Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1857 Page 1
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4 Til ??-???? ? WHOLE NO. 7467. A- .. ___ THE BOND STREET TRAGEDYT NINTH DAY OF THE CORONERS INVESTIGATION. Mins Helen Cunningliuiu and Master Geo^e W. Cmmiugtiuui apttiii od tbe Stand mis8 cunningham's testimony interrupted by 8udden illnes3 Ttif Breach of Promise Affidavit of Mrs. Cunningham. Interesting- Evidence of the Hon. Levi S> Chat,field. SINGULAR ADMISSIONS OF MRS. CUNNINGHAM'S COUNSEL. Tlie Desire to Revive the Breach of Promise Suit after the Marriage Ceremony Dr. Burdeli'g Safe Key found In Br*. Cunnlnfliain's Po^cultn, THE TESTIMONY OF 8ILA8 C HE EE IN 0, Ac., Ac.. &JTIIE CORONER'S INVESTIGATION. NINTH DAY. The Coroner's Investigation Into the olr lumstacces con nested with the deeth ol Or. Hirvey Burden wm re eumed it hell peat tea o'clock yesterday m drain |, pur, eaant to adjournment. The foot that It wee Sunday did mat appear to hare any effect In dlmlnahtng the audience, which wan aa numerous aa on any day during the Inqueat. (siren outside the bouse there was quite a considerable usher arfaembled, and the interest and curiosity manifested amocg them was aa actlre as erer. Tne Coroner waa aaitsted In the examination by Recorder Smith and flx-Utty Judge Oapron?or rather Doth these gentlemen divided the labor almostexolusirely between themselves. At the commencement of the loquast the Coroner addressed the jury brleily at follows. In regard to some -search that btd been made about documents ?"Qentle men of Uio Jury." said be, " the jury last night made a general search for the various papers, of not only Or. Burdell, bjt of l ake! also, and they Oud nothing but what Utla door.meat oontotna, namely, the releeio by Mr*. Cunningham of ber euit apatnat the Doctor?tble note of $109, dated the 1Mb of September, from Mr* Canntngbam to tne Doctor. It to not eedoreed." .lodge Cep'on?No, ilr. Coroner?Then it hai nerer been paid. A Joior?Thin paper (taking up another document) la italed the 13tb or December. Judge Capron?Tbla baa nothing to do with the matter. The lollo? ug .a the note for $109, and alao the general release g'vea by Mr* Conntngham to Dr. Bcrdell ? MOTE. I, $1.?'? Nl? Ton* Bept ij, 1 -AS ? | fi nietT daya after dale. I promtae to pej to the { I older of Uarvey Burdeil, oue h\.na.-e>i and nine! I iio aw 5 \ altie received, with Interest <! K A. OC*.VT!?uHAM. 4 > Nil IlUA > Jrrir fif jij f if .1 j j j j j rrrfuf OEVKBAI. RELEASE. T* all whom tbeae preeeut* iWl oooae. or ma/ concern. gru Ung k110a ye, that I V K I. Ctrnnl*<thar int and la ooaeKtetation of the atun ot ou<- dollar lawful mine/ of the I cited 8tale* of Anxeric*. in Be In hand paid 6/ Uirrev ??r d>4! ot lb- Cny and Count/ of h'-w York, hare remuwd, re loaned aud forever dierharce-l, aa<l h/ 'hear prrec-nt* do, for myaelf tn/ heir*, executor* aoo wtf'.iiutaimtorx. rem tar, rehear. ao<l forever dlarharire the ant 1 It irr-L linriirll,h\a heir* exeeulora nad admieletrelora >d and from ail manner of nation and action*, canae and eaueea ni actioe. luita. drhla duet, - una of u.onet account*. reckoning*. bond* Mlla, aperialnlex, ouveaenU contract* coo.roveiae* agreement*. protnlaee reliantra. 'reepame* damage*, judgment*. extent*, execetlotia. cawt and demand* whAjomer. In law or in ec)ult/, which ecatnat him 1 ever tied row htve or whlrh my eetra. executor* <r . ?dmtnl*tretnr? her Jier can, abaH, or m?/ hav tor, upon, orb) reaaon of an/ matter, eaiier or thine what* ever, from the beginning of the world to the da/ of the date f ihear pretrnts. I do agree to mut cla'm and eu Tender the premier* I now recupy Mo 31 flood ntrret, on th" ftrat day or May n?x'.. end lope/'the tret to eald H inUif up to that dev. In wltce*' wbrreol I have hereunto art my band aed aeal. the twenty'north dar of January tn tbe year one thoo*enl eight bundled acd filly eevrn heeled and delivered in the preernceot K. A CI''MlflNtifUM. u? I A lend pencil line wae .lrewn at the font of the above dxument, and Mr* chinnlt.gham aiirnad her name thereon. Th-a |>aper te rndoreed by Peclor Burden hlmaelf f""""""TT*UttKKA~^~ClZxK'"''"" j MM K A. CTHIUNQH AM I AdAtSaT t > H ARVEY HI RDKU.. j y ********rcwewae*rer#eww*ewww#eweewww**o ? Coroner?I would roqneat oi the oilloer to keep apart aay taatltnony that may be re ezamlaed. I don't wlgh tboee perioee to be I latent on to the evidence of wltaeenea m the etend I think It very wrong. I am told thntthere are ooe or two tn the room at prevent, that will be called fbr re exaaimalloe, and I think It better If they will go np etair* end ett down there till I em ready to etamlae them. A xnta* aamed Ely, mid he wag told to preaoat him oeM at Oeert thin mora lag, aad notlOed the Coroaer that bo wan prepared for ezamlaatlva. Oaroeer - Again, gentlemen, 1 deetre te tall you that I got tnfbrmxli on yroterday, requesting mo ta make h seared -3f premiere Jowa l?ir near the Batter? A Jaror ?ferr? atraet, I nnderotaad Oereaer?Tha eearoh baa been parti? made I will (at n from the Depot? Depot?, whet la the aaaiber la Tarry treat Depot j-No J1 Onroear ?The aaarch waa parti? made leal al(ht. aad ariu ha oeaUaoed to da? or to morrow moralag The roaeaa of the aaarch la that II waa elated la ma la a letter that Mr. I ok el waa area going la there, aad after drawtag oaaetbtag out of hla pocket threw It la aateag a let of daaaaie. A Jortw- What waa ft' Ooroaer Oeoda of aeme hied la atatlag Una I marel? leafre to ahow that where I thick H aaooaaar? to make a aid I doee. Mr. flohanaa aald that the Jar? la looktag orer the pa pereaebaiittad to their aiamlnatKiB hare dlaoovared ao ootaa f?r oollreUoa. ae alack or ebaree of the Artleaaa' 'tack aad ao cberka paid h? the ArUeaaa' Beak, aara two. rimtfOMT or SILAS C. HIIRIVO. Thia witaeaa affirmed aad thee teatlded as folio wa ? Ooroaer - Where do poo lira, alrf A. M? reeldoaoe la 1? I tfth aroaeo Witaeaa?I bare ao perooeai acquaintance with aa? of the parte*, bat oa the 2let da? of April laat, oa beiag eemmoatd. I aappeaed the eabjeet waa to auka Inqotrtaa ia regard to the aafo, aad I Ccuod oa reterrlag to m? booke that I t-old to Doctor R Burdcll one atee aamberod 13 Til, on the Slat of April. ISM, for $90, which waa paid oa the ttth of April. on tho 39th Jaao Dr. Bordell called to the More aad aald be bad loet a ko? naa of the two which aad boaa girea to him wnb the eafa, or that It had beea etotea . beAhooght that aa other peraoa bar c uaaaiaelea of owe of the kern, ho had better bare at* look oJWwod . wf nooordiogty Mat nd hod tho door MkM Ofl wo U<M oltorod tho look ond mM dnpllaot# km. nMUm M tV.vMMil opoo l?i *f?; ?ho mu au who had Um ooororootloo with hlw to immt rrnm Um otty. hat tho rotrtoo on Um hook tbow thai wa ?iUku Md did ohnng* Um look and aitor It, nod V torwmrdo Ml tho biU in. which wu paid lhol*tofl?iy M IH M iho Mth ot JoM wo Ml Mr tho door Tor tho porporr of altorlag I ho lock . tho loot koy ?od tho nam hor oorrropoodod with I ho aumhor or tho note, I wm horn yrotordoy nnd onw tbo koy, whtoh I ooaid Idonttry 4 at bomg tho original koy. . A Jaror?Too koy ?mNi1 um| hor thla|i. in hor 1 "wtfoMo" I ana Indootiry tbo koy. m thorn nro no two namhoro nHko. _ Jadgo rkorw-Hnrt yon oooo tbo kojt A. Ym ?r. g. lo it tho mm koyf A. Yon. Mr. g. Yon know nothing ofco* A. So, tlr. g. lad 700 ooo tir. Inrdoli yonrnoiP A. I did not Mwn wki.kN cnmiwntu aoaik oh run ward. Mm Hoi on OaMUnghnm, who wm nndor otnminUM on tntnrdny whon tnfeao from tho tnrMdkiUoo of tbo 'or on or mdor n writ of hnhonn ooryno. won ngnin on tbo otnnd, nnd tootiliod 00 follow* ? Jndgo Uopron?I forgot nt what point tho okkMlnntlon of UM wiui 00* WW tntorrnptod 1 doairo tn oak yon n row MOTO qoooMow In ndditlon to wfcot I ntkod yon yw tordoy. H In pawlhlo I mny ropont, hnt 1 oknil on 4Mwr 10 Mwnt w fow or tho qoahUaw M my rooodoe two will cnohlo mo to omit, nnd I WfTMo ooodwotinr yonr otnMinotioo forthnr, mnkn H my own, nad ooadaw It in ym own way I tok yon whon yoa drnl boon**- oeqooi*! wlU tbo tfoohwt A. t thiol, * tk oonrty two yonr* E NE g. About Uow n?w, m near a* your proaort -oojIIm lion will vim?k 7<iu to "uewei" 4%. J een't bat about two yi*ra Q How did >(?\ flrrt become acquainted wild bin' A. He ceilod to ace 017 mother g. At what place? A. In Twenty fourth afreet at my ow u Dome. Q. It what capacity did ba than call - ptofoealooall/, or ? no acquaintance? a. As an aoqtnttatuaue Q Ot other members cl your uundy? A. V ce atr, of oiber taembort. y. How long bad he boor acquainted with the family, an long aa you have anv knowledge, prior to tuat time, and from what you bare beard to your I a mil) f A. don't know, air Q. Seme ytarsf A No not eome years y. Heibape aome moniha or weeks? A. It might b> months or weeka, 1 ooo't know whloh y. What led to the taking of thla bouee from tho Doctor by your mother??h< w oame ahe to take thla bocee '?the waa b< ardiog at one time at Dr. Wellingtons? A Yet an y What ltd her to take thla he bee r waa it the Doctor at kid j our toother, or your mo tier asked tho Doctor A. I don't know, Mr. Q Were too at borne at this time? A. Yea, str. y What la the brat knowledge that yon have of the luo. that she Okl rent the boute?the drat knowledge tbal you he: ol If, A I don't know that, air. y. Can't ?ay? A No, air. y l?o you mean to be under*tood aa answering tbe firnt y< u kt ow waa that your mother moved In to tbla bouee? t' a' nothing had boen said la your family f A. There waa something eald, but what it waa 1 don't know, y And can't repeat v a. No. sir y. Did tho Doctor occupy rooms In this house at the time when you tirat took poeacfaion ? A. Yea, sir. y The same room* which he occupied till hie death 1 A Yes, sir. y. Did your mother take the houao of tbe Doctor or the prior Unset, Mrs. Joooe? A. Who tuok It of Dr. Rardel: ' Q I believe you etsted yesterday that be never boarded with you regularly f A. Yea. sir, khe boarded here last ?umoitr. y Be didn't wbeu she first took possession of tbe home? A. 1 don't know that; you can't eiaotly oall It li/lhTiiinO' y. w?!',, we know what a boarder la? A. Well, mid a times be look his regular metis here and sometimes he took them out. y. Bow long did 700 keep booao before Mr. fcokel cimc A. It wss lait fall. y. What time? A. I don't know exactly y. Home month last fall? A Yea air. y 1K> you know of any dffllculty between Kckel and the Dcoler? A. Nothing at all y. Never bare heera of anything from the Doctor, or your mother, or Mr Kckel on the eubjeotf A. No, air. y You stated yesterday, or your eiater stated, that the drat dltUoulty yon knew ol your mother or the Doctor haying wa* aome time in Ootober? A. In Septeaveer. Q What waa It about? A. About lone notea; he assigned e judgment to my mother and he wished her to give a note; tlie note was missing and he acoosed her ol taking It y. What was Uto amocnl? A. I don't know, sir. y Here Is a note dated 3hth of September?a note of *lu8 assigned by your mother to him. Do you know anything of the transaction luttlolentty to Identify If a No, air. I think thai note mother geye Doctor Uurdell a pa) meut for the rent. y. Do you know anything of the diilioalty between ycur motbrr and Dr Burden? A. No, sir. Q. Have you any knowledge teat this note was given for the reaf A No. sir, but I think it waa. Q. What about this lodgment?what was the trouble about llf A That I don't know. y Do you know tbe laet about the judgment0?that It was a judgment given by Mr. Burdeli's brother to him? A. 1 don't know, but tbat Dr. Burueli assigned It to my mother. y Tbat could not have been so, because the judgment was In favor ol William Bordell against the Doctor. It must have been Wilham that assigned It to yoar mother Your mother subsequently arranged It with the Dootor somehow, and asaigned It to him?teat Is the way tbat was. Now you say asout tbat aaetgnmsat there waa some trouble in .September. l.H me ese about that. It te an old judgment, and dated IBM. U la assigned id November lest. Thai assignment la dated 10 November lad, so that at the time of this difficulty the jedgmrui could nn have been assigned BtlU the dlffi c j ty might here beeu about the judgmant. Ibd you eee the doctor glee ber a note lubee qiently ? A. I don't know whether the (ere him the note or not. g. But about that note waa the dtfflralty What ?u the trouble e'.out the no to r A. 3b# gtre him a note, and the tote 1 un'eriland was mlrntng from hie paper*, end be charged it oe her; thai ta what i.wnblaMg That baa been tettloed to by aomo'et tb* wltaaaaea How long arterwarda do yon kioe after tbht time year mother and the cortor became reeonMlad ea aa to dry i poo terma of good underataadiagf A. 1 deal katw that Q. Ton bare no knowledge that tbay ever anarwarda became reeontitled r A Tbey becaaae reconciled. Q. Yen, I mean r?oooo'led In their reeling* f A Yaa, rrceerilrd la their laaltnyn ?o that they baoame frionda. bat bow long eflerwerv.? I don't know. g. Wrra you at boma nn the erecting that the I rotor and your mother want out to ha marrtedf A. Tea. air. g. Who rite waa In the bona* thai arming that you new remembet A. Two aarrnnta nod my two brotbei* and Bty youograt atater. g Your younger alater* A. No a be waa not hare, g. Waa Mr Kckal at home mat ermmg' A Yaa, air. g. Any other gentleman la lb* boueef A. I doe'ikooe. g When ibey tell to go out did they aay anytbiag to anybody abmt where ib?y were going! a. No, air. but mother t i.i me to remember that ahe bad gene out on neb o day. g. Wbo waat wttb them - A Dr. Burden aad my alater Auauaia g How lorg were tbey gone! A Idto'tkaow g Bow toe| aa nctur aa you caa ramamberr A. I can't my bow loag. g. Did tbey come back again attar lea ring euly that areata* a i don't remember, but they mtgkt. g Yon don't bnow that tbey returned and nubaaqoeat ly went cat aealt' A. 1 don't recollect g. Chn yon tall me about waat time tn the erenlng It waa wbea your mot bar called your attention to thn met thai aha waa gotag to lee?e - A. No. air. I wan in tbe parlor at the time, It might bare beea between aaren and eight g. Hare you a recollection now of their returning that algbt r A. No, air. 1 hare not, I didn't pay aay particular attention to It. g Don 't yon remember their returning, and wbo re turn ad - A. M? mother M* Utr And br Rnrrf*li f Km Here; 1 don t know whether tfcojr otni into the house or not, 1 didn't too thee y Do you know wbcrr your mother lodged the! a)(hi? with yoi, or either of your atntorn ? A. I omit tall whom Kb# Q. Hot* yon nay recollection whether aba alept with ynureeif or jonr aiater A. No, air. g Did you erer oeo the marriage oortlflfloto ' A. No, air, I here aero it, hot 1 did", too It it I Saturday Morn lac. whoa Dr. Bordoll woo loond dead. g Immdiaieiy afUrwarde? A. It wna not loaa dtaialy afterwards g. Welt, if It woo that day or U>o next, I woold nail N I named lately aftorwarda, nam parwti rely spook tag I would call It a day or two Immediately afterwards. Did yow mother, durtnc the time eiapolag botwoon the now repnted day of thn marring-- aad the DooVor's death, any anything ca the auhjtrt of her bo Lag married to the Doetor? A. No. air y Did your motor that went to witaooo the ceremony oay earthing to you no that subject? a. No, atr. y Were ttaro any oircumrtaaooa whioh a tree tod your attention - ? no to eoapect thai there might bo a marriage between ynor mother aad the Doctor* A. Wore there aay c'rcuneatar.rer Q. Too, anytbng that sngceeted to your miad that there mtahtboa aecret marriage? A Wed, I tnougat they men be an her mer'Wd or rngatod g. Well, aow we have gut that?what wore thoee airrnmataaoto what were the circamaiaawa that auggeot ed to your m ad that Idea* Of coeree them waa eotne thing, aad you can toll by a little reflection what it wna* A. Well, the n ed to epond tfc* moot of the time la hlo room when there wore no pat :eate, aad alwaya e'tended to bin taiereota and welfare, aad ore what oou d bo door far btm y Red abf aorer attend* J to bin affaire prior to that t'mr? A Vee, ?tr. y DM yoo mention your ouep<. tone to aay owe* A. I might, but I don't renumber o'It now y. Did It aru? r auggeoi 'irolf to you now that your ate n Fm w wiui jinr vjuw HI liu WJnr tO?I l*n Iny, and your auboa*o?oUy ratet circniaataecua thai led P" to think ibal there ni mnrr'ai hMnm-ia Ml your sinter wm there n ma?rtaf < ' a No, Mr, bmanao tbey were la the hatlt of (May oat often g How tory aner tfj ?u ti tba' the 1 les occurred la i yon that they might bo married A I (tna't kaow g. Up to tf>r tlma of the i'?nor tart yoar motto* bar my tbo dMImlty la Srpt*usn<v had ana ant bora uniform ly lad aao nitratr* Is bin eomlort ?ad tbo bowel A. Yoa, aba wat alwaya wry kind t* blm. g. A nor tbo night la 0*f?ber wr.or it |? now aaaortad that tbla mama * wao eoulrv**d aad i uaaaaMM, do you remember of notiolni aay llftereooe la l?* Ooo tcr'* demeanor toward* your mother ibat at lb* timo at , traded 3roar aMaatloa* A. No ae'binf parU.-niar, I ild nt aotlr* any dlitor?ao* aory particular g. Ten did rot nottno aaubtac partlsnlarf P'd yoa not actum any itlflbreaoa n* to about a month ngo, whoa I understand yoa the dlfflcalty took plaon batwnoa tbo parttM and your mot bar tbat to wboa Ihoy did ao? J lodge la tba nam* room or on tba aama Boor?wat yoar mother la tba habit of aleoyiof witb yoortolf or yoar tutor orctMooaily or of tea4 A. Ma would oomoMmaa, aad sow Mm** alo*p aloo* 1 g. t'p to tb* time I tpaak o'? A. Y*o, Mr. 1 g Up to about month Yon reoo I loot tbat mm* *4 tb* family ban te?ud*d tfrai up Is 1 month ago your mother lodfrd on tba name ?*or witb tbo Doctor* A. Up 1 to a woe tb or two ago g. I nek if prior to tbat urn* yoar mot bar lodged witb oae *f Ute danybtortf A. We ehnaged about nfioa g Well, tbey naad to to to al?ep with bor prior to Ibot J t'm*t A. Wecboofed onoo wbeu either of at wa Mck I we would go down aad tloop with mother 9 How otteo. la yoar preeeet reoolleotton, oaa yoa 1 atato noneelentloualy. aftar tbla marrtar* aad prior to tna time wbeo yoar mother took othor lodging*, did you or your Meter fo down W lodfO Witb your mothwl A t f dab't know t Q Wall, I know yoa doat kaow, bat you barn a no- t ttoa. you east atato wb*tber it waa a ftugnnot uauano toe* t A Not vary freqnaat g. How wao It witb tbo smeilor boyot Won id tb* he c anwell aod go to tbolr motbor'a roontf A I doat kaow 1 Whether they orar slept there or not g At Una time wboro wao ber bod In relation to tba t I motor V We kaow wboro tbe Dmtor'l won A. 'be r need to occupy tba tamll ball bedroom tbara'a wb "a t tba room waa i J _ \ n r t *% / vv TO MORNING EDITION?MO Q I'Id It comic nalente with tbi , f?oto Id w oin't I in IHT.t ir'd bed wor A. It ooaHniia.cotnd ?r:tu hly elh in g Now, wbcu >ou wont down to ale<*p wKtt >*** mother on thooe ocoia.ono, you focud her In bor o?w bed, elrneT A Y?w, ?lr. g. Bow often after tbit time w>i the Itootor in tb'. h?bu of inking meats with ' oor family?aft-r the n??rlape la sata to bnirt taken ptaoef A. I don't know, ?i.-, cow onto v). Ho you remember U*l ho did 000a altar that ti? -> A I don't reneaMr Q. l)o you know that the Doctor boarded during tbub titer vol of lime with her? now, direct tour ottoatioe? A 1 believe bo took hi* tneali at the Lafarge. V IHd you yourself bate any concern with the or< a.gra>tni ?! tbo domestic work?with Uniebtld efleiw?or took, any part la li?ao portioolor portf A. No l>arliculer port. g Ho yon know who kept the sleepier room or the Doctor m ore or, whj mac kta bod, and did tbo other neciofaiy work r A. Sometimes mother would moke Ik* bed. and ecmeCmee the servant; *he generally attended to the dustlt g and potting up things tn fits room. g Do you, during that po> tloa of time 10 which we ore d lectig bur attention remember going loto hie sleeping room lo the morning before It woe put In order. A. t-nuit tiroes it wij not pot tn order till 11 o'oieok, then 1 patter m Q We it In tbo condition oe If It hod been lodged la tbo previous mgtt a. Yie, sir. Q. Woe it eo always when you saw It? A. Yee, oir, I wage Yon know whether your mother'* bed wee al*o.,'i thai none Itlcw when yon tew 11 daring that Inter ml ol turn r A I didn't notioe tt particularly. Q Do you remember whether during that Interval you wore to your mother's loom before It trim arrange. A. Yco, ?lr. g Cm von tell us what the condition or the bet wm at that iltoe* A I don't remember, and cau't tel'. g. You can't tell the condition of It sometimes A. It won Dtiml, but bow often I don') know, nor in what way U tine either. g Nets, 11 ee Cunningham, I wont to ask you one qotdlou more, and I presume you will answer aooordtng to tec beet of your belief, living la this UtnUy, ae v?u did, between the time 01 this marriage and the last dtfll ruiiy ocourred. Could your mother have lodged wtll< the D01 tox at man and wtie, without your know large?from yocr intimacy in the family and your knowleago of the honor A. Could she have done Could your mother hove loiged with the Doctor ae hoabauo and wtie, during thai interval of time, without your kniwletge, and that existing without your knowledge tn point of loci' A She might have done it if eke wanted to. <4 into l understand yon to be willing to sty, Mlai Cunningham, thai di.rlng I be time. under all the otriameUrcee or the cue you go to sietp with your mother, od 3td her In bee own bod and the Doctor In bio? that till fcho could ni: have olept with him without your knowing M A S' e might bora one olgbl. g I dou't mean one night ; could obe have dona f A She might tore gone down otolra and guae down Into hla ror m witbont my knowing It Q Did you aiwaye when yon went down thera?always give ber notice? A No, air; when I waa atok I always told be>-1 would like to do It; I didn't give bar particular nrlioe. g. Mine Cunning? em, are von In piMseealon of any fhot which in your judgment would be an Inducement to your aether to keep ber marriage with the Imnor a aecrwt if it waa an eitaiing fectf A. No particular fact a? I krow ot. U Wonld not ber Intereat lay directly In tmprosetog that fact upon yen and yonr atater ? A. I know tt depend upon what abe thtnka about thai. () I am ftpeaklng to yoa aa a young lady of judgment end candor, and 1 pat thla qoeatton politely and kindly? la Inert nny fact eilaing? A. I don't knew of any other ?.i, but tbat he didn't uke It lo be made anown. g Weil, bul tbat la the point of the Inquiry, whether there war any taet eitatlrg (bit wonld nut It bar late rtai not to nave made It kt own. Now I am bylng to get at the etcret that wonld lead her to keep It from vea. Well the cave ibe doa't know any, and that le probably a correct aoiwer. MIm Cunningham, after the time that vour aster aid yen.- mother and the Doctor left the boeae that evening anl ntnrutd, about bow long did the Hon tor iiinalu m the diy, aa near aa yon can remember' A 1 believe be left on the following Friday or Saturday lor Sarttnua. g. Did he take jour mother with him? A No, etr g. Bow long did be remain abeam! at Saratoga on that Mcwot' A 1 don t aoow the exact time. g But yiu bare r emu thing of a rooolleotloa whether It waa week* or only daje f A. A lew dnye, and It ujight have been a week. Q inn be take any member of yon? mothers latnUy wun him on tbat vtsbf A. No member, atr g Did the Hooter take bia dental laatrumeata with blm when he left for itsratoga? A Wbea he left for Saratoga Q. Via? A. 1 don't tbirk be did g. On ble retort ? do yon TMMuiber Ute fact of hla re Hra* A Na. Nr. Q Wovo jm at tonne ?tet fee returned? A. Tat. ( wee at bene at tliel time, bat lout knotr abas ha ra? turned g. Dr y?u rrtrrmber tba diet tlaw ba oamm bona after bia in ' A No, atr. g Don't 'fot'irh' f tbc rectftion between bltn aad your trotbct' A. No, air g Oa yoa (a? lb at tfea cvw addreaned your Bulbar iv difltrent. ndlretlig a ciaaar rrlettoaahlp ar Intimacy altar Ible repmt .1 marring* tbao bo did prortuuaiyf A Sever brfore tor, ?<M ibai 1 r^ruewther g How long titd ibe Doctor remain al honia ar;?r to < flrvi return ddkqnoui lo Ibla rapmed marring*. A. coat know g. D.d roo not remain al btma till ba let again ? A. I barn ao rrrallreilca 01 bia leaving again , oa nay have It ft again g Tbat ta between OMuber and tblt lent weak? A. Tea air g I will ark yon ibla qaaatloa on that point tbao: Wki a tb? 1 'ortor went lo Hereto fn bad then bean any ooatompialioa Ibal your mother rbmvd go wttb hlmf A. I in rk I beard it ?p->kea of : I au not euro I beard It apt .en o'or not, bni I tbiak I beard at tuetbing about A g C*n yen tall n? we at you ihink you board on thai run-ni A I Ibtak I hoard mother aay ane ami goirg to Harate*e Ibe laal of the work. g Hon ioag b?lore tb* Ooeior left r A. I don't know how >oag befoie the Doctor Ian g win yon aay iou ara ante yon heard aumolMng on i??t aotoncl * A I can't aay thai I am anra ; I oan aay Uial II I* merely aa lotpreaoton. g Have you a rrcollect.on now that the Doctor loft to->me again any length ol lime niter Ui'a repuind marriage before bia dealb A. Not ibal I remem -tor or. g Or op to tbo timo el bit death, I ebetqld aay* I win Id think Ihbi II im nnl vnrf Ilka lv U Ul aitaa tknl /la.,n?t?\ )tu bi it* rrnoHtctlN' A No, Mr Q Po yna romembrr lb? fart or aoylbtac ruppacti?dt tbe fact of yoar mother aaetfoltf to too l> trior. la No rnbtr of IMS, after tb reputed a lagr. IM JaUmant bat aba held ajainj' hint 1 nopp-wo yon know your mmbrr'a wrlilnf >h?i yog am HI A I m'ybt Bore tbe fbllnwlr paper waa beaded to tba witaraa ? AiPlONMFNT OF lUltfiNFfiT. Ik a Indent ur made the '?? ''h >I2Ui) -tat of Pocemher. one thousand HrW hundred and nrty hve. between Rdward i .tr.poaf ot the rnr (if New York par,? of 'be t rat pan aad Mr*. K. A t uanlPfibam. of the Mine plane party of I be a* rood r?rt Where** the natd party of tbe 'irat part on tbe tarnlj third day of duly. on* thomaod e|#bl hundred and fifty Bye rororor*d by judgment, m Uw tnipremetVnt of tbe h'tata of Now tnrk oa proroedinf* OowtaMOoed by aturh meal, acainet William Horde.;, rectdeot of the state of uhao. the *nm of evrnteea b'todrrd aad ality two ?l I elereti h nwlred aad fifty dollar* and fifty finer eer.u of which ha* been eaUahed of a lodgment ta ta?oe of aald Wi:i-?n> Nor<1*11. again* llaro ey fturdell. leartaic doe me o? ?ud id* ment In fator of Mid Rdward P *rr*p.m< the a<im of alt tun <1red and twelr# dollar* and thirty renla ItiU .? ) Now 'hie Indeatnre wlinaaaeth that the aald party of tbe '.eat par. la > on*tderatioii of ?lt li'.radrd aad twelve dollar* and thirty oeala to ham duty ea.d. baa rold aad by tb-* pe??oot? doea aaaigo. trarefer uxi ?et over ualo he a*Id party of tbe aeroad part, and liar aaaifna. tbe Mid le-irmoai. and all lie and mm* of money 'hat ina< be bad or ehiaiaed by mean* thereof. or oa any proceeding* to l># bad there.ipoa. Aad tbe Mid party of the rr part doea bcr*iy "on* ot* and appoint tbe ?ald par y rflbe arcond part, and her *>e|nt, hie true ao>l lawfni attorney irretnrahl*. wfib power of anhaliln'ioa ?od tavorotion. lor the uae and at tba pmpi-r rowa and <-horyee of tbe Mid party of the eonnd oart, to aak demand and reoetye. and to (tie out eirrn nw aad i.tkeall lawful way* for tbe re royery of the money due, or 'o be. tote dne. oo tbe Mid jodg room.'end no payment 'n arknew'?d(* wtefankm. or die rharp* Uto nam* And Attorney* otto or more ..nderf 1 for the pnrpoer* afbreMid, fo make and ?ith*titnt*. and aplea*nre *o rc/ohe. hereby ratifying aad confirmin * all <ba> f ' Mid aiueney or anNrltat* ah*.' lawfully do ia tbe premlae* Aad the Mid party of the find p?rt doea r vanant tba' ibere la now dne oa the met -ttdgm nt. the mm of N\ hundred and t? elre dollar* aad thirty rente tad thai bewlUoodeef lev! or revet*e th? aame or any p.rt 'baram. any r*l*aa* or dierharge lit* *a*1 ittdu-meat, hnt wtll own and al low all lawful proceeding* therein the aald party <( the aeeond part Mvtnp the laid party af 'be t.rat par' harmle?a of and root any mate In the promote* In wtfnee# whereof, the party of tbe firat part hat lieyeoalo <rt hfa hand and aeat the day and year firm ahoye wrttien "ealed and dellyered la tbr t. .-aenee of KPWARUfit PIICRNKPONT, I* * I Hatyy Btai-ri t. IhlapMter t? tmdoraed? he?ete?wa#w/?f##??ew<yoewe? y#e#eM///e/rrerrfil I PftWAHrW PtrRRRPONT i A?T. 1 K A. PPNNINOHAN. AWUnmen . bu ; And In lend pepdl ?l ih. ton wm written TVr. 19. If o'rloeiT There l? nl?o wrt'lw op Ihe bvk ? fnllewn s*n1'nf hf'tr IVI?0% Turf Omtnfy nf \r" IV^,?Of lh? Ifteeplh d?? of December <*e tbr.-iwod eight hundred wi l IPt fl*e Mhn i?f perwtnelly <-?me k,w??r~* I'lerropmii, ?? we known in be the Indlrid'MU demgnued b>irti< ippntrd the within wrijtmreo'. w>d prkn<'WledKe.| In me Ae men ted Ihe nmr \H .Tff. ICOHorf nwmmtnMwner <>f Se*Uk eenrded In the nfflee of the Rp?l<n?r of 'he city kiid county it (few fork, In LibPP. (Witft'on, pn?e 57* One 19, !? , * It o'clock* Kxnmlpcd by John ,1. Hnene. RepMer the following written *? bo'towi of thp document For vkJon re? Wired t hereby ??m?r the with n i?dg-ren tctinot WUttam Bnr-'eU nntn Bnrrey Burdetl. Wnrpper* U. 1?M. fe. A. rTHXINOHA*. r y n*d Ci"*fi nf Nt for* ?On the 19lh d*y of WiTretnber A. D IKM mr mmn Rent* mm 0. Ttmyer of ?dd My, nnpeeller ?l Inw. wbo help* he me dnlr nwnm. did dipnee bnt he peromely knew fmrrn A. < annfn(h*m then pre icn*. In br the niw Ipdlrtdnel deerrtbed In end who h?d ere ted'he foregoing HMrimem tnd the Mid Rnunn A. I'm nephew then ?< knowledned tn mr th*t ehe bod ttwmol the leme. TITOW R. POMMRRA. Ikimmnwloner of l??ede After PT??t?lnj thp foregoing the waw rypl'rd * hllnwn I dopt knew. T (*?' my Tor oeyu'l wbMPer hnt IP the htrdwr tiny or not " It *i? not for be pnr-me of identifying thp writing tt wpp to ck.'l my mention o lk? fkfl .lodge Cope op?Do J-oo reieeiriMr of beprlnf the* elfemrmnre tpnpen ef M the lime of tbti trPMPction' A. ?o, perer; 1 don't renolWt tbn' I did 0 T ni mentioned P H'lle while pro phnpt the md?m?nt telng pe?tf pedt A. I benrd enmpibipg about II; I dop't rrreir her whpt H ww I heprd fmethlpg nbTnt npptgn ?Q Hptp '? 11 kper dptnd 0Pd rtgnpri by yenr mother ' 0 . r - ' t * IKK I NDAY. FEBRUARY 0, 181 la Jonuory l?rt )di>:. n u o M|?$ bt your aootft ? * O'TOrt dill (A (Aii Doctor, ?ud on Of rooaoui jn >1 ? pari to quit theoo preu-ut* m<I delirar up ptwa?t'?ni >? the ttm or next May, do yoo romemker oaythta* la writing or dW you oi the MOM ka? ? o( the IiwdmoU > trf wr ui mo papers ?i mat kma: a. r?o, air, i am ao y Yon see it to dated Id .1 an oar 7 last, buatneaa ral v Dona aa b?i*Ni airac|*rn, do you not iMtote' t bsartng jour mother tay anything neon that oeoaalo 1 about a aeturueut with the Doctor of bar amis? A. No Q You tww that aho bad auad bias? A Yaa; I baro not In my Kind too time vihaa tbaao auita coaamenoeJ. Q bona It appear In oeidanoe wbea U>?y 00mBeMtd? The Recorder- In the month of October, to tba boat or my recollection A Ju/or?ltih of October*

The Bccomer?A ll< lie before tho marriage took ptaoo. Judge Oaprai - But you 000 that tola waa not set lied until January after tho marriage, aad the setilsmen waa a mathr of law; then you atata tbat yen hare no recollection ol hearing la January any facia In relation to a aettlrment betwaoa your mother aad the Jfreoior of their nenoiBg troubles? A No, air. Q Your mother uavor epoke to you, or anybody olao In your piaster. aa a family rema-kataay Une, of bor nttilii g up trr alfl'on'.ttis with Uie Doctor? A. Never. Q. li tils release In nay haadwriting with which you re acquainted, the body of It? A I think I haro aeon It be'ore, 11 something rteembiea my slater's. Q lLe bud) somewhat reaemblaa your slater's? A. No; the body of It U the Douior'a haad writing. Q. Tbeu you apeak at tht? aignaturo? A Yea, I any It somewhat resembles my alator'a baud writing Q. 1 atked you about tbo writing In tba body ? A. That la Doctor Burden's writing (J. Ob < well, we bare eatabltabed that fact thon, these that are evidently lbs'mother ' writing are Joat like It. Bare > ou now any recollection of the *J4thol January of your mother and the Due lor being togothor upon any l/tialaeaa any mora than ordinary on that day ? Bare yen any recol out.on of any auoh fast? A. No, aho waa heme y Do you remember that ahe waa homo about that lime? >ou cannot of course romemscr tho exact day. a. i who* inai hbo was whd Dim that day, because (be w?i) wnto bin every day. q Th< n you t*to bo distinct reoolleotioa of that particular cay t A No Q Have you any knowledge of bla doing baiinsa* with bar abort teat time, torn* particular buataaen with which you wera not couvoreent? a. 1 don't know whether they tiaoeacird batirem or uot g Hew wai your toother la relation to you mad your His er?w*> the lu the habit of coiumualeaUng her aocreta to you. her uairalatlocs, or waa ado reeerved upon that ubject? A. She never communicated any ot hor eecrote to ne. Q. Waa ahe not in the habit of apeeiimg in your family r.iro.e o: her calcuiattona and place mi eurceeaf A U ah j waa eucctaslu! Id anything ahe would generally tell It; aa to ber ecbemve or oatculattoua, I know nothing about Q Is ber coo fluent la! relailonavcae (ho not In the habit ot telling yon ber family pliaaa and caleulatloaa? A. scm> llmi-a ahe would, and aometjmee she would not; It all depnded upon what they ware. g Have you now a recollection, Mtis Ounnlngham, during tbo time that we have been con tin leg our attention to? durlnj the time of thta reputed marriage, and aTier bat time, that) oer mother Ml out with the D >.:tor thla laat time, of bearing other meeebere of your faintly aug Real (bat there waa a marriage between tuem? A. No; to' ai<y family euggceUone. g Tti, thire were your brother*? A. they did not lay ao Q. Where were the eervnn'e? A. I am not la the habit of ooeveralng with tbo aorvanu Q. Won. we .icet uaderatand bow far familiar poreona are w ith their eervaati we don't weal to txt enlightenrd upon that subject 1 uaderatand you that you never btard from any aource during that time frwoa any per on c? no eo tod wtth your family In any oapar.tiy that there waa a marrtaga extatlng between ih<> I and your mother* A I have heard It from some of our ao quetn'ancee. Q. Krom the member! of the family- Ural con One j oureeif to my question. Well, how I will leave that subject for a Utile time, and we will take up the inojeot of Krtoey night 1 will aafc another queetton or two which are suggested by tae Recoraer Do you remeiti hor ol ever bear tag your mother ear, and if ao, when, about leaving thla houte upon the first of llayf A. I never heard her lay anything aboet H; 1 heard her eay abe lr. tended to etay unttl the drat of J -toe. U Then you bare btard ber ear about hor laavtag Ike | borne epon tbe Bret o Juawf A Yd. g. Wbea la Um flrat Umo that rou beard bar maka that tteuaortT A I cannot auto what time. Q About what um A. I autui lUlt about the time g. Can't you iey wttbta e mootli or twor A. No, 1 ML q (ilea rua your beat opinion. How long prior to Mm l-oetor'e Of eu.?bow oieujr weekJ, moaU?. or jurtna you Mmm ' A I do hot ww r?MMbir hearing hor njrtt, how * ( are Ton't My. Q. He you think It waa atcro tbe tlrot of January ? A. Yet, II might bovo boon. g ftnoe tbe Stih r A I hear4 bor Mil Kino porooo who celled hr re. Lb el abo woo going a way in Juoo. g. Very wall, between tbo lime of Uila reputed marriage an* the lime of lb* t(Votor'j death, how mnob of i be Use do IN Uto at borne r A. Ail the time except la I be feortdayOg nd you re eat or the hoc a* on frdey, a week left I- rid ay A. ' atnl out in the ercoieg to buy a rail g N* w wo wiU *tart from that time About what lime la Ibo arming did you go to purnnaoo tbe rent A. It waa altar dihn or. Ibo aiai.t time 1 con id not aay? between I'Tfo aad ol|bl o'clock. g I anppoa* II boo boon tatad whore yon wont la par cbaa* ibal rrll I hare not beard It. aad wiilaak you lb# qneatino ? A. I weal Into the Bowery to pnrchate Mm all. g Ihd yee pnrcbhM eaef A Yea. g A bent what time la the arming did you ratnra f A. About half paM (lebt or a qoa-ter to aloe g * bra jo': retarned waon did yon and la Uiehouaef 1 Gtre oa If you pkaae, the boom of orary poraoo whtaa yon tooud la tbe f- a. I woe I to m* raolher'a rerm aad found my mother, Anroau. aod my two brotbera thorn Q. Tbat ta your immodiaM family ? A. Yea. g Who Ire ? A. I do not know <1 You do not know whether H araa bolf pail eight or Dlntio'elook. A. Hall pMl afgbt or niaa o clock. g Yea, that la iuat your language lie I nadaralaad jr-u to ray there wa-< nooody io tbe houae eicept your elf, moibor, aiater, and two brotberat A. Not to my krowledga. g. Wall, did yon go diraotljr to your mother's ro >m' A I Mold lo the parior a abort tmr, and th.n I wool to fe?r iron g There waa do aae ia the par or. waa there? A. No. <j. How long waa Tt afier that >a that erealng that yon kia* thai othor pora> p< were Id ibe hoaao?that yon taw thai there ware otier pataoaa haaidoa tbcia ran hare oaaaol la tho houat* A. I deal know bow tooc af tor It aaaa. g Wail, bow loag after?aa hour? A. It might hare broa aa boor or mot a V- How l"D( after did yon kaow I bare waa aayboly ta tbe boaao A Mr K?ket rame up to my motbar'a rooaa, g Who alee did yon know bat blw m bo la tb? boaoe that ?<gbl? A Nobody elno Q. I'M you at aoy time that ai(ht know there worn oth. r persona but tboaa yon bam named f A. Vb itn aawto other prraoo that ?igbi* A. No , a Mr. Trdd nailrd bora that tin tf brtweoa all and aeraa. f g. Yon aaw biaaf A. I did not roe hltn aiy aintbar aaw him g. I wtah to (tt at f r?t what yoa kaow yon did ao'. tbea roe ruber n.' the r err rata that erralag after yoo rrtnraod Irom pnarbaainc the rail A The onok cam# to my mother's room, I hi-1.are N lore the retired g About what' rm# at a (hi waa tbatr A. It waa, omawbera between else and elareo. g. Yoo wara the a rp A. Yea I waa ap when the fol eaaee tolbe room, motltr, my broihera, Mr. l-ekal, teovao taodgraaa aad my sell g. Ton ba>e aot mtr.t oaod Mr tftiodgraaa boiora? A. Bo wao there. g Now wa bora got nneigmtt. Mat, year two bmtb era yanraoif, ytmr awtor, your mother and the aarraat girl ay . aad that yon taw . aa<l tbla waa aboat tlaven o'riork - A Between atnr and ale* no Q \ory well : aow, whet Mr Kektl name la whare br hail bono oui to purcbaro loir ib oft ;or my alitor, g What mrrr itry ? a |< iroof# , Oft ltd ready. U IbM tbry wor* ywctMAt to bo s*at to your tutor' a. Yea Q. Wboro wo* Uf A. At Sara tort ot oobon' V- I Id Mr Kri*l exbibtt tboao ?rti< loo wbeo ho >'?!< MO tho family A Mr" - I l?vn op. . g Tbooo woro haadrr tbra. to war nv tbor dona tbiro ? a. Yro g Not la jour prao?oc? ' A N> g Mr Tohol cotno tow tbo room without thorn, did bo ot t A I ooppnoo bo d d ; n.othor btodnd Utont to mo. g Worn lboy riblbiiod ou trot it wo lid bo kr.owo to oil of too what boo coatblood 10 tbo pockoco, or did yon ro'y know by botr>( told* Woo t t oabdy or oronono ibowa to yon f A No ; tboy lold opoa tbo lop of tmnk ; I woo otMdlbc by too trunk, tboy woro haadol to to. ood I pot thorn ! rostly tow tbo truok V Do yon kM? wbrthor tbo hoy? ood tbooo who woro tbrro row what woo orbibttod' A. I Ouppooo tboy did. g. Woo tboro doUiloi: to proroot tbotr aorioyr a. No. g. Wat aBy portion nf ti lt 'roll eotoo by oay of tho fowt'y tb% night A. No. ?tr 0 ft woo purebi-wi oarlooircly to oood to yonr Motor * A too. g Woo bay poti on of tbom at boy tliao boforo tboy woro flobity dooybtohod to jroor ttotor ootoo by tbo ehti dma or ooy opo cloof a No. Mr g. But tboa tboy roold bo oooa wbuo tboy woro tborof A. Yro Q Rntwroo bine ood nJowoa wo flod yon tn tbo partor i horo. bad tbto (irl ooino la. bad tbto trabk woo browyht op witb tbo tfetnp la *" a. Tbo trook wat tat tbo room. i Q Tboy worr bmnokt cp ood put into tbo trnnk to tbo i room' a. Tn q. Wboro wm tbo Portor ot that time* a. i doa't kaow. ? | g Tbto rorm wm tboro tbo Dortor'n tbot yoa opoafe . of A It wm ibora tbo Hartar'o b.droom Q Yoa, front roomf A Vm g 00 I nndoritood It. Too baro ao mooM of kooolbf wbotbor tbo Honor ??o tbon in bio room or aotf A. No . | Q Did yon ooa tbo Honor tbot oroaibf oftor your raturaf a. No. Mr, I did tot. Q Da yoa kaow from what yon koord, or oald, or oow, i wbotbor tbo Honor oamo la that owatat aflor yoa rotoraod f a. No. air, I doat kaow I Q Wh*m tbo Hooter cnmo la yon oaao op ouirnf? a boa bo oaaro np, M mon ordinarily dn noma op otalr, j fonld ko not bn board by yon la yonr motbor'o roomf a. 00. T ronM not boor him g Wm thorn oay nthtr pornoa eomtoy npf a. I oouM i a?l boor tbom g What hooboto of tbto tmab tnbaoqnoally artor that i niybti a. It otaado tboro now. t I E R A >7. y. tratiMav'.M *tiii?u><rwi'/i' .oUuor A. No, they hove o *n ? ( i y Who by r A Ity nil of u? by the omMy Q Hit Co the Doctor'* tiro* b ' a V? ur Q. By Ihe chlWrnn?did Ihe/ tMrtuy o( Ihum A. Vn fir, the grraU r port vf ih< in Y u rturfd, It I uadomtood yo? yettardny, betwoeo cloven and a quarter put eievcu A. Between ton and twelve o'ctret, I ?u col ooy exuvlr. y Yontooif your mother, ?n<1 oUtor A. Toi. y. Yoor Meter olept in the audio ol the bid, yon on the Iront, in j onr Mother wt the beolcnoe r A Tea. g Dlo you an* war yesterday that yam did sot know which of the Ibrtu foil asleep first? A 1 did not wake HU wit morning g. Yon wool'i know whether thejr were asleep before j?u?whit I* your recollectto* upon that subjeot? A. I rtool reeolieot anything about It Q ThtD you do aot know whloh ot tho three flrat fall atleop1 A No, air. tg Well, Iron that otrcu.nstanc* no you tbtnk that yaa flrat tell naleap ao thai ; ou did not know that the otbera wet a aeleep before you ? when any body la aalaap tbey live some eigne Indication tbit thing low ; we cannot ceMrlh?-lt batwnoantel; rid you probably Ikll ailoep yeaneu Orel A I don't know whoioer I did or did not. g Very well, 1 man take yonr auawer; how early did yun wake tn the tnornu>g A I don I know. g. It wa? a eery eventful aaornlng. end It would be likely to impress itsoif upon your memory vividly. A. tohoewbere between seven an J nine Q Tbatisavery wido margin. i)o you suppose you waket up between rovrn and eight' A. I suppose I did. Qk Nearer sight than seven f A. I cannot tell, g. I will not presa yon upon that however ; yon were all ta bed wbon yon awokev A. Yea. g. Have you any reooileotlon cf waking during the n'gbl.' A. No. g Ho yon sometimes wake In the night? A Very eeldom. g Pe yon not wske in the algbt when you are In 111 health*' Are you not walvul sometimes. Do yon Sleep sooadly, when you are oat of health'.' A. I do not sleep roundly, hot I ?le?p g do aa to be uocootalous? A. No, I am never unoonscions, I can toil If any bob; is oeelde me. g. How is II with your general habits ' I>o you wake easily upon alarms or sleep to nocnlly as not to be eaal ly iwkkitiedv A. 1 do not know whtthor 1 wako easily cr cot. C We almost ell ol us know onr bablts In rotation to thu eircomauuase. What do yau know of that? A. I ao not know wbetnrr I wake easy or not. g. I*o yon know whether your mother or Hater wake easy? A. I do not. g. Did yoe never near lb em say what ibetr habits was upon that point: a 1 dou't ibink thai I hum. g. Then yon bave now no recoilortton of being waked i or dMurbtrt thai night at all uatil you waked In tho morning? A No, I base not. g. Wrre you called, or did you wake oaauallj? A, Carnally. no en* called mo Q lid you all wake beiore any o( you roar that morale* v a. Yaa atr y. And yce have related, u I rtmumUr, tha order tn wblrh you got up, that you got up tint, your mother Hast, mmI your timer Inn, bow loag did you remain id your room up tbti o oiler you k<H spy A. 1 don'I know, air, how leap, y Well, wa* there a Are In the room' A. Yea. y. Had It been bnllt tbal nlgbl, or wau It only bu'lt oxer Llgbr A. Mo, about a week; we kept tire la It oooatatitly Q Did yen all go down to break I at I together' A. No, my elder eleter wee a little lele. y. lid yoo all alt dowa to the breakfaat teblo together' A. All ooept her. Q Wall, did the come to the table before you bad completed yeur breakftar A Yra y. And you took yoar breakfaat la the ordinary way? A Yea. y. Breakfaat bad baaa got by Uia aorxaut la employment? a Yea. y. Ilad It feen prepared before you a nixed la tbe breakfaat room that morning? wee it all readyr A. Yes, ell ready. y. Wax you called down to breakfaat, in other worda? A. Yea, nailed down to breakfaat. U Wb3 nailed you dowa A. Hannah, the oook. Q. D'dabeeom* upatalre to call you down ' A. Yet, the came upaad knocked at tha door, eaylag " Breakfbat < la ready. y. la order to do that abe had to paaa tho Doctor'! ctlice door, did ebe not? A. Yea y Dtd yoo know whether ahe called an that morning tbe other membere 01 your tamii) A. No. y. Mr Kekel bearded with yon? A. Yea. y. Do yen know II abo celled him' No y He wee ep trbon y ou wrat down? A. Yea. Q Do yen remember their eeyiag that morning what time begot up* A. No air, I co not y. Vtbat edaatbe laat you sew of Mr ^ticket the nlgbl betoret A Tbe laat time 1 aaw biui f taw blot ea no faeeed laio bta own ro?m. ?. t*aa tomawd le bod met night be.ore yen aid? a. Ho wool into Me own room bt'ore I dtd. O. t ?a It* htm Ui?i nleht beioee vna retired *n tn hi* plcertng r>riH, ud be tol-i yon good ulgbt and wont to bear a. Vn. g. Wtrre la hla room In relatloa lo your laolbar a r*< m' li la adjotalug la II not" A. Yea g. ) II sail ic lb* tamo room yc ur mother eoouples? A II la Ibe ball liedroim lb froal, oa the tolrd awry. g And when ?cu arrived al ia? brtak.'aai room la iba moftlrc llr. F>kel waa tbara. waa ba not I A No, air, ba I ad gcae; ba old aoi take tua brail lhat bora beoauao ba weal oot without bla broaklait g. What boi.r. ihro, old joii M> hlaa la the morning Yen rialed a lit da w bile ??o ibat you aaw hlrn ibal tToralri' A. I aaw Mr. Kckal al twelm o'clock tbai a?lag. g 1 misunderstood. tbca I tfeaugM yon said h? was la Iba birakfast rcom wbeu you went oowef A. No, air. g. 1 bee sou did act are btin until laa?f* A. No. g. Not colli alter die oalailropba bad baau known' A No. g. How mrx-b raillar Ibat moratrg did klr. Eckel rlaa tbaa be naaally roa?' A. I don i mow g IMl yon cot bear anything .id about bow early ba gat aid A. No. g. Don'i yen know bow earl* ba usually got up' A. He uaed W> man down earlier than me generally. g. Cualit your mother bam lali bar oad oa ibat ulgbt! lid yon aleeyi ro roundly thai your mother la your jwViuent, could bam loft hor bed and come to II a#am wl houl yoor kneeing it? A. I don I iblak ah" could g. TIm n you do not Bleep so tound'y, alter allt A No, I sieep la Ibo middle, and aba cooid not very well go oot without my knowing g V> am wan tha lac I yon aaw o' Mr. Hao4grae? that l'fiii * i ww mm id my mniuer room. q Mil y?.u l<?ro blm up whoa you retirod, or did bo ribtr before )<m? a. Be ?rii to hia room bHoru mo. g. Who wool up with blm" A My two brotter* g Tbay ?nt ollb bim) A. Voo vi Ibojr oil oloj* to the iim room, did they aoi* A. vfb. Q. Not la Ifco torn* bod, did I boy' A Y?o g. What time did you ?<? Mr. ftiodfrait* ibol morula* flrou A I doa't boow wbot time It woo, I mat blm at ibo brrahfhat uMo g Ho tbra woo up boforo you, wai bol A. I doa't kaaw. g Well, woo be la lb* room wbon you won lolo It, o* did bo coma tod roll JooI a. I caa'i toy for oortoia whetbei b* woo la or goae out g You dra't rumembor' a. No. g. Ilara you a ro.-ol loci loo aow ol tbo flrot cooToroa loa Ibat oociirrod tlai morals* urtweat ,"o a* ' Mr "aodfraoa. th? drat *alumttoa bolwrcu your a. I doa't boow, i caaaot rorotlrct tba roaroraaboa. g. You eaanol' a No g. Laa you r?coil??tla comlag dowa otalra tuat n'gt.t or that rootr !ny?Mr. Paodtraao would al?o par* 'bit coor would b? oot? A. Yoo, bo would haro to pa?a it la o?m ir? dowa riair*. g Wboaratup drat a to Iba Dootar'i room ta tho Birialafr A I lion i baow, air. wbo did. g. Dot t you rMBcmboit A. I Board that tbe boy weal; t or a'i baow lor oartaU g You mraa tba terras! boy' A. Yoo g. You doa't brow who flrat wtal ta tho ntum tbot iB?raiD(? A. No Q Who (trot iaforaiod you or tb? ovaat there- A. Iloa aai>, the |irl g Wboia wrro you thra f A. la my mother roooi th? 'ict I room g That ni|tit *?? anyih ( Mid betwres eey of the iremtera of joir trn'f abotil tM Coclw1 k?Vt ;?i ra tired tobrd wee there say nooreraatioo waa tbo Dm tor'a divf meaitoeed or alloded to by u; members ot iba fimtfy A. Not tbal I Imw of. g. Yen doa t remember of words belay teed abort the Doctor f A No. g Had thrr* herr anj laterTlew or foararaalloa t>? tween |oar mcto/ r and tba lienor ea Kr'dey drrlag tba dart A I dra''. ba w whether there waa or vaa tot g. [*> yea ka * wb'lher she bed aaaa bin that day o /r'dar at all? A Tefl. aba must bara aaaa blai, bat I tou t remember what time ta tba da/. g Wan. do jto rntotribir tbal aba ra* blai bara yoo a rrcolleetiou ar taowiedge bow whether aba aaw blm A I bara act g. Po roe remember to bara a?ea blm A ' >alf la tba aflat aw n g Wbra waa tba las' pwmi of tlma oa ibat dar that joa raw btai oatil tba next morniac" a. I u t *tartly remember wbat it waa id Uia day. g Abort *bat time did you apaak to kiai? A. I mot blm rr mltid dowa tba alatra. g Wbere was be ^etay? A Ha waa giiay op isto bla roc at. g. Aad you mot blai comity dowa' A. Yaa. g Did yoa ?f rt blm oa tba stain? A. Yaa. g That waa tba I art pot) aaw of htm? A. Yaa. g. Wall, wbat Uaaa do yea think that waa* I. Well, anmo whore batwooa sierra and two o'elocb, I oaaaot exactly itata tba t;ai?. Q. Do jov know wbttbor bo caaao dowa oat af bis room again dariaf that day* A \o, bo wawt dowa ta let bio dtaorr Q Do yoa baow whether ba dtfl or bo*? A. 1 do aot now 'or nortaia. g. Yoa wo a la yoar mother a room, tbaa, wbaa yoa htard tbo taieiUgeeea of thia event* A. Yaa. g. Waa yoar mother there? A. Yao. g Who aloe? A. Aoy ieta, my two bratbora aa J eotre 'di ilaraaa. g Hannah ta tba oaa wbo told yaa' A Yaa. g rod wbat ume ar day waa tbatr A. I doa ? re aw ibe eiart tl*e. g Waw H before or after braablbat? A. II waa altar *g?WaU, waa yoa dowa ataira wboa yau waa totd by Heroabt A. No, I wba la my motber'a rooaa. i g Now what w *a flrat thing that roar at other aeid, what reaaerk dM ako aaabsf a. I dean kasw what re- I mark ab < flrat mode g. Wb?t woa tba flrat remark that waa made apoa tbo t utroaaremeet by tbe rlrl to tbo Ibmlly thai tba Doctor was i| me reordered ta hie roam? A. 9be paabad sgalsat i T,n. PRICE TWO CENTS. Ik* door, opened the door, ml* that tie Doctor Wto dead. y. Vm It the next mover a. I don't nmwrto madh more myaelf, tor I (jnlntod y Vou Immediately rotated' a. Tea Q Von don't remember bearing a word* A. No. y. How Ion* did you remain nneonao'oaa* A. I dewt remembrr bow long I remaned unco nee tone Q Writ, j on can toll Uie atato of tbloga after yon ? vlred?where were you whan yon ware cooaoloo. ?t by In g on the ln>d. y. la Iheaame rtom* a Van y. Now ctd not anybody tell ?ou, and did yen not team from IU1V nntrtAr hoar |nn. ?*m k.d lea t kel M Iiton r A No, air. g Where ?m your mother At IbAt time wbM you reTired A. Hhe was lying upon the bed At the MdO of me y Where wm your (later, the elder r A 8M WW somewhere in the room; I don t know exactly where. y. Were ibere other pononatben In the hoonw had considerable many oolleoied about that timet A- I d jot know, atr. Q When did yen Brat eee the body of the Doctor attar the marker, after bta death * A. The day of bin I ua?ral. y Tben yon did not aeo him oa that f rlday' A, No. I did not y Did any of the mentbera of the family go to eee himf A Not that I know of, eroept Mr Hnodgrua ha ran down to the room. y. Did any of the membora of the 'mmodlate family, Mr Kckel, go and ace h:m a. I don t kaow wbetber be did or dM not. O. Dtd yoaraeir or your mother make any Inquiries, or take any means lo a?certain what otroumataooei eeatd bare led lo that treat, bow thoaorder wan pcrpeiratodr A. I don't know; the question wan aaned y Did you make any Inquinea about the condition m which the honao wan left the night bifore wonther yoair rroat door wm open, or any of those olrcumitaooan la lent lo a auipielon of anybody,' A I did not make any Inquires; 1 hare no knowledge that any one made any y Do you know wbetber the Doctor left hit key la bta door ntgbta, that enure Into the hallr A. 1 don i know wbetber ha did or did not. y. Do you kaow of anybody looking that day Is aw whether tbe key was ont or not.' A I do not r mM#h. y. Do yoa remember talking with Mr. Hnotigiunlamadlately after tbe announcement or this er .ci' A. I aaf hare corvee ted with him; 1 don't remember wtdSMT t did or did not. y. Do you remember blm eonreralng wtth your nulW or slater npon that inoject? A. He wm nltlteg in a oMftr beside my mother onnveralag with mother. wnat be told lo hsr I don't know. y. Wan Mr. Snodgrasa and the Doctor good Diewdaf A. I don't know. y. Wm Mr Kckel and the Doctor Mends A. Mr. Ksfcsd rcaroeiy ever saw Uie 'toctor. y Wm Mr. Eckel and your mother good fHeader A. Yea, sir. U Wu there not anr dlflienlt* lMt??i Mr tanrfma and the Doctor? A Not that 1 know of. g Or between Mr. bnodgrma and Mr. Eckel, and tkt tamil)' a. No q Were Mr. Hnodgrem end Mr. Keitel friend*' a Van. g Wer? they couUdanta.' A. No, I don't think iMf were; I don't know g. Waa Mr. bnodgraaa much la Mr. I okel'e rassf A. Yea. q Or Mr. Kskei la Mr itao.lgmee'i? A. No. Q. Were tbey numb alono In Ike parlor? A. I don't know that tbey were. q. Mo too romembar of bearing aay row between Mr Eckel and Mr ..nodgraaa when Mr Maodgreaa ran la the ball door? A. 1 think the Doctor waa a little provoked ab< ut the door being (aatened no that he oonld not got W. Q Wae tbat tbo front <loor' A. Yee. q. Tbe earne night? A. Yae. q Bow long before thia event? A. I don't know hew long before thta event. q. Do j en know whether n wet looked Intontlonally to ktep tbe Doctor out? A. Tbe lock had got caoghtaoM way ao tbat It onold not be opened. q Dr. Burdeil bad a night key to gat la, had he eotf A. Yce. q Wae the door bolted oa the lnaide? A. Not IMa* I know of. q. Wae there anf d I then ity the nert morning at the tattle between Mr BnodgraMi and Mr Eckel ta reference ! to tbat eveet of the Hector'a? A No. q Any ooavereauon about u? A. 1 don't re^aeatier any. q. About tbla dagger found tn tbe h-"iae, have yow aevu that frequently?eeea It about your motner't ptaeef A. A datgei q. Yce. A. Yae, I have aeen It an lung ai 1 can remember. q. What te the deacripttoe of h? A. An Ivory bee die, ana tbe cover baa a kind of bead or daet la II. q Whet wa* ike abeath made of?of leather arm mela1? A. Df motel q Do yon know whether there wea another one la Mm bouec?a dirk kn'lu it might be oeiiod, a email laetru meat with a white handle: whether ywur alster had owaf A. There tree one wbloh Dr. Burden gave mother to eMI ervne wi'h q A leng kelft? A Yee. q Have you aeeu either of thaee lately A. I aaw the while hurdled ooe la mother'r draw#*, q. Uti hrutay r A Y ce, when I opened the drawer q Wbtndoyou remember aeetng tbe other one leetf A I taw tot Ibe tame day la my mother uppar drawee (J. Ib<i iimt ill) ' A YN (J Do 70a recollect noticing the condition of the binds or hnaota of the half*. to ?m what condition aa to alaaaUntoa It waa <0 r a. No, I did oot notion it. I saw tt lag tag tlwra. y Was it abut or open' A. ft waa open y Did >oo u*a it upf A. No, I did aot taka N op. y. Waa It laid eo you nouid aao tho bind# racy dbtm<tlyf A. I doa'l kiaw anything about lha blada? anything mere tbao t aaw It. y Did 70c discover whether tbara waa aar b ood nyaa If A No. y \ ou did aot actijef A No y Do yoa remember seeing iboao afterwards?hOar tba death ot the Doctor* A. 1 did not ara thru uaM tb?y rama t.p atalra in aoarrb my mother's nothing. aad I hoc I taw Ibam lake'ibem out or lha drawar y The pim drawar la wb ch tbay waraputl A. Yaa, Ihr tame drawar. y. Ham you aay knowledge ot aay mothtag batag bornl altar Utla event, or that nigkt A. No, air y. Anv woollen clothing or otunr clothing' A. No, y. lad yoa ace In aay pertri Ui? honee any mo?tnn ataicad with blood.any outaido dr*acaa I am apaaklogsfT A. No, noun at all | Tbe wttooaa here bnrat into tours. Jho waa obaorrcd to call Mr Clin 10a, bar counaot, who stood near He approoobod ber hod'oid bar to go 00 with bar taailaooy, bet raid that he bad ao rght to a peak to bar wbllo ako waa upon tie aland | Jadgo <Apron? y Idd yon aay oaletde diiaaao, go-meets, or aktrta turned witb blood is aay port ot tho liouac' I hart raad la tbe former lasumoay ot not being found f KTbo witness oocunaod oryleg. | Ir. Ciiotoe? He good enoogn (to tba Oorooor) to aaor '-nd a bmw at or two lha Co root r? Wire ordors f w the wlodowa to ho op?ad. Mr. Q'jlca-Tk* iady would wlrk lha ettliat M bo rahtd Ibe ( oroner?I shall hare 1.0 objeottoo. aa far ao I aa concerned. to yoor ipeaaiag aay tbiag to tba lady /so ' Mr CllnCm? Tbe young tody laforma aaa that sbe Mi qolto aawell. aha Ice a faint .11 I nlfft vhl he?? Ltfli nUM r.f aK?nl Lam anlotilom <*? ' ( which Mr. Cilotoa < odTrrae-l with wuntm ll wnteper for arm* una A frntlraiaa horded a irttrr to the Corsaer Alt'r na jing li m d ttwwe. and cooreratag *Mt M Kwordt r and .iclge Catiriu b? aaaooucad that iaay *ad eco>? u> tbe deter wa..ittoa nttrao a<Hlea of aooay aaooa caMnaMMaa The i nuovatoa aaa now rrautoed, aa the witaeaa a^,<? >' toiler liwija Ceproa?M ee Ctiaaleghatn, hare yoo My roeoilacuaa aow of it* taraeate?tba oeter gartooata?tba draaa thai youraarthcr vora oa thai day? I I hara aat a dtat.act rtnoilabtian; I know It waa a bar.i draaa <1 Can yrai' tall ma wbetb.r aha bad that oa al algta ofcaa aba retired A. I dna i thiak aba chaagad bar d?raa U>at day. g. Do yea raaamber whether your a*atar rhaagad bar's tbat day A. riha want to ajx-nd tba day oa Knaay, ad waa goaa all day. g DM aba rbaage bar draaa from tba no-alag draaa* A. Yra, aba abaoi al bar aK>raiag draaa g. Dr yoo ir.etto to : nat qotia xaraiy ana tha petal tbat your mnuiar had oa when aha rwired at aifbl tba aaa diaaa tbat ebe drtaard heraeif la la Uia anwoiafl A. I lb ak >he did; I raaaat say l<jr eertaia. g. I dos t mnau when aha tat np ?ba paatthly mtgbt bate ebaarrd bar drrae after br.<aafaat A I draft beItowa the charged bcr dreee B the oooraa id tba day. tl. I raw to ooa of tbe | opera a naiaaieat tbat a btaak (.;b drraa ba t baro tonrrf runed wltb blind. Tbat la tba qaaatina j put tht? |oe?*iea .# tbia lady. Ha I r ?M about tbta (ad Ireaaioa tbe Coroner ) The (taroear?\ ra. yoo a-e right. I naaoot aay whe*ber H is blood; It la ataiaod wi.n aomethiag?a red at rear, la oa it It la a green tr a bine atlb drew Wustae? A hii?e rttk dreaa at> red with annaetbMg ' I thiak my autar said It waa Halt jniee nf <ma* ktad, ar lata. lodge Caproa?? b?ae dreaa waa tbat A My alaler'p? A aetata. g Thta yoo bare a kaowtadga of that draaa beta? taiaed la that way Tbo Dealer brought it lato tba raooa tad asked what It waa Aha etp'aiaed what it waa aad bey aaid they mitt aaaly -a It. Tbat la enough a paw that baa, tf the phyatriaa* hara It. t oaly aafe thte qaeettew ae w la refrreaoa to what they might derolopt tbeatoofran, te aee if It hanaoairaa. '.oraaar?dtoa aaya that her tiator aald it waa rralt jolaa of aoaM kla>l, either lemao ar <>metoiag aria. .lodge (aproe?I aabad tha qneatloe aa la what aright be tbe reeoltof tbe aratolaattoe _ g. How otaar different ptoooo. Miae Caaalnf ha?. la 1Mb rlty aae rear toi-tbor weip?ed witbio yoor knowledge and raeoliw tioa ' A. riaoea of reeidaeoef . Voof A. I beliere the Meal lo Rood atraot aoaaa reara n? <a Irr'M r,?c. ' Twenty lottrth atraat. iN ia ftoaa atraat i|U? that * ? Iwafhtr. At fbar p.icaa-ihaatymi ranaOaaaura na yon- wotter orcrMiif. at** aha haa baaa la tha any, mora A Tff, e TwelHh ttwt u rn w #? pww? wba? aaaibar did *ha aaottpy ha r..ra a BM'i maat' A. I?at balaw, ?a the <*h*r Ma at ta? rtraat; I 'tna't ks<,w tha nn?bar q What norther talrrtac planar A. I doa'tkaaw tM ??mbar g. What place la Twain* atraat A. Dr. Waiit^taa a; [hat la an I kaow, I don't kaow Uia auaibar g. Bow moay yeara haa yaw moUtar Brad ta the otty ? I I dent kaaw haw waay yean aba Brad la Iraaklya g. Whaa did aha am ware to thta any ' A. I aaaaa? all g. Waattbafera yaar rewawhraaoa t A. I battera ran Q. W*ara a tba Aral raaallaallaa yaa hara at a raailaaaa ta thta oHy a. That waa la irrtat rtaoa, q. Baa