Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7463. THE BOND STREET TRAGEDY. AMitioul Particulars of the Murder of Dr. Burdell. ! sn OOROWBR'3 X8VQUX1BT. TIBBATIX REPORT OF HIE PROCEEDINGS. "" -The Coroner Makes a Personal Explanation. Recorder Smith Examine the Witnesses. A CLAIR VOYAN V ON THE STAND BBS* CVIHICHAM WRtlH- 10 TflE CORONER One Thousand Dollars Reward Offered for the Capture of the Murderers. FUNERAL OF THE VICTIM. ' Impressive Services at Grace Church. INTENSE PIBLIC MtCITCMENT. 'The Church Crowded and Broadway Blocked Up, *o., 4c., ka. THE CORONERS INQUEST. FIFTH Hit. The examination of the irtiuoaeee was resumed at a quarter past Hue o'clocc yesterday morning, to the late ' residence or the deceased, 31 Bo id street. Tne Interest of the public teems to tnorease. Judging from the number of I * persons whs were asaamoled la front of the hone#; ant If the police rould grant all the applications for admission there would be an audience Urge enough to till even the Academy of Mnsto. Inside the greatest alienee waa presorted while the Witnesses were under examination, and as eaoh new Witness was plaoed apon the stand, a renewal Interest WM exhibited by the spool*: > a There were aboat ftp per-OEi altogether in the bouse, none of whom were permitted to go further than tlie parlors, where the In quest -s held. There were only three or four joroia present at the appelated for the oonUunatlon of the evidence, but the Osroaer proceeded without dolay to the examination oi these w'tnaaaeo In attendance. The Coroner addressed she Jury at follows:?. Qeatlamen?We have bnt three members of the jnry hare, hot 11 appose yon won't ooustder It illegal If I go on <wlUt ths examination. I think, gentlemen. It la hatter to precaed at oaoe, but 1 am somewhat delicate about M Ull I have your opinion 1 hare my own peculiar . mods oi trying to elicit ortme, but all srlth the heat laisatieas la the world. If I meet with a character from 1 ahould be brought to on account tor trying to ktn It oil out What 0 your Dome, alrtWltaeao?Horace H l.tdd TESTIMONY or MB. L\I'D. Mr I.add waa sworn at thia etage of the examination, Bad l( elided u rollowa? Coroner?Wbete do you lire A. I lire at 1M Weil Twentieth etreet. g Wtat .1 your profemica A. I am a oemmlaalon ? aurcbant Coroner?A oommtaeton merchant A Yen, air. cow v *lgaioo%iercD?nt Q. Did jot know Harrey Bcrdoli' A. I did. air. g. for bow loag? A. Nearly two ytara. Uoroaer?Ft ur and two are tlx. WttaeM?We were acquainted for nearly two yeari Q. Bad yon aay buataeoe traaaaotioaa with him? A. Nat at ali. elr. g. Slaw wtat yon know regarding tbte murder. A. I unow nothing, air. g. Tom don't know anytblrc regarding the murder X., air. g. Do you know aay thing, air, that can load to It? A, Nothing Q. Did you boar any ooiToreatloa' A. Noao what oar. g. And you know nothing at all? A. Nothing about It, Mr. U Have you erer b?eD In tele bioae' A I bare. 0- DM 70a it now Mra. Cunning mm? A. I did, air. Q. Hnd 70U tnj buaieere IranaartlOM to perform for Mr I A. i ted, nlr. Q. Wtel character of buslaen, Mr, did yoa do tor hor ? A. Well, tefore Mr. CannlLgtem diod I ted buMaooo with b .11 Oorooor?Tbal'o In Brooklyn, 700 bom ? A. In >IMI7? Q. After bin death 700 continued to dlaoterft tho ohm Juliet for tte w'.fo : A. Too, olr. Q Now, olr, will 700 daocrlbo 000117, ond on loud on you eon lor tee reporter* to teor, a hat kind of boWoo? you per for mod tor Mm. Cunningham Moon ike oame to Ite houoe <X Mr BordoU ? A. Yo< Mr; bit prokobl7 It would be bolter to oooobooco 0 little rurtter book. Oeroeier?We will let-70U go on and toll your own Btery te your own way, probably wo oaa oooaoet 11 all OofOteer WNmoo?Vao, Mr; oonio yoart ago, Mr. Cuaalngtea did buefoeao with mo. r More the undertaker who baa been oogogod te make tee nooeesary prorialoni for tba fhaorai oaroaoonlea or Pr. Bordoil mode bla appaoraoeo. Oorooor to aadortakor? Tho jury tea not doom to aay determine! oa. and ao tela la not a burial a oorttfleoto la Ml ateotato.f aocaoaary. It la merely a removal of tea Body 10avaoit of tea church. Undertaker?There will ham to bo a permit got froa tho CM/ laaprctor. Oorooor?EL UadortakT?There will tero to bo a porailt got from tee City loipeotor Oorooor?Ta. olr. bat thai will be alter tee rolara of tea lory I will giro you tela merely to lako It to tte oealt (re'rrr ag to tea eertUlooto whick ba bold ta Ule -fetal). Uidortaiar?It la to b? Ukoa to the raall la Rroow wood to dap Oaroaor?W<li, II dooia'l rattler: it la to bo Ukoa u tfco roootrog v?alt. Too piaco it to the Tiolt la Grooawool Oomotor; Mr. Morton (the Clip Io?poctor) will (too too tba porn it wbta 700 toll him tbo ootora of It Now fo oo, air (to wiuooo). WUaaaa Mr Cuailaghom became aabarraite<i lo boalaoaa lo Hrookipa tad lollal. Oaraaar-Ut oo, air. wttoooK?Ha wtabol to go to CotlforaU, tad I proa rod feia 0 Uokot to go tboro. Ooroooi?Wan, airf TT111 aw III raturaod froa Oaurorola without bo;, log aup aoaop <1- Bow toof 111 bo remala tbora * A. Wall, I oot'l ball?oboot a poor, I thick Oorowor? Now. air, If poo will (at notr tbo roUtloa or Ifeo antlor boToro aa I will bo obliged to pau ' A. Too. olr; ha ratniwal bona# tick g ??rowor?Too, air. t Wfeaaaa Aal dila't do tap baataaaa lor aoaaa tlaa, aa Ml waa atok a toag tlaa Oorowor .go oa, airf Wtfewaa-Ho artorwarla roaaeaced betldiac aoao oaiaB la Brooklpa. bo dlda t auooood la that oa aoooont of Mafeaaaa. again; bo waa takoa atok again Oorowor?Wall, ir. WHaoaa?I ruralahol htm aoaop for aoao tlao to anp wt hla laallp. that waa upoa tho llaltb of a pol ep or taauraaoa of hit Ufa, aaooattag to a bowl M.0C4 Ooroanr- vn. air?go oa, air. WoBoaa-iia waa atcb fir a 'oag tlaa. aad dtod what did h? Ho ?r 4, (awt 4 aoro thai! cat toll E NE yon; the wno atUadinl bin wtl! tell you. If yon caJ b!?A jk"vwr?What did he d!o of, to fa;- as you know* A. 1 ttv.'0* te rt of noosumpOo Coroner?Well, ' no mattor, I want /to to ooaae to Burdell. A juror?now iwug was no bibb a. XbVm Blue months; well, I g?t my bomj out or the Imuranee and paid the balaace to a Kirs Van Ness, this pailoy waa on half credit tyslem, I Itopt $1,000 that waa 'dna to me; for tlia reaaon that it waa on hair omdlt ay item the insurance company gave It ke? the diioouat due then. , Coiorer?Well, that waa $100. Witness?No, rlr $600. Coicncr?Ttcn you got the reel or it, that la all except iMIMUW Wltncar?Yet, air. Coroner?Out or ihia boa much did you give Xlaa Van Nesa? Wittera?Nearly $3,000. Coroner?Now, air. It you oan come oyer t> the rela tlona In thia olty I will be obllgod to you. Witness?Yea, air; I received aiao another policy on tbo insurant' or $$,000, witch waa paid to Mra. .Cunning, ha ai. Coroner?Stop sow. There waa another policy for lira. Cuan.Uj ham, of how much? A. She rocelved the eania amount. Q Well, $6,000 waa 1'.? A. Yea, air. q Which you paid to her? A. I paid It to her flrat, and then afterwards invested tt In real eeWte for her. rj. Yon paid It to her flrat, and aubzequuntlytnveatod It In rcnl estate A Yea, air, at her request. Q Very well, air; well, wtat alnce then? A Well elnce Iben, I have collected the rent* of that r?ai estate for Mra. Cunningham and paid It over to her. g How long province to the dosth of Mr. Cunningham ice thcae po idea elltotec? A. I think I paid throe or fonr years promlum on them?three years certainly. g Did you ever bear a report that there was any mal treatment in that cane f A. Not at all; I wai continually tl tie, woe sent for when he wai siok, and was there a few minutes oe'ore he died; I left the house a tew mln utee befote he died. g. Weil, ilr, now yon have been frequently In here with Dr. Burden and Mr* Cunningham, where did you flrat ice Dr. Burdell ? A I first met Or. BurdoU In Mrs Cunningham's Louie In Twenty fourth sueet, and was mado acquainted with him there by Mrs. Cunningham: I raw bun aeveial time* three. Coiomr?Well. go on, air. Wltneii?He hod called at my bouse w'.Ut Mr* Ounningbam. Coroner?Well, air 1Wltnesr?1 iaw him here some three or four tiaiea. Coroner?In this home only three or fonr times r Witneee That's all; It misbl be Ore or itx times that I saw him here; that ta as musti as I have ever bien here. g Had you any reason to consult him, by bar alvloe, in relation to her rentage: A. No, e'r?nons at all. g You never knew they worn married, did you: A. No. air. g. While coming to the house, did you know of any angry little dlaturbanoe between thorn" A No, sir. netting he was always very pleaiant to hor and to ass ween i mjbii. g V.'htn wore you lait In thii house, air? A. Oa the or the t4U> ot January. Q lHi they go to yoo, one or the other A. Hi nee that time up to the time of hla death I have not aeea either of them, Ocr<aKrar(ionUeaen or the Jury, bare you any (ties tloua to aRTr Mr Heoor, a Juror?Did you aoe hlaa at the party ' A. 1 did not. Coroner?You know nothing in the world regarding the murder'.Wltaeta? Nothing whatever, air, when I took up the paper on Sunday morning it waa tb? first Intimation 1 had of it, and waa shocked at aealag It. Coroner?Wo have done with you now, etr; juat alga thin and we'll let you go. The wttnesi etgned hte l -otlmony and retired. Coroner?Capta n Dilka. The captain made hla appearance. For a few momenta after the Coroner wastugagod in conversation with tome of the urora, at tue cioseot whi-n fcc made the tollowlag reraarae, aa IT la reply to eometh'ng one of the jerore bad rail ? Cjror. r?1 ran bear the brunt, far 1 can tell yon tbey are in two dlderent oelia. | Tble remark referred to two of the servant girt." In Mrs. Cunntiv'banj'e house who wore retained aa witnesses ] A .'or ?Ti.u ri . rior? will takO lbl( all down. Coroner?1 don't bant the reporters; all of them bare arducua duties to perform 1 hare ar complaint agatast them at all?I know Uum well. A Juror? Wba; paper was that la??{roterring to a statement that had been puhllsbed, to tha etfect that the two ervant girls had beeu kept together In one cell.] A Reporter? Wnet (trie were ibeseC?ioner?The servant girls. Mary aad Haauth. Geo t'emeo, (lo the jury) there are a number of witness m who from my queattoua to them, I had tt would only ha wasting your time to esamtne We wl.l, tboreiore, |U UV VIM Diaiian lua w? WJUi" ,K<| wiih iub vaav. -> w sre gong to hare tbe (title boy that precede I In aaplot meat the boy wtat wao Here for three week*, proMbly smelting may come (r >m him Mr. Bohanos, a Joror?1 don't think kbit la ol any laportAAO* Another Jnror?Yon might a*a tbe little boy about tbe threats? If there were any made against Dr. Bur Jell Co-oner?Cap'sin HUks, you will bo so good at to pro liuoo the boy Tboaaa Gallia baa Captain Dllks?Some of tbe (rltneases, goatlemen or the jury, are In the staitoo house. Onioner (to the oaptala)?Ton are sure that n> two o( thrso witnesses are to the one oel<r Ch[Hnli)--Yes, air. Coroner?I wish to any tbla for tbe reporters, (hat they are not coo hoed la the same cell. Captain Dtiks? No sir they are not sonae of them era la different station houses. Cororer (to witness)?What Is yonr aamef Witness?Thomas Joseph Callaghaa. Coroner?That's right. TXailMONT OK Till BOT THOMAS JOSEri CALL toIIAN. Tbe witness was then sworn and his evidence liken as ,'ol.ows Coroner?How long bays yon boon In tbe ensploy of Dr. Bnrdell" A Three sMatha. Coroner?That's the boy, speak up Tbomaa, did vei stor see Mr. Bnrdsll and Mrs. Cnnalnghass together'' A. Yes, sir, Q. How often? A 1 can't say. I saw them dl isreol times np la the Doctor bin tbe dissxUag room, where hs drew the teeth. Q. What do yon mean by the dissecting room A. Up slam, la tbe room where he lies now. y. What was usually the subject at oonrornatlon' A. 1 sorer understood say of lbs coarersatloa bet wees tfcewi I saw them alt there: tba' s sit I know abost It: I weal la th?ra one aroalag for my wages, u< I at* tbat b? tu altliag oa the toU g. Pitting together t A. Yn, air, anting aloagatda oa It* n'i Q. Bad the doctor bis arm tround bor walrt, or bad bo bar arm on bia aboaidor P A. No, air. Q. Pkl yon arar too aay familiarity betwaea th*m > A. No, air. g. Did yea oror boar aay qierreia aboat n aota AYra, air, and I was toot afttr a poitcemaa. Q. Wbat was aald oa tbat otoaaloa A. I adamlood nothing of Iho coaroraatloa, sir, Uil after I oamo la wit* tba polk* man.wbra Bra. Jnaamgbam mado taroozslama tioot?tbat Ibo doctor bad rnlaod bar; I bolloro, to tba baot of mr kaowiodgo, tbat ab? pot la bar family?that la aba aald bo had ruiaed bor aad bor lomlly. r g. Wbo did abo aay aotof A. Hbowaa apoaWing to tba g Who loot jo* tor thapobcjmanr A. Dr. Burden, g Did he lay anything 10701 b?alde? toll to* joe to feUh policemen A The! 1 ail g. Tbot'a oil ho told 701! A. Yea, dr. g. Whet reply did the Doeto- tnoke to thia awerttoa ol Mr*. Onnatafbam A. To mj knowlodfe. I doe ? know. Hod thej errr 007 other dillcaiuee' A. I belter* tbit Mra. Cneniagkam woe jealous of 0 women who need to cone there. Q Who woe thief A. Mra. ftereat g. How do jon konw ebo wo* jralon* A Bectoet he pot mo to new a to what the Doctor oad Mra ? tore 01 need to be eayteg. g How often did aba pot 70a to n?tca1 A. I < aa'l 07 g. I)S1 fche pot 70a to watch more ikon once' A. Yea, tr. g Did 700 listen A. Tea air, I tried to boar, g lid 700 bearf A Poma worda I did baar. g wbot was the aohjoet of coareraottoo? A. Tba doe tor naked her how waa bar eyea. (l.eaghtor.) g. Did 70a toll tfeta to Mra. Cunningham? A. Tea, air. g. What did aha nyl a. i doa'l raaaaaabar. (Mort laughter.) Q. Woa that oil 700 heard or aaw betwaaa Mra. ."tarsal aad the doctor' A. That la all to *7 knowledge q. You dlda't bear'aayttlag particular, thaaf. A. Ha dr q. Oonld 70a aaa through the keyhole* A. I a aed t< ba la the office baah bars, aad U17 were la this room. q. Did you erer nee Mra. Caaat^haw llataalag* A No. air, not to m7 knowledge g. Did 70a erer hear of her ar her daaghtara Hateolaf A. No. elr, hot tha aarraat girl told mo they pat ha Hatcatog. Switch aarraat glrtf A. Bar nemo woa Mary. DM Mary tall 70a what aha beard' A. Ha. air. g. Did 70a erer hear or nay Ihanlllarlty la tha bene between Mra. Cnaalafham aad Mr EoheP A. No, dr. g Did Mr. Kohol aad Mrs Ganalagham go oat U gether A. Mat to my know led re q Old 70a eroraae thorn go out togathar of an orcein A No. dr. A Juror?What time dll 70a loara tha doctor s hoe aaa erery day t A A boat Are o'clock. q. lid Mra. (barons oome ep to the hoaoa often f A (gmtrktd mr pwn oowr umm my rthtr w?wai W TO MOKN1>*Xt EDITION?THUfi ITU'1"# odo woman, I botievo, Mr*. Ounmnfham i j?d liatf n I > tr I coal* y, Did 7?n lumu* a Wto my fcao?rlodc? (Lvightor. > ti JBiu Mirf <lnnniii?hftiMiWKti.4r ifita hll MttAtr.l iB t ?CM ?ho g. t wai*b put d>rer him f A. 3ha uMd ID be a f*er htm la the, wa Whlrig woman that cane la 40 htm. g. IM nou ere.' hear the doctor esy anything about that ortijfrem an/ surprise A. frit to .*7 know lodge g. Did lee apeak pieaeantiy to Mm Caaitiagham? A. Be fh lean* 4o bar except that time about tL'at nolo. g. Did yAtlttfir hear a*7 otdearlxj epiUK^U or ao7 thing "t thai' ??<* A. No air. g Did you fter bear her use any of ihoaa ap.Hhati to Mr. Eckelf A. Wo, atr Q Or he to b?' A. No. 1!.'. Q Boar did ebewywk to bins-* A She aaed to sneak to h'm -Orotor " g. When did you tsoot first to this borne- A. la Jaf7. g And yeu at2ye?"'*>* lougf A. Till ojtobor?4111 tb? 10th or 11th. g What was the bcVa wame that tame after you' A. A lioy named Smith Q. While you we>c hsre do you r;rw>lloct any per. nu who oaoae frequently hc:s> to aee him ' a. There was a Mr Fraier g What aeotlemau callod for Mrs. Cunningham-* A. Dr. Robeiti used to r.orne aad ask lor klu Uunnlngham, aud aomeniree for Mrs Cunningham g. Don't you r-ooiioot anybody else who came rre que Lily for heii1 A. No, sir. g. Did you ever reouue any paroole for Mr. Eokeir A. No, air g. Or go of metaagea tor bttc7 A. No, Mr. Q Did you ever aw a la-*y come for him* A. bo, sir IM V/tat l>mn In tho Hav it ami vein (n ata harot A wu here from eight o'clock id the morning till tl v j o clock In ti o afternoon when he wonid go oat t > dinner. g. Wu the door ever Incited while he ra here . No, sir, uot to my knowledge. 11. Was cot the bo; ymtn, vrho snooeeded 70a, the son of the partner of Dr. Burdoil in the opira log business* A. I don't know wbehcr lit was the eon or Ute brother of Dr. ttmlth, Dr. Bardcd's partner. Q Did you wait upon the Doctor at business hours A. No, sir, 1 uMd to wall upon the Doctor's patient* that came g. Who took your t laco when yon were gone A. 1 believe It wu the servant girl. Q I?o you ncollect If Dr. Bardell's partner, Dr. S nlth had a nl^bt key ' A. No. air, I haver knew him to have a key. g lie never rar.3 the bell' A. Sometimes the door usod to bo left open, ao that a person son'd come la. Coroner?Do you mean to aay that the father and eon bad iaich ke' ?' A. Nu, 8l% . .. ... Coroner?Well, gentlemen of iho jury, both latoh keya have been found on their persons by me. Witness?He might have had a 1st h key after they bocame parUera, but It vu about the Ume they became partners that I left. Gnronor?Ohp'aln D ike aont Tor Mmtlh's son. Q. ltd yuu over aoe Doctor Bardell In llqaor? A. No, air. This closed Iho evile-ce ol the witness, and the next oca calUd on ito stand was Mr. A'oxauder f'razer, TESTiMONT OF MA.ALEXANDER FR17ER This w'.ltcia hav ng been duly aworn, test!Qod as foI rows ? Q. What Is your Cbr' t an name? A. Alexander. Q. Where do yon live" A. At No. 1 Bond etroet. Q If iw long have you known Dr. Birdoll.' A. I think about ten years. o You ireaueoted his bouset A. No. sir. It Is about two mom tii aiute 1 cumo hero. Q. Bid yoo toy business transactions with him" A. I hid * connection wuh the bank of whioh be wis one ot the director*, and 1 ?u ? director and Vim President. q What back wea it A. The .vrtlziu.) Bank?a cow biak. Q Now, ilr, will you et*to to the jury wbst connection you bid with him hi monetary atuir* or otherwise, bli jiontc I jq with Mr* (uaniogbMu, yoar know ledge ol tho parties, either a? rrgird? mono/ or any domestic quarrels or matter* or tbe kind? A I wan In Philadelphia when tbta matter occurred. q. I'n vtoua to I bat I mean Tou are required by yoar oath to give us everything antecedent toaoalog upon this matter tnat 1* pending now beloro ua. A I bad no oonneouon wtib lire. C nnnlngham at ail?no acquaintance, except no far as I cam* to tee tbe doctor on matters oonncoted with ''iisineaaof tbe bank. q Did tbe d/f.tor say anythtog about a quarrel he had ? ?h Mr*. Cunningham': A He mentioned about a b oacn ol procme (hat tbe bad charged hiji with, aud ea.d he had a ernt with her, there were two snlt??on* a breach ot promlee. end the other 1 lorxM -to. (' .a. I think be aocueed tor or iteellag, but laid that It was all eetlied with ber By a Juror?Woea was this- A. In October I tblek; I snow awning ot that trsniaotlou q Could you recollect tbe date? A No. but !t was lu ( otober, ?nd be called at tbe bank tad told ni i or It. Q Do you tb'nk It was about the Otb or 10th' A. It waa about tbe mtddls of It. ah fU/4 Itu ah<>w ann ahv tisiinra ha hAtf A Ua hr.uifhl bond tbrre And be produced II, aod said it wai All lot tied between Mr*. Cunningham end btaatcir, tbet It was all disposed oi tbnl la All 1 over knew in regard to It. g. I id be show yon any aarormetit bo.w.>ea himself and Mrs t at u?han. A lie abowed I bat when be ealkd at my r> st.i -ico abou. a waek baf ire I heard or this murder, and raid there was ari agreement bet wee a him and Urn Cunningham; bo thowtd taw 10 mo, aud I know bta handwriting? Mi a Cunningham ' I did cot know; I dll cot read it. be aald It wan a a*ttl-wuenrf h'n matterwith Mre. Cunningham; the wrtttag *ai a lady It wa? n lady'a signature; be aald It wae here, that wa? about a week, 1 think, bc.'ore the murder took plaoe, tbii wai la the morning, boftre breaktait. g. Are y?n not aware of what waa contained in that document A. 1 just looked at I'.; be aald It was a release, at I understood, o* a sett'ement, or all between blm acd Urn. Cunninghtm I asked htm ir be waa to bare pocaeerton or thii bouse on tbe flret or May, and I understood btm to aay ba waa. g. What were tbe relations la rt ga'd to tbe bouee or oa money matters' A. Hi told me be waa going to bow tbe settlement tt a brother who was living te Broadway, and two or three of bin friends, and men tend It to Berklmor. I dldn l. read It orcr. I wai just sitting down to breakraet when be oaaa. A Juror?Did be aay It wae Mre. Coaolagham's signs lure' A Yea, air, be tald ao, bull didoi know It. g Why wae to going to send It to Herkimer A. I understood him tu eey he wanted It la a vary tare pace; 1 to understood it there waa not, I suppose, three words paraed between na. g Do you kn >w aay place ta Herkimer where the Doctor frequented or wae a customed to seal matters of that kind* A. 1 don i know. g Did bs mention any names* A. No; be baa rela tivca here whi would know, undoubtedly. wg But yon don't' A .No, atr, I doa't.' g. Don't jou know b'm to ham property la that county f A. Ha aald be bad proporty there. tXroaer?Now, gentlemen of the jury, yon can go oa now and aak aay other qu-atlone you think proper. A juror?f rwi lur |'|?u?um wi i/r < ? > rw attune do yon euppot* eclated between Mr*. Cunningham iiilMvf a. iimrkM g What do yoa euppooe A. He nlweye told Be it tbo IMMI of tbi* dlapate tbot e.rrytniag wit dla Q Aro yoo acquainted with Dr. Bardoll'i brother Wll Item A. Ho bod i brother llrlag in Broadway, adjoining the Bancroft Hon oo la Brood way, tad o cone, a from Horklaar Q. I* bo Being yn?? A I belMre ao. Mr. Bohaara, Juror?Thaft aa impartial wltaaaa. Cotoaor? Yea, air Witaoas?I boiiere II la aald bo had a judgement agaiaet her Ooroaer?There baa l>eea a judgment found ap aUira. By Mr Bchaaea?Ware yoo well acquaJBted with the I>octor'a general mode of heiag. aia wayi of Ufa. hie time of bmtneea- A I tniak ba waa aa eiceedtagiy tempo rate Rita. Q I didn't aak it ba waa temporal*: yoo know where hoi dlaed A. At the Metropolitan I kaew Mr Letaad. ead be tald me I aaw bim laat ereolog and meant to aak Mm u ha aaw taa Hooter oa Friday, bat didn't da ao. Ooroaer?la Mr. Ioiaad beret Oaptala I like? He'e gone I g. lid Or B irden get a eafa la the Artlaaa a Beak? A. i He did aot, wa bad a eault. g. I can a Ua boa which waa placed la the aafla' A. i Ha aoeor bad aay of.ibooo ba kapt a aalb a tba boaaa, I belle a Mr Sobaaaa?Mr. Coroanr, bare wa aay aoroaat of hla draeiag bia laat cheek oa the Artlaaa'a Baak aad the tmannI of || CWraoee? I balleee wa ban them here tba jary lire examined ail tboae, aad 1 ha aw It la hero. g Now, otr, tbo paper you epoke o ?to yoar knew Irdge did aayhody el to are It? A I oadoratood that tba f !>octor cevaib ha-1 beoa abowa It g Who la that, air? A she ta bta couala. aad Urea I with Ma brother la Broad* ay. g. Do yoo kao* her aaaeef A They call her Haemt. g DeaaMon, It it aot.' A. No, air. that la aaotber coneia. and there la an.dbrr eouala aaaaed Wlltlamaaa. I t la i Brrofclyn I q I>;<1 poor broth or ?* tba Doctor A Yea, air. be ni a Irom the Weal, ted boppaoel to be n mf I room Md n* tb* Itcctor q Br ?*r the paper?did be rood it? A. 11* road pot Mob of It q Whore la poor brotbor bow, air ? A, Ho 10 la tb* city?b* waa la wy pi oca tbia woraio*. q Wbara doaa ba lira? A. la iillaata?la loraaa oouaty; If pea wwb, I will bora hlw imi for. Oorooar?Tea, air, I wtab to bora bla* hare Wltnraa 1 will aaa tbat ba oawea bara, air q Did poo at* Dr. BordaU iraqoaaUp dur1a( tba laat I tbraa month# r A. Yea, tlr, ba oaad ta aall ararp law daya. q Did poo know aapthlap la rofard la a wairtafa with Mra Cnaalafboai ? A. 1 aarar did. i q. DM Dr. Bardoll arar eo mm oak-eta to poo aad poor brotbor tba dfflleoltlea ba bad with Mra. Coaaiafhaw A. Ha Borrr aow wo bat tbat oaa tlwa. q. Did ba arar ootnwoalaato wlthpaiT A. Be did BOt. q. Did ba erar ta I yao ha had aap dlBoaltp with aap T waa? A. No, atr. r ?q Dtd ba arar avwkaf Foltrl'a aoma to poo A No. atr: I aarar board of U>* saw* Ull after tb# wnrdar, Coroaar?Wotl, (actlawas, bara poo aap otbar to*' Hoc* to uk tbia wttaaaa. Mr. Bo ban w?No, air. Coroner- Tbaa that wUl da. *' TKfrrmoirr op hbhribtta hoi.tgrivb. f Tba oaxt wttaaaa axawlaad waa Hatiriatta tloltcrara, tba rarraat flrl ot Cotoaal Bohwarrwaaldar, who ttraa ta No n Boad atrrat, or it door to tba lata raaldeaca of Dr. I Pardon. Nome ootao waa wade bp a poraoa puUtof ooai I. on J?* Jr i1 tu?t t wo* tispaat ? i dear ...f *'vnoai K li 1 SI) AY, FEBRUARY 5, 18; n?la tinio incident, trl ling In itoelf, produced n ota turbaore wfa 10b not. howeTer, pro to eery aertoua. Ooruoor?Who, ^ do you IIto, Henrietta* A I 11 to In 'if) Bond r I reel, tbe *?** bouno. Q. Where were jOi' 00 Friday night Ultf A. I wan nt bumr, elr Q Were yoa tn tbe b? oement or up f A. I WU In the bnoenicnt till u o'i ^ock, down oUtro. Q Whore did yon go >l/?r 7?a w**t from below' A. Up autre Id tbe garret. W Burti g ino ume .0L were boioir or whoa 70a went np euiro or were go at A.A you boor 017 orr of "Murder ' A. No, air W K'-t you flnd an; parlleolar ' *" obont poor honao of anything bureta** a No air. I didn't y Wust did you bMi A Not It. Ofotoll. (Lingnier, Q Did you occupy Uto Iwk or fro room A. 1 slept in the b*rk room y Wis it this aide or the other tide U" a?"1? AWo i?we oniy pet one rooen in the boos< . . . , y Md you beer or any ono el*t in v ? awuer A I dtdr't P*?r any;hlay ni?U ... y Did th.- eti.-r mrfe toll you of hearing Anything. A. No? ,tr- .. . . y. Pil ??u know th*1 servant girls of this n<Hi?o a, J o rir I never tuiked with her Q. At whet o olonk did you retro to yoo f nP teiro' A 1 cia'l loll, ba t11 ?u Alter olevon o'. y. Is there amy other sir t'a the ho vie with j AY< e, elr y Did you go op together' A. At the eeme time y I?d you beer at y noise %e If any person were ??oy. log in thU boosi ~ A> No, elr y. Who lives in the bio* pnrtar, oron the second L ?or of jour houee- A Mrs ticfcworiSWheide.'. Q Did soy cnt sleep to thcfattlo *' t rooms' A. N ?> sir; we ciu nut use tbeut it nil. y. In the morning what lime Jo 70*get nF** A I very / KirntoK we got up it it - and half pewtoii o'clock. '

y. Did you tire to soduwnfor tue mlNcmia. ihebutoher or the biker? A Kor the tnikmao. Q Are ynn s.~ |Uaiot*d vrtth lay ol the Inmates of the bouse by sight - A 1<?, sir, I saw the girl y li.o-yo't see my oi toe gentlemen noirderw in the bouse uci-mo >iliy A No, sir y Would you know any ono la the Isowse' A. No, eir; I only saw tbe K'rl. but I never talked wish her. y You never knew Dr. Bardeli, even by sight' A. No, etr. This ilnlsbed tbe exoimnfetton of this witness PMILLIPIK* MUMDf'l TB8TIM0NV. Pblti.piia ixkbardt, after being 3worn, deposed as rotIowa ? y. Where do jou Mro A. Next loo '?'-JO Bond street, y. How long bare you been employ ad there* A NearI; four month# Q. Whore were you ob Friday aight !aM, from seven o cloek until you went to bed' A Down In the kitohea. Q Did you b<ar any oc'va 'rota that fuse up to the hour yoc wtnt to bed" A. No, air. y i oj< an noise in this bouae, aa if furnliuro or any thug ?? ? nt.-red about A 1 did sot. y. Did j ou nrar the cry of mordt ' A. No. sir. Q. At what hour did you go up atatri A. r?oon after 11; 1 btarii tio i-oieo wieel went upatalra, 1 did not tlnd any tinea el buinei clot ace Q liid you not bear a pcrtoo relate to the family tqat h ,o beam' a deep groan In tain house on tbat nlgm A No air, 2 did not y U there more than one family living In tbe horse * A No, air tbo naraoa of tbe members 0! the vail? are, hrtat'an .sehwartaweidor, Raobel dobwartt welder, 1-rndoka ci.dtwaruwelder, Amelia Roliwartawetdor and Ma ti-aa ttcbwariaaelder; there w?ro no sisttem u> toe bouae ETIDFXOIC or FRKDKKICK1 SOUWAR-fZ STtUIHSL 1 rrdi rlcka Sc-hwarlrwelder waa then oallad, and after btirg awo-p, demoted aa follows ? y. Are yen the w*fls pf Christian deb war; .1 welder' A Yea, air. y. Wero you acquainted with tbe family of tbla bone ?tliher In Burdell or Mrs Cunningham and 'anally ? A. No, air?but I know tbo Doctor by eight?nothing score . . Bk... .... n-v inlM loll Kal_n n (bo hour* ol h 'T' n to oqo or two o'oloek in tb? miming' A 1 ni tn (bo tront basement (> Wbat hour did 700 leave the basemrnt* A. I tblnk ti we* about tire MM before or niter eleven, 1 c Mil cot 1 riot 17 my. ( V?i your borbend in, then? A. No, itr, he lei; 1 ''not 8 o'clockg '<?l?t pert of the 'xiuee 4(4 you eleep A. <?u tte Roioed floor, bak room Q l? d yon beer any raise, Madame, tbet nigh: A. No. elr. <) Kill you beer a t'oer. front anybody ? A. No, elr g Did you brer the cry of mirder! A No, elr: I tup tone ir 1 bed bo<n In my bedroom et the time I could I are beard It; alter I went up alelre et eleven 0YI0C* tborc wee no noise et ell: It wet ell ee quiet ee nanel. Q. Do fOu ih' .K, If the or? 01 mirder we* made, you would bare beard It A. Yea, air; beoeuae l left nay iloor oprn wbicn lean* into the bell Q. Did you nod any ueeuliar ameil ebo it your bouaa, of emcth ug taring been burned la the ne'gbborhoodI A No. air g. Did you beer aay of the doiueetloe in your bonaeeey mat ibey ncerd ine cry of laurder, or e groan t A. No rir. ii What time .ltd your huaband oomeln? A. Abcu ' wnlre o'clock. g. Frcm tba ilnao you wont to bed until your husband ? nice In, did y .u sleep A. No, air I may bare In t I braid hi on rot e key la tbc dcor end oomo up ateirk; I grncrally trara my room door opoa, so tuat 1 could beer 1 nrry plainly. g Al bough you dc/td. irony noiae were male you mold ixetnrcly bare beard H? A. Yea, elr, I certainly could bare braid It. g. When your buabend oa.ue la did be ma^e aay re- ( mark to you - A. No, air be tbougbt 1 wei as)eep.| g You bed no conversation with your bu .bead et all after going to bed * A. No. elr. ItyeJoror?g When did youaeeDr. Burdell 'or the last timer A. OB Friday morning leal, bet weoe 8 and t o'clock. g. Did yon observe tbe un.el Ume be returned et ti ght f A. NO, oir, I did uot Uko particular ootioo; 1 mgfct bare rr< n bla eoraeiimc.My another Juror?y Oould you boor toy notae to your room II tt woo mod* in hit A 1 could boor o llttlo boat miring sometime* wbon ih?m wot quiet oil ro ied' y. Old you know Mr. Eckel ? A. I uorer .no n him to my know edge y Did you ih nay ol tbo boor dors go out on Batirdey morning oorly A. II did nod; nor (Ud 1 oboorro o carrlogo drlro up to Ike door Ibot morning. y. Do you recollrot wsee you took breaklkot on Sotur* Joy moralogt A. It won obout 1. o'otock. Q Wkoa did you boor of Dr. Bardell'a butdor I A. romorkod to my girl that M kfid'.d not come to tleoa tbo oMowolk . oner Iro alnutoo bo oo mo and cleaned tbo oldowolk aad a aid "there la o moo nuuide otter murdering blaoelf." Tbot woe Ibe drat latliaoUoa I bed oTtbe murdjr. Tbea II woe reported by o colored boo tbot o men noil door bod obot btaoalt* y. Do you recollect wbot Uao It woo wboo yoa Qnt beord a tbo murder' A. It wee obout Iro minuteo b? Tore or Ion aunateo after 0 y Did you MTor bcnr oay quarrel between portieo ta tbia bo'ioef A No, air y Wue there oaybody aloe la yoar nlaeplng apartaoaU A. Nobody but ayoelf uatll after II o'cleek. fk. J. STAPI.Es' TESTIMONY. Wa. J. staple* was the neat wltaeoe. ilia taatlaony wen aa follows.? y. Where do you live A I llro In 33 Rood street Q Do you know Dr Bardell A. I bare known bla about a yoar or two. nlaoo bo came bar# y Did yoa kaow kla lallaotoly A. No, sir, I nefer waa lanldo tbo boaoo until tto morn ng or UiO murder; my little boy cam# la aad said Ibo oook won on tbo ntopo crying out that Dr. RardoN bad obot blmnoir, aad wnntod oomo oao to como la; I waa writlag, left my leUer, pot oa my ororooat, aad proer.eied to the bouoo immad a'.ely. y. At what hour waa thia, air A Porbapa a little after oao there wan ooaoMerablo coaluoloa In the ho m I weat np bmtlly to tbo room; I am not'aware that aay one preceded me osaept the boy ; I perceived tbo oorpee of tbo doctor lying near tbo door : there waa nobody la the rooa whoa I opened the door Dr. Data followed me up Immediately; wo may bare entered the room togothor. porhapo I preceded bla. y. Did Dr. Mala or yon touch the body ? A.I toorhad tbo body with ay bond, I put my flogoroon bio wrllt aad round bo waa quite cold TBI: COROKTk g SPKIlH. TI.e (Viroaor here rote on 1 en d--Venl.'emen of the ,*ry, letter bee joei bwa handed U ae, I did no: nil* cN ft. bat 1 real la dnty hound l? (ire yon ererytbia( I I el It appear*. icntiemrn, thai Mr*. Cnnntnibem bei benrd (I do not know how thote represent*! onn could ooae) from eow inarfer tbnt ibe papers bare tinted utile tnorniBf that tbe wnt iiddioeteiy eton?#i, eed I bnre bode onetigated by tome or tbo New i ork pnpere. Tbo preoo, geatleara, bave free liberty at all tiate to deal wltb public cbera Here aa they think p*oper I would only any, goatloaee, tbnt I aaa detoraiaed. aotwitb landing the prone or any other thine, to carry oat MM lavrotlgatloa aa eenatbly, an predeotly. and with an much i deteralaaroa to nor # tbe end e of netloeooaay maawttb ' la tbo preeiaeta ot Now Tork I eoiemaly declare tba | it la tbo ntmoot aaxioty of ay miad to arrfro at tbo laoti > retatlro to tbla murder I aa engaged not only dartac ' the whole or tbo day bore, bat even after I leave tin I place I aa working aboet tbo city ap to It or 1 o'olock at | airbt la order to ellett ororytblag I can for thaeipoouae, and alttaatoly to coae at tbo perpetrator, of the fan I nod horrid aardor. If I examine potlaear la a peculiar j. maonar tba belong! te ayaolf I tblat I know bow to i deal with character* la ordor to nltotl (aea. If I oaaaot C" saoa gaatKaea n tbo manner and aetbol la wblob I tbai buelaoM, I am not decidedly to bo beholden to any man la poalttre knowledge, prudent knowledge, legal knowledge, aad good oooad eonee, In oeratlniaiag everything I oaa fbr tbo enda of joeltoo aad tbe prolan Uon from ilepre tatioa, (boa aaaaalt and froa murder, all tba clt ?ao ot tait great county aad Mat*, ta tba darker re of that duty, gentlemen, If I oaly bare tbe pabtlc wltb ae, (pad 1 ttk tbolr aid, aa I do Mk the aeoManoo aad co operatloi of tbe reepeotable gentleaeo who form I m* |ury, the Wint Attorney aad tba -Tadgoa who mm I here, giving rrery opportenlty aad orory facility for tbe devrloponuct of crime,) I will be tbarkful f aa da llgMed av har eg ?ooh ee intelligent ury. I en pa. t:ca inr'y 'ndebted to tbo rmijipt Attorney, Mr. Rneoell. aad other pornooe who hare xhowo a tea ra, by etrict torn I tu?y, 19 hart wur ?npr? LER A >7. bended, whlob ta, g> nllemt o, a dlegraoe lo the catalogue of or I me wltb'n thla country I hope, thee, gentlemen? I only nek fair pity; tor I nature you, gentlemen. It la my d eel re, with na musk prudence, w'th na muoh caution, and with aa much proprirty na nay man, to die charge my daty botieatly toeardi the people er thla oily 1 reel very much obltgol for thla letter <vhloh I hold ta my band. The Coroner ttaeo rend n letter from Mra Cunningham, the content! ot which are na fotlowa ? Ttiia la to certify (" I will read tl.'i eK?Uy," raid tie Coroner. " cec'.iMuiMi, hccui re it U due toiny charixeter that It ?bnulil be nonred bs the p-e?# "i that the rxnrainatloa of ni> o< i?o:i h> l)r Wood worth win oouiu ted In the mo?t del.cale mm nai Tbrre wan no mdrceot exposure, uJ P w?? by my una Holetlauon Hud wtoli thai it waa dour. K. A. HURMiil.u. 4, 1167. rtAwmmnw Thin laa II mm Hiinan tianhn earn wma?Una*? "'b? signs tier name " K. A. Burden.'' Now, gentlemen of the jury, nontlnved the Coroner, 1 ehcuid not bavo noticed thin matter ?t nil, bat perhaps It inay be better (or the public to understand the' tnlngi I will now say, (and I presume I nave a little !e. .1 snow ledge,) that it would be a doreliotion lo duty lor me to have feei'ng lor anybody, I do not wo whother It Is male or (uinale. It with the connem >f eaoh juror, II with the consent of sound and senslblo nca around me, we could apprtbtnd any individual lo this house by ea posing tholr arms, and looking evon at tbo chest, to seo In thi r rotiremtnt from that room whot&or any blood, auy cooiuoion, or any matter occurred to the body, tt wontd be, gentlemen, very strong olronmstantlal ev1 decce that Utoy received Uiojo Iresh matters? tt w 1 be a very great olue to the oimmlt ter or perpetrator of this f>ui crrae If I had done th.fl mysell, gentleman, you perceive that I would be acung strictly oorroci, lor I cannot for the lifo of mo, gentlemen, understand want tills dollcscy means. II evor raid that I deatred to expoie tho persons of any Individuals In this boure. I told Dr. Wood worth to go iHliuately to work, aod no rurb tiling ever occurred as 1 am charged with In Ifeg publ.o papers (the Mir. ffmm ) There Is not an avenue tbat I am not (training ev< r> en t *17 of my mind and every exertion or my body uto r siirh 1 am trying by (ive<y power that lies urualn me hj d by the groat power Uis< ilea wnliln other dlstla|ulso warn It th.i eltu nf k.' a mm Vnrt ht avapw ftinnaal stiaans Id i > power to Hod out the perpetrators of thu crime. I tru? ' and I hope that that pros*. which I oatom always and i o whom I have atlorded < lary facility to this home, and tnllalwa) j do,{and with wbtoh . bare beou ooonectod '< r Si yours,) will five me lair play. And more than lhat. I bopeuv?ry outrun in New fork and every per on wl i ' lecl It au Imporiaot end a blading duty upon taem by in |u fin* arouai tbo c'ty to afford evory information ton?u o ib eiMlkltJwi i iiayo b re?to eoud ur In e\ery cit everything they kbow in connection with thle family an 1 with Dr Btirdoil, It order tflal we may ba able to wilt for t'ue rnda of pub'to Juatloo a matter of each gnat tmpc rtanre an tbe in vet '.gallon wo are now making. a . JF'.OB JtOlNT* TUB BOSTRPW. A juror ef oo m follows?There are tome tillage that will get Into the public pajHre accidentally. M/ attea tlca was cailt d tola mornleg to aa article In the Put'y 7iwr> eflcctlng ihe testimony cr the boy aa to too una of tbo c'oret in th wyard K la disroot'./ Mated In the ev! ocnoe ot teat 1' <7 that Mr. Kckel wee never aeon to go to that c met t>? r?re It wait alio dMkctly elated tbnt it at ctoeet was u ??d)>Y t.b< aliachot of int kitchen, don of tbo paper! reported that It wag usod by the Inmate* of tbe bouse. Here I wotdd apeak as a Jury man of tbe ae rloue responsibility reeling upon ma it a oltl.on. and a po Id tbe eye of Gi+ee a Christian, and'through out th. < w bob bcati eae It has Ibeen my det tre, stalely and wksh, aa la tbo sight or God, to look at tbla in new of tha ae i cue rer ;k nMIMIity as a ott .-eu and a iiltrlSMan Another juror?I thick the jury la full/ unanimous on the if mo subject, sir 1I1E WirygiH Ct.KrOR/EI HIS TE8.TMONV. Tbe iiumtnallin of Wru J. mi then resumed. Q Old you meet with aaytof tbe family on the strure or anywhere elae A. No, ?lr; I m not In )Ms lioaae on Friday last, I rtmaiaad at home ail tlio evewtog. g What bourt Id you rotirof A. 1 think it wae about hall paat olae. g Old you leap ta the front part ov the houw ' A. I airpt in the back room, on the act ond atory. g. Old you obK-rre 007 light* In title battae* A< I did not go ont at all; 1 want from the Jin ng room .ip atatra to lied <}. D' l you hear nay noire or cry of mu*der tfcn* night, rl?* A None at all, and I naked tbe tamiiy It they did y Did yon Ord kauy peculiar smell, aett clothtog had been burua . A. No, g. Do you know atiylblce at all atr. rrgmrdlnf tho do martin llteot Dr Bortlell and the aoembere ol the boneo' A Nothing wbatevrr. g. Do yon ano* anything abo't Mr Ilekoi? A. 1 do not know bim et aiL, and ecrer boar 1 Hi nint bafore. g W rat time did you leare yonr htuee on Saturday n.orntug A. I left bafore hreakfaat to take ry canal oa'k. g. At wbet hour was thai air1 A It wee a little after eiebt g Did you obterve any pcrtona about thla door at that t mcl A. 1 <11? not. Q What timr Hd you return? A. I walked H war da the Bowrry, ami waa rely aharnt shoot ten mlnuloa Q lid y< n nhaorvea carriage coming to ?r Hardoil'a door ttber when yoo ware coming reu or whoa you rotort "Of A. No, oh ; I do not reooliect of aewti.. any if. Waa tboreany ptraona la your baaemaot mot <uomit gt a 1 < o not know wheiner tho milkman or bakor waa tbcra or not; tbe aerrauta alt- nd to them Q. Bow many aorraeta bar* you* A. I bare flee aer rant* in iho bouao g Wera tbay likely lo be In the baeement that mom >tgf A It it probable that noma of then were; tho InMMNNMH noturtd MMi. It la a atom room, to* t etvrnlK (wvpy tbe btnk hurm'iil n y a Juror?Wat tie-* any mo a. er of pour family In the If out parlor tbnt moraine A. I'?rh?,? no; th?y urnally fo in to or?o Uie window*. 1UK ? APT A IS a?' POLKA MA JUl.d AN FJt PI. A NATION. The Coronar txpreaned a with lo evamine lb* Captain of I'olle# on n point thkl bo wtahed to mnk* clonr, wnon i be Immtdlatelp pruarntad hintelf. George W Dliken, Captain ot the Firtonnth ward poden, wa? iworo, ni l deponed an (oilow* ? Coroner?Captain, It I* reported that joy return*! * thcr to ihe Coroner'* olllce, or tome dopartm ot on Sa ttirdar morning tbnl l)f, Hnrdall dlu? r-om the burning ol a blond ** *!. Oaptam?Yen, I did, *lr. g why did j on do ao A. Tberroorl of bl* death nne to the tutton bene about a quarter hi.'ore 0, I war not there, bot my Lieutenant Mat an oinoer aroand to mike an eaaaataaUon ro a* la onebm ua lo tela?rapb to the Chief. Mayor or Coroner, the oihrer atatod that two phyaiclaae wtr* there, and tbep told bltu that Iw BurdaU bad bar at a blond reaaei and died relying upon thai*. b* rauaa ttoe-y w?-re proteeeioeel mea, he did aot make a i-errocnl eiamtaaiMB, but returned to the Hie.loo, I in.m dieiely put It on Ibn return* and telegraphed lo the Gofonrr'n olUce I coon round out that It ru a mt> Ukr, and on arriving at thie bonne, yon (the Co< ruer) we* here, Of. Main wea oae or the pbyelctanH *|oWM a the room when tbe police oOcere Arrived. TOT.CNTAKT LPT I tfC'. One of tbe repreeralaLvr* of the preen nstnd the Corn ner for iotne intern which bed been aenl to blan bp rarleea peraona. Tbe Ooroaer rtlt that they were ettern Mating that If be wettid read to inch aad aunb a place be could procure teatlnvoay having a bearing upon th* invantigaUea After n brief oonaultailo* with the jerp, It wan deenand idvtanbl* to withhold their pubd wUon, nn bp detng to tbe end* of joatlr* might be fruatreted TINT IMONT OF IRA.ITT I WILf-OV. Krnntua Wtiacn waa tb* next wltaear, who, After belag iworn, deponed a* fellow* ? 0 Wbert do you lire, atr" A. At SI Bond atraal g. How long bav* yen hnown Or. Birdeli A. Mac# Map mat. g Ten bar* frequented bla bona* bar* you A Van, I atr. I barn been rreqeenUp in here. Coroner-crmtlemen of tb* prean. I wonld atale to you I that tb* dcetera, who are mak'og an etnnainntlon | up t.airt, Itrt ronaa on who curiwuw m alter t, and la the coor-a of tha daf )00 will be abia to gat alt tba perticalara They wiah to bo quiet and to eiamiae other Qoara more minutely fhey naked ay coteurretce la eeadleg fo? rir Barker to aid tboaa They arc gotag into the matter vary minutely, and yon will obtata adaalaataa la the tonne of tba aficrweoo tUtminalioe af Kiatlne Wllaoa roatlaoad ? Q. (la yaa know Mra Cuaaingbam * A.I waa oa aptaklng terma witb bar. y War# yon oa apeeking termt with Mr. Label A I ntear aaw aim to my kaowledge Q In your rtlatioea with Mr larded aad tbla houaa did yen to* aay nnklad reeling atklklted between either Dr. Iiardall er Mra. Cunningham ? A. Wail, I hare a?eo what I aapocted ta ha endeet .ndloalloaa af a family <i tarn I. or nnmetbieg of that kind y. I) I yon bear aay af tha aipraaatoaa they made una or lowarda earb other? A. 1 heart Mra Cuaaiarham make uaa or an eipraaetoa (to whom I oaanot aay. Tor I waa at I ha btek of tba roam) that Dr. Burdalt would Iran to bohare a. meat I b afar a aha raeeied thin honao ." my impraaoiaa at tha tlma waa that it waa intended for my earn, aa I aaw no own alia. try a-tnror-wrat tlma waa ;thia* A. I ahonld ilitak aha it two month* rinoe I do not tbiak I caald tlx i - data nry rorreotly, aa t (uppoaad It waa tha reeult of to ma family >|oarrel taat did aet ooaaara ma parttea lariy ; Dr. Iteidell waa aat preeeat at tha time , I thlak tbt ra waa toam man la tha ofhee talk ag wtth bar , there teemed arid eat indicatioaa that there waa aoma lit pun tha day before, aad tha waa caaraeelag It with her Irtend Q. Did yoa hear aay qaarrel batwaou Dr Bard all aad Mra. Coaataben regerdiag aoma papere. that ware ttoloa by her t A. I did aat. Q. Ikd yau aotloa tha aipraaitaa at Mra. Ciaaiagbam'a raantenaara at that Una A. I aid aat, beeaaw I haltered it te be a Wmlly inarrat 1 da aotthiak 1 maa tiaaad it ta aay aaa. y At aay other time that yoa netted the haaaa did yaa bear aay oaareraatioa batwaaa thom' A. I am aat aware that 1 did. (f. During your naita tothia ha m did yaa bmr aay raartraaioa between Mra Caanlagham and Mr Eokoi A. I did not to my knowledge. By n Juior?Did yoa | hear aay ai;aa*oa to I r Bar doll by Mra Caaatagham boatda the oaa yaa apaat of- |A leaded tor the dorter one tTealag, but be waa eat la I tat la .be parser with Mra LVaalaghem. t praa ma there m' ,*ht ha -a Oara aome I'M ta h'.m. h A aath'ag * 0c*Wr LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. I a Did Or Hard ell at ur Ume giro you to ant'emier 1 fttm the conduct that wu going on in the he tee that li? we* v'reld to llva la It' A He Id not By e?J>.ror?IXd yo ever beer, or be e *you board, that olhwr per oaa eiprwaed rlndltlre reeling* towentt Or. Bufl'oU * A. I ban ao roeolloetlon of anytntag * the kind V|. Have )"eo any knowledge Irene any eonreo wberebr to ob ala a etce la rafaruaoa totble deed' A. ieaaee aware of any, auleea it be remark made try Dir. ,'raltb'a on. ba remark yd oua day thai Kri Caaatngeeaa aadA ''aha could count dollar for dkUar w*M Or. BurdM! end beat bim at tba and " VI What waa your tnforenoe f.'ora that remer'c, air' A My Inference waa that perhapa it waa wboantfwt mark, drawn out by an otp'orwloa u*et >y Dr. Bcrtlell. vcruuer?lou woro ID ID6 habit or oalPOg M Iff DOtdel! 's {.Wee 'o f?y him9 A. Yos, 1 called meUdim b.r h?d a lathe dtted with cutters, whlsb he used to permM mo to '.so, and l went In for that purpose I WW la the habit o go'ng Into hu ottlre when he was sot there, ame helped mpecif Q. Was ho irregular in oomtag ho-uYat night, so (hr m 70a con uLdortleud' A, 1 do not know that I oheld oaf distinctly what his habits were 017 impression was thw be was a steady, sobor man \ know n<*blng to the oea trary. Q Hare jou sot frequently '.sown hits to oome lieaw before ten at n'ght? A. I ha re neror takev na'tioshsr notice of it. Q. Were yon ever aa late as It o'clock In bis how* A. Neser; I do not think I erer was as lata w 10. Q. Whore were yon on last 1 ri lay evening, f-oci the hours ot 7 until 18' A 1 this* I ?ras at home It is oea Improbable that I was out but I cannot remember Q. Did you hear any uo >e la the street A. N'thing that allis Uxl my a'tenfon. g. Did you fli.d a smell, as If clothes wore being b raw In the street?aoytblug of a su'tocakag obaract n' A. I did not Q You heard no cry ol murder? A Kone By n Jcor?Yon s<ciu to have b a on very good terms with 1'r Burcell Do > on tuow any of bw Irlc.ndw whers be took bis meslr or where be m gbt be haely he spend his ertnlnge A 1 raunot say that I d<>. I nder stool that be touk hi3 moals at tho LiVgc H-xite bw sinoe loamec be boarce-i at tho Metropolitan; I am w quatoted with Dr. Bur doll s Ir oaJs; bo was quite a bant sessmna. Q Hare you ero* seen Dr B.irfell In comossy wtW lanies* A. I believe I have s en blm wrWIng towards Broadway with ladles; tunc that I could Identify, how ever, I woidd say thst I w?s In Dr Buriell's ho- se noFrtdsy evening a little before 7, pas?od Into tbh 'shorn tory. and remained about ten ml outer By a Juror?When yuu saw ihoao iadlivt; was Or Buidellwaklig by I heir vide, or llulnd tojetUe'f A They seemrd to be ladle, wo w ?ro professionallyW tended by him, aid be ?u oacortiny (ham to ta 9m aiboa U When you wore here en Friday laal d'd you bib? wltb anybedy A I mot lire Cuuntnftum la the haB m ] pawed out, and there wee alio a gtatiemaa wuo her y Will you JMcribo the appearance of that gentletaam to the jury ' A He itecined to ho a man about the elr.e at a Hent eaaan. whom 1 have atreo teamed waa Mr. .-nod graaa . he waa laUi-Ma tha.t otbcrwtie. and ax wry atout; I did rot take particular notice of blm. aa I baa been In ike habit et' mrctleg perinea to the hah. he aeemed to he puttlBg bli coat Bad cap ou, aa If he eerw going out; ; did not ooiloe ib*t tan bad whl?*ari. I rauaoa poaitieeiy i *7 that he had a cap on, but taluk tt was a joekey cap Q. Did you obio, ve anybedy else t A I lain* a x, i Irei qultaiure that 'ha door in inn back room waa opea 1* fhlt.k Hm Cf^slngbam mapped from th'a door to apeak 1* htm when ha wan pu'A.tjr on h? mat I think ha maw tnro paaaod lai n the frona parlor, >er I eaw ao peraea ha iba atrcet; I aflerwarda tried to rccoliout whother be Wirat oui before mo or whi<her bo weat from the hall leho the front parlor. TFam^thr or xtrair cxokbii. II/. Hugh Crombte waa uatled, awora and otaaMaaM by tea Coroner aa fo.lewi ? y 7oa art Iba Deputy Hber T of .Vow Tork f A. ( aa. Q. you know llr. Bnrdal1.' A loe.ilr Q be you know Ihw. Ccnr cjbarw A. No, air, I 4m not. Q. Had you any huameaa traoTBOttona with Dr. BaraaB A I bad. y. Wilt TOU Ull the jwrf wbat llwy were? A. tt WH la tbe satire of two anil nominertce.l araiimt the fki?iw Ill tbe ?e per tor Court. g. By wbomwera Um i>IU conctnaot, ett A % Kitmt Ctinamahaiu, who >m Uie ptatw.?\ ul Mr Har - T Burial, the lereodatt g. lb what r?l?iloD?blp ?i 701 atnal to tee parwae a lbla matter A. Iu the rUot.ou ot on o.Acer eieoattof writ. g. Wtiot ?vm the writ fw A> Tbce wrre two. g. Wt*i were lb< y ' A Breeeti of premise u4 seduction I be'iete, waa cim, aid tbe other waa for etaw 'lor breach or prt mire ntd teducUott, I tto'nb, ware both mbnoied !a the efll'lavit. but 1 uwi not qu U aHme about ibat. g Did Uio?? Bulla go or A< Vt>, ?lr, they were tm WllllWd g. At wboee laataaco were they diaooatkaaed? a. I do e<tt .now. ir. Q At what lime were the au la commence!, ?tr? A. Tbe wnii raaie '.ito the < Mh o 00 the 16tb of October. g. Wlrea were 1 be helm il'ioowi eu rd ' A OaUtetM ot Oriober, oa "be '.Kd oI Ojtover I returned tbe write ta tbe . bcri.T. aod lltal waa, I nippoee, the time wbea the olio wt re dlrcoaltpiird A 'urcr?On what day dIJ you oerra taem/ A. OB the 1Mb Coroner - Hare * ~>* bad nay noorerBalloo wltA etiBar pni-'j * ore the t ?oe? fauna or? .v. Nrne < nreaer (to tbe Juryl ? I ba-e no farther in ret I owe to put, hut TU cam do eo if you iblak lit. A Jarer?I have uclfeirj 10 1 I Coroner (to wttorie:?That la ail ya.i kaow tbont tbt matter* A Yea \ J or or-.Do you boow Ibat in that ea.t aelaoMw waa rxprnatd* A. Wa haJ .'tjeront ooov?r?atioft with IBB Dtclor about it be oatae la almoat ercty day. A Juror? It tea* men tinned la tbe H*??t > tbat ywa ware prmeat whin the cr UTfrratlcee oaourrad betwaaa Pr. Durdell urd Mr Thayer, a lawyer, and mat the dawtor urtd vary uiroap !ar(uip? ? A. Ha uuod vary arrowy Urpnuge whene rar I ar"ee to tilm about li ha waa awry moth tnceaeed afulaol Iba partiae. M l? d bia abuiiva language rai.via to lbayer iiiweiff A Yaa. U Idd be apeak ta aa nauaual taaaonr, and <ild Mw language rhow a rtad ctiTa A ellag t A. No mora thaw a party waola uaJer ihe clrcumeteDi.?e M. Wart you acqualoted with the maauer la which few ?ipreoted banal' urdlaarlly 7 A No, air 1 atppoeed Mw waa aader ?iriUmrai wkw Ma poke to ma; ba imgbR here ctpreaacd bima?H auarenliy uader iiOeraatatorumataacea, ba eeumeJ ta ba aied ageirat Mrs. ( analaybaai. g. Ho you kaow of aay aubaeqeeat diBmltlaa batvaab Iba partiaa t A. No, air, I do not TBRTIMORY UP IHAC C. WIL1ITT. Mr Wlllalt waa awora aad aiataload by loaUaroaar>? W You oraawara of tbaaa two kudo? A. Yaa, air, ? Sad that oa tMa l.-tb of October, IMS, I racatoad twm ordara of arret I ta Iba eaaa of Kmata A. Cuaotagtoaaa, platan;', ageism Hurray Bur loll, dataedaat, ta bold la ball la ftt.OCO each; Mr Thayer waa tfea plalatirw alteraay tbey wrro glrea ta Mr Ooaabla, tki Rrya^, toeaemr.e, oa look law arer at/ ngirter I dad two dta charge! diechargtag Mr. Bardeil from iba oaaiady af 1Mb sbarifl Q. rr oee a altera war a put lata tba baada af tba Papulp RbartA A Yar but tbaaa ditehargao alwaya aaaaa m iba aborts A Juror-Oo tbay roily ataia Iba aatara of Um aaHP A. No, hut I will read item ir iba gaallemea wlab lb Tba Cntoaar?' eatiemeo of too jury, tbaaa thtaga may appear <f iinia importaaca, bat It ta vary imptirtaaO. really, thai wa thou id kuow wbrtbar tbeua do< nmemta (barge Mr Bbrdell with iiolb a breath of pritataa 01 marriage aad aadaotlaa, or wltb but oaa. A Juror?Iba try would Ilka ta kaaw It. Iba Ottawa? 1 will I be a road It. SOPKIUOR COURT. En m* .1 l ,, in/n llnrrrf ?It lu liarnhy lipu.u'wl and urretd by aad betwrin tbe reepechre parties lo ihe abnra eel mid anion thai this anion te tn-retir withdrawn witbrert oowa to either puny, aid Uie aald d'leodaaA flaruey Bwidell, in mnWderalioa of ibe ahore wiAJrawut herebr alliiulalea and tgrree not lo pi weenie tbe p>ataUw herein for belt* ur reeled in tiila ae'Jon ft. C THaYKU 1' aUuifl ? AnoniarC< r. 22, \fU HAM KY ?('RDW-b, Imfendaot. Tba otbee M la iba aama purport I hare aeereaad tMa racorda of tba Superior Court to Sad tba aiTUartla, bob iboy are act iltarr It la tba praetu a af tba ->o irUT, wbaw a oast la withdrawn, aad tba plalnm a uUoraey oaAa cpea biai for iba neprro, ta hand <hea? orer to biaa. Mr. Tbayar, tbe coueuel. (latarropilig)?Doaa tba SberlO reairmber del'rem* thaw up to ma IH larn?.10 ?! ? v HKI unn > ._ _ tlrar ilx-m ep la a vn of tbi? Wad >b? rata of Um <)oori to ?r tho Moriu to dio ill popm-e wtth.o too dan after Um arrwi. bat tbia aatt bota? withdrawn before aba taa .lay. bad oxptrrd, tbore araa la feet bo aatt, and tba attorney wa? entitled to bla pa para. examination* or d*. woonwatD. Tba Coreaer, addraaalac Of- Woodward, aai 1 ?II lb itefffkiry far ma to awaar yoa, doctor ua yea rraaambar ma laUtag yaa ta (0 ap to Mra Caaalafbomb nam and riamlaa bar, Pakel aad ffeod#reae A. Tte, for. g. 1 bailor# tba oaoraraatiaa b?woaa aa. daalar, wan, wbieb yaa wltb otbar pbyatotana ayraad ta, Ibat yam abaald aaaaniar tba arm aad cbaat. aad aaa if tbara warm aay mart a, ceatmioaa or aaytbtac of tbai Wad A. Tarn, y Waa tbara aay ladaOaaay. air, uaad * A. Vat at aH. twtimovt or tm tritLirr euokbp. A laror?Mr. Tbayar rtataa tbai ba doaa tot tblbk tba ward "aadaatlaa" waa aaad Tba Coroaar ta Mr Tbayar-1# reefm tba Jary t%^ aadarataad tbai aa eecb torau waa nadavM oT ^ Mr. Tbayar?Nat la tba papara la tbia awH, air. r*.?TIMO*T or AN0BIW L. RTbNI. Mr Byraa barta? Maa rwora. tba Owaaar, add/ damn* tba ary, mid ?Tba raaaaa. i^aUatmao. wby I br tagp^ attaaaa forward m tbai tba wiadowa of tba re*?-? baempire eommaad a r aw af tbia bolldlag "" g It bara da jau reetde A At 3? Bteimb 0 ,l_V_ where wara yoa aa Trtday atybt bwV AIwaa ta g a? what did yaa coma bean* ? A. twoaatock. *' g Da yaa e'tep ta Ut* t>oak at tk, ho aaa a Taa g I'M jo: taa aay t?bt la the. wiadowa (Kefrr-j* *i?AfKt pagr,