there is a Used determination to eleot him. rhe democrats are sot so well united; they are divided ip between Forney. Fester. Broil head, Black, and BuckJew. Of that list Forney and Foster seem b> be tbe moct imminent; and tbe nbaoces are decidedly in favor of orney s receiving the caucus nomination. He la undertood to have a large share of the patronage of the Bnbanan administration in his fhvor, whtob % no small lem. Tnere wai a rumor yesterday that Forney and otter bad compromised their Interest tbe former to be ena'.or and tba latter tbe next Governor; but that rumor i contradicted to day by the friends of Foster. Be that t It may, >orney can outflgure Fooler, and will walk ver him any time that be may choose to. This week will e an Interesting one to all bands, and what tbe weak rill turn np, no one at present can tell. Messages sf tbe Governors of States. PTOJUBTLTANIA. Governor James T'ellock In his Inst aosual message, devered to tbe legislature ol Pennsylvania on tba 7W. at, mates lbs fcllewtag reference to tbe political aflairt f Ibe cocatry Tbe ra'erm ot the naturalization lawa?the preventlos, y the national government ol the importation ol foreign rmciralt and paupers, and a more careful, rigid and paronal eximiaatioe, by our courts, or all persons r >mlog lefore them as applicants for ad miss Win to tbe rights of itUnrbtp- would, 10 some extent, correct sxliUcg bueee. and relieve the ballot box from the nranaure o orroptlng tod dangerous influvnocs T< it e ,!.<? and ir?i of Uie national government, footing, u they do, ibo righto and internets of the com ooowca th, ike people of tho Stale raonot ?? indifferent 'nnesjlvaiiia, oocnpylng a blfb and conservative poetUoe B the sisterhood 01 States?devoted to the rwotltatloo nd thi i i hi. In tLetr tutegrl y and harmony, hat boon bC will ?T?r be. a* ready to recofniM the rights of or (later Hate* aa to defend her own. ir--> rat'menu (he baa never abandoned?theee pr.n tplra the baa never violated. I'ledgad to the atintenanre of the rights of the N irtb aa wall aa tbnae f the boatta?sincerely deairooe to promote the pew*, anmiDy and wi Ifars of oar whoie coanlry? and dielaimtec all tntenttoa or deetre to interfere with the conUtnttonai rights of the Hiatal er vb^r domestic mailt a Mm?the people of tbta commonwealth viewed with Jarm aad apprebeaalon ths repeal of the tftoaonri corn iromtae? a compremlae rendered sacrad if pab 11c aeleem ly lla aeecctatioe end ooneeet on with the (real oaose or aUonal harmony and nntoB?regarding It aa a palpable lo atww of the plighted teith and hoeor of the netme, ad ea aa nawarraataole attempt to axtend tha inatltotlon >f domeettc (lavtry to TarrMoriee than frae. This rack rna and Innafenatb'a not of our national Cow green ha.lot only erouaed aeottoeal (eaiouaiaa aid rtnawed tha glial Ion ef vi ><d ami distracting riuestiona, but aa a oasequtnee It bee filled Kaunas srttb fraud, violence nd atrifc?has ateinad lla toll with biood, and >y a system of Territorial laglalntlon Juntly etyld " infnmoue," baa nude freedom of apeeen ml of iba praea e falony, end peril.ed the great irinolplee Jt lilmrty aad equal rlgbto. If the doctrine oi - pop alar sovereignty " Is In good faith to be applied to hat Territory-If the people thereof ere to be left "perrc.tly frre to form aad regulate their domeetic loatttutlooe a their own way, subject only to the oonaatuUos of the 'nlted Htatee, then the obstruction of the great national ilghwaye to I he Northern emigrant?the employment of he national forces, aad the eubvsraMn of law aad iu?ttoe Ilka by the officiate la Kaaaae aad Washington to oree etovary upon aa unwilling people ranaot be too ae "rely condemned *reedom to the great oeitre tr th el America* repair .scum?the greet tow of American nationa lly. Slavery the atoeptioe. It to local and erMoeai, and tteeiaaaion beyond the Inrlediciloe creating It, or to the free errttnvice of the I'nkn, waa naver daaigned or ooolomiletad by the patriot lonodert of tha repabhe. la eooord ea with there aeatimeato, Peoaeylvnaia. trun to the irieelplea ef the act of 17 ?0, which abolished alevary limit her territorial llmile? Iron to tha craal octnacs cf t)? or din aura of 1717, which dad attd lo freedom ibo aorthwaetcra Irrrttory of the ' too?lro? to aauonei faith aad aaUeaal houor aaka aad iprotr, m ? 00 to hor ova ell inane who have, la good kith. MUied la the Territory of Kansas aad a* due lo bo Industry aad energy of a flroo people, thai Kaaeaa bouid be free. la this cenaetAloa. aad aa roaae7neat ooon the repeal f the Missouri 00mpremier, reiereeoe to a propoettloa node by some of the leed'.ac Sjutbera )ournaU. aad more 00cail? aaaetleeed by bleb oAntai auttooriiy a a staler 1 lata, to re opea the Afrlran tiara trade, will aat ba eemrd mproper That sorb ? traffic, daelared to be >irecy, and oaaerated by the 1 arid?eo crowded nth borrova la arary stage of tie purrurt?eo 1 a rolling 9 inri MDliment of bomaaity?errrr imp a lea of pure ad coble foallac, abould bo ad vie at ad or approved, la kit Btaeteeetb eentury, with apparial sincerity. aad trgrd aa a measure of potnioal aecaeaay aad af aatlce ao rquality to the Southern Staiea af the Caioa, are faota bat Bt d Ibelr only ripiaaatioe aad apology la a wild aa ktWaam, ora atHl wilder fbaafieiam that orerwbelme Ilk#1 thfi rft*ton ijnd lb* fMHurlfMWW The w adorn aad bamaalty of a proposition ?o ad moaatroaa meat eaab Ibelr parallel aad Uiuilratioe the dung mm of tba laqaurtdee or in U>a bold of the laee abip. amid tho borrora of the "aMd J is passage." quaUy repulelra la tba lalelttc ml aad >irtoo t eeoN oral 01 tba Soath aa wall aa the N wth, 11 abould raealra be ndtgnant rebuke of arary Verar af bla otuntry?of vary triend of lakUnr aad bamaalty The batory of tba rortd aad of crime doea aot rerael a traffic mero tnhn nar ?an atredtr more horrible Agamet a proposition o abhorrent, and agelaet tba prtaatfdea K inr<4rn?. at ba ropraaaalattrM of a froo pmpte, aad la tbetr name, on abould rater ibelr anentmout aad emphatic proteat. The union af tba -detoe wh? b a met tin lea aa aaa wople. abould ba dear to you?to orary Aeterlun eltl eo la the beat aid evodament of political ooalema?la be whirl el eactloael aid oonfietiaf utimete amid tba urging of human peeeieaa, heruh aad dtaoordeat rotate nar ba heard, threatening tm latrgrity aad daaouaotag u doom, but la tha antra, "eoher, seeond tboucbt" of a rail totir. aad nrtuoua people, will ba I reed ita aeoerHy md dofeeoa. } one led la wisdom, and cberlated by fee lofaaaa ef action of pure aad dero?ed patr ntiem, It will stand, sale ad undisturbed. amid Ibe tasaoa rage af polltireU dema aHut'em aad Ubm fitful howling af frantta ran 1*01 era; when 11 fane?ir fall It raaaV-K will be wbaa bbarly nd truth, patriotism and virtue, have pertehed Pana ylvanta tolerates an eonUmewl of dteuBtaa?tare know* 101 tba word, Iteuntai' "To an after Ihoaghi?a m retroae wlrb?uabora Mil virtue dlee " Tba Union *d U>e rotatlti.lUm? the Hi bnaO m AHMP1 an atinaaitty?win bo rororod ul dofoadad by ovary lawr <an frootnan who ntwtohM *o pvtaoipdao and iwh ra (he m*a*ary of th? IlloatrtooO foaadon of tb? ra *?%U? onto. OoT?nor Haimoa r Choat, la ma maotag* of Jar ? W lk? Iogtaiatart of Ohio, rofer* to tbo fodarai govtran?Dt and a (lain la Kanaaa M foliowt ? Having arii-rendered to ll?0 lednral fo tot a moat among th?r great prorogate ao. the Important powara of ma n along an army and ?*??, aad of raining rovmioa >>y tit* oa 'mporta, It hoootnta tho doty of tho Mam to hiPrrr i, arllnn U? tvtlt ealono vlgilane* ht t/O' enrf to waatefnl ovlrax aranca and to OOOlral at -6 I' |? Wff wb Cb alarm..! W? ftarg of tb? tar'/ pa Wet^hao <# Me years IIWUI" more and nor* oooaptao own. laoiMn revenues, contributed oy the people, sisnconeclDuily. 1b the brat of enhanced prlow, too tor In tbe nntloaai J.eg1aiatare a oonumpt of eeonoa? , and tncourage combination* for tbo pillage of the tree ury under delusive prett xui of public good. Ohio, paying one tenth of there contributions, has nsubstantial interest la thea* matter* whioo ahoeld out be ovcrlocxtd. and It cannot be net ined unlit that her Genemi Assembly abonld give oxprt-relon to ber demand lor retrenchment and Mora, and lor a redaction of revenue, toe only suii cvent aeourtty lor both. lmrrcdiaUly alter the nio?e o( yonr late eretkm, In coniormiiy with your Instructions, I transmitted to the t -orernor of each -Hate a copy of joint resolutions of the General Assembly relative to Kanaaa ailairi. Tbe Go vernor of Mississippi ba* returned the copy tranHmtUed to him, to ptrsuance. aa be state*. of tbe req< .reeaaata of a jotnt resolution ol the Legislature ot that State, of which be traaemh* a copy 1 auomit bta oomnronloaucn toyour consideration wtthoul comment. The relations of the national government tcj alavory atUI engross a large share of the puhlio attent oo; but I have little to add to the considered views wmeb I have already ex pressed That slavery la contrary to reason and natural jaatioe; that It la of such a mature that nothing abort of positive law ran sustain It; that no power to enact such taws Us* been granted to the national government; and that sla very, therefore, outside of tbe slave Stales, ean have no valid legal sanction, seem to me Incontrovertible propoatUena. The original policy of tbo country waa la harmoaj wltb these Ideaa. It conlemolaed the exclusion of sla very from national Territories; the exertion oT the leglU mate lntluenon of the general government on tbe aide o freedom, and the amelioration nnd Hnal eradiation o the grant evil ny the action or the Mate governmenti without intervention or Interference by national ieglsls mm* "The abolltlcn of slavery "?aald Mr. JePemci, at thi commencement of the Revolutionary waggle "la i he greatest object of desire In these cok tea. " " It Is the pride aid boast of A ax ri a"? raid Mr. Madison, speaking at the close tf the war to the behalf of tbe American Congroie?' tin the righto tor which she contended were tbo rights c hi!mm rature " -There u hot one proper way"-* sa'.d '.corye Washington speaking at a still later partoi or the abolition of slavery?"by which i; can bo accent pita bed, and that la by legislative authority, aad this o far ai my suffrage eaa go, aball not be wanting." Wo aeed act heattate to walk in the patba market b' the (ootatepa or the Fathers. Within the laat two mootha 1 have received eerere commobtcatlPBa from emigrants to Kanaas from Ohio earnertty appealing for protection and aid. Or thee appeal rao waa hi the form or an affidavit from eleven ottzeai Imprisoned on dor vartona oh a* gel at Lecompton Tea e Iheeo priiocere, though formerly citizens of Ohio, ar new realdtnta In Kanaaa. The eleventh, an old mat ( seventy year*, a eoldler near bmif a oenlurr ago oade Jackaoo, was etlll a citizen of Ohio, on a visli to sons friends in the Territory. The real offence of all waa tb defence of free State homes agar est slave Stale invasion Their seizure, their Imprisonment* their md.ctment aad their erne) treatment, eonitltute n dark eh?p'ai?t the dark history ofwrong and outrage la Kaneaa. ( l receiving this appeal I thought it right to add res an earnest litter to Governor Geary In behalf of the pr oners. I also sent for their Immediate roller a sua I money oontribnted by private bceeaoenos, which, boaover, tilled to reeh Its destination, la oonaequcn'e of tie necessary return of the gentleman to whom :t was ei'.roated witbont having ei tored the Territory It giva mo pleasure to Inform >on that moat of these prisoner have since escaped or have been aoqultted. lam at aware that any ol them yet remain In con tie stool. Another of these oommnnloaliena eoooee from a com attlce of Ohio settlers In Kansas, representing that Um emigrants from Ohio number several hundreds; that the] emigrated to Kansea In the roll laitb of peace and protea lion; that Ibey held n* dootrioee other than ouch as ar commcn tn Ohio; that coming from a free tttate and bold Ing such sentiments they arc practically disfranchised b' odious teat oalbs: that many of their number have hem killed, many robbed, and ah encoded to grievous tada/nines end ir juries that ihey have appealed In vain to tic federal mvirnmcnt tor protection and that lbs stria. which bai at preaent ceased, may reoommeece at nij nontst. when a new attempt shall be made to eaferw tbo tpcrte -a oo<ie of an alien Legtelatore. In tho event c a new omorcak tbew aettlera aek tbe protection of Ohio, Tbo ether communication* detail u>e clrcumeianeee < particular outrages. Tbeee repreeeotatlou cannot bo properly disregard** At an equal aoinbcr or the confcdereey, Onto is untitle to demand for tor cLl/ane cmtgrallDg to tbe Temtorto, free Ingress and egrets by tbe ordinary ro lee, and 001 Etele protection from In ration from naorpaitoe and free iwkss violence. If tbe general government relate tilt protection, f cannot doubt tbe right or tbe U ty of be ftote to interveae. There are goed grenade, however, for the bepe ttat the wont i* over la Kaneee. From the Tree State pros of tbe Ternary and from otbo-reliable eonreei, net rencte are received thai peace, order and reccrtty n? raeetabiitbcd, for the present at leatt, wltbte lie limb Many ot Ibc moat dangerous of tbe marauder* have 1(1 tbe Territory, and a dltpoatuoo la mamfeaied by tbe peeeat Territorial (toveraor I) respect and protect a* ngfta of free Stale aeUlera. There la reason to ex pet that tbe meat obnoxioua ad* of the peeodo Legislate* will be abrogated, and that tbe ba t design of tbe reps' of be M'sroari priblb'tion win be defeated by the vlrac and lalt-lligeDce of tbe people Meanwhile there ie mncb distress oocaMoaed by b t r civil dhturbanect which, reoalrea rellol It w graiityk to observe that tbe propilaty and doty or air>4 irg this relief la recognized by tbe tavmaae liberal of all partite. The people of Ohte wll<, I docrt not, approve whatever yon may Hod It expedient and ceeaary to do In order to protect the emigrants from t. suffer tug, c. i venae and death to which tboy are exposed. Life lit the Maeemchwectta State Prison. | From tbe Borton Traveller, Jan 6.} We bav* obtained from an antbentlo source, tbe ft lowing account of tbe manner of proceeding at tt > tbaie prtenr. In the govnrimeut ol the eonvct- tbereti of whcin tbe re are now upwards of four hundred an My. At ?>?' o'clock la tbe morning tbe three rooks an bakers, (all eonvlele), are ict out of tbdr cell*, and ported to the bakery, where they commence their lake's for tbe day At d\ ?e 7 e'clock la tbe mom tug, the ooev.cts are M out of their rclla, each with bia bucket fa r ? baud, am march around tbe yard, where the buckets are eleeaeettben march up to the oeokery and take their break (beta, who b am laid out on tab w An omoer m auiioaed a the table to tee that there la so disturbance. They tbea again eater their eel It. and are locked us while tbev m tbmr breaktaat The ofDcere are Hlottd Ih.rtyfire mia sue, fiea the time the prweacri ere all locked la that Mile, for their owe brrakteal hi the eipiretloB of the time the coeTtcte ere oat, and Die ep leto the ohapel, were earrtoeo are hek by the [ risen chaplain, wbn-h eenally coeemt pi etagtnf b) the MM choir, (coaipoaed of conrlou), and a pray er by the chaplain. Immediately after chapel eerrtoe the OonrVcU mar el out le ileele file, and la military order, aa efilcer attend Ing recti die talon to the rarlene workahope, where wort la ccsiaamoed for the day. Aa t flier r la etatloaed ta eaob shop, and baa a place oe a platlorm which overtooka the whole ehop. la lhaae bona are alee instructor* to teach the men their work aad ace that It la pre perly doe a. The offioert aii hare e trailer, ar II ta termed, ate ta a ooarlct, to raa arraadt fiorn eaa rbrp to another, aad to ye anywhere ebout Ibe yard that the offtoere taay ahooee to aend them At II M / the bell ripya tar dlaaer. whee the conrteU, afier weaklay an, inarch oet ta the we order aa tn the aeeralay. an pffu-er with each dtrtstea ot men, aad alter taktay > etrcurteo* mute aroead the prieon yard, puceed ta the aoekeiy, where each, lei. lay hta ratlea ler dlaaer archee on, atlll kfrptny ta mtlttary order aad Map. le their eelle where they are Ineked op and eat their w aer. After all are ta the otooere yn to tbetr dlaaer, tor which they are allowed tarty minutes, bet eraally take oee bear At the eaptrelto* of that time the oOoere ye to the Cflie. the doora are aeltrked. aad Ibe men marob forth to their workshops, afirne wtrk la ratnmed. At d>, o'c'ock, at Ibi- ?a*oa of the year, they rtagM to go tn at nit ht. Alter wa*hlac op, they rtaad op la llaa la thaekop, ud are searched by the officer, wateh merely roast' la of the ofltoar tasdtay la IVoal of the eea riot and pnaMny hta heads tear tha eoartoTe head, thea oa each *lda of hie peraea. Irmi the hips to the ormpMe which eoneludes the aearth Fire aunutce la tha kmc oa nelly a) ewed for tha aaarito At the eeaclealoa ef toe aaerob the sea march oat tr the coekery. take toetr topper, aad yo ato tbetr ea*ta. where they are locked op tar the alybt. The ofboerB thea ye to their tappers, aad toe welch tar the atyht le est The a etch eeaally oee tot ef two tarakoyr la the yuaro room, aad four wmcHu a?two la the aoath wtay of Ml 1a, aad two la too aorth wtay of eelta. let two watr.hmea art oa at Mwo?oaa ta tha aorth, aad sat ta tha aoath?aad are rehered M aaidalyht. There are twelve watehmaa aad olarea turnkeys, wbe la addtiiae to tbetr n*alar leap dnrtaf the dep. hare te xmmr ivrni wurnni m Bfni IB (kt'OBMr BMM IM BW 0**a* aat aarttar, Bad during tb* long <iaya a* ib wbt% bofore braakfhat (H Ht.ada? the BWlWl BTB tot OBI Bl T % octooh Intbt morning aid iinnir"'"* T tt>* pfr,<*rt ?* "? <?<rwk>n th.y m.rrh lortb, Aw hoftaata, mad. takaa Ml breakfatt, tb*y BMNk la *(*?, wham they if* lochad Bp. ? At I0>, B'clark ta tb* aftoraooa, th* ??aday tchool M *mbl*a but oaly iboBB ceancta who cbooaa attoad Tbar* ar* about 100 act*!*** At a quarter to U o'a*o?v tb* roartata march lata tb' yard. each dtrtotia aeeB*e|*eM by aa officer, and. lablet a atrcultona routo, proc o?d t* tbo chapol la tuooow ' (ob, which IB or or tbo mow gaard room. Taa Barutaoa ravaily coaalat of atagmg by tbo prtaoa choir, aampoaif rr rnrMi thru prayor and reaitogof tb* Morlptaro*, ad alBgiag noaclod*a tbo orrto* Tb* ccBTtcta thru agata marcb oat lato th* yard, pro r*?d to th* oookory, wbor* tbay Uhr thalr dioaernnt >.ppcr ration together aiarrb la'o tbolr oatta.aad ar* locked up dbIII Monday aooratag TbooflltarB that af* o? duty on Aoaiiay atually lumber all **, who matin** uBtll nadowB. and than Uib rafnlar atfbt wa'eh ta aa*. Two men watch la tb* prtaoa laaar ya*0 at Bight?aa* on one halt and the othar the atbfr half. Tboy hara a library la U?a pmni, whichJ* wary lary*. bo Mil th? sobtmm bbto boobbb K) re. ?-*>/ I be prtotlt|o or roadlnf ? ?b*f oolla, by ?bo aid of the III ? hie* I fhm tb? prtooa. until atao a'olook. wkoa It In > hut down, nad tbo eoartati rotlro for tbo Bight. Tbc Mil* nre about b4m foot )oo| by o??bt wido; lart? raonfb for bod, utUo labia nad (tool Tboro nro alao holvt* la tfeo roll for booba Tboy alao bar* tbolr kfifo aad fork, a tpooa, a bottlo of rlarrv oad oao of motaoooo, oalt, bo , for tbo porpoao of oa'.tat aad ooaooaiac ibotr rtotoalo Ibo roll dooro arr all rtiat aad raatoaod, oaob oaaaoparotrly, aad Ihoa tbo ofllnor, ataadtai at oao ond of ft* loot row Of or I to, draw* a hoary bar, wbhjb It to ooo. air lie led Uat ba oaa taotoa thorn all at oao tlaia. AnauuLT CMtnt'B Dirrriw.?Mr. RicharAM* baa appoialtd tbr following dopotloo ? Wm. t.. Mlilo, Claroaoa, Krlo oonaty. A. W Oolo, w?|itri|io, aiiogaay oonaty. C. S. Tadorwood, Unburn, (taraga aonaty. I other Oaldwoll, Rook load roiaty. C. ? Valrmaa, f lot Ira <bomn*f oonaty iaaiataat l.lhrartaa?'haitb vbW'pa, Poado. Moatgoaao ry e?M<r