Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 27, 1857 Page 1
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^T i l ] WHOLE NO. 7454, T gOFPEaiHG AT SEA. *jj P1* ?, ? .?.,. , der , gn jrcruoua voya^D vi uw pieamer ? 9Uck Warrior. lit Htnatiia tf the BrRf>: Br> Princess loaiu. ^ o(Bc? .fVnclu of tbe Ships iftunliiiH and gjft Lord Ashburton. bui ? wort * btU? LOSS OF LIFE, 1 ?*? . ??.. ?fc0. > PERILOUS VOYAGE OF THE BLACK WAR * RlUR So jSVocmioir or u*l>8 on thi fassaor rioui ' won HAT ANA TO NKW YORK?PURL KXBAOdTKD Mr. ! ?THN FTfKNITORR, BRR THd, NTO., 08AD FOB FIBS- ^ lo * WOOD?OBL1GMD TO PIT INl'O HAMPTON BOAD8? . . BOPPLYOP FURL OBTA1NKD?PABHAGR FROM TMR U)JU1 * CHR8APHAKR TO HW. YOH.K?MBRTINO OF THR 3 * PA86BNORB8 ON BOARD?CON DITIOB OF THR VS3- Ml, I r 8RL, RTC., SCO., KtC or an TbR Unllod StotM mall steamer Biaok Warrior, Oaplala Tt ?J. W. Smith, whleb arrived a', to.a port yeeterday mora- abtu Jag firom Now Orleana, experience 1 a luoceeiloo of very pan * ROTtre (alee darlnf her p a*e?e from Harana. In con- topn mwoi of the stormy weaiot-r sue wai detained a week plan beyond the nanal time, and arrived In a very battered aakx .oondltloc from her oeateav witt tne elements. and \ The Btack Warrior left Ne w O.-ieani on the 11th lnat., the i lead reached Harana on tbe 14th, where ahe remained ble I ^till the following day. Oa lac following morning, the bon . weather being aa mild ae ueaal far that latitude, ahe thei .started tor New York. On the f.turin day of tho pamage, 1 mid ~ WBH aoout iur?y miiea tu iue lurimwii vi wn- |?fi 4IM, toe wind, whloh he l b ee favorable, fMkntd ^OpaaWlerably, end eboat four o'oiook oa toe morning of toe ISto It blew e ie.-r no (tie. aooompsntod thi wlto e blinding shower or sleet and eeow, which render- t ed objeets st toe dlstonoe of e few yards Invisible. s; Merer did ship, aooordlng to the aoooaau of those en r board, acquit heiself better <b >o dti the B.aok Warrior w to this tearful storm. Tne way the rode through It la- fcU spired to em wlto the great ti oanflaeooe In her sen 8uB qualities, and toe result proved that toetr faith In her I c .Wis sot Btleptaoed. About 11 *e o'oiook? an hoar after whl the gale had apparently reaohed iti height?the Tore- 2U< .'topsail.yard oama down ny the ran, end husg c*" "suspended by too rigging over us elde of the vessel. 08(1 -' Ibis, thoagh not very serloui, intorfer. d somewhat wlto toe working ol the ship, and it was found necessary to It loans Immediately A somber ot men Big! ' were aooordlng'.y set to work, and In a few PQt * minutes it was detached from the rigging sad ^ drifted off oa toe oc*n At this time the ,te t deek was oorered wlto sn?w Mid neet, sad the masts, lbri pbare, waa oovered with ousting or loo. Kven the ,IL sMhee of the tailors were Iron a stiff wherever the r?? opray had drenched them auob wee the fury of the 'ld( pale that it was with difficulty ibu men retained their b?r *""1 on the dank, and it waa aimoet lmpiaslble to rro' lean the driving eieet and slow Darin* tele trying time mo the paaeeagere, among whom there were auroral ladles, lh< paeaei i ad thtW eeeSaeae an I a i p *we.aion, and eo thr or as external appearanae may Do rrparuei, there waa no 10 Sedloahnn|io the eouatenan; t <i,tbe uang jroue position la *** Jhrttoh they ware placed at time* it aermed aa If the N' * 00001 would capalae, and a una was the fnroe of the gale ghat It held her on her Hd; ho that the yards almost toechad the water. Hbe 4 ntd, bower, r, been kept N*' out at the trough ot the ae>, and who the exception of bo' the loaa of her Ibretopeaii y \ he l suiia'Ded no damage. w*' About twelve o'cioek of ib .an day the ruel began I ' give out, and It waa Touud im^Ms ble to raise sufflolea r?? steam to keep her under headway. Cp to thlo time, not- h*d withstanding the gale, u mi*ht bj called snuotb sailing c la oosapaiisea with the dimuaiuee they had anerwarda w,tl to oontend agalnat Tbe ti- , a? w* bare aald, begae to "ll give out, end tha vessel b- : < inmanagoeDle fell into P?D the trough of the see. It waa under similar clroam- ,on atanoee that the Han Fran i . waa lost, bnt tha Blaok of 1 Warrior provad herself equal to the perlloni position la Tbt which she wea piaood, and, end " iae a tMog of life" bat- 010 w tied with the fury of both wild ?ut wevee, and oame 0 ? a a oo?fully out of thsooBtes, "is-igti, at will be aeea, ,cd "w aomawhat tha werae from ine one muter ! whl To Map her Med to the ?o* tbt oaiHale bed one of the r*p 1 yarda, ell the tree grata here ibet could be found ta the M ehlp, and one ol the cannon. nee I to iom epen, with M(3 Jm eeenoe tn the oeetre, end threw them erer the aide rep j*ef tM eaaaal, from the atarboard 'gangway, Melag flrat Mk t attached them to e ten inch hawer. which wee puaed m" ' throngh tM foremeet chock Trie oonUlraooe, tt waa pll< ? Ihoeghi, by noting en e eor. of e dreg upon tM ahlp, _ would afleet tM ebjeel tn vlrw?that ta, It weeld Map ** Mr Med to the Me it boweeer prorrd Ineffectual, 7" .. and tM ahlp atui remained In her naagerona poeltldn. All IM eetla which they bed eft waa now eat, but It too pror d Cf no arall, aad tt had Mrdiy area epreed to tM wtad J' ' when tt waa torn to pieoee, aad blowa clear from Ih* . hjH ropea. All tM anil they had lea oonauted of arms *" <'tarpenlla, which waa lee be 1 to the mtaea rigging for IM ' ( pnrpaae af bringing IM eteamer if pwelble to windward; * . bat tt waa elno carried off b? tbe gale Determined to try again, IM mea next laabod two nail eor ere to the atiaaa ***' rigging. TMae, howeeer. share 1 the eat rate. They . aow aew that tt waa attnrly Imporelble with the me an a la . IMtr power ta do nay thing more, aad tM ahlp beaeaalag A ' entirely aaatanngeable, lay la tM trough of tM aaa. 8M talx ,1 ahlpyat owe or two waree, which earned away Mr paddleMxeaaad eloeele; bet the hall remtlaed onlajared, *'1 * aNMngh twenty four boera expoeed to tM item. 1 ' TM next day at twelve o'oloeh the gale moderat- ^ ed for a few ho a re. bet tt wee only for a ** J It ifftmn I hie knW aantta ft Km ml. A l>ii|U to tba lortbvNt, ud h l abort Um blow with M BMk rloleaoe aa aror Thb gala waa alao ?11 - aoowpaaHit with taow tad alaot, whtah iaat?rad all . watt aa tba laaail exaredlagty ardaaaa aad aaaaabbaaa U* ? laagartaa. Derlag Uta gala, whtob cratiaaad fbr twaa- t0 1 ty-lber boira, tba ataawir raaialaad la tba troagb of tba " aaa, bat babawad aa wail aa arar Oa tba Slat, ai>aat fbar a'otoak, R beeawt coat pared rely eata, aad tbey 4*r ~t waat to work ta prertda foal far tba pnrpaaa af a aaa i mmrm gatttag ap ataaai aad aufclag ta tba aaaraat part. ' Tba balhbiada wara aat ap, tba aala aad alaaa tap- *** auata, tba aallan' aad Irtaaa a bartha aad all tba apara ' wara caayartad Ma ewood. Tba tadtaa' aalna aaoapad tba axe, bat It areakl moat probably bare beaa aat M ap taa If ndaaad ta tba laal axtramby. Wltb tbu raal (*p ' dbay eeaaoadad la getttag ttaaaa, aad aada at aaaa lor f0^ CbMfHkl IftJ - Htft, hOWIflf, Uty Ml IKHlMf ill what aaarty prorad aa laaar maaouble obataola. Tba Arr taa, whieb waa abaar i ad la lataiiaai tolaa all aloag WM tba eaaat. blaokad ap tba aatraooa. aad II Is hardly prohah In that thav maid kata ant la had It ant beaa '*' 'for Mm fortaul* iffwimc* or a propeller booad froee OmMh to Boltfoioro Thin otcnmer took Uto Blaik "J Wimor In tow nod brought hor to Hanepton Rondo, , whom tbo ouno to andhor. *"* That night It blew a gale, and the ntoannnhlp dragged *""* hor anobcrn eereoo the Rondo to e pleoo eel led the toptdo, 1 whore oho ran ?here nod log eerreeoded by thick loo. the tide, however, drtfiod hor off ogoto, when o moll v* otwbool came otaogndo nod onpplied hor with onffl otoot fool to got itonm op nod prooood to the wharf Bon they took to no mooh no they ooold got, wtiloh 1 bomy prorod ooongh to brlog thorn ao Ibroo foody < Book. With foW ooyh foilth proeoodot to eon, bet tbo foe wbioh aparty proeontoi Uco frara getting into tbo 11 Ompiahi, WWpreaoMed nborrlortotbea oo tbetr wny not. Bo WW obliged. Oh ooeonoi of the grant eeaatltleo of H, to mho Mi w?y Tory elowly, nod It raeotred all hloolgliesee nod enee to prevent MotoomI fro* boing oo- Ih* rtoaoly dnraagnd by I bo Iwaoaoo fraaon maaoeo which tkai ho raot on Mo way oot of tbo bay. 8 It woo It o'ehwh on fotarday loot wbon the Black War- tr*1 rtor left the Ohooopoabo Oaring tho paoeage, no wo have atatod, they oaw largo Mdo of lor, and It woo with M tbo grontoot dlfleol y oho ooold keep elear of thaw Tbo * ' wonthor oontinood pretty woooooto frow thta pot at to MW Maw Tork, with a Iblr broooo to tho earthward When taoMo of Bandy Book, however, their fool wae oihanotod, JjT" hot tbey rortoaate y toood a kwboal which eoppilod tbew rMI with enough to bring tho ehlp in ber dock at tbo foot or lain Kobtanoa etraet. W* While cowing op the bay a mooting of pteoeagere woo T1 E NE 7"" I In the ?tk? (or Ik* purpose of exp reeetwc tbolr op lotto" of Um BMotortr w*4mi of Opalo Smith u u>o trying circuiastonoea la whiob bo dm placed following note em at, signed by * pottles of I ho paa sera on behalf *t all, to prrbop* tho higMeet proln oonld bo giTon t* the oomatonder, oiOoora Mid ore* ay Toaacl:? ETBoasiur Block wtauioa Jon. 15, 1867e, the putenmn imu Mew Orleans and .'tavaaa, would, t* ore moal boundaii publicly t-i pre* a cu* admire Uoe and Itude lor the bemie rouaurt of Copt. J. W bmlth and tb'l ;ra and c>ew under bit command during ihe tenrl lie gal neneed by the B.aea Worrier during bar paaaa ge T iiatthcy did their duty uu<ier circumalaacea moat tryin attor wo bid be faint tiralne. M uh a toru< Mo mm Iannis iaaater, undiminished by fatigue lor sixty long bmtrslbe ed with the tierce a'orm And wbenourdMpalrung heart urrendered and oil bone had fled, their eoewuragin la infuted uew lite and comfort, though Lb sir llnab t wer n by frost and eyes blinded by anow and ataet, sat suffer rom oterworic-aud want of sleep, oil houor ho to on , oOloeia and crew' Daiid W. Bendaraon, I.oul (Itartaa P. I.acoptre, F. beyaey. K. bar come, K. Asuo<id,> S. Tourne. 8. ueober lohnlihapin, 8. Bloom, me of the crew ware frootbttton, bat aooo very se< sly, except Mr. Tbomu Woteroon. M> Brew n nod Powell hod their bonds froi~n, but net so belly m re nay of ttaerr Angers. Nose or the possangers wore Od, and Ibe 30'go la tn on undamagodi condition. r were obliged, on aooount or the raiting, os the Tee toibrow eight c re tee and hbont thirty barrels o( gee over board. le appearance of the rowel at the (took presented idant eYldeaoe of the eerere galea through which the ed. The fore topmast was gone, se was the mtzaea salt, and the larboard wheel boa so wan almost eon> tip demolished. All the wsod work In the oebtas and t>as that ooald at all be dispensed wilt, was torn up, the partitions about the engine looms and stairways, dining extension tables and a large amount of ral jarurnlture, were used for grewood. The arduous lai of Oaptaln Smith, officers and orew, had red used a considerably. They bdd very little sleep, and It Is that the oaptaln did not rest n whole night durtaQlha age from Havana to New York. BUFFERING AT 813k. C CASE OF THE BUS PRINCESS LOUISA, AND DE31TUTK CONDITION OF HER CEBW-AID FROM THS HIP PATRICK HKNRT?MEN OH BOTH VESSELS HOBT BITTEN?SUPPLY OF PROVISIONS. re bare obtained the fonowtcg particulars of the site a of the Prinoesa Louisa, mantiooad la the ol day ? aptain Thomas H. Giffjrd, of the ship Patriot Henry, oh arrived at this port trom Linden, England, on the . instant, reports tnat ne reii in witn an kajtiso orig, sd tbe Prlnoess Louisa, In 1st. 88 48, and Ion. 73 50, r very distressing ciroangstanoes. Sae was shot tol i water and provisions, duo had expostoaood vorj vy weather; had been on tbe ooast close to the blands of Nevaslnh Ave tines, bat was obliged to to sea again In const <100000 of not bslng able U a pilot During the gale of Sunday, the 18th Inst., lost fore and main yard ana had her sails all torn to ids. n observing the condition of tb e brig, Cant. Gifford median Iy bore towards her and boarded her, when hi ad things, If possible, mne wretched than what out 1 appearances warranted him la believing. Eight ol crew were froet bitten, and had been so redaoed n want of provisions, water and lael, that extenilvi rtlfioattoa had already set la on the feet of most m. Of ber whole number of men not more than thres roar were It for dnty. and there were not sadden bend sail en the vessel. The as plain of the Prtnoeoi ilia said they had been out of water thirty *a days, and were obliged to subsist on float tided with salt water He had beea 107 days oat ai time Oapt Gifford met him, and bad left Oadlz roi s York eitb a cargo of salt and wins It appears rover, tbattbslr wine was nsed after the supply o tr failed, and that there was but a very small quantt N It on board Tbe ball of tbe I'rinoeas l.oslao was U d condition, and although subject to rough weather I not leased any during the passage, epialn GiU >rd at oooe suppllel the waate of the peopl h the following artlolee from the stores of the Patriot tr* wlv Tarn harrnlt nf has/ aha hnnilnaH mmd flfi* da of broad, In poonda of too, Bra poonda of ooffoa rteen poonda of aogar. one oaak of water, toar falloni oil, tiro ona halt barrola of goal, and lot of firewood no atoroa alono, ho oalooiatod, woold food and waroo r n for a opaoo of ton daya, aptaln G fiord having supplied their I m me d lata wan la thoroughly apprcolatlog tbo daagarooa otato li ieh tho poopto on hoard the brig wore placed, told thi tain, for tho aooond time, that ho tbooght it wanld b< lrabla tor thorn to ooao on board tho Patrick Honry I that bo wo aid tako than to Now York. Tho naaatei Had that ho woold prefer to remain by hla renool, ani el Captain Gtflbrd " If ho ooold not give him a la? a to help bar Into port T" To thlo Captain Glfford ro id, " looking to tho oatoty of hla own ah p, and to th< 1 that ha had alroady eight moa of hla crow, with hk end main, badly (root bitten, ho oonld not spare an] ida." In addition to thla reduction in hla worktai ae, be had, when li In. a 41, lid W. 41 SO iplted Um brig Ibbi, (Von Newoaatle, foi John, N. I., with prevMtoaa ud water, ud hai J loot a large quantity of freeh waler daring the gate tbeeoaat he eaptala ef the brig then ddarwlaid to reaaali ere he wae, ooeerring that he thonght he woald hi etnaily relieved fit a day or tee by mm paaetni una hip er ether large Mlllag vowel, whieh weald n? o oraaped by circuMeteeoee ae the Pateiek Benrj a wae. lI thin period the thetMoaeler (toed at tlte, and Cap i i.iflord again reviewed the ooadiuoa of hie orew, I did not ooaaider that he would be JaeMBed In partial h any ei the* under eueh a elate af affaire and in eool naditloa ef the weather dowever, If he had aatiol ed eueh a atorm aa afterearda eel in, he would ban wee tehee the Louiaa in tew and aedirared to bring ' tele pert. fhan he parted tea the brig *e wae about alaaty ate (ate Baaaard, of the ateaartag Va. H. Webb, banrBia rttrtoh Iwjf M NfortM Iki peatUoa of tto brig MprtlMu, wba km ha ?nM go mi aaafoblbt bod thlaka, perhapa, that kg woo pmaMftw* Wktmg ewlag to Ik* ooroio gala whtob apraag ay. bo oaptata of Ik* PriaaaM Loalaa IHU ChyMa ONL, aa hie antral la part, la rayart Ma aoafttoa mi + pmi. If aoaiakbiag la aal daaa mm ? will batao ibie Ibr htm or hla oMa la ailal Bare those weak ta a piaat dntboti elate. Am * la als daya olaao lata otflbrd Ml la wMi bar. ba tbtaba Hkar May bo ?d abort Mi Hob aoalhoaat af the HlyhtaadB t waa oatd y bob lay thai Iba Called Statao ataaaear tie woald laara IM tba Braokiya Nary Terd ta rob of Iba Prtaeaaa loalaa, bat whea oar report or tag Iba yard bo (aaad tbal raaaal ao blooked op ta tbo that aba could eat novo, tad waa told that ao offer! ild bo made to get bar oat awro tbaa what bad beaa a taaiioluallr oo Paaday. bo Catted rOetaa etoraeblp Uellof left tbe Natry Yard lor day moralag, ta order la cmloo along tbe ojooI fbr eta la dwtrooa, aad It la hoped that ebe may fall ta li Iba natortaaate brig Priaoaae Ixtalat. i two daya from tbla aeorelag all tbe prorlatooo wbiob UUaOtffbrd pat oo tbo brig woali bo oibaaatod nader moat farorable elreaawtaaeaa. :he wreck op the bloop freedom. TO TBI DTTOK or TBI BBRALO. Bat, L. L, Jm. K, 1S?T. poor p>>w of ill Mt, aidor tbo bond of "Oor g bind Oorroopoidraofnpponn MMr dotod tin ploon la roflroooo to tho (loop Proodom, mow on litblo ?tetaltp. Thin lottor raurolp mlnropraMto tact*, oid la ondontlp dlototod bp mnlloo, old I roforo oik ipooo trolp to (tata tho taeto i oooi oi tbo oloop via wttb tho ntffinl of dta dpta*. I Inmcdlotalp dorpntcbod Frodortok Lnadp, Ml* G rod wood Old .Iomi Jratnra, ntra omoloptd bp tar lb (I pirpaao, ta bor roltoT. Ii woa lapnooiblo to Mb tbo Ittatxiot oi oooooit of tbo loo, oil Ibov pro tad ta o coll boot down tbo bop and out of tbo lilot orda tbo (loop, antil tbop won atappod bp tho wo. wood tboo, otlbo irom'nni p*rll of hla hfo, eroo?od tao oh Ibot, rorrrnl tloioo br (king Uiroagb It. until b? r.bod Ibo r???tl. Honiara bonrdrd dor old Moor lod bor naiio, nod roaod that tho bod bora dooortod, no bring on boord Tho portp tboo rotnrird to tho ro. It botng rat of tbotr powrr to nHoro bo roraol no of tbo Oolwolla, (hot lot Augnitui,) togotbor n th WTO MORNING EDITION?TUE; AfU, followed after my boat; bat neither of than rendered any aid to my party, nor boarded U>e Hoop, nor, ao far aa I know, baza road their live* You may judge, tbe-efere, whai foaadatloa Umt* In for any Imputation upon me, or bragging by theae, M well a i ae of tbe motive wtlsh actuated the fain a etetemert, and whence it originated j TaP*BN, Superintendent of Beat U.tuee 1o. 3. WRECK AND BURNING OF THE SLOOP 8A[ ; RAH ANN. i Wukvtom L I., Jam *d4, 185T. , i The -choober Sarah Abb, of Philadelphia, (oval aooooder ) same on ahore at eur place, bear Whitest tea, East river, is a (ale of wlud, the lait ol Dec- niter, ana oa the J 19th inal. a be took Oro from some oaoee en W no wo to any ? person about here. We tueseeded id enUaguiehiag the Are, bat with (real difficulty. In oooscquouor oftbe ae verity of tho weather everything wee frozen up Tim veeeel wan partly burnt, her stern being entirely gone , LOSS OF THE SHIP LORD ASHBU&TON. ?UeTPbnr J an 'id, 1167. | The Brltlnh nbip Lord Aahburton, from Couion for 31 John, N1. B , wan totally loot on Grand Mauan, on the 19th Innt AU the officers wore lont, and only e gbt men out of twenty sine were eared, and I hey badly frozin. LOSS OF THE SHIP MANLIUS. Kionun, Jeu. '/A\ 1847. The ehlp Manilas, from N'ewoaitie for Si loan iu totally loat oa Grand Man an. The orew were resoaed, after being over a weak in the boat ant) la thewiodi. Unpt Noyea, or the rerenue service, goes to Grand It an an to day to render aaeletaooe. DISASTER TO THE BRIG SACHEM. PaoviuMoa, Jaa. 'io, 1557. A fall rlggod brig, reported to be the Saohem iweuly three days from Lnbee for New York, pat Into Newport on Sunday night with the Iraa of her top gallant meet, aalia, flying jib,Xoretopmaat, and staysails, and the reeaei and (alia mora or leaa damaged. LOSS- OF TUB SCHOONER STANDARD. Hnurax, Jaa. 26, 1657. The oobooner Standard, from Fast Florida ttt New I York, waa fallen In with In a etnklrg condition, and the I orcw taken oil, end brought here yeeterdey. Additional from llteregne. 1 Notwithstanding the un arorable aooouota which bare been circulated in regard to the condition ot General Wall tr and tha force* under hie command, hia caaee le ot eo desperate aa they woald have ne believe. Ia faot, a close view of thtngo ae they really exist la Ntoaragie are lav Iron ih owing that It Is uivarly hopeless or that [ ho bee not even a chanoe ef taocret. It may be well In thia connection to bear In mind these few important beta i which wa gather from private letters. Tha flret appearance of any Honduras troops waa that i of ilx hundred nun under the oommmd ol I a true, and three formed the force wnlah was beaten by Certain I Waters white on hte way to retlsva Oeasrai ELinamg son. The Costa Rica as are completely exhausted, aad It will be a loni time betere they can brief aaotber ixxiy or mea late the laid, if they are erer ablo to do so. Nicaragua Is la the same ooadltlsa, aad Sea Salvador aad Guatemala ate very moon weakened The lasttweare, la fact, the only Central American SUtea that sen contribute any more mea. la addition to all thin, the euo oeaalnl defence aad Indomitable bravery of Beaaiafsea baa had afreet moral elect upon all the entires. Tae wonderful onoaraaoo aad courage whteb that defence ex blblted has lasplrel them with a salutary dread of tae Americans, and 'hey are aow afraid to meat foes whom they consider as little Isaa ttaa invincible. Taey Imsgtnsd at ona time that, with vastly superior f rroet, ibey should certainly crush him, but the result h*s proved bow muoh they woro mistaken la theii Impressions. Walker, according to tho latest accounts, was at Rlvaoa tbe II.Hi of Dooembar, making arrangements for future operations, more confident thaa over of aoooeae, frees ts si be us ted oonditloa of the allied foreee The arrival of mora reoraita, tbe rxpeotatioa of others, aad tae hot tan bis prreent fbroe oonstam of the beat mea. la a physios point of view-the other* having ruocu mbed to the oil sute or teft tho ooaatry?reader* him more rsiiaot oa his prnepeots. with seeh men ha kaowa what ha oaa do. because be baa already tried tbem. Then again, lb* two parties la Nlsaragia have o warn en oed their quarrels among thamaolvaa. Bellerlng their old dleputaa and are mow tova by their party dirt torn*. Th? condition of Ullage on the Han Join river la not coesllered of aay account, aad regarded aa aarmly delaying for a Urn Ik# trenail of pane lag ire aeroaa the Mbmea. The Aanaal Ball of the pin Drpartament. fever did the Academy of Muilo appear ao bMliaal aa It did lael evening, oa the niXia of tha twenty et|blh ana ami ball of tha Now Torfc Fit a Department. At aa early bow every available spot la tha latartar of tha building waa filled with a gay aad fhahieoeb a aaeem blaga. Tha dreao circle aad baloony bozaa were aa arowded with viattere aa thoegh "Trovntore" waa balag performed tor the laal alghl by the La Oraago Opera troupe. Tha fioor waa of largo dlaeaaataaa, axtaadlag from tha dreaa circle to tha raw of tha building, aad waa highly poUabed with a preparation of waa ia enable tha ioYora of tha larpaioharaaa art to go through the aaasaa of tha daixso with tha moat perfect oaao aad gram. Wreathe of reeei aad other artificial fie were ware hong la toatooM Itom each hoi aad baloooy. Tha meat daa tuog feature ? tae MM, M?f?, ?u in* ooat of im or Iba rm Dapartaioat, eenetnioteo of j?U o( gao, ud upended la tbe roar of the boiidlag oo that all algM have a good opportunity of wltaeatag Uo beaattfol offeat produced by oo BU| brUlloal llghlo. Tha II re roe o ? cap, tbo book aad ladder, tbo r too tog goar of tbo aaohiae aad tbo torches, voro boaaUfaUy rcndorod. A bora tboooal of arao weaahealophore, apoa whlah roalodaa Aaorloaa eogla with outspread wtago. Mopoadod aboro tbla wao a aoot eeraU, oa wblob wore Ibo words:? NV.W YORK rUUC OKPAB HUNT TOMD. f , J 1 i Tbo oa tiro ornameal ooouyted a opaoa of a boat twelro leal oqoaro, aad waa Ibo Iboaa of goaoral adairaUoa. Tbo bmombI tbo ratter eatared ibo rooae lb# rye waa 01 aaeo alraok with lb# bean Ufa I doetga la Ibo roar oT Ibo boaaa. Eagtaoo Mo. IS aod 40 wore piaoad aa eaob aid* ol Ibo dartgp, aad broad, aa M ware, a eert oTgraoad work. Tbo r?alader at tbo deooraMoae wore la perfoot koopfag with ihpoa already doaoHbod, aad did oredM to tbooo who war*aagaged la geetiar tbeae op. Two baa da of aeoala wore aagagad lor tbo oooaaloa, tbe oaa to pbty for tbe daaoero, while the olber paored forth i eon otralaa oT aaole dartag the laterraia bet woaa oaob sot. Tbe order aT Oaaalag mwiiil ae loaa tbaa iwoaty eight sea, ao we oapool the oetertawaoat waa kept ap eatil Bear daybreak Of |be aaoaoo blaga M la hardly aeooooary to opaak II wao loapioad aT Ike ?M* at tbe atropolle Yeaag aad old aUko oooawd to eojey tboatielroo aoat baartiy. Metblag ooearred to dtolarh tbe laoooaa of tbe ooenieb.e oeterprWe Tbe patreaa of tbe ball were deilgoted, the aaagrro wore la tooaeioe, while tbe oaterer of tbe lap per reoa woo ororwaoloMd with Ibo root timber of oereooa who crowded late hM apanaeat toward neid frrVflt frf too ootorprtoo got op la ihMr boho'l, and aoor bloootogo will Ml troa tootr ilpo Mr tho pommtary roltor to goorroooly foroltbod (km Oar PhllMltlpUo CtrTMpondrncf., jm n, 1m7. /Total Ormri Mm Hoi Upm Lumt Firming Tho Ooort Mortal cbnrgod with too Irtol of Onoouttr Rowoo, ol Ibo brig Hotobrtdgo roooooablod Utw mom log, at tho l*ory Tort, to roonaw tho Irtol of U. Chorlm K. rtoatog, of tko ooaoo rowel. Tho fbtiowiog offlooro ooapoto (ho court:? OopUtno Winioa J. MeCluoey, Wo, H Gortoor, Wo. W McKroo, Cborloo Inwodre. Ooorgo V RolMito, J oho Moraoo. Jomoo L lord tor, Wo. W. Hantor, Howry K. Tbovrhrr Tbo ProoMoot of tho Court W Ooanodoro Motli oay. ood Ibo Jadgo Adroooto Puroor QorroM R. Worry 1>o obonto ood opooiaaoMooo woro oot rood to epoi c ourt lo 00000000000 of 00 lofOroiolHy, which It woo tongM ore moor y 10 horo oorrootod prior to go)of 00 with too Irtol. Tho Ooort oat oriih otoood dooro, ood h?t undor ooooMoroMca o propoolUoo to orimIt too oCdor <1 of too Ooooolo 01 Rio ood Mao lor I too 00 ortdoooo. Too oourt oill moot ogolo to 0101 itw aoroiog. Fun Nimirom ir MrOHorrm.- A coll hoo boon pot forth 10 Morion ooooty, itgood by qwto o nuabor of paw t rmrot, pmpootog to bold 0 poblto arotlog of ib? afflitooo of too county, lo Palajto, 00 tbo 24ih io*t, to pooo ootto b o rwolotlooo ood tohc toch protlfnloory otopo on Mr bo ocornory to mwo too potoogo by Ibo Ugtoloiuro ?f o low oompolMog oil otoolHog frto oogrom to loo to tbo rnioty. ood to prohibit thctr oal?rottoe tbltbor froa 1 rtbor (RolM or cowrttoo. iRK H SDAY, JANUARY 27, 1851 IBBIVU. or 111 BLACK WiKBMB. Interesting Ui?UI|turc flimi C?fcfc-Utt Hem from Mexico. The United Stales mall tleaaeab p B auk Wa-rlor, I W. Smith, oommaadur, from New Or eui the llib end He vane 14th, erneod yesterday morning. On the 18th ibe B ack Warrior encountered a terr flo gale (torn the northeaet lo nortbweat, with enow end fleet, which ituled for Oft)-two hour*, with terrlblo beel sees. Lost fore and mam mail, with alt the ngglrg atleebcd and boala. During the gale fnal gave oat, aud aha drifted to the eontbward When the gels abate 1 stood for Norfolk K?i?ia ika ? ??e *..?? ?, -v.?8 ??u hdwow |wr?? umu? u?uiu?| iuriuture, fro , for Tuel. Arrived el Homp'on roods on Slit, buteould net reaob Norfolk on account or the toe, ne It wm deemed annate 10 toy tn the roedi on ooe >ant of the Hooting toe, which hod aoriled nearly every veeeel tn the harbor on chore. She wne furnished with fu?l by the Quarter man tor ot Fort Monroe ond the inhabitants or Old Point Comfort and to Capt. Totten nod htc follow office?*, to Mr. Jett, the Ughthouee keeper, ond <nnoy otttzem of the place for the promptnene In rendering as<l?ianee and nclloraa kindness. Oapt. Smith fee s d <epty ob gated. On the morning of the Slat, Inside of Caps Henry, poke steamship Empire City, bound lor Havouo, vat In to repair moshinery, and w<nt to sen same evening.

The steamship Roanoke, benoe for Norfut, is laying fast In the loe between Old rotnt Comfort ni d Norfolk \ portion of the pnisengers got astere on tne tee. The Anna flrunde, or Rlobmood, from Rio, loaded with coffee, also the bark Parthian, from some port fhe Bremen berk Anna, 80 days from Bremen for Baltimore, with 180 pacseBgers, wee ashore and discharging then, who a e being cared for by the -officer* ot tne lort. The Black Wori lor soiled from Old Point Comfort on the night of the kdtb, and encountered Immense fields of hoary ice all ihe tray from Cape Hsnry to Barnoget, northward of the month of the Caetapeace bay. The grinning eeneon bad commenced throughout the country, nod the crop promised to be very large. The very sewers cold weaiher that had b< ee experienced throughout the Upland?a llghv ft< 8. Bering fallen on tome afthehiue?It was reared might bare Injured the cone; bat It wo* feunl that the effec. bad bean beneOeial. Thfl Hftint of IKa mm n mrae alnnnnrt he lh* ?tM aaA thn ? result was that the ca-e had ripened well, and tho juice gare more orjotallzed sugar and eca mo aaaoi than naeal The dlscusbioa or Ute repeal or the soger dutca hare area engaging pubi'c attention In Cuba, out mtle hope wee entertained or ha being carried. An ecliorUl article In the Diane de la Marina laments the negotiation or the Dal las-Clarendon trm ijr in reiatlou to Central Ame lea, on the ground that It a disposing by two (owerful parties of the rights or n weaker third parly. It rejoioes at the celebration of ooo grot sea of aaUoua, and hopes they will heoome more general. A wanted smaii surer . a weighing upon the Cubase, and the Dtmia ad rose tea a new peorinetal etire- coinage, at the rate of Id or 14 K for one In oreoortlon to sold. 11 waste a* AaiMu ooin la Caha On the ltth last. Us Caput La Osasral rsoogalaed Mr. fbemss Ravage as acting CoasaJ tor bs lolled dlataa daring tbs abssaos or Mr. Bljtbe. us Cou.ul A asv r ask. aider tba iljU o tbs Commercial Bank or Havaaa, was beiag formed la that city, and tbeaaaaas of several o# tbs strongest merchant:. aro tbs tuck list. Whit with asw baaks, t aw aliroads, aaw si sawship enterprises, and a continued rise la tba prtoo of land aad labor, Caba seams to bs undergoing aa axpanrtoa of her Aar* tal aid Industrial s) stem aqoal t > oar sara. Tbs raaaway Mexican war Hiiar Democrat* was offlrlally delivered to bar aaw ooatiaaadsr, scat (raw Vera Otu, oa tba lttb last. ! An official publication of tba Marias Department aa Douaoes ibat tbs light oa Kty nadras, off the harb ?r o (Jhrdaaas, bid heaa re-llghted la a tawporary I ghtboaaa oa tba 1st af Jaaoary, Tba altltoda of lbs pr aaol light is 70 fast abors tbesaa. A aaw tower was balag built to place o' tba old oae, destroyed during tt? gala of HSU o August last. Tba British el rawer Treat arrived at Havaaa Itoa Vara Ores with dates to the 3d Inst Too Dvari-t says I brings so aaws of latcrsat to iu readers Probably tba oaoaa of "religion sad rights. 'which li Isas ass loos to sea Irlawpb la Mexios, does aot prosper Oar latest dates from Meitoo are to the both of Deotmber. Uador tba bead of "Nasal Kloqatsos. tba Diarde gives the letter of Cewmodore Paysosx, to Gee Walker, annoanclag tbs daatruotloa of the Cos la fUcaa brig Oaos | at Aoru The Diana hee advtoee fro* Spain I lk? 14th Dm*ber. lienor Taaeara, the mi Spealeb Minuter to im Calt^ ed Ma, u*iM hU laatractiona on the llih, u4 im * leave * eaee far Waohtagtnn it la aatd be ?U brtage laatroctleaa far the Captain flea era! a cube, la relaUoa * the palley *> ka i anted toward Max too Dteoorertee ol (Old had beaa made in the Storra Nevada, In the pravtnoe o Granada, eald to he rtoher than anj hitherto known la Spain. orm BATAMA COaKBSrOMDIN. B. Havana, January 14, 1UT. Cheap* qf PpaniiA Official Male? Promotion* en (A* Judicial Hmch Omtral Ooncka'i u> (he AlmUmm? New from Maeioo?Mailroai Prtgrtu?A [few SpaMih Orutade Toward* Mmico?Tht Sintrie 1 tUgraph in Tuba ? Vimltri on the I lead?Dw Umtud Slain Om ai on a Mairimomal fbtor. II eredeaee map be glvea to eo**oa hettei here, we hall eoea have a eieaa > weep, fro* the Captain (leaoral down * the lewe* oflieer of thle foveraaaeat What henott ihe people ef Caba w U dartre Ire* hU change I a* * a loae * mag tee, bat, a* vertheleae, It U *p doty * tator* pea that naaap aaUcipate great heaeflu to arlae fro* the ehaage. A* ag the *o* popaiar men whoao retara to Ceba will he hailed with delight la Oemba, wh? we A editor de O eerie dertag the eafartaaate affair el Raaea Plate, ead who, epoa hie trial, noted la a meaaer that rcdovadid ao highly to hu oharaoter both aa a aaaa ead at a Jadge aware * ad*la*tar Jeetloe aad the Uwe with impartiality, eaaba, thep any, ooet* heed * Ceba with the appetal*oat of Regan* (Chief Joetiee) oi the Meal A ad lea* a, the Bepreae Overt of the IeUad. A*oag the *ere reoaat ao* of the Mnrqe* de la He haaa wee the eeeteaaarp aaaaal vtatt * the Oa* de BtaidDea*a(ei*^iaai). Ataeag the lahebMee* efthat eaaal nttraotleae II* KaoaHaaap wa led M make par tieefar taqutrtre reepeoMag the peaag wemea. aad which, prertag at a aatfafaaterp aharaetar, he wee pleaeed * di root that aha *oeid be ae* to the aetata t Daa ?, a ft tone ? the oeptala general. There are to be B.M0 adeldeaal Uehe* oold hereafter at taeh tvtirry, which will yield aa tocretae Iwwa eaoh maath at pet 000 to the already large aatoeal at reranee iiarived Ire* the Royal l/Mtery, thai *c. lag tM people I u Nmn?MM lo panlt, wbiiat M U>e ? # urea 1 may an paaMbad If tfewy Mmlti maaaer by wim IM r??* "i ?be la land ? act baneduad TaaCbpiata <? enrol and family paaaod a ooneidarabla pnritna of ik? rmM paaoal h-xMay* a> lb? aauia of Oreal . wbera Uioro waa largo paly laritad lo wool i<ia i iwiaacy Tba lima waa, I ua lnrm . I ohiall/ taeaao *a playiag moala Tba h.iad goddaaa. I am tnid, I .arorad b? KaeoHraay. a bo woo rtriwai auadrrd ooaoaa irom ?iu of oar aobmty, ooa of waom, at load, did k* boar ma loaa. a with a awry (OW< grace <m iha lath laat, taa Kpantah Pna? (nBm (toamar Va latoo art load Irom (ad la Porto Kico, kt> .but bartag. aa I oadarataad, aarorai raa?a of nraloat tmallpox aa heard, aba waa at aao < ordorod lam gnaraaUao, where, I ba lara, aba atlil romaiaa Bj Uta ?r uab mail Maawer Trral, which arrlrad oa tba i ib laat. irom Vara Croa, wa aara daua Irom tba i ait* of MaBtoa la tba Slat ait Tba rat-a lor tba Oaadalapa Railway war# abortly at 1 pietcd la Maxleo Upoa tbalr arnral. thai importaat warb woo id ao baataaai ta Ha oompietloa Taa raaabaya I nod waa aao batag proooodtd wita aa rapidly aa poam bla Ralirood apaeo at lent wtmM appear to be rife la | M? tteo: aararai atbora af ihla clam of taiamai tmprdba | nrtu I obairva are ta oaatemp 'atlao It la ana propaaad to tatmc ooa camel* aa baaata rt bnribra am Heel'*. ftnnhuaaa tba eamal la wall alapt ad mr ?aab a eoeatry Kiptormtoo* fbr ooal aad iroa ara i a boot batag aotarod opoa by Mtrttaa pna?aaatag bota oapttal aadaaargy ta aorry aoab a boolaaaa ta a uoeaaafnl Immtgraata ara alao offered atmag tamptaUaaa to eoae mi HaiMo? mao who kaaw tba arta of pi aea, wbo bara brada aaa baada la warb far tbrmoatraa. aad wbo poaI mm itrocgtb of mtad aad faro* of to do wbat la tor tbalr owi lataraau aad malatata tbalr rlgbta " If a i raw tboambd of aaab maa aaa be lednoed ta aa It aad I ami a in Mrttao, aba will yet eecooM a great aad Soartab tag noaatry. I hag Mara ta dlroal year ettenlhie la aa erttnle la tba /harto dr la barma of ibo 1Mb laotaat. opno tba anejent of Kftlaa aflbtra. by wbian >oa will pemotro tbat fear cl?ntaa raeaeia of war ara feibwllb ta bo eaat to the bn'raa onaala ta protaM acaaieb taiaraai bt tbat noaatry. Fmrn tba wording M ibo aootaara aaaooootag tola rl roti ma ware I am lad la aoapael tbat ftpala lo a mm to attempt a aomatbiog etmiiar a Meoteo to Urn* ao oaaooae , loily carried oat la (? Domlaga, aad la eallal oadar hir . [ERA] r. buMn and declare to bo dpealsh subjects ail those Mfiwaos a no nay oo enlist, and lb as atom pi to ayalo obtain the sovereignty 01 Hex too. Lei the United Hiatal loon to this mailer A gentleman named Tlbbets arrived here by the Qaaker City, to make arrangemesle (or laying aotrn the ? electric telegraph cable between tbM pert and Oape no , rloa. I understand the government of this island will only consent to this being done upou the underdanding tbae 1 whenever it shall desire it the telegraph shall bs under I Its sole control. Will theeonsent of the men in the Unl- | ted States wboee money Is to be Invested in tb.e grea. enterprise ague to ibisf I rainer reohon not. 1 I waaal the Opera to bear "La KaireHa dol Norte '* I v thought La brange's votoe bad beootne somewhat a "rteoy ." The bouse wan well ailed aad the Opera was enthusiastically reoeivel. 7 Col. Blythe, United dtatee Consul here, left la the Qua- y ker City, ler Mobile, yesterday morning. Be has ootaln g td a short furlough sad has gone home to get married. Nest Sabbath will be his wedding day a* will, I sup " pot a, on bis return bring his bride with mm -*00 will s receive the csoet polite attentions from our "C rami tl ilea." tl Looking over the regie lor of tht Gardiner House yea u tor dap 1 found th? naion M the fotiowing persons among tl the recant arrivals Irum iho Uultea .Stales:?W. C Pickets- f< gill and son, W. K. rrnvorsaad lady,U 8. Rutlecge, if. P. tl Msitland.J C Olmatead and lady, ? II Culioch and b brotbar nod Mr Ttobett, ail worn Near York, W. K. Mor- " rta, Baltimore; j. O l.yoa and 8 T. Sutherland, Chloago; 8 W H. Latbrop and lady, b W. Monroe and G D l-v - i Iowa, from Wlaooaaln, btstdeu aeveral other name* wfctoh a want or lime did not permit me to oopy. fi fi Havana, Jan. 14, 1867. T Approtuhing Departure of General Concha?Kff'd on At fopulmr Mima?Dr. Kane's HeAth?Landing of J/loot. n ?Jtmrieii, Ac. * The laet that General Conoba Is to leave tbo govern- T ment or thin Island wltbin tbe next two months, has > oansed deep disquiet, under lb a fear that bis unse'-hah b and devoted service a to tne prosperity and bapplnosa of tbe people will never be replaoed by any person who n may be sent here as a reward for pest service to the State. Tbe levi et of Mrs. Concha are now fully attended, ni even by tboeo who are most opposed to Spanish at/an ui gers. l> The levee to night will be graced by many of our dls n'; tlnguished atrangeve lrcm tbe Hotel Cnbano, among them Judge Carroll, of the Stale of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Crane, Mr. and Mrs Leonard, of Mlsalaslppt, and oibcrsioo numerous to mention m We do not get any vei y satisfactory reports as to tbo _ health ol Dr. Km.a wto is ateylng at Mrs. Almj's house. Bis mother and brother arrived by last steamer, Vpiakor c' CUy. 1 presume that be will not be likely to render any w more aery ice to hia con- try au<1 his taoe. We have bad two aiavers oil tbo coau at the east and ' It la preaumid their enrgaen have been legally landed, , matrieuiated lor Cuban labor, under too proveniivj ' tdfclo ay it am wblcn waa effecually to Dreved the (ur Uter lmpt rtetloB of ntgroee truci the coast of Afrxa y.Uur tkick of sugars, oid ?l! uow, amounts to 35.000 boxes Wmiss held at $7 60 a 6? 60, ot tor to beet , qualities. Hoi, ped the present wtek, 17,000 boxes D M lasses o< mmg in pretty 1/cely prteae being 7X a 8 |{ reals per keg . Fi eights arc better than last week, and Increased Inquiry for Kurcptt kxcbaugr?Now York, 6\ a 8>i discount; Ljndon, 4)i i a 4\ premium; Now Orica.s 4 % a 4)4 do. ,. United sislse gold ooiu at 6 a 0 dlaoouat. Health very good. ' Weather cooi and dellgblTal, and favorable to tba r! planters. It 01 Btrtow's Tihutxb.?"Otvnm."?A ptoce with the u o above title waa produced for the drat time In thii city, at Mr Barton's theatre, laet night It It an adaptation from the French by A. W. Tbaxter, of Bostoo, where It waa 'k drat played, and where Mrs. Barrow made a hit In the !J principal role. It bears marks both ot Its Parisian and ^ Yankee parentage the former gtring It a sught daab of p immorality to mako It acoeptab a >n this aat aga, and toe latte (applying a quota of patiiotlem and ptHy to mako u it palatable to the sons of the Puritans. The plot ot this play has been "a proprtaled" by ao maay playwrights that It would be telling the eubetanoe of half a dozin different pteoee to reprodneo U, no we forbear "Oijmpta" t> fdll of telling altaaUooa and gtrea ooope for tone splendid acting, and m tbla reapect It baa ampla Jortloe at the hands of Mr Burton'e ompaay. The sec cesmob of the event! U constant, and tba attention Is not allowed to dag lor aofastant. It Is very Freach;, tery exciting, and very ntoely dona Mrs Barrow eras i losllsat as lbs heroine, but If aha used bar votos a little more judiciously It would have been bettor M ae Fanny Brow* played an Improper young w< man with a grant J goal of abandon, and waa deeerredly applauded. Mr. o detebel via deterring of a good deal oi praisa, aid ma ? eaat waft ezoelleat la lis way. Tbft placa vu carefully mounted sad ooetamed, asd the whole performance merited the applaoae 11 reoelred. "Oiympta" will be 8 repeated to alght. * ????? h BMonwiT Ticairu ?The Betel troupe, managed by P Gabriel and Praooote. oosamettced aa engagement at the < Broadway last alght, and were greeted with a crowded w house. The perfor jisatM inatoded a ballet, " Bella la Paquerette," in which M'Ue Vroa Mathlaa was the pre latere domett e; groupings by the Martiaetti family, aad tt the paatomtaae "Moaa," ta wblih Gabriel aad Praaoota 4 per formed the principal role . The eaiartala meet did not j differ ta any material respect from those usually g ten by j these artiste, aad whtoh hare bora so ofte . .sen by the j public, aad yet are seer Ireah, ever new. No perform era j bare the seme raatllty la amoatag tbatr aadleaoe as the Herein, aad no i er form era pat so much money la the pockets ef the esaatger. at the Dread way they wtu al isrtia'e with Mr. Korrtwl, aad will dosbiloea bare a long ? aad sooceeaful engagement. Their pieoeaare azaaediagly well doae la eeary respect, aad tlma baa la ao way diminished the hold of the principal i erf or mere upon the ,) sflreUoaa of the public. ??-??1??- el Bow tar TMania?" OwDiira."? Mr. Brougham hartag a redootd the prloaa la tha dress circle to what bo calls b tbe democratic alaadard, on lha bypotheale, pwiM, ? that democracy la cheap? wbereaa It I* often rary dnr? ai via greeted with a oaptui bouee laet nig bt. to Wilson 11 Ifea prod action or U>? now fairy tpectacle, "Oadioo," "J which la fOnndod npon Um ballot of tbe came noma. The ? ?port tela la Hie all pleore of ita dan, (Imply a rntiieJo la rt I* play pra% eceoery, pretty driaan, pretty glrlc a ad U pretty daooea, all of wbicb It done la a nod aa tie factory n rileal Tko principal male charaetorn warn wall ma- dl dertd by Nr. H Sryaonr, eaga?ad far Una piece, and Mr. J. B. Howe, a yoaag actor of mneh ability. Mian al Ketgaoidi waa a fOonmallag Oadlaa a opnto who would I* ladnee tbe aoramat oM toper to tafto la Ifea water?aad P' bar aUeadaata, tfeo N*Uaa Haarardo, bad a fall op port a ? aliy to dlaplay their tfeorogfapfefc abtliuea. ifea play JJ waa oattrely tncoaaafnl. h ib Tin fratxaa Oraat ? Tbo ' Tro retort" will bo repeated Ui at tfee Academy tfeia ereotag, far tbo laat lime Tbla rery ^ popnlar work oaolloe mat oad tataraal fr im tbe gmal to anooraa wkiah baa aUtaded tba dettd af Parodl aad ? tiberlai la tfee principal rote., ta Ifea waatfear bei eao dbly moderated, a fait etleedaaee may be expaeted at d' Ifea Academy ta light. bl ft* Baa am to Mum Ioruu fm ?Nr. Niblo baa laadarad JJj to Mbm I. >aloa Pyao aad Mr. Harrtaaa a benefit, which ta to take place Ifea ereetag al tfee Oardoa. Tfee bill la. r? httiM fe rftlABliP BMd AMfBllfi EMf Tof MBA ATM flf fBPn MM dtW< I I Aid Ui? roluatorra fiMUw am mm of Mr Uttor ud Mm Kama Nua.ey, tba Ima mod trUM mokir < T< nor am tbo Amortcaa otefo Tbo roal morn of tbo J" brooflctarwo tofctb*r with tbo otoalloot ootortoiamrit If efmd, oboold attract eroodod hoaoo of Prsaiwt Cow* ? It will bo pcrcotrod by a parafrapb r, wo pub'tobod m yrotorday oflrtlii't Hflum, that HcO tbi of Ppoatah ootai?qnartora, rbllliaga aad Mipaooaa- {jjj i toioad, bp amlttag at tbo mat, a mat la alt tot ofMll, r* or, la otkor worda, tbo M of thoaa ootaa ytoidod M Tb, an a loaa of oalp a 1 par boot, wbtlo tbo ataalard at wbleb tbo pttnawl pro mom la tab* tb?m for dam, la tbo t?, law bataro Oawfraoa. la at M par oaat atanoaat Wa an oa tbat i??o 17,0(0 worth of Bpaatab ootaa waro ahlppod ** la Cbba loot wook, la wblab aaarkol all tbo plaaaa wbh tbo plllara alalblo oa tbom ara worth pap. n ____________ It Tito Brwwaao Mnat Ataaw Caao. of !> BAaNlM AMD LIN FOOD IMPKT1P POM A BOOM. h' II will bo roeoUoetod that oa Mat Gbrtotmoa Bight a Bra tarorrod la a 'iq nor Mora noraor of bnai aad Waaa- nt lor drwb, krpt bp Hiram La ftaraoa. Tbo appooraaoo vh of tbo Bra ralood taoptoloa that It waa tbo work of do *' Mga. "w Mbrahal ltako> aad tbo potto# of tbo KtgbUt M ward, oa Ibo raamlaaUoa of tbo promlaao that oUbt, If bo Word that To Ftaram. udaau aawid liafbrd bad aoma baowtodga of uia Brtag af tba pramtaaa Aonordta? p ibop aoarebod a booaa of tu fbom la tba Imamdtata rtwaNp. aad tboro foaad tba aoraaod partlm turn I la dlffaroai par a of|tba bonta also a qaaatitp af wtaa aal _ llqaor waa ftaaad otowad la a oloaat, oalp roomily hmnphl ~ from tbo atora. Tbo wttaroam la taw oaao war# aabpro t atrd bofbro tbo loot Uraad .Tory, aad tbat bodp M fbmd'btiw of ladtetmoat tor arooa agaiaot boaa oartlm t Tbrp will probably bo hroagbt la trial at tba aait torai t n at tbo mart. g t? L.D. PRICE TWO CENTS. Ikr Lai* Tragedy In ivtnnt A. inothi h tutim?COKUNKH it I mj liter urow TlW LODfKH. Coroner Perr *H engaged la holding toques* yester laj npoa the bodtoi of the late rlctims ef murder and wictde at Nit avenue A. u?ia< Sunday Dight tee abal child of Kietnaa died from the effects of the patei administered to It by It* father. Ho auotaer nstlw lao fallea lo thi bh lorrlb ? oaeo. The evident coi Ire. nineteen, the only surviving member of the lam If, real to corroborate all *e have stetod la reference to ihle ad affair She etated that her husband got up about yi o'eloeb on Hunduy uiornug, aai> made a Ore preoratory to preparing b?eattaa>: that, ae ioca as or.ekMt was ready, be poured out some ef tie oo'Jbe and fare 1 to hie eldest child, who was lying 1a bad ttefc with Ike mallpoi; that he took two caps o: cod re himself enJ Iisb poured out some for wtinea* ; lira Kinemaa bought ber husbsad acted Hiraogely, raid re'UMHt te rtak ef the beverage, but merely dipped oar brea i la be mum; that alter b> r husband had irao< off the c<> pe he went to bed with the stele ctuid ben commenced to vomit; wiioeet arkod Im "wbat wee tho mailer," when bo '1 ba re pot a shilling's worth or poi/um in tie r .u.j be then gave the alarm, when mot off* rnvghoers * a me 10 aid wltm-aeed ice oealb slrug| lew of ib? lathe* nd child Mr* Kinrman look the youngest coil I to bar itber'*. In avenue O, where it died during toe name tap -om the ellecte of the poiroued cellos administered m >4. he witness . aid the bad no quarrel with her hoaband, ?t that ho waa a very Intrmpuraie man Ahoni a pear go abe heard bu threaten to poison the whole faump: *vor beard that he waa n.raoe u-ooaaed tame hoot* bout bine o'clock on rtaturriay night from Willi tmiou'g. le wae sober then, and appeared to be la good aplrttt ho cck child called out and asked Its tamer if be had rtft gbt It anything, woar- upoo drooaeed aaid be had rougbl something wbiob would tlx tbera all oat. La Dbrluf* ?, Mr* Kiaumtn laid that fbn bat utt toe Ityhleet kiea wby her (innband poisoned hlmtelfasd failly, eioept that be was notHlnmUle drunk Dr y> in Jo made an examtoaitcn or the body of the lai teed parilee, am guve ti aa tie opinion that deatn was iu.-*eri by aewnln Tie j iry tn each case renders 1 a vev ibi In accordance wl<h the above reeu Tie Barneses' ie children were Pool and Mary fbe lunur ?u a neve o: tkla country, while Ibo Utter wee bore u> Uerany. CMjr Intelligence. Tin Wasrasn wee mild yesterday, tbe ther mo meter ait inj 26 decrees throughout most of the day, with the tnd form the southeast The rivets and bay warsesrer has they have been for some time, though there as a good deal or whtt has bets called " toe porridge" .at ng about. Tbe South, Wall street, Vultoo. Peot eitg .d Urand tweet ferries, on Iba Kan river, the States land ferry, aid tbe Jersey C117 sad Bubokon (errtas, 'ran wim to arable rrgutartiy, aod in much hStlSf me Uiau u??-al. Toe streeta ai>d aide walks arc g )Uiog > be ae immoa-e numanoe, an l the eo-mer the authoriia ace to them the btfer U In Imp natblc to walk nib o- mSort, aad it ir equally Impossible to ride Tuc iuti? now ran regularly and Utooniy ooea over inn are be Southern ma ie. which are a weak behind time. It i ir bo befed (hat tbe worat rf sinter Is now over. Corbict Tins r. k ths Cirr?Ososns to .ins Biumio. an ?Wo snnouBoal r< me days ttaoe that Mayor Wood ad authorized Profeieor R. h Bull, or the New Ttsfc 'nlvereity, to give exact aatrocomloal Urns to the bedlagers throughout the cttv at sine o'clock erery evesig, eo that they could soiify the public by aiae struhas the Ore bells, the Dnt stroke to be ae near the preetss me as possible Tbe following Is the Mnyor'a order is ie belirtogen Mayors Orricc Nsir Tors, Jan. It, lf?y. OenTtSMES?^You will boreali* r airtka t?e hour of nine Is e eteLing. upon <ba receipt ol tbe proper signal by tola, raph to be given by Professor ttu-h-rd ll. Bull trom hta tuntem'cal observatory. i be object m to hare true and mitre time tlirougbout tba city, that lb.- ctu/i-na may ba nkto nee to erery .twenty tear bourn to be assur-d na to law reeve mciuent at which the hour In reached H? the liarar. O. W HINCKMaN, Ultra. Kbcu'd Pro'eaaor Bull perfect hla arraagesieal In Urns, r?vi? us to which, however, the Profeeaor wtil Issue^nt flictal nolios. imcoi os mi Biun Rahoad?Asothku Rie.ooon etcaii.? Yesterday morning it aevrn o'clock, an be treiu from Croten Felts waa passing over Iks embaafcsent on tho curie betwocn I'leasaatvtlle end Neporan, n i bee I In tho rear passenger ear snipped In two, aa4 Iter belnf drawn a space the ooupllug broke and the oar uraed ever and was prtctp'tated down an embankment weaty feet deep. About twrtty persons wure m ib? ear, >nt strange to say only one person, judge Robertson sf Fmlebrsier, waa barl, and he waa bruised aa l burned iy coming le oentaot with lbs stove The oibcr pa wee era were tumbled about la a manner to ahghtly aetoeleh beaa. but they were ueli jured Tbe reet of me irala ran o to Nrperaa before ir accident was discovered The roken car was shoved oat of the way, and tee paasen> era toot tbe other care to tbts etty. linui ran Rmcriso Mae rmta a Wnnrv ?The Life avtng Benevolent Society of New York hare jsst predated Oap aln l ewis B. Hedges a bean Mui gold medal, tr his manly and benevolent oendwot la rescuing the . sesengers and crew of the ship John Harrow frorxbssag rosraed last Deocmber. The medal is of One gold, at sighs rvc sevriy two peenywetgbia It le net la eat ssd tasteful case, which opsas and abate spaa bodb dee of it like the case of a double case a mb retype, be teUowIng Insert o.ion m eagreved oe the Bret side aI is medal altb a wreaib of Bowers lasloslag It ? -rrrrrrrrrrrf trr rrrvrv ft ^ Mts rst c.srs it am seavstA. Pr sealed Jan , 11*7 to * CAPTAIN IK WIS B HaUOFS, J Of tbe ship E 7., of New York, lor hm humanity ( aad courage la rescuing from impoodlag death all of ( the pases agora aad eraw of the snip J> ha Oarrew, > when a wreoh at sea Use B. IBBd, aad tor hie meet j Christian treaim< at of them afterwards ^ ^ ^ tm the ether aide of Us nirdai tbe foliowtna la m. :ribtd>? l.tlottavlag Botoeohet metlUtutloa of Now Turk, T Iacorpo*atod 1Mb Mo'cb, lMlr \ Thla (l<*o oloo coo Ulna a vorr ikliful aad plaaaiii deID, re pretest leg etraaded abip oo the kaacb, IM Tti darhlag furInualy over ber oaor bf to I ataUN ohm with mortar, thrrwiag a ropo to the sbtp, to raa e the boat of those <x |>>o?r<t. This la a rarp neat tasmoolal, sad we ere glai to aoa M%aga aad bumaaMp moay a a ti'loi men tooa rnoonragod, as the too* lodge tat goon aad bravo doods aro appreciated la oftee a r?at lacoDtire to them. A stiver modal of the asms baraev-r has beoa proem ted to iseti or the other adi ire oa board the P7., bp the same aooooMloa. Tat CoaroaaiMw Ooiveav ? Mr. Be steed haa bees agodw disposed tor eeaeedey a, botoot daagereoalf Ha la aww mi vs leaner t. bat will ant be able to re same bia egotai a Use fo - a wash or two. m i* Iran a ?shortly altor It a'olaek m Reader If bt i Ire brota oil la a fooary a tore kapt by Iraaeto . Baatar, a*t naiad at M arroua A. Ika Ira Mrayat ratty aaak too wkala oi Ika alaak. Mr. GaMar aat illy ooraptod tba room bank of tba flora to lira la. b?l i ba Urn* af tba lira II la aald tbay vara at tba Garaatt 14alra la tba Bowrry, aad oa tbatr raiara fouad tba ora baraad eat Tba bra, bowarar, aid aot at Wad to a bark roan af aay eaaaaqaaaaa. aa tba daar eaparaiiag a dura fro* lha room mm alned. % aadaratoad tba nek aad bitor>e ara laaarad far m.ofo la tba ktaltt a laaaraaea Oaapaay . tba toaa aay pnaatbly aanal Hoo oa tba nook The daeeee to ibe belidiaf will be wot IKMi larnrrd. m ta w atm Pi Ran ?lha alarm of are Ibr the tiniib ttrtot, batwaaa aad 10 o alaah laat algbt, mm oaaaad i Ora balef dttaorrrad amoaf aaaaa aid rafa aa Iba at to Hoar of Tboratoa aad Major'a bndad warotianaa, >. m (Tatar itrrrt. Too bra ao dooht ertg'aatea >m a bala af raft k ft rrnat to# praalaaa bra, aad aad itiaf utabed. No aaatof a aaaa. Cwaertrra' laqanft. Rca Oraa arp Kili*i> ?Oaroaar Mile bald aa laqaaat t rday al No. I'd Hartrr rtraalopraiba body of a boy u ara af af*. aaawi taw raw. who diet fron Ika ?ff'<*a ar'aa aoaKeota ly rreatrad by batnf raa arar by oeo IM nowwty no wraaa nmi I'M of (tag* alatgha. a norarreaoa which tooh piaca is Chatham ilrmt, aaar ?mtM, aaa oaaaitnad bp the driver had aaadartnr I eingb who www awl a war* af tha inHwl qmii nmi m affrwarta. Tba tary trv Ible cawa rowdarad tha kiwlBf vwdM ?" PratMora of tba Mall, r imrb cwtrrd bp brief kaoeferd dwwa bp bina attaooad ta 4 raa ovar bp ak%h No It of tba Beware aad Broad wat liar, oa vba M<b dap af Jaaaarr. 1*7. Tba larp rttirrmave rraawra tba proprtotoea at aatd baarov allow I r*fbt hataa atrifha la ba dnvaa throwgh aa daaaaip owned a 1hnrmi?t?fara. II botag al all tliaat dang M*. ' Tba A fftfrd waa a aatiea at Maw Tarh Fatal Ra*C jfejf- a Fiaat ?Ooaaaar Oaaaarp waa Had apaa pdbw.fwp la BaM aa wqaaat at Na 1*4 award ana, apaa tba body of a paaaf oaaa M paara tfo. aawad Mtebaai Oaaa, wba <H*d fraai loot (aw wight oa bp a wowad ratedrad la tba wrtat, bp eaaM vaaa aahaawa, oa tba M at Jaaoa^^ Proai tba taatoap addaaat bafbra tba Jarp, b^H&rad that a atataa airiaaid'a kaaw tba ??ai at Ib^Ka wba Icttalad a waaad ; bat apaa xamiatadBP; aba daaiad Al towlaofo of tba fact Har taabaaap waa aa aacfliallri at tba tiaroaar thought propar ti commit bar to pnrt i a wbaaao la tba oaaa Daafbaad waa a aattra <d aiaad. _____________ I'alttd Mataa Pbadaltt Oaort Bafbra Baa Jad?a Batta Jam M -f*? rotted Maba aa fbwr Met 4 Pr*. ** Ha waa a m?tina aa part of tba Owrtoai Haaaa aatbari * to rordoatr tonr batra <rf drogfat or H<daf low aearbat raloa Tbap wara eal <1 al ill! etarMrr, id apprmtaad horr at (IN atari o? Tbara waa at b'maat, aad tha rrp tbaad ra . I Ibr the U" >ad taa?aaadaautag tba foada