Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1857 Page 5
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The Peine CtlebreUon. HUNDRED AMD TWENTIETH ANKlftRStHT OP THE BIMTHDAY OP THOMAS PAINE?BALL AT THE CITY ASSEMBLY ROOMS?SUPPER AND SPEECHES. Wa annual commemoration csme off on Thai-slay night, ?t the City Assembly Rooms, the arrangements having bee* effected by the folio wing gentlemen, who constitute the oommittee tor the enaolBg year? Fraidtnv?Oliver 0. Hull. Kite frtiidtrti?William Allen, Jr. Cbmtntttee?J ernes Thompson, Oliver White, William E. Jtoee A limited number or ticket* only were tasued, end between two and three hundtwd person* were preeent at the height of the toettvltka. The ballroom was alvlded off in the oentre by a temporary partition, one half the hall being devoted to saltatory, the other to gustatory ex* rctoeo.; commenced aoon alter eight o'clock P. M., and wee not over till Ihnr o olock next morning. We ennnet say it waa Kept np with anything Uke spirit, tone much sa a ohllTng atmoophere seemed to pervade all around, a number of little glrli were preecnt, varying Tom Kven to twelve years of age, and the tallest and atdew men fa the room generally selected them aa partwere. The yonng gentlemen, aa uaual, a Verted the ordinary arWVxratic, would be Mom air, and the ball was ta all tta features what balla invariably aro-a horrible ateampt at pastime. The principal part of the celebration was, of coarse, the soyp?r, and the speeches which followed. One hundred end seventy three persons partook of this part of Uker ntertslament, Um hour being midnight. Three tables ran parallel to each other the length or the room; at the head of the apartment wae the principal table, nt which vfere seated Meetra. Oliver 0. Hull, Franda Pares, Dr. 'Pail and Metdames Krneatlne 1. Rose and O. C. Hull. She supper concluded, the Patau t.vr ereee and waddi? 11 is a matter of regret and disgrace tons that the name of Thomas Paine ? never mentioned in connect on with onr national independence The reason of this Is the eecnilanty of Paice s religious oplr one and hia lndepen deace of wbat la oalled "tho church." On this lmpvrtant subject he wrote, "Man bea a right to institute his own government and to be bis oarn priest," and to that end reward other than the gratitude or mankind and the good opinion of the wise. To Thomas Peine this country owee a debt of gratitude; to him, In the nlghott degree, oo we owe the tint steps In our colonial ludepen 'enoc. But though our government ii baptized by the name of repubiio. :t baa yet to be baptl/.ed with He spirit. In North Carolina rjen are net permuted to alt In the }nry box If they be heterodox, and the tame la true with retard to Massachusetts. But I cherish the hope that a good lime la coming, and that we ihail soon glory la the supremacy of the age of reason, not merely in this country, but over the entire world. The speaker then Koeeded to review Palne's works, stating that the pubttn of too Age or Season opened upon ntm the whole pack of ecclesiastical bounds?all the little dogs, Tray, B ancb and Sweetheart, barking at him to no purpose. The President concluded by reading the Fb lt Toi-t?Thcmas Paine?The Acserter of the RighU of Mai., she Creator of American Iudependi me, and its bay .our a the " Times ihat Tried Men's Seu'ra. ' M'Ulc?"The Marscllalse." The Punor then read the second toast, calling upon Mrs Ernestine L. Rose to respond. Her speech was necessarily the feature of the anniversary. Peecnd Toast.?The Refermeis of the Present Ace?Honest aft to-eilev.ual men and women, who week by various means Cm ?ameobiect, viz.: the freedom of the people trout suptreasier, and the premdioes of birth, and the establishment of free as the basis of truth. Mrs. Kosx was received with applause, and spoke as tonosra ? My friends?To minds free from the oorodlng Influence e? pretudlce?touched by the gentle wand of sympathy lor the brotherhood of man?warmed by the genlel rays ?i gratltuds for the heroee of the pest, who sacritloed wealth, reputation and life for the ca se of humanity, guided by the principle of jus lice and inspired by a love til universal freedom, an occasion like this cannot fall to be as instructive as interesting. But It may be asked what Is It that brings us annually together on UHa day? The 39tb of January in itaelf has no hlgber merit than any other day in the year, nor can It be the mere fact that on ttis day a h..tnan being flrst saw the light of life, tor everv dav in the veer ushers teas of thousands Into existence It it not, men. tbi bulb, but tbe lite or en In dtvtdoei that makee It a plea ing duty to others to celebrate the event. Viewed in this light, tben Indeed o'.gct the 30tb ef January, 1787. to be held m a day sacred to humanity, tor on :t among the Ibouiands wbo came Into existence, there was one wbo by his devotion to justice, freedom and troth?by a life ? active usefulness aeroied to tne race, has lett tbe world wiser, better and happier for bis having bved in It; and It la to honor lntc leotual and moral greatness?to pay a debt 01 gratitude to one of tbenobleet hamp'ODt ot liberty, that we celebrated tbe natal day of the devoted friend el man, Thomas Paine. Every great event Is tbe beginning of n new epoch In buman history; the event we celebrate wae the commeacament of a new ere In political freedom, and were Its magnitude nppreclatsd. every had In every olt.> of this country wo. Id bo tiled with grateful assemblies to celebrato the ad vast or tbe author hero ot tbe American Kevolut.on.'' 'Bat a rrnphei a tot honored in bis own ooantry " and it m ibt be adaed, s truly greet man Is not bmoreJ hi his lifetime: and though this seams to cast s stigma on IBs jnstlee of tbe race, yet Impartially considered It is quite natural He wbo can be fatly appreciated in his awi ege and generation, proves conoiaaivety that he nanaot be far In advance of the society be Uvea is. Ho may indeed be tbe efficient expounder of tbe present, bat not tbe oracle of the future, file popularity pro dates that be cannot be me performer of far nobler deeds, tbe possessor of more exalted virtues, or tbe inaptrer of more oxaltet progressive thoughts, foclety seems to resent as an insult Id any one to be Do lar In advance of ti>em; but simply as tbe moutbpleco of the time, seemr mcmieivea re..ocw:u m uu uwu, uu v claimed by ha voice, th<>7 ere gratified to bonor tbemeeive* by appear, eg to boaor n.m Fro? time lamamortal wo und tbat be wbo preferred to toatroet ralbor then emote. to tell what the people ought to bear rather than what I bey would w'.tb to bear; In Cue, just In proportion aa bo waa truly o advance to Intelligence, virtue tad good nets, so bav be ever been misunderstood, miarepreaenied, alandered and peraar.ated, and at man na* tnrally prelera eaae. popularity and profit to a life of martyrdom, we oasoot ea)>ect to bare many poaaeoaed of the moral heroism to place tbemaelree to aocordanoe wtih thctr highest ooavlctioaa. In the ad van re guard of air'ety: btnoe tba world ran record no few bright mtteo.-e te our toctal aal moral hortaon wbo bare abed aa unfading loatre on the race, and Ilka a beacon Bgbt illumined the dark and Intricate pathways bo a higher and nobler tate of human progression. H la no wonder, therefore, thai Tboma* Peine waa ml* reprertnted and por.<esiited In hla lifetime, nor that bo In aonow; lor not only waa bain advance of his own age, but be is eo atiil, for there are yet comparatively law poa eesoed of "common sense ' who realise the 'ftlgbta of Man,'' or appreciate tbe "Age or Reason." and fewor mill wbo bare asoended to tbe enlightened patriotism, da roMca to troth and nelf-oacrifitlng spirit to the canae of Party poaecaard by Tbo:. t* Paine and btgoted igao raaoe. ever oooalataat with Its own intolerant spirit, per eertree o tbe ignoble effbrt to |>?rbeoute him by pereecu tlag ail tbooe weooan appreciate bia intellect'!*. powers, bis pbilaetbrople spirit and hla moral courage, and feel it their duty to defend hla principles and hla character Truly the timet that tried men's souls' are not yet ever?the penalty oa boaevt conviction of tratb la not yet removed, for It r?i|utreean muoli boolean to adrnoat# bn man rights now aa It did when first proclaimed. Tbe aretld baa oot yet come up to the troe significance nr the rights of atas The martyrs narrlflced t>r tbe inramona, perured usurper of Prance can testify to It. Tba noble champions of freedom, nereoeated nniodealh by tbe do-pote of (ieraoany aad Italy, oao teetlfr 10 It Aye' I t cowardly. dastardly deed perpetrated In our ewe ?*nate oa the heroic Charles Hamner oaa testify to It. Tbe principles tT n republic, however well they may eei ed ta lhaory. are but a dead lettar ualsee earned into practice. Democracy, ae understood and ap flit by political lomaroguoe for the protection aad benefit of one clan, at (be eacrlflcc ol another, la a mockery tba'. brings the very term into contempt Da aaorrary. as nnderttood by Tbomaa rame. la ' r tna pro terboa. teccrlty and righia of a'l. without d inaction of era. ooootry or color and wera that democracy carried out. this republic would not now groan under tbe yok? of slavery, and woman would need no invent.on* to plead ?rv iwr rigbta Bin bis political priac<p e* are aa ititle waderetood aa bla religious view* It is truly a muting to ?^ the atwKKfint * . rtltlABrr w! Lh whi'.h hit r.nem M rAil Ltwi 'ni.dal. JMte term religion Hgnlflti praattcal rlr tern- oanre, mercy neneroicnce, onarliy. parity of tntaokoa, k'.ndneaa of heart, nnmvr.a to trnth, Boa an abiding lare fer the race- tbeo rbomn ran nought to b? ooai rUrrri op. e tbe no'>?i reltg'.ona nicn that erer llred, m If. arcoft..?g to the popular a?v.eptaoeo the term reran* cMly " blind lath in thing* uniewn and unknown." wern'bca waa be a religion* irao for on the Oral pate of bin " ago oi Keaoco " bt aay* ?" 1 bo.lore id no* ?o?t. aid no more. a?d I hope lor bapf.'!)** berond tbtD Wo I tc b?llere tb? c oaltty of man and i beltere that rol'firuo d'lltra cental in doing juetico. loring mercy, and opd< aTorirg to B ake oar fallow creature b.ppr" Tie >aot two art rioa ofblo uraod, ti unl?or**!iy adcy id, wonld bo lull client lor all nraitiral pnrpiaea of thte life, and tbe Arol ought I think to ia:u>'y a r*aa?aable batterer a aoy other. It i* a carom fact thai erbllo lene oftbourand* a hole ooclM'et) who bol.ore ao more, nay, not aa mocb aa ho aid, are compared ?jn!te religion* aincoot orthodox, he i? called Infidel." Tne aolu ? uo? of f, to. lhal wb'le there eery goal clllrrna are erer ready to lay what they do noilera. tboy take good care act to mention what they do aoi or lure, and eo pari cur mat in he orthodox tnark.i tVbi.o Thoreaa r^ae wa* Mr to be gnllly rrea of a riloat falaenoig (for at lent fh'rahood n :uM aa far .torn the troth aa a ipoien ooe i, and learlrg leal It ahow.d he ai ppiwe. tha: he be . ored in n-aay other th n?? he li d ? ! do an*. hrMero * the crerdi profraard hy tbe .lewlab cburra, tne Roman dfcarth. <?re?k r.horrh, Tarkltb chur.-Ji Pmtcataat ob-m or aay ether nhurcb I knew of bty ova miad ta wiy nwo church ' |-re*nmo Prr.i-aiact t:hriitaodom wotid have no on cl't? t" h dlnneh'f in all the creed* wed horcnea under the ion had be only lot. their* out Th" l ope of Rome would hare a* llltir oh|. e.Uoa to hare he rrctsataet included were hi* ooiy excepted. The Jena, <*rr?l;i and Tun* wonld be m < a* oonrderate if ahetn were eft untouched, but h' ini :tt"d the un to prefer h!a own tnlnd ft all of them well, truit the time Will orne when the human miad will bo coneidortd far more aaered an t holy man ail tbe reevta, temple* and rbnrcliei that bare been dedisated to all tbe god* erer worahlpped, and then creed*, cbnretiee ami bocke will be aobaerrient to reap, Bed not Mian ?otfaf?n P it that enlightened t>m? her nit ytlomr. The maai of the people Hill prefer to he le t by r??edi, arm hole and >dn1a rather thin hy ren?n and aileetlon tbe retga of re,ad haa act yet lomarenoM. and the u lent* yftn p'?r and aerr.ieo of Thomat Talee cannot yet be ipprtdated Thoo let ni. rat friend*, continue to ctlobaaie the day not only by -he lent re hoarl, tha mng ar.? tbe dino*?for oria' enjoyrati <hai oti* wi'h the v?*?<if boor, gee 1 aa ti.' r ar i t* I re# do no rawer hr i in tlew.ndi ctein ia f-* th? future?forth* p^ttfir - ;.:erltd ty itf pttt, hut ta er.etnrage and tu? N tola caob otber tn tbe hdvooacj of bauu right*?to touch tbe heart with purer tbr,iimen,.H, to loipire the b*ed with more elevated pf(receive thoughts, and to tit ne for oobler deeds and a '.norc devoteu life to tbe couie of justice. freedom and truth. In conoloolon, allow me to otter tbe following ?'utlmout:? The Bnprema?i 'of Mind?May its legitimate reign be unl* cruelly recogutTod, and the baneful Influence of the wrongly usurped powe1; of prleslcrafi and s'tperstluou deetroyed lorever. The TXibimst then read tbe TWM ToftBt-?A Free Preas?At once the child and pietecr Of trogresa, dangeroua only tolKDorauce and corrupuaa ; the hlung acM which removee the polish of hypocrisy and tbe aeburance of aaaumptlon. and eupoaea to naked truth tie errors, vices and follies of man. Mr. GiinaBT a. Vain replied to this tout in a speech of considerable length, much to tbe dlsoomiort ol tbe junior part of tbe audience, who having On shed their supper wished to get beck to tbe ball room. When Mr. Vale ned got through n third of his discourse be wis compelled to reanme hie seat by powerful demonstisUans en the part of bis opponents. Fourth Toast.?IMe Ka/jen and Herses of the Revolution?A vi ">t> wiso aim Dra\ e, who carrie a out ine designs or the IVtend of ioiwo, whose birthday we celebrate. There was oo reply 10 this toast. Fifth toast.?The Sabbath? A day demoted by the ancients to the worsMp of the int. and moon and used as a day of recreation and enjoyment, but by Christians made a day of sad tiese and (loom. Mr. J. C Sunn, of Chiaago. being called upon to reply, aid?I feel honored by tnla call, because Sunday Involves the history and uses of one-seventh part of our tine. It was right that tho great God of Day shonld have one day devoted to hist But we are told la a oer aln self-railed old book that the Maker of the Universe, after working veiy bard dnrtng six days, rotted himself on tbe seventh, and was refreshed and therefore we are to be solemn faced on that day. Why do we do this? It Is the Interest of the priesthood to make us conform to tbe observance?but (lo we get other than superstition nrom the clergy?do we get learning in the pulpit' No At this point a gentleman who had Indulged rather too freely before and curing supper created a disturbance. When quiet was something Use restored tbe speaker raid, in conclusion, that the church was an association tor the bene tit of the priest, in which svery old woman wno had knitted blm a pair of socks or hemmed htm a pocket handkerchief held stock Mr J, C. Smith resumed bis seat amidst renewed disturbance. Mr. H. S. Sniiti, of this city, replied to the following toast ? The Fair SexMay each returnlrg morning bring A smile to deck her ruby lip, And every eve its downy wilb In pleasure's rosy chalice dip. At tbe conclusion of Mr. Smith remarks the coranany returned to the ballroom and daneicg was forthwith re rumed, to Us pleasant instrumental on of Dod north's Band. Tlie Festival of the Barns Club of the City of Sew York. On Monday evening, Jan. SO, the members or the clcb and their friends, to the number of nearly one hundred, assembled at Patten & Lynde's Paciflo Hotel, In Greenwich street, for the purpose of celebrating the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's favorite bard. The poet was born on the 26lh of January, but that.being.Sunday, the celebration was necessarily deferred to the 36lh. At about hair past seven o'clock the oompany entered the spa clocs dining room, preceded by Mr. P. Kennedy with the Scottish bagpipes, who played a stirring national march. The president, Mr. J. Cunningham, oocopied the chair, and was supported by Messrs. J. Smith and J. Lalng, as first and second Vice Presidents. i The oompany being seated, the Chairman called upon Mr. Robert Burnet for Burns' pithy address to the htgrfs, which that gentleman recited In a spirited manner, prelacies It with a few Interesting remarks relative to the associations connected with the dish. The dinner was worthy the occasion Tbe table* were beautifully ornamented, and every luxury o( the season and ef every clime was furnished In overawing abundance The haggis wai of courie ore of the features of tbe feast, and was of more than ordinary excellence, If we might jucge by the repeated rails for it The rocra waa taatefnlly decorated with the tlaga of Great Britain. Franco and America A use trans pa rcncy o( Burnt waa placed at the bea t of the table, In tbe rear or the Chairman Rich ?I Ik tartans of the various clans were also gracefully arranged, with a One eflect A piano was placed in thuVanlre of toe roam, at which Mr. James Kennedy presided with great ability, and furnished accompaniment to the varloui aonga. Tne steward of the hotel and hla stall tauu, by their attentioD and systematic arrangements, contrtb led much to the < n Joy meat and gratification of the company. The dinner having been enjoyed with peculiar sest and tsiu'aruou, ioc v-iiairnjUD, stier etpreeiuug * leeilop 01 sympathy and brotherhood wtth other kindred associates In this city, end other pleooe throughout tho lead, who were met tor the same object, announced the lirat regular toaet, m follows ? The P?y we Celebreio?the Birthday of R. >bert Burn* ?A lay worth; of honor by ell men. an diet w Inch gave to tho world one of lie truest poet* end noble* soul* Tne load wan received with three timus three, when the Cimimiax roue and epoko nearly an follows:?iJeotion it n? 1 hnve 1 nit n few brief remarks to make In e toneciton with the toast Just announced. I will rail f"" om ii* to * nnr le potct?the universe! homa. i rendered to the memory ol Robert Burn*. There I* tiercel; a r . 1 land under the aun, where the Em ilah language te apoken, In which warm hearted and loiciil. ent men are not an temblcd to da; to > ocor hie name; and I believe 1: in generally admitted that, alter Scotchmen tbemtolves, there are no people who maelfeat a more ardent admiration for hut gamut, or a warmer aympa'.ny with bin sentiments, than the Amenoan people: and probably to right, in ail the frost rttlea of thla great country, Americana are mtnglinf with Bjoh-hmeo. and wtth men ol ail clttuee, to near hi* tonga and to honor hln memory. It In scarcely a i.gure of apeecb io say that the tweet melodlet ef "Bonnie Ttoon ' and 'Auld I-tng Byre ' are mingling wtth the nouod of tho way)* that da.-h against Plymouth Rock.' a* wsii as with those that wtth the goiden sborne ol the Paclflc; and it may ba lit# rally true tbal even wblte I speak, thesenttmeon of Burnt, or of these who have mot to do him honor, are oorne over the land upon the wtogt cl the lightning. And when the ocean telegraph shall be brought into aucces 'ul ope rat'on who knows but that the trlenu- ol Burns In various part of tbla land may ezobange aenitmnou on the day of bit hlrtfi with those who meet beside the spot where hi* atfce* rept n, and who mg hie nongt by the bank* and braes of hit own bonnls 1 jou. and thus, even tn cur own time, lor one day at least, literally vcnTy the truth of his owa prediction, that If .\a ami men. the w arid o'er, , Shall brllhtra he, and a' ilmu As time rolls away, tbe lams oi Burns grows brighter and stronger, and teems destined to extend over stl lends MM to include nil people ftMIMMMl WMMI ot iovp ana reverence tor aim in mo nearia 01 miD.ina not accorded U> my other poet There are prouder and mightier nameo than bta ou tie ecroll of fame, perlupe. acu when we call over the lilt of the 'grand old mawtera," aa their names fall np >o the ear, ve nap reel almoet every degree or revere nee and admiration lor their Intcl'eotoal grandeur and the * -*ty or the'r tbonglita : but when ton name of Barn* In pronounced, mea rrapond to that name with heart throha. It M magnetic The great heart of humanity leapt to It, and leara coma ; uablrg to Ibn oyer And oLv la K that the lofty and the lowly via with each other In cr rtny their homage above Ibe grave of the poor ezeiweman f Not aolely be cnutecf the ewnetnene, the rtw pllotty, and the truthfulntaa of tm aoug* . not only bocauaa hie poet'y fnratahee ibat " Inncb of nntnra which makes the whole world hut ' no but bemuse the world baa iearoad to rarogni e ; b m one of the nnhlant inula that ever Heed a Ufa or war row on Ibe earth perverted, it it true, and Uorna doarn at laat In that struggle which every etch true aoal, tor. rounded by ancb dreumaianoev m et eaca inter but reoegaiiad. too, at laat, and throned, la MM "Tfea W of 'ndrpen< eit mind la king of mew " He I a? heoe re orgutzed a* a goad tlloftration of the trntb of that aeatl tnent, and crowned at laat And ovary day met) will laara more and more whai Burnt baa done ror maa. And evermore mea will glee iovc and rerereore to bit miinnry for the rtch legacy < f hit i armor la aoaga?far bra tnextingalaheble love of freedom?lor the courage with wh'eh he dared la epaak tor truth and llbeMjr, when free thought* were, pert opn more likecrtman than now?wot tor the tiioignant aenrn with whtr.h he tpurnad thefalaannd artlOetnl dlellncttoca which would vabvert nature * order of nobility, wbnwe degree* are ooaferred by Atm ghty < 0(1. The remarta from the chatr were warmly received, after whieh Mr Koimr Hum " laug "Our am Koibit Burnt " The (barman the a annonnced the aeeoad regular tr.r at ? the (lemltiw of Burra?T?e rava ill'unltiAte alike lh<* onitage < 1 It e peaeawt and the paleeo th- prtMte. and.ehod hr gbir. aeon the path tnd roe fabli In the heart* or ih<?e wh-t io<* th< If i aee aint etr > r (or human advai otnent end progrem.on. Mr. A. Mi aurg In tcapontc ' (Tie Bantaaad drees ci Bonnie Iroon '' The th'rd toast wee deliverrd from Ibe Chair ? The leodn't'ato* WheTieribo Boot jfr man mar np*m he Kill tf-wo-mlieri with lose nod pride the "leather hilla" of htw tatlicrland. e?,d hi* revert-ore t<*r Ibe land of hi* birth *11 | I i ver trake him more welcome and Mine Worthy tae land of Lie adopt too. The song. "Pannoeki o' Ba*ley Mea ," wit a flttin - ad ,, .-y mr *n-1 the entire company .rined in cborua with right |?1 wl'1. The Chalrmon then gore the fourth regnlnr loeit ? Tie I And we I ivo In. ?Deeper to Ihe Per# -hinan h?r nnr ? other ttion lito own; nmy It ercr CoaM*'i# pnwoeeo ) -n>t 'r< r ned mar the npofWmed el othrr r'imee iind n pe* euil irtnitr henealh ihr fold* o? the Starry banner. Mr RruMia tt it it aw reopnndod. rutin* that though mi Irishmen toy blrtb he replied to Uir toon! to honor of AihOrlr* with more pleeanre then miy othrr Mr. WittuM I'UfimrriH lo an tmprrerive manner, thro ( enag the ""tor Spangled Rentier,' which wee received with three hearty cheer# The fifth regular t-wat war annoanco by Iba WcNit Vino Preatdent. Mr J. Lathi, who introduced It with the fol lowing rrmerbn?Mr l*reanteat ami (iratlemen ?K >fore propriuR a toatt I with to mate a few remark* regardley iW heroe* to which't retera. Ao<l when 1 look aronad ami etc #uch a le'ge and reepcctable arrrmhiate gathered nrro 10 rl|ht, I miiat eonfere that It *bo*i the tin.on and harmony of Scotchmen and tbr.r Irioude and when I ace a neb id array of the Kim Iran of tho pennant poet. Robert Rnrra, I bare oo bnlUdtn In eeyio* that all here to ai?ht will moat hrartily rrapond to the memory c ' thone hemer that gave to Sr-tlnnd her nationality nod Independents, and of whom the poet Burn* write# ? Root# tab* hae wl Wallace Med, Kola ?ha Hence hae afi?n led, W Oleoma to yonr *.>ry bed. Or to ttnriM'ie tV wy Pir?t we find iho hero Wallace. at the early afr of twenty one year#, planting the rtandar.i of freedom on the pill ol bia retire land, and when Scotland ?e? in ber mekift itale. while tbet of I rg lend hoi never been tronger He commenced h e treat and |lort a? career en the plain cf Stirling, where he aalil to the true rone of Caledonia, hate brought you to the ring, dance I* you ran." "i cn know tbo reanlt?the noble Wa 'ace wee rklorim. Wallace fenght and b ed for n>? country?he bad EV TOKK. BMALD, SUN no selfish aim* M lwve_no battle of kings to maints.nNo. Nothing ?jul u,e dellrereoce of bis ooustry from a (oretcD invasion, wbicb bad spread desolation ovsr that | Dobie Il'^d, Wallaoe led lac ao, and fell marljrdoni ?o nerved Scotland '.bat up to the present Ume ll aonll'ii oea a free and nncooquered country. At Westminster Abbey, on the tomb of King Si sard is engraved, "This Was tbe hammer or Scotland;" bat tr Bdward was the ban.mer of Scotland, the noble Wallace was the roth upon which that hammer was dashed against In vain. He laid the foundation of freedom and independence which was so nobly fought for and won by the glorious Bruce on the field ol Bannockbarn. that day Is dear to the memory of every Scottish heart. The people of such a country may well be proud of such entertain as Wallace and Bruce, sot only n? tbe guardian champions of their liberties?for thoy planted that standard of freedom?that standard whiob a William Tell end a George Washington milled around tor tbe tree dom of a great and glorious people. Gentlemen, I do not recall those soenes of bye gone days, those times of aoimeslty and bloodshed between England and tfootland, for any othsr motive than that or uoiog donor 10 mo memo rks c f those great teroes Yea, if there la any Scotch nan that baa any animosity against an Knglishmaa, or if any KngUahman baa auy agalnit a Scotchman for the warlike times or old. tbey ought to be put down as morally insane for ancb a feetu j would not be in keeping with those lines by Robert Barns ? For &' that an' a' that. It'* coming yet for a' that. That mui to man the war id o'er Shall brothers be Tor a' that. I will conclude by giving the tlftbtooat:? The memory of Wallace and Brime. the heroes of the plain' of Stirling and of earmo-kburu?Their labors were not in va.n?they maintained the independence integrity, freedom and nationality of their ow n native land?Auld Scotland. Mr. Pstsr Ks.n??dy played In reaprnseontba bagpipe', "Scota wha bae wr Wallace bird," wbicb waa received wltb great enthusiasm. Bong?"Auld Scotia's Sons.''?J. Laisa. Tbe sixth regular toast waa delivered by the first Vice President. J. Smith :? The Memory of the Immort.U Washington?A man, a Chris tusu and a statesman, his deeds have filled tne world as " household words,'" and his integrity u a, hta humility as a Christian, and sagacity as a statesman will be recorded unto all tune. Hnropo honors his greatness, and America re ceres him as ths Father of bis Country. Mr. President and Gentlemen?It would bo unmeet, upon an occasion like this, to forget, in tbe midst of our festivities, so dear a name as Washington. No man wb > bolds tbe memory of Robert rums dear to bis beart can fail to see In tbe noble virtues of Washington tbe same pure spirit and natural impulse whtcb Inspired tbe psn of Scotia's bard Mr President, It la not lor me to utter encomiums upon tbe memory ol tbe Father of tbis glorious country; bis deeds are beyond all praise, fur n>? name Is tbe Immortal watchword of the nation. 1 would a*k wbat Scot la tbero among us who can think oror tbe history of bis country?think of ber Wallace, ber Bruce, ber Doug las, and otber patriots?tb'nk ol thosa true hearts who in limes past cave mine liicir uouiuh auiuug uu |iu? auu caverns of her blghlanls?tb'nk ot those frbose blond, spilt m liberty's cause, bas g.ven frosb beauty aad strength to tee blooming beatber?who among us, 1 say. can think ot these things without turning witb grateful memory to that noble spirit whose name is the living synonym of freedom ? The adopted sons of America have most cause to reverence that name, for not only has its lnllucnce given us tbe advantages of our adopted conn try, but even In our fatherland Its peacetat power lingers, dear as tbe memories of our childhood. In conclusion, Mr. President, I would say, all hall, then, to the memory orthc Immortal Washington. He sleeps?tho msg c ol a people's life? tbe soeli that keeps them free Mr. Alknamiek Favosa then sang '-Hail to the Chief," in a spirited manner. Tbe seventh toast was delivered from the chair:? The r.asses?God bless item. bright jewels?'.hough absent not forgotten. This toast *?- received with three times three and several extra When the enthuvlasm had subsided, Mr Will sm Thompson sang "Greta Grow tbo Kutht t, U," in a happy manner Mr. Yor.vo, of the Allien, sent tbe following sentiment, which wan heartily responded to by the com pany:? Scotchmen, the world over?whose souls csn appre-uatn the poetic genius of Burns, whose good sen*'' oaa Imitalo his steady independence, and w hore sociality gathers them together in honor of the day of lbs birth. Tho health of Yalr Clirebusb, Esq was proposed by Mr. J. 1-ainy, and that of .lames I into, f* by Mr. lUvtd Rather ford. both of which wore responded to with spirit and reeling. Both of the above named gentlemen bad acted as former Presidents ol tbe Club. Oce of them is now in California sad tbe otter in Karope, A note was received trom Mr. John Mason, Chairman of tbe Brooklyn Association, and replied to by a deputa lion. A deputation from Constitution Hall were welcomed with great cordiality v deputation consisting ot Messrs. Puratt, Frssi-r and Giliuly, proceeded to express stnti ments of fellowship aad sympathy with the association at tbo above named placeTo unteer songs and sentiments oortlnued n aflord enjoyment to tbe company until a late hour. Tbe following are a tew ot tbe songs ?Mr. Alexander Fraeer gave "McUrr.or'a Gathering , * Mr Charlee Burnt?"Kail brose o' Auld Scotland ." Mr. Wm f iirebugb, a comto song, which aliordea great amusement; Mr. Wm. ilurns? ' A a ! wkk hnrti in K v is '' *n<t "Thu R rlcanf A m?rfs*M v '' Mr. ntlll?".lotn Anderson, my Jj Mr. Richard Cootarm.f,?""cotta Thistle " Mr. Wm. Thompson?ractu lion, " Wattle and Mcf Mr. Goorge Gilluly?" Why led I iqt tame " Mr. A Mclean? "Bonnie Charlie,'' and " Abb a I aurle." Numerous other songs and sentiments detaircd the cotrpncy until near three o'jlock, when they ntaperrai -un tne usua. good old tnug ouia 1-angSyne," highly grstlded with the entertainment, aome expressing a with that Kobbia" bad two birth day a In the year instead of one. t'nltrd btotu Circuit Court. Detore Hon. Judge lngertoil. mroktaxr to iMPOKrrits?svit for rktvrn amis. JOin WUitn. Hau.itwiilh and cthert r|. Herman J. Red ' eld, CoUrior?Thlt in an action to obtain tbo return ol dctlea paid under proteet on a q entity of ateal imported from Knp.atd. The piaintina claim thai under the tar.ffot IMOthe art'dea were only antiable at It per cent on rob rum, whilst the Cuatcm Honae authorities Charged 20 per cent Mr. MeKeon, I n tec S'ahi DiaulJt Attorney, appeared lor tbo government, and Meaarn. K'dgway and McCnllougb lor the pli nti:Tma le one ot man., Bulla which involve amoral hundred thousand dollar!. Judj.e lngcrso'1 ic charging the .lory, rai l? liivunn or m Jrrr?it will not require many remark* from me to enah'e you correctly to determ'ne the question which la ?u audited to your coeatderatnm. By moTartfl act of 1SW there la a duty lapoaed upon all aieel ot at per cent, excepting from thai, ateel in bara, oast -heor er German Ina importations under cons'le ration, made by ihn plmnuil In mi* caae, were of ateel. The dntv Imposed upon that inporut'on by the Collector, and which duty rax paid, wm 20 per cent and a? too article u|K>n whicn that duty wa? Imposed war ateei, It (allows that ibe impoaitlo* was correct, utiles* the ateel tbua imported was eltber oaat. fbeer or German. a a It ta admitted that It waa neither caat or abaer, It followa tbat Ibe Inaposition waa correct, unleaa it la male to appear tbat it waa Neman. It appoara very c car from the evidence given In ooorl, and aboc. wbu-b (hero can oe do mtadeka, that there I* a steel man lectured In Germany lil/h hum hdmn mtftiifi^ttirri Ihbrr InP ft MPPit irtnr I ytara, and which I* kouwn among tbe commercial con musliy IB !hia country u Germar. tteel That atael. ao maou factored and ao known, la made front tba ora direct and It ta? thia peculiarity about It. that toe ataal ao aaadu in Germany, aooordtng to tba un4er?;andtn|[ of the wtt Barbae, la tba oaljr ataal madr dlewtiy trom the ore, that It la made trom ai ora 'onod la Germany. and tbai thenare aoaiaiilar oraa la the wor d, nxcaptoee i.tund la Huni jar jr. and oaa lound In tba lalted r>ut<w,* hlco two letter Late Lot bath worked lor tba manufacture of ateel, ao that Una peenbar ftoa; it only mala la Grrmiay. to wit made from the ora, la anowo aa German ataal, and mutt bar# bttn known to tba mak*rt of tbe art of Coaareea in IMS at German ataal. aal Intended by tham to be lacludtd In Iba term ' Herman ataal." Tba theory witrb tbay rat up on tea part of tba plalattr it tM? ?That although thla ta German ataal, and wlit'a tbo nuarny of tba prortalon of tba act of Conyraaa referral to. yet ii la not tba oaly German ataal eomprabeelad wttbia tbl* act tbat there It a hi ad ot ataal roaaufnettred la h'bet.eld t j>|iaed, wall aoowa atnooy tha iom mafia: rommoatty aa "(*ertran atral." althoufb not maaufbetur ad la Germany, and not from any ore tbat came front Gerwaay. uot from irtn ore la aylaad Tae plamti I laje tbat it It wall known In Hhrflltld. and rial eit ti prore tbat It la well known in ible coaotry that there are lour kind* knawn in hnyland. to wit - the b"it?r atari, tbe tirtt praceaa nam the ora thcG?rm*n fteel la contro rerty), which they aay la a proaaaa from tbe b itter tbe ram and tbear, which are rar iber procetrea from what Ut?y caii toe German; and tnat the tteel made by tbia IIrat Irom tba buatar w known at < erman ataal tbat It it equally wail known In >iti ccontry a* iiwbio ateel, aoi wtt to knawn tt tba tlrra thla act of Conyreia waa paae ' ad in * MS, aa tba other Kind of ataal mala in fljrmany If they arc ancoattfnl In eettbllabing and la aa'dalying you that thla kind of tteel, Ibtsf made run tba blltlar. In waa yne'aiiy known among iba cnmmer-lal romwtioity In tL# trndao'thla conatrv and among men engaged in tbat trade, aa German uteri, it matt be pre* I tomaa to hare ham contemplated by the manor* of tb t , a t of Oongrraa to oe taeicdeo la tbla exception. I any i thai if, In IMS, when thla ael of Goocraaa waa patted, i Ik a maa arwnrri r m In Ihh S/iihitiari laI na^aeaiaadlna theletm oed in oar market, Id Uid market! of the Unit*-! ." die* if It wee eo generally undrratood ?o be "liermin iteet" it mart h# wtthlD thr excepting of thUt act of Coogrr ee, although It wee am male Id i t.ermany. And the only queettoa here for you to determine la obo of loci wot iblt article now Id oontrorerty, at the lis* thla aet of Cmyr wae paeerd, Id 1M6, do generally known m tbr commercial oommuaity ot tbla country aa Merman etrei' It it wo* your rerdict muat br id favor ot tho p>a'atlt1 You apprehend what la meant by the "nnderetan-Ung of thr commercial rommoelty 'la Ihla coaatry It |w, wow It generally understood by them' Not toot it woa uador wtood by a lew?od# or mora? bnt wu it genera'iy un 1 1 drretood, ?o that If ao ordrr waa gi\ on for ' (if rami ntrrl" that nrdrr woald br aoaworad by a rnapoaar to it ot atrel manufactured In Sheffield, under tor fleet procer* I I rem bltatrr. do matter what form It aaaumed Tho f]ue*tloa, then. la enr ot fbel Waa It ao generally under aioor If it In ro generally uDderttood. that hat nothing to do with ihr iinrrtion?war it ao gore rally onrteretno 'n lDW1? lor parlir* to tDtoreat oaauot give a dtfTerent c oatmctlco to the law ot Uongroar. paaeed in 1M?, by changing tho dci mtloo Dt torma We loot to thr deflation of tne trroa aa it waa understood id 1Mb : and tf at ttnt parlol tntr article Itgrorra lj unier-too-i to tho roerooatUo com irv.Dtty of |br I oiled ?tatoa or of any other eotuttry, aa (.rriran Mrc1 but waa on ao nndrratood id IMA, It car not ectre with u the exception, tor the art except that which at that time, aim at that time noty. at* gencri ly known amorg tbr i"tni irrclal commto'ty to bo Ocrmau atorl, I w"i not allude particularly to tbr aereral wit nraaea that fcarr hroa Ibtroduccd, There hare been many > Introduced on thr port ot thr plalnttA who are, moat of them, I bellow, agent* for foreign mannfhetortee? many of whom were noi rea'dingln thle country at the ttmo

tblr aet wae paeeed. Tbey tell you (cat to Fagland tbia ?u (cowc M'.'"WW tteel, teat here aa German a tool ' k DAT, FEBRUARY 1, 1857 and fjoch spring iteel, bat known Iter* * Gevmne ',*el by the mac uracil) r'ng and commercial oonJ^aauy, wbiie on the part ef tbo defence other geotiero^ #re m trounced u> you, engaged in the maaufneta;* ou steel end othtr branches of manufacture, who ,t*Lj yei tnat ih'7 ntver heard of this article being called German iteel until subsequent to the passage of tali eot; that to that lime they never beard or K under that aame. Therefore It la claimed on the part of the defhnoo, that th e article cannot kbo known generally to the commercial comma nlty aa German iteel; and, ae I before laid, tt must be known generally to tbe community no German iteel, and not by a particular portion or It. If men illunted ae thee# are, knowing what are the terma given to steel? If they never heard of It being known aa German iteel. It could hardly be generally oo known It ban been claimed on the part of the defence that the only name given to thlo, and by whiob It waa known 'or a lime, waa eprieg oleel. It ii proper tor you lo look at tbe onee in that pout or view; for IT It wm known no apring steel, and known by no other term, then It oould not bo known ao German iteel But It doeo not follow that ir known aa spring itoal, It might not bo known alio as Gorman tee!; and therefore I charge you In purouauce of tbe olalm or the plaintiff, that If at the time thin act of Cue grcso wai puied. It was generally known in lbs comma nttv ae German iteel. It would not deprive the pielntlir of the benefit of the exception In the act of Congress, pro vided It waa equally will known as opring oteel. If It was not generally known as German steel st the time this net of Congress was passed, then the plaintiff cannot tike advantage of the exception in this act. If you should think, from the evidence It wss generally ktown In the commercial community of this oountry as German iteel, you will give a verdlot in favor ol the plaintiff wwivmnc/uu Will UUU 1U IkVUr Ul UIO UOIOUUMUI. * law la that tt muit be nc t only In lurelgn but in domestic trade?tt must be known In both. Iaald to yon in tbe latter part or my charge, that If it waa known In ibla oountry a* German steel. tt would not deprive the plain tin ot the benefit of the exdfeptlon In thli act of Con treat, provided it wu equally well known aa aprlag aleel. 1 mean, that If it it known tn this oountry aa spring aleel, and la well known In the commercial community generally aa German Heel also, it must be known In tola country. Verdict (or the defendant. Ftrat District Conrt. Before Bon. Judge Green. CLAIM TOR UlVICBri IN TRAINING A nORSB. Jama H''itlpl y cr. Janu Holme*.?This waa an ac tlon brought by Mr. Wbelpley, who la well known aa an experienced driver and trainer on the Union oourae, to recover a balance duo for tervicea renlered In training a hoi Be for defendant. Tbe charges were proved to be correct, but tbe defendant averred, by way or ofUet. that the horse waa ariven on one occaalno on tbe road tustead ol on tbe track, and that he waa at that t ra" lm properly driven, and became lame, and ho claimed damagea (or the injury done to the hone. At is usual in these cases a large amount or testimony was given. It was provcu that after the horse roturncd trom the drive bo went lame, and from this fast, together with the Tact that there were marks of of the whip upon the b >rse, and tbst he appeared fatigued, u was inferred that be bad bten badly used; but it was also proved that too horse waa lame, though not in the same leg. and appeared tn be unsound when delivered Into the plaintlir's charge. ana mo wuross wno roae with mo pia.ntlif on ids ooca Ion referred to teillQod that the hone was driven mode rately an<'carefully. ana that there wac no negligence on the p?rt of Mr. Whelpley. It wm not charged that hl? treatment or the borto on aoy o.her occasion ?at wanting In duo care and skill. It waa shown on the part of the defendant that on the drive referred to the horse vai driven for about three ^carters of a m.'.e at the top of hi* rpeed but It aim appeared that he waa put Into the plalntm'* care to be trained eo aa to bring oat the greatest amount of speed tbat oould be obtained, to bring him, in the language ol tbo turr, inaide of tbrer minutes, and *t was not very easy to -ac bow tbla r.oald be done without driving him fait II waa nr.. objected that the plaintiff ought not to have driven anywhere eiae except upon the track; but it waa clearly proved by tne teatlmony of lltram Woodruff and ether trainers that It waa the conatant praottco for trainers to take horsea put under their care from the track and occaaionaily put them upon the road, aa a horte constantly used upon the track geta weary of It, and wants change bet'dee, the Defendant warned to have the hone trainod for uae upon the road. lipon the evidence the Judge rendered judgment fettle plaintiff for the amount olaimed. City Intelligence. l*ro?riti< m PrrncoAW ?We ha . e been re<iueated to caution the public agalnal an lnaieuatlng apecimen of the ft male aex who la coming the bonevolent dodge on our uiceptible country coualna very extensively. She Is de aenbed as about lorty or forty Ove yean old, ordinary stature, b.ack hair and oyos; bad with her a girl about fifteen, and a boy twnlve yean old, whom the claimed an son and daughter. She makes It a point to 'inarter nertelf on aome Influential family. Her modus operandi la to aoltclt subacnptloia for a magazine about to be laaued, the pro weda or prolita to be Devoted to benevolent parponee, but mow particularly to enable fiov. Slade to aend teachers l" the tVoet. The magac ne, though a very expensive one. Is to be aaued at a very low price, as "Mr. Urtunell wis to furnish the paper gratis; reter Cooper had made Urge tubai-riptloos, being desirous the publication should n?\ r ciiiDii'r circulation id# somen.# would no Heart li r Lf# <.f varloui writer# eat! artist# " nf oottrra, lb" whole *tcry i* bogut, ell the partlea named denying ell k|/<'?ied(i . rs* m < r?*- mefe'hti Ikvre om u j 1 DV VOU caution aocwn In giving money for pretended charitable naittutoia. Fine at fioont nnntta.?About tour o'clock on Tnetday m' ruing tbe tteble end w agon bonne attached to Ibe Or pban Aeylnm at Blnommgilale waa d.acoTered on tira Tie hamee aprcad alto great rapidity, and ion ooo auiuod ibr be 1?icg Two bcrac* and a caw togrtbrwltb barncaa and alock to tne amoun. of 11,000, ownao by Mr. Feb. tbe M perintendcnt, wore deetroyed. No In auranee. The fire la auppoeed to be ibe work of an in cendiary FTmneit'a Convention Addre?a lo tbe Member# of the hew York Fire Pcr.vt rneni - \t e. the under#tgaed, hex- vleaed with rr.atili >1 i :< #; lug* f approbation the manly ami Imperial oournaef coodoct i uraoea by a Ifrwi Oaraoa m bta eaaaqMa aa Chief Kagineer of the New Tnrh Fire Department. Ilia promotneaa a'all time# hta lallbfolnea# to all the irurta Confided to b tn ; hi# epetency In the performance of all the d it lea pertaining u> h ? office, ate and aklll aa a lone, n ed, no I eiperlerced fireman, rcndi r htm worihy of ht? iioalttan. and It tbe 'Oimng election, we would n.?t ckeeriu'.ly and eon t deipltr recommend htm to our tirother uremen a< one daearv tog ot their hearty and unltett aupport Ml# tin*a erring and undenting eonr#e. in tha forkful dt# charge of all dutte# linpuwd, while oft., itilng an Chief, eim meed# bun to th# favorable eonftderalion >t all trie* reniri. riitanquUhiu he *1111 remain#, 'hough deaittn'ng m n hare ought in dareigc hta proxpecta ot a n eclion . by ertl plotted acbiine# and intrigue#. they nave endeavored to u?r n>-h Id# well r:.rned rep> tation a# a ehl/en of charm ter lrrepro?chablo In lb" |?n#t, na one upright and horn #' in all hia intention#. In all ihe innumerable Infliction# of a per#?cii?lng tw'ure lino hate been rn?de. with the maiif vag u; and tahuioux atalement# of a prejttdii'i?l agpect ih?t hare been put forth, be dor# till oxn'lnio to be uoaulhed In > huracier and in #b#k in tn bta determination *, t p u* #ur tbe right faithfully an learleaaiy. i but he m?v In- again returned by an over* h'-lm ng voir to the plare he now eo ablv f."a la our moa' n?m?i ? no. In ail litHir in Ihr anorr (be following r- aolationa Wern untbtmnualy i-depted ? Hi 'OlTrd, Tha' we fully rndoree the ranrae r'ire ie<! be CI lied r*r?cn. durtrc the time be haa held the noaitloa of Chief Knyioeer thai he haa alwara hero tmual to ihr- 'aafea aet be In-1 I im. ? ter fal'hful prump'and rflu-li nt. I.eanlnd 1b?t the upnaht, inaalv ami .uueerrailre rr an rxr id which he baa cflBductnd thehualneaa nf the 4<var met. , la aifh ae to rntnirand our un<|iiallflei1 approbation. heaolred. Tba' we moa- heA'Utj enter into hie anppart. and will leare notair meaua tin laed to accura Ma re i lection le tht office be now an ably liiia Waned Ji hn Hatileb. Aealetani Engineer Kliaha hirg?l?nd Aaaiatan Knginerr. C'?e N. < ornw ell Agnt-'ari' hngit "er William T. Mr whey. Aaalaunt hog reer. 0. ,t. tin eh. Aae.a'ant Engineer William A. wood of Engine Co. No. .1 Charles K. Hyde F'oreman Engine Co. No I William C Uiona, Foreman Ktig tie Co. No i. I V el ir f of man Ent ne iN < ~ W iliuim O. rman Foreman Kn aa Co. No 9. John Wart' . Inn-man Hiiflae <'0 No 10 .( oh W. 1 earner. Foreman Kngn e Co. No. I J. W illiam htarrm. Amount I n.emit Knrnr Co No. IS. ,1aIlea Connolly, Foreman Fngine Co. No. IF. .11. Kin a'ard. of K.nghn'Co No l*i lairer H Hunt, of Engine Co No 29 Hulard .'% kti-n. Co. No. SB. I'll hatea. F 01 email Fngine Co. No. 29 In Friitumnnrl, of Rnglnr Co No 2P John M. Aaai-lant Fori man Engine Co No 32. I iiAi I Meter-' et Foteninn Engine i . No John II. Il< "man ei Foreman F.n . oe Co. No Id Alev mder F|.aiding Fnreti an Engine Co No. 39. latnna W'. Ilalgbi, Aeaiatant F< remao F.nritieCo. No. 3?. Hi. ha tj P. Viore Foreman Fngine Co. No. 42. A aneen I I01D. Foreman Nng.neCo No. 4t. Ileitiy P. VrGowan, Foreman Engine t o. No. 19. W liam P. ItanleJI, F01111 an Fngine Co. No. Mb he hard 3 an It,inter Aaatrani Foreman Rr.gtne ' o No. BU. Wateytiiilth Foreman How Co No. 1 A ear. F *?-t* A?<? ant F reman Co, No. I. li herl V. M*i bey. F "eman tleaeC No. 4 IV, 1,am It. t n ailV Foreman llnte Co. No. 9 1. II I'ar .aril, Aaairant Foreman Hone Co. No. 9. b ilea II Cornell. Foreman Hoee Co No. a. r>. t; K 'l'lntnn. AMiatanl Foreman Hra? I o. No II. 1: H Col'gv e? Foreman Moae Co. No. II. I It. miey. Foreman Hoee On No. It A1 lll'te, FiK?man Hoee Co. No 19. II ngii V 1 Ity, Aaalatant Foreman II >" Co No. 17. -na ii'l It II < menn Foreman Ue?e Co No. IF. IVa'' W* Adnma. ??a at int Foreman flow Co No. 19. tared A. Timpa ni. Foreman ftoan Co. N>. f< - hityh-r Htymera Awia-art Foreman Hoee Co. No 22. 4 II. V If or. Pot eMail Moae i'f>. Jin St. !'. .1 tVolon Foreman How '? No 1A lame# F*fenr. F frfiiinn How Co. No. t\ I. B W nana. Mrrdwj l|??' Co. No. N * R. Jnhtoion Foreman How Co No A farure MrCabn. Foreman Hot Co. No. SI. imor V. Wootley, foreman How C?. No J7 arum Miefcenne. Foreman How Co. No It l.lam >touli*an. Foreman lloto Co No. 42. larnh looke FiiIMUM How Co. No. 44. trihur V.ilmU. e< For'man lloae Co. N v 45. 'ol.o detlriee, of How Co No. 4' lamta lilward. .If.. F re-run ttowCo. No M. I. A. Fry ant. of Wow do No 40. Vlirr O Coscuhall. of How C. . No 4d. 1Mb H. M'iior. Fo-eman How Co No. 47. ;. W Va'inllue. Foreman Hone ''o No. 45. '..rrw KIHatt. of How do No .40 f?.n J. Reed, Foreman How do No 57. 4,1 mir f> Amee Foreman Hook act Ladder Cj No. 1. nlah Rogfra, Foreman Hook ai d Ladder Co. No .4. W W ilrttnr Foreman Itook and Ladder Co. No. 4. ul*m Ktrp. Foreman Hook and L'dder Co. No .4. ohn K. Irana. Foreman Hook and ladder Co. No 5 letrv Ford. Aaalntant Foreman Hook and Ladder Oo. No <5. nrVn Merena A Win* Foreman Hook and Ladder1Co. No. 7. ohn II Fotman Foreman Hook and likddef Co. No 9. i Oliver Aca'atint Foreman H<>ok a'd Ladder do No. 9 irego'T Cnnnor Foreman Hook and Ladder Co No IA H. Fiah, A net*'art Foreman Hook and La<ld r Co. No W. Ihaflea Ifasrr II nil. Fecretar? Hook and (.adder Co. No I'h I, II Alleoek of Hook and lewder Co No 10, d Mar" oner. Foreman Hook and Ladder Co No II llt'heel H f laher Foreman lleok and Ladder Co No. I J. in r?Winht Foreman Honk an ! Ladder Co No. 14. hn U. Hrady ei Aaeioant Frglni" r. iiiguatiit Hurd, e? Forrman Ftnae Co No *>. ItirMirea Repattrert, ami Rubber Nolea Apl ed 19 leather hootn and hnaa. at "6 Nawai mreet, near ohn. Hollow ey'a Pllla ? I he Fnnillntial I)erntt|retente lnetden* In fema'en a entirely ureter,ted hy a reaor- fo -e.e pil'n ? the peroral* a uen iMi nnallf i<tw. They h ?tt mot happy like or all ? mpia nta p??!lir ;o tke??. I Vo? arc In Danger?B? CtuOoul^Th1 pnbno carrot he too careful from whom they purchase HRANKRKTII'H pill*. A counterfeit la now out which ' well pa ulated to asset xe It has however on the side label, ' Vll Btoadway." No label has been need for the Itslsix yeure by Dr. Rrandreth with thle number upon It; It m ?y therefore be safely said that alt boxes wait Ml Hroadw.j " on the aid*' label are counterfeit* m, not purchase any BrAii (Ireth'a pills wtin this number upon the box M< ruhiiae and others who aupply their correspondents abroad will do well only to piirch.ise at r?r Brundrctb'sollice lit Brand reth HoUdinr Measures are heinj; taken which will insure the set/ore of the counterfeit article should it be exported to a foreign market. Hrandrelh'a pills are the best and cheapest medicine. they are valued must by those who bave an two them the longest and should be In every bouse Tliev miy jns'ly be said to be the safety valve of disease Sold ,i'ao a' JfM Bowery and Ml Hudson street and 52 Division street; Hro.ik Ivn, 175 Kulton street: Williamsburg, I'M South Sixth street, at 'it> cents per box. l'rlnclpal office, 11 Hrsndreth Building, 415 and 417 Broadway, New York. Hart stein?Resolute! Ilartatcln!! Added to our collection of photographs. MKaDK BROTHKRB, 233 Broadway. Received nt Green's Shirt and Furnishing store, No. 1 Aster House, new styles of ties, cravats, scarfs and gentlemen a waiter uutfsrwear, per laic steamsr. Mnrray ?fc Lsnntsn's Florida Water, derived from the l owers of a land where roncn ae i,eon and mui fought for the fountain of eternal youth: <hw ent'anemg per i time la worthy ot' its origin. It lit nature's perfumery, hut unlike the (lowers. Its fragrance survives through all seasons Sold by D. T LAN'MAN A CO., wholesale druggist* t'.y Water street, New Turk, aixl by all druggiste at 50o per bottle. Mrs. Elliott'* Rheumatic Embrocation? For rbetimstuim. old sprains, ohllblalns, dislocations, Ac., for sal" at 62 Ph iku.ii street the sole agency In New York lor the medicines of Dr. Hwaync, of Philadelphia. Ratrhrldor'e Hair Dye, \llgs and Toupes-e, the best m the world, mode, sold and applied at No. 2U broad w ay. Cristadoro'e Hair Dye, Wlge and Tonpeeta s-aml unrlv.illed In the country. Wholesale ajel retail, ami the dye privately applied, at No. 6 Astor House. Dttaecs Salamander Rofes?with Pateest rewder proof defiance looks and aruss bars. Depot 192 Pearl street, erne door below Maiden Lane. ?OB??T M. PATRICK. Cnre your Cough.?I'ee Campbell'* Synip el tar and wild cherry. 2ft cents per bottle. OAMl'llKI.L'tt. K'ghth avenue and Twenty eighth street. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOIET MARKET. SsTruDAY, Jan. 81?6 P. M. The noleinent weather of to day afTeote i even tbe bulls and bears or Wall itroct; and but llltlo business was transacted at the stock board. Tbo market, however, appeared tolerably Arm. Heading advanced ; Virginia fl's, \ ; Illinois Central, IX; and Cleveland & To.cdo, I Falsa sn.l V-nir Vnrk (Antral warn wtthnnt fthftRffn l!All'fir I nla 7'r, 1876, declined %; 1'tutmi, '4, Michigan Southcm, J,; and N'lcsragua Trarslt >?. N'ew counterfeit tens on the Exchange Bank of Providence, R. I., have made tbelr appearance. They have a Hgure 10 on eaob of the fonr oorner?, lolltr A; date on graved. Dc< cmbcr 1,18 >8; largo vlgnottoln centre of bill of a bnlfalo, man on horioback, ki. It bae a very black appearance. Tbe last annual report of tbe trustees or tbe Illinois and Michigan Canal contains the following exhibit of rece:pti and expcndltaree for the year I860 ? hURObt ARD Ml' IIIGAft CANAL Balarce In treasurer's bands, Nor. 80, 1865 $323,879 81 Total receipts for 1850 734,785 32 Total $l,063,e66 13 Total expenditures Tor 1868 086,798 38 Balance n trea urer'a han's. Nov. 30,1868. $72,388 77 Of this balance of $73,888 77, November 30, 1860, $73,574 01 wan on deposit In tne American Exchuoge Bans, New York, vlx ?$24,783 07 applicable to the pay meat of dividends of arrears of Interest heretofore ae clared. $47,790 34 to tbe oredtt of the treasurer, and $264 70 on deposit in Illinois. Tbe aggregate receipts and expenditures sines tbe creation ot tbe trust In 1846 have been as follows ? Receipts $0,831,183 Expenditures 6,568,034 Tbe foltowisg sums are to become due lor land hereto II or sum In Mny, 18>7 >311.637 00 In Msy, 1868 lti?,.133 30 In Msy, I860 62 6t:4 66 Total >388 486 00 ''Tie entire amount paid by tbo trust cm on acoouot of arreara or interest on registered land bonds and registered script vil on tbo 4tb of Novomber last >1,0(7, 210 33, or wblcb >117,1131 wax paid In 1868. r*c tutai amount of land tales In May, 1840, wot >214,860, and the amount of casb received >04,210. Tbo quantity of lands of tbo original grant remaining nnso'd Is 14,800 acres, besides tbe town Iota in C'blcagn and olio where I'nder tbe act or Cocgross of 1834. 32,898 acres of land accrued to tbls fund, lying prlno.paily In and aboot Livingston county. The gross revenue from tolls for tbe fluanctnl year end lsg November 30, 18.'>4 was 8148,810 A3, lbs amount received at each of ih collector's unices was ssfo lows:? Cbtcsgo (77,178 14 lookport 8 ,843 | Ottawa 89.846 M 1a Halle 60,414 60 Total J181,.110 64 Tbe expenses of maintenance, re pairs snd renewals, for tbe sam* t'me were 891,468 60 lArt sales old material 419 10 831.069 4<i Net revenue, 188A., *18.871 17 tin tbe amount charged to tbe working expenses o' tbe esnsl for Uio ysar i860, tbo (isnaral duperlntsndont con ildrrs thst 67,987 belongs to "sxtraoidlnary" rather than 1 ordinary" expenses For example, tbe rebuild ing of tbe AnsHableand little Vermillion S'lUiJuote In lull, snd tbe Fox River In pert (lo be completod this wloter) 121, 340 K?bull .lagof oad bridge*. kz 12 PS4 Hydraulic worka, ooat of pumping, and near rbimneya 16 44". irtber urma enumerated la Iba report * 8(6 Total 4J6 687 Mixxia ok tiii aavaara iuk 166; Notea reerlTObie lor land* t 1 Iota told la ii64 16(6 aad 18M' 8816,627 (aan from iaoda and l<Ma to be aold la 1667 1,i OfO Canal tolia 1167. ray 2Co 000 lnlereat on depoaita. rente, Use. , any 1 ojO Balaam of theeradil of Treasurer Nor. 60, ISM.. 76,6-28 Trial *787 tt.'i TOUT* 01 TNK (lIKhlTI ?* Mia 1667. 1'ncla med dmdenda, Son. I to lacluaive.... -24 .78 in* deod No 6. and payment on arooant of prln r pal of rrglatorrd bonda. .Ian ?n1 July 1167. 460.000 " dirary repnlra aad maintenance orcaaal. P67 60 000 fUnewaia of a<inrducta, brldg-a. kr 30.0UO i anal property, collection or tolla, damagm, A: . 6 noo i.meral tip*nam aad eontlr.gen< lee.... 18 600 let mated balance la Treaanrer a baoda ?o Not. 36, 1667, any 68 672 Trial 8627 456 Htm It Bubangr. Rati ki-av, Jan 81, 1617. 8K 006 N ear rl 6'6.. *484 1460 aha ReadgP.R-80 61 1(00 Col a 7'6, '16. 66'4 700 do 61, 6000 \ irginla 6'a .. 6184 lrr> do ... bio II 2(00 N Y On II 7'a. 101 800 00 ..b60 ll>,' 2000 M 6 8 g T bda 81 205 M 9 A M RI! opf II 1<K00 IM C RK bda r. 10 109 do . a04 60V 10OOT B A A 9d M, 76'4 60 do ... ai;0 H0-, 30 iba Park Hank.. 09 ion do b*> li s 60 Ana F* Rk acrtp . 109)4 16 da 81, 20 liana Com aerip. logs It Panama RK .... 06s 6 Raek Commerce. 106 16 II. Uutml Kit ... 126 6 Pel A Bod Can On 119)4 767 do 128)4 40 do b3 119*4 100 ao 126', 10 Ohio I. A TCo. .. 00 100 d ... bOO 129V 100 Nic TranaltCo... 4 84 IP CI Col, k ^.iO RK|. 108 12 Hodann Rlv RK .Its 20 Harl-m RR pref'd 68 688 N V (en RR... c W 10C0 tie? A toledoKK 76', 110 do 639 96 10 do 76 , 100 do..... 060 04',' 300 do.... 1.60 76', . 00 do 030 04S 112 Winooo l,*ke*? RR 60 1(0 do. 04 . 100 ladiaaap .tinRK. 61 r?C *0 0 94 , 106 UOrnoAMtlRltHSO 71)4 400 Cr!0 RR blO 61V 270 do 7I\ 300 do b8 61)4 100 do.... b60 70s 660 do 6J84 W do....?.. 711, JIU n? ? ' ?" ? :-ino:n<IO?l KK .. . VI ICO clo *80 01 S <t 1KK c Bt? 100 do .. -bdO * I'hU H Ohio R K 101 i BOO Readtni Rt! St >< 790 do 1(4 BOO do,... 'MO S1'4 HO do h?o iois, BCBO do ?3 111', BO do bOS 114 k, BEt OKI* BO A tit*. iocooaMra:? ,'7B. oo 100 *n? m o?a rr .. u? HBO Til Ob Rt bdo OB ICO Bo ub 10 aba Rk Common* 10."'; I?flal*na,' Cli RR.. lft. W 3C0 Peon Coal Co... |100 6P Ch * R I KK hOO Bi> BO CuabCoolC*.... 10 . BO da *00 B?k 10 do 10 '4 50 do bSO 00 . 8f0 Oto * Tol RR.. 70 50 do OB ICO N YCR oOOoidr 00 80 do B9'.' KO do blO BP',' 84 UCf * Mil* rr 71 , 100 do Opt BO1 BOKrlORlt ...l>3 B1W .'>0 do op( BO?; BOB litodlof IR...M An; 40 Bo ?< ) "?>? SCO do ... .bO'J 8i ICO M R *N 1?R. op, cirv <<MiMB.iui/w. Rr.pimr. R?t! *f)?T-.i4o. ai. 7 r. it Tba antraiae itf leniency of tb? weather whmb wnh the fa'i of anow, followed by h???y ralo 'aoird the b ninet* ftrrrta in the lower port o( the c:fy. reoderof mew a'ni'?l tnpaaalble to Tool paeaenvra and eaoiafet m?of { 1 celnirr Hoof ?Tbo marktt wa? TOTJ lei ao -alan I C mined lo aw.oil lota to ttiO lornl end#, wlioo t Cimge la I Wheat waa nom.nal lo the abaeaoo of NM C'Tit waa at (IT a T0? Tor W ritern mm city and At aako t itoria bat w'thont aaleo of moment Po-B ?>< Urn l a .Ill ialer or 100 bMa , IneitMinf new me?? at Ml tiB a I -.1 BP. aad Old at .'0 C'rtton wa? rot with a fiir I amoctt of aalea winakay ?8al?a or 100 hblt. it to I mob wort m?d? B? 3H 5 | 1JVE&T1&BMENTS REM! fl) ITLW HP, Iff MtOXtfollf UK? Wrll?, "* *'\lh pAjie. Kf8c?iA.4 * APBKXbNT I OH HI Srt?>X>r< No rlit ran '.harm a huabatid'a heart 'hat which navee a ha?ba< d ? f. And wrve* who rightly hu * the.-t f-> w<n .1 gift w!ih gift* unlink It. Make htm a | rexent large or xaial), And dent aland thinking will Jon, a) j ) . Thou. If ho bo a man a' all. K 'II give you back ten tlmex na vai o. Hie to the Smith*?liio?o rnou of lam-, and buy from them some fauitlex* gamin.'.; A thruaand wive* have done the game, Po modesty ix no debarment With tbM uri rwo him and if thu* Surprised he don t "piaok down the ready ' Whv then?1 be'* but a poor, mean euu ' Who don't doxerve ?> awee.'.a lady F?M1T1! FROTHKKS, one prit* who ex?le and rrtAil I' > h log warcroomx, 122 and 140 Fuiton atruet, New Vor*. ClTRMirAf.S POR PIXRWORK EHN and pbotogranhera, eitrarincognac mincM. gin. .Imt a mm. Kourbun wb.xkry. app raid peach brandiea, bavnr'nga, I cad. to Mt yal.a. m trfta xmcothin* preparation for donu ? tic it-inora, Ac., tor aalc by !?r. I, FklUOHTWaROIR, 1i3 Maiden lane. INDIA RUHBKR HUiVKH AXD M1TTF.NX-I.INXD AND ui,lined, for cnlil r wet weather, an eacebent remedy for chapped hand*, laltrheum 'c . bleach the hand* and r~n dor them sell ami ameoth The lulic* glove will e foetid icrjr nxefnl In tiouaework bur -a n at all rubber at: res, ai.d at No. 80 John street, upalai ? VJfAR'.IT KRVBB?1I0W TO ? UUI? AND !'Rr.T?>T O it a few method.? I?r. I'aga, of MmalMlppi, 'veil ?o?o In the Southern stale* ban in *' with great *ue< e*a in Jin irea men', of tcarlet anil other uiaiutn-nt levers bv Mi- i only " BADWAY'S ready relief ar t regulator*. The r.',.ty reef porkrgK g > wonder' ill curative power m?r all mallgr at.t a:. I contagion* m.d*<iice ah a preventive, It. Pnpe ?.?y* 'V .? a blexftnK I" 'be human riiee I he moat niblie iliH. la .ou of fever potfom cannot hurl or attack ihe human ejntcm thai i* under ihe intlucnee of ha i??t a ready re lot I,el thoae now ?e,i/e<i with *c*ri?t fever or any other malignant liver, small pox pneumonia, congcstlona or icuairun* lon. either of the lunt'H or other organa or of midden alt-if? of any acute or dangerou* reaorl in Railway's jren / ri lief?the mi ul which will tint interfere wt'h any medi al treatment. It will nave your if the medicine you are nw taking >h dolor; no good If, on ihe other hand, you are alowlv jelling better mid. r your phvnloinii'* care, It will awe y< ur I'.nal recovery double . rla n An a pretentlvc, If you wh us* the ready relief or rep,ilater* as dire. ted. von roay visit the mo*1 infe.-ted place* and *eapo without mi attack. So with antall pox. measles, typhus and ship frx are. Rad way 'v relief will protect you against the most auhue of tbeec* poiauna knlnh i reaily relief and regulator* are aafo u> '.site unil"r all' . Ire mti a tan fen, and will al wav* do good. Bc.d y r A itw iv s r r. ofll e. Wo. ia2 Kultnn>irert.|New Yors, w. It. t/.elbe. *. No 14 eou'li Third atreot, 1'hl'adt 'rata; a'wi corner of Bleecker and Christopher iirueta and M s. Uayn Brooklyn. Married. Smmon?,'ACOBB.?On W. duesd*) , Jan 38, by beJtev. J. J. Lyons, foionoN L. siitiPens to Ml** Vieton-A, youcg est daughter of the late Angel Jacob*, all of this c.ty. YVhaieb?Maiui* ? On Thursday Nov 2T, Dy the Rev. Knlher Moonoy, Ohakibs H Wiulsb to Mast Mad11 sb, sli of i?iis city. Wswt?Cookb ? In Farir.lngton Conn., Jan ti, hy tto Rbt. Noah I'ortor D. [?., Mr Wii.uam G. Wbmt, of the firm of Wcet, Caldwell A Co.. ol this city, to Mies Mavy Cm ti daughter ot Ueorgo Cooke, Keq., of Larro ngtio. Died. Havrnn ?Or Saturday evening, .Ian. 31, at 7 o'clock, Uiiiiman liar ma, after a lone mm**. Her funeral will take place rom the rerldecre ' i bcr mother, No. 40 inei atreet, to morrow aftoruocn at one o clock. Biilo** ? On Thursday, .lao 19, Gxaoe K. Batuow-i Jr., eon of Uoo. K and Sarah Bellows, aged 3 yeare and B monlhr. The frienda ard ecviaintanooi are reipectfully ln?ited to attend hia funeral, tbla aiiurnoon, at one o'clock, fn? Ibe residence oi bis parents, No. 88 West Thirty muxd street. McCaiubv?On Friday, .Ian 30, Wiiuih, aged 60 years. His friends are respectful'/ icvited to attend ha fnoe. ral, to day, at 13 M , from bis late residence come* ol Thirty t'rib street and Klgblh avenue, without turtber notice. Smkikk ?On Friday evening, Jan. 80 after a a Bert and painful t ineas. Maui Hun: an, tu tbe 03J year or bcr aye. Tbe friends and ac<iuaintaac* of tbe family, tbe mem hers of the exempt Company, and tbe 1 re Departu.ent to general aro respecuu'iy Invited to attend her funeral, from tee residence of her son-ln law James H. Boyd, tbls afternoon, at one o'eloek, from 100 LutLow aUeet Ooat v ?On Saturday mTolng, Jan. 31, Mabt, w ie oi Gertbon Cohen, aged 81 veara Tbe relative* and Ir coda ol tbo family are reepectN. r Invited to attend tbe funera' from her late residence, 108 Writ Thirty ninlb atreet, this afternoon, at two o'ciout, wl'hcut further ibvtiat'i.o Ebows?On Saturday, Jan 81, Etizannrr wilcof^'fi. J Ttrown. aged 34 years, 8 month* and 18 days. Tbe relaltvee and tr<eoda of tbe family are reapKlfO' y Invited to attend her rnnoral, from her late rakldence IBS Writ Twentv.fl at street, Una afternoon, at half-pant two o clock, without feather invitation. tfen VfittotHof', Oa l'orslB, ptpnaa plHUf K jpv. VnMSiw?On Kridny morning, Jan SO/EiiZMfn, wile el George Mar then*. Ir tbo 41st year ol ber age Tbe menus ol the lamlly are invited to attaaa the uncial, from brr lale residence 177 West Imrvc'.ti street, corner of kigblb avenue, UUa afternccn, at one o'rlcck, without further notice. Ksilt?At the rait Jen ue of K. P. Cooley, 3C7 Pearl street, N. Y Mr Ko> s?t Ksi it. lale ol Schetectadv. uaJ ,;i' yeara, I tr.onth and r> 'lay* H'a Irlend* a re Invar I to attend lie funar*', thU a Her norm, at bar paai ooe o clock. Ola reaa oa wlit be lakes 10 Schenectady lor Intr rmrnt. Ciunn-ln ibia c'ty on Tbured<y, Jan 29 Jc hi (Inaor a a nallro of sar lobar. Scotland. eyed 20 year*. H a Irtenda, ano thine of tue briber Wil. imtillmc.r, are reepeclftilly lnaite?t 10 a ('end hi* fjnura*. "rca ifie rre.drnre ef bt* brother lav (Vest KlfOtoenlh (fee: u ? altera one n'* tiit remain* ?ri:i be au.rrt IB tireeawnod ( imeit i; Jjmht? tin kriday, Jan >0, of coneumpii'o, Manr, widow of the lale If Jiti I I eaby, aou dajfnier C it late John aad Ca' Rjau. o' I to ore e,. cj W. ler'ore, Ireland, ?y<d (I year* and 3 mom hi. Tho relative* and Irtenda of Ibo fa.n ly are rearectfu'ly malted to attend tbn tuaoral, "oa he- ate tee' denoe Jtl reaih atrial, letwoen avt-nuua A and e ita alitri oo, at two o'r.iook |UL* ?I'D k'rlday, Jan. SO, J a* ax ti. Data, w tte Crm of Jamta ti Dale At Co , eyed 31 yeate I he Inneral aetncoa will Ukep.aooat All -mi eober h, (Key. Dr. Uallowa',) le morrow, at 12 o'clork. "ho trleada are inrlted to altcod H?r raoiaint will betaaco to tiloitcealrr, Maaa . for loiermnet. Caj'auha*?tin Maturely. Jen 31, Otv, a|td 84 year*, a oatire of lirurer, oounty l. niariof, Ire land, alter a abort and aerera Dineee Hie lilanda and acqaainlaooaa ara reapeet'O'y loyted to attend bia fnoeral. from bit late reetieaor, Mo. 113 Chert y (treat, to day. at I'd o'rloet. HH r? ma aa will be taken to Calvary Cemetery lor tnlrrmeol MitiiaOa Saturday, Jan. 31, Mre Maar Mct.'i The rdalivea ant! friend* of thi family ara raayact'bl'y matted to attend tbo funeral, fr'tn her late reaideooa Ik Vettrr rlreel, to morrow afteraooa, at two o'clock, w to oat farther inaitattoa. Mouae? tin Saturday, Jan. SI. oi ctuaror , Ci Aktme (.lau-Tiaa, youagcat eon of Qeorgt H. Mo. tr ini o D^ii ?? ll 0?J* In roaaarT-Oa Thursday moral*! Ju. 24. a; batpui I o'clock, of oonetailon of the brain 0'.a I B. 01 FOKM Mq I|t4 to year* lilt 4 HIISIU B? rtMlia wera taterr'd M Tarrytiwv at It" 4 ay ? Jar 34 by tbe umobic Order Wnna ?Oa ttalurday J it II. MaBtiia W";ta. react el tbe I Ate Cnrnaltua B. While. i*el :>P y??r* The re'Alivee and incndn of tba f*m it ere revp*. tft ? Invited to attend tbe luneral, Troa b?r late rordecoe 01 Dielelon atreet, to morrow. Afierooon. at oae e rock. Dat ? In Brntklyn on "nurdey. Jan. Jt. ejddec y el paraiyate. Mre Emma .1. Dai, in the ?.m year of bar _ . Her'r erite and aoqnaiatanoee are tented 'e a* en* her fanera', iron the reaidence ot oer eon He u D. fey. No *0 Woodiioll atreet, aear Henry, fjsih Ircrtlyi. u< morrow aftemooa. at one a'clork Pmledrlphla paper* pleaae oop> . Pi? w* ?On Saturday, fan 31 tieom. aaa, orainet laughter *i Ororrt W and Caroline M. B irpe a. at 11 year aad B moatha T e reiatirea aa<! friend* oi the family are reeper'*n.Iy Invited te aUtnd the fnnerai, irom ITT Olford atreet, Rrrt kiya, to morrow, at IB o clock. wnhout ranbrr taviintne. y?a*Kii?At tbe residence of bis aon. ta trewect treei, South Brooklyn, Iabwi 0 Faaaei. aged 77 year* The relative* aad frtanda ere Invited to attend be latie re!, tbtn ertereoon. at two o'clock. la Mum?la BrookHn, oe Friday mort of. fee C. Jon* K , toe John H. Li Motle. afed IB year* ace V ntoolba. Tbefneedt of the family are reepeotrnlty ton ted te attend hi* funeral, from !(<o fmitli tireet, bet i etc Beckett and I'nloe etrccta, Brooklyn Charleelon. H C paper* pleaae oopy. y<?tABTT ?On rrlrfay morale*, fan. 30, at tree e'e ort, after a abort bat toy ere llleeee, Parana Fo-.?*it, h> d 41 ytare Hie frleedn, tad thnee of hi* brother, ar* a viled to Head hi* funeral from bi* late rea Jenoe. <rr. ner of Broome aad Maacio atreete, thlaafteraeoo. at t*o o'l lock Pta reman ?r." !> - ? *" * for In'ermtnt V*""7 1 1 O'Dokani ? In tbla city, on rru'ay, Jan >C, Eowjod O'Doarai. Tha friroda of tbe family are roapoctfolly looltod 10 attoad bit funeral, Iron a? late r endow oe, I'Jl E ? Mr mi, tbio afternoon abwwr o'clock Onrna*.?Ok Fnday, Jan 30. Rtraonr Ccrmw. a oallte tf Cbaltwlllk. cii My Cork, Ireland, ayod Myaarv Mia frtcada and arqcaintaaoci, aa<t tbooe of bia acra, Maary aad Wllllm. ara ikfitod to attaad iba fonerai, from bla lata r> idtaoa, Mb avaana B, tbia aftaraaoa. at two o'clock. Poiiock ? !a rooklya, oo Thuraday, Jaa. 19, Rocaaa M. Poitcci, bj'i M yeara Tbc raiati r * r nd frtaoda ara I an lad !? altaad iba fanrral. tbta ai i aooo, at two o cioaa, from No. HI Banna *xm.?1 (iranada. Nisarayna, \aa IB, IIM. ofyal low feaar, Capt. Chjbiw ? Boon, of Um Ntkarafeao Ckfit Brow fan tbta rity la 1?#?. la Ool Btaraaaoa a ra fimrat. aa erdorly ?orteant of Oompaay ?. Oa thalr arrival in Sta Eranriaro ha waa datallad to La Tar, Lower Calfforala. wbrre bo dwioyntabod hlaaaalf fbf Ml bo i. Br if braaary and akin ta aotra aarare Bybta la wb ok bla company *? 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