Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Ocak 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Ocak 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7441. i AFFAIRS AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. IlttreitliiK from Wiihlng<on. Vile tariff question bufoke ?bb houhb?effect or foknky's defeat? rdvomi) veto of the naval rill-the invbrtl1uatino committee, etc. Wahhihotom, Jan. 18, 1857 Ttio Ken ate. alter a protrac ed discussion to-Jay, paised the bill for the relief o( M?. y IV aside, with some unttnamendment 1 It rtAoor a fair chance lor passing lha Ilouae. A nomuunloatlsi' was received from the Secretary of War, In r'p'yt> u resolution, giving a de tailed itatement ol the ex.? i.??w of the army Id Kansas, font nothing ol Interest. Jovo'al email hIlia were Intro gluoed in the Boose an I referred. Mr. K'n?ett reported h bill to day authorizing an e Urc-monl ol the Louisville nd rortiand Canal it? c i , of one million three hundred thousand dollars. Only om< million Is asked In aid of a feinch better oanal ou ih op..or lie ride of the rlvor. The t>lll will be amended so as to induce the new canal. The navigation of the old c.nai is not to bo Interrupted until toe new one shalI bu la operation. This being the day Axed lor the consideration of ibo tariff bill, It was taken tip in committee, ard the discussion may continue several days, aa numerous amrm m< uts will bo olferod. Tho Jpennaylvanla dehgnttor. cal'ec a meeting for this evening for the purpose of coosu ilng as to what oourse they shall pursue with to this suhjoct The defeat of Kerne; nas broz.-n in on the programme Of the democracy General Cass, on reading the deepatch exolalmcd, ''what ' .he country coming tgi" The news went throngh the Huuso like an electrlo shook. Unite a number of Southern and Western demowatic members, who have all along opposed Korney (or that position, manifested no sorrow at bis fefoat. It Is currently reported to lay on the avenue that tho riWB?III Will VGI4> lull lUlu Mil, iw 1V> Che relief ot those alleoted by tbo action or the late Naval Board. The reason vigrtd 11, that the bill, as iioeaed, < retleole upon the Pr< r.dint, Secretary Dobbla and tbe Board. Br. Raymond, of the Tim*, and Mr. 81 moo ton are to hppear before the Committee of Investigation at ten o'olook to morrow. A deputy of the Sergeant at-Arm* of tbe Home left thia afternoon Tor New York to summon witnesses to appear before the commit ee The Minnesota land bill, which Is now kicking up a dust bure. Is not connected with tbe bill wbloh passed Con |T?n three yea s ago. On tte ontrary, the present bill li gotten up by tbe very parties who pretended tbey I Ibund so much fraud in tbe former bill, but the evidence I which tbey fal'ed to prove before the Investigating | Committee at the ilme. Tbe parties to the bill which i passed three yearv ago are pressing the government to i bring their cnae befnro tbe Supreme Conrt, nnd It Is understood tbnt the President has directed the Attorney Central to do so. Eight thousand dollars will be required to pay tbreo of | Che oo m pa tile* of Kanrai militia employed In the late disturbances la tfca* Territory Toe returns of tbe other eompanlee have not yot be n received at the War De pan me at. I/etters from Gov. Geary confirm the reports of porfect quietude lo Kansas There Is no truth whatever In the rumor, as snnounoed by the latest foreign a t vice , of a proposition having been made by tbe United Steles touching tbe settlement or pending European ditDcul.ta , nor bas one been made by any Biropens government to our owa. Mr. Fay baa. iOWOTer Kepi lor iinQiDinr?voa taiijt tavnoa roikiiro i to or ante In 8wliior|end, ?n < It would bo willing nt any Mate |o lalorpoM im good < ffl ?? in b ball of Hwltacr lead, M tar an propntt) ocd our national policy or non Interference In European aflatry would a mil It ban boon aeccrtaioM Irora i iiml chid of undoubted credibility, reel ding in -fan'*" tbit etopendoui ape>>ulelou In U>? Kaw ball br- c I 'eod? aro oonletnp tied by nortaln partite In L*c?mpv<n at ?a?t ninety perooaa hay big entered into a oo mix ?*?< r r (bat purpooo A atmllar organization ei.ati I Lawrenoa, wbiri preparation* aro totng made for ibe oration of a town and eotoay on toe Pottawatomie '?*< vallon Tnore I* no <10001110 but t fiorornor Geary will bo tonhwi.n iterated with power 10 proem t (ticb Illegal ceoop tioc ea ample an in the onto Of the anticipated moermnt id the hundred* of wbitae at Wiston, Mbeouri. who arc p-epertng to ewarm to the Hhawnre roeorrmMoo The Prealdent ibwe not at the nloee of hit adnalnietra (too oootempiato a Ndtwi tour, hut will leeee f>r Oa rift loo, thence proceeding t Cube, for tbo beneOt of 1 Mn. 1* erne'a health I Tberubject of o-r?n ami at'a mora la on* which eo p(N lb* attention in on1} >? t?e 80*20 Cotim ttec 00 lb* 1'oit Ottlce ?1 l'ott K"?'H but 01 b*r member* ol Oongrtet Tbe rrmar" * m*i or coniaitation on Krlday lgtft?not in Com<no.t<i.-e V.aderhilt'a room M H*it*r'* Hotel, m baa been nu ei-tit Id ihnt of Mr Wnlb?r, tM of the committee The coma tt'a nre by no menu* agreed ni to wbat th. y wt|i re< maiead upon the tab trci Tbn merit* of earh proposed Una wilt, It I* n*o?r It 1 nod. be duly wolyho'i end c oiderad, end tin* mast DocotHtiily oocatiy mti b It I* Mid that both Maaar*. t el line nod V*i.d- r >t t were preaent with tb* oommr.te* on the above named oooarlcn. On* ot Utn OommlUe* thla morula* elated a* bla opinio* that thay 1 Will raport a Mil aoinorldn* l->e contract* for rarrytag Ma mall la oeeaa av amor* to be glean ont to the loweet bidder. nilBTIr-Kt'llH'l H CdlURKM. aacoep -dPwiow. euate. btMMMI, Jaa 13, 1M7 peeler dep. deelertni V' an entitled to a mat. war* ordered io be tra> ?m ,.ed i<> ibe O irernir of Iowa. tub nrna?ai*e t*i nurn Mr. Commas rrpori* iwr? ir m toe Poet Oflloa Com mlttsa, without amendment, the dab ear ne Tslegrapb Mil, aed It wa* m?de the r ner al order lor to morrow aauar n?s ??* newent There woe a loa? debate n itt? Heoete oa the Hoaee Mil lev the rellel of M*r> R-ei <?. p opoeteff to pep her a boot owe boadred aad t Mr <b?,i>and dollar*, brief a heiaar* da* frriae the t .cdim a* to ber iMebotbend 'of few errrtero la cerr?tn? to- maiM, with intereet from ftrcwatber 1MI, Toe oe?? h? e before uoairreea fbr teelvr or fineea pre-e. *? < ?? U< o'ablp reported on bp Ibe Ooert od Cleime T? e b I .*? ?! bp * ante of ^eiott II, eflrr an amendment ttnaief out the "alloweeoe Ibr intereet " Adioumed. Hotter of HepreeentotlTwe. w -m-oro*. jaw. |j hjj. Mrorr or ure oe me *s? r.un, Mr. Monoae oflrred a rre dtitma, whiefe wee adopted, Maira-tliif the C mmi tee n C mmr?oe to teqslre ead report what add ttoeei a a ? >1 eop, are aeeeeearp to prrerat loee of life an p ererta ' n from eblpwrenu oa Ibe l/?af Island and Nee l> r*e> o?>ta naiuTS nn rn? r?a-i>sjit's ?w?i.i ' The Rome rwinn-i < uhrrUM ot the Oeaidoat'a am* Mr RnvniuM (?f| < ta'< tic? tw been great ag'tat < n among thr t i , ?m ?ti< CTti/in-f en i not %It boat ratter |.i t i g nt the P-mneel hae elola ted the hub Inut ' mflded i n Ha th -ii?K It r.ght the people ?hoti-e ??' <'; he tinerejtl r of ?t?i< contained bjr the r pw .en ? and hollered with Buttf that Whrrr be' a . h >n,h re nn?bt to ha rla mor, h canoe It * ' ib?t altimier be Ibeok'-n by the BPebdl "ha th?t ?e ah mid ba eon tamed la the Toe I'rMtdowl hat abaa doaed the pro. e*'t or . ine aereral Stated of ha fn'on have it i '* * " i'*ai> o and c nrtitulioaal eight to traffle In " "tt only within, hut Without thalf raepieii*' it*'* 'nil on Having Inangnrated that policy in K<? at h, e?ilro tho aotl ha* boon corned with lh? m aae e an i oe '?et o'hon1m?o. and ttlnert with the bka d f m r er and atnaaeloatl m, tho PrealdfBt, with an'a 't eBt?--ai ,I?1. tan> hero to dw P'eraie agltatim an . demand h i "i?ia a bto pi,ley naa tent of fidelity to to* . <? >t< nttm and tha Oolna. fa order to enforce true neq,i|r?c ore aa a doty, thi Praal dent under trot a Ml'dld he epeal of 1 to Nlaaonel reetrlatlow and aa .>*t>e*til'W of ine orlo'iptea of the ' Wett totion aad the right'of ; t e < ?tee under It (Uatng hi* argument on lb?*e p-ew>e.*, M' Ringhnm arguet ear rati* agalatt the po?itina ?*ome > by the Triatlaat on id* iIitfii quo-tie" Tit# mwifn ??? ff^'r ii to tba DmrnlU* of lb# Hbola m> tba Waif i f ?" Trnni ma mpt fTm# <>r nrrti- m unroot* A bill fbr rflnrinj I f <ln?7 "0 tmporto and for oibor V*?pn??a *? (?ki n nn n eommtttno. Mr Homphrojr Martbaii la thr chair Mr CAVmaii., (r p ) f AM not propoa# *1 tbl* Mm# to rpt#r into ?r> * * ht f op tup ?un|p?t, bol that all thai r?oid hr a id or bo'b ?Mp* bad boon b?t?f r , ?a < bfrofoiip#. ft h? oar r i <r*rd, and woaid no *f*m that a n>? ><-1 ? '* ffw itia# on Waya aa I M<arr, Mainly by . * < i?* f> Mat, ?i| | an for ih fnrpf?? of e?>r?r! , up pr-n r?i o B* no* rnvlo aa "poa am**. t *i 'hry rn i*?an in c'f". ! Maldoatailp, p.fa < r 10 va?i>iM bmnihsa of E NE - ? M( An crtcar inufciry by extending tb? list of free articles ; sod by way or fortify lug hem selves for so doing, he would simply refer the geatlemes to the preamble of the Orel tariff law whloh passed Congress Tb*t p eamble read: ''Wherefore It li necessary lor tbc f oppcrt of government, the di??hargo of the debts of the lliltrd Stater, and the encouragement ano proteo Urn ol mauuluctures," etc. That law was passed by lbs very men who framed the constitution, aud signed the Ikc'aratlcn of American Independence The principle of protection has been recognised In every tariff sot sinee lift) to <h< prtreel l w ; not exc pttug the lailtl ant of 1846. Mr Bochamn. the Preaid ui ?leot, together with the lea-.if r o' trr-di u,t c>?tlc party, aupporaid It. The', act acki owledgi d the pitncipke of protection, and so did the substitute piepariu by hie colleague. Mr iJrrcHSH (eitn ) of Va , on the Committee on Ways an' Means?'There was oo proportion from any sturce, exci'ptlBg tl at suumlUed by Mr Boyoo, which met furl) In the lace the distinction between a tariff for revenue ano n lar It whb disorm'untioo for tho purpose of protection. But hr would not outer Into details. The bib which was belore the cou.nilliteo waa reported laat summer, since w 14 n time the commit ee wblrm present ed it hsve reoi tved fr< tn various quarters usi ful Infor mutton bearing on lie (totalis ol the bill, Tbev hat nu or svoreu in ptrirct tt e measure but liave not vat oro plated kit tbe dot'hs. Tin ro wh nut. one section which provided for > emotion of the revenue by Increasing tbe free list alono. Were it ]<assoil tclo !iw it would reduce the annual r? venue $*.(>00,0(0 dlrtc ly. and perhaps from $4,000,0' 0 lo ge MO.000 Indirectly. Ho would state in this oonuoclon. sna Otfoie a nt?l veto shall no taken, that a in a i< rlly or the Committee of Ways and M-an* dost o to avail thi mf-oives of aurh additional Information as tbey may recone curing die progress of tbe dijuugsions With a view lo accomplish tbe bill with a second section, tbo id (of purpose o' which will bo to simplify the collecilon ot tbe n venue by reducing tbe number of schodnlea, thereby lessening tbe expenses of oustom houses, and still lurtbcr reouclug tbe revenue of the country?be could only now say lu general terms that tbe commit ee contemplate bringing down tbe high Bcoeduioa, and either sbohsh or raise tbe 'ow ones. Mr Ftnatxcn (dem ) of Pa , gave notice of an amend acnt, nr--ly. ' "lfcat all gi a, or articus of manufaotuie, tin .iisne<i, an. gem rany dtnomnn 1 or konvnas goo's in tbe g ay, greaso, of wbich the tissues are cotuhed wool, and of which tbe chain and lulling are wool, such os merirue niooselin do latne, cashmort* and satins; and also these tbe tissues of which aud the chain is o< ?'lk. and the tilling ol wco), such as bareges and natltis, be h<re%i er admitled on paying a duty of ton per cent aa ea'(?'?i ' Mr. ItoKBiiL (rep.) ot Vt . also effered an amendment: "That any wco! o- L?r o the ulpaca, ibe goat, and other like animals whnb ar>a 11 be changed in Its character for tee porpore ri evading the duty, or whi-b shall bo clfADtd or peril! d, or assorted, so as to raise Its value at the pert of irnpo ta Ion to Of*y cents per pound or over; or wbloh (ba<l oi reduced in value b toe ad ml itu re of dirt or any foreign sun* awe to fifteen cents per pound or lest: ah?:i berubjr-t t'. pay a duty ol thirty per cent. Mr. bow is (ci m ) of Md . rpuke In support of the views expressed by the President in bt* annual message It was not rniy tbe rfuty of, but the President would have been a traitor to the bo had not none led a bnglc note to warn bis lellow citizen* of tbo dvng'-rt ol" tho inrldiou* w?r'a>etc he renewed by the r-oubltcan patty. Mr B >wie in the name or all true patriot*, thanked the President for the sentiments enunciated in hi* message Tbe committee then rose adj nrr.ed Our "Washington Conrspondcnce. Wamhioutow, Jan 10, 1857. The Qveticm of Contvlar an* Ihptimatic PririUg*?7V Treaty Jfalify tCurr? Thr C< ht'i Ui^Kh of tht (\iiinx /tn nt/./f- /?. tf*rktr? n ft, th* I tnnl Hri>1 n Li (on Coif. <tf . 4c The Dillon a- to to which I alluded yesterday, followed to closely by that of the Hutch Minister taises a poi at ot oonrtituttot a), or ?ainer tnleri>atl< rial law exceeditipiy in terming to the prolettli-n tnd to the peoplo. T.te for nin<a of our trtattcr, in which consular and diplomatlo pririlegr r are corceoed to foreign repree< ntalivea Is In direct Tlo'ktion of the cotklllutioral rights of our own citizens. The trea'j ronktrg power ran only hare the bunding force ct an art of Congress. The constitution con err on earn ol-tsen charged with crime the right to piccaia.ot arpt.'dy irUlatd the power to enforce, t rough the ct.urts, the attetdanco of witnesses Tnese rights uiTOive tn? ,-?errot'' and " Hbe -ty" of the chirm. It is a eor.rtltuuorial r ght?a part of the organic law ol the lard. Ntw, ir HI .-'rat r n of thia maW< r, let ni *nppos> that a c.lts q ci Now 'oik is <>n t'lal lor bis lite |u the United h':ales or tbe riut Courts To- Brtusn Cousnl Is aware <.1 tacts i o ii iwru In nMMI wimii.1 establoh the trinreerr ot the accused l'ne eitisen'r life is in danger. He lit uai.or as bis roortllutlonai right nriMe*' 'o hriog the a itO'M itt <oori The t?n?ul app-ari and phiads h r privilege Th< tou-t bar n? rl/h'. to compel bint to u-stiia Ac art f Congress bar taauo away one of the deanrt ronroiuiintal rights of the oIUkd the rooll'ct m httsoD such ac a t and the coosntutiou II ruoo | i> wr i'i:i U< the fnpn me On"rt Of the-i.ete of N. V< ra npoo ?r iiv i iiob l>kr? In acino iho Coin b(|ii?, ib?- ac o CoraM o< wni 'i be linaret inopera tve ' ay iu?i if..- rouniiiut'on .Ju h la tba perit'oo of Mr Varcj aid Allott?.y I. oral < uah i y It l? important (rrtt tb? (art hai 'o 'ar/e ilim wbnrOmin'* fnmill the Karopaan P re rmlde. | may bemoan a ar-tvnaf j| dcdye by tine# * I n rri^r tt rherp practice for If tbe priiocrr ??f<m that r.< , an eeiaolirli certain faota by a . c rialL oa t no Cni'iil ao<i toe (< uaul pirattoy bit | pttylrye, ihe aald acta ara Hula eoyrefted aa<l art Icitfc in th bill of tiraptlooa. tba if^ioa retralna uotti ii|epr??cd by the ( Coaaul Under ori trraiy reyuUtl <na ba arid* Bot da tbla, an lb* record then r>eerr aa a Imltted Whether maun Uciorrd or b >< the a'b yed t? ntmooy mutt b* reoetred. an I any ctlmloal ?bo cbaaea to do ao can make uaa of imi q> lb t r to |> aoo b.gaa* .1 an.ier tba pr ta.'Uoa of Uio COBn'ttlll'en lb the |i lint oo#o the priioanr demanded bit anpoar aura, rta'lr* that h* could prore ooraio malarial tait? ny M?, f*taMinh ny hla fihe eccnrrda) in tore ice, The tOBrul Hi e,line, to enawer?ibe Court re'uaod to ooaapei b m t a> a#er, and y< t the prlaonar waa connoted In tb< <a>e cf tbe I mien Mlilaier, yorernmeDt de nr.anderi tir api ?araic . bat be oeolioel pleading hie prlTluye . fte brrt rot rtitatioebl lewywe bore b >ld that u> mw-m'j t ?r m1 jf-iTnrjt ii sccooasry ro in# cwmi arc*. cannot *' made in oparate against the coaall tutloaai rigbtg of the ctt!?"l. Faonsn Ortan at KiiuA-Tm Fogltsh Op#r# (roup*, ct which MIm loulsa Pj?? i# prima inmm, la gn'bg a a< rlon of eery laterr?itog repr# testation at Nlh o'a Harden Tb# rtptHoirf, thus ' r. baa lrclod#d ibr '* Valley of Andorr#," Cicde rx lla " " The Crow# iMamood#."' " Hantaan." " I net of lamirrrmnnr ' and l>oo Pnrq'iale ' All tb#?# noera* bar# been p-M mm illb lb# closest at >utH n to tbe bur lr eel of tbc ?ing?. with snperh eceomy aad appro prist# drci a< a M<r? Idraisa Pyt># haa wen fresn laurel# t# I.ocia nad Noma th> muetc of which rolei la pa Ilea larly adapted in brr quality of roloe and I# which b?r brilliant ?* nlm#? nunrpaesed hy any Vagliah tlsfer that we hare h<atd recently?* 'lapiayea to tba greatest adsastage The Norma fxe led quite a/sron, bot #ot ayrtater rue tlmn was deaerred Tha public It fully ac'ina.cted lb tb# m rl's of Mr. Harrison, In# tnnor. but Mr Huiimett#. tbc barnoar. la naw tn a metropolitan sod rue#, and baa acblaeed a grni'f>lac aiioceat boa a pare, awret, rail mice and tiny# lib# an artist Hw an to | la superior to that of aay of Ms predecessors id tba ooaipaay la the ratne characters, and It woald do rradtt lo any theatr# With the Kaghsh Opera, wtll meg, wall acted and well #sonsl#d. we can heartily com wood Nlblo'a Oard#n to tb# r at'onage of tb# pnbllo. ( Ity rtrlllgrnr*. Tnt (.riim Tam.#t CoarA?t?e I'aiaps?Tnb Pat ?The c< mrriltee of no# from each ward, appointed at the merit of the rspta'a* cf tarrt ormpnoo. held le A'ariewy Ha I refent'r. met Inrt erentag *1 th? Major'! ofiiM, Merr j Wiirnn of the Harrleon fine-dr. la lb* 'h Ir, ard >amn?'l .la'kon. of the ivterenn Hua'de. artlrg ar .levr- tary thee mna Ideeahle debate N w?f dceldod Hint lb* f-atd farad* rhoi"d la!* i iar<< on tba 20 h if Apm i c aarlrrrrary <1 the h? t e of l/erngton daw ape 'far , rd to < a>I t Tiiertr.f ? Ui cip'Uti lu tbntr re rpTll** ? ard* f< r lb* | rff t of leeving a Col >i>e| f-em nmry tkelr nrw iter ? v *ntiM have '.be ?nperrlnwn o tfcr tnllliary urti fer nt m hi? ward, mb)?et of goafee W fi t rtttrof ?>f it ? rrnt al comntilec To tieo e lb* pablid'y of ihfr met tint r a eab will be pubMab< <1 In the Pinin, ard a wtitun b t ee arai to a11 the mmmandante The 1*1 lew ?l bar > perron* were appointed a rnb mm tr ftter l? draa op a pro??awnir of ibe parade, rlr ? Captain* legated Knwrtgbt. Coj le. Crn-bet and Sam trnor Ibe tnrettrg tfen arfjonraed The oafUfae all pare Ir lb' ?"*< errooraalni report*, aad ao doubt but trr parade will baa rpfondtd nae r ? nt Aeaurr P?At near two o'clock yeaterdny wnrrlog a Ore broke oat la a grooory atom aitaatet at No. 05 aretoe D. corner of Fifth etreet, occupied bp tavierby ft rkllPr* 're originated la the rear part or tbe (tore tb* ttclelty of Ibe etove The firemen e?.y ?noa mil ga rbed H The damage totbeatonk will amount probably In about MfO inaured fnr 22,000 la the l>te? Cooper lrrr ranee Ormaany. He Heerie Rrlfp ? eaptrd tbe upper part of the boaee for a dwelling Ftra or Bnart. a Tnwnoat-fthartly after 4 o'rloah yrawrday iroerlig. a Bre br< ka aal on board a towh< at. named C T Ami k, lylmf ?bot al Jaakaoa ?treat, to thk BDmin or twi nraai,n. W<|| you r rare arkitowledga tba reealp* of tbe 4ar'oe. d rem ol twenty two doitara aad flitr oanta, fbr the rebel of tre widow aad two ehlldrea ar the mardarad man Oarmelina Canton, ar foilowo ? By the employ tea ol the Metropolian Rank $29 00 great T. r 20 Total 212 22 Vourt reapaotfblir, C F. S. Nrw Voa* .lam. II, HAT. Three hundred aad flfty daiktri hart already 2422 204 I40t#d (for l*? Pior womaa W TO )IWING EDITION-WEDNI Bl'KTMr'B ,HW?T><l(--KlR??T ArrKAKAM'K OK Mk. BlCt?Tl?Sr ? ShBkeperVa ooo.Miy, *' Much Ado about Nothing," **? pa>??e bom 'a?t ntgbt to Introduce to a roetropoliltao audit ict M'. Bt Hoik tbo leaning comedian of the Boston theatre, as 'benedick Mi B-iton le ao Etigltso ao<.?r of rri ute. lie 1,>* a 1 no V< no lace. (trod tlguro, aod a per lect knowledge of tbo word* o? bin author. Hn 1* at timer a llttlf tvo lebera:.'- to eclt too le.'te or a goDfal but this i?r> ?p* rathrr cmneodnbht hi tl;ta spo of i ar? lerenesa He wiw tr< li rerel' ed, and mai* a 'adorable Impression. M'"v IIa'Tow's Hiatrlen -eas ex celli 11. sp, plaj? ( with ?ha: ctwdi bao ah mrlrm which l? too tri e co'rlt o tonvrty Mr Button's l>OKt??"ry was unoti on - ano i rtti-oly fthekspt ;>nti, a* 'so understand too lhaueter Mr. K!sh*r pave tie a d la rilled, and, Ihd'O fi'te, pruper I.< r i a > ; nr d M i^k Stereos ?m a pretty and i n'urnl Ileto. As for ttse r rt, they were somewhat tiresome. 9 Pi vw't.i To mi.m? At Wallark's 'boatre Mrs Hoay r * < *r.. '( i:t U-adinr ac.treee of the < siab'fcinmr nt, ban hrr 1 rrclt\ when " SnoiiVe" wiHheaoied for the firjt time IP ttam t> catre. tl.? bone Notary plat !ng Margaret l'n-rre Mrt. .lobn Wnret plays M'nnie in the aft-M-ptece ' t>i trebo'y F.'ee " At th 8owery Mr. W. Whcatley hi* hirborrfli playing FHU'rorbrlrige 'n Kmr .John," and V?pt>< in ? The Pramst'st " No doubt the ' Park pit" will come out tr full force Nrw Yokk Anoin at vhb antik mn?Sydney papers of tbo 1Mb Ortnber contain theatrical notices with Rom* well known n&iaea. The Mlarea Gougenhetm. formerly of tbe Bj railway theatre, wore piavlng at Our t.yceum theatre. At tbe Roya' Vtcloria W'Kean Buchanan waa play 1/y Macbeth and Ilamiet to good houaea Mr .lotan l'unr forrot r ty of P- rton'e, was jumping .tames Crow at the Crt morne Harder a. and Witka Hauler was playing violin union tor the Syenev Philharmonic Society Ronrw of Tt it Governor* HTAMilTO COVMITTEF8 M1B THE IRAK A1T01NTKD ? CXN8VB OF TIIE 1 EVA t TUB NTS. Tbe Board met yertorday as u* <a ?C. Go tfrey Guntber. President In the chair. He consul of the dopar'.meots slm?* that thore are H,4Cd pernors nnartnibo institutions, being an tucreaae ct 116 since the report of ia?i week msaumix iiosihtal. P?. Sanger rent Hi a commuDii-ailon urging the necesSitt r>t bating ptid turret in the r malipo* hoapltals Hta stugr* fir rrti approved oil by tbe Governor* Mr PiMVMiYofl oil a resolution v> the effect tha' the eepfld. ptlal clerk t?- nM-uc. edto compile all tho 'awn n lot vg to tre a'n chous? Meyaninrpt tor tbe use of tue u rj tarrr-d Tea sTAKitiso mwsnm*. C (lennav Gt vriia* the llbvt roan eleot, then pron < ricd to snnoi'Dce tbe commi'teea for tbe year 1867 Ho wrt. flrbTir*rb?tr smnunctr-g the rromt'lces Cor the year Ir.'T 1 n !' < ot rert e t) ?t 1 l ave 'ound it no ea?v dutv to place nlr r pe<Hi m< n < n ali't en (1 1f? re? I i onim ttpee of three each, in such a n? net ?e to five (< ncrel ?at<?'ae'iiin to'be mem beiefn plared In p-cre've ihe een'hbliiini ol thU Hoard and o litu he I > ? TpU reel* of the department Tooarryout he?e 'ho i * 1 ar been mi mm Olid <00 are In judge after joil beat Ibr 11 mo Hteea read, ho? I bare auceerded. Tb? bl'cairg are th- cnnimltleea:? Alnihn.t? apderariB, Mammy Oliver, /,It jn'f>?ym *b, Imgro, Maloeey, ( Vfy I n in? I urro tnrtoraon, PirckDry. <Ji,'ia Hunt ? r%v'oe fab pay, AoderroQ. rmUrtntt ? Aoderaor, Towner-d, 'faj lor. I'Trir-?-roth, Peare Taylor Tt? man T?j or, O'lter /1? A v i't??TM? eki e* To man, Taj ler. Itl fw?Towr??rd Sml'h Oofo / ftit'et .'try anil /tmalifn x Ho t ital 1?Trwme d, PlBCltw . byrth fi'jjtin ? Toepeird, Pirckney. Valnrey. ' ii\ < ,n .f-rv? Smith, T?emar At ere"n HowUtil't J lnnf?Terr,an ottrer Va'ouay. Pilotte<_'r?nai' Smt'h Tnwnaepd. Vice ? )UVp<T. PtrikP'V Pnyro. M'irAe are PMyer f-emar . pde-mt) Vr !?iw>M>IMflawd tb nllo?ti.e F 1 mired Tift a rpere' e<mirl"ee be appointed to proceed to a'b*M ' ?e?e of neeefHty to tnr ber Ihe pa-aas>'of au h ' ?r ard ?r nf??rinf *? before 'he l.*siatature at In ad oner i> ept i??t tear. Tb'e araa paaaeil an* Mrerre T?wnrend, Smith Tay'or Va' t>e\ ard 0"vrr were appointed e?rb oommlllea. The Board then a")?v men rnxpi ui winii||nim lhc Ntw York mir??|w|'dtal O' fc* /Vord, of RrutMla, cot c ?(im ?p fnllna Mr let -r of H> rem tor 10? Vr. H<ny Wltof far iu?t r' b I'hott * lltno hook nndnr >h" II lo of "'hp A1??r.''T<f 0r * Parlor niplomaltat " Vdii tpj ip iron fay nt"?f <iiri?inr troro witty Ibaa <h f |i r.t'cr aHrh it to ?a tppr?h.| tha< >ln?a nil ? Jot# Itr lat?r rt ff> - a'l'for <1 ncd a> tbo Klyr.-, bdtiH wo ''a*! in tao ?tn nov ol Lt'rt P*irnPf??on llr?d on in 'trrtp 'aitr* wlti Mr 0" r.i'arPn oonaola-* l-ATamno I'MI T I#v 'o P? rt \r* B'.rt rtfont'crt pollt'ca With Mr Vr . he I ah- r-d pi- r ha with Mp do Aroa'H, rinlTtif 'hp ml fid1 <f V nor nnro wroto la tha />f???. <.on?rripo /> rrrt rttan >port witb tha Smft. t til- arrt tla t?rt Wr ntnf fomr of bl? m wt curloaa ?i at 01 r praam it y the of 'be day. rtotora aad ?-ar<ii'ib?d Wrart oolt ar'nript pc at i.acaiaftip thing? tl r II i altr rlcttn hy Mr t P 11 lo <al"a*a tha pnhllo to I- it a*' < r'???a Tn ttlr awirn of mrre'anlr aax'ont ral) ?? lo the price of cotton, m-ata an I Hour, for tha rho ot h'a laaprrrpiot a at rt to nt-i^taa Tor a panetyrM 'W H?n*m which rtor? n< I a-' a i aolf lo a ruhllc woll n'ltttfnf'' ca > 'p'etnacv a-c two nhrtak a which maka > a ci rht nf'ho alllltt ol vtr WiVrfT So r interior a mar nv.t he-w <h< f?'in t rovt rh?V irpanftu itn/c a a a I'o lu i tr? inn rata ' i< r n 'hip r? ncoalmcnl la fa?nr of ot r Atnet tar htt'i 1h" rate a'oro of Mr. WlkolT la Mitroalla; be la a tiail?< o! Pbi'td lphla a brit a LP. P'orr Ca't'ornla "? Artromali lo the toxmolilp tloonrn I aw- Mra V I Itrat err 'h>r. ohi|ilr?n W A H'*j, Dr Mlt chr i 1 P r a a o 1. Tailor Mwarrt Phat, .1'i.Iitp later < a| llama I'pi'p'i f 'on! fnnca 1' H A. Itr Millan (l H A W to Kpvfp 'ad* throo rhl'rtrpn and rct-ran'; *trcF Adorn Mp? PocIIpv l> ?tt T H Rt'r. R II Httla Vr !! ? tarti ar<t ihto*'rli'irtrpr W II f'npor Wtn Ste ' Uitt, V V Warrt Vr? W??hina'no 'rt t'roorhi'ilrrn Mra K Sri"Co, M Mr rriph' I'lo 'at ??hl', V Harm ow, I Up .t Wan rr a Vpl'rn c f. hrnchaortpr J flanpatrr. V n?'<>tVr '"If, ihtro children and a>-ran': M An crm ? arrt ) fr Jf rar?ooa. Pre M* Pntu, Mr* Ha"owp|| art pen J N lirnrl or a t'orwlnp >-aac??o tnaa'or: M ??ca Vpioalfp Mf'rr PtVf'ff I'!1 hrtiprf (I M *"1 too. I'haa WllltPB'a A liar'ro A P 'rrdep A .lo?ppt> a Ppnteaniakpr. r f>n.i??p r t Rnch r V alt-t P .I y Marh ?o. Mra n.fam nrt rtamtHpr a P s?lnrc" V Van'pr, wi|p a rt cMWt, I, Ir ?r a? ?r.t ? IP. .1 V P It Vrrra .1 P'fnrtfra P Plan d*r* Mp. a * Fr?nK'n F II ''oil n?. Mr LTVmm K 'loop o. (II Fpark 'I |li?rol fi Trannnm H T F'?m? A A .1 K oil* Hid M H n?rk II Hw'rn. K w amrf. W M?o|ln F i md-r. C llr'nii a H Caan. ASH Hrra'y w r Ai r'* * F*<r .' I onk *ifr ??<" rh'Mrrn C *m'lh 1)"' w fl* v .1 f'rrrl y Vrlir.ln M Mara'rbal H R*i'rr*b?. * I.I'' M .1 |l 7<?rtrn<1, II Pnorifnr* M Parrla? n?l othar* In ll-r robin I'mrr I Irrrrnol In ibo*?*rr*h'p Fr'r#*oo- "apt Richard II Fir* 1 P Vrb'r*'h Rnbrr'Top'l? Mr* It Topi a. R II Hard rrr 1 brn a*'>? n. F?'?n M*wf>r ran* an<1 Parana In Ibr *iA*m*h'n Rmoirn Cut- F 1-aoarg*. 8 A Part*, W Hlnmon* R F R?rlh<' lVrl'1 ni'rra. 1 ho? Varr'ny. bam1 a Fmnb mail at<-nt .1 Harlan!. A '? Jart A M Mnira. .1 J Vaaooydn. two ladina and ahJId ltd ihIWi Itm alnrragn. Into i"b#r'r*?rn In lb# *tnan'ablr Marino?Mr* M Moyd, Vi'*I.Fn*i Mm J Cmntt Mr* Rlako Cart A fl Tnrw r. w F?ra. A * MV|l II flcndlm, Ja* Knlao. Jao llarbraon. Mr WU1log, and alt'rnn in alocraro. Iron -*?*rr*b in lh? *tr*tr?h'p Angna'a? J B Wbralnrk. Mr* I* |l F ol?*burj ?rd four rhlidr*ti, Cr Cnak, Mr Raldaln, I M Wilrot, Fr I'rirmn. A Mo'i .1 T Rank* and ladr A H " nddard I lent F C frrd?. 7*rh Mraahrtn. W R Plumb, II P Clark, at d thirty n'n* In airrra** 1 i l??il Mntra ?n|irrmn tnoii. *? mix. mm .tan 18 I88T. Ca?a Mo 88 Wralr* Willi-ma G*?t?nnn of Kdword F. Valnno, a* PHI. WrIran A Co. Jn'f* fMmnho'l d?'arrrd an rpinb o iff ro?mr ibn jnAgmrnt M ihn I'n'tnd -la'ra t o? M of ibn Middle Phrtrioi of AlabaMM, with cmia ard Iriorrat Nr ?F J. an t/mi* Prranat a* CbarlrB R ll'oon'oal, iB'r Tr?a*H'?r id 'rnlatarn. Jod?o T?n*T drllaorod an r'n'rr afTrmirp ibo /nrpmnnt of the *npromn (Mart of loni* ?ra Ml b rrala. Vr 44 rrbtlprrd. T><" arpnmrpt wa* cOMrluded by l|' H'n Praam*! .lrhrmn'nr p'*tr",|F Mo '8 ,li M l?r?i* a? Porirrpo Arpnrd for dr* '**- *01. *! *t.l p?i ird ?t a p?ini*?l vpomrnt I or piatofill Tpf Nf* Jipfft Ficriribt- Hffoptfd K* ?*>* ? II r r .ij rp rt < f ofrtatr, ft"'rr In ftn? r l?, om rrr* in bt ihr ?*' 'r narrjr btt r rabrrlnr o' on* rtt> j*na ll ff?a>? in b?- morb worm in Itt rtotalla iban w* r *A arttr'natad o* rt o Irarrd II mntl harr brrn I ratio i a<'or cuVfii'tt 'op a loay ttmo, and all th 1'ara n ral la?' bonr n a'o to fhlo ond in it* ?ad ro t'ip n n?ill ponp'y r?ir ?n?l worthy who wan h'? l ortpor i? bixirrr*. apd p'aro bim in moot irfm otr t.paiarroo fr.r nnwr n?? ?o wit* ft will haw* a ton drrry In tnmrr tho orrrt! nl ntir haotpoao nrn #!ih rm a It rnrrro it Orw Vn?k. and p?m a kind of rtipmo In r<?i pb tbn ia*r '?rr< o' opt yoodly my. R< t lit iroat "Tntl bp<i InrlpT if rfreia Will fWfl > b tbo poor woman ho la fnraak* r?Mi without a rant and a'moat wl'hont >lfrd? ? apd oito pbpp a rory roafwrtoWo (amtly In btfb 'art. ipy in Raw Vn?k rrntn wh- m tho riilain ban utkoo a | o-ptod d.nyhtrr and stottr. C II Camp, of tho Arm o' r??rp A Brrkaw, in tho no wo of ika rnaoio allndod tn abpra, and a Mi?o tmiro dartin of ?f?w York, la ton f?rrnia hr ipak whh Ma Thar# la a popart la drool* i<rn ihw o-p'PlPk 'hal C R rairp, tho pary ypoaf pm rap, ho loft pop rtly loot wook to company with kbaa Unrlln for porta nnkBowa, wao rorwrniard ky an ofll??r at a hoiol In iho rtty of RatHnoro, on "noday, m rmtir 'or ynrrpr?ho haaTt honkod blmolf aa rhapira flrory. Ppoprp poprpna baro POP a on tit flro PTtdonoo la tbn noao, apd it la rrnkdoaily oiprrt-rd bo will bo bronybi book with hpoorablo rtmrt ~-ftnr ftrpruvir*or. Jm. It. (' rwnovo* Inqtarofo. fitdi imnannii Bixnwm 'afaLam? Oopooop nam b'o w*a nnttflod In bold an Inqnont yaatorday -t Rlark woll'a la'and. r.poa tho body of ararpralor taotPil Cbaploo Wtil awa. who wao aorldoaially kll'od by fai inf fhoai a j affpld or*J la tbo opaairnrtloo of tbo aew workshop no . tit oh/one trOiRokod miaad. iRK H 3SI?AV, JANUARY 14, 1857 ARRIVAL OF THE GEORG LAW I q Q Important Financial News from Call- , fornia. u TIBTIAL Rf PI'DIATJON OF TUB STATE DEBT. ? 01 ? fl Hewn front xirnr ?<riia. >ft Oranadn, Ibe South P??rIflc, Wextco and Australia* r< 9! Attach on Riva.t by General Walker. ? t The Church of Gtmdaloupe still held by H nniogsen. *? WMHftH'H HMDVI'MTIIiH AT RIT*?. * SPREAD OF T L BtVtUUriON IN PERU, IT INCREASED GOL. YIELD IN AUSTRALIA, ti], to., A' ft d*

tb The l)i ite<1 -haree mall (?eorRe t/?w, VTtti ar I. H-'mrtec, D H. N, iinmmHU t. j, trrlret yeate day motnliy she tailed Irom Aiptewal' Jan 4, at 6 oY.lailc , r A. V . wt'b the mail*, itakaeDyrii and lr< asttre lor nr \"e-n York brottyht nnwn by the ? rattier So,jura, all woll lh ' aii "d hoaril; do nkl.t#" amou# li e ;.?<wo?iir? amou their r, (HfiDy San Kiai riano. n> The I'acinr Va<l i'ter-irfbtp Company h steamer Son era, W K l.apptdyo, cmirarde', ealliw ftoni San fraootnm in Saturday. Here miter 20, at 4 P 'I , with 429 pa*te? ter#. the Untied Stale* mall, and G,W,]it M tn trentire or Ireljrht, detoltt. d a* fopow : ? v.wY .rU . *1,242,9*1 04 K>i*la.M 4M Olth 5.1 otl ti* (irliaoe 4u,iK)0 00 Panama ... 11,240 0? <e The Sooira reuorie?lH?o 25 exnhaof"! rlma'a ullh I"1 the l'scttlo Mall PWatn'btp Gozipecy'.s etcamor Jobn l> [J SteTar.8, bound to .>?u K anotao*. Arrived at 4eaptitoo d< 2Mb inrt., el 6 oM m*W \ M. an t ?at ed tnea oe fn- P in* na 11 :-40 A M lot In putt of Aoapnloo #hip? Hull ^ Stream and Charto' f Fa at", toe latier itp t itail lame fn> forth' sian'K. 'Arrieet at Parana fan. 3 at II o'nli rk v M " The United State# mat' Meaner it'ar.ada, A Q Uray r>q , oimttiinlor, aril-d tun A?niineitl fao tary I a' 3 o'c'uck A M . fur Havana *Hn I trail# ptattenger* t>d trcature for Note Orient# at Tbe "Ulera'd niatHi panne opera and 'remht b-om Vo? 1,1 York per f?enrg? I aw Itven be' 21 I ft Panama for 'J v?n h encteco m b art! twaraur t> >l.,u Ua e .lanuary I at 0 o'olor.k A It - inereoget# all in gwo t hea'lO lulU* Stater th| i It. t pendente au ' St tf?r(? a'e (till * iyii'4 i II Peimme an t Untied sun* #blp Cjrtue off A# Ik bnink t? pood 8B' rk>ns'kin ptj:ir#>y ct-kkivl fhp rk Irond ?k in fln? oritur lha noine ?%: I im?BnnKo-? ff'r Hrrm U? iDkfctrg ?b lr*n*H in k l.t;l? o??r tiriw i L HIT! Tbp lni|o?irii i? 'tip kp-nit n*i of tin (}?n>|i? La*:? o rt' ? on miNOMn. "i , \tn Fxc# I'ki k $ * t',? < M.<tro|>ilikt R?-4.. ItJO.O'O A ikriiv 8* Co S.f'O *ini' rip .<*i?n*r<oi m BoliranAOo U9M a 7,?T1 ' "'??? t A Or '.'If 0 l Mykr, U?> A On . 8 000 ' liPCkti S'MtilM No ?li >u ? fiftk.tAOo 10 0)0 A OP . . 80 74 (l ilKr 91 400 ' ' l*nikt rt A: <"o. 7,''/ - I iinrf Hkiri-ic .... 70 0n0 * l '?rn?' A f'- 18 6" < B' ii"i m if 4('i*1 'nn?k Hf'r 6 0 Hrk , Km AOo 88 000 ' Hnn how r A B'o 118 <*0" o * '! li Am * r Hifp AO.. iC0,( o* ! Hi i'ki ti i Ado 3', 74a Hiw'ktiO k lk| to H?nr) Wrpltlof 3 iOO 3P,iM Euit.rr kC? ... 11.#10 ' I . Von H'OWkD ' m S ' ? II ill Afln 12 0 U ' A On . 19 MP Scuk" A Rroa ll/OO RlW i (W*lll leu Iwl | KMM ... U,MI 0|?? Wk.lf A * O IH 400 I R W?tr 19 0K7 " ' roB Jwo*>?kO?, HA# W?' f> Brok A i7ns. |k Pi) " KoptBr K?-'J ACO 80 f'u <4. H WlBPkACi. 14 Oc 0 I. I kt'dkOcifti A Wt-lli, K*r(0 A uo 144 600 * Co 10 <> 0 Tout lrt>Di H >o PrkiiMkno $1,2ii.917 r MOB A I'l * * ALL I'tn.OD & PMII'pa 910.1 Oi H l.ktX'MirpB A Rro 134* ?i*a Bit* A On 4.4*6 41 i i.or? p <kmJ 3 " T 1*1.. 4. mo m Wa are tndehlat to Mr K <W Huh f.r favo*?, aid > I to* At anile and PmiIIi Kvpn <V>mi*ny, u> u? 0* i- I * ' orwan aipreaa of F'eeman A Co , a ?? (A H winoa \ ?? and lo tba fan Fiaan m o ? drp-.t o i. Wood lot OI-<? I of papera id adranoe o' <hn mall I<r ftataa Siap Tr. a?nf r I. <1 In ibe h\ men al alUr oe ( (t the 9th o Pw, Mia Hiiro, of rbilaorlotna. Too -ra' rape ii remony look piaon at Oalvari .Jaurih San F'?rt rht o in U>e prenvic* ol a 'nrge ao*embiag of ttu< 'neuda 1 oi tFe hrtde and bridegroom. Tha Nlraragva inamo' Omaha arrfvao at i?o Fran ,,, rlrrn od fho lf?ih la a Tha I rgirlatnre won Id i/mvene or Um Mb of .January <0 The ration* Henatorlai aapiranir were arriving Hy every aa uua?i known to politician* M? aeonre their oara >aeil< n i< i itnaepritabe iba ahoU oialitr aoii'd b< dn:i led lo rai raomr. Tl a prominent on didatre n r> W<o M Cain, I ?? ?i C Bri'drncli Mi1 on a laioan JoOu H Waiur, I ??> W H ove . J W McOtrkia and BMfftM J fMM fBjre gjh a a* a rtrrig fining amorg ton pa .pla, boarivar. in fa.or vol of he n?l>ctioa of .no ten m> a l? The ' Ihrtai ?ota of OaMlnrra la aa tviuwa ?, r ' M.vfb, FH more 8b 1 >3 Firmnit jn :i:t? 5 ' Tba aen laoa'ripa1 admli t?lratl >a i"#ugur?u?d by the ? * l*-rpia worind admirably aa lu b n-'IrUi r-anlta were . apparent Tf e r? iralaa of W B Sprrry, late Pepi ty County S it vej or wtrt fmnd, r?u the Tin, id a lent id S-ic Mateo rout ty 'be aafortuaale man naa labo-tog uaIrr a mr r'l 'III mil <1 A grand barqaet ?l< g'vea try nary of the p-on root eft /eta o? Hat. Cmae'eoo to Oban1 0 i on, oa the evening y,. of the 1Mb lue M C.aolH r tbe ?ne< eveo- of Ooaaol P' 'on arrived at I" an lai ciaco on tbr ! i Qg t MM 'born WM a fanoreh n urn#|vfit ?i? tin rpoon ftnm 'r tlMtHtlil the railroel Ortoi?u (Wklaod aa i Kmc Hot, ?' A rllaia n ra'lod tbn putrid ?nr trroat r mi p'nna md I roi ruler ah i) la fiiflnrnot prrtmnn of tba Ham. lot bad y bnoa pantooiarlp fa'ai an>?r? ch bina vr Cbaroa Blair bad bnra nnnrtct d ta iba rvirict C n?t I of HTv r<a oouaiy of tbn mnrnrr 11 a < bloaoiaa aad bo. I * I bona aebtraoad to bn i no* Pi IV ton tinn cotton bad bona <ro*B oa thn raacbo of ' Major P B. Roadlng, la fbaota ooui.ty. A papnr mill van a mm h> Inn tiartad 'n Maria omintr vk Tbn ooppor tnlaa of Mr Kodanra la Bnpn Vatlot, aaar tbrtomoj of lb a Nlorra Naoana p? ot a to bn ?arj f rtafe I A onaaoatloa of oolomd propin had bona held 10 Jaca "1 mnaio. for tba purpura of takt< $ m-nauma '? nadoaror _ toobtaiaa roliann from tboir dwabillty to pi?# i ridnton ' la eoorta <? j notion apaiaat obit* m?a j Ta trnpne On ob. Bnttn roan J, tbnrn mt rn ionr q <am fr mlHa la oporatii'B Tba arrrapn jr old *w ab< ut mi; dol ara a too p, A dlnonaorjr of quartz bad bran ror?atl mac a at Mo t heotnir Hill, vb'i h "pr-ai? in ' i<l( jmr toe Ml lni|mrtntit I'limnrlnl I. IrlliRrrnr. bli 1iif. sialb mrt bb 1mb tm ob-titt tionat. bt __ 1 h'r ml ? mi i ill nr. "* l?r? it Iho nan bratn if or A' a. fb-c JC ] . T! ititi n portaat nonet ?B? a hin o iirrni' trim tho ' ' parti rn > u n i* ni rn a no r b?r bar > ib fine ruin of thn mi me ? n?t upon Jtc nm nratitmn "? *> m t ti | ma w ir at ?i t rn, ?ttl.?m n |i0.(<< for lb> r> nrlrnr i >o o'a qirt roa< e< rca* tbn fho'ra bnata ohtoh bill w?a T.' ??? ?) t? ib< lib m a|*il, ipfth tb? frftOBd npnn which *u ib# < oart a rtrclaica l? em o'oo m that tbn non ( . ? !'? ti ' aprrtny prob-bi a ibr thalo frctn cob tract ib( . ai) i nnbti r't.' n rx rii/ih- am-iBtr t c,r* o no ' ? rr bit n hit | any fuitna' *(><?' ' rlatl?ra abmi'd ba T irrjaopta aad aal'tiad by ibim Tha da ta > ri aii'fia tqoa'iy tba qnr?itno at iba cooirtdntiooallty i a'l M i* by winch tbdbMadaaai baa baaa eraatad k Hi" l.a H?H *aa arvha.t- aad tha alTcl of , ii ?ifi?r kahn to a giaai aatatt lo rtoy iba ado a? ila f-t i in tbl* any Tb?f<?craJ naatlnwnt o< aba ( , jwt i * -a ak?<ti?l a< pudlatl a, anil tba piaa* I* onanltannt i pen ?l ? f?<ti lr hare do doob' a bfU WM ba paaoad ar ai'oa aa ibi- layta'aiare vatta, la nnicb IV wbu* if ^ tba raaaant Mala ladaMaoawa will v la^mtavd M tfeo ' p?opla, aad *ndoaa?d by the at l lemon or ibk ritrun wot rt- m Anf-aaaaaTO. Poo -U M . 1 Tba follow la | daa aloa aa tutored yaal r ay by tba I fc< ??rti of c< nit ? ThrlrrfUt$ J A*?ly hrnum 4 at ? Thia ?aa a b II ta j Mi anally R ad la iba canal balaw by ba Attoanay Han oral, yaiaat Naaiy J?>ba*' a. flo?aro"f o? Iba Rlaiaal (bur irnta. ?n Jobr A Riawataa. Pnraayor u?a r*l. aad PaaM A. I*n? Ml lt*?,Pirratary of Rial# a Board of '.OwmWIoraro by airiw C< It Kl i| Iba layltlalma arMilad "Ab Art lo prnndo r? 'aa iba taaToy ana noaiatnirtfor of wayoa r ad to tha Pwrra Naoada annoalaia*." t'a aajo'n aal<l Ciaamtaa nana Pi fiam ft tar in* taio anyro?,iiiut loa tba onaa i ae on of Mi aald a<od. far tba rbaaon tfat i%id *at la nacoa*tit'i< ' and ? ?Id Tba bid *ho*/? tbat Cotnm'wtnai a? w r? an lb ibralaad lo cnnlaaal for the of aaid rotd a n la pr'fb toi itcaadtty '.ba arm of llOO.fOC, aa 11 at, ai i Ibf Hire o; tba pa?a'?if of Iba Mtd art, tba S ato <tf t'all | Jr foaota woo lao?Maa In a itm a*caa>ilm ?*oo i,00; Si t? at tba aycaarala indabtadnaw 't iba Staia, can nul j b'jovb ?ne ma bought to do ippropaiatod, os^aoj< d va* q? 0 ERA lum ot 91,000/00; that mM art aoiitBhied do pvvMoa obtained to be ratine< b? a vote of the people, ai re laJred by the c' netitot'oo of the Stale The facta oi the aae are agreed n*. to thai tho atcgte | tot at presented for nor coaridt ration la whether the act of the 8th ot April, 866 l? In oeotr-?vr*tlon m iti- tPh artinle of theommi tiiiod or bi t The <aD| uagt of the article la aa fallows. Ileie tk'e Plh a<tl lo I- rtOUrd J If we were ut liberty j dioloe th r. case on frounce ef pnhllq policy, wo e tuiil ct btalUUe one dioh'c.v Dot *t> n bankruptcy end r'rin, r credit end proaper I y U l? time ibat the axe ahoiild r laid a' tb? r> ot ol politic>4 evil, that tbia a) newt i i stravaxtbre. wbk.h baa been the r.nreeot the Stair ir the laet years, PXbnaerloK >be anbuntce of the Niple, destroying our cwtil abroad, and corrupting | a (lemrrkMz i k our nntzea* at home, should be atopad; aid tbai hoceri. *vuoer w and economy ahould pro de oyer ihi i? ybdettop ef tew Stau and the admlnle allot ol bor ai ailal a Wub a ro tuialtou not ox et'-'ar la.ui bui crrd looti am1 people we Davo tmiurrod ftbt, Br ap|M a; a f'Oir t r rer?rt ul the Slate (Joaptrol t lor it ? ) ar 1856, <t 88 i'4< ?'8 dfl If anoh tltinxe re to be ooitnrto wbat will 14 tho cnadltlnn cf the unity ttti yi ar> hrui < r To "un.ti taxab i> property, it i ah it p rat rial, ?d the Stale for the year l"6f?. wa? at md ti $ a ft l>,1va If-, f > rt?n'UUH lor tbo aai-se a> wee 91 ltift i g 1 while the cayennes amounted to l.iaT.attt ?4?ninkWg -o icera of 9181.UK ?V4, oolcjy liiit/38 fH m r> than the expon"?" of the previous year. 11 ti It Is home in mind bat toe (tat of al*e,933 ftf! ar teielyed fi< n toe rale ol landr In the city of San rane'reo, the fact w.Z e hI?*b that, natatdo of this DIM o ro'inn- wfetab la iow or tuned, tho ex Lie of the Siali during i e year 186ft. oyer and above i 'egitln a<e r?nw, jmountPd to the aunt of $.'lfl4, >'< 2o The Iagtrlature c n, at Ita next aesalon, lord tbf prin t' 'hdebv dne?a of the State, and may go riLer. am1 by u.akipg appropnauona lor the luturo eiara y etp- aaer. or the governireDt over and above i ravrabe submit tho earn <n o informity with the 8th rnnuM-irff ibla opinion we art aware that we will >et wIWi the opposition o thoee whose eelf nhreit* are '.edited, tin' i> It aba 11 have ibe ell'eot of lopping oil" ti l ?:l) imwtncM, wbirti muster to thlok around i ?('nutlet rath >. ol tbt ritnirui, or el" corroding y it the evilt wi irh we i<ave tbednwrd firlh, wo will tt tot tot t- <i, we'1 ci ueiii <1 trial tini-' and a aober jn ifi pt w ill mm in r or later justify both the ueoewlty and rrteiciHr el ihp it-nor lou ftie aot or April Mb, 1866, iibrobrtttut -nal aim void Jii Igmuot sltlrned ML'KKaV, 0. J. We coiour ?llivi'icNnir>T, J , TriikY, J rrBMC MKh.TlhO IN IAN FRANCISCO. "in?v?M to puliI'll uuilri, a n emlng o' meronantl and fir hi ?i:o-r nion wis held ai tbo Merchants' Kxnhange, r. Krai ntro. for the pi rpos< of gtvlnc cxprpiwon to tOj ihlic n aiimet t touohtna ibe r ftest, or tuppoaed effeit, < d t'.t "-late credit ol '? late decision o the Supreme nit ariai uli'Idk thv rnco'kilintioiia Ity of Ihoiavtun i which ihe ludehtedM ?r ol the Siate waa creatitl. The neeiitp ?a? organised by oalltrp Hen. .lamea A. IXiuyal to ttie c.hali a:,'1 hugeuo Dclupe'taud ? ?, rretariea Oti notion, a corriB"Wee was npponled to draft retold it ai (I report to aj. adj'taitied meeting at 8 o ..loot M The ro- w.iitie we*o.iOiioaoii of? J C. Punier Jamee Smiley, l> pi M I', Knbrift, M 1) Roruck, Mr Biod'e Mr CrUtal, tien J A MrlMngal Ai 8 oVIo-k ibe me > Dp re-aes-mblrd, pnraiiant to 'jtii'rtneni, fteu M< honrel in the cha'r, and Dr. H loh'tt, reeiottrj .1 C fmpoaii, trnm the Committee, ported 'he fol'ntltty prian.hle end reeointlone, which I re eitop'pit Willi ho! two ills?e?t'ng eo'oei:? *b'ii??, the- ?-< K.i naio'iot f oe BniHemn Cunrt of ?he Hie 11 ( adtrrula deelar't a nerlale por loo of our Mate <-eh'fni.e?? to hate bei m reatee in violation of ibo oon MM u nM> < MM; eon ?r?rc-? ne ir< > otnincat iu um or?*wn ny , at inn i.t our State goverrrnent and tb? benellia <irtr?n> Cemtd t j il. |?-< |>:o of tbj Slate?there Httolttd T at * e irgard the latin of tbe Stale tovolrtn the ytiri and true payment of her entire Indebted ?r n m t?>??o> a or iini no'tUiitlonel Rt-e?Wed, That *ebi?i.'v. tta'n to be tbe nnanlmnaa It ton ol the 11 onto t f f ehtorbla. an exproetd by tbe ry ibt j>r< pir in ??er> Benton of the State H-at Wed That ?e pledge oeraelrea to lake amh twin ' ii t Ir titj.ct a? tr.av be r? n trite for Ibe puiooae I' reil'y'pg U o in tie nuutandiog tndohtedneaa of the a'e ht Wrd, That while tiring ao ranter! and orapbatte h'tnliu t" 'he opit.lonr and rtwolutioaa prwwdlng, i dt h i alrhto he on't rrtond a* In any way count art tp* the invith and uncnnrtiiuttoaal eipendltarea of pan [lr? in the San Vrarcwoo Itolletln ] Thi t ii I .1 thletitrroi det irtotie roocerna tbe conl t M t ail t tt ii t a I lit or the s ate debt which at tbll n r *h cut u to t pvra'dr i.l thr?-? in' I ion* nf dollara. quell n err Ir a ca-r where mioiuofton war ,i|)t ?. he p. ! aralnrt tbo Wapm, Read oturalael inert fiif it > tci ti'? into any c n-raoi In itrma o' wnat la i 'ft 'he War on Koad an, pitted by tbe last I.rpiala i' I'th. an appropriates ol Jlooiil waa made i 'he I'l nrtrut fit t> <? a wagon road Irom the Strrra No alt It Sant n t n ? vallt y The supreme rnurt laid wi ih- pr r t| ic that, b the cm aiiint'on of California. . ti?hi tt i! tl he coatraried ny ibe Stale exceeding tbe in n $. if.rm r y< r ari'abf\e her annual ret*nue, r> I 'tiH'itly thr rem end pu pote to wbloh It tit wire ant muted tn?< c tr*ol rote of tbe i 11' It la proyh'W it found In tbe (ltb<b artlole of i r' r ii i i't n At ofrf e of the mating landed or Moatr Riatt mil faa b R MMHM to trie ponalar anil >n it thie nice, ib? whole amount, eiiept | f nit n i ahtralw diria'id nr ronaUlatlonal and In lio 'ire the auction of "r*pod la1 ion" baa been . iM'l *11.1 * kun i 1*ni*?ino upon :i la errrywhere itf p?d. Th< prr*? aloott unanimously acooia lit* ( * ' l 'ale it mull* |<>b. k'> I'liriirxino Ifa Snprawe Court It bM been | ( if?i |Ir ?i y if ,-?en b -innaco I* <*, by thr w?i of r.ta i? r of It ?-orj>ornMnn, Ir gaily r?*pon?lble for ner | (> 'mud b* the m tiripul officer* during rernl >be w, lo iba ?t*ni of about a million and *lf rf da *r? rba*o weireria bad boon rajicted by verd of htnipn rb't fly on 11a ground thai all n? ran hgel Cornel'!? ? ha n >l b. an oompllnd with la Ir ft * i?l i*r> ai ff. and iba Soprawe Court following tin 11 un. ii*. k on tin ?u| ol opa of iho hoidara of tbn rrai.ia, flrn.a lbe> ihl* poritoa of the c'ty debt n anal 'in'oral aid lutein fly aaoib< r domino ol the ra (> U'MI bar * m r tbat tha dty of Haa l"aa ro 1* ar.i liable lo rai a* tba prior reoairod by bar of 't> ailp ptoiarly, *' Id in IAC3, and wblcb aa??ai rrwaida fr.oi.d It hnra b-an lllrgally naade Tbla In Ian a at-Bi n' HOC,con. By aaotbar decision of tba art it * I onrt ib?t the rli j la not liable for a aum of ir % $4" f?' batng ibr prion aao intareat eg-an. I to be d by bar aganu in forwiar jaern tor certain prop?rty Hi Tiara All 'baa dac'einno, wblcb a (Tact *o larga r ?. ir triva mare er Iraa iha quoatloe or "repudiation'' Ibr alcr r r ndort of tho cby I M?rrt?|Lr?, Hlrttia and Death*. MAtiUIKI). < At -V ft nt a hr rt AD pal, of Hacramonto, to ? "?>rah Riorn'rW, nt tbarktoa 1 lour.ty nut 27. Mr. Joha j moo to r* Marftrr J*M|b at) nt On ega I ?i tr#ka 14 I ?. V.iar-c. Kaa , of WMtWtil, N'i?? I J K*ll<a ol Yn-ka I 'a. ?ii krai r iro, |i,r. n, at tb# rtkllMM of i.llbort A. t' k q h> tl? Hah: K#a Bit hop K p. I) I), Mr M. 1 Mar iru a., ol Vt.i < h< ?t#r, lifitad, to lllaa Knlly ('i.rr I A'h?? >. N V t hai IttDciw, I * r* tr br r 4 at tbo Flrat fiarnaa i i? ?' I d h. t?n rhnrrb by th- Hor. t Monahaka, I f I arlra I hrrrr, of l irnai'i*. to Mtaa Ca'harla* Bill Ai 4a rutiM), Itrrrnthrr 4. by the Rav. g. H. I'ley. Mr Jihi HUtrrr to MIm Harah P. Mli, lata ol tiki i, n p ? [a h?k Frarrtrrn al in* fiiltarlaa rhoixb, Rtonktoa r?t |.-in hr. * ht it* H*r R P. Collar, Mr .l?m*a I ok n Mi*a Clara K'l*a kat>#?a, r<uat t of Ralani, a* I At it* ran * t'*i arplan-. Mr ?#orga Chaaa to Mlaa at Ifti* Aa.aaia Sahara ri 4?|ibi. Maa? la .-ai Frrirtrcn. Nmiaitrr SO, Mr. flbloaa to Mlaa fia I If ! *? b ?l#?l?l ID "a i. krat rtaco. al lb* Rat I road Boo**, Dro P. by a. Pr Hnla Mr J a an#* Marahall Daaaaa ta Mtaa Naaey ril| 4 ID bar k'-arrlrro. In* 7, by lb* R*r t. Moaabaka, Mr. t rO?iH k Hi til* in ? at* Art# n* iloc'kaa 1 At -a'i lab# '? 12 by l'.?.o*i>t Rrifbaa Yooag, i ' ?ir Y Mar-, til. to M'ra Rrrtba M Kiaf t AtKatrr n I T s#pt SO, Mr Janaa UlUrarao* to i ra I an l<Dr Ki brtlr I at Hr*ro ?n. f T , Ort S. Mr Clialoa Wit llama to t n V?r" a I'Mln Ir U f I ?'M ct lot of Ortobor, Mr flilbort B (i ?fr? lat a I PR rr I t Tm r V tut 0*. I'm join'o T 'Viloy. roomily ( i b ? l t < b ? Ftal\ k ItaO'Wiiab. of l.tvinga I, I*' 111 \ t * lit' - t (Apt i. Mr 'tonrgo K. Rnurno lo Mlao All I n > l'ink ;i Aitti<i w/wtt, rvo y, by Judge H. ,?r Vr '? b llfi i? M>?? Babatte Rtoeh ! ? Mr * a . Tru>"y ri*?r Vo? yo, Mr John K. II .0 ban " ?**. till* K MM Ijaalo A Martin, of bit J I'?M K *trytr\ > Rot 4. W. H. Willtoao to Reborn* i?M b< ib ? ( \'i? fO'trt r -Ot It?r. 7, Mr Wil'toa Tneaaey, o* Mnotoxa i Titl' Bii ruMj to Wtto A Melrtalo Wtylood, of lit ( 'art rai.t \ . ?. Ui?M> riirob |?r '4, M lb* Ntr Dr AooU, Mr i *i i to b?tt Frain u> *n? Mono Bros, lot* ot Mow iMN It tin Dt. Iif 10 (ipt S> W gooy, lolo of Ntoo n o. m M>r* rtrwi rt* NmU'Io all of that oily * faith'* 4m Kj 1 train ootaty, Not. 11, Mr Wat. J. t i?< Mitr Ma-y A Pat- *ra. Ii Manor f ?ii) I) T. Nwt 14, Mr Abdrow Morpby hta* I t*?brth Or lyre** It tin corny. O. T, Nit U, Mr. R. W. Wllooo lb ? ?Vor1i)o ft Yoiitta t? Mortal. r< rtty, O I, Not. #, Mr. M. B. It I HI 10 >? Amctxo Holt In * ? Fran-boo. two 16, by Juottoo R Oaraaoa, of lib IWlrtrl. Mr laooO Rr?*ri of BhlttOMro. Md , 40 ot Adoi?'?i? rttb*T. forttrriy * Now Ynth lo Moryitili*. too II. Mr 6 W iMhrop to Mro Roto r. n*p *t It Ran yrtrctro ?t rolttry church two IT, by Rot ' RroH, Mr .TanraC (tray, of (trotillo. Obi., to MM mi M. t-abar of < bint In naa Prtrrtpoo, rve >1, ot Rl Mory'n Ottbodrol. by ? R. t ArrM>irhop All*o>toy, Tytor Cnrtta, of Kteb old, Vt, to Ni?? Manorial* -Mrltb, 01 RoH.ft In ?orT*ti mm I>c 1, by tbo Rot Ftihor gitan. Mr tiO A Mi < loy mi i) Mr* Rlloo loaaohaa, (brmorly Of i? Oroni i in p*>aiu. Not. 60, Mr. Robert T. Iroto to M'.m f*w? 19. White. < LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. At M l? CiO-k. dha'ta o^iinijr. Dc?i by If W rlrb, art., Air I ?*rt?sa Comba to M *r aiuatmh Ana Love At MiVAr'i ft.-? fltd, Nov. 1:?. Mr. H. I.. Howell to Ml a Nni i y A /BrniW At bac.rarmto, Nor S7, Mr. Nat Holm a to Mini Kv tb?C Pnntlre. In I'lrrrr rr jrrty, Nov SO, Mr. Wn. T. Bout ward ta> Mon Mailt,* h'r'mn t. In Nevada, S"r. Ml, Mr Kobort H Egbert to Mtoa Eliza MiAnlcy In N> vaAa emery, Nov. SO, Mr. Martin Spnrfcwk tn Ml?? >1 7\ Katcu. Af t'. i an e pl'co Von. 17 K. W. Homo, Kf?j , to M/a. M A IStrrtymi At Dutch (tar Kl rrartocv?aty, Nov II, Mr. E Mortrrn-r t>> Wra I. NhntiUt fn Pfaorrrll'o, Nov 73. Mr J J. Cnllnn t.rMlie iiaboln y#rro Ai Oakwnod Palm, ear Tehwua, Mr. J. H Olark In M>n A ? Hall. At "pHralMd, Nov. 17, Mr. K.'/drrlo Mor.t* to MUa Arnii Vo.rirry. In San Krmrlvr.o Dec it, by thn Hov. Mr Itooabake, Mr itcnry Hvyrn nr Hacr vrr?uto (X>y, to Mlaa MallMe fibre.# pfort, <v tan Fr?rcl*.*t>. In liimviimanlA I Lr^ U 'tta iKa Pi -v LVtka. I'stilrk O'Hotirk' te Mine Ka?en At Fort Mli'er, ('ail'om'a, r>?o 8, 1>??? la Kboti r? it n a, to Mies Mary, daughter or Or j? aeph Felon U it A. In San Krarctaeo Moo IT, ?t Grace .'birch, by (he Hiyht tov Rlrhop Kip, I). D , H. HodgtV. Ksq , to MM Mar} K JHirdy. In Hat i>wrolaoo, Pro 11, by the Kov K ?. I<aoy, Mr. Xllia Holmes to Mlua Augusta Oc8> IIIUTHS. In Han Franrltrn, December ? the lady orT. S. Pobsroy, colter of (Ire (irncmt City //fiM, of a dr.nrhfMr In Han Francisco, Ixoember 6, :iie wtle of fr lohn E. Br)* ye, of a eon ir Haerementn, Becembor 2, t^e wife or Mr Robert Kirk o* a daughter la Han Franolroo, Jvoember I, 'Ac wlfu o( Ttintaaa Purser, t f a daughter In Hhaeta, November 29, the w'fe af Mr. Tick bam, gf a soa In 'bants, IXccrrtbar 1, tho al'e ol :tr (Men, of a soa In .' owoIbvIIIo, December 4, the wl.'o-ef Mr. JohnTroyyman. of neon. At Hmttn'a Ranch, IIov 22. the wife of W W. Hmlth, of a caujjhter. 'n can Francisco, The. 1.1, tl o wtfo cl Br G Malnoh, of a daily I ter In Han Franrlsco, Bee. 7, tho wife of Mr. J. W R <Mm'te, of a mm. In Ha.t Pianclaco, IXc 11, the wife of Hr. B. Bailey, ef a care birr. At Mrryevllle, on the 7th of November, the wtfe af J. H. Crnute, of a son. In Foleotn, Ixc 4, tlie wife of Jamoe Kearney, at a dauyb'tr. At .lobntoa'a Karoh Bear River, Pec. 12, the wtfo at M .1 (tone kite, of a tor. In Harr mento. Moo 1.7, the wife of Hon. B. B Redding, Mayor, tf a sen. MID. In Fan Frsnctece, Pro 2, at his reeldrnee, KMJah F. Morten, aecrt MS jeara at the pi wney Bouse, Rough and Ready, Nov. <10, Mr. ,-niHD tu Sen Franriern, Pec 5 at lfl>? o'clock, Clotilda A., wife of tl o late \VtlHnin Vaillsnt. ot Baltimore. and lata MMcr of tleorgp H Iloauolruea, njed 30 yuara, 1 monia arn reya In ben F'arctaro, p<?. Henry Boiler, Infant aoa of II"Di) B onii Fanny Brook* ac vt 1 year and 2 month*. In ban fYuel>co, Dec u, Sarah Anne, daughter ot Kim anil William Horror In S?? I'rarriico, IVc 7 Infant daughter of K4ward unit tie IBM Saver, at' d 10 daya, being tho tlflh child ilic< in lire landy witnm n few months. All the above rb'Uiei' vrr'O iib'tor ten year* of age At San no go. Mo*. 23, L) til* A., wile of K W Kara*, Keq . aged 2* year* In Simla w unty, Not 22 Hiram Hay, aged 22 yean, formerly of MonmeuWi, llitaole lb l'rn>,o ' lly.l' T (let 4. Harriet M , daughter tl Pomln'cea Carter, aged 1C irvoutha and 7 daya At Wear Joniar nils, U T . Hot. an, Samel A , ana tl Samuel llaien an, arcd V nw'.ilir and *) daya. At HanU City C. T.Oct. 9. derah, wife of Haaard Wllcn*. At Salt lake City, altar a abort tllneno, Jamee Hok, eyed 38 years At bis reetdrnreon I title Cottonwood, Freano county on the 2Mb ot Nor , Mr. T H Brown, aged about 18 yrara In Rar Franc.rco, Doc. to, of consumption Mr Anloadd Velio, a t atiTC ot (ale if Malta aged *;3 y?a r? At ( tileo Btitle Co , lsc 1, U*org? W . sol ol ItanMI aid Mary K. Iiida tl, lu tbe IHUi year of bia age, formerly el Mlr'diebi.ry, Vt In ridgrtit'e. Tnui'y rocnty flee t Ittchard Cnpelaad, formerly of R. ymrt. a oonnry. Mlaa., aged abo it 11 ear*. 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Mrrinerly tbe Kangaroo of nan Praeoiere.) with onlwt l? l leal Torrent, the r Ibcae It. or mrnand to prevent tho tnduar lr< m i#o?trf in ih? r r*fo? dnray tbo n'foi la ihr nort ry. aboot 7orhok IJral stmmnno m?i am heard r>f ih? Trarrllor, and laodtd tbo fmrlf <** tbo br*ob. 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Clark aad Tradail aad n oloarad tba way with a dterharya or oaartatar Tba eMp mam ipml npaa tbna attb rtapa wttb jrati rfTo-oa?tba Tiara Bar praaadiaf har attb dtarhaoyoe Trara a bowftaar After aaaMng flra to tbo aooaMpataaa aad daatraytag all tba rarora but tboaa oa 4bora, tba party maraad oa hoard a'tb a loan of oa* kUlod aad 00* woaadad. Tbo abtp roaltnnod to Ira at latermb Hiring tba day. fa tbo a?*at?g tba aaaa party, tegatbar with tblrd Mbtut ragtaaar Road aad taaatar'a Moora, 10aria a noaoad laadtny to doatroy ibr mar>*a, wh ,rh u,,T ,nrr**4 nadar a bnt tea, aad ralorard to tbo abtp Tbo iom of tbo fadtaao wan twoaty ??oa klllo-i aad ttroaty naa anoadal. among tba latter >o? chief Tbo? bare ainoo ooaa to tarov, aad art nog