Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1857 Page 5
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I Obituary* JOHN BUTTON, r. & A. orelgn mail brought newt of the death of tkls BriUab antiquarians. Be ni bora Jul/ 7, I Is hire, where ho received some slight eieuoatlon, and was early apprenticed to a wine i London. Every rragment of tine that oould ed from regular duty was zealously employed by oan die light la the collar, such works M tamed cheaply from the old book stalls, ounsr Brltton undertook to obtain s subsistence II abler walks of literature, en oo ante ring the I iltadea, hardships and privations incident to I )er. Hla first tffort was " An account of the . Adventures of hzsrro," which was roUowed variety of pnolicatlooa, extending through seventy eight years of active authorship. His II feeling was for painting, but this soon blended sgtr passion for uouumental art. In the llluihtch he probaoly did more than any other lers now cocupy toe Held of keener insight sad rehenslvo grasp, perhaps, but the first exrey was made by tne genial and laborloui t removed. on's publications arrange thcmaelver. first head o( t-pograpny. In 1801 appears utlea of Wliiauire, ' and at intervals dnrin ( following ye?<? ' fne Beauties of Esgian '' lu fourteen voiuinri In tne meantime h j le -British atlas," u. accompany the "Beauln the ''Annual Rt-vluw," wroto numerous " > trsrinni toatiirfi luichl arorki. brjidn . nnn Ii ?'Kees'Cyoiopodia" all the articles oa Engolch topography as editor ot "Haveli's Piclews ot Nobit wen's and (ientlemou's Seats," Views of huigueb Cues" and "Picturequj ol English Cities," be lurther olaoldated Sagspby in general. fhe metropolis received par ration. "Memoirs or the Tower of London,'' burch," "Illustrations of the I'abllo Buildings " lintory or Woiiminster Abbey," and a f the late Houses 01 Parliament and the Ana la Westminster " are among me productions nated chiefly from his pea. To them should he works on 'joaoe's Museum," "CssMobury 'l/oepdene," ihs latter was a grateful ser part of Mr. Brtttun in f.vor of Thomas Hope, trly patron and iriend, whose admirable work lure the former arranged for the preas. iter mncn he u.d (or topography, Mr. Brlttoa astly more lor arohiteetore la Its relation to II the ptetnrees ue la 1814 wu published the series known as the ' Cathedral Antiquities which before I8d5 ezteadad to fourteen "Graphical and Literary Illustrations or Foatanda work on toe Aroniteotural Antiqulmandy" were aiso produced prior to 1828. olofy Mr. Brliton labored with great Industry, uaay ubordlna e essays oa Monumental Antllch, though act la ihe (bra of lndapeadeat re yet of much worth. At the commencement .ry aad artiauo uie be prepared draw lag of ), showing tta appearance both before aad after be great trtiubou a 1797 The "British Maga cteiy of Antiquaries or London," "Royal laBntlah Arcniveou." "Sussex Arohologtoel and "British Arcbj- >lognsaI Association," >naiant contribution* from tola Uring rolce aad tea. on waa intimately acquainted with nearly all it literati of h's day, many or whom, from ?r /iold* to Sir W-lter S?tt, ooatrlbnted to tbe his diversified puottoatlona. Bat bis aoquala artiste waa yet mjre extended and Influential Benjamin Weal, }Vedencic Naab, J. Varley, J. bo mas Glrttn, and J M. W Tomer, were early to (apply bin dra sings; aad tbeae farnlsaod for ail tbe best engravers of tbe Ume, several drat roe > te emineoee under bit fostering Brttton secures tbe most skilful draftsmen ( by tbe supertorlty of tbelr graphic lllu tretlonn ictural works rapidly assumed the blgh> of luooeee lie first lntrodaced Samuel ne public, and drew George Csttermole, when iag man. from beusg an assistant la a rural orfollt. Wuliam Alexander, Sir Jeflry Wyatn Bell Cotuan, Joseph Gaudy, Charles Wild, 'tslall, Copley Fielding, J. A Repton, Edward frtdtflAk MbfiaBBllli BUM fc.ll ! tola MPvtAB I of tb?a bis pupus The latter, perhaps the tectural draftsman that ever lived, wee first em to popular esteem In oonoecUon wttb Brit ihtecturai antiquities or Greet Britain." Henry a Keuz, the must famous en|ravers in tbelr line d, were aleo Orit brought Into general noiloe me work, and to ibe ** Beaotieoor England.'' e Keuz, ibe great li ting arust, wbo every way e genius and name be labertta, baa ttkeartae r tbe venera >le trlend of hit father, aad waa to bis deaibb*i Mat be might bo desired to Ibe posthumous disposal of his effects, for la rge variety of the choice orgtnals engraved la ustrated works, we undent and, came directly 'tilton to Me hand* of Dr Magoon, and are now f. It Is to be hoped Mat oMera may be brought the art treasures or our country before tbe opa lost Ub baa thrown open another rich rolleotloa to uny ana sel?. Personal inspection assure 1 taltb garnered tnere We were present 11 i ... libra.y, with the meerfal octogenarian Ucr as recused snnounaing the death of th of bla pupils, wed known in connection wit ocnery, W. H Bartlett. WlM a sigh he ex Thus Mey are all tearing me!" bird o( October, lm, Ur. Bnttoo lsltel Cance scene of hie ran - professional toil;sad In oon : that nobie oatbeurai again, after ao long an In wrote Me (allowing lines u. like myae'f. an lar advanced In years, i hastening onwards to ear final doom : aarw brier Ms tMierabie form. ion d, raifcrtd, upteid, atMJl atiii remain a oaten yen. raliout >o admire ; I muu fa t. ud Tali or> ?oa repair a >u I revelled ua iky |W|MU charma. i toofbt it. my ado aiO'T to aaroil, ompre betd Ik* beaudaa oi Iky torn, i |lre ika wor'd due raoord of thy lam*, a bow Taabla were my Mm oat power* ibata tba ahadowi thai arooad tan U?, tr aid (ark. and veal and omtaoaa, Urn deiendera of Iky aaUmn ralfa. lrat day of 1M7 Ibe ana aroae on thai m^eatie 1 lie balla rani a marry peal while tba haart or orer wee U>robOu>| 10 it- rr L At tba boar of rayar ika penairn oat from oa hick raaouadad . dear old Brtttoa waa fbrarar gona. JOBiril R HOT BARTON, M. P. louncad the daaw m Mr. Brothertoa oa Bator og, and coodeaae the Ibilowing dalalia ol bin Mr jirotherioa waa born on the 33d or May, fit.lofton, near CheeterHeid, Oarbyahlra, a place 1 la the annaa or hiaiory aa tba apot wbara iba a rti 1 MIR una r/iMvw>ln^ Ilia fatha* Ifw f rah m II a, k'pt a baaruiaj nobool, a ad ra ate* la About Hi year ITS*. Mr. Jobs Brother rc'Ti i t>y ib. Bat'd of Kioise to Mancbaoter bort period elapoei before be r. tmmenoad Iba of comm. taking a roam or two la a factory, wo ai Out a lector? Mr .lohn Brotbartoa ..y oitantletl hia baeine-ia, taking III* aoa Into I tp with bta la ISO*. Mr Joaapb Brotbartoa la bunuxwa t>n into wbao bo retired oertoa waa married la 1Mb to Mlos Harray, (ooata. aad Motor to Mr Aldernaa Harrey. 'aeue oao ooa, Jaaae Brutbortoa, who a oar bold* iMtat ao Ree-irar UeaeraJ la tho Inlaad Rera a, Loadoa, and two daughter*. oao anmtr too othtr Mori .ad la Mr. Maria, oora boot notion Tho eaeryy wih wh ob Mr. Broth# ? rates hi used to tba week of reform aad in it a MancbMUr aad Balford, aoprc ally batweea ra ba rati rod from baalaroa. aad 1*32, ?b? tba I U pre mallard a mam bar at oaco potnlad b m eiectora aa tba u>aa arba deserved Pari alooora at llitir heads Tba eietUeat q mat use r,' heart all a bad already procured for Mr. b ibe respect of a a a a*or ooa prtraio circle, I toyed to canaoat ad too tap .a tba Bouao of t Bo waa oao o? tba ee/l.aot member# of the I law i-eague, bo *oab aa aoMro part la tba | by wb ob i aoagbt to rouoa tlio op tloaa of the I a.btt thai protoouro ayMaoa. Ba etood by Iba tbal oremoal to the lloaao of Ooutatoo*. aad tborlotory which uiuautaly drowned their ai I THF KB AH OF FMBAU'a RON. th of the edeoi eua of tbo fbeh of Parata re be ran oorroopoadoai) waa aaarkad by rory y. nrcnaiautaeefl Tbo Con t bad Juot rot era ad aoraralp *a eoataaer raatdoaoa at foolahok, tied paoaod ail tbo but aoaaoa. wt.ea tbo yeaag } ill, and at tba aa<t of three days an named t o lever Although oaly right yeari of age, bo Ico, i ngiun *nu nuuiu, la ini woo hj nit no ud *u o< nnarkulf taialltgawoe lor bit ?m 10 bar* proceeded wtthta year to err Uia gaidaaoe or a fnramur, ao1 with a ordaire aiib bta elevated rant llta falber letter thaa tap oi bJa other children, and borne down by h o nntin*lf death The iwe ?H the eoa of the Prtaoeaa Kaobat la uli ol iba four akdeoe tr lawful wires or tbe h/yta aiao orarwheiated with grief, A mag a<ai waa firea to the danaaaaJ. aad a mniu >e erteMat to it? near tba (rand motqno of i tafi.rlone hat ibroarn a (In >m over the wbol Ltrrtereo enaitderabiy with erery kind o i ritmie nrmtirrra op irprramifiia. rot rliv nft of Wiittrmherf, moibor of lb) aob ot Wu'ieoibfrft, dt?d on the Sd laat a: tea at K rn etmueter Teck Tba deceaeed * ihe danghirr o' the >ato friano Cbarloa of lbt;fg, to both on iba Md April, 1190. and 17fl <ha Poke L mi of %nrteait>er|, tiaeia or King, who oied in Ihl?. m another drah hat oocorre ' among IV Ivra ta the parent of Qonntnee TuttBKt m a botn u.tint tat Dlttr rhaV a, wita o trte de Mi ntd >r', nephew to the K o( an t t Koyal Rjtiniat ft .nra Albert The rount't !rtin <1 M n H8?, ?a? iter to h I B?i* ?o md aunt to Uio [Hike of Cobnrg and Pt oca ' "?mi contain* a letter of the Oth \ enna, aunouaciax the eoaden death of Mari n t'ommanoer la Catai au.i itorernor none tom'raraa t eoenaa pro?<noe?. The Marahal, r atatae, wae carried off by an attack ol apo , an F Bart M P., af the repreoaafa treatern dlriaioa of the cmnty of Keat, Raft | on the Pin mat at hie aeat, n?ar MaHatoae. 1 i? the repreaeDtal're of aa ancient Keat<ah tick baa held large imaoreeiona -aid eterc.i <od Pie m oeneo In the county for tne >aot tnree ftartftjat. Plate T?aanter of New Raotpahlro, eortlon Ute ?'?i ln?t a'tor a abort llineoo He I f/rj- year a of age. ao.t formerly Prod in burg, ob fcfl Mb laM , Mr. Jom JU .?, tin opu 9V (elan, of Prisma street, oemnaltted "sdotda by Mwlf HI bli brains. R appears (hat Mr Adit had far e?aas months past been Is a Very dmpmdlr* slate of mlad. oats* to bad health, asd particularly. It ta believed, on aooonat of his faille* iljrtt. Lord Miltobo died at his seat, Ptctos Castle, Is Pemb roses hire, on the 3d of January,. niter a short bet sersre 1 lie ess. Baprrmt Oaoit-fltrtuit, Before Hon Judge Dartss. stnr Aoanur run city MVHOMKBNr. Jan. 27 ?French and Beiar at. The Mayor, de, if the City if New Fork ?This was an notion In whloh tan plainlilt sought to rooorer the valsa of oortain btafo furniture, fixtures and other articieb, whloh they had erected tn Castle Garden for the purports of fitting tt np for publio entertainments, on taking the lease or the Garden from the Corporation, in 1844 Met. rt. Kverts and Bowne, appeared for the plelntifib, and Mr. WUooxion fbr the Corporation. It appeared from the evidence, that in Aprtl, 1884, just before tbe lease of the plaintiffs expired, they om men cod tearing down and carrying away all the lm provemecl- whl.h Iter bad ereoted la the Garden during > be term of their leaf*. The leaae provided that all the mprovements thai the plaintiff- might place la the Gar den during the term ehosld belong to the Corporation on It r xplrauon The Corporation Couuael, under thla dauae ot the leaae, procured an tpjuootton to atop these aula of the plalntm.- and ttey now bring this auit to recover the valne ol all the Improvements which they were prevented lrom removing from the Garden by thU Injunction. The rent reserved in thla leaae was two thousand dollars per annum. Mr. Fiagg, Comptroller or the city, testtiiad that tha ordinary yearly rental ol Castle Gardea was ten thousand dollars. The Court held that the qu?st1oa to be decided was purely a question or law, whether by the terms or the lease the Improvements weie the property ot the Corpora Hon or of tha plaintiffs, and directed the jury to Unl a 1 verdict for the plaintiffs for $3,600 and interest, and then 1 ordered that judgment upon the verdiol should be suspended, and that the pialatlffk should make a caae upon upon which the question or law should be heard at the Geaeral Term ol this Court. Theatrical aad BI osteal. Raoai>wit ThsaTss ?Gabriel and Franoois Ravel. Yrca Mali laa, the Martlaettia, he , again appear la a aeries of unique performances to night Bow sky Thbatsi ?Tho highly anooaeshil drama called "The Gunmaker ot Moscow," and the aplendld spectacle of "Oodlne," oontlane the leaturea here. Braros'a.?The beautiful drama entitled "Vice aad Virtue," in sbicb Mr* Harrow. Mr. Belteu and Mr 0. Flatter ?pp< ar, la announced for Ula evening, with the "Breach of Promlae"?Mr Barton ea Sodden. WaixarK's ? Mlaa Hercn allll ettraotn large aidienrea to witness her delineation cf the part or Camilla, which wilt be given with "Dr. Mil worth' to night. licju Kaaxn's ?" Ureama of Delnalona," 1" Rachel, the Reaper, ' and "Von. g Bacchna," prove enfiioiently remumeratlve to warrant their retention on the bills. Acadbmt or Mono ?Madame WUhorat la to make her debut In Italian Opera tbla evening. She will eaaay the character et the heroine In "Luoia di Lammermoor." Axai'.icaa MuKxrst ?The pepnlar drama entitled "The Hear Hunters' is to be produoed both in the afternoon rnd evening "Mr and Mrs. White'' also to night. Ths MiMmwis ?Goo. Christy and Wood's tronpe will repeat "New l ear Calls," and the Bank lays "jonJuao," to night. B >m parties laene fine programmes of songs, he., with which their entertainments oommance. Tlse Studio of Powers, sit Florence?His ? Female America." (norocce (Dec 128) Correspondence ol tho Liverpool Poet J A visit to Powers' studio Is at all times Interesting in portrait busts he stands unrivalled, both for rendering of character and delicacy aud beauty o tlni b Wisely sub mitttng art to nature, he tinds In every line and wrinkle of the human fane an expression 01 individual character and nature. The body is the coal's expreeetoa; and there la no line, however feint, no wrinkle, however minute, but baa Its foundation in the heart, mind, er Drain of the Individual. The finest portrait bu t extant la universally acknowledged to be that of Seneca, in the Museum at Naplee, and there la not the hundredUt part of an tneb la that bust without its i.neor wrinkle it Is to Una reoog nltlon of the eou, chiseling of the fece that Powers owes bis enpremecy to the difficult art of portrait bustt Tbera la at precast la bis atudto n lemale figure, em bicmatloai of America. Partially and gracefully draped, he steads, leaning her right hand on the Union, rapre sentcd by a bundle of rods be nd firmly together, a diadem or thirteen eta." upon her head to token or the thirteen original Stales, her ieft toot trampling upon chains, the emblem of tyranny , the arm and hand ralard towards heaven as invoking blet-,slog on the re public. TbL> figure s a government commission Intended tor the Capitol at Washington, but, with various excuses. President Pleroe has contrived to C?? lid of in lnan juration daring bis rale. Does be fear the satire of tbe i hang trampled to the dust by America 1?fear that this status of Powere, celebrating tbe freedom end Independence of the Union, might undor bli Preeldenl ablp, euggtel u more Oiling emb.em n llgnro trtmpling ihe liberty cap under Its loot, toe rlgh hand reeling on a blndgeon, the left Qourtahleg aloft la trlomph the oat o' nine tall* of the ? >utb * Oh m MT. FlIM la a men tfconalderablt mecbamcal gentua, anl there emu to ton da* a carloua proof of Ola combined artlaiic and mechanical power in the 11 mm at Cincinnati, where a dark room la Oiled up aa the " Inferno,'' with Tarloaa de*1oee of gboeta, aertla, and hanged maletartors, tuning out from unexpected corners and reoaanea, modelled and arranged by him In hie youth. The Tlalter rlewa thla atrasge aoeee through aa Iron grating, andehould be chance to place a band on the bare, an electric ahiok from a concealed batter* add* not a Utile to the effect. Mr. 1'owera haa adopted a method of hia own or mode Hag, urtng planter Inaiead of slay, by whloh meant the rink* ef drying nod erecting, no well known lo ncalptora, am don* ewny wilt nitogeihor, and the lirel model la produced la a eolld and ad arable malarial capable of taking a high tiotab Tbegnat diSoalty or Ihli nee m% terlel ?m tbe Ineiantaneooe clofglng of tbe file In nee among eeelptore by the powdered planter Mr. roveramtrbaatcti taleml barn came to hla anatataaoe. He la rented aad made by band a file of a ptjv.Uar formation, altogether getting rlJ of tbe erll, and admirably adapted to toe need ? at all workera la nofl mettle, wood, \s. Head tie making waa, however, loo laborioea a procem lor a mam of hla rnergy an 1 aklU, bad be le j(ft completing a beeutlfnl pleoe of machinery by wblcb alar ire num bar of tbeee fllee may be made la a day. and watob, oaoe completed aad made known, will (really facilitate tbe labora or many oraTla Par la Fathlent to .leter U. (Troon tba l/inuon Court Journal ] The approaching ball at tba Tetlanaa la auiiolpated to ba oaa of tbe meet brlliiaat yet beheld there. Toe wUb of tbe F.mperor, rerbaily eiprnaeel, that tbe ladiee of tbe court ebonid cooilder tbeToccaatoa a* a gala algbt, aad aelxe tbe opportunity of wearing aft their jewel* hie can ed thegreaieet agitation nmongnt tba fklr competllore for court faror and erer/ aiartoe baa bean made to renovate lb# old family jewela la eome oaiea. aad lo acgulra new parurre la other#, In order to lenilfy to tbe wteb lo obey tbe Fmperor'a In aucUon for thin reenan errry ie welter In Pert* ban been fully occupied for eome Hme peat In eleealng end recalling, le mile a lag end eom pitting; and tba renult bee bsee in nomaoeaei. the here, and the carrying off the eery boat apectn-aa for thoeonipietiroot paruree left unworn ud unnoticed er.-r atnoe tbr wedilng day. We bnee board from one of tbo lint jewelleri of rarto, that oertalo 'ascription* of jewels, long elaoe goae of faahi a. bare been no eagerly nought alter dnrtag tbo last month that they bars rt*?a la ealne more than doable. The trio an I tbo Ira riltaa emerald, aad the a^na marine, otooeo whiob haee beoa well oigh forgotten eiaco tbo bogtnalog of tbo oeatury, bare all born eoogbt after with aa marh eager bom ao tbo year la aad dtamoodi considered tbooaly wear" appropriate for roart ceremonies la our day. Tie Kmpreoa baa a salt of tbo otooo aollod pertoloon, which, wboo of ocortolo sirs aad color M cor. tiered aa Talcablo m dlamoar a. Thle oo.i?long negieoted aiaoog tbe btjoni da la roaroawo? was present*.! to tbo wife of Leo's galeae, by tbe t rench last India Company, on tba signing tf tbeir ebatrlcr by tbe King. Tbeetoa* are now being reset for her Majesty, sad great eicttemeni dm b. en prwdoood among the ladioo of the ooort to eacertato tbe rtfect of lbs pe< altar green of these otoeoo Kurrouoded by niamoade Tbo grant laar oxperloanod to tbat tb ty will kill orsry other atone nonr which they may happen to be piaoed. Tbo oolor ta a dark oilra green, wi h a pe rullarly eoft and liquid Art. Ilka that of tbe laclalhe? more dangrroaa than the mors rlrtd sparkling of other prrc'ooe atones, for It a boor bo tbo light sod aoada sons ? *.? lun iioiiv wh i'irnicnj ronintrrpn we rimi nd newt nr?rkw? of 'twala. ud ta the Int la Mill ravarded with great reverence. aa taa anal pawarfai of laliaaaaa, aad tha only pr aarrallTa agatntt tba aril era. The Turf. Tba I.lerrpool IV?w o ,.iwin?ry lOaaya ?Mr Ball, af the Liverpool Adoipfcl-i HUbiaa baa. doriof Iba paat wee forwarda<l to America a para tborongbnred Arab) aa mara, for B Rl:ban1a. Kbi , a moat extoaalee broader In lonlelane. Tba mara waa bred la tba great daaaM of Hthara aad parchaaad from tba rbief of a tribe of Arabe, by f froye, Fm<\ , tba oalebratad artlrt. ao well kaowa in America For bia jndlctaoi care aad attention la ahlp pttif li la valuable animal. Mr. Troye, who baa had (real eiferleace In ?ba traaaferenoa of < aula and boraaa by aa. and knowa 11a dlfllnnlty, haa wrlttan a la<tar of thenkr to Mr Ball. Mr. Traje baa l>aea rellesltaf mate rlaia aod prodnctloaa for a work oa iba Raat, tba toa-ill of Ma lahnra, la reftreaee to whlob. amnapi other mat torn of internal, la aa ettenalTa Mew of tba Haad Sea, aoanea In Itamaar ta and Tar^ona porta of Syria; and, finally be anlaryed and our ihed bia oallartloo by aka ehaa bad ralira In the IMmee. Reudea hia oolientmna of abetrhea bad palntlnya, Mr. Troya bar pot together aa laimenaa number of ob eeta of Intaraat connected with Patoattae. all of which bo exhibited In rarla bnfora the fnparor I onto Napoleon. Tbeae, oa hta return 10 Aoier lea, are to bo exhibited again prior to thalr animate oaa TttKM to Ntw Yor*.?-Tbf individual wh?i wah arreated aad Uk?a before Alderman Kane oa |-tatarday err Din,', oa the grave charge of aedocing a young lady In Now Vork a few moou? ?lace by meaaa of drnreed wire, waa ical on to thai city loot er< a vug la charge or efVrer George B. Boom. of the rtaerre r<vt? whom ho la to bo rlered la (he h?od? of the aaih-niiee of that city U) await a trtai ?PhU idt'fMa Timet Jan. 27, Wumk or k Man. Roar?lariat <1,1 *. -Ian. 24, 1M7 ?The flee Meainrr Niajrvra, moa'.ng between Cairo and Now Orlratit. In the regular mail llor waa totally wrecked while on bar iaat peerage to Now orlrana Tna rra?? I broke In two. bit her paaaaagrro were all tortii aataly reecned and landed oa no 'aland KtornriT IN MrB<sOBmi.?Tfce St. f.onU? Re/mbHran ataiea tna Robert V. IJoore, of t baity, Janoa <h nnty, Mo., lale'y elonod with the wife an I child of Hrary Hu're o' tbat |?aoo Boor? waa a leader la the Method! t rhti-cb ?? ?4?at paw and waa ooeanrte-l both With tag oiaer at VU4 Tc-'ewe aad that of Muom. W YOBK HERAU# WED! Oaf Bamufc MmipwiwN, Hajuitob, Bermuda, Ju. T, 15*1, The Home Cm eminent and the L*M Election. Hla Exoeilcnoy IIm Governor having received by the eat moll a deepatch from the Secretary for the Oeloatea, together with the opinion or the G-own oilioere le Fogland, oa the proceedings In the Hoeae of Aammbly dertog the lent aaiaton, la the eettlog eatde of the duly elected member far Pnjet, Mr. F. U. Smith, and subetltattn| in hla atead, the favorite ot the mhjoritf, Mr. 8 8. Ingham. I eacleee the opinlOB of the i?aglleh Grown offloere. Yoa will perceive they express In strong terms their dlaap probation of the oouree penned by the Hoeae of Assess bljr. denouncing their prooeedlngaei "anoutrage, ooth on ParllsmenUry law and oommon sense," and that they entertain " no doubt that in going thus far, and In suostl tutlng the return of Mr. Ingham (or that of Mr Smith, the Assembly have altogether exceeded their ooaatltutlonal povera.'' "Hie Governor has Issued bis prootamatien dissolving Parliament, and a general election takes place at once, the writs being mate returnable on the Ihth of February next The Islands an once more olear of rover, I trust a long time te remain so mm m ggittstmate ADOI-PHTTH LOTKWAN 18 UFUtKWTiFH 8K<Hnwnro to call su his parents without tail lie ia a ranng Una gartaii bo?, 14 years at' age. speaks Begliah French and Ger man. and card t? peddle with laeee and erabrotrtertee. HhouB any oae heai of said Lovenian ha would oblige ih - permits by giving lunormattoo to the firm of PolaUck A Httwhrt, Fen hirer. Mass. Bernard farink. or couboux. canton of Berne Saritzerlana. who Is auppoM-d to reside m New tork. or id lb? vicinity HiuoelHGl, would re'iere ilie anvtetv of his brother Jaccuoa. now also in America, by writing to Ulna, car? of Mr FtopnU) Pellagrin, al B Marsh's, watch maker, Albany. New- kork Any person knowing 01 the whereabout* of Bernard t arinc would cinder a great favor by giving Infer as above oirecteo. ^JIIARLKS AU. WF.IJL. "I NFORMATTDN WANTED?OF .1 AM KB MURPHY, OF 1 Killmirhael, coi.uty 01 Wextord, Ireland Whou lust heard lrom be went by Ibe name of 1>h\ I Poster. on Ike shin h e Jacset, from UtMMi Any Information reaaocUoir hbu, or >iIk wife, will be tbuiikfuUv received by Ins uMer Catherine, living at IMYest Baltic street, Brooklyn. MOW JOSEPHINE WAJtNER WILL PLEASE SEND her addrssato U W , Union square Pout olBoo, In haste. THE LEGTVBH HEABOfl. _ A LECTURE WIU BE DELIVERED BY L BILLIMAN I?ea, L L. P.. lor tho benelit of the society of 81. \ intent de Paul, on Thurndav, Jan ?.?, at Uie Broadway Taliernai 1?. Subject?"Church and Slate?Charities compared " Ttrkats 25 cents, to be bad at tho Catholic bookstores sod at the door on the evening of tho lesturc. Doom open at 7, lecture all o clock. TVR. HAWKS' LECTURES.?CORRESPONDENCE. u Isr.w York, Jam , IH57. Krv Fnavcts L. U.iv ia, D. D.?Dkar sir ? as u is known U? u* that for many v ears you have devoted much atteaUou totbc antiquities ol this eonilneat, and as Home or us sre faml liar with tar very Interesting recent result* of your studies we take the liberty of requesting you (11' your encasements w ill permit; to make known to the public such or your dh> 001cries as may be presented in the form of lectures, which we ieel assured w ill prove ol genera! Interest to our fellow citl/era ?l.uther ilradb-h, famuei II. Ruggles. Isaac Ferris, Johu W. Francis Kvert A. Diiyckirck. Thomas DeWlit, Besj K. Winthrop, Oeorgp Itancruft, rtamuel Osgirsl. rhAs. King, George Fo'som. Augustus BcheU, Ueory T. Tuckeruuin, GeesgsH. Moore. NBW Tork, JAU. 7. 1817. OsMiJtMFN? I duly appreciate your kind opinion of the re sul.s ot my occasional studies into our aattq llttiaa; and, Uis claiming for them any very extraordinary merit. I will ebeer fully, In deference to'your opinion as to their Interest, comply Willi yonr request, li my friend, Mr. Moore, will assist me In making the requisite arrangements 1 am, gentlemen, with muoli respect, your obedient servant, FRANCIS L HAWKS. Ia accordance with the above arrangement*. Rev. Dr. Hawks will deliver a course of three leoluros, at Hope I'liapi i. in Broadway, on the evenings of Monday, Februaev 2 Wednesday, February 4, and Friday, February C, at 7 V u clock. Tickotsto the course?42. T ROTIJBK ON OALILKO AND ASTRONOMICAL SCI IJ eurc t>> Iter. .loan tora, tor uie ooneit 01 tin woman h borne of the Priaou Association, at Clinton ball. Thursday evening, January 19, at * o'clock. One admission M cents IKSTHVCTIOW. prn FOR WRITING ; BOOKKEEPING, ?t0: TIJrt VtJ.t'v unlimited. algebra, artthmettc, Ac., as usual, all tfit. ewk, nl Mr. PalKK'H academies, C2 Bowery, New York, and INI fullot. aireet Brooklyn From Ev Oovernor King. * Col. Paint's style of writing in modern and easy." ftllOA TEAR 18 CHARGED BOARD AND TTTTIOR 1- at the II udeon River lusUtete. at ClaveTeck, Naw York three miles hrom lindane cttjr. Neb term open April 17. Ma's and female. Write far catalogue to ftsC (I.L oardnkr, a. a.. Principal. GtRKMl'H LAlfOOAUR ?PROFESSOR P. LAOROIX, r 7?c Broadway, asattasna to (Ira thorough tnsmsbrm in the French language. Imparting to his pupils Iks abilMr to spaak the lanrnage wttb lueury and rorrectneaa. ApaHsaterns raceirad between the hears of I and Sor and TP. M. C1ENTLKXFN FROM EUROPE WISHING TO AT I" tain without Joss of time, a thorough knowledge of the form* aid modes of Hrcoontantahip In use iu tbivcity, are la vited to call at FOSTER'S mercantile college. Jit. Broadway. where e.- jj plan <>l bookkeeping a. uni it deralaprd aad taught in a reliable and auperior manner. Ladik*' and oknti.kmen s chcap ann vamjaI'le wrung nod bookkeeping rlataee, open <t?v and even lug, bjr II C. RnWK .147 Broadway Prtrate lastrnrUona at the r.-Bl.ienre of pupil*, aa limal. Wedding and rlilling raj'l?, mniidrntial and ornamental writing eia a'ei <*|iial, if not superior, to plate engravings. LfnUUTPIUfc Gr.rat Rusn at ornoK. lent day to atbaoriae tar Harper. Knickerbocker. Uodey a Lady a Bok, Orahain'a Magazine, Putnam'a Month. 7, Hlackwoid'a Magazine, rthe beautiful rugrartng oi aarrantr aicirr. With mernl>?rahlp la the ?xi?M<?rot.iT\x ART ABWXKATION, Whose distribution will take p ace poaitiveiy an tlit 2&lt taeiar.b Leava jaur name to day. before S o'clock P. M ?n mmm, mu? BPKIIIfJ MANTfl.liAN. HOT lOU I . JACOB bANHlNII. aroBTMt *.< ?< atPuratrcKEH of VAmu,AN. Aa Id now prepared to eihl'>P a C0?n.*r? un lin.nnriat erorv, Comprising all the NKWJWT AND MiiaT DMIIRAMJC 8TTLM, Ta Which l.e tattles the attention ot Cue Moutbern and Westers >obb wa. Ttie above will be ottered at the vdr? lowe* prtrM, U'l m lAbmu 'firm* 42 Ot4,tr iti nat Botwotoi 5toma and W.lliam CM.OAKR AT HALF PBI('E-TO CIA),* TIIK BoMoo'a ImporlALon* We utiAl oflar our enure aloak au? k. daring lha Moodi of .'Miiarr, HdimwIewNi ONK BaI.P TIIK ORIGINAL rRf<"T Iff ardor to efleci an enUre rlearooce or.O. BUI.PIN, Wo 361 Broadway. FCRU AT HALT PRICE-TO CI.OUK THE Hfwoo'i Importation* We ahAll oflrr our eol?re fur ater*. during tho Month of January t (la dim' rnaer OVK II Al l TIIK OEIfllJIAI. PRICK, to order to affect tlx* oaUro clearance OKO. Bl, K? .161 Iwidwiy. GftRIR'8 BAZA A*. BIS BROA DW A Y.?IMPORT A AfT.? Orret aarrttirp? ?!< ni atn brnidarvt*. r imprMln# not lv?, roll* nod hI#*tM to mab h. han<tkrrrhi*f* An , Ac., Ac., which will baaolU 3u par cant hnlow importer ? prwaa QBNIN'fl ll?w 9t.A Hmadwar, Mt. Klohola* /"^ RUIN'S R.AZAAR, MS BROAOWAY. \T U?ndkarehir1a, hendkrraldefn, handkerchief*, i?rj cheap at flF.VIN'8 Ba.aar M.A Hrondw*y St. Nlcholaa l!>w? / A FKIM'S BA1. A AR. SIS BROADWAT. U Pet*. KU. wu, Collar*, poller* roll??, Rlaere* alaere*, alparfla, peldng at * aacrlflpa, t? m\kr room lor aprtnu importation*. tlRNIN'8 Huur ftT.1 Hro*dwa?, 8t >lchol? HoW. | BlsH I.INFRR, W1UTR AKD BROW If T A BLR CLOTHS, I napkin* doTllea, hhadkerrhlnt*. nnirm rloUia, towrl*. An li'tun *'ipplln(l at lowrat pri -a*. (Jooda aont by erpruaa Wll.l.t A V M ATI1V WS. ? fniiiw na MrM' INDIA KI'HHFR <IM)VKRAltD MITTRNR-MNiCD OB I unlloed. for ro'J and wrt WM'kw An remedy for rliatoed bund* Mil rhrnm. *r blearh tbr KAnde. and render tlirm aoft and eirnoth The ladya alova will be fauad Terr n?eful In housework For sale at aJJ Uie rubber Mores, and at ;W> John alrrrt, up Staira I~ ACE AKD SII.K MAHTlLLAi. X R. 8 Mli.IX A CO. Are now ready torahlbtt their aieiau larontaTios* am tsrr?t*rt >: or ttrr ??n?n.a a apTltiAt ?*n a??unte, Which are ent reij new and anaurp?a?nd In rarlety beati'y and afyle. Rrna?e.e and Clisnhlly laee ararfa as<l baaones In a great IMlr _ m Wholesale buyers and jobbers, fVtwn all sections, are inched to rail at d examine the vends. Ibry will beotrered at the trey lowed maaulaettiring prlrrs at 80 and 82 chambers street, up stain. MR* ERArr. FAdnmxABt.F PRKSSMAKRB, eo Wrst 1 wentieth street, near Sitth srenne, bevs leareto rail the attention of the public to her new style of dres?es fbr 1 the preset)t season of bolls N'e fastening risible on tbstn; latest style of Tarts and leindon, warranted to tt. Unrest v. ?. I > i rlc-so an 1 a ' ?' J fVKT MlfF.N RHRVHRrja-OTR ITVffPRRD PIRORR TT Ot wet hnon rhertlnpa of a tperKW .fnallty, for hob* or family tut, 10 4, II 4 11 1. at one hall the ro? af 'mporto1MB W . P HUSO, It* M'l llOWrt'i arenna. j IIKUIHIKT. ACARO TO TIIR PRRTAL PROfRASlOT.?TO rORrert all falao unpreeeioti* in re*arl io the b'-ntimhia~ apparatm for ettrartiaij teeth without pain," I be* lent e to atale that t mill boM UtejiKht to turn l? in mr own pra< upe Itttt ot to rail The rertttlrBe whleh I gave l>r ftranch thai he wna tin- role patentee n aa *1ten at Itla ra | ueaf. aa he aa 1 ' mattr aenBeta aappi>?inp ma to bol<l a patent on it refaae 111 purchaae of him. Rrap< rUutlr, F WIIJIOR. Pentiat, T Boot! ?reat nbnturrar -or r O PI-rkir. OARAI. rtrrrt t near Tartnb. old No ITA. (now. 4AS i tnrttaa aMeaHan to Ma tna* ami ? < aarf tl rrpertwoae l?a>iy operaMon* with tba are a-I harmlaaa bfaaaibm* aRaot, pm??Uaf U pain. ffcn ?<***? , RSBAC, .TANUAB Y 28. 1 3O-0LOOK P M. THIS 1>AT ' UK SUBSCRIPTION loot* ol Uf iVmbdoi ,>M<u A."i A.S o.iuti will pMlU?'lr ciow- Hutifrnb Ur#?" ll i? i.?, |k , ?Su>>Kcriptiaa? U lh? Uo*uoi>uuuai art amm iaUuo will k t t-> ud at ili? K mrkaf borkrr offltw up to tkr < . rlo-k I*. M tin* da?, at Vltltli llUIS llie lHX4,h will c||,. (Ad Ihn HUN irlll 1)1 telegraphed to the Western otltre. ?l re the distribution will lake piane tin* ev.-uio* Several h in. r-d oil p sinkings marble statuary, Ac , Ac . will be dwtr.m cd iree among all tha hubsfrtoer*. Annual auiire*n l>> I win!'. MtUa Kmoraou. SnbnrnpUoa 9l entitling a paraou l.> Harper's, or any other 9.1 nuvgasdnr, together with ibe art b ursal, one year Aleo, a t.ekrt in lb. above dlslriluUom ? erwbv'a ooaUv oil patot lug or work In n.aio'e may be 4feei\nl gratia Full panlcu lam given. anil specimen works can be w ivu Iron at the Knlck ecboeker Magazine ollioe, over Appljtou a book a tore, 34-1 Jiroadway. Subscribe at owee. AMKKTING OF PROPERTY OWNER* AND RESTueota oii Levtuguu. avenue. Uramerry park and Irvtug place. opposed to a line of on ibim-,rw hi mg run through said street will bo heid a', the lieunlt ?>loi?na:irv, cower TwentyUnid street and Necud aveaue. on WcilnaMOy evening, Jan. 2b, at 7% o'clook. All lnUjr?*l?w are re lueslrd la attend. PETER OOOpKR. ) N. T OONKLINU, j VALENTINE a H ALL, Committee. J. K. OOLL. | l.KVI OOtyK, J AMhKTINU OP T11K BOLDKBS OK TI1K, Til IRO mortgage or lncoma (ten pel ceul I of the I'lucago

Alton and M 1 -ouo. kailroa.l iViropaty, n ilea red alike I .flier ol t;. N POT'I EK, Rao, til Wail direct, on Friday, the 3utb mat. at ?}? P. M. NOTICE-PILGRIM LODGE. NO. 343, I. O. OK O F.'1 lie nieuiben, of tbia Lodge aro reipieatod 'anient at their Ledge No. 374 Grand street, on I luralvt evening .'an. 29 11Y order JOeKPti CoI.K, N. U. Gcoitor: A. FAmcim.nj, Beer lary NotiOK. ?taK ANNUAL RCHOTAOM tv muKimiMM of tha Ocean Kwun Navigation Company of New York will he belli at the nlUoe ot the company. No II routo nilHam street, on Monday, Feb 2 IbuT Tbe |>oll4 will be Mna trorn 10 A. hi to 2 p. N. Ti an afar boo*# will be <*aaad am a Feb s. 4). A AMMEKHON. Saorehur. vrotccflt to ownshr op property an? LA far Central Park ?Tli t owner*o' property aaaessudfar Otmtral Park are bare by nouQixi lob aald aaaaoinxnAn can be paid at thtnothoa nnth February 2b, lhfiT. luctaiuva, with J per rant tolerant from Ut ot February. Ifbfl, the date Of the (MB flrmaUou of the assessment by the riwpreme On art. After that date the ureeacceat Hat will ba returned to (he Buroaa of Arrears, a Ma tab-rest WU lie ebaeged at tbe rate ot U per eeot per annom from 'he dole of ooollrtnalioo. February 6, 1K<6 Tha property aaasnstd la ere*mow! la tbe fallewM bouudartue - Oa the east half way between Meoond and Turd avusiuea. on the west, halt way between the lend) end Kl? Teeth art-noes on the north, lialf way between llfith and 117th atoaeU; also Tom eaaten, side of Fifth arer.ue to wert arn akle of lUghth arena*, Incinaive, to balf wftv between lldtl. and 131th etreaia; an tbe aouth half way batwaei ?*r'y I,rat and ^ OrCy eaoniil atreeta, aim. on the rant aide of Ki&a arar.ue to weatarn aide of hUghih avenue, Ineluairn, to half war hetwaec Thirty third and 'ililrty fourth tree's ' jumps R. TAVI.OR, Oallariar of Aaaoaamenla. IJo 2 basement OUy Qalb OFKICK OF THK CHIRK Oh POLICE. XKW TORK, January Iff 1^57 ?Owners are *ant -d for the following property, supposed to have been stolen, at the First District Police Court (Centre street> lor oue coil of rooe, one small while hair robe. two bows ribbons one h&skst of champagne, one lot of old bags, twsive pieces of clothe< line, and four row boat*, that can be aeen at the Fourth district station bouae, (bo. 9 Oak street' Alio at thebinUi district giatloa house im Charles street1 lor one soarl. one cameo brooch, a lady's cloth cloak and three pleccr of under c osthing. (IKOftOK W MaTSELL, Chief of Police. Special wot1ce?application | ii avikli beef made to the Common Council far a *-taite line of twenty lire omnibuses through Lexington avenue, Irving plane. Fourteenth street and Broadway, the Special Committee of the Board <1 a dermen will tniet on Bouduv. Mrun 1SS7. at 11 o'clock A M.. for the purpose ol altordind a hearing to all parties Interested tn said matter. Alderman WILSON. / COui.tkr , Special Committee. . " BLUM. S Thomas paibe.-thk one hi ndrfd and twfw tieth aon!ver?aj> of tlie birthday of l'hotnua Paine. uuilior of "C"Oimpn Spurp. will bp celebrated at the City Aaseioby Rooms, 446 Broadway, on Thursday evening, Jan '?> iHfif, Tickets can be bail of C BI.rNCHABI) 76 Natulan atropt, and of ihi coronuupe, J. Hum peon. U. Wnlte and W. E. Rose, "2 Wbiip Rtreoi. The foixowixo oentlemkn have been ki.rct ed dins tor* of tlie Manhattan Clap Eight Company lor lite enauit.g year ? Motet Taylor, Wiarlea Roome, llecry Voting. John J. Cisco, John A)*'}hp, Floyd Smith, John a. Robinson, Wuliatn v. Braly, \t nilaia ii. Smith, Bei .sraln W Ihdatos'rr, Jolin R. l.udlow, Heury A. Hurl but, I'riaii J. Smith Beo.umiu B. Sherman. John J. Phelp*. At a ruec lng of the board, lipid last evening. Charles Roome, F.ri| w,a unanimously re elected President and Floyd Smith Rso , Vice President. haMUKI. U. HOWARD, Secretary. % Three oclock p m. this day the rubscrip lion book* of the Cosmopolitan Art As* "nation will sua!lively rlosp. Rl .tKO.?Palmer a bun of "Rprlag."? Jbva bpau tlfui work of art, now on free exhibition at the Knickerbocker kliiga/ine ollioe, hdb Broadway, n. My worth tl i??, will, with 1 several huts' ed other boats and staluii* In tuarbi", and oil naintiiigR, be dlstibutpil free by the Coaniopolltan Art Asaocla Hon among all aub-enber* whose names are received up to tnrre ll Clock I- an, worn too iinciaa 111 me new i urn iimrn wllirloae HllklMMIMl ''J telegraph The diatri , i in |Hi*iuvoiy take* place ni the Wentem ntlioe M the evening of Jan. If when the aonu.,1 add rem ?ili be de livered by Kalpli Waldo Kmcr? . Anypeimraon tlieuinyment of R't berotnee a unhfcorlber, and ia entitled to any of the Incdlng three dollar maga/Jnea one year, or a aplendld atgcl engraving of ' Ratur dai Night " together with the art Journal one year, anil a tic-let in the above dlatrtbiition. bv winch a Matty win >i art may be tad in addition full particular* gi ven at the K nick erbnckrr Magazine offer. ."14* Hro-at-cay over A| bonkwnre. where the ubovo tanioua liuM can be aeon with apeiimee* of magazine* engravlnga Ac. Ramember the hooka cloae a' three o'clock P V. to day. aUiiWAMTO. *?> REWARD ? LOBT. ON MONDAY EVENING. A JJt|) ama'l black enamelled wallet containing aundrr pa pro among which waa a eertllcate for M ahare? New tfroek Coal Com pan The above reward will be paid on ita b<-lng left at id Charllou alreet AC RKWARD -I.OST, IN T1IK VICINITY OF OATHS apt) avenue. Ilrooklyn, a (rray Menu h terrier dec. wearing a leailier collar with name of ovvnor. Any one returning bin to liau-a avenue, fourth door eaat of Oraud, will reoclve the above reward. *r REWARD ?LOsT ON MONDAY I.AST. THE r.TH T'' InoUnl at the ladn* window, general 1'na' nil or between there and the corner of Liberty atrrot and In owdway. a pecketbook. containing among other artielre. a rimteated note for two hundred and odd doilara (RJW and od#which le of no raitie to aar one but the owner, aundry little tr1He?. to gether w fh a goccl |or?et of no Intrinsic warth but highly pn/ed by the lever aa it <onuma the Ukenewa ol a loat tneial Apply to B. W Kit IIaKDS, No. 307 Broadway. d>r RPWARD.-I.ORT. OS WKDSKtllAY, 7TH INST ipv J in Broadway, lietwecn St. Nirhola* Hotel and t hambora Wert, or in Canal atrcet. a hair bracalat, containing a pntith man'a daguerreotype inthec.agp Anyperoon ending tin- will ronler a lavor i?y leavlif the i?m? ml i ooiu ho. 2 ?*> H roadway. Mn<l recclvo the above rowan I a>r HfcWAhn.-i.owr. on Monday artkknoon, between II and 7 o'tdoek. In Vnrtrk or llndnoii atti-eia a large whPe Hpainxb poodle dog wl'li m III er m?rk on 'bo left ear V> horror return* .he nam.' to it Wall atreel aliall receive the abort- reward. J>/T REWARD ?I.Oft'f, AliOf&T c. lias. IN Wll S1MF* ?P?J ton pawn ofllre, l.H| Bowery, a bnntllr of pawn nek Ha Whoever will rrtiim the aatd tlrkna lo ZT Wooeter alrer'. ? rri-io the above reward of Hannah Uarrta (Jin RKWAW>?I.OBT, ON HATT'IJD AY MORNTRfl. A tJ I ' ' lar^e Itlark Newfoundland do*, tvltb a amail whi'a alripe on .be l-reaw Whowrnr reluro* the aaina to Jfo Xi Ham mood atreei will receive the above reward. RRWARD- ITQUi RROMTHR ABToft HOt'SK ipt about the libit inat.. a lar;.*e double overrrat, w tth a h< od, fur tun.tahed ne 1-otii widen black on one anje brown or pearb brown on the other; made In Canada The above reward wUi be paid oo the laturn ot the ooai lo th* vw ur Houve. OKI II.I.R Ci.ARK, <j>t nn from no 1.14 wr*t vJ ' Twenty nlmh atrett, between fi and 7 oclork. a hurae and aleigh W hoever will return the aw toe I i the above acurraa *111 ir hub or rr? nr. ami no jurauona aakr.l W WILHOB, wrstafcaat. r count/. LOST AMD VOI WD. A mm DOG LOST? A 8MAM. BLACK AND TAB SCUT. m?rosp?d low tall * ?pot ot<t r*rh ry , Mftn i ?\ for i g .Uniiarjr 10 tmm Hi laMinston MM Tbc liP'Irrwlil be lllicratl/ rcwardc I b) rc'iimiTR her to tho above jlAro. FOUAD-A IlI.ABKRT. OB Til t. RRVKNTH A V FWI'R, near Korti' ih atreoi. The twitr ran obtain lh- ?amr by ai pljinf in .1antra Andemn, 112 Hrnrdr \y, up a'alra yOURD-A AM AM. APM Of MftBRT.?TItK OWRKR r ran hayr thr ?mr by proving property, Addrr?a A. II , Ikm in IIrraid office. LOAT-A T.AROB WHTTK fOLAB BIC4R ROBK. 0* Saturday, .lannarr 24. about 6>, P M 79? 111 nndvny ai'd Ihlrlrrnth atrcet an t Fourth a< rnn.? Apr perron morula* thr aam* to 796 Hroal war inli he literally rewarded. T OHT-W RF.W ARD-OB MOMpAT MORSIBQ A |/<J[iniiuun?t' . 1?H -miiim i ncii via m *nu in'* 1 *tn * lug oertl#< aiee ?f miner Fire iMnranre Ouinpao) kmc*. Ttr ?4'ertifrale Nil 4.H ia fa \ or o( Bmrt Brewarion for el? ?h*ree rrrtlltriw 440 In furor of llimrt (V )ni?n?,fi* two eharee. and certificate Ho 441 In f?rnr of H*nrr*F rtrew erlon for one (than* 1h? Under will receive the alter# re ward bf lotiwn lh<* wunit at tlntumb, Stonnil A Co. *. Ho. :>T Broadway. (jjtT ? OH HOHIbAY aFTKRHOOM, KfTHFR IH j Broad a aver i nambere etreer, a inljrnn' nnua'c hrer* let lhe tinder mil# aviiteaty rewarded ami re en the thank* of the owner br returning the oamo to ?<? Waahtngtna Wfret svrt KOAT Kvrhini# bar, hp rwi>;R Fourth *lrrel and through Seventh avenue to .fone*. a Mnh ma'tin tnnfl. Aay pervm rvuu-iitng the aotoe u> Ho :? Fourth etreet, will he usably rewarded. Lost-a TKi.tow biFwronnnf. *\f>~norfwtrn white mrb* anewere to the name oi Wod The tinder will be rewarded on bringing htm to l.wt tiuen- ?treet. LOBTZOH WOHPAY RVRHIHO, AT THF COBHFR OF llon*luP etreet ai d second arentte, a builalo re>o, ruah ma and whip, Ibn tinder will be liberally rewarded by tear tngihematibe Hemnuenth wan) elation houaa, corner of Fifth etreet and Flr?t a?entie OST-AT 1IIK ViOHrFST AT I>R TOW SIR TP H OH j Ihureday evening laat, anoint law handkerchief. The finder will ret ell e the thank* of the owner by leaviug it at 41 Cedar etreet ___________ STOt.RW-FROH . CISHRhPOHT ?TR*KT 1IROOIlyn, the folloWtag eertlfieatee ef Mark of the America OrwH ompanr of Alleghaay county, Mary and -4'eruflyn Ho. H*4, lleremher IT. 1Mb one hundred aharee. rertlfl-ae Ho. 177, .'uly^ lktC |tWo kaadfjjd ami nlactr two eharre. eTutlonrti ofOlnidtho purnhooo or MjrwioiJmi of noid corf rouro. M oppiicouon hoo ??oon ao In to tho inmpon r for * ww looor of tho Mfirt A roworrt of (|A will hr pout to tho por mot who will rrinrn tho ?t?n?o eortlAcoloo to Ml #o?li>ii(voo otrrot r?r to hot 3 ?31 Toot oillro. !?n qtiooltoo* ooftrd TH1C RUX UAROI. llROOKI.YN tiMUT OI'ARn BALV-flOTIJK' n am., 1) Friday Ovonlnf. Fob. V.M?7. W? rutin (hairmon of? omtmuee of Arr*n?roi?nM. ,f. Tl. Cor FpereUry. n'APHTKrtTO!* <ilATS BAMr'rOWPAWV F I.RAR T? rtor It'i' A. commandant. Tito i ftli annual outruio cvtnpnnj will t??o plorw ?t Apollo Room*, on Wndn <!? n? TUft, A*mAn4M * MM* r tr > 1 '-"nuui ' a r k " " ' J Jicoi o.tcaiiu.*. frecn^n. I est. THKATKK t"rtr*? <X ittnuomo. Iin*em Pari|tiK, UoMi Cp pee Ttr, 'J ivu j Oriiieau-H oi*IU U U l*rek(,?'<Uull> iiua.U*.' (W (he immw? an niter * up plications at the lioi ollicc lor umum u> wlianaa the ?o?<??rful MIKS MATILDA HKAOK. in the fiv?Act |>U> ot, ha* <.idi,oAtl%? n-^ukU^ai u'. to kr.uounoe ttuu p.eot lor rcpouuon WEONK.-lUr, Jill. to morrow ami Fn U> J int. lime in IA<* theatre of (lie rorneAieUu of Dit. UII.WOKTM. Sesti focurrtl three aa, ( in a lvenoe An earlf AppUraUou to recotnmao"' eX LAL'BA KKEIMCH NKW THLATHA, 824 VtBOAOWA*. IIKAlh UoVOTtM WUN. IKwro epos At t:4 o'olacic; .he pa (ohuuob will Mina?H wiU. the Overture id 7 u'rtoufc. avtkaojton. TURK* ItKAOTlH/l. PLATH Wkdhkmiay hvBNirtu, Jam. ti, WOT, t<ir aJutlred drains u> <>oe not DRKAB*OP DELUSION eolil, It wva. Mr* T B. Johnston Miss l.aara haoao. To be toLosn 1 bj the beautiful pla?, la two aota, KAChAM., THK KKAPKK, OK. Oi.ituPH AS II RU.S.-iiink. S'lPBor'od by Me?sra Hum-it l.ltigbaiu. Jotustoa. O. Wbi?*'.- ' b-lgb J. A Btultli, Abe.,uh IUye?. Mr*. U. i\ Oratua, 1 btu<< 01! 11 ad ua 1 Mvs Laura Ket-ne H'-MIAI HELWOTIUOft A - I' 1,A fKAVIATi VYALTV To conclada for tb* (weal/ mat Umi *Kb t mw wMnK%r m V.iriaaiiue oailad TOUNO SA WHITS; Ok. Srmttj aac Wat*. rnduM witfc New Soettary. BTttaAta, Appotatmwtfa. Mb., kn. Tonne Jbwtbr.4 w'th songs Mm DoalA supported b? the whole .smipn* r anl s unt-irrou* Ooras On Bolt*. wi'h now Ovt-r'.uim anil MuMr by Mr. Tfc?u Baker. Acadfmt or Mjjsfo-rr \i.i an opkba. WKIINKSIIAIT. .IA? 38, rOURTII MtJtiSi MPTION NIUUT. Fust appeariu"'e i- llnlian Op?rn nf MAIIAMK (OKA OR W11,11 OUST. First fcppnsranca Una w??hi oi HONOR MORKLI.I. On whirb oocsslsu wul be perlorraed Dotn eUi's li ghly papular opera el (.UCfA Dl LANMKBMOOR. Lurta Mine. Oar a de Wllharsl Kdsir hie Tlbedni i Ashton Him. Morel d Ailbar Nig Ari.olji 1 K) iu ml Nig tlaritb Mwaical Direator and Oondactor Maunae ate akaaob Par* a Alto dress orolii. hr* tlor $1 Bpoured neat*.. .Meant* ottra I Amphitheatre S omit* t'aoui) circle. ... Tlf bet TllinfM In ' 'r**?'" I frlrn^ biitim m. . ? A. M. uj 4 1' * '?.r Cueing*^1. wnJ ?"" om Kl*||| I * ft rnmenna, a# A j BARMJM'K american museum.-tjiib fWKDNEd SS) t*. t-uii'K, at, 7 o'clock tbo beautiful u4 lively piece called THE UKaR HUNTERS, cait with the call re s'rw gth ol the company. and the laughable piece of MR. AM) Mlio WHITE. Afleruopti at 11 u clock, the drams of TilE kEaR HUNTERS aa tj> tlie evening. The thinnest ana in the wreid, the leviihl/.na or gigaatis MopeuW. the happy faintly, Ac., all to be iwwi, a* uaiial without eitro chariie AdmLMMi to everything 36 oeuM. aiuldrea audgr ten, l-'k; cet-ta. BUOXXTPfl SKRMItADER8. TTKW HALL. H BRAAO war. Miooalte the Metropolitan Hotel Monday i voniua .Ian VS and cverv evening liariag tha week, (lie laaghable burle?|ue -m the opera ol l<ON jca.v On, A Ohooi on a Un.M HtMua. I*receding wkajh nkgro minstrelit. Oatnaurneca at 7!? o otuca. T.ckeu 36 ceoW; orcbeah-a eeaut Oil cents MJf. BARROW WIS take her Bit ntf it and make her 1am appearance at BURTON'S THEATRE on tiipksdav hi k.h.n,., ,)?tr. jp, ijjf. aH YOU I IkK IT. Ronolnd, <ir< tunc in New York' . Mrs. Barrow Recitut-on* from h i a w a t ii a . iir? barrow au!re<l ta Indian costun*. Mr mm ton In to o of hie precipe character*. Nuli.os uarkkn. sraiTAi. norma t?1h wonderful ravel family, coder the direction ot the eclabrated antoine ami jkromk ravel. who are juat terminating thr host ukii mast cffcacibbht over performe<l to b, ston. will return to this city", and coBUueare a brief em** Yemeni at mini's i.n.nn, on Monday Nkvr, rait 2 Tlicr wUJ be accompanied ty W'LLV ROKKRT. PATH. BRIM.AST, IOUNU HANOI.KR. VOUNO AMKC.IUA, r I till* ritncrr iir iihdtbi, wto completed I'k' trluaiihaul c.i-eer *1 Till!KF liUNOKaO NIOHTS AT NIBUl'l. GAKUIN. Guano con. krt ht ihk MI.48KN >NOVTS Ajwat.-d by Mr \VM 11 OAKUCT, of the AUegbaMiuui aod other piofcMeioiuil etnirrrr at the IIRI.aJMVa* 1 Al.h UN Atl.K on We-lii?ii?j rvi muff J*a 2M 1-6T. O I' llrtetow, t'oudti tor. Itoora open hi t1,. perI iriiiAUi e to ronuiiem a at 7W. __Tlrke(?. 26 ccota?Bt* he hud a' OaUrT'* mr.alr atore, 3* Ttilru ivpdui-, l?r. ? m 11 inn avi-unit C. near rpreutb I'twi. Dud worth. -495 Hr >*dt?hjr. t-idnet l-ea?on, 7* W?e< ker itrfi'l, II. Hitm,38J Hrmcl?v ; T J nran m, liovilmiore *>'V Broadway; and Tor aale >1 lb a door on the ?. eurng of the perfornuce. CIIKCIS FKRI OKM AM'I8, / Till" Evarti.tu, at the drew is Theatre, (I ate Howrry Ainslilihe.ire i:r How pry. FOR TllK 1IKNKK1T OF JulIN TIlFON. All the principal pi|ue?trUD* now in the city ha. e rolualeered to perform on the occasion T|7EI>NKhDAY EYlNINO, JAM. St. IsST-ORAN'B ?f < otnpl roei lary Benrtt: u> <il?8 HII aW, thr American rotnlc voraltat. at the Broadway 4 loner rt Hoom 401 Kroad way, enrui rof Walker street, ou wb.vh occasion tin* lollow lug talented artists will appear ? Miss Oa/rte War.) worth the rb*rralo|r woraliat, Oio Thompson. in bu recitations Tent V a>-ti, Jaa. Fraxer (Dui Handfurd, K<1 Riley, II.Ur Jaropa, Mia .'runr Reynold* Old Bob Kml'h, J. Tonley, C Home. .1. Kiel the Boston Rattler, and a b< ?t of other*, t..gather with the company atiarked to tbr establishment During the per f wuiance a grand trial dance for a al rer got.let. to he awarded to the beet dancei-the audienee io he the judge* 7be perlornianre Wi rommence at 7 o'elerk Tickets IS*j cents. N B ?lioketa for Oua Shaw's heneUI at White * \ arlebe* will be redi-emed un tlr* oeeiuden, aa the late tire at the al>0\ e establishment render* a postponement nece*?arr. ^ nouortc riadukm>1 mr jum * tufacy ? Fj Mr Treaer. aa*i? ed b) Mr. K .1 Montagu*. will give readings at Mnvveani Institute W Itinadnar. on Wedaet ttiiv rrrniii!!, ??I11 mm I'imrK own at . r?-*.|lng? in mm BiMN ki 7', orloik Miwr< Trrary ant Moutngiin hava but few. Kany, inferior* ??(eager*. Bo and Ur? diom. vuilo's haioon. 1\ 0 I.* ft P LL r?p?ttfully Inform* the public that li- vrU abor-'.y command A BKKIK.S or COACKftTd. Bndt'h theatre, CHAMBF.kb HTRKBT. 1 LA enlablahu.rni will r? open on Monday, February 16. I.adi> and ranl'rium wimdug "ill pi?>.*r mllivM R KDDt, euro ofC. 1 1'ark.oe hew l ock American dramatic compart, l/HrnON.-TH* uil-ramnrd bares this day por steamer America, la i* nip ?ta ln? omMNfMi tor a short ftM ut an American . Irani s'r company to Landon during the en* ling nmmor, aad alU return to Nrw Vok In about mi weeka. During bU abaruce. mrnlnri of thr proration ol inuneabonrd ability and piMl'ioa. daairnua of ngaaruiei.ta. will a Mine* their application* to boi ZSP Poat ofllrr, Hsltlmire Md , which will receive prompt at'entlnn fartis* receiving no answer by return u ail can conclude tba' thair aorri-e* annnt bo made available HEART C 'AflKKrT, Manager. JaNrAKT ? 1S67. IfXTRA ATTRACTION A1 DOUOI.AA' KREK con J cert balooo, fi? (Ria'bam stree! coi or of p. *jie, ur *'aira. all ibuw.ek. 11KO POUOLAK propru or Wm II Hea i irk, p >u at. N. B.? Look ou: fai Torn Row era compbmra tarj MMM. PLATA. PLATA. PLATA.?THIt ATANDARD AND Mnor drama and all other pnbllabed r'aya fur lain by A FRENCH li't Naaaaa sUoei, New fork, pce-a IW ana* each. lac Aw (1 bound volorrea 91 A orw play p ak~t rr. ru waak. Mump lata data arwt bp mag. - frit*/' whaa ra g iretad. Acadevt or MN to URV-4M twom mn of thr uarra, for oorweru Iratnrea, An A nr. m mala Won fur four Uaoaaaod paraion Pnae, par night, AAA), tuning tag (teal BAM. HR4AOR Tba prtrr Aw ball ntghta baa beer radnnag wt If An. tar lading All thr priel'egne ot thr bar*, snptinr rooiua and cloak raw t. fiber wall the Itgbllag and flooring Apply to N H WOIIF11. of >* R*eei?u?e t'-ootmlttee No f Aeetfc alrwwi HVMt ilL MJIt* WAAillllb. t)i | ri *NO* FOR HAtiS AT COST. TO CI,OAF 41* F? _' I tat- . Alove pie <>a ar- all new. an t Till i>e (ally wanatr-o for-toe year Will be anld for wb?t tt imlecture them 1 hnee wlrhlng to pnrohaae good plaooa. beep, wii <i? well i?raii at lite mnanfartory Ana ;i, f iend 7ft f'aat Twenty eerond etreet near t<riingtoa avenue /'/??> BROADWAY. MMF B 4T7YAOF AO DAWCtMS "lUO V'i-latr/ ap?ai day f ir private ik-?? Ml evary - t ailing tor general practice fr->?i "% to U oe.ivdL. Grand amraa evwy aalttmay night Grand am J <-u I hutadagh Feb nary 6. DOPWORTH'ft DANKINO ACAOIHIM, a DM Broad war New York, IS? Mnnugae plana. Brooklyn. New Tor* cjaa?ae nt--e? on Wnln wleye and Aet'irdayi ? Br.?ifcl?n rtaaaea on TnaarUta and Frtda-a Krer'lriCK iweniMfce fr>r lnd ea and Kmtlamen every Monday eeuinr fn Hn-oklyn and every aatnrday evening In Raw Tor*. Former pttptla ran enbaortiie fne 'be aaeentnim* above r.iRMI,* VIM' (XT v V PC ItOnRWOOD PI<M> r forte, pearl Inlaid, aleo. a en it Of new par-a Inrnltiire in Frencli crimeon bnr a'el, aleo a line rneewnod iaewere wttb prune rueew.od bedroom furniture cheap for oaah, at lil niii inii ti iif t< 1/PR FAI.K A Al'I/Klf TM PfCKW ROPT WOOO I'tvJfO P yorrr orntM, i> l'H Twenty aei cutli itrnei, b'tw.ou Mdhth and Winth nronue*. HRxFirOl'M t'RIVAT* PA*MN', A<' ADEM Y, WO 18 i South KifMhWree*. Brooklyn K I) - Th iritnl' pi tnbliatoirrnt, erected > rnreaair for dancing I* the mnat env. mere nnd ri-ialaiiely decorated room* deatra'M. Con tlnur* open <* the reoejdlon of pupil* At ant Uioe ill May I. CLUTHnm, Ml. Ai TO NVOBrt WORTH OF WWW AXP I.KFT OFF I clothing w intcA Gentlemen baring larre or am*!! lo'a to dlepoea of will rw etrr foil ralue without haegllor or pr.kai 10 ianioae m m than ? nil at the a'om ur addrear li (l? tH I? CO* Kit,', rtni*IFA CBTHFt, I RI?tfA. / U? r* here MAln ' ,lu*t recetred fnrn ill* Ciim?A, fi lialeanl rlothtng. whi. h wo will anil At (be nam iaw a w did the , Ap*. C* n?iattng of l.!?? long riroaeiag rowna. 1,UO) tunnel boating Jacket*, with twilled lining; l.SW re.'*11* pnnl*. lino,I, 1,100 pnir* ilnnnnl drewere; 2 Mk> night o*ne Cell early. At IIAREW A JAfDttOlf'R f.* faa-an HHTF.IA. ! Tti* ATI.aetto HOTRI. AT HOBOKFE, THR smr hnwwe and e>o?t frequented place rf rcwa-t o tnoi .oliniy , nl Raw Y oft, will be let fram the lat e< May a~|i f ?r 1 ?-n t of T?ao* TT10 fnrsu iro ami fluircj tor ante apoa lAriraUa [ < let *u. Un'^fa no <1* 1 rx at ilea. t , 8 BVJiAMWkt THKATRE * A MkrAaii. Iamiuwv W B HUk<\ Hj*f? Maaacv liP.nj.lANT ANI? TAI.KATKU WaKKI.V < OMIJINATHIJ, MR. PORBBHT wil! at>o.-?r tiiU v, .??k on Tu)iMir im HtTVKDtr Riiiinj, 1,1 'oAEBnrt. AHI> P1I AHOOI3 R\^-|W. TBOBni IILJ IJrnKTIli nnwari^-i, ? ? , and hitiDir, Dftk. ORPKR OR PERFORMAMOR TO KlilHT. FtrM-lhefaror of THE YOl/MO WIDOW K<-< on!?R AKy WRTt KTTK, ballel pantomime??n?et nfttrooelv reonred ? . Third?TlOliT BORIC, by the /freel Hons. BI.ONDIE, Bs. hnurtii?Comic i tuitosainift ballet first Uml Lais Hiianaa, UODERHKi. (1AUK1KI, KAVKU FRANCOIS RWKI., V KC A MA nil AH. MAHTINKTTI FAMILY, MOMH HL.ONDIN, sad Ail the Aiulllm-y Artmtn appearing To morrow n.ght. ThiirnJay-Mr Sorroal as Uiutas. hr?dn? evooinn-The Kavgl Troupe hntiirJny erenin/; Mr horrent Hi Kiniard III. hvnortniuico to begin with tike Overture at 7 s'olMk prsciseljr. BROUUBAM'H BOWERY THIATKI, ~~ rne as or eiouanvoa. OnhMtis Haata 0?M J' - - and l<MTM *26 "la I I* it anil - - IOL/ - - - Private Hoiea Door* open nt CK; V' ooOHneaea M 7 o'cinck Wni'.M. 1/41 K> Biinu, J AS 21, 1H6T, OM)lNK; Oft, Tim Km.ha.itio Kmiiht ami tub Spihit or mm W'A TBK8. An.j>h le*e.... Mr. Harry Aennaaa Rir Kuperl Mr J. H Mem 1 hi' iiaiou iX LorebanMMl Mr. A. T. HUbb liapiiain Mr. Mala Rir buc'nlph of Bavaria Mr Hrawa Hlr Bin.alao <?t hirilj tfc PM Sir Alaihcof lluneary Mr. (I Kiaipaaa Rir Mnulrlm) of Lithuania Mr Kurfca Sii itniaud o! Portugal Mr Tbnraw Pilgrim of Palermo Mr Bary Sir . ILurtoef iiobrmia Mr. K. liodgka IW?ri.; Mr. kJfcw Ulreido Mr. Mahy 1. uaiue.. Mwe Kate RmgaaM ICrr Mini Fauny Deahaaa tor alio Mile Kn>e?Uan Hnaiaki Idua Mils. Annie Uf or arte Prat to an to Un aporlacle. THE t.UNNAKKR MOSCOW. In which Mr Brougham will ap,"'ar. Burton k nfw theatre Weneeday?Laat lima, VICE AND VIRTUE. The l iibh-- nre invited to wltnceii tiiia piece, and jalga far Lkeiiipeii iM, an I aot drei nd upoa falte erlliuiama wrlilea by (i* 4)1.1 in tin* tut/THtt of other oatabil*limenui wlia ueeer li.'j/l**.* an utiiinrii of rnidemniur everT urodaaUaa Wt th-r tli-Mlrr MRS. BARROW'S LART WlUtir. Mr Urtitcn Mr l Plahcr Mr Ket-hpll, Ax\ Mr. nujiouatxi Mr* ImikUah in Hie l??.>ino Loiavdy af A HRraCit OF 1'ltUMIriK. CHAMBERS STREET THEATRE. J l aw* up?-n *r 7, p-rfortnancc to coramraca at Jah-k , b. Wood TreMMT MRS. MI'MaMON M I'arOu'iua in tmgcmtm O: WlDM'PAY Evaninu, Jatt. in, liCT, INOOMAK Partbenla Mr* KiIMm Inr' irtr Mr. L iMMR PuM... bv Aha ilru(?r Tii rtudr wliii tin- Irama it( lb* CaHTLK or OUVAL Count de Vr W TTuiMi* Ju*'in with * m n- . . Vra. fitA (M Orrhmtrt' a? r? fft "OatJ. Ho\ph m l P*rn*e*e, UnMi fmlt I1re4" 2t. <BOl? Private 'tore* #5 I'loketa cab kA nlii? iml at (iic li'ii pfluw of ihr tbcitni ;-<un b| A. M. (Mill P. M Nttnlri eiiarpn tur amoral aeaU a BO 0UR1RTV A WOOD** MlflHTPKUl. 411 HroBJ??*7. brow UraatA M? nwL a?*r Wead BBAlfVMi VaM*? OwB. flbrtatir Ntaxe II ?n? 1HE PCtfelC It KM AND ITS RKIkTIf lOlf. orn cvr. kt ivoiim. NF'JS.) MII?btr;CI^7 oeriadtnx whi ttftb vMk. an rnttraIt arOtaal plcaak WTifeM ea'irnaalv tar Lui AAkolUhin iui byS; ivMUr Himmx, Km . taiKM KKW TEAR Pater IHj a s.rrwl'Ujn 9m. RMMV Tirana :? oftnta To c.wr.roen?" at 'H o'clack Dr abbott'4 cfucrratho ROTPTrAN mranr?? The now. papular anil iimtrarkvA ecbiBiUan klblAM an.l the rcaoM u >nraaai <* IHa-ary Imw and i mi i*Mt_ bi M? open b( the Stayrouu'. (nat'tu'.?. ISM Hcii*dw?|r. CHINESE ROOMS, 5S" BROAD WAT. Bil l KK-OPSN Mm Oil f Liuim: r 1457, III" tmncus SEVEN MII.I MIRROR of Hie Oraat l.ake< Uip Maxara SI lavraucr and Saxuetiay liu art T*a praor MrMri. llnKn A (III . 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