Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1857 Page 2
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2 ni ikum i nurami b CnMrJ ?u??? OMUlMlMkTl Oont Belor Con W. M roll, feq. CO I* I" SUA XT TI1KR or J irax.rr*? MM IN xsrr FROM TBI inOINIf eWMUL, ?>Nt Ft* TUB Mxrii IO> (?K lias DINT FIKKDl'S ???r ALJT.A S PRO' > NRITIB8 TOVAM8 NIOAA AelV.OX M? Villi; AS I IN THK LAJTSfl OF OBNTILAL iXIIKty?A t ?TV r*t Lei 8*mtn ? Jm W. MwmJ ??< * y MM - >? pb Brawn being morn, laid ?1 ttre at 93 MMMMpt or stmt. Q Bojcuknsw Mr. Ft bens! A. I know b a now, I know Mr Bolton by nanoe about lea bf*. Mr rMoena wm ibowa to in* tbe 11 rat day Ute M'* Fit ber*. 1 never km w bin before that; 1 know notice above ibe 3t Ctariea to Broadway; 1 bare been feme twtse Q Wbat botfaeee bad yon Utere? A. 1 once tbo< ykt a goitg to Nienragoa. whoa 1 ftrst went flor. ltd wet iold by a young MM I t 0 am uat be wt? not preacal tba young man Void m to call bach >be next day and I abmin bam ovary Inmratettoa, 1 called tho following day, wbaolsav two gotttrnrn beb ad ibe dent or oouater, 1 aae them bXh tore now pt*a?nl; one or tbem 1 waa told In tbrj0kse wma Mr law ret ee; 1 bad novar apofcen toWTlaw aawoa. Dot was told oao of ibe fent'omen betted tbe dttfe was Mr. Lawrence, I aMM tbe otaer peadkmau bia namn, and ha void nae BiWton: our eyaa bm, and bt (Mr Bolton) at nose presented a nooo to me; be aifced no to atgn H, wbtcb I ill; I ibiok I algoed it "due brown;" Mr. Bolton preterite J mo with a twins i bomiei to mo ot a pio'ee d by !*ularr); I did not lb* bio* t>? tao o; I a wtd bim nta nama; be aaid * Bta>on," and toid me to be ooarn at ibe reaoeete ute miv win tit at 10 o'ctncfc; I tare bMtlog more to say. Dteirin A'tornej? urt bu any anytblng to joj aoout gab g on txm 1/ Mr. * ai amen objected to any roggeaUons from J)y MMrtoi auo>i e> 1?t net* codulnod?Several perroaa Void me I oocld ^el a bee fatter* to Nicaragua, aid would oe uod< r toe gwvtrrirvPi oi liii duller, nei'bcr of tbe defend an ts (MM me I o; Dmton to J ne to Oo down at ibe Twuneaeee at Ml e*ckx > : 1 wroie roc nt eue out n>> Dame id tbe o ioa, fbtro w?re sove al pei.ont Meeting by; laawtwocr dm aire >be book o. ic/o me; 1 tv?r? ootivuira '.oo t U"'f'' ''ir WMll T ?C V"UAWri w IPUiH I I to be in (r< ?t B|!rnc *t fomg to >tre ander <?tnoral V?ikr?, 1 b'ftiu oif man who had r|.i odium* ou Mb on it) ho b*<l i ut G*bttBg tbe It'ia-* o Hold,* aa 1 ba a ?r po uk to NtcrtRoa t- htbt the Co u Klcaoe tno mem w?* Vf) Ui.ifi oronviOO h*t waa iw usy* oe.orr toe a?Hii.ii (>l ho Uliji'Ii>o % *?? 'fixr. at ) no?* Hi put to by Mr Boi oo M b-yeni (io?l dp ol 'bDiii'i / A There wat Doi i J was j M aak< d *bni? r I n??rited or strge ? Wat mar* at y tue.t o. atked jou at to what agr! | eakural im.oi.m'.'tt . o. worn koiuj to iu?t A N s; Bsere **? clung tax b> *1'. OHon aa to tbo location ot iLe faics Ji- rt- waa i otbii g it)d by film aa to ebat I.- - re in-eid ibrro ?k*tlam'i.<! or V. teror aaw Co). Mabri a i sa? b m in lbl> TdTV ? ? .< lYii nun d*I ?y Mr uanam.n?t bit# lti"e* W (Mm oec ir. C .u 'be mile : to rrta-ioc to Mr Bolton; if any "<fcx i taip'-.ta-.i <vcurr d ' aouio roool-eat It; 1 w*? at too Bktra.i at o?i ey' oiti. t afo t three uaya before toe Ct'n <* ?-ati?6, I thin* I ne* ih-hj to the NiearagDt oiflco kwtna h oi* I went to the Maine! Attorney; I am not cor lata w??ib< r I i>a^ ?oi 'b * -tcaet woen 1 went to tee Da mm M'- iue 't clf.oe; I tb?-ro aaw nr. ttcKeon and Mr. Jo?t^!n t ;>; ttc wt7er?auon vrta eery snort?aiooct Mif 4 *?a 'h<rr aty Pk;*r prearatod by tbe Mitrtet Mtor*e> oyrn to ?ign A I have forgA, b'lt 1 doa", took ii.. rc ? '. ) r. member Mr jotcbimmeo pre at ?wg nc a., athikti'. to ng-j; ctb lam produced) that It tn> rlga-iure You wire r<r'?otty tober at teat time' A. When yeu ice ni" omik tt w.u b? tor tbe Drat time Mr Uukau-I don't ntcan to tn-inuato <bat too ware [Ha tbi Muriel A.ioiney read tbe atl.iaeH to yao' A. To too oral ol my knowo<ifre he did; I did oot nw )i or* r mytelf; after Jr.Joa. b mitcj road it to me 1 wet.t Iv oi?? r<.itt?>*?i"ner aoJ ano*e to It % lb' i . at ibo t luo yuu aeorr to too afll 1arit yoa did MkitwiXl yarcit and cad no tr-.rjo agaluM bun. A ba ir Mr Mir ikniMi tbtn ;ea ' tbe nhlnr'.t or tbe wttmee, to wbtrn be r jr tax i n tbe Mbh nay of Jaoeary, iV>7,> ?? N?w Y rk Aiet C iMwroh e aa? Jos W Kaben* did bire and rrU.u dtprnrut to ootrr htio?e f to ae bryond ibe Un its *n or.+diot >.o of taa United iatea to att to G'eyioao. *ttn I a wet to be enitrtei to toeirrr ru- ct ocuWi'iiam Waker, In a loreign oountry, krwt. Ntfu.r?iri a. % ba? .ta. true} a. There was noih'rg aaid about a aaroter. % Tbrn that evteiccnttbu Col. rabesr, Mr I a error* aa Mr W..? on burd >ou for n tddter waa fa m / AH wt be; tbere was LdU.tBg a?id abril a aoidver, and I Mao ?'- er ?< on Cot Fabeaa at toe time. 4 >i f ry bad irat en nili ant to )on chargtor Col b'aoe.a Mr lAvtietce atd Mr Uvvon wiib euuauou you tor a t.'laMr, w.'iikl ><>o bar. rworu to lu A No, ?ir Mr toa< tmac iem?rkrr inn in. re waa ao taterhae Hop in tbe tmiarli. . tbe latKtoieat of wtioun Mr inlOr in Usn-it or l.>ua. It n>* iba ooqua Bfladly laiitf A. uon't ncothi'A hearing Umbo bsidm MttiiB* Mr. <Awpbel'?tf yen bad beard tbe namea read vaald x ou bare twora tc h A. No Mr B ackmtn ibeo mend teat tbe Oommtelooer dlsatarge the oeieDdabte oik>o the oaa? #r roe proaacaiton, m tbat brlnrr tbe lbrtrn t Attoraey ahea d he p*rmltt?l to w?oc?vi fonber he BtoulJ prore tbe enr/ a d lUh. 10e OisutKstooer ret> ?vd tbe axxtoa to diecnarge A lOUitQ. WtOIC CBU)V ' I" nvi nan unv y< w <fnne> b; Or I'Hrci ai orr.ey. but (> lor Be wmi?i? atoeatid. wnt uio Jt volu t miy aod oar or greal eacite ttl that Bll ebe bau i > ?u fri'tn br\riar. Bad lb" mm teli b! tbc koev,Bc^ :b> n would be bo. o wbctbrr M *1' ae.-eerary or ?(> fb? her o !??', Bll roe ko?? waa <bai her roa war kl'inappoa by the Ninan*oa kid aptotn ob Ike 1Mb of -teptomecr leit. for ate ouuld oell Ihwm tcthlig else but k.dBapps/a, (laigbt*'); aod tUer w?gbt to be barred down ftiMnr they are fooad fkM<|liti-r); tb?y ar. a nmeacre t> tbe oil v. (laughter ) lca.Biin> iowi*?You mvetboaworn or yow HMemou' to ? i ' c?e. Wowttb ( b..?haiMBll )?No. 1 wtU not be aworn MtH ! aoow ehai it le lor Tbe Dat krt Atterorr raid he *m rnrprtwel at tbo with which ib a poor woimo wa? treated. S>e a* boo and ictd tne r>at h-r aon had been ki1o?cv d, mil pro.use Iter Id order that w? may bear want ahkaa to a) oa tbe a object Mr t?trpbell irprtetel that pwbanc Ibte lady'e am tab wtrrd the t.O'U r.tceoa Instead or Walt or. Wool?o (le t rae?i~N'i north thing [hda't I gel a ketoti tiom to; b iy Y?n may ait nowa, whoeter yon awe, for jtw know aotbiog at all ahont n (I/w1 lawBhler) Well, (file <n m-re I,be a hc<ace?r taut a wourt Lere ,? rentier law nor jeetlw lb M. an i I woe i Mr Wfl', i ?.il I'lDl' llffi ?B > "M IIUIII tJW rM'(? aaob a p>ac* at ibte. wLteb la ao ctrort at all. fly* the woaisii to, tbe C- art a rrrat aago, and nild Kt bt Mdw< tn be re. brt rmttt g bar Ire nprw all pre MM M ?b? !?wd through tto emard b< i*uw th?v MM glee b?r no tn'f.ri jetton m to why net too via WM|' -ed Mr Cairpt-adl an 1 tb?y had a'ttoto* to diwlh what Mtrnd Ji* lilt ft! SeptcMber It lb* (Male at 'tnu MMi <i'? ret pr*t(< t tbe l'vtrkr Att-irney b mUM MM?*.f he rte*yrd wth betaj taf tbe Irl b Aid mmittr* lor Ireland a. fill It rh ?>, railed by >br lielrVtt Attorney, depend? I am a report, r; ferae on b?ir<1 tb? T*c?*t mm Km- ?av ib* ?ailec. I era* um the uoci vrbM oho dad. Iter* ?a? 'arge I amber r,f parewa ibnre, I **?r ?r or two net hoard tc ra'liary wnttorrr . one had a eloih oar I ooa't t' Dk f m* any N'-irague -ep*- wnat 1 al Jf4* lo u tbe btrtiBgoifhtng ai't ot Patioae To Mr. Me?gbcr-i do not knew tbe mli fB ot tbe Mow Yarh Tol^ntaiia. * P? ? >o? rvtr Hen t company daltftd Lbt fn ffAucutC?) *W'KftlklT|. Jaa?>- Mratau , terk lb tbe offlto ot the DirrIM Attor My droorrd tba' ww tatortteftadta ta Brown * ainiavlt m * Ma (wicee-'t handwriting mr Vetgbrr fa?l UiM wh vw peetf-tm-l on Friday be a oner* from Hwknr ; br wworal lu know It UM pror*<, ?rfe rfta'ij to pea. ;are him. Mr .ioarMir >ra<o nam tbire oad bid bona time tor b*m la art *a t'n * ; but be evppuaed ba lett Baatoa Hi; yearn f. AH inter wi?y?n ?oid?I bare Wee robprvtoed a* a yVwu. an'i ; rat ? roaniia am al day Mr rtainM?oj will pyt year pay M a wlwrea lm.rmin Wvyoit?1Ob ' dama Um pay ; 1 cent h? toe tag >) tt?e I rare to attend to inr bueta*** ? aiderMM. The aUrraae aooa aftrrwarde Mtt Uw rnn Mr Hoot r te rM-orrd lyaaatnoh ae tbat >be lMirtot MtoriMy mu d Bat lookraflrl bM in watoeaa Q fa mat aft, dam wtkb Um iatcri>a?auoe. ml to roo a bo'or* be wa* twontl (Ohjee od to A'unJuei) * ?* ? " ? tiJaHtwa lat, *ad Bk1r lit Ll. (I trwt Aitnraay'? afh-?. <o Nn?Mr atr?-i Hi. a ' U-it * j won In be tort the < ui?m?o*o?er. al No VOoliM" piw* 1 read tba aii**aviu it. Nr. Brown aal Mr. Kali*' Mtc Onw.ii wic? r ?m %tm, | al eiya mu n cor Me? to read the atltna vita IB ywiii bafvra toer alca Uifr. 1 ?' ' who a nee i*n ?a H MeNii Hliryar * b/oac, it ftwinUb ttreel O?o? eaamiaad br Mr f?enfct? I mi two r?rt u Nelwrk Attorney Mijy my baataeaa W ia dree ffl -oeiu. I ill ret dra* tma om: iaoto ere Uiree tit! dee*#?nee a??<oal '"hone ore an* aal lAwroaot, and m I thin*. arnma ^ :*iU. H4 eitiM oci.w* I am ow M the lnterti?eat*>? ?nr mei' oefjer I left tbe IMtrtrJ AMi i y ? office tbe nift'arrt * la tbe ban1wr1dfl( ? Mr *e?iy (nrctdaa drl la Ibr oilier t ami'i (new wWtiev Uv came of fMonH I ?H<-tn Mr. iAwreaee waa ?Ml tn Bin oflien | ebwh Ikorr were two of the nfll-la-m taaorftaeA to Die beat uf n> roortwuaa tber ware in lerttiMMl m ih? proration of the wi j, on I an niraot eerielo ibet tbe tatrrlmtallot) wan not mate la tbe c f .rt of Ibe OoamWetoaer I male tbe interlln'tlna at wjrrjwt ai?(?wtioii. beeai.aa U? naaaee ware la lb* warraaia wan 1 aaw II war an arro- thai I bey w?re net ia tbe afli 4bt11 OB* Of me Mt'MtlB in!DB. n> IB W M l huiBrtPH bbix! B?<*h?r In IM of Uf UM\j <jm im Mil Hwin'i ?ti#nr- n lo lb# lb* ib*? tb* bbbbo Of Cot PBb*M l?<1 M* U'lrBB**1 W#*# 0<* IB lb* wtM I md lb* m Brow* I (Bid lo aim "H?r? faB*? rot 10 upa that" t? Mr ?%nr?>?ll? 9r?w* bwI Follor ?#iMo*#<l ?? MMM 11 ?*>.rr? tnil I*",r**o* IB lh? o.?r* >* lb? ortm IBM tm Wif W?J p it Ibr M*r?h?l ? bO'iBB M? MrhtuB, iMDMBlion ?1tfa thi* robl** BiBiit lb lBBBUrt t-turtwf offi<*. mjb ha b#M In hi h b l?*l# trow lb# A*I"?o?T MUBilBl, r* * *! iBff l?B BBBBfUBBB f IM FraBMlBBt ( roa?i,?MOB with ttil Mil ?tr Mr M*Bt .w **M tt>?t wh?c b* i lfWhl lb* o;b?r dB?V r?Ml B l*M*r l?T>?D HO l*B? B I^rwxiapw Ibufl 11* p*'""*l #*t.tary of lh< vr*?'#*i>t if lb* IbiwI f ?'?*. lb* '>>? Irk* *n*r**jr oj^wi#.-t B-iBt I'rt.'ioor Ha mlrodoooo BBl H WM I B4n>ilM0 Tfa# !b?ti e* 4linrB?y ??M IhBi fa# BrtorH rt In Burw" to trl Of ib* #nB*n** of -"* i >?tB?* : ihli le.?r watlh #?4 *** ; -**i j <*'B'*t ih?i i?i* i u? vjti la a *1] w 9mmMc4 W,:t lb*! faal. N Br. IdkMa-DiWTiiMMattAh hkUk, Triatrial imiif)?I will gtre t? to tb? pros far pain owtoa, aid I Mk ik? wtlw at ike otbar aM* to pok h?b tk* l*Mer of 'he ?*!* fcwwy of Mr. PVro# end the* 1 will iirikt IM* wftb too* aor* naiaaaiima Uoo* fc-o* Waabtagtki m tbk mm a*bj et Mr Me*(ber eaM ibat wtmM eooa* time eooogh, for f tbt* rue core to trial the* certainly would ba*e Mr. So o * wj Webrer ud Mr Maroy on ike aland. bat tar tb* preteoi be wIH Ink* Ik* advice of Mr Webatrr wken be ia>a ' like owe yon don't Ml* a n*ae *t>.oi UtJu not ter n tb* paper* " Now 1 have riven yon part of tbe ooa'eat* It waa wteribxvl ?>o My friend in* rvinm Atiomr> ta 'n tbe poat'tno or Sir Gbarle* Nattier before 'be wall* Of Cranlldt dulu the Untiluia in MUM nnt but aAbout effect The Dtartet Attorney, like -firCbarlne aould have to go boa* wliboot aooompiwhlog hit object Mr ampbell aaM that am mget other things b troold ww to tight was that Prrstdeet Pieroe at a din eer party 'l the White Hooae was ?bo Hist paraon to log let ib'r ooioD>z?i|r>a to (Votral America. The Oommiraioner said that tbla cauveraat on might be very ti tr reauog, oat it was not evidence. The lett r waa ralod inedmiarlttla. District Attorney?I want to drive theee sine lerern o the wad Mr Bknkman- We want to drive fee fcaadn eat prorecoiora tuitr c r than the ?ill. Alter roaie tittle d-lay tir. Mo Keen raid be bad an en gBgemrnt in iheoaae of tbr citradPion of ibo partte* bar.eo with tbe French Railway Irauda wniob la goaog en op tatn aDd ba abnoid ack to be exotaed from for bo attendance at ibia care today. As to tea vitBesa rom Boston the marshal telegraphed for htm but they bad got tbe wrong man. Mr. Blar k roaa allied tbe Dame of tbe wttcent Mr Mi'S'on?Too Marabal teiigrapbed fbr a man earned K'i|, but the man tbry found wan named King mar. whom Ibey helwre to be the map; aooiber tele i raj.n baa torn sent on to notion to tr?ntmlt Kingman rb.' Pbirot A'lortry retoicu to state what he enpected to prote t-y tost wnnrae br BktV ir?n asked tte District Attorney what day b? wort'< br nady to to on al'b inn case, and tbn 'aliter Wt? (jllTD>eiM> Bojoorueo iu w rvuwvmy m\ i?? uiv? Ttio It. How Id* ) a copy oi the Attorney GoneaJ'a i?t ter inoHMT (JknkkilS Orriew. Feb. 7. W, To F i John Mi'K i ov I'ntted eketes attorney, New Ysrk:? mm?f received on the Mb nisi >>our >'iir?l<ui? ci?*j < j u Ibe . iei sum fla- in wht h von 'Oi rintd me. in sn 'ytanen that on itio bi nr>ng betore tbe mumistkn er m lb" 5*'D if the boiled -ta'rs v? l W Vabens, aocisisi of enlisting troop* i\ hbi:i ibo binjthera dlidrie* of Nov Yor? for ni'li *rv ?nr\-tce rr i < n' yp.erv* 'bo deieo laid bad ottered in ertdcnoe a letter ,.>rtcr the ft mt oi bo President, a'd .aid to no I'mn h># ' r! ?ie irritMjy Mr. P1Uey Wrbatnr, pa'por !o irooly nfO'P.'t If land? or roinol.: lion In Niwaitna ani In which 1mpairh ion tcitio' I .sir nct'oD* on tbe aubieet I replied by lolearsj.b Ibo saws day lulino, ivt'h the brnvilv the hoatn of the i -tt-m n re (lined lh*t il iar K.lbe.aa p-rse sed any snr-' I' |,n wbti tpi n)t if If e l'r.'jnloi t llton It. rurb rivelJj' 'dl ) ii i ocTiix'u au? JrUorof bir 1 er >n> icitor written wim hi Hi ow led;. . .irrl 1 livf It at J lie Prerido.n oiuhl have ro deilre re*|irett.. r I.. - - lv >n or :ion i.rixt irti >a of any !c't. or ?b< r paper in ibo p. ndwg ctiairuiUtoa c> ept as i". o v? I In beget .vaK esiro b (iota f ihe ."ae? msb' f t'lv and iru'i ?i pe i t ahr'aiaed fiom tvpri'irT.r n. in a' ibsitiir -' 11< ibe f -.biii 'ji) qiuMi n of tue m iuDot*ne7 of be nrvj i-ed Wop o, and do *o now nn; of reape for the ail tbo'Mj ?'lie C-niT?ls-o I a\all luvre f, Ir.'vever of the opo'ii' iin,!;, l > speak otib*' inisiioo of the Pre?rieit to tbe polni id n eaiiou 11 lire at large i ban it vras in tnv eiver to do so ! ' I'u b'ii.eo' penning ih? aNive mentioned telegraphic or n o nrico. "u. lb" ailcgt'ion tn*io'iatei! I'a'her thin prs> i oiceil ii beftirt oftbe. oB'?" to proJuee a letter Iron vi* t\. bjter, nidi r :be f;ank ol tin I'trsKjert, that the President b.;a eonr.eei.ooa of aus *Q't vnu U.a .nst*er is ut'.rrlv ne-t,. o . wf 1 ;be,i0,v or f'nyy].. 01 Tie his not an J HjfTvYnl ;idc *# !n An v Vm I., rraa'-a or property whsot.-er in C ntral . u .a h- taiacTflr. bf tuv art .>r knowledge * tale err, paiili-ip-Jed tHrocO" or ieJire.-lly n the profea-od 'obut'al'cn 1 rnxr'a ??f Mr. Fabens or of .".ny OU.t pe"?o?, u <J A11 "o.'ei'.iK., r rct'trliDjon him in tiny reia'inu from what e>vr- a irier the* may o<mc, are but tu.t?o m c <on->, promt < r bp p rinwe of creatine preiidtee p_i'l J! rerlinjf at'rntlnii fmin 'lie ,-i e cl.nrncter of lie net* of the po-,<-n>n on in'e.itrR ev.itnirat'on before 'be ConunUisioaer. You urc tberrbve >1 ? 'teJio turn, and eb.. lengo ail nnssiMo hi q ilr\ on lh>> pot 1, and in thi? resnect ae 111 all other* ^ con unne to prooi f 1 as you have done in mebceaea, wi ijout fear j or favor 1 the l .ip.veial rerfori-ynee.of vonr wholedu?v. as well in 1 ha poo ill' as 11 the pnvernni - ' of the C. it <0.1 state*. Ihaveibeb nnrtobe. yety rcspcctfil'y, <\ CTSUINd, Krrmb Kaltrttail Frintlt. AWItinV or m* IMW 0 iN?i'L kT nk*t VM?? ORDTR FROM IHS PftVflDENT KOr. AN r ? MI\A HON OP TiJ K CARS?THE PRISONERS BliPOMK A r.NlTBW STATER commissioner. 1' e ProDch foot I of ibis city ooa recently reccteed 1 rcyeral Important oflilovita from rragoe la re In too bo I Ibe Irouilt committed i.pon tbo Kor'hern llailrand o! France by Charputlnr and others. I'pao the receipt of Iboto documents, (other affidavits basing, io the mean time, been sworn to bp parties in this city), the Coos . I went before United State* Coann(doner Morton and swore totbn fWlosrt'g affidavit ? JOHDitlTOI' TOE FRENCH CONSTL. Ch.rlaslf Motrho'on, I'onr.l lieneril of Pr ince. rr? '<uv tetbeetty o< > ?- tork beingduly sworn, doth depose aod in that bp '.be uuie ie<l do-amenta. some of which he hut re rait p i < 1 cjaliy ' rom I'-tMt. R appears that Jkanie Cha*pen ber. Ixirua t're at r iean* tin let ""arm. IHesed lia.n) snd h eitc.'-..'linb'n) are ehnrgnt w. h ;be ramsimiiii vr ifun Hie inraidtction of Prance of 1 lie crime of fa-u .forge Mi :u d ?iubthe r tuuu-aion of the "rime of ml Obeli) to tbv it onward* ol a million it' do'lar- he t?r, 1 i-er ' th? b"ti g 01 that ela rot crime* tneniord onle the Freecb kw :n th ? orda / 1 ' specified in tiic a*id Mlrtnn (l an 1 ie. a i i nn .nltied in f sere, 'in' net* by vhioh *anl of- are'i hnry 1 to Lav h. i n t ..-ntni'ted t-eiiig n nti -ii'-d I11'or aid a en* 'd co trnx uia, and to we rh the a-noneo' re . T bedepenaot serllp bell*es jai ?be sail ebarge ?r< r ur.d ibfi.'.ire makei romp ami armr.j'ni-iT tie fill ;'i rr > *- b..: Ik1 l< tr'nnui d Ii0 he-hurra that 'DP aald ?" nrire < hart-eniier Inula Ornl.-I and .vit'iw P ?rot. -tr.y n >w in ' . r IM oi he* t<-rk and urr fntiuir* I'mjiivtec ll-< Ihrnlmt appltr-tfi-r their anrrender neanpd<ll8 to law. and t U >.' ?'? ni'w ; tirm. ro I'ranrhM up; I'Bitr iru>s. Hint Mat'ce may t>? done <u the prerr.Hea <11 r>K MOKTMOLOW. ?nl -Til .1 u.1. inrnrn to . .? !hh da* of Febm-ir,. 1\>7 hetorr 11 Own. W MoHToti, I . K. Oora. Ti * alllde?it Laying bilug laid ixjutu toe Prw-tloet of ibe I n?t< d *1*1 <w in tae 4t*>. ne deepalr.hed the foUowtag warrant for tbc ryeinlnatlir of tbe prteogera before a ?l<cal com ft im loner, to ire I tbey art rollty of ItM rf.t?jrr? al'-gwi epa'.art lb em ? w 'bravt frflm the president. n.r I'll* Vr>t ol be t niirj ?!Vr? !' \.-D?rie?, to the j ii i]-e l otted Mkiea'or ;!<? ^uu'feerr Inetn -laf Nee 1 i ?i a ... bi? i rp i' ", ur ?nj urrfV raf dam wt .-r. ?. m not on'hitk ??li he* ? made a>?- i'!.ar?ea De ti lib.- .1 . ' >v <:.;.. rat (it lr .,r<r. en-ding in 'be rttj of kr? Vr-k, *ifv i r. irm lotrr ape-tally aptv.'.ntrj to rjruitr ib> .m' n'c..r pre?? rn'1.-1 ' an act t-> elm eflbc'. lot-ei h'nti.fci-?:i u. : a hriwe. n t! .a arid fo.-rtgn . oeera itt e'eiiprebf'ti* -n and d< i ol ouead r-? l-i'tb tbel Idiu'a tlrela1 i'nariea ttaritedttrr. and ?'r Pin.1 ? rbarurd with iti>- awti-moa lu Krarce at ??n ,<umn o the oritur n ??...#. (forgery of bnrslarr ol '. -'' uhefl' totb- aw r-t ?l i i-r w. :,nn rf d-atare, and the Prrat.ieru ol ibe i'aWe-l ft# i ra trnvt tasoe.i la* warrant under Ibe ??al of the Uawwd 'n >? dinrlr.i io any Jtidre of a .ourt of Ibe ('?n*d tun o? in any rTOuinhntowor -prrlail v appoint*.! n ??i-.-.-.e ibe .,ri n ro?.(rr??a entitled " An At .n sue it*c t> -e'la.n Irea y a lpula.i?o? between thie ati i 'on >tn freemen Ma lor tb< ii'p'('.rn?i.-n and del <<>rv up ol r?r<nln i'dettrra aonrr-e-l a,i?.i>' li |-ta ra.| th#' aimer r an i it i n. .-r? or any on of ibrrn u> roniey 'n eapi Inula lire' t t"l. te e? i'bai b? mler an i augneb- pant ty be .epifbrnf-rd ai d i rongbtbelore <lir eroi ?r oOtecr. ti.tbe .-r>d l a ifr?i.d-tr. n rr'ni'iiali'* of aal.l p-itlea be heard an-1 ret dried, atnl ii of. a .tab beerlm br ? el err# . dr. ;w1 drerl lo aiir'-ui tbr a.ld rlia-?t? nr ao uiorJ. rent a? lo r.-a -lwh <im r? Biryoaa' -n ol at.) >! in- . ?-uir? laltri tparr . <d i.t ibe laat oa i beenay, or nay ol tbnn, thai itw ?.irn- mey be rer<'i.-d. and ?lib a eovr of ail Ibe oejinn rir, Irar-mltirii >o <) # peck-'arr .f Flali, In ihr eej taat a aarra " i/ei'rkwei teay l-r U-ned to ai r?i- ler Jtein pn io the ytrr. ? i--e*.e* e.wl ii *ftwrtr . iho the aid tianatun n h* U' lO't a i< li.n tJ> S'llWi Ihf of Voir >nrk. urul * hi.ri V- ?f ( .' t-a. |m #h .?I* lori'ie* rwll'taa of tb* ki.l r?r r.. at J Ihl*. liter be ? vw f?n .1 up to !?* m'Vw, H*- nfK.rr n tn| rr r.?i>, of:h*tr 4'yof tut C'?l.*l *u.>? frtw Ir ?m*h c-f *i>d frnvWbl? V w ti. r?(m you ?r? V re' / wmt nut*-!,la lb* nunt of h* T Tt* 't- Vn *il <U tv *1 . > Ik?>0r?'>l*T!a fti>- taul I./in* O ? ?t,trU fiitre- n * and \ tg ? l ? *t h k I? r I -iu-? ! . b? i li t>. ti r* I.,?, % l'rli*l J hoi ' V ti i:?'r* i r?*r. *r* laf* *i*poiat*Ml *? a'r>.-af>ai I, wherever tiny n be *n '4 ?t?t 'net i!,n tol t'*r* ho d**!l * t h a f'.r* to *.? lot lb* I i " area. Onen under ,n, l?nd and tf tbi* k itn"! d.?<t ?pi *'tvy. In the T?y of im? I, ?u m * i-'.r.uund etcbt hundred ctl art) ?r .en ho) o ' ar lod< i>f l4> r it tb* g Vy lint, r.HnROS r BKTM. Ap|o :iii-i Bfpooikl Comal* ouir. 1ft* ihr**r*l?',ti*r*. Warn- Mre'etand P*?<?t. wen aiyprd.mly a let) t>*tnrr I <rnr.-Mi->iifr E'tUl material r If tor MMHhMM. Tfter ?***?* i f*Ml WoHM ? Bito'ia ahom in* pr*c**<iia#e. tmwJi they dtd aot boon t? n?H*ntiDd * all. Hi* p-n t*e-1ln?? w*** la lofllat td "b*y do tot know lb* lanjTM* Vo*jr re'ue*! to d asytttac or to ha- tPTift'cf too* 1? th"r oaaa or*' 't' >r rourt# | rouif be trot AF?en'h #*n?l?n?att who* tb*y kt rm rborily e?t*e*d the ron ft '?! th m *r*a * "** tt *o namedta'*'* taior?07*'"d bl? and t?fi?*nia< h* utfto'ttl*# ib'-ofb I'm? Tti*?t ono*? w?ro tmSMtdia>?ly a**t fo*. ao-l rrou th*lf an i -at a^ dnr ocrrcI %t>oa lb* oa-t trai at-lumo-t t li WivJnt ?*: al lb o fttfHt A. M. H-o foUoatag m lb* ordtr a. CoinfrtnKmtr BoWa la r* ptril to It ? la li # iratt*r *f tb* apytlearion *f th* Fr*a*?i frtimenl 'or ifca crtrat'itoo ff ?,harl?Hi rft**(v>ati*i looia Urploy aa-t Ai^riatn Pi ret. rov#* 1 *1ti M rr'mo of fo*f*rjr aud coor eiBor. th* da**ba with lb* pA?oo*r*. Ob**t*a Ot??rp?o?**, t/n* **n 1*1 a*'i At-fuat* Parol, la rutto-iy uedor iho raj ft*! t--*?od b* tb* Cfwrtmiraioerf. Hrltlf pmrW>. mm tb* oneaoi'i for tb* Frobftft i*o?*ro*i*a', a*1 *f ri ??* l?**db bbA 1nwi?oBd. *ona**l for tb* pft**r?*r#, b*in ai*o oro**ni but not prepatMl to ( *a wi'h in* oaai . ao-1 Mr Ho?vod rmmarl for the oepomvia, beta# a I **ni a? ib* n ??t or the noraarl for tb* prt?oo*r? tin lei Ml Pa'i-t tb.' hrar dc I* ad ovraorf ortn 10 o olonl A M on V *r Hie nift loet, an : tb* pnaaaara ri - I* tb* en***)? of tb* Marabai. Tmttotia I'ltllnl rnatcn. nrrn?onr.Ajtrr or rnr Mr rami* or r*t rtiT I owat* or niNAM* ao*ik*t thi BUKrriow o Mwmts. tintowT an*? rrrcu. t *tKt?w nm ?h.< *1 dtj ot loVritkry, 1*67. there wi r tw>M tn th* b-.ll o4 the n?a*eof Rtpr ia>otnrH?B nwhln i fttpnrtlrr lobe MMpoerd nf crrt?ia of th Qrer rm) Avonrblj wtwrh i U rud, ? mi kdtmjrro I of tflUfW )-let noeTWl-*, roforred to M I f%ar?*HT' <1 * e rertkiu pertT>hk pretexted to ord 91 terM rrvwei tho w?or?*l of tt>'? ftkkte Jan. to, 1*67; M I ?b?"M tmM ?o"it neither or ee?1 I'pon. ?t?rta.i?e ? or did ?ry ethor hetiseae thta like lb* " Ktor ot th i Fr?neh, Vh bit forty th> - ??r.d mett, mrriiil up th III' or* thrr n'Oflrd <tn?n o?*ln " etnip'r MO?tnHi< ni w?hot>t to e, decrV* or erder tbe'**f i>y the m* oncitmitod roll ?-kri?d o? *?ll ohr?ep iy*?t<1?rt them I Mi'it'i to a?eei title od thetth dk/ of Febrttkrr, wrt ctii th<- er? ftoMHxi nf k?y eb'ect, rreiri 0? deslc* V tx-h ?<' .mirvod nxrOet tod ttbof-**. on I be ?ti i, ' too rib dnj of febroery tforowtd, ?4 too htrir nf I | o'rior k a M., ted wMM tbit ?e>n*>e ? 1? * n r r?'?r ac'-tra in inr r ?i ... r~-, . ., ' A A R?i?i/kiiiiI. J (rmw* wa m Ifi #?drrt or ?t>< Hnaiftm of ma o?rn ?i*, Ad tmnrront at ft ?r,<T<l tho ftftlftr ff ? r,?ir a? to an-nrt* !> ?i thn hm ' ' n-tnul l,,r r+1 . ring |t, ?.- t V' ff It' H ? ?' I il Into -'nl "wvniit, n ?ri.< *. npt>? a? on tM mron kt?It p rrfrTfl ?f> fn (h? pr-amhin an l nwott.'tn? ?f || a ft'TfttftW Wife J?ft>ry, th? MM UtMHM Amrai ft rarnt .1 ft a anal a< inn pri-aldHic ofli ' r of thla '<nt I. m l Vft th? *n*ta rtiawher at?f?<1* ! br * ?>f of tl f " i( i ...*?# -.< i-nan-lih" irtftMn rrtV'r Ibrr? to ifttl' It lift a pnr>\?t ondnraUn ang, r t>, f | ih ??re aiitn mwd by torn In, Ian i t ?tirh t o?iT>,t' r (%i t r.'i ronton ?m tnoduri > * I '< * a . f . cilfiDl.i.t) btuag >iw?ii in urn mm?, latii) m tn ] to nh.oh itfj Haaaio baa rrar H? port/ t?rg hoi 1 EW YORK HERALD, TDK tha ?|-laHi? af w> waM }oM?n?Mti: aad vkvtu, wbao tbe DentenaBtOoremorkwtta Mi aitaodaat Bineiora bad toft tbta (taaNr, * ti H<iif 11 Mat at a meeting of the ?atd Lteotrnani Governon and Mm ?M a oeMatn number of ggMtemaa, MliM? Ibe Bow* of Ropra ?nattrrt, w (alf at tukl Booh of lfr'N*gto ?f?, (w r wbtca M-oaUed joint goai mUoa, ?luteal ) Hon. appointment or expraaaed deal re ao to do bp to meat bora thereat. n to aatd that the Lent Oar t or pretlded' end whoreaa, at aatd moattog H la fui bar repnrt-d, aad by aotae behoved to ba tiar. that a bam, IMogaL fraudulent aao dbgracelul at wrnpt at a > rctton for two United Ehatee S^aatora waa bad, wbtou i' oortrotly rrportad. raaoltad. aa It la aatd to bare d " a.t? tbe obotto, by aaah aeaembty, of Jea>e D Bright aad Grabam N Bltoh aa euch Htnatora, oan oel> ba regarded aa aa Informal axeraaatoa of toa pr> laoad devotion of per it,van frtrada, fbr which eipraaaliu election. ao rlgnlScait aa It waa of party and poranea' rtdeify, neither tbla General Aaiambly, the htwenorOiniitiniion of tbia ?it? are la any wtaa ro*ponalbta neither har'ny beta coeaoiied or made parttot to tbe tranaaetias, la any 'raped or manner wbauoevtr; aad, wtMreaa,tn ordtr that tbe raid Lieut Gore*aor might artN blruaotf o' Wo opportunity ol ?am using tbo rgbt and power to t*? tde cvtr ibo del tlx rations of aa!d meeting, or MMtborlieri jetntcrrvcntton, be die, wtibont pe'mi. ?ioo 01 ibt? deowte here tte cfcur wbleb, H tr also see u rood by tald IJoot Governor li anil wee m <- tr?roiReDi of tbl* body, wbwb tatmptlen la Id otreet oontraventloo of the Oonstlta ton of tbta Mate? art IV., fee, 10?-whereto II la da tared thbt " e?cb boose, when ariembtod, uball deter n>ioe fs owt rulea o.' p'i? ?? and sM noon da own dieurrmrnt;" and wbrraaa any action of t?e Peeatden f tbta Senate, or tta nevnart, to any such mooting forerald. ta and wee >d direct conflict Wo Role M of tbe landing rulea of tbi* Senate, whtcb reada aa toHowa ? Rute 64 In all joint meeting* of ibo two toenoa ">' be leyialatnre, lopvrnrd tor a special purpose, II aball e troon patent for tbn body. o> Us members, to engage u aueh joint n>ee<trr la too raaeec'.oo or any batta ban ibat lor wbtob Wct w? re *o rpnc.'TcaUy ataenbted No jo'ni noco tng bavtDK be?n agieed upon by or jo tween tbe two bonre* o? tbta General Asscinhiy, oof My d< Glared builacee or object of no3b assembly. Aod wbereaa, nurtng tbe lime such nnantborlf.ed and unlawful mee"c;- was engaged to inob Illegal eleottoo. ibis Senate was in aeaeton, a pn at ting officer navtng bee-, appointed pro Urn , until tbe same was ?J>>uroed by avot. ol ii? members, will beeeen by refer eaoe to tte loarnal and wbereaa aacb ao oailod joint convention waa not called Into extsren<y by ant aciioo to wntob tbta Senate wwaparty. nor ever composed of a yorom of ettOor bonre of tbn Genera' Aatetnblv, bnt dertv ng Ita power* and Totality up n rtrletio*- diioedar Md fraod ?<Vodo. therefore, moat sou an y tad earnettiy proto*t again?' be action, d< Urgi and rtsovoa ot aald ao denonl^atoi joint ronwDilo*; and on bebair wf tbe pooplo m lorrretyn y ot ibb Mate w uM 10*0*0 tbe Indignation a<*i jodrment of all men whether in avlliortty or aa cht .i ubjeou. upon ur and ?M such el ctlxm, as ontoceuto ttoral, revoi . til i a y aad vld; and would farther as* thi* Sortie to direct its MMMt to transmit tni?n*i?at?h twt oo[i cs ot this prettobie and protest to toe Dolt -c *??tee ?H>uaie, op* l ? tbe President ol that tody, and lbiUk* to Ji dgr v amoull, Senator from tbo State of lilfcote John R. Praser*, Joan d aubbs, P. R Beans. D R Onote, Walter Hatch, J. V Stereae, JotanCieen O D Murray, So ornoe Olalr, I ewte Worke, G W. Chapman. Jo-nVarjan, itaan Klnley. kJ 11 Weir, Josn Tfompeoa, a. 8 Griff*, A W. H>n?y, ttaaid Grano, Jobu T. Kreelend, P S. Rsge, Sttaley Onop-r, S T. Gaaey, Iraac a RW-e, iobn Wnetoo, Janes S Suit, James F. Parker. Dtn >1 Bill. FINANCIAL AN? COWMfcHClAL. KOIKT HABKB*. McaiUT, Fob. 9-8 P. M. Thle baa beta a bine day among holders of Taooy rail road itock git the opening tbere vera strong indication* of a psn*o Stocks were freely potted for aa'e at lcwo> plees. At tbe first board Now York Oentral Railroad oecllrcd percent; Eire ^ Reading I; Galena and Cbl cago Micblgan Southern 1 '4; Illinois Oentral ; do re land mo Tnlrdt TUare were ! rgo transact*ooa and pkntj cr * <iera at oar ^notations. liUnols Central Hall road baa fallen four per cent sins* Saturday morning, bat 1*.' re arpenra to be an actire demand for K from the other Ida New York Oentral is anstaineJ by tbe roportei Euro <an demand. Tbe antral of each reamer is mate tbe metis of getttng np a freeb* amaost of steam. Tbe mm who employ tbetr t'mi in arranging tbe machinery for tbia pui]xue are allly enough to imagine that no one can aea tbetr tlrjo'nr adrattaeaa. Tne stock of tbe New York Oenual Company la tbo arttole to walch tbey fu?t no* oerote their attention. The opening of tbe bosk* of thai company In London for tbe purpose of dramteg oif from tnia maiket tbe large amounts with wblob tbe old hold en are parting, ancwcrs an admirable purpose to faelll tale tbeir n oremenia. It M oaly aeoesiary to give an order or two to boueea known to buy itocks occasional)/ tor foreign account, and th.n to pub I lab a oommont upon it >n tbe regnlar stockjobber* organ*, and tbe deed b done. In otaer worda, U?e effect Is to giro tbe appear *nor of lorclan lorcatmrct. Tbe tame dodge was st templed In Michigan Booth*rn and Km Tlwnae plan III wfttoot doubt bo retorted to In the Cumberland, the Ward Coal, and pot?*blf la iba Nicaragua Tranatt \?twita<Unding all Una, the grct< moromenl toward* . qnb'a'.ion and low prleaa rolla on, and Uie retail It toe rltablt. Afu r aJ;c rnmcDi of the board, the following aJet o! itccki tod boedt were mada al ane'lon by Albert H. Nice lay 15 oro New York and Trie HR 19T5 lot added W\a#7V l.'Of I'ltnoia Central RR oonatr union horde, do. 9#*?' r. fCO Norircrn Inilaea (<-o?b?-o Branch) RR. do. TB<4 16 tbaret Knlekct booker lee Oo 50 90 Inf?rfe I ire le*nranro Co..... . MX I '.0 Roigrrt Fire leaoraeee < o V 7 40 Co'umba Firelm .ranoo jo 100'; ;.0 K?et Rlrer Rat k >3), 10 Arraitt Back 90 At ibt tcond beard the deprcttlon continued In foil force, and the market cloeed at lower prtoen. Tha tad I eal'oet til point to a pretty nerteua decline with la the next ality daye. A atr**gent money market, aotlra ahlp irientn of tjweie, Immenae Importatlona of rorotgn good*, beery paymtnta at borne, all tkreatca a aarera financial pr???ute and a aertone revolution tn public confidence. There will be a great daal more atook in the market than all the cilqoea of railroad ftnanotafW oaa manage; and la tie iMftte crouer oujen were wiu mw mv luwnnn piw?r, nd wiimk poaalttltty of prereatlDf a Tory impoelanl drprertalmo. The Booth of Marah ta gaae ra'Ty a ret y ooUto m to n>??cy motion, ao4 ttfc year It ta Rftely to h? "tool to aay proTtooi yaw, A rtof'Boott elrcotar of U?o 4th laat soya ? Wo to day lotroitooc oaotbor tori oo ear Ihrt?lho -onhi r d PoctQe fh* atork ta jnat ooaa aMrarttng a great <i?al of attcettro aid haa many *ira rneada. w%t arc rrrftdrnt of ita rapid tacrrase to prtoo. Wo note ooo i rale ot 100 r ham. at Ore per cat or par. The abooird itataisaot aihlhtto the argraira te'.ry ovenest ta the loading department* of Um haaka of thta orty. dnrtag the week pre red tag Batnrday moratag, Fetraar/ 7, 1807, and tor aororat prertooa week a ? 1 Naw Tow CiTt Bota. Actual ts>a*l fTrent"*. D*u<t iVj 1 Arc. 93.7* no.iai.006 ll.?t4 739 3,60S in ftO.frU lit 1 Aiif. f0.'66. 109,773,it 1 19.966.136 a,Mf..4.'> 67,?r6.618 4 < 1-t. 8.88.. !?9 688 KM 18,W* ft 6 a 866.016 67SOT 1 8r|i? 13, 68. too 6*1 778 11181,887 ft.74l.0M O.e-fo 4JJ * -vrt 1'. s?. U 71 i.* 11 37n (?., ^,780 386 05 888 ?W 1 37.'6ft.. 108,#W 906 VJ- ./iJO 8,r<tft,l'?a 68,881,173 4 f ?cA- * 'Ml. .107 031.707 11 016,184 881.818 03 0.,4646 '' Uex. 11,1*.. 167.147,093 10 881761 8 748 '*30,?l7 ft U -f . 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I 43?,HIT o.,,?r, Iflf y Tba laal fftnrai. aumpwrrd wIU) Urn of u,? nnrrvwi nk aiew fbe fo.'owta* mrta oaa la U>? acrr"ratr ? twraaaa a t??? ad minoanta tl f'T) ;mo recwaaa la tpma i,<mt.*oi r. tnrrrm* la tkmr?nmla *01.000 r r aortaoa la Aapoalta, actual 1.3i4,:>lo Thta la a rtry Mrtoaardlabry atacmrnt Ai mrrnaaa M ia ktaoa aid tw'rna of mora than a million of dorian ta * r?i ?t*4, wltb a dxrarr la aprtsla and -lopo-dta u Dm >1 the it me aitewt Tba daereaoe la aptoie ?u in ram ooaai 4 deenbly Inryar Uiaa that roporWd TV arem*? of laat j arrtk waa a mora amraWa on a I baa ibe t*al rntrt at A MM opno.n* or boalaew to day. Tba baaka opoaod tbla 9 moraiD* wtih a i porta rcaarra of low than alarra r miitlooa of dollara, and tba aratafi for the f- prt tent weak la llkity to bo downward. The tub Trftaory la arrnnonlalln#, aad th? bank* hart to \ dHf wee larjaly *>r tba payment of dobea. Tf the tip* Id iat"ia roatlnoM wltb tba aamo rrdnmn ft haa oomm^ncad, 0 aad the iwrP'T froaa Oaltrarila rooVanra aa llmtt?d aa by J tba Itit three atromora. tba bank rnaerre will be reluond * to a trr;- dati*rrm>i pc.'nV Tlio monmmt i?at wart nae * am at a I '.n aeror'anra w'tb ronr.d policy ibe erpaaf on o? Irani la Ifce feeaof *a '.-portant deer - In ?p - o sr end drforlia. n mlrrla'rd In wrnkto the bankt, and " fortv> ninta ib'tn a anddrn ar* rlolrat ?oa tram kin at totae nr to ire day. Toe iirr of Iran* la bow la'for than ear before rr ported Tbo jrraieat preTimta e*|nn? on waa In ?'' W"t la?t at U>at litre ibo iw?m amonnled to HHBl.lna Tbo Ji'tHil Trearnrer roport- to day an folinwt ? ? ? Tn?nl roorlpia ?'30 1?1t? .u , Total pa; mean. 117,111* to or I Toto! ba'aw*., la,*36.470 ii ?AT FHBBFABT 10, 1U nam* * ?*, tm m? mum tnvdtrm *fm+tp Antrum Bmm trn Utmfo*, m >K?iri?y, *7?>? /Mite atociM-Tteajrtaetpal I>mik<bui My? Men to California T*? ol >MM it a sHfbt decline; 10 Mteaourl ?> I decline ( I, 00 w Oteto 6'? ot MM, sad la ranawn ?' at well iaetagpi prtMa My Bom - Phaa Mow /ark dty 6t of 1170 awl ISM bare ocas J awe at better rat a. There bare aleo been tome r< tati traaaaettoaa in Milwaukee 1 "a, 9*a rraaetaon 10*s, Detroit 7*1, aaa Cleveland Tt, without marked Sac taaime. Mailt cmd fioadi.?T^a traaiaettoaa at the Block Ri change embrace a great variety ortbeee reonrfcleo Tbcr. baa been a large traataeaa In Ulraota Central Oowtruc ttniia Mb a deettae ol V Mr oeat. We notice tome moJe a'O i r? nsart toi Hi trie 7 s of 1976 at a decItoof >4. aad ta Ud Va of 893 wtbortrbaaye; to Now York Oralrt) A1* and 7'a? tbo Aral at a rtae ol V, aad tbe la ter at well m-tataed prieea, io the va'tooa caaeea of Hodaor, Rtvrr Mailt aad beoda wtiboot marked vanattuo; aad In Nortboia Indiana *t.'o?hen b'aaeb bond* at *4 per oeo* oeoliae. u private rale, Burito|inn and MlaaoaM lat u>ort|ace bane been dec lo roroa of rome Importance also lVoiia aao Oioav ka lat mortgage eastern Knee on. Tbo <?tter I ar? rlieo 3 pi r eent Nairn oti.t'iera ? Illinois Central b?a been very ac'lve: aad alter having touobed 140 e oa?a at 13a??av 4 per cent ad vanoe oa tbe p toes of last week Tbore were iar(t'? ordrra for tbia atook for Bbcliab aooennt Betide* ilta ibrrr be* genera ly beaa a moderate decree of ae

Ttty 1 bo principal iraDraetfeaa "a?o beea ta Ele, at a dee'leeaf 1)4; In Ove'ana aad Toledo, of I; ta tbebtgau Manloero, oi 3; and in Panama of 3 }<e* oent. HJto in Peadia/r a* an advarro of >4; la New York Central, o! ?4; aad to Galeta and C or l j per ooat. Stock Kiclunyr. Uo.niut fab. 9.1837. $V00 Iran ? '90.. 90.V 300 ReeMng RR. b'10 My, 170(0 Virginia <"s.. 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'toi; 100 Reading RR 6- 100 Paoama RR.. i>00 94', 6EOOND BOARD. -Of 0 Ind Bk B la 8 % 6u*6?Ct?T.Co!.S;OlnR 102>; 6o< 0 Til On RR Bd?- "9 ; 200 Reading RR ..tCO 79', llOrb* PaeilioM *Oo 6? 100 do I>3 >0 10 New Jereej /'inc. 6 J, 300 do b30 80* 00 (' lmb Coal Oo .. I'.t 200 do 80 60 Ward C A ICo blO 3?A 100 do ... MO 80'; 100 Brona CHy L Co . 6 30 CkT A Tol RR... 76', 10 NY CCD KH.pAo 91 ; IPO do 74*, IOO do opg S''a 200 do MO 76', 60 do r8u 81 A 100 do b3 74 >? 600 Erie RR ??o to 100 <lo 74!; ICO do MO 6f?; '300 do *60 74*; <90 do *8 60 300 do a60 74', 160 do BlO 69 400 do 74 J, TO do ?r0 69',' 100 do ... MO 76*, 300 do beo 61 A 15MUW ? M'I RR.. 70* <00 do 18O 60 100 MIcbStANIaRbOO 7B 2(0 do 60 60 Gd 1 Rtv KR ... 30 1.37 GaJ kCbloRK... 104 10 UCrosaeAUitK 72* till (Xl.MlKRl'KL REPORT. MoHai, Fob. ??n r m BK?Ai?Tr tv ? llnnr?Tbo market wa? a lead y a'. Sa'ur d*y'? ia?e?, with a t?ir export demud The aalea cm braced about 7,600 bbl*., about ball' of whtob were porcbaacd lor export, at about the following qQoiadona~~ MM 10 mm dlaaa Be40?eob< His moo to good Hieblgen 6 40i 6 M extra nele 6 60 a 6 H onisoe to good Ohio 4 40 a 6 l( ixtra Ohio 6 60 a 7 Of Southern mixed to good bran da 7 00 a 1 |( " rasoy acd extra lilt 111 3 mad las eerwrflDO and extra S 40 a 7 66 Caaad'an io>d to tbeexteu'. of about 200a 800 bbla , all brut rb*D*e to rat<a. Mouthers brunda lnacUre, asd a h-accd ?bn:i 4(0 a 600 hbU , w tbtn the tango of quo Mil oee Rj? Hour war lirni, ellb nalca of about 120 holt at $9 10 a 16 26 'or flco an 1 roperllne Meal ?m qalot a 43 ft for Nrw lerrey and at 91 7# for Brandrwine th> a'? fhiyrra and e?llt re ar e an wide aoart an to pre vent raid it imi twaaea Tbe trarractiona were cmOnei to avail lo'a r> 6 ai d while 41 Loala at $1 22 91 60, ?nd Mllwatk a elub at ?l 44 Corn waa ta lair demand. 1 to ralca of >0 too a 16 000 bueheia reported at 7 Iv h u r Wratera mli< d and dallrered At tbe oloae buyer* were not 'Mipaeed to offer more than 70 renta from atori, otlie bolt era ctnianded 71c. Rj waa lira; email mlee el r.ld Norib'm wire reported at 90c., and aew from tbe railroad depot at P6c. < mta cm tinned ilrm, with State ai >fr a l*o . and Chicago at 84o. C01 ran ?The market waa more actlre. and prtoc? qntta fleai'y. The cargo of the Weeihorfuaye. of 8,000 bap Rio, waa told ea abtp at 1OI40 . and 1.400 do at lo^o.. a lOjir., ltd 7 600 bap Rat'a at "\c , partly for esoort {'inio*?Tbe maraet waa Arm, with aalea of S.O^O btlee bated opon middling oplandi at 15,\e , aad mid d la* irrleaaa at 1.1 3 > Mti< urn ?To 1, rerpool 1,000 bbla floor were enpyel at 2- Sc.; 00O tlarecs hwt-r at 4t. aad lOw pe:kapn baooe ad lard at 26a. Cotton waa at 9 82d a I ltd. T> J<oc den l.OuObbla Hour were engaged at 2a. 104 . and 40 a to toea haeou at 27a. <4. To Rotterdam 60 Iowa logwood were erraged al 8la (Id. There waa ao change to notice In rated or Hat re, which were tieady at 140. for ootlon, while ctter anie.iea were without alteration la pticea. llovMoan ?Pork?Tbe market waa doll aad prion* aaarttied, while ra'et were e mflned telOO a 200 nble , la eaaall lo'a, laclunlag anme meaa at 921 39 a 931 60, aad old at 920 29 a *20 : 5; prleia waa at 917 76 a 919 ?UU V.UU IX ?1 fw vv. DID 1 WM BWBU/I n ?u ? ? 100 a aco btila . Ir.clril'njr new prima. ai ItHl *10 60. ud Bk *a do. at ?lt> 76 ? SIS; rapacfea! aoM at $16 60 far OSi? and SOO tieroa* Ohio aad lactana wars rcpo-tad old al $93 60 $16. Ileal bam* vera quiet aad firm, at We. aae Basra vaa t>n, aad about ISO boxes vara reportrc atlf He-a 10fa far loot middle*, aud 10 .a tor tbort ribbr d Oat a rata vara Urm. Wtoullera ware eMail'.,'?.. aad 160 ticreaa baaaa at lOlio. a 10 a Lard wa* fl>m. vltb tales of SOO a 000 SMB.. reported eb.tfll at UJio.. vttb email Iota at 18)|e. Bettor aad obeaae vara vithoot aUiaHoa la ptioae. 11 R 1 T 11 F INTELLIGENfK. n ' .1/1 firlu-f am/ t*0tt * I'<(.n'i' ' 'vr iAe Nrw YrtfcK Tlt.i <m kXMkWkO roa acv roma?rma mr. ?p? arras. 7 ""I son* ?t?r.* ??* ' 91 irr rxn 6 71* I area vara* mora HI M Port of Ittw Yvrk, frbnmry ?, wry. cucarkd. flip Hury '"lay, rtulbin*, IJrrrieil-'i*i?rll, TOo'flt A Co. ( 'hip Va'd of Ot:< ?d? T>ennl? New f?rl*wrw l *iit *arri o Pirf?TO -n?n Ju ,n / > ? <? LHair) t Co, hark H H Hrndie W uiin*. ?l Mwrte-lir *11* A f-i.*?. hehr ypdrva, linker Matanraa? ||C Vu?r?y. hehr |l< nrw Saranhio . fibkatat-O II l'>?r?m Oe'ir t.ile Boat, Bed, frrtetnou*'. ?A w 4Co etaamrr Touco, M> rley, Pwt'aad?H B CrrawaU. AKKtVKD. (til? John Rrlrkt Onl.irerpool. Jan la, vbh mtlo, to W'.imm* A inmn I'll* I id pt?w?..r.' wwvher paewli'ipc rtlewr 'on 91*1, wr.d vaa < ' ii?" lil?nt*nd* m *.h* >h io*? !? Uirrii h? lot?. ra*ae-l i 'ire i city ol vtvrfcadMuu o'f ,.?ot punka. kii i ya-wwaacr tni>(t?<l<*n ITaa tcrnta. Int> <jn*rwnttiin Uir Dk^lx by ?u?"i'.>ir f'otiin.i.'i? wi?u buntatra raw , V hi una 1'aiartno, fcn1 2 and (MhrnHnr Ore with rnmar At, t > oi.l?r I amount to llnatnn. an-1 roc, cf cd in D l?rap?r * l*"? ?f iha' rWR pot Into Mila p?, In dwtrann. harlop fll-aiu'iaw'heavy wnathar loat aaiU "ntvaik*. rati*, atarird fni??i?r rairiad a?ay mi-i rat etvod otkaa lacra je Jan SI, -a I .Vi li loo (M tC. toil la with tka irhr Knock I randi, flap' i.'nia. 14 d?j? Ifm R.uu mora, ?r>ih a oaritn d vwl |*? nd to Roatm., <rhi>?uil l,U,?n *? ?> anarabadly ir;trnd ar.d leak*** bad.y, had two feat aralar in 'bo bed ih" craw at>d brought 'barn la Uda pnrl naM?edav apnkc ^b o Iof PortamooUi, IJ data Irotn MaMIc tor h iff, ?*., kindly ?npp iad tia with braad. 1 apt I., of whr Ernri, Pr'Mafi, rmnrta haMn* avtcaJ rlanoad a noni'Md rwa*aai<m of '.navyjralaa. and on the 1'Ttb Jaa fMMfatnml a hnn >*ta ,'r on the I9tk, Mr*. * P*r> nad'a of Onpo fVd wna lr?l <r ctrfa ard Park PowrI IMP rab-rtno and 21 dam from Oil'alfar wati onwifaa. latorwia Ar to kiMMm .% On add In r.kpi >arj lr?to 'ilbrtiMr aim abtp Tlnie bark Paiarcrti aixi l.rl* Id>l? ai 'or krw Ttrk Hark <? f Hiifr i Pmtr.i, Hrwoar, Branirrharan, Dnr 1* wbb mi'* ap i {> wo-ifrr*. wm tnwod Into i|uar n'tnr Iam niad br f1e?nnlnj| Hi de* rbr Wm M Wrick, XHrtalltlar. Meilnft, ?? dam wkli bldae in K Pavaoatrdl A Pchnmnnbrr; yoaaaal to f>o.i?? A Co M et Ml nronaeny with half I'mnr Ol rdd. Maclean and .lnd?a M'anrv. ape In rnnaa'nf tha liar Mm Imlfr Ibaoat imrtdtf ac?i aho I a-in* ao beard 'ha only pilotIn iho plana ?a >a'fcan at elm-ail Tbr W kl II etpnrlattmd vrrr bra-i ?< athar hi tlx* 'lull, and oa Ian Ik and 20 kwt hoatt ap!V alia Ar MX' waa potnrMtlled to lav to 0>r 4a hcrira to mnah daitiKiira. & tn?!. lai *1 I<tn7?:?, apota bant hrta l>oon tire. (Vopi *a'an?aa I Or HalUtnora; the ratmruid having haw It III* b af P:i?a>;ia III data. aj?Ht nulla, aorta bawl. Ac. arv ttaa fotnril lo Itoar anaj for f'aarli aton. l-rbr f!tn?Pa 4-ato Poaraa Roatnn via Manly Tloa* Prbr Harrab Havana Pniw, fkom iba wreck of br1|f Clia Wi Pair*, aahora ai llrtfanilrc Raarh. wpb kldaa. lo flarm' rra. MnPar A floallof Tbr hrt* D? lay* In a ?ood poal tlon. cod at'1 no drtiblha pot ofl r._.?i t ?- Iit tia Mandv Hook. fflmrr i Bum, n.s/l _? irra/i*. fr bfr> t<ormi. T?tVw from H*rr? .tar W, ertfc m-lnr ?->rt pv ?eij?rr U. Win fhltlork Jr (wm nnrborvd on UM> bar ltd Hici n?). I,m? 11??h Wit?'n. from WCoij, to n?'#rvi? Broa. Kirk vrrpr'ntA fr ?n Horn-tid* It?n T< Inrtn, Brown, from Ma -una. Butted. thipr Frn Fmne- f C Ber'i'on, Antwrrj 1 .1,. ?;i?| . .het ( F.tuwao, Ch ?rl?e?nn; Mai * -d?r: l>> p< John H timon, rhiirMlna; Adallni I I |i lee I ?rfrn? Jl'iriiwrtaei" ? I ho I iV I boa' T f* nor. foot Matill, ratio I thin mornto r I o o r'erf frr the t'*i>re of TVi?wane JiuiUkll tUUib, I'wr'.anil, I W.ic i.urtcg lb? Jaj NttW, ao l fret^ a/ MlhwHial nmtoik 9 w it Oa?r?D?K Egfraot from a letter from dMwiftloea o/ *tlp OMtiederattoo, oaufr? Lrmrttoa, Jan fl I VeteraTboaaae Rlebardwai t Co New korb ?The Conladere'lrn wee reported off Uolvbead veaierday. I?**t olgbt It a'ew a heavy gale, and th's wenoou a ?b<p waa reported In . diatom*. II iT>-;,rj ,?it to be the I'o''-atwiii, which went oa *>ore ahotit 9 am wheo id aharre of 'he pilot. Har rodder ?aa kneeled f ft and part of ber falre keel came op aiongelde, ?r <l abe baa eight ? ntro fee' of watm in her. some tugboat* : rlcd to get ber off hutwrrked end brose the huwaertt and een'd ao- do any good The crew except the captain, fi'tt mate, aeprnd etee are and a boy. were Hken off'bv the Itftj boat aed rime op th'a aftcnoon 1 he caotaio'a wife ban also . co?e op, hut Capt Cor did* wou'd not leave We are aendtng do?n'hree <uga rip so h and havener* to her aaaiatanee; hot f rm the pprameoe ? 'he w?a'her it will be a very rough n ght. apd we bave doubt- j* abe will be get off. Tboae who ha' o been down aay not, bnt we will try all moana to get her tloat. Toon. Ac ' SfOBAIMOV, SI-EHCB A 00. Hun Linir T Biennis from New Vork. wrecked at Co m r ?, is sta'ed In b* an A 2 vessel of .HA tons, limit at Harp* we'l 'i> If5l, owtnl there and valued a> ubo-r ft),000 There la l"?Ufr.roe In this city on ?c?eel nnd freight money for 2-1 I 0 ller ?'iu*io flour ord wheal, wan valued at about HA-'*'''. w d ' lu?ur?d *n Hew York' An Am bark having a red streak and full figure head, and show p a a'P' ? of distress wax passed -Tan 13, about four cuvssar N of c.ioe Florida b* a hr iten-t-isna, In Hampton boada while llic lstler waa lying Vi in a h*%vy ira'e. The die , erred vessel w?a very rear the ?rhr and an ahe disappeared ery surdenty It la sonoosed ah' foundered. It waa l-npnxal le io rerilt r anv assistance. 1 he II alao passed Jan 155, Osoe flenrv b NW about 21> t?"es. fell n wuh the Wolftrup lljrht o?t. ibrwtry colors of diatroas boieted, surrounded wish ice ii d abardooed. Pahoipian brig Hew Orleans! front Honduras for Fal tronib, put tnto Fa?al o'evioue to ad ult leaky. She taeaM to have been bollt In Boston about twenty years kince, and woohl probably be ooDdemned, Pcbr. fTiaa 0 'aratei'i from Philadelphia for Boston, put in'o.h orfelh Mb Irst, with both mania sprung; would repair i yfore p-oeceding wPciir Oakum ita? The specie *a* hides from sebr CarmeIlia? ashsre at Brtgsnftne Be eh ba< e i orp landed mi the beach, but 'he logwood will bavu to he tUbed out Pchr Mrxin - Cant NsOe and erew o'schr Mtnde. fnot Ma rn)fro?n Pn'lade'nbia fsr Waebuit'iou D<\ ? i'h eel suik a' ea h?d lim token oil *?y (supposed) Help Centurion, and aobn (|T>''tiy'raDafi rred ?o ?ebr Henry Kills and taken lot > Hamptoi) "oada. The Music wax'ix.", tot s bnilt at Kliv.abethpo?tln ?1Vi own'd bv ibe Oomber'ariil Coal Co, and valued at J'AOOO. ller cargo was worth 21 7^0. Nebr Penreark, from and fnr N York, dismasted, waa boa'd ed 21xt u". la' 2d 14. 'on 74. by hark Geo Ihiuias. from Galveston for * York wb'ch took <>11 .be crow ard put luuj ll.uupcn Roads for s harbor. fxiE I* Batz Jsn 13?A ve??eV? nrme board, vrl'h "V Thomson" in gilt letters. has bo-n picked no (ProhuMv from ibe Am slug N Thompson Irom Loudon, Deal Dee 22, lor Hew Orleans ) A despatch lo R L .Tones I*;, PrexM nt of the AOantle Insurance Company. ree?tr<vl this forenoon, dated Petcrsb'trg, 7th. stntes Ibe barks Gen Henry ard liurltngion from Hampton Roads, were brought lo Norfolk Hate and tight. Twr wreck of rh p Sea Fagle of KenneMinh, wreekel At Table bay Of}II wax sjid at auc'lon fur C.'<1X I.>mcii?P- IIv Vesars DAB Ward. Kenrebunhp'ri, k so eerior rhtp of r-hrt 'ona. cal ?d the Jack Froxt, owned by Jaeob Ktenwood anil others ef Hoxtou to he eunmaeded by Oaptutn h W Hot^ies. The J F was not lauuohed as before report,.j. hm has since been rigged on ihc stocks. Notice to Mariners. VotJre Is hereby given tot the React n on Halfway Rock, eutranee to Salem Tlarpor. Has been destroyed. By order of the Lighthouse lioari'. C II H CaLDWKLL, Lighthouse Inspect 2d diet. Boston, Feb 7. litfl. Capt We'eh, of sehr Wm M D<v*ge, nt ibis por* from If'rut tttlon. says be wou'd advise all who are bound to OoaUvmalcos to p ace no reltnpre on tbe pdois of 'bat port The plan i is not buoved aa detenbed m ibe (least Pilot, ay tliore are no bnovs whatever and never have been as far aa Capt W oould aseertoin. Whalemen. iirr a. ai*<w out no? iu. p*rv?? on i-c, r u. {/iu *n i'if refreshments. and sld 23d for IImoIiuIob 1-UniL At Takuihnuno P c 3 Kannv, Ilrodrv, NB, el*?an: An draws. 'mt?h, do. 600 sp. shipping oil home: Spartan. Turner. Nant. Pfd gp; C U/en. Cash do, 6ia> sp ? anchored to ittsrhtrge tick man, and aid nevt day lor the Pou'h. Spoken, Ar. Rhip Hollos, Nneon from Calcutta lor Bordeaux, Nov 7, h! 8 K I* n -1 K Phlp aneiralU, Klnaman. from Manila Oet 22 for NYork, wu* tf*a Nov le. o:t -t aita of Pnudn. Ship E F VUletta, from Hons Ivors tor NYork. was aeen Nov 18 to Ptrait* of Pnnda Phip Enronct (of Belfaati, 21dura from Liverpool for Valpa mien Jan 8, la: :A mllea .V (eotrer'edi. 1 n - 1 *0 IV. ship Rn ily A nail. Woodslrte, 2 da.. from Havana for If aw York. Jen 13, oil 4laps Florida. Ship fctchd kone, from Havre for NOrloans, Jan IS, lat 46 46, Ion lo IX A rhip fleering WPW, paln'od hlal with a while mottkev rail ;u d showing a white sgnal w th red * or,1er and trro let 1 fer? in It .he tir?t hrlngW was se**n Jan 27, .at'*.">#> Ion 72 44). Brig Joeetrhue. ef and for Baltimore, .1 d .yi out from King stop, J. Jan 4 no lat Ac Br brig Agr'oola, from Wilmington, NC, for NYork. Jan JO. la: fit. inn 71 4b. Br brig I niauttod of Clare, N 4 I days from NYork for Pence PR Jan 26. lat .34ton 66' .. Brig Wtn Grtdon of and from t ssi n for Jacksonville, Jan 23 1-133*; loot I'd Bri.: Ha.-on dr Cafllne, of Castlue, was aem Feb X olfCape 11 a! terse Itrlg Iinlhr, Davis, hepee for Chnr>.?'. n, Feb 6, Highlands of Nen-rslnk NW 86 miles. Fnrrlgn Ports. Ctrr Toxrx, COII, l)ee 11?Sid bark SnxonvlDe, BUlxv nVom NYcrki, Calcutta iViMnvriMi-ir. Jan .V-"Id hi-v Voyager, lFlekeraon. P-.nymn. lo load lor Boston, brig Torrmil, Montgomery, do, to I >ad for do. 4'ost/. viotii o? aboitJanlO- In i> -t -br Central Ame rte?,ld|. Sec report ol ?<dir Win M I'oJje, under Port at I rivals I Drv?i Alt?. Jan P?In port bnrk A !> on Vlaton. fWim Liver C, N?, lor Halifax. NS '..sing lu i-aiUst; brig Comet, ke. Irom do for do risg (bothofahove are probably Bri A.*o briyi John lunrs'on Young, tod Cccnet Lehman, for NYork. ><g Hurt Caoen. John-am irnm Noriolk, utsg, Alpha, Curjy, do do; a hr Ha. r, Lnngdon do d**. OisHAir?B dsn li>? In port ?h>, < i i,i>ieen. Ofeen, reps, lime, llomer. from .Marseilles for NYork i'-?rhs Nev llres/e. Hall, iriim Boston tor Smyrna rsi>r; tVlestto Nm'th, from Smyrna lor NYork. 0?m:inji (lord,in lro-n do tor Bos'nn; bug Maivero, Lelar. from I'lilladi Iphta dleg. ''Id .VI * hr amy chase. Chase, Malaga, t? s * ! - . NY->rk likb, rrbr Coast I'llol. Davis 'firm h Y orV . Ms ga ll..rk Hlcillin Dawes, from Boston for Cadlr. wn? Uiw.-d out 14th Wind ,'bih NNW. Trtkn Ko\<:. Nov 14?SU ships MailMa, Io<s. Phvigh**-. Mb, Kbooifeg Star Dubois Ma .a J?< mvi. Jan 1U (back dale >? In port brig Fantiago, Had'sv, or Boston 2 dava: and others ri-|>0'i J :?o-r Liirtrooi, Jan *>?Art AW-xatnler M?ong, Nt John. MP. CM viih. Frssldent hnddL Meyer NOrkvus. PM ?!. Mt Wavbng'on hclg-lon Olbraltse. In lbs river outs-aro bound 2t li, fhsmi.. Mills, for Mobi>; Iu*-r. Craves, lorCbarl* ston (IkuIi put back ...dt. Adv. Europa *), leltelg lor IIo-iod .hi* ; Plutarch. Baker, do 3lh ln?' 4-mdvss Pick. C'ark do IW City of Baltimore a> Leiu-b. lor hew York 28ih uh A?'a ?sl. Latt, do 71h ln-d, PHladtVlus. and a me* Ira do jnh nil, r mplre. do 2.7th; Cor aie'laiior. Co?n?lta Lvwreare and *> - Ibnnt. do36th, Iswlv Franklin. 'lo.A a:. Is.uir Wrlg! Jo 1st met. MiddP-sei. do 4*J> InaCAml n np do Gih.Franklin Klnf do 'kh; Harvest yueen, do lPih, Jan.*? Brown, for rhua*lrl, l..*v 2. n ult; Touaa an 'x. do 12th Ins: lh a B Perkins, and iwul. <lo with dosi*ai.-h. FL?ea MefVmalA an 1 Ann R flr*ni>r-. llalt'-norc A,vh CaaiUla. do with di rniil(Ii At'iaix e. and .'rim h i venal f*?Vtrlaatoa; Flla A ('.Ian li eypi :nrNr? t,.rbar>? ?th. rhakAoere, >orcro?a Jo -!C tout: tTiar'otte hnulr Por ibrmlaa Oouer E E SuniBei. flyer. and Crimea Poor Jo; Kaie S wanton Rood id Koramb, (Vlbtirn for lla> ana. Vigo, t-inaU. for Maian. .it, JoIiiibo Martin Ra.'man and I'rotorfOr, Cu"er, forMui Fran riootorn A m| hi'rlte. I'or do:1Irondffoff i. Untie, for BomliO) In' 1nai Fort kerf i?p>f too ion* bnIN l*.vi ut Both. Kir ale: I.rot dan A9H torn, 19 Trim old do do; Ad: latt rwmok o* ond maieriafB . do "fib Bi anetn.n; Jami* Hue'.anaa 'trra.-k. Ac), do do; fork I thorn do i!7Ui; Fuiutdliug, lor benefit of tth'.bi it mar rmi*m. 98th nit. Loniem, Jaa 'A? Ib t>ori ?hlp Ki:,aH<lh llairul' m, T<e?rla. for Boat on Idg bark k'otmdlmc (iandnar. to he aold a' ann tion tame da/ with her utor, ?, 1 ha K ft will be rrao'lerted waa from t>? inldn lor OoaMkoUonpte and pnt ini Lqwdpn to M Malta. Jan lft?In port bark K A I'nranna, MVh.igflmn N Orlrana Jim ,.rr. afterAla? srorrwl" to Palermo n mi fur hew Orb ana. AI do Ink hark T mug llrtok. Humphrey, for l.t.h. to lead tor lloetra. Ma?'*iijo<, .fan 19?In port atramer "-tar of the ftoutb o?e. ahtpa Jane Bcrder ron, Know lee. I< r h'lork: Mar. m lllbba. lor do. Addtaoo flUbert, I'alnc, ln i 'e Currttnek Foater one; baika Aithur, lloyt lor Or ' .tine. Wai'a unr, b'.ra Ada ftnlth aid rn lark I llnihttn, ao. Md 9lh ban M J R lit ball M I llan, Paiermo t'rirnwo. Jan 10?In port''iln A Y Ij>? reocn, Ha let tor Baltir.'.te Ida. barar F II Fat u i, I'mTe, for NT<>rk. >?; Anna NtV fur Hoatun. do A i" 'u, Kn-rj fh>-i t.etvw t? irwJ for do; rrlpt M F^grt'a(l>ii by. for a no-t In I KUVoa, lane mtih (Hn do Jo hid life 1 burl Hmiilterner. Hateaer FYnrk 'not hOrlrana, Prt t A?m lb. t-fUl-y 'i Cm,metre. Hnabury, Ptr> Janeiro. ?no aur m??ra wm' i m?w nt?iw>ii>i. PuM'i .UnJ?In r bark In* Ma-wall, Darla, from FMMriplilii twg fpot a* nefiwI' Kti? abt .tan In po: hip Cerro C?or.U> Mr- rj man, tnr Ioadnn Idt Rn..lcr:i. 1>n r CW .'?p -!"* Klie 'Inn, PMK de.pb.a bf./ 'lukt, llttrbr1 Kin.a. rvt W II Nmmni flavin, f r "iOrkar.a. a'd prn1f.ii.i S?tiiu, Jan II?In port I art at-n.i, Klrf mui, lor IVra Ion, Kg. Horn* Porta. BOf-TCM K T I'M Arrr ... ''"i.nfA. Hmltli fair i:m. I alramrra Clir ..( Nr* Ynrlr, V . , w. I'hllailrlphl*. Wra Berry, M..rh rm JI-Rnma. I M ahip MINm, Kin* mar. H'ir.n?n? ' aik iiari .n > I ' m r'.'l. . w, MnpfV. briga Frb.i I llr ll?? n?, I'nrt n ' in. >. UraHal, I'nllry, TrtW dad Mot Ik"-;..) Ithlntr llaran.'i ilhti Trlepr ph, lr wla, Nkrrh ; H'rrr I'ht., Hi yhf a, b IV tuaa and a mkt. lb- Arr b?l* Air itmi t .?o .'rrr Hnrlram R'd Anlnnlir, wipd Hf W. hn ? Art I nmr M r K, 1 h WltehrnA Arabella. A I KrbmMt. .1 N r.iahmp: hair A C mar, Ann*. Atrarada, ralnaMr.r ( Ml f rti1a> . m ' M'trlliln diindar. wind H in A** HI, I M-W ? 'h -air I' nt?ir?" iMni'?tlil Ihr Iran If K B Frrh'a Will i' ? n!rl'' "<* h>.niln*i<ni, tnloa liark Drn. y in Rutin Wild 'nr1rp lh? dtp R*F. With drew fop. HHTkTOl., V. h 6-Arr bark b labiwpi*. Iimm, Mobil* Ihr Fmrldoree. Tib? Art ba/k Vletrrlnr. Mrrry, MrbF* f<w rmrtdeiwa up. a l rl*?nav hr Ihr M .rla, Irntn Cardrnaa. Hark I'aiil Hnpti b?A noma li. Hip libarf OMll C|. lb*. Febb- Arr bark 0 neral Tirlnr. Ai'ama, FoM!' fnr Hoalna; b?l* K F A a wtf, Rw?t, M Mary a. Ha, lor lYrilatid. MARKt.V.HKAn, Feb .'-bid ??br Aarah Jana, WafTan. Ft Pl>nn Man. HI W fijtl H?Hf? F?b 4?Arrrtiy tot abipn Mailha, FaJdrv, tVatf-n^ '.lb. Ton'.ou 1 P-ber, aid P.irolalnr. Fwrft, HYnrfc, Mb Plana, P?-1?, 1'n-lmi. Nb WORT, Fnl< 7, S A. M -In iwt. ?Hln Waiibanla ; barka A. Houghton mwv Aon i?dif,? h A?? .larhlu, R A A I ami rrn. barr ah* Maria FUr, i.<~>nr?rr, .1. W liwlcr, i,. |?. kfPDlwrrlh, II. N. Wuliair# He. t'obb H I. Btnreia, A liinfirr. Star Hrjrvh M Phi rinan. iJbty A laina ; nnl rabnra. X P HI ihh* fnf?Arrbrd I'll*' 1 ha'V llolla. r.iypn'a' A|?bMinnMa o?/Prfn*lnr' i\ an 1 pfLpmlfil np In lb-, arfge of ih> lor I M-itUUIfr, Pill ?-rid rhloa Mian 0?m <% Obvnr. tiara lana, In lurAMie (erw. id Pnri-iiid. I "Wi Mirrpman, 1 NUrtrarr. pmovtrmc* r?b S-Mo arrival. Till prm.rnrr* Oar pray, end WfWWreW l>nin JfnrV nrrlvf.i h?;n* no tfalfiri da* and i?r 1H*'nr? hj* a .>r?' U<g. ? hHi hv pm ailr-l fnr ! Vf '** IW'-n'r Innr hoina Tl r propeller fiirtm llapl WllItan a aer. rdnd In finr'n* a i ? "arp thrmtfli IhP in* on Frldar nlpbl a* <1 prormlnl in apwpiwl nn Hainrlar, fw tJi? ptir|"?p of I?r1r ph.* np rfano ot Ibp vi *?p a ahudi harr bM I ... ...--a hp., i.. ila w ' TaBP*t'I IK fo\k FAf> 0?|<U ?>%rk (Vtwion, (ilvM, fn. MirtBMli. *<?i?tn?; 7th l?n rrrlriti ?n dnr in portnh i AOirrlriti B'uvrv frit t-liloMn for ttrw f*on ? on fW?. *?? fhi M'Mir-.- B^nr h;>rt< Ktli'l fm M rnmlp>r.' for do Fion* Hflnnt. Xmiih. fm A*nJ*flhlmm Inr do. hilfftt PrrdnriC nwiu. Irn Tr rVn ItlAO'l i ' Jlrn p?rt m ?n4 Inr Hn!#m; Kirinil A;p"k fm KiiWijm ftir r?rtInid. On. Brnrk. Inr'l. 'to ?"vi? for Hmifmi; t.viH P?mrr Onlln fm W -'ml' r'-m N< ' I't rt' im4; flArrf"*. Adf", h fm Ofdono" for do. ' ho. />* \ M#?rd, fm 'ionWs * of oti'l for UttfiHAiOw, hr? flrtnnrthu, Olnn. fm f lfti<nrn? tr r |v?tr,ri I''i Artnmn. fm .Irmn-ln (*?: fnittft f, |?i >li fm lltm il??? ff nit; flncifl Pjrmv f'nrti fm C?rdf < t for iV I, fcrr OIM Nlikormn, lr?rr Po'nn for >orf't'K, V rj ft' hrf. Andrr?m fin K?M Pfirt kir Bow \nr+ ,?i! n ( -.?i? or Jofcnroti, irttn> '1i?rl?i|ion . for Ronton: A!?t n n l>o? t Wl llKnt-t Irmi K wtl*n I flir ffnw '? .oik Ornn'n Br Arm out n?mn for do Mm Mm ' ' I'l -1 r 11 > ? k I III It'-' t. I n W'.ti - if i -1 '-It. Norfrt k .1 I'. <p H' W?lnwrii|ti| from W.'n.ior?on pi for ftort >1) ' obi' n' Kfrirr. K 1 .1 in i|?v I < *k fil l K- Mt-r no I'A'ofWif) fir IlnnVin ; "tir fl A Ami I'll n A ft not Kt * "ork ff r lto?t -p l'i4 tiui* t4 I ii*u?ii*i. I * iil I* a*. M" r >!' I. fere r* kurV-.: n? on I'ct^i* it ?n?l, bM btco ?*u?l nmmmm reiewep imi my PKRBOSAL. ARKSTBOTAHIB LADY HUA CHILD TWO AfO.VTJH old. which ab? i* willing ?o r^e to a highly reepeelebki family to adopt. A<Ur>??, by note, K. OoDorao. HlwMiaoo. HOTT A CO., rORMKBt.T OP 477 I1BOADW4Y. WTUt line (rrr * * eDdjBK U'Oat addreea to Wealaej. ?* IF TBK IfcPIVTDt) A t. WHO flRUORBD VT dOnri watch ?cd nbvg. while levying the rhtluWlhll depot from the Baltimore cere, on taturday, the 18th af J aweary, will return H hy e.tpraoe to Po ? appletoa BnJMta#, KM York, care of *r. it 1)un mgton. ardet. he ehelT hu ffceiaftr rev nrded, and eo nom"wt arced The wateh hee a eul white face, full jewelled with ? jtohtfkey attached. Wee a( promt value to tho ewrer frem having been the gift ef a M relative, whoecnt It from Ocneva ttwUxurland. IF MR. WILLIAM V. WBAITEB, PB1RTEH, WHA raM at 199 bum" rUeeU be will confer a favor aad edv tance bla own Iptorfcte -*n DiTBTOif r a ML< ITOA T.WBT HI DWTBnn k U I ti,; i#p-e vw" nxo, Tothrr to William aad Dante! Kane Hid surpo?ed be rraiding in Broohbn or WitHaaiabnrg ?od wbo i? fit m county Hitso, Ireland, will call at leQ Washington alrrat he *111 a?o his nrothcr Willi abo. MR KIWAlin H BANKS. FROM It AMIPRO. IB RE onoatcd to ?Do'y to ths undersigned for loiters of Importance. FRJIDINaND K A BCK Wo. ) WWtmt rdraet. jyj r. l. will find a letter. M?TUESDAY, AT - P. M. . B. "T1TAHTKIV-WILLI * M TTVVH, OF BROOK LYN. TO Yv rail at lift Chamber* street immediately, j* ho Will bear intething to hla advantage. WILL THE TWO GENTLEMEN WHO STOPPED AT the corner of For'v nintli ? reel and Bmitd<vay. cn Tueoday, the .Id Inst . and changed a 910 bill, please emu Aeir ad* i re*a to the above r'ac-f THK LKCTIHE HKAWJV. Young myvb en nin it an union of newtore.? Fifth'ec'ure by na'ph Waldo f merson, at Dr. Ohanm'a church, 048 Bn adwar thnreday evening, Fab. 1J, at 7^ o'clock. Bubiect, "i ha Conduct of t ife " Tfoketa, ?5 oents; for wile at toe bo'vee* and at the doer. K :oialntng lectures by Wendell Phillip* Feb IB: Hon. N. P. Banks, Jr.. March ?. DWIGHT H. OLMSTRaD. a*^! airman Led arc Committee. I THK KIKJOJUBM. Xi OTICE.-AT A NKKUNO OF THE MEMBERS OF A* Gotham F.ngtnc Co No Iti. H waa unui.sionsly Resolved, To ca 1 a mc*Uog of tbo friend* of Alfred Carson, Ra.j.. lor the purpose ot ui ring uoon ?ouie s-d'atAe phn for expressing their regret nt the loss the Department nae aaet with m hla de'eat, and to ehow In some substantial manner tbelr appr?eiali'ii of hm a. r?l ea during the many years be Ima held the office ol' htel engineer. Resolved 1 tie a meeting tie he'd on Wednesday evening. Fob. 11, 1857, corner of Frank lit street and West Broadway, at 8 o'clock. By order JOHN Bl'KRELL, OWrmaa. Tho*. M. Talssa reeretarr BTEl'lAL. M1T1CEB. ASSOOIATK ALUMNI OF 1HR NEW YORK PRE* Academy ? Nofco? A special meeting of the Amentatg Alnmnl of the New Vork Free Academy will be held at that nntltutlen room No 6. on Thursday. Feb. li at 7}i P M. Bnnness ol importance will be nrought before Ae meeting. A full attendance u re qoesied by order of the eioeutlvg committee. RuDnKf G. KIMBALL, President. Cm 4a. 11. Pr err, Bee y. CONVENTION OF IRISH NOCIETOW.-AH AD* joo'ned meeting of'he Uonraiitlon will beheM at Montgomery Ball. 76 Prince street on thia (Tuesday) eveniag, at rix ?<?incL fnr the nnrnoae ol making arrangement tor the celebration of Kt Paint k's d*v. 1 elevate* from ibe various civic societies tire rrinesied to preretit eaftibealse of iheir appointment By order of JOI1H DOHERTY, President. Thos Ccnisii. hecrdary. IMMIGRATION TO Uol.lFOKNIA AJTD OREGON.? It The New fork Committee of Pacific cmtgraum will furnish information of the lands. mi: ev. raiei of labor, prices of living, and routes, lares Ac , to those disponed to settle on the 1'seUic shores. Letter* mrnit enclose postage stamps. Address box 2 17* Now A or* city Post office. XTENKIOJf OF PR A.N KLIN rTHKET, PROM BAXTER (late Crtugt) to the bead ot Catherine.?A meeting will l>e held at the Counrilmtn's chambers, ?*ity Hall, on Wolne ilay next, February 11. at3o'rlook. All persona rale rested arc rentteat- d to attend. F.AV TOHK PICKWICK CI.1*8 -A RROPI.AR WKETInn of the sbetc club will take place on Wednesday evcnlrir, Feb. II. at 8 o clock T. X. at their roon.*, on wtileb occarkiu the rnnunlplg supper will eonseeil. Punctual attear an re Is particularly re t nested By order of fisr.> Hi st s?t.t:, M. 1), oecretary M?t. PICKWICK. OT1CB -THE COMMITTEE UB KKRETIBt OF fS Board of Aldermen will meet on Tuesday, Fab. Id, at 2 o rkvk P. M., st No. b City Hall at vhioh ttms *11 partiSB late rested or who hars applied to the Common Cornell tor lb# I'd ion Ferry Company to keep Wfcgwguiar tarry auuoinnsodation between this ulty and the ^ .WaT landings on lbs Brook 1) according to the terms end rondiUno# of ibetr respective leases, are Inrhed to attend and areata! ibetr views to the eunxmtuee. JaMKb R RrMCttE. )Outrun) Kea bimoAN u. HARRIS. > 'on Wtf M DRAKE. S Ferries." XJOT1CR TO OAVNP.hH OF FRt.PK.RrV ASuBSSRfl FOR xt Central Park ?1 he owners ot property ssssssad for Central Park sre beret, v notlged that said aaaessin -aia c*n be paid at Una office until K < bmsrj 2b, ldfi7. lndiistwe, with 7 per ~ent Interest trom Mh of F e nary. 186* Unt date of tAe eonflimatlon ot the aa*cs?mcnt by the raprtone court. After that d.ile the amr-uncut In* wtD he .-etnrnecl io the Bureau of Arrears, when tn'evrvt will be charged at Um rate of 13 per cent per annum from the date ol couttraantitoi, February A Lyjfi. Abe property aaeeaaed ta embraced l? the teltowtng lionndartea)? In the east ball wav between Second and Third aveoues, on the wen naif way between the t enth and Eleventh avenues, on the north half way betv-ean IMUi and 111th -trert* aw from t astern side of Fifth tvcSM to western aide of eighth avenue tueinWre. to half between ll'.eh and IXNu ctr< eta on the eouta, half way between Partyfirst end Forty aemnd streets a'?o on the east aide of Fifth awDtie to western side ot Fight* a.etuie. ta.'liiidve, tw half way between thirty .bird aud llurtj Xmrih su-oela. JObaPH R. TAT DOR, Collector of Asaearmeota No b ineosent Ctty Ball. <>e,.ee( i>ilo<-yir uf Aawwmsenta. lxlTEWATTRK. ~ nOI BROOK S \rTOBIOf;R*PHA" OR "TORESROORE Year* ?This highly interesting aud enterta' retains ta .list leaned by .las. French ? Co Boston, wh're tt baa met with gmat surcrae It la mentioned In very r..nipiun?nt4rT terms bt the press, sod rannot tall to give aalWartlon to bout o'd ard young. For sale ny all booksellers and new* sweat* I'rieefl A. 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