Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1857, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1857 Page 9
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mmrmamm tewim mn m. AMI AT 4?VflU9, A Ah KMT M. K IDOL AT, ArCTIOSEEA.-tlCS.**) .A itark at :*aatkra? I ' r Mr??i:n< of whom U m?i concern A1JIHKT H N1COUAY will sell at aicliou. at hie resnl*r ami weekly sale ef slacks and bonda, on ln>r>.tay the 29th a1 January, at Ul, o rlnah, at the U> rcbiint's ftiehange, 8.?? ikarw af ?. w York. lYnniyirsnla and taeknwana <J?%I Caaptar; share* $A> each. Ihiscompany laeh'irtered by the State of reansvlvanla their Imds Aw acres in alii are aim ated la l.nzerne eaunty, Fa, lielnf to he cntre of 'be noted Laakawanaacal h-dd. They are about a arwire mile in exteat, and midway between ib?. great anal aeiilree ef'?iro?D date, fieranton and Jersup. Theae lamle are easy of aoceaa; hasli'e* the Delaware and fiud?nn HanaK'oinuwny Railroads already running through the ptoprrty. the lACk??m? ana Lanesbarn Railroad irrcently ehartered. and to conneet wllit e aria HaJIread and the Hwphauiton .indHyntoiiBO KailcoaJi all pass over this property en that cool can he taken direct fceai the mirieejo the interior of New York ^late. fhey are alee ka ready connection (by plana mod) with all the i Uley tewaa hem Wllkewbar.o lo CarboriUle and from New torkdmlant ba? eight bonre. The Laokawm* rlcer rumilag half a mile ikrougli the property ellnrdaimd abundant water (>ewer lor , all mining and mnnnffccturtng purponos.and a sawmullaa,*^ dy In lull operation on the I'.aus ol the aompam' 1 ou pPfumr *y of ihe Delaware and Had-on Canal tfoniianv lumodtitely wdjalna. That company nolVmg since al'ia 1 ->qfYIsnflsalon to Mvestlvate tha' portion of the property cdfP?>, iet.s to their own; and they discovered a ten fno' velfc But 3d feet from the wirCac > So the bottom of the vein. The Irons are fertile ami a console, rahle portjou in an arableoai'Oilfcn and heme si'mtted near tne aaotre ?H tlfe great l.tftikaasna oeal 8e!d. every part l? nettle UrierlaM with thick .Hid dense vein* ef the no'est quality of aatbrartte roal, as pc report, of Froi'esaor "obe-'s who is enianlatton of 2t.21S.OiO tons nnderreath the, a na-t a which Is above water level. Wood abound* In this property, tka principal species being hemlock and bae:h, won stew Mm., Mr K. Jones, the miring engineer of Ihe Delaware and thtthan Cara) Oomnauy, whose certlVato in In my powie* eton has aotd" a caieful eM.,Tiipiiiion of tbOM laoda and fnr aiebes aaiuifdctn.y evklen e o' the of coal which apkuon is eon. erred in by Mr darnel illa"ksno. a wed known engineer af that compsny Ihe town nl' Arrhhsld, with a miotPg papulation of over I..VW, Is already part.' y !>.eai?d on'hii kind and a gr. at poroon is no-v sa'eah'e for town lo'e. The aapiUI alar- is $l'as' US). di\ .led Into s.utres of f'Ju ea- h, fully aald ap and subject to no as essmeote. The sto 'Sholdera an aat p>T?or,illy liable for the dents of the corporation. The Mte la beyond dispute, and this rmiipaey gives promise of neat profile In the future. The terms of side tre m foitows tea per cent on tto dav e' sale and the balance within ten dnys, Kor further particulars apply to Al.HKtkT U. NIOOIsT. Sunk A as bene, t and Hanker, No. 4 Broad street ANTU6NY ,i Bl.KKl.KKR A tltlffONRKR -WT1.I. KRLIj on Thursday, Celt 3 I'd o'clock, at the sfcrchtnta' Kiahsrge three fa'l lot- ? the north side of Twon'y Mreet cemmeneing 200 feci cut of ite meventn avenue, ueshusuiy ||MHl?il. Mrret towered paved. m<i?? y... ; .t-t I and i'ih in street. For further particulars mgwure of the awelonee., *0 7 Jlroyd street. A BRIAN II. MULLER. AUCTIONEER ?COHTMBIA College property rn I'ark p are.?ADKf AS II. Ml'uIRR will sell at anecon, on Thursday, Jan. 20, 1S57. at 12 o aloe k M at ihe Merchant y' Krvhange, bv O' J<'r of ih? trustea? of Columbia College. 15 nf 'be i hoire-u lot.- in the contra 1 'he business part of 'ho oi'y of Sew York, varying In sun frem 25 lee'to 29 feet H inches front and rear, and from 75 foot to It# feet deep, situated on the northerly aide of Park place and n>bra< nig the entire front from Church street to College place and now :n the ecennane; of the College, three quark rs of the purchase money may remain on bond sad mortgage for live years at 7 per cent ner anumn, and can he pud off at anytime by giving the truaees ninety days no toe Posat taion will be given ou or be.fore inelrt'hdaf of Hav a* \t Map*can be obtained a', the olllce of the auctioneer, 38 Wall street. Auction noticr.?kugrnr b. franklin, auctlon rr, by B. U. FKaNKLIN A CO. Sale of tae whole furniture contained in the pai lore, dining r" im. bedrooms, barroom and kitchen of c.-s K?rt<i '! t. i, ' it; Wa?i>tagtna street. On Thur- 'iy morning, Mk Ml . Wl I be arid without toserte. the coot mis of the iibove bouse, one'uing of Msewood parlor anil, mirrors, carpels, soias chairs, gas chaadede.-t and fixtures thronrhout the house ; tHiPngronn aruitnre, c nmpiuiuig tab es, table covers, Crocker < and china warn cutlery, spoons. gu.?a ware, cnatrs, ir? ,vr ; me con teats at rhont lurty bedrooms, in which are first rhiai feather !? <) s, hair mattre?scg. quilts, M.nkiis, sheet*, hosiers, nil lawn, bureaus waabrhuids 'oilet ware oarpebu rairrtvs. Ac ; aim the rot tots of ih- barber's ?hop, const*'in,: of three eaprrier tipfco stered tnab igauy barber's ehura in uliish, and the usual furniture of a firs class barber's shop; also Kitchen rarer, s'eam tables rnpper boiler, and every arUe'e rvqnired to the citlinery depnrtiuent of a hotel; ilao gtulr and halt ntl totha, atovea and t'ipe bar counters and bar future*. and the stock of lienors and grg&rs. beer puinpa. rnlreora, marble mo dDPofeu water) washstands Ac.. AO., ar Catalogues on morn tog of s ite Dealers and others ran rely 011 every article lu the house being sold wt.hout reserve. Auction notice.-.!. roqart, .auctionker.-by R. HOOART ? More No. 1 North Wtl la? street ? Bv virtne of a chattel mortgage I will sell an the<lh dav of Jasotry. at |2 o'clock M of that dav, a' the buttling known as ike east bunding of the Umpire W kr, at 'h loot of Kast Twenty fourth str> 1 nit g thron Ban Twenty fifth street near the Ki r .. the city New V r the followtoy articles r plant mat 1 ; i. 1 crank jitore t drilll' - l e "tiratt lathes, J hard lathe? 1 ' :/o J gn idsti nes aodtr-"nw. I tot of hi lot < u s hammers, ,V". Ae ; .'VJ vi;ug I SMS t w em rmti.'a forge and ,inr JOD IV. nt|)SRINDV lvK, Attorney for Mortgagee. a uct n NOTICE-wv B. JONF.S. acctiongkr _ j\ By e ol an execution, w ill aril thi* da/, at 11 o'clock A II , a tier of "I hirty nixth street and Thip.l avenue, II wall ciu * - 7 'argo do , 1 Ice bo\ 1 cmmtcr 1 refrigerator, a QBantity of liquors. Ac. HKNKY BISHOP, Countable. AUCTION NOTICE?TllOfl BKLL, AC" PIONEER?BY BF.I.L A Bl'HM Special rale. Thin day. at 11 a'rlo~k pr*ei>ely, n.oor alenrottrs, 12 North Wlilium street, will bo paid 'lie balance stock of lino watches, rich icweiry. gold chains. pirn, i Intra, bracelets. silver ware, fork* apeons. raa sora, Ac.. alio throe '.nr. guns, two aplrodid gold lever*, with hair*. Ac. Thursday, sale of household furui'nre, dry yaada. Ac. a rrrioii notice ?household furniture, ac.? .A MaMI'KL osgood A Co. Auctioneer*, will nnll on Friday, atlli'j o'c'ock A. M , alius Weatl * amy tcventh atraet, ear Broadway, a quanltt) of household furniture, carpel*. ,ta Ac. Term* cash. Auction notice.?eugene n. frinkmn. auo. Maaeer.?By k k IKaNKI I.N k CO.?Sale of office # -??. nhair< other furniture ntorra tliturm, atore "helving, tab!? , eauntata, a . A< Friday morning Mth mat , at lll'j 0 a.?? 1 at ?H Hroad ttreat, will he aold it desirable lot of the abaar arttelca. Sale positive a UUTION NOTICE.-Ilo I el FURNITURE, FEATHER J\ teds. ' d? lal; liednlcada Ac , r wew.ivi p irhrr Iuruitura, haiber'c lair* and . >t tenia o* barber s ali. ,1, add Hiture"; 1 ar tnd liarrmun tlstiiren. bring tlio whole contanta of lha Fai mrr'a Ifotrl, 21ft n ,1 217 Washington atri't. will lie *oM at auction to morrow, 'Ihurcdat morning, at lUi^ o'clock, by K. B. PRAM KLIN A CO.. Auctioneer* Auction notice.-j booirt auctioneer?by H H<o*RT Thursday. Jan a', at It)1 . n cluck, at the aaaUrn renins. household furniture, Ac , Ac , table*, chair*, AUCTION NOTK'X-.V. DOUOHTT. AUCTION KKRJ\ Hotel and ho.irdmp no.iao furniture rihKitad from New .ler?cy.?<'n Tilda? '.-morrow. a: Id;, o'clock, m both iMn of rtlnrxil SI h- I J'.i Otf rtrcet, viz , a I ?rco narUty ef Brm-ela and inpr?ln carpete, mthn<*ny a-fa*, ?K? r?. (litana. coftaen and oihr hiilsfA lockitip rloon, hair, hnrk, ? *?*. wool at d othi r mat'reaaes, eninftflWi, ah>?l? pdlowa l>olal?r<, f* ?th?r beda. curtain*. painuopa. en prar'rce. mahopany wardrobe*. bookcaaea. rh irahcr aulta, ea?T rbalra, teic a te'ea, atoy-a china crockflye, el tm and p Atrd ware, d??.? r, liquor* wiiioa, aritara. Ac., altnpc<h.-r eoenptU'ne about 1,0*1 lota. t.> ho prrouuitorily told lor caah, ant worthy th? attention ot dealer* and oibore. HV VIRTCK OK A I'HATTKI, MOUTH\ON. I WIt.t, eipo?? (nr tale tkla day. ai II) o'clock A.M. a- William tinoiiMh i. fourth r tract, near flilrd avenue, 2 plat loitii ice waeotm, and 1 double horac aicleh. KRhMCHJ' X KiNNK.KM.KY AtU.rncy for Moripaee. WM. H. JON Kb, Aiicttupcor. IN H. I-1BLOW. A I'01 IdChER - E\htX"r>)B'S H AI.R !i. ef' .Cnablc property r.i Tlroad'ay, Cou'tlanAt alliet, t an* Waiker, cot, a Hood. Amity and i-real Jonc etrcetr of the Hanror and .lav rate#.-It. II. id'tltdlW A CO. will eU at am km. r lhiirad*y. February 1.-47, at two va rlerk at the Merr-hartO Kvehaneo, Up* flnliowmp y%lnabl? property of the Ban tor and .lay rida'a* ?Neven frila o-i Cbn.l-treat, hetivecn ftp olway and Onfre aiieot; nlne'tn-* rm Walker Kror t, between Hrrn.lw ay and C, n're atre?t; two lo on Centra *baet. l-atwern WMto and Wa kor r.-o-ta; two Iota an Am tv *trec bou-a md 'ot Vn. It bond aloea"; a ton oar In' rn Uroat .Innoa -erect rear of al-nre Two tnir-l* o the porch ?*e nw*n?-> can ron.ain on mnrtpaee. at the o ?tioo o' thr-purohaaor toy five ye?r* Map* and lull particular* at the pitirc < f the aocttooeor. So. M rine etrert. CMI.HFRT B SAU A OR. APCTtOWKBR.?RdiirXAB 1 aale, by rat .'i-pnr 'or r.?ah on rhnridtv. Jan. .9 ' lutj A M . a' aa.eari to -J ' -I >cot i , n a a fun tab top peck* carpe'- fancy hardware. |rnrpci bapn. ehiria. Ac, a ton an aamo day. by iwior <>' 'ha raeniTer, an am .rid atook of taper pood* abd jewelty. ailree platad warn. Ac 1'ata lagnea early on morti ni o' ? > l.inrrai raan a it -* -in ( n-'iiiiiDonu. MHHl.RK. HatlLKt A KAVaiiR Tj*"my n i.KKrn. aittiox-r*-ii^rrt h. AI tKKOS A t'O will ar|t ?m Ihtir?d*r, JinaVf T>, at It)', a'rtnrk at the priTate roatdenrr in Otlnc'nii amine, armed door ahoye (bitty Mat rtreei. oetliewoat ail* ele pern henaeh'iM farnitipr' the pmperiT of a pen leman hraak?? IP hoi.?akeenl?i|r Parlor* -anM ear\ad r.aweood turnltnre tn irtean hrne?tel, ir>*d* in order hr ''belna A Kmtnm; metered t\ eet*\e |l*no, Hy M?Wva W itrra. rr** n nod ntarhle lop eenlre table. ?'itt "aewyod fnnttn-r la rrlmaoo hrnralrl. k . t frame Kr'-nth p'a'e pier ?'* *? * era-nelied b"i mom fbrrlUtre, Mar* a alntit aide table*, riejant aat put rhandedr?* and l rw kot*. black walnut b etrna l*dy'? work table, tiatrar.l >'r?w mattreaaea, I, ante* aprewla (bather hn'atrr* ai d nlllre a, a larre u<iirtm*lli of ml plaaa warn, Ae Tepcther wlh a variety of kitchen tnrni'ure wlih which th* aate will r-tmroenre. Tbr *b ve furniture wan all made te enter, ami we aaatim the publlo .? very rhdrn ami hard It a-ed. _ n*NHv r. hkptm. ai rnoironi wiu, arm. nn Thnraday. .Ian. W. ! MS' d'HuHl a the aaleernom*, Wo. BH Pine atrerl h? order of ilia Atiprrn?c rourt. re- .leer'* enleof'be entir'- balance of atork "-eanaMop .*?.Id rum prtelne eleeati' dlamrnd jewelry. pnld ant) ?Uror wairhea, rtnp* aMa. ?arrltip* hr* ale*. fun and real rh ilna Urpe and hflliant vltiat.r i n*, rlnja e<a*ea. te.. Ao. fatatnpnc* tha tiiorirng of *?V Tanna raph My orler of fret. L Ynllr. rorrl rr Alao a 'arre Inenie* of r.itiprr will hp aohl at I.'n'r'ork owi > n- dinne aid d ?aett k^., In oataand tnca..?. raov.-r p . kot a.. "**. i>. n*atrra, man, Ac Palo wit Hon' rn?rio. to rtnoe a parworafilp. JWAi.Trnn Ai'iTTomtm wim. rati. TTttn oat, Wednesday the Jdli inat W o'clock A H , at Wo. ? Harden row, hleventh Mi?fi x frw ,tooi?fm?n H ath at rnue, all I ho furniture contained in Ilia thr?? aP>rj dwallttft bouea. Jonw lm>vi>, ArrTTojritKR-JOHWLT/trnwwoww will ae'l thia <:aj , ?l to*a o'clock, at 'heir an'?arno?n, v?; Rroadvay. rorn<r of Rr?otio> .treat, a larije lot of c.itofn# nratem. potnalorua ard lialr alia, run,ip w. wti.urwR, AUOTiowtru-.wlrc?awt boiiaehold fnntltnro at auction ? P** K W1I.KIU* wWl noil at a notion, on Ih r*day. .tan, ?.? lwff. at IPli o'clock, at 2B W<?t Twenty anvdnWt a'reet, the on'lre fnniititira "On tetned in uklA t iota i nnatailnf In part of parlor Itl"1', in ?elnot ard halrrV h; Toltalr" rlialra, covered with ptqeh and kairclelh : dt'ana, aoraa. crgrro and rard tatiloa. marMo top*. f nolo a top a, cxler.lnn 'airloa. hat aiand, French b?4# 'Maria, hair nu?Hr'eee?. leather b?ria and kidding. buretto* dr-"lug hwoana marlrlo topa with r'aw. marrlo t"gi wathatauria, cwtt/vro chair' rocklr g do hrnaaola. Itirmln and ihr"-ply narpota, niirlotlia. rhlna r'*?awarn, Xe. ( atalognoa ng be had at the offlco of the annkmor. II Wall a?r*e?. pnw-tr r. wti.kiww, APrrrouKuu-admtwht**. X tnr'aaaloof valuator caaehoM property ? PHII.IP R wTl.K IWa will ae!l at a net inn. on Wr lnc-<1ay, February 4, 1W7. at 12 0'clock. at tho Wrrrhao'a Pwhanfo. 'ho imluahlo IceeehoM property. Won :t a-d .1 Htidaoa rtrcet. on iho ?-aat?rIf rtdr roar Itaa lr a'rr.?t, helnp .M tow t? Inrhoa on lludaon atrort. CM trot I Inch on tho wratarl? tad i. an I ."I t-et in 'ha outherly aide The lea. la lor 21 voa-a Im May I KVt. Uon franon! (ronnd ran'IMO per Minn* For.lior pvtl rolarR Wl hb? Ron ha had on Appltrxtinn lo W * WW?AR DT'H Fki . I<* Hroalwup, nrM Ur ofll. a .* the Anctl <oa?r, II Wall atrnot. TtTNTfl MORRKM,. Ai nTIOJfKnR -BO \ RPIJfi! HOtTA* Inrnllnra .*< - Thia momtnf at 10', o i>? 79 Rrrrhi a a*!. rarpotn, ofn?, hnlaira-'a m?ttr?w?, H?da. i-haira, raakara w fa hodafr-Ida, honkcaroa, tahl ? ??>, irartlrohra, mrd laMaa fhnrv ttHaa for dlninc room >nrK" aotlartlon, in a?? a ff*w tiionfra Fn'n of Additional will r.m' mi# imm dar 'n:^ "!!z* * it-r? j*m Mdtmbk Aa?? ilioibiD W ?y. N1 P~wvrB0KKa'9 AAI ,i. HoarrMORK WM.L SBLL. n Wednc day, )u. 28. It ."> 4 Ami drondway. at 10 o>!r-'k. a gener U ss*?rtmenl of tmr? teemed i:<e<tge? can-situ a of men's auJ womeu h appare' - la twH- ii;, Ac. By order it. V s>il A .<4, 18 Grand street. SHERIFF'S SALE OF GROCERIES. UQUORS AWD segar*?A. M. CRIsTA La S auctioneer, 23 Kowery. will * 11 on Friday, 'titb In*'.., at I"1. o'elrsik a !arce sio-a ?>? tb.: above, ronsistirg of ruxieen ( tarter and eighth t-nk-t of ?' * I lion Oognac. teignMl and! ttartoll brandisa Jain.iaa ru-o, port ?inea, Ir.aii an J *voien wh.skey* an I gin-. tv> euty seven case* Cognac Card brandy, In hott. it*. La iuc %nd other , |%ret wines, iwtntyetght basket* Meldsck cltampat'iie, lift., live do/on I nnur u porter: also Irish and Scjteh shLsKey iota 1'rn/rrmi Otni.l and telgcett buriy ind Jamaictrnm In demijohn*; Yonni' nv-or.. Oolong and gunpowder teia, in onurter and whole boxes: swe-loil and soan. tovcbrr wbli 3ti,WHl unperiod and Aran can segars; also ft. 2UUIt> in sen*;, onr iron safe, nfiice 'armtori, liorae, bernca* bad ^roesr g wagon, ilj order of JAMPS B. BBSS)? (A Deputy Sheriff. TATILLIAM T. 20IB. AU< "tGNEBR.-BY GKOB'IB r VlCllOr1??Ktcra He. W Naauij r .ioL M<'w irnl tec ?r.d hand tsnfltnre Ac, thin lay, Jan. _H at 1(1'. n'clonk, ?omorialnjr rosewood mitts in brooatel md bair efo"i rent! w nil marble tou i tntr" side t?>.d nci'a tables rosewood and Uisliegauy bedsteads, res. nood and mahogany I ureaus with mm hie tons mahogany *o'loved and pla'u washsiands, ma hog inv ofsn jml ehsur* In hair cloh. rms vo >1 and main guiy brokr.isr n. ?uk corner eiande rosewood 7 octave piaaeforts, made bv Brooks, New Tyk si)'- frame mirror', o ! paintings, liver plate i ware. Chine aud gist* wa-e, also forty ilrat class loglng canaries, from the IN rta mount lins, Germany. foa Aaa -tka aho rorm ^tobe roiiAtt ra*T". gantly ntted up. located to the best part of '.be city, now (I Ibg a Krge and very probtaoia tinmen,.. apply Hit mediately attttM Broadway. IVk! H. KKLLOGG t CO. 4OO -OYSTER DEPOT FOR 8ALB, IN A GOOD LO ,I, cation, > 01* doing a good business, "or a man with a small capital this la & rare chance Apply on lim piniidus \o. 1 Blee ?er street, next door to Bowery. "$1 i lH WTU. BUY FIVE YE IRSLEASE STOCK, CP I ' ' fixtures aud good will Of a retail liquor store, naw ilelnc a rood business oopaetV one of the principal ferries In JRriHiklyri; reaaws t'or selling will be explain'd. Apply to <11 ?w" I UIIBOIIV II. .l.aa, SI V -FOR 8AI.K, A liRl"<; BTORE WITH TIIREK voara leaie: rent $10 per month The store is doing a good bo? ners ami would he a good olare tor a ohy-irian. 'I lie only ressen for * Tlhtjj is si", width obliges the owner to give up bns.ness, inquire at U'l Sutlollc street. Mew York. Stltn _A OOOD CHANt'B SOW ?ppKR^ yoR A -J5 wt) ' ' perroj bar ins; the above amnii nt on hand to pur chase a wholesale caah business, with a Rood connection three \ rars'stanouig, which roa'Uca upwards ofll.OOU aiuu ally Without risk. Address P. W., Ueral't oflice. i>OtU| ONLi" ?FOR 3ALE, A KIR- T RATW I.IQITOR yOU"' store, in an excellent location, dolni; a tip tap bustt -s. an i i? 'it-red lor ! ;< .< Ruin hall its value. Apply immediately at liW Broadway. wir.UAxt a. KKLTiOcn .1 co. ? i ho a*,r> *r,no f0* rtorer, rlioi uP'llll/ bly let ated; favoralile leave; horses wsgin and liitni ee complete; doing an eieeltent business; oliered lovr, having other ousiiievs. BiUOS A SOL THWIOK, M Nassau street. * < -FOB 8A7>S. A PVUTR AND FRRD l-tTOitit: T-'ltJ",*. the l?a>" . fixtures and tnrir awl a mdu ef ? is uf llie butt ?minis an the west aide of ihe eity. The ?uv*er s roil r S.ath is the cans# of selling out. 1 in nil re at X>( rtuth avenue. <tl (ww) -a i,aRt*t:r wanted-a cjknteei. or ItV/U";. yourg inan of rood address, to attend to to? indror bnsltess <>t an did and wed established business now doiBR a rood business. k?Ubl'vh?d 'or the last eight ye tra. Apply toO. (>. Thompson, Mo Hf> Nassau a(re?t, a-' on see ? rr.iu'iiron iiriTt'T wi l l, veil i iehed, nc?r ft ratlroft 1 dctn.t, dome ft fuU bit mrrsf); iensu linmhH; k ntc* other t>>i.irons w iU make It au object. BIOGS A. Mitl It WIOK, Hi Nieftvt etreet tfj 1 ORH ?COTTAGER FOR SALE -CHEAP TK A ((Kid ni-mhiorhooil. Nor. ail and <*'.3 Hir*j tilth nlree nt'i Ion al?j lor hale; atone t>"Bt beuw N ?. 86 Ninth avenue, cr?t i anjunme More and p ar o. s.' .r rnry Apply to A. PA VIS, Hi Ninth avenue, no ir T?.'n.yseventh ?tr> J/r nnn -F'TKNT rtoht tor rale. for ma nut kflurtng ft Imitation marble ior ill the i f !t< d Ktn-ra iwtVr. * tib moal la, frames. ratlin, mil ?. I'lnium 1 itliei. tools A? . %W<>. leu je-ura lease ol f?-' jry, with twelve boras power gleam engli e, holler,! iml ik Riling, well tltnft'ed for hmlnwa. In'he lower part or the alty. tnqwrc el I n '.ti' S'atrs PaJon: Marb e Company, 3M Irnadway, Curner of Walker street. Z nnn -***? t^HAlfCE.?FOR RALE A LCMlpl0.vvM.rt Nurbnt?in< ?s, yard, vessel naible b<>r,?R, wat ns, a'l complete ami .cell established, ?k:iri? iim teav Ing the city cause of ae lintr out. BIliGS A HOI'TIIWICK, M KR??*n strret. <tnn -A mKIDID CASH BUmntM 'OR tALR. fH'Ui now netting from hmo io %.' mm pit- avium, with little or re rirk. Thm is iinliiubu-iily a v?ry rft'e ounce. Apply at ?,(>I Hroftdwny. WILLIAM If. KKLLOfK! ,V CO. 7TI1 WlRT> PROPERTY FOR f A I.E.?HOrRfl A Nil lot No,'2M Madison strec-.; in a Omt rate netghiierhooit. with all the modern tmpinvrmenia Trrnn easy. Aleo ; ?f h>> t n IKth at., snath lido. between avenue A ami first ft'enje Inquire of Q. K. K1KKK JCO , 1 tTtaiham at. A|i|l -A KPT.KNOin CllANCR TO TM'R 'HA^E THE 9"v? t'ftit ernftxiionary and toy "tore in this CttT: also ?n old i alabllahed coal yard; ftl*? a ciuti bustnew makin ii.uN' per annum. App.y at hM Broad wav. ' Wit.: t \ M 11 i. KM.' cM A '1 4 RARK Of'FFR TO L1VRRY STABLE KEEPERS, I V rurprniera, piBDumrr UN in[Tiur. MiurFH, u- u*u-~, Ilia n farU 11 - For aale or to let. the b aaebold proper!* allnai-d Ml and 113 Vnl I lei h atreat. between Filth and RUthnee niii-r < ocaiMli c of two io'a of around dPilUB le?t with two thieeatory bo'iaea on the front, with hairnDenU. rent* for * *( per ye?r. ?ith a large tun e . ory bnclt buildingMrear. Ox 5liferl three nm lea high, with atabfea in rellar with <>Mnn * nter, large >ard ha<*. -lieila. Ac ; ihr rear bulldtrg will rent for Fluid per vw; then la un alleyway 10 rear bui.dlng \'o > i re lot I'tllUh leu adloiT Inc. w I'll it lo ir alory hrirk lirlMtng u rear, ?lib atahlra in cellar; the buil'linia in hromgtolh* Irnter at 'be rn'l of the term Te-m> will he ma'a <M*y fn lii're on ihe premiere or >t' nJCbarlea afreet, In the i.vinitif. AWHOI.MALR ARD RKTAILUgrOB S TORR FOR *ale, now di inc a fiarl huain* ?a: will b? ?old in onae. .,'1,-t. e ?v a oeath n tie imi'j. Andrea* M. M. h. iotlld Iterant i dice. No agent* need apply. pOFri.Ki?ALOOW FORgALR-lN ORROFTHK BEAT \J rtainla In Sew Vor?, In ibe nrighborhnoit nt' al< the prittni Hleea. 1kat the pive paya well will Je t'al'.y aboirn. AiJilri ra 4 lire Saloon, Herald ofl ce. pionrr avrrvr propkrtyfok sat,r.-a prom Ei Inent comer on the upper part of Kit htb arenua i i? ? log of two atoree. being ilfty feet front on the a.eo ie Will b- aoid low. apply to J A MRU 1>K MOITK, IS Willi,im at. Farm ?i r sai.f, or rxchamir for oprr pro perty. anuateit in St. Aclrew 'a town of Moutgonaer*. Orat roonu. '< i? I'ea weal oi Sewburc ami ig In arret of ai il well wa'erwd and In * good atAle of eublratMm Ki nil of all Wlnda m abunnanre Tha improvement* ? na it Ing of a eommod'ona two aiory honae. dining room, aitehen, haih room, waeh room ami wno.1 houv all." h?d ham atakle. hav hniine, wagon hon?o, Ac. Part ef three were new laet aprlng *i d all newly pnlnteil. Alao on Ihe lario, two double litifin hnuara For lilrther parlletilara Iniulreof SI,I 4R It. I,i1 I NI i. on thepremier*, or ol K. B l.llTKI.L A 00., 10 .11., Maw Turk. fH)R HAUK?Til* PFMIAM HRID'IF, OTRR KARTohrdf r rmr?. W*ii hr?t'-r (" nuty. Tl> < U 10II brt 1-r. All' I l?? I n' I'Ctrd * lib It 'I ? I *?? Of th" I/' 1 IJ'-i .#* .1 i-j. A ?'l II . fcOUPT M il ?' t?l of ?ro11.l4 24d Wool 'W' tlf* fourth irto?rt. For particular! in>|uirr oi t. U. L,U'.k I. IT, 7 u N'aarau ?,r*?A L'OR * ? SfltbTAATI Ab. MilOW", P ?toi < bo??> ? on tfco r. ?h aid* rt' Thirty flrat No iwm Had ron and Fourth twii'in, thro* tlnr-a h'fih *iopp t??rn>?nt '.tidrr r*:i*r. with mcrtaro .oo torrtu^nm, *a.,h Si fr?t A mrhrr hy Whfi; IruilA 'm 9 tnrhra d?rp, flr?; no* baif bond aoo u nrt* ->)( lr lulrr At II Ft1! ?t urt, room JO. L'flR HAI.*-Tjt WKfT riFTFKNTIWnntr. A TIIRFK Morj mill bamunrM hriok li:ii"' and lot, ? u browi atom- rfnrlr n?w, ?n: nllrl with All ibr moth n tin j?rrv. mmu to m ?ror>iri>t I wnllim. And I'.orrpmnc'l?il? !<? * nc Triyn* rhr ip ?n I rmy Xrntjrto'i of ' HTHgl.??. 'IT.' I roAil wat , roTtiOT of itarriay ?trrrt, thlnl floor. FXOK ' AIT * F1R T n.A'-S TWO STOHT .KI' hu Idifft In Gold rlraM Urooblrn, L I . *r? l ho ?oll 'rop ..a ion nc' oi Ioaiiak 'ho t/ In , ur? It Uoi i trtrt, Vmoblyo, 1?. I. F"H ' ALF TITR B"r? AND ! OT ?0 1(1 V, \h R ?'raa\ n?*r Waal Hroadway; 'nA 31 by ll?> f>?" ' lira r > JV iatno.rUnaplarr, W?t Tw . nty ninth ?t., it -nr .? u >i 4. IjviR <u.f -noo*: ami* i/vt ronim or mcwi r and Minum airnaU. Thin properly l? r 11 * all. a?d 11 0 111 br wM vary n an nubia. For iinrtn- ilir* Ann uru <>l MtRK I KV V. ti ?n lUm att.-at, from ? ttU ? n rlnrfc. rn>? MAI.K Til* THRKK KTORT A*l? HHItt IU?'MllniMhn -4 Waal Tw?ntr > ! ?,?!> - # hn . Aba nvvWti UnrrnTarnar.Aa and l? In parfar* nrdor f.m<*ini. im Kit I, Ahio. tbn brown w??r Vmtf R<> W. ?t TP r yHr?t atrnet. RAh li MIDI, Mo. i Hiamw Mwt, ffoKrviF-A norp* AND T.OT TMK kt.KI.VCT If Ihrro *'ory Kpg i?h laaano-n' Iimw, 111 *m 1 r 4 ?? ', I 'tnnnn ViRhih nn<! Winlli a?rnti?? wl h or wit1'.in1 Ihr > urnlMirn. f ha hon?a la wa, nriih at tbn mndarn im P uTnnfnm, and In fx rfr<*i ordar. th-ra la a banubf .t *nad?n wph rrai r rh?taw planta anil granarlnra. f'n? ha f of tha purrhr?? Tmrrnu r- main on bond and moria.i a. Apply on 1 ha prninlaaa, or to J. COI>Pt*<ITOP. 17 W all mrnru TpO* rAi.K-Tiir fiwrr PMM *i?oi,r??n lurmFWT r IM Wral Fonrt#?uih auaa<, al?o. Urn "hnr " an'I haaamant bnuaa M Km Thirty ftfih aln-m. ah h<?i?? Icarnar of Potntaoi Ah aw?a? and >>>-on.| 4 on nr. aa.-ornl I. In ? na? Twmity H(hlh airrat. nl i?4) aoah , a! nooi ar of haoaar In (Khar looaAlooa apply to J AMMI DK M"f fit, IS Kor half.-a rpi funin p?'oi?n ham> ro*m wood tnaro. mada by It. A 1. A. WhlUn . I'rirn Hit u-akon Intmnilivol) , a* tho ownor la about tearing Hi# cliy. Inqulr* hi ,AtS? Fourth Mroot nttar Hrr?1??t. L^OR HAI.F-A TRFADIRO MII.T. AMD RAW KKMi'lt, ' r ?nd o?<-rTih;n? jttat roady for work, aten'h* horao. fan | bo roon *1 w#rk by applying to dAMKrt I.aHFY, i? md fil Truth art niir. I otaowi Fnurtoonth and Flfloontii atrr?*A. ' TpOR Al,R-ORF MORTflAOF OF flOOnn, (IMF ftl.v ; r and VI..100. Wl.l rirh?'Br parlor thr wholr fc* any , food pajlrg burlnra*. Tra thnuaard ytllorr of good brandy I to on hnnyr. Apply at.m nroadwar, room it l'hr maiir-nciumv amduititi ''jirmttf <trfrr, F nrtr Brnomr, lot f t 1011, hn>i?o la roatnbto ardor. A'ro bot.?o and lot sterol. lot 2.1?r.v h >m?o rioia>n? all tbo mtlTti troprnTrmoim, rnmp'otr. ff dootrnblo tho furniture wlH bo rold In ronnrction wllhtlfl houro. On# ho-i?o rill not br anld wnhout the olhrr. ono halfnf tho pur rlmxr tnotiry msr romaln on b>-i>d and tnnrtgago, part ol wnicb will bo at at* por c?-nt lorpitro for further lotormntlon on tl.r pr. mi?r? Rroomo atm-r br'.worn tho hours of y and ? A. M . or brtwooclZandlF. M. IAfiR HAIF-A t/WT.f, Fr?FIBTTFT> OV9TFR AMD ' torpor binr aa'ooa, at a g-#a' aarrlller on soootini of Irktirtwof Ihr proprietor. Apply at Mo. 2*4motomh ar?Rtio fbr 'hroo daya. F'or vai f.-a noon pi blfc nnrvf im rnr. rm>rr of the rity. Th" rxprprr* ?ro rrry llpM and lb# r 'aor la raletilaod to pay wrll. Prb>? Ian mini bo notd. Ii pulroot tA ATKIMHt'M, llft'f (Irani atroat, FOR SM FOR txrn t V IF ITR t wivrunt rn proper*? ar wnall houao? A nawfmr atari houao ! J*?av?ss? S5?s S&teSiJSrsS fW T?RK ZHLALB, WHD] | TPOB BALK?TUB OSIBNTAL RENTACRANT AMD r dining u 912 ?rand low (Join-/ a garl bust i ue&?. Inquire at No 7U EnRon street. 1 IffOK SALBOR S\nHANOB-THBTHRBB?T<IRV All) r basement brick honee. 112 East Thirteenth street, will ?? >?ld lew lor <i?nh. or will be eie'iau?<'<1 for * farm in the vicinity til the city. Apply at ho blind factory, 7) Kan Thirteenth ?reet pOB RALE OR RICHANGB?ROR JfEROHANDfiE i I rr t gcou triaim 's ac miner on ; or two minuet :uid< I city oir a flu* ?i<rr nower, mllla, Ac. Apply to the awuer, 1>.'ON. 30 ii oadvay. ffCR 81 LI. OK EXCHANOK EOR VAC?NT LOT<? VP ' tiiwp a tlrat cltrt home ou Ko irteeuih street. Apoly u> JaMRM 1;R Mf'I TK. 15 WUUim Bireet. KOR 8ALR OR frXCTIANGB?-,OME I IRST CLAMS writ ranted be ivtt ami Iota In Month Brooklyn, but lightly mortgtge.d. t>aod aeourilae, or a country pla*nen 'he II u(t*i n rivar would bo Uken tor them. Apply at No, 7 Wall street, room No 7. third ttlory. FpOK BAKE aT ASACH1PICS-A SUPERIOR KABM of 111 ncree, a*. Now Km belle, foree quartern of a mile from tb* oepot; 2'>od dwelling bern and outbuild ngii. frtitr and nhatle tret* In abundance, with a line brook ruan,*g through it. Only eaah re-mlred b lUnoe on mortgage. A. J. SLKM'Mtft A OO , 7 Broad street. IAOB 8ALK OK TO LET FOR A TERM OF YKARfi1 Hva loor atory srd baacroant bondings <>n rirV. a?eooe. aesr Twenty third at'eet, 113 feet front on Tlrat arenue. by 4,"i feet deep; fnglnn of !5 horse oower, hel'lrgand ibafua*. low running i perfect order, a lib rear oalldirgs Btau'aa, and toed vard formerly orenpied by Merton A Rremner, will be leased to a ft 1 and earefal tenant for a terrr of fly* yearn It raid prop'rty la not lea-tad by the U>lb February neit, it vI 1 be ?ol-J at pnblln taction on or almat the Ni o- March next. For farmer particulars. plenar apply between the h. nrs of 12 and 5 oiiock P. 11., at 212 Pearl rtreet, up rtalra. THOMAS MORTON L^GK v VLB, TO LET OR EXCHANGE?A BEAUTIFUL P rotel. fnrnl'bed enmolc'a, Wt'll established e.od f'.OfOper year lirpe BHllard ran, with UeLbleM. I r?u i hance tor ap retire man. Apply to CaNN'JN A BEKRJ, Ml Nareau rtreet. li"H)R SALE VERY LOW?A DOWN TOWN DRINKING I' saloon in Wall street; long esiaoiisned, win niwra up ocine a good business. favorable lease. 8<>id? ~-ou'h; ivi i ?. ?!! cheap UIGOI i. BOUinWlCli, hi Nassau street. a "< brat CH A nce-FOR kale?$1 200?Til .7 WHOLE VT or ball of a planing moulding and scro'l saving mill in u good loeauor, and all the work It in do: will be smd dirt cheap. Re??enn for se Ing given on applying la PETER saGhR. :!I5 First street, hrook'yn, E. D., or at the mill, 237 Flint street, Bm.ii_.ii, S. I>. HOFSE FOR KA.TE.-rnK ELEGANT THREE AND A half Mcry bo??e l id Mii-donga' street, near Washington square. It, H three room* deep painted In IVeaeo. In perfect order, and ha? all (be modern Improvement*. For term*, vhied will -n liberal apply to H OILER MORGAN, or to the :<vaer at 4) Water street. 11,1V* LANDS.?3,000 aorb3 of iowa land for I a-ile st ) iw nrtrea, for cash, Inquire at 'he clll e of d. OR aY Kan . HO Kriadwav, between lOauAflJ o clock A. M. eaeb day (or ten <h?ys. IEWKLXY STORE FOR flAlJL?ID fffOOK, FIX teres, funeture and good wdl of the bent stand id An gnrta On , dmug a safe ard p-ontable nuslnrss. Terms $.3 m> eaeb, and the hsTsnee In gn and twelve months, negotiable paper Address A. Z., Augns'A. Da. Nassau strekt property for sale-the buddings a d lots known a* No. 75 and 77 Naaian street, ' feet bom 104 feet o-st or wo ild be leaaed. Apply at the otllce of the Camel Coal Co., 61 William street. PRIVATE KE?TfiPVCES FOR K ALE?A TWO STMT basement brick house, on Vadinon street, only $7 fidO, a tbree ttory baeero nt brick house. on Bank, near Fourth -i et, 16,000; and athrea Story woodro house, onTweaty s h ttrent. *7 .v ii Apply to a. skkgban T, is Wall street Steamboat for bale or exchaNgk?in part tor real estate, Wesiero land*. Ac?Length 1*1 fart lest. 2JS feet Jet'b 9 feet; cylinder, 41 Inches diameter, 11 lent stroke, has been a sea boat, sod is D ied op as a urstcbass r? ssopger and freight boat. Apply to BIDUaWaY A LEE nObcua- street, Baltimore, ltd. I'O MAIHTEAOTTREIM.? FOR BALE, A WELL RCTT.T brick bouse, with briek -hop rn rea?. we i lighted from ooth side*, with stesiu power if re<i*ired WP1 be sold ehe 10. LoesOon Thirty second street J. C WILLI amk real estate registry ollice, 442 Mghtb avenue and 13 Wall street. Tanners and leather dealers, bead this.One of the best tannery sites In the --tn'o of New York for sale or exchange, situated within tive miles of a canal, where s supply of bark nts be had for rears at a very low rate. For pa'tculai s address or Inquire of K. JONK8, No. 43 Front street. New York TO CAPITALISTS AND BUSINESS MEN.?FOR SALE, it aery valuable Invention whereby any man, with the neertaary rnean* >-mi in a ahnrt time make a lar re fortune. Ib?' inventor bun no trrani and la too >1<1 to carry on toe buttncir himself For fuithrr particulate addrraa A. K i Im.iiui, liloomdnd, N J. TO MERCHANTS h ND CArrTAr.r?TR.-EI.TOISi.R I'ttj property for aale ? The bona* and lot No 151 Fulloo sir'''-' heir g on* nf tbe mwt eligible building altee in the rlty. ia now offered lor nale The aire and *hai>? of ih.t lot ill on which there la at preaent a three f -ory building, may l?? teen by relrrence to the diagram. It la atloatnd on the .earth a da of I nllon a'reel, peat to the corner of Broadway, being within three nutuU-H walk of the Olty Ilall, Wall at reel, the principal bucks hM all 'h? public oflicoa The location In ihus admirably adapted to any kind of business, and is well united lor a bank or Iroirnnce office. Ihe title Is tndiaootsb'e and the properiy will be so'datA barsain Terrna ticulais made known on application to T. W. H1KUNU, 'JH Nassau -ire. , N. Y. THE T.BASE AND FIXTIBES OF A H ROt'ERY 1% l|i|iior store for sale rhcap. as Hie owner has bona . ... ! by rhanee. did eot intend to keep It himself; the lerm 01 le i* nu.V' > ears from May next in one ol the best locations in 'he rlt? H will he told cheap, part of (he money down, an t 'lie lisllam e on time Apply at 163 .Ninth avenue, between 1' ty rat and Twenty second f/g Ivr TOWN LOTS FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASll O A J good stocks, bonds. Ac. A pond factory, with boiler ar ,1 | eri|pne. for sale E. McCRaCK EN, Zl William street. = C nikcnUiANEiii'i. 4?0 (|ll/|AtKAR OR $10 A 0 A Y A BOVK EXPEN J iS?POsvrs/"" warranted to any person, male or fens .e o' ordinary energy and proper iiiaiisKeinent Business eas r and 1,1 I'lv r. s| er able, i.t <1 done with I Ule or ,ro cam'sl. ft me. diclnr r.dpe or book agency. this is Is n > humbug. AVhole right and secret sent upon receipt nf $! Address C. K. D10KENH. Camden. 11. J. BVRRETTB. KALMHTON OR ORIENT W C fEJLRarnett's oriental tooth wash for sale at irauufiv r wer* : pnees. hyOART, BOWARI> A SANOKK8, date 'Fm.ll i Cary A Co..) MS I vagi glkeet, R. Y. FOR 1AMII.Y ARMS. RB.VD TO THK HWiMtc off. or. .Y27 Broadway, N. T. Tneloaa uama, m l >1 far ntrb IIKKRY HAYS, rrr^iriatw. vpiRKSinW MlOK tO OLOt P By Dr. RNORI l.RF.i HI S raiait coolant t am par Saraa fO pri . ant of eoa.1. < 'nil owl arn ti. No 2!C. Rroa ! way. UKAT lt?AT.-<'OHT,Jt'S PAT?MT OR AT* DAVPRR put up in any RrnKi, i?vm .'it par emt III rot]; nam* 41 par rrnt hant in Ui<; room kkiicfieo trllHnit. '"ail and ooa X In operation, at 1* A J. Jarnba', RT Broadway. 1 M 1*087 ART IRFOflM ATIOK TOM \ K ft [ tC D .SKI* WW. I l>a .ant by ?ri< i?rir 1 c? ot ctampa to Dr. W. I'aaM/, I ?.i i.37h ?w York faniMi INTIM RrHBK* BOOTS ApD IVKRBHOKk. , I a full ?u>'k of lwl???'. ranl'a ian a anO ahi .!ran'a far"!* NNfr koo?antmmt'ir<.oi i|1a,.rrv bM^MlHf ui?i . I n hotft r?r and anunlry ?*r, jw?. .-? ?Wrd and f..r a iU cut, iloii n or tlocli1 j?ir It liOiX.SoS Bo Jf Ma.i.laiffcnn, i.i Naaa m Mraat Ik **'>"1,5 K OP>S CrrsrflpnUI'.lfrlrANnif 16. Kartatnr h.atari" <.'l. " v?*v>n railway frmaoa, Nl<- no loan v AT UTEWH, Apmta tu HwnriMA Lahirs amii < Ki*r:., xr.h orr or KwfLor??vr may obtain Inn ran mm nnahii >* |*hr>n in l-vh or pm in r tkr iK-w and prnmaMi ?n cf pr.ld. rilrrr and pa?ri "fa. inrniMl k bm in ptc.nrr pain nr. b" which t>?r.l/?ni trr naming IMti ! n to forty dull*'* prr wink Any pawn u r?r. train lr two da?, and m raptial m|iitrari to ?'*r Oharrr f? ri l?0"f Infirm ito?*, A . tZ, nra' l>v wall fro. Addrnvi r. STRTMfUNS. ho* ?? Krrodway Put ofl n, *fw York. VIHBOTT.AbTN AND OT1IRK0 AHol'T n ! '<) I f JYl t.r* ainrry, arr "Onladrd thai ibny ran havn th?ir "Uwwa pfind wfili rb l ira kiwi < Irta 'in In a w r*iranltfc?mA"i?r and a f?lr y ura. by tlirtroM apd trtrd frnwid i? ? V> for II irty t ham Ha? boon rngagim 1.1 Ui- prani al bfanobrn ?f 'hr nplHitnli?r? bnrindonrn "urn and ww al No. AM mirth armur ba'arm T?"nt? nflhaud Tnonly Wt'hMrnrla urrtrra 'h "a|h ?hn p <H atAnodad to promp'ly. N'Oll K TO TDK bWXNI>I3D OOJIMI N1 TT.--.F AN Inh ninny tnkrn IW Id ri'ro. for briMhya * loawt . rlcrr, by DaVII< M'ttl'flRvV. Jin, Mo'-roaii ?'?a<n bruali warobotiAo. ->i rear' treat wow tor*. r|*F AH ??T THFAl.fR THAT THKWAR IT CHITA H AH I rronlod Hearoty of *nad IMA. or th?*,r yaWo Al the rmptroOity Ton Wurto iw .T7F H wory. al 'hr i *t ktoda and of ibo latent iroportm. >:,? may bo nbtaJnod l *w-r tl Al. OT' f together ?llh 0?Mw WMA|<lAAjat la the martot, ?iid gtonno by roam, daily, ?. th? i>r*m'Aoa. ispnoi?h ooiti taken in trado ?tfnl! rAb ? iAnn I forget the ntimbnr, rnn ?rin Ftflh atr.-et ar 1 Im ? .crry. 1'ft .IOMHI RH Aim FAVCT tl?on? 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CDrUuiptwr *nd ffclrty flnK ?tiIIP inn, (% Urn Turk lr**r Troy *t I 4S *rxl 10 A, M , Hid I ii 1*. M . (Hid Fjui Albany n? 10 and 10 43 A. M.. and S.JO f ?. A. f ARITTT, fbtpi'iint?n4401 \rrw tor* Ain? rari.r* ratlroab. HI r?<??r or na?.

Common Hpt MonAy larniarr 1*. 1057 two Mr rolno M A>*r>y. WuiMlay aita?'oi. Flrt $| M from Wow York W Albany. _ iVoto Wrw Tor* m Mtowa. toam rtatlon romor of Whit* an< CotoVo rrno'o 0 1?t A. M ? 11 m-?li? rwnitnf IkKt; tbrwnrh Wttownt rharfo of ear*, and mnaortla* at (Tho'ham Wonr i*l ?1'h tha Wootorn traiao tor PiUoVld. Worth Adama and dv* titiota _ 1 r K ?Prproan running dlrootly th roach withort ohanwa of rara, and roannrtlan wllh Onalral train at II f. W tor too Wirt. wrmnnwa tsam tratwr. W 15 A. M.?Mall Iratn f<? Wow Tork dtroot. 5 P. F*j>rooa withoat ehan*a of oar*. Tirkoin in ho ohtntrod and hagcaffo ohaokoiaM*? oflton of I ho Wortorn Rail mod. Albany, or at Whgn On too. Mr-v-mo ar Twonty rtilh Hriata and F north atanni Wow Tork. tv ,y. rtitrtiLi. r-TTT-1i'r* 't-1 | |mr Too. Jm.n um. * " ~ UESDAT, JANUARY 28, \T*W YORK AND UfTRfOOf. VSITWB SWotTiS . dim) ataamaMp aTI?A."?TIO, Cart Ohver KI<trU?a. Mil #tot.n with tha flult-vl ?UI>m mail* lor C'iroro i?Ml'.waly on Saturday. Jan. II. at l3o'al?iok M from hor no-ib at ? o tool f Uariai Mtrret. Tho Haiil'ICvtH ?<??*?'1 tbo Atlantic *ud ail Keb U lb* jlramera of 'bin Hne bavo 'ra,,rov.'d vatar HIIIDrorr. roriITi?iii?M..1-i.|n .... ... ..... . J?"" oe.|iiall*d tor ..letfai (jeand comfort, apply to CDWAKB XCOU.lSH 56 WalMre.t ' """"H'roare revtueoted tobe on beard at II o'oln-k A. H 5 J?}"'* ni"?' ""*0 Uir?Ml> tbo Flit oQlce; any vlberi wib ?e ret?-n?(t f1?.?*? T?R* AlfD LITRHPOOL DM TOD flTA'BH r tt i' ^amera- TUe ibtps ootnportng Utto Una are a# Ttl (%?#> tl.AWno. Oapv NMrlo**; BALTIC, CApt 'VtraoP-ra. *1 .tlATHl, I aram Jamas WeM. t MM (hip* have been built by eontrae*, oim a?ly for (tor ?fi ni. in. ?. rwce. Mvrry caro has been taaen in dietr ounnlruo. M aloo their etiytnea. to enaure strength and speed, and " "* ac .iinniudalkmi tor yuMtpn are unoqoaUed for ?toa' to and Coin ton. Prior* of pwa||tl Crow Now Turk to Iheipnul tn first rlaa* cabin, flSO. in *roond oabtn. $T? *r< m l.verpool to Mew *ork, >' and Ju g tone a*. An eipe net cod mrgeon attached to eaoh Blip. Mo berth secured ml'l pa d for. The thlp* of this Une hare Improved waterU*d r bu>kbe*da. and to avoid danger bom toe wHJ not moo Ay* Bui J * no/to of tl ur Vil after the tat of A iirust. I'Roi'otBj) uaru 3? iiiuno Prom Mow tori. From IJfOroool sainrdav January S. 1SA7. Wednesday J a.entry 7,1587. Saturday, January fj, Wednemtny, Jaomry JI, " Saturday, January 31, " Wednesday, Kefcr ry 4, " "altirday, Fehr'ry 14, " Woduroday. Fehr'ry Ik, " *a?ardajr March 14. " Wednesday, Marc* 4, " | 3a'urday, April IX, " Werfneadaj, April 1, " Sa'r.nlay. toiy 9, " W?nlne?tay, April 39, " aitirday, May 3V " Wedneaday. May ? " Saturday, Jane 6, " wndnnedaj, Jone 10 " ( '- inlay, Juiie Ju, " Wednesday, June 34, " ( alarday, Jv?.y 4, " Wedeeaday, Jcly b, " 'ati.rday hjly la, ' Wednesday, July ?. " > or or Diruy. apply to >.D?:n k 4'OIXIIW, U Wat r-reel, ?. T. RBOW1T *HIPI,BV A CO.. l.WarvwL STWHKK A AN N \Rl) A OO . It. A'lMlri Erlnm, LondetL II. 0. WaIHWRHHIT .fcOO , Parht Tta ovuam of the?e xblpi will not be accountable ft?r told, Mbyer, ti i/llnn, apecie )rwelJT, prooioili atones or metal, nrJtMH I"I'm of ladn.g are eigneo therefor, and 'Jtie * Ae/eot Uierotn Mated. CTKAM TO UVBRPOOT,- KROV NEW YORK D' RUMT. 1 ' The powerful now iron Htnimehip CITY OR WAS'lfNd lON.I'apt Wylie. belnr delayed lie the weather will avion batii"lav Jan. :tl from pier '!7 Morlh rlyer I'aaaage Id cub to $<15 and IU; nteerage f,i>. I' eluding provielona. Apply IoHaBKL A COKT'K, 177 Rroadway. ROT 41, MAIL STEAMSHIP PERSIA-COVSH;SEES are informed thai the Pi ra'.a will commence <P?>hardint' ?i> Wolnmliiv nntninr the .>ia loslanL All rKvh IV?" wni.-h pnraiie are not received, will be sent to the bowled wartnouee, Jervey C'ty, and ho snNent to storace. R.CUNAKD, No. 4 H0?-!t0(f Ireen. L^PA I1AVRF. Ah l? flOUTHlMPVAN.-'MR UNlrHD 1' KtalM mail itramer a KaO-). P. Liueo. Co'Qn aivler wlh leave i?r Havre, toeehlei; at Southampton to la-d 'tie mailt and i e?srnpei>, on satrrday. Feb.7 at 1-o'clock, from mer to, 17 North rtvar, fool at Beach street. Prtoe of (ja-ja/ First cabin $1*' Second cabin 75 lMt?blp 'iM five water tight eempartmeuio ensloeing the CSV i no thni In the event of collision or stranding th? water eo eld not reach limn and the p'imrm heloe free io work the mfny el the vessel at d passengers would be one ired. Ha-vaee net wonted dnrmg the passage should be eent oa board the day before oaf!Inf. marked ' below " >ofreiubt-anil tie taken orter Ihnrsday. "eb S Fer frehmt or punsafe apply M> MOKTlMKK. UV1SUSTON, Agent. M Broadwav N. H,? rht eteamer FULTON will onceeed the Araro, and ?aU March T. IfCR HaTRF. DIKKfT?FRANCO amkrican rot 4 pany.?The French eorew oteam-blp CADIX, twenty ?wo hnedred tone bnrihea, ? Armload oom. m&uder will leave for the above port on Thsrsdaj, Feb 12, at 12 o'clock precisely. I'rtcn of passage?F rut cabin aft, $100; do . forward, For freight or nnssage anplv to the agents. KM A Kg. POIK1KR A CO . .12 Kroal W"W SYRa"* BKl'WKKN ft "'W TOKd AND fl.ASIlovV.F.IUKM Kil'l, 2 MSI Uma Wi'llaru 1,'nmir.lng. command iter, el.'vV YORK, 2.15H ti ns, Robert fnug commander; (ILAHOOW, l.Wltnna, John Dnncar, comHarder TheUUstow and New York Bteamshtp Om*H| Mai taiilag three pew and powerfol eteamerp from le w York to ilteAgow direct, ao tollowe ?heW York Saturday, Hot .'anuary, at 12 o'ojock, i:ooa, lilMgoW, Saturday, 14U? Ffchriary, at 12 o'clock, noon. atrn or r?tw*j*. FTrct rlaao. $7# third elans, found with eonked ,7re.1?ont, *??. An nnrT'iri ed surgeon attwhed l? each steamer For Iretpht er paaeaaw applv' k> JOHN MACSVNOM, 17 Brwwlway. New Vt-rn city btili nr fold only nice!vert tnr pMMgn rc MVKAPOOL ANI) Ptai.AOBL.PHT A STKAifrHTP ttompany'a enletidld and powerful eteamrhipa OTTY OF HaLTIMORK, SAM tnna. Oapl. R<. -rt Reach. CITY OK WAMITNd'ON.J.rttiO P?m. "apt Wm. A'ylie. CITY ON CANCHK.-n KR. J 1(C) tool. Oupl. V 0. Petna. K AN'iABOO. 1.S74 ton*. Oapt_ R. Rwlnr J.ippfrw una tapivtcrv are hereby rr?pee?fntly rr tnrm*4 that lii fu'uye the ii.rtnuh'lr anHUif* olthfa eomnari} ? Ktwii era ?|M UP.e pive allc.rpiiU i) fi New VorV mi l Under ihla arranprinnot the dale a nf aa.hnx arU ae u follow* ? iraw vo. * a en ptbij m/mA. KANGAROO fom P iWcVhia Jan. IV CITY OK WaMlIJdii ION, Hew York Jap. W. OITY OF MAXCHKirt KB, (rum Philadelphia rob. 11 raua mvkhpool. OTTY OF WABHTNUION lor New Tar* Pea. SI orry or M AMCHKKTKK. for Philadelphia .'AO. IV CITY OF HAI.TIMOKK. To New York vn ?. tarai or rA? %ai.a ih>a m? mi,k and to an PRON UTKNOV He loon- FPO MB and tit ar -vmllnir to Fate room. A l.tnilert n-irrrer ol ih'rd i.'ajw |.a?aeu?era will be takes au fmd in pro* taiooa. T.I Liverpool If) I Fr?a? Liverpool H < In-*.- leamara are aon n.-ui i.lai-h Improved water ugh ae-.paramenia. and each rural oarrlea an aiperlenced am goon. 1'artlet. wlaWr* to hrtnf out thetr frlw rta can obtain rcfti? eatea of paeeara and drana on Liverpool in autna of ?1 etw Imp end upwanla Apply at the edee of tba anmpanr, C Hrertwav. New Yora * ' J. U. OA LB. 17 Walnut (treat, Phllndefpbin. J/'OR PAN FRANCMOO-LOWIMT RATKN AND Nt J1 detention ? Mutton A Co. * Denpatrh |M - (Ihp: er r ''atnrtlny* .".1 ?The i?mnn? ana celebrated rliep*eltlp LOLflKN FLKKfTR, Lent. miiatrr, la enminetlnf hei loetllnjf At plrr 10, Kant r.ver. and will poeitirrlT eetl ?h ehore r? dtmroo- of n ijiiirk chip, lew rale n( frrKht, etrli and prwitira dav for aalilnK will lind the Onltlra Cm roe un otiiujlod. N. K - No frt'l(b> taken after the <lny wlyrr'lwt. MUTTON A Oil., 5H Month ?lreet, corner of Wall. A|^HrPTRAI.IA.-lllK I'NM kl'AM-KIt A I OMITM nhi|i KKl> ttAl'NI LRT will tic dca|iatrhctl for Mclhovmt nt en early rtnjr. Thin heautlfnl clipper ia eelehnurd for faa per enure. anil :t In roe ideally expected the will make (In- nu en in Me'hoiirtit'lnr>dcof reicntv flvertaye. llcr veummo rial -u?e 'or pn?-enrcre in timi ee l emo<! relitna r tntr". t>< eurpaeeed. r?rl> antill'-ation will he nccoaaary to *?* ur? hen he For fnetfht er nanaa*,'. at low rat.*, aonlv to ti'ioll Kvn, A It h K.I.I, A KM,.(IT, lift Pe tri -trcet, or H> Hi A11, t.RK, 1,1 iR II A (jlk'thau. iUh Wall eUrcu From hoptowto kwyrna i irwr thf nkw a I No 1 hart t Nlir. t W OAlXKT ; ihe. marner wfli all aa ahore by ibe I, of February For paaa jjc her rahln Iwlry h'iilloopii'|i??c to r?rrr pi?-"neera apply to NlCltOLAM RKfOllO A tXk, SI Central whtrf ETTR NRW OXTAMM ANT> HAVANA.- THR P NIT NT! r Htaire mall airaniahlp HI.aO w AKRIOft, J. W. Month remmetnlrr, will mrmenri. rcr>l?lrp freight no Thnclai Tar '.ft. and anil forth a above porta on -tal'intey lb' I, u It o'clock I' M.. from the loot of Itvhlaarin real. North ever. No bflla nf Indltip ?i r*T afar the atramor aalla. LlVlNtlMT'iN, (IP;ItlilKKON A TO., No. 12 ''nrk uiaee. Nat* York. F?.* havawa a?'i KdRii.r-mt: i'Vitkh - p.- rrfi'dii nmohin ?,M tlCkH ?'IVV. H W Minn- I- r?.>t I will Mill lot HI.IIVP Iw.rui on ^ itur U? I wl 12 o clock Boon. Dp''tanl? fnrni piwr ?4 Nnrh tl or P-rti>v uArri fur Nrw OtIphkh, or.'l CitwoMpcI fnim MuMIt irw i. rrro>mkr?.on For or pBmugc opily tunMlTIi A PAT hlC*. 81 Woll otrflwl h'OR RAVANNAH **!> PI.KRWA I BfTPP AT AT" moil llao --1 bo ?n?r Al'iiliM r A. ? An *10 M.? AC<??l huil, ?III lr?>r o? ro"W toy . J in SI. t'ruwi ptor *1 S .Vortf rl?? r ?l 1 o'clock P M Hill* of l?ln>ir ro ?l on h">or4 ? m freight or ro?<t? opr'y 10 A b. NIA'luU. ICKmolw * 1 Iwoiiyk in-krla (mm M ? Sock 10 JvAoonrlll" HI l>i Pu il r a rTrnmrx IT i i THI? .-'wiiirri % ^?f?iniw<i w t\m " nr*m*i a ft%fm !*rm . on Imaalaia ?ix1 Hadai^a a FM>R 111 A Hl.w - T- . S I rill. I Klfoi: mil* 1 at.wl ??< .in ! i ; f KTT. or HKOfkl ld, I act i i <ian i *1" -a. it Y ?* 1 i fur - v > |*??t .laniMrr IW. a? I" o'rteek A V |.?a- :r ? * f vrr) nu|?vrter "telemnoi uman,-la'ioni %?>. f thohtiUrad fjeorfrtn will nail xiin aa above a? aairrftjr, irlinar; 14 A. lIF.ROfl, Jk*., A(f. nt, Wo M Wor.h a-Wrna. lioi'?K>. K4M>mr. iVc:.. w*m u. Am im; m*k *vn mv w*vr tu rk w. en* v 15 atrnt ro-i?>? onaenno'. if'bird floor*, in baa r?rk iftnra r, nn'T- w?k Ihe fay llall. or > J t'b - ".?f l!r i)n, mnratitetil ta frrrtra. la a f??i?vian ? iivalx n Iten' W) i oi|ntra U? he vrrr tea lo a lirvirahi** 'man a 'lrv? lai.i g rrn' and jm; tiauiara, \ \ t>, bw IIP Hrrabl rali". a f itiv vim in ffDvi nr v.iaoriv vi. f n A )(? to Mre two rc-'iM fin 'he tint or aerca t Boor, *?? < ?nTenii neo? forritokin*. iml ink noriliM lljii.i ?? -I lihr to m-a" ro M ?nt 10 uw?r on tha ip?t ol ?< <r biMmi tend* appnuing el* mon'ha u Uh> onwi rr 1he boat ix r#fr rrnm alrrn. Addr?-?? I, F . Iler.i11 ofTioa. EM RMMTKO Unr*?! WtKTFTI 'WTItr t.TPF.r I'aRT r '! > < ? Ilfi ' I I? '?f f7S0 *IH< $1 UJft. Apply M W II.I IaM MOUI.U K. 62 Wrt. am ..treat. To arm, kktatk owm'i' -a laoy, w ro n *otr 1 eerun* a fin* < '?*? l>oaniiBC bauar I.wn loan. oiaf ?n to rent fr- tr the Ut of May a larya <oublr In ie, for t>erm?' ?nt o-rn^iti. p or two bmtiri ?lrt h?"? aojtlnlmr. tip la* a. *.? hot * Modern hut t iinax n.'li *iif*ahle VH{?n< mi far * time** will ?n?*er 1 or p?et?wo *n? fafaon hav tag a?ch a hoitee bum "Main ilawrB?j at?1 i**; lOnotr. (ptimi 11 appllCM on o W ,1.1.1 AM H. 1.1 . (StPPt* A CO., !*#.?? Barrla> otrt ei. U'ASTFO-TO t,l'U FOR "I VP! \StR- A COT U?*e hotter of a raront lot, at t ~a*arm*ble ra i. In tho Ttel'i ? of the 1'ii'HI ''alafo V' ea? A. M t;. . ??, Went Filter nh meet, ma'lny :erma nod I. Wat too. ?' ajftfn -two km m.i, tooka, wftil kfproom t? anil pantry, for a .fry rtn?,l lamlly. In a gentea, nalah borhood, m the ea*'>Mr .tt i'ie e 'y OrtPl TweiHleih a, Tnlr \y ftiV? AtrnptA. Ad<irrm H J * RataM nfflrn. \l*AWTirtV-ow tub nwt or flRRPAftV bv a TT mda'I the iiupnr |>ir ? 11 'm l hA?^m<-n' ir ?wpr RAM ?t a n?M iw<> ttorr Ik . a* IaaI?'I 1"!'* ?r?At. pnt nt |fj i AdilrrtA W M K.. IlncA4 n<B< ?. U'awt?t? to nrnn-ib tub i prrr. p\ht or r;rr rt?T, k ?rr?ll hnuM. w )! mor1?r? imrMri-mfn*, rent not to ntoMl fitnn mint bo In a roAonnAhi? n? (fhlmrhTAd. prm* on torn In a r?lln.?4 or AiAfn rwitA A<K.i oaa bo? i* i'aai itir*. AMT'KUIAM'T. AW AfTltOI/VIJST THAT IllATS 1HK WORI.O-AWO a.(w> ia o.Orvrl In mit poraon who <-An I'W"" bor In fislec Porrrrt?ui. m-ti;?on All at onto tfironah jo, pArtirnAWW mArrlA?rA, t'onlha. haAltb. wom'tli, Io?a*a !?w?'iHa <0Atnt IMondA. ,?o. W B -Ma'Iaitia oMrVTOW la nA humb'i*. n?r rtoon *br wiah U tmpw on tl?p am watt Tf jrnu ? ab' jo mAko A fnrt'ino paII Anl app thin nAtufAHy fi0?l lail* "* In th? onlr rrrAnn In th* I'llH RAiton who <*An f "-a ' W ii'im mro*. M*?fj Ho'ntm m-l "tan?on Ai.r. wno vtait ?<pa? priori* ark ama7.hi> at iho iwrwinen of hor awinc tbWr ?aal. pronont and f'11'W* Pornnna frmn ahrn*4 aro aval"** tbmnaolrnn of tbto opjmtrnittty of ro^imi tboir fill rnrror WMffcJM, br aon.l r k ih?fr dacurrroot rpo or lee It of tho bolr And two dollar*. Pho i* ontiavlrrml h? alt who rwl< bw 'ho moot wowdorfiil anobif rlolrroyont In th* wofd. OH or hi Wont Twtnt) woroMh drool, botwoon Aiith and Crrontb amnion. /^AtSTOTAIVCi.-IIM- RTYWOrB. ifo. Ikl APR img \J otroot ? f0? nnoro wort of Rmndway. tho mmt rw?n fnl mrdloal m>4 huattioaa rtalrrnoant in A morion AM dinoaooa dtaro. oroM antl ourotl If riionhlo: nnorrtnn adrtoo on b not anna, aliaul An. ?* naMwnm? ?m ran Ml I ?r mr$ 1851 AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. OUR PARIS IVI) MADRID CORREGPOVDEMB. The lev Central American Treaty, ?*., Jkf., ??. Our NifU Covr? ?|>Mitl?ii<-e. pa km jm 0, 1867. TV C/.MWS Qu*tim? .'n'-T'i/.to H-.tyrtifihi il tk-tcK of J (Antral Seymour? Ouratli, M Uiatrtf LKr. Kn./tUK Tmiol and in <Jara Spooa? Pr -naie Injlusnct in t'oliH al Cirtlc^-Tke "Siiiny Htyt of Prune* " You mny be sure the Chin* question does oot foil to or, copy much or the public mtud at ton proiuot moinoot. l ord Paimerston by no WMor popular bore, but not withstanding a attong ?lapoatlon to serve up thli as no. other UluatraUon of the mischievous, medilliog, domineer log spirit of the Kngllab Premier, tho summary mode of dealing with barbarians, wblrti bo la ja?t now pareulag wtth the Chlneie, In so emlnontly French In lis character that many apologwis are found for it. The last feather bieaka the back of tho camel,'' aaye the proverb; and a tot ton provftlla tbftt bnt for ft asriea or potufogitog teazlng, troubicotno tn< Its on tbe p?rt of the Ohlueao authorities, not only against England bat Am?r?i ftiao, neither Sir John ItowrlBf nor tbe Admiral, Sir Htonic. Seymour, would b?-e prooeeded to tbo pr? aeut extromlIlea with ibem. Some account of Sir Michael Seymour at this juncture may prove Interesting to your readers, particularly aa I speak from source; of lafoi mallon not genoraily available. Sir Michael Seymour holds tbe same rank?that of a Knight of tbe Batb?aa did his father. Tne secret of bis promotion, aa well as that of bis father, lies in his connection with Sir William Knighton, who bold the offije of Privy Purser to (Jeorge the Fourth. Sir William Knighton waa originally a physician, who, from an burn bis extraction, had fonght hla way up to extensive practice until he beoamo tbe fashionable physician of tbe cay?until, loose his cwn express on, be beoamo tired of tbe mono otious occupation of uo'ouiing Iron ihcir pa >or envelopes ibe guinea foo? in tbe course of tbo day were slipped Into h's ban is by aristocratic patients. Accident introduced luru 10 Goorco tbo Knur b, woo soon after proposed to blm to rjutt'praou * have private apa '.mint* next to his own at Windsor, and bo tilt domcitio ptijeiciui and purso bearer, witti a salary of .C6 Ct 0 a >onr. J bo oiler was accepted. and -br William Knighton was '-roaied a r.aronet lujiyed tuo King's favor and oounienance?sued aa It war? uatll his death. I'ut wbat a life he led him, did ibis Kplourean monarch 01 tnorry RngUrid' Alone, at dcmi or night, bo would summon Rotation to h i chamber, t) whuih bo had a recre; entrance, and Thackeray's bsrigfod, bepvMe-l, bo waiatcoatod '-oorgo would blubber oo tbo doctor's shoulder about bis grii varices llze any spoil over irowi schoolboy. Tbo same Ktorgo surrounded by bis guests at table the following day. would sneer and utter - arcormi against tbo friend and consoler of bis nlgbt ibo jgbis, acd adopt a tone ?f kingly super iorlty bofoie b.m, as 11 be uroaded tnal his Inuruaiea should suppose Rulgnton bad any iiittuouco over t in s)r Wiloam rpoke Freton indifferently, one when ftcorge, the Ural genleinau ol bis dsy, wl.bed to b? more tban ordinarily bi tug to b!. friend, be would say to some oiaungulahod foreigner, "Ko gbion will lull you thai story and while tuo poor pbytlclau and purio-bearer bad no help but loootytho mandate of the King, that King- p'oud 'n tbo conscioucoaa of bis owu taciiiiy in a and iDwr. or mavhap ?iow, at Int. now much better bioitelf could do tual which, tor hit own mean purpaae, be t>ad dor red of the inner. UneoTrr, Mr William had bla rerenjo In private, and did not far I to leather b's own ne?t and tnai of i.u relatione while tbc ba o or power abone around him Whatever (let rye the Fourth might aa> or do In pubiu, aufmtd bta (DbnervieDee to Knigmon was absolute Kverybody knew thin, and r the pr.vato correspondence of the quon rum pta>aician bad been auffcred to ae< the 114bt, strange talcs t tit.t km boon tola. To nia bonor be it said, be fore h a 'leaib. Sir Widunt aaw every letter consigned to the hatrea. The volumea which subsequently appeared 1 were a mere catchpenny, entailing nothing wuicu the world old not know bid- re. But ibo lotlern which be ro reived Vaat a lick pittic world, eating lor everytning a Fir * could five, t have been told from a reiativo woe did read ibem would have made a voium : ancb aa the world baa aeldoa or never acen. Tho moat uu :v, uno tonus cl thue were lrum minlalers.of the gulp-. 1, wuohat the (red of the church a; heart, dc irioj to b> u a . biaho * with XU.OCU a year. The lather of the promt Sir Michael Seymour had however, marrleil fl - W. ua-n Knighton'a slater, am S that obtained his pronation, and Sir Mi ihaei biinaelf tnrough the same in'tu cco, wan made p- 4 nplain be " lore be was live and twenty, when bla promo ion loilow d by situority Me eiwrwards marrnd t-ir Wuhan K lighten a daughter. All tkc euymour are a singular:; I handsome taoe. and in add uou to tb? srnstigo 01 b ? per act 11I appearance, Ibo admiral now commanding tu T I'oot it a man of singular discretion ami habit* o I bin omu H'h-n.Mr ( oar.ui Nanler wee', to toe Baltic Ifcitr James flrabaa took Sir Mb hael, t Hon UaiOaln Say troir, away Irom a sia;l appoiotini a I, on purpose l but m I Bight be Napier's captain oi ihi i:on account f hu weil known command of temper, bn excellent iu igment ' and bit thorough discretion. la tbalserexo wo know b? lost an eye by mo cxphwon ot one of the ituasiao sou ' aqueous machine* llihed up,by the Unci, and Diuoo ou an boon c( so admiral a r nbt 01 seniority, tbe pre rat appn otni'bi in the Iodise woe (iron la b m?wan pi Irate iBStru -Hods tr m l.irl I'm oiraton to itsnd do nonsense treat any oae. ' rbia will kDowa discretion will aow t'ani aim as support in tbe absence of artntm ratio fViinds. If be t? suoonaaful, his nneuct. when ffkpt mrfte. wtl not l>s loo ear rowly ttned; bm It anything go wroog ? II be trip la ever i so slif bt a degree? tben will oome out in all itn rumen tbe patrician system et Key.sod. Without aristocratic oociin uons a public man in Kngland Is eneibuated; and one like Seymour, wbaee anum dents are ail traceable to a bumble apothecary, converted tnto a (asbiooabie obyst ciao, and tuber luentiy Into a king's puree bearer, will i bare slender mercy Ircm tbe han is of an Derrditary le y'rlatare. should b.' need tt Tbe Amrrtcaa re-idente at t ankn sLd Snonghat aa t Hwog Kong, I am told, speak in the highest prone of his tlrm B t tempi rate mm luct Tan Ncuooetoi qooet'on contiauiM still to it.-eupy tbe public mind, although tbeanMsty that prevailed on the eub|ect is it noted Mr. (Israeli, Who has h ou residing here for some tltne, Use been cmit'iltcd dally, not ooiy by tbe i agllsh agents here, but the Creech mini try heviaJsa been diligently sounding bim Insraell. however, le acsa t leg b'ru that It not to be cangbt w:'b cdafl, and an ban bo rb?|N d bis oourae clurlr c his tnjturn bere that the peror himself has paid the aoet marked anenticn, and more than i.acc soiiciiid talis to esprass bis o.tiuoc freely on the state ofe::*Jra. I!n lok? csnti .orally warn by tno polUlaol crc.i em' nt be bos paaaod tnrou,'j o law 5 ear" Ttn let hi*, k irr recm as Macs ae arsr, bul the crop !a by oo in<ar.? so inxurioat. Tie Jewish ptay< leytop".'i? be grows older, bourn"* m ire and mors stle. The syte are etprdelly Hcbreeteiic. His crmpiexton Is a sailow br< so, but regularly smsotn and cl: |. k. and altogether hi r< muds ou mure of s Inrgr fcli<oi hoy tbaa of oae who e wor n nave iri*i?l to the'arthrrmt rods ot the world, and rbo >g irow Ms Ibrore KegUed's great' it rtaWsm.ia li s voce e> p* i uilariy ?< it and ni mant < r more ssol> ?u 1 realm is .'i*u w crt s * i: mrv ir.' Mff : 'fh .?? m in. frlisi tfe to evlJeiUy a pcraoi ev tup?n<<r 01 n4 tfbu te term lea yrat* older than h.m???li, if own mar judge frn<n ai pcaraicca, lint I par.old concede ? Invaluable im in a ram carving fan ??? Tim* liiara 11 p'v m l pom or. f-?* la i>iam in fewurea.witbn una. *e yri; ? acta, o il bff ear* and eja* or* overy w ncre, ant a aonad or a Wr cnmalaiion ear ipoa br wham in* * 'a ihe? ft hut banc* 01 rratUihg political capital, and lb* n wnl ane baa grt botd tl l> it c la od Inttauier to 'rtoh bar puabtad to coach U>? nail ?be baa paritauf drlren. In Ljgitoh awlety abroad Una b.MlncM nba art t tty la ovinced bv a tbcroogh kir wle 'f ^>f the tame* ot ndl* Junta, bclr p<>l brai btaa. andabovr til t r kfla ' >f acran, and Cut H -ioent lorti u*> I of vntea. '*Ab," rb? Wirnll ray. "do *011 It* w to acid 1 <>b what would I give to meet LtnT Whew < ao I jvonabl/ do ?. " iad tlirn fetching her boabant, in< lady wuin ebe bad been addrroaiog would bo overwhelmed with a'u n 100, and prrhapa be reaell be ibat Ix>ru Pimtain with hit rant rrtnirw In Devon, or Rr Ki librae Tomkiaa, wtlb forty thcueand n yeer, wboae biyb Tory'tin wale L m doaptae litaracll, would be gut at c.n Invttetiow to mtr: lunar, at rifted, avl Dtarweil'a eharnetn* powera 01 enovaraauoo would be tirongbl to bear lr> nolt lb" poli'.ral iilclee of th/lr br arta fite roll* ber bnaband 1 llicy," and bar bendwritltg Mo( that manor fne character nod ber nx P'rwaton ot ibat dlpkitnatlc torteaari ehic.h buapeak ber rien 'ar order of m'nd 1*1 waa originally tbe wife of r Windham and by ber inftretM broognt In Harwell oc tbr radical tntereai. a* b'.a in I league for the borough 1 n Mai latrine. Aftrr ward! becoming n widow wWb Zi.i 00 n yen*, ebc became M't Dtaracit. and no donbt gam ber haabend tuppon and mrno-** !" ret worn be atiored hla philippic* ncninat reel, ft in uoo o,'the advantage ot I ring in rant tnat nil tbn chief actor* ot the age ottaa ?tOMJIy etrut their U'.tlf hoar before yoa; and however familiar jou may he wttb tbetr btotory. It la aatonlablng bow greatly Ibet knowledge booemre modifled by lea m netae coornroation with them. or by erne remarking for mi hour their cnaeal interoooree with other* TKo ittildb I'rlltr# ItniMrtel hnr^f nn>wi no ItWn .. a.iabew *r*ry day, wlih hi* daahlrv caralnkdM of yiildNI an 1 *a by oa? Ml* are Id to be tri?icn?l to k onlay, an >io the republican prejadtoto whiah imN at flr*' rrtatIf hooked by lb* '.ptoHoo of ?o much h?r*>-<ie?b. *n many gaUaat men, M l inch aplea eqaipac* to lbs aar*i<? of van aot yet old mooch for foit oj home. *PPMr to aefradaaily f?<tlac away, *a notion woj' i *mivi to (to MtobltMbtoc ivwii thai people win. by d< lire*. i-oaao to loot opoo thi* Child M born * ?n"'ber riay--eectnf that It ncr*f appear* abrrad III-* any other that waa bora of woman, aoa belleriiif thai ta lu p-raoa tM r< rlral rt a dynaaiy crratcr thaa that >c rharla agnc la to take pia> a Frenchmen are erery day be I'nmo. to rate too allaat onrtetre which they at Aral <lo rlded aa prop* rly part of tba play Oar Madrid t'oi 11 i|iand?arr Maoan>, Dae. ai. ItM Onto i'vet of the fsan of ? II,000,000?fttot Profit to < p*a tort the Arm Spoma* Jftoutor to Working4** - Pataer diyuhMihlKa? general VrfWkOOAo Ago*I fa Kridrnte? The di'vrton CmU'T and roBtm?Kr'igi-nt < rth Wary Among /ha*i?im Prrimhi> Apihea* of Mm and Marram Tito Croft?Phonal* Authort and Pmnmt?Oo TM Klr.i kma to eoaalodad bj tb? aatHooi-m# of a pub Ite Mto. Om of ?fe* mm la tb? rawo w?a uator MattoMta?oM 1?to of iba Daka of Rumtroi Imtoif of Qoooa flbrtotla*. Moos. Min i a aav afin 7 i be the taker of the loan. Tbat la to iay, that tf Mtf t bad been ibe btgbe?t bidder the bn?ia<?w woutl Dave been ecncl'id*d In favor o ;*oo Kernanlo duiv r.. IH.*e of Kieniarcs; en<l If ^alcr.inoa or MoPenedo bad been ibo high at blddere, the bailiHSH wnoll bare been con-.lided lnfavor of tbo Dalto of RUoanrer. Don Po-nando M = n. Nevortbeteaa, we are loreud to cornea* that a coo melon baa been made to publie opinion of the value or the I,y? per cent -'pnn'ih fundi Uracd rr trull I It la very poeathla Narvat /. doe* not *ain t.I (00 000 aa era* mated n a farmer (titer, bat only til,160,i.00, whlr.o will hare to tx? shared In part with Queen Cansitna and a few selei* friends Upon this basis rc ?n> balls aad dtauirs can be given to an admiring Crart; and too President 01 dke Council of Ministers will give Ultra, as Uo la a geoeroon and raagnldoent man. An to the Ministers Plenipotentiary appointed to V ?naa ' and Berlin, who dad lent n tno r resignations, toe an or ! baa been flattered In the person <>f ble wife with the Cor; don cf tbo Order of Noble I.alio* of Maria Louisa, and be muatgo to Berlin, notwithstanding the Mirer loan for what wea the Cordon of Noble Ladles made for -inless It waa to bo aported in the foreign leg at! >n, especially la that of ncrltn, The otber, Bonor Ber nudes do Csatro, in not so eaay to manage, beoaute ho wanta to be Minlater In Hpaln, andltamia htm to get hltaiolf Into the oppoal tlon He la a mar or mu?.b talent, akUfnl In political mani' uvrea, of line manners and pure repatatioa. He will !>e a lormidable enemy to ine Narvaez Cabinet, I.' they oo net aucceed tn getting ban nifto Vl. nn* Hennr ranara, tne Minister apposed to WaxhlngtcW. baa kept himiolf aloof from the political measures or Uve Oabmel, having recotved his oomm.Mi in from that wbida preceded it. Altoougb be at>>od ready to preaunt hie resignation, It wea principally through motlrox or delicacy towards his oomparloua. Hapoily. faiara, who baa no ambition to bo n Mimtlcr at present in Biwio, and bat great ay tn path lea towards tbo Tutted tut r *n>ra na wanta to go, is at lenglu la a porHiou to realize hla journey, giving no attooiioD to a policy with wtnoa ho nan nothing to do, and acptraiing tumuli to a dtsancs from thoto palaco tnlilguea whlcn am oot agroeablo to bta tranlc and noola character. Ttiara might have been Mlulaterof tho Crown before Una, bot he bM tierer wished ihe place. unless id the vent ol pontics taking a tarn more consonant to hia own Idea* ot rectitude and junkie. Ho nit/ yet be President of the Cabinet; and that day will bo a happy one tor 8pain, for he nnitca to hla great talent uo in't-\a table will, an aotlre and Independent spirit, and subareolar beyond reproach Kor ihu orosenl tale Ink lie-itual alar too aot remain in SpalB Oiiwiun ion ne will Vave Madrid inr the United 8ts?oa, ami I ong'atu.ato you and your countrymen upon thla viaiior from Andalusia. II annate titter a laabel 1> greatly troubled b<--? .so Ramon (Narvat/) <J rea not with t* no well brought uo. Be talks aloud In n r presence, scratches hit wg, act thrown ono leg ov< r the other; but tn*t is uot the worn of It. Ho ate<> makes tbo biu'i'ior ol mirroring to put to rights the aparimi nui of tee King. Bo bar turned t-noral Urhlatondo out of iho \liu. try of War aid wvJ <t h'm llret Aid do Damp, or cblot of t ie fairly of his Majesty ihai man" tivie is exceedingly skutul, bocauao It looks as If a more liberal po Icy was beta* ado mad, a?d niakw more dllllcult the triumph o' the absolutist* Urblaiou'to ?aa formerly Mia'atcr of War to urn titrlos, wab k?>t me court In the highlands >4 Cuipuicta and (bngnt against the liberal burner ot Q ieen Isabel II. You may rrcoilect how ib a Urbtsionlu hogged Kaparuroat Vergara, aud eamo 10 be Minlilnr <>( Wa- to Irabel II., In tbo year ot Cisco 1160 But dua l tartar roe Irem thin that lie it ail abuuged. tie la Hi 'in ' dog, wltn a dtflurent collar. Narva?z hu pitia bin place, in tbe Ilepatrlmcul ol War, Henerti Kig tere.a, on whom, on a lormi r occasion, tie Ditto we* tne ntio of Mar 11 a of i t>matancy, fur tbo attue r< ason mat a man ca'.ii hia dog Trusty. The Mariaw ol Oooitancy ia just about as much of a man as many moor C-uerais are an t will be as I goon a Minister of War aa many others hare been. r-omo arreaia 01 uorraia navu oeeu m*>". >uu n.o prison of iho SaJadcro nolna this tnoomwn* pl i. I'' ti \l iandro Men. nrotOi-r id lit o' tbe Marqcl" of Pldal. the Minister ot Slate, dm boon appotmiJ Ki.voy to Homo. Troiwo broliiera are such inaeparatue irleuda and u I Ilea that tbejr aro oail. d broth) AnturUn Castor and Pollux, only onr P dlrx la a tau ib uglier m?j Dim even tbo < l reek, and Outer la ug I rr tb?o Pollux. Nerartbeleea, rtrror Moo Is a tory greet Otirlatlan. and they ray tbo Pope la greatly ei.nont wita bis appointment, at J tint all tue aoalam business will on arranged Sooor Mod la deeply learned id e*el''?ia*t'cal Juria| rudonoe aad train ram the Soman laitb. One oaf a Irioc.d of idibo beard bin lay, in tbo home if ?oe uf bis mistreeere, tbat be ?m catlnced that wlieo ror i ar ouid not peiWtyo In and roaptioi the iplrtiiial and temporal power of the I'ope, ??nid bo damned I'aArwi nata tntldela like myself must b. damned; bit f'aor i .ia i S unr Naresex wul riae to glwy ono In nia amountdoi*1 coacb and the other in btr wig, as lbs Trlara wure wont to rl?e u tb ? oiwk wheioTer Ha'.nt I Krairle worked a miracle in acnavmtof -terra M irena 9 lb lliore timet wbon tbore were Iriara in Hp* u aud when HI Kiaocts worked mlrec, a It bsa rained a little, and tbe farmers bare beg .n U> 1 sow a nttlo. Probaily tb*re wtll be ? gooj srop in ->pa>a , next rammer lor Minuter* and tor apn rowa Pmvb of Wbeat are again rttwg. a MM tali wmr.-i I ? >*e <sC a week amoe. Saturday. 'I tb mat.. I. II# boaiiaia old for > Irom <4 to '-1 ii'a per bu?u. I ae iu- tlog to ') -.aitty, tbe r nheamt belay eery poor, MM the tiest at a butter prion than liu b-Tere bee.' rearbeo in the Halrd urni. The i* funda rhoe ry mptoi.a of| hors ier*, irim the t rirprriflJB con fqurnl u;*>u tbu aunoiimcnebt of lno Mir. 4 loan. I told jon two or tdree week* tin:e ot n pro,tit wb.oti I lb? beerpapera had for ?n? govern nuiii to giva i ptrtlocH to certain anbora. aid a-nunc tn.on to Carolina i Uofrvlo, alto or Mr Perry, lac* -? rotary of y..,,rl?aa > tion tii re Tbe i r ) c'. t? now oi. ti r t lOd to n?v > enue to nothing, ae thla lady bat rijroitl.-i herein that boi th'ojc el tbe kind ahould t?? dnoe at l?Ml la b?r ow? caae IB tbit or Krruan Carailr. o. ano jjer oi h' par Job 1 In whoec bet alf If" pro; ot had : run ..t .. .. ro ment had oft.'rnd to print a ooaip ttt eimrtn of her ?orU at ibe public expente, an l oat it at bar d.apota., tret b.i > lady bad also decltaod ibc favr. Otir Mailrld Corrr?|>?iMtrricr. Uai>aio, Itac M, 1M0. (bmlilwn ?f iht < j I'm!'* opai'W iKt 0>mrmn<wf nf An nm ?Ck/i/ a 'er ./ IV VrogrnuUM /'any ami th'ir t'ru.ny?IV lMmo--mU?'Sullian end tffrttr's.' .'pinut Jrl- A'rn Fi*-k 8ra>rf ?a '.*? >'atma if Mmi rid?frjwrti.rr if iht. .V?ie .Spentt* Mi ntlrr fur H'.tjkinytrm?Sm -r /'a- h co?Mai thai CVwv to?/"PO Irtltd Jnurnry if 'h? (pia?w In JndtUiovt? tfo?; t'oi if IU | Printtm 8*nor Men ntul Iht 1'ijt. da, Jr. Tbo Mniirlil prvat w ononpird (bit track with tho Importance of tbo f?ct that n rnalitlon baa bean ad-i.tcd tre' twe?b the old progroalatt and democratic Jou/nala for tbe , purposed making common oppoa lion to th a lie J (frvrronji nt Tbe Vicalvartat purca1* have a ?o rome into tbia arrangement. Aj to tbo progr-eiBUe aod toe i dfmorrala, 'incc tba moTrmotuoi .att rum nor, ebi-b I reel.led Ui the 1*11 or Mpirtero im ibo ?m?i rum o: ise ' progreitetai, there barn bcrei rcal'y h?l tligb; diiTerooooa ! In prtictpl < betiaoen them. The ui'ltrcoco of orelol^i* una tod at Miua W pretty much nil that n?> eept iha majority of the pf'>rreeietn from lulling bolilf Into the rac'.e or tho dem-v tia lor niga ll*n<> pMt ?'ae ?-eii i ' .aleicc ebVch ??-niriu?1 three pvtiea Irom tito VIcalThrial* one been wor.d-rfnily tiiiniclib -1 by tho ne. i g o( a common rr <mimat igal?at ib-t aba ileiiet MMtioa. The Clamor PvHtm, I he oieert oryiui or tho oooo yrsot proK ret .eli piny, tiye that there ire do loafer la if eta lay othrr I'trtiei thin tho* an<: tue liberate rota H trio; but the Clamor la aiiatikei wboa 4 tappoooa thai ifter tho etruggle ignoet iboolatlom la over, the trample will leern be tor tbo eid progreob-taa. 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