Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1857 Page 7
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$ rnnmmnm iw^wn> wbt bat. mMLaam a t vriiu. a wrmwi .\Furcrrw*. #1 m>' kwr?3?T, fob s ?l 12 o Jif'tr, 3kl th- itereAOC V fjiSaog* Itew W! l?)o <ra ?i? aMo of Tivo*1y oUtS ~ abMi t??nitB?og 2t(l '?<! *&at cf tv.? a.evejth .v. v ), Je MBiy ofcaoled olff'l ?*wei*<!, ifc-lewUl: 1 aad ?m to ofrott Fr fwtVr porttoUiro ls'<u'f? of i2ia r> MMMR, HO. 7 ?T0?;1 Btrfei fiji'sn, AT T:OV>?T7I.-a piiwti tw. JL ?jl Mil A3?*5& (1 rutscuT, >'?r 3, fci 106% * * *' ? Ibwr iittoaroom, He. Ci? -.rtltni; sucti, 100 -..sea bro "" |Mii, domogod by w?t100 a*eo w< ;->eb'? htv <J<1 wolif?d gBHer* :y m-ide, ?~sr>, a Jirge -iiscrvnceal of bocto MBotfi Ac. oWOTIOK *ALB.-?. HA HE. At'CTIOHIGER.-KNOW 1. & _n ..tnolL' lWC??"?7iil n ? - mm uicj v j kuvoc " ?,?, . " akatisl n*riw?>, ciuie tc sec ore the paytacxl cl the rrolM ??e ;30 iniw nimi'fi *e irteenlfc street, weet cf UMit, > : vii h ??:d Ji'ria^gea ur* now >?' *rt - J >n&-Gj 1 (hall celt ?t public air~t?nn ft; coah oo laoooaj, ttte Jc a?? W Psb'j'y at o'oleck n tse fcreneon, entire oot._ Male of t ori eeoso Jae whole coaMuif snpnior household . ur akmic, ot tuts*- cjass vorkmuehi;, all made to order airi M titeileni < ndltier_ Parlor lurait .re aoout .4? varus or leelkii. tnei .v carp'to three bu?* j ficont rosewood parlor aal' i 'oveieil in elegant laila bror.wte; large fa*y, Vol aire * u?u resopttoii ehnlrs to mateft. t wo rosewood ?"?gtree with ?arMr Up* and mirrer doors and back uned with satin weed very ir''.nv?l? carvel: curtc' rose wu,vl eentr". side at) work tablfc; conserve rosewooa b'lohiAse and secre'nry, with elseant .rvlnga, mode to match the mevood ?nr)or taioka-c rose ?nod "WDir and miwo atanJs, .-osta; tracd MnaB iweewool piaiolorte, stool and cover, -<*if siO: large I Proa ah plate mirrors eipebeSve lace anil brccaVtl mdcir I aarioiar also -i great va>!?9 of oil piloLnga "ab*s 'itg I bsbt valuable sue:tineas, oae large tret: oiece, by Se der; wMtor ccncc, sea views, moonlight sea views, l"iuu-oape?. Mm. all aiff oUv irvncit , lirge aire elegantly aecora'ed | akin* euro "v-a 4,;d hir.ija figures ; lw a'.y one day 1 aeaoM > clerks, together wtb many o'her coeuy rr.iu;Ml eminent., biark walnut and r*?e* cod ei.shioaed choir* fevered r>l batr iath, acnl mwitfllon ro king and I easy chairs, so: is oak and i !? a warns'. tables, rich htoa island dmaer sets, rat floss ?ire, comprtsmg afuli MPotsacat sii h as ttinaD'ers wines, champagnes gablete, eskerj glasses sal's. Itrwr ' ishos < mosaic*, ;1V at-a, %e.; adso c?Uj s Iver ware, sn"'a as ele^vjt revolving asters wVn spier did eot bottles, c peons, forks, rake boake'a. 'ea ser t /-?m, tmfrtst. Ivory cat'ery, c. rouK-n mockery, plan's, vr.getable dhJMu, soup tureen*, kt. also the r-irniCare oi ah ihe bed ousaa. Mnutimug suits in ros'wouo r.nd mahogany, -Quirs. cleg is . ro awood. nahopoay aad aanple bedsteads. | tsro bear sealii cims oe Is aad piiii we, rw.wool vol ei.tbogany mr.rbie M| harcaas as 1 wasketaads le lAjirbihe becoaux, uxraueeally depurated china Inilet sets, . rdro at carpets, mtrmrs, toilet and work tables, eieg^rt hLoi- carped and rods, eVatnlbii, kalJ stbkdt. tc H='.ioa,*r calis special attention le Ikin aalc. as t.mbratiaa cerytbiag rleb and dc lirsbie, nsefnl end or aim n:al neurvsary c i.te t ruisfcinp rompirte 01 a tost rltos btmsr T of base r mav rely tkot the entire cantonle will be sc'.d witheut reserve, a cash depwit reciui-ed 0*mm* all i-nprktwoN o-nri tfer r<j . a irnat h* pphwicpi! ft'i Lim day ef tale. ale pesitire, without regard 'jo wea'.Ler. Tie hewer to jok trlot, with .tamedtnte oosaessira. A C*1 Tt.W St'E CP LIVER* STABLE BTCCK. TO JHL uleee be estate ? A. J. HLKECKBR w)H sell on Toe.* tosy. ??brtm-j S, at 32 e-'leik, at ib in.'1; piv e, Laurens a/#?i, sereiul do#: -beve Eieecker. i!u?e ceaotcs, on-: seehaway. twophireef blv.n Wk *, tire seta double nw ??? ste fiwsry wag en Ac., Ac. HF.NHY COYkiE, M VI filEf ?cBRIDE. A D-C?IO>' NOTICE ?CROCKERY ULAC8 VNDCUIMA, _A. ?J S. a. B aBTLETT, auctioneer w..i sell Tiewiay. February 3, ? 14 o'cicck, at >1 I'earl street, a large assort sal ci B?<.va' %ml other W. 6. w>.re. common ware giaa*. Atoi, ia Sale post uve. tad goods well packel tor skipping. A inOS NOTICE.?J. FOVART. AUCTIONEER, BY TO'jAHT- Mania; Fetrcary 2, ai kOj? o'clock, at'he aacttrm, corner cf Fraahlcri and IV streets Constable's sale A large stock rf aoue.sting of barrel* mi trashed aad i to vn sugar*, buret* of t.or.r, i riLca of hutMr. hoiea cf soap tic .-euJlet, 'bests of green and black tea. Master, brandy, gin, row., 2,440 *, two iron safes, otl.ce Moias. be., Ac. WILLIAM ?HOMi?aO-V, Const*t la. AUCTION NOTICE. ?K. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER? Elegant household fuml'nr.-, rosewood ptaixdortr, Ac. a Ktsday (to morrow) at lO'a o'clock, all the furniture mi. atasd in tfia four story house, ,24, West Twenty eighth sjvet, esmprlalnc in cart 7 octare rosewood rlaaotogte. rosewood parler so'is. la arocatel oae no. muhegaay, tn ptusn; easy and reekiag chats, relret, Brussels and three ply e-rp els. on IS rwasj viiusb.v mirrors and oil paintngs, centre, pter, card. wsastcn and dining tables; mahogany, Fr.-ncb and cottage ?dsteade ; fse h.Vr moss, woo) and other maureases; fen'her beds sad Mooting. arese and plain bureaue, gas chandeliers -mi uil-irtK, bookcases, wardrobes, A-ashslaads. toilet sets, stuon, crockery uid glassware, k.vhen oteni.Is, Ac. I?e whole to be p er sr.purdy vo.i, ra.r. or sl'.tne, and deposits reWiwau. AT'tiow FtLr or ladies' and children's scitl'y wearing ..pparol.?EKNKY II. LEEDS A CO. will sell by auction on Weuuesday and Thursday. Feb. 4 and t. at 11 o'elock esrh d ,y. at N'e 4id Broadway. near Howard trrs a ... #?- ana mmvwr nwiiumtti ut inuicn n ?u sad velvet cmbnldered", cloth, merino. |Ac ; e.egant aoe* de ebambre, o: every variety opera cloaks. tooue, s.Ik aprons, embroilertee. basque#, trad dress**. eh siren * g.tri '?> ijKo. cloak*. 'a mas. drevse*, blouses, Ac., laii*s' over dresses. travelling do ana .ther beautiful artjeiee. -.11 of the best qutiity and n>*i taakionaule make. The owuer ret fro a Hi b,*:?* * aile without reserve. Can be evam-neld oao say bMcrc tie ?Je. (t#r?JV*T RFSIDENCE. ENGLISH COTTAGE AlfD ^ tut)-Lag arte, almictlon, at Sarin* k. Conn. On 3 ueeday. & 'mSnr j of Kebrtsry neit, at 11 o'elok, ho tcid at pablic auction on the premiers. a country ?*?idet<' uid ski a' reo of riei)"nt rnrden land. Th ho.isa ta to th* Encash villa style. has observatory A . I to hoao'lfnlly sitnsiod on 'he bay. and front* on Mm ' ? ave BOO. also. atnen'nK he tbeve. a a, lendtd building site, c nlA.nhO ah lb s-res of ei-eltent Kir den land. Also, a Deal nearly new r.n,;ll?h cottage and one aere of eneellen*. mad Thai adjolne '.be lb acre lot. Also, a wood lot, revered With rheetnat umber, oocnlr.lig aheutbarns, one mile from the village. Aim, a let of e<m. oata. hay. straw, potatoes. Ac. Alee, a One ber?e .,r>4 wsron, rart, forming >i tens lie. A fteybreek. ?'onm., a situated at u>* month of the Oonue.ucut vtenr en th-: Long leland tound. and la one of the mat beaua Oat and Lew't-v paces en he Ainert an continent Thero are (oed rher> bee ocboole, Otocting Ashing and ba'hing In the kmmedtste vltalty. Term#?All he above will be mid for caah, without reserva, te tha tushes' hdder. B. R ? Feraons laklt.g 'he Ren Haven or New London railread, aad sterptnr at snybroe*. ran eiamine the prein.wo. aoaire tar K?('i Dr. Townsand plere?a man nn the plaoe will show't. Edward r-uekck. arctiobepr -pt e a f. n. ACHEMCK, Monday, February 2, at 1) A. M , a their sal- sroom. No. 33 sasann street, the stock of a Kread oay gentlemen f irn'.sh.ns ?'ore. by order of he reco ver ervo'euBg of every variety of gotls adapted to gent# wear, vlx., as vis, drawars. hose of ev-ry variety, cravs's, He* collars. glove*, embroidered ihirt*. b?#om* hslr. tooth sol nail br-jabe*. soaps penV.av ry, .tc., a.loftl e nest r aw, to be sold w'theui reaerv*. d>*LtERTtt. IATAHI. AV TIONKBK.-BY ORDER OF If Receiver?eonttn vt u -. o at aa ea rcr-vc, N^sJCetar ?,-< >r n-w i? ii jmhi mm? i III! ? Feb. 3, III'., o -lock * M. a 1W1, and a?aor?d atocb of' wicy g< ida jewelry, h" teek'-eper'a cwli. Ac , '"m* * ta i w; o? rich Oorm .n c. drench bukru, rich papier naaohe rnw^nt*. rhln.i onum'n'ji, hnelerr ant cloves, rochtnf beraoi. *>?p?, peri utery, i*, et ornaments, brnahe*. rntiibe pa la, mate bm ma, hutMni, b'a!s, Ice chrete, .?1 ?? r cooler*. 4c.. will ce oold In lota to an.: city ard eo intr Jeaiom Catnlafuea and aamplee at salesroom, ci4T?T on it irnlng of sal*. Di HB1.KE, BA-LRY A HAY A'IK, K 'Pltr, s-rert. Ct It.HK'iT R. tAVA'IR. Al'OTIONKER.?RRiICLAR J *! ' try alt. >g .? far ra?b. by IMHRuKH, HA' l.KY A HAVAt.B, it the r *|o* room "'J Order afreet, on rhuadey, Bon b. * 10,* j o'clock 1. M., cloth, ng, fancy poo in, ablrts, dry *wxi> Koaier v oa-po a end oarpc' bag*, hardware, Ac. Liberal cash a. vaac-a or. 'ini ctinti a HEI'iT 0. HERTS, JR.. AUtTTOVF.KR-r.T HERTS A M'i'-K. a: the aaesrooms No. 3;, Plan street. By orders)' Ike t errome Court? RrreUer'a nale of el'pan', dlamttnC wlrt, Ac., postponed on account of >e weather, will poeaiyely lake ,)*.e aa ahoye an Monday, 1'ab i, a'. 10-, a tleak The *to k ennp ae. aboai $?. nno worth of elegant die found cluster and single ?u n' ring* | ina. r* rings brace le a etoda, Ac., eti?fcold h o tag and open (need wM. be*. by Ike aswt celebrated miksra ree: and fob chain*, ruga, b aochas n'Mtrr t iUoii*. actant una earrlnga and bracelets, of the hae*' deo xlpt on. inendieoo rarloty, well worthy the arrmlen of the trade *n<l other* Sale p-iMt're, rain or ?hine. fMlubsxiee now ready at the oBV-e of the auclioorer. By ardor of FRED K U TCL.TR, Re,., Receiver. MtrRTOAl.R BALI OF flXR ROSEWOOD FCRXItura?P. C. '"REN'H, Am uoneer, will neii at au 'too. oa Tocaday Re;j. j, at lOH o'clock, all the handaeme furnt lure in the dwelling 111 t'Union place, a few doora from Sixth ?I en lie tenet*t.if of three su.lset oo'<d r w?ml parlor furni'nro. oT.rnl .a th" heal if Kreoch*hrneatel; splendid r atrod pianoforte, atoe! an 1 cover, handsets* tspmtrv car yet* two handamie r>i*yrr >?l teccre* with plate glue d i ?r* aot back*; alai, r, inter cwcere*. handsome roaewn ' le and mtre tables with aU'iary and Egyptian top*, r >- f<iii hn rosn and gnthlc heda'ced*, and waafHHnnd* to match, w h * > ertety <d mahogany and tdaek walnut fitmrure, In 'nny memo 'indec-ne is a curtains and hrocaiel do, m n ee* PMI >. edsfoad*. roorben, etton?lon dining a ?, mhan.t*/in* ?*cr*i*ry btokoaae, oonf $100. one do library, lerge Brenoh pier glean**. I'ar in f.guren. splendid vaaoa, feath-r bed*. hi.r mtttrcoe* crookery glaa* ware, dinner ae's. tea*ot* w th a targe lot of urefill and o-namenta! t'tmitnre tm enmerntt*'e mention Halo to take nine ponltlvely. Per*on* it want if the Ptrtiliiiro will ile wnll to attend. Ay order of 0. II. BRILI.IWH. N rw gXP BKOOXD II A?D Pl'RXtTVRR?OIL PAINT inc*. attrr ira, ranttrenee*. luwi*. go.d lewelry. *"gv?. p ate Una e Ac.-Tl Bid MORKT.L, any koaer,* 111 aell *il\or on M indev niorrnng, *1 Sill1* O'olook.TV Xawan ?treet, uluaC'eand full a'ook TVom n* ho ;*e. woreyouaw, py' * a* o ror*cn?. Ac.. Inr'nd ng many itf the obolcwat article* for Inrniabtng, ,t | D'*lnw mvy calculnto upon their own way. aa every article mnat be anld. w* W HIMRLFY. AnTIUHKtll I.ARUR <\n AT ?t . :r* tesaletv ear'lsnwarr. clb aaod i;U?aaare. WW.* will ee.l < n Hondar, February, 2, at HI oVWrrk A. M . atibestnre32 fVrtlandt e'reet, tir.v flrwnwloh. K T., IV retire st< ?.k of rmekrrY of a who.fwto house. 00*1 "'bur a complete aosnrtmen' nf ? h1 frR'ilte blueprinted edgnd, dipped Hd a. e ? ?-e ir?m thn shelToo to lot* la suit ;u rhoaera The weods will b? Ibund wo.thy of Moulin, and w II: kf bid without rwfr\ e. On Unto orar hit) TkT 8. MRI.LOR, AlCTTORKRR BY W B. MEI.I/OR M . A CO.- T.arge shirk of too meeoood nod maho?an? furniture. pier tissues, enamelle t ettlta, Ac , Ac ?On Tuesday p. it Fob. 3, at 101^ A . M . ot the wilesrooma. Roa IS and 111 Piu-k Row, opposite the tutor House, will ho wold In pay adranees, a select catalogue of Mock contained In I'm*, cm br?f t)E seseral fine rnaownn I parlor unit*, rosewood mil m* booanr piam oral car-ad hadoUade. also bnrwu and washstands carved to match; large pier mirrors, wi ll efaruted nil point toes, nrnnmanUU ohtoo wars, also, a fine rsrlotjr of rose* wood, rrth 'tranr sod walnut Ixiokcsses. both library and ?e rietarr, also, French Inlaid secreinrtee, mahogany anfso, ehairstabbs and msttresaea, palliasses A , Ac (londs ran be parked on the promises Also, to be sold at It o olock. all el r* ant rosewood 7 Octavo pianofortes and four do , lo p?T ndssnces. TIM WTTTRRS. A1 < TIORKRR- WtfABKLI. OR MOR. V? day. a: 10'- o'clock. at 12.' i anal street, nil the ftirnl mre, Ac , In tb' above 1. <ti?e, consisting of a ftnl assortment of a la. j-l>i'akin* op ho'isekrepinr. "a'e posture for ,-a?h Ro postponement. nrr HOOK PR BTtUARm.- TBF flARF or mi- 1 Herds, by R.ohael Fhelan, author of Ittlltarda Wdm>at a I Rawer prvo not dollar, will be mailed Froo on recciai of Seety 6 > f'RNDR A COM.EBMSR.blinaod table maisoo, Aan street. j BTM.lARn TAHIJIs FOR BAf.K.-TRUm Of?OI> ?rood hard tables with everything complete Will ke sold lew. Imjaire at I the manufactory of O'CORROR A (! (?l.KWOBH. Al Ann street. HTLI.TARPR- TTOI.MRAT AkirBFRFRTS.-Tir? RAFT t tablet at 149 Fulton end Ro. u Arm rtrset lortto the j.a rem. W*? are prepared to tonrh art fool player te run 101 points by ranees or hazards who wiB pra Uee under e t reeOrn ' b*ee montha. SHARP * IinXlARn TARLKF. OF RITHFR RtRl .B. star 0? rood bods, wdh the nor 1?r| roved c*iehle?e near a i^o. fn- ante at 'ho trans fa tort. ;4b I n -in^'ree* iee< nd rand lalMeo lor sa. i trsp Pcracti* wishing ;# purekoe wonM do wt l to?tve 1 m > rail F n'jto grsa^a'aasteadHton* MCMdirwW ^ic-t.labia ?* ?. iwOxtaoa arc V voraoly kao*/n to I'bOatieir &? aid fenjt^'vaa^. -xd tftoir I *1 kDoaraUai^d Tirtuaa lan b* tloulj pruei For .jaruei.iiiW J arj-lv la T>? <1. abFVjJKIVTTB, Stve..b riroet, ab?ve I Wood, F hutolclpbU. ?C CAA ?rO* 6A1.1L?THE 8MALX rn^IE iriV ?D.UUW. t.' inat !"?vi ev>a< i>?>oi 3u?;i*li ?i?tu.'ni ? dwaDiac, 5iJ Wan Tweitv M.eai rjet*, nearly orw m MvaUfuJ order; rcpirto *iit avory Modern Ir.rcov-tneat Mortgige H.50C Agpyto Al/JilAr fTKlLE", 1 ti Sraad way, room X Arab? ofbifijto for, ?rsiygss.-T>rE iro?bf& 1 tim of a tari;c At? Jaaro wtolAiia. ot. iocatoi at Bot i eaUj', ?J. Y., oeiir(.'i?oi Irtntzg ?p fc ifiiaiw.. otter tbeir look oft hind fcr iftid. And wiJJ stake fx'rcnitJy>,-inn be* idea gtviDf the aiseaeaica to a .j#d ^rotiiikd pjh of atatoa. a^jreu A. W... caraaf H. M. S.c&wua, lo:i ew^;, A St BR CEANOT-A FRENCH HCTSL FCR. S'LE, J9 siixatrd to the -eatre o.' At tewx, r.tu Broadway. having twelve 'rrmihea rooms perfectly in ord-.r. -tii-.h bj- r_ I */* J table birrcom 3md everyth:ag 'jeteTsary t-> : s*uy>- t. dr.te ijly f< r*?B? having now Arty-Sre bevrdc- toon're at L. SAL! V S. 57 Ji'bm street DOWH TOWN PROPERTY FCv SALB-TF VITAtie let snti b-iOditg. No. 161 PuHi o tt., ?.i t nt cf Drmdway, is ottered for (tie at* baic-m. Per ,lar* apply 10 T. W. STROVG, <? Nassau street ?_ tiA'lW FOR SAL.i>-8ITr '.TC? ON TK5 WE *K A a: Ute II nilaon river, with a* oiterx wrew <. >' ir e. %>o-it HO iu>lri freaa this e*y, neir.y epptw'te Eyde ami kaowu as the Widcw Wartig-s Farm in the .-.unity urs. Bev. ''baa Stewart. E M. Browo, taev. r. H Tay una rhompeon. ant) R. L. Cell a stuutry seals 1 ou'ai,. .beat 23.' aeree. with ? pod two glairy hf'j?e. part, tar ? J*1 wool he isee. The farm cat. be divided into several .Hal country teals For ifcrt? ttrajre Or C S. W ...MG, 126 Greenwich street, or of K.-a. S. W iBiNU, ca the pre mines. ^ Fob sal?-a r*.fts? vlixp two stmt brick building hi CMt! Hlrtst, hroottyo. L 1 , vil' he *t,1 cheap t a aceruit of iu?v.ig me clo". In,;mre a: : 1 Soli rireet, Brcekijtt, L. 1. ? rR PALE-HCUSB AND LOT ill CtRl-P'Tr STREET, n?t' Broome let 16x100. house .a eoaiil'/ orlur. Also house and let 320 Br etna street, lot 26x75: hons-' .uias J) ire modern improvements complete. If deai.-.t .e the furniture wti) be eoW be ooatteefeea wiu the heu'e One house #111 sst ne sold without the tiber. One Wf of the pur- P ehase uiescy n.ay rem*>n on hind and mortgage, narl of which " will he ut ici per eeot Inquire for I irtbor -Jormauea on , the premise* 330 Broome slreot. tusivii .ue hours el 6 and 1 9 a. R.. or between 12 and i P. K. s For bale?a sflkj*d:d camp heme, f: v;i? and alcohol route; new w^gon aa2 s:?. j;t; yot.og tt rse. The owner will buy the horse at 1200 if Aeic.t.t he sold. I*qn:? at 60 West Froadwav. Mew ?t k FOP- SALE?A F1IWT CLASS BBCW* STONE hi CUBE, 'our stones and beaeaMLt. hall*, ty day ? wcrh. ic the bei lanner, in excellent lecaticn, 26 West Thirty u?t street, betv -<cn Breartwav and ruth avenoc. Af j y en 'be preuises, Ox'? a. X to 3 P. m. 0 tv P. r ALB?A FIRST CLASS GBOCCBY. SITCATFD 01* r ? ? ot toe beat tveEuet ) theolty, now drin^ a good bwaor-. ^nfKlon ;tMnu gtveo for eelling out. For f ir- t th> uertlculpra l?i'| iirc between 12 utci 2 clock, of J. &RLL(.' <'?. Re 147 Wen Twentieth atreel n FOR SALE?A TURKS STORY KNW.ISH 9A*TMI'NT Jj brick bona* oi Fatty terond etree', between Elrbto and . Ninth ayeneee. lot jnothoilt, *1c .,)j toe ravif.n, im , SmvcmeDle. Price 9U.A0: on mir'^c, 96,*00, Jn< ore of r ?A. fAUK, If Wall ttteC. ' Foe sale?a farm of 17 acres of ooop lamp, Hi'uMad ? the Ne wtowa rlank read, within a <iuarler of 1 mile ol toe village. vbh gofi' I i * . 1 :?o we I to w ia " water; wtl) be -mid together er oeo... .at. inquire MO"- CS i R 6CBENCK, Newtown, L 1 To be sold in a week p a For sai.e.?the eoose ikp lot ioj west tTwenty wood itreet The hetiee to a brown atone front, Kngllrh M?mem, with all the modern improve-nents "1 Price $11 0* 0; 9N000 can remain on t end and m r*r .<? for a J number of yeare. Inonire of Y. B. DEPIERRlS, 'M Hreadway. Fob sale-the substantial brick toprstory ] beeement and nab cellar building. * 1 Uttaree and rixxl will of hneineea aitnnted in Fulton atreet. Brooklyn, oppoefce Olty Hall. Ibe buetceaa ia pork. beef, poultry and rune. No eipeaae ban been rpared In bUlag ur. toe ealabBiibinem: to d reader It eoavenlent and attractive; there to a patent loe u houae amobe. Ae , the proper'yayeli located and now detrg a d good and praStable tuelneea. require at 36b K niton r.reet, o Brooklyn. a rviR ?ii r_Tiir unnci ivn t ?vt vr or. rwiv rrn P street, between ?ti!h and 8*v* even iea a dmirabie loestlcn Terroa e..?T Apply * THOS. * DNAIIAN, 166 Front stree-. J For sale.-thof* two rptw fofr story brown lone ba*ement beuees. Noe 2b and Sm; Ihny it street, 100 fee", east of Mediae n are , bi. ; 11 -he best raann---, rontatolnc all the modern improvenfa* I*r *e f 1LOOQ each, fine ha'f eaa remain. Inquire on the prerr..eea ."rem 9 A. X. i nCl ft r. M. J 1POR BALE- FARM HOl'SBR A*.-A B'TBNDTD 1 faro, '.n Mason count/. 111. no.*, t--r. m ,e* ,'ra lar.*, 200 acres 160 '.n-ler fine miHfltln, two b viaes therron.r-nrd?oa, orchard, t-ne timber, wafer plenty, and term* ea*7. Pear brich tenement houses, between avenue* A ?-, l R r?"*r r new, w n tenanted aud paying well Threeatory ..-ante boose, ?r>l*nd!<; bv.-.Uon for store, "corner of Tenth aven;e ^nl Brn-d ^ way; other isrUlUes to thia property can be obta ned deairabie 1 to a p ircba*er. ."nnaeaay. Two ft. nan" bo .wa, K'..bte?uJi and Nineteenth streets, between F.rat .inj S? r:nd avenues, b'llltthree ye^ra. payiny well. I, .ads a. paterif* for aafe. Ao., A . For par:'tiara, apply at the on :e of .'fV-F-PH TT. WAUdTkFF, Solicitor and Real E-ate Broker, 334 Eroad"1. N. T . FOB 8ALB-THTI HOVRE AND LOT NO. 16 WALK EE treat. near Wast Broadway, lot J? by UN feet, fix aire at '2b lamartlur plane. Weal Twenty ninth ? near V .nth a*. Tt*OE 8ALE?PRTrE, M..VK5.? TTTB THREW "TORT A* brlh he nee W7 Stale street. Brook to, $2 008 ran remain on fond anr. mertanpr. Apply K> EAR.SON, Bl'RIALl. A WAEINO, I* WUBem s'roet. J T|>OR SALE?HOT'SK AND LOT TN BTAFFORD, COW r nec'ient. Pi rods from the ra.lroad depot, v.d In butra ride from Now Fork Price $6,800. Mouse an-' lot on Colden H.I1 sir-er, !n Br.sdeport, Conne t' at Frre$(J?) A rlet of *ro tnd 00 Hi lib. .ae arentie, New Have.. IPi) M front, cnAradng the only vacant lots on tfc'.t .iter.i:e. Apply to Albert feely, Btamfnrd. F A. Parro t, Br.dcepcrt, Joaahan Biiler. New Haven or CHAl'NfEY HAKNARI', * Broadway New Tork. T.nrkR aal.E?A Itfinny RPTt.T For* storv. raff. r men'. and udercelinr br.-k he .%e arlee, T.- Of. ff t, high etoop, nil the nodm tmpreveineB'f complete, price. $11 400 an noted In Waal Twelfth ??re*t, avecileni Kvv,ori. i?griherwHh the Ute*'. *tjr > vf roe?- ??v: and ?-rc CO trtirore, "I nurroro. he . ulna, t rick bcn?? and lot lu (Ireeawteh a??n m J n't imiriramcj. ft- IN; en* to. it) Lerr.y ?'reat. fAj?*i. one do In Tbompaor. etreet, f10,000. Apply to c. R. .IAt OB*. 71 Wall at, knee nr. ?? t. between 9 nr.d 11 A.M.. and 2 nn<! 4 P. M. For fytxr at toxkbbs?tub toui. asp fix: ..r?naf n livery rtnb'.e, woi, eotabi-aheu end do ag n good bniinco* For paru'nWr* lanutro of .'. McOe-Aid, comer ol Or mwtrh nad t hrtetooher gVroeie, .a the n?net, or n: the J lim.nny etntiloo. Yoakere, E. Y. ^ FOR SALE ("HEAP?THE LEASE OP TWO rt"LL I lots, IP nad 130 Attorney e'roet. Alio, tor gala, one etrajn ei gtar nnd boiler*, of ten home pnrrer; oi.o :*> .n--ti fan Mower, A Idea * potent, one capo.a, one pair ' t i h nf li'jou loo. '-npnrttr. WJI be oold rnpar-tteiy or ItgMM ~ f eap'or caoh Apply on the ; remloeo. I For *ale or eichahob?for a hoi me is ,k Brooklyn or Hew York, In -? good 1 .anttoo, a-ainr o for the rrwner'a no?-; woald eyreargenret dan* tar nr. t r myerty n the rfty of Sew York, pny'nu large .n creat tar the above. Ap- / a y nt 4Mb Brondwny. roo* No. a. ^ TJK>R SALE?AH ?BirFLl.RST P(TR TORY ASP r KogTloh baaaraent brick bonte and lot ?" hr ton feet. Joot t-i t w, Ji all the mmleTi ( rproremer ? ' way 00 Fortr third olreet. Price fT.MO. Mrr>gare R4 801. A'eo, a fir*: rata throe cory >.nd taeerr.en- brick V e* with high riom and all the irn-l-rn ' pmremenie. juet ba It, kn aoay IdO fcet dvep. Mitoaled 18" foet njrth of Pory oooond etreet. on Feeeoth art a no. Tonne oaay. Im,iire of A. MCR RAY. Jtl Seventh FMOR BALK?A PISE COrVTRY - EAT. AT STAMFORD. / roon . and f^r?y fva or aeren y 1-00 a-roo o. ftrat rate V land. It to beaotlfnllj alt staled in the village of Stamfn?d. (Vr.n tv , be ?a)d m-wh leaa than .la vol .a. In jire of K. P. T'HYSBESTV M3 Saoaan atreet * |j-OR SALE OR TO LET?T1IE fOUHl HYBKMEMT F hon*a crown ?t<ne l'r <nt). No 11 Sp th >> coat. m'.t run* It" the motlern Impr V eireiite on ; c..u . atnry t4a hod v ~ I alnted aM paperrd t m igl.u-i 1 - an ' rnaatel I g ae?e?. cnmieea. Ac . con lie If r? red P ?-wim 1 will be given i.nmed.niely. Apply to C. tl. LIL1ESTH Al.. n 3'8 Woebtngton atroet. fc F*R balk OR TO lit POR a ttmi Of YE ABA I Pfra fcar alary aid baaaaaaat haf. t.aga en Pier, aeenwo. near Twenty hWd ocroot. 111 'ool fror.: nn ftntl arcane, by at 48 foot deep, enable afUbaroe rowor. hahlog and uw/Urp, ? now rr.pwtag tn pot m<4 oedor. with mar baildtnaa otoiYon. ard 1 good yard. Termorty oaeiri'lad by Mar?>n A It rot.nor wtl ba A Teaoed to a good and carafai taaoj-.i far a 'era of Ava year* If eabl pron-erty te no4 'eaood by lha l*h Fybroar. aart It will he oaldodpitM'e aaclloa on ar ahowt lha M of March neit. for fkrtJor paruen'arm. plena* aroly bafween lha hour* af 11 and 8 o cloch P. M , at 8U P*ar etceet. n- 1 - \y-*_ THOMAB MORTOS. LIAS' T IISY OOOIVJ TORE POR MALE -TUT BTOt'K. JP Agtnre* aad laaae af a dry rooda awtra. ta one of -Ac - ? Mocha tr. Uroenwtrh a'reet If de?lr?d. the laaaa wid ba ?o'. i 1 aeparatr. A4 lreaa *. ? , Herald nttce. I T4 ?.rf.K P"B-||fkU -TT11 ^ 77 rV K1U *E^A We petnlad K *??? , in pallet I arder, Will >1 modem l?.ar<>"?mrnlA T?' wrm whteh wtihe Hbrral apply ? Olflft *0*0 A*, or to Oka l*Mr, u 41 **r 4n*l A Horn, ro* pat.r-tttf VAT.rABt.r i.fait A?rn w furniture of the I a Pierre fltnw, rf7<> and i>1 Broadway, 'oraer of Am.It ttree-, ?.lj nlna 'he taTaree Horn:, containInf ntw ??en'7 rr* m?. elefaiUT furn.aliei, pr, hvho, Mr I'Miona apeletup will ror,nira from three to flm tbonaand dollar* in eaeh, haanoc termt rary. Appy b??r?n the b mra ~ 01 10 knd 3, A' the Ixtlel. I Horn** for fait. - a vfrt hick thrrr ftort <? hn-ier cm Twenty fourth etrert, near Fourth krone W, Alan, one Thirty Ant timet. ear on Twenty F' Betroth Mr eel. noo *o T^enir >1 Mh afreet, K< one Twenty ninth alreot, Pa. AH). r. B. ktrrh1wkr. 319 Fourth arenna. ItoT F. *. f In STKAM F.VOIVR--RIX HORHR FOTTFR, VPRKJITT, W ran he bought eery eVae. aa * larye one la rarjmrod. ~ rat he ereti raanlna In tnraar ah'?p .Vv Mieark'-r me near I Han inand. Alan, rneap rytender bailer. If revitred * C"TFAIf KMOtRRS FOR RAI.R?ON'R FIX IIOKPF Alftl 0 one two b-iree. new, in cunplete running order, with n bnllrr. Apply at 211 Fmnkltn (trent wham they ean br ?~*n. For price apply to F. r. ROUFRS, im Maiden la-te. a THK trachifrr TT AR A T, ARflF MAT or nWRM.lag hoitaaa, hnillinf kRaand alore propartT for nr Iki ' nuiperriH tondrertiea Imdetai) full part e 'ere of which e*\ ha ? h't olBc", t?- Hnwdway. CHAI Xi'KV Bit.lAi.P | TO *A*TFArTTRRRR?FOR BaI,R. A WRI.L RFII.T j l.rtek * Kli hrtch *h- p an mar, well > ?b*ed from heth eAlee. with ttrar. power I' rpr, aired trri be ?.?- there. RrwaUee Thirty ee>und ttm?L J. F, WTt,I,| A*', real et'-ate 1 'rpletry oflVe, Mt F,!pMh atrnnr and 13 Well t'.rort. A Tafrf.aa ARTI tjutwr* PFAI.rru rfatt Tdi?, n One of the beet -a terr n 're <n the te . 1 rr ? 1 ,w? r.w air o? iwrhanpe n .?( i with r it , m a ... ? -? ? tnp|.|t of harh aa br bad f- ? r^arr a anr , F<?t ! intna-t v.irrn o? llr > f> ' R. JVMtt* A". . y,-.?. j ? a%ien. Rr.? Tarh | | T-# P>rjrTF.R?.. FOR RAl.t, tV-1 Ff.'r-r f <i , . y t hi>l* ' a i a. . ' rtrft t, i f e Jr- i. ??t?' ' r 1 ran m, rh e? It ?ir r 'or jii rai t. WW TORE. HBRALB, SIT l?-4 WH>" ri"*E ?A?.v9 rrt uxwh AIMoeat-f^^JTd. * * OO. ?nMin?. Q^??am irt ?**ie gHKrtc [1-4 WKTfi*A??LI*(PMJ A. T. UTEWAET A OO.. F'oxliray. Charttfi, ao< >??f OOO. mSHCiBWil, '' ram at Leratrd ?trMt oiuiaT aalk of i>sr awoot. Iun?S PKI!" QCCPS, Red icei N|??ol. tilled JftWOS, Z>? IftiEfle. Birr ft deli, r, eft, ojEea. Sifsk Ku?i< p 1*.da, flfUPtHy, K 0. Lews ?i mere and Attires to ssjf. At . At. *>plj to a. B. It 110,1 At". H7 BBt>ftDW4Y. )"t I Corner of lecmftrd str.-et. jjon prtiCfM bahfob ii;? tenia per jard; werft Jfcc, At tfte groat Uroadvft? fih-lX, OF ,)*T OOUOS, l' ?oer i^usaatxi > A 7 *HCft3WA7. M I Corner cf LN7.ird iWn, MF^r MA1.B Or I>s?7 SiK T'. en or it Lnti'ioine*. ?r Moarategjoofe, Seftdftaines, fu'tnul-'j, AJpar-ia, Cranes, Barer fs, T?iOa, Ac., 4 3 ?w e?-kr.o at a j.fu: ?ei?ac'7on trroa trtl root. ft cu-iatc m are offeree 'wue ladiea to rro:nr* (/javCu;; M7 BBCAirWAT, )T I tamer L?mrt street. BALK PNinm ?.HJ 00? WCSTH ?? Bur Uooph, H-it-jeMied to aereacpterv iol? In ?na??'??aee ol ii?Feikms ne-r?' j, ;be iboie aiaarxi rop?rtf, one e* Uie k*i(.;?e-, beet selected ami icMOl STOCKS CP OSNERAL PRY <1C P* * saknuUed to soinmAry sale at 60 Pi* ci*" JBfficw Co *. neb as ? Sdka, hiavki. Cioftta, Areas ooo K Olov. h ,.jd tnaierr, fftiLr older ??, Iftce Curtatrji, itcuseae-p a* 'ooas, Ac. A j., As N. B.?Com try vnerthatte will find it to their advaatoge to all i^id eiaaJne t~Ys stock before tbey leave town. Business hours from '0 HUB Letwe of the store 2nd lixtr.res fcr aaie. 17 c BROADWAY.?rF.TF.R roberts A CO.. RET1 wo ) I tl about to remove to i/ieir now dm, 429 i ?.-v*v iow oAer their rich stack cif r-<al thread .acea md Preach cm rotdeiica under cob, aa of which mum be disposed of withmt reserve. 37 C BROADWAY.?TRIMMINGS, TRIMMINGS, TRIM 5IO n.-npi. 1 hia Urpe stork wi 1 b" so,d of be cw out. FETKR ROBERTS A CO., 376 Broadway KCC BROADWAY?GKNTIJIMFX'S FASHIONABLE J*J*J fnnlshlns bazaar. LKWIs *. RKaCoRD la-rito pceiai attention to their system 01" shirt making, viz --on ilete mcaaarrment, aftreftil eut :ur, best ncediework. With stistic Bnjh, an.i ao sale if not to please Full aixk 0: w:r.w g lavas. I nnn fancy AND KMBROTDKRRD cambric L .UUU Laadhari'hiets wt!l be Ofleredby FBTRR ROBERTB A CO.. 378 Braadway. I fiHA FIBCE8 8YPYBIOR IRISH LINENS, L.UUvr At 26, 36 and 10 cots per vard. A. T. srewARr .k '0? Broadway, Chambers and Read." siree'e. kVZ (inn WORTH OP GOODS FLIQHH.Y DAMAORD Wtl.UUU bp lire ?$21001 worth of silk, mllitnery and resn roods, slifhtly damaged by fire a ad water, will be rlered to the pnbli: at surprisingly low prices, by die tubrrlber. en Monday, February 2, at No. 02 John airee., where will be located tor th>- present. r .it r?? trim i,?i .wrnVn.' A LABOR LOT OK IVDIA IHXTTIE3? (1 Cheeked *nd (triced murine, :*m .ri:(, ,'hpm'j. brlhartes, A?\, As , Ac., At 13 cents per yard. A. T. STEWART A CO., Hroade-sy, i"haahere R"'Ae i -s? to. A LL OCR WHITS (?OOI>S. O. eomprietr.t; 1 zeeceU, Catrbrie*, Striate. Vanaeoka. Cheeks. ftrtpeo, Miti'A. As., As., Elllbe ottered this wi sh at as enomc .( (acr.8ce, to close nock. a. the NBteale, "OS B.oadwav. Rear fourth A A BAROAIIf.?30it IWV.EK fl <> ALL LIVES (V l isiiiio riiniiKt.nsn. lu Cm ..nw, m u bo vrlt.ti tlais wsofc *4 10a, 1> , anj 14* per doren. , worth K., IS., and 20s. At ho O It RAT SALE. 703 BROADWAT, Xear Ee.rtb street. BRODIE'H RAKTLKK. Sr?n?e, 1867. OROROR~BROniR, 31 f ann> and 63 LApenar J streets. 801"THERM AKD<W?Tr.RS|kMANnj,A HI-VERS That ho WILL OTEM srw imii Oa MOV DAT, February 5. rjARNaLfV MWEN FUKFTlSCf l [> PLg! UT IX" I led, Vul beo(v-red ikie week. Ai totm."--.! tear.;."* a', the LI\ M SALE. 703 Broeawar. wear rp -.rtli atr?et OLANKET8.?SCO PAIRS [> Of Wbi-ney 12 4 uae black*'* fi II be offered th.? week A ' tt> 10, worth $>" 00 ??r "alr,>t Uie Ore-it aaic, 703 Broadway. Wear Fourth yifKAP EMBRflPLRTRF.?'1KKIX R BA/.AAB. ftU J Hrnaiwav ?Yrt .i h <sb? ro dered coiiara, alaerea. n inder-1iiefa. ?.? .. Ac ,3>'pt:r euibe,owtaiFor.ere' pt cea, -malt- room erec? re opriaf .mportatioo*. okk: v i-a/.aaR. b'.. r.ihotaa Potal, 5.3 Broadway n/wiv sale. J I>ai-.x><a Wkfh.oe., To* e. rg*, fflinrttlf eh rt .nfi, At. r.e(.?). I-mf' ieiko. _ ?0 rer.ia per yard. worth la. Si A' he (I HEAT S K t.k 7? Hroadwav, New Fourth gtrect. I t]<0AKR AT BALI PBICE-Tfi <l/OTK TIB J Senmn-l ImpnrtaMnaa We ahal at* ear e r.Bre aleak rw*. imt n* be Month of 10m mi iwol ONE B ALT TMB OBIQTNAI, PU? m W v* effect m enure clearance. uk? *w?m. No. Ml BwyB. ~\RY OOOES ANN0rN"K7MFNT J The Uelieeof New V. ? ?nil tlciultr ere reeper'/'-.U* otiled that an ineneotioa of the prices of dry curl*, now atr ise at the <; RKAT SALE, 7fft Rroadwtr, rn] eatlafr the mo?- errednlen* the' th.'e i? >>ona de ?a>, ltd n<>t a mere announcement to dune the public. 7NOI.IRH AKD (1KRMAN HOSIERY?IN ALL SIZES IJ ard '.nalillce. will be otler<-. th a week .it an KSORMOr* SA'RIFIt'R rt JOr'a K IP i?OT*?, ai 1-.IITI * - nrutn, I*. ?<!.. 2* *nd 2a. 61 per pair, finally mid at 7a A the '.REAT SAL*. 703 Broad trap. Near Fourth ftrect, 7YBBY LAPT snOU.P EXAMINE THE PRTi-Ke OF It our Baresea WaoItaA Lawn*. ehalJa, Orffand ee. Peialnea, . _ _ ftoarlfc, i.d eterj deacr ptkin o< 8 immer dreee h tod*. 'belt are now o<'..rfnc at an imaeerae av-rtflce, hie being the aet w. k of sale, a: 70S Broad war, Near Eo'trth gl. jlCRH. rVFB, Fl RF -TO THR BOOKOKICA1. PPBMa 1 ?We now reapectfti'ly luetic th.i attention of lad ?otn Jl ?t PHILMPF' tor otore. T,9 urand atrret, wfc-re ? e aro jw eetliuo lh* balaneo of our arlendid atoek of lino fur* ?' W rrrotlie!>? coot .n ooae non>>e ot e'rar a* o n ' apriiu, Of.? I,.idieo all. iind it greotl> to their advantage b* fur iwing M otir fOdii' Od Drke. We are now awi ng ap'eMld itaof mink fWwn Hi! to tan and oil other fur* ? on aoton'ah g rodu tioti. We bore aiao on bond .? few Weigh robeo. hit* will be Bold ot half prl to. jtAllII.T t.lMRJ* bHKKTIJIQR. Mightlf ool'ed, 11 4 and U 4 wide in RFACTIFl'L Qf tLITlRF. Worth ?w , 9*., am! ijo. per yard, fill be of ered oil thia week a4i. W , So. tel.. and So 91 , t the _ MS FN RAMT TKiBROtPWAY, Rear Fourth Otreoi. TornF.KWtriJffl ao^ne. 10 4 114 and li-4 Harnoiey ehe.umra.' fc 4. 7-4. "4, !) I or I 10 t 'men damnok. S 4. 9 4. 10 4. 11 4 an ! li 4 WarBetiiee niUh, 7 I, F 4.10 4. II 4 and l: 4 table eloiho. V, 'i and 'r Knea napk r.a le<> ma ele ar>l ?o-< e.iing tn gr^t notif y, and mneli lower prt'-e ti aa root of i p rt*u m, A t.the trea' ?*1<\ T r.der 1)t . lotion, 30 tlrrodwav, i' n- r of Leonard ?tr?e-. | nir.t USSR* M J . r| ri p, 1 Wctfc ea? e rod tt e weef cm RntT =: n r? .r Aooiw ( V ~-t" .??>, Comer of Leonard sireou KTDAH, FEBRUARY 1, 185' ptM at rwa6*-^ahan rmm Fw.??*2Z J?21R. *. m ? Ml MM) o wfl!*;* ths'%10 9iL r ace. In

- ?gsn&m Bt a wciwy. 1 ??<)? ** VT TO LADJ?".-LAi)IW WIBUl.9'1 nr* bmI rerfctt ktLmg draraw nut call? IUm fcUEKE d, *34 Hroatfway where the seal MM to 04 are aily piUMd i ate viMi **l haa taea ?it u>? IiuleC; aiao p Ueraa cut U> f- M farm. I *1SH LlltDI SHUTIHCB. 1 9XV4HI(/ VSM W II to eftred f.h we?l u J* MM Ttfd, WerU 4? 63. Alike 1ULAT I1LX 743 MOADWAT, ?e?lf T# 11 rth rtf**!.. I ABW BOOM. TATOrt OUT?A FEEUHA OOED I keTtog *MB fullj MtiU>lhh?fl M the keel Artoile for ito*? > Iktrlt, end Irrrra fan; eaBoned It ?to IwMM b??# ktMnpMd I* ?et mWt TMtrkbk ea InilUuton, oo? p?<4 of wnlpkar, ke, whleh to r?7 o"*Btore ? ??" rmt lto^tw WflltoMMtlOUBk^ HIT BWMD'aMlMl IBtl* ETrl? Mfd, (Old ftl lb* ItlltU fufBlAlBg ?> ?. J~ <* 111.1 ?f Ike told BUiirfMtbrw Mid ptoMlMto Ad OBildd 8U.toa ^aMPKL C. EUHlOr. -?1 Bjobiiwi?j, 9. V. LA4T1 C01TA1JW. _ , , Omrm'ire nUtrt of late onitAire wW le ?.kat2Uw for mde ihle wee*. iriji jrrtaa* g?e?Uv recited, At At grew <, Un.ier Uuutodlidd, 3C UlOBdaAy, Ooraer cJ lACtard t :**<F OILKFI SJl.lt5 t STLKH'I O TreBieDdeun la H1LK8 Are bow ed'erec at ike (irtil *Je, 347 Bro?<iw?y. former Aeocar* ?uee'.. CHM>y? EBCK YkAOK? O At 12v;*c?i 15retlrJrrr jar3. 4 f STk; w ART 4*0.. Froa<lwgy, Chen: c.t /? ??<! Reatd! sirceto. ? r&etf. VJCTT YORE A.MR WT1IRFWM- rvnr*? STATM i* ?aB tormhlB ATLANTIC, Outs. direr 'lldrlnge. v(I Aepa?t with the U?Hed Stale* bmuIs lor I' ircrpa naBtltti ly en Sitd-day, Jan. Jl. at IS e'tlrck K. torn bar berth a? lb* font >! Canal utiM Tbe BALTIC ?IB succeed the RUaolK and ?1 Feb. 14. The steamers of lids Mae Move tsonrsred water kt bulkhead*. Pc* freight ar pa*an*e hatdar te?ora?U ? ox-1'ijlIltd far elegance and eunJbrt, apely MUWX US S. OOLLlN* DC WallMreat Taaeangrre are -enabled *c b<? ca baan* at 71 a'slash A. M AD levari muii pie threaah the Tar. u?t<. acj others will be rataraed. FlOR LIVERPOOL.?UNITED BTAIT? KAILRTBAM skli: BaLTIC, Oapt "'sin'cik. TLia steaii.thin wdl de part w ic tbe United sta'ee maLe for Tmroyo. poeitlraly on Saiorhiy, Teb 14, at 12 o'clock M., firm ker t?-rh at :h?'hot el' Oaniiitreet For freight or nans..**, having r.nenuaMel hr oonmwdation for "iacii.ce awl comfort, urpiiyliEOWtRI) H. tOLLlNit, M WaJlstreei. pmsenpersare recoested tr> be on b"ard at II o'elo- k a M. All leuei r *" through the t'oet oBi.-o. Any ethers will be returned. Royal maul pteavmuip peksia-for liverpoo. -Tbe PC MIA, C. II. P. Jodktns, *srr rrndar, wtH all Mm tbl (Pupuj'i doek. at Jersey C'ty, *'i:i tbe rr.alia and pi*H'\ig?fa far Europe, cu Wednesday, ike <:h .oaUnt. Paes-'ntfereare r*<in**ced to be on board by one o'cio-k. The AKHK'a will tail on tbe Ihth diet. e CUR ari7, No. 4 rowling Green. New tore and Liverpool united states Mall Steamship Oornpaay, AS Wall street?New Yo-a, Jan. 31, 1S67-?Stenuship aTuA'OTIC, far Lirerpoo'., ia <ie tamed in on sequence of tbe 1 e in be bay. oatli tus day nunasy, in reoruirr, ai'Jt ix? an rsir* n.uii w 11 nn isdeep At. (be Pont cltce, t'M'.ag at 8 a clock A.M., !<>d?y CTJ5AM TO frLAMOW.?WILL LEiTB WEW To RR t7forQ,aaro<e.en Saturday, Ffb 7. rbe <~yd? Htrew Steam Packet tkuni.wiy .wie snoelAr.iil >roa screw steamship l)LSI>E, 1 S'ltl teoa burthen Osv-J H-pi., raun, gotnmsnder, will Ieeve for dtaagt * pmxtuallv am above. This superior and powerful out) has been bull* -nd filed up ci prevfy ler (he trade, on the most approved prtn< ipiss for *fc<l and the Misty and nomfort of nil -lasses of pwneogers. lier steerage aeooamodatJeai are enequalled. HATH. Cabin pasmge I. i Intermediate passage. found m an atonaun: scpplyef provisions. properly cook-1 .16 Si-era* e passage. found in avr nana*- V Shipper* willple-ae take pe-lcwler notice As*, ther'so-ls ef ton line will i?e despa'sbc | re >-ely <r. mnNmN wi j> the dale adrerUeed. Per I'r ght or arply to the anents. TATs.;OPr A CC., flti he nth eWK II B.?Bo bills of lading wl.i be signed eio-pt theee prints 1 eipressly lev th- -ompnny, wh eh -an be had athe nCoe. XpOm HA TBI AMD SOVtmAJOTHJH.?TBI PWItJi T Btnfce mntl dnoi ARA0O. O. Unas. OeanoMXtar. nib leave far llnsre, tewetdag at Beathamgfan to land the malm and iiaasara mm llefai fly, reb.T , at De'elnefc, frwn ptar Ho, J) Nanh rfrer, kaat af Death street, files of peMeg-.? IMmMi SCO ftooond **Mn...e?a i|MM h TbfadMp nas five water tight wniartnna. en-Wng the alas, ao that In fee event ef -.olhsdua or irtodki; the etr r eeeM act reach tbrsn, ami (be penape Hkw free fa roik, the Mfety ef the reaaal and paaaangeie would be Meant BaioM* net wasted dnrtneVa paaaage sfr df be aaot an board fee Say bedbre saBm*. iseshed '*b-tow " a freight wtl be fakapalUr Tbaradej. Bsb A. frrfretpbt or passage apply la VOBTHOCU UVWaftT, lust id Broadway. H. B.?The steamer FCLTCB rt i-.-feed far A rages end IjM)R BAVBK BTBBOT-rtt + KBC AKHBMMJI oomf fray.- Tba From-A oarhw BMlrtlp IADU. wootj twa Dnodrad km bra-than. ? ArWLOiad, mo.' moodcr, wtl Inn tor tbr obore port on Ybnndar, Feb. 13, atUo'nlacft prwetooly. Prtea of paaaa?n?Fait oaMa. aft, >100; do , forward. $f*i. For frol?bi or uw|) as* IrUlU agknta. KM. a BP. Finun a OO. aSrcad rtjSo;. nuw crnrm ??w tou am aniwow ? o ininrRoii, iro u? wuaam " maiai - dOI mtW TOBR, 3.IB) ton*, Bobart <lralf, (cicrmrlw; OLA ROOW, IWtSiona.>8r.aon ThefUw row i.nd Mow Tort hiaamabto Cmowanr totond aatltop Uwoo now and poworf'il oiiaiii from Bow Took to Olrafe* toroot, oo ToUoara ?Boa) Tort. flaAordbT. dial Jaiutrr, ail> o'dolu uooo; UirataW, Maaardny, Ttbrjmrr, at U otoU. do* a. lino or latin FfrBtrlOaa. 173 ifcfrd olam, 'row* wftk aooOoi. aaa<1aaaa. tan. Am oz^iiooord ramaan aUarhad to cork aliiJIin Far tr* obi or poouim aarhr to rpiur KAfflviiOl. II Hmodoay. Bow Vwrk ofrr Mlhi or gt,k oatft raaat?ad '.or paaaiiao. rrai LirvErocL .in tmiaiuiin nujtnur J Coir rony'r raMnOK and i oaaafal raamatltoa B1TT of HlLTfKOBB. tolto toon, Oapi. BoWt baaak. t'lTY OT WAFMI WO-flXlJK) ?nm. ffcot. fTu. V/l a. on of ANCHRsnaTTNfr w, ?api r. c. rwia. WAKOABOO. X.KAtoor Oaj\. R. trine fthor-aro am* tnpo- > >w-o h< raby rarporofnlfr todhrnaad tttok m fatrwo lho ft -to.*V>'. mlHana o! tola ooropnrw ' nana am wtBlaaa piano aitnriuo- iv from Paw T<rk and ItdaW JiM^DM*r U* tmum-MU lb* dalee a# udk? wM M M not www roe* im rauruiifi. mno ? ROQ, km I'hlledahilua Im. lb CITY OF WiMWauTORTfen He* tertian X. city ? wanuhkhtra, worn rhibbVM r* il noi uraaroou CITY or WAKT?Ur<mjM. toe Row M Am. M. fTJ T f?? IlJwathTM, Ibr PhfladafiMe Jul lb CITY ?r JAiuTIMCJIC. for Row frwRJee lb in or rjiuH nu ?rw roe* i?d -- -"** ?q aep n<? UTBBBOOb SeV?W-i8B N Bad au lacnltoB /? rum. A Hart* iiartr b'Mrd <lw *H m tehee a* In a* to prrtidna. TqLfaerpool RR) | From liiwywl M llKtr tlABCT VI Kvvvv-1*1 with tmpyowed walir t*mt annwarhaeoM, wui each raaaaJ carrtaa ae eepartme* air gaaa. FarUea wtaMajr to brfae oat their IM ean obtain eanH eataa of puufi a* rtraRa <>o UrrrpoutYn aamo of CI aue ley and apwarda. Apply at the cSea at A* oompeiw, 177 bmlti), Hiv York J. 0. D AIX 17 Wnlnal Btrwe^Phttadetohto. T!f C?KRF.V|UKRC* or thk STORM t V? bad ooimo, II the clipper ahlp OOI.DKR FLjKBCIC for Sa:i Freo<-;?ci. at pier It) heat river, will rontlmia to re*atve frelyht in'.I ; hnradey ncvt ."1th proi.. -inieaa aootirr full 8hl|'i?era will i -aae hand in thr r Mile at ,artu - ? ?ion n -heir ecyairr matte %r* completed, to 81'TTo.V A CO., W Sonta ireet, e>r ner of Wall. The epleadij A1 clipper ah;t> Pavtd Oockatt. J. W Siien ?r, muter, al pier ?'' river, will fo low at an early day" ONJ.Y UHI WTTH HI'HE flOHTtfTIO.T.-TllA JCOTT ldn mile* shorter than any other route and no exonaere to river nari(a'j?n -t' 8tetaa Mall line ?Fifty peon-la 01 hafBaira free; ten rente per pound on ef? ?Four hour* f-om o. ?aa to erean. hy l' Railroad ?Tlrn-ivh to Call ? 1 la Panama Ralfr. * ! The tit 'ted Sutra Mail Steam amp Company will deap%t.'h for AoptawaH, on Thunaley. Feb 5, at la rlork I'. M., preriaely. from pter foot of Warren treei, North rher. the well known and faat atea.-r.ihln IM.IROIA, Capt. > ha* s. Hoera. I'. H N Faeaenr, r? and raaila win be forwarded hy Panama Railroad, aud-on iertt Fmam.i ?tth tie ' a- hall RVatnahlp Company* mirn. I real e?eam*h1p llnlrien A fa. J. T. Watk na o voman l-r, whlrh will oe la readinraa and leate m mediately fWr Kan Fran. tarO. The p'khhr are tnfermed that the Puttie Mad Steamabi> Company elwaya hare one or more ertra <i?wr< lyiwr at Panama readv lor au. to arotd any pnasible RetenMna ef i aeaen?> ra or malts. For paaaaffe apply In I. W. R aY? MOMD al the enjy off re of tin- < > mparts*. If > 177 Wer ??eet. mmerol Warren. Sew York. Riwnlar l a.' * s'tat/-< mad a'eb'oahip daya. S'J and Juth ot ea ti month. l*Krrrn STATK8 MAII, RTlAMdHIP I.1MK FOR H tL< rar.a and Raw Orleana. ?On Tnea l?r, February A al 2 P. ft., from pt.-r foot of Warren atreet. SorA rirer. the fnat and fheorRe ateamahm PHn.ADBLriHA,''apt. John MeOowan wiB nail aa above Paaaar- - an be eeeumd at tho ofllre ef the line. Freiihta to Jlew Orlraoa. ,%l ranU per ruhtr foot. Ship peri wiB be cipplled with blank bllU of ladineof the firm alpnadl Kw Ike line ran Rrtn iPRtinn Rl their hffi/ae Mn n<ka. forma eigne! Mid nohHI of Wling wHI bo atgnetafW the hour of w.'.we For freight or paaerg' aopir at ih? eBoa. 177 Weal etraet, comer of Warren. M O RUHKRTM. At nt. tfOR AAVANNAII AND FLORIDA-UNITED ATATRA i r mail lino.?Tha rtnamer FLORIDA. Oap'atn leanc , Crow all. Will leave on HattiH.ty, Fro. 7, from pier So. 4, , North river. at .1 o'clock P. M. Rtlla or la< ? gnatl on \ boar?i. For freight or nnaaage aority to S. I. Ml D'HILL. I.I t Broadway. Thro gh lrket? from New York to .la~ke?n\Ilia. 1 AH. to pfintka, to. Afeameni for Florida onnnoct at da van j n?h with the t'eamera from New York, on Tiinadaye and FOB HAVANA AND BORfLB?TflR PNITRD dTATFA 1 mail ttaemah r gf aFKR ''TTY. R. W Ahufeldt. eornmandor. will **a for fha above por?e on datnrday Fah. ?. at 12 o'clock noon, praclealy, from pier AO r.?*t rlrar. foot 0 j, Rooaatak etraat. Freight altari for New Orlearia, and or / warded front Mobile free af 00 mm lam on For frelaht or aaa M* apply to PONT. HNrTH .% CO., Aaanta. %? Aanth arreet , rR inr mijirx and Havana.?on rwiim , AW 11 a maH ateamahtp Rl.aflK Ft RRJOR. J W.RmRh. a wmmaroler. ?rtk anmmawaa reeairlng freight an Frtdar, r .'an AO and poattlvety eatl tor th? above porta on Monday, Fab 2. aeon, Warn the Aaot af Poo man n ?ti aaa North r*var. o No bttlaaf iadtar atanad aD>tr the ateamar aalla a LTriNORTON. CR" KJNEBON A POu No UPark piaaa. Now Tart. A HTROUMi V. ~~ ^ AN artbolooiay THAT U*ATS IHI WORU)~AND ! A noo la offered to aay perann who ran anrraaa he-- in ait In* mrrrrtata'< manfann at aten'a ihroagli ?lfa, pa eg. larlT laarrtagve. iruhe f waallh, maw ,a?a<o ? ih ??' trtande. A*. N. B. Madame (XlFFToN ta >0 butnltag mar daeaahe vteh la Impoaa on lh< unwary. If yon went o ar.?ka a fart'ina at am! ?r< r.atura. ? gifte-, tadr. ? .? >? tim. aalyperaoa tn the ' at < 1 A-?U a *.? tan Rite ,._Ay u ina 4 tare, Fail and ea'.rfy y irs-. r?e Reedeeea :? Orahinl I 1MB he" ween 1 ata fHA R 'OYAN I.-MM. sBV f . TO. I'd iptfy^ y ? > Ftraet n ft* faorn a a ?-.e, ;a Alya? ?o .<e ?. I fit* R|? i-oa* HM? tu A IIIt 1 A 'Uffli dl . . % A ' 1 ! I ?*#* ? nt 4f * t\v*'. |i v ? PCVtf ' f 7. A??im ! NHIO* OAHV1LS rma. 1 IK7. Tfc? pih'lela rear- '/ally t> formed tin.; t u k tt on Skr c ut h a v cyr. *D? flOBKKT, *?e. MoNPt AM:R, LION FMfrNOM, H MAR/.dTTt. _ PADl.BRIM.ANT, RM!US MANWIN. Yean* ?P.?rlkR, Young AXBIMCA, frm* JtHHANN, U-.N* WIND8.M M*I"Aj>4 If iS/Rrtf, I i.OR A J..1 JULIA LR1IKAHM And V. CUT A 111*1, I. ? leliiiad, and will Appear ON MONDAY BVKNINQ VR1T. TT.3. 2, :?67, c ' meaclup ?t 7?, "'c'ock with 'he flONH ON T1IK TJOHT ROPE. Y | Hm? llktAitnl, A L'<hir.*r.n and iho iui'AOt wonder Yomg A b>< rle i. Mil SHARD A. K MbDplalflr, L. K*ptao?a, the W n??.*f?l Ra\?U .at ihe entire CompsDr. POSOO. tiMf, p Mnr.-eUi I>oorii op*m at , to at 7 * o'cloek. i tini, wn iin, iriM. 91; rmw ia<?, K, WALAACK'8 THBATRK. 8iconn Write or mif?r ma.rii.dx kkkox, and of her Ave act piay of CiMlt,t.K The ceBtiii'ie<J crowd* and ex'ra nt ,.ary enitd*!.nm ronse<iu#nt opon this glfVii lady's Hp.en<Ud I.t?| ^r? rxilon of the bove drama, haw'.impelled in^ Katancmen'. to poetpnue 'her novelties for ihc preeen', nnd to annc ace the repel ojo 01? CxMIlJUR for monpat, bib. 2, and Trniui, Can 3. A favorite roe each ever. lag. Ben book open three d tye in advanrn LAOBA KKBNR'S NKW THBATRK fii* Dkoadway. .vbah Houston I'Mri open at 0'. o'clock: the performance will commence with the overture at 7 o'clock On Mo.ti'AY K\ iNino, f>*. 2, .CA7, A Ni'W AMKHK'XN DHAMA, MoRY'b UlRrnDAY, pcwerfiillv caet, will be produced here In anro mc nR this .i-ama fer representation the Msnaitement has the pleasure ef mpresslnr the hope that thl* play. illur'.ratinc the virtue* of the human hear* in it *irtig*ir* wl'h the tel'lan passions, will prove a ctp ame to uie naomies m n h iviautlsanicuu i.i~oi been selected for It* refinem-mt, its natural yet eminently rjeiic.l Ji-'.lon and lor Ita falthtul portraiture of American Bonri (i d of rUrt'Tri, ?ho by self saorifloea often impart graces -o llie and eommund tu? admir. Ilea of society Should the public encourage the Ha: .'igmnen: :n ih a s'ep lrward advancing American dramai c literaiure of a Ulan crder, It will be a pride as well a* lieaaure to continue the enlt.T.itlon of a .ch fkiwere. which can hrtve liiia.-iautly only ande.- ih- fostering tare ot pure and rer'ue.1 public ls*te. Mvairat. MtLBcncmn and Lamia Krenp Hciiottiscrk To conclude, for tha frs-'imp with a cnmlc drama, entitled LIT I I.K TODDLKitiVH. Supported b?!Me.?ra. O Wbeatlmgb, J. A Smith, Hurne.', Mrs W. Il Smith, Mr* Studdart and Mi a Ada Clifton. Academy or mfsic.-itam ?v opera. LAhT MEEK (HUT ONS.) 0? THE SEASON. Monday. Tub Z fSIXTII SUBSCRIPTION NIOKT,) will be performed Den Iran I s grand opera, i or this niiieit 0x1.y, or LA TAVtiRirA. S'.ile. Tere?a Parodi, Hlgnor* Tlberlnt. Morelli and Morlno in the princlo&l role*. Dirertnr and Conductor Mairiee Rtrakoaeh Parpnetae. dreaaeu-ole. drat tier 91 Peenrec aeaU...W eenti extra Amthi.het.tre 28 rente Family circle 50 cents ! Private boxes.. .from fd to 930 The or i filioee for atecrtnr seats will be open da'ly from 9 A. M. till 4 P V.. at the Academe of Muam. Ball A Sun's, Van Nordeii A Hmr'a and Bromine's. Opera nonimnneiM at S n'c,ock. Opera nights :hia week ? Moaday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. BARvuVI AMEBIC \N MURIUM?ANOTHER VKW local piece, wrttmnxpremly 'or tbie ettabUshment, en titled OOTHAM; or, Daylight and Gaslight, <vlth new scenery and brilliant ar-ceaMorie*, and gotten up la the moat o.nii'im mate.y Combe; and aatufartjry manner, thu (Aondsy, Feb. Z) evening, a' 7 o'clock. Prank Martin, Mr. O. W. Clarke, Valentine Verdant. Mr. Uadawxv, Morria Peyton. Mr. LevFk , EmJy Wavland. Mlsa Mnslaver. Heildes whi -h the Poeturlatic Convolutteaa of the celebrated Arabian artiste. Afternoon at 8, BACHELOR'S TORMENTS and PLEASANT NEIGHBORS, a* wel] an the wonderfal performances of LE SERPEN f DC DKHKkT. Besides the living ph ititom, the living sei pent*, lb-' happy family and all the other curi naltlca Lady Franklln'a pound oike. presented by h'-rte the late rew of the Arctic bark R*nol,ite. may low be seen. Admission 29 rents; children under ten, lZ'a renle. Buckley s serf.nabers, new hall, ws broada-uy, opposite the Metropol'tan Hotel. Monday titaii;, Feb. Z and every evening during ike week, by H'ETlal. reuub.1t, the grand b>iTleso?e on the opera of LCCRK/JA BORGIA. In three sots. PreeeUng which ? l XKrtltO M'NSTREIaV Commence# at 7)4 o'clock. Ticket. 26 cent*; orcbra'v* eati. 6<> ' cot*. On Friday craning, Feb. S, benefit of the oil'.cere of ibe houoe. "VTIHUO S UAIIDEV ?MONDAY F.VEVINO NEXT, i> The Wonderful ktrra in Three Kn'ertanimena. L. Bopineaa and Mme. Manplai4> in ESMERALDA. Merrill, aa the Ape in PO.VGO. Yeang U> ugler and Young America on the Tight Eope. VHBUVR OABDEN.-MONDAY NEXT. JL\ Orand Spectacle Haliet, Beimooand ?'o?ntc, Evolotiona on the Tight nope, Ac, Ac.. Ac., Ae. T75F. WONDERFUL EAVEI.S and their entire Oomranj. VHWi' OARDCN.-TH* WONDERFUL RAVELS. J.YI rati. rOK r r M f ? 1 - . Monday morning. Feb 2, 1667. PONOO, II A. M. ERMIRAI.DA, 12 M. Full BaniT 12 II. WM. A. llO<iRE, stage Manager. VTIBLO K HARDEN. 1Mundajr erealng. Feb. 2, 1W7. lOIOaiiOT TO trh rcamc. Bel urn of THE WWDKRFUL RAVELS. N'lBLO H GARDEN. Monuet, Feb. 2, I6I7THF. WONDEMFUL ria VKLN. I. Keplneaa. Mme M 'oplalnlr, l.ina W.ndeJ, Young lleagler M MarreUf. Young America, 1NTHREE (IRAKI) ENTERTAINMENT*. , C1HIKKSK ROOMS. My HROARWAT. ) *U m nrn TII?pa?, friiaoi;r 8, 1M7, The fhmona SKTRM MILK MIRROR f the Greet Ukai, the Niagara. St Lawrence and Pagoenay Bhara The rrapr.etora. Meaara. RATES A CO , hare the rrtti&eallan i f further annenoctng that titer hare made arrangement* with Mr JOfil AII THRU AM for the aiin. jmon af bta Fourth Knierprlae Oift Tlekeln to 'h ? anlwmuly pcy'iler eihlb.Uoo. V'F.W TICAR cai.tai.-thb last WEEK or T Vi. I* moet populir plo e flared th!* veaaon. The arc .1 all tahen before the cnrta'n r!*?v and a* thin la the lea t It i an he played It behorea all thoae who a .ah to see U la ! e ob 1.\ in 'late, aa It niuat he withdrawn on Ralurdty m il roattlrely Duswki.porf oai.t.f.ry, IV7 Broadway. Title iineur|<aa*ed colic cu?n ef painting* nt>U rnina ne open to the public. and la '(tally netted by admiring throng* Several* by old maateni hara reeeatir been placed on ethlbllioi). Single edmleeton 2j cepta, teaaon ticket* AO eenta PnKHAM'A SEVEN MTT.R MIRROR Wftx NB or* a Tuea<lay, February I, 1857, at the Cm am Reo*a, yei RHUPW.T, RATRH A OO , Proprietor*. Nt.w t'ar is raid that peopm laigh nil they er? at llie perdtrmanee of thla piece at ?RO. I'ltRIsTT A WOOD'S. 141 Rrouday. It la an eitre.rely popular that if ladi a warn to get any kind of a comfortable aeat they moat be thurc early iu the evening. The dosra open at h>, o'clock. CLONED -177 ORAND STREET, FRANKLIN MI'HRTyM. ?The aba.* place la r toe ad for the prevent- I>ne nouce will ba glrrn ul t>>a re oprniay I TU IIKATRirATj NOTIf1.-MORTIIH NATIONAL Till?tr? ' Tu<- Mfo. ItlmniB, cwOlt of wiuit i>erw<n< ? Thr 'ibOTf mtab bdiinrnt wlM open oa thr Ijit nf M?? f * a j anmmnr HMin. IjkIi#-? and nf wkrviwlrd^nd lalant ?lahioc In rnsv ?l'i iiime aHnw aa above. rhn pv'i.rteter la op?n la DryitkMe with all tif?' rlaaa atare LRTI J. NoRTH. fntprtrutr. CMIARLKT WHITK dHIREMADIE* WILL AI'PIAR AT | / triCKREBOCKRR IIAI.L, Tweaty tklH a'rert ?rd Eighth irmu*. fnr the 'lrai time, on Monday rmmg, Peb. 2 J B BROOKLYN ATTIIN Lt'M -THR TTVR AND HAN RIHON TR'IIPB will aire Ihetr lirnt noaerrt In Bpt kl>n an Th rwl .jr arming ne>! fan ft. Tlrknta, 80 r-nla, ? > he had a*, dan lord a nunc ntore IB and 2S Court at eel, oppo ; ?lte the City Hall. " ACADEMY OF MCN1C TO LET-ON THR OFI' VfOHTN * of the opara. fnr eonoarla lartnraa, A<- Arromirwrle Inn for four tho ixaad prraons. Price, par night, >XW, In ;lud? n|( light MALI. REASON. | Tba prion for kail n'uhta hna been rednerd In >730. in. 1 ' ill the prlvtleg. a ?l th" bara, atipprr rnnma and rj.iak rorrn., * naatkar wttk tha ll-thtlng ard i corlu. Apply lo N. h. wol.i 1 of On; KiemitWa Committee, No. > sooth ?met c ?)LAYN PLATS. PL A TS.-THE STANDARD AND Mi tier dranta and all mbar rnblNl'ad |daya. for nala by 1. FRENCH 121 ftnu'i atreet Now torh; prVn 12k ranla arf, tan fm |i bound volnn aa. II A naw .day pnV'lied .vary week. Onn ?ia data a?ot by mall, 'frca, whan re ! j HrmcN RrvRR bati.kiad MOD DM ?. m? ( tha tra.n? wtil vara Ckaaakara akaaa* WaBna m SiUawe ? uwaaa ??,n, ?4PA M and ?d? f. M.. mad. II 11 A H I >nVaftt, ? ? r. H.. 1"<w Pna^NiMHi. |?i M and II u ,nd^ ?r N I?Nm ?MirfXX*d4P. M.. far Pmfi ? nil. ft .m P. H Tb* rwkkaftyala. Waff Mm and riMafj 1 a tap at Ota way aiatfana. Pnmiwa taken at' M.C i?ra. Canal. Ovrlatnpkar and TMrty Mat n nk Trakw Mr '?? Tort Wave Troy at l? aadldM A. M , and 4 tdTF md Caat Albaay at S II and lf?A A-M^and ImY M A. r MfflrM, Soptwtatandant 1 AJf-H TOBR AN* H4NUCM BAILIOAJD. ,> tttMi no naa. (atrmanafoc Hnaday, Janaary 19 IfWT. two MtMmM 1 I Ibaay, Bamlny atoaptad. ara II M fkow; N?w Tart lo ' llbaay. k I>ar? law Tart aa Mllowa, km Halaa aarnar of Whlta nd Canon atraata i 11* A- M. MaH wain ranam? dlrartlr OwomH aldtaat J ? YvV?P.ipfAW rwW dlraWly thranflt wKhrxit 'hun V f cn?a, and coanacUnf wi?OBnWal train at 11 P. M. , fcr tbn a rm _ i awiiMwi t**T* iijur. j * l? A. M ?Wail train ft>r ?*w Tork ?r*a< 1 A P. Knpraaa. ?Kkont ?Imm at aara TV* ? # U> tM" at.tAh.ajl and Ixftxa aba<-k aa . offlo* ?f 1 Wrtart. Raii-oad. Albany ar m Whtta and Waalm, J l-ortata ar Twan y atitli ftraata and PnarO. araa *. New * ork. l WW J. CAVPBWU* NnparliKaadanL n Www Yam Jan IE UP. J( 10MULT T>R. crwn.h (PHOW Kt;ROPin IN AL1. * I J d'.araMa ol a i ruata nnoir* HpandT and r?lia?* h-aai Jl* ?* raarantrrd. A'i "?>t ortrary and miMan.* abarrrrd. * ' lo mtarrnptinn ta buaitiaaa Jtt Howard (rtreat, tan daara J laa* of Tlron'way. * t'dK hot ft *yjK" vtMift tun nia.r* * " -r? I. tb.? . ?-?. -rrrrfi-n- ? 1 un pb.? .' .?>. il pP-<- pl?n. Prr? ?l >?. T * a? ? by |L . ai.VI 4 warX?. W* Broadway. 1>a T rt JT 7 AM* ? */ ? Bxc mwit ru?.A ri< k P A. M?r(Aaf), Lewoe: W It >?ke. Stage tfan'rer. m rnicMiM or I.H ?irr^^T* DKWA. Wit. P<?Kitk eUtalnff round of hm efc-t ?ete - aided by Um ?iee'l-?l i mpaAjf and -mit u A -with ilm ?vr molar ent*-i of hedrealcal PauKunus* a>><l % le Ironpe that h?r? ewer appeared m the filled tturn . ?-r 'h direction of OaBKIRL AMI. Plt4NO<ln RAVKL. carta or rugrtn Ac . run th?. win, CMUr?DCUHt ,-ach evening ?l 7 irelo-k prerUely, wi Jt Tilt liVKMTfftiC M-ior.ay, Feb. J?Mr POaKiwt, u< *t time thia r.e'Asn, m b i great original part of JACK "ADr. WlA ifce farce of TIIK (Klr~II TuT iR Tne?d?rLK?b. :t?Rewlval of tharr nd fal'y pa. 'ori'mc of THR OBRKN MONiTKK ??v tb? HwVwI, rROFPE. Wedeoeiay. Feb. ??Mr roHiK-r ?U1 appear. Fivorlto far'*. Tfcr.ruday Feb. 5?Seoon-f and iw umr of TUB OXEE.W VONBTRR. by tho RaVRL '"tOL'PK. *.od?y, Feb 6-Mr KurKKsT will appear. Mew peU'.fl oomeny. . . _ ,, Salnrday, Feb. 7-La?t night. bai tAree of the RAVEL TROUPE. . , Will -hur'cy bo revived Koowlea' bin orical play of WIIXIaM r it i.I, ? ? WDiiam Tell, (fret lime here for aevera wears). ...Mr. arret1 New vmw by Belwter nineio. drweeet, Ac., ?< DIOrOHAM'8 HOW BUY &B, X> fricm or apaianin*. CrtbAktr* A?*U 30 Mtfl ?v?m am h?xm b ot?. | Pit aim) Oriiliry- H"* mMi PrtTAloBoiAa rtTA Maw Pact* ->p?n ?t Wi; la sammoBeo at 7 it'eiook. Mo?naY Kvanmr Pah I U?7, THE IIUNCHUM k (> Nilf KK DAVR. 0-.A?;irod-> Mr. Harrr KoymoBr Pnu-j'Ajti haietiiporii Mr. J. B. Rowe flrinrolre Mr. Rile t'loppln Mr. Whiting Rumored* ..M nh K. Re gAOldA Aftiir whib? ORDINB. C*. Tub Emu nted Kmc hi i?d rum Spirit op tub Wat m* Amrtlbeo Mr. IIaitt B? iiat Blr Hup"rt Mr J. B. Mm Th<* Damn ot LoiTbaiuiM-n Mr. A. T. Fllakn Bap Hate Mr. RAK Kir .H idAlph of Havarta Mr Hrrwm ti>r Binaldo of Nlelly Mr. Put Blr Alaric of Hungary Mr. H. P.ninon Blr Mcntrtnoof Lithuania Br. Bnrka fl.r Roland ot Portugal Mr. Thorao Pilgrim of Pain mo Mr. Harry S'r Alberto of BobnutA Mr. P. HaAkca Bernardo Mr. Baker li.raldo Mr. Bllbr Mm Kate Ftelgaobik Idn. M:>a Pauay Dttnbaai Coralle UMr. Kmoellne llnrrArW Lllia Mile Annm HrtrarW BURTON'S NKW THEATRE. The Maaager baa ninth pleaeu-e in A'.atln^ that MB. JOHN ' .|| tM, tb" rep 'ilar roroo liati A'd dreu i- li ?t.i agndhe-e ant w II appear "D Mondov in two ttrr r i h pa-U?Dennla rtrulgrnd dery In the romi-dy and apnea h w.lft Mr. Iturton In A PKOULIaK Km Kill alNMKNT, Mffl* POI.LY V AHHHaLL will n.a?e her llrat \pfw\re si or* her glekaeee. Mr. BURTON in ' wo capital oliar oil r??Jnh Thrwr.berry tn theeomedy and with Mr. Brougham m the Knterta.nmer.L Monday?The ootnedy of On K WlflC. With M:<w roily Marihall. Mlaa l,-?naa Marghall. Mr <\ Klgbtr M* M. siii'lh, Ac. comedy of JOHN 111 1.1. Dennl* BruJgrnddrry, Mr J. Brougham: Job Thnrut>?*TT, Mr. Burton; Peregrine, Mr O Kwher Dan, Mr. Heirbell; Mr* BroJgr uddery, Mra llughon Dan log an I tin- ftiu id ot.oir. orcheht. al rongle. To conclude with a rnry laugh oh. DUal.fl V Id vt h Mr. Brougham and Mr .turon will eih bit their gevoral ptMlllttlM (i|HKB*HM STRRRT THEATRK. J Don -a eper: al 'i; performaiuM a eorom ?noe at T.'i o' tloak. Jj mm H. H'oou rrrawaia* Monday Kvamaii. Im X IW, will be produced, tor the tlrat time in tii<a city for many rrara. the ceiearated omedy of TIlK PROVOKED HUBBARD. Lady Towuly Mr*. Mc'dahoa Inra Tommy Mr..I.. P. R u-reta GSO. CHRISTY k WOOD'S MlMSiRKLH. 444 Broadway, below ilrand o'rert. llrnry Wood Buaineaa Mutvier tiro. Chriaty Stage Manager TIIB LAHT Wr.BK Orel CVEIty EVENING. NKOBO MINH'Sfc, Sf. f'oarlt ding with, girth and U*t week an entirely rrtglnal Biere. written e;prr?*ly for (bio eotauliahmeat by dj.voror leeeker, Kg., , entitled NRW YKAB CAUJ. Peter Day agimpleion Geo. Chrlaty ii RVW ^rfnui. nirnmiii' iirr ni;.ucw?. MKCHAN1CH' HAM.. 472 BRO iDffiT. HOMK a<. AIM Heraad week of the orwinai, well known end only fTHRIeTY'H MINsi nKi>, lorpaai.rrt in 1M2.I now linger fie macaeemna' ? J. W. RaTNtiR A K. il PIKRi't, the ..ideal eAtabHalied band in tkn worki, who will n'Rlitlv i- a eh ileo and boa >-fu) programme of (rmis culled from the ilowera of mlnairewj. at OI.D HOKE. 472 BROaDWAY, alter an alaeace of three yeara Tlekeu 25 ernta. rAI.RKRtl'M KAKKWBI.I. <M?NCRRTII RIBI.O'S BALI>ON. HiiOUkT. KIR. Id. i a an or rna a latsaaaer. Tker'iMt.- are rnepectPMly lofoiaiad that Mr. THALBERO, alter hat .or k>ven a aoiVa of rAHlWm.1. 4.OMCMRTH a Mew York, Philadelphia. How ton Hal tuner. u4 Waihinj. lan, ?ui depart for 'ha Weat In Maraii and Mil tor araoin in lil aair Tie i.rat af thewe Farewell t'ooeerta wld be glren an taMt Fan. 16. ir Nianti1* Kin SETUP MI1.F KtRROB, Ml Broadway. Toes DAT, Fa a. a, IV RaTKe A t'O., Propr'eiorA Kvickvr80< kjck uall. corn?t ? or twkntv ih.n- and Sifhth aretroe. ? Pat tree ni|.b?a o-? ?. wnrTTt H mkamaurih /or three t.elite only Tbla oldael eataMlihwl eomnry an nr?'.n"eB tl -ae concert*. u> l ir pla.e ? 'b abo e U*'.' no Monday. T' .-aday and >aittrday acentrigi >?b 3, 6 and 7t In prii?r to a if n them lor the loaa o/ time a id in-ioi taoerre owaoloitei? bj lk? NM daatrnctn n In are of Wh to a Opera tlonee. Doora ?pi n at 7, commence at 7v AdmiMViB, , ])b and 28 can fa. Broadway athkn.kcm to uct-bt tub t?wr, week, rronlh, or aa a U-aae. toiui/v en the prom see, CJ? Broad w.ty. Tnt: thiwrra.v dramatic ah-oci atton oo*tmnm to r >o ti eir nnapproa' liable ama'C r |?-rforniAae*e OA the brnckiva Mi-aaua. \ aeanciet. lor a few jw.ii gentle-' men of indoubted raepertabi'lty. A'dreea 0. MAIwIUi, maaay r. -wetuiua w arrhonae. So Priori alreet. Ste Ceroid oI friitof aril. nH. ABBOTT* pbi.rbbatbo mfpttar mpbktmTbe moot pwpolar ami loeu-wcdre eiVbmea hi Ike aid* and the rioort of uanona w I Horary taato and rnanraa?t. now <>rt n at the to? vaaani IneUUiM 6M Buudmitg. NTW YKAR'R rAUB.-lOimO PKOflil VMTTKB IfRIHT V A WOOD'b hal: Inet week lo aae th* b am* Wul ?.t:d mirth provoking comedy It ie '.ha prevailing epic Mm iky New Tear'* Dalle" la ibe ben ineaa over played, a>am In thle temple af Mnmaa. Uoaaily. Dr. ntwKR LiecTriwi ON THK rrnwotMjy tr Amerl"A?The llret le' lnro of the com roe will he deli*arei) at Hot'e Chanel, on Monday rweetng Peb. i, at T\ e'rleek Ticketa to (bo ronrea of three lart-irea, 13. fa be had a', the icliewlag plaeoa ?The Aalor Hone* Wiley * Belaud. 181 Broadway; C. H. Pronria A Oo , SM Ityaadway; T. JI Orowen, fW Hroawar keen Mclatyra, T.'i Broadway; Thames N. Hiaafonl. U'.T rraadway. vprw tbarh ama-tt i* nr?r*inT!*a to km iN tka number* thai crowd i;RO CRRfrrt A WOOM hall nig bUy In w.lneaa the parfnrmiiaca of that fannlew. af ail fouur p*"?, "Raw Year OalU. ' AI> who wlab pof niM ? :>? ?fly. Ivories.?kADm ard nRXTuminc or nr. mm 11 fr?Ka. wtabtag v njvmw tn ? theatre. w.ll i rapt *<ldreea Vwifit Nni 43V. fronton. Raw Itrwjr. Alt* ibe irrrr?of a food danaetiae reqnlred. PROV IDRROR 'B I i THRATRB.-A TOrVO 4IK.RTU m?n. of ouBr.?nt npar.eaoe to dl*i barge bo dottae ad A ovonirf! Ir*f and light eomcdlaa la reu'llred by J>o aab ertber. WX FORItBR. I.naooe and Maaager TOf BALL KAHNL QOQ BROADWAT-Uft ARD RAM. ON TlirRBDAT IJrNI ii" : Kei.nary V at Mm* Sa afrai'o <Up- of cademy, MS Hn.adwa> npproiv Road atrcet Fr'TBvO lea tonae.Tv day for telle* an ' gent'.erne* linen every eeeaia* ftraod -oirtm every Saturday algbt. AitRAVO BALL WILL RR HRl.n AT THIt WOA|. awn I'C'h airoe*. RYomugWt rued. .1. V., arory veiling during tbe "leighlnf aeaeoa. BB0OKI.TR I.I44HT Ot'ARn BALL- -tlOTTTir HAUL* Friday evening Fob. X. IM7. VMWHRaD i room inn ( < ommiuee of Arraaf-aaama. J. H. Co*, Secretary. MRARO KAN' T DRUd BAM, TO FBRV U -THR I T arar 1 ball in aid nf the I'tnda of tbe Feelctio !* Kai'anto le la Kim.a take place at Tammany lia'l oo tiia >1 of Fab ary. 1*87. Tb? ircbeeu-n will perform tbr grand .vtedvitlt if lh? Re<r?, of hergeant ? Jo 'ii* aergeant recrnteur, Rcgardcnr* range epeulrf.e, IHna lea Hnrde# I .afar rite, Korole* voua arcc anion r. Ticbeia eutT be pnicnred at the following pla*ea?Tt.eap. ion, ;vt Broadway Alrtnet, WO Broadway. llupran. Jnv I Raicriey pioc. . at Tamaan Hail l*rti d coin . na 4 ir, ?n?r in caralier at dent daeiea. I'rtca of ttrketa oae d- -r, idmlttiOK a gentleman and two ladiaa r?RARB rOBPI TMBRTABT R4 l.L TOR. B4RRRTT (I and T Haely. teodarad then by ibatr tip He and V ?ada? 1' tie i H m?, 410 Broadway, oo tbuaatUy evening, rob ? Tirketa II to be obtained at tbe aaademiaa in Row fork and Rrwklyn Rear York, danraotion Rail, l"? Wnaaar roe', be ween It not-m and Bleeekar. Brook ya, Kg grange eweei, near Fulton. 1. McINTTRK, Chairman. T.flfrKav>a. Soontary Capt. J. C. Cainia, Ti *aam _ | Wlf SCAM BALL. IJ , ? i i> mi it ?i, i- An pi ( t> ng c*;ng. ACHI?\ v nr oi'Mfi' THi-K?n?r fftBAiaii, U'lllir It "tehala ......B2 irtmiliinr a Korrlomaa and iadxa. to bt had al ita principal lotala and innate ?tor*a Iff AHOWIC HALL?TH* LITIIfTH AfflTUAL SffUi M of fta Maanniv *Mandtr ?J irti fl?? d Wlloj m> X2^l,-S1s2&'fZX?rB?n ss~2 u?m and hotria aa<1 'd it* roLaw<Bff.MW^pt>d-Wa?aB !?? *.,Su? ha wjll MiaaH rocaiia. ^ iffnitrnrh icbxt asrbvhlt ma roioorr at SK^Kjg'saj.'Tsg axafeg HnelBifU> commoner n? 9 n clock and terminate at haffBaOUt PK5TH AlfffTAh BALL-OF THE Ft BAT <0*F AJTT r Of Wuhir.ttoa Orntmooml 'J'tarda, will ha haid at ih* olio Boom*, nn Tnoada,r " ?'?! Fat III. I?7. Pao'aia Lbartia. batmiaa 21 Old anp: Lietrtonaal Thorn aa A. Uler. naa*""*. .corner of Ho'taon aad <tolnmtta rtraa*a; recant R. M. I?raw, RecroiarT M H road tray Tiakata an prtjrur*'! Of the can oral oimmitiro -lwv? B. ?VraL a. 1 F'r* droot; I, Bald, 42 Third arcane J. Bogora. 1M intatt rtreot. H. H I>n.l?r?, .orn?r of Fmat ad ailam -etc. or of any of the momhora of the u if KKHOTAItRH. dTK.r.LiRO fc*AH hfitovlB FBJMh UMrki. sir J to Xo, t Varick itrwt, 4