Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 16, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7443. AKKIVAL UK THE tlVltv* TWO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Another Proposition for Santa Anna to Establish a Spanish Xonarrhy in Mexico. 1H? SWISS UP NLUSSIA9 DIFFICULTY* CONTINUED MILITARY ENTHUSIASM IN SWITZERLAND. The Way the Bolgrad Imbroglio will be Arranged. THE PARIS MONEY MARKET. Ac., to., to. The aUamahip F.mea, CapUtn iuiall, which !elt Havro on the 29th or December, arrived nt this port tut evening. The newi from England is one day and that rrora the continent or Europe two da; a later than our advices reDelved by the At la Aooordlrg to one of the ministerial pipers or Madrid, Df 24th of December, General Santa Anna, of Mexirj, hat UM agtnts to Madrid to propose to re eitabluh monarchy in Mai :o,u,tth a Spanish prince at sovereign, provided the "Bpaalah government will grant him oertaln aaaistance. The Bpoca opposes any auch project, unleaa It be freely demanded by pnbllo opinion In Mexloo and have the support of England and France. G'olte nam's Messenger, of Par In. or 28th of December contains the following news summary:? The liberty of the pr?ss bat just achieved a triumph in Sweden The (our Chambers of the Diet have unanimously rejected a bill or last session, which erases trom the oonatttutlon and plaoes In the rank of ordinary laws that which guarantees the liberty of the preei. la the Chamber of Nobles, one of the ministers, (M. de Orippen mulo a-ort (,< *1 MUK7 fc.- pro?->utlO? M6 OIJI, saying, "Ministers are men. and as -su jh are liable to com B>lt error*." Tbe rejection took place almoet without eitcuiaion, In tbe Chamber of the Clergy and ol tbe Hour geotie In the Chamber or Poa rants fifty members (poke agataat the meaaare The last speaker, In concluding, aald ?"The liberty of the prees is tlio tongue of the nation, and tbe wish now la to cut It out Will you allow that to be done' " "Not no! a thousand time* no! God preserve u> from It!" was the cry of all the others. The Emperor and the Empress honored the Odeon wtth their pretence the night of the 23th of December, to witness tho representation of the "Old" and "Madame de Monterey.'' Their majesties,Jon entering.tho house, were moet warmly received. Count de Morney, whose return to Pnrls baa bean announced lor the end of the preeent month, will not," says tbe affMtt'Kliotmel, "arrive until towards the end of January " It la atalsd la a Parle letter In the /.'mancipation ot Brussels, that the French government has sent a oertata number of pardons to po.ltlcal offenders In French Guiana. Affairs In Spain. TBS GirsBN AND TBI CHURCH? POSITION OF OKNBRAL NAKVAKZ. Our Dies rrom Madrid are oated to the 24th of December. ?.? i.-kki.i.nni ?r ViiMnii and Granadt had aent ad -drtasea to toe V|ueen, thanking her Cor what aha bu done for Urn obnrcn, and exhorting oar mnieetf to continue "tha glononn eatcrprtaa of talholic emancipation la Spaa." II la and that the government baa reaolved on forming a naval r lusdron tn tee Mediterranean, constating of the Isabella li , athlp of the line a frigate and a brig [From the I'aila OonaUiutloanei. bee 27.J Our oorrrapondenne fro? Madrid beoomoa daily oaon favotnb e with reaped to lb' condition of Spain. Donb leas manr lotrlfoeo are being enrrtei on either agaiml lb*miaiet'ji w the throne, hut they langnlab la laoiatioi and tn lmpt*ncr. Toe gnternmenl bacomea image and stronger because It attracia to tta aido the tmineaer majority of cil scna, who nrltber wish to return lo thi abaats or the eld rule, nor to truit thcmselvet to a com mualat r? pabiio. It la. In lact. between those e it rem as tbat the miuisirjr ot Marehal Narvaaz la plaoei. aod It la trodocee into Its oonduct a* mnoi pradeaoe and modern tlon M pcraereraBco and rue*g? II is neoaeaarv co 01 en our guard against ibu maaa of com* eoadeuo* which (ilia Ik* journals of Karope, anil which la concoct 3d in lb ^ revolotp.rery circle* of Madrii la* authors of ibis cmrraspordence tave a political Interest, wbtoh *? com prebend. In tnatltllng a bel'e* that Ibe cabinet presided y Mar.hai Narva*a, la Cotlinel to an early fa'l, an I tbat it will bo fatally replace! by an aitntaiatraltoa entirety teroied to the abn no coterie* Tbia is a mean* of alarming the country a>- to tba Intention-, of tbe court, and of oncioragtec an larorahle *. > the preitctn ol the revolution Tba fotora will prove, we hop#, Ibe fala ty o' these nrnrt and ct.-roe poadetce. A trial will, moreover, .abort!/ display tba actnai niaroaitiona of tbe dpaolib nation Tae mum:,palelect on* are about to take place, and la orderia/ them Marrbai Narvati baa otrtalaly wtabed to baitan tie no eat wb. be may proceed, aatmonl danger for the re? pe?e el thy country, to tba general t lerttoae. H? la par ?e*tly rvanieed od awamotinr nothing |m;radtm'iy ccmnrotnite ?octal order, but be la equally determined on telab lahing the cmaututtoaal monarchy oa the aafHI b??o?that of natloeal representation ? aa aoia aa It la poaelhla I p to thla moment the etep* taken by blm hare obtained tbe approbation or the oonptry, an l hate bona propitious fruita, for It la impoaaibla to deny tbat Ipntn tea retard her head einoe tbe confidence of tba Juoen baa vtared him at tba bead of affairs Thus the wo catablhbmenl of tba octroi duties, ae foollahljr suppressed by tbe ooosumeat assembly, will naturally Improve the attention of tbe Ireaeary. We boilers that warebai Narvacz, In malntalalng bis present policy, will avoeead In healing tbe wooed* of *pnia, sad la aaanrlag tbe rtpoee at.4 proeparity of our old ally. TbelwlM anrl PraiMlan War aaeaflen.!WIIIlaiy Knthaaalaain lai the Kepaabllc. The K.ejch papers are Oiled wna tba detaita of tba dtff. rt tree with Mwffterland. Tba 'allowing la tbe lataet dee patch pnbllabad ? Bwuta, Dec 'if, ilM. The Hwiil Dttl baa motived from tbe Empetor Napoleon a pr .poettlon lor aa arrangement. I'opnlar tathustaam id increasing oa all side*. Tba wbole Pwlaa Union la organistd militarily ror tbe <dr'eeoo ol the national territory. An tpp*al baa barb made to tbe Bwla* women lor Ui# orgaalzauoa of ambulamert tor tbe care of tbe wounded. (t*crn f-allgnnm* Mreaenger, Dm 21 | Wetsrtiionrd yesterday that tbe caeton ol /end had offered )* bai tali one oter aad above its ordinary emtio gen'. Mw.lar offort have neaa made to tba federal go. vemmeri from *11 tb*o?h*r o?nto?i. Perwif-oaa ant paaapoita bars l*-aeverywhere refused to tbooo whoaro .labI* to be called nedtr arnae. and lie greatest acttvily la everywbi ra d (played la order to complete tbe war material la (be eiMoaia In several raa'ona tbe students bar* or|aniz>dlb<maelvHlato academic legloao. aad placed iheaaar'vc* at tbe dkpneal cf Ibe military authorities Tbe en n'l tnnbnta aie tqialla foil of aathoeaea ror lb* com men oaeae and preps'* d for every *a< ndce it la sai l that ia Ibe canton & N*ufeha'*l the royaliatt of dlflereet local.Hi* an 1 In partcnlar of tbe I-agno, btve Uk?a rtfoge to lb* nno.her of 200, In France Tbe 1 tnaaaae Gtxmu tl*U' thai sneh of thtm aa belong to lb* federal my wit. be ootaWcred a* deaert ra if the* do not come rot war. nt.a call* i on. Tbe Suim* and ibe flood n '.ounce ihtt all the line of ibe Rhine from Hate to C >o ttande la at th.a moment foil of .bo troopa of tbe ooefedwrat ot. !t was rum red at Berae. on tbe 201, thai tha Bariea govMiiment baa glvn perm'wlon for ma p*?*a;e ot tbe Prt.a?tan army tbr*>"|h tit territory. The N'.ml of the 24.h a*) t>-Too Cruaotl of War, composed of tuperlor otll- -ra of lee el*T, wbtcb wee eummocrd ca Monday it (Was, baa already cnranr.aaced II* ft'llb uttlwi*, althv<tn not yet Oump'atr. foe federal ii ibete** y vph .a aeuplln . ev.ry nicnir o t-t fen Irr tt* telegraph ea uytul end aa ext nd*d aa pj tiit'.c d<ir*cg the * )pr ,? t i trg military o era'lona. a* Ibr mco?y to o* ry <>j tha wvr ih? < or ie allott it id teot no utot .vtaa, be It baa atctlniKt ahmlauoe of It. Ii ha* already rcr tynd o n muniratloaa frem Parla eeklrg whether. In Ih* ereut of -.,^1. nilnaa 11 w.inlrl aland In Hue I o. Ill' "i . vrriuur ?r ? Snerro* beaeeri hxvo olreoap corns to 0*3* to otir x leeo Tho Pederel Owojii hxi cmrok*i flow let aion to prepxre propstltieni to be oubraue-l to iftr Ped*r?l 4*l?aiMy. iHna*, (t.w 84,) Correepoodeaoo of !V1i r,mm | tM m. nery pttporatlJO* of Hollxerlood ei.nm. ox mpoitonre re. exrxed'og oil that wax teen ia it ?<tl UdT TP# popoier dtmonxtrxttooe do not ottow td? oltebUM oonot to 00 entoeteod of the uaooioatty of too ootloox. rent tn< lit The centooel loreromsnte on i p-i vote too ?iioa'? ele wttb ??cb oibor la entbaeUun stJ eeorherf; eo<i the Federal 0 wocll received every Jap 101 moot letinortorp Mourooc-i of dovHeleeee, 00ctin ?xomo by oilero of eorvtc4 ood of -nm*f bere oro 01 lite prMont time olrex'T Ift.hOO mei ocbeloee.1 oj ti e line of Beeio RnelorelJ'n Koxitl. ond w irony f" 1 Rootnfc'deo to .%rh* Thxuetv The voflxn Cymneit-e lootollM of Pot'ierlutd bore oil of lend ih'.r orriofo, *o t to eonie 'ntmilm Of ftrra tup o ; i;i Ditolxro lota 0 ipoc ?l orpo tt ? AimtotAd liiet tturs wn'ilrt (box be rtx.'y 0 b >dy t t "-nO y xjnj men ?< <* >raed to every kit d of bodily extmlie. ood " potoie 01 irodortof tba pmeteet eervi<* to tb.-tr coeo 'rp. If o? t'se i?b?.o?, ofheopf J' *T?ry rank, fpeo.l from m IHorp nriM. titer tb?mt?lre? Ijr nop du p Idol nity bo irq urtd; od<) in oil. t?e? tbetr oilorx or* xt oa*< oeooptod Aacordlnp to the r.jderol conoijlmiM, tbi nommetlsn of the Oenerei !o Chief 0111 of lb? head o lb' M?fl heionp* to tho federal Aetembly. II if, boooxer ooivereaily baitevod UoiBea. Dafaur wUl b? appomtc I ewi be boo 1 r.ved hero to x ;?erlBtea I ood dire t th< fcl'lUrp pr?i xfotiooi Tfc'i foflowtoy oro toot of tbl onponor ofboero of the fe-lwe foil ? wkmnMhder 10 cote! E NE or the engineer*, Got Booh wilder; oommander la ohter of the artillery, Ool. Feaeher; oommander in chief of the field train. Lieut. Colonel Wuratemberg; commander In oblet of the wagon train, Major Fornaro; auditor-n ohler, Gaaaenbacb; oommlwary in ohief, Abya; phyeiolan loci ier, Dr. Flugel; veterinary aurgeon tn ablef, Need'. About 1,000 offloern, aub oflloera and soldier* or the Menfchatel mountain* bare sent en add row to tbe federal government, In which they olaim, a* a faror, to be placed in tbe advanoed guard, lr an engagoment ahoold t*ko place with the Prnaaiana. The Federal Council ha* referred tbla application to tbe mlburj department A rtDort la cenerallr current here that the federal tovern meat bu contracted a very considerable loan, tho am >unt being stated as high w SO million*, ma It it ?*)d Uutt two London banking houses hare engaged to place tbegrnateat part or It. Tbe Bank ard Bandeli JMlNM, cf Berlin, of tho 34th n t, tay?:?It 1* rumored here In well Informed otrolec tt at the question of Neafchatel will be arrangod by a conference, independent of that or Parle, and meoting at Vi nna or london, and that Switzerland will be alinlitod to tt. We may add that this rdmor la widely disaomi nated at Vienna H la alleged tbat General I) of our ha written another letter to the Km per or Napoleon, propot Ug the decltlon or Kuropo on the question. 7ae General, It it aald, aaaerta thai It Is not yet too late for negrtla rocs, and that the Federal Council could not oodc bit >ro, becau. c it waa not treated with what It coustdered proper reepect. Bo further lays that Prussia has not givoa positive asiuranco aa to what abo wnutl do with reapjot 10 Neu'cbatel, even If tbe pr toners were aet at lioerty. lastly, ho atya tbat Switaerlaad ia quite ready to abide by a luroptan decision. How the Uolgrad Difficulty la to he Arranged. (Pari* (Dec-31) Correspondent of I.s Nor I j I am bappy to be able to prove to you how wet! launl cd wt ro tbe hopea I had espreaaed relative to a aadsiac lory arrangement of the Besaarablan ' froutter quosiian. It appears n new line of frontier has now been ceUoitely arrrangsd. Bolgrad will be Incorporated with Moldavia; tbo Isle of ?erpccta and the Delta o' the Danube will oe long to Turkey, and Russia wtP receive in evnbange, and an an oltlctal compeeratlon for this last concession and as a real equivalent for Bolgrad. a territory of 140 square ratlee, whlcb would advance her territory to the aecind Yalpuk, and would easily permit nor lo establish a oentral administration for hor Bulgarian population (u tbia manner all parties will be satisfied: Rustia w II loeie cone of her Bulgarian aube.-ts: Kagiand aud Austria will no longer fear tor tbe Dtuubo, ?u1 Turkey will be equally satisaed it aipears mat tbe honor of ton arrangement la damn the Emperor Napoleon, who first conceived the Idea and has got it accepted, In principle at least, by all parties. The repieronUtivoa of P.ossla have likewise approved, an ) hive demaooed, by teleirapb, the ratification from their-court At soon at this answer aball arrive, and perhaps it has amvelby tbla lime, notbtng will oppose the meeting ol lb e couth renre. Wltb respect to tbe plenlpo en'lariea, I may allirm that Buttla will be represemed In tbe aonfereoces by the Baron de Rrnnnow, tn addition to Count Kisteleft, at drat plenipotentiary. A Vienna letter In the Harts Dtixits of the -Tth alt , rsyi:? lam able to Inlorm you mat final instructions bsve cow been despatched from the government he'o to our Ambassador at Paris, relative to the oonierenees. It Isesidto have been agreed amongst tbe Power#. tbat the sittings aball not exceed four in number. The only two qoeettons that will be discussed?that of Rolgrad and of the Ielo of Serpents?will be decide!, a> already mentioned, either for or against Ratals by tbe majority of plenipotentiaries present. Trie opposition of England and Austria. In accord wltb Turkey, against the union of the Hanublan principalities remataa uosnskeu Never will any power wrest concession* on (his subject fiom Aotuia. Her great commercial and poll deal tutor esta will be conttautly rpposed to all tbo flretmi of tba union of tbeae two oonnir'ei. This queation cannot even form tbe object of deliberations In too Congress, and tf ibr eventnality of tbe annexation should ba by chance raised, tbe Austrian plenipotentiary has been enjoined to withdraw rather than to loralsh by bis presence any pre text for tbo Introduction of tba disouss'on of that question tn one of the fonr sittings of tbe Congress Honey Market. PaRu Boi'Rsb, Dec i"?Two o'piocic P M ? Toe uwkut bu bun dull end prices looking downward, although the Ecgltah Contola arrived wl'b a lurtbor advance of %. t hi been annoucccd (bat the negotiation* between lb* Credit MobUter and tbe 8oatetjr Caley St. Paul bar* been br ken ell. Tbrcea were done at from 08'. 80c. to ear 70c ; Mobilllor from 1,1151 to l.lifbf. Railway abarea without any alteratioaa of lmpo-tance n*t r t'AvT7uR*a ?Tbe market continued heavy to the cloee, when tbo following ware the laet quotation*:? Calk. J. c. End of the Monti IX per cent* 91 90 ?/. ?c " p.r ecu:* M 80 00 70 The Cold Term. TDk FKBftJEk?101 AMD DBTBbTlOK OF TKATKL. 7b# li rrtea continue to be greatly obetruoted by tbe lea in tne rtrera, and people who do bnatneaa In tbl? etty ana live on the oppcalteaborea areaertouily incommoded Ibereby. Tbe FulUn ferry auOera the ieaat, aa tbe tide at 'b.a part ol tbe river la very atrocg, aweeplog as It do** aroond a curve, and kaepa tbe of anael tolerably clear. Tbe Hamilton lerry boat* ran but rarely, while tbe South >nd Walt atreet are greatly Impeded. Tba Peek slip boat* to WL'.iamanuig have stopped for houra at a time, and tbe Jackaoa ami ftrry bcata are laid up. TbaUrand ?treet erry, however, attlt runa reyularly. Tbe Noitb r ver boa! a have bad but ll'Ua detention I Tbe ptiot boat (leorge Stews report* aoelng tba atnptd buoy oil the mouth of Uodaey'a Channel, twenty Ave it lit 8. 8. F. of Fire Island Tbe acbooner Chlof, from Virginia, bo and to Falrhnveo, with a cargo of oyatera, went aanore at Bquan Beach en Mcnday eight Int. A contract wa* made with the oaptela on Tn'sf ay mrrnlnr, by Xeeari Herbert and Tien ml, wruaera, and on Wedneaday morntag abe wa* bore off, and proceeded ?a her voyage. BALT1MOR1 BLOCKADED WITH ICK. Tbe barbor or Baltimore 'a entirety closed with to*. The Baltimore muriate ere catling upon the Council* to take some prompt mean ree for opening It, aa tba loaaea to tbe bujlrets of tbe city greatly exceed tne cost of tbe mi ana cecereary to keeping tbe port oprn at all aeasona. Tbo Ha'tlmore commercial * pit it la something Ilka that of IT ladclpbta, very alow to mors, and watting till tba evil ] to be dreaded la aotuady upon it, before U wilt take the | ropt r rrrana io prevent un m?<Nii? n an iun uumDim of i'hlladr Iphla were at alow a? It* commeroe, it woc'd rot be the rich and prosperous city that II la.? PhilacUfjhis Mger, Jan. 15. Iht Muider at Jamaica. The name of the man murdered aoar Jamaica oa Monday evening, la Carmea. Hta father fienja m'n Carman, ret idee m Brooklyn. Tba ollitena of the villain and neighborhood appear to ha la a great state of oietumnt, and are maktag ail pooa'.hlo esertloua to ap prtbrad the go Illy party. Yea tor day four or flvo parrot a ware arretted cn aotptcloc, but, aa not the loaat avl Jar ca eculd bo brought ?gt.u:it thein they were permitted to go at largo. The c ub with abiob the dead bti evidently been com it I Me a and which wan clotted with blcod, 'a guppciad to bavt beta wptit from aa oak plank A cumber of oek clank have recently been atolea from a Umber yard In lb# village aad ir<nt pervtn* ar? of eplsloo that I.' tba thieve* are dt<covrr<d, aod th? plaak f^uod, ibny may bo ablo t* obtain tome traoe of tbo nir ferer. With tbta okiart In view the o'timoa wvra pi i arc* to avery t mien la iht piaae Titrate bardiy a donbt bnt that It waa a nv.*t a'root ,o? murder. Tba face of the victim waa ao mn-b dliflgnm.i that b. meat loilmait aoqualatancna eonid act IJnoiIfy blm but lor the clothing ba wore. Blood wai tracel from Dcaaa'a aoraery to the victalty of the fatt loll gate whore tbe body waa found, a dtatanoa of about bolf a mi'e. Soma of tbo aeigkbora are of tba cptolon that the murderer jawnod latithe wagon aid d vlt tbo blow without flopping the boreee aad taat Car maa fall cat mto Uio road. Tbo keeper 01 tbo want toll gate raw the tram go through In the erralag but cannot rrroltee! wfceibar tbe-e waa ouo or two man o the wagon; batthlnka be would bave.noiiecd if ibere h?d been two peraoca. The body waa round la tho vldntiy or the mat gate. It It al-ojreporUd that a wagon followed Carman a vngoa eaat of Jamaica If th a W j? and It can be aaeor I.ioed who drone the wagn 1 >m * worn prawn nno l?r? trey be obtained. ?ajmtn It kiwi to bare bad one or two chocks on one of the Biooklyn lUnka. u< $.0. A mwieOfctir w*? #?< ye leidey ion elite's whetter the cbee*? bod be n drawn by Tarmao or any onee're. Th" r'gbt pxibet M bin penuk> wa? iitfefnd ?B1 If ba drew Us* money It a enpp?aed habtd It )? ibat prckct. Tbi ?nm of eowtt ?<A wai i-^uaJ In tba rrrt prekdt un'cmnhsd, not In e? oiUide f ccket aa be?cto'T# italed; and mime cha"gr w?t lauot in tba ] ickrta of b>a II be wet aoto* i# murdered, the murfereia mutt h?r# eati.tflej With ah it they leek from the right peott'oona pocket, or d.a'ite'i from iUa elimination for fanr of detoction do na w -ek* to an aged gent<em*n named rtimotain waa etttakeJ rear tba time plane aad atunnad by a blow, a ft or wV-h ba waa rabbed; and about n year ago a amn nam I Jerkwa wan attarked wh 'e drirlng nl tig w.ih team, on the Merrtak plank road, nbonl a nil* fiow ibi< rpot Tba fallow took bold of tba bona* rain* and point e<i a pwiol at 1 eckaow. at tho at no Una demard ag hl? money Ha aa*wared ibai ha had a a mora ibaa a Utile change and ba m'gbt harattai at lb* itma I'm* elyly drawing bta |rokatbonk from bla pocket aad drop^ng I la iba wMon. Tba robber waa tattaflad with tba obiugi and daphrttd Superior Court, Be'bra Hon Juige Hoe worth | Jar V rayrt* m tf|tlia>n ff-dttu'f ?tb waa an eetma brought to recoeer a certain oertidrat g'*n'rd to the pU'.atin by tba Peoretary ol tba lalerlo , uadrr an act ol Ongrnte lor a pennon to tba p.aia I I of $100 for oannat, ??< I" roooror damofoa u* 'ho it' trm'OB Ibirrof?the liofoidttt b*Tlf|? t>?i? il'T ?r I po4?t?rt tbooilorao; f .r too plaintiff f?* llo per, > : > UTWHTlPf IhO pwi?*0 ?>r ** 1 *'l Of ^owgrHMi, Mi l BfH ?uvn for plaintiff TP? lUfenlant employ#* J ?#?*? 8. R 'i > w*?, ?h? pr?winr*t * l-l ?tn?#on?i, *"<1 w th ?hoai Ui > plaintiff l*r?ib? onrttfleaU wi*?i 'T Mr the rvhjm .nl' , Rldf wnf ud the ffofrndant for tUo mcaoja r*'*l') , Uirm la the m?n?r ?nJ lor tho *et 1 ft tv<8M?ma ? u a iawjer h aoi ippior on "a f- Jraoo ll .i tUo ?rt > Brat" war 'B the po#'"ff 'a rt- d !>e '*a\ ?? * f ? ' ' iwcotoptvnt **' ^amlfWfl W. _ - __ Y O MORNING EDITION?FRID THE LATKSk NEWS. BY PAINTING AND MAGNETIC TEl^GAjPHI. HIGHLY IMPORTANT PROM NICARAGUA. [ The Costa Ricans in Possession of the San Juan River. * DEFEAT OF THE ALLIES BY GEY. nEMYIIGSEY * a An., Ac.. Ac pi N?w o*l?*i?h, Jan. 16,1867 TUo steaniib'p Teai, from S*n Jam, Nicaragua, hu ^ arr'.vtd be'ow thin city. W b The Puraer report* teat the Costa Kioana, prolojteJ by | the EnglUh flcot, bad teleed every iteamboat on the San M Juan river. tl The ateamor San Carlo* left Vlrgla Bay with passengers on lbe th'rd or January, but was captured by tho Ooeta ^ Kloana toon alter she got into the river. Col. L'ckrUlge, with '160 men, bad poaaeaaion o! Punt* o Arenas, but the Coata Rican force ot 1,(00 men bald jj every other point on tbe river. < It la conOrmed tbat Gen. Beunlngaen hal beaten the alllea at Granada, and joined Walker at Rtvaa. Walker's army la repreaented to have been In good * aplilta, and never more confident of auooeaa, while the d allies were lighting among tbemaelvea. Tbe atcamabip James Adger, with tbe paaaengcrs which she took from the Teuneasee at Norfolk, arm ed at n San Juan on tbe Bth lost, but In conaequencc of the dir- J flcultles on tbe Trnnalt route, she sailed next morning for VI Aspinwall, to forward bar passergtrs by (be Panama route. Tbe Jamea Adger would return to Punta Arenas, |J acd will be due in New York about tbe 1i:M tost. 0 b ? Interesting from Washington P THI REVOLUTIONARY OKFIOKE8 BILL KILLKD?THE 1 PROPOSED STEAM BO?T LAW?TARIFF ESTIMATES V CALLED FOR?PROO HESS Or INVESTIGATING COM- ? MlWkV liTf Washibotos, Jaa. 15,1b<>7. the Senate virtually killed Ik# Revolutionary Ofllcera n bill to day. Auy anion lsnent would ham been fatal th e * tuaion, but the ameii-Jmente made were evidently do- n signed by the mover* to orueb it. Mr liale'i aniand- r< meet, propoalsg a redemption of the Continental money " with wblcb the Revolutionary soldier* were |>al<l, Is ah- ?, surd. Whoa or bow could this bo deue? Where ts ?| that Continental money, and wbo owns t The bill Is f> dead. J' Mr. Seward reported a bill providing Tor tbe better se- e curlty of vessels propelled by steam, following tbe sug- * gestions of tbe Kogineer tn-Cblef of the Navy, as given 'v la one or my despeiohea]'sst week. Tbe committee tn it tbe Bouse wtll amend thin bill, I undeistand, by adding 11 a section requiring tbe use or Recdler's tafety velreon all ? high piesinre psetecger boats a Mr. Pugb'e resolution wen adopted, calling on tbe 3e ' orttary of tbe Treasury to report bow muoh tbe annual 'J income world be reduced la eaob ca?e by remlttiag one fifth, one fourth and one tbtrd of tbe present tariff dutlee. *' This resolution looks to tbe discussion of the tariff bill, ' wbicb is now oooupylng tbe attention of tbe House to the \ exclusion of almost every thing else. Tbls bill Is now tbs 1 "order" In tbe Committee or the Whole, and e number j of speeches have been delivered without the first refer- \ enoe being mode to Ike enbjesf. Mr. Stanton made a I laudable effort to arrest tbts reoklase watts of time, but { waa overruled; therefore you msy expect but )UUe buai- ( HfM Hfina Mr Kuttt'a BMiAh tA riav vi ?*iUH th? Alt An. B ilou of oil parttea, ud la diluent* g um aUrary quaetton fallowed ao beat to pa tba II ?u original, clinical, and to the point. Tha difficulty batwcan Mnsri. Campbell and Rati waa amicably ttuiad ontba floor to day by mutual eiplanatloot. Mr. Chapman, of Nibraaka, nucceeded In reporting a bill appropriating one hundred and forty thou*%nd dollar* for a military road from tba Routt Pan ol the Rocky Mountain* to California, with a fair proapcct for It* linage. Mr. PI men ten w a* before tha laraattgaUag Committee to day, and waa carried through a tcoroblng examlna tloa Be aneworad promptly all queatlooa to the calire (alia action of tboc mmltlca. 1 could aol loarn the purport of tbe tntimony. Mooaro. Webb, Weed aad A*hmun will be called to morrow. I noticed In the ball to day a aoo of Hornet Caramally, hi other to the retghltig tUahaw during oar war with Trl io I lh*n I*tli J! one or Jaikaon'a Ceblasl, ?w \ aiao uron tbo fl>or. Mr .Campbell, tfOhlo, will 100a brlag la a bill propovngan ah* 1H1 on or our r.avy. It >1 row dealgoe 1 (o preae tbo oonoi Jorttloo or tbo Set-marl; o Tel'g'apb bill neat Tneeday In the Honate 1 TLcrauoi.a partha Interested la ocean mall aieamera t faring baJ a bearing before the Hooae Committee on d Prrt offlio bare left thr city. , Gen. Caiaorca, Senator elect from roaaaylvania, arrtr t ? tl tbia area lag. H la underatood that Meaara. Antboa r J. Bleacher end William Wbeeler, wbo are applying to Congrtaa Tor the tataldtbmeat of a line of Oral ctaaa ateamora gown the weal roaat of Sooth America?ibe former baring preatnv ad a memorial which waa favorably anted oa by tbe " Cemm'tteo on foal Oflloea aad Port Koala. ao<l the tatter " iM'ir| pnitliH l ?imi ar oiiimtii! unwu na-uiTi amalgamated. tad oow rapreaaat bat osa oompaay 1 IIIRTV-KOt-'KTH COIORKSI. MCOKD UB9t.)K. tail*. WAtnrgroy. Ju 14, IW. raorKTio r*o* fiat oa noxao n>?m?otT*. Mr Frwaa?. orN Y ,'rom tba Committee ooOoaimarca, f rapcrted * bill for tha protect on of ateemboatt Irons dai" tiro or deatrocttca by flf? A mug otbar tb oge It pro- f etdee that all woodwork aball ba rtmorad a carta's dia lanoa fr-.m tba Turrsra aaJ Haas tha. flrorooai* tad pea aagaa ta bo protected with Ira*, aad la tba araat of lire, tba i iBialo ba estingu'fbed by ateam appltaacae, to ba woiktd by macbioory oatalie of the Bra room?Uia act ' to take tfftcl roe ytar after Ita pataoga. ra* Ta?UF?rait rot tottturs* I tmmcticaof Mr. Prm, (dam ) of "Ola, a raaoiatiaa wea adopird, raqnfttiag tba Secretary of tba Traaaory to inform tba Kaaata what woald ba tba aaaaal laoomeof tha lorrrtm-nl, accoruiag to aoch cat'maiaa aa ha may f to ab'.e to nuka if one-flftb of tba duties oa a i-,h In \ for?/ii arucica imiwuw ?/ ? ...i/, . ho 1 iw n ?.HHd . wtot if ino fiuith ihvii i be reo?il c ' it' what il oa? third aboild be remitted. mioitviWiM < *?m accorar* the eeuirei the coaiidaratoa of th* Ho <e bi t pre-v' Irg for the feltleinejt of tae oU? nsi of alio >r? of \h* HaTtm*!* ary aimy Mr. >nan??, of Cioo . earreilljr ifppor'ed the "fW'if. ru'tir In a atioig iiabt uii ??tv >n? an t ,.,i <? of lhr?? *ho iwrrllleo thai/Mtm'a tha airugg a, argutug that 'n fonteROf nc?of tba dapreciat'.aa of the value of iba In wh'rh they w*re paid, they were luat'y ad lit'eo to the eooatderatlon of rottg>ee* Mr Pf <m < H?r?1 aa aiaiadmrnt, airfklng out the Prat i aad trcoof aentlobB and tnwrtlng, ? There ih.H be pal I 1 to ?acb of the aurrtriBf aoldtera "i?bn ad by Hi 1 ro'oiat on of Coeareea of tba fS>l March, |*hi, tba dltforena 1 bitwraa tba amooala ejvaided 'a the rertweva laaun > ta I n oader Ibe Imrtt of laid reeoluilaa, and tba ram of tba? aid oertia<-au a u xiojr at lha lima tba/ war ' leaned aad reoaW'd. ? At noted, by a rota of aa afafnat 21. Mr. Tooatu, at (ta , latntrad of Mr. I tab whether tha latltr ru am lateraatad la tba bin, and thereby dlinJi Httad from voting opoa ft Mr. Ften, ofN V, replied thai ha wad aaal bora by ibe Plate of Near York, aad bad a right nader tba coaatr tut on to vote aa Her reprtaontaUve an any bill before | Congrrr* Ha wculi Hate to tba Senator froaafteorgta, r bnwtvae, Ibal lri>mncb *? ha had rala?d tba loratioa. ha aeuid ha tatllle.i ta raoelta 'omathing under ?hi? Wit, If 1 It 'bnald fir* tint mat In no caae ahould a oeat af the , 1 menfy wbwh ba wan'd ricatra ga into hu oara pwkat 1 He aoald divert bimtelf af all lelereat latha matt if, ea t 1 I if aire arMHtar arm a./bt cae in Vi? to tba repra?enia1 l<rr* < f the NdW Varh ' *0 aim earaed in ma *evo'"tioa ar? ??r. 'o .h'>T ?a pro-n h?a baen-nede 1 a Ifr of M'r.b r?ld that when drat tba b"l w?e to ? troeecer he ftvtfndM, hut the tarettigaiioa wb'rh <1 ha 1 7 t?fctO?e fa''led bw? thatlt raid impripaf He dWuld * mere'are ?->?? eya'eat the whole nl H, na ea< n iltaa be I nadarad w aoidieri aa watl ta amea?a 1 Th<?a debate upon ot '?? . ai?nrlti?at? mttli out '?.rg 'i-v'f'1 ?? '" iiu', tr.a Jaa?w ??J'"road j RK E AY, JANUARY 16, 1857. House ?f KfpmrntntlrM.

WAHHioorow, Jon. 16, MST. MARWO RKinsW. Mr. I'gLtoir, of N. V., pre*?oted moMVtel froa fw? luoorea sbipownuu, merohosu ant pttott of Now York, eoommoadlng the potoege cf "Kogoro' Merloe Stgnol" >111 j PA-ViUI Oh TBI BMW POIITAOK OKI.. tbo Home puted the Senate Ml, w.tb ameadaeatt, , 'lot I re to foreign oo>a?. It provide* thai quarter, eighth j Dd ekxteenih <"ol!?r piece* *h?ll bo rosetTed by the fede , it Ofi'lctr* at twentv Inn >d<< dire ne-jt* hilt no', aeain . kid out. The new eeil 10 conaist ol eigbtyoi|bt parti >pper tad octal. tad the co-rtage of balf coot lectt to ce<tc tut iirncvir/ hktwmw cam maw. a?o riist. Mr CaiiciittL, ol Ohio, rltlDf to t quoatlM of prirtlego i.J ho undertint d t remark mane l>/ aim ou Tuesday as considered by Mr Rust as Insulting to the totter, ir. (snipoel! thought U duo to htm to try mot it wm uo is Intention to insult or oaat any imputation ott the goo omen, acd ho now dumyowod any *uob laeiga Mr Hot, o Ark., remarket at that time he'wtemtooi Ir Cbmp itfli'e d beienlly, Iwt was now satiated with ie diievoweioi that gemieman. a wauoji *oa1) f rom thr tooth 1'4;w to oam.?oi?.vu. Mr Cbai'Mar, ol Nebraska, introduced abut (or the !Ui?t:uction of a wagon rosd iron the itouth Pass In the orky Mountains, in Nebraska Territory, via Ureal Si t eke Val ay, to Honey I*ko VWtov, ou ihe eastern poren of lbs eilato of California; and I'ortli i establishment n 1 military posis theicon. and making further aprro.rrlt d on lor ibe completion of the rorriwrial rovl iin* ill ( roc cm o) coruiruo-loB from oppoauel nine,' Blubs, lo#?, ) new Foil Kearney h rmSAtTTI KOR AlWSVmW Ji Mr. Ssuti, ol leun . from the M leage Committee, re- fi ort?d a btii mortaring tbe penalty ol the voluntary ab li nice of r. eat bom ot tbe Uoute ma*my a aeduot on of b 15 a day from ibeir compensation wheihor a sandav i ay or more; exception to do inude a cuj 01 the licit ti tie o' meuih?<a or of Ibt lr runlllM THl TAtlVK?VIBWK <)? A Sin IIIIR1 NW)l VIDSIfl (] Tb? H uie w*?it into committee on the lirttt Out. r Mr, Kkict, (cem ) of 8 0., Bald he wa* oppotmi to ail li oo llxiS 10 m??iur-t of tbU kldd, baoAiWre thojr would T FLter Duvmrjr, to ttie oxteot of tin exemption*, ad t tttonai <iutl<? on artioln* wtuob war* taxed. Hraaoolng p om tbi? subject, bo alluded to tbo aiare trade. Not t; itlbMandlig .tit the effort* tor It* aupptession, it bad I one en TrriD torty Ore thousand to * hundred *nd rtfty \ touiand foul* jmm annum, while tl>? mortality among V I'd uiu Iron nod from flvo to fitty ;>e," Kni'im, African C it iron are not fitted out In the South, bat tu Boston. u 'ewtork, and other Nortfaem ottlM. Tbo drainer* or a ae oona'.Uutiou forobodel the formation of geogtapbical i< art ea, and propbnatnd their dissolving millions'.* on ttia t dton It won'd not be bound by treacboroua comb'ca \ out, oor quoted by aantimoctal invocations Mom > men I td auuounoed a pottttoal mlilcnlum in tbo erent ot the a Iwrtltuof Mr. Buchanan, but w bo wee to come a'o tua (bate hodi tie Stat* of it e President elect where he bad revived tb'rtjr tbonaan 1 ot a mrjervty Wa* be (Cameor) one ot tb* natloua) coaeorvatlve men. Look i utv rtcira mi wwwni n wtoi ?? ?? nuim gun, or tbo diet Sag which II utter pi at to? lartbeala* a algnal of dlatreea Ho (Kattt) need not be .id tbat pome few tr'oky men worn nougat. If a true :an waa not elected, tl waa either bemutaofa derolloUon t duty on toe part of national mon, or because they wero t > a minority in tba Laglalatiiro Ho oil not apeak of 0 beae thing* with plaaaore, nor mtan to compromise the turo for the IratqslUUT of the praeoot. w r help to con olidkia any party whtuh amalgamate* airength without ' rtabllabii/g pnnoipla. Tba trraautlbln taideucy of vetta was lo arrtional organization* He did n >t agree 11th hla trlei.dK aa to the immateriality ot the doctrine ot 0 luattrr toverelgnty ;.he regarded It at a in nt imscbla cue, dangoroua ana demoralizing doctrine It reated on ' ie fact tbat the eoverelgu State* ot tbta Union, eierctatng ie power ot government at agcnta ara to ba it down by aqoattera. When men nay that aiarcry 1 orendi on police, they aasert that thote ho to to the ferrltortes may ootitl?cate property " tcogbi?pd by other parta of the Ualia. Tola oniy pevoe be way tor the other dootrlne, that property over ant bove the Uoaatltatlon may be atftekan sown. Slavory gnation, eo far trom being r.ruataod oat by tba late alec ion baa bean iDcrteatd Slavery ekiated prior to law, 1 taaaaaold aa the Institution of marriage or the Indt- 1 ridcaltty <-f property. It ill not rno f'om oonopacta or rtoleree. but grew no like any other rndtmrntary matt* 1 urion. He argued that it wa* the very launlaum of the ; cry and rt Buement of Athena and II >mo. Alihoogh he l.thicplan baa tor live thoueaad yeara beau In contact ?lth auperior olviliaetlon, be la e aevega anil Hrre Hated tbat there waa tendency In affaire for tba (orma ton of geographical part it which would lead to a ulaia vtlcn of the Union; end la thia conne?ttoa ahowed th rower and rrtonreee cf the South, contending tbat *be 1 < < ibla to rare her aotl from taraaioo and ooequaot, and halag from dt*hrnor. The South matt and will eitrand; .be wtli i?nj *er laatitaUnM mto tba ?urro?adlcg atetw bare the government* am ratling ana tba people are epeing Into rt< ngr< item Tne State ilgbtt man at the ?uib. nvRibrrliig sina trntha of the etnicna, wilt rally r.nnfl blAnilAfJ nf rru#tpti Whauvnr <1im DArim ' I.o/o tut iod? will bo eared. I(r Blue. (rep } o< Ohlo.o aid that Mr K' III had etc tcdrtl In ihoalog tbat from tho twltMt t? rlod of tha eorld It bad lerB aohtect to rapine attd bloodibod, and ci ouDifd lor lb? tact. Ha til been auooitiini la ?h-i?r I y teat Uitaa brllilaat littla republlsa U> wbtch ha al tided iooo Toll aau faded from oxm.ooco, beeauee tbalr cei.tu'ioae were rounded on force aa<l InjaMUn hrathor ban i b law; aad alio, that aa the world had prn(r*M*>| u (it 1 aat'.oj, all portlooa, except bit beloved Arahi, are . o.rg tbelr attention u> tho amtlloratloD H labor. Mr tn.Mon. (rep ) of Ohio, ft narked that It raomed o ttn> that tbo committee ooght to determine whether It inuld do hnalceea or not . be thereiore raited tba point [be remark! of Mr. Bltee were not pertinent to ;bo (uaalen' now' pen.Hog. Bs preferred ^making tbU potato* iik prraonal frleod. Mr Uirtii.vK (rep ) of Obio. hopoJ that tba geatleman rem tba North would cot undertake to apply a gag -vnen rreilvtn of rptccb wm Indulged lo oa the oppoiits ri la of be chamber. The CnaiBMd> (Mr Watbhurn, of Matoo.) war under be Imprcirloo toal It bad been recently ruled thrt a ;<srral d Irene t tea waaout of order. Ha lec de l that Mr iilia r ' c'd (online bimee fie tba qooet'on pane lag Mr. Wire (rep ) ot onto, appealed from tbo d?oi*loa, rbioh tt committee oeerruled. Mr. Bum iatd ibat be would now r?ply to Mr. Keltt, ml be in. 1 not prepared blnueir to on vbo Preel 1 tnt'a tnraaaga. Me then rerlewod bai dooument, 1 eking except ion* to tbe poeltkma therein oeaumed reluit? to aiarerr, end contending for constitutional power e r roblblt It In the Terri'.onee. Tbe committee then rote, nod the Hotiee nJ ournel. 1 l The New Canal Loan. Auujrr, Jen II, 1117. Tbe new caaal loan of ll.OCO 00o wee lak'n t> da/, at a average of IU4 It pa- I ICO. Tbe Iran of October leet rne taken at 1111 71 The following were lite etioeeeefnl nddere ?r. Perrlt, (Or tbe 8enmaa'a Seringa Bank, 1160,000 at gill; J. C. Green, for tbe New York Seringa lank, I WO COO at lilt 10; Rufbe H Slag, of AI ban/, r:M.OCO at 114 01; Conklln Brueb, of Brook'jn. at lilt 10, W.OCO at 114 10, end IS,000 at Hl5 II, and Warren ewton, of Norwich, 16,000 at 1114 21. tailed Metre Inpremt C'onrt. WAtuireroir, .'an. II, 1SI7. Gnee No. S3?Pierre T. Coiron at at. appellants, re. iiexmnier Ireerpo al ? .lodge Nalaon delivered aa optniee iTirmlng Ute deerte of tbe Circuit Court of Kaatern Lonlteen, with coeta. Ne 40?Argument continued for appellee, and on ludrd :or appellant Na. 47?Jeetph Fellowe, anrriror of Robert Keadle, laiohfl, re. Joba Blackamltbe. admiaietralor. A-gu nonl commenced for plaintiff. Adjiomed. Kraft ml of the lone of Iwinerllcnl at Boetwie. Bowior, Jan. II. 1017. Tba aone of Conaeetleat in Weaaaebueetia beldlhelr drat ref ml alnee tbe organ.xnt ob of tba eoc'etjr, nt the Re < < H< u>a latt rrra I f Hit* UU two DOiarri ?i.n od (t'Btlrmoa tal diwn to lb* tuppar bablet. ttaorgo i RrowBa, Kaq , tbo Ireaidoat of tba Annotation, pro itdob. Rowornot Gardner rowp ?ad?d to tbo ooa^moot, 'Too Corr.nion wr?)ib of WamorhnwottB " Too a-at'no at, Jobo Wtalbrop aad lh? Mrtf VmMO.'O of l?aa**U:ul," ra'tid np lb# Hon. Robart C. Wmtbrop, who ro ipcorfM .o no tlrqnwol tjv-rrh oTaoao )">aUi, eowclndlcg ?.lb tbln no ii%imrnt ?' (ocrx cUo'U no<l ?*nom:l.uwoiu ? rbc ??,<?| of wrnwo of tbrtr eorly Gownruora ropnooo la a toah? tbo blood of not a row of tboir obtldron how b?.oa ?h*1 in a oowtmoa tattaa. May UMlr cblldroa Wo alaraya to tbo bond of fratornal Iowa an I banoath tba baaaaror a I'n oa of which thair falbtr* furalabwl tbo ?t'|laal nodal and tbo flrtt groat Amorloan otamplo ' j a raapooaa to aoaliaaaU, fartliar apoachoa warn avto ( by avaarona |OaUrni*a, and tba foatlr.lMo war# pro . ?a|?<t aatll ooo o'oloek thia morning. Meeting of tho WlMonwtn l.?gl?l*t?rr. Mit.wiciii, .laa. lb, 1447. 1 TbaWwoonala La?t?lntnre art yoatrrJay Wyaan fpooaar ?u HMXd Speaker or tbo Hoaaa. Hot. | Baebford Mat la hi* maaaac* to day AUv<ltu? to Kaa aa, bo ad t lata a coatto'iaooe of lb? pool .ion ? ro?.ty ??<>ma?t by :ha an i '?f? tl'*> ' <> ' h mantf u raadloaao to reader all MMtttatlootl a 1 to ottiaaa* irbo bav* beaeme P-tt/t " /* ??ili?*t la Kiiim tih???w?r tba torernenai ?? a to ador I baia ede?tiiat<i yr,>l? I n Tbr Cotton Ciop. N*? '.ant***, tan It, n?r. Tba reea'.pta a' oattoc a* all po, 'a, 'ro S.'pte i >or I to ftbtantaf oat. awe lited v> t .? > ?> af?iM \ ?? ?*? ? ta |bo taaia date e?. joat [ERA AMSafr* Al lUr fctutr Ammny, J?, lb I *>' Tha (Kmib ttaeJ 9 ?bo Houao, at announna} j v?ar, va I>y the Spanker, a ? ai Impartial ai;t Mr w. emu bat bfon ?x eoted Mr. UHUtbn ?h of oourae Bonud k protect tits own party by placing h'<i frirs is in tt*> ?a jorlty o? ml the comnlitsoa where ao v pollt! il 'oonru/ waa nmalieata). !h> Ways nail Moa*a. tbo km material, la tha Houto, r-orn waoin tha fotar |io.1cy of laaarlal mcaaursi; of tbe rrtpttbilmn p*rt7 o amanaJa. la composed of tiro of tba abliw nen l*U>a I-ffuiBln.v, 711.ICC. '.Vaadargaat >f Catia augua, lir Obgatrooai of ColuaUa, Mr. ttaorrasa o metda, Mr. Joaae o.' yieons, an4 Mr. Varuuw of Nor t'erk?tbnao rcprblicBfc*. oae Know *4 vJj.ij and om do nocrat Emm nark m combination n etperlouo* an. alent, a ttoMCtai r"v>rl loroabartowiiff ibu oourna w>??b b? rapobi'can por?t"?o vl tba adwi?atr*?;ua laiauAk iv.rauo. wi<! anfonbaed'y ha ait *bl-t domtntaal U If ?el errtooti a ibat Mr fan ?t ?tm br? ?t7* ti.-ar-d ?h'g but bow > know Noibfcv, wu ma to .-"v-7 1. w fro* li ripuh. ??i> r?l v#gut t i?a lao oouun.iti'a Mr be only Jem-nrat xiuoclcrttol on lb* euinrwttiia, w;ll ? nur.s? take oppnmlte nat? mud preeent cwrtn vlaw* rr>m the int.' r ty Mr 'erne-. witldm ail ?!>!,< '?u, !r! well Bored wub ilfltn>: ??< o viowt. Ism bat* Ions' rjpericiwn a i Iradipg p'lii.lcian both a aa t out of the I ""sMit'.'e ? >J wb cb g've htm a p'ntnmeixe umoug bu -now tworotea, arl will guirsuUa ou effort au ('?) s or oi his >arv)'. views tu unnu*di<ii.t><-tlJfi with both ,fm.b)lc*u ail Ilrow Nott iag potley, wtsir.h w ll cowituta the donocr?l)e rrogr-trumo In f.!! to. Mr Jnrem li placet ta a i?tl?9ui?bfit I'iMtiipn aa reny rratic leader, ma'.Mses .ori?,i to lima n fcl* natty profeaahMa wuh ability Iba Comnjittov of Way* ocd "Atxun will reapoad, periapt u u-iuinuaiy to the reromroeu tattoo of Co ernor Hi g to impcatog a tax of a raitl e? two. to fcrulnb moann r?r ooiB.H.ti ig the oanV*. Tau :* tb only method no w sit an Uio }>o ilical tln?i i t .-s of two parlies ?iuc>l*fil are < smidod tt:o niuo tail/lOTB sad tho canal* remain thl uat afshe I Sonio two ?nt? tutif minion* morn wo ?* ?rha<i for, but uou?ia that asm will bo rs'jalrtM Iv jto t!i - work la aocompUahed. Thoigb. at yet there bu br m no occasion to Cill' irth lie talent 'A tbo House o( Asaetiiiily, there i* to-: boot ea/on to beiitvo that the preront one far < jrpasee* tl o uur, to polrt of respectability on vailo"* pjinta be few inonof ability ot tnn flonar of 1851, were oyer uled iu their every attempt to pr-mcute too n/V)br burinene, by tho rowty ant *p?Ua aliening majorl y. Wi ti aucb nun a* Leavenwnt ih, Fort. l'rnmiargast, .ittiej tm ^brrman, George, Wakeman, H. Hiker, Vai 'oilierbuti?h on tt.e wbia romibllrsa aide: }togob.s>in forne? and tquiets, lain barnburner*. an J Juu -a, .'eott. hntou Had.ore, tfhiyti-r, Glorer democrats and Var *m, R>tu, Irving, Kr.ow Nothing, vn* public hare ma acranee of ltul'.uory and expediency m the buatoes* ot iguin:ate leglaiallon commute I to tbetr care Among he ah net spi ,ik?rs may bo arranied Mr. I! -gob-tom, Mr 'an ura, Mr. Wakomna, tir I^mTwivewtb, Mr rf Biker, Ir Sluytor, Mr fieormo Toorir may bo otb-ri wuuo .bilttica bavo not )i t beta dovclopi U. SRW VOltK LBMMilkTlRr. Senate. AiitAttTf Jan. lit IfiT. l'nt'MJ<8 i'rbehmbo By Mr Smfftaa?Tbo report aa<l memorial of tha Trtuoea of Use Coneumpttou Hoapt'al taking mu appropr mtiou I IN,COO Bereral for * prohibitory 1' iuor law and an Internatnral brtdaa. rsi-obi* Bp Mr fPMOBi? Favorably, to amend the charter ( the Neraery and Culidrco '? Ho-pitol. By Mr Kit it?Favorably, for inonrporaimc the Sutea ?l?Bd SaviLgH Back nortcsa or hiiih. By Mr M*np??To amend tbo enactor of the Now Tor* inn f.ria Railroad Company. By Mr Bw i t-To extend the time fortbecooitrnollin >f the Albany * <? Hurquehauoa Katlrcad, H> Mr Branca*-To reflate the building of party walll u the ctly ot New York iiillx urrxo?tfc*l>. By Mr ?! *> in?To place the leviufi bvnka ondor I 'D i< ptrviaion ot the Superintendent of the Beak Depart I OLt To provide (or the ra*e of deatttute orphan children, by rreblinp overrtera of the p< or to piece them m auy'.a rorporut' >! orpine mylum By Mr C 1' Pmiih?To oeirnd tin comaaoo arhool 'aw of li.cbhl) n. by auihrrlaiug i he appointment ol a more erv t) Ue U ard ot Iducanou By Mr K>> naaiwoa?To author*: divorce iaca<aa ot do semon or brutoi treatment A bill trd'r$ to,- lorUownou o( certain lao t In tnu Ki?w to the I f id Biatea Pataort. Tbe Barr end .-khlce (arc <w reeuin- ii. aMtniro vwmo.V the care of Ibe coatetwb ?>.at tor tbe Ih.ri dutrict wee takes up. Mr 11*11 fbr contoatent, edfraeeed tbe Mantle i? rip o ri of CM ratlin u he urged that tbe domorror p it to by Mr. Bfckiua Dually ciuerd the cim no the pert oi too mttig meenocr, but in-otigiy eearrteu that *ro - < i-reyi ail lift badtak?n |>?aco In the-cenvan, and attached Hi trgtimrc: ano tenm <oy oilerr I by fickle*, ilo charted A at tho poftco of u.m .-brlb war J n% i ttt'Mtd ta tnoui iro?niailta<i If ttio Iratinjouj if ifco c711a of p?.!.- > alI I 10 by Sicklet an to bo raJioi oa Mr. Noxoa n>ov< J a prramblo an J rooclu"ona, to tho Otck that tho c Cimi-tf' ha?ir* reprlot 00 !h-> no lor landing that Uta raic *u to bo tin ally a<lj't I'oated oa ho demurrer, aj J tt apoarioj proper that Ktiimtuf Louid bo Mtkl 0, l for-? Rf.'Olrad? That tho rrport bo roloved bai k, wthln itrvrtion* to take t it #"!' aui ropwt IItail/ oa tbi a; lb If J?f. Mortra Mrnprtt and Ct 11 ia oppoiod tho r*?ol<itloa Mr Bkookd declared hlmtolf ;n fayor of tho rohOln.toa, luddtrmcd tt j':?t to bold partlei utal Uiua >')) thouid la alm'tlcd. Mr. I'nua roa> 'ore J that tho p'oarablo rofloctod upon ho action of tho comou'tce. an I truitad I- would Dot Uo ca lod fer a dWitH-u on tho aa J rooo a " Mr Noxo* thought It dot to all partiaa that tho pro lublo thould bo adopt) I. Mr. Ci uta no??d to adtl to tho preamble tho word propotly," oo tt to mate It read. " Tto oOBinttUO had properly toporlod." kr. tie taken on tie '.Htb January, at bom." Amendment iwptce. Mr Maiiwcw r% led for the nye? ?D<t eaya on the rem luiitnto admit teat,mot.jr. being. 10 fket, deoieion ol tale preeeot lama in (avor or dokiet. (t waa then idopted, by nyca, -J, dm)*, i?Mr. Madden voting la the aa?ue*. On mcMoa, tha Committee on Contorted Beete vu Altai by ibeanbetUu lea of Mr Lee la t> aoe of Mr. Ilelated, who baa been abaent all tbe aeaatoa Ai'iooroel Aaeeaably. Alkam, Jan. II, MIT. rnrroaa i-Kamnn. rroaa tbe mao leal men of New York?Cor the eaubllah went of a aatioaal raodee laabtutlon. I row tbe Paratega and Pnokett'a Harbor Railroad Com pany?irkteg that tMtr laoda may be eioaipted Iron taxation while uarmp'oyed, and lor liberty to Imprort tbe eortbern wllferaeta J r? m tre % etrrire of 1112. Baking for roller. A bill eaa pa a. d to eeablo tbe Brooklya Coxrt Of Bee r on loexta t I tbe terms of Incorporating tbo Woatera fciatrkU Fire I?eper1treet of Brooklyn laatyrnr* appropriation bill went thro-fh Cimn '.tea of tbe Whole, end waa ordered to a third reading. MM ts or n.uA By Mr Gloria? To amend the marriagea and deatbi retiatry law la ^aw Yoik. By Mr Hamoih?To amtnd the Brooklyn coeaoltda IIAW Let Rp Mr. t 'jon?To amend th? act a ra'atloa o lb* ua? cl bul'ttlr(? la New Yo?; Bj Mr. Marian?To incorporate Iba Pacta Doolt Cain pat jr. Bj Mr. An?>?To abollth tta e:H:? of KaltroatOam taieeer By Mr fiot 11?To prtttal rxtort!oa b/railroad com paawa. mt t a nmooccan. Bj Mr Mt?'aa*<i ?To cuaMa iba States Itlaad Ba I r? a<i ro own ltd ran ferry boau. ily Mr ff i?ro?r.?To tnerrporato Iho Brooklyn f.ta ra jirinrtl 'a Iba l'#?tiro dlttr'rt Mr Vo rt< irtr t?r d a reaolui.'in ca'i ng tor later n ? n li> in n.lraal omp?ar? u to Iba propriatjr a i. bo ' ,b g 'be offltrcf Kallnad CtmmUtkntr AJopto < Adjeora ?d. Mrrtlng t?f Ihr fulfill Mlatra A{p l< iilf urn Hariri)-, WA-nrmotorr, Jan IS, IB67 Al tit# meal rg of Iba A|r.cultural Bocirtp thia arora Ira tbara an a iar|a atUadanca. Proa Went Wilder wa ra a'.roud, with coo YIm Praaldaai from aaeh siata. Ta oibrwtaff la lha Karcullra t'omm tlaa ?Roy. Klac, ? Nrw York. Mbaon Mailorjr, of Keotooky Itr Klwya, ? I'rnatylraoia. D J. itrowaa, af iba Dtairtct of Cotombti Vrad'k Bantb of Now Hampah ra; I>f. .-laroeooii, of ft dtaia moratory, " P Poor*, of Maaoaohnaatta. Traa tarar, B. B. Preach BaoaUrp f.irttiria praaaala>l a latitaMoa for the aooaly to bold Ma acxt aablbMtoh i f?ulSTll)a, K) , which waa arcopod, A raaolotloo I faaar of pnrchaatog Mooal Vtraao for aa afrloo i<ir< alrtraUjr wh dwecard anl atoptad. Iba mariM or tn CbatM t?|tr raao wara d tr.naaad. Raaoljtio-* w? adopted api>roT<?( it Ibt r*eo*a?a?daMon of lb? Con mat.oaar of Pataata I* -aiaUow to obtalnlnj arcorala U tlt'tc* or ah? iuimo prod?ottoM of the Ualtol .'tatoa, at rrixttiir aad'ac tba OoToraara af diataa aad larritO'-taa adapt ttao piaa prapoaat. The ao.natjr #frw t to ?? t < tba iTMidont In a bodp. A"|oo?afd till to morrow. Ilir Philailrl|ihla at trw Oritaaa N?w (t? U?1, /M 13 H>* Thaateaw rb: adaiphta. 'fa-* Nl? Void v'a Haa?n baa arriTpl at 'ba port LD. PRICE TWO ,'1EVTS. Nnn>Aiiiv?l ?f ttun AMtrica* H ALII AX, Ju, 1)?10.30 P. k j The aleamahlp Amertoa, now ta bar thirteenth day, a baa not yet boon eiguallmi. Weather o i?r, with a bght > wsat wind. Cntfeil ItaKi Mrnatorfium Mai*IW. AroctT*. Me , Jan. 15, W>f 1 T. 'd republican loglalatire caacui laat errbtag aoatf ' iuiuO <^n Hannibal Hamlin for United StaUa Sena**? 9 wag i?< Tbe nomination for tbe abort tarn la ??l* p;uJ r.g r i k'.a> ?l Sun-rye In Mlimeaotn. r WiaaiNCfM, Jaa 15, SiT mi * i i u:ino I tadi 01 too HOUie or itdpri ejtatioei bis tu*?e? coniHriaMoa v t lubjact ot croa'.tuf a a?vr survey digfc? capecwliy iar vf annaoU, audio Uobrag It from Hue s or low* W.acjnatn, ioot? courio hetsg ueoeeiWry lor i'a* exiea? i u or uio juhao atr?of?, sad to meet Hrr da-tand* or * ttw?r? ??d mo ad sauce of tbt pmut l.ti prait. ,'ttlve Held ; or obwrra tieo Ov-fsg to the vmi *t*io'h.t u4 public touum in that arc I ton of ibe country, t'ls Spud o *>? fro 'tucDtly to tmveH'rotj te?*ja bin: tro t mttai m j.M.'c ite Urtfr bcstm.'f -'how ire .a Minnesota a.Lwty rae million* if acioiof pWllr tio.t*-0B0U|^ to t>im Uvte Btutee the rise o' fowl T.V <iuci <'**?> In I h ? ffcw A ptff L?ffliliMtr< ' ">** TO*, J *t, 15. 1*6" 80 wueti ol the G-wsraor'f mrsnt n iwfari to i? raatnc at New Vor?' w?? reforr.- no a ; i?c si Cinmtttar la both Bouaea. Kot/lrtk?D i to go isto Joint m'H tip Ow the Mention of a Unit*'- .flatiM uaor 01 Ins >*. vve lal<l OB thn tab's " >?be .'mato Abolition ( (wroinlun ?t t>% 11 ? "?*-? VTuH' lnitB. M'ipJ ,Jit. 16, t}* 7 In puriuarce of a published c* 1, in which tho >-t!nllna< uuiou 01 ihc S alts it regarded ae a fa: ?'c, a ooir'ailoia met here to day, to eouaid or U<o espedl -noy of a e.-yaraHon or tbe :ree and navn :f7su>?. T W rfggWuou tsltN the convention to order I M Bird w ? closes Preosdeot, and Ttioe Ferie, Wm l.'otd Garrlosa v?l other* Vlso 1'rcaldoiM* U laiuooa a..J .'loarc-j 00 nauUoea w-seoappointed. About ibree bundled person! are or-Mooo. Including Wendell PhiUtppi, ?n 1 J May, Sr , A#by Krt* ly Keller and nuueeou* lad:** 1'be Cne'.rni?i>, J'r Hlrd. roel extracts from tbd Protrt(Since J. urrnjl n.d New Yj'lt aj I tb c c. I1 . ?? ed Oio meeting 3o ?c 1 h-j ??* co reeso \ thy thi '?hol<? oonvta' lou thouM tot bo erreetel tor trer?'a Uobandied Mr H nry WUeou and J, I* rle'e vety ?ot relp, reyng that tt.ny wn-o felling out the republican party, and ibet if they bed ibe power tbey w.ju'. hang-ia > lie unloa.e e on Ibe tree So eenalblu yemn wouM now my that it e I moo v it wortlr a coat. At the elonw of ble epeeth tbo Hulch'.aboa fat-Hiy eeeg a j ib icrg x Mi. Sioohm* iced Ic'.tcra Irom Amu Walker, Tnaa (lore Parker, Henry Wliio.i ecJ WtHteai Orttnfo .leownw Ibe Orel two ferni"! ft* obi- ' of ttic lu.-eiiag?One fiom Mr W! 'on decided * s.ii toil. erry I >>m? Dt Ma-*' n, re. . \ 10 ( .nreotion to order. Mr gin 140k lf,t< i lend e >.l tirade e Mrowy I wee h Hat I by M. < *r-te-v?. wb? p i-oke ' r an uour causing oloeo attention nal oontlde r appleuee. Wendell Hid Ppe theu roeao e r' areo t - itc epetch, elder wblrh there wet tiogng by id Oat eon Family, end en eu,e unarm to enccor * latf rert c'gbl P. M - Mr W.-ndeli Phi'lipa it near lp. eeli g hi Bnnrly Ilell, to which the Uaovtuuoa adjourned No'tepe heti-ee ye; litcn taken to d'swdra the I mon Iiujior (ant l.tttv nit ?llioi? t Dp incur*. ^tuiii Its. 16, 4*6? ' The opto of Hoarjrd 'f>ll vi the Briiltb -oronineae, In wbich ritraegoe wrre laid et XJI/uJ, wee laoidryt a our buptraio l? rl t? dev. altera lengthy trU1, by e verdict or ?10,06 in f?sr-;r ?t ibe pi el on S The (sortie J 1 lbs rere wi>re ,n a-.o to e cor.i e.'w. .i pinner# entered into to erect e are web a', tbo cad oI to* "ret nance wbtrl, ebd whu tie e iauloneloa laeioy con Irery lo I'.a, there wet no eu.ita*elag bottom tr loan Jel i.n Urelll of the h?n> teml. I'rrnllta. M'MTfei ien, Vi , dei 16 166T Ibe Hra. kaie) Proailee. J-dye of in? Ueltet -da'ae ptfrlct Court of Vermont, end (or many yearr f/a:i-?f Malta Htcitor, d ad ?' h i m'-trnca nora tat* aAaraoo*. A-jipl|fn"?" I I'MIUktiai rat ?, Jaa li, IHflT Tba IV?w*y raol* Pr'nl'ng Tt I grapb Gumpany vo l '.ha .tl'air o and Nation*' It-in-a.ih Coatpaar bars coirolidatod the r t(*rb. Tin Ir enlue 'lum aefiedlac fr. m ibis city to Pittsburg, bar# b?en plar*d uurtcr tM tuy?rlntcadeac? of Mr. utr.d Brooks, favorably trwwm aa icperialatiJeal of rations ttlegrapb I n as Nailn* Dltiidr.i. To t on, Jaa. IS 1*17 the chocn r Martba arrival bars In day, roporta * tbo 13 h last., 'ony flvn ttillei aonioaatt oi <>!?? Oat. [all In mtVarhoon-r Varia II nrio'ta, of Que lira, 'striata Fraaar, li< m til. Jobn, N 3 ,1 >i Porllaa I, win ?<tgar asd oil, dliinaatsd. Took oTlhi oapta'a and crow ut brought tcbain.t lb port. Tta erawa of Mia bt.g* A aiaKl oa an J t'baclford barore raportad abandonad ham bren lakna lata'. I moaataa by the ship Ialtforala from Surinam. Tba l ackford i freni Kaatport lor I'fclladalpn a, araa.abandooad Daoaabaa 33d. Tba crew balng takaa eft by Iba Vaau BJlaa, wblaft vt? el la ber torn waa ah an Jinad oa tba Jdtb I^aaatabar, both craws balng savtd as a bo to Ratlgalloa af t hrtaprakt Hay. Bai t a.ia*. Jaa ?5 DM Knar t'.aaiBihlp*, from Ronton, savamaa and Now York, ara balow at Aanap* lis, vnaoa to gat upon *aeoaat of tba trn Tba Norfolk boat wtnt Joan y?ew day, aad tba ?t?amsra will probably 'ollow bar vp toBlOfTOW Narkrlt, i nim.*t>yli*hi* a-roc* aoano. PmLAixni'aiA. Jaa 1* MM Ifncke beary. PcnDeylraala 6'e, II^ Heeding ReM road, 40),'. loeg band Rail mad, 1J>4, Morri* ? llfi Ptaaayivatila Kat'-oad 44 I New oauuae, Jaw. II, HIT Cottoo (tire 11,WO balee, at Urn prtcoe Toe eaten i yaatenlay wcro IT.tOO ba er the laigeu eetr report** to ?o; ore d?jr. NrwMauM.wr. Ju II IITT I (e?no withet quotable rhasge Seiee to Jay 7 ??? b? re V tad corn It a.-aiot \u.t ham elvaarel to 4'c ; rao'erete. He : uiree port, III IT a |K; barrelled lard. " * Rr< igbte to l.lterprol ind Ilaere eteedy Feebtage i < o I onenn f ,ir#na ji rt latj'ie tod p oi < iu> I'oa tally doll. <niai.arwv? Jaa I V HIT. W?- Sold Ml halca, and for Iba at<n3 balaa. The irarkrt r'r*r? gaprrered a', a oa the we?? ef K? a ?tc. fao quotation* ere Irreguiar. Poltae lUlllgriiir. Cirri at or B< K iiit-Uaet 1 o'clock yaaiereag ag'rraltif, effieor Moore, of the I Itaea'.h rard pot ce, tor f? ?(dar?o fc i glare who wrre at work .a l ie ? r# at J WCllem J. Pat croft, onrrtr of Klog tad Man regal irortr ul a>ur baring a hari re u lie with the rttaaie, turreeOfd la oaptarieg eoerf theae Tie pr1-> ?r waa brought before Justice Deri*oa at the T.iftraor Paiao Ir.ort, eb.ft he |tra hia etw a* John Caiilo* roe mm 5. trat* br'd the tacot. d to ball a l ,0 turn .f tt.oe-l obn ft'*'! r and Joti ;iii I o.i|a werr ? a ' .to - .*i ity by the Third ward pailoe, oc charge of baring b. eg I art i oaiy ratered the Itnare ?tora No 100 Warren etreai. ? wjb stent to eteel tba pr'eouera wrre broagh. before oai'ce Oeborce, at the lower Pole* Court. wh ? taey " were held to ba<l ee a ,a the i?a of gl two. to aaewev. lf i'aaaolOf OovmriRsimaa Lar* - ?enV?a *?y * 11 ekra lato ouotody on chargo of baetag eoU foer 4 eoo * ottlea of ale with the counterfeit la bote of " Vourj* * Co " upon them Wiliiaaa founrer, ef No. 61 lea re* etrret, agent for Younger * "e . o' Kdiahnry, ce1 aal. a prrfrre the comp'oiot agaiaat the aocueed Ivviee .-tao* .. aioyer. p?later, ef No ea Uaaan ttreet. wea aire arretted lor bar lag priated the laN-ie. kaow'r.g the* w be ooea" ter?e*. "ueuce Connelly held er.-.ii ot the daeadaat la at bail la Ue *?? of I tt ?" er?#r 10 ? ~ ?7 B?pn>or > >?< , D*Ur? Hr J I? <f? r Jiv 1? ? C/'' B+t rt /< tn F Thj pMOMliT I* ,, it tt mm it lb* ?*>' fc?ow? m tMct**, Md tritfi Ut* *'! w niriMnimi'f.imi }?w*try whtob h* h*4 . wui k! t?* m 4?tM<tMl II Kp'mri Vnil ? >1, ?fllmoifcl ft*? ul kim mi ?r ,h::B ?d rnj w*r* MtamwJ ?* diftto* t * u coci?i.J*4 U)M lb* pl*'?V 1 t?*l pp?* il"? *r?- f .mti. tbt wilt, wltb ?h* r < *n|, < " rtli r?o4 ltd"* lb* tawnu* ??oot * T*tt>llof r*Mfl ortJOO. wbcb tb? CM .? . ' nri t? h# ?oi?re-i ? <h ?itip il*t i?t. ta*t H " fl1 ' , tbt *clica ?? ' p*i<l fry ' ?1?ai tmm'r 1*/* -* ' ytrt' ft ?houl.t be J *a< tfrt i?|? sltl.