Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1857 Page 5
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The Ptkvwtf|r Verm of the Low Cento Be -atried cuter on the calendar! et the hut month W ha.iaken up title term. The general term ot the Bjwne Court will he opened thin morning tor argument nod appeale. The vexed qaeitlon or appeal* la the Ma irneOoart Ir gtui agitated. In the case of the People at ?e relatlr n of Debenette agalaat Gala, the Court of Ap peale dee ided' that all appeal* la the Marine Court moat he hear d at the general term, and Intimated that an ap peal c jnld be taken from the deolnlon of the Oonrl m mil h*?t? h to the Common Plea*. Tbte, It in oontended, In n re obiter dictum of the Court of Appeal*, ** the poln* -o* decided war not railed in the #)**t named tribunal, Wmmm9aviuurv BUI prvpcrij preBBUIw In the cue ot the People at the reletlon of C suiter agataii A. A. Thosapeon, one of the Joetioee of the Kerlne Govt, Judge Gierke of the Supreme Court ordered e man demon to Imne directing Judge Thorn peon to approre of an undertaking on eppeel to the Court of Common Pleas, h*d make hie return of the proceeding* hed et the geneseJ term of hie oourt. Prom thle order Judge Tbompeon ken eppeeied to the generel term of the Supreme Court, and the metier will be ergued before tbet tribunal et the term oommenctng this day. It la e subject which hea m nolrrt no little confusion, end whioh the preetltloners feel n deep Interest In. At the time when Htla question wea first decided bp Justice Hence, e certain morning paper, notorious fur Its vituperation, was most bitter In lie denunciations of that functionary; yet ell the tribunals to which the subject bee been presented hare triumphantly sustained erery principle laid down by Judge Clerke. The Supreme Court oircult for the trial of jury censes, WIU also be In session, end chamber cases will be heard until 11 o'clock each morning, when three Judges will alt In general term. The Superior Court will bare two trial branches. The oelebralcd mercantile slander suit of Fowles against Bowsn, of the firm or Bouen & McXamee, has been set down for a second trial, and would hare boon disposed of long since only that the counsel on both sides hare boon engaged at the Court of Appeals. The general term of the Superior Court, whioh sat only wo weeks during January, will meet at 11 o'ciook thta morning The calendar of thla branch of the oourt only embrecce some eighty causes, and will not probably oocmpy the court the entire term. The special term of this oourt will alao open at 11 'stock, for the trial of laaues of law and equity onuses. The calendar oontalna ninety-four causes. By an order of the court made on Saturday morning last, the January special term was extended one week, In order to enable Ma oourt to finish an Inquiry pending before Judge Doer, end Involving the copartnership affairs of Messrs. Cranston A Judson, In the New York Hotel oontroversy. The condition or the Superior Oourt rooms has not been Improved since we last had occasion to allude to them. M fact, theyjrow worse and worse every session. It the Common Council, who hold their meetings In comfortable rooms with lofty ceilings and ample ventilation, were smpelled to sit one month In the apartments now oe 3Uptod by the Superior Court, they might be stimulated to prompt astion In providing suitable rooms for our oourts and clerks' offioes. The Judges submit quietly to the kneonvemence, though they are empowered by the Code to direct the Sheriff to furniah them with proper asoommodatlon. The Court of Common Pleas will ^also hold two trial terms, and one Judge will proslde at chambers. The three Justices of the Marine Court sat In general term throe days last week and heard quite a cumber of arguments; they will all sit for the trial of oaueee, sod Mas the calendar lor the term will be quickly disposed of. Jndge IngerooU Is occupied In tbe United 8tates Circuit Oeurt with a patent suit, and tbe United States District Court will be opened to morrow, being tbe first Tuesday hi tbe month. lb# February term or tbe Court cf Second Sessions commences to day, Recorder Smith presiding. A number erf Interesting oaces will be tr.ed. Among them we may amotion tbe followingWilliam alias John Murphy, Jbr tbe murder of George 1 oley, and James Hartley, for the murder of Patrlok Greoly; three cases of arson to the grit degree, tbe names of the accused being Le Barnes, IJnford and Denlny. It will be remembered that Brainy was tried last term, but tbe jnry coold not agree sad were discharged, ten standing for conviction and two for acquittal. The brothers Taylor, alleged utter era f counterfeit money, will probably be Indicted aad tried; atoo the model artist man, together with aa aggravated eharge of rape and tbe reoent abortion oases. The calender of prisoners for tbe February term of the Orart of Gseeral Sessions Is aa annexed:? Brand larceny 43 False pretenoes 8 Barf 1st7 30 Ripe 3 Bobbery. 0 Receiving stolen gooJu. 1 Wane** re B Kmbv/zlement 3 Phrgery 6 nub bug 1 Arson 4 Violation lottery laws... 1 Feiotk* 4 Bastardy .............. 1 Murder 3 ? Abaadoamcat 3 Total 110 Krhrnm*)' Smslon of the ( Mumon Coanrll. The H ard of Aldermen will ho 11 the lint meeting of iMr ecooed Metlon this evening. We here not been hie u ascertain Urn: anything of epeelel Intereet la eiported np before them, end M the oommilleee here been bet recently ergtnlied, they have not transaotsd much helttti There will be Ibw re porta, therefore, for pre testation. The Board of Superstore will also be convex sd thie eeatng. The Board of Oonnctlmen held Uielr flrrt monthly seeeton th e orenlng. We learn from the Clerk that they were to industrious during tbe flrut month or ttielr otnetal term as to lesre uo nnOalabed bualneei on the book*. Tlii Watan 'Island Kerry. We here roetlved s correspondence between Metre. Booth, Wetbereponn ana other*, residents ef Blaise Mead, sad tfa* secretary of the Staten Itland ferry Company, es tbe subject of lb- 1st irregularities in tbe ferry hslwetn New Brighton and tbe Island. It appears that from the 24th to the 2M1> alt. the boat plying between New Brighton and tbeelty was takes off the roate, leertag the passengers wltboet enmmnnloattoe with tbe oily; tbeegb, at the time, tbe Ire was no Impediment to s re gwlar tnterooutee Meerre. fteutb, WsUterepooc,*.!, re qaeat the manager to permit Captain Mcl naa to ran ble beat "whotoTer, la ble optstoa. the pnsasg" oan be so eetpllabed." a high leetlmoaial to hie boldness and pro donre. Tbe Secretary replies that the beat van with drawn la enaeeqeeDoe ef the deafer of narigetlsr the tray through the tee, and pramteea to pot her on as soon en possible. We here alee a communication from residents en the Ooareattae tide or the lelead. complaining that the boera of deperteto of tbe heats are cbaa red wllhrat due I satire to tbeto ebst tbe b wis will sometimes oist: nail tag at one of the lead apt without aottoe at all, ami that tbe dlf icolUea and dtlaya of oommunioatmg with the etty -are as great a* they ee?? were. Ills just ? jeer alnoe.tbe horioom>ngs of ihlu Tarry were trought to pvbite netlco through these coltmn-. At that Unit a urrvy of the Tarry boats was Inetltnled, and they were reported .0 be ununited Tor winter narfge Cton Tbe positloe ; the fsr?7 romps* y wa etamiatd, and It was fonud to bo without a lease or ferry Itoatee. nwe rant* wo m a umor# ttr peow^au nwwwm aat-.nn 'Trona partiea Intoreated Mlhf 'iiiRft of realdmu of <t*e Man I. tbo fowtptetller anotnnoed Ihot ho would anil bo Wry lloenae, and al'n oocuptrd by tto proton: mat a:ar ? . but i; at ?W p war .Kfoitrt l y ar. fait notion obtained vy He company wbtohvue inwyera have wear fat found tman to aryao Th* hnaie-ner tbnoamn an wore run I art year, tnn tba la*ai poatetec ot tne rompanf- -aa a ?q?M?r wn ahrcitf prfprrty, and a ornrprr o( a eltf fra ohue?ia 4* without ahaape. The. ?'..o aptta'.fnn wnk h baa laatM |br< yar, baa baan wto?iy without fruit. I It irena to wi that what i aaaalct t? Or done dornlrao i nod the prate. bat on 4*e people who art ln< -mated . It h? ton by alitb'| down ??it writing ?tn aoery letter to the lemipepera tbat the larry oru on iwprored, or the l?awni eompav b"eolnd. 0f It k? of rny oon , IHWW to tba people at fttatea I aland to hare n peod aad r??niar omdw oniowUoa with the nttr, end If ihey tblnk that the innetnrity and Irre- j polarity o< the nranaot ferry are U^artoo* to their i Interna in, they moat *o about tbe worn <rf rd.*n la n i prrettoal won it na\nnrr Thei moat do aomathla^ I anom tbasoanek Tim Comptroller In rendy to aeK tbo lip and {anoeblea to any 4-a.a itii pirctmarr t Tbe oeeteat Willi the preanat company abenld t t?e aerioetlf wattd; bid the aanwncl npfwrH abo.iid j be bdt to par bin law eaeta at I ?r bin r ucm pocket -an It the oaae at peanrnt With a , lib In anrrny and eome money tbn punnet >mp*ay r we Id ear uy ne for*rd to alt/i n ad compif With a urate. or t to.arko way far a new one Tbii may ne aaoertmaed on h -aiton to tfr Cornnltue Vandrrbttt. or Ur Unore 1 % M?a?. intb whotr partita laternated would parfcapa d> <| aeell la rommmori# I . i a Cenit Ceinttder? ITala Day> rk viaw unfit?Crrmit,?Nan ibt>P, 381, 8, 837. <4*, s 436, 437, 133, 103, 100, III, 613 111. *17. ltd, 111. h 171, *?, fi/fl. lai. Onuwm Pava-rart ) ?Nan. 14. HI, 38, 17. 33 M, 111 if. 71. Ill, 114 ill, 130, !??, 144. lee. i?u Pa*t 3 ? l> Nee Ibt, II ?. ?ft 81, 13, 31, 84, 7f, 77, 141, 110, 1M, ?' , 114. 183. 104 V . wi-trnnta Cnrar -Non fill, 443. 474, Ml, 880, fid, U #17. ?3?. 711, 71*. 711, M, 780, 781, 783 788 , 774, 718, 773. -11, 713, 784. W, 787, 7*3, 730, 731, 731, tl IK 734, f 84 t NIT Dramatic and Musical Matter*. M. fltmfcoseh'a opera mmoo at the Aoademy of Musto to progressing with (rat aoooew. The debut of Madame do WlUiorat on Wednesday drew the finest house since erlsl song at this theatre; and the beat proof ot her brilliant aacceas la foand la the tact that on Friday the repeated Lucia to an todiesoe aJmoet equal to that of Wednesday. The press has awarded to her the very highest place In the Lyric art, and her position la fixed. Ondit, that the will sing in the "Bonnambnla," the "Trovatore" and "Don Giovanni." For this errning, at the Academy, "La Farorita" la announced, .with Parodl, Ttberinl, Morelh and Morino in the oast. Mr. Thalbcrg waa In the city on Thuraday end gave a oonoert at Philadelphia on Saturday. On the 17th inatant be will giro another free concert to the children of the publlo ecboola In thle city, and about the flret of March will oommenoe a eerlos of enbecrlptlon matinca I'very true admirer of art nlll hall with delight the return of Mr. Thatberg to the metropolla. Hie campaign In the rami dlatrlcta was like Napoleon'a invaelon of Rueala in regard to the weather, but nnllke It la the faotthatThalberg triumphed; while the great Corslcan waa obliged to auocumb. All our accounta from Havana agree In aaylng that Maretselc bad made a great deal or money at the Tecon. The flrat aubaorlptlon had been ao good that another wna opened. Two ot the artlata have returned, one becauee Max refuaed an Increaae of aalary, and the other on account of a difficulty with the public. The Havaneee crltica were eepeclally delighted with BrlgnoU. With the exception or Wallaok'e, where Mlaa Heron bae attracted tall houaea to aee "Camllle,"' and the Broadway where Mr. Forreat and the Rayele are llkewlae very aucceeeful, the theatrea have not been very well attended during the put week. As there 1* now ? proepect of better weether, end u several novelties are announced, the business (or the present week will undoubtedly be better. The announcements lor to-night are interesting ? At the Broadway Thratki Mr. Forrest plays Jack Cade, one ol his finest personations. The farce o( "The Irish Tutor" concludes the performance. At Byktoh's Thsatbb Mr. John Brougham commences an engagement.rplar tag in "John Bull'' and a new comic entertainment with Mr. Barton. The capital little ploce, "Oar Wife," will also be given, and Miss Polly Marshall will mate her first appearance since her Illness.' At Laura Kss.ns's Tbbatkk a new American drama, "Mary's Birthday," will be produced, Miss Keene and Mr. Wheatleigh ta the principal parts. "Little Toddlekins" will also be played for the first time here. At Wallack'b Thsatbb Mies Heron will play "Camilla" for the tenth time. Miss Beron's performance of this part hit made a great sensation, and will undoubtedly fill the house for many nights to come. At Nirlo's 6ari>b* the Ravel troupe, tinder the management ol Jerome and Antotae, commence an engagement this evening. The bill tncludee performances on the tlgbt rope, by Young America, Hengter and M'lle Chiarinl, the apectacle ballet "Esmeralda," with Esptnosa, Mme. Montploislr and the Ravels, and "Pongo." At the Botrur Tsbatks the "Hunchback of Notro Dame," with Mr. H. Seymour In the principal part, and the fairy spectacle "Ondtae, ' are ap for this evening. At the Akikkan Music* a new three act drama, oalled "Gotham, or Daylight and Gullght," Is up for the even tag for the first time. It la by Mr. H. J. Conway, a dramatist of experlenoe, and all the principal members ol tbo company are Included In tbe oast. At Wood's Misitrsis a pleasant entertainment. closing with "New Year's Calli," Is up for tonight. At Buckley's, "Lccrezla Borgia" will be revived as originally given. At No. 412 Bioadway, Raynor, Pierce, and other members of tbe old Christy's Minstrels, commence a series of entertainments, announcing a good concert programme and a burlesque on tbe Martinet)! entertainments. The Americas Comcast ron Oarar Lass.?Mr. B. C. .larrett, of Baltimore, sailed in tbe Amerloa, from Boston for Liverpool on Thursday. Mr. .larrett goes out to ssake arrangements tor the appeeranoe of a company of American actors, some of whom are already engaged, at Drnry Lane theetre, London, next summer. (huTTAKT ?Mr. George B. De Forsat, whe died In this city on Thursday, waa e very exoellent amateur aotor, and made a singularly exoellent dtbui at Wallack's theatre aeveral seasons slnoa. Be nerer adopted tbe stage as a vocation, however, and was highly esteemed In theetitcal alrclsa. Funeral honors were paid to hie mem or v by New York Lodge No. 830 F. A. M , of which he was Feet Senior Warden. Thai anno m Phtladsuula ?The Philadelphia Bulletin of .Saturday evening says :? Ol all the oonoerta given by Mr Theiberg In Philadelphia aoae bar* gtvee ua *o much pleasure as that ot last I vantng He played for the Or-i time here, DIs matchlets Andante, the most original of all bts own oompoat Uons, and threw Into It sncb esqntslte grace of espreesioo and ot touch that It was like a new revelation to tbe world of music. Hts^Marcbe Kacebrs ' also deiishted very one ; ud m (or tbe other bettor known pleoee, Ibe "Dob I'm iunit-.' the Wallace, and Home, Sweet Home, they war* u charming at over The Kag Ittb laniat'a. Ibe eubjocui of wklah ere "Had Have tbe Eileen" and Kule Br Ulan la," wm a One arrangement, but I cm interacting to an American than U mlgbt be to an Knglicb audience. Tbe vooalate acquitted loetntolvee llneiy lart evening. Madame D'Aagri tu never eong bore to much to tbe aattnfectioo of tbe pnblto Madame .lot.anreeo, tbe (ierman eoprano, made a very decided kit Indeed, ibe concert, In all reipoclc, wm a very doIgbttul one Tbe Mil wtu be given on Wednesday evening nest. City Intellln*nce. Fornrn At ran Rjiukmd ?II any one la at all dealroua of teeing a ipeclmen of railrtad manage mint or of ml* orable lemaoegement, let blm get Into a email oar on tblt line, to either go op or down town. He muet be a man of Wleare and have a good enpply of patieaoe <>n Saturday, tbe road Irom Twenty eevrntb etren to tbe City Ball wm, from morning until nearly midnight, mare or leea oi rtmrted with frrlgbt can ,ofl ike trace, and yesterday morning tbe entire line wm In Ibe name pra duaimnt Wb.le the I'reeldert of tbe road wm buey with a broom, ewMptng tbe water off tbe track at Twenty itxtb etreet, tbere wore probably Bve handred pMtecgeri, on their way down town, delayed nearly two boure by a fr? gbt Mr off Ike track near Broome etreet, with apparently no one at all wko underttood tbe buvtdvm d.reeling U>e driven and laborer* who were trying to get It on. Tbe management of tbe Harlem Railroad Company la set equal lo Mr proper eupertateodenee of both the long and abort travel. It w too muck for them. end we sag* rat thai one be abandoned. Tic Heriea train from Centra atrattat &K o'clock on Saturday after noon. mtDa|<i' to reach Twenty sixth atraat at 9 o'olock | ?only J\ boom goingadlataoaaof about two not M. Tbt wbn:e oi that time tba atrrel iraral waa auspoadnd, nad j tbe Howsry (Iliad with tba abort cam. una >la to arrt 1 oneway or tba oilier Tba Tbird avenue oara are dally tie ayeil bou.'i by tba bianderiag man ay a i. ot of tba fourth avenue line, and tbe oale way to s?od tbc i on tit* tbey are noo subjected to, la to put down a se.rnrate trach (rum Ueajd atreat to Attn streft. Tba oaly ' sure way to (at tf tbe upper part of tba raet aide of tba e?iy la to take the Pernod avenue care, and tf any one wtabss to go wttbin two blorke, anal or went, up town, of that arenne, they will fete vastly la time by uu my the , cart of tbat dne. Tbe fuird avenue line froaitboOlty Hail 10 (irand street ta always claar. and (add time la made, but above, between Urard and Aitb atreeta. all la , un erU.Bty. or. mtber. tbe onaaeaa are that tram ote to two boars will be eoasumed In msklat that dietanoc. t iB I'siiosm Tiv Mo. BM(wr ? Ksaularly every even og alnow la?t Wsdaesday, tbe Ore alarm balls bare gireo niss slrobss prsdicly at 9 o'clock, !o accordance with | tbe inttrwitoas of Mayor Wood to the boll rlngara. Tba , bell* ata beard dteitaotly throughtut tbe city, end tbe people of Rroohlvn aeo alea notified of ibe time by the | 1 same means R. reader, ao oae who la lbs poaeoasor of | a wslHi or a c'ook ran pond Ignorance of tbe rxact time, and ibe thousand rexstlona In bu- aass arising ' from ita mlsapprebnnt>ac will be doae away with. Htw many persona bare areltreti at a railroad station mat one J on merit too late, or sear JLbe steamboat tb?t wa< to take (ham her w round tag Mis plar whwi If tbeir watenea wee'prnrleeiy right as each aoetdaat wonl I hare hap il iKonil The method nmptaya I to give the time In tbe ball * tngwa la very simple, hai if actual. .Prafaanor Bull bar jjy sat bin chroao meter by tbe ateadard time at ibe Oa- v rerwatar.", coiner of Second avenue and F.lercnth street, '' m.: stationed bimaeif on the 'look out" at tba City Hat', it gtuos Ibe atenal or tba tolagrapb at precisely thirty , iroredn ball -e un" o'nloek Iho little n'srm n*l s at ached to cacti tewer ooattaae ntrtbtag far ererv aeooad, o pwt ?be bMlrlngera on their guee.l, until tan K.imwnt of nine mmrt-fm _w? ' .. ww- ?- - ?- low v'ir i , i >at M ficon ?H Ml tbe large ball* are atruflc I " i?uNaam?ialy- * otrobaa ?r? citod tbe boll m >D(rr? wdtowmii Cho ticnnl of Pronator flail earb I) lit). At VI! tbe firemen wore a iut|? atartled, ml fhry iwar iooll to' n!nx o'-l.taO balk- ererr oroelna rd tt la torer mtalaket lor (Ira aia-m. On u? wane, tr bit onirlranoa if very atrople and eSaafnal. at I n^i mi law Trrk ?ra4 ha* loaj baea a daaiaeratum. cwreot ' *1 timitora ttaia. ? r?"? i?r Twanr nw Bra*?r.?-About 10 o alock ill r.BiUy K< 'Bloc a Ora brnk* ont in tht lim? yard oanrd J,1 y <!aady. Ilaarrman v Keflera. corner of I art Twonte '< fib atrrot and Flrat aranee The dawar> dan* WUI r bably anM>?' * to $1,000. taid lo bo n>v?r.. I by mtur , W# in ibo (s?. Mark a and dlnynoaanl laauraano Com m antra th#? Are orlflnalad from nolor laak af tar myli )? tbod ?|,on <b? llmo Bio* Baii ? onwmitta* fbr drafting ruloa to foaarn , to fame of baad ball mot on Bamrdar arming. and ad * or nod lo ftaadaf at T )$ P M , to 0??al lb# anno* plana w YORK HBRALD, MOND Misdirected Letter* nutfiini sr w. e. dick, ?r Philadelphia. I lit Of letters advertised In the Nsw Yoak Hskald, Friday, January 'i3, remaining la Uts Post otfloe, New York, uncalled for ? N*w OBLSASH BOCHSH. BOTON HOraBH. Boehannon, Carroll a Co. Burnbam, rtoolt A Oo?1 A F. Cochran A Hall. Clapp A Poller?II. c Kugety, Blair A Co. Clark A Andrews. ? Charles Odier A Co. W. B. Hanlels A Oo. raiiaiiaij'bu boi'iw. Dowd A Beach, M. F. * ChtiUs A Peterson. Kmmerson, Ooohrase A Co. s Woa. W. Homer. Hotaey, Bailey A Co. C Wm W Homer A Oo. Hutctterann, Brown A Co., Ham man, Snyder A Oo. probably for flatchlns, 11 Charles h. Hill A Co i B'own A Oo. a Uriah Hunt A Co. Looks, Marob A Co. c K. Patterson A Co. Jobe ltartin A Co. . Charles Toppan. MeKioney, Chase A Co. 0 Wright ft Smith. 1'hiltipe, Loitng a Oo. Williams A Co. IwumbloyASamson, should c ?ill' ai.o uorsw. bo Tarombley A l.amson. Handera & Wads worth. Tamer. Wllsou A Co. Reynolds. K y m Co. C. A. Wood & Co. fa B. K. Swift, Brother A John- Motnem Assistant. b ton. Hortlculturlat. BAiTiMOHR uoritH. Forrester's Boys' and Girls' 11 John K Conway A yon. Msgs, .no tl Run lop A Co vaovionso:. R. i. uocsn. T Thomson, Woods A Block. Ammoos A Co. 'wi.tHiii hoi'amt jnoiv (ity noras. 1 Crane. Breed AOo. Gregory A Uclntyro. k John Taylor A Go. tl list of letters advertised in the Boston Herald, January n 14, remains In the Boston Post Office uncalled farp Ysw yokk norms. (jnrjtgo hoi as. 0 Ievl, Oook A Co. Faxon A Crosby. Emits, Brits k Co. nam mors norm. Lock wood, Badeau A Co., Grensfelder A Brother. a should be Badeau, Lock- hhiadkuiiu nouasa. tl wood A Co. Rlohardson k Co. O. R. Potter A Co. Brown, Hilt A Co. a W. I. Young; A Co. C From the Boston Herald, of Jan. 21c >rw york iioiskr. i-aovi'irvr-b, r. i., noiaae. tl R.W.^B lack well A<jO .should J. M. Karle A Co. tl do ft m niaaaweu a uo u. <s u. i?yiur s ui. .. Obrlity ft < onstant. fiiiladh fbm norss. Wo Colgate & Co. John Farnum & Co. v Jooelyn. Draper lit Weleb. iuitimokk nonuw. c axaxnATi norss. Joaiab I/oe ft Co. _ 6. Pblppe Ik Co. Robinson, Lord & Co. List of letters advertised in the Philadelphia Ltdgtr, '' Monday, Jan. 20, remaining in the Poet Ollloe, Phlladel- rt phia, uncalled for:? 1 nv YORK IIOI SIB. 1101 TON HOI NSS. " J. H. Doughty ft (Jo. Blodgett, Brown ft Co. o O. R. l'ottnr ft Co. Thorn oeon ft lapham. h uunmaota. Littell's Living Ago. J. E. Bird ft Urotbor. nsw Orleans house. Chicago house. Moore. Titus ft Co., should ? Huntington, Wadsworth ft be Moone. Titus ft Co. r Co. List of letters advertised In the Baltimore Sun, Tues- # day, January 20, remaining In the New York Post Ollloe, t) ssw york morskr. PIUIJtDSLl'iiu houses. Wm. * haoce, Bon ft Co. Morris, Jones ft Co. B. F. Ford ft Co. 8tudevant ft Co. ^ drover. Baker ft Co. f< Wood ft bmiih. k Fln-inri|ia ilnnventlnn. 0 Address to the Members of lbs New York Fire Depart n ment ?W e, the undersigned, have viewed with manifold feel- . ings of approbation. the manly nnd impartial course of conduct ' pursued by Alfred <'arson in his capacity as Uhtef Engineer 4 of the New York Fire Department. His promptness at all times ; his faithfulness to all the trusts confided to him ; his >( efllclency in Uie performance of all the duties pertaining to bis a otlire; his proticiency and skill, as a long, well tried, and much experienced tire man, render htm wordiy of his position, and ei in the coming election, we would most cheerfully and con . tidently recommend htm to our brother firemen as oue deserv 11 ing of their hearty and uniied support. 1, Tits unswerving and undeviating course, in the faithful dis oharge of all duties Imposed, while officiating as tlhict, com H mends him to the favorable consideration ot all true uremen , I'nvanquished bestiil remains, ihotigh designing men have sought to damage bis prospects of a re election . by evil rc plotted schemes snd intrigues, they buve endeavored to tar ?. nlsh his well earned reputation as a citizen of character irreproachable in the least, aa one upright and honest In all th his intentions. . In all the innumerable iniliclions of a persecuting nature " thai havo been made, with the many vague and labiilous th statements of a prejudicial aspect that have been put forth, he itoes still continue to lie unsullied In 1 haraeler snd tin- * shaken in lus determination lopuetie Uie right laithfully air I < fearlessly. 1 hat he may be again returned by an overwhelming vote TO to the place he now so ablv flits, is our must earnest wish. i_ In addition u> the above the following retaliations were unanimously adonted? vc Resolved, That we fully endorse the course pursued bv Altred Carton, during the time he has held the position of Chief hnginecr, thai he has always been equal to the tasks set be- nc tore him; ever faithful, prompt and efficient. Resolved. That the upright, manly and conservative man- *? ner In which he has conducted the business of the department, D, is such as to command our unqualified approbation. hesolvcd. Thai wc most heartily enter into his suppart. sml 9! will leave no iair means unused to secure his reelection to ,. tbc otlice he now soebly tills. Signed. tx John Baulcb. Assistant Knglncer. Klisha KU g^laint Assistant Kngine r. ' feter N. < ornwell. Assistant Engineer. ]| William T. Mawbey. Assistant Kngmecr. G. J. hu h, Assistant Engineer. P' William A. Wood, ot Engine t'-o. No. 3. If Charles K. Hyde Foreman Engine Co. No t Willism C. Lions. Foreman Engine Co. No 3. to Samuel Cheahire, Foreman Rmtine Co. Mo 7. ? William (4<<rman. Foreman Engine Oo. No. 9John Wanm. Foreman F.ngiae Cn No lit. Hi .la ob W. Cooper, Foreman Engine Co. No. 12. ? William SUrrm, Aaalaiant Foreman Engine Co. No. IS. P* .Tame* Connolly, Foreman Engine Co No. Hi. jb .1. Ik Klngalnod, of Knghir Co. No 1<I .lanm H Hum, of Engtee Co. N'o. 25 '? Rlrl.ard Jarluon. Foreman Engine Co. No. 36. a, Kll Baiea. Foreman FngineCo. No 29. Win 1'rumiDond, of Engine Co. No. 28. M John M. Morriuia. Am:-taut Foreman Engine Oo. No. 12. Cbarlea F. Meyer*. ex Foreman Engine Co No. 9. ' John 11. Hoffman. ex Foreman Engine Co. No 10. W Alexander Hpalding. Foreman Engine Oo No. 39 lamea W. Height, AMiatanl Foreraau Kucmr Co. No. 39. Rirharil P. M?jre, Foreman Knemr Co. No. 42. re A laneon Finch. Foreman Engine Co. bo. 43. Henry P. MrHowan. Foreman Engine Co. No. 49. William P. Hanlell, Foreman Engine Oo. No Stl. rf Richard Van Houton Aaelatant Foreman F.ngina Co. No. 56 Walter Smith, Foreman Hoae Oo No. 1. ra Alexr. F We- 'Ott, Aasiatant Foreman lloaoCo. Mo. 1. ?v Rrbert V Me key. Foreman lloea Co. Mo 4. ' William H. Colwill. Foreman lloae Co. No. ft fa I. K Barnard. Awiatant Foreman Hone Co. Na 9. . Chtrleall. Cornell, Foreman Hoae Co. No. ? ?* D. 0. Roliinaon. Aaaietant Foreman Hone Co. No. 11. ,? R. R. Col?h\. ex Foreman llm? Co. No. 11. J. R. Kllev, Foreman Hoae Co. No. I] Andrew GWe. Foreman Hoee Co. No. IS. gu Ihomaa Rellv. AMiatant Foreman Hoee Co. No. 17. Samuel H. Tlioinaon. Foreman lime Co No. 19. Wl Walter W. Adama. aeaiatant Foreman lloee On. Mo. I V .c tared A. Tini|iaon, Foreman Hoae On. Ni. *1 Eehujrler Hljnier* Aanaianl Fereinari lloae Co. Ne 22. or A. II. Minor. Foreman lloae ('o. No, 2ft. P.J Coo Ion Pmwom Bom Co. No 2<i " Jaon H Hweenr. Foreman llom; Co. No. 2ft. wi M. W. Wlnana. Seeretagy lime Co. No. 29. R. R. John*tnn Foreman lloae Co No. 3ft. Jamea MeCabc, Foreman Hoae Co. No. 34. B Simon V, Wuollrjr, Foreman Hoee Ca. No ST. Jamea MaokewUe. Foreman Hoae Co. No. 41. N? Adam MouUgeii. Foreman Hoae Co. Mo. 42. |. Jacob Toohe, Foreman Howi Co. No. 44. Arthur Rlllo't, ex Foreman Hoee Co. No. 4ft. lie John Jellrlea. of lloae Co No. 4ft Jatnee Millward. Jr.. Foreman Hoae Co. No, J. A. Errant, of Hoee Co. Ho. 44?. th< Ilanrr O. CoggabaU, of Hoae Co. Mo 46. , Jarob H. Miller, Foreman lloee Co. No. 47 M. W. Valentine. Foreman Hoae Co. No. 43. ooi Jamea Elliott. of Hoae Co No SO John J. Reed. Foreman lloae Ce No 57. P* Williatn (J. Ainee F oreman Hook ami l.adle" Cy No 1. Ih, laalah Rogers, Foreman llonk and laxdJer <i. No. ... T W Wilding. Foreman Honk and .adder Oo. No. 4. en Adam Kltip. Foreman lluok and Ladder Co No ft. , John K. Krana Foreman Hook and I .adder Co. No. 6. Il'nrx ford. Aaatanmt Foreman Oook and I ad 1 . s<> 1 bo rharlea Strxena. Aaelat Foreman H'nk and I.adderC'. No.;. . John H Forman. Foreman Hf>ik nn<l lAdder tin No 9. B" A. A. OUver. Aaaiatant Foreman H<a>k and LadderC > No 9. chi lir'forjr Connor, Foreman Rook ami I.adder Co Mn 10 "? h Fiel. Ami-font F..r. man II" .k and l.a I I. r ' N" i > '< Charlea Wa.?r Hull Sorrearr 1 irnik aid' I .adder '? No ID. -B, A. (I Allork of Hook and l-ad ler I '. ".o 10 , , F.d Morrroner Foreman Hook and l-adder I o. No 12. MuMII Flaiier rur?nii?Hivk m ! Ulil'-'Co N 11. Knl.eii Wriiiht Foreman llnr.k and lautdor Co. No. It. John K. B??>lv ei Aaalotaal Engineer OC Angnrtna Hnrd, e? Foreman Hnoe (V> No ?. . TNkrnljr C?nt AmlirolJ |w lilhtmM, wllh Id a tifnl'T niirii i' . ?': .?.. <! .II I" w . .0 !.>?' * I All 7 al K lNBal.l.'S. :M7 ltrnadnay. _______________ 7* .1 Flrat rlkM Arabrntype liaixla. ? ko In [ barleoton. >?. C. Apply for ihr. e da\? in C. J ifuliib/ XV. Krn~","? col MkriirHm?Twrlv* Cento to llur Oolliar t nh'.n.graph* k; HOIIIXI' lavon >u t*? ? flte at i.ik-. , I i??i dally, fuller/ Niagara Falli 'J- Broalwar. -J.I H'tltlng and Huohkri plnf ?trw Puplla j r -*lied dapy tlila work-?t OhlYF.H M t.itl.l>-\MTI fi . Itrnadway. 1 * ????????????????? Uoi Mr?. Klllott'o Itltrumatlr Kmhmr?(li>n ? roe rbentnatlana old rnraina, ?<hUI>laino riialoontlnoa, M f > ralr at M Dimatrm atreet the ante \ In No* York for too 1* n-ila id - nl l?r. Noajir, of Pni a te phia. T> I Ct let artnro'a Hair fljrr, Wlga and Ti?1|Hfi _ iian I nnrlamled in tiw eonotry Who.. lalo and retail and be iI/O prl>ateiy applied, at No. rt Aaiur Ikniee. .00 Rrdanrr Xalmnandrr ft a fee? with Paloit motir proof de-tanee !? *# and rroaa Para. IP pot 197 Fearl . tra-L ?u? dwtr baiow Maiden t-ane rorrrt a. Patrick. tt> f tatarlm n'a Unlr llj r, H'lfi anil Tonprrt af Wa lieinrai improvrdmtke wholraale an ' rotal. and the dre ; rt loll a'oiy applied. No. Aaior Itouoo. , >n ? Fro Mill, The Inimitable Cutter af flair and Fro rblAkrra No 1 Rare ay At'Oet ffalr dye t abiding* a In,a. o .a, k i.r Pro* p 1 ??????????- an 1 Hnytnre (ureal by Ma rah ,b Co.'a Kadlral urn inaa. at No. 21, Naldea laoe. Now York. Vflilfr TVrlH. Prrfomtil II moth aa?f R? a nf al nomination. by mlng ilia ' balm of a ' *c i.omand llrmara " lv>w*r? of rauniartH-r Tb* Ita naufa nrr?*a of thr 'bubo" ban l?mii*bt out hmla of riuvart* i.< imI onp<*nii??. H? aura m* h bottla I* timed FlirKI i><. K ? J'i f>,, Franklin ?nun?n If. Y. For tnln by *11 4rii((i?ta p< --r- i' Rrtifori aarnnparflla?t* hat* arr flic b Mibhrciim orr-pa-aiino* art up to rmnprv- with ihr (IrM bMi no rniT utinapnrilla ?ron ana Ml' Mill we ori?inii rtb irtmU'M i ? anprroiarr an a our* for wrofula ?'i I ? run rf 'ha (lf?h. <l>in,ia, akin. mnaa'aa ?nl narraa m o * worm pwilllra frro from m?miry. are * W triumph over nil tha mat rial rn iiwr* mi? it T. Tftl . I.tltut* <t TO warmaa'a <tritK?iii?. tfm r ?trfet, I'mt i-w Vim? mmI by all uragfmn ttoraaparnia fl aa<1 .'at I ? Wl ?uia pgr hotUo flallflttay't Oluliaral.?Ihftr arr Million* Pl mm" r oriiio" in ibr ?am Thr> nab tbeao, hy I own under <h" hand, It** omv?y?l l?> iba w irrn of in i?m pn at ion By t llnrlnr Bnrtlrll ?-A Carrrrt Amhrnlypr _ of tlila ill laio'l awlamin i?k?n from life on M >nd?y ^ i, by XO B?a?fy, Bar he??n *< !.? eal art ?n ,n< r. I " AY, FEBRUARY 2, 1857. financial and commercial. HOIKT lARKlfi Bi xiut, Feb. 1-fl P. M.

The itook Market from week to week present* no new enture. Tbo easy oondltlon of money matters enables apeulaUve carry large lota, bal It does not attract aw buyers or put up prices. Ot nearly every sto:k on be list, good, bad and Indifferent, tbo <iaaotity In tbs treot has within the peat sixty days materially increased, hitsldera have, to a great extent, availed themselves at be present very tnllated state of the market to realise, nd stocks have accumulated In the hands of the different liquet of speculators. 80 long as money continues abunant there will be no dillloutty in carrying thin Inoreaned mount. The banks loan trealy on this class at as unties, and there Is not a bank or money lending conoern n Wall itrest which has not In hand plenty of railroad onda and stocks. The fhclllUee with which money can 0 raised, by paying high rates upon these seonrltles, is le principal cause of the high prices eurrent. Not one 0 hem depending solely upon tta merlta as a produoilre Inestment would command anything like mob prices, be manager! of onr principal railroads are compelled t ecp up the market prtoe ol' tbe stocks so u to sustain be credit of tbe different companies. It would Interfere jaterlally and seriously wltb tbeir financial negotiations > bare tbe stocks rnle at low points on tno Stock Ex banjo. At all hazards and at any expense, tbero>re, Ibo public must be dally presented wltb list of sales st blgh rates, and made to believe 1 possible, tbst there are plenty of buyers t tbe prices quoted. So long ss this system ot flnan terirg can be continued so long will tbe public be deetred. it bas been kept up for years, wltb now and ben a collapse, and It may bo kept np for years longer, rltb an occasional explosion; but tbe elements of deetruoon are at work and have taken sued a firm bold at tbe cry fountain bead of life that none of tbe bugo railroad ompaclea ot tbe day can escape ultimate bankruptcy be present system of management has been perleoted or tbe special purpose ot covering up and disguising tbe iflioultlcs and dangsra which the railroads of tbls ojun ry .-ire beset on all aides. None know bettor tban ibese nanageri tbat as Investments tbe slocks of onr railroad ompanies are ora very doubtful character They know that ut lor conatruotton account not ono In a do/.en oould pay dividend (rom the Qrat year of tta completion. Thoy cannot deceive tbemselvea, but their efforts are ail oi ected to deceiving others. No one oan for a moment doubt that the board of man gcment or the New York Central Railroad Company insnded to deceive the stockholders ol thut conoorn when acy put forth the tut nnnnal ropori. That In the moat heritable construction we can put upon tl. They are not >olf, but ibrewd, sharp, far seeing iioanolera, and they now better than any one else that It would be fatal to ie company to make a more truthful and correct stale lent. Clroumatances have forced them Into thin alteruavo. It In well known that just prevloun to tno dlvlend day of the Harlem Railroad Company Robert Scbuy >r used to take charge of the company's book* and ccior them ao an to ihow that a dividend had been irnod Thin he praotloed for yearn, and hot for beoom ig Involved In linancial operation*, which oompolled 1m to avail himself of every resource withtn his control, light have continued thin dividend paying system for ear* !or;er. The annual report* of tbo Barlom Kail >ad Company at the time exhibited a very prosperous lanotal condition, so rnnch ao that It wan a mystery to one Interested that the dividends were not Inoreaied om four to six and eight per oent. It was shown tint e last named rate had been earned, but thai portion of It bad been used in the itenaion or the road. The New Haven I tallad Company paid regular dividends up to J&auary 1853 Vlnv nf th&t TMr ihtb Nnrvhllr irclilnnt (Mfiured. U. iIvItk damaget to the amount ot my $150,000. In an llpation of that ion dividend! were impended, and have it bc?n resumed after a lapae of lour yaara. 1'revloua January, 1853, seven per cent dividends were paid an tally on $3,000,COO, requiring each year the Bum oi 210,000. In the fonr yeara the aggregate raving by the is pension of dividends would amount to $840,00u?a im about $600,000 greater than that lost by the Nor walk -client. The groea earning* of the oompany have ilnee 163 annually increased, but the treasury oftbecom my dor a not abow mere than a trilling balance In band. the dividend had been earned prevfoua i 1U3, It oertalnly moat have been earned alnoe id If earned, what baa become of H We can anaivor la queetton. It never waa earned. All the annual re irta made during the payment of the dividend, report e current operating expenses to have been 60 per sent, the annual reporta made alnoe the suppression of the vldend, the current expanses ere put down nt set enty id aeventy live per cent. When It becomra no longer dually neoeuary to dlagulae the fact, It la admitted hen It la no loogtr necoeaary to abow a dividend rned, the actual currcai operating expenses are oor ctly given In the annual reporta The Hudson lilver, e Harlem, the New Ha. en end tbe Ixtng ialaod Kali ad Comnaeiea par no dividend!, and tbetr current oor ling eipetiN are admitted to be from teveatp to aevtu five per cent or tbe groaa earning* We allude to tbeee eta here for tbe purpoee ot tho wing tbe bogae abtrecti r tbe annual report* of railroad compaatea tbat ar.kaow Ige a current operating eapondttur* ol on if II ty per nt of tbe total reoetpta. Tboee report* are made up i* ah a formidable anape?are filled with ao mucti detail bleb la Intended onlf to coniuae, that no one outelde of e company'* oillce, and very few tnalde, can make boa I tall to tbem. Tble la their object, end In tbi* tn .7 eceed very well. All tbat tbe ooUlde etoskbolder* tot la a dividend at the regular time, and hardly ever tber thetaaeivea about bow it bee been made. IVnon eollapie taket plate, aa Id tbe Rrle, Harlom tw Haven and doxen* of other*, then there - ? - / ?.i"?. ir?u , u?c?p a. doctored reports, he , 4c. Then tbc poor, Injured, sooeal, droelred stockholders ere loud sod bitter lo ctr condemnation, sad everybody it o.amol but them Ires. In s day or sa hour they (lad tbotr properl> Rparstteely wortbleea. la moment, assy who do tided upon dividends tor the mesne of Urine ftaa Mine Ives penny leea, sad perhaps objects of the world's Id chsrtty, all tor the bl ed, atnpld coaddoaca reposed a set ot men who had the reputation of being highly a arable sad respectable?of wen who, heoae>e they 4 awaeerd wealth by awlodltag operauoat of a aim lar areolar, were ooaaidered more boaeei aad more cape i tbaa those who lied heoomo rich at a more moderate ic, and scoordiag to tbo aotlooe of aomo poopio In a '* equivocal Bias nor In a few years we abali see the "ill of the prraeat ayate of ra.iroad flnanciertag in uach Icagor list of bankrupt aad noa dividend paying pahtaa, rhera were no shipments of apceio from this port to rope laat woek The total asportation for the meaib * 11.JOS,000, against 1104,834 for toe tame moath laai ar, while the aggregate rar pis'rem California were oni 12 0O< 016 leea than la ibe same month of ISM ? result shows greatly a-ainst ue, compare with ttio responding period last year t. H. Nicolay'a re?mar eetul weekly auction aala of eke and bonds wtn take piaoe on Monday next, the 1 Vab .at half past twelve o'do'k, at the Merchants r.aaage tie Aaaiatant Treasurer of thla port reports tha opera is oa satnrday as follows ? e receipts |W,M IV , ?>paymteia ?(>,??? M ( al balance 12,?IM?8 78 i be warrants entered at the Treaury Departmtat, ' eb'ogtoD, oti the 28th ami arth lemaet, were at tot ( rt:? the redemption ef atoste IS.J2I 01 ' the treasury Department 1-'<,4SS ?? * (MtOOM 12J It) "1 "iirrtttiPio?i??<lMilMl->r?ii ii.iSI II b r rrpny W?rr?nu f?c^v?fl mil roifr?l ... 14 693 11 P <rtor rc}*y werrente ro?*? r? I ,?n>1 MWNd. fl I0*> 17 account el the navy 7. MS OS < in mlerelleoroue eeuroaa 4.9S7 14 " m iMOt 1,119 St be deficient Ireeanrer of title r^rt repot te the roc.e'r'e * dieburremente of bis effloe daring the a-wto o( Jee- in f, 1887. M IWewt:? rrif s or ths A mist ass Te?A?r?RR I* fl , New Vem. * MntipU ml IHUrjrtrmrnti unrjr t, IK,7, h) beietcr S7.074 967 9 * ltp'.s during the month ? _ n (-count of custom* SI SO'.,8*1 51 * uroi flree 6,048 ?4 *' Mt Office iKpertnenl. 663 403 07 260 0,0 00 niilenooue 11 001 41 ' 6.474 4)0 2J To??i rioicTtrie q! ?i,e>rn<? *' ?ury (Irene 6S.69t.S7S *1 Offioe do 406,043 HI 3.811.12.1 IS J; tieece .Ten 61,1*67 si,078 9,171 " ieleece, Cr.. d aborting ec ?? ^ uinia 1,789 71 S6 r* weipt* during the month.. 1 li.Hxtu S.lSl.Stl 08 ft 1J.01 97# 17 r, 61,776,901 Of V By BaJaico Or, tatoreal uaouk [ 18 TO paysentaa. 608,914 86 Balance wjoM 84 By receipt* (or cnatom* In January, IMT... 4,696,874 61 ' " do. do. 1868 ... 3,799,291 OS Inereaae la January 1867 866,888 48 By bo loo o? Cr., bullion and eipeoae account (or Am; offce 1,798,416 16 " coin received daring the moo lb 648,160 68 By floe bar* during tbe moatb 466 698 40 091,746 98 2,788,188 I'd To pij meals In cola 908,244 24 " do. Una ban 768,166 60 i. 1,769,879 74 Hainan 1,086,788 38 By coin In band, Jtsntstaot Troa- I OTCT'B Ollioe I? Ml.lttt OB By ooln in band In imy office 406,864 06 11,013,493 19 " 0c? bait ? ? 410.427 13 " n< parted bullion ' " 1,300.919 98 " bullion at mint for oolnaia. 30,067 80 1,903 000 IT Total lit,9i4 498 10 The annexed itatement exblbtta the bualneoa at the l ulled Mates Assay otlloe at New York, for the month ending Jan. 81, 1867:? Deposits or gold? Foreign coins 94,800 Foreign bullion 12,200 United States bullion 1,300,000 81,383,000 Heposila and purchases of silver? Foreign coins $13,000 Foreign bullion 18,008 U. States bunion, contained la gold. 10,700 " ? oMoolns 97 ? 612,400 Total deposit#, payable in bare 906,400 " ' ? coins 400,000 81,436,400 Gold barssttBPe l 208.416 87 ITIUDIUKII 10 u. o. mui, rniia , ror coinage 011,111 10 The value of general merchandise lm|>ofled Into this port dnrtng 'ho week ending end including Saturday. Jan. 31,i 1867, amounted to $1 180,211 Dry goods a,002,179 Total Importation $1,182,390 Tbe value of exports In the same lime, wore as fallows ? Ueaeral merchandise 1,213,248 i.xoesrt or Imports over exports $3,910,184 The returns of the hanks of New Orleans far the week eadlng Jan. 17, compared with those or the week pre vlons, show the fallowing changes In tbe leading departments:? Increase In short loans $930,498 Inoreaee in specie 21.776 lncro. ee In circulation... 248,832 Increase in deposits 824,181 Increase In amount due distant hanks 87,409 Increase In exchange 81,384 Stock Exchange. sUtvsiut, Jan. 31, 1867. $10000 Missouri 0's.. 84\ 246o she KeadgltR .i80 81 1000 Cal a 7*s, '76. 68^' 700 do 81',' 6000 Virginia A's .. 9l \ 10 do hlO 81', 2(00 N V Un R 7'S. 101 300 eo....hP0 81?i 201(1 M 8 S r F bda 81 200 M ri Jk N I Kit one 81 190CO III C RK bdt o 99 100 do tOa 80* 1000T B Ai3d M. 76* W ,l0 2?^ 30 aba Porlc Bank.. 99 100 do b10 81* 60 Am K* Bit tcrlp.. 109* 16 do . 81 * 30 Bonk Com ?orip. 103^ lOPutmoRK 96* 6 B?ok Commerce. 104 18 111 Central KR.... 123 6 Del & Hud Cm Co 119* 707 do 128* 40 do b3 119* 100 ?o I'M', 60 Ohio 1. AT Co.... 99 100 d b#0 129* ICO NIC Transit Co.,. 4% 19 CI Col, A 01b RRI. 102 )2 Hodton Rtv RR.. 31* 2C Harlem RR preCd 68 618 N V Con RR... e 94 1000 Die* A l'oledoitR 71* 100 do 030 94 10 do .. 76', jOO do b?0 94'? ICO do.... bOO 7?.'? ,00 do b30 94)6 112 Wlococ Leko.S Ml ?0 wn do 94', 100 ladiBMp.v'HaKK. 04 (,Q4 60 0 94'. 100 L*CroeAl4llUUbdO 71X 400 Erie RR MO 01* 270 do 71* 300 do b3 01* 100 do.... bOO -3* ?m? do 01* 80 do 71* .<rn do ?3 01* 2C SllO'DHlon RK... 60 70o <10 ?80 61* 0 COUAK'tlan'IKRc 99 100 do ....bOO 02 6 UaI A Cblo RR.. 104* 600 Keadlai RR 81* 29o do ? IC4 309 do.....*b30 8' , ICO do b90 104* WM1 do *. *3 81 , 60 da bOO 104* HtCOND BOARD. $1000 Ce'lfe *' . '76. od 100 bbo 111 Ceo RR... 128 , 1000 III Ceo KR bd? 99 100 do 129 10 elu Ilk Commerc o 10:1* :6 Walen* a Cli Kl! 101* 2! 0 Peso Coel Oo.... ICO 60 Ob * R 1 RR b60 991, 60 OambCoolCa.... 19* 60 do.... oOO 98* ft0 do 19* 60 do b30 90* 810 Clove ft To) RK.. *.?'* 60 do 99 ICO N YCK lOOeS dr 90 30 <lo. 99* 100 do ... .b30 90 * 86 I* Or A MUw RK Tl* lfO do opi 90* 60 K.rte RR b3 01* <,0 do npg I** 20O Kcadloc RR... M 81* 60 i'O ?30 90* 2(0 do bOO 81* 200 M B A N la R. .op| * * CINCIKNAT! STOCK HAI.S8, fly Btmm d H Inet, for tkr II'mA M'?t mg Jan. 29, 18..7. BOOT* 26.00C Cln. Htm Bod Dtjion R R 2d mtfc 7'? 8.1* 6,COO Co* A lei. R. R 7* 2d ?ort. b it. Md lot...06 8,000 do. do. do. do... 06* 1 cro miltfcoro' ACio R K 7* lit mif bdrond lot. .46 6 000 ''In. A Cblr II K 1( '? rrtl etutla i<d* . Butler A Meredith. trustees end 1st 26 l.rco Cot. A Lex. B K It 'a tnc b<!? an ' nl 03 2.000 lnd k Co. K R 7* Id mtf b If sod ml 60 l.OuO Liitle M ami K B. 7'*, due July 1, 186* 66 780 Utile Miami B. B. dir. aerl? 701; to..SO front*. 100 ebd. "hlo A Mississippi snd lot 7H 184 Clncmuatl A Chicago ud lui 2 SJ 10 111. Ham. A 1 > \ ion 66 60 Belle ion taloe A Indians S*. dlv 86 110 MarietU A Cla. ano 1st 16 36 ludletapolla and Ctn 84 loo do. do. SOtld. and let 66 80 Columbus A Xenla. H6>j 16 Lima Miami 80 40 Indiana Central 10 too Mad Blear A Lake Kris 16 28 i or A I.exloitun and tnl 18 CITY COMMERCIAL HXCPORV. li?Tr?fi4Tt Jaa. 81?OP M. The rare w?atbsr *f to day tended loiospend ope ratlOM la nearly al braocbe* of trade: not door basinet* ru impreoi wtuia, owing to the rata sad heavy thaw, rendering ibe atresia almost Imt saalbia. Arm* ware quiet at a 7Ho for psta, and 7\e. a 7*28. for paa'ia. HaaiDarrr>a ? Fiotr?Tne salsa were oooiined to a Tew imali lou to the local trade, al uaehaogsd prioss. Hie few tales made were eflecled at about the folirwiag tio(rt>tiuii ? Commoa to goad State ft 39 a $6 48 Camatea lo good Mlohlgaa 6 60 a 6 40 Kxtra Plato 70a 6 M Common to gcod l?hie f 30 a 6 *0 KmtreOhio ? 60 a 7 00 toathara mined to good bran da 7 00 a 7 to " faaoy and antra 7 t6 a I 00 Oaaadiaa suparOaa aad antra 0 40 a T 70 No vale* were reported la Canadian There * aa a Lm led inquiry for Noutbara brands, but os lerms which wars In invar ot purchaser* especially fi- <v m a V} , > murd grades, while extrs branda were quite lUady at quotations Wheat? Holders oontmtitd lo emend former prices, and choice southern white la small lot* waaaalaeable lordly milling, ai tl SO. ntner grades wn-e quite retains) f'arn we* a.ft sad nominal, at 60c a 7'dc from Ibo Atlantic aad city etoraa. Bye wm searoe and Arm lor pr'ma N .rthrra, at SI. Oala were sochaaged Cor to won nteady. but no traaso<-Uo r.a were reported Orrrw ?'The aoloa woe- cnstloed tr shout o.ono * 8,000 bolt , baaed upon middling uplands at ebosl lt'tc. a ISc . aad m ddltng New '?ri#an* a: 13 ?< The advioos from the South gcaerally concur la rrpreeeatiag a Qt'nan off la rr< oipis, which have imparted greite- nrnagth to thr market hare tatHiHT*?We hare oatf lo report rngaremea.a ?o | I 'verpool "I 1.000 hh!a n r it h Sd 600 behw or i cottoa al 6 l?d . ICS bore* barm 'ib* an 1 a lot of | 'arl at lha * e Hear* Crate wa* ncrrloal at 7J a i " la bu k and bag*. A c'aegow steamer "agagod i brary good* at 40a . and inao grata at lOd To | i nadoa Dour wat at 3t, aad bsiry good* al So* Halt a to Harrs were uncharged 4 reaael for 1 Pur to Kteo was engaged fhr the voyage at $1} I ? htve noi varied dur eg the w e while re;??pls i i>sts by thr trmprotnu* ??ste c thr weather bees in a ( mraiure cut Off No 1 ia-ge mackerel were hnld at ?'I6 i ?nd No 2 i?'r- at Si ' and 2 amall wor.? flr-'i *1 irrbanged prleas. Uekird herring were at >t So n 86 t ahile fmokrd wrreqn-et and dip! try col ranged from ? [ i 9 1 for llArhirhrtRd! Mut Uiari?t?? 0 nr- bann bw u antiee dur'Ljr a ?uod mrt of the work, i md raief here embraced A.OC > Kio t.mtidn, et 81>{r e I ifcc 10 coo Pierre l/MW tod Him?r 10 arrive et :t)n. \ or tbt lormer end k%i lor tbo iatuw tad 479 Lacuna t ipc. f 1 fAtiifi ? The wpti durlaf tbo week bar* ooa j eued food. end p*te? ftrm Onwellera* ? iota fbrwarded J UODtrr bane l?eeti detained lilt* Krte RR depot at I iiroi' oi witbwbrh ntcioourae ban beew for eometiiae t i?j i rdfil on %< oent of tbe too. < k. *- leather 'irre. and cnmmeada rnry Ml prteae Tb<i mo email I Mhe week he* boon M fol!?we ? fUmlori.. ftak. i uflfti U.000 S.000 !'?? 20,9n<) I ?<w ? Mk 14 "(K' 4.900 Mouwi^ ?Small ?alr? of Sow Orlrwn* (a bbt?. wor9 ('? at 79c Other d?acr!p41ia* wore fjalct. I Kavm, *;mri-?The Market for -plrlte waa tlrm wiu> t iff I In t i* paw fay c loo of about t.OCC bb'.e at 91 o f ?r , rath end lime addJef nurret C.-udo ww aold at t ior WVmtaftor. per VM)'b? Ootr non roMt wee qaiat c ?1 fitter 10.b? tellrartt. a 0.i? -I.taeee-1 mi an et, bat quite irm. and ealeesio i iirali lo<* at *9 aii- ca?h I'rado vai et?e?iy II I 9110 Crude wbaie waa raater: '?<vi tMi were wvd m'fffaya tor caab Mire oil waa Orm la haelete, ir OS to lor ijaarta. and 94 99 lor nicla. Palm or war U iilak lb ' week. wlt? ealee Ot IMJ.COU .at , oat art tad, 1 p t. I ard oli waa uacfcaBffd pi VK-eiooo*?Pork?fb* trarVet Prater, with ?air of a* Mrat Out bbla . part to arrive 'if-'' -ve* oew tnene at ii vf a t.'l 6?'. ci i?'r| at Ihr iat'-r lifnre; oil uieea hi t.i and p* me a' 91" ' > a MS , ??a Prat. wim i 'd t ea o* 76 to KO hermit at 90 59 a * ij 41 for oan?r? Ij *w prime. ami 91o 79 a 91 n 'or new mono P.?pa -ed 'ralrro primr mean aa? t?wf ham* wneo wnob*a*nd. ecnwaofitm allO'f a lie The eela of 9,006 be*^ da In if eod abort riband taHdfee, dalivarahle la Yew ft r'eeaa novord 1 reterdar an baoia* h?au made oa ?rl tiale'tra wrre at Ife per fb C. t meow were >t et, in' id pfrer nrrhonfrt l.ord waa fim w'rh a fnjd la Hr try b?tb en the apot and to arrloe, at 13c a 13?c 1 ft 5 Batter to Ifrm at joa V6e :or |?y) Bute, ?o4 at l?c. a 32a. tor Ohio. Cbeeee woe I to a 11 *c Rio:.?There woe outhtug reported, waue prices were nominal at 3 %e. a 4},o. Bcoum ?Tbe lnoiomeaoT o' lie weather cheek *t ea'ea, which were composed of com jarativelp retail lota, including 10 bhda Cuba mo ccrade at 9)<c. a 10c. the following table glree the el jok at the cloae of the moatb tcr 1868 and 18*7 ? 1868 1167. Cuba, bhda 1,839 4,430 Porto BJoo 10* 1,100 ? 11 NewOrleonn 1,080 ? Surinam 97 ? English Inlanda 984 990 Total 8,887 * 3,86% Exceia in favor of 1857 - - ,1.*? noxef 'rusm Mol&do " W ItwUlbeseen from the above table that el tbe Mate period tbore were 1,630 hnne of auger in tble market, whereas et the prnee-t tune tuere la aot e hhd. Oonilderlng tbe limited auppl ee io toe Interior, end particularly at tbe Weat, hitbrrn obtained from New Orleans bow Immeaaarabty out off, tbe a toe a may be conaldered e light one. ADVERTISEMENT K MEW ED EVERY DAY. rtr BUuntlona end Hnp, mm S?\U? Ptf?. s10l0rkd t rkfilh im> nitf a i.8?furnished only at .IMS Hroadway ' be < urloua are invited to call and ciatuioe the apeeimen tunic N. ti.?Pealttveiy no colored stamping dune lor otiier itore* j h 'jibbrtiir, 5w Broadway. Gymnastic rxkritol ? init vntsr medicine kor mending a bad cotinti il'o >od preserving ig.MXl one. All person* of Mtrdenlm v bvio a -'mul l not fall to ivij iy tbelm advantage* of ? I roper course ol pbys.',il :ra atag, nucIi aa pursued at .lobn Wood anew '.ytmiaaiuni. No p Kaat Twenty eighth atreet, te ar if ti avenue It would c-hiribote great!) to tiietr alork ol be illh ??o hanplmaa. and in 1.0 flare >n the city can a letmre boor be spent w ill greater pleasure and piotit. Dyspeptics wil do well to reaiemner Wood a Uymeaetem. INDIA RUBBER GLOVE* itntt N1TTRNB?LINED and uulined. for cold or ant we.uh-r, au excellent remedy for chapped banda, saltrh"am *c , bleach the nam!* and ren der tliein soil aud smooth the oil'?i glove wtB be found tory useful in liouaewbrk r ir aete at all rubber sto.vs, and at No. 36 ,)oho street, up alali a. HTklNI'IKI.D. KOLk AOr.N; FOR THB PHI riCI? O . Males i?r ihe gii e of Ule oe unrated billons and rhetor* cognac bitters, the woud? r o toe world 1 big v&l i& i.u cornIwihiiI ?u jiriinwi'il mi l.u'oue atid hrought to its present state of perfection and uaetulneas alter far* of loo and research. It hae boon use i III no yiif ihe dret heaplUle, anil recoil oil tbe approbation < f ilio man celebrated pays bin* in tho old oomitry. In the Unltou i? es particularly la .h.s city, an wi II iih in hurnpe, it bus recti v-,| tb? moat unbounded appriiiiation , ami it has never tailed in one single instance u? produce a perfect cure ho tnuiiy should bo without it an tour, aa many valuable lives n,*y i,? saved by It* no: For cholera, diarrluea. or hiltou* complaints, it ts without a rival In tho hlrtory ol medicine en a ocoven'ire or remeCr for the cholera, dlarrho a. bllioua a't ick- ?e . It I* wttbout an ei|iial. ami among tlie a led invipa In the tJriniea it haa been lined wilb the mont urn i an bed surcuas, giving die pa llei.t perfect relief in live mluii in 11 ia also an e reel lent promo tiveofillocation, realorea Iho tone ol a disorganised stoinaeb and aliniuiatea the appetite ah a beverage n will take j re etnl sent rank, being perfectly pore and unad a Iterated and eileeiiingly lo tie- ta le and It tuav he drutk '< th lite ntnioM salety, 114 only small u inu'.iiles are necesvyry to pro I dure the desired ellect. mic' ?? have Invariably lo ma It whenever ive have naed It mid wo are never wtthoo a bottle or two in our Mr. Met ebl'a depot la Kn 71) Nassau alreet. toulh east corner of John street, New York, where all oerantit t ailing will be aitrndej lo erpn I he utmost promptness. For sale by all tlie roapeebible liars, drugglsuiand groceries. . rrnK rcrofcla ts a at oOrur. 1 Itrcudeia man or woman miserable. Tt curves hem wbh running sorea It mati them tlllhy and 11 make* life unendurable hi then. 1 tin grow up a iraae el diseased matter?their b Mies >otteu ihclr tlesb purulent? their breath horrible. If ibm marry ihev entail I [ion iIioho with whom tliey live, and rear a lean v but to pr . agate a pegtilenee. I bank In m ti iheie is now one ee-m.a ".re for scrofula ft Is nr AUUer iuuld 1 mine or pure lod no waler Hold by AN DRRh ,t KO-D K. No S Hocend avenue and Broadway: If. H' Va lii II road way, and by all drngglata in the city and country. Til* INCOMPaRAIII.R P*.N-PRI*rKP IMPROVCO protean foimlalu pen patented fan IB and Per 29, 1*96. Durable, beautiful an 1 ine'ii.-the labor saving per With the many portable at v lea on liana wt? have juat tn'rodeced an approved atyle for bankers and S"c mounts Pencils and other bard rubber goods aoid at tbe depot, 290 tfroadmaj. (Orio r Of Krade street Mi, Miiiiit -on tbo 3d of jauuary. 1417, at 131 U? Rl*. teemh Direct, the wile of wiu.?m 11. Milieu, of a daughter. Married. Miiuman?yaokak ? uo Yi-uixtay. Jan 20 by the Kev. Mr. Htryker. Mr. Wiluam Maiuuea to Mim Mait K. i miman, all of ihli city. Died. UsmswooD?On Hundny, let 1, Wiixum Jane*, ?!<! ret sua of Jnmea and Kii/.a Greenwood, aged I year. It month* and 38 day a. The tunrrai will take place to morrow afternoon, at naif pact two o'clock Irora No 21 Water street. The frientia of the reoil'y ere rreprottally lerltod to etkead. Brtetnl and Dublin paper* p'easo copy. HiliO -On Saturday ernoing, Jan SI, el 7 o'clock, | Caynaaiaa Hainan, after a long tiiaeea, aged 10 yea re. 10 mnnthe end IS deya Her funeral will lake place from the reel fence of ber mother, No 40 Naaex etreet, thie afternoon al one o'clock Ber frienda and the fiienda ot the family are in viied to attend. Blown ?On hnturday, Jan 81, Kuxaewrn, with of WR< liatn J. Brown, aged tie year*, s months end 18 day*. Ber remain* were interred la the family ground fa (.'rem wrod Cemetery Ran fr'raaeteco, Caifornla, paper* plena* copy. ftaaru ? At the residence of ate son. la Treaeoat etreet, (toutli Brooklyn, Janm O rahaeu.. aged 77 rear*. The relettree and friends are tnrtted t* attend his lacoral, ihi* afternoon, nt two o'clock. Gii>a ? On Hnnany morning. Feb 1. of oonaumptioa, Hia rentieoi and Tneadt are respect! ally mrltad u> alii nil hi* tnnerai. Ihta aflrrnooa, at on# o'eiooa. row HQ ?tii HtMtMtli atrial Nawhurg pa pan pieaeacopy. ni Miumi ?On Sunday morainf, Tab. I, after a inert and aerere linear, Rartiaa Rraanaitaa, Jr . aoa of Renben aad Ktwamoiui H Itnrkbaltar, and grandson of Dr. A 11 Wllim, in the lib year of hla aga Iho relatlrea and Inanda of the fa n ly era raap?etroil| Incited to attend bta Tuneral, thla afternoon, at ooa o'eltr.k, Irom the residence oT ha paranta, 111 waet ftftcrntb * tract. Hkowih ? im Saturday, Jan 31, after a abort hot acre! a itinera, raaaKua I'mat *, youngest ton of Abraham aad Jane lirower. *red 4 yetre. T rooatbt aad It day*. Our I'leroe baa youe? Oh boa era lorcd him 1 Bat ataa ' loo wall. Pan at*. do an mourn? tt'ith lean* ha does dwell. Ha funeral win uk? piaoa thi* afteraeon, at two o'clock, from the nw idea or of hla father. No 247 Heery met Iba reialtr** and Meada of tt* (amity ar* re prrt'ully tartlet lo at toad the fnaarai. wnboet further tnvttetion alee the mcreb< ra of Abraham's Lodge, f A. M. and Mutual Ledge. I O nfO F ihaahir ?Oh Saturday, Jan II, Craa*. daught. of John and Margaret ir.mond, ayed 4 year* aad month* <9 Her frier do aad acquaintances are .. .. , to attend her lunaral from the rr? . , 7 neroed Kmrn* -Oi Sunday Jeb l, Mabt B., yroegml dnu*ht?r of l'etcr and I ranora K itches. The rriat.rn ac t fr' nd* o( tne family art roiMeUallr mmeu io attend toe wnerai from her NMi't. oor??T of F?iy flrft atreet ?u<i d-? oa?i ???? U?t* afternoon of two o'clock. "oil?On Ron-mr eeerli??, Feb. 1, of oonenmplloa, Ctrl. (itanru.e /all, la thr 'lath year of hia a?e. Hi* fcD'ra' will take place, from No II 01 var MfM. to morrow alie'noon, at two o flock The A'.lac'to Ish'i* ol Free and tnrepted Maaoaa, and a'ao lodf* No. 1 of I'olted Brntbero, will ploaee laka ootiot. ImwtT ?On datarday, Jan. SI. Jam* Drear, i(N 10 fear* Tbe re'alier* tad frtinda of th* fatuity, alto the m.?m t?ert ot I o.. c'.t tcapter Koynl Arrb Maaoaa. tbe Marrl Here 1-cdM and Wtai, Dtrtoa Chapter, No. *, < C. A are ><ai<rf tiuliv mailed t? attend hia (no-rat, 'rotn hw lata *v ?ora JMt -eianrey atreet ?o morrow men i ay at en o'ctorm, wtlhoei turtiiar Ineltatton Rta remaaa wtB ?e it ken to Fa"'eld, C~oo "or inierte-ot. N kta ?At VT . amabur* oo Sam-Jay, ear 31, la r, ? "W I/r-er.) Nor;'i ar< t yev? Tbe faaeral will take place at two o'oteck. to morrow I'tr n-or fiom her late --allme. So. |. i \orth -Brib 't'crt. Her remain* wll' betaken to M.ddi* V law*. L. !. Fi-oown ?In B- mltlyn on ftoterday. .Taa. 11, of croup. >illM Hour. fj'trr"* ?"? "f A. W. O. bad Barrtot f. Ipocnrr. tied 3 and I mottlm. Tbe frirn t? of Ike and tboaa of bin (fraadfather. be lato .Iota Forney, ore -eapertfully tanked to attend he funeral, to morrow, at tweiro o clock, without farbe-notice, from tl Front ?\reet. MAi't>m ?(?a Haturr-ay, .Ian 81, In tbe fell aanreaoe f n h irned it mortality Aacamku> Maopw*. 'n tbe Mib ear e( bin *?? nte retail-en and rrtaadeare reepnetfbilf melted to atred bin funeral, at bin late rretdeaoo. 1*0 Heme#* (treat, F tltamibanr to - t aa*u> ?<>n rri<i?r, Jan 30, TIoim J. Siuui, ia the %>h yrer of kit The frtasda of tbe family nra raapaotftiily irrimd toadrr.i tbr fnneral, from bit tola ranld'maa. So T Froat tree*, Brroklyn, th? afternoon. at Ikraa o'elaak, withvt Inrther Invitation. Mr 1fe.-0e Saturday, Jan SI, Mm M*?t MrtJm. TUt rrlatima aa<l frmotin of the lamiljr ara 'eapertfoliy ivile.l |n attend the funeral. frrm bar 'ale reatdaane. IS 'rater atreat. tkla aneraoca. at I wo o'clock, wttttot further ln?1t?Mok . u Mot too-Pa ?atordae. ,'a. St. of eotTolotota it.aim cat:*!?*, yaaaffM aoa of (forge H. Mailer l?f e irt"ai> a is If fay* ?M1| -On iffr'ar Ju hi. If 4 am* WiirTO relict M 4-> lata ChrdeMtii ? White. ee?d ? yeara 7he ra and '''-ads ? th? family art reaper* Tally )t frrt ?o attend 'naeraf from her late roatdaooa. at m oo speet, th ? aftrraooa, at oaa o'atoak p** ?!a 8rork'yn on S*>aeday. Jan. 31. aaddaaly. at kraiytw Mra Km* J lur, la the lid yaar of hay re __ . H< r t? aada an I aor) aintancea are tor*ted te al'nt >r fvnrra .'rr-ir Ihft rrm .'aare ? her ano Then aa D. ?' No *<V" .nrer H? ry. -v-tb drooa a, th'a afternoon. atone a'ctork. pndadtlpaia pspera piaaae oopt 0?v -on ? Pa Saturday lae 31. tfeono:j*?, jooofetl ufbier a tfei>'?e W aad Caroline M. Bmpaoa, a*ed 1 ar nail 6 moi.tha T e ? atlraa at friend* oi the family are reapar'.flt if ntrd to ?|t, ad '.he funeral, trom in Ourtrd ?me, rob if a, to da/, at t eel re o'clock, without farther feat'on