Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1857 Page 1
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ITH i? r! WHOLE NO. 7161. 1 f ; THE BOND STREET TRAGEDY. jdditional Particulars of the Mnrder of Dr. Harvey BunMl. ,\|TENSE EXCITEWNT THROUGHOUT THE CITY. JJoDtinuation oi the Coroner's Inves1 ligation. MD.nnT Tain nniTVT nDVH WTS I1 OiaJtVLJjinur HIGHLY IMPORTANT EVIDENCE. i ? 'F.gTinOHf OF YOBBO SRODGEASS. 1 I Che Search of the Bouse Resumed f with Strange Results. Proposed Reward for the Discovery of the Murderers. Jmproved diagrams of the premises. Thousand* VMt the Scene of the Tragedy. INCIDEXTI, i to., Ac.. to. I j Tbe Bond aireet tragety I* no ail-abaorblng topio Of eon venation. Nothing bu ovi-r trauaplred la New Y irk that baa oauaed aucb a gejeral eichomtnt at tbe horrible Jand mjatertoua murder of I)r. H irvey Burdell, tbe Bond ptreet deuttat. Every h iur tuoreteo* the easltemenl of tbe populace; and rumor. ?lta t< n thouaaud tongue*, la !busy con ecturlng tbe eauve aod r>-al motive or tbo asaatalua In tbua startling tbe oomuiuntty wlih a crime of ao mined terror and myatery. Arcuud tbe flrealdea, In the jDocntlng ofllcea, In the railroad cara, and in all the courta, street* and alleya ot tbe metropolla, the name of 'Burdell la in every one'a mouth. Tbe uncertainty and ,'horrible myatery that aurrauuda tbe oaae gtvee It a peculiar Interest. Every one aecka for aometbtng delnlte, . omethinv tangible by wnloh to shape bit ideas, and arrive at a rational oonclualcn at to who the guilty partiea |r?a!,y ure. inoof md? vUtled the soono of the murder yoeterday irorbing hoping by some moans or othor to obtain ,avntlitacce to a a pot which will be notorious for ia ceetnry, per ha pa, aa beicgline aoene of the most shocking and m> vterlom tragedy ever enacted on thta contl neat. jThe Helen Jewtti and John 0 to t caaea were comparative!; intlgnlfleant event* when compared with the one wbloh bow claim* all the attention. The tragical ' romance* which have preceded that of the Bond street murder will torg'be foregotton when the particulars of the fearful fate of Harvey Burccil will be fresh la the minds o: every one. The noteork of mystery that la 'thrown around tbotnrriblo uflalr, and the unavailing eflorta.of,the anthorltlea to terrei oat the autbora of the midnight aeeaeslnatton, produce* the moat Intense ex d'em eat among all class* i The reiult Of yesterday's Investigation, although It watt to polat the Soger of saeploioe el oertala parties, Skill It did not serve te clear ep toe dark and Impenetrable veil which has been cast over tae entire occurrence. few olrenmelancee have traaapured which may or miy*cot land t* the detection of the person or persona ! who have perpetrated this ox.raordtnary crime, i < >u Sunday night tha Coroner's aaeistent oaded upon Mr. gad Mrs. 8taiat S7 Mercer street, both of whom were called apoa the eland as witnesses yesterday. Mrs. Stevens stated that Mr. Easel called apoa her some ,tlme ethos, and triad to got her to go to No. 81 Bond street and romaln thoro some time, while Mrs. CuonlagMam would go and stop at Mr. dtevens' bouse, tboreby making Or. Burdetl jealous, and so as to get him Into a row aboct Mrs. Cunningham .-the also stated that more , thaa two weeks ago Or. Harvey Bur4ell was at her buoae, and stati 1 that there was a dispute between him and lire Cunningham and Mr. Kiksl; that he, the dtotor, was afraid tbey would murder htm?that he hardly dared sleep la bis own hta owa boose.for f<*ar of their taking his life. This tt will be remembered, wet told to Mrs Btoveaa by Or Burdell two weeks before hie death. Mr. sad Mrs. Btsvsns wars than taken to ghe Fifteenth ward stall >n bones, when Mr. Eokel wee istrodaoed, and they were asked II he wee the Baa; they replied that be was the maa, they know him by hie faoe end form; bat wben tbey saw him I balore he was sot so bald? be bad black hair oa bis head, Mc. Tha Coroner did not tbiek tnta dillvreoceas to the 1 appearance of Mr. Fekel very Important, bat nevertbeleos noted It, end whils eiamtatng the premises (band the wig of Mr. I okel secreted la a nightcap la hM oeil. On batag asked the reason lor this change la his appearMoe. aad why be did aol wear hie wig, Mr Cokel seemed ooofured, bat at length eell be bad forgottea to pat It oa. the second search of the house. Tho ecoad eearob of the prrmieee iraa oommeaoed feeterdey morning, w.tb a rlew of Badla?, If poaelble, I Mint olae to the marderer. Tho kttehoM and Milan won ee? re bod Mil oloaoly. hirer? thing ana oerafally aorutinud bat aothiof wm dlacorarod that eooM la any way lead to tho dotoatlaa of tho perpetrator! of the orlmo. I Krory aoofe aad ooraer of the Iqwer part of tho hoaM wm aeon hod, all arttolee of olotblac wall aeruiialxod, I aad diligent effort! won outdo to dtooorar farther traoM s Of Mood, bat wlthoat affect The eehra la tho oeUar wm alao learehod, m wall m the grata to the kitchen, the ytotrtaa, oloaata aad wnthilaede, bat to ao purpaM. All the (Qorta of the ofDoan were aaaaoooaafal, aad I hoy hod iuat ooeciadad the aearr.h whoa the atleatloa ' the Or rnear wm eaUad to a dlotarbaooa which occur rod to the upper port of tho hoaee. L'poa proooodtag ep tun. it wm foaad that oee or two or In Quotation'a ouaoal had obtalaed admittance ts their client e apart Moot, ooatrary to the eipraaa darln of fho Ooroaar ud the gentlemen of the jarr. The eflloan ware commended te bring the gentlemen down etelrt, whoa u oiciUeg Been a look plaoa. Coroner One nary nbakod the goo tie an lor their oMdnst aid aooldad the otBoon Mreraly War ailea'ag than to pan op (tolre Tho ooaioal aold that they had ban admitted to tho reea of If-a Burden by the poUeeaeu ta attMOaaoe at the door, ud ware not a wan that they had Intruded la any way The OMttar wm eooa adjaaiad, ud the Ooroaar MBc eeed hie datarwlutloa to procaod with tho OorMor i laqaMt. improved diagram of the premises. OKOONP FLOOB. Oa tha a oread Hoar, la tho bask roow, ta the piece whore too aardoi wm committed. The parlor* below wen the reoeptlea roowa, aad thla wm the offlse la which the doctor praoMced dentMry. TbW room la obo'it IflOM by tweaty loot Tho following I w pro red ilognm rdi giro (be reader en exact Idee of the room ud the aatlre eecocd etorv of the bat dmr ? PIACKAM or PH. ITKKII.t'B ROOM*. ' ?;- 1 } f Dontni tool _ | I Barm | - := ll T m f<m?r ("7 | 11 J 1 |~t|? ir 71 lAblo. 1 i Q| "i ^ 8/t<* PtRUt* A*oOrrtp?. 1? Blood. |(*oott. j partition. I | "b (i Potd morlooi ?tnnln*Uo? -J SI bold In thin room. c rnorr Boo*. ' h __ if! ' BORD HTRWPT. * I \ E NE' M( THE UPPER OB POUBTH STORY OF THE HOUSE. Oa ascending to the fourth story of the building, we enter a Urge hall or landing, which la earpeUd. A largo trunk ntands near the doorway, and alongside It la an empty flour barrel. A ladder leads from this hall to a lott. Two diagonal ooraers or the landing are partitioned oil by boarda, which reaoh to within three or four feet ef the ceiling, tech so formed room being about aeren toe I agnate. The fohow lag la a hi AO It AM OF THK ATtlC. I A I i I i I If l i i ? a . to Aaiiway. { j { / [ J ? Hookcaae. r- MUe Cunningham'! __ Room 1??^' H ? 5 I f- Store 6 I ir i I Door. I KerranU' Closet Op?a. room, rnmce The bUWy ahirt au<1 ehee'. found here. jUoor. j Door j .... ir- _ A* aa*ocu?le4 It Mr Snodgraaa' room. |* room. ? 1 Window. [ I Window I BOND 8TRKKT. CL03ET RACING TUB STAIR WAT. The partition?d ofl corner (aolo( the itatri merely erred as a place for banging tap dreasoe and other arU clea of ladiea' wardrobe A large trnnk ta In the room, and towela and tklrta Ue in die >rder about the door, which In cor*red with matting. Here waefounda bloot stained but, marked " Charles J Kitchum," end several gory ipots ere on the matting, near the door One or tbo officers inform* onr reporter that Snodgrass olalms thia birt a* hi* property. BIQHT II AND FRONT ROOM. The right hand front room wm oconpltd by Scodgrasa, oaed * a dormitory, and contain* a large beditead, two bureaus, waihitand, two chairs, track, banjo, and a couple of plaster statuettes of Rolando and Gil Bias, with several articles of male attire lying about, the apartment being in a general state of disorder. One burean contains's clothing, whilst the other, which was partially empty, afforded a woman's comb, hair pins, pearl powdir, Ilc. LEFT FRONT BOOM. The adjoining front room was tensnUess. The floor Is covered with matting, and an old withstand "and ohair are all the apartment contains. The Arc grate has evidently been late'y used, and on raking oat the cinders on Saturday, it la stated that a small quantity of ashes or some woollen substance was found. There are two apotn of blood on the bandio of the door, and one near the keyhole. THE BACK BOOM. The back room Is ths largest on the floor, and was oooupiod by Mini Cunningham. It Is matted through out, and oowtalB* a fall set ol black enamelled furniture, and bookrack well flUed with works on various topics By the Id* of the bed la * large wool stora, from It, yaaterday alteraooa, waa taken a piece of newspaper oorered with bleod. The partltloood off corner ad joining merely oontalna a bedatead, a hair and barrel, uaed aa a table, and a few art Idea or woman'i attire. THE CORONER'S INQUEST. The Coroner and jury continued tneir investigations yeeterday, In the room on thr drat floor, imnaedlataly andernrath the chamber of diath. The prooocdtnga reoomminoed at 10)t A. M . the room being crowded 10 lta utmoat capacity. The esoltemenl consequent on thla terrible tragedy baa increased greatly alnoe Sunday, and many ol our leading cltieenB paid a visit to No. 31 B>nd atreet yesterday, and listened to the exaatinaiion aome time, from an rarly hoar or the morning, the neighborhood wee thronged with the cnrlona, bat greet diffljulty was experience J In paaalng the r-ont door of the Boone, owing to the atrong body of pilloe in charge of the premises. Ail kinds of dodges wore resorted to In ordor to enter the mysterious arena; n favorite plea being, "I'm a reporter;" eventually, however, the police dlaaovered who bad the right to the title, and many peraorarlag la d'.Tldnala bad the doer (hot to their faces. The exam'Let on ol wlUeosea was con tinned on the flret floor, which is cornpled by the hall, and a hack and front parlor opening into each other with faldlag doors. Toe Coroner sat .a the baok room; In tha froat room a n tnber of Inu'lvldnala dlsrnmed letfevtct the probahilitlea of the ease. and poltaemen congregated la considerable numbers 1 Ire or etx ladles, relatlrea of Doctor Bnrdell, wore preeeat. an 1 ovlacod the greatest Interest In the proceedings. Newly arrlrad visiters did all they pooalbly oonld to asoend tha aialroaae to the Doctor 's apartmanta, but tha pollrc had reset ved atr'ci orders to let no one pnie, end Investigation* ware there ft re oonflned to the Drat floor and the back entry. Among the new facea prenont yraterdny, were Judge Romall and Oakej Ball, both of whom aaaatod the Coroner la the examination of the wltaoaaaa. TBI BTIDBK At IMCtTSS. The jury ware desired to lake ta<ir aeaU. aad. upoa their namea batag eaUad. they appeared to be all praooat. Prvrtr ue la the etamlaalloa ot any of the witaeMaa. the Oarenar aoaaaaoad hla lataatloa of aieiodlag all the wltaeaaea from the room exoepl the oae under alanine boa. Be deaired that oaly oae wi aeaa ah on Id be preaent at a time. and. n aeoorlanee w tta th wuh, the witnesses were exolnded from the room At iMa juaeture the Coroner daalred hla deputy to make out three or four blank commitmeata, aa ha lateoded to ooomit the drat peraoa who attempte<l to Interfere with ha la the dlarharge of hla duty. TiaTDtONT OP VP. BPOMRAM. tteorge Vail Baodgre a waa brought forward aad placed a pea tba ateod. oa beieg duly aworn ha deposed ae foil owe:? g. How le^ bare you lirad bore* A. Hiooe November laat. Q. (Id yea eome here to board" A I waa turned hare by Mrs Ouaulagtiam. at bar reqnoui. aod aa her lived. y. Hare you beau intimate with nil tba family* a. I bare been intimate wHh them ail aaoept Mr. Eokal I need to aao him bare aad that waa all. Q. Were yoa not la tba habit of (tttlag with Mr. Fokal, la Mra. Cunningham room* A. I hara not been a the habit of dalag so, bnt I bars done ao. % Baa Mr. Burdall at nay p< rod ataee yen ram* here barn nittiag with Mr lot all la Mra. Caanlughana'a room A I never aaw hla do an to my knowledge y Did you ever obeerve any eloaa irtlmnr.y batweea Mr Burdell and Mra Cuaniagbam A. I nuapeetod frem what I taw that they were marrieo. y Did ant Mra Burdall toil ynu thai the waa not star rled. Ml bad rebuked Mr Bordell for breach at protsita? f A. No, air. Q. Did too bar from my one that tboy had A quarrel hwiaN of breach of promlae f A. Too. y Who did you boor It from? A. KM Roioa Caaalagban. y B? o( ao intimately ooaaociod with I bo tanlly, Mr*. Oaaciaghen never told you anything rogardtag tbo breach of promtaor A. Hho never did. y Did oho toll yoa that oho had a qoarroi with Mr. Harried la ooaae-tedwaa of hta aoeualag bar of dealing one papore not of tbo eecreury' A She did not y. Dtri yon boar It from aay oao* A. 1 did mi. q wore yoo eoaotaatly la tbo hooao darlag tbo < jay f A. I waa bar* dnrlat tbo prlaelpal part of tbo day, that la, aloce tbo Moaday aflor Now Year'a. y. What ware Mr. ferdeU'a oaaal bowra for leering aad oonlaff borne' A H# aaed to laaro aboo, a or ** o'clock la tbo moralag bo aaod to |? oat again la the af. toraooe to dlaaor y. Nld yoo over tea b m dlao n tnta h<voe? A. l did BOi. y What tine did be eone bone el eight ffoaorally peak'na A. I eaa't aay einetly b.o mod to oono home aa i?le m two o'oloek la the nnrr off on niffbt j I at h'.n la at about two o'cVoek A M , he generally cant howe between )Q aad *? la tbo worming W TO ORNING EDITION"?TUESD Q. How often did you let him In m Into U 1 o'olook? A. Ooly once. Q. Wu the hell door looked on that oooaiionf A. R mi not bolted, bnt could be opened with a night kef. Q. Did he ring the boll* A. Ha did. Did you ever know the ball door to be bolted at nigh/ A No. Q tfben wae the laet time yon eaw Mr. Bordell nitre? A. It wie about 8X o'clock on Friday morning. Q Did yon ore him that day or night or at all afterward*? A. I dtd not Q. Where were yon on that evening at 7 o'olook? A in wii nouse. Q Who wis it dinner ob that day? A. Mrs. Canning him sad hor two dnogMers; I mot Eokol oomlng dowa todtnaer, sod I wis coming up from Iho hasomoat. Q. Where did you go sfter dinner9 A. I oaao ay to the parlors. Q. Woe there say one there with yea? A. No. Q. How kmc did yen remain there? A. Some twenty miiatei; I think I weal up stairs thea previous to my going oat with Miss Cunningham. Q. Did yon see any one up there? A. I think Mrs. Cunningham earns down with me. Q What hoar a as it when yoe went out t A. About hair-past seven. Q. Wan it Mrs Cunningham asked you to go oat Wtth her daughter? A. No, Miss Helen hersei' asked mo to go out wtth her to bay a yell and some writing paper. Q. How long ell you ruinate out? A. We were oat from hah to three ounriers or an hour. Q. Whra you refunded who wan here? A I think George and Willie CusnU>gbim w* re here. Q How I org aid you remain In the room with MisiGunalngham ? A About flloten minutes or hair an hoar. Q. Where did you go to then ? A. 1 went ap stairs to Mrs. Cunningham's room. <j. What o'clock was it then? A. It was about Blue o'clock, I should think. Q Who was there whon you went up stairs? A. Miss Augusta and Miss Helen Cunningham; I dost know whether Mrs. Cunningham was there or not. Q. Was Mr. Eckel there? A. Ne. Q Can yon state positively whether Mrs. Cunningham was there or not'.' A. I oaneot. Q How long did you remain betore yon came down stain? A Somewhere Is the neighborhood o! an boor or an hour and a hall. Q. Where did you come to when yoc otme down stairs? A. To the kitchen. Q. Who was there' A. No one. y. Wu the cook tners? A. Net to my knowledge. Q What did yon want la tbe kitchen at incii an hour? A. 1 wanted 11 get eome water to waah mj self with, and alao to get eome cider to drink, y. When ytu got the water yon oame upstairs? A. Tee. y Aa yon peiaed through the hallway were the parlor doori open' A. 1 think they were ahot. Q waa the bah lighted. A. It waa; I lighted the gaa wh'D I oame down a lairs Q. Did you come Into the parlors? A. I did not. y. You walked up atalre again then? A. Yet. Q Where did you go to then. A. T> Mrs. Canningham's bedroom y. Who was there at the time? A. Mrs. Cunningham, her daughters and I think her two eons and Mr. Kskel. Q. What were they talking about? A. I coo'd not any exactly. y How long did yon atop tkero? A. About Ofteen minutes. y. Can you not tell what waa said? A. Miss Canningham spoke or going to eohool, or something of that kind, y. What time did you retire to bed? A. About 11 o'clock. y. Whom did you I ears In the reom a'ter you retired ? A. I think 1 left Mrs. Cunningham and her daughter Augusta there, y. Was Mr. Eckel there then9 A. He waa not. y Did be leave before youA. Yen. y You went to bed then ? A. I did. O. Did too come down stairs anr more that aicht! A. I did sot. y. IMd yon hear nay not? in the house that eight? A. I did not g Did Mr. fcokel go to bid boioro yom loft f A. I ooa't wear that ho did, for I don't know that ho did. g. When bad you tbo flrol intimation of tho murder f A About 0 o'clock on Saturday morning Q. Who Informed you ot itf A. Tho oook; oho came op to my room and told mo o( It. g You want down aad oa w tho body ? A.I did, and then wont np aad Informed Mm Cunningham of tho oc QUIT?CO. Q. Whoa yon Informed Mro. Cunningham of tho occur retoe waa there anything nnnanal about her appear anoo A. 1 thought oho w? going to Taint, and oaught her In my arma. y Did you go out fOr a phyaMaa A. I did at tho re quent of Mra. Cunaagbam. Q. For whom did yon gof A. For Dr. Siberia. Q. At wbaao raqueot' A. At Mre. Connlngham'o. g When he nam* what ooourred A. Mro. Ouanlng bam oommesoed raring wh? Dr. Roberta ?tared tho room. Q What followed A. Dr. Roberta lr?ed to ? otke Mre. Cunningham and pacify her g. Waa Mr. Eckel at breakfhot with you that morning t A. Bo w? not y. Do you know what time be left tho houno la the morning' A. I don't, It waa before break feat, how oror. Q In he not In tbo habit of alwaya breaktaet eg before going out n the morning A. Yen y How do yoo know be left the houne before treat faet A. Mro Cunningham told mo that bo hod gone out very early that morning. y. Are you not aware that a abort time after Mr. Esbel loft that Mre Cunningham w?t out after him In a oar tlage* A. 1 am not aware of the fact. y Do yea know or did you hoar that oho loft tho houee that bmwn*eg' A. I do not, neither did ! hoar that aha did ?. Tba wllaaaa here itatod that Mr. Kokol had recolud k note [ram a gaoUamoa on FrMtjr nlfht, recreation him to meet him atI o'olook tho roUow'ng morning, to square up m>m? old kooouotf Bad motion of bmataoM , that the nolo waa opeo nod woo handed bp wMaocs to Mr* Cannioghom who hM she woald giro It to Mr. Bokol. Q Do poo kaow northing oboul tho ?brt morbid < liar ten J. Ketchum whlcn woo loud up itolr>r A. I do, 1 borrowed it rroa Mr. KoUham loot oammor, mod N hoo rimolkod la rap pootoooloa our otaoo; I woo oo o roll to hlo hn?M, M<l being abort of oioaa olotbio, ha looood mo tho ortioio of wearing apporot. y Wbieb bod room do poo oooupp f A. 1 oooopp tho Ooat gorrot room. Q It hot la the lit bo roim ooot to that one meed for' A. I uaod to alaop lb It, but 1 eoa't oop what It ta mod tor BOW. Q. Did poo opor kaow of an? Ore boiag la that room I A. I did oo oao oomaloo y Whoa were poo I kit to Uto room previoaa to tho mania- A. lou'taap. y. Do poo oloop with thd hod mom door opes A. Not of ton; I geaorollp clooo It. y. Waa it opoo on tho night of tba murder ? A. It was. y for what roaaoa. A It waa oarelamneoa oo my pari, I t-tppnoa; I awoke In ho mlddlo of tho alght, and found that It waa open Q. What tlmo did pa f* .o had that alght * A. About II o'clock. O. What tlmo did poo got up tho followiag moralag f A. About I o'clock y. 1X41oo hoar aap aotao la tho btdroaaa that alght A. I did act q. Did Dr. BordoH our apoad u oreoiog with Mn. Cunningham in iMr room? A. Not to my kaowMgo. Q. Wm Mr. Rokol punotonl ot hrookfhal? A. Mo m q. Wm ho ooanlly homo daring Uto oraalaga? A. Bo wm; ho mMob tot oaL Q. DM yon HO KMW nay of Mo daughter* to aloop with tho ?<rthorT A I ham. Q. r*d Mro. Cunningham noiaHy oloop aloao* A mio did. q. Do r?0 mow w both or hor doochtoro ilapt with hor that night <r not? A. I out My pnottlmry; H wat olthor oa Thnroday or f rldny alfht that tboy iiopt with hor, hot which alfht I could not My. ?. Hid yea hnr Mra. Cuaalafhom aok olthor of th?m to tloop with hor? A. No. q. Want worn Dr. BordoU'a hahito whl?o ink' h n A. Bo tool no amid ii th? bouta wtiUt i hdro otaa r lag thaw UK fl AY, FEBRUARY 3, 1857. Q. Did yoo erer go into hi* room? A. I did <1. For what purpooer A. To here my teeth Oxod Q. What *u tho moaner of Mr*. Cunningham Mr. BurdoN to eocti othor* a. 1 did not toe thorn together Tory oftee; cnChrtsimoa day while i wu blackening my boot* la tho kttohe I turned around to the preaenoe or Mil. Cunningham aod Mr.Bur tell, and naked the lottor ir

there wwyrgood boot black at tho l otnrp Homo, dooooood took offenco at thio, and appeared quite angry at the jokr. Q. What lad 70a to inppooe that tbey ware married! A. Men Helen OunnlDgham told me aa mnoh la a oonfldenMai maimer, I vu eurprtied at hearing It, bat nevetroubled myteir with the matter any farther. Q Did yon ej oat to Mrs. Cunningham In reference to the matter? A. I did not. Q. What way did Dr. Bardell anally addreae Mre. Can Ingham when he epoke to her? did he addreae her aa Made ate or did he call her by her christian name when he epoke to herv A. 1 can't aay exactly. I don't know that 1 ever wet protect when he addreaaed her by name. Q. Did you over see any 111 leeling ex tiling between Mre. Cunningham and Dr. Bardell, and If ae elate when f A. There did teem to be an 111 looting between them on the night ef the party. Q. Whea did that party take piece A. tin the evening of the 14th of January. Q What oocnrred on that evening f A. Well, Mre. Cunningham bad eomeoompany tare; t wee what ti termed e eoolable; there wee dancing and tinging, and Mr Bardell dl|JJhB to ion the company much; at leeat I thought ae; Ik. Appeared vexed at Mre. Cunningbam'a having ae many peraon* there; Mre. Cunningham told Mr. Eokol . ad V that Ihorn mmM ka a VU Ika Doctor and herself, and If there ?u anjr the wanted tin to call In the police and see that Dr. Bnrdoll wai taken care of, aa she did not want any diatorhaaoe In the house. (J. Were you at the party < A. I wan. Q. Waa It a large one ? A. It was. Q. Was there singing and dancing going on there? A. There waa. Q. Did Dr. Bur doll make his appearance In the par lore' A. Be did, I think I saw him talking with a Mrs. Doming, ot Brooklyn, In the hallway. Q. Are y ou sure he made hli appear an oe In the rooms that evening? A. I am not positive, bat to the best of my belie! he was la the parlors. Q. Did you spoilt to him that night? A. I did not. <J. You supposed from what yon heard Mrs. Canningham say, that there woo d bo noma trouble between her and Dr. Burden? A. I did. Q. Did you ever hear her aajr anything about the doctor'a money matters? A. 1 heard her say that the dootor owed her aome money. Q. Bow much did she any the doctor owed her? A. Khe said that he owed her about IMO, and that he tried to borrow aome more from hor. Q. Bow long ago was tha i. It was about two or three months ago, Q. How oamo she to talk of It to you* A. I cannot say; I don't remember bow the ooaverantlon was brought about. Q. Apart from what you beard ltrs. Cunningham nay, do you Know of tbo donor's owing hor any money? A. I do not. Q. Do you know of any other money matter* between the deceaoed and Mrs. Cunningham f A. I saw the doctor pay bar $2* on one oooaaloa, whan cba pre bin a re cetpt for tbe turn. y. Did be pay bar In money ? A. tic, be (are bar a check on one of the banks. y How long Is It since that transaction look place' A. About a week ago, I think. y. Were yoe called upon to Winona the rigsIng or any papers wherein tbe deceased and Mrs Cunningham were parties t a. 1 was not. Q. Did yen arer bsar bar any that she thought sbe would | Iso up the bouse to the doctor? A. I did. She said that sbe would giro It up to him ta the month of Jane next, as sho was Urad or housekeeping and wanted ta go to Europe. Q. What did sbe say she wanted to go to Europe for A> 8he sa d thot she Intended taking Idas Helen Conning ham, bar daughter, there tor tbe p rpooe of eend'.ag bar to ecbocl and finishing her education, y. Did shslslk to you about this ' A. I think aba did y. Did she (to talk to you about a note that Dr. Bur dell nacuted her of baring stolen f A. Not to my knoeledge. Q. Did ibe ever speak of a sell at law bat wean her and Mr. Bnrdell? A. No, bnt ! beard the racnlly ipeaktng about It. y. What did you understand tbe suit was for? A. For broach oT promise [Tbe couaael For Mrs Cunningham bore stated that tbe smt had bean dkraooLauad on the 13th or October last. Tbe date of the snlt basing beea filed, tbe examination waa proceeded with as faUswm i ? y. What member of the family d.d yoe hear say that ibe enlt wes for breach of proms** A. Mia Helen Cunningham. o. What did ear about the suit f A. 3he said that II in for breach or pro ml* ! marriage *T Ute do < eeeod to Kn Cunningham. g Wu IV. Burden la tba habit of staying at bomt mtiob In tba treeing A. Bo fit not; ha waa seldom at home. g. What -ooTia did ba jener?.'ly ooeupyf A. Tba rooms abore this Moor, g. Do you know wbetbar Bra. Cunningham b d a ksy for the doctgr' room or not ? A. I do not. g Had^AApar any words?angry words, with OrBurdell A. Qbty upon one occasion, and that wai whan I Kt h;n ia oao night. g Mtate bow tba oocr rranoa liofc plaor A. Or. Burden rang at tba door ball very lata caa eight, and 1 wont dowa atnlra to lat him la wbaa ba oommaneod abasing me. Q What did ba any Va roar A. Wbaa I opened tba door I told him that It waa not belted, and that ho coald hare opened tt with Ms nlgbl key. hetaiaed aroaad upon me when I teld that, and said ba wtnld break my kali, or lomethlng to Met eflsci g Did yea eay anything to him In replyt A. I did not; I waet op attire to my bedroom and made no reply to bis what rear g. Waa there any one with d coiner 1 at tba time A. I did aot taa anybody. g. Did be gn into' >edr > >m aa xsn as be cam la? A. I tbtak be ?M. g How waa toe doctor's rsorptloa -oom keen la the um when he th ihi?bi-vm the door lacked A. i vu nlwaye udir ibe tmpraeaton ibti ha kepi It lotted g How dhl yoo get that Impreeeton A. Oa ooa ocoa ton 1 wanted to go into hi* room Tor eome article, a ptaoa of twine, or aomcthlag of that klid, whaa 1 lound the (lnor locktd. g. Do yon know what hla habile wara a* to *toptag op lata at night whan ha oame ho mi A. I lo aot. Q Did jon ever alt ap with his ? A. I ?d aot. g. Had ha aoeh compaoy tn hla room A. No. ha had oat. Why wera poo ao atrao -a With tha doctor and what waa tha raaaan po? were oa onch cold teraw with him A Wall, I don't kaow. I dk< not think ha waa tha right kind of cam pan p tor a young man like oa, g Waa bo a general favorite in tha booae ? 1. We 1,1 can't any. g DM tha Indtvo Ilka tltof A. 1 don't th ik they did ha waa too paoatonata toy their taete. Q. Did yon ewer ban? Mm. Coanlnghaai ipoah wall eT hlwi a. I dig; I htnrd bar any that aba llkad tha doctor ewer otnoo hnr haabanA, Mr Crunlaghaoh, died, and that the doctor waa aa old booo of ban. er oooto thlog to that effect. g. DM Mat Hoim Cnaatigbaa n} paattlwaly thai bar w.oabar *M WM to tbadoetor? A. Bhadtoaol; bull *" *! * to uaderataad that Ibay war* narrtod Q. DM you rrar baar Mr*. Caaalagban apaak badly of tb* doctor? a. 1 did Q. Wby AM aba ?p*ak badly of bin:' A. Baoaaaa ba ?aa ao r Maioaata Q. Da yaw tnaw naalal t'linaa? A. I do, ba uaad fomtyff to occupy a room la Ibla boaaa, but bai not baa* Ma la | bar* far aaaaa Una. <> Mu ba bar* oa Friday alfbi' A. I oaaaol aay. Q. Wa* ba bar* aa flatarday morning' A. Ha waa g. Did U>* doctor erar aay aaythiag la your baarlag Utai would toad yoa to bailor* (bat ba Ibought ha had a rl|M to oiarwla* authority la thla bona*?It la bta yau baowl A. 1 did ani, bai rurpoaa ba did fran wbU lha jrc* '*!'<* raid ] g *t'*i <i* that m? to ? *???* to na <?' i Mu? Hrt* told a,t vcai * iba ? ? t a iiag >?l [ERA ot oeeto' the windows ooef day the doctor caught her by the itb, My lag uhe moat n?t do"so, ui Intimating Uiat he e tercieel lose aatborttr la tba houae. Q Where ?h you on Friday afternoon from !-H oatll ?K o'clock' A. ! waa at the atore; alnoe the 1st of January I do not ooaie hone oatll ?>t o'clcok la the erenlng. Q. Did you meet any one whoa you came home that afternoon to dinner? A. No, I did not; when I got home all the reat et the family had partaken of their dinner, oo I took my meal alone Q wut line doe* Mrs Cunningham usual.y dtne, a. About IHQ. Who wm the drat person yoa s?w? A I thin* Mis* Helen wm Ihe Bret one 1 net. Q. Whore did you go to after dinner* A. I went np Hair*. Q. Where to' A. Mrs. Cunning ham's room. Q. How long did yon ait In Mm Cunningham'l room? A. Not long. Q. Who was t'jere when yon entered tho room' A. I did not lake particular notice. Q. Was Mrs. Ctanlogham there* A. I cauoot say. Q. Did you miss Mrs. Cunningham at any Ume that afternoon or evening'. A. No, I cannot any that I did. Q. Alter Halting Mrs. Cunningham's room you went out with Mies Helen* A. I did. Q. When was It you aey you saw Mr. Eokel 1 A. After I got through my ataner and wm about going up stairs I met htm coming down into the basement. Q. I)r> you know whether be and Mrs. Cunningham were alone or not that evening r A. I think they were. Q. Whatmaxea yen think Ml A. I think so on aeoount of what Mrs. Cunningham said about going to bad. Q. Wm It when yon cam* In with Mlrn Helen Canningham that j ou discovered the note add reused to Mr. Eokel 1 A. It eras. Q. Where did you go when you came in ? A. 1 went Into Mr*. Cunningham's room. Q. Wm Mrs. Cunningham there t A. No. Q. Wm Mr. Ecksl ? A. No. I supposed he was out at the time. V inu J wu boo luvm wjfwnor >uu vivuo uiai oviiwg r A. No , I saw them together in the attornood, though. g Who proposed that you should go out with Mlsa Helen Cunningham to buy the veil? A. It was Hiss Cunningham her.,oil Q. How long did Eckel remain in Urn Cunningham's room A He nta-d there until ai>oat 1C vj o'clock. g. Did jou notloo w at Umo it was when be went to bed * A I did not Q Did you see a kn.fs In the hands or Mrs Cunningham? A I <lld not Q. Did you notice whether the be n or Mrs. Cunningham's daughters were towod on ifatnrdty morning, or cot'' A. I remember going Into into the bedroom in question to speak to Mlaa Helen, but I did not notice whett er the beds were toased or not Q. Wore you wltb lira Cucnln^ham whra she came up with Fokel? A No Q. ltd you speak fo Fokel when you met him going to the basement A I don't think I did. Q What w a lira. Cunnlu;,ham's manner at breakfastA. Hho appe ired very compisocat she Inquired after Mr. Eckel. and wanted to kuow why be was not at breakfast with us: I told her of tba note I had given her respecting an appointment that be was requested to ketp st 8 o'clock that morning, when siis ex proceed her rogret that she did cot know or the cagagemrnt, for she would then bave bad Mr. Eckel's Ir-eakfast ready for him be rore be wint out. '1 rtM V sa as/at maLa an* rtlhar 'itllllro f A Not RIV knowledge, q. Voo all fcol yon-breekfeot ' A. Ym. Q. Who drat tmorkod lbs. Ur Kckel ni eotcnt' A. lira Conalngbem, I think, Q Did >on ever tea Itati nott ta Kckel eflerwerds? A. I d'd not Q Do you know whether lira Cnnnlnghem read the note or not' A. I do not Q. U Mr Koaolelbl etlre dm f A. Be It. q. U ho toclelAe A. Yee. q. Who did be generk'.ly Ulk with ( A With the entire renal!? end mjeeir. q. Did he tnlk to the girls ? A. He did. q. Did he Ulk to Uri Canntnghem ? A. Yes q. How wee he end Mrs. Ccnslngbem?were tboy cam mumoetlre end ocleble with one eaother A. They were. q. How dll he eddioen her nsnelly, es modem, or d!d he ed drees her by her Christ en neme ' A.I could not eey whet wey bo eddreesed he . q. Whet wey wee Mrs. Cunningham e the heblt of addressing Mr. Eekol?4:d she cell htm by neeeef A. Hoaettmra ebe woo id eey Jehn J. Kckel, or John J: bot hh HMtihll 7 kit 1 muf e\ him u Mr Rriikl y lid lb* talk about IiIm ottca f A. Not very. Q. Did ako w?x to think a (roat deal of bia t A. Not particular!?. y. Ii.d you ever know I bat they woro food ol tacit other A. I did lot. y. Did Uto young lad ea appear to like Mr. Eckel' A. Well I could act t>ar y. lid you oror bear thorn any anything agalaat hia? A. I did not y. Did Ibey apeak ol him aa If they had known tdaa wall' A They did. y Did you evar hear Mr. Kckel and Dr. BnrdeU peaking together' A. Never. y Did yoa over boar repeated aay obaervatlooa aaado by Mr. Iclbol la regard to the dooeaaed A. I don't think I have. y. lid yon ever h?w Lbe ?ervann ipaU 111 of Dr. itardell A. I beard eae of the girls, naiad Mary, aay mat Ibo Doctor out bad ten pared man and kicked ay a real faia about net blag. y Bare yea kaotrn Mra Cnaalaghaa aad bar (amDy long* A 1 have elaae my cbtldhoed, Mra Oenaiagham'a dangbtare aad I ware brought op la tba aame place together y. Lid yon ever hear aay or tbam aay that Dr. Bardell waaarlah man A. 1 think that the matter baa been talked aba jt bat I could aot aay what area aaid regard lag It. Q. Did It aot etrUa you aa ala .-uiar* A. II did, ball MV troubled myeeir with tblaklag the matter over, y. Waa Or. Buroell latoiieatod when yon opaaad the door far htm oa the evening yon bare referred to? A. Not lo my knowledge y. Did yon aver aee bti latoxtoatod* A, No. I aerer raw ha eo, but tone pervona might th ok bti eo (rem hie coo run at aa aad ooadoet y. Have you ever beard of ibl daoeaaa-i batag tato-J oated A Na, tlr. y. Where wera you at tba t it you board Mi at tba door that a'gbl A 1 waa up la Mrt 1 aalagham i rf?? y. Wat t fght or war the gaa turn 1 oflf A. The gdl wee buratag at toe time, I tb'ak y Wea ? uroai n>r yon to go aad open tba doer at two odock at alght If yau beard tba bail 'tag' A. No, air: I would ad bare lit It tbeo but I wag awake aad my brother waa with me larked bla if I to on 1<1 go aad op*a tba door, aad ba rwo be tbot hi I ebouli, eo I weal I have elated la my evldeaoe that I epaaed tba door aad 'at Pr Harvey Burdtll its the boaae at tarn o'otoak oa Tuesday loot, but It oomd aot bare beaa ee that night, or my brother left tba bouoo a week ago *> day, a week egn ttle morning I ID) A 7 IB <1 a in open uie uwvr iut in nunc : urn Turrd?y At . n'elatk to the nonai A H onuH ooi here btra M lb at time tto |h I bare ea.1 m la my tot1 mo*7. 't moat bar* b*?a a weak a?o last f naday Bifbt (bat 11st Aim la. g ira 7on asks on roaaark to his (Us Doetor'a) issuit Id |t words a Not a word. sir. g. t ob bad ao r,Barrel with him pr?T*r>ei w> that time A. ? oarer esnhsaied a word of altsrrattoa with him alike' before or elsoe, eseept at that time g Yoe made as threan afalsit him A I sewer made a threat ajslant aoj oae la the Uousn ta my lifts. g. Am yon the Mend of Zaflar? A. I hare sorer bee* much sr-*oa atad with hlas are weat oat tacsthsr omttlmee. ' . Are yoi acquainted w'th the fectiemaa by Un oamo: Tbempem A. 1 bare been to eee bim. g. Whire did yoa go for bim' A 1 don't know, hi ran tell yes better tbea 1 eaa g Are yea eware of the purport of the meaeefe apot wb-h yen weat' A It woa la the perpart that hi ahsitd cats# down aad see Mrs. Caaaiagham upoo eom heataeaa which he wlrhed to treaeert with him g Ptd yoe sea thta Mr. Thompson te Utlt heeae ? Wednesday A. Ithlak not. 0 T?id ynr r'i on lo br 7 *- i r M en nslnphae ,u wi t ? 1?\ en ft t I '1 / <1 W t f ? u . t i. ai iha. ..ji? LD. PRICK TWO CENTS. Q. At what etere did von pvehiao it* A I don't know, Dm in Broadway; I could not take j oc to the ptaoa where aha bought It; perbapa aha could. 4). Are you In the habit of putting out the gaa In the evening or at nigfaO A. Whan I aa hera with tna ladtee I meat el way i attend to it; Mm Cunningham 11: ad ta MM me wrvatlaea to turn down Um gaa pretty low, and whoa the doctor came homo he would tarn it off; at other ttmaa I wu desired and would pnt oal the gas altogether Q. I'll yon suppose it wm dark that night? A. ( did not. Q. Did they not ascertain whether tho doctor wti la generally belore they turned off the gas F A. Ttoff never I anu.Ted whether he ?u In or aol, hot tamed It on. Q lid yon go down to the kttchaa that night with a light' A. I want down In tho dark. Q rid yon hear any noiae in the ball then or durtaf the nlthti> A. I did not V. l)ld yon traow whether the doctor waa In or aot when you went down stalra" A I did not. (i Did yon find the doctor's door looked? A. I SONBOt Uatiry aa to that. I know nothing about tt. (J. Did yon hear any noise In the doctor's room daring that night, or at tho outside door, or tnthohollf a. t did aot hear may nets# any whore In Iho house daring tan night; did not boor the doctor come Into the honao. Q. Did yon generally bear the dec tor whoa hoaaana Into the bonier A I did not: tor he did natoome naar room nor up atalrs Q. Dtd he oome la ao qnlotly usually that yoa add met hiwr him? A I eaanot aav as to that. Q Cnn you explain wbv bo (poke ao to. : tttafltfteyw on the eight yon wool down and lot bin Into the heeeef A. I cannot. y What passed between yon then? A. lie aald, "0?4 d?n it, why do you lock the door?" I laid, "Dr. Bnrde>, don't know anything about It;" be aald, "who boMed tho doot " I ea) t, "I don't !? w," be turned roandaod otiled *mr a liar; I testifiod In my teetimooy that thlaooenrrad loot Tueeday, but it oonld no; have been thou?I think It waa laat Tuesday a week ago, for on Monday my brother lad. y Hare yon never beard the Hoc tor oome la dm that c'gbt wbet be rnng the bell, and yon want and let him la'.' A. A> cording to my recollection, that la the lee: nigbt 1 beard h m come In. y dare you neror beard or seen him noma In of a night eiLce' A. I may bare aaan him coma la, bat thai la the only night I know or ble having to ring to get to y Who sweeps the rooms' A. I don't know, y. Who aoakCit a practice of sweeping the reoms? A 1 don't know 1 euppese the ohtmnermaid doaa. y. I naked thn question because tbe jury, la eiamlnlng your room, foutd to wa>b howl la it: we wantteknow how you can account for the absence of It? A. 1 would be witling to toatiry that there waa a bowl In my room te the morning. y Whon you came down etalra last Friday night, did you notice the key lit the door or the doolor'e room? a I did cot, bet I am confident that tt waa In the do.w when I came down atalreon Saturday morning y Did y on hear anyone halloo during Friday night f A. I did not: I did not bear Dr Unrdeli, nor any notaa in bla room, daring that night, y When did you laat see the doctor ailre" A. It wan on f riday afteruoou >) Are Uio room* la the hs-se left c a looked this way ftcwi;? ra Uie night, so that an/ one ooald come In aa<l enter them ? A.I can't ray that they are alwayi onea, but I cornt- down frequently and tlnd t' em no; I found the doori <n '.be loner part of the bouse open or ualookad that night. y. Vt ai Mrs Cunningham '.a the room when you rate reed Iron# I?r. Bardell'a room after baring atea Ma body on haturday morning A. She was, and her t?e dang titera the oldest ooo tainted wbon I told them d( tbe murder; the youngest one slated hold of Mrs. Oaamug ham's arm Q When yon tntered Dr Burdell's room, did yoa take hold of his baan or body to Fee If be was dead or eaty wounded A. I dll not take hold of his hand or teat of bts body I saw a quantity of blood beneath bias aad add he was dead. 1). What made you eon" to the conclusion ao that ha was dead, and not merely wounded or bieedlagf A 1 tot t know; I may not bare co-no to the ooaelaalaw till the doctors came aod turned htm over; the cook also cams aad said tte doctor was dead; aad whan I waat and saw him, I found him laying In a pool of blood, aad therefore considered tne doctor dead y. Were yen requested to send word to the Oorooor to res what . bould be done about the matter ? A. Iff MM feeling on the sob ert was to do so, though I might afterwards have beard something In favor of doisg so; I WWS so much eicllod at the time thai I do not remember Q Who was the moesosger sent to the Corooor's oOsaf A. I do cot know hi* :tme. bo *u liuio boy. Q. Whoa joc nw tat doctor'* body laying there, dM yon uppoee toy ono bad murdered him, or that h# had ocmmlttod tuoidt. A. 1 thought that bt had committal aatcldo. U What mtde you Uilak to ? A. Tbert wat tc math blood about hit head. ho ?m laying right in It. <1 Woo yoo tarpriaod that yoa htard ao ooiat during the olght f A. 1 waa rory much ao, ladood. Q. What word did yoo aoad to tho Coroner- did yoa ay aorae oat had ooaimlNod aaloidt f A. I daa't kaow; I doa't roatambor what word I atat to him. y I?d Mr. L'llmta haro a room In this hcuaa at MM lima of tho dootor'a death A. He did, bat I don't know whether ho ooeupltd hi* room that night or not* ha waa hore the aomt day. y. Art yoo uad?r aay paaoniary obllgatlcaa to Hn. tutaiiMMi *. I ftn ?>?. y. How long bar* you boaa aequatowd wtlfc bar ? A. From lolaocy. ay aaoUiar ?* ? dowa bore aod atayod wilt ?n Caaolo -born. ood I eoa# with bar, ay mOIAm did ao? oome m o bcordor, bat ao a Mood. Q. Did yon pay aay aitentioa to oao of Hi*. Cuaata*, baa'a daugbtaraf A. 1 may bora y. La tboro no obttfauo* or btadlag puoaod batwWO f <m A. Nona at all. air. y. Did you thiol of morrylag bar, or waotd yoa boo* dona ao If yoa ooaid ' Noaaowor. Oarootr?How did yoa koow that a (Tear Dartaaa kww mom about Uw tbraoM thot war* mode thoa you dldf A. I did not koow tbat ba did. Car war?I thought you aoid aa la yoor taaUoaeoy, I did aot bear It aay aatf, but I waa told tbot you aal4 M wbllat I waa away A. I did out aay ao. ood 1 thaald Ilka to aae tha man tbat would tall ma ao int. klt's tkktiw ht. "tbUO Hy. Jr. oaiag a worn, aail ? (hot ba k-mw mm Ui jig etoafd a raiauoa to tba aot* alladoa to to fitilf treumoay y ! fOd ha?w Mr Boko* A Vaa, air y How load h,T" 70u b???n b;m' A. I ftr-. ' aoinatow 1 wife Dim' a" faw yaara ago. C?f v waa purely a btiataeoa oaa: I thia* ha waa a... text grocery atom beongiug toaonae roloUm y. * bat to ba cow oagacwf I*' A. Ha la to calming bldre. ba la 0 daalar a b'laa Vi Ho yoa know anytb'ag about o'a babl'o of L. So. air; I d'd aot till two i?i tutor at no 1 ditto, jarlticrrblp w<tb bta bmtbrr ! Inat a'gntof h m till twv ytaraato H? orginal y tome rata Nor Jatty; I thffc fwit Morr own g IXd ?<v. OTtr ?o tOV* b m A I 1CT? r MliOtl ?JX? lila bat once, m<I tbfti km at ihia hoot*, g. Did yau know Da Burdali A. ! did tot g Did you know Mr*. Cuaao|hAaa* A. 1 m latr* dticed to htr by Mr. Kchcl, ?h* a .ft: I ?m hr-?. g. What ?m Mm t uaataghar. a maa& u towwda Ectul that a!|bt A. Tn-ra wore aoma inIIma btr*, aad 1 th'ai ttwy toafe -g> Mr* i :aaiofaaa'* attaattoa. Q. Did yoa wrlta t rota to lakti laal w*akf A. I did. I wrata 'A la ay ??? r*ai<t**aa ta l.lorwhb atraak g. Did ytu wad It baa** a. Noa-r, I broufbt N: I brought U rant myaair afVar auf, w aad laA it at tba door. q Wktl waa yoar buawtaa with Eefcm A. I had a bu*la?*t ooa?i?rtoa wltb baa. Mold ?lai la tba not* ' to am *m powtlraly at mj odloa a?it caoraiag at o'atoet 1 g Dtd b# frrg *a? yo t"! A Ha aaatl t* 1 com* lato ay now m- r t?.r tiw a WMK g What waa ih* rartb*-rr ?ort rt jur nair' t 1 told hlw I WMtrd b*ail ' urn fair*, aad I tb!rk T rrrrvi i?y an"* * Vo'tt n . ' a j . ?,? Icoarirv'tb a twu.? rat*' * r V