Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1857 Page 1
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ITH fHOLE NO. 7460. HE BOND STREET TRAGEDY. hrr Parlifiiljm lovnertni# lh? Irh&sk: Iuation of Dr. iiurdcll. Jlest or two rERouis oi suspicion. sir Imprisonment in the Fifteenth Ward Station House. I Search Continued further Evidence of leleoce?Description ot ibc Premises? Diagram of the Chamber of Death. 3 CORONER'S INSTIGATION. teres ting Testimony - The Marriage Proven. ETCH OF THE LIFE OF DR BURDELt. II INCIDENTS, I Ac., Ac.. Jko. he murder of Dr. Harvey :<j lelt, at his ovrn house II In his own office, without the oviodga of any of I lnmatoa of the dwelling, as It n ourred on Friday pt or Saturday morning, pre* ens new the moatfearI pioturea of crime known in *u' 4. opoiltan life. The Irbarity and mystery aurroui. i u? inia moat fearrul Igedy Is enough to horrify lb terysual of even the Lot callo.s parson. At brenu'a t hour ou Saturday Lrnlng the inmates of the nous 31 do ad street were rown Into tbe wildest state ot x>.emant on the an RUMomeni that the proprietor of ><< place, an eminent Btist In this city, was feuniin.-*t o utally murdered Ibis own parlor. The news ro'c .d through the olty le wild tire, and soon the pat* r, nr* of the shocking tgrdy was on the lips ot whose astonishsot at the boldness ot the de <1 a tbe apparent mysry which surrounded the casn * M could not express. m terror and oonstCTUtUon esoxed .?y the Adams and rksuui tunrders was loUntielv mil omoared with the irror and alarm that pervaded orary nook and corner this community yesterday 'u rating of tbe (earful needy that occurred In Bond street A gentleman of high profession it nunltrfg, of large rtune, and iivlng In one c f e most fashionable thj ni|B! w tnncw iurr, wn im t/ uiruvrcu i? lur Mat mysterious manner tmsf'-.ubl- Dr. Burdeli was Dt seen nil.-c rlnce Qve o'cloci fr iday evening At lat hour be lolt hts borne for a> ourpose of dining at le Metropolitan Hotel Hie retu- n <i ?>? not a?cm to have an nottoel by any ol'the in-uso* of the boaee. M>s. nrde'.l sow htm wi.en he to.iit n'.s o. partnre, but never held him alive afterwards. Su? ?ai In tho bouse all M arentDg, and was engeg d with emits of the mem. era of the family in marking artng apparel, when M lateness of the hour warn- d her that It was time to tire. Mr Lekti and Mr. 8nod?ratr. two boarders la le house, were up nnttl 11 o'clock. and at that honr. hay say. Mr. Bard ell had not made his appear oa. They then retired to '-heir roorae. and ao ordtng to tho statement of the w f? of dooeased, the gas ras put out and all sought slum tar in ihslr feertmrnt*. Dr. Bnrdell was nil heard comlcg In during ha mtglit time: and altnongn Mrs Jurdeli says she Is not oaad sleeper, still nothing unusual attracted her attentat durng the long and drrary hours of the night which id then set In upon the entire household. Ne shrieks M marder? ao struggle tor (He or death?ne stilled (nana, or deeth'a rattle was bear J proceeding from the lhamber wharam the body 01 th murdered vioilm wsa hand the toliowtag mornii i' All was qatemsas ana p?*c? Willi a thai ahod ; *t leant to ibe witnesses stale. Bat wImv the moraine came and lb* light Of Hiturday'a beamed througo lb* casement of llie apart Ml, revtailog a il . lit which n.lgh appall theatron'ost heart, lb* luene wu lnatauliy cLa ;*d. The peaoe anil happlnena that had reigned wtibia to* bouae during tbe Still heart or tbe nlgbl was auddei Ijr traaaformed Into korror, dismay and load wall ng Tha oooiternatlon of the fhmlly on beboidtng the married cor pee or him they thongbt waa ao fall of life aad bappineea may be easier Imagined than dcacrlbed. Intel genre of tbe dliefa! newt toon reached tbe ear* ol tbe poiloe aad Coroner, and the matter betame a thing o' public notoriety. An lavutigationwu Immediately lnitituied; tbe bouae wu emrehed, tbe InmalM were all namtacd, bat bo traoe oonld he foam to the perpetrator of one of the moot atrectoua ct.mee ever committed ta Utln elty. Tbe deeeaeed wu found drented, abowirg evidently that the mnrdar bad been committal dnrtag ma prevloaa night, aad that he never obtained the aleep to coveted by tbe Iter Inmate* of tbe bone*; that ba alept Ihe aleep of death; Wd tbcra all b!a tronblaa eaded The condition of Uia room wboreln tba bloody eeene wu aaotod bore evident traces o' n long and dupe rale atrug gle having been made by tbe deorued or* bo yielded to the hell e at tbe tottatln. The walla were a me trod with gore, While the satire floor In the mlgbborbood of the epot Where ih' body wu fonnd wu one tea of blood. The mutilated condition of the body, aad tha nam her or wennda upon the eorpne would lend on# to think that l thera meat hava been more iban ooa baad In the horrid butch try Twloe the etui bad plaroed the heart, twice the lunge bad beta reacted with tbe deadly point of tbe Stiletto, while tbe jugular vein aad oarotld artery were both uvered, aad llfo'a blood ootod from tbe gaptag woende. Mine other Incision* bore testimony of tbe desperate straggle that meat have taken place batwann Ate mardared man and bin ai assise. Any oa* tha etx wooeda alluded to would hove been rulQoteat to oanee almost l mat ant death ; no we are led to Infer that tbe foal deed wu tbe work of more persons than oa*. Indeed owe would imagine tktl haifediaeu Utnda war* ooc?n?d la tbe mard*r, Md Utl all aad every on* o them had dealt a ratal blow. Tb* lareatigaUoo aa It waa rooduo'a I before Caroaer Ooonary on Saturday, did not reveal iae horrid mpMry which aai round ad the caae. Tb* bona* waa aaarcbad Droti baa*meat to garret, bnt aotntag waa found that oould la any way attach gnllt to nay on*: *ow* garmentaad taweU. It la true, war* fbuad tared with blool, hat that *tat* of thing*, w* under (land, can be aatlafac rlty accounted ror. Ooroatr Conner/ baa thought proper to koop tb* bout* Wall guarded by poiioeme*, aad moreirar be haa cauard tb* arrant or Hoaara. Rebel aad Hiodgraaa aa wltaaaaaa ta the caae. Tbaaa paraona ara aow confined la tba fiftoantb ward atatloa houae. tbara 1> await tba raaall of tba Inraatlgatioa now paadlag. Twtarda/ the axoltemeat la tbe neighborhood of lha Wpet wbera tbe murder war co omitted wao inleaa*. Tboueanda tloektd to the aoene of the trbL Ody on I eoden Tored to obtnla admittaace to the houaa. But a* the police bad poeture ordara not to ailo * *3/ rleltora to eater they were dented fie privilege io largely detnuided. I The anarch by tba police an 1 C >r >c. >r'e aaa aunlt wn* reautned yeaterdny. Erary roo j la tbe booea wai oarer lly vletted, and earthing that looked attapiclon waa noted down. Dropa of h ood were found leading to the oeller door In the baeemnat ol tbebouto, bat here all fhrthor trace# or tbe blood were loat Tbe cellar baa been thoroughly e rare bed but without flndlog aaytblag that would aarve to afford any clua to tbe marderor. Tbe water cteaet la the yard haa not been ?iiobait yet, but It t* the luteatlea of tbe Ooroaer da hart m immediate ?* imtn?llon of the premteae. Wo will BOW proceed to (IT* a daeerlpttea of the reeldone* of Dr. BurloU, aa It appeared ;?Marfif to our reP!?CnirTION OF THF. HOUSE. The bonae, No. 81 Bond atrset. owned bp Dr. Bnrdall, ?ad the one la which ho wu killed, la a flne brick betldWW. h?er a lor lea blab, with white marble trimming*, atepa, be II la tweet? flee la from aad flllp three feet deep anting oa a lot of the earn* width, aad 138 laet deep. Aa i-eaal with dwelling houaoa. It la entered bp eeeedlag the atone atepa; tbe flrat floor la oeonpted bp a front aad hack parlor, which ware weed tar reception rooma, and the rnrnlture of which la enlt* rich and taatelal The oarpeta are ?f relret Unettrp, with a olmple hot prattp figure-* , medallion boquet of fltwere The?* waa a good aaoori meat of hirii tnre, tablea, chalre. three aofaa, two etege aea, a ptanoroiia, be.; a mirror which boag orer the eeaWw ceai u?, there were lire pihare which ooet I t E NE 1 f $80 a pleoe; the chandelier* com $100. The entire rural turc com about $1,(00. SECOND FLOOR. On the second floor, In the baok room, Is the place where the murder wti committed. The parlors below were the reoeptlon room*, and thii waa the offloe la which the dootor practiced dmlsiry. Thla room U about trteen by twenty loot The following diagram will give the reader an ezaot Idea or the room and the entire tocond atory or the building. The (rout room waa oocupied aa a sleeping room by the deceased; he waa murdered with all hie clothes on. It appeared from an examination or the roam ai though ho lad not been In tho bouae lotg; bla shawl waa thrown upon the aofa, and he waa probably titling In a chair by bla case ot dental tools, looking over tone papers, lor blood la flrat found there, and hii papers wsre laying carelessly upon the caao. It would aeem ai though at least two persona had entered the loom together to commit the crime. The ono probably threw n cord or rope round tho neck ordeoeaaed, chocking him, the other slabbing bim at the name time with an Instrument whloh, judging from the wounds, might hare boon a bowls knifs. Considerable blood waa round on tbe caw of tools and on the cbair by It. The blood was then traoed along to tbe chair by the centre table: it was 'ound on that chair and cn a newspaper, the Huald, lying ss the iwuire iaoio. r rum iu?ro it ? tuuau m grvmiur quantities to tbe ball door?(aeo diagram)?at wbicu placo it looms as though there bad boon a desperate Struggle; tbo doer knob, tbe panels and t'ramo of tbe door, with tbe door eating, aro marked Id several places aa 11 a band covered with blood bad grappled them. Dr. Burden was probably struggling madly to ercspe trom his murderer or murderers by this door when tbe carotid artery was cut, from which tbe blood spirted in a stream, covering tbe whole corner of iho room from the ball door lo the closet door, and especially tbe latter door, with blood, which rofched as high as Ove feet five laohes. In this corner of the rrom, between the two doors aforesaid, tbo body of tbe murdered man was round, bla head towards the hall door, the body extending along parallel with tbe partition, end just in front of the cloeet door. Tbe hoc y was lying on the left aide, faee downward; beneath it waa a perfect pool of blood. Tbo deoea*ed was dreased !u plain black clo-.hea; tbo Instrument had penetrated through Hum, making Incisions Into the body about four Itches deep. The wounds aro about three quarters of so Inch in width. Tbe instrument l.s supposed to have been atom eight inches long. When tbe physicians entered tbe room, about nine o'clock o nSiturda) morning, they could not tell from ibe appearance of bis face who the murderod man was 'twas so d'rligured and clotted with blood; there was i otbln;' about htm then tbat looked like Dr Burdoll?it la clothes were soaked and matted with gore. They cut ins clothes on or blm and watbed the body; then ox mined the wounds; there wove liiteoo deeply incised cots on the body, wblch penetrated Into the beart, lungs *nd neck. His gold watch and pockotoook wore found rn his body?so Iho crime could not have been commit ted by bnrglora or for mont<y. DIAGRAM OF DR. BURDELL'S ROOMS. j I j l l I I | a i lt-d. i 5 - f? Frost Boca {J 9 Poo: mortem I tUei4 la this room | Closet Partition ? I I B1#0J" 1? Btoa Paiuoe *?? Oer< ?. v hold eroinJ { V f i 1 I! i I l~lJ It) -,? ~ toMo. I ? & rental - ? n _ * chair. = ?i? I Dent*' tool I f m ?I? I Bureau. I I . i L THE TRACES OF BLOOD. TI a niiiki Cil hln .,1 vrri traoed Into the elOMt where tfce person or pertcas commuting the murder wasbeJ themselves. Blood ?n alio found on tbe door wbleb ends Into tbn front room, or the sleeping apartment oC Pr Bardell. The trnoee of blood were then followed up stairs to the fourth Moor, Into n eort of etore room, con* tuning Indies'iklrle and eome trunks; there, s sheet, containing clotted blood, wss round, also a night shirt, with blood upon It. Krom there tbe traoes ot blood were followed Into a vacant front room, on tbe same story. Hove ral ipoti ol blood were lound on the Moor of that room, and also blood en the door nob. There was a grate contusing coal partially burned out In this room; the Ore seemed to have been extinguished by pouring water on It, as the mantelpiece and hearth were eovered with ctadern and ashes, tbe same as they usually are when water is poured oa Ore. 8cme'spots of blood on the floor wers covered up with grease from a sperm oaadle; aueh spots of cand's grease were very numerous on the carpet of the rourth floor. ladles slept la the room directly oppeelte this vaeait room, hnt there wire so traces of blood leading to their room or to another one occupied by gentlemen on tbe seme floor. The blood ooold be traced from the fourth story back to the room where the murder was perpetrated, and irons there to the frost room The body of deceased sow lays is the front room on tbe second floor?that te, la the room formerly occupied ea a sleeping apartment by the doctor. A fine rosewood coflls, lined with eatts, Is placed sear It. Tbe body appears like that of a strong, healthful, v'gnroue awn ; the eonnteaanoe la ellghtly distorted, tbe lower part of the flsce la eovered with fise black wbtskere: there I e broed, blgb, eightIj retreating forehead, round nose, tbe features are troagly marked, yet qslte regular. It was a face wbleb le life must have posse-sed e prrpoe-e ?ng appearsacr THK INyrKST. ink SICOKD DAY> BY1DBKCB BIFORK TBI CORONER. Tbe Inquest upon tbe body of tbe late Or. Harvey Burdell was returned yesterday afternoon at No. 31 Boa I street. Icng before tbe hoar announced for the aseem biins of tbe mrv the houae was flu from cellar to ear ret wHli the friends end relative* of lb* deoaaaed, ae well aa by persons who bad bee* altraole to tbe spat Dom cariosity. Ibe sl ewalhand door Hop waa alto crow le-l with people saalous lo obtain admission to the boo** where eo horrible a tragedy had been eaaotel. The room wberela the Inquest was be! I wu alao orow led to lis utmost limlta with witnesses. peraonal frloa <ls ol <]* ca>t i and members of tbe me iteal fraternity Mr Hall tb* District Attorney, waa also present on behalf of the peop'e, whlia Mr*. Ha rial I waa rapreaaateil by ooon<iel of note. At throe o'clock tbe Jnry were empannello t and answered to their namoa aa follows ? J. Ha*' Ina 1A0 Urease street J H Fountain SJ Wa*t Twenty ninth street. Kk'hard Brown at Clinton plana y ancle H ABidoa 60 Troy street. Jsmea Hoor 4rt Heater street ueorge Clashed. 106 Weat Twentieth stroet. lewta laffertn 106 Wooeter atreet Daniel F Hecor 6f B eecksr street. ( haries Wool 16 Harrison street. f 0. Brant 66-. Broadway. Wm Schen*. 16 Wont Forty Brnt street. Domlnlck Handtne 171 Urease street. Order baring been metered In tb* room, tbe Coroner informed tbe jory and these wbo worn present that upon searching tbe boos* a dagger of small dimensions waa fbnad In one of the apartment* In tbe upper pert of tbe house, and that be tboogbt tbe murder bad been committed with that instrument Tba weapon war tbae produced and inspected iy the inry It Is a small sitad Mulatto, with a blade aboat Ore and n half inches la length, of eery high polish, showing evidently that it bad been carefully preserved The mod lea' men wbo worn preset and eiamined tba tnalrumeot gava It as IBBr opinion that the wonnda round upon decerned were not lallloted with tbe weapon In qaeotioa. Nevertheless Coroner Cannery thought proper to wrap up the dogger In a pleoeof paper for tb* omrpoee of beeping it aa evidence ago' ost the sue r?c766 puna. Bom# pee ludr? M* ken wr? mo W TO MORNING EDITION?MON fwolcrtd Theae article* oompleted tb? [let of thing* bearing a sseplclona appearance In the eyoe of toe Coroner and hla aealitanta. The lnqueet waa then proceeded with aa follow*:? tni testimony of okiau masviit. Uriah Marvin, the clergyman who officiated a* the marriage between deaeaaed and Mr*. Burdell, being duly sworn deposed aa follow*:? Q. Whst is your protenloo- A. Clergyman. Q. Of what church" A. Of tbe Kolormod Dutot Church, la Bleecker street. Q. Bare either Mr. Burdell or Miss Cunningham- oomo to you to refere' ce to a marriage" A. A Mr. Burdell dtl come to my brute In reference te a marriage; I think I could recognite Ibo man if I taw bint, bat the lady I don't tbtuk } would be able to Identify. Coroner?Vou abail aee tbe body of Mr. Banlell, anl I>erbapa yon will be able to Identify it. Tbe witneo woe bore led Into tbe front room, where tbe body of tbe d roe need waa, for tbe purpose or aeein < wbeiber be ooald identify the corpse an that of the per eon wbo called at htn bouie In relation to the marriage Mra Burdell waa alto shown tbe witness while absent from tbe jury. On bis return be stated, tn answer to tbe question, se follows:? I do not recognise tbe lady; the man had more bntr on bis face? Hint Is, bis whiskers extended farther ap his face. ?; Mr. nsll-Do you recognise nnything sbont tbs body that would lesd yon to believe tbst It wss tbe same man? A. Tbero is a retencblanco about tbe mouib, but I would not like to iwear to tbe Identity ot tbo mas. Q Wae there any one with them A. Tbe lady call, ing herself Mr?. Cunnin|ham bad her daughter with her. g. What kind or a looking girl was she? A. The young lady way about 21 years of age. and wan rather tall and slim Tor her age. Q How long did the oertmony last? A. About five or nght minutes; they staid In my bouse about 16 mlnutos altogether. g Would you remember the young lady? A. 1 think I would not. Q Were there any other persons at the ceremony* A. My two servant girls witnessed the marriage. g. What are the namee of those women' A. I don't keow their names exactly, one of them was namod s?rah she Is with me now and can be placed upon the stand. (The girl was sent for by the Coroner.) g. Does that daguerreotype appear like the man you married'.' (Allkcnoesof deceased shown) A. I think it does, particularly about tbe month I would state here tbat when be called first for the purpose of appointing an hour for Ute marriage 1 said to my wife that I thought ho bad false wbiskors who bo called sualn I tried to discover whether the whlakers were or not, but I could not dlacover any thing when ho called for the certificate 1 lo >sed sgtln, but conld not discover acytnlng: be said It waa all right and then left. Q What waa the manner ol the roan? A He appoarci cold and totally Ignorant of such matter*. y Bow did she act? A. She appeared timid an I bub fol; when they want Into the Iiali they k.ned oae another, at least so one or the servant girls raid. Q Had tho man a ahawl on? A. I do not know. Q. Had be moustaches? A. I cannot say, y What was the loe paid A. I thin* he paid me >10; he gave it to me In a generoua manner. Q Was It In gold or paper money* A lt waa tn paper; it waa a >10 bill. Q. Was It a new bill or an old one' A. There waa cothlt'g In tho blU that struck me as being peculiar. y Did you ever see the deceased betore or after.' A. I did not y. Did any one apeak with yon in reiat on to the marrtege since It took place A. Not natil this morning; iben two yoeug men mot me as I was coming out of cburcb, aid asked roe if tbe marriage WM valid one; icld tbem that It wu one waa a brother In law and tin> uiaer a cona.n or tbe deceased g Did tbey a*y anvibtrg else A No; tbe name o Mr* Cunolngbam's darjbtcr wu Margaret Augusta Cun elnibam Cotontr? Now look at tbla oortltJoata and aoo whether it in the fame ono yon gave Mr. Burdetl or not. A. It la. Mr Hail?There la a discrepancy hero betwoen the ran .a. Tbe namo In tte certiorate la spelled Berdell while that of deceaaed la Burdell. Can the wltneaa ex plain bow tbe mla.ake ooourred Waa It altered 17 any r oc etoce It left your bands A. I cannot aooount for the liecrrpancy; I understood bla name was Berdelt at the ttaie ot tbe marrtage ceremony and Ailed out the eon idcat 0 acorrdtngly; however, I subsequently discovered ibat tbe name was spelled wroag, for la passing by the tome one amy I saw the unt spelled Harvey Hurdett on 1 bo doorpate, I then said to my wife, I moat alter the nsme in my registry of marriages which I keep, and when I went home I did so accordingly. g Did yon give deceased the certificate on the evening of tbe marriage. A. No it waa not until the following day, wben he oalle.t aod received It at my honsei g. Do jou recoinlae either or throe portico 00 the oaoo who came tc your tons# to be married ? A. Toe woman I cannot recogu #0 at all; tbe man bad largar wbbikoro; bodacrsoed has no whiskers ezoept ngoatoc; the color or the hair oe the laoo ot the deooasod end tbe mna I married io tbe same By a Jcror?Ccald you rerogniso 'he daughter If you aw her A. I don't think I cou.d, bat there would not he any term in see ng the young ady. 'Tbe withers was hers brouibt op stnlro for the per toee of tr oieg whether he couid identify Mlaa Cnaalngham or aot. Us bit return, be elated that bo recogniaed barrent Aug rlt Cunn nibam ao the w taoea wb# WOO prreent at tba mar r'age c* rmony ] Tbe Coroner then elated that the eonaeel for tbe widow I deoeaee ] roold ark an- iDte'.iona they thought proper, tbroi.yb him; bet tbe privilege not helag taken ad vaa ege of, tbe examination of Mr. Marvlno waa declared to bave bet a roorlodcd; wben tbe Itdtrre tatd tbire we one thtig which had eaoapod bie attention la | tvlag erldeace. Q What waa It' A. Mr. Mardell recorded that tbe marrtaie ebonld not be pubil.'bed. Tbe Corooer eaJd tint wee not e matter for tbe jn/y to bf fir Mr Ball thought that tlia tcatlmoey ehou'.d be taxes down Ccronrr?Ob, ve-y well, I will do aa you ear r.TtDrttCE or jchw n. thostbok. Jibn H Tncmrwon wea the eeit witaeea. ()i W.r; worn, bn drpocd an follown ? I live at 18# Wrei Twenty eoventh etreet. Q. What le yo r profraaton - A. 1 am a medical eludaat. Q Md yru know dcceaeed, and If an, bow long A. I did for about a year. Q. Ptd you frcqarat bin bonne T A. Not of late, g How Iccg ago were yen bare A A hot t Ave moo the ego <: Have yci ero h.m e nee" A. I bave. g. What wa? the retire of your not rommg brra? A. Previoue to my iratr.aga 1 to call rregeentiy, b"l emra that ?vert took piaoe (in May aet). I bave eot been a tbe habit of rcmiDg bere. g Peva yr i been bere earn your marriage ? A. I have. merely on matters of bur issue with Mrs Cunning Mm q. When did ye- corns tiers last' A. On Friday, g. D>d you irqnlrs for Mrs Rardsll or Mrs. Crnnlngtim A. For Mr! Cu an. ogham Q. Wcrs you sery lutlaela with Mrs C.:nn<nghamT A. Not very Q. What did yos rsll epos Mrs. Cunningham on Frldsy fort A. Fhs seat word to as by Mr. ttondgrnto that she wsntfd me to discern! s oots sad would like to sss bm Is refers nee to It oa FrMty morning: I could not call la the morning hot rolled about 3# o'clock P. M. g. What did she say? A. she asked me if I had go lbs note discounted. I told bar I had not, as It was mads oayabls to borself. q. Whet use the amount' A. tlOO q What crcsrcd then! A. I said I would giro It to a gentleman with whom I did business, aad said that IT ha accepted It as pay meat, I would dad bar the moasy (to It ? . _ . _ Q. IF bat folk wed? A. During the rourersatioa Mr. Rurdsll passed through the bail and She turned around to him aad asked him what time ha would be homo q What reply did he make* A. 1 did not bear. q What followed? A. Mrs. Ounalaghem said "eery well'* to try rreposition about the note, aad ifths* took my leers. q Did Mrs. Cuaait (ham speak to you of the stealing ola note' A No. q Did she say that there was Jealousy U regard to Messrs teM to MasdgTWto' a. Ml d'.d sot R K I DAY, FEBRUARY 2, 185' Q. WouM yon bore ri?IV?d thta bono* slaoe yiw mar rlage if you bad not boon teat (or ?r matter* or bwotneul A. 1 would oot. Q. Whit wn thereoaonyoo did aot vttt the hmuae A. I wm eft aid ay w fe might feel jeatoce. <3 Did yon not think yon would bo latulttng your orlfe tr you mm here? A. ; thought it wo ltd be Improtyor tor no to ylstt hore. Q. DM you im tor. Eckel F A. I dtd not. Q. Did you see h>n previous to your vkMt F A. I did' not. V). Did you import that Uuro woo any undue Intimacy between Mr. Knkel and Mr. Cunningham ? A. I dtd not. Q. Did yon evor hear that tharo was F A. I did not. Q. Did jo* ever bear that there extotod any tatlmnoy bet wet 11 Mr. Eckel and Mra. Cunningham's daughters r A No. Q Did you boar that tt existed betwoou Mr. Saodgraa ond either or tbo daughter* f A. No. Q. Did you evor hoar that Mr. Burdell and Mra. Cunningham

wore married ? A. No. Q. Dtd you know It" A. I d! 1 not. Q She never told you that any auob thing extated? A. tfbe did not. Q. Did you come here again that day F A. I did not. V When did you hear of the murder f A- About Are o'clock yesterday arte moon. Q. Were you aware of any dispute between Mre. CanDiughatn and the deceased' A. In the month ot Hopt?ruber last Mr. Burdell called upon mo, and said that Mra. Cunningham had chargod him with having broken a promise of marriage; he desired mo to give an opluton mm iv wuai uvuicv uc DUVUIU ||(ir?(IV, WHOH Bll VUBIIIB|( bam waiked la and joined ti tho ooDvorsollon, sbo sai l . bo would commenro an action against the deceased. Q. Did she make any threat ? A. No. q. Did one say she would bare bis blood t A- No, she did cot make any threat at all. q Did they go away together3 A. They (ltd. q What aid you any to decrased In reforence 'to the bre ach of marrtsge? A. 1 told bim I would not like to interfere In the matter, and I wrote hint a note to that tfltct. q From what yon have aeen do you think this la a proprr bouse A. I know ot nothing improner oocurrto r here; the only reason that I supposed there was a ime ihit g wrong going on was because the deoeared spoke 10 me or the charge el breach of pronttao of marriage made against bltu by Mrs Cunningham. q. Have you any other reaaon to think that the house was Improper? A I bare not. One ol the jurors here roae and said that te did not Iblnk It was proper for certain portions ot tho wltnossea' testimony to be made public, aa tt might bo ibo meiue of Injuring Innocent and roapcotable person without i olog the least good so far as the ends of puullr justice wore required. Another juror agreed with the gontirman who preceded htm, aid hoped that such matters would not be made public. Coioner Connery here rose and said thatle did notdoslreta Interfere with the Ireedom of the proas In any way I bo representatives or the various new papers present ?boii d nae their own iudgmont in the mattor, and It was wot for htm to tnstruot them In their dutj to the public Be would not atop at revealing an; Tamil; secrets ai long a? bo thought It might bo the meana of adbrdfng blm aotne clue to the perpetratora o one of the most tool and cruei murder* ever committed la the clip cf New Tork. Public ju ttce demanded Urn ever; eflort aboulJ bo mane to ferret out the author of each a he ulcus crime, no matter whether It might inconvenience persons or not. He warned them of tbo increase of crime m this eil;, and aid li some prompt action was not taken to check tho How of innccenl blocd it would be neceaaar; to Imitate tho example of the oltlseus o( dan Frauclsoo tn tbo organ! ration of a Vigilance Committee. THE MAURI AUK PaOVBN. Harah MoManinicn, the servaat girl tn the employ of the Reverend Mr Nervine, was then placed upon to racd and eworn lo teatli; to the identity of the decease i and lira. Cunningham a., the person who were married b; her employer. Sho was brought into the room wher 'be corpee wae and shown the bod; oi the deoeaeed. On ber return the witness testified as follows ? Q. ltd you see two persons married at Mr. Marv ne'e bouse in the month of October laei A. I did. u. What was 10 A. The nizbt time. y Von cave area Ibo body of deoensed, la It Ibat of tbe men you raw married A. I Ihlnk it looks like htm | A iikc-.caa of deceased was ahown tbe wltneaa ] y. Ia tbe daguerreotype I.We the man:' A. U ioou Ilka b'a g la tbe body co ibat of tbe man yon saw married' t. It reaembiea btm. but 1 cannot any positively aa to tbe Idcntltf. g (aa you deottfy the lady? A. I cannot say whether I can or not. Mrs Cunnlr iham and bar daughter here entered the rcom. wbea toe wltneaa < ac aimou " There are tbe two ladles that cam to lb<- hours; tbe eldoat lady 'a thi< Be that wai married the ypungeat ote was a wltneaa." Mrs. Cunu i>i ham an her daughter then retired, g (iid you banr Mrs Cunntajrbam say that ibe did not want tbe marriage to bo known A I did. g. Had you a good opporttib ly of hearlag A. I bad, for I waa la the room Mrs. Mar vine always gars me tbe priri.ege of being present nt marriage ceremonies. MAS. JOCKS' TK3T1IIOMT. Margaret Jones waa then placed upon the stand, and gare b<-r testimony, as follow* ? g Where do ou lire ? A No 93 Beeoad sveaua. g How long I* it since yon wars la tbla ho. no? A Ia May last I was a tenant here, I reaR-d the plaoe from Dr. Btirdell. y lad yon beep a boose here * A. I did. y. What wee tbe rcieoo lor tearing? A. I bad made ..Uier irrangrmcBla y Had you any dispute with Dr. BerdeU? A. I bad DCt. y Had yoa any quarrel ' A We had not We had a c iflrreore about the boutehold arrangements, sad that eat all. y. What did he say to you'a regard to thin A. Ha disputed paying the gaa hill I had to pay or gae that be bad burned la hit epartmrnta y. Waa Mrs. Cunningham la tbe ho-aa at tbe tMe ye resided here A. Me waa. y Was abe a boarder with roe.1 A. Tea. y Did you ever obxtrre aay Intimacy betweea Dr. Burdeil end Mrs. Cuno nghara A. Nerer. y IHd you erer hear or Mm. Cuaatagbam bartag a child A. I did not. y. Did you not hear that Mrs Burdell had a mlacar rlagi A. I did aot the cook raid that aomethlng rery strange bad kappeaed, aad that ia all I know o the matter. y Whra tha nook said that there wee r t r d'd aha aav who aha I h . hi war* tlir oartlea In fbriltt A. ttbe old oot q DM prti ere r eee earthing wroag |o*>l oa M*m 1>T. Pnrdell *u1 Mia. < unninglrnni \. I did not. V. ltd jou not know know that there ?u nitc t inter covrre between Pr. BurdeH and Mm. I unolnghnia A I uerer it* nrjtblrg mproper between th?ra l)r. Bar dell alitor'rd btr ?hm tbe vat i'?k. q. Pea'I pen know tbatao nborima ?m pro tooed up in ifcr pereon of Mm tunaieghnar A. 1 do not. Q. lid JOB ITMboar tbta quarrel* A. I did not. Q. rid tbf j lire la obo room. A. 1 cannot aap; that la more tban I know. Q. Did pro not nap that pou looked through the kep bole of Dr. Bnrdell't room, aad that pou eaw aoaietblBg job did Dot likef A. I did sot. g. DM job arer hear Ironi the cook that thep elept la the earre room? A. I did not. g. lid pea erer bear aap of the doaieaMoa threaten to lajare Mr. Pordelff A. 1 did not. g. When did job laat aee Mr. BurdeU? A. soma weeka ago. I met bin la the etreet. g. Hew long ago waa It elBCa jam laat eaw deoeaaedf A. About two matha. q. Waa Ibara aap oonreraatloa between job theaf A. No, we werelp bowed to obc aaother. g. Hare pou trailed bare sinoe pea MV A. I did onoo or twtoo. g. Wbaa-'M j oti bear of ibo doctor' death? A. *? terdap nfteraooa q Who told poa? A. Mr* Hnlcblnga. Q DM poa tear that ho waa mordered, or died oddaalp T A. heart that to died tnddenlpi^H Q. wt lain Half binge? A. She I* a pattea^^H Burdeira roueta, who la al?a a daatlat. q. Da pea kaaw aajuuag about tkg wurdt^^H IER A: r. _ - ' ~T i). in> yon I cow anything rartnor regarding the 0M<i" A. I do not. (Q. Are yea soy retatlv Ho the doctor A. I em not y How long wna Mr* Cunningham elok * A. AoonS two weeks; I sent her mean up to her while (he was confined to her rooem. y. Did yon ever here 007 dliiicilty with Mre. Cuteleghem ? A. r hmve not. if. Bee nay ewe been et you? house elnce the Border In relation to It ? A. No one exoept e pohoemen. y. 5)o you know Mr. Eoael A. I here never seen 1 him to my knowledge. y. Do you know of ery improper doings In thle house ' A-. No. y. Did you ever bier Mr. Border say he wee jealous ct Mrs. Cunningham? A. No. y: Had you any cos vorsation with the cook eteee yon left? A. I may have. <A> Can you remember the conversation? A. I oannot. y Did the cook say ae, ;hing about Dr. Btrdell or Mrs. Cunningham? A. No. y Did she lay anytblay unpleasant hadoocurred here' A. No. y. Why did yon leave this house* A. My hrother-ln law was about giving up housekeeping and he wanted me to board him. y. Was Dr. Burdell a paasteeate or sail J maar a. A passionate one. y. When did Mrs. Cunningham oome here? a. She came hero Id the tell, from Saratov | l) I)iil you ever tospoot that ehe wished to get you out ot the bouse? A. No, I did not; aho wished mo to siey another year, and asked ate to ileso. Q Did you ever bear any one say that Dr Bur l Ml brought females Into the bouse1 A. I hoard Mrs. Cunningham say so. (J What terms did she use when speaking or tho re males ',' A. She said that they did not like the appearance ot some or the females. Q. Did she give you te understand that there was an improper Intimacy,between them aid Mr. Burdoll.' A. She that they wore not proper persons that their converse tlon wcs rot very re lined or becoming. Q Did aho say that they came frequently ? A. She sail dial there was one lady who oltuu, and not for ttga purpose or having hrr toetb Used. Q Did she eptak of It privaieiy f A. No ; she spoke o' It before us all; she raid that ehe thought these females r.amo here to laugh and Juse and not lor professional 1 services. Q Did you ever hear that Dr. Rer tell and Mrs. Cun ulopham were married? A 1 did not. <J. Bow long alter Mrs. Cunning ham came did she occupy the doctor's parlor as a silting room? A. Home Hays alter ano cirno ncre ino ummr muwra nor w ra male Id the room outil aho could look around tor ? boardirg place. Alter rUo bad bee a here eome wuek* ahe aald be would tike to beard here for the winter, aa It was ao like homo to ber. g J)o you know whether Dr. Unrdell wai acquainted arlUi Mr* Cunningham before aho came bero A. lie WW. t heaiit ber any that be bal boon aa old friend of ber b unbind'a. Q t'u Dr. Burdoll more atteotlvo to Mra. Cunning ham x daughter than bona* to Mra. Cunningham bertnll A lie waa vary kind lo tbea ail The caae waa here adjourned until 10 o'clock thla Lorrib g. Tbo bouae waa then placed In oharte or Captain IMIka for the rcmaituer ot the r> ght, with atrlct ordera not to allow an) one 10 communicate with the cocupanta ot the tame, and the aanemblage oiaperned SKETCH OF DU. UUHI)EI.L'S LIFE. ThelatuDr. Harvey Duruali, wboae borilbie murder la creatlrg ao much or au etcltemeot In onr etty. waa born In J< iteraca or Berktmor oouniy. Now York He 1? ta d to be 48 yenri old He bat real del In Near York city, except a few years tie apcni Id I'bllada'phU, ever t'oce be waa twelva year* old. He weht to sobool bera and practiced dteliatrj w'.lh bit brother until be wnt reventee a year* old then be went to Philadelphia and entered fbe Petoay ivaaia Meu-cai College fiy tt>? prac tme of dfCtiatr/ and ctbcr moana he worked bli way brough college, and graduated in medlr.tne when ahoat iwm1v olp /tar* UI ugt: jvm auua a* bo wa* mivugu mi coiirg'ate con-so fit studies be returned to (ale ciysnl begen 10 practice d< ul.stry with hie brother John Bar dell. Ihtlr i.tlire wee eilust*d at tbo corner ol Unamti ti street end Broadway, where Stewart's dure now stands florvey Utr .ell remained there, w ib bia brother for a nun brr of yean, delng a fa r business, warn a dispute arose bclwtre tb< ru about some private affairs, on acrouai ol which Bar try Burilell re-novrd to the corner ol Oaaae street and Broadway: be con I acted bis olllae there for i several months and again moved, locating bis ollloe st No iH'i Broaiiway. corner of Krsc> .in street; ibere lis re roamed saves years, bavmg exienalve practice aad doing a lucrative bns ne?s it was there be tnedo the most or bis mi nry. soon after he bad nt*-.Hanoi himself at 342 Broadway, be made np a ltd his brother John, who wont vp and d>d business with mm at tba office afore mid Tor a shrrttlme, when egatti tbera waa a m'snnderstanding between tl< i>> abo it some domes tic matters; Jobn Bur del then removed to Inlon place, at the corner of I nr tenth street and Unlin square, where be remained till 1H61, when be died; In lhtli Dr. llarvey Bnr-lol par chared the bonae No. 31 Bond etreet, moved Into It la May of that year, and ban resided inure over since; there were Ave brothers la the Bardell family, John and Har ey. dentist*, ol tbla city, now bald dead; tbetr pa rents are also dead, tbera in one brother living la Ohio, another wkn formerly lived in Michigan ta now In Indiana. the IIIth, formerly of Valparaiso, was not long since in thl* c.ts. Dr. Harrry ilurdeil kt bold several pool Boa* of boaor ABd reeprctabl ty n b pro fees lea. Ho wm honorary member if th? I'bnedupbm Medici! Noelety, member of tbe Mi-dlrnI Society of iheolty ud count of New Vor mraktr of tb? New \ork Hwtor'ea' u<l HUtletlcal Mo rtety. Biro director of Ibo Artlaeoe' Book of Now York He ill o prominent member of Ibo dental profoootoo, and woo ooo of ibo abler pertiea to |otUo( up tbe dental orareattoat that bore been btld la thle city nod Ptalle rfeipbta of Iota yearn. Nor boo be been unknown to the field of deaUl literature At early an 1188 bo publlebed, to roonrct't a w ib bin brother Jobo, a rather elabo tale work entitled ' f iboerraMoan on tbe tttruetnre, Phy toir^y. Annuity aad inieaneo of tbe Teeth " Tbtn book wao prated by Monte bed A Adamn, of N& MUeldotroot. Wo boner# that it *w tbla name Alamo, tbe printer of fir. Harrey UurdeU'o book of tbe abnrn title, who wan murdered by John C Ock la tbe booan ettuated at the roraer of Obambern atrect aad Broadway, now occupied by Htlmoaleo. Harvey Bordetl exerted a promleeol la uenoo, aad wan one of the principal partloo la Kettle* up iba Artiaaao' Bank la tbla city. lie waa a atockboldor la It to tbe mount of fib WO; bo owoed Uto boivo aad lot No 81 Iiond street, worth 888,0(0; tbe bonne nod lot No. 8 Boad street, worth 8*0 f 00 property le dhrewtbary, N.J, and rral retain la Heik'taer canity. New York, ard other property , m that be wae worth at least *110 fee. Be came to Una Uty a peanileoo youth, an^y ble own eeortiy ar.d porsoveraaoe ooqulre^^^^H^L, per leerton and wealth. bonyht JNe bo occrpled tbe tire* "r?or the bocnc woe let ' Bra or But'/eest; Mr*. ( for a year, after r*birb Mra. rrootba, wboa Br*. Cuoalb -bam afala^^^^^^^^H ? .1 . I.I v.1 U..V null on 'irne^H Hofnro tl> thr .1,m M S?mllh. Jr., an. Jo<i(i?*i? rarrraad tad miin nhml CorttJ *? aWda tha etui fp-Oftv M. Mhn ??. Tboa. P. affirmed with MM. . , Jamei Brown to. Robert U Lam ? #10 0fM#8. > Michael liimj n the Oamdaa tad |> Oompaay ?Judganat raaaraad with Tba i'copla, in. ra Harttn naming?Jad^^^^^^^H wltb oaata. Jenea t*e n. famee Alaalaa ?order affirmed with oaata. Ww. J. spaaoar at. Carl R?o? Clark *oa Dya r? Ana Kaylar.?Jadga?j^^^^^^| aa<l bow trial ordered Era B flrahan ? 0 oaata. W. Bal.iwio -Jadgan^^^^^^H annual Alburtiahi4r^^^^^H 1 Horwt LP. I ' ? v > . J ;} * > . . PRICE TWO CENTS. coMiivM or lit cirr. G?w) EArUoflitr Ktotmm la lew VorU-ThTImw la tk? City Hall?All die Krrtlr* IlaaiilJig ()?r? llor<*-PrMrn Hydrant* u4 Kin HI an a, and Ayparata* to Tluw Ikna oat, Imi., den. iet>ra?ry feu ooiaaieaoed MJfbtftilly, ud If yatMr lay la toba oooatdara* a forelMM of what va may as pact la Un lulure, Net* Voakert ahouid ball It wltfc n Dining, u.u loans tneir darn mnwi iua oiuu .ua n> un m unpropl'.toui as .faanary baa bm for the laat tww yearn. Yebterday wan tnlM and peasant, and I bare wan an Indication of the approach of soring In the air, IhnS was exceedingly agrecaWe afier the rough wtalar weather wo hare receati7 espcrUujed. After a severe winter r. trv torm u oar latitude, II ti muni to have a snap of oo'.rt wea hor, as the moisture op propriaU* vast quantities of aalorlo, which, In the form of snow It wcnld nbrow o'f In the involution of ISs latent heat, bmt this sto'u baa been followed by talM weather, with the mercury above the freeing point. A cold snap would have been a giant misfortune, as it would have rivalled in oongeallng Ibn lakowof thawed lee and water that are apreed over the city, and thai have ma*e pcdoatrianlsan impossible. Bat cetwithstanding the closing up of tho gutters aad culverts, tho lee water round many vents, and the eitp In the better for tbe storm, n ui l wo thousand dollars been spent ex Saturday by the la opening obaanoU for tbe water to run oir the city would be alrneet eaUrelp clear ol ice, but air It Is, Its volume bai been matsrtaliy roduoed, Ytbe Cl>y Hall people were compe ted to auifer not a Utile by the toaw Tbe snow, which bad aoeumalatod to tbe depth of several foet ou the roel ?f tbe City Hall, wnn melted by tbe rain, and as tue oet.ingn wera leaky, tha walvr lou :d I's war through every i o?m In tho bntldtng, drenohlng the poor clerks, wnoae io!e oocupatton luriag mu us/ wh miuyiui uiu urupa iujii .u-fviuii uvw r . . to place lo get out of tbo ?ay <>f the deluge. Word m scut to tna kecjier, Mr. Taylor, to ' atop tbo IsU;" b?; on application totbeComml*?ton< r or txpatra notl aepptlee tbat lunctinnary declined n pa.r'ug It ; roof, as Mr. wouiil not pay tbo Litis. Hore was a pretty stale of affairs It was impossible to walk througn tL j llall wit boat a? umbrella. All tlie rooms were soaklog wot. aud Uu Uoveruor s room, with all its lino petuiiegs, was deluged wltb water, yet no one teu auy authority to ropatr the leaks, berauan Mr. ?layr. would not pay tbo bills. At last tbe poor wat<rl< .iged clerks made.apphontlon to Mr. Nathaniel Jarrts, Clerk ot tbe Common lions, and than functionary told Mr. Taylor to repair tbe building asid tc'id tbe bllle to b!m, ?nl ho would trc.?t to tbr h nuw or tbe oity to pay thria. Too Isats were acoorctsgly lopjieJ at Mr Jarvls' eipcnie. la addit.on to tbe other tronblee or the poor olorke. It waa pay dr.y, bul tbe Ooaap trollet relusod, lor eouie reasons beat known to blansaif. to give tbem their money, nod they sent boms oold, wet and penniless. The' Common Council alia to n ght, and thoy ought as make tome provision to preserve tho pli turns tu the M? ernor's room, the water has percolated through MM celling for Ibo laat ?wt, and the carpots are roUtag, while the portraits am mors or loss ininrod. Oc Haturiay night tbe Brooklyn ferry Coats found maah difllou ty In gelling across, and one ot tno hultoa ferry boats waa over an hour In oroaslig Tbe cnangeofMde look all the ice out or tbo r.vor train. and yesterday it was tolerably clear, eapeen'.iy ti Butl-o cbaanel, sbtoh baa been frozen across for nearly a month Thr Hamilton ferry boats recommenced running yostsr day morning, a' er having been fronts tu Isr iwootflive Cays This w'li be a good aocom<n<vl*uas for thousands of Koutb Brooklyn people who bav? been grievously Inconveuienoo'i by to stoppara ofthia important ferry W<- iea-n that ail the -npo,'sat lerrtas ran yrnterday wth *r"?'< r regularity ?bao they tiara brrefolore displayed 'this srtnter, tbon*h there waa mnrb tea Id the rtrer during Hie atornoub One r| the tnoM unpl.'%<au* ?m<i * ?' the noli bM beew the frecitrg of the wet- " pipes *1! o?.>r tbo oily. Ttil* literal; Ktoi;? winter bomn to orrry teint'y. U mU IIMN frowi g^'f rmrelnenrwi err "nnettMnf wore*, tw ttot plumber* who pat the plpra 10 the ground lu mob a tneeni r tbet the; rnu?t oeode tro oe the flrtt hr?vv front ptp> aj are often ruo far rrcal fret through recent ip?i n. eat then they tire to rerae, for were they to be aurrouodrd by amy ruhaianrn, err u fro rut earth me water wjuM keep run nlog. Ho use keeper* aiiontJ therefore renumber thai lli? freezing liret root me acre In the exposed pert tf the ptpr, which e rpirti lamp wonlti eooa melt, a* the ioo tw Ite nrat twenty leur enure l? were Ir It. r. uemtiitag "ntuab " and dcee net berdaa 'or a day or two The Crcton Water f>"partm?rt hut id bavo aotua regulallwo snout thia metier, ami not tl'oe p in." to bo |iaoed la Uia ground ao carrioaaly At leatt Ibw ibonJd bare a *?op coca at ere-y (are off liom Use train* In the etroet. Anneird we give *a tlwwi from a Philadelphia oewanarer. doaenbing an ap leratwa lor thawing onl ptreg, which royht be tried adrwwt??Tu?lr lr Ihlr CU? ? I.Ve oootr!?a?re uird for the purpose ronatln of a holler ui lank with a hand furring pump a I |1I1U I'-rcli* boa* ih* hre a built ta 'he furnace with kluitllna wood pre; ami wtW rami lirtir aa I ateum ua ibiia gcio-raied In a few uran ea Thw 'ii ut ui lake a fr< 01 thr lire plug and earned boar la acrrwed in ead 'be :ber lioac, to wli'ch a 1 >ng branch pipe ? \ppaag ed a thrurt di>?nthe leit'i m < f tlie p'lig ouielde ihe pipe. Ihr ateani al a preaaurr cf drr in re to ?r*en pounda ta ha Icrti, t? now put nr. and tn a few mlnntm tlie ira i>?u?a? n < 11 ??d th>-emer flow. "lbi* i* aw?r;ai..eil b? U.a reld ea'rr riiahla* irom tba plus .into the I m er Tba bent nl Um Iror. |iliiu and oipe? I* mi << 11 r mole'-ely <*r i tbn ra? wblali la uaii.l'v pnlr.Ml inuiu , h? pipe* of Ilia ul*K? In ili roM ?i ? >n Tli* abnle *pp*rai .? 11 i? ? iot?h r tai I* not ri pep alve, while t< la ao eil?i lire Ibrtt a tr>?/nn viae nan nam"alia lie thawed out in a very law minute*. RIVTR PHOXKK OVKR IN NORTH CAROLINA. The Neuae river. n.-?r Nowrern, N. V . ?u trmm nrer on Um Zlat tnat , and two reetlcneo walrnd over N. Tbn ' oWM Inhabitant" haa u'? raool'ecllon of a oy thing nl tbe kind ever hippeo'.i.y M -re About tweaty omw twenty two year* ago tbe Tract way eroaeed <n tea loo. Ail* ?i Halt,g Aha Italian Oprra?LnlUr frm M Ntrakwth. TO Till KRttOK Ok TU>. NSW YOUK lAI'.T TiMRR. t?an Mm? loan amct* Lu /oar JBarab of I?lUrNf I perceive with regret that /on have ihllae ?lo tba aama < rror with otbera, b/ ait Ibatlag tba toarw I bare tabaa ta aeinellac oal> lb* three Uuat laOuoatlal papara. rta. the Hi nam, ]n/*n- and Tmw, tor my adrcrueemaM, to tb? ofgaattna nr dictation of Mr 'leaaatt, or anybody t on i> feted with tba Hau t?. I hereby moat *tapbatmaliy 'm ate that I bar# taban that aiap on my own odgmeet, with'ul ad* on or r turnc# treat an) body I ta nireedir/iy pa ard thai a (raat number o* peracaal. toed aad tried trleada, who are nnanirtad with olbar aaaaSaper a la tba city, area to take Hence at my prooced :ag. a* oaty rraaoa *ht? b baa prompted ma ant to adrawaa all Ifcaetty papara. ta tbta tbe raper meat wbteb I am now rat oa la to try 4 It la raaily pcaotbi* to maiataN aa Italian opera .a Una (rial metropolis wiiboat rata tag tba mana/^r or lee* r i debit aa tbe naly raaalt of the 'a ?ne. 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